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2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/2/26-3/26 [Health/Men] UID:54613 Activity:nil
2/26    "What Otters' Penis Shrinkage Could Mean for Humans" (
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/8/18-11/7 [Health/Men] UID:54459 Activity:nil
8/18    Horny Jewish men losing their mojo:
        \_ Maybe the bank needs to refresh its porn collection.
2012/7/18-8/19 [Health/Men, Computer/SW/Security] UID:54438 Activity:nil
7/18    "Largest penis record holder arouses security suspicions at airport" (
        \_ I often have that same problem.
        \_ I think the headline writer had some fun with that one.
           \_ One time when I glanced over a Yahoo News headline "U.S. busts
              largest-ever identity theft ring" all I saw was "U.S. busts
              largest-ever ......".
2010/7/3-8 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:53873 Activity:nil
        Sorry, but the simpler explanation is men are less attracted
        to obese women (who have bigger feet).
2010/2/13-3/9 [Politics/Domestic/911, Health/Men] UID:53709 Activity:nil
        \_ ObDesc: It's a mouse that looks like human female genitalia.
2010/2/2-8 [Health/Men] UID:53684 Activity:nil
2/2     holy crap
        \_ "I kick arse for the Lord!"
2010/1/7-19 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men] UID:53614 Activity:nil
        YEAH BABY: "26. Hormones in oral contraceptives might suppress
         a woman's interest in masculine men and make boyish males more
         attractive to her."
2009/10/7-22 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:53435 Activity:nil
10/7    White guys get the most replies but don't respond as much,
        says OKCupid:
        \_ And Middle Eastern women. What is up with that?
           and white men in convertibles are more prone to deafness
2009/8/10-19 [Health/Men, Recreation/Pets, Health/Women] UID:53255 Activity:low
8/10    I'm the person who took care of my gf's sister's cat while she was
        away with the Air Force. In return, I asked her to check on my
        sons for a week while I was away. She skipped a day (and committed
        a lie of omission when she didn't say so but admitted it when
        questioned) and the upstairs bedroom was full of my sons' diarrhea all
        over everything (wooden floor, bookcase, blankets) - which is not
        typical for my litter-trained sons, but probably a result of my
        absence - but she didn't clean it up or even mention it to me. I
        got in at 11pm at night and spent 2 hours dealing with that. After
        I cleaned her place spotless I'm VERY pissed.
        \_ I keep a mental blacklist of people I never ever want to be in
           contact with. Very few people get on that list. It sounds like
           this person needs to be put on this black list. FYI, for example,
           this junior high "friend" that I invited to the wedding said he
           would come to the wedding. I even confirmed it the week before.
           I reserved 1/2 of a table, or $300 worth. My wedding came, and
           1/2 of that table was empty. I called him up a few days later
           and he said he totally forgot because there was this really
           important church retreat. Then he came up with a bunch of excuses,
           said he was sorry, and said he would reimburse. Then later on
           he said "I don't think it should cost $300, ours was really cheap."
           I never heard from him again. He is on my blacklist. He sounds
           like the same breed as your gf's sister.
        \_ I don't hang out with my friends who have kids anymore. Once
           they started the family nucleus, nothing outside matters anymore.
           You're an outsider. You're of someone who could help them. Period.
        \_ You know, sometimes you do meet people who are irresponsible or
           who just don't care. There's not much you can do. Some people are
           just like that, just learn to not deal with these people. I've
           learned to ignore some of my family members who are totally
           wackos. Yeah, they're family... SO WHAT? If they can't help
           you, they can't.
           \_ I have a bunch of crazy and irresponsible relatives, including
              one who has been in and out of prison and another who is a
              crazy (literally) drug abusing homeless guy. I have learned over
              one who has been in and out of prison and another who is an
              insane (literally) drug abusing homeless guy. I have learned over
              the years not to trust them and consider my help to them to
              be charity, nothing more. With friends, I would expect some kind
              of reciprocity, but with a charity case, you just help them and
              don't expect anything in return except gratitude.
        \_ Yea, that sucks.  Get someone else next time, or kennel them.
        \_ I totally agree with you.  It's not too much to expect a threesome
           orgy in return.
           \_ that's not an orgy.
              \_ Good orgies have an even ratio of men/women present.  It's
                 just simple orgy etiquette.
        \_ Hey douchebag who changed 'cats' to 'sons' -- get a life.
2009/7/28-8/6 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:53211 Activity:nil
        Yes!!! Women are getting prettier and prettier due to evolution.
        "In men, by contrast, good looks appear to count for little, with
        handsome men being no more successful than others in terms of numbers
        of children. This means there has been little pressure for men
        appearance to evolve."
        Yes!!!! I have a chance to win at the reproductive game of
        human race!                     -average looking overweight sysadm
        \_ I believe it. Look at the old paintings of women. Yes, beauty
           ideals evolve, but so many of those women were downright homely.
           The men in the paintings look similar to men now.
           \_ Actually old paintings indicate that women were fat. Thanks
              to media, they are skinny malnutritioned sticks, the way our
              culture want them to be.
              \_ You are talking about Rubens, but not every painter portrayed
                 women that way. I am not talking about their bodies anyway,
                 but their faces. There are a lot of paintings by people
                 like Gainsborough done in the 1700s which depicted the
                 wealthy. The subjects were not fat. However, neither were
                 most of them attractive. Some of them were quite, but that
                 seemed to be more the exception than the rule. I think
                 better nutrition, and possibly evolution, has lead to
                 more attractive women certainly.
                 \_ The wealthy ate better than the poor, and the wealthy
                    had painters. Eating better-->getting fat-->getting more
                    pictures. As for nutrition and evolution, IMHO better
                    healthcare in general explains it all. You ever wonder
                    why the average American has better looking teeth than
                    the British? It's because Americans spend much more on
                    dental care than any other developed nations.
                    \_ Did you completely ignore my comment that the subjects
                       did not appear to be fat? Ugly, maybe. Fat, no.
2009/5/14-20 [Health/Men] UID:52995 Activity:nil
5/14    Free Viagra for jobless people!
        Yeah, like you can get action if you couldn't even keep your job.
        \_ My best action was always when I was unemployed and could devote
           myself full time to it.
           \_ Ahh, back when I could spend 4 hours fucking around and still
              have time to spend 4 hours fucking.
2009/4/19-23 [Health/Men, Health/Sleeping] UID:52871 Activity:nil
4/19    "According to the May 30, 2005 Bradbury memo, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
        was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003 and Abu Zubaydah was
        waterboarded 83 times in August 2002."
        So much for the ticking time bomb.
        \_ when we are doing it, it's for good of humanity.  If Iranian is
           doing it, then...
2009/4/17-23 [Health/Men] UID:52864 Activity:low
4/17    what is this Wolverine leads the X-Men crap in the Marvel
        Wolverine cartoons?  I call shenanigans
        \_ Who would you rather have, lame-o four-eyes Cyclops?  That
           would be like putting Geordi in charge of Enterprise security
           insted of Worf.
           instead of Worf.
           instead of Worf. -stmg
           \_ In all X-Men comics, its always Cyclops leading the team,
              with Wolverine always being annoying and emotional and tortured
              and short.
                 \_ I know four-eyes leads the X-Men in most of the comics.
                    That is exactly why I never liked X-Men.  -stmg
                    \_ I dunno, Wolverine never struck me as the leadership
                       type.  Of course, they always make Cyclops out to
                       be kind of a dickweed, I wouldn't want him as a boss
                       \_ The best analogy is that Prof. Xavier (aka Capt.
                          Picard) is in command and that the X-Men team that
                          goes out on a mission is like an "away team." I'd
                          personally prefer an away team lead by Wolverine
                          (~ Worf) than one led by four-eyes (aka Geordi).
                          But the comparison between Geordi and Cyclops has
                          some limits.  Geordi is actually a decent guy.
                          Cyclops has no redeeming qualities. -stmg
                          \_ I don't think the Geordi analogy works at all,
                             Gerordi's job is technobabble, which is more
                             like Beast.  I also don't recall Worf being
                             as emo as Wolverine.
                             I haven't followed Xmen closely, but I do recall
                             a couple of almost Spock-Kirk like scenes with
                             Cyclops and Wolverine.  Wolverine being the
                             emotional one who charges in and saves the day
                             against the protests of the logical one.
              \_ Untrue: the X-men have been led by Storm, Nightcrawler, and
                 even Rogue. In the cartoon, Prof X and Jean Grey have been
                 blown up or otherwise incapacitated, so Wolverine has taken
                 up the mantle.
2009/4/11-20 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:52843 Activity:moderate
        \_ Most of the men profiled in that article reek of Asperger's.
         \_ No, they smell like overpaid narcisists.
            \_ Check out "Sam."
             \_ Nope.  Do you actually know anything about Asperger's
                beyond every geek on the net's self diagnosis?
        \_ Page 4 of 7: '... one-quarter of the site's sugar daddies
           (including married ones) are looking for male 'babies' ..."
           Wow!  I didn't know % of gays among rich males are that high.
           \_ I'm sure if you put your thinking cap on for just a second,
              you can come up with a few good reasons why that may not be
              a valid conclusion.
           \_ Gays tend to have higher incomes than straights.
              \_ If gay people ran the world, there would be less wars,
                 useless regime changes, and empty Mission Accomplished.
           \_ Old straight guys have less problem attracting young women
              without having to pay for it. BK is pathetic, btw.
              \_ Uh, they'll likely be paying for it, whether through formal
                 arrangement or otherwise.
                 \_ Uh, why do old straight men have an easier time time dating
                    younger women than old gay guys have dating young men?
                    Young gay men don't want money?
                 \_ This still doesn't explain the difference between the
                    dating prospects of older straight guys vs. older gay
                    guys. Young gay men don't like money?
                    \_ I said nothing about that. Homosexuality still has a
                       stigma attached to it, and rich gay men are less
                       likely to be openly propositioning young men. The
                       relative anonymity a website like this affords
                       can therefore be attractive.
                       \_ That can be true also. But it is still easier for
                          an older (maybe I should say middle aged) straight
                          guy to date a woman in her 20s than for a gay guy
                          to have a similar arrangement. Though maybe this is
                          just because of the fact that the straight couple
                          can get married -- paying for it otherwise -- in your
                          \_ No, I meant the older guy will be shelling out
                             plenty (fancy restaurants, gifts, etc.) whether
                             or not he pays the woman a formal stipend or
                             whatever you want to call it.
                             \_ So you still have not explained why this does
                                not happen as much in the gay community.
                                \_ Happens all the time from what I can tell.
                                   My neighbors are gay and I go to a lot
                                   of their parties. The older, rich guy with
                                   the younger, hot companion who works as a
                                   personal trainer or hair stylist is a pretty
                                   common scenario.
                                   \_ I just realized that there is an
                                      alternative explaination and that is that
                                      there is more demand from older gay men
                                      for young guys than the similar
                                      arrangement in the straight world.
                                      Marraige explains this pretty well, since
                                      older married guys are less likely to
                                      \_ Don't know many older married
                                         guys do you?  Especially of the
                                         rich asshole variety.
              \_ BK is a soda user.
                 \_ Please tell me you are kidding.
2009/4/3-10 [Health/Men] UID:52793 Activity:nil
4/3     Is written by a real white guy?
2008/11/18-23 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men, Health/Skin] UID:52032 Activity:nil
11/18   what the heck has Pierce Brosnan been feeding his wife?
        \_ lulz
2008/11/10-12 [Health/Men] UID:51895 Activity:high
11/10   Is there some kind of sex toy which is a large but hollow dildo that
        one can put on to his small erect penis, so that he can have sex with
        the usual kinds of thrusting motions with his erect penis except that
        it's now enlarged with fake outer material?  Thanks.
        \_ Just find yourself a midget girlfriend.
           \_ Too late.  Already married.  -- OP
              \_ So?
              \_ So, you're already married, and now she's complaining about
                 inadequate equipment?  Did she have a child or something?
                 Or does she have a large boyfriend on the side?  If the
                 latter, howsabout you two split and you find your midget
                 \_ Hey, maybe they were both virgins when they got married,
                    you don't know. Anyway, show a little compassion. Okay,
                    okay, this is the motd, what am I thinking here...
                    \_ Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.  Some short
                       term pain may be preferable to long-term unhappiness.
                       She might need a better-equipped guy, and he might
                       be happier with a woman who is happy with his
                       equipment.  I'm wondering if she was dishonest with
                       him or herself about the equipment issue before
                 \_ We have two kids.  She never complained before and she is
                    not complaining now either.  However, she has been showing
                    less and less interest in the last couple of years.  I am
                    sure I do well in all the other skills involved in the act.
                    less and less interest in the past couple of years.  I am
                    less and less interest in the past few years.  I am
                    sure I do well in all the other areas involved in the act.
                    So this is the only factor that I don't do well and can't
                    improve in a natural way.  --- OP
                    improve naturally. -- OP
                    \_ I doubt that penis size has anything to do with it.
                       \_ Agreed.  Women just aren't as interested in
                          breeding after two kids.
                          \_ Maybe this is the seven year itch.
                    \_ Have you talked to her about it? Is this what she
                    \_ Maybe you just need to spice things up a bit.
        \_ I have seen porn stars wearing these, so I know they exists, but
           I have never seen one at Good Vibes.
        \_ They're called "Extenders," and you can find a *ahem* huge
           selection of them here:
           Descriptive paragraph here:
           \_ Thanks!  Will check them out from home.  -- OP
              \_ The motd: insulting you three times and helping you once.
                 It's our way.
                 \_ LOL so very true. Love the motd.
                 \_ Looks like the "King" is what I need -- increase girth
                    without too much increate in length.  -- OP
                    \_ One more word of advice from a guy with a lot of girth
                       and length: use a lot of lube, and GO SLOW.
2008/8/11-14 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:50846 Activity:nil
8/11    the real story behind Isaac Hayes' death:,2933,401321,00.html
        \_ Killed by Scientology!
2008/7/24-28 [Health/Men] UID:50675 Activity:nil
7/24    Ever wonder why Asian men have the figure of a Caucasian woman?
        Here it is, it's all about soy:
        \_ I don't see how this relates to your first sentence at all.
        \_ I never noticed Asian men being especially curvaceous.
2008/6/27-30 [Health/Men] UID:50400 Activity:nil
6/27    the girl is visiting me and she called ahead and asked me if I had
        a pair of hair clippers.  Why would she ask such a thing?  we didn't
        agree to a suicide pact where I shave her head.  also why is it
        a 'pair' of clippers anyway?
        \_ I assume she means electric buzz clippers.  No idea why it's a pair,
           but since 'clippers' is plural it must be either a pair or a set.
        \_ "A pair of scissors".  My guess is that it was for historical
           reason.  Maybe first there was some tool call "scissor" which had
           one blade.  Then someone invented scissors by putting two blades
           together, hence "a pair of scissors".  Then someone invented
           clippers.  Even though there was no "clipper" origin, people still
           called it "a pair" because it worked like scissors.  Anyway that's
           only my wild guess.
           \_ I don't say "pair of hair clippers" I say "a hair clippers".
              Yes it looks stupid when I read it, but that's what I think
              most people say.  Also a pair of scissors is two scissor blades.
              Look at a pair of cooking scissors.  They will often be easilly
              seperated into two blades for cleaning/sharpening purposes.
        \_ she wants to shave you bald and give you the longest oral ever.
2008/5/14-16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:49940 Activity:moderate
5/13    Cuddy Schoolgirl Pole Dance easily earns an A+. HDTV, you are my
        \_ URL?
           \_ Watch this season's House.  It's pretty funny.
           \_ Not exactly SFW.
              \_ Odds of my wife look like that at 40 == poor.
                 \_ She look like that now?
                 \_ You chose. Poorly. (She's 42.)
        \_ Cuddy as schoolgirl?  I can't imagine how that would be hot.
           \_ you should see her abs
              \_ I was wondering if they got her a body double.  She
                 is pretty hot though.  It does point out a glaring
                 inconsistency of the show, however.  If Cuddy is
                 *that* hot, she should have guys lining up to
                 be with her.  She shouldn't be having a single
                 problem finding a man, and in particular, finding
                 a sperm donation.  She'd have to be beating well-
                 qualified volunteer donors away with a bat.
                 \_ "All of the good guys have been taken".  They'll line up
                    but no one she'd want.
                 \_ I was thinking the same thing.  She must be in her late
                    30s at least.  She'd have to be in the gym constantly
                    and exist strictly on oatmeal to have abs like that at
                    her age.  Also in the context of the episode, it
                    was House's dream.  Maybe the actress really does
                    have the body of a 20 year old, I will ask Google.
                    \_ google says she's 43, vegetarian, and does a lot of
                       yoga.  I guess that yoga stuff must work!
                       \_ Interesting.  My yoga instructor is a 50-year-old
                          (or older) with a hot body, too.
                          \_ Crazy how you have a hot body when you exercise
                             and eat right, huh? Who would have thought?
                             \_ Does this yoga stuff work for males?
                                \_ I dunno. I'm on the carne asada diet
                                   with a sedentary lifestyle. My gf is a
                                   dancer and her friends do yoga (even
                                   teach it) and they are all hot. They
                                   tell me the instructor (an older man)
                                   is very muscular, so I say yes.
2008/4/25-30 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men] UID:49834 Activity:nil
4/25    what is downside of vasectomy?
        \_ Why would you want a vasectomy? - motd not getting laid guy
           \_ why are you still not getting laid? lots of promiscuous
              women in the San Diego area:
           \_ already have 6 kids.                      -mormon
           \_ If you're done having kids, it's a much less invasive procedure
              than a woman getting her tubes tied.
        \_ A few weeks of discomfort.  Not generally reversible.
           New studies suggest it may increase chances of senility in old age.
           \_ what if you take synthetic testosterones?
              \_ A vasectomy doesn't terminate testosterone production. It just
                 keeps the sperm cells from mixing into the seminal fluid (the
                 vas deferens, the tube that delivers the sperm cells is
                 severed, a section removed and the ends sealed), and the cells
                 are reabsorbed into the body. The going hypothesis about
                 senility is that sperm cells that can't exit the body are
                 attacked by the immune system and that the body starts
                 attacking cells in the brain as well.
                 \_ how do you explain that everytime I jackoff I feel
                    so brain dead and do worse on exams?
                 \_ oh shit! I better start ejaculating more
2008/4/24-5/2 [Health/Men] UID:49823 Activity:nil
4/24    The State department recommends that US men not visit the Congo due
        to a rash of sorcerous penis theft  (Ok, just kidding about the state dept.)
        \_ Hmm, now I can explain to my wife by saying that I forgot to tell
           her about my trip to Congo a while ago ......
        \_ How embarassing that a CSUA geek can't spell sorcerous...
           \_ Thanks.  I was trying to figure out what "sorcorous" meant....
              \_ Open Sorcorous?
2008/4/14-19 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Men] UID:49747 Activity:kinda low
4/14    Political correctness over science
        \_ I think you have it exactly backwards; the Red Cross' position is
        \_ I think you have it exactly backwards; the FDA's position is
           fear-mongering over science.  -tom
           \_ Oh, classification as high-risk isn't science?
              \_ All blood is tested.  The vast majority of gay men are HIV-.
                 \_ How good is the test?  What is the percentage of men who
                    have sex with men who have HIV compared to percentage of
                    men who don't have sex with men?
                    \_ The test is good enough that the Red Cross and
                       America's Blood Centers call the FDA's policy
                       "medically and scientifically unwarranted."  But
                       feel free to keep digging.  -tom
                       \_ So you don't know the comparative percentages?
                          \_ Keep digging.  -tom
                             \_ "The FDA said HIV tests currently in use are
                                highly accurate, but still cannot detect the
                                virus 100 percent of the time."
                                \_ How accurate is it?
           \_ Maybe they did a cost-benefit analysis of whether the
              increase in infections due to false negatives from a higher
              risk population outweighs the benefit of the extra blood.
              How often do HIV tests give false negatives?
              \_ Maybe you're talking out of your ass.
              \_ I would be astonished if any kind of real risk analysis was
                 done. Just like most things in our society, it is all a result
                 of pandering to the worst instincts in people.
                 \_ Eh, the Red Cross got burned very badly in the 80's on
                    HIV.  People dying from blood donations is not cool.  I
                    can understand why they're touchy about it.  They are very
                    touchy about a lot of other things as well, visiting
                    prostitutes, traveling through malaria infested areas,
                    any possible exposure to hepetitis, feeling even SLIGHTY
                    under the weather, etc.
                    \_ The Red Cross thinks the policy should be changed. -tom
                    \_ African American men are 8x more likely to have HIV
                       than white males.
                       African American women are over 18x more likely to
                       have HIV than white females.
                       ( )
                       Would you be ok with the Red Cross saying if you are
                       black you can't give blood?
                       \_ Oh man.  You're asking this on the motd?  Here we
                       \_ Your numbers don't really say anything, but I'll
                          wager that even at 18x the rate of whites,
                          it's still not 'high-risk' the way gay men are.
                          If blacks are high-risk, then sure.  Giving blood
                          is not a right, it's not even a privilege.
                          Addendum: according to a 1994-2000 study, about 10%
                          of Men who have sex with men have HIV.  That's a
                          pretty huge risk.
                          \_ That same survey claims HIV among african
                             americans is even higher.  I think that you are
                             extrapolating bad data though.  It's not saying
                             10% of all gay men have HIV.
                             \_ No, the study refers to black men in the
                                survey, not among Blacks generally.
                                \_ I think you mean black gay/bi men.
                             \_ Doesn't it say about 10% of men they tested
                                and interviewed 'who attended MSM-identified
                                venues?' I guess that is sort of self-selected.
                                Go ahead and find some better data.
                          \_ The whitehouse fact sheet says there are ~900k
                             HIV cases in america.  There are more than 9
                             million men who have had sex with men.
                             \_ How many MSM are there in the US?
                                \_ Even so, about 70% of new AIDS cases are
                                   due to MSM contact.  Given that this is
                                   also a realitively small section of the
                                   population, that makes it THE high risk
                                   behavior.  (They also include high-risk
                                   heterosexual contact and IV drug use as
                                   people who can't give blood.)
                           \_ None of this discussion above approaches a real
                              cost-benefit analaysis, but at least it is a
                              discussion about what the real risk is. How many
                              people catch diseases today due to blood
                              transfusions? What would that percentage look like
                              if gay men were allowed to donate? How much is
                              the cost of the additional diseases? How much does
                              it cost the country to have the reduced blood
                              supply? You would have to answer all these
                              questions (and probably some more) before you
                              could do a real risk analysis. Simply being
                              risk adverse is not the same thing. Most people
                              are sheep and terrified of shit that is never
                              going to happen to them, like terrorism.
                              \_ Unless you're one of the people killed by it
                                 or knows someone who was.  But that'll never
                                 happen.  Bad stuff only happens to other
                                 \_ Or unless you're one of the people killed
                                    because of a blood shortage.  Risk works
                                    both ways.   -tom
                                    \_ Is there any evidence that excluding
                                       certain high risk groups will result in
                                       a blood shortage or are you just talking
                                       out of your ass again?
                                       \_ I am sure that it costs money. How
                                          much money? Has anyone actually
                                          bothered to do the calculation?
                                          much, we will never know, because
                                          fear, not logic, rules the human
                                 \_ If you are that fearful, how do you ever
                                    gather the courage to leave your house in
                                    the morning? I am sure your chances of dying
                                    in a car accident on the way to work are
                                    much greater than any risk caused by tainted
                                    blood. You are one of the sheep I was
                                    referring to earlier. Your masters have
                                    told you to be fearful and you bleat
                                    approvingly, not even understanding why.
                                    \_ Wow, perfect example of someone who
                                       has lost trying to regain some face.
                                       Sadly, you've failed.
                              \_ People are poor gaugers of risk, that's well
                                 known.  I bet you are to, do you think
                                 swimming is a good idea?
                                 Anyway, to respond to the only intelligent
                                 thing you said, if you want to know, why not
                                 ask the Red Cross?  Seems more effective than
                                 trolling the motd.  I know they have some
                                 numbers on tainted blood.  They check
                                 carefully to make sure a donor does not have
                                 a cold, for example.  Why?  Because many
                                 people receiving blood have suppressed
                                 immune systems.  They could certainly tell
                                 you if there is a serious blood shortage that
                                 people die from. (I doubt it)
                                 As for a real risk analysis, I bet part of
                                 the answer is that the PR aspect would result
                                 in more deaths than actually tainted blood
                                 would.  It only takes one case to get people
                                 into a tizzy, and some people would refuse
                                 blood because they wouldn't trust the
                                 FDA to have correctly analyzed and advertised
                                 the real risks.
                                 \_ I get paid to do risk analysis, so at least
                                    someone thinks I am good at it. If nothing
                                    else, I have more experience at it than
                                    most people. Colds are common and hard
                                    to screen for, HIV is neither. I am glad to
                                    see that you are at least starting to come
                                    around to my main point: the only thing we
                                    have to fear is fear itself. And rather than
                                    reassure people, the Red Cross just pandered
                                    to the fear-mongering. So it goes.
                                    else, I have more experience than most.
                                    Colds are common and hard to screen for,
                                    HIV is neither. I am glad to see that you
                                    are at least starting to come around to
                                    my main point: the only thing we have to
                                    fear is fear itself. And rather than
                                    reassure people, the Red Cross just
                                    pandered to the fear-mongering. So it goes.
                                    \_ I see you still can't provide any
                                       evidence to back up your speculation.
                                       The opposing debators have provided
                                       quite a bit of evidence that doesn't
                                       100% answer your question, but does
                                       show that a reasonable risk exists.
                                       I don't want to hear your useless
                                       blather, put up or shut up.
                                       \_ No, they have not provided any
                                          hard evidence for their opinions
                                          whatsover. Here, read this and get
                                          back to me:
                                          "it appears at this time that the
                                          risk of possible transfusion-
                                          associated AIDS is on the order of
                                          one case per million patients
                                          transfused. There is a risk that
                                          widespread attempts to direct
                                          donations, while not increasing the
                                          safety of transfusions, will seriously
                                          disrupt the nation's blood donor
                                          (Page 74)
                                       \_ "The Red Cross thinks the policy
                                          should be dropped."
2008/3/31-4/6 [Health/Dental, Health/Men] UID:49623 Activity:nil 97%like:49621
3/31    Yay!  School takes crutches away from injured girl []
        \_ We have a zero tolerance policy on reason in schools.
           \_ And yet home schooling should be illegal!
              \_ Yup.  It should be illegal for parents to lock up their
                 precious innocent daughters at home.   -- NAMGLA member
                 precious innocent daughters at home.  The girls need to get
                 out and meet men out there to learn the wonders of life.
                 -- NAMGLA member
           \_ We have uniform instances of idiocy throughout all public
              schools. We are Legion.
2008/3/6-7 [Health/Sleeping, Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Health/Men] UID:49361 Activity:high
3/6     Did HANS REISER ever have a Soda account?  Anyone else think
        his 'my back hurts so I sleep in my car a lot to ease the pain'
        story is kind of leem?
        \_ I think running down your poor deceased wife on the stand
           is not likely a good court strategy.
           \_ Just wait until the cross-examination; it will be theater
              of the higest order.
              The gem from yesterday is Hans talking about how men don't
              need marriage, financially, so they're being very altruistic,
              because it's cheaper to hire a housekeeper.  -tom
              \_ Is the jury 100% bitter divorced guys? If not, HR is in
                 big trouble.
              \_ Much cheaper to hire a hooker. I have an acquaintance who
                 is a very wealthy man. He married a younger woman 'for
                 love' without a prenup. She left after a year or two. He
                 told me that he calculated it cost him $50K for every
                 time he banged her.
                 \_ You should volunteer to be a character witness for
                    poor Hans.
        \_ Those in attendance were: (in no particular order)
           Alan Coopersmith (alanc)        Eddy Karat (karat)
           E. Mark Ping (emarkp)           Hans Reiser (reiser)
           Nicholas Weaver (nweaver)       David Paschich (dpassage)
           Kier Morgan (kmorgan)           Kinshuk Govil (kinshuk)
           David Friedman (davidf)         Eric Hollander (hh)
           George Herbert (gwh)            Sean Welch (welch)
           Steve Huntsberry (steveh)       Lee Haynes (haynes)
           Partha S. Banerjee (psb)        Roy S. Rapoport (rsr)
           Adam Richter (adam)             Eric Mehlhaff (mehlhaff)
           \_ attendance of what? A general meeting?
             \_ Looks like an OCF Board of Directors meeting. -ERic
        \_ I don't know, Hans is obviously crazy, so it's hard to tell what
           he thinks is reasonable.
2008/2/4-7 [Health/Men] UID:49066 Activity:nil
2/4     How to use a vagina:
2007/10/29-11/1 [ERROR, uid:48476, category id '18005#3.5' has no name! , , Health/Men] UID:48476 Activity:low
10/29   did they ever give up looking for those coal miners?
           The Invisible Hand squashed them flat.
           \_ The invisible hand says it's much more cost effective to
              bury those minors than to rescue them.
              \_ The Invisible Hand needs a dictionary.
                 \_ Perhaps pp is referring to a more personal matter.
                 \_ What do you mean? Did I misuse "squashed"?
2007/10/18-24 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:48370 Activity:high
10/18   Limbaugh's auction of Reid's smear letter now over $17.6million.
        \_ And disinterest among the non-ditto-heads approaches infinity.
           \_ Indeed.  When anyone *else* auctions something to raise close to
              $1M for charity, it's a lead story....
              \_ Cite, please. That, or drop trou.
                 \_ You've gotta be kidding.  This is a sky-is-blue thing.  Go
                    hit google for 3 seconds.  Take off the hate blinders.
                    \_ Just writing this is more time than I intend to waste
                       on anything having to do with Limbaugh.
                       \_ I'll snipe, but I refuse to learn anything!
                          \_ What exactly is the PP supposed to be learning?
                             Limbaugh is usually full of shit, arguably a
                             dans is usually full of shit, arguably a
                             Rush Limbaugh is usually full of shit, arguably a
                             hypocrite, and surrounded by yes-men and
                             sycophants.  Why would anyone sensible waste his
                             or her time digging through the volume of shit
                             that Limbaugh produces to find the occasional
                             thing he gets or does right? -dans
                             \_ Limbaugh is the Colbert of the convervatives.
                             \_ Regardless of whom or what it concerns, saying
                                "x is not true!", "Umm, of course x is true,
                                look it up.", "I refuse to look it up! You're
                                a poo-poo head!", is dumb.  period.
                                \_ No, sorry that is not the way it works.
                                   The person making the extraordinary claim
                                   has to back it up with facts. If I claim
                                   that the moon is made of green cheese and
                                   someone disputes it, my response should
                                   not be "just Google it, asshat." The truth
                                   is that charity auction raise millions
                                   all the time with barely any notice at all.
                                   The Napa Valley wine auction does it every
                                   year. And here is another one, no one has
                                   ever heard of:
                                   You and Rush have an overdeveloped sense
                                   of your own indignation, but I guess that
                                   is the whole Right Wing schtick.
                                \_ I'm not calling RL a poo-poo head.  I'm
                                   saying he's full of shit, i.e. most of the
                                   time the things he says are untrue.  I'm
                                   saying he's a hypocrite, i.e. he says one
                                   thing and does the other (c.f. prescription
                                   drug scandal).  You sir are full of shit.
                                   and I don't need to google to know that.
                                   \_ Re: prescription drugs: when has Rush
                                      ever come out against drug users?  You
                                      are just assuming so because he is right
                                      wing.  I'd like to see the transcript
                                      of that.  Have you ever listened to his
                                      show?  It doesn't seem like it.  Maybe
                                      you're just looking for a nice ausman?
                                      you're just looking for a nice poodle?
                                      you're just looking for a nice german shepherd?
                                      \_ "Let's all admit something. There's
                                         nothing good about drug use. And we
                                         have laws against selling drugs,
                                         pushing drugs, using drugs, importing
                                         drugs. And so if people are violating
                                         the law by doing drugs, they ought to
                                         be accused and they ought to be
                                         convicted and they ought to be sent up.
                                         \_ URL
                                            \_ (MSN)
                                            \_ Because, when someone provides
                                               a detailed quote, they're
                                               probably making that shit up.
                                               Clearly, it never happened if
                                               it's not on the internets.
                                               And, if it's on the internets
                                               it must be true!  Unless you
                                               don't like what it says, in
                                               which, case the iternet is a
                                               big old dumping ground full of
                                               lies and unreliable
                                               information.  You are a
                                               disingenuous fuckhead.
                                               Seriously, did you get a copy
                                               of 'Stupid High School Debate
                                               Tricks for Aspiring Amoral
                                               Republican Types' for your
                                               birthday or something? -dans
                                               \_ I can provide you all sorts
                                                  of detailed quotes.  It does
                                                  not mean they are in context
                                                  or weren't totally made up.
                                                  For example, 41 of our
                                                  esteemed Senators recently
                                                  completely fabricated the
                                                  statements of a well known
                                                  radio show host, but you
                                                  seem ok with that.
                                      \_ Told you I didn't need google to know
                                         you're full of shit. -dans
               \_ Poor Rush, no one is paying any attention to him. He really
                  is suffering.
                  \_ He should get a dog, then.  Maybe a nice german shepherd!
                  \_ 25m listeners... ignored... forgotten... unknown.
                     \_ Obviously a victim of liberal media bias.
2007/10/15-17 [Health, Health/Men] UID:48328 Activity:nil
10/15   New "the Wire" out soon
2007/10/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:48265 Activity:high
10/7    Hi.  Original not getting laid guy here AKA motd bitter no sex guy.
        The girlfriend has stopped shaving, anything, and has informed me that
        shaving is just thinking your body in its original form is
        disgusting, and she doesn't think her body is disgusting, therefore
        she will never shave again.  Except for her toes.  She hates how
        hair gets caught in her socks, so she'll continue to shave the top
        of her toes.  Day 190 or something stupid of not having sex.
        \_ Every AFC on csua even knows to leave.
           \_ What does AFC mean?
        \_ Let us know when she's left you because she has a new gf.  Until
           then stick a fork in it; your story is done.
        \_ Neither my ex-gr nor my wife shave their pussies.  The hair blocks
           my view when I thrust, but I just part the hair to the sides with
           my hands.  The bigger problem is when the hair gets into my throat,
           but I just quietly get it out with my finger and continue as if
           nothing happened.  I wouldn't force them to shave unless they
           want to.
           \_ Do they shave their legs and armpits though?
              \_ Yes.  -- PP
                 \_ You know OP is referring to all body hair, not just
                    vaginal hair, right?
           \_ I think shaving all the hair down there is a bit weird, but
              some trimming is nice so that when a leotard or bikini is
              worn it doesn't look so bad.
              \_ I think most American (porn-loving) guys like it, because
                 most female American porn stars except those in the hairy
                 genre shave all their hair down there.  For me, either
                 shaving or trimming is fine.  -- PP
        \_ Original poster here.  yes I meant ALL body hair.  geez.
           \_ Hairy can be sexy, but you've already pointed out that she's
              not doing this (or anything) for your titillation. Unless
              the rest of the relationship is so incredible as to counter
              your blue balls, call this one a wrap and move on.
              \_ By now the story can't be true.  He's getting nothing, he's
                 hating it and he's still there for no reason.  It's a long
                 running joke or troll of some sort.  I think now he's digging
                 for the anti-anti-feminine vote.
                 \_ Sadly, i am 100 percent serious about everything I have
                    posted.  - original not getting laid bitter no sex guy
                    \_ Ok, then why are you still with her at day 190 or
                       whatever you're at now?
                 \_ I know lots of people who are this ornery. -dans
                    \_ Maybe, but I've yet to see any of these guys explain
                       why they're still 'with' these girls despite asking
                       several times.
                       \_ There's a lot more to finding a partner than having
                          a warm place to stick your dick at night.
        \_ The only way to win this battle is to gross her out even more. Stop
           bathing. Don't shave anymore and grow out a terrorist beard. If
           she's going to stop being sexy for you, then why should you care
           about looking good for her?
2007/9/25 [Health/Men] UID:48184 Activity:nil 54%like:48180
9/25    Is There Anything Good About Men?
        A Psycho-Evolutionary view.
2007/9/25 [Health/Men] UID:48180 Activity:nil 54%like:48184
9/25    Is There Anything Good About Men?
2007/9/21-24 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:48140 Activity:nil
9/20    Pull out method 3rd most popular:
        \_ Is this some Iraq thing?
           \_ The troops should pull out and shoot all over Iraq's belly.
2007/9/6 [Health/Men] UID:47914 Activity:nil
9/6     psb brought a second hand to the task of maneuvering tom's
        oversized erection. It felt highly strange to feel his
        huge cock filling both of his hands, more like a tennis
        racket handle than a human penis.  He rubbed its underside
        with both his thumbs, pushing them the length of it,
        then choking the swollen purple head. tom’s knees buckled.
        He braced himself clumsily against the shower stall. psb
        suppressed a laugh as he again gripped tom’s by the base
        of his cock and slowly stroked him. The nine inch long penis
        felt alive in his hands, like a small animal. Again it
        jerked. He released it and it glanced off his ear. tom fell
        forward. He reached for the edge of the sink to better brace his
        weakened body.

        “Sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. That feels incredible

        psb smoothed the hair back and rubbed his ear. With his other
        hand he immobilized his persistently wagging pole.

        “That’s okay honey.” he smiled. tom looked spent already,
        hunched over, barely able to stand. Yet his cock surged with
        intensity in his hand.
2007/9/4-5 [Health/Men] UID:47888 Activity:nil
9/4     the spammers say my penis is too small or that my shaft
        is too big for my girlfriend's mouth.  i wish they'd make
        up their mind.
        \_ I don't see any reason it can't be both.
        \_ You got a spam trying to sell you a product to increase the
           size of her mouth or shrink your penis?
2007/9/1-2 [Health/Men] UID:47872 Activity:nil
8/31    This leads me in to my second big problem.  Me.  Or, more
        specifically, my cock and balls.  I was sporting a four foot
        penis as big around as my leg while flaccid, which grew to an
        astounding seven feet while erect.  The thing was resting on the
        ground in front of me at the moment.  Of course, what giant penis
        would be complete without giant balls? The best I could relate them
        to was globes from a typical elementary school classroom.
        I ran my hand through my hair in frustration.
2007/8/28-29 [Health/Men] UID:47786 Activity:moderate
8/28    Milton Berle

        Most people remember late comedian Milton Berle for his
        performance as an Alzheimer's patient bonding with Steve Sanders
        on "Beverly Hills 90210" or as a 1950s dress-wearing yukster.
        But Berle's biggest legacy may be the one between his legs.
        Berle was rumored at one point to have the biggest
        package in Hollywood. Even a memorial tribute following his death was
        riddled with penis jokes, says The New Yorker. "We are here to
        honor Milton Berle, who passed away on March 27th," comedian
        Freddie Roman eulogized. "On May 1st and May 2nd, his penis
        will be buried." has this telling anecdote: "The famous story goes
        that whenever anyone challenged Milton to compare sizes, he would
        have the other man go first, and then only pull out enough of his
        own to beat the other guy. Berle never denied the rumors
        because, hey, what guy would."
        \_ Bigger than late John Holmes?
2007/8/23-27 [Health/Women, Health/Sleeping, Health/Men] UID:47731 Activity:low
8/23    what are SSRI?
        \_ Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Paxil, etc.
        \_ it's FDA approved as an anti-depressant, but like all medications
           out there this SSRIs have been prescribed for countless other
           uses as well.  It is not uncommon for SSRIs to be used for
           anxiety (public speaking, talking to women, stress),
           hyper-activity, sleep aid, LIBIDO SUPPRESSANT, shyness,
           OCD, etc. If you think you may need it, chances are it'll
           profoundly affect your life.
        \_ Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc.
        \_ I looked it up in wikipedia.  It looks like a family of anti-
           depressant drugs which can have the side effect of helping men
           who have premature ejaculation problems.  I didn't see anything
           in there about it being prescribed as the poster the other day
           was talking about but hey it's just a wiki article.
           \_ Most (all?) SSRI's are known for some percentage of users
              experiencing reduced libido.
              \_ Everything I know I learned from Wikipedia.  (Oh God, please
                 save me!)
                 \_ I wasn't quoting from Wikipedia.  I actually have
                    considerable background on the subject. -pp
                    \_ I know.  I wasn't saying your thing was wrong, I was
                       saying I really don't know what I'm talking about since
                       I'm only quoting WP.  It would be hard for someone to
                       know less than I do about it.
                       \_ Ah.  The Wikipedia article on SSRI's is actually
                          reasonably accurate and well-written.  Learning
                          is fun. :) -pp
2007/8/19-20 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:47653 Activity:high
8/17    What is the difference between being celibate and abstinence?
        \_ One is "I'm celibate thus I'm closer to God!" and the other
           one is "I've tried abstinence but it doesn't work when I'm
           too horny."
           \- Dont consider this authoritative but after some reflection:
              1. celibacy AFAIK is only WRT sex, as with chastity.
                 abstinence is potentially broader.
                  \_ I think you may have that reversed. I see celibacy
                     used often about priests, implying a broad absence
                     of romance.
                     \- i dont understand what you are saying.
                        a doctor might say "you need to abstain from sex
                        for 2 weeks after your penis operation". he would
                        not say "you need to remain chaste/celibate".
                        note that chastity/chaste can refer to not having
                        extra-maritial sex. again the precise or theoretical
                        differences arent that important since actualy
                        differences arent that important since actual
                        use is pretty loose and defined by context.
                        \_ I think I misunderstood your post, nevermind.
                           (didn't take it in context as a reply to parent)
              2. celibacy i believe usually suggest a some kind of external
                 motivating factor, usually religious obligation or
                 recommendation. abstinence might slightly more suggest an
                 internal "lifestyle choice".
              3. in practice, they are all pretty synonymous. how many people
                 distinguish between "persuade" and "convince" for example...
                 a case where even people who know the differnece dont bother
                 with it.
                 even people who know the difference dont bother with it.
2007/6/8-11 [Health/Men, Recreation/Food] UID:46890 Activity:nil
6/8     NSFW: Will it blend?
        \_ This is worse than tubgirl.
        \_ This is worse than tubgirl. It should be tagged NSFH - Not Safe
           For Humanity.
2007/5/26-30 [Health/Men] UID:46763 Activity:kinda low
        A generation ago, American men in their thirties had median annual
        incomes of about $40,000 compared with men of the same age who now
        make about $35,000 a year, adjusted for inflation.
        \_ After unions and WWII, manufacturing jobs overpaid for low-skill work.
           Now globalization is letting anyone else with the same set of skills
           do those jobs, for relatively less in wages (though well paid in their home
           country.) Getting an education and a job in industries that are America's
           strengths is the path to prosperity. Cutting student loan subsidies was
           a huge mistake.
        \_ After unions and WWII, manufacturing jobs overpaid for
           low-skill work.  Now globalization is letting anyone else
           with the same set of skills do those jobs, for relatively
           less in wages (though well paid in their home country.)
           Getting an education and a job in industries that are
           America's strengths is the path to prosperity. Cutting
           student loan subsidies was a huge mistake.
           \_ Getting an education in what? Software? Bad idea. Medicine?
              Bad idea. I guess we'll all have to be attorneys, huh?
              Seriously, what would you recommend an 18 year old be
              educated in? I can't think of anything that's not threatened
              except maybe soldiers, FBI, NSA, and such.
              \_ Nursing, surgery, auditing, anything that requires the person
                 to actually be onsite in America to do the job. There should
                 be a huge demand for medical professionals as the population
                 ages, but you don't want to be in something like radiology,
                 that can be outsourced. ER doctor is probably safe.
                 \_ I am not sure medicine is a good place to be. I
                    understand your point, but the reality is that the
                    American standard of living is not sustainable no
                    matter the profession. Global competition will whittle
                    away at the standard of living in all Western
                    countries in all professions - even doctors, lawyers,
                    and engineers. So why is it worth it to spend an
                    ever-increasing amount of $$$ on education when it
                    doesn't guarantee you anything? If only the strong
                    will survive, then I think the strong will make it no
                    matter what initials follow their names. Bill Gates
                    never even graduated college. I am not worried about
                    the strong. I am worried about Joe Blow Cal State grad
                    and his some-college wife. What will become of them?
                    Will they have to move to Calcutta to find a lifestyle
                    they find satisfactory? Will some Eastern Euro doctor
                    move here to a 2 BR house and think he has it made,
                    such as is happening in Spain? I don't weep for the
                    MDs driving Acuras instead of Porsches, but it will
                    have a trickle down effect. I think the idea that
                    getting an education somehow makes one "safe" or helps
                    ensure one of maintaining his current lifestyle
                    (forget about improving on it) is dated. I think an
                    education is for personal satisfaction only at this
                    point, because, really, how often does the average
                    employee at the average firm employ the depth of his
                    education? I know quantum mechanics. Maybe some other
                    guy doesn't. It won't help me sell any more cars or
                    perform more audits or even stitch up any more ER
              \_ My point was getting a college degree for the knowledge economy
                 vs.  HS diploma or drop out. Still only 25% get a 4 year
                 degree. There won't be enough low-skill, lower middle class
                 jobs to soak up the rest.
                 Manufacturing jobs have actually increased last 2 years, as
                 they find niches, do high value, quick turn-around work. Our
                 economy is huge and will adapt, but 25% with bachelors degree
                 will not cut it for 21st cent.
                 \_ I see. I agree with that. However, what I am seeing is
                    that even people with graduate degrees are struggling
                    to maintain a middle-class lifestyle. You almost need
                    to be a two income family with both spouses having
                    a graduate or professional degree just to have the
                    standard of living a motivated high school graduate
                    had just 40 years ago. I do not see education as being
                    the answer. I think we are actually overeducated as
                    it is for the numbers and types of jobs available.
                    Many of my colleagues have PhDs and find themselves
                    overqualified or "stuck" in jobs that they did not need
                    a PhD to do.
2007/5/14 [Health/Men] UID:46619 Activity:nil
5/14    Hey psb how big is your penis?
        \_ Why don't you sleep with him to find out?
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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