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2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/5/4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:37518 Activity:nil
5/4     US Religious groups trying to block HPV vaccination:
2005/4/22 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Dating] UID:37312 Activity:kinda low
4/22    Is it possible to have unprotected sex with someone when you have a
        cold and not give it to them?
        \_ You have a penis cold?
           \_ Think of the male orgasm as a giant goopy sneeze from below.
              \_ Lovely imagery.
              \_ Mine is like several sneezes.
        \_ If you're having sex with someone, you're probably close enough to
           be exchanging germs all the time.  Forget trying to avoid getting
           \_ Maybe he needs a full body condom, like what appears in
              "Naked Gun."
2005/4/8 [Health/Disease/General] UID:37113 Activity:kinda low
4/8     bongs and vaporizers give you lung cancer
                \_ Next thing they will say is that oral sex does
                   \_ I better stock up on bran
2005/3/30-31 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Dental] UID:36986 Activity:high
3/30    Fluoridation polluting our precious bodily fluids:
        \_ Wow, between fluoride, lots of xrays, and those mercury fillings,
           dentists are responsible for massive illness. But at least our teeth
           are clean! Actually I am against water fluoridation in principle.
           Why introduce that in the environment? People get fluoride from
        \_ Have you ever seen a commie drink water?
           \_ Well Mandranke...I realized this during the physical act of
2005/3/22-23 [Health/Disease/General] UID:36805 Activity:nil
3/22    What is your opinion on the definition of life? Is life a
        combination of your mind, body, and soul? Does it have to have
        carbon, water, and ability to think and act? What if an alien
        life form visits us but instead of carbon based, it is silicon
        based, is it a life-form? How about human beings with fully
        functional body but without the mind/soul behind it, is that
        considered 1) alive and 2) a life-form? I'm interested to hear
        from scientists and religious people. ok thx.
        \_ scientist's view: life requires metabolism, hence includes
           fungi, bacteria, etc. but probably not viruses nor prions.
           \_ aren't prions just a different functional form of a protein
              that naturally exists?
                \_ Yes, if you mean mad cow disease prions.
        \_ reductionist philosopher's view: souls are a crutch of
           the imagination to prop up self-image.
        \_ The opposite of what sodans do.
2005/3/22-23 [Health/Men, Health/Disease/General] UID:36804 Activity:kinda low
3/22    Is Terri's CAT scan that bad?  Why has she not had PET or MRI?
        My Grandmother's Brain -- OK -- But Would I Stop Feeding
        My Grandmother?
        \_ oh wow, replies by real doctors with fancy medical
           terminologies that I don't understand. I wish that I had
           done pre-med. Instead I'm just a stupid code monkey barely
           surviving in Silleycone Valley
           \_ It's never too late for medical school, if you want to go.
              We have all heard stories of the 40 year old guy in there
              with the 22 year olds.
              \_ In fact, medical schools *like* older students.  There is
                 a shortage of family/general practice doctors, and that's
                 what most older med students end up doing.  Older students
                 usually don't have the lifespan and stamina to go for the
                 longer and/or more intensive residencies.  Unfortunately,
                 family docs make the least money.
                 \_ How easy is it to work in medical research without
                    seeing patients? I never wanted to be a surgeon or see
                    people to diagnose/prescribe for them... but I get the
                    impression that's required.
                    \_ When I first read your post, I thought you said
                       "without seeing patents".
                    \_ If you are a researcher then you don't have to have
                       a practice. I know someone who does this and she
                       never sees any patients. I also know a doctor who
                       does a lot of research and selects his patients
                       based on it. This seems more interesting than being
                       a GP, but pays a lot less.
        \_ not a doctor, but I have looked at a lot of fmri and pet scans.
           There's a ton of degeneration in that brain.  I've seen some
           lesioned and post-stroke cats and mri's, too.  Nothing that bad.
           But, he is right.  There is some minimal cortex left.  He does
           leave out an important fact though.  Gradual atrophy in a fully
           functioning individual is different than severe sudden atrophy
           and recovery.  For example, a study was done of 80+ year old
           nuns, and it was found that all the nuns had similar degrees
           of massive cortex atrophy in the brain.  However, the nuns that
           had a stroke had a post-trauma sudden onset of Alzheimer's that
           the non-stroke nuns didn't have.  Likely something from the
           stroke triggered onset of Alzheimer's. Thus, comparing Terri's
           brain to fully functional 85 yr olds who have had gradual
           atrophy without functional loss is not entirely kosher.
        \_ The CT scan is old, and unless I see the original DICOM data I'd be
           hesitant to conclude anything.  My company works with that kind of
           data all the time and you can adjust contrast controls, etc. to make
           a CT look like just about anything.  Furthermore, your typical CT of
           the brain doesn't look like much.  Which is why a tool like Image
           Fusion (shameless plug:
           allows you to compare the MRI (on the right) with the CT. -emarkp
        \_ I think it is all a distraction from the more pressing issues
           of war, recession and ignorance that plague this country. Bush's
           numbers are down to 45% and the Republicans are desperately
           and transparently trying to change the subject.
2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/3/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:36791 Activity:high
3/21    Motd poll:  Have you had the flu going 'round lately?
        \_ No: ....
           \_ I get sick 1-2 times per year and almost never a flu.
           \_ No, all my coworkers got sick this year, but I did not.
              I attribute it to drinking heavily.
           \_ No, eventhough I was exposed. My throat was sore, and I
              thought I came down with it for 12 hours, but it passed.
              I get plenty of exercise, do yoga, eat lots of fresh
              organic fruits and vegetables.
              \_ go fuck yourself.
           \_ No.  I don't exercise or get much sleep.  The only healthy things
              I do is drink tea, eats little meat and lots of vegetable and
              fruit, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.
           \_ No, I've only been sick once in 7 years ever since I started
              exercising proper hygiene, or as sodans would say being a germ
              freak ... Nutty stuff like washing hands before eating.
              \_ go fuck yourself.
                 \_ That's a good way to avoid acquiring STDs.
                        \_ You've got to break eggs to make an omelet.
              \_ yeah I used to get sick a lot in Cal. It might have something
                 to do with sharing common lab keyboards in Soda hall and
                 seeing ~1/2 of the people who use tho restroom don't wash
                 their hands, most of them smell or haven't taken a shower
                 for a few days. Here's what you can do for fun when you're
                 bored in the lab. Flip those lab keyboards up-side down
                 and watch snowflakes falling!!! Ok maybe dandruff isn't
                 exactly snowflakes but you can use your imagination.
        \_ Yes: ....
        \_ I got flu AND strep!: .
           High fever: 102.4
           Coughing: (green phlegm) ..
           Coughing 'till you barf: .
           Bloodshot eyes:  completely bloodshot
           Eye discharge:  woke with eyes glued shut
           Ear pain/discharge:  soaked my pillow with ear flow
           \_ . (but not as severe)
           Frog in the throat:  I keep swallowing, but it stays
           Snotty nose: ..
           Body aches: ...
           Voice gone:  ..
        \_ I started to have a sour throat on Friday, I am recovering...
        \_ sick for 2+ weeks, still not 100%
2005/3/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:36762 Activity:high
3/18    Best and worst states & public schools for raising healthy kids:,2933,150763,00.html
        California ranks 13th.
        \_ As someone who spent half his youth in their lowest ranked state and
           half in their highest, I just want to say that these people are
           *completely* full of shit.
            \_ indeed, because, like most people, they are idiots
               They didn't even measure how fit kids were in these states
                These are your standard liberal dumb asses who think that
                the way you get kids to be more fit is upping the "school
                requirements and recommendations for physical education and
                nutrition classes [and] playground safety"   Jeesh.
2005/3/4-5 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:36525 Activity:moderate
3/4     Ok you people who actually see doctors: what is the normal course of
        action if you had stomach/abdominal pain all night? Emergency room,
        or try to make some kind of appointment? --ouch
        \_ How bad and where? Look down at your abdomen. If it hurts in the
           lower right like you're being stabbed, go to the Emergency Room.
                                                                    ASAP _/
           \_ especially if you press your finger there, and when you remove
              your finger it hurts - that's your appendix rupturing
              the other side is your stomach, no big whoop
           \_ I guess it's not like that. it just aches and hurts if I push
              below my navel. i also feel a little feverish. well I'll try
              calling them.
              \_ That just sounds like pre-diarrhea to me.
              \_ abdominal cramps!
              \_ Go to critical care clinic, i fyou have one available.
              \_ Go to critical care clinic, if you have one available.
                 Otherwise call your doctor and make an appointment.
                 Do not go to the ER if you can avoid it. With your
                 relatively minor complaint, you will sit there all day.
                 If you are running a serious fever (over 102) then go
                 If you are running a serious fever (over 101) then go
                 to the ER. They will see you immediately.
              \_ I hope to God you're not still sitting around reading this.
                 If you're feverish and have ab pain, go to the Emergency
                 Room. If you're lucky, it's just food poisoning; if you're
                 somewhat lucky, it's an infection that can be treated. If
                 you're out of luck, goodbye appendix.
                 \_ Don't overreact. Here is the diagnosis tree for
                    abdominal pain:
                 \_ nah I did end up calling my clinic and ended up spending
                    all day in there. they couldn't rule out appendicitis.
                    but now I'm home and it only hurts a little so it's
                    probably not.
        \_ The hospital usually has a number for questions, something like
           the duty nurse. You can talk to this person and they can usually
           give you good advice on whether to go to the emergency room, or
           visit your doctor. Plus, they would know if there is a doctor
           available at their clinic that has open appointments.
        \_ If you dont' think your life is in danger I would probably go to
           an urgent care center.
        \_ M-x Doctor
2005/2/15 [Health/Eyes, Health/Disease/General] UID:36177 Activity:nil
        Natural juices are just as unhealthy as soda, drink water instead!
        \_ Nothing is healthy anymore!  Screw it and just drink beer!
           \_ Guinness does contain many vitamins and
              minerals in small quantities, but is lacking vitamin C,
              as well as calcium and fat.  So, to fulfil all of your
              daily nutritional requirements you would need to drink a
              glass of orange juice, two glasses of milk, and 47 pints
              of Guinness.
              \_ "My liver and kidney's hurt." -the guy who peed his way
                 out of an avalanche.
2005/2/14-15 [Health/Disease/General] UID:36169 Activity:nil
2005/2/11-14 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Sleeping] UID:36151 Activity:moderate
2/11    Are weird random pains in different parts of the body a symptom of
        excessive caffeine intake?  Does anyone have any experience with this?
        \_ Could be a heart attack.  Consider going to a hospital. e.g.:
          "Pain spreading to the shoulders, neck or arms. The pain may be mild
           to intense. It may feel like pressure, tightness, burning, or heavy
           weight. It may be located in the chest, upper abdomen, neck, jaw,
           or inside the arms or shoulders." --
           \_ It's probably not a heart attack! Sheesh! Scare the hell
              out of the guy! He should see a doctor, though!
        \_ You probably just have the flu.
        \_ Why are you asking the motd?  ObSeeAFuckingDoctor.  -John
           \_ This would be a good time to remind the motd in general that
              most health plans offer free advice lines, where you can call
              (often 24 hours a day) to talk to an advice nurse.  They won't
              laugh at you for asking stupid questions -- their whole job is
              to tell you whether your problem is worth bothering a doctor
              for or not.  They're not doctors, but unlike the motd they do
              at least have some idea what they're talking about.
        \_ it's not random. stop whacking off so much.
        \_ Caffeine usually doesn't lead to pain; but it does lead to
           jitteryness. These pains are probably due to something else.
        \_ What do you mean random pain? Cramps?
        \_ It could be stress-related, and caffeine could enhance the effects,
           but that's just a guess. Go see a doc. When I had major stress, my
           right shoulder/arm use to have some numbness.
           \_ yeah.I took less caffeine, got some excersize and sleep, and spent
              some fraction of a day not working or thinking about work, and
              all symptoms are gone.  let this serve as a cautionary tale. -op
              \_ What, that you're a lazy slacker?
2005/2/8-10 [Health/Disease/General] UID:36113 Activity:very high
2/8     I'm writing a report on Things We Didn't Know Were Harmful, on things
        like lead paint (1950s), asbesto insulation (1960s), early birth
        control pills (1960s) and other stuff, what are other examples you
        guys can think of? ok thx
        \_ the dot-com boom.
        \_ wireless
        \_ Cigarettes
           Also, to some degree, radiation from nukes--look at
           In the 17th century some people thought mercury was a cure-all
           medicine, Romans built water pipes out of lead.  -John
           \_ John. tobacco and lead pipes were already mentioned. :(
                \_ Yeah--they cause short attention span.  Sorry. -John
        \_ FD&C Red #2
           \_ "Food Drug & Commission"?
              \_ Food, Drug, and Cosmetic.  You'll also sometimes see just
                 D&C or External D&C, depending on what the colors are
                 approved for.
        \_ non-biodegradable detergents
        \_ thalidomyde
        \_ X-ray machines as a gimmick in shoe stores
           \_ "Ra-di-a-tion. Yes, indeed. You hear the most outrageous lies
              about it. Half-baked goggle-box do-gooders telling everybody it's
              bad for you. Pernicious nonsense! Everybody could stand a hundred
              chest X-rays a year. They ought to have them, too."
        \_ Bioaccumulated pesticides
        \_ Lead and mercury
           \_ Specific example: Amalgams, aka "silver filling" despite it
              being made up of ~50% mercury.
              \_ Amalgams are stull used.  They are packaged now so that the
                 mercury isn't free for very long.
                 \_ We studied this in chemistry at UCB. There is/was no risk.
                    The amounts involved are so small.
                    \_ Dude, you went to Berkeley?  How gay!
                    \_ When?  Your info may be dated.  EPA now recommends intake
                       levels somewhere around 5-8 ppm, orders of magnitude lower
                       than previously accepted.  Additionally, there were studies
                       finding correlation between post-natal defects and number
                       of amalgam fillings the mother has.  The theory is that
                       mercury gas emitted from the filling(what's that word for
                       straight solid-->gas chemical conversion?) is on the order
                       of 5-10 ppm per day.
                       levels somewhere around 5-8 ppm, orders of magnitude
                       lower than previously accepted.  Additionally, there
                       were studies finding correlation between post-natal
                       defects and number of amalgam fillings the mother has.
                       The theory is that mercury gas emitted from the
                       filling(what's that word for straight solid-->gas
                       chemical conversion?) is on the order of 5-10 ppm per
                       \_ 1991. Do you trust chemistry or statistics? The
                          word you want is sublimate, btw.
           \_ leaded gasoline, lead water pipes, lead paint, etc.
              \_ And before that, lead-based cosmetics!
        \_ Bleeding out a fever with leeches
        \_ Uranium-lined water coolers to provide 'healthful' radiation in
           your drinking water.  (I'm not making this up)
           Also Fiestaware and other uranium-ore glazed ceramics.
           \_ Did these actually turn out to be harmful?  I was under the
              impression that _small_ amounts of radiation were actually
              good for your health.
              \_ Small amounts of radiation exposure happens naturally and is
                 probably important for long-term evolution, but it is never
                 good for the individual (with the exception of highly
                 targeted medical therapy).  These coolers produced
                 contaminated water far in excess of 'safe' levels.
                 If you want to learn more, look up 'revigator'.
        \_ DDT: "So safe you can spray it over residential areas!"
           \_ i found some page claiming DDT really is safe and saved millions
              of lives wrt malaria and it was all a liberal kook plot
              \_ It was kind of a cool substance-- didn't smell bad, didn't
                 really cause too much harm as a percentage of its use.  The
                 chain from runoff -> fish collecting it -> birds eat fish ->
                 thin bird eggshells seems pretty long and unexpectable.
              \_ One glass of orange juice a day is about 0.03% HERP (Human
                 Exposure dose/Rodent Potency dose) from d-limonene.  3 cups
                 of coffee a day is 0.1% HERP from caffeic acid.  Pre-1972 DDT
                 intake was about 0.002% HERP.  It's somewhat worse than a plum
                 a day at 0.001% HERP.  (ref "The Skeptical Environmentalist")
                 \_ This may indeed but the case, but I thought the problem
                    with DDT is not that it is directly harmful to humans,
                    but it is dangerous to many other animals in the
                    \_ Yes, that was the disinformation in "Silent Spring"
                       \_ See, some people are still confused about this!
                 \_ The _Skeptical_Environmentalist_ that was written by a non
                    expert talking about things way out of his field of
                    experience and was debunked by both Science and Nature.
                    That _Skeptical_Environmentalist_, right?
                    \_ The case for and against the Skeptical Environmentalist
                       is pretty well documented.  You are welcome to read up
                       on it and judge the worthiness of the book yourself.
                       \_ , by Patrick
                          Moore, cofounder of Greenpeace.
              \_ This is actually taught to middle and high school students
                 thru pages at  Supported by an NSF
                 grant of course.
                 \_ Unfortunately, exposure to DDT causes penis and testicular
                    shrinkage in animals.  One might argue that no benefit is
                    worth that.  Of course, CSUA members wouldn't care much
                    about that one way or the other.
                    \_ Hey, speak for yourself buddy: that sounds like a
                       freakin nightmare to me.  What the heck is wrong with
                       \_ Yermom often complains about my large penis. I
                          was just trying to be considerate.
                    \_ What dosage was required for that? I love those studies
                       where they'll like have the critters drinking the stuff.
        \_ Trans-saturated fats.  Margarine is worse for you than butter.
           \_ Are you serious?
              \_ This is pretty generally accepted in the last few years.
           \_ Not sure about this. Ignoring transfats, what about cholesterol?
              Butter has it and margarine does not.
        \_ tobacco
        \_ germs (i.e. not washing your hands in hospitals)
        \_ MTBE
        \_ Microsoft circa 1984.
        \_ Depleted uranium bullets used in gulf war causes impotence. Heated
           CPU and other electronic compounds causes birth defects. Alumnium
           cans in Coke/Pepsi causes Parkinsons disease. Tupperware and heated
           plastics in microwave triggers gay genes.        -future man, 2040
        \_ leftists
           \_ I think it's just "Tupperware and heated plastics", not
              necessarily in microwave.
           \_ aluminum: also Alzheimer's. And diet Coke in alumnimum = double
              whammy aspartame brain tumors.
        \_ Cocaine in Coca-cola.
        \_ leftists
        \_ Wow, cool list above. Here's a vote for posting a link to your
           report on the motd once you're done. Seems like it could be a fun
           \_ seconded.
        \_ Agent Orange
        \_ Teflon
        \_ The material used in flame-resistant mattress.  I heard on the radio
           recently that it causes breast cancer.
        \_ Thalidomide
           \_ Already mentioned above.
        \_ Silicone implants.
        \_ Just saw an article or Daily Cal or somewhere else today on
           the link between green tea and stomach cancer cases among
           \_ I thought green tea is supposed to help prevent cancer.
        \_ sunbathing
        \_ red meat
        \_ refined flour
           \_ Thanks!  I thought the wheat bread from Safeway was nutritious!
2005/1/31-2/1 [Health/Skin, Health/Disease/General] UID:35997 Activity:nil
1/31    Which motd people are trolls and which are...porcupines? (
        \_ Man, I think I've been on the motd too long.  Their example of
           bad behavior sounds completely normal to me.
           \_ Agreed. More to the point, I find myself thinking that people
              who can't distill the essence from the blather are just as bad
              as the porcupines themselves. A sure sign I need to stop reading
              the motd.
2005/1/20 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35820 Activity:high
1/20    CNN: "Bush vows to spread democracy" seems more like "Bush vows
        to spread White-man disease", haha.
        \__ Democracy IS a white-man's disease.
        \_ world's largest democracy is India, where many brown
           people live. - danh
2005/1/3 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:35528 Activity:very high
1/3     New (substantiated?) rumor that the bulge on Bush's back is a LifeVest
        defibrillator.  Apparently has atrial fibrillation, and suffered a
        mini-stroke (2002 Pretzel incident).  Any thoughts?
        \_ More detailed discussion of the defibrillator theory:
           \_ You know, it's crap usage like this that makes people talk about
              "theory" vs. fact.  It's not a theory, it's a steaming pile of
              random speculation.
              \_ "Conspiracy theory" is a pretty commonly used term, and most
                 conspiracy theories are pretty much exactly what you describe.
                 I am using the word "theory" in an identical context here.
                 If you don't like the way the English language has developed,
                 please fuck off and cry to someone else about it.
        \_ Go read "Interface" by Stephen Bury (a pen name for Neal Stephenson)
           at once.
        \_ Sometimes a suit is just a suit.
        \_ I doubt it. If he does in fact have a heart problem that
           requires a defibrillator, he'd have an implantable one like
           every patient with the problem.
                    \_ you're an idiot.   -tom
                       \_ Almost by definition, you have shown that he is not.
2004/12/29 [Health/Disease/General, Politics] UID:35478 Activity:insanely high
12/29   Another question, with so many people dead, how do they identify
        them if they don't carry any form of identification?  How many
        of the 80000 is identified?
        \_ They don't. A huge number of bodies are being buried in
           mass graves, in many cases being shoved in by a
           catterpillar truck, because they pose a serious disease
           threat. This is happening by the thousands.
           \_ May they rest in peace....
        \_ Part of the plea for help is for forensic experts and large
           refigeration units for jury-rigged morgues.
           \-i think dealing with the dead bodies is for human/psych/relig
             reasons, not as a source of disease. --psb
                \_ it's for all of those reasons. with tens of thousands
                   of dead bodies, infections are bound to be abundant.
                   \-this is not the primary source of infection. it is
                     fecal matter in water supply. this is not a case
                     of getting rid of the bodies of people who died of
                     an infectious disease [like in the black death or
                     ebola etc].
                     \_ It's also just common sense.  If there's 500 dead
                        dead bodies where you live, are you going to let them
                        sit in the equatorial sun for a week while you dig
                        individual graves?  No, you say a prayer and dump them
                        in a mass grave before the smell gets too horrid.
                        \_ So in other words, it's impossible to tell
                           who had actually died, because just counting
                           the bodies is even sometimes impossible. So I
                           guess if someone is missing, they will be
                           presumed dead unless they are found later? Sad...
                           \_ Note to self: Wait until tsunami hits to carry
                              out murders of people I don't like.  Spelling
                           \_ Note to self: Wait until tsunami hits to cary
                              out murders of people I don't like.  Speling
                              wanker in above entry first on list ...
2004/12/15-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:35313 Activity:high 76%like:35310
12/15   Which one of these do you like?  (it's enrollment season again):
        Blue Shield: ..
        \_ I love Blue Shield: they paid for DNAA testing for something I
           was diagnosed with 20 years ago (turned out I don't have it),
           and their HMO plan has been generous with the specialists my wife
           and I have needed.  However, I'm insured through CalPERS, and they
           jacked my premiums up $75 per person-- what I'm saying is, go
           with Blue Shield only if your work covers most of the cost.
        \_ If you're generally healthy, Kaiser is the way to go. No paperwork,
           short waits for appointments, and no/minimal co-pay.
           \_ No paperwork is nice, but short waits for appointment is not my
              experience.  They couldn't find me a schedule for a physical
              within the next three months.  I'm switching to PacifiCare
              starting January.  My coworkers have PacifiCare, and they never
              had any trouble with getting an appointment.  It doubles my
              premium, but it's only $13 more per month for me.
           \_ I second this. For my bouts with poison oak or infected wounds,
              Kaiser has been the best medical plan I've ever had. Their
              policy on seeing specialists is awful, though. You need a hole in
              your eardrum to see their ENTs about ear trouble, for instance.
              \_ This sounds like my experiance with Kaiser.  If you're a
                 normal case, everything is great.  If you fall outside
                 their definition of normal, everything goes to hell.
           \_ If you're generally healthy it doesn't matter which plan you
                \_ Not at all. First of all even healthy people need to
                   see a doctor occasionally, for whatever reason
                   (including simple things like the cold, flu, etc).
                   Perhaps even more importantly, if you're healthy and
                   want a simple annual physical exam or any other sort
                   of preventative doctor's appointment, Kaiser will
                   provide that with no hassle; go with Blue Cross or
                   most PPO's, and they won't cover routine visits.
                   It's quite shitty.
                   \_ why would you go to the doctor for a cold?  they
                      can't cure it can they?  or even a flu.  i think
                      i'd only go to the doctor if i ripped out a tendon -danh
                      \_ I pretty much agree, and I avoid the doctor at all
                         costs myself, but I think in principle it's a good
                         idea to go when you get the flu because of all the
                         more serious things that look exactly like the flu.
                         Going to see a doctor for the "flu" will save your
                         life if you have the flesh-eating virus, for instance.
                         Of course staying the *fuck* away from a hospital
                         can also save your life.
                         \_ inject the heroin into a vein, not the meat,
                            and you won't spread the flesh eating
                            bacteria. - danh
                   \_ Wow, you people actually see a doctor when you get a
                      cold? WTF.
                      \_ You must be an undergrad, enjoy it while you can. :)
                         \_ huh?
                   \_ I am sorry, but almost every health plan on the
                      planet covers routine visits. Health plans prove
                      their mettle when you have something bad go wrong.
                      If nothing bad ever goes wrong then they are all
                      pretty much the same - even the worst of them.
                      \_ As pp below says, you're wrong. If your health plans
                         all have, then goody gumdrops. I have had two so far
                         that didn't. I don't know how those performed in
                         emergencies because I never had one.
                   \_ Don't be sorry, because you're wrong. My current
                      and previous health insurance providers (both
                      PPO's) have not covered routine annual visits.
                      They provide tons of coverage for cancer,
                      God forgit I get that, but not for my yearly
                      physical exam. I'd agree with you, but unfortunately
                      that hasn't been my experience.
                      \_ What providers were these? Certainly none on this
                         list. I had one of those 'catastrophic' providers
                         and the only things they covered were major
                         surgery/illness *and* routine visits. Health
                         insurance knows it is worthwhile to cover routine
                         visits as a preventative. So please name the
                         providers of these Mickey Mouse plans and the
                         employers who provided them. Routine medical
                         visits are not a 'perk' of Kaiser. They are
                         typical of all plans. Hence, the wording 'almost
                         every'. You must have had a really, really, bad plan
                         and shitty employer. Knowing who it is will help
                         others avoid it.
                                \_ Yeah in theory that's true, but it
                                   isn't always like that in life. Come
                                   on, health insurance is among the
                                   worst systems in this country; knowing
                                   that, it's very fitting that they don't
                                   (or might not) cover routine visits.
                                   Regardless, the experiences I've
                                   alluded to were through BC and Aetna,
                                   both through schools (neither were
                                   \_ BC and Aetna (I've had both) do
                                      cover routine visits. Perhaps your
                                      plan did not, since it was a student
            wow. seriously NONE of you people have had a good || bad experience
            with Aetna at all?  Anyone even heard of Aetna?  They're horrible
            back east.
            \_ I know people who work there.  I'm not going to say anything
               real specific, but that company is *really* fucked up.
               Expect a major corporate scandal in the not-too-distant
            \_ Yes, I had Aetna and it was okay. I'd take it over Kaiser,
               but not over Blue Cross.
                \_ All I know about Aetna is the lousy coverage they
                   "provide" during emergency and serious illnesses,
                   which is close to none.
2004/12/14-15 [Health/Disease/General] UID:35297 Activity:high
12/14   Besides drinking water, what else can I do to help recover from
        a cold?
        \_ Trader Joes Zinc tablets work great for me. -- ulysses
        \_ Rest.  Drinking water won't help you recover, but it will keep
           you from getting dehydrated.  -tom
        \_ Pack of smokes, a glass of scotch, and you'll be like new. -John
        \_ Eat healthy, including a multivitamin and lots of vitamin C if your
           diet may be lacking.  Avoid too much caffeine or any alcohol.
        \_ Take some Zicam.
        \_ chicken soup really does help.  Try Brand's "chicken essence"
           6-packs from a 99 Ranch near you.  -abc
        \_ There are some things with a certain form of Zinc that are supposed
           to help. Such as "Cold-Eeze" lozenges, or spray-into-your-nose
           stuff. But they say you need to use those at the first sign of the
           cold to get the most out of it.
           \_ Where do we get these placebos?
              \_ Walmart
           \_ Way to fight a cold
              Use the sacred essence, Zinc.
              Not a placebo!
              \_ You are a jackass
                 You are a big fat jackass
                 You are a jackass
                 \_ Your poor haiku lacks
                    the word that can make all well
                    Sir, you dropped your zinc.
                    \_ Haiku is for sucks
                       I say you are a jackass
                       Yermom drops her pants.
                       \_ I already popped
                          Yermom's big ass zinc buttons
                          Pants fall to the floor
                       \_ Bitter padawan
                          Doesn't get enough of his
                          daily dose of zinc
                       \_ So what is a suck?
                          I believe that is a verb
                          Haikus are gay though
        \_ Codeine
        \_ royal jelly (what the queen bee eats) in honey.  1 table spoon
           in the morning, 1 table spoon in the evening.  helped me
           recover from a month-long allergy and cold attack here in
           bitter cold chicago.  Prayers help too.
           \_ Local honey for local allergies.  I'm not sure how much this
              would actually do for a cold other than taste good.
              \_ Scotch & cigarettes are good too... -John
                 \_ Agreed --scotsman
              \_ The claim is that it improves your autoimmune system.
                 It worked for me.  I tried many medicine my doctor
                 prescribed, and none worked, only making me unable
                 to sleep.
           \_ Royal jelly could help you become desensitized to the
              allergins in pollen. I doubt it does anything for your
              cold, though. Prayer probably helps if you believe in it,
              but probably not if you don't, interestingly enough.
        \_ When I catch a cold, I usually take one Vitamin C pill a day and it
           seems to help.  It's the kind I get from Costco that gives 1666% of
           FDA daily amount.
2004/12/14 [Health/Disease/General] UID:35278 Activity:nil
        Your cubicle can make you sick. Now clean it up you lazy ass.
2004/11/9 [Health/Dental, Health/Disease/General] UID:34783 Activity:moderate
11/9    I got a food particle stuck in my throat, probably a rice particle.
        I can't cough it out or get it to go down by eating more stuff or
        drink water. It's bothering me. Sodans with medical knowledge, if
        it's indeed stuck in my breath path, won't it cause bacteria and
        maybe infection if I don't get it out?
        \_ Go see a doctor.  It might not be what you think it is.  It
           might be serious. -- ilyas
        \_ as long as you can type and post to motd, who cares?
        \_ Some semen should dislodge it.
           \_ or a spray of urine.
              \_ I saw a video once about a doctor who specialized in that
        \_ When this happens to me, I usually ignore it for half a day or so
           and it disappears by itself.
        \_ It may not really be there anymore.  If something scratched your
           throat, the injury may feel like it's there.
           \_ True.  Also, remember that you're contantly swallowing saliva,
              nature's own pre-digestive juice, so any food stuck in your
              mouth or throat should disappear in a few days.  If it's still
              bugging you after a few days or gets worse, visit your doctor.
        \_ Might be cancer.  go see a doctor.
           \- eat a banana --psb
              \_ safer to just see a doctor.  might be inflammation too.
        \_ Thanks for all the replies. It is a food particle because I
           was drinking some water after lunch and somehow choked
           myself and splashed water all over my keyboard and monitor.
           After the smoke cleared (in a figurative sense), I started
           to feel there's something on my throat and can't get it out.
           I feel like it is not in my swallow path, as I've actually ate
           a banana and drank more water, but rather in my breath path,
           does it make sense? Or am I just wrong and it IS in my swallow
           path and just stuck somewhere?
           \_ depends on how far back in your throat.  Tracheal obstructions
              tend to trigger the coughing reflex.  It could also be stuck
              near your tonsils.  Seeing a doctor is probably the safest bet.
              And worth the $15 copay.  Check thyroids and tonsils while you're
           \_ Don't ask me to help you debug on your machine again!
2004/11/9 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:34775 Activity:very high
11/9    why isn't the heart drug made for blacks a hate drug?
        \_ you are stupid
           \_ he's stupid but still makes a good point.  for decades the
              medical research field has ignored racial differences when
              studying disease and the effects of drugs (also the diff. between
              men and women as well).  should we ignore race for medical
              reasons?  does doing so make us racist or does not doing so make
              us racist by denying that "we're all the same" and color is only
              skin deep, etc?  you too easily dismiss the core concept because
              it was presented by a moron.
              \_ We don't ignore race.  It's long been understood that blacks
                 are more genetically prone toward sickle cell anemia, and
                 ethnic Jews have a higher rate of Tay-Sachs.  Diagnosis and
                 treatment have been aimed at race.
                 \_ Those are very obvious cases.  There are numerous much
                    more subtle differences between people/races that most
                    medical researchers won't touch with a 10 mile pole.
                    Race is a hot button issue.  I wouldn't risk my career or
                    funding on the more subtle stuff.  Would you?  Very few are
                    willing to talk about it much less conduct serious medical
                    research in this area.
           \_ alright, let's say there's a drug for whites only. Can you
              imagine what the public reaction would be?
              \_ Very good point.
                 \_ Bullshit.  If there is a drug that for some genetic
                    reason has a beneficial effect on one group and none
                    for another, that's not racist, and I think you'd be
                    hard pressed to find any rational person who would
                    call it a _good point_
              \_ SUNSCREEN IS RACIST, BITCH!
2004/10/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:34268 Activity:nil
10/21   Why we don't force things in chemistry, either: (In the Pipeline, worksafe, text only)
2004/10/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:34259 Activity:high
10/21   Given that something like 30000 people die in the US from flu each
        year, this Chiron flu vaccine screwup could end up costing more lives
        than 911 or the SARS epidemic.
        \_ Yes, and with less John Edwardsian trial lawyers around and the
                         \_ fewer
           FDA not putting price caps on the shots, there would be more than
           1 American company creating the vaccine and there'd be plenty.
           Stop fucking with the marketplace so deeply and it'll be fine.
           Electing a trial lawyer to fix health care is worse than putting
           the fox on hen house security.  The fox can only eat 1 or 2 hens
           at a time.  The trial lawyer will kill everything.  Already has.
           \_ I'd rather have a trial lawyer in charge than a shill for the
              oil and coal industry.
              \_ Of your healthcare?  Whatever.  How's the beverage taste
                 this season?
        \_ So does America's idiotic car culture, yet somehow that's
           *never* an issue in mainstream politics.
           \_ Smoke...less...crack.  You have just managed to shit out one
              of the most classic stupid equations of all time.  No
              "car culture" causes deaths.  Bad drivers, bad luck, bad
              weather all lead to death.  Yes, having lots of traffic,
              including SUVs, tired truck drivers and aggressive rice-
               rocketeers is bad, but it is a reprehensible side-effect of
               of something good (i.e. personal mobility.)  The Chiron
               fuckup is the result of lack of foresight, bad planning,
               whatnot.  Don't try to compare the two.  Ever.  Now back to
               your cave, crazy troll man.  -John
               \_ Car culture leads to idiotic city planning, which leads
                  to longer commute times, which leads to more time in cars,
                  which continues to increase the carnage.
               \_ John, the vaccine fuckup is due to lawsuits and FDA price
                  caps.  We don't do central planning, Soviet style, here.
                  \_ due to lawsuits... how do you fucking figure?
                     \_ due to the vaccine makers all getting their asses
                        sued and dropping out of the market due to liability
                        fears.  thats how i fucking figure.  why do you think
                        there is only *one* vaccine maker left for the flu
                        in the US now?  why do you think doctors are going
                        out of practice left and right?  liability. sheesh.
                        wake the fuck up.
                  \_ (1) referring to Chiron planning fuckups, (2) price caps
                     sure go in the direction of central planning for me...
                     \_ yes, check when those price caps were put in place and
                        the vaccine makers almost entirely stopped producing
                        in this country.  need a hint?
           \_ Call me crazy, but whenever someone answers "So does X,
              but X is never an issue in mainstream politics," my
              natural reaction is to ask, "Why the hell not?"
              \_ Well, I think the answer is that most people have
                 really warped ideas about risk.  People will happily
                 drive their car along a dangerous interstate to the
                 airport, then get all crazy about flying, which is
                 far safer.  Or launch huge campaigns about firework
                 safety on july 4th, trying to ban anything remotely fun,
                 when having drunk people try to cook meat in the hot
                 sun is probably far more dangerous.  People are
                 \_ People fear risks they can't control much more than those
                    that they can, which makes sense on some level.  You can
                    control how you drive your car, but not what happens on an
                    airplane.  Fireworks injuries are more often in children
                    and immature 'adults'.  People are logically worried that
                    their kid will sneak some fireworks and blow his hand off.
                    And if the fireworks start a fire, that will damage the
                    property of innocent 3rd parties.  If you can control your
                    own risk, there's a lot less reason to petition the
                    government to control it for you.
                \_ Getting into a car wreck on a dangerous highway is more
                   likely to happen to a bad driver.  Since most people don't
                   believe they are bad drivers, this is "someone else's risk".
                   \_ I concur with this. -- ulysses
2004/10/15-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:34147 Activity:high
10/15   Is the current flu vaccine shortage the result of too much government
        interference in the market or not enough government interference?
        \_ Too much incompetence in general, from both the government
           and private sectors.
        \_ I dunno, but it happened on Bush's watch, and I thought he was
           supposed to be on good terms with big drug companies.-partisan troll
        \_ The contamination happened in Britain, not here.
           \_ And the British Government shut down the American company's
              plant because <shock>they were actually doing their regulatory
              duty</shock>.  So now we get to try and shore up the supply
              with those vaccines from a third world coming through Canada.
        \_ I like how Bush kept referring to it as a British company... wasn't
           it Chiron... based in Emeryville?  (Yes, I know the particular
           _lab_ was in England)
           \_ Stop badmouthing our free-market solution to vaccinations! -gwb
        \_ Making vaccines is hard and the profit margin is thin. The US
           government doesn't push hard for taking flu shots so it's all
           free-market. For years, millions of shots were unused and tossed
           (no profit) and the FDA requires companies to pursue getting
           approval for making vaccines. So now only two companies make it
           for the US market and no one else is approved to provide the vaccine
           because companies decided not to seek FDA approval.
           \_ How many customers are there?  Can I get a flu shot if I am
              willing to pay more?  It doesn't seem like a free market
              to me.  Seems more like large entities with lots of
              bargaining power buy the vaccines and push down the price.
              \_ The companies have beat you to the punch.  They raised the
                 price 9-fold.  There are lines 5 hours long to get shots.
                 Massive fuckup.
2004/10/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Science/Biology, Health/Disease/General] UID:34070 Activity:very high
10/12   "We will stop juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's,
        Alzheimer's and other debilitating diseases. America just
        lost a great champion for this cause in Christopher Reeve.
        People like Chris Reeve will get out of their wheelchairs
        and walk again with stem cell research."
        -John Edwards.  Hallelujah!
        \_ Let me guess, you have a problem with that. Would you
           be more satisfied if he said he plans to leave everyone
           with those diseases to suffer while we spend our money
           on other things?
           \_ I have a problem with Edwards promising millions of sick
              people something he can't deliver in a cynical attemp to
              get votes from the desperately ill.  You're ok with that.
        \_ We need less Homer Simpsons, and more money for public schools!
        \_ But what does Bud Day think about this???
                \_ Why do you hate Bud Day?
2004/8/27-29 [Health/Disease/General] UID:33190 Activity:nil
8/27    My hands get pretty cold when I type. Is there such a thing as a
        hand/infrared warmer that you can attach close to your keyboard?
2004/8/12 [Health/Skin, Health/Disease/General] UID:32872 Activity:nil
8/12    Oh.  My.  God.
        \_ This is something I don't mind being purged (no pun, please god).
        \_ That's vile.  Someone been reading the cruel site of the day?  (It
           is, however, safe for work.)
        \_ Longer article, w/ quotes:
        \_ I guess some people wait until someone's almost dead before calling
           emergency services. Reminds me of the case of that guy whose head
           was rotting away and maggots were crawling on his brain and stuff.
2004/8/1-2 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food] UID:32619 Activity:insanely high
8/1     I found a bug on the organic Raomain I bought from Trader Joe.  Is is
        still edible as raw salad?  I know organic farming means not relying on
        pesticide to kill of bugs but would there be a danger from parasites?
        \_ Eat the bug and like it!  If necessary, you CAN be wormed.
        \_ If this sort of stuff bothers you, you can buy kosher food.
           Many people do, even if their religion does not require it. -- ilyas
        \_ It's food.  Food that is grown is grown outside.  Insects and
           animals live outside.  Food that is grown outside will be touched
           by insects and animals.  That is the way the world is.  Occasionally
           one of those insects will make it into the packaging, especially
           with leafy greens.  Throw the bug away and wash the lettuce, problem
           solved.  Are you people really that removed from where your food
           comes from?  -aspo
           \_ Aspo, no offense, but you are an idiot.  What about greenhouse
              grown food?  Is that 'outside'?  Get a clue.
              \_ Um, yeah, uh, greenhouse grown food is grown in an anti-
                 septic foam nutrient solution.  Food technicians in
                 Intel "bunny suits" meticulously pluck any alien life
                 forms from salad leaves, carefully brushing each leaf to
                 ensure a complete absence of unwanted bugs, weeds,
                 chemicals, or icky "dirt".  -John
        \_ If you knew how many bug bits are in every carton of fruit
           juice, organic or no, you probably wouldn't be bothered by
           this at all.  Still, I think the whole organic thing is BS.
           Genetically modified often means the plants have better natural
           resistance to pests, so they can use fewer pesticides than
           organic crops, not more.  BTW, leafy stuff should be fine if
           you wash it.  Sprouts, broccoli, etc, is the kind of thing you
           should cook.
           \_ If the pests don't even want to eat them, do you?
           \_ I don't think you know what 'organic' means. The federal
              standard provides that the food is produced without
              pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, irraditation, or
           \_ While most organic farming is bs, there is one aspect in
              which genetically modified crops are worse. Many gm grains
              do not produce seeds that can be reused for the next growing
              season which means that farmers must purchase new seeds
              every year rather than simply take seeds from the last
              harvest. The fact that farmers are beholden to ADM or some
              other large conglomerate is worrying, but the main problem
              is that by moving the natural selection process for grain
              from the wild to the lab, we can make the grains less
              able to cope with new forms of pests and infection.
              There is another lesser concern with gm crops for some
              peta/vegans, and that is crops which include animal genes
              might violate their no exploting animals principle.
              \_ There are no crops for consumption that I'm aware of
                 that contain animal genes.  When I've done work with
                 animal genes in plants, it's been as a research tool,
                 it serves no purpose to put an animal gene into a
                 plant for crop use.
                 \_ There's a strawberry which contains a protein from a fish
                    which makes them resistant to freezing (natural antifreeze)
                    I don't think it's been approved for human consumption,
           \_ What about crops which are more resistant to herbicides
              which encourage farmers to apply more weedkiller?
              \_ Oh, and it's especially cute when the crop in question can
                 interbreed with wild varieties and give them herbicidal
                 resistance too.
              \_ I think anyone who's done farming knows that it's always
                 better to try and use the minimal amount of chemicals.
                 The best way to do that, ultimately, will be with GM
                 crops, not organic.  Besides which, organic crops alone
                 cannot produce enough yield to feed our population,
                 so unless 2 billion people volunteer to not eat in the
                 future, or environmentalists agree to start letting
                 us convert forests to farm land, then GM crops are the
                 only option.  Besides, everything is genetically
                 modified, it's just that in the lab we can do it more
                 \_ You're not too bright are you? Just by switching from
                    slash and burn to organized agriculture I am sure we
                    could produce enough food. There isn't a shortage of
                    food in the world and this is not because of
                    pesticides. There's plenty of arable land left unused.
                 \_ You should read the Skeptical Environmentalist. He
                    makes it quite clear that by properly farming the
                    land already converted for agriculture use we could
                    easily feed the entire planet (even if the population
                    continues to increase). GM isn't really needed and
                    in the case of grains with the "terminator" gene,
                    it will actually make things worse since subsistence
                    farming will stop being the strong cheap source of
                    food for the developing world.
2004/7/20 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:32375 Activity:insanely high
7/20    Lenin died of STD. (Yahoo! News)
        \_ this has been known for decades.
2004/7/17-18 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:32334 Activity:moderate
7/16    What's this email supposedly from mconst sent to jobs@csua?  Which
        virus is this?
        \_ Why does it matter which virus it is?
           \_ It doesn't.  I'm just curious.
              \_ Worm.Bagle.AG detected by ClamAV
2004/7/13 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:32249 Activity:insanely high
7/12    Good thing the FBI is protecting us from those dangerous Art
        \_ Cue the motd brain damaged with all sorts of justifications for
        \_ Can someone save us from reading useless sarcastic URL descriptions
           and just give a real link summary instead?  No one has time to read
           every stupid untitled URL on the motd.
                \_ Some prof. got arrested for using poor judgement when
                   dealing w/ some bacteria or something. The link is some
                   sort of propaganda page.
                   \_ He didn't use poor judgment.  The bacteria were harmless
                      and he used them in art.  He called the police because
                      his wife died (nothing to do with the bacteria) and the
                      police saw his lab, freaked out, decided he was a
                      terrorist, confiscated everything, etc.  The really
                      sad thing is once they realized they had made total
                      fools of themselves they decided the best thing to do
                      was go full steam ahead and searched for anything they
                      could to nail the guy.  Eventually they found that he
                      had misrepresented himself to get some of the supplies
                      (claiming he was a lab of some sort), supplies that
                      could not be used for bioterrorism BTW, and ended up
                      charging the guy with fraud.  Wife dies, call police,
                      end up being charge with terrorism for you choice in
                      art medium.  Yay america.
                        \_ What kind of an idiot makes art w/ a bacteria?
                           I can understand if you were a jr/hs bio teacher
                           and you had that stuff in your house, but the
                           dude was an art prof or something. Should have
                           had the common sense to stick to paint/pastel.
                           \_ Bacteria seems useful if your work is a critique
                              of biotechnology and genetic engineering.
                              This is art not in the sense of "something pretty
                              to hang on a wall" but art as social critique.
                           \_ Under the Bush Regime, artists will only
                              be permitted to use paint and pastels.
                              All others will be incarcerated.
                           \_ No really.  You can't be that stupid, you're
                              just trolling.
        \_ this guy is a genius, now that gives me an idea to put
        small pox virus in my painting and send it as a gift to the
        \_ except for the fact the bacteria he was using were totally harmless
        \_ Look, art has become so degenerate in the 20th century, thanks to
           the liberal elites, that it no longer serves any moral purpose and
           ceases to be understandable by people, including the artists
           themselves.  Whether a terrorist or not, I am glad this government
           is finally trying to bring justice to arts and stop the outrage.
           \_ You're trolling, right?  Very little art has ever served a moral
              purpose.  It's purpose has been to make us think or feel a
              way.  Do you honestly think the government should be deciding
              what art is allowed  to exist?  There's some guys in Afghanistan
              who felt the same way...
              \_ The guys in Afghanistan knew no art.  They were all illterate.
                 Fiddling with bacteria is not an art.  It is just lame.
                 Have you visited the national gallery in DC?  That's art.
           \_ While I'm no supporter of all the stuff that wack jobs produce,
              art is about change.  I think using bacteria as a medium could
              produce some great art about life in the 21st century-- biotech,
              genetic engineering, the fact that a tiny microbe could kill every
              one of us.  Have you ever met somebody who thinks his hammer*
              is the only tool anyone needs?  Same thing with art- you have to
              use the medium that's best for what you're doing.
                * You can substitute "programming language" or "Linux distro"
                  for hammer here if that helps.
        \_ Wow, this is scary.  I think I am going to move back to Singapore.
2004/6/25-26 [Health/Disease/General] UID:31008 Activity:high
6/24    Insomnia, to the death: (NY Times)
        \_ Did someone here say that he or she had worked
           on similar problems? If so, with whom?
        \_ The topic is quite interesting, but the writing style is barely
           tolerable. E.g., "Lugaresi, a popular teacher at the University
           of Bologna, is a playful man with an easy manner. In one sense
           he is quintessentially Italian: the only time I saw him truly
           upset was when, after taking me to an expensive restaurant,
           he found out I didn't drink wine. But he is also ambitious and
           willing to think outside the conventions of Italian medicine."
           WTF!? Are the conventions of Italian (read "Eye-talian") that
           different from "normal" medicine?
           \_ Don't you see shit like this all the time: she was a Asian
           \_ Don't you see shit like this all the time: she is a Asian
              female but she rises above the confine of eastern tradition and
              breathes through her nose.  What's the fuss?
              \_ I hate that shit. Stereotypes are very popular with the
                 lazy writer.
                 \_ "Paper of record" is a (positive) stereotype too.  NYT
                    itself prefers to clasim "all news that fit to print"
                    itself prefers to claim "all news that fit to print"
                    even though it is no less ridiculous.  Nuance is for
                    the thinking man (and woman).  Don't expect it from
                    ANY news source.
              \_ I do see quite often and it always annoys me, but it's
                 particularly goading to see in "The Paper of Record"
                 (though the Magazine is certainly fluffier than the
                 paper).         - op of comment
                 \_ You hit the nail on the head.  The Magazine part is
                    supposed to be much chummier than the regular NYT.
                    But I'm with you: if I wanted fluff, I'd wait for the
                    novelization.  --op
                    \_ Maybe we should write a group CSUA MOTD letter to
                       the editor. "Dear Editor, Mongoloid, Esq., ..."
                        \_ Great Fortuna's Wheel!  Is that a true Ignatius
           \_ I noticed there was no mention of any of them commiting suicide
              or requesting euthanasia.
2004/6/23-24 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General] UID:30979 Activity:high
        The boy's mutant DNA segment was found to block production of a
        protein called myostatin that limits muscle growth. The news comes
        seven years after researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore
        created buff "mighty mice" by "turning off" the gene that directs
        cells to produce myostatin. "Now we can say that myostatin acts the
        same way in humans as in animals," said the boy's physician, Dr.
        Markus Schuelke, a professor in the child neurology department at
        Charite/University Medical Center Berlin. "We can apply that knowledge
        \_ Why do you hate DNA?
        \_ Thinking like this will destabalize the human genome for generations
           to come.
        \_ Why do you hate children?
           \_ Because when you have them your freedom goes away.
2004/6/23 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General] UID:30968 Activity:nil
6/23    Viral therapy for cocaine addicts:
        \_ It's technically more like gene therapy, with a virus used
           as the delivery vector.  I worked on something tangentially
           related to this a few years ago.
2004/6/21 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:30934 Activity:high
6/21    For the guy who wanted to learn German, don't.  It's not a language,
        it's a throat disease.  Learn a nice language like French or Japanese
        or something.  -John
        \_ Japanese is also a throat disease.  If you have to learn an axis
           language, try italian.
           \_ A schizophrenic mess, yes, but throat disease? The furthest back
              fricative or stop in Japanese is palatal. -- ulysses
           \_ If you're lingually adept enough for Italian, you'll have no
              trouble learning the phonetics of Japanese.  The grammar and
              writing system are a whole 'nother kettle of fish-heads. -erikred
              \_ For some of those Italian girls I'd be lingually anything.
        \_ Methinks Dutch is more of a throat disease than German. And for
           those who're clueless: Dutch <> DEutSch.
           \_ If you were really cluefull you'd call it Nederlandse, the proper
              name for the language. Nobody calls Nederlandse "dutch" except
              clueless english speakers.
              \_ "English", not "Engels", Nederlandse boy.  -John
              \_ Dear fucktard:  I guess the dutch guy i work with who lived
                 in the Netherlands for all of his 27 years until about two
                 weeks ago is a "clueless english speaker" then.  I had no
                 idea.  And I suppose that means the Swiss guy i work with
                 who spent five years in grad school at Delft and speaks
                 fluent Dutch is also a "clueless English Speaker."
                 Who knew?
              \_ I was born in Holland and speak Dutch fluently, and I have
                 never ever heard the language referred to as "Nederlandse"
                 by anyone in English. In Dutch it is called "Nederlands",
                 or you could say "De Nederlandse Taal" (the Dutch Language)
                 \_ Thank you, allow me to reward you the "annality prize of
                    the day" award.
           \_ Even more fun is learning Dutch and German.
              \_ Afrikaans
        \_ French R's are a bit throaty feeling to me. Deutsche throatiness
           levels are up to the speaker... you don't have to make the "ch"
           noise deep down and some even pronounce it like "sh". Hebrew
           seems throatier from what I hear.
           \_ According to linguists, the ugliest sounding languages are:
              German, Cantonese and Hebrew.
2004/6/8 [Health/Disease/General] UID:30685 Activity:nil
6/8     My company just moved to a new office. My coworker's cube is on
        the other side of the wall from a room with a giant transformer
        that powers a big part of the building. He found this out
        because his monitor was flickering like crazy and he couldn't
        work. Our IT guy said they would find a solution to get the
        monitor to work but he's freaking out and says he's worried
        about health risks from the EM Field so he moved to a different
        cube much farther away. My cube is about 6 feet from the
        transformer room (my monitor is fine, though), and I'm wondering
        if he's paranoid or if I should be worried too. I really like the
        location of my cube so I'd rather not move unless there's some
        basis for thinking there are health risks. Any advice?
        \_ I'd move. There are health risks, sure, look at ppl that live
           for long periods of time near transmission lines. prob doesn't
           make their TVs go haywire, and they still get cancer.
           \_ i've not seen any evidence for this and i've heard that
              there isn't any.  got proof?
              \_ I'm not him, but personally I'd look at it as one of those
                 better safe(r) than sorry things. I think some studies
                 involving rodents and sustained high-energy exposure have
                 indicated some kind of detriments. Let someone else sit next
                 to the transformer if it's so safe.
        \_ Build a faraday cage around your cubie.
           \_ Anyone know if they're doing so with hybrid cars?
        \_ When you glow at night, what color do your limbs radiate?
        \_ Is there some instrument I can use to measure how strong the field
           is in a certain spot? I'd like to see how far away from the
           transformer I have to get before the measurement is "normal", and
           how much higher than "normal" my cube is. -op
2004/6/4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:30615 Activity:nil
6/4     Want to get buff? Stop drinking soy:
2004/5/24-25 [Health/Disease/General] UID:30399 Activity:insanely high
5/24    I love meat but I'm afraid of mad cow disease. Which one of the
        followings is the safest/most dangerous?
        hot dog:
        Philly cheese steak:
        Omaha steak:
        \_ Do these dots mean safe or dangerous?  Boshintang is dog meat.
           Will you get mad cow if you eat a dog that ate mad cow beef?
           \_ I was going for safe.  Most boshintang dogs are fed on rice
              and other wierd !meat crap.  Cow is too expensive in Korea
              to waste on eatin' dogs.  Although there is no regulation
              about what the dog should be fed...
              \_ I doubt there's *any* regulations in Korea regarding dog
                 feeds.  I was just asking from scientific/technical aspect
                 out of curiosity.  But I wouldn't rule out the dogs being
                 fed left over oxtail soups and such.  Man, now I want some
                 dog meat!
        Philly cheese steak:
        Omaha steak:
        \_ this is actually the wrong approach. if you want "safe" meat,
           then you need to get your meat from a ranch that has a closed
           herd, doesn't feed their cows cow-meat, etc. The closer to organic,
           the better. But free-range, no hormones, no antibiotices is
           pretty good, too. try as an
           example (they have a booth at the Ferry Bldg in SF, but under
           another name). The best meats are at a premium price, but
           you're worth it. Whole Foods is also a good place to buy
           meats (not organic, but closed herds from Oregon, no hormones,
           no antibiotics).
           \_ Well, also they said mad cow.  Avoid spinal material (brains,
              pre-ground beef, etc)  Steaks are going to be generally OK.
              \_ Well, one of the reasons that mad cow goes around is that
                 in other herds, the cows are fed ground up cows which
                 contain the infected spinal material (brains, etc). This
                 is not a problem if you take the precautions listed above.
                 You can have as much good cow (any parts) that you want.
                 Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a LONG
                 incubation period for mad cow, even if you don't show
                 symptoms, you can pass the disease to others. The gov't is
                 certainly not protecting you, having refused to allow
                 additional testing so that one can prove that their herd
                 is safe. It's good to know that there are ranches like
                 prather ranch that has total control of their product:
                 grass fed, open range, closed herd. Total documented herds
                 and quality control that goes way above and beyond the
                 safeguards mandated (if you can call it that) by the gov't.
                 \_ Where are the defenders of capitalism??  I suppose you
                    also want the govt to hold your hand when you cross the
                    street, and wipe your tears when you cry like a little
                    girl.  If people really wanted to pay for safe meat,
                    there'd be a market for it and you hear about mad cow.
                    But people don't care, at least not enough to pay for
                    a better quality product.
                    \_ . . . did you pay attention to this thread at all?
                    \_ uhm hello? there already is a market for better meat and
                       enough people are willing to pay for it to create and
                       sustain that market without government interference.
                       your capitalism is right there if only you'd stop
                       trolling long enough to go get a nice steak.
                    \_ Jeez, they are already doing this. There are gov't
                       functions/services that are essential for our
                       society. Defense, and safe food and drug supply, just
                       to name a handful. Why someone would have blind faith
                       in capitalism to protect our health is beyond
                       comprehension. With Bush starving these agencies so
                       that they can't do their job, I can only hope that you
                       choke on some mad cow spine. I'd love to see you babble
                       and cry "like a little girl" - Bitch.
                       \_ and wtf are you talking about also?  capitalism *is*
                          working.  there is a market for higher quality meat.
                          it costs more to raise that way so it costs more at
                          the store.  those who don't care or don't believe in
                          mad cow can pay less for the lesser meat.  its not a
                          big secret that there is probably more infected meat
                          in the system.  its also probably not a whole lot.
                          only about 130 people died in britain over the last
                          umpteen years over it.  even if 10x that many are
                          infected but don't know it yet, 1500 total deaths
                          over a period of years wouldn't normally even show
                          on the radar.  did you or anyone else care when
                          saddam was killing about 1500 of his own people every
                          month?  nope.
                          \_ from steaks to saddam. what a moron. no, wait,
                             that's your neo-conservative rush limbaugh-esque
                             talk show radio technique that you've been dying
                             to use. bravo for you.
                          \_ Read "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins to
                             see what your wonderful American capitalism has
                             done to the meat industry.  It turned me into
                             a vegetarian ...
                             \_ Like anything else, if you want quality then
                                you have to pay for it. I eat beef much less
                                often, but pay more for it when I do. Prime,
                                aged, organic, free-range with no hormones.
                                This only exists because of capitalism, but
                                you won't get it on a bun for $0.99.
                                \_ The meat industry has little to do with
                                   true capitalism.  Massively subsidized
                                   in every which way, if the true costs
                                   were included a hamburger would probably
                                   cost $50.
                                   \_ The existence of cuts of meat like
                                      Kobe steak is because of true
                                      capitalism. You would never have
                                      seen such meat in Soviet Russia.
                                      \_ In Soviet Russia, steak cuts YOU!
                \_ You're slightly wrong. Cows are not being fed reprocessed
                   remrants of other cows in the US any more although they're
                   still fed reprocessed remrants of other animals.
        \_ Steaks should be safe and anything that doesn't contain brains or
           nervous system tissue. Burgers are the least safe since you
           generally don't know how much they have put ground beef in there
           and how much fat and other junk.
           \_ well, have you ever wondered why they pump cows full of
              antibiotics and hormones and shit like that? it's because they
              are packed together living like sardines. one sick cow can
              infect a whole herd. yes, yer eating sick cows, and cow meat
              full of antibiotics and hormones. it's assembly-line meat
              productio. yum, yum. it ends up in milk, too. and kids drink
              a lot of milk and eat lots of happy meals. then they grow up
              to be morons at Cal, especially on the motd.
              \_ Go Bears!
           \_ It was recently shown that properly-processed lamb meat DOES
              contain scrapie protein (probably due to nerves in muscle tissue)
              Though this research does not prove mad cows have BSE proteins
              in their muscle, it does throw some water on the theory that
              steaks are safe.
2004/5/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:30346 Activity:nil
5/21    I have been get some mails that just contains just a short paragraph
        claiming I have sent them emails with viruses, which I of course did
        not.  Is it really somebody forged emails with my email address?
        The hostnames of those who send me the complaint do not seem legitimate
        either, but if they were spam, what are they trying to sell if their
        messages contain no solicitation nor ad?
        \_ These fake virus emails usually have an attachment which they claim
           is the thing you sent them but is really a virus.  Just delete.
2004/5/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:30338 Activity:very high
5/21    Soda might cause cancer:
        \_ Everything causes cancer when you give a rat 50,000 times in a day
           the amount a human would consume in a lifetime.
           \_ Not to say that there aren't problems with how this type
              of research is done... but they actually do need to give
              rats many times the human daily dosage of a substance to
              compensate for the more active rat metabolism.
              \_ Does 50,000 x 365 x 70 human sized doses per rat per day
                 sound right to you?
        \_ then delete my username and account ASAP please
        \_ Heck, I knew that.  Spending 36 hours straight in a basment
           with 40 computers CAN'T be good for you.
        \_ Log off now!
2004/5/17 [Health/Disease/General] UID:30254 Activity:very high
5/17    NOT a troll, please help. When I first started dating this gal I
        convinced her to get on the pill. That was really really cool for
        a while but then then she started to complain so I got her
        to be on the patch. That was ok for a while but then she complained
        so we started using the condom. That was ok for a while but now
        we rarely have sex. What's up with that?         -sex life sucking
        \_ Are either of you upset or resentful of each other?  Do you have
           worries about pregnancy?
        \_ Assuming that she's not mentally trying to keep your semen out of
           her body for whatever reason (maybe she saw you flirting with
           another girl), you can try to tell her that taking the pills helps
           lower the chance of getting breast cancer.  Maybe the patch works
           the same, I don't know.
           \_ I thought there was a correlatiion with cancer later in life, if
              one took the pill in one's youth.
              \_ Over the long term, if slightly reduces the breast cancer risk
                 and slightly increases the cervical cancer risk.  The net
                 effect is overall less cancer, but I don't know which cancer
                 is harder to treat...
                 \_ cervical, I believe. this is probably partially becasue
                    it's harder to detect. -chialea
        \_ The pill and the patch, both containing hormones, can cause mood
           changes, though that may or may not be the problem.
           \_ This is true, and furthermore, each mix of hormones can cause
              different mood changes and side effects.  It is usually expected
              that as the body gets used to the hormone mix, these effects
              subside with time.  Every doctor my girlfriend has ever had told
              her to try a birth control prescription for at least 3 months
              before giving up on it.  Did you try 3 months with the pill or
              the patch?  Also, we at least found that the patch caused much
              more problems than the pill, but this is definitely one of those
              cases where YMMV. [restored, no thanks to whoever stomped this]
        \_ Have you considered the possibility it's just plain old stress,
           fatigue, or depression?
        \_ it takes a few months for all the hormones to wash out from the
           different methods. time frames would be really helpful on this.
           In any case, I'd guess that something other than the pill is at the
           the root of your issue. Perhaps someone is stressed, perhaps you're
           not communicating... The pill can cause mood swings (enough so
           that certain people around here have bet they can track my cycle
           when I was on my last perscription), so a calendar and marking
           down moods can really help determine if they're affected by it.
           \_ i know this is off topic, but does anyone have any idea why
              humans are affected by the position of the moon? this seems
              really bizzare.
              \_ Not that bizarre.  Humans are mostly water, and the moon
                 pulls water.  It's not surprising something in the delicate
                 mechanism gets affected.
              \_ Because they think they are. Sad, isn't it?
        \_ Freakin' ASK her why things have changed. It's part of the freakin'
           RELATIONSHIP. If you've been swapping body fluids on a regular
           basis, you should be comfortable asking about why you're not having
           sex as often. Co-mun-ni-ca-tion. Try it. Then you can worry about
           something real instead of something made up in your mind.
           \_ JS: Alright Huxley, lets just do it the old fashioned way.
              AH: Eer,disgusting, you mean fluid transfer?
              JS: No, I mean, boning, the wild mambo, the hunka chunka.
              AH: That is no longer done. The exchange of bodily fluids. Do
                  you know what that leads to?
              JS: Yeah, I do. Kids, smoking, a desire to raid the fridge.
              \_ Ah, Sly.  Always with the witty banter.
        \_ Some people prefer not to take any kind of  hormones unless
           absolutely necessary, including some doctors who would prescribe
           them to their patients.  Do you have any problem with rubber?
        \_ How long have you been dating? My experience is that the amount
           of sex I have decreases steadily throughout the first couple
           of years until it settles at a level we are both comfortable
           with. In my current relationship it is about 3 times a week.
           Sometimes it goes up, like on vacation, sometimes it goes
           down, like when we are upset with each other, but it always
           returns to this level. Are you having less sex than you
           would like?
           \_ part of the vast right wing conspiracy no doubt.
              \_ no doubt.
                 \_ You know, Gwen Stefani and her crew straight outta
                    Orange County secretly using their mind control "hits"
                    and concert/record sales to fund overthrowing the
                    government and replace Bush, Cheney, Rummy, et al. with
                    their minions raised straight from heart of Birch, the
                    postuberneoconservatives. Fear them! If they got to this
                    guy's girlfriend, they can get to anyone. When was the last
                    time your SO (or someone else's SO, since this is soda)
                    listend to No Doubt and wanted to have sex? 'Nuff said.
                    \_ Evubody present,
                       Hey hey.
                       Evubody present,
                       The people say.
                       Evubody's president at
                       PARTY TIME.
                       Evubody here
                       Have a good climb.
2004/5/10 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Dental, Health/Disease/General] UID:30127 Activity:high
5/9     Porn star becomes a doctor.  You can do that too.
        \_ No URL, no explanation?  Is there any reason this should not be
           \_ is there any reason why it should be deleted?  you fucktard.
              \_ There's nothing to discuss
                 \_ It's an interesting story, man.  There's more to life than
                    \_ The OP posted it without a URL.  There *was* nothing to
                 \_ so what.
        \_[Content free responses deleted]
        \_ Yeah, but do any Internet Rock Stars become doctors?
2004/4/30-5/1 [Health/Disease/General] UID:13492 Activity:high
4/30    From
        "The Google IPO filing reports a Proposed Maximum Aggregate Offering
        Price of: $ 2,718,281,828
        The value of the natural log e is 2.71828183."
        Now, how do you feel about investing in a company run by geeks?  This
        is no longer the dot-com era.
        \_ It's worth e-Billions!
        \_ Google to investors: We know it is not the dot-com you?
        \_ Google to investors:  We're the hottest thing in town, and we're
           going to go IPO and *still* retain management control.  Who cares
           if your shares have 1/10 the voting power of employee shares?
        \_ Sorry, but the "value of the natural log e is" 1.
           \_ 'Sorry, but the "value of the natural log e" is 1.'
              \_ 'Sorry, but the value of "the natural log" e is 2.718'.
                 "the natural log" e as opposed to "the drug" e.
                 \_ One can argue that "the natural log" is a function which
                    doesn't have a value, while the "base of the natural log"
                    is e and is 2.718......, and "log(e)" is 1.
                \_ Sorry, but the value of e is $20

        HEY: NO ONE CARES.
2004/4/23-24 [Recreation/Food, Health/Sleeping, Health/Disease/General] UID:13354 Activity:nil 54%like:13249
4/23    For the person who was asking about why dogs eat their poop:
        \_ Am I the only one who suspects that that pinworm bit is just an
           attempt to get people to stick tape on their asshair?
           \_ sounded like a stretch to me, too
              \_ I think most people have pinworms at some point in their
                 lives, usually as children. Most people outgrow sticking
                 their fingers in their mouths. (Not me btw, I do it
                 all the time, so I guess I should check)
2004/4/5-6 [Health/Disease/General] UID:13024 Activity:kinda low
4/5     We know where the Spanish Flu (Spain) and SARS (China) originate from.
        What about Mad Cow Disease, where did it spread from?
        \_ England.
           \_ Did it originate from scrapie in sheep?
              \_ Yep. MCD was caused by feeding scarpie-infected sheep to
                 cows for protein. Oddly enough, cows with MCD can be fed to
                 other animals, but not humans. Circle of Life...
                 \_ Is this still true?  Are otherwise herbivorous animals
                    that are intended for human consumption, still being fed
                    other animals?  In the states?  UrlP?
                                                    \_ #t
                    \_ look for news archives following the discovery of BSE
                       in Washington (December?  January?).  There were quite
                       a few articles about the continuing practice in the US
                       of feeding cows to cows.  Or feeding cow blood to
                       calves instead of milk, which is also standard practice.
        \_ SARS, and something like 60-70% of new strain of common cold virus
           for some reason coming from Southern China.  We have no idea why,
           but medical community seems to accept it as a fact.  Many people
           also think that Spanish Flu also originate from China as well.
           \_ According to my virology classes, the Spanish flu probably
              originated in the US.  It crossed the Atlantic with US troops
              coming out of the midwest (Kansas or Iowa or somewhere, I can't
              remember), probably recombining with another strain either in
              transit or upon reaching shore, and became even more virulent
              than it was before.  It then migrated back to the US with
              returning troops.  This according to Prof. Volkman
           \_ Don't forget the Black Death. -- ilyas
              \_ I am not aware of the fact that Black Death, which is
                 is a completely different kind of disease, is originated from
                 Remember, at the time, China is a lot more populous than
                 Europe.  While Chinese medicine at the time was more advanced,
                 I don't think they are advanced enough to contain plague such
                 as Black Death. You would imagine that Black Death would of
                 caused a lot more devastation in China than Europe.
                 \_ China lost 35 million people during the 14th century.
                    Europe lost 25 million.  I believe the first outbreak of
                    the bubonic plague occured in China around 1300s sometime.
                      -- ilyas
                    \_ Though somewhat morbid, I find this somewhat
                       interesting.  Could you post a link so I can read into
                       this on my own time?  Thanks!    -mice
                       \_ I don't think I can do better than google and a trip
                          to the library.  Incidentally, there does seem to be
                          some disagreement over the origins of the plague.
                          Many ancient outbreaks (we are talking BC) had
                          symptoms and death rates similar to what would be
                          expected of a plague outbreak.  The plague may not
                          have come from China after all, however the outbreak
                          responsible for the devastation in the 14th century
                          is thought to have come from China originally.
                            -- ilyas
        \_ Actually, many think the Spanish Flu originated in the US
           and the Black Plague (the big bubonic plague outbreak that
           terrorized Europe in the 1300s) originated in Africa as
           opposed to China.
           \_ No this must be a chicom troll.  Every disease must have
              originated in China.
           and the big bubonic plague outbreak that terrorized
           Europe in the 1300s originated from Africa as opposed to China.
2004/3/31-4/1 [Health/Disease/General] UID:12963 Activity:nil
        Is this for real, or possibly an early April Fools joke?
        \_ what about it looks like an April Fools joke?
           \_ That some brilliant researcher is smart enough to do his
              own scam and get $600,000, yet is stupid enough to fall
              for the Nigerian scam.  It's so ironic, it's hard to believe.
2004/3/27 [Health/Disease/General] UID:29880 Activity:nil
3/26    gross... -dwc
2004/3/15-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:12660 Activity:nil
3/15    Happy thoughts to start the day!:
        "Many turned blue because their lungs were too weak to
        deliver oxygen to the blood. Some coughed so hard they
        ruptured abdominal muscles, or became so sensitive to any
        contact that they screamed when touched. Others could not move
        their eyes without enduring intense pain. Blood spurted from
        the nose, ears, eyes. Sometimes air pockets formed under the
        skin, so that when a patient was turned over, his body crackled
        and popped."
        \_ I told you not to party with psb.
2004/3/9-10 [Health/Disease/General] UID:12583 Activity:nil
        Scary! 1918 Spanish Flu is an avian flu similar to today's Bird Flu.
        Scientists are very worried.
        \_ So we can't eat meat, chicken, fish or veggies?  What's left?
           \_ Sperm.
              \_ Must..not...quote...Monty...Python...mUst..NOT..<croak>
2004/2/29 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Sleeping] UID:29839 Activity:very high
2/28    Dear motd doctor, lately I've been needing a lot of sleep. I need
        at least 10-12 hours of sleep. I got a blood check from the lab and
        my doc says I'm ok and just exercise more. However I don't feel
        like myself at all, even with the exercise. Sometimes I feel like
        I could faint in the middle of a day. What other problems could I
        have, like brain tumor, cancer, etc? I'm 30 years old btw.
        \_ Check your blood pressure.  I had something like that once, turned
           out to be unusually high blood pressure due to stress.  How much
           sleep do you usually need?  Also, try to see a Russian doctor.
           I had terrible luck with American-educated doctors for some reason.
             -- ilyas
                \_ actually, when I get up too quickly, I feel really dizzy,
                   and occasionally I'd be near fainting. I'll go check my
                   blood pressure, thanks.                      -op
        \_ you're dying.  can i have your soda disk space?
                \_ godamn! You're scaring me, though, when I have days that
                   I have problem getting up (feeling too tired) I do feel
                   like I'm dying. I guess I'll go make an appointment
                   again... wait 2 weeks, get referred, then get the same
                   useless exercise advice again. By the way I'm not fat
                   or anything, so who gives a shit about exercise      -op
                   \_ I used to feel like you do, but then I started jogging
                      one hour a day and eating healthy, now I feel good,
                      except when I miss some exercise or eat something bad.
        \_ do you eat a lot of beef? maybe you have the mad cow disease?
        \_ Three things: 1) Anemia possibly, 2) See another doctor, 3) don't
           rely on the advice of motd for health issues.
        \_ doesn't this sound kinda serious to you? i'd insist on some mri
           or cat scans or something at least.
        \_ sounds like chronic fatigue syndrome. have you had
           a viral illness lateley?
        \_ Adult-onset diabetes is big these days.  Your symptoms could
           be from wild blood-sugar fluctuations.  Eat "100% whole wheat"
           bread ("multi-grain" doesn't count) and avoid all other grains
           (even white rice -- eat brown rice instead).  Avoid red meat
           (beef), eat white meat (chicken) and fish.  Eat a salad or
           two a day.  And go read this book:
2004/2/29-3/1 [Health/Dental, Health/Disease/General, Health/Eyes] UID:12456 Activity:nil
2/29    girl who feels no pain
2004/2/28-3/1 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Sleeping] UID:12447 Activity:high
2/28     _________________________________________
        / Dear motd doctor, lately I've been      \
        | needing a lot of sleep. I need at least |
        | 10-12 hours of sleep. I got a blood     |
        | check from the lab and my doc says I'm  |
        | ok and just exercise more. However I    |
        | don't feel like myself at all, even     |
        | with the exercise. Sometimes I feel     |
        | like I could faint in the middle of a   |
        | day. What other problems could I have,  |
        | like brain tumor, cancer, etc? I'm 30   |
        \ years old btw.                          /
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        \_ Check your blood pressure.  I had something like that once, turned
           out to be unusually high blood pressure due to stress.  How much
           sleep do you usually need?  Also, try to see a Russian doctor.
           I had terrible luck with American-educated doctors for some reason.
             -- ilyas
                \_ actually, when I get up too quickly, I feel really dizzy,
                   and occasionally I'd be near fainting. I'll go check my
                   blood pressure, thanks.                      -op
                   \_ That's probably Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia: A
                      common symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Are you
                      a student? Take a semester off.  Doctors don't have a
                      clue about CFS. It's a unusual neurological illness.
                      clue about CFS. It's a subtle neurological illness.
                      Rest is the key.  If you rest, your CNS can heal and
                      the fatigue will go away. If you keep pushing
                      yourself, it gets much worse.  What's your email?  I
                      yourself, it gets much worse.  What's your email?  I
                      can send you some info if you want.
                      can send you my expreience.
        \_ you're dying.  can i have your soda disk space?
                \_ godamn! You're scaring me, though, when I have days that
                   I have problem getting up (feeling too tired) I do feel
                   like I'm dying. I guess I'll go make an appointment
                   again... wait 2 weeks, get referred, then get the same
                   useless exercise advice again. By the way I'm not fat
                   or anything, so who gives a shit about exercise      -op
                   \_ I used to feel like you do, but then I started jogging
                      one hour a day and eating healthy, now I feel good,
                      except when I miss some exercise or eat something bad.
                      \_ You need exercise anyways to maintain the strength
                         of your heart and lungs.  If they are weak, you
                         will feel constantly tired.  Try cycling.  Running
                         is just painful and you'll find it hard to
                   \_ I used to feel like you do, but then I started jogging
           \_ Mooo!  mooo!  moooooahahheehehahahhahahaaa!!!
                      one hour a day and eating healthy, now I feel good,
                      except when I miss some exercise or eat something bad.
                      \_ shoo!  go away you little bastard!  I want his
                         soda disk space!
                         motivate yourself to do it.
                         \_ shoo!  go away you little bastard!  I want his
                            soda disk space!
        \_ do you eat a lot of beef? maybe you have the mad cow disease?
           \_ Mooo!  mooo!  moooooahahheehehahahhahahaaa!!!
        \_ Three things: 1) Anemia possibly, 2) See another doctor, 3) don't
           rely on the advice of motd for health issues.
        \_ doesn't this sound kinda serious to you? i'd insist on some mri
           \_ I hate you.
           or cat scans or something at least.
        \_ sounds like chronic fatigue syndrome. have you had
           a viral illness lateley?
        \_ Adult-onset diabetes is big these days.  Your symptoms could
           be from wild blood-sugar fluctuations.  Eat "100% whole wheat"
           bread ("multi-grain" doesn't count) and avoid all other grains
           (even white rice -- eat brown rice instead).  Avoid red meat
           (beef), eat white meat (chicken) and fish.  Eat a salad or
           two a day.  And go read this book:
           \_ I hate you.
2004/2/27 [Health/Disease/General] UID:12432 Activity:kinda low
2/26    EMRG dude. USDA blocking testing for mad cow.
        Ranchers doing extra testing but USDA wants them to stop?
        because they'l find more mad cows..
        \_ I have no idea who EMRG dude is, but you're putting a typical
           dickhead freeper spin on the story and intentionally ommiting
           a link.
           It's ONE, count 'em, ONE rancher who is breaking ranks with the
           entire rest of the industry to do the right thing.  Since USDA
           is a puppet of the beef industry, of course they're going to
           go with the majority, not the lone nut who is acting in the
           public interest.
           \_ Freeper?  I'm no freeper!  This is Bush's fault!
           \_ Freeper?  I'm no freeper!  It's Bush's fault!
2004/1/27 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11961 Activity:nil
        mmmmmm meat.
        \_ It's American cattle, Thai chickens, and any farmed salmon. I think
           it's all a conspiracy by the pork industry.
           \_ Homer Simpson:   Are you saying you're never going to eat any
                               animal again? What about bacon?
              Lisa:   No.
              Homer Simpson:   Ham?
              Lisa:   No!
              Homer Simpson:   Pork chops?
              Lisa:   Dad, those all come from the same animal!
              Homer Simpson:   Heh heh heh ... ooh ... yeah ... right, Lisa. A
                               wonderful ... magical animal.
        \_ Speaking of Salmon. Berkeley Andronicos sells only wild salmon, they
           claim. Moreover, most of the farmed salmon sold in US is from Chile
           and other places and NOT from Scotland (which was found to have the
           most contaminated wild salmon)
2004/1/22-23 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General, Health/Men] UID:11889 Activity:moderate
        More on the syphilis/chat room connection.
        \_ oh my god!  almost 7000 cases nationwide of a disease which is
           easily cured with antibiotics!  Let's shut down the Internet!  -tom
2004/1/14-15 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11774 Activity:kinda low
1/13    What is it about cold weather that facilitates the transmission of
        cold and flu? Do viruses in general reproduce faster when it is
        colder? Is it because the extra energy is used to heat up the body
        instead of the immune system? Or something else?
        \_ moisture in the air and probably weaker immune systems
                \_ bzzzz. winter air is actually dryer. it is perceived
                   wetter due to a lower dew point, but the actual moisture
                   per cubic volume in Alaska winter is actually lower than
                   say warm tropical weather.
                   \_ whatever.  I'm not talking about freezing cold like in
                      Alaska or in the northeast.  It rains more in winter
                      months than other months, and things get wet.  Anyhow,
                      perhaps cold weather also makes people more likely to
                      stay indoors and to be in closer proximity to other
        \_ I always thought cold temperatures just generally weakened
           people's immune systems. Prolonged exposure to cold requires
           more energy exertion from your body just to maintain the
           correct temperature, and thus less energy dedicated to fighthing
           viruses. ?? just a guess
        \_ Cold weather makes it more difficult for your respiratory
           system to push mucus out, so maybe as a result virii can
           accumulate more easily?
        \_ Current research suggests that cold weather does not suppress the
           immune system but that colder temperatures enable bacteria to live
           longer on their own on non-organic surfaces such as doorknobs,
           keyboards, and chairs.  The best way to catch a cold is to wash
           your hands frequently.
           \_ "catch a cold" -> "avoid catching a cold"
              \_ Doh.  Yes, you are correct.  Thank you.
                  \_ s/bacteria/viruses. AFAIK viruses should be pretty hardy,
                     so the bit about temp affecting viruses on nonorganics
                     seems like hand waving. The protein capsid would only
                     be affected by extreme heat or cold.
                     \_ viruses are much smaller than bacteria and have less
                        capacity for self-restoration. so afaik, most are
                        actually kinda fragile. e.g., they won't survive long
                        on surfaces exposed to sunlight.
        \_ Cold weather keeps people indoors. Lots of people in an enclosed
           space makes transmission of virii that much easier.
           \_ I seconded.
        \_ Its virUSES people. The plural is viruses.
           \_ There is no Latin plural of virus, so the only options are by
              analogy with Latin (virii) or analogy with English (viruses).
              \_ "virii" is not analogy with Latin.  At best, that would be
                 the Latin plural of the non-existent word "virius".
                 \_ dict sulcus
                    From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) :
                    Sulcus \Sul"cus\, n.; pl. {Sulci}. [L., a furrow.]
                    \_ and?  "virii" has two i's, "sulci" does not.  That's
                       exactly why "virii" would be the plural of the word
              \_ Let me summarize: there is no Latin plural of virus, but there
                 *IS* an English plural of virus. And it's not virii.
                 \_ virora!
2004/1/3-4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11650 Activity:nil
1/2     If you're planning to swim in really cold water, what type of grease
        is appropriate to smear on your body?  I read somewhere that swimmers
        do this, but I need to know what kind of grease is used.
        \_ I bet pretty much anything goopy enough to stick.  Why don't
           you go smear yourself in crisco and give this a shot?
        \_ See, they have these things called wetsuits now. Drysuits too.
        \_ Bear fat. It's traditional.
            \_ Are you being serious?  In context, it's...rather hard to tell.
        \_ If you are going out into the Bay or the Pacific around the Bay I
           would recommend smearing fish and seal guts and blood all over
           your body, maybe mix in some vaseline.
2004/1/1 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11639 Activity:kinda low
12/31   Can pigs, chicken and fish be infected with Mad Cow disease?
        \_ Forgot about pigs, but definitely not chicken or fish. You
           can read the studies if you just dump BSE into google.
        \_ what does the word "cow" mean to you?
           \_ Well, if Mad Cow were only confined to cows, we wouldn't be
              worrying about it, would we?
        \_ No, they can't.
2003/12/28-29 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11600 Activity:kinda low
12/28   Bush has proof, the mad cow was from Canada:
        \_ here's why I don't give a shit where this particular cow was from:
           I'm not eating any meat where I don't know the person who killed
           the animal.  The meat industry in this country is run by fucking
           jackasses with no respect for public health or even their own long
           term profits--just short-term profits.
        \_ So which American industry that has respect for public health and
           is striving for long-term profits?  Yes, this is slightly sarcastic
           statement, but it's not even close to 100% sarcastic.
           \_ It's a matter of degree.  In this particular set of issues,
              the fast food chains have shown more respect for public health
              than the meat producers.  They refuse to use meat from downed
              cows even though the meat industry has resisted all efforts
              to stop this practice.  I think a pretty direct comparison can
              be made to show that the fast food industry is a lot more decent
              than the cattle industry overall.  Which is not suprising,
              given that they tend to be publicly traded companies while
              the cattle industry is made up of privately held companies
              run by fucking troglodites from Texas.  Having worked in the
              fishing idustry, i think it's also a lot better.  I eat fish.
              \_ You were doing ok until you went all knee-jerk on Texans.
                 That isn't cattle country anymore.  And it's ironic that
                 you're willing to eat fish given the very recent news about
                 dangerously high levels of mercury in that department.  Maybe
                 you've had too much fish?
                 \_ well, I have personal reasons to like the fishing industry
                    and hate Texas.
                    \_ It's telling that Texans don't hate Californians.
                       Who is really the troglodyte?
                       \_ I'm not a Californian.
                       \_ While it's mostly true that Texans don't hate
                          Californians, they certainly have some *strange*
                          ideas about them.
                       \_ CALIFORNIA BAD!
                          \- When I was operating out of the IBM Almaden
                             Research Lab, we took some visiting colleagues
                             from Texas out to a reasonably fancy place on
                             the company tab. My boss ordered quail. The
                             Texans seemed shocked that anybody would *eat*
                             quail and announced, "In Texas we just shoot'em!"
                             \_ Heh, yeah.  Most of the people from Texas I've
                                known or been related to seem to be deeply
                                amused by the notion of playing up their
                                reputation to out-of-staters.
2003/12/24-25 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11581 Activity:low
        First case of mad cow disease found in the US.  This is a Bad Thing.
        Anyone who read Fast Food Nation should not be in the least bit
        surprised by this.
        \_ Only the brain, spinal cord, and lower part of the intestine of the
           infected cow are discarded.  The rest still entered the food supply!
           \_ Actually the inected parts were "rendered" which means they
              go back into the beef food supply. There is no way that BSE
              can occur in just one cow. This isn't isolated
        \_ "MOOOOOOOH!!!"  "Ack, it's atacking me!"  "MOOOH MOOH MOOH!"  "..."
        \_ buy EMRG, ICGE
           \_ acronym explanationP
                \_ search on yahoo finance.  Fuck and I bought ICGE at 0.44.
                  \_ Blackboard IPO announcement soon.
        \_ Time to STOP feeding cows with left-over cow parts.
        \_ I love that the administration felt the need to let everyone know
           that there wasn't a terrorist link.  Can't you jsut imagine those
           evil Arabs sneaking around Washington feeding cows slabs of beef?
           \_ Idiot.  All you'd have to do with walk around a farm with crap
              on your shoes from an infected UK farm.  What is it about the
              motd that brings out the most truly ignorant people to rant the
              loudest about things they know less than nothing about in such
              a self righteous way?
              \_ You'd actually have to have quite a quantity of BSE agent
                (usually brain tissue with enough prions in it) and feed it
                to the cow to cause BSE. BSE isn't spread through contact,
        \_ they should have stopped feeding cows with left-over cow parts.
                but through heavy ingestion of the prion. In reality, BSE
                isn't that easy to spread, but the problem is that it takes
                literally years for the first symptoms to appear, so most
                likely what has been happening is that cowfeed contains
                cow, which contains trace amounts of BSE. Since cows are
                being continually fed cows the BSE builds up, and then you
                reach a critical point and you have whole herds with BSE.
                Before you start calling people idiots perhaps it would be
                prudent if you actually studied the biochemistry of BSE.
              \_ That's not how MAD COW spreads. Perhaps you have it confused
                 with hoof&mouth disease?
              \_ Evil Arabs With Muddy Shoes!
2003/12/24-25 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11580 Activity:high
12/23   What is the purpose of a fever? Does a higher temperature kill viruses
        or something?
        \_ Most of the enzymes in your body are highly tuned to operate at
           a temperature of 98.6 (or so).  Viruses take over normal
           cellular machinery and convert them into producing more virii.
           Raise the temperature, and "normal" cellular machinery slows down,
           and the virii can't reproduce as fast with their commandeered
           equipment.  The immune system cells, though, have enzymes which
           work faster at the higher temperature.  So, the virii reproduce
           slower, and the immune system works faster, at higher temp.
           \_ There is no such word: "virii"  The correct word is:  viruses.
           \_ so, why do people want to lower the temperature with tylenol and
              wet towel on the head?
              \_ Accoring to the link below, you have a point but some people
                 have also died of persistent fever.
                 \_ I'd rather be sick for a little while longer than brain my
                    \_ looks like you're too late.
                    \_ So I was trying to prove this via Google (that over 98.7
                       kills brain cells). I know that higher temp kills sperms,
                       but I can't find proof that it'll kill brain cells. You
                       got a URL for this?
                       \_ "This is your brain on drugs".
                       \_ High fevers can cause brain damage.  Like 104 degrees
                \_ so, why do people want to lower the temperature with
                   tylenol and wet towel on the head?
                   \_ Accoring to the link below, you have a point but some
                      people have also died of persistent fever.
                   \_ I'd rather be sick for a little while longer than brain
                      my damage.
                        \_ So I was trying to prove this via Google (that
                           over 98.7 kills brain cells). I know that higher
                           temp kills sperms, but I can't find proof that
                           it'll kill brain cells. You got a URL for this?
                          and higher.
2003/12/18-19 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11513 Activity:kinda low
12/18   Random question (based on a random thought I had). How many
        people do you think are researching cancer? I was wondering
        if it reached 1 million?
        \_ in the entire world? most likely. in the us, probably not.
        \_ what about if you include the distributed computing stuff?
        \_ War on Cancer is machismo bullshit.  Prevention is better than
           cure.  Want to know how to prevent cancer?  Read Dr. Ornish's
           book.  Vegetarians and vegans almost never get cancer.  And
           we have great skin too! :-)  -pretty boy
2003/12/2 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11280 Activity:nil
12/2    Why is homosexual generally looked down upon? I think it is the
        perfect solution to our over-crowded planet. Promiscuous homos do not
        produce children, and the disease they spread will keep down
        population. Just as monasteries were invented in China to keep
        males happy (female babies were killed consistently), homosexuality
        is just as effective, and is a much more humane solution than
        Mein Kampft.
        \_ Personally, I don't look down on homosexuals at all.  I
           like to save up my contempt and hatred for numbnuts morons
           who post to the motd without bothering to learn English.
2003/11/4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10929 Activity:nil
11/3    got email from,about meeting of some sort
        most likely virus is attached. beware.. (not really from john)
        about meeting on wednesday.. watch out..
        \_ John, stop sending pr0n viruses.  We aren't interested in your
           animal pr0n.
2003/10/30-31 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10879 Activity:nil
10/30   Yahoo! News Photos - SARS
        A govt. health minister can't even wear a goggle right.
2003/10/12-13 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10598 Activity:nil
10/11   Somewhat related to the free trade discussion below...Current farm
        subsidy program hurts free trade and may be making us into a nation of
        fat people through excess food production:
        \_ we become fat by excess food consumption, not production
           \_ True, but excess food production is an incentive to food
              companies to increase the caloric values of their products.
              Try reading the article.
           \_ I'm a low-carber and eat like a pig. I've lost lots of weight
              eating right. Atkins (and others) were onto something.
                            \_ "if he's so smart, how come he's dead?"
                               \_ because everyone dies, duh.
              \_ Becoming a meth addict "works" also.  does that mean that
                 your local friendly meth dealer is "onto something?"
                 \_ This is not a logical argument.  Keep trying, son.
                    \_ the atkins diet and meth addiction are both
                       spectacularly unhealthy lifestyles that eventually
                       lead to death by heart disease.  they both are also
                       pretty much garaunteed to cause weight-loss.
                       you can be a patronizing fuck about it (which would
                       be the typical response of the typical atkins nut)
                       and it will change nothing.  you can officaially
                       claim victory on the motd, and i'll just live a
                       long healthy life while eating a balanced diet and
                       excersising regularly while you die in front of
                       your terminal in your 40's
                       \_ I'm not on any diet and I think the Atkins people are
                          nuts but there is *no* proof that their diet will
                          lead to early death by heart disease or anything
                       \_ Better, but still not totally logical...and emotional
                          now, too.  Work it, kid, work it.
                          \_ FOAD
                          \_ instead of being a stupid dick, why not actually
                             respond to the point? -someone else
                             \_ Uhm, because trolling the moron is so much
                                more fun.
2003/10/11 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:10589 Activity:nil
10/10   Rush admits being addicted to Oxycontin and Vicodin:
        \_ at least had the courage to admit it
           \_ Yeah, after every major paper in the nation carried a story
              about it.  That's not courage, that's called 'saving face' and
              isn't even related.  Sorry.
              \_ Why should he have said anything earlier?  It's called
                 getting outted.  It's his personal problem and I don't see
                 you on here bagging on all your drug addicted leftist
                 actor/activist heroes from hollywood.
                 \_ Well...because they're exepcted to be fuckups.  There's
                    a basic issue of hypocrisy in Rush's case.  To be clear:
                    outted != courage or courageous -- I know what the term
                    means, but you seem to be confused about it.
        \_ Shrug.
2003/10/8 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10525 Activity:nil
10/7    Genetic susceptibility for SARS found:
        \_ The only problem is the many Canadians who fell ill,
           and the doctor (Italian?) in Vietnam.
2003/9/29-30 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10370 Activity:high
9/29    I am Detective John Kimball!
        \_ It is not a tumor.
           \_ Eest nod uh tooma
              \_ Stop whining!
                \_ Who is yoo daddy und wot does he do?
2003/9/24-25 [Health/Disease/General] UID:10314 Activity:nil
9/24    How cold is Yosemite in the winter? Nov?  any suggestions for lodging?
        \_ go to the website.  Note that many areas (north and glacier point)
           are closed for the winter.  Curry Village and the valley might
           be open during winter.  There are some cabins as well.
        \_ It can be cold or not. When I went last winter it was extremely
           warm even though there was snow on the ground. It tends to be
           fairly warm (60-70s and sometimes more) except when there's a
           storm. They have a few big storms per year. Last year they had
           two and the last was in December. --dim
           \_ Go snowcamping!
2003/9/9 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:29523 Activity:high
9/8     Nearly the saddest thing I've ever read.  ( site)
        \_ Wow, playing counterstrike and warcraft
           now counts as exercise.
           The walking bits gets me. Why is walking
           consider moderate excersize?
           \_ THAT gets you? What about the purposeless wandering?
              \_ I dunno, I can purposelessly wander pretty damn fast.
              \_ cool, my life is "light exercise"!
        \_ I dunno, can anybody find the document that article used as a
           source? The most likely candidate I could find was this:
           which makes it seem to me like that article is a gross
           \_ Of course the article is crap.  It isn't mainsteam media's job
              to inform but to create new and manipulate popular opinion to be
              more in line with what the reporters and their editors want you
              to believe.
2003/9/2 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General] UID:10035 Activity:nil
9/1     Full text of article on prison healthcare, from August 2003 Harper's:
        Just to give you an idea of why you might want to care about this,
        here's a short quote: "It is worth noting, then, that somewhere
        between 20 and 40 percent of American prisoners are, at this very
        moment, infected with hepatitis C, and therefore quite contagious.
        It is also worth noting that most of them will eventually be released
        back into the general population, where the infection rate is, for
        now, only about 2 percent."
        \_ And you know how HepC spreads, right?  No worries here.
           \_ All kinds of ways... pretty much anything that involves
              bleeding.  You didn't read the article, did you?
              \_ And since no one has ever bled on me...
              \_ Since I'm not regularly having penetrative unprotected anal
                 sex with ex-cons I think I'm ok with this.  No, I didn't read
                 the article but I do know how HepC spreads.
                 \_ Ever heard of fistfights?  And why don't you read the
                    article?  Hear no evil, see no evil, eh?
          \_ Or say someone working in food service and who doesn't wash
             their hands well.
             \_ Right.  Hepatitus is thousands of times more virulent than
                say, HIV, and it takes a lot less than unprotected anal
                intercourse to transmit the virus.
                \_ Don't confuse Hep A with C, which is far less easily
                \_ useful! thanks.  as far as i can tell, my risk will
                   remain zero even after some huge population of
                   infected former inmates is reaeased into the general
                   \_ Oh I get it.  Since YOU won't be directly affected,
                      you don't care.  Only things that directly endanger
                      overweight semi-virginal system administrators are
                      worth caring about.
             \_ Even if they do, the faucets aren't clean anyway.
2003/8/30-31 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:10019 Activity:low
8/30    Can someone explain briefly what blood types are about and why this
        woman died?
        \_ Dude, really.  This is what google was made for.  Or Biology 1, for
           that matter.  Take a couple of seconds to pull your own weight.
           \_ Whatever.  I did.  I don't want a thesis paper.  Something half
              as long as it took you to abuse me would have been enough and
              I still don't know.
              \_ Give a man a fish...
              \_ Not only is OP lazy, but also ungrateful.
        \_ Red blood cells have "antigens" on their surfaces.  People's immune
           systems react to these "antigens".  There are 3 major surface
           antigens:  A, B, and RH+.  If you don't have either the A or B
           antigen in your blood, you are blood type O.  If you do not have
           the RH+ antigen, you are RH-.  Now, if you're type O, and someone
           puts type B blood into you, your body reacts pretty much allergicly
           to the B surface antigen.  If you're type AB+, your body won't
           react with any of the common surface antigens, A, B, nor RH+.
           \_ Thanks!
           react with any of the common surface antigens, A, B, nor RH+.
                \_ Not only is OP lazy, but also ungrateful.
           \_ Thanks!
2003/8/21 [Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:29425 Activity:very high
8/20    why the hell is it so hard for people to understand the concept of
        not opening random attatchments to emails?  if some gangs of kids
        ran around and spraypainted the word "go" on all the stopsigns
        would worldwide car traffic be brought to a standstill by these
        same fucking idiots?
        \_ "WET PAINT, DO NOT TOUCH".  -John
        \_ yes, if they did a great graphic artists job and you can't
           see red at all (ie: all green with white GO letters)
        \_ picking out an attachment w/ a virus is like picking an Iraqi who
           is a terrorist
        \_ that's not a good analogy. try this one: if you got a mysterious
           but not too threatening looking envelope in the mail, would you
           open it?
           \_ a better analogy: if someone sent you a mysterious looking box
              that had some wires poking out, an odd scent, oily spots
              leaking through the paper, no return address and a small plume
              of smoke was rising from one corner, would you open it?
              \_ haha, right. if i sent you a letter that said I'M GOING
                 TO KILL YOU written in something that looks like blood,
                 would you open it? i bet you would.
                 \_ No, I'd bring it to the cops for forensic analysis.
           \_ It's not a matter of "opening the letter". It's like, if someone
              sent you a letter containing a hypodermic needle, would you
              go ahead and inject it into your bloodstream? Now what I don't
              understand is, why call it a virus? These things are just
              programs people run. Trojans.
              \_ Because the press has to make it easy on the public.  Having
                 viruses, worms, and trojans just confuses people.  Any
                 Trojans sounds like condoms anyway.  They don't want to
                 tell the public to not use Trojans.  And also the Press is
                 stupid as well and mostly doesn't know better either.
        \_ Funny story: I'm not stupid.  I know the attachment thing, and
           I'm good about it with pine on soda-- not that it matters, but
           still.  But at work, where Outlook is forced on me, I open
           attachments with wild abandon.  I just don't care, it's easy,
           and as a stooge I assume that other people take care of my
           security.  My code is backed up on a server regularly, so I don't
           worry much about losing work.  Hell, I wouldn't mind having my
           machine hosed, just so I could upgrade it a bit.
           \_ i open attachments on mutt with wild abandon. the difference
              is mutt doesn't treat the attachment as an executable.
              \_ "Gay Abandon."
           \_ That's a funny story?  Stay off stage.
           \_ I used to fire people like you.
              \_ And then the boom became the dotbomb and you're no longer a
                 Vice President of Geek Things and now flip burgers and change
                 tapes.  Thanks for sharing.
        \_ Don't you miss the days of the "Good Times" hoax, when you couldn't
           get a virus by reading email?  Leave it to Microsoft to make the
           hoax a reality.
           \_ NO CARRI{{|{{{~
        \_ Why do they keep sending spam? because someone responds to it.
2003/8/1-2 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:29210 Activity:kinda low
8/1     Are people really naturally just idiots? There's an email with a virus
        floating around in our company, and everyone is panicking like little
        girls. Seems like everyone is doing a reply all stating this is a virus
        or asking what to do or having conversations ("Hey Bob, I think this is
        a virus. What do you think?"). FUCKERS.
        \_ I think you are old enough to know the truth.  Yes.  Yes they are.
        \_ They're just trying to do anything to avoid work.  You know, like
           writing to /etc/motd.public.
2003/7/22 [Health/Disease/General] UID:29107 Activity:nil
2003/7/22-23 [Health/Disease/General] UID:29105 Activity:high
        Spank your monkey 5x a week in your 20s, reduce your chance of
        prostate cancer by 33%!
        \_ I'm sticking with the hookers and blow health plan
           \_ "The team speculates that infections caused by intercourse may
              increase the risk of prostate cancer."
                \_ it is more of a quality of life issue
2003/7/16-17 [Health/Disease/General] UID:29060 Activity:nil
7/16    CSUA men: Assuredly avoiding prostate cancer!
2003/6/17 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:28741 Activity:very high
6/16    Socialized medicine: The fix is in
        Younger workers will be paying for this.
        \_ If people exercised and ate healthier food, we wouldn't
           have such extreme health care costs.
           \_ No.  You couldn't be more wrong.  Costs spiral due to insurance,
              lawsuits, and endless medical tests to avoid lawsuits.  If we
              were all as fit and healthy as you costs wouldn't be any lower.
        \_ I admit, it all sounds reasonable, until you remember that you're
           reading WorldNetDaily, a publication that thinks that Hitler was
           a Leftie, and that McCarthy was soft on those commies.  Grain of
           salt with that diatribe?
           \_ What publications are we allowed to read?  What is on the PC
              list this week?
2003/5/26 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28557 Activity:nil
5/26    SARS is from Space:
        \_ 'the Sars coronavirus is so unlike other viruses that an
            extra- terrestrial origin is logical.' Uh, yeah and it just
            happened to "like" humans. What luck.
            \_ It's like Babylon 5 where they tailored a virus to humans.
               Obviously they've been watching I Love Lucy re-runs and
               recognize our tremendous potential and fear us so this is
               the alien pre-emptive strike.
2003/5/21 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28508 Activity:very high
        In a sick and perverted way, I hope this spreads to the US and a lot
        of people die from mad cow disease.  This will teach you fat people
        to stop eating meat.  -vegetarian
        \_ I don't think mad cow disease is all that transmissible by
           eating mad cows.  I think just a subset of people are vulnerable.
           So I think you're SOL.  BTW, I hope you die of pellagra or beriberi.
        \_ I think you need to read up on some basic nutrition.
        \_ leave it to some dumb hippy vegetarian to draw the wrong lesson.
           The fairly obvious (and should have been obvious even before hand)
           lesson is don't feed dead members of farm Species_X back to live
           members of Species_X.  It is appalling that was done.
           \_ we have already created a race of cannibalistic cows,
              we recycle dead cow into the food we feed our cattle - danh
        \_ what about us skinny meat eaters?
           \_ The OP is an idiot with self esteem issues.  He's trying to
              validate his basically absurd point of view -- so the fact that
              an alternate lifestyle can be just as healthy, if not
              healthier is largely going to be ignored.
        \_ i don't eat cows. i eat vegans.
        \_ I don't think you realize what mad cow is, or you wouldn't be wishing
           this anywhere.  Also, man has been eating meat for millions of years.
           It's foolish to thing this will (or should) change in less than (say)
           100 years.
        \_ I don't think you realize what mad cow is, or you wouldn't be
           wishing this anywhere.  Also, man has been eating meat for millions
           of years.  It's foolish to thing this will (or should) change in
           less than (say) 100 years.
           \_ Man has not been eating meat for "millions of years", because
              mankind, as a species, is not "millions of years" old.
              Religious people would put that at about 5k years, maybe?
              And scientists might say 100k years....
              \_ Do a search on Homo habilis.  That's about 2 million years
                 since toolmaking.  Okay, 100k for Homo sapiens.  Also, I was
                 making the evolutionary argument for meat.  If I were making
                    \_ This is necessary.  Life feeds on Life feeds on...
                 the religious one, I'd just say that it's our right to eat
                 \_ Creatures have been eating other creatures for billions
                    of years.
                 \_ Human evolution as a consequence of natural selection
                    stopped when we began social programs to feed the poor
                    and enable the disabled.  Meat-eating is a choice now,
                    governed more by market forces than natural forces.
                    Accept responsibility for your own destiny and stop
                    blaming your obsolete biological inheritance.
                    -a proud meat-eater
                    \_ You are a fool.  Natural selection hasn't stopped.  We've
                       just changed what we're selecting for.
        \_ We'll just switch from cows to panda, cheetah, elephant, etc.
        \_ Congratulations on a lame yet successful troll.  I thought it was
           really weak but you score full points for raking in the suckers
           which is all the really counts when it comes to trolling.  Give
           yourself a happy sticker and a gold star for your achievement.
           \_ Does a troll get credit for all replies or only for first
              level responses?  Regardless of whether the initial post is
              a troll, some of the stuff under it is interesting.
2003/5/16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28455 Activity:high
5/15    How many people find it ironic that during the Dark Ages the primitive
        white barbarians were dying of the plague while the advanced Asian
        culture thrived on drinking only cooked water (tea), eating only cooked
        vegetables, taking shoes off before going to the house (hence not
        bringing in germs/bacteria from the farm)... and now that same culture
        is breeding SARS?
        \_ there are plenty of shithole slums throughout the world, and not
           all of them originate new weirdass diseases. as some news
           reports have mentioned, it's thought that SARS is a result of a
           cantonese tradition of eating exotic foods, in particular,
           animals. moral: don't go around digging up diseases no one's
           ever been exposed to before.
        \_ I don't think SARS has anything to do with cultural / technical
           inferiority of China.  Granted, that it is still a mystry why
           SARS and many of common cold / influenza originated near
           Guangdong area every year.  Bio nerds, please enlighten us.
           \_ So your express your ill formed opinion, deny the obvious from
              the OP, then ask for advice from the bio people?  Go re-read the
              OP and you'll find the enlightenment you seek.  -!op
        \_ Cause that part of the world will be what it has always been -
           a feudal third world shithole?
2003/5/14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health/Disease/General] UID:28432 Activity:nil
5/13    Stock up on Oreo's while they are still legal:
        \_ They are racist, its a good thing.
2003/5/12-14 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28417 Activity:high
5/12    Where can I buy N95 masks for SARS?  I need to send some overseas to
        some relatives.  I called <DEAD><DEAD>, but they're out of stock.
        Thanks in advance.
        \_ fyi, I ended up paying inflated prices on ebay. -op
        \_ I should normally insert new comments at the bottom, but I make
           an exception this time.  For ordinary, untrained folks, a regular
           unless you come into really close contact with  patients.
           mask is good enough and is actually neither useful nor recommended
           unless you come into close contact with patients.
           Otherwise it is just about as useful as burning vinegar (read:
           useless and meaningless.)  By reading all accounts of the spread
           of the disease so far, it is clear that SARS is far less spreadable
           likely to be caught by surprise.
           than flu or cold in its current form (or you would have it by now)
           but because it is a new type of disease, our immune system are more
           likely to be caught by surprise.  Personal (especially hand) hygiene
           is far more important.  Most people are not trained to wear masks
           of any kind, esp. not the ones designed for medical professional.
           They are likely to move it around, lifting it with unclean hands
           etc.  So please, get more sense and do not spread more rumor and
           create more confusion.  Can you tell you relatives/friends in
           Beijing/Taipei or wherever (-1) not to panic (the disease
           has killed less in total so far than any one of the common
           diseases does in each and every day), (0) to carry on life but stay
           vigilant, (1) not to spit, (2) to wash their hands after toilet and
           before meals or touching soft tissures
           such as eyes, mouth, or, private parts , (3) to be
           responsible and conscientious?  The people in Beijing originally
           thought this is just a problem in Guangzhou and took no notice.
           The people in Taiwan thought this was just a mainland problem and
           they just barred entries of all mainlanders and began celebrating
           the superiority of themselves.  Both were surprised by local
           chains of transmissions.  Disease can start in a hog farm in Ohio
           or Guanzhou, but it can affect anyone.  People in poorer regions
           have less resource to cope with it.  If you guys (not just the
           original poster) are feeling supposedly so different and
           superior for being here, maybe you want it reflected in your
           thoughtfulness and knowledge, rather than the lack thereof?
           Oh yes, the masks.  Forget about it.  They have plenty of masks
           that work.
           \_ ok, so masks are useless.  but it sounds like latex gloves
              might not be a bad idea in certain circumstances, yes?
              like handling money, if you do that at work, or using public
              terminal keyboards, etc.  are people doing that?
           \_ THANK *YOU*
                        roaming in Taipei, not wearing masks, and being
                        treated as an outcast
           \_ Buddy, if I were in Taipei and forced to wear masks everywhere,
              I would be wearing an N95 or N99 mask.  I've also done the
              same research as you have.

           \_ One could argue that the masks are having a "placebo" effect.
              At least people can carry on with their daily lives by wearing
              these masks, as opposed to staying at home and being totally
              afraid to go outside.
        \_ where are you sending them to?  I just sent 500 N95 masks to
           relative in Beijing. I bought 3 cases from a 3M supplier in
           Anaheim.  How many do you want?  I can sell some.  -nivra
        \_ If you are sending it to Taiwan, then, here is a suggestion:
           package it using boxes other than medical supplier.  Ship
           them in small quantities seperately.  Our great democratic
           government is confiscating masks mailed from overseas in the name
           of greater public goods.
           \_ urlP
              \_ #t
              \_ ???
                 \_ Please provide URL if you can.  google returns something
                    but would like something more official.
                    \_ I heard the same from my dad in Taiwan (!original
                    \_ I heard that from the TV news here in TW.
           \_ The govt in Mainland China is confiscating masks at mask
              factorie so they won't be shipped to Taiwan to those who have
              placed orders.
        \_ Try any of the drug stores.  They usually carry some masks.
           However, the three stores I tried last week were out.  My
           aunt in Manhattan were able to get 50 N95 masks.
        \_ is there *any* evidence at all that masks provide any protection
           against SARS?
              \_ The N95 masks are designed to filter out 95% of airborn
                 allergens.  There are N99 masks which are a bit more
                 expensive, but are more likely to keep out virus molecules.
                 The main problem is that listed above, that they should be
                 specially fitted to the wearer and unless they're worn
                 correctly offer no protection.
                 The main point of masks for SARS is to keep virus particles
                 from being aerosolized.  When someone coughs, most of the
                 virus stops at the mask... for that case, even a cotton
                 mask will do.
           \_ No.  go to CDC and WHO websites, they tell you that masks
              are only necessary for medical staff who takes care of the
              patients.  N95 is rated for TB, so, technically, not even
              N95 is proven to be effective against SARS.

              I am in Taiwan righ now and refuse to wear masks.  You can't
              imagine what kind of social outcast I am right now.

              Most effective means of preventing SARS is isolation and
              containment.  But such measure has drastic short-term economic
              consequences, that people prefer an easier way out, despite
              it doesn't serve any usefulness other than sooth the psychie
              of hysterical public.

              In the mean time, the Taiwan government is more worry about
              using this SARS as a stage to get into WHO than trying to
              contain the disease.
              \_ The Mainland Chinese govt worried more about keeping Taiwan
                 out of WHO than trying to help the people in Taiwan, or at
                 least letting them help themselves, to contain the disease.
           \_ No, it's a spread by contact, like a handshake.  However, in
              china/taiwan masks are being used as a fashion statement now
              note the designs of hello kitty and other pop culture icons
              on them.
              \_ WHO web site, SARS epidemiology:
                 "SARS appears to be spread most commonly by close
                 person-to-person contact involving exposure to infectious
                 droplets, and possibly by direct contact with infected body
                 WHO also says N99/N100 recommended for hospital staff
                 treating SARS patients.  Because, you know, these screen
                 out droplets.
           \_ No, but the WHO still recommends N95 masks for visitors to
              SARS patients and N99/N100 masks for health care workers
              in direct contact with them.  You have that Hong Kong hotel
              where 300 occupants got SARS, and the leading theory is a
              leak in a pipe, but who knows how everyone got it?
              \_ typhoid mary hooker.
        \_ I was astounded yesterday to see three asian kids down by JLS
           with masks on...
        \_ Home Depot. Look in the paint department.
        \_ Try 3M.
                \_ I prefer moldex. They fit better and
                   don't collapse as easy.
2003/5/11-12 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:28404 Activity:high
5/11    Please support Taiwan's bid to enter WHO.
        \_ Idoit.  Taiwan is already in th WHO... as province of China.
           People are dying here, health infrascture is over-burdened
           to the point of near collapsing.  Instead of trying to advance
           your political agenda, why don't you try to do something useful,
           such as mail medical supplies (masks, thermometers) to the island,
           and /or write a letter to  the central government tto pressure them
           to take some effective measures  to contain the spread of disease,
           however draconian it might be.  While you at it, why don't you
           pressure the government to allow journalist to visit the
           infected areas of the city.  The government is supressing the
           actual severity of the disease right now.
           \_ Given the stand-up job the PRC's done with SARS so far, it's
              in Taiwan's best interest to deal directly with the WHO-- AND
              get donations of medical supplies.  Don't pretend this is an
              either-or situation.
              \_ If you looked carefuly, Taiwan has been dealing with
                 WHO directly. And I am in Taiwan right now, I can tell you
                 not WHO, not GOD, but only Taiwan itself can contain the
                 disease.  All WHO can do is give out actuate information
                 and suggestion on what they should of done.  And if you
                 looked at how other country / region have successfully
                 dealing with disease:  Singapore, Beijing, Vietnam, Hong
                 Kong, all of them have taken draconian measures to limit
                 the movement of people.  That is what Taiwan need
                 right now.  Enter WHO as a soverign nation is a political
                 issue, and I can tell you right now because the
                 Administration in Taiwan is doing the samething you are
                 trying to do, i.e. advance Taiwan's political agenda
                 instead of dealing with the disease directly, people here
                 are suffering.
                 \_ Nothing you have said invalidates the induction of
                    Taiwan into the WHO.  I agree with you that the powers
                    that be in Taiwan need to focus more on helping their
                    people, but surely they have the resources to address
                    both agendae.
              \_ given its size, its population, and how backward their
                 medical infrastructure, China is doing a relatively good
                 job compare with Taiwan.
           \_ Doesn't Taiwan not recognize itself as a province of China?
            \_ this would be a wonderful time for the long lost
               province and the mother country to MERGE and form
               a superpowered new SARS hybrid and kill each other.
              \_ based upon its constitution, yes.

        \_ Is there really a hope that a bunch of anti-social Berkeley CS
           geeks could make a difference though?
           \_ Do what geeks always do: bitch and moan and maybe fire off an
              email, pat yourself on the back for thinking globablly, acting
              locally and forget about it until next time a fix of self-
              righteousness is needed.
2003/5/6 [Health/Disease/General, Politics] UID:28347 Activity:nil
5/5     More on smelly co-workers:
        The only smelly co-worker I've had is a really fat white guy.
        I don't know why he stinks like shit; maybe it's because he
        doesn't wash under his folds or maybe he has some kind of
        fat disease.  Still everyone is kind enough not to say
        anything.  This fat guy also liked to make off-colored racist
        jokes which eventually got him a warning from management.  I
        guess the phrase "stinky racist" aptly describes him.
        \_ Why do you mention he was white or that he was male or his weight?
           I find your lack of PC sensitivity truly offensive!  What did the
           berkeley dyke say to the other berkeley dyke?  That's not funny!
           BWahahahahhahaha!  I love that one!
2003/5/5-6 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28333 Activity:low
5/5     One way to boost enrollment of underrepresented minorities:
        Cal bans summer school students from SARS countries
        \_ what makes you think that this will open the floodgates
           of underrepresented minorities? anyone can apply for the
           summer session (unless they've changed admissions recently).
2003/5/2 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28297 Activity:high
5/1     I am currently in a region where SARS is still rampaging through out.
        Right now, my office building has issued couple ordinance such as:
        1. prohibit speaking inside the elevator
        2. wearing mask inside the lobby and hall way mandatory.

        Ok, if this is United States, did any of these orindances violated
        my constitutional rights?
         \_ where do you live?  I will come over and put
            out of your misery.  thanks
        \_ construction workers are required to wear hard hats.  The
           mask requirement seems pretty similar.
           \_ well, we are not even sure rather masks work or not, consider
              that this is a viral disease.  Secondly, who can decide
              when or where one can speak or not?  there is no "clear and
              present danger"    --OP
              \_ It's an offshoot of the cold virus - we know masks have
                 value.  IRT your question - the public need to contain
                 a dangerous plague would override your personal freedom
                 to talk in the elevator.  Thats not protected speech.
        \_ Not in a private building.  It's stupid, but not illegal.
           \_ were you the one saying that constitutional law doesn't
              apply to private properties last time we had similiar
              \_ And motd shows that it does indeed have a long memory....
2003/5/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:28292 Activity:insanely high
5/1     Whites only: (
        \_ this is actually very interesting.  For the record, Whites
           are the minority at this school.  If non-white minority decided
           to have their own dance, i doubt it would make news.
           \_ True, Whites are just barely the minority there.  But I think
              you're missing the point, this is a school with a White
              President and a Black President.  That is not healthy.
        \_ What about ubiquitous Black and Hispanic societies
        \_ i have no sympathy for the whites. for 200 years they have
           oppressed negros and now they want to take our h07 azn chix.
           it's payback time, let's make them all miserable
           \_ yeah!  Affirmative action for hot chicks!
           \_ You forget add whitey make SARS kill azn males take
2003/4/24 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28213 Activity:insanely high
4/24    Just curious, no links, not trolling, etc.  How many of you think
        SARS will turn into a huge global epidemic?  I don't know what the
        infection rate is for those exposed, but I do know from publicly
        available numbers that the death rate is about 3.5%.  If everyone
        on the planet got it (go with me here), we're talking over 200m dead
        world wide.
           \_ The current death rate is an estimate based on a the number of
              estimated SARS cases.  As more patients are diagnosed with non-
              SARS flu/cold, the dead/infected denominator is going to go
              down, so the overall death rate is going to go up.  Just wait
              for the availability of quick clinical tests for SARS.  Whee!
        \_ it is possible.  But it is better to be proactive and aggressive
        \_ I'd say it's like the flu, but with no vaccine.
           \_ Shoot them?  Gather up everyone with cold symptoms and put them
        \_ I'd say it's like the flu, but with no vaccine.  Flu mortality
           is ~ 10%.
           \_ TEN PERCENT?  You fucking idiot.  You are innumerate.
                 22 per 100,000, roughly, or 0.02%
                 \_ This reports lists 22 flu deaths per 100,000 U.S.
                    citizens.  The ~ 10% mortality rate is for those who
                    who actually get the flu.  (Mortality for young healthy
                    adults who get it is about 5%; older, higher.)
                    \_ You are an idiot.  And innumerate.  There is NO WAY
                       that 10% of "those who actually get the flu" die.  Not
                       with recent flu viruses anyway.  Look at this:
                       you crunch the numbers, there you get ~.06%.  Not 5%.
                       Not only are you an idiot, you're wrong by a factor of
                       100.  THINK ABOUT THIS YOU FOOL.  How many people do
                       you know who have died of the flu?
                       \_ About 10%.
                           \_ OK, maybe this is true in your case, but you're
                              still wrong about the flu being 10% fatal.
                              \_ What makes my case special?  You think I only
                                 hang out with people with weak immune systems?
                                 \_ Yup.  You only hang out with AIDS-sickened
                                    drag queens with weak immune systems.
                              \_ You are the ones who are the ball-lickers!!!
                                 \_ ED!
                                    \_ 10%
                                       \_ It's a tragedy of the commons.
           \_ My mistake.  The mortality rate for flu is 0.1%.  The mortality
              rate for flu and pneumonia ranges from 7%-10%.  The mortality
              rate for pneumonia is 10%.  The mortality rate of 5% for
              young healthy adults was for the 1918 Spanish flu.  Yes,
              I feel pretty stupid. -op
2003/4/22-23 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28188 Activity:very high
4/22    I'm in SF a lot and when I'm near some old asian guy who starts
        sneezing (in line, at BART, on a bus, etc) I move away.  Mostly they
        don't bother covering their mouth or turning away, they simply blast
        whatever victim is near by.  Do you think moving away is a good
        safety precaution or am I just being racist?  I'm thinking SARS, too.
        \_ Maybe if they would learn to cover their mouth in Asia and Canada,
           SARS wouldn't be such a big deal.
        \_ if moving away when some asshole is about to sneeze is wrong,
           i don't want to be right. chinese people have all sorts of fucked
           up shit like that. the solution: just wait fort he second
           generation chinese.
           \_ Wait for them to take off their panties!
           \_ dude, learn to capitalize.
        \_ you're not being racist.  I'm chinese and I sure as hell move
           away from anybody coughing or sneezing.  Even before SARS I was
           doing that.  I'm the pro-actively healthy type that haven't been
           sick in like 5 years.  Avoiding crowds and good personal hygine
           are easy things to do.  -good skin guy
           \_ or you might just be gay and have OCD
              \_ personally, I'd bet on OCD
                 \_ what is OCD?
                    \_ what is google?
        \_ yeah dude, I have the same problem. My (2nd gen) asian girlfriend
           is totally hot and clean, but whenever I go over to her parents
           house, I get worried cuz her mom dad and grandma are dirty
           smelly germ-infested FOBs. can't we just breed
           hot asian chicks here in the us? man, the plagues of us nerds
           \_ dude, learn to capitalize.
        \_ I don't know man, you are a sodan, and you are complaining about
           \_ hey man, I keep my PC's cooling fan dust-free ALL THE TIME.
2003/4/18 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:28161 Activity:very high
4/17    Are Ortha-Evra and Ortha-tricyclene paid by insurance?
        \_ Go get the free condoms.  You're cheating on each other and need
           disease protection as much as you need the pill.
           \_ Clearly someone who's not gotten any with and without.
              \_ Not so clear.  Happily married, thanks!  One day you might
                 know the touch of a woman.
                 \_ Yermom is better than your wife.
                    \_ that's not saying much
                 \_ Happily married is an oxymoron. When you come home
                    one day and the house is cleaned out (including the
                    ice cube trays in the freeze and the extra pollen
                    filters for the upstairs heater) you will know that
                    no marriage is happy and no woman can be trusted.
                    Then your education will start. It will be the most
                    expensive, humiliating and degrading lesson you will
                    ever learn. Provided you survive...
                    \_ you are not the real bdg
                    \_ nah, I got over the lousy taste in women thing in
                       college.  It took time and a lot of fucking to figure
                       out the score but I'm doing just fine thanks.
           \_ Condoms are FAR less effective at birth control.  The proper
              Paranoid woman uses both.
                \_ The properly paranoid man uses condoms because he can't
                   trust her to be on the pill and also can't trust that she
                   isn't diseased or trying hard to get diseased somewhere
                   else.  Always use condoms.  That way you don't need to trust
                   each other.  Now go out there and ignore me and get herpes
                   and be parents!  GO BEAR!
                \_ I know a woman who wants kids, whether she's married or not.
                   I'm downright SCARED of sleeping with her.
                   \_ You should be.  Why are you even thinking about it?
                        \_ the answer to that should be self-evident. -tom
                           \_ he wants to be a daddy?  that's the only reason
                              to fuck a chick who wants kids no matter what.
              \_ Of course, nothing beats abstinence, the preferred and
                 endorsed method of the CSUA.
        \_  Depends on your insurance policy.  Why don't you call the
            800 number on the back of your card and ask?  Or look up
            the website? I've found most health insurances cover bcp, but
            there is no single blanket policy.  --chris
        \_  I think we need to rename it, this is not insurance.  It's
            health coverage or a health plan or something.  Insurance
            wouldn't cover this kind of stuff.
            \_ Yeah now if it paid out only when you actually had the
               bad luck to impregnate, now THAT would be insurance.
               \_ I've actually heard of a health insurance plan that
                  covers costs of childbirth *and* abortions, but not
                  birth control. Stupidity knows no bounds.
               \_ You mean cover the cost of a kid from 0-18?
2003/4/12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28095 Activity:nil
4/11    This is a piece on how stress does not exist that I found amusing.
2003/4/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Health/Disease/General] UID:27951 Activity:nil
4/1     Those who disputed the seriousness of SARS, are you a little scared
        now?  The number of cases is doubling by the week.
        Even if the death rate is only 3 percent, if they can't isolate it,
        and it infects 100 million people, ...
        -- [motd grammar daemon spirit]
        \_ no
        \_ Yes I am.
        \_ Have you been to Hong Kong and the Guangdong province?  Shit-holes.
           If an epidemic will scourge the place clean, great.  If it takes
           China and the rest of SE Asia down with it, even better.  Kill them
           all and let God sort them out.
           \_ Have YOU been to Hong Kong?  Which parts are shitty?
           \_ I don't know about crappy third world places like Guangdung or
              Singhapoor, but Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities, and I
              think there's a reason why life expectancy there is comparable
              to that of Japan.
              \_ Talk to me about life expectancy *after* the epidemic.
                 \_ I wouldn't be surprised if life expectancy may become even
                    lower than that of Australians.
                    \_ Bwahahaha!  Murder death kill!  Murder death kill!
           \_ Who's going to manufacture all the cheap computer hardware if
              that happens?
        \_ The number of cases usually goes up before it goes down.
        \_ In an effort to pacify people, my company has provided "antiseptic
           handwash in all washrooms". This substance is nothing more than
           your typical antibacterial soap (generic Dial). I think that will
           be very useful against this virus.
2003/4/1-2 [Health/Disease/General] UID:27945 Activity:high
4/1     Are you worried about SARS? has an article where
        an American Airlines plane was quarantined in San Jose.
        \_ Yes I'm worried.  Reminds me of the movie Outbreak.
        \_ Why do these types of illnesses often come from asia?
           \_ Ebola (Africa) and Dengue Fever (Central America) have been
              the biggest concerns for fatal illnesses.
           \_ Maybe because cities there are much more densely populated.
              Most people take subways and buses to commute, and subways and
              buses there are much more crowded than those here.
           \_ I was reading a report that said it was because most of these
              illnesses are mutated livestock viruses, and those parts of asia
              more people sleep in the same quaters as their livestock, making
              transmission more likely.
              \_ Yeah, let's just call all those slant-eyes sheep-fuckers.
                \_ Noone said they were fucking them.
           \_ We should thank them for introducing all the illnesses
              through the centuries.  It gave us strong immune systems
              which allowed us to clear off injuns from the Americas.
              On the other hand, we also helped them out with stuff
              like mad cow disease, hiv, etc.
              \_ Can the human immune system fight prions?
        \_ because Asian doctors over-prescribe antibiotics and other things
           \_ But here we also over-use antibiotics in soap, dishwashing
              liquid, laundary detergent, and other household cleaners.
                \_ "anti-bacterial" is not the same as "antibiotics".  -tom
                   \_ No, but there are strains of bacteria now impervious to
                      alcohol, bleach, ammonia, and the like.  AB handsoaps
                      etc are useful but overmarketed; most of the bacteria on
                      your hands are benign and may serve a beneficial purpose
                      by preventing other bacteria from taking root.
                      \_ There are worries about antibacterials losing
                         effectivness due to overuse in handsoaps, etc.
                         However alcohol, bleach and ammonia are still
                         very effective.  However you can't exactly
                         bathe in any of them, mostly because they are TOO
                      \_ Please post evidence of inheritable bacterial
                         resistance to alcohol, bleach, ammonia.
        \_ Maybe Mother Earth is sending a new antibody against the
           humanity virus.
           \_ "I discovered that humans aren't mammals."
              \_ No you didn't.  The agents in The Matrix did.
        \_ most of the world's population is in Asia?
        \_ anti Middle eastern because of the war and terrorism, anti-Asian
           because of SARS.  Welcome to Fortress America.
        \_ With luck this will hit India as well as SE Asia.  We won't have to
           worry about our jobs going overseas then!
2003/3/19 [Health/Disease/General] UID:27740 Activity:nil
3/18    It's possible that what would turn out to be the biggest event
        these days would not be Iraq but the mysterious Hong Kong
        ailment dubbed SARS.  It seems to have all the ingredients of
        the perfect plague - spread through air, a long enough
        incubation period so that it isn't easily contained, and often
        fatal.  If not this, something that would appear soon, as
        prophesied by the book "The Coming Plague".  Much more dangerous
        than your two-bit terrorist.  Be very afraid.
        \_ Q: What are the chances of recovering from it?
           A: So far there are 9 fatalities among the 150 most recent cases.
        \_ Watched too much of the movie "Outbreak" recently?
        \_ I don't think this one is the "big one".  It isn't all THAT fatal.
           Second, it isn't all THAT contageous.  You really have to be
           in close proximity to the person for a long time to get it.
           I'm still betting on a mutant flu, which this apparently isn't,
           if the Germans are right about it.  --PeterM
2003/3/15-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:27705 Activity:moderate
3/15    "Mystery Flu Virus Infects 11 More in HK, S'pore"
        \_ Are the people infected Caucasian? If so, it could be "Yellow
           Fever"! There are lots of H07 4ZN CH1X in HK S'pore which might
           bring on such outbreaks.
        \_ I'm surprised that aaron hasn't said anything yet
2003/3/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:27583 Activity:very high
3/2     Watson says all CH1X should be H07:
        \_ Actually, I'm more in favor of engineering for brains and
           health before engineering for beauty.  --PeterM
           \_ The last guy who tried that was Hitler.
           \_ Uhm, what good is there in being smart and healthy if as a
              race we no longer reproduce?
           \_ Why can't we have it all? Brains, strength, beauty,
              and health. We could become a master race of hyper
              intelligent, ultra beautiful and super strong eternal
              beings who dominate the universe!
              \_ Nope...Hitler tried that too...
2003/2/22-23 [Health/Disease/General] UID:27495 Activity:high
2/22    Looks like I may have spoken too soon when I said junk food wasn't
        \_ if most overweight ppl followed a low-carbo diet, we would
           dramatically decrease heart disease and diabetes.
           \_ There is some speculatin that herat disease may be infectious.
                \_ racist bigot!
2003/1/16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:27116 Activity:high
1/15    What's the difference between a stomach flu and e. coli.?
        \_ e. coli refers to any of many bacteria that range from beneficial
           to lethal, and the stomach flu is a virus-based disease that
           has nothing to do with e. coli.
        \_ E. coli doesn't kill you.  Flu can.
           \_ E. coli can kill you.  It just usually is harmless.  As for
              "stomach flu", what is that, exactly?  Lots of different
               things, according to this site:
                \_ EC doesnt kill anyone who isn't already immune deficient.
                   Carrots can kill you too but it just usually is harmless.
                   Flu has killed millions of people.  EC hasn't.
                   \_ Wrong.  Ever heard of enterohemorhagic E.Coli?  It will
                      sure ruin ANYONE's day!  The truth is there are many
                      forms of e.coli and most don't harm you, in fact, live
                      in your normal flora in your body. (and they were
                      referring to the stomach flu, not influenza.  the
                      stomach flu doesn't kill many people at all, and is
                      usually limited to children).  -med student
        \_ but the symptoms are so similar!
        \_ flu's are caused by viri. they look like zelda rupees attached
                               \_ The plural of virus is viruses.
                                  \_ The plural of doofus is doofuses.
           to graplling hooks.  e. coli. is a bacteria.  it looks like a
           blob of squigles and is way bigger.  For details, ask the soda
           \_ Bacteria can be killed by anti-biotics, if it does not
                contain mutations to make it particularly resistant.
                Viruses at this stage are only killed by your immune
                system, which is why vaccination is so important (to
                expose your immune system so that it is much better
                and faster at dealing with a particular virus).
                Flu is a really neat virus, in that it has multiple
                methods of mutation.  It's an RNA virus, which means
                that there are frequent replication mutations, much more
                so that a DNA virus.  It is
                split into several separate RNA strands, which means
                that if you're infected with more than one strain at the
                same time, in the packaging of the virus particle strands
                from the two strains can be mixed and matched, making a
                third, new strain that the immune system can't deal with.
                It's also seen in many different species, and can jump
                species fairly easily.  These all add up to a killer virus.
                Several deadly asian strains have been known to jump from
                chicken hosts to humans.  Huge, not-too healthy poultry
                industry, good breeding ground for a virus.
                The epidemic of 1918 (which killed more
                than all the casualties of WWI) is thought to have jumped
                from pigs somewhere in Kentucky (or someplace like that),
                travelled across the Atlantic with American soldiers, and
                recombined with a European strain.
                Just for another interesting sidenote, an examination of
                a mass grave in Alaska from that epidemic implies that
                the killer Spanish Flu may have differed from other less
                virulent strains by only one peptide in one protein.  So
                either it was so virulent it wiped itself out, and another
                epidemic is just waiting to happen, or it was so virulent
                it killed almost everyone on the planet incapable of
                fighting it off.
                Vaccines for influenza also take a long time to prepare...
                multiple months... so since it mutates so readily fall
                vaccines are mostly just guesswork about which strains
                the world over are more likely to spread.
                \- BTW, "The Coming Plague" by L. Garrett is really quite
                   a good book. Have not yet read Betrayal of Trust, but
                   that looks good too. --psb
                \_ nice explanation of influenza, but they asked about the
                   stomach flu.  they are both viruses, but very different.
                   and yes, e.coli is a bacteria making everything said
                   apply (though interesting to note that different anti-
                   biotics work better or worse on different bacteria due
                   to their envelopes and methods of replication). -med stud
                \_ Well, fuck me in the ass with a cactus. You write all that
                   just now for the motd?
                        \_ it's interesting, let's keep up the good work
                    \_ OK. Say when and wherre.
2002/10/9 [Health/Disease/General] UID:26139 Activity:high
        Anyone heard of this about calcium being a miracle cure for stuff?
        Is this guy just a quack? The audio clip in the second link is
        entertaining enough.
        \_ it's amazing how many substances are claimed as micrale cures.
           i was looking up the hazards of Indium, because I use it to
           make gaskets, and it turns out there are lots of nuts on the
           net who think it's a miracle cure.
        \_ Without reading the link beyond the URL and your comments on it I
           can safely say that yes this guy is a quack.  Anyone who thinks a
           single dietary supplement is the be-all end-all cure-all for all of
           your ill is a quack by definition.  It's on the net, it must be
           your ills is a quack by definition.  It's on the net, it must be
2002/10/4 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:26095 Activity:very high
10/3    Watching a Nicole Kidman movie right now which only reminds me that
        Tom Cruise must be gay.
        \_ he's probably too busy taking vitamins, sitting in saunas,
           and giving all his money away down at the local dianetics
           org.  mabye his masters at scientology headquarters told
           org.  maybe his masters at scientology headquarters told
           him she was in league with xenu.
           \_ This is no laughing matter.  Kidman is not a scientologist and
              did not wish to convert.  I am guessing Cruise received a
              lot of pressure from the Church of Scientology that likely
              influenced his decision.
              \_ i'm not laughing.  i've tangled with these motherfuckers
                 personally, and had to leave where i used to live
                 because the whole building was controlled by them,
                 and we were being threatened by them.
                 posting anything containing the word "xenu" increases the
                 number of poeple who will find out the truth, and helps
                 stop the spread of this social cancer.
                 personally, and had to leave where i used to live because
                 the whole building was controlled by them, and we were being
                 threatened by them.  posting anything containing the word
                 "xenu" increases the number of poeple who will find out the
                 truth, and helps stop the spread of this social cancer.
                 i urge evryone to google search scientology, xenu, and to
                 read the recent Time magazine article about them(it's online.)
                 \_ Check out for good information.
                 \_ They've got money, lawyers, blackmailable confessions on
                    almost everyone in their organization, and copyright law
                    on their side. Not nice folks.
        \_ he just wanted to make love to her tush.
           \_ actually, he just wanted her to make love to his tush.
              \_ Url?
        \_ How can give up NK for that skank he's with now?  It's a crime.
           \_ that skank is still an upgrade from Mrs. Cruise version 2.
        \_ Why?  You actually think NK is pretty in any way?  You actually
           liked Moulin Rouge?
           \_ Didn't see MR.  NK is very hot.
              \_ Agree. She looks like she'd be very fun with the angry sex
                 thing. Which may be why TC broke up with her. To get her mad.
        \_ where's tawei these days?
                \_ what does he have to do with any of this?
                   \_ Isn't he dating Nicole these days?
        \_ Shockingly, the degree to which your partner is decorative is
           not one of the prime factors in the success of a relationship.
           \_ XENU!
2002/7/9-10 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:25317 Activity:kinda low
7/9     I need to get medical insurance, but I don't know anything about it.
        What do y'all recommend?  Kaiser?  What should I look for?  Thanks.
        \_ most people hate kaiser enough that this sounds like bait, but
           i'll bite anyway.  i've used kaiser, blue cross hmo, and blue
           cross ppo.  i like kaiser because there's no guesswork on what
           i'm going to get charged when i walk in the door and
           appointments tend to be on time.   i'm relatively healthy and
           i've learned how to use the system.   conversely, a friend of
           mine had ovarian cancer and was repeatedly misdiagnosed by
           her Kaiser doctor and had to get it all taken care of at
           Stanford.  --sony
           \_ kaiser's fine if you dont get sick, or really sick.  Don't
              expect them to try to hard if you're dying.
              -- someone who's had 2 relatives die under kaiser care.
           \_ Kaiser, like all HMOs, listens to the squeaky wheel. You can
              get along okay if you keep complaining or ask for a second
              opinion. People get misdiagnosed all the time, everywhere.
        \_ is where i went.  rates were pretty
           cheap. -uctt
        \_ Any PPO >> Any POS >> Any HMO (non-Kaiser) >> Kaiser.  Don't go
           cheap on your health.  If you knew in advance when you were going
           to get sick, you wouldn't need insurance, would you?
2002/4/3 [Health/Disease/General] UID:24301 Activity:nil
4/2     Are there any known virii with MS powerpoint files?  either ppt or
        pps files.  I usually don't open .doc or .xls files because I've
        heard of macro virus.  Does powerpoint have macros?  Thanks.
        \_ I don't specifically know of any but PP is hooked into the whole
           MS concept of 'OS as Application as OS' so who knows?  If it's at
           all possible I'm sure it's been done.
        \_ The plural of "virus" is "viruses" not "virii.", see:
2002/4/1 [Uncategorized/Jived, Health/Disease/General] UID:24287 Activity:nil
04/01   Last year I asked about whether or not I should dig up my tulip
        bulbs.  I listened to tom and chris and dug them up and placed them
        in a cool dry place.  Apparently I didn't dig all of them up because
        some are sprouting and growing quite nicely.  Which makes me wonder,
        should I have dug them up in the first place?  I think the original
        reason was that the BA is not cold enough.  What happened here?  The
        tullip bulbs that I didn't dig up are growing just as well.  Thanks.
        \_ Tulips usually don't sprout in this climate.  We had an unusually
           cold winter this time.  Tom and chris were right about the climate,
           but wrong about the weather this particular winter.  In general,
           the advice they gave you is quite correct.  --PeterM
2002/3/28 [Health/Disease/General] UID:24256 Activity:nil
3/27    Inspirational thoughts for the day:
        1. Every second that passes brings you closer to your death.
        2. You will all die in about 20000 days or 1728000000 seconds or
           2857 weeks or 666 months. [motd reformatd was here, aesthetics
           be damned]
           \_ Darn! I just wasted an entire week playing computer games.
              Now I have 2856 left.
        3. Human life is a sexual transmitted terminal disease
           \_ Watching too much of The Matrix....
              \_ Matrix stole this line from me.  This is 12 years old...
                 \_ sure...
                 \_ The line is the Matrix is about humanity being a virus,
                    not about life being a disease.  -tom
2002/2/26-27 [Health/Disease/General] UID:23983 Activity:very high
2/26    We set up a test network for the purposes of trying to collect
        email virii/worms.  The problem is, it seems most worms operate
        on peoples address books in order to spread.  Anyone have any
        ideas on how we can attract worms to our server sans being in many
        people's address books?
        \_ You want to get new ones for study or you're doing some sort of
           statistical analysis?  The best way to get worms is to go cruise
           the kiddie b0ardz and download the original sources from virii
           distribution sites.  I can find more original and semi-interesting
           virii in 5 minutes than you'll 'collect' in 5 years with your
           test network.
           \_ your 31337++  urlP
                \_ Duh, google for the word "virii".  Stick in "warez" or
                   other k00l w0rdz to limit the search for kiddie s1t3z.
                   And don't request a URL at the same time you're insulting
                   me after I tell you where you can find the info you want.
                   Fucking ungrateful stupid motd bastards.
        \_ Wouldn't "virii" imply that the singular form would be "virius"?
           Just curious. -geordan
                \- "virii" is almost certainly long. we spent a fair amount of
                \- "virii" is almost certainly wrong.we spent a fair amount of
                   govt dollars arguing about this. i think i walled the
                   "commentarii" on this. so seach wall log. --psb
                \_ aren't you the guy who made fun of Susan Graham with your
                   awsome video and then later flunked the class?
                   \_ elaborate
                   \_ Um, yes I made that video, and no I didn't flunk the
                      class.  I admire your ability to stay on topic.
                \_ I don't write the shit, I'm just telling you what word to
                   search for on google.  No one said 16 y/old hax0rz on the
                   net are required to follow all the rules of perfect English.
                                                                      \_ Latin
                        No, not Latin.  This is English.  Latin is dead. _/
                        The English language only borrows some stuff from
                        Latin.  Virii.  English.  H@x0rz.  !Latin.
        \_ Post your e-mail address on some very popular web pages.  Lots of
           the recent outlook worms also e-mail any address found in the
           browser cache.  We get thousands of copies of each new worm since
           our webmaster address is on pages hit hundreds of thousands of times
           a day.
2002/2/19 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food] UID:23907 Activity:very high 57%like:23915
2/19    I don't eat grossly much food, but, I tend to notice my gut bulge
        after eating a meal - what can be done about this?  I point this
        question to ppl like ax, or other health-conscious sodans. (i would
        like to know what excercises I can do to specifically keep my food
        from forcing my gut to bulge, or alternatively, training my muscles
        to tell me to stop eating if the problem is I'm not noticing my
        stomach is full.
        \_ Don't eat, then you won't have the bulging problem.
        \_ there is no such thing as 'spot reduction' losing weight must be
           a part of an overall diet/exercise regimen. if you aren't willing
           to commit to this, go buy bigger clothes.
          \_ Lipo will reduce in a certain spot.  But it will come back again
             unless you change your diet/exercise.
             \_ This statement is flat-out wrong.
                \_ You saying lipo won't spot reduce or it won't come back?
           \_ yes, I am trying to change my diet/excercise, I'm wanting to
              know what excercise I should do to firm up the gut muscles.
              I'm already doing bench and pullups and running.
        \_ Strengthen your stomach muscles (situps, crunches, etc.)
        \_ Don't you know fat is good for you?  You ever see a healthy person
           starving to death?
                \_ you ever see ANYONE starving to death these days?
                   \_ In Afghanistan and North Korea, yes.
                   \_ I work in SF.  Yes.  I do.  Questions?
                      \_ Anyone not using drugs?
                         \_ I never stopped to ask why they're on the street
                            or what they put in their bodies.
           \_ Since when?  Fatty diets increase your risk of heart disease and
              and cancer.  Less fat is better.
              \_ This is a lie from the freaky animal 'rights' extremists.  The
                 same people also tell you milk is toxic.
                 \_ Huh?  I didn't mention meat at all.  Most doctors will tell
                    you to eat less red meat and more chicken and fish, which
                    both have less saturated fat.  Quit makin' shit up.
                    \_ PETA freaks always hiding behind 'most doctors'.  Most
                       doctors on your payroll you mean!
                        \_ Look, advice is advice.  I eat meat occasionally, but
                        I eat less of it than I used to.  To each his own.:
                           \_ All advice is not the same value.  For example I
                              would take my lawyer's advice in a legal matter
                              over contrary advice from the Slashdot crowd.
                              He isn't political.
           \_ I heard on the radio this morning about some guy surviving a
              gunshot to the stomach because of the rolls of fat that stopped
              the bullet.  Anybody can find any reports of this on the web?
              A quick google showed nothing.
              \_ Oh, some Stern-wannabe said it, so it must be true. Sorry,
                 a bullet is affected by distance, caliber, powder uses, type,
                 and other factors. fat is still flesh.
              \_ You sure it wasn't annanova?
                 \_ I guess you were right:
                    Are ananova stuff bogus?  Never been here before.
2002/1/12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:23544 Activity:very high
1/11    Are soy products PROVEN to prevent cancer? Or is it simply speculation
        from the fact that Asians have less cases, in which case could be
        attributed to genetics or not reporting cases at all.   -soy h8r
        \_ No proof.
        \_ No proof, but a lot of evidence:
        \_ Probably as much proof as eating lots of vegetables would help
           prevent some cancer.  I am not sure if asians have less cancer.
           They have less heart problems and some types of cancer (eg.
           prostate, breast), but not other types (mostly those related
           to the digestive system and tobacco).
                \_ Eating causes cancer.
                \_ Eating (green, leafy) vegetables is the simplest
                   way to avoid cancer, and there ARE studies showing
        \_ Why would soy prevent cancer?  The way to avoid cancer is to
           avoid things which cause cancer.  There is a high correlation
           between diets high in meat and cancer and heart disease. Perhaps
           soy eaters get less cancer because they also happen to be the
           same people who eat less meat?
                \_ That's like asking "why would a vaccine prevent the
                   flu? the way to avoid the flu is to avoid things
                   that cause the flue". There are such things that
                   actively combat diseases.
                   \_ While yours is a good point, you cannot see the
                      germs that cause the flu, whereas many carcinogens
                      can be seen with the naked eye and ingested
                      based on one's discretion. You have a choice, comrades!
        \_ Don't be surprised if it is found that soy ultimately causes
           cancer. Such is the way of the world. --dim
           \_ I'd like to award dim 2 points for "Best Motd Answer" for the
              day.  This is so true.  Anyone remember the bit in Sleeper about
              how 'they' determined that smoking is good for you and everyone
              in the future is a heavy smoker?  I love that.
           Cancer, Aging and Genesis.
           "Aging may be a necessary cost of suppressing cancer."
           In other words, if not for cancer, infinite life, or at least
           a much longer life, may not be impossible.
           \_ In other words scientists/doctors/bio-whatever people are still
              guessing and shooting randomly in the dark for answers.
                \_ cancer and aging are intimately connected, if I remember
                   that talk I went to a year ago. Cancer is, because it
                   mutates cells so that on reproduction, they
                   don't lose one "link" in (is it their RNA??) chain. This
                   chain loss is the mechanism of aging, I think. So, according
                   to the talk I went to, solve cancer, you solve aging?
                        \_ that's why h07 as|@n ch|x look youger???
        \_ FYI, Asians have much lower number of cases of, say, lung cancer,
           but much higher number of cases of esophageal cancer.  Medical
           establishment believes it's due to large quantities of tea that
           many Asians consume.
           \_ Asians have much lower cases of lung cancer? I guess tobacco
              companies were right all along.
              \_ related to large amounts of green tea.
2001/11/14-15 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Skin] UID:23041 Activity:very high
11/14   What's the difference between a nurse practitioner (NP) and a
        doctor (MD)?  I'm covered by Kaiser, and when I call to make an
        appointment with a doctor, they gave me a nurse practitioner instead.
        \_ it sounds like your insureance plan is NP complete.
        \_ An NP is a nurse (BSN) with a two year Master's. An MD is a BA
           with a four year professional degree (MD). The MD then gets at
           least three years of professional apprenticeship (residency).
           An MD can do just about anything. An NP is pretty limited in
           what s/he can do, usually to prescribing the 100 most common
           drugs and simple procedures. If you just have a chest cold or
           need the pill, see an NP. If you have something serious, see
           an MD, if you can.
           \_ I see.  Is that how Kaiser keeps it costs down, by providing NP's
              instead of MD's for non-serious problems?  Last time I had
              sustained coughing I ended up seeing an NP.  This time I want to
              make an appt for physical and they also give me an NP.
              \_ Yeah, this is how they keep costs down. Of course, school
                 isn't everything, so the quality of care you recieve
                 depends on the individuals competence and experience
                 more than on what letters they put after their name.
                 \_ I've found that most NPs are just as competent as doctors
                    at diagnosing common ailments and have been "nicer"
                    than most doctors at explaining medical situations.
                    That said, I'm going to make an unsolicited comment about
                    Kaiser.  Kaiser is both an HMO as well as an insurance
                    provider, which is quite a big conflict of interest.
                    Doctors there are restricted in the tests they can
                    administer and the procedures they recommend -- these
                    restrictions are based on cost (Kaiser wants to keep
                    costs down as a provider).  These are the same doctors
                    that elsewhere, would be allowed to give you more expensive
                    procedures for the sake of your health.  I have a relative
                    who's been a doctor at Kaiser -- he quit because he wasn't
                    allowed to keep the health of his patients the first
                    priority.  Switch off Kaiser, go PPO.
           \_ Say someone catches anthrax and goes to Kaiser thinking that it's
              a flu.  Can an NP diagnose that as accruately as an MD can?
        \_ Biggest difference: NP can be a hot babe, while MD usually
           isn't. --dim
           \_ my brother's MD girlfriend is pretty hot.  in fact, there were
              a few other babes in his med school class.
              \_ pics?
           \_ I know a hot MD babe too.  Too bad my friend's site (where her pic
              is) is down.
              \_ Key word: usually. --dim
                 \_ i wonder if it doesn't break down based on specialty.
                    from an informal suvey at a med school graduation, it
                    seems that (pediatricians & psychiatrists) > internal
                    medicine > surgery.  your average sodan probably doesn't
                    see many pediatricians or shrinks.  well, not many
                    pediatricians anyway.
                    \_ My dermatologist was attractive. In some of the
                       specialties it's hard to find a female doctor
                       period. --dim
                    \_ I still have wet dreams about my proctologist.
              \_ Can you just post the URL here please so that we can check it
                 out when it's up later?
                 \_ There are quite a few ladies on his site.  I don't know
                    the URL to the one who is an MD, or more specifically,
                    an intern at Stanford's medical center, or whatever that
                    is called.
                    \_ Just the URL to that site, please.
                        \_ Stop drooling.  Go download some net porn.
                           \_ But porn sites only show porn stars.  Hot
                              doctors (real ones) are more exotic.
           \_ In that case, I'm looking forward to my physical.
              \_ "Are you sure it's not a groin pull? Can you check again?"
2001/11/12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:23010 Activity:very high
11/12   In the movie "Outbreak" they showed that the US have a bomb that can
        wipe out a small city and all the virus/germs in that city.  Is that
        for real?  It's not a nuke but just a very powerful bomb.  What can't
        we drop those on Afghanistan?  I'd be curious to find out just how
        many of those we need to cover every square inch of aghanistan.
        \_ the daisy cutter bomb (I think) is one of the largest
                conventional bombs around.
                conventional bombs around.  only 600 yards though
        \_ That's Hollywood.  Reality is the air-fuel bomb which spread a
           petroleum based fuel in the air as a mist over an area about the
           size of a football field and then ignites it.  You get a fire flash,
           followed by an explosion, followed by a vacuum and then an implosion
           as the air rushes back in.  But hardly "wipe out a whole city and
           all the virii/germs".  Nuh uh.
           \_ Does this air-fuel bomb come in the form of a bomb?  Or do you
              need to spray the fuel with a nozzel on a plane for a couple
              minutes and then ignite it with a bomb?
                \_ It's a bomb.  It does it's own fuel spraying, igniting,etc
        \_ a neutron bomb?
        \_ is there a non-biological weapon that can wipe out only
           biological things (e.g. radiation) while keeping everything else
           \_ yes, it's called a neutron bomb.
              \_ Can it kill virus and prions too?
                 \_ what's a prion?
                    \_ The thing that causes mad cow disease.
                 \_ No one's ever used one.  Who can say?
                 \_ Prions aren't alive.  Which is part of the reason they're
                    so hard to get rid of.
                    \_"Alive" and "Dead" are pretty subjective terms
                    Is a virus alive? Hard to say. A Prion is similar
                    to a virus in the sense that both use a host's
                    resources to reproduce itself. A Prion however is
                    a much simpler catalytic reaction. A virus uses
                    much more complex cellular machinery for infection.
                    I'm not quite sure where you draw the line though.
2001/10/22 [Health/Disease/General] UID:22796 Activity:nil
10/22   Does flu shot prevent common cold?  I guess it probably doesn't, but
        I'm just checking.  I'm thinking about whether or not I should get a
        flu shot.  Thx.
        \_ Is this a joke?
                \_ Just in case it's not, "no, it won't help."
                   \_ Thanks.  I guess I won't get the shot then.
                      \_ well... it should at least prevent the flu.
2001/9/19 [Health/Disease/General] UID:22518 Activity:high
9/18    Thousands of dead bodies still under the rubble for seven days.  Is
        there any plan on disease control while they're still planning to dig
        thru it slowly instead of burying everything soon?  Remember that the
        sewage system in the two builds were destroyed and its content
        \_ Wasn't "the contents" also heated to a high temperature?
2001/8/7 [Health/Disease/General] UID:22031 Activity:very high
8/7     Is there any distributed computing project similar to SETI@home but
        is dedicated to AIDS research?
        \_ jeesus christ all the crap instead of the answer:
           \_ This is wrong. Do not let the gay lobby use your computing
              resources to get a cure for thier gay disease.
           \_ Darn.  Actually I was hoping there is none when I asked the
              question, so that I can happily stay in SETI@home.  But now that
              there is one, I guess I should move to that.
        \_ There is a dc project for Cancer, and Cancer
           effects more people and isn't usually preventable!
           \_ But AIDS has no cure so far, and it's contagious.  People can
              get it through blood transfusion.
              \_ this isn't common anymore is it? (at least, not in the US?)
              \_ And being gay.
                 \_ You can avoid having unsafe gay (and straight) sex, but
                    you can't avoid blood transfusion when you get into a
                    serious accident or need a surgery to cure other sickness.
                    \_ You can avoid getting a blood transfusion as well.
                       Sometime it is better to go than to suffer because
                       of someone else gay sins.
           \_ um...  Cancer is usually preventable.
                \_ um... smart guy.  I will personally gaurantee that eventuall
                   you will get cancer of some kind.  It's innate.  Ask someone
                   who has majored in MCB or something to explain it to you.
                   \_ Not true. Not all people develop cancer. Some people have
                      extra amounts of this anti-angeogensis transmitter in thier
                      blood which prevents the formation of cancer. There are
                      clinical trials underway for drugs that increase these
                      transmitters therby preventing the growth of cancers.
              \_ Ok, wiseguy. Tell me how my mom was supposed to avoid getting
                 breast cancer?
                his fluid onto you.
                 \_ Did she take any fertility drugs or birth control pills
                    when she was younger? If so, then there is the most likely
                    reason she developed breast cancer. Otherwise it could be
                    the estrogen hormone they give post-menopausal women.
                    \_ Wait a minute.  My wife's doctor told her birth control
                       pills actually decreases chances of getting cancer.  I
                       forgot which form of cancer though.
                       \_ There is a big difference between the bc pills now
                          and those given out ~ 20 yrs ago. Current bc pills
                          may reduce the risks of some forms of uterine cancer,
                          but there is no way they reduce the risk of all forms
                          of cancer.
                       \_ My friend takes 'em just to get rid of zits.
                          \_ Turmeric is a much safer way to deal with zits.
           \_Oh typical... the stinkin high profile disease garners
             the disproportionate research funding while the
             truly important disease called the big C that kills
             millions every year gets only a nod.
             \_ AIDS doesn't / won't soon kill millions every year if we don't
                come up with a vaccine or a cure?  You can't get cancer by
                walking by some stranger who all of a sudden goes mad and
                give you one wet kiss in the mouth, or lick that paper cut on
                your finger, or simply sneeze or spit next to you and spray
                his fluid onto you, or poke his used needle into you.
                \_ are you a moron?  you can't get aids from sneezing.
                   nevermind, troll.
                   \_ That's what the gay people tell you. You've been
                      duped by thier gay science.
        \_ Cancer is very avoidable. Cutting down on meat and high fat, and
           cholesterol foods will reduce your risk of cancer.
           \_ Those studies change daily.  And you've only talked about "risks"
              of cancer, not avoiding it completely.
        \_ Cancer kills grandmas dead.
        \_ What's amazing here is that the rest of UC Berkeley's student
           body is probably just as ill-informed as those represented here.
           Get a collective clue.  --scotsman
           \_  How about some
              proof that HIV causes AIDS?
           \_ AIDS is a gay disease. Unfortunately those gay people have
              spread thier crap to the rest of society which has made it
              almost impossible for a good decent person to go into the
              medical profession without being afraid for thier lives.
              \_ I'm sorry your gay father molested you as a child but do
                 you really have to project your idiocy to the rest of CSUA?
        \_ What luser deleted the entire rest of this thread??? That was soda
           blather at its very best.
2001/8/4-5 [Health/Disease/General] UID:22003 Activity:moderate
8/3     One day they might come for you
        \_ The only way they will take my kid or my gun is to
           pry them from my cold dead hands.
           \_ That's exactly what happened to this Chinese dad who
              was mistakenly believed to be sexually abusing his
              8-year old daughter when he was just administering
              medicine because the daughter had some vaginal
        \_ The only way the feds will take my kids or my guns
           is to pry them from my cold dead hands.
2001/6/25-26 [Health/Disease/General] UID:21628 Activity:very high
6/25    Seeking advice on wetsuits.  I'm learning how to swim but the water
        is too cold so I want to get a full bodied wetsuit.  Anything I should
        watch out for when getting one?  Particular brands somebody can
        recommend?  Thanks.
        \_ Learn to swim in a pool? All you need is a swimsuit. Duh. --dim
           \_ I am trying to learn in a pool in my backyard!  The water
              is still too cold for me this time of the year.  I'm too skinny,
              can't float easily and get cold easily.  :-)
        \_ You should decide on thickness first. I have one for surfing
           that is "3/2" (I don't even know the units - mm?) meaning 3
           in the torso and 2 in the arms. If you are doing a lot of
           swimming you will probably want not-so-thick arms. Mine is
           good for Santa Cruz about 6 months a year, but not in the winter
           and not in summer.
           Anyway, you want it to fit tightly in the arms. You should also
           think about getting a rash guard to wear underneath. You want
           it as tight as you can get it and not need someone to zip it
           up for you. It will not really stretch. They come in regular
           sizes (s/m/l/xl) and also tall/regular/short. Buy the right size
           for you.
           I have O'Neill which is great. Body Glove is also popular. I
           would rather invest in a pretty good one from a name brand rather
           than something cheapo. Santa Cruz has a lot of surf shops, but
           I got mine at Tri-City in Fremont. Cope & McPheters is also a
           big place you can probably get them.
           \_ This rash guard, it is worn all over the body?  Or just
              particular spots like arms or knees?
           \_ I second O'Neill and Body Glove.  But wetsuits in general are
              better for ocean sports like surfing and diving.  If you want
              to learn how to swim, I really suggest taking a class or at
              least swim laps in the gym or at school.  UCB offers great
              swimming classes.  If you HAVE to swim in your backyard, I
              suggest getting a dive skin, which is basically a stretchy
              nylon full body suit.  It's much more flexible than wetsuits,
              and provides more warmth than a swimming suit.  You can get
              them at dive shops, like Captain Aqua's in Fremont.  Don't
              go to Steel's in Oakland.  -- alice
2001/6/7 [Health/Disease/General] UID:21450 Activity:nil
The possibly-censored comments below this cow have been shown to cause cancer
in laboratory monkeys.
    < wtf is this warez shit? haven't gotten your fill of popup ads today? >
                   \   ^__^
                    \  (\/)\_______
                       (__)\       )\/\
                           ||----w |
                           ||     || .;,
2001/5/13-14 [Health/Disease/General] UID:21261 Activity:very high
5/13    What if cigarettes were fortified with vitamins?
        \_ Yeah, but what if someone shoved a sharp stick up your butt?
        \_ You'll have very healty cancer cells!
        \_ hi vadim
        \_ Researchers attribute Japan's lowered lung cancer rate(33% less
           than western countries) to sushi.
           \_ ie. lower lung cancer rate despite higher smoking rate.
           \_ I wonder if it is sushi or just fish in general.  How do you
              do the control group for that?  Another culture with high
              fish consumption but no sushi consumption?
                \_ Maybe it isn't food consumption at all?  Maybe it is
                   genetic?  Maybe it has to do with the air, the water, or
                   proximity to Monster Island?
              \_ The radio news I heard about this study said that the effect
                 is specific to raw fish only, not cooked ones.  So I guess
                 the study already included a control.  -- yuen
2001/4/20-22 [Health/Disease/General] UID:21034 Activity:high
4/19    What's the technical difference between viral meningitis and flu,
        and between cold and flu? Same phylum/genus/specie of virus strand
        with different potency? Sounds like they have similar symptons.
        \- are you looking for difference in cause or diagnostic symptoms?
        meningitis is an infection of the cerebro-spinal fluid aand can be
        either viral or bacterial. cold are caused by a large group of viruses.
        flu also from a small number of viruses but the flu virus is more
        of a continuum than distinct germs ... they gradually change in drifts
        with occasion dramatic changes (shifts), which explains large epidemics
        becuase few peopel have resistence to the new form. recommend
        l. garrett: the coming plague. ok tnx
        \_ Say it loud!  I've got Balamuthia mandrillaris, and I'm proud!
        \_ virus gets into brain - headaches
           \_ Bzzt.  that has much more to do with dehydration and fever
              than viruses in your brain.
        \_ I don't know the technical defferences, but I think you cough
           when you have a flu but not when you have a cold.
           \_ Bzzt.
        \_ Flu more _often_ involves nausea.
           \_ Bzzt.  Influenza is a respiratory illness.
           \_ Technically, you're an idiot...
2001/3/19-20 [Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:20849 Activity:high
3/19    galen, shower or you are doomed to die cold and alone
        \_ Of course, if you do shower, and the water heater craps out
           and causes a heart attack, you could die cold, alone, and wet.
        \_ cut him some slack he was working on the filesystem stuff for bsd
           on something that actually would be cool - paolo
           \_ And a shower would cause all code to be dumped to /dev/null?
              "I'm hacking so I can't behave like I'm not a barbarian" is
              the lamest nerdy shit I've ever heard.  Go shower.  The computer
              will still be there, and you might actually get a date and find
              out women are in full 3d.
              \_ Wo-men? I'm sorry, I don't think that word is in my
2001/3/19-20 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food] UID:20848 Activity:very high
3/19    Fake vegetarians all over Europe!,1284,42479,00.html
        \_ Why did you say they're fake?
        \_ When did vegetarianism become a religion? If anything, this
           will force people to think about their eating habits.
        \_ Why do you say they're fake?
                \_ Read the article.  They're just going to go back to eating
                   the dead flesh of their fellow creatures we share this
                   one small planet with as soon as they feel it's "ok". Fake.
2001/3/15-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:20807 Activity:high 72%like:20802
3/15    If Foot-and-Mouth disease doesn't affect human being, what's bad about
        eating meat from livestocks that are infected with the disease?  I mean
        why is the outbreak as big of a deal as mad-cow disease?
        \_ meat is murder! or something and stuff...
        \_ anything done in Europe is defined to be more advanced than what
           happens in the US.  This must be their way of making a new flavor
           of meat or something.
        \_ Probably just bad for certain industries...on the news, they say
           the disease makes cows not want to eat
           as much, hence less milk and less bulky meat...
        \_ You mean foot-and-mouth.. btw, what's the difference between
           foot-and-mouth and hoof-and-mouth?
           \_ Ooops.  Corrected now.
           \_ According to /csua/bin/webster, foot-and-mouth and
              hoof-and-mouth are the same disease.
        \_ isn't trench-mouth or whatever from WWI the same thing in humans?
        \_ The real answer to your question is that it kills the animals.  In
           humans, it is annoying but not fatal.  And no, you can't drag the
           diseased carcasses from the fields where they dropped to the
           slaughter house.
           \_ What effects does eating foot-and-mouth-diseased meat have
              on humans? (just out of morbid curiosity)  -!original poster
                \_ Fever and a low chance of some blisters/sores for a few
        \_ The big problem is more economic.  The affected animals won't
           eat because of painful mouth sores and lose weight to the point
           where they are unsellable.  Also, the disease is highly contagious,
           and is transmitted through the air, liquid, food, soil, your shoes,
           just about anything, and can survive for extended periods outside
           of a host.  So it has profound effects on trade, commerce, even
           tourism and travel.
           \_ If it can be transmitted in so many ways, how have they been
              keeping it under control all these decades until now?
              \_ Quarantine used to be the solution, but that isn't feasible
                 with the large herds of today. Thus the slaughtering and
                 burning of carcasses. Hoof-and-mouth for cloven foot animals
                 would be equal to a deadly form of the common cold for humans.
                 Even if the animals survive one bout, a mutated version may
                 come back and you lose more animals, and then it may mutate
                 again and so on. You need to break the cycle or else.
                 \_ Can you reference this statement? In my research,
                    I have not come across this "mutate again ..."
                    theory before. Thanks. -ausman
2001/3/15 [Health/Disease/General] UID:20802 Activity:high 72%like:20807
3/15    If Food-and-Mouth disease doesn't affect human being, what's bad about
        eating meat from livestocks that are infected with the disease?
        \_ meat is murder! or something and stuff...
        \_ anything done in Europe is defined to be more advanced than what
           happens in the US.  This must be their way of making a new flavor
           of meat or something.
        \_ Probably just bad for certain industries...on the news, they say
           the disease makes cows not want to eat
           as much, hence less milk and less bulky meat...
        \_ You mean foot-and-mouth.. btw, what's the difference between
           foot-and-mouth and hoof-and-mouth?
           \_ Ooops.  Corrected now.
2001/3/14-15 [Health/Disease/General] UID:20777 Activity:very high
3/14    Morton Downey Jr. Passed away yesterday.
        \_ What a shame and such a young actor...that's what drugs do to ya.
           \_ not Robert Downey Jr.  Morton Downey Jr. is pre-Springer.
              One of the early trash talking hosts on tabloid TV in the 80s.
              He smoked a lot and that was one of his signatures.  Then
              he got lung cancer and became a big anti-smoking crusader.
                \_ He wasn't "pre-Springer".  He had real guests.  Not hopeless
                   losers off the street.  He was loud and abrasive on the air
                   and had real guests.  Springer is quiet and unassuming and
                   has fake guests.  The similarity, please?  And he didn't
                   "get lung cancer".  He got lung cancer and lost a lung to
                   it.  You'd crusade too if you had the resources in that
                   \_ well, he is one of the early father's of 90s
                      trash talk/tabloid TV.  Each trash talker/tabloid
                        TV person has a different style/personality.
                        \_ Did you ever watch it?  It wasn't trash.  Stop
                           talking about things you know nothing about.
                \_ When did he die? He was pretty good in Less Than Zero and
                   Chaplin and that TV show, Jennifer McBeals. Poor guy.
             \_ I like when he got really attacked by real nazi skinheads
                and they wrote a real backwards swastika on his forehead.
           \_ Are the 2 related?
              \_ If they both died on the same day, THEY want you to think it
                 was unrelated -- just a coincidence, but we know the TRUTH!
        \_ these people also died:
2001/1/30-31 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General] UID:20469 Activity:very high
1/29    For those who are working, do you make any donation to non-profits
        agencies on a yearly basis?  If so, which agencies?
        \_ I put in about $100 last Christmas for Toys for Tots. Although,
           now that I think about it there are probably more pressing
           issues than some kids getting toys. Always try to claim the
           tax benefit to get the most bang per buck (donating securities
           will allow you to avoid the capital gains tax so your charity
           gets more money).
        \_ I never donate. -- L. Ellison.
        \_ Red Cross. They accept credit card. I usually donate $200-$300/yr
        \_ Planned Parenthood, SF AIDS foundation.  Since a friend of mine died
           from cancer, I donate in her name to the American Cancer Society
           every year.  Then, there are friends who ask me to donate $40 here
           and there for their women's cancer marathon or what not.  --chris
        \- I only donate charities who do most of their work in thrid world
        countries where people are often in positions to to be able to do
        much to help themselves. Particularly hunger, basic infrastructure
        like water purification, basic medical treatment and literacy.
        I think you get a lot more "bang for the buck" in this arena rather
        than sending a dying kid to the world series or to fancy first world
        diseases. although bill gates is the spawn of satan, i think often
        made smart decisions about what charties he's given to [i suppose it
        would be politically impractical for him not do donate to some US
        charities]. --psb
           \_ Typical psb. Pontificates without answering the question.
           \_ do you realize that if I donate more money to India, there
              will be MORE Indians flocking to the States who will take
              your job for less pay? Just look at Sunnyvale^H^H^H^H^H^H
              \-i am not sure what you are complaining about when the indian
              govt pays for education that turns into increase in the united
              states gdp. --psb
              \_ If you don't like your job you don't complain. You just
                 go in and do it really half-assed. That's the American
                 \_ Actually it's not but I'm not interested in trying to
                    dispel cultural myths created by the Japanese in the 80s.
              \_ mmmmm...curry
                 \_ mmmmm...pussy
                    \_ mmmmm...bop!
                       \_ mmmmm...die!!!!!!
              \_ goddamn, INDENT your posts properly, especially if you're
                 going to be a dumbass and put them in the middle of other
                 people's.  jebus.
              CurryVille. The Indians are driving up the housing and making
              traffic worse than NYC.
        \_ Well, more "bang for the buck" is a relative measure. Though your
           donations may go farther in the Third World, donations that
           benefit your own community will have a more tangable impact on
           your own life and the lives of your neighboors, which is
           important to some people.
        \_ Yes: UCB, USCA Alumni Association, SF Women's Health Clinic,
           \_ I'm deferring that 10% in my IRA, so that Jesus gets more
              when I'm retired.
              \_ Actually, the 10% does not include the 16% targetted
                 for my retirement cause I want to continue the 10%
                 after my retirement.
                The Oaks Foundation, Dance Safe, SF AIDS Foundation,
                Campaign for Justice, NAACP, ACLU
           \_ why the hell do you want to donate to UCB?
              \_ don't you want your degree from UCB to be worth something
                 in the future?  UCB can't survive on state funding alone,
                 \_ Yes it can. They just need to purge the crooks on the
                    Regents board and stop funding their stupid parties.
                    \_ Well, no, not really.  State funding covers 34% of
                       UC's costs.  There's no likelihood that the state
                       will ever come close to the 70% it once covered.
                       It's a hell of a lot of money.  -tom
                       \_ Just out of curiosity, what's your source for that
                          34% number?  I know that UCB's public relations folks
                          (particularly the Cal Annual Fund) have been using
                          it since at least 1994, and have difficulty
                          believing that it hasn't varied at all in seven
                          \_ that's my source.  It may have varied but I
                             guarantee it hasn't risen.  -tom
        \_ I give about $20 a week to church
        \_ 10% goes back to the Lord.  $300/yr to United Way.
           \_ pre or post tax?
                                                  \- the united way has really
                                                  high administrative overhead
                                                  and in the past has been
                                                  fairly corrupt. --psb
                        My understanding was that it had improved much
                        under the leadership of Elaine Chao, who is now
                        our Secretary of Labor.  Is there a ranking of
                        various charity organizations based on their
                        administrative overhead (as a percentage of
                        each dollar donated, for example)?
           \_ However religious you are, you can't believe that the money is
              going to "The Lord".  He doesn't need your money.  You might
              be giving it to a charity (hopefully) or a church (more likely,
              sadly) in His name, but you certainly aren't giving it to Him.
              \_ Wow, I can't believe how religiously insensitive and/or
                 ignorant you are.  Obviously the money is spent to maintain
                 the church, the center of faith upon which belief in God
                 is maintained, as well as further Christian goals (ie
                 help the poor thru Christ).  No there is no physical vessel
                 that carries money to God.
                 \_ Yeah, those snipers that kill doctors in their kitchen
                    in front of their (the doctor's) children need money
                    for bullets.
                    \_ Ya know I'm probably about 5x more pro-choice than you
                       are but I find this sort of comment stupid and
2001/1/28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Health/Disease/General] UID:20456 Activity:very high
1/27    Iraq has nukes?
        \_ This hasn't been picked up by any of the major wires. Perhaps there's
           a reason.
           \_ Perhaps.  And the "major wires" are the source of all truth?  If
              it isn't on the AP wires, it can't possibly be true?  The "major
              wires" always tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the
              truth, and successfully report on every event on the entire
              planet?  Uhm... ok.  If you want to believe that.  I'm not saying
              the story is true.  I'm saying that the "major wires" aren't as
              big a deal as you seem to think.  The story may or may not be
              true, thus the "?" at the end.
        \_ and Sadam has blood cancer
2001/1/15-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:20322 Activity:very high
1/15    Wherever I go house hunting around the south bay I only bump into
        east and south asian couples or families.  I almost never see white
        prospective buyers. Where have all the white people gone?  This is
        not a racial troll.  I want to live in a diverse neighboord with a
        good school district.  $600-700K range.
        \_ spent some time helping parents househunt in same area with same
           criteria. reality comes down to "high asian population==good
           schools". correlation is very strong; i'm not going to make
           guesses as to existence of a causal relation in either
           direction. -whiteboy
           direction. -alexf[whiteboy]
           \_ exception: filipino population
                  \_ that's b/c typically, filipinos are the "asian trash"
                     of all asians, mostly b/c they've been dominated by
                     others for so long, especially the U.S. in the early
                     1900's.  That's why at alot of filipinos are so
                     exclusionist and demonstrate that by wearing that
                     sash as a group during the engineering commencements...
                     \_ That's funny, I never saw a sash.  Oh that's right
                        I went to Cal.
           \_ use a private school already
              \_ uh. incorrect. vast majority of the top-notch schools around
                 here are public. -alexf
              \_ An Asian-only private school would kick ass.  Like Lowell,
                 but private.
        \_ Concord/WalnutCreek/LaMorinda/Clayton/Antioch/Pleasanton/Dublin
                \_ I wouldn't live in Contra "Cancer Belt" Costa County
                   \_ What do you mean by "Cancer Belt"?  urlP --sony
                      \_ n/m.  found it on google w/ "contra costa county
                         cancer belt" --sony
                   from the South.  They have the cutest accent!
                   \_ Who would?  Except white (and by that, white people who
                      only want to live with other white people) people?
                      \_ i grew up in the creek in the 80s and was happy
                         to see that diversity has continued to increase
                         on a recent holiday visit.  not much different
                         than half-decent parts of berkeley.  don't look at
                         nordstrom's to measure diversity.
           \_ "Where have all the [white] people gone...
               Long time in passing......."
        \_ lots of them in Tennessee, South Carolina, West Virginia...
           \_ ugh, WhiteTrashVille?
           \_ Yup.  I once spent four days in Memphis and saw less than ten
              asians there.
                \_ I don't know about you, but the coolest Asians are
                   from the South.  They have the most adorable accent!
                   \_ Indeed.
                   \_ Makes me want to hump them.
2000/10/26-27 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men] UID:19570 Activity:nil
        Portable defibrillators and casinos!
2000/10/10 [Health/Disease/General, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:19452 Activity:nil
10/9    Someone please fan the flames, it's a little too cold on the
        motd today.
        \_ Hey loser, learn how to write English properly before wasting
           our time on the motd.  (Hint:  to != too, its != it's).  Typical
           FOB fuckhead.
           \_ Fixed for your flaming pleasure. I tried to introduce
              trivial yet noticiable errors in the hopes that it would
              elicit a response.
2000/9/23-25 [Transportation/Car, Health/Disease/General] UID:19312 Activity:nil
9/22    Health Insurance question.  I just finished school, but I
        will be taking time off and traveling and don't want to
        start working until 6 months to a year from now.  So, I
        need temporary health insurance.  I found a policy I like.
        But I have one concern.  Suppose that during this temporary
        policy, I get a brain tumor, or something happens to me
        that is very serious, that requires more than one year of
        treatment.  When the temporary policy runs out, I won't be
        able to renew it (It's a maximum of 1 year), and then no
        other insurance company would take me because I'd have a
        pre-existing condition and then I'd be screwed.  Or, is
        there some law that requires insurance companies to take
        me (assuming that I've been continually insured, etc.).
        What should I do?  Any advise is appreciated.
        \_ you're young, you'll be fine.
        \_ If you get that sick while you're young, you might as
           well commit suicide.
        \_ By law they have to insure you. However, they don't have to
           charge you a low premium. This is why group coverage is such
           a nice thing. The risk is spread out over the group and so
           when you have a heart attack your premium doesn't rise much
           if at all. If you carry your own insurance then they won't drop
           you but they can raise your premium to something like
           $400/month or more. All this said, listen to the above guy and
           stop worrying. --dim
             \_ Sorry I'm beating a dead horse, but...
                "Highlights of the HIPAA regulations:
                   It limits exclusions for preexisting medical conditions, to
                   12 months (or 18 months for late enrollees), ... "
                What exactly does it mean preexisting medical condition?  Does
                this mean a condition you had before you got any insurance, or
                would this also refer to a condition that you got while under
                one insurance company, if you switch to another?
         \_ Also, according to
                "Under HIPAA, employees can use their current health care
                coverage as evidence to reduce or eliminate any preexisting
                medical condition exclusion period that might apply under a
                new employer's health plan."
            Am I correct in assuming that this also applies to individuals,
            regardless of employment?
        \_ I'm guessing you are talking about the CPIC Life policy?  You
           probably want to look into getting a regular policy.  I
           found the premiums similar, and it's worth the peace of mind.
           I have the name of a decent insurance agent, email me and I'll
           send you his name. You can ask him all your ?'s - cathyg
2000/8/8 [Health/Disease/General] UID:18919 Activity:nil
        "I want to Blow Up Silicon Valley".  I wonder whether this will
        be worthwhile to watch.
2000/5/4-5 [Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:18170 Activity:very high
4/34    ILOVEYOU
        \_ Suck it, Barney.
        \_ My coworker just got this virus.
        \_ Bwahahahahhaha! -unix user
        \_ So what's the ultimate virus?
           - Is self mutating as the avoid antivirus software (like HIV)
           - Has long and random incubation period to allow virus to
             spread undetected
           - Is small
           - Has several means of replication
           - Has several forms of attack (erasing bios, etc).
           - Chooses form of attack randomly
           - Anything else?
        \_ spreads a toxin such that, even when killed, can cause
           significant botulism
           \_ Sentient virus.
           \_ Has the ability to take private emails and post them on /.
        \_ I don't understand why anyone would be tempted, even in the
           slightest, to open/execute a .vbs attachment unless they were
           working on it in a development environment in which case
           calling the script "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs" in an email
           titled "ILOVEYOU" would certainly not be a rational approach to
           achieving whatever results the originators of viruses want to
           achieve by virtue of their massively blatent and painful
           character flaws, but, then again, I don't quite understand why
           Exchange can't filter this shit, or, for that matter, why
           people even use Exchange at all, other than that they be on a
           par with whatever cognitively impotent sheepshifter originated
           this virus, FUCKING LOSERS. -(fucker)
           \_ (fucker), your flaming skills have gone down the toilet.
              You need to flame more.  If I keep seeing embarassing little
              snipets like the one above, I will have to stop calling myself
              (fucker)'s #1 fan.  -(fucker)'s #1 fan
           \_  can't we all get along?
                \_ You're not the real -(fucker)'s #1 fan.  The real
                   -(fucker)'s #1 fan can spel.  -John
2000/4/5 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:17920 Activity:nil
2000/2/17-18 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:17536 Activity:low
2/18  hahaha.
        \_ And this is funny because....?  I suggest adding this to the
           "Things I Find Funny" section of your resume.  You'll go far.
2000/2/7 [Health/Disease/General] UID:17451 Activity:nil
2/7     Are and down?
        \_ No, they just don't want to talk to you.
2000/1/12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:17216 Activity:nil 100%like:17169
        \_ They might be Giants are the most (leagally) downloaded mp3's
1999/12/6-7 [Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:17011 Activity:high
12/5    Got LOTS of old books (comic books, 1991 text books, etc) and an old
        computer monitor to get rid of. Can I simply dump these things into
        the trashcan?
        \_ throw them in my room!  - danh
        \_ it is illegal to dump industrial waste. you need to dispose them
           \_ monitors qualify as "industrial waste"?
              \_ no, silly. comic books do!
           \_ this is as useful as "Ride bike" and "use linux", troller!
              \_ No it isn't.  Everyone needs to RIBE BIKE! and USE LINUX! but
                 not "read comix!" or "eat industrial waste!"
                    \_ U53 W1ND0Z3 MAN. W1N98 15 50 KRAD. 1T CAN RUN 3V3RYTH1N6
                          THAT L1NUX CANT MAN. SO USE W1ND0Z3 CUZ 1T5 C00L
                        \_ I even run Linux under windows.
        \_ trashcan. You will not live long enough to see the ecological
           disaster that we gen-X created.
            \_ Moron.  The current 20-30s folks have done next to nothing.
               You're not old enough and most of the crap you have will bio
               degrade in under 10 years anyway.  The real damage was done in
               the 60's and 70's when all sorts of chemical waste was dumped
               straight into the food chain and it's still there today.  Check
               the cancer rates going up and the fertility rates going down
               over the last 30 years.  Idiot child, you'll be lucky to live
               long enough to understand the ecological disaster created before
               you were even born that you're living in today.  Don't worry
               about your grandkids.  If you're not sterile, your children
               will be.
                \_ Nothing you throw away biodegrades.  Modern landfills are
                   designed to be so sanitary and disease free, they're
                   sterile - especially parts declared full and sealed off.
                   \_ I was specifically thinking of the waste from fast food.
                      Anyway, after the Coming Event, there won't be anyone to
                      keep nature from running her course.
1999/10/28 [Health/Disease/General] UID:16784 Activity:nil
10/28   Why must we run, shoot hoop, and swim so that some Leukemia
        Society can get funding to cure for cancer? Why can't we just
        donate money and forget about all that crap?
        \_ you can, idiot.
        \_ Free Richard Lee!
1999/9/16-17 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General] UID:16532 Activity:high
9/16    I'm in the bathroom and I notice that a lot of guys do not wash
        their hands after they're done.  These people go back to the lab
        and use the same keyboards I touch.  Should I be afraid?  Should I
        confront them?  -this is not a troll; it is a legimate health concern
        \_ I once saw Kevin Fall not washing his hands right before going
           to the North Gate lecture hall.
        \_ urine is sterile.  What health concern are you worried about, twink?
           \_ And how did you come to this brilliant conclusion, twink?
        \_ Although considered unclean in this country, the above is correct
           re: urine.  However, they are violating a basic cultural hygene
           rule and are also unlikely to be washing their hands when they
           defecate which is definitely *not* clean.  Also, no telling what
           else these barbarians have been touching.  Definitely you should
           ask them if the sink was broken and suggest that maybe the sink
           in another bathroom functions correctly.  They'll get the hint.
        \_ you should _always_ be afraid of public surfaces such as
           keyboards, tables, doorknobs.. not because someone is sloppy in
           the bathroom (those are the cooks you should be afraid of) but
           because they're wiping their noses, coughing, etc. and you're
           loading your immune system w/ who knows what virus or bacteria.
           treat your own hands as contaminated after touching these
           things.  the less you touch your face etc. the less you
           contaminate yourself and others.   --your mom
        \_ Wear gloves.
        \_ masturbate

        \_ thats bullshit!  cs61b was the worst course i ever took because
        of that asshole.  someday you'll realize that there are more improtant
        things when you get a real job and stop riding bike and using linux.
        (fill in the origina post to match the reply.)
                \_ That is stupid.  I know huge amounts of people that don't
                   wash after #1, but I know more or less nobody that
                   doesn't wash after #2, despite the fact that if you've
                   done it correctly (which isn't exactly rare) you've
                   touched nothing but your dick or your ass, which have been
                   just sitting inside your pants cleanly since your morning
                   \_ But can you assume someone else's dick is clean after
                      his morning shower?  What about STDs?
        \_ Assume keyboard is dirty.  Wash before touching food.
           Move on with life.
1999/6/2-4 [Health/Disease/General] UID:15901 Activity:nil
        \_ No wonder I always got good services.  Man, I love this system.
        \_ Someday they will be able to figure out on the fly who is a
           csua member too, and then you'll never get through to a real
           person in customer service - "forwarded to /dev/null"
1999/3/30 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:15661 Activity:nil
3/29    My parents are getting all paranoid about this new email virus so
        they refuse to check their emails now.  How does this Melissa virus
        work? I figure that if you're not stupid enough to double click on
        the Word icon then you're pretty safe.  Is that true or does it
        execute by itself.
1999/3/8-9 [Health/Disease/General] UID:15557 Activity:very high
3/7     Stanly Kubrik died. What's with all these famous people dying recently?
        \_ it's known as "mortality".  Get used to it.
          \_ I've noticed a lot of activists are dying early.  Must be the CIA.
                \_ famous people have been dying as long as there have been
                   famous people.  you just weren't paying attention before.
                   \_ Too many too young.  Mostly of cancer.  Maybe it's
                        because the cancer epidemic is covered up?
        \_ KUBRICK
        \_ Stanley Kubrik was simply one of the most overrated movie directors
           of all time.
           \_ kubrik was a genius.  we can only lament that he made so few
              films in his lengthy career, but he worked on each film long
              and with great care to make it reflect his brilliant vision.
           \_ 2001. The Shining. A Clockwork Orange. Full Metal Jacket.
           \_ no, Speilberg is still alive
              Spartacus. Lolita. Dr. Strangelove. And that's only half of it.
              \_ the killing, a killer's kiss, paths of glory, barry lyndon...
                 paths of glory is quite possibly a better war movie than FMJ.
                                                 -kubrick fan
           \_ No, he was a pretty cool director.  A bit weird, yes, but it's
              a shame nonetheless.  -John
              \_ He was a total inspiration.  He used to make his living
                playing chess homeless in Times Square.  He'd read mountains
                of books on whatever film he was doing.  Meticulous,
                exhaustive, a fucking genius.  Read Jeremy Bernstein's
                "Essay's Out of My Mind" for a good piece on Kubrick -jnat
1999/2/22 [Health/Disease/General, Politics] UID:15458 Activity:high
2/20  Gene Siskel has died. How'd the fat guy outlive him?
        \_ So is Siskel & Eibert just going to be Eibert? Either thumbs up
           or thumbs down.
                \_ He's got two thumbs.
        \_ Jolly fat man lives long.
        \_ Lots of hard drinking, drug abuse, and whoring.  That was enough
           to keep his body unhealthy enough that even cancer wasn't willing
           to live there.
           \_ was he seeing whores, or was he whoring out his body?
           \_ don't you have any respect for the dead?
                \_ Dumbshit, the fat guy isn't dead.  The fat guy is the guy
                   out whoring and drinking and drugging it up.
                   out whoring and drinking and drugging it up.  I have
                   respect for the dead but none for morons.
1998/12/15 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Disease/General] UID:15089 Activity:nil
12/14   harmful bacteria, virus, cancer-- what do these things have in common?
        Throughout human history, we have more deaths than ALL the war combined
        due combating these things that we can't see. We are 1000X more likely
        to die from things that we can't see than things that we can see.
        If we can get this simple realisation to the public, this will be a
        much better world.
        \_ I've realized this for years now. How has this helped me?
        \_ A computer program can be seen no more than a bacteria can.
           Consider computers in our ultimate downfall.
        \_ Would you rather have more people die in wars than from diseases???
1998/8/25 [Science/Biology, Health/Disease/General] UID:14503 Activity:nil
8/23    The Diamond Age is coming:
        \_ One problem with molecular systems and coopting the biological
           mechanisms for computation and manufacture:  bacteria can
           eat your work!  And I doubt we will ever be sophisticated enough
           to design "from scratch" systems of the complexity of an E Coli
           (Which has 4Mb of storage, can perform 2000 bit copies just in
           replication, essentially serially, all in .07 cubic microns!)
1998/7/9-10 [Health/Disease/General] UID:14307 Activity:high
7/8     Linux installfest at Cow Palace, Saturday, July 11, as part of the
        Robert Austin show; bring a machine and a friend. -- schoen
        \_ Isn't the FreeBSD users' group doing sometihg similar?
        \_ Where's my poison?  I must drink.
           \_ Microsoft Windows causes cancer in rats, I believe.
                \_ If it caused cancer in cockroaches, it would be a cool
1998/4/29 [Health/Disease/General] UID:14016 Activity:very high
4/28    So, what is a good way to solicit a prostitute in a relatively safe
        manner? Where are the fine whores at? How much does it cost? I don't
        want to get arrested.
        \_ "fine whores" ??
        \_ You have a lot to learn. -#9 psb fan.
           \_ And you can learn it at
        \_ RTFM, luser.
        \_ Goto Nevada - avoid prosecution and enjoy regulated, disease-free
           \_ Disease-free?  Cool!  How much does it cost?
        \_ Look for Escort or Massage Service on the Yellow Page.
        \_ Just go to that brothel across the street from Andronico's!
                   Word has it they do BDSM, too.
                                \_ Black Dragon Scale Mail? - too much nethack
                \_Which Andronico's?  Telegraph? Shattuck? University?
                        \_ University.
                           \_ Either you have your facts wrong, or by
                              coincidence there is also one across from
                              Telegraph andronicos.  I have been there.
                              I was piss drunk and the ho's still looked
                              fugly.  I ran out in a hurry.  --sky
        \_ Use your hand.  Its free and safe and legal.
           \_ Or do what George Michael was doing to himself and get arrested.
                \_ I don't want to know what GM was doing to himself.  Thanks.
        \_ It doesn't surprise me a bit that sodans have to go to prostitutes
           or soda sluts to get satisfaction.
1998/3/19 [Health/Disease/General] UID:13835 Activity:nil
        Analyzer busted.  Fool child and friends arrested.
1998/2/8-10 [Health/Disease/General] UID:13637 Activity:high
2/7 bahahahha
        abahhahahahhahahahahhahahha.. GO PETE!
                \_ Go AWAY PETE!
                        \_ You mean you didn't totally dig on the dork quotes
                           page off his homepage?
                           \_ "You have the balls of a fucking Mac truck
                               in heat."
        -                                               - Tari to Shipley
2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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