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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/12/17-2013/1/24 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:54558 Activity:nil
12/17   "Whoa: Physicists testing to see if universe is a computer simulation"
        Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?
        \_ which pill ends up with me in a universe where physicists and/or
           people writing about them aren't deluded about the abilities of
           physicists?  -phuqm
2012/3/8-26 [Health] UID:54335 Activity:nil
3/8     Can any shrink (PhD) prescribe medication? Or do they have to
        have MD to do that?
        \_ In general, a psychiatrist can prescribe medication, but a
           psycologist cannot, because a psychiatrist's training includes an
           MD, while a psycologist's does not.  Some states have started to
           allow psycologists to prescribe medication, which blurs the
           \_ The most annoying thing for me is that 19/20 doctors on
              the web site (by logging into my insurance) are MFT (marriage
              and family therapists). I don't want a f*** talker I just want
              my f******* medicine. M****** F*************
              \_ Most psychological issues can be solved more cheaply and
                 effectively by counseling. What is your problem, if you
                 don't mind sharing.
                 \_ Tourettes
        \_ Some can, provided they are also physician's assistants or nurse
           practiioners, who are allowed to prescribe medications under
           state law.
2011/11/10-30 [Health] UID:54220 Activity:nil
11/10   What's the best way to get medical leave (how do I find
        a doctor who is willing to help you in any way)?
        \_ Do you have a good relationship with your personal physician?
           If not, do you know any physicians as friends or family friends?
           That would be a good place to start.
           \_ Crap, no I don't. Ok, is there another way?
              \_ Do you have health insurance at all? I would start by going
                 to my primary physician and asking.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/4/27-7/13 [Health] UID:54097 Activity:nil
4/27    "Prince William involved in U.S. Coast Guard drug bust" (
2010/7/4-20 [Health] UID:53874 Activity:nil
7/4     Ecuadorians and DEA seized submarine specifically built for
        transoceanic drug trafficking: (
        These drug lords are doing better than some navies in the world.
2010/2/1-18 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:53683 Activity:nil
2/1     "Doc Who Tied Vaccine to Autism Ruled Unethical"
        \_ Well of course it's unethical, it's not a treatment, no
           income stream.
2009/12/16-2010/1/19 [Health] UID:53595 Activity:nil
12/16   Why Did the drug importation amndmnt require a super-majority to pass?
        \_ The GOP was fillibustering everything at the end there, trying
           to stop the health care bill from passing. They even filibustered
           the defense appropriations bill, the traitors.
2009/11/4-19 [Health, Health/Women] UID:53502 Activity:nil
10/4    Air in San Fran-San Jose is pretty good! Los Angeles is
        surprisingly good as well. Big surprise: Seattle is
        a little bit worse than San Fran-San Jose!
        \_ The parts of California and Florida that rated highly don't have a
           lot of pesky pollen-producing trees.
        \_ San Francisco has much better air than San Jose. It is not
           primarily due to the excessive virtue of the citizenry, it is
           mostly due to prevailing wind conditions.
           \_ thanks to the wind, we don't have to smell stinky
              bike riding liberals who don't take shower, and
              the smell of second hand weed.
              \_ Yeah it all blows into the Central Valley where they have
                 to put up with the scent of patchouli, weed and unwashed
           \_ Hawaii must be super clean then
2009/10/2-21 [Health, Finance] UID:53425 Activity:nil
        Man with transplanted hands. It says nerve cells grow about an
        inch a month so he'll have sensation in his fingers soon.
        I thought nerve cells, after broken, cannot be re-connected.
        Is this something new?
        \_ You thought wrong. If that was true then every woman who has
           her nipples moved during breast implants or lifts would lose all
           sensation in her nipples. Nerves grow back, but slowly.
           \_ so the paralegics that broke their necks have no hope, ever?
        \_ Peripheral nerves grow back at that rate.  Central nerve growth
           rates are being studied, but at the moment, the convention is that
           central nerves do not grow back appreciably.
        \_ from my neurosurgeon friend: "central nervous system (brain and
           spinal cord) neurons, in general, do not regenerate after injury.
           peripheral nerves (in arms and legs, and yes nipples) can regenerate.
           This only occurs significantly in the optimal environment: no
           scarring, nerves sew together and re-aligned, injury not close to
           spine, young patients, and repair immediately after injury. Even
           with the above, recovery is often incomplete and poor. A re-attached
           hand will get some sensation, and maybe some innervation of muscles
           in the hand--but nothing close to normal usually. Movement of fingers
           should be decent because the muscles in the forearms move the fingers,
           not the muscles in the hand that control fine movements."
2009/4/1-5 [Health] UID:52779 Activity:nil
4/1     Doctor salaries, from a reliable source:  (
        \_ THAT'S COMMUNISM!
           \_ huh?
        \_ Across the entire US and not accounting for years experience or
           private/public practice.
           \_ Take another look.  That site also breaks this data down based
              on location, experience, and type of practice, just not on the
              op's page (it's linked from that page).
              \_ Well, duh. Where do you think I got my data to begin with?
                 However, it wasn't from that link.
2009/3/27-4/2 [Health] UID:52762 Activity:nil
3/27    "Crabs feel pain, retain memory of it, researchers say"
        \_ My balls feel pain and I still boil those.
           \_ You boil your own balls?
            \_ Daily
2009/2/19-21 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:52606 Activity:nil
2/19    "The most dramatic (and scary) surgery we've seen" (
2009/2/12-18 [Health] UID:52559 Activity:nil
2/12    Debunking the "rat in a cage and drugs" myth:
          \_ this is a great link. tnx.
2009/1/14-22 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:52376 Activity:nil
1/14    My buddy in Switzerland says there are no drug commercials there
        because it is not allowed. Is that really true? German John?
        \_ Don't know about Switzerland.  In Hong Kong, drug commercials are
           okay, but doctors and dentists are not allowed to run commercials
           or ads.
        \_ you are very young...  there was a time persperscription drugs are
           not allowed to air TV commercials in USA... the ban was lifted
           in the 1990s, coincide with raising in drug cost :)
           \_ Yeah you're right I was barely watching cartoons at the
              time. Are you serious about allowing drug commercials in
              those days? That really sucks. Why did it happen... under
              who's watch/administration did this happen? This is
              outrageous. Who is to blame, Bush or Clinton?
              \_ Republicans = drug commercial Deregulation,
                 Democrats = weed deregulation,
                 combined, Weed Commercials Deregulation.
2009/1/7-12 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:52333 Activity:nil
1/8 13:35  Nap? or coffee??
        \_ You can sleep when you're dead.
        \_ Combine, but get that nap in first. I find that lying down with
           my feet up for 10 minutes is really rejuvenating.
           \_ Caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in.  Slugging something,
              then napping often is best -- it kicks in after you get a few
           stop thinking so small.
2008/9/18-23 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:51229 Activity:nil
9/18    Does anyone find Domino's Pizza commercial offensive? There's
        this pencil looking rapper dude that looks like a condom on a
        dick, and he speaks ghetto and has really realy ghetto
        offensive rapper dick gesters:
        \_ "Pasta Dude! Pasta Dude!" He's saying his name. Mind you,
           it's still way the hell past dumb. More here:
  (Mo'Kelly Report)
           \_ I'm still thinking prostitute even though he mumbled
              pasta dude. I think it's intentional.
        \_ Thanks, this really cracked me up. It does look like the Mom
           whacked it right when it started jacking off or something.
           \_ Exactly. This is really ghetto and offensive. A dildo
              raps and jacks off in front of the kids. I really really
              find this commercial disgusting.          -op
              \_ Sorry, op, not seeing annything but dumb here.
2008/9/3 [Health] UID:51040 Activity:high 75%like:51021 Entry has been invalidated. Access denied. 2008/9/3 [Health, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:51024 Activity:moderate Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2008/8/25-30 [Health, Politics] UID:50963 Activity:nil
8/25    Office politics+bickering+unwanted changes = CHAOS + LOTS OF ANGER,
        frustrations etc etc. Is there a drug out there that can
        suppress all of my emotions so that I can be calm and
        intelligent while looking for another job without showing any
        signs of anger and frustration? In another word, if the drug
        helps me play poker, it will probably help with my personal
        and professional life. Thanks.
        \_ How does office politics affect you when you are unemployed, paolo?
        \_ How does office politics affect you when you are unemployed?
           \_ No employment = No job = No office = No office politics
        \_ It's called quitting time.
           \_ One should not quit until he/she finds a second job.
            \_ I've heard than many times, but you know what, I've never
               seen anyone actually get dinged for not having a job when
               they apply (as long as they don't look desperate.)  Plus
               in this field there are 100s of ways to make it look like
               you were self employed.  If you can't game the system you
               deserve to be angry and bitter.
               \_ Note to employers: never hire aspolito
        \_ Daily blowjobs help. You can also probably get your doctor to
           prescribe an anti-depressant or Xanax, though I find that a
           nightly scotch on the rocks works just as well.
2008/7/11-13 [Health] UID:50540 Activity:nil
7/11    I heard an interview with the victim in this:
        I'd like to see this doctor rot in jail.
2008/7/1-14 [Health] UID:50439 Activity:nil
        "The United States leads the world in rates of experimenting with
        marijuana and cocaine despite strict drug laws, World Health
        Organization researchers said on Tuesday. Countries with looser drug
        laws have lower rates of abuse, the researchers report in the Public
        Library of Science journal PLoS Medicine."
        \_ Experimenting with drugs and abusing them are WAY different.
2008/5/28-30 [Health] UID:50080 Activity:kinda low
5/28    How it's made: CHICKS!
        \_ but will they blend?
        \_ I'm a carnivore who has no problem killing chickens, but this
           factory-farming shit is just wrong.
           \- I'm not with you. What is 'wrong' about it? What is not
              'wrong' about killing animals for consumption? If you
              kill an animal slowly, is that less 'wrong' than if you
              kill it quickly? I am not getting your point.
              \_ Did you watch the video? That's not the way to raise
                 animals, whether you are going to eat them or not. If you
                 think the best-quality chicken results from
                 factory-farming then more power to you. BTW, yes, killing
                 an animal slowly (e.g. starvation) is much worse.
        \_ This is sad. I can't help but imagein if the chicks are
           human and some super species are farming us. Does "organic"
           chicken/eggs gets better treatment?
           \_ Depends on how organic.  Go real free range.  The eggs taste
              better and the farming is sustainable.  You can get them at
              any bay area farmer's market these days.
2008/5/25 [Health, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50050 Activity:nil 74%like:50052
5/25    Obama's gaffes are really starting to pile up.
        He's made another one recently claiming that Bush was responsible
        for getting Chavez elected.  Oops, Chavez was elected in '98.
        That link is a little silly, it suggests Obama is on drugs, I
        just posted it for the accurate list of mistakes it starts out with.
2008/5/23-28 [Health] UID:50035 Activity:nil
5/22    No time pho love, Doctor Jones!
        \_ Enjoyed the new movie. Thought it hit the numbers. Still, nowhere
           near as good as, say, Iron Man. Give it a B or so. --erikred
           \_ First 15 minutes of film:  Good. REALLY good.  oh my.
              then it gets silly, and not in a good way.
           \- IMHO: lucas and speilberg started out properly picky and then
              got desperate to find a screenplay, i.e. "the harrison ford
              biological clock theory" along with a failure of the "secretary
              problem" algorithm. but not jar-jar level eyegouge worthy --psb
           \_ So bad.  So very very bad.  Try a D+.  Or maybe a gentleman's
              C- because, hey, the first one is still good.
              \_ just saw it.  bleah.  someone went wacky with the
2008/5/19-23 [Health] UID:50003 Activity:nil
5/19    How does Abilify differ from SSRI class of medications? I'm
        interested in any medication that will BOOST UP my performance.
2008/5/10-15 [Health] UID:49930 Activity:nil
5/10    entrepreneurial San Diego state students meet their tuition
        increases creatively:
        Early last Tuesday morning, officers with the Drug Enforcement
        Administration paid a visit to the Theta Chi fraternity. They
        came with a search warrant—and a battering ram they used to crash
        through the door. It was the culmination of a five-month sting that
        netted 4 pounds of cocaine, 350 Ecstasy pills, 50 pounds of marijuana,
        30 vials of hash oil, $60,000 in cash and two guns, one of them
        taped to a bed frame.
        \_ I've never heard of 'hash oil' before. What do you do with it?
           Fry up hash Chupaquesos?
           \_ I see you did not live in the co-ops.
           \_ Wikipedia helpfully suggests you smoke it.
2008/5/1-8 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:49866 Activity:high
5/1     This quote brought up from below, context was systems programming:
        "but I am horrified by what recent CS grads do not know."
        I've heard this a lot, and to me it just sounds standard old man
        ranting.  How much can you expect a fresh CS grad to know? I did more
        systems stuff than average in college, but I was still ridicoulusly
        green compared to me 4 years later.  What do you think the average
        CS grad should know?
        \_ When I graduated in the 90s the old timers looked me down because
           I didn't know the MIPS instruction level and optimizations.
           When I got older I looked down on the new Cal graduates I
           hired, who were crazy about OO and thought OO will solve
           all the tough problems out there. However, they turned out
           alright and I embraced a subset of C++/OO. A decade later we could
           only hire Javaheads during the dot coms and they're probably the
           worst of the bunch. However, 1-2 of the kids who stuck around
           actually turned out alright. Nowadays, I can't hire anyone who
           isn't crazy about fucking Design Patterns that they think is the
           greatest thing in the world. I hope 1-2 of them will turn out
           alright. I guess I'm just getting old and picky.
        \_ I said this and I wasn't implying "recent grad" as in "fresh
           out" but in terms of "people with less than 15 years of
           experience". I do not feel that people with 25-30 years of
           experience". I do not feel that people with 15 years of
           experience will be adequately replaced by today's grads with
           5 years of experience in 10 years.
           5 years of experience in 10 years. This is true of some other
           disciplines as well like aerospace engineering where there is
           a tremendous brain drain waiting in the wings.
           \_ Wow, that is completely different than my experience at my
              workplace. Around here the young guys are great, very
              knowledgeable and proficient.  The old guys tend to be
              useless.  Possibly because all the good old guys left for
              places that pay more.
              \_ I think you are just witnessing that as people get older
                 they give less of a shit and have less energy. That's
                 true where I work. They are extremely wise and knowledgeable,
                 but they don't work hard anymore because they don't care.
                 That's not to say they are useless, even though people
                 like to call them dead wood. It's just that the young
                 guys think they know everything already and don't appreciate
                 the experience the old guys have.
                 \_ Do not confuse working hard with working effectively.
                    Working smart is much more important.  If you can work
                    hard -and- smart then more power to you but usually smart
                    is more than most jobs require to shine.
                    \_ Where I work most people work hard and smart both,
                       but as they age they don't tend to work hard
                       anymore. Not just physical and health limitations but
                       also the pressures of daily life increase and
                       people tend to rest on their laurels. I think it's
                       only natural when people start to approach (or in
                       some cases pass) retirement age. I think that people who
                       made significant contributions in the past should have
                       that reward, but I also think they are underutilized by
                       the young go-getter types.
                       \_ Retirement age... by definition they should be
                          retired, not working hard, yes?  How old are these
                          old people at your work?  I think what you're seeing
                          is not laziness or laurel resting but a deeper
                          understanding of their work environment where they
                          have learned that hard work is not necessary and not
                          rewarded or probably even noticed.  That makes them
                          smart, no?  Frankly, who wants to work 60+ hour weeks
                          for their entire life?  What's the point?
                          \_ Smart, yes. The best workers, maybe not.
                             \_ I'd rather have a smart guy who works 40 hours
                                than dans.
                                \_ I'd rather have a smart guy that works
                                   60 hours, which is what I was getting
                                   at by saying that many people work hard
                                   and smart both. Learning that hard work
                                   is not rewarded is definitely smart,
                                   but not the best for producing work.
                                   However, I do think experience counts
                                   for something because every once in a
                                   while there is that "new" problem that the
                                   old guys (let's say 65-70 years old)
                                   have seen before. The problem is then
                                   getting those older guys to work on
                                   your schedule instead of their own
                                   because they just don't have the
                                   urgency anymore.
                             \_ Depends on your definition of best.  I'd
                                rather have the lazy smart guy who writes
                                perfect code during his 9-5 than 10x guys who
                                crank out tons of broken shit in their 80
                                hours/week.  Which sounds "more best" to you?
                                Time invested != value.  Imagine if your car
                                safety belt, your dad's heart monitor, or even
                                your favorite video game was produced by piles
                                of 80hour/week clowns cranking out crap....
        \_ I did not say this, but I would want a recent CS grad to know
           approximately how fast it takes to access L1/L2 cache and cache
           latency times, memory (RAM) access times and bus width and enough
           about how hard disks work to understand why seek time effects disk
           latency. Some kind of clue about what kind of performance to expect
           from hard disks and network access, as well. Is this too much to
           ask? Does this even get taught at Cal?
           \_ L1/L2 cache effects, bus, etc is taught in CS152 and not
              CS150, hence it's optional. Today, 90% of the job is to
              write frontend using one of the BS scripting or worse,
              J2EE/EJB shit. All the interesting problems are solved
              (container, persistence, storage, horizontal scale).
              L1/L2 becomes irrelevant.
           \_ I'd say L1/L2 stuff is a bit unreasonable.  Also what is a
              recent grad doing where that stuff matters?  Seriously, if
              are giving a green engineer that kind of responsibility without
              the few days training it would take to explain you are just
              asking to fail.  Now if a  recent grad is not able to
              understand that disk and network access is going to be slow
              then yes you have a problem.  But really?  You expect some
              wet behind the ears 22 year old to write code that pays
              attention to on chip cache latencies?
           \_ Most of that I picked up here and there. 61c and 162 covered
              basics of cache latency and disk stuff respectively. -op
           \_ When I was coding, I was happy if the new grads knew some
              sql, c, perl, could write make files and shell scripts and
              knew their way around the common revision control systems.
              Mostly what I saw was that they were scared to death of c,
              make and anything that didn't come with a gui.
        \_ Even grads that go into systems need to know what NP completeness
           is.  Many don't. -- ilyas
           \_ I think if you ask them to do travelling salesman they will
              know it is NP complete.  The problem is a lot of engineers have
              a hard time seeing that what they want to do is pretty trivally
              reduced to TS/Knapsack/largest Clique finding/etc. and therefore
              NP complete.  (And from my experiance this is not the sort of
              knowledge people gain after working in the real world, if
              anything it's the sort of thing people forget.)
        \_ There has been a huge demographic change in EECS programs in the
           past 20 years.  When I first arrived at Cal, the people in the CSUA
           were, on average, seriously nerdly.  They were people who really
           dug technology and stayed up all night hacking for fun and had
           poor social skills and hygeine.  That's not what you see these
           days; these days kids are being pushed into EECS by their
           parents in the same way they are pushed into pre-med and pre-law
           programs.  This has resulted in a more mainstream population
           with less real technological aptitude and interest.  This
           also happens with people who graduate with pre-med and pre-law
           degrees; however, med schools and law schools have very aggressive
           sceening and selection programs, while the IT industry does not.
        \_ There has been a huge demographic change in EECS programs
           in the past 20 years.  When I first arrived at Cal, the
           people in the CSUA were, on average, seriously nerdly.
           They were people who really dug technology and stayed up
           all night hacking for fun and had poor social skills and
           hygeine.  That's not what you see these days; these days
           kids are being pushed into EECS by their parents in the
           same way they are pushed into pre-med and pre-law programs.
           This has resulted in a more mainstream population with less
           real technological aptitude and interest.  This also
           happens in pre-med and pre-law programs; however, med
           schools and law schools have very aggressive sceening and
           selection programs, while the IT industry does not.  -tom
           \_ CSUA != EECS program.  How many classes have you taken since
              you graduated college and came to work at Cal?
           \_ While I agree, I don't really think more aggressive screening
              would solve any problems.  There just aren't enough really
              nerdy guys around to fill demand.
              \_ Lack of supply does not stop the screening in medicine.
                  -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm not sure there's a lack of supply of people wanting to
                    be doctors. There is a lack of supply of dedicated geeks,
                    though, even though salaries are high. Lots of people
                    just aren't interested or proficient in what I consider to
                    be skills much more specialized than medicine which is
                    lots of rote memorization. Aggressive screening will
                    raise salaries because all of the fakers will be out
                    of work, but I'm not sure it will help demand.
                    \_ It was unclear from your paragraph what job you think
                       requires rote memorization, but the majority of skilled
                       work in both medicine and high tech requires much more
                       than that. -- ilyas
                       \_ Medicine is rote memorization much of the time.
                          Maybe not radiology or surgery, but a lot of it is.
                          Doctors seem to be terrible problem-solvers in
                          general even though making diagnoses is a big
                          part of their job.
                          \_ yeah, because solving problems in a human body
                             is just as easy as solving them in software
                             engineering.  "Anything I don't understand
                             must be easy."
                             \_ I didn't say it was easy. I said it was
                                based on memorization. I'm sorry, but
                                figuring out why someone is coughing is
                                not really difficult in spite of what
                                shows like House make you think. I've
                                talked to some good doctors who *do* have
                                great problem-solving skills and they
                                would be the first to tell you that the
                                majority of their colleagues don't have
                                that ability. It's not really what medical
                                school is about for the most part. I do
                                think many more CS students could be
                                doctors than vice-versa.
                                \_ you're an idiot.
                                \_ You are an idiot.  Moreover you don't
                                   understand diagnostic medicine. -- ilyas
                                   \_ And you do, of course. I have been
                                      the victim of 'diagnostic medicine'
                                      and I did a better job of problem-solving
                                      than my doctors did. It got to the
                                      point where I just demanded the tests
                                      I wanted from various specialists
                                      because GPs were totally worthless.
                                      The specialists were knowledgeable
                                      in their own fields, of course, but
                                      most of them weren't too useful
                                      either when results came back
                                      negative. Finally, I found a great
                                      doctor based on some recommendations
                                      and *he* helped me by: 1) listening
                                      to me (most doctors don't do this
                                      and it's a big part of problem-solving),
                                      2) ordering expensive tests (doctors
                                      don't like to do this unless they
                                      have strong suspicions because then
                                      they have to battle insurance) and
                                      3) being smart enough to look at the
                                      reports written by other doctors. My
                                      doctor and I worked as a team to
                                      solve my health problem, but it took
                                      me trips to about a dozen (or more)
                                      doctors before I found one worth shit.
                                      So many doctors are just good at
                                      "take two aspirin and call me in the
                                      morning" but when presented with a
                                      real challenge they are worthless.
                                      My neighbor is a neurologist who is
                                      a very good doctor and he told me
                                      about a case where he suspected a man
                                      had a brain tumor but the teams of
                                      doctors treating him couldn't figure it
                                      out. They actually had him
                                      institutionalized. Only years later
                                      did someone discover he had a brain
                                      tumor. It was removed and the man is
                                      totally normal now. This is what
                                      these people you have such high
                                      regard for do. I am not saying all
                                      doctors are bad. Some are excellent.
                                      However, problem-solving is not high
                                      on the list of things the average
                                      doctor is good at. Lots of doctors
                                      like to write prescriptions until
                                      they find one that works. That's not
                                      good medicine. It can even be dangerous.
                                      \_ I am not sure what these anecdotes
                                         have to do with your original
                                         assertion, which is that medicine is
                                         rote memorization much of the time.
                                         If anything, these support my point,
                                         namely that diagnosis is a complex,
                                         difficult activity that requires
                                         skills an average doctor may
                                         not have.  If you want to rant about
                                         'the average skill level' in both
                                         medicine and high tech, I think you
                                         will find many people, including me,
                                         more sympathetic. -- ilyas
                                         \_ I think you misunderstand:
                                            1. Medicine should be much
                                               more than rote memorization
                                            2. Yet, medical school and the
                                               medical professional rely
                                               medical profession rely
                                               heavily on rote memorization.
                                               In my opinion many doctors
                                               do so because their own
                                               problem-solving skills are
                                            \_ Yeah, I am going to go with
                                               my original assessment of
                                               'you are an idiot.'  -- ilyas
                                               \_ I am guessing someone in
                                                  your family must be in
                                                  the medical profession.
                                                  Who is it?
                    \_ There seems to be plenty of supply (from India+China if
                       nothing else). As for being a real nerd or not, that
                       is less of an issue if there is screening. The non-nerds
                       just need a more directed education to teach them what
                       they need to know, instead of relying on ubernerds to
                       basically teach themselves.
2008/4/10-16 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:49713 Activity:nil
4/10    Next week is our one year anniversary of not having sex.
        What should I get her?  I wish I was kidding.  Life has become
        a tart, bitter joke where my only joy is the tiny hope my pain
        amuses the few motd users left.
        \_ teach her the joy of garden work and WOOD CHIPPER.
        \_ Get yourself an inflatable love doll, introduce it to her,
           and say that thanks to her, it and your palm are your only
           sources of sexual gratification for the last year.
           \_ Real Doll is better, albeit much more expensive.  Fleshlight is
              affordable and is still better than inflatable doll.
              \_ The crappier it is, the better.  The point is to show
                 how pathetic she is making his life.
                 \_ True.  -- PP
        \_ Actually, I'm pretty bored with this.  You're obviously not doing
           anything about it.
           \_ I was about to post the same thing.  This "no sex" joke is dead.
              OP should give it a rest.  Same lame post every time yet we never
              get any feedback at all when we ask questions.  Long running and
              now beyond lame dead joke.
2008/4/2-6 [Health, ERROR, uid:49642, category id '18005#4.25' has no name! , ] UID:49642 Activity:kinda low
        Your tax dollars at work providing strip searches for 13 year old
        girls at school for no reason.  I've got mixed feelings on home
        schooling but the morons running the school systems with their
        idiotic "zero tolerance" policies need to go.
        \_ do you think that the fact that some children are molested at home
           is an argument against home schooling?
           \_ Ummm, school doesn't keep them all day.  I'm not sure why school
              would help someone being molested at home.  Except that I
              guess it would be a chance to get out and tell someone?  I was
              under the impression that that rerely happens.
              \_ The issue is orthogonal.
        \_ The whole War on Drugs is a sham. Just like the War on Terrah,
           it is an excuse to funnel your dollars to favored contractors,
           who then recycle it as campaign contributions. As an added bonus,
           it makes the sheeple feel safer and happy that someone is doing
           something about a problem that was mostly a mirage to begin with.
        \_ They forgot to check whether or not she was hiding any ibuprofen in
           her vagina.  Hmm, let me reach inside and verify that.
           \_ At least BushCo is winning in the war on the environment and
              the war on the poor and middle class.
        \_ Hmm, she's probably hiding the ibuprofen in her vagina.  Let me
           reach inside and flush that out.
        \_ "Remember," the school district's lawyer recently told ABC News
           by way of justification, "this was prescription-strength
           ibuprofen."  400 mg per tablet rather than 200!  She must be
           a hard case.
2008/4/1-6 [Health, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:49639 Activity:nil
4/1     drug deal on google maps:
        \_ How do you know that? RACIST.
2008/3/31 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:49621 Activity:nil 97%like:49623
3/31    Yay!  School takes crutches away from injured girl
        \_ We have a zero tolerance policy on reason in schools.
           \_ And yet home schooling should be illegal!
2007/12/18-20 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:48828 Activity:moderate
12/17   $45 trillion gap seen in US benefits
        \_ And their quotes come from... administration officials, R congs,
           and a blue dog dem from TN... This is the "drown it in a bathtub"
           crowd.  How 'bout some mention of how we got here...
        \_ 75% of this is Medicare. Socializing medicine would fix this
           \_ How do you figure?
              \_ Spending growth is out of control in the health care
                 sector primarily because the users of the system don't
                 see the true costs of their actions, and there are a bunch
                 of entrenched interests (primarily insurance companies and
                 drug companies, but also physicians) who are vested in
                 keeping it that way. The rising cost of delivery kills
                 everyone, including medicare. Those places that have a
                 single government payer have been able to ration health
                 care more effectively and keep a lid on cost growth. You
                 might be able to do it with a straight free market system
                 but I don't see that working here. One way or another, we
                 are going to have to reduce health care delivery costs in
                 order to handle the wave of boomers reaching retirement age.
                 \_ You think that having the taxpayers foot the entire
                    bill is going to help the users realize their true
                    healthcare costs? I argue the opposite. Socializing
                    medicine will make costs higher. Look at your own
                    example: Medicare. Eliminate Medicare and I guarantee
                    healthcare costs will go down.
                    \_ Except there is the counterexample of every other
                       country in the world that has nationalized healthcare.
                       They all pay less in overall costs, both in dollars
                       and as a percentage of their GDP.
                       People will gripe about the long wait times but I
                       trust the government to do a better job of rationing
                       than the "free" market, which would just let millions
                       die due to lack of basic care. Eliminating medicare
                       might make costs come down, but how many would die
                       do to lack of treatment? Is that really how you want
                       to ration healthcare: if you can't afford it, die on
                       \_ For people who need expensive treatment to
                          stay alive, maybe they should just die if they
                          can't afford it. Everyone dies. Especially for
                          people who are older than say, 60: why should
                          we pay more than X to artificially keep them alive?
                          A lot of problems are caused by lifestyle choices.
                          \_ We are probably not as far apart as you think.
                             I think the cheap and easy preventative medicine
                             should be free and widely available and I think
                             the government should generally only pay for
                             well understood and relatively inexpensive care
                             outside of that. If you are 97 and you get
                             liver cancer, oh well you are going to die,
                             unless you can afford to pay for your own
                             treatment. But a total "free market" system
                             where poor people would have no access to
                             health care at all would be a disaster. Want to
                             to see whooping cough come back? Stop providing
                             free immunizations to poor children and it will.
                             That and a host of other formerly endemic diseases
                             and they will not conveniently only infect the
                             "unworthy of health care" poor.
                             \_ Not all charity should come from government
                 \_ Current HSA plans allow patients to choose their healthcare
                    more carefully, keeping the money in a retirement plan if
                    it's not spent, thus injecting some direct competition.
                    Those seem to be working.  I'd definitely prefer that type
                    of plan over socializing it.  Romney's comment about Mass.
                    is that they had 7% uninsured. Out here in CA I suspect
                    it's higher than that.
                    \_ Yes there is a chance that something like an HSA could
                       inject enough consumer desire to reign in healthcare
                       spending. Is there evidence that is seems to be working,
                       as you say? The only way it could make a big enough
                       difference to significantly change things is if it was
                       extremeley widespread though. Would you support making
                       them mandatory?
                   \- you get to keep what you dont use from your HSA?
                      i thought they were all use or lose.
                         The HSA is a relatively new concept, you are thinking
                         of a different plan, called an FSA.
2007/11/29-30 [Health] UID:48715 Activity:moderate
11/29   motd gaping bleeding asshole guy here.  the blood didnt come out.
        \_ replace the stained clothes with new ones.  Are they really
           worth this much consternation, or are you just trolling the motd?
        \_ The best way to remove your old blood from clothes is to bleed
           on them again, copiously, and then properly remove the new blood.
2007/11/20-26 [Health] UID:48668 Activity:low
11/20   I've heard that the most common birth month is February.
        Why is that the case since February has fewer days than all
        the other months?
        \_ Lots of May weddings?  Most of my friends have November
           birthdays.  Puts conception around Valentine's day.
        \_ what's going on 9 months earlier?  Birth months are purely a
           function of time after conception.
        \_ Chance of getting laid on May (spring love) is higher than
           any other month?
           \_ NOT TRUE. FUCK YOU.               -not getting laid #3
        \_ You heard wrong. If you STFW you will find that in 2006 July was
           the most common both in total number and in rate. July and
           August are usually 1-2 in some order. February was lowest in
           total number (obviously fewer days) but also 2nd lowest in rate
           (to January). June, July, August, and September have the
           highest birth rates. Interestingly, the rate on Saturdays and
           Sundays is really low compared to the rest of the week, with
           over a 30% difference on those days. (Tuesday is the most common
           day to be born.) Any idea why that might be? (Source: National
           Center for Health Statistics)
           \_ a sizable percentage of birth dates are chosen.  (c-section,
              induced labor).  more likely to choose to do it on a week day.
              \_ Why do you say it's more likely to choose a week day? For
                 what reason? Or do you mean that the *doctor* is more
                 likely to choose a week day, which I can understand?
                 \_ Patients too. Does it really matter though, who
                    chooses? Many (most?) C-Sections are done during the 9-5
                    M-F schedule that is convenient for the hospital.
                    \_ Well, yes, it does. I can't think of any reason the
                       patient cares if it's Sunday or Wednesday.
                       \_ the patient doesn't schedule it.
                          \_ What do you think, that the doctor does it
                             somehow without the patient's permission? Of
                             course the patient "schedules it" just like the
                             doctor does. But it might be hard to talk the
                             staff into coming in on a weekend. I bet you
                             could schedule your C-section on the weekend
                             if you were really persistent (and willing to
                             pay more for it).
                             \_ You think hospitals close on weekends?
                                \_ No, I have actually worked in hospitals.
                                   They do not close, but they run on a much
                                   smaller staff.
                            \- FYI, there are many, many studies on day of the
                               week and by shift studies of the distribution of
                               assisted/induced births and "natural schedule"
                               schedule births. in addition to just counting
                               the number of births, they have also studied
                               the distribution of "problems" [low weight,
                               mortality]. there have both been longitudinal
                               studies in a given location [say due to
                               greatly increased c section rates] as well as
                               comparisons between disparate places [say
                               north america vs asia] with different medical
                               cultures, insurance schemes etc. obgoogle.
                               short version of findings: being born on
                               weekend: not good. of course YMMV.
           \_ Maybe the level of stress typically experienced on a weekday
              vs. weekend also has something to do with it?  Isn't high
              stress more likely to trigger labor?  -niloc
2007/11/7-9 [Health] UID:48570 Activity:high
11/7    Antibiotic resistent superbug is here. Comment?
                   \_ It's resistant, idiot.
        \_ It's been here for several years.  My father came very close to
           dieing from it.
           \_ How did he get well from it?
            \_ Hospitals have antibiotics that are only used in cases of
               extreme emergency.  (The head of the hospital has to sign
               off on them, generally used only a few tiems a year, etc).
               They tend to be good for a few years.  After a while they need
               to find another antibiotic to replace the super one because
               it loses its effectiveness.  My understanding is Cipro used
               to be one of those super drugs.  Now it barely works against
               these new staphs.
               \- uh ... yes, overuse of antibiotics is bad. but the rest of
                  this is pretty off. the "super drug" is vancomycin aka
                  "the antibiotic of last resort". it's not a pill you pop.
                  you should read "the coming plague". the POWER of vancomycin.
                  \_ The super drug changes every few years.  And yeah at
                     the time he was getting iv drugs pretty much constantly.
                     It was touch and go for several weeks.  That shit is
           \_ Heck, I knew a guy who had it 20 years ago.
        \_ I have an idea, let's regulate phage therapy out of existence!
             -- ilyas
           \_ I have an idea, we'll wait for the free market to come up
              with a solution!                  -brilliant libertarian
        \_ PHAGES!
2007/10/15-17 [Health, Health/Men] UID:48328 Activity:nil
10/15   New "the Wire" out soon
2007/10/13-17 [Health, Recreation/Media] UID:48306 Activity:nil
10/13   Bono is pure crap.
        \_ You just figured this out...?
           \_ I think he's referring to the Southpark episode this week.
              That said, I need more fiber in my diet. It has been painful
              for me the past few weeks.
2007/9/24-25 [Health] UID:48172 Activity:nil
9/24    When Rachel Ray dyed her hair blond, she looked cute and chubby.
        Now she just looks... fat. She should keep dying her hair blond.
        Blonds just look better.                        -i like blonds
2007/9/24-25 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:48170 Activity:moderate
9/24    So you deleted my honest, 100 percent truth request for advice
        for how the fuck do i get all this blood out of my pants
        after I leaked blood all over the fucking place, but you left in
        the stupid 'oh no everyone in world has herpes!' obvious
        troll?  thanks.
        \_ use COLD water, because hot will solidify the irons (red) stain.
           Don't use bleach, it will not disolve hemoglobin. Use cold water
           with LOTS of ENZYME cleaners. You need to watch Court TV if you
           ever want to kill and get away with murder. Hope this helps.
        \_ Just out of curiousity, have you consulted a doctor about this
           blood coming out of your ass?
           \_ It's called hemroids.  Look it up.
                \_ Or not enough lube
              \_ Yeah, I've had hemroids, but I've never had blood pour out
                 of my butt.
                 \_ I crap bigger than you.
                    \_ I have had much reduced issues with hemroids (sp?)
                       since I improved my diet to include more fruits&
                       veggies and fiber in general.  Also, drink more
                       water, and don't "hold it"--shit when you have to
                       shit, don't postpone it.
2007/9/21-24 [Health] UID:48146 Activity:nil
9/20    Man urinates on dying woman, declaring it "YouTube material."
2007/9/1-3 [Transportation/Car, Health] UID:47870 Activity:moderate
8/31    People of Earth, I encourage everyone to to report
        handicapped parking placard abusers.  I really loathe them
        \_ I know someone who, as a result of an old car injury, often is
           in debilitating pain when he walks.  He's a bit of a stoic and
           you probably would never realize how much pain an extra block or
           two of walking can cause him.  He has a handicapped placard, and,
           when things are bad, uses it.  Assholes like you have screamed at
           him for being a horrible person abusing the system.  So please,
           go fuck yourself.
           \_ If he can put up with debilitating pain, he can put up with
              people screaming at him.
        \_ There are much more important things to worry about, like the
           gay people problem, tax rate too high and I don't want to support
           poor and lazy people, and state sponsored abortion clinics.
           \- the individual case isnt a big deal, but the aggregate
           \_ that's hysterical-  the "gay people problem?"  Is the problem
              that they exist?  Because you may have just become an entertaining
                dinosaur that people torment for fun.
              that they exist?  Because you may have just become an
              entertaining dinosaur that people torment for fun.
           \-exist the individual case isnt a big deal, but the aggregate
              makes a difference. i believe in SF there are more handicapped
              placards issued than there are parking meters ... not that
              those number should be magically related, but the number is
              SF seems crazy: around 50k for a city of 750k pop. i think the
              city should spend more resource on this compared to say street
              sweeping tickets. serious question: do you think anybody over
              say 75 or 300lbs should be able to say "i am old/fat, give me a
              handicapped placard"? --not OP
           \_ Passable troll there... but really, people who park
              all day in the handicap zone with a placard they dont
              deserve anger me more than abortion, homos, libtards,
              and YOU.
2007/8/31 [Health] UID:47856 Activity:moderate
8/31    I've managed to get off most of the weight I put on from
        Depo-Provera and everything's almost back to normal at my waist and
        hips (which exercise will further help once my back heals), but I'm
        noticing that the extra cup size I gained isn't going down, or
        going so slow I can't tell. This time last year I was a 30FF; now
        I'm a 30G, and at the age of 30, it's not puberty anymore.
        Is there something that can help target the chest, whether diet or
        exercise ?
2007/8/30 [Health] UID:47827 Activity:nil
              \_ What kind of crazy size is 35C ?
                 \_ This is bust size, not bra size.
                    \_ I'm 5'2, nearly 5'3, and weigh between 125-130lbs
                       depending on the day. Back during high school days,
                       I was about 112 lbs, and only wore a 32D bra.
                       This didn't change until the middle of my sophomore
                       year (last fall), when I gained 10 lbs
                       and went from a 32D to a 32DDD in two months.
                       \_ Thanks for the troll.
                          \_ Hauling these things around all day is
                             torture!  Torture I tell you.
                             \_ Yeah, it is torture to all the guys that stare
                                at you.
                \_ I doubt anyone biologically female posts to the motd.
           \_ The Matrix Reloaded was the first movie that I saw her.
        \_ I think I saw something more explicit in the movie 'Leolo'
2007/8/23-27 [Health] UID:47741 Activity:low
        \_ Remember, SSRI calms you down and helps you suppress your
           urges. If you fail, go to your doctor and ask for SSRI.
        \_ You're going to purge the net?
              \_ Ask your doctor if Cymbalta is right for you!
2007/8/21-23 [Health, Recreation/Dating] UID:47682 Activity:low
8/20    I'm never getting laid again. - below-poster
        \_ You sound depressed. Why? Why is it so important to get laid?
           Why does the society equate happiness with getting laid? As
           a higher functioning animal, we should not have to have sex.
           Chemically, it is simply exchanging fluid, reproducing, and
           releasing endorphines. Our sex drives interferes with our
           intellectual capacity, our motivations, our morales. You
           don't HAVE to have sex to get that chemical endorphine. You
           don't HAVE to have sex to reach a state of complacency and
           comfort. Here is my secret and I want to share it with yall.
           After my repeatedly breakups my shrink prescribed
           SSRIs and ever since then I stopped having sexual urges.
           My productivity shot up drastically; I'm a lot calmer and
           methodical than ever, and I've actually become more popular!
           Tell your doctor that you'd like to try out different SSRIs.
           It's the most amazing lifestyle enhancing supplement you'll
           ever take in your life. It's hella better than Viagra... not
           that you'll ever want to waste time & money on it after SSRI.
           \_ What brave new world, that has such people in it.
           \_ O brave new world that has such people in it.
              \_ But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want
                 real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.
              \_ Nice.  I was laughing at the above response, till I got to
                 the SSRI part.
           \_ I don't even know what SSRI is.  Does that make me lame or
              fortunate?  BTW, what is SSRI?
2007/8/1-3 [Health] UID:47495 Activity:nil
8/1     Printers could be a health risk:
        \_ This is not new.  I used to work at EFI which makes mid-range laser
           printer products, and for years they've had HEPA air filters in
           their QA labs running 24/7.
           \_ Do you still know people there?  If you know of anyone in the
              security research group (working on security of their products,
              not security of their IT) can you send me an email?  Thanks.
              - johndkim
2007/8/1 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:47494 Activity:nil 66%like:47493
8/1     Sex is a health risk
2007/8/1 [Health] UID:47493 Activity:nil 66%like:47494
8/1     jsl is a health risk
2007/7/27-29 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:47446 Activity:nil
7/27    HOTT!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ "I play [WOW] a lot, but mostly because I have nothing else to do."
           How about getting a job and some exercise?
2007/7/26-8/1 [Health/Eyes, Health] UID:47430 Activity:nil
7/26    ilyas, in your conversation with tom below, you mention a study you
        have linked to twice, but I can't find your links.  Could you repost
        it? -jrleek
        \_ stfw         -ilyas
           (Don't sign my name, dickwad.) -- ilyas
2007/7/24-28 [Health] UID:47404 Activity:moderate
7/24    Wow, universal healthcare is expensive
        \_ It comes to $3000/yr per resident.  That's actually less than
           my health insurance, which is $4200/yr.  I think they should
           build in more incentive to wellness on the part of Wisconsin
           \_ Where did you get the $3000/yr value?  And what do I care about
              "per resident" when it should be "per taxpayer"?
              From the article:
              The plan would cost an estimated $15.2 billion, or $3 billion
              more than the state currently collects in all income, sales and
              corporate income taxes. It represents an average of $510 a month
              in higher taxes for every Wisconsin worker.
              \_ $15.2 billion/population of Wisconsin.  It's actually $2700 or
                 so but I rounded up.  My health insurance costs $450 when
                 all is said and done, so if I were in Wisconsin, it'd be an
                 extra $100/month for me for there to be universal health
                 insurance. (I rounded up again.)  Workers here with families
                 pay $900/month for health insurance (most covered by employer).
                 \_ Of course, government estimates are never wrong.
                 \_ You'd be paying your $4K + the $3K.
                    \_ Maybe, maybe not. You might be able to get the money
                       back from your employer, since his cost will be lower.
                 \_ And why should people without families pay for those who
                    have them?
                    \_ It actually promotes my health not to be surrounded
                       by sick people.
                       \_ So paying for someone else's kid's broken leg from
                          soccer practice makes you healthier?  Okey dokey.
                          \_ No, but paying to control TB for example and for
                             immunizations in general does.
                             \_ You are picking and choosing though.  Paying
                                for 'universal healthcare' means you may be
                                paying for immunizations, but you are also
                                paying for a crapload of other things, many
                                of them misused _because_ they are perceived
                                as 'free.'  -- ilyas
        \_ And it may well not be doing any good. -- ilyas
                                \_ And employer provided health insurance
                                   isn't perceived as "free"?
                                   \_ My point wasn't to argue in favor of the
                                      current form of healthcare over
                                      'universal healthcare' but to try to
                                      shift the debate more towards looking
                                      shift the debate more towards looking at
                                      whether healthcare actually helps people
                                      be healthy. -- ilyas
                                      \- a study just came out comparing
                                         newly eligible medicare patients
                                         showing people who went from no
                                         coverage to covered needed more
                                         "work done" than people with
                                         continuous coverage.
                                         \_ I am not surprised that healthcare
                                            would be of benefit to that segment
                                            of the population.  This isn't the
                                            same as 'overall effects' on the
                                            whole population, of course.
                                              -- ilyas
                                         \_ Send me a link, please. -- ilyas
                                      \_ there are plenty of people without
                                         healthcare in the U.S.; do you think
                                         they're likely to be healthier than
                                         those with healthcare?  I can't
                                         believe I bothered to reply to that
                                         absurdity.  -tom
                                         \_ Feel free to actually read the
                                            study I linked (twice now I think)
                                            rather than acting like an ass.
                                            The claim is that while healthcare
                                            has a positive effect (obviously),
                                            this effect is mostly negated by
                                            negative effects (with some
                                            exceptions, for instance optometry
                                            is generally clearly beneficial).
                                            My untutored intuition would say
                                            that healthcare would have a
                                            positive effect, but a very
                                            inefficient one given the amount
                                            of spending.  That there might be
                                            no effect is something I think is
                                            pretty scandalous.  -- ilyas
                                            \_ I am LEWIS@SODA.  I am offering
                                               to teach you about Partial
                                               Derivatives, if you would like
                                               to learn about these wonderous
                                               \_ I think I understand what
                                                  an effect is and what it
                                                  isn't pretty well.  -- ilyas
                                            pretty scandalous.  Your example
                                            isn't as obvious as you might
                                            think -- are you controlling
                                            for race, wealth, etc?  What should
                                            you control for?  What shouldn't
                                            you control for?  -- ilyas
                                            \_ I'm going to control for
                                               ilyas being a moron by
                                               stepping out of this
                                               conversation.  -tom
                                               \_ So, ausman, to go back to our
                                                  earlier discussion: this is
                                                  apparently the best place
                                                  on the internet you could
                                                  find for general discussion?
                                                  I brought up this study
                                                  repeatedly, because I think
                                                  its conclusions are
                                                  somewhat counterintuitive
                                                  (they certainly are to me).
                                                  But the extent of discussion
                                                  so far has been either to
                                                  ignore it or ridicule it.
                                                  Compare to how this study
                                                  was discussed on
                                                  overcomingbias, for example.
                                                    -- ilyas
                                                  ignore it or ridicule me for
                                                  bringing it up.  Compare to
                                                  how this study was discussed
                                                  on overcomingbias, for
                                                  example.  -- ilyas
2007/7/19-21 [Health, Politics, Recreation/Dating] UID:47343 Activity:kinda low
7/19    After you try sex without condom, everything else is like...
        watching Gigli (the movie). Blah!
        \_ Hint: Caucasian girls are more likely to take the pills.
        \_ Is this condom guy? Did you finally get your wish of
           condomless sex? Congratulations!
           \_ Good news: Yes, he did
              Bad news: It was with a guy.
              \_ Good news: he's not a father!
2007/7/6-10 [Health, Reference/Law/Court] UID:47198 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Yes, because an interview with a convicted criminal is never
        \_ the first time offender got 3 consecutive life terms for being a
           middle man in 1 drug deal.  Do you really think that's fair?
           \_ Who are you responding to?
           \_ Or so he claims.
              \_ even if he personally inserted cocaine into the noses
                 of 80 school children, do you think he should get life
                 without parole?
                 \_ Given that we don't know the whole story, I have no idea
                    what the proper penalty should be.
                        \_ There's a link on that page to a prosecutor's
                           comment and explanation of the case and sentence.
                           still seems just a little harsh.
                           \_ And you didn't post the link why?
                              \_ Pure laziness actually.
                                 I dont like mandantory anything.
                                 \_ I don't see anything from the prosecutor.
                                    But at any rate there's a lengthy interview
                                    with the defense attorney there.  Still the
                                    same side of the story.
                    \_ Screw the circumstances, if he personally inserted coke
                       into the noses of 80 school children, the answer is
                       YES, he should get life without parole, first-time
                       \_ I was joking...
                          \_ Aaaaand?
                       offender or not. Some things are just beyond the pale.
                       As for the current situation, well, that's a different
2007/6/5-7 [Recreation/Food, Health] UID:46860 Activity:kinda low
6/5     Was reading the nutritional info for some japanese udon noodles
        I've been buying a lot of lately, and its sodium content isover
        1000mg per serving! Is this right? Why do these simple noodles
        have so much sodium?
        \_ preservatives.. best cheap dry noodles Mi Goreng Pedas Indomei
        \_ Mmmmm, salt.  Does a body good!  Stop eating that crap, it will
           kill you.  Eating a normal 'healthy' American diet would already
           give you way too much salt without going for salt bombs like that.
                \_ That's how I'm feeling now. are there any asian (or
                   asian-style) noodles out there that are low/no-salt? -op
                   \_ I don't know about asian noodles but simply trying to
                      eat right is very very hard if you're eating anything
                      pre-packaged.  Pretty much *everything* has way too
                      much salt in it.
        \_ Just don't use the seasoning pack.
2007/5/16-17 [Health] UID:46667 Activity:nil 57%like:46657
5/16    Is it necessary to pull out when she's on the pill? Find out: ( (
2007/4/25-29 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:46450 Activity:nil
4/25    Why the media sucks: (Scroll down to april 24th entry)
        \_ Great timing, especially as the Dow breaks 13,000.
        \_ Huh?  I can't see anything earlier than April 10th.
           \_ April 24th is after April 10th
2007/4/20-24 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:46395 Activity:nil
        Affluent *suburban* kids report 3X depression rates. I am not at
        all surprised. Suburbia->isolation->depression. I grew up in the
        cities and when I moved to the suburbs everyone in the family
        became isolated, depressed, gay and suicidal. I HATE SUBURBS.
                                                -intellectual urbanite
2007/4/19 [Consumer/CellPhone, Health] UID:46367 Activity:nil
4/19    April 16, 2007 - Honey bees are dying off, and cell phones may be to blame.
Bees have been disappearing in 24 states, and beekeepers estimate more than a qu\
arter of the country's 2.4 billion colonies have been affected.

Previously, scientists thought dry weather or pesticides may have been the cause\
, but a new German study shows that radiation from cell phone signals disorients bees.

"When bees are exposed to signals from cell phones, they can't find their way,"\
said Dr. George L. Carlo, chairman of the Safewireless Initiative. "It gets no n\
utrition and it consequently dies."
2007/4/12 [Health] UID:46283 Activity:nil
4/12    tom took psb quickly and bravely. the pain made him cry out and writhe in
        shock, but he held him hard against him and in great love compelled
        him to endure it
2007/4/4-6 [Transportation/Bicycle, Health] UID:46191 Activity:low
        Want to bike more efficiently? Use the PowerCranks! Each
        leg is independent of the other, ensuring proper strokes per leg!
        \_ Another silly solution to a non-existent problem.  -tom
        \_ It doesn't make sure that people actually exert force to propel the
           bicycle on the upstroke.  It only makes sure people exert enough
           force to lift the leg.
        \_ Take the power crank challenge?  No thanks.  I don't need psychotic
           episodes and facial sores.
2007/3/20-21 [Health] UID:46031 Activity:high
3/20    Take a drug to suppress traumatic memories?  Would *you* do it?
        \_ Rape that hot chick next door, then stuff one of these pills down
           her throat right afterwards.  She can't remember any details in
           court, even though she was painfully aware of your thrusting at that
           moment.  You're jail-free.  Wow, better than date-rape drug.
           \_ I'm in favor of the death penalty for proven cases of rape
              by drug.
              \_ Versus rape by rifle, which is so pleasant?
                 \_ Depends on the length and girth of your rifle.
                 \_ I'm in favor of the death penalty for that, too.
              \_ How can it be proven? What if the girl herself pops a pill
                 in order to get a guy in some deep, deep shit?
2007/2/13-15 [Health] UID:45728 Activity:nil
2/13    380 million year old fossilized muscle found in Australia: (
        \_ 'Most people have the "Hollywood view of evolution," ...' :-)
        \_ Pft.  Everyone knows the earth is 6,000 years old, give or take
           a few decades.
2007/1/27-31 [Health, Recreation/Dating] UID:45604 Activity:nil
        Hospice Helps Dying Man Lose His Virginity
2007/1/21-28 [Health, Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Media] UID:45563 Activity:nil
1/21    Blood Diamond, awesome movie. Beautiful sceneries of Africa and
        Europe in the background. It all makes it worth it to watch it
        on the big screen. If Leonardo weren't in it I'd give it an A+.
2006/11/9-10 [Health, Health/Dental] UID:45307 Activity:nil
11/9    FDA announces recall of some store-brand acetaminophen:
        List of stores that might be affected:
2006/11/1-2 [Health] UID:45083 Activity:low
11/01   Does anyone have any experience with nasal decongestants causing
        an increase in blood pressure? Has this happened to anyone here?
        \_ That's very common, and you're often warned not to take the stuff
           when you've got blood pressure problems.
        \_ They can interfere with oral contraceptives.  Found that one out
           the fun way....
           \_ really? you got a kid because of a nasal decongestant?
        \_ My coworker's having the same issue right now from Benedryl.
           \_ What's going on with him, specifically? -a scared op
              \_ She has a separate major health issue right now, so her
                 health is being monitored constantly.  Since she started
                 taking Bendryl again for allergy, her blood pressure has
                 gone through the roof.  She's currently taking a prescription
                 drug to lower it.  For her case, it's most likely because
                 she's taking Benedryl with all her other medicines for her
                 health issue that's triggering it.
2006/10/31 [Health] UID:45047 Activity:nil
10/31   I went to my chiropractor appointment Tuesday and the doctor said
        "I don't think I'm helping you, so I don't think you need to
        come anymore." Which I guess is nice of him to say rather than
        just taking my money for a service that is basically useless.
        And I got my three months of chiropractic and physical therapy
        care done, so now I have to gather up all the necessary
        information to send to appeal them. Which got me thinking that
        if I get okayed by the end of November, I may end up leaving my
        internship (which I love dearly) early  to get the surgery done
        because my school is screwing everyone over by making winter
        break 2 1/2 weeks long. Of course, that's assuming they cover my
        surgery. Which means I've been more seriously considering size
        (would I look right as a 34D? I've had large breasts relative to
        my size since I first developed them, so normal-sized ones are
        incredibly hard to fathom). And how the hell I would get back to
        school in January (get my sister to drive me and recruit friends
        to help me unpack my car?) and how I would be able to do gym
        classes (I need two to more to graduate; would I be able to
        start late in the term? would I be able to just do walking?).

        I'm so sick of the insurance company bullshit. 34K's are not
        "normal breasts" and I'm not looking to get this surgery for
        cosmetic reasons.
        \_ Amazing.  The b word doesn't appear until line 13.
2006/10/19-23 [Health] UID:44875 Activity:nil
10/19   Unprovoked attack of elderly man by a Sting Ray. Crikey! Steve
        Irwin was just the first step in their plan to take over the
        world: (
        \_ one inspired sting ray
        \_ Unprovoked? That stingray was preemptively striking against a
           threat to his species! He had a right to defend his species'
           interests! That man had WMD!
           \_ Totally provoked, people have been killing stringrays in
2006/9/28-10/1 [Health] UID:44586 Activity:nil
9/28    First communist traitor Zero-G surgery successful: (
2006/8/17-19 [Health] UID:44040 Activity:nil
8/17    What the hell is up with the reposts? I mean, yes, censorship's a
        pain, but the solution is to reverse it, not bump the thread to the
        \_ Au contraire mon frere!  The answer is to rub it in the wound
           until they squirm and break.  It'll stop sooner that way.
           \_ ob trolling from yesterday so you won't be trolled today
2006/8/8-11 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:43945 Activity:nil
8/8 (Wash Post)
        One injection of Special K permanently cures 5 of 18 patients of
        depression.  "It is almost like rebooting a computer."
        \_ ... "It is a chemical reboot, and the striking thing is the
           effect lasts for about a __week__" <----
           \_               ~~~~~ <-----
              "Half the patients had a 50 percent decline in depression
              symptoms after two hours, and by the end of the first day, 71
              percent reported a similar improvement. More than a third
              continued to report such a benefit after seven days, and nearly
              a third reported a __complete end of symptoms__." <-----
              \_ 1. It's not clear what the duration of the study was.  A
                    "complete end of symptoms" conclusion might be
                 2. The wording isn't clear.  That last sentence could be
                    interpreted as "a third reported no symptoms
                    (rather than just a 50% decline) after seven days"
                    without indication to its permanence. -!pp
                 \_ what about "a complete end to symptoms" isn't clear to
                    you?  Granted the reporter may be misquoting,
                    misreporting, and/or the researcher may be on crack (as
                    opposed to K), and the extreme claim deserves multiple
                    opposed to K), and it is an extreme claim.
                 \_ shrug.  I agree that I'm dubious as to the science or
                    whether the reporter reported it correctly, but I do
                    think that the article does make the extreme claim of
                    a cure for 5 out of 18.
           \_ What?  You expect you never have to reboot a Windoze box again
              after you reboot it once?
              \_ Makes you wonder if the other 13 subjects didn't experience
                 a permanent blue screen of death.
        \_ Ecstasy ROCKS!!!!  Special K RULES!!!! -Jeff Spicoli
2006/8/3-6 [Health] UID:43892 Activity:kinda low
8/3     Doing bench press, which bar grip most stresses the pecs:
        wide or close?
        \_ wide.  close works the triceps more.  think about straight pushups
           vs. diamonds.
           \_ yeah ok... some dumb girl who worked at 24h tried to tell me the
              the opposite.
        \_ Related question:  Is there a standard for how much the bars
           weigh?  -John
           \_ ED!!!!!!!!
           \_ I think 45lbs is pretty standard.
              \_ Yah, I think that's right:
              \_ Kewl, thanks.  OK here's another question:  after years of
                 neglect (occasional sports, eating & drinking too much, etc.)
                 I'm trying to get into shape again.  Given 4x workouts per
                 week (3-4 weight exercises per workout, 5x10 reps per weight,
                 and pushing myself to the limit, plus approx. 45-60min
                 cardio each time, what's a reasonable expectation for
                 getting into really hot-shit look-good-in-almost-anything
                 shape?  I started at about 6'1", ca. 200lbs and little
                 muscle about a month ago and have a pretty good, balanced
                 weight regimen...anyone?  -John
                 \_ I say this every time it comes up on the motd, and get
                    shouted down every time, but I'm going to say it again.
                    I believe that the most important aspect of any workout
                    plan based on health goals is whether you are likely to
                    stick with it for many years.  I also believe that with
                    very very few exceptions, normal people tend to find
                    weight lifting and running in circles to be very boring.
                    By this arguement, how many "reps" one does it not the
                    point.  The point is whether your mind will still be
                    engadged in that crap 20 years from now.  For the
                    Governator, that's true with weightlifting, but that's
                    just not normal.  I say look at the sports where you're
                    participating with people from teenagers thru guys in
                    their 70's, and go for that.  I don't workout to look
                    buff as a 30 year old, I work out with the intent to
                    still be in decent, healthy shape, enjoying my sport
                    when I'm 75.
                    \_ so... what's your sport?
                       \_ Judo.  I've met several judo practitioners in their
                          70's.  Sure, they mostly just shuffle around the
                          mat teaching the younger generation, but they're
                          still in damn good shape for their age.  Also, I
                          like having a coach in a sport who has 50 years'
                          experience in the sport.
                          \_ Ok. Well, you know I agree with you about cardio
                             being extremely boring. I have a hard time
                             getting myself to stay even 5 minutes on a
                             cardio machine. So I try to do other stuff for
                             that but I don't mind a bit of weightlifting.
                             1 hour 3x a week does a lot and I find it
                             feels pretty good. I catch some TV while I'm at
                             it. Most sports including Judo seem mostly
                             to help aerobic fitness.
                             \_ Find a gym with good TVs, a magazine
                                collection, and a row of stairmasters in
                                front of whatever machine it is you use.
                                Entertainment galore!  :-)  -John
                    \_ You may not enjoy it; I've been doing it on and off
                       for the past 10 years, with varying intensity.  It's
                       like shooting; it helps me focus and relax.  To each
                       his own.  As far as "crap" and "not normal" go, nobody
                       is forcing you.  -John
                       \_ If you actually enjoy weighlifting, than you are
                          in compliance with my worldview and I have no
                          further comments.  I apologize for the use of the
                          word "crap" in this context.
                 \_ It really depends.  As a very general suggestion, low
                    weights, high reps if you're looking to build tone and/or
                    endurance.  High weights, low reps if you're looking to
                    build strength/bulk.  I wouldn't do more than 3 sets for
                    a given exercise unless your focus is to build endurance.
                    Ideally, you should be at a weight where you r2d2 on the
                    last or second to last rep of the last set.  If you still
                    have juice after the set: 1) you're doing the exercises
                    in the wrong order, 2) you're using a weight which is too
                    low, 3) your form is bad or 4) you're going too fast.
                    You can see appreciable results even on flyweights if you
                    slow yourself down to a 5 or 7 count.
                    You almost definitely want to do your cardio *after* you
                    lift, or you're going to burn off the nutrients to really
                    work the muscles.
                    Be sure to check with someone in the know what the proper
                    form for an exercise is, or you'll likely end up wasting
                    time, energy, and possibly risking injury (I learned that
                    lesson the hard way).
                    Also have someone you trust check in on your form once
                    in awhile to help keep yourself honest (again, bad form ==
                    waste of time).
                    Lastly, diet >>>>> lifting.  You'll get far, far better
                    results if you exercise even mild discipline over what you
                    eat -- I suck at that.  Ultimately, if your diet isn't
                    good, you're going to waste alot of time making up the
                    difference.  Bandwidth++ -- feel free to email
                    if you want to chat more.                        -mice
                    \_ But isn't "tone" basically low fat + some muscles for
                       definition? Endurance, well, obviously it's easier to
                       lift 100 of a light weight than a heavy weight. So
                       building muscle capacity should help endurance.
                       I guess what I'm saying is I'm kind of dubious on the
                       value of high reps for anything. At some point I guess
                       you might want to avoid bulking up, but starting from
                       nothing, I think you'd still have to build a base for a
                       while. That's my current theory anyway.
                       \_ 1) Tone != Bulk, 2) Endurance != Strength.
                          \_ this is contentless.
                             \_ *sigh*  Yeah, I know -- I disagree with you
                                pretty strongly, actually, but I've already
                                spent too much time playing motd today.
                                Feel free to email me and tell me how dumb I
                                am, and I'll argue with you as time allows. =)
                 \_ Dunno but I think 5x10 reps is too much. 3x8 is better
                    (with heavy weight). You have that cardio to burn fat. You
                    want to lift more weight to build muscle, not do 50 reps
                    of some small weight. Also it will take less time and
                    help you keep it up. And/or do more exercises. Anyway
                    that's just some advice I've read but it makes sense to
                    me. I used to do 5x10 and it seemed like more work for less
                    \- if your goal is to "look good" in the sense of
                       6pack etc, i think it is harder to get down your
                       6pack etc, i think it is harder to reduce your
                       fat level so the 6pack is visible than just being
                       in good shape, i.e. having the 6pack hidden by
                       bacon. building muscle not too hard ... eat protein
                       and lift.
                    \_ OK Thanks; I was taught the 5x10 thing by a friend
                       in college who was pretty ripped--his point was to
                       always find the maximum weight where you could do 2x10,
                       then maybe 1x9, 1x8, 1x7 or so.  I'll try that, though.
        \_ I like to grip it slow and tight.  -proud American
                \_ I would say that you will notice a difference in 4 weeks and
                   probably feel pretty good about taking your shirt off
                   in six months. Even if you can't lose the fat, your
                   muscle mass ratio will go up, so you will just look
                   much better. One of the great things about weight
                   lifting is that you can see results quickly. Ax knows
                   much more about this, but one of the great things
                   about weight lifting is the fact that is shows results
                   quickly. One of the touch things about weight lifting
                   is that at some point you plateau and start showing very
                   little or no gains. At that point you might want to talk
                   to a personal trainer or something. That usually doesn't
                   happen in your first year though. -ausman
2006/7/18-20 [Health, Health/Women] UID:43716 Activity:nil
7/18    If you hike in some park, fell, and broke your leg or something,
        and had to be rescued, are 'they' gonna send you a big bill?
        What if some criminal chase after you with a gun and shot you?
        I assume the police won't send you a bill. What about the fire
        \_ Actually that might not be true.  For instance a small chunk
           of park entry fees may go into a "rescue fund".
        \_ Who is 'they'?  You would definitely get billed for the ambulance
           or helicopter medical evac.  If you had health insurance, it would
           probably cover some or all of this. -dans
        \_ The question of who pays for wilderness rescue remains a matter
           of some debate, but a good place to start is 42 U.S.C. 1395dd, aka
           EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
2006/7/5-6 [Health] UID:43564 Activity:nil
        I have been searching for this for ages to show my wife who
        never saw it. It's the infamous "I learned it by watching YOU!"
        anti-drug ad from 1987. -bz
        \_ And why is this yet another ineffective Reaganstic campaigns
           worth watching?
        \_ Why?
2006/6/26-29 [Health, Health/Men] UID:43507 Activity:nil
        Rush Limbaugh detained on possession of illegal prescription drugs.
        \_ republicans rool while liberals drool1!!!111!!1one
        \_ That's one way of putting it.  Sorry but this one isn't going
        \_ Should this be "detained on illegal possession of prescription
           \- Rush Limbaugh is an illegal radio host.
              \_ Which aliens?  The Greys?  What do They have to do with a
                 radio talk show host?
              \_ The mistake the author makes here is that he tries to
                 disconnect the adjective from the noun.  An illegal
                 immigrant is someone who immigrates illegally, not an
                 immigrant who commits an unrelated crime.  An illegal
                 radio host would be someone who is on the radio
                 illegally, not a radio host who takes illegal substances.
2006/6/15-19 [Health, Health/Men] UID:43403 Activity:nil
6/15    Hi guys, my dad was recently billed $180 for outpatient services and
        $200 for the actual process of removing wax from one ear.  After the
        Medicare deductible, he has to pay $160 (the govt is paying $380).
        Is this normal?  Thanks.
        (FYI, I had the same process done for myself under my company health
        plan, and didn't pay crap.)
        \_ Sounds about right.  Think about how many man hours went into
           getting his ear dewaxed.  Reception/doctor/maybe a nurse.  Cleaning
           up after he left, supplies, billing, paperwork whathaveyou.  Stuff
           costs money.  160 dollars isn't that much these days.
        \_ what does ear dewaxing do for you?
           \_ basically when your ear's clogged up with wax it's really
              clogged up.  fyi, i've since learned you can buy a $5 kit on
              the shelf at the drug store and save yourself the dr.'s visit.-op
              \_ Does the type of earwax (dry or wet) matter?
                 \_ I don't know.  Presumably if the $5 kit doesn't work, it's
                    time to visit the doctor.
                    \_ The doctor will shoot warm water in your ear and catch
                       it in a bucket.  Even if they threw the bucket away
                       afterwards, the procedure shouldn't cost $380.  But
                       yes, that's "normal" in the U.S.  -tom
                       \_ Thanks, tom.  A word of warning to do-it-your-selfers
                          though:  If you stick the syringe in your ear and
                          squeeze, MAKE SURE to leave an opening for the water
                          to pour out of. -op
                       \_ The doctor is the expensive part, not the bucket.
                          If you go see a doctor (and in this case, it sounds
                          like he went to a hospital) for basic personal
                          grooming, why would you expect it to be inexpensive?
                          He's paying for the doctor's time and the hospital's
                          facilities.  Would you also expect it to be cheap
                          to visit the emergency room and have a surgeon trim
                          your toenails?
                          \_ OK, how much do you think five minutes of time
                             with a doctor should cost?  You think $300 is
                             reasonable?  -tom
                             \_ Most professionals set minimum billable amounts
                                of their time (often one hour or one day).  Are
                                you saying that doctors should bill by the
                                minute?  If that was a minimum billable amount
                                of one hour at $150, plus that much again for
                                the hospital, then I'd say it sounds about
                                right.  Frankly, I wouldn't want it to be cheap
                                to get my ears cleaned by a doctor at a
                                hospital.  I'd prefer that this be expensive to
                                make it less likely that hospitals are clogged
                                with stupid things like this when someone goes
                                in with a real problem.
                                \_ Fortunately, it's expensive to do
                                   anything at all at a hospital or doctor's
                                   office; up to five times as expensive in
                                   the U.S. as in other comparable nations.
                                   And the crowding problem is mitigated by
                                   the fact that millions of Americans don't
                                   have health insurance.
                                   If you think the U.S. health care system
                                   is good at anything other than providing
                                   Viagra, you're either nuts or trolling. -tom
        \_ I think the $7 kits are just 90% isopropyl alcohol or something like
           that so you if you have a syringe don't need to spend $7
           when $0.99 will do.
           \_ Debrox, the most popular OTC treatment, is 6.5% carbamide
              peroxide with citric acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, and
              other lubricants.  This is why you don't necessarily read the
              motd for medical advice and squirt the i-PrOH in your ear.
2006/5/31-6/3 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:43237 Activity:nil
5/30    Pedophile Europeans want the legal age to lower to 12:
        \_ "The party wants private possession of child pornography to be
           allowed although it supports the ban on the trade of such materials."
           Uh... what's the point of that?
           \_ Umm.. so they can make their own?
           \_ It's the "go after the producer not the consumer" model.  Lots
              of countries do that for drug laws.  If you make and sell a
              shitload of drugs they will go after you.  IF you have a couple
              hits of e on you they won't hassle you.
              \_ Right, well explained. I think the people who are proposing
                 this don't get that child porn actually involves a victim.
                 \_ They get it.  They don't care.  Criminals don't care about
                    their victims.  If they did they wouldn't commit the crime
                    in the first place.
              \_ But "It's the demand, stupid"  They wouldn't have to target
                 drug traffickers if possession were a serious crime.
                 (Personally I think drug laws are stupid, but that's not the
                 point in this case)
                 \_ Uhh, for many drugs possession IS a serious crime.  And
                    yet wow, would you look at that, there is still demand.
                    Hell, for child porn possession is a serious crime and
                    yet it sure sounds like there is still plenty of demand.
        \_ In Holland it is common for super extreme groups to have a small
           but marginalized voice in the government.  This is a bit more
           excessive than usual...
2006/5/23-28 [Health] UID:43160 Activity:nil
5/23    How much do you have to drink to have this much alchohol in your blood?
        \_ Maybe he had an IV drip.
2006/5/12-17 [Health] UID:43034 Activity:nil
        \_ "Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to
            gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised
            controlled trials"
2006/5/10-12 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:43001 Activity:nil
5/10    How a regular person can give Dubya good advice (on Medicare Part D)
        Look for the first "Applause" line in response to a questioner.
2006/4/26-27 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Stripclub, Health] UID:42842 Activity:nil
4/26    Naked man in chimney in Hayward
        \_ I believe consenting adults have the right to be naked in their own
        \_ So a side note in there is "booked at the (jail) on suspicion of
           being under the influence of drugs"  So if possessing or using
           illegal drugs is, well, illegal, how do celebrities officially get
           away with "and now I'm in cocaine rehab at Betty Ford" w/out ever
           being charged w/ a crime for drug use?  Is the official answer
           "they're too important for that"?
           \_ When celebrities get fucked out of their minds and find
              themselves naked, stuck somewhere they can't get out of, they
              don't call the fire department/police/what-have-you.
           \_ Better lawyers. Short of a chemical test of some sort, which a
              a better lawyer will advise you not to consent to, it's kind of
              hard to prove you, um, inhaled.
              \_ Being in rehab for drug X isn't admission of guilt?
                 \_ Nope. More to the point, it's not enough evidence to
                    warrant charges.
           \_ I don't think people who voluntarily go to rehab generally
              get arrested.
2006/3/19-21 [Health] UID:42319 Activity:low
3/19    White house pushes more drug testing for schools
        \_ I thought Bush smoked cocaine during his "free-sprited" days
           \_ _smoked_ cocaine?
              \_ He didn't inhale, its ok.
           \_ Hey, we all know El Presidente snorted a line or two back in
              the day, but I think we would have heard about it if he was
              freebasing. -dans
              \_ "A line or two" was what he snuck into the bathroom at
                 Camp David for.  He was a full blown coke head.
                 \_ I wouldn't doubt it.  But not all coke heads go the
                    Richard Prior/Marion Barry route. -dans
2006/3/18-20 [Health, Health/Men, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:42310 Activity:moderate
3/18    Level 60 in World of Warcraft:  -John
        \_ Wow, that's somewhere between hilarious and creepy...not sure which
           yet.        -mice
           \_ Ah, dorm life. There's reason why people want to move out after
              a little while.
              \_ Dude, I was gonna say the same thing. This is the exact kind
                 of thing that drives people out of dense populated areas to
                 live in the suburbs. I guess when you're young and stupid
                 (<18) you wanted to make friends so you live in the dorms
                 or something but then as you get older you realize that
                 it's a pain to live so close to so many idiots.
2006/3/18-20 [Health] UID:42309 Activity:high
3/18    Any reccomendations on books that give accurate data on what % of your
        salary should go where (rent/mortage,bills,savings,food)?
        \_ What are we... in the 50s era where a person should spend a hard
           % of time doing laundry, cooking, rationing, and shit? The rule
           of thumb is you are responsible for your actions and consequences
           and you do what is best to minimize current AND future pains and
           maximize current AND future pleasures. The rule of thumb is, life
           should get a bit better and better as you get older, not the other
           way around. For example, let's say you do weed all day long and
           enjoy your time in your 20s. Since you wasted time, you probably
           won't enjoy your future. On the other hand you can stay in school
           a bit longer and deal with a lot of bullshit but when you graduate
           you'll find it slightly easier to get jobs/connections/whatever.
           How much pain/pleasure for now? As a rule, you should be as frugal
           as possible, and try to tolerate as much pain as possible in
           in beginning. Look at my mainland Chinese friends. 5 engineers are
           living in a 1 bedroom in Fremont to save money/utility/etc, and
           after only a few years they'll be able to put down 10-20% downpay
           for typical Santa Clara homes (typical meaning built in the 50s,
           really run down and need a lot of repairs, small, and still
           over $750K). If on the other hand I lived with them, I'd be
           depressed because I grew up in the US and I've been spoiled.
           My tolerance for pain is low and I totally need instant
           gratification. So the rule of thumb is you do what you
           can to tolerate pain and be a Jew for as long as you can.
           can to tolerate pain and be a Chinese for as long as you can.
           The money you save will be very handy when you're getting married,
           buying a home, raising up a child, buying a minivan, whatever.
        \_ My rule of thumb is that food, bills and rent should be less than
           40%, and the rest goes to student loans till that's paid off, then
           it all goes to stockpiling survival gear until I have enough to quit
           the System and live in my cabin in the deep woods.  YMMV.
        \_ I can't recommend any particular books for this, but I can tell you
           that the general rule of thumb is you should not spend more than
           1/3 of your monthly gross income on your monthly rent or mortgage
           payment.  As for the other things, try keeping a budget for two
           months.  Track *everything* you buy, no matter how small.  Then
           look over your budget and see where you might reasonably make
           changes.  One of the common things people find in recent years when
           they perform this exercise is that they are spending a ridiculous
           amount of money on coffee. -dans
           \_ That rule of thumb doesn't really make sense in the Bay Area
              where incomes are higher and so are housing costs. You can
              spend more if you make more and still have plenty to live
              off of. -ausman
              \_ Not if you plan to retire at 65 and continue living in the
                 life style you are accustomed to. -dans
                 \_ Actually, by 65 your house should be paid off.
                    Is this really that hard to figure out? Let's say
                    I make $50k/yr as a sysadmin in Atlanta, where I can
                    buy a house for $1000/mo, leaving me $3000/mo to live
                    on, or live in the Bay Area and make $100k/yr and buy
                    a house for $5000/mo, leaving me $3000/mo to live on.
                    How can I save faster for retirement on the Atlanta
                    $3k/mo than on the SF $3k/mo? -ausman
                    \_ because, according to Mr. Dim Wit, you can buy a huge
                       McMansion in Atlanta where you're far away from stupid
                       city folks, where you'll be able to listen to country
                       music as loud as you want without stupid Bay Area
                       Socialists knocking on your doors. And since you'll
                       be far from stupid city folks you'll have a better
                       quality of life and work better and live longer.
                    \_ Totally flawed thinking. By 45 you're old and
                       overpaid and companies will try to find whatever
                       excuse they can to replace you with smarter, more
                       knowledgeable kids, or really smart and cheap
                       Indians to replace your position that was once
                       considered sacred but now all too easy to replace with.
                    \_ I don't think the pay's necessarily commensurate, but
                       there are other compensations to high COL areas, e.g.
                       some goods are fairly fixed in price across the US:
                       cars, computers, etc.
                    \_ Are you seriously suggesting that the salary for a
                       sysadmin in SF is double that of a sysadmin in Atlanta?
                      \_ Are you being obtuse on purpose? The paragraph
                         was proceeded by a "let's say." I seriously
                         suggest that a sysadmin in th Bay Area makes
                         more than one in Atlanta, meaning that you
                         can spend more on housing and still have the
                         same amount left over for living expenses. -ausman
        \_ Spend less than you make.  Savings are good.  --dbushong
           \- maybe you should initially worry about what you agg savings
              percentage is rather than the composition. some people
              might pay more rent and live in manhattan and not have
              a $75k car ... others might may half the rent and have
              a commuter and a fun car. now if you agg saving is too
              low, then maybe you need to do some budget accounting and
              see where the money is going. it's like an analogy to
              dieting .. if you have 12% body fat and can run a 6min
              mile, you dont need to worry about your diet ... if you
              are a chubb, then maybe you should figure out where the
              colaries are coming from.
              a car ... others might pay half as much rent but own +75k
              in cars. now if you agg saving is too low, then maybe you
              need to do some budget accounting and see where the
              money is going. consider and analogy to dieting and exercise
              ... if you have 12% body fat and can run a 6min mile, you dont
              need to worry about your diet ... if you are a chubb,
              then maybe you should figure out where the colaries are
              coming from. additionally there is the temporal compotent ...
              somebody with $50k yr job in retail and no debt vs somebody
              making a comaprable salary with +$100k in medical school
              debt are in verfy diff positions obviously in teh med/long
              terms but in teh short term this also has different implication
              for how much discretionary income they are likely to have.
              \_ That was rather rambling and incoherent, and shouldn't it have
                 been in reply to the main thread, not the "you should save"
2006/2/27-28 [Health] UID:42019 Activity:low
2/27    The Yellow Fever video:
        \_ d00d, the asian actors are such nerds.  the l0s3r white guy, the
           indian dude, and the black guy were 10x better.
           \_ I agree. The asian dude's role would've been played
              much better by any white guy.
           \_ This is not worth watching.  And the name "Yellow Fever"
              implies it is about Whites' attraction for Asians, rather
              than Asians' attraction for Whites.
              \_ I also thought so in the first 5 minutes, but after the
                 white d00d showed up it got so much better.
        \_ Interesting premise, but it has the feel of a beginning high school
           or college film makers first attempt, and it shows. -dans
        \_ The main character reminds me of Urkel.
2006/2/14-15 [Health] UID:41846 Activity:nil 66%like:41853
2/14    I hate Valentine's Day
        \_ Let's get drunk and screw
           \_ Drinking doesn't seem to actually kill the pain or cause total
              forgetfullnes.  Can someone recommend a drug available on the
              street that might be more effective?
        \_ When I had no SO, a bunch of us single geeks at work used to go out
           and have a nice dinner this day every year.
        \_ Beware the siren's song, it leads only to that unending nightmare
           of suffering from which death will be your only relief.
           \_ Wait, I thought that was birth.
2006/2/1-3 [Health] UID:41637 Activity:moderate
2/1     Anyone reccomend a pain reliever for joint (bad shoulder -- ligament
        damage) pain. 1000mg of acetominaphen is not helping and getting a
        timely doctor appt is not easy. Thanks
        \_ I've known several people with chronic back pain who've found
           accupuncture to help a lot.  And unlike back surgery, there's no
           potential downside.  Based on what I've seen, I wouldn't trust
           a back surgeon unless the *only* alternative were to be totally
           crippled for life.
           \_ No potential downside?  What about catching HIV from the needles?
              \_ Right.  Or the accupuncturist could knock you out with a tire
                 iron and sell your organs on the black market.  Good point.
              \_ gee, total strawman there
                 \_ Are they required to sterilize the needles in autoclaves?
                    \_ They cleanse the needles with fire and the sword.
           \_ My mom had successful spinal surgery. Find a surgeon who
              does it with an endoscope. Her surgeon (in the SF Bay
              Area, even though she lives elsewhere) said he hadn't had
              a patient with bad effects of the surgery in over 1000
              performed. Surgery is not like it used to be.
              \_ One time, my drunk friend pulled donuts in an icy parking
                 lot while we took turns hanging on the roof of the car.
                 No one was hurt.  Icy parking lots aren't like they used
                 No one was hurt.  Icy parking lots just aren't like they used
                 to be.
                 \_ If he did it 1000 times maybe you have a point.
                    \_ To extend the analogy, if my drunk friend made more in
                       a month than your yearly income to con people into taking
                       icy parking lot donut rides, would you really take his
                       word for it about the 1000 successful rides?
                       a month than your yearly income to con people into
                       taking icy parking lot donut rides, would you really
                       take his word for it about the 1000 successful rides?
                       Fuck back surgeons.
                       \_ Had a bad surgeon or something? I'd take the
                          surgeon's word for it based on my mom's results.
                          \_ Not me personally, but someone I know was
                             seriously fucked up by one, and based on that
                             whole experience I wouldn't go near one unless
                             life would really really be uliveable without
                             one.  On something like this, I think anecdotal
                             evidence on the negative side is much more
                             important than anecdotal evidence on the positive
        \_ Clair Davies: Trigger Point Therapy.  Medically-based personal therapy
           for long-term myofacial pain, which may be your problem.
2006/1/18-20 [Health, Health/Skin] UID:41413 Activity:low
1/18    Pentagon plans to produce Mass Intestination weapon - danh
        \_ "deploying the weapon merely invites other nations to follow suit."
           Having already considered that, the Pentagoy has already secretly
           deployed a Code-Three classfied space-age anti-ADS hidden
           personnel defense system to all military bases throughout out
           country.  Next time when you visit a military base, don't say
           anything like "I can put these under my clothes" when you see the
           $2/roll of aluminum foils in the kitchens, or you'll be immediately
           $2/roll aluminum foils in the kitchens, or you'll be immediately
           arrested by the MP's and tossed into a torture chamber!
           \_ Is "pentagoy" a typo, or are you actually mocking the pentagon
              for their goyish ways?
              \_ Sorry.  Typo.
        \_ I guess I don't get it.  Is a pain gun worse than a lead pellet
           gun in some way?
           \_ Not to mention that it takes seconds to cause an effect.
           \_ Testing was conducted on heavily-screened "participants,"
              unlikely to represent an actual crowd in terms of health, age,
              discipline (i.e., moving away rapidly rather than freezing in
              pain), grouping (i.e., individuals with room to move rather than
              tightly packed mobs), and bling (i.e., having removed all metal
              objects prior to testing as opposed to having genital piercing
              and other objects that might heat up uncomfortably under the
              ray). Also, consider use of "pain ray" for traceless torture.
              I'm not saying it's worse, I'm just saying it's more complex.
2006/1/18-20 [Health, Health/Men] UID:41412 Activity:low
1/17    What are the pros/cons of doing a workout that doesn't include
        weights but rather pushups, situps, pullups, dips, etc. versus
        a weight-lifting workout regimen? I know I can't build as much
        muscle mass as I could with weights, but are there any benefits?
        \_ What is your goal?
                \_ My goal is to maintain muscle mass and possibly
                   gain some. I've been lifting weights for years,
                   and I'm just getting bored with it. I've changed
                   up my regimen a few times, but I'm just tired of lifting.
                   I had some decent progress, but I think I'm just
                   in the mood to change my workout drastically.
                   Thanks for all the responses so far. -op
                   \_ Check out  Their approach uses
                      high-intensity training with functional movements
                      like squatting and pullups, and it's very
                      effective for building muscle mass and cutting fat.
        \_ Depends on what you want, really. Sounds like you're describing
           weight-training but using your own body weight instead of
           dumbbells. Any weight exercises (whether your own or others) are
           beneficial to your muscle - your muscle reacts more to heavier
           weights of course (e.g. the tear from lifting 200 lbs vs. your
           body weight of 150 lbs would cause muscle to rebuild in stronger
           form). Physicians often recommend novices to start doing weights
           using their own body mass (situps, pushups, dips, etc) before
           attempting real weights.
        \_ less control ; more difficult to vary stress levels and/or precisely
           target different muscles. However it is definitely cheaper and more
           convenient from an equipment standpoint.  You should be somewhat
           suspect of a regimen tthat someone is trying to 'sell' you if
           they're going to get some benefit (i.e. a sale) out of you.
        \_ there is a surprising variation of exercises you can do with just
           your own body mass. pushups for example: wide stance, narrow,
           using an exercise ball (either on your feet or on your hands).
           granted, doesn't have the potential of weights, but there's a lot
           to be done.
        \_ You want to increase muscle mass or cardio for your heart?
           \_ ... or burn fat?
           \_ ... or build endurance?
        \_ I have no advice, but I found these fascinating:
2006/1/17-18 [Health] UID:41398 Activity:nil
1/16    The medicare drug plan fiasco:
2005/11/18-21 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Health, Politics] UID:40648 Activity:nil
11/18   To whoever posted here, you rule.  -John
        \_ Agreed. What's your handle and where are you? I wanna come kill you.
        \_ The game sucks!  I became a zombie already.
           \_ Who else plays this?  Is there a limit to how much you can carry?
              Is there any point keeping low value (0 value?) things like
              multiple wirecutters?
2005/10/16 [Health] UID:40119 Activity:low
10/16   I was walking in downtown SF today and I think I saw
        blojo walking past me, I was thinking of flagging him down
        and telling him how much pain and suffering turning on the
        'write' bit for all on /etc/motd was causing but then I decided
        it wasn't worth the effort. - danh
        \_ Are you the father of /etc/motd.public?
2005/10/7-9 [Health, Reference/Tax] UID:40016 Activity:nil
10/7    Can I get some advice on where to go for health insurance?
        There is a cute set of circumstances which sadly leave me without, and
        I was wondering where I should go/look to buy it.  I would likely
        want a plan with a high deductible (aka low monthly?) that would
        basically just be needed if I had some catastrophic health issue.
        Thanks. -mrauser
        \_ Mike, I went through the same thing few yrs back and used
  After you feed them your basic info
           (age, smoking/nonsmoking, zip code, etc) they will present you with
           a list of options. You can certainly find the high deductible ones
           with low monthly. For example, I got one through Blue Shield with
           $2400 deductible (yes, it's outrageous, but) with dues around
           $86/mo. Assuming you're 30+ yrs old, Bay Area nonsmoker. They also
           offer short-term insurance (12 months or less) if you're simply
           between jobs. Hope this helps! - jthoms
           \_ I got this same plan through Cal Alumni Assoc. Check it out.
           \_ Forgot to add, with high deductible, you're also eligible to
              open a Health Savings Acct (the so-called 'Healthcare IRA')
              or HSA. So with a $2400 deductible, you can open a $2400 HSA
              and write off $2400 from your 1040 for tax year 2005. Sweet!
              Go to for more info (but you don't have to open
              it through HSA Bank).
              \_ You still need to make sure that your high deductible plan
                 is HSA-compatible.  My wife's Blue Cross plan was not, even
                 though the deductible was $2500.
              \_ Yes, but if you don't use the money you lose it.
                 \_ Wrong. You're thinking the HCRA, the 'use-it-or-lose-it'
                    acct. HSA is totally separate, you accrue it for life, and
                    you can only use it for qualified medical expenses. (no,
                    your monthly dues don't count, unfortunately). It's a gov't
                    ploy to encourage folks to save up for their hlthcare exp
                    prior to and during retirement. Unlike IRA though, you can
                    use the money even before you turn 59.5, as long as it's
                    for qualified medical exp. STFG for a list.
              open a Health Savings Acct (the so-called 'Healthcare IRA') or HSA.
              So with a $2400 deductible, you can open a $2400 HSA and write off
              $2400 from your 1040 for tax year 2005. Sweet! Go to
              for more info (but you don't have to open it through HSA Bank).
2005/10/3-5 [Health] UID:39951 Activity:nil
10/3    After seeing drunk people, why do people want to get drunk?
        \_ There are many states of inebriation one can reach.  I suspect what
           you're classifying as "drunk" is probably way far over on the
           extreme end of the spectrum.  Most people I know that get drunk
           seldom reach that state, and even if they do, they were usually
           having an extremely good time up until that point.  Personally, I
           like to reach the heavily buzzed state where I'm not slurring but
           can definitely feel the effects.                     -mice
        \_ after seeing people have fun, why would you yourself not
           also want to have fun.
           \_ they don't look like they are having fun.
              \_ you should see them when they're sober
2005/9/20-21 [Health, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:39762 Activity:low
9/20    Simon Wiesenthal, RIP  -John
        \_ If you haven't read "Eichmann In Jerusalem" by Arendt, now is as
           good a time as any
        \_ So whatever happened to Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller and
           \_ They're living in my basement, trolling the motd.
           Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele?
           \_ They're living in my basement, trolling the motd.
        \_ it's funny that many has strong feeling toward what Nazi has
           done to Jews, yet worship those in the Yasukuni Shrine.
2005/9/6-7 [Health, Science/Space] UID:39531 Activity:nil
        "Microbiologist Paul Pearce found total sewage bacteria in a water
        sample from in New Orleans' Ninth Ward to be 45,000 times what would be
        considered safe for swimming in a pond or a lake. ... Pearce also found
        2.2 million parts per unit of human waste bacteria in the floodwater,
        which is off the charts."
        \_ nice to see the celtics forward has an off-season hobby
2005/8/23 [Health, Health/Women] UID:39225 Activity:moderate
8/23    Utah police go nutzoid:
        \_ So, were all of the bits in the Sherriff's Dept. official
           statement complete fabrication?
           \_ Yeah, the police never fabricate anything.
                \_ This is nothing.  The Czech police used a tank!
              \_ No, but when you have 2 versions of events on the internet,
                 and one requires the police to just be EVIL AND HATE FREEDOM
                 and the other that the people reporting this were on drugs
                 (while at a rave, no less), Occam's Razor says...
                 \_ Well the police's version (paraphrased) is that a large
                    party somebody is probably doing something illegal, so they
                    decided to bust it up and include the SWAT team because
                    regular cops are no match for raver kids.
                    \_ No, the police version is that something was probably
                       illegal, then that they didn't have the right permits,
                       then that they surveilled and there WAS illegal stuff
                       going on, then they went in.
                       \_ So do you suggest Gestapo tactics for other
                          gatherings that include illegal activity, such as
                          rock concerts and frat parties?
                          \_ And you just know at a left-wing political rally
                             somebody's going to be carrying drugs.
                             \_ Right, and at a right wing political rally
                                you know somebody is going to be carrying
                                loaded automatic weaponry without the proper
                                permit.  So either way, yay!
                                concealed loaded automatic weaponry, so
                                either way, yay!
                 \_ Um, read some of the local press articles linked to from
                    the various web forums.  Guns, Drugs, and note how they
                    bring up the possibility of rape, and how there may be
                    many minors (won't someone think of the children!) there.
                    They make it sound like a Hell's Angels 666th anniversary
                    grill party and baby sacrifice.  Occam's razor also says
                    that mindless police brutality and excessive force are not
                    unknown.  But then it's just a bunch of drug-addled
                    children, so...  -John
        \_ Heh, I like this:
           "I saw a dog signal out a guy who obviously had some drugs on
            him....They had liscenced security guards at the gates
            confiscating any alcohol or drugs found upon entry (yes, they
            searched every car on the way in). Oh, I suppose I should
            mention that they arrested all the security guards for
2005/8/5-7 [Health, Health/Men] UID:39020 Activity:nil
8/5     Should I stay away from the Bushes of Hazzard and Stealth?  I hear
        many bad reviews.
        \_ If you have to ask, then maybe not. But especially Stealth.
           Dukes' badness might have comic value. Stealth will just be
           Dukes' badness might have comic value. Stealth will just be pain.
           Bush's badness might have comic value. Stealth will just be pain.
        \_ Roger Ebert's review of the Dukes is pretty funny at least
2005/7/16-18 [Health, Health/Women] UID:38660 Activity:nil
7/16    Morning-After Pill May Be Banned From Wisconsin University Campuses.
        Is this a sign of things to come where everything is moving
        more and more to the right?,2933,162694,00.html
        \_ so let em.  what're you worried about?  government infringing on
2005/7/10-12 [Health] UID:38509 Activity:nil
7/9     Has soda said no to drugs?  What about rum and screwdriver?
2005/6/16-20 [Health] UID:38158 Activity:nil
6/16    My sister's pepper spray and hair spray got taken away by the airport
        guys cuz they say that they're pressurized and may explode in air.
        This got me to wonder if albuteral asthma cans are allowed or not?
        \_ typically.  ditto for epi-pens (epinephrine auto-injectors)
           \_ Sounds like a potential loophole for terrorists to exploit
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