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2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/6/15-17 [Health, Health/Women] UID:38131 Activity:low
6/15    I know there was a discussion a couple of weeks ago about RSI and
        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but I wasn't paying attention. Now my SO has
        developed wrist pain after using the computer for a couple of hours
        (we're guessing it's RSI not CTS but we're not sure) and I'd like to
        know: a) is this something people go to see a doctor about and if so
        does anyone have any recommendations for a good doctor (preferably
        in the south bay)? b) any specific advice besides "take breaks every
        10 minutes" etc, especially about setting up an ergonomically healthy
        computer desk setup?
        \_ You need to approach this problem from all sides. I had RSI and
           the pain was so severe that after an hour typing I'd have so much
           pain that I'd have to stop. I took frequent mini vacations but
           after a while they no longer worked. I finally filed for worker's
           comp through HR and they'd set me up with 2 chiropractor
           appointments a week. By the way, despite what you hear, worker's
           comp for RSI is very very common in Silicon Valley and in many
           cases the HR shields this information from your peers and boss.
           Anyways, here is the 411 from my doctors and chiropractors. As
           you get older, the ability for your body to regenerate muscles,
           cartilage, etc diminish. Many short distance runners have to quit
           because they can no longer regenerate some parts at a rate they
           used to, and eventually their body parts wear out that it hits
           the nerves. Same with typing. You're getting older. You'll never
           feel as good as flexible and agile as when you were 18, but you
           can do a few things. First, increase the rate at which your body
           regenerates-- EXERCISE! Cardio is the best. Do this twice a week,
           you'll notice dramatic differences in a few months. You should
           also STRETCH your hands once every 30 min when you type. Make
           this mandatory! Lastly, as a temporarry but immediate relief, use
           Kinesis-Ergo keyboard. I did something drastic and even used
           Dvorak layout on top of my Kinesis, but there is a lot of
           commitment involved. Finally, do all of the above and do it
           CONSISTENTLY. It's been 3-4 years since I started my therapy
           and according to my doctors and chiros I'm 80-90% healed.
        \_ I'd email you exactly how I got rid of my RSI but you're anonymous
           \_ I'd email you and tell you my login so you can e-mail me your
              advice but you're anonymous... oh wait.
              \_ you're the one asking for help, dude.
           \_ email me please.  !op             kngharv
        \_ maybe you should email because he says
           there is no correlation between RSI and typing. Maybe he can give
           you advice on what he does that prevents him from getting RSI, like
           proper diet or just having fewer neurons that dulls your sensation.
        \_ I found that not resting my wrists below the level of (or for
           laptops, on) the keyboard, trying to work in not-too-cold
           temperatures, using a wrist pad, using a low-impact keyboard (easy
           to push keys, not too clicky) and just doing wrist/hand/forearm
           stretching exercises every few minutes helped a lot.  -John
           \_ I think John's suggestions are all good. I use the Soft
              Splints from to keep my wrists
              at the proper level and keep my hands warm while typing.
              You may end up looking like a Hobo or Glenn Gould or something
              wearing them, but I prefer them to wrist pads, especially for
              laptops.  - ciyer
        \_ I find this mouse very helpful, eventhough it may look like an
           obscene sex toy:  or, if you can't find it
           anywhere, try amazon and look for:
           \_ That looks good. I might get one of those. It's funny that it
              looks a lot like a good ole fashioned joystick. Incidentally, I
              bought a rollerball mouse. It's good in that I can actually do
              CAD work for more than an hour at a time now, but I still get
              pain when I have long projects. -- ulysses
        \_ I got one of those bowl keyboards.
  and yes they are
           espensive and yes it took several weeks before I could really type
           and over a month before I type well but I was having serious pain
           in my right hand before I switched and as long as I use that
           keyboard the pain is totally gone now.  -aspolito
        \_ You can find utilities that remind you to take rest breaks, or just
           set a kitchen timer.  Learn about stretches specific for
  has a
           downloadable .pdf with examples of stretches.  I also find that a
           split keyboard helps.  I switched to vim for editing so I don't use
           ctrl-alt chording as much as I did with emacs.  I also started
           mousing with my left hand (I can play FPS's now, though it took a
           while to adjust).  Finally, strength exercises for back and
           shoulders help your posture and force your body into a position
           that's better for your arms.
        \_ I went to the Stanford hand clinic when I had a problem with my
           ulnar nerve.  Had physical therapy, which was almost all just hot
           paraffin wraps of my forearms.  They also had me do exercises
           with silly putty and elastic bands to strengthen my wrists, and
           I use softcasts whenever I type for extended periods.  All that
           seemed to work, and I've been pain free for years now.  The paraffin
           wraps helped calm down my inflamed ulnar, and I think my longer
           term nerve-healthiness is due to the softcasts.  I am not sure the
           exercises helped a whole lot, but I wasn't terribly diligent in
           doing the exercises in the first place.  BTW, I had a grand old
           time talking the clinic resident into ordering all kinds of
           expensive nerve induction tests, all of which were paid for by my
           insurance.  There's probably some kind of insurance-reform parable
           in there somewhere.
        \_ Try these busty mousepads:
        \_ I haven't tried the Kinesis kb's, but I personally use a normal
           MS ergo split key with the 3M ergo mouse.  The mouse made a
           huge difference for me.  One of my coworkers with more extreme
           RSI uses something called a touchstream keyboard.  It's pretty
           nice since it requires near zero force to type and mouse.
           Make sure you get your desk ergonomically evaluated and do wrist
           stretches ever day.
2005/6/11-13 [Health, Health/Eyes] UID:38084 Activity:low
6/10    I found this quite moving [E'ist Obit]:
        \_ passive acceptance to racial prejudice.  It is a role model
           which we want minorities to follow.
        \_ passive accpetance to racial prejudice, a model which we should
           encourage minorties to follow.
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/6/10-13 [Health] UID:38073 Activity:nil
6/10    "We were doing drugs in the dressing room when suddenly the tour
        manager stuck his head round the door and said: 'The Police are here'.
        We all panicked and threw our drugs down the toilet. And then Sting,
        Andy Summers and Stuart Copeland walked in."
                --Ronny Wood, Rolling Stones
2005/6/9-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health] UID:38060 Activity:low
6/9     Sez the Canadian Supreme Court:  "delays in the [Quebec] public health
        care system are widespread and that in some serious cases, patients
        die as a result of waiting lists for public health care." [nytimes]
        \_ Meanwhile, 40 million plus Americans have no health insurance of
           any kind.  And god help if you have a preexisting condition and
           become unemployed.
           \_ This fictional 40 million number.... why should the govt
              pay for health insurance for people who rather buy
              new cars and flat screen plasma TVs?  The number of people
              who could not afford health ins., should they actually
              choose to buy it, is very small.  Futhermore, by law no
              one is denied care at a hospital emergency room and
              socialized health care programs already exist.
              \_ I don't know if this is trolling or naivete. "Could not
                 afford" is, perhaps, a subjective term, but data I've seen
                 from at least Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake and Napa counties
                 indicate populations well into the thousands who cannot
                 afford heath insurance and are under-served by the local
                 publicly available health care options. Not to mention that
                 in those counties, as well as in Santa Cruz county,
                 facilities that serve primarily Medicare and Medical patients
                 are closing. "By law" is one thing but have you heard of a
                 "code red" condition? That means the ER at a hospital won't
                 accept any new comers. That said, I don't think any of the
                 folks I'm refering to would be buying new cars or flat
                 screen TVs either. -- ulysses
                 \_ so you know personally know 40 million people without
                    insurance?  "really can't afford health care" can denot
                    alot of categories.  As a graduate student making 30k a
                    year I could afford catastrophic health care or,
                    if need be, go on a government program, as we already
                    have Fed and state programs for people who cannot
                    afford health care.  Let me ask you this - would you
                    agree to tax cuts so people could pay for their health
                    care, or do these people you seem to know not work
                    \_ The populations to whom I'm referring make typically less
                       than $10,000 a year. Cutting their taxes would still not
                       give them enough money to afford health care. Sample
                       occupations include homecare workers, gardeners,
                       (non-union) custodians. There are many more but those
                       are on the top of my head. These are people typically
                       within two or three multiples of the federal poverty
                       line. You are certainly correct that you, as a graduate
                       student, have more options. The Fed and state programs
                       to which you refer (Medical? Medicare?) only work if
                       there are facilities around to take patients. This is
                       getting lengthy and narrow for the motd so I invite you
                       to sign your login or email me. -- ulysses
2005/6/9-12 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:38053 Activity:low
6/9     Labia plastic surgery enhancement is getting more popular:
        Now, can someone please tell me what a good looking and bad
        looking vagina looks like? I simply have NO CLUE.    -loser virgin
        \_ I looked up the surgeon the guy mentions in the article, and
           he has before and after pictures of all of his many proceedures
           I don't get it either.
        \_ Good looking - waxed and/or trimmed.  Bad looking - hairy.  What
           plastic surgery is needed for, I have no idea.
           \_ Think meat curtains, roast beef, etc.
              \_ Yucks.  Just concentrate on the boobs or turn off the light.
                 Or pretend that you prefer anal and take the back road
                 \_ The trick is finding a girl that is down with that
           \_ Badly packed kebab!  -John
        \_ At least it's not as big of cheating as hymen reconstruction.
           \_ "cheating"?  If someone's not happy with themselves, shouldn't
              they be free to do something about it?  As for what leads people
              to want hymen reconstruction, that's pretty fucked up in
              itself, admittedly.  -John
              \_ Sometimes doing something about it is worse than leaving it
                 alone.  -tom
                 \_ I never claimed otherwise.  So?  -John
              \_ If the purpose is to feel happy with themselves, yeah they
                 should be free to do so.  But if the purpose is to present
                 themselves as virgins when they are not, that's lying to
                 their partners.  Some may say they should be free to lie,
                 \_ Yes, they should, as long as it does not break any laws
                    (perjury, whatever.)  When the law says to throw rocks
                    at a woman who's not a virgin when married, well... -John
2005/6/8 [Health] UID:38032 Activity:high 80%like:37993
6/6     Hello, my name is Dick Dickless ( I never
        get any pain on my fingers while typing and a web site I found
        supports my position. Therefore, it is impossible to get CTS or RSI
        from IO. Also, everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot, and
        should get the fuck out of my mother country USA.       -dickless
        \_ Error 404.  Still Not Funny.  Troll Harder. -dans
2005/6/6 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:37980 Activity:nil
6/6     Medical Marijuana, RIP:
        \_ O'Connor complaining that it's not repsecting state rights?  I'm so
           confused.  Is this the Bizarro SCOTUS?
           \_ States rights are only good if we like what the right is, like
              citizens owning anti-tank weaponry and the government not knowing
              who those owners are.
        \_ Interesting that Justice Thomas dissented.
                \_ Along with O'Conner and Rehnquist (he's still alive I
2005/6/3-4 [Health, Health/Men] UID:37963 Activity:high
6/3     I went to get a haircut and they recommended some new shampoo
        because I may be losing some hair (which may have some truth
        to it...). I've been using generic shampoo. Are there any
        truth to what they are saying? Would the more expensive
        shampoo be better for my hair? -clueless guy
        \_ There could be. What was the name of the recommended shampoo?
           \_ I forgot, but it sold for about $30+ for one large bottle...
                \_ Well if it was called Nioxin (a fairly expensive shampoo
                   they often have in barber shops), yes it might be able to
                   help. It helps to prevent hair from falling out; it does
                   nothing to help regrow hair.
                   help. It helps to prevent more hair from falling out; it does
                   nothing to regrow hair.
                   \_ DANGER!!! nioxin is an anagram for "I Nixon".  It's
                      probably GOP brainwash putty in a bottle.
                   \_ Not true. Nioxin doesn't have Rogaine or anything
                      like that in it. It does, however, help make
                      thinning hair look more full. Lots of men say that
                      Nizoral (prescription strength) works. Of course,
                      you can also do pills.
                        \_ No, I was right. So what if it doesn't have
                           rogaine in it; tylenol doesn't have morphine
                           in it, but it still helps with pain. Rogaine
                           helps regrow hair. Nioxin tries to prevent
                           more hair from falling out. -pp
                           \_ No, there is no drug in Nioxin no matter
                              what it claims. It is not proven to do
                                \_ There's nothing in it? so it's just
                                   a bottle of nothing? interesting.
                                \_ OK so only drugs are effective?
                                   \_ There is no chemical in Nioxin which
                                      purports to do what they say it
                                      does, whether it's lemon balm or
                                      whatever. What is the active
                                      ingredient in Nioxin that prevents
                                      hair loss?
                                        \_ Yes you have a point (as Nioxin
                                           webpage's FAQ admits), but that
                                           doesn't mean it can't achieve
                                           an effect.
                                           \_ In that case, smear dogshit
                                              on your head. It might work.
                                                \_ Did you think of that
                                                   yourself? Damn you're
                      \_ Interesting, I was using Nizoral for the dandruff
                         (it's much better than Head & Shoulders, Selsun
                         Blue, etc.), but I didn't know it had a hair-retention
                         side effect.
2005/5/11-12 [Health] UID:37622 Activity:moderate
5/11    I started a diet/exercise regime two weeks ago. I weighed 193
        then. My ideal weight is about 175-180. I cut out all fast food,
        soft drinks, and other crap. I ate mostly fruits, vegetables, and
        yogurt with some lean cuts of meat with dinner. I started doing
        20 minutes of cardio every other day and some basic exercises like
        crunches and pushups. I went back to the nurse today and found that I
        have gained 4 pounds. I doubt it is muscle so soon. I also found
        my blood pressure is a little higher than when I started. Is that
        normal? The nurse didn't seem concerned. I have an appointment
        with my doctor, but I was curious what the motd knows. Is this
        typical? --dim
        \_ I have a suggestion about exercise.  Find a way to get exercise that
           involves a sport that is actually fun and interesting.  I personally
           find pushups, situps, and generic "cardio" like running to be really
           boring.  Maybe you'll have the willpower to do that crap every day
           for ten years, but eventually you'll lose interest.  Find a real,
           interesting sport and you can still be getting enough exercise to
           be healthy for decades.  My judo instructor is in his 70's, and
           probably gets more exercise than most 40 year olds because he still
           finds the judo interesting enough to keep him going.
           \_ Yeah, the problem I've had in the past with that is
              getting people together for a sport.  (not a problem with
              judo, but...) LLNL has pleanty of options, so I can play
              something every day at lunch, but if I worked elsewhere,
              I'm not sure what I'd do. -jrleek
              \_ I'll say the same thing to you I say to everyone: judo is
                 the best sport ever, and you should try it.  Judo in Livermore
                 courtesy of
                 \_ Ha!  I took jujitsu as a teenager, and I've driven by
                    this place and thought about starting again.  Now I'm
                    motd peer pressure. awesome. -jrleek
                    \_ Just to turn the pressure up a notch, I'd like to point
                       out that while jujitsu is a great martial art, judo
                       is also a great *sport*.  This was part of the genius
                       of the founder or judo: he turned a brutal fighting
                       system into a sport that is roughly as dangerous as a
                       track event (but infinitely more fun to play or watch.)
                       Great for kids also.
        \_ Your weight fluctuates naturally daily.  Read:
  for more.  Basically, you should
           weigh yourself every day and then track the average trend.  Worrying
           about two data points on a whole curve is a bad idea.  If you have a
           palm-based PDA you can download a nifty tool for doing that for you
           at the hacker's diet page.
           \- if you were doing weights, i think a 4lbs gain for your wt level
              after 2wks on a low carb/high protein diet is not at all odd.
              20minutes is not enough. go for 60min. i cannot say more since
              i do not know how chubular you were when you started out. you
              can probably invest about $50-60 in a FAT MONITOR scale. --psb
        \_ I think everyone has a 2-3 lbs delta in weight on a day-to-day
           basis so I wouldn't be concerned w/ a 4 lbs gain.
           BTW, your goal is completely reachable, though it might take
           time. About 2 yrs ago I was in a similar position to you - I
           weighed ~ 195 lbs and wanted to loose weight.  Since I'm
           vegetarian and never really went in for soft drinks about the
           only thing I could cut out of my diet was dairy products and
           sugars.  I cut my cheese and dairy intake by half and started
           drinking my tea w/o sugar.  In addition I started running once a
           week (~ 5 miles) and either walking or riding every 3 days a
           week.  Last summer I started playing Ultimate Frisbee and that
           really helped too. I've managed to get down to about 165 or so.
           week (~ 5 miles) and either walking or riding 3 days a week.
           Last summer I started playing Ultimate Frisbee and that really
           helped too. I've managed to get down to about 165 or so.
           Good Luck!
2005/5/10-12 [Health, Health/Men] UID:37605 Activity:nil
5/10    If you wanna be a hip drug dealer these days, you're gonna need an
2005/3/29-30 [Health] UID:36946 Activity:nil
3/29    hepatitis b vaccine? anyone take it? how many shots?
        \_ which country are you going to?
        \_ yes.  two to three shots, depending on the series.  worth
           getting that and hep a.  --Jon
        \_ 3 shots. 2nd one month after 1st; 3rd six months after 2nd. Vital
           if you're going to work in healthcare.
        \_ I've taken it.  Got it at the same time I got the chickenpox
           vaccine.  I'm in a low risk group for HepB, but it's something
           I have less to worry about.  --PeterM
        \_ I got it before I came to the US for college.  3 shots, IIRC.
           That was in 1989 though.
2005/3/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:36762 Activity:high
3/18    Best and worst states & public schools for raising healthy kids:,2933,150763,00.html
        California ranks 13th.
        \_ As someone who spent half his youth in their lowest ranked state and
           half in their highest, I just want to say that these people are
           *completely* full of shit.
            \_ indeed, because, like most people, they are idiots
               They didn't even measure how fit kids were in these states
                These are your standard liberal dumb asses who think that
                the way you get kids to be more fit is upping the "school
                requirements and recommendations for physical education and
                nutrition classes [and] playground safety"   Jeesh.
2005/3/10 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:36619 Activity:nil
3/10    Robert Downey Jr.: Burger King saved me from drugs!
2005/3/4-5 [Health] UID:36527 Activity:kinda low
3/4     Can we institute a new general rule:  If you have to ask motd whether
        you should talk to a doctor, talk to a damn doctor.
        \_ M-x doctor
        \_ No, I'd rather rely on our motd's diverse resources, I like the
           common sense approach here, motd posters are very knowledgable.
           \_ Smoking is good for you! Rat poison == health food!
2005/3/2-3 [Health, Health/Skin] UID:36490 Activity:nil
3/2     I got a splinter in my finger about a month or 2 ago.  Since
        it wasn't particularly bothering me, I just ignored it.  It's
        still not particularly bothering me, but I can feel it when
        I put pressure on the exact spot of the splinter.  Since
        it's been almost 2 months, does that mean that it's moved
        deeper into my skin and will be difficult and/or painful
        to remove?  Is it advisable or silly to go to the doctor,
        have them numb it, and then remove it?
        \_ Pin, disinfect by holding over a lighter, shot of booze for the
           pain, start digging.  Minor risk of infection and finger falling
           off--be a real man and disregard.  -John
        \_ If it's not infected (and it doesn't sound like it is)
           then it's probably ok, and you don't need to see a doctor.
            \_ So if I do nothing, will it eventually dissolve, or will
               it just be deeper under my skin so I can't feel it,
               or will my finger just be a sensitive to pressure on
               that spot for the rest of my life? -op
        \_ if you have insurance just go to a dermatologist. they'll
           prob just take care of it in the office in like 5 minutes.
           if not, dont worry unless it gets infected discolored painful
        \_ I had a broken-off cactus needle embedded under my thumbnail
           for about 5 years before it finally disappeared.  I wouldn't
           worry yourself overmuch.
           \_ It worked its way into your heart or your brain now. That's
              why you can't see it.
2005/2/15-17 [Health, Finance/Shopping] UID:36175 Activity:nil
2/15    To the people that pay for their own individual health insurance
        plans, how much do you pay per month and how is your coverage?
        I'm looking for as cheap a plan as possible, but one which
        will still pay for well visits (regular checkups, etc.) This
        plan that I have now doesn't pay shit for checkups, and I
        want to find a new one.
        \_ I pay $43/month for Blue Cross's $3500-deductible plan.  I pay all
           my health costs out of pocket, up to $3500/year; after that, they
           pay for everything.  It's not what you were asking for, but for me
           it ends up being cheaper to pay for my own checkups and stuff than
           to get a real plan that would cover them.
2005/2/10-11 [Health, Health/Men] UID:36132 Activity:high
2/10    OMFG.  (work safe, but not psyche safe)
        \_ He's just doing his part for natural selection!
           \_ Only if he hasn't reproduced yet.
        \_ Eunuchs suffered this in the past.
2005/2/1 [Health] UID:36016 Activity:nil
2/1     Why are all the pain spots on the back where you hands can't reach
        them? I mean if evolution has its way, it should be in the
        front where our hands can reach it right? Is there a good
        explanation why it's all in the back???
        \_ "Intelligent Design"
        \_ Two flawed premises
        \_ Humans are social creatures: Have you ever heard
           "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine"
           \_ Then it should be "I'll scratch your breasts if you scratch my
              \_ nyuck nyuck, yer funney
2005/1/30 [Recreation/Dating, Health, Recreation/Humor] UID:35978 Activity:nil
1/30    Never mind that PETA seems to be confusing their cause of animal
        rights with the cause of male sexual health, but this is pretty funny.
2005/1/10-11 [Health] UID:35629 Activity:very high
1/9     I would like to hear a good argument for the proposals to limit
        non-economic damages in medical malpractice suits to $250,000 as
        suggested by president Bush.  It seems to me that if a doctor is
        drunk, high, or otherwise clearly negligent and kills a family
        member, $250,000 is a paltry amount for punishment/compensation. Thanks
        \_ Fine.  Put the max at $500K then.  Or a mil.  Or two.
           \_ Would you adjust this for inflation, cost of living, etc.?
              Why not just let a jury decide or pass some guidelines instead
              of choosing a single number for all situations?
              \_ I was trying to figure out if the op is sensitive to the
                 level of a max or to the concept of a max altogether.  His
                 original post gave the impression he was questioning the
                 value of max but not the existence of max.
              \_ How about setting the max to (doctor's insurance coverage
                 + 5 years previous gross earning)?
        \_ What is the minimum amount of malpractice insurance required by
           law, if any?
        \_ A better proposal is to have all lawyers talk about Plato and Kant.
           And only yale law graduates + psb can argue cases before jury.
        \_ I'm fairly sure killing a family member has more economic damage
           than $250K.  Basically, punishing one doctor punishes *all* doctors.
           Doctors are people and they make mistakes.  If they're criminal
           mistakes, they shouldn't be allowed to work again in the field.
           That's pretty heavy punishment already.
           \_ If the family member is not working and had no plans to work
              I don't think you can claim economic damages.  For example,
              if it was your child that died, you can't claim economic damages.
                \_ Actually you may be able to get some damages based
                   on future earnings and loss of consortium.
              I agree that doctors are people too and can make mistakes.  Also,
              medicine is a practice not a science and sometimes things go
              wrong through no fault of the doctor.  The problem is that a
              small percentage of doctors are responsible for the
              majority of malpractice insurance payouts.  This is because the
              medical profession is self-regulated and doctors rarely are
              prevented from practicing even after gross errors.  For example,
              most state medical boards do not share information.  So if a
              doctor in Nevada screws up so bad to get his license removed,
              he can just move to CA and continue practicing.  It seems to me
              that politicians should focus on preventing bad doctors from
              driving up malpractice insurance rather than protecting them
              from facing the consequences of their mistakes.
              \- another approach to the problem is to allow punative
                 damages for negligence BUT the $ doenst go to the plaintiff.
                 he would only be compensated for his losses. he is not "owed"
                 that money, but the fines exist to incentivize correct
                 behavior. --psb
                 \_ That seems quite reasonable to me in principle.  I think
                    the only practical difficulty is that preventing $ from
                    going to the plantiff reduces the plantiffs ability to
                    hire lawyers.  While this may be good in the sense that
                    everyone seems to hate lawyers, our justice system is
                    definetly biased towards deep pockets.  Attorneys I know
                    have told me that they often try to bury the opposition in
                    paperwork.  If the opponent is poorer then they win, and if
                    the opponent is wealthy then the lawyers on both sides win.
                    Still, this approach seems worth debating while the
                    hard limit on punitive damages seems indefensible to me.
                    \-i have not been following the news about this closely
                      but i thought it was "emotional damages" not punative
                                           \-meaning non-economic but
                                             compensatory damages. like
                                             if a doctor accidentally gives
                                             you a penectomy you dont have
                                             to be a male ho to claim
                                             compensatory damages.
                      damages that were capped. i assume the guiding principle
                      that people should not be allowed to benefit from a
                      crime is still preserved. the other possibility is to
                      have "expert juries" in complex cases. some of the
                      testimony in the ford pinto case was pretty amazing ...
                      like there was a conversy over what one burned victim
                      said before he died in the hospital and ford clained
                      something like "his lips were too badly burned to have
                      said word X". i no longer have to energy to discuss the
                      incetive alignment problem. --psb
        \_ It all depends on where you focus. For the sake of argument
           lets focus on the doctor rather than the family. When a kid
           comes to a doctor and is in need of some procedure, do you
           want the doctor to think, if I do this procedure today this
           kids mom might sue my pants off b/c I took a sudafed this
           morning and the family lawyer will say that sudafed == high
           if something goes wrong? Or do you want the doctor to think
           about the kid and focus on the kids problem and how best to
           resolve the problem?
           If you don't cap non-economic damages (usually pain and
           suffering), you are likely to get huge jury awards even in
           cases where the defendants behavior wasn't all that bad.
           This acts as a disincentive to many doctors. They would
           rather not take action b/c of the fear of getting sued.
           This leads to lots of patients not getting timely care and
           suffering many complications that could be avoided.
           If you cap non-economic damages, doctors may take some risk
           in the care of patients which could result in many patients
           getting timely care and avoiding complications.
        \_ Why not limit the civil suit damages across the board and
           then expose perpetrators to the criminal justice system? The
           gross negligence resulting in death sound a lot like
           manslaughter to me.  If anything, the licensed doctor should
           be MORE guilty than the unlicensed practitioner, IMHO. (The
           latter can get hit w/ additional fraud charges). Put 'em in
           prison instead of suing their pants off.
2004/12/28 [Health, Health/Women] UID:35458 Activity:high
12/28   Excellent point about Vioxx, etc. that I've been saying (but he's
        saying it much better):
        \_ Good article. -- ilyas
           \_ This explains a lot.
        \_ well written. the last few sentences are great.
        \- isnt everything in there obvious to moderately educated people?
                \_ not necessarily. 1) you overestimate the intelligence
                   of the american public. 2) I'm not implying anything
                   about people's intelligence here, but I doubt everyone
                   viewed this vioxx situation in the same way.
        \_ I think this article completely misses the point.  The problem
           is not one of risk management but of the drug companies
           knowingly concealing evidence about the dangers of a drug while
           spending millions marketing it to patients and doctors.  One
           more thing: when I played high school football, most people wore
           as many pads as they could.  Running backs wore even *more* padding
           since they got hit so much.  The only people I knew who wore less
           padding were quarterbacks (pads can hinder throwing).  Maybe the
           pros are better at dodging than the people I played with.  -emin
           \_ They are bigger for sure, and have more 'natural padding'.
              Also, they get paid more, so the hit in performance from
              more padding is of more interest to them than to a random
              high school guy who plays football for 'fun and status.'
2004/12/21 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Health] UID:35376 Activity:high
12/21   Does anyone really believe this?
        "Report: Drug imports safe or cheap -- not both"
        \_ Yes, and not because any administration says it.  It's basic
           economics and patent issues.
           \_ So why don't they say:
              "Report: Drug imports not possible because of patent issues"
              "Report: Drug imports not possible because of economic and
               patent issues"
              \_ Because the average person has the attention span of a gnat
                 and wouldn't pay attention long enough to understand.  Drug
                 Imports BAD.  This is the (correct) response to the equally
                 useless Drug Imports GOOD.
                 \_ Actually, I think it's because you'll lose votes if
                    you tell it like it is.  "We're trying to protect you"
                    sounds a lot better than "We're protecting U.S. drug
                    companies' IP rights".
        \_ No. There is no need to re-inspect everything coming from Canada.
           We can save lots of money just by trusting the Canadian FDA
           equivalent to do the work for us.
           \_ Except Canada has already said they won't be our drug store.
        \_ If drugs from Canada are not safe, then should we be seeing many
           sick or dead Canadians?  Or are we implying that the Americans
           are too fragile to take drugs from Canada?
           \_ Except Canada has already said they won't be our drug store.
2004/12/19-20 [Health] UID:35361 Activity:nil
12/19   Dude, I think your kidneys would've been in better shape if you
        had taken the drugs after all...
        \_ Sounds like mild schizophrenia, and a misdiagnosis.  Poor bastard.
2004/12/1 [Health, Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson] UID:35142 Activity:moderate
12/1    Speaking of fat shambling types getting a new look, has anyone seen a
        picture of Peter Jackson lately?  Did motherfucker go on the Atkins diet
        or something?
        \_ Peter Jackson kinda looks like my boss.  (Or he did when he was
        \_ link??
           \_ He's still not skinny, but compare it to LotR era pictures:
2004/11/3 [Health] UID:34603 Activity:nil
11/3    The one consolation this morning: at least I am too old to be
        drafted. I am 40 .. For those under 40: be proactive and start
        learning Farsi or Arabic.
        \_ the cutoff is usually 35, unless you possess some critical
           skill like being a doctor. they don't need computer programmers.
           \_ They didn't use the doctor-draft yet in Iraq, right?
              So they probably won't use a computer-programmer-draft.
2004/10/9 [Health, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34006 Activity:very high
10/9    Does *anyone*  believe Bush's lie about drugs from Canada?  I'm sure
        there are morons in St. Louis who believe that Bush is protecting
        them from Evil Canadian drugs, but does anyone on the motd actually
        not see this as a shameless giveaway to the drug companies?
        \_ Bush told a bald faced lie: ..
           Bush told the truth: .
        \_ I laughed at loud when Dubya said he was against Canada-imported
           drugs to protect us from dangerous drugs.
           The true answer, obviously, is that cheaper Canadian drugs
           would impact U.S. drug company profits significantly, and
           Republicans are wont to take actions that reduce profits from
           U.S. companies in any business, since they believe, supportably,
           that this is un-American.
           It's what my O'Reilly-loving younger brother says:
           Of course the Republicans know the real reasons and they are plenty
           good, but it's necessary to play the political game.
           \_ Speaking of whom, I saw Bill on the Daily Show, and my respect
              for him actually went from none to grudging.  He's a smart guy,
              and I really can't wait for him to quit Fox and write a book
              about his experiences there; I think he knows he's being paid
              to be an actor on (nearly) state-supported TV.
           \_ No you moron.  The real issue is that as soon as we start
              importing drugs en masse from Canada, Canada will stop getting
              drugs from pharmaceuticals companies for the current price, and
              there will be a single worldwide price.
        \_ Right, blame the evil drug companies when in fact the US taxpayer
           subsizdizes the worlds (eg. Canada and Europe's) drug consumption.
        \_ The world is better of without those Candians. -G.W.B.
           \_ Yes, your HS brother represents all Republicans.  Can I quote my
              19 year old half sister for the Democrats?  BTW, what is Kerry's
              plan for Iran?
2004/9/30-10/1 [Health, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:33844 Activity:moderate
9/30    How did Dr. Atkins die? Did he die of his own diet? And was
        Bill Clinton on the Atkins diet before the heart incident?
        \_ A young Jedi named Darth Vader - who was a pupil of mine
           until he turned to evil - helped the Empire hunt down the
           Jedi Knights.  He betrayed and murdered Atkins.
        \_ dr atkins was just really goddamn old when he died
        \_ Clinton was on the South Beach diet, but how well he had been
           following it or exercising, I'm not sure.  Atkins slipped on an icy
           sidewalk, hit his head, went into a coma and died.  Some people say
           his diet hampered any chance for recovery, but it's hard to say.
           \_ Some news article also said he's obese at the time of the
              accident, but his wife disputed.
        \_ Rib-eyes are on sale at Safeway this week, yay!
        \_ Uh, he fell on his head while walking on an icy sidewalk.
           \_ Why didn't they sue the State for $millions for negligence?
              \_ There's assumed risk when you walk down an icy sidewalk.  The
                 city is not negligent when the sidewalks are icy in winter.
                        \_ Yeah, right. I actually believe and agree with you,
                           but a lot of disgruntled and pathetic people don't.
                           Cities have been sued over lame things like that,
                           for example by a man who broke his shin while
                           sliding into home plate during a softball game
                           sponsored by some city league.
                           \_ Damn those ambulance chasing laywers.
2004/9/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health] UID:33613 Activity:nil
        Condom or no condom?
2004/9/13 [Health] UID:33501 Activity:high
9/13    NYT: "Canada Looks for Ways to Fix Its Health Care System"
        \_ One patient who went to the emergency ward recently, Crystal
           Bentley, 22, complained of cysts behind her ears. She said she
           would prefer to see her family doctor but would have to wait
           in his office for hours. She said she went to the hospital
           because the emergency room was faster.
           "Seeing a doctor and not having to pay is phenomenal," she said.
           Shessh.  And they wonder why the doctors are overworked.
           Tragety of the Commons anyone?
           \_ the idea is not to have universal health care but
              universal health INSURANCE, with high deductibles and
              copay until a significantly high limit is reached.
              This would reduce abuse.
              \_ Hey, I'd *love* that personally right now.  Problem is, I
                 can't buy a plan like that.
                 \_ Why not? They are available for sale.
              \_ Limit it to a percentage of estimated yearly income.
              \_ I understand this basic priciple.  I curious, do you
                 think there should still be private insurance companies
                 in that system?  And if you belonged to a private
                 insurance company, you wouldn't pay for the government
                 one?  How does this stack up against the great money hole
                 that is MediCare?
                 \_ Mostly, I am just thinking in terms of what should
                    be done if we want universal health insurance.  The
                    important thing is to make it such that market
                    forces still play a role for the patients, the doctors,
                    hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, etc.
                    Generally speaking, I think there should still be
                    private insurance companies providing additional
                    benefits at additional costs, but I haven't
                    thought through the details yet.
        \_ "...elective surgery like hip replacements."
        \_ Has anybody else tried a plan like Lumenos?  They basically put $1000
           per year into my account (which rolls over year to year) which I
           can use or save as I see fit.  If I ever deplete my account,
           there's an $800 "bridge" for which I'm responsible, and then the plan
           functions much like a PPO, mostly 80%/20%, up to $2500/year.  I can
           choose any doctor I want, even chiropractors, no copays or anything
           like that.  My company seems to like it, as they're increasing
           the incentives to switch to this plan.  The front office nurses never
           seem to know about it, but one even exclaimed "no shit?" in front of
           her boss because she liked the idea.
        \_ The Canadian system is still better than the American system
           on every measurable deliverable. They spend 2/3 as much as a
           percentage of GDP and get better or comparable results. The
           problems mentioned in that article are all more severe in
           the United States: rural doctor shortages, long lines at
           ERs and drop in clinics and a shortage of primary care
           \_ You need to acknowledge that the U.S. does not have Canadian-
              style taxation.  You get what you pay for.  (Everyone pays for
              universal health care in Canada; the problem is long waits and
              lack of family doctors in small-town areas.  In the U.S., people
              pay less taxes; the problem is lots of poor and middle-income
              people who can't afford any health care.) -liberal
              \_ There are doctor shortages in rural US areas too.
              \_ "Liberal"?
                 \_ There, I expanded my post for you.  Basically, if you say
                    "The Canadian health care system is great!", you need
                    to say, "It will cost you", too.
                    \_ The Canadian system will cost you less than the US
                       system.  The difference is the canadisn system is paid
                       for by taxes, not by HMO premiums.
                 \_ He meant to say "libertarian" but misspelled it.
           \_ I have no personal experience with the Canadian.  Say I am a
              random Joe working some average office job with health insurance
              at an HMO.  How would the Canadian system serve me better?
              \_ One problem is how much the health insurance is costing
                 the companies, and the cost continues to rise fast.
                 recently someone posted a link to an article saying
                 that many companies are curtailing hiring because of
                 the high cost of health insurance.  it could also
                 potentially make US companies less competitive.
                 Personally, I also find dealing with HMOs, etc.,
                 being forced to switch insurance (and doctors) when
                 changing jobs, dealing with the HMO bureacracy (not
                 paying my doctor for a few months, for instance), etc.
                 a big pain.
2004/9/1 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:33280 Activity:nil
9/1     Knock Knock
        \_ OB: Who's there?
           \_ Doctor
              \_ OB: Doctor Who?
                 \_ The Time Lord!
                 \_ That's right.
                 \_ Dalek Voice: Exterminate!
           \_ Pizza?
              \_ OB: Pizza who?
                 \_ Come out here a get a pizza me!
                    \_ You want me to piss at you?  Sure.
                 \_ Pizza to meet you!
           \_ Yermom
              \_ Yermom who?
                 \_ Your own mother!  Now open the door.
           \_ Control freak.  Now you say "Control freak who?"
2004/9/1 [Health] UID:33277 Activity:nil
9/1     I just started to work out trying to gain muscle.  Someone once told
        me that the right workout plan is something like this: (Let's say
        machines 1,2,3 exercise the same muscles.)

        Machine 1, weight=31, 10 reps.  Rest 32 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=50,  8 reps.  Rest 36 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=73,  6 reps.  Rest 49 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=40, 10 reps.  Rest 34 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=80,  8 reps.  Rest 30 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=118, 6 reps.  Rest 42 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=32, 12 reps.  Rest 31 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=65,  8 reps.  Rest 35 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=90,  6 reps.  Rest 40 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=29, 14 reps.  Rest 30 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=50,  8 reps.  Rest 36 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=70,  5 reps.  Rest 41 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=40, 10 reps.  Rest 37 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=78,  8 reps.  Rest 30 seconds
        Machine 2, weight=120, 6 reps.  Rest 48 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=26,  2 reps.  Rest 52 seconds
        Machine 3, weight=60,  8 reps.  Rest 25 seconds
        Machine 1, weight=84,  7 reps.  Rest 82 seconds
        (Then *immediately* move on to machines 4,5,6 for a different muscle.
        And then you're done for the day.)
        Is anything wrong with the above plan?  Thanks for any info.
        \_ Yeah, machine 3 should be switched with machine 1 and machine
           5 with 6. Also, iteration 6 should contain 4 reps instead of 10.
           (Who the fuck posts shit like this anyway? Get a fucking trainer).
        \_ All that on one muscle group? I think that's far too much shit. I
           think it would be more effective to do higher weights, fewer sets,
           and wait longer between sets. I think that takes too long also.
           \_ Yes, more weight and fewer reps will produce better results
              in addition to taking less time. You want to tax the muscle.
              Lots of reps of low weight doesn't help as much.
              \_ I see.  So does three rounds of 10+8+6 reps instead of six
                 rounds sound correct?
                 \_ If you're just starting out, spend a little cash and hire
                    a professional trainer for a few sessions.  You learn much
                    useful information that way, and minimize the possibility
                    of injury.
        \_ In addition, you need some steroids
2004/8/19 [Health, Reference/Law/Court] UID:33006 Activity:very high
8/18    More evidence US healthcare system is broken:
        "Rising Cost of Health Benefits Cited as Factor in Slump of Jobs"
        \_ login: csuatroll
           pw: csuasucks
        \_ Can someone please fix csuamotd's password?
        \_ I recently saw some additional evidence that California's
           educational system is broken and that the earth is round.
           Is anyone arguing these points? -phuqm
        \_ Yep.  Trail lawyers destroyed it, and now people want to elect
           one to fix it.  THAT makes sense...
           \_ It's been shown that rising HMO and drug company profits (and
              marketing expenditures) have a lot more to do with it than rising
              malpractice insurance.  Also, FWIW, malpractice premiums are
              rising faster than the volume of jury awards.  Perhaps you should
              be blaming greedy corporations in stead.
              \_ The malpractice insurance market wouldn't be able to bear
                 the rising cost if not for the trail lawyers.  The fact
                 that someone with a false claim and an evil lawyer can,
                 with little cost to themselves, potentially destroy a
                 doctor's whole life, tends to make doctors a bit nervous.
                 Hence the rising rates.  Would you like some nice
                 stories about doctor's getting screwed?
                 \_ I'm saying the insurance companies are raising rates more
                    than they have to to reap extra profits.  Would you like
                    some nice stories about patients getting screwed?
                    \_ Ummm.. duh.  Ever hear of economics?  Charge what
                       the market will bear?  That's a fact of business.
                       I'm saying that we've created a legal enviornment
                       that breeds legalized extortion, which results in
                       a legalized protection racket.  Making laws to
                       fight the symptoms isn't going to fix the problem.
                       It's not good for doctors OR patients.
                       \_ Surely you realize the necessity of the possibility
                          of large court judgements to curtail the rate of
                          doctor error.  If court judgments are not large
                          enough to make a lawyer want to take the case,
                          there's not much incentive for a doctor to do a
                          competant job.
                          \_ I was concentrating on the "little cost to
                             themselves" problem.  What does it cost
                             someone to make false accusations?  What
                             is the cost of losing to the accusor?  And
                             are you arguing that the lawyer fees in these
                             cases AREN'T excessive?
                             \_ The lawyer fee comes out of the judgement and
                                is between the lawyer and their client.  If
                                they bring a clearly meritless claim, the
                                doctor (or their insurance company) can sue for
                                *their* lawyer fees.  The patient has no
                                disincentive to bring a possibly-meritorius
                                case, but they still have to convince a lawyer
                                that is has some chance of winning.
                                Answer this question:  What would the ideal
                                legal system be for this case.  You have an
                                indigent patient who had an unsatisfactory
                                outcome to their treatment.  They think their
                                doctor screwed up, but it is a matter of
                                debate.  What would they have to do before they
                                can sue?  If they win, should they recieve just
                                compensatory damages, or enough to make it
                                worthwhile for their lawyer.  If they lose,
                                who should have to pay either party's legal
                                \_ I'm not sure what you mean by this:
                                If they win, should they recieve just
                                compensatory damages, or enough to make it
                                worthwhile for their lawyer.
                                \_ Say, $5,000 for being out of work a few
                                   months (which is not enough damages to make
                                   a lawyer interested), or $50,000 for pain
                                   and suffering or punitive damages, which
                                   is enough that the case can procede.
                                   \_ Can't the plantiff sue for Medical
                                      damages, being out of work, and
                                      legal fees?
                                      \_ Well the question is what kind of
                                         damages *should* we let people sue for
                                         should there be a cap, and should
                                         there be another disincentive to sue
                                         too readily.
                                \_ Ok, niether.  All legal fees must be
                                   predifined.  Loser automatically pays
                                   legal fees for both parties. Plantiffs
                                   and Defendants must have this
                                   explained to them before any fees are
                                   charged to the "case account." For that
                                   \_ Alright, that might be a sane system, if
                                      contingency lawyers start agree to cover
                                      the fees in the event of a loss.  The
                                      current proposed solutions "make it very
                                      hard to sue" and "make the damages small"
                                      ignore the side effect that doctors
                                      would be able to get away with being
                                      major fuckups.
                                      \_ I certainly agree with you there.
              \_ Malpractice insurance costs are rising rapidly. My
                 neighbor is doctor. His insurance went up 5% last year
                 and just about every year. He can't charge his patients
                 more, because he has a contracted rate with the HMO/PPO
                 plan he is a member of. What does he do? See more
                 patients? Take a 5% cut in salary every year?
                 \_ Some people blame the lawyers.  I think they're a necessary
                    evil and blame the malpractice insurers and the HMOs.
                    If we went to a NHS system we wouldn't have malpractice
                    insurers because the 'defendant' would be the NHS, and we'd
                    still have buearocrats (sp?) making decsions about levels
                    of care, but at least they wouldn't be motivated by a
                    profit motive.
        \_ "A centerpiece of Mr. Kerry's plan would be to reduce health
            insurance premiums by having the federal government pick up 75
            percent of the cost of catastrophic medical care. That would
            reduce the cost to employers and employees about 10 percent,
            or $1,000 a year, according to campaign officials."
           How the heck does this make any sense at all?  Where do people
           think government money comes from?  Money Mines?  It's freakin'
           taxes!  The Employees and Employers will still be paying for
           the care, it will just get a percentage taken off by some
           bearucrats first!  And we all know bearucrats make things
           cheaper, right?
           \_ And he has said already where he would get that tax revenue
              from, and unless you're considerably better off than me, you
              won't be touched.
              \_ Soak the rich!  Oh wait, Kerry IS the rich.  Something's
              \_ Except when I lose my job because Kerry took my venture
                 capitalist's money.
                 \_ But what if your venture capitalist is no longer paying
                    out the ass for HMOs for employees at the companies
                    he invests in?
                    \_ Ummm, whatever.  You've never been close to venture
                       funding, have you?
2004/7/16 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:32318 Activity:high
7/16    From time to time I have food particle stuck at the end of my tongue,
        where it is is too narrow and too near the throat for finger to reach.
        It creates annoying discomfort as well as bad breath but take a long
        time to decay.  Is there a way to get it out without going to a
        \_ USE TOOTHBRUSH!
        \_ Stop deep-throating for cash.
           \_ Pubic hair is not food particle.
        \_ gargle something warm to break it up?
           \_ At least in people who had an incomplete tosillectomy, there
              can be dead ends there that trap certain food.
              \_ Wow that sucks. I'd probably see a doctor about that problem.
        \_ try puking and see if it comes out.
2004/7/12 [Health] UID:32240 Activity:moderate
7/12    Can alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution cure finger nail infection?
        I saw a TV commericial there's a pill for this, but it also says there
        can be serious side effects.
        \_ Is it fingernail or toenail?
           Search google for:  berkeley parents nail fungus
           As for the pill, that's Lamisil, and you take one a day and your
           liver has to work overtime to clear up your blood.  Basically you
           will need monthly liver monitoring while you are on it.  It's
           expensive, but it works.
           \_ and watch out for extremeley high blood pressure.
           \_ It's fingernail (thumbnail).  Are fingernail infection and
              toenail infection different kinds of infections?
              \_ Toenail infections are much more common.  Fingernail
                 infections, I don't know anyone with, and you should
                 definitely see a doctor, and not only that, a specialist.
                 I doubt you will find someone on soda who has first-hand
                 (pun!) experience with fingernail fungus.
2004/6/18-19 [Health, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:30908 Activity:high
6/18    What's the best way to ship a motorcycle from LA to Berkeley?
        \_ Borrow or rent a pick-up truck.
        \_ Ride it up Highway 1.  (If it works, of course....)
           \_ to minimize pain, I-5. Less time, less butt pain.
              \_ Depends on the bike.  If it doesn't have decent wind
                 protection, I-5 is gonna be a PITA.
                 \_ Do you mean for frontal/road wind, or side winds?
                    (And if the latter, how do you protect from that?)
                        \_ Frontal/road wind.
                           \_ and bugs!
                              \_ grin and save money on lunch.
              \_ If you want to go fast, 5's your answer.  But why not take
                 in the incredible view along 1 instead?
2004/6/11 [Health] UID:30752 Activity:high
6/7     Deleting this post is futile. I will just keep trying. Here is a
        hypothetical question. You're a medic and you have 5 morphines.
        There are 10 wounded soldiers, 5 will die for sure and 5 will
        live for sure. All are suffering and are requesting for morphine.
        Should you give the morphine to those who are gonna die (so that
        they can die in peace) or should you give the morphine to those
        will will live? There's no right/wrong answer, I'm just looking
        for explanations and logic, thanks.
        \_ One utilitarian answer would give morphine to 5 soldiers who will
           live.  Why:  Assuming the total amount of suffering will be the same
           regardless of whether the soldier lives or dies, and assuming you
           can't 'split' morphine doses, the ones who live will have the
           memory of their suffering as additional sources of suffering.
           The ones who die will not.  Thus to minimize suffering you should
           administer the morphine to ones who will live. -- ilyas
                      \- the utilitarian approach here is subject to the
                         cookie monster problem. it also would say "if it
                         would make a racist hick sitting at home in west
                         virginia less happy to know you are treating a
                         black solider over a white soldier, you must factor
                         in his displeasure". --psb
           \_ But which is worse, the memory of having endured great pain, or
              the memory of the cries of the dying?
        \_ I thought morphine was purely a comfort thing and, in fact,
           increases bleeding. If you're more likely to die with the
           morphine, why not give it to the ones already dying?
        \_ How long until the dieing die?  How long until the wounded are no
           longer in pain or more morphine iis available?  I'd minimize total
           duration of suffering.  OTOH, if giving morphine to those will live
           will signifigant improve their outcome, they win.
           \- Why dont you read a book such as: Thomas Nagle: Equality and
              Partiality, BTW, Nagle was teaching at
              Berkeley last term. Dunno if he is still around. You need some
              ethical framework to talk about this intelligently and an anon
              MOTD discussion isnt a great format for this. There are lots
              of other recommendations if you are specific about what you are
              interested in. --psb
              \- One substantial comment: maybe there is no right answer, but
                 there are certainly many many wrong answers. "I'd auction
                 the morphine off to the 5 willing to pay the most" is probably
                 not an "ethical allocation". --psb
        \_ how many bullets do we have to put the dying out of their misery?
        \_ Give them to your friends first, then to the people who sound
           like they're hurting the most.  Those left out will certainly think
           this is fair.  If your medical training tells you that some should
           have priority, that naturally competes with friendship.
        \_ if they're gonna die, let them die. Give the morphines to the
           ones who will live so that they can live to tell others what a
           great medic you are.                         -guy without morals
        \_ say f$# it and take the morphine yourself
2004/6/3 [Health, Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:30560 Activity:moderate
6/3     Ok, who wants to share my recursion theory pain?  I just spent a really
        long time on a problem, and I want to make some volunteer suffer like
        I did.  If there's any interest, I ll post the problem. -- ilyas
        \_ Hah!  You want us to do your homework, huh?  The problem is
           trivial.  Check the man pages or look it up on Sun's website.
           \_ It's true that this is my homework, but I did make sure to do
              it first, before posting. -- ilyas
              \_ The answer must be in the man pages somewhere.
        \_ go ahead, i'm game
           \_ seconded
              \_ Ok.  For the purposes of this problem, we are dealing with
                 functions which accept a set of bitstrings as input, and
                 output bitstrings.  The problem is to construct two
                 (computable) functions f and g with the following properties:
                 (a) f and g take two arguments each
                 (b) for any two inputs, f returns a turing machine (TM)
                     where the language it accepts is decidable and disjoint
                     from the language accepted by a TM returned by g.
                     (g must also return a decidable TM).
                 (c) if f is given as input any two TMs (in your favorite
                     bitstring encoding) that accept complementary languages,
                     f returns an encoding for a TM which accepts the same
                     language as argument 1, and if g is given same, it
                     returns an encoding for a TM which accepts the same
                     language as argument 2.
                 Note: if f or g return a 'malformed' bitstring, which does
                 not code a TM, the accepted language is considered to be
                 empty (hence decidable).  Note 2: all finite sets are
                 decidable.  This problem is very hard.  I posted it
                 because I am a sadist. -- ilyas
                 \_ My guess is that you first make f do something
                    reasonable.  Then you make g have a copy of f inside
                    it so that g can do the opposite.  You said that the
                    problem was very hard, though, so perhaps this
                    strategy runs into decidability problems.
                    \_ Sure, this works fine.  You do have to figure out how
                       to make f do something reasonable, though.  --mconst
2004/5/31 [Health, Health/Men, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:30509 Activity:high
        The article itself isn't that great, but at the end is the amusing
        fact: "Now that the police routinely test offenders for drugs,
        they are noticing that certain chemicals seem to be associated with
        certain types of crime. One Home Office study of 3,000 arrestees
        found that those pulled in for burglary and shoplifting were more
        likely to test positive for heroin than anyone else. Muggers and
        purse-snatchers, though, were most likely to be cocaine or crack
        users."  -So, know your area's drug of choice, and prepare!
        \_ The pot heads don't commit crimes?  Stuck at home on the couch
           without the will to go rip someone off?
           \_ Sounds like the beginning of a drug dealer infomercial.
              "Are you a pot head?  Stuck at home?  Just can't get up the
              enery to go out and mug someone?  Then Crack Cocaine may be
              energy to go out and mug someone?  Then Crack Cocaine may be
              for you!  Ask your local drug dealer about Crack Cocaine.
              Side affects may include heart attack and a "hanging around
              with butt holes" sensation.
2004/5/19 [Health, Health/Eyes] UID:30284 Activity:high
5/18    Is there a way to find out information about your doctor, like history,
        school where he got the MD from, malpractice, lawsuits, etc? Question
        2, can you request information from the hospital, like lab results,
        x-ray, injection used during the surgery, etc? any help would be
        \_ For #2, if you mean *your* medical records then of course!
        \_ Sounds like you need to call a lawyer.
        \_ 1: State Medical Board.
        \_ I second the website for state medical board. You can check your
           doctor online.  You can also call the medical board of CA and talk
           to someone live.  You also have every right to all your medical
           records.  With new HIPAA laws, though, you will probably have to
           fill out a request form, or otherwise put a letter in writing
           requesting specified medical records.  I make it a habit to
           check all my doctors, and I keep a copy of significant medical
           records (like for surgeries) for myself.  Not a bad idea these
           days.  --chris
2004/5/14 [Health] UID:30224 Activity:nil
        Woman lives without portion of skull for nearly four months
        because of insurance snag, with pictures! (work-safe)
        \_ URL shortened.
        \_ Insurance snag?  You mean Ashcroft and the rest of the BushCo
           repulsiviKKKans conspired to personally ruin this woman's life!
        \_ "I'm a good person, just not as rich as some of them."  I beg
           to differ, drunk-driving without licence lady.
           \_ Not to mention not wearing a seatbelt and having no insurance.  I
              wonder why her mother's insurance company would pay for her.  I
              think the insurance company should sue her afterwards for causing
              the accident.
2004/5/5 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:30035 Activity:high
5/5     Why does the public refer to what's going on in Iraq as "abuse"
        and not torture? [topic taken from boingboing]
        \_ because the major media are corporate stooges parroting the
           administration's talking points.
        \_ From
     1.   For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any
act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is
intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or
a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a
third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or
intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on
discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at
the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or
other person acting in an official capacity.  It does not include pain or
suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.
           1.   For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means
           any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or
           mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as
           obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession,
           punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is
           suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a
           third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind,
           when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of
           or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other
           person acting in an official capacity.  It does not include pain or
           suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful
        \_ because when you pick an American off the street and say U.S.
           soldiers were caught torturing Iraqis, they think, "What?  Did
           they chop off their fingers/ears?"
           \_ much of the abuse was not from soldiers. and that's very
              different from sodomizing them?
              \_ If such photos were aired or talked about by CBS, I'm
                 sure you would have headlines that read, "Photographs
                 showing American military personnel sodomizing prisoners"
        \_ People think of torture as physical pain.
        \_ You sincerely believe the pictures show torture?
2004/4/26 [Health] UID:13382 Activity:nil
4/26    Mary-Kate Olsen on drug addiction:
        "If I had a drug addiction, I would be in a thingy--like Promises, the
        Malibu [rehab] place. You don't see me there. So, like, come on. It's
2004/4/23 [Health] UID:13350 Activity:nil
4/23    Is there a way to check if some drugs are safe to use?  How to I google
        that?  Do all drugs sold in the US have to have FDIC cert labels?  If
        that is true, I can just check for FDIC labels right?
        \_ If the label says "increase your manhood 3 sizes." I'm guessing
           it's not safe.
           \_ From your personal experience?
                \_ LOL, good one.
                   \_ OMG WTF?!
           \_ doesn't those drugs FDIC regulated as well?
           \_ You Fool!  Manhood that large will destabilize the middle east
              for years to come!
              \_ Why do you hate America's Manhood?
        \_ Remember that erections lasting longer than 4 hours (though rare)
           require immediate medical attention.  Word of the day: "priapism".
           \_ bullshit.
           \_ Erections like that will destabilize the middle east for years to
              \_ Why do you hate America's Erection?
        \_ FDIC? Do you mean FDA?
           \_ yeah, FDA, FDIC is for banks. haha
2004/4/18 [Health] UID:13255 Activity:nil
4/18    Has anyone else else got, or know someone who's got an insane sore
        throat, fever of up to 102 and like an incredibly painful TONGUE?!
        Am I going to die??????
        \_ in a word, yes.
        \_ how about some more specific information.
        \_ Go see a doctor, fool. -ausman
                \_ there is one crazy bump on the top of my tongue, and
                   the tip of my tongue kills whenever it touches anything
                   and it hurts too much to swallow except under the inf.
                   of massive tylenol!  is this strep throat?
                        \_ This all sounds really scary to me.  Go see a
                           doctor ASAP, or at least call an advice nurse.
2004/3/15-16 [Health] UID:12688 Activity:kinda low
3/15    Where can I look to find information on what happens when medicine
        (prescription and otc) expires?  Something like erowid but for legal
        drugs.  I'm curious as to what I'm actually doing when I take old
        tylenol or spread anti-itch ointment on my skin- what's the
        effective half-life of the drug, what's the worstcase scenario, etc
        \_ idiot, throw them out.
           \_ He might be unemployed and wants to save money.
2004/3/5-6 [Health, Industry/Jobs] UID:12546 Activity:nil
        This FAQ is particularly enlightening.
        \_ That's also disgusting. Who feeds plastic to animals for "roughage"?
2004/3/1-2 [Health, Health/Women] UID:12474 Activity:nil
3/1     "I did drug deal but no spying."
        [Israeli handed over in prisoner exchange last month.]
2004/2/22-23 [Health] UID:12349 Activity:nil
2/22    Dear motd personal trainer: Is using an elliptical machine as
        effective as a treadmill? (the goal is weight loss and i'm worried
        about impact on the knees).
        \_ why are you considering the elliptical machine over treadmill?
           \_ He said "i'm worried about impact on the knees".
        \_ I've been losing weight at the rate of about 2lbs per week
           largely on an elliptical trainer.  I work hard, though:  52
           minutes/day in 140-150 heart rate range.  If you believe the
           calorie count, it is MORE effective than equivalent time/effort
           on a treadmill.
           \_ Elliptical training is for the weak - the numbers make it
              look far more impressive than it is.  Stairmaster creams it
              by a factor of 2x on a calorie count.
                \_ ellipticals are not at all for the weak. they're meant
                   to be a very low-impact way of getting aerobic exercise.
                   they work slower than some machines and quicker than
                   others, but it has nothing to do with being weak or not.
                   nice try.
              \- the stairmasters that have real steps in an infinte loop
                 rather than the pedals that just go up and down seems
                 pretty good to me. i ran up those for a couple of months
                 before heading off to nepal. i also operate those on manual
                 rather than program modes and just always push pretty
                 hard with a sprint at the end and maybe a breather now
                 and then. treadmill with a manually varied slope is also
                 reasonable, --psb
              \_ Calorie count is worthless.  You can't lose significant weight
                 from exercise alone.
                 \_ My 2lbs per week weight loss and I beg to differ.  Is
                    14 lbs "significant"?
        \_ i've been using the elliptical due to knee problems as well,
           and it is good at low angle and low resistance, but i have now
           found that my knees are again the limiting factor, as my cardio
           conditioning is now good enough that i can't get my heart rate
           up without causing too much strain on my knees.  i've recently
           added treadmill to my workouts for short periods of time and so
           far my knees have been okay with it, but we'll see!  it's a much
           more intense cardio workout and if you are interested in training
           for actual activity like hiking or whatnot, gives a realistic and
           transferrable muscle workout, unlike the elliptical, which has
           helped my overall cardio conditioning, but otherwise hasn't really
           seemed to help my hiking all that much.  -lila
2004/2/15-17 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:12264 Activity:nil
2/15    anyone own the Sharper Image air filter? Is it really better than
        HEPA filetrs? Is it worth getting? Please respond only if you have
        it, thanks.
        \_ I bought one of these at Bed Bath and Beyond. It doubles as a
           humidifier. It's hard for me to tell how effective it is as an
           air filter since I really don't have much of a dust problem.
        \_ Well, I know someone who liked them. They do collect stuff pretty
           well, and are silent and simple to maintain. But I've read a
           consumer reports article that basically said there are much better
           air filters.
        \_ Honeywell HEPA air filters are more effective, cheapter and
           easier to maintain than Sharper Image's. I got mine at Home
           Depot. -allergic to everything
           \_ Hepa filters are expensive to replace, so how can they be cheaper
              than a wipe-n-walk device like SI's?
              \_ Buy replacement filters online. They are much cheaper. The
                 S.I. air filters may be silent, but how many changes of air
                 per hour? Are they really cleaning the air effectively? I
                 don't think so.
                 \_ Those are two different issues.  Buying filters online is
                    still more expensive than something that *never* requires
                    a new filter.  I don't own either.  I don't know which
                    cleans better or how much better one does than the other.
        \_ DO NOT GET ONE IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA!  What they don't tell you is that
           their ion technology produces ozone, a pollutant that will greatly
           exacerbate the symptoms of asthmatics.  I have the Hamilton Beach
           HEPA filter and love it.  Yeah, it can be loud when cleaning a room
           from an introduced pollutant, but it adjusts its speed and intensity
           based on the quality of the air.  It is usually pretty quiet, and I
           actually sleep better with some background noise.  Also, you may
           like to know that there is a class-action lawsuit against sharper
           image because of the ozone their unit produces hurting people with
           asthma.  The best ones are the BlueAir and IQAir (I think) HEPA
           filters, but they cost more than I can afford.
2004/2/9-10 [Health] UID:12178 Activity:very high
2/9     Does MyDoom keep sending out emails?  I'm getting a lot today and I
        thought this one was dying.  Is it just people getting their emails
        that came over the weekend?  [formatd]
        \_ MyDoom.A is supposed to expire on the 12th.  MyDoom.B sometime in
           March. --scotsman
           \_ But does it send emails just on the intial infection, or do they
              keep coming?
              \_ Looking at our logs, I would say they just keep sending.
2004/1/22 [Recreation/Food, Health] UID:29752 Activity:nil 72%like:11892
1/22    Eat well. Exercise:
2004/1/22-23 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:11892 Activity:nil 72%like:29752
1/22    Eat well, and exercise:
        \_ Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.  Sometimes you
           can even get there quicker.
2004/1/16 [Health, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:11805 Activity:nil
1/15    ecstasy and pot users read:
        \_ So you heard about what happened to the last study that supposedly
           proved Ecstacy was bad for you, right?  Completely debunked and
           shown to be be based not just on biased research but on completely
           bogus research.  That's not even mentioning how bad science reporting
           typically is, or how its usual tendency towards simplification is
           amplified whenever illegal drugs are involved.  This study, even
           from the simplistic description in the article, sounds fatally
           flawed.  Fact is, no substance in excess is good for you.  The
           two substances most likely to kill you, alchohol and cigarettes,
           are legal and taxed.  The drug war is hypocrisy of the worst sort
           and has become a self-perpetuating industry powered by the prison
           lobby and other assorted interests.
           \_ The op isn't saying they should be banned.  If you don't
              care whether there are negative effects--inside your own head--
              from drug use, feel free to continue sticking your head in the
              \_ For what its worth: a med student friend who has done
                 e a few times will not do it again after learning about
                 the physiology of its affects on the brain.
           \_ op here: I made no statement about anything.  Why are you so
              incredibly defensive?  If you're willing to take the risk, you
              are welcome to.  No one will miss you later.  The info is there
              so those not willing to take such risks may be informed of the
              possibilities.  Everyone who smokes or drinks is 100% aware of
              the risks.  Why would you try to hide similar information about
              the substances you're addicted to (psychologically if not
              physically)?  When you first share drugs with a virgin do you
              really tell them the drugs are perfectly safe?  I hope not.
              At best it is unlikely and unproven.  At worst you are setting
              them up for a seriously fucked future in the name of pushing
              your own political agenda and addictions.  No one *needs*
              'recreational' drugs.  It is a choice that should be made with
              all available information on the table.  --op
        \_ this article is very poorly written.  Anyone reading this really
           should just ignore the reporter's distinction of cannabis-->
           short term memory impairment and X --> long term memory impairment.
           Without clarifying his definitions of STM and LTM, it's pointless.
           It also fails to clarify possible issues with (anonymous?) internet
           survey methodology, and further fails to even mention cofactors,
           drug-interaction effects on the results, and other such issues
           which _need_ to be addressed.  I have no clue if the researchers
           addressed these issues.  If not, the research is shitty.  If so,
           the reporter did a shitty job.  -nivra
2004/1/14-15 [Health] UID:11777 Activity:nil
1/13    Crossbow or Bowflex?
        \_ windsor pilates.
        \_ Get a bench and some free weights. Cheaper and better.
           \_ Don't want/can't get a spotter when I'm working out at home.
2003/11/25-26 [Health, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:11227 Activity:moderate
11/25   Cato Institute:
        "Cato's director of health and welfare studies said, "Today's
        passage of the Medicare prescription drug bill represents a return
        to 1960's Great Society-style big government. Congress has failed in
        its responsibility to reform Medicare, choosing instead to simply
        throw money at the problem. It is our children and grandchildren who
        will bear the cost of this massive new entitlement program."
        \_ More importantly, they chose to throw money at the money-grubbing
           HMOs, which lobbied very hard for this one.
           \_ It's also a big chunk-o-welfare to drug companies, as the
              government will be paying the full asking price for drugs.
              Not only will more people be taking patented drugs, but those
              who move from HMO coverage will bring more money to BigPharm, as
              the HMOs can negotiate prices, but the gov't cannot.
        \_ I told you before: republican bill bad, democrat bill good.
           \_ Yes, you told us before, but you're just an obvious troll and
              you're not saying anything of substance.
              \_ It's not a troll if it's true.  And who on is here saying
                 anything of substance?  The typical response is, "you're
                 wrong and I hate you because you don't believe what I do
                 and I won't respond further because I don't like your
                 sources because I don't like their editors".  You're so
                 damned self blind and clueless.
2003/11/20 [Health] UID:11159 Activity:nil
11/19   This hasn't been posted in a while, if ever.  The intellectual
        whores homepage!  Take it to heart, it's 99% true.
2003/11/4-5 [Health] UID:10931 Activity:low
11/3    Can anyone recommend a decent heart monitor?  My dad has started
        getting into physical fitness, but he likes to work out at home on
        antiquated equipment, so I was hoping to get a decent heart monitor
        so he can keep track of how hard he's really working (and I'd like to
        get one for myself, come to think of it).  TIA.
        \_ Just bought a basic Polar (A3) for my dad.  Sometimes my dad has
           to put a little water on the sensor (as per their instructions)
           before it starts detecting a heart rate.  One good thing I
           found was that the treadmills, etc. at the gym of my apartment
           complex has Polar HRM built-in so when using those machines,
           one doesn't need to wear the watch, just the sensor.  I presume
           the protocol is proprietary such that it won't work with
           other brands?
        \_ I bought a Polar for me, and one for my wife, and we love them.
           They are the biggest name, I believe.  -ax
        \_ finger.  wrist.  count.
           \_ And how exactly does this help the economy?  you obviously
              HATE AMERICA!!
        \_ Sports Instruments ECG5.  Heart rate monitors can lose signal near
           sources of electromagnetic interference (such as when biking past
           high voltage power lines).  When a Polar HRM loses signal, you
           have to manually restart it.  The Sports Instruments HRMs will
           automatically restart as soon as they start receiving a signal
           again.  They're available for about $60 from
2003/10/11 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:10589 Activity:nil
10/10   Rush admits being addicted to Oxycontin and Vicodin:
        \_ at least had the courage to admit it
           \_ Yeah, after every major paper in the nation carried a story
              about it.  That's not courage, that's called 'saving face' and
              isn't even related.  Sorry.
              \_ Why should he have said anything earlier?  It's called
                 getting outted.  It's his personal problem and I don't see
                 you on here bagging on all your drug addicted leftist
                 actor/activist heroes from hollywood.
                 \_ Well...because they're exepcted to be fuckups.  There's
                    a basic issue of hypocrisy in Rush's case.  To be clear:
                    outted != courage or courageous -- I know what the term
                    means, but you seem to be confused about it.
        \_ Shrug.
2003/10/8-9 [Health, Health/Skin] UID:10532 Activity:nil
10/8    Mystery blood clots killing the troops:
        \_ Clearly an evil Bushco Conspiracy(tm)!  Recall Bushco!
           \_ You do know that often military personnel will be subject
              to what amounts to involuntary, uncontrolled "trials" of
              new vaccines/medications.
              \_ Which always get into the press.  With 130k dudes walking
                 around in the heat in full battle gear downing MREs theres
                 going to be some bad things happening to some people.  We
                 already covered the conspiracy thing in this thread.
           \_ Fuck off brownshirt.
              \_ *laugh*  Whatever.  You're so lost.
           \_ Did you even read the article? It has nothing to do
              with the bush administration/politics.
              \_ Of course not.  Why would I read the url before adding my
                 comments?  It's the motd and it's got something to do with
                 the troops so I'm just getting to the point right away.  Sorry
                 if I ruined the buildup and lengthy trolling.
2003/10/4-5 [Health] UID:10461 Activity:nil
10/3    So I'm a big time radio personality making $500 million on my current
        contract and I buy drugs from my maid instead of doctor shopping until
        I get the one that will prescribe what I want?  My idiotic white trash
        mother in law manages to get all the drugs she can stand (or pass out
        on) through doctors, I think Rush could, too.
        \_ A. You don't know the facts of the case. So you have no idea
           on what is going on.
           B. It's obvious you are white trash.
           \_ BWAHAHHAHAHA!!!  If you brought hitler into this you'd have a
              perfecta!!  I read the stuff on the smoking gun which is more
              than you have.  I love (B).  That just fucking kills me.  I'm
              totally fucking rolling!  Thanks for making my day.  You rock!
2003/9/16 [Health, Computer/HW/Memory, Politics] UID:10206 Activity:low
9/16    You gotta love how these studies are trumpeted all over the news,
        but then when they are discredited and retracted its barely mentioned:
        \_ And pot turns you into a werewolf
           \_ Oh man, no *wonder* I've been waking up naked covered in blood.
        \_ "We're scientists, not politicians... but we're not chemists."
            Great article, thank you.
        \_ There was no original study trumpeted anywhere but I've seen
           variations on this article for a week.  Shut yer whining trap and
           go get stoned then flip my burger.
           \_ You missed all the hooplah about ecstasy and memory damage and
              the rest? Wow.
              \_ It's all the crack. It does bad stuff to memory. I think.
              \_ There was no hooplah unless you're a big ecstasy fanboy.
                 The rest of us saw an article or two and moved on because
                 it wasn't a bfd.
                 \_ Sorry, wrong.  This study was used to promote a very
                    serious law and criminalized raves.  It was a very big
                    deal for a lot of people, and was covered nationwide.
                    However, I do believe people are making a big deal of the
                    retraction as well.
                    \_ "for a lot of people".  translation: the niche crowd
                       raving on ecstasy.  the other 99.999% didn't care the
                       first time or anymore about the retraction.  this is
                       just the ravers being self centered and overly inner
                       focussed.  there are a shitload of laws passed everyday
                       that have a negative impact on my life and you don't see
                       me bitching about being oppressed everytime they pass or
                       repeal such a law.  its a party drug.  it has zero
                       beneficial medical uses when taken while dancing all
                       night to bad music with a water bottle in hand.
                       \_ It's also a useful psychiatric tool that's been
                          classified with crack and heroin as having "zero
                          medical benefits" because of a flawed study.
                          It's important to everyone because it shows how
                          willing government-backed scientist will be to
                          loudly and falsely proclaim that drugs are bad.
                          By the way, I've NEVER tried E or been to a rave.
                          I am, however, angered by my country's screwy and
                          self-defeating drug policy.
2003/9/12-13 [Health] UID:10170 Activity:nil
9/12    Boycott <DEAD><DEAD>.  My $70 book arrived with a crease and small tear on
        the cover.  I emailed them to complain, and was told I could ship it
        back to them for a return or exchange, but that I had to use insured
        UPS and that they would not pay for my shipping expense, but they
        'apologize for the inconvenience'.  This is a heavy book; the UPS
        site estimates that the shipping charge will be $18+.  Royal pain in
        the ...
        \- boycott those to lazy/leem to format properly.
           if you paid on a CC, use their merchant dispute system. --psb
        \_ I've got friends working book retail. Plenty of reasons to
           boycott B&N besides that. -bz
        \_ why did you buy it online from bn? If you are buying from
           bn, the b&m store is the way to go.
        \_ can't you return B&N online purchaces at any brick and mortar
2003/9/9 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:29523 Activity:high
9/8     Nearly the saddest thing I've ever read.  ( site)
        \_ Wow, playing counterstrike and warcraft
           now counts as exercise.
           The walking bits gets me. Why is walking
           consider moderate excersize?
           \_ THAT gets you? What about the purposeless wandering?
              \_ I dunno, I can purposelessly wander pretty damn fast.
              \_ cool, my life is "light exercise"!
        \_ I dunno, can anybody find the document that article used as a
           source? The most likely candidate I could find was this:
           which makes it seem to me like that article is a gross
           \_ Of course the article is crap.  It isn't mainsteam media's job
              to inform but to create new and manipulate popular opinion to be
              more in line with what the reporters and their editors want you
              to believe.
2003/9/8-9 [Health] UID:10116 Activity:kinda low
9/8     What is the best schedule for working on abs?
        everyday or alternate days? is the rest neccessary or
        is the every-day-workout-always-sore thing the best?
        \_ i have read that you can work out your abs up to 6 days
           in a row
           \_ I've seen both stances made.  These muscles are pretty big
              ones, but I'd still suggest alternating a lighter day between
              a hard day if you want to go daily.
        \_ you really don't need to work out your abs more than you work out
           other muscles. everyone has abs, really, it's just the layer of
           fat that's covering it up, and no amount of ab work alone can
           reduce it (hint: fat spot reduction is a myth). it basically comes
           down to diet, aerobics, and weight-training in general.
           \_ Yes, but you won't get a 6 pack losing the fat.
           \_ Toning the underlying muscles will shrink the wasitline, however.
              \_ Not necessarily -- it really depends on diet, exercise, and
                 supplementation (if any).
              \_ Not necessarily.
           \_ And genetics.  Some are just doomed.
        \_ Just thrust harder and faster in bed.  Killing two birds with one
           \_ And genetics.  Some are just doomed.
           stone.  (Or is it whirling the bird with two stones? :-) )
2003/9/5-6 [Health] UID:10095 Activity:nil
9/5     Anyone here take flaxseeds (high omega-3).  Does it taste bad?
        \_ yes I do.  You can't taste it because it's in a gel capsule.
           Unless you're trying to drink the thing (I don't recommend that).
           \_ you can buy raw flaxseeds in supermarkets and they taste ok
              (almost no taste)
        \_ Flaxseed oil is supposed to add a nutty flavor to a salad....
        \_ Flaxseed gloop [Google for it, but don't bother with the
           cheesecloth method of separation] is a good egg substitute
           and adds a nutty flavor, but may not preserve the omega-3s.
           Anyway, they're seeds, so for taste think sesame, poppy, etc....
2003/9/2-3 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:10046 Activity:nil
9/2     Are some nuts more healthy than others?  I eat a lot of dried fruit
        at work and I'd like to branch out.  So do I go almonds, cashews,
        walnuts, peanuts, etc., or are they all pretty much the same?
        \_ French ones are good, but I prefer Italians, since most of them
           are nuts anyway.
        \_ Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids.  Heart health++.
           Almonds have some too, but also have lots of calcium.
           \_ Also, avoid roasted nuts.  It kills the omega-3 fatty acids.
             \_ so what is the point then?
             \_ unroasted almonds still taste pretty good. unroasted cashews
                are pretty gross, though. You might also try to roast the
                nuts yourself in good oil (maybe olive oil?) and lightly
                salt to taste.
2003/9/1-2 [Transportation/Car, Health] UID:10028 Activity:very high
8/31    I am in the transition from being employed to unemployed or hopefully
        self-employed later on.  One of the things that worry me is health
        insurance just for myself.  Will it become much more expensive?
        I am generally healthy but already in my early 30s'.  What
        company/package do people in similar situation buy?
        \_ If you are a Christian, you may want to try:
           I think it's good for tiding things over while unemployed or if
           one has financial difficulties, but coverage is probably more
           basic than what you get from your employer.  About $100 per month.
           They say they save costs by not supporting people with
           unhealthy lifestyles (drugs, sex, etc.).  At first, I have some
           misgivings about that, but thinking more, there is nothing wrong
           with it.
           \_ jesus crashed my browser.
           \_ How do they verify that the subscriber is a christian?  Can one
              convert?  And what if the subscriber lost his faith after
              subscription?  Although I can't help my misgiving, this is a
              serious question.  The Evans link that site connects to suggests
              subscription?  Although I can't help my misgiving, this is
              a serious question.  The link that site connect to suggests
              that these people are not real Christians.  Rather they seem to
              be fundamentalist fanatics intent on a worldwide revolution.
              If they are a chirstian's version of Hamas or Islamic Brotherhood
              just trying to gain popularity support by pretending nice it's
              fine.  But it tries to set up cells of devotees I smell danger.
              that these people are not real Christians.  Rather they seem to
              be fundamentalist fanatics intent on a worldwide revolution.
              If I am really desperate I might want to try that health plan,
              if they won't send Christ's soldier or army of god to my home.
              When really desperate one might want to try their health plan,
              if they won't send Christ's soldier or army of god for checkups.
              \_ You need your pastor to sign off.  Other than that, they just
              cheap medical plans ($42/mo) with high deductibles ($2400).
                 trust you, I guess.  Oh, also a nurse would call you after
                 your application is sent in to ask you some questions
                 regarding our medical history.  I am not sure what you mean by
                 "Evans link".  Most faiths have some fanatical nuts.  The few of
                 those who used it thinks it's good.  Sample size is small.  My
                 family doctor, who is Hindu, says she would accept the plan
        \_ Don't forget that cobra is retroactive for approx. 60 days.
           \_ does Cobra have a good medical plan?  I always wondered why
              people would want to join an evil terrorist organization that
              always loses to G.I.Joe.
              \_ because they never die.  hard to beat that.
              cheap medical plans ($42/mo) with high deductibles ($2400).
           those super-cheap insurers you find later are just pyramind scams.
                 as insurance without problem.
        \_ Supposedly, Kaiser has a really cheap (~ $30/month) major-medical
           only plan.  No Dr.'s visits, prescriptions, etc.. save that for
           when you're employed.  But at least if you crash and burn, you
           won't be going to the city hospital.
           \_ where is this cheap Kaiser plan?  When I get a quote, it gives
              me an estimate of $154/mo.  Anyhow. Blue Shield of CA has some
              cheap medical plans ($42/mo) but with high deductibles ($2400).
        \_ It's really fudge up out there. My aunt/uncle, retired, have to
           pay $900/month for insurance. With deductibles. If anyone knows
           of good leads for health insurance, lots of people (unemployed,
           self-employed, semi-retired) need it. As long it's not one of
           those super-cheap insurers you find later are just pyramind scams.
           \_ "I don't think the American people want to hear about healthcare."
              -Joe Liebermann
        \_ Don't forget that cobra is retroactive for approx. 60 days.
           \_ does Cobra have a good medical plan?  I always wondered why
              people would want to join an evil terrorist organization that
              always loses to G.I.Joe.
              \_ because they never die.  hard to beat that.
        \_ -- never used them myself but they were
           recommended to me at one time.  also, check out COBRA with your
           current employer.  it might be pricey, but will continue your
           existing coverage for 18 months.  important to try to not let
           health insurance lapse, as it is REALLY hard to get new coverage
           after a 6 month lapse...and it may f*ck with pre-existing condition
           clauses with any new insurance policies.  --chris
           \_ What is with this continuity requirement?  Any url?  I only
              knew auto insurance cared about lapses but I guess I was poorly
              informed.  Would living aborad while under various kind of
              foreign employee insurance and/or travel/ex-pat insurance count
              as lapses?  I guess COBRA does not apply to such cases?
2003/8/30-31 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:10019 Activity:low
8/30    Can someone explain briefly what blood types are about and why this
        woman died?
        \_ Dude, really.  This is what google was made for.  Or Biology 1, for
           that matter.  Take a couple of seconds to pull your own weight.
           \_ Whatever.  I did.  I don't want a thesis paper.  Something half
              as long as it took you to abuse me would have been enough and
              I still don't know.
              \_ Give a man a fish...
              \_ Not only is OP lazy, but also ungrateful.
        \_ Red blood cells have "antigens" on their surfaces.  People's immune
           systems react to these "antigens".  There are 3 major surface
           antigens:  A, B, and RH+.  If you don't have either the A or B
           antigen in your blood, you are blood type O.  If you do not have
           the RH+ antigen, you are RH-.  Now, if you're type O, and someone
           puts type B blood into you, your body reacts pretty much allergicly
           to the B surface antigen.  If you're type AB+, your body won't
           react with any of the common surface antigens, A, B, nor RH+.
           \_ Thanks!
           react with any of the common surface antigens, A, B, nor RH+.
                \_ Not only is OP lazy, but also ungrateful.
           \_ Thanks!
2003/8/27-28 [Health] UID:29493 Activity:moderate
8/26    get infected --Jon:
        \_ I love the zombie mob effect.
        \_ just goes to show how totally unprepared mankind is against a
           zombie attack.  won't somebody please think of the children??
           \_ I feel your pain!
2003/8/23 [Health] UID:29446 Activity:nil
8/22    Anyone know if prescription pain killers can be found online
        w/o a prescription?
        \_ I would know.
2003/8/8-9 [Health] UID:29285 Activity:moderate
8/8     Russian health resort vs Guantanamo Bay prison:
        \_ This must be CIA propaganda - we all know the US is evil
           and the source of all problems in the world (particularly
           \_ Yeah!  Death to those evil Amurikans!  Hate them all!  Much
              better to live in some shithole.
              \_ one of you two dingbats needs to recalibrate your
                 sarcasm filters.
                 \_ we both know what's up.  you're the odd one out here.
                    go re-read what we both said and recalibrate your own
                    filters, oh great dingbattish one!
        \_ as if this guy has ever been to a Russian health resort. Unlikely.
           \_ how would you know?
2003/6/24-25 [Health, Industry/Startup] UID:28827 Activity:high
6/24    WRS CEO resigns.
        \_ this is the equivalent of Apple canning Scully (former pepsi
           executive). If only they had a Steve Jobs to rescue them. Oh,
           the pain, the pain...
        \_ WRS?
           \_ Wind River Systems.
        \_ A bigger bunch of assclowns never walked the earth.
           \_ Just go to VA or RH and you can meet much bigger
              \_ At least, RHAT seems like a company with a viable business
                 plan. VA indeed was a bunch of assclowns.
           \_ They'll have some real competition when Green Hills goes IPO.
              They'll be squeezed by M$, Green Hills, and Linux.
2003/5/19-20 [Health, Health/Men] UID:28491 Activity:high
5/19    Exercise advice sought:  If I am just trying to tone up a little
        can I do something like 400-500 curls with 10lbs dumbells or will
        that little weight not do anything?  Better to do half as many
        with 20lbs?  I am a small stature person.
        \_ Hi, small stature person!
        \_ If you want to bulk up, do enough weight so that you can just
           barely do 3 sets of 12. If you just want toning, take yoga.
           \_ 2nded.  You'll get results more quickly this way, and at 20lbs
              you need not fear of turning into that enormous guy at the gym
              with hairy shoulders.  Just make sure your form is good if
              you're just starting off w/ weights.
           \_ tone != bulk.  If you want tone and definition, you do want more
              reps with lower weight.  Try 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps.  More reps
              per set if you like.
              \_ That is why I asked if 400x10lbs or 200x20lbs would be
                 \_ You should never need to do 400 or even 200 reps (I hope
                    you're just giving exagerrated numbers for effect). The
                    above poster is right... find a weight where you can just
                    barely do 20 or even 25 reps and work from there. Oh, and
                    something that gets lost in the equation of toning/bulking:
                    diet. You can have the perfect workouts, with the ideal
                    weights, sets, reps, exercises, form, etc., but it won't
                    that the hard way (yes, I've been improvement once I cut
                    down on the french fries)
                    make a difference until you start eating right. I learned
                    that the hard way (yes, I've seen improvement after I cut
                    out the fast food)
        \_ Don't listen to these people who haven't tried it!  I would
           recommend 800-1000 curls with 5 lbs, I have had very
           effective results with that.  Try it for yourself!
           \_ Sounds like a recipie for tendonitis.  Curls, like most
              weight work, isolates a particular muscle group.  Unlike
              exercizes that impact a larger number of muscles, weight
              work is not suitable for rep counts.  There is debate over
              whether the 30-rep sets are safe.  Even the high-rep clique
              at the gym would agree that 800 is crazy.
           \- I dont claim to have a particularly sane exercise program
              but some comments: 1. first i think doing a few hundred
              curls of low weight should be ok. it is probably like using
              a rowing machine for 20-30 min. 2. if you goal is tone and
              general fitness with a low target and without joining a gym
              or buying pricey equipment, then i'd just run like 3miles
              3-4 times a week. that moves large muscles unlike the curl
              program and will probably burn more calories and get your
              mtabolism up and your fat level down. if you ear a reasonable
              mtabolism up and your fat level down. if you eat a reasonable
              amount of protein, it is easy to bulk up arms for men. legs
              are a lot more work. --psb
              \_ The problem is that with any serious weight and crazy high
                 repetitions, it's very possible to give yourself a RSI.  This
                 is especially true if you have no idea what you're doing and
                 have little or no idea of good form.  This is a very hard
                 lesson to learn by injuring yourself.
        \_ Isometrics, son.  It's all about isometrics.
        \_ I don't think you ever need to worry about bulking up
           unintentionally.  If it was that easy to get big, you wouldn't
           see people spending 24x7 in the gym, drinking protein shakes,
           taking supplements, and reading muscle magazines.  Start with
           a standard excercise routine which you can find in any excercise
           book or web page and if you notice yourself getting "too big",
           cut back on the weight and increase your reps/sets by 15%. -emin
        \_ Here's a question. Why do any of this? Simply to look better? I
           can think of a dozen kinds of exercise that will keep you in shape
           and certainly sound more enjoyable than endless reps in a gym or
           some room in one's house. I suppose I need to give partha credit for
           hinting at the same point. I swim about a mile a day and I'll bet,
           if nothing else, I have more interesting things to look at. :)
           \- i sort of got addicted to swimming for a while and was swimming
              maybe 10-12 miles a week. i dont think swimming gets you very
              far unless you have a lot of discipline [i.e. you do the
              equivalent of running intervals] or you combine with weights.
              if you do the equivalent of a slow jog in the pool, it doesnt
              get you very far. if i am totally out of shape then i start
              my aerobic conditioning by swimming, since it's hard to get
              motvated to run if you cant even run 2 miles. but otherwise
              swimming alone to me is like exercise bike or walking ... for
              old people or people who for some other reason, e.g. 50lbs
              overweight, cant run or something like that. --psb
2003/5/18-19 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:28473 Activity:nil
5/17    I've never had a physical. I'm wondering if I should get one at Tang.
        Has anyone had it done there? What sort of things did they check,
        how much was it and how long did it take?
        \_ If you're a guy, you can count on bending over.
           demand lube
        \_ Everything from joints (upper and lower), eyes, ears, throat and
           even bottom of your feet for athlete foot. If you're a guy, check
           for testicular lumps will be performed (so yes, pants down, boys)
           but don't worry, rubber gloves are used and the doctor (male/female)
           looks away from your 'tool'. If you're female, doctor will check for
           lumps in your breasts area. If you're under 35 chances are the
           whole thing will last about 15 mins with the actual physical takes
           about 5-7 mins. The rest will be Q&A to figure out your health
           history and to update your medical record. If you're at risk of
           high cholesterol due to heredity for example, ask for a blood
           exam. If you're sexually active, ask for an HIV test (which can
           be incl. with your cholesterol test but you have to ask). Unless
           they find anything funny you won't have to pee in a cup or anything.
        \_ I hope you don't wait another 18+ yrs for your next exam. It's no
           big deal, and it's good to establish a baseline of your health so
           that you can monitor changes from year to year. As the good ppl
           from Nike say, Just Do It!(tm). Also, check out a dentist if you
           haven't done so, yet.
2003/5/10 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:28401 Activity:nil
2003/5/9-10 [Health] UID:28386 Activity:nil
5/8     Some places sell prescription drugs and have an online doctor's
        consultation. Is this actually legal?
        \_ Yes.
2003/5/1 [Health, Health/Women] UID:28284 Activity:high
4/30    Do you call your general practitioner or a gynocologist for
        contraceptives (Orthotricyclene or Ortha-Evra)?
        \_ If you think you are likely to reproduce, tell your potential mate
           about the latest exciting flame war on the motd, and you will be
                \_ ha, that's a good one.  !sarcastic
        \_ i go to 7-11
        \_ OB/GYN providers can prescribe them
                \_ as can general practitioners
           ... among other websites
        \_ Go to a Planned Parenthood.
        \_ For all motd users the right answer is to self sterilize.
        \_  Any physician can write you a prescription for them.  However,
            I'd recommend a GYN doctor for contraceptives, especially if
            this is going to be your first time taking contraceptives.  The
            doctor should do a pelvic exam to rule out any abnormalities before
            prescribing you contraceptives.  Plus -- as there are a variety of
            birth control pills out there, he/she will have the most expertise
            in prescribing the best one for your body.  If you want to get
            even more specific, try out a reproductive endocrinologist (they
            specialize in female hormones and are specialized OBGYNs) who
            will measure your hormone levels and get a more accurate
            assessment.  --chris
            \_ this is good advice, especially for a first-timer.  Hormones can
               make even the most level person experience mood swings and other
               weird physical effects, so you definitely want someone who knows
               how to adjust a prescription if you or your girlfriend doesn't
               handle the regular kind well.
2003/4/24-25 [Finance/CC, Health] UID:28216 Activity:high
4/24    I don't see what is so unethical or special about Netflix's queueing
        system. VISA/mastercard phone support queue is based on how good
        a customer you are (platinum vs. regular). My company's support
        depends on whether the customer is a gold member or not. This
        stuff has been going on for eons.
        \_ there's a difference between giving preferential treatement to
           good customers, and degrading treatment to good customers.  -tom
                \_ no. we give preferential treatment to potentially good
                   customers while still giving good treatment to existing
                   good customers.                      -netflix employee
                   \_ aka "bait and switch"
                \_ so netflix has left you feeling degraded and oppressed?
                   get over it.  they'll be gone in a year or two or sold to
                   MS or something and it won't matter.
                   \_ I'm not a customer, but I still think it stinks.  -tom
                      \_ Normally I find myself in disagreement with tom,
                         but I second his opinion on this one.
                      \_ It's like complaining about how your Edsel or your
                         Pinto doesn't get the mileage they said it would.
        \_ offers DVD rentals ala Netflix.  You have a choice now.
2003/4/18 [Health] UID:28162 Activity:very high
4/18    Dear motd personal trainer: I've been lifting weights for awhile,
        and I no longer get that stiff, swollen feeling in my muscles the
        day afterward.  I didn't realize how much I missed it until I did
        an exercise I don't commonly do.  Does this mean my workout is not
        intense enough (more weights? more reps?) or is it unavoidable?
        It seems like I'm lifting at about my outer limits (3rd set seems
        exhausting) and I don't want to injure myself. Thanks
        \_ I used to work out where I did one body part (back, chest,
           legs, etc) each day, several exercises for 3 sets each.  I
           switched to doing 2 full body workouts per week, 1 set per
           exercise of multi-joint exercises like squat, deadlift, bench
           press, rowing, and have had good results from that.
           \_ do you have a full list of the exercises you do?  I've made
              my own workout, and would be interested in comparing to get
              an idea of other things to add in... - mds
        \_ One of the golden rules of weight-lifting: change your routine
           regularly. Your muscles grow accustomed to any set of exercises
           you do over time, hence become efficient at them. Do different
           exercises. You can also try supersetting (doing two different
           exercises together, eg. bicep curl and tricep pullovers), or
            \_ Do you mean simultaneously?
               \_ I think the idea is grab a barbell, curl, raise it over
                  your head, do the tricep extension.  Repeat 8-12 times.
                  Repeat 3 or 4 times.
           circuit training (a set of 5-6 different exercises back to back,
           rest, then repeat)
           \_ Any good varients for straight and incline bench press?
              Thanks! - !OP, same problem
              \_ decline bench press
                 \_ I hate the decline, all the blood rushes to my head.
              \_ One variation is to use dumbbells instead of barbell. Or you
                 can try "negatives": do a bench press as normal, but go really
                 REALLY slow on the way down... like 3-6 seconds. These will
                 *burn*. Negatives can be used for just about every exercise.
                 \_ Well alternating light/medium/heavy lift days also work,
                    or is that not enough variation?
                    \_ I've rarely alternated between l/m/h, so I can't say.
                       But a good indication of how heavy you should be doing
                       is that the third set should always be to exhaustion.
                       Ideally, you need a spotter to get to a full 10-12 reps.
                       \_ The trainer I was working with said for "heavy" you
                          should be looking at a set of 8/6/6 reps, full
                          exhaustion at the end.  Only when the muscle is
                          "failing" will it have the incentive to build more
                          \_ That's cuz you're actually ripping and breaking
                             down the muscle fibers. New muscle can't be built
                             unless current muscle is destroyed.
                             \_ false
                                \_ fair enough, but spell out why:
                                   is it more accurate to say that new
                                   muscle can't be built unless current
                                   muscle is torn?
        \_ How long is a while?  After a certain point you will stagnate.
           To get past that usually involves eating a ton of food, which makes
           you gain weight all over, some/most of which is muscle.  Then you
           get stronger, but fatter too.  -ax
2003/4/17-18 [Health/Dental, Health] UID:28157 Activity:nil
        Cal/Boller/Tedford on ESPN
2003/4/13-14 [Health, Health/Women] UID:28108 Activity:very high
4/13    recommendations for a good website about starting out with weight
        training for a wuss?
        \_ What are your goals?  It might help if you clarify that in your
           mind before you start googling.  Do you want to train for strength,
           endurance, tone, bulk, some combination or none of the above,
           etc.                              -mice
           \_ my goal is to lose fat, not to muscle up or get definition. i
              would be much more comfortable with exercises i can do at home
              with smaller weights etc rather than going to the gym or buying
              experienced friend to help you out.  It's WAY too easy really
              heavy duty equipment. I've heard vague things about exercises
              where you use your own body weight for resistance, etc. Does
              this work? any website recommendations? thanks. -op
           \_ every since i left school, my sedentary lifestyle has made me
              chubby. my goal is to lose fat, not to muscle up or get
              definition for the ladies. i would be much more comfortable
              \_ Run, do other cardio.  Lifting weights is not going to
                 accomplish what you seek.  It will improve tone as yu
                 you lose the weight.  run 3.5 miles 4x a week, easy loss.
              with exercises i can do at home with smaller weights etc rather
              than going to the gym or buying heavy duty equipment. I've
              heard vague things about exercises where you use your own body
              weight for resistance, etc. Does this work? any website
              recommendations? thanks. -op
           \_ honestly, I think the smartest thing you can do if you're
              really serious is to either hire a decent trainer until you
              know your way around the machines, or get a knowledgeable,
              experienced friend to help you out.  It's WAY too easy to really
              injure yourself when you're first starting out.  I didn't take
              this advice when I was first starting, and can still feel it
              on bad days...and I've been lifting for several years now.  -mice
           \_ girls.  I just want to train for girls.
              \_ abs. it's all about abs.
                 \_ alright, so what to do for abs?
                    \_ one trainer I had before once told me, everyone has
                       decent abs, it's just getting rid of the fat hiding it.
                       \_ Vaguely true.  Get your bodyfat content down and
                          you'll see good results more quickly.  At the same
                          time, do more toning.  Find a good pilates class.
              \_ There's girls you fuck and there's girls you take home to mom.
                 The girls you take home to mom don't care what your abs look
                 like.  The girls you fuck are easier to nail when drunk and
                 if you find them at parties, they're pre-drunk so you don't
                 even have to buy them a drink.  A few bucks for a cover charge
                 and you'll get all the pussy you need without spending a lot
                 of time, energy and maybe money on altering yourself.  Not to
                 be insulting but I'm guessing you're first or second year?
                 Ever notice how plenty of ugly skinny greasy smelly guys on
                 campus are getting laid?  They're not going to the gym, son.
                 \_ You have a childish concept of women. When you realize
                    that these are not disjoint sets, you will be closer to
                    being a man. --aaron
                 \_ ...I weep for the future of this country.
                    \_ Yeah, it'd be better if having toned abs got you laid.
                       Makes more sense.
                       \_ Chicks dig sensitive guys with toned abs.
                          \_ No.  Chicks dig abusive guys with no future.
                             \_ Work on your abs instead your whining.
                 \_ ugly, skinny, greasy, smelly? you're saying more guys
                    in Soda get laid than in Haas?
                    \_ Depends on which shower you goto at Haas.
2003/4/13 [Health, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:28102 Activity:nil
        \_ And we should care about him because...?
           \_ Apparently some IRC chatters, taking a break from their busy
              masturbation schedule, watched this guy die from a drug
              overdose on his webcam.
2003/4/4 [Health] UID:27992 Activity:nil
4/4     Medical Correspondent performs brain surgery,7493,929547,00.html
2003/3/24 [Health] UID:27823 Activity:nil
3/25    All of your rights were not earned by weekend protestors, news
        journalists or hollywood actors.  They were earned with blood and are
        protected with blood.  Regardless of your position, think about someone
        beside yourself. Why don't we see the same size protests in support
        on Veterans Day?
2003/3/19-20 [Health] UID:27748 Activity:high
3/19    I have to choose a health plan soon, and I have many choices:
        PPO - Blue Shield
        Point of Service - Aetna
        HMO - Health Net, Kaiser, Pacificare
        And then there's something called a Consumer-Driven Medical plan,
        which gives me $1000 every year (w/ rollover) to spend more or less
        as I see fit.  After I use that, there's an $800 deductible and I get
        regular PPO coverage.  PPO is ~ $180/yr more expensive than the rest.
        Any horror stories / good experiences to share?  This is LA area, and
        I'm young and have no dependents.
        \- just a kaiser data point: i have no qualms about dealing with
           kaiser in santa clara. however oakland kaiser seems to have a
           high lamer factor ... bottom of the class types possibly, poor
           english speakers etc. so you might check what kind of rep your
           local kaiser has.
        \_ Take the grand, find a crooked doctor that will give you the
        \_ I chose Kaiser and here's what I think:
           Pros: You get everything done in the same build.
                 You can walk in without making an appt with your doctor.  (In
                 this case you may get an appt in a few hours or less for a
                 different doctor or nurse practitioner.)
           Cons: It's both the medical provide and the insurance company.  So
           Cons: It's both the medical provider and the insurance company.  So
                 it's very possible that they give you less treatment than you
                 deserve in order to save money.
           To me, the convenience is more important.
        \_  I had Blue Shield PPO, and it worked fine for me.  Point of
            clarification:  Do you need PPO?  Blue Shield HMO has worked
            well for me since I switched (two years ago).
            \_ I'm a little wary of HMOs personally; I'd at least like to
                have the option of switching my primary care physician as
                I see fit (so a POS plan would do).  All of the non-HMO
                plans are administered by my company so I have an
                additional level of appeal if needed.  My primary concern
                is the Con listed above; it seems like a conflict of
                interest.  Then again, I also refuse to open any sort of
                cash account with my credit card company because I don't
                want them debiting that account to pay my bills "for me".
        \_ My opinion: take the PPO if you can afford it.  Take the POS next.
           If you're on HMO and God-forbid *something bad happens* to you then
           you're fucked.  Try to make an appointment with a non-HMO doctor
           as an HMO patient and you'll find they're all busy or not taking new
           patients, etc.  I currently have POS but would've gone PPO if the
           option was available.  HMO is only for poor people or those who
           think they won't get sick or those with such huge medical
           expenses they'd use up all their PPO benefits too fast.
           \_ I respectfully disagree:  If you have the right PCP, an HMO
              is more than sufficient.  Bear in mind, with Blue Shield HMO,
              you can change your PCP at will; this is a very nice feature.
              \_ If you can find a doc still accepting new patients!
              PPO is good if you have an unusual condition and a specialist
              who is not normally covered by your HMO network; remember,
              though, you're going to pay for the privilege.  I have a heart
              condition, but I also have a really good PCP and a Cardiologist
              in the same network, so HMO works like a charm for me.
           \_ I agree.  I run an outpatient surgery center -- and have had
              firsthand experience with health insurances as a provider (as
              well as a member).  Not all PPOs are better than POS, but
              Blue Shield is generally a very good PPO, which pays providers
              fairly well (and motivates doctors, because they do work for
              money).  POS not too great -- although it is loads better than
              HMO.  HMO contracted doctors have to meet a quota of patients
              and get paid very little per case, which affects their quality
              of care.  Kaiser is the worst, although there are exceptions
              here and there.  Kaiser has the conflict of interest of being
              a medical group, a hospital, and an insurance company rolled
              in one.  I know doctors who have worked at kaiser who cannot
              order tests they feel necessary because kaiser tries to keep
              costs down, as an insurance company. In general,
              PPO >> POS >>> HMO >>>>>> Kaiser   --chris
2003/3/17-18 [Health] UID:27724 Activity:very high
3/17    Anybody ever applied for a government security clearance?  Is it ok to
        admit to experimenting with Berkeley's favorite mellow pasttime?
        \_ I think it's fine to admit to experimenting with math.  in fact
           for an NSA job, it will probably help.
        \_ I have a security clearance, but I really haven't ever used any
           illegal substances.  I tend to think that any lawbreaking could
           lead to you not getting a clearance though.
           \_ or in dubya's case, it could lead to the White House
        \_ Which level? I knew a guy who filled out two pages of incidents
           over the last seven years and still got in. Of course that was
           \_ secret.
              \_ Admit it. They're going to do interviews. If it's social and
                 not an addiction, you might be okay. For the FBI, SS, some
                 military, and NSA, you're probably gonna get rejected.
                 \_ Both FBI and SS have strict policies about using -- it's
                    not an immediate disqualification unless you are a
                    habitual user or have used within the last year (or
                    three).  Of course, cocaine, heroin, etc are substances
                    that will guarantee you an immediate disqualification.
         \_ OK to admit having done it.  Not ok to do it once you are
            applying for, or already have the clearance.
            \_ Yes.  I'm told that I can be randomly drug-tested.  I have
                no fear of this, though.
                \_ They're more interested in a clean drug test than your
                   your way-back past.  Remember that the drug tests can
                   reach back a year or so, though.
        \_ Why would you admit it if there's no evidence you'd done it?
           \_ Because in most cases, as long as you've demonstrated you've
              stopped, the government can be okay with it. If you've lied and
              they find out, it's a federal offense and they will get blood
             from a stone.
        \_ My $0.02 is that you should tell the truth. They can't really
           fault you for youthful indiscretions (hey, Clinton inhaled), and
           you will score more points for being truthful. One's past has a
           way of catching up to you. Of course, this is all in your past,
           right? ;-)
           \_ Well, yes, but not the distant past (2002) -- op
              \_ MJ flushes out in 30 days. If it's a piss test you're okay.
                 Part of what they are looking for is addicts. If it's a hair
                 or fat test, that's gonna show. Figure for classified and
                 below you're gonna be okay (no interviews). Secret and higher
                 means you're risking it. YMMV.
                 \_ The FBI and CIA claim they can detect use from up to
                    a year.  Get detox tea from a health store, and that
                    should help.
                    \_ lol hahahahhahah
                 \_ For a piss test, yes, but they can take hair samples
                    for > 30 days.
                    \_ Yeah, I should have noted that was piss test only.
        \_ The fact you went to Berkeley already makes you suspicious.
           Damn commie.
           \_ Apparently that's nonsense, though I'd have thought you were
              right.  My clearance went through in 4 months, absolutely
              record time.  I'm pretty much a straight arrow though.
           \- a distant associate of mine was interviewing for MI5 and
              the basically said 1. we know about the cocaine 2. if you are
              homosexual that is ok too, but we want you to tell us. i have
              been listed as a reference by people looking for security
              clearances and the sense i got was their concern was about
              people with drug problems, not past social users ... same
              applies for alcohol. --psb
              \_ MI5 isn't the US who are VERY touchy on homosexuality and
                 even casual drug use for internal and external security forces.
                 \- well part of the point was it's just kind of funny when
                    they say all of a sudden "we know about the cocaine".
                    i think the concern is also in part are you in the closet
                    and subject to blackmail. --psb
                    \_ The British understand that, but the US gets very
                       puritan at times. Then they go with the winner of the
                       "Que es mas macho" competition.
                       \_ "Cual es"?
                          \_ "Siempre tu mama, por supuesto"
                             \_ yo quiero chingar tu culo, pendejo.  Y tu
                                mama tambien.
                                \_ "¿Con los huevos minusculos?"
2003/1/21 [Health] UID:27172 Activity:high
1/21    Anybody in favor of doctors providing written disclosures of their
        financial dealings with drug companies?  If a doctor is peddling
        a particular drug to patients, he has to tell them that he owns
        stock in the company, for example.  Or if the drug maker paid for
        him and his family's cruise "seminar" on a particular disease.
        \_ Yes, absolutely. I don't see how patients wouldn't want to
           know that information.
           \_ and here lies the problem.  99% of the people won't ask their
              doctor for such info.  Chances are you don't even know if
              your doctor graduated last of his class.  And AMA is against
              all such disclosures.  We need a federal or state law.
              \_ Just let the free market handle the problem. Bad doctors
                 will kill all their patients, then they will have to switch
                 careers. Why do you want to get the government involved?
                 \_ Well played.
                    \_ Not really.  The fact is that no matter how much info
                       is available most people won't ask for it, wouldn't
                       know how to judge it, have no baseline for it, and
                       are lucky to find a doctor still taking new patients in
                       the first place.  Go ahead, make a new law.  New laws
                       about disclosing this stuff won't help anyone except
                       the lawyers and politicians and make some new paper
                       pushers a job.
                       \_ Especially the ambulance-chasing laywers.
                       \_ How about the insurance-money chasing doctors?
                          Let real ok?  doctors are in business for the money.
                          The AMA has brainwashed you into thinking that MDs
                          are altruistic angels from God.  They're not.
                          Doctors don't like HMOs because they get paid LESS
                          Than PPOs.  The more tests they run and the more
                          drugs they prescribe, the more money they make.
           \_ How do you tell the difference between accepting a "cruise" vs.
              getting free samples of OTC medicine?
2003/1/16 [Health] UID:27112 Activity:low
1/15    Anyone catch the John Cusack interview on the Daily Show a couple of
        weeks back or so?  Is he a racist?  He used the phrase "homeboy hug"
        which is fine by itself.  But he also saying how he's friends with
        someone on "Scrubs" ... "There's two guys on that show, not the young
        innocent one, but the older one."  He was referring to the older white
        doctor (actor name is something McGinley)  rather than the young white
        doctor.  He make it sound like it's totally inconceivable that he'd be
        friends with the young black doctor.  Anyone else catch all this or
        am I on crack?
        \_ You're on crack.  You've been in Berkeley too long.  Get some air.
        \_ I've never watched Scrubs, but that was definitely a painful
           interview.  I couldn't tell if they were actually friends and
           just pretending or if Cusack was about to just get up and walk
        \_ wehl, slap mah fro'!
2002/12/5 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:26709 Activity:very high
12/4    My cheatin' heart:
        \_ "Any time you are out of your own area code, it doesn't count as
           cheating".  That's very easy for those who live in SF.
        \_ For every article, a rebuttal:
           \_ And this, my friend, is the difference between the Italians
              and the English.
              \_ Don't forget that most of the people keeling over from heart
                 attacks while playing hide the salami are probably old farts,
                 who're more likely to be banging their secretary than their
                 wife.  Statistics...  -John
        \_ keep in mind it's from the Weekly World News.
        \_ I don't need this.  I learned everything I need to know about sex
           and relationships from Cosmo.  -John
           \_ I learned it from you, dad.  I learned it by watching YOU!
2002/11/28-30 [Health, Recreation/Media] UID:26659 Activity:nil
11/27   My new favorite movie: Bordello of Blood.  I can't do it justice with
        a mere motd post.
        \_ yeah, thanks for reminding me, i should watch that again. that
           was a good one. --aaron
2002/11/22 [Health] UID:26586 Activity:nil
        Man farts in OR, sets his balls on fire.
        \_ Is that an urban legend?
2002/11/5 [Health] UID:26416 Activity:nil
11/04   Dr. Smith dead, oh the pain, the pain:
        [substituted better url]
2002/10/31-11/1 [Health] UID:26372 Activity:kinda low
10/31   how did people treat yeast infections before modern medicine?
        \_ DOOSH!
        \_ Insert fruits, ferment, get drunk.
        \_ Inserting garlic.  No, really.
           google/i feel lucky: yeast infection "insert garlic"
2002/10/26 [Health] UID:26328 Activity:moderate
10/25   Is the economy really that bad?  Young people want to know.
        Not really.  The run from 93-2000 was the greatest economic
        expansion ever.  Anyone who got used to that is way off of
        the historical norms.  Right now is slightly worse than the
        recession of 90-92, but not by much.  Expect at least another
        6 months of pain in the software market, maybe slightly more
        in hardware.
        \_ just got a job, cmlee?
                \_ huh? who are you? i've turned into a vc now.
                   \_ With whose money?
                      \_ yermoms of course
                         \_ More likely his moms.
2002/8/23 [Health] UID:25663 Activity:nil
8/23    French Mayor Bans Residents from Dying
2002/8/21 [Health] UID:25631 Activity:nil
8/20    To those who thinks health care workers in general discriminate:
        "Racial Difference in Blood Vessels Detected"
2002/7/11-12 [Health, Health/Skin] UID:25336 Activity:very high
7/11    I've varied my workout and I seem to be getting some results now.
        I've noticed that my muscles are getting bigger.  However, my total
        weight remains the same.  Anybody had that happen?  Muscle weighs
        more than fat, I could be losing fat but I doubt that's happening.
        what else could account for the fact that I'm getting stronger and
        bulkier while total body weight remains the same?  Thanks.
        \_ It's not unusual for people to gain muscle and yet *lose*
           weight. Why do you doubt you are losing fat? --dim
           \_ because I'm already at 8% body fat.  This is measured using
              one of those body fat machine.  I'm as lean as I can be.  :)
              \_ Those body fat machines overestimate if you are relatively
                 skinny.  Calipers plus coach are better.
                 \_ well ok.  I just thought there was a generic explanation
                    for something like this.  As long as I'm getting stronger
                    and bulkier I have no complains.
                \_ you don't want to go much below 8% body fat for males.
                   Not healthy.
                   \_ is there a scientific basis for this?  I'm vegetarian.
                      Since I stopped eating meat my workout has gotten a lot
                      more effective.  I don't have to waste energy sweating
                      off the fat and cholesterol.
                      \_ body fat refers to fat in your body not in food.
                      \_ well, for one thing, your brain and nerves are
                         sheathed in fat, and your brain is mostly fat.
                         For more info, do yer own googling.  But come on
                         it's common sense.  Extremes in any direction
                         are generally bad.
                         \_ Here is a URL which describes < 8% body fat
                            as being unhealthy.
                      \_ I have a friend with 7% body fat and his doctor
                         told him it is too low and bad for his skin.
        \_ Did you weight yourself one time before you go to bathroom but
           another time after?
           \_ this is *much* easier than installing a scale in your shitter
              if you want to know how heavy your turds are.
        \_ When you take steroids, you gain weight in the muscles, but lose
           weight when your sexual organs shrink. When you become a meathead
           your muscles also take up more blood flow, decreasing the blood
           your brains gets. Your brain grows smaller, hence weight
           (and intelligence) loss.
2002/7/9-10 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:25317 Activity:kinda low
7/9     I need to get medical insurance, but I don't know anything about it.
        What do y'all recommend?  Kaiser?  What should I look for?  Thanks.
        \_ most people hate kaiser enough that this sounds like bait, but
           i'll bite anyway.  i've used kaiser, blue cross hmo, and blue
           cross ppo.  i like kaiser because there's no guesswork on what
           i'm going to get charged when i walk in the door and
           appointments tend to be on time.   i'm relatively healthy and
           i've learned how to use the system.   conversely, a friend of
           mine had ovarian cancer and was repeatedly misdiagnosed by
           her Kaiser doctor and had to get it all taken care of at
           Stanford.  --sony
           \_ kaiser's fine if you dont get sick, or really sick.  Don't
              expect them to try to hard if you're dying.
              -- someone who's had 2 relatives die under kaiser care.
           \_ Kaiser, like all HMOs, listens to the squeaky wheel. You can
              get along okay if you keep complaining or ask for a second
              opinion. People get misdiagnosed all the time, everywhere.
        \_ is where i went.  rates were pretty
           cheap. -uctt
        \_ Any PPO >> Any POS >> Any HMO (non-Kaiser) >> Kaiser.  Don't go
           cheap on your health.  If you knew in advance when you were going
           to get sick, you wouldn't need insurance, would you?
2002/7/1-2 [Health] UID:25253 Activity:nil
7/1     A must read for all you health and environmental conscious people:  This is a follow on to "Diet for
        a new america" by John Robbins.
2002/6/19-20 [Health] UID:25149 Activity:very high
6/19    Can someone recommend an effective, painless pubic hair removal
        technique?  I tried tweezing it recently but this almost always results
        in an infection. Thanks.
        \_ squssors!  see the bottom of the page. we use them in my lab
           to cut .5 mil wires, which are much finer than a human hair.
           Unless they launch themselves a half-inch out of your nose I bet
           no one notices.  Unless you've got a nose-hair inspector to deal
           ...and they're only 12 bucks.
           \_ .5 mil? As in 0.5 mm? That's orders of magnitude thicker than
              the average human hair.
              \_ 1 mil means one thousanth of an inch, which is about
                 25 microns. a human hair is about 70-100 microns, or
                 3-4 mils in diameter(a micron is 10^-6 m).
                 \_ Who the hell uses this unit and, more importantly, WHY?
                    \_ It's very common in circuit board manufacturing, for
                       instance. Why ask why? --dim
        \_ what about one of those spinning blade "shavers", made by
           Braun or companies like that.
           \_ yes, what about them? Do they work well?
        \_ Why bother?  Who could possibly be interested in your nose hairs?
           Unless they launch themselves a half-inch out of your nose
           and wave madly at passers-by, I'd bet that no one notices. Unless
           you've got a nose-hair inspector to deal with?
           \_ Because he doesn't want to look like an ugly unkempt sloppy nerd?
           \_ I bet your wife has visible nose-hairs
        \_ Um... scissors?
           \_ Scissors works well for me.  As for why bother, when my nose hair
              is too long it makes the inside of my nose itchy.
        \_ Fire.  Light those suckers up!  Works for me!
           \_ Just don't inhale at the same time. Very bad.
        \_ I just grab 'em and yank 'em out. Not really painless, though.
        \_ Whatever the solution, it don't cure ugly
           \_ It's not a cure, but it does temporarily fix one of the symptoms.
        \_ Nads!
2002/6/19 [Health, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:25144 Activity:kinda low
6/18    I think all you trolls and flamers should read this and take
        it to heart:
        \_ Not that valid points are not potentially being made, but it's
           difficult to seriously listen to someone who uses contrived
           pronouns like 'hir.'
        \_ Silly.  It isn't about self-hate.  How stupid.  'Hir' trolls are
           much different than motd trolls.  Here you're a troll for having a
           non-leftist political philosophy or not agreeing at all times with
           the RIDE BIKE USE LINUX crowd.
2002/6/6-7 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:25015 Activity:high
6/6     On NPR the other day I heard a doctor say that there are 12 fruits
        and vegetables that you should only buy organic because of the
        high levels of pesticides in the nonorganic varieties. He listed
        strawberries as the fruit that you should definitely only eat organic.
        Anyone know what the other ones might be?
        \_ Do you remember exactly when?  You can use their web site to
           find the show and transcript, most likely...
             \_ Thanks. This is what I was looking for. -op
        \_ NPR?  Dude just wash your produce before eating.
           \_ It's not just about what you're eating.  Environmental
              responsibility is a big portion of the decision to eat
        \_ Speaking of organic food, where are some good places in the
           south bay to buy organic food?
           \_ buahahahaha...  but seriously.  there's a place down by santa
              clara university
2002/5/20-21 [Health] UID:24890 Activity:moderate
5/20    Is there a rule of thumb regarding exercise and gaining muscle?
        Like if you work out with free weights for X hours a day for Y
        weeks you'll gain Z pounds of muscle.  Assuming correct diet and
        such.  I've been working out and I've gained ten pounds of muscle
        on my upper body but I need to gain another 10 pounds.  That's my
        goal but it doesn't seem to be happening.  I'm still doing the
        same exercises but I don't seem to see any results now. Thanks.
        \_ the only rule of thumb (that I've heard) as far as weight
            gain and exercise go is that to gain 1 extra pound you
            need to eat an extra 100 calories a day for a week. it's
            difficult to include the details of a weight lifting workout
            since there are lots of variations in workouts (muscle
            massbuilding vs endurance vs definition, for example).
            \_ what do you usually eat to add 100 calories?
        \_ Rotate your exercises. Your body grows efficient to the same
           routine. Mix it up. For example, I do the same shoulder exercises
           for 3-4 weeks, then I do something different for the next 4.
        \_ This happens to a lot of people. Sometimes you can get
           through it by changing the pace of your workouts, sometimes not.
           Make sure you are not over training (working the same muscle
           group more than 4 times a week). This is the major cause
           of plateauing.
           \_ I don't see how I can change the exercises.  I'm trying to
              build up my upper body.  So I do pushups and curls, etc.  What
              exercise can I change that'll still build up my upper body?
                \_ not change the exercises, but just change either the
                   order in which you perform them, the numbers that you
                   how many days a week you do them, etc.
                \_ May I suggest doing your upper-body workout in the following
                   order: a) dumbbells, b) barbells, c) cable and d) machines.
                   The dumbbells would fatigue your muscles but since you work
                   your way down from hardest to easiest, your muscles develop
                   evenly. Also, do try to rotate your exercise every 6 weeks
                   or so, increase your weights when it's becoming too easy
                   for you to lift and S.L.O.W. your repetition. (faster rep
                   is to tone, slower rep is to build) Hope this helps!
                    \_ aah I see.  I'm going to try that.  Thanks a lot man!
                \_ Most magazines tell you that you will put on 10-20 lbs
                   of muscle the first year of working out, and 6 at
                   most each year after that.  Just keep increasing the
                   weight and eating a ton of protein.  So the answer to
                   your question is, you get .5 lbs of muscle a month
                   assuming you work out 3-4 times a week.  -ax
2002/4/23 [Health] UID:24555 Activity:nil
        \_ That's un-fuckin' believable. Does the trophy REALLY look like that
           or did somebody doctor it?
                \_ a different angle:
2002/2/15 [Health] UID:23881 Activity:nil
2/15    Why do some atheletes have surgery on worn out body parts (I forgot
        the names of those surgery)? Wouldn't their body naturally repair
        and heal automatically?
2002/2/6-7 [Health] UID:23801 Activity:very high
2/6     Has anyone used Ritalin? I am having trouble concentrating and my
        school work is suffering. I'd like to try SOMETHING... like Ritalin,
        hormone therapy, hypnosis... ANYTHING.
        \_ Inquire with davebrok@csua.
        \_ dexadrine worked wonders.  Too bad they only give it to people
        \_ Try meditation. Start slowly, just concentrate on your breath
           with ADD.  Ask for it from your local fix.
        \_ Don't take boring classes.  Learn some self-discipline.
           It's cheaper than prescription drugs.  -jeffwong
        \_ Try masturbation. Start slowly, just concentrate on your breasts
           for 10 mins every morning and every evening. Try not to think
           about anything else during that time (it will be hard at first).
           As you get used to it, increase by 5 mins every two weeks or
           so, until you get upto about 30 mins or so. This will work
           wonders for you.
           \_ And try some exercise. What is distracting your concentration?
              Maybe address that first and then your mind will be free to
              concentrate. If it's issues, then take care of them. If it's
              a medical problem, contact a doctor before the motd.
        \_ i know people who've used ritalin.  they report that it is in fact
           really good for helping you concentrate and be extraordinarily
           productive, but if you have a tendency toward addiction, be wary.
           \_ And then you get productive and happier and attract more
              of the opposite sex and then you spend all your time partying
              with them and distracted and it gets hard to concentrate again.
              \_ No problem.  Just take more ritalin!
        \_ You probably just hate schoolwork. Do you find it hard to
           concentrate on things that you like to do?
           \_ Actually, yes, I do. Thoughts? - not original poster who has
              the same problem both in classes and with things he enjoys
           \_ Trouble concentrating when masturbating. Therefore cannot cum.
2002/1/18-19 [Health] UID:23590 Activity:nil
1/17    I'd like to have some script that just goes to and
        yanks off the main headline (usually no more than 5 words or so).
        Is this doable? Thanks.
        \_ yes.
        \_ Here's a lame hack. May easily break at any time:
           lynx -source | perl -ne \
             'm%cnnMainT1Headline"><a.*?>(.*)</a>% && print("$1\n") && exit;'
           \_ [new code re-posted after motd rollback]
           \_ curl -s|perl -lne \
                'print $1 if m,cnnMainT1Headline"><a[^>]+>([^<]+)<,'
              10 chars shorter --dbushong
2002/1/11 [Health] UID:23530 Activity:moderate
1/10    I am slowly converting to Dvorak keyboard. My finger/wrist pain
        have gone away, but it might be because I'm typing 15 WPM instead of
        my usual 75 WPM. What do you have to say about that nweaver?
        \_ It took me 2-3 days to get from 0-40WPM on dvorak. I'm about 80WPM
           normal. I stopped using dvorak.
           \_ what? u used dvorak then stopped? what's ur point?
           \_ you read the rules?!? You must follow the rules!
              \_ This sounds awefully similar to "You want the truth!?  You
                 can't handle the truth."  Syllable to syllable. :-)  -- yuen
        \_ Patience, grasshopper.  Soon, the quick brown fox shall jump
           over the lazy dog at 80 wpm.
2001/12/10-11 [Health, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:23203 Activity:kinda low
12/9    There's a malt drink in Germany called "Karamalz" or something like
        that.  It's not alcoholic and I heard it's very healthy.  Well
        healthier than drinking coke/pepsi at least.  Anybody know the
        exact name?  I'm trying to see if I can get it here in the states.
        \_ Kaiserdom Club-Malz?
        \_ Is that the fermented horse's pubic hairs I've been hearing about?
2001/11/2 [Science/GlobalWarming, Health, Health/Skin] UID:22909 Activity:nil
11/1    Dude isn't there a strong resemblence between Mohamed Atta and Tawei?
        \_ both seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.
           \_ % last -1 tawei
   tawei            ttyBO         Thu Nov  1 13:58 - 15:35  (01:36)
              % last -1 atta
   wtmp begins Sat Oct 27 15:04:06 PDT 2001
2001/10/11 [Health, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:22694 Activity:nil
10/11   "Diary of a smallpox attack"
        Sounds very realistic to me.
        \_ It'd be pretty stupid for a terrorist to use smallpox on the
           USA.  Of all countries, the USA probably has the best chance
           of keeping the infection rate low and fatailities low through
           supportive care and general good nutrition/health of the
           population.  Poor countries with malnourished populations
           will suffer far more.  Countries like Afghanistan.
           Anthrax is another matter.  It is not contageous, so anthrax
           in the US is unlikely to backfire at Afghanistan, except in
           the form of US military reprisals.
2001/10/7 [Health] UID:22659 Activity:very high
10/5    sunday, bloody sunday.
        \_ as long as it's Taliban blood I don't care.
        \_ I think the goal is less bloodshed.  Why weren't those
           humanitarian drops made before the bombings?
           \_ the US hopes to provoke a popular revolt against the taliban.
              the humanitarian aid serves as propaganda, to create smpathy
              towards us. it's politically motivated. -ali
        \_ as long as it's taliban blood i don't really care
2001/10/5 [Health] UID:22638 Activity:very high
10/5    is today, "Show of your D-cup tits day?" jeebus!
           \_ What about her?
           \_ i'm talking about outside.  go look outside during your lunch
I recently received an e-mail from a young lady with a dilemma. She has recently\
 grown to accept and welcome her 34G breasts, but she finds them a huge encumbra\
nce as she enjoys a very active lifestyle, participating in volleyball, Ultimate\
 Frisbee and hockey as well as running regularly. She wrote to me to ask if anyo\
ne had had similar experiences and could offer advice or counsel in the matter:

"Has anyone at the chronicles dealt with this, or even had the surgery? The doct\
or said he would only go down to a D, but still I am concerned about how a reduc\
tion will screw with my self-image. It is only in the last two years that I have\
 started to feel comfortable with my body, is now the time to go mess with that?\
 If anyone could give me their thoughts I would really appreciate it."

              \_ if you are seriously trying to tell the world that there are
                 nice tits to look at outside your office, you are an idiot.
                 motd posters are in all corners of the country.
2001/10/4-5 [Health] UID:22631 Activity:insanely high
10/04   Can anybody recommend a good doctor in the Mountain View/Sunnyvale/
        Palo Alto area? I'm just looking for a good general doctor for a
        yearly checkup.
        \_ Dr. Bonzai.  At the Bonzai Institute.
           \_ That's Banzai, buckaroo.
        \_ Dr. Seuss
        \_ Dr. Pepper
        \_ Dr. Jack Kevorkian, oh wait, that's in Michigan..
           \_ Dr. Death.
        \_ Dr. Smith (one of them must be alright)
        \_ Dr. Nick
           \_ Hi everybody!
              \_Hi Dr. Nick!
        \_ Dr. Hibert
        \_ Dr. Jones
        \_ I see the Spin Doctors
        \_ Dr. Ruth
        \_ Dr. Kildare
        \_ Dr. Zhivago
        \_ Dr. McCoy
        \_ If you are willing to make the drive to SoCal, Dr. Dre.
        \_ Dr. Fred Mbogo
        \_ Dr. Strangelove and Dr. Who
           \_ Boy, I sure could use 100 tacos right about now.
        \_ Dr. Dolittle
        \_ Dr. Alban
        \_ Can someone append what these doctors are known for?
        \_ Dr. Laura
        \_ Dr. Spock
        \_ Dr. Timothy Leary
        \_ Dr. Demento (you all know him, right?)
           \_ How many sodans do you know?
        \_ Dr. Koop, but he might have went out of business
        \_ Norton Disk Doctor
        \_ Dr. Watson (elementary, my dear)
        \_ Dr. No
        \_ just run fsck
        \_ Dr. Joycelyn 'masturbation' Elders
        \_ Dr. Herman, paging Dr. Herman
        \_ Dr. Drew
        \_ Dr. Scholl's
        \_ Dr. Zaius (help me!)
        \_ Dr. Zoidberg
        \_ Dr. Indiana Jones
        \_ Dr. Dr.
2001/9/7 [Health] UID:22346 Activity:high
9/7     How many of you are married and still use the condom because your
        wife refuses to take the pill? Poll:
        Married + condom:
        Married + pill:         ..
        Married - sex:
        Married + vasectomized:
        If you're not married, don't answer.
        \_ Some people are allergic to the pill.
2001/8/25-26 [Health] UID:22260 Activity:high
8/24    "If I should fall from grace with God where no doctor can relieve me
        If I'm buried 'neath the sod so the angels can't receive me
        Let me go, boys, Let me go boys
        Let me go down in the mud when the rivers all run dry."
        \_ Bury me at sea where no murdered ghost can haunt me.
           If I rock upon the waves then no corpse can lie upon me
        \_ This land was always ours -- 'twas the proud land of our fathers'
           It belongs to us and them and not to any of the others...
                ...but more importantly:
                        A curse upon you Oliver Cromwell,
                        You who raped our Motherland.
                        I hope you're rottin' down in hell
                        For the horrors you did send
                        To our misfortunate forefathers
                        Whom you robbed of their birthright...
                        "To hell or Connaught"
                        May you burn in hell tonight!
                Shane or no, that's how it's done.
        \_ Roses are red, violets are blue, tongue-fuck my shithole, bitch.
        \_ One for me, and one for my homeys.
        \_ Get off my dick.
           \_ now get back on. now get off it...
2001/8/16-17 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Health] UID:22138 Activity:low
8/16    Anyone knows what the Japanese or English title of the Japanese TV
        cartoon series ~20 years ago whose Cantonese title is "Doctor IQ"?
        \_ Dr. Slump (Arale-chan)
        \_ Speaking of Asian cartoons, when I was in China I picked up
           some VCD's of a chinese cartoon featuring policeman cats. I don't
           speak chinese and there are no subtitles but they are hilarious
           to watch simply because they are so surreal and so violent.
           Anyone know what the name of this cartoon is?
2001/6/21-22 [Health, Health/Men] UID:21586 Activity:high
6/20    Let's say I workout every other day and I've gotten 1.2X more buff
        than before. How long would it take for me to atrophy back to 1.0X
        if I don't work out afterwards?
        \_ I remember my trainer mentioning that one loses 10% of muscle
           mass per week without exercise.  -chris
           \_ wow it's amazing i can walk at all!
           \_ true only if you are using steroids
              \_ All I hear are the squeaky voices of girly men.
           \_ I heard it was 10% per YEAR if you're 25 or older.
              \_ So if I work out for a year, it'll take me 10 years to
                 atrophy back to where I started?  This is just wrong.
        \_ The most reasonable answer I've heard in that case is that
           it takes the same amount of time to lose muscle as to add it.  -ax
           \_ so how long did it take you to buff up? You look sexy on
              your web site.                    -ax #1 fan
        \_ I think it depends.  If you are completely sedentary and you
           don't eat much it comes off pretty fast.  If you eat enough and
           keep at least a little active it takes much longer.  Also, even
           really short workouts (say 10-15 minutes a few times a week) are
           enough to drastically slow down or stop the loss.
2001/5/10-11 [Health] UID:21232 Activity:moderate
5/10    Watching TV one'd think that Americans are in a lot of pain because of
        all the pain killer commercials.  Tylenol, Advil, etc.  Just how
        often do Americans get headaches?  I for one can't even remember the
        last time that I had a headache.
        a couple times a day:
        a couple times a week:
        a couple times a month:
        once a month: <none, there are no females who read the motd>
        Only when I'm sick:  .
        I can't really tell cuz yermom is sitting on my face: .
        have headache but don't take pain killers:      .
2001/5/8-9 [Health] UID:21212 Activity:nil
5/8     Dear Doctor Science,
        I am an especially unattractive person, and all my life I've had to
        deal with people who hate me just because they don't like the way I
        look. How can I free myself from the hatred I feel for these people?

        -- Ray Mullen from Swisher, IA

        Unfortunately, there's little you can do to let go of such a justified
        resentment. Electroshock may help you to forget, and thus forgive, but
        it may also have unintended side effects, like death. Have you thought
        of starting an ugly persons support group? It might give you a sense of
        community you've been missing all your life, though I imagine the
        meetings would be pretty hard to stomach.
        \_ Who's Ray Mullen?
        \_ Apply to EECS at Cal, you will among others of your type.
2001/5/7 [Health] UID:21188 Activity:high
5/7     Anyone ever get ill from eating out a girl?
        \_ In theory, you or she could get AIDS...
        \_ And herpes and a long list of other things.  Yes, many have.  Go
           see a doctor.
        \_ And herpes and a long list of other things.  Yes, many have.
           Go see a doctor.
        \_ Yes, the bill came to be $46.17 and I almost had a
           heart attack.
           \_ That's it? You're pretty cheap.
              \_ No I'm frugal.
                 \_ Tell her that.  "Honey, I know this is our first date and
                    we're only going to Burger King, but I'm frugal and you're
                    just going to have to accept that."  "Ok, Jack, that's ok.
                    I can find someone who isn't so cheap and will spend more
                    on a date than I spent on my makeup."
2001/4/27 [Health, Health/Men] UID:21118 Activity:high 76%like:21127
4/27    In workouts, why are free weights better than machines even if I'm
        using the same weight?
        \_ More muscle groups are brought into play controlling the weights,
           and you have MUCH more control which muscles get worked.  With
           machines, since the movement is completely static, you have to get
           really creative to hit some of the more obscure muscles.  Also,
           if you're a muscle-bound moose, you can generally get higher
           weights on free weights, whereas most machines run out at around
           250-300 pounds.  -mice
        \_ Because free weights give you the widest range of motion possible;
           that you are not limited only by the mechanics of the machines.
           Which is why folks using free weights are more prone to injury, if
           they're not careful in picking the correct weight. They often
           forget to take into account gravity, free weights going anywhere
           they please while in your hands, etc. Most novice are encouraged
           to start with machines first beore graduating into free weights
           starting out light. - jthoms
           \_ But don't machines offer more variations in resistsnce?
              Resistance from free weights only goes one direction (downward)
              and is constant.  Resistance from a machine can follow
              a curved path like on a chest machine which you bring two handles
              from left and right together at the front.  And the amount of
              resistance can vary according to the shape of the pulley guiding
              the wires, e.g. eclipse shape.  I'm new to weight training BTW.
              resistance can vary along the path according to the shape of the
              pulleys guiding the wires, e.g. eclipse shape.  I'm new to weight
              training BTW.
                \_ You're correct that machines offer more var. in resistance.
                   I personally use both machines and free weights as I am
                   slowly graduating to free weights myself. What people
                   mean by free weights are "better" is because not only they
                   bulk up your muscles, but also they train your muscles to
                   be more alert and flexible. Free weights are closer to
                   everyday application than machines. I don't know the exact
                   scientific expl. but that's the closest I can think of.
                   Also, what avid gym-freaks usually do is use free weights
                   to "puff up"/sculpt their muscles with slow repetitions on
                   one day and use the machines to define/tone their newly
                   build muscles with fast repetitions. Those men with ripped
                   muscles can't get what they have by using machines alone.
                   But if you're just doing weights to tone yourself, machines
                   should do the trick. Have a great workout. - jthoms
                   \_ So do you mean machines alone can't bulk up my muscles?
                      Gee, I think I've wasted all that time I spent on those
                \_ I have seen some very big people who use only machines, so
                   those men with ripped muscles _can_ get what they have with
                   just machines.  Machines and LOTS of steroids...
                   That said, a good reason to use free weights is to work
                   all of the little stabilizer muscles that aren't used as
                   much with machines.  Another is that machines usually
                   add friction to the exercise, usually making the positive
                   (contracting) part harder and the negative part easier,
                   which is the opposite of what you want.  There are many
                   other reasons that you can come up with (free weights
                   allow you to cheat a little more, for example), but I think
                   it's mostly a matter of personal preference
        \_ I'd go with free weights. I was using this bench press machine
           (like a standard bench press machine except with a harness), but
           never really gained any strength (ie, never moved up in resistence).
           Then I switched to dumbbells. I've increased the weights I can do by
           20 pounds (each arm) in just over a month, exceeding what I could
           do on the machine.
           \_ I agree with the recommendation.  I don't think that machines
              prevent you from getting stronger, but I think that it's easier
              to push yourself with free weights.  However, I think that the
              comparison above is faulty.  There is not a simple linear
              relationship between the weight you can use on a machine and
              what you can use with free weights.  Also, when you switch
              exercises (from machine to dumbells) you tend to gain strength
              more quickly than normal as your body and mind adjust to the
              new exercise.
2001/2/27 [Health] UID:20712 Activity:high
2/26    I've converted my small network (10 workstations) to NIS+.  It's a
        pain in the ass to manage.  Is solstice any good at managing them?
        do I have any other choice?  Thanks.
        \_ DNS
           \_ wtf does DNS have to do with NIS+? Most sites that use NIS+

troll   Stop deleting my troll anotations.
        \_ Use better annotations: t = troll, w = winston, etc
        \_ Use better annotations: h = hamster, w = winston, xxx = rebecca lord
              use it mainly for things other than host name db.
        \_ LDAP
        \_ hessiod
                \_ ew.
        \_ get a nocmonkey or a labrat
        \_ There is no secure alternative to NIS+, save MAYBE hesiod/moira.
           Come on, it shouldn't be THAT bad to manage. what's giving you
           the headaches?
           \_ what about netinfo?
2001/2/8 [Health] UID:20536 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Please post descriptions or you risk someone deleting your
           \_ hey no fair, I never deleted any URLs. - someone
           \_ why does people not posting descriptions get your panties
              in sucha bunch anyway?  Get over yourself.
              \_ I don't care, but apparently others do. This
                 URL was deleted twice and I restored it. That's
                 why I posted the warning.
2001/2/1-2 [Recreation/Media, Health, Transportation/Airplane] UID:20489 Activity:high
1/31    All stop, Mr. Sulu!
        -- The former Capt. Kirk and pitchman, who appeared
        with Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality," is set to emcee the
        Miss USA Pageant on March 2.
        \_ You forgot "former TV cop, TJ Hooker" as well.  Who could forget
           all those car chase scenes where he ended up on the hood of the
           bad guy car in episode after episode?
           \_ I loved the scene in Charlie's Angels where they showed
              "T.J. Hooker The Movie" as the in-flight movie.
           \_ ...and "former TV doctor, Trapper John, M.D.". But Captain
              Kirk should never really be mistaken for a cop or a doctor
              (DAMNIT JIM!) because he only played them on TV, and after all,
              he's the pageantry of congeniality... as is clear from such
              great episodes as "The Doomsday Orgiastic Nazi Parade", "The
              Dribble with Nipples" and "Blue She-malien Bounty"... but you
              fuckin losers are far too hoity-toity to acknowledge such
              greatness lest you be exposed as the ashamed extra-human-virgins
              that you are incapable of even terrestrial attempts in the
              form of, say, lizardlove or owlorgy or gynogerbillingus.
                                                        - (fucker)
              \_ What is gynogerbillingus?
                 \_ cunnilingus on a gerbil.  pretty trivial.  fucker u
                    fail to impress me.
                    \_ Yeah, I've got say, -(fucker)'s wannabe "rants" are
                       pretty annoying.  But of course, this being the motd,
                       there's little hope he'll shut up.  *sigh*
2001/1/25-26 [Health] UID:20437 Activity:moderate
1/25    Construction worker accidentally saws off hand, shoot nails into
        head to end pain:
        \_ His brain must be so small that even one-inch nails can't reach it.
           That explains his behavior.
        \_ Well, he probably was trying to kill himself, right?
        \_ 'Sup, dudes brain must be so's little-ass dat even one-inch nails
            kin't reach it.  Dat 'esplains his behavio'.
        \_ Sheeit, he probably wuz tryin' t'put de smack down on himself,
        \_ racist fuckers.
                \_ See?  I told you all the other day how important it is to
                   scream "RACISM!" on the motd.  I'm not alone on this.
2000/11/7 [Health] UID:19669 Activity:nil
        Why did they doctor this photo? Ideas?
        \_ Looks real to me.  Staged, yes, doctored, doubtful.
2000/10/26 [Health] UID:19575 Activity:nil
10/26   Koreans and Japanese have a closer blood relationship than say,
        Koreans and Caucasians. What about Indians? Do they have a close
        blood relationship with Africans?
2000/7/23 [Health] UID:18761 Activity:nil
7/21    \_
2000/6/29-7/1 [Health, Health/Men] UID:18566 Activity:high 52%like:18569
6/29    Why do muscles swell during a workout? I don't understand the benefit
        or the method (ie, how do the cells suddenly become hypertonic to the
        rest of the body?)
        \_ besides "looking good", what are some actual physiological
           benefit of working out? Wouldn't aerobic excercise be better than
                is the pump.  Your muscles get filled with blood." -Arnold
           just pumping out?
           \_ there is no benefit to being a pumped up monster.  however,
              being in good cardiovascular condition and being generally
              toned and strong is just good health.
           \_ Well, what do you mean by "better"?  If you're trying to lose
              weight, doing both is good, because the more muscle mass you
              have, the more calories your body's burning just sitting
              around doing nothing.  Cardiovascular exercise itself actually
              burns more calories while you're doing it, of course.
           \_ In some sports such as football and basketball being big
              and strong can be a significant advantage.  Also, being big
              helps prevent injury (assuming you don't lose flexibility).
                \_ The blood does go to your muscles, which leaves less in
                   your veins.  Your body compensates by adding water to your
                   bloodstream, which can cause you to get incredibly thirsty
              Finally, if you're scrawny people tend to pick on you, while
              if you're buff, everyone acts friendly.  Once you finish
              high school this isn't as big a deal, though.
              \_ Only if you goto a nerdy school like cal surrounded by
                 nerds. Otherwise at other schools, it's almost the same
                 (except you dont get physically picked on).
                 After that, it's almost the opposite. The big hulking
                 guys cant get a good job, but the scrawy ones with brains
                 do an IPO and get rich and then everyone acts friendly.
                 \_ Keep dreaming, wimp.

        \_ blood
                \_ "The first thing you notice when you begin to work out
                    is the pump.  Your penis get filled with blood." -Arnold
                \_ The blood does go to your penis, which leaves less in
                   your brain.  Your body compensates by adding water to your
                   bloodstream, which can cause you to get incredibly horny
                   very quickly.
        \_ when you work out, you use up oxygen more as respiration process
             to produce ATP.  Most likely, when the oxygen level of your
             blood stream lowers, a negative feedback pathway will
             increase the heart beat rate to pump more blood (thus
             oxygen) into the circulatory path way.
2000/6/23-24 [Health] UID:18535 Activity:nil
6/23 on animal rights myths.
        \_ what brought this up all of a sudden?  there's lots
           of well researched opposing views out there -
  - your local hippie
                \_ This is only about vivisection.  Animal research covers a
                   hell of a lot more than putting an animal under a knife.
                   The altweb link just provides information about the movement
                   within the scientific community to move away from animal
                   testing.  It doesn't contradict the original embra url at
                   all.  Was it intended as background information?
        \_ I think soccer-mom consensus these days is that animals feel
           pain like people feel pain, so the consensus generally supports
           eating animals, animal-based medical research, and positive
           sentiment for vegetarians.
2000/6/19-20 [Health] UID:18496 Activity:very high
6/19    If our cells can be regenerated in a finite number of times and
        working-out is a process if breaking and regenerating cells,
        wouldn't work-out speed up the aging process?
        \_ Shut up, cmlee.
        \_ Yes.  People who work out are trading one form of health for
           another.  Moderation in everything is the way to go.
         \_Apoptosis in eukaryotic multicellular organisms is quite
complex. Such
           a statement as "working out will speed the aging process" is
essentially nonsensical.
           complex. Such a statement as "working out will speed the aging
           process" is essentially nonsensical.  -williamc
        \_ regeneration != aging. There is no known direct relation
           between cell division and aging.
        \_ There is, however an inverse correlation between heart rate and
           life span. There is also an inverse relation between calorie
           intake and life span. If you sit around and don't eat much you
           will live longest.  Have fun.
           \_ I just read an article casting doubt on the whole fat people don't
           live as long as people who don't eat much thing - danh
                \_ There is an inverse relationship between average
                   activity level and resting heart rate. So sitting
                   around won't do you much good unless it is after a
                   brisk workout
                        \_ Miguel Indurain had a resting heart rate of 28.
                           He'll live to be 200!  -tom
                           \_ Hail Indurain! --dim
            \_ And if your heart rate is 0 and you do absolutely nothing,
               you'll live forever!
2000/5/15-17 [Health] UID:18265 Activity:very high
5/16    URL for latest 'extreme sport'.  Thought bungee jumping was heart
        wrenching?  This this:
        \_ Bungee jumping is hardly as 'extreme sport.'   Yawn.
        \_ Bad use of the term "heart wrenching" normally used to describe
           what girls do to guys when they scew them over.
                \_ No.  You've just been dumped too many times.  The term
                   predates your dating difficulties and is still in very
                   common use in the way I used it.  Think before posting
                   your misapplied and narrow personal experiences.
                   \_ Your rejection of the previous poster's interpretation
                      is gut wrenching.
                        \_ Not my fault they can't get a date.
        \_ FYI, this is the same (Swiss) outfit that got 19 (20?)
           Australian & Misc. tourists whacked about 4 months back
           in a huge canyoning accident--they took the group into a really
           narrow steep ravine while there was a thunderstorm in the
           mountains right above.  I think they were still dredging
           bodies out of various lakes all over Europe about a month
           after.  This time, they gave him a (clearly marked) 180 meter
           rope for a 100 meter drop.  Splat!  -John
           \_ Yet more proof that the metric system sucks.
                \_ It only sucks if you can't multiply by 2.5.  -John
                   \_ i can't .  i always multilply by 2.54.
                \_ It's Darwin.  What kind of idiot bungee jumps in the first
                   place and then doesn't even do his own double check?  Maybe
                   ask that they check the friggin' cord?  He earned his
                   place in Flatland.
1999/12/18-21 [Health, Health/Men] UID:17069 Activity:high
12/18   We're in Thailand!  We found an internet cafe!  We're living in
        an alley!  No kidding!   -raytrace, brain
        \_ Jokes, like whores, age quickly.
        \_ Yawn.
        \_ internet cafes are pretty common in tourist areas. I was in
           Koh Samui last year which isn't too highly developed like Phuket.
           There were several combo Internet/long distance/laundry/currency
           shops. --vchang
        \_ Is the movie "Anna and the King" showing there?  How much of the
           story is real history?
        \_ Is the movie "Anna and the King" being shown there?  How much of
           the story is real history?
                \_ the horny king slept with Anna, but because we're in
                   Hollywood/Broadway, we can only show white men w/Asian chix
                   \_ Not in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee story"
                   \_ Really?  In one of the Don Wilson's movies, Don, acting
                      as a Chinese-American doctor, slept with the sister of
                   \_ Really?  In one of Don Wilson's movies, Don, acting as
                      a Chinese-American doctor, slept with the sister of
                      his white opponent.
                   \_ that wouldn't be don "the dragon" wilson would it?
                      i can't ever stop laughing about this one character
                      who proposes to stop a gang feud by using "thai-style
                      boxing", meaning rope wristbands with chunks of glass,
                        \_ in The Lover a studly asian male plays hide the salami
                           with a much younger white chic
                      in a private match.
                      \_ Yes, it's indeed Don "the Dragon" Wilson as the
                         doctor.  The character you're laughing about is the
                         doctor's cousin.  I don't know the name of the actor
                      \_ "Racism, blah, anti-asian, blah, anti-whatever, blah,
                       Political Correctness, blah, thought control, blah, no
                       free speech for people who don't agree with me, blah,
                       blah, blah, blah, blah, noise, stupidity, blah".
                        \_ in The Lover a studly asian male plays hide the
                           salami  with a much younger white chic
                           \_ read "14" (12?)
                              Portrayed by Jane March. sexy. Not her visually,
                              the whole way they did some scenes.
                              And dude, learn about 80 columns. I fixed your
                              problem. Supposedly autobiographical, by
                              ... "Maureen Dumas"? Marguerite Duras?
                           \_ Can't find "The Lover" in
                              \_ thats cause its got "Lover" in the title
                        It was a bitch to find. Also,
                      \_ Neither Don Wilson's movie or The Lover are popular
                         or are of Hollywood/Broadway quality.
                         \_ "Hollywood quality" is rather oxymoronic.
1999/9/15 [Health] UID:16520 Activity:insanely high
9.16    Searle's lecture is on what is pain, thursday, 2060 vlsb.
        \_ pain is reading the motd seriously.
        \_ I suggest watching Harvey's cs61a lectures on the web. If she's
           might help her learn to program.
                   \_ perl is a sucky beginners language, because there are
           \_ no, pain is taking searle seriously.
        \_ Isn't Searle the guy who claims that computers can never
           be sentient?  I remember a section in Hofstader's book,
           _The_Mind's_Eye_, which talked about AI, the Turing Test,
           and other such subjects.  There was an argument attributed
           to Searle (maybe a different guy than the one giving the pain
           lecture) in there claiming that since computers only do
           "formal symbol manipulation" they can never be intelligent.
           I thought this argument was  pretty lame. -emin
           \_ yes, that's Searle, and yes, it is.  -tom
              \_ it's a fork bomb
           \_ the majority of searle's arguments sound impressive when he
              presents them on the bbc but are actually pretty damned lame.
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "subjects", "formal", and "taking".
1999/8/28 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Health] UID:16408 Activity:insanely high
8/28    Now this is true csuaer dedication (worthy of danh's disturbed-mind
        award): http://www.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU/~keithyw/letter.htm
        \_ Wow, do a search on Yahoo for her and you come up with keith's
           web page as the first link
        \_ 5'6" and 150 lbs... quite the chunky chick.
           \_ that's not fat.  Look at the picture.  It's all muscle.
                \_ I said chunky.  She's chunky.  That's not a svelte chick.
                   C-H-U-N-K-Y C-H-I-C-K
                   \_ kate moss is unattractive anyway.  But the letter he
                      wrote is kinda funny, kinda sad..
1999/8/2 [Health] UID:16221 Activity:nil
8/2     Does anyone here suffer from acid reflux?  I read some newsgroup
        articles on it, and it seems like that everyone who posts feels
        pain in the chest.  I only feel a constant tinge of acid at the
        back of my throat after dinner, a few times a week.  Do I have
        acid reflux?
        \_ ask a doctor you idiot
        \_ you suffer from toxic megacolon
        \_ yes, and you need to drink Drano to counteract it... hahaha
1999/7/6 [Health] UID:16084 Activity:kinda low
7/5     Has anybody tried those protein shakes that GNC sells to build
        muscle?  Do those drinks really work or are they more of a placebo?
        \_ yes
        \_ It's up to you to turn that protein into muscle. It may become
           fat, too! They work if you do! --dim
        \_ Protein is protein.  Eat meat everyday and you'll get lots of
           protein, too.
1999/6/30-7/1 [Health] UID:16041 Activity:nil
6/30    Is soda dying?
        \_ No, but it's been left out too long and gone flat.
1999/6/12 [Health] UID:15951 Activity:very high
6/11    RIP DeForest Kelley aka Dr.Leonard Bones McCoy
        \_ heard on radio today as well.  *sigh*  People dying left and right.
           -- ilyas
           \_ Yeah, how come no media about dying around 1991-1996??
                \_ If you had been watching the jnews you would hear it.
                   nowadays everything tries to compete with the net for info.
              I can only remember Lucille ball dying sometime around there
                \_ you are an idiot.
1998/11/1-3 [Health, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:14864 Activity:low
10/31   Headline news:
        "Hello, UN Weapon Inspectors. We need to hide our weapons of mass
        distruction again. Please come back later when we are done. Thanks."

Happy Pagan Satan Worship!
        \_ Ignorant tweak.  Satan is a Christian concept.  Halloween is a
           Pagan concept.  Dumb shit Christians jammed Satan into the
           historical Pagan concepts.  Pagans don't worship Satan.  I'd
           say you should stay off the MOTD if you're going to be such an
           idiot, but if everyone followed that advice, there'd be nothing
           but lame job offerings.
           \_ Case in point: Halloween is not remotely pagan.  November 1st
              is called 'All Saints Day' or 'Hallowed Day' and the eve of
              the celebration 'Hallowed Eve' which mutated to 'Halloween'
              A Christian concept through and through, for a change.
           \_ Yep. 'Pagan' is a lame Christian word which tried to mean 'not
              Christian' but eventually came to mean, 'a religion which is
              not one of the big 5', so since Satanism is a Christian
              sect (admitted a perverse one), a Satanic is not a Pagan.
1998/10/23-25 [Health] UID:14815 Activity:moderate
10/22   That new Durex condom commercial is hilarious. Oh wait, this is
        CSUA. Maybe I should explain what a condom is...
        \_ oh, you mean da protection I used when I was doing yer mom
           last nite?  it even glows!!!
           \_ so that's why my mom asked if i had a pair of tweezers.
        \_ Oh yeah...I want a condominium.
        \_ A modem is an electronic device that ......
1998/9/11 [Health] UID:14576 Activity:high
9/11    Who likes short shorts?!
        \_ We like short shorts.
                \_ In certain cases.  I saw bh in short shorts once and have
                        been scarred for life ever since.
                   \_ Oh fuck! Sorry, man. My sympathies
                   \_ I suggest a lawsuit to cover medical expenses and pain
                      and suffering.
1998/7/22-23 [Health] UID:14373 Activity:nil 80%like:14372
7/77    ]<(HA/VG heart sodomy
1998/7/22 [Health] UID:14372 Activity:nil 80%like:14373
7/77    h0zer heart sodomy
1998/4/6 [Reference/BayArea, Health, Computer/Theory] UID:13907 Activity:nil
4/6     Re: PBS starts new series -> Teletubbies
1998/3/31-4/1 [Health] UID:13876 Activity:high
3/30    How do you get a doctor to prescribe Prozac for you? Thanks.
        \_ Just ask him/her. Generally, they'll be a little more agreeable
           if you're also seeing a therapist at the time. Just keep in mind
           that Paxil / Zoloft / Prozac / whatever are -not- "happy pills" --
           "take and your life will be wine and roses forevermore" -- but,
           if you know the various issues involved, meds can't hurt, and just
           might help.
           \_ Why the fuck would you seek medical advice on the MOTD?  The
              "meds can't hurt" statement could only come out of ignorance
              or a desire to do harm.  All medications have side effects.
              All medications have the potential for an allergic reaction.
              Prozac is especially bad because few people ever sucessfully
              get off of it.  Talk to a psychiatrist.  Get some therapy.
              There is a difference between getting rid of the symptoms
              and getting rid of the problem.   -Doogie Howser, MD
              \_ The REAL Doogie would never swear like that....
          \_ Also be careful.  Although selective seratonin uptake inhibitors
              do work fairly well for clinical monopolar depression, there
              can be some serious side effects, especially in the first
              few weeks of treatment.  There have been reports of potentially
              greater danger of suicides in serious depressed individuals
              during the first few weeks of treatment.  Also, I believe
              that these drugs are counterindicated in cases of bipolar
              (manic/depressive) disorder, which can be mistaken in some
              cases for unipolar depression if the manic phase is much
              less significant than the depressive phase.
              \_ Antidepressants are prescribed for bipolar disorder.  My
                 sister was given SSRIs for a diagnosed bipolar disorder.
                 Whether they were the best choice is another question, but
                 it's not unheard of.
           \_ my aunt died taking prozac. had some reaction to a drug
              she took some time before, like stored in her liver or
              something. be careful.
                \_ Well I don't care, I'm probably better off dead anyway
                 \_ you probably are.  I have a gun I can lend you
              \_ Well, she's not depressed anymore. Cured by death she was.
        \_ Sheesh.  How do you even know you _need_ Prozac?  Someone tell you
           it was cool?  Go to a real doctor and get real help.  Don't drown
           your misery with drugs.
        \_ Blow jobs are always a good method
           \_ Excuse me for being ignorant, but why is it called a *blow*job?
           \_ a good lay is a much better cure than Prozac anyway.
        \_ It's easy to get a doctor to prescribe Prozac for you if he/she
           has diagnosed you with depression and feels you need one.  If you
           haven't already seen a psychiatrist, go see one.  If you are
           are already seeing one and can't get him/her to prescribe it,
           then maybe you don't need it.  My opinion is that it's a last
           resort coping aid, rather than the first step.  --chris
                \_ thanks chris... my day is almost over (too tired)
                        and tomorrow's just another day to deal with
                  \_ It is one thing to be depressed, it is another thing
                     to wallow in it.  Shut the fuck up or go kill yourself
                     already.  -been there, done that
        \_ Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees
           and marmalade skies.  Somebody calls you, you answer quite
           slowly, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.  Cellophane flowers
           of yellow and green, towering over your head.  Look for the
           girl with the sun in her eyes and you're gone.
           \_ Yeah, I've always considered halucinogenic psychosis inducing
              narcotics like LSD to be a good pick-me-up anti-depressant.
              There's also pot, crack, cocaine, and crystal meth easily
              available in Berkeley.  Shoot yourself first.  It's faster.
              \_ Hel-lo... that song is not about LSD, read up on your
                 Beatle lore
                \_ HAhahahhaha, the song is *exactly* about LSD.  Don't be
                   stupid.  It was written at a time when that was "k00l".
                   Now that it isn't they have to tell parents (the same
                   people who were frying in the 60s) of kiddies like you
                   that it was really all about good clean wholesome
                   non-druggy fun.  Again, don't be stupid.  At that time,
                   "(L)ucy/(S)ky/(D)iamonds" was known and accepted to be
                   about LSD.  If it wasn't why didn't they say so at the
                   time?  Got a nice clean pro-mommy-ex-LSD-hippy URL?
        \_ Having a bad day, week, month, life? PROZAC IS THE DRUG FOR YOU!!!
           Because only YOU know that the world is just and fair.
           Since the human condition should not be an unhappy one:
           (Just be sure to take some downers whenever you have a good
           day, week, month or life - as if THAT'll ever happen... HAH!)
1998/3/8 [Health] UID:13772 Activity:nil
3/7     FREE futon (double) with three piece frame.  (you know, the kind
        that could theoretically be folded into a couch-like object, but
        no one ever does, because it's a pain, and it's still on the floor
        anyway, so why bother.)  old, slightly grungy, could use a cover.
        i'll put it out on the street for random ppl to pick up if no one
        here wants it.  mail me if you're interested.   --lila
1996/11/4 [Health, Health/Women] UID:31986 Activity:nil
11/3    Hi, I'm too embarrased to ask the local pharmacist, but...
        I've been to different pharmacys and couldn't find any
        contraceptive pills. Where the heck are they located? I've always
        thought they're off the counter.
        \_ "the pill" is not OTC medicine. visit your doctor or Planned
           Parenthood. if you're too embarrassed to do that, you're not
           mature enough for sex. --aaron
         \_ Thank you, Dr. Ruth.
         \_ Way to be sensitive, aaron! ":/( --joeking
        \_ Listen...don't listen to people putting you down like that.
           The bottomline is that you need a place that will provide
           you counseling and information on the Pill.  It's a big
           decision to make, one reason it's not an OTC medication.
           Although Tang is _not_ the most highly reputed medical center,
           it has a fairly good women's clinic.  In order to get a prescription
           for the Pill, you need to be examined by a medical professional
           who can then talk with you and decide on the best birth
           control pill for your body (yes, there are several different
           kinds of birth control pills out there).  Make an appt
           at Tang Center, Planned Parenthood, or your ob/gyn.  --christine
           \_ Tang's a pieceashit.  They charged me for condoms that I
              bought for my house.  A lot.  I got some pretty hilarious
              looks in the pharmacy waiting room when the counter guy heaped
              a couple hundred of them on the counter for me, though.  -John
         \_ There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Comdom -ausman
         \_ Or you could by them at your local drug store for three
            times the price.  Would you rather deal with that?
        \_ "The Pill" can have nasty side effects, especially if you smoke,
           so they require you to talk to a doctor first to make sure it's
           not going to kill you.  (The odds of it doing so are slim, but
           with as many millions of people as take it, that would end up
           being a couple thousand dead people a year.)
              \_ PLEASE STOP -- the notion of soda geeks having sex is just too
           revolting !  :) :)
         \_ Welcome to 1996.
         \_ We are breeding like bunnies as part of our plan to
          take over the world!
        \_ If you are too embarrassed to go to Tang, Planned Parenthood
           will give you good, supportive, contraceptive services on a sliding
           fee scale. -ausman
1996/10/6 [Health] UID:31923 Activity:nil 52%like:31919
10/2    Jobs at Organic Online: see /usr/local/csua/jobs/Organic
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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