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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/2/4-3/4 [Finance] UID:54596 Activity:nil
2/4     Another look at equity compensation, from AngelList:
        Most interesting take away after looking at the data for a while:
        Designers get more equity than developers, at least in Silicon
        Valley. Marketing and Sales types get just as much.
2011/3/14-4/20 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:54058 Activity:nil
3/14    42% of millionaires don't feel rich -PAM (Poor Ass Millionaire)
        \_ That's because they keep comparing their lives to rap videos.
           \_ I blame nerdcore.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/10/28-11/3 [Finance, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:53477 Activity:low
10/27   SAT score and family income:
        \_ Is there any 3D charts showing three variables (income, race, SAT
           score)?  I wonder whether race or income is a bigger factor.  Of
           course race and income are not completely independent, but I'm
           wondering about different income and same race vs. same income and
           different face.
           \_ I'm sure race is a big factor. However, no one is stupid to
              publish it and be called a racist, like that guy in Bell Curve.
              It would be the Satanic Verses equivalent to your career
              these days.
              \_ I think race is a complete non-factor. You don't really
                 believe some races are smarter than others do you?
2009/10/2-21 [Health, Finance] UID:53425 Activity:nil
        Man with transplanted hands. It says nerve cells grow about an
        inch a month so he'll have sensation in his fingers soon.
        I thought nerve cells, after broken, cannot be re-connected.
        Is this something new?
        \_ You thought wrong. If that was true then every woman who has
           her nipples moved during breast implants or lifts would lose all
           sensation in her nipples. Nerves grow back, but slowly.
           \_ so the paralegics that broke their necks have no hope, ever?
        \_ Peripheral nerves grow back at that rate.  Central nerve growth
           rates are being studied, but at the moment, the convention is that
           central nerves do not grow back appreciably.
        \_ from my neurosurgeon friend: "central nervous system (brain and
           spinal cord) neurons, in general, do not regenerate after injury.
           peripheral nerves (in arms and legs, and yes nipples) can regenerate.
           This only occurs significantly in the optimal environment: no
           scarring, nerves sew together and re-aligned, injury not close to
           spine, young patients, and repair immediately after injury. Even
           with the above, recovery is often incomplete and poor. A re-attached
           hand will get some sensation, and maybe some innervation of muscles
           in the hand--but nothing close to normal usually. Movement of fingers
           should be decent because the muscles in the forearms move the fingers,
           not the muscles in the hand that control fine movements."
2009/9/9-15 [Finance, Reference/Tax] UID:53350 Activity:nil
9/9     Tax question: I have lots of long-term capital gains and some
        short-term capital losses. I'd like to use the losses to offset
        the gains. However, since the long-term cap gains rate is lower,
        should I wait until I have some short-term cap gains to claim the
        loss? (I have no short-term cap gains right now.)
2009/2/23-26 [Finance] UID:52625 Activity:nil
2/23    "Deficits don't matter." --Dick Cheney
2009/1/22-26 [Finance, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52442 Activity:nil
1/22    Does "A new era of responsibility" mean that I will have to take
        responsibility for the mistakes that people made in the Bush era,
        like paying off national debt and helping the middle class while
        the rich already got richer and got away during the Bush era?
        \_ Oh hell no.  It doesn't even mean you need to pay your taxes.
2008/12/12-17 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Finance] UID:52236 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Angry sysadmin says we have guaranteed ourselves 30-50% decline in GDP
    (based I assume on debt servicing / defaults outpacing benefits of
    deficit spending)
        \_ Good thing no one listens to that guy.
2008/10/14-17 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:51515 Activity:low
10/14   Too much debt from law school? Be a prostitute!
        \_ This link is not working?
        \_ Clearly the lesson here is that you should only study something
           if you're rich!
           \_ heard of "Go to grad school only if you can afford it" ?
              \_ In what way does your statement contradict mine?
        \_ At least it's honest work.
        \_ Bah, they're getting her on tax evasion!  Fer chrissake.
        \_ I love how she ended up marrying a rich Dot Commer. I personally
           would have liked to hit that.
           \_ That link doesn't work.
              This does:
              It would be nice to screw a lawyer instead of the opposite
              for a change.
              \_ Weird, it worked this morning. Someone must have gotten
                 it pulled.
2008/10/8-9 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:51437 Activity:low
10/8    Curious, how does our economy today compare to Japan's economy
        10-15 years ago? I heard that they had a housing crises as well
        in the old days where home values dropped over 50% of the value
        and had an extended (decade long) recession. Is this true? What
        are some similarities and differences between our current economy
        and Japan's economy 10-15 years ago?
        \_ U.S.:  No savers, reserve currency, natural resources, WMDs
           Japan:  Savers, carry currency, export driven, no WMDs
           Common:  Housing bubble, equity bubble, zombie banks
           \_ Not bad. You get a B+.
        \_ A big difference is that Japan has declining population, with
           low birth rates and virtually no immigration.  -tom
        \_ Japan has no gay people, just like Iran.
           \_  BTW what does this have to do with
              their economy anyway?
              \_ We should be able to export gay porn and build our economy
                 that way, an option that was not open to the Japanese.
                 \_ Have you heard of yaoi?
2008/10/2-4 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:51344 Activity:nil
10/1    "Maria Sharapova could be yours for a cool $10,000" - Y! Sports Blogs
        So affordable.  I wonder what the rate is for not-cute-but-busty
        Serena Williams.
2008/9/17-19 [Finance] UID:51206 Activity:nil
9/17    Bailout is the new IPO! It's 2000 again and big financial firms
        are on fire. Spend all you want, everyone's getting on the
        bailout bandwagon. It's an all new economy, just like 2000.
2008/9/11-23 [Finance] UID:51131 Activity:nil
9/21    (revived for comment)
        If you are a McCain supporter who is not rich but moderately
        well off, and care about "the future" (have kids), consider it
        is not unlikely he will appoint Phil Gramm Treasury Secretary.
        Gramm will be to the economy what Cheney was (is?) to Foreign Policy;
        he will fuck it up for a generation.
        \- better said by AGOOLSBEE
           Just liek people probably should worry more about Sup Ct
           appoinments than they should, "who will you appoint treasury
           sec" is going to be a big, big, big deal perhaps demanding
           of at least a spefici answer as "what is your iraq plan" and
           presumably harder to say something like "i will forumlate an
           appropriate response to the circumstances in conjuctions with
           our generals in the field". If you do not promise to give the
           secret service to have PGRAMM kept out of line of sight or
           out of electronic communication with you at all times, nobody
           should take you seriously ... not that anybody should after
           picking a vindictve creationist moose woman.
           \_ Is it too hard for you to write English?
2008/7/14-16 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:50567 Activity:nil
7/14    Onion once again more like reality than "real news"
2008/5/10-16 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:49927 Activity:nil
5/10    psb are you Fair and Handsome Modern Indian Man?
        \- Bachnaa ae haseenon lo main aa gayaa [see below]
2008/3/17-21 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:49479 Activity:nil
3/17    So, are we or are we not in a recession?
        \_ A rule of thumb is "two consecutive quarters of declining GDP."
           We may not have actually hit that yet, but it seems obvious we
           will.  -tom
           \_ it's not a rule of thumb, it's the definition used in the field.
              \_ there are two definitions:
                 (a) what you guys said
                 (b) NBER defined, to summarize:  significant economic slowdown
                     as measured by a combination of factors, including (a)
              \- on a local note, of these people:
                 frankel is ex-ucb dept econ, c. romer and d. romer are
                 ucb dept econ.
2008/1/31 [Finance, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:49039 Activity:nil
1/130   Partial Filmography
    * Anal Expedition 11 (Evil Angel Video) (2007)
    * Big White Butt Lingerie Show (Evasive Angles) (2007)
    * Black Assassins (Platinum X Pictures) (2007)
    * Black Dicks In White Chicks 14 (Red Light District) (2007)
    * Blow It Out Your Ass (Elegant Angel Productions) (2007)
    * Cuckold (JM Productions) (2007)
    * Gash Bash 3 (JM Productions) (2007)
    * I'll Take It Black 3 (Red Light District) (2007)
    * My First White Chick (Adam & Eve) (2007)
    * Nasty Universe 3 (Mercenary Pictures) (2007)
    * Nutts 4 Big Butts 2 (Exquisite Pleasures) (2007)
    * Smothered N' Covered 2 (Red Light District) (2007)
    * Squirts So Good 5 (DVSX) (2007)
    * 1 Lucky Fuck 2 (Platinum X Pictures) (2006)
    * 10 Man Cum Slam 15 (Kick Ass Pictures) (2006)
    * 110% Natural 10 (Red Light District) (2006)
    * 5 Guy Cream Pie 25 (Kick Ass Pictures) (2006)
    * 50 To 1 3 (Platinum X Pictures) (2006)
    * Ass Masterpiece 1 (Naughty America) (2006)
    * Belladonna: No Warning 2 (Evil Angel Video) (2006)
    * Big Booty White Girls 4 (Evil Empire) (2006)
    * Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts 1 (Evasive Angles) (2006)
    * Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 5 (Evasive Angles) (2006)
    * Big Butt Teen Flesh 1 (Evasive Angles) (2006)
    * Big Tit Brotha Lovers 8 (Exquisite) (2006)
    * Big Wet Asses 9 (Elegant Angel Productions) (2006)
2008/1/7-10 [Finance] UID:48901 Activity:moderate
1/7     Does anyone know how rainfall is measured? Weather Underground
        says my area got from 4-7" of rain in nearby areas, but I have a
        bucket out on the middle of my driveway that filled about 15" (or
        more) deep. Is it just my microclimate or is rainfall measured
        differently than seems obvious? BTW, in my research I discovered
        that meteorologists define temperature as that IN THE SHADE. I never
        knew that.
        \_ Temperature is not a well-defined quantity in sunlight.
           \_ How is a rain gauge different from a simple bucket? To me,
              my bucket is a rain gauge is it not?
              \_ Rain totals are given per 24hr period.  Did you empty your
                 bucket daily?
                 \_ No, I did not. It was empty on Friday. However, I
                    looked up the weekly rain totals for the last two
                    weeks (we are already in a new week now) and they were
                    about 7 inches total (5.x last week and 1.x this week
                    so far). I looked at a lot of Personal Weather Station
                    data in my general area and some reported even less
                    than 7 inches but none anywhere near how much is in my
                    \_ Did you actually stick a ruler in your bucket to
                       measure it? Your method should have worked, assuming
                       your bucket has perpendicular sides.
                       \_ It's a paint bucket so yes it's a big cylinder.
                          I measured 14 inches just now.
           \_ This passage from the web page may explain OP's problem: "Also,
              rain gauges only indicate rainfall in a localized area. ......"
              \_ Well, duh.
        \_ If you are truly curious, you should get this

           I would, but it's a hassle convincing the wife, hehe. ;)
           \_ I am thinking about getting this or something similar. It
              makes me wonder how much of our weather data really applies
              to us specifically.
2007/12/18-29 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:48831 Activity:low
12/18   Awesome juxtaposition of headlines:
        Scientists fear Arctic thaw has reached 'tipping point'
        Arctic Sea Ice Re-Freezing at Record Pace
        \_ Thank God.  Once it tips can we stop hearing about this fraud
           on working people everywhere?  TIP!  TIP!  I want to hear about
           global cooling for a few years (again).
        \_ Tipping point meaning that after thawing a while now it will freeze
        \_ Hey, global climate change skeptic:  how about buying some
           oceanfront property, maybe 2-3 feet above sea level,
           oceanfront property, and maybe 2-3 feet above sea level,
           \_ Why?  Even the worst predictions of the IPCC say I'll be fine for
              at least 100 years.
              \_ so sea level's  supposed to stay the same for 100 years and
                 suddenly jump? I don't think so...
                 \_ No, the worst predictions are 20cm rise in the next
                    century.  So all I have to do is be at 2-3 feet and I'll be
                    fine for at least 100 years by the most alarming estimate.
                    But I expect the global warming hoax to be completely gone
                    in the next 5-10 years anyway.
                    \_ Then we'll be talking about global cooling and how
                       that is a man-made problem caused by C02.
                    \_ Are you going to aplogize to us all when you are
                       proven wrong?
                    \_ Are you going to apologize to us all when (okay, if)
                       you are proven wrong?
2007/11/20-26 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:48669 Activity:nil
11/20   Sowell explains why most income disparity statistics are bunk.
        \_ If by "explains" you means waves his arms wildly and says
           absoultly nothing, then yes.
        \_ He is confusing income disparity with class mobility.
           \_ Classes aren't mentioned. -not op
              \_ Just because he didn't use the word, doesn't mean that is
                 not what he was referring to. What do you call all his
                 dicussion about people moving from one tax bracket to another?
                 \_ He's talking about income mobility, not class mobility. -pp
                    \_ Explain what the difference is, please.
                       \_ still waiting for an answer here.. not that I really
                          expected a coherent one from a guy who read this
                          expected a coherent one from a guy who reads this
                          kind of crap, but still...
2007/8/5-22 [Finance] UID:47536 Activity:nil
8/5     Dear joggers. Where do you buy your sportswear? I'm looking for
        comfy AND *affordable* sportswear so that I don't look like a poor
        student wearing worn down Cal t-shirts and jeans. I'd like to
        jog around where I work (Palo Alto) and I do NOT want to wear
        over-priced collegiate shirts and pants (Cal-wear is out of the
        question). PS I'm *not* looking for GAP, Polo or Ralph Lauren
        designer sportswear.  Anything good looking, comfy, AND
        AFFORDABLE will do.  Thanks for your advice.
        \_ Sports Basement or TriSports.  REI works too.  -scottyg
        \_ Why do you care what you look like while you work out? Are you
           a chick? Go to Marshall's, TJ Maxx, or Ross. Sears also works.
           \_ Have you ever exercised? !op
              \_ Routinely and pp's point is valid, only girls or the
                 terribly vain care what they look like while working
                 \_ Some guys want to hook up with the girls or other gay
                    men that are at the gym &c.
                    \_ Okay, that is a good point. I always thought of
                       working out as health maintenance and did not
                       consider the hook up aspect.
                       \_ I've had 2 hookups so far. Looks is VERY important
        \_ Target and REI
        \_ Walmart? How hard is this, really? You went to Cal?
2007/8/4-6 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:47534 Activity:nil
8/4     It's not easy being a mere single digit millionaire:
        \_ Obviously, we need to cut more tax.          -Conservative
        \_ I read that in the paper.  Bunch of fucking whiners.
        \_ This guy is an idiot. His house is paid and he has $2M. Maybe
           I'd keep working if I was 31, but at 51 he needs to do
           something he likes. If work is what he likes then fine, but
           then admit that and don't complain about 12 hour days. The
           article is full of suckers, which I think is the point. If the
           guy cannot afford Hillsborough then maybe he should sell.
           There's no honor in going bankrupt living a life you cannot
           afford just because you were once worth $50M 10 years ago.
2007/7/27-29 [Finance] UID:47443 Activity:nil
7/27    hello, what are the three credit report reporting agencies?
        \_ Experian, Equifax, and Transunion
2007/7/25-29 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:47424 Activity:kinda low
7/25    One way to close the gap between the rich and the poor:
        \ "The LAPD’s West Division has put a task force of
          10-plus detectives on the case; plainclothes patrols have joined
          the chase."
          I wonder how many detectives Oakland police would put on the case
          if this was happening at, say, Fruitvale?
          \_ Oakland doesn't have enough officers, so probably no more
             than usual.  Oakland also has an artificial shortage of
             officers, since they all work 4 10 hour shifts, giving them
             3 day weekends.  So on day 5 they get over time.   Oakland
             also has an even more artificial shortage of officers, since
             plenty of Oakland cops fill internal jobs that at other
             depts, are filled by non cops.  The Oakland PD union should be
             destroyed.  I'm sure there are good people in the oakland
             pd but too many of them are fucking stupid or are just riding
             that cushy salary until they retire.
          \_ "Los Angeles Police Department detectives think the crew has
             struck more than 50 times since late last fall."  If the same
             neighborhood in Fruitvale has been struck more than 50 times by
             the same crew, I think Oakland PD would assign quite a few people
             on the case, if not 10-plus.
             \_ Go to
                Search for burglaries within 1 mile of Fruitvale and
                International within the past 90 days.  -tom
        \_ Why don't these super-rich people buy security cameras with higher
           resolution?  That video screenshot is next to useless.
           \_ Resolution is useless if there's no light to be captured.
              Infrared cameras will help, though.
              \_ Or combination of motion sensor light and cameras.
2007/7/23-26 [Finance/Investment, Finance] UID:47389 Activity:kinda low
7/23    Large majorities of people in the US and in Europe want higher
        taxation for the rich, and view globalization as a negative force.
        \_ One problem is defining what "rich" means.
           \_ That's easy, I'm pretty sure the standard everyone in the survey
              was using was "richer than me."
           \_ Easily done: Income > $1,000,000 per year.
              \_ "But but but that is COMMUNISM!!! Time to lobby to make
                  sure this never happens."             -multi-millionaire
              \_ Unfortunately, politicians define "rich" as between $75K and
                 $200K / yr. depending on who is asking the question.
                 \_ Sure, and they're wrong. We all know that millionaires are
                    rich, since they're the only ones who can afford a house
                    the SFBA. Kidding aside, aggressive prosecution under
                    existing laws and repeal of the wealthy-subsidies passed
                    under the Bush Admin would put us back into a surplus.
                    \_ Yes but the economy will halt because there will
                       be no more wealth to trickle down to the poor
                       and everyone will suffer.    -Reagan #12523121 fan
                       \_ Mr. Reagan fan, why does trickle down smell like
                          something out of an R. Kelly home movie?
2007/5/25-30 [Finance] UID:46759 Activity:nil
5/25    Tips on tipping:
2007/5/21 [Finance] UID:46715 Activity:nil
5/19    Any other SF residents on the motd?  My gf and I have both
        independently noticed strong sewage odors around the city of late in
        random places. I've heard the city has an antiquated sewage system in
        need of repair, and I'm wondering if the tipping point has been
        reached.  Anyone elshis still insanely rigid cock up with Sandy's
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        hips in an attempt to capture more of that giant cock. John pumped at
        the ass hole like a man possessed, he was possessed, and along with
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        them as they together bound by some invisible devilishly erotic
        chain of desire worked hellishly towards one last monstrous orgasm.
2007/2/20-23 [Finance] UID:45779 Activity:nil
2/20    Any recommendations on where to find out about debt collection and
        making an offer in compromise?  My sister has a debt for a car that
        was repossesed years ago, and I'd like to help her take care of it.
        \_ "I can takes care of it" -- Guido "the bat" Vercotti
2006/10/26-29 [Finance/Banking, Finance] UID:44991 Activity:low
10/26   College degree inflation, and a BA/BS degree is worth ~$20K/year.
        Also Bush loving rednecks in West Virginia have the lowest
        proportion of college graduates.
        \_ I'm not saying their conclusions are wrong, but anyone who talks
           about mean income without talking about median income is such
           a moron that they should be ignored just on principle.
           Fucking dumbass journalists.
           \_ What's the difference?  -- dumbass journalist
              \_ The median income is the income such that exactly half the
                 population has a higher income and half has a lower income.
                 The mean is found by adding everyone's income and dividing
                 by the number of people in the sample set.  For certain
                 distributions they are the same, but not typically for
                 income.  If you live in a town with 99 poor people plus
                 Bill Gates, than the mean income is roughly bill gates's
                 income divided by 100, which is not a useful number by
                 itself if you want to know about the whole population.
                 Whereas the median will actually give you information
                 about the other 99 people.
              \_ i guess the median is lower
        \_ Because off-springs of siblings tend to be retarded.
        \_ ah yes welcome to the motd where racism is not only ok but
           encouraged as long as its white people we hate.
           \_ It's a culture thing, not a color thing.
        \_ as yes more racism, why are most liberals inveterate
              \_ Bzzzt!   Redneck = white.  There are no 'rednecks' of any
                 other race/color.  If you're going to use hateful terms it
                 helps to know what they mean so you offend the right people,
                 \_ What about that Hmong dude on King of The Hill? Isn't
                    he a redneck?
                    \_ way no.  he's a different case, a caricature of
                       arrogant, overachieving asians.
2006/10/26-27 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:44988 Activity:nil 66%like:44972
10/25   Revolt of the fairly rich (
        \_ Because they can best see the broken promises of the prior social
           order where "go to school, work hard = good retirement".
2006/9/23 [Finance] UID:44507 Activity:nil
        Wonderful guy.
2006/7/25 [Finance] UID:43787 Activity:nil
7/24    Who cares about tipping a valet $1 or $2?  What I want to know is
        what is the customary tip for a masseuse?  That is, after I get a
        massage and pay the house fee of 50 bucks, what is the customary
        tip?  Is it 5 dollars?  Is it 10 dollars?  Is it 20 dollars?
        Assume no happy ending or extras.
2006/6/27 [Finance] UID:43510 Activity:nil
6/27    "these are also businesses designed for breakeven in less than six
        months ... Until the first site is launched this is an equity only
        opportunity, with cashflow participation proportional to equity upon
        Should that read "after" breakeven?  The way the sentence literally
        reads, you don't get a salary, you get equity, and you need to pay
        money to the company proportional to your equity until the company
        makes a profit.
2006/3/21-25 [Finance, Reference/Tax] UID:42364 Activity:nil
3/21    I'm here to expose that Edward Magluyan has a company called INA
        which is really Amway. This guys will say anything to get
        you into Amway trap. He'll talk about debt elimination, tax reduction,
        multiple income streams, etc. Don't buy into any of that crap unless
        you want to lose money. Edward Magluyan is a really nice looking guy
        and a smoooooth talker. Any time someone like that approaches you
        and talk about unlimited growth potential, WALK AWAY.  -really pissed
        \_ I lost 30lbs in 30 days!  Ask me how!
           \_ A very slow guillotine?
              \_ A cheese-grater.  Gotta be.
           \_ A cheese-grater?
           \_ An angry dystopic future?
        \_ so how did you get screwed? inquiring minds want to know
                                                \_ bored sodans
2006/3/7-9 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance] UID:42127 Activity:nil 61%like:42133
3/7     Ok, long term interest rates finally went up.  We know housing is
        in trouble, but what will that do to the overall economy?  Will that
        help control inflation, or is inflation now determined by factors
        \_ Recent inflation was 9% annual and the Fed is printing money like
           crazy.  It has also stopped publishing the M3 number, I wonder why?
           \_ What's the M3 number? -dans, finance weenie
              \_ M1, M2, M3, L are different measures of the money supply
                 at different levels of liquidity. You may wish to google
                 for M3 :-) --psb
2006/3/1-4 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Finance] UID:42043 Activity:nil
3/1     Private equity funds are raping people, laying off thousands
        and spreading enough misery around the people who actually
        have to work for a living before our Chinese masters
        really screw with us, and all the San Francisco Chronicle
        can do is send some dude to Google and photograph ultra rich
        nerds eating?  Fuck.
        \_ KILL THE BIRDS
        \_ Spew much?
        \_ Amusing but if you're using the SF Comical as your primary source
           of serious news you get what you pay for.  For 25 cents/day I got
           the comics and their trimmed down version of AP news on BART.
2006/3/1-2 [Finance] UID:42038 Activity:low
3/1     How much should I tip home improvement contractors?  I'm replacing
        all my windows and patio doors.  The company that sells me the windows
        / doors is also doing installation.  There are one foreman and two
        workers in the crew.  They're spending two full days at my house.
        According to I
        should tip $50+30+30.  Does that sound reasonable?  I have no prior
        experience.  Thanks.
        \_ Let me put this bluntly. You either have a lot of money, or you
           are an idiot, or both.
        \_ What the hell is it with you Americans and your obsession with
           exact tipping percentages? You tip when you want to and you don't
           tip when you don't need to. This is the land of the free and you
           do whatever you like. You're not gonna get special treatment for
           overtipping and you're not gonna get bad treatment for not tipping.
        \_ You have too much cash to give away? You tip to people who give you
           good service, who make LESS than minimum wage and depend on tips,
           and who you wish to see over and over again to get the same service.
           Are these contractors starving, making minimum wage, and you wish
           to see over and over again? These people are highly skilled
           PROFESSIONALS making good money. You are not obligated to tip
        \_ I have only tipped for exceptional work, but it is up to you.
           That number sounds about right.
        \_ You are crazy. I tip them if I like them. I tipped my painter
           $100, because I liked him and he did a good job. Lots of them
           I don't tip at all. Some of them I tip in the form of lunch
           and/or beer. Usually, if I tip I will give them a $20 bill
           each at most. I didn't tip my window guy at all.
        \_ Thanks for all the responses.  I just want to know the ballpark
           number.  For example, the about-right number for average service at
           a restaurant is 15%, so patrons can go higher or lower than that
           number accorder to the quality of service they receives.  So, I just
           want to know the about-right number which I can then adjust
           depending on how the crews do.  --- OP
           \_ The crews should have no expectation of being tipped. They
              appreciate it if you do it, of course. It's not the same
              as a waiter/waitress. You just paid those guys, say,
              $100/hour to tile your bathroom and then you want to *tip*
              them? Give them a case of beer unless they did an
              exceptional job. On an hourly basis they make more money
              than you do, even after expenses. The difference being that
              they don't necessarily work 8 hours per day every day. Some
              of those guys should be tipping *you*. Did you ever see
              'The Money Pit'? One of the contractors drives a Corvette.
              It's funny because it's true. One of my friends is a general
              contractor as he says 'Roofers drive Jaguars.' Sure, your
              guys are probably day laborers, but I bet you're still
              paying a lot more than the $10-15/hour they are getting in
              their pockets from the GC. And you want to tip them?!
              \_ Roofers are also completely crazy.  I met a roofer who did
                 a lot of work in Dutch Harbor, and he said that one time
                 he hired a couple crabbers, but they weren't crazy enough
                 to roof out there, so they quit.
2006/2/21-23 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:41937 Activity:nil
2/21    "The official poverty level is $19,307 for a family of four, $12,334
        for a family of two. But the calculation includes only cash income
        before deductions for taxes. It excludes capital gains and it does not
        take into account accumulated wealth or assets, such as a home."
        \_ it depends on what the meaning of "poor" is
           "the bureau said the rate might be as high as 19.4 percent, or as
           low as 8.3 percent, depending on how income and basic living costs
           were defined"
2006/1/26-29 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:41559 Activity:low
1/26    New report looks at where the growth in incomes of high-income
        families has outpaced that of middle- and low-income households.
        \_ The rich get richer faster than the middle and lower classes.
           \_ The aggregation of wealth at the top is driving the middle
              class into the working poor category.
              \_ Aggregation?  No.  Middle class people making less compared
                 to cost of living (housing and medical in particular)
                 combined with a chronic inability to stop spending money
                 on crap they don't need drives down middle class real
                 adjusted worth.  It can't last and it isn't surprising.
2006/1/10-12 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:41320 Activity:very high
1/10    dim-- 19 floor high rise building in the middle of the city,
        starting price: $1.5 mil. All sold out before they're even
        finished:    Here's a
        data point for you. All the 1 bdrm high-rise condos in this area
        start at $600K. Still think the city is full of poor people?
        \_ Or just go to Miami and drive up and down the coast.  All
           those condos.
        \_ Which city in "Still think the city is full of poor people?" are you
           talking about?
           \_ which city has a notable street called wilshire?
              \_ That's my point.  The "city" in the housing thread below
                 refers to SF.
                 refers to SF.  -- PP
                 \_ Someone who honestly does not know that there are more
                    rich people than poor in San Francisco is not worth having
                    a discussion with.
                    \_ Really?  Here's the household income breakdown
                       according to the 2000 Census:
                       $10K-            9.8%
                       $10K-$14.9K      5.0%
                       $15K-$24.9K      8.5%
                       $100K-$149.9K    13.2%
                       $150K-$199.9K    5.3%
                       $200K+           6.1%
                       What's your definition for rich and poor?  It's not
                       at all obvious to me there are more rich than poor
                       in San Francisco (I'm not sure $100K is really rich
                       here, but $25K is pretty damn poor).  You might also
                       \_ The median income for a household in the city
                          is $55,221, and the median income for a family
                          is $63,545 one of the highest in the United States
                          at 15th place overall and 3rd in a single large city.
                          74k in poverty:
                          By your own (outdated) numbers, 280k making
                          twice the national median, 100k making 3X.
                          By your own (outdated) numbers, 180k making
                          twice the national median, 82k making 3X.
                          \_ Sorry bub, but the median is a terrible measure
                             for the point you're trying to make (which, I
                             have to admit is pretty darned stupid).  Train
                             harder, grasshopper.
        \_ Yes, if the city is called thecalifornianonwilshire, then it has
           more rich people than poor.
        \_ Wilshire and a couple blocks east of Westwood Blvd is a prime
           location, not like the overpriced downtown lofts
           -long-time L.A. resident
           more rich people than poor.  If you are living in the County of
           Los Angeles, then ~35% of the households make less than $30K and
           ~18% make more than $100K.  Now, I'm guessing most of the $100K
           income types are not buying those $1.5M condos.  ~10% make $150K
           or more.  Maybe that's the target demographic.
        \_ Yes, the city is full of poor people. Then again, so is the
           country. If anything, this data point proves my point, which is
           that the quality of living in the city sucks unless you are a
           multi-millionaire. $600K for a one bedroom condo?! Do you want
           to lookup how much a house with a backyard, a FDR, and a family
           room costs in the same area? Which do more people desire based
           on that?
           \_ yes I looked up. All the single family homes in the area
              start at $1.25 mil. This is an area south of Belair, west
              of Beverely Hills, and east of Brentwood. By the way
              they're all old houses that were built in the 30s and 40s,
              and even the $1.25 mil homes look crappy.
           \_ There are some of us who don't want a huge house, and want the
              things you can only get by living in the city.  Why can't you
              just accept this?  I'm not the person attacking the 'burbs or
              the people that live in them, by the way.
              \_ Which is why this whole "debate" is retarded.  It seems to me
                 that part of the point of having money is doing whatever the
                 hell you want.  For some people that's 10 acres of giant
                 plastic gazebos, and for some people that's a penthouse
                 overlooking central park--but the implication that having
                 money somehow implies a specific lifestyle and that the
                 money somehow implies a specifici lifestyle and that the
                 only reason you'd do anything different is that you can't
                 afford it is just dumb.
              \_ I have no problem accepting that people have different
                 preferences. What I have a problem with is the idea that
                 'rich' people prefer the city and that 'suburban' people
                 are all putzes with no sense. However, whether you live
                 in the city or the suburbs, a single family residence is
                 more attractive to more people than a condo or apartment
                 is. Key here: more != all.
                 \_ Uh, you are twisting things 100% from the original
                    assestions that started the debate. Some suburbanite
                    claimed that no one preferred high density living
                    and that everyone wanted a large suburban home.
                    Remember this?
                    \_ Can you read? Most people prefer a SFR to
                       high-density housing, even in the cities. You can
                       confirm this by comparing relative prices.
          "It you stepped back from the class warfare language and pre-judgement
           of those with a life style you can't afford, you'd soon realise
           that "living" in a 650 square foot apartment isn't living.  You
           look at something you might never be able to afford and call it
           irrational.  People who have it can't imagine how you could stand
           to live in a rat hole apartment.  High density housing sucks to
           live in and going skiing a few times a year or having a nice park
           nearby doesn't make up for it."
2005/10/28 [Finance/Banking, Finance] UID:40309 Activity:nil
10/17   Do poor blacks need to hear 'millions more' excuses?             -jblack
2005/9/27-10/3 [Finance] UID:39899 Activity:nil
9/27    Free credit report with credit score:
2005/9/17-19 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:39731 Activity:nil
9/17    Let's redistribute the wealth of rich universities to poor ones:
        \_ I totally agree. Let's do everything at once. School, tax, etc.
2005/9/10-11 [Finance] UID:39615 Activity:moderate
9/10    Troll of the week. When you ask different kids on how they would
        solve problems associated with poverty, they have the following
        Communist kids: Make the rich pay for the poor and no more problems.
        Socialist kids: Force the rich to help the poor a bit more.
        Nazi kids: Round up all the poor people in concentration camps
        Capitalist kids: Just ignore the poor people, problem goes away.
        \_ unfortuantely, if you ignore the poor long enough, they
           will rebel against you.
           \_ Why do you hate capitalism Mr. King? Don't be surprised when
              you're sent to Guantanamo Bay one day.
        \_ Nazis didn't put "the poor" in camps. That was about political
           and associated racial targets. More like, put the poor in the army.
2005/8/5-7 [Finance, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:39018 Activity:nil
        "Corporations followed his lead, pouring a steady stream of money into
        think tanks that created a sort of parallel intellectual universe, a
        world of 'scholars' whose careers are based on toeing an ideological
        line, rather than on doing research that stands up to scrutiny by their
        "... supply-side economics, a doctrine whose central claim - that tax
        cuts have such miraculous positive effects on the economy that they pay
        for themselves  -  has never been backed by evidence."
        "...discredit research on global warming.  Despite an overwhelming
        scientific consensus, ... impression that the issue is still
        \_ Insert obligatory NYT bashing.
        \_ Supply-side economics  is pseudo-science now? -- ilyas
           \_ it depends on what he meant by "never been backed by evidence"
              \_ I think this 'never been backed by evidence' claim is pretty
                 stupid.  The problem is, doing real empirical work to test
                 'big theories' in economics amounts to experimentation on
                 humans, so people tend to invent new theories when old ones no
                 longer explain what's happening, rather than explain the
                 humans, so people tend to invent new theories when old ones
                 no longer explain what's happening, rather than explain the
                 'experimental data someone collected.' -- ilyas
                 \_ ^pretty stupid^his conclusion as an expert in the field of
                    \_ This is where I bring up that supply-side first arose
                       because Keynesian economics didn't correctly explain
                       what was happening in the 70s.  But yeah, it's all
                       pseudo-science with pseudo-scholars.  No real economists
                       are proponents of supply-side, it's all right-wingers
                       and fundies. Such utter dumbassery. -- ilyas
                       \_ No serious economist believes that cutting taxes
                          always increases government revenue. So it is a
                          bit of a straw man, but apparently believed by you.
                          \_ No, I think the original claim was talking about
                             supply-side economics as 'bad science,' it is you
                             who is now trying to beg off on some weaker
                             version of the original retarded statement.
                             No supply-sider believes the statement you just
                             made.  -- ilyas
2005/8/2-4 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:38941 Activity:nil
8/2     This was an interesting read about an rich vs. poor riot in China.
        \_ Note to self: If surrounded by an angry mob, do not smirk and
           wave dismissively.
        \_ I hate to say this, but... I'm with the people. I don't agree
           with the senseless destruction of precious goods like Toyota
           sedans, but I think they really should have beat the shit out of
           Wu and his two body guards who act like mafias in the 40s.
        \_ herein lies the answer to the question "what's social justice [or
           lack thereof]" below.
        \_ Note how the rich dude and his two bodyguards got through completely
           unscathed (except for rich dude's car), while the computer-guy bike
           rider was left needing wires for his jaw and a nose job.
           The only person who lost out was the supermarket owner, who actually
           did the people a service having lived there 20 years.
           \_ If you're rich in China, you can get away with beating people.
              If you're rich in America, you can get away with murder.
              If you're rich in Mexico, you can do anything you want.
              It is good to be rich.
              \_ Not in a real communist country.  Check out what happened to
                 the rich in China in the 50s.  All rich guys were
                 automatically labeled "evil" and tortured.
                 \_ Well, most of the wealthy rich people escaped to HK
                    Taiwan or Phillipines so that they can continue using
                    their wealth and power to influence politics that
                    support their agendas.
2005/6/28-29 [Finance/Banking, Finance] UID:38334 Activity:nil
6/29    How about a bubble that never pops?
        \- the masquerade's forever
2005/6/5-6 [Finance] UID:37973 Activity:moderate
6/5     "Freakonomics" correlates legally available safe abortion with
        reductions in U.S. crime rates.  Discuss.
        \_ Those guys have a nytimes column now.  Todays is interesting.
           Monkeys paying money for sex.
        \_ I think it not only correlates, but makes an argument for
           causation.  I think it's fairly clever. -- ilyas
        \_ I just saw the author of Freakonomics on cspan and was thinking
           about reading the book. How is it?
        \_ Their experiment about the monkey "prefering" one type of "gamble"
           is stupid.  The monkeys simply don't understand the concept
           "owing", it is not proof of the truth that sometimes people value
           things they have over things they don't.
           \_ Many mammals understand the concept of ownership sufficiently
              to fight for things they think they 'own.'  For example food,
              territory, or mates. -- ilyas
                  \- it isnt offered as proof of something humans do. the
                     monkey reasearcher is repeating a famous study in
                     behavior economics [behavioral = how people make
                     decisions in the real world vs. normative econ =
                     how people *should* make decisions.] which showed
                     certain kinds of "systemic irrationalities" like
                     people being risk averse in the domain of gains but
                     risk accepting in the domain of losses. you can search
                     for kahneman, loss aversion endowment effect prospect
                     theory. note also this is *behavioral* research so it
                     is about observation not proof. you can prove A has a
                     higher expectation value than B but you can only measure
                     the rate at which A is preferred to B. BTW, some of the
                     important work by d kahneman and amos tversky has UCB
                     roots. for more complex phenomenon, see ALLAIS PARADOX.
                     that is not as cool as a newcombe paradox but is still
                     pretty cool. ok tnx.
                     \_ my point is that this experiment (as explained in the
                        NYT article anyway), is *not* analogous to those
                        experiments.  It makes the faulty assumption that the
                        animals understand that the transaction they are
                        entering into or turning down.  Also, I am not saying
                        that these monkeys are incapable of understanding
                        the concept of "owing", just that it is unlikely that
                        they do in this case.  Also, the transaction, as
                        explained, can not be considered "gambling", since
                        there seems to be only a win proposition and no
                        loss proposition.  If i flip a coin and you give me
                        a $ if it is heads and take nothing if I lose, that
                        isn't really gambling.  Unless the monkeys had a
                        chance to cash in half a grape, or I am otherwise
                        missing something, this experiment is lame.
                        (I'd like to read some other description of the
                        experiment, besides that of the NYT so, if you have
                        a link i'd be appreciative).
                        \- if i offer you a dollar or a chance a 50/50
                           chance to win 0, $2 that may not be Vega$ style
                           gambling but it is "decisionmaking under
                           gambling but it is "decision making under
                           uncertainty" which what is colloquially being
                           termed gambling. nobody is saying monkeys
                           do NPV calculations and have a sophisticated notion
                           of future discount ... this isnt like the famous
                           Rader POW econ paper but these are smart guys with
                           a sophisticated awareness of the limits of what
                           they are doing. you cant expect an NYT article
                           to have all the ness disclaimers. i think all they
                           are saying is monkey's seem to have some element
                           of pareto optimization and operating on the
                           production possibility frontier. nobody is saying
                           they are going to invent hedges against deprecating
                           silver disks.
           \_ Many mammals understand the concept of ownership sufficiently
              to fight for things they think they 'own.'  For example food,
              territory, or mates. -- ilyas
                \_ i said Owing, not owning.
2005/4/28 [Finance/Banking, Finance] UID:37401 Activity:high
        Look at the purple "National Debt Corrected for Inflation", and look
        at how it skyrocketted after mid 80s. What happened?
        \_ Reagan.
           \_ But he's such a charming and honest looking guy!
              \_ But he won the Cold War (by outspending the Soviets)!
              \_ But he won the Cold War!  In a race with the Soviets on "who
                 could spend the most on the biggest nuclear stockpile /
                 conventional arms", the U.S. won!
                 \_ And because of that there's little threat of MAD.
                    But do you care? No. Because it did not happen.
                 \_ Reagan did not end the cold war. The Russian people
                    ended the cold war. They got sick of it and their
                    lameass government before we did, that is all.
                    \_ The Red Sox didn't win the World Series. The Cardinals
                       just didn't feel like scoring enough runs, that is all.
                       \_ If the Cardinals had risen up, overthrown their
                          coach and owner and declared a forfeit, your
                          analogy might hold. But they did not.
           \_ Yet another data that proves that Ronald Reagan is one of the
              most charming criminals in the world. DEATH TO RONALD REAGAN!!!
2005/4/26-27 [Finance] UID:37365 Activity:moderate
4/26    The global rich list.  Find out where you stand!
        Apparently, there are 5,995,017,435 people poorer than me in the
        \_ This is based on income, not wealth.
        \_ why do they calculate hourly based on 27 hours a week?
           \_ That's how many hours you work in a week in the UESR (Union of
              European Socalist Republics).
        \_ I find it hard to believe that an income of $200,000/yr means
           you're the 107,565 richest person in the world.
           \_ Maybe they're basing their numbers on what people declare on
              their taxes :-)  -John
           \_ Dunno about income, but worldwide there are 7.3 million
              \_ I would much rather have a 200,000 a year continuous
                 stream of income than 1 million dollars.  (Though, you
                 know, not if I had to work for it).
              \_ I wouldn't be surprised that 1% of that 7.3 million
                 millionaires own +85% of the world's wealth, just like in
                 the old days of aristocracy.
2005/3/10 [Finance] UID:36616 Activity:nil
3/9     Low prices at Walmart are good for low-income consumers which
              are more likely liberals.
              \_ I agree but look at long term implications.
              \_ The goverment should give them and subsidy to make up the
                 difference if they chose to shop somewhere else.  That way
                 the poor don't lose thier voice in the marketpace.
        \_ Do you have specific data to back your claim that liberals are

                 the poor don't lose thier voice in the marketpace.
2005/1/18 [Finance] UID:35770 Activity:moderate
        Salinas with the third least affordable housing??
        \_ Wow, Yuba City made the list!  I guess Chico has a slightly
           higher median income?
           \_ Chico has seen a huge increase in home prices lately.  I've seen
              houses comparable to mine going for more than 2x what I paid 4.5
              years ago.  Meanwhile salaries really haven't changed much.
        \_ I find this hard to believe. San Jose, San Mateo, Mountain
           view are not listed, yet Oakland made it to the top? And
           Merced/Modesto made the top list, even though ppl there are
           unually poor farmers who could barely make a living there?
           \_ Umm... re-read the explanation at the top of the page.  It's
              based on median income vs home cost, not flat home cost.
           \_ Damn, NYC beat Modesto by just one ranking... bastards...
2004/11/5 [Finance, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34699 Activity:nil
11/5    At least one sector of the economy will always do well under Bush:
2004/8/26-27 [Finance] UID:33171 Activity:high
8/26    Tipping for sport instructors (hang gliding, scuba, white water rafting
        etc.): yes or no?  In what cases?  tia
        \_ watch Along Came Polly, that girl really tipped the scuba instr.
           \_ s/tipped/tupped/
        \_ here is what I think about tipping. If you can afford it, tip
           as much as you want. If you're a poor ass student, don't tip.
           No tip no shame. Tip however much you want. US/UK are the only
           countries that tip. Go figure.
           \_ Tipping in the UK is rare..
              \_ Tipping in Hong Kong is standard.
                 \_ only in fancy restaurant.  otherwise, just some spare
                    changes is enough!
                    \_ That's incorrect.  10% tip is automatically charged to
                       the bill.  Where do you get your information?
                       \_ The 10% is mandatory "service charge".  The
                          voluntary-but-standard tip is in addition to the 10%.
                       \_ What an idiotic situation. Automatic, compulsory tip?
                          That's not what a tip is, and defeats the point.
           \_ Always tip 15% before tax in a restaurant in the U.S., higher
              if you want.  Include this in the cost of the meal.  Don't use
              the student excuse, even for delivered pizza, although that's 10%.
           \_ hey thanks! but i dont see barber/salon on here...
              \_ 15%, same for masseuse, but because skill matters more, it's
                 really between 10-20%.
           \_ so basically it says tip the extreme sports guys.
              tennis/swimming/golf, no.  I'm kind of skeptical on the first
              part, so I would ask the admin people.
        \_ I tipped my golf pro $10 after a couple lessons. Hey, why not?
           Most of these folks aren't getting rich off their job, it doesn't
           hurt to put a good finish on their day.
              \_ fuck that.  I tip them what they deserve.  In my mind
                 standard service is 20%, crappy but not insulting is 10-15%,
                 crappy and it's because they're just born dumb is 5-10%,
                 crappy because they're lazy is 0$, and genuinely good is
                 30%.  It's up to the costomer to provide an  economic
                 signal to the waitstaff that rewards good work and
                 punishes bad work.  If everyone were like you, all waitresses
                 would get paid the same, which is stupid.  A good diner
                 waitress can make 20 dollars an hour on the same shift
                 as a shitty one who makes 10 an hour, which is how it
                 should be.
                 \_ thank you. -guy who grew up in Europe and doesn't really
                                give a damn about tipping
2004/7/3-5 [Computer/SW/Unix, Finance] UID:31156 Activity:nil
7/3     I'm reviewing my credit report, and they mention a geographical code
        (e.g, 0-49362310- 1-5335, some #s changed for privacy).  What sort of
        information does this encode?  There's one for each of my addresses.
2004/5/23-24 [Finance] UID:30383 Activity:insanely high
5/22    This is related to the uneducated bus driver lawsuit post below.
        What you believe, what values you hold, what you think is
        right/wrong is really a reflection of how you were
        raised up as a kid. What most of you don't realize is that
        most people in this world never had a chance to have
        the kind of social/economic background, education, and moral
        values you grew up with that you take for granted. Should these
        poor/uneducated people be treated with less respect because they
        grew up in a hostile environment that fosters lying, cheating,
        threats, and other traits that you deem negative, but allows
        them to survive? Furthermore do you think it was their choice to
        grow up in such an environment? If you take all the wonderful
        things you've taken for granted, I bet you'd think and
        do the exact same thing as these people too. So *please*,
        have more empathy for those people who are less fortunate than
        you. And PS while I think the bus driver is a bad person, the
        self-righteous op is a total asshole and should just pay for
        the damages because he has a bad attitude.
              -guy who grew up poor, absolutely no sympathy for the op
                   \- just out of curiosity, does Affirmative Action
                      fill you with hate? How about legacy admissions?
                      Which do you hate more? --psb
                      \_ Whichever one takes up more spots from those who
                         earned a seat the hard way.  You can add sports
                         admits to the list while you're at it.
                         \- well let's ask it this way, between A, B and C
                            who are identical except A is AlumniFamily,
                            B is Black and C is a BasketBall Center, how
                            do you rate A,B,C in terms of admission order?--psb
                            \_ DCBA, D=SES (ie poorness). C because it's kinda
                                like maintaining a part time job, then B
                                because A is worthless.
                            \_ I assign zero extra points to all three.
                            \_ I'd assign a little to the Basketball player
                               because he has less free time for academics
                               but managed the same grades, and he'll help the
                               school raise money. -!op, doesn't like sports.
                               \_ Sports are a talent, like art or dance,
                                  and deserve to be recognized.
                                  \_ Agreed, but they should not be valued
                                     above academic achievement.
                                     \_ says who? they are all equally
                                        important. quit discrimintating!
                               \_ fuck no, you know there are other things that
                                  take time from academics. basketball doesn't
                                  make you a better person than a violinist or
                                  whatever. or a video game junkie ;)
        \_ I don't believe in the 'Tolkien Orc' theory of moral development.
           I believe people have an intuitive understanding of right and wrong,
           and growing up around immoral people does not, ultimately, excuse
           immoral behavior.  You are going to tell me I was better off in
           lovely USSR than people here in inner cities?  You don't know what
           bad is. -- ilyas
           \- while the circumstances of your upbringing do affect
              your deportment and values, first of all, there is more
              to it than "economic class". i suppose it is a bit of a
              cliche but you dont need to buy into any kind of model
              minority myth to appreciate many not-especually welloff
              asian/indian children do have more "respect for authority",
              whether that is school teachers or parents or elders in
              general than those from certain other minotiries. next,
              by the time you are in your 20s, especially if you left
              your parents sphere for a cosmopolitan place like
              berkeley, you have some additional factors to influence
              independent development. third, why cultural factors
              independent development. third, while cultural factors
              may explain certain behaviors, it doenst necessarily
              justify them ... relativism observed in sociology or
              anthopology dont ness lead to philosophical relativism.
              to use a "low" example, it may be the norm in chinese
              dimsum places to push your way to the front rather
              than take a number, but the macdonals practice of
              lining up [one line or n?] is more "civilized". --psb
              \_ So you're saying there's something wrong with black kids?
           \_ I am sure you were better off growing up in the USSR than
                 \- the ones who push in front of you while you are in
                    the middle of a transaction at mcdonalds? yes. --psb
           \_ I believe you were better off growing up in the USSR than
              really poor people in America are. I don't think you realize
              how violent and dangerous the Housing Projects really are.
              Something like 1 in 5 young men end up injured or dead and
              3 out of 4 in prison. -ausman
              3 out of 4 in prison. Having said that, there are -ausman
              3 out of 4 in prison. Having said that, there might be more
              options or at least the notion of more options for poor
              in the US. Poverty is almost as much a state of mind
              as a physical condition, at least after the basic needs
              are met. -ausman
        \_ This is such bullshit.  "Oh woe, I'm poor so it's ok that I
           totally work the system to totally fuck over some other guy I
           hit with my vehicle".  Survive?  What a bunch of total bullshit.
           This isn't some hard scrabble third world nation where one must
           kill to get food on the table that night.  Our poor live better
           than the middle-classes (when they exist) in other countries.
           The op certainly should *not* have to pay his own damages that
           were inflicted upon him by another party.  The op can be the
           biggest asshole in the universe but if he was wronged, in this
           country, he has the legal right to seek justice.  He has done
           so.  The bus driver made every effort to avoid justice and
           thankfully the op was persistent and finally nailed him.  Your
           whole line of reasoning is insulting and offensive and holier
           than thou.  Being poor does not in any way relieve one of the
           moral duties and obligations the rest of us have.  It's called
           "being responsible".  There was a time I was so poor I couldn't
           afford to eat. I owed more than I owned and was in desperate
           need of a paycheck but I didn't go out and ruin other people's
           lives over it.  And, as if mattered, how do you know the bus
           driver doesn't make more than the op?  If the op is a student,
           he's making nothing.  Boo hoo, let's all reduce the standards
           for poor people because they're subhuman and just can't hack it.
           Let's feel superior to them and look down on them and make
           exuses for them.  Pity the poor and feel better about yourself
           at the same time!  What a grand philosophy!
           \_ I agree with most of what you say  but I still think that
              calling someone pathetic for making $1600/month as a bus driver
              is just wrong. You can call him whatever you want for wrongdoing
              the OP but I don't see how making $1600/month through a hard
              work automatically makes someone pathetic.
           \_ It is obvious to me you have never really been poor and probably
              don't even know any genuinely poor people. The middle class
              in say, Mexico, have a much better life than poor people
              in the US, even if their standards of living are comparable.
              But I agree with you on the morality rant. I think that growing
              up poor saved me from the materialism that afflicts to many
        \_ I agree with OP.  I was kind of poor growing up and it had a
           detrimental effect on my morality.  Luckily some of my friends
           parents were really good people and their example taught me to
           try to be a good person.  Furthermore, I'm sure I was much
           better off than the 25% of children who lived under the poverty
           line in 1994 (source Herbert, B. : "One in Four,"
           The New York Times, 16 December 1996 cited from
   This does not
           mean that we should excuse criminal or anti-social behavior from
           the poor.  Instead, we should realize that if we want to reduce
           crime and generally make society better for everyone we should
           focus on the crippling effect of poverty on children.  -!OP
           \_ Being poor did not have a detrimental effect on your morality.
              There are plenty of poor people with high moral standards.  If
              there weren't, the streets would be running in blood.  You had
              no morals because your parents didn't instill any in you.  If
              wealth == higher morals then why are so many rich people such
              complete scumbags?  There's no correlation between moral
              standards and wealth.  The effect of poverty on children is they
              don't get enough decent food and are surrounded by drug dealers
              who are often their own parents.  If you want to reduce crime,
              government handouts are not the answer.  Instilling moral values
              in people will increase moral standards, not government cheese
              and section 8 housing.
              \_ well, gov't cheese was a result of handouts for the rich.
                 Cheney got handouts for his pals at Haliburton. The rich have
                 been getting all kinds of handouts. I guess they earned it
                 by donating so much money for politicians like Bush, etc.
                 The moral of the story: milking the system happens at all
                 levels by every class and ethnicity.
              \_ In Japan, kids are required to take ethics class. They're
                 taught to respect the elderly, to treat others the way
                 they like to be treated, to observe then act, etc etc.
                 While I know that many Japanese people still grow up to be
                 dirty scumbags, I think it really has some effect. Every
                 JTown in every city I've been to seems a lot cleaner than
                 \_ For whatever reasons, Japan is a much more comformist
                    culture than China.
2004/5/20 [Finance, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30330 Activity:high
5/20    Another amusing first for W.  First president under whom all 50 states
        run deficits simultaneously.
        \_ CARTER'S FAULT!  DUBYA NUMBER ONE!  4 M0R3 Y32RZZZZ!!!!!111!!@#!@#
        \_ Why do you hate America?
        \_ I find it really hard to believe that Wyoming is running a deficit.
           What is your source?
2004/4/7-8 [Finance] UID:13064 Activity:nil
4/7     Free Credit Report
        I know someone was asking about this a few days ago.
        \_ is it true that requesting one of these reflects poorly on
           your credit?
           \_ request your credit report twice and find out.
2004/1/16 [Finance/Banking, Finance] UID:11806 Activity:nil
1/15    Any tips on not getting your financial aid reduced (FAFSA app) due
        to your parents owning a home?
        \_ have yourself declared a ward of the state, join the military
           or go to jail. Otherwise you are out of luck. My wife, age 25,
           was still considered "dependent" on her parents when she went
           to medical school. And their home ownership did get her dinged
           for less financial aid.
           \_ She was considered dependent because she never supported
              herself (> 50%) not because her parents owned a house.
              That's her fault.
        \_ So you want to cheat the system and screw poor student out of their
           money while you rich fucks steal it from them?  Well, aint that just
           the same god damned story throughout the ages!  Fuck you white boy!
           \_ I am !=op but all I see are unclaimed $ for "disadvantaged"
              people and not enough for middle-class people just because
              they own a home it is automatically assumed they can pay for it
              or carry the debt-load for the next 5-10 years.
              \_ Take out a second mortgage!  That's what you're supposed to be
                 doing!  Not soaking the poor!  I put myself through school
                 with no loans.  I have no sympathy.
                 \_ not many people sleep around for tuition money
                    \_ I'm not pretty enough to get paid to fuck strangers.  I
                       worked my way through school and it wasn't that workfare
                       crap where students get overpaid for doing nothing on
2003/12/5-6 [Finance] UID:11323 Activity:nil
12/5    James Baker just put in charge of "restructuring" Iraq's debt.
        Yeah, that James Baker
2003/10/30 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:10862 Activity:nil
10/29   Here it is.  Bush in '04.  No one cares about anything but the economy:
        \_ Yeah, no one cares about blatant lying, coverups, or botched
           invasions.  No one cares about America's debt.  No one cares about
           the rape of the environment or the erosion of our civil liberties.
           Not if they can buy more Playstation 2!  *sigh*  How's Canada these
           \_ Nope, they don't, actually.  If they cared about any of
              those things Clinton wouldn't have been elected the first time.
              The economy is the most important thing to voters and to many
              voters the only important thing.  You're naive and childish if
              you think it's about playstations.  It's about being able to
              raise one's children better than one was raised.  Welcome to
              the adult world.
              \_ so if the nations parks and wild lands have been destroyed
                 and we're in a constant state of war with the rest of the world
                 with increased child asthma rates from pollution and
                 the inability to live safely in our homes without being
                 randomly detained without trial how exactly do we provide
                 a better life for our children?  Also, if you see how wrong
                 things are going in this country and turn away becuase
                 you don't believe you can change it it doesn't make you
                 mature it makes you a coward.
                 \_ You know air pollution levels have been dropping
                    steadily since the 70's.  Even under *gasp* republicans.
                    And I don't think most Americans mind that we're in a
                    constant state of war with people who have been attacking
                    us over the last 10-20 years.
                    \_ Fine, so we dissagree. My point is that the motivation
                       for poeple caring about these issues is that poeple
                       want to make this country a better place for their
                       children than it was for them.  You claimed that
                       all people care about is the economy because that's
                       what matters for the quality of life of their children.
                       When I refute you, you come back with "oh yeah? well
                       the Republicans are better on these issues anyway."
                       I believe that some of the republican leadership
                       is right on about the environment, actually.  I just
                       think that the average republican on the street
                       (like you) is a loudmouthed selfish jerk who votes
                       based entirely on their projected income tax
                       burden and doesn't care about society at large
                       or the long term future of this nation.
                       Your comments bear that stereotype out to a tee.
                    \_ And fuck you!
              \_ If you're such an adult, how come you can't be bothered to
                 use motdedit like the rest of us?
                 \_ *laugh*  That's the best you can do?  Golly, it's gotta be
                    Gore in 04 now with *that* great zinger!  Ouch!
                    \_ Hey you know what?  Fuck you too!
           \_ You are right... MOVE THERE THEN.
              \_ Guess what?  Fuck you!
        \_ The economy?  The economy has a good chance of crapping up
           next year.
2003/10/20-21 [Finance, Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Security] UID:10707 Activity:low
10/20   Ever wonder why you get some much junk mail?  It's because the United
        States Postal Service encourages such practice!
        \_ of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations...
        \_ Yeah, they're self supporting.
        \_ poor trees.
           \_ theyre grown on tree farms for the purpose.  so of like your
           \_ theyre grown on tree farms for the purpose.  sort of like your
                \_ yes the forests of Canada, Madagascar and Burma
                   are one vast tree farm.
                   \_ yawn.  no one is chopping trees in madagascar to get
                      paper to send you junk mail.  it takes 50,000 trees
                      to print *each* edition of the sunday NYT.  you think
                      they're stripping madagascar?  no, it's all tree farm
                      trees raised for that purpose.
              \_ poor cows.
                 \_ and poor wheat and corn and everything else grown for
                    us to murder and eat.
2003/9/27 [Finance] UID:29546 Activity:nil 64%like:10349
9/26 [obnoxious url shortened. you're welcome]
        Illegals ruining economy for poor people in Atlanta.  If only they
        could drive and vote everything would be ok.
        \_ could you use's URL shortener, please?
           \_ and could you (op) also use the bigotry shortener? thanks.
        \_ Lets deport all the fat sysadmins so that poor people can have
2003/9/27 [Finance] UID:10349 Activity:high 64%like:29546
        Illegals ruining economy for poor people in Atlanta.  If only they
        could drive and vote everything would be ok.
        \_ could you use's URL shortener, please?
           \_ and could you (op) also use the bigotry shortener? thanks.
        \_ Lets deport all the fat sysadmins so that poor people can have
2003/9/5 [Finance] UID:10089 Activity:nil
9/4     I am moving back to the Bay Area this fall.  What resonable
        storage places are there (for a piece of furniture and maybe books)?
        And any decent place on the Peninsula with affordable rent?
        \_ define 'affordable' for your situation.
2003/8/7 [Finance] UID:29267 Activity:very high
8/6     How many of you liberals have read The Road to Serfdom
        by Nobel laureate Hayek?
        \_ if he's not a physicist, a chemist, a biologist/medical researcher
           or a writer he's not a nobel laureate in my book.  the econ and
           peace "prizes" are a joke.
           \_ alas, so are you.
              \- er i think you can have issues with the literature
                 prize, but the econbn prize is pretty solid, although
                 prize, but the econ prize is pretty solid, although
                 there are trends. name a couple of econ nobels you
                 would revoke. --psb
              \_ why bother posting 4 word, 1 liner drivel like this?  does
                 this sort of post really make you feel smart or something?
                 \_ yes, does questioning people's motivation make you feel
                    smart or something?
2003/7/24 [Finance] UID:29126 Activity:nil
7/24    Faith based economics:
        \_ Mission accomplished!  Bring em on!  Let's roll!
2003/1/10-11 [Finance] UID:27058 Activity:kinda low 50%like:27057 50%like:27063
        Davis economy hits home
2003/1/9 [Transportation/Car, Finance] UID:27049 Activity:nil
1/9     when a girl says you're not ambitious enough does that mean you're
        not rich enough? you don't have a big house? you don't have the right
        degrees? right car? what does that mean?
        \_ It means that you have no purpose in life, no plan for the future,
           no thoughts on improving yourself.
        \_ a girl is quite capable of asking "are you rich enough"  It usually
           comes out as "what kind of car do you drive?"
        \_ you asked about this once before. It means that you're a FUCKING
        \_ It means you do not have a strong enough desire for success
           or achievement.  I.e., you play too much EverQuest instead
           of writing that killer app.
        \_ It means she's a gold digging bitch.  Move on, enjoy life with a
           real girl.
2002/8/21 [Finance] UID:25635 Activity:nil
8/20    National Debt - the debt continues to grow.
2002/6/16-17 [Finance] UID:25117 Activity:very high
6/16    Is the Last Starfighter a poor man's Star Wars, or just a better movie?
        I pose this to you, Motd Movie Critic.
        \_ At the surface level, LSF and the first SW appear to be variations
           on the same poor-boy-saves-galaxy theme but the similarity ends
                       \_ you mean "poor white boy" why can't
                          poor non-whites eve save the galaxy?
                          poor non-whites ever save the galaxy?
                          \_ 'cause black men are always getting into trouble
                             with the MAN (ex. SW:ESB)! Well, except in Men in
                             Black, ID4 and DS9 where a poor black man saves
                             the galaxy.
                             \_ DOn't forget Aliens!!!!!1!!
                             Asian men have often saved the galaxy as well
                             (Consider Sulu in ST:TVH, ST:UC and "Harry" in
                             ST:Voy, given the economics of the 23rd and 24th
                             centuries both could be considered "poor" as they
                             don't earn anything except room, board and
           there.  LSF never really leaves that level and takes the viewer on a
           child's arcade-comes-to-life fantasy while SWI sets the stage for
           deeper issues of good and evil and the nature of man.  "better" is
           in the eye of the beholder.  Sometimes you want bubble gum.  Other
           times you want bubble gum with good vs evil and the nature of man
           thrown in.  -MMC
           \_ but you have to admit, Burgess Meredith's car in LSF was way
              cooler than the Time Travelling Delorean.
              \_ Burgess Meredith? Try again.
                 \_ Hint: We got trouble in river city.
2002/4/15-6/8 [Finance] UID:24446 Activity:insanely high
6/7     Please read this over and see if you get excitied at all near the
          Relationships between owners and workers can be found throughout
        the world. The owners primary concern is the accumulation of
        wealth through capital while workers are primarily concerned
        about the simple accumulation of utility usually generated from
        consumption. Thus our problem of maximizing capital and
        maximizing utility invades all aspect of economics. However for a
        business to succeed it takes stategy. A strategy on how best
        tackle the problem at hand. We will see that capital ownership is
        but a small issue and instead of one simple problem we are faced
        with a daunting problem of corrordination of ALL firms.
        Relationships on how businesses utilize capital owned by others
        will turn out to be our biggest cordination issue.
          A simple model business is the best place to start. Lets assume
        for simplicity (or complexity as we will see) that we have a new
        good called Unobtanium
          To get an idea of the complexity we are dealing with consider the
        purpose of production. This is a simple question but upon
        inspection leads to some interesting observations. A product
        really serves three functions; one for the economy, one for the
        buyer (agent), and directly one for the producer (firm). It is
        best to start with the firm. The purpose of production in
        relation to the firm is profit. The firm is in the business of
        production for the profits obtained. If we assume domestic
        owndership this is an optimal condition. The agent has a similar
        purpose in their accumulation of utility from consumption of the
        good. Less known however is the interaction of the economy and
        the production of the good.  Ideally the objective of economics
        is the efficient allocation of resources.  Goods are the
        mediators (along with money) which allow for allocations to
        occur. Thus goods have a very strong effect in reallocating
        resources. Secondly a good has secondary effects upon markets.
        Its best to see by example. Consider the sale of a car. A car is
        a good which has very high secondary effects upon markets in that
        it induces demand in a myriad of other markets namely, service
        stations, tires, roads, insurance, etc.
          The question of why produce a good must therefore answer what
        will be the effect of not only the firm but also the agent and
        economy as a whole. Stategically its important to produce
        whenever the net effect is positive FOR ALL involved. However how
        can we determine the net effect? When dealing with firms and
        agents this is a fairly simple matter, but gets significantly
        more difficult with our introduction of the economy
        considerations. First we must consider the distribution of money.
        If production leads to cause money transfered OUT of the country
        we will rule this as a negative effect. Conditions where costs
        paid to foreign entities are perfectly offset with revenue from
        foreign entities will be considered neutral. Secondly we must
        deal with our secondary effects. We have already dealt with money
        so now we must deal with capital. The secondary effects can be
        negative if the capital appreciation of foreign interests are
        higher than the capital appreciation of domestic interests.
          What we can see is that even though we generally consider foreign
        ownership of capital as negative conditions can be manipulated
        such that positive effects domestically can offset any negatives.
        \_ The firm should produce guns so that I, the buyer-agent, can
           purchase one and shoot you in the knee.
2001/11/28 [Finance] UID:23128 Activity:nil
11/27   How do you solve ilyas' 3rd question?
2001/9/22 [Finance, Politics] UID:22585 Activity:low
9/21    What is the formal definition of a recession and depression?
        >dict depression
       2: a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and
          low prices and low levels of trade and investment
        >dict recession
       n 1: the state of the economy declines; a widespread decline in
            the GDP and employment and trade lasting from six months
            to a year
        >conclusion: depression = long term, recession = short term
        \_ A recession, at one time, was just that--a shrinking economy
           (not just decreasing economic growth) which often went hand
           in hand with a panic.  Herbert Hoover coined the term "depression"
           to try and reassure people during the prolonged effects of the 1929
           crash (it's just a little depression is all, or something to that
           nature)--it was probably taken ironically, and worked its way
           into common usage.  -John
2001/7/17-18 [Finance, Finance/Banking] UID:21829 Activity:high
7/17    economy derives benefit from dad smokers:
        \_ Economics is sometimes a cruel filter to apply to your vision of
           the world.
           \_ Only sometimes?
2001/7/5-6 [Finance] UID:21715 Activity:high
7/4     What is a good way to get a credit report without having to use the
        subscription services that charge you monthly or yearly fees?
        \_ you can pay a one-time fee for yourself for like $8
           \_ aren't they free from the credit agencies once per year?
                \_ not in CA.  Check out or for a
                   list of current prices.  It's $8 in CA.
        \_ Apply for something you know you'll be refused for.
        \_ I typed in "free credit report" in google. came up with this:
2001/6/18 [Finance] UID:21555 Activity:nil
6/18    Larry Ellison, now that you're bubble has burst, what are you going to
        do?  "I'm going sailing, like all the other rich kid maggots!!
        \_ dude, ellison should have a book written about him, oh wait, he
        \_ nah, this is what should happen to ellison and billy gates:
2001/6/15 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Finance] UID:21530 Activity:insanely high
6/15    So who is this kinney anyway?
        is just a picture with no details. finger kinney has no info
        \_ BA, cal physics.  doing phd in econ at usc starting fall.  Thinks
           most IT people are too lazy, and don't do much work.   Likes the
           web as the "common application interface".  Took EECS 126, 61B
           with hilfy., math 50A/B, econ 202A/B.  Smart math guy. Jon's age.
        \_ BA, cal physics. started off in chem E. switched to physics later.
           doing phd in econ at usc starting fall.  Thinks most IT people are
           too lazy, and don't do much work.   Likes the web as the "common
           application interface". took:EECS 120/L, 126, 61B with hilfy.,
           math 50A/B, econ 202A/B "because they were interesting." Smart
           math guy. Jon's age.
           \_ Smart math guy?  Give me a break.
                   \_ Ooooh, we got a "real" mathematician on our hands!
                   \_ I want to be a smart math guy when I grow up! -- ilyas
           \_ how'd he do in 61b?
              \_ he's not a cs guy.  nuff said.
           \_ I guess physics is a pretty good major if you are not good
              enough to get a engineering degree, but Econ?!? That's a
              drinking/golf major, big downgrade from phyiscs. I guess
              my question is answered, Kinney is YASL.
              \_ he thought ugrad econ was too easy.
              \_ have you ever taken a grad econ course? they're not the same
                 as undergrad econ.  It's about modelling systems using diff
                 eqs and other math tricks.   Have you taken a grad econ
                 course at Berkeley?  Taught by Brad De Long?   Or are you
                 yet another motd wanker(person who speaks from the arse)?
              \_ "Yet Another ... " ?
                 \_ Soda Luser
           \_ groupies at an Idiot Parade show (socal punk).
        \_ So who are the hookers? --dim
           \_ could someone please explain what's going on in that picture?
              maybe someone could narrate it?
           \_ groupies at an Idiot Parade show (socal punk band).
        \_ maybe we should ask kinney himself...
2001/5/8 [Finance] UID:21208 Activity:high
5/8     debt be gone!
        \_ Bzzzt. Try again!
        \_ Long term federal deficits are good. It limits the ability
           of the feds to screw around and spend our money on bs social
           welfare programs. Weak central gov. good!
2001/5/5 [Finance] UID:21173 Activity:nil
   Once  upon  a  time,  pretty  Polly Nomial was skipping through a field of
vectors when she came to the edge of a singularly large matrix. Now Polly was
convergent,  and  her mother had made it an absolute condition that she never
entered  such  an  array  without  her brackets on. But Polly had changed her
variables  that  morning and had been feeling particularly badly behaved, she
ignored  her mothers's condition on the grounds that it was insufficient, and
made her way in among the complex elements.

   Rows  and  columns  enveloped  her  on  all sides. Tangents approached her
surface.  She  grew  tensor  and  tensor. Quite suddenly, three branches of a
hyperbola  touched  her at a single point, she oscillated wildly and lost all
sense  of  directrix. She tripped over a square root protruding from the erf,
and  tumbled  headlong  down  a  steep  gradient.  When she was once again in
possesion  of  her variables, she found herself apparently in a non-euclidean
space.  She  was  being watched, however: that smooth operator, Curly Pi, was
lurking  inner  product.  As his eyes devoured her curvilinear coordinates, a
singular  expression  crossed  his  face. Was she convergent? He wondered. He
decided  to integrate improperly at once. Hearing an improper fraction behind
her,   Polly  rotated  and  saw  Curly  approaching  with  his  power  series
extrapolated.  She  could  tell  at  once  from  his degenerate conic and his
dissipative terms that he was bent to no good.

   ``Eureka!'' she gasped.

   ``Ho,ho,''  said our operator. ``What a symetric little asymptote you have. I
bet your angles are just dripping with secs.''

   ``Stay away from me!'' she said. ``I haven't got my brackets on.''

   ``Calm yourself, my dear,'' he said.  ``Your fears are purely imaginary.''

   ``I,   I,''   she  thought,  ``Maybe  he's  not  normal..Maybe  he's  even  a

   ``What order are you?'' the brute demanded.

   ``Seventeen,'' she replied.

   Curly  leered.  ``Enough of this idle chatter. Lets go to a decimal place I
know, and I'll take you to the limit.''

   ``Never!'' she gasped.

   ``Arcsinh!!!''  He  swore  the  vilest  oath  he  knew. Coshing her over the
coefficient   with   a  log  until  she  was  powerless,  Curly  removed  her
discontinuities.  He stared at her significant places and began smoothing out
her points of inflection. Poor Polly. She could feel his hand tending towards
her  asymptotic  limit.  The  algorithmic  method  was now her only hope. Her
convergence would soon be gone forever.

   Curly's  radius  squared  itself. Polly's loci quivered. He intergrated by
parts.  He  intergrated  by partial fractions. The complex beast even went all
the  way around and did a contour intergration. Curly went on operating until
he was completely and totally exhausted of all his primitive roots.

   When  Polly  arrived home that night, her mother noticed that she had been
truncated  in  several places. But it was too late to differentiate now. Nine
transformations  later,  she  went  to  L'Hopital  and  generated a small but
pathological  function  which  left zeros and residues all over the place and
drove poor Polly to deviation.

   The  moral  of  this  story  is:  If  you  want  to  keep your expressions
convergent, keep them well differentiated from complex operators.
\_ "intergrated"?
2001/4/27 [Recreation/Dating, Finance] UID:21122 Activity:high 75%like:21123
4/27    When judging men, what is more important to you: face, body, brain,
        personality, and hygiene.  Give percentages in that order.
        \_ what about personal wealth? I'd date/marry a ugly fat dumb dull
           rich guy.
           \_ I agree. - Mrs. Gates.
           \_ point taken. but then that works for gals too. okay:
              wealth, looks, brain, personality, hygiene, abilities in bed
              \_ I don't think that most guys care that they are dating
                 a rich or a poor girl. Abilities in bed are probably
                 orders of magnitude more important.
                 \_ I'd date a rich girl over a poor girl if her daddy had more
                    real wealth than I was likely to have.
        \_ what about genital size?
           \_ size does matter, but money matter more than size.
              - A. N. Smith
                \_ cmlee? is that you?
2000/8/23 [Finance] UID:19076 Activity:high
8/23    Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!!!!!
        \_ Rudy can't fail.
           \_ Rudy is richard's new butt-buddy
        \_ Sue recently bought a large house in Minnesota. Note: Even as first
           runner up at $100k, she could still afford it...
        \_ don't watch survivor much, but why is Rudy, the eldest guy there
           surviving for so long?  Is he quite helpful to the group?
        \_ Everybody wants to be the second-to-last person along w/ Rudy,
           because Rudy is harmless but everyone hates him.  So the jury
           makes him second.
        \_ People hate Rudy?  I thought people hated Rich.  And the reason
           Rudy is still there is because he's in the 3-4 person voting cabal
           of Rich, Rudy, Susan, and Kelly.  If you look at the voting
           history, these guys take out everyone else one by one.
2000/8/14-15 [Finance] UID:18983 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Does this mean Sameer is finally rich?
                \_ Sameer was always rich.
2000/6/5-8 [Finance, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:18414 Activity:nil
4/65    A couple of new IT positions available at NSSB in
        /csua/pub/jobs/NikkoSalomonSmithBarney or
        Also to answer those of you who asked if an IT person can become a
        trader, one IT has become an equity junior trader in June.  --yumin
        \_ One out of how many?
2000/2/29-3/4 [Finance] UID:17658 Activity:kinda low
2/29    Graduating in June? Pimp yourself for a $100 Amazon gift certificate.
        \_ Actually, you don't even need to be graduating, just need to be
           a CS or EECS major. -dans
           \_ Not true. I sent in my resume and they wrote back and said
              thanks but no thanks b/c I wasn't graduating this spring.
                           - jowens (who posted this in the first place)
        \_ How do they afford shit like this?  The companies listed on their
           website don't look that impressive.
           \_ Hmmm.  .  .  perhaps they had another survey for folks who
              aren't graduating.  I didn't bother to send in a complete
              resume.  As for how they can afford it, lots of dumb VCs. -dans
              resume.  As for how they can afford it, lots of dumb VCs.
              And after you take the money and run from CollegeHire,
              boycott Amazon. -dans
                \_ Yeah and you're a genius.  99% of those VC's are making so
                   much money they can't give it away to dumb little startups
                   with their dumb little ideas fast enough.  Let us know when
                   you have your first job and made your first $100.00.  Your
                   McD's fries cook job doesn't count.
                   \_ Real job: been there, done that.  Let me know what the
                      hell you've been smoking to make you dumb enough to
                      believe that 99% of VC's are turning massive profits.
                      Maybe 70% are profiting, and, of those, the number that
                      are making the kind of money you're talking about that
                      is much smaller.  Quit trolling. -dans
                        \_ Clueless child.  Where's your resume?
                           \_ Deluded adult, are you hiring? -dans
                                \_ No one like you.  Just wanted to see you
                                   back up that "been there, done that"
                                   statement.  We're not looking for NCGs at
                                   the moment.
                      \_ Any clued sodans know what the real %-age is for
                         VC-funded net companies - that are profitable?  I
                         understand VCs define a minimum of 30:1 returns
                         as "successes" with 1000(0):1 not very rare.
                         I've heard something like, "nine out of 10 of
                         funded companies can blow as long as there's the
                         one out of the 10 that's a success" and the VC
                         people make their proper cut
                         \_ Tier 1 VCs generally have a greater than
                            50% hit rate. However, the vast majority
                            of VCs have hit rates under 10%. -sameer
                         \_ Also, VCs make money no matter what happens.
                            They generally charge 1-3% "management fee"
                            which is charged on the total assett value
                            of the fund, and then 20-30% of the total
                            returns of the fund. -sameer
2000/2/14-15 [Finance] UID:17510 Activity:moderate
2/14    For all you newly rich out there -- who do you use to do your
        financial management?  When you start to have lots of money,
        I'm sure that there are people out there who specialize in
        telling you what to do to make sure it doesn't disappear...
        \_ Also, how much do tax advisors cost?  Any recommendations?
            \_ where do you think all the money really goes?
        \_ Akbar and Jeff's Financial Hut: "Hot Fries and Financial Advice,
           with No Lies!"
           \_ "Where the elite meet to perform neat financial feats!"
        \_ What about those of us who are not newly rich?  It might be that
           the old rich know better.
1999/10/26-27 [Finance] UID:16771 Activity:high
10/26   Is there a correlation between the state of economy and the
        birth-rate of the population?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ History 161 sez: "Increasing population provides markets that
           allow for mass production without recession, more jobs, blah blah..."
           \_ That's why the Indian and Chinese economies rule the world,
              right?  And Africa!  Don't forget Africa!
              \_ they have a very different kinds of economies.
        \_ There is no linear correlation.  Certainly if the economy is so
           bad that people are starving there will be no population increase.
           On the other hand, if the economy is so good that a large portion
           of the population has a lot of money and leisure time on their hands
           fewer couples opt for child-rearing.  By the way, some experts
           believe the world population is scheduled for a decrease in the
           next century. -- ilyas
           \_ when children become a child-raising/educating liability instead
              of a free farm-labor asset, of course the population growth
              rate is going to decrease.
                \_ Hooray for selfish people! With out us, the world would have
                   even more resource sucking consumers like your soccer mommy
                   in her SUV who add absolutely no value to the planet or the
                   human gene pool.
1999/10/25-27 [Recreation/Dating, Finance, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16763 Activity:moderate
10/24   Congratulations, Christine and Ari! Just Married!
        \_ Lotsa CSUA couples getting married lately. Must be the economy
        \_ Wow, one of the MANY CSUA couples getting married this year.
                \_ Who else?  Everyone else who was engaged at the same
                   time as those two was married long ago.
        \_ and about time in this case.
        \_ so how many times have they been "married" now?
           \_ officially once; ceremonially once. is it any more complicated?
            \_ yes, christine "look at me" lee has announced this marriage
               at least four times.  -tom
                \_ look at her?  uhm.. no.
        \_ good economy, 1999/2000 hype, marriage, kids, car, mortgage.
           Welcome to the world of typical working class.
1998/12/30-31 [Finance, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:15141 Activity:kinda low
12/29   Does anyone know a hack around the free WordPerfect for Linux's
        "This program will expire in xx days - please enter a license"
        message?  --cheapo poor guy who can't afford to pay $40 for a word
        \_ If you're an 3L33T HAQR D00D, you can use the 5UP3R S3KR1T C0DZ
           page at <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Learn LaTeX - all the _really_ cool cs people use it.
           \_ So latex in the cs world doesn't refer to the material used
              in condoms but some nerdish program.
           \_ That's more than enough reason NOT to use it.
        \_ Uh, the license is free for personal use.
                \_ yes, if you'd read the documentation, you'd find there's
                   a web page to go to to fill out a form and get a license
                   number.  -tom
                   \_ Totally!  Go get 'em boy!  Sick'em!
1998/11/6-8 [Finance, Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:14919 Activity:nil
11/5    So my friend works @ LinkExchange. Does that mean he's rich now that
        M$ bought them for $250M?
        \_ If he's the owner of LinkExhange then he's rich
           if he's just a worker, unless his boss's willing to give him a raise
           he won't be rich.  He may even lose his job if M$ decide not to use
           the old employees...
        \_ If he's the VP there, then he might be rich.  If he's a janitor
           there, probably not.
        \_ my boss (who's the Presid. of that other banner exchange co.)
           tells me LE was venture capital funded, so owners will probably
           get ~ 40% of that $.  It was the venture capitalists who were
           probably pushing hard for the sale.  Remember... the target is
           30 times your initial investment in 5 years if you're a venture
           capitalist. -jctwu
1996/10/6 [Finance] UID:31921 Activity:nil
10/3    JOBS - - equity, etc. -sameer
        \_ Jeez, don't you ever quit? C2 doubles in size every other month.
            \_ No, we don't. And if you join us you'll be fucking rich.
        \_ hahaha!
1995/3/6 [Finance] UID:31787 Activity:nil
3/7     Eldorado.... rich - psb
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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