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2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/10/12-12/4 [Consumer/TV] UID:54498 Activity:nil
10/12   When did HDMI cables suddenly drop in price? You can buy highly
        rated 25' cables for $5 on Amazon now.
           \_ Coco Crisp on a crutch, that's some timely info! Thanks!
        \_ On a related note, why are there different grades of HDMI cables,
           some even gold-plated?  Unlike traditional AV cables, HDMI is
           digital and small distortion of the electric signal should have no
           effect on the sound or picture quality.  (I don't have HDMI
           equipment myself.)
        \_ HDMI sucks. Thunderbolt rules!
2012/6/9-7/20 [Consumer/TV] UID:54416 Activity:nil
6/9     I'm interested in Tivo, is it required to buy subscription?
        Also it is possible to record and export the AVI/MPG file?
        \_ No subscription is required. Not sure about exporting the
           file, though they do let you add a hard drive, so there
           has got to be a way to move files around that way. Let
           me know what you discover.
           \_ Thank you! I just got a spanking new Tivo Premiere XL.
              1) "Preparing the update... this may take a few minutes."
              2) For $200, I'd expect WIFI. Nope, you gotta buy a $60
                 Tivo WIFI adapter. Ok. Bought a very very long ethernet.
              3) Then it says it needs to upgrade software. Another
                 10 minutes passed with the "set up" screen
              4) Afterwards it says I need to use an MCard that I should
                 have ordered from my cable company earlier, otherwise I
                 don't receive any digital channel. I selected "do it later"
              5) After another 10 minutes setting up.
              6) Now it says Preparing the update... this may take an hour.
              7) Now, I can't do anything until I activate it. It's
                 forcing me to activate. No option is available unless
                 I activate it. I need to select payment plan. Options like
                 search, browse, etc are all disabled until activation.
                 W.T.F. Very pissed.
              8) Oh hey, after 20 minutes, the screen now goes to a menu
                 where I have partial functionality (record, guide, play)
                 but I still need to pay for smart recording and search
                 and more advanced features. What a tease.
              9) Oh wait, I can't even delete anything I record as it forces
                 me to subscribe (subscribe modal menu, can't continue)
              10) Alright, called my cable company (Time Warner), and the
                 CableCard (Mcard) will cost extra $10/month. Fine.
              11) According to the web, Some Tivo 1's allow you to use it
                  like a VCR and some Tivo 1's require subscription. All
                  Tivo 2's and beyond require subscription. I have Tivo "4"
                  which is the Premiere. Alright. So I need to pay $10/month
                  from cable company for the Mcard and another $15/month
                  from Tivo to use even the most basic features.
              13) Called my cable company to cancel Mcard. Subscribed to
                  Time Warner's DVR for $11/month. My cable company offers
                  plug-and-play solution. Tivo offers-- what the fuck? POS.
                  I wasted fucking (#*$##$#$ hours. Fuck you Tivo.
                  FUCK YOU TIVO. FUCK YOU.
                  \_ Cable companies like to deceive to make TiVo's difficult.
                     should be $3 for the 1st cable card.
                     Cablecards are also unnecessary if you're happy with
                     your analog channel selection, or unencrypted digital
                     channel selection.
                  \_ Build a MythTV and pay no monthly fees.
              \_ a) TiVo interface and software are superior to cable DVRs.
                    Premiere lets you hook it up to Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc.
                 b) Data feeds like TV listings and program info are not free.
                    You expected all the above functionality forever for $200?
                 c) Why didn't you do the research before you bought, retard?
                    All the requirements above are stated in their ads and website.
                    All the requirements above are stated in their ads and
                 \_ Hey, chill. Old TiVos were primitive, but at least the
                    were easy to get going. The new ones are a complex
                    machinery that do much more but cause more mayhem as the
                    op pointed out (a bunch of long reboots and updates).
                    Tivo is nice to have but if Steve Jobs were still alive today
                    he would laugh at it. I don't have a lot of loyalty to
                    either Apple or Tivo but I do appreciate having a product
                    that "just works." Let me guess, you're a Tivo fanboi and
                    you're offended?
                    \_ Or he has lots of TIVO shares.
                    Tivo is nice to have but if Steve Jobs were still alive
                    today he would laugh at it. I don't have a lot of loyalty
                    to either Apple or Tivo but I do appreciate having a
                    product that "just works." Let me guess, you're a Tivo
                    fanboi and you're offended?
                    \_ Or he has lots of TIVO shares under water.
                       \_ None of the above. And I'm not exactly the one who threw
                          a fit, am I? -pp
                    \_ So wait, do you need a subscription to record shows or don't
                       you? You are saying both things here. You think the TV Guide
                       part should be free???
                       \_ None of the above. And I'm not exactly the one who
                          threw a fit, am I? -pp
                    \_ So wait, do you need a subscription to record shows or
                       don't you? You are saying both things here. You think
                       the TV Guide part should be free???
        \_ This tells that it is not exactly Apple:
           "TiVos purchased directly through TiVo must have a service plan
            purchased. Retailers, however, will sell TiVo units without
            service plans attached."
           See also though:
           Your problem is that you have no fu.
2012/1/10-2/6 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:54285 Activity:nil
1/10    Rocker advocating for limiting nudity and profanity on TV: (
        \_ Is this SFW?
           \_ Yes.  -- OP
2010/1/27-2/8 [Consumer/TV] UID:53668 Activity:low
1/27    iGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
        \_ They should call it the iNewton.
        \_ iPad on Mad TV:
        \_ iCanChuckAllMyOreillyPhysbooksAndShelvesOutNow
        \ The Holocaust never happened.
2008/9/20-23 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:51242 Activity:nil
9/20    I'm looking for a multiple PIP (picture in picture) tuner for my
        new Sony Bravia TV. Sony has PIP, but what I really want is 3-4
        channel PIP that I can browse around even more easily. Any
        recommendation? Thanks!
        \_ not enough context, over-the-air-tv?, sat tv?, cable tv?
2008/9/12-18 [Consumer/TV] UID:51150 Activity:nil
9/12    Wow, I was looking for this yesterday. has streaming video
        from TV stations from 9/11/01
2008/9/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:51104 Activity:low
9/8     Has anyone tried Blue Ray porn? Is it any good?
        \_ VCD porn is good enough for me.
2008/7/6-8 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:50482 Activity:nil
7/6     Somebody please tell me what Sony Bravia's model numbers mean?
        How to decode the complex serial numbers and what they indicate?
        \_ Best site:
        \_ Best site:
2008/6/20-23 [Consumer/TV] UID:50315 Activity:kinda low
        \_ If you are referring to Archimedes' supposed defense of Syracuse,
           that was about 2200 years ago, not 4000 years ago. And most people
           think that the story is untrue (mythbusters ran a piece on it a few
           years ago).
           \_ MIT recreated the stunt right after that episode was aired.
              they did it using $1 mirrors.  So, Mythbusters proof on TV >
              actual demonstration?  You watch too much TV!
              \_ Actually I have never seen an eps. of mythbusters. Wikipedia
                 mentioned the eps. re Archimedes, which is how I knew about
                 it. In any event, I think it is still an open question if
                 this would work against a non-stationary target.
                 \_ You should.  It isn't good science but it is amusing.
           \_ What is the important thing about this dish? Clearly the basic
              idea of a concentrating dish is pretty ancient and the blurb
              didn't go into what is unique here.
              \_ "Another standout feature of the dish is its small size, and
                 furthermore, the material required to build it is relatively
                 inexpensive and accessible worldwide"
                 \_ Still not sounding very interesting to me, sorry.
2008/6/8-12 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:50187 Activity:nil
6/8     Bought a new Sony Bravia from Costco. I can connect to it using
        DVI->HDMI converter at up to 1024x768. Above that resolution,
        Sony TV says "Unsupported Signal..." even though the manual
        clearly says it can support 1280x1024, 1900x1080, etc etc.
        What's up with that?
        \_ Your DVI source *MUST BE* HDCP compliant. Old DVI devices are not.
           At a higher resolution, they will not work.
        \_ Testing for HDCP compliance:
2008/4/24-5/2 [Consumer/TV] UID:49821 Activity:nil
4/24    Can I set up my TiVo so that I can control/program it from
        the web? Thanks!
        \_ if you have your tivo hooked up to home broadband (not dial-up
           for system updates) you can do it via either Yahoo or directly
           via the My TiVo Online Scheduling site, which in my experience
           works way better than Yahoo. -shac
        \_ such things have been done in the tivo hacker community.  There
           really is only one way to determine if you are capable of reproducing
           that or not.  Go and try.
           really is only one way to determine if you are capable of
           reproducing that or not.  Go and try.
        \_ Yes you can. has features where you can set recordings
           up through them over the web. I've used it and it works.
2008/4/17-23 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV] UID:49774 Activity:low
4/16    When we move to HD signals, will cable tv descramblers no longer
        work? Or are they backward compatible?
        \_ If you're talking about the switching in 2009, it only applies to
           radio broadcast.  You can still use your analog TV to receive cable
           radio signals.  You can still use your analog TV to receive cable
        \_ Do you mean forward compatible?
           \_ Or are the signals backwards compatible ... Ah depends on POV
        \_ Cable won't switch completely to digital yet.  In fact, they're *required*
           to keep analog signals for few more years.  It's the over the air antennae
           signals that are required to switch to digital next year.  But your
           descrambler will only be good for analog signals.  If you plan on getting
           a shiny new HDTV anytime soon, keep in mind that analog channels generally
           look crappier on HDTV than on standard-def TVs.
        \_ Cable won't switch completely to digital yet.  In fact, they're
           *required* to keep analog signals for few more years.  It's the
           over the air antennae signals that are required to switch to
           digital next year.  But your descrambler will only be good for
           analog signals.  If you plan on getting a shiny new HDTV anytime
           soon, keep in mind that analog channels generally look crappier
           on HDTV than on standard-def TVs.
2008/4/10-12 [Recreation/Media, Consumer/TV] UID:49717 Activity:kinda low
4/10    Why do people (myself included) like watching movies or TV series, or
        reading novels?  Why are humans so fascinated about stories that they
        consciously know are not real?  Do other animals exhibit such behavior?
           \_ That is FUCKING AMAZING
              \_ It is amazing.  I think it's partially trained behavior, but
                 still, the elephant almost certainly has a conceptual
                 understanding of what it's doing.  There's also a good amount
                 of data on drawing/painting in great ape species.
                 Elephants, great apes and dolphins can self-recognize in
                 mirrors and presumably on TV and in movies.  I remember
                 a nature show on Koko the gorilla where she was reacting
                 to videos of male gorillas when they were looking for a
                 mate for her.
                 In most ways, gorillas and chimps have at least the cognitive
                 ability of a small human child, and they could probably
                 enjoy the chimp equivalent of Teletubbies.  -tom
                 \_ This is a hoax, pure and simple.
                    \_ It's not a hoax.
                       \_ How many elephants did they have to TORTURE to
                          teach them these tricks? This is BARBARIC. Animals
                          should roam wild, free, and happy. ANIMAL
                          TORTURE. FREE THE ELEPHANTS!!!!!
                       \_ Until I see a video of the elephant doing this
                          without a person (not a zoom that only shows the end
                          of the trunk) it's a hoax.
                          \_ until you stop being an idiot, you're an idiot.
              \_ Dang it, he draws a better elephant than I do!
              \_ Maybe the elephant is tracing out some faint shape on the
                 paper which the audiance can't see from far away.  But even
                 if so, it's still amazing.
        \_ Why do people like to get drunk or take drugs or play video games
           for hours on end? Probably for the same reason: to escape from their
           mostly unhappy lives.
           mostly unhappy lives.
           \_ I guess that's the reason.  -- OP
              \_ Why do people like to do anything at all?
2008/2/28-3/4 [Consumer/TV] UID:49286 Activity:nil
2/28    please explain the whole john mccain is going to cost me 100
        per month for HDTV in the future thing.  ok tnx.
        \_ That's a good reason to vote for or against someone.  hdtv pricing.
           What is the price of a slice of cake?  How much does a circus ticket
           \_ don't know what you are on about... is the 100 per month
              thing McCain's fault?  did he champion it?  did the tv
              lobbyists compromise him?  is he just a dumbshit and got
              suckered?  why the hell do i need to switch to HDTV anyway?
           \_ don't know what you are on about... is the 100 per month
              thing McCain's fault?  did he champion it?  did the tv
              lobbyists compromise him?  is he just a dumbshit and got
              suckered?  why the hell do i need to switch to HDTV anyway?
           \_ don't know what you are on about... is the 100 per month
              thing McCain's fault?  did he champion it?  did the tv
              lobbyists compromise him?  is he just a dumbshit and got
              suckered?  why the hell do i need to switch to HDTV anyway?
           \_ don't know what you are on about... is the 100 per month
              thing McCain's fault?  did he champion it?  did the tv
              lobbyists compromise him?  is he just a dumbshit and got
              suckered?  why the hell do i need to switch to HDTV anyway?
              \_ I heard you the first time, thanks.
2008/2/25-26 [Consumer/TV] UID:49238 Activity:nil
2/24    Satellite that was shot down was already a boondoggle
        \_"...widely believed to be..."
          \_ Key word!
        \_"...widely believed to be..." a humorless fuck who keeps deleting
          the KEY WORD!
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/2/20-22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Consumer/TV] UID:49195 Activity:moderate
2/20    Shot at satellite unlikely Wednesday: official - Yahoo! News:
        "The U.S. military does not anticipate trying to shoot apart a defunct
        spy satellite on Wednesday due to rough seas ..."
        Aha!  Didn't know that all the Iranians and the NKs have to do to nuke
        us is to wait for bad weather.
        \_ So our Infallible Missile Defense system will always work
           provided that:
           1) The skies are clear.
           2) We know the exact trajectory of the target.
           3) The target is the size of a school bus.
           I for one feel safer!
        \_ Since this is not an emergency then why not wait until odds improve?
           For instance, we know we *can* launch rockets during bad
           weather but why when you can just try again when the weather
           improves in most cases?
           \_ Ummmm....
           \_ Because the govt has been saying the first shot might miss the
              target and they might need a second shot.  Now if they don't take
              the first early enough, there might not be another window for a
              second shot.
        \_ missiles cost money.. so why not put the odds in our favor
           instead of messing around with clouds? also, the difference
           here is that it contains poisons instead of an defensive
           situation where just shoot it down asap is required.
           \_ We clearly need to spend more money on this project. How
              much have we spent on Star Wars so far?
              \- the SDIO bought my ex-ex-ex-ex boss a VAX 11/780
              \- the SDIO bought us a VAX 11/785 ... superstar!
                 we put it to good use.
        \_ And if they took a shot during bad weather you'd be saying they
           should stop cowboying and wait for good weather.  There's just no
           winning with some people.
           \_ We clearly need to spend more money on this project. How
              much have we spent on Star Wars so far?
           \_ Well, this time the govt has already admitted that they are
              cowboying by saying something like "first shot might miss and we
              might need a second shot" in its announcement.  So people
              probably wouldn't complaining about that.
              \_ No, that isn't cowboying.  That is "this is something we've
                 never done before so we're doing it as well as we can and
                 giving ourselves the best odds of success".  How is that
                 the same as cowboyism?  They aren't taking the shot because
                 it would be fun.  They are doing it because they don't want
                 to drop a bus load of hydrazine on anyone and they've also
                 probably already calculated that their snazzy spy sat. is
                 going to fall over unfriendly territory and don't want that
                 tech falling into foreign hands.
2008/2/16-18 [Consumer/TV] UID:49164 Activity:nil
2/16    R.I.P. HD-DVD -- Toshiba kills the format.
        Too bad, Blu-Ray has more DRM, doesn't play on DVD players, players
        are still more expensive, and the format isn't even finalized yet.
        Oh for those of you who bought HD DVD players -- Enjoy Betamax II
        \_ bahahahhaa. Suckers.
2007/11/21-27 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:48674 Activity:nil
11/21   My TV is broken.  When I turn it on, I see no picture,
        and I immediately hear a loud whining sound.  I get scared
        and turn it off.  What is that whining sound?  thanks.
        \_ porno sound.
                \_ I said I'm not motd boob guy!
        \_ thats the sound of your TV being broken.  Get it fixed (hah!) or
           replaced. -ERic
        \_ That sound is more important than you are.  That sound is more
           important than your entire life.
                \_ Please stop ruining my orgasm on the playboy channel
        \_ What's the frequency, Kenneth?!
        \_ you're probably just on some punk channel. switch to the history
           channel and see if things improve.
2007/11/9-15 [Consumer/TV] UID:48595 Activity:kinda low
11/9    Sony LCD TV, worth the extra 30% cost or overrated?
        \_ ConsumerReports recommends the Toshiba in the 40" category.
           Further question: does 1080p vs. 720p make that much of a
           difference at the 40" level? --erikred
           \_ general consensus is no on movies, even blu-ray/hd-dvd.  I think
              it makes a diff if you like to plug into VGA with 1280x1024 res
              or something like I do
              \_ ty. --erikred
           \_ We bought a Sharp Aquos 42" LCD (on sale) and an Oppo Digital
           \_ We bought a Sharp Aquos 42" LCD 1080p and an Oppo Digital
              Up-Converting DVD player.  Do your homework on the
              Up-Converting DVD player, but they are *defiitely* worth it.
              We were dispappointed with our regular DVD player and the
              42" Aquos, but then we added the Oppo and were blown away.
              We also used the home theater and video tuning DVD (by Avia?)
              and then watched The Matrix lobby scene.  It almost made
              me a little teary eyed.
              \_ Informative++. Thank you. --erikred
                 \_ Glad I could help.  --peterl
           \_ Samsung is very good too. 1080p making a difference depends
              on the TV size vs. how close you are sitting to it. With 40"
              it won't make a difference unless you sit abnormally close to
              the screen.
        \_ Get a Panasonic Plasma. Great picture quality. LCD is
           hyped. If picture quality is important to you, especially
           when you watch action DVD movies, or scenes that black
           level is important to you, get Plasma. I've been a happy
           Plasma camper for almost 2 years, no burn in what so ever.
           Don't buy into the LCD hype and take it home and wonder why
           your picture doesn't look as good. Costco had some recent
           deals, you can get a 42" HD plasma for about 1k, and a 50"
           one for about 1.6k as I recall.
           \_ I would read Consumer Reports and spend some quality time
              doing side-by-side comparisons at Best Buy.  Don't fall
              for any hype about Plasma >> LCD or LCD >> Plasma.  Just
              do some reading and watching.
              \_ You can't really do good side by side comparison at
                 best buy. None of the sets are calibrated, and the
                 input is often composite video, splitted 10 ways.
                 You need to find a place that set up the display
                 properly and have spend at least a small amount of
                 time calibrating the display. However, when all is
                 said and done, you are more likely to be happy with a
                 calibrated Panasonic Plasma than a calibrated LCD
          \_ Actually the best plasmas are supposed to be the Pioneers
             currently. (e.g. "Kuro" series)
             Personally, I think the latest, best LCDs now look very
             good, with good black levels. LCDs also draw less power
             than plasmas. I was surprised. The best plasmas still have a
             better size and quality vs. price ratio.
2007/10/22-25 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:48413 Activity:nil
10/22   Can standard-def MiniDV camcorders record in 16:9 mode and
        produce something that I can burn to the DVD as anamorphic
        16:9 DVD image? (I am not interested in letterboxed 16:9 mode
        that does not uses the full 480 resolution)
2007/10/20-24 [Consumer/TV] UID:48398 Activity:nil
10/20   I got an HD tuner. On some channels, 4:3 material shows up
        shrinked on my 4:3 TV, and shows up with black bars on my 16:9
        TV. Neither is what I want. WTF? Why do they shrink 4:3
        materials to letterbox format? Transmit the god damn 4:3
        material in 4:3 format. This way, I can view it full-screen on
        both the 16:9 and 4:3 TV. This is so fucked up.

        material in 4:3 format. This way, I can view it full-screen on
        both the 16:9 and 4:3 TV. This is so fucked up.
2007/10/8-9 [Consumer/TV] UID:48262 Activity:kinda low
10/8    I'm looking for a handheld video player can do hdtv (720P?) video
        out and play Xvid and Divx video.  Does such a beast exist?
        \_ I saw someone on BART about a year ago watching movies on a device
           about 1" think and just slightly larger than a DVD.  I didn't quiz
           her on what formats it supported but I was sure jealous she was
           watching a movie while I was watching Oakland go by.
           \_ And, totally oblivious to her surroundings, she will be a
              target of a crime aimed at relieving her of her gadget.
              \_ You know, if it was 1am and I was getting off at say
                 Fruitvale or Powell maybe I'd think twice about whipping
                 out fancy gadgets on Bart.  But in the middle of the day?
                 You really are worried about someone mugging you on a crowded
                 street in broad daylight?  You need to reduce the paranoia.
              \_ I've ridden BART thousands of times, never had a problem.
                 Go ahead in live in fear your whole life.
                 \_ How many times did you ride it while an oblivious woman?
                    \_ yer mom?  All the time.
              \_ ... or a crime aimed at relieving him in her.
              \_ Uh huh, it's BART not walking naked through Crime Alley.
                 Surrounded by business suits and hourly wage slaves, I don't
                 think she was at any great risk of harm.
           \_ I know there are lots of devices out there for watching video.
              I want one that does hdtv out as well.
        \_ Unlikely.  First, most portable media players have
           low-resolution, crappy color reproduction screens.  Even at
           640x480, pixels are incredibly small at 4 or 5".  Most
           don't even have that resolution.  Epson P-3000 and P-5000
           have one of the best screens (4-colors/pixel 640x480) and
           can play 720x480 (NTSC DVD resolution) MPEG2/MPEG4.  I've
           figured out mencoder options that will work with the
           player.  Epson is really meant as a photo viewer, but it
           also works well as a video player, although on the
           expensive side.  For movies, 16:9 is preferred, I'm sure.
           I'm sure such devices exist, but I doubt it'll have
           higher resolution, nor better color reproduction
           \_ It doesn't have to do hdtv on the device, I just want it to
              output an HDTV signal to a tv.  That way I can play low quality
              video when at the gym, and plug it into my tv at home to watch
              the good stuff.
2007/9/24 [Consumer/TV] UID:48161 Activity:nil
9/22    I want to buy a small (15 inch or so) LCD television to use mostly
        as a TV in my bedroom and/or outside on my covered patio. It has
        to be able to receive HDTV (digital) signals over the air when
        regular NTSC stops in 2009 (it will not have cable or satellite TV
        connected to it but I am willing to buy a small "rabbit ear" type
        of antenna) and I also want to be able to connect a computer to
        it and use it as a monitor occasionally for a headless server I
        run.  Any good brands or models? What should I look for? Where will I
        find the best prices?
2007/9/8-9 [Consumer/TV] UID:47949 Activity:nil
9/8     Isn't there a Cal game today?  What time?
        What tv channel do i tune to?  I live in the bay area.
        \_ STFW. It's on right now.
        \_ 610 if you have DirecTV
2007/8/16-22 [Consumer/TV] UID:47624 Activity:kinda low
8/20    I want to be able to streaming video / display photo on TV wirelessly.
        any recommendation on Apple TV alternatives?
        \_ What's important to you?  Divx?  Xvid?  HDTV?  Good UI?
        \_ Apple TV looks interesting. I'm wondering if I could connect
           a DISH directly to my Mac and stream that wirelessly to any TV in
           the house with a Apple TV box on it. It would suck if I was
           limited to iTunes as the source.
        \_ As I asked before, what features matter to you?  There's a lot
           of choices out there with different tradeoffs.
2007/7/6-10 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:47191 Activity:nil
7/6     I want to copy a dvd.  can i just make a giant iso and
        burn it to a blank dvd in my dvd burner?
        \_ Depends on the DVD, really.  What is it?
2007/6/7-10 [Consumer/TV] UID:46885 Activity:nil
6/7     TV bad for babies editorial.
        \_ I have a friend who tries to limit her 1+ yo daughter's TV time.
           But what she's concerned with are the fast paced commercials.
           The daughter stares at the TV when it's on no matter the content,
           but you can see her get so absorbed whenever commercials are on.
           The editorial above mentions her suspicion that her kid may have
           ADHD.  Maybe there is something to that.
           \- ~50% of that article is about the mother's homelife
              rather than the research. it's sort of a lifestyle
2007/5/13-16 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Consumer/TV] UID:46614 Activity:nil
5/13    Has anyone tried using a 1080p TV as a monitor (games? presentatino?)
        How's the quality?
        \_ I'm using a 24" 1080p monitor works great.
2007/4/23-25 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:46421 Activity:nil
4/23    How many of you have homes that actually somewhat resemble the ones
        on HGTV or Country Living magazine?  My wife's been going nuts
        buying things that look nice but are totally and utterly
        useless. In fact, the home's is now pretty much non-functional.
        In the bathroom, I have to hide my toothpaste, toothbrush, cups,
                         \_ What about your balls?
                            Are you looking for advice or just venting?
        listinerine, etc. In the shower, I have to bring my own basket of
        of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc instead of
        leaving them in the shower. The living room-- no remote, no
        bills, nothing, just a plant in the middle of the coffee table,
        for looks. I can hardly do anything or find anything nowadays.
        I ask again, how many of you have homes that actually resemble
        the ones on TV and magazines, AND still feel at home?
        \_ Suggestion:  Take away the TV and the magazines.
        \_ I kind of have the opposite problem, in that I like everything to
           be "put away" while my wife is fine with clutter. But I am not
           as extreme as your wife. -ausman
        \_ Nah, I'm against non-functional living conditions.
        \_ Last night my wife accused me of living like I was still in high
           school.  (Since I don't clean up as much as she'd like.)  I then
           described to her how I lived in high school and early college, and
           she conceeded that I had improved a lot and let it die.  Go, go, low
        \_ Nothing like it.  Get balls or a new wife.
2007/3/9-11 [Recreation/Humor, Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:45915 Activity:nil
3/9     I pulled out the Borat DVD from the NetFlix envelope the other day -
        pretty funny.  Also have an audio channel in Russian.
        \_ pretty overrated to me. a few funny bits, but lots boring too.
           \_ sorry, i wasn't clear - i meant the design of the physical DVD
              was funny.
2007/3/7-11 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:45898 Activity:nil
3/7     Young Indy is finally coming to DVD:
2007/2/18-23 [Computer/SW/Security, Consumer/TV] UID:45771 Activity:nil
2/18    I have a Tivo.  I don't have service.  I'm not going to get service.
        What is cool that I can do with the Tivo?
        \_ eat it?
        \_ prop open doors?
2007/2/5-7 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:45652 Activity:nil
        Evil step mom travels back in time to change history.
        Now you'll find out-- What if the shoe didn't fit?
2007/1/23-28 [Consumer/TV] UID:45572 Activity:nil
1/23    are there any plain, VERY SIMPLE tv listings online?  tv guide
        crashes on me and yahoo's tv listings are fucked up.  is it that
        \_ I've started to use aol's tv listings:
           Another option is, but that is digital channels only.
2006/11/28-12/12 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:45378 Activity:nil
11/28   DirecTV totally sucks. I ordered the internation channel for my dad
        and after waiting 1 whole day, the serviceman installed the box but
        didn't install the HD/internation box because his order list didn't
        include it. The phone rep fucked up. When I rescheduled for the
        HD/international box, they said there's a surchange of $129 for
        the HD installation. I asked why this was not disclosed to me
        the first time I ordered, they said the phone rep probably messed it
        up. So basically, there's a surchange of $129 for the HD box. At
        any rate international programs really suck compared to Dish Network
        which offer more choices at the same rate. Conclusion:
        FUCK DIRECTV. DIRECTV SUCKS. Dish Network offers more at a lower cost,
        and they disclose all the hidden costs.
2006/10/25-27 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:44973 Activity:nil
10/25   dish network or directv?  yes/no and reasons for why.  okthx
        \_ neither. If you can't download torrents of your shows, they're not
           worth watching anyway.
           \_ UR s0 K3WL!!11  1 1uv U ]<3\/\/1 p1r8 g1ze!11  ]<@/\/ 1 B leik U?!!!
        \_ No real difference.  Get the one that has the channels you want
           at the cheaper price.
        \_ Dunno about dish, but my parents have directv and I swear that
           after midnight every other channel is paid programming.
2006/9/26-27 [Consumer/TV] UID:44545 Activity:moderate
9/26    Hi, I'm looking for a cheap DVR box.  I don't need anything fancy
        and I'm not going to pay Tivo for monthly subscriptions.  I just need
        need something to replace my VCR.  Can Tivo work without the monthly
        fees?   I'm willing to buy a used Tivo box on ebay if olders ones
        can work as standalone boxes.  Thanks.
        \_ LiteOn has DVD Recorder with 160GB HD.  It should work a lot
           like a VCR.  I saw it on for about $300.  Not sure
           that is considered cheap.
        \_ I'm told that a S1 Tivo can work as a VCR BUT you have to have
           it dialup at least once and sync itself.
           There are some anoyances, like the onscreen display that says
           that your Tivo is unregistered.
           \_ I am not 100% sure that is true.  I remember S1 Tivo will
              go into "boat anchor" mode if you don't subscribe.  "Boat
              anchor" because is basically useless without subscription.
              Maybe the difference is in the software version a
              a particular S1 Tivo is running.
              particular S1 Tivo is running.
        \_ If you have comcast/timewarner cable, they have their own DVR
           boxes. You still have to pay a monthly fee, but it's added
           to your existing bill. If it's the monthly fee you have a
           problem with, just build one; it's very easy. check out
           \_ Side note to this, if you want HD, cable DVR is pretty
              much the only economical way of doing it.  Tivo HD costs
              about $800 to buy.  DIY solution won't allow you to
              record any encrypted channel (such as HBO, Discovery HD,
              \_ DIY will work no worse than Tivo HD.  You need Cable Card
                 support in either case unless you want to use an IR blaster,
                 which sucks.
                 \_ Can you tell me which consumer dual tuners card has
                    support for HD that can utilize CableCard?  I wasn't
                    aware of any.  My original point is that you still
                    can't beat the $20/month price tag cable company
                    charges for having dual channel HD DVR capability and
                    allow recording of premium channels.  HD Tivo will
                    cost $800 + ~$13/month + ~$2/month per CableCard.
                    \_ And no one said anything about it not being the cheapest.
                       pp was just contesting your "DIY won't allow you to
                       record encrypted channel" which is certainly not true
                       w/ sucky IR blaster.  However, keep in mind that every
                       cable DVR i've ever seen a review of sucks even worse.
                       Can you tell me if you've found a good one?
                       \_ 1) I think we are not discussing the same thing.
                             I am talking about "HD" here (not your usual
                             encrypted SD channel such as HBO).  The only
                             2 solutions I know of recording encrypted HD
                             content is cable's HD DVR and HD Tivo.  That
                             was my point.  Re-read my original statment,
                             I said "if you want HD..."
                             \_ Edit my own post, I know there are also
                                HD DVR for satellite, but cost is
                                still high ($3-400 range).
                          2) I had the original TIVO.  I ditched it not
                             because other SD DVR is superior.  I now use
                             a SA8300HD (from TimeWarner) because there
                             are no reasonable alternative if I want to
                             record non-OTA HD content.  Is Tivo superior?
                             Hell yeah. But I am not spending all that
                             $$$ for a HD Tivo.
                          3) So once again, tell me a DIY solution that
                             can record encrypted HD premium content.  I
                             am always open to alternatives/competition.
2006/9/18-20 [Consumer/TV] UID:44421 Activity:nil
9/18    Any reason not to go with DishNetwork over DirecTV? -- ulysses
        \_ 1. DishNetwork has nuked channels I care about (Com Central)
              from their lineup in the past.
           2. If you're doing the Tivo thing too, the DirecTV Tivo lets
              you have two simultaneous feeds, so you can record multiple
              shows at the same time (or record one while watching another.)
              Last year Best Buy even had a $100 rebate when you signed up,
              so that the Tivo was basically free.
              \_ I think the new DISH receiver can do this, too.
           But, to be fair, I've never actually used DishNetwork. Had
           DirecTV for almost 3 years and been happy. If you sign up
           with DirecTV, go to Best Buy or Circuit City or something to
           set you up. Trying to deal with DirecTV directly is a
           nightmare of subcontractors and local installation companies. -bz
           \_ DirecTiVo is indeed awesome and I love it, but from what I hear,
              you can't buy it anymore.  All of the new DirecTV boxes have their
              own brand of DVR software which, while by all reports not awful,
              Isn't Tivo.  --dbushong
2006/8/18-22 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:44067 Activity:nil
8/18    gawd, 16x NEC/Lite-on DVD burners are $30 at  250GB
        Hitachi hard drives are $80.  wtf.  oh well, the asus p5b deluxe mobo
        for ph3r0c10Us core 2 duo overclockers is still $260.  good job.
2006/6/23-28 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Recreation/Humor, Consumer/TV] UID:43477 Activity:nil
        Looking for a similar video like this that was shown on America's
        Funniest Video. The fall on AFV was much more catastrophic and
        more dramatic. Thank for any help.
        \_ Just like that dumbass snowboarder in the Olympics.
2006/6/15-16 [Consumer/TV] UID:43396 Activity:nil
6/15    in anime titles, what does 'OVA' mean?
        \_Original Video's like straight to video.
        \_ scottyg is correct.  There is also an alternate form OAV.
           Generally they tend to be higher quality than TV, but lower
           than movies.  The also tend to be mini-series. -jrleek
        what does fan service mean?
2006/3/18-20 [Reference/Tax, Consumer/TV] UID:42305 Activity:nil
3/18    I'm shopping for a LCD TV and as much as I like newegg, on a purchase
        like that I'd like to pay tax OR shipping, not both.  Can anyone
        reccomend a retailer with good prices and selection that is either
        local to the SFBA or else wholly out of state?
        \_ I used (Oregon) for a 46" Toshiba projection TV.
           They also do LCD TVs, but probably not the cheep ones that newegg
2006/3/17-20 [Consumer/TV] UID:42282 Activity:low
3/17    What's my fellow sodan's stand on HD-DVD vs Blue-Ray? I am
        thinking HD-DVD because Sony seems so stubborn on the Blue-Ray
        extra copy protection crap. Seems like they are making the VHS
        vs BetaMax mistake again. They lost the ipod battle, they
        aren't doing too well on game console (delayed), and they are
        gonna lose the HD media. Pity them.
        \_ Sony doesn't own Blu-Ray spec.  So, from that perspective,
           Blu-Ray may be less effected by Sony's format war curse.  and
           FYI, Blu-Ray has a slight upper hand right now.
           \_ upper-hand technologically or widespread-adoption-wise?
              \_ upper-hand in terms of finalizing the specification, etc.
                 Technical superority is never an issue in a format war.
                 \_ So Blu-Ray has the upper-hand in finalizing the spec?
                    Aren't $1,000 HD-DVD players now available with movies
                    Aren't $500 HD-DVD players now available with movies
                    following in a month ... or are those like 802.11 Pre-N
                    routers and movies?
        \_ FYI, most of hardware manufactures and software house such as
           Cyberlink/Interview is betting horse on *BOTH*
        \_ But HD-DVD is pretty much just as bad DRM-wise.
2006/3/12-14 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:42198 Activity:nil
3/12    OBL's niece gets her own TV show:
        \_ Lots of people get their own TV show.  So what?
        \_  -John
2006/1/24-25 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:41494 Activity:nil
1/24    have you thought you watched all episodes of STNG and discovered
        that you missed an episode or two many years later?
        \_ Nope.
        \_ Yeah. I missed one s2 eps when it aired on TV and only
           discovered it again on DVD. -stmg
2006/1/14-17 [Consumer/TV] UID:41377 Activity:nil
1/13    Google video of Galloway acting like a cat on British TV.  Creepy.
        Actually, I find it more revolting than creepy.
2006/1/8-10 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:41296 Activity:nil
1/8     I just saw a Sony commercial highlighting The Play but using little
        play characters. Anyone have a link to it?
        "If you're not watching HDTV, what are you watching?"
        Nevermind here it is in flash format:
        \_ sigh. I still want to see a hi-rez clip of the play.
        \_ Is that an effective ad?  Most people don't know what The Play is.
2006/1/5-7 [Finance/CC, Consumer/TV] UID:41248 Activity:nil
1/5     Planet of the Apes Complete TV Series, see "similar items"
        \_ No, seriously, wtf?
           \_ Oh darn someone updated the web site
              Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, and SW Trilogy indeed.
        \_ did you find this yourself or did you read it somewhere?
           Article on this found:
2005/12/29 [Consumer/TV] UID:41159 Activity:nil
12/28   Blu-ray Blu-ray Blu-ray!!!
2005/12/14-16 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Consumer/TV] UID:41017 Activity:moderate
12/14   What are your favorite shows on TV these days?
        \_ Mythbusters: ..
           \_ ditto
           \_ great show for the geek in all of us.
        \_ 24 on DVD .
        \_ 4400
        \_ SG-1: ..
           \_ SG Atlantis: ..
        \_ Battlestar Galactica (the new remake): .
        \_ West Wing: ...
        \_ Simpsons:  ...
        \_ Malcolm: .
        \_ LOST: .
        \_ Lost: ..
        \_ Family Guy (not as good as prior seasons, but still entertaining)
           \_ count me in.
        \_ Arrested Development: ...
        \_ House
        \_ Las Vegas
        \_ Nova: ..
        \_ Frontline: ..
        \_ Smallville: .
        \_ Prison Break!!
        \_ Every Day Italian (Giada is hot!)
           \_ I answered west wing, but I must give my support for her hotness.
              \_ You can vote for more than one b/c it says "shows"
           \_ She is hotter in her new show, Behind the Bash
        \_ The Daily Show: .
        \_ The Amazing Race: .
        \_ Grey's Anatomy: .
        \_ My Name is Earl: .
2005/12/11-14 [Reference/RealEstate, Consumer/TV] UID:40961 Activity:nil
12/11   When life imitates TV:
        \_ What a crappy article.  Despite what the headline says, the
           cop died, not either of the suspects.
           \_ Misleading intentionally?
2005/11/30-12/3 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV] UID:40777 Activity:nil
11/30   I'm thinking about installing a dish just to get Chinese
        channels. However, my home owner's association doesn't allow
        ANY dish because they have a contract with a big name cable
        company (Comcast). At any rate I don't have a backyard and
        I can't install stuff on the common rooftop. Is there such a
        thing as a mini-dish that I can put right by the window?
        \_ Just hide it inside one of the giant stuffed reindeer on the roof.
        \_ In CA, the HOA is SOL.  The law says you can have a dish.  I'm not
           sure how that applies to your situation with a common roof top,
           however.  Try the low tech audio transmission device and see what
           the vendor says about it.  BTW, the motd is a great place for
           medical and investment advice, too.
        \_ HOA can't disallow dishes but they can have rules you must follow
           if you want to install one.  Just ask the associations for the
           requirements if you want to install the dish.  Then make sure the
           vendor will follow those instructions.
        \_ There are tripod mounts.  I've seen people put them on balconies.
        \_  This is actually a FCC
           rule.  Basically if you have "private" area (balcony for
           example) then your HOA can not really prevent you.  Forget
           about public space such as the roof.
2005/11/23-28 [Consumer/TV] UID:40712 Activity:kinda low
11/23   Noticed that tivo is now offering some sort of DVD transfer
        service. Has the time come to chuck in the VCR or is this
        stuff still too new (I have a few hundred video tapes)?
        \_ yes.  Tivo has a straight to DVD burner.  VCRs are obsolete.
           Netflix will deliver movies to Tivo eventually.
           \_ A VCR costs $25 and a rental costs a buck for a week.  I can
              get a VCR tape of almost anything.  Hooking up a VCR is no
              easier or harder than a DVD.  Inserting a tape and hitting
              play isn't hard.  Why exactly are VCRs obsolete with 300
              gazillion of them out there and every movie available on them?
                \_ I heard a story about someone's child being upset with
                   having to rewind a VCR tape.  Why don't you just hit
                   play, stupid?
                \_ Videotapes wear out with repeated use and copying, you
                   can't choose subtitles or dubbing on fruity foreign films,
                   you don't get the director going off on all the extra-gory
                   bonus material, they're clunky, they don't make great
                   coasters, they don't play well in your laptop, VCR read
                   heads get nasty and goonked up, need more?  -John
                   \_ Exactly my point.  Most people are *not* entertainment
                      fanatics, don't care about subtitles, dubbing, foreign
                      films, director babbling, laptops, or anything else.
                      Most people just want to see the movie and return it
                      a week later for a buck.  Need more?
                      \_ Totally!  Hey, the model T is easy to maintain and
                         it gets people from one to place to another -- which
                         is all any car owner really wants.  They're so totally
                         not obsolete!  Why would any car owner want any of
                         fancy modern crap anyhow?  *sheesh*
                         \_ Hi red herring person.  Are there millions of
                            model T's on the road?  No.  Can I buy one for
                            $25 and fill the tank for $1?  No.  Does your
                            response carry any weight?  No.  Did you read or
                            comprehend anything I said?  No.  Are you a baby
                            troll in training?  Yes.  Come back when you have
                            a meaningful analogy, or better yet, just don't.
                            \_ Uhm, look up obsolete.  Ubiquity is not
                               synonymous with "not obsolete".  Train harder,
                               \_ I did.  You lose.  Train harder, indeed.
                                  Perhaps you could fall back on defn #2 and
                                  claim my vcr is no longer stylish.  ;-)
                                  Or maybe you meant my VCR is vestigial as
                                  per defn #3?  Certainly "no longer in use"
                                  does not apply.
                                  \_ *sigh*  Forest for the trees, man.  I've
                                     got work, so believe whatever makes you
                                     \_ Sorry you can't score any points.  All
                                        I was saying is there's a zillion
                                        perfectly functional VCRs out there
                                        and tons of available movies for them.
                                        I believe that because it's a simple
                                        truth.  Do they hav e whiz bang and
                                        flash?  No, duh, of course not.  Most
                                        people don't give a damn about it.
                                        Anyway, you should read the dictionary
                                        entry before belittling someone else
                                        for not reading it, especially if
                                        you're wrong about the word defn.
                                        Have a nice time at work.
                                        \_ I think all that's been proven in
                                           this thread is that we're both
                                           idiots, and that John is the only
                                           smart one for letting it go.
   obsssssssolllllllete   [9] Audio pronunciation of "obsolete"
   ( P )  [10]Pronunciation Key  ( b s -l t , b s -l t )
    1. No longer in use: an obsolete word.
    2. Outmoded in design, style, or construction: an obsolete
    3. Biology. Vestigial or imperfectly developed, especially in
       comparison with other individuals or related species; not clearly
       marked or seen; indistinct. Used of an organ or other part of an
       animal or plant.

        \_ The image quality of Tivo -> DVD is not as good as straight Tivo
           because the Tivo has to convert to MPEG-2 so you can burn DVDs,
           adding a conversion step.
           \_ Uh, Tivo encodes to MPEG2 anyway.
                \_ Yup that's what I thought too ... Then I was looking for
                   a Tivo with DVD-burner and read review after review
                   complaining of shitty image quality.  Maybe I should have
                   said "convert to DVD compatible MPEG-2 levels" or
                   whatever that might be.
2005/11/8-10 [Consumer/TV] UID:40493 Activity:nil
11/8    I now see "multi-zone" dvd players being sold by makers like
        Sony, this puzzles me, isn't it illegal to sell multi-zone
        (region free) DVD players? At least intentionally? Especially
        from a copyright dickhead like Sony? Or did the DVD contract
        change recently?
        \_ It isn't illegal.  It may violate agreements with RIAA, however.
           \_ What does the RIAA have to do with DVDs?  MPAA, on the other
              \_ Sorry, got my acronymns mixed up.  I meant the DVD CCA.
        \_ Sony is trying to play it nice since they got themselves burned
           by the rootkit thing.  Besides, the real battle is on
           BluRay vs. HD-DVD.
        \_ I thought it usually was a "wink wink" gosh I hope no one ever
           press buttons X Y and Z at the same time because that would make
           the player region-free deal.
           \_ Basically, yes.  Same thing with Xbox modchips.  Depending
              on which country you do it in, it's either illegal or
              sanctioned explicitly by the courts (i.e. Italy.)  -John
2005/11/4-6 [Politics/Domestic/911, Consumer/TV] UID:40439 Activity:low
11/4    "Senate Sets 2009 Digital TV Deadline"
        "The move to all-digital will free valuable radio spectrum, some of
        which will be allocated to improve radio communications among fire and
        police departments and other first responders."
        What I don't understand is: why don't they make the first responders
        go digital instead?  It'll impact fewer people, and the first
        responders will surely appreciate clearer reception.
        \_ because first responders, when the shit hits the fan, probably
           prefer equipment with known behaviour where all the bugs are
           either worked out or well understood.  all-digital may sound
           better, but I wouldn't want to be stuck with 1st gen gear in
           an emergency wondering if it was goign to wig out on me.
           Let the debugging cycles happen in the consumer market.
           Also consider this, the big thing is not the digital but
           the freeing up of radio spectrum that may be more useful
           to first responders (police, fire, ems, sar).  For instance
           certain frequency bands perform better for low-power usage
           (such as a handheld radio or even a car mounted unit) than
           say for high bandwidth high power usage (d-tv), and vice
           versa.  Also, you still run a digital signal over that
           versa.  Also, you can still run a digital signal over that
           "older" frequency band should you want (and someone makes
           the gear, etc).  We can get into a discussion of trunking
           as well if you want.
2005/10/31-11/2 [Consumer/TV] UID:40369 Activity:nil
10/31   36+ inches Plasma HD TV or LCD TV?  Brand and model?  Really thinking
        more about 40-50 inches.  All positive and negative suggestions and
        comments appreciated.  Thanks.
        \_ Yes.  Yes.  Interesting.  You're welcome!
2005/10/3-5 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:39958 Activity:nil
10/3    Wow, Serenity only pulled $10.1 million at the box office.
        \_ Which is about what the studio expected.  By comparison, "Corpse
           Bride" got $2100/theater on opening Friday, Serenity got
           \_ 1800? The numbers I saw showed Serenity getting 4600/theater.
              The movie was very good though, hope word of mouth makes it
              sucessful. It was #1 in australia.
        \_ It wasn't heavily marketed. And the target audience was quite
        \_ How much did it cost (including marketing)?
           \_ says $39 M for production, no listed marketing
           \_ It will easily make its money back, Firefly was very popular
              in UK for example. And DVD sales will be strong. The question
              is will overseas sales and DVD sales be enough for 2 more sequels.
              is will overseas sales and DVD sales be enough for 2 more
              \_ I felt that the movie did a lot of things to make it difficult
                 for a decent sequel.  I'm not gonna go into details for those
                 that haven't seen the movie yet.  Of course, Joss Whedon's
                 experience shows that it's not gonna hold him back.  But I
                 think certain mysteries and character/team dynamics of the
                 TV series is now gone.  It almost feels like Joss and the
                 cast knew or decided that the movie will be the end of the
                 series and tried to go out with a bang with it in mind.
                 \_ I had the exact opposite impression.
                 \_ Joss Whedon said it best. TV shows ask questions,
                    and movies answer them. The two big questions from the
                    series were kind of settled but it is a fantasy universe,
                    Joss can make up whatever he wants.
        \_ How much did it cost?
                 TV series is now gone.
2005/9/23-27 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/CPU, Consumer/TV] UID:39841 Activity:nil
9/23    Anyone ever built their own TiVo/PVR? any suggestions/advice
        before I build one? I'm reading my way through
        trying  to figure out how to build one.
        \- isnt the hardware heavily subsidized? why would you want
           to build one from scratch? or is this a geek learning exercise?
                \_ definitely the latter. granted I won't have to pay a
                   monthly service fee, I'll probably pay more up front
                   if I build one.
           \_ I built mine out of mythtv because for some reason, I've
              generally been against paying for a subscription of any kind.
              You also get more features from building your own.  Another
              reason these days with TiVo adding various restrictions is
              that you're not under direct control of some corporation's
              whim.  I admit, TiVo probably is more stable, but mythtv is
              what works for me.
              \_ How much did you spend on the hardware?
                 \_ I've used parts that are just laying about few times.
                    The latest incarnation I'm working on cost me about $400
                    for the shuttle-like case, cpu, and memory, I believe.
           \_ I like to be able to watch recorded programs remotely :)
        \_ You mean like mythtv?
        \_ Decide on size of machine and noise level you find acceptable.
           \_ how about those VIA C3 chip.  I know that you can run
              800Mhz without any fans.  The newer 1GHz chip from
              xxx nm fab reportly can run without fan neither.  tried it?
2005/9/14-17 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:39683 Activity:nil
9/15    any recommendations for projectors below $1000? i just want
        to watch movies at home on my computer.
        \_ Look at the InFocus X1 or X1a
        \_ There is one at the Audio store in the Bay Street Plaza (Emeryville
           that is HDTV/DVD widescreen compliant (16:9 1320x760?) which costs
           $1100 but comes with a $100 rebate.  Looks beautiful.  Stunning
2005/8/30-31 [Computer/SW/Security, Consumer/TV] UID:39354 Activity:nil
        Interesting map idea, but I think would would be even cooler is
        a 3-D satellite map. Right now Google has a 2D satellite map,
        but if they can scan, interpret, and re-render the terrain in
        3-D that'd be even cooler
2005/8/23 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:39242 Activity:high
8/23    Do differences in PAL/NTSC formats matter when playing DVD movies
        on PCs? What about VCR?
        \_ PAL/NTSC doesn't matter when playing on a PC, just region
           code (unless you use a workaround).  Tapes won't play right
           on a VCR, but you can get a converter.
        \_ No, doesn't matter on a PC, although you may have region issues.
           As for VCRs, you can't play DVDs on VCRs.  What's your question?
           If you mean if NTSC vs. PAL tapes matter, yes.  They're analog
           standards being played on an analog device.
           formats being played on an analog device.
           \_ What about watching a PAL DVD on a TV with normal US-purchased
              DVD player?
              \_ It's almost certainly not going to work.  NTSC DVD players
                 are rare multi-standard.
2005/8/23-24 [Consumer/TV] UID:39240 Activity:nil
        Poll, Blu-ray or HD-DVD? Which one is going to win?
        Blu-ray (50G): ..
        HD-DVD (30G):
        \_ Optical data storage media are fucking retarded: ..
        \_ either way the consumer will lose
2005/8/11 [Consumer/TV] UID:39094 Activity:nil
8/10    I'm looking for a DVD/video of the show "Perfect Strangers"
        Does anyone know where I can get such a set? Searching online
        is difficult because apparently there's a movie with the
        same name.
        \_ Are you sure it exists?  Adding "bronson pinchot" to the search
           helps yield relevant results, btw.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
2005/7/14-15 [Consumer/TV] UID:38625 Activity:nil
7/14    For those who don't have TV.  Here's a biased snapshot of TV screens
        re: the rove scandal.
        \_ Is that a fake Newsweek cover?
           Is all that TV coverage real?  I don't watch TV anymore.
2005/6/2 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer] UID:37937 Activity:nil
6/2     So is the infamous 49ers training video available somewhere online?
        \_ - danh
        \_ What the fuck is this?
2005/4/20-22 [Consumer/TV] UID:37292 Activity:low
4/20    Tivo?  Or some other DVR?
        \_ DirecTV with Tivo. Gives you 2 separate feeds for recording
           to help with time conflicts. -bz
           \_ Yes.  Oh my yes.  --dbushong
2005/3/29-30 [Consumer/TV] UID:36954 Activity:moderate
3/29    Has anyone tried playing a VHS tape for PAL system on an NTSC VCR and
        an NTSC TV?  What kind of image do you get on the TV?  Thanks.
        \_ You'll see something, but the image scrolls by (vertically)
           really quick.
        \_ It may also only show up in b+w
           \_ I guess I won't order VHS movies from Europe then.
              \_ There are converters out there.  And there are places
                 where you can pay to have a tape converted from PAL to
2005/2/25-27 [Consumer/TV] UID:36419 Activity:low
2/25    What is the standard resolution of NTSC and PAL videos? How about
        DVD and HDTV (is HDTV the same resolution as DVD?) How about
        those new S-video plugs, what kind of signal/resolution do
        they carry?
        \_ google wikipedia { NTSC | PAL | DVD | HDTV }  have phun
        It's roughly ntsc 640x480, pal 720x486, dvd 720x480,
        hdtv 720p=1280x720, 1080i=1920x1080 interlaced.  S-video?
        That's NTSC era.  If you are going to use HD, you want HDMI,
        DVI, component in that order of preference.  -ax
        \_ NTSC DVD is 720x480.  PAL DVD is 720x576.  NTSC video and PAL
           video are both analog formats and don't have "pixels".  NTSC
           has roughly 480 horizontal scanlines (and PAL, 576), but the
           resolution in each row is highly dependent on the quality of
           the source. --jameslin
2004/12/29-30 [Consumer/TV] UID:35483 Activity:nil
12/29   Check
        for list of free channels for US.  Some of the channels
        require the 1-meter/3-feet sized dish to receive.
        \_ so where do I get the dish and if I get it, will I receive ALL
           of the channels here? ok thx.
        \_ Hello FTA DVB experts, is this what I need to buy?
           What are the differences between the systems listed
           here and are there legal issues
           for receiving these free channels? Also, how do you find
           out how many Taiwanese channels I can receive? ok thx.
2004/12/28-29 [Consumer/TV] UID:35464 Activity:very high
12/28   My dad wants those Chinese satellite TV dish thingy (where you get
        5-10 Mandarin stations). Where can I find more info on it and how
        much does it cost? ok thx.
        \_ does this help? (
           note some packages are mainland, some are taiwan
           my parents got something from Monterey Park here in SoCal - don't
           know if it's another provider or whatever, but it was ~ $20-30 /
           month, free install I think.
           \_ Directv provides a superior set of programs.
              \_ I don't get it.  The Chinese/Taiwanese programming seems
                 the same or not as not as good.  Are you talking about
                 the general subscription?
                 \_ yeah, they suck.  That is why I am in TW and all I watch
                    is Discovery/National Geographic/Animal Planet channel.
        \_ You want the Dish network's Great Wall package. 17 channels of
           Chinese stations from mainland. The TW stations are crap for
           teenagers with no taste. I don't think DirecTV offers it.
        \_ my dad hates all mainland Chinese.  He always wishes he were born
           a Japanese samurai.  How do I know which channels are Taiwanese
           truth telling channel and which ones are Beijing subversive commie
           channels? -op
           \_ my DPP parents have the ETTV subscription.
           \_ Haha, a brainwashed TWnese. Dish have a package deal from
              HK/TW too. It's the 'other' Chinese package. BTW, there are
              so many lies spread by those Taiwanese channels I stopped
              watching them.
        \_ do you mean FTA free-to-air satellite programming?
           I set this up for my folks -- no one seems to know about it
           unless they're trying to receive free ethnic programming.
           What a lot of companies do is charge for setup of a dish
           (it's a little bigger in size than a directv dish)
           and ask for monthly payments but the signal is essentially free,
           unencrypted, so you could set it up yourself for about $200-$300 parts.
           \_ WOW COOL, where can I get more info? thx
              \_ Check
                 for list of free channels for US.  Some of the channels
                 require the 1-meter/3-feet sized dish to receive.
2004/12/16 [Consumer/TV] UID:35323 Activity:low
12/16   TiVo giving away free DVR's to Bay Area comcast subscribers tomorrow.
        Just need to haul yourself and a new toy or clothing donation down
        to their offices off of 237.   See
        \_ so these are useless without paying monthly subscription fees right?
        \_ I wonder if you'll have to sign up for the Tivo service right
           then and there.  It'd be nice to have a box to hack on.
2004/12/13 [Science/Space, Consumer/TV] UID:35260 Activity:high
12/13   So I called this girl and she told me something that was
        very different than the other girls-- kind, unambiguous,
        yet effective. She told me that she was very busy feeding
        her goldfish and she couldn't go out with me. Now I'm wondering
        what some of the cool rejection lines you losers have to share?
        \_ Tell her to go fuck herself. If she can't give you an honest
           answer, she's a total bitch.
        \_ Laurie Anderson had an idea to turn Gravity's Rainbow into an
           opera; she asked Thomas Pynchon for the rights, and he told her
           she could do it on one condition: the only musical instrument
           allowed would be the banjo.  -tom
           \_ She missed an awesome oppertunity.
        \_ "You're too good for me."
           \_ what does this mean?
              \_ you're not good enough for her.
        \_ Not a dating thing, but while I was on my mission, a guy told
           me he was "too busy to meet us."  He was watching people play
           starcraft on TV at the time.  -jrleek
           \_ the only good missionaries are the female ones that enjoy
              the missionary position.
           \_ No offense, jrleek, but unless I'm truly bored and aching for a
              theological fight, I will always be too busy to meet with
              \_ On my mission I actually shook hands and thanked people who
                 simply told me "not interested" instead of giving a lame
                 excuse, giving me a time when they wouldn't be home, or simply
                 not answering the door when I arrived when they asked me to.
                 \_ it is my right to give you a lame excuse if i don't
                    want to talk to you.  i'm sure missionaries have
                    thick skins or they wont be missionaries for very long.
                    \_ "It's my right to lie because you're used to being
                       lied to." -GWB
                 \_ I wish all missionaries were that polite.  I've actually
                    had to close the door on a couple guys on their mission
                    because they wouldn't leave after the 3rd time I told them
                    'not interested' -- in very polite and clear terms.  It's
                    people like that that make it so much easier to be rude
                    using the dodges you mention rather than risk having to be
                    even ruder by just closing the door in midsentence.
                    \_ Yes, I think anyone going door-to-door (which I actually
                       did very rarely) needs to be extremely polite, and then
                       people answering the door need to be honest, and then
                       brutally honest if necessary.  -emarkp
              \_ No, you don't want to meet with missionaries.  Which is
                 fine, if you don't want to meet with me, I don't want to
                 meet with you.  I don't get off on wasting my time.  It's
                 just funny to claim you're "too busy" while watching
                 StarCraft on TV. -jrleek
                 \_ Hey what channel is StarCraft on TV? I'd totally want to
                    watch that. I think I've flaked on my friends bc I was
                    busy watching the crazy knife selling guy on QVC.
                    \_ It's a Korean thing.  They have pro-StarCraft
                       players and a cable channel dedicated to playing
                       video games.  (Which is most StarCraft, at least it
                       was when I was there 2 years ago, and the Koreans
                       are still into StarCradt AFAIK) -jrleek
                       \_ I first read that not as a typo, but as a joke on the
                          way a lot of asians pronounce 'Sta-Ku-Raf'
                 \_ When they come to my door, I usually tell them to get lost
                    in no uncertain terms, and demand that they never come to
                    my door again.  If they question, I tell them *exactly*
                    where they can stick the whole concept of organized
                    religion.  Which do you prefer?
              \_ But you can learn good positions from missionaries.
        \_ "I'm already dating your other girlfriend."
2004/12/6-7 [Consumer/TV] UID:35189 Activity:nil
12/6    Those that have Dish network, how does their one receiver two
        turner thing work? I mean the RG6 cable goes to the receiver,
        but how does the receiver hookup to the 2 TV (which may be far
        away, and A/V cable doesn't run very far). Are they using regular
        antenna cable for TV and ask you to use channel 3? That would suck
        for picture quality.
        \_ i have 2 rg6 cables (one for each) running from wall cable outlet
           to the satellite box outside (they join here) just before it connects
           to the satellite dish.
           \_ How many TV do you have connected, what's the connection type and
              how far is the TV?
2004/11/30-12/1 [Consumer/TV, Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/Camera] UID:35125 Activity:nil
11/30   Anyone one have the show "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" on dvd?
        \_ i thought i was the only person who watched that show.  are you
           12 too?
           \- you can watch the french version:
           \_ "12 too"? Are you making fun of P&P fans? Its a great show.
           \_ Well, I was 12 when it first came on.  It's a great show
              though, well worth buying on DVD. -op
        \_ I too used to love this show... I sent away for a casette tape
           of the theme song and some other music once from a cereal box
           or something. the band was called Polaris. lemme know if you
           want some mp3's.                     - rory
2004/11/17-18 [Consumer/TV] UID:34947 Activity:nil
11/17   I am a TV luddite who just watches broadcast TV. Cable is not
        available in my area. I am thinking of DSS. Is it possible to
        retransmit DSS signals so that I can, say, watch TV in my (detached)
        garage but have the dish on the roof of my house? I would rather
        not bury cables and all that shit. I don't watch that much TV.
        \_ I don't know about retransmitting the DSS signal, but you
           can use a wireless video sender to send the analog video
           from your DSS receiver to your garage, like the X10 video sender:
           \_ Every try one of these things? How good is the picture?
2004/11/11-12 [Computer/HW/Display, Consumer/TV] UID:34828 Activity:nil
11/11   I'm looking for a video card with a tv-out plug to display to
        a regular television in addition to a monitor.  I don't need
        any other fancy video card features and I would like something
        reliable and not too expensive.  Google and various review stuff
        seem to focus on high-end video cards and other features.  Can
        anyone suggest a simple, reliable video card w/ tv-out?  Thanks.
        \_ I have a Geforce 4600, works a charm.  I think you can get them
           for a pretty reasonable price.  If you're looking for a whole
           system to serve signal to a TV, have a look at <DEAD>;<DEAD>
           they have really inexpensive ready-built small, quiet systems
           with good quality gfx cards for this sort of thing.  Don't forget
           that if you're converting to SCART, you don't get sound on your
           TV.  -John
2004/10/5-6 [Consumer/TV] UID:33931 Activity:moderate
10/5    DVD quality < HDTV quality.  Are DVDs obsolete?
        \_ DSL bandwidth < Fiber bandwidth.  Is DSL obsolete?
        \_ Vagina < Penis.  Is vagina obsolete?
           \_ Anus < vagina.  Is anus obsolete?
           \_ Anus < vagina.  Is anus obsolete?  No!  Some people prefer anus
              for its tightness.
              \_ Dude.  How do you guys handle the issue with anal fissures?
                 They're a pain in the butt, literally.
                 \_ I use lubricant and go gentle on my gal when doing her
              \_ hi danh
                \_ the above doesn't sound like me at all. - danh
                   \_ the above doesn't sound like me at all. - danh
              \_ BUGGERY IS THE STANDARD!
                 \_i asked for head.. not more or less
                   \_ PEGGING!  PEGGING IS THE STANDARD!
                      \_ It only has one ass, it's of no use to me!
        \_ cassette quality < CD quality.  Cassettes are obsolete.
           \_ bullshit.  there are different kinds of quality.  I'd
              rather have inferior audio quality, but still be able
              to play the goddamn thing after 10 years, and have something
              that might start to show some age in parts but won't
              catestrophically fail.  fuck optical data storage media.
              cassetes will be obsolete when technology comes out with
              the sound quality of CD and the general robustness of
              tapes.  not before.  same for VHS vs DVD.
              \_ Chill down.  Some people do agree with you.  See the link
              \_ one key difference: with digital media you can have bit-
                 perfect backup copies. Or rip to mp3 and stop risking
                 your originals. Analog tapes are failure prone besides
                 being noisy. CD/DVD could have been designed in a cassette
                 format like a floppy disk to protect against scratching,
                 but I guess they were too cheap.
                 \_ Cassettes and VHS tapes are re-recordable.
                    \_ So are CDRWs and DVD+-RWs.
        \_ They will be, once blu-ray and HD-DVD come out. But those aren't
           out, and the existing DVD base will force it to be supported for
           a relatively long time. By 2005 the HD stuff should be out (as in
           hollywood movies out on the format).
           \_ If blu-ray AND HD-DVD come out, it will be Betamax/VHS all over
              again.  Note that SACD/DVD-Audio hasn't taken off for that exact
              same reason.
              \_ Yep. Sony is trying to use it's clout as a movie company (Sony
                 and they bought MGM, plus Fox signed on for Blu-ray) and plan
                 to put Blu-ray in the PS3. Blu-ray is superior but HD-DVD
                 is similar to DVD and therefore cheap. MS's choice for Xbox2
                 will be interesting.
2004/9/30-10/1 [Consumer/TV, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33854 Activity:nil
9/30    Besides DVDFab, are there any nice freeware program like
        DVDShrink that will backup a DVD onto 2 DVD-R?
2004/9/30-10/1 [Consumer/TV] UID:33846 Activity:kinda low
9/30    Motd poll: Will you watch the "debates?"
        Yes:  ..
        Yes, if I can find a free webcast: ..
        No, I could care less:
        No, the rules ensure that nothing interesting will happen.  The real
        "debate" is the post-debate spin war: .
        No, not a citizen: .
        \_ Any place with a free webcast?
           \_ is claiming it will have "complete video and live
              analysis". but... i'm betting the live video will be slow as
              hell. can't you just find a friend with a TV?
              \_ What is this 'TV' you speak of?
                 \_ TV is the devil!!!
              \_ What is this 'friend' you speak of?
           \_ [Replying to myself] It will probably be on bittorrent a little
              bit later.
           \_ --gm
        \_ daily show commentary is all that matters
           \_ STONED SLACKER!!!!1!
2004/9/21-22 [Consumer/TV] UID:33682 Activity:high
9/21    Children's program from the 70's.  There was less restriction on
        TV then...
        \_ BEST.  VIDEO.  EVAR!!!!!!1!!
        \_ This is disturbing on so many levels. Is it legit?
        \_ Rainbow was a fairly respected children's program (think Sesame
           Street for the UK) in the 1970s.  This is one of (I think) two
           episodes that the cast did "off the record", for fun.  -John
2004/9/17-19 [Consumer/TV, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:33609 Activity:nil
9/17    Special Edition Bourne Supremacy DVD:
2004/8/29-30 [Consumer/TV] UID:33213 Activity:moderate
8/29    A friend of mine just got a stand-alone Tivo box (not a DirecTivo).
        He plugged it in and it just worked. He didn't even pay the
        subscription. Is there any reason why he has to pay? He seems to
        have all of the same features that I have on my DirecTivo unit.
        \_ I know nothing about Tivo.  I'm guessing that it'll stop working
           after some 30 or 60 day trial period and go into lamer/demo mode.
        \_ As the previous poster said, TiVo has a trial period.  It would be
           stupid for them not to provide one.
        \_ Once the free trial runs out, it will stop downloading program
           guide data, so will allow you to program to record specified
           time periods like an old-fashioned VCR, but won't have the cool
           features like recording shows by name no matter what time they
           are or recording suggestions based on programs you've rated
2004/8/25-27 [Consumer/TV] UID:33140 Activity:low
8/25    Anybody use a Tivo with Comcast Digital Cable? Does it work well?
        I can't get a dish for several reasons, however would like a DVR
        and Comcast's DVR is taking forever.  -shac
        \_ Do you know if Comcast's DVR records the original digital
           data stream?  Would the Tivo record the redigitized analog
           data stream?
        \_I have the comcast dvr, is there any way to transfer movies directly
          off of the internal HD to say my computer without removing the HD?
          Anyone know how the shows are encoded?  -scottyg
2004/8/13 [Consumer/TV] UID:32879 Activity:kinda low
8/12    Is it possible to use a Series 2 Tivo as a vcr w/o subscribing to
        the service or hooking it up to you phone/network?
        Fry's has a Series 2 Tivo on sale for $99 and I was thinking that
        I could use it to replace my VHS VCR. (I don't care about Tivo's
        fancy features and would rather not pay for them, since I watch
        very little TV and only record Nova and Globe Trekker once a week
        or so). tia.
        \_ You can,but why?  Subscribe for a couple of months, see if you
           like it, and then cancel if you want.
        \_ Yeah I've been wondering about this too. I just want a VCR, not
           tivo's fancy stuff...
        \_ TiVos can run withoug the program guide, they just don't know what
           time anything is on, so you have to manually set all recording
           \_ So you gotta program time slots manually like regular old VCRs,
              I can totally live with that. Time to get a TIVO!
              \- which model is $99 at fry's? i understand the 40hr one
                 is $80 at costco. --psb
                 \_ The Fry's one is 40 hourse Series 2.  Not sure what the
                    specific model is beyond this.  BTW, Fry's is selling it
                    for $199 with $100 mail in rebate.  I assume the rebate
                    is contingent on signing up for the service.  Is the
                    Costco one $80 straight or is that post rebate also?
2004/7/7-8 [Consumer/TV] UID:31204 Activity:moderate
7/7     Has anyone tried the NEC ND-2510A dual layer DVD burner?
        How good is it? Thanks.
        \_ I don't have personal experience, but check the user
           comments and forums/reviews.  I've also read the NEC
           does better at 8x than the LITE-ON.  You're probably fine getting
           the NEC, but I like all the extra user-created tools and the
           CD-burning quality of LITE-ON.
           \_ CD burning quality?
2004/5/24 [Consumer/TV] UID:30384 Activity:moderate
5/24    I'm starting to look at projectors (for movies, games, whatnot.)
        Can someone make any recommendations about good review sites, models,
        mfgrs, or share their own experiences?  -John
        \_ has forum discussions, and
           has reviews. DLP projectors at 800x600 is king at the sub-$1K
           range, while pricier LCD projectors offer native HD resolutions.
           watch for reviews of the forthcoming InFocus 4805 DLP. -- jwang
           \_ Cool, thanks.  My main question is:  what would one need HDTV
              resolution for?  Do you gain anything with it when playing
              say, a DVD?  -John
              \_ not for DVD, but HDTV is available in many US areas, and
                 for some even the limited programming is worth the premium.
                 i'm actually pretty content with a 800x600 InFocus X1 which
                 does an excellent job of downscaling Comcast HDTV content.
                 parting thoughts:
                 o DLP image has more "punch", LCD image is more film-like
                 o poorer brightness and contrast than tube in daylight
                 o demands complete home theater receiver/speakers setup
                 o requires projector & screen mounting labor
              \_ I'm not getting HDTV until HDTV broadcast is mandatory in '06.
                 By then I'll get a better hdtv for less and not sit at home
                 looking at my near-useless hdtv wondering why I paid so much
                 for so little.
2004/5/19 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:30285 Activity:high
5/19    Screenshots of George Lucas's latest SW changes:
        \_ What a crappy Photoshop job.
        \_ Someone please kill Lucas before he gets any stupider.
        \_ It reminds me of the line from "Six Degrees of Separation". Any
           child can make art as great as Matisse. You just have to know when
           to take the paper away from them. -- ulysses
        \_ wtf is frodo baggins doing in the screenshot?
           \_ Pretending to be Annakin Skywalker?
       \_ Here's a theory, Myabe Lucas actually is so sick and tired of
           Star Wars that he's decided to Ruin it so people will stop
           bugging him about it.
          \_ My theory: Lucas is just an idiot surrounded by yes-men.
2004/5/5 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Consumer/TV] UID:30031 Activity:high
5/5     What is non-linear video?  Is there such thing as linear video?  Thx.
        \_ All videos are linear except for multi-angle porn and the like.  The
           phrase "Non-linear video" is generally referring to non-linear video
           editing, which means any video editing with splicing in.
        \_ the terms you've probably seen are "linear video editing" and
           "non-linear video editing".  linear video editing means that you
           take a video, delete things from the middle, or append things to
           the beginning or end. (The frames in the output video are in the
           same order as they were originally.) As the poster above said, NLE
           involves splicing video into the middle or rearrangements.
2004/5/4-5 [Consumer/TV] UID:30009 Activity:high
5/4     anyone know if there will be any dual layer DVD writers on the
        market? i am thinking of whether to buy a DVD writer now or
        wait for the dual layer ones (if any).
        \_ Yes, there already is one announced (I forget if it was Pioneer
           or not). Good luck, however, on getting media.
           \_ Sony
        \_ Only the Sony one for now, and both the drive and media cost
           megabucks ($4000/drive, $40/disc)
2004/3/25-26 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:12865 Activity:low
3/25    Hey, I never got to see the Mike Savage TV show.  Him being the most
        insane conservitive on talk radio, I'd be really curious to see his
        TV show.
        \_ Have you ever listened to his radio show for more than 5 minutes?
           \_ I hope you get AIDS and die.
              \_ Bend over for me then.
2004/3/2 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:29847 Activity:nil
3/1     Watching Alias from the beginning on DVD, it's better than I recall.
        In particular Sidney kicks a lot more ass at the beginning of season
        one, she actually kills a few people in the first three episodes.
        I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think she kills people later in the
        series.  I suspect the network requested this to make Sidney more
        appealing to mass audiences.
        \_ -dans
        \_ No.  It isn't.  I just suffered through the first 2 seasons on DVD
           last week.  It almost drove me to drink.
        \_ Alias kind of sucked. Too much of a La Femme Nikita ripoff.
           \_ What's wrong with ripping of La Femme Nikita?  It was a good
              movie/show? -dans
              \_ Because it's a poorly done ripoff.  LFN rocked.  Alias sucks.
                 \_ Wooh, leverage that million-dollar vocabulary!
                    \_ Better to sound like Beavis and Butthead than an
        \_ I think she kills more people in later episodes...rather than
           just knocking out nameless, faceless guards, she actually KILLS
           people. Actually, i stopped watching alias about 5 weeks ago,
           but up to then i had seen every single episode and it was the
           only TV show i regularly watched.
           \- it's getting a little formulaic ... fly to high tech glass and
              steel bldg where a lot of people speak german and jump out of
              ceiling and fight 5 guards off and steal plans for "FOOtanium"
              device ... --psb
              \_ And wear ridiculous wig so she won't be recognised yet hang
                 out with lots of other agents who don't wear any 'disguises'.
              \_ Did you see the India eps? It was very amusing.
2003/10/28 [Consumer/TV] UID:10820 Activity:nil
10/27   Why don't TV networks offer a live feed of their shows, complete
        with commercials?
        \_ They do.
           \_ err, I mean cached feeds.
        \_ people would download them and edit out the commercials.
           \_ Can't they make certain RealVideo feeds un-downloadable?
              \_ they can try, but ultimately data gets sent from the server to
                 the client, and there are various ways for the client to save
                 that data.
           \_ What's the diff. between this and kazaa?
              \_ the difference is that in one case, the TV network would be
                 going through the effort of digitizing a show instead of some
                 random hacker-guy with a capture card.
        \_ What for?  They've spent billions to control everyone's TV sets.
           Thet net can't yet be controlled.  If/when it is, then you'll see
           streamed tv shows on the net.  The bad shows will all have the evil
           bit set.
2003/9/25-26 [Consumer/TV] UID:10327 Activity:nil
9/25    Please share your experiences in making a PC-based DVR.  How
        comparable is it to TiVo or ReplayTV?
        \_ If you want a TiVo, get a TiVo.  PCs usually don't make good
           set-top boxes and are too unreliable.
2003/9/16 [Consumer/TV] UID:10211 Activity:nil
9/16    some losers at Lockheed Martin drop a $239M satellite:  (sfgate)
        photo of it at fucked company:
        \_ Even though you knowingly overwrote my comments, I didn't erase
           yours when I restored mine.
           \- let's recall lockheed martin!
           \_ you shouldnt have started editting when the file was locked
              \_ I was there first.  Overwriting my shit is just plain rude,
                 no excuses.  Especially to post a link from FC.
                 \_ Who was using motdedit?  They win.
                    \_ I was.  Duh.  And no, using motdedit doesn't give anyone
                       the right to smush the file.  Get over it.
2003/9/13-15 [Consumer/TV] UID:10185 Activity:nil
9/13    Anybody here have hacked dish networks?  The motd archives suggest
        there are people who have hacked directv.  I've been searching around
        and it does seem like there's more info on hacking directv than
        dish network.  Any info you have would be nice.  thanks.
        \_ most of the information out there have a blind guy feeling up
           an elephant feel.
           seems somewhat up to date and not too misleading as a place to
           start.  if you're lazy about building your own hw (as i was),
  is trustworthy.
2003/9/5 [Consumer/TV] UID:10087 Activity:nil
9/4     Anybody have Dish Networks with Local Channels?  Their web site
        claims that you need the 500 series receiver in order to recv local
        channels.  I'm wondering if that's a marketing ploy.  Anybody tried
        hooking up a 300 series receiver and see if it works?  One has to
        pay more per month to use the 500 series.  Thanks.
        \_ i got a free 2nd Dish 500 from them for getting local channels
           have to point it in a different angle
        \_ What you need is a Dish 500 *antenna*, not a particular receiver.
        \_ The locals show up as high numbered channels (the receiver then maps
           them to the local channel number).  My understanding was that you
           needed the 500 series system to get the high channels.  But I don't
           know if both receiver and antenna are necessary.
           \_ You just need the Dish 500 antenna.  The 500 series receivers
              are just their digital video recording products.  Local channels
              have been available for longer than the 500 series receivers...
2003/8/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:29437 Activity:nil
8/22    Has anyone installed a DVR-105 in a Mac? Did you have to install
        the firmware patch to get DVD-RW working? tia.
2003/4/30 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:28266 Activity:very high
4/29    Dudes.............. I got my hax0r'd DirecTV hooked up last night.
        It's awesome. All the porn and pay per view + Cal sports I could
        \_ How do I get one? --aaron
           \_ go to or check your email. Next person who has
                questions, just email aaron...
        \_ Did you see in the paper that the guy that hacked their P4 card
           (well, actually stole it from a job site) could get 25+ years on
           an espionage charge?
           \_ URL, please.
               \_ URL?  I read it in the newspaper.  Ya know, ink on dead tree.
        \_ that's igor.  he published some secret docs.  be careful.  dave
           (directv) is targetting hackers these days.  just go to
           and get hooked up and don't trust anybody (don't tell your
           friends).  i've been at this for 3-4 years...i know everything
           that there is to know about this stuff.
              (directv) is targetting hackers these days.  just go to
     and get hooked up and don't trust anybody (don't
           \_ Can you post your email so we know you've been picked up when
              you stop posting?  We can start a <DEAD><DEAD>
              site for you and take collections through paypal.  It'll be very
              geeky and we'll all feel good about ourselves after.  Maybe
              tell your friends).  i've been at this for 3-4 years...i know
              everything that there is to know about this stuff.
              \_ Can you post your email so we know you've been picked up when
                 you stop posting?  We can start a <DEAD><DEAD>
                 site for you and take collections through paypal.  It'll be
                 very geeky and we'll all feel good about ourselves after.
                 Maybe you'll be allowed net once a week from jail.  Say hi to
                 your cell mate from us!
              \_ [Reformatted to make sense]
              you'll be allowed net once a week from jail.  Say hi to your
              cell mate from us!
2003/4/28-29 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:28243 Activity:moderate
4/27    I finally found someone to sell me a directv hacked card. anyone
        else have any experience with this? a friend of mine has been using
        it for 2 years and she gets every directv channel... for free.
        yes, she did get her card fried a few months back.
        \_ any links on line about this?
        \_ Yes, I know someone who programs cards for profit. What about
        \_ Yes, I know someone who programs cards for profit. What about it?
        \_ Unless your friend is getting PPV it isn't worth it.
           \_ why not? and yes, she is getting ppv. that's what won me over...
              \_ time/risk/cost vs gain.  simple math.
        \_ No DirecTV, but I've been hacking Dish Network for a while now.
           \_ more info would be appreciated
              \_ is a good starting point.  I am
                 reluctant to post my login for obvious reasons.
        \_ yes, i've been hacking for many years (3-4).  it's easy.  do it
           yourself.  just buy a hu loader, script, bin from
           and a HU card from ebay...and yes, you get all channels (ppv,
           porn, sports, etc.)
        \_ I hear DirecTV is zapping hacked cards with regularity now,
           so you may get anywhere from >1 year to <1 week in uptime.
           your milage may vary.
                \_ scripts usually last about 2-3 weeks (this has been
                   the trend for the last 3-4 months).
                \_ just buy the damned service.  its cheap.
2003/3/25-26 [Recreation/Humor, Consumer/TV] UID:27843 Activity:high
3/25    Hey, since they killed some Americans and show it on TV aren't we
        supposed to be pulling out now like in Somalia?
        \_ There's no rapist in teh white house, a DUI, yes.
        \_ This isn't funny.
           \_ Was it supposed to be funny?
        \_ Not yet. Somalians are Africans. Iraqis are not. Plus there has
              \_ obwittyrepartee
        \_ Not yet. Somalians are Africans without oil. Plus there has
              Not a back exchange.
           been no dragging and desecration of the bodies yet.
           \_ It's ok, US killed 1000 Somalians during the firefight.
              Not a bad exchange.
              \_ It's not an exchange.  It's a loss.
              \_ 1 American life is worth more than any number of Somali lives.
                 The problem with the Somalia fiasco is we turned tail and ran
                 instead of going in there with heavy tanks and killing every
                 last one of those fuckers so once again Carter-style the US
                 looks like a paper tiger and invites every two bit asshole
                 with a few bucks, a grudge, and a gun to kill more Americans.
2003/1/28-29 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:27227 Activity:high 50%like:27364
1/28    Did Joe Millionaire just get a BJ on national TV ??
        \_ um, how do u know it's bj and not sex?
           \_ Ah yes, the Clintonian definition of sex again.
        \_ are you by chance referring to "ahhh slurp mwah gulp" ?!
        \_ Who cares?  Why watch that crap?
           \_ Yeah, stick to PBS and Tech TV 24/7!!!
                                     \_ Woohoo! Go Thunderbirds!
           \_ Because it's entertaining.  What do you do?  Install linux
              patches for fun?
                \_ go out.  be social.  get laid.
        \_ What are you talking about?
           \_ If you don't know, then you wouldn't be interested anyway.
              \_ Not so.  I've been watching.  I just don't understand what
                 the OP is talking about.  Did I miss an episode?
2003/1/17-18 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Consumer/TV] UID:27128 Activity:high
1/16    I want to see this new Gatorade Jordan 23 vs 39 commerical
        everyone is talking about. But I don't watch that much TV. And to
        my surprise, I found out is now a pay site. Any know
        of similar sites or where I can find that commercial online? (It's
        not on
        \_ has a story and a copy of the video.  Overhyped.
        \_ ?
        \_ try those p2p clients (fast-track / gnutella)  They have a lot
           of commercials.  Eventhough I didn't have any luck finding
           all these beer commercials I saw on Superbowl.
        \_ Money! thanks. that commercial rules. -op
2003/1/16 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:27120 Activity:insanely high
1/15    Suggestions for light/ultralight notebook? Fujitsu, Pana, Sony?
        To be used on airplanes (must have dvd drive) & listen to mp3s
                                \_ this is a mistaken requirement. you do
                                   not need a dvd drive. rip and encode
                                   the dvd and you can carry 50+ divx
                                   movies on a 40g laptop drive. --aaron
                                   \_ sure, if you're not interested in
                                      movie quality in the slightest.
                                      \_ on a laptop??
                                      \_ oh my god, you are insane. --aaron
                                      \_ Ultralight != has DVD player.  And
                                         aaron's right.  You're insane.
        Sony D-VM1 is just too damn expensive for what it does.
        \_ Apple just came out with a 12" aluminum shell PowerBook.
        \_ I have good experiences with IBM X-series, but you DVD drive
           is not built-in on the detatched half.
        \_ Fujitsu S series
        \_ No such thing as ultralight with a dvd player.
2003/1/9-10 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:27041 Activity:high
1/9     Anyone know of a good DSL provider in berkeley?  I'm currently using
        DirectTV and they're shutting down soon.  I need a month-to-month
        contract as I'm graduating this semester.
        \_ Try <DEAD><DEAD>.
           \_ I second.
        \_ dslextreme, DSi, sonic. I am personally moving to cyberonic
           because I was sold out by their upload speed. They offer
           1500/768Kbps for 50/month with a static IP.
        \_ DTV is shutting down?  I just got mine!
           \_ DirectTV DSL is shutting down. DirectTV Sat. is going
        \_ Speakeasy is very good, I've had no problems, they offer shell
           accounts, They give back to the community (e.g. hosting
           rpmfind for free) and most importantly: if you sign up they will
           give me money: -crebbs
2002/11/11-12 [Consumer/TV] UID:26510 Activity:high
11/11   Any 'Alias' fans?  I think Sidney's mother is using the CIA to wipe
        out the Alliance and SD-6.  She probably has deciphered enough of the
        Rambaldi writings to know that she won't die anytime soon so she can
        risk turning herself into the CIA.  What about Sloan's wife Emily
        is she working for Irina or another member of the alliance?
        \_ Never watched but it sure is funny to read this stuff from a POV of
           total ignorance.  You sound like a total psycho but I'm sure I sound
           the same with my shows.
           \_ I don't watch shows where they bait you with an
              exceedingly attractive woman.
              exceedingly attractive woman.  I pirate VCDs of
              "The View".
              \_ I don't watch the show.  Who's the exceddingly attractive
                 actress?  Thx.
           \_ Nah, if you've watched the show, then you know he's not psycho.
              It's building up some conspiracy (minor ones) like X-files.
                 on DVD.
              Quite frankly, it's one of the best shows on TV that's worth
              watching.                                 ~Ivy
              \_ It's too bad they didnt just keep it to straight spy vs spy
                 and had to put in all the mumbo jumbo.  Same problem with
                 the Xfiles when they transitioned from serial killers to
              \_ TV sucks. Who wants to deal with all the commercials and
                 futzing with schedules etc.? If it's good it should be put
                 on DVD. *pout*
                 \_ Tivo rocks!
2002/10/17 [Consumer/TV] UID:26218 Activity:nil
10/16   What do you use?
        Tivo:           ..
        VCR:            ...
        Digital Cable:  .
        Satellite:      .
        Analog Cable:   ..
        Rabbit Ears:    ..
        RealVideo:      .
        Just a regular antenna with no VCR: .
2002/9/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:25944 Activity:very high
9/19    DirecTV vs. Cable. I want to hear my fellow geeks' opinions. I've
        already found out quite a lot on the web.
        \_ AT&T analog cable works well for me.  Installation was cheaper than
           buying a dish.  If you run into a promotion period you can even get
           free installation.
           \_ AT&T extended basic is up to $40/month now.  It's hardly
              worth it.  Especially in Oakland, where we get shit for
              channels and have seen our bill go up 10% every three
              months.  Cancelled mine last month.
              \_ What are you replacing the service with, may I ask?
                 \_ read a book, play some frisbee. live your life instead
                    of drooling in front of the television.
                 \_ a DVD player.  What's worth watching on TV?
                    \_ History channel, sci-fi channel, discovery channel(s).
                       \_ Dicovery channel is really not as good as you think.
                          History channel is rarely better than boring.  If I
                          really miss scifi, i'll mooch off a friend.
                          \_ Oh well thank Jesus F. Christ I have you here to
                             tell me what's good or not on my line up.  Without
                             you I might be watching sitcoms and ER dramas
                             every night.  Idiot.
                             \_ Get the fuck over it, dumbass.
                                \_ HAHHAHAHHAHA WHAT AN IDIOT! HAHHAHAHA
                                   I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!  I SUCCESSFULLY TROLLED
                                   SOMEONE!  I CAN GET MY DUMBASS DEGREE NOW!
                             \_ PBS and The Simpsons. That's all I watch. I've
                                got an antenna on the roof and VCR/DVD. --dim
                    \_ JAG, Son of the Beach, E! Wild On, Howard Stern Show,...
                    \_ PBS
           \_ the new directivos with D* is a much better deal than
              snowy cable, or crappy digital.
        \_ The dude at Cambridge Soundworks who seemed knowledgeable told me
           that in terms of picture quality DirecTV > analog cable > digital
2002/8/26 [Consumer/TV] UID:25690 Activity:high
8/26    I'm looking for satellite or cable provider for mandarin language
        programs.  Taiwanese or HK programs in mandarin to be precise.
        What's a good provider?  Thanks.
        \_  I don't watch it though.  --- yuen
        \_ I think directv has a few stations.
           \_ directv does NOT have any chinese channels (except possibly
              through local channels that may exist in your area. -uctt
              \_ Phoenix TV via DIRECTV:
                 I don't have DIRECTV either.  --- yuen
2002/8/24-26 [Consumer/TV] UID:25669 Activity:moderate
8/23    What's a good video card/chipset to let me play DVD full screen
        on a tv-out while doing win32 stuff on the monitor?  Nvidia for
        example seems to want to put this ugly black border around the
        tv-out image.
        \_Matrox Radeon All-In-Wonder.
        \_ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder.
        \_ well, if you want to tweak the black border, try tvtool
           ( ... incidentally, if you don't know why
           the black border is there in the first place, it's to try to
           correct for overscan, which varies from television to television.
        \_ hey this program says I have a tv out chip on my card but I only
           have one output.  Is there a cable I can get that lets me connect
           from a standard monitor output to my tv?
           \_ they're called scanline converters, and they're not cheap.
            \_ but supposedly my card has all that already, just not the port
               I need to plug into my tv.  Where is it?
               \_ well, maybe it would help if you mentioned exactly what
                  card you have?  maybe your card is supposed to be used in
                  conjunction with an nVidia Personal Cinema card or something?
                  or maybe the chip is there because it was on a reference
                  board, but to reduce costs it can't actually be used for
                  \_Just buy a DVD player.
2002/8/5-6 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:25494 Activity:kinda low
8/4     Anyone used the computer projector as a movie projector (add a TV
        tuner card, play DVD, etc)? How's the quality? Any recommendations?
        \_ Check
                \_ The above site is excellent.  I have a Sony 1270
                hooked up to a P3/800.  It rocks for watching DVD's,
                HDTV, playing games, etc.  120" diagonal screen. -ax
                        \_ i kick yerass anytime  -workout phreak
2002/8/2-3 [Consumer/TV] UID:25481 Activity:kinda low
8/2     Is there a place that lists a schedule of publicity appearances for
        all celebrities? So I could find out, for example, "When are
        interviews with Lance Armstrong on which TV network?"
        \_ Anyone in particular you're looking to kill?
        \_ It's not exactly what you asked for, but check out
            \_ Thanks, that's pretty close.
2002/5/11-12 [Consumer/TV] UID:24793 Activity:moderate
5/11    Dish Network or DirecTV?
        \_ What features do you want?  I think they both have built-in Tivo if
           you want.  What channels do you want?
           \_ tech tv.  So i can record/watch max headroom.  Btw, do you get
              that channel on normal cable?  What channel is it?
2002/5/2-3 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:24680 Activity:nil
5/2     In Bay Area, How does Dish Network compare to DirectTV and AT&T Digital
        Cable?  What local channels do they carry?  Thanks.
        \_ For directv enter your zipcode on the form on this page:
2002/3/26 [Computer, Consumer/TV] UID:24232 Activity:nil
3/26    How many computer science students have time to watch TV or have
        a TV in their room/apt?
        \_ All of them.  Everyone has time for anything they want but there's
           only so much time in a day.  Life has trade offs.  Whatever.
2002/3/26-27 [Consumer/TV] UID:24227 Activity:moderate
3/25    Does using the s-video and RCA jacks (for audio) to connect
        a DVD player to my tv make a big difference over using the low-
        quality connector that comes with the DVD player?
        \_ There is a visible difference between connectors, but unless
           yer really picky you probably won't notice. If you have the
           connectors, get the cable and you'll just know you're viewing
           the best of what your equipment can do. S-Video and Component
           seperate the color channels. RCA video and Coax combine them
           into one signal, so there is blurring.
        \_ there are several possible video inputs on a TV:
        \_ what low-quality connector are you referring?  Using TV audio
           ruins the movie.  To fully take advantage of DVD capabilities,
           you should setup a 5.1 audio system.  As for video, s-video
           is sufficient.  Your eyes won't be able to tell the difference
           unless you put the TVs side by side.
           \_ I think the original poster meant "low-quality cable".
        \_ there are several possible VIDEO inputs on a TV:
                S-Video, Composite video (three rca type of cables),
                a single RCA video cable and RF/Cable TV.  Composite video
                is best, then S-Video, then a single RCA video cable.
                \_ WRONG! Quality, lowest to highest:
                      rca cables JUST FOR THE VIDEO)
                        Coax cable (standard cable)
                        RCA cables (yellow, red, white)
                        Component video.
                   The above poster said composite instead of component.
                   Composite is worst, component best.
                   \_ I worded Composite wrong.  I meant component (three
                      rca style cables JUST FOR THE VIDEO)
2002/1/25-26 [Computer/HW/Display, Consumer/TV] UID:23667 Activity:very high
1/24    My video card has a TV Out port (it looks like an S-video plug).
        I don't have any sort of video capture card/device, but is there
        any way to connect my tv to my pc (using this s-video connection)
        and somehow record something onto my pc as a video, maybe with
        some shareware program or something?
        \_ I just got ATI TV VE, and I wished that I had gotten it earlier.
           Its got MPEG record, free TV guide, VCR timed record, closed
           caption, keyword search, etc etc. Also I can set the background
           wallpaper to TV. All this, for only $40 at MicroCenter.
           \_ You just got a 'new' video card with the GF4 being announced on
              Feb 5th?
                \_ What's the GF4?
              \_ and what will the time difference be between the announce
                 date and the ship date?  He paid $40 for his ATI card.  The
                 GF4 will be what, $300?  $400?  Oh, and the ATI TV VE isn't
                 even a video card, dingus.  It's a separate capture card.
        \_ That would be TV In.
        \_ can I use my monitor as a camera?  can I turn a DAC into an ADC
           via software?
           \_ can I use your dick as a door stop?
           \_ you really should think about what you are saying/asking.
              if this was possible, do you think the manufacturer would
              neglect to market this as a feature?
              \_ by the way, I was being sarcastic. (Well, duh!) or did you
                 mean to reply to the original post?
2001/12/18-19 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:23293 Activity:moderate
12/17   Where's the cheapest place around to get a Sony Wega?
        \_ From someone else's house.
        \_ Good Guys has the 27" KV-27FS13 Wega for $550.  Free shipping.
           The 27" w/ PiP (KV-27FV17) is $749.  Cambridge Soundworks has the
           FV17 for $675 right now.  It was $650 but it went up on the 2nd.
           \_ sky is back?
        \_ Are Wega's really all that?
           \_ the cheap Wegas are so-so, but XBR Wegas are all that.
        \_ Shut up.  thanks.
           \_ Yes. I have XBR Wega and I must say it is by far the
              best TV for under $7K.
           \_ yes.
        \_ From Sony employee purchase. (seriously).  Otherwise, find
           an on-line dealer and go to for a price-
           match with no sales-tax and free delivery.
           \_ i thought the good guys didn't match online prices. That was
              true 18 months ago when i tried to buy a receiver there.  has
              \_ not goodguys the brick store. the online
                 branch does price-matching.
        \_ I bought a 36" Wega at Circuit City for around $1200 (including
           3 year instant exchange and tax). I bought the previous years
           model rather than the current model, which saved me about $300.
              that policy changed?
        \_ I purchased a 36" wega from Circuit City for ~ $1200 (including
           3 year instant exchange and tax). I saved abut $300 by buying
           the previous model rather than the current one. --ranga
2001/12/17-18 [Consumer/TV] UID:23279 Activity:very high
12/17   I just got a TIVO.  I got it working without having to use a
        credit card.  Why do I need a "subscription?"
        \_ I think that's for the TV guide thingy.
           \_ what tv guide thingy?
              \_ hit the Guide button.  You get complimentary service for a
                 couple of weeks, after which point you will need to give them
                 your credit card number to subscribe.
                 \_ TV is for morons.  Read a book.
                    \_ TV isn't for morons.  There's a lot of good TV out
                       there.  Stop watching stupid sitcoms, soap operas, game
                       shows, survivor re-runs and other crap.
                       \_ Where are they showing survivor re-runs?
                        \_ TV sucks. If you watch it, you're a moron.
                           \_ Wow, that's deep.  Can I be you?  What great
                              books have you read lately?
                           \_ How do you know?
                           \_ oh yes, TV sucks; all TV-viewers are morons.  I'd
                              much rather engage in intellectual conversation
                              on the csua motd, the bastion of enlightenment.
2001/11/26 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:23105 Activity:nil
11/26   What's the name of that song from the TV show Providence?  It goes
        something like: there are places I remember / all my life / some
        have changed / some forever not for better ....
        \_ In My Life
2001/11/8-9 [Consumer/TV] UID:22980 Activity:insanely high
11/8    I bought a home with a big round satellite dish (about 8'
        diameter) on the roof.  The dish is see-through like a net, not solid
        like the DirectTV kind.  Neither the previous owner nor my real-estate
        agent know how to use it.  Is there certain service that I need to
        subscribe to?  (I assume the dish is for some kind of TV service.)
        Does anyone have any company name or phone number that I can call?
        Thanks for any info.
        \_ Watch the movie Heat. you can get soooper secrit bank codes
           right out of the air and make millions!!!!
           \_ You misinterpreted the scene. The guy knew when the bank was
              getting cash because of increased number of signals.
              \_ huhuhuhuh...there's TA in that movie..
                 \_ Brutha, you are going down...
2001/10/30-31 [Health/Men, Consumer/TV] UID:22874 Activity:high
10/30   Related to the male-rape question yesterday.  Has it ever been shown
        on TV?  Which shows?  Women get raped by men on TV sometimes, but
        do they ever show men getting raped by other men?  (I'm doing research
        and not getting off on this BTW).  Thanks.
        \_ i've seen midnight express on tv - danh
        \_ Yes, I saw American History X on TV.
        \_ Also 'Oz' on HBO.
        \_ Deliverance kind of implies it, but they hacked it up to make
           it acceptable to television, so if you didn't know what was
           happening you'd just be confused.
           \_ hacked-up scenes confuse
              make you squeal like a pig, boy
              tv can't show ass
        \_ I think you should change your focus to the more general rubric
           of "sodomy".
        \_ Various movies such as the Shawshank Redemption have represented
           this happening. Law and Order has a couple of shows pertaining
           to it. Are you including male-male child molestation?
2000/12/27-28 [Consumer/TV] UID:20184 Activity:high
12/27   Is there life without broadband or TV?
        \_ Are you talking about before a software tester puts a 7.62mm
           slug through the back of your head or after?
           \_ Sucks to work the day after Xmas.
        \_ Read Jerry Mander's "Four Theses on the Abolition of TV"
        \_ Is there life with broadband and TV?
2000/12/19-20 [Consumer/Audio, Consumer/TV] UID:20129 Activity:insanely high
12/19   I'm considering buying a home theatre system next year.  Is it better
        to buy everything from one company (like all-sony) or should I go
        for best of breed?  I'm looking to spend ~$5K only, nothing fancy.
        Suggestions?  Thanks.
        \_ For $5k, I'd definitely go best of breed. Especially when it
           comes to selecting speakers. One recommendation: go with Velodyne
           \_ My $5k budget has to include everything including a new TV
              stand all the little things.  Would you still recommend
              best of breed?  Is there a web site that compares these things?
              I used to go to, but they went out of business.
                                \_ seems to have won the battle
                          quit reviews and went back to news
              \_ Does that also include a TV? Figure to spend $800-1000
                 for a receiver, $2000 for a TV, and the rest on speakers.
                                 \_ What kind of TV costs $2000?!? HDTV?
                                    My 36" WEGA was $1200 and its top of
                      \- i think you have to make a decision early what is
                                    of the line.
                                    \_ The WEGA XBR is more than $1200 and
                                       it's not even widescreen.
                      that one already.
                                       \_ Okay, with tax and instant
                                          exchange it about $1500.
                                    \_ WEGA is Sony's low-end non-digital
                                       line of 30-36" TV's.  Digital-capable
                                       TV's (DVD, not HDTV) are more expensive.
                                       \_ uh, my WEGA has component video,
                                          s-video, coax, old style video
                                          (single yellow connector) and
                                          digital inputs.
                                          If WEGA is low end to you, what's
                 Don't even consider buying speakers from a company that
                      Tony. Feel free to email me for more info on BAA.--psb
                 does not specialize in speakers. If you don't need a TV,
                 then you can have a killer system for $5000. If you do,
                 then you still want to get the best your budget allows.
                      \- here is my decision advice: first decide what is
                      most important: 1. picture 2. sound [techically you have
                      to decide whether stereo 2 channel or home theater sound
                      is more important, but it sounds like you have decided
                      that one already. if picture, pick out TV and then
                      speaker set up [RL+Rear, RL+Center+Rear, RL+Center+Rear+
                      Sub?], then pick a pre-amp/amp set up with enough power
                      to drive that system. if sound, then start with pre-amp,
                      amp, pick appropriate speakers [note you pick the power
                      systems first, but spend more money on the speakers],
                      then remaining $ on tv. you can always get a sub later.
                      i strongly recommend affilating yourself with a good
                      audio store. a high end place will let you borrow stuff
                      to see howit sounds with your system and inyour house.
                      strong recommendation for Bay Area Audio. Guy named
                      Tony. Feel free to email me for more info on BAA.
             used to give good advice. have not
                      visted them lately. obviously video is not their
                      emphasis. --psb
                      \_ Also decide whether this system is for movies or
                         music.  For movies only, the audio system doesn't have
                         to be super high end.
                         \- that is why i said "stereo" or "home theater"
                            given that he explictly says to integrate with a
                            tv/home theater, i think he's answered that Q.--psb
2000/12/4 [Consumer/TV] UID:19993 Activity:high
12/3    TiVo for $99! (14 hours, $199 - $100 rebate, service not included)
        \_ Geez, how much tv do you people watch?  What's wrong with just
           flipping thru the channels to see what's on?  If nothing's to
           your liking, read a book.
                \_ It's not how much you watch, it's when you watch.
                   TiVo lets you set the schedule for your favorite shows.
                   \_ A VCR lets you do the same thing. The only
                      reason to use tivo that I can think of is
                      that it runs LinSUX.
                      that it runs Red Hat Linux.
                      \_ No, a VCR requires you to study a stupid TV schedule
                         of some sort, get the time write, get the channel
                         right, keep track of when they fucking change the
                         schedule on your favorite shows, etc etc.
2000/11/18-19 [Recreation/Celebrity, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/TV] UID:19842 Activity:moderate
11/17   TV media is reporting that the Texas ballots are 99% *not* punch card
        style ballots so a manual recount makes more sense and isn't prone
        to have hundreds of little bits flying this way and that or being
        manipulated by party partisans.  Anyone have a URL for that?
        \_ URL please.
                \_ Damn.  Learn to read.  I was *asking* for a URL to match
                   what the TV media reported.
        \_ Let's only waste the People's time in states where the elections
           was close.
                \_ Uhm, what's your point?
2000/10/16 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:19490 Activity:low
10/15 - aah. who else remembers this tv show
        which Disney stole and later made "Talespin" from?
        \_ fun show.
2000/10/12-13 [Consumer/TV] UID:19463 Activity:high
10/12   A product i'd buy: like tivo except the subscription service
        sends the timecode of the advertisements in your area over
        your existing isp.  then the tivo thing delays the show long
        enough to splice them all out automatically.
        \_ Tivo runs linux. Just get your local 311T3 H@X0012 to
                   is this "12" a hex DC2, octal NL, decimal NP, or what?
                   \_ 12 is the 311T3 way of writing R
           change it for you.
        \_ The problems:  1)  Automatically recognizing commercials is a
           HARD problem, which would be necessary for the system to work.
           As soon as commercial recognition keys in on something, the
           TV stations whill change things, making it a losing battle.
           2)  The networks would throw a shitfit and do everything they
           can to stop your product.  They are annoyed enough with
           ReplayTV's skip-30-seconds button.
           \_ There are VCR's that do this already.  They've been out
              for 3 or 4 years at least.
                \_ As much as I love my TiVo, this is one area my VCR kicks
                   it's butt in - it does a very good job of automatically
                   recognizing & skipping commercials.
                   \_ What brand/model?
           \_ Just do it the Hadden Industries(tm) way.
              Autodetect sudden increase in volumn level. Aha! its a
           \_ I'm thinking they pay someone to watch it live and log the
              ad boundaries.  that's the value-added service: provide
              me with a list of advertisement intervals I can use to
              remove my own ads.  better than pbs donations!
2000/9/29 [Consumer/TV] UID:19364 Activity:very high
9/28    While watching the olympics, does anybody else get an urge to see
        a huge bomb explode in the stadium and see all it all go down in
        flames on live TV?  Just Oklahoma, but LIVE.  It's sick, but I
        fantasize about watching hundreds of thousands of people screaming
        for their lives and going down on live TV.  Is something wrong with
        \_ i'd say you grew up watching too many violent movies/tv shows
           but since you are too chicken to act them out.. you're just like
           the rest of us. watch Robocop DVD and listen to producer's
           comments in that scene in teh boardroom where ED209 goes berzerk
        \_ You've been playing too much CS, and need to stop losing to
           the terrorists.
        \_ No.  Please report your thoughts to the authorities immediately.
        \_ put your money where your mouth is.  Are you going to start
           it, or just want to watch it passively on tv?
2000/9/6-8 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:19182 Activity:moderate
9/5     Digital cable or satellite?
        \_ Dish... displeases me.  From what I've seen of both, the interface
           on the dish boxen >> the digital cable boxes.  It's a bit faster,
           has picture in picture, and not _quite_ as many ads.  However,
           cable seems to have its MPEGiness tuned to screw up large black/
           dark areas of the screen, while the dish seemed to make light
           areas chunky.  If I had to pick one of those two, I guess I'd rather
           lose dark areas..   --dbushong
        \_ FWIW, I think digital cable is at least as bad as satellite.
           I'm on the verge of killing my digital cable subscription for
           more traditional cable.  Among digital cable's annoyances is the
           difficulty of programming VCR's to time-shift shows.  You basically
           have to set the cable box on the 'right channel' ahead of time.
           And no switching to different cable channels between recordings.
        \_ satellite.  get directv, H card, and a programmer.  find a
           subbed bin...and you'll be watching ~400 channels for free
           (including hbo, showtime, ppv, nasty stuff, etc.)
                \_ Excuse me what is an H card?
                        \_ send me mail if you're interested in
                           hacking directv.  -uctt (guy who wrote the
                           hacking info above)
                                \_ Been to prison or paid a hefty fine lately?
                                   Hacking free tv is hardly worth the risk.
                                \_ i don't hack.  i just know how to.
                                   knowledge isn't illegal is it?  -uctt
                \_ read alt.dss.hack for a week.  send me any questions
                   you have after that.  the guys in there know the
                   basics.  i'm an expert.  so please stop sending
                   email until you lurk that newsgroup.  -uctt
                   \_ I just sent all your personal information and your
                       post above to DirectTV.
                        \_ You did too?  I wonder if we split the reward or
                           it's first-come first-served?  I needed a new car.
                        \_ cool.  i guess they're going to try to arrest
                        me b/c i read a newsgroup?  -uctt
                           \_ Fucking thief.  You know what you did.
                              I suggest you should go surrender to the
                              authorities yourself.
                           \_ No, but an anonymous tip is more than enough to
                              get a search warrant.  Good luck.
2000/8/24-26 [Consumer/TV] UID:19085 Activity:low
8/24    Anybody catch Professor Ribet on Nova Thursday night? What'd he
        talk about? Anybody happen to record it (VCR, TiVo, anything)? know
        if/when its coming on again? I missed it for Survivor. Thanks.
        \_ Yeah, caught it last night. First time air was Fall 97 i think,
           when Ribet taught 55. How ribet came out such a well adjusted
           kind of guy compared to the admirable freak kahan is beyond me.
           It wasn't that great, overall. Wouldn't recommend it.
                \- kahan doesnt wear green elf shoes --psb
        \_ Ribet is a jerk.  Who cares what he talked about?
           \_ Ribet is a really nice guy and a decent prof.
2000/8/1-2 [Consumer/TV] UID:18837 Activity:high
7/31    Sick and tired of VCR+changing tapes. Should I get TiVo or ReplayTV?
        \_ TiVo. It runs linux. Its much better.
                \_ Its superiority has nothing to do with it running Linux.
                \_ "Dewde, this one thing is leik 4x slower and buggy abd
                    costs 2x as muvh but it runz 0n L1nikz!1 it rewlz!1"
                    \_ "Yeah dewd. ef unly it ren Windowz CE instead it
                        wuld run 8x slower and buggy and be like all kool,
                        and stuff"
                    \_ It runs linux is not the only reason that it is
                       better. It is one of the reasons. I would get the
                       Sony branded one since support from Sony is better
                       than from tivo.
        \_ I recently went through this and ended up choosing TiVo, primarily
           because it passes through closed captioning, Replay doesn't. Both
           have good features, none of which are apparent at a store. Try to
           find people who own them and get them to do demos for you. -- Marco
                \_ yeah, try to find people who own them. Good luck.
           \_ What format does TiVo save the video?  Is it possible to offload
              the recorded show onto a PC?
2000/6/21 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:18508 Activity:nil
6/19    Where can I get previous episodes of older tv shows?
        \_ UPN
           \_ I think the subtlety of this reply might be overlooked.  Bravo.
                \_ It was clever but not subtle.
        \_ Columbia House Video or Cable TV (esp. Nick-at-Nite, TV Land, A&E,
           BET, & F/X)
2000/5/22-24 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:18313 Activity:nil
5/22    What is a decent and good deal DVD player to buy?
        \_ my toshiba sd3109 isn't bad and at a good price ($250).  probably
           better UI with a sony, but this one works well and has all the
           necessary features/hookups. -- joeking
            \_ I heard this one can play HDCD, too.
2000/3/25 [Consumer/TV] UID:17849 Activity:very high
3/24    The Pokemon magic word for the day is Bulbasaur but when the fine
        print flashed by it said something about only ages 5-13 eligible.
        What's up with that?  I'm being discriminated against.  How else can
        I win a Pokemon entertainment center with large screen TV?
        \_ Pika... pika... PIKACHU!
           \_ PIKATHULLU!
        \_ Fuzzy Bunny
        \_ Ivysaur!!
           \_ gotta catch'em all!
        \_ kidnap a little kid
           \_ gotta catch'em all! -pnaughton
              \_ pedophille.
        \_ pi-ka-chuuuuuuuu!   =P
           \_ So for the first time ever I actually sat through an entire 30
              minute Pokemon segment.  Forced myself to do it for the experience.
              I don't remember cartoons being *that* stupid when I was that age.
              I still see reruns of some of them and they're not great but no
              where near as bad as Pokemon.  *And* the old cartoons don't cause
              kids to have epileptic fits.  Can someone explain this whole
              Pokemon thing?
                \_ The mental image of Japanese pre-schoolers twitching
                   and drooling on the floor in front of the tv is, for
                   some inexplicable reason, pretty fucking funny.  That's
                   why _I_ like Pokemon.  Don't know about all the children
                   with Touretts, though.  -John
         \_ I've tried watching it a couple of times, and still can't
            understand it.  kids these days have so very little to look
            forward to in regards to cartoons.  The networks have to bring
            something back like Thundarr the Barbarian or Robotech.
            Stuff with quality humor or violence, and well-illustated.
            \_ Robotech was the best cartoon series I've ever seen.
               I'd probably still watch it if it was on.
               \_ Robotech stank. Bring back StarBlazers or Gundam. What
                  I can't understand is that with all the great anime
                  series in Japan (MB, YUA, MI, Lupin, MKR, KOR, Kenshin)
                  US TV picks the stupidest ones for mass broadcasts.
2000/1/26 [Consumer/TV] UID:17334 Activity:nil
1/26    Does anyone have a copy of the piolet episode of "The Six Million
        Dollar Man"?  It was never released on the video, but I'm sure there
        are copies from the TV floating out there.  Please Email me.  Thanks!
2000/1/3-4 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Humor] UID:17151 Activity:kinda low
        It's a joke, isn't it?  Or is it some TV interference?  Any SETI@home
        insider care to comment on it?  -- yuen
        \_ Are you dumb?
           \_ I thought it might be from some TV signals.  -- yuen
            \_ are you dumb?
        \_ It's a joke.  There's another one from a long time ago
           that has a smiley face.  -- peterl (SETI@home insider)
1999/10/7-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Consumer/TV] UID:16675 Activity:moderate
10/7    Is there a projector that can display standard video signal as well as
        35mm slides?
        \_ Probably.
          \_ can you give more information or url?  How is a projector
             that projects video signal to a (cloth/paper) screen called?
             Projection TV??
                \_ No. How?  You mean "what", don't you?  "Projection TV??" is
                   not a valid sentence.  It lacks any form of structure or
                   verb phrase.  My reply is:  Green Envelopes
                   \_ "Green Envelopes" is not a valid sentence. Or if it
                      includes "My reply is:", then you forgot a period at
                      the end.
                \_ he doesn't have more information or a url.  you ask a
                   question that's way too open-ended, and you'll get a flip
                   response.  that's just how it works on the motd.
        \_ Why do you want such a thing?  Just get a normal video projector
           and a normal slide projector . . . when you want to show video,
           have the slide projector show a black slide, and vice-versa.  Sure,
           you don't get the cool all-in-oneness of an integrated solution,
           but you probably save big money *and* get better quality.
        \_ All is encrypted using 3DES
           the front of it and have it go to a white screen when you hit the
           homemade slide button on your new fancy remote control that has
           the video remote taped to the slide carosel remote taped to your
           toggle button (described already).  Have fun!
           Or you could just buy one of each and point them at the same screen.
           Or you could use a computer with a video out and do it all using
        \_ if you use a normal video projector you can rig a slide holder to
           Can't we squish him....maybe an AI program that determines the
           score of a motd entry and squishes the writter as they save the
           motd.public from their editor which has the uid of who is running
           it in the env.  On a scale of 0 to 9 any score below a 7 will get
           squished - 7s will be warned of undesired actions, and 8s and 9s
           will go free.
           any one of a number of programs.  Hmm, why do twits get accounts.
              \_ Did writing that give you a big ego boost?
                \_ No, but it makes you a twit. =D
                \_ Don't forget to mention that it isn't a real sentence.
                   It doesn't have a period at the end.
                   \_ lol, are you a girl<period less>
                   \_ Uhm, okay.
           \_ and people who write dumb shit like this would be taken out
              and beaten to death as the crowds cheer?
           \_ You are such a twit
              \_ ah, the perils of walling ... where the nefarious can take
                 your comments and make it sound more stupid on a motd
1999/5/23-25 [Consumer/CellPhone, Consumer/TV] UID:15859 Activity:nil
5/23    What is the cheapest place on the net to buy a 19" Samsung TV?
1999/2/27-3/30 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:15493 Activity:nil 75%like:15481
2/25    MST3K canceled check out
        \_ what's MST3K?
           \_ look at the URL above.
        \_ After the next season.  Catch it while you can.
        \_ Oh, let's face it -- MST3K has pretty much sucked ever
           since Joel left.
           \_ NO WAY! The riffing became more sophisticated and the skits
              became more elaborate an funny. Mike is great, besides the
              fact that he's not Joel. Do you still watch the show?
1999/2/25-26 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:15481 Activity:moderate 75%like:15493
2/25    MTS3K canceled check out
        \_ what's MTS3K?
        \_ Wht has God unleasehd his wrath on us?!
        \_ Why has God unleasehd his wrath on us?!
        \_ After the next season.  Catch it while you can.
        \_ Oh, let's face it -- MST3K has pretty much sucked ever
           since Joel left.
           \_ NO WAY! The riffing became more sophisticated and the skits
              became more elaborate an funny. Mike is great, besides the
              fact that he's not Joel. Do you still watch the show?
1999/2/3-5 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Computer/SW/Graphics, Consumer/TV] UID:15353 Activity:high
2/3     Is it legal to make a copy of a rented videotape (like one from
        blockbuster) for personal viewing at a later time? I rented a
        video and it came with some anti-copying system that made the copy
        all scrambled. I want a refund. Is that justified?
        \_ are both your bain cells firing today?
        \_ I'm wondering... are non-Cal students allowed access to CSUA,
           because I'm really really praying this is not a Cal student.
           \_ Whats wrong with the question?
              \_ it's incredibly asinine
                 \_ your assismine
                 \_ Actually it's just stupid.  There is no way to
                    scramble a copy.
                    \_ Are you sure? I remember reading about technology
                       that did just that. --dim
                    \_ Sure there is - many VCR's, especially dual-tape decks
                        detect a code on commercial videos and refuse to copy.
                        It is illegal after all.
                        \_ Um, there is a video signal out.  Plug that
                           into another VCR instead of your TV.  There,
                           you're done.
                           \_ twink
                           \_ if onlyt it were that simple. On commercial
                              videos they embed an anti-copy signal in the
                              vertical blanking interrupt. Newer vcr's see
                              that signal and refuse to write a useable copy
                              of the whole signal. -ERic
                              \_ Take CS150 with Fearing and you'll build
           \_ Does the word piracy mean anything to you?
                                 an NTSC signal reciever and you can write
                                 your own serial video capture software
                                 recording low quality video at .5 frame/sec
                \_ They'll enforce it on your ass if they catch you trying
                   to sell pirate videos.
                                 rate with no sound.
                              \_ How new is "newer"?
                    \_ Mainly this copy protection method works by modulating
                        the tracking so that the copy is all messed up.
                        The name escapes me at the moment...*vision* something.
                        But it sometimes will also interfere with playback,
                        which I assume you could get refunds for.
                        \_ Macrovision.
                        \_ Oh, and DVD's have this built in as well.
        \_ No, it's not legal.  However, that law is not enforced in
           any way, shape or form.  The video maker has every right to prevent
           you from copying the tape.  You can't get a refund.
        \_ Crime is a crime is a crime.  I suggest you report your loss of
           5 sheets of acid on your claim form the next time you get robbed.
                \-you know a friend's parent was involved [as an attorney]
        in a case where a man didnt pay a ho because there was no contract
        between him and the ho, becuase of the "against public policy" defense
        to contract formation. there is a lot of pretend-lawyering about the
        legality of collecting gambling debts too. --psb
        \_ "a friend's parent".  Sure.
                \_ pimps and bookies don't worry about legalities, they
                \_ Gee, thanks for the insight.
                just break your thumbs or legs. -jor
                \_ Gee, thanks for the innsight.
1998/11/15-16 [Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:14960 Activity:nil
        Why you don't want to buy a writeable DVD drive
1998/1/21-22 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV] UID:13542 Activity:insanely high 66%like:13586
1/21    Tonight.  7:00.  B5.  Casa-de-nweaver.  Be there.
                - tape delay ? its 7pm EST 4pm PST
                \_ old episodes @ 4pm PST, Season 5 Episodes Wed @7pm PST
        \_ You providing food, drink, and women or just the TV and cable?
                \_ how about tv, cable, and a lot of annoyance?
        \_ I provide the TV, cable, and space.  Someone else will have
           to provide the munchies, booze, and babes.  -nick
        \_ Can we have a nick party at nicks that's similar to other
           soda parties (ie. tara party)?
        \_ Hold a lingerie party at nicks?
          \_ No Way, I do *not* want tosee a bunch of geek guys in lingerie.
                \_ Various physicians recommend that as a cure for nymphomania.
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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