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2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/3/2-26 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:54616 Activity:nil
3/1     I created a honeypot PO Box for reasons that I don't want
        my competitors to know about. Can someone recommend the fastest
        and easiest way to sign up for junk mail via USPS? Thanks.
        \_ Go to the web sites for the various direct mail marketing companies
           and opt in.  Here are a couple to get you started:
           I only know of these two off the top of my head because I recently
           used their sites to opt out, but I'm sure you can find more.
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/1/17-2/14 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:54289 Activity:nil
1/17    Is it possible to ship USPS Parcel Post online? The online
        interface only allows Priority and Express.
2009/8/10-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Security, Consumer/Shipping] UID:53256 Activity:nil
8/10    On the USPS web site, is there any way to use the self service
        site for FIRST CLASS mail? It keeps wanting me to use Priority
        Mail which costs a lot more than going to the USPS for first class.
2008/10/23-28 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:51662 Activity:nil
10/23   I want to print out some text onto index cards (form a MS Word
        document). It's taking me a long time using my home HP Laserjet
        and FedEx Kinkos would charge me $1.49 per card! Does anyone
        have any other ideas, or places that would charge less? Thanks!
2006/10/23-24 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:44921 Activity:nil
10/23   What's the difference between Certified Mail, Signature Required,
        Insured, Insurance, and all that crap USPS offers?
2006/7/6-7 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:43578 Activity:nil
7/6     Got a serious problem. I ordered something with tracking number and
        according to USPS tracking it already arrived on 6/28. It is
        already 7/6 and I still haven't gotten anything. What is going
        on? FYI I live in a very secure place with sealed mailed boxes.
        What should I do at this point?
        \_ Tell USPS you didn't get it and ask them to find out who
           signed for it.
2006/1/6-9 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:41269 Activity:nil
1/6     39 cent first class stamp, Jan 8, 2006.
        \_ On Sunday, when the Post Office is closed.
           \_ Score! An extra day.  Here's a question.  Why couldn't they have
              made it 40 cents and made everyone's lives a little easier?
              What's the last time the post office first class stamp was an
              easy (divisible by 5) to deal with quantity?
              \_ This is silly.  The USPS is one of the few gov. agencies to
                 consistently run in the black, and they're able to keep stamp
                 cost low because of it.  be thankful for that extra penny
                 \_ Only because federal law prohibits any private carrier from
                    competing.  Note that FedEx, etc. can't deliver a package
                    for less than the USPS.  By law!
                    \_ Right, and there are enough retarded people who enjoy
                       overpaying enough to support at least 3 major
                       commercial package delivery services.
                    \_ urlP
                          "Also vexing to USPS's competitors are the postal
                          laws, dating back to 1845, which prohibit private
                          companies from transporting and delivering letters or
                          packets in competition with the Postal Service. There
                          are some exemptions, such as those for delivering
                          newspapers, magazines, and urgent letters, but where
                          competition is allowed, as in the case of urgent
                          delivery, private carriers must charge at least $3
                          more or twice as much as the first-class postage
                          \_ yeah, I'm sure that's vexing to USPS's
                             competitors.  They're just dying to deliver
                             first-class mail across the country in two
                             days for 30 cents.  -tom
                 \_ Couldn't they up it to 40 and invest the 1cent and just
                    keep it at 40 cents longer?  I just don't like how often
                    they change it.
                 \_ The USPS is not a gov. agency now.
                 \_ actually they lost money in 2001 and 2002.
                    surplus in 2003 and '04 after that 34 -> 37 cent rate hike
                    \_ Bush underfunded them on biohazard screening funds after
                       the anthrax scares.
                    \_ As I understand it, they're on a three-year plan for
                       rate hikes. They make money the first year, break even
                       the second year, and lose money the third year (but
                       cover it with the profits from year 1). Then they raise
                       rates and do it again. This rate is coming sooner than
                       normal because of a requirement that the USPS must have
                       some billions in an escrow account or something. -gm
                    \_ And after they boosted the tree-killing junk mail
              \_ uh, I prefer 39 cent stamps to 40 cent stamps
                 \_ Why don't you buy them for 39 cents, and sell them outside
                    soda hall for 40.  Hell, I'll be you could sell them for a
                    dollar since that's even rounder.
              \_ The last time it was divisible by 5 was 1988-91, at 25 cents.
        \_ do some of you young people remember having to lick stamps?
           \_ The 60-cent stamps for overseas letters still need to be licked.
              \_ So do the little denomination stamps. I think the guy
                 above lives in a cocoon.
                 \_ I have many self-adhesive one-cent stamps.
                 \_ or only uses the mainstream stamps - above guy
                    \_ Or never has to pay off yermom in lickable stamps.
                       \_ ob it's not stamps he's licking
2005/10/31-11/1 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:40356 Activity:nil
10/31   Dear MOTD, I'm moving to Chile for a year next year and am flying
        via SF->NYC.  Does anyone here know of a way to inexpensively ship
        1-2 large suitcases worth of stuff to South America from either city?
        I couldn't get a business upgrade from NYC to Santiago (yes, I know
        it's a big detour.)  -John
        \_ May I ask why you're moving to Chile?
        \_ The Spanish term for it is "la mordidad."  -tom
           \_ Thanks, but I don't think yermom's crabs will help me ship
              my stuff.  -John
        \_ Where in Chile?
        \_ Why not something like DHL?
        \_ When I was there I knew someone who used DHL.  Of course his mom was
           a VP of the company...  By the way I live there for 2 years in
           Santiago (though that was 10 years ago). -emarkp
        \_ Weight?
           \_ Very very roughly maybe around 30-50kg total (tbh I don't really
              know.)  I just figured that DHL/UPS/whatever would be
              exorbitant pricewise.  -John
              \_ Call them first. Most of them have airport-to-airport
                 international economy freight. If they are too much
                 then get back to us with the price we should beat.
        \_ Try bax global.  You have to fill out the paperwork yourself, but
           I saved a lot of money shipping a heavy monitor to Amsterdam.  Using
           UPS would have made it not worth it.  Took a long time though,
           ship freight.  But very cheap.
           \_ Tried them, they refuse to ship anything "personal", no matter
              how I phrase it.  -John
              \_ "Hello?  DHL?  Yeah, I need to ship 50kg of cash to South
                  America.  .... Yes, it is a business item, nothing personal.
                  ....  Ok, yeah, I'll take the shipping insurance."
2005/8/24-25 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:39245 Activity:nil
8/24   Crap.  My FedEx shipment which was supposed to be delivered tomorrow
       when I home is now on the truck for delivery today.  Is there any way
       I can tell them "come back tomorrow"?
        \_ Is it something that you'll have to sign for? or will they drop?

Global Warming is officially irreversible.
        \_ idiot.  2nd law of thermodynamics ; it'll cool down eventually.
           \_ sure, in 20000 yrs or so.
        \_ If it's on the truck probably not. They should automatically make
           another delivery attempt tomorrow, though. You can also call them
           and have them hold it for you to pick up tomorrow if you choose.
        \_ lets you specify the delivery options/date for some pkgs.
2005/7/6-7 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38442 Activity:low
7/6     This is a response to the Fedex Ground guy, a response to KAIS
        38390, 38366, and 38302:
        I can't say much about Fedex Ground, but I have a friend who has a
        another friend who works at UPS. He is a UPS delivery man based at
        Oakland. I played golf with them one time, and he bragged about this
        one time where he opened up this long box with Titleist printed on the
        box. He opened it up, took the clubs, demo'ed them  (which were used
        so you can't tell who made scratches) for about a week, then finally
        delivered them. From what he says, there isn't a lot of security
        measures for these things. Pretty much everything's based on the
        honor system.
        \_ Your friend's friend is scum.
           \_ I agree, and actually from what he describes, it happens ALL
              THE TIME. They have this mentality where they think their
              company will just cover up losses anyways, and at any rate
              that's what insurance is for. Scums are everywhere, the
              question is what can management do about it? Put a camera
              in the warehouse and have someone monitor it 24x7? It's
              a difficult problem.
              \_ Criminals always rationalize their behaviour by claiming
                 that "everyone does it." Everyone does not do it. Most
                 FedEx and UPS guys are honest. How do I know? I have
                 shipped at least hundred things via them and never had
                 a problem. If they had major problems with losses, they
                 would go out of business quickly.
                 \_ I've heard stories that imply that theft prevetion at
                    UPS is a pretty major effort.  Fake packages/tons of
                    cameras/stings/etc.  I suspect FedEx non ground is the
                    same way.
                    \_ Part of the problem with RPS (now FedEx Ground) is
                       that their drivers are independent contractors who
                       are paid as long as the package moves from point A
                       to point B (which might both be regional shipping
                       centers) and leaves their truck.
        \_ FedEx Air is not that reliable either.  I once sent out a
           time-senstive document using 2nd day air, it took them 30+
           days to deliver it.  I applied for a refund which they never
           gave me. -tien
2005/7/1-4 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38390 Activity:kinda low
6/30    What kind of shipper do you use? I've been using USPS for packages
        but lately noticed that vendors usually use UPS which is cheaper.
        However, I also noticed that when I (non-vendor) use UPS, I get
        charged 20-50% more than vendor rates, so the savings isn't all
        that great. What do you use and why?
        \_ I generally use USPS b/c it is the cheapest for small pkgs.
           I have a personal FedEx account that I use for larger pkgs
           b/c FedEx generally has better rates and faster service for
           larger pkgs. When I got my personal acct they had this promo
           that gave you 10% off all on-line shipping (print out the
           way bill from
           \_ FedEx Express is good.  FedEx Ground should be avoided at all
              costs.  --lye
              \_ Why? Bad experience(s)?
                 \_ Consult Kai's MOTD, I'm not going to bore everyone with the
                    details again.  --lye
                    \_ It's spelled as KAIS MOTD. Kevin's Archived, Indexed,
                       and Searcheable MOTD.                    -kchang
                       \_ But it really should be Kai's Archived, Indexed,
                          and Searchable MotD.
                          \_ Yeah, don't you know that apostrophe means,
                             "Warning! 'S' coming!" ?!?!
                          \_ Gnu's not UNIX!
                 \_ Several people in the earlier thread mentined that
                    they had a problem w/ FedEx ground service. I used
                    FedEx ground once and it worked perfectly for me.
                    YMMV. I wouldn't ship anything very valuable via
                    FedEx ground.
2005/6/29-30 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38366 Activity:moderate
6/29    Brief update on the missing G5 - it turned up on my doorstep without a
        word of explanation this afternoon.  No note from FedEx, no signature
        asked for, no evidence that the package was actually delivered in their
        tracking system.  The box seemed a bit battered and the packing list
        was missing, but otherwise everything seems totally ok.  Bizarre.
        \_ Pretend you didn't get it.
        \_ Someone stole it from your doorstep and returned it.
        \_ Someone stole it at your doorstep and returned it.
           \_ I believe lye never got a "Delivered" description for his
              tracking number.
        \_ So how do you know it wasn't damaged?
        \_ Maybe a FedEx employee stole it, found out they're investigating
           its whereabouts, and dropped it off.
        \_ Sorry lye, it's just me messing with you.
        \_ Still bug FedEx every day asking them what is the status
           Find out what they end up saying.
           I'd still ask Apple for a copy of the packing slip, check
           serial numbers, but careful when you do this so as not to
           let them know you actually received it.
2005/6/28-30 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38342 Activity:nil
6/29    I bought this item using Fedex Ground and the shipping cost was only
        $12.30. However, when I returned the [defective] item using the
        exact same box and service, Fedex charged me $20. What accounts
        for the discrepancy in shipping costs? Does Fedex have special
        rates for different vendors?
        \_ FedEx Ground sucks in all kinds of ways, apparently. --lye
        \_ Yes, pretty much every major shipper has special rates for
           large clients.  -tom
2005/6/25-28 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Shipping] UID:38302 Activity:moderate
6/24    Has anyone else had experience with FedEx's relatively new "Ground"
        service?  I ordered a brand new dual G5 from Apple which just vanished
        into thin air after leaving a Sacramento facility the evening before
        it was supposed to arrive.  So far FedEx Ground seems to have no idea
        what happened to it, and all they do when I call customer service is
        tell me they are putting a "tracer" on it and that they will "call
        back" (which never actually happens).  Anyone have a clue what my
        recourse is here?  Basically I'm out $2400 and my computer has vanished
        into thin air.  I've heard that FedEx Ground's claim process takes
        4-6 *weeks*.  --lye
        \_ Bug fedex every single day. Document each time/day and response
           you get. Printout and also save all
           screenshots/webpages of apple and fedex pages.
           Contact/inform both fedex and apple. If no results in
           reasonable time, also consider cancelling charges on
           your credit card after consulting/informing apple.
           Fuck that 4-6 weeks, give them 4-6 days.
        \_ Call your credit card company (I assume you used a credit card) NOW
           and reject the charge.  The consumer is always right.
        \_ In this situation, you're not FedEx's customer -- you're Apple's
           customer.  Apple is FedEx's customer; let Apple deal with FedEx.
           You shouldn't be the one filing a claim with FedEx because you
           didn't ship that package.  Call Apple, tell them you didn't
           receive your computer, point out that the company they contracted
           with to deliver it to you seems to have misplaced it, and suggest
           that Apple try it again (perhaps with a different shipper).
           If Apple wants to delay shipping a replacement system while they
           wait for FedEx's investigation, then insist that they refund your
           money until either the original system is found or a new one is
           shipped to replace the lost shipment.
        \_ I shipped something for my mom via fedex ground last week and
           it arrived w/o any problems. Given you situation, I agree w/
           the other suggestions. BTW, any reason you picked ground shipping
           for a g5 vs the other shipping options (apple has given me free
           non-ground shipping on all my orders, including for my g5)?
           \_ Apple did not say it was shipping ground.  The "free shipping"
              option simply said "FedEx," as far as I can recall.  The other
              choice was "expedited," but since I was adding memory and a hard
              drive along with other things (thus delaying the ship time), that
              seemed unnecessary.  Since today is Monday, I'm trying to get the
              ball rolling on the above suggestions.  I will let you all know
              how it goes. --lye
              \_ It gets worse.  Apparently since this computer was purchased
                 through the employee purchase program (long story), the Apple
                 store customer service people won't even talk to me.
                 Meanwhile, FedEx has absolutely no clue where the package went,
                 although they have a "trace agent" in Pittsburgh "looking into"
                 it.  According to him, if the package was put on the wrong
                 truck it could literally be on its way to anywhere.  Fuck
                 FedEx Ground - they have permanently lost my business.
                 Meanwhile, any idea what I should do with Apple?  Oddly enough
                 I *was* able to deal with an EPP support guy on Friday, but
                 now that route is apparently closed to me. --lye
                 \_ Keep on Fedex, call your CC company to cancel, and call
                    Apple again but start from scratch since you hit a dead
                    end.  Don't tell them it was EPP unless there's a specific
                    EPP complaint group you can talk to.  I understand why
                    you're upset with Fedex, IMO you should be just as upset
                    with Apple and crawl all over them.  They're the ones who
                    have your money but didn't deliver your product.  Fedex is
                    just some middleman and not as important IMO.
                    \_ Well, I started from scratch with Apple and yelled a
                       lot, which seemed to get me further.  They have now
                       opened their own investigation into the matter, and
                       say that they should be contacting me within 3 days.
                       As soon as they consider the shipment lost, they will
                       overnight me a replacement.  We shall see where things
                       go for now.  In the meantime, I would urge anyone
                       shipping via ground to avoid FedEx ground.  Their
                       overnight service seems outstanding, but apparently the
                       ground service was originally a company called "RPS"
                       that FedEx bought and rebranded.  I've looked around
                       and talked to people about them and have heard many
                       horror stories like this, all involving mysteriously
                       vanishing shipments.
                       \_ Similarly, "FedEx Kinko's" is Kinko's, not FedEx.
                          Today I got to hear a FedEx person rant about how
                          much time she spends tracking down the packages
                          that Kinko's loses.
2005/6/16-20 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:38166 Activity:nil
6/16    Alright I'm beginning to get sick and tired of eBay shit. Two weeks
        ago I shipped a $100 dollar item with tracking, no insurance.
        According to USPS tracking, it is delivered. However, today I got
        an email asking me about the item, and asked whether I shipped it
        or not. Is it MY responsibility to add insurance? Who is at fault?
        \_ No.  With most ebay things, including calculated postage,
           insurance is optional.  ie, the buyer needs to tell you and pay
           for it.  (It really depends on what your auction said, but I
           assume you went with the defaults.)  If you can show him the
           tracking number, and that it says it was delivered, tough
           cookies for him.  Although I would say it a little bit
           more nicely to him.
           \_ Thanks. His claim is that he went on vacation and got a notice
              from USPS to pick up a package. When he went to pick it up from
              USPS, they said they don't have any package. I'm confused. -op
              \_ Well, if that's true, the package may be on it's way back
                 to you.  So, if it shows up on your doorstep, charge him
                 for shipping again and send it back.  That's pretty
                 obviously his stupid fault.
              \_ Generally the seller has to make the goods available
                 for the buyer to pick up.
                 If USPS left him a note and he failed to pick it up
                 w/in the time specified, you are off the hook b/c
                 you tried to make a valid delivery.  You might be
                 able to keep all or part of the $100 for the trouble
                 and expense he caused you.
                 However, if USPS left him a note and he tried to
                 pick it up w/in the time specified and they told
                 him they don't have it, you are probably stuck b/c
                 you haven't made the goods available to the buyer.
                 If USPS can't find the thing, you will probably
                 be out the $100 (since you can't deliver) and you
                 can't make a claim against USPS b/c you didn't
                 have insurance.
        \_ Did you get a copy of the signature? Some drivers will sign
           it (usu illegibly) themselves and just leave the pkg there.
2005/1/16-17 [Finance/Banking, Consumer/Shipping] UID:35738 Activity:nil
1/16    How does banks' e-billpay work?  My bank asks for the payee's name,
        (USPS) address, phone #, and account number.  Is it going to send a
        check by snaiil mail to the address?
        \_ They look at the address first.  If it's someone they know (say,
           PG+E), they send the payment electronically; if not, they mail a
2004/12/14-15 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:35288 Activity:low
12/14   Over the years I have gained a deep hatred for both fedex and ups.
        Can anyone recommend one of their competitors?
        \_ If you like your packages being shot at by surface-to-air
           missles, DHL is a good bet.
           \_ links??
              \_ google??
        \_ USPS
        \_ Ummm...  Well, if we knew what your greviences were, it would
2004/2/12-13 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:12217 Activity:kinda low
2/11    What would happen if I accidentally sent something to a U.S. PO Box
        using UPS?
        \_ it would get returned
        \_ if they're feeling real ambitious, they might try to deliver it
           to someone with the same name as the addressee. this happened
           with some dhl guy.
        \_ I have a PO box and UPS drops it off just fine.  The postal workers
           sign for it and place a note in your box saying you have a package.
                \_ So what's the difference between a US PO Box and one you
                   get from Postal Annex? I'm thinking of getting one because
                   I move frequently, but I don't know what the advantages/
                   disadvantages of having a USPO or privatized PO. Thanks.
                   \_ Since so many people use USPS, your porn is less likely
                      have been "previewed" than at a private box. Actually
                      your mail is less likely of falling into nefarious hands
                      @USPS while Postal Annex is open for more hours.
                      \_ postal annex will let you put down your address
                         as an apartment number or unit number or suite
                         number or whatever instead of a box number
                         so you can easily deal with assholes who won't
                         deliver to a po box.  That's why i decided to
                         go with them.  That and the fact that i swore
                         i would never set foot in the fucking berkeley
                         post office ever again.
                         \_ I got *great* service there when I started talking
                            to my friend about how I now understand why so many
                            people bring high powered weapons into the USPO.
                            Of course that was pre-9/11.  Today I'd probably
                            get shot instead of fantastic service from the
                            counter moron's supervisor.
        \_ I have a PO Box and I can't use it. Why? Because this stupid
           bank of mine says "Due to the Patriot Act we can't mail stuff to
           PO Box anymore." However I could still mail credit card bills
           so that's cool.
           \_ It's not the bank that's stupid. It's the Patriot Act.
2004/1/23-25 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:11905 Activity:nil
1/23    Say I forward USPS address from A->B. Will USPS notify both address
        A and B regarding the change? I'm asking because my former roomate
        lost in Small Claims and I want to hide address B from him so that
        he can't scratch my car or put holes in my tyres. I'm wondering if
        mail forwarding is a good way of hiding my address while still
        keeping the possibility of him sending me payments. Thanks.
        \_ when you fill out the forms they send a notice to both addresses
           but neither has the other address in them. however apparently
           someone (the sender) can request address change info...
        \_ Get a PO Box. USPS forwarding is an unreliable mess. only
           use when absoluteley necessary. I just moved out of state.
           had many delays and I probably lost mail.
           \_ If you're in Berkeley, I recomend Postal Annex, between Channing
              and Dwight by the parking garage south of campus.  I had a box
              there for a year and was really happy with it. Unlike a USPS
              post box, they'll let you call your box an apartment on your
              addresses, so you can claim it as your residence and avoid
              all mail at home.
2003/12/30-31 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:11618 Activity:nil
12/30   Fedex buys kinko's.  Now get your crappy copies the NEXT DAY!
        \_ actually, I never had problem with Fedex. Their counters are open
           longer so you can pick/send stuff, and they're much more reliable.
           Also their tracking system updates faster. UPS on the other hand
           has lost my package twice. One of the packages was a laptop
           computer and I had to file a claim service. Good thing my credit
           card company took care of it.
        \_ At least they're delivered ontime!
2003/11/4 [Transportation/Car, Consumer/Shipping] UID:10928 Activity:nil
11/3    Hi, a co-worker got rear-ended by a FedEx truck today (it was
        raining and my co-worker had stopped on a yellow), and his bumper
        has an obvious ~ 3-foot crack.  The FedEx guy gave him his insurance
        info.  Two questions:  (1) Assuming he reports this, does FedEx
        insurance pay, or does my co-worker's insurance pay, (2) Do you
        think my co-worker's rates will rise, and if so, by about how much?
        Right now he pays ~ $300 / 6 months.  He drives a 2000 Suzuki
        station wagon he paid $7-8K to the dealer for.  Anyone have
        experience here?  Thanks.
        \_ If the FedEx driver was at fault, you will not have to pay.
           Your insurance rates should not go up.
        \_ At fault person should never get dinged unless something really
           weird is going on.  Getting rear-ended is pretty much guaranteed
           no-fault.  If the insurance company fucks around and tries to
           claim anything different, IMMEDAITELY get a lawyer to send them a
           letter.  They'll back down in seconds.
           \_ Don't you mean the opposite of what you just said?
              \_ Uh yeah, I was dazed when I wrote that.  I meant the !At fault
                 person should never get dinged, etc.  The rest is true.
        \_ Ask your co-worker to see a doctor immediately.  I got
           rear-ended last week and I didn't seek treatment until my neck
           and back started hurting like hell.
           \_ Larry H. Parker got ME 1.3 Million.
2003/6/23 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:28811 Activity:moderate
6/22    I remember reading a brochure from a parcel company (UPS or Fed Ex)
        that recommend against using duct tape for seal and strengthen
        the edges and openings of shipping boxes.  Why?  Duct tape seems to
        be the strongest tapes around, and certainly stronger than the striped
        shipping tapes recommended for shipping (the linear stripes make them
        strong against tear in the directions orthogonal to the stripes
        but vulnerable to spliting in the parallel direction).
                      \_ uh, use two strips of tape orthogonal to each other?
        \_ duct tape comes off in high humidity.
        \_ Why don't you call them and ask
                \_ Like anyone answering the phone would know that. They are
                   all clueless.
        \_ i believe it has something to do with them not being very
           sticky and peeling off quite easily
2002/3/23-24 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:24206 Activity:very high
3/22    Can we have a god damn postage rate that remains the same for more
        than a season? It's rising again, to 37 cents, in the summer! It's
        not the increases, but the frequency that is so annoying! --dim
        \_ How long has it been $0.34? At least 2 Christmases, by my
           Christmas-card-phobic measurement. I was gonna say that it's what
           you deserve from a quasi-gov't/public corporation, but FedEx/UPS/DHL
           would do the same, so it's a fact of nature. -psb #1 fan
           \_ You are not the true --psb #1 Fan
           \_ Try 3 increases in 18 months. Just increase it to $0.50 and
              then leave it the fuck alone. It's the hassle, not the cost.
        \_ What I hate about it is the oddball numbers they pick.  Nothing
           that multiplies cleanly into some reasonble figure of x-many stamps
           that multiplies cleanly into some reasonable figure of x-many stamps
           for y-many dollars for reasonable numbers x,y.
           \- do you expect them to just round gas to the nearest quarter?
              you know there is a lot of lobbying and compromises around
              postal rates (eg for the size of the discount for presorted mail
              which i belive can involve fractional cents) --psb [for my fans]
              \_ At least the nearest nickel or dime.  What's with all this
                 32,33,34,37 cent crap?  30 cents = 10/$3. 35 = 10/$3.50, etc.
                 Those are easier to make/have change for than $3.20, $3.30,etc
                 Or for a single stamp, who carries a pile of pennies around?
                 Down with the tyranny of the penny!
                 \- you are talking about "rounding" on the order of 5% ...
                 how would you feel if your $1433.67 computer was rounded to
                 $1500 just to keep the math simple. some businesses have
                 postal costs as a significant expense ... they should pay
                 because you cant do arithmetic and cant buy a calculator
                 watch? if life should be made simpler in any arena, it is
                 in tax law. why dont you just assume the postal rates are
                 $.40 and walk away before they give you change. --psb
2000/1/15-17 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:17244 Activity:kinda low
1/14    When I open a PO box at say Mail Boxes Etc or some other private
        mailbox place, am I required to open it under my name?  Do they
        check ID?  I want to get mail from overseas into the US anonymously.
        This is not a troll.  Thanks.
        \_ I may know someone who might be able to assist you... -sky
        \_ Ok, so if it isn't a troll, I'm still trying to figure out what
           you might want delivered anonymously to the US from over seas.
           And no, even if you successfully put a fake name on it, the
           standard routine is to sit a cop there waiting for you to show
           up to get your goodies and then arrest you on the spot.  Someone
           has to show up in person to get the stuff, yes?
        \_ yeah, they can even mail you a confirmation notice to the
           address you claim to prove that you really live there, in fact
           all incoming mail can ONLY be addressed to you or somebody
           for whom you have provided proof of residence, it's really
           scary. I also get packages from overseas anonymously.
           \_ The two solutions involve a) obtaining a very temporary address
              just for the confirmation notice (i.e. immediately after someone
              moves out of the house, use their addr) and b) fake id. Consult
              standard literature on the latter. Variations left as an
              exercise to the reader. Max penalty circa 3 years federal.
              Have fun.
        \_ the lengths some people will go to, to get swedish pr0n
           \_ Or Danish teenage ones?
1999/10/18-19 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:16727 Activity:high
10/17   I'm beginning to think that mail order companies are jerks. For the
        second time in my life, I've gotten a slightly damaged (and used)
        <fill in electronic gadget here> from two separate companies. I
        noticed the damage only because I knew the gadget very well. Do mail
        companies do this frequently, hoping that some dumb customer would
        accept their slightly damaged merchandize?
        \_ Doesn't matter if they notice.  Did you insist they do anything
           about it?  If not then you're no different than the ignorant jerk
           who didn't even see it.
        \_ Could it be the fault of the shippers (UPS/USPS/FedEx)?
1999/5/5 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:15751 Activity:high
5/4     I ordered an item on the Internet from a private party. When it
        arrived, it was an item similar to (but quite a bit less expensive
        than) the item I thought I was getting. The seller claims it's not
        his problem, because I should have asked more questions. I believe
        he was intentionally misleading me. The transaction was conducted
        using a money order via the USPS. He lives in New York. Is
        there any legal recourse? If so, is it worth my while to pursue?
        It wasn't a lot of money, but I'm pissed at the fucker. What does
        the law say? --dim
        \_ psb has some people who can "take care" of him for you - tpc
        \_ Contact the USPO.
          \_ USPS won't do anything unless there's a lot of money and/or a
             lot of people involved. I know of cases where someone was ripping
             off lots of people, and doing it a lot more blatantly (i.e.
             cashing their money orders but not sending them anything), but
             USPS refused to take any action until the damage reached a
             certain dollar amount (like maybe $500 or $1000).
                \_ I said USPO.  They investigate and pursue this sort of
                   thing and could at least tell you what recourse you have.
                   Reading Comp 1A time.  I know most of you are engineers
                   and ESL but really... it isn't that hard and there's no
                   time limit.
                    \_ USPO = United States Post Office?
                       USPS = U
                   \_ The United States Patent Office?  Or did you have a
                      different acronym expansion in mind?  Please enlighten
                      me, O manly native speaker of English.
1998/11/17 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:14969 Activity:nil
11/16   Anyone knows how long it usually takes for USPS regular air letter
        to go from here to Singapore?  Thanks.
        \_Two weeks.  About 5 days to get to Singapore and the rest of the
        for the letter to be inspected by the Post of Vector Control, Moral
        to make sure that the letter poses no threat to the citizenry.
        \_ Gee, only took about 2 days for my luggage to get sent there last
           time I flew into SFO...  -John
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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