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2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/10/5-25 [Consumer/PDA] UID:54188 Activity:nil
10/5    Does Sony hate developers, or does it just seem that way?
        \_ I think Sony hates everyone.  -- Sony developer
        \_ what do Sony devs do besides PS3 games?
2008/9/20-23 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:51242 Activity:nil
9/20    I'm looking for a multiple PIP (picture in picture) tuner for my
        new Sony Bravia TV. Sony has PIP, but what I really want is 3-4
        channel PIP that I can browse around even more easily. Any
        recommendation? Thanks!
        \_ not enough context, over-the-air-tv?, sat tv?, cable tv?
2008/9/16-19 [Consumer/PDA, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51199 Activity:nil
9/16    Isn't RIM a Canadian company? If John McCain invented the BlackBerry,
        how does that help our economy?
        \_ McCain took the money RIM gave him for inventing the BlackBerry and
           invested it in his 7 American houses.
2008/7/6-8 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:50482 Activity:nil
7/6     Somebody please tell me what Sony Bravia's model numbers mean?
        How to decode the complex serial numbers and what they indicate?
        \_ Best site:
        \_ Best site:
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/6/8-12 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:50187 Activity:nil
6/8     Bought a new Sony Bravia from Costco. I can connect to it using
        DVI->HDMI converter at up to 1024x768. Above that resolution,
        Sony TV says "Unsupported Signal..." even though the manual
        clearly says it can support 1280x1024, 1900x1080, etc etc.
        What's up with that?
        \_ Your DVI source *MUST BE* HDCP compliant. Old DVI devices are not.
           At a higher resolution, they will not work.
        \_ Testing for HDCP compliance:
2007/12/13-20 [Science/Electric, Consumer/PDA] UID:48797 Activity:nil
12/12   Anyone reccomend a good site to buy a handheld electronic mahjong game?
        All the standard (amazon,buy,toyrus) dont have them. Thanks
        \_ Do you mean real mahjong or that mahjong solitaire nonsense?
           \_ Real Mahjong with the tiles. My wife plays it online alot
                and i want to get a hand-held electronic version of it
                \_ there are a few on the NDS
2007/9/9-10 [Consumer/PDA] UID:47964 Activity:nil
9/8     "In my career as a writer, I need my phone to do work. I have tight
        deadlines, and I need to communicate with lots of people in a
        hurry.  When I'm in a tight spot, my BlackBerry always helps me
        out. It also sends a subtle signal to my correspondents that I'm
        getting a lot done. An e-mail that says "Sent from my BlackBerry"
        gives the impression that you're on the move but still chained to
        work, e-mailing from the elevator. An e-mail that says "Sent from
        my iPhone" conjures an image of a doofus who wants you to
        know he has an iPhone."
        \_ Actually, "Sent from my Blackberry" just tells me you're a self-
           absorbed idiot with no technical understanding and you're probably
           driving your poor IT support staff nuts with your stupid requests.
2007/6/22-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:47042 Activity:low
6/22    25N, 55E
        \_ Is it your next suidide bombing target?
           \_ Just thought it looked cool--didn't know there was more than one
              of these being built--look NE to se the completed one.
              \_ Uhh, all I see is sand.  Lots and lots of sand.
                 \_ I see Dubai's artificial "palm tree" peninsula.  Well, two
                    of them.
                    \_ Cf. arguments that we should colonize the Gobi Desert
                       before we bother colonizing Mars.
2007/6/2-5 [Consumer/PDA] UID:46835 Activity:nil
6/1     I'm thinking about buying a new receiver w/ HDMI switching and I've
        narrowed the list to the new Sony STR DG-1000, the Onkyo TX-SR674
        and the Onkyo TX-SR804. The Sony is my default choice b/c I have
        bought Sony gear my entire life. But I was told that Onkyo's have
        much better sound quality and the up-conversion is also better. If
        anyone has a recommendation one way or the other, I would really
        appreciate it. BTW, I know the Onkyo TX-SR805 is coming, but it is
        outside my price range. tia.
2007/5/22-24 [Consumer/CellPhone, Consumer/PDA] UID:46721 Activity:low
5/22    I'm thinking about getting a PDA phone, specifically the Treo. Is
        there any reason to get the Treo with Windows (700wx) over the Palm
        version (700p)?
        \_ Windows Mobile sucks ass.  inconsistent UI, crashy... just shit.
           though running java apps on palmOS is a pain. --scotsman
        \_ I have the Treo 650p, and I'm immensely happy with it and the OS.
           Have heard horror stories of crashes, lack of connectivity with
           the 700w.
           \_ I'm also a happy 650 PalmOS owner, dreaming of an upgrade to
              680. But if I personally were looking for a Windows based phone
              I'd go with many of the other models that are faster and have
              bigger keyboards and screens.  Oh, and also built-in wifi.
           \_ I've had my Treo 650 (Palm) from the day it came out and I am
              very happy w/ it. The phone rarely crashes (common problem w/
              Win version) and gets fairly good reception. There are hacks
              that allow you to use a SDHC card w/ the 650 which is really
              The three things that would make the Treo 650 perfect are (1)
              sd based wifi support; (2) usb 2.0 support; and (3) iTunes
              support/sync (which you can do manually w/ rsync).
              I am seriously considering getting an iPhone b/c I think that
              it will be even better than the Treo.
              \_ I am not yet convinced re: Job's idea that mini-keyboards
                 are bad.  I do a fair amount of typing on my treo and until
                 I get to try out the typing on the iPhone's screen, I will
                 stick with the treo.  And whether or not third party apps
                 are allowed is still up in the air, no?
                 \_ I'm a kool-aid-drinking Mac-a-holic, and when the iPhone
                    was announced, I would have murdered for one. Now, though,
                    prohibition of 3rd party apps is pretty much a deal-killer
                    for me. I'll stick with my Treo 650 until Apple decides to
                    let people develop their own iPhone widgets. -!pp
        \_ Have a Treo 680, and its pretty damn good.
        \_ I'm surprised to see people saying things like the "phone rarely
           crashes" and being happy with that.  Phones should never 'crash'.
           \_ Yes, phones should never crash.  But as it is now, smartphones/
              PDA phones do crash, and I haven't heard of one that *never*
              crashes.  Does that mean I want to wait until all bugs are
              worked out?  My Chatter Email client on my 650 says no.  Will
              that make the vendors think consumers are complacent and not
              work on the problems?  Probably to a degree.  But as people
              start choosing more reliable phones, hopefully manufacturers
              will work on this area more.  In a different light, phones
              shouldn't drop conversations either.  Do you have a wireless
2006/10/18-21 [Consumer/PDA, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:44854 Activity:nil
10/18   Has anyone tried that BART pilot smart card program?  Thoughts?
2006/10/5-7 [Reference/BayArea, Consumer/CellPhone, Consumer/PDA] UID:44699 Activity:nil
10/5    The World Can't Wait protest is outside the Federal Building in SF
        right now. Pictures taken on treo through binocs here:
2006/8/24 [Consumer/PDA] UID:44125 Activity:nil
8/24    Q:  What do you call a black pilot?
        A:  A pilot, you racist.
        \_ Huh?
2006/8/16 [Consumer/PDA] UID:44023 Activity:nil
8/16    For Treo owners - a review of Palm's new GPS bundle:
        \_ I prefer blackberry.  -average American male
2006/7/15-18 [Consumer/PDA] UID:43679 Activity:nil
7/15 needs to DIE DIE DIE.
        Background: I have the exact same bill-to and ship-to address for a
        while and never had a problem ordering products online.
        Problem chronology:
        -Ordered from
        -7 days later, got an email saying "We tried to contact you via email
         or phone but you couldn't be reached so we're cancelling your order"
        -I called up and they said actually, the credit card company
         said my credit card billing address was different from's
         shipment address, the order was cancelled
        -I called the credit card company and they said everything's fine,
         to contact again
        -I called again and the customer service said it's their
         billing/finance's fault and there's nothing he could do except to
         order again
        -I ordered again, and days have passed and I tried to contact them
         several times but no response, as expected
        I hate They outsource all of their annoying customer service
        agents who speak English that you can barely understand, and their
        customer service agents are as knowledgeable and helpful as Fry's
        Electronics agents. Lastly, their whole ordering/billing process
        is totally fucked up. Despite their low prices I am never buying
        from again. is by far the worst online retailer
        I've ever experienced in my life.
        \_ You know, this is annoying, but just not that bad.
2006/5/1-4 [Consumer/CellPhone, Consumer/PDA] UID:42877 Activity:nil
5/1     Rally in front of SF City Hall (pix from my Treo, looking through
        \_ Is that today's communist/illegal immigrant rally?
           \_ Yep.
        \_ 06 doesn't exist
           \_ Fixed.
           \_ err.. May Day originated in Chicago, USA
              \_ So?  Most of the rallies were organized by ANSWER.
        \_ You need to photoshop on some crosshairs to make these look even
           \_ Yeah. It's not going to put your mind at ease if I tell you I
              work for the government, is it?
              \_ Nah, the fact that you had to use (presumably your own)
                 binoculars and a Treo puts my mind at ease.  If you'd whipped
                 out 8192x6144 pics of this stuff... _then_ I'd be worried.
                 \_ The Treo pictures were taken only to put your mind at ease.
        \_ Cool thanks for the pictures. May I ask what your occupation
           is at the City Hall?
           \_ email me. Thnx.
2006/1/20-23 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/Audio] UID:41456 Activity:moderate
1/20    I am helping my brother build a home theater system. I was thinking of
        the panasonic TH-42PX50U plasma TV, the yamaha RX-V657 reciever but not
        sure what speakers. Any thoughts?
        \_ Get a Sony Bravia. It's got all the specs that guys approve of,
           and it looks like a nice piece of furniture that fits nicely in
           the room which gals approve of.
           \_ Fuck Sony.
              \_ Fuck Sony in the ass. Twice.
                 \_ Yeah!  Hate Sony!  Down with Sony!  Oh hey, speaking of
                    Sony, does anyone know when the PS3 is coming out?
                 \_ Sony is gay. Why do you want to pleasure it?
        \_ budget, speaker size constraints, room dimensions, WAF?  home
           theatre/music mix?  musical preference?  used ok?
           \_ He won't give me a budget, but prolly 2K. Room size is probably
              20X30 with kitchen behind room so that is mostly open. New not
              used.  Not really into music, mostly for TV and movies.
              \_ std answer would be psb (partha recommends them, so they have
                 to be good) image line (well within your budget at
        or nht with say st4's.  you might want
                 to check out or, but those would
                 be audition challenges.  i had the axiom m80's for a while
                 and liked them, before the wife decided she could use the
                 space for better purposes.  hsu makes great subwoofers.
                 \_ Ditto on the NHT's.
              \_ You mean $2k just for the speakers, right?  You can't even
                 get the TH-42PX50U for that.
                 \_ Yes 2K for speakers.
                    \- i dont think there are a lot of PSB speaker dealers
                       in the area, so they may be somewhat difficult to
                       find. are you planning on R+L,2xrear,center,sub?
                       if you have a 2k budget you should be asking what is
                       good dealer rather than what is a good model.
                       i think bay area audio had really great staff
                       [knowlegeable and good attitude] but i havent
                       been there in +5yrs ... but i'd still check them out.
                       the robert harley book is also a decent investment.
                       \_ I've shopped at both San Mateo HiFi and BA Audio
                          in San Jose, and I thought they were good.  They're
                          both PSB dealers.  Music Lovers in Berkeley is
                          supposed to be good, but their lines seems too
                          expensive for the $2k budget (and I am not partial
                          to Paradigm).
2006/1/8-10 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:41296 Activity:nil
1/8     I just saw a Sony commercial highlighting The Play but using little
        play characters. Anyone have a link to it?
        "If you're not watching HDTV, what are you watching?"
        Nevermind here it is in flash format:
        \_ sigh. I still want to see a hi-rez clip of the play.
        \_ Is that an effective ad?  Most people don't know what The Play is.
2005/12/30-2006/1/4 [Computer/HW/Printer, Consumer/PDA] UID:41178 Activity:nil
12/30   Looking for a Windows Mobile-based PDA.  I'm mainly going to use
        Excel Mobile on it and keep addresses/phone numbers.  HP iPaq line
        or the Dell Axim line?  Good/bad experiences with either?  Thanks.
        \_ tell us about the real estate market!
        \_ I just upgraded from an iPaq 3835 to an Axim x51v.  The wireless is
           pretty nice with the x51v, but there are tons of problems with the
           ROM for the Axim.  The site has a bunch of posts in the
           forums about it.  The x51v has a full VGA screen (480x640) and it's
           beautiful.  The problems I've had with the ROM mostly boil down to
           bluetooth at this point (which I've not seriously tried yet).  If
           you are looking for deals, follow (I got the axim for
           $300 direct from Dell).  I was disappointed with the iPaq in that
           updates for the unit dropped off pretty quickly. Even with the
           problems, I'd recommend the Axim over the iPaq. -emarkp
           \_ thanks emarkp, you rock. list the x51v for $399.
              you got a very good deal.  I think I'll monitor the site
              for special sales and such.  Thanks!
2005/12/6-7 [Consumer/PDA] UID:40881 Activity:kinda low
12/6    I have a Palm IIIc, and I got offered a free Palm Vx at work.  I
        took it assuming there would be some advantge of a V over a III.
        I can't seem to figure out the advantage. It has the same amount
        of memory in any case.  Does anyone know the difference?
        \_ Slimmer form factor?  Maybe more colors?
           \_ Definatly less colors. The Vx is B/W, the IIIc is color.  It
                        \_ fewer
          definitely _/ \_ fewer
                           \_ Are there a countable number of colors in the
                              \_ Both color sets are finite values.
                              \_ I think you meant "Is there..."
                                 and that's irrelevant.  "less color"
                                 would have been correct.  "less colors" is not.
              is slimmer/smaller, but not enough that I'd care.
        \_ Basically it's just the form factor.  And even without colors,
           its screen won't make your eyes bleed.
           \_ So, it might be easier to read books on?  Dunno, seems about
              the same to me.
        \_ Palm V runs on Palm/3.x OS has serious limitation in terms of
           multimedia capability.
2005/11/21-23 [Consumer/PDA] UID:40676 Activity:nil
11/21   State of TX sues Sony over rootkit:
2005/11/4-8 [Consumer/PDA, Reference/Military] UID:40436 Activity:nil
11/4    Handheld laser gun:
2005/9/3-5 [Science/Electric, Consumer/PDA] UID:39477 Activity:moderate
9/3     I have AC adaptors for my cell phone and PDA that say the input
        should be 120VAC.  If I try to use them in Europe where the voltage
        is 220V, will I fry my PDA and cell?  Obviously, I'll have to use
        a plug adaptor to plug them in.
        \_ Yes, they will fry.  Get a transformer that goes 220V -> 110V.
           \- if you are in berkeley, you can get a little voltage and
              outlet adapater travel kit at the travel bookstore near
              black oak books. not the absolute cheepest but convenient
              enough. --psb
              \_ easy travel closed about a year ago.
        \_ Most electronics are dual-voltage these days.  Check the device
           specs.  -tom
           \_ second that.  Most of chargers nowadays take 100-240Volts.
              you *DO* have to worry about different type of plugs, though.
              *PERSONALLY* I have an usb data cable that also charges
              batteries.  I found having such cable is a lot more convenient
              then trying to get more than one set of plug converters.
                                        -- frequent traveler
                \_ URL on where to buy? I've been looking for this.
                   \_ what kind of phone / PDA do you have?
2005/3/25-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:36880 Activity:kinda low
3/25    Getting a blackberry for work. Is one provider better than
        another?   If so which is best.
        \_ Do any Blackberries include a camera?  I'm planning to replace my
           Treo 600 in the near future, and am debating between a Treo 650
           because the screen kicks ass and the camera does not suck (but
           email handling is still not anywhere near up to snuff) and a
           Blackberry for email support that does not suck. -dans
           \_ Get the Treo 650. It is everything that a phone and
              a pda should be.
              \_ I second that.  The Treo 650 is outstanding.  -- peterl
                 \_ What's the status of bluetooth support?  That was the
                    other major feature my 600 lacks, and it would be rad to
                    be able to sync wirelessly (plus bluejacking amusement to
                    be had).  I recall that it wasn't enabled because it
                    wasn't stable when the 650 first shipped. -dans
                    \_ Bluetooth is enabled and works fine on my
                       treo 650 (cingular). I have heard that there
                       were some problems w/ the sprint version
                       initially, but a software updated released
                       last week supposedly fixed those issues.
              \_ does it have 80211 wlan capability?  cause a pda should.
                 \_ I have heard that you will be able to get a 802.11
                    sd card for the treo this summer. If you have the
                    unlimited data plan there isn't really a need for
                    \_ As a Treo 600 user with an unlimited data plan, I beg
                       to differ.  Browsing the net on a Treo 600 is kind of
                       like browsing the net on a 9600 baud modem.  Useful in
                       a pinch, but painfully slow because modern web
                       designers design web pages for people browsing with
                       modern browsers and broadband connections.  So I could
                       see why it would be nice to have 802.11 in the event
                       that you are near a WiFi hotspot.  That said, unlike
                       the PP, I don't think its a necessity. -dans
                       \_ I'm not sure (I don't have a data plan), but
                          friends w/ data plans tell me that the data
                          transfer on the 650 is MUCH faster than on
                          the 600 (supposedly btwn 128-384Kbps).
2005/3/15-16 [Reference/Military, Consumer/PDA] UID:36701 Activity:moderate
3/15    Anyone know what the big plot is next week for 24? who's the army
        \_ I can't believe I actually watch this horrible show, but...
           I don't think he's an army dude. He's a terrorist who's going
           to disguise himself as an airforce pilot and they're going to
           rub out/kidnap an actual airforce pilot and take the real pilot's
           place. My guess is that this pilot is supposed to be the pilot for
           Air Force One who's going to relieve the current pilot of AF1.
           All of the plots are related. Plot to kidnap senator was so they
           could insert the trojan to enable the override. Using the override
           to cause nuclear meltdown was to keep AF1 in the air so that they
           can eventually do the pilot switcheroo.
           \_ How is it horrible?
              \_ every female character is either a total bee-yotch or a
                 pathetic weakling for starters
                 \_ I think you should watch Alias instead. ;)
                 \_ I think you should watch Desperate Housewives.
                 \_ I'm watching Quantum Leap!
        \_ Who knows?  Who cares?  Just wait a week instead of spoiling it.
           \_ I can't, I can't!!!!
        \_ All you need to know to appreciate 24, which is horrible but
           amusiing nonetheless, is this: Kiefer Sutherland does something
           crazy each episode, and usually crazier than last season/week.
2005/3/3-5 [Consumer/CellPhone, Consumer/PDA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:36517 Activity:nil
3/3     Anyone know of a good stopwatch/timer that works on a Treo? I've
        tried a few and they all seem to crash when I try to access any
        of the menus. tia.
2005/3/2-3 [Consumer/CellPhone, Consumer/PDA] UID:36476 Activity:low
3/1     Any recommendations for a Treo 650 case? I was looking at one
        named RhinoSkin, but I was wondering if there are better cases
        on the market. tia.
        \_ Maybe has one--I bought my case for the
           Archos Gmini 440 there and it's pretty nice.  They seemed to
           have some smartphone-type accessories.  Also look at
   Given that, does anyone know if
           Palm has any plans to lower the price on the things anytime in
           the near future?  -John
        \_ I have a Rhino Skin for my Palm Tungsten, it's turned out to
           be quite durable.
2004/12/25-27 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:35436 Activity:kinda low
12/25   Is there a HotSync Manager (or free equivalent) available for
        syncing a sony clie with os x? All I see is this "Missing Sync"
        which costs.
        \_ Which CLIE model?  USB cradle?  I think you can use the Mac
           version of Palm Desktop from palmone's site.  If you want
           other features (such as being able to mount the Memory Stick
           as a drive through the CLIE), then you do need Missing Sync.
                \_ Clie PEG-665C, with USB cradle. There is no mention
                   of sony clie's on the palmone webpage, so which
                   one should I select before I download?
                   \_ Well, it won't say that CLIEs are supported.  They
                      just might happen to work.  Probably try downloading
                      the version for a Palm m505 or something, although
                      I don't think the model number really matters.  I
                      could be wrong about all of this, though. --jameslin
         \_ Just a thought (since I don't own  OS X), but aren't you able
            to compile one of the various UNIX hotsync clones out there?
            It probably won't have all the features you want, but if all
            else fails...
2004/11/16-18 [Consumer/PDA] UID:34930 Activity:kinda low
11/16   Have Palm Desktop, HotSync Manager.  Want to set up for AvantGo.
        Have software, etc.  Can't get HotSync manager to recognize that
        AvantGo exists.
        \_ Like declarative sentences.  Dislike subjects.
           \_ Am not sole soda grammar wisecracker.  Beat to the punch.
        \_ You'd probably get better help by asking at one of the Palm OS
           community forums. (e.g.
        \_ Uh, you put the .prc or whatever it is into the directory from
           which you install Palm apps and install it.  Drop me a mail if
           you have more specific questions.  -John
           \_ AvantGo uses a conduit on the desktop side too, which is what
              I assume the op is having issues with.
              \_ Yes, hence the requirement for more information.
2004/9/10-12 [Consumer/PDA] UID:33461 Activity:high
9/10    Can someone please recommend a good palm OS PDA? Preferably
        not too expensive, please. Any positive recommendations on
        that palm/phone combo?
        \_ I have had a Tungsten T for a little over a year and love it.
           You can find a Tungsten T or T2 new for very little and they
           are pretty small. Alternatively you could get a Tungsten E.
           I would definitely stay away from the Sony devices as they
           are getting out of the Palm business, so getting support for
           it will become impossible very soon.
        \_ I have a Palm Tungston E and I'm mostly satisfied.
                \_ Thanks. What don't you like about it?
                \_ I fail to understand having a Palm device
                   that does not have a phone built in. -Treo 600 Owner.
        \_ Samsung's Palm flip phone for SprintPCS works great.
        \_ Treo600 rocks!
           \_ Really? is it really worth the price?
           \_ second that.  I bought it for $450 9 months ago.
              However, I would urge you to wait for Treo 650.  They
              usually have "upgrade special" which will knock
              a hundred or two dollars off.
2004/8/9 [Consumer/PDA] UID:32788 Activity:high
8/9     I am still using a Palm Vx, is that the reason I don't have a gf?
        Should I upgrade to a Treo?
        \_ If you are happy with your Palm, you don't need a gf.
2004/6/14 [Computer/SW/Languages, Consumer/PDA] UID:30798 Activity:insanely high
6/14    I just heard of this microsoft patent for clicking on handheld
        computer.  Isn't this insane?  Doesn't that mean if I write a
        program on a handheld that utilizes double clicks I have to pay
        bucks to BG?  Can someone patent kissing too?
        \_ Search for patent number 6,368,227
        \_ OMG WTF BBQ
        \_ Oh God, keep the anti-patent shit at slashdot.  It's so done.  Why
           don't you post the obPatent on patenting bad patents, too?
2004/4/15-16 [Consumer/PDA] UID:13214 Activity:nil
4/15    Paper based blue-ray discs from sony:
2004/2/26-27 [Consumer/PDA] UID:12423 Activity:nil
2/26    Okay, someone explain to me why, apart from obsessive geekiness,
        Rialto Pictures is releasing the original Godzilla?
        \_ They like money.
        \_ Because it's a classic film.  Duh.  Only the original King Kong is
           better.  You liked Gozilla 2000 with the stupid giant iguana?
           \_ That movie was a two shot handicap atleast, more like four.
              Still, it was lovely seeing Harry Shearer as soon-to-be-iguana-
              food. He does annoying pricks with such pizzazz. -- ulysses
              \_ And he looks stunning in an evening dress!
           \_ Best lines from "Godzilla, Mothra & King Ghidorah":
               Pilot 1: I hear Godzilla was sighted in New York.
               Pilot 2: The Americans say it was Godzilla, but we don't think
                \_ Everyone knows the real Gozilla only destroys Japanese
2004/2/1-2 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/HW/Display] UID:12057 Activity:nil
1/31    Does anyone have any advice/opinions on buying refurbished
        monitors? I've had good luck with refurbished machines, but it
        seems much easier to refurbish a computer than a monitor, so I
        might be hesitant. Are refurbished monitors ok? Thanks.
        \_ Mostly anecdotal info gathered from people I know who do this:
           1. Monitors are definitely a lot more fragile than ICs. The
              picture tube is only rated for around 7 years. After that
              you'll get a bit of dimming.
           2. Depending on the quality, the large caps change over time,
              affecting picture quality and eventually leading to a
              dead monitor. You essentially have to replace the large caps
              on monitors over time.
           3. Monitors are pretty high powered compared to PCs, so if
              you have to mess around with something like the volt-regulator
              you stand a good chance of frying things (including yourself).
                \_ ObMehlhaffQuote:  *ZORCH* *POW!* "Holy shit!
                   That capacitor was charged!"
                   \_ BWAAHAHA!  That's hilarious!
                        \_ Well, it taught people to stay away from the
                           dreaded ERic + screwdriver + old monitor combo
                           in E238.  -John
           4. VGA monitores (at least earlier ones) have many of the same
              characteristics as regular TVs down to the basic
              circuitry. So if you know how to repair a basic TV you
              can probably work around a VGA monitor.
           \_ Question about that 7 years for a picture tube: I've got a nice
              Sony sitting around but it hasn't been used (unplugged) for most
              of it's life.  Does unpowered time count against that 7 years?
              Or are there parts that just deteriorate with simple age? Thanks!
                \_ I have used old 14" monitors from circa 1993 that work great
                        \_ yeah but did you run them continuously?
           \_ I had experiences with 17" IBM monitors bought refurb.  The
              monitor was great, almost brand new at the time I bought it.
              Thus, I bought THREE total.  It turned out that none of them
              lasted nearly as long as other 17" I bought it new.  Two of
              three monitors went out by the middle of 3rd year. The one
              remaining got issues, but work well enough that I am not in
              a hurry to replace them.  The montiors were manufactured by Sony.
                \_ THANK YOU
2004/1/29-30 [Consumer/PDA] UID:11998 Activity:nil
1/29    People using any kind of Sharp Zaurus, what's your opinion of it?
        \_ Let me know what you find.  I love linux, but I am not sure
           how useful it is even if you can compile your favorite linux
           program on Zaurus and run on it.  I end up getting a PalmOS
           PDA mainly for the selection of software.
           \_ I have a palm but i just use addressbook+calendar
           \_ It runs Linux!  It must be the best!!  For everything!!!!
           \_ just curious, is there a palm emulator for linux, you could run
              that on the zaurus if so...
           \_ A colleague of mine uses it for loads of security type
              audit work--he's porting (ported?) Wellenreiter to it, and
              uses it with an SMC CF wifi card to go war-walking.  Pretty
              cool;  he swears by it for "real" work too.  -John
2003/12/3 [Consumer/PDA] UID:11298 Activity:nil
        "a former liberal espousing political conservatism"
2003/9/25 [Consumer/PDA] UID:10319 Activity:nil
9/25    Anyone have experience with the PocketPC phone? I'm sick and tired
        of having to carry my cell and PDA all the time.
        \_ The Treo 600 is getting very good reviews, but it's Palm based.
           \_ extra point for me... for palm-based.
2003/8/29-2004/2/14 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/HW/IO] UID:12240 Activity:low
2/13    How do you tell if the "new" item you bought is really new or an open
        box rejected by another consumer?  I think it is illegal to do so but
        how can I tell?  I bought a pda from amazon about 1.5 weeks ago.
        There is no seal, broken or intact, on the box, or for any of the
        items in the box.  Today I notice scratches and marks on the part of
        the circuit board exposed after the keyboard is pulled out, although
        I have otherwise no complaint with it.
        \_ You think the previous owner gnawed on the inside of the pda?  You
           can file a complaint with Amazon.  They'll probably replace it if
           you whine enough.
2003/7/26-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:29146 Activity:kinda low
7/25    Any blackberry users?  Opinions?
        \_ blackberries are ok, but I much prefer salmon berries.
        \_ People in government use the blackberry. They like it.
        \_ My dad's had one for years, he loves it, but he's also one
           of those people who even work on ski slopes. He just got one for
           my mom, and she (surprisingly) likes hers as well, even though
           she's a technophobe. -chialea
        \_ the correct term these days is "berries of color"
                \_ Colored berries?
2003/5/22-23 [Consumer/PDA] UID:28529 Activity:very high
5/22    So I've used had my Palm IIIxe for almost 3 years.  Once, a couple
        years back, I lost all data somehow.  After almost 3 years of no
        problem, my PDA would not turn on this morning.  I did a soft reset
        and all data was gone.  Everything should have been backup up on my
        PC (I use BackupBuddy).  Well, all of the address book, todo list, etc.
        data was saved, but when I did the restore, it also brought back
        items that I had deleted months ago.  But other data, like from my
        shopping list program, password program, etc. hadn't been updated on
        my PC in almost a year.  A few hours after all this, my PDA lost all
        data again.  Anyone have any idea what would cause all this or have
        any similar experiences or advice?
        \_ Battery is probably fucked.
           \_ It takes AAA, but I had just replaced the batteries in the
              last couple days?  Do you think it could really be something
              about the batteries?  My best guess (though maybe not a very
              good one) is that it's due to the heat.  I often leave my PDA
              in my glove compartment, but the weather was warmer than
              usual the day before it choked, not hot, but warmer than
              usual, maybe 80.  I find it hard to believe this would cause
              such problems, but I have no better guess.
              \_ does Palm have a small battery to keep its memory? may be
                 it's that battery went out.
              \_ I'll bet it has a 3 year warrantee. You're a 3 years + 1 day.
        \_ did you HotSync regularly?
           \_ About once a week.  So I lost a few days of stuff.
              Anyway, I figured out what happened.  For some reason,
              back in August, BackupBuddy stopped doing it's thing.
              Thus, the nonstandard databases were restored to their
              state back in August.  In this same backup directory
              was the PDB files from addressbook, datebook, etc.  So, it
              also loaded in this outdated standard data (thus the
              entries that I deleted months ago were there).  Then, it
              took the current backup of the standard data (the only
              thing actually being backed up since August) and put that
              back in my PDA too along with the old stuff.  So, it
              (almost) all makes sense (to me).  I just don't know why
              it lost all data in the first place, or why BackupBuddy
              stopped doing it's thing.  No one else out there uses
              \_ Whoa, there, son!  What goes on between me and my Backup
                 Buddy is none of your business!
        \_ SARS?
2003/4/3 [Consumer/PDA] UID:27962 Activity:high
4/2     I have an interesting problem.
        I usually ssh to soda to check my email, which requires good
        connection which I may not have.  There are times when I want
        to reply SOME email by doing it on my Palm.
        Since I don't do that at regular basis, I don't normally
        synch my email with my Palm.  but how to do that on an ad hoc
        \_ This is an interesting problem?  Read your Palm manual.
2003/1/25-27 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/HW] UID:27195 Activity:moderate
1/24    Does anyone have a cradle/cable they could lend me to sync a Palm V
        with an iBook (no serial ports, only USB)?  Alternatively, does
        anyone know of a way to import Palm databases from a Windows box into
        Palm Desktop v.4 for the Mac?  I've done the obGoogling, but haven't
        come up with anything useful.  I'm trying to transfer data from anx
        old, mostly dead Palm V to a new, USB only Palm Zire.  If all else
        fails, I guess I'll see if I can get the Zire to sync with my ancient
        Windows 98 box.
        \_I would expect the file format to be the same on both platforms;
          just find the right folder to drop them in.
          \_ That was what I originally attempted.  I'm wondering if the
             problem may be that the format changed between palm desktop
             versions... -dans
             \_ Is there no export/import function for the db?
                There is for other stuff, like addressbook.
                \_ I could export to CSV, but there is some slight loss
                   of info that way, so I'd have to waste time massaging
                   things back into the original format. -dans
        \_ One way to do this is to buy/borrow a usb to serial converter
           and use that to sync the palm v with your iBook. Keyspan makes
           a decent one:
           Its about $30 at Fry's. If you are in the South Bay, I could
           let you borrow mine. --ranga
        \_ FYI, I solved the problem.  Ended up doing a clean install of
           Palm Desktop 4 on a Win2K box with both serial and USB ports.
           Flipped conduit settings to Palm overwrites desktop, synced
           Palm V via serial cradle, flipped conduit settings to desktop
           overwrites Palm, then synced the Zire via USB.  Finally, flipped
           conduit settings on my iBook to Palm overwrites desktop, and
           synced the Zire there.  Everything appears to be in order.  As
           an added bonus, (I'm guessing a feature of Palm Desktop 4),
           syncing also backed up and reinstalled all my add-on apps.  In
           the past, it was necessary to reinstall all apps when setting up
           a factory clean or hard reset palm.  Thanks to all who offered
           suggestions and help.
2003/1/16 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:27120 Activity:insanely high
1/15    Suggestions for light/ultralight notebook? Fujitsu, Pana, Sony?
        To be used on airplanes (must have dvd drive) & listen to mp3s
                                \_ this is a mistaken requirement. you do
                                   not need a dvd drive. rip and encode
                                   the dvd and you can carry 50+ divx
                                   movies on a 40g laptop drive. --aaron
                                   \_ sure, if you're not interested in
                                      movie quality in the slightest.
                                      \_ on a laptop??
                                      \_ oh my god, you are insane. --aaron
                                      \_ Ultralight != has DVD player.  And
                                         aaron's right.  You're insane.
        Sony D-VM1 is just too damn expensive for what it does.
        \_ Apple just came out with a 12" aluminum shell PowerBook.
        \_ I have good experiences with IBM X-series, but you DVD drive
           is not built-in on the detatched half.
        \_ Fujitsu S series
        \_ No such thing as ultralight with a dvd player.
2002/11/17-18 [Consumer/PDA] UID:26568 Activity:high
11/15   I have a Sony Vaio... had it for almost 2 years. The screen has
        started flickering occasionally... it seems to be getting worse.
        Any suggestions on how/if I can get this repaired? I know alot of
        people have gone through hell trying to repair Sony's... any
        info would be welcome. Thanks.          - rory
        \_I think I might know what's wrong. Send me an email. williamc
        \_ my condolences. GOOD LUCK.  I can only offer the advice of
           keep searching the web, it's likely that someone else has
           encountered the problem. By the way, the last Sony laptop I tried
           to get fixed got me pissed because the sony phone tech wanted
           to charge me $10 before disclosing the part-number (just
           the part-NUMBER) not including the part itself! I just
           wanted to make sure it was the right part he was trying
           to sell me (since their web- site sucks so badly, the
           part wasnt listed. And the phone tech only had some
           cryptic part description ("harness jack") and no pictures)
           There are lots of design flaws in their laptops. Almost 2 yrs
           is about right. And tell us the damn model number if u want help
                 PCG-F580... does that really help? _/
        \_ Sonys seem to have a lot of problems and their tech support is
           bad. They wanted to charge me (to troubleshoot) because the software
           on their web site would not install. I haven't had any problems
           getting Sonys fixed (very fast turnaround) but I spent a lot of
           money fixing them and they need to be fixed often. A new
           display will be $700, btw. --dim
           \_ I guess one thing I'm trying to figure out is what it is that I
              may need to replace... the display seems fine, it looks clear,
              etc... but it is just this sporadic flickering that occurs...
              I'm guessing it is some kind of connecting cable or something.
              I'd like to be more educated before calling Sony or some other
                                                  \_ don't kid yourself.
                                                     Sony's call center is
                                                     staffed by mostly clueless
              repair service... but have not yet been able to find any info
              on the web.
              \_ Send it in to Sony. They will send you a quote back. You
                 will have the option of getting it fixed, having it disposed
                 of, or having it shipped back to you. There is a diagnostic
                 fee, but it's not too bad ($20 or $50). --dim
        \_ I was trying to replace the screen on a toshiba and found a few
           websites that sell parts for various laptops (such as new screens).
           Sorry I don't have it bookmarked but some googling will work.
2002/10/18-20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:26253 Activity:kinda low
10/18   I've been trying to find a list of mergers / acquisitions involving
        Sony, but I can't seem to find the right Google search words.
        Anyone have an idea? -dpc
        \_ this type of information is not generally free as far as I know.
           I might be able to get it for you... post your login.
2002/10/2 [Computer/SW/Database, Consumer/PDA] UID:26079 Activity:kinda low
10/2    Anyone know how to convert palm dba (calendar) format to csv?
        I'm replacing my Prism w/ an iPaq.
        \_ You should be able to export from the palm desktop.
        \_ I was able to Shift-select all of my addresses and export
        individually or all. Selecting individually gives me the option of
        comma spaced or tab spaced file, but if I clicked on export all, it
        would only accept the format that Palm Desktop uses. I can't select
        the calendar individually, only ALL, which uses the Palm Desktop
        database format.
2002/10/1-2 [Consumer/CellPhone, Consumer/PDA] UID:26070 Activity:kinda low
10/1    Any opinion on Sony Ericsson t68i?  Does anyone have it?
        Any luck getting Bluetooth to work?  How is AT&T service?  Thanks.
        \_ google group:alt.wireless.attws
        \_ My friend has it bought a bluetooth headset and it works great.
           He has three phone services cuz AT&T isn't great in the mountains.
2002/8/18-19 [Consumer/PDA] UID:25598 Activity:nil
8/18    Where can I download a good reference for ANSI C for
        a Palm Pilot?
2002/7/26-27 [Consumer/PDA] UID:25426 Activity:kinda low
7/25    Tell me what Palm-based PDA I should buy. I've seen the CLIE and it
        looks nice but somehow it seems kinda lame to bother with a memory
        stick slot, and the name is a little too reminiscent of "CLIT".
        \_ if you got the money, get the Treo.  It's a PDA plus Cell-phone.
           I found the fact that integrated phonebook is very nice.
           Being able to get on to the net is kind of nice too, though
           it's a pain to do so at this point.
           If you don't want a PDA/phone combo, stick with a color CLIE.
           CLIE has best screen (higher resolution), and the memory stick
           thingy, believe or not, is actually kind of nice, especially
           consider that PDA usually become a pocket reference of some
           sort (either a dictionary for FOB like me, or map, etc). More
           memory the marrier.
           \_ if you wanna use cingular
                \_ Can't you also use "T Mobile" or whatever the hell
                        VoiceStream is now?
                   \_ T Mobile uses Cingular network in the Bay Area.
        \_ it depends on your needs.  if you want a smartphone, an alternative
           to the Treo is the Kyocera 7135 (available in a few months).  If
           you don't mind a brick and a monochrome screen, the Kyocera 6035
           smartphone is really cheap.  ARM-based OS 5 devices will be out by
           the end of the year, but those will be relatively expensive. (It
           may still be worthwhile to wait for them, though, as they likely
           will push down the prices of existing PDAs.) --jameslin
2002/4/8-9 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Consumer/PDA] UID:24368 Activity:low
4/8     Does anyone know of a reputable Sony laptop repair shop in the Bay
        Area? I need a relatively simple repair (minor plastic replacement),
        but don't want to bother finding the service manual and sourcing the
        \_ whenever my laptop needs a fix, i track down yer mom...
        \_ try Sony Service Center in SJ.
           \_ I believe this service center is closed.  Last I heard, Sony
              laid off the service center personnel.  I think they have a place
              in Fremont, though.
        \_ Sony laptops must be sent back to factory, otherwise warranty void
           \_ If he's asking this question, the laptop is likely not under
              warranty support any more.
              \_ Sorry, I meant the only service you can get is by
                 sending direct to Sony. That is: Either good luck
                 finding a repair shop or youre ordering of parts.
                 It costs like $300 just to have them lower themselves
                 to working on your laptop.
2001/12/18-19 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/TV] UID:23293 Activity:moderate
12/17   Where's the cheapest place around to get a Sony Wega?
        \_ From someone else's house.
        \_ Good Guys has the 27" KV-27FS13 Wega for $550.  Free shipping.
           The 27" w/ PiP (KV-27FV17) is $749.  Cambridge Soundworks has the
           FV17 for $675 right now.  It was $650 but it went up on the 2nd.
           \_ sky is back?
        \_ Are Wega's really all that?
           \_ the cheap Wegas are so-so, but XBR Wegas are all that.
        \_ Shut up.  thanks.
           \_ Yes. I have XBR Wega and I must say it is by far the
              best TV for under $7K.
           \_ yes.
        \_ From Sony employee purchase. (seriously).  Otherwise, find
           an on-line dealer and go to for a price-
           match with no sales-tax and free delivery.
           \_ i thought the good guys didn't match online prices. That was
              true 18 months ago when i tried to buy a receiver there.  has
              \_ not goodguys the brick store. the online
                 branch does price-matching.
        \_ I bought a 36" Wega at Circuit City for around $1200 (including
           3 year instant exchange and tax). I bought the previous years
           model rather than the current model, which saved me about $300.
              that policy changed?
        \_ I purchased a 36" wega from Circuit City for ~ $1200 (including
           3 year instant exchange and tax). I saved abut $300 by buying
           the previous model rather than the current one. --ranga
2001/10/15 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/HW/IO] UID:22742 Activity:nil
        4.3"x2.7x0.7?  This seems a bit too small to be useful as a
        traditional palm device (i.e. screen display/touch surface area).
        the 180 device (2nd gen?) comes with a tiny keyboard in lieu of the
        drawing area of the palm.  this seems even a worse use of
        realestate; what do you guys think?
        \_ i'd be surprised if people don't throw that thing in
           frustration from trying to use that stupid keyboard
           \_ You are mistaken. Go talk to a blackberry user.
2001/10/15 [Consumer/PDA] UID:22739 Activity:high
        4.3"x2.7x0.7?  doesn't that make the palm device useless?
        \_ uh, explain how it makes other Palm devices useless?
        \_ do you mean its dimensions make the Treo useless or make other Palm
           handhelds useless?  Huh?  Either way, explain.
2001/8/17-19 [Consumer/PDA] UID:22156 Activity:high
8/17    Palm buys Be. Merger of the also rans:
        \_ Um... how is Palm an "also ran"?
           \_ Palm's prices are rising, while the quality
              is dropping. They are trying to improve
              revenue by selling their OS to third parties.
              These are clear signs that the company is
              fast becoming an also ran.
              Let's not forget that platform consolidation
              has started in the small device market; cell
              phones and pages merging is the first step.
              Some of them already feature most of a pda's
              functionality. It won't be long now.
              \_ Yes but Spock has a TriCorder (PDA) and
                 Communicator (Cellphone). Surely this means
                 that PDAs and Cellphones will be separate
                 even in the future.
        \_ Palm is exactly where Netscape was a few years ago.
           Nuff said? Incidentally, IE still crashes as often
           as Netscape for me... -=Aubie
           \_ All who bow before Bill will be rewarded.
              Those who are in the way of the XP Revolution will
              be sent to the Microsquish re-education facilities.
2001/7/20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:21873 Activity:nil
6/20    Re japan: Hitachi, Fujitsu, Sony, etc.. all major technological
        manufacturing powerhouses. Why then haven't we seen similar type
        declines in the their stocks? Not sure- but I do know that the
        diversity or Japanesse companies is orders of magnitude more than
        here- US specialized - was this good??? Bad???? Not sure- but
        also important to note- where was the overhead and overheating of
        their economy the last 2 years- it didn't exist- comments?
2001/6/9-11 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/Audio] UID:21464 Activity:nil
6/9     Hi, in regards to the Mini Disc player/recorder I've been waiting
        to buy for ages (these are Sony models btw):

        Trying to decide between the mz-r700 that I can buy a 10% discount
        or pay full price for the mz-g750 with the built-in tuner...
        am I better off just sticking with the 700?  After all, you could
        buy the tuner separately as for $35, instead of throwing an
        extra $50 for the 750's tuner.  I guess what it boils down to is, how
        good is the 750's tuner?  It can't possibly be better than the
        separate $35 unit, can it?

        Please email me at if you've had
        any experiences with the G750.  Thanks.
2001/6/1-3 [Consumer/PDA] UID:21410 Activity:nil
        \_ when is openwave going to buy palm already?
2001/5/25 [Consumer/PDA] UID:21356 Activity:very high
5/24    motd poll:
        apple computer will buy palm computing:
        openwave will buy palm computing: .
        nobody will buy palm computing: ...
        3com will buy palm computing: .
        Microsoft will buy palm computing: .
        CSUA will buy palm computing: .
        Handspring will buy PalmOS: .
        I just like dots: ..................................
        I hate dots: ,"]$@
2001/5/1 [Consumer/PDA] UID:21156 Activity:nil
2001/3/20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:20856 Activity:nil
3/19    What processor(s) do the Palm Pilots run on?  Thx.
        \_ most Palm OS PDAs run on 17 MHz Dragonball EZ or 33 MHz Dragonball VZ
           CPUs from Motorola.
2001/3/19-20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:20845 Activity:high
3/19    Looks like NCR invented the Palm Pilot but forgot about it for
        13 years:
        \_ Weren't there already numerous PDAs out there before the Palm
           Pilot?  Is NCR going to sue all of them?
           \_ "Numerous"?  No.  But similar things had been tried before, yes.
                \_ Apple, Sharp, Psion, all had PDA's before USR/Palm.
                   \_ Yes.  That's not numerous.
        \_ BTW, what processor do the Palm Pilots use?
           \_ most Palm OS PDAs use 33 MHz Dragonball VZ or 17 MHz Dragonball
              EZ CPUs from Motorola.
                   \_ Plus Casio and HP.
        \_ If you were Palm or HandSpring, what would you do in this case?
          \_ I'd hire expensive lawyers and make expensive press releases! --oj
          \_ Find a friendly judge and show that the patent in question is
             too broad to be meaningful.  --erikred
2001/2/24-27 [Consumer/PDA] UID:20677 Activity:high
2/24    Looking for a good tutorial for learning to program for the Palm.
        I'd prefer to be in a unix environment, but, whatever makes it
        easeies/most efficeint. pointers?
        \_ most people use MetroWerks CodeWarrior for Palm, so that'd be the
           most painless to use. (But it also costs money and is available for
           Windows and MacOS only.) For gcc, you'll need PRC-Tools
           only Windows and MacOS.) For gcc, you'll need PRC-Tools
           ( ).  I found most
           Palm provides for Codewarrior is ~200 pages, I think).  I think the
           tutorials to be long-winded and a waste of time (the tutorials
           Palm provides for CodeWarrior is ~200 pages, I think).  I think the
           best way would be to look at the sample code Palm provides and read
           the SDK companion and reference documents. --jameslin
           tutorials to be long-winded and a waste of time (Palm's CodeWarrior
           tutorial is ~200 pages).  I think the best way to learn would be to
           look at the sample code Palm provides and read the SDK companion and
           reference documents.  You may find the Palm OS Programmer's FAQ
           useful ( ) --jameslin
        \_ Why would you want to program for palm?
           \_ because programming for WinCE is painful
troll  \_ Why would you want to program for palm?
                   the toyish hand held devices?
                   \_ as opposed to which other hand held devices? -ali
                   \_ Playstation, Xbox, etc. are all toys, too.  Why would
                      anyone want to program for them?
                      \_ Yeah? Why would anyone want to write programs
                         for these things?
et al        \_ because programming for WinCE is painful
                \_ Missing the point: why would you want to program for any
                   hand held devices?  [clarified for the pedantic and the
                   \_ well, you ask you a stupid question, why would you expect
                      anything but stupid answers?  some people (gasp) use
                      handheld devices.  is it not reasonable to develop
                      software for them?
2001/2/6-7 [Consumer/PDA] UID:20516 Activity:high
2/6     I need to get a PDA to keep track of appointments and todo lists.
        I want something inexpensive with an audible alarm.  Any recs?
        \_ Palm m100
           \_ I second the motion.
              \_ what do you do with your palms?
                \_ masturbate, duh
                   \_ Poor guy.  I use mine to squeeze chicks' boobs.
                    \_ squeezing chicks' boobs is SO not a substitute
                       for masturbation.  -aspo
                 \_ I keep track of appointments, to-do lists, ...
        \_ You should be able to get a palm 5 cheap. Works great, has alarm,
           and the recharageable battery is great.
2000/12/26-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:20176 Activity:high
12/25   Has anyone tried any of the subnotebook's with longer battery
        life(crusoe chip)? I've been browsing at and thinking
        of getting one.  I especially like the Fujitsu Loox, but I was
        wondering if anyone else had any experience with them, or subnotebooks
        in general?
        \_ I've got a Sony C1VN Picturebook (uses a Crusoe, not pictured on that
           site, but it probably most closely resembles the Fujitsu Loox-S).
           The battery life is better than full-sized notebooks with non-
           Crusoe chips, but it's not stellar. (Hard to tell, though.  The
           battery gauge gives wildly varying estimates, and I haven't
           tried timing it myself.) I do, however, like the form factor a
           lot.  I certainly wouldn't use it to replace a desktop, but as
           something to carry around between work and home or to use when
           travelling, it's great.  Also, it's really cool (literally).
           I've tried a C1X model (Pentium-2), and that thing could cook
           I've tried a C1XS model (Pentium-2), and that thing could cook
           bacon.  The keyboard, though, might be a bit cramped if you have
           large hands with stubby fingers.  It is a bit pricey, however,
           with it?  Have you considered getting PDA with a portable
           and I'm not sure it's worth the money.  What do you want to do
           with it?  Have you considered getting a PDA with a portable
           keyboard instead?
           \_ Did consider this, but it's impractical.  I need something more
              portable than a 5+ lb. notebook, that requires a huge notebook
              case/backpack.  Functionality needs go from word processing, to
              browsing, to statistical packages.  The small screens on PDA's
              just seems impractical for any lengthy work(e.g. 2 hours on a
              3 hour plane flight or a couple hours at a cafe).  Is your Sony
              keyboard about 80% of full-size?  Do your fingers get cramped
              at all? I did consider getting an ultralight(e.g. thinkpad x20),
              but I think one of the smaller ones would be more portable(see
              comment above about notebook bags/backpacks), and fastest
              processor, and speed isn't a priority as much as portability.
              \_ most of the keys I think are about 85-90% the size of full-
                 size.  A few are half-sized (such as ~ and / ... not designed
                 for *nix, obviously).  I definitely can't type as fast as
                 I can on a full-sized keyboard, but I don't get hand cramps.
                 (However, I have slender fingers.) The dimensions are the
                 same as the Fujitsu Loox-S, so its keys should be about
                 the same size.
            \_ does the picturebook have any sort of linux support worth
               mentioning?  My libretto is getting old and tired.
                \_ Hey, if it's a 100CT or 110CT, feel like selling it to me
                   at a sane price?  I need one to use as a portable
                   serial console, among other things (no serial port on
                   Picturebooks.)  -John
                   \_ no its my lame-ass 50CT.   Have you thought of using
                       a serial-usb adaptor on the picturebook?  -ERic
               \_ It does. The Linux Laptops page is your friend:
                  info on the c1vn is here:
              \_ I don't know.  I doubt it.  Sony doesn't even make it easy to
                 perform a clean install of Windows.
                 \_ you don't know, but you commented.
                  And the pages on the other c1 models could be helpful
                  as well. -- ajani
2000/12/9 [Consumer/PDA] UID:20052 Activity:high
12/8    \_ I wanna know how you got $650 worth of Sony card points.
           On my Sony card that would require spending something like
           $65,000.  Are you buying cars on plastic?  -tom
           \_ Wife's tuition charged to card.
           \_ tricks at the mustang ranch.
                \_ I charge my rent via paypal. Utilities and Phone
                   go through credit. And I did pay off my car via
                   credit for points along with a 1.9 APR on that. -=Aubie
2000/11/16 [Consumer/PDA] UID:19801 Activity:nil
11/16   Democrat hauling ballot punching machinery around in his car:
        Gets caught by police.  LePore decides not to press charges due to
        'extenuating circumstances'.


You put your stylus in,
You put your stylus out,
You put your stylus in,
And you punch Buchanan out.
You do the Palm Beach Pokey
And you turn the count around,
That's what it's all about!

You put the Gore votes in,
You put the Bush votes out,
You put the Gore votes in,
And you do another count.
You do the Palm Beach Pokey
And you turn the count around,
That's what it's all about!

You bring your lawyers in,
You drag the whole thing out,
You bring your lawyers in,
And you put it all in doubt.
You do the Palm Beach Pokey
And you turn the count around,
That's what it's all about!

You let your doctors spin,
You let the pundits spout,
You let your retirees sue,
And your people whine and pout.
You do the Palm Beach Pokey
And you turn the count around,
That's what it's all about!

You do the Palm Beach Pokey,
You do the Palm Beach Pokey,
You do the Palm Beach Pokey,
That's what it's all about!
2000/9/7 [Consumer/PDA] UID:19197 Activity:nil
9/7     How come all the Sony monitors I buy have this problem:
        The top border slopes down at the right corner.  This is
        not adjustable.  I was thinking that I may be too sensitive,
        but my monitor at work does not have this problem.  Does
        anyone has any experience as to buying direct would get you
        better quality stuff?  May the problem be due to rough
        handling during shipping?  I just wish there is a place
        where I can test a monitor before bringing it home, even
        if I have to pay extra for that.  I hate having to return
        mammoth monitors.
        \_ I have the same problem with my iiyama vm pro (mitsubishi
           "diamondtron" tube).  I once saw a monitor that let you ajust
           the vertical trapesoid, but not often.  Sigh.
2000/8/28-29 [Consumer/PDA] UID:19114 Activity:low
8/28    What's a good 19 inch penis to fellate these days?  Sony G400?
        Cornerstone P1401?  Eizo Nanao T761?  Viewsonic PS790?  Quality
        is more important than price for me though price matters too.
        \_ We got the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u's for $600 from
  Mar 2000.  These are nice.  I'd like to know what
           other people are getting, though.
2000/8/14-15 [Consumer/PDA] UID:18982 Activity:nil
8/14    I have a cradle for Palm IIIx.  Is the cradle the same for handspring,
        or palm m100?  I'm trying to get away from spending more $$$ than
        necessary. Thanks.
        \_ Visor:  No (
           m100:  Doesn't use a cradle.  It just has a wire, I believe,
           and the wire doesn't cost extra.
2000/8/11 [Consumer/PDA] UID:18964 Activity:nil
8/10    Anybody own the sony mz-r70PC minidisc unit?  Is it any good?
        Are there any really good ones out there with a USB port for
        transfer of music from a computer (i.e. comparable to the older
        aiwa am-f70)?
        \_ The early Sony MD players had really shitty battery life.  I don't
           know if they've improved since then. -dans
           \_ MZ-R70PC: 17hrs. battery life on one AA battery...not bad.  The
              Sony MZ-E800: 37 hrs. one AA.
2000/8/5-7 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/Networking] UID:18891 Activity:nil
8/5     Can anyone recommend a IMAP w/ SSL email-client for a Palm
        Pilot with wireless modem?
        \_ Assuming you are talking about a non-Palm-VII, you might
           check out "Multimail Pro" which claims to have IMAP w/ an
           SSL option:
2000/5/2 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/PDA] UID:18154 Activity:nil
5/1     I have a Palm IIIx, it has the annoying problem of the date getting
        messed up.  I.e. today I turn it on and it says that it's 4/27.
        The time is correct but the date is wrong.  Anybody else have this
        problem?  Should I sync it more often with my PC in order to get the
        correct date?
        \_ synch it with the motd! 5/1, babee!!!
        \_ I never experienced this problem with my pilot or PalmV.  AFAIK,
           syncing with your PC does not cause the date/time to be adjusted
           to that of your PC. -dans
        \_ You're losing power.  Charge it more.  This is a Palm FAQ.
        \_ I have this problem too, even with new batteries.
                \_ You're losing power.  Charge it more.  This is a Palm FAQ.
2000/4/26-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:18119 Activity:high
4/26    What electronic device (PDA?) on the market today would convenient
        substitute for notes, diary, and travel log?  --- never owned one.
        \_ what is wrong with notes, diary, and travel log?  They work.
           they don't break/run out of batteries.  They don't make you look
           like an idiot.
        \_ Just about all of them will do, as long as you like their
           input mechanism.  I'd recomend either the Palm IIIx or Vx,
           depending on whither you want an internal battery pack or
           regular AAA's you can change. - seidl
        \_ The truth is, none of them are really appropriate for Notes,
           diary, or travel log, since all of those would involve (presumeably
           a middling to large amount of text)  The pen input systems on
           palmtops are appropriate for adding someone's address, or putting
           in an appointment.. (I love my palm for these things), but they're
           a nightmare for inputting a lot (more than 10-20 words) of text.
           You probably want the lightest, thinnest, wimpiest, cheapest
           laptop you can get, and you'll be much happier.  --dbushong
           \_ Actually, the Palm Pilot when combined with a Palm Portable
              keyboard performs this role excellently, and is lighter
              and smaller than the wimpiest laptop, and has fullsized
              keys.  -nweaver
           \_ Another possibility is the IBM Workpad z50.  I own both a palm
              pilot and a z50.  I haven't had as much time to play with the
              z50 as I'd like.  They're discontinued, but you can get them on
              auction sites.  Don't pay more than $350.  The z50 has a really
              nice keyboard, and gets about 6 hours of battery life, but the
              screen kind of sucks.  It's a wince device, but if you want to
              plunk down another $350-$600 and play frankenbox, it can run
              NetBSD. -dans
              \_ I just want to be able to write and edit diary or essay
                during travel and save to regular computer after the trip.
                It doesn't need to do anything else, but must be cheap.
                \_ If you will do a LOT of journaling, I'd recommend it
                   because, as I said, the keyboard kicks ass (i.e. really
                   comfortable).  The palm plus palm keyboard is also a viable
                   option (ask Nick for more info about the keyboad).  Things
                   to consider:
                   The z50 is larger, but you only need to carry the z50 and
                   the AC adapter (as I said, ~6 hours battery life).  The
                   palm and keyboard combo will be smaller, but you need to
                   carry more pieces (palm + keyboard + cradle + AC adapter
                   or, for like another 35-50 bucks, you can get an AC
                   adapter that plugs directly into the palm, instead of into
                   the cradle which is used for both syncing and charging).
                   I'm not certain, but I think you'd end up spending more on
                   a palm because, at the very least, you need to add the
                   keyboard.  I don't know what the battery life is like on a
                   palm when using the keyboard (it talks via the serial port,
                   and that can eat batteries up pretty quickly).  Also, I
                   would avoid using a palm that uses AAAs because, though it
                   hasn't happened often, the batteries in my pilot (before I
                   got a V) have occasionally died out completely causing me
                   to lose the info on the pilot.  This isn't as much of an
                   issue if you will be syncing regularly.  E-mail me if you
                   have questions, I'll see if I can help out some more. -dans
                   \_ It depends on the PALM.  A  Palm3e ($150), and Palm
                      Portable Keyboard ($100) are together lighter &
                      smaller than
                      the z50.  You don't need an AC adaptor (the III uses
                      good old AAA batteries, and you can change them
                      without losing device data), and if you want a
                      cradle, you can just pack one of the cable-cradles.
                      It is a very nice solution for that problem, and
                      CHEAP, too (<$300).  Email me if you have any questions
                      on how it works.  -nweaver
        \_ Palm V with a laptop that has an infrared port is the way to go.
           Main purpose of the PDA (for me) is to be a quick data store of
           useful info when I'm on the road (ie; flight confirmation #'s, appts
           and alarms, phone numbers, etc.).  Using a PDA for computing (ie;
           pocket word/excel)?  Give me a break!  How practical is that?  Just
           dl Pac Man or a blackjack game (free) on the Palm V and you're good
           to go.  Now if anybody can tell me how to activate the IR port on
           a Nokia 6185 (Sprint is provider) and sync it to my Palm V, I'd be
           in heaven.
           \_ How about Nokia 9000 or 9110?
                \_ I think these don't have any IR shit in them. FCC
                   approval/time to market issue, probably.
                   \_ They do have an IR window on the top.  Is that only for
                        \_ Nokia 9000 has IR port, assume 9110 does also.
                           But dammit only 9600 baud dialup thru GSM--oj
        \_ Although it's a lost cause, you might want to look into a crosspad.
           For about $200, it'll let you right down all your notes and will
           store your files digitally. Once uploaded, you can try and perform
           handwriting recognition on your data.
        \_ Tandy Model 100 portable computer.  Hard to find but light weight,
           has real keyboard, real video, etc.
2000/4/19-21 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/CellPhone] UID:18049 Activity:low
4/19    The programming crew is getting new 19" monitors.  Any thoughts on
        the following, or recommendations?  Thanks ...
        Eizo FX-D7      Mitsuibishi Diamond Pro 900u    NEC FP 950
        Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 450     MAG 800v        LG 995E
        \_ Liked my Iiyama until the tube went fitz and they didnt fix it
        \_ Mag sucks.  Get a Sony 400PS, excellent picture + reliable.
           \_ i dont think they make the PS anymore.. the Sony G400
                 is much nicer than the 400PS ever was.  -shac
        \_ Though it isn't on the list, I have a viewsonic g790 that has
           been excellent.  The only caveat is that I have not had it all
           that long, about 9 months.
        \_ Do Eizo's still have syncing / settings problems? The old Nanaos
           I've used tend to forget my prior custom settings when I change
        \_ Cheap bastards.  Don't settle for anything less than 21".
2000/3/3-4 [Consumer/PDA] UID:17689 Activity:very high
3/3     Anyone get any PALM shares anywhere near the opening?  Any market
        order folks now sweating out the huge losses?
        \_ My friend bought 1K at $40. He's not sweating anything.
                \_ It opened higher than that.  Your friend was either in a
                   special program or you're a liar.
                   \_ Is it that hard to believe he was in on a special
                      program? Rare, yes, but not unbelievable.
                      \_ is he or isn't he?  Speculation and knee-jerk
                         conjecture are worthless here.  Oh wait, this is
                         the motd.
                         \_ isn't calling him a liar pretty worthless too?
                                \_ "was either X or was a liar".  No it isn't.
                      \_ Palm priced at $38. My friend got in on a deal
                         before it opened.
        \_ It opened to the public around $150.
                \_ and sunked to $90.
                 \_ "sunk"
                    \_ "sank"-/
Inflected Form(s):      sank /'sa[ng]k/; or sunk /'s&[ng]k/; sunk; sink·ing
                        \_ Webster doesn't make the distinction, but sank is
                           generally used for the intransitive sense.
                           \_ you sank my battleship!
2000/2/24 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:17607 Activity:insanely high
2/23    What are the cons to getting a Handjob?
        \_ Probably a lot more disgusting than the car and the cdr
        \_ the four week wait?
          \_ anyone get a hairy palm IIIc yet? --oj
          \_ anyone get a hairy palm IIIc yet?
        \_ Doesn't feel as good as oral sex or intercourse.
        \_ chafing.
        \_ None, really.  It's just the first step on the short road to having
           her anyway you want.  Don't be so short sighted.
        \_sometimes it is the only way he can make you come.  Especially
        if he finishes and pulls out in under ten minutes.....
2000/2/23-25 [Consumer/PDA] UID:17600 Activity:high
2/23    What are the cons to getting a Handspring?
        \_ the case construction is a bit weaker than palm.
        \_ Can't rev. the firmware. Lack of flash ROM sux.
           \_ Not the case so much as the cover.  I gave my Palm III to my
              girlfriend and bought a Visor Deluxe to replace it.  Aside from
              the cover, zero complaints.  Arrived in under a week, it's fast,
              has a nice screen, tons of memory, and cost a lot less than a
              Palm V.  True, it has the Palm III form factor rather than the
              sexy Palm V, but I was more than willing to give that up for the
              major price difference.  My advice: Go for it, but be sure to
              buy an upgraded cover at the same time.  -mogul
        \_ how is the color?
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "fast", "girlfriend", and "replace".
2000/2/20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:17574 Activity:nil
2/19    Finally, I got in and ordered a
        PlayStation2!  Isn't it neat that Sony would deliver it to me on
2000/2/16-17 [Consumer/PDA] UID:17522 Activity:kinda low
2/16    What is a cheap online place to buy a palm pilot? Are
        Palm pilots better than WindowsCE devices?
        \_ Palms generally have far longer battery life, are smaller,
           easier to use, and probably have more software for them, not to
           mention that they will back up to far more OSs.  -John
        \_ Cheaper?  You ever tried to use one of the CE crap toys?  Do your-
           self a favor and buy a palm5.
        \_ Palm is easier to write stuff for, you don't need proprietary
           sdk plugins for visstudio -paolo
        \_ vadim got it to run linux.
                \_ What kind of useful things can I do with Linux running
                   on a Palm Pilot?
1999/8/5-6 [Computer/HW/Memory, Consumer/PDA] UID:16253 Activity:nil
8/4     Do you have a Palm III or IIIx?  How much memory does PalmOS and
        the built-in apps take up?  I'm trying to decide whether 2 megs
        on a Palm III is good enough to run the map applications I need.  Thx.
        \_ all that is on the roms
        \_ OS and built in live in ROM, so you get the full 2 or 4 megs.
           I find as long as I don't put more than one whole book on it
           or too many games (> 3) 2mb is o.k.  The IIIx has a better screen
           though, so you might want to look at it.  Not sure which
           screen the IIIe has. - seidl
1999/8/2-3 [Consumer/PDA] UID:16224 Activity:moderate
8/2 I'm trying to decide whether to buy a palm III or winCE PDA.  The killer
        app for me is maps.  MS has Street2000 that let you export maps of
        cities in its CD and d/l onto a winCE device.  I couldn't find
        something like that for the Palm Pilot.  I could only find
        downloadable maps of some specific cities or places.  But not
        something comprehensive like Street2000.  Does such a thing exist for
        the Palm platform?  Thanks.
        \_ -- try the button "download to palm pilot"
        \_ did you check out the gps stuff for the p3?  Delomre has some map
        \_ another person posted some stuff about  it lets you
           download individual maps, but not searchable maps of an entire
           city.  E.g. a comprehensive map of berkeley or oakland in one
           downloadable file.
1999/6/17-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Consumer/PDA] UID:15978 Activity:kinda low
6/17    Palm Pilot V for sale.  Brand new, still in the box.  It has Sun's
        kJava installed on it, so you can develop limited Java apps
        and run them on it.  $350 obo.  Send email to peterl.
        \_ You picked this up at JavaOne for $200 didn't you?
        \_ You can get a brand new one for $200 at JavaOne.
           \_ Not everyone can get into JavaOne. I'll sell you mine for $275...
                \_ sign your name!
                \_ This is contrary to the BH Laws of Computer Hacking!  You
                   must provide the PP5 for free and then charge for phone
                   \_ People who can't be funny shouldn't make bh jokes.
1998/10/22-25 [Consumer/PDA] UID:14810 Activity:nil
10/23   ProxiNet is hiring.  See /csua/pub/jobs/ProxiNet or          - sony
1998/10/21-22 [Consumer/PDA] UID:14799 Activity:kinda low
10/20   Does anyone here use Palm Pilot III or Phillips Nino? Which one is
        a better deal?
        \_ Palm III=$319, Palm Modem=$100, Palm PC Link=$25, Palm Total=$444
           Nino 312, modem and PC link, Nino total = $369
           Palm III has 2 megs. Nino has 8 megs. Palm III input device sucks.
           Nino is quite flexible (like the Newton). Nino has more applications.
           Palm III applications suck. Nino can voice record 16min/meg. Palm
           has no such feature. Go figure
           \_ Somebody hand this man a grammar book opened to the part
          about articles.
           \_ 8MB of RAM on the Nino is really weak.  The overhead of the OS
              makes it pretty slow in comparison to the Palm devices.
           \_ For not much more you can get something like a libretto min-laptop
              and run a real OS (FreeBSD works for me).
        \_ If you want to use the ricochet modem, factor in that you have
           to buy a serial I/O card which is about $180.  The little cable
           for the Palm devices are much more reasonable.  I suppose it
           doesn't really matter since most of the palm-sized devices are
           going wireless next year.
           \_ not to mention the ricochet modem for another $300 or so...
        \_ I'm holding out for the Phillip Nunez, which will blow both of those
           away.  - phillip #1 fan
                \_ Most importantly that it can store infinite amounts of
                        \_ Of course.  It uses PhilCompress(tm).
                        \_ PhilOS rules!
                        \_ Specs of PhilWoman?
1998/3/20 [Consumer/PDA] UID:13844 Activity:moderate
3/19    (Yes, it's still only the 19th, I'm afraid.)  Is it currently
        advisable to buy a Palm Pilot Professional, and what is a typical
        fair price for one?
        \_ in a month the pilot ]I[s are comming out.  I would wait till
           then as, even if you don't want a 3, you will get a better
           price on a professional.
        \_ Why don't you wait for the handheld PC being released soon by
           Microsoft? That one has Windows CE and internal modem. Of course,
           that means you have to pay more.
           \_ pilotos >> win ce.
1998/3/17 [Consumer/Camera, Consumer/PDA] UID:13820 Activity:high
3/16    My Sony camcorder's tape is stuck inside. The eject button does
        not work so I cannot get the tape out. On screen it shows there is
        a red tape button. Does anyone also have this problem??How to fix?
        \_ Try smashing it on the ground and see if you can get the tape
           out that way.  Remember to use a _hard_ surface (e.g., concrete).
        \_ I'll fix it if I can keep the tape of your nekkid gf doing those
           four dudes.
1998/3/13-17 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/Camera] UID:13801 Activity:low 71%like:13798
3/13    Does anybody know how to repair the tape transport of a Sony camcorder
        or know somebody who is an expert doing this? Thanks.
          \_ try Resistance Repair... in west Berkeley.
             \_ guerilla repairmen?
                \_ Brazil?
                   \_ yes.  but before you can hire one, you need
                      to fill out a 27B/6.  have you got one, then?
                      no?  well, dont come back till you do!
1998/2/25-27 [Consumer/PDA, Finance/Shopping] UID:13737 Activity:high
2/25    Where's the cheapest place to get a Palm Pilot Pro?
                        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> $297 --aaron
                        \_ Fry's has good prices. but you can also buy
                                the mem upgrade there if you need it
        \_ Is Fry's cheaper than 199 for personal and $290 for pro and $100
           for upgrade at <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Frys prices change every couple days, and vary from being
              fairly expensive to pretty good. Since they don't have
              a website, you can't tell in advance. Best prices you
                \_ Pick up the phone and call.
                   \_ yeah, that'll work. we're talking about fry's here.
              can probably get are about $290-300 for the Pro. I've
              rarely seen prices that low on them at Frys. -cdaveb
           \_ Check out what's on clearance at Fry's.  I got a Cassiopeia
              for $100, when the regular price was $300.  -peterl
                \_ Did you ever once stop to think, "Why is this on
                   clearance?"  Maybe it sucks, so no one buys it?
                   \_ Of course.  I checked it out thoroughly before
                      buying.  It works fine.  The reason it was so cheap
                      was because they were discontinuing that item; For
                      $300 no one buys them, but for $100, they're pretty
                      cool.  -peterl
                \_FRY's sucks my cock.  What the hell is a Cassiopeia?
                  Did it actually WORK when you got it home??
                   \_  Yes, it works perfectly.
        \_ -mogul
        \_ I got my Pro plus modem for $370 incld tax from a computer show
1998/1/21 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:13531 Activity:nil
1-20    Can anyone recommend a brand/distributor for a good SCSI tape
        loader for backing up ~30 gigs or more?  Exabyte 8mm or DAT 4mm
        preferred.  This is for Linux and Solaris.      -randal
        \_ Possibly under $1500 would be good.
        \_ DAT drives known to work/pseudo-supported for solaris:
             Python 29279, EXABYTE EXB-4200c(I THINK that is DAT),
                \_ Exabyte does not equal DAT.
             HP    C1553A, HP 35470A, HP 35480A, SONY SDT-5000,
             SONY  SDT-5200, WangDAT  2600, WangDAT 3400
        \_ do you want somethin like an exabyte 8505 or mammoth based? -shac
           \_ 8505      -randal
        \_ I think Microtech makes a 17 tape Sony based DAT loader.
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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