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2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/2/16-23 [Consumer/GPS] UID:45747 Activity:nil
2/16    Any recommendations on a navigation system (GPS) for driving?
        I'm looking for something in the $300-$400 range ...
        \_ I have the Garmin 2610 and I love it. Very customizable in
           terms of what to display (tabs), and the remote comes very
           handy. The screen is also among the better ones, and have
           automatic brightness adjustment based on surrounding light
           level. It is a slightly dated model. The 2720 was just on
           sale at for $450. It has the 3D interface, voice
           pronounce, but less customizable. Their C320 series is
           pretty decent, but the screen pales in comparison to the
           2610, looks washed out in the sun.
           \_ My girlfriend has what I think is a Garmin c320,
              and it's been great.  I imagine you're right about it
              looking washed out in the sun, but that hasn't been a
              problem for me.  (Admittedly, having no experience with
              other navigation systems, I have nothing to compare it to.)
              I have no particular complaints.  It's $300 or so.  -niloc
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/9/26-27 [Consumer/Camera, Consumer/GPS] UID:44542 Activity:nil
9/26    GPS tagging device that fits in the flash slot of a DSLR:
        \_ Sony release something similar:
2006/8/22-24 [Consumer/GPS] UID:44103 Activity:nil
8/22    Casio is coming out w/ a GPS wristwatch: (
2006/8/17-22 [Consumer/GPS] UID:44056 Activity:nil
8/17    Does anyone have a TomTom GPS unit (any model)? If so, how well does
        it work in the SF Bay Area and the LA Area?
        \_ I've use a TomTom in the BA and a Magellan in socal.  Both sometimes
           give odd directions but will get you where you want to go fairly
           well.  I found the TomTom's interface significantly better, but
           other people disagree with me.  (The Magellan however was a lot
           easier to take with me or hide in the glove box.)
        \_ I have the PocketPC version (more or less the same as the older
           300 model).  I have used it all over Southern Cal and recently
           on a 10 states road-trip at North-Eastern US.  Overall, I would
           agree with PP that it'll get you to the dest.  However, I don't
           trust its direction completely.  I always do a sanity check
           on it.  Overall it works very well.
        \_ On a related note:  recommendations for a good gps, not too super-
           pricey, that I can use on its own (think car & some outdoors use) as
           well as in conjunction with a Powerbook?  -John
2005/12/10-11 [Consumer/GPS] UID:40950 Activity:nil
12/9    Want to buy wife a GPS unit for car. Any recommendations? She is not
        a tech freak, so it needs to be non-geek friendly. It would also be
        nice to know which ones to avoid. TIA.
        \_ garmin c320, $400 @ amazon
2005/9/17-19 [Consumer/GPS] UID:39724 Activity:nil
9/17    GPS Watch:
2005/7/5-6 [Consumer/GPS] UID:38422 Activity:nil
7/5     Has anyone used Microsoft's Map+GPS or Delorme+GPS? Both cost
        $100 and seem pretty good, but I'd like to hear from you guys
        on their usability. ok thx.
        \_ It's really inconvenient to drive with a laptop.  I believe
           MS doesn't have voice navigation, don't know about Delorme.
           If you have a PDA (esp. a PocketPC) there are plenty of
           software that does what you want.  Check
           IGuidance has both PDA+Laptop version at ~$100.  Of course
           you'll still need a GPS module (another $100 or so).
2005/5/10-11 [Consumer/GPS] UID:37600 Activity:nil
5/9     Solar Powered BT GPS Recv'r: (
2004/9/27 [Consumer/GPS] UID:33773 Activity:nil
9/27    Nice Garmin GPS costs about $600+. Is it better to just get a PDA+
        GPS plug in thing as it is cheaper and can do more? What are the pros
        and cons of doing so? ok thx
        \_ Garmin units are very nice. They are very well built, and
           the software on those units in my experience has been top
           quality.  I never liked PDA+ units, as they are very fragile
           and are not in the same league as some of the garmin
           handhelds. I'd much prefer a 60C over any PDA+ combo. Also
           the battery life on the Garmin is impressive, 30 hours on a
           double AA. Try that on your PDA.  PDAs are for techies who
           wants to have GPS added to their PDA, but don't really use
           it for any serious purpose. Garmin units are for the more
           serious GPS users where one day your life may depends on
           it. :)
           \_ Very true if you want to use the GPS for outdoor purpose.
              That said, if you want to use GPS for car navigation
              purpose, I think PDA+GPS has a better price/performance
              ratio.  Chechk for PDA+GPS related
        \_ Don't most of the newer cell phones have GPS recievers in
           them as part of the Enhanced 911 initiative?  Or does that
           only work in the coverage area?
           \_ Yes they do, but it's seldom paired with GPS software, just a
              little routing to forward the info to 911 operators.
2004/8/26-27 [Consumer/GPS] UID:33166 Activity:nil
8/26    Anyone have a GPS handheld device?  How often do you use it?
        Why do you use it?
        \-i have  garmin. i orginally got it partly for "cool" factor
          and prtly for altitude information on hiking/trekking trips.
          i dont use it much because the current generation eats batteries
          to fast and the signal amplification isnt good so even moderate
          tree kills your signal. --psb
        \_ I have a garmin eTrex. It got it for my birthday several years
           ago and have used it on and off over the years. I used to use
           it when I was walking/running every day to keep track of my
           milage (tried to cover at least 6 mi a day). I used it when I
           was traveling in Ireland/UK mostly to prevent getting lost.
           The main problem w/ the eTrex is the recv'r. It is pretty weak
           so you will loose signal when you go under moderate tree cover
           or in between tall buildings w/ overhangs. The other problem
           is the accuracy, it ranges from 30 ft to 130 ft.
           If you are thinking about getting a GPS, I would wait till 2005.
           They are coming out with the new signaling standard that should
           make it easier to get/keep a signal and give you greater accuracy.
2004/8/25 [Consumer/GPS] UID:33145 Activity:nil
8/25    Which map web sites give you GPS information, and can you convert
        GPS information to X/Y for plotting purpose? ok thx
        \_ Better yet, which map web sites give you longitude and latitude
           so you can figure these things out universally?
2004/7/12 [Consumer/GPS] UID:32233 Activity:high
7/12    Does anyone know how the garmin unlock key works? I can't find much
        info on the web and the gps newsgroup is too sensitive to this topic.
        \_ Are you trying to upload mapdate you have obtained illegally?
           \_ Yes, now fuck off.
        \_ Get the real thing, steal a PLGR or DAGR, and try cracking the
           the government authorization system. Post results here.\
           \_ I am not interested in the real thing.
        \_ what are you talking about?          -gps dumb guy
           \_ It's software activiation for the map data you can load
              into Garmin's GPS units.  -- !op
2004/1/3-4 [Consumer/GPS] UID:11654 Activity:nil
1/3     Is there a way to backup waypoints on a Garmin GPS to my PC without
        buying software?
        \_ As long as you have the PC-GPS cable, try downloading EasyGPS,
  It's free. There are more like it out there.
          \_ Awesome!  Thanks!
        \_ Just FYI, the GPS data is sent through a standard RS232 port and
           all the information is simply plaintext in comma delimited format.
           You can use a term program and read the input directly from any
           GPS unit. Format of this data is publicly available everywhere.
2003/2/5 [Consumer/GPS] UID:27313 Activity:moderate
2/5     I'm looking for a GPS device that can do the following:  Store
        4 points and calculate the surface area inside those four points.
        Actually 3 points would be nice too.  Does such a thing exist?  I'm
        trying to measure the size of a plot of land.  Thanks.
        [garbage deleted.  If it's not necessary to say, it's necessary
         not to say]
        \_ If you can't calculate the area yourself given the 4 points....
           you should turn in your degree.
           \_ Do you use a calculator?  Don't be a dumbass.  I need
              accurate answers; that's why there's technology.  Maybe you think
              we should all go back to an era before computers.
              \_ This is a problem better solved on a computer, than on the
                 GPS unit.  So few people would have a need for it.  And how
                 big an area are we talking about?  Even with SA off, I
                 wouldn't use non differential GPS for an area smaller than
                 an acre, unless you want fake precision.
                 \_ The land I'm trying to measure range from 10-300 acres.
                    I want to drive to the four corners of the land and store
                    the coordinates and then have an answer right away.
                    And do this on different plots of land.
2001/8/22-23 [Consumer/GPS] UID:22205 Activity:nil
8/21    Someone told me that you could download GPS simulators before you
        buy them. Where can I find the web site for them? I've already
        gone to Magellan and Garmin but couldn't find any handheld GPS
        simulator. Thanks.
        \_ Garmin Emap, simply the best. Just buy it.
2001/7/5-6 [Consumer/GPS] UID:21716 Activity:high
7/5     Looking for personal experiences with various GPS systems.  Can you
        tell me what brand you have and how you like it?  And how much it is
        of course.  Thanks.
        \_ dude get a REAL GPS receiver. Get a PLGR.. oh wait.. it's a federal
           felony to have one.. oh well.
           Good comparison of the models commonly used in field research.
           \- as usual: how much do you want to spend, what do you want to
           use it for [hike, car, boat, plane] and any non-negotiable, must-
           have features? if PNO/hiking/everything, garmin iii+. --psb
2000/12/22-27 [Consumer/GPS, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:20160 Activity:low
12/22   I am going on a trip to India soon.  Any recommendation for
        an inexpensive but decent GPS?  I will also use it for future
        trekking and hiking trip, both foreign and domestic.
        \- see and the sat-nav news group. you can
        probably get a faily basic one for $100-150. you canb also search the
        walllogs. these days i think you are basically paying for storage
        capacity and some users features ... not so much accuracy or
        sensitivity. --psb
        \_ Garmin G12 was $150 2 years ago, will do anything you need.  Newer
           Etrex model is half the size, same sort of pricing.
        \_ Magellan 310 on sale at Fry's for $89.95.  Also, if you have
           one of the higher level Palms, you can get a GPS attachment
           for $130 or so.
           \- one additional comment: i think GPSes are still pretty primitive
           in terms of user interface and are still geek toys. are you sure
           disposable income not to worry about a $100 here or there].--psb
           you want one? most geeks into geek toys tend to want the ones
           with all the features and not the low end ones [and have the
           disposable income not to worry about a $100 here or there].
           they also suck a lot of batteries, often dont work that well under
           tree cover without an ext antenna, so if you dont make a serious
           commitment to them, might not be worth taking at all. as with
           almost all consumer electronics, tomorrow it will be better and
           cheaper. --psb, former Garmin III+ owner recently return from india
2000/9/16 [Consumer/GPS] UID:19261 Activity:moderate
9/15    Been pretty happy with my Garmin GPS till I got on Concorde. It
        was then that I realized that it could only register up to 999MPH.
        What the fuck?
        \_ If you were an engineer at Garmin, would you worry about people
           in supersonic airplanes needing to know their speed from a GPS
        \_ Why do you think they had to ground all the concordes?
1999/8/17-18 [Consumer/GPS] UID:16328 Activity:high
8/16    anyone up on GPS hardware? i am thinking about getting one and
        am trying to settle on a budget and model and had some questions to
        that end. --psb
        \_ I always wondered what use the average citizen has for a GPS.
           Do you own a boat or something?  What do you want it for?
            \_ Off road driving.  Hiking.  Skiing in case I get lost.
        \_ Hiking, in case you wanna pull a Blair Witch.
        \_ Garmin 11 is a great entry level model.  about 150.  If you
           are a completely big geek and want alot of docking capability
           with a pc for doing maps/charts whatever, you will have to pay
           about 100-250 more, for that crap.  But if you are just doing
           it to pick up chicks (haahahaha) get the 11.
                \-i basically want it for backcountry hiking [fairly soon]
        and more long term, for overland trips and long treks [probably in
        the Garwhal]. I dont want to spend $2K but I'm pretty price insensitive
        between $150-$250 range. I wasn just wondering if there was some price
        point where there is a sharp knee in the curve. Is there some set of
        categories ... like with stereos you can go consumer [$500], low-end
        audiophile [$1500], and serious audiophile [$5K-$50K]. It would help
        if you would sign this. I was looking at the Garmin 12 and some
        Magellan model ... 4000? --psb
        \_ The entry-level garmin I spoke of is what you want for "back country
        hiking" (tho I sense a bit of go-go gadgetry here).  It is water
        resistant to 10 feet (so it can be rained on), and has some very
        sophisticated waypoint functions and fits in the palm of your hand.
        I've never had problems with satellite fixes.  Magellans are supposed
        to be good too, but I have no direct experience with those. You've
        done alot of research, but you are making this much harder than it
        needs to be.  Just buy the Garmin!!!
        \-well this is where i am doing like 5 minutues of net.research ...
        ok let me change question ... why do i get for $250 that i dont get
        in a $150 GPS. i assume things arent at the point where "no consumer"
        would spend $250 on a GPS ... in other words is spending $250-300 on
        GPS analogous to a $4K PC [high end home system] or $10K [far beyond a
        normal home computer budget] --psb
           \_ Spend $400 on a GPS, and it'll run *all* of your elisp macros!
        \_ I answered these questions above.  Looks like you *really* want
        to spend more.  Okay, but Id recommend spending the extra 150 on
        a ded reconing class.  I can see the slashdot headline now:
        Computer geek found dead in Tilden park on a backcountry expedition
        after the batteries in his garmin 12-XP11++ run
        out.  He would have made it, except he cannabalized the batteries on
        his PCM cell phone to make a note of his new position on his PALM V
        (and answered some email as well!).  If only he'd brought an EPIRB...
        What good is all this net.research if you are going to make a simple
        (and prolly unnecessary) purchase so complex?
        \_ You really have no clue what partha is asking. Sign your name,
           dumbass. -sameer
            \_ actually, I do, you freak.
                \_ Does anyone else see the irony in calling sameer a freak?
        \_ Didn't the GPS just crash last week because of rollover problem
           counting the # weeks since 1/6/80?  -- yuen
           \_ Only old receivers that tracked time with fewer bits. Newer
              ones (built after about 1994) don't have that problem. Oh,
           \_ So you are saying that GPS is like computers. You need to buy
                a new one every other year or so?
                \_ Computers are hard.  Lets go shopping!
              and the rollover is 08/21. --dim
                \-Ok what are the difference between the Garmin III+ and 12?
                        \_ IX+
1998/9/11 [Consumer/GPS] UID:14573 Activity:nil
        8/21/99 to 8/22/99"?  What's that?
        \_ Some rocket scientist in the DoD defined GPS to only have a 1024
           week counter, starting in 1980, which rolls over to 0 again at
           midnight on 8/22/99.  For more info, see:
           \_ Older GPS receivers only allotted 10 bits to the calendar
              function. Those receivers will rollover again in like 2018.
              Most GPS receivers in military use and deployed on
              spacecraft do not have this problem. --dim
2021/06/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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