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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/2/26-3/26 [Transportation/Airplane, Consumer, Consumer/Audio] UID:54614 Activity:nil
2/26    How does a hot air balloon pilot control the flight path?  I'd think
        one can only control the vertical movement using the flame.  Thanks.
        \_ You move vertically trying to catch wind currents blowing in the
           direction you want.
2012/11/6-12/4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:54522 Activity:nil
11/6    I downloaded some free and paid apps that are ummmm questionable and
        I don't really want my wife to see it, how do I remove it from the
        iTunes download history? I can't seem to do that anymore after
        upgrading to iOS6 (I used to be able to "hide" it).
        \_ Is it the app that searches for your friends' nude pics on FB?
2011/5/12-7/13 [Consumer/Audio] UID:54108 Activity:nil
5/21    Judgement Day
        \_ When Rapture comes, can I have your stereo?
2009/5/18-25 [Consumer/Audio] UID:53004 Activity:nil
5/18    I love Skype, but I get a ton of Skype fan from hotAZNh00ker
        nicks, etc.  How do I stop it?
2009/3/12-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:52704 Activity:kinda low
3/12    I'm thinking about buying one of the new iPod Shuffles.
        Does anybody have a sense whether the headphone-iPod connection
        is designed well?  It looks potentially fragile in the
        pictures.  I've had a lot of bad experiences with Apple
        power cords which fall apart at the junction points.
        \_ It's brand fucking new.  Who knows?
           \_ I am wondering if it is a historical problem with iPods
              as the power cord problem was with laptops.
        \_ Do you like Apple earbuds? I can't stand them, so I would only
           get them if you are ok with the existing earbud designs or are
           willing to shell out for real earbuds that are compatible. It
           would have been nice to have a 0-button shuffle mode. You plug in
           earbuds, slide the shuffle/sequential switch over, and music starts
           \_ You can use the Shuffle with ordinary earbuds. Turn it off and
              on and the thing will play. But no fast-forward, pause, or any
              other controls.
           \_ This is for listening to podcasts at the gym, so sound quality
              is less important than comfort and not falling off.
              \_ Ya, that's what I'm talking about. I find them to be really
                 uncomfortable. If they fit in your ears ok, then I think
                 you should be fine. Apple has a backdoor policy of offering
                 free headphone replacements even if they are out of warranty.
                 I don't know if that would apply to the fancy shuffle buds.
2009/1/21-26 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:52427 Activity:nil
1/20    I downloaded a song from iTunes and used it as a soundtrack
        in a movie I created in iMovie. But now youtube won't let me
        use the audio in the movie, as it's licensed. What is the easiest
        way to get around this, on a mac? Is there a way to directly record
        this song into an mp3, as I'm playing it on this machine? Thanks.
        \_ Ah, I see you are enjoying the DRM kool aid.  Isn't it nice how
           it keeps you from illegally using that song?
           \_ iTunes is DRM free these days. Maybe it's YouTube:
        \_ Maybe don't be a pirate? Some artists will let you use the song
           free or cheap if you ask, while some are pricks about it and
           will want like $20K. If you don't ask, though, you are a pirate.
2008/11/26-12/2 [Consumer/Audio] UID:52109 Activity:nil
11/25   anyone know of an xmms/amarok/something plugin that will change tempo
        and/or pitch of an mp3?  thanks.
2008/11/17 [Consumer/Audio] UID:52023 Activity:high
11/18   "Five Gadgets That Were Killed by the Cellphone"
        \_ This is not a revolutionary article.  Yawn.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/11/14-26 [Consumer/Audio] UID:51980 Activity:nil
11/14   Economics textbook author/professor decries fallacy of expecting
        significant returns simply by holding equities for 30+ years ( MP3)
        Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman on Charlie Rose (haven't watched it yet,
        but I believe he says something like stocks are way undervalued) (
2008/11/12-13 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Consumer/Audio] UID:51937 Activity:kinda low 66%like:51935
11/12   whatthefuckdoeslulzmean
        \_ lolz
           \_ SOCIALISM
              \_ natch, norcal.
              \_ country first!
                 \_ election's over man.  lol.
                 \_ Do other countries have such a long period between
                    election and inauguration?
                    \_ Taiwan does.
        \_ It means paolo is an idiot.
        \_ It means paolo is a moron.
2008/11/10-12 [Consumer/Audio] UID:51892 Activity:nil
11/10   Nassim Taleb says modern portfolio theory is shit.  Seven Nobels have
        been handed out related to risk management theory, and it should stop
        being taught in business schools.  He also describes how he invests for
        the long term. ( MP3)
2008/10/27-31 [Consumer/Audio] UID:51694 Activity:nil
        Angry sysadmin:  "investing for the long haul" (as opposed to trading
        this market) is, at this juncture, idiotic ( MP3)
        Hedge fund manager says coming rally will be "surprisingly robust"
        (btw, I recommend listening since he offers some backup)
        \_ Why did you delete all the replies to this post?
2008/7/10-11 [Consumer/Audio] UID:50531 Activity:nil
7/10    Is the new iPod 3G coming out tomorrow?
        \_ ^Pod^Phone. yesh.
2008/4/3-9 [Consumer/Audio, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:49654 Activity:low
4/3     Teen-repellent device!
        \_ "Inventor of Teen-repellent device seeks regulation of
            his invention."
        \_ "British inventor of teen-repellent device wants laws regulating it"
        \_ Does this work on beagles? My neighbor's beagles bark all
           day long when he's gone and it's driving everyone nuts. Actually
           it's not so much of a bark as it is a deep WOOWOOOWOOOO!
           WOOWOOOOWOOOOO! WOWOWOOOOOOOWOOOOOOO!!! It's not your typical
           bar bark bark sound. I don't know the proper name for
           a beagle WOOWOOWOOOOOO!
           \_ Beagles don't bark, they "bay."
           \_ I don't know about 'the mosquito' but anti-freeze works great
              for that problem.
              \_ So does jail time for killing the dog.  Idiot.
           \- there is an mp3 of this you can download. i added it to
              my itunes ... it's kinda interesting to see who can/cant
              hear it on my MPB.
              my itunes ... it's kinda fun to see who can/cant hear it
              on my MPB.
           \_ Hey genius, I told you last time you whined about the dog to
              call the cops with a noise complaint.  Did you?  No.  I'm
              ashamed to think we went to the same school.
              \_ Actually I did, the cop said if the owner is not violating
                 animal cruelty law (sanitation, food, shelter), and that
                 I should take it up with the city as there's not much
                 they can do about this case. Neighbor-to-neighbor disputes
                 need to be taken care of in civil/litigation or something.
                 \_ A few things then. 1) your cop/town is lame.  you have a
                    valid noise complain in any civil place.  2) abusing the
                    dog will not get it to quiet down, 3) try talking to your
                    neighbor, 4) please accept my apologies for bashing you
                    earlier, I'm honestly quite shocked the police didn't take
                    a noise report which is the start of the process to ding
                    your neighbor for disturbing the peace in a normal city.
                    \_ Ya it's ok, motd doesn't bother me compared to what
                       I have to tolerate every day. I searched online for
                       this problem and unfortunately it's really complex
                       as each state and city and county ordinances are
                       different. The cops are right though, it's a neighbor
                       to neighbor dispute in which they can't arrest anyone
                       for it. Unless violence or harm has done they can't
                       really put the owner in jail. They can however write
                       police reports, which may prove to be helpful in
                       the court.
2007/10/15-17 [Consumer/Audio] UID:48313 Activity:nil
10/13   The Zune has an FM Ftuner. Is there any MP3 player with an AM tuner?
        I saw Panasonic makes a portable CD player that plays MP3 and has
        an AM tuner, but playing MP3 from CD is not quite the same thing.
2007/9/12-14 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Audio] UID:48042 Activity:moderate
9/12    My mother-in-law bought an iPhone. I have a CD she would like to
        load onto her iPhone. I ripped the CD into MP3s and imported them
        into iTunes. How can she listen to the CD on her iPhone w/o
        blowing away the music she already had on there (from home) which
        is what iTunes wants to do. I don't have access to her home
        computer, which is the one the phone is registered with. How can I
        do this? Why does Apple make these trivial things (copying a file
        from one device to another) so effing difficult? It's not a DRM
        issue. I own the CD!
        \_ I copy files from one Apple device to another all the time.
           What's so effing difficult? By the way, if you didn't do the
           obvious thiing of just giving your inlaw the files on a USB
           stick, CD, or even the iPhone itself, your effing answer is:
           \_ This article talks about iPod. iPhone is not an iPod and
              behaves differently. Do you have experience with iPhone?
              AFAIK, you can only sync music to an iPhone from a single
              computer. There is some 3rd party s/w which claims to do
              this as a kludge by creating a new Library, but 1) That's
              not the same thing and 2) That costs money. Your "obvious"
              answer requires access to her home computer, which we don't
              have right now. I am guessing you think you know more than
              you know:
              I am getting really sick of Apple.
        \_ huh what? I thought everything was supposed to be easy with Apple
2007/8/11-15 [Consumer/Audio] UID:47588 Activity:nil
8/11    I want to get a new radio/cd player w/ iPod support for my
        car ('03 Outback) and I wanted to know if someone could
        recommend a good brand/model and a good place to get it
        installed in the south bay. tia.
2007/7/26 [Consumer/Audio] UID:47435 Activity:nil
7/26    how hard is it to adopt my car stereo to use my ipod/mp3 player?
2007/7/26-31 [Consumer/Audio] UID:47432 Activity:nil
7/26    If I have a quality stereo system that's iPod compatible,
        is there going to be a difference in sound quality between playing
        music from the iPod using some lossless format versus the CD?
        \_ The CD player will most likely have different sound quality.
           Whether that's better, worse, or detectable by you depends on
           it and you. (DACs).
2007/6/30-7/1 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Audio] UID:47138 Activity:high
        \_ Maybe he will actually allow his OS to run in a VM some day.
           I don't get all of the iPhone hype. It's a phone. It's a nice
           phone, but it's a phone. It doesn't do anything existing
           devices didn't do, do them cheaper, or possibly even better (I
           haven't used one yet, so I can't say). Why is there so much
           hype over a flipping phone? My coworker took off work yesterday
           to go get one and when he did he had to spam us all with photos
           of him in line, him opening the box, and so on. Give me a
           break. I'm sure I'll have some similar device in a year or two
           and it will be more featureful and cost half as much. Why is
           this such a "must have" device that people will wait in line
           to pay $600 for one? And I'm not talking Mac geeks here. I'm
           talking 20 year old receptionists in Des Moines.
           \_ let me guess, you also think most people are stupid right?
              \- THEY ARE.
           \_ I'm a well educated urbanite and I simply don't understand
              why people want to live in Los Angeles! It is a total dump
              because *I* hate LA and I don't see WHY anyone else wants
              to live there!</sarcasm>
           \_ What about iPod and Gucci and Louis Vouitton stuff? They are
              completely useless shit yet people want them. Why? And what
              and Porsche Cayenne and Chevy Suburban? Clearly they have
              no values for 98% of the daily commutes in the US but people
              want them. Why?
              \_ People do not typically line up at 4am a day in advance
                 to buy a Gucci bag or a Suburban. My question is not:
                 "Why do people want a phone?" as much as "Why is this
                 particular phone so hyped?"
                 \- they might line up at 4am to get a Birkin Bag. It also
                    costs 10x - 100x what an iPhone costs. Yes, I am not
                    kidding ... a bag pricier than a Suburban.
                    \_ Purchacing one of these should be grounds for
           \_ Well, iPods are the most popular mp3 players, so getting that
              with a phone and google maps and whatever must be appealing.
              It's a lot of money yeah. I don't know, a lot of people like
              to spend money on gadgets and cars. If I travelled around a lot
              I think this phone could be quite useful. My non-sexy phone
              already plays mp3s fine though and cost nothing.
              \_ I forgot to mention that you have to use Cingular's crappy
                 service. As a current Cingular customer that would seal
                 the deal for me *not* getting an iPhone right there.
              \_ "Yes, but MINE is an apple!"
                 \_ I was reading this, thinking "wow, what an amazingly
                    stupid person" then I realized it was OSC. Good for a laugh,
                    but boy is that guy clueless...
                \_ I think Cingular went away didnt it
2007/5/2-4 [Consumer/Audio] UID:46508 Activity:nil
5/2     I would like to use my ipod at my work cubicle; but do not want to plug
        it into one of my work computers to keep it charged. I was told not to
        use the older firewire plugin chargers on the newer ipods. Is there
        such a thing as an AC adapter for the 80Gb ipod?
        \_ You can get a wall wart with a USB port for iPod charging from the
           Apple store for about $20.
2007/4/2-3 [Consumer/Audio, Recreation/Music] UID:46174 Activity:low
4/2     EMI and Apple partner to sell DRM-free music
        \_ cue the Sex Pistols
        \_ But Jobs remains ambivalent re DRM-free video:
           "Video is pretty different from music right now because the video
            industry does not distribute 90 percent of their content DRM
            free. Never has. So I think they are in a pretty different
            situation, and I wouldn't hold it to a parallel at all."
        \_ They're releasing music only in AAC format.  I think
           only ipods play that.  Yes I know your home computer will
           play it, I'm talking about mobile devices.
           \_ Microsoft has every right to add AAC support in their
              music players if they wanted to just like Apple can
              add WMV support if they chose to pay Microsoft the license
              fees. They just choose not to. They're both just as bad
              as the other in that sense.
           \_ Just convert aac to mp3 and you can play it on any portable
              player. Or you could just buy an iPod like everyone else,
              instead of being stuck with some lame pos.
2007/3/30-4/3 [Consumer/Audio] UID:46154 Activity:nil
3/30    Free Audio Books:
2007/2/27-3/3 [Consumer/Audio] UID:45831 Activity:nil
2/27    anyone know a free tool to rip an mp3 out of a flash swf file?
        \_ Don't know about this, but I hear the dirty secret of the flash mp3
           player is that it doesn't actually stream, it downloads files to a
           temporary directory and plays them.  Not sure if this helps for swf
           files... -dans
2006/12/26-30 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Computer/Games, Consumer/Audio] UID:45497 Activity:nil
12/26   What did you guys get for Christmas? Anyone got a new car or Wii?
        \_ Eight new cell phones for my extended family.
        \_ Some pants from Banana Republic, an iPod, a nice tie, a nice
           bottle of scotch.
2006/12/20-26 [Consumer/Audio] UID:45478 Activity:nil
12/20   What do people use these days to rip CD's on windows?
        Itunes did a fairly crappy job.
        \_ CDEx
        \_ freerip  -- see  --ERic
        \_ eac (exact audio copy)
2006/12/15-21 [Consumer/Audio] UID:45450 Activity:nil
12/14   just upgraded to an 80G video ipod from my old 30G audio. I mainly
        wanted  just more space for songs and am not wondring about the other
        capabilites. Is movie watching worth the bother or sticking to stuff
        like short films /tv shows the thing due to the small screen.  Just
        curious  to find what others regularly use them for.
        \_ i do watch short film (company propaganda, etc) on my Treo 650.
           Then again, I commute to work via public transportation.  I can't
           imagine where would I find the time to watch these films if I have
           drive everyday.
2006/12/14-17 [Consumer/Audio] UID:45448 Activity:nil
12/14   How do I get songs into my new ipod shuffle in linux (ubuntu)? - danh
2006/10/6-7 [Consumer/Audio] UID:44709 Activity:moderate
10/6    What's a good FM modulator for mp3 players to use in the car? I
        am looking for one that takes line-out. Sound quality is more
        important to me than size/money.
        \_ The cheapest wire system still has better fidelity than the
           most expensive wireless system.
        \_ if sound quality is more important than $, buy a new stereo with
           a line-in jack --oj
2006/10/3-5 [Consumer/Audio, Finance/Investment] UID:44649 Activity:nil
        Cute rabbits
        \_ It would be cooler if you could buy two, supply them with power,
           and sell the results.
2006/9/17-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:44412 Activity:low
9/17    What would you reccommend for ripping and MP3-ing CDs under windows?
        I have used CDex + LAME in the past, and my only problem is that while
        CDex can get metadata from CDDB, there is no way to pass it to LAME so
        it can end up in the ID3 tags.  I know iTunes would work but I've heard
        it produced fairly poor MP3s for a given bitrate, so some solution
        using LAME would be ideal.
        \_ I use Exact Audio Copy with LAME and it works fine. It's not
           user friendly though; there are too many options. It created the
           ID3 tags properly and has reliable error detection/prevention
           methods. I use --preset standard for LAME options.
           \_ Seconded.
        \_ iTunes 320 VBR MP3s sounds fine to me, as good as anything LAME
           produces. In importing, just select the 'Custom' option for
           your MP3 encoder settings and configure to your liking.
           \_ I have yet to hear an encoder that doesn't sound fine at
              friggin 320 VBR.  The challenge was "for a given bitrate" with
              the implied (i'd assume) "for a reasonable bitrate"
        \_ I know of osx there are itunes lame encoding plugins.  Do the
           same exist for windows?
2006/8/24-26 [Consumer/Audio] UID:44142 Activity:nil
8/24    Some Zune info: (
2006/7/1-5 [Consumer/Audio] UID:43549 Activity:nil
        Interesting site -- preservation of old music cylinders from
        early in the 20th century.  Free mp3 downloads for out-of-
        copyright works, very cool.  -John
        \_ didn't know UCSB do real work sometimes.  Thanks for the cool
           link.  Don't you wish copyright protection is still 14 years
           instead of 90 years today?
2006/6/12-15 [Consumer/Audio] UID:43365 Activity:nil
6/12    Can you guys hear this?
        I'm 32 and I hear it loud and clear on both of my headset and my
        desktop speakers and it gives me a big headache. However, my friend
        can barely hear it. Same age. How about you?
        \_ Yes (27) but I found this one to be much less annoying:
        \_ Yes, 32.4.
        \_ Yes, and ouch.                  -mice
        \_ Ow. --29.5
        \_ Yes, though it's much less noticible than regular audio at the same
           volume. --25.8
        \_ Yes. --37
        \_ Yes, that's horrible. -29
        \_ Yep. -28 (So much for that theory... although maybe in a classroom
           environment where people weren't actually listening for it, it would
           not be as noticeable.)
        \_ I'm 32 and I could barely notice it, especially in my right ear.
        \_ Painfully loud - 35.5
        \_ yes. -27
        \_ I hear a buzzing sound on desktop speakers. Nothing on headphones.
        \_ Yes, it hurts, but maybe if I was in another part of a busy room,
           no.  I suspect age is only an indicator of the real reason which
           is how much loud noise have you been subjected to over your life.
           At 36, a fair amount but not as much as most people.
        \_ I can hear it, but faintly. I cannot hear the "mosquito" at all. -ausman (41)
2006/6/4-8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:43274 Activity:nil
6/4     A local Toyota gave me the following quotes for a Prius:
        Package #1 standard-- $23141
        Package #3 rear backup camera, smart key, AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA-- $23966
        Package #7 above plus GPS, voice activated DVD, better stereo,
                   bluetooth, stability control, side airbag, auto dim,
                   HID headlamp, anti-theft, etc etc etc -- $28221
        Are these decent quotes, and if not, where should I go? Thanks.
        \_ The question to ask is whether he is charging you MSRP, or
           above MSRP?  That and whether you have to wait.  I think most
           places ask MSRP if you are willing to wait.
2006/5/17-22 [Consumer/Audio] UID:43085 Activity:nil
5/17    Wow, I'm reading Windows Media Player 11 will be able to ID MP3 files
        by an audio fingerprint.  It will generate a rough fingerprint of MP3
        files without ID3 data, and compare it to a database, and attempt to
        label the MP3 with song title / album / etc.
        Any other software have this feature?
        \_ gracenote has been working on this for a few years, ever since
           they realized that people will stop dealing with whole albums /
           tapes / cds at a time and move towards individual tracks. doesnt
           WMP just use gracenote? -shac
        \_ I can't imagine anyway this feature could be abused by the RIAA.
           \_ The companies they have working for them have much better software
              than this.
              \_ Do you have experience in this area? When are we gonna see a
                 bittorrent crackdown?
2006/5/5-9 [Consumer/Audio, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:42946 Activity:nil
5/4     earphone recommendation:
        I am debating between Etymotic ER-6 and Shure E2/E2C.  Does anyone
        has experience with both?  recommendation?  I've lost my Sennheiser
        and I decided that I am going to try passive sound isolation.
        \_ I'm no audiophile, but I have both, and I prefer the ER6s.  They
           fit better and seem to block out more ambient noise.
           \_ I am not an audiophile neither and I mostly listen to NPR.
              I actually prefer not having 100% sound isolation for safety
              reasons.  Is E2/E2C uncomfortable?   --OP
              \_ I like the foam tips on the E2Cs better than the silicone
                 ones which take more effort to put in your ear.  The foam
                 tips don't last as long, though.  The ER6s rubber tips feel
                 more comfortable to me.
        \_ I have just the Shure E2c's and they're great.  I wear them all
           the time on the plane too.  You may want to check out Amazon,
           newegg, and epinion reviews of both.  I had to make a decision
           between the 6i and E2c as well, and I went with the latter,
           probably because of the number and feeling of the Amazon reviews.
        \_ I have only the ER-6i but I've had it for long enough to get a
           pretty good sense of it.  Sound quality is very nice but I'm sure
           audiophiles could find fault.  They are close to the best sounding
           headphones I've tried.  They do have 'consumables', filters and
           plugs.  I go through about 1 fliter in 4 months and a new set of
           flange plugs in 8-12mos.  Operational cost is probably ~$10/yr.
           Sound isolation is very frequency-neutral, and about 20-30db.  I
           can hear people talking fine with the music off or shouting if the
           music is on.  You can reduce the sound isolation by just not
           inserting them as far.  Lastly, if you bump the cord or there is a
           big wind they will channel that noise up the cord.  I can get rid
           of this problem if I wrap the cords over and behind my ears.
        \_ I've been trying to listen to movies and/or music while commuting
           on BART, and bart is DAMN LOUD, especially in the bay tube.  I need
           new/beatter headphones.  Are either of these up to such a
           challenge?  Has anyone actually tried?  -ERic
           \_ I use the ER-6i on BART every day and while I can still hear some
              BART, they work quite well for almost everything except classical
              music with a huge dynamic range (unless you're willing to blow
              out your ears for the loud parts). -Above poster.
        \_ it's interesting too that on, user opinions give the E2c's
           the edge over the 6i
2006/4/24-26 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:42814 Activity:nil
4/24    The Play on iTunes:
        Link is on the right.
        \_ for the rest of us who don't have itunes installed, tell us more.
           \_ It's the short video version of The Play.  -tom
              \_ how much do they want for it?
                 \_ free download.  -tom
              |_ if they keep things free and put more sports content up there,
                 this will be pretty cool. oh ya, you can now also (relitively)
                 easily find course lectures on the apple-hosted site.
2006/4/4 [Computer/HW/Memory, Consumer/Audio] UID:42650 Activity:low
4/4     To whoever recommended crucial, thanks for the tip, but
        I just cancelled my order with them.  Their credit card
        clearing operation is pathetic, and customer service was
        rude and unhelpful.  They were unwilling and/or unable to
        try to figure out how to process an out-of-US order.  Fuck
        them.  Thanks anyway.  Any other suggestions?  -John
        \_ Wow, sorry to hear about that.  I've also used
           \_ Don't apologize, I appreciate the tips.  I'll try them. -John
        \_ I've bought ram from 1-800-4-Memory (
           They were cheap and decent, but I have no idea how the service
           is outside the US. Another option could be to try
        \_ Crucial is just a memory maker.  They're resold by a zillion other
           companuies around the world.,,
 , froogle,, etc to find a reseller.
        \_ John, here is a hint:  American Express.
           No, I am not kidding.  Most of online store in USA requires
           billing address in USA.  If you are using some non-USA card,
           you are going to get into trouble.   American Express appearently
           only check the zip code. So, as long as the zip code is correct,
           it will go through.  In my part of town, my zip code is 3 digit,
           and i managed to get it through by padding it with zeros at the
           front of digits :p           kngharv
           \_ I don't think it is true--I work with Versign and AVS is
              available for AmEx as well.  It's up to the vendor whether
              to use it or not.
           \_ The thing is, I already have 2 gold cards (one Swiss and
              one Chilean.)  AmEx is fine, but I have never ever ever
              had trouble with either of my Visas except with US vendors.
              I'd prefer not to have another card floating around just to
              deal with people who're too lazy to implement proper ID
              checking (which this is a case of.)  And as for zip codes,
              many of the shops I've had trouble with don't understand that
              a lot of the world doesn't work that way (my zip code right
              now is "Las Condes", go figure.)  Thanks though.  -John
        \_ Amazon seems to sell some Crucial memory.  I've bought from
           Amazon abroad and shipped to the US, and that went smoothly.
           Perhaps the reverse is also smooth.
2006/3/30-4/1 [Consumer/Audio] UID:42565 Activity:nil
3/30    Cool new iPod case.  Mostly SFW.
        \_ I don't get it.  I'm so out.
           \_ If you don't get it, you're lucky.
              \_ Ouch!
2006/3/15-17 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:42255 Activity:nil
3/15    Anyone know what GUI library/toolkit iTunes uses?
        \_ Seems to be Carbon. I don't know the Carbon widgets, but
           I'd guess they have implemented a couple of custom UI elements.
          [~] otool -L /Applications/
2006/3/5-7 [Consumer/Audio] UID:42100 Activity:nil
3/5     iPod News:
        SFPD ids hit & run victim using her iPod:
                \_ Wow!  The iPod is so advanced that it can actually serves
                   the purpose of a piece of feather-weight cheap-o DMV ID!
                   \_ Now, did the iPod contribute to her getting hit?
        Pope gets an iPod:
                \_ But does he use bit torrent?
2006/3/1-2 [Consumer/Audio, Recreation/Humor] UID:42056 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
3/1     What if Microsoft designs the iPod package:
        I am looking for a wmv/mov/rm format of this video.  thanks.
        \_ Google video it
2006/2/17-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41913 Activity:nil
2/17    This guy and I are on different subnets in the company. How
        do I make iPod share music with him? Thanks.
        \_ It's called a router.
2006/2/3-7 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41691 Activity:nil
2/3     Any recommendations for a place to buy a 42" Panasonic TV either
        online or in Fresno? I'm looking for a place that will give the
        best price basically.
2006/1/25-29 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41515 Activity:low
1/25    In the floppy diskette days, 3.5" diskettes drove 5.25" diskettes to
        extinction.  How come MiniDisc never replaced CD in popularity?
        \_ Because it was a Sony proprietary thing.  They took off in Japan.
           \_ Because Sony crippled it. They deserve what they got, go Steve!
        \_ Also note that you're comparing two computer data media types to
           audio media types.  Yes, MiniDiscs and CDs can store data too,
           but Sony didn't make data drives until it was too late.
        \_ There were a combination of factors.  MD had to compete with
           DAT, which confused consumers so both lost on a consumer
           level (internationally and commericially they had success).  Also,
           3.5 offer twice the capacity as 5.25, MD had the same capacity as
           CD.  MD was also VERY expensive when it came out and did not drop
           in price as quickly as 3.5 floppy technology.  Also, people didn't
           lose music by touching the CD data, on 5.25 floppies people did,
           they were much more subject to environmental risks.  And as the
           last poster mentioned, MD was crippled from a copying perspective
           (unlike MP3), this is due to their venture into entertainment
           (movies/ music).  Further, MD was blasted by audiophiles
           because of the compression used (although better than MP3), 3.5
           disks did not compress/ remove data.  The list goes on...
           \_ While MD got better than mp3 my memory is that early versions
              of MD were kinda bad.
           \_ Yeah I'm gonna question that "better than MP3" claim. Prove it.
              \_ Ok, the "MD sounds better than MP3" is very subjective.
                 Through my informal listening tests, I found this to be
                 true.  However, I will tell it I've been comparing apples to
                 oranges.  They both use lossy compression, however, MD by
                 default records at 285kbs, much higher than the general
                 128kbs I'm used to hearing in MP3.  I would guess a
                 320kbs MP3 sounds indistinguishable to a MD recording. -op
        \_ iirc, the death knell of MD and DAT in the US consumer mkt was
           the royalty payment provisions of the copyright act (17 USC 1001
           et. seq.) Sony had to pay some sort of royalty for ever MD sold,
           which made it basically unaffordable.
2006/1/24-25 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41498 Activity:low
1/24    Recommendations on high quality medium price-range skype
        \_ I have a Plantronics full ear coverage one with a boom mike,
           which is also good for gaming.  -John
        \_ don't bother.  Skype sounds terrible regardless.  I just use
           a regular stereo headphone + $1.99 made-in-China mic and it
           works fine :p
        \_ high quality skype is an oxymoron.
           \_ I've been using it a lot since moving to Chile, both for
              pc-pc and skypeout calls.  It's not "high quality" but I
              can hear and be heard just fine.  And a good mic/speakers
              make a difference.  -John
2006/1/20-23 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/Audio] UID:41456 Activity:moderate
1/20    I am helping my brother build a home theater system. I was thinking of
        the panasonic TH-42PX50U plasma TV, the yamaha RX-V657 reciever but not
        sure what speakers. Any thoughts?
        \_ Get a Sony Bravia. It's got all the specs that guys approve of,
           and it looks like a nice piece of furniture that fits nicely in
           the room which gals approve of.
           \_ Fuck Sony.
              \_ Fuck Sony in the ass. Twice.
                 \_ Yeah!  Hate Sony!  Down with Sony!  Oh hey, speaking of
                    Sony, does anyone know when the PS3 is coming out?
                 \_ Sony is gay. Why do you want to pleasure it?
        \_ budget, speaker size constraints, room dimensions, WAF?  home
           theatre/music mix?  musical preference?  used ok?
           \_ He won't give me a budget, but prolly 2K. Room size is probably
              20X30 with kitchen behind room so that is mostly open. New not
              used.  Not really into music, mostly for TV and movies.
              \_ std answer would be psb (partha recommends them, so they have
                 to be good) image line (well within your budget at
        or nht with say st4's.  you might want
                 to check out or, but those would
                 be audition challenges.  i had the axiom m80's for a while
                 and liked them, before the wife decided she could use the
                 space for better purposes.  hsu makes great subwoofers.
                 \_ Ditto on the NHT's.
              \_ You mean $2k just for the speakers, right?  You can't even
                 get the TH-42PX50U for that.
                 \_ Yes 2K for speakers.
                    \- i dont think there are a lot of PSB speaker dealers
                       in the area, so they may be somewhat difficult to
                       find. are you planning on R+L,2xrear,center,sub?
                       if you have a 2k budget you should be asking what is
                       good dealer rather than what is a good model.
                       i think bay area audio had really great staff
                       [knowlegeable and good attitude] but i havent
                       been there in +5yrs ... but i'd still check them out.
                       the robert harley book is also a decent investment.
                       \_ I've shopped at both San Mateo HiFi and BA Audio
                          in San Jose, and I thought they were good.  They're
                          both PSB dealers.  Music Lovers in Berkeley is
                          supposed to be good, but their lines seems too
                          expensive for the $2k budget (and I am not partial
                          to Paradigm).
2006/1/11-13 [Health/Disease/General, Consumer/Audio] UID:41339 Activity:low
1/11    Tom on Apple (last March):
              \_ Because even with the numbers that soundly beat everyone's
                 expectations, and even if they're able to keep that level
                 of revenue coming in, the company's still not worth 45
                 times earnings.  Prospects for growth from this Q's
                 revenues are pretty small in the near term.  -tom
        \_ And what did the anonymous coward think?  Let's see where you
           projected 14 million iPods in Q4 2005.  (By the way, I still own
           My current projection for Apple's future is mixed.  I think there's
           a way that they've become a Rule Maker; they are clearly defining
           the market in digital music, and getting other companies to jump
           to their call.  (Half the MacWorld floor is music-related stuff).
           Still, I think the company has challenges in defining itself.
           Are they a computer company or a consumer electronics company?
           What's the follow-up to the iPod?  (Because iPod sales *will*
           taper off; it's only a question of when).  How much of a revenue
           and inventory write-off hit will they take in transitioning to
           Intel chips?  (Probably non-trivial; my bet on why they didn't
           announce an Intel tower is that they have too much inventory of
           G5 towers).
           Also, their CEO, the source of most of their cachet, has cancer.
           Jobs left the company once before; the results of that should
           be instructive.  -tom
           \_ oh and another thing: I believe the message you're quoting
              was responding to "why did AAPL go down even after they
              announced good earnings?"  -tom
           \_ He still has it? I thought he was "cured". I just had to
              google this, never heard of it... and I have to wonder,
              how did they find his cancer in time? Do people have
              regular screenings for stuff like that or would there
              be symptoms?
              \_ His cancer is not currently threatening his life or health;
                 it has been treated.  Still, it's something to worry
                 about as an investor.  -tom
2006/1/6-9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41270 Activity:nil
1/6     Does anyone know a commandline linux mp3 player that supports fast
        forward?  Skip forward and back 30 seconds would be nice.
        \_ mplayer does skip fwd/back and plays mp3's
2006/1/6-9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41268 Activity:nil
1/6     I have a G2 iPod (2002). How long does the warranty last?
        \_ not this long
        \_ probably a year, like the current warranty
           hey, at least it's not creative's warranty, which is 1 year parts,
           3 months labor ($40 for labor typically)
           \_ isn't creative more durable?
2006/1/3-5 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41209 Activity:nil
1/3     What headphones (non-earbud) do you use or recommend for your
        Ipod or other MP3 Player?
        \_ I borrowed my friend's Sennheiser HD500 and could hear sounds
           I've never heard before on many songs. They're quite pricey
           but you'll notice the difference in sound quality.
        \_ I wonder why iPod doesn't have bluetooth. I hate the wires.
        \_ Are you excluding in-ear canalphones too?
           \_ yes.  Why do you like earbuds/canalphones?
              \_ they're not as bulky. i was using Sennheiser HD280 Pro's at
                 work for 2 yrs before I switched to Shure E2c's. -someone else
              \_ They're smaller, lighter, and more portable, which makes
                 them more convenient.  They're not as likely to fall off your
                 head, and canalphones are good are blocking out external
                 noise so I can listen to music at a much lower volume.
        \_ thoughts on Bose Triport?
           \_ tried these at sharper image. pretty good, but i wouldn't pay
              $150 for em.
        \_ While I love my canalphones, I also have some Sennheiser HD212s that
           I got for around $50.  They have fairly good clarity and a bit of
           passive blocking of outside noise.  They overemphasize bass too,
           which could be a plus or minus depending on your tastes.
        \_ What's your budget?  I have a pair of Sennheiser HD590s, and they're
           very nice.  Pricey though.  On the less expensive end, I've had at
           different times Koss PortaPros and KSC-35(? funky behind the ear
           jobs that I found uncomfortable).  I also have a headphone amp, which
           makes a huge difference.  I'm not sure if many (any?) portable
           players can do a good job driving my Senn's or even the Koss's.
2005/12/29-2006/1/4 [Transportation/Airplane, Consumer/Audio] UID:41170 Activity:nil
12/29   Motd gadget guru, I would like to get a noise cancellation
        headphone for use on airplanes and commutes, should I go with
        something like Sennheiser PCX 250, or Shure E2/3c? The Shure
        is more portable, how well does it work in airplanes? Thanks.
        \_ Related question, are there any noise cancellation headphones
           with volume control? My Dad would be interested in such a
        \_ I haven't tried noise-cancelling headphones, but I do have
           Shure e2c-s.  The e2c-s are good for blocking out quite a bit of
           noise, but airplanes are still loud enough that a lot still gets
           through.  I've hard that noise-cancelling headphones are good on
           \_ BTW, I've heard that the e3c-s are generally much better than
              the e2c-s, although I don't know how they fare on airplanes.
        \_ Shure E4C has gotten great reviews. havne't tried it yet.  Have
           tried the much cheaper philips SBC HN050 and its quiet enough.
        \_ I use the Etymotic ER6-i on BART everyday and it is a godsend.  You
           can still hear the train but it is much quieter so I don't feel like
           I need to turn the volume up to 11 (usually more like 2-3).
        \_ I have a Sennheiser PCX 250.  Don't get it.  It has too many
           wires for any pratical use other than sleeping on the airplane.
           The actual noise cancelling mechanism is great.  but I've pulled
           the wires too many times that I need to get it fixed.
        \_ I am also looking for a noise-cancelling, bluetooth headset.
           any recommendation?
        \_ I have a pair of mid-range Shure earbuds.  They cancel noise.
           They are very uncomfortable.  Get anything that actually covers
           your ears.  -John
        \_ I've compared my friend's Etymotic with my Shure E3c and the
           Etymotic has noticably better sound quality.  The soundstage
           and detail was definately superior.  Having said that, you have
           to keep in mind what you are buying these for.  The Shures
           are much more efficient, and played comfortably at volume
           level 3 on my mp3 player where the Etymotic had to be run at
           volume 9-10 for equivalent volume. I use my Shures primarily
           to block out the noises from the surrounding cubicles at work,
           or while out and about.  The Shures were good enough for me
           soundwise, more comfortable, and I like to think they'd conserve
           more battery power due better efficiency.  They are still better
           than practically all other earbuds out there, but they just
           sound a little flat next to the Etymotics.  I've found
           that sponge earbud inserts are the most comfortable for me,
           and sponge earplugs (like the kind you can usually find
           in any datacenter) with a hole punched through them
           (I used a uniball pen) work great as cheap replacements.
2005/12/29-2006/1/4 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41166 Activity:nil
12/29   Any recommendations for converting DVD video to iPod video?
           I've used Quicktime Pro to convert pre-existing files to iPod
           video.  It's pretty easy.  This looks easier, though I've
           never tried it.
           \_ I should have included "for Windoze" -op

           Free solution for the Mac: Install Handbrake.
           Free solution for the PC: Install the following:
           * DVD Decrypter
           * meGUI
           * AviSynth 2.5.5
           * Helix YV12 code (unless you've recently installed XviD codecs)
           * the x264.exe CLI encoder
           * BeLight 0.22b8
           * MP4box
           * DGIndex 1.4.5
2005/12/19-20 [Consumer/Audio] UID:41072 Activity:nil
12/19   The new iPod update finally has a category for Composers.
        It's about time. I got sick and tired of scrolling through
        Sonata and Opus numbers.
2005/12/13-14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40989 Activity:nil
12/12   New BART Trip Planner is out.
        \_ It's sort of sad.  Everything this does could be done in a pretty
           small AvantGo channel, and then you'd get automatic updates.
           And it would have cost them like 1000th as much to develop.
           \_ you mean an iAnywhere Solution!  -tom
           \_ And then it would only be useful for people who bought
              a propietary Avant Go client
2005/12/11-14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40963 Activity:nil
12/11   CSUA Survey:  What percentage of music do you listen to on MP3,
        CD(wav or lossless), SACD, vinyl, other formats?
        \_ 100% mp3. I buy CD's, but I just rip them all to mp3 and play them
           that way.  Most of the music I listen to was recorded on shitty
           equipment anyway probably.
           \_ Seconded. I generally buy CDs and rip to 192kbps mp3s. I have
              a few aacs d/l'ed for free from the itms.
        \_ 70% lossless, 30% compressed. Can't stand compressed after listening
           to lossless.
           \_ What is an example of a lossless format other than CDs or WAV?
              \_ FLAC
                 \_ Is .au lossless?
              \_ iTunes rips lossless, I think to aac. 50% compression over WAV
           \_ you wouldn't get along with Bob Cringely:
              "I don't generally get along well with the kind of people who
               can hear the difference [between 192kpbs and higher]"
              \_ I would never use a service like that.  If their
                 security is broken, people will be able to get my
                 files!  I, as with the other 100% compressed
                 listeners, rip all my CDs, but not to MP3.  I use -q6
                 ogg and keep the files in three different encrypted
                 drives.  One is at work, one is for backup, and one
                 is for serving it within my intranet.  Playing is
                 done by moving-part-less (as in silent) music
                 computer -> ASIO interface -> external DAC -> preamp
                 -> crossovers -> amps -> speakers -> ears.
              \_ My high school physics teacher used to give a little speech
                 about how the ability to hear very high frequencies was tied
                 to intelligence, then tell people he was playing a high
                 frequency tone and keep calling out frequencies until some
                 arrogant prick started to claim they heard the noise, then
                 he'd mention that he never had the speaker on.
                 \_ The Emperor's New Clothes.
                 \_ sounds like a dick. funny though
        \_ 30% streaming, 60% AAC (ripped through iTunes), 10% mp3
        \_ 40% high bitrate mp3, 50% mid quality mp3, 10% CD.
        \_ 90% CD, 10% MP3 of various bitrates.  Have a few [hybrid] SACDs but
           not a SACD player (yet).
        \_ 50% CD, 50% live radio
2005/12/5-7 [Reference/Tax, Consumer/Audio] UID:40862 Activity:nil
12/5    Anyone interested in a white 60GB iPod at 15% off ($339+tax)? I just
        bought one through my employee discount but my roommate said that he
        meant to ask for the nano instead. It has no engraving. Email me if
        interested. First come first serve, I live in the Mission. -abe
2005/12/4-7 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40843 Activity:nil
12/4    What's a good iPod station that's less than $125 to buy? This is for
        a X-mas gift. Thanks.
2005/11/12-14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40557 Activity:moderate
11/11   suggestion for home stereo? want to play mp3, digital fm, cds ..
        \_ iMac
        \_ Mac Mini, or look at  -John
           \_ i want a stereo .. not a computer..
              \_ any good receiver w/ digital coax/toslink input, and
                 a soundcard in your Mac or PC with a digital output.
                 and enough extra inputs for your other sources.  more
                 detail requires more info on your budget, goals, and
                 level of audio-snobbery.
              \_ *Shrug* the difference is pretty arbitrary, but if you
                 just want a big lump of plastic sitting around doing nothing
                 but AV system with high quality
                 components is just that--a stereo/DVR/DVD player/whatever that
                 just happens to do "computer stuff".  -John
2005/11/8-10 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40485 Activity:nil
        work safe.
        \- weird to see "mark levinson" in a context other than highend
           speakers/audio. --psb, also not the speaker co.
           \_ Not really.  Mark Levinson was married to Kim Cattrall while
              Sex in The City was running, so his named appeared in a number
              of non-audio contexts.
        \_ this is the coolest illusion I've ever seen
           \- have you seen the pawn on the greyscale chessboard?
              that one is pretty dramatic too.
              this is also pretty good:
              this is also interesting:
           \_ This one isn't that dramatic but I had to crop the colors to
              prove to myself it was true:
              What is this "pawn on chessboard" thing? I vaguely remember
              something like that.
              \- oh yeah, that is the one i meant. i guess it wasnt a pawn.
                 that one is mindboggling. literally.
        \_ I wonder if the military makes some use of these illusions, or if it
           trains its personnels to avoid being tricked by similar illusions.
2005/10/30-11/1 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40340 Activity:low
10/30   In iTunes, I can set crossfade playback, so that one song fades
        in while the other fades out.  How do I get it to do this on
        my iPod?
         \_ Thanks, but which link?  Lots of stuff talking about the
            problem, but where is the solution?  -op
            \_ don't be so dense
2005/10/19-21 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40182 Activity:nil
10/19   What's the best mp3 player that takes AA/AAA battery?
        \_ Probably the iRiver iFP series.
          \- I have an iFP and it's great. Get the 512MB one. Battery life is
           \_ what about Creative?
        \_ What about iAudio stuff? Anyone used it? their G3 looks promising.
        \_ mp3 cd player?
2005/10/13-14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:40076 Activity:moderate
10/13   MP3 player breast implants?
        \_ Why not just put zippers on the bottoms?
2005/10/3-5 [Consumer/Audio] UID:39963 Activity:nil
10/3    Got this nifty new  car stereo  ipod adapter. Kind of bummed
        though that podcasts are not showing up in the playlistsearch section
        Anyone else have the same problem ? I got  mine from Alpine
2005/9/29-10/3 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:39924 Activity:nil
9/29    Apple to Replace Faulty Nano Screen
        (posted by the same guy who posted arstechnica link)
        \_ But they say the scratchiness is not new -- same material as used
           in previous iPods.  Use an iPod Nano case, they say.
                \_ Apple claims it was a manufacturing defect.
                   \_ Okay, Apple said:
                      (1) Screen crack is manufacturing defect in < 0.1% of
                          devices.  If your screen cracks, let them know.
                      (1) Screen/LCD crack is manufacturing defect in < 0.1% of
                          devices (< 1 problem unit every 1,000 Nanos).
                          If your screen cracks, let them know, and they'll
                          probably replace your Nano.
                          probably replace your Nano.  If you drop it and it
                          If your screen/LCD breaks, let them know, and they
                          might replace your Nano.  If you drop it and it
                          breaks, maybe not.  The guy who created the original
                          web site who had his LCD wig out handled his iPod
                          web site who had his LCD wig out handled his Nano
                          very gently, and this is what Apple is referring to
                          in it's < 0.1% defect rate.
                          for the < 0.1% defect rate.
                      (2) Screen scratch is user-error, since the coating/body
                          is the same as for previous iPods, so get an iPod
                          Nano case if you're worried about scratches.
                          No replacements for scratched Nanos, only cracked
                      \_ I am not siting with the buyers but I find it a
                         strange argument that it's an user error because
                         the same, weakness, if you will, existed in the
                         previous version of the product.  It's like M$
                         saying Windows XP crashes are user errors because
                         Windows 2000 crached, too.
                      \_ I am not siding with the buyers but I find it a
                         strange argument that it's a user error because
                         the same weakness existed in the previous version
                         of the product.  It's like M$ saying Windows XP
                         instabilities are user errors because Windows 98
                         and ME crashed too.
2005/9/27-28 [Consumer/Audio, Recreation/Food] UID:39894 Activity:nil
9/27    Copyright dispute over subway maps:,2125,68967,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2
        \_ Don't compete with our taxpayer funded efforts to disseminate
           this information!
2005/9/26-28 [Consumer/Audio] UID:39873 Activity:nil
9/26    Reports that apple nano screen scratches and damages very easily:
        \_ Evidence to the contrary:
           \_ scratch = yes (gets ugly fast), "damage" = no (still plays)
              how often/easily the LCD really cracks from the inside = ?
              \_ If the song names are unreadable and the photos are
                 unviewable, that == damage.
           \_ Yes this is 1 data point that everyone keeps referencing.
        \_ I can tell you that after having the Nano for 2 weeks, it does
           indeed scratch very easy.  I'm one of those people who take
           VERY good care of my electronics, and even I got various scratches
           on it that make the screen unreadable.  Simply having a cell phone
           rub up against it in my pocket, while other devices with nice
           screens (i.e. PSP) have no problem.  Hopefully Apple will use a
           tougher screen going forward, I had the iPod-Mini for a year with
           not a scratch.
2005/9/9-13 [Consumer/Audio] UID:39610 Activity:nil
9/9     What are you guys thoughts on the new iPod Nano?  I'm sold, my
        only complaints are the battery life (14hr) should've been better
        and the capacity (4GB), but all is forgiven based on it's minute
        \_ I have 30 gig of music. No good.
        \_ dude, why fucking bother with tinyurl if the real url is shorter?
           \_ hint: the tinyurl goes somewhere other than
        \_ my problem with Nano is that I would like to get a FM trasmitter
           so I can use it in my car.  Since they changed the location of
           headset plug, all the existing iPod accessories can't be used.
           \_ FM transmitters don't work in large metro areas like the
              bay area. At least the one I've tried for the iPod.
              \_ FM Transmitters that allow access to 87.5 should work (too
                 low for most transmissions).
2005/9/2-3 [Consumer/Audio, Recreation/Travel/Nola] UID:39455 Activity:nil
9/2     New Orleans mayor tells it like it is:
        Audio clip:
2005/9/2-3 [Consumer/Audio] UID:39454 Activity:nil
9/2     Anyone subscribe to Sirius or XM Sat?  What do you think of it?
2005/8/1-3 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38913 Activity:nil
8/1     Bush Alba Corporation to make MP3 players for kids:
2005/7/25-27 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38819 Activity:nil
7/25    iPod Shuffle Pregnancy Test:
2005/7/16-19 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:38655 Activity:nil
7/16    I have a lot of problems with iTunes. Occassionally, when I record
        a CD, the CDDB imports data that is all messed up with wrong
        category names, song names, etc. I end up having to name them
        one by one. I have to do this or else it's impossible to search
        for a song I want on my iPod. What do you guys do to make this
        easier? ok thx.
        \_ Submit your track lists to CDDB when you're finished, and maybe
           you will keep other people from the same headache.
        \- You call this an "iTunes" problem? Can you list your name so I
           can add you to the "I am a Moron Contest" watch list?
           \_ Can you name yourself so I can add you to the
              "I am a moron contest" watchlist?
              "I've got a stick up my ass and I'm gonna get a heart
               attack at age 35 because I'm a type A personality"
               list? I assume that OP's problem is with CDDB being
               somehow corrupt (I don't do ITunes and I haven't done
               CDDB in years, so I'm guessing) vs. it being an
               Itunes problem, which is fine. But it's no reason to
               get all fucking persnickity about it.
            \_ How does the OP know the song data are messed up?  Did he
               arrive at that conclusion the same way he decided he has
               a lot of problems with iTunes?
        \_ I rip everything with EAC which uses freedb, never have a problem
           with messed up song titles.
2005/7/12-14 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38579 Activity:nil
7/12     Looking to upgrade  the headphones i use for my ipod.
         Currently I am using SONY MDR-NC5.  Willing to spend <$150
        \_ Shure e3c
           \_ I looked at those too, but the Amazon review where the guy went
              to the emergency room with a plastic pieced lodged deep in his
              ear canal scared me.
              \_ I've never had any issues or heard of anything like this.
        \_ Shure.
2005/7/11-13 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38541 Activity:nil
7/11    PSB, I have found your ipod!
        \- what exactly are you saying?
2005/7/10-12 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:38511 Activity:nil
7/10    Does anyone use a m-audio 2496 audio card for recording on OS X
        (10.4)? I just got this card and I'm trying to use it to record from
        my tape deck but I'm running into 2 problems: (1) I can't get the
        audio pass thru functionality to work and (2) anything I record is
        extremely noisy and choppy (I've tried both audacity and cd spin
        I'm pretty sure the problem is not w/ the tape deck b/c when I
        record using line in I don't have these problems.
        Any ideas about what I should do? tia.
2005/7/5-6 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38415 Activity:nil
7/5     For the person that was asking about using one iPod on multiple
        machines: if you have a Mac, you can't go wrong with this program:
        And its only 8 dollars!
        \_ Someone mentioned the PC equivalent program. What was it?
           Thanks KAIS Motd:
2005/6/27-28 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38328 Activity:nil
6/27    "We hold that one who distributes a device with the object of promoting
        its use to infringe copyright, as shown by the clear expression or
        other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement, is liable for the
        resulting acts of infringement by third parties."  --Justice Souter
        This would seem to be a fairly narrow ruling that doesn't overturn the
        Betamax case - i.e., Apple will not be sued by the record companies for
        the iPod, and Berkeley will not be sued for inventing FTP (okay, absurd
        example, but this is the record industry we're talking about...)
        \_ Depends on how "promoting its use to infringe copyright" is
           interpreted next time around.  -John
2005/6/21-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Uncategorized/Profanity, Consumer/Audio] UID:38241 Activity:nil
6/21    Hey native russian speakers, what the hell is this:
        I can't figure it out.  .su is Siberia... I think?
        I didn't know Siberia had split off already!
        Who is this guy?  - danh
        \_ .su is leftover from soviet union.
        \_ Where did you hear about these guys, Dan?  They are a cult, by
           the way.  E-mail me for details. -- ilyas
           \_ share all the juicy details with the rest of the motd.
              \_ Eh, why should I?  Motd treats me like shit.  -- ilyas
                 \_ motd treats us all like shit
2005/6/19-20 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38194 Activity:nil
6/19    Dear iPod owners, I have a few questions for you.
        1) Does iPod Photo work on the PC? I'm asking because when I went to
           the Apple Store, the Mac version of iTunes had a photo option
           whereas my PC version of iTunes didn't give me one.
           \_ iPod Photo does work on the PC.
           \_ Just installed a 60GB iPod Photo on my mom's PC laptop
              on Saturday. Worked just fine for her. -- Marco
        2) Can I plug in an iPod to multiple machines, do a sync, and *keep*
           all the downloads?
           \_ Yes, but not with Apple software.  As far as iTunes is concerned,
              your iPod must be "tied" to a particular machine.  You can sync
              to another machine, but you will lose all the data from the
              previous machine.  This is a flimsy attempt at "copy protection"
              that just ends up being a pain in the ass for those of us with
              more than one computer (imagine that!  two computers!  What will
              they think of next!).  However, there are 3rd party programs
              that will allow you to circumvent some of these restrictions.
              Podmaster is a free program written for this purpose, although
              you get what you pay for - it is written in RealBasic and has a
              fugly UI.  For $8 you can get PodManager, which is quite a bit
2005/6/13-15 [Consumer/Audio] UID:38115 Activity:kinda low
6/13    Where can I get a good deal on a new iPod 20G? The best I can
        get on the web is $180. Don't they have student discount or
        something?                                      -student
        \_ I was eyeing that $180 ipod. :)
        \_ Where did you see this? Is it 3g or 4g?
        \_ I don't know this was deleted, but I could get a 4G Mini with a
           student discount for $180. Where did you find the 20G for $180?
           \_ I made a mistake, I was looking at 5G but wanted 20G. They're
              still ~280. Sorry, my bad.
              \_ Consider updating your motd-editing script to check with
                 motdedit before merging. You blew my changes away and
                 made it look like I wrote your comment. --erikred
        \_ Students get a 10% discount; but if you know an apple employee
           the friends and family discount is 15%.  If money's a serious
           issue, consider the Shuffle- they're light enough that you
           can just hang it from the earbuds.  I love mine.
2005/6/7-9 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:38022 Activity:nil
6/7     Any suggestions for saving a WM/Real audio stream that happens at the
        same time every day (on windows xp)?
        \_ 1. how do you save WM/Real audio stream at first place?
           2. I don't think time of the day has anything to do with solution.
              you need to figure out a pattern of changing streaming
              URI according to date.
        I do this everyday using a tool called "hidownload."  I have to
        manually cut n paste URI and feed to hidownload on daily basis.
        I occationally need Firefox's "View Rendered Source" plugin to
        figure out URI.  Let me know you got better way.        -kngharv
        \_ The URI doesn't change.  They were offering mp3 downloads, but
           they've been heavily edited in the last week, so I was planning on
           recording the live stream (which isn't edited).  I've used CDex in
           the past to simply record, but it picks up all sound on the computer
           (including beeps, etc.)--not just the stream.  I'll look at
2005/6/6-7 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37994 Activity:kinda low
6/6     I want to buy an MP3 player as a gift. I was looking at iPods. Is
        there a better player? What about a Sony PSP? How well does that
        function as an MP3 player?
        \_ You need to define "better."  What do you find inadequate about
           iPods?  PSP might be a better gift, but probably not a better
           MP3 player(horrible battery life?)
           \_ I don't own either of them. You tell me why I'd choose one
              over another. An MP3 player is basically a Sony Walkman,
              which is why the PSP seems like it might be cooler.
              \_ An MP3 is basically a Walkman?  Please don't ever design UI.
                 For anything. -dans
                 \_ Huh? In terms of what it does, an MP3 player is a
                    modern Walkman, just like a CD player is a modern
                    LP player.
        \_ If this is a gift for a girl, they lust after the ipod-mini.
           \_ It's for a guy. Does that mean *not* to buy an ipod-mini?
              \_ Guys wants functionality, so it's better to get a
                 sense of what the guy's preferences are. If I am
                 buying it myself, I probably would not pay the
                 premium for the ipod and get something more
                 practical. But I sure would like a gift to me to be
                 the 2nd gen ipod-mini.
              \_ For a guy, get a regular iPod. --erikred
                 \_ For an active guy, get an iPod Shuffle (which is actually
                    quite competitively priced for what it is).  -tom
                    \_ apart from the fact that you'd have to change the
                       songs on it every time you go out.  as it is, I
                       regularly have to switch things around on my 20gig.
                       if form factor and price are that much of an issue,
                       I'd personally go with a minidisc player.  if not, the
                       larger ipods have a well designed user interface and
                       you can carry a good body of music in your pocket.
                       I love walking through the city while shuffling through
                       a sizable chunk of my music collection.   -sax
                       \_ Minidisc players are more expensive, bigger,
                          heavier, and less reliable than the Shuffle, while
                          not having any more capacity.  What possible
                          advantage do they have over the Shuffle?  -tom
                       \_ So, does no one vote for the PSP?
                \_ And if you're a gay guy, get a purple iPod. If you're
                   gay AND horney, get a purple/green iPod.
        \_ I like the looks of the iaudio mx5
2005/6/2-6 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37949 Activity:nil
        Apple agrees to settlement in iPod battery class action suit. Thank
        God this is happening. I've always wondered why my second generation
        iPod only lasts 4 hours instead of 10. It's pay back time.
        \_ $25 cash or $50 credit at an Apple store? is there anything
           worthwhile for ~$50 there?
           \_ Apple Wireless Mouse.
2005/5/30-6/2 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37892 Activity:nil
5/30    Anyone here using Skype?  Got hardware recommendations?
        \_ Good headset/boom mike.  You might, just for fun, want to look
           at Asterix (<DEAD><DEAD>  I've heard rumors of images
           for Soekris/WRAP if you are feeling adventurous.  And I'm told
           the quality is far better and more reliable than Skype, which can
           be ass.  -John
2005/5/18-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37733 Activity:nil
5/18    iPod leads to arrest in crime spree:
2005/5/11-12 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:37625 Activity:nil
5/11    I'd like to be able to use my mp3 player as a rescue os disk as well.
        It shows up as USB HD on most OS.  The mp3 player itself works fine
        as long as I store all of the music on the first vfat partition.  I'd
        like to be able to either install linux onto the HD or store various
        ISO images on the HD and have it boot from it, with menu, so I can
        can select different images.  Anyone know of such method?
        \_ So, you want to boot Linux from USB-mounted disk, which happens
           to be an MP3 player?
           \_ Yes, with an added requirement that it can also boot iso images
              stored on a partition.
2005/5/9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37577 Activity:high
5/8     MP3 players might be causing permanent hearing loss: (
        \_ ^mp3 players^loud music
           \_ I agree w/ that in general, but my iPod seems
              to be much louder even on the lowest volume
              setting than my discman.  It shouldn't be that
              hard to make the volume range larger (thus
           \_ I agree w/ that in general, but my iPod seems to be much
              louder even on the lowest volume setting than my discman.  It
              shouldn't be that hard to make the volume range larger (thus
              \_ Rumor has it that The Steve is slightly deaf and kept telling
                 the iPod team to make it louder.
              \_ Rumor has it that The Steve is slightly deaf and kept
                 telling the iPod team to make it louder.
              \_ Actually, I have a similar problem on my laptop.  I use
                 it to listen to mp3s sometimes, but even the lowest
                 volume setting is higher than I like.  I need to get some
                 volume control headphones or something.
                 it to listen to mp3s sometimes, but even the lowest volume
                 setting is higher than I like.  I need to get some volume
                 control headphones or something.
        \_ Listening to CDs in inheriantly safer! -RIAA
        \_ Ben, nice news site.
           \_ ahem.  --scotsman
              \_ How much money did you donate to the Democrats?  To the
                 Republicans?  Who did you vote for in the last 3 elections?
                 What is your official policy on editorial bias?
        \_ Btw, I think I do get a bit of tinnitus sometimes. Like a really
           high pitched tone... but if I block my ears for a couple secs it
           goes away. I remember having that when I was a little kid too.
           Does any amount indicate hearing dmg? Is that what tinnitus is
           or would it persist?
           \_ It persists, so no -- it's probably not tinnitus.
2005/5/5-9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37544 Activity:nil
5/5     I'm using Skype right now. It is a very effective tool and is a good
        replacement for my unreliable cell-phone. So far I've only used
        PC-to-PC version and the latency is a lot lower than Yahoo and MSN
        talk. I think as long as you unblock your firewall and the ping is
        fast (less than 100ms), the quality is pretty good. I haven't used
        Skype-Out (PC to phone) or Skype-In (phone to PC), but my friend said
        it's pretty good. However, Skype-Out to India sucks... I guess the
        latency really gets to them.
        \_ It really depends.  .ch to .au is great, .ch to 300 meters down
           the road is ass.  They also locate a bunch of their major nodes
           in places like Latvia (Lithuania?) to save money, so your mileage
           may vary.  Plus there were a few nifty security problems reported
           with it a while ago.  Unfortunately, interest in pgpfone seems
           to be pretty dead.  -John
        \_ I've used both SkypeIn and SkypeOut.  I found that Skype has
           best sound quality.  SkypeIn comes in second.  SkypeOut is by
           far the worse.  All of them are kind of hit and miss.  Sometimes
           it worked like a charm, other times, it's untolerable.  I mostly
           call US from major cities in China/Taiwan.  The experience of
           calling Papa New Geninue was a nightmare.
2005/5/5-6 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37532 Activity:moderate
5/5     Apropos of the post below about super-high end headphones.  If you
        guys are plugging those things into iPods or other MP3 players,
        you might want to take a look at this:
        \_ "super-high end"?  You need to google for a pair of Sony R10's
           or even some of the more expensive Grados or Stax.  The Etymotics
           are decent, but the Shures are nicer.
           \_ I have the Shures E3c, and while they are good for sound
              isolation, loud for the volume, and are very comfortable,
              the Etymotics seem a little better performing and the wire is
              much more flexible.  I recommend a headphone amp with it though
              as it is MUCH less efficient than the Shures.  I like my Shures
              as sound quality isn't as important as me being able to hear
              the music at a reasonable volume.   -rollee
                \_ Oh, and I'd get the E3 pro version over the E3c if only
                   to avoid looking like yet another iPod weenie with
                   white earbuds.
                   \_ None of you guys actually read the link, did you?  My
                      point in posting it was that it's a little silly to
                      buy really high end headphones for an iPod when
                      (as the article demonstrates), the headphone preamps
                      under load on most MP3 players are completely shit.
                      Interestingly, the only preamp that held up under
                      his 60hz square wave test with a load attached was
                      the iPod shuffle.  --op
                      \_ Portable MP3 players can't supply enough current to
                         drive low frequencies into 100 ohm loads?  Man, this
                         is a completely surprising development.  I would never
                         have guessed that.  They should invent something to
                         overcome this.  Oh wait, they have already -- it's
                         called a headphone amp (which has, oh, an input
                         impedance of 100K ohms?).
                         \_ Since you didn't read the article, I'll
                            explain the surprisng part - the iPod shuffle
                            DOES reproduce the 60hz square wave without
                            distortion under load, unlike all the other
                            players he looked at (including the older iPods).
                            Thanks for being an unfriendly stupid git.
                            \_ To quote: "My *main* point ... [is] it's silly
                               to buy really high end headphones for an iPod
                               when ..." [emphasis added].  I responded to
                               what you said was your "main point" by noting
                               that 1. it is a well known problem, and
                               2. there is a simple solution which has been
                               in use for many years.  Whether the Shuffle
                               can drive the one pair of phones used in the
                               article is largely uninteresting, because
                               many of us have headphones that present much
                               more demanding and difficult loads that what
                               has been tested in the experiment.
2005/5/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Consumer/Audio] UID:37489 Activity:nil
        Obscure law designed to make CleanPlay (a DVD censoring device)
        legal also contains provisions that make it a federal crime punishable
        by up to 10 years in prison to share a copyrighted movie or song.
2005/5/3-4 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37460 Activity:nil
5/2     What's the best (free+batch mode) MP3 to WMA converter out there? I'm
        keeping my MP3s but I want to convert to WMA so that my entire
        collection will fit in my player
        \_ May I ask why you want WMA?  If it's just bitrate, you can transcode
           to a lower-bitrate MP3, and if you pick a good encoder (such as
           LAME with the right settings) the quality will be better than a
           same-bitrate WMA.  For Windows I like RazorLAME for batch processing
           with a nice GUI. -dgies.
2005/4/29-5/3 [Consumer/Audio] UID:37429 Activity:nil
4/29    Got myself and  ipod 20GB and am installing itunes on my dell
        laptop. I want to use it in my car. I also want to listen to some
        marginally legal stuff on it too. Any problems? Also what is the
        reccomended port to use? I have USB  and i394 ports  only. thanks
        \_ Ain't that a bitch how you're forced to use iTunes? How stupid.
           \_ don't both foobar and winamp have plug-ins to support ipods?
        \_ Why would degree of legality be an issue?  I've had no probs
           using USB2.
           -- It turned out that I needed to buy a PCMIA USB2 card for
        things to work right on my Inspiron 8200.The legal thing I
        was thinking more in terms of songs gotten via p2p that I
        did not actuallly buy and was concerned with what type
        of reporting iTunes does.
           --Sucky things so far:
          1.  The sound loss from the FM transmitter  setup. It seems
        that I basically need to upgrade my car stereo (Honda with a
        CD plaer only) to get decent sound.
          2. The seemingly bogus claim that you will have room for
           20K songs. This is only if you  use the lowest
          quality level for importing your songs.
2005/4/25-26 [Science, Consumer/Audio] UID:37345 Activity:kinda low
        "Soundless" Sound System.  Cool!
        \_ Godz. imagine what that can do to your brain and skull. Having
           a hyper(super?)sonic signal beamed at your skull, causing
           hearing via cranial conduction?
           \_ hyper/super-sonic refers to speed of an object, not frequency.
              \_ ultra/infra sonic (ala UV/IR)
              \_ 50% Wrong.  A supersonic plane travels faster than sound.  A
                 hypersonic transmitter uses high frequency noise
                 hypersonic speaker uses high frequency noise
        \_ At least we won't have to worry about dying from cellphone radiation
2005/3/20-22 [Consumer/Audio] UID:36776 Activity:nil
3/19    What's a good MP3 tag display/edit program? It needs to support
        other languages such as Chinese. Thanks.
        \_ Drink Kool-Aid, use iTunes.
2005/3/18-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:36747 Activity:nil 50%like:34374
3/17    What is the name of that song on the Apple iPod Shuffle tv commercial?
        \_ The band is The Caesar's.
2005/3/8-9 [Consumer/Audio] UID:36582 Activity:nil
        New iPod updater displays advertisements on the screen.  I knew there
        was a reason I haven't bought one yet.
        \_ This is a poorly executed joke.
2005/3/7-8 [Consumer/Audio] UID:36562 Activity:moderate
3/7     With the new Sony CEO, any hope for Sony to come out with a decent
        mp3 player to compete with ipod?
        \_ Who needs mp3 when you can have ACRAP?
        \_ I don't understand why a portable MP3 player is something I
           should want.
           \_ I somewhat agree.  I don't have a portable MP3 player, nor do I
              feel any need whatsoever to get one. - jvarga
              \_ This is because you carry a laptop/have access to a networked
                 computer what you can get at your mp3's remotely 90% of the
                 time.  The reason a lot of geeks (myself included) had
                 trouble grokking what exactly the big deal about the ipod
                 was that carrying *ALL* your music with you wasn't new to us.
                 But from the layman's viewpoint it's a radical idea. -dans
           \_ You've been on a desert island?
              \_ If I was then maybe I'd have a need for one, but
                 otherwise I don't see why this glorified Sony Walkman
                 is such a must have.
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