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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/5/26-6/30 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53844 Activity:nil
5/26    anyone use lxde?  supposedly it is less stupid than xfce and
        less bloated than gnome.  thoughts?
        \_ lol, does anyone still use desktop linux?  Get with the times
           buy a mac.  Now.  DO IT.  Go NOW.
           \_ but we prefer herring to Kool-Aid
              \_ "you have to yell, he's hard of herring"
        \_ I tried it, I think it uses less memory, hard to tell.
           I work with some nerd who uses xmonad
        \_ I have struggled for years with debian and ubuntu and centos
           with gnome and kde and fluxbox and whatever... work made me
           get a mac, I secretly admit that it is pretty cool.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/5/21-29 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:53028 Activity:nil
5/21    I would like to implement an auto-logout feature for my gnome users
        who happen to not log themselves out, thus causing me, and especially
        my supervisor, pain.  Please advise, cohorts.  I would like the
        entire gnome session signed out, not just an individual xterm,
        so "export TMOUT=[SECONDS]" in a .bashrc will not work.
2008/7/20-23 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:50639 Activity:nil
7/20    I using Gnome/Ubuntu.  I would like to have it autologout after about
        30 minutes of use.  (Even if it's stil lbeing used.) Is there some way
        to do this?  (Sort of like what happens at the library.)
        \_ Sure. Write some code to kill the session after 30 minutes.
2007/7/23-26 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:47383 Activity:nil
7/23    shac don't you work at  what the hell
        are you doing?
2007/1/12-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:45538 Activity:nil
1/12    Boy, the quality of posts have gone down since soda went down. I
        need an alternative emotional outlet, where I can rant and bitch
        and dump my emotions. What should I use? Slashdot is a jungle. has too many fanatics. Don't even get me started on blogs
        and other trash on the net. I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE!!@@!@   -soda addict
        \_ Yeah, the motd does remind me of this Monty Python sketch a bit:
2006/10/20-24 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:44890 Activity:nil
10/20   My Gnome Desktop makes lots of noises at me.  I rarely know where
        they are coming from (filtered mail I don't see maybe?).  Is there
        some (way to set up a) sound log that I can check to see which app
        fired off which sound file at time X, or anything like that ?
2006/8/24-28 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:44146 Activity:nil
8/24    When I use "screen", the scrollback bars on my xterm and gnome-term
        don't work anymore. Is it possible to make them work under screen?
        \_ They'll sort of work, but not really.  I mean you may have more than
           one window.  Just use screen's builtin scrollback; it's better
           anyway (you can have one per window, tens of thousands of lines and
           best of all it's searchable)  Just hit ^A-Escape then pretty much
           vi controls to move around.  Hit escape again to leave scrollback
           mode.  --dbushong
           \_ Thanks so much! I tried Ctrl-A ESC and could move up and down.
              However vi keys like CTRL-B and CTRL-F don't work
              (page up/down). How do I move up and down? Thanks dave.
              \_ Hmm.  Ctrl-B and Ctrl-F work for me... maybe double check what
                 you have your scrollback set to?  If it's < the size of your
                 window, ^B and ^F obviously wouldn't do anything... Take a
                 look at ~mconst/.screenrc on soda for a bunch of settings with
                 comments.  (Including defscrollback)  --dbushong
           \_ !op, but thank you very much.  I've always heard of screen's
              scrollback feature, but never investigated.  You made it so
2006/1/16-18 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:41385 Activity:nil
1/16    Since X11 forwarding is gone ; my emacs key definitions no longer
        work. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a setup that would
        at least define basic functionality for emacs inside an x-term. Thanks
        \_ Maybe you could mail root and ask them to turn X11 Forwarding
           back on.
           \_ Or maybe not.
        \_ Just delete/rename your ~/.emacs and you'll get the default key
           binding which works the same in a text terminal and in an xterm.
        \_ Possibly your default xterm is lame (like on Solaris) and doesn't
           do Meta, which breaks all kinds of things for emacs. In that
           case, get a better xterm.
                \_ I am using freebsd 5.4/kde 3.5 and konsole/xterm.
           \_ Meta works fine in my xterm on Solaris.  --- !OP
              \_ Solaris 8. Maybe it's fixed in later versions.
2005/3/21-23 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:36798 Activity:kinda low
3/21    Can anyone recommend a lightweight X-based terminal that supports
        UTF-8?  If it can support pseudo-transparency or background colors,
        it'd be good.  I've been very happy with aterm, but it doesn't support
        \_ gnome-terminal
           \_ ...lightweight?
        \_ xterm! xterm is the standard UTF-8 terminal
           \_ xterm is what I'm using now whenever I need the UTF-8 support.
              gnome-terminal doesn't quite meet my lightweight requirement.
              I'm just hoping for something that's lightweight and still let
              me make it pretty.  -op
                 \_ I agree that konsole is much nicer than gnome-terminal.
                    But I already use a window manager that provides tabbing.
                    So the chance of me using konsole tabs is very small. -op
2005/2/23-24 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:36387 Activity:high
2/23    Does anyone manage to change the copy-paste behavior of Windoze to
        more Unix like?  (hilight yield copy, middle click yield paste)
        \_ Maybe tweakui can do this.
           \_ No.
        \_ No offense, but the Unix way is stupid. Highlight something and
           the entire copy/paste buffer is gone. I am glad windows is not
           broken in the same way.
           \_ Why are you hilighting something you don't want to paste?
              \_ For example, in a Windows editor you can highlight something
                 and then hit paste to replace it with what's on the clipboard.
                 This is annoying to do in Unix.
              \_ Maybe you just click on the window and you accidentally
                 highlight something?
              \_ I usually highlight as a I read, it gives me a visual cue
                 as to how far I've read, in case I need to switch to a
                 different document and then switch back.
                 Also the highlight as copy make it really hard to overwrite
                 with a paste.
           \_ I bet you just love click-to-focus too?
              \_ Yes. It makes much more sense than mouse focus.
                 \_ How so?  What's the purpose of pointing your mouse cursor
                    at some window you don't intend to interact with?  It's
                    a waste. --likes-xmouse-but-hates-unix-copy/paste
                    \_ To get it out of the way, because you bumped it by
                       accident, etc. xmouse sucks for the same reason as unix
                       copy/paste. Although unix copy-paste can be convenient,
                       it's flaky and you can easily accidentally highlight
                       something when placing the cursor for the paste. Unix
                       human interface all suck shit except fancy cmd shells.
                       \_ see, there's your problem.  unix paste works right
                          w/ focus-follows-mouse.  you don't place cursor
                          as some extra step, you just middle-mouse the new
                          text right where it belongs.
                          the old unix mouse model is for people who think
                          and then act; not for clicking and
                          dragging all over the screen looking for visual
                          \_ But really sucks when you're trying to paste
                             the URL into your webbrowser that's already open
                             to a page.  KDE has a decent workaround with its
                             black "X" button, which deletes the current URL
                             and places the cursor in the location bar.
                             \_ with most browsers you can just paste a URL
                                into the main frame.  I think you're just
                                not curious enough.
           \_ The Unix way IS stupid. It makes no sense whatsoever. The people
              who first implemented the method in xterm were morons.
                \_ What more can you expect from MIT?
        \_ does anyone know how to make gnome not auto-raise when I click
           somewhere in the window pane?  I'd like to operate on deeper
           layers and only raise when I click the title bar, etc.
        \_ what I like about unix is the double left click then right click
           highlighting a region.  windows you have to hold down shift key.
2005/1/28-29 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:35950 Activity:kinda low
1/28    What is your favorite lightweight terminal program?
        \_ SecureCRT, the best. Putty, second.
           \_, SecureCRT, Putty.
                \_ how does compare with SecureCRT?
           \_ Sorry I mean for *nix. I find xterm too slow, and rxvt buggy.
              \_ uh, xterm?
              \_ stop running your *nix on a 25MHz i386 PC.
              \_ Is xterm's slowness caused by xterm or by X?
                 \_ I don't know, but it seems faster than last time.
           \_ Agreeing 100%
        \_ I don't have a favorite but I'll tell you what I hate. I hate
           HPUX's stupid default CDE and their lame ass terminal. Their
           mouse bindings don't conform to anything else and their GUI
           simply sucks.
           \_ Solaris had CDE (and dtterm) as a default, too. So if you
              hate HPUX you also hate Solaris. Personally, I don't mind CDE.
              \_ yeah but HP started it first, back in the mid 1990s and
                 all the other lame ass vendors followed them.
                 \_ I actually worked on CDE -- It was DEC, USL (Unix system
                    laboratories), IBM, Sun and HP I believe.  They basically
                    cobbled together various bits from each company together
                    into a windowing system ... I think the goal was to have
                    a universal one to counter Micro$oft's claim of "UNIX
                    \_ wow, you guys sure showed M$ that you kick ass!
                    \_ CDE was lifted from HP VUE.  VUE sucked, but then so
                       do most things HP.  In fact, OSF adopted CDE in the
                       early '90s, before the OSF/USL merger.  Sun was a
                       member of USL and was never a member of OSF.  For the
                       locally minded, OSF was originally called the Hamilton
                       Group, after the DEC Hamilton building (at the corner
                       of Hamilton and Alma in Palo Alto) where the early
                       OSF meetings were held.  That building was subsequently
                       leased by Sun for work on Green Door, after DEC vacated
                       the site.
                        \_ GO MICROSOFT!!!              -undergrad
2004/10/12-13 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:34073 Activity:very high
10/12   Gnome or KDE?
        Is gnome catching up with KDE? surpassing it?  Do you guys think
        gnome eventually going to be the dominating gui for linux platform?
        \_ Download Knoppix and try it out.  You don't even need to install,
           just put it in the cd tray and reboot.
        \_ The only reason I use Gnome is the gnome-pannel and gnome-terminal,
           because I am sick of fucking with .Xresources files and the
           config files for traditional unix window managers. However,
           I don't really use any other Gnome features beyond that. I have
           tried KDE and found it to be too intrussive and too "Windows"-ish
           for my minimalist tastes.
        \_ Aqua.
        \_ Bud Day uses windows.
                \_ Of course you realize, this will destabilize Bud Day for
                   decades to come.
2004/2/6 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:12126 Activity:kinda low
2/5     Gnome or KDE?
        \_ emacs!  vi!
           \_ tracker! gullwing!
        \_ neither.  both suck big giant hairy donkey dicks.
2003/10/28-29 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:10829 Activity:kinda low
10/28   I've used PC&UNIX for most of my life and after trying to use the Macs
        for only a week, I LOVE IT!!! Here's a question for you Mac users--
        has anyone NOT like the Macs after trying them out?
        \_ yes.  i hated those fucking things from the day they came out
           and apple abandoned their last decent line of computers
           (the apple II).  I hate the prices, I hate the interface, I hate
           the look and feel of the desktop, I hate Steve Jobs, and I hate
           the fanatical jerkoffs who seem to get off from telling
           everyone else how great they think macs are. and yes, i have
           been forced to use macs quite a bit at various times in the past.
           \_ I don't know whether to hand you a tissue or a prozac.
        \_ USE PC&UNIX!  LOVE MAC!
        \_ The buttons to close and minimize windows are in the wrong place
           The mouse has ONLY ONE BUTTON!
           \_ you can use a different mouse.
              \_ Not with the laptops unless you don't mind the inconvenience
           \_ I've only need a multi-button mouse for some FPS games, and
              I can easily plug in my favorite trackball for those.  I
              starting using a mac about a year and a half ago and I can't
              say I miss dealing with broken Windows or Unix boxes. -meyers
              \_ hint: macosx is a unix box with a proprietary gui.  what
                 unix boxes have you used?  linux doesn't count.
                 \_ Since you asked: aix, hpux, solaris, freebsd, and linux.
                    I like Apple's UI, and apps that implement to it.  Having
                    each app do it's own thing with the UI makes using it
                    a pain.  -meyers
                    \_ So you prefer that application writers are forced to
                       write apps to whatever the OS says it should be like?
                       Without the ability to create and try new ways of
                       doing things we'll always have the same shitty 1985
                       era GUI forever.  More colors, more pretty bells and
                       shiney whistles but still crap.  And entire new kinds
                       of applications that don't fit that particular
                       highly arbitrary GUI model will never be created.
                       \_ Calm down there.  I do more than open xterms to
                          other machines, so an fvwm-like window manager
                          just doesn't do what I want.  What do you suggest,
                          the crappy microsoft interface?  twm?  bash? -meyers
        \_ Yes.  I once had to work on a whole lab full of G3s and G4s.
           I found MacOS X to be sort of a unix, but sort of broken, like
           waking up and you think you're in normal life, but really you've
           entered the just-oh-so-slightly-reality-shifted dimension of
           evil things.  -John
           \_ So what you're saying is that you didn't like the flavor of
              Unix that came with the Mac.  What did you think of the MacOS
              experience itself? --erikred
        \_ I went back to Mac after years on a PC. I like it, but its tough
           in a PC-centric world. Software is hard to come by and things break
           (e.g. web sites). I like a Mac, but only in *addition* to a PC.
           \_ Yeah, I feel the same way about BeOS.
        \_ expensive, fragile hardware, in-your-face GUI, stupid
           Capitalization in the file system /Home/Users/ or something.
           inefficient form factors. noisy. was the powerMAC G4 nicknamed
           "windtunnel"?  but even with all those issues, new Mac's are way
           better than any PC running Microsoft Windows.
           \_ Better?  That's a funny word.  Care to define what is 'better'
              about it other than a religious anti-Microsoft mantra?
              \_ the browser is standars-complaint, it has SSH and a real
                 command-line environment. The power management is great,
                 the networking is great, it's stable. you can login to
                 your computer remotely using ssh and actually do things.
                 There's ton's of free Open source software that runs on
                 OSX, Apple doesn't have "activation" spyware.
2003/9/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:10108 Activity:nil
9/6     I just installed XP (went fine) but the desktop doesn't have a
        My Computer icon. How can I get one on there? I can drag a
        shortcut of it, from the Start Menu, but how can I get an
        "original" one? Thanks.
        \_ there are a few quick things you can do to 2000-ify XP. One is
           to make the start button 2000ish. Right click, properties,
           "Classic". The other is to change to "Classic" style in the desktop
           setting (right click desktop, properties).
           \_ Another thing is to get to the System Properties menu,
              Advanced -> Performance Settings -> Adjust for best performance
              \_ It's amazing how after all these years MS -still- doesn't
                 get basic UI and -still- provides multiple and randomly
                 assigned paths to get the same functionality.  It's as if
                 they had some power struggle between different groups and
                 some higher up just said to do it both ways.  sheer lunacy.
                 \_ but unix gui's have been around for about as long and
                    are oh so much better...
                    \- the strength of unix is little details about how
                       \_ iow, you admit that unix has weaker gui's.
                          \- maybe. but gui's are lame for some things.
                             line a "gui find" would suck. does windows
                             have something comparable to find?
                       various tools work / evolved to work together well.
                       e.g. ls changing it's behavior when output isnt a
                       terminal but a pipe etc. what does msft do right?
                       \_ the issue is not what msft does right. it is
                          generally agreeable that msft has a better gui,
                          that's all i'm saying. windows apps also tend to
                          interact better, and are more consistent. while
                          i generally like unix more than windows, the whole
                          kde vs. gnome and qt vs. gtk thing is a major
                          turnoff. sure, choice can be good, but not that
                          kind of choice. we need one superior system, with
                          choice as in flexible themes, behavior, etc.
                          \_ osX!  Join us!
                          \_ comparing your gui to a slapped on after thought
                             gui for a text based system is hardly deserving
                             of great praise.  each new version they get a
                             change to do it right and for some unknown
                             reason refuse to improve.  *that* is MS's gui
                             problem.  "I'm better than that POS over there!"
                             is no defense for your own failings.
                 \_ there's nothing inherently wrong with multiple paths.
                    if i had a big living room or something, i might like to
                    have multiple remotes...why walk across the room when
                    i can reach for a closer one?
                    \_ Because it leads to user confusion and is harder to
                       teach and maintain.  These aren't physical location
                       paths for your physical convenience.  In that case, the
                       'best' path would be an entirely open room like a
                       warehouse but for other reasons we need rooms.  For
                       an UI we need clear and simple logical paths that
                       make sense.  If multiple paths make sense then one or
                       more are redundant and should be corrected.
        \_ right click on desktop and select properties. select the desktop
           tab. click on the customize desktop button. under the general tab,
           select the my computer desktop icon.
                \_ Perfect, thanks. -op
        \_ On the same note, is there a way to get rid of the damned dog when
           searching for files?
           \_ Click on the dog, and click on "turn off animated character".
           \_ shotgun.
2003/6/3-4 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:28615 Activity:nil
6/2     Anyone using gdm2?  I'd appreciate clues on how to create a transparent
        login window, and how to avoid starting all the gnome crap within
        my windowmanager upon login.  -John
        \_ to start your wm, make an ~/.Xsession file instead of ~/.xinitrc
           If you are running Debian, select "Debian" from "session
           type?" If you're running something else, I don't know.
2002/9/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:25917 Activity:very high
9/17    My middle button emulator doesn't work on Linux/KDE, where's the
        config for that?
        \_ Buying a 4 dollar 3 button mouse.
        \_ XF86Config.  Probably in /etc/X11 or such.  -John
           \_ Buying a 4 dollar 3 button mouse is a better use of OP's time.
2002/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:25365 Activity:high
7/15    Gnome or KDE?
        \_ I use KDE because I think saying "GUH-NOME" sounds stupid. - danh
        \_ both are too slow
        \_ Gnome is a bimbo
        \_ Windows.
        \_ ho ho ho, troll.  I like KDE.
        \_ twm!
           \_ ctwm!
        \_ fvwm2!
        \_ olvwm!
        \_ Aqua!
            \_ Gag me with a hard candy, wet with saliva.
               \_ Don't you mean a gel candy?
                  \_ Sure.  in a gaudy pinstripe suit.
                        \_ pinstripes are vertical
                              \_ lying down on a park bench in
                                 a gaudy pinstripe suit.
        \_ icewm!
        \_ screen + emacs!
        \_ NeXT!
        \_ vi?
           \_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD!  Window manager.
        \_ I use #.
2001/12/7 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:23169 Activity:very high
12/6    After almost 10 years on tvtwm, I'm ready for a switch.  This is
        on a solaris box and I have no root.  Can I still run KDE or
        GNOME or some other fancy GUI? What other desktop environments are
        there for solaris when I don't have root?  Thanks.
        \_ wmaker (I just compiled it myself without asking root).
                \_ ditto.  Did the same thing on my Sun too.
        \_ You can compile both KDE and GNOME without root, but it's a royal
           pain in the ass (something like 40 separate packages).  You could
           use Solaris' built-in CDE, which sucks but is probably better
           than tvtwm.  -tom
        \_ My personal favorite window manager is ctwm.  I don't think it
           offers much more than tvtwm though.  Why do you feel like switching?
           I've tried Gnome and various gnome window managers and have
           found no compelling reason to switch away from ctwm.
           ctwm is not hard to compile, usually a 5 minute task for me.
           \_ Agreed.  And KDE is the complete "we will make your choices for
              you" desktop environment, not just a window manager.  --dbushong
       \_ I would have to agree with the above posters that unless you are a
          glutton for punishment, compiling KDE or Gnome is simply not what
          you want. If you really want to switch to something other than *twm,
          I would recommend blackbox, since it's very small, fast, and easy
          to compile and configure and all that. -- ajani
        \_ Not to be the big spoilsport or anything, but what's wrong with
           what you've got?  A window manager just needs to manage windows
           which the old WMs do quite well. Move/raise/lower/resize/etc.
           What more is there?  I installed several of the whizzy bang WMs
           and didn't see the point.  It was more like playing a video game
           than having control of my workspace.  And they ran much slower too.
           Even the so-called "fast" ones.  -baffled
           \_ I'm looking to make my workspace fancier.  10 years on the
              same thing is making me feel like I'm an old man.  Of course,
              10 years on unix and text-based mail readers also make me
              feel that way.  :-)  Change is good.  I need a change.
                \_ So you want to change a perfectly functional environment
                   for an inferior one just so you won't feel 30?  Here's a
                   friendly tip: changing WMs won't make you look any younger
                   than changing gf/wives.  The first makes you look less
                   UNIX GURU(tm) than you are and the second makes you look
                   desperate and stupid.
                   \_ On the contrary, I think twm makes you look "hardcore"
                   \_ On the contrary, changing your gf/wife can make
                      you a lot younger
                      \_ If "hardcore" means "unix guru" then that's what I
                         was saying.  All the bells and whistles and shit
                         are for kids.  Like the kid said, "Silly Rabbit!
                         Tricks are for kids!  Men use twm!"  Or something
                         like that....
                         \_ "Real Men use vi!"  --- emacs user
                            \_ wussies use emacs?
                         \_ It sounded like you were saying "the first
                            (wm, ie twm) makes you look less GURU and the
                            second (wm, ie kde) ...", not "first point: x,
                            second point y."
                   \_ Mid-life crisis for geeks. Tis to laugh.
                       \_ priceless. this is why i keep this account.
                          \_ Why does this sound like a commercial?
2001/11/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:23027 Activity:low
11/13   What personal info. organizer program are available for *nix, either
        text or graphic based?
        \_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD!!! Personal organizer prog.
        \_ The KDE Personal Info Manager (kdepim) package is coming along.
           \_ What about text based programs?
2001/10/6 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:22653 Activity:high
10/5    Gnome or KDE? And why?  (building machine from scratch, used neither)
        \_ KDE for better, more usable and well-integrated apps.
2001/8/11 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:22078 Activity:very high
8/10    On a PC you can use something like Exceed to connect to a UNIX
        workstation desktop (e.g. CDE). How can you do the same from one
        Solaris workstation to another?
        \_ You use something like Exceed called X.
                \_ duh. The question is "how" not "what".
                  \_ duh. the answer was "you use...". that's definitely
                      an answer to a  "how".
                     \_ Sooooo, I am sitting in front of Solaris workstation A
                        and I would like to login to workstation B. "How" do I
                        connect to the X server on workstation B from
                        workstation A?
                        \_ wow, things have really slipped since i was at cal.
                           \_ I'm not talking about doing anything like
                              setenv DISPLAY blah:0.0, I want to see the CDE
                              login screen of workstation B on workstation
                              A's display.
                              setenv DISPLAY blah:0.0 and then running some
                              X application, I want to see the CDE login screen
                              of workstation B on workstation A's display. If
                              you don't know how, it's ok. really.
                              \_ That's not what you asked. dtremote to
                                 the remote workstation is one way. If CDE,
                                 then from your local console login screen
                                 Options->Remote Login (or something
                                 like that). Being unix, there are other ways.
                                 Then again, my ESP powers are dull so I may
                                 not know what the fuck you are thinking since
                                 you never say. Things "like Exceed" do not
                                 need to redisplay the CDE login screen, but
                                 just select apps. If you are running SSH
                                 you dont need to setenv DISPLAY either.
                             \_ you are thinking about xdm then. man xdm
                                to find out more.
                                \_ thanks. I'll look into that.
2001/8/10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Functional, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:22066 Activity:insanely high
8/9      Do any Java developers use make these days or has Ant pretty much
        become the de facto standard?
        \_ ant stopped sucking enough to use it six months ago, make still
        \_ my old job used ant... worked well.
        \_ "ant" is just stupid. or rather, grotesque. XML is only
           vaguely human-readable. Gime a simple makefile any day of
           the week.
           \_ simple makefile? uh... ok go ahead... and dont get any tabs
              confused with spaces.
              \_ You must be exceptionally stupid.  I have been using make
                 for a couple years now, and this has NEVER been a problem
                 for me.  Christ, what are they teaching at UCB nowadays?
                                  \_ From the motd posts it seems like they
                                     have substitued real computers running
                                     real operating systems with cheap x86
                                     crap running Linux and Win32. You can't
                                     blame them though since most of today's
                                     incoming freshmen are so clueless its
                                        \_ you'd rather have HP crap running
                                           HP/UX?  Get a clue.   -tom
              \_ Those who confuse tabs with spaces in makefiles have
                 not yet achieved enlightenment.
           \_ I'm with you on the first part.  I just use an IDE that
              generates makefiles (acutally, jam) underneath and I
              don't need to care about it at all.
        \_ Cons!  Cons!  Cons! is the standard!   Make replacement!
        \_ I use make for just about everything. make rocks!
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:21933 Activity:insanely high
7/24    Is there a version of, or an equivalent to, the CDE (common
        desktop environment) for linux?
        \_ there's the KDE...
             \_ Can it be made to look similar to CDE? All the
                screen shots I've seen on the web look more like Windows.
                screen shots I've seen on the web look more like
                \_, there used to be a cde theme.
        \_ Look for TriTeal's XMotif/CDE package. Redhat used to
           sell it as a add on to RedHat Linux up until v5.2 or
           so. You can probably still get it running on newer
           versions by using the 2.0 kernel/libc5 compat rpms.
           \_ TriTeal went out of business. is the
              only company who sells CDE for Linux now. -alan-
        \_ Why in god's name would you want a shitty interface
           like cde? There are much better interfaces available
           for *nix: twm, fvwm, afterstep, saw{mill,fish}, etc.
        \_ Trade up from Linux to Solaris - it's still free and
           includes CDE.
           \_ In addition to CDE, you get *WORKING* NFSv3, PThreads,
              SMP, MultiThreaded TCP/IP, RealTime Scheduling
              Extensions and a stable kernel interface layer at
              no additional charge! Who could pass up a deal like
              \_ I work with x86 daily.  all i gotta say is:
                "nfs server mamba not responding."
                "nfs server pasteur not responding."
                There's a reason why solx86 and staroffice are free. - paolo
                There's a reason why solx86 and staroffice are
                free. - paolo
                \_ paolo, that is because Instructional is constantly
                   underfunded and short on resources appropriate to
                   the demands placed on them by coursework.  I believe
                   this was in the undergraduate presentation made to
                   the department at the faculty retreat recently.  --Jon
                \_ All I gotta say is: "Incompetant NFS/network
                   \_ Wow, you think the architecture makes NFS work poorly?
                \_ Solaris/sparc is just as free as the solaris
                   for x86.
                \_ Poster never said he was on x86. He could be
                   running sparc linsux for all we know.
                \_ Its your own damn fault for using cheap x86
                   hardware for NFS. Get a real machine.
                   \_ Wow, you think the architecture makes NFS work
                      poorly? Impressive.
                      \_ no, but the components that go into a x86
                         system are usually sub-par creating all
                         sort of problems. (Cheap raid cards, cheap
                         nics, cheap drives, 33 MHz bus, etc).
                         In anycase people who depend on NFS should
                         be using a dedicated solution like netapp
                         instead of running on a cheap pc they slapped
                         together from cheap bits at frys.
                         \_ as opposed to Sun's low-end server, the
                            extremely high-quality Ultra 10?  Please.
                            \_ The U10 is not a low end server. It is
                               a desktop machine. If you buy a U10 and
                               think that its a server that's your own
                               damn fault for being cheap. A "low-end"
                               server would be the discontinued U30 or
                                \_ gee, you'll have to mention that to Sun,
                                   which sells the Ultra 10 as a server on
                                   their web site.  If you're going to pay
                                   $10K for a box, you'll get a much better
                                   PC box than Sun box--if you buy shitty
                                   PC hardware, "that's your own damn fault."
                         \_ Due to lack of funds, our Solaris/x86 NFS
                            server is a cheap PC thrown together from
                            parts. We haven't had any problems with it
                            so far.
                         \_ Who is talking about cheap x86 hardware?
                            You can buy a decent x86 server with 66MHz PCI
                            slots if you need, hot swapable SCA drives, and
                            other components. It will be faster than and just
                            as reliable as an equivalent Sun (or whatever)
                            machine but cost you two times less or more.
                            Netapps are nice but the cost is an issue with
                            them. For a price of a netapp filer you can buy
                            a disk array from Sun with at least the same
                            storage capacity and a server to go with it.
                            \_ So does your x86 "server" support gigE
                               fiber and etherchannel? How about ATM?
                               \_ Yes. You haven't looked at current Dell, IBM
                                  etc offerings, have you?
                               Let's not forget about a real journalling
                               fs and seamless ha fall over. What about
                               NEBS compliance? Lights out management?
                               People who depend on NFS require these
                               things. People like you who play with
                               toys in your dorm room don't and think
                               that cheap x86 stuff from fry's is just
                               as good.
                               With regards to Netapp vs. Sun. Netapp
                               is faster and more reliable than a
                               multipurpose server. The WAFL fs is
                               probably the most advanced journaling
                               fs ever written and these boxes even
                               commit metadata updates to nvram so
                               that a powerfailure won't corrupt the
                               fs. If I depended on NFS I'd buy netapp.
                               \_ export list limit of 800.
                                  can we say CIFS/Unix perm conflicts?
                                  mountd dying periodically
                                  I can go on.  Netapp's are amazing
                                  and I like things like wafl, snapshots,
                                  the dual platform support, but they are
                                  far from perfect.  be realistic. --Jon
2001/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21458 Activity:high
6/8     Why does find find files that don't exist?
        \_ Example?
        \_ you have file and no file at the same time?  the true sign
           of intelligence.
           \_ to have file and no file is truly impressive.
        \_ What makes you think that those files don't exist? Does "ls"
           not show them? Then probably you were hacked and your ls binary
           has been replaced. You're lucky that your find still works.
            \_ I have NOT been hacked.  and ls doesn't show them and i can't
                grep them.  Specifically this is what happens...
                I type: find ./ someflag -print | xargs grep someword
                then i get a bunch of can't access this that and the other
                + whatever it was i was looking for.  I say "why can't i
                access tt&o, so i go to look at it but it's not there.
                However, if it's not there, why does find find it?
                \_ And you know you "have NOT been hacked"... HOW?
                \_ use find ./ ... -print0 | xargs -0 grep -l someword
                   if you still have a problem, tell me
                \_ Because you are a dumbass. Read the man pages.
                \_ Can you post the exact command and examples of filenames
                   you could find but don't exist?
        \_ Existence is of transitory nature. To exist at this moment,
           does not mean to exist in the next moment. With find,
           it helps you contemplate this idea. Once you understand why,
           you will be closer to enlightenment.
           \_ hmm, master.  But to flash out of existence so quickly?
              I shall observe the world further and see if your wise
              words can lead me to understanding.
              \_ This is easy enough to check. Are you seeing the same
                 files each time? List the mtime, file contents, etc. --dim
2001/2/26 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:20699 Activity:nil
2/26    I'm having trouble starting X/KDE.  I get the error
        "/usr/libexec/ Shared object "" not found
        plus a few more missing libraries, all of which exist.  What can I
        do to fix this?
2000/9/29-10/2 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:19372 Activity:high
9/29    I am using GNOME and it keeps accessing my cdrom drive even though
        it doesn't have anything in it. So my var/log/messages gets filled
        VFS: Disk change detected on device ide0(3,64)
        messages. How do I stop this stupid behaviour? I have turned off
        autoplay. That didnt help the problem.
        \_ rpm -e magicdev      --mogul
        \_ stop using gnome?
        \_ gnome is trying to emulate windows, including windows suck.
        \_ And the obligatory: Get a Real OS!
        \_ Upgrade to a real window manager such as AfterStep, TWM or Aqua.
           \_ Since when was GNOME considered a window manager (or Aqua)?
              TWM is the sorriest excuse for a window manager. It barely
              \_ TWM is a sorry excuse for a window manager? What do you
                 use E(yecandy)nlite(not)nment? Window Braker? Real men
                 don't need a GUI, screen and /bin/sh is enough for them,
                 but in case real men have to startx (god knows why) they
                 stick to the basics TWM! And name one essential feature
                 that TWM lacks that others have?
                    \_ Window Shading. That's why I use afterstep (but
                       with all the GUI crap turned off), I'm xload,
                       xclock --digital and one rxvt only. Occasionally a
                       netscrape window.
                    \_ The ability to make a window smaller without having
                       to drag it bigger first.
                 \_ Does TWM have virtual desktops now?  Or are you going
                    to assert that feature isn't essential? --PeterM
                        \_ That feature isn't essential. -brg
                           \_ SUBSTRACT AND BRANCH IF NEGATIVE IS THE
                              STANDARD! WINDOW MANAGER.
                                \_ Okay, that is taking it a *little* far.
                        \_ Virtual desktops are a feature for wimps. Real
                           men who need additional windows fire up screen.
                        \_ i've found i prefer 24" hdtv format displays to
                           virtual desktops.
                    \_ well vtwm does.
                        \_ essential feature twm lacks: the ability to
                           save your session.  -tom
                           \_ this is what your .xinitrc is for, session
                              saving is a *BAD* idea.
                                \_ What a visionary you are.  -blojo
                                   \_ A clever cracker can get lots of
                                      information about you from the
                                      saved session files.
                                        \_ he'd have to be a lot more
                                           clever than you.  -tom
        \_ blackbox is nice.
        \_ icewm is a sweet balance between features and bloat.
2000/7/21-22 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18742 Activity:moderate
7/20    When I press PGUP key when running Solaris xterm, instead of sending
        that keystroke to whatever application that is running in the xterm
        (such as a less pager) xterm scrolls up the contents of its buffer.
        Is there an X resource setting or something to fix this highly annoying
        \_ Yes.
           \_ How?
        \_ Look at /usr/openwin/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm and receive
           enlightenment (or a splitting headache).
           \_ extra hint: canonical name for PGUP is "Prior"
                \_ huh?
2000/6/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:18391 Activity:moderate
6/2     I'm looking for open source unix ware to create a web based email
        archiving service.  It should allow people to sign up/remove remove
        themselves and have a threaded message archive.  Some sense of user
        levels would be nice, too, like anonymous people can only read the
        archive, but 'registered' people can do whatever, and an admin level
        who can delete messages.  The number of registered users is going to
        be under 20 and never grow above 20 or so.  Performance isn't a big
        issue.  This is a personal project.  Thanks for any pointers!
        \_ you seem to be describing a web based newsgroup like slashdot
           more than you are a web based email service.  if that's the
           case just go to  they have their entire source
           code (called slash) published online under gpl.
                \_ I want archives based on incoming mail.  The web interface
                   is only for reading old email archives in threaded format.
                   I don't want slashdot.  Email comes in to some majordomo
                   like handler, gets archived on the web pages, and gets sent
                   out to the correct list of folks on the list.  If there's a
                   web interface to archived majordomo email that would
                   probably do the trick.
                   \_ Do you mean something like hypermail?
                        \_ I might.  Got a URL?  Thanks!
2000/5/28-29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18360 Activity:very high
5/27    Good small graphical web browser that runs on a Unix system.
        Does such an animal exist?
        \_ netscape 3.x, opera, & gnome browswers (but they all suck)
           \_ Don't dismiss Netscape 3 out of hand.  It's _much_ faster
              and moderately more stable than 4.*, and supports most
              features sites actually use (but alas, not PNGs, style sheets,
              JavaScript 1.2, table background images)  --dbushong
        \_ xemacs and w3
        \_ w3c, you troll.
           \_ Can you read?  You know what 'graphical' means?
                \_ I'm sure he can.  While w3c's Amaya is a bit weird, it
                   sure displays pictures, which is what I understand by
                   'graphical'.  Also, it's never crashed on me.  Twit.  -John
              \_ You're thinking of w3m.  Get your name right before you
                 insult someone.  Twit.
2000/5/26-29 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:18346 Activity:nil
5/24    Anyone know of a kde panel applet that one can use to insert urls ?
        Just like the one in gnome but I dont want to run two panelers
        \_ I like my method better.  I highlight a chunk of text with a URL
           in it somewhere and hit F8.  Netscape opens on that URL.  Whee.
           \_ I highlight the URL, right click, then "open URL".  No keyboard
              \_ Mine works in any program that uses the X cut buffer.
                \_ You're still using X?  Damn, dude....  Mine just works.
2000/1/28-29 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:17365 Activity:very high
1/28    What do people think is the best Window Manager nowadays?
        I've been using fvwm2, but I'm wondering if there are better
        ones out there.
        \_ CDE!  The Common Desktop Environment!  Better Windows than Windows!
           It's fast, small, easy to use, has easy configuration, multiple
           desktops, virtual desktops, multiple backgrounds, it's the industry
           standard and has a whole host of other great features!!!!  Which
           just goes to show that just because something has a nice feature
           list doesn't mean it's worth more than a bucket of piss with a
           hole in the side.
        \_ Neal Stephenson writes in his famous "In the Beginning was
           the Command Line" essay:
                "I have my eye on a completely different window manager
                called Enlightenment, which may be the hippest single
                technology product I have ever seen, in that (a) it is
                for Linux, (b) it is freeware, (c) it is being
                developed by a very small number of obsessed hackers,
                and (d) it looks amazingly cool; it is the sort of
                window manager that might show up in the backdrop of
                an Aliens movie."
                \_ Point by point: Reason A: That's nice.  B: That's nice.
                   C: So what?  D: So what?
                \_ Stephenson is a writer, not a hacker.
                  \_ Stephenson is also an idiot.
                        \_ And said exactly what has already been said, that
                           Enlightenment is way kewl and uh also really kewl
                           looking, and it has themez and its kewl and yeah!
                   \_ I use E at work, and interestingly, it's never
                      crashed at me, never gotten too slow (on a PPro200
                      running FreeBSD.)  It does all the stuff I want a
                      WM to do (icons, background menus, virtual desktops,
                      etc) with an amazingly small amount of setup, it has
                      a great, simple configurator (as opposed to editing
                      dozens of lines of weird config syntax, I can have
                      the configurator do it for me), and regardless of how
                      I want the eye candy part of it to look, I'll always
                      find a ready-to-run theme for it.  What else could I
                      want?  Just because I have self-flagellation as an
                      option, doesn't mean I have to do it... -John
                        \_ And it has themez!!1  And itz kewl!
                        \_ twm has a great, simple configurator: ED.
                           Ed _is_ the standard, you know.
        \_ twm. anything older just doesn't work as well, anything newer either
           leaves important things out or contains too much bloat. and twm,
           like /bin/csh, is already Everywhere You Want To Be (tm).

           and what's more, twm doesn't waste space on my TIMEX SINCLAIR:

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     wheel          24 Jan  1  1970 /usr/X11R6/bin/twm*
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     wheel      156904 Sep 29 17:39 /usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm2*
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     wheel  2.23499e23 Oct 12 14:55 /usr/bin/enlightenment*

           I don't hold much confidence in the last decade's crop
           of "stripped-down" window managers. but (and I say this
           without having used it much), blackbox is not too bad,
           if you like the AfterSteppish look. all IMNSHO,  -brg
           \_ Blackbox is a really stripped down window manager:
           \_ ED! ED! ED is the... oh.  -geordan

        \_ If you want a stand-alone, nice-looking, easy to configure with GUI
           interface, fast and stable window manager try WindowMaker.
           Although, I find that Elightenment integrates better
           with GNOME (which I really don't need)
        \_ enlightnment, if you like living on the bleeding edge
        \_ Emacs
                \-twm --psb
        \_ If you want to do work, use twm or one of the derivatives that
           allows virtual windows.  If you want to fuck around and be kewlist
           k1d on the bl0ck, then get enlightenment, or anything else that
           has "many themez!!!11" as its claim to fame.
           \_ Though I agree that enlightenment is rather garish, inclusion
              of themes does not make a wm bad.  I get plenty of work done
              on WindowMaker, which supports themes. -- ilyas
              \_ I've used WindowMaker and it seems like a clone of AfterStep.
                 I personally use sawmill at home and CDE (bleh!) at work.
              \_ The mere inclusion of a particular feature does not in and
                 of itself equate to "badness".  However, regarding wms, the
                 projects that focus on kewlness have a tendency to get into
                 MS featuritis and forget about speed and simply usability
                 along the way in the race to be D m0st kewlish \/\//\/\ uv
                 dem awl!  Da B0mb WM uv awl Da B0mb WMs!!!111  Stick with
                 something fast and functional like twm or early derivatives
                 if you want to get work done.  Use the later crap if you
                 have lots of spare cpu and ram and want to be k-rad.
                 \_ Twm is pretty fast, but doesn't support virtual windows.
                        \_ As stated earlier, "If you want to do work, use
                            twm or one of the derivatives that allows virtual
                            windows."  Thank you.
                    Personally I can no longer get work done without some sort
                    of ability to switch between multiple windows or terminals.
                    The one (minor) feature that I like in Windowmaker is the
                    ability to collapse a window to its title bar.  This lets
                    you juggle multiple windows on the screen pretty easily.
                    Admitedly, one shouldn't pick a wm on one feature alone,
                    but WindowMaker failed to annoy me in other ways, and I
                    seem to use the aforementioned collapsing windows a lot.
                    Its memory footprint isn't terribly large either.
                    -- ilyas
                        \_ I didn't like the title bar thing.  Personal
                \_ The major, massive advantage of GNOME (with either
                   Enlightenment or Windowmaker) is that you don't have
                   to spend hours futzing around with stupid config files
                   to create your ideal session; you place windows and save
                   the configuration.  There are plenty of simple themes for
                   people who complain about garishness.  -tom
                   \_ I believe WindowMaker has this feature also, without GNOME.
                      -- ilyas
                   \_ Yeah, and it has a freakin' CORBA ORB in there! GNOME
                      as distributed computing environment! Whee! All to
                      try to replicate OpenDoc.
                   \_ The default twm is perfectly functional with zero futz.
                        \_ gee, does the default twm place my 8 terminals,
                           xload, xclock, and netscape exactly where I want
                           them?  -tom
                           \_ Yes.
                                \_ without futzing?  No.  Shut up.  -tom
                        \-twm + 3 monitors. who needs virtual real estate when
                        you can have real real estate. --psb
                        \_ Uh, people who can't have real real estate?
1999/11/2-4 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16812 Activity:kinda low
11/1    Does Redhat not allow for .login and .cshrc files in the user
        directory to be executed automagically?
        \_ No it works fine if you use it properly.  (Are you sure your
           shell is csh or tcsh?  Are they owned by the user?)
           \_ It works fine from a virtual console, but for some reason when
              you log in at runlevel 5 your .login isn't sourced.  Not sure if
              this is from gdm, gnome, or what.  If you find out let me know;
              I got bored looking for the answer. --mogul
              \_ When you login in at runlevel 5 it runs your .profile or
                 your autoexec or some such file depending on your window
                 manager.  You can call your .login from there.  Also when
                 you start a xterm by clicking on an icon your window
                 manager is probably not starting the xterm with the right
                 options.  If you want the xterm to be a "login shell"
                 and source .login you need to do xterm -ls or xterm +ls
                 (I don't remember which). Hope that helps. --emin
              \_ Solaris 7/CDE is good about this because it does source
                 the .login when you login; and xterms that you create
                 don't re-source the .login but do inherit env vars.
                 Why Linux/KDE doesn't do it automagically I'm wondering also.
                 \_ You know why.
                    \_ yes, i do
                        \_ Then let's leave it at that before the fanatics
                           'get it' and go balistic and wipe the motd or
1999/10/14-17 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16707 Activity:moderate
10/13   hola, is there s "standard" unix untility that will split a file
        into n "equal" size pieces ... like split but it take # subfiles
        instead of #lines/subfile. I realize this is easy to write but that
        isnt the question. --psb
        \_ You want a split that split split multiple files to the same length?
        \_ no, something like pslit 10 file.  split file into 10 pieces.
        \_ You want a split that splits multiple files to the same length?
        \_ no, something like split 10 file.  split file into 10 pieces.
        \_ This works.  It isn't pretty but you didn't pay for pretty:

% split -l `perl -e 'while (<>) { $count++; }; $count = int($count /10)+1 ;print\
            \_ You have demonstrated some perl fu while proving your lack of
               English fu
                        \-ok so we all agree there is no standard unix utility
                        to do this, right? --psb
                \_ Hey, it does what he said he wanted.  It makes 10 equal
                   sized split files.  Where did my English fu lack?  In not
                   making the '10' an optional parameter?  I'm not paid enough
                   for that part.  I even tested it which is more than can be
                   said for half the code I write for my job.
                   \_ Ponder this question, then: do you have a public
                      file that lists your passwords?
                        \_ Of course not.  It's a security risk beyond common
                           stupidity.  What's that have to do with splitting
                           an input file?  Oh Great Master!  Please grant a
                           tiny speck of enlightenment and knowledge to this
                           undeserving student!  You'd be happy if instead of
                           hard coding the '10' it was $ARGV[0] and $ARGV[1]
                           for the file name?  I'm still not getting it.
1999/8/2-3 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:16227 Activity:very high
8/2     KDE vs enlightenment.  What's better?
        \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Window Manager.
           \_ You fucking idiot!  Everyone knows /bin/cat is a better editor!
        \_ windowmaker? -- ilyas
        \_ just use twm. anything else is for the weak. -scotsman
        \_substract and branch if negative -anything else is for the weak.
        \_ KDE = faster, enlightenment = prettier.  Go figure.
1999/6/30-7/1 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:16048 Activity:high
6/30    If I decide to change to bash insted of tcsh on soda do I simply
        chsh or do I have add my own .bash* files, or does soda automatilly
        do the right thing?
        \_ chsh
        \_ What do you consider "the right thing"?  You want it to make
           soda customised .bash files for you?
           \_ the default soda shell is tcsh for which all the dotfiles
              are set up, as far as enviroment settings. But when I changed
              to bash one day  I noticed that a bunch of stuff wasn't right
              like my path, and I was simply wondering if there were any
              preconfigured  .bash* files I could copy, or if I had to port
              all the settings myself.
              \_ Most machines usually have default files stored in /etc/skel
                 but csua apparently doesn't have that.
                 \_ That's because most machines DON'T have /etc/skel you
                    moron.  That's a SysVR4-ism.  What soda has is
                    /csua/share/doc/FAQ which tells you where the default
                    dotfiles are.
                    \_ the FAQ sez to look in /usr/share/skel but see NO
                        .bash* files. How do other bash users configure
                        their env for soda?
                        \_ Look at dot.shrc & dot.profile bozo
                        \_ There's only a dozen other bash users and
                           presumably they all knew what they were doing
                           before changing their shell.  Maybe you should
                           try that.
              \_ The CSUA is not here to hold your hand on the path to Unix
                 enlightenment.  We've created reasonable defaults to get
                 you on your feet.  You are more than welcome to diverge
                 from the beaten path, but do not expect a personal guide;
                 The idea behind this is that you might actually learn
                 something by doing it on your own.
1999/5/6-7 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:15766 Activity:high
5/6     Anybody use enlightenment window manager?   It complains
        about my imlib not using shared memory.  But when I check my imrc
        file it has MIT-SHM turned on.  Almost everything is enabled.  Is
        there any other config file I have to mess with?
        \_ Stop playing games.  Use twm and quit fucking around.
           \_ Get into the 20th Century. TWM was a decent window manager
              on an Apollo Domain, but in this day and age of 300+ MHz
              processors and multi hundreds of MB's of RAM, you can
              afford to run a decent user interface on your UNIX system.
              Just run Afterstep with a emacs!
        \_ Stop playing games.  Drive a Pinto and quit fucking around.
1999/4/28 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:15718 Activity:nil
4/28    I don't have much experience with macs, but
        I used one a couple weeks ago and someone
        showed me the "stickies" program which is
        similar to post-it notes.  Does anybody know
        if there is a similar program for cde and/or
        win9x?  Something other than xclipboard...
        \_ kde has jot
        \_ yes. xpostit or something.
        \_ MS Outlook
1999/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:15642 Activity:nil
3/24    How can I get the xterm windows in KDE on Linux to be transparent?
        I downloaded the them es, but they only modify borders, & desktop
        \_ Use eterm instead. -- schoen
1999/3/12-13 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:15587 Activity:high
3/12    Anyone know any unix-based programs that can check
        mail from pop accounts?
        \_ postillion
        \_ Netscape Communicator.  Also look for other gui programs at
        \_ fetchmail
        \_ pine
        \_ mutt --sly
        \_ how about a program which creates a secure IMAP "channel"
            (i.e. I don't want to download the messages) -nick
1998/11/19 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14974 Activity:kinda low
11/18 <-- QT Public License; KDE will be opensource
        \_ seems to be pseudo-GNU now.
           \_ Everybody seems to have some kind of "public license" these days.
              \_ And that's bad because?...
                 \_ where the hell was there an inference that everyone
                    having a public license is a bad thing???
                 \_ It's not bad; it's just funny.
1998/11/15-18 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14962 Activity:nil
11/14   A while ago someone was asking about good file viewers for linux.
        Here's a really kick ass looking one I found (but unfortunately
        in development)
        which was basically a link from the site. Can't seem to
        figure out what wm he's using. It sure beats the hell out of explorer
        \_ presumably, the gnome wm? and/or KDE?
1998/10/9-11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14755 Activity:high
10/9    I'm trying to get Gimp and several GNOME programs to work on a single
        machine.  For some odd reason Gimp will only work with gtk+ 1.0 while
        every other Gnome program will only work with gtk+ 1.1 libraries so
        I end up having to choose between running only Gimp or just other
        gnome programs.  Any suggestions to work around this?
        \_ what a shocker.  let's see what has to say:
                150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
                0.0_LATEST-IS-1.0.1                   latest
                GIMP_1_0_DOES_NOT_WORK_WITH_GTK_1_1   old
                README                                v1.0.1
           Anyway, on a useful note, try doing it the way the FreeBSD port
           handles it.  It names gtk1.1 libgtk11 and stuff like that.  If
           most everything works with 1.1, you might wish to do the opposite
           (i.e. have  Then make sure you relink gimp with
           that flag.  This must be a common problem, I'm sure you can find
           something about it on the web (or you could just use FreeBSD ;)
        \_ gee why dont  you install both gtk's
           \_ i tried that. gimp stops working.
              \_ then you should figure out how to install two versions
                 of software so that they dont conflict.
                \_ try compiling gimp with static libraries then.
                  \_ no, no, no. Move the old shared lib to another path,
                     then make a wrapper that changes the dynamic load path.
                     OR... just port Gimp. That's what I'd do, if I actually
                     cared about Gimp.
        \_ (sigh) This is why Unix doesn't make a great desktop OS for
           mere mortals.
                \_ That's why I use TRS-DOS.
           \_ Many other, more popular operating system have similar library
              incompatibility problems; they just don't offer users a chance
              to fix them.
1998/10/8-11 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14750 Activity:kinda low
10/8    For those of you who have tried any combination of these which one
        do you prefer?: Afterstep, WindowMaker, or Enlightment. I want to
        know before I spend an hour downloading it. Oh yeah, ICEwm sucks.
        Looks too much like Win95.
        \_ wrt ICEwm, that was the point dude...
        \_ use twm.
        \_ I've tried all of them.  Tons of people like afterstep/blackbox
           (which look about the same to me).. I'm not sure why.
           Englightenment is pretty, but slow and very very buggy (0.14 still
           Enlightenment is pretty, but slow and very very buggy (0.14 still
           kills my Xserver after a few minutes of use)  I use fvwm2 because
           some of the modules (like FvwmButtons) are nice and SloppyFocus
           and SmartPlacement are very addictive.  Otherwise, I'd just use
           twm.  All of the things that make other window managers "advanced"
           (stylized borders, lots of icons, etc) just get annoying after
           you've got all of your shortcut keys and whatnot set up to actually
           get work done. --dbushong
        \_ ctwm is basically twm with virtual desktops.  I like it the most
           since I only have a 15" monitor. -- reeser
           \_ fvwm's virtual desktops are somewhat cooler for this, because
              then you can just drag windows from one to the other by banging
              them against the side of the screen --dbushong
1998/10/1-5 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14718 Activity:moderate
10/1    Transparent xterm & CDE lookalike WM:
        \_ Not bad but how is its performance? AS and WMaker look more
           asthetically apealing but I'd rather have one that doesn't hog
           so much ram.
        \_ the web page is pretty much about the WM. Can you provide
           a link directly to the transparent xterm?
        \_ Why would anybody *want* to look like CDE in the first place ...
           as far as transparent xterms go, it looks like they're using
           An old version of Eterm w/o the pseudo-transparent code ... it's
           fairly obvious that it just has a similar-looking background.
           For the latest version of Eterm, see
           - norby
           \_ Because it looks and feels better than twm
              \_ so does everything except for openlook
                 \_ that's debatable. twm is to openlook as dog food is to poi
                    \_ they both taste bad, but one's digestible?
1998/8/29-9/1 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14525 Activity:nil
 8/29 To the person who asked for comparison of X11 window
managers:   --dbushong
        \_ Thanx!
        \_ This list is bogus dude! It doesn't include twm!!!
1998/8/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14457 Activity:high
8/14    Does anyone know of any good linux file viewers.  Something
        similar to MacOS finder or BeOS desktop.  I want something that
        DOES NOT look like MS Windows Exploder.
        \_ Try IE4.0 with ActiveDesktop.  Can't go wrong.
          \_ They ported it to Linux???
                \_ MS is everywhere.
        \_ Try kfm, it comes with KDE.  Its sort of like the Windows
           Explorer and the MacOS Finder rolled into one.  Another
           alternative would be to install "Crappy" Desktop
           Environment and use dtfm.  I've heard that GNOME and
           GNUstep have nice file viewers, but I have not used these
           myself.  As a former mac user, I find xterm and ls much
           more pleasing than the finder.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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