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2019/09/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/5 [Finance/Banking, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11327 Activity:nil 50%like:11332
12/5    What is the point of the african banking spam?  It doesn't seem to
        be selling a product, it's not a chain letter, and it doesn't ask
        directly for money.  I don't get it.  I just got two more of these
        things this week.
        \_ They get you all excited about making big money, and then use that
           to entice you to either travel somewhere unsafe, or else front
           them money for a 'transfer fee' or 'investment tax'.  There have
           been cases where someone goes to Africa with a suitcase full of cash
           and a couple Rolexes and gets held for more ransom.
           \_ if i forward the letter to the FBI, will they do anything?
              \_ I think the FTC handles this, but they won't do anything
                 other than log it, unless you find out the scammer is in USA.
        \_ Pretty much what has been posted before, but from the Secret Serv.
        \_ spanish prisoner?
2003/12/3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11283 Activity:nil
12/2    When filling up my quota on soda recently, I discovered two files
        in my .spamassassin folder in my home dir taking up about 10MB of
        space. Can I delete these? Will my spam filter return many more
        false positives? Are there shared bayes* files somewhere on soda
        that people use?
        \_ the bayes* files are specific to your spam corpus. sharing
           the token files would be counterproductive.
           \_ not necessarily, but it would be somewhat less effective.
              exactly how much is debateable.
           \_ which one can we safely delete?  I see four bayes* files.
              It has gotten big.  I need to clean up.  bayes_journal,
              bayes_msgcount, bayes_seen, bayes_toks.
2003/12/1-2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11274 Activity:nil
12/1    spamassassin newbie question.  I did "spamassassin -r < foo" where
        foo is a spam msg that got through.  I get this error msg:
        "Warning, unable to report spam"
        And nothing seems to be changed in ~/.spamassassin files.  Is there
        an easy way to tell spamassassin to "learn" this spam mail?  I
        am a typical user, I want it to work without becoming a power user.
        \_ I never used SpamAssassin, but here is from its README file:
           Since SpamAssassin now includes a Bayesian learning filter (in
           version 2.50 on), it is worthwhile training SpamAssassin with
           your collection of non-spam and spam, if possible.  This will
           make it more accurate for your incoming mail.  Do this using
           the "sa-learn" tools, like so:

           sa-learn --spam ~/Mail/saved-spam-folder
           sa-learn --nonspam ~/Mail/inbox
           sa-learn --nonspam ~/Mail/other-nonspam-folder

Use as many mailboxes as you like.  Note that SpamAssassin will remember
what mails it's learnt from, so you can re-run this as often as you like.
2003/11/26-28 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11250 Activity:nil
11/26   I forward mail for some people (from virtusertable) using sendmail.
        However, it results in a bunch of bounced mails from ISPs that bounce
        spam.  I don't want my postmaster account to get these bounces,
        what should i do?
        \_ procmail?
            \_ dude, that's like hard -n- stuff.
        \_ redirect postmaster to /dev/null.  who reads postmaster anymore?
            \_ I was doing that actually, but at some point my ISP dropped my
                PTR record and i didn't find out about it for a while.
                During that time it resulted in bounced mails from places that
                didn't like that i didn't have one. :(  I need to know if I'm
                getting blacklisted for some reason i can fix, but I don't
                want to have to sift through all the bounced spam :(  Looks
                like procmail is the answer, but I don't relish diving in.
2003/11/19 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11136 Activity:nil
11/18   man spam
2003/11/18 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11119 Activity:high
11/18   Can someone recommend a good place to get started on procmail and
        SpamAssassin?  I forward my soda mail to another account, which avoids
        the (very effective) blacklists on that machine.  I'd like to send it
        through SpamAssassin before it gets forwarded.  -John
        \_ motd log or what I do:
        | /usr/local/bin/spamc

        X-Spam-Status: Yes
        gets set if the message is spam. you can then do something like:
        :0 hw:
        * ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
        \_ The spamassassin docs say how to do set it up with procmail.
        \_ Just curious, anyone tried using both ifile and spamassassin?
           \_ Yes, but it was hard to get it through both filters.  If you run
              ifile first, SpamAssassin will overwrite the X-Ifile spam header
              and make the message an attachment.  If you do SpamAssassin
              first, ifile will "learn" from SA's X-Spam-Status header, which
              is bad.
              and make the message an attachment.  If you do SpamAssassin first,
              \_ Can you get ifile is ignore that header?  --sa user
                 \_ Possibly, but then you're still running ifile on a post-SA
                    piece of spam-- SA removes all headers except for To, From,
                    Date, & Subject, then attach-ifies the rest (last time I
                                       \_ isn't that a SA option? (user_prefs)
                                          \_ indeedy do.  Thanks.
                    checked), so ifile will start to pick up on that sort of
                    pattern.  OTOH, since ifile is only looking for words and
              ifile will "learn" from SA's X-Spam-Status header, which is bad.
              \_ Can you get ifile is ignore that header?  --sa user
        \_ man spam
                    not format, this might not be a huge issue.
        \_ anyone have a local install of spamassassin 2.60?
           \_ Yeah in ~abuser/trojans/hehehe/spamassassin/bin/
        \_ man spam
2003/11/16-17 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11101 Activity:nil
11/16   Anyone else keep getting spam mail directed to mredison? All my
        spam has the header
        To: <>
        \_ ED! ED! is the STANDARD spam mail victim!
2003/11/2-3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10902 Activity:nil
11/1    Um, my spamassassin rules don't filter out spam mails that solicit
        anti-spam software. What to do now?
        \_ IFILE!
           \_ Oh yeah?  Can IFILE! figure out my taxes?
                \_ DEAN!
                   \_ RIDE IFILE!  LIGHT DEAN!
                        \_ LOVE MAC!
                           \_ I love you guys!  You make the motd great.
        \_ ifile?
2003/10/31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10890 Activity:nil
10/31   How come my spamassassin questions are getting deleted?
        \_ IFILE!  IFILE!  IFILE is the STANDARD!
        \_ Does anyone have the SA plugin for ED!?  ED! is the STANDARD!
2003/10/31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10889 Activity:nil
10/31   I remember the days when soda was a spam-free zone.
        \_ s/soda/the Internet/
        \_ I remember when there wasn't a soda or an internet.  We still had
           spam though.
2003/10/31-11/2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10886 Activity:nil
10/31   When was spamassassin 2.6 released?  Didn't someone ask on the motd
        last week why SA wasn't catching as much any more?  Looking at the
        default version on soda, it's 2.54, from May...
        X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 2.54 (
        \_ IFILE
           \_ How can you claim ifile is better if you don't even have the
              latest version of spamassassin to compare?
              \_ IFILE.
              \_ good -84925
                 troll -84374
                 God damned ifile.
        \_ I'm running an ancient version of SA and it hasn't been wrong yet.
           Don't be a gn00waReZ kid.  Newer isn't always better.
           \_ OK, how would old rules that spammers have adjusted their spam
              to defeat still prove effective in this case?  Not.  What
              possible incentive would there be to *not* upgrade? (other than
              \_ genius because they kept readjusting to the new SA but no
                 longer account for the old one.  it isn't rocket science.  the
                 incentive to *not* upgrade aside from being a waste of my time
                 is the old version works really well whereas the new version
                 is at best unproven and the spammers are targetting it so
                 gn00waREz kids are trapped in an endless upgrade cycle while
                 I happily continue to successfully toss out spam with my
                 ancient and distinctly not new but very functional version.
                 \_ you're a moron.
                    \_ IFILE
                    \_ yes, I'm a moron but my SA works perfectly and you're
                       sucking down spam.  think about it.
                        \_ it's very easy to prove a point if you don't
                           bother keeping to actual reality.
                           \_ Does that even parse in English?  Maybe you'd
                              like to try again?
                              \_ it's parseable english.
                                        -- impartial observer
                                        \_ Agreed. -- language snob
                                           \_ Then you uber geniuses can
                                              explain to this native speaker
                                              what he was trying to say.
                                                \_ that the guy who claims his
                                                   old version of SA works
                                                   perfectly is lying.
        \_ I just upgraded my SA. In -MCPAN shell I just typed in:
           install Mail::SpamAssassin, got some tea, came back, and 2.60 was
           installed. I'm not sure if it's any help, but generally the newer
           rules work better.
2003/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10873 Activity:nil
10/30   I just installed spamassassin on my Linux box and would like to
        try it. However, I don't have any spam yet (it's a new domain).
        What's the best way to receive a LOT of spams? Thanks.
        \_ Place the email on a web page that is linked to by sites a spider
           would find.  Include a <mailto:> link too.  Also, sign up for lots
           of crap on different sites... Gator, Xupiter, Comet Cursor et. al.
        \_ Post to Usenet.
        \_ Use Expedia.               'Ba-dump-ching!"
           \_ or Orbitz
              \_ Actually, I was referring to the news that crackers stole
                 their customer email list and prolly sold it to spammers.
2003/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10872 Activity:nil
10/30   Hello spamassassin experts. Should I put in a return message to
        spammers saying "Sorry but the email does not exist   -root"
        and hope that they may take off my name? Or should I just dump
        spam into /dev/null or  a spam folder?
        \_ I think you should put in a return message with your credit
           card number (and expiration date), because--hey, you can never
           have too much viagra!
        \_ By the time spamassassin sees it, your machine has already confirmed
           that the address exists.  The return address is almost always bogus
2003/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10870 Activity:nil
10/30   How to check if pyzor and razor are installed?
2003/10/29-30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10843 Activity:nil
10/29   Does CSUA use Razor, Pyzor, DCC, or any other extension? And who
        maintains them (you have to sa-learn to learn new tricks)?
2003/10/29 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10837 Activity:nil
10/28   Is there any USENET client that use rule-based algorithm similiar to
        spamassassin and/or Bayesian filters on subject lines / contents
        to filter out spam postings? Spam is a much serious problem in
        newsgroups, yet I haven't find anything that deal with it.
        \_ As a client you don't want to filter on the body.  That requires
           you d/l the body at which point you've already lost.  I don't know
           of one but what I do is use Agent and just set filters for the
           worst of the stupidity and ignore the rest.  Some groups are so
           noisy there's no point though.
           \_ That's ridiculous--the point of spam filtering is not to avoid
              transferring the data, it's to avoid having to look at it.
              Who cares if you have to download it?  -tom
2003/10/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10836 Activity:nil
10/28   Someone give me a quick way of installing/using spamassassin? Thanks!
        \_ man spam
        \_ can I install spamassassin as non-root on a machine that I don't
           have root on, like... company machine, school, etc?
           \_ yes but it's easier with root.  with some tiny clue you can
              do it as non-root.  you're mostly changing paths around.
                \_ ok I just installed it with non-root. However it only
                   filters 50% of the rules. Should I make it learn it
                   on a frequent basis (e.g. sa-learn --spam mail/spam) or
                   is there a better way? Also is razor a good thing to have?
2003/10/27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10806 Activity:nil
10/27   Is there an upgrade for SpamAssassin that soda hasn't installed?
        Its been missing a lot lately...
        \_ Trying to use SpamAssassin is like trying to mow weeds and hope
           they don't grow back. I don't understand why we can't attack the
           SOURCE of the problem, like ISPs allowing only a certain number
           of letters received from a certain IP or email address within
           24 hours (curtailing the # of spams) or charging for outgoing
           mail, etc etc.
           \_ We need a change to SMTP that takes the burden off the receiver
              and requires the sender to keep a presence up.  SMTP was based
              on a world of unreliable connections, which is an obselete view.
              Requiring the sender to stick around would go a long way to
              facilitate blocking spam. --scotsman
               \_ This is the most intelligent thing i've every heard said
                  in regards to fighting spam.  It's too bad legacy issues
                  are so hard to overcome.
           \_ Because there are legitimate reasons to send large amounts
              of mail, and spammers can spread out their spamming among
              thousands of IPs if it turns out to be profitable to do so.
              As for charging for outgoing mail, that wouldn't help at all,
              since spammers are using other people's machines.  -tom
           \_ ISP isn't the source of the problem. It's the spammers. Go
              attack them.
        \_ /csua/bin/ifile*
                :0 fBw
                | ifile.inject-learn.header

                :0 fwh
                * ^X-Ifile-Hint: SPAM
           Best thing since peanut butter.  If you're interested I'll create
           a whole tutorial for pine users.
           \_ Yes, please.
           \_ and for mh users?
              \_ I figure they're smart enough to figure it out on their
                 own.  I sure as hell am not.  /csua/tmp/ifile_tutorial
                 \_ What if they're lazy?
        \_ Are you customizing scores in your user_prefs file?
        \_ I love soda.  I was just about to post starting this exact thread
           and here it was posted for me already.  to answer the user_pref Q
           Yes, I occasionally do that but it is not worth the effort to be
           continually changing the user_prefs file.  Spam changes to avoid
           filters and someone should put together an "updated" rule set to
           catch the latest work arounds, that i can just "upgrade" to.  For
           example, Spam now says "VI AGRA" or VAIGRA instead of VIAGRA.
           this should be caught in the new set.  I also pipe my uncaught
           spam through the spamassassin "learn" every now and then.  It
           does not seem to work well.  I seriously doubt that ifile works any
           better since but i am going to look in to the inject-learn thang
           above.  kthanks.
                \_ my experience is that ifile caught less spam and had more
                   false positives than spamassassin.  -tom
2019/09/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/10/10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10570 Activity:nil
10/9    How many spam do you get per day at your primary email address?
        ( This is before any gets filtered )
        \_ 200
        \_ 1000+
        \_ 30-40
        \_ I get zero because I don't give my real email to anyone but close
           friends.  I have 2 different job hunting addresses, I have a
           personal address different from my real address I've trained all
           my friends to use and I create bogus throw away addresses for
           everyone else which I disable once they get more than 2-3 spam
           a week.  I spend about 1 minute a week dealing with spam.
           \_ what all the time you spend registering and cancelling all
              those damn email addresses, "training" your friends, and
              writing smug motd posts? dude, just use spamassasin or some
              such thing.
              \_ i use SA.  that 1 minute/week is that time spent on training
                 my friends and making/deleting bogus addresses.  how much
                 time do you think it takes to add/delete one line in the
                 sendmail aliases file and then reload the db?  it's really
                 probably less than 1 min/week.  i have met spam and it is
                 mine!  i have conquered the beast!
        \_ 3-10.  I don't post on USENET
        \_ 80 or so on one. 5 on the other (soda)
        \_ Anywhere from 50-80; this on an account that I've used for
           USENET posting for over a decade, and that's on the Web in
           plenty of places.  I never even bothered to do filtering
           until the recent Swen worm storm.
        \_ ~40 including forwards from soda and old jobs
2003/10/6-7 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10491 Activity:nil
10/6    Hey spamassassin folks.  I know how to use blacklist_from to block
        a specific from line or group of from lines, but how do I block
        everything coming from a specific mail server - something in the
        Received: line.  I am pretty constantly deluged from spam clever
        enough to get around SA originating from mail servers at
        \_ use procmail directly. man procmailrc or procmailex.
        \_ :0:
           *^ Received:*.j-connect.*
           \_ Thank you!
              \_ This might not work, you will have to test it. Learn how
                 regexs work if you can, they come in handy.
2003/9/29-30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10369 Activity:nil
9/29    Confessions of a Spam King
        \_ More like smug musings of a Spam King.  Grr.  Hang 'em all.
2003/9/25 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29544 Activity:nil
9/24    This is a serious question, i am getting about 160 spams a day..
        \_ curious here. are you people who keep on asking these spam
           questions just stupid, or are you new to the motd or something?
                 \_ man spam
                    \_ mmm, manspam. is that more kosher than spam
                      classic (tm)?
                        \_ It's a serious csua manpage
                      \_ An email is a sandwich but a manspam is a meal.
        \_ you should just reply to all of them and ask politely to be
           removed from their list.
           \_ Damn it!  I just nearly sprayed coffee on my screen!
              \_ The AMC strikes again!
2003/9/24-25 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10313 Activity:high
9/24    This is a serious question, i am getting about 160 spams a day in
        the last few days, a lot of it contains subject
        From: Microsoft Customer Services <>
        To: Commercial Customer <>
        about a security patch. this is an email virus floating around?
        \_ curious here. are you people who keep on asking these spam
           questions just stupid, or are you new to the motd or something?
                 \_ man spam
                    \_ mmm, manspam. is that more kosher than spam
                      classic (tm)?
                        \_ It's a serious csua manpage
                      \_ An email is a sandwich but a manspam is a meal.
        \_ you should just reply to all of them and ask politely to be
           removed from their list.
           \_ Damn it!  I just nearly sprayed coffee on my screen!
              \_ The AMC strikes again!
        \_ It's swen.  Look it up.
           \_ well what do I do about it? my computer is not infected but
              i am receiving all these junk!!!
              \_ get a clue, or deal with it.
                 \_ why do you go to Berkeley? you can lookup everything
                    on google.
                    \_ You clearly don't understand the difference between
                       information and knowledge.
              \_ Learn how to use procmail and spamassassin on soda.
                 Then provide an FAQ for the rest of us l0z3r5.
                 \_ would you really want to rely on this guy for info?
                    i wouldn't.
                 \_ man spam
2003/9/20-23 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10269 Activity:kinda low
9/20    Christ, I have gotten literally hundreds of these emails purporting
        to be a Microsoft patch.  I am running SpamAssassin, but this is well
        crafted.  Yet, I read it is "easy to filter out" if you are running
        a mail server.  Cannot soda block this?
        \_ It would indeed be "easy" to block this at a server level, but, to
           \_ The following rules seem to work for me:
                :0 w:
                * ^Subject:.*(Microsoft|Net).*(Security|Critical|Patch).*

                :0 Dw:
                * ^SUBJECT.*
                \_ Maybe I'm reading this wrong but wouldn't this second one
                  delete all your mail sight unseen?
                  \_ hmm... I guess that's one way to keep all the spam out
                  \_ D -> case sensitive match. Most of the M$ spam uses
                     SUBJECT: as the subject header, so I just trash that.
                     Mail that uses Subject: as the subject header still
                     gets through.
           \_ The current outbreak finally got me to get procmail going.
              Here's a recipe I got from Usenet that trashes all messages
              with executable attachments:
               * ^Content-[-a-z0-9_]+:.*($[     ].*)*=[         ]*($[   ]+)*"?[^\
              \_ As long as you're going to filter every obscure .ext you might
                 as well toss in .btm.
           go back to the old mantra, this is a volunteer-run machine.  Keeping
           up with spam/virus screen has become a full time position in many
           organizations.  With the csua, as is stated on the application form,
           you're expected to have some sort of a clue on how to deal with this
           stuff.  Also, to start a new mantra, server side email screening
           attempts almost always piss off more people than they please.  Read
           up on procmail. --scotsman
           \_ otoh, it's in a sysadmin's interest to block the major windows
              worms, because there are bound to be people who can't learn
              procmail in the hour in might take for their quotas to fill up.
              besides, worm mail is a specific target that's easy enough to
              handle and there isn't a new outbreak every day.
              \_ Doesn't matter.  Slippery slope and all that.  Take some
                 personal responsibility (remember the part about having some
                 sort of clue?), educate yourself, and be glad you have access
                 to a machine like this.  There are some incredible technical/
                 personal/professional networking oppurtunities through the
                 csua, but not when everyone gets bitchy because of inflated
                 expectations. --scotsman
                 \_ You're sounding very libertarian or republican with all
                    that BushCo talk of personal responsibility.
                    \_ there's a wide distinction between a student
                       organisation at a university and the federal
                       government.  Amusing troll, though.  --scotsman
                       \_ So now you're saying we should take personal
                          responsibility at the personal level but at the
                          government level we should make someone else take
                          care of us?  Call it a troll if you like.  It doesn't
                          change the fact that you were espousing libertarian
                          ideals and then knee-jerked away when caught.
                          \_ Hardly.  When you signed on to this organisation,
                             you agreed to clauses that said basically you
                             wouldn't be a pest.  My personal politics do
                             not enter into this discussion at all.  My views
                             of civic governance have next to no relation to
                             my view of the csua (of which I was a governing
                             member for 3[?] semesters. --scotsman
                             \_ Asking the csua admins to filter some crap is
                                helpful to everyone, not being a pest.  You
                                did a nice dance but you're still a libertarian
                                but I think you're still ok despite that.
        \_ procmail recipe.
           \_ The following rules seem to work for me:
                :0 w:
                * ^Subject:.*(Microsoft|Net).*(Security|Critical|Patch).*

                :0 Dw:
                * ^SUBJECT.*
                \_ Maybe I'm reading this wrong but wouldn't this second one
                  delete all your mail sight unseen?
                  \_ hmm... I guess that's one way to keep all the spam out
                  \_ D -> case sensitive match. Most of the M$ spam uses
                     SUBJECT: as the subject header, so I just trash that.
                     Mail that uses Subject: as the subject header still
                     gets through.
           \_ The current outbreak finally got me to get procmail going.
              Here's a recipe I got from Usenet that trashes all messages
              with executable attachments:
               * ^Content-[-a-z0-9_]+:.*($[     ].*)*=[         ]*($[   ]+)*"?[^\
              \_ As long as you're going to filter every obscure .ext you might
                 as well toss in .btm.
2003/9/20-21 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10262 Activity:high
9/19    I have filtered my mailbox with
        formail -s spamassassin < mailbox > mailbox.filtered
        Next how do I process the mailbox.filtered file with my procmail
        ruleset to get it to sort the messages based on the SpamAssassin
        \_ Something with formail and procmail itself, I'd imagine.
        \_ Use spamc instead of running spamassassin; it's much faster (it
           uses the persistent running spamassassin daemon on soda).
        \_ you can use mutt, "tag" all messages flagged as spam,
           "save all tagged messages" to a folder.  I am too lazy
           to look up the exact keystrokes to do this right now.
           I don't know what all these mh losers are talking about.
           \_ oh! mh losers! I'm struck to the quick!  You don't know what
              the mh using uber cool rock stars are talking about because
              you're using a toy to deal with your mail.  MH users don't have
              to say, "oh! its easy but I'm too lazy to look it up!" because
              there's nothing to look up.  All the mh tools work the same and
              were designed from day 1 to work with each other as a total mail
              handling package.  Maybe you'll make better choices in your next
              life.  I wish you well.
                \_ where do you live?  I want to have sex with you.
                   \_ I wouldn't want to be unfaithful to yermom.  Best wishes.
        \_ soda's mutt has sa-score sort/reverse-sort capabilities.
           use (o)rder or reverse-(O)rder interactively, or see
           ~jwang/.muttrc for useful folder-hooks.
           \_ Thanks, I'll check that out but right now I want to
           \_ Thanks, I'll check that out but right now I wasn to
              delete or move stuff flagged as spam to a spam folder.
              I need to do this to 1000+ messages so I dont want to
              use mutt.
              \_ Um.  Mutt's plenty fast.  I routinely do operations on
              use mutt.
                 thousands of messages.
              \_ Real Men(c) use mh.  Once you've used the real thing, you'll
                 never go back.
                 \_ Right, cuz you'll be so fucking frustrated that you'll
                    never log in again.
                    \_ Hmmm... yeah.  The core commands you need to know:
                        next: shows you the next messsage
                        prev: show you the previous message
                        show: shows you the current message
                        repl: replies to current message
                        forw: forwards current message
                       Yeah, this is hard.  To quote yermom, "Unix is hard!
                       Let's go shopping!"  Although for dunderheads like
                       yourself, there are pretty little GUI frontends so
                                \_ don't forget comp
                       you don't have to worry your pretty little head with
                       all those self descriptive 4 letter commands.
                       \_ don't forget comp
                          \_ oh yeah, forgot.  Knowing how to compose an email
                             is probably a good idea.
                       \_ If it's that simple, Real Men(c) have no business
                          using it.
                          \_ We're Powerful(c), not stupid.  MH is easy *and*
                             powerful *and* flexible since all the tools follow
                             the unix philosophy of chaining tools that each
                             do one thing and do it well without bloat.
                             do one thing and do it well without bloat.
                             \_ Technically, you seem pretty sharp...pop
                                culturally, you're a freaking moron.
                                Although....that's not such a bad trade-off.
                                \_ Pop culturally?  Ok, I'll bite.  How so?
                       \_ Can someone answer my question!  How do I send a
                          mailbox marked up my SpamAssassin through my
                          procmail sorting rules?  -OP
                          \_ We're in a mail program flame war.  Since they
                             all integrate with procmail that's not very
                             interesting, is it?  In mh you'd do something
                                refile `pick -subject SPAM +inbox` +spamfolder
                             This assumes you've allowed spamassassin to
                             rewrite your subject lines.  Normally, you'd not
                             need to do this because you'd sort from procmail
                             after spamassassin has done it's job in an
                             earlier procmail recipe.  Another mh convert is
                             born... welcome to the fold.
                             \- I dont want to have my mail spool exploded
                                into different message and then have to repack
                                \_ Why would you repack your mailspool?  The
                                   idea is to get away from the dangerous
                                   and difficult to manage one-file mailspool.
                                   You shouldn't *want* a mailspool file.  But
                                   if you really must, just snarf each message
                                   in a loop (I suggest perl) and simply pipe
                                   it through procmail.  I don't know wtf psb
                                   is trying to tell you to do down below.
                                      \- E_TOOSHORT
                                   in a loop (I suggest perl) and simply pipe
                                   it through procmail.  I don't know wtf psb
                                   is trying to tell you to do down below.
                                      \- E_TOOSHORT
                                         \_ No, it just doesn't make sense to
                                            run your mbox through that mess
                                            when there are already perfectly
                                            good tools and APIs available.  I
                                            can read your code.  I just wouldnt
                                            do something that insane.  --tall
                                \- i'd either use mailagent or flex but there
              use mutt.
                       all those self descriptive 4 letter commands.
                                   is sort of a klugy way by doing something
                                   like this:
                         ( echo 'set screen=10000' ; echo 'h 1-$' ; echo x ) |
                         mail -f mbox.spamc | grep SPAM | awk '{print $1}' |
                         (tr or sed ... something to just keep the numbers)
                         and then run the command again but pass the list of
                         message numbers to "echo d <>" | mail ... you will
                         have to do something sane with newlines.
                         the details depended on mailrc settings and which
                         mail program. but the approach generalizes.--psb
2003/9/17 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10229 Activity:high
9/16    To use SpamAssassin do I only need a .procmailrc, or do I need
        something in my .forward also?  I looked at ~danh/.procmailrc.
        What do I put at the end if I want to deliver locally to my
        soda account?  Thanks!
        \_ You don't need a .forward on soda. If sendmail sees a
           ~/.procmailrc it invokes procmail automatically. If you
           want to deliver to ~/Mail/inbox or something like that
           then the following should work:
           If you want to deliver to a mh folder try something like:
                   :0 w: $HOME/Mail/inbox/.lck
                   | /usr/local/lib/mh/rcvstore +inbox
           \_ I want to put the spam in one file and have everything else
              written back to the mail spool.  Can you help me with that? -OP
        \_ man spam
           \_ $ man spam
        \_ man spam                                     \_ man spam
              No manual entry for spam
              (What is your MANPATH set to?)
              \_ just unset MANPATH
              \_ I have no MANPATH set, but the file is here:  "man -w spam"
                 /csua/man/cat1/spam.1.gz (source: /csua/man/man1/spam.1)
                 \_ The perms are wrong:
        \_ man spam                                     \_ man spam
           \_ No manual entry for spam
        -rw-------  1 brett  contrib  1404 May 24 17:38 /csua/man/man1/spam.1
              \_ sorry about that. try it now. -brett
2003/9/7-8 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10106 Activity:nil
9/6     Move your spam to /csua/tmp:
        -rw-r--r--  1 danh   wheel  5082710 Sep  6 18:25 /tmp/danh.spam
        \_ how about make a spam directory in the /csua/tmp
        \_ doesn't this count as being a h0z3r?
        \_ of course i don't mind... but would Soda root be bitching about
           abusing /tmp space?  or you are trying to collect spam carcase?
                \_ /csua/tmp is the abuseable /tmp
        \_ Why not just put it into /dev/null?
           \_ Having current spam is useful for training bayesian filters
              \_ Having *my* current spam is useful for training *my*
                 filters.  Having *yours* is questionable.
        \_ speaking of spam, is there a reason this doesnt work for me
           (stolen from danh):
                :0 B:
                * ^content-transfer-encoding.*base64
                * name=.*\.(pcd|pif|reg|scr|sct|shb|shs|vb|vbe)
                \_ how is it 'not working'?  maybe you're not getting
                   any more SoBig virus emails?  the frequency
                   seems to have dropped off recently. - danh
                        \_ I'm getting .pif files in my inbox. I just got
                           one as I was writing this message.
                \_ The following seems to work:
                   :0 Bw:
                   * ^[Cc]ontent-[Tt]ranser-[Ee]ncoding.*base64
                   * .*name=.*\.(pcd|pif|reg|scr|sct|shb|shs|vb|vbe)
                   \_ danh's works for me but yours doesnt. go figure.
                   \_ procmail's matcher is case-insensitive by
                      default. you do not need this [Cc] mess --aaron
2003/9/4 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10074 Activity:nil
9/4     What program do I use to block spam on my csua email account?
        \_ spamassassin
        \_ man spam
        \_ ifile
           \_ I have been using ifile for a while and ... its just not good
              enough, even trained with thousands of spams...
2003/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10058 Activity:nil
9/3     Anyone else here suddenly getting deluged with spam from China?
        I only know one person there, and he doesn't send me email in
        \_ China and Russia are two major havens of big spammers.  it's likely
           that the western spammers make some side cash selling lists to the
        \_ how to block spam on my csua account?
           \_ read up on spamassassin+procmail or just copy my
              .procmailrc - danh
           \_ man spam
                \_ Spam, man!
                   \_ if i think that's funny, to i have a stupid sense of
2003/9/2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10037 Activity:nil
9/1     I've figured out how to use procmail to refile mail sa classifies as
        spam into a separate mh folder. Any tips on how best to delete mail
        with a sa score of 8 or higher? tia
        \_ Not sure if the '\'s are necessary, but this should work.
                * ^X-Spam-Level: \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*
           \_ I believe the backslashes are necessary. May I suggest you
              report the spam rather than trash it?
                | /usr/local/bin/spamassassin -r
                \_ Does the pipe belong there?
                   \_ Yes. Pipe means to run a progam (man procmailrc).
                \_ Does the -r send any of my personal info?
                   \_ It sends the incoming email as-was (that is, stripped
                      of SpamAssassin headers and text). So if your name
                      and email address were in the message header or body,
                      they get reported as part of the spam.
                      (man spamassassin).
2003/9/1-2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10031 Activity:nil
9/1     One of the first spams. The response by RMS is particularly funny.
2003/8/30-31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:10006 Activity:nil
8/30    What is the easiest way to run spamassassin on an existing mailbox?
        \_ formail -s spamassassin < mailbox > mailbox.filtered - danh
           \_ thanks
2003/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29391 Activity:nil
8/19    So is soda's version of SpamAssassin just woefully out of date, or is
        SA just incapable of defeating most spam these days?  I guess it doesn't
        help that any spammer can run his crap through SA beforehand as a test.
        \_ We need a Secret Anti Spammer program that spammers aren't allowed
           to use!  SA correctly nails 100% of my spam.
        \_ I encourage you to check out /csua/bin/ifile.*  It's a bayesian
           filter that works well for me.
2003/8/1-2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29202 Activity:high
8/1     About the spam thing that I tried to get delisted from: 80 spams
        of the same format yesterday.  Not worth it.
        \_ told ya
        \_ well, if they're all the same format, it's easy to filter out
           anyway, so you didn't really lose anything by trying. Not like you
           would've gotten no spam if you hadn't done anything.
           \_ 80 extra spams a day?  That easily triples my total, which I
              have to vet before I can delete en masse.  And w/r/t 'same
              format' that only means a small disclaimer at the bottom that
              explains how I can delist myself, which is harder to filter
              on.  I'm merely telling people that the old logic still holds
              true: never respond to spam.
        \_ real solution, get a domain name, get a rotating email account
           that looks something like joe2002, joe2003, etc etc. And every
           year, email your closest friends that your email is changing.
           Change your procmailrc to reply to your old email address
           that announces your new email address.
           \_ anything but joe2004.
           \_ Domains get more spam though for having so many addresses,
              and ISPs typical send all to your mailbox.  Last month I
              got 73,000 messages, of which 300 were real.  Whitelists,
              blacklists, and confirm routines did the job well.
2003/7/30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29176 Activity:very high
7/30    I have had the same email for about six years and only get about a spam
        a week.  i use not use spam filtering software.  why don't i get any
        spam?  how can this have happened?  am i just a loser?
        \_ post your email address.  your popularity problems are easily fixed.
           soon you'll get a mortgage to pay for your penis enhancement and the
           viagra you'll need after they break your dick and tiffani will be
           there for you with live chat to get you through it all.
        \_ Have you ever used your email address on the web for anything, like
           ordering online, or signing up for a website, or mailing list? Is
           your email address anywhere on the web (like someone's webpage)?
           If not, consider yourself smart for not doing so.
           \_ my email is certainly findable in an online directory, and with
              the web(google will turn it up.) this is why i think it is not
              smart, but just really really odd.
        \_ The e-mail harvesters automatically ignore ""
           \_ having a name like will get lots more spam than
2003/7/29-30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29169 Activity:high
7/29    Just in case you're wondering, it's still a bad idea to respond in
        any way to spammers.  I asked to be removed, having read of an
        occasionally honorable spammer, and I'm paying for it.
        \_ Actually, I just started replying on my yahoo account, which I
           don't care that much about anyway, and I am getting fewer spams.
           Not a lot fewer, but fewer nonetheless. At least, I'm not getting
           spams that are in the same format of the ones I replied to anymore.
           \_ But the bad ones will resell you to all the other bad ones so
              over time you'll end up with a lot more, not less.
              \_ Hmm, perhaps. But seeing as doing nothing increases my spam
                 count anyway, and since seemingly just about every spammer
                 already has my email address, it couldn't hurt much to try.
                 \_ It depends.  Do you want your spam count to rise slowly
                    forever or take a short dip and then rise quickly forever?
        \_ Will the spam to my account ever die down if I don't reply at all?
           \_ unlikely.
2003/7/11-12 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29013 Activity:high
7/11    does spamc/spamd have a similar option to spamassassin -d ?
        \_ man spamd
           \_ -d, --remove-markup    Remove spam reports from a message
              I did man spamd and spamc and couldn't find anything...
              I looked at the source and couldn't find anything. lame...
2003/7/11-12 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29006 Activity:moderate
7/11    Anyone know how to block SPAM easily on soda? I use pine 100% of the time
        and my account is getting TONS of spam. Thanks (noah)
        \_ forward your mail with procmail through spamassassin.
           try "locate .procmail | xargs grep spamassassin" to see
           how other people do it
           \_ But be careful.  I got too many false positives and stopped using
              spamassassin because of it.
              \_ If a message gets falsely flagged as a false positive at the
                 score of 5, it deserves to be so. There's gotta something
                 -really- wrong with it.
              \_ I set mine to 2.  5 was too high.  Crap was still getting
                 through.  Since my friends don't sell viagra, it works 100%.
        \_ man spam
        \_ ifile!
2003/7/8 [Recreation/Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28956 Activity:very high
7/7     What's the best resource for finding contact info for Cal alumni?
        I'm trying to look for a friend in Civil Eng. that graduated ~96-97.
        She probably was not a Soda user, but was definitely a uclink user.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>  -tom
        \_ Wow, I never even knew <DEAD><DEAD> existed.  You should
           definitely sign up for some email and phone solicitiation spam so
           you can find out your friend didn't know about it either.  I suggest
           google and various 411 phone style people finders on the net.  If
           you're really into stalking and want a chance to tell her years
           later how much you always loved her only to hear her say, "Uhm, did
           we know each other?" then try paying a private investigator $50.
           \_ I bet you have no friends, get a life.
              \_ All my friends are on <DEAD><DEAD>!  Sign up now to find
                 us and hang out with the kewlest Cal graduates!
        \_ Cal alumni association,,, people search,
           google, 411 services, yellow pages
           \_ I see I'm not the only sodan who's honed my stalking skills.
           \_ and don't forget the latest craze: friendster
           \_  I signed up my spam account there
              and some of my high school friends found me for a reunion.
              Bit weird... -John
        \_ Post her name. We'll find her. The MOTD is the best resource.
           I have copies of hardcopy and online directories and email
           addresses from that period. Seriously, you can also send her
           a letter care of the UCB Alumni Records Office or the Civil Engr
           Alumni Records office and they will forward it, if they have
           an address. Same with the DMV. But then you'll let her on to
           your stalking plans.
           \_ I didn't know we had our own resident expert stalker here.  How
              much do you charge other csuaers for your services?
        \_ Hmmm...I knew a girl that fits your description.  is she asian?
           and if so, which in particular?
2003/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28889 Activity:moderate
7/1     The amount of spam I receive from usenet posting is growing out of
        control. Is there a f***ing way to hide my email address from
        csua usenet posting? why does it append my real email address
        as part of the post? Can root do something about it? I am
        using tin and I've already modified my address, but the f***ing
        thing appends my real email address and there's no way to change it.
        \_ There is some way to do it, but I don't know how, short of
           modifying the source.
        \_ change the mail_address variable in .tin/tinrc. I usually set it to
           my real address with a +string attached to username part of the
           address just to track how much spam gets sent through usenet.
           \_ does not work. Tin appends your email in a separate field.
              anyone know how to stop that behavior?
              \_ Which field?
          \_ If you're talking about the Sender: field, I think there is
             no way to modify that other than modifing the tin source code.
             I had written a patch for tin 1.4.x that would build the
             Sender: field from TIN_USER and TIN_HOST environment variables but
             I have lots it since then..
          \_ yes, the stupid Sender: field. Can't get rid of it!!! aaaahhh!!!
        \_ Why all this stress about "oh dear!  I'd have to modify the source
           and compile my own!"  Just do it.  You're on a computer science
           undergraduate hosted machine and in theory know how to do this.
           If not, you'll actually learn something in school for once.
           \_ no space in my account.  Plus.. i think it's a waste to ask
              everyone doing the same thing.
              \_ But once it's done it can be installed for everyone.  You can
                 also ask for more space to do it.  Those are the lamest
                 exuses for not doing something for yourself *and* others the
                 motd has seen in a long time and probably ever.  You're just
                 lazy and want something for nothing on someone else's time.
                 \_ don't see you are being any more productive than I am,
                    and at least I have better attitude than you are
                        \_ Not really.  He's just had the incredible gall
                           to suggest you follow a general tip he gave you,
                           and then let everyone use it, as opposed to having
                           a snit when someone won't do it for you.  -John
                           \_ BINGO!  *I* don't even read usenet from soda and
                              have *never* posted to it.  I don't care either
                              way about tin or the Sender: field or usenet
                              scraped spam.  I'm perfectly productive.  I'm
                              not a spam magnet to this host and made the
                              standard community friendly suggestion.  I'm sure
                              this will keep coming up every year and each one
                              will indignantly refuse to look at the source for
                              themself or future students.  "C is hard! Let's
                              go shopping!  --CSUA Barbie"
2003/6/27-30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28851 Activity:low
6/27    mutt 1.5.4 installed, along with Chris Walker's patch to view and
        sort by spamassassin scores.  Thanks to jwang for doing all the work.
        --jwang: some useful muttrc examples that automate the new feature.
        # default folder hooks
        folder-hook .    reset index_format
        folder-hook .    set sort=threads
        # spam folder hooks: list spam-score in index, sort by spam-score
        folder-hook spam "set index_format='%4C %{%b %d} %-15.15L (%5.1p) %s'"
        folder-hook spam set sort=spam-score
        \_ Thanks, but why'd you guys explicitly turn off compressed folder
           support (which some people were using)? --dbushong
           \_ i preserved the old 'mutt -v' options when configuring
              /csua/tmp/jwang/mutt-1.5.4, and compressed folders didn't
              appear as an option. if you know what needs to be done to
              enable this, e-mail me. --jwang
2003/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28816 Activity:low
6/23    How about a blacklist that blocks out URL/sites that are sent out
        by spammers? The downside is that someone could send out spam
        telling you to go to google or amazon, but that could be worked out...
        \_ why not just block out spam?
           \_ I do... but we have to "make 'em pay".
              \_ No, you'd just make a mess of the net.
        \_ it's been done in various forms.  google: "block spam hosts"
           and yes, from experience with an organized relay blocking
           effort, it can make a "mess of the net."
2003/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28810 Activity:high 53%like:29080
6/23    Hey djyoung - why don't you nice some of your perl jobs so other
        people can use the freaking machine as well?
        \_ ps -ua | grep "djyoung" reveals no such processes.  Finished?
           \_ try ps aux | grep djyoung .  I mailed him a week or so ago about
              using spamc but got no response.
              \_ look at his .forward file.  Mail sent to him go to Never-never
                  \_ no, it goes to  /home/sequent/djyoung/foo
           \_ Just try "top". You'll see what op is talking about. BTW is
              spamd set to restart automatically now? i.e. can I switch back
              from using spamassassin to spamc/spamd and expect it to stay on?
              \_ on a related note, how does spamassassin compare to ifile for
                 CPU/other resource usage?
              \_ How _do_ you use Spamassassin on Soda?  On a WinXP box running
                 Outlook?  Can someone point me to a FAQ?  - SA newbie.
                 \_ man spam
                 \_ look into CloudMark
                    \_ CloudMark is way cool.
                        \_ Why do you care if you're running Outlook.
                           Outlook users just beg for spam & viruses.
        \_ He has been warned. Squish him!
        \_ There should be a way group of users can kill a user process.
           Enough people vote for a specific process, it kills it.
           \_ You want to know about voting?  Go here:
              but not if you're squeamish.
2003/6/16 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28739 Activity:nil
6/15    I've been using a free email account for the past few years
        and it's been great in terms of reliability and being nearly spam-free.
        But lately its reliability has been going down (~1 out of every 5 emails
        I send doesn't make it to the other end, nor do I get a 'message not
        delivered' email) and I've been getting a lot more spam. Does anyone
        have a account and/or been experiencing similar problems
        with other free email providers? Thanks.
        \_ All free e-mail providers are by definition spammer's playgrounds
           so they all end up on various anti-spam blacklists.
        \_ You get what you pay for.  You're so 1999.  There's nothing good
           *and* free on the net anymore.  The VCs have left the building.
        \_ I setup a yahoo mail account as a spam magnet and I think yahoo does
           an OK job at filtering out spam.
        \_ I've said it before and it still applies.  Get your own domain,
           set it up at home (use a dyndns name if you must) and configure
           a decent mail server/webmail package.  You have way more control
           over spam, privacy, whatever.  -John
2003/6/5-6 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28640 Activity:moderate
6/5     In my Yahoo account I'd been getting ~25 spams/day, mostly sorted
        into the bulk folder, for the past few months. I got sick of it and
        started using the "unsubscribe" links when present in the spam. Now
        it's down to just a few per day. This is good. Other people's
        experience using spam unsubscribe links?
        \_ I'm down to 1 unsolicited spam in a week. Is that good? I do
           subscribe to solicited spam, so I guess the groups are doing
           a good job at keeping my email addreess out. It took a while for
           this to happen though, but assidious use of yahoo's "this is spam"
           seemed to have killed 90% of my spam. I've used the unsolicit
           link but not consistently enough to know if it helped or hindered.
        \_ none. spamassassin and a spam score of 2 to get tagged as spam
           and it all gets sorted properly. i wouldn't risk one of them
           being extra scummy and just using the unsub as confirmation and
           then reselling me as a known-good address.  multiple throw away
           aliases takes care of a lot of it too.
        \_ why do you care if the spam goes in the Bulk Folder?
           \_ exactly. there's an Empty link so you don't even have to go
              to that folder. Only spam that gets to my Inbox annoys me.
              \_ what percentage of spam goes in your Inbox?  Do you have
                 any cases where good emails go to your Bulk Mail folder?
                 \_ actually, lately, i've gotten a lot fewer spam in my Inbox.
                    before, it was nearly 50-50, with about 300 spam a week.
                    i still get that much spam, but most of it to the Bulk
                    folder nowadays. oh, and i always select all the spam in
                    my Inbox and click on This is Spam from the pulldown menu
        \_ I was skeptical of people who said those "remove" links just added
           you to more spam lists, so i went to one and entered an alias that
           I had just created and that i NEVER used or gave to anyone.   It
           took a while but after a couple of months i noticed spam coming to
           that address.  Now, i wouldn't expect this to happen if you remove
           yourself from Dell's spam list, but it happens with some. -crebbs
2003/5/24-26 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28544 Activity:high
5/24    Excuse the dumb question:  How does one use spamassassin on soda
        with pine?  Is there a simple how-to somewhere? (already tried the
        man pages)
        \_ Good Question. I'm writing a short spamassassin HOWTO man-page for
           soda, but I'm not an nroff expert. What's the easiest way to
           specify "preformatted" text (to keep line breaks intact) -brett
        \_ This sounds like one of those stupid "Does X work with cable
           modem?" type questions where X has nothing to do with cable
           \_ Does the new Sony MP3 Walkman thing work with cable modem?
        \_ exactly the same way u use it with every other mail client.
                \_ which is?  thanks!
                    \_ Dear Motd, i'm thinking we need a "MOTD FAQ"
                       what do y'all think?
                        \_ Good idea! You could put "man spam"
                           in your MOTD FAQ  -brett
                        \_ Let us know where you put the file.
        \_ man spam
        \_ procmail -> spamassassin -> pine. There are about a million
           hits on google for this sort of thing.
2003/5/22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28521 Activity:nil
5/21    Re: spam filtering.  I'm using an older 2.x spamassassin on my
        system (pre-bayesian) and by doing nothing other than lowering the
        spam limit from 5 points to 2 points I catch 100% of spam and don't
        get real mail flagged as spam.  Why does everyone go through all this
        hassle with newer versions, different filtering techniques, etc and
        still get mail mis-filtered?  Am I just special or do a lot of you
        have friends sending you info about how great viagra is working for
        them and their new wife tiffani from russia in the home they got with
        a low rate mortgage with money down which they made fast?
        \_ Yes, you are special.  In my own case, for example, many of my
           friends email me from the mainland China and Hong Kong / Taiwan,
           which translate that the email is in all sort of encoding.
           Further, I got a lot of idoit friends whose email server is on
           just about all the black-list there... Simple rules simply doesn't
           work.  I used to rely on whitelist exclusively to prevent
           misfiling.  Still need to test out this Bayesian filter thingy.
2003/5/21 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28504 Activity:nil
5/20    Does Soda have a collection of SPAM carcases I can use so I can
        train my Bayesian filter?  If does, where are they?  thanks
                 \_ Bayesian filtering works best with your own spam corpus.
        \_ post your login, i'll spam you good.
                                          \_ well
        \_ where did this trend of capitalizing SPAM to mean UCE come from?
           you've got it backwards; "SPAM" is the (pseudo-)meat; "spam" is
           UCE.  yeah, yeah, fuck me for being a pedantic troll.
           \_ STFU you pedantic troll.  Language changes (except in France).
        \_ I have a spam archive of approximately 40,000 letters I could
           upload somewhere if u want. -ERic
           \_ Anything h0t?
           \_ spamassassin said it prefer 1000-2000.  can you dump couple
              thousands to learn.  would you dump it into a tmp directory
           \_ seperate note.  The bayesian token files tend to get quite
              big (~ 1 mb per 1000 messages)  how do you guys deal with
              that? or you just let megabytes of these token files occupies
              your precious disk space?
              \_ so 40000 spam would be 40 meg.  Big deal.  My keychain
                 can handle that.
                 \_ err... my soda account has a quota of 30mb...
2003/5/20-23 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28492 Activity:nil
5/19    spamassassin 2.54 installed; bugs to mconst.
        \_ Thank you. :)
        \_ And so the cat and mouse game continues.
2003/5/17-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28467 Activity:nil 54%like:27696
5/17    What am I doing wrong?  spamassassin -r < missed-spam-message
        razor2 report failed: No such file or directory Razor2 report requires
        authentication at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Mail/SpamAssas
        sin/ line 99.
        Did it get to the Bayesian learner or not?
        \_ I don't know if "-r" sends the message through the Bayesian
           learner (I'll have to check the docs). However, you can send
           the message directly with "sa-learn --spam --file missed-spam-msg"
           \_ Yes it does, apparently even with the error above. But
              sa-learn skips reporting to spam archives. Thanks! -op
2003/5/14-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28437 Activity:high
5/14    SpamAssassin's false negative rate has soared in the last week or so.
        What's going on?  Don't say SpamAssassin sucks, because I already know
        that.  But usually it gets updated regularly so that it can at least
        keep its head above water.  Is root no longer updating it?
        \_ ifile
        \_ are you really getting false negatives, or just emails not
           checked by spamAssassin because spamd keeps falling over?
                \_ I'm getting false negatives. I switched to using
                   spamassassin directly yesterday. - !OP
                   \_ spamassassin is actively subverted by spammers.
                      because of its relatively fixed ruleset, this is
                      trivial for them to do.  use ifile.
                      \_ spamass has bayesian filtering now. it works
                         pretty well for me --aaron
                         \_ pointers on setting bayesian filter up? thanks
                      \_ If it was trivial, more would do it. I just
                         counted, of the last 100 spam sent to me,
                         97 were blocked.
                         \_ "Were" not "was", and it _is_ trivial.  And I've
                            run at 98% accuracy with ifile for months (until
                            i went over quota and my data file got nuked.  Need
                            to talk with the dev team about that). --scotsman
                                \_ Okay you've convinced me, what is the
                                   quickest way for me to switch from
                                   using sa to ifile in my .procmailrc?
                                   \_ My .procmailrc is readable.  The scripts
                                      used are in ~scotsman/bin.  I can give
                                      you a large ball of spam to run through
                                      ifile.learn.mailbox as a seed. I use mutt
                                      hooks to retrain messages. my .muttrc is
                                      also readable. but basically, you just
                                      run a mailbox of good mail through
                                      "ifile.learn.mailbox good mailbox"
                                      and a spam ball through
                                      "ifile.learn.mailbox spam mailbox"
                                      the run mail through ifile.inject.header
                                      (or ifile.inject-learn.header to continue
                                      reeducation) --scotsman
                                        \_ Thanks, I'll take a look.
        \_ Are you sure you are just not getting more spam? I have been
           getting a consistent 2-5% false negative with SA from the
           start. -ausman
           \_ testing ifile on my spam spool and known good mail spool,
              it seems that ifile would have tagged 10% of my spam spool
              as good and 0.4% of my good mail as spam.  since i don't
              have separate spools of spamassassin misfiles, i am not
              sure how it compiles.  subjectively it seems ifile is more
              sure how it compares.  subjectively it seems ifile is more
              porous than spamassasin on my mail.  more training required?
              \_ This is after training it on those spools?
                 \_ yep, trained on the spools, then tested on the same
                    spools.  the spam spool is ~15MB, the good one ~7MB.
                    \_ This can be explained away, because it learns the
                       mailboxes one message at a time.  The end data set
                       after learning 1000 messages can skew how earlier
                       messages in that group might be filed.  but, moving
                       forward, the percentages should be much better.  I'm
                       glad to see your false positive number was much lower
                       than your false negatives... I should also have prefaced
                       my percentages by saying that first I ran a 3000+ message
                       spamspool i got from dbushong.  --scotsman
                        \_ My experience with ifile is that it works
                           significantly less well than spamassassin.  It
                           depends on what kind of spam you get, but I've
                           switched on one of my two primary spam-reception
                           accounts, and that one definitely has fewer
                           spam-categorization errors than the other.  -tom
2003/5/13-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28423 Activity:high
5/13    Is there something wrong with spam assassin?  I changed nothing
        in my configuration files, but suddenly none of the junk mails
        are getting processed. Thanks.
           \_ Are you using spamc? If so the problem appears to be that
              spamd isn't running.
                    \_ root has bigger fish to fry and spamd has stopped
                       frequently. I gave up and invoke spamassassin directly
                       now. See crebbs' procmail example above since he does
                       the same.
                       \_ what does root do if not make sure services that a
                          lot of people use keep running?
                                \_ Root is probably studying for finals,
                                   give root a break. - yaalum
                          \_ Um, their classwork? Considering their salary for
                             the job, I think root@soda is doing pretty well.
                             -- alum
                             \_ while 1 { spamd };
                                \_ putting it into cron so that it starts
                                   ever hour or so is better
                                   \_ Well, no. Invoking spamassassin
                                      directly is the correct answer.
                                        \_ If everyone did this, soda
                                           would be unusable.
                                           \_ Your pont? If everyone who
                                              had an account logged into
                                              soda at once, it would be
                                                \_ When a more elegant
                                                   and less resource
                                                   intensive soln is
                                                   available it ought
                                                   to be used. I'm not
                                                   saying that root
                                                   needs to set this
                                                   asap, just whenever
                                                   so that things are
                                                   better for everyone.
 3:06PM  up 112 days, 16:56, 219 users, load averages: 0.69, 0.55, 0.44
        \_ you can look at your email headers and see what (if any) score
           spamassassin is giving those mails.  I have noticed a lot of
           low scoring spam these days.  You can change the rules in
           your .spamassassin/user_prefs file to try to catch some of
           these but you can cause false positives if you are not careful.
           (though, perhaps your like me and if someone sends you HTML-only
           mail, you don't care if you miss it).  -crebbs
           \_ The spam that is getting through doesn't have any of the
              spam assassin headers (X-Spam-Status, X-Spam-Level, or
              X-Spam-Checker-Version) which leads me to believe that
              they never got run through spam assassin or that spam
              assassin didn't do anything to the messages.
              Perhaps the problem is with procmail and not spam
              assassin? - !OP
              \_ If you don't have those fields i assume it isn't going
                 through spamassassin.  You can look at my .forward
                 and .procmailrc if you want to see a setup that works.
                 My last spam was caught at 9:30 this morning.
                 (i'm no expert, just followed a given recipe) -crebbs
                 \_ Thanks. Looks like my problem is with spamc/d.
        \_ Also, you might want to check if the latest version is
        \_ Hmm, I'm having the same problem as well. The last spam caught
           was yesterday @ 6pm. Today, had two pieces of spam without any
           X-Spam headers. Even mailed myself, no X-Spam headers. I haven't
           changed any configuration in quite some time.
           \_ Are you using spamc? If so the problem appears to be that
              spamd isn't running.
              \_ Yup. Should I be using something else?
                 \_ No according to the man pages we should all be using
                    spamc. Someone with root access should start spamd
                    so that spamc starts working again.
                    \_ mail root for this, don't post to the motd
                       root doesn't monitor the motd
                    \_ root has bigger fish to fry and spamd has stopped
                       frequently. I gave up and invoke spamassassin directly
                       now. See crebbs' procmail example above since he does
                       the same.
                       \_ pros & cons of doing this?
                          \_ spamassassin is slower and requires more
                             system resources than spamc.
2003/4/14-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:28123 Activity:insanely high
4/14    procmail question: All mail for goes through my .procmailrc
        file, and I'm forwarding addresses to real "old"
        addresses.  If a message is sent to both and, it looks like it reaches henry twice, and doesn't
        get to kathy at all. How can I overcome this?  It this beyond the
        scope of procmail?

                * ^

                * ^
        \_ this can be solved with procmail but you need to learn how
           to use its branching structures, like { } blocks and the 'c'
           and 'a' tags. it's not hard to do but you need to carefully
           read the 'procmailrc' and 'procmailex' man pages. --aaron
           \_ Specifically, you need to replace ":0" with ":0 c" on every
              recipe.  Right now your recipes are telling procmail to
              deliver to henry, and then it's done.  "c" tells it to
              generate a carbon-copy to test with other recipes.
              \_ Rather, c tells procmail to pass a carbon copy to a fork
                 handling the current rule and continue.  Slight difference,
                 but good to be aware of. --scotsman
              \_ just adding c is going to cause henry to get two copies
                 of messages addressed to both; i think you need more.
                 this is one reason i love qmail -- administering an
                 email namespace is really easy and you don't need procmail.
                 \_ it's easy to maintain an email namespace in sendmail
                    also.  -tom
                    \_ for admins maybe. qmail makes it easy to grant
                       virtual domains to indiv users with no add'l setup.
                       \_ whereas in sendmail you might have to write a
                \_ If a message is "To:,"
                   will two messages get processed by this .procmailrc?
                \_ Great I'll incorporate that, but: don't two duplicate
                   messages get processed by this .procmailrc?
                   without the "c" henry gets two messages, kathy gets zero.
                   with the "c" henry gets two and kathy gets two.
                          script that calls "cat"--how horrible!  -tom
                          \_ i understand your point but the qmail support
                             has a pretty rich feature set for this. accept
                             that qmail actually does some things well, i
                             know why you don't like it and i think you
                             have some valid points but not everyone
                             has your criteria.
                          \_ i don't understand and am curious.  How do i
                             grant control of a virtual domain to an
                             upriveleged user if i'm running sendmail?
                             \_ give them a file to write to, and write a
                                script to combine it with virtusertable. -tom
                                \_ Uuuuh, security???
                \_ quit being reasonable on the motd.  white power!
                   death to arabs!
        \_ The above rules are a recipe for disaster since they create
           a potential for a mail loop that's undetectable by sendmail and
           possibly other MTAs. A better recipe for forwarding mail to some
           other address would be:
           * ^
           * !^X-Loop:
           | formail -A"X-Loop:" | \
               $SENDMAIL -oi
                \_ Thanks
        \_ Actually, I just found out that administering a domain's worth
           of email can't really be done correctly with a user's procmailrc.
           There needs to be an interface with the MTA in order to properly
           deal with multiple recipients, multiple messages, etc.
           Sorry to rack all yer brains. -OP
           \_ qmail is the *only* answer!  must...use.... qmail....argh! thump!
                --qmail fanatic
                \_ Do you have any recommendations for a excellent and
                   affordable web& email hosting company that uses qmail?
2003/4/12-14 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28101 Activity:moderate
4/11    How do I use procmail to, for example, send all mail from
        * to a file in my mail direcotry called "spam"?
        \_ Something like the following might work:
                :0 w : $SPAMFOLDER
                * ^From: .*
        \_ sorting spam mail that way is a losing proposition.  spammers
           always change their email address or fake their addresses.
           \_ this works for getting rid of things you've subscribed to but
                dont want anymore.
        \_ explicit whitelisting.
        \_ spamassassin
2003/4/7-8 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28023 Activity:nil
4/7     My box is being used to spam people by these bastards:
        <DEAD><DEAD>  How do i know?  I'm
        getting a bunch of bounced spam to root.  Relaying is NOT
        allowed from my box so i don't know how they are doing it.
        Anyway to find out? I'm running sendmail.  Also, who should i
        complain to.  These guys seem to be hosted by Verio.  Anyone
        know who there i should complain to or if it would do any
        \_ They probably have the Reply-To: line set to you.
        \_ Try sending mail to At one point verio
           was responsive to spam related complaints, but I don't
           know what they are like these days.
2003/4/6 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28011 Activity:nil
4/5     Is it just me, or is more spam appearing over the past few days?
        My Yahoo account went from getting ~5 a day to getting about 35
        just in the last few days.
        \_ I've been getting 40-50 (~30 actually caught) a day in my
           Yahoo account for months now.  Their filtering algorithm is
           rather abysmal. And their "Mark as Spam" feature is useless, as
           I've sent to them the same type of spam I've been getting over and
           over again, yet they still appear in my Inbox.
2003/3/30 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27912 Activity:high
3/30    Solved my procmail 'syntax' problem.  The syntax was fine.  The
        problem was that my lame MUA wasn't displaying characters properly.
        Actual subject line looks like this:
        Subject: =?GB2312?B?xby2+9f20ru72MWrwaWjrLOiytSxu8WwtP3Q1LCux+nIpKOh?=
        To the person who suggested I dig through my procmail log, thanks.
        I usually leave logging off here due to limited disk space on soda,
        and an often almost full homedir.  To the troll who thinks he's so
        1337 because he R0X0RZ the procmail world, go stick your head in a
        \_ Just because someone is smarter than you doesn't make them a
           troll.  It's all tom's fault that stupid little kids are
           misusing the word all the time.  "check your logs" isn't
           rocket science.  and again, no one on the motd *owes* you
           anything.  find a pig farm.
           \_ Go away troll.  Saying '3Y3 M D3 P0RCM4I1 M4ZT3R!!!'  Doesn't
              indicate intelligence.  It makes a claim as to some facility
              with a unix tool, and indicates an anti-social inability to
              share that suggests you were stuffed into one too many trash
              cans during adolescence.  You're right.  Nobody on the motd
              owes me anything, and, consequently, I'm saying thanks for some
              helpful advice.  Bill Joy didn't write BSD singlehandedly, but
              since you're so smart and never need any help with anything,
              maybe you should look him up.  You can discuss the finer points
              of how robots and nanotech are going to destroy the universe.
              \_ *laugh*  There's two ways to see your reply, either a) I'm a
                 troll and you got trolled, or b) I'm not a troll and you got
                 trolled anyway.  Either way you could use a double dose of
                 prozac and some therapy.  -!troll
                 \_ thank you for proving my point.
        \_ time to grow up, the both of you.
2003/3/28-29 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27892 Activity:very high
3/28    Procmail regex question.  I have the following recipe:
        * ^Subject: .*\[GB2312\]
        For some reason, it does not catch messages.  Does slash not properly
        escape []'s in procmail?  Anyone have a fix for this?  Thanks.
        \_ That rule works fine for me.  Perhaps your messages are getting
           matched by an earlier rule?  You can try setting LOGFILE=filename
           at the beginning of your .procmailrc to have procmail log its
        \_ what do you have against Chinese?
        \_ Read the man pages for syntax.
           \_ Yes, I read the man page for syntax already.  I wouldn't be
              asking here if I hadn't already RTFMed and STFWed. -op
           \_ Check that.  Read the man page (again).  Slash should escape
              special regex chars, including []'s.  What's your excuse now
              manboy? -op
              \_ Excuse?  I don't need one.  My procmail recipes work perfectly
                 whereas yours clearly don't.  It's the motd.  No one here owes
                 you anything.
                 \_ Go away troll.
        \_ Someone decided to delete this:
           can't you just remove the \[ and the \] ???
           \_ getting rid of the space after Subject: might help as well.
                \_ There is always a space after Subject:, so removing it
                   won't hurt or help at all.
           \_ Wouldn't that put all email in /dev/null?
              \_ No.  I'm still receiving email. -op
           \_ Yes, I could remove the \[ and the \], except that I have other
              rules in similar form with more common words than GB2312, and
              I'd really like things to have to match the brackets. -op
2003/3/26-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27857 Activity:moderate
3/26    In just 30 days of using SpamAssassin, I've noted that it's caught
        160 pieces of spam.  Is that about average, or am I just getting an
        unusually high amount of junk mail?
        \_ since June 2002, on my worst account today I'll pass 20,000 spams
           caught by ifile, or an average of something over 60 per day. -tom
           \_ Ok. I should be thankful with only 5-6/day.
           \_ ifile Q: how do I add to my spam corpus without actually
              keeping a huge file of spam around?
              `ifile.learn.mailbox good $MAIL` starts me off, but is there a
              a way to update that and correct mistakes just by moving a
              message to the right folder?
                 mutt folder hooks.  -tom
                 \_ I'm the guy who tried mutt and left a bunch of processes
                    using 90% CPU.  Any pine solutions (even if they don't
                    work as well)?
                    \_ do the same thing by hand.  pine resists automation.
                    \_ have two recipes in your .procmailrc:

                        :0: $HOME/.ifile.lock
                        * ^Resent-To:.*myusername\+isspam
                        | ifile.relearn.message inbox spam

                        :0: $HOME/.ifile.lock
                        * ^Resent-To:.*myusername\+isinbox
                        | ifile.relearn.message spam inbox

                       then have two addressbook entries myusername+isspam
                       and myusername+isinbox.  if a message is
                       misdirected, then simply (b)ounce the message to
                       the appropriate address.
                       \_ great idea, thank you.
2003/3/21-22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27782 Activity:kinda low
3/20    Is there a standard procmail rule for using spamassassin on soda?
        I would like all the "spam" (including false positives) to be
        stored in a mh folder +spam. tia.
        \_ Search the archives. This has been answered twice in the past
           three weeks, most recently the other day.
           \_ Okay, where are the archives?
              \_ ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v
        \_ locate .procmailrc | xargs more
           --doesnt want to give it away.
2003/3/20-21 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27772 Activity:nil
3/20    I'm converting from slocal to procmail on soda and I'm wondering
        if I need my .forward to invoke procmail or will sendmail do that
        automatically (and reliably) if I just have a .procmailrc file? tia.
        \_ .procmailrc is all you need (on soda at least).
2003/3/20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27760 Activity:low
3/20    Is there a way to mask email address from news posting from soda??
        I am getting way too many F(*&^SD(F* spams. thx.
        \_ it should be possible, though, I rarely get spam sent to my
           "usenet" address..
            \_ disagree.  Most of my SPAM is coming from my past USENET
        \_ hack your own inews executeable
        \_ this comes from your news reader client. By hackign it you can
           change jsut about every NNRP header EXCEPT for NNTP-POSTING-HOST.
           so yeah, hack your inews executable.
2003/3/17-18 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27728 Activity:moderate
3/17    How do I use spamassassin?  Do I run /usr/local/bin/spamassassin in
        the background and leave it running all the time, so that spam won't
        even be added to /var/mail/<login>?  Or do I run it once everytime
        before I run my mail program, so that all spam in /var/mail/<login>
        will be removed?  The man page doesn't seem to describe this.  Thanks.
        \_ There is plenty of help available for this. The documentation
           for spamassassin answers this in a few places. Try harder.
        \_ Create a file ~/.procmailrc and put the following in there:
        | /usr/local/bin/spamc

        :0 hw:
        * ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
          \_ see, you told him. now he'll never learn how not to be clueless.
                \_ ya but if he stays clueless, he'll lose some email bc
                   it is going to devnull.
                   \_ yeah, well, doesn't help if you keep changing [filename]
                      to /dev/null
2003/3/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27696 Activity:nil 54%like:28467
3/13    I got the following error:
        spamassassin -r < tmpSpam.txt
        razor2 report failed: Bad file descriptor Died at
        line 77, <GEN1> line 1.

        What have I done wrong?
        \_ this is a FAQ. you need to create an id with razor-register
           \_ now i really feel stupid.  I did created an ID though.
                I'll look at it again.  thanks
2003/3/7-10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27621 Activity:high
3/7     SpamAssassin is working great. However, I'm still getting the
        occassional spam in my Inbox, and they all hover around 4.7. I know
        you can adjust scores for certain tests.  What are some of the score
        adjustments you guys have made?
        \_ score HTML_90_100 2.0
           score BIG_FONT 1.0
           score CLICK_BELOW 1.0
           I almost never get personal email that is 1. in HTML
           2. in Big fonts, so i cranked up the score a bit.
           rest of it is personal.  For example, i tone down
           non-ascii and 8-bit subjects cuz I do get stuff in
           \_ How do I do this? type that into my user_prefs file?
              \_ Yes  ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs
        \_ ...just started using this as well. I'm pretty happy with the
           score settings, but a couple have slipped through both ways
           (spams not caught, and vice-versa). Whats the best way to do
           whitelists and blacklists? ... just with basic procmail stuff?
           \_ you can manually add whitelist in your user_prefs file.
              it even contains samples for you to follow.  what I did
              was wrote a shell script convert my pine's address book
              ito proper format and dump inside the user_pref file
              \_ perl -pi -e's/\t\n/\t/;s/.*<(.*)>/\1/;s/.*\t.*\t(.*)/\1/' .add
                 at least for me, this handles pine's weird handling of long
                 names as well as addresses that have <email> in there.
           \_ not procmail, but look in ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs
        \_ 2.50 has bayesian filtering. if you have a recent spam corpus,
           you can train it really easily. otherwise it will train based
           on stuff that scores high, or things you submit as spam --aaron
           \_ can't wait until 2.5 comes out.  Does anyone know rather
              people tried to use bayesian filtering techniques on
              Chinese email?  it won't work natively cuz Chinese words
              are not seperated by spaces
              \_ 2.50 *is* out. so don't wait longer, that'd be silly. also,
                 bayesian will still work on Chinese as long as it knew how
                 to use individual characters as tokens, which is only an
                 issue of being charset aware. --aaron
                 \_ Soda God, please install version 2.5
                 \_ a bit more complicated than that in terms of dealing
                    with Chinese.  The real issue is... well,
                    \_ someonedoesntseemtoundertandinghowbayesiananalysisworks
                       \_ If you write like this, and have spelling errors,
                          this becomes very hard -- the same problem as
                          breaking up a sequence that looks like GTGTTTAGG ...
                          into meaningful bits.
                          \_ i would try to explain if you weren't anon --aaron
                          \_ i'm not as nice as aaron.  you're clueless and
                             need to go look up how it really works, not come
                             to the motd and pretend you're smart.
                             \_ It's naive bayes.  It assumes features are
                                independent given the hypothesis.  Or, to put it
                                in slightly less snobbish terms, it's counting
                                with a fancy name.  You don't
                                want to be lecturing me on naive bayes.  While
                                one really always knows where word breaks are
                                in chinese, if you have no word breaks in
                                english, and have misspellings this is a hard
                                problem, and you can't use naive bayes to
                                solve it -- you need something like HMMs.
                                \_ And it'll still be caught by spamassassin.
                                   \_ With no spaces and enough misspellings it
                                      will not.  Sorry.
                                   \_ Spamassassin uses silly regexps.  The
                                      poster above called me clueless because
                                      he thought naive bayes could handle this
                                      problem; I think the irony of the
                                      situation is quite dead to him.

2003/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27570 Activity:moderate
2/28    SSLOTD (Spam Subject Line Of The Day):
                "My goat has torn my hymen"
        \_ "You have been deflowered.  Meeeaaaahhh."
        \_ You're using its horn?
        \_ Subject: They stolen my purity
                I was walking on gloomy boulevard late at night.
                Ominous boors catched me.
                They torn asunder my breeches.
                I was innocent before...
                <website omitted>
                \_ omnivorous bears?
2003/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27561 Activity:kinda low
2/27    Dood! That sample procmailrc strips the body! Don't you read all your
        spam to see if it's really spam? :0 h means only deliver the header.
        \_ So, what happens if I remove that 'h'. Will the whole message
           be delievered by default? I have a 'w' next to that 'h', what
           does that mean?
           \_ I have just :0 w: for me.
        \_ it's recommended to keep a backup if you're going to do any
           procmail filtering. also, look at ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs.
           put this at the top or your .procmailrc to do backups of mail.
           :0 c
           \_ Does this mean there's a non-trivial chance that
              procmail filtering hoses your Inbox on occassion?
                \_ no, so you can test out your new elite filtering
                   rules and avoid hosing yourself in case you get
                   the procmail syntax wrong.  trust in procmail
                   and get on with your life.
          \_ Oh shit thanks for reminding me that I've got a few gigs of
             mail in my backup dir.  Forgot I even had one!
2003/2/27 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27550 Activity:nil
2/26    Does anyone know or have a guess on how online groups like
        Yahoo! Group allows posting to the group's messaging board
        via an email address like  Email alias?
        Procmail?  Which solution makes the most sense?
        \_ python
2003/2/26-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:27545 Activity:nil
2/26    I have a file with all the mail I've got in the past few months
        (single file). I would like to run that file through procmail
        to produce several sorted files (in particular, I'm interested
        in the spam folder, but also want the other folders). Presumably
        there's a straightforward way to do this?
        \_ Answering my own question:
2003/2/26-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27541 Activity:high
2/26    Another procmailrc/spamassassin question: do I need to put the full
        path name of the spam folder? Or is there some environment variable
        to tell it where a folder should be located?
        \_ This is totally well documented. Have you tried "reading"?
        \_ ObGoogle
           \_ Only reason I ask is, I've seen several procmailrc examples
              that don't seem to mesh. For example, some have environment
              variables (like MAILDIR), some don't. Some have full path names
              for folders, some don't. When I had just the folder, it put spam
              in my home directory. But when I put full path name, for some
              reason, it left new spam in my Inbox. Oh well, I guess I'll
              google again.
        \_ You can set your path like so: PATH=/ob/google. you can also set
           your maildir, but you probably dont need to. get it up and running
           and if you have problems ask. if you are asking theoretical
           "i was just wondering" type questions, then RTFM/obgoogle.
           \_ My questions weren't theoretical, as I explained above.
2003/2/25-26 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27525 Activity:high
2/25    Is there a spamassassin for dummies kind of FAQ?  I'm technically
        gay and I'm looking for directions on what to type in.  Unix programs
        are so user unfriendly.  I'm using pine.  If that matters.  FYI,
        I already checked out  The info there is terrible.
        \_ do you just want to use it on Soda?
           \_ Not OP, but I'm interested in SA on just Soda.
        \_ Paste this to your shell (should work on soda):
| /usr/local/bin/spamc

:0 hw:
* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
        \_ and how do I run procmail?  Having a .procmailrc automatically
           kick starts procmail?  -not technical guy
           \_ soda uses procmail as local MDA, so, yes.
        \_ you don't want /dev/null here; that will automatically trash
           all spam mail, including your false positives.  replace
           /dev/null with "spam", then you can check through your spam
           mailbox for false positives occasionally.  -tom
           \_ tom, you're correct (i changed it to /dev/null for simplicity),
              except now the pine user is going to ask how to change folders,
              and so forth.
           \_ What is the false positive rate? 1 out of every 10 real? 100?
              \_ I find about 1/50, but this depends highly on the clue level
                 of friends trying to email you. If your friends send you mail
                 that looks like spam, YMMV.
              \_ mine is about 1/10,000 since I started using spamassassin.
                 most of it is work email but it hasnt mis-reported any of
                 2000 or so personal emails either.
           \_ do I need to create the spam mailbox? ... or will it be created
              for me on the first spam?
                \_ procmail will create it.
           \_ I mark spam at 5 and use procmail to trash spam above 17.
              This way I can catch false positives (Which happen at
              lower thresholds I find) but trash obvious spam.
* ^X-Spam-Level: \*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*
        \_ I'm looking at, but I don't see anything about
           typical score values.  I see the Tests Performed page, but that's
           just scores for individual tests.  How did you settle on 17?
           \_ Trial and error. I watched scores for a while and then settled
              on 5 for threshold and 17 for delete.
              \_ How did you work out a two tier response? My procmail fu
                 got me as far as just checking if the spam flag was there.
                 Could you direct me your .procmailrc?
                 \_ I use a two-tier as well, 6 and 12. --aaron
              \_ Hmm, thx for the info. One more question... what's the
                 highest score for a false positive you've received?
                 \_ 15.x for an evite -- jsjacob
                    \_ they have fixed this since around 2.20
2003/2/25-26 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27517 Activity:very high
2/24    Anybody else been getting porn spam that seems specifically
        crafted to get around SpamAssassin?  I've gotten 6 emails
        regarding mostrubating rappists in the past 3 days.
        \_ The main reason why spamassassin is ultimately useless: such
           crafting is even possible.
           \_ On balance it reduces the time I spend looking at spam (even
              taking in to account the time I have wasted replying to you).
              That seems pretty useful to me.
              \_ You miss the point.
              \_ Pay attention to the word "ultimately."
           \_ You're being pigheaded.
              \_ Not at all.  There are other, more promising, technologies
                 available to accomplish the same task.  But anything with
                 a relatively fixed set of rules and whitelist can be easily
                 \_ what "more promising" technologies are these?   I'm sure
                    soda folks would be glad to implement them.  (Or does
                    "promising" mean "it doesn't work yet"?)
                    \_ ifile! --scotsman
                        \_ I use ifile, and it doesn't work as well as
                           spamassassin.  -tom
                           \_ I use it too, and have had none of the problems
                              I've seen you describe.  I have 4 false negatives
                              and 1 false positive a month, which is more than
                              acceptable for me. --scotsman
                              \_ ifile is fine, but to call it "more
                                 promising" than spamassassin is silly.  -tom
                              \_ The spamassassin filter lists are updated
                                 frequently based on incoming spam, as are
                                 the ifile lists. Both are going to miss
                                 a few at first.
                                 \_ well, the model is different; spamassassin
                                    is analagous to the virus software model
                                    of centrally managed pattern matching
                                    lists, while ifile tries to learn as it
                                    goes.  -tom
                                    \_ the version of SA I use has an "auto
                                       adjust" 'learning' feature.  I've never
                                       tried ifile since SA works perfectly for
                                       me but there ya go.
                        \_ Phil Graham's Bayesian Analysis article.
        \_ Then there was that ever-present mostrubating rappist.
           \_ ah, great reference!
              \_ reference to what?
                 \_ Apparently to the OP.  Yeah, he really reached back for
                    that one.
                    \_ Right, if you don't know what's going on just assume
                       you're smart and that they're an idiot.  Keep up
                       the good attitude there buddy.
                 \_ Butthole Surfers, "Pepper"
           \_ They were doing it in Texas.
        \_ check the address make sure it didn't made to the
           auto whitelist
           \_ this is the most useful response in the whole thread! --aaron
2003/1/21-22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27168 Activity:nil
1/20    Is anybody else having frequent spam break-throughs on soda when
        spamassassin is supposed to be running? I just checked and it's
        running now but it was apparently asleep Sunday and Monday. Is
        there and alternative spam filter I should be using or something
        in my personal config file I need to change?
        \_ what likely happened is spamassassin just wasn't running for
           some reason. in that case, things won't be filtered. --aaron
        \_ ifile!
2003/1/17-18 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27131 Activity:high
1/16    Is there anyway to peek / modify the auto_whitelist.db on
        spamassassin?  Dunhills Vacation is keep bombarding my email
        account that it made to my stupid auto_whitelist.  Thanks
        \_ -R.  rtfm.
        \_ Dude, read the fucking docs right there in the same directory.
           Fucking ridiculous.  The motd is willing to help with real problems
           but not this baby sitting hand holding can't-read shit.  --motd
           \_ Does the almighty motd even help with real problems?
           \_ This is actually a reasonable question. The docs say
              how to add or remove entries, but they do not shed any light
              on how to determine if an address is in the db. That's of
              questionable utility but I don't think you should dogpile
              this guy. --aaron
              \_ If you can show that you've made an honest effort to solve
                 the problem you need help with BEFORE you post to motd,
                 then yes, the almighty motd is often very helpful.  There's
                 a very simple ettiquite for getting help in technical forums
                 such as this one.  It might behoove you to learn it.
              \_ The motd is chock full of *really* great answers to questions
                 worth answering.  "I clearly made no effort so just spoon feed
                 me!" is not worth answering.
           \_ The "peek" part is not documented. The docs say how to add or
              remove entries, but they do not shed any light on how to
              determine if an address is in the db. That's of questionable
              utility though. You can set, why check? --aaron
              \_ strings is the magic command for all unreadable formats but
                 I totally agree with you on this one.
                 \_ Real Men Use od.
           \_ There are actually two whitelists.  one is auto-generated,
              another is user defined inside the user_pref file.  It is not
              clear rather whatever defined in user_pref is made into
              auto-whitelist.db or not, that is why I posted the original
              question on how to peek the database.   Having said that,
              I apologize not reading the man page more thoroughly. I went
              to the spamassassin website and read much of documents before
              I posted the question.  The information on man page was not
              very accessible on its homepage.                  -op
2002/12/24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26895 Activity:very high
12/23   Spam: A thousand times worse than you imagine:
        \_ Sigh.  The guy's a fool.  Put quotas on mailspools, and make
           \- barry shien has a pretty long history of not being a fool.
              from you comments, i'm inclined to continue to give him
              he benefit of the doubt here. --psb
           your end users learn to filter their own.  Then you won't be
           up to 3am putting in dumbass filters that block your user's
           mom's email.  And for GOD'S SAKE, don't use EXCHANGE!
           \_ And when the customers' mailspools fill with spam, do they all
              have the time and expertise to use a filter or do they drop
              your service for someone who will do it for them?
              \_ I don't know, I'm living in my parents basement still
                 I'll get a job someday.
        \_ something I don't understand about spam.  It must originate from
           somewhere, so why don't the ISPs just pull the plug on people who
           spam?  Some ISPs MUST be making a lot of money carrying spam,
           otherwise the spammers would be shutting down one by one.
           \_ Decent companies _will_ shutdown spammers, and do it quickly.
              There are, unfortunately, many unscrupulous ISPs out there
              that pocket the money and ride right along.
                \_ still doesn't make sense.  there are not that many tier 0
                   or 1 ISPs.  Smallers ones that cater to spam still buy from
                   Qwest, ATT, etc.  So I think this is a problem that the
                   big ISPs don't want to solve because it affects their
                   cash flow.  The article should be about why ATT or Qwest
                   sells to smallers companies that produce spam.
           \_ Its not that easy. Theres lots of places that spam can originate
              from.  In many cases its very well distributed, so that it does
              not appear to be coming from a concentrated site.  Or it is
              coming from poorly secured sites, like open wireless points, or
              even some starbucks' net.
              \_ Troll harder.  Spam has been a problem long before starbucks'
                 net and open wireless points.
        \_ Quick get this guy a soda account, he's uttered the magic phrase:
           "it is a total tragedy of the commons"
           \_ go back to russia, imposter faking as a jew.
           \_ go back to russia, imposter slav mobster faking as a jew.
           \_ you must be a republican, since you like to sieze an idea and
              deride it without regard for its meaning. like "liberal" or
              "military-industrial complex".
                \_ you must be a democrat since you can't understand
                   simple concepts like jokes. (I have no interest in
                   arguing about the "tragedy of the commons" with
                   you or anyone else since it has been repeatedly
                   demonstrated that this concept rests on several
                   invalid assumptions about human nature and human
                   \_ demonstrated by who?
                        \_ Just look through the motd archives.
                           \_ Search for "my brother-in-law with an AA
                              in economics" on FreeRepublic.
                   \_ You know the guy who invented the concept won
                      a nobel prize in economics for his work, right?
                      \_ Yeah, and Yasser Arafat won the *peace* prize.
                      \_ So what? Just because someone wins the nobel
                         prize doesn't make the concept correct. It
                         may be a good approx. of general human behavior
                         in certain circumstances but it doesn't work
                         in all cases. As far as the span thing is
                         concerned, the internet isn't a "commons".
2002/11/22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26600 Activity:nil
11/21   Anyone else get a job spam with a .doc with some shit title about
        "affirmative action info application" or some bullshit like that from
2002/11/17-18 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26573 Activity:low
11/17   Who broke spamassassin?
        \_ And why hasn't anyone responded to email/motd requests to fix it?
2002/11/15-17 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26559 Activity:kinda low
11/15   Spamassassin appears to be broken.
        Can't locate object method "splitpath" via package "File::Spec" at
        /usr/local/bin/spamassassin line 18.
        BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/bin/spamassassin line 38.
        \_ Mail root or politburo with this kind of thing. -ausman
        \_ url recommendation for how to use it on soda?
        \_ I use it like so at home (I don't use soda for mail):

| spamassassin -P -a

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
        So the first line pipes it through SA and if SA tags it as spam with
        the X-Spam-Status header them it gets dumped into my spam folder.
        Otherwise it doesn't get altered at all and falls through to the
        rest of my recipes.  This is in my .procmailrc, of course.
        \_ I suggest you limit the size of SA'd message to something like
           256k. SA is a bit slow even on reasonable size messages, and
           with no size limit, you will see problems if you ever get very
           large messages. my recipe follows --aaron
           \_ Good idea.  I get some log reports on the weekend which take a
              few minutes for my old box to grind through but since it's 2am
              or later when they show up I never bothered to limit the message
              \_ it really does help for large messages and makes your mail
                 system perform better under load or DoS --aaron
                 \_ already added your change right after I saw it.  thanks!

# send incoming mail through SpamAssassin

:0 fw
* < 262144
| /usr/local/bin/spamc
2002/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26363 Activity:high
10/30   "This is not spam!"
        Why do spammers bother putting this when everyone knows it is spam.
        \_ hm. good point. Maybe they are trying to trick you.
        \_ Wow, they are so sneaky!  I read this whole email from Tiffani at
  and she said it wasn't a spam but was in response to
           my having opted in to her mailling list but I could get off her
           bestiality pics list if I send my CC# and other info to her in
           Nigeria!  But I figured since I opted in to the list I must've
           done it for a good reason so now Tiffani and I are like a hot
           item if you know what I mean!  (wink!)
        \_ To give you another catchphrase for spamassassin.
2002/10/28-29 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:26348 Activity:very high
10/28   Goddamn spam.  Is there a good site that lists spammers that would
        honestly remove you from their distribution if you go through their
        unsubscribe process?  It's been said that these actually just verify
        that you have a working email address.  I'm tired of having to add
        the 10th billion variation of an address in Outlook's block list.
        (Yes, I _have_ to use Outlook; no choice).
        \_ You're welcome.
        \_ Unsubscribe lists are their way of duping you into confirming
           that there is a human receiving their mail.  The best way
           is to avoid posting your email on the internet at all.
            \_ I have never found this to be the case (though many are ignored
               and it isn't worth your time anyway since spammers rarely send
               from the same list twice.  If you are getting mail from the same
               source over and over, opting out will not hurt (prob. won't help
                \_ Do not opt out.  Do not reply.  It can only hurt.  Do you
                   work for a spammer or what?
                   \_ Some companies do indeed respect spam complaints as they
                      should, even going so far as to add constraints to their
                      clients database to prevent offended addresses from
                      being re-added, enforcing opt-in confirmation
                      requirements on all lists, etc.  they're few and far
                      between, though, and the previous poster is half right.
                      It can _not_ hurt, but in most circumstances it will.
                      \_ Since the odds of getting a good company are near zero
                         it can only hurt you.  The only companies that respect
                         list management replies are the ones you probably
                         intentionally opted in to in the first place.  Random
                         pr0n spam companies do not respect anything.  Do not
                         reply to random spam.  It is easy to tell the diff.
        \_ I suggest getting a new email address, cancel the old one and don't
           use your real address for anything but friends and real business.
           Hotmail & yahoo are there for your spam eating needs.
        \_ get off your fucking ass and set up spamassassin, it's easy and
           it works like a charm. --aaron
           \_ This isn't always an option in a business environment but I agree
              with you in the general case.
              \_ Actually, if the OP is inquiring about business mail, they
                 should get of their fucking ass and tell the sysadmin to get
                 off their fucking ass and setup some kind of mail filtering.
                  \_ spamfiltering in corporate-NT land isn't so easy.
                        \_ dunno about the sysadmin side but we have a corporate
                                spam filter and it works pretty well (too well
                                really..but that's a small problem)
                  \_ as the sysadmin my answer would be "tough shit, talk to
                     the CTO and get budget and policy for it".  I like my job.
                     My job is *not* to answer to you, the piddly drone bee.
                     My job is to do what the execs want.  They don't want spam
                     filtering because it might kill a real email.  Deal and
                     stop wasting corporate time posting on usenet all day.
                     \_ Oh yeah, policy comes straight from the CEO to the
                        sysadmin for important decisions like this.
                        \_ Depends on company size.  As the grunt bottom rung
                           sysadmin I am not risking my job by implementing a
                           spam policy without buyin and write off by people
                           high enough up to protect my job when the CEO loses
                           email.  You're a fool if you'd do otherwise.
                     \_ god, i hate people like you.  but then, so does
                        \_ I have a job.  You don't have my job.  Why should I
                           risk getting fired because you're getting spam?  I
                           hate stupid selfish ignorant fuck sluts like you,
                           but then, so does everyone.
              \_ i guess what i'm saying is "there is no way implementing
                 filtering is going to have less ROI than asking these
                 people to stop, because they won't." --aaron
           \- ObEmacs:
              [however starting to use gnus has a bit of a learning crv]
                \_ what kind of freak still uses emacs to read their
                   email?  i mean seriously, I don't even think psb
                   does anymore.
                   \- actually worse than that! i use /usr/ucb/mail with some
                      code tweaks. emacs has a lot of very powerful mail
                      readers. you are no doubt E_TOOSHORT to use emacs to
                      read mail. --psb
                      \_ anyone who uses emacs to read mail is E_MORON
        \_ SpamAssassin for Windows:
           No need to install perl or any other UNIX crap on your NT box.
           \_ you forgot to mention the $30 part.
              \_ $30 is worth less than an hour of your time.
                 \_ Hour?  What hour?  And no its not.  I get paid more than
                    that.  You're also forgetting that it takes time to install
                    and configure vs the near zero amount of time I spend
                    dealing with spam.  Who the hell are you to think my time
                    is worth less than $30/hour anyway?  I was making more than
                    that right out of school.  Sorry that you're not.
                    \_ My point is that $30 is nothing compared to your time.
                       Read more carefully please.
2002/9/1-3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25751 Activity:high
9/1     What is a good free email account (other than csua) these days?
        Good means reliable, not too many ad/spam, some reasonable amount
        of disk space, etc.  Personal homepage not necessary.
        \_ yahoo is always decent.. and if you need a bigger spool
           $10/yr gets you a 25MB INBOX -shac
           \_ And if you spend a bit of time setting filters, you should be
              able to catch most of the spam that gets thru Yahoo's own
              spam filters. I'm down to about 5-10 spam a week, which I
              consider pretty darn good for a free email account.
           \_ Cool.  That's enough to warez.  What's the free mbox size?
        \_ if you are a berkeley alum, you might be able to sign up for
           an email saddress... check their website.
           ... I got mine... works great. its POP(/IMAP?) not any webmail
                \_ isn't that just an alias though?
2002/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25607 Activity:high
8/19    How do you change the from: header line in trn ?  I'm
        tired of spam.  I've looked up various things in archives
        but I am apparently not using the correct key words.  Thanks
        \_ I believe you can do this by changing the Pnews script.
        \_ if you use <DEAD><DEAD>, you get virtually no spam.  Otherwise,
        I think you need to recompile to do what you wish.  Just
        say no to munging from lines!
        \_ What do you mean by "use <DEAD><DEAD>".  How do you do that?
           \_ I can't take it anymore.  setenv NNTPSERVER <DEAD><DEAD>
2002/8/14 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25554 Activity:moderate
8/13    A lot of the junk mail I get don't have a "To:" field, how do I
        get rid of them?
        \_ Filter it. Spamassassin is installed on soda, it works pretty well.
                \_ USPS mail. I didn't say spam.
                        \_ in that case, you can't. that junk mail gets
                           sent to anyone with a pulse.
                           \_ Or without. There're frequent documented cases
                              of people long since dead getting junkmail.
        \_ Do you have a fireplace or city collected recycling bin?
2002/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25385 Activity:nil
7/18    So, I just received a spam about mortgage rates.  Problem is the
        sender address on the email is my own csua address.  Should I be
        \_ You're hosed.  Now that they've got you you're going to get more
           and more and more.  Your csua address is now a spam magnet.
        \_ spamassasin, takes 10 seconds to set up and works really well
           \_ he's still hosed.
2002/7/17-19 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25377 Activity:very high
5/17    Damn Evite changed their format and now scores 14 on our spamassassin
        scale.  Evites are being filtered, check your spam folder if worried.
        \_ Evite is spam.
        \_ Can't you just whitelist evite?
        \_ Consider for a moment that there is a reason evites are filtered.
           \_ I've been blocking evites globablly on my home server since I
              got my first evite and tried to find a way to remove myself from
              their database.  There isn't.  I'm very unhappy with the idea
              that evite is going to sell my address as a good/known-valid
              address to every spam house in the universe when they go under.
              Fuck evite.  I can't believe any real geeks would fall prey to
              their obvious email address harvesting crap.
              \_ Evite is owned by Ticketmaster.
                 Ticketmaster is owned by Paul Allen.
                 I doubt they're going under anytime soon.
                 [moved.  interupting is rude]
                 \_ because paul allen will float it forever.  bullshit.
              \_ what's your email address?
              \_ Exactly. I never understood the need to go through a 3rd
                 party to send out invitations.  What's the point of giving
                 them your emailing list so you can have them send out
                 invites to your friends instead of sending them yourself?
                 More work for no gain.
                 \_ Not that I like using or receiving invitations from Evite
                    or similar services, but it keeps track of who are and are
                    not attending and their short responses.  Less work for the
                    \_ take a minute to write up your own..
                    \_ Nice service, but it's still despicable.
                    \_ Because I'm an idiot and can't figure out if someone is
                       showing or not from their reply?
                       \_ Evite is an "e-solution". "e-solutions" are cool
                       \_ If you're inviting 100 people and their family and
                          man. I bet it took a lot of hard core Perl coders
                          to do Evite.
                       \_ If you're inviting 50 people and their families and
                          people keep on changing their minds, Evite probably
                          makes the job easier.  I think it's too impersonal so
                          I don't use it.
           \_ No one invites me to anything because I spend all night
              filtering my email.
              \_ No one I know is stupid enough to use a spam agency like Evite
                 to invite me to something.
                  \_ You have an odd definition of "know" and even then you
                     don't know too many people do you.
                     \_ If you made any sense I'd respond with more than this.
        \_ EVITE IS 100% FREE!!!! ORDER NOW!!!1!!!! SO WE CAN PUT YOUR NAME ON
2002/7/16-18 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25374 Activity:moderate
7/16    Is there any way to auto-whitelist using spamc?
        \_ Put
        * ^From: (whitelist)
        above your spamc recipe.
        \_ that's not auto-whitelisting
        \_ [ Non-AUTO-Whitelist solution removed ]
        \_ umm, why don't you rtfm. it depends on how you have spamd set up.
           \_ umm, I didn't set up spamd on csua.
              \_ spamd -a. but no spamd => no use of spamc.
2002/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25358 Activity:moderate
7/14    I read email using mutt over IMAP. I want to set up something
        (fetchmail?) that will periodically download email, scan for
        important emails (e.g. sender is Joe) and email them to my
        cell phone email addr. But that's it. I don't want fetchmail
        to deliver emails or in any way modify my IMAP spool. How do
        I do this?
        \_ Copy your mailspool on the mailhost, then have fetchmail download
           it occasionally.  Then do with it what you need to (filter,
           forward, whatever.) -John
        \_ If filtering with procmail is allowed on that server, I'd take
           that route. Otherwide, I see no easy way of doing it (in case
           if marking messages as "read" on the server without deleting them
           qualifies as mail spool modification)
           \_ If you can forward mail from the IMAP account, perhaps you
              have access to a unix machine that you can run procmail on.
              Actually, there's even procmail for cygwin.
        \_ I tried this with my email-pager. Just to forward *portions* of
           important emails (from specific folks). Ooops, underestimated the
           amount of email I get and they charged me $3100 one month
           (10 cents per character after my monthly limit).
           \_ You didn't actually pay that bill did you?  When a previous
              company started sending out email pages to system staff we
              racked up a $34k bill one bad month.  The VP told them to go
              fuck themselves.  We changed pager companies, end of story.
2002/7/11-13 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25329 Activity:high
7/11    Damn, spamassassin is so awesome (in case you didn't already know
        this). It filters >1000msgs/mo for me. I only get 3-4 spams/month
        and I've never had a non-spam message get marked as spam.
        [ reformatted - motdformatd ]
        \_ spamassassin is clearly ANTISEMITIC and COMMUNIST.
           \_ I thought it was CHAOTIC EVIL +2
        \_ using the default rule set for version 2.30, spamassassin
           misclassifies a few of my mails everyday.
           \_ I had this problem to start with. I spent about ten minutes
              also do this to filter out  some virus transmissions by upping the
              score for large binary includes to near your threshold score.
              looking at what rules had been in play and altered the defaults
              accordingly. I haven't had any false captures in awhile. You can
              also do this to filter out  some virus transmissions by upping
              the score for large binary includes to near your threshold score.
              It sounds like i-file adjusts automatically, though, if this is
              really a problem for you. You might want to check that out.
           \_ spamassassin's whitelisting features are your friend.
              \_ white listing sucks for people who have more than 2 friends.
                 \_ and they're both whitelisting features in spamassassin!
                 \_ Irrelevant for people posting in motd.
              \_ i can certainly white list.  but the fact that i need
                 to white list contradicts the original poster's enthusiastic
                 endorsement of spamassassin's perfection.
                 \_ English major here. :-)
        \_ OP here: do you use -a for autowhitelisting? That might help, but
           I don't use it and it's still near-perfect for me. Maybe my friends
           don't send me spam-like email? I don't have any explicit whitelists
           and I haven't changed any rules.
           \_ If you get newsletters with ads, spamassassin is prone to
              misclassifying these.
              \_ Hmmm, newsletters with ads huh?  Some people use the term
                 'friend' pretty loosely.
                 \_ My friends are sending me great stuff everyday about how to
                    make cash fast, opportunities to make money selling other
                    people's email addresses and I get picked up a lot by hot
                    chicks all over the net several times a day!
              \_ Might I suggest using procmail to filter these before
                 spamassassin gets to them?
        \_ I'm using ifile, and I'm up to 868 pieces of spam so far in the
           first two weeks, and and only one was errantly marked as spam.
           \_ Does ifile need a lot of setup time or config? Or can it
              learn from your existing mail folders?
              \_ You can train it on your existing mail folders.
                 \_ Mebbe i should write up a howto on the scripts in
                    /csua/bin.  Will do when work slows down.  --scotsman
2002/7/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25255 Activity:nil
7/1     Spam Map:
2002/6/24-25 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25179 Activity:high
6/24    Has anyone been getting spam mail from these CSUA users: thsc, daronk,
        jschwart?  I wonder if the spam indeed was sent by those users or if
        someone outside faked the senders' addresses.
        \_ Consider viewing the full headers.
        \_ i've gotten spam from kkat in the last couple of days.
        \_ Someone forged spam in my name to a bunch of earthlink users.
           I complained to abuse@earthlink and they turned off the account.
           Hopefully this is not a harbinger of things to come. -ausman
           \_ It definitely is.  spammers are starting to use valid From:
              names to get around relaying restrictions.  -tom
              \_ what can the average email user out there in netland do
                 to fight these jerks(spammers in general)?
                 \_ Learn how to read the mail headers and use whois; then
                    write their ISPs and/or upstreams any time you get spammed.
                    Sounding like a lawyer is sometimes useful. Cite California
                    Business&Professions Code 17538.4 and 17538.45, too (even
                    though the courts have had their way with those already).
                    Back when I still bothered to do this, about 20-25% of
                    the ISPs would get back with "thanks; we kicked the fucker
                    off our network" within a couple of days. Doesn't solve
                    the problem, but it's at least something. -alexf
                    \_ Can someone show us how to automate the process using
                       \_ Check out /csua/bin/SpamAssassin/README*
                       \_ Or at least post a template e-mail and let us
                          manually fill in the details?  I don't know how to
                          write like a lawyer.  Thanks.
                        \_ automatic complaining is a really bad idea--what
                           about when the spammer uses a forged From: address,
                           which is how this thread started?  If you're
                           going to complain, you need to do it manually. -tom
                    \_ If only this worked on all those spammers in Taiwan
                       and Korea. -geordan
                \_ Nothing, really.  Unless you have a lot of time and/or
                   money to waste on an annoyance.  -tom
2002/5/20-21 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24892 Activity:low
5/20    I got this spam today, it was to: bo*@csua.. through bw*@csua..
        "Cum See The Hardest XXX site on the net. $2.95 Worth it
        Where are they getting batches of our email addresses? -b
        \_ the csua is selling addresses to pay for nettaps...  RUN WHILE
           YOU CAN!
        \_ maybe we can modify the csua web pages (the official ones).
           Maybe it is a spam spider program getting our names.
           \_ Who puts their real email address on a web page anymore?
                \_ I'm talking about the CSUA's official web page with
                        everyone's name and a link to "finger".
2002/5/10-11 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24789 Activity:low
5/10    What does the "0" stand for in the ":0" prefix for procmail recipes?
        The docs don't say anything interesting.
        \_ :0 stands for a beginning of a new recipe. The procmailrc man page
           says at the bottom:
       In  the  old  days, the `:0' that marks the beginning of a
       recipe, had to be changed to `:n', whereby `n' denotes the
       number of conditions that follow.
2002/5/8-10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24770 Activity:nil 63%like:24758
5/8     anyone have a good procmail setup for filtering spam, or know
        where to get one?  Just looking for something fairly basic.
| /usr/local/bin/spamc

:0 hwc:
* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
2002/5/8 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24758 Activity:nil 63%like:24770
5/8     anyone have a good procmail setup for filtering spam, or know
        where to get one?  Just looking for something fairly basic.
2002/5/6 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24725 Activity:low
5/5     SpamAssassin installed, but when I am looking for the spamd,
        I noticed that there is no spamassassin server running.  Should
        I just use the stand-alone executable?
        \_ use ifile.
2002/4/22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24529 Activity:nil
4/21    I have many email address (uclink, soda.csua, eecs-inst, work,
        on-campus research lab, etc etc) and I want to forward them all
        to one account. Which one should I use? Yes, I use procmail but
                        \_ Why are you asking this here? It should be completely
                           up to you where to forward your mail.
                           \_ Well, I was kind of hoping to hear what other
                              people do and why... I guess it all just comes
                              down reliability. But thanks for reassuring me
                              that I do in fact have the freedom to make
                              my own decisions.
                \_ real answer.  I forward my mail to the machine I
                   sit at, simply so the network delay is as small as
                   possible.  Really, I'd suggest forwarding your mail
                   the the computer you trust thats as close to your
                   normal mail reading desktop. - seidl
        that doesnt answer my question.
        \_ Use procmail
                \_bandwidth hogging troll deleted
                  \_ thank you for saving us from wasted
                     bandwith, oh great and all knowing big brother.
                     \_ You are welcome. -- Big Brother
2002/4/10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24393 Activity:high
4/9     One week into owning a hotmail acct and they already spam me like
        crazy!  Evil M$.
        \_ It's not just M$.  You get just as much spam on Yahoo, maybe even
           more.  Even with their bulk mail program, my filter list is quite
           \_ Well, I've had Yahoo! Mail for years and I hardly got any
              spam.   The number of spams I got in Hotmail in the past
              week is probably more than what I got in Yahoo! for the
              past year. -op
              \_ Make sure you edit your NEW Marketing Preferences soon or this
                 may no longer be the case at Yahoo! (or maybe just Y! Groups)
                 \_ No. If you do this you lose your free yahoo mail acct.
        \_ Just opened a hotmail acct, haven't used it for anything, and am
           also getting spam. The spam often shows my e-mail address
           explicitly within its message, but is giving a greeting to
           someone else's name. Should I assume that someone is randomly
           using my hotmail address so they can avoid spam? Or is it just a
           random thing spam lists do?
2002/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24312 Activity:kinda low
4/3     The Default SpamAssassin seems to mark E-vites as spam. (fwiw/fyi)
        \_ With good reason.  You know that evite collects all those email
           addresses of your 'friends' and fails to provide a way for your
           spam victims to get removed from their database?  If you were
           truly someone's friend you wouldn't evite them to anything.
        \_ I think I fixed this. Let me know if they are still being
           filtered. -ausman
2002/4/3-5 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24309 Activity:nil
4/3     I switched from the old method to using spamc. However, now messages
        that are marked as spam don't have any bodies. How do I fix this?
        \_ What is wrong with SpamBouncer?  --kngharv
2002/3/30-4/27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24271 Activity:nil
03/29   spamd from spamassassin installed; see
        /usr/local/share/doc/Mail-SpamAssassin/README{,.spamd} for details.
2002/3/28 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24262 Activity:high
3/27    Are you getting another spam wave?
        \_ I am but it is all being filtered by Spam Assassin. Ausman rewlz!
           \_ Ditto.
        \_ set up own domain on own box, create throw away aliases for the
           garbage people on the net to mail you, delete aliases when they get
           too much spam, live spam free life like me.
2002/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24207 Activity:very high
3/22    Anyone know what the [.*] field in the subject of lots of spam
                             \- can you post an example of what you mean here?
        mail is for?  Some sort of tracking, I assume, but what do they
        do with it?
        \_ One goal is to prevent you from using a checksum system to make
           a useful collaborative database of spam in order to block it.  (If
           each message is different, the MD5 or SHA1 will be different, too.)
           Another is to find out which spam you were replying to, if you
           reply, or which spam you were complaining about, if you complain.
           Some spammers also use "web bugs" to catch those people whose MUAs
           support HTML mail -- as soon as you open the message, you've been
           tracked, and the spammer has confirmed that your e-mail address is
           valid and that you regularly read e-mail.   -- schoen
           \_ Also be careful if the spam contains a URL with a big unique
              looking identifier in it, like
              Because likely they have a database mapping that ID to your
              address, so if you do choose to check out their product, whammo,
              they now know that you are not only a valid email address,
              but one interested in receiving _lots_ of spam about that
        \_ Uhm, the above are both correct and all but really why care?  Just
           delete it and add them and *.kr *.cn and *.jp to your block list.
           \_ oh yeah, there's no chance you could ever receive legitimate
              mail from Asian countries.  -tom
              \_ Hey lover boy, how much legit mail do you receive from Asia?
                 I parse my reject logs and have received *zero* in the last
                 few years.  Are you trying to buy a gf from one of those
        sites?  That doesn't count.  By your
                 logic we should not block any spammish-looking emails because
                 you never know when you'll want a refill on your Viagra.
                \_ Get a life (I have friends who've moved to Asia) and a
                   a job (I have colleagues there), twink.  -tom
                   \_ Gee, non-anonymous insults are so much more useful.
                        \_ I'm willing to stand behind my words.  Are you? -tom
                   \_ Need technical help configuring your spam blocks to let
                      your friends mail you while still blocking the spam?
                      What does spam blocking having to do with getting a life
                      or a job?  You're an interesting fellow.  Don't you work
                      for a school?  What colleagues do you have in Asia?  Just
                        \_ do you think there are no schools in asia?  do you
                           think professors never leave campus?  -tom
2002/3/23-24 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24199 Activity:high
3/22    SpamAssassin installed in /csua/bin. Check out the README.ausman
        if you want to install it. It has worked great for me. -ausman
        \_ damn, ONE WEEK after I installed SpamBouncer on my own account.
           Does anyone which one works better?                --kngharv
        \_ So this looks like a weak, hand-maintained take on ifile
   I've been running ifile
           for a few months now, and its accuracy is at 94.5%  The trick
           is it learns from every message that goes through.  It's _much_
           more accurate if you can initially train it with a LARGE body of
           your good and spam messages, separated.  I think I fed through
           about 2000 of each.  --dbushong
           \_ I will look at it.  I happened save most of the spam I got.
           \_ I will look at it.  I happened to save most of the spam I got.
              Anyone want spams that for the purposes of feeding to this
              filter, let me know.              --kngharv
              \_ Well, ifile has links to tarballs of spam, but the fact is,
                 it works better if you use your own.  --dbushong
                \_ Is there a program that really goes after spam sites, that
                   tracks  and disrupts them by generating reverse-spam,
                   DOS attack, or other nasty counter measures?
                   \_ The typical spam site is a middle school in South Korea
                      who has an open relay because they were put online by
                      people with no clue.  You want to DoS thousands of SK
                      middle schools?  Be my guest.  It won't help.
2002/3/13 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24097 Activity:high
3/12    Have any other people got the RessumeRabbit spam from "Daniel
        Johnson"?  I want to respond to tell him to leave me alone but I'm
        worried this will just confirm my email as active... has anyone
        else replied to this?  ... what happened?               - rory
        \_ It's spam.  Why would anyone reply?  You used a throw away email
           address for your job hunting and resume posting... right?  You
           wouldn't do some newbie thing like use your real address in a forum
           that you *know* is getting put into 500000 million databases which
           get sold and resold to idiots like that... right?  You *do* have
           tons of throwaway addresses because you're smart... right?
        \_ Got one from Todd Fisher
2002/3/6-7 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:24041 Activity:very high
3/6     Are most sodans getting a ton of spam now? It seems spammers have
        ramped up their efforts at filling up our mailboxes.
        \_ We should install SpamAssassin
                             \_ What is this?
        \_ Enhance Your Sex Life!
        \_ Yes I'm getting more spam than before.
        \_ I'm getting spam from tom.
           \_ .hushlogin
        \_ I don't get any spam via soda but my home server is auto-crushing
           plenty via black holes, bad reverse lookups, etc.  Even so, a piece
           or two escapes filtering each day.  I've been giving out bogus
           mail aliases and just disabling them when the spam load gets too
           high so that helps a lot.
           \_ Can we do the same thing on soda?
        \_ don't know if this is relevant but does writing your email
           address on webpages or newsgroups as name at domain dot com
           versus make a difference?
           \_ no. it's trivial for a perl or other script to look for all
              obvious patterns and convert.
        \_ normally i get 3-4 msgs/day, but today i got like 35.
        \_ recently I've been getting a lot of email about some constitution
           to some campus organization...
        \_ I used to get NOTHING, now I get about 2 junk email a day.  Is
           there anyway root can set up filter on the server side?
        \_ yes, one of the main benefits of keeping this account was lack
        of spam, someone get on this! -bemybitch
                                --kngharv (playing with spambouncer right now)
2001/12/9-10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:23192 Activity:nil
12/8    Have you been getting more spam on your csua account recently?
        \_ Hell yes. Any idea what's up? --ulysses
        \_ yes.
        \_ it's not just my csua account. yahoo, hotmail, you name it.
           also the spam comes in clusters. wtf?
        \_ Mini article in the SF Comical today saying spam is up 650% over
           the same time last year.  Based on what?  Dunno.  Maybe a poll of
           soda users.
2001/11/29 [Computer/SW/Virus, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:23138 Activity:nil
11/28   I've been getting a lot of "I send you this file in order to have
        your advice" spam email on this account from random email addresses.
        What is it? A worm/virus? What is in the attachment?
        \_ Sircam.  5 seconds of research would have found that.  -tom
2001/10/26 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:22844 Activity:nil
10/26   Is there some way to fake a response to a spam so that the sender
        thinks they have an invalid email address? Rather, I know a way
        exists... but how hard is it to do?
        \_ Sending email is free. Why would a spammer care? They probably
           just sift out everything but the amazingly few responses that
           are actually interested in the services offered and redirect
           them to /dev/null. --ulysses
        \_ /tmp/procmailrc.antispam. it's just something i yoinked off
           the web. put your wanker email list in ~/.spammers. -jeff
        \_ that's a great idea, someone else figure it out for the both
        of us pls.
        \_ The mail has to be from a system account; most mail systems
           aren't configured to let ordinary users do this.  Consequently
           you probably need root access.
           \_ How about just manually replacing the "From:" line in your
              reply mail with "From:"?  Would
              that work?  Hopefully the spam sender won't look into the
              "Sender:" line in your header.  --- yuen
                \_ You're a few years behind in spam tech.
                   \_ I see.  --- yuen
2001/10/26 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22840 Activity:nil
10/26   "Small Amount of Anthrax Found at CIA"
        Yup, the CIA deserves the anthrax for being so impotent facing the
        \_ Moron.  No one deserves anthrax.
           \_ So what's wrong with this idea? The culprit targeted big
              figures like Sen. Daschle, Tom Brokaw, Bush, etc... Now,
              there's no single book one could buy that contains those
              people's addresses and other likely terrorist targets.
              Whoever sent them, more likely than not, used the web to
              search for them and almost all web servers keep logs of
              users visiting web pages and searching for things. Couldn't
              they just look through those logs and derive some sort of
              IP correlation to find the culprit?
                \_ IP != identification, as so many of us firewall admins
                   keep screaming at our clients.  Got a laptop?  An AOL CD?
                   Flat-rate local calling so companies/universities have
                   publically accessible phone taps around?  A razor and
                   a button-down shirt so you don't look obviously like a
                   mad terrorist?  There you go.  -John
2001/9/20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:22549 Activity:nil
9/19    What's with Where did all that spam come from?
        \_ terrorist spam attack against the csua
2001/8/20 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:22177 Activity:high
8/20    How do I generate an auto reply of "this user does not exist on
        our system" in procmail? I need to get rid of junk mail. Thanks.
        \_ man procmailex.
        \_ you getting massive spam from <DEAD><DEAD>?
* ^From.**
* !^X-Loop:
| (/usr/local/bin/formail -r -A"X-Loop:" ; \
        echo " is not a valid address.") | $SENDMAIL -t
2001/7/27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:21968 Activity:kinda low
7/2     Every time alexf sends something to csua lists he does it in a way that
        breaks my procmail rules. Why not just send mail TO csua@csua?
        \_ Isn't there a newsgroup that mirrors csua@csua? Just read that.
        \_ How about:
           * ^
           \_ Help yourself. Procmail is your friend. Just don't flame me when
              I forward information pertinent to undergrads to csUa@csUa. I
              would also recommend unsubscribing from csua@csua if you are
              so upset by relatively relevant messages. Oh, and for the
              record, if anyone has a rational argument for why any
              particular message I send to a public mailing list is
              inappropriate to that list, they're more than welcome to
              email me personally about it and their comments WILL be
              considered (rather than /dev/null'ed). -alexf
        \_ Or how about you EMAIL me and ASK, instead of whining about it
           on the motd? I _can_ actually listen to these things you know.
           I happenned to be following the conventions of several other
           mailing lists that were on BCC for that message, and was not aware
           of the fact that people have filters that break without an explicit
           To/CC. Next message to csua@csua from me [whenever that will be]
           will be via explicit CC. -alexf
           \_ don't listen to them alexf. the first guy could use some
              procmail clue and the second guy is just a dumbass. you're
              doing a fine job.
              \_ I want to have your baby, alex
                 \_ I _did_ have your baby, alex.  I want child support.
                    \_ I _AM_ your baby alex, and I want child support too.
2001/6/14-15 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:21522 Activity:moderate
6/14    Is there a way to use procmail to send a bounce to spammers so
        that you are removed from their mailing list?
        [useful replies deleted. why? oh no reason. i just like the power.]
        \_ Just have a generate one of those phony MAILER-DAEMON 550
           recipient unknown messages.  Then have the mail sent to
           /dev/null.  It worked for me.  The rate at which I get spam
           has dropped 4-fold.
        \_ spamtrap rocks. It will auto-complain.
           If you know the people you want to bounce, something like
2001/4/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:20999 Activity:very high
4/16    Can anybody explain the things that differentiate ambiance,
        trance, jungle, trip-hop, big-beat, happy-[ trance | ambiance | ] etc?
        \_ Search on the web for samples and listen to them.  Word descriptions
           hardly tell you anything.  Groovetech, for example, archives a
           lot of their live shows, so you can also find good local DJs that
           Techno: 150-160 BPM no spoken samples, washing-machine-like
                sound, tunderous beat, little melody, if at all
           way.  Here's my list of "typical" albums for each genre:
           ambience -- Aphex Twin "selected works"
           trance -- Paul van Dyke "Tranceport"
           Drum & Bass -- Roni Size "Reprazent" (jungle is d&b x 2)
           Ambient: no beats, barely intrudes upon your consciousness
           \_ Does it have anything at all to do with BPM?
           trip-hop -- Portishead "Dummy" or any Massive Attack
           big beat -- Chemical Brothers ? "Dig Your Own Hole"
        \_ music genres are sloppy, inexact things to try to convey a
           general idea. relax and listen. --aaron
        \_ House: 130-140 BPM, bass drums, high-hat, divas, lots of sex
           Techno: no spoken samples, washing-machine-like sound, tunderous
                beat, little melody, if at all
           Trance: beats, melody, emotionally rich. Became popular much later
                than house or techno, ~1995
           Breaks: based on a break-beat, sounds like house in other ways
           Jungle: deep, dark breaks with lots of bass
           \_ tjb?
              \_ No, I think this guy actually sounds like he knows what he's
                 talking about.  Besides -- tjb doesn't have a soda account
                 \_ anymore? -geordan
                    \_ yeah -- didn't he have some sort of big deal awhile ago
                       about his soda account and ended up sending an
                       entertainingly inflammatory spam-mail to the entire
                       csua community or something?
                       \_ he has never had an account on soda to my
                          knowledge, and I see no Trevor Buckinghams in
                          /etc/passwd. -geordan
                          \_ huh.  what was the "I'm sorry that you..."
                             all about then?  wasn't he wanting to have
                             his account moved or renamed or something?
                --not tjb
2001/4/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:20885 Activity:nil
3/30    Can someone recommend a spam filter?  What does soda use?
        \_ A well-configured sendmail.
           \_ I use RBL blocking with my sendmail. It works very well
              for my purposes.
                \_ especially if your purpose is to automatically shit-can
                   legitimate mail at times completely outside your control.
                   Use SpamBouncer if you have to.  -tom
                   \_ Legit mail such as?
                        \_ such as all mail from AOL, or,
                           or uunet, to name three sites which have been
                           blackholed in the past.  -tom
                           \_ You consider mail from AOL to be legit?  And
                              frankly, you're missing the point of the RBL
                              anyway.  The message RBL users are sending out
                              is that we'd rather not get *any* mail from you
                              if you're going to have open spam relays.  Fix
                              your shit and you're welcome to play in the same
                              sandbox as everyone else.  Run a stupid server
                              that is the source of a million spam and we
                              consider your regular mail not worth receiving
                              when compared to the burden of carrying the rest
                              of the spam crap.
                                \_ fine, stand on principle all you want.  I
                                   prefer to get my mail.  Spam is hardly even
                                   an annoyance.  -tom
                                   \_ More RBL = fewer open relays.  The open
                                      relays probably want others to get their
                                      mail as much as you want to receive it.
                                      The RBL puts the burden on the open relay
                                      servers not the rest of us.  The fewer
                                      open relays, the less spam, the less
                                      annoyance for everyone with the ultimate
                                      utopian goal of no spam for anyone.  Your
                                      answer "just do client side filtering and
                                      hit delete a lot" only drags us back to
                                      the era of getting more spam than email.
                                      It isn't about principle, it's about
                                      increasing the mail to spam ratio.  The
                                      RBL does this without forcing every user
                                      or local mail admin to setup white lists,
                                      black lists, and other crap.
                                        \_ spew all you want, but as I said,
                                           I prefer to get my mail and leave
                                           the high-minded principles to
                                           morons like you.  As long as any
                                           person on the net can send mail to
                                           any other person on the net, for
                                           free, there will be spam.  Get
                                           over it.  -tom
2001/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:20505 Activity:nil
2/5     Two years ago I posted a single comment on a newsgroup
        and now my primary email address is being sold as part of a spam
        list targeted to a certain demographic group that I will never be
        a part of.  Regarding the people doing this, I have a
        address, a name and real address in Chicago,  and an 888 number.
        How can I make this person hurt?
        \_ Count to 10 slowly.  There are worse things in the world to
           worry about.
           \_ Wow, that was both helpful and enlightening.  I'll always
              be happy now.  I'm not angry.  I want to stop this guy.
              \_ Try the BBB.
                 \_ The BBB sux rox. They wield jack shit in influence.
        \_ post to newsgroups under that e-mail address
           \_ Yeah, for starters, post to craigslist chicago under
              that person's name advertising free stuff, available
              immediately at his apartment, don't knock just go in
              and take stuff, etc.  Then write script to call his
              888 number every day at 4AM, play recorded solicitation
              monologue, preferrably from salesman that doesn't stop
              for breath.  Use your imagination.  Oh and setup forward
              of all your spam to him.
           \_ snail mail address: magazine subscriptions. sign him up for
              every and all possible offers that will send him junk mail and
              bill him.
        \_ You could always file a lawsuit. But that will probably just
           end up being a big waste of everyone's time and money.
2001/1/17-18 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:20345 Activity:nil
1/16    There are a million anti-spam procmail filters out there. Which
        one have people had the most success with?
2000/12/31-2001/1/3 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:20202 Activity:low
12/30 Why do procmail recpies start with :0 when the procmailrc man page
      just says, "A line starting with ':' marks the beginning..." What's
      the 0 for?
      \_ There is a hint at the bottom og that man page:
         "In the old days, the `:0' that marks the beginning of a  re-
         cipe,  had  to  be  changed to `:n', whereby `n' denotes the
         number of conditions that follow."
2000/11/25-28 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:19910 Activity:low
11/24   Is there anyway to keep all that spam mail from Taiwan going
        through the Soda system?  I'm starting to get sick of it.  To
        whom can I forward copies of the spam mail?  It's always a
        different user, like this time it was from lover@soda - but
        all the return addresses are to Taiwan... and of course, it is
        like all in Chinese which blends real well with my Japanese
        fonts making some really ugly output.  --mtbb
        \_ Use procmail.  If return-address = taiwan, purge.
                \_ bouncing mail with a non-resolvable host
                   works great for me. if you can't reply to a mail,
                   it is not worth reading. --aaron
                        \_ That works, too.  Pick your poison.  I filter all
                           spam into a folder and check the headers once a
                           week just in case, then zap the whole thing.
                   \_ recipeP
2000/11/17-19 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:19819 Activity:nil
11/16   Is it just me or is procmail not doing its job?
        \_ It must be just you.
2000/10/20-22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:19533 Activity:moderate
10/20   Who should I report spam to? I've received about an email a day from
        \_ /dev/null
        \_ Autopurging spam with procmail is easy, fun, and satisfying.
        \_ collects stats.  Include the name
           of your state and that you didn't want the mail and they lobby
           your senator.
2000/10/3-4 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:19400 Activity:high
10/02   Yes I did a 'man procmailex' and I still don't understand all the tags
        :0 ic
        :0 WiF
        :0 FuK
           ^^^ --- What are these? I guess c means copy. What about the rest?
        \_ That's why I use "filter" instead of procmail.
           PS: filter on soda needs to be upgraded.
                \_ filter is obsolete, insecure, and no longer maintained
           \_ I use slocal. Its pretty good.
        \_ man procmailrc.  It's got some (not all) of those explained.
2000/8/27-28 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:19104 Activity:low
8/27    Anyone have a pointer to a comparison between different mail filters,
        specifically procmail and slocal. --procmail user
        \_ No, but I can tell you I switched from slocal to procmail years ago
           because slocal just wasn't cutting it anymore.  procmail syntax is
           a bit harder to learn but its much more powerful.
        \_ I'm using slocal, cause it was easy to setup, but for the powerful
           stuff stick to procmail.
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18774 Activity:kinda low
7/24    Anyone have a context sensitive spam filter that I could look at?
        (e.g. a fancy script that looks if 25% of the words contain FREE,
        Make Money, Call Now, etc)?
        \_ see SpamBouncer.
        \_ procmail.
               \_ SpamBouncer is a set of procmail rules, goob.
                  \_ a superset of a solution may well be a better answer
                  \_ goob, indeed.  I'd rather write my own than use god-
                     only-knows-what someone else's recipes do to my mail.
                     Might as well just hit "d" a lot and forget about it.
                     I like not guessing what's happening to my mail.
                       \_ Do you read your mailspool with vi too?
                          \_ You miss my point.  If you're using someone
                             else's recipes you might be missing mail you
                             wanted to read.  If you can read them and
                             understand them then you can write you own and
                             that's not a big deal.  I wasn't advocating
                             using mailx.  I was advocating you know wtf
                             you're doing to your mail.
                          \_ ED $MAIL! ED $MAIL! ED $MAIL is THE STANDARD!!!
                             Mail reader.
                       \_ the original poster was specifically asking for
                          filters he could look at.
                               \_ Yeah, read the procmail docs.  There's an
                                  entire section with good examples.
        \_ SpamBouncer.
2000/7/21 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18740 Activity:moderate
7/20    How do I stop unwanted spams again from commericial vendors?
        I keep getting these messages that have that disclaimer on
        them, but when you reply to the message, you get this sort of

        Message from  <DEAD><DEAD>.
        Unable to deliver message to the following address(es).

        Sorry, I couldn't find any host named <DEAD><DEAD>. (#5.1.2)
        \_ Do you really think that they would put their real address in the
           From: field? What you can do is read the message headers to figure
           out which host the message is comming from and then forward this
           message with the headers to their ISP to get their account
        \_ I frequently forward it to .
           I'm not exactly sure what is done with it there, but the
           practice is encouraged by CAUCE ( and F.R.E.E.
           Put a "I didn't ask for this spam" and your state in the body
           and they (supposedly) forward it (anonymously?) to your state
           senators.  I can only vouch that I haven't noticed any extra
           spam as a result of doing this.  ChooseYourMail seems to be a
           private company that's going for a strictly ethical opt-in
           only spam revenue stream.  Does anyone else have more info?
                 \_ I understand that that FROM address isn't going
                    to be the right one, but isn't that sort of illegal,
                    using that kind of loophole.  wish i could start
                    suing some asses
2000/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18424 Activity:high
4/68    I am getting numerous spam emails every day to my hotmail account.
        I block all the addresses, but I get even more spam mail from other
        addresses.  What can I do?  Getting a new account doesn't solve my
        problem, because numerous people still send valid email to my original
        hotmail account, and I'll still have to check it and sort through the
        hundreds of spam messages every month.
        \_ It's a hotmail account.  Why are you giving a garbage account to
           people you want to hear from?  Change hotmail accounts and give your
           friends your real address.
                \_ I don't want to change accounts.  I want to stop getting
                        spam.  What can I do?
                \_ Use a whitelist.  Filter out every message from unknown
                   senders and forward the restto a real account.  Use that
                   address your reply for long enough and people will start
                   using it.  And get a sacrificial address to use when
                   signing up for shit.
        \_ Open mouth, insert gun barrel, pull trigger, is the only method that
           really works.
2000/5/15-17 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18270 Activity:high
5/16    I'm collecting siliconInfinity spams.  Please forward (full headers)
        any messages you get from them that you consider spam.  Mailing
        a 'please stop' message is also a good idea for the use of the spam
        law,  but I think it's pretty clear that their recruiting mail is
        unsolicited.  -jones
        \_ I never respond because I don't want my email to be "verified".
           \_ If they didn't get a "Mail Delivery Subsystem" error message
              then your email address is "verified"
              \_ That doesn't mean that your account is active. Email accounts
                 are considered inactive if the person hasn't read her mail
                 from that account for N months.
           \_ these guys are a local haas(?) startup.  They just need some
              netiquette lessons.  If you don't want me to forward them your
              email, that's cool, but let me know if you got their spam and
              didn't want it so I can tell them, "Hey, it's not just me that
              doesn't want this crap!" and encourage them to look into other
              ways of contacting ppl.
              \_ Their message to me was something like "After looking
                 at your webpage we've come to the conclusion that you
                 are a very suitable candidate for a position in our
                 company."  The list of tasks include web page devel.
                 java stuff, NT admin.  They obviously didn't bother
                 to read my web page or my resume which states that
                 I was clearly not interested in any of this crap.
                 \_ Actually, they did look at web pages.  Maybe other people
                    got generic messages, but they actually read that I worked
                    for Intuit and started drooling.  -phale
                    \_ Wait... how can one be more attractive as an employee
                       merely by virtue of having worked somewhere?  Whatever
                       happened to things like merit or intelligence or
                       productivity?  Intuit has plenty of idiots, as does
                       IBM, or Microsoft, or whatever.
                       \_ Are you saying that phale is not an attractive
                          employee?  How insulting!
                                \_ I fucked phale.  Nice ass.
                                        \_  Why Thanks.  Now that I know
                                            my ass is attractive to some CSUA
                                            members, my life is complete...
                        \_ It's not like they thought Intuit was a superior
                           company.  We definitely have our idiots (and not
                           surprisingly those idiots are old farts that can
                           barely use C++).  But this lame startup thought
                           that I would know crap about finance, being that
                           Intuit makes financial software.  If you didn't
                           notice before, this startup is creating "Internet
                           financial services" -phale
                           \_ This startup will fail miserably long before they
                              acquire enough importance to have the honor of
                              being crushed under the steel boot of Merryll
                              Lynch or Schwab.

I am sorry that I have mistakenly sent the same email to you twice. I am
sorry that this led you to think that we are sending emails
indiscriminately, which is definitely untrue. We have made serious effort to
send emails only to people who put up their resumes on the UCB site and who
are likely to be interested in our openings.  Unfornately we cannot
guarantee 0% error rate. We have also consulted an attorney who believes
that this should not be considered "spam" as defined by the CA state law.
Your is the only complaint we got (our fault, apologize again).
\_ They cannot guarantee 0% error rate?  Methinks these guys are speaking to
   the wrong audience to be using that sort of language.  Fucking morons.
   They deserve to fail.
        \-these guys are lying ... they may have culled addresses by walking
        the web but they clearly didnt "look at the web page contents" because
        there is nothing on my web page related to to anything they could be
        inteested in. and if they had, they would have mentioned what it was.
        recommend threating to RBL them ... also mail their upstream provider.
\_my resume's not up... -jones
                \_ I've also been getting (and deleting) silicon infinity
                   spam.  It looks like all they did was go through the csua
                   hoping to score.  You just have to delete their emails.
                   If you give them more attention some luzers might be
                   tempted to drive up to the professor's house up in the
                   Berkeley Hills to talk to this chick from an 31337
                   biz school who'll tell you their idea is the shit!
                   \_ What's the website?  I need some easy cash.
2000/4/28-29 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18137 Activity:nil
4/28    procmail question: is there any (elegant) way to automatically
        delete mail messages from a mailfolder?  I'd like to have a
        backup copy of the last 100 or so incoming messages, stored in a
        pine-style mail folder, and the best I've seen creates lots of
        1-message mail folders in a subdirectory of ~/mail.  thanks
        \_ You could modify the recipe that does the 1-message mail folders
           and add something like a 'cat * > ../single-backup-dir'. Watch
           out for problems related to the post below... This is a pretty
           inelegant solution because you have to recreate the singledir
           file every time you receive an email. But you could tweak your
           recipe some more to append and only recreate the file every
           N messages. Now I'm just waiting for someone to post the REAL
           solution, not this crappy hack.
2000/4/21-22 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18074 Activity:high
4/21    I have many email address (uclink, soda.csua, eecs-inst, work,
        on-campus research lab, etc etc) and I want to forward them all
        to one account. Which one should I use? Yes, I use procmail but
                        \_ Why are you asking this here? It should be completely
                           up to you where to forward your mail.
                           \_ Well, I was kind of hoping to hear what other
                              people do and why... I guess it all just comes
                              down reliability. But thanks for reassuring me
                              that I do in fact have the freedom to make
                              my own decisions.
                \_ real answer.  I forward my mail to the machine I
                   sit at, simply so the network delay is as small as
                   possible.  Really, I'd suggest forwarding your mail
                   the the computer you trust thats as close to your
                   normal mail reading desktop. - seidl
        that doesnt answer my question.
        \_ Use procmail

                     __/~*##$%@@@******~\-__            Poor, poor
                   /f=r/~_-~ _-_ --_.^-~--\=b\          Totoro
                 4fF / */  .o  ._-__.__/~-. \*R\        - We'll miss you!
                /fF./  . /- /' /|/|  \_  * *\ *\R\
               (iC.I+ '| - *-/00  |-  \  )  ) )|RB
               (I| (  [  / -|/^^\ |   )  /_/ | *)B
               (I(. \ `` \   \m_m_|~__/ )_ .-~ F/
                \b\\=_.\_b`-+-~x-_/ .. ,._/ , F/
                 ~\_\= =  =-*###%#x==-#  *=- =/
                    ~\**U/~  | i i | ~~~\===~
                            | I I \\
                           / // i\ \\
                      (   [ (( I@) )))  )
                             || * |
                             | *  *\
                            /* /I\ *~~\
                          /~-/*  / \ \ ~~M~\
                ____----=~ // /WVW\* \|\ ***===--___
                \_bandwidth hogging troll deleted
                  \_ thank you for saving us from wasted
                     bandwith, oh great and all knowing big brother.
                     \_ You are welcome. -- Big Brother
2000/3/6-7 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:17701 Activity:high
3/6     Help, I get a lot of junk mail in my USPS mailbox. Is there a way to
        setup procmail, or have my mailman procmail my mail? Thanks.
        \_ Yes. It's called "hire a personal assistant"
           \_ if you hire one, make sure you get one with huge... tracks of
                \_ tracts, you moron
                        \_ Maybe he wanted tracks of land?  On the Cal Track
                           n Field team maybe and needs running room?
        \_ Whoa!  I've been totally waiting for that!
                \_ what is it?
                        \_ If you don't know it's because you don't know. RTFM.
        \_ there's a service you can send a postcard to and they'll act on
           your behalf and get your name off of junkmail lists, all free of
           charge.  i did it and i get practically no junk mail except for
           local supermarkets and what comes through from my voter reg.
           i forget the name, but i can look it up at home.  -lila
           \_ Look at (credit reproting agency).  They
              have addresses depending on if you want to stop direct marketing
              or credit card agencies from sending you random junk mail.
2000/1/14-2/25 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:17237 Activity:high 66%like:18076
1/14    Troll killed.
        \_ Out of curiousity, where did the term "troll" come from?
           And "spam"? I see no relationship between ham and unwanted email.
        \_ Out of curiousity, where did the term "troull" come froum?
           And "spam"? I see no relatiounship between ham and unwanted email.
        \_ try harder.
1999/11/17 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:16908 Activity:low
11/16   does anyone know about these stupid Merchant accounts - they won't take
        me off of their list... all emails looke like:
        <<<  (1,924) Low Cost Merchant Accounts >>>
        And the email header doesn't have my name as a recipient... any idea
        on how to block this spam?  Thanks!
        \_ I filter anything without my address in the headers into a spam
           folder.  Scan headers and wipe once a week.
1999/8/11 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16287 Activity:high
8/10    Anyone know where slocal on EECS instructional is located (or procmail)?
        \_ Anyone who reads the help docs on www-inst.eecs or in /usr/pub does.
           \_ Tried that. /usr/pub/ said to look at man pages and
              man pages say slocal is located in /usr/lib/mh which it's not.
                \_ pasteur is a solaris machine, read the man pages on one
                \_ You don't need a path for your .forward - it will find it
                   on it's list of allowed binaries and run from that path.
                   \_ No, that just gives you:
                         ----- Transcript of session follows -----
                         sh: .slocal: not found
                         554 | slocal... unknown mailer error 1
                        \_ Did you remember the quotes?
                           \_ yup, tried that too.
        \_ Incidentally, does anyone find it weird that torus.cs and
           pasteur.eecs both have MX records pointing to each other?
                \_ Not anyone who understands what the MX records mean
                   (think failover and redundancy)
1999/6/14 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:15956 Activity:kinda low
6/12    new name!
        Computer Association of Undergraduate Students
        aka CAUSe
        whaddya think?
                \_ Ohmigosh! Thats like the best name ever! Why dont
                   you sign yer login so that we can send you an award.
                        \_ because it's cmlee
                                \_ CMLEE YOU BITCH ASS! GO OVER THERE AND
                                   MAKE ME A PIE BEFORE I SMACK YOUR ASS!
                \_ Students for Undergraduate Computing --
                     aka SUCk
                   \_ or "Assocation of Students for Undergraduate
                      Computing". ASUC, that's a unique one!
                      \_ It's interesting how many student organizations
                         have acronyms which are anagrams of "CSUA":

                         CSUA, Computer Science Undergrad. Assoc.
                                \_ us
                         UCSA, University of California Student Assoc.
                                \_ meta-student government, lobbying group
                         USCA, University Students Co-operative Assoc.
                                \_ the co-op people
                         ASUC, Assoc. Students of the Univ. of California
                                \_ local student government
                \_ so does the e stand for empowerment?
        \_ sounds like you'ld get confused with the anti-spam lobbying group
            already named CAUSE (Coalition Against UnSolicited Email)
                \_ CAUCE (coalition against unsolicited commercial email)
1999/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:15920 Activity:insanely high
6/8     ThirdVoice employees are censoring this motd. They don't want
        you to talk about whether ThirdVoice will go out of business when
        they are sued.
        \_  You're seriuosly deluding yourself, as if we could really care
            less. And besides, by the time any legal action happened it'd all
            be a moot point. -ERic
            \_ yeah, by that time, we'll have cached in our stock options,
               and moved on...
        \_ Yeah whatever.  As if the motd is going to make or break us.  Eric
           is wrong.  You're not deluded.  You're waaaay past that.   -Judd
           \_ Young JuddWalker, do not understimate the power of The Motd.
                \_ Clearly Great Jedi Master, I walk among my superiors.  -Judd
        \_ Here is some unsolicited business advice:  ThirdVoice will fail
           because of the following reasons.
           1.  thirdvoice might as well be bitch voice.  People will go out
               of their way to complain about something.  But if a site is
               functional, they will be less likely to express that.  Hence
               most "voices" are bad ones.  E.g. the apartment review sites:
               many of them only has bad to worst reviews.
                \_ If that's the way _you_ want to use it, you can.  -Judd
           2.  Yet another ad supported business model.  Don't you think that
               yahoo has that cornered?  The big will get bigger.  It is
               extremely unlikely that ANYONE will challenge the Yahoo, AOL,
               or MSN of the world.
                \_ I wasn't aware our head of BusDev was posting the the motd.
                   Who told you our business model?   -Judd
           3.  So a site is ugly and you write something about it.  So what?
               Who the hell cares?  Unless there is money involved, I would
               care less if Joe Blow dislike it.  It's one thing to
               objectively evaluate say the response time of a company's
               customer service or the reliablity of the site.  That there is
               a market for already (see  It's another
               thing to have the millions of web monkeys bad mouthing a
               product or service.
                \_ Don't be so format centric.  Content is king, not layout.
                   And the existence of some random website which serves a
                   single need does not replace an entirely new communications
                   method.  IRC existed for years before ICQ, yet ICQ made it
                   for some reason.  -Judd
                 \_ why did ICQ make it?  is it just because ICQ is another
                    good medium for trading 31337 stuph? -oj
                   \_ Never used it so I can't honestly say what use others
                      have used it for.  It *did* make it though.  -Judd
                   \_ Unix came before win95, yet win95 is on 90% of all
                      desktops.  Why?  Why ask why?  Marketing and sales
                      and having the guts to go after your competitor's
                      throat made all the difference.  Same for ICQ vs IRC.
                        \_ win95 made it over unix for the home market because
                           the bulk of thehome market can't deal with unix
           4.  Relying on unpaid web monkey to do yer job.  What is in it for
               me?  Why would I want to use it?  For a site to grow there has
               to be something that users can get in return.  Just having my
               bitching reviews posted online might be enough for a few
               who really want to bitch.  But for the vast majority who are
               looking for real info, reviewing sites is GRUNT WORK.
               Community sites with chat rooms or message boards work because
               they attract people with common interested and they talk about
               common interests.  Random bitchings about a webmaster will only
               attract other random bitchings.
                \_ Why are you so down on web surfers?  They're people just
                   like everyone else.  They are your friends, family,
                   neighbors and others.  They're not 'monkeys'.  They're
                   people and without them I imagine most of us wouldn't have
                   our current jobs.  -Judd
     \_ That wasn't advice.  It was your opinion.  Some of it may even
        be valid.  If you're so certain it's dead then why does it seem
        to bother you so much?  Just curious, are you a webmaster or
        html/java/whatever coder at some major site?  It's unfortunate
        you don't regard your fellow net users as anything more than
        monkeys.  (Your words).  Like most things, it's just a tool.
        It can be used for good things and bad.  Email is full of spam.
        Are you opposed to email?  Usenet and lots of websites are
        full of spam and hate (KKK comes to mind).  Are you opposed to
        the web and usenet?  If not Thirdvoice, someone else will do
        it.  It's coming.  Deal.  -Judd
        \_ "Are you opposed to email?" is not an appropriate counter-arg
           to what this dude is saying.
          Third voice is a tool, but it is a tool like spam, not a tool
          like email.
          \_ spam isn't a tool.  spam is unwanted communication.  email is
             a tool for spam.  usenet is a tool for spam.  icq is a tool for
             spam.  irc is a tool for spam.  a fax machine, telephone, and
             pagers are all tools for spam.  let's ban them.
             \_ Don't be silly -- that's not at all what I said.  Spam
             is a tool for communicating with many people simultaneously
             (like junk mail).  Admitedly, receiving spam is, generally,
                \_ There's nothing wrong with communicating to many people at
                   the same time.  The unsolicited nature is what makes spam
                   a problem.  Like opt-in mail lists, people have a choice to
                   signup and use Thirdvoice or not.  Unlike spam, it isn't
                   shoved down your throat as you note later.
             involuntary, whereas Third Voice is voluntary.  This is
             why I say I don't have any problems with other using Third
             I don't like recieving random emails (spam), so I try to
             avoid getting it.
             I don't want to read the commentary of random people, so I
             will not use Third Voice.
          I have no problems with people using it, but I don't think I
          ever will, since I'm already drowning in a sea of information;
          more random crap will not help my predicament.
          \_ my sentiments exactly.
          \_ I don't use ICQ because I don't have the need.  Don't use
             Thirdvoice if you don't have the need.  *shrug*  -Judd

         5. It's unprofessional to have it on a business site, without
            direct control and maintainance by that business.
            It's a "cool hack". But it's not somethign I can see IBM
            putting all over their site.
            \_ someone doesn't know how 3rdVoice works - get yourself
               to a Windows machine and ... JOIN the mediocrity!
        \_ There have already been lawsuits concerning taking someone
        else's contents, and putting a "frame" around it, with
        your own business' name, ads, whatever.
        This is essentially what ThirdVoice does. They will be
        sued, no doubt about it.
        \_ you've tried it, right?
        \_ And the results of those suits?  You're a lawyer?  Being sued
           doesn't mean anything.  I can sue you for anything I want.  Doesn't
           mean I'll win or even get to see a judge for more than the 2
           minutes it takes to have my suit dismissed.  It means nothing.
           \_ wrong. pending lawsuits greatly diminish the amount
              of investment in a company.
                \_ Who said thirdvoice needs investors?
1999/4/1 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15681 Activity:nil
3/31    ~danh/public_html/finger/*
        \_ Is this why we get so many spams?
        \_ turn this crap off.  this is ridiculous.  this is the only account
           I have that doesn't (yet) get spam and I want to keep it that way.
1999/2/26-3/30 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:15485 Activity:nil
2/26    Help, someone keeps subscribing me to mailing lists. It is
        overly easy to sign someone up on these web mailing lists.
        How do I keep from getting these mailing lists? Thanks.
        \_ Maybe someone as a personal vendeta against you. Have you made
           enemies with anyone recently? I'm not sure how possible this
           is but I've heard web browsers being able to transmit certain
           information stored on your machine via javascript or cookies
           or something like that (don't know much about it myself). My
           advice is that if the mail comes from a legit source email
           them back asking them not to mail you anything anymore. But
           usually it's illegit spam mail in which case you should
           complain to that person's ISP's postmaster or just ignore it.
1998/10/10-11 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:14760 Activity:high
10/9    Can someone edit the robots file for the web server and block
        EmailSiphon  before we get spammed. Its sole purpose is to
        grab e-mail addresses for spam
        \_ and what makes you think they honor robots.txt ?
        \_ Try wpoison instead (search on Yahoo); it generates fake pages with
           fake addresses to entrap spam robots that don't honor robots.txt.
           You can customize it to produce your own style, and it's death to
           many spam robots.  -- schoen
        \_/usr/local/www/conf/access.conf:AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit FileInfo
          go .htaccess
                \_ .htaccess has nothing to do with robots - just create your
                        own robots.txt file
                        \_ robots.txt is only required to be honored from
                           / at a site, not in each individual directory.
                                \hence my motd post. SPAM to  soda's been
                                a real problem and I will be damned to
                                make a toll call to get off the list.
                           \_ Buy a clue. Why makes you think spammers write
                              email harvesters that honor the Robot Exclusion
                              Protocol? Why would they?
                              \_ They wouldn't; I was correcting the person
                                 who said "just create your own robots.txt"
1998/10/1-5 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:14715 Activity:low
10/1    What's a good way to get back at a spammer without getting in
        trouble? I've been getting mail from the same person a lot.
        \_ Is this the College Tickling thing?  Anyway, complain to the
           spammer, the spammer's postmaster, the spammer's ISP, the spammer's
           ISP's upstream, etc. until you get results.  You can find out the
           relevant information pretty easily with "whois" and "traceroute".
                \_ I've found that an auto-reply bot/filter that instantly
                sends the message back gets the point across that a) it wasn't
                read, b) it didn't fill your spool, c) you didn't have to
                delete it, and d) they're really only spamming themselves.
                I use 'mh' for this.  I'm sure the procmail gurus have a way
                also.  Works like a charm.
                \_ Except you usually end up spamming some poor victim who
                   they forged the mail as coming from.
                        \_ Depends on if the source was personal or a
                        robotic UCE spammer.  Works fine for personal spam.
                        Robotic spam from the same source almost always has
                        something you can filter for and just auto-delete it.
        \_ Hit "d".  I used to get shitloads, and just ignored it.  Now I
           get like 2 a week, if that.  -John
                \_ Filters.  I used to hit 'd' but where I work now, all
                sorts of crap comes in.  Half of it is idiots complaining
                via their own spamming anti-spam robots about receiving
                spam from my site which didn't come from my site.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>   [ It RULES! ]
1998/9/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:14670 Activity:high 66%like:14667
09/24   Corporate spam now available in /csua/pub/recruiting BUT YOU CAN'T
        \_you're just not 31it3!@#!
        \_ They only want people who can crack root and read it.  -John
1998/9/25-1999/2/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:14667 Activity:nil 66%like:14670 50%like:16026 50%like:14827
09/24   Corporate spam now available in /csua/pub/recruiting
1998/8/13 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:14445 Activity:nil
8/12    I recently started using procmail but was wondering if there are any
        email programs that will tell you when you have new mail in a
        particular folder. Pine doesn't seem to cut it.
        \_ newmail to see it as it arrives, frm to see what's new since you
                 read last
           \_ newmail will only help if you're already logged on. frm won't
              help you if you've filed your goods.
                \_ frm will help you if you know how to use it.
        \_ 'folders' works great, if you use MH.  If you don't use MH,
                you should.
1998/7/10-13 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:14316 Activity:very high
7/9     Is there a way to bounce mail from certain sites (ie. .forward?
        .filter? .bounce?)? Someone is subscribing my name all over the
        place. Thanks.
        \_ procmail --aaron
           \_ --smitty
           \_ the problem with using procmail to bounce certain spammers
              is that spammers frequently switch email addresses (even
              though they usually don't exist).
                \_ There are a lot of things you can do with procmail other
                   than filter on specific addresses.  For one thing, you
                   can bounce all mail from invalid addresses.  -tom
                   \_ How do you do that?
                                in the body to /dev/null -alanc-
                   \_ COOL! How do I do that tom?
                        \_ or file all mail containing "EMAIL MARKETING WORKS!"
                                to /dev/null -alanc-
        \_ the spam revenger. Once you've found the email address of the
        spammer send a giant email which might bring down the remote
        open(MAIL,"| mail");
        for(i=0; i < 99999999999999999999999999; i++) { print MAIL "fuck
           you\n"; }
        \_ This is really stupid.  Most spammers use fake email addresses
           anyways (usually of prominent anti-spam activists) so it is
           more likely you will just end up mailbombing someone innocent. -mel
           \_ If you cant trace it and they're advertising something, you
              can do a whois on the domain and mailbomb them!
           \_ Are you sure they are not using their own addresses?  Think
              opposit.  Maybe they just want people to back them up.
           \_ Call their number, and get them to tell you where they actually
              located. It's not that hard, I'm sure you can think of a way.
              Then get the Mob to do a random hit on someone who works there.
              Vito will do it for $5k, the crackhead across the alley for
              1/10 that. Of course, then you owe them one.  -wiseguy
                \_ The crackhead will do it for a dimebag.  You overpay your
                   crackheads.  Way out of market range for crackhead hitmen.
1998/7/7-9 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:14295 Activity:high
7/7  Is there a good site describing how to track down the origin
     of spam?  thanks.
        \_ also check out
        \_ The black list of spammers
           \_ can we access the list and see who we're blocking out?
                        \_ SODA DOESN'T USE THE BLACK LIST
                                \_ Why not?  It should.
                                        \_ Users who choose to block spam
                                           can setup procmail to use the
                                           blacklist - don't censor my mail
                                           just because you're too lazy.
              \_ Yes, see the RBL web page below.
           \_ Isn't the newest version of sendmail supposed to weed out
                       \_ so put in filters for the rouge sites you want to
                          let email in for regardless of their rbl status.
              spam mail from "the black list"  It doesn't seem to work
              cause I'm still getting them.
                        \_ SODA DOESN'T USE THE BLACK LIST
                                \_ Why not?  It should.
                                        \_ Users who choose to block spam
                                           can setup procmail to use the
                                           blacklist - don't censor my mail
                                           just because you're too lazy.
              \_ Its a feature you can turn on in 8.9.0.  But
                 be really careful.  Places like have been added
                 to the black hole before. - seidl
                        \_ juno & hotmail too
                           \_ And AOL, "more than once".
                                \_ Why not?  It should.
                                        \_ Users who choose to block spam
                                           can setup procmail to use the
                                           blacklist - don't censor my mail
                                           just because you're too lazy.
                 \_ where does sendmail get this black list from?
                        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                 \_ you say that as if it might be a bad thing. -ERic
                    \_ I just like having control of the domains I black
                       hole instead of waking up one morning and finding all
                       the mail from x domain was bounced. - seidl
                        \_ It's a brave new world.
                \_ People who subscribe to msn deserve to have their
                   mail bounced.
                                \_ Why not?  It should.
                                        \_ you forgot to repeat your
                                           response here.
    \_ See "" hundreds of resources and links about
        spam.  Washington State nows allows civil lawsuits against spammers!

Boredcast Message from 'kchang': Tue Jul  7 14:10:23 1998

well I think these issues are as important as any
other issues we have. The only difference is
that everyone feels differently about it. A lot
of people think it is not a big deal but to other
people it is indeed a big deal.

Boredcast Message from 'lila': Tue Jul  7 14:10:52 1998

        i'm sure there are women who would feel funny about
        dating a much shorter guy, but it's not like it's
        socially taboo or anything, kchang.  go away.

Boredcast Message from 'saarp': Mon Jul 21 00:30:10 1997

blah.. women want you to sit there and frig their clit
all the time. Fucking annoying. Your hand gets
tired and you don't get any enjoyment outta it.
1998/3/23-25 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13851 Activity:low
3/22    Could someone please mail me the name of the application which
        was discussed here recently that allows sorting/forwarding of
        mail by specified rules. thanx,  -crebbs
        \_ perl
        \_ procmail (man procmail, procmailex, and procmailrc for details)
           Check the mail filtering faq for useful step by step instructions
                \-mailagent. --psb
                  \_ Why recommend mailagent when nobody here is "tall enough"
                     to use it?
                        \-well i wouldnt say nobody ... --sb
                        \_ I'm mighty tall.  The women call me "Mighty Tall
                           Joe, The Mighty Tall Man".  I use it.
1998/3/17-18 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13822 Activity:high
3/17    I just wrote a spam mail filter.  What is the best way
        to market such a product.. I am thinking of sending out
        a spam marketing mail.
        \_ Send it to FSF, Gnu, or Berkeley research where it will be
           distributed like Netscape. First get your beta-product popularized,
           then think about marketting later.
           \_ Ya, get the market to expect to get your product for free then
              start charging so they can all accuse you of using them as
              beta testers.  Good way to win friends and influence customers.
        \_ Good idea.  Create a need for your product.  Seriously though
           it looks like legislation is on the way....
           \_ legislation doesn't stop lots of annoying things, why should
              it stop spammers? -brg
                \_ Because a vast number of spammers IME are people trying
                   to resell spam software.  The core of their message is
                   that its LEGAL.  Most people won't commit an illegal act
                   if they're aware of it.  Obviously you can't legislate
                   away everything bad in the world, but consider how much
                   worse the world would be if we didn't have a whole bunch
                   of laws.  "I can do XYZ if I like!  There's no law against
                   it!" is a common defense for abusive stupidity.
           \_ How can you legally define what a spam is?  Frankly, I think
              the Congress will have a hard time in defining spam without
              infringing on 1st Amendment right.
                \_ They did it with fax machines.  Take the same law and
                   insert "email" or "network computer" in place of fax
                   everywhere.  The 1st Amendment doesn't give you the right
                   to yell "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre.  It is *not*
                   sacrosanct and protective of all forms of communications
                   at all times.
           \_ because spammers need customers, who would be stopped?  -jor
1998/3/13-14 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13804 Activity:high
3/13    Someone forged email in my name, what's a good place to read up
        documents on how to nail the forger by reading the mail header if
        possible? Thanks!
        \_ or my legal web site <DEAD><DEAD> have links
           to anti-spam pages that can teach you how to read headers.
           feel free to contact me directly for more info. - seidl
        \_ Good fucking luck if they originated on an ISP with dynamic IP #s.
           Even if you do get an IP, you still haven't proved anything.
           \_ The ISP _can_ still get you ann account name from their
              login records.  Whether or not they'll bother is the real
                \_ That's my point.  Why should they care?  They all hear
                   lame whining from stupid personal usenet started flamefests
                   all damned day.  You think they *really* give a shit about
                   this particular event?  Hardly.
1998/2/8-10 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13634 Activity:very high
2/7    Spam King apologizes:
        \_ I'm gonna miss junk email!!!
           \_ As if (1) Junk E-mail will really go away if this guy does,
              and (2) the "Spam King" is really apologetic . . . just wait
              a little while for everyone to forget about him, and he'll
              be back with his "targeted" E-mail.
                \_ "I target my email only at internet users."
1995/2/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31751 Activity:nil
2/9     Christ on crutches, Spamter & Siegel are at it again...

        Spam them hard, flood-ping 'em, mail 'em /dynix
        That's, -- floodping away.
        Also send em some false positives just to make the
        signal-to-real-signal ratio unbearably low
        \_ I didn't see it.  Did Robo take them out again?
           In any case, the subject alone seems fradulent.
        \_ here's the orig header.  is forged.  hit every group.  -hh
From: (Consumer Credit Advocates)
Newsgroups: alt.cesium
Date: 9 Feb 1995 03:14:19 -0500
Organization: Consumer Credit Advocates, PC
Approved: postmaster
Message-ID: <3hcisr$>
        and check out:
[soda] /~> fm
Login name: ccapc                       In real life: David Markowitz
Directory: /net/u/11/c/ccapc            Shell: /net/u/11/c/ccapc/spamsh
Last login Thu Feb  9 04:15 on ttypd from
This account has been disabled.  It was a trial account and was
used to spam netnews.  Our apologies.
1994/6/12 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:31622 Activity:nil
        MUST DIE
        \- vewwy vewwy funny.  Next thing, we'll hear that mr nunez is wanted
           by the FBI for crypto export violations and that a transcript of the
           last 100 meg of walls is being used as evidence in a sexual
           harrasment case against euphrasia.
        \_ Someone shoot those dumb fucks. Next thing we know every freaking
           lawyer will be posting their irrelevant ads on every newsgroup.
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