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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/3/25-5/18 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:54639 Activity:nil
3/25    It's strange that only every other Windows version is a hit.
        NT 4.0: hit
        2000:   flop
        XP:     hit
        Vista:  flop
        7:      hit
        8:      flop
        \_ It's strange that only every other Star Trek movie is a hit
           ST I    - TMP:  flop
           ST II   - TWOK: hit
           ST III  - TSFS: flop
           ST IV   - TVH:  hit
           ST V    - TFF:  flop
           ST VI   - TUC:  hit
           ST VII  - G:    flop
           ST VIII - FC:   hit
           \_ Yeah but the pattern broke after that. IX and X were flops and
              XI was a huge hit.
              \_ M$ still has a chance to match Star Trek by making sure that
                 Win 9 and 10 are flops.  Also, Win 3.1, Win 95, and Win 98
                 were hits, so the pattern doesn't really hold for Windows
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/3/15-6/1 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:54340 Activity:nil
3/15    Why does MS put double-quotes around the '8' in Windows Server 8, like
        the following?
        - Windows 8
        - Windows Server "8"
        \_ Because when they didn't do it, code didn't see the '\0'
           and went over?  Looks better than '8','\0' *shrug*
2012/2/23-3/26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:54312 Activity:nil
2/23    fixboot wrote FAT boot sector to my WinXP hard drive.  How can I convert
        the drive back to NTFS?
        \_ Does C:\WINDOWS\system32\convert.exe work?
2011/11/8-30 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:54218 Activity:nil
11/8    ObM$Sucks
        \_ How is this different from the hundreds of other M$ security
           vulnerabilities that people have been finding?
           \_ "The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if an
               attacker sends a continuous flow of specially crafted UDP
               packets to a closed port on a target system."
               This means any machine on the network can be rooted, even if
               the target machine is running firewall and anti-virus software.
               No doubt there are 10s of millions of compromisable machines.
           \_ Always followed the rule: Never hook up a Windows
              machine directly to the internet.  No wonder.
2011/5/9-7/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:54105 Activity:nil
5/4     chrome sandbox broken?
        \_ Google claims the veector is through a 3rd party plugin so it
           "doesn't count"
2011/4/9-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:54080 Activity:nil
4/9     The Commodore 64 is out:
        It can play 8-bit games.  It even has a clicking keyboard.
2010/8/23-9/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53932 Activity:low
9/21    are you guys really all using win7 in some way now?
        \_ Yes.  In my company, we have upgraded all our machines for
           development, QA and other office use (HR, Finance, Receptions, etc.)
           from WinXP to Win7 a few months ago.  Our products now primarily
           support Win7/Win2008 and secondarily support WinXP/Win2003.
           \_ Any weird gotchas support-wise?
              \_ Yeah, the admin priviledge thing is strange.  Even when the
                 user logs on as local Administrator, his processes don't
                 always have admin priviledge.  We didn't see these problems
                 on XP.  -- PP
                 \_ You need to right-click theh app and run as administrator.
                    to e.g. use notepad to edit HOSTS file
                    \_ Ack. this... is... not...sudo...
                       \_ correct. this is not sudo. if you're using sudo with N\
OPASSWD:ALL=(ALL) ALL you're already kinda losing
           \_ Do cracked versions work or it's super hard to get one nowadays?
        \_ Using it at home. Plug'n'play works like a charm. So much better
           than the beta version (aka Vista).
        \_ I have it installed on my VMWare Fusion instance on my Mac.
        \_ Came with my laptop (x100e) so yes.
2010/7/9-23 [Computer/SW/Virus, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53879 Activity:nil
7/9     I'm adding a larger and faster HD to my XP machine, and I want
        to move my installation to the new drive, can anyone recommend
        a tool that can do this? I'd perfer somethng inexpensive as
        it's a one time thing.
        \_ There's a lot of software that does this, but Norton/Symantec Ghost
           seems to be the standard and I have used it successfully many
2010/5/6-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53818 Activity:low
5/5     Does anyone know how to do custom install of Ubuntu 10.04? I can't
        even boot it up to give me the menu to custom install and it
        keeps installing a bunch of crap I don't need. It's getting
        just as slow and bloated as Winblows install. Dear lord,
        I miss the old Ubuntu.

5/5=1.0 Numerology FTW.    5+5=10
        Happy Cinco De Mayo
        \_ leanest install of Ubuntu is with 'ubuntu server' ( go find an iso).
           you can install graphical stuff later if you want.  in larger
           deployments, use 'preseed' or 'fai'.  dunno what the hell the hippies below
           this post are talking about.
        \_ If you're looking for an easy and minimal-friendly Linux, might I
           suggest Arch? It's easy to configure, and easy to either install
           binaries or custom-build packages. I highly recommend it.
        \_ What is up with the netbook remix?  Anyone using it for lt.wt.
        \_ I don't think Ubuntu does custom installs.  You could try
           the "Alternate Installer" though.  It's text based.  They
           used to have an alternate install for slower machines that
           would install XFCE instead of Gnome called Xubuntu.
        \_ this is probably what you want:

5/5=1.0 Numerology FTW.    5+5=10
        Happy Cinco De Mayo
        \_ 5 (base 10) = 10 (base 5)
           5 ^ 1.0 = 5
           log (base 5) 5 = 1.0
2010/4/28-5/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53807 Activity:nil
4/28    Win 3.1 was more widely adopted than Win 3.0.  Win XP (5.1) was more
        widely adopted than Win 2k (5.0).  Now it looks like Win 7 (6.1) is
        going to be more widely adopted than Vista (6.0).  Is this a trend on
        Microsoft x.0 versions being bad?
        \_ duh.
        \_ "more widely adopted" ... well... what are you basing these numbers
           on?  win3.0 was adopted, win3.1 was adopted, so was wfw3.11.  But
           wfw3.11 had few features that were used outside of the corporate
           networks, so win3.1 was the "last version" of win3.  Where's
           win95/98/me and winnt 3.51/4 in this list?
           \_ He's talking out of his ass.  It's a troll.  He totally failed
              to take into account things like WinXP came out and was designed
              specifically for the gamer market.  Remember having to play
              starcraft as Admin on win2k? You didn't need to do that in Xp.
              It's also why gamers refused vista, not only did the RO reg
              mess games up, but the filesystem layout also messed up things.
              You can't analyze these "consumer trends" without thinking about
              *the consumers*.
2010/3/12-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53754 Activity:nil
3/12    When writing functions and structs in Windows user-mode and kernel-mode
        code, when do you use IN/OUT, when do you use __in/__out, and when do
        you not use either?  I'm confused.  Thanks in advance.
2009/10/24-11/3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53465 Activity:nil
10/24   Should Windows 7 be really called 6.1 instead, given that there are no
        big new features over Vista?
        \_ If you have to measure iPod by feature, then it really blows
           compared to what M$ has to offer. Only stupid PMs value
           a product by the number of features out there.
           \_ Even the "ver" and "winver" commands in Windows 7 say the
              version number is 6.1.
              \_ So what? The Mac OS has 0 new feature, so why are they
                 selling it?
2009/8/30-9/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53310 Activity:nil
8/30    Anyone watched Shark Tank? Is it a fair negociation process, and any
        similarity between this show and how [small] VCs work?
2009/8/27-9/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53306 Activity:nil
8/27    '"Fatal flaw" in Windows 7 raising eyebrows'
        \_ stupid journalism. --mac user
2009/8/4-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:53239 Activity:kinda low
8/3     VMWare + Windows XP + Validation question. I need to test stuff with
        Service Pack 3 installed. I have a valid key that I own (yeah yeah I
        actually *bought* a copy, please don't flame me for supporting evil
        M$). Is it possible to register the key once, and then duplicate it
        for testing purposes?  Will Windows or Microsoft detect copies and
        disable the rest the copies?
        \_ don't put them online on the same LAN at the same time and you'll
           be fine.
           \_ Is there any way to get around this?
              \_ Use the "host-only" option in the Ethernet setting for your
                 VMs.  -- !PP
                 \_ Actually when I did the physical-to-virtual disk
                    transition, it asked me to validate the OS again. F***!
                    Forget it, I guess I need to buy multiple copies of WinXP
                    \_ use the cracked copy on torrent
                       \_ well the problem is I need service pack 2 and
                          all the ones out there are SP1 and when I need
                          to get SP2 it needs validation. By the way I only
                          need it for QA purpose, I don't plan to use it
                          for reals hence the VM. On the other hand, M$
                          wants you to pay regardless...
                          \_ you can *download* sp2 the installer exe by
                             validating *a* copy of windows, rather than
                             getting it through windows update
2009/5/30-6/5 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:53058 Activity:nil
5/29    Is there any good software to generate timeline / milestone similar
        to the Google timeline?
        \_ MS Project? Fastrack?
2009/4/24-29 [Reference/Tax, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:52907 Activity:low
4/23    Let's say I design a web site for my mom's friend who paid me $100
        for the job. I'm fine with paying tax on my extra $100 income as
        my side job. Can I deduct tax for buying a $2000 computer + monitor?
        Do I have to do the LLC thing, and is there anything else I have to
        do to deduct for buying equipments?
        \_ You can't deduct more than you made. But if you make $2K on the side,
           you can deduct $2K.
           \_ I don't think it's quite so simple.  I think you can only
              deduct the fraction of $2k that you've devoted solely to
              your side business.  I.e., you can't deduct your 95% gaming
              machine as a 100% business expense, but you could deduct
              5% of it.  In practice, I don't know how they could possibly
              enforce this, and I could be completely wrong about this:
              what I advise is that you look into this carefully and
              perhaps consult an actual professional.
              \_ They enforce it by auditing you.
                 \_ And how does that work?  "Of course I used this
                    computer 50% for work!"  "Did not!"  "Did too!"
                    \_ 50% maybe.  But if you deduct a 2k expense on
                       a 100 dollar job and you get audited they will
                       tell you you are full of it and make you pay.
                       It's blantent dude.
                       \_ No, you can lose money "consulting" for at least
                          three years before the IRS starts to get riled up.
                          They understand that new businesses often don't make
                          any money for a while.
        \_ My accountant wrote this to me: Expenses related to job are summed
           up, and if the total exceeds 2% of income, the "excess" amount is
           included in "itemized deductions". Also, you can only report the
           "business portion" (generally 60%) for tax purpose. And in the case
           of a computer, it has to be depreciated over 5 years.  So, it may
           not be as useful as you've heard." So I have no idea what the
           last portion of 5 years means...
           \_ it means you can only deduct 20% of the business percentage
              of the computer's cost each year.  So a $2000 computer used
              50% for business, you can only deduct $200.   -tom
2009/2/20-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:52610 Activity:nil
2/20    I'm using Cygwin/X on XP.  All the X indows (xterm, emacs)
        seem to have a keyboard repeat rate and a repeat delay that's different
        than the one XP uses for other Windows apps.  When I do "mode con
        rate=xx delay=yy", it only changes Windows apps but not the X apps.
        How do I change the keyboard repeat rate and delay for X?  Thanks.
        \_ man xset
2009/1/18-23 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:52410 Activity:nil
        Did this actually do anything or is this Morris Warhol Worm?
2008/12/18-2009/1/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:52273 Activity:nil
12/18   Are any of you using any kind of scheme involving, e.g., running
        multiple copies of web browsers in virtual machines so that the
        copy you use for random web browsing is isolated from the copy you
        use for financial transactions? What other sorts of schemes like
        this are people using that aren't a total PITA? P.S. I am talking
        mainly about Windows; on Unixes you could always run stuff under
        a different user account, which might be doable on windows too,
        but I'm not clear on all the details.
        \_ most obvious solutino:  USE LINUX!
        \_ most obvious solution:  USE LINUX!
           \_ I'm not going to make my mother use Linux.
              \_ How about MacOS then?
              \_ Then you may be missing out. Ubuntu 8.10 has enough
                 features for most of the surfing your mom is likely to
        \_ parallels/vmware/virtualbox. hit revert after every frivolous
           web search that is non business, non academic.  make sure to turn
           off clipboard, filesharing, all host<->guest access.
           \_ You don't need to go to all that trouble. Just run something
              like sandboxie.
2008/11/15-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:51993 Activity:nil
11/14   I have a bunch of pictures and I find that thumbs.db on
        Windows XP to be very useful, especially when you're on NAS
        and the network is slow. Having that said, my Win XP has
        stopped generating thumbs.db even though I've set it to generate
        thumbs.db (Properties->View->Uncheck "Do not cache thumbnails.").
        How do I force Windows to generate Thumbs.db? Googling seems
        to pop up the opposite for a bunch of people who do want to
        delete Thumbs.db

                 Part of the problem is defining what a "day trader" is.
                 There are many strategies that involve buying and selling
                 on the same day and many studies are not careful about
                 differentiating. Someone making money on spreads and
                 trading 400 times per day is doing something very different
                 from a person range trading, for instance. Leverage plays
                 a big part in it, too, because you can be wiped out very
                 quickly if you buy $100K of stock with just $25K in your
                 account if it goes against you. That's why I don't use
                 leverage, although I do use margin for legal reasons.
2008/11/11-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:51913 Activity:nil
11/11   lolz, in Winblows, when I move a huge directory to another directory,
        it would usually go half way before asking "This is a read only
        file, you sure you want to move it?" and 2 hours later I come back
        and have to click "Yes." Is there a better way to move Winblows
        files (without having that stupid prompt)?
        \_ Use cygwin or some other CLI interface like PowerShell.
        \_ TeraCopy
        \_ xcopy /y
        \_ you blow.  lulz.
2008/11/3-4 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:51800 Activity:nil 75%like:51816
11/3    Woah, did software patents just go away?
        \_ In light of FN 23 in IN RE BILSKI, reports that software patents are
           are dead are greatly exaggerated:

           "[W]e decline to adopt a broad exclusion over software or
            any other such subject matter beyond the exclusion of
            claims drawn to funda mental principals set forth by the
            Supreme Court. ... We note that the process claim at issue
            in this appeal is not, in any event, a software claim.
            Thus, the facts here would be largely unhelpful in
            illuminating the distinctions between those software claims
            that are patent-eligible and those that are not."

           For those who are interested, the opinion (132 pages) is available
2008/10/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:51487 Activity:nil
10/12   When XP boots up on my PC, the screen reads "Microsoft (R) Windows (R)
        5.01. 2600 Service Pack 3 Multiprocessor Free."  What does "Free" mean?
2008/10/10-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:51470 Activity:nil
2008/9/25-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:51289 Activity:nil
9/25    Man, finally got Linux bck on my desktop.  Windows seriously sucks.
        When even my computer illiterate wife prefers Linux to Vista, MS
        has a problem.
2008/9/24-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:51283 Activity:nil
9/24    Why is nscd going crazy?  DoS?
        \- back in the solaris say 2.5-2.6 era, it had both some bugs
           (some malformed nis maps made it go crazy) and architectural
           flaws in the IPC/door+threading mechanism. if you are running
           OS-recent, dunno, but you can trace it.
           \_ Yeah, I think it's just buggy.  I've restarted it, and it seems
              to be working again for now.  --mconst
2008/7/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:50431 Activity:high 68%like:50435
6/30    Blog: Why I left Google. Politics, underperformance, infefficiencies,
        ineffectiveness, and things that are plain stupid.
        This is the auther of Delphi, Google Gears API, etc etc etc.
        \_ he wrote the google gears API and delphi?  really?  i don't see
           that in there.
        \_ I think you've seriously misread this blog post. This guy has no
           really valid criticisms of Google, other than things that affect
           every workplace (which he admits, after listing a bunch of Google's
           virtues).  The main thing this douche seems to hate is open source
        \_ I wish him well having a great time managing inflicting the next
           version of Windows Home Media Time Suck Fest Screw You Consumer
           2010.  Seriously, he should just shoot himself.
2008/6/27-7/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:50396 Activity:nil
6/27    "No extension: Windows XP D-Day arrives Monday, June 30"
        Among all Windows versions, is XP one of the most sucessful ones?  The
        other one I can think of might be 3.1.
        \_ 2000 was pretty damn good too.
        \_ Win95? It ran the most games. XP seems better than Win2k to me, but
           only b/c Win2k had trouble with some games.
           \_ Win2k had no trouble with non dos games, which by then were
              getting pretty rare.  (and it worked pretty well with older
              games.)  What 2k did give was a decent, fairly stable, os that
              had real processes and memory protection.  95 was still a
              really fancy dos shell.
2008/6/26-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:50388 Activity:nil
6/26    Classic Clips: Bill Gates Chews Out Microsoft Over XP: (gizmodo, text)
2008/6/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:50230 Activity:nil
6/11    To the person who asked about VirtualBox...
        I just tried it out with XP and Vista as the guest OS and it seems as
        feature-complete and responsive as VMware.  USB devices mount nicely
        and can be filtered well.  I haven't tried a network share between the
        host and guest though.
        \_ Does USB 2.0 devices work?  Thx.  (not the original person who
           asked about VirtualBox)
2008/6/8-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:50186 Activity:kinda low
6/8     hey nerds, Virtualbox is totally awesome.  My host OS is
        current ubuntu, I'm running Windows as my guestos, I can transfer
        files, copy/paste, all of that crap
        \_ Cool, I was thinking of looking into this soon.  How well does
           it work?  Can I run most windows programs pretty well?  ActiveX?
            \_ You might be confusing running a vm with 'wine' . -op
           \_ It runs all your windows programs... if your guest OS is windows.
              \_ Sure, but there could theoretically be issues with drivers.
                 Say the video drivers don't interface properly so you can't
                 play 3D games.  Or performance is too poor.
                 \_ Running your 3D games in a VM will never work very well.
        \_ How does it compare to vmware workstation?
              \_ There we go:  3D acceleration:          no
               \_ The big VM players are working hard at getting 3D acc
                  support.  It's gonna happen sooner or later.  5 years ago
                  VM for anything real was a bit of a crapshoot.
              \_ I was really asking from a more qualitative perspective.
                 How's the speed, usability, reliability, etc. compared to
                 vmware workstation? Okay, so some of those can be quantified,
                 but you know what I mean.
2008/6/6-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:50172 Activity:nil
6/6     Am I in alone is really hating tabbed web browsing? I cannot stand
        it! If I go to a new site I like to have a new window because I
        might want to see both sites at once or I might want to kill the
        window entirely if it gets hung up. From my POV tabbed browsing is
        not a plus.
        \_ I multitask between 2-3 different things, meaning I need to
           go back and forth on documentation, manpage, various test URLs,
           etc. But then again I'm a very atypical developer since I can
           do many things at the same time. My take is if you're a better
           single tasker, multi-tabs may be too difficult to grasp.
           \_ How can you multitask when you can only see one site at a time?
              Tabs are sort of the antithesis of multitasking.
              \_ You are dense. I'm sure that's not the first time
                 you've heard this. You think everyone should think like
                 you and if not, they're idiots. Dumb fuck. I'm done
                 with you.
              \_ I'm reading a piece of code, then I need to branch off
                 to understand a function, then I need another function,
                 then I need to come back, then RFTM, then email, then
                 calendar, then check news. I don't want to keep opening
                 new windows, so tab seems the best next thing.
                 \_ This sounds like serial tasking to me.
                    \_ Very true, but the cost of context-switch is
                       1/5-1/10 of the original cost of serially changing
                       URLs. Did you even take CS162?
                       \_ Which part of CONTEXT-SWITCH don't you
                          understand? Motherfucker!
                          \_ PP does SMP
                             \_ prev post is a rip-off from a movie
                    \_ Which is what people do.  I don't think you read two
                       pages at the exact same time.  Do you read books by
                       starting each page at the top all at once?
        \_ And lucky for you you can turn it off.
           \_ Of course. I just don't see why this is some 'feature' that
              people seem to get excited about. It would be nice if it
              went away.
              \_ YOU don't see it, but many people do. Majority rules.
                 Yeah yeah, you're smarter and better than everyone else
                 so YOU don't see WHY people want it in the first place,
                 and YOU wish it would go away. What a fucking tard.
                 \_ Yes, the majority usually is right about deciding
                    what's best - from McDonald's to VHS.
              \_ it's not going away.  just don't use it.
              \_ Well, I like it a lot,  I hardly ever want to see 2 sites
                 at once.  I do open up a lot of tabs though.
              \_ Safari now makes it easy to take a tab and make it a new
                 window.  The few times I want two windows at a time it is
                 a nice feature to have.
                 \_ Now *this* is a nice feature.
                 \_ And opera's had this feature for about 5 years.
                    \_ Great.
2008/5/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49918 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2008/5/5-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49885 Activity:moderate
5/5     Any recommendations for data recovery software for NTFS partitions?
        I have an NTFS partition that produces this error in linux:
          "ntfs_read_inode_mount(): Couldn't find first extent of $DATA attribute
           in attribute list. $MFT is corrupt. Run chkdsk"
        \_ Eh... I'd try it with a real windows box before assuming the
           partition is bad.  NTFS itself is pretty solid.  How old is the
           \_ Thanks. I don't know how old it is. The SMART data great condition with no
              realocated, uncorredcable, or pending sectors. I'm imaging the disk right now
           \_ Thanks. I don't know how old it is. The SMART data great
              condition with no reallocated, uncorrectable, or pending
              sectors. I'm imaging the disk right now
              and I'll hook it up to a windows box tomrrow..
              \_ Could be that the partition is corrupt if your SMART data is
                 clean in which case I'd be thinking it was a bug in your
                 linux ntfs drivers or the filesystem suffered damaged due to
                 a power outage or something.  Please post what happens when
                 a windows box gets a chance to check the volume.
                 \_ The error message is "E:\ is not accessible
                    The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."
                    CHKDSK confirms "Corrupt Master FIle Table"
                    It think the MFT (Master File Table) is corrupt.
                    so I think I need some software that can recover it?
                    Does Windows XP try to read the second and third backup
                    MFT? Does this mean they are corrupt as well?
                    Time to send the drive to Lazarus?
                    Can software recover this?
                    \_ Ew.  Time for third party recovery tools.  You're
                       working on a dd'd copy on the windows box, yes?  I'm
                       thinking maybe a third party low level fixit tool could
                       repair/move/replace the bad sectors (assuming this is
                       the problem) on the original drive.  At this point it is
                       still difficult to say if the damage is because of a fs
                       bug or you had a fixable crash.  In any event, if the
                       data has value, see if a recovery tool can scrape your
                       data off the dd'd copy, wipe the original and move on.
                        \_ I'm using scalpel for linux on the dd image. Sofar
                           it's working great recovering data. BTW, there are no
                           bad sectors on the drive, it got corrupted by a botched
                           repair that I wasn't involved in..
                           \_ Ooooooh.... Ok, definitely time for recovery
                              tools to scrape your data off.  99% likely the
                              prior attempt mangled something worse than it
                              already was.  If they had let a windows box do
                              the original repair it very likely would have
                              recovered but too late now.
2008/4/3-9 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49655 Activity:nil
4/2     Anyone try vmware player and notice that network performance
        becomes terrible? I mean things like webpages timing out, etc.
        This is in NAT mode on a windows XP host running a windows 2K guest.
        \_ I use VM Server on XP Pro running XP Pro guests in NAT mode.  No
           such problem.
        \_ I use VM Server on XP Pro running two XP Pro guests in NAT mode.  No
           such problem.  However, if I run three or more guests, everything
           becomes slow (not just network), and Task Manager on the host shows
           that the CPU rarely goes to idle even though I'm not doing anything
           It's not a problem with RAM since Task Manager shows that Commit
           Charge Total is still less than the physical RAM.
           on the host or the guests.  It's not a problem with RAM since Task
           Manager on the host shows that Commit Charge Total is still less
           than the physical RAM.
        \_ It's a little bit worse, but not much worse. Do you have enough
           RAM? Everything is slow without it - and it should be allocated.
           \_ I actually meant the network performance inside the guest.
              It seems fine on the host. The host has 2 GB, and the guest
              is allocated 512 MB, so I don't think that should be a problem.
              I'm not doing anything particularly resource-intensive.
              \_ 512 MB might not be enough. Increase that. In my
                 experience (Win XP guest on MacOS host) I started with
                 512 MB allocated and was unhappy until I doubled that.
                 \_ Hmm, Win2K should require substantially less memory than
                    XP, but it's worth a try I guess. My suspicion is
                    actually that a large number of TCP connections is
                    handled badly somewhere (maybe in vmware's nat service),
                    since webpages nowadays tend to retrieve random images
                    from a whole bunch of different places, etc.
                    \_ Maybe, except that my network performance (also
                       using NAT) is not anywhere near as bad as yours.
2008/3/18-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49492 Activity:nil
3/18    Windows reads/writes NTFS.  Modern linux reads/writes NTFS.
        I think Macs read it.  Dunno if they write it.  Is there any reason
        for me not to make my portable usb drives NTSF now?
        \_ have you tried to move a NTFS from  one windows PC to another?
           Try that first and then decide on which FS to use...
        \_ Macs can write to NTFS if you install NTFS-3g.
2008/2/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Security] UID:49243 Activity:nil 80%like:49239
2/24    Facebook comscore numbers slipping ( (
        Over to you, dans
        \_ dans doesn't work at facebook
           \_ Slide feeds at the pig trough which is facebook apps:
2008/2/8-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49102 Activity:low
2/8     Old, but funny - Man shoots computer after installing Vista:
        \_ Not funny. Funny would be, "Man shoots self after installing Vista".
           \_ Redundant: "Man shoots self in foot, installs Vista."
2008/2/1-7 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:49047 Activity:kinda low
2/1     MS tries to buy Yahoo
        \_ GOOG 514.60  -49.70
           I'm not the "short GOOG" guy, just someone who envies Google
        \_ Official buyout letter from MSFT
        \_ Another reason to hate The Borg.
           \_ If the Borg can put GOOG in its place, more power to it.
              \_ Put it this way: I increased my M$FT holdings after this move,
                 and don't hold any GOOG, but I am still rooting for Google.
                 What do you have against them?
                 \_ Why would you 'root for' one gigantic corporation over
                    another gigantic corporation.  You're just eyeballs and
                    dollars for both.  Neither 'roots for' you or people like
                    \_ M$ software has been a disaster for the Internet and
                       with a few exceptions, is practically unusable. GOOG
                       is exactly the opposite. Why would I care that the
                       software I use be bug free and not cause major
                       world-wide security problems? Is that a serious
                       question? I guess you could say M$ has help keep
                       me in a job, cleaning up their messes...
                 \_ The smugness of GOOG gets me. I mean, what is so great
                    about GOOG? Everyone does search. I find Yahoo's search
                    generally better than google. Lots of people do webmail.
                    About the only positive things I've seen from google is
                    gmail imap and patent search, and both are really pretty
                    mediocre. And I totally hate the stupid text ads. One
                    reason I don't use google for search anymore is b/c
                    adblock plus doesn't block google's stupid text ads.
                    Yahoo and most other sites are smart enough to use ads
                    that adblock blocks.
              \_ MSFT buying YHOO is a major boon for GOOG.  MSFT has no
                 track record of being able to assimilate other companies
                 effectively, and all the talent will bolt from YHOO if it
                 happens (and guess where they'll go?)  MSFT will be saddled
                 with multiple redundant services and internal conflicts over
                 how to resolve the redundancies.  It'll damage two of GOOG's
                 competitors in one shot.  -tom
                 \_ Are you kidding?  Most of MS's good tech comes from
                    buyouts.  With few exceptions MS has done extremely
                    well with their purchases.  Are you trying to troll the
                    entire motd with statements like that?
                 \_ I don't think that is true: M$ has piles of cash and now
                    they have something to spend it on. -ausman
                    \_ Non sequiteur.  Microsoft already has products in
                       every area Yahoo does; they're trying to buy eyeballs,
                       but when Yahoo Mail gets subsumed into Hotmail and
                       Flickr becomes Windows Live Photos, they'll lose the
                       eyeballs anyway, after taking numerous write-downs
                       on discontinued lines of business.  MS is still
                       dominated by the OS and Office apps; MS's dilemma is
                       that they won't make any decisions which will hurt the
                       OS or Office, which seriously cripples their ability
                       to execute in the web app space, where the OS and Office
                       are irrelevant.
                       The odds of MS being able to successfully execute a
                       takeover of Yahoo and a shift to an ad-based web
                       services revenue model are miniscule; I'd guess less
                       than 10%.  -tom
                       \_ I agree with most of what you said, but there is
                          no need for M$ to shift to an ad-based web services
                          revenue model across the company.
                          \_ The history of companies who have two competing
                             lines of business is not good.  -tom
                             \_ In what why do they compete? I see apps
                                and web portal as complementary.
                                \_ The web service is better for users the more
                                   platform-neutral it is; MS has a long
                                   history of trying to tie everything into
                                   their own OS and applications.  What do
                                   you think will happen when someone from the
                                   IE team says "hey, we have this new
                                   standards-violating feature in IE, we
                                   need to use it in the next version of the
                                   portal/Flickr/Mail application", and someone
                                   from the Yahoo side says "we can't do that,
                                   it won't work for a whole bunch of our
                                   customers"?  Right.  -tom
                                   \_ This is an interesting perception,
                                      but you are straying from the topic of
                                      MS moving to an ad-based web services
                                      revenue model. Please explain why
                                      MS would want/need to do so.
                                      \_ Because web services are eroding
                                         the relevance of the OS and desktop
                                         apps.  -tom
                                         \_ Let's say this is true. Won't
                                            M$ have to go in that direction
                                            whether or not they acquire
                                            Yahoo!? What's changed? Also,
                                            one can go to web-based apps
                                            without an ad-based model. In
                                            fact, business customers (much of
                                            M$'s customer base) are
                                            probably willing to pay more
                                            to avoid ads or external
                                            connectivity at all.
                                            \_ I do think MS has to go in
                                               that direction--I just think
                                               they're unlikely to be able
                                               to execute.  They're in a
                                               very similar situation to
                                               IBM in the early 80s.  Would
                                               IBM buying the #2 clone maker
                                               (Osborne or whoever) have
                                               saved IBM's dominance?   -tom
                                               \_ So what does the
                                                  purchase of Yahoo! have
                                                  to do with a shift to an
                                                  ad-based revenue model
                                                  if you feel M$ is going
                                                  to shift anyway? If you
                                                  feel that such a shift
                                                  is inevitable then it
                                                  makes the purchase even
                                                  more attractive, no? I
                                                  disagree that M$ will shift
                                                  to any ad-based model for
                                                  their apps, but who knows.
                                                  BTW, IBM is not exactly dead
                                                  at this time. I wish I owned
                                                  a company that needing
                                                  saving like IBM.
                                                  \_ IBM stock lost 75% of
                                                     its value starting in
                                                     1984.  It took 13 years
                                                     and a complete
                                                     transformation of the
                                                     business to recover to
                                                     1984 levels.  The company
                                                     is now successful but
                                                     completely different and
                                                     not particularly relevant
                                                     to the industry; certainly
                                                     not dominant the way it
                                                     was.  MSFT purchasing
                                                     YHOO combines *two* of
                                                     Google's competitors into
                                                     one less efficient
                                                     entity with even less
                                                     ability to execute.  -tom
                                                     \_ This is another tangent.
                             \_ You mean like GE?
                       \_ MS makes money by the bank-full.  They don't need to
                          switch from their current model to anything.  This
                          is a direct attack on GOOG's online ad model which
                          is 99% of GOOG's income.  *IF* MS completely and
                          utterly fails, it is still going to scare the crap
                          out of GOOG execs, and rightly so because if it
                          is even partially successful GOOG is going to get
                          hurt badly potentially crippling the company.  Just
                          the distraction of the possibility of losing ad-share
                          to MS might be enough to cause GOOG to stumble.  Bad
                          bad bad news for GOOG and the markets reflect that.
2007/12/15-19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:48810 Activity:moderate
12/15   Ran through AdAware and SpyBot but computer still slow and still
        getting weird pop-ups from Best solution? Block
        all of these IPs in less than a minute!
        Click on the "To view the HOSTS file in plain text form"
        and then put it in your /etc/hosts file. If using Winblows:
        Windows Vista   =       C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
        Windows XP      =       C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
        Windows 2K      =       C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
        Win 98/ME       =       C:\WINDOWS
        \_ THANKS! Doing this also got rid of all the annoying iframe
           advertisements, click tracking load, etc. GREAT idea.
        \_ Great, so you don't get popups but because you're too lazy to take
           care of your machine you're still a spam sending zombie.  The rest
           of the intertubes think you should clean your machine or reinstall
           if you are $windows_clue--.  That is the best solution in your case.
        \_ That's stupid. Fix the source, not the symptom.
           \_ Like I said I ran through all the anti-spyware programs
              out there and couldn't find anything and I don't want to
              reinstall the OS all over again so this is the next best thing
        \_ THANKS! Doing this also got rid of all the annoying iframe
           advertisements, click tracking load, etc. GREAT idea.
2007/10/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:48443 Activity:high
10/25   how does Microsoft and Facebook sit around and magically decide
        that Microsoft now owns 1.5 percent of Facebook?  And that 1.5
        percent is worth X.  and now Facebook is worth 15 billion?  The more
        I think about it, the more I think the entire global economy is
        a consensual hallucination.
        \_ Valuation is hard.  Let's go shopping!
        \_ facebook decides they have 'X' shares.  Microsoft offers to pay
           Y dollars for .015 of them.  Therefore facebook is valued at
           Y * 100 / .015.
           Y dollars for 1.5% of them.  Therefore facebook is valued at
           Y / .015.
           \_ it still seems like someone is making shit up and asking
              the rest of the world to believe them.
              \_ Fixed the math error, can't believe nobody caught it.
        \_ How does anything in the world have a value/price?  Take an
           economics/finance class.  It's not a secret.
        \_ I know this, but do you really think a website of intangible
           shit is really worth 15 billion?
           \_ I don't, but Microsoft, who seems to know how to make money, does
           \_ The whole web is intangible.  Is it worthless?  Is Google worth
              $0?  No.  Sites like FB have tremendous numbers of people
              logging in everyday.  Reaching that many people, and often
              having self-provided info on them has tremendous advertising
              value.  Do you still think FB is intangible shit?  What about
        \_ Do a little search on DCF (Discount Cash Flow).  If you pay
           1 billion for a company, you need to calculate how much time it
           would take for it to return your 1 billion dollars. That way you
           can calculate what your rate of return is.  Look at Ebay's
           recent write down of skype. That's a textbook example of CEO
           stupidity.  Ballmer is probably not thinking straight.  His desire
           to beat google and apple is clouding his thinking.  If you want
           to invest in companies that understand DCF and are not swayed by
           the latest "fad", look at oil companies like XOM and VLO.  XOM
           management will crunch numbers to death before making an investment.
           If the numbers doesn't make sense they will not invest in it.  That
           is why they're the company with the largest market cap in the world.
           That's why they will be the first $1 trillion dollar company.
           In 5 years, we'll see if Google overpaid for youtube or MSFT
           overpaid for Facebook or you overpaid for VMware.  -the oil man
           \_ You aren't paying enough attention to the details of the deal.
              M$ bought the only part of the company that is worth anything
              (the ad revenue) for $250M while preserving the fiction that
              FaceBook is worth $15B, assuaging Zuckerber's ego. Why anyone
              still does business with M$ is beyond me. Have any of their
              business partners not been screwed by them?
2007/9/12-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:48034 Activity:low
9/12    I need to receive a fax. I don't have a fax machine. What are
        some decent PC fax software for Windows? It's been too long since I
        used one. Thanks.
        \_ Doesn't efax still have a free service?
           \_ Apparently:
        \_ Doesn't windows (xp) come with one?
        \_ kinko's for a single fax.  It probably isn't worth the effort to
           mess around with pc-faxing for your offer letter.
        \_ If you still have a modem, most later modems are actually fax
        \_ "Just the Fax" seems to be the right ticket. I am going to
           try it tonight. Thanks everyone. -op
           \_ just curious, was this a job offer?
2007/8/28 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:47776 Activity:moderate
8/27    google QA automation stuff, can someone view these videos
        and tell me if they're worth watching?  thanks.
2007/8/15-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:47612 Activity:nil
8/13    I have a 50 MB .FLV file that I wish to break into smaller
        chunks (let's say 10 MB chunks) and have each chunk be
        separately playable. Is there a tool for Mac or UNIX/Linux
        that can do this? I found a few Windows-based tools, but I don't
        have a Windows box.
        \_ On a related note, how do I play .FLV files on Windows in general?
           \_ Riva player?  it's not open-source, but it's free
        \_ ffmpeg
        \_ can someone help me capture this flash animation file?
2007/7/13-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:47277 Activity:nil
7/13    Microsoft Internet Explorer FirefoxURL Protocol Handler Command
        Injection Vulnerability
2007/6/27-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:47079 Activity:nil
6/27    HANS
        \_ Kinda of a useless article.  Trying to make up for lack of info
           with a creepy writing style.
2007/6/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:46914 Activity:moderate
6/11    Leopard shipping in October.
        Basic version, $129.
        Premium version, $129.
        Business version, $129,
        Enterprise version $129.
        Ultimate version, $129.
        LOSE A TURN, $0
        \_ Doesn't make vista look too bad, $129 for a once a year upgrade..
           \_ FYI, 10.4 was released in 2005, and 10.3 was released in
        \_ Why so many versions when they are all priced the same?
           \_ What is in it that is worth buying a whole new OS instead of
              them releasing it as a free patch?
                 \_ In 10.5, the entire OS will be 64 bit and will support
                    ZFS. It also has a new finder, the automatic backup
                    system, multiple desktops, an updated bootcamp (alt.
                    OS booting), better support for core duo procs, &c.
                    All of this is a bit much to make available as a free
                    \_ really?  ZFS?  64 bit?  really? i personally don't
                       think anyone really needs 64 bit unless you're
                                                  \- your brain has personally
                                                     been classified as 2 bit.
                       modelling the big bang, but macs are all 64 bit now?
                       \_ ZFS will be available, though it won't be the
                          default (if reports are to be believed). All G5s
                          and Intel Core 2 Duo based Macs are 64bit afaik.
                          I think that most people who edit large video
                          files will welcome the 64bit support.
              \_ No idea, I run Linux.  I was just saying that a $130 upgrade
                 every [2] years costs more than XP->Vista over 6 years.  Of
                 course, I was trying to say this in a somewhat amusing fashion\
       \_ Why so many versions when they are all priced the same?
                 course, I was trying to say this in a somewhat amusing fashion
                 \_ How often do you keep the same computer for 6 years?
                    Remember these are macs, so the upgradability suffers.
                    I tend to buy a new computer every 3 years or so (and
                    gift/sell the old computer to someone who is less of
                    a geek than me) and hey look, new os!
                    \_ Every 6 to 8 years.  Unless you're playing FPS at
                       high-res or flight sims or something you don't need
                       more.  It takes about 6+ years for enough parts to
                       break or simply rust out enough to be worth replacing
                       the whole thing.
                       \_ Try thinking back to 2001.  It's unlikely you
                          are still using a 2001 computer.
                          \_ Nonsense.  I bought a new computer 14 months ago.
                             My previous computer was from around 1998.
                             \_ Really?  What's the spec of your 1998 computer?
                 \_ MS wants to upgrade their OS on a 3-year cycle; they just
                    were way behind schedule with Vista.
               \_ Why so many versions when they are all priced the same?
                  \_ It's a joke, son.  Laugh.
           \_ I make funny.
              \_ Wow, Steve has a soda account?
2007/6/3-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:46844 Activity:moderate
6/3     I find myself having to reinstall WinXP sp2 every 1 to 1.5 year
        due to sluggishness and problems (yes I've tried every single
        trick that you can Google for). I'm at a point where I think I
        should just install a fresh image and save the image so that I
        can just restore it. What's a good FREE *Windows* based software
        that can save and restore an entire disk image? Thanks.
        \_ Fry's periodically sells Norton Ghost in a bundle with Partition
           Magic and some internet security thing for $70 with a $70 rebate.
           Not exactly free, but it might be close enough.
        \_ I recommend Ghost as well. I've been told there isn't anything
           free for Windows that works well w/ XP.
        \_ Use VMWare and save the image after installing.
           \_ I'm actually planning this exact setup, but in addition to
              saving the image, I can also use the snapshot feature and
              revert back. - !op
        \_ Trick?  These things aren't magic.  There are no tricks.  Defrag,
           de-virus, uninstall all the stupid web toys.  The only time I've
           ever reinstalled my home machine was when I was upgrading to all
           new hardware and tossing the old one out.
        \_ DriveImage XML.
           \_ Nice program. How reliable is it? No corruption? Is Disk
              to Disk copy still buggy?
           \_ XML? XML!?! Oh dear god, WHY....
              \_ Exactly what I thought before I tried it. The raw
                 data is in a bin file, the xml file describtes the
                 content of the bin file in detail, such as disk info,
                 boot sector, file list, etc. This makes it possible
                 to recover the data without having access to the
                 source program. A nice use of XML.
        \_ Nobody mentioned Acronis TrueImage? It's pretty good and not
           expensive. I just pirate these things of course. Their Disk
           Director is also a good alternative to Partition Magic.
        \_ If you have at least one detectable Seagate or Maxtor regardless
           if you actually copying to-from it, then Acronis' tools are free
           to download (DiscWizard includes TrueImage I think):
2007/5/27-31 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:46769 Activity:kinda low
5/27    Is there a program in windows xp that does what unix "touch" does,
        that is, simply to create a small file?
        \_ I use "copy nul file".  --mconst
           \_ nul or nul:   ?
              \_ Either way's fine.  I don't think the colon's been necessary
              \_ Either way's fine.  I think the colon's been optional
                 since DOS 3.1.  --mconst
                 \_ And here I was still using it 3 versions later.  So old
                    school.  :-)
              \_ iirc, there's both a nul: device, AND a nul entry in each
        \_ well, there's a Cygwin touch.exe ...
           \_ Or MKS touch.exe
2007/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:46613 Activity:nil
5/13    Someone please give us a 411 on Windows Vista? Is activation
        tougher than WinXP sp2? Is it impossible to get around now forcing
        you to pay for upgrades? Let me just say that I don't like Windows
        OS.  I don't mind using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint,
        and they actually make decent games. However, for over a decade
        I've been sucked into using Windows3.0/95/98/2K/XP because
        I can't get by without using an amazing number of really
        great Windows sharewares and warez like Yahoo Messenger (with
        unique Win features), MS Office, etc. As much as I hate to
        say this I'm sure that it's just a matter of time before everyone
        switches to Windows Vista due to incompatible Word, Excel, and
        Powerpoint files that I will need to share with, which will
        be created by new versions of MS Office, which will only run on
        Windows Vista. It has happened with MS Office 2000, Office XP,
        and it will happen with Vista. Sad.
        \_ I think vista verifies your legitimate purchase every few minutes.
2007/5/11-14 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:46589 Activity:nil
5/11    Hackers use Windows Update to reliably download their malicious code: (
2007/5/10-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:46580 Activity:nil
5/9     Networking Vista computers together is a steaming pile of shit.
        What the fuck was MS thinking?  Fuck!  fuck.  (fuck).  blah.
        \_ So is networking vista to XP and to Samba.
           \_ Heck, networking XP to XP was awful, I had kinda assumed
              they would fix it in Vista.
              \_ They need to keep it awful to ensure backward compatibility.
2007/5/7-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/Theory, Computer/HW/IO] UID:46535 Activity:nil
5/6     Police Lineups go Virtual:
2007/4/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:46250 Activity:nil
4/10    So, microsoft rbocopy can't backup locked files. WTF?
        Any other suggestions that don't involve installing cygwin?
2007/4/7-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:46228 Activity:high
4/7     xcopy sucks. It crashes when encountering a file with a
        path longer than 255 characters. Thanks Microsoft.
        \_ What do you expect it to do?  Windows doesn't support paths longer
           than 255 characters (unless you're using \\?\-style Unicode paths).
           \_ I'd expect it to SKIP the file, not crash with an error
              message that says "insufficient memory". So if Windows doesn't
              suppory paths longer than 255 characters, then how on earth
              did I get a file with a path that long? Sure you don't mean FAT
              doesn't support more than 255.. maybe NTFS does?
              \_ Welcome to the world of Microsoft products.
              \_ NTFS does, but as I said, only for \\?\-style Unicode paths.
                 Otherwise, expect everything to have a limit of around 255
                 characters.  IIRC, you can get longer paths by tricking
                 Windows (e.g. by renaming some parent directory to be longer
                 than it was when you created the leaves), but without using
                 \\?\ paths, those files will be inaccessible.  I agree that
                 crashing is bad, though.
              \_ Is this the first time you use an Microsoft product?
        \_ What are you using xcopy for anyway?  Whatever it is there is
           very likely another tool that does what you want and does it
           more efficiently.
           \_ For backing up data to an external hard drive. I'm going
              to try robocopy.. It looks to be a better tool.
              \_ Hint: install cygwin
                 \_ Cygwin is evil.
                    \_ Insightful, yet... not.
2007/2/21-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45788 Activity:kinda low
2/21    IE 7.0.5370.11 vs. Fx on XP Home SP2: (VM Size shown by Task
                                        IE      Fx
        Start browser with empty cache: 14088K  11884K
        Visit            31196K  21448K
        \_ No, you fool, you are supposed to be bashing Google, not Yahoo.
           \_ Oh yeah. Google is evil, buy Microsoft!
           \_ PP wasn't bashing yahoo.  PP was bashing IE.
2006/12/17-19 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45458 Activity:nil
12/17   Yay I'm the person of the year! ME!!! I'm so special, just
        like everyone else!
2006/11/17-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45346 Activity:nil
WindowsXP soda sp2-2800.4.0 #1 SMP Wed Nov 17 11:23:46 PDT 2006 i686 Cygwin

Welcome to Macintosh^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HSoda XP SP2,
a dual Xeon 2.8GHz with many hozers.

The uncensored messages below this line may not reflect opinions of the CSUA.
2006/10/31-11/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45057 Activity:moderate
10/31   A friend of mine said he's loving Microsoft again because Bill G
        is starting to donate all of his money to charity. He's boycotting
        Google, Yahoo, and other mega companies because they're too big and
        too power and thinks they're all becoming the old Microsoft, whereas
        Microsoft has recently done a lot of good things like investing in
        education and charity. He just paid for a copy of Microsoft Windows
        and he's pretty darn smug about it. How about you guys? Have you
        paid for your copy of Microsoft product recently and feel good about
        it because of their new image?
        \_ Your friend sounds like an insufferable bore.  I hope you have
           other, more interesting friends.  Seriously, who cares
           about the legal status of your copy of Windows?  And tells
           other people about it?  Argh.
        paid for your copy of Microsoft product recently and feel good about
        it because of their new image?
        \_ Google makes products I use. Microsoft doesn't. Not sure what's
           so great about this "new Microsoft" because they still make
           crappy products and their "donations" are in the form of MS
           products which are kind of crappy anyway. Bill Gate's own
           personal charity, on the other hand, is a different story.
        \_ wtf?
        \_ the new image won't be complete till they start giving out the
           Gates Peace Prize
        \_ the new microsoft is just like the old microsoft, only wealthier.
           \- GATES != MSFT. i think gates as been very smart about how he
              donates. i dont mean "smart" cynically. i have a lot of respect
              for how he has thought this through. msft is still a sleazy
              company buy i generally refer to specific sleazy practices ...
              like claiming credit for stuff they didnt really invent or
                        \_ usually we call what they've done "theft".
                           \- copyright/trademark etc is different from
                              physical expropriation. this is more of a
                              cause of pushing the U in FUD rather than
                              actually stealing a patented idea etc.
                              for example the "Digital Nervous System".
                              gee, was it coincidence that they were
                              affiliating them selves with the letters DNS?
                              and of course claiming lost of "innovations"
                              when it comes to file systems by giving
                              some long existing feature a new name etc.
                              \_ When I said theft.  I meant theft.  They are
                                 thieves.  Cutesy shit like calling something
                                 DNS is childish but mostly harmless and among
                                 the least of their crimes.
                                 \_ what is an example of something that
                                    can be considered "property" that thay
                                    stole and why weren't they sued?
                                    \_ They have been.  It has cost them
                                       billions of dollars over the years
                                       but that's still chicken feed compared
                                       to their monthly take.  And btw, in this
                                       country, copyright/etc *is* property
                                       even if you disagree with the law in
                                       that area.
                                       \- yes i am aware that in cases of IP
                                          theft that is property and they can
                                          and have been held liable. however
                                          this kind of thing is quite common
                                          for businesses and msft isnt
                                          especially unique here [intel].
                                          what i personally find more offensive
                                          is the sleazy stuff they do for
                                          which it is difficult to hold them
                                          liable [like having the published
                                          specs != implementation, which makes
                                          it hard for other to be msft compat
                                          since now you may have to be "bug
                                          for bug" compatible. second thing i
                                          find obnoxious is their terrible
                                          protocols ... like the insane way
                                          they used to do discovery of various
                                          services or "op locks" [jesus!].
                                          and of course there is coercive
                                          contracts ... like forcing people
                                          who bought intel hardware which never
                                          used windows to pay msft. these were
                                          the things more difficult to hold
                                          them accoutnable for ... not the
                                          run of the mill IP encroachments ...
                                          do you consider every company that
                                          loses or settles an IP or copyright
                                          case to be a theif? how about the
                                          woman who ran a restaurant called
                                          "sony"? BTW, i think a lot of MSFT's
                                          conduct makes formerlly evil IBM
                                          look much better. what is offensive
                                          is not always illegal. what is
                                          offensive doesnt always have the
                                          biggest business impact [i realize
                                          the DNS example is minor, but i
                                          thought it was illustrative. there
                                          is also an interesting "inside"
                                          story about MSFT, Paul vixie and
                                          DNS/bind ... i think it is in the
                                          wall archive if you are interested].
                                          \_ Other companies steal also.  The
                                             difference is the degree.  Without
                                             theft MS would likely not exist
                                             today.  On IBM: they have an
                                             equally ugly and evil history
                                             but the bulk of it is in the
                                             pre-90s mainframe world and the
                                             pre-computer typewriter world.
                                             After the Feds tried to break them
                                             up, they turned chicken and
                                             ceased doing anything interesting
                                             either legally or technically.
                                          look much better.
                                             \- 1. IBM has not generally been
                                                   a prick about using their
                                                   patents ... although it's
                                                   \_ This is such a
                                                      mind-numbingly stupid
                                                      statement that it
                                                      invalidates everything
                                                      else in your post(s).
                                                   a great defensive arsenal
                                                   because everybody is
                                                   violating ibm patents
                                                   (or if not, they dont
                                                   want to face ibm in
                                                   litiagation ... one
                                                   reason why it was great IBM
                                                   too the lean in the SCO
                                                   \_ Neither is Microsoft.
                                                2. based on your chicken
                                                   comment you clearly dont
                                                   know anything about IBM.
                                                   \_ except for years of
                                                      inside information.
                                                      which 'chicken comment'
                                                      are you refering to?
                                                   [see patent applications,
                                                   see list of top 500
                                                   unclassified computers,
                                                   see ibm's work in storage
                                                   and material science (they
                                                   got out of the storage
                                                   business more recently due
                                                   to margins, not inability
                                                   to compete).
                                                   to compete) have you heard
                                                   of the CELL processor?
                                                   \_ Yes, IBM has done some
                                                      good work in non-CS
                                                      fields.  And can hook
                                                      up a room full of
                                                      x86 boxes together really
                                                      well.  And?
                                                3. can you sign your future
                                                   posts with some kind of uniq
                                                   hash so tyou can not be
                                                   hash so you can not be
                                                   taken seriously?
                                                   \_ Rudeness and personal
                                                      attack is neither clever
                                                      nor makes a point.  It
                                                      says a lot about you and
                                                      nothing about me.
                                                4. YBHBCA:S
                                                   \_ See above about personal
                                                      attack.  In the future
                                                      I'll sign as "years of
                                                      high up inside IBM info"
                                                      and you can sign as "IBM
                                                      is good because they're
                                                      just like Microsoft and
                                                      don't abuse their
                                                      patents".  Whatever.
                                                      Your logic is somewhat
                                                      twisted and lacking in
                                                      substance.  By your
                                                      logic, Microsoft is a
                                                      Good company because they
                                                      don't sue people over
                                                      patent violations.  It
                                                      was nice chatting with
                                                      you.  Maybe next time
                                                      you'll have a point and
                                                      back it with evidence
                                                      reason and logic instead
                                                      of personal insult.  Or
              deliberately sowing confusion [like when they came uo with
              something called DNS.]. on the other hand a lot of other
              companies would no doubt do eqqually fiucked up things if they
              were in the position to do so ... like apple banning all books
              by john wiley&sons ... on the other hand, i think apple has
              done more legitimate innovation than msft.
              \_ why do you hate teh INVISIBLE HAND?
              ould no doubt do eqqually fiucked up things if they
              were in the position to do so ... like apple banning all books
              by john wiley&sons ... on the other hand, i think apple has
              done more legitimate innovation than msft.
              \_ why do you hate teh INVISIBLE HAND?
2006/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:45049 Activity:nil 57%like:45048 6504%like:45066
10/31   FightAIDS@Home in BOINC now works on Windows, besides Linux.  I can
        finally run two instances of it on my XP machine.
2006/10/30-11/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:45042 Activity:low
10/30   Anyone have recommendations for a reasonably stable filesystem that
        I can use on large (~150GB) external USB drives, that's read/
        writeable by XP, MacOS and possibly FreeBSD/Linux?  -John
        \_ If you want write access from all three, I think you're stuck with
           \_ Which BTW limits you to files of 4GB or less, so don't think you
              can make DVD images.
              \_ And I think 130GB partitions, that's my problem.  -John
                 \_ That limit is supposedly only for creating/checking from
                    a Windows system.  Unix tools will let you format larger
                    partitions, after which newer Windows can mount rw.
                    \_ That's what I thought, but I just tested it on a W2K
                       box and no dice.  For some reason it pukes on large
                       file copies, and when the data mount exceeds ~half the
                       drive size.  Funny enough MacOS also crapped out on
                       a FAT32 drive formatted...on my Mac.  -John
                       \_ Just curious, why isn't 130GB large enough and why
                          does it have to be r/w across multiple unrelated OS?
                          \_ 130 would be plenty except I haven't gotten it
                             to work.  It's the drive I ended up putting all
                             my backup game ISOs, ripped music and DVD rips
                             on while in S. America (they're on a raid5
                             array on a FreeBSD box serving samba at home) and
                             I'd like to be able to read/write from both my
                             Mac and my PC while abroad.  -John
        \_ vxfs
           \_ vxfs does not support windows xp, mac osx, or freebsd
              \_ interesting.  there is a veritas foundation for windows
                 product but it only supports the windows file systems but
                 otherwise looks very much like their vxfs based unix product.
                 \_ The project to port VxFS to Windows got canned because
                    Microsoft opposed it, so Storage Foundation on Windows
                    is just Volume Manager.
2006/10/24-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:44938 Activity:nil
10/25   any good open-source RTS or turn-based game?  I play FreeCiv.  I really
        enjoy master of orient, comand and conquer, and starcraft.  anything
        good around that calibre?  I am looking for single-player game.
        \_ Not really.  OS isn't very good at turning out great games.  There
           are very few OS games worth playing.  Most of OS gaming effort is
           spent on knock off clones or on the opened quake source.
           \_ Even though it's sort of redundant, saying "OSS" helps
              disambiguate quite a bit.  "I tried that OS OS, but couldn't
              install it, so I just put that OS Software on my Windows OS"
              install it, so I just put that OS software on my Windows OS"
              \_ Yeah I thought of doing that but since we're talking games,
                 not operation systems I thought it was clear.
        \_ Give "Battle for Wesnoth" a whirl.  It's sort of a cross between
           Civ and Heroes of Might and Magic.  Plenty of user created
           campaigns you can download from within the game as a "plug-in."
           \_ The floating eye hits you.
              You are paralyzed.
              The fox bites you!
              The fox bites you!
              The fox bites you!
              The fox bites you!
              You die...
              \_ floating eyes do not attack.  Their gaze is reflexive.
                 Shoot me now.
                 \_ there's something oddly disturbing about that.
        \_ whatever happened to xconq, that was an awesome game (for its time)
2006/10/22-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:44910 Activity:nil
10/22   Using Windows XP Pro.  I got an Iomega external hard drive to use
        to backup my internal hard drive over a year ago.  I then installed
        the software.  Since then, whenever I start up my computer, the
        software would start up and then go to the background.  No problem.
        Today, for some reason, it starts up and then freezes up and doesn't
        respond.  I can manually end the process, but I can't actually get
        into the program, because it just freezes up when I start it up.  So,
        I'll have to manually end the process every time I turn on the
        computer and I can't actually use the program.  How can I stop it
        from starting up automatically (it doesn't seem to be there in the
        Startup folder)?  And how can I somehow get it to not freeze up so
        I can use it again some day to backup my computer?
        \_ No idea about your freezing but it sounds like either something else
           you installed is incompatible with your iomega ware or maybe there's
           a hardware/cable problem which is causing the ware to wig out.  Try
           uninstalling and reinstalling the ware and see what happens.
2006/10/21-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:44898 Activity:nil
10/21   M$ to make its own chips: (
        \_ Gates is tired of being micro and soft?  Being micro but hard is
           surely one step forward.
2006/10/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:44897 Activity:nil
10/21   M$ to make its own chips:
2006/10/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:44804 Activity:low
10/12   Sometimes in XP, it won't let me change the name of a directory
        because it says it's being used by another program, despite the
        fact that it's not.  Aside from waiting and trying again or
        rebooting, is there a way to reset things so that XP will let me
        change the name of the directory.
        \_ Use something like WhoLockMe or Unlocker to determine what
           has it open.
        \_ There are a ton of tools including the above, both GUI and CLI, that
           will tell you what program has a lock on a file/directory.  You'd
           be surprised how grabby some stuff is in windows.
        \_ Oftentimes an iisreset (type iisreset at run) will work.  -scottyg
        \_ WinXP is right in that *some* program has an open file handle, you
           just don't know which one.  I reccomend Unlocker: it can show you
           the offending program and file, and stomp the file handle.  I avoid
           some of it's more annoying install options however.
2006/10/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:44779 Activity:nil
10/11   Are Windows CE, Windows Embedded, and Windows Mobile the same thing?
        They all sound like the Windows version for small devices.  Is it just
        a marketing thing to rename different versions of the same product?
        \_ Windows CE is the generic term for Windows Mobile, which includes
           "Pocket PC" Edition, and the castrated  "Smartphone" edition.
           Embedded is a completely different beast.  It is a modulized
           kernel structure, when it's deployed in full, looks more like a
           regular XP than WinCE.includes
           "Pocket PC" Edition, and the castrated  "Smartphone" edition.
           Embedded is a completely different beast.  It is a modulized
           kernel structure, when it's deployed in full, looks more like a
           regular XP than WinCE.
        \_ "wince" Is the most truthful bit of marketing Microsoft has
           produced for on of their products since choosing "Start Me Up"
           as the Windows 95 theme song ("You make a grown man cry").
2006/10/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:44621 Activity:nil
10/2    Anybody run dual boot AND parallels virtualization on a macbook pro?
        I'm trying to figure out if it's possible for the dual boot and
        parallels to share one copy of windows XP.  Or do I need to keep
        two separate copies of windows XP of disk for this to work.  Thanks.
        \_ My understanding is that this is currently not possible:
           It is supposed to be available in the next version of Parallels.
        \_ You must use a separate partition for dual boot and for Parallels
2006/9/18-20 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:44430 Activity:nil
9/18    Are there any free/shareware tools to edit a pdf file?  Any OS is ok.
        \_ I'm not sure what you mean by edit (ie do you mean move/delete
           pages or do you mean edit text), but the following might be
           \_ I mean I have a pdf someone else at work generated but it has
              some colored lines and some text I want to remove.  I loaded it
              in photoshop but I'm not photoshop pro and it displayed/loaded
              only part of the file.  I've got no idea what's going on there.
              I'll check out the link, thanks.  I'd also be ok with something
              that can convert a pdf to a gif, jpeg, etc which I know I can
              \_ Okay, now I understand. What you are looking for might be
                 a bit beyond what the free tools (or even basic Acrobat)
                 can do.
                 Re Photoshop - I think that PS can reliably only open the
                 first pg of a pdf doc.
                 The following may be of use to you (Universal Document
                 Converter Demo for Windows):
                 It should let you print the PDF to a bunch of TIFFs that
                 you can edit.
                 I think that Ghostscript on Linux can do the same, but
                 it has been years since I've played w/ GS.
                 According to Google 'convert' (part of ImageMagick) also
                 works, albeit very slowly.
2006/9/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:44358 Activity:nil
9/12    I haven't used MS windows since the win95 days. Can someone please
        explain to me what in the world a "domain" is? I'm familiar with
        IP addresses like or domains like
        but what are things like "\\My Workgroup" or "\\MYCOMPANY"?
        Is Microsoft inventing new linguo?
2006/8/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:44136 Activity:nil
8/24    No HD playback in 32bit Vista: (
        \_ This is hilarious.  I'd already decided Vista wouldn't be touching
           my desktop because of DRM.  And now they're just making it easier to
           make the decision.
        \_ There might be HD playback in 32bit Vista IF 3d parties provide it:
        \_ As above said, you use a third party app just like you currently
           do in XP to play a DVD. HD playback just isn't native. Almost every
           PC or DVD drive sold comes with one of these apps free anyway.
2006/8/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:44092 Activity:nil
8/21    Found an app called 'witch', nice MacOS cmd-tab "supplement."  Lets
        you also choose between minimized windows of an app.  -John
        \_ Try looking at mdfind (spotlight search). There are also
           plenty of nifty built-in command-line utils at
2006/8/7-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:43939 Activity:nil
8/7     Where on the web can I find Windows Service Pack 2 for XP Pro.  I
        went to the microsoft update site or whatever, but didn't find it.
        \_ Your fu is weak.  Searching Google for "Windows XP SP2
           download" yields: (
           Or go to
           and click on "Download and deploy SP2 to multiple computers".
           \_ I found the one for multiple computers, but was looking for
              just one computer.  Thanks though.
              \_ then you should have gone to windowsupdates
              \_ Uh, whether for one computer or multiple computers,
                 it's the same service pack.  It's just a
                 redistributable version.  Or just run Windows Update
                 and if you need it, it'll tell you.
              \_ are you saying you have a pirated version of Windows and
                 looking for an update without WGA?
                 \_ There's nothing more pro-American than pirated
                    versions of WIndows!!  -proud American
2006/7/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:43790 Activity:nil
7/25    Running Linux: any technical reasons to reboot on a regular basis?
        \_ No.  -tom
        \_ Like with any other OS, it can help if your apps have memory leaks.
           If every program running on the machine is written perfectly
           and never fails in any strange or unexpected manner then you're
           fine without rebooting. I've had machines up for almost 1000
           days straight, but things are always better with a therapeutic
           reboot now and then.
           \_ The memory leak probably should only apply to constantly
              running apps right?  Unlike Win95, Linux frees all
              resources on application termination, correct?
              \_ Yes.
        \_ After kernel updates.  So depending on how often the kernel
           changes and how closely you want to track the latest bits, yes,
           you could find yourself rebooting quite often.  Otherwise, no.
2006/5/25-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:43190 Activity:nil
        Click on the sponsored DaVince and Jesus link to the right.
        Approximately how much money is the church paying Google to
        display the advertisement there?
        \_ "the church"?  That's Campus Crusade for Christ.
        \_  (Google FAQ on Adwords.)
2006/5/25-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Recreation/Media] UID:43187 Activity:nil
5/25    The Davinci Code review:
        -waaaay too long
        -ending is lame, should have ended it 15 min earlier
        -bashing on Opus Dei is not cool
         \_ Erm, how much do you know about Opus Dei?  They're a pretty
            bashable bunch.  -John
         \_ Bear in mind that OD in the movie was presented in two lights:
            overzealous bishop and henchman, and sympathetic cop. This was
            actually the way most of the movie was: for every bad example of
            a group there was an equal good example. The movie was remarkably
            value neutral on OD, conspiracy nuts, historical evidence of the
            Grail conspiracy, etc. Hell, even the albino was creepy for very
            personal reasons.
        -tried to put in too much stuff from the book into 2 hours
         like 95% of the audiences don't even know what the Fibonnaci
         function is.
        +girl was cute. very very cute. they should have slept together
              \- see ALANE review in NYker
                 \_ For those too lazy to use google (or not tall enough
                    to understand psb-speak), that's
                 \_ for those too lazy to use google
                    (or too short to understand psb-speak).
                    (or not tall enough to understand psb-speak).
2006/5/25 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:43184 Activity:nil
5/25    The Davinci Code review:
        -waaaay too long
        -ending is lame, should have ended it 15 min earlier
        -bashing on Opus Dei is not cool
        -tried to put in too much stuff from the book into 2 hours
         like 95% of the audiences don't even know what the Fibonnaci
         function is.
        +girl was cute. very very cute. they should have slept together
              \- see ALANE review in NYker
2006/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:42633 Activity:nil
4/3     This has to be an April Fools:
        \_ That's a lot of work for April Fools.  Not to meantion, it came out
           a while before April 1st.
           \_ not to mention that if you try the application it Fucking Works
              \_ Not in my browser.
                 \_ Really?  It even works in my anchient firefox at work, and
                    it never seems to run anything correctly.
                 \_ FF only
        \_ Writely >> AjaxWrite for several reasons including a) cross browser
           support that actually works and b) not yet another company in the
           string of companies that make the asshole more
           money but seem to fail miserably in the marketplace. -dans
2006/3/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:42543 Activity:low
3/30    Does anyone have technical details of why BART's computer system is
        fucked up?  They installed a 'software upgrade'  what software?
        They 'switched to a backup system' but that failed.  Who is their
        primary IT consultant?
        \_ I bet BART is running a crazy ass minicomputer or mainframe
           from the early 80s.
           \_ Over the weekend, I saw a BART ticket machine reboot into Win2k.
              It was running on a Celeron 300A, I think 256MB RAM.
                \_ I doubt BART runs their system from the ticket machines.
                   \_ I doubt the navy runs nuclear subs on windows. oh wait...
                        \_ Faith-based IT (subs)! No, I didn't mean to imply
                           that BART uses anything sane to run their back-end,
                           just that whatever the ticketing machines are
                           running is unlikely to reflect what they are running
        \_ General Railway Signal
           \_ Thanks, that's pretty interesting.
2006/3/27-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:42483 Activity:nil
        Microsoft looking at year 2020 and how it relates to computer science
2006/3/15-17 [Science/Electric, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:42261 Activity:nil
3/15    To the induction heating guy-- I also have a slow electric stove
        and it also bothers me a lot, but I took a very different route to
        remedy the problem. I went to Ranch 99 to buy a portable butane
        stove, you know, those you use on hot pots. I did a benchmark
        and it boils water ~60% faster than my electric stove.
        Total cost to my butane stove: $12.99 plus $1 each butane canister.
        Total cost to your hi-tech induction heating stove: $200-$2000.
        Hi-tech induction heating is for yuppies who have too much time
        and too much money. Lo-tech rules.
        \_ Be careful with Carbon Monoxide.
        \_ I think you have a lousy electric stove.  My electric stove boils
           water faster than the portable butane stove I bought from Ranch.
           Plus, how many pots of water can you boil with one butane canister?
        \_ It also depends on the cookware you use. Aluminum (and
           hard-anodized non-stick) heats up relatively fast, but
           stainless steel (even multi-layered) heats up slower. If
           your stove is slow, you may look at different type of
           cookware. I personally like Cast Iron. Heats up very fast
           and retains heat really well.
2006/3/15-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:42249 Activity:nil
3/15    Hey motd -- I'm pretty clueless about audio stuff: I have a handful
        of CD's that I'd like to rip into decent quality MP3's.  Can anybody
        recommend a reasonable freeware software package for win2k to help
        me with this?  Any help would be much appreciated.    TIA!        -mice
        \_ --versiontracker search.  unfortunately
           it looks like most of them are unrated... I use iTunes on my Mac.
           The windows version might be a bit too bloated for your tastes,
           since I'm guessing you wouldn't use most of the features.  -sax
           \_ huh, okay -- I'll check it out when I get home.  Thanks
              eric!      -mice
        \_ OS?
           \_ Ah, right...the OS.  heh.  Win2k.  -mice
              \_ One option is the built in windows media player.
                 Produces WMA format.  I think newer updates produce
                 MP3s but I haven't tried it.  Make sure you turn
                 off copy protection.
        \_ I use CDex in combination with LAME using the encoder setting
           --alt-preset-standard which gives very nice MP3s with ID3 tags
           at an average of about 192kbit.  Many other settings are available.
        \_ I would recommend EAC for extracting the audio tracks, and
           then lame to encode it in mp3 format. I personally archive
           my CD tracks in a lossless format (wavpack, but flac is
           equally good), and you can easily experiment between
           different encoding bit-rates in lame without re-ripping the
           CD. For music player, I use foobar2000. EAC and lame
           requires some slight configuration. Here are some links:
           requires some configuration. Here are some links:
        \_ I've used 'FreeRip' to rip and encode Cd's into collections MP3's.
           It could be prettier, but it does the job with a minimum of effort.
2006/3/6-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:42115 Activity:nil
3/6     Is there a free Linux equivalent to the MS-DOS pkzipfix.exe?
        I have a 800+ MB .zip file that I wasn't able to completely d/l and
        I don't want to move move to the Windows box.
        \_ man zip:  zip -F or zip -FF
           \_ oops, thanks.
2006/2/24-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41991 Activity:nil
2/24    Screenshots of Windows Vista Feb build
2006/2/23-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:41975 Activity:low
2/23    Why the kernel change on soda?
        \_ to monitor domestic /etc/motd.public editting. This is done
           preemptively and justifiably to prevent motd terrorism.
        \_ more importantly who did it and is there going to be an
           \_ What change?  Clue me on the change.  uname -a says:
        FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE
        FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE #0: Fri Dec 17 17:40:05
        UTC 2004
        \_ It wasn't on this "SODA-MINIMAL" kernel before it was down earlier
           today.  It came back up with the current kernel.  It was on some
           other kernel earlier.  Can't recall which but maybe someone has
           the full motd including motd.official archived which shows the
           other kernel name.
           soda 2: uptime
           6:05PM  up  8:01, 97 users, load averages: 0.39, 0.49, 0.41
           \_ I am pretty sure soda is running SODA-MINIMAL.  Unless
              the admins are crazy privacy freaks, the kernel config
              files are hiding in /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
              \_ Shrug, it wasn't before the reboot according to the
                 motd.official entry.  Maybe that was wrong and just got
                 updated while it was down but *something* changed.
                 \_ If you really think root is monitoring the motd again
                    with the kernel, you should take a look at the output
                    of kldstat:
                    Id Refs Address    Size     Name
                     1    9 0xc0400000 35ce50   kernel
                     2   14 0xc075d000 537f0    acpi.ko
                     3    1 0xc3a22000 2000     blank_saver.ko
                     4    1 0xc3a56000 17000    linux.ko
                     If were rad I would unload blank_saver.ko and load my
                     own kernel module that logs motd edits and name it
                     the same thing.
                     \_ I never said any such thing.  I noticed a change in
                        motd.official after the reboot and asked what that
                        was about.  Nothing more.  All I said was, "Why the
                        kernel change on soda?"
        \_ Maybe SODA is setup to boot with a certain kernel that sucks,
           and after the power failure someone noticed oh no we booted
           on the old sucky kernel that is .00000000000000023432043200001
           less efficient than KERNEL-MINIMAL, so they rebooted
           after some slave could be at the prompt to press the
           'boot with KERNEL-MINIMAL' button.  Also, I am reading
           your mailspool.
           \_ Oh thank God!  I'm glad *someone* is reading my mail spool.
              Please let me know if anything interesting comes in and kill
              all the spam and viruses.  Thanks!
2006/2/17-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:41912 Activity:moderate
2/17    What does you use for bug tracking? Does it suck? We use Bugzilla now,
        but we'd like something that's more customizable and that provides
        better reports, of a sort we can send to customers. -gm
        \_ Siebel 2000
                \_ I use Siebel too, it sucks
        \_ We use bugzilla. Being open source, it is very customizable. We
           pull data out of it to generate some pretty good statistics
           and reports. --dim
           \_ The problem with Bugzilla is that you can either customize it
              or be able to upgrade easily; you can't have both, as far as
              I can tell. As to reports, in my experience you have to write a
              bunch of code to get customizable reports out of it. That's not
              something we can point our sales people at to get what they
              need. -gm
        \_ Bug tracking?  We don't make bugs.
        \_ We just switched from Bugzilla to Jira. It is nice. -ausman
        \_ We use Devtrack.  It's pretty good at reports and summaries, so I
           see why our PM loves it.  But speaking as a developer, it sucks.
           It is based on the idea of the admin setting up a very strict
           work flow and you must fill out all the required form fields and
           forward it to the next owner before they can then fill out their
           fields and yadda yadda.  I can see that for a PM with undisciplined
           developers and QA staff, this rigidity is quite nice.  But if you
           just want to enter a quick issue like "Was not checking for a null
           pointer in FooClass.barFunc().  Fixed." Devtrack makes it a major
           pain in the ass.
2006/2/8-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41771 Activity:nil
2/8     In windows XP, programs sometimes crash; it's a fact of life.  Is there
        any way I can disable the oh-so-helpful "report this crash to MS"
        dialog box?
        \_ If you want the original [error occurred at address x, click OK
           to terminate, Cancel to debug] go to System Properties -> Advanced
           -> Error Reporting.
2006/1/31-2/2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41626 Activity:nil
1/31    IE7 Beta 2 is now available:
        \_ w00t w00t - jvarga
           \_ they stole that tabbed browsing stuff from AOL's web browser
2006/1/31-2/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41614 Activity:nil
1/31    Goobuntu, teh G00gle OS:
2006/1/27-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41572 Activity:low
1/27    Anlin windows vs. Milgard windows.  An installation company recommended
        Anlin to me.  They showed me a demo window.  The features are good and
        it seems well-constructed.  But then Milgard seems more popular.  Any
        recommendations?  Thanks.
        \_ The previous owner of my house installed Milgard windows. I
           am in the process of tearing out the vinyl crap in favor of
           wooden windows.
           \_ I can see how that would increase privacy but wouldn't your
              wooden windows make it equally difficult to see out?  :-)
        \_ Have you tried Microsoft?
           \_ I've thought about it, but I'm not sure the color of my shoes
              will match current interest rates.
2006/1/7-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41283 Activity:low
1/7     I was looking at Mine Safety and Health Administration statisics,
        and it seems reality is exactly the opposite of media portrayal from
        the last week. table titled
        "Coal Mine Safety and Health".  The fatal injury rate for miners has
        dropped from 2000 to 2004, from 0.0393 to 0.0273.  All injury rate
        has dropped also, from 6.64 in 2000 to 5.00 in 2004.  It is true that
        the percentage of citations and orders has dropped from 42% to 41%
        (from 2000 to 2004, and dipping to 38% in 2002).  However, the number
        of coal mines has dropped from 2000 to 2004, from 2124 mines to 2008.
        While the number of mines has decreased, the number of miners has
        slightly increased from 108.1K to 108.5K.  This is explained by the
        number of smaller mines that have closed (the number of small mines
        dropped from 571 in 2000 to 560 in 2004).  On-site inspection hours
        per mine has increased from 215.7 in 2000 to 219.2 in 2004.
        The lower citation rate may well be because larger mines are
        somewhat better run and therefore slightly less prone to citations.
        \_ I was the only one who reported that some Clinton-era official
           said that mine citations were "way down", and cited the LA Times.
           My bad -- I can't seem to find anything at all like this now on
           that site or others.  I will be more careful next time.
           Anyway, apart from my mistake, the media is reporting that
           citation penalty amounts are down along with criminal convictions.
           \_ According the the MSHA, penalty assessed (in $million) was
              18.4 in 1995, 12.0 in 2000, and 17.0 in 2004.  Bear in mind
              though that there were 2946 coal mines in 1995 and only 2008
              in 2004.  The amount penalty per mine actually went from
              $6.2K in 1995 to $8.5K in 2004.  The number of citations
              per mine also went from 27.9 in 1995 to 32.2 in 2004.  (I know
              citations != convictions, but unfortunately the MSHA site
              does not list convictions.)  It's deceptive to look at raw
              numbers, which did decrease from 1995 to 2004, because the
              number of mines dropped from 2946 to 2008 in the same period.
              The claims in the article you quoted are also deceptive in the
              same way, since the number of mines also decreased from 2001
              to 2004 (and the decrease in number of major fines is roughly
              similar to the decrease in the number of mines).  The other
              charges are somewhat difficult to answer since the article
              does not provide enough information (re penalty payment
              rate, for example, the article does not say what the non-Bush
              payment rate is).  As usual, I find the reporting to be sadly
              lacking and outright deceptive in this case.
           \_ Accusations are cheap; show me some numbes.  From the MSHA, it
              looks like injury rate is down, fines are up, citations are up,
              and on-site inspection hours are up.  No one is arguing
              Sago is a well-run mine.  It is disheartening how low their fines
              have been.  But is that a recent thing, or have fines always been
              low?  According to the MSHA, the $ fine per mine has gone up
              since 1995 (from $6.2K to $8.5K in 2004).  What metric are you
              using to show that the industry is deteriorating or the regulatory
              body is doing a worse job?  I've listed mine and its source.
              Now please show us yours.  And hard numbers please; we're
              engineers here.
              \_ Nah, I don't have time to do the kind of research it would
                 require to prove this one way or another. One thing though,
                 did you pull out strip mines from your numbers? Strip
                 mines are much safer than shaft mines and most of the
                 newer mines are all strip mines.
2006/1/6-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41264 Activity:nil
1/6     My sister's Windows XP is hanging on startup.  Apparently it shows
        the Windows XP logo, chugs for a bit, then hangs.  The only thing
        that's changed is that she moved to Santa Cruz.  Linux still
        boots fine for her.  Any ideas?  Is there any way to see what
        windows is doing during boot?
        \_ ob SCO joke
        \_ F8 for Safe Mode with logging, text file will be created in C:\
           For a quick test lots of times the NIC hangs things, so unplug
           the network cable
           \_ Thanks. She said removing the network cable didn't help, and
              safe mode hung too. What's the name of the log file?
              \_ Whoops, it's C:\WINDOWS\Ntbtlog.txt
                 \_ Huh, that one doesn't seem to exist.
              \_ If safe mode hangs too, maybe it's reinstall/recovery-disk
                 \_ Yeah, she's about to do so now.
              \_ I was reading on the net and people were suggesting
                 modifying C:\BOOT.INI, adding /noguiboot /sos /bootlog after
                 /fastdetect.  This will show on screen as device drivers are
        \_ Your sister has hit the Millennium-Plus-Six Bug in the XP bootstrap
        \_ Your sister has hit the Millennium-Plus-Six bug in the XP bootstrap
2006/1/5-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41250 Activity:nil
1/5     Heh.  Combining the power of Windows CE, Me and NT we have...
        Windows CEMeNT!
        \_ That joke's--what--4? 5 years old?
           \_ thanks for posting; missed that 4 or 5 years ago.
2006/1/5-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41241 Activity:nil
1/5     Microsoft to release WMF patch today at 2pm Pacific Time
        fyi, Ilfak recently said you can uninstall his patch before or
        after you install the MS patch.
        \_ Looks like it's out now.
           "Windows Media Format is the highest quality, most secure and ..."
           Ha ha.
           \_ Uhm, the WMF exploit involves WMF files (Windows Metafile),
              Microsoft's version of Encapsulated PostScript.  It doesn't have
              anything to do with Windows Media.
        \_ Don't forget to re-register the DLL in case you un-registered it.
           Otherwise the default image viewer in XP doesn't work.
2006/1/3-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41214 Activity:nil
1/3     Regarding the WMF vulnerability, is it true that if you're using
        Firefox 1.5, you'll always be prompted when there's a WMF image on a
        web page?  I know those using IE are SOL unless they install the 0-day
        patch from Ilfak Guilfanov mentioned here:
        This part is funny:
        "Anti-Virus vendors quickly updated and began pushing out their A-V
        signature files. These have been effective, but a new very flexible
        exploit generation tool has appeared that's able to create so many
        different variations of the exploit that A-V signatures are having
        trouble keeping up."
        More info on how bad an infection can be here:
        (Note that author does not address Ilfak's fix.)
        And just found out you can be infected by a (WMF-encoded) file with a
        .jpg extension:
        (you can also be infected if Google Desktop indexes the image)
        Other image extensions can also infect you:
        (Is this for real?  "McAfee announced on the radio yesterday they saw
        6% of their customer having been infected with the previous generation
        of the WMF exploits. 6% of their customer base is a huge number.")
        Pre-patch, try executing an innocuous hacked WMF file:
        \_ Just use the regsvr32 /u fix.
              says do both.  Doing the /u alone may not work because there may
              be "other avenues of attack against the Escape() function in
              gdi32.dll", and "we have some very stong indications that simply
              unregistering the shimgvw.dll isn't always successful"
        \_ For starters I've turned off image viewing in my browser.  The
           net is a lot faster now and I don't think I'm missing anything.
           I long for the days of gopher!
           \_ /usr/local/bin/lynx.
              \_ better: /usr/local/bin/links
2006/1/3-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:41213 Activity:nil
1/3     M$ helps the Creative Commons meet their fund raising goal:
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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