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2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1999/9/23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16576 Activity:nil
9/24    how do you pass x-windows over ssh (port 22)? info on how to do this
        on a windows machine would be doubly helpful.
1999/9/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16529 Activity:nil
9/15    I installed linux but it sucks.  How can I get my win95 back so I
        can get back to doing real work instead of screwing with config
        files?  I have the cd but no boot floppies.
        \_ get a boot floppy.  send me an e-mail if you still need one; i'll
           put up an image -jctwu
          \_ .netrc . I wouldn't recommend it, though. --dim
                \_ use expect.
1999/9/15-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16528 Activity:high
9/15    RFI- I'm trying to write a quick prototype driver for a windows
        based pen-input device.  I have my choice of M$ OSes (95, NT, or
        WDM w/ 98 & 2000), and my primary concern is choosing a development
        path that won't screw me over later on.  Again, this is just a
        prototype driver, so extensibility, compatibility, support for
        plugnplay, power management, NSA encryption standards and the like
        take second place to simplicity and having a not-so-steep learning
        curve.  If the code's already written, I don't want to do it again.
        Any opinions, tips for newbies, references, book reviews appreciated.
        \_ Have u taken a look in the NT or 95/98 DDK?  It contains
           sample source for drivers for many diff. type of input and
           networking devices.  Available only w/ msdn subscription.  Email
           me if u want a copy.  --sky
           \_ A copy of MSDN? Or the DDK?
              \_ DDK.  its ~ 30 megs.  MSDN is like 50 CDs
           me if u want a copy (of the DDK).  --sky
        \_ if the interface is USB, you want 98.  Otherwise, as you look
           a natural conclusion -jctwu
        \_ I'm doing a similar thing... how easy is it do this under Linux?
          \_ scp
           a natural conclusion -jctwu
        \_ Any pointers to a solid, readable, extendible driver for Linux?
             \_ Any pointers to a solid, readable, extendible driver?
        \_ Yes, but I agree with what appears to be the consensus in what
           I've read elsewhere- it's poorly put together and hard to use.
           Does anyone have comments on Numega's Driver Studio?
1999/9/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16501 Activity:high
9/10    Does anyone else have a problem Resuming from a Suspend in
        Windows 95 with an ethernet card installed?  It hangs on
        my computer; I notice that msgsrv32 is Not Responding.
        Short of a coerced upgrade to Windows 98, is there a bug fix
        for this?  Please e-mail me, thanks.  --pcjr
        \_ really, son.  it's windows.
        \_ suspend just isn't all that in Win95 ... 98 is better tho
        \_ As the above says, it's just windows.  win98 won't be that much
           better.  Either turn off suspend in which case your batteries will
           drain down or just do lots of reboots the way Bill intended it to be.
1999/9/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:16491 Activity:high
9/9     Read for where Domain/OS
        came from.
        \_ oh just shut up.  You got trolled.
            \_ so who won?  -The troller, because he got a response or
               the trollee because he sucessfully fended off misinformation?
               \_ there are no motd winners, only losers.
                \_ trolling isn't about misinformation.  trolling is about
                   getting a nearly 2 page long motd by doing nothing more than
                   saying, "No, you're wrong, I'm right, go away".  Works like
                   a charm everytime.  This one was especially good.
1999/9/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16486 Activity:moderate
9/8     Looking for a job at an internet startup.
        \_ Look at all those obsolete OS'es - Domain/OS, AIX 3, Ultrix.
           This guy must be ancient.
        \_ OK, let's stop this! At my job, C/C++ is considered outdated by java
           \_ Can you read?  He graduated in 95.  That means he's about 25 or
              26.  If you had clue, you'd know those aren't obsolete OS's.
              They're older unix variants which are 98% the same as any unix
              you'll use today.  Idiot.  -not jules
                \_ I graduated in 99, and I'm 26.  Don't assume too much.
                   (And Domain/OS is definetly nowhere near 98% the same
                    as any other OS - it's a world all it's own.) -alan-
                   \_ Not my fault you took so long.  D/OS is still a unix
                      variant.  It's 98% like every other unix.  What?  You
                      think it's so radically different from other unixes
                      that it deserves it's own category?  Get real.  Unix is
                      as unix does.
                        \_ Do you have any experience with Domain OS?
                           It's not UNIX.  It's an OS based on Multics,
                           written in Pascal with a mostly-UNIX-compatible
                           layer on top.   Most of the OS is very non-UNIX.
                           -alan- (Domain/OS user since 1990 and still have
                           an Apollo workstation at home)
                           \_ Yup.  It's not unix in the same way linux isn't
                              unix.  Thanks for the history lesson.
                                \_ Linux is much closer to Unix than Domain/OS.
                                   Domain has a completely different set of
                                   commands and APIs, even it's GUI is nothing
                                   like X Windows.
                                   \_ X != unix.  So you're trying to claim
                                      that D/OS isn't a unix because it's got
                                      a few differences from [your unix here]?
                                      That's silly.  It's just a unix variant.
                                      It isn't unique.  It isn't MacOS.  It
                                      isn't Windows.  It isn't vms/cms/*ms.
                                      It's just a unix variant.  Get over it.
                I'm beginning to wonder whether the speaker _/
                has ever used DOMAIN/OS.
                \_ The speaker has definitely never used anything in /com.
                   People should get clued before arguing with alanc.
                                         is not UNIX.  By the way, CMS is not
                   -not alan-
                                      \_ Did you actually read alan's comment
                                         above?  He said D/OS is a Multics
                                         variant, not a UNIX variant.  Multics
                                         is not UNIX.
                                         \_ He can say anything he wants. D/OS
                                            is a unix variant.  He can say
                                            anything he wants about anything.
                                            His saying so doesn't make it true.
                                                \_ Join the MNU Software
                                                Foundation Today!
                                                say "Manure"
                                                \- say "laser"
                                                Go join OCF and you
                                         can learn about D/OS on their Apollo
                                         machines.  By the way, CMS is not
                                                \_ Not any more.  OCF got rid
                                                   of all the Apollos.
                                         an OS.  It's a shell on top of VM
                                         which is an OS.  -- yuen (VM/CMS user)
                                  \_ It's not unix in the same way NT is not
                                        UNIX.  Both can be made to act mostly
                                        like UNIX, but are vastly different
                                        \_ D/OS = unix.  NT != unix.  Thanks
                                           for caring.
                                           \_ NT with cygwin is actually a
                                              useable UNIX variant.
                                DomainOS/Aegis was Apollo OS that was given
                                a Unix-Like wrapper.
                                \_ If it walks like a duck and talks like a
                \_ Don't be so quick to flame - the original post wasn't
                   based on ignorance, just on giving julian a hard time.
                   \_ Even worse.
1999/9/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16467 Activity:high
9.5     61c section now taught in NT lab using vc++.  It is the beginning
        of a new era.
        \_ Classes using nt: 61c, cs152, cs160, cs169, even ee122 let us
           write a webserver in visual c++ if we wanted to.  It's nothing
           new. - paolo
                \_ you forgot 184 in this post-sgi era.
        \_ At least Culler is still using the 61c project Phil Nunez
                designed for nweaver.  (Is he going to make them overflow
                buffers and become uber-hackers as well?)
        \_ If I hurry, I can graduate before Visual Spim comes out.
           \_ At least for now 61A and 162 is safe from the forces ofevil.
              Harvey would never allow 61A to be taught on Windows and no
              professor in their right mind would ever ask their student
              to run Nachos or simulate an OS on Windows.  Soon, the
              concept of time sharing and high utilization will be gone
              from the CS dept.
              \_ Actually, Professor Joseph recently ported NACHOS to Windows.
                 There goes the neighborhood.
                \_ Why the heck are professors willing to go through all the
                   trouble to PORT things to Windows, and barely able to
                   lift a finger when it comes to the tiniest and most
                   bleedingly necessary maintenance programming tasks
                   under Unix? -brg, who only bitches because he usually
                                     ends up doing it for them
                   \_ Because they know they're teaching a bunch of morons
                      who use the NT workstations on the 3rd floor of Soda
                      to log into less powerful machines only to run
                      Nachos and inadvertently cause a denial of service
                      on the cpu servers.
                   \_ Because they have foo and you don't,
                      They're big and you're small --
                      And there's nothing you can do about it! :P
                \_ I wonder if they feel unix is obsolete?
                \_ I don't see how they could make that decision informedly.
                \_ Because they get tons and tons of free hardware if they
                   run NT systems and nothing or near nothing if they run
                   unix.  Get Sun to start donating free hardware like Intel
                   is and you'll get unix based classes.  About $5 or $6
                   million in Sun hardware would go a long way.  In recent
                   years Intel has donated more than this.  Sun is cheap so
                   you get NT.  Unix is dead in .edu.
                        \_ Sun donates millions to the research side/
        \_ uh, Intel donated $6 million to Cal and the machines are
                   nearly all running Linux.  -tom
                   \_ You mean Solaris?
                        \_ Solaris x86 is out, linux is in. -tom
                           \_ call me a foolio, but seeing Half-Life TFC
                              on linux servers is all the evidence I need
                   \_ Wrong.  The few toys handed out to students didn't cost
                      $6m.  The bulk of them are NT machines run by UC staff.
                      Once again, you show you have no idea what you're talking
                      about and insist on demonstrating your ignorance in
                      public.  Do yourself a favor and stop now before the next
                      generation of students figure it out, too.
                \_ uh, I am referring to the Millennium Project, and I
                   personally run 30 of the machines, all running
                   Linux.  The campus-wide cluster, for which a gigabit
                   backbone is being built, will be all Linux.  The CS
                   NOW is moving from Solaris to Linux.
                   Now exactly who is demonstrating their ignorance?  Oh I
                   forgot, you were too fucking wimpy to sign your name.  -tom
                   \_ Hi tom, aren't those for the grads to use?  I believe
                      the discussion was about _undergrad_ machines.
                        \_ I was responding to the idiot who said "Unix
                           is dead in .edu" and "because they get tons of
                           money if they run windows and nothing if they
                           run Unix."  Why would Intel give a shit what OS
                           you're running?  -tom
                           \_ Whoa!!! 30 whole machines!!! Wow!  That's like
                              most of the $6m!!!  tom, dude, you are the man!
                              With 30 whole machines you sure proved that idiot
                              wrong!  Imagine that?  Tom has 30 machines and
                              runs Linux on them, therefore the bulk of the
                              other machines *must* also be running Linux.
                        \_ I have been at the planning meetings, have you,
                           idiot?  How many are YOU running?  -tom
                [here's my reply that was erased twice] :
                          \_ I was at planning meetings while you were still
                             in school.  Didn't see you there.  Anyway, I
                             find your 30 machine cluster very cute.  I'm
                             proud of you, boy.  You've done good.
1999/9/4-5 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16463 Activity:moderate
9/4     From comp.protocols.tcp-ip:
        W. Richard (Rich) Stevens, author of several Unix and TCP/IP books,
        passed away in Tucson on September 1.
        \_ D'OH! Stevens was the man.
        \_  Yeah, people die every second all over the world... and?
                \_ Real CSUA members have at least one of his books.
                   A number of us have actually met him.  Just because
                   you were never fortunate enough to do so doesn't mean
                   others wouldn't want to know.
                   \_ I own a bible but wouldn't care if Jesus and the 12
                      came back and dropped dead again.
        \_ that's too b/sad. what did he die of?
           \_ PING OF DEATH
           \_ BSOD.
           \_ Too many pot stickers.
        \_ Hopeless idiots like me asking dumb questions all the time. -mtbb
        \_ Obit on
1999/9/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16441 Activity:moderate
8/31    Ignorant Windoz 98 question.  Windoz advised me to run this
        program under MS-DOS mode, click OK and it ran.  But it
        crashed and computer got stuck.  I had to reboot the system
        using all good ctrl-alt-del keys.  But then Windoz wanted
        to run the program again, then it crashed again, then I
        had to reboot again, then again and again.  How do I tell
        Windoz to stop running the stupid program?
        \_ Easy. Ignore windows. Windows will create a DOS shortcut
           in the directory of the program, edit the properties for
           that. Click on Program -> Advanced. Uncheck MS-DOS Mode
           Uncheck "Warn before Entering MSDOS" - jlee
        \_ Install FreeBSD
        \_ Which program does Win98 want you to run?  When does Win98 ask
           you to run the prog?
        \_ How about boot into Command (or Dos) mode and run the program.
           If it still crashed, then don't install Linux.  Instead, Ride bike.
           \_ No no...Windows keeps trying to run the program
              because the program crashed and Windows thinks it
              hasn't run the program.  So at each reboot, it tries
              to run the porgram.  How do I tell Windows to stop
              running the program?
              \_ oh man! i used to know this. windows uses config.dos
                 & autoexec.dos - named to the operational ones when
                 in DOS mode. press <F8> when you see "Starting Windows."
                 select command prompt only. rename those two files. and
                 try typing in win (though there is actually another
                 command specific to solve this)
        \_ look for a reference to the program in C:\WINDOWS\[win|system].ini,
           the Start Menu -> Programs -> StartUp folder, run regedit and look
           up HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/
           Run*.  If you can't get that far then boot Windows 98 in safe
           mode with F8 and make changes there.
1999/8/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16426 Activity:kinda low
8/29    Looking for free pre-compiled windows NT ssh client that can port
        forward and compress.  I have secure crt but the port forwarding
        didn't work.  I found some hokey thing from a guy in the UK but I
        have this funny "don't trust it" feeling about it.  Specifically, I'm
        trying to vnc via ssh from a windows machine through a *nix box to a
        windows box if it makes a difference to anyone.
        \_ Try TTSSH: or better yet
           run unix at home.  Then you can just
           ssh -f -C other-unix-box vncviewer windows-box:0
          \_ I don't want to install another OS just because my current
             client sucks.  That's overkill.  Thanks for the url.  Anyway, my
             current path is already windows->unix firewall->windows.  I don't
             want win->unix at home->firewall->windows.  It's not worth it.
1999/8/28-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16414 Activity:moderate
8/27    Career Fare on 9/1.  Come check us out,  Compaq.
        Specifically, Alpha Development Group.  --ricky
        \_ Are they still deemed "fastest microprocessor in the world" or
           have they lost that title to Intel?
        \_ Compaq needs new talent badly to replace all the engineers that
                jumped off the sinking ship to go work for Intel & Sun.
           \_ They had actually lost it to HP (PA-RISC 2.0 8500), but they
              regained it again about a month ago with the new 750MHz chip.
        \_ If its any consolation, they just abandoned their NT on Alpha
           product, so you wont have to worry about working on that.
           \_ Why would anyone care about running NT on an Alpha.  You
              only get Alpha's cuz you want to make outragiously expensive
              Cray computers or workstations and such.  Seriously, what NT
              Alpha programs have you seen out there?
                \_3dsmax and other graphic rendering wares perform better on
                  alpha.  open mouth, insert foot, swallow, close mouth.
           \_ Funny thing is, internal message said "No more 32bit NT, but yes
              more 64bit NT."  And then, Microsoft said, "No more Alpha NT."
              Maybe we pissed them off.  --ricky
        \_ Hmm... Sun said they'd be here for "the Berkeley Career Fair on
                Tuesday, 8/31" (10am - 4pm, Student Union - Pauley Ballroom)
                Wonder who has the date wrong.
                \_ Neither one.  Different companies on different days.
1999/8/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16395 Activity:high
8/24    Does anyone know of a low-level copy program like dd for Windows/DOS?
        I have a dying hard drive that I want a direct duplicate of.
        \_ I always wondered what the difference between using dd and cp-ing
           an image to /dev/??? was.
                \_ dd of=/dev/... opens /dev/... and writes to it
                   cp foo /dev/... removes /dev/... and replaces it with foo
                        \_ not really.
                                \_ Yes really, on anything remotely UNIX
                                    \_ What? I cp boot.img /dev/fd0 all
                                       the time and it doesn't destroy the
                                       block file.
                           (unless you specify -i or don't have permission)
        \_ Boot a Linux rescue floppy, mount any FAT partitions you might
           care to, and then use dd (which is on any Linux rescue system).
           Note that you can get rescue floppy images for free on the
           net, can write them under Win32, and can reap some of the
           benefits of Unix without even installing Linux on a fixed disk.
           Or try out PicoBSD.  -- schoen
        \_ If you can't use *nix, try Symantec Ghost.  -John
        \_ How about dd.exe? Don't have a URL, but you should be able to
           find it. --dim
           \_ How can you refer to raw devices under DOS?  Or is it a version
              of dd that just intrinsically understands them?
                \_ Pretty much all of the unix2dos ports of various tools were
                   rewritten intelligently.  Sure, there are bad ports out
                   there, but anything worth using will be ok with it.
        \_ There's a rawrite.exe which you can get from various linux sites
           which does raw disk writes in DOS.  -tom
1999/8/24-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16390 Activity:very high
8/24    Question. Which ISP is good for 24 hours and is reliable? I am
        willing to spend up to $30/month. Also, which auto password and
        auto Windows 95 dialer is good to download? Thanks.
        \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Tax Advisor.
                \_ /bin/cat you fool!
        \_ $30! That's pretty steep for an ISP.  Might as well spend a
           few extra bucks and get cable modem or DSL.
        \_ What's wrong with the MS one?  It allows scripting, and pretty
           much never fails.  Been using it since 95 came out with no problems.
           \_ Perhaps the inquirer has a social conscience and does not want
              to unnecessarily patronize an evil company.
                \_ If they're already using Win 95 they've sold their soul
                   to BillG already and using the software included with Win95
                   won't make any difference to anyone
                \_ giving him $20 a month will.
                        \_ No, this is in reference to the autodialer part of
                           the second question, not the ISP part.  You don't
                           have to give BillG $20/month to use the built in
                           authodialer... yet.
        \_ Another question-- where can I find an auto-dialer that dials
           in the ISP and puts in password automatically?
                \_ I answered this already.  Use the one included in windows.
                   It works perfectly.  I've used it for years on 95, 98 and
                   NT without any problems.  It isn't glitzy, but it works.
                        \_ NO YOU DUMB ASS. I want to log in when the computer
                           is rebooted, and would redial AUTOMATICALLY.
                           \_ That's easy.  I know how to do that and used to
                              do so but I won't tell you since you're such a
                              little shit.  It's your own fault for not being
                              clear since there is a commonly accepted
                              definition of an autodialer and your mis-use of
                              the term is not my fault.  Good luck getting
                              help from someone else with that attitude.
                           \_ Why do you need to be connected 24 hours a day?
                              If you're running a server, Win95 is just about
                              the stupidest choice possible, and you probably
                              want "always on" DSL instead of dialup.
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1999/8/22-24 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16370 Activity:low
8/21    My laptop hangs after resuming from a Suspend to Disk with a PC
        Card inserted (TDK Global Networker 3410 or a 3Com card).
        Ejecting the card prior to suspend eliminates the problem.
        I notice that if I bring up a list of programs when it hangs,
        msgsrv32 is listed as Not Responding.  I'm using Windows 95 OSR2.
        What's wrong?  (Aside from using a Microsoft product.)  --pcjr
        \_ msgsrv32 is one of the most buggy M$ support apps - it restarts
           explorer after a crash for example, but can't restart itself.
           resintall windows
        \_ Why don't you try Microsoft tech support?  Oh wait, never mind.
           That was just an oxymoron.
        \_ Install all new drivers, update all patches, remove all unecessary
           software and hardware, give up, reformat, install linux, ride bike!
1999/8/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16314 Activity:high
8/13    Anybody use opera browser?  I like it a lot but I'm too cheap to
        buy it.  I tried deleting the files and re-installing a newer
        version, but that still doesn't get around the 30 day trial thing.
        Anybody know of a way to tweak it under win95?  Thanks  -cheap ass
        \_ Use regedit, find the entry for the browser, delete the entry,
           delete the browser, change the date on your computer to 50 years
           into the future, install it again, and then change the date
           on your computer 50 years back.
        \_ yeah, reinstall win95.
1999/8/5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16262 Activity:nil
8/5     Windows 2000 is sooo secure!
1999/7/30-31 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16207 Activity:moderate
7/29    I have a friend.  Or rather, I had a friend.  I very recently
        killed him.  My friend believed he could safely install linux
        on a partition on my win95 machine while I slept.  The long and
        short of the story is that he couldn't, and I now have no DOS
        partitions.  I don't think any of the data was screwed up, but the
        partitions aren't there anymore.  Could someone recommend a
        utility or two to try to recover some files?  -mjm
        \_ need more info about your current state.  does linux boot up?
           if it does you can recover much of the fat32 partition and place
           it on some storage medium.  try running fips and see what the
           partitioning tables look like
        \_ where did you bury the corpse?
            \_ Linux boots up.  The partition table is all jacked.  (It's
               got the part's that linux created, but there nothing like
                what the original were.)  I've got FAT16, if that matters.
                I do kinda remember what the partition sizes were.
                \_ by, the way, it would probably better if you run
                   /sbin/fdisk and type p to print out the partition table
                   and post the results on the motd.  --jeff
                \_ If you would like to backup your dos partition here's
                   what you do.  In the /etc/fstab file and add the entry
                   /dev/hda1    /mnt/dos        vfat defaults   0 0
                   or something like that.  the first field is the device
                   that your dos partition is on and /mnt/dos is the directory
                   that you want to mount your dos partition.  then issue
                   the command "mount /dev/hda1" and you can access your dos
                   partition in /mnt/dos.  How you get that drived backed
                   up is another story.  Too complicated?
                   Try going into your /etc/lilo.conf file.  If you're using
                   RedHat you might have an entry like


                   If there isn't one add it and run /sbin/lilo.  Of course
                   make sure that /dev/hda1 is where your dos partition is.
                   Reboot your computer and at the LILO: prompt type "dos"
                   and it should boot up into Windows.  Deleting the linux

        \_ Your friend did you a big favor. Its about time you accepted that
           Win95 is obsolete and started using the best technology that is
           available: Linux 2.2.x. Don't recover your DOS partitions, forget
           about the dark side and start living in the future of computing.
                   partition (I'm not sure why you want to do that) is a
                   matter of running fips or partition magic and running
                   fdisk /MBR at the dos prompt.  Hope that helps.  --jeff
1999/7/23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16191 Activity:high
7/23    Can someone install Windows 98 on soda?  I miss solitaire and notepad.
        \_ xsol, xedit
        \_ And I miss rebooting a machine once a while too.
        \_ What about minesweeper and freecell?  unix suks!
           \_ i've got linux and have all 3 on my computer. those games are
              pretty stupid anyway so i don't play them.
        \_ both available in gnome and other versions.
        \_ I want Notepad!! Including the 70k file size limit!! Gimme!!
1999/7/23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16189 Activity:low
7/22    Finally!  Absolute proof that windows is the best OS!
        Check this out: <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ That's pretty funny. I wonder if that's what Bill Gates sounds
           like in real life.
1999/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16183 Activity:nil
7/22    No, I don't read M$NBC news but here is an interesting article
        about BSD vs. Linux (linked off from --linux user
1999/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16169 Activity:high
7/20    My company's firewall disconnects me if I am idle for 5 minutes.
        Is there a telnet program that automatically sends out space
        bar or whatever? For Win95/NT. Thanks!
        \_ #!/bin/csh -f
           while (1)
                echo "I'm an idle hozer"
                sleep 60
           \_ Idle timeouts liek that are soo lame. If you're using ssh, you
               can always redirect a port and run something over that.  The
               problem is that you need to be generating data packets from
               your 95/NT side on the connection.  Of course it goes
               without saying that NT/95 Sucks for that, so you're on your
               own here. -ERic

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                            / \ | | | | __ )_ _| ____|
                           / _ \| | | |  _ \| ||  _|
                          / ___ \ |_| | |_) | || |___
                         /_/   \_\___/|____/___|_____|
        \_ who the fuck is aubie?
          \_ who the fuck cares?
1999/7/20 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16165 Activity:moderate
7/19    More NT security hole:
        \_ Why do you folks keep posting old MS holes?  Subscribe to the
           MS security bulletin service and ntbugtraq and be done with it.
           \_ B3CUZ L1NUX 1Z TH3 P3RF3CKT 0S W1TH AB0LUT3L3 N0 S3KUR1TY
              H0L3S AT ALL, D00D!!1!!  TH1Z PRUV3S 1T!!1!!!
        \_ Also
1999/7/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16162 Activity:high
7/19    Where can I find the program that optimizes my Win95 TCP/IP stack?
        I forgot the name of the program (that modifies my registry). PLEASE,
        don't say "format HD, install Linux" or something to that effect. Thx!
        \_ I think I remember some programs in that let you
           do this.  It's not hard to find but all it does is modify
           you network registry settings (MTU, timeout values, TTL crap,
           etc...)  You can pretty much do the same thing by using regedit.
           -- linux user.
                    PC so I can cut
        \_ Could you be talking about:
        \_ I think you're talking about
        \_ format HD, install FreeBSD
                \_ install NT. preconfigured foor optiomal internet speeds!
1999/7/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16159 Activity:kinda low
7/18    Wow, has anybody seen this: "We use Pentium Pro computers running
        the BSDI UNIX operating system with Apache Web server software."
        that's from a site deticated
        to providing Windows 95/98/NT shareware. Why aren't they running IIS?
        \_ Even Microsoft's not stupid enough to run IIS/NT - both Hotmail
           & portions of MSN run on Unix (FreeBSD & Solaris) boxes with Apache
           \_ Apparently's front end (those static pages with
              pictures and ads) is served by NT/IIS while their backend
              Oracle database search engine is ran by Sun Solaris. When
     went down MS decided to release a press statement
              boasting how the backend went down but not the front end.
              This is not surprising since the front end isn't really
              responsible for much and I bet ebay chose Solaris over NT
              for good reason.
              \_ So when someone's front end NT/IIS goes down does M$ release
                 a press statement saying it's their front end that geos down?
                 \_ Of course they don't, or else their PR dept will be very
                    very busy everyday.
        \_ Microsoft's employees' webpages are served by a separate entity
        that uses that solution.  Yep, Ebay's site went belly up when the
        Sun big iron (E10000) went belly up.  Ebay and Sun were pointing
        fingers at each other for the cause of the problem.  Something about
        some OS patches they didn't install.
        \_ Here is some good reading for those of you have time to blow. It's
           somewhat biased but I personally think it's written fairly (unlike
           LINUX" comments).  Most of it is well written, lots of links, and
           only the graphs lack explaination.
1999/7/12-14 [Transportation/Bicycle, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16115 Activity:high
7/12    a good windows mail client that supports pgp?  Wait, i know, RIDE
        BIKE, use linux, I DO, but i need *others* to use pgp with and
        the others use windows.
        \_ Outlook
           \_ Outlook?  What version?  Last v. I tried was complete trash.
        \_ ok, pardon my ignorance, but could someone please explain the
           connection betwen Linux and RIDE BIKE ?
           \_ Guessing: someone is mocking the attitude/mentality of both
              \_ How does that differ from the 50 million "Windoz Rulez,
                        \_ Who said it differed?
                 use windows" that also go on the motd, not to mention that
                 their attitudes and mentality are usually worse.  I also
                 seem to remember a quote, "drive a fucking car you hippie"
                 posted somewhere on a long ago motd showing taht non-bike
                 riders are just about as bad.
                 \_ PGP for Windows (commercial, from NAI) will integrate
                    well with Eudora Light or Pro.  However, Eudora light
                    tends to corrupt important Windows files and generally
                    suck.  --dbushong
        \_ ride bike.
        \_ use freebsd.
        \_ use linux.
           \_ freebsd >> linux
        \_ use Motd::Public;
        \_ Less filling >> tastes great
1999/7/12-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16107 Activity:low
7/11    What have people's experiences been running win95/98 under linux
        using VMware?
        \_ Anyone ever try to get vmware running under freebsd?  -John
        \_ Don't know about 95/98 but NT runs great. When that piece of shit
           NT crashes you can just restart your virtual system and it starts
           running again.
           \_ This seems like a great way for cs 162 students to get to
              run FreeBSD instead of running nachos.
           \_ VMware seems to want to only create its own win95.dsk file
              instead of using an existing win95 partition.  Is there a way
              to tell it to use something like /dev/hda3 instead?
           \_ how is speed relative to native execution. is it unbearably slow
              like wine?
1999/7/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16094 Activity:nil
07/08   NT vs. Linux rematch.,4153,1015266,00.html
1999/7/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16091 Activity:high
07/09   I just installed Microsoft Visual Basic and had to reboot my
        computer 3 times (once to install a new version of IE, once
        to install some Java stuff, and again to install VB).  I
        don't know much about Windows, but why is rebooting all the
        time necessary?  This is not a troll; I'm just curious what
        OS design choice requires this.
        \_ It has to do with unloading and reloading registry settings.
           Apparently, windows does a poor job of loading new registry settings
           on the fly.  Other OSes don't have such registry concept?
        \_ Win32 systems are designed to be highly dependent on common,
           dynamically-loaded/-linked libraries (DLLs).  On the shutdown,
           DLLs are unloaded so that they can be updated on the next
           boot.  Hold down the Shift key when you reboot, so that you don't
           do a full one.
1999/7/5-6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16076 Activity:moderate
7/5     Show all those linux freaks how superior Windows NT Internet
        Information Server is over Apache.  Check out:
        A web server just isn't a web server unless you can execute
        arbitrary commands remotely without authentication.
        \_ This is old as the hills.  Why don't you post solaris 2.3 holes
           too?  Be about as meaningful.  Every decent admin on the planet
           patched this long before you heard of it.
           \_ Every decent admin wasn't using such flaky software to begin
1999/6/21-22 [Academia/GradSchool, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16000 Activity:very high
6/21    Divx, Beta (tape), OS/2, etc are all failures form the beginning.
        What are other examples of failed formats?
        \_ motd postings like this which are obvious troll attempts.
        \_ DOS, Windows
                \_ No, I think we all *wish* it failed.
                \_ NNNNNN!!!!  DOS was a fantastic success.  So was windows.
        \_ Minidisc, DCC cassettes, VCDs, CDi, Cable Modems, Vanilla Ice,
           (Lynx/GameGear/TurboExpress), Sega 32x, Alcohol-free college
           campuses, XL Spandex, men's hairpieces.
        \_ American Cars
                \_ Keep telling yourself that the next time a Corvette
                   passes your loud exhausted Honda wanna be ass.  -ax
                   \_ and promptly runs outta gas.
                        \_ Anyone who can afford a corvette can afford a tank
                           of gas.  don't be bitter Mr. Econbox-Driver.
                           \_ I've driven a Corvette.  You hit the accelerator,
                              and the gas gauge dips.  You gotta admit, a
                              CRX gets a lot more miles in 10 gallons than
                              a Corvette in 16, unless the driver thinks it's
                              a Porsche (why *do* CRX drivers do that?)
           killed for non-technology related reasons.
        \_ Beta is very much alive, albeit not in the consumer market.
           The television / media industry still extensively uses it.
           And last I checked, OS/2 is still breathing, if not 2 heartbeats
           a minute.
           \_ isn't there a difference between Betmax and Betacam?
              Besides, ED-Beta is to Betamax like SVHS is to VHS.
           \_ Long's Drugs in Alameda still sells blank Beta tapes.  -- yuen
        \_ OS2 is also alive, but not in the consumer market.  You're confused.
           It was certainly not a failure at the beginning and isn't a failure
           today.  It's still a better OS than anything MS made.  It was
           killed for non-technology related reasons.
           \_ That is correct, OS/2 is a huge seller in the embedded market.
              Most of the time when you go to an ATM machine or use voice
              mail at work, you are using OS/2... -SMurF
                        \_IBM doesn't even use OS/2, at least at Almaden.
                                      for thinking it.
                          I think this is the definition of dead, at least
                          in this case.
                                \_ No it doesn't define anything.  IBM isn't
                                   the same kind of business that's using OS2.
                                   Certainly a single site's lack of use means
                                   nothing.  It's a *HUGE* company.
                           \_ I worked at Almaden in 1991 and I was using OS/2
                              2.0.  Can't believe it's been dropped.  BTW
                              MS-owned hotmail doesn't use MS web server
                              either.  Is MS web server dead?  -- yuen
                        \_ Sorry to burst your bubble, but OS/2 1.0 was made
                           jointly by IBM & MS, before MS pulled out to work
                           on NT instead.
                           \_ You're not bursting anything.  Why do you think
                              you're clever posting known and ancient info
                              that isn't relevent?  Why the need to feel smart?
                                \_ It was claimed it was better than anything
                                   MS made, but it was made by MS, therefore
                                   you are claiming it is better than itself?
                                   \_ Uh oh, wannabe deep thinking philosopher
                                      on the prowl!  Look out!  MS didn't make
                                      it.  An IBM/MS product is not a MS
                                      product.  OS2 v1.0 is not the version in
                                      use today.  v2.x is which had even less
                                      to do with MS, namely nothing of note.
                                      MS has yet to develop anything original
                                      in their corporate history.  The idea
                                      that MS has *made* anything is a
                                      laughable lie.  Be ashamed of yourself
                                      for thinking it.  How much M$ do you
                                      own?  It's clouding your judgement.
                                      \_ You probably think Shakespeare never
                                         *made* anything either, huh?
                                        \_ Hahahhahah You think BG is
                                           Shakespeare?  My God!  You *are*
                                           incredibly stupid!
                                        \_ "Bob" was original.  Damn stupid,
                                            but still original.
                                          \_ Ok, you got me.  MS made Bob. I
                                             retract previous statements about
                                             total lack of MS creativity.  MS
                                             made Bob.  Can't argue with that.
                                            \_ how does "Bob" run on today's
                                               faster/bigger hardware?  (it
                                               was _Mrs_ Gates' project, btw)
        \_ Ford Edsel.  (Okay - it's not a "format", but then neither is OS/2)
1999/5/25-27 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15874 Activity:high
5/25    Does anyone know any good (and preferrably free) x-server for
        Win 95/NT?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           it's free and the whole thing can fit on a floppy.  I haven't
           used it, but have heard good things about it.
           \_ an X server VNC is not.  But its still pretty cool. -ERic
           \_ Hilarious, slow, crashes really creatively (even for me) -John
                \_ Use 8 bit graphics and stop trying to play netrek over it.
                   If the server is a unix box, it works great, the NT server
                   puts a huge cpu load on the host due to lack of open NT
                   source leading to much guessing on the developer's part.
                   Crashing?  RTFM, John.  NT has multiple screen modes.
        \_ I dont know how good it is but here's a free one:
        \_ Exceed from Hummingbird, but it costs $
                \_ it's free on campus/to students
                        \_ anon ftp
                           \_ depot has 6.x versions online which are pretty
                              much the same as 5.x but cleaned up a bit.  More
                              of a 5.2 than a 6.1 but I'm not working in the
                              Hummingbird marketting department.
        \_ X-Win32, available from  -- yuen
1999/5/20-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15847 Activity:high
5/20    We're receiving around a thousand bug reports per day about our
        software, but we really only have 1 person to deal with them.
        What software is available to process and organize these reports
        to make them more manageable?
        \_ Don't do anything about them an call your company Microsoft.
        \_ use GNU gnats.
        \_ jitterbug is supposed to be good
        \_ Forget about fixing them.  Quit this company.  Obviously, this
           software is shit.
                \_ We have 45 million users.  1k complaints/day isn't a big
                   deal.  Obviously, you're talking out your ass.
                   \_ You have 45 million users and only 1 person to deal with
                      bugs?  Is your management crazy?
1999/5/17-18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15819 Activity:high
5/17    Tired of the marketing lies on microsoft's (or your competitor's)
        web site?   Put in your own opinions, for others to see!  ThirdVoice
        finally goes public with their software product. Check it out and
        come see the formerly secret new product I've been working on.
        <DEAD><DEAD>  The thirdvoice browser plugin is MSIE4 only, on
        NT/95 of course. -ERic                  Anakin wins the race
        \_ Discussion about <DEAD><DEAD> web site being designed by
                idiots censored by thirdvoice employees who don't want people
                       \_ not anymore
                to know that no one in their company can actually test their
                \_ dude, get a decent browser
                work.       Episode II is a love story.
                        \_ Just viewing the web page requires MSIE?  Your
                                web designers are complete idiots.  It takes
                                two seconds to put the style sheet inside
                                <!-- --> tags so it won't show up on browsers
                                like netscape 3. (See www.csua for instance).
                                This isn't hard or secret - it's recommended
                                in every guide to CSS style sheets.  Remember
                                designing web pages that are only usable in
                                certain browsers is the same as saying "Fuck
                                you - we don't need your business" to everyone
                                else - not a good way to start a company.
                \_ dude, get a decent browser   (Obi-wan kills Darth Maul)
                \_ Sigh... look, it's a new product, a new company, and I'm
                   sorry your old browser isn't supported.  I won't address
                   the censorship claim.  The motd is world writable and gets
                   regularly scrubbed by numerous people.  Your comments
                   regarding the tags have already been passed along to people
                   in the company who can do something about it.  I'm certain
                   it will be taken care of ASAP.  Thank you for taking the
                   \_ I'm using Netscape 3 - less than 3 years old, thank you.
                   time and effort to visit our home, try out our brand new
                   product and provide constructive feedback.  -reiffin
        \_ oh yeah, its MSIE4 only, on NT/95 of course. bleah
        \_ looks great in non-stylesheet browsers since they didn't hide
                the stylesheets in HTML comment tags.  Try getting some
                web designers who know what they're doing and how to test
                with something other than the latest versions.
                \_ Uhm whatever.  I think you missed the point.  Can you not
                   understand "MSIE4 only" and "NS coming soon"?  -not ERic
                \_ Hey, looks ok to me.  I dunno what crap you're running but
                   tough shit for using an ancient piece of shit client.  Join
                   this decade.
                        \_ FUCK YOU IT"S ALL ABOUT lynx
                           \_ I think the lynx client is still in the
                              'concept' stage.  You'll be the first to know
                              Third Voice with ERic)
                              when its beta-ready.  :-)   -reiffin (at
                              Third Voice with ERic)  Anakin wins the race
        \_ oh yeah, its MSIE4 only, on NT/95 of course.
        \_ I like the stupid banner ad on <DEAD><DEAD> that
                says "Click here to download the software" and that takes you
                to the same damn page when you click on it.  Perhaps your
                company should invest in testing.
                \_ And software engineers that can do anything besides MS
                   code.  But that's another story...
        \_ And of course, the coolest thing about ThirDvoice is it can make
            anybody's web page as full of stupid and inane comments as the motd!
           \_ Hey, let's make this MOTD thirdvoice-compliant!
             \_ duh, it already is.
1999/5/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:15740 Activity:kinda low
        Once again, the media must assign blame...
        \_ It's what they're there for.  Can't wait to work 12 years plus my
           degree from an acredited school before I can be a "professional"
           software engineer.  And who the hell ever heard of that creed or
           the random .org that's spouting off about it?  What do I do for my
           first 12 years when I'm not a professional?  Who will pay me to do
           non-professional work for 12 years?  It's just stupid.  Companies
           that follow that shit will die and rightly so.
           \_ You never heard of ACM or CPSR?
                \_ No.  I haven't worked as a non-professional for 12 years,
                   yet.  When I've earned my way into professional standing,
                   I'll join up, sign the ethics document and know all about
                   it.  Having been out of school for only 7 years now, I'm
                   not yet ready to work professionally so I haven't concerned
                   myself with professional .orgs.
                   \_ Hmmm, I knew about those before I was even near industry.
                        \_ heard of sarcasm yet or was that not listed in any
                           recent ACM bulletins?  Reading Comp. 1A for you.
                      Did you follow any of the political issues in computing
                      (Clipper, crypto export, CDA, etc.)?  ACM, CPSR, EFF,
                      VTW, CDT, IEEE were always putting out statements,
                      releases, summaries, analyses... (I don't agree
                      with the CPSR on professional licensing, but I still
                      think some of these .orgs have made a different.)
                      \_ ...have made a different _what_?
1999/4/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15706 Activity:nil
4/26    RedHat 6.0 was released today, according to  Anyone
        know a local mirror that won't be completely saturated? -- nickkral
        \_ Why did this appear on the slashdot page before it did on the
           RedHat page?  Perhaps if you mail
           they will add 6.0
1999/3/30-31 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15662 Activity:nil
3/30    In a /lib /usr/lib directory what's the diff between a lib*.a and
        a lib*.so file?
        \_ .a is "archive" and produces static (compile-time) linking, while
           .so is "shared object" and produces dynamic (run-time) linking.
           \_ so what the heck is "linking"?
                \_ man ld
              \_ well, if you're a DOS weenie, a .so file is like a .DLL file
                 in short: .a files are things that get added to your program
                 when you compile it; people don't need them to run the
                 executable, but it's huge.  .so files get "added" (linked)
                 when a person runs the program, so they need to have copies
                 of them, but the executable is smaller.  generally .so
                 (shared libraries) are better because then 100 programs on
                 your machine can use one library without (essentially) having
                 100 copies of the library present in every executable -dbushong
1999/3/29-30 [Computer/Theory, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15650 Activity:high
3/29    Algorithm question:  Is an easy way to figure out the number of
        days between two given dates?  Eg. given 98/11/05 and 98/12/09
        as input, the output would be 34 days?  Is there a C function
        that can xlate the date into some absolute number and then do the
        arithmetic and then covert it back?  Thanks!
        \_ Let me guess. You're trying to implement If-Modified-Since for
           ee 122 right?  What I've used since my early days of programming
           is time_t time(time_t *t); or 'man 2 time' at the unix prompt.
           It'll return the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970. --jeff
        \_ Convert both to Julian dates and subtract.
           \_  guess you'll have
              to figure out the algorithm from the JavaScript fcns
              \_ Or just use mktime(3) and subtract.
1999/3/25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15647 Activity:nil
3/24    Windoze 98 question:  the "new" option doesn't show up when i
        right-click on the desktop.  Also there is no "new" under file in
        the menu bar in any drive/folder.  In short there is no way to
        create a new folder except through DOS (no problem there). There
        is NO security on this  computer (other than what comes standard
        with win98 and which may have been accidently set).  Any ideas as
        to what's wrong / how to fix it?
        \_ how to fix it?  reinstall the os.  if that doesn't work, buy
           a new computer.
        \_ what's wrong with Windows?!?! dont get me started...
        Umm, never mind.  It came back.  Gotta luv win98.
1999/3/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:15628 Activity:high
3/22    I downloaded Internet Explorer 5.0 from and I have
        an ugly <DEAD><DEAD> logo on the browser and a big annoying S in the
        corner. What kind of crap is this? How do I get rid of it?
        \_ I d/led IE5 for solaris and it rocks!  I like the feature where
           you middle click on a page and that functions as a scrollbar.
           No more going back and forth between the page and the scrollbar!
           This is the best alternative since there are no "scrollbar" mice
           for Sun boxes.
           \_   *shudder*  *twitch*
        \_ dunno how you get rid of it since it happened to me with zdnet.
           I just d/led the ConXion version.  could only
           get on after 8 p.m. though.
        \_ you will have to remove the version you downloaded to get rid
           of the annoying snap stuff. you can download a different
           version like the one from msn. its much nicer looking.
        \_ Is there anyway to dl without dl'ing the small setup.exe
              has all the files local and let you select how big of an install
              you want from the files you originally d/led.  That's how
              it works on Win32, dunno about the UNIX versions.
           which downloads the rest?  That is, can I download something,
           then disconnect, then set up?
           \_ when you run ie5setup.exe there's like a button labeled
              "Advanced".  Try that.  In the end you end up with a directory
              of files (that you can bulk copy to somewhere else); then
              run ie5setup.exe again within the directory. It'll know it now
              has all the files local and let's you select how big of an
              install you want from the files you originally d/led. That's how
              it works on Win32, dunno about the UNIX versions. ie5setup.exe
              is a little buggy, too, for the full, full install (make sure
              it says 62 MB) with all the languages.
              \_ 62MB for a web browser?
                 \_ it's not a browser; it's an os!
                    \_ thank you, Marc Andressen
1999/3/20-22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15621 Activity:nil
3/19    Want even more shocking linux news that the one below?
        \_ How about the fact that Hotmail, owned by M$, runs FreeBSD instead
           of NT on its servers?
        \_ next time, post a summary, as well. microsoft now supposed has an
           email address for people to write and request "word for linux".
           This is unfortunate, if they actually listen. microsloth will
           then crush the entire software application industry.
1999/3/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Recreation/Dating] UID:15576 Activity:high
3/9     Did anyone see 'Triumph of the Nerds' on pbs? Apparently the enitre
        Microsoft thing was a fluke in history because a Digital employee's wife
        told IBM to screw off.
        \_ It's also interesting to note that Micrsoft didn't write the core
           of MSDOS.  They just bought QDOS from a local software company
           and adapted it to look and behave like CP/M.
        \_ that wasn't just any person, it was Gary Kildall, writer of CP/M
           it goes to show don't marry the wrong person!
           \_ Those of you who are interested might want to talk to my
              old boss.  She's Kathy Strutynski, co-author of CP/M and
              Digital Reasearch's (not DEC) 5th employee.  She has an
              interesting perspective on most of the people shown in the show.
1999/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15497 Activity:nil
        Microsoft claims to have invented web style sheets.  What next?
        Microsoft tries to patent the web?
        \_ if you think software patents suck.
                (or if you have no idea and want to learn why they suck)
1999/2/25-3/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15483 Activity:high
2/25    In MS-DOS, I can do "prompt $E[7m$p$g$E[0m" to get an inverse
        command prompt.  Is there a way to do the same thing for NT command
        prompt?  Thanks.
        \_  4NT
           \_ tcsh for NT.
                \_ tcsh != MS-DOS.  The jpsoft stuff is as good or better than
                   tcsh for personalization mods like this and they're also
                   written specifically to upgrade DOS-heads to tcsh-like power
                   without having to relearn everything from scratch and rewrite
                   a zillion batch files.
                   \_ 4NT != MS-DOS.  More apropos, NT command prompt != 4NT.
                      \_ Idiot.  He wants to set his prompt.  Read the fucking
                         message.  4NT will give him exactly what he wants
                                \_ Pay?  Who paid for it?
                   tcsh for personalization mods like this and they're also
                   written specifically to upgrade DOS-heads to tcsh-like power
                   without having to relearn everything from scratch and rewrite
                   a zillion batch files.
                         without learning anything new except for the new
                         prompt command nor requiring him to rewrite any
                         batch files.  You, Sir, are a moron.
                         \_ Setting a prompt is worth paying for a new shell?
                                \_ Pay?  Who paid for it?  There's a reason it
                                   hasn't had a new version in years.  Just
                                   download and use it.  If you want to get
                                   into a debate about the ethics of stealing
                                   trialware, go for it, but 4NT is still a
                                   perfectly good answer.  Go start a new
                                   thread if you want to flame me for lack of
1999/2/24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:15473 Activity:high
 2/23   Thanks ERic for the MRTG tip. It works great.
        New Question (Sometimes i think i take advantage of the motd;
        other times i'm sure of it.):
        Does anyone know of any LPT protocols so that my WIN 9X machines
        can print to Mac printers like my NT machines do ?      -crebbs
        \_ Have them print to an NT server setup as a print server for the
           Appletalk printers.  Easiest to do if you already have an NT
           server that prints to them.  I've never bothered trying to find
           an Appletalk driver for win9x (which I'm assuming is what you
           mean by "Mac printers").  If the printers are tcp/ip, you just
           need the right printer driver like any other printer.
           \_ sorry, i should have been more clear about what i was doing:
                I have been having problems with printing (most notably
                with certain applications such as QUARK) and want to take
                my *Apple* (woops) printers off the NT server and have
                them on a MAC server which will be "cleaner" (for lack of
                a better term). Now my NT machines can still print to
                those printers via tcp/ip using the LPR protocol which
                NT has, but my Windows 9X machines can't 'cause they don't
                so i was hoping for some third part LPR protocol so i
                don't have to buy pc-maclan or copstalk just to print.
                \_ oooooooh.... well you can _still_ print via your NT
                   server as a sort of printer server/proxy for the 95
                   boxes.  I've done this before.  All the lpr/9x things
                   I've seen all suck and don't come anywhere near the
                   concept of "clean".
                    \_ How? i can't see the printers from my win9x
                      machines and couldn't find anything on the winnt FAQ
                        \_ Setup the printer using LPR on the NT machine,
                           then share it from the NT machine.
                \_ well, you could try moving a printer to a UNIX box,
                   and running CAP, and see if you stillhave problems
                   printing from mac. Then you could print from
                   both mac and nt fine.
                    \_ Yes well, i very often say "we should do this on a
                        Unix Box" but the unix boxes aren't "mine."  I
                        suppose i could set up a linux machine but, grr,
                        that's like work.  (besides finding a spare
                        \_ installing linux on a machine that used to run
                           Windows is more like a vacation than work.  -tom
1999/2/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15456 Activity:moderate
2/20    Microsoft says:  "Even on workstations, it is worth pointing out that
        most workstation users already are local administrators and have full
        control over the machine."  -- Windows NT: Security through Stupidity
        \_ and your point is...?
        \_ I give all my users full Domain Admin rights because I'm lazy and
           stupid.  -NT Admin
1999/2/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15426 Activity:low
2/16    Can someone remind me what "Pegasus" was the code name for?  I
        received some mail that's sent from "Pegasus Mail for Win32 (v3.01a)".
        \_ Pegasus is an actual mail program.
           <DEAD><DEAD> -jives
           \_ Oh, I thought it was Pen Windows or WinPad or something.  Never
1999/2/16-18 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15420 Activity:moderate
2/15    Windows Refund Day was fun, though it did not produce any refunds.
        You can see just what Microsoft had to say to us at
        and various press coverage and such, as it develops, at
        Microsoft carefully declined to answer our questions on how to get the
        OEMs to follow its license agreement and provide refuns.  -- schoen
        \_ yeah, that was fun. My co-worker showed me my picture on the
          front page of the business section of the Chronicle. --vchang
        \_ what kind of bullshit is "PCs sold with Windows preinstalled are
           optimized for the Windows operating system by the PC maker to
           guarantee the best customer experience. " How dumb do they think
           linux users are.
           \_ The question is how dumb they expect the AVERAGE consumer is.
        \_ Is my interpretation of the first url skewed, or are they
           basically saying that the OS is an integral part of the
           computer, not a separate component?  -John
           \_ It's just from the marketting noise department.  Has nothing to
              do with linux folks and everything to do with getting a chance
              to get the press to pass this crap along to the public.
           \_ It's probably what they ARE trying to say... MS tried to
              argue that Win95 ran slower without IE pre-installed and
              thus it was an integral part of the OS that couldn't be
              removed. They don't think the Linux users are dumb, they
              just think there are too few of them to count. -bz
              \_ Of course Win95 can't function without IE. It's a lot like
                 how a car can't function without its 10 disc changer or
                 how a commercial jet can't function properly without its
                 big screen projector. What were those DoJ people thinking.
1999/2/13-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15411 Activity:nil 77%like:15410
2/13    I tried installing an iomega zip plus driver on my clunky 486, but
        it gave me an "ASPI for Win32 not initialized!" error during the
        installation program, and it wouldn't map a drive for the zip
        drive. What gives?
        \_ Well, your main problem is that you are using Winblows, but
           to fix this minor problem in Winblows download the ASAPI.exe
           and ASAPICHK.exe. These programs will upgrade a bunch of DLL's
           and you should be able to get the drive working. I found these
           programs on Smart&Friendly's website, but they are also available
           from Adaptec and Iomega.
1999/2/12-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15406 Activity:nil
2/12    Aside from sounding really dumb, is a DOS/Windoze 3.11 machine
        patchable to become Y2K-compliant?
        \_ Thre are programs out there that can test if your OS is Y2K
           compliant.  Test it first before you try finding a patch that
           doesn't exist. Knowing Microsoft, I'm sure they f-ed up Windows
           in one way or another so you never know.
        \_ you use the FreeBSD install floppy patch.
        \_ Who cares?  Before clock cards came out my computer always thought
           it was 1980 when I turned it on.  And?  So?  Don't succumb to all
           the media generate Y2K hysteria.  It's silly.
1999/2/11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15400 Activity:nil
2/10    HELP!  In MS-DOS there's an UNDELETE command.  Is there any command
        in NT that does the same thing?  I accidentally deleted a lot of files
        in a directory with "del c:\foo" and I want to recover them.  They
        are not in the Recycle Bin.  Thanks much!
1999/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15373 Activity:nil
2/8     In WinNT, what's the difference between cmd.exe and  Thx.
        \_ cmd.exe is a Win32 program and supports minimal extended features;
           do a cmd /? for more info. I believe in NT is a DOS
           program. -slow
           \_ whereas "" *IS* DOS, if you boot from it.
1999/1/31-2/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15331 Activity:moderate
1/31    Anybody know where the passwd in win95's dialup connector is saved?
        I couldn't find a directory containing "dialup network" or something
        \_ search for a file ending in PWL ?
                \_ It's in the windows directory under $username.pwl
1999/1/31-2/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15329 Activity:high
1/31    Help, I can't get UDP up!!  I've got RedHat 5.2, how do I make
        sure IP Filtering is turned off?  Tom needs my BB!  -mtbb
        "UDP connection request timed out"
        \_ Install a real OS like 95/98/NT that you have a chance of dealing
           with at your level of fu.
           \_ Screw that.  My Win98 box won't do UDP either.  Quiet, you.
              And I wouldn't start in with "level of fu" with me if you're
              wise.  I'm no mehlhaff, but I know a thing or two.  --sowings
        \_ Oh phooey.  I've only spent the last half-year trying to get
           my non-WinblowsMe to the point where it can connect to an ISP
                \_ You are an idiot.
           thru ISDN.  That frikk'n 'gated' daemon problem took me days to
           solve.. but I finally got that hacked.  Now, I've got some
                \_ Days?  You are an idiot.
           nimwit who thinx I should go and donate more bux to the Food For
           Bill Fund.  One-der-Full.  I don't even have a BS in networking.
                \_ With an OS at your Fu Level, it would've taken 30 minutes
                   at most.  Even for you.
           I'll figure it out myself... it just takes time and I was kind
           of hoping somebuddy could help me out here.  *waaah*  -mtbb
           \_ Obviously not.  It was too hard.  Now if you had chosen an
              easier to support OS....
           \_ A real OS doesn't crash and burn every 12 hours.  Even NT sucks.
                \_ If you crash NT every 12 hours then you must be doing
                 \_ Obviously they're not teaching interface design classes.
                    The 95/NT is mediocre but at least it works.
                   something stupid like installing random crap off the net
                \_ Mostly.  And your point is?
                   as an admin.  Anyway, the original poster still needs an
                   OS for clueless people.  95/98/NT will play his netrek
                   without the need for a PhD in networking.  You are an
                   \_ I managed to get NT to panic as a non-super user.
                      Now, that's pretty sad.
           \_ Are you saying Linux isn't a real OS?
              \_ People just like to ridicule Linux as being a fake OS
                 because they're too lazy to replace their prepackaged
                    \_ Linux will never take over as long as the interface
                       sucks and it requires a CS geek to get running.  Or
                       in this case a CS geek is appealing to other CS geeks
                       for help (and still hasn't gotten any, btw).
                 shrink wrapped OS's with something real.  And every
                 semester, yet another 162/61C prof shows what a great
                 example of an operating system Linux is and how horribly
                 designed Microsoft operating systems are.  But who are we
                 to listen to people like Dave Patterson and Culler.
                 They know nothing about system software.  They only spent
                 the last 20 years studying about them.
           \_ Isn't Win95 just DOS with a graphical interfact on top of it?
           \_ just out of curiosity, how do people here compare OS2 with
              \_ OS/2 is a real OS from the ground up, Win95 is just a
                 graphical shell on top of DOS.  Don't know much about NT,
                 but I guess it's real too (although it sucks.)
                 \_ It's so funny how so many awesome operating systems
                    that are 10x better than Windows have failed to
                    dominate the PC markert.  Hopefully linux will succeed
                    since M$ will have nobody to sue this time.
           \_ It's funny how M$ talks about their "OS"es:
              When Win3.1 came out: "You can have multitasking with Win3.1!"
              When Win95 came out: "You can have preemptive multitasking
                with 95!"
              When NT came out: "You can have true multitasking with NT!"
                \_ I was told that NT = VMS.  Is this true?
                   \_ I think it's because Dave Cutler (?), one of the
                      main VMS guys, was hired by M$ to put together NT.
                      also, I don't know if it's an urban legend, but
                      supposedly VMS + 1 = WNT.  Har har.  -John
                      \_ cutler was at dec west working on the then next
                         generation processor + os.  I think it was called
                         spectrum or something (it was many years ago, and
                         i have reclaimed the storage for that stuff).  dec
                         canned that project in favor of mips, and the hw
                         side of the team went off to do alpha, which ended
                         up killing mips inside dec.  most of the sw side of
                         the team went with cutler to microsoft to do nt.
                         according to people who claim to know, nt has
                         striking similarities to the cancelled dec work.
              Er ... so what multitasking was I getting in 3.1 again?
              \_ synchronous time division multiplexing
                 \_ It works OK with nice, well-behaved programs (like the
                    ones that DON'T come with Win 3.1)
           \_ Sega Dreamcast uses Windows CE. That's freaky.
           \_ If you were dealing with FreeBSD I could answer your question
              better, sine I know how its ipfw setup works.  Basically, you
              need to remove IP filtering from the kernel, or just give it
              the barest set of forwarding rules.  Usuallly this is:
                /sbin/ipfw add 65000 pass all from any to any
1999/1/26-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15292 Activity:moderate
1/15    Linux 2.2.0 kernel is out.  Go get it!
        \_ WHere can I get it, and what new features does it have over 2.0.36?
           \_ If you've never gotten a new kernel before, you _don't_ want to
              start with a new minor kernel version.  Read the kernel HOWTO.
              It is faster, more stable, has more drivers, etc.  A comparison
              may be found on <DEAD><DEAD>.
              \_ has an article today on the differences.
        \_ Save the bandwidth, download patches. (That is, unless you're
           running 2.0.x) -brg
           \_ For those on campus, Trey Hyde has been keeping the current
              version for ftp at  -- schoen
                \_ For those used to stability, wait a while. There
                   are still (annoyingly) crashing bugs in 2.2.0.
                   echo "subscribe linux-kernel" | \
                   if you want the fully-loaded spammage. -brg
                   \_ Of course, the buggiest version of linux is probably
                      a lot less buggier than the cleanest version of
                      Microsoft Windows.
1999/1/21-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15273 Activity:nil
1/21    reject your preloaded capitalist redmond OS!
1999/1/21-24 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15271 Activity:high
1/21    CS department network services
        people of questionable intellect, please view /tmp/policy.txt.
        \_ it seems as though this policy is regarding desktop machines
           within the department and has nothing to do with anyone's home
           machines.  is this not the case?
        \_ There was an incident like this at UCLA where a dorm student had
           his ethernet port disabled because he was running a multiuser
        \_ that's pretty lame if you can't run daemons without asking for
           permissions first.
        \_ impossible to enforce. You stupid fools.
           \_ not impossible. Not against 95% of the people that want to
              run them. They just do port scanning on specific ports.
              \_ They can't force you to pay for their services or wipe your
                 disk with a "by running linux you have implicitly agreed to
                 this policy" statement.  That's just some power tripping
                 moron making shit up.  As for the rest, it's just stupid.
                 They don't take care of their own site security and couldn't
                 tell if someone else's machine was insecure so what's the
                 point?  It's just silly.  They are silly stupid people and I
                 fart in their general direction.
                  \_ Hello?  Did you read the part that said this is the
                        "CS dept. network" policy?  They're not "charging you"
                        - this covers machines owned by the CS dept. and on
                        their network - they have the right to define how
                        their property (computers & network) is used.
                        \_ Read it again.  They don't have the right to create
                           a policy that you're pre-agreed to simply by having
                           a linux box on the network without making sure
                           you're read and signed the agreement first.  Wake
                           up.  This is so incredibly open to abuse, it isn't
                           even laughable.  Actually, its down right scary.
                                \_ If you've got a box on the CS dept. network
                                   it's either owned by the CS dept. or a CS
                                   student group who agreed to follow CS
                                   \_ Even the ones which can cost you money
                                      without your having been made
                                      specifically aware of such costs.  The
                                      policy is ridiculous and scary.
                                \_ What's ridiculous is the idea that
                                   you can plug whatever you want into
                                   campus network connections.  -tom
                                   campus network connections.  The CS
                                   department owns the connection, and is
                                   having major problems with unsupported
                                   Unix boxes, primarily Linux.  This is
                                   happening all over campus.  While I don't
                                   agree with all the points of the policy,
                                   I fully support the department's right to
                                   control its own network.  -tom
                                   \_ I agree that they have a right to kick
                                      you off, but not to say that merely
                                      running a particular OS implies your
                                      consent to their entire policy including
                                      charging you a bogus security fine
                                      without making any effort to educate
                                      anyone about the existence of this
                                      policy.  In fact, I doubt it's either
                                      legal or possible to assign such a bogus
                                      charge to anyone's CARS bill.
                                      charge to anyone's CARS bill.  An empty
                                      threat is stupid.  This is a research
                                      and educational institution.  They
                                      should educate, not slap random
                                      punishments around they can't enforce.
                                        \_ It doesn't mention CARS bills,
                                           because the CS dept. doesn't allow
                                           students to plug in their computers
                                           in Soda Hall.  This is about
                                           how the dept. 'charges' the various
                                           research projects in soda hall.
                                           \_ Hahahahhahha, I'd like to see
                                              those monkey faced little shits
                                              try to charge my Prof. for this!
                        \_ Yes I did.  It didn't say I could plug in my own
                           machine and run all those services without getting
                           squished.  They have the right to turn off a
                           network connection but not to charge me for their
                           worthless security check/approval.  Can you say,
                           "stupid invasive big brotherish morons invent yet
                           another ridiculous set of paranoid self defeating
                           idiotic 'policies' again"?  Knew you could.
                                \_ YOU CAN'T PLUG IN ANY MACHINE OF YOURS TO
                                   THE CS DEPT. NETWORK.  This has nothing
                                   to do with personal machines at home.  It
                                   ONLY COVERS MACHINES IN SODA HALL.
                                   \_ I didn't say "at home".  I _can_ and
                                      _have_ plugged a machine in at soda hall.
                                      Thank you for playing.  Try again? (Y/n)
                                        \_ If you plugged your laptop in to
                                           a connection in soda hall, you are
                                           most likely doing so without
                                           permission and can get in much more
                                           trouble than just breaking the
                                           linux policy.
        \_ Anyone with more info? In what situations does that policy apply?
           \_ CalLUG is trying to find out more about this.  It looks like
              it is targeted at researchers in Soda Hall.  -- schoen
        \_ Well, "FreeBSD" doesn't appear anywhere in that policy; sounds
           like they're just trying to get you to make a sensible OS choice.
           \_ You will be absorbed.  It doesn't say I can't run all those
              exact same services on my far less secure win 95/nt box either.
1999/1/21-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15265 Activity:moderate
1/20    Does anyone know what service binds to port 135 on WinNT? -Quoc
        \_ One of the netbios wins name thingies.
        \_ Telnet there and give it lots of garbage input and see if
           it does anything kewl like crash the machine, otherwise don't
           worry about it.  -John
                \_ Only on an unpatched NT box.
                \_ Only on an unpatched NT box.  Only a complete and utter
                   moron puts an unpatched box on the net for longer than the
                   5 minutes it takes to run the SP.
        \_ its netbios-nameservice, aka WINS
           \_ Didn't like my answer?  I already said this.
1999/1/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15211 Activity:very high
1/11    Everyone hurry up and mock the new SGI Sellout line of NT/intel
        workstations before SGI dies a merciful death.
        \_ Intergraph Wildcat           210 CDRS        new
           SGI 540                      198 CDRS        new
           HP Kayak, Visualize FX6      190 CDRS        1.5 year old tech
           unless SGI thinks they can match or surpass -existing- HP
           or Intergraph technology on Windows NT, they're in trouble.
           \_ Okay, maybe dumb question.  What's CDRS?
        \_ if they're using intel chips then at least you can replace the
           operating system with a real one like Solaris, Linux, or FreeBSD.
        \_ Sellout?  Yeah better for them to keep selling machines that no
           that mob ties explain a lot about success,and also strategy.
           one will buy.  At least they'll still have their pride if not
           their jobs and stock.
                \_ you think going from being a real company to one
                   repackaging MS/Intel products is a way to keep pride?
                   \_ Nope.  Back to Reading Comp. 1A for you.
                      \_ "At least they'll still have their pride" in
                         respsonse to the announcement that SGI is using
                         an NT/intel combo.  I don't know what the hell
                         kind of education you got but you seem like the
                         one who needs to take Reading Comp. 1A.
                         \_ As I said.  Back to Reading Comp. 1A.  You still
                            have failed to read a simple English paragraph.
                            Hell, it wasn't even long enough to be a real
                            paragraph and you're still unable to read it.
                            You have it completely ass-backwards.  Try again.
                            \_ Actually, you've got it wrong.  Perhaps
                               you meant to say "they'd" instead of
                               \_ No.  I said _exactly_ what I meant and meant
                                  _exactly_ what I said.
           \_ What's the point?
        [ Idiotic arguement about English sytax deleted. ]
        \_ the idiot-grinning picture of Richard E. Belluzzo, the CEO
           of SGI, looks like a mobster. Actually, look at his name.
           Then consider he's in cahoots with redmond. Then consider
           that mob ties explain a lot about [m$] success,and also strategy.
           \_ Say what?
              \_ agreed.  what are you babbling about?
1999/1/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15178 Activity:nil
1/6     In DOS, we use FILES= in CONFIG.SYS to set the max. # of open files.
        How do I set the max. # of open files for a DOS app under Win95?
        Thank you.
        \_ You can still have, and use a CONFIG.SYS under Win95 if you
           want this way. Each DOS window will be able to open the max #
           of FILES= you specify. For the most part W95 is still DOS.
1999/1/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:15170 Activity:high
1/5     I'm getting a new CD-RW drive and am considering different CD
        mastering software to use.  Does anyone have any preferences?  Why that
        particular software?
        \_  <-- everything you want to know
                                        \_ Including why you put in \ instead
                                           of / you DOS-loving moron?
                                           \_ What's wrong with DOS?  And why
                                              claim his error has anything to
                                              do with DOS?  The world was
                                              built on DOS, not unix, not
                                              windows, not macintosh.  You're
                                              probably too young to know that.
                                              \_ Yeah right, the world revolves
                                                 around desktop computers?
                                                 I dont *think* so. If DOS was
                                                 involved in the worlds
                                                 construction, it was in SPITE
                                                 of DOS.
           \_ stupid flames deleted
        \_ Adaptec EasyCD, which comes with most CD-R/RWs. Very simple and
           intuitive to use, yet powerful. I haven't tried other programs,
           but I have zero complaints about Adaptec.
        \_ CDRWin lets you copy Playstation games
        \_ How about Disc Juggler? Nero? Gear? NTI CD-Maker?
        \_ I use xcdroast. It works great.
1998/12/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Industry/Startup] UID:15150 Activity:nil
12/28   Is there no end?
        10:00 AM Microsoft has acquired FASA Interactive, developers of
        MechCommander and the forthcoming MechWarrior IV, according to
        sources at the company.  Several key members of the company have
        confirmed the deal, and are already making plans to move closer
        to the Redmond, Washington software giant.
        \_ Indented for clueless newbie.
           \_ Thanks, but frankly, I knew and just didn't give a damn.
                -apathetic to your hobgoblinish little needs
        \_ I like Saturday Night Live's Microsoft skit on Micrsoft aquires
           Christmas and will rename the holiday to either Micromas or
        \_ first you forgot to indent, second, why is this news
           we should care about
           \_ I didn't.  I cut'n'pasted it.  Who appointed you the Miss
              Manners of the Motd?  Secondly, if there was a minimal interest
              criteria for motd posts, then we should disable this entirely
              since all of it is crap by your "standards".
1998/12/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15137 Activity:nil
12/21   Alarm over new 'smart' virus, NT, hits machines...
        \_ NT is a virus.
1998/12/15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15093 Activity:nil
        This is International Shareware Day, a day to celebrate
        and also to reward  the efforts of thousands of computer
        programmers who trust that if we try their programs and
        like them, we will pay for them.

        Sound like a quaint idea? Well, it's one way to make sure
        their efforts aren't stifled.

        So, the way to celebrate International Shareware Day is to
        inventory our shareware and then, in the holiday spirit, to
        write payment checks to the authors of any we use and
        haven't yet acknowledged.

        (Might be nice to include a note of appreciation, too, don't
        you think? Still in the holiday spirit, you know. . .)

        This idea comes from David Lawrence's "Online Today":
        \_does this mean we have to pay for xv now?
        \_ I don't support shareware that much anymore.  These days what
           passes for shareware is actually more like a trial-version of
           a commercial program.  For example, many "shareware" programs
           stop working after a time, or have certain features disabled.
           What's the difference between that and a commercial program
           that you can download and try for 30 days?
                \_ uh, shareware is commercial software that you can download
                   and try for a period of time.  That's the definition.
                   Many traditional commercial software companies are now
                   using a shareware/demo model; that doesn't somehow make
                   the model invalid.  -tom
                   \_ That's apparently the definition now.  Originally,
                        shareware was freeware that included a message
                        asking you to send the author some money if you
                        liked the program.  I find that much easier to
                        \_ That's bullshit.  I've been using and paying for
                           shareware for over 10 years, and the definition
                           never included "freeware".  Freeware is free
                           software.  Shareware is commercial software. -tom
           \_ This seems to be a bigger trend on the Windows side of
              the market (makes sense too, what with the bigger
              numbers). As a Mac user, I still see a lot of kickass
              best of breed indie shareware, e.g. Anarchie, DragThing,
              FinderPop, Kaleidoscope, YA-Newswatcher, Netpresenz
              (none of which are crippled, though the authors do
              encourage paid registrations). Peter Lewis' Stairways
              Software (makers of Anarchie and Netpresenz) is
              particularly cool--they trust users with a simple, and
              intentionally unprotected, "I paid" checkbox to turn off
              shareware reminders.
        \_ Somebody explain to me why I should ever trust something I don't
           have full source code for.  The only two programs I use regularly
           that take the system down (when used in combination) are
           Navigator 4.5 and AcceleratedX.  Granted, neither are shareware,
           but my point is that virtually all (xv is the only exception
           I know of) shareware is closed-source, and usually unrefined
           and unreliable.  I don't think I've ever used a shareware
           program I've found useful and reliable enough to purchase.
           I also regretted purchasing most of the commercial software
           I've bought over the years, usually finding it to be limited
           in useful functionality, barely debugged, and slow as shit
           rolling uphill.
                \_ if you don't want to use software without the source code
                   available, why the fuck are you using Windows?  -tom
                   \_ I'm not, you fuckwit, and I use AccelX only because
                      XF86 barfs at my video card.  You won't catch me
                      running anything that I don't have source for
                      unless there's no workable alternative.
                        \_ there's no workable alternative for Netscape 4.5?
                           what's wrong with mozilla?  -tom
           \_ There is much anger in this one.
              \_ Microsoft and this whole closed-source mentality have set
                 computing back at least a decade.
1998/12/15 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15087 Activity:nil
12/14   What's a good toolkit for developing software for X11 and MS Windows
        with minimal headaches?  I've looked at Qt (only free for X11) and
        wxWindows (even simple apps written for it are rather slow to
        compile... worries me about runtime speed), but they don't seem like
        viable solutions for the aforementioned reasons.  Any suggestions?
        LGPL or BSD-style license is preferable, but GPL will do.  -brian
        \_ the toolkit-formerly-known-as-Swing comes standard with JDK 1.2
           It's easy to program to, but interfacing with your C/C++ code might
           cause you headaches.  Or not.  I generally don't think runtime speed
           is an issue for UI; it tends to be user-bound anyway.  -pld
           \_ swing can easily be cpu bound if you don't have a fast computer
        \_ tcl/tk 8.x
        \_fltk seems reasonable...
1998/12/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15081 Activity:kinda low
12/5    Are there any good/new games that work on NT4.0 given that
        there is no DirectX upgrade for NT? QuakeII will probably
        work. Anything else?
        \_ Install 95/98 in another partition.  NT5/2k is sposed to have
           directx6 or 7 in it but nt4 is dead.
1998/12/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15079 Activity:very high
12/5    I want some funky kool scientific looking thing running on my
        desktop with meters and stuff and rotating things, like in those
        movies where somebody's using a computer to do stuff. Any ideas?
        \_ which movies and scenes in particular are you refering to?
                \_ I dunno. Any typical movie with some "computer dude"
                   doing something on a computer usually shows some
                   stuff on the screen which has nothing to do with
                   what the person is supposed to be doing, but looks
                   kinda cool anyway.
        \_ I don't know how funky looking you want to get but I've seen
           some really neat stuff running on unix like top/netstat
           running on a transparent eterm.  If you run windowmaker or
           afterstep there are some really high-tech looking things
           like wmclock, wmcdplay, asload, as/wmppp, as/wmeth, etc..
           \_ For processes you can use something line perfmeter (solaris)
              or procmeter (linux). Other possibilites include gmemusage,
              loadmeter, qps, xosview, glload (an openGL based load meter)
                \_ Anything for NT?
                   \_ probably not.  Windows needs a huge makeover to even
                      look slightly kool/scientific/funky.  The best is
                      probably winamp plugins but unless you want to be
                      playing mp3 constantly you're SOL.
                   \_ perfmon can show some rolling graphs of current system
                      usage.  Better than nothing.  What sort of look are
                      you trying for?  Most movies use c64s.
                \_ is a substitute NeXTStep-ish shell for
                Win32, with themes and all ala Afterstep/Windowmaker. My
                personal favorite is Fallout2 theme.    -muchandr
1998/11/19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14976 Activity:high
11/18   Anyone know where I can download the star wars 1 trailer?
        <DEAD>'s<DEAD> download sites are not responding.
        \_ go to, find the SW article, and there's a bunch
           of sites listed.
        \_ it'll be on Entertainment Tonight tonight.
        \_ I have the official trailer on another one of my accounts.
           Would it be against CSUA policy to stick it in /tmp for awhile?
           20MB gzipped.
           \_ Sounds like copyrighted material to me.
           \_ Yeah, but isn't it freely and publicly available? (sorry, i
              dunno jack about copyright laws)
1998/11/17-19 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14967 Activity:very high
11/16   Anybody know of software like MS Frontpage that produces clean HTML
        files instead of MS proprietary .asp files?  I need something
        powerful and easy to use like Frontpage but I don't want to be tied
        to windows.  Thanks.
        \_ Macromedia Dreamweaver. It's used heavily by web development
           professionals, and combines a powerful graphical environment with
           direct source level access. It comes with free, fully integrated
           copies of Allaire Homesite (Win) or BBEdit (Mac), for better quality
           source level control. Very good stuff; I'm a way satisified
           user. Bear Bytes sells it with a student discount. Try a 30 day
           demo at
             the elegant solution to all your text editing problems.
        \_ netscape composer?
        \_ Never use MS products for web development!  Try Homesite by Allaire.
        \_ I've heard that the Macromedia one (DreamWeaver?) is good,
           although I've never tried it personally.  I think you can even
           download a demo version of it to try out.
        \_ -r-xr-xr-x  1 bin  bin  151552 Jul 15 01:52 /bin/rm
             real cs/eecs majors don't waste their time on web pages.
        \_ -rwxr-xr-t  2 bin  bin  1990656 Oct 17  1997 /usr/local/bin/emacs
             the elegant solution to all your text editing^H^H^H OS problems.
             \_ what is the t permission bit for?
        \_ -rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  159744 Dec  4  1997 /usr/local/bin/jove
           -- the bastard son of the elegant solution
        \_ -r-xr-xr-x  6 bin  bin  274432 Jul 15 02:03 /usr/bin/vi
           -- vi h0zer
        \_ -r-xr-xr-x  2 bin  bin  126976 Jul 15 01:51 /bin/ed
           -- the standard text h0zer
        \_ -r-xr-xr-x  1 bin  bin  57344 Aug 18 13:42 /bin/cat
           -- real men don't need to edit; we get it right the first time
        \_ -r-xr-xr-x  1 bin  bin  12288 Aug 24 17:25 /usr/local/bin/pico
           -- a h0zer's tool. period.
           \_ How can pico be smaller than cat?
              \_ It has less functionality.
                 \_ But seriously, folks, it's a Small Matter of Libraries:
                    ldd /bin/cat
                        ldd: /bin/cat: not a dynamic executable
                    ldd /usr/local/bin/pico
                        -lpico.1 => /usr/local/lib/ (0x10020000)
                        -ltermcap.2 => /usr/lib/ (0x10045000)
                        -lc.3 => /usr/lib/ (0x10049000)
        \_ Symantec VisualPage isn't too bad, has WSIWYG and allows you
        to edit the source, and puts a minimum of extra crap into the code.
        Should be able to download a demo from
1998/11/11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14945 Activity:nil
        Starts tonight 6pm.
        \_ remember to behave professionally if you go -- Don Marti is
1998/11/11 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14943 Activity:high
11/10   I have a large .txt file with data in it that I want to open
        in excel. In order to do that, I need to delete all the
        carriage returns from the file. Whats the fastest way to do
        \_ If you have Word, you can search for returns ("^n", I think)
           and replace them with nothing, or a space.  Most word-processors
           should do this, but I assume that if you have Excel than you
           also have Word.  - mikeym
        \_ eh? you want to remove CRLF (PC returns) or just CR?
           Last I remember Excel imports fine with CRLFs.
        \_ as common an operation as this is, you'd think they'd put in a
           quick point'n'click operation to switch betwen unix and dos
           end-of-line format. Oh wait, this is a microsoft product -- there
           are no valid non-dos formats. -ERic
        \_ echo `cat infile.txt` > outfile.txt  -- yuen
1998/11/9-11 [Computer, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14933 Activity:high
11/09   The brightness control on my monitor is broken.  I can decrease
        the brightness but can't increase it.  Does anyone know of a
        program I can use to control the brightness of my monitor or
        reset its brightness to a default value?  I'm hoping for something
        like xvidtune which can also control the brightness.  My monitor
        is a Hitachi SuperScanPro 620 in case it matters.  If nobody
        knows about such a program I would appreciate suggestions on how
        I could get the info to write one.  Thanks. -emin

        If there's ever a sellout from soda like the traitor working for:
        > <DEAD><DEAD>
        than we should all (a) kick him (b) reject him (c) spam him
        and if anyone is bored - feel free to investigate their server
        for weakness. By the way, they have a huge form, and the only thing
         checked? is the credit card! not the website, not your name, only
         the CC#/date. Try it yourself, you'll see they're a scam using soda
        emails found by either security holes, or a traitor.
        \_ Not under warrantee anymore?
           \_ It was given to me so I don't have the warranty

        If there's ever a sellout from soda like the traitor working for:
        > <DEAD><DEAD>
        than we should all (a) kick him (b) reject him (c) spam him
        and if anyone is bored - feel free to investigate their server
        for weakness. By the way, they have a huge form, and the only thing
         checked? is the credit card! not the website, not your name, only
         the CC#/date. Try it yourself, you'll see they're a scam using soda
        emails found by either security holes, or a traitor.
              registration. -emin
        \_ what OS?
           \_ LINUX or Win95.  If you have a solution for another OS
              please let me know anyway. -emin
              \_ Win95:  Intel i740 chipset video cards (most available
                 are AGP) have gamma correct built-in to the Display
                 properties.  Works well.  Not quite monitor hardware
                 control but it may help.  Borrow an i740 from a friend.
        \_ Why don't you take it for repair?  It's highly unlikely that you
           can control the monitor brightness with software.
           \_Cuz he stole it.
        \_ 1) Turn off for at least several hours.
           2) Open case
           3) turn up brightness from control that is broken from the
                \_ Turning off the monitor even for several hours does not
                   insure that the charge built has dissipated, be carefull.
           \_ Best to just discharge the CRT  once you turn it off, then you
              can be reasonably sure its safe.  Not something I'd recommend
              for someone who's never done it before, or who doesn't know
              how to safely discharge a CRT.
              \_ Someone told me I had to lick both my thumbs and press them
                 against the tube while I was standing barefoot in a puddle of
1998/11/3-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14896 Activity:high
11/3    <DEAD><DEAD>
        Whoops, looks like someone already owns the trademark to Windows
        2000. It'd be funny to read a press release by M$: "Windows 2000,
        which was once known as NT 5.0, is now known as NT 5.0."
        \_ This guy's smart.  Remember the other guy who got millions from
        \_ you know what will be really smart is if you copyright Windows
           2001,2002,...,NT 5.1, NT 5.2...That way M$ will have to pay you
           everytime they want to release a new OS.
           \_ Wow!  I wish I had thought of that!!!!!  Idiot, it doesn't
              work that way and even if it did, they'd just sue the shit
              out of you.  Justice is only for the wealthy.
              out of you.  Justice is only for the wealthy, not the stupid.
           \_ It would be even smarter if you learned proper English and
                that you can't "copyright" a word or phrase like "Windows 2001"
                (Trademark != copyright)
        \_ This guy's smart.  Remember the other guy who got millions fro
           DEC for selling them the name
                \_ Compaq actually
                \_ The guy who was using was actually USING it,
                   and had it before Digital started their altavista thing.
                   You can't just domain-squat and expect to get anything
                   from it.
           \_ how about  abc had to pay a ton for that one
           \_ The guy's an idiot (or a weak-willed pussy). He isn't contesting
              microsloth's use.
                \_ Yeah he should throw away a few million bucks fighting M$
                   over the lousy name.  What's he care?  He's likely not
                   only to lose, but to end up having to turn over the w2000
                   domain name too.  He's *smart*, unlike you.  Dummyhead.
                   \_ "Dont ever fight microsoft. They're unbeatable"
                       Yeah, that's the ticket.
                      \_ Don't be stupid. I did *not* say that.  I said it
                         would be totally stupid for this guy to spend real
                         money on this.  Their use doesn't diminish the value
                         for his use and even if it did it wouldn't be worth
                         a law suit.  "Go after M$ no matter what!! At all
                         costs!!! Yeah!!!  Fuck a real world business
                         decision!  SUE SUE SUE!!  Years in court for
                         *nothing*!!  That's the ticket!!"  Idiot.
                         \_ You said he would proably have to turn over
                            the windows2000 domain name. WTF? he was obviously
                            using it first. Idiot.
                          \_ Because, you fucking moron, they would obviously
                             counter sue him for it and a million other things
                             the moment he stuck his dumb ass anywhere near a
                             lawyer.  Grow up.  "I had it first!" doesn't cut
                             it in the real world.  Money does and M$ has it.
                             He has everything to lose and _nothing_ to gain
                             by suing them.  At best he can force them to
                             change the name.  BFD.  What a victory.  At worst
                             he gets crushed in a counter suit since they've
                             been using "windows" and it's variations since
                             the mid-80's.  You, Sir, are a total moron.
                             \_ Your "argument" counts for any other opposition
                                to MS: 'They will countersue, so run away'.
                                Hence my original categorization of you,
                                "Dont ever fight microsoft. They're unbeatable"
                                Enjoy your slavedom, robot.
                                \_ I second that. Hey, you might as well buy
                                   into every other thing that rich assholes
                                   tell you to beleive.
        \_ how about a story-specific url
                                   \_ As one of those rich assholes, I can
                                      tell you I'd rather get sued by some
                                      poor asshole like yourself than some
                                      other rich asshole who stands a chance
                                      of winning.  You certainly don't.  You
                                      can't afford justice.
                                \_ Child, the US Government and 20 States are
                                   suing M$ with *your* money about what
                                   should be a cut'n'dry issue but they're
                                   likely to lose anyway.
                                \_ Why should he sue them?  Who cares?  He
                                   won't get anything out of it even if he
                                   wins since he can't show any damages.
                                   The very idea of going to court for a few
                                   years over something like this baffles me.
1998/11/3-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14894 Activity:high
11/3    Could someone please repost the URL to that 'halloween.html'
        article, the one about Microsoft and Linux?
        \_ The URL is --marc
        This seems like a purposeful leak to make Linux seem like
        a threat to Microsoft, and therefore imply Microsoft isn't
        a monopoly with the intent of effecting the anti-trust lawsuits. -ax
        \_ The memo seems like a purposeful leak by Microsoft to imply
        there is an up and coming competitor to their OS that is not effected
        by their existing marketshare, therefore proving they do not
        have a monopolistic stranglehold on the OS market.  That might
        \_ The URL is --mar
        \_ The memo seems like a purposeful leak by Microsoft to impl
        there is an up and coming competitor to their OS that is not effecte
        by their existing marketshare, therefore proving they do no
        have a monopolistic stranglehold on the OS market.  That migh
        slow down the governments anti-trust hearings
           \_ Damn!  Those evil Redmond lawyers are so smart
        \_ however, that does not obviate their previously illegal activites
           \_ Do you mean "obviate" or "absolve" ?
              \_ either/both
                \_ the words have different meanings.
                   \_ and either are appropriate in this case.
                        \_ actually the sentence doesn't really make sense
                           with either word.
                           \_ "that does not [aquit them from] their
                               previous illegal activities".
                               Okay, obviate isn't the best fit as it stands,
                               for intended meaning. Although taken on the
                               face, it still is a true statement.
                               This release in no way diminishes the
                               effectiveness of their prior activities :-)
                               \_ obviate means "to anticipate and prevent
                                  (as a situation) or make unnecessary (as
                                  an action)."  it refers to events or actions
                                  that have not yet taken place.  you cannot
                                  use it to refer to past activities.
1998/11/3-4 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14892 Activity:high 52%like:14543 50%like:15262
11/3    EECS Instructional is *still* looking for a full-time staff member.
        /csua/pub/jobs/EECS-Inst-PAIII   or
        -brg   <--- overworked, but not underpaid.
        \_ We also have an opening for a student who can admin NT. -brg
        \_ Could be a good opportunity for all the people who whine about
        \_ We also have an opening for a student who can admin NT. -br
        \_ I tend to attribute the suck to the approximately 1:1,200
        \_ Could be a good opportunity for all the people who whine abou
           how "EECS Instructional sucks!" to do something about it
        \_ I tend to attribute the suck to the approximately 1:1,20
                \_ No way, eh.  I was a PAI....  -blojo
        \_ I tend to attribute the suck to the approximately 1:1,200
           Instructional staff-to-user ratio
           \_ I worked as a PAIII and the pay sure sucked
              \_ that you blojo?  peacock?  is that you buddy
                \_ No way, eh.  I was a PAI....  -bloj
1998/11/3-4 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14889 Activity:moderate
11/3    Computer for sale. 9months old.  K6-200Mhz, 64 SDRAM, 4.3GB,
        ATI all-in-wonder /w TV, 3D accel, etc. Creative DVD drive and
        decoder card. 56.6k f/v/m, SB 64AWE, ProAlpha super case 3 fans,
        15" digital monitor.  Win98, MS office, DragonNatspeak 3.01 which
        is $695 speach recognition software.  $1000 or best offer. -hitran
        \_ Wow, damn good deal. I'd get it, but i already have a computer
        \_ Actually Dragon is $100-$150.  Will you be selling the original
           media or keeping it?  Is it okay to use the motd to post ads for
        \_ Wow, damn good deal. I'd get it, but i already have a compute
                \_ actually it's the Deluxe edition so it IS $695...look
                   it can't buy this one just anywhere.-hitran
        \_ Why are you selling it?  I don't think you'll be able to sell it
        \_ Actually Dragon is $100-$150.  Will you be selling the origina
           \_ hey dumbass, it will be kinda hard for him to do that if
           media or keeping it?  Is it okay to use the motd to post ads fo
           \_selling it cuz I'm short on cash.-hitran
           piracy if you're not selling the originals
           \_ yup...I have the media disc of Dragon Natspeak.  but win98
                \_ actually it's the Deluxe edition so it IS $695...loo
                   it can't buy this one just anywhere.-hitra
        \_ Why are you selling it?  I don't think you'll be able to sell i
           it here.  but let me know if you get it sold and how much
           \_ hey dumbass, it will be kinda hard for him to do that i
              you don't sign your fucking name
           \_selling it cuz I'm short on cash.-hitra
        \_ Pretty good if software is not pirated
           \_ yup...I have the media disc of Dragon Natspeak.  but win9
                was it might be pirated
1998/11/3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14884 Activity:high
11/2    Anybody know if this is for real
        "Eric Raymond was recently leaked an internal Microsoft memo
        outlining strategies to be used against open-source software.
        The document, with esr's comments, is available for your personal
        \_ i have too many projects and midterms to read the whole damn
           thing.  what's the gist?
        \_ if it is a hoax, someone had way too much time on his hands.
           it's pretty lengthy & detailed.
        \_ This is already posted below (q.v.).
          \_ has a headline saying microsoft admits the
             oss memo is authentic...
        \_ & the wall street journal got microsoft spokesdroids
                to confirm it
1998/11/1-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14869 Activity:high
10/31  "Why is ``Windows 98'' so buggy? Microsoft is fighting an
        uphill battle: conceptually, they're still somewhere
         in an eating place in Qandahar pointing at various kinds
        of sheep kebabs. UNIX, on the other hand, is sitting in a
        smoky student cafe in Hamburg discussing abstract
        philosophy, and people around don't have the faintest idea what
        they're talking about"

        -from this month's daemon news
        \_ Uhm yeah whatever.  Very deep.
         \_ It was put up because I found it amusing, not deep.
          \_ Must be something wrong with me then as I find it neither
             amusing not deep.  What was amusing or deep about it?
             amusing nor deep.  What was amusing or deep about it?
             \_ It's amusing as a nice metaphor for the sophistication of
                Unix and its design as compared to those of Windows 9{5,8}.
                See the article it comes from for a more substantial account.
1998/10/29-31 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14851 Activity:low
10/28   For those who already have Photoshop 5, what are some of the key
        features you like? Is it really worth upgrading from 4 to 5? Thanks.
        \_ multiple undos = GOOD THING. also smarter selection tools.
           much better text manipulation. but is this and more worth the
           upgrade? judgement call here... imho, no.
           \_ and for about $0 you can get a lot of the same high quality
              image manip tools as Photoshop.
              \_ And it works with my Wacom Artz II =)  --dbushong
                 \_ what is that?..some kind of pen input device? The last
                    time i used one of those i found it to be more annoying
                    than helpful
        \_ The text manipulation is only good for non-web graphics (ie
           print graphics)... There's a kerning bug in PS5 which prevents
           it from rendering decent web type. -- chucky
           \_ chucky needs to be sodomized
           \_ seano needs to be sodomized
        \_ I like Dr. Watson.
1998/10/28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14844 Activity:nil
10/27   Microsoft has decided to rename Windows NT 5.0 to Windows 2000
        for the year 2000. I guess we can see a trend here.  check out
        \_ "Windows 2000 will emerge in 1999, and will become a
            substantial part of the market by the year 2000."
                        --- Brad Chase, vice president of Windows marketing
            \_ I have my doubts that either of these will happen.
        \_ Windows 2000: the number of new bugs introduced that'll have to
           be fixed by SP2 before anyone takes it semi-seriously.
1998/10/24-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14821 Activity:high
10/23   Does Win3.1/95/NT use single-byte or double-byte characters
        internally?  Thanks.
        \_ 3.1 uses single-byte
           \_ Others don't; it may depend on the version of NT, though.
        \_ WinNT uses Unicode internally (Win32), which is double-byte.  Win95
           supports most of the specs of Win32, but because of its Win3.1
           heritage, uses ANSI strings, which are usually single-byte. -jctwu
1998/10/16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14784 Activity:moderate 50%like:14602
10/15   Want to do $ome Win95 tutoring?  /csua/pub/jobs/tutor10.15.98
        \_ the only thing you need to know about Win95 is that you press
           ctrl-alt-del every five minutes.
                \_ come I can't find the "ctrl-alt-del" key on my
                   keyboard?  Is it on my mouse?  Or mousepad?  Monitor?
1998/10/13-15 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14768 Activity:high
10/12  Meet Eric Allman, creator of Sendmail - Wednesday, Oct. 14th
       Sendmail Info-session, 5:00pm Wozniak Lounge.
       Pizza (Zachary's I think) and raffle, Bring your resume!! -- chucky
                                             \_ or your gun . . .
       \_ Give me a B!  Give me an E!  Give me a N!
          Give me C!  Give me an O!  What's that spell?
          Louder!  I can't hear you!
                                             \_ or your gun . . .
        \_ It's a little weird to envision being _hired_ by Sendmail.
                \_ Why?  It's just another software computer company.
                   \_ It's also a legendary part of Unix -- imagine being hired
                      by Cron or something.
        \_ It's funny how the most widely used mail routing softwrare has
                        \_ Yeah whatever.  Get your head out of the clouds.
                           It's a software company like any other.  Perhaps
                           I simply lack your point of view.  I'll leave it
                           at that.
        \_ It's funny how the most widely used mail routing software has
           been the most critcized for security flaws.  The guy at Cornell
           who wrote the worm that infected a third of the internets computer
           exploited a little hole in the software.
           \_ It's the intertia thing.  Who wants to learn a new mail system?
           \_ No one finds bugs in software no one uses.  Netscape, MSIE,
                Windows 95/NT, and plenty of UNIX software have also been
                found to be riddled with security flaws.
                \_ Yeah, but in the unix world holes get fixed.
                        \_ Which is why 10 years after the Internet worm,
                        buffer overflows are still being found since
                        individuals holes are fixed, but no one learns.
                        Look how long it's taken to get snprintf() support
                        in all the major unix flavors.
                        \_ 20 years from now, NT 11.8 will be on service pack
                           14beta and it still won't work right.
                           \_ Windoze will crash and burn before reaching
                              version 11.8.
                                \_ We can only hope.
                                   \_ see, m$ keeps all their source code
                                      for NT on some computer running NT.
                                      now when that computer starts crashing
                                      enough times the file system will be
                                      corrupted and the vioala, no more source
                                      code for Windows NT...and then the
                                      world rejoices!
                \_ sendmail hasn't had any new security holes in quite
                   some time.  It went through a security audit a while back
                   that appears to have caught a lot of the potential
                   problems.  -tom
                   \_ now if only they could fix that durn performance problem.
                        \_ performance isn't a serious issue for 99% of the
                           machines out there.  The fact that it's a pain
                           to set up and use is.  -tom
                           \_ Yeah just throw more hardware at it, MS style.
                        \_ MS clearly didn't invent that strategy.  -tom
                           \_ no, they invented the virus disguised as an OS.
1998/10/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14747 Activity:high
10/6    How come the "loadhigh" command doesn't work on the NT command prompt?
        \_ cuz NT is not a dos OS.
1998/9/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:14696 Activity:high
9/29    Is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to install 2.5.1 on an
        ULTRA ? Doing a boot cdrom from a solaris 2.5.1 CD keeps on asking
        me for the kernel location --ramberg
                Sounds like an Ultra 5, 10, 30 running an older 2.5.1
                CD.  You need 2.5.1 HW 11/97 or later.  Could also
                be the eeprom settings.  -ax
                \_ If this is indeed an ultra5,10, or 30, most 2.5.1 revs
                   are missing the /platform/SUNW,Ultra-n link with which
                   it tries to track down the kernel.  try giving it
                   "/platform/sun4u/kernel/genunix" or sumthn like that.
                   then, when it's installed, make sure to make the link
                   in /platform. -- scotsman
        \_ Install a REAL OS like NT or 95/98.  (hah! take *that* you *NIX
        \_ Yes, there's a reason.  You need a real OS like Windows!
        \_ Yes, there's a reason.  You need a real OS like Windows!  All
           the folowing comments make it clear why Windows is winning and
           *NIX is for geeks.
                Sounds like an Ultra 5, 10, 30 running an older 2.5.1
                CD.  You need 2.5.1 HW 11/97 or later.  Could also
                be the eeprom settings.  -ax
                \_ If this is indeed an ultra5,10, or 30, most 2.5.1 revs
                   are missing the /platform/SUNW,Ultra-n link with which
                   it tries to track down the kernel.  try giving it
                   "/platform/sun4u/kernel/genunix" or sumthn like that.
                   then, when it's installed, make sure to make the link
                   in /platform. -- scotsman
        \_ it is the CD-ROM, 11/97 is the correct HW release. --jon
        \_ If it's the original 2.5.1 release it only supports the Ultra 1/2,
           & {3,4,5,6}000 - later models need later releases
1998/9/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14682 Activity:high
9/26    Anyone know of a free LAN<->Internet routing software for win98.
        only one i can find is WinGate which isn't exactly freeware...
        \_ Linux
           \_ No money for another box...and we want to keep all the
              machines running windoze...
              \_ then you deserve what you get. if you're running windoze,
                 you should be used to paying for software. Unless you're
                 pirating, in which case, again, you deserve what you get.
              \_ ick.  And more Linux developers have a free software
                 mentality: since others shared code with them, they more often
                 want to share code with others.  A very small percentage of
                 the best software for non-free platforms is free.  You will
                 probably find a free (WWW) proxy, but probably not free
                 masquerading.  But this has been in the Linux kernel for
                 several years, at a cost to you for $0 per seat.
             \_ go dumpster diving - for just a gateway machine a 386 or 486
                will work
        \_ Yes, a peecee un*x box would fit the bill, especially since you
           can get away with a cheapo one for this purpose.  But for
           strictly Winbloze platforms, what is it about WinGate that doesn't
           suit?  It's pretty much freeware if you're just using it around the
           house, like to have two peecees connected to the net.  Are you
           doing this at a commercial site or something?  --sowings
           \_ i was under the impression that "1 user" literally
     user..  from the way the "readme" described it..
              it said only 1 user can be on the net at a time in this
              mode...  for more than 1's pay...
              \_ Actually, when they say one user, they mean one user, not
                 counting the actual wingate machine.  So if your network will
                 only consist of 2 machines, then it'll work, and it's free..
                 but again, a Linux box is probably a better long term
1998/9/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14649 Activity:kinda low
9/21    Is there a way to make the "at" command on WinNT execute as a
        particular user?  Thx.  -- yuen
        \_ No.  Try a third party cron software such as Crond.
        \_ Yes. Try su for Win32 included in the NT ResKit. -slow
           \_ Where can I find NT ResKit?  I searched M$ website and I only
              found Resource Kits for Exchange, Project, etc, but not NT
              itself.  Thx again.  -- yuen
        \_ Which?
           a) you want to run the "at" command as a certain user, or
           b) you want the commands scheduled to be executed using a certain
              user's privileges?
           Questions sounds like a, but most people want b.
           Someone deleted my b answer, too. -jctwu
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14603 Activity:moderate
9/15    is eudora 4.1 beta stable enough to use?
        \_ It's a beta.  That means you're testing unstable code.
                \_ Some companies betas are more stable than other's releases.
                   (I'll take a Solaris beta over a Win NT release any day.)
                        \_ That's because you haven't learned Microsoft speak
                           yet.  Win NT 4.0 = "beta release".  4.0SP4 is the
                           the real release.
                           \_ THERE IS A SP4??? Where can I get it (without
                              registering w/ M$)?
                                \_ MS has been saying it will be released
                                   RSN for many months, but everytime they
                                   get ready for release, they find new bugs
                                   to fix.  It might or not make it out before
                                   the NT 5.0 release in 2000.
                                \_ If you're special, you can get parts of it
                                   or (get this!) a beta SP4 release.
1998/9/14-15 [Reference/RealEstate, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14591 Activity:nil
09/13   Studio for sublet for semester or longer. -hitran
        Please don't delete this.
        \_ try putting it in /csua/pub/housing
        \_ Learn how to make a real web page, not just using MS crap that
           puts in IMG src="file:///C:/My%20Documents/rent/floorplan.gif"
            (like we can see gifs on your stupid winblows machine)
        \_ And while you're at it, learn how to spell
1998/9/13-15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14586 Activity:very high
09/13   Does anyone have Quickbooks that I might borrow it...uh... to, you
        know, *try it out* before I *buy* it (Win98)?  - seano
        \_ You can get a trial copy off the web site. Works for something
           like 50 transactions.
         \_ I'd like to try it out for a few years.  I'd also like to copy
            the docs and burn off a few thousand copies to sell.  -seano
            \_ What a pathetically obvious forgery.  Note the lack of ' '
               after the '-' before "seano" to be consistent.  Note the
               extra space indent before the \_.  Sheesh, what is simple
               forging coming to?  -not seano
             \_ Uhm, wtf are you talking about?  -confused that you give a shit
                \_ Dear confused. I advise that you examine your feelings of
                   anger, confusion, and rejection.  Why do you feel this way?
                        \_ I'm not angry or rejected.  Just confused.
                   You may come to realize that these negative emotions are
                   unnecessary to your health and well being, and are holding
                   Feel your feelings, and be happy. - fake seano
                   you back from being true to yourself.  Let it all out.
                   Feel your self, and be happy. - fake seano
                        \_ I NEEEEED MY PAIN!  -JTK
        \_ wtf are you using win98 anyways, you cum-tasting whore?
           \_ Cum tastes gooood! especially after you eat lots of fruit
                \_ meat (especially red meat) makes nasty-tasting cum, so
                        if you want more blowjobs, become a vegetarian
                        \_ Get someone less prissy to suck your cock.
            the docs and burn off a few thousand copies to sell.
        \_ Okay, it looks like I have to set the score straight for you
           unfortunate abortion mishaps: I don't want a trial copy of
           quickbooks. I do want to try it out for an unspecified length
           of time. If there is a SunOS 5.yadda version, I can use that
           A WIN PARTITION DON'T I, MR. CUM-CONNAISSEUR. Finally, I don't
           care when losers forge my name because I'm a megalomaniac
           impressed by instances like this that illustrate how lesser
           people actually spend time concerned with me. -(fucker)
           \_ then why didn't you just ask if anyone had a copy of
              Quickbooks for you to try?  I'm sure someone would have
              \_ whatever flora is stuck in your rectum compliments well
                 the fetid shit in your head... what sorry ass reason do
                 you have for your problem with the way I asked the
                 question and what makes you think no one responded? You
                 are the kind of fool who would be markedly improved by
                 \_ You seem somewhat distraught.  Try pot.
                 repeated stomping to the head/neck/genital areas. -(fucker)
                 \_ like i said, if you asked politely someone might
1998/9/4-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14547 Activity:low
9/4     For a humourous (and plausible) story of someone giving
        a MS Product Manager hell at Usenix NT, see:
            ~jon/pub/KornVsMS           --jon
        \_ This is great!  Has this been confirmed?
        \_ What's new? We already know that MS people don't have a clue
           about what they're talking about.  It's pretty funny though.
        \_ Not that I am a great fan of MS software but you got to give
           them credit for knowing how to kick the shit out of unix.
                \_ csua should turn off acounts of berkeley alumns who
                   live in Redmond Washington.
                \_ Not really.  Anyone with a Marketing division could do
                   that.  Who speaks for unix?  No one.
                   \_ I am the Lorax, I speak for the BSDs.
1998/9/4-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14543 Activity:low 52%like:14892
9/3  PA III (full time career position) opening in EECS Instructional &
     Electronics Support.
     or /csua/pub/jobs/EECS-Inst-PAIII   --brg
        \_ Noooo... don't do it!
           \_ kind of feels like going on a date with your sister, doesn't it?
                \_ I don't have a sister, but maybe.  It's more like a gilded
                   cage on a slave ship.
1998/9/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14535 Activity:high
9/2     Can someone give me help on authenticating NT users to a Linux
        box running Samba?  Specifics in ~john/samba-nt.  No "NT sucks,
        run Unix instead", since if this works we can ditch all our NT
        servers...      -John
        \_ See the docs/security_levels.txt file distributed with samba.
        \_ You want to set "security = server" in smb.conf, and then add
           "password server = ntbox" (where ntbox is an nt machine that
           can authenticate users).  See the docs/security_levels.txt file
           distributed with samba.
        \_ RTFM.  This is all clearly document in the samba docs.
        \_ RTFM.  This is all clearly documented in the samba docs.
          \_ Answers like this suck. It may be better to say which docs
             and where in the docs to find it, not just rtfm.
             \_ You fucking idiot.  There's an obvious "docs" directory in
                the samba distribution with blatantly obvious filenames that
                a moron even of your caliber could figure out.  You want me
                to edit the smb.conf file for him and wipe his ass with my
                silk hanky, too?  Answers like this are perfectly reasonable
                when the docs are in your face and quite clear.  You are such
                a fucking idiot, I feel the need to say it twice.
                \_ Calling me an idiot isn't helpful nor is answering rtfm to
                   even the most obvious questions.
                   It doesn't matter if the docs are in his face, he's asking
                   for your help not responses that say rtfm.
                   even the most obvious questions. Its lame CS people like
                   yourself who don't promote or encourage the use of technology
                   because your "know it all" attitude hinders anyone from
                   approaching you to learn. No, you don't have to edit his
                   smb.conf for him, but answering the question and then pointing
                   to docs will be the most useful especially if he's a newbie.
           \_ It is not clearly documented in the samba docs.  From the
              smb.conf man page:  "If you mostly use usernames that don't
              exist on the UNIX box then use "security = share".  Plus,
              when I log into NT domain (y) from an NT workstation on
              NT domain (x) I get my authentication information from
              whatever NT server in (y) decides it's the most available
              bdc (or pdc) rather than from one specific machine.  Please
              don't make vicious, stupid comments like that, or at least
              sign your name, coward.  -John
1998/8/31 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14528 Activity:very high
8/31    Running microsoft win 9X, Starting any number of programs, the
                               \_ which one?  95 or 98--or both?
        machine crashes.  Cntrl-alt-del gets you to see that msgsrv32 is
        not responding (ending task usually allows normal comp. use
        thereafter). I've scoured the net and the only advice that seems
        to be out there is to turn off power management.  This does not
        help.  Any suggestions?  (Please not: "use a real o.s." If I could
        get these people to use unix, i certainly would.  Maybe Rhapsody will
        save the universe; until then, please work within the (implied)
        context of the question).  Thanks.  -crebbs
        \_ format disk, reinstall windows, restore from backups ( you do have
           backups, right? ).  This is the general solution for all windows
           problems. -ERic
        \_ 95: you've installed all the available patches?
           98: don't be stupid.  Wipe disk, install 95 + patches.
           Poss. alternative: install NTWS if you've got the HW for it and
           it runs the required software.
1998/8/25 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14501 Activity:nil
8/24    Los Angeles School District accused of software piracy (to the
        tune of $5 million) See:
        \_ They only paid $300K in fines, right?  More $ -> Bill!
1998/8/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:14457 Activity:high
8/14    Does anyone know of any good linux file viewers.  Something
        similar to MacOS finder or BeOS desktop.  I want something that
        DOES NOT look like MS Windows Exploder.
        \_ Try IE4.0 with ActiveDesktop.  Can't go wrong.
          \_ They ported it to Linux???
                \_ MS is everywhere.
        \_ Try kfm, it comes with KDE.  Its sort of like the Windows
           Explorer and the MacOS Finder rolled into one.  Another
           alternative would be to install "Crappy" Desktop
           Environment and use dtfm.  I've heard that GNOME and
           GNUstep have nice file viewers, but I have not used these
           myself.  As a former mac user, I find xterm and ls much
           more pleasing than the finder.
1998/8/13 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14446 Activity:nil
8/12    I have a PII and I've got Linux running on it.  I have
        6G hard drive space and I'm considering repartitioning
        and then installing Win95/98 on it along with Linux,
        but after reading usenet posts on it, have been a bit
        wary.  It doesn't look very pretty.  My question for
        Sodans:  Have you successfully installed both on your
        computer?  If so, how did you set your computer to boot?
        \_ Barring availability of a program like Partition Magic or
           System Commander, the best way I've found is to install
           Windows 95 first and then install Linux. Tell Linux you
           want to boot from a floppy. It's not much slower and it'll
           save you grief if you need to reinstall Windows, because
           Windows will mess with your MBR. I do this with Redhat and
           Windows 95 OSR2 all the time. Forget lilo. --dim
           \_ Ugh, boot disks are a pain in the ass.  I've successfully
              installed an unistalled linux and lilo with great ease.  To
              get rid of any history of linux+lilo just restore your
              original partition with fips and run fdisk /MBR which will
              retore you master boot record to its original state.  Hell,
              you might like linux so much that you'll get rid of win95
              all together. :-)
              \_ You just keep the boot disk in the drive all the time.
                 Not a big deal. The problem is not uninstalling Linux,
                 but reinstalling Windows. It will hose the MBR and lilo
                 in its march towards world domination! --dim
        \_ Many people who dual boot install ms windows first and then use
           a drive partitioner like Partition Magic or fips (fips15c comes
           with many linux distributions) to chop the drive.  Don't forget
           to defrag you drive first.  I wouldn't worry too much because
           you can always undo this.  If you have any valuable data backup
           it up first (ie. old papers and projects) onto some mass
           storage device.  If you have a new computer you probably have
           FAT32 which I hear is a pain in this ass.  You'd better check
           up on that.  There are many ways to dual boot but the best way
           is linux loader (lilo).  To get rid of it (and the linux OS)
           type fdisk /MBR from the dos prompt
           \_ oh yeah, if you're installing from the RH distribution the
              installation software will automatically detect the other
              OS's partition and set lilo to dual boot both OS's.  It
              selects linux as the default boot and gives you about 10
              seconds to decide at startup.  To change the lilo settings
              edit the /etc/lilo.conf file and invoke /sbin/lilo.  You
              should also do this after recompiling your kernel.
        \_ Dual booting works fine; you just have to understand what you
           are doing.  LILO rules; I once used it to setup 4 OS's on the
           same computer, including both SCO and Interactive Unix which
           used the same partition id and refused to coexist (had to create
           hand-edited MBRs...).  Do the following:
           - back up current Linux stuff.
           - boot from a DOS 7.0 floppy, blow away Linux partition, create
             a Primary partiton (3G or something) -- then you don't have
             to resize it later.
           - install DOS 7.0.
           - install Linux, creating appropriate partitions.
           - install LILO on Linux root partition; this doesn't affect MBR,
             which M$ OS's have a habit of randomly overwriting.
           - mark Linux partition "active" with either DOS or Linux fdisk.
        \_ NOOO!  Don't put win95 on your PC!  It will permanently crash it!
        \_ NOOO!  Don't put linux on your PC!  It will permanently crash it!
1998/8/8-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14430 Activity:nil
1998/8/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:14425 Activity:insanely high
        \_ ausman's quoted!
           \_ umm doesn't he know the author of that articla (reb eisenberg)
             personally?  This is more of a logrolling thing than anything,
             and eisenberg's articles are usually pretty fatuous.  But atleast
             she actually _quotes_ a human being in this one...
        \_ Linux maybe easy to install for soda geeks, but not for
           casual users.  The learning curve of Linux is too steep
           for casual users.  Why would my grandma want to know about
           file permissions and how to recompile the kernel when a
           new device is installed?  I'd like to see an alternative to
           M$, but Linux at current stage just wont do it in the
           ease of use department.
        \_ The Linux OS is actually much simpler than the Win95 OS.  It's
           overall structure may be somewhat difficult to understand at
           first but when you compare it to Windows 95 it's really not
           bad.  The one thing that Linux lacks is a fully developed front
           end so doing any kind of configuration requires a geek brain.
           Windows, on the other hand, has such a fully developed front
           end that it covers up the horrible complexity of the OS.
           \_ The point made at the forum (yes I was there) was that most
              Windows users have *never* installed the OS... It came
              preinstalled on their machines. I installed RedHat 5.1 recently
              and it was so simple my iguana could do it.  As for drivers,
              hello, Linux lets you compile things as modules that can be
              inserted into the kernel and removed at run time with no
              trouble.  I'm sure it won't be long before RedHat automates
              getting and compiling new driver modules as root a reality...
              It's pretty likely that people will never have to be root on
              their own systems unless they want to be. -mogul
              \_ My grandmother has conceptual difficulty with the concept
                 that moving the mouse causes the virtual pointer on the
                 screen to move.  What seems obvious to you, is not so to the
                 average user.  Kernel?  Drivers?  Modules?  Compile?  Root?
                 Explain *that* to my grandmother.  Good luck in Linuxland.
                 Until you've got a Linux system my grandmother can deal with
                 Linux won't be any sort of serious home market competition.
                 \_ Hey motherfucker, *my* grandmother was Admiral Grace
                    Murray Hopper's secret lesbian lover on-and-off throughout
                    the 1950s.  *She* invented COBOL, and that bitch Hopper
                    stole it from her and took all the credit.  She got a
                    UNIVAC running with a soldering iron and a bootstrap
                    paper tape (punched by hand, with a pencil, guessing
                    where the holes should be) just in time for it to predict
                    that Eisenhower would win the Presidential election on
                    national TV.  *My* grandmother *laughs* at Windows, saying
                    that it's only fit for people who drool on themselves.
                    TECHNICAL IMBECILE.  THANK YOU.
                    A TECHNICAL IMBECILE.  THANK YOU.
                    \_ Yep, exactly.  A univac and soldering iron is just as
                       far from real people as linux.  Thanks for helping to
                       make my point.
                 \_ My grandmother was scared of the point-and-shoot camera
                    we gave her for Christmas (total controls: on/off switch,
                    "take picture" button) and wanted us to take it back
                    because she was afraid she'd never be able to learn how to
                    use it.  Obviously, she'll never become a Windows user,
                    either -- therefore, Windows can never succeed in the
                    commercial marketplace!  QED.  Using "my grandmother can't
                    \_ Your grandmother is a bonehead.  What more is there?
                       The world will be a better place when the old bag is
                       dead and the rest of us can move on without her.
                           don't have the time to wait for hackers to write the
                    do this" is a boneheaded metric.
              \_ Hmmm...does an average user know what "compiling a new driver"
                 is?  My sister has no concept of a hard disk, memory or cpu.
                 Some of my co-workers (who are EE) think hard disk and memory
                 are the same thing and use those terms interchangeably.
                 \_ I've had to deal with the RAM/HD thing before too.  After
                    10 minutes of careful explanation, they still didn't get
                    it.  Let's get real here, folks, the vast majority of
                    people don't think Windows is easy.  Forget any sort of
                    unix until it's as easy, or easier to install,use,
                    configure, upgrade, patch, etc, as windows is today.
                    \_ For what it's worth I think that anyone who likes
                       computers (as opposed to just tolerating them) can
                       install and run Linux successfully. By the way, I
                       know a lot of grandfathers who have had no trouble
                       installing Linux. Many grandfathers are in their
                       \_ Keep the discrimination bullshit off the motd.  I
                          know you're inundated with that crap at Cal everyday
                          but seriously, it has no place outside your save
                          the whales sociology classes.
                          the whales sociology classes.  The typical grand
                          father outside a trailer park is in his 60s or
                          older.  Unlike your grandfather he didn't impregnate
                          his own daughter to produce his own son/grandson.
                          \_ Fuck off, anonymous asshole. --dim
                                \_ oooh, aaah, your sharp wit has cut me to
                                   the bone! oh help me! help help!  Your
                                   genetic "purity" is showing through.
                                   \_ Fuck off, anonymous asshole. --dim
                                        \_ Fuck off, you purified asshole.
                       40's (although I know some in their 60's running
                       Linux). Why discriminate based on age? --dim
                        \_ stupid series of brainless flames deleted.
        \_ Take a look at redhat 5.1.  If you can't install that, you
           probably can't program your VCR's clock either.  -jor
           Why are we still talking about Sunday's paper, anyway?
           \_ I can't program my VCR's clock but I can program in 5 major
              languages, multiple OS experience, write client/server apps,
              etc, etc.  What's your point?  My computer isn't a VCR.
        \_ It would be nice if other hardware vendors would support it.
           Device drivers are typically 6 months behind.
                \_ What for?  Hackers can just deal or write their own drivers
                   and it's too hard for the home market.
                        \_ First of all, I am not a hacker.  Secondly, I
                           don't the time to wait for hackers to write the
                           drivers.  Thirdly, it's to time consuming to search
                           for drivers that hackers wrote.
                           \_ Yes, and why should the companies waste their
                              time writing drivers for all 6 of their linux
                              customers when they could make some real money
                              from their potentially millions of windows
                              customers?  You have 3 choices: 1)use windows,
                              2)write your own drivers, 3)just deal with the
                              fact that you're not using a consumer level OS
                              and all that goes with it.  It's a pure fantasy
                              to think linux will get new drivers at the same
                              rate as windows users.  Who gives a flying fuck
                              about a zero income producing market?
                                \_ you are a dumb fuck.  gnu software is a
                                   zero income market because PEOPLE DON'T
                                   CHARGE FOR THEM not because they're
                                   \_ My OS user base has grown %100 in the
                                      last 5 minutes.  We went from 1 user to
                                      2.  Lesson: don't use statistics to lie.
                                      Growth is meaningless.  Only current and
                                      immediate future absolute figures count.
                                      Your lack of concern for income is one
                                      reason you'll never manage anything but
                                      your linux box and your dog house and
                                      I'll bet your dog goes on strike in the
                                      first 6 weeks.
                                \_ i give a flying fuck about a zero
                          income market considering that they make real
                                   OS's.  Windows may dominate now but
                        \_ Linux is s0 k-rad it kan f1t en 2kay!!!1112!@!@11
                                   Linux has the fastest growing user base
                                   in the OS market.  It is expected to
                                   soon outdo MacOS.
                                   \_ STUPID BRAINLESS FLAME DELETED
        \_ The article mentions that Linux was ported to the Palm
           Pilot.  infoP?
           \_ check recent issues of MicroTimes/Computer Currents
              (within the last month or two); I saw an article there
              on the porting project, but I don't recall when.  -goetz
                \_ How???  PalmPilot can hold only like 2MB of ram/storage.
                        \_ Linux is s0 k-rad it kan fit en 2kay!!!1112!@!@11
                   \_ I know someone running it on a PalmPilot. It's
                      pretty cool. --dim
                        \_ "cool" is a good metric.  How about "useful"?
        \_ a multiuser OS in the hand of a clueless(which the majority
           of the casual users are) is more vulnerable security wise
           than an OS designed with clueless user in mind(Windoze).
           Do those Linux distributors have a version with most
           vulnerable service turned off?
        \_ Who is going to tell my grandmother she needs a security patch
           later, much less help her install it and make sure it's done?
           Who will help her install MSWord on her Linux box?
           \_ Who will tell your grandmother that she needs a new version of
              MSIE or Netscape or Eudora because of insecurities in the
              current version?  Who will help her install MSWord on her
              Win<xx> box?  If your grandmother falls in the forest and
              there is nobody around to hear it, does she still make a
              sound?  All these are questions that you must answer before
              you reach the path to true enlightenment.
              \_ I answered this but it was deleted: anyone who can double
                 click the SETUP.EXE icon will do it for her.  This means
                 tech support from anyone, the kid who cuts her grass, a
                 friendly neighbor, the plumber who fixed her broken pipe
                 last week.  None of those people is going to have a friggin
                 clue about linux and rightly so.  Trying to claim windows is
                 as uncommon or hard to use as linux is beyond stupid.  That
                 sort of comment puts you well into the realms of the self
                 deluded and blind.
1998/8/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14418 Activity:high
7/31    Latest M$ claim:
        The company said the following in court filings: [...] It
        planned to integrate its Internet Explorer technologies "long
        before" Netscape Communications even existed, refuting the
        government's claim. In a conference call, Microsoft
        said that it has been working since as far back as late
        1993 on this project.
        \_ I've seen IE on the Win 95 beta (code name Chicago) in summer of
           1994.  It wasn't called IE then.  At that time, I had no idea
           what WWW is.
           \_ I remembered when Chicago was being presented.  It was
              the days of NCSA Mosaic which was about the same time that
              Netscape was about to start.  www wasn't as big but it was
              still there.
        \_ is really doesn't matter what m$/gov claims on the ie issue.  in
        the end gov will define clearly what an o/s is and is not, and what
        an app is and is not for the software industry because the software
        industry is either incapable or unwill to do it.  just compare it with
        the development of the tv rating system.
                \_ I thought the IE/OS issue has already been settled by some
                   court.  The issue now is whether M$ has participated in
                   anti-competitive practices such as designing OS to purposely
                   destroy its competitors (Netscape, RealNetworks, Caldera,
                   \_ That decision was decided by judges who knew jack
                      about what an OS and web client is.  M$ can make the
                      \_ What the judges say, ignorant or not, is what
                         will happen.
                      ridiculous argument that merging OS/IE improves
                      performance because it allows it to load up faster.
                      the icon it won't take as long.  Hell, might as well
                      When you think about this really means that Win98
                      loads up most of IE so that when you double click
                      load programs into memory because it will already be
                      the icon it won't take as long.  Hell, you might as well
                      load up every other program on your computer at boot
                      time while you're at it.  That way you won't have to
                      load programs into memory when you really need them
                      because it will already be
                      there.  The fact is Active Desktop SUCKS, and so
                      does IE, and your computer is not a fucking web
                      page.  You don't internet explore your hard drive.
                      \_ The best thing about the Active Desktop is that
                         you still have the option to turn it off. --dim
                      \_ IE not only loads faster, it runs faster than
                      \_ Here's the deal.  Windows 98 is faster than
                         than Windows 95 with IE4 integrated.  BUT, Windows
                         95 without IE4 (i.e., not integrated but as a separate
                         app or just running Netscape) is FASTER than both
                         Windows 95+IE4 integrated AND Windows 98.  --pcjr
                           \_ In what way? Java? That's because they
                              changed the specs to be M$ pseudo java.  I
                              wonder how netscape and IE compare to each
                              other on a unix box where it's fair.
                              \_ Netscape beats the crap out of IE on a solaris
                                 box.  Despite netscape extermely slow load
                                 uptime, it is still faster than IE which uses
                                 all that MainSoft crap.  And IE won't run on
                                 anything less than an ultra, netscape will run
                                 just fine on an SS2.
                        \_ *I* IExplore(tm) my hard drive!  Bill said it was
                           the best way!  Everything is a web page!  All data
                           is best represented as a web page!  BILL! BILL!
1998/7/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14312 Activity:moderate
7/9     Beware Windows 98's File Deletion Bug!
        \_ Boycott Windows.  Get BeOS or Linux.
                \_ BeOS == Be, Linux != RedHat.
                   \_I was only trying to give out helpful pointers. Not
                     point to official pages.  Speaking of which there's
            <-- get your $2 cd here
        \_ just tried this. yucky, keyboard navig in win98 explorer
           semi-br0ken from win95. mebbe I will replace win98 with a Linux
           variant, but how can I be sure my Okidata Okipage 6e printer
           (funky printer where OS does a lot of the computation through win95
           specific drivers) would still work? Ack.
           \_ I found my Cannon bj4000 printer on the filter list.  If
              you have a postscript printer then you're in luck because
              you won't need any special filters.  You can just send
              postscript documents straight to the printer.  Half the
              laser printers out there are postscript.
           \_ It might not; this is one way that Microsoft locks people into
              its operating systems.  "WinModems" and such.  Try asking on
              comp.os.linux.hardware if it's supported anywhere.
              \_ Is anyone trying to set up a compatibility API so that
                 MicroSquish drivers can be used under linux and whatnot?
1998/7/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14299 Activity:insanely high
7/8     What happens if you do a set uid=0.  Does that automatically
        give your root access. (set gid=0, set user=root)
        \_ You know, if you try logging in as "System Administrator"
           without a password on some of those NT machines they'll let
           you right in.  Those are our security-minded sysadmins at
           eecs instructional.
                \_ NT is insecure by definition.  Besides, who cares if
                   you can login as admin on an NT client?  All you can
                   do is hoze the local machine, which is going to be
                   wiped & reinstalled anyway since NT sucks so badly.
                        \_ If you have access to the console, any OS is
                           insecure by definition
                                \_ If the machine is up and running, it's
                                   insecure by definition.
                                        \_ Strongly agree!!!  The most
                                           secured system is the one powered
                   \_ Someone here gets the crash screen a few times a week.  I
                      guess I am among the very few lucky ones since I've only
                      gotten the crash screen a few times in the past months.
                        \_ What's wrong with you people.  I have NT running
                           \_ We're mad as hell that Microsoft is spending
                              millions of dollars in seldom-countered
                                \_ At least, I can run more applications than
                                   Linux developer can support.  Imagine trying
                                   develop Oracle applications with Linux...
                                   Oh..I forgot Oracle doesn't support Linux.
                                \_ If it's not supported by the major
                                    software vendors or my company,
                                    it's useless!!!
                              advertising that creates the impression that
                              there is something wrong with anybody who doesn't
                                   Don't want to waste that on a Linux OS
                                   where I can't install anything but
                                   shareware and freeware.
                              use Microsoft software.  (Even if that's not the
                              particular meme you were repeating.)  The looks
                              you get when you say you don't use Windows are
                              like the looks when you say you're a vegetarian,
                              or an atheist.  -- vegetarian atheist Linux user
                              use Microsoft software.
                           since last year, I have not experienced any
                           system crash yet.  I have IIS 3, Oracle 8 server,
                           networking, and a bunch of DB development tools.
                           \_ your machine must be going at 2 miles per
                              hour. FOR THE LAST TIME...GET LINUX.
                                \_ Not if you got a PII with 300mhz system
                                   and 128MB RAM, Dell Workstation 400.
                                   Don't want to waste on a Linux OS that is
                                   supported by shareware and freeware.
                                   \_ machines scale linearly O(n) with
                                      Linux and O(log(n)) with Winblows.
                                      Funny, there's about ten times
                                      more software with Windows but you
                                      can still do so much more with
                                        \_ The point is, the software I need
                                           to get my work done is not supported
                                           by Linux.  If you work for the
                                           corporate company, you don't have
                                           luxury of picking the sofware, in
                                           my case database and web tools,
                                           you want to use.
                                           \_ I work with both unix and
                                              winblows based machines at
                                              work which involves web and
                                              database integration. I find
                                              unix tools much more flexible
                                              and easier to work with than
                                              the winblows ones.  See Perl
                                              DBI modules.
                                                \_ My company doesn't like
                                                   \_ Apache has had in-proc
                                                      Perl support for a good
                                                   perl.  We like products
                                                   such as the Oracle 2000
                                                   products.  It's faster
                                                   to develop and has nicer
                                                   UI.  Besides, cgi/perl is
                                                   slow.  It needs to compile
                                                   and start a process every
                                                   web access.  If you need
                                                   support like 500+ users,
                                                   it's going be nightmare.
                                                   \_ Apache has had single
                                                      binary, in-process Perl
                                                      support for a good
                                                      long time.  Where've you
                                                      been?  Microsoft PR firm?
                                                        \_ So does IIS.  That's
                                                           no point.  There are
                                                           guidelines within
                                                           IS group of what
                                                           software is permitted
                                                           and what software
                                                           is not.  For ex.,
                                                           we're not allowed
                                                           write java applets.
                                                           \_ Don't pretend,
                                                              then, please,
                                                              that the peculiar
                                                              prejudices of
                                                              your IS group
                                                              represent a good
                                                              argument.  "My
                                                              IS group hates
                                                              free software"
                                                              != "besides,
                                                              cgi/perl is
                                                              slow".  Your
                                                              companies can
                                                              detest free OSes
                                                              all they like,
                                                              but it doesn't
                                                              make them any
                                                              less scalable.
                                                              \_ It's a
                                                                 life.  They
                                                                 don't call
                                                                 slave" for
                                                                 \_ I'll take
                                                                    my freedom,
                                                              \_ Hear,
                                                                 -- tmonroe
                                                                 \_ It's the
                                                                    tower of
                                                                    \_ AT some
point                                                                 the motd
just has                                                              to wrap
back to                                                               the left
side. -ERic
                                   \_ Yeah, God damn gcc, Perl, Apache, X11,
                                      SSH, Emacs, GIMP, Netscape, and the rest
                                      of them to HELL!  They weren't written by
                                      Microsoft Certified Developers!  And none
                                      of those wimpy languages like Scheme and
                                      Java, because they aren't Visual Basic!
                                      And BIND and sendmail supporting the
                                      fundamental architecture of the
                                      Internet... that's just a myth made up by
                                      Microsoft haters!  Everyone knows that
                                      TCP/IP was really developed on Windows NT
                                      by Microsoft Certified Developers, who
                                      wouldn't touch that shareware and
                                      freeware with a 1,024-foot pole!
                                        \_ Tell that to your CIO.
                                           \_ We already had this flamewar,
                                              once upon a time: but I'll repeat
                                              myself.  It is not difficult to
                                              get jobs using Linux which do
                                              not require you to support
                                              I do not have a CIO, but I do
                                              have a boss and coworkers who
                                              are enthusiastic about software
                                              other than that which you get
                                              from Redmond.  Thank you.
                                                \_ Maybe I should quit my
                                                   $80+K job and my 5 yrs of
                                                   M$/Oracle experience and
                                                   go for Linux/Perl supported
                                                   \_ Yes, you should.  There
                                                      are already $80K Linux
                                                      jobs here and there, a
                                                      nice feat considering
                                                      the presently low market
                                                      share of Linux.
                                                      \_ With little or no
                                                         Linux experience???
                                                         I don't know.  You'll
                                                         lucky to get $60-70K
                                                         job.  I am sure if
                                                         you are expecting
                                                         10-20% increase for
                                                         job change.  Good
                                                         luck if you looking
                                                         Linux job at $90-100K.

        \_ yes.
        \_ Hmmm...I just tried this "% set uid=0; rm -f /etc/passwd" but
           permission denied.
           \_ Yer just not eleete enuf.  try with a " ~ " before the
           \_ try cp /bin/csh ~; chown root:root ~/csh; chmod a+s ~/csh
1998/7/6-7 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14290 Activity:very high
7/6  Yes I did a stupid thing-- installing Active Desktop just to see what it
     looks like. Now, how do I uninstall it? Please don't post anything like
     "format, install a real OS" or "install NT again". Thanks.
        \_ I think that formatting and re-installing Windows is your
           best bet.  Active Desktop leaves a lot of crap lying around
           and makes your computer much slower, even if it is uninstalled.
        \_ try hot sex on the carpet.
           \_ that only works if you're trying to make your roomate go
              away.  a m$ program is a lot harder though.
        \Nothing is as hard as I am when I think of psb -#1 PSB FAN
                \_ I always just recorded live video/audio and sold it on
                   the net.
        \_ Looks like you did the right thing.
        \_ Let this be a lesson to install linux.  Try finding someone
           \_ WTF does linux have to do with active desktop?
           who does have the IE4 uninstall option.  Then try copying the
           windows registry settings from their's onto yours.  It's a
           long shot but it might work.
           \_ Damn, if this isn't the most dumbshit advice I've seen on
              the motd in at least 24 hours....
        \_ you might want to try this because not only will it get rid
           active desktop but it will also give a you new clean registry
           which will make your computer go a lot faster.  Backup all
           your personal files and installs onto a zip drive.  Then
           reinstall windows and everything else you backed up.
            \_ He said none of that "install NT again".  He wants a real
        \_ Yes, you can disable Active Desktop. - William Gates
        \_ Thanks for all the enthusiasm. Are there any real answer? Thanks.
           (btw I can't uninstall under Add/Remove option)
           \_ Do you have admin rights?  I assume you do.  Did you install
              it as another user?
        \_ I haven't personally tried this but coworker says to
           uninstall IE4 completely and then reinstall IE4 without
           the active desktop feature.  --paulwang
                \_ Just tried, can't find IE program in the Add/Remove menu.
                        \_ Go to "Product Updates" in the "Help" menu in IE4
                                it will bring up a menu of IE4 components you
                                can add/remove
                                \_ I can add but can't remove. Try it.
                \_ Just in case, you have looked for Microsoft Internet
                   Explorer 4.0 in the Add/Remove menu right?
                   I have it in my menu and I'm pretty sure I've uninstalled
                   IE4 before.  -- paulwang
     \_ open My Computer, choose View, then Folder Options and then click
        on the General tab. Select the Classic Style radio button and click
        on Apply. Now click on OK. Next, choose View As Web Page to
        deselect Web Page view. For all practical purposes, this puts you
        back to the Standard Desktop.
        \_ Yes, you can disable Active Desktop. - Jennifer Gates
           \_ Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. - Sun Microsystems
                \_ what do you guys know?  You are Sun Microsystems
                   that is going nowhere but down.
                \_ Sun Microsystems learned how to "go down" from yer mom
                   if you know what I mean.
                   \_ I don't know.  Please explain in blow by blow detail.
        \_ But this doesn't uninstall it.  You're still clogged full of
           shit all over your computer.  You've only disabled some of it.
1998/6/29-7/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14267 Activity:high 66%like:13852
06/28   Does Linux or FreeBSD compile for Win95/98?
        \_ Can you play CDs in a VCR?
           \_ No, but my computer has a retractable cup holder.
           \_ Should be "Can you play a CD player in a VCR?".
                \_ Yes.  What of it?
        \_ It compiles on NT (Open-Something environment)
                        \_ on != for
        \_ Are you trying to get Winblows to emulate the entire Linux or
           BSD OS?  It won't happen.  Anything M$ makes will crash
           if it does anything remotely interesting.
        \_ You want to run unix as an application under Win95?  Are you
           fucking stupid or just a fucking stupid troll?
           \_ nuff said
        \_ I think this person wants to create Linux or FreeBSD binaries
           using Win95/98.  But then why???  Just borrow some CD rom from
           some Soda geeks.
                \_ Sounds more like they want to compile binaries FOR Win9x
                   on Linux/FreeBSD, which would make developing Win code
                   less painful since you wouldn't actually have to use it.
                   \_ Possibly you can use the Cygnus stuff as a
                      cross-compiler to do that.
        \_ Whatever they want, if they don't explain it fast, this whole
           troll is getting purged.
1998/6/11-16 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14203 Activity:moderate
6/11    Next week I plan to try to meet the 6bone co-ordinator to discuss a
                                                  \-Do you mean Bob Fink?--psb
        UCB student site on the 6bone ( which is the
        worldwide experimental IPv6 Internet.  I'm again asking for interested
        parties who want to learn about the next-generation Internet protocol
        through experience.  If interested, please e-mail.  -- schoen
        \_ the csua should put one of the office sparcs on this & can also
                 help with the nameservice
                 \_ Cool, I'll bring it up at a meeting or come by. -- schoen
                        \_ Talk to the vp
                           \_ Er, a late-night chat with the VP was what
                              originally persuaded me this was feasible.  I
                              think he knows about it. :-)  -- schoen
        \_ you mean PROPOSED next-generation internet protocol, which will just
           get dumped by the wayside when Microsoft forces IP-NT down
           everyone's throats.  M$ jumped into IP late, which is the only
           reason it's still around.  They're not going to make the same
           mistake again.
           \_ Say what?  IP-NT?  WTF are you babbling about?  MS is the only
              reason IP still exists or the only reason MS still exists?
              Both statements are ridiculously stupid.
              \_ No, IP wasn't quashed because it was well established before
                 M$ could get around to making their own proprietary protcol.
                 They'll squash IP just as soon as they're done squashing IPX.
                 \_ They already made their own protocol. It sucked. --dim
                 \_ They already made their own protocol. It sucked. If it
                    was better than IP people would've wanted to use it
                    regardless of what was established first. --dim
                    \_ that won't stop them from trying to do it again.
                       Or forcing it down the market's throats anyway.
                    \_ M$ already made their own server OS, NT. It sucked
                       If it was better than unix people would've
                       wanted to use it regardless of what was
                       established first.
                       \_ Huh? NT is a moderate success. Netbeui is a
                          dismal failure. --dim
                          \_ Exactly.  NT sucks but they're forcing it down
                             the market's throat anyway.  You seem to have
                             missed the sarcasm's point.
                             \_ You missed my point, which is that M$
                                couldn't force Netbeui down the market's
                                throat. --dim
              \_ Actually, I know the guy who just completed a IPv6
                 implementation for NT w/Microsoft.
                 \_ no surprise, they'll provide token support just like they
                    'support' IPX
           \_ I am personally optimistic that IPv6 will be widely used; it
              has the support of many people, and take a look at who the
              existing 6bone sites are: some very influential players,
              including the major networking hardware and software companies,
              computer manufacturers, and ISPs.  There is also a well-thought-
              out gradual transition mechanism and substantial backward
              compatibility.  And yes, even Microsoft promises to embrace it
              at present.  As for the "PROPOSED" bit: IETF will never go back
              on IPv6.  Perhaps the big network of the future will be MSN
              rather than the Internet, but the Internet itself will speak
              IPv6, be it relevant to most users or not.  -- schoen
              \_ Foolish optimist. Most of the big players 'support' IPX too,
                 but that doesn't make it any less dead.
                 \_ YEAH!!!  That "schoen" guy is a GREAT BIG DOODYHEAD!!!!!!
                    MICROSOFT WILL WIN!!!!!  I'm already looking forward to
                    using MS-WWWINS (Microsoft World Wide WINS) as the protocol
                    on the NETWORK OF THE FUTURE, 'cause IT'LL BE GREAT!!!!!,
                    just like ALL MICROSOFT PRODUCTS!!!!!!!  IPv6 SUX!!!!!!!!
1998/6/2-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14162 Activity:high
6/1     Is there any way to measure time to the nearest milisecond (or
        (less) under Windows NT 4?  Can someone tell me where I can find
        the answer to this question?  Thanx. -dcw
        \_ WINDOWS NT isnt accurate to the nearest millisecond.
        \_ If it's a Pentium (P5/P54C/P55c) you can read the performance
           counter registers which tell you the exact number of clock
           cycles since reset.  I believe the PPro/PII have something

#include <time.h>
clock_t start, finish;
start = clock();
  finish = clock();
  duration = double(finish - start)/CLOCKS_PER_SEC;

Routine     Required Header     Compatibility
clock       <time.h>            ANSI, Win 95, Win NT

The clock function tells how much processor time the calling process has
used. The time in seconds is approximated by dividing the clock return
value by the value of the CLOCKS_PER_SEC constant. In other words, clock
returns the number of processor timer ticks that have elapsed. A timer tick
is approximately equal to 1/CLOCKS_PER_SEC second. In versions of Microsoft
C before 6.0, the CLOCKS_PER_SEC constant was called CLK_TCK.

(this was taken fron MSVC++ 5.0 help files.  Note that clock() returns -1
if the clock is unavailable for some reason.) --emarkp
           similar.  486 doesn't.  AMD, Cyrix, etc.: dunno.  --phr
        \_ KeQueryPerformanceCounter and if 1 microsecond is not good
           enough, look at -tracs
        \_ Using Visual C++ 5.0, there was some ftime function that
           put ms info into a structure. good for random seeds -jctwu
           \_ You idiot, there's only 20 bits in a microsecond.
              \_ you idiot, it should be "there ARE only 20 bitS...."
                                                        - your english prof.
              \_ in theory 20 bits is bad, but it works really well
                 in practice - mail me if you want to talk about it
        \_ look for clock() in the MSVC++ 5.0 help files -- emarkp (abridged)
1998/5/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14127 Activity:moderate
5/21 how do i get tcpip & remote dialup networking setup on windows 3.11?
        \_ 3.11?  Don't be daft.  At least use win95, if not NT or unix.
           \_ Boy, that was real useful.  Do you work for Microsoft tech
\_ get the TCP/IP add-on for WfW3.11 .. dial-up? use your ISP's win 3.1 prog
        \_ Trumpet Winsock was what I used for win 3.1 (I dunno what the
           differences are between 3.1 and wfw3.11).  Go to
           to look for it.
        \_ I remember using a program called Trumpet Winsock but I'm not
sure they still use that now.  All I remember was that it stunk really bad
but that was what several ISP's recommended at the time.  Personally, if I
were you I would just kill WFW3.11 and put Linux or Window$95. (I'm too
lazy to indent in pico).
1998/5/5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14051 Activity:high
5/5     There used to be (here on Soda) a neat little utility which
        would find zipcodes (and/or Area Codes).  Is there still?
        What is it?   thanks,   -crebbs
        \_ and
        \_ This has been done on unix, dos, windows, etc going back years,
           but with all the new area codes, you're better off with the URLs
           someone else posted.
        \_ if you want the file versions, they are in /usr/share/misc. --aaron
1998/5/2-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14036 Activity:moderate
5/1     Recommendations for Windows 95/NT programming books in C++?
        Beginner stuff, preferably.  Thanx.
        \_ wouldn't you rather have a Win95/NT C++ programming book in English?
           \_ You moron.  He/she wants to get a C++ program that outputs
              Win95/NT programs.
              \_ outputs Win95/NT books, you mean?  Oh, okay.
        \_ My favorite book is _Compleat Learn C++ Windows 95/NT Programming
           in 21 Days for Morons and Dummies -- Unleashed!_ it comes with a
           free copy of Internet Explorer and Netscape, and has supplementary
           chapters on K-RAD MULT1PLAY3R 1NT3RN3T GAM3 PR0GRAMM1NG and "Why
           Java beats the hell out of C, C++, Eiffel, and LISP".
        \_ "Final Exit" by Derek Humphry
        \_ "No Exit" by Jean-Paul Sartre
        \_ "Programming Windows 95"
           subtitle "The Definitive Developer's Guide to the Windows 95 API"
           Charles Petzold, Microsoft Press, 1996
        \_ "Windows 95 Programming Nuts and Bolts for Experienced Programmers"
           by Schildt, Osborne Press.  With this and the one above, you don't
           need much more.  This is the good intro, and Programming
           Win95 is the reference on everything you might want to do. -mogul
        \_ Does anyone have the new "Inside DirectX" book?  I'm wondering if
           \_ I'm as good as I am think
           it's as good as it is thick.
           \_ I'm as good as I am thick
           \_ Covers everyhing other than D3D for which there will be
              another book. - AdamG@MS
                \_ D3D sux.   Use OpenGL instead.
                \_ We already had a memorial beer bash after you left.  You
                   can't come back now.
1998/4/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14018 Activity:nil
4/27    Berkeley Systems/Bezerk is looking for a Unix/NT admin.
        see /csua/pub/jobs/BerkSys      --jwang
1998/4/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14006 Activity:high
4/24    There are many open positions at Berkeley based software company
        that's growing fast and will probably go public next year.
        I'm especially looking for NT/win95 sysadmin person.  See
        /csua/jobs/TomSawyerSoftware for more details and/or mail
        me.                                     -gabe
          \_ Permission denied. Change the permissions.
        \_ WinNT sysadmin is a contradiction in terms. -#9 psb fan
           \_ I need to setup a WINS server or PDC with one-way trust with
              another domain.  So, who is supposed to setup it
              up?  An engineer?  My janitor?
        \_ Berkeley student with engineering major doing sys admin? Please
           don't insult us.
           \_ Funny thing is, sysadmins look down on engineers as mindless
              grunts and bean counters.  The truth is probably more like both
              jobs require brains and talent which is taken for granted by
              management, the true idiots of the world.
           \_ Hellllooooo BOZO!  This is the COMPUTER SCIENCE Undergraduate
              Association.  You are a moron.
           \_ "us" refers to sys admins.
                \_ Ok, then same answer: we can't do their jobs, they can't do
                   ours and anyone who hires one to do the other is a fool
                   anyway.  Don't work for them.
1998/4/22-24 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14000 Activity:kinda low
4/23    Where can I get a copy of emacs for PC? NT preferrably.
        \_ Check the FAQ (<DEAD><DEAD> you
           amorous donkey:
1998/4/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13992 Activity:nil
4/21    I need WinNT 4.0 command-line equivalents of nice, sleep, and kill.
        Any around? -jctwu
           Unix95 Collection Version 7 contains the utilities you seek.
           \_ tanx! =)
        \_ Sure. The installer is at
          \_ Why do people insist on posting this sort of religious stupidity?
             Out in the RW, you don't always have the religious CS school
             choice to use whatever you feel like.  Yes, NT pretty much sucks,
             and so what?  The answer to an NT problem is *not* "Uh uh uh!
             Install linux/freebsd/unix!  Uh uh!"  Get a clue.  Try real life
             for once.
             \_ Why do people insist on posting this sort of "Oh _yeah_?????
                Why don't you pussy CS students try living in the _REAL_
                world???" macho bullshit?  If your job consistently forces
                you to use tools you dislike on a regular basis, then maybe
                you weren't thinking too hard when you selected your
                \_ Give that attitude to a prospective employer and you won't
                   have too many workplace choices, boy.  Or maybe not every
                        \_ The San Francisco Bay Area is by all accounts a
                           seller's market for technology jobs.  People who
                           prefer to work on Unix have any number of options
                           around here.  That's why this "real world" isn't
                           as dismal as all that.
                                \_ Wait until the market gets saturated.
                                   Then you'll beg for those MVS jobs.
                           \_ Yes, and an asshole with a bad attitude in _any_
                              market will have a shorter list of jobs at a
                              lower salary with less opportunity for
                              advancement and is less likely to get a good
                              reference in the RW, dismal or not.  The world
                                \_ "Asshole with a bad attitude"?  You've had
                                   a lot of personal experience here, I take
                                   it . . .
                                  \_ DOH! I am struck to the quick! HAHAHA!
                                     Spare me the attempted wit.  "I know you
                                     are but what am I?" is beneath a Cal
                                     student, any Cal student.
                                        \_ except saarp  -tom
                              is run by and for and is about people, not
                   one is the super genius techical guru you are and simply
                   wants a decent job to pay the rent?  We can't all be the
                   GiantPenis BoyWonder you obviously are.  Or... maybe some
                   people actually *prefer* NT and just want a few of the unix
                   tool ports but otherwise think Unix sucks?  I'll be looking
                   for open minds like yours the next time I interview.  I
                   merely implied it before, but since you said it, I'll
                   agree: you are a stupid CS pussy with zero RW clue.  Happy?
                   \_ yes, I am a giantpenis wonderboy.  and you're a nobody.
                      Men like me invent the technology that shapes the future.
                      You're a fucking nobody and you will stay a nobody for
                      the rest of your life because of your lack of brain power.
                      NEED IT.
                      \_ BoyChild, engineers are dime-a-dozen cogs.  Only
                         management and sales count, and sales only counts
                         when sales are good.  Don't fool yourself.  Boys like
                         you are hired by the dozen and fired by the dozen.
                         Given that I'm posting on the motd and I'm also not
                         a student, a clever boy like you could figure out I
                         already have an engineering/cs degree from Cal and
                         unlike you might know what I'm talking about.  What
                         makes your future degree better than the one I
                         already earned?  Perhaps the cognitive elite isn't
                         currently over-enrolled at Cal this semester?  Can't
                         wait for a chance to interview a few of you and ask
                         some of those personality/attitude questions.
                         \_ Uh, I (the person who posted the "why do you work
                            in a job that regularly forces you to do things
                            you dislike" comment) _am_ already out in the real
                            world, thanks.  And I regularly interview people.
                            The only difference between us seems to be that I
                            haven't decayed into a condescending, dour, bitter
                            asshole like yourself.
                            \_ I'm glad you have the talent, skill,
                               experience, and perfect personality that allows
                               you to choose your title, salary, and working
                               arrangements at the company of your choice.
                               I seriously doubt most here are in your unique
                               position.  Coming straight out of school, there
                               is zero chance they'll start like that.  Given
                               a choice between a smart, flexible kid who will
                               do the work I need done without religious lip
                               and a smart, religious, mouthy kid who will do
                               the work I need done but constantly bitches
                               about how >insert free *nix here< would do it
                               better because *nx is the answer to everything,
                               I'll take the smart flexible kid everytime.
                               When your only tool is a hammer, everything
                               looks like a nail.  BTW, send those flexible
                               ones my way, you can have the mouthy little
                               bastards.  Either way, they're all still
                               dime-a-dozen coming out of school.  (If I pay
                               you to run my Apple ][e network, that's what
                               you'll do, your choice is to go elsewhere).
                               \_ Not every free Unix advocate will insult
                                  a boss or tell a boss to switch operating
                                  systems.  I developed on VB once because
                                  that was what I was hired to do.  I was
                                  polite and did the work and didn't bash
                                  Microsoft horribly, but _I didn't stop
                                  caring about it_ either.  Behold, my old
                                  boss wrote me e-mail recently about how
                                  people keep telling him Linux is worthwhile,
                                  and he may have to try it one of these days.
                                  You don't have to insult everyone like
                                  certain OpenBSD founders we know do in order
                                  to make progress for free software.  If you
                                  can tell that all progressive groups != ISO,
                                  you can surely see the same about "*nx"
                                  advocacy.  We will win -- slowly.
             \_ who's the asshole that starts every post with, "Out in
                the RW...?" yeah, we really need life lessons from you.
                \_ You seem to.  What's your point, if any?
                   \_ that your "i'm out in the RW" crap is old. go away.
                   \_ And that you're assuming that we all live in a "real
                      world" that's as broken as yours . . .
1998/4/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13990 Activity:nil
4/20    "AP (Chicago) - (Microsoft chairman Bill) Gates, the featured speaker
         at the opening of the Comdex Spring Computer Show, was demonstrating
         the new Windows 98 operating system set to debut in June when the
         system crashed."
1998/4/20-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13984 Activity:nil
04/20   I need to burn a CD that will be compatible with the most
        operating systems possible. Of particular importance are Linux,
        MacOS, and NT but more than that is better. Should I use ISO 9660
        filesystem or something else? --dim
        \_ ISO 9660 is the way to go  -wombat
           \_ With Rock Ridge extensions? --dim
              \_  Yes please. Standards are good things, sometimes.
              \_ The good thing about standards is that there are so many
                 to choose from.
1998/4/14 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13950 Activity:high
4/14   What's with the login uname? MS-DOS V3.3 ? Is this joke going to
       last forever?
       \_ It's no joke.  We've secretly replaced soda with an MS-DOS machine
          (with Microsoft DOS/Connect for networking) and we were hoping no
          one would notice -- but damn it, you've spoiled everything.  --root
          \_ MS-D0S???/?  1 CAN RUN K1NG"Z QU3ST 0N 1T!!!!1!!!
             BUT H0W DU 1 S3ND TH3 P1CTURZ 2 MY SKR33N??????  H3LP!!!1!
          \_ alias ver 'uname -a'
        \_ some perpetual April's Fools Joke
        \_ The best one so far, IMHO            -muchandr
        \_ The joke's still there.  jon@csua attaching his name as if
           he has done anything.
1998/4/7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13914 Activity:nil
4/7     How Many Suckas Must Get Dissed, you PUKES?!
        \_ The same as the number of geeks who think MS hasn't put
           Secret Evil Anti-Pirate Code in every MS product.  By the
           way, the personal attack really helps make your
           point, if there was one.  I'm still looking.
                \_ I'm going to try to say this as nicely as possible:
                   You stupid motherfucking dick-sucking sack of dog shit.
                   If you had any brains whatsoever (which in your case is
                   obviously WAY too much to ask for) you would know that
                   NT 4 is a shitload more stable than windows 95.  I
                   don't see how a idiotic shit-for-brains person like
                   yourself can get off (and I mean that in the most
                   respectable way) on telling people that the "NT is
                   stable thing is a crock of shit."  No, sir.  YOU are
                   the crock of shit.  I have NT4 and win95 and Linux
                   running on my computer and when I compared win95 and NT
                   I found that it took conscious effort to make NT crash
                   whereas win95 did it quite often.  If you have a shitty
                   video card that doesn't like NT, get a real one.  If
                   you use win95 'cuz you like to play games get a fucking
                   clue.  Don't start giving people you misguided "advice"
                   which is really nothing more than complete bullshit and
                   your attempt to mask your cluelessness by telling other
                   people what they should be doing.  Please do us all a
                   favor and don't start telling people what to do until
                   you have some semblence of an idea of what the fuck
                   you're talking about.  Have a nice day.  --Mr.NT
                        \_ The same dumbfucks who make mistakes on motd
                           are never clever enough to retort.  Make sure
                           you make a copy of this reply, b/c it will
                           get erased by the same lame cowards who weren't
                           able to accept that the Daily Cal is a better
                           newspaper than UCLA's, and it was UCLA who
                           paid for the ad in the Daily Cal.
1998/4/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13902 Activity:high
4/5     Spring forward.
        \_ how does it work?  like: 1:58,1:59,3:00,3:01,etc?  if so that
           explains why my 2am cron job didn't run.
           \_ Yes, the second at 1:59:59 PST is immediately followed by the
              second at 3:00:00 PDT.  You can verify that locale-aware Unix
              time code believes this with date -d '2:00 today' and similar.
              Daylight Saving Time is the mortal nemesis of cron.
        \_ Windoze gives users a nice reminder that the system time has been
           updated and please "verify" the new time is correct, because Gates
           isn't sure how to calculate DST.  Whereas UNIX users know that the
           system will do the right thing.
           \_ umm... yes.  this is a very good reason for me to use UNIX
             over windoze.
           \_ Actually since I may be multibooting I _don't_ want the OS to
              fuck with my system clock.  You really want each of 95, unix
              and NT to advance your clock an hour?  As only a semi-related
              issue, the whole daylight savings time thing is incredibly
              stupid.  This is no longer an agriculturally based society, so
              we don't need that crap screwing things up.  Although leap year
              and leap seconds are somewhat annoying, at least they're rare
              and more importantly, they are necessary to maintaining our
              current calendar system.  (Although it might be a long time
              before we noticed all those leap seconds adding up)  :)   I say
              we should scrap the whole damned thing.
                \_ Actually DST is an invention of the 20th century to get
                   extra productivity out of urban workers!  In an agricultural
                   society, people don't care as much about what time you say
                   it is as they do about when the sun actually comes up.
                \_ Japan, Taiwan, and many Asian countries have already gotten
                   rid of this shit. This is one main reason that Win95 asks
                   you what region you're in, and whether you REALLY want to
                   forward/fall back your clock.
              \_ I think every day should be shortned by about 2 minutes.
                 then at the end of the month, we can all get an extra hour.
                 This will allow us to work even harder for our employer, or
                  to catch up on sleep, or net surfing.
              \_ I don't really care what the heck the time is on my PC's,
                 so when Win95 asked me to fix the time, I laughed to see it
                 *hours* off.  I don't ask my pc to keep time, only to launch
                 gamez. That is, after all, all windoze machines are good for.
1998/3/31 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13881 Activity:very high
3/31    I should have went to CSU Hayward instead of Berkeley. This way, I can
        get my bachelor of SCIENCE in computer science and get discount on my
        auto-insurance. Because Berkeley gives bachelor of ART in computer
        science, people (ie. insurance) tend to fuck me around more.
        \_ Try EECS option C then.  BTW, eventhough I have a B.S. degree,
           I still pay tons of insurance(2200/year!).  Insurance
           rips you off no matter what degree u have.
        \_ Ride bike, and try to enjoy life and be less bitter.
        \_ Can't take a chick out on a date on a bike. Oh, then you must
           mean motorcycle.
           \_ Use a tandem.  If she doesn't ride, she's not worth your
              time anyway.
        \_ How did a moron like you even get accepted, let alone graduate,
           from Berkeley? You're right, you should have gone to CSU
           Hayward. I'm amazed there are people like this at Cal. --dim
        \_ CSU Hayward doesn't have the UCB CS department.  If you want to go
           to college "just to get a degree", go ahead and go there.
        \_ Get a mail-order BS for just these occasions, then.
1998/3/25-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13859 Activity:kinda low
3/24    Judge orders m$ to stop calling its sabotaged piece of crap "Java."
        \_ has gone from anti-Microsoft to pro-Microsoft
           in a matter of weeks. Reading the articles you can just tell that
           they've ignored all anti-M$ pointers. Something is up!!!
                \_ What are you ranting about?  I read the only article there
                   and can't see your little conspiracy.
                   \_ Of course you can't see it.  IT'S _THAT_ GOOD!!!!1!!!
1998/3/19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13837 Activity:high
3/18            String foo = "help";
                byte[] b = foo.getBytes();
                ByteArrayInputStream bais = new ByteArrayInputStream(b);
                ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(bais);
                Customer customer = (Customer) ois.readObject();
                FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("Customers.DB");
                ObjectInputStream ois2 = new ObjectInputStream(fis);
                /* the next line causes the error */
                Hashtable Database = (Hashtable) ois2.readObject();

                \_ Well, clearly this line is in error.

                This JAVA code gives the following error:

                Assertion failed: GET_RESOURCE_ATTR( r1 ) == RaInt64, file
                /CLO/Components/SLLIC_LITE/Src/lwo/opt_driver.c, line 2514
                SIGABRT   6*   abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
                        location=7B041EB0. stackbase=7B03AF44,
                test.bat: 7927 Abort

        Does anyone know what the hell's going on with that error?  This
        doesn't happen on my PC, but happens on UNIX!!!
        \_ And Sun Microsystem is sueing Microsoft because Microsoft
           claims to be Java compliant.  Seems to me Sun should sue
           the other Unix vendor.
1998/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:13815 Activity:very high
3/17    Hello, I am looking for suggestions about two things:
        1. what is a good CD-R to get. Price [as long as we are still in
        the commercial electronics and not $10000 range] is not important,
        I would like it to write fast [4x is best consumer speed?], not
        break [so willing to pay for name brand using good components],
        easy to use [good software ... unix and windows?], and i suppose
        it woul dbe nice to have multi-write capacity.
        \_ Smart @ Friendly CD-R 4006 Deluxe (SCSI)
           I have it and really love it. I can even record 4x off an EIDE
           HD, which almost noone recommends doing. Lots of Adaptec software
           which is unparalleled. Yes, it has multi-write capabilities
           (even software that treats it as a writeable disk drive)

                \-is this the one that is about $600? i saw this at a
                certain unnamed unhelpful southbay consumer electronics
                store but had never heard of S&F ... are they actually
                repuatable company? --psb
        2. is there a decent book on windows for a total windows illiterate.
        and i mean total. on the other hand i dont need to have general
        computer concepts like the difference between files and memory
                \_ You shall be crushed, your bloody, battered bones fed to
                \_ psb, u shall be crushed, your bloody, battered bones fed to
        explained to me. in fact ideally it would mention design issues
        [like does windows9# mmap ... not looking for programming reference
        but would like to be abel to analyze design of a system]. --psb
        \_ PSB, why don't you fuckin' stop rambling.
                \_ you shall be crushed, your bloody, battered bones fed to
                   just punishment for crossing the path of His Holiness,
                   the psb.     -psb #1 Fan
                   by a plague beggarman.  This shall be your righteous and
                   just punishment for being a superficial FUCKHEAD.
                \_ psb shall be crushed, your bloody, battered bones fed to
                \_ You shall be crushed, your bloody, battered bones fed to
                   wild dogs, the dogs trampled by elephants, their mashed
                   carcasses fed to wild pigs, the pigs shall be speared
                   lengthwise, left to rot in the burning sun for half a
                   month, whereupon their festering remains shall be burned,
                   the ashes dumped over the lip of a raving volcano, carried
                   by a plagued beggarman.  This shall be your righteous and
                   just punishment for being opposed to the will of the psb
                   psb forever.  -psb #1 Fan
                   just punishment for being opposed to the will of the antipsb
                   and lacking sufficient intellect or imagination to do
                   anything more "clever"
                   and lacking sufficient intellect or imagination to do
                   anything more "clever" than edit someone else's motd entry.
        \_ Go psb -psb fan #4
1998/2/17-19 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13686 Activity:nil
02/17   FedEx Backs Away From NCs In Favor Of Windows Machines. Big blow for
        companies like Sun/Oracle/Netscape.
1998/2/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Industry/Startup] UID:13673 Activity:insanely high
           You guys just don't get the big picture, and never will. Of course
           people in the academic community know why Microsoft products are
           inferior, but try to educate and tell the truth to the rest of the
           population. They will never learn, and will never care how/why/why
           not to use Microsoft. They will forever be using Microsoft products
           because it "looks easy" and is cheap. The ultimate bottom line is,
           yes, Microsoft sucks, but they will keep leveraging, buying, sueing,
           threaten, whatever until they have everyone else using their
           products. That is the destiny, and nothing can stop it. Not Sun,
           not Netscape, not IBM. Not even the government or DOJ. Just accept
           the fact, just accept the truth, just accept the future. As Sun Tsui
           says, the war is won even before it has begun.
           \_ What's that you say?  Hopeless? -- Why, very well! --
              But a man does not fight merely to win!
              No -- no -- better to know one fights in vain! ...
              No!  I fight on!  I fight on!  I fight on!
                      -- Edmond Rostand, _Cyrano de Bergerac_
              I am trying my personal best and volunteer substantial time to
              educate others about Unix, and while I can breathe well enough
              to utter criticisms of Windows for the benefit of just one more
              student, I don't want to hear any of this about "destiny".
              We make our _own_ destiny.  -- schoen
        \_ yeah, we already know why M$ sucks, so stop your bandwidth, say
           somethin' intelligent and somethin we don't already know, and most
           importantly, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT DAMNIT
        \_ Uhm... ya.  Whatever.  Obviously, you're young and ignorant of the
           way the world works.  No one stays on top forever.  No one.
        \_ yeah, we already know why M$ sucks, so say somethin' intelligent
           and somethin we don't already know. Most importantly,
        \_ Microsoft's biggest opponent is Microsoft itself. People are
           tiring of their crappy products and support. People are opposed
           to the idea of a huge corporate monolith making decisions for
           them. Eventually, that will catch up to the company. It happens
           to most large corporations. It becomes difficult to respond to
           the desires of the consumer when a company reaches a certain
           size and Microsoft, too, shall pass no matter what becomes of
           its current competitors, although it may evolve into an
           entirely different sort of company (shift focus).  --dim
                \_ No duh, they're moving to content providing business.
                   MSNBC, MSN, M Start, Web TV, publishing, newspaper,
                   propaganda, oh, just simple stuff that brain wash people.
                   \_ You mean they're failing to move to content providing.
                      Content is free.  Let 'em have it.  Can't support a
                      zillion dollar company and their stock gains on content.
                      They don't own content, nor can they possibly own all
                      the way to acquire it.  'dim' was correct when stating
                      that MS will just get too damned big.
                        \_ Sure you can create content.  Check out
1998/2/11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13656 Activity:nil
2/10    Unix/NT Sysadmin position available at Fujitsu PC Corporation.
        See /csua/pub/jobs/fpc-sysadmin for details -cdaveb
1998/1/28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13585 Activity:high
1/28    New job opportunities for Software Developers at a Berkeley
        start up company in /csua/pub/jobs/OPC_TECH.  --emin
        \_ Does it in any way use Microsoft product?
           \_ No this company has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft
              and I seriously doubt that Microsoft would even consider
              buying it.  If you want an opportunity to do interesting,
              challenging, and creative software development
              this is a great place to work.          --emin
                \_ Well, that means when I look for jobs elsewhere after
                   a couple of years, I will not be able to find anything
                   cuz most of the companies want to hire Microsoft people.
                   UNIX is c00l and all but Microsoft is the one that pays
                   the rent and the bill man.
                   \_ Oops. UNIX must be paying my bills by mistake. -- khogan
1998/1/28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13584 Activity:high
1/28    To all the anti-Bill-Gates people.
        If Microsoft is such an "evil empire", how come 75% of the jobs that
        I'm offered and 75% of the jobs that I get offers from are all
        Microsoft related?
        \_ Uhm.... DUH!  That's *exactly* the point.  Someone get the CSUA
           Bat.  Apply until done.
        \_ And how do you define "M$ related"?
        \_ There are those of us who think that a little variety would be
           good for creative professional competition/development.
           micro$quish crushes individuality, like yours, with monolithic
           size, buyouts and market leverage. This is bad.
                \_ Don't explain, just get the bat.
1998/1/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13533 Activity:very high
1/19    People I have talked to have experienced better performance
        running NT server on their standalone desktop, even though
        MS claims NT Workstation is optimized for such a task.
        Has this been your experience, too?  -agee
        \_ Are you saying you really think M$'s claims have anything to do
           with reality?
        \_ As a workstation?  No.  Server sucks as a workstation in my
           experience given equal hardware, etc, etc.  If you can stomach
           it, Win95 is tremendously faster.  --embarassed to know these things
           \_ Actually, I installed NT Server on all of our group's
              machines, just for yuks.  It's an amazing hog and
              gives you no benefits besides immeasurably irritating
              your stupid Winblows admin.  Of course, that's more
              than worth it...  -John
                \_ D00d!  AIX is the future!  -reiffin
                \_ You're not supposed to *use* NT Server.  You install
                   Server, Exchange, SQL, DNS, DHCP, user accounts, whatever,
                   then go away.  You don't login and use it as a workstation,
                   fool.  Don't you have anything better to do than install
                   the wrong OS on your group's workstations?
                   \_ Are you dense?  I said I did it for laughs.  In any
                      case, they're both fundamentally broken and slow
                      and inappropriate for techs' workstations at a unix-
                      oriented company.  Moron.  -John
                      oriented company.   -John
                      \_ And it didn't bother anyone that you replaced
                         everyone's OS "for laughs"?  What work do they do?
        \_ NT Server gives more priority to background processes compared
           to NT Workstation.  The caching is different too.
           \_ What if I configure NT Workstation to give equal priority
              to foreground and background threads?  Isn't this priority
              configurability not NT server specific?
                \_ The time slices are different.  NTS uses a 120ns (ns?) time
                   slices while NTW uses 10,20, or 30(?) depending on how you
                   set the priorities.  NTS spends less time doing context
                   switches thus, technically speaking, NTS is more efficient
                   than NTWS, however NTWS will appear more responsive because
                   of the shorter time slices and incrased foreground
                   priority.   -NT pseudo-Guru
                   \_ I don't know if I should believe this so called guru,
                      since s/he gives the wrong unit for context switching.
                      ns?  come on, get real.
                      \_ I'm not a physicist and said I wasn't sure what the
                         unit types were.  Frankly, I don't care.  The concept
                         is still true.  Don't like the answer?  Go read a
                         book and quote me wrong on something I didn't put a
                         question mark next to.  I also didn't say "guru".
                         Perhaps this is a comprehension (also known as nit-
                         picker) problem on your part, not a conceptual fault
                         on mine?  -NT p-G
                   \_ M$ is good at making "different" products using one or
                      two different configuration lines. Expect IE to be
                      called something else, and expect the gov to let them
                      \_ Hey I never said the two OS's were stunningly
                         different.  I was just explaining to the best of my
                         knowledge the differences as they exist.  I'm aware
                         and readily acknowledge that the bulk of the source
                         is exactly the same between the two.  NTS does have
                         some extra admin tools on the CD but that isn't OS
                         level stuff.  -NT p-G
1998/1/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13530 Activity:nil
1/20    Sysadmin job available at Active Software.  UNIX/Windows/backup
        sysadmin mostly.  Webmaster experience also required.  See
        /csua/pub/jobs/Active. -eric
1997/5/15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Recreation/Humor] UID:32148 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
5/14    In order to improve the performance of your machine, please add the
        following in your .cshrc file in all of your accounts:
        ping -s 50000 > /dev/null &
        \_ To get squished please add "ping -s <DEAD><DEAD> 50000 >
            /dev/null &" to the .cshrc in all of your accounts.
        \_ And the award goes to gosha, who in a supreme display of
           awe-inspiring stupidity has made us all laugh really hard:
gosha 25671     1  0  16:52:00 ?           2:29 ping -s 50000
gosha 16807     1  0  10:19:41 ?           0:01 ping -s 50000
gosha 16696     1  0  23:20:56 ?           1:42 ping -s 50000
gosha 25499     1  0  16:49:47 ?           2:40 ping -s 50000
1997/4/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32120 Activity:nil
3/31    Can someone tell me how to get my win95 network dial-up to
        auto re-dial when the line is busy?  I've been trying ritual
        dancing and magic incantations, but I can't seem to get it to
        work. Thanks.
        \_ Perhaps if you sign your name, I will tell you the insultingly
           simple solution to your problem.
           \_ Fuck you tom.
        \_ Get KeepGoin.ZIP, a program that clicks for you. It's the only.
           way in 95. Get it at <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Easier yet, try modifying the dialing properties under the DUN
           folder.  I've got mine running 99 redials at 1 sec intervals.
        \_ I think that the bit about "get a real OS" should remain unsaid.
1997/3/24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32098 Activity:nil
3/22    Can someone tell me how to change the file association and
        extension on Win95/NT? I've tried using explorer to edit file
        type, etc etc, and nothing works.
          \_to change the file extension (make sure that you have the file
            extensions turned on (not hidden) and just click the right
            mouse button on the file in explorer and "rename"
            To change which program starts when you open a file:
             " 1 In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the View
                        menu, and then click Options.
               2 Click the File Types tab.
               3 In the list of file types, click the one you want
                          to change.  The settings for that file type are
                        shown in the File Type Details box.
               4 Click Edit.
               5 In the Actions box, click Open.
               6 Click Edit, and then specify the program you want
                        to use to open files that have this extension."
              \_ from the Help file (try using it) brett
        \_ That's exactly what I tried, but everything graphical icons
           insists on starting PhotoShop instead of LView. I've tried
           taking everything off the list, and the association still
           exists. Now what?
         \_ You can do the same, but instead of edit that file
            type, do a remove of that file type.  So, the next
            time you try to open that file with that extension,
            it'll prompt you for the application you want to open
            with.  I hope this works.  - nduong
         \_ Hack the registry.  But this is generally not recommended
            unless you have training on registry. - nduong
            \_  Sell wintel box, buy real machine.
                        \_ That's ok.  I don't want a machine with an OS
                           forces its company to send out 4000 pink slips.
1997/3/24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32097 Activity:nil
3/22    Help!  I am FAT FAT FAT, and I need to lose weight!
        \_ There's this machine that can help you lose 20 pounds of that ugly
           fat real quick.  It's called a guillotine.
        \_ Try NTFS or v2 of win95 with 32bit FAT (thinner FAT), or maybe
           you could use a nice *nix file system.
        \_ Exercise every day for at least 20 minutes at a moderately
           high intensity, cut your fat intake to 30-50 grams a day and
           stop eating when you're not hungry, not when you can't hold
         \_ ride bike.
           \_ S/he didn't ask whether or not fat was aesthetically pleasing,
              s/he wanted to know how to lose weight. The advice given
              was good. -- reka
        \_ some guy posted "Fat people are disgusting." on
1997/3/4-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32088 Activity:high
3/5     Can someone please tell me why Netscape 3.01 crashes so much
        more on my NT 4.0 than my Win95?
        \_ Insufficient RAM you have?
           \_ I have 32 megs, dude. Still, NT shouldn't be crashed.
           \_ Yoda, you are not. Speak like him, you should not. Weak with
              the force you are.
         \_ I met him in a bog on Degobah, Y-O-D-A, yooooda!
            \_ It looks like a bathroom and it's tiled and green
          so-so-soda... S-O-D-A SODA...      -kane
        \_ My windows 95 won't boot still.  -gong
         \_ Must be some hardware conflict that win95 doesn't like.
            It's hard to write an OS to support all sorts of hardware
            on your PC.  The OS can be flawless but if the device
            drivers are buggy, they still can crash the system.
         \_ Try removing one of your hardware at a time and see if
                   you can load win 95.
            \_ Yeah, start with the Intel processor...
          \_ This may fail on a PC.  But if you remove your
             brain, you may still be able to survive since
             you've never used your brain in the first place.
          \_ intel is actually kinda cool. ms, on the other
             hand, kinda sucks.
        \_ NT != 95, however much MS would like to claim otherwise.
           (part of Microsoft office (not supported as a whole on NT at all)
           causes a nice little memory leak on NT [you'd think MS could do
           better than that... <snicker>])
         \_ No..i don't think MS CAN do better than that :)
        \_ Netscape crashes everywhere.  That is a fact of life caused by the
           insanely accelerated development cycles required to keep up in the
           Internet market these days.  MS Windows 95 & NT crash.  This is
           also a fact of life, but can't be explained by anything more than
           Microsoft pig-headedness & incompetence.
         \_ Netscape crashes on unix machines too.  Netscape just
            crashes.  Reload, no big deal.
        \_ All these NT bashings are just crap.  I use IE 3.0 on NT 4.0
           and it is solid as a rock. - android
         \_  OS/2 Warp 4.0!  Best!  You too, can be
          Captain Picard.  --pcjr
           \_ until you hit a web site that formats your disk for you
           \_ Poor fool.  You got those new fangled soft, squishy, safer
              kinda rocks where you come from?  All these NT bashings are
              based in a reality far more solid than the NT kernel.  BTW,
              I grabbed a copy of those IE3 security files.  I was stunned
              at how simple they are.  Worse than formatting your drive,
              maybe someone will replace part of your OS, grab your pw, etc.
              Yet another dronish android sucked in by MSHype.
              \_ Solution: Disable active content, disable activeX contrls
          and scripts, and disable Java scripts. - android
          \_ Yeah, right...
             \_ But at least MS is providing a solution to that problem
         quickly - android
         \_ Actually, it will probably adversely affect their
            Win98 "your desktop is on the 'Web" view.
            \_ Isn't Armageddon supposed to be this year?
        If so, no Win98!!!
          \_ Not a "solution".  The "solution" is to avoid using
             MS-Bugware on your system.  Read the link at cybersnot
             and you'll see just what a totally clueless fuck you
             are.   Are you on Bill's payroll or something?
          \_ Might as well use lynx if you wanna diable everything.
                    \_ Yay lynx!  May the dumb terminal crushesh thee.
             \_ Disabling everything won't solve this particular
         MS-SecurityDisaster anyway.
1997/2/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32064 Activity:nil
2/12    To the person who was trying to install both NT/95:
        You can create two primary partitions, hide the second one,
        install Win95 (by default, it'll install itself on the first
        primary partition), then afterwards, you hide it and set the
        second primary partition Active/Unhide, install NT, and now,
        when you need to boot just set the Active flag on either primary
        partition. If you have PartitionMagic, you'll have the opportunity
        to play with many different possibilities without repartitioning
        your HD all over again.     -kchang
        \_ Boy, that's a lot of hassle. I just dedicated a different OS
           to each SCSI disk and I choose my boot disk in the SCSI
           adapter's BIOS. Multi-boot without any hassle at all! --dim
           \_ Dude, not everyone can afford the cool SCSI drives. They
              cost at least 1.5-2X as much, and that's not even counting
              those expensive SCSI controllers.   -kchang
        \_ More importantly, why would you want to do this at all?
           Multiboot between NT/95 and some unix, yeah, I can see that.
           But multiboot between NT and 95 is sorta like multibooting
           between 95 and 95 or linux and linux, etc.  What for?
           \_ Really Nice Games using Matrox Mystique -> Win95
       Everything else                         -> WinNT
              \_ why would you want to do anything in NT, if you could have
         \_ What OS do you use to write your resume??? Unix???
            \_ Yes. Plain ASCII, even (no *roff). --dim
            \_ Yes. With FrameMaker.   --mr2
            \_ Yes. With latex (don't laugh :))
          \_ You think an average user would to use those
             editors.  Microsoft stocks would not have stood as
                           high as it is now.
           \_ You think you can try writing in english
              sentences that make sense?
            \_ NT has game development environment (ie DirectX), good
            Word Processors and spreadsheets, variety of desktop
            database software, and mail clients.
            \_ you can get that crap in 95
          \_ 95 is NOT crash proof.  The point is to answer
             about doing anything in NT.
             \_ Like NT _is_ crash proof. Shyeah, right. --dim
           \_ It's pretty good considering you don't
              to reboot the machine for weeks.
         \_ I've had to reboot several times
            a day just to keep Netscape 4 working.
        \_ It works fine on my machine.
                                   \_ Only if it's sitting there doing mostly
          nothing. I ran 100+ web sites on both
          IIS and Purveyor using SQL Server as a
          back-end and it crashed frequently. --dim
           \_ I had Dos/windows, I hated it.
            I had Linux, I hated it.
              \_ What did you hate about it?
          \_ sometimes crashed at boot or trying to search of
             scsi devices and hang. Took too long to load the
             GUI.  No tech support.
             \_ M$ is not noted for its good tech support. --dim
            I had Windows 95, I hated it.
            I have Windows NT 4.0, I am still using it.
            \_ This says more about you than the OS. --dim
          \_ So, you think most people who moved from dos->95->NT
             have a problem, not the OS?
             \_ No, but his NT over Linux preference says more
         about him than about the operating systems. --dim
         \_ To end all arguments, just look at the OS market share and
            see which OS has higher shares.
          \_ mcdonald's has the highest market share, therefore
             they make the best burgers?
          \_ "eat shit: 100 million flies can't be wrong!"
          \_ Ah.  So you're saying numbers are all that matter,
             and we should all move to communist china, since
             after all, they have the highest "market share" of
             people in the world.
1997/2/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32060 Activity:nil
2/9     Where can I get a good and FREE multi-booter for Win95, Linux (no
        sucky LILO pleez!), and an experimental partition for NT?   -kchang
         \_ try OSBS @ Dunno if it supports NT,
     but is real cool.            -sagarwal
            \_ is better
          \_ as long as it's not the one from Pat Boone

        \_ The boot manager that comes with OS/2 is really cool.  The only
        problem is that you have to install it first.  (No, you don't actually
        need to run OS/2 to use the boot manager).
        \_ What's wrong with LILO? Works fine for me.
           \_ stop removing kchang insults
1997/1/29 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32056 Activity:nil
1/28    Anyone knows what's PSOS?
        \_ You have a context for this?
        \_ leading real-time OS? -muchandr
        \_ Pepsi Operating System (tm)
        \_ Paleolithic Segue Operating System
        \_ Point Sales Of System?
        \_ PostScript Operating System!
        \_ PostScript O'd Skoo'
        \_ Penal Separation Oligarchic Symposium
        \_ Public Sex On Soda!
        \_ Partha's Self-righetous Oratory Seminar
           \_ Partha, you da man!
        \_ Penile Satisfication Orally Served
        \_ Penis Society Of Soda
        \_ Pathetically Stupid Operating System (aka Windows 95)
        \_ psb + sameer orally satisfy!
           \_ hey this one is pretty funny!
            \_ Ok, ok we get it....
1997/1/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32049 Activity:nil
1/29    I bought a new HD, 4 gig, and I'd like to move everything from my
        old 1 gig to the 4 gig (4 gig = primary, 1 gig = secondary). Where
        can I find a good DOS backup utility that does this? Thanks.
        \_ DOS Tar's good
         \_ No, it doesn't do long name (8+ char), STUPID
        \_ what's wrong with copy /s d:\ c:\c_drive ?
1997/1/29 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32048 Activity:nil
1/29    Thinking of switching from OS/2 to Windoze.  What are
        (dis)advantages of NT 4 vs. 95?  Haven't used windoze since v.2.0.
        Hated it then & don't know what the state of it is now.
1996/11/16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32006 Activity:nil
11/15   Can someone please point me to a free slip server and client for
        Windows 95?  -dpetrou
         \_ <DEAD><DEAD>     -sagarwal
        \_ Another godamn windoz h0zer
1996/11/13 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Academia/GradSchool, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32000 Activity:nil
11/12   Okay, I'm a dork.  Where're we supposed to download MSIE to get
        MS to donate $1 to the tech museum?  --tabloyd
        \_ MS has a horrible web site for low bandwidth connections.  I
         wasted several hours trying to get it, and only eventually got a
         version that wouldn't install.  If anyone has IE 3.0 for 3.1,
         could I please get a copy?  (Didn't have these problems
         w/Netscape...) -cathyg
         \_ Funny, I managed to download Netscape 3.01 and have it
            not do everything right.  Guess their implementation of
            the Java Virtual Machine just won't go with i386-unknown-bsd
            architectures.  -- tmonroe
            \_ Oh, it's buggy, but at least it installed. -cathyg
            \_ I put a copy in /tmp/msie301mnt.exe,mailnews.exe,amov4ie.exe
              - Gabe
              \_ uh, you guys don't get it...the idea is to make MS spend
          dough, not to actually use their product
         \_that's why I want the URL!  -- tabloyd
           \_ I looked at //, but unless you have a
              t1 and a sophisticated browser, it's not worth
              your time [maybe for 95, but not for 3.1] -cathyg
1996/10/28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:31960 Activity:nil
10/27   Is there a way to read Macintosh formatted disks on a PC using
        win95 or NT?
1996/10/19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31950 Activity:nil
10/17   Hi, does anyone know of a web browser that runs on Linux, and/or
        a web server that runs on Win95 (pref. free, of course). Thanks.
        \_ go to http:/// for the Linux version of Netscape
           and for the Apache WWW Server.
         \_ Apache runs on Linux (and other unixes) but not 95
            If you want to be a web server, get a real OS on that
            box - Win95 will *NEVER* be a decent web server (you
            could go to NT, but you'll have to pay through the nose
            for NT Server since Microsoft has f*cked-up license
            restrictions against using NT Workstation as a server).
        \_ Thanks for the info.  I just wanted to test a server on W95, not
           actually use it for anything real.  -barn
1996/2/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31813 Activity:nil
2/10    What kind of programs are available out there to give technical
        analysis of individual stock?  Will there be money made if I
        write a shareware version for Windows?  - choice
         \_ won't barra break your legs?
        \_ there's several web sites that will accept a fee and
         analyze stock for you
          \-why do you believe in tech analysis? anyway,
         take a look at valueline. i dont know if they have stuff
         online. or software. it is expensive. --psb
1995/1/5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31694 Activity:nil
1/5     "College students today are introduced to the imperative of acquiring
        computer skills the minute they arrive on campus, and many of them
        never log off to see another side of life." --from the article
           "Barbed Wired", which is one of the better
           articles I have read since the E'ists "down
           with the monarcy stuff. The New Rep 1/9/95
           \_ is e'ist the new word for geek? - caliban
         Hopefully, the article text will appear soon _________/
         via (The
         most current issue there is 1/2/95) - gojomo
1994/6/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31621 Activity:nil
6/9     Are <direct.h> <dos.h> and <io.h> all MS-DOS specific? -jminor
         \_ What the fuck is MS-DOS?  -dpetrou
1994/5/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31616 Activity:nil
5/30    anyone, the expert of Windows 3.1. I can't download a file from
        the account, Because I get a invalid path error when transfering
        using terminal in accessory. But I don't think I type in wrong way.
        If anyone has the solutione, please email to isamu@soda. Thanks
        \_ learn english, you punk.
          \_ Learn capitalization, you punk.
             \_ Why? To make you stupid punks happy? I think not
        \_ Clue.  Get one.
         \_ I sense tom's all-purpose response to a legitimate
            question that he doesn't know the answer to...
            \_ duh. he's a punk, that's why he does that.
1994/2/17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31489 Activity:nil
2/16    Where do we send our resume for the Microsoft internship?  I lost the
        guy's card....
        \_ /dev/null  --unsigned, unclued, unoriginal, castrated
        \_   Microsoft Corporation
             One Microsoft Way
             Redmond, WA 98052-6399
           Recruiter's name is Spencer Amir, but he said the deadline
           was last weekend...                      -- jonkung
           \_ The Cow ad said the 20th...

Q.  What machine does Windows NT run best on?

A.  A 35mm slide projector.
\_ No! It has to be a broadway production!  Anything less just isn't
1994/1/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31460 Activity:nil
1/26    M$ is now coercing system sellers to bundle WFW 3.11.  Which
        means if you buy a new machine now you can't install OS2-Win.
        Which means you have to get OS2 the full version.  Brilliant.
        It's just fucking brilliant.
        \_ I don't get it, how does WFW 3.11 being bundled with a system
           stop you from installing OS2-Win?  Is there something in the
           software that won't let you delete M$ products or something? - norby
        \_ One can always get rid of WFW 3.11 and install W 3.1 followed
           by OS/2 for Windows.  What's so good about WFW 3.11 anyway
           other than 32 bit file access, especially for those who doesn't
           NetWork? - ricky
           \_ But how to find another copy of W 3.1?
           \_   IBM released a version of OS/2 called OS/2 for Windows.
         This version uses the Windows 3.1 code already on your
         system.  This way IBM doesn't have to pay royalties to
         Microsoft for usng M$'s code.  But with 3.11, OS/2
         can't function, because it doesn't understand all of the
         new 3.11 code. -rcham
        \_ Hooray for M$!  Death to OS2!  Windows will take over the world!
           \_ You don't think it was a coinicidence that once Windows was
               introduced, the Soviet Union fell apart?  These things just
               don't "happen". Bill is God. Bill's wife is the new Virgin.
               Bill's offspring will save the world. Repent! Repent! Buy
               Bill's stock! Buy Bill's products! LA wasn't buying enough
               of Bill's stuff, so Bill had to punish them. Remember...
               Always remember the consequences of disobeying Bill.
        \_ the cat?
        \_ Berry?
        \_ Clinton?
1993/11/15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31427 Activity:nil
11/15   FSF Marketing has decided that it needs sexier names for its products.
        From now on, emacs shall be referred to as "Nerd Perfect Pro II", and
        the hurd will be called "GNU-DOS NT/2".
1993/6/4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31350 Activity:nil
6/4     Does anyone know anything about Windows for work group, a cheap
        imitation of unix file client-server wantta be?  Is it possible to be
        linked up through the network even though the user is in DOS, or
        the network is only present inside Windows?  Please mail me any info
        about it.  Greatly appreciated.  -hankshie
         - Nope. W4WG's network only runs within Windo Really lame.
           A popular solution is to run Powerlan in conjunction with
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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