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2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/2/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:12124 Activity:nil
2/5     shmat(2) local exploit on OpenBSD and FreeBSD (there is an exploit
        in the wild):
        \_ Workaround installed, thanks.  --mconst
        \_ Since everyone seems to go apeshit about how Linux sucks and *BSD
           is so much better when this happens, this is the obligatory
           \_ Hrm.  Difficult to parse your comment, but I'm assuming this
              is the standard rant of "See, *BSD is no better."  Sorry, the
              centralization, speed, and ease of upgrade puts any linux
              distro to shame.
              \_ how's that? unless you've got some 1-click thing that does it all
                 for you (hah, yeah right), i don't see how it can be significantly
                 easier than what i do on linux to upgrade or patch a kernel.
                 \_ Where's the motd format Nazi when you need him?
2004/1/20 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:11846 Activity:nil
1/19    Slow to load, but worth it.
        This guy is no crook, I used to work with him, he is just
        a geeky programmer:
        \_ He was being accused of ...?
           \_ Raping his cats.
              \_ Close enough: hacking Valve and stealing the source code
                 for Half-Life 2.  So, wtf? did he do it?
                 \_ I suspect this particular guy probably didn't or he
                    wouldn't be spewing his story over the net, but I wouldn't
                    be surprised if one of his friends or net.friends did it.
2004/1/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11776 Activity:nil
1/13    What is the best way to upgrade from FreeBSD 5.2-RC2 to Release?
        Should I just check out /usr/src and make world or is there a
        better (less time consuming) way? tia.
        \_ Use make world. Worked great for me.
        \_ The recommended way is "make buildworld; make buildkernel;
           make installkernel; make installworld; reboot; mergemaster"
2004/1/8-9 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11722 Activity:nil
1/7     To the guy who was interested in listening to NPR/RealAudio on
2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11585 Activity:nil
12/24   I'm paying about $25 for my unix shell account and web hosting at
        verio.  It includes 200 megs of disk space.  I'm looking for another
        provider that offers more disk space (500 megs) at around the same
        price.  I've looked at earthlink and the price is about the same
        as verio.  Any recommendations?  Unix has to be freebsd.  Thanks.
        \_ Call Verio and tell them to up your quota but you don't want to
           pay more and see what they say.
                \_ hey good idea (seriously).   -!op
                   \_ I'm a big Verio customer.  We beat them up on price all
                      the time.  It might not work for a little guy but it
                      doesn't hurt to ask.
2003/12/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11565 Activity:kinda low
12/22   Any tips for bringing a machine back to life after some sort of
        ACPI-related badness?  It's new Dell, FreeBSD-5.2RC1, and I tried
        acpiconf -s 3.  It shut down and now I can't even get the thing to
        POST-- no vid display, no beeping, just the power light on and the
        disk light blinking.  I know/knew the risks of running -CURRENT, just
        looking for any advice as to how to reset the mobo.  TIA.
        \_ How do you know that your motherboard or your cpu didn't fry?  Rip
           the mobo out and install a spare. If it exhibits the same problem
           chances are it's the CPU (potentially it could be memory, but if it
           was you'd see the POST beeping at you about bad memory).  If it is
           indeed a screwed up ACPI (I've never seen this happen) then you can
           try ripping out the clock battery, waiting for two minutes, and
           sticking it back in. BIOS should revert to factory setting. If you
           can get the manual to your mobo then there should be a jumper short
           you can do to reset the BIOS, which is the "correct" way of doing
           things since you may or may not be able to do the clock battery
           thing. (Although I haven't seen an encased NVRAM with builtin batt
           for some years).  Keep in mind that ripping out the clock battery
           doesn't guarentee the BIOS settings will reset, the BIOS may have a
           large capacitor associated with it to keep it alive for some time (on
           the order of minutes/hours). It could also store stuff in flash, then
           you're SOL until you dig up the manual for the proper jumper
           \_ If it's a new dell, it should have a service tag (series of
              letters and numbers) you can enter in on the Dell website and get
              to the page of drivers/manuals, etc.
        \_ Ah but, did you know the risks of running FreeBSD?
        \_ There may be a jumper to reset the CMOS.  I had to do it on an
           Abit BH6 recently when I didn't know the BIOS password.  Look
           on the circuit board for something resembling this.
        \_ How do you know that your motherboard or your cpu didn't fry?  Rip the
           mobo out and install a spare. If it exhibits the same problem chances
           are it's the CPU (potentially it could be memory, but if it was you'd
           see the POST beeping at you about bad memory).  If it is indeed a
           screwed up ACPI (I've never seen this happen) then you can try ripping
           out the clock battery, waiting for two minutes, and sticking it back
           in. BIOS should revert to factory setting. If you can get the manual
           to your mobo then there should be a jumper short you can do to reset
           the BIOS, which is the "correct" way of doing things since you may or
           may not be able to do the clock battery thing. (Although I haven't
           seen an encased NVRAM with builtin batt for some years).  Keep in mind
           that ripping out the clock battery doesn't guarentee the BIOS settings
           will reset, the BIOS may have a large capacitor associated with it to
           keep it alive for some time (on the order of minutes/hours). It could
           also store stuff in flash, then you're SOL until you dig up the manual
           for the proper jumper settings.
        \_ Ah but, did you know the risks of running FreeBSD?
2003/12/16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11472 Activity:nil
12/15   Months ago, some guy suggest to set up a FreeBSD / Linux box at front
        of Exchange Server to serve as a sort of MTA which greatly enhance
        the security of the email infrastructure.  I would like to know more
        on how to do that.  Any pointers?  Thanks.
        \_ the idea is by having inbound connections from the internet connect
           to the bsd/linux box you protect your exchange server from any
           security vulnerabilities associated w/ IIS (specifically the MTA
           piece of IIS). setting it up can be as simple as setting up the
           box w/ most defaults and being sure to set your MX for your domain
           on the inside to your exchange server... now you should at least
           disable relaying from the internet as well.
        \_ It's just a mail proxy that runs SA or whatever and then reforwards
           the surviving mail to exchange.
2003/12/9-11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:11387 Activity:nil
12/9    Can someone recommend a way to read the contents of a FreeBSD
        partition with UFS filesystems from a Windows box?  It's a laptop
        disk which won't boot properly by itself, FreeBSD doesn't like the
        USB case I've put it in very much, and I don't have a Mac handy. -John
        \_ You need an NT (I'm assumming you are running NT version of Windows)
           filesystem driver for UFS. Once that is installed you should be able
           to read it. You need to basically buy this from someone. If
           it was an ext2 partition I have a driver for it, but alas UFS
           isn't amongst the list of highly utilized fs --williamc
           \_ I hope that last bit is sarcasm.
           \_ williamc seems to think John is a n00b
        \_ Probably not what you're looking for, but perhaps you can burn
           and run knoppix from the CD?
2003/11/26-27 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29671 Activity:nil 88%like:11228
11/26   what preprocessor macro is defind on FreeBSD so that I can write
        conditional code only for FreeBSD? i am using gcc...
        What about solaris? Thanks.
        \_ You can use __FreeBSD__ and __sun to tell the difference between
           FreeBSD and Solaris; you can also use __i386 and __sparc if you
           want to know the CPU type.  (These all work with Sun's C compiler
           as well as with gcc.)  --mconst
2003/11/26-27 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11228 Activity:kinda low 88%like:29671
11/26   what preprocessor macro is defind on FreeBSD so that I can write
        conditional code only for FreeBSD? i am using gcc...
        What about solaris? Thanks.
        \_ You can use __FreeBSD__ and __sun to tell the difference between
           FreeBSD and Solaris; you can also use __i386 and __sparc if you
           want to know the CPU type.  (These all work with Sun's C compiler
           as well as with gcc.)  --mconst
2003/11/18 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11116 Activity:nil
11/17   I'm looking to buy a UPS for use with my Open/FreeBSD x86 systems at
        home. Something in the 500 va to 750 va range is enough for me. I
        just need enough power for 10 mins or so (enough time to shutdown
        both boxes). Any recommendations on specific models? (I'm willing to
        spend upto about $200). tia.
        \_ Slickdeals has a UPS for about $30.
        \_ you looking for something with net/serial manageability, so your
           x86 system can know to shut itself down before the power goes out?
           \_ Yes. I want to use something like nut or apcupsd (or anything
              else that might be better) in order to shutdown my systems
              when the power goes out for longer than 1 min or so.
2003/11/17 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11103 Activity:nil
11/16   After I installed firebird .7, I can't run several different
        applications on my FreeBSD-4.7 box, including mozilla and some
        random games because of missing object files in my
        /usr/libexec/ directory (specifically and
        Is there a way to get these files back? Thanks.
        \_ You installed something with a version number < 1.0.
        \_ What did you do while installing MFB?  You probably deleted/overwrote
           the X11 files something like that.  You can reinstall X, but then
           you might have probs with MFB.
2003/11/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10907 Activity:nil
11/2    Is there a good reason to run FreeBSD 5.x instead of
        4? - danh
        \_ Yeah--a lot of cool apps and features, like OpenBSD
           pf, and 32-bit pccard support.  It runs rock-solid on
           a P120, and won't budge on a brand new Thinkpad, so your
           mileage may vary.  -John
           \_ it dies a lot on my laptop and I was wondering
              if others have the same experience, I guess so! - danh
                \_ 5.1 has major problems with ACPI support.  That may
                   have something to do with it.  A lot of code for core
                   system components (cardbus, usb bridge, etc.) has been
                   heavily rewritten and isn't mature yet.  -John
        \_ 5.x is cool.  4.8 is stable.  Your choice.
2003/10/31-11/2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10897 Activity:nil
10/31   Can someone recommend a very small vga monitor?  I'm looking
        for something that I can hook up to a kvm switch as a combination
        X11 and CLI console for two FreeBSD boxes, but which should be
        tiny enough to just sit in a corner and not bother anyone.  Ideally
        flat screen--small laptop screen size would be optimal.  -John
        \_ I think you want one of those things they have for POS in retail
           stores.  Don't know where you'd get one though.
                \_ Something like that--what'd be perfect is a subnotebook-
                   sized monitor (like the Libretto or Vaio Picturebook)
2003/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10867 Activity:nil
10/30   FreeBSD 10 yr. Anniv. Party @ DNALounge
        \_ Not entirely on the subject, but Jamie Zawinski is a dickhead.
           \_ that's nice.  then don't go to the DNA.  please.
              \_ I don't.  Because he is a dickhead, and his club has a
                 seriously weird vibe.
                 \_ Been there lots of times, haven't noticed.  Can you
                    clarify what you're talking about?
                 \_ A friend of mine has worked there since it was newly
                    opened.  They rent it out to whatever promoter wants it
                    on most nights so the 'vibe' will vary greatly every
                    single night.  I get new and unique stories about the
                    goings on every week.  What are you talking about?
                    \_ I'm gonna hazard a wild guess and say you probably
                       dye your hair black and may even have a Skinny Puppy
           \_ Maybe, but WebCollage/Xscreensaver is pretty hilarious when
              run on an overhead projector in an internet cafe... -John
              \_ Err...considering how many web images are pr0n...Dunno
                 if I want to be sipping my coffee and suddenly look up
                 at Belladonna getting a double anal.
                 \_ Wow.  That was a mental image I *so* didn't need.  Christ.
                 \_ Then I suggest you avoid Amsterdam at all costs.  -John
                 \_ Who is Belladonna?
                    \_ I don't know what these fucking nerds are talking
                       about.  Belladonna was the lead singer for the
                       greatest heavy metal band in the history of
                       the Universe: Anthrax.
                       \_ Uhm.  STFW, dumbass.
                    \_ If you can't infer from the context, or take it upon
                       yourself to do a google search, you really need to
                       see a professional
                    \_ If you have to ask...
                 \_ you could do a hell of a lot worse than belladonna.
2003/10/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10848 Activity:nil 50%like:10723
10/29   is there a graphical version of netstumbler for
        linux/freebsd ?
        \_ dstumbler?  It's ncurses at least.
2003/10/24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10763 Activity:high
10/23   why don't apple port their gui stuff to linux/bsd and make a huge
        kill bill?
        \_ Are Linux users willing to pay for a GUI?
           \_ why don't you get off this account?  It's FreeBSD, free OS,
              administered by so-called commie free of charge.
              \_ Huh?  What's your point?
        \_ Apple is just another Microsoft, except it try to control
           everything, thus, less successful at it.  Unlike MS, it actually
           CHARGE people for OS upgrades.
           \_ What do you mean by that? The fact that you have installed
              a warez copy of Windows XP doesn't mean it's a free upgrade.
        \_ You mean like, uh, OS X?
2003/10/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10742 Activity:nil
10/22   What's a good place to learned about the mmap and vfork architectures?
        Like how they work in the OS, etc etc. Thanks.
        \_ If you're just starting out, I recommend the following articles.
           They're interesting and fairly contemporary, and the author /
           interviewee is coming to a CSUA meeting tomorrow.  Hint hint.
        \_ APUE by Richard Stevens
           \_ As far as I remember, APUE only tells you what mmap and vfork do
              and when to use them but it doesn't tell you how those system
              calls are actually implemented.
           \_ Isn't Apue the guy on the simpsons?
        \_ /usr/src
2003/10/21 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29585 Activity:nil
10/21   What are key troll words? Here are a few to start us out:
        sex, marriage, israel, WMD, conservative, liberal, bike, linux,
        windows, bsd, berkeley
        \_ Iraq, Taiwan
2003/10/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10723 Activity:nil 50%like:10848
10/21   is there something like usermode linux, for FreeBSD ?
        \_ Not really.  There's a userland network stack available somewhere
           (gg:phk junior kernel hacker todo).
2003/9/17-20 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10225 Activity:nil 74%like:10214
9/16    OpenSSH 3.7.1 released (fixes a buffer mgmt error):
        [ updated to 3.7.1 since 3.7 had a bug ]

emacs user was here
        \_ I had a beta version of 097b ssl installed so I got the 4/10/03
           version and the compile and install went clean but the ssh client
           still says its using the old version....  I then recompiled and
           installed ssh and same thing.  I've tried a few other things but
           nothing works.  Any hints?  There's no rpm for my system and
           the compile isn't the issue anyway.  Thanks!
                \_ Have you killed and restarted sshd?  Do you know where
                   your make install is putting things--is it the same place
                   your startup scripts are running them from?  -John
                   \_ ssh -v shows the old openssl version.  It has nothing
                      to do with sshd.  It's getting it from
                      /usr/lib/ according to ktrace.  I don't
                      see where the openssl install is supposed to replace or
                      install a newer version of this file.
                        \_ If you build openssl from src it puts the libs
                           in /usr/local/ssl/lib or /usr/local/lib (depends
                           on your os). If you want your new version to
                           override the system installed default, then just
                           rename the version in /usr/lib and make a symlink
                           to the new version (provided you can build a .so
                           on your arch). If you are using *BSD you should
                           probably fetch the latest version of /usr/src/lib
                           and rebuild that way.
        \_ Arrr!
           \_ Avast!
2003/9/16 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10214 Activity:nil 74%like:10225
9/16    OpenSSH 3.7 released (fixes a buffer mgmt error):
2003/9/11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10146 Activity:nil 60%like:29422
9/10    OpenBSD 3.3 semaphore patch (earlier versions are not affected):
2003/9/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10093 Activity:nil 62%like:27866
9/5     OpenBSD 3.4 is available for pre-order:
        \_ pre-order?  they can't *sell* me open source software!  Redhat and
           other Linux vendors don't force me to *buy* software.
           \_ Um, neither does openbsd.  Before you start ranting, do a little
              digging... -scotsman
            \_ Yes they can, and they've been doing it for years. Open Source
               Software doesn't mean that people can't charge you for it, it
               just means that you can copy/modify/redistribute it anyway you
               want. GNU used to sell their software for a couple thousand
               per tape/disk. Walnut Creek Software distributed *BSD for $30
               per kit way before the internet got popular.
               \_ To me that's not really "selling software" any more than
                  PBS pledge drives are selling those mugs and other gifts
                  you get if you donate money.
                  \_ where else can you get a Dr. Who mug where the TARDIS
                     dematerializes as you pour the drink in?  If BSD
                     people sold Dr. Who mugs I'd buy them, too.
2003/9/4 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10072 Activity:nil
9/4     Does anyone know whether there's a way to use interface names
        in an ipfilter/ipnat configuration, as opposed to an interface's IP
        address?  -John
        \_ With ipfw there was, and I think ipf has a way to.  Must dig some.
           ... with pf (openbsd) it is very simple.
                \_ Yeah pf is the reason I had OpenBSD on this box previously,
                   but it began behaving very erratically, I found the upgrade
                   process to be incredibly time-consuming and badly documented,
                   and searching through mailing list archives for answers to
                   questions I had usually turned up something analogous to
                   "read the fucking source and quit wasting our time, idiot".
                   In short, unusable for a box that just has to work.  By
                   the way, I met the guy who wrote pf;  he's really cool. -John
                   \_ If you've switched to FreeBSD, I think there was some
                      project to port pf over.  I don't know how far along
                      they are, but that may be an option by now. ...Aha
                      /usr/ports/security/pf --scotsman
2003/9/2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:10040 Activity:nil
9/1     I have a freebsd stable box, and whenever I try to rebuild
        the ports db or upgrade a port via a package, the load goes
        way up, and the box spawns a new make process every 5 minutes or so
        until eventually the machine locks up and I end up having
        to reboot.  Any idea why? - danh
        \_ You have enough space in your /var directory?
                \_ yes.  gigs and gigs.
        \_ Maybe the core config files used by the ports collection got
           corrupted.  I suggest moving the directory aside and grabbing
           it again and see if that helps.  There are also verbose options
           you can set for debugging these things.
2003/8/29-2004/2/14 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:12257 Activity:nil
2/13    Anyone ever get dstumbler working with a Cisco card on FreeBSD? -John
        \_ Yes.
2003/8/26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:29466 Activity:kinda low
8/25    Do people actually verify md5 sums?  I recently ftped a linux
        distribution iso and installed it.  It seems to run fine.  Then
        by chance I run md5sum on the image and the first disk failed.
        Is this just some transmission error or something more sinister?
        \_ freebsd ports do this automatically.  You should probably try
           pulling the image again and rechecking.  it could be truly sinister,
           it could just make your system unstable down the line.  look at it
           as a strong litmus test.
           \_ I already did and the new download passed the check.  I am
                going to reinstall the whole thing.  But if it is the installer
                itself that got corrupted maliciously, should I worry about
                all the partitions of my disks and all the disks that was
                mounted when I did the installation?  That would be really
                too much pain.
                \- based on the strength [sic] of the tcp checksum
                   and the error base rate you can figure out how often
                   you can expect an undetected tranmission error.
                   we made some calculations a few years ago and when you
                   started shoveling gigabytes around you needed to start
                   worrying about these and doing some kind of stronger
                   application level checksumming. lately i havent done any
                   measurements to see if the base error rate has gone down
                   [or up say in wireless or whatever] and what the new
                   expectations might me. however i certainly am not sur-
                   prised to hear large iso or tarballs coming over long
                   paths arrived frayed at the edges. if you are interested
                   in techical details and have a general familarity with
                   tcp, you can mail me. any discussion of this on say
                   NANOG? --psb
                   \_ Google, as a result of their work, keeps track of
                      these numbers. Look up their research.
                      \- oh yeah i remember asking the google folks
                         if they do higher level checks, what chksums
                         they ue etc as the copy around parts of the
                         they use etc as the copy around parts of the
                         cache. do they "publish" these things anywhere?
2003/8/25 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29462 Activity:nil
8/25    Java (1.3.1) binaries released for FreeBSD.  Huzzah!
        \_ When did "FreeBSD" become a trademark of Wind River Systems?
        \_ um, wow, that's sad. there are even 1.4.2 packages for ia64.
           \_ 1.4.2 is and has been available via ports for a long
              while; the news here is that the legal issues have finally
              been resolved, allowing for binary distribution.
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29422 Activity:high 60%like:10146
8/20    OpenBSD 3.3 patch for a semget(2) bounds checking error:
        \_ Anyone successfully upgraded 3.1->3.3 x86 from source?  -John
           \_ Trivial.
                \_ I Keep getting "internal compiler error" when building gcc
                   according to the mini-faq.  Just wondering.  -John
2003/8/20-21 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29411 Activity:nil
8/20    For those who care about such stuff a ALTQ + PF patch is available
        for FreeBSD 5.1:
2003/8/20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29404 Activity:high
8/19    Helo, I glanced at various FreeBSD books on AMAZONG. Would the
        locals recommend any particular one? I dont want unix basics
        but freebsd specifics. Also i dont need technical descriptions
        of parts of the OS [like the 4.4 book] but some stuff on PC
        hardware and freebsd sysadmin-related stuff. ok tnx --psb
        \_ Take a look at the FreeBSD Handbook as well as the FAQ on
  It answered all or most of my questions.
           \_ Agreed.  It's about as up-to-date as you're going to get.
              `man security` also helps.
              \- any experience with the "absolute BSD" book?
        \_ The FreeBSD PowerPak (PowerPack?) comes with a fairly decent
           book.  <DEAD><DEAD> used to have good FreeBSD
           specific stuff (I've found the handbook to be pretty out of date
           on occasion.)  -John
2003/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29388 Activity:moderate
8/19    What's the difference between "make deinstall" in /usr/ports
        and "pkg_delete" in FreeBSD?
        \_ very little.  Perhaps some ports add extra rules to the deinstall
           routine, but "make deinstall" is there just for completeness (so ports
           users never have to deal with pkg_*).
           routine, but "make deinstall" is there just for completeness (so
           ports users never have to deal with pkg_*).
2003/8/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29381 Activity:high
8/18    Is there a tool that will intelligently make 700MB ISOs out of
        many Gigs of files in a directory structure? i.e. split up the
        files by directories of the appropriate sizes...
        \_ not sure, but please email if you find an answer - noah
        \_ yeah I need something like that for my digital camera files!!
        \_ What about something that will just split a directory into
           subdirectories of size < n?  Options regarding grouping
           (capitalized names come first?  sort by date?) would be helpful
        \_ There are freebsd ports that do exactly that.  Are you using
           Windows or Freebsd?  There are free/shareware Windows programs
           that do the same.
           \_ well I at least am interested in the freebsd port.  What's
              it called?  tia.
           \_ question suppressed until poster learns how to format posts.
                \_ ok you need to die. - danh
                   \_ this made me smile :') - ! above poster
           \_ I would prefer something that runs on Linux. I suppose I could
              try to use Windows. - op
              \_ You'd use windows before freebsd?
                 \_ You'd ride bike before drive SUV?
        \_ Burn-to-the-Brim? --jameslin
2003/8/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29296 Activity:nil
8/10    Free/OSS or cheap XML editors for Linux/FreeBSD?
        \_ emacs xml mode
2003/8/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29293 Activity:high
        What a funny load of crap. Clearly they haven't heard of FREEbsd.
        \_ go ahead and laugh. In the end, technology alone will not
           get you cookies. Took me 10 years to realize that
                                        -former linux/bsd/tech fanatic
            \_ Did I say it would?
            \_ Wait another 10 years. Microsoft will not be a monoploy.
               What is the key to cookies, oh enlightened cynical one?
                \_ OS2 was a superior technology but it lost. There are many
                   other factors such as the user base, development base,
                   marketing, and many many others. Superior technology
                   alone makes engineers happy and proud but does not make
                   it a great product.
                        \_ don't forget many other factors such as ease
                           of use (for grandmas grandpas), visual appeal,
                           support, peer pressure, etc etc.
                   \_ i'd make a comment on this, but i have to go watch a
                      movie on my betamax now.
                         \_ Why did OS2 loose? because mircosoft made
                            things incompatible. I believe free software
                            will overcome all non-technical obstacles
                            because it is free and developers and users
                            like it. Companies like IBM and Oracle are
                            doing the advertising for Linux. And most tech
                            companies hate Microsoft. Was OS2 free?
                        \_ If Sony had only licensed it to Porn companies,
                           then Beta would have succeeded. Alas, since VHS
                           sucks so much, it made DVD more appealing.
                        \_ VHS won because it was better in ways that people
                           cared about.  Why would you want to use a format
                           that wouldn't let you record a two-hour movie?
                    \_ Why did OS2 loose? I believe free software will
                       overcome all non-technical obstacles because it is
                       free and developers and users like it.  Companies
                       like IBM and Oracle are doing the advertising for
                       Linux. And most tech companies hate Microsoft. Was
                       OS2 free?
                        \_ many reasons, not the least of which was it needed
                           several more megs worth of memory to run at any
                           decent speed and at the time that was 100s of
                           dollars worth of computer equipment.  Plus it
                           was UGLY in a way that made windows look pretty.
                           \_ Sounds like OS2 was not "superior".
2003/8/6 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29250 Activity:high
8/5     Off-by-one error in realpath(3):
        (Just in case some of you aren't subscribed to the security
         announce lists)
         \_ Ah, the wonderful joys of C programming.
                \_ And you prefer?
                  \_ nothing. For some tasks there are no better substitutes
                     yet, unfortunately.
                     \_ everything should be written in vax 11/780 assembly
                        like the good old days!  where'd my pdp-7?
                        like the good old days!  where's my pdp-7?
                        \_Back in my day, we didn't have no fancy terminals,
                          we wrote programs by wiring the accumulator to the
                          cycling unit, and we liked it! -- grumpy old man
                          \_ Yeah!  You tell em!  Hey wait, you had wires?
                             We didn't have wires....
2003/7/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29098 Activity:nil
2003/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29077 Activity:high
7/16    What's the best or easiest to configure linux software for receiving
        faxes with a modem and saving them to disk.
        \_ mgetty /dev/modem
        \_ Hylafax is a fairly complex bit of software to set up, but once
           I got it working, it was extremely versatile for receiving and
           sending (also as an email to fax and vice versa gateway).  -John
           \_ thanks.
              \_ I just did an ls -ld /usr/ports/comms/*fax* on my FreeBSD
                 box, and also found efax, gfax, mgetty+sendfax, as well
                 as a shitload of gui frontends for most fax programs.  -John
                 \_ On your freebsd box?
                        \_ No, on my FreeBSD box.  But since you ask, none
                           of these are FreeBSD-specific, hence 'ports'.
                           Hint hint hint.  -John
2003/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29046 Activity:high
7/15    Has anyone successfully upgraded from FreeBSD 4.x to 5.1?  I'm
        running into trouble with doing a make buildworld from cvsup on
        libpthread, which seems to be a known problem dating back to
        May or June judging from the mailing lists, but I can't find a
        solution.  Binary upgrades don't work, according to UPGRADE.TXT -John
        \_ I was planning to move to 5.1 myself, but I wasn't planning on an
           upgrade.  You're moving across versions to a non-STABLE release...
           isn't it time to wipe & reinstall all your old packages anyway?
           I'm really only replying because I'm curious about your primary
           reason for choosing the upgrade path-- maybe it applies to me.
        \_ Yes.  It wasn't a problem.  Over time I upped my 4.4 -> 4.6 -> 4.7
           -> 4.8 -> 5.0 -> 5.1.  Trivial.
2003/7/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28982 Activity:insanely high
7/09    what is an application that displays IO usage by process on FreeBSD?
        \_ For which OS?
           \_ o.k. i hate to be obnoxious when i'm asking for help but:
              I've said this before..... *THIS ONE*.  Don't you think
              it is a reasonable deafault assumption when someone asks
              a computer question ON a computer that you use THAT
              computer's specs?   That being said, if you know the
              answer for some other OS, wouldn't it have been as easy
              to just PUT THAT rather than asking?  I'm sure someone
              (including of course me) would be interested.
              \_ Bong.  Try again...preferably on someone else's time.
              \_ no. no.
              \_ Concur. No No.
              \_ It's rather elitist to presume that everyone is smart
                 enough to use FreeBSD.
        \_ FreeBSD answer: doesn't seem likely.  man fstat & iostat and
           write a script to cross-reference the results
           \_ And then release it under the GPL so we can all use it!
           \_ o.k. how about other (non-VMS) OSes?
2003/6/26 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28843 Activity:very high
6/25    Oh man, open office completely blows.  It is way worse than any
        M$ product.  It won't let me open my tab seperated file into calc.
        It assumes it is a word document and opens it thusly.  I can't
        even cut and paste into calc.  Surely there must be a solution
        other than having to substitute commas for my tabs in all my files.
        Please help.
        \_ perl -p -i .bak -e 's/\t/,/g' *
        \_ err... how about Word Perfect series?
        \_ It is pretty bad.  Check out Crossover office from Codeweavers--
           it's pretty nice (no FreeBSD yet tho.)  -John
        \_ Ah yes.  Program A doesn't have a feature I like.  So A sucks.
           OOo has a number of features I like that are supierior to MS. YMMV
                \_ No.  OpenOffice and StarOffice both have some very very
                   annoying tendencies, such as munging formatting of a lot
                   of different doc types.  Like it or not, a lot (most)
                   business documentation is done either in .pdf or .doc, even
                   though a lot of us would prefer more people use ascii or
                   html.  And of all the office-type apps out there, MSOffice
                   is currently the least worst.  StarOffice/Openoffice/
                   koffice are a good start, but they have a long way to go
                   before people will start accepting them and tolerating all
                   the annoyances of using them.  -John
2003/6/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28762 Activity:high
6/18    Is there a single man page somewhere that describes all the basic
        file manipulation tools for FreeBSD or Unix in general?  I'm trying to
        batch-format a text file to 80 lines and I can't remember the command.
        I always end up starting from `man [join,cut,paste,comm,diff]` and
        searching many "See Also" sections.
        \_ ok, see, it's "fmt" that I want, not "format".  There's got to be
           a better way to man. --op
           \_ man -k?  apropos?
        \_ google for the unix rosetta stone
2003/6/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28712 Activity:very high
6/11    The Open Group sues Apple over their use of the word UNIX. Apple claims
        that UNIX is a generic term:
        Are Unix and Linux coming up in the world?
        \_ Rapture! You started another linux vs. freebsd slapfight!
        \_ On a vaguely related note: when did become
           \_ cnet has had forever and a day...  I tried to register
              it about 8 years ago...
              \_ 8 years ago?  you got to the net a little late, eh?
        \_ Unix has been the world since before you had PH#1.  Linux is crap.
           There's only 2 reasons Linux even exists today: AT&T timing and
           price.  It's hard to compete with free crap when the alternatives
           cost so much in bad times.  Beware the Deathstar.
           \_ What is PH#1? Why isn't BSD more "popular" than Linux?
              \_ PH#1: ask yermom.  BSD: Ask AT&T.
              \_ Linux is more popular because of the license, and Linus
                 is pretty good at engineering the open-source effort at
                 the kernel level, preventing linux from forking to various
                 similiar but incompatible variant.  Most people here at
                 motd resent Linux in one way another because BSD could of
                 been what Linux is today.
                 \_ no, we don't like linux because it's the windows of the
                    *nix world and we're tired of rebooting machines, the
                    endless patch/upgrade cycle, the instability, the bugs,
                    the data loss, and the zealotry.  if you wanted to know
                    why people feel a certain way you should just ask, not
                    wrongly assume and then spew like you know.  i have no
                    particular love of bsd because it has roots here.  i don't
                    even prefer it as my #1 production system.  i prefer *not*
                    to use a piece of crap like linux and i've got the night
                    and weekend hours and data loss to explain it without
                    getting emotional and silly like you try to paint it. these
                    are all just operating systems which are very similar. i'm
                    tired of playing with linux toys when there are real
                    tools out there.  no resentment.  linux is just inferior
                    as an operating system.
                 \_ From a coding perspective, linux is a frustrating system
                    to support. Often I've found that kernel modules that
                    compile and load fine on one minor revision of the kernel
                    (2.x.y) won't work on a slightly newer minor revision
                    (2.x.y+2). Usually the cause is something stupid like
                    the renaming of a function/struct or a change in the
                    order of the parameters of a function. Stuff like this
                    doesn't happen on proper systems (Solaris, *BSD, etc).
                    The problems aren't limited to the kernel, glibc and
                    userland are quite frustrating as well. Linux has this
                    tendency to emulate functions and pgms from other
                    systems except that the Linux versions are always
                    "improved" in some way which forces you to add Linux
                    specific code to your pgms with all sorts of #ifdefs
                    for different versions of glibc and so on. This kind
                    of thing doesn't happen on most other systems.
                    I don't mind Linux, I just wish that the people
                    working on it displayed a bit more sanity.
                    \_ you're described the natural consequence of a bunch of
                       monkeys banging away at a keyboard thinking that they're
                       writing an OS.  Open source on a world-wide scale
                       doesn't work.  That's why you see these problems.  The
                       *BSD people don't have this problem because it's more
                       tightly controlled.  Smaller group -> higher quality.
                       \_ LINUX ROCKS!  BSD IS DEAD!
2003/6/10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28686 Activity:high
6/9     I recently modified my inetd.conf file on my FreeBSD-4.7 box
        to allow for ftp. I ended up restarting my machine to put
        this change into effect, but I'm not sure that was necessary.
        Was there another way to do it? Thanks.
        \_ kill -HUP <inetd PID>        -John
        \_ man inetd  (John, give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day....)
                \_  es yes, light a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
            Light a man afire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
                    I just prefer enjoy throwing fish at people.  -John
2003/6/9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28681 Activity:kinda low
6/9     RIP Alan Eldridge
        \_ URLp. I find a number of Alan Eldridges via google.
              \_ This is what happens when your only social outlet is the
                 pseudo-friends you have on the net.  This poor bastard didn't
                 seem to have any real world contact with anyone.  Hanging out
                 on IRC and exchanging email isn't social contact.  All alone
                 in the world his 'friends' unable to support him, he took his
                 own life rather than go on alone day after lonely day.
                 \_ get a clue.
                    \_ *laugh* that was a brilliant and pithy reply!  you've
                       obviously put a lot of thought into this and are a
                       source of authority we should all turn to on this and
                       many other topics.
                       \_ i agree.
2003/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28677 Activity:kinda low
6/9     Does anyone have a FreeBSD box set up via a TV-out card to play
        divx and other movie formats to a TV?  FreeBSD because I happen to have
        a box already running (my file/print server) in the same room as the
        TV and want to see if I can use it to play MPEG-4 and friends.  What
        players/cards should I look at?  -John
        \_ You should check the hardware compatibility list online.
                \_ I have.  I was sort of hoping for recommendations based
                   on experience.  -John
2003/6/3 [Computer/SW/OS/SCO, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28612 Activity:insanely high
6/1     This SCO law suit is more serious than the AT&T's case against
        the UCs.
        Is there anything we the geeks can do, legally, to make a difference?
                \_ No. You geeks can't stop M$:
        \_ SCO is running Linux (pretty funny really):
        \_ I suppose you could read ESR:
        \_ Serious in what sense?  SCO is not allowing anyone to examine the
           merits of the case.  They've only just started suggesting it, though
           they're requiring onerous NDAs.  Really, SCO should be nicer--as the
           next subdivision of IBM they might not get treated as well.
           \_ Onerous NDAs?  How would you know other than Linus said "nyah!"?
           \_ How strong is SCO's legal stance is not the issue.  I am just
              afraid of what business world is going to react to what
              Gartner is already doing, thus, send a chill message to the
              business world and thus abandon Linux as an OS.   -OP
              \_ And go to BSD, as they should have before...
              \_ Oh yes, and the business world has a history of distrusting
                 IBM, right?  Seriously, SCO will be a subdivision shortly.
                 \_ Agreed.
                 \_ IBM is in trouble:  (
        \_ Boo hoo hoo, the world will be forced to use a real unix that's
                       alledging panent infringement ... IBM has this amazing
           stable, capable, and *truly* free like the *bsd systems and unlike
           any "distro" of linux.
                    \- what you want to see is a "counter suit" from IBM
                       alledging patent infringement ... IBM has this amazing
                       arsenal of patents which i assume they hold on to
                       for stuff like this. if memory serves, ibm has
                       patents on stuff like "having graphics and text on
                       the screen at the same time". at one point 50% of
                       US r&d was public, 50% private ... 10% of private
                       r&d was ibm, with a legal budget and staff to match.
                                                --psb, ex-IBM Research
                       \_ no, what I want to see if the death of the bastard
                          thing that is unix and everyone switch to a real
                          unix that is stable, fast, and *truly* free.
                          \_ And Moses said, "Let my people go."  And Charlton
                             Heston went on to a new career as a gun nut, and
                             all the new unixes descended from the heavens, and
                             they were BSD, and the people saw that they were
                             BSD.  And they knew that yea, Moses had set them
                             free.  And everyone gave thanks, and lamented that
                             they could no longer play NwN.  And Moses smote the
                             nonbelievers, and all was well.
                                \_ You can play NwN on *BSD (MacOS X)
                          \_ Like it or not, Linux is the closest thing that
                             has a remote chance to take a huge bite out of
                             Microsoft Empire, not any of your REAL unix.
                             BSD had a shot, it was a licensing experiment
                             which failed.  Yes, I am using the word "failed."
                             Because if BSD succed in the 1980s , there
                             wouldnt' be Linux at all.  Stop talking about
                             technical superiorities, as the most mediocre
                             Operating System happend to have the bulk of
                             of the market shares.
2003/5/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28285 Activity:nil
4/30    I use tcsh on my FreeBSD-4.7 machine. When I'm root, if I type the
        first first letters of a command I've already used and then press
        the arrow, it recalls the last command beginning with those letters.
        But, I can't do that with my other, non-root users. How can I get all
        the users' shells to behave that way? Thanks.
        \- are you looking for the M-p functionality?
           keybindings have gotten kind of complicated ... depends on
           whether you are in emacs or vi mode, what keyevent is actually
           being sent etc. try using emacs bindings and M-p. --psb
        \_ are the users using the same shell as root?  the same shell config
        \_ from a freebsdbox's ~root/.cshrc:
                bindkey "^W" backward-delete-word
                bindkey -k up history-search-backward
                bindkey -k down history-search-forward
2003/4/27-29 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28241 Activity:low
4/27    I've heard somewhere that the unix command "nice" to change the
        priority of a process doesn't really do anything useful.  Is that
        true?  Or is it half broken like it's only useful if everybody
        uses it?  Thanks.
        \_ Depends on platform, but it does have noticeable effects on
           FreeBSD & Linux.
        \_ That depends on what you want to do with it.  If you're on
           a multiuser machine, and you want your fair share of CPU,
           don't "nice" your processes.  Odds are no one else will, and
           you'll lose.
           \_ More likely you nice all of the new intern's processes for them
              \_ BOFH!
2003/4/26-27 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28235 Activity:high
4/25    Kyle Boller #19 to the Baltimore Ravens.
        \_ ya whatever
        \_ who to the what now?
        \_ Cal guy -- Baltimore really needs QB, so Kyle Boller will
           have a chance.  Rare 1st round Cal QB pick.
           \_ Rare? Or has it ever happened?
              \_ Rich Campbell in 1981 and Steve Barkowski in 1975
        \_ When's the last time Cal had two picks in the first round?
           \_ 1997 Tony Gonzalez and Tarik Glenn
        \_ Yes, yes, but when is the last time he upgraded a kernel or
           rode bike?  Has he kept up with all the sendmail security holes
           or is he some sort of qmail apostate?  And where does he stand
           on the *BSD is dead issue?  Is he pro-UN and anti-UN?  And what
           about the land mine treaty?  Would he leave the US defenseless
           on the NK/SK border or is it more important that children don't
           lose their limbs in the future?
           \_ When was the last time you beat Stanfurd?
2003/4/14-15 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28121 Activity:nil
4/14    The OpenBSD 3.3 Song is out:
2003/4/8-9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:28032 Activity:low
4/8     What is a good program in FreeBSD to draw flow charts? Thanks.
        \_ xfig?
2003/3/26-27 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27866 Activity:high 62%like:10093
3/26    OpenBSD 3.3 Available for Pre-order:
        \_ ISO or nothing baby.
                  \_ jigdo
2003/3/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:27796 Activity:moderate
3/20    On Windows 2000 and FreeBSD, what are some accurate ways for me to find
        out what the machines are made up of; i.e. number of CPU's, speed of
        each CPU, RAM, motherboard, etc.  I know about the "General" tab for
        System on a Windows system, but don't know how accurate they are.  And,
        any ideas and/or URL's with information on how I can attach a process
        to a specified CPU in Windows 2000 and FreeBSD?  Thanks.
        \_ dmesg on FreeBSD will probably be accurate, at least for what the
           kernel can identify.
           \_ See also /var/run/dmesg.boot, in case the boot messages have
              scrolled out of the dmesg buffer.
        \_ There are numerous freebie cpu id progs on the net.  You might try
           google for "cpuid" and you'll find (big shock) the 'cpuid' program.
           Some versions will give you all the other info you want also.
2003/3/20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27759 Activity:low
3/20    On one machine, I'm seeing a truncated TERMCAP entry.  Another
        machine with identical /etc/termcap files does not exhibit this
        problem.  If I explicitly set the TERMCAP entry on the first
        machine to the output of what is set on the second machine, it
        still truncates it.  What could cause this?  Both are FreeBSD
        \_ check your dotfiles.
2003/3/6-8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27611 Activity:moderate
3/6     Is there a kazaa client for linux/BSD?  I found mention of one on
        LinuxOrbit but they claim it's been withdrawn.
        \_ Also, is there one for MacOS X?
                \_ jj is that you?
                        \_ no
        \_ You are running linux/BSD and you want to pirate software?
           \_ nope.  Just preview some hard-to-find music.
              \_ which you'll then buy and re-rip for personal use only from
                 your originals?
                 \_ yes.  Your point?
                    \_ why bother buying once you have it? -someone else
                       \_ Supporting artists, getting the rest of the
                          tracks (and being forced to listen to the stuff
                          that requires time to be appreciated).
                    \_ none.  just checking that you're being honest about it.
                       ive got no beef as long as you're not justifying your
                       theft with any of the standard noise.  enjoy.
        \_ kazaa = bad. edonkey/overnet/emule = good.
           \_ Care to elaborate, or do you only deal in absolutes?
           \_ are there clients for linux/BSD?
2003/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:27447 Activity:low
2/18    My apache server (on my FreeBSD box) doesn't load up the page
        in a subdirectory if the final slash isn't present. In other words
        <DEAD><DEAD> loads up wherease <DEAD><DEAD>
        does not. How can I fix this? Thanks.
        \_ Probably your ServerName isn't set properly.  If you request a
           directory without the trailing slash, you get sent a redirect
           to a URL based on your ServerName, including the slash.  -tom
        \_ Are you using mod_rewrite?  mod_perl?  There are a number of things
           that could affect behavior on trailing slash. --scotsman
           \_ try replacing your apache config with the httpd.conf-dist
              file in the same directory.  Then diff the 2 and see what's
              wrong.  Caveat: won't work with cable modem.
2003/2/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/HW/Display] UID:27443 Activity:low
2/17    Is there a way to tell if my display in FreeBSD is true color or
        pseudocolor? A binary I'm trying to run depends on it.
        \_ /usr/X11/bin/xdpyinfo, then look for your screen #.
        \_ xwininfo used to give the info too but i dont use X anymore so hey
2003/2/15-17 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27427 Activity:nil
2/15    Is there any application to play QCIF sequences on FreeBSD? Thanks.
2003/2/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27271 Activity:nil
1/31    Is there an equivalent of Kazaa or something for finding and
        downloading mp3's for FreeBSD?  Thanks.
        \_ w3m.
        \_ mldonkey. and get some friends so you don't have to ask in the
2003/1/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27251 Activity:moderate
1/30    Is there a freebsd utility that given a public_html directory
        can create a sitemap, either as text or html or something
        similar? Thanks.
        \_ ls public_html/*html
           \_ won't actually follow the links and put them in a hiearchical
              fashion.  try again?
              \_ write a 5 minute perl script?
        \_ Try .  -- misha.
2003/1/30-31 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27247 Activity:moderate
1/30    I would appreciate tips on subnotebooks.  I need something very
        portable to run XP on (yes I need it for work) that I can carry around
        in addition to my Thinkpad X20 (FreeBSD).  I absolutely want something
        the size of a Vaio Picturebook, but would gladly avoid buying Sony
        (terrible experiences with customer service.)  Any ideas are
        appreciated.  -John
        \_ Fujitsu P-series Lifebook?
        \_ Not sure if its small enough for you but look at the toshiba portege
           series.  Roughly 2.5 lbs without the addon junk.
        \_ You might want to take a look at the handhelds, if it just for
           running Excel, Word, etc. You have the IBM for real work.
        \_ You can't make the IBM dual boot? Can the picturebook run freebsd?
           \_ Not sure if vmware supports freebsd, but it might be an
              option for carrying just one notebook.
        \_ Thanks for all the tips--I will look at the Fujitsu, since it's
           the right size.  I've worked with Porteges, and found them to be
           poorly made.  I could dual-boot the Thinkpad, but I am usually
           using it.  VMWare is pig-slow, and handheld screens are too tiny.
           (Have tried most of these) :)  -John
           \_ The Fujitsus are pretty neat, have yet to see about reliability
           \_ User Comments on various laptops are useful
2003/1/24-2005/12/3 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:10000 Activity:nil 50%like:25321
FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE (MKVI) #2: Tue Jan 21 12:42:54 PST 2003

Welcome to Soda Mark VI, an Athlon/700 donated by AMD.
2003/1/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27071 Activity:high
1/11    A power outage caused my LINUX computer to crash and fsck can't fix
        the disk because of a bad superblock.  I tried everything in
        the fsck and e2fsck and nothing fixes the bad superblock.  Any
        suggestions for fixing things or partially recovering data?
        \_ superblock is repeated every 5000 blocks or something like that.
           you can use some tool (something like mkfs... ask MOTD for detail)
           to get a list of it.  Chances are, you will have a working
           superblock.  Then, you use fsck manually specify the superblock
           you just found.  I personally has gone though this many times, and
           felt that Linux is a lot more fragile than I would like because
           of this reason.
        \_ Ok, not trying to start another FreeBSD vs Linux flame war but
           somebody has to ask.  Did Linux people wrote they own filesystem
           or did they borrowed heavily from *BSD?
        \_ sometimes, mke2fs creates backup superblocks? did it?
           also, I think the ext3 file system is more durable (next time)
           \_ fsck -b 32 (see man pages) Or use a journalled file system
        \_ Sometimes you can mount bad filesystems read-only and extract
           data.  I was able to do this on a FreeBSD partition with hard
           errors and extract a fair amount of data before the disk
           stopped responding altogether.  YMMV.
        \_ Just wondering, were you using ext3 or any of other journaling
           file systems at the moment?
        \_ Oh dear, another person learns the hard way that linux isn't
           production quality.  Eventually you kids will figure it out and
           move on to real OS's with real file systems or you'll stop putting
           useful data on bad OS's, at least.  No one ever think it'll happen
           to them....  Ext2 is a POS.  Ext3 is a POS+bad journaling.  Do not
           trust any valuable data on these filesystems.  Valuable means
           you wouldn't /bin/rm it yourself.  My cheap ass employer puts many
           many terabytes of very valuable data on ext2 with no backups.  We
           lose data all the time on those systems but not on the real ones.
           \_ My brother-in-law started a new job, sort of night-watchman
              for their computer systems.  A power-outage caused
              crashes (UPS wasn't regularly tested) Only later did they
              find data had been corrupted.  Something to do with the
              type of cheap linux disk and cache flushing or something.
              \_ is there a semi-formal discussion of this anywhere?
                 something you can point the money/management people in
                 company to?
           \_ Please give some examples of better filesystems.
                \_ These people sound like FreeBSD bigots.  I bet they have
                   UFS in mind.  Still, not even UFS will save you from a disk
                   \_ No, but ext2fs at least is by default mounted async b/c
                      of the slow metadata updates (rm -r/tar x taking forever)
                      Async + power outage = major fs problems.  If you mount
                      sync, your performance goes to shit.  Ext3 and FFS +
                      soft updates both solve this problem.
                  \_ No.  I wrote the "Oh dear" comment.  I don't have *any*
                     Freebsd systems.  You sound like a linux zealot defending
                     your beloved POS at all costs with no sense.  Ext3 is a
                     huge joke.  When you take a POS ext2 system which will
                     lose data on an idle system and "bolt on" a crappy wannabe
                     \_ Please give examples of better filesystems
                     pseudo-journaling system like Ext3 you don't get a JFS,
                     you get a crappy ext2 FS with crappy bolted on journaling.
                     His disk was probably bad *before* the disk crash and he
                     didn't know because he hadn't power cycled in months.  He
                     likely didn't have a disk crash from the power outage. He
                     probably had an ext2 barf all over his disk earlier and
                     it didn't show until he needed to get that super block.
                     \_ Ok, I'll bite. What makes ext3 a "pseudo journaling"
                        file system and why its journaling is considered as
                        "crappy bolted on journaling"?
                     \_ Please give examples of filesystems better than etx3
                        \_ reiser?
                        \_ vxfs.  wafl.  xfs (real xfs)
                        \_ if you're talking about Linux file systems, ext3
                           is the safest choice and it is "blessed" by the
                           leading kernel developers. I disagree with the rants
                           about ext2/ext3 here. We used ext2 at work. We had
                           power outages. Did we have to wait for hours for
                           fsck to complete? Yes. Did we lose any data? No.
                           Ok, maybe we were lucky.  Now we're using ext3. We
                           had no problems with it whatsoever. We never had
                           to fsck a file system, never lost any data. And
                           by the way, vxfs is available on Linux too,
                           as a part of Veritas foundation suite, if you'd
                           like to use a "real" file system..
                           \_ Thanks, I like your practical viewpoint.
        \_ If your data is important to you, you will use RAID. Disk failures
           happen under any O/S and there is nothing you can do about it
           but use redundancy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of crap.
           \_ I wouldn't stop at RAID.  You need to backup your RAID too.
              A single RAID box could be taken out by a power surge.
2003/1/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:27069 Activity:moderate
1/11    Can someone point me to the requirements for a system user on
        RH linux (e.g. "can't start with a number").  I would have
        thought this easy to find on google, but i failed.
        \_ FreeBSD's pattern is [^[a-z0-9_][a-z0-9_-]*$]
           you can probably do a bit of testing with that and see
           what happens.
           \_ sorry i'm not great with RegEx; does that say the the
              first character CAN be a number in bsd? 'cause it can't
              in RH linux.  (and i've never seen it in bsd-land).
              Also, that doesn't specify a max length.
              \_ RTFM man useradd or equivalent on RH
           \_ I don't even think that's a valid regex.
              \_ Seek greater regex fu, grasshoppa.
              \_ It isn't. the ^ means invert the pattern, which isn't what
                 the guy is going for.
                 \_ If you read it as /.../ instead of [...], it makes sense,
                    but could more easily be done as a perl re:
2003/1/9-10 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:27039 Activity:high
1/9     Is there a program that keeps diary?  I know any text editor would
        suffice but I would something which has a nice way of letting me
        go to a particular day's entry etc.
        \_ ED! ED is the STANDARD diary editor!
        \_ Dunno about windows, but for FreeBSD/linux there's a gtk app
           that does something like this, and can publish to a weblog too.
           The name escapes me, but you can find it in the misc directory
           of the ports tree.
        \_ It would take you about 5 mins to write such a progam in c
        \_ It would take you about 5 mins to write such a program in c
           or perl.
           \_ There are so many things you could do yourself....
           \_ i have noticed that not every member of the csua can code.
              i believe this is by design.
              \_ so there's always someone around to mock?
        \_ I like MacJournal for OS X.
           \_ Thanks.  What about something that does flowcharts?
                \_ OmniGaffle is supposed to be pretty good, but
                   its not free.
2002/12/28-29 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26926 Activity:high
12/27   How can i see which process is using how much disk IO ?
        \_ which os?
           \_ myOS(tm)
             \_ I think it is reasonable to use the os that you are using
                to converse as a DEFAULT os in regards to motd questions.
                So, 4.6.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.6.1-RELEASE #0, (I would also
                be happy with a linux solution, if that differs). -top
                \_ don't know of anything for either that tracks this sort of
                   thing per process.  You could probably make/find a kernel
                   mod to do this.
        \_ proctool?
2002/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26863 Activity:very high
12/19   Can someone recommend a reasonable, free tool for creating network
        diagrams under Unix (FreeBSD)/X11?  I don't feel like wasting space
        for vmware or dual-boot on a perfectly good laptop just to run Visio,
        which is a bloated POS anyway.  Unfortunately, a lot of my clients
        demand some sort of diagrams for stuff I do.  -John
        \_ define reasonable
        \_ Your time is worth more than your disk space.
                \_ Did I mention that visio is a piece of shit?  It's slow and
                   a pain.  It often exports poorly into real formats.  I want
                   something with which I can do good basic network diagrams,
                   import icons, export to pdf/jpeg without having to be a
                   master artist.  Kivio looks great, thanks!  -John
                   \_ Real formats?  Give them a printout or the visio file.
        \_ xdraw
        \_ xfig!
        \_ I like tgif.  --PeterM
           \_ Hob nob lob fob, and sod.
        \_ dia
        \_ Kivio. "Give it a network and let it explore and map out the
           network for you."
        \_ OpenOffice
2002/11/26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26636 Activity:high
11/25   i have just downloaded the freebsd 4.7 *.iso files.  now, how do i burn
        these *.iso files to the cdrom?  like what search words to search for
        more info at google, softwares capable of this, etc. would be greatly
        \_ assuming you are using windows you will need roxio easy cd or
           nero or something similar.. xp built in cd writer wont burn from
           an iso -shac
           \_ there is also the free cdrecord software available for win32.
              actually i guess they call it "cdrtools".
        \_ just use whatever CD burning software that you have.
        \_ What platform are you working from?  If it's FreeBSD w/ ATAPI
           (ie, not-SCSI) search for "burncd".  I believe it's in the
           handbook as well.
        \_ uh what OS did you download them with?
        \_ please rethink if you want to run freebsd
                \_ you just never quit do you?
           \_ yeah, see the thread below.
           \_ hi paolo!
2002/11/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26596 Activity:high
11/20   How did Soda crash? I thought FreeBSD was the mighty uncrashable OS?
        \_ You got a Win2K machine that's been up this long with no crashes?
        \_ Don't be stupid.
       \_ Stale troll -- stale cookie.
          \_ Au contrair.  LOL at the OS snobs.  May their noses descend
             from the clouds.
             \_ Whatever.  I'd like to see a Linux system take the punishment
                soda does and stay up as long.  That's a joke.  --linux admin
                \_ yeah, I'm sure's servers don't take any
                   punishment.  -tom
                     \_ God damn if you aren't the biggest stupid fuck on the
                        motd.  You idiot.  They obviously have zillions of them
                        behind load balancers so when a few dozen go down, you,
                        the internet luser coming in from the public net would
                        never know it.  You have absolutely no fucking clue
                        what you're talking about, never ran a 24x7 site, never
                        touched a load balancer, and know nothing about the
                        difference between a multi million dollar multi hosted
                        site like amazon or google and a single host system
                        like soda.  You have any idea why they use linux?
                        Because it's rock solid?  Nope.  That's not it.  They
                        use linux because its kewl and some places use it
                        because it's a cheap way to run throwaway java boxes.
                        The last I checked soda wasnt a throwaway java app
                        server box in a farm of 5000 machines.  And finally,
                        you are a fucking idiot.  --real 24x7x365 admin
                        \_ I think it's more likely that an anonymous
                           coward doesn't know what he's talking about, than
                           that Amazon and other major tech businesses around
                           the world run Linux because it's "kewl".  -tom
                           \_ Anonymous or not, he's sounding better than
                              you at the moment.
                        \_ "real admin" sounds like a jew.
                             \_ nah, that level of beratement is quite common
                                with koreans.
                                \_ either way still sounding smarting than tom
                                   \_ Oh yeah, a real achievement, that.
                                      \_ ok got me there. its a low standard.
                                        \_ the comment wasn't clever the first
                                           time, either
       \_ Hi paolo!
          \_ doesn't sound like him.
2002/11/20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26581 Activity:nil
11/19   On my FreeBSD 4.7 system, when I type "w" to see who's logged on
        (it should only be me), it doesn't show anyone being logged on.
        Why is it doing this? It also says this:
        w: /dev/:0: No such file or directory
        \_ Try this (as root):
            cp /var/log/wtmp /var/log/wtmp.bak
            cp /var/run/utmp /var/log/utmp.bak
            cp /dev/null /var/log/wtmp
            cp /dev/null /var/run/utmp
           Then reboot.  If things are ok, you can probably delete
           the .bak files.
2002/11/8-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26479 Activity:low
11/8    FreeBSD nVidia drivers are out.
        \_ Directory Listing Denied
           This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.
                \_  That's not something you see every day, a MS web
                    server serving up drivers for a real OS.
2002/11/8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26478 Activity:nil
11/8    What does the #0 in "FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE #0" from uname -a mean?
        \_ Less than #1 and more than #-1.
                \_ also, less than #.5 and more than #-.5
        \_ Kernel build number.  Build it again and it'll be #1. -geordan
2002/10/25-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:26322 Activity:low
10/24   Anyone know of a way on solaris to see how many bytes went out
        on a particular interface? Analogous to netstat -ib of freebsd?
        I have some tools to do this, but I am wondering if there is a
        stock way. --psb
        \_ check out orca or setools. Let me know if this works for you.
           Or ucd-snmp or netsnmp. -abe
           \_ that's not what he asked.
              \_ I'll kill you and eat your children. -- Cthulhu
                 \_ You're sleeping.  Anyway I don't have children and I ran
                    out of SAN years ago.
2002/10/16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26204 Activity:high
10/15   When I ssh into soda from my FreeBSD box and try to edit a file with
        pico, I can't use my backspace key in a normal way (deletes
        characters to the left), but rather it deletes characters to the
        right (like the "delete" key on PC's). How can I fix this? thanks.
        \_ try one of the following, which sometimes fixes everything:
                set term=vt100
                set term=vt220
                set term=cons25
                \_ thanks. vt100 fixes is. is there a way for it to do
                   this automatically everytime I log in, so I don't have
                   to type it each time?
                   \_ Put that command in the file called .login in your
                      home directory -- it's a list of commands that get
                      run every time you log in.
                      \_ interesting that someone running FreeBSD at home
                         wouldn't know such a trivial thing
                         \_ Gotta start somewhere.  It's a better place than
                            Linux where the only consistency is the general
           \_ Bourne/Korn/Bash/Zsh equiv is
                TERM=vt100 ; export TERM
              Replace vt100 with your terminal type, most likely cons25
              or xterm.
        \_ don't use pico
        \_ At the shell prompt, type ^v <backspace>.  What do you see?
                \_ I did that and it gives back ^H
2002/10/11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26154 Activity:nil
10/10   Has anybody gotten openoffice to consistently open word docs on
        FreeBSD?  Is there a trick I should know about?  I've never
        sucessfully opened one.
2002/10/11 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26151 Activity:moderate
10/10   I just upgraded to a new version of FreeBSD and I messed up
        when using mergemaster. I now have none of the users from
        my old system (except root), but all of their directories
        still exist. I backed up my old /etc directory, so I have
        all those there a way to get those users back
        without having to formally add users again? Thanks.
        \_ do you have your old /etc/passwd
        \_ I don't know if it would work, you could try to restore
           your old /etc/passwd file
                \_ same w/ /etc/pwd.db, /etc/spwd.db, and /etc/groups
                        \_ but if I just replace those files with the
                           backed up ones, I'll lose some info. my new
                           system (4.7-RC) has users like www and smmsp
                           that my old one (4.3) didn't have. -op
                           \_ so... merge the backup password file with
                              the new one and run pwd_mkdb manually...
2002/10/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26127 Activity:very high
10/7    What do you think of Apple's "Switch to Apple" campaign?  And what
        do you think of that IT director who said he used and liked unix
        before and is now moving to Apple?
        \_ "If it's on TV, then it must be real!" It's a commercial, it's
           fake. Although, sure, there may exist the possibility that one
           person on this planet who went from unix to apple.
           \_ Yep.  There's definitely at least one.  - misha.
              \_ I'm sorry.  You did this because...?  Not for the better
                 office applications, or games, or compatibility with other
                 people's file formats, or cheaper non-proprietary hardware....
                 It must be that you like the stoner chick in the apple ad from
                 spring and figured you could be cool like that too?  "BEEP!
                 BEEP! BEEP!  Like uh!  BEEP!"
                 \_ Beautiful fonts and rendering.  gcc/vi preinstalled.
                    And stoner chicks love it.  - misha.
                 \_ How about a GUI that is actually designed?  How about
                    not wasting time reading stupid, incomplete man pages?
                    How about an environment where apps all work together
                    and in a similar fashion. (Windows apps all have their
                    own conventions on buttons and menus.)
        \_ anybody know why apple went with the mach kernel instead of using
           freebsd in its entirety and just add the GUI on top?  What is so
           great about mach?
           \_ history? NeXT used the mach kernel.
           \_ Probably because it made it easier to run OS9 and OSX
              concurrently. --jwm
           \_ I've heard that it supposedly made it easier for apple to
              port to other architectures and it also makes it easier
              for device driver authors under OS X. Note that stock FreeBSD
              isn't very portable to non-x86 arch. because of numerous
              x86 specific optimizations in the vm subsystem, so even if
              apple wanted the FreeBSD kernel, they would have had a lot
              of work getting it to work on PPC.
           \_ at the time NeXT was choosing an OS, BSD is tangled in
              lawsuit.  So Steve decided to go to Mach.
        \_ The job title "IT Director" should explain it all.
2002/10/6-7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:26115 Activity:high
10/5    I have FreeBSD 4.3 and want to upgrade to 4.6 using
        /stand/sysinstall. apparently I need to have the version of
        sysinstall built for 4.6...can I just download the sysinstall
        binary? if so, from where? thanks.
        \_ use the src, luke.
           \_ shut up, you fucking nerd!
              \_ Look, if you looked into any documentation on updating
                 FreeBSD, you would find that the /usr/src tree will let
                 you easily update to any post 4.0 version.  Try thinking
                   particular attention to the mergemaster bits.  -John
                 before jerking that knee.
              \_ only those with knowledge deserve to have attitude.
                 Why don't you make yourself life eaiser by switch to
                 \_ Perhaps this 'flame' wouldn't be so laughable if you'd
                    learn the fucking language, dumbass.
        \_ Read up on how to update with CVSUP.  Mail me if you have questions
                \_ Don't forget to read /usr/src/README and UPDATING, paying
                   particular attention to the mergemaster bits.  Also,
                   updating-via-cvsup knowledge has been scientifically drip-
                   squeezed from scotsman's head by our finest scientists and
                   collated at \
                    books/handbook/cvsup.html  --finest scientists
        \_ use cvs to fetch the 4.6 src code, rebuild kernel and other system
           binaries, then use cvs to update the port collection.  There
           is some sort of guide on or
        \_ Only slightly off topic: before going to 4.6.2 you should know that
           4.7 is due "very soon now".  It was supposed to be released Oct 1,
           but they slipped a bit.  Any day now for the final, final code.
        \_ why not just run redhat?  fuck this building from source crap
2002/9/19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25943 Activity:nil
9/18    Anybody have success with the qmail freebsd toaster?  I'm trying to
        set up a small mail server supporting <100 users that won't give me
        too many problems.
        \_ i386, 64 megs ram, 2 nics, OS disk, mail spool disk.
        \_ vpopmail or a different toaster? i tried w/o success to get
           vpopmail going on Solaris, so i rolled my own toaster.
2002/8/11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25539 Activity:low
8/10    I have an disk on /dev/ad0 (freebsd) with two slices--
sysid 6,(Primary 'big' DOS (> 32MB))
    start 63, size 3068352 (1498 Meg), flag 80 (active)
        beg: cyl 0/ head 1/ sector 1;
        end: cyl 190/ head 254/ sector 63
The data for partition 2 is:
sysid 5,(Extended DOS)
    start 3068415, size 9510480 (4643 Meg), flag 0
        beg: cyl 191/ head 0/ sector 1;
        end: cyl 782/ head 254/ sector 63
        I can mount /dev/ad0s1 but "mount_msdos /dev/ad0s2 /mnt"
        returns "mount_msdos: /dev/ad0s2: Invalid argument"
        Why is this?
        \_ Have you tried /dev/ad0s5 instead? I believe 1-4 are for primary
           \_ tried that, and it didn't work.  I really think it's in
              partition 2, as sysinstall fdisk reports that.  Disklabel
              only shows a tiny little freebsd slice that I put there to
              see if it's actually being written.
2002/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25401 Activity:high
7/21    Does FreeBSD or Linux support any soundcard with SP/dif output?
        Which one(s)?
        \_ Maybe.
        \_ STFW?  Google is a powerful tool.
           \_ yes, i saw that before i posted the original question.  however,
              1) opensound is neither free nor open source, 2) from their list
              of supported sound cards, it's still not clear whether they
              support the SP/dif out (e.g. their Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
              driver explicitely does not support it).  if you were actually
              knowledgeable about the question, you would understand that
              the question is not trivial.  -op
              \_ oh, and i forgot 3) unlike the current crop of soda
                 "hackers" and motd cowboys, i still whack kernel and
                 driver code, so the lack of source is a legitimate
                 concern. -op
                 \_ and so... why are you asking motd?
                    \_ because i assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that motd
                       people (gamers, web/multimedia types) know more about
                       sound cards than i do.  since you guys don't hack
                       code, you must do *something* with your computers. -op
                       \_ my computer has one bit.  mabye in a few years
                          we'll have a second bit, bit probably not before
                          i graduate.  -physicist
        \_ since some idiot overwrote the motd:
           \_ heh.  this is what the Google person had put initially.
           \_ thank you.  this is a useful link, though the information on
              it is quite old and incomplete.  (E.g. one possible solution
              not mentioned on this site is the Diamond Monster Sound Mx400,
              which has digital out and is based on the Ensoniq Canyon3d
              chip. doesn't list support for the Canyon3d, but
              it does list the Maestro2 as being supported.  Anecdotal
              evidence suggests that Canyon3d is programmatically similar
              to Maestro2 and is thereby supported.)  -op
2002/7/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25390 Activity:high
7/19    I'm thinking about buying a Athlon MP system to run FreeBSD (and
        perhaps OpenBSD). Does anyone know if there are issues with
        FreeBSD on Athlon MP systems?  If so, are these related to specific
        motherboards or processor versions? TIA.
        \_ Save your money.  Why buy an MP system?  You don't need it unless
           you know you need it in which case you probably already know the
           issues.  I own AMD stock but not enough to ask you to waste your
           money buying their product.  ;-)
           \_ Let's assume he has a good reason to get an MP....  I know
              that Linux runs well on an AMD dual-A-MP system.  Very well.
              \_ Well there's a big difference between "can run well" and
                 "worth spending a few hundred extra bucks on it".  Anyway,
                 the answer to any freebsd questions are most likely to be
                 found at on one of their archived newsgroups.
        \_ I can't install FreeBSD on my Via chipset.  That was 4.4
        \_ The thread "Recommended MP development machines..." archived at
           20020707.freebsd-current.html has recommendations by current
           FreeBSD hackers. -- twohey
                \_ shortcut at
           \_ Thanks, this is just what I was looking for.
2002/7/10-2003/1/22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:25321 Activity:nil 50%like:10000 62%like:22027 57%like:23891
FreeBSD 4.6-RELEASE-p1 (MKVI) #2: Fri Jul  5 18:11:14 PDT 2002

Welcome to Soda Mark VI, an Athlon/700 donated by AMD.
2002/7/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25281 Activity:very high
7/4     I'm working in the Linux kernel (2.2.16) and I have a userspace address
        from the process I am running in the context of.  I want to find the
        mapping for this address and a given length into physical memory
        addresses.  Any ideas on the best way to do this? --jwm
        \_ Is there anyone on soda that knows the Linux VM system?
           \_ Yes.
              \_ Ok then, I want to do I/O with memory that is in userspace
                 and I don't want to have to touch it with the CPU. What is
                 the normal method for doing this?  I have looked at several
                 ways so far and none seem to be possible to do in a
                 straight-forward manner.  I am currently looking at working
                 around the VM system and doing it myself, but I would rather
                 \_ Shut the fuck up you moron.
        \_ jwm, one of the last CSUA FreeBSD kernel hackers.  Alas, he has
           fallen to the evil one.  Let us all mourn (again) the passing
           of an era.
           \_ I've not given up on BSD, it's work, and it pays the bills.
              If I had my way, Linux would get sent packing, but I don't
              and, it's still what I have to use. --jwm
              \_ you will be assimilated -daveh
                 \_ Yeah, right.  I'm too powerful to be assimilated by Linux.
                    Linux is my tool, but definitely not the sharpest tool in
                    the shed. --jwm
                    \_ we welcome jwm to work with the tool, and we look fwd
                       to working with him.  - openminded linux programmer.
        \_ I quit trying to use the VM system I'm disgusted with it. Anyone
           that took 162 with FreeBSD and bitch should be VERY happy that
           that took 162 with FreeBSD and bitched should be VERY happy that
           Linux wasn't used. It's a steaming pile.
           \_ Didn't someone rewrite it recently?
                \_ Maybe, but I can't upgrade.
2002/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25251 Activity:very high
7/1     Silly observation: An internet worm that runs on Apache servers on
        FreeBSD is running amuck.  We run apache (older version) on FreeBSD
        on soda.  Shouldn't this be fixed ASAP?

        11:54am eric@soda ~ > /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -v
        Server version: Apache/1.3.12 (Unix)
        Server built:   Sep 15 2000 17:35:27

        \_ Indeed.  Mail root.
          \_ This is a 2 week old issue.  That's why it's in the motd.
             \_ And yet still no one has mailed root.
                \_ so let's see: either no one on root reads the motd, or
                   slashdot, or bugtraq, or, or any of
                   the dozens of other places they might have heard about this
                   hole, or...they don't give a shit.  Do you really think
                   mail to root will make a difference?  Occam's Razor.  -tom
                   \_ They upgraded OpenSSH to version 3.4 recently, so they
                      must have been reading something to find out that
                      there is a problem with openssh. It is surprising that
                      apache went without being upgraded for so long..
                      \_ *Someone* on the motd said a day or two ago that this
                         was only a DoS attack and we should not worry our
                         pretty little heads about it.  *cough*  *ahem*
                         \_ What DoS attack? Real remote exploits for apache
                            on *BSD have already been posted and there are
                            apache worms speading on the net. Would you feel
                            good if script kiddiez got a shell on soda, even
                            if it is running as "nobody"?
                            \_ No I would not, but *other people* around here
                               who think they're a lot smarter and a lot more
                               talented than they are (they're certainly loud)
                               were claiming a day or two ago that this is just
                               a DoS and not a real exploit and we should all
                               just relax.  Fortunately these really smart and
                               talented people usually sign their posts so we
                               will all eventually learn to ignore their tech
                               info and advice.
                \_ csua have been rooted already.
                   \_ all your httpd are belong to us.
2002/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25201 Activity:high
6/26    Upgrade to OpenSSH 3.4 ASAP:
        \_ so is 3.3 fixed too (i thought) or just better because of
           \_ 3.3 doesn't have a fix but if you enable priv sep on 3.3,
              the exploit won't result in a remote root explot
                \_ I don't know how you run your systems but i'd wager that
                   for most people (certainly for me) any remote exploit is
                   a remote root exploit.  There are simply too many local
                   exploits to always have them all fixed.
                   \_ Agreed. However one advantage of priv sep is that even
                      if sshd falls victim to a exploit, the intruder only
                      has user level access and them must find out which
                      of your local binaries have local exploits. This
                      leaves a trail which you can use to track the intruder
                      \_ Not really.  By the time they find a local exploit,
                         which will be about 18 seconds on a bad day, you
                         won't be tracking anything.  Once they get a local
                         shell with any account it's all over.
        \_ Thanks for the link.  I was happy to see a quick kludge in there.
           I don't have time to deal with a full upgrade for real right now.
           \_ Just so you know turning off ChallengeResponse is a hack to fix
              the one known exploit, but it isn't a fix for the whole class
              of exploits that were found and fixed by the OpenSSH team in
              3.4. Try to upgrade as soon as you can.
                \_ On my list for tonight.  I didn't want to do it remotely
                   and fuck it up and cut myself off from my server.  Thanks
                   for pointing that out.
2002/6/11-12 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:25074 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Is agate down?
        \_ ping agate
           \_ I think he wants to know why nntp is not working:
              soda$ telnet agate nntp
              Connected to <DEAD>agate.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>.
              Escape character is '^]'.
              503 NNTP server unavailable. Try later.
              Connection closed by foreign host.
              \_ Obviously it's unavailable and he should try later....
        \_ Ask rob to come back and fix it.
        \_ soda 9: telnet agate 22
           Connected to <DEAD>agate.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>.
           Escape character is '^]'.
           SSH-1.5-OpenSSH_2.9 FreeBSD localisations 20010713
           So, cool, how long has agate been freebsd?  It was a Vax the last
           I knew....
           \_ gee, it was running FreeBSD for several years now. Are you one
              of those who also think that the OCF still uses Apollo
              Domain workstations?
              \_ I loved those Apollo's.
              \_ Hi Dumbshit, what did I say? "It was a Vax the last I knew".
                 What else did I say?  "how long has agate been freebsd".
                 Thank you for answering my question about how long and fuck
                 you for implying I'm stupid for not keeping up with every
                 change of random UC hardware/software.
                 \_ God, grow up. Or get that dick extension surgery you
                    seem to be so desperately in need of.
                    \_ Yes I should grow up.  I'm such an asshole for asking a
                       simple question.  I aspire to be just like you one day!
                       I'll come on the motd and personally insult people I
                       don't know who have done no harm.  Good choice.
2002/5/29 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24970 Activity:low
5/28    Are other people having problems using s/key's keyinit?
        \_ mail root.  it's a freebsd kernel security hole thing
           they can fix
2002/5/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:24899 Activity:insanely high
5/20    Anyone have any luck with Sparc64 + FreeBSD?
        Do you recommend it?
        \_ God No!  Are you insane???
        \_ OpenBSD Sparc64 is mostly usable. FreeBSD Sparc64
           barely runs
        \_ Why not Solaris?
           \_ commercial software is wrong.  --cowboy
              \_ wrong? take it to the church, son.
              \_ But was it included when you bought the Sparc?
                 \_ Solaris 8 is freely downloadable or $75 for a media kit.
                    \_ "yeah but i cant get the source and make my own solaris
                        distro so it doesnt count!  how will i fix bugs and
                        release them to the community?  i mean like i know i
                        dont even code and couldnt find a bug if it bit my
                        nose off but yeah!"
                        \_ And releasing source code will endanger our
                           soldiers in Afganistan! --msft
                        \_ most of Solaris 8/FCS source code is available for
                           download. You are free to fix the bugs but you must
                           submit them to Sun. If your organization asks nicely
                           you could get the source for other releases too.
                           \_ "most? thats evil!  i want the whole source and
                               the right to make my own kewl-d00de d1st0!  awl
                               0p3n s0urc3 un1t3!!!!  d00dez!!1"
                               \_ sun wants to make everything available, but
                                  the patent/copyright holders on parts of
                                  the kernel and userland won't let them.
                                  \_ "if sun cared about open source they'd
                                      rec0de all the evil parts and release
                                      as GPL!  Death to Sun!"
        \_ been running debian sparc on an ultra 1.  works fine. (potato)
        \_ How about Open vs Net ?
        \_ Real sparc64 (HAL/Fujitsu) or UltraSparc?
           \_ hahahahahh....  HaL...  Real.... sparc64....
                \_ Well, if it's SPARC64[tm], it must be HaL.   Unfortunately
                   some stupid opensource people use "sparc64" when they really
                   mean UltraSPARC[tm].
                   \_ Whee..  I worked at HaL, back when they were trying to
                      rush their 2.5.1 out the door while Sun was prepping
                      Solaris 7.  Neat boxes, though. --scotsman
                \_ I have an E250? Is that "real" or just ultrasparc? Where
                   is the confusion coming from? Who invented the "fake"
                   \_ HaL was to be Fujitsu's big bid in the processor market.
                      They grabbed the trademark "sparc64" out from under Sun,
                      seriously pissing them off.  The hardware was really
                      pretty cool.  At the time, one of the few things around
                      that could take 4G of RAM.  They just couldn't get the
                      OS dev schedule up fast enough to compete against Sun
                      at their own game. --scotsman
                      \_ Doesn't sparc64 run a stock Sun Microsystems version
                         of Solaris?
                         \_ not at the time.  (this was in like '97.  I dunno
                            what they run now, or even if sparc64 machines
                            are still being built) --scotsman
          \_ Strangely enough, just reports that the
             Sparc64 port is "fully self-hosting"-- meaning it can actually
             compile itself and run.  Short answer-- it's not ready yet.  And
             it doesn't work with YOUR cable modem.
2002/5/16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24853 Activity:nil
5/16    What's the status of java 2 on freebsd?  it was supposed to come
        with 4.5, but it's still a no-show.
        \_ /usr/ports/java/jdk13?
           \_ Is this the download-from-sun-and-patch version, or a
              complete port?
              \_ The former.  dbushong follows these things closer than
                 I.  He may have some input on why the true port development
                 has languished.  --scotsman
2002/5/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24753 Activity:nil
5/7     Two crashes in two days.  What's going on?
        \_ jkh resigned, thus his blessing has left f-bsd
           \_ so now soda shall run Darwin. --jon
        \_ soda crash or plane crash?
2002/4/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24537 Activity:moderate
4/22    I'm curious. Are there any institutional/corporate entities running
        OpenBSD and NetBSD? (I already know about Saab).
        \_ many people use openbsd for firewalls
           \_ Understood. Thanks.
           Rumor has it that Justice and State Depts. use OpenBSD for
           secure systems that hold and transmit important nonclassified
           date. NetBSD is used by many router/switch vendors.
2002/4/22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Recreation/Humor] UID:24533 Activity:high
4/21    This isn't a joke (regardless of how funny it is):
        \_ disgusting is what it is.
        \_ It's a joke, son, relax.
           \_ In what sense? I laughed out loud reading it but the guy appears
              dead serious.
           Damn I hoped they were running *BSD.
           \_ Why would you care if some nutters were running their nutter site
              on a version of unix you've never used?
           \_ Linux still has "demons". I'm going to go out on a limb
              and say that Linux also has more goth and pagan developers
              and users than BSD. I wonder what they would make of that.
2002/4/22 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:24514 Activity:nil
4/21    cool... someone restored the motd from like 2 days ago. can we get an
        older one please? I actually barely remember reading some of these
        \_ How old do you want it?
           \_ Two years.
              \_ OK, here you go.  motd from April 21st, 2000, around 6pm PDT:

FreeBSD 2.2.6-STABLE #0: Sun May  3 22:30:48 PDT 1998: Co-Ed Naked Computing
2002/4/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24466 Activity:high
4/16    OpenBSD 3.1 is available for preorder:
        \_ I'm a linux person who'd like to try out BSD.  What are the main
           differences between FreeBSD and OpenBSD?
           \_ OpenBSD: they put more effort into security and code auditing.
              Most of these fixes will make it into the other *BSD's but not
              first.  FreeBSD: SMP, larger number of packages and a bit
              friendlier to admin.  Summary: OpenBSD for NAT/firewall, etc and
              FreeBSD for servers and workstations.  NetBSD for whacky hardware
              that doesn't run a real unix.  The rest is politics.
              \_ Thank you!  Finally, an useful answer on the motd...
                 \_ No problem.  Also, my answers are x86 specific.  Unlike
                    some of the others who reply below I have not tried out
                    the *BSD's on non-x86 hardware.  I don't have a PPC or 68k
                    and I run solaris on my sun boxes.
                 \_ freebsd is NOT for the workstation.  rdesktop doesn't run
                    vmware doesn't run, their jdk works occasionally.
                    ask ilyas about ports probs; ask the vaunted csua root
                    about why scotch is forced to run uniproc. (it's a dual
                    machine) freebsd claims to
                    work, but I can write "I fucked yer mom" on a webpage,
                    regardless of the real truth.
              \_ Also OpenBSD is much easier to install than FreeBSD
                 and runs on a wider range of hardware.
                \_ well whatever, only insane geeks own hardware
                   that freebsd or linux doesn't run on.  woo
                   i can run openbsd on my refrigerator.
                   \_ FreeBSD doesn't run on Sparc, UltraSparc,
                      M68K or PowerPC. Contrary to your assertion
                      many mainstream people have M68K and PowerPC
                      systems. Sparc and UltraSparc may be rarer,
                      but not by much for the motd crowd.
                      While Linux *claims* to run on these platforms,
                      its performance, compatibility and stability
                      are quite poor. OpenBSD runs well on Sparc,
                      M68K and PowerPC. UltraSparc is a little behind,
                      but for a port started less a year ago it is
                      very good.
                      \_ linux runs well on an ultra1. -- writing this from
                         an ultra1.  (p.s. linux doesn't support sparc32
                         which is why i run openbsd on my sparc32 machines)
           \_ put on your asbestos underwear.
              \_ I never take 'em off.  However, there doesn't seem to be
                 much flame.  Shame, really, because I'm freezing right now...
              \_ Okay, fine.  Add NetBSD as well.
                 \_ I hate your pathetic boring life, geek.
                    \_ Yeah, I'm bored of my life as well, but yermom only
                       want to do it doggy style.
                       \_ oh man i'm going to cry now from your rapier wit.
              \_ Who's Theo?
                 \_ Where did Theo come from?
                     \_ The URL above. The products say:
                        "Because Theo Is An Asshole"
                        \_ Well he is an asshole but makes a good unix.
                            \_ Who is Theo?
                                \_ notorious ass who started and is main
                                   maintainer of OpenBSD.
                                   \_ He's an asshole but makes a good unix.
                                      \_ No, making good unix requires
                                         working well with others.
                                         \_ Thus, Theo = asshole implies
                                            OpenBSD != good unix.  Would you
                                            care to try again?
                                         \_ He works well with others,
                                            provided that they are not
                                            complete morons. The netbsd
                                            fiasco is documented here,
                                            read it for yourself and
                                            you will see that theo's
                                            a**hole reputation is not
                                \_ people who censor their own posts with
                                   asterisks are assholes.
                                \_ Fine. They are all wankers.
                                   \_ They're tossers.  Wanker.
2002/4/9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24390 Activity:moderate
4/9     Funny msft smackdown story at /tmp/msft-bitchslap
        \_ Wasn't (Isn't?) Hotmail's servers running Linux also?
           \_ NO!  Hotmail has never run that bastard child of real Unix known
              as GNU/Linux.  Hotmail was FreeBSD.  A real OS.  Thank you very
              fucking much.  Today it's FreeBSD, Solaris, and something that
              reports itself as IIS at the front end.
                \_ does yahoo still use FreeBSD?
                   \_ Rumor says so.
              \_ All right, I recalled wrong.  But it's the same idea: some
                 operation owned by M$ is running a Unix / Unix-like OS instead
                 of WinXX on its servers.
                 \_ This used to be true, but no more. I posted the url
                    explaining all this, but someone deleted it.
2002/4/9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24384 Activity:insanely high
4/9     ok, briefly, why FreeBSD is so much superior than Linux?
                                        -the ignorant
        \_ My personal reason (there are others) is that FreeBSD 'makes sense'.
           They don't dump random config files all over the place, you always
           know where an otherwise unfamiliar binary will be installed, and
           they don't decide willy nilly to throw away and redo everything you
           once knew because someone came up with some 'cool idea'.  FreeBSD
           is for people who want their machines to just work with no bullshit.
           Others will tell you about tcp/ip stacks, memory management, file
           system differences and other stuff which is all nice but not why I
           like it.  Call it 'consistency and ease of maintenance' for me.
           \_ Why do you assumme that the FreeBSD file system layout is the
              right way? There are plenty operating systems other than Linux
              that look -nothing- like FreeBSD. Do you not use them too just
              for that reason?
              \_ Poster didn't say canonical, s/he said consistent.  Duh.  -pld
              \_ What pld just said.  +FreeBSD fan
              \_ solaris' file hierarchy makes more sense than a typical
                 linux distribution's does to me --Jon
                 \_ Solaris is not bad, but I prefer OpenBSD. OpenBSD's
                    file system layout makes the most sense to me and
                    the ports collection is well integrated into the
                    fs layout. --ranga
                    \_ I use OpenBSD and Solaris.  I prefer O but S isn't that
                       bad.  It's usable.  I do hate the /opt concept though.
                       \_ The idea of /opt (which is now completely lost) is
                          that you install your pkgs on a central server and
                          you mount /opt on all your clients, which allows
                          users to continue using /usr/local for truely local
                          pkgs. In concept it was a good idea, but then you
                          get this really screwed up PATH with lots of dirs
                          in it. The other main problem with /opt (and even
                          /usr/local) is that most pkgs won't put config files
                          in /etc, which means you can't use the central NFS
                          server model, which just sucks.
              \_ You forget working SMP support.
                 \_ Yes, and that and many other technical reasons.  I was
                    not giving technical reasons but my personal ones.  Since I
                    don't run SMP BSD boxes, it didn't make my list but for
                    others, yes, you're right.
        \_ On a related note why are some reasons (valid or not) for some
           companies to choose Linux over FreeBSD?
           \_ In no order:  Marketing Bandwagon.  Linux has a threaded
              kernel (how good that threading is, that's another thing ..),
              The linux kernel tends to be quicker in supporting new cards
              and the like, but not that much quicker.  Some people prefer
              a GPL style license over the a BSD style license.  The Linux
              kernels tends to have more "neat whiz bang" features, though
              they may not necessarily be generally useful.  I tend to think
              that Marketing is the major reason and the reasons behind why
              that is a[re partly historical, dating back to lawsuit between
              USL and the UC Regents of use of ATT Unix code in BSD 4.x
              as well as use of BSD code in ATT Unix. --jon
              \_ Ugh, tell me about it.  Solaris is expensive so the engineers
                 get on this 'let's use linux' kick knowing nothing about it
                 or any of the alternatives.  This is the same batch that I got
                 into it with over using Oracle on NT vs Oracle on Solaris for
                 a non-critical project.  Engineering of course 'won' and then
                 minutes before the box is going into production at a remote
                 site said to me, "So it has ssh installed, right?"
           \_ Mindshare. Linux has "mindshare", BSD does not. PHBs know
              that linux is "good", which is why companies choose to use
              and deploy it over BSD.
           \_ And binary software compatibility. Yes, *BSD has Linux emulation
              support but when a company pays thousands of dollars for a
              software package, they don't want to jeopardize the support by
              running it in an unsupported configuration because some sysadmin
              feels like doing it.
                \_ in a similar vein, there are a lot more sysadmins with
                   Linux experience than BSD experience out there.  -tom
2002/4/4-5 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24319 Activity:high
4/3     Anyone need a Perl/Ruby/Apache/FreeBSD/C/Random Misc. Web, Devel,
        and Sysadmin sorta guy?  I need a job.  --dbushong
        \_ Dave is the best sysadmin I've ever worked with.  He's a skilled
           programmer to boot.  If you have a thorn-in-your-side coder/
           developer/sysadmin you've been looking to replace, find a reason.
           \_ Sounds like a boat rocker.  I wouldn't hire him.
        \_ On the same note, any 2002 grads find a job yet? Pay range? $60K?
           How about people go graduated 1-3 years ago but lost their job.
           Were you able to find another job?
           \_ I guess new CSUA'ers are unemployable these days.
           \_ Yes.  Mid 70s.
        \_ Dice, monster, flipdog, hotjobs, etc.  You'll waste a lot of time
           talking to recruiters and interviewing at bad places but it'll
           happen before you starve to death if you're not inflicted with
           the plague or smallpox.
           \_ I've done (and am doing) all these.  I didn't say I couldn't
              get a job, but hey, jobs through friends are niftier and stuff.
              \_ It was my way of saying, "No if my company needed someone like
                 \_ It's the CSUA; if these people other folks on the motd
                 that they'd just ask me to do it".  Oh wait, they already do.
              \_ um, and random people post on the motd would all be your
                 friends now?
                 \_ dbushong is my friend, and he doesn't even know it.
                    Thanks for all the freebsd tips.
                 \_ It's the CSUA; if these other folks on the motd
                    aren't your friend then who is?  Your Everquest guild? We
                    all know how *that* turned out!
                    \_ I don't know. How did it turn out?
                       \_ Suicide and lawsuits.
                \_ Everyone in the CSUA is your friend.
2002/4/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24304 Activity:low
4/3     I want to get the Lucida Bright font for my FreeBSD LaTeX system (I
        only have the default Times New Roman font right now). Is there
        somewhere I can get this font from for free, or do you have to buy
        fonts? Thanks.
        \_ freebsd sucks.  use something else.
                \_ let's assume I can't. (plus, I don't think it matters)
           \_ Hi, Paolo!
2002/4/3 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24296 Activity:high
4/2     I use kdm on FreeBSD with
ttyv8   "/usr/local/bin/kdm -nodaemon"  xterm   on   secure
        in /etc/ttys.  Sometimes, I really just want to kill the damn
        thing, and have it stay dead (eg, to upgrade kde or X or whatever).
        As it is, no matter how I kill -9 its processes, it always comes
        back.  What do I need to do?
        \_ you want to kill the X process, not kde
           \_ If I kill X, kdm restarts it.  If I kill kdm, it pops up
                again a second later.
                \_ you need to change to a different init level.  -tom
                   \_ With FreeBSD?
                      \_ FreeBSD sucks, hoser
                         \_ You prefer...?
                      \_ whoa... tom's been wrong alot lately... must be
                         global warming or something.
                        \_ it can't be global warming because there's no such
                           thing.  certainly not anything human caused.
                        \_ gee, why don't you come up with the answer then,
                           Einstein?  in /etc/ttys on FreeBSD, "on" means
                           init will respawn it.  you need to switch it to
                           "off" and then kill -HUP 1.  -tom
                           \_ thank you.
                           \_ answer: uninstall all gui crap and use the shell
                              like god intended.
                              \_ Hi, Paolo!
                                 \_ Why is every common sense comment
                                    attributed to Paolo?
                                    \_ I doubt paolo 'mr l33t zero day' gui man
                                       would ever say that.
2002/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24132 Activity:moderate
3/15    Where is the configuration file for latex2html so I can modify
        how the output html file looks? (on FreeBSD 4-3). Thanks.
        \_ Use the source, Luke!  When in doubt runs strings on the binary.
           \_ you know what?  you're really annoying. - danh
        \_ pkg_info -L `pkg_info -qW latex2html`
2002/3/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24126 Activity:high
3/15    If I want to use my Pentium100 as a router, do I need do download
        LRP? Can't I just use routed/ifconfig stuff? Please help   -newbie
        \_ Never heard of LRP. If you want to do serious routing look at
           gated from and zebra. A P100 is probably not enough
           to be a serious router unless you have a really small network
           an very few outbound paths.
        \_ I use Oxygen ( It's a descendent
           of LRP. There are others in the LEAF family. A P100 should
           be fine for a small network (home DSL/cable connection).
        \_ I use a p166.  It's more than fast enough for my home net.
           There's a million ways to do it.  Pick whatever software set has
           the best docs and makes you feel most warm n fuzzy.
        \_ For three years I've used a P100 with 32MB ram as a:
           1. DNS Server, 2. Mail Server, 3. Web Server (10 domains)
           and drum roll please: 4. Router... Standard RedHat will do it,
           it just takes some configuring...
        \_ I've used both linux and openbsd as routers on a p100, p133, and
           p166.  Never had problems.
           \_ do you need a special software to do this? Or can you do it with
              that routed thing?   -newbie
              \_ OpenBSD comes with everything you need.
              \_ OpenBSD comes with everything you need. Routed will handle
                 a few networks, but it isn't a scalable solution (gated
                 is much better). I don't know about Linux 2.whatever, but
                 back in the 2.0 days, linux came with everything you needed.
2002/3/15 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24120 Activity:nil
3/14    FYI: The zlib patch for OpenBSD 2.9 and 3.0 has been released.
2002/3/3 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24018 Activity:nil
3/2     Freebsd SMP hard at work on scotch:
        "fxp0: device timeout errors"
        "fxp1: device timeout"
        \_  "syntax error, command unrecognized" on fetches from ftp.csua
2002/2/21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23933 Activity:high
2/20    I'm doing tail -f file.  The file gets automatically rotated by
        another process every so often.  My tail then looks at a file that
        no longer updates while the new logfile continues getting data I'm
        not seeing.  Is there a way to easily detect when my file has rotated
        or even better some program/script that can detect the change and
        switch to the new file?  This is a qmail logfile if that matters.
        \_ I believe xtail does that.
           \_ I'll check it out.  Thanks.  Hopefully it has a text-only mode?
              \_ Don't let the name fool you. If you run FreeBSD, you can
                 find it in /usr/ports/misc/xtail. Otherwise:
                 \_ I love the motd!  Thanks!  -OP
        \_ kqueue(2)
2002/2/17-18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23896 Activity:moderate
2/16    I'm looking for information on network performance of FreeBSD.
        Specifically I'm wondering about the different x86 chips and how
        fast they have to be to fill up a 100bT or 1000bT pipe.  E.g., is
        it possible to do per packet filtering on a gige using a N mhz x86
        with freebsd?  Is there a web site that archives this kind of
        data?  I bet somebody must have done tests like this.  Thanks.
        \_ freebsd is gay, yo.
           \_ okay paolo ...
           \_ hi paolo
        \- we do packet filtering on fast nets with fleebsd. in my experience
        there are few generic answers. for one things it depends whether you
        are talking about "typical traffic" or whether someone can maliciously
        hose you. 100mb shouldnt be a problem on modern hw with normal traffic.
        ok tnx --psb
2002/2/17-4/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23892 Activity:nil
02/16   Soda has been upgraded to FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE.  -root
2002/2/17-7/10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:23891 Activity:nil 50%like:22027 57%like:25321
FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE (MKVI) #0: Sat Feb 16 12:46:17 PST 2002

Welcome to Soda Mark VI, an Athlon/700 donated by AMD.
2002/1/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23510 Activity:kinda low
1/9     Anybody know more about Sun blessing the freebsd JDK/JRE?
        What version?
           \_ JDK version, not FreeBSD version.
2002/1/9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23504 Activity:nil
1/8     FreeBSD Ports Problem:
2001/12/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23358 Activity:moderate
12/23   Is it possible to mount a UFS parition on Windows?
        \_ sure, export the UFS partition with samba and then
           browse to it in windows.
        \_ You want to map a drive letter to it if you want it to stay
                \_ thanks, but what I meant was not running FreeBSD and
                   have Windows to have read access to the FreeBSD partition
                   on the same computer
                   \_ nope there's no way.  i guess you could mount your home
                      dir in a FAT partition when running freebsd
                        \_ are you insane? why would MS let you do this?
                   \_ As the above said, "no".  Put an msdos partition on there
                      somewhere and share files through that.
2001/12/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23347 Activity:kinda low
12/22   Anyone successfully run terminal services client from within
        wmware ran on freebsd or linux?
        \_ No, but there's no reason it shouldn't.  IIRC it uses a port in
           the 24xx range and maybe a low port and is otherwise nothing
           special.  If you can surf or whatever from vmware, TS should work.
           Disable firewalls during testing/setup of course.
        \_ Not related, but I've found vmware on FreeBSD with win2k to
           be horribly slow;  I only gave it 128mb of memory, but it's still
           far pokier than I'd expect on a "real" system with 128MB.  -John
2001/12/18-19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23289 Activity:high
12/17   Has anybody gotten java+konqueror to work on freebsd?  Any hints?
        I really just want to play some applet games.
        \_ IE 6.0 on W2k.  Unix for servers.  Windows for surfing and games.
           What's so wrong with that?  Why are you busting your head open
           trying to force a great server OS to be a shitty desktop OS?
        \_ Haven't played with Konqueror, but am getting close to it, since
           I'm finding Mozilla under WindowMaker just too fucking instable
           for any sort of use.  -John
           \_ Have you gotten java to work with Mozilla?
              \_ I can't even get the 1.1.8 port to work (independently
                 even... kinda crappy).
2001/11/4 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22926 Activity:low
11/3    What is Netgraph? I'm trying to run ppp -ddial in freebsd to get
        my dsl (which uses PPPoE) to work, and it says "Netgraph is not
        built into the kernel."
        \_ ah ha! I was just doing that today. you need to add
           options NETGRAPH to your kernel and rebuild. also, upgrade
           to 4.4-STABLE if you can, pppd does auto MTU fixing in the
           latest version. --chucky
                \_ you are ugly chucky
2001/11/2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22910 Activity:nil
11/1    I'm thinking about using GMP in a crypto project at work. This
        library is licensed under the LGPL. I can't seem to understand
        the requirements of the LGPL. Do I have to give away the source
        to my program if I statically link with a LGPL'ed library? If
        so, does anyone know of a BSD (or similar) licensed MP library
        I could use. TIA.
2001/11/1-2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:22902 Activity:high
11/1    OpenBSD 3.0 (with Sparc64 support! woohoo!) available for
        pre-order (ships Dec 1):
        \_ Can you buy a Sparc without a Sun operating system?
           \_ you can't and supposedly Solaris is "free" anyways.
              A good question is, why would you want to use OpenBSD on
              a new Sun machine? The point of buying a Sun machine is to run
              Solaris on it. Get it PC if you need to run OpenBSD.
              a new Sun machine? The point of buying a Sun machine is
              to run Solaris on it. Get it PC if you need to run
              \_ Solaris doesn't run well on all Sun machines. Most
                 of the older hardware (first generation ultras
                 included) is too slow for Solaris 8. I'm mostly
                 interested in decommissioning my SS20 running OpenBSD
                 and installing a Ultra1 running OpenBSD in its place.
                 I'm just happy that I'll be able to do that. I did
                 not mean to imply that you should go out and buy
                 new Sun hardware and dump OpenBSD on that.
                 BTW, my experience has been that OpenBSD runs far
                 better on Sparc hardware than on x86 hardware.
                 \_ Do you mean on Sparc hardware and x86 hardware of
                    comparible prices?
                    \_ Roughly comparable prices. I used to run
                       OpenBSD on a P2 350 (~ $300 at the time)
                       and I switched to a SS20 (150 MHz Ross).
                       Although compiles are slower on the SS20,
                       almost everything else (disk, network)
                       is faster and I've had no crashes because
                       of dodgy 3com nics.
        \_ quit regurgitating stuff off of slashdot
           \_ not everyone reads slashdot.
        \_ Why would you want this?  What computing problem do you need
           to solve that needs OpenBSD and Sparc64?
           \_ I would like to run a secure and reasonably fast OS
              with IPv6 and IPSec support on my Ultra1. Right now
              my only real choices are NetBSD or Solaris 8. NetBSD
              is a pain to install and Solaris 8 is way too slow on
              this hardware.
              \_ Are there hard numbers/benchmarks that prove that Solaris is
                 slower? Also, Solaris is a bit of memory hog. Adding more
                 RAM will almost certainly speed things up if you got Ultra1
                 with only 64 or 128MB.
              \_ Are there hard numbers/benchmarks that prove that
                 Solaris is slower? Also, Solaris is a bit of memory
                 hog. Adding more RAM will almost certainly speed
                 things up if you got Ultra1 with only 64 or 128MB.
                 [ reformatted ]
                 \_ Yeah, I noticed that Solaris runs pretty well
                    on the Ultra1 with 256 MB or Ram. Maybe "way
                    too slow" was the wrong choice of words. I used
                    to run 2.6 on the U1, which seemed pretty fast
                    for interactive use. Since upgrading to 2.8
                    the machine seems to runs much slower. Even
                    with more memory it still swaps more than 2.6
                    and io seems much slower than on my SS20 with
                    soft updates enabled.
                    I think that Solaris is optimized more for SMP
                    configs in the latest versions so the UP perf.
                    isn't as good as it used to be. I have a 2x300
                    U2 and a dual proc U60 at work, both of which
                    run exceptionally well under Solaris 8.
2001/11/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22894 Activity:very high
11/1    How does one enable mail relaying in sendmail (FreeBSD)?  Does soda
        have mail relaying?  Thanks.
        \_ No, soda does not relay mail.
        \_ sendmail:
           FreeBSD: 4.x: edit /etc/mail/`hostname`.mc and run "make"
           in /etc/mail     --dbushong
           \_ Basically I need root access.  Damn.  I think that means I
              have to shell out more $$$ to get my ISP to relay mail.
2001/11/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22892 Activity:very high
10/31   How to Ask Questions the Smart Way
        \_ [description added to appease the motd url nazi(s)]
        \_ Or, start with:
           that'll help you to more quickly realize what an idiot esr is, and
           understand how worthless his "advice" is on any topic.
           that'll help you to more quickly realize what an idiot esr is,
           and understand how worthless his "advice" is on any topic.
           \_ Good god he's ugly.
              \_ Ever seen Paul Vixie in person?
           \_ U D0N'7 N0 WH47 U R T41K1NG 4B0U7! 35R R3U13Z! H3 15
              1337 GN00/L1NSUX H4X0R! H3 15 S3C0ND 0N1Y 2 RM5 & L1NU5!
        \_ Why are all these linux geeks such big jackasses? I have yet
           to meet a linux geek who didn't think that we was the best
           most enlightened coder/human being to ever exists on this
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know?
           \_ As opposed to BSD jackasses?
              \_ with linux geeks, it's a delusion (that they're the
                 most enlightened coder etc.).  with bsd geeks, it's
                 the truth.
              \_ Most BSD users/developers I've met aren't jackasses.
                 They seem to be normal people who use BSD because it
                 does what they need it to do. Most linux geeks seem
                 to be recovering windows lusers: My oc'ed dual celeron
                 2GHz running RH 7.5 is better than an E10K!
2001/10/26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22834 Activity:high
10/25   About a month ago my freebsd system started going into suspend mode
        after a certain idle time.  It happens in both kde and ice-wm.  I get
        the following messages:
Oct 25 15:07:16 myhost /kernel: resumed from suspended mode (slept 00:00:03)
Oct 25 15:07:20 myhost /kernel: ata0: resetting devices .. done
Oct 25 15:07:16 myhost apmd[130]: apmevent 000b index 23
Oct 25 15:07:20 myhost apmd: resumed at 20011025 15:07:20
        But I can't figure out how to change this behavior.
        \_ disable the apmd mode?  /etc/hostconfig or something?
           \_ I like having apmd mode; I need to stop whatever is sending
              apmd these suspend requests.
2001/10/24 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22816 Activity:high
10/24   I'm trying to configure my ethernet interface in FreeBSD. ifconfig -a
        doesn't show an "ed0" device, but it does show a "sis0" that I think
        might be the equivalent to "ed0". What is sis0, and can I use it as my
        ethernet interface?
        \_ man sis
        \_ the "letters" part of the device name is just the chipset.  I don't
           have an ed0 or an sis0.
        \_ ed0 would be a NE2000 card or a clone, sis0 would be, eg, a NetGear
           FA312 ether card.  Odds are thats your ethernet.
        \_ you are probably not tall enough to run bsd.  use linux.
           \_ And RIDE BIKE! too?  I think "windows" is the answer if you want
              to be mean about it.  ifconfig on linux and freebsd is
              essentially the same.  How would linux help?
              \_ Linux ethernet cards are reliably named ethN.
2001/10/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22779 Activity:very high
10/19   Home Gateway recommendations wanted. I am thinking of getting
        a NetGear RP114. I use Pacbell DSL (dhcp not static ip). Any
        pros/cons to using this model? Is there a better one within
        the same price range? (approx $120). thanks.
        \_ I use a Linksys for around $98.  It has firewall, IPSEC
           support, 10/100 support.  No "parental control" though.
           \_ i recommend this too. who wants to futz with old, loud, bulky
              power-drawing pc's that you need a hub for anyway and are a pain
              to maintain and don't have instructions? i guess if you're too
              poor for 100 bucks or want to practice sysadminning use a pc.
           \_ i recommend this too. who wants to futz with old, loud,
              bulky power-drawing pc's that you need a hub for anyway and
                 with routers based on a general purpose computers if you
                 know what you're doing.
              are a pain to maintain and don't have instructions? i guess
              if you're too poor for 100 bucks or want to practice
              sysadminning use a pc.
              \_ Granted, the $100 broadband gateways also have many
                 \_ true enough. the firewalls in the cheap routers are pretty
                    limited. don't block outgoing traffic for one thing.
                 \_ the decision is really between how much time you're willing
                    to invest for the features you need.  FreeBSD/Linux router
                    is more configurable and probably cheaper.  Off-the-shelf
                    router is easier to configure (well, they're pre-configured)
                    but won't be as configurable.
                 limitations. You can do lots of advanced and cool stuff
                 with routers based on general purpose computers if you
                 know what you're doing. The disadvantages of using a PC
                 as a gateway, on the other hand, are the heat, noise, and
                 maitenance costs as you mention it.
                 \_ true enough. the firewalls in the cheap routers are
                    pretty limited. don't block outgoing traffic for one
                 \_ the decision is really between how much time you're
                    willing to invest for the features you need.  FreeBSD
                    or Linux router is more configurable and probably cheaper.
                    Off-the-shelf router is easier to configure (well, they
                    are pre-configured) but won't be as configurable.
                 \_ My openbsd box is also dns host for my domains, dhcp, nat,
                    ssh server, packet filter, email, www server, etc, etc.
                    Built from hw people give away free with a free OS you
                    can't beat the price.  Power and heat and noise?  I don't
                    sleep next to it.  It just sits there humming.  You don't
                    have to overclock it.  A p5 system is quieter than anything
                    you'll buy today, doesn't use much more power than your
                    linksys and does more.  It's your choice.
        \_ Or try an old 386 with *BSD on it.
        \_ running a p100 with linux 2.4 on it.
        \_ I run a Sparc20 with OpenBSD--it's a bit loud, but works great.
           I run ipfilter/ipnat, and draw dhcp on the outside, and serve
           private dhcp out of four interfaces; also ntp forwarder, dns
           forwarder out the internal interface (very cool if you have more
           than one machine and want dns even if your link dies.)  This is
           the best and most flexible (and cheapest) option if you are willing
           to put a little time into setting it up.  -John
                \_ does one have to be a net guru, or are there
                   instructions (web/book) easily available? thx.
                   \_ ipfilter is pretty well documented at
                        <DEAD><DEAD>  NTP is at
               , a good dhcp
                        implementation is at FreeBSD
                        is at and google is your
                        friend.  And you can always ask nicely when the docs
                        don't float your boat 8)  -John
                        \_ The openbsd FAQ at is pretty useful
           \_ I agree, a SS20 + OpenBSD is makes a nice home gateway.
                        \_ ok thanks!
           \_ I agree, a SS20 + OpenBSD is makes a nice home gateway. I use
              mine to do ipfilter/ipnat, dhcp for my nat'ed systems, mail
              (postfix + imap) for my domain, web caching and http. I'm
              planning to set it up to handle mail to news for some email
              lists I read and I'll probably put my internal cvs repository
              on it as well.
              I figured most of it out from the FAQ on If
              you want a printed book I'd recommend Building Linux and OpenBSD
              firewalls by Sonnenreich and Yates. ----ranga
              \_ wow, someone else who bought that book.  Anyway yeah the
                 book is pretty good, but alas only covers ipchains.  ipchains
                 and ipfw suck because they are stateless, they can't tell
                 one connection from another by the packets... which make
                 you just a little bit more vulnerable.  Anyway, if you care
                 enough you might want to go with ipf or iptables to get
                 that extra check.  And then run snort or lids.  One
                 annoying thing about the book, is that it is rather redhat
                 based for the linux side, and who the hell uses redhat for
                 a firewall in their right mind?
                 \_ uh, what's wrong with redhat as a firewall?
                    \_ it has all the security features that make win98
                    under OpenBSD.
                       a desireable firewall platform.
                 \_ The book covers ipfilter and state-full firewalling
                    under OpenBSD. I can't comment on the linux bits,
                    as I don't really care about linux.
2001/10/14-15 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22734 Activity:very high
10/14   What is the "best" (reliable, secure, supports IMAP) free web-based
        email service?  Is hotmail good?
        \_ I have had no problems with squirrelmail.
        \_ IMP (component of horde) works great for me.
           \_ I installed IMP a couple of years ago. I wasn't impressed.
              Has it gotten better?
        \_ Bah!  I use mail to read mail!  Anything else is bloat!
           - freebsd #1 fan
           \_ Hi Paolo!
2001/10/11-12 [Computer/Rants, Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22689 Activity:high
10/10   I don't know how aware you guys are about the SSSCA but it's a
        bill that must be opposed at all cost.  I encourage you to write
        a response to the redhat network who are actually collecting
        email from people and sending it to the congressman who is
        proposing this draft.  I hope that you too will become involved
        in the campaign against the bill and that you make all your
        family members, co-workers and friends aware of what's going on.
        This is a very serious issue that will affect how you live your
        life.  For the link check out:
        \_ I'm so sick of hearing how *everything* must be opposed "at all
           costs".  I would not put down my life over this.  Would you?
        \_ no, write a paper letter to your Congresman, not email to RedHat.
           \_ sure that works even better.  I merely provide the link for
              the more laconic people.  But, by all means, write/fax your
        \_ Is the SSSCA that no distro'ing software publically thing?
           It sounds pretty bad, but even if its passed, it can't stop
           freenet et. al.
        \_ Althought the republocrats are all the same, My old self is
           demanding that i point out that this bill was introduced by
           a democrat.
           \_ An Alaska Republican is lined up to co-sponsor the thing. He
              is just waiting until he agrees with the language.
           \_ and this is relevant, how?  Seriously, dem, rep, it doesn't
              matter.  it's clue vs. non clue.  have vs. have not.
              \_ yeah. i think if you look at scientific and technology
                issues in general, there are not really any party lines
                to speak of.  probably because your average voter(and
                your average representative) do not understand or care about
                 most of these issues.
                \_ compounded with the fact that they want to be like
                   Justice Hand and  want to be in the history books as
                   the first person to legislate about something; so they
                   hurry thru the legislation creation process.
2001/10/5 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22641 Activity:moderate
10/5    Alas!  "Wind River lays off FreeBSD developers."
        \_ not all of them.  ok most of them.  there are 4 left.
           \_ guess wind river finally found out what freebsd is worth.
2001/10/5-6 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22636 Activity:low
10/4    I have one win2k pc (with modem and network card) and one freebsd
        box (with only a network card). If the pc can get online thru its
        modem, is there a way to get internet on my bsd machine if I connect
        the two together thru their network cards?
        \_ After you login in Win2k, press F1, then type in Internet
           connection sharing.
           \_ then close that window, open up your network connections thing,
              go to the properties of the internet one, click the sharing tab,
              and share it with the LAN connection.
2001/9/20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22547 Activity:nil
9/19    How do you set date and time in freebsd?
        \_ one way is via date(1) like with most unixes/unix-workalikes
           root# date 200212041212
           another way is with the ntpdate(8) command given an ntpserver
           root# ntpdate ntpserver
           some ntpservers at ucb  are http://ntp1-1.Berkeley.EDU and
           This could also be combined with xntpd/ntpd to keep your
           clock in sync during operation. --jon
        \_ man rdate
2001/9/7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22343 Activity:moderate
9/6     Is there a way in freebsd to quiet down the printer driver?
        Every time I print something the kernel logs about a billion
        status messages.
        \_ if you don't figure it out, look at the source. it's easy to
           read. look for lpt.c
2001/8/29-30 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22277 Activity:kinda low
8/29    I have PacBell DSL with 1 dynamic IP.  I don't have the $$$ to buy
        a router with NAT.  I'm looking for software NAT for windows 2000.
        Is there such a thing?  I know freebsd can do it, but I can't run
        freebsd.  And hopefully some firewall capability too.
        \_ It eez built eento windoze 2k.  look et help undr "Internet
           Connexion sharing".
        \_ check out for free firewall(basic
        \_ You're paying $40-$50/mo for the connection and can't spend $80 for
           a hardware firewall/router/etc.?
2001/8/8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22047 Activity:moderate
8/7     What kind of a box would I need in order to run FreeBSD with
        firewall, NAT, DNS, and apache web server (http and https)?  I don't
        anticipate a lot of web traffic because we're a small company.  Thanks.
        \_ Any reasonable box with two ethernet interfaces.
        \_ The trick with FreeBSD is since the packages are in general not
           quite up-to-snuff yet, you're going to be building world/ports
           to do upgrades, so get a box that can build world fast enough
           not to frustrate you.  If your co. can afford it, just buy a new
           machine for $600, else, you can easily get by with a P166.  (We
           did)  --dbushong
       \_ If you aren't fixated on FreeBSD, I'd recommend getting an old
          SS10 or SS20 and running OpenBSD (cost ~ $300). The install is
          fast, the OS is secure and /usr/ports works. Apache, BIND and
                                     \_ Wow!  Can this be true!?
                                        \_ I've never had a problem with
                                           ports on OpenBSD.
          Squid (web cache, if your outbound link is slow it *really*
          helps) are all chrooted by default under OpenBSD.
          The reason I recommend Sun hardware as opposed to x86 is that
          most '1337 h4x0r5 have only x86 exploits and will be confused
          if they ever manage to break into your box.
          If you don't want to spring for Sun hardware, any midrange
          Pentium (166-200) will work or a low end PII. If you go with
          x86 get decent nics such as a Intel EtherExpress Pro.
          Regardless of which box you end up getting, make sure that
          you have an identically configured system in reserve (ideally
          not connected to the network and powered off) which you can
          deploy immediately in case of a break in or failure of your
          primary box. ----ranga
          \_ I have an SS20 as my firewall at home, running OpenBSD.  It is
             nice, but they are LOUD LOUD LOUD.  Also, don't forget that
             even if you manage to pick up two of those cool SuperSparc II
             CPUs lying around work, OpenBSD on Sun does not do SMP at all.
             also, they're not real quick to boot.  -John
             \_ I'm currently running a SS20 with OpenBSD and its not
                that loud. I'm not running SMP because I don't need that
                for a firewall. I'm guessing the original poster doesn't
                need it either. I'd have to disagree about the booting bit.
                My box boots in under 15 secs.
                If you are concerned with the sound, I'd suggest getting
                a SS10 with 5400 RPM drives. Its much quieter than the
                SS20. ----ranga
          \_ and hopefull whatever exploit used on the first box wont
             work (for whatever reason) on the second.
             \_ Having a second box allows you to figure out what the
                exploit was and patch/reinstall the first box without
                incurring the expense of total connectivity loss.
                Its not an ideal solution, but it is a reasonably
                practical one in terms of cost and connectivity.
          \_ Um "most hax0rs only have x86 exploits" is blatantly false.
             \_ How many script kiddies can hack into a MIPS Ultrix box?
             \_ From looking at attacks against Sparc, MIPS and x86
                systems, my experience has been that most h4x0r5 don't
                have or don't know how to get non-x86 binaries for the
                exploits. I know that a determined opponent could break
                in, but for the above poster interested in providing
                max protection for min cost for a small company, a non
                x86 architecture does that nicely.
                \_ how about a used PowerMac running NetBSD?
                   \_ OpenBSD runs fine on PowerMacs. No reason to
                      choose Net over Open for a firewall.
2001/8/7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22034 Activity:moderate
8/8     FreeBSD/ports question: I've got glib1.2.8 installed, and I'd like to
        replace that with the 1.2.10 currently in ports.  How do I get rid of
        the old installation?  "make deinstall" in /usr/ports/glib1.2 comes
        back with "===>   glib-1.2.10_3 not installed, skipping."  Is
        pkg_delete safe for use with ports?
        \_ Yes.  An installed port == an installed package.  Best way is to
           # cd /usr/ports/devel/glib12
           # make && pkg_delete -f glib-1.2.8 && make install && make clean
           Also look at pkg_upgrade:   --dbushong
           \_ You've got a lot of good stuff there.  Does pkg_upgrade
              maintain the +REQUIRE_BY files?
2001/8/7 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22033 Activity:very high
8/8     Remote security hole in *very* recent FreeBSD telnet daemon.
        \_ So who runs telnet or inetd for that matter?
           \_ It's the motd.  See AIDS vs Cancer thread above.  Not the brightest
           \_ um.  telnet 23
           \_ It's the motd.  See AIDS vs Cancer thread above.  Not the
              brightest folks.
              \_ See BioE thread below, some are quite intelligent.
2001/8/7-2002/2/16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:22027 Activity:nil 57%like:20502 50%like:23891 62%like:25321
FreeBSD 4.3-STABLE (MKVI) #1: Sun Jul 29 13:58:58 PDT 2001

Welcome to Soda Mark VI, an Athlon/700 donated by AMD.
2001/8/4 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22000 Activity:high
8/3     Is it possible to have a machine dual boot between Win2000 and
        FreeBSD? I heard that Win2000 needs to be the last OS installed
        but I'm wondering how strict that requirement is. Thanks.
        \_ Odd. I have several Win2k and Linux dual-boot systems.
           I install Linux *last*.  --PeterM
           \_ But does it matter, Linux or FreeBSD?
        \_ installed win2k/freebsd on my ibm laptop. works --jon
        \_ On the contrary, I installed Win2K/Linux on my Sony Vaio
           a while ago and I seem to remember something about Windows
           being dumb and not working if it doesn't boot from the
           first part of the hard drive.
        \_ There's definitely an issue with Win9x in this area but not 2k.
           I think 9x needs to be on the first drive or something, plus it will
           blow away any boot managers when installed.
        \_ Win9x needs to be on the first partition of your primary drive.
           However, what you do is install it, then install *nix somewhere
           else, and use a halfway-decent boot manager to that installs over
           the Win9x one.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.  -John
           \_ So bottom line (if there is one), does it matter if I
              install Win first or FreeBSD first?
              \_ I concur with John... do what he said.
2001/7/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21969 Activity:nil
7/26    Why does fbsd 4.3 release diable write caching of IDE disks?
        \_ There's an amazingly long thread about this on the freebsd-stable
           mailing list; pull up the list archives and see both sides of
           the argument; the long and short of it is that you can easily
           reenable it yourself: sysctl -w hw.ata.wc=1      --dbushong
           \_ WTF?
2001/7/19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21852 Activity:kinda low
7/18    What's the easiest way to completely mirror one drive (multiple
        partitions) to a brand new drive w/ FreeBSD?
        \_ dd?
           \_ If it's an identical drive (not just size; literally identical)
              then dd should work fine; else your best bet is to newfs it
              and do a foreach partition { dump | restore }  --dbushong
2001/7/11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:21763 Activity:high
7/10    Forced by mgmt to use yahoo groups.  Hate it. Anyone know of any
        open source posting/discussion forum code that i can set up
        on my solaris/linux/bsd box?  thanks.
        \_ start a mailing list and archive it on an internal
           web page sensibly with GNU MailMan
           \_ Yahoo Groups > mailing list
           \_ pipermail (built in mailman archiver) sucks; use hypermail
              with mailman
        \_ Friends of mine suggest PHP-nuke, it's a slashdot-style application.
2001/7/8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21733 Activity:low
07/07   I have a Sun DDS3 scsi tape drive.  Can i use this with linux/BSD?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ Sun tape drives are just OEM'ed Exabyte or Archive/Connor drives.
           \_ Which means it will work everywhere from Windows to VMS. --dim
           \_ Or HP
2001/7/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21707 Activity:kinda low
7/3     what's a good way to get and graph bandwidth statistics
        for a network of machines, by ip address?  freebsd
        or linux solutions welcome.
        \_ Cricket/MRTG - see for
                an example
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21653 Activity:high
6/27    VA gets out of hardware:
        \_ "As part of this strategy, VA Linux will exit the systems
            hardware business." - RIP, valinux.
        \_ Yet another linSUX company bites the dust. The hype is over,
           linsux is dead, long live BSD!
        \_ Yet another linux company bites the dust. The hype is over,
           Linux is dead, long live BSD!
              How's your hero?
              \_ Let's see, the worlds biggest software corporation
                 decides to ship thier flagship architecture for BSD
                 while yet another linux company dies. Hmmm. I wonder
                 whose winning today.
                 \_ it's great when a supposed open source architect
                    turns to the darkside.  with betrayal, of course m$
                    will win.
                    \_ all of which just goes to prove that "open source"
                       is not a business model; it's a hobby
        \_ Richard French, the eVP & GM over there has a history of
           cratering companies.
           \_ Yet another reason to avoid Linux and derivative companies:
              poor and/or inexperienced management in addition to shitty
           \_ such as?
              \_ All the companies he worked at that are not listed on
                 his bio at VA Linux.
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21652 Activity:high
6/27    2 days ago, annouced he was working for apple (a
        company 10% owned by bill gates).  now:
        "On Wednesday, Microsoft announced plans to release what amounts to a
        shared-source version of its .NET infrastructure for Windows & FreeBSD"
        \_ WTF is CLI?
           \_ "Common Language Infrastructure"  it is NOT Command Line
              Interface.  It's M$ renaming XML so they can patent it.
              \_ they should have called it "Common Language Infrastructure
                 \_ How about "Common Language Infrastructure
                    Technology - Generic"?
                    \_ did you miss the "clit" reference or are you adding
                       a G-spot reference?
                       \_ The latter.  I couldn't think of a better word to add
                          that starts with a G.  "Gold" was my first thought.
                          \_ "Global" is also an overused tech word starting
                              with G.
2001/6/26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21630 Activity:nil
6/25    For those of you not on freebsd-announce, Jordan Hubbard has left
        WindRiver to go work for Apple on MacOS X.
2001/6/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21621 Activity:high
6/28    How can I get my printer driver (bsd) to be more quiet?  syslog is
        logging stuff like "/kernel: T 80 sts 80" every centisecond.  On a
        related matter, how does one discover the severity/origin of a given
        message in the log?
        \_ man syslog -ali
           \_ [ obMotdStupidity purged ]
          \_ I removed all syslog.conf references to /dev/console and I'm
             still getting inundated w/ the same messages.
             \_ reboot
                \_ don't reboot, kill -HUP syslogd.  But that's probably not
                   what you want to do anyway--you want to direct lpr.*
                   to somewhere intelligent.  -tom
2001/6/24-25 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21611 Activity:moderate
6/23    I'm trying to run audiogalaxy's satellite binary on FreeBSD w/
        linux compatibility enabled, but doing so causes a reboot?
        \_ run linux.
        \_ obDoesntWorkWithCableModem
        \_ Make sure it Is branded as a Linux binary.  Some common syscall
           (ioctl I think) in Linux is the same number as the reboot call
           in FreeBSD.  brandelf is your friend.  I assume you are running
           this as root, and rebooting instead of crashing the machine.
                \_ thanks, right on target
2001/6/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21566 Activity:kinda low
6/18    blah blah microsoft and its freebsd usage etc.
        \_ Funny that such an article can be found on an M$-affiliated site.
           \_ the msnbc version was doctored:
2001/6/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21564 Activity:very high
6/18    Somebody tell me why linux people are so defensive when it comes to
        benchmarks with FreeBSD.  First step to solving a problem is to admit
        it right?  Linus should post the network benchmark outside Alan Cox's
        office until it is on par with FreeBSD.  Problem is not going away
        if you don't admit that you have one.
        \_ D00D U R 50 R0NG! 37337 D3B14N GN00/11NSUX 15 7H3 M057 37337
           05 3V3R R1773N! FR33B5D 15 4 N05741G1C 1U53R5 WH0 D0N7 W4N7 2
           M0V3 1N70 7H3 215T C3N7URY! 7H3 N37W0RK1NG 0N MY 0C3D DU41
           \_ Linux akbar!
           C313 7335 R0X! 1 C4N D/1 MP35, AV15, V0B5, A5F5, M0V5, R4M5
        \_ Why do Linux people and FreeBSD people attach each other?  Why
           4ND RPM5 @ 10K/53C 0N MY K1CK 455 C4B3L M0D3M!
        \_ Do you have some example benchmarks?
           \_ U D0NT N33D B3NCHM4RK5 2 T331 U 7H47 11NSUX N37W0RK1NG R0X!
                                       \_ ^T331^T311
        \_ It's a holy war.
           \_ Do you mean divinely-inspired or inconsequential? -- troll
           \_ Linus akbar!
        \_ Why do Linux people and FreeBSD people attack each other?  Why
           don't they unite and attack the real devil (Windoze) instead?
           \_ why don't they get their ass in gear and provide what people
              want? they shouldn't need to "attack" anyone if they are so
              much better right?
              \_ If everyone in the world is perfectly informed (what's that
                 term in economics), yeah.  But the world doesn't work that
                 way.  Marketing plays a big role and M$'s marketing is superb.
                 \_ I think there's more to it than assuming that every
                    decision-maker out there who picked windows is incompetent.
        \_ Linux sucks fat dick for managing packages, too.  Long live the
           ports collection!
           \_ do you mean redhat sucks fat dick for managing packages? I
              have no problems with debian package management.
           \_ The ports collection is a broken piece of shit.
                -- disgruntled FreeBSD user
              \_ What troubles have you had?
                 \_ Shit would not install, generally fails during compilation.
                    \_ The ports are of pretty low quality in FreeBSD. No one
                       seems to go through and check them before every release
                       like they do on OpenBSD.
              \_ The ports seem to work better under OpenBSD, which is ironic.
              \_ I thought they were trying to get a unified ports collection?
                 ok it's and it seems to be in a
                 state of suck.
2001/6/11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21475 Activity:nil
6/11    Does anyone have a tyan tiger 100? I'm planning on getting one
        to run FreeBSD and I wanted to know if there are any problems
        with it. I'd consider an alternative dual p3 mb as well.
2001/6/9 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21465 Activity:nil
6/8     So dual athlon mb's are out. Anyone have one? I know that SMP NetBSD
        runs on these mb's but does anyone know if FreeBSD supports them?
        I'm considering buying a SMP box and I'm torn between a dual P3 933
        and the dual athlon.
2001/6/1-2 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:21403 Activity:high
5/31    btw, just to clear it up.  Hotmail runs iis/win2k:
        \_ Yeah we know.  They moved it off FreeBSD because it was too
           embarrassing for bill.
        \_ Not exactly.  The front end is several thousand PCs running
           windows, but on the back they are one of Sun's largest customers
           in the western US.  Hundreds of UE 4500s with something like half
           a petabyte worth of T3 disk arrays.  Incidentally, when they
           switched from freebsd to windows for the front end, they scaled
           up the number of machines handling the front end by a third.
           \_ this is pretty awesome, if true. Do you have something to
              substantiate this claim?
              \_ It sounds like something called a Trade Secret to me.
                 You should be grateful you even know. Either that or
                 it is just bullshit. I guess you have to decide which
                 is more likely.
                 \_ hmm... well, its on the motd, so...
              \_ I know some people there.  If you're curious about their
                 setup, why don't you just email root@hotmail and ask them
                 about it?  They run the largest mail server in the world;
                 do you think they're not proud of what they've built?
            \_ "FreeBSD, a UNIX-like system similar to the Linux operating
               system, was used to run ......"  M$ is so creative when it
               comes to bashing Linux.
               \_ how is that sentence "bashing Linux"?
                  \_ First they're replacing FreeBSD with Win2K for whatever
                     weaknesses they claim FreeBSD has, then they're trying to
                     imply that those weaknesses also exist in Linux by
                     unnecessarily mentioning Linux in the document even though
                     Linux has nothing to do with the Hotmail servers.
                     \_ well, they provide this handy footnote at the very end
                        that rectifies the implied bashing of both platforms:
                        "There obviously are multi-tasking/multi-process
                        solutions that Hotmail could have leveraged under
                        FreeBSD. However, they would require making
                        application modifications and rework to implement. So,
                        this was an optimum opportunity to examine other
                        options and platforms."   (no comment...)
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