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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/5/9-7/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:54105 Activity:nil
5/4     chrome sandbox broken?
        \_ Google claims the veector is through a 3rd party plugin so it
           "doesn't count"
2010/7/21-8/9 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Computer/SW/OS] UID:53891 Activity:nil
7/21    "How to Upgrade an Old Phone into a Porsche" (
        "Ortiz spends five to six hours each day searching Craigslist for the
        right kind of swaps. Over the last two years and 14 trades ......"
        If he just got a job and work five to six hours each day for two
        years, he would probably have earned more than enough money to buy the
        10-yr-old Porsche anyway.  ( says it's worth ~$9-12k
        depending on options and conditions.)
        "Harvard Business School, watch out for this guy."
        Indeed.  Watch our for this guy and don't admit him, since he thought
        he made some quick bucks while he actually worked below minimum wage.
        \_ people like that should be drafted and sent to afghanistan
           \_ That's how we got Milo Minderbinder.
2009/1/20-26 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/HW/Display, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:52419 Activity:kinda low
1/20    when I do "cat /proc/sys/kernel/tainted"
        I got a single number "1"
        what does this mean?
        \_ I think this refers to whether you've got any non-open-source drivers
           loaded, but I'm not sure.
        \_ I think this refers to whether you've got any non-open-source
           drivers loaded, but I'm not sure.
           \_ Right.  "1" means you have at least one non-open-source driver
              loaded, which is probably what's causing your system crashes.
              You can run "lsmod" to see what's loaded -- look for "nvidia",
              "ndiswrapper", and "vmmon", which are some of the most common
              closed-source drivers.  If you don't see any of those, post
              your lsmod output somewhere and we'll have a look.
              \_ it's nvidia.  Every time my computer crashes is because some
                 UI things from compiz.  It is funny how a bad driver would
                 totally destory the percieved notion of stability of an OS.
                 I am downloading the latest driver now.
                                        -OP kngharv
                 \_ It's not funny, really.  Assuming that's the only third-
                    party kernel module you're using, there are exactly two
                    pieces of code on your computer that have the power to
                    crash your whole system: the Linux kernel itself, and
                    that closed-source nvidia driver you're loading.  That's
                    why the very first response to your question was "check
                    for proprietary drivers".  If your still get crashes with
                    for proprietary drivers".  If you still get crashes with
                    the latest nvidia driver, there are two things you can
                    do: report the bug to Nvidia and hope they fix it, or
                    stop using their closed-source driver and switch to the
                    (much slower, but stable) open-source nvidia driver that
                    comes with your system.
           \_ yep -- it should correspond with the 'tainted' designator in
        \_ I AM TAINT FREE
2008/8/19-21 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Computer/SW/OS] UID:50907 Activity:high
8/19    Exploit code downloads backdoor from two sources one .cc one local
        box on <DEAD><DEAD> (an (upstream isp is sbcglobal
        (now ATT)).  both sources are still serving up the malicious .EXEs
        Who should I report this to?
        \_ are you getting DKAMINSKY DNS EXPLOITED???????????
           \_ no, i'm getting "my users are dumb asses" exploited.
              \_ Report it to the "dumb ass police" then. If you really think
                 that the admins will do anything about it, track them down
                 using geektools and send them email. They are probbly part
                 of some kind of international crime syndicate and will just
                 the admins will do anything about it, track them down using
                 geektools and send them email. They are probbly just part of
                 some kind of international crime syndicate and will just
                 ignore you. You can always report them to their upstream
                 provider and the FBI, but that doesn't seem to do much, in
                 my experience.
2008/6/19-22 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:50300 Activity:nil
6/19    ???
Broadcast message from root@soda (pts/52) (Thu Jun 19 12:40:38 2008):

Minor kernel upgrade requires reboot
The system is going DOWN for reboot in 5220 minutes!
        \_ Yes, apparently we'll be seeing these messages for the next 4 days.
           \_ Would prefer a more immediate reboot....
2007/8/31-9/3 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:47844 Activity:nil
8/31    is this cooler than say kickstart or FAI or whatever
        the current cool way to admin 10000 machines is?:
        \_ This seems to be focused on managing Xen VMs and require
           the host to have Xen already installed.  I'm still a fan
           of cfengine, though it won't do the initial install.  But
           I have setup kickstart to just install cfengine at the end
           of the install and have cfengine take care of most of the
           \_ Is it a lot of overhead to have Xen running on every machine?
           \_ Why not use System Imager?
              \_ System Imager, as it was last time I looked, is fine if
                 you're managing bunch of machines with *identical*
                 configurations.  cfengine is more flexible and can work
                 across multiple platforms as well.  Also changing a
                 configuration doesn't involve re-imaging the whole machine.
                 \_ System Imager is more flexible than that. You can
                    propagate just the changes. I much prefer SI to
                    Kickstart. If you want to use cfEngine on top of that
                    then fine, but cfEngine solves a (mostly) different
2007/7/26-29 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:47429 Activity:nil
7/26    zonealarm bites  bigtime.. BSODs..  can't upgrade to latest
        software even though i have 365 days to do it.. only has
        renew button . pathetic software programmers
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/3/9-12 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS] UID:45916 Activity:nil
3/9     > wc s2:
        wc: s2:51796: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character
        \_ Short answer: "setenv LC_ALL en_US.iso88591".
           Long answer: soda uses Unicode by default now, so a single character
           can now be more than one byte.  This means a lot of commands don't
           quite work the way they used to -- here, wc is trying to count the
           number of (Unicode) characters in your file, and it's complaining
           because your file contains invalid Unicode byte sequences.  If you
           do want to use Unicode in general, but this particular file isn't
           Unicode, you can either use "wc -c" for a byte count or set LC_CTYPE
           to whatever the file's encoding actually is.  Or, if you don't care
           about Unicode and you just want all your old commands to work the
           way they used to, the setenv command above will disable Unicode
           completely and restore the traditional Unix behavior.  --mconst
2007/3/2-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/OS] UID:45860 Activity:nil
3/2     If you are using Wordpress 2.1.1, upgrade to 2.1.2 b/c 2.1.1
        downloads were compromised:
2006/10/24-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:44938 Activity:nil
10/25   any good open-source RTS or turn-based game?  I play FreeCiv.  I really
        enjoy master of orient, comand and conquer, and starcraft.  anything
        good around that calibre?  I am looking for single-player game.
        \_ Not really.  OS isn't very good at turning out great games.  There
           are very few OS games worth playing.  Most of OS gaming effort is
           spent on knock off clones or on the opened quake source.
           \_ Even though it's sort of redundant, saying "OSS" helps
              disambiguate quite a bit.  "I tried that OS OS, but couldn't
              install it, so I just put that OS Software on my Windows OS"
              install it, so I just put that OS software on my Windows OS"
              \_ Yeah I thought of doing that but since we're talking games,
                 not operation systems I thought it was clear.
        \_ Give "Battle for Wesnoth" a whirl.  It's sort of a cross between
           Civ and Heroes of Might and Magic.  Plenty of user created
           campaigns you can download from within the game as a "plug-in."
           \_ The floating eye hits you.
              You are paralyzed.
              The fox bites you!
              The fox bites you!
              The fox bites you!
              The fox bites you!
              You die...
              \_ floating eyes do not attack.  Their gaze is reflexive.
                 Shoot me now.
                 \_ there's something oddly disturbing about that.
        \_ whatever happened to xconq, that was an awesome game (for its time)
2006/4/21-23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS] UID:42791 Activity:nil
4/21    I guess short-GOOG-at-100-guy hasn't gotten his account turned
        back on yet.  -tom
        \_ I think he retired after he vested, exercised, and sold most of
           his GOOG options and unit stocks at around 300-350. It coincided
           with the time frame when wall logs disappeared.
        \_ By the way I wonder what the quant says about GOOG:
2005/12/7-9 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS] UID:40910 Activity:nil
12/7    I'm using Gallery 1.x right now for my online photo album,
        and I'm wondering whether I should upgrade to 2.x. Is
        anyone using 2, and is it worth the upgrade? Thanks.
2005/9/30-10/3 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:39934 Activity:nil
9/30    I've got a Via C3 (using kernel-image-2.4.27-2-586tsc) and 1504 MB
        of RAM. Only 904 MB shows up with the "free" command. Is there a way
        to get this kernel to see/use all the available ram? or do I need
        a newer (or custom compiled) kernel?
        \_ you need a kernel compiled with bigmem support, or something like
           that. or highmem. i forget the exact term.
           \_ Great! Thanks. I think I found it: CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G   -op
           \_ Great! Thanks. I think I found it: CONFIG_HIGHMEM   -op
2005/9/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:39750 Activity:nil
9/19    So I have this proprietary logger that writes into a temporary
        directory, and to rotate it, we simply rename it, gzip it, and
        the logger is smart enough to create a new log file. However,
        I've noticed that even after we rename it, the logger still
        APPENDS to the log file, and during the time we gzip and delete
        it, the stuff that is appended, is lost. So I'm wondering if
        there is a command in UNIX that'll CHANGE the inode so that
        I can tell the logger to create a new file as soon as I rename
        it? ok thanx.
        \_ That is because the logger already has the file descriptor open.
         Renaming it doesn't change that. Typically you would rename file,
         send logger the -HUP signal which should cause it to reopen the log
         file, creating a new one if it doesn't exist.. Then you can gzip the
         old one.
        \_ That is because the logger already has the file descriptor
           open.  Renaming it doesn't change that. Typically you would
           rename file, send logger the -HUP signal which should cause
           it to reopen the log file, creating a new one if it doesn't
           exist.. Then you can gzip the old one.
           \_ And if your logger doesn't handle -HUP, you will have to kill
              and restart it.
2005/8/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:39283 Activity:nil
8/25    I just got an Compact Flash -> IDE adapter. Seems to work fine, but
        I'm getting these messages:
        kernel: hdc: task_no_data_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
        kernel: hdc: task_no_data_intr: error=0x04 { DriveStatusError }
        kernel: hdc: Write Cache FAILED Flushing!
        Is this normal for CF-IDE? Is there something I should do differently?
        \_ mount -o sync
2005/4/20-21 [Computer/SW/Virus, Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:37277 Activity:high
4/19    Is it just me or did ZoneAlarm go from a decent home-firewall to a
        piece of crap? I have a version from over a year ago that works
        flawlessly. Twice now, I've tried to upgrade to the most recent
        version, and both times it's screwed up my setup so bad I had to
        downgrade back to the good one (the first time I couldn't connect to
        my work VPN, the second time it would not allow traffic between my
        two home computers to go through and any time I tried to copy files
        between them i would be disconnected from the internet).
        \_ No, it's ZoneAlarm. I've given up on it also and moved to
           Tiny Personal Firewall. It's just got so much unnecessary bloat
           that it's just plain stupid to run it. Stuff that also used to
           be decent but are really problematic include Symantec NAV,
           starting in 2004 it's really bloated up, the Symantec Firewall
           Suite, Adobe Acrobat 6.0+, the recent Quicktime versions, and
           Yahoo Messenger (it now takes up 25% of your screen with its
           unnecessary skins and stupid whizbang features you'll never use).
           This is why Free Software makes more and more sense, because
           commercial software needs to "improve" with time so they can
           continue making money. However, there is only so much you can
           do with simple software (such as a firewall) before feature
           creep totally destroys it.
           \_ I've worked at Zone Labs for over 4 years and sadly
              what you say is true.  I'm constantly fighting with upper
              management over new features vs code cleanup, and unfortunately,
              new features almost always win.  In our upcoming June
              release we are adding both a total re-rewrite of all the
              memory management that drastically improves performance
              of ZAP and P2P, but at the same adding "OS firewall" which
              hooks just about everything in the SDT and has the potential
              to prevent most rootkits, spyware, etc from being installed
              but unfortunately the code won't have enough time to stabalize,
              and will most likely cause thousands of new lockups, BSODs,
              etc...  Unfortunately, our sales are doubling every year so its
              very hard to argue with upper management.   It's very sad.
           \_ I found I had accidentally left Acrobat 5.0 on my computer
              however many years ago. I made it the default and suddenly
              looking at pdfs just got much faster. I"m now wondering if I
              can get away with older bloat-free version of some other things.
              The hacked freeware version of Realplayer is pretty lightweight,
              \_ As a side note, Acrobat 7 seems a lot snappier than v. 6.
                 \_ If you look carefully, the subtitle to Acrobat 7 is "the
                    apology".  ctrl-mousewheel works as well.  And you can find
                    in page without the idiotic and bloated find sidebar.
              \_ I recall stumbling on a site with pointers to old versions
                 of software a while ago--a lot of companies seem to keep
                 these on their ftp servers, but don't link to them from
                 their download pages.  I'm sure there are several sites
                 specializing in this sort of thing.  -John
        \_ I use the current version of Zone Alarm with no problems. -ausman
           Zone alarm source:
           if ($user == "ausman") {
        \_ I blame paolo. -geordan
           \_ I blame geordan. -God
2005/4/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:37261 Activity:low
4/19    How do I enter those funky 'o' with 2 dots, accented e, and other
        characters on my computer? And is motd non-English character compliant?
        \_ You mean the German umlaut? äüö
        \_ You mean the German umlaut? M-CM-$M-CM-<M-CM-6
        \_ Which OS?  And the motd is a text file.  Whether it supports
           UTF8 or Unicode or whatever is up to whatever programs people use
           to edit and to read the file, yes?
        \_ You mean 
        \_ You mean M-`M-aM-bM-cM-dM-eM-fM-gM-hM-iM-jM-kM-lM-mM-nM-oM-pM-qM-rM-s\
        \_  ObHeavyMetalUmlaut r0x0rs:
        \_ if you're in screen, screen-escape ^V o :
2005/1/28-29 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS] UID:35962 Activity:nil
1/28    Brain destroying animated gif ahead:
        \_ I still live!  Sinistar^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hbrain
2004/9/28-29 [Computer/SW/Virus, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:33794 Activity:nil
9/28    First JPEG virus spotted in the wild, posted to:
        alt.binaries.multimedia.transexuals and
        alt.binaries.erotica.beanie-babies among others.
        If you and your kin haven't patched your systems, get on it!
        \_ Worth mentioning that even if you patch your OS, any number of
           programs may include their own version of the GDI+ library, and thus
           be vulnerable.
2004/8/16-17 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:32937 Activity:moderate
8/16    Why does it always take apple a couple weeks after realsing a system
        upgrade before posting the sha digest for the download?  -- still
        waiting for 10.3.5
        \_ FWIW, people using Software Update (post 07-12-2002) does have
           the benefit of cryptographic signature verification.
           \_ Ever since it is released, people on macintouch and macfixit
              have complained S.U. screws the system and recommend download
              directly the (combo if possible) updater.  They never offered
              a reason for this but I followed it just to be safe.
              \_ I use SU on my G5, and all is well with my computer. YMMV.
2004/7/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32561 Activity:high
7/29    Does increasing the swap file/partition size encourage the OS to swap
        stuff out more?  I'm asking for both WinXP and Linux.
        \_ Are you trying to limit how much swapping your machine does?  There
           are a limited number of cases where more swap is a bad thing.
           \_ I know more swap is better, but I'd rather stuff doesn't get
              swapped until physical memory gets full.
              \_ You don't seem to understand swapping.
              \_ WHY?! You won't gain performance-wise, if that's what you
                 think. Run the machine without swap on and see.
                 \_ I *rarely* fill physical memory, but the OS insists on
                    swapping stuff out, which it just need to swap back in
                    \_ So turn swap off. What the OS is doing is buffering
                       the pages.
                       \_ I guess we all have to learn the hard way....
2004/7/23-25 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS] UID:32458 Activity:moderate
7/23    What's involved in upgrading from Bind 8.x to Bind 9.x? If I have
        a relatively simple subdomain setup, can I just drop in the config
        files that used to work with Bind 8.x into Bind 9.x /etc directory
        and expect it to work? Also is it worth upgrading to 9.x or should
        I just stay with 8.x (presumambly for safety since it has been around
        for such a long time..)
        \_ use djbdns.  yes i am an ass but that is my honest suggestion.
           \_ I thought djbdns does not support some parts of DNS spec
              that have to do with zone transfers and I need to do transfers
              both ways from and to the servers that run bind and which are
              out of my control.
              \_ Do not encourage djb by giving him any more downloads.
        \_ I would recommend upgrading to 9. Both security and reliability
           are greatly enhanced in BIND9. I think that you may have to make
           minor changes to your config files, but all in all the upgrade
           wasn't that bad.
           I disagree with the above poster about moving to djbdns. While
           it may be very secure, it is was a pita to deploy and maintain.
           It also had problems with certain types of client queries that
           it felt were "improper". Just stick with BIND9. It works as is
           pretty secure.
        \_ I did the 8->9 upgrade many months ago.  I expected a nightmare,
           but the config file differences were so minor I can't honestly
           recall what they are.  If you're capable of setting up subbing
           and the rest in the first place you'll find the upgrade very
           easy.  Sendmail, openssh, postfix, and many other typical
           server apps are much more annoying to install and upgrade than
           going from bind 8 to 9.
        \_ how complex is your dns? if you are worried, set up 9 somewhere
           and do the upgrade. use tools like dnswalk to check your work.
           when you upgrade the production servers, you'll have the config
           files at the ready. as for djbdns, last i checked it doesn't do
           delegation-only which if your running a caching namesever is less
           then ideal.
2004/7/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:32400 Activity:kinda low
7/21    Web enabled update patent lawsuit:
2004/7/19 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:32352 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied. 2004/7/19 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:32350 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/7/14-15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS] UID:32269 Activity:high
7/12    Can anyone give me a good reason why I should update to FF 0.9.X from
        0.8? -- ulysses
        \_ dont
        \_ I think that 0.9.{1,2} has a fix for the frame insertion attack.
        \_ I was the guy complaining about it earlier, and I have no real
           problems with it.  The one thing is that if you turn off the
           "allow web sites to install software" option, you won't get any
           indication about a failed extension install.
        \_ if you are on windoze, then, i can tell you that for some site,
           the html form element "submit" no longer works with 0.9x.  That is
           the only "down" side I found upgrading to 0.9.  Other than that,
           there isn't much differences really, including the fact that
           since 0.7, the "download" screen will crash my firefox, and I
           haven't figure out why yet.
        \_ Note also that you probably should nuke your old install directory
           for the .9 upgrade.  I believe they changed things around to
           something semi-stable so the 1.0 upgrade goes well.
2004/5/25-26 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS] UID:30421 Activity:very high
5/25    I want to get gigabit ethernet for our network. We are currently
        running 100/10. If I upgrade my servers to run gigabit, is there a
        way to multiplex it out to 100/10 clients? Do I have to replace my
        \_ If you want to go gigabit speeds, you will need to replace your
           switch (unless it is already 1000/100/10).  Your switch should
           then be able to multiplex a higher rate feed from your server
           to your clients.
           \_ I don't want to replace the switches since we have
              about 50 clients, but instead can I
              do the following, get a gigabit switch with say 5-10 ports,
              hook two of them to servers, and connect the rest to my
              100/10 switch? Would that at least multiplex out to N
              number of connections from the gigabit to the 100/10? I know
              I won't get optimal speeds, but at least I can get a speed boost.
              (My 100/10 switch has all RTX autodetect on all ports).
              \_ WTF are you thinking?  If you *need* GigE, you can afford to
                 get GigE.  If you can't afford it, you don't need it.  Do you
                 have some stupid cheapass PHB who wants to save a fucking
                 dime up front and pay out the ass later when this hokey shit
                 falls apart and some slave spends 30 hours debugging it while
                 half the net is down?
                 \_ I concur. If you're going to use gigabit right, get a
                    gigabit switch. It'll help you out later if you choose
                    to expand and makes dealing with possible network problems
                    much easier for everyone involved.
              \_ If you connect 1 5-10 port GigE switch to N 10/100 switches
                 the maximum bandwidth is N*100Mbit, and you will only achieve
                 that if you have a transacting client on each 10/100 switch.
                 Given that large GigE switches cost $$$, what you could do
                 is buy a 5-port GigE switch, and hook it up to some 8-16-24
                 port 10/100 switches that have a GigE uplink.  That way you
                 don't get capped by the link from the GigE switch and the
                 larger slower switches.
2004/5/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:30233 Activity:high
5/14    What's the difference between counting semaphore, binary semaphore
        and mutex semaphore.  I thought there is only one kind of semaphore,
        which blocks if the value is 0 or negative and you try to grab it.
        Otherwise it doesn't block when the value is positive, and you try to
        grab it.
        \_ I've never heard the term "mutex semaphore" before, but there's no
           qualitative difference between a binary and a counting semaphore.
           The difference is, with a binary semaphore you have a convention
           that its value will always be either 0 or 1, while a counting
           semaphore may take on other (nonnegative) values. The underlying
           system doesn't care; it's all in how you use it. -gm
           \_ Thanks!  It's been 13 years since I took 162.
               \_ partha is that you?                            -psb #2 fan
2004/5/13-14 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30205 Activity:high
5/13    I just got back from a 10 minute talk by Pat Miller, the flash mob
        computing guy, about casual supercomputers.  He spoke in general
        about the flashmob and how it went.  (Another 6 hours and they
        probably could've gotten into the top 500.)  But more
        importantly, how you can have a supercomputer at home.  He booted
        up off the CD available at on 4
        chepo machines and got 2 GFlops. With 32 2 Ghz Machines you can
        easily get 48 GFlops.  Right now the CD doesn't run anything but
        LINPACK benchmarks, but people are starting to port their
        applications to it.  -jrleek
        \_ very cool -darin
           \_ me too!!
        \_ To the person who asked how this is any different from SETA@Home:
           The SETI@Home framework is well-suited to applications that do not
           require good interprocess bandwidth or latency.  A large range of
           supercomputing problems DO require both bandwidth and low latency.
           This is the first time someone has tried to build a community
           supercomputer that can be used for a wide range of problems.  The
           top500 list is ranked using LINPACK, which does linear algebra.  If
           you tried runing LINPACK on the SETI network, it would be terrible.
        \_ Is this similar to the XGrid thing hyped by Apple?
           \_ Except you do it with random non-homogenous computers.
              \_ You mean flashmob can connect CPUs other than pentium?
2004/3/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:12626 Activity:moderate
3/12    What's the simplest way to add a mutex to C function?  I understand
        threading issues, but something is munging data in my sockets, and I
        want to guarantee that only one thread is touching a certain array at
        a time.  TIA.
        \_ How nice.  Why don't you learn how to format instead of waiting
           for one of our poor OCD inflicted nerds to do it for you?
                                   \_ afflicted
        \_???? Shouldn't your thread library that you are using provide
          this functionality???
        \_ isn't there an API like win32 api if on windows?
           \_ I was hoping there was something quicker/easier-- no libraries,
              just... I don't know, OS?  How effective would incrementing
              decrementing my own static mutex be?
              \_ Well, unless you use OS calls for a mutex, it's not really a
                 mutex.  Are you thinking you can just use a static variable
                 and manage it yourself?  Which OS is this?
              \_ in some os's you could get by just exclusively opening
                 a file
        \_ some sort of Singleton class and have an being accessed field?
2004/3/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS] UID:12554 Activity:very high
3/7     Major exploit found in Linux 2.6 kernel.  All versions prior to 2.6.3
        affected.  2.4 and 2.2 may be affected, I haven't bothered to look:
        \_ This is a local exploit, for those who care.  It does affect
           Linux 2.4 and 2.2.
        \_ This is old news. It's the same vuln reported a few weeks ago,
           just with an exploit this time. People who have already upgraded
           to 2.4.25 or 2.6.3 don't need to worry about it.
           \_ are you sure?
              "Tested and known to be vulnerable kernel versions are all
               <= 2.2.25, <= 2.4.24 and <= 2.6.2. The 2.2.25 version of
               Linux kernel does not recognize the MREMAP_FIXED flag but
               this does not prevent the bug from being successfully
               \_ i said 2.4.25, not 2.2.25. i don't know anyone still
                  using 2.2.x.
                  \_ Oh, I am totally blind.. sorry.
2004/2/18 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:12297 Activity:nil
2/18    First exploit based on the win* src:
        \_ How does it execute arbitrary code?
           \_ can someone post a h4x0ring tutorial so this question can be
        \_ I never used a p2p program before, but I am curious about this src
           thing and I downloaded mute.  Yet I can't get it to work.  Is the
           server down?  Which port should should I tell my fw to let thru?
2004/1/24-25 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS] UID:11926 Activity:nil
1/24    I'd like to upgrade my 15 year old cordless phone which is still using
        40 something megahertz. Should I get a 2.4GHz digital phone or
        a 2.4GHz DSS (digital code hoping) phone? Which one is more secure,
        has a better quality, range, etc? By the way I also have a cell phone
        but the quality (clarity, lag, etc) is still inferior to a land based
        phone. Thanks!
        \_ How about a 5Ghz phone, since 2.4Ghz phones have been known to
           interfere with 802.11b wireless routers (in case you have one)?
        \_ No one is listening to your boring phone calls.  Security should
           be the last reason you choose one phone over another.
        \_ Just a note: frequency has little to do with quality here, or
           even range.  Go for 900 Mhz, avoid the radiation and
        \_ Another note:  The Panasonic handsets heat up with 2.4 GHz (and
           probably 5 GHz).  The 900 MHz one does not, and has great battery
           life.  You probably get better range with 2.4 or 5.  As far as
           quality, 900 is fine -- if you notice clicking about 10-20% of
           the time, just rock the switch to the left a few times to change
           to another channel.  I've never heard any interfering conversations.
2003/12/29-30 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:11602 Activity:nil
12/28   I have been seeing lots of messages like this one in my .procmail/log
        file recently:
        ## procmail: Kernel-lock failed
        ## procmail: Kernel-unlock failed

        I think this started happening after the last reboot. Could it
        be hapening because something went wrong with soda patches?
        Was a new kernel patch installed before reboot?
        \_ Check if you have a random filename.lock file in your delivery
        \_ The last reboot was only because of a hang...nothing changed.
           \_ That doesn't mean nothing changed.
              \_ no software was modified.  sure the date changed.  so did
                 the phase of the moon, fuckwad.
                 \_ you don't know that.  you can't know that.  and no need to
                    be childish about it.  you're just wrong.  accept and
                    move on.
2003/5/15-17 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:28450 Activity:nil
5/15    Are there any experienced kernel programers looking for a job?
        I don't know too much about the job, but I have a friend that is
        asking if I can recommnd someone. --jwm
        \_ What kind of kernel? Real-time?
2003/5/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/OS] UID:28309 Activity:high 85%like:28301
5/2     What's your favorite method of spying on motd-posters?
[!5/3]  \_ Well there's fstat /etc/motd for one...
           \_ works great:
> fstat /etc/motd.public
USER     CMD          PID   FD MOUNT      INUM MODE         SZ|DV R/W NAME
Bus error
           \_ How are you activating it?  I can't be arsed to hit fstat
              every second.  Also, does it spot emacs/jove?  I haven't
              seen it do so.
        \_ Rolled my own scripts.  Much more effective than fstat /etc/motd
           but really it isn't all that exciting knowing who all the anon
           people really are.
           \_ Enlighten us with your superior fu, wise one! (!sarcasm)
              \_ It's too trivial.  It took about 15 minutes to write 3 or 4
                 scripts to see who is doing what with about 90% accuracy.
                 \_ Then you have nothing to lose posting it. Really. I don't
                    know any better than shooting fstat calls with great
                    \_ scanning /proc?  aren't there also kernel monitors
                       to say "alarm when this file is written to"?
                       \_ kqueue
                          \_ interesting.  when I get around to it, this will
                             put me at near 100% when combined with my other
                             stuff.  thanks!  then I can start keeping track
                             of all your twink point totals!  (hah!)
                    \_ You're at college.  You've gotten some hints and tips
                       which is more than anyone gave me (I didn't ask).  You
                       need to think about it and try some stuff and figure it
                       out instead of getting spoonfed.  *I* have nothing to
                       lose by posting but *you* do.  I'm sure you think I'm a
                       dick but I'm not.  If it were something important you
                       *really* needed to know in a timely manner (to save
                       your job or your final grade) I'd give it to you.  This
                       is just the motd.
2003/2/17 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:27436 Activity:nil
?dab ti si ,msa_ htiw gnorw si tahW _\
neuy --  .sknahT  .gnihtyna dnif t'ndluoc tub moc.tfosorcim.ndsm
deirt I  )."XA_" esu nac I ,elpmaxe rof ,SOD rof ++CB eht nI(
?31 ro 21 noisrev relipmoC ++C SM htiw delipmoc edoc C ni selbairav
sa sretsiger 68x ssecca ot "msa_" gnisu naht rehto yaw yna ereht sI     41/2

...htrof os dna aazak
gninnur s'ohw ees ot ffuts eerf emos tnaw tsuj ...parc sdin ycnaf
 yna yub ot yenom evah tnod i dna .evisnetni oot gnihton ,tniop
ssergni niam ym no ciffart rotinom ot tnaw tsuj i ...oy oy oy _\
.sehctiws desab soi eht no hcum yrev gninnaps htiw dekrow
evuoy kniht tnod i "yug ocsic" a rof .sehctiws tsylatac )dne
wol( yttihs no gninnaps deniatsus yb derreggirt era taht
sgub ynam neeb osla evah ereht .SDI eht daolrevo ro trop
naps sti daolrevo ot si SDI na taefed ot yaw tseisae eht
.trop / nalv 1 rorrim dna nwod ecilps uoy neht nalv elohw eht
hctaw rehtar uoy fi .hctiws elohw eht naht rehtar trop
dnuobtuo/dnuobni eht tsniaga naps ylno ot si SDI na htiw od
ot gniht trams eht ..0056 a ,elpmaxe rof ..trop 1 yna naht
ciffart erom eldnah ylisae nac taht sehctiws egral /w aedi
suolucidir a si trop elgnis a ot hctiws elohw a gninnaps
no gniyler ..gninnaps nehw emas eht evaheb sehctiws lla ton _\
 yug ocsic-  .seirtne
wolften esoht tropxe ot hctiws/retuor eht putes osla nac
uoY  .hguoht selbat wolften sezylana taht erawtfos laiciremmoc
erom s'erehT .ciffart taht ezylana dna NALV a fo tuo/ni
ciffart lla etacilper ot sLCA NALV esu ekil ffuts reicnaf
od osla nac uoY  .noitadarged ecnamrofrep on s'ereht os WH yb
enod si noitacilper tekcaP .ylimaf tsylatac eht no erutaef
deepseriw a si NAPS  .emit eht fo %001 rotinom ciffart no
dneped smetsys noitceted noisurtni  ?aedi doog a ti t'nsi yhw _\
.nalv nevig a ro trop a
gnirorrim tsuj ton ,trop eno ot hctiws elohw eht gninnaps era
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.ypparc adnik si hcihw ,TTT desu ev'I raf oS
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 t'nseod tub ,htdiwdnab ym fo tsom gnisu era slocotorp hcihw swohs
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tros hctiws ocsiC ruoy sekam( NAPS pu gnittes ot dnuora tog yllanif I   41/2

.sknahT ?DSBeerF no secneuqes FICQ yalp ot noitacilppa yna ereht sI     51/2

.selif ehtnaht erom osla dna
selif eht tuoba knihT .skrow SFN rehtehw ton ,eussi
na si troffe dna troppus mret-gnoL .devlovni erom
hcum si erehT .tniop eht ssim tub tcerroc era uoY _\
.xuniL dna X SO no
selif emas eht teg dluoc uoy oS .llew ytterp
skrow X SO no seirotcerid emoh fo stnuom SFN _\
.emit ruoy fo hcum os etsaw t'noD .XSO/xuniL neewteb
drowssap/nigol lacol emas eht dnoyeb gnihtyna evah ot gniyrt tegrof
tub caM eht rof ti od nac uoy ebyaM .siht od ot gniyrt no emit
eromyna dneps ot tnaw t'nod uoy neht ,eurt si yas uoy tahw fi _\
:SFN dna X SOcaM tuoba ofni emos si ereH
.stneilc SFN sa sexob rehto eht erugifnoC .3
.revres SFN a sa erugifnoc ot tseisae eht eb ot gniog
ylbaborp si enihcam xuniL ehT .SFN aiv seirotcerid
emoh eht evres ot gniog si enihcam hcihw tuo erugiF .2
.X SOcaM morf ofni eht htiw xob
xunil ruoy no resudda nur yllaniF .)dig/diu emas eht
htiw pu dne lla dluohs yeht( enihcam X SOcaM rehto
eht no redro emas eht ni sresu eht etaerc neht dna
senihcam X SOcaM eht fo eno no trats ,ysae yllaer
 siht ekam oT .senihcam eht fo lla no dig dna diu
,drowssap ,emanresu emas eht htiw sresu lacol etaerC .1
:gniwollof eht
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siht htiw dnuora yalp ot gnilliwnu era uoy fi etoN
:X SO dna sorebreK
:X SO dna PADL
:X SO dna SIN
 :htuA X SO lareneG
:sLRU lufpleh/tnaveler )ylbissop( emos
emos era ereH .PADL ro sorebreK esu dluoc uoy
2003/1/21-22 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS] UID:27181 Activity:very high
1/21    We should upgrade to 5.0
        \_ why?
           \_ Because the new threading system might be something some
              people might care about, or is hacking on stuff here verbotten?
           \_ bcuz y00z1ng D n00ist d1ng 1z kewl!!11
        \_ soda shouldn't, but I'm trying it.  Does anybody know which
           .ISO file is which?  There's nothing about it in the release
           \_ use the cvsup, luke.
2002/10/24-26 [Transportation/Car, Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/OS] UID:26311 Activity:high 50%like:26484
10/24   how can i upgrade my google toolbar?
        \_ Uninstall and reinstall?
        \_ you don't have to do anything. it auto-upgrades.
           \_ What do you do at google? It doesn't seem like google's changed
              much from when it started. And how is it pulling in enough
              revenue to stay alive?
              \_ He handles searches for H07 42N CH1X0R2
                        \_ what's that some kind of code?
              \_ you're joking right? usenet, catalogs, news, realtime
                 crawling... besides main search quality gains. --aaron
                 \_ Don't get me wrong. Google's great but where the hell
                    is it getting its money?
                    \_ you mean you never noticed those "sponsored links"
                       at the top and sides of your search?
                    \_ licensing their search engine?
           \_ My toolbar at home now does computation in the background, but
              my work toolbar didn't autoupgrade. i tried installing a new
              version, but it said it was already installed.
           \_ Unfortunately, Google does not make it obvious that the toolbar
              auto-updates itself.  IMO, part of the problem is that Google
              doesn't list the current version number anywhere on the web
              site.  I really have no idea if I'm using the latest version
              or not unless I try to re-install it. --jameslin
              \_ i don't think you are making sense here. you don't need to
                 reinstall it. it auto-upgrades. so why do you care about
                 your version number? are you a control freak? --aaron
              \_ trust the auto-updater, or re-install. your choice. --aaron
        \_ I uninstalled and reinstalled and I still don't have teh computation
           option. What gives?
2002/9/10 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:25832 Activity:kinda low
9/9     I'm recompiling the Linux kernel on a slow laptop. I have the
        kernel configured to use modules and it successfully compiled. I
        encountered an error during the modules_install. I want to recompile
        less modules. Do I need to recompile the kernel also?
        \_ Do you mean 'less modules' in the sense of 'using fewer modules'
           or 'minus the modules'?  In the first case, not necessarily,
           unless you want the kernel to do the stuff the missing modules
           did.  In the second, I think yes, if want to remove module
           support from the kernel altogether.  Can you compile the
           kernel on a faster machine?  -John
            \_ good point. I meant "fewer modules". There are just a lot
               of modules that get compiled by default: things I don't
               need. I'll still be using modules. I don't own a faster
               machine with linux, but I have some accounts. Hmmm. Thx.
2002/8/19 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS] UID:25601 Activity:low
8/18    When I use lp in my company it does duplex automatically. How do I
        disable duplex mode in lp? I've already RTFM, thanks.
        \_ Ask your sysadmin or post here the details of your printing
           system configuration including the OS name and version, print server
           type and configuration, printer model name, any additional third
           party or vendor drivers in use, etc.
        \_ -osimplex workes for me. It was also the first link on google for
           the search "lp single sided." Please use google and the manual
           next time. --twohey
           \_ rad, "RTFG"
           \_ Warning: printer1515 not configured to handle all lp options:
                ignoring: -o simplex
              By the way my /etc/printers.conf is empty
        \_ If you file is a PS file that comes from enscript, you can try
           "-DDuplex:false" in enscript.  Otherwise I don't know.
2002/7/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:25332 Activity:high
7/11    "mailq" doesn't work anymore:
                can not chdir(/var/spool/mqueue/): Permission denied
                Program mode requires special privileges, e.g., root or
        Is that expected after the OS upgrade?  -- yuen
        \_ why do you need to run mailq
           \_ er..  to see if my mail is stuck in the queue?  get yer head
              out of that pig.
           \_ Someone below said the disk was full and mail wasn't going out
              nor coming in.  --- yuen
        \_ This poses a good feature possibility.  why not have files in
           /var/spool/mqueue owned by the user?
           \_ which user? sender? recipient? what about multiple recipients?
              \_ sender obviously.  recipients may not even exist on this host.
                  \_ sender may not exist either, smug poser.
                     \_ and then it wouldn't matter because they wouldn't have
                        permissions, dumbass.
                     \_ Hah!  You sure got zinged!  Genius!
        \_ This is a sendmail 8.12.x feature.
2002/7/6-8/9 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:25289 Activity:nil
07/05   OS upgrade, bugs to root. --Galen
2002/1/4-6 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:23465 Activity:moderate
1/4     critical section, mutex, semaphore, monitor
        can anyone give a quick differentiation of them?
        \_ google can. try it. you can use a computer
           to access it. -ali
           \_ Command not found.
        \_ you taking the GRE? If you don't know what they are at this point,
           it's probably too late.
           \_ depends whether it is just a review, or if you are learning
                it all for the first time.
2001/12/21-22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS] UID:23339 Activity:high
12/21   DO kernel patches still need/recommended to be added in single-user
        mode? Got some folks at work who add KJP in multi-user-mode.
        We also get periodic system errors so they add patches but they are
        patches that don't address the problem. The READMEs say the patches
        R4 something totally different. Even the "lead" won't listen to me.
        Either i'm an idiot or surrounded by idiots. Should i quit?
        \_ Never quit a job without another job lined up.  Especially now.
        \_ I'd shutdown, reboot, go to single user mode, install patches,
           reboot. This assumes you have a good tested backup. The first
           reboot can root out problems which might have cropped up since
           the last reboot (ie it's not the patches). You reboot the second
           time to insure patches are loaded and confirm the patches haven't
           messed anything up. Geez, it's minor downtime. Your group would
           be foolish to risk having to recover from backup instead of taking
           the tiny hit for outage time. Yes, you're surrounded by idiots.
2001/12/7 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:23175 Activity:very high
12/6    I don't think this question has been asked recently, and I am
        curious: where do you work, and what do you do at your job?  It
        would be nice to be more specific than "I am a computer
        programmer", but then again the motd is not known for being nice.
        Oh, and why do you work where you work, doing what you do?
        \_ why do you care?
           \_ it says "I am curious" above ...
        \_ grad skool
        \_ I am a code monkey.
        \_ "water resources consulting engineer" - a day's work is largely at
           the computer using spreadsheets or writing/revising documents plus
           a good deal of research on the web or existing documents. Some
           Fortran modeling and some field work. No design work. The clients
           are almost all Indian tribes.
        \_ Anyone a "consultant"?  What is the rough consensus on what a
           "consultant" is?  -- clueless code monkey
           \_ I am a consultant.  I work for a services company.  They get
              a client who needs a given job done which is in my company's
              area of expertise, so we manage a project to get it done.  I
              am one of the people who "does the actual work" (as opposed to
              making the sale, managing the project, or managing the client)
        \_ English Major for life
        \_ why is everyone giving such bitch answers for this? I think its
           an interesting question and I'd be curious to hear the various
           responses as well. I, for example, took a year off school to
           work at a dying start-up. It died, now I'm back to finish my
           senior year.
           \_ hear hear.  I guess I should answer, too, seeing as I
              started this topic.  I graduated in 1997, spent 3 years at a
              large systems vendor in their kernel networking group, and
              escaped last year to work in a similar group at a mid-size
              IP networking company.  I graduated not really caring about
              computer science, but have grown to actually like what I
              do.  - original poster
        \_ sysadmin. mostly disk management of a few dozen terabytes. boring.
           pays well. laid off. first good job offer after numerous crap
           low ball offers. checks clear. benefits average. no options.
           waiting for economy to improve to get real job.
        \_ code monkey.  i've designed cpu's, image processing chips,
           workstations, multi-processor computers, switching fabrics, and
           big router boxes.  i'm now an architect-in-residence for a vc.
        \_ code money 2. been coding for a while, but spend 1/2 of my time
           debugging legacy code written by people who left after i joined,
           and another 1/4 on pointless meetings. i am starting to hate my
           job but i gotta work to support my family. got a $700,000 house
           in santa clara and other shit too.
                \_ $700,000 house....  that's quite the boat anchor.
                \_ I gotcha. There is a lot more to life than coding 15 hours
                   a day doing something really cool that you enjoy-- like
                   spending all of your vacation at Home Depot and doing
                   upgrades and mowing the lawn.
        \_ Executive Director at a medium-sized non-profit.
           Responsibilities include development (fund-raising), event
           organization, and that catch-all term, "outreach". Salary is
           better than the academy, less than business.
        \_ grad school; then academy; still looking for permanent position.
           Never married; never owned a house.  Travel around the world;
           manage time my own way but worries about the next job.
           Bank account always < $10,000, usually much less; never owned
           a single stock, options etc.  Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
           but not often bored.  Doing what I enjoy but there are things
           that I miss, and I certainly would not mind getting paid also
           at an enjoyable level.  I am not saying I am better or worse
           than others.  I am just answering your query.
2001/9/6 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22329 Activity:nil
9/4     Is it possible for a unix kernel to communicate with its user
        processes by just using shared memory?
        \_ yes, its done in device drivers all the time
           \_ what mechanism or api are they using?  shmget, ...
              \_ the program mmaps the device driver's dev file.
                 there is an entry point for mmap in the dev sturcture in
                 the kernel, just as there are entry points for read and
                 write. -ali
2001/8/26 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:22262 Activity:high
8/25    Is "systems research" a general term to describe academic research
        relating to infrastructure and architecture? Or is it a term used
        more specifically to describe operating system research?
        \_ afaict, it is the former, OS research seems to pretty much
           called specifically that.  (or broken down into it's sub-components)
           i.e. scheduling, filesystems, etc.)  262 covers OS and dbases after
2001/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS] UID:22176 Activity:high
8/19    Is this normal behavior:
        soda:~>dmesg | more
        <DEAD><DEAD>, AF_INET) failed
        pid 33773 (a.out), uid 1216: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)
        \_ as of: Sun Aug 19 20:42:43 PDT 2001
           it is now saying:
           soda:~>dmesg | more
           : getaddrinfo(, AF_INET) failed
           pid 33773 (a.out), uid 1216: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)
           pid 24745 (trn), uid 30148: exited on signal 6
        any ideas?
        \_ seems like the kernel message buffer got set really low.
        \_ I think some hackers from bankofthewest have gotten into
           your kernel. REBOOT IMMEDIATELY!
        \_ pid 9236 (sshd), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)
           WTF is sshd dumping core?
2001/8/14 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:22107 Activity:nil
        \_ I'm sorry, but you cannot use @home with a non-M$ OS, 'it's not
2001/8/6 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22014 Activity:low
8/5     I need to capture about 5 minutes of a DVD (normal Blockbuster
        movie) in any sort of format: mpeg, mov, real, avi, etc. Any
        suggestions how to do this? Thanks.
        \_ Video capture card. DVD software viewers bypass the OS,
           and write straight to the screen so you can't capture
           video directly. Copyrights. You have to get a capture card.
        \_ do you have a DVD-ROM drive?  if so, then you could try getting
           some ripping/decryption utilities.  otherwise, as the above poster
           stated, a capture card is your best bet, but you may run into
           problems with Macrovision.
        \_ isn't there some program called 'flask' that does this?
        \_ 1) rip dvd from DVD drive to hard drive (vobdec)
           2) use flask mpeg to convert dvd mpg to avi
           3) use program (premiere or any others) to cut clip from avi
           4) convert avi to whatever (mpg, asf, mov)
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:21924 Activity:high
7/23    In case anyone isn't aware: Discovery Channel is doing some
        documentary on hackers this wednesday at 10pm.  "Hackers: Computer
        Outlaws". Sure to be a balanced, universal look at underground
        computer culture.
        \_ Live fast, love not, die while your kernel is compiling...
        \_ Hack with a friend, Script Kiddies get raided alone.  -v1ru5
           \_ D00D 1 41W4Y5 H4CK W17H 4 P4R7N3R 2 C0V3R MY B4CK!
        \_ "Faster, meaner, smarter - God I hate the technology curve."
2001/7/18 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Computer/SW/OS] UID:21830 Activity:moderate

        For example, it can identify those Web sites whose audiences are
        most tilted toward Asian-Americans. Many will be surprised to
        learn that, leaving aside domains specifically aimed at
        immigrants or Asians, the most Asian-oriented general interest
        site is Its visitors are 25.1 percent
        Asian-Americans, even though Asians make up only 4.6 percent of
        online Americans.  Other hot-rod Web sites with audiences that
        are highly Asian include, and
        \_ "surprised"...
        \_ obvious , to make for their lack in size..
           \_ which MF red-neck soon-to-be-dead hairy whitey wrote this?
              \_ defensive, are we? sensitive issue? seek therapy.
        \_ And if you still don't think the author is a moron...
             "After my wife and I spent 15 enjoyable minutes at
    looking at pictures of cute babies and
             funny monkeys and trying to answer riddles about fruit
             ('Q. Why did the melon get married in a church? A. She
             can't elope!'), she said, 'Maybe people with graduate
             degrees just don't know about these sites.'"
2001/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS] UID:21640 Activity:high
6/25    Is there some minimum amount of time i can be sure a process ID won't
        be reused?  Or, once it a process is killed is it theoretically
        possible that, on a busy enough system, that PID would be reused
        almost instantly for a new process?
        \_ Why do you need the PID to be associated with a dead process?  Is
           there another way?
        \_ For what OS?  I think for UNIX it is theoretically possible that the
           PID gets re-used right away, but I think in practice programmers
           ignore such a small possibility and just assume that the PID is good
           enough for identifying a process.
            \_ there is only one true O.S. that is the one this file is on.
                \_ PhilOS?
2001/3/16 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:20810 Activity:high
3/15    What does Akamai's policy say will happen if I Akamaize my web site
        images (e.g.,
        and not tell them? Will I get in trouble big time? Small time?
        Not at all?
        \_ You're an Akamai customer, right?  Read your contract.
           \_ No, I'm not. -- original poster
        \_ IIRC, when you do this, you are pretty much stealing someone else's
           Akamai bandwidth, and they will be billed accordingly.  There was
           some discussion of this on the mailing list of Peacefire, a group
           opposed to censorware.  Since Akamai has deep pockets, censorware
           vendors won't block it, and, consequently, you can use Akamai sites
           to view blocked URLs.  Peacefire published the exploit.  Though
           the morality of this is suspect, thus far, I have not heard of
           anyone being punished for using it. -dans
        \_ I used to work there, if you want the scoop contact me. --aaron
2001/3/15 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS] UID:20794 Activity:nil
3/14    My saiden/cory account is disabled and my page is gone. If I'm a grad
        student how long do I get to keep my account? I'd love to have to be up forever.
        \_ nmap to figure out what OS its running.
           Get out your root kit for that OS and get root.
2001/2/13 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS] UID:20580 Activity:nil
.nuS eht morf detapissid si taeh woh sa yaw emaS _\
.toidi ,loof a eb t'noD  ?flesruoY _\
!toidi na ton s'ohw enoemos _\
.lairetam  gnilooc a gnitalba ro gnitaropave ni ssam fo tol
 a etsaw ot tnaw uoy sselnu ,eciohc ylno rey s'ti ,erehpsomta
on evah uoy nehw tub ,si noitcudnoc sa taeh fo dir gnitteg ta
tneiciffe sa t'nsi noitaidar ydob kcalB  .srotaidar esu yeht _\
ME ycneuqerf wol ,derarfni _\
.niaga gnitsop erofeb "eulc" pu gnikool yb trats
ot tnaw thgim uoy ,yranoitcid eht fo gnikaeps
dna ,hO  .noitseuq eht gnisserdda yaw yna ni ro
 gnirewsna yllautca tuohtiw ,noitamrofni
deriuqca ylisae htiw pu flesmih gniffup
 si loof siht taht gniyas m'I yllautca ,oN _\
.suoixonbo dna diputs gnieb tsuj erew
uoY  .uoy pleh t'now yranoitcid eht tub yrt eciN _\
 sa "suoiceps" dna "citnames" spahreP  .yranoitcid
eht ni "yrtsihpos" pu kool -- pleh deen uoy spahreP _\
.muucav a si ecaps taht esimerp eslaf eht n desab si
"...woh ]ps[mucav a si ecaps fI"  .si ti tahw rof tcaf fo
noitcerroc elpmis a esingocer ot sseleulc oot era sretsop
dtom emos ,yletanutrofnU  .gniyas saw I tahw s'tahT  .seY _\
.muucav a ton si ecaps taht yas ot gniyrt tsuj si sih kniht I _\
?seicnavelerri citoidi gnituops tsuj
uoy era rO  ?taeh tnacifingis sevomer sag fo ytisned wol
siht taht tressa ot gniyrt uoy erA  ?tniop ruoy s'tahW _\
.derusaem yllanosrep
t'nevah I  .yas yeht oS  .ecaps peed ni sretemitnec cibuc 01
rep mota negordyh 1 ylhguoR  .muucav erup/eurt a t'nsi ecapS _\
?tfarcecaps a ni detapissid taeh si woh mucav a si ecaps fI     21/2

.stsop dtom ruoy sa devirtnoc dna sseltniop
sa si efil ruoy esuaceb esuoh eht fo tuo ssa tnagorra
,taf ,yzal ruoy gnikcik si mom rey ,sdrow rehto nI _\
.naelc ot ssel reh sevael ti sa tnemegnarra wen eht ekil
lliw diam ehT  .oot ,htnom txen esuoh eht gnitaroceder
,haey hO  .dtom eht tide ot emit evah llits I dna %01 ni
gnittup ,serugif 6 elbatrofmoc gnikam m'I ,serianoillim
-itlum-itlum-itlum era stnerap ym ,rehgih si egagtrom yM _\
                )hcus dna stnemtsevni aiv erom nrae
I tub ,ssel si yralas yM .gniht erugif 6 taht
drawot emocni yralas-non redisnoc t'nod I ,WTB(
 eldi eht fo rebmem eb ot noos - .detsevnier era
sdnedivid rehto eht lla ,nwo I dnuf latum elgnis a no
sdnedivid yb derevoc si erutidnepxe ylraey ym tub
,tnempiuqe retupmoc ro sehtolc yub I yllanoisaccO
.)om/ecnanetniam 02$ ,om/ecnarusni 05$ ,om/sag 05$(
rac ym dna )om/96$( LSD era evah I stsoc gnirrucer
ylno ehT .ereht stsoc no kcab tuc I os ,stnerap ym
htiw emoh ta evil I .tnuoocca tekram yenom ym otni
yltcerid tser eht ,PPSE ot %01 ,)k(104 ot %51 m'I _\
.ekam ew hcum woh
fo daetsni dneps ew elttil woh no etepmoc ot deen ew taht das
s'ti hguohtlA  .rehtie serugif 6 gnikam ton m'I dna ,)k(104
ym ot %11 gnitubirtnoc dna )elbitcuded-xat-non( stnerap ym ot
om/K1$ gnidnes dna htnom a tnemyap egagtrom 0062$ gnikam m'I _\
.rehtie serugif 6 gnikam ton gnikam m'I
dna tnuocca tekram yenom ym otni tisoped tcerid yb raey
 a K04 ~ gnivas m'I ?K54 ~ ?ekam uoy od hcum woH .K02 ylnO _\
yug lagurf-  .serugif 6 gnikam ton m'I dnA  .yaw taht
raey a K02 gnivas ot elba m'I  .tnuocca taht morf wardhtiw reve
TON OD dna tnuocca sgnivas a otni kcehcyap ruoy fo noitrop a tup ot
tisoped yllacitamotua esU  !siht thguorht tnew ew thguoht I ,yeH _\
!lreP _\
.yenom hcum oot stsoc elif txet a ,ekorb era uoy fI _\
.siht od ot elif txet nialp a esu tsuj I _\
.txen eht ot refsnart dna egap a fo mottob eht ta pu ti ddA
.)esnepxe( - ro )tisoped( + saw ti fi drocer uoy erehw eno tsal a
 dna noitpircsed a ni etirw uoy erehw rehtona ,noitcasnart a fo
etad eht ni etirw uoy erehw nmuloc eno evah uoY .sselyap ro sgnol
morf koobeton 01.0$ a gnisu ekam nac uoY .regdel a dellac stI _\
.teehsdaerps yna naht siht ta retteb era yenoM tfosorciM dna nekciuQ _\
.sesnepxe ym kcart gnipeek
trats ot teehsdaerps gnikcik-ssa na rof gnikool ma I .ekorb ma I    21/2

.haissem repel ot woB _\
   ?toidi na tsuj uoy era ro tniop a evah uoy oD _\
 .)lairetam deripxe
thgirypoc tsael ta ro( lagel yletelpmoc gnirahs elpoep
 rof redrah ti sekam tsuj retspan nwod gnisolc taht si
ssenisub retspan elohw siht tuoba dnatsrednu t'nod I tahW _\
 .roop me ekam
.seibab yrc eht dna esuac eht era yehT .acillatem ttocyob _\
.erehwyna taht ees t'ndid I  ?meht tsniaga delur egduj ehT _\
!  /daolnwod/moc.hsemi.www//:ptth ta hsemi
tuokcehc ,tuokcalb retspaN a tuoba deirrow era uoy fo yna fI    21/2

.siht gnidaer er'uoy fi uoy era os tub
driew tib A  .enod llew yreV  ."?uohT trA erehW ,rehtorB hO" ees oG     21/2

neuy --  ?nekorb si gnihtemoS  .eromyna taht od
t'nseod ti yadot tuB  .drowssap emit-eno eht rof sksa dna yek eht
stnirp ti erehw ptf TN ym htiw krow ot desu tI  .egnarts s'tahT _\
?dnammoc laretil eht hguorht esu nac I dnammoc
a ereht si .drowssap emit-eno eht retne ot tpmorp on
si ereht tub yeks htiw ptf 59niW esu ot gniyrt ma I    21/2

P:  nedraG evilO ro s'noyL _\
.deirram teg ro pu ti eviG  .demood er'uoY _\
.daetsni kooc
ot dediced--hpargeleT no airottarT inazzaM ta noitavreser
 ym dellecnac tsuj I ,oslA  .yadrutaS no dekcehc I nehw
tfel ecaps dah yeht ,egelloC no anailiciS al airottarT yrT _\
 .raey tsal ecin
ylbanosaer saw taht ecalp a otni klaw ot elba yllautca saw I _\
.aedi doog a si gniht gnikooc eht ,WTB .emit txen
reilrae nalP .oga skeew owt neve snoitavreser teg t'ndluoc uoY _\
snoitavreser teg nac I ,tuo reh ekat ll'I _\
.neht tuo reh ekaT
.yadsruhT no rehtegot kcab teG  .yadot reh pmuD _\
.smelborp ruoy lla evlos lliw ti ,deirram teG _\
                 .tae ew elihw dna eraperp I elihw revres
ekirtsretnoc ym no retspan morf 3pm gnidaolnwod eb
t'nac I taht naem t'nseod siht tuB .ecalp eht etaroced
 dna naelc em pleh ot retsis ym dna kooc ot mom ym
teg dluohs I taht tnem uoy taht demussa I "kooc" yb _\
... tub ,siht wenk ydaerla snados tsom
epoh I  .revres ekirtsretnuoc ruoy no sdaolnwod retspaN
,dnuorgkcab eht ni gniralb VT ,stnecsednacni ton -- sesruoc
lareves ,erawrevlis ,rennid tileldnac naem ew ,"kooc" yb _\
.rebmemer lliw ehs gnihtemos si
erutseg eht ,laem tneced a kooc t'nac uoy fi nevE  .lufgninaem erom
hcum hcum si reh rof gnikooC  .gnivas htrow ton ylbaborp s'ti neht
,pihsnoitaler eht "evas" ot FG ruoy enid dna eniw ot deen uoy fi _\
.yaD-V rof sseletad --
.tser eht ni llif nac uoy kniht I .ecalp citnamor a ot tuo
reh ekaT .etalocohc illedrarihg emos dna evots roodtuo na
dnif dna lwob a ni )...cte ,sananab ,seirrebwarts ,wedyenoh
deppohc( stiurf emos teG  .em rof dekrow taht pit tresed ecin
a s'ereH  .tsaf yllaer kooc ot woh nrael retteb d'uoy tub
snoitavreser teg t'ndluoc uoy taht gniht doog a eb thgim ti
,esac taht nI .reh rof rennid gnikooc yb stniop erom erocs
yllaitnetop dluoc uoY .snoitavreser o/w elbaliava syawla
era .rJ slraC dna ,kcarC eht ni kcaJ ,gniK regruB ,sdlanoDcM _\
?pihsnoitaler ruo evas I nac ro sselepoh yletelpmoc
ti sI  .dekoob si gnihtyreve dna ,yad senitnelaV rof snalp
rennid ekam ot gniyrt ,dnuora gnillac m'I  !dewercs os ma I     21/2

 .adoC ro SFA yrt
esaelp ,retnuomotua eht ot ytilanoitcnuf ralimis deen uoy fI
 ).esaCraelC diputs fo esuaceb emit eht
lla deneppah siht dnA .ylnaelc ti toober neve t'ndluoc uoy
dna xob nuS ruoy esu t'ndluoc uoy ,ytivitcennoc tsol ro nwod
tnew sretsam +SIN/SIN eht ro srevres eht fo yna fi dna ocsiC
ta sexob ruo lla no sfotua dah eW .ereht neeb ev'I ,em tsurT(
.smelborp fo stros lla evah lliw uoy ,gninnur ti teg uoy fi nevE
.eugalp eht ekil dediova eb dluohs taht SOP yletelpmoc a stI
?retnuomotua eht htiw od ot gniyrt uoy era yltcaxe tahw dnA


:QAF retnuomotuA eht fo trap siraloS
eht ta kool a ekaT .dednemmocer ton tub ,elbissop si ti seY _\
?elbissop neve siht sI  .siralos
rednu +SIN gninnur TUOHTIW seirotcerid emoh tnuomotua ot gniyrt m'I
?sQAF rehto yna ereht erA  .gnikrow gniht nmad eht teg ot elba ton
llits m'I tub gro.plehnus.www morf retnuomotua no sQAF eht dewollof I   21/2

?scamEX ni siht od I od woH
  .ni dedaol teg selif cc ym lla dna cc.* F-C X-C od nac I scame nI     21/2

.ila dna mot
fo evisulcni si rosnec dnA .rotatum ,rekun ,rosnec
,llort fo evisulcni si resol .tnadnuder era eseht fo emos _\
*|           tnias
*|          rennis
*|           revol
|               enorc
*|          rehtom
*|              nediam
*|           hctib
|*              bjt
*| bjt rof gnikool
|  rekot thgindim
|               rekoms
|               rekoj
|               rennis
|               revol
|               rennirg
|               rekcip
*|      desuma tsuj
***|    ?huh  ?dtom
*|      stniop
kniwt gninrae
*|      llort tnarongi
*|      llort diputs
*|      llort duorp
|               bsp!
****|             bsp
***|             ila
**|             mot
*|  )resol( gnahck
*************|          resol
*| rotamrofer dtom
*|    rotatum dtom
|       rekun dtom
]DEROSNEC[ uoy ,rosnec _\
*|      rerosnec dtom
***|    retrotsid dtom
****|   retsop dtom
******| redaer dtom
:)a( ma I emit eht fo tsoM .lloP        21/2

.llehs htiw liam reiht daer nem laer _\
uf kcal ylraelc uoy ,enip gnisu er'uoy fi _\
sessylu- .)ados no toor gnieb tuohtiw .e.i( yrotcerid
 emoh ym ni siht llatsni ot uf eht kcal I teb I hguoht ,doog skooL _\
/ed.eniltalf.enip4pgp//:ptth ?enip4pgp deirt uoy evaH _\
sessylu- ?tpircs
 yalpsid dna crenip rieht fo snoitrop tnaveler eht spahrep em
 dnes yeht dluoc dna pgp /w enip esu ydobyna seoD .smelborp o/w
 esu I metsys rehtona no skrow ti ecnis pgp htiw krow nac enip
wonk I tub ,ttum ta kool lliw i dna detaicerppa noitsegguS _\
.)ytsur teg t'nod slatrom su erus
ekam ot( esaeler yreve sgalf gifnoc pgp segnahc yllufesoprup
maet tnempoleved ttum eht ,rebmemeR  .edargpu uoy litnu haeY _\
.llew yrev pgp
htiw setargetni ttum  .ttum ot hctiws dluohs uoy  _\
sessylu- .gnikrow t'nsi pu
 tes I tpircs "hsc.yalpsid" eht ro putes snoitpo sretlif eht
 tog ev'I yaw eht tuoba htS ?ados no rof .ceps enip htiw
yllacitamotua htiw krow ot pgp gnitteg rof QAF a ereht sI       21/2

.relooc si u- tros _\
.)stsop ym ngis t'nod i yhw si siht dna(
POT- .toidi na m'i ,sknahT  .kcits eulc kciht a
htiw gnikcahw doog a evresed i hguoht sa leef I ,yoB _\
'++}_${nees$ sselnu tnirp' en- lrep
:redro lanigiro sti ni elif eht peek ot tnaw uoy fi ,rO _\
qinu | tros | oof _\
?elif a morf setacilpud LLA pirts ot yaw ysae na si tahW
.rehtona eno ot tnecajda era taht setacilpud spirts ylno qinu    21/2

.yrassecen sa strop
gnippam dna )tuo semoc 1.4.2 htiw gnihtemos litnu( SFresieR
htiw ekardnaM-xuniL gninnur ,xob TAN a dniheb enihcam eht
gnivael er'ew ,elpoep wef a htiw gnitlusnoc retfa ,sknahT _\
.suoivbo t'nsaw taht esac ni ,eulc on sah tnadnopser sihT _\
.)sQaR eht
no )stelvreS & PSJ tpecxe( derugifnoc dna dellatsni-erp si
ffuts bew ytfin taht lla( llew ytterp ffuts bew od dna paehc
 ytterp era yeht ,4/3QaR )nuS AKA( tlaboC eht ta kool a ekat
XUSniL htiw ecnailppa gnivres bew detacided a tnaw uoy fI
 .siraloS dna DSB* naht reisae
hcum XUSniL no nur ot .cte ,snoisnetxE egaPtnorF ,stelvreS
,PSJ ,)nuS AKA tlaboC AKA tfoSilihC dellac ynapmoc a aiv
,xuniL no elbaliava si PSA $M sey( PSA ,PHP ekil ffuts
bew looc ytfin teg nac uoy ecnis ,gnivres bew rof XUSniL
gninnur ffo retteb eb ylbaborp dluow uoY .)XUSniL ekilnu
,3v stroppus DSBnepO ,SFN tnaw uoy fi tub ,ABMAS tnaw uoy
gnimussa m'I( gnirahs elif dna PTMS rof DSBnepO nur dluow I _\
?sesoprup ruo rof retteb
si hcihw ,enod dna dias si lla nehW  .yawyna yad yb yad
ti eruces ot woh nrael dluohs ew dna ,detroppus ylediw s'ti
taht si taH deR rof tnemugra ehT  .seloh ytiruces rof reffus ot
enorp ssel er'ew ,seibwen sa ,taht si DSBnepO rof tnemugra ehT
.pukcab gnidulcni ,ereh secivres etargim ylwols dna pu xuniL
taH deR ro DSBnepO rehtie tup ot ekil dluow eW  .gnivres elif
dna ,PTMS ,gnivres bew rof K2niW gninnur seineew ezodniW er'eW    21/2

.yldipar etiuq daerps ot dnet sesuriv
eseht dlrow swodniW eht ni stoidi fi arohtelp a
stsixe ereht ecnis dnA .lavivrus rieht rof resu
eht fo ycoidi eht no dneped sesuriv esehT .epoN _\
.swolBniW esu t'nod I dalG ?s09 ylrae eht fo
mroW tenretnI eht ekil egdelwonk ppA/SO ro lliks
gnidoc laer yna eriuqer t'nseod "suriv" siht ,oS _\
.margorp eht snur hcihw ,ti no
 kcilc-elbuod ot dnet sresu ;elbatucexe na tsuj si eno sihT _\
?krow siht seod woH ?margorp gniweiv eht naht
rehtar egami reiht gnitucexe trats ot margorp gniweiv eht
ni swolfrevo reffub tiolpxe yeht od ,lareneg nI ?suriv a eb
nac egassem liame a woh dnatsrednu etiuq t'nod I .cificeps
swodniw eb ot smees ti tub ,ereht tuo suriv liame wen a si
ereht taht smees ti dna 30-1002-AC yrosivdA TREC daer tsuj I    21/2
2001/1/19-21 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20373 Activity:nil
1/19 is finally charging people for syncing files. Let's
        \_ I just signed up for "Free sync for life". What are you talking
           \_ after using it for about 6 months, I got an email saying
                "email sync is free for life. upgrade to premium account
                if you want to continue using file sync."
        \_ Holy shit!  Someone on the net is trying to make money from their
           web based service!  That sucks!  Let's boycott the net!  The net
           wants to be free!
2001/1/16 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:20336 Activity:nil
1/16    Since some fucknut deleted it, I'll ask again:  Can someone point
        me at course/tutorial/lecture materials about OS and kernel
        architecture?  No matter how practical or theoretical.  I'm looking
        for tips for a friend who's interested in (mainly Unix) design
        theory, but also general OS stuff.  -John
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:19981 Activity:low
12/2    Another pthreads question. I need to create two threads and
        a shared mutex in my program. In some cases I can create the
        first thread and the mutex, but I have problems with the
        second call to pthread_create. If I use the mutex_destroy
        at this point, my first thread doesn't like it. Is there a
        way to kill (stop) a thread that I've created?
        \_ Sounds like you need a reference count on your mutex.
           Only a guess, as your description is totally vague.
           \_ I'm basically allocating a bunch of stuff in main()
              before any work starts. If any of the allocations
              (threads, memory, mutex, etc) don't work, I try to
              clean up the allocated memory before calling exit().
              My problem is that I want to clean up the threads
              before calling exit() but I don't known how to do
              that. I'm looking for the thread equivalent of
                \_ dude, just read Code Complete. (get it on amazon)
                   cleanup is a trivial problem.
                   \_ Thanks.
2000/11/21 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19866 Activity:high
11/21   What does it mean to "unlink a file":  I have the following problem:
        A file "-eg q" in a directory.  I try...

                SODA_69% rm -i ?eg?q

        it returns:

                rm: illegal option -- e
                usage: rm [-f | -i] [-dPRrvW] file ...
                unlink file

        I've also tried quotes (sgl and dbl) abount the name, nothing wks.
        \_ You should just back up the files you do need, and delete the
           whole subdirectory.  Then restore the files you saved.
        \_ the proper syntax to remove files starting with '-' is the followi\

           rm -i -- '-eg q'

           the "--", for many standard unix commands, indicates that anything\
           the -- is not meant to be interpreted as an option to the program,\
           if it begins with a -
           \_ Uh, no. "--" is a stupid gnu thing. The right way to do this is
              to make sure that the file name is specified correctly:

              rm -i `pwd`/?eg?q

        \_ "Unlink" means the same as "delete".  To delete that file, use:

              rm ./?eg?q
2000/8/14-15 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/HW] UID:18976 Activity:low 58%like:18973
8/13    Is it worth upgrading an SS10 via the Cycle-UP UltraSparc upgrade?
        Should I just get the prom upgrade and a ross hypersparc instead?
        Cost is a concern to me.

4214 chug    100   0  1592K   348K RUN    804:57 87.78% 87.78% nethack
        \_ So buy an Ultra1 on ebay (they are sold on for less than $1000 on
           ebay) . Leave that poor SS10 alone..
2000/5/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW] UID:18294 Activity:kinda low
5/18    shutdown: error in loading shared libraries: cannot
        open shared object file: No such file or directory
        I get this error even though the file DOES exist (in more than one
        place and in the same places as on a machine which works properly)
        Where is it looking for this file / what can i do to fix it?
        \_ Why the hell is shutdown trying to do anything with X?
           As for your other questions, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a possibility,
           others vary greatly by OS.  Ever think that might be an
           important bit of info to include?
2000/5/12 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS] UID:18243 Activity:high
5/11    How does one rm a file named "????????????"  ?  -joshk
        \_ rm ./? <hit tab>
        \_ You must have strong fu.
        \_ "rm -i \?*" is one of several ways.
                \_ % rm -i \?\?\?\?\?*
                   rm: ?????*: No such file or directory
                   Must resort to inode fu now.
                   \_ of course not. you must practice. there are many ways,
                      but noone can be told. you must learn. -ali
                   \_ It's probably not all question marks; some terminals
                      will replace non-printables and/or 128+ chars with
                      ?'s [default on FreeBSD when outputting to a tty].
                      The simplest way is most likely just going
                      through `rm -i *` and finding the offending file.
                      To make things faster, do `rm -i [^a-zA-Z0-9]*` or
                      something to that extent. -alexf
        \_ What usually works for me when I come across a file with odd
           characters is "rm -i *" and say yes to only the file in question.
           \_ But how many questions must you answer until you answer
              the question for the question file in question?
        \_ note that rm -i will append an extra "?" to the prompts
           so make sure you remove ???????????? and not ???????????
        \_ I know I'll get flack for this, but don't you have a gui interface
           on your OS?  Use it, click on the file, and press DEL.
2000/4/1-3 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/HW, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:17904 Activity:low
4/1 "Some users unaccustomed to concentrated thought may
       experience side effects such as headaches, dizziness or flashes of
       brilliance. These will quickly pass."
       \_ Google rules (at least for 90% of the searches i do)
       \_ Hey, when i tried to use MentalPlex it gave me an error:
          Error 001: Weak or no signal detected. Upgrade transmitter and retry.
                \_ dumbass...
2000/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17690 Activity:low
3/3     In un*x is there a way to prevent hostname lookups from, say,
        *  I'd like my computer to take all gethostbyname()
        lookups to that domain and return an error.  Aside from modifying
        the libsocket source code is there an easier way?
        \_ They let you have a unix box?  Like uhm, yeah, you need to hack
           the source before you edit the hosts file, local dns records or
           install junkbusters.
        \_ a simpler thing would be to just put a static route in your host
           to make the various doubleclick servers unreachable. -ERic
1999/11/25-27 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16954 Activity:high
11/25   Thought of the day: why hasn't anyone thought of trying a class
        action suit against M$ for providing the OS due to whose incompetence
        90% of currently existent viruses were created? Same goes for the
        new wave of M$ Office/Outlook exploits. This should warrant at
        least a 10-digit number in punitive damages (if not 11 or 12), no?
        (And no, I don't observe thanksgiving).
        \_ read the agreement on the package.
           \_ EULA or not -- as far as I know, _even_ if one agrees to some
              disclaimer, the disclaimer can be deemed invalid under certain
           \_ My EULA says that upon opening the shrinkwrap (which is required
              or you can't read the EULA) that you owe me your body, mind, soul
              and all personal wealth past, present, or future unless you live
              in Guam, the Virgin Islands, or Idaho where this agreement does
              not apply.  In return you are allowed to use my software on one
              computer until such time as I feel otherwise and you have no
              recourse if I break your computer or the software does nothing
              because the CD is a blank.  You agreed to all this upon opening
              the shrinkwrap.  Now that you understand how a M$ EULA works,
              you think it'll protect them from any lawsuits?
              \_ heh it would seem that YOU don't understand much about the
                 law.  to answer your (idiotic and uninformed) question,
                 no, that probably won't, and if you didn't spend all your
                 time wacking off to nudie pics downloaded from the web
                 you'd realize that there are already lawsuits that have been
                 filed in response to the findings of fact.  Stop posting
                 on the motd until your mind is at least 8 years old.  Oh and
                 happy thanksgiving.
                 \_ There's no connection between the monopoly issue, which'll
                    certainly see the light of day time and time again, and
                    what I'm talking about above. The OTHER sin that M$ is
                    guilty of is writing shitty code, shitty enough to create
                    a cottage industry of virii for their platform of
                    unparallelled dimensions. I'm sure I don't need to bring
                    up specific instances... we've all heard more than we
                    wanted to about the recent Outlook exploits. The question
                    is why THAT hasn't gone to court yet. -original poster
                    wanted to about the recent Outlook/Office exploits. The
                    question is why THAT hasn't gone to court yet.
                      -original poster [not author of the 2nd EULA post above]
1999/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:15930 Activity:nil
6/8     Our very own Thirdvoice fan club!
        \_ Christian fundamentalists. Need I say more?
        \_ And control freak webmasters/html coders.
1999/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:15922 Activity:nil
06/08   inr-181, soda's router, will be down this thursday morning,
        10 june 99, 06:00-06:20 AM, for a software upgrade. please read for details. -brg
1999/2/10-11 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS] UID:15392 Activity:nil
2/9     Any local mirrors of the wu-ftpd patches? (either src or x86 RPMs)
        \_ what exactly was this exploit?
        \_ no patches known for the academ-wuftpd yet.  the exploit
           was a buffer overflow involving really long pathnames
           which can be created by an ftp user creating a very deep
           directory strucutstructure in a world writeable directory such
           as the incoming directory.
1998/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14346 Activity:low 66%like:14359
7/19    Random PC Unix kernel hacking job with Lloyd Ritter Consulting,
        /csua/pub/jobs/Lloyd-Ritter-kernel -- schoen
        \_ I dunno, hacking at random doesn't sound very fun.
1998/4/15 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW] UID:13957 Activity:very high 71%like:13941
4/14 Get your tax forms from the web!
      \_ How quaint, something actually useful on the web!
        \_ fill out forms and file online for $10
        \_ gifs of nekkid gurlz aren't useful, d00d? --dim
            \_ why would I want gifs when I can have the real thing?
              \_ never got crabs from gifs
                 \_ what about GIFs of crabs?
                        \_ what about GIFs from crabs?
              \_ 'cause the real thing snags 20s from your wallet
1998/2/12-16 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:13660 Activity:nil
2/12    Pretty cool OS:
1998/2/5-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13626 Activity:high
2/4     Is there a simple UNIX utility that returns the width & height of an
        image, like jpg or gif? Or can the info be easily extracted?
        \_ CPAN:Image/Image-Size-2.6.tar.gz
        \_ its not exactly command-line, but xv can do this pretty  easily too.
        \_ has perl code to do it,
                and update your html files too while it's at it
           \_ Cool! Thx! This is exactly what I needed!
        \_ The "file" command does it for GIFs... Anyone interested in hacking
           soda's magic file to have it do the same in it's JPG
           matching? -mogul
1994/5/17 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:31603 Activity:nil
5/16    Ooooops... for those that care, the OS/2 CSD files in
        /tmp/OS2WinCSD have had the permissions set _correctly_.
        Me stoopid at 1 am in the morning... =) Enjoy the 5+ hour
        \_ /tmp was full, and I nearly wiped it all.  Don't expect this
         stuff to last long.  29 megs is A LOT.  -ERic
         \_ Brilliant idea... now we'll have a dozen more
            users FTP'ing the stuff back into temp.  When
            there's something as popular as OS/2 CSD files,
            can't we leave them in for a few days?  Find
            your space somewhere else!
          \-you dont seem to understand i can delete considerably
          faster than you can ftp. esp if the sticky bit on /tmp
          is removed. used the instructional machines for this.
            \_ I don't think you understand. /tmp was full, and I
          cleaned it out as best as I could without deleting
          yer OS/2 junk for just that reason. I'm just saying
          download it quick, as others might not be so
          understanding. -ERic
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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