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2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/12/21-22 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23334 Activity:high
12/21   Is there a way to send blind copies through Pine?
        \_ yes... compose your message, and hit ^R to view extended header
           information, which will let you select bcc recipients.  you can also
           go to the pine config and modify the default-composer-hdrs entry...
           \_ How about a way to set default BCC's when you compose? I want
              to automatically BCC another account be default, and I freq-
              uently forget to add it. I looked everywhere for this but
              couldn't find it.
              \_ Add the following to .pinerc: customized-hdrs=Bcc: email_addr
                                                                  -- misha.
        \_ I won't say it but you know I'm thinking it.
          \_ Admirable self-control. Well done and here here
             \_ I'm working through it.  My therapy group was proud of my
2001/12/20 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23321 Activity:nil
12/19   I'm running Redhat 6.1 for about a year with no problems and over
        the last 5 days or so it's been taking a really long time to log
        into my machine through ssh or ftp. sendmail and samba don't seem
        to be working right either, though apache is fine. i'm not even
        sure what to look for, any advice?
        \_ look for timeouts due to dns - are your daemons waiting for
           dns to time out?
        \_ have you been applying security patches? if not, do a rootkit
           scan.  everyone i know who ran such an old install without
           patching has been rooted via an ssh vulnerability.
2001/12/18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23288 Activity:nil 51%like:23283
12/17   [Note: some of your config options conflict with site policy and are
        This message has been appearing when pine first comes up lately.
        \_ look up above at motd.official -jon
           \_ Thanks. Sorry I missed it before.
              \_ the motd archive says he posted after you did
2001/12/18-2002/1/21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23283 Activity:nil 51%like:23288
12/17   to those getting this message in pine:
        [Note: some of your config options conflict with site policy and are
        remove this line in your .pinerc:
        it is already in the global pine config file. -jon
2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/12/12-2002/1/21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23222 Activity:nil
12/11   A recent upgrade of pine led to pine behaving differently
        than expected.  Those who have run pine and are having problems
        can find their mail in the file mbox in their homedirectories.
        Pine's expected behaviour has been restored. -jon
2001/12/11-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23217 Activity:high
12/11   Does your pine inbox get wipe out?  What happened to my read messages
        in my inbox?
        \_ do you have a file named "mbox" in your directory?
          \_ yes, I assume this is where my inbox messages are stored?  But
             what happened with Pine?  It just suddenly not read from mbox?
             The messages were shown earlier this afternoon.
             \_ Maybe your previous instance Pine wasn't killed?
                \_ what happened was, I had a previous instance running while
                 I deleted a message in the second instance.  I get the text
                 second message deleted a in I instance the.  the text get I
                 "acquiring exclusive lock..." Message deleted successfully.
                 Realizing I have two instances of pine running, I quit from
                 when I startup pine again, the inbox is empty.
                 the second inst and kill the other session.  Then later on
                 startup when I pine again, inbox empty is the.
        \_ mh.  stop using a toy mail reader.  Weird how 99% of mail problems
           posted to the motd are pine users.  figure it out already!  you
           don't have to use *my* mail reader, just use something else that
           works... anything else.
           \_ Pine is not a bad mail client.  Its relative simplicity
              invites novices, that's all.  Many people have no problems
              with it.
                \_ Yeah but c'mon.... Some one with enough mail and multiple
                   open shells and knows how to stop/start processes, etc
                   should maybe think about moving on to something more
                   robust.  I grant that my procmail/mh solution is probably
                   overkill for most people but there are so many others out
                   there.  There has to be something out there that doesn't
                   eat inboxes and require constant motd queries.
                   \_ I use procmail+pine.
             \_ Pine is a terrible mail client, (n)mh + mh-e are *much*
                better. The only thing that pine seems to do better is
                attaching files in base64 (mime) encoded format. I haven't
                been able to get mh-e to do this reliably. If I can figure
                that out, I can stop using pine all together.
        \_ mutt
2001/12/7 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23175 Activity:very high
12/6    I don't think this question has been asked recently, and I am
        curious: where do you work, and what do you do at your job?  It
        would be nice to be more specific than "I am a computer
        programmer", but then again the motd is not known for being nice.
        Oh, and why do you work where you work, doing what you do?
        \_ why do you care?
           \_ it says "I am curious" above ...
        \_ grad skool
        \_ I am a code monkey.
        \_ "water resources consulting engineer" - a day's work is largely at
           the computer using spreadsheets or writing/revising documents plus
           a good deal of research on the web or existing documents. Some
           Fortran modeling and some field work. No design work. The clients
           are almost all Indian tribes.
        \_ Anyone a "consultant"?  What is the rough consensus on what a
           "consultant" is?  -- clueless code monkey
           \_ I am a consultant.  I work for a services company.  They get
              a client who needs a given job done which is in my company's
              area of expertise, so we manage a project to get it done.  I
              am one of the people who "does the actual work" (as opposed to
              making the sale, managing the project, or managing the client)
        \_ English Major for life
        \_ why is everyone giving such bitch answers for this? I think its
           an interesting question and I'd be curious to hear the various
           responses as well. I, for example, took a year off school to
           work at a dying start-up. It died, now I'm back to finish my
           senior year.
           \_ hear hear.  I guess I should answer, too, seeing as I
              started this topic.  I graduated in 1997, spent 3 years at a
              large systems vendor in their kernel networking group, and
              escaped last year to work in a similar group at a mid-size
              IP networking company.  I graduated not really caring about
              computer science, but have grown to actually like what I
              do.  - original poster
        \_ sysadmin. mostly disk management of a few dozen terabytes. boring.
           pays well. laid off. first good job offer after numerous crap
           low ball offers. checks clear. benefits average. no options.
           waiting for economy to improve to get real job.
        \_ code monkey.  i've designed cpu's, image processing chips,
           workstations, multi-processor computers, switching fabrics, and
           big router boxes.  i'm now an architect-in-residence for a vc.
        \_ code money 2. been coding for a while, but spend 1/2 of my time
           debugging legacy code written by people who left after i joined,
           and another 1/4 on pointless meetings. i am starting to hate my
           job but i gotta work to support my family. got a $700,000 house
           in santa clara and other shit too.
                \_ $700,000 house....  that's quite the boat anchor.
                \_ I gotcha. There is a lot more to life than coding 15 hours
                   a day doing something really cool that you enjoy-- like
                   spending all of your vacation at Home Depot and doing
                   upgrades and mowing the lawn.
        \_ Executive Director at a medium-sized non-profit.
           Responsibilities include development (fund-raising), event
           organization, and that catch-all term, "outreach". Salary is
           better than the academy, less than business.
        \_ grad school; then academy; still looking for permanent position.
           Never married; never owned a house.  Travel around the world;
           manage time my own way but worries about the next job.
           Bank account always < $10,000, usually much less; never owned
           a single stock, options etc.  Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
           but not often bored.  Doing what I enjoy but there are things
           that I miss, and I certainly would not mind getting paid also
           at an enjoyable level.  I am not saying I am better or worse
           than others.  I am just answering your query.
2001/11/29 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23136 Activity:nil
11/28   What is the Quickest/easiest way to block .vbs and .scr attachments
        using either sendmail OR exchange 2000?
2001/11/7 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22962 Activity:low
11/6    Does soda support POP3 TLS? I'm trying to use Opera's email client.
        If so where do I find out how to set it up?
        I get an error : " -ERR Unknown command: "stls". "
2001/11/3 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22920 Activity:nil
11/5    help me Soda Motd, you're my only hope:  Can i use wild-cards in my
        sendmail virtuser table?  A doc i'm reading says i can do this:
        But it don't work!  I know virtusers is working in general because
        my one-to-one maps like "jo@todmain     jo@forwardomain" work.  What
        am i doing wrong? (i've tried both using % and neither and that don't
        work either).
        \_ Which version of sendmail is it? The ""
           should work ....
        \_ You need to enable virtuser_entire_domain in your .mc file.  -tom
2001/11/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22917 Activity:low
11/2    I've recently become interested in computer architechture,
        especially how you send data back and forth from memory,
        to the CPU, to disk, etc.  Can people recommend good books,
        or web sites on this subject?  Thanks.
        \_ Hennessey and Patterson (not the other way around)
           \_ What is "Patterson and Hennessey" then?
              \_ P&H is the undergraduate "dummy's" guide to computer
                 architecture used in 61c and 152. H&P is used by
                 graduate students, 252, and recommended for 152. It's
                 not as well written as P&H but much more insightful.
                 Computer Architecture News and Microprocessor reports
                 are other good references. Reading people's masters
                 thesis and PhD dissertation is another good way to
                 learn about more esoteric topics. I recommend reading
                 Krste Asanovic's "Vector Microprocessor" and Kozyrakis'
                 IRAM paper (both from Berkeley). -jeff
                 \_ do you know of a consistent way to get a thesis besides
                    asking their advisor for a copy?  i heard that there was
                    some central university publisher that bought rights
                    to all american theses and would sell them to you.
                 \_ Try "Dissertation Abstracts International" - recent
                  PhD theses you can get in pdf for free. Older ones you can
                  get for $40 per hard copy. Go to the department
                  office for MA theses. The institution will always
                  keep a hard copy in the library. -fab
                    \_ I would just go to their web page and d/l the PDF.
              \_ amazon,
2001/11/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22894 Activity:very high
11/1    How does one enable mail relaying in sendmail (FreeBSD)?  Does soda
        have mail relaying?  Thanks.
        \_ No, soda does not relay mail.
        \_ sendmail:
           FreeBSD: 4.x: edit /etc/mail/`hostname`.mc and run "make"
           in /etc/mail     --dbushong
           \_ Basically I need root access.  Damn.  I think that means I
              have to shell out more $$$ to get my ISP to relay mail.
2001/10/25 [Computer/SW/Mail, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Finance/Investment] UID:22829 Activity:nil
10/25   How do I do anonymous NNTP posting via tin from csua? I can
        change my from email address, but tin still inserts a Sender line
        which includes my full email and name. Thx.
2001/10/24-25 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22818 Activity:high
10/24   Is there some way in pine to instruct it to leave my msgs on the
        server? Is there some terminal based mail client that will do this?
        \_ Uh, isn't this the default behavior? My mail's still in /var/mail.
           \_ d'oh... my mail is no longer in /var/mail. any other
              \_ Do you have a file called mbox in your home directory?
                 \_ ah... perfect, thanks. I did but I renamed it and now
                    pine appears to be using /var/mail. Thanks. What is the
                    explanation for this behavior?
                    \_ Apparently, you had a file called mbox in your home
                       \_ pine is weird.
                    \_ Explanation here:
2001/10/17-18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22759 Activity:kinda low
10/17   Anybody ever called MS's tech support line?  I have some dumbass
        questions about MS outlook and asking the motd is getting old.  I'm
        wondering if people have gotten useful info out of calling MS.  I've
        checked the FAQs online and they don't have what I need.
        \_ man outlook
2001/10/15 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:22737 Activity:nil 75%like:22712
10/14   so, are the developers of solaris homosexuals (like sendmail)?
        \_ Both of the people I have met from Sun were gay.
           \_ How do you know?
              \_ gaydar
              \_ They sucked my dick
        \_ lots of the IBM people are gay.
            you know.... more than one ...
2001/10/13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22727 Activity:nil
10/12   Pine upgraded. I don't use pine and so don't know whether this
        fixed the problem. Bugs to dev-null. If this doesn't solve the
        problem I suggest a different mailer like mutt. I don't
        regularly read the motd so if you want to make a reply that I will
        actually see you should use mail. --Galen
2001/10/13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22723 Activity:moderate
10/12   Was there any solution to the pine sorting problem?
        \_ use mutt.
        \_ use mutt, but you can also use the pine sort now.  Galen fixed
           it with the upgrading.  thank you.     -hahnak
2001/10/11-12 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22698 Activity:high
10/11   Outlook 2000 help!  I cannot figure out how to display the sender's
        email address.  The "From" field always displays the name.  I've
        played with all the options and doesn't seem like it's possible.
        Can outlook do that?  Thanks.
        \_ Double-click on the line for that e-mail in the summary section.
           This should pop up the e-mail in a separate window.  The "From:"
           field in that window should now display both the name and the
           address of the sender.  --- yuen
           \_ I know that.  I want it to display the email address in the
              "Folder view".  Basically everywhere I see "From", "To", "Cc"
              etc I want "John Doe <>".  After 10 years on
              pine/elm I'm used to reading email addresses rather than
              names.  :-)  Thanks.
              \_ I have no idea then.  --- yuen
              \_ If you're going to use Outlook, you have a lot more to
                 get used to.  Sorry!
2001/10/5-7 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:22645 Activity:moderate
10/05   im having some trouble sorting email in pine.  sorts dont work
        anymore.  what do i need to do ?  ive tried deleting the pinerc
        in case it was messed up, but the default one doesnt bring the
        sorting back.  is it a case of too much mail?  if so, ok, but see,
        im trying to sort to decide what to clear out...   let me know
        if its something obvious, thanks.   -hahnak
        \_ It doesn't work for me, too.  Did someone screw up pine?
           \_ I think so. It is broken on soda, but not my other accts.
           \_ Maybe not:
                soda 3: ls -l `which pine`
                -r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  2696760 Feb 12  2001 /usr/local/bin/pine*
                \_ what does this mean?
                   \_ apart from you're an idiot?  that pine hasn't changed
                      since feb 12, i assume.
                        \_ incorrect assumption.
2001/10/5 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22632 Activity:very high
10/4    I've switched to MS outlook and I can't find where my mail folders
        are kept on disk.  I see "Sent Items", "Outbox".  there are files in
        there but when I do a search on those files on the whole HD, I can't
        find it.  This is w2k.  I searched everywhere under "Document and
        Settings\user\..."  can't find it.  Is it kept as a file or as some
        sort of database file?  Thanks.
        \_ C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\
           somewhere in there.
           \_ Stupid windows.
              \_ I don't like outlook.  switch to outlook express
                 or run cygwin mutt.
                 \_ Or run both with IMAP.
           \_ also possibly in C:\Documents and Settings\username\
              Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
2001/9/24 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22613 Activity:moderate
9/23    anyone ever get sslwrap + smtp to work?
        \_ Recent versions of sendmail have TLS built in.
2001/9/12-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22414 Activity:moderate
9/12    Is there a way to force the mails in /var/mqueue to attempt
        a resend?
        \- "alias pushmail /usr/lib/sendmail -v -qR!:1" ok tnx. --psb
        \_ sendmail -q
2001/9/12 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22408 Activity:moderate
9/12    Sendmail Q:  I'm getting a log entry claiming relay=somewrongserver
        when I try to send to the outside world.  Where does sendmail get
        this info from? [perhaps the same question: $m in = ?]
        \_ with this going on, you're still doing normal work?  Shame on you.;)
2001/9/11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22381 Activity:very high
9/11    Is there an RFC or something that defines a valid email address?
        Basically, I am wondering if using a plus sign "+" is Ok in the user
        name part of address.
        \_ Most definitely.  Sendmail calls the bit after the + "details" and
           delivers the mail to whatever's before the + on the local system.
           +'s are definitely valid email addr username chars, but some
           mailservers (or web registration systems more likely) don't accept
           them anyway.  --dbushong
           \_ but is this a standard or just sendmail specific thing?
              \_ RFC 821. Internet standard.
                 \_ Not.
                    Where does it say anything about +? It's a sendmail
                    specific thing.
2001/8/27 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22267 Activity:high
8/26    I need to attach a word doc to an email, but my ISPs smtp server
        has been down for a couple of days. Anyone know how to attach a
        word doc (mimencoded) via mh? Or alternatively, how can I convince
        netscape to use soda as the outgoing SMTP server? Simply putting
        in doesn't seem to work.
        \_ use hotmail or some other web mailer...
        \_ you can use soda as an smtp server using ssh port forwarding.  you
           could also transfer the file to soda via ftp or zmodem or whatever
           and mail the file from there
           \_ Getting the file to soda is easy, but I have no idea how to set
              up the port forwarding to make this work. Any pointers?
              \_ ssh -ljondoe -L 6666:csua:25 csua
                 then use port 6666 on your local computer as your smtp server
              \_ if you can get the file to soda, can't you just e-mail it as an
                 \_ How do you attach a file to a e-mail message using a cli
                    client? Sorry I'm /bin/mail and mh, and I've never had to
                    deal with this mime stuff till very recently.
                    \_ Use mpack & munpack, or, if you don't want to deal
                       with mime at all, uuencode and uudecode.
        \_ you can use metasend.  Or you can use pine (for just one message)
           \_ This looks perfect. Thanks.
        \_ Read the mhbuild man page to do it in mh,
                or use mpack (quicker, easier)
        \_ Why wouldn't you just use Yahoo mail, or Hotmail, from your local
2001/8/22-24 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22209 Activity:nil
8/21    Anyone use KMySQL or any other gui mysql client.  Recommendations?
        \_ I've used xmysql.  Ugly as sin, but occasionally useful.  --dbushong
        \_ phpMyAdmin
2001/8/19-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22168 Activity:high
8/18    I stole the jar for the MindTerm Java SSH client off Soda a
        long time ago and it has always worked fine.  Now, out of the
        blue i'm getting the mesg.:
        "Found prieinstalled 'known_hosts' file.

        Error connecting to, reason:
        -> -l

        I have NOT changed the server key and there is no file on the
        client called "known_hosts"  Someone please tell me where the
        java ssh client keeps it's known host_file or speculate on
        what might be wrong.
        \_ You are the weakest link... goodbye.
        \_ Just a crazy guess here: did you add a file named "known_hosts"
           to your system lately?
            \_ there is NO file on the client called "known_hosts". There are
               no new known_hosts files on the server.
               Both clients that fail are running win2k recently updated to
               SP2.  A new install of netscape on the same machine works AND
               the same iexplorer that fails to <DEAD><DEAD> WORKS on SODA! It is
               the same damn code!  Unless the java ssh client has a "known_
               hosts" file that it is called something else on the client, and
               which has a corrupted entry for <DEAD><DEAD>, and which is different
               for iexplorer and netscape, i can't think of where to look.
               \_ Its a windows box, have you tried looking in the registry
        \_ Get a real operating system.
2001/8/17-19 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/Domains] UID:22153 Activity:low 71%like:21940
8/17    Another sendmail and DNS question. If A is cnamed to B and B is
        mxed to C, does mail to foo@A automatically go to the MX for B ?
        \_ Is A in the same domain as B?  i.e., is it like this
           A = <DEAD><DEAD>, is a CNAME for B = <DEAD><DEAD>
           or this
           A = <DEAD><DEAD> is a CNAME for B = <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Same domain, but why does that matter, as long as relaying
              rules dont come into play ?
2001/7/25 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21940 Activity:nil 71%like:22153
7/24    Sendmail/DNS question: If A has a MX 0 to B and B is MX 0 to itself
        and MX 10 to C, does A need an MX 10 to C or will mail to foo@A
        automagically go to C if B is down?
        \_ MXes don't chain; the target of an MX is a hostname, not another
           target for an MX lookup:
           ; domain file for
           mail IN MX 10
           ; SMTP requires doing an MX lookup for, which will give it
           ; back  it will _not_ do an MX lookup on,
           ; merely an A record lookup (ordinary "name lookup")
           \- if there is not second MX for A -> C, then the mail will wait
           for B to come back. If there is a secondary MX for A -> C and
           B is down, I *believe* the answer is "it depends" ... you arent
           obligated to try another MX I think. Dont quote me on this.
           Recent sendmail should make one pass through them until one
           works or all of them are down, unless you get some exotic SMTP
           code which halts the whole process. If you are 100% sendmail see
           BAT II. If you have mixed agents, good luck reading the RFCs and
           sorting out the "musts" and "shoulds". This is subject to your
           not doing any of the weird things that turn off MX lookups. --psb
2001/7/17-18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21827 Activity:high
7/17    Does Exchange 2000 use any proprietary mail protocol? (what?)
        or does it really just use SMTP? I'm getting conflicting reports.
        \_ It _sends_ mail using SMTP...
           \_ and what does it _receive_ mail using.  I telneted in and
              spoke SMTP to it and it received my mail fine, also it SAYS
              that it is " Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service"  Is it lying?
        \_ It uses the defacto industry standard Micro$oft Windows ready
           proprietary opensource hardware accelerated 3D directory enabled
           extensible object oriented internet communication protocol
           mechanism know as Active Direct Visual M$MTP++ version
  Unless of course you have SP 4 installed...
2001/7/17 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21819 Activity:low
7/16    How do I setup sendmail to deliver mail locally only to those with
        local accounts, and use a remote mail server for those with NFS
        mounted home dirs ?
        \_ give them different mail domains.
2001/7/8 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21736 Activity:moderate
07/07   who do I email to get a new newsgroup added at agate?
        \_ usenet@agate
2001/6/12-13 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:21493 Activity:very high
6/12    Why does pine take a few minutes to say I have new mail?
        Where is the delay? Shouldn't it be only a few moments?
        \_ shhh... it's thinking...
            \_ No, Seriously. It's annoying. On a fast computer, why should
               one have to wait for one's mail?
               \_ "man pine" says:
                  "New mail checking and notification occurs automati-
                  cally every 2.5 minutes and after certain commands,
                  e.g. refresh-screen (Ctrl-L)."
                  If it polls the mailbox every 1 sec and there are many pine
                  users, maybe the machine load would be too high.  --- yuen
                  (not a pine user)
        \_ why not use the 'newmail' command on unix?
        \_ you can set the interval in the config.
2001/6/5 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21432 Activity:high
6/5     What are the pros and cons of running sendmail from inetd.conf?
        \_ You are limited to something like 40 connections per minute
           and you have the additional overhead of a fork exec for each
           \- i dont know if solaris 8 inetd still has a limit on how many
           args it passes ... it used to be 4 or 5. this can be a debugging
           nightmare if you dont know about it. basically this lobotimzes
           sendmail, esp on a big mailserver. only real reason to do this
           now that sendmail has fancy access control is to run as non-root
           and still bind to port 25. ok tnx ---psb
2001/6/5 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21424 Activity:nil
6/4     May be a dumb question; how do I configure Pine to point to a Cyrus
        IMAP server? Let's say the path to my mailbox is /var/imap/user/my_name
        and Pine is running at the same machine. I know I can't simply point
        my inbox-path to /var/imap/user/my_name since it's not a valid mail
        spool file. Thanks in advance!
2001/5/11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:21244 Activity:nil
5/10    mail poll
        pine ...
        rmail .
        mutt .,.....
        forward to hotmail .
        forward to AOL .
        telnet to port 110 ,
        telnet to port 25 .
        mail .
        vi $mail
        cat $MAIL / cat | sendmail -t .
        mh ..
        Outlook Express
        ~tmonroe/bin/one-true-mail-reader .
        \_ why'd you make it readable?
           \_ I wouldn't use the one-true-mail-reader if I were you
              \_ why? i keep trying it but i never have any mail...  ...
        \_ i mean, this is not really representative, the people who
        pop their mail aren't going to even see this.
2001/5/6-7 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21182 Activity:high
5/6     any web-based newsgroup posting sites out there now?
        deja/google not allowing at the moment...please advise?  thanks.
2001/4/16 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20994 Activity:low
4/15 so i want my "from" field to be different when i'm
     replying to email in a certain inbox.  how? thanks
        \_ set alternates
           set reverse_name
        \_ Read the documentation for your e-mail program.  Without that
                crucial detail, there's no way in hell we can tell you.
                \_ mutt.  i didn't realize other people
                   would use any mail client besides mutt,
                   I apologize.
                   \_ I think this has been discussed fairly recently on
                      comp.mail.mutt; check deja/google.  It's a send-hook.
                   \_ troll.  no cookie.  kissing toms' ass.  bad.
2001/4/15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20981 Activity:high
4/14    every so often I find an empty metamail_tmp dir in my home directory.
        Where is this coming from, and what's it for?  Since I use pine, I
        assume that's what's creating it, though I haven't seen any mention of
        it in the man pages.
        \_ assume? try search engine, the command metamail, printenv
           or your mailcap file
2001/4/10 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20933 Activity:nil
4/10    I just figured out that it seems I can use soda.csua as an
        IMAP server. Is there some FAQ or doc somewhere about more on
        how to do this? For example... I am a little confused but it
        seems that my client (Outlook Express) created a "Drafts"
        file in my home directory.
        \_ Don't use Outlook unless you enjoy having your machine 0wn3d
           by some random guy who feels like using your 'net connection
           to DDoS ebay.
           \_ not the point. Yes, I probably should switch mail clients
              but dont have another installed on my machine right now.
              I just encountered another problem: When I try to send
              messages with the IMAP account I've just created in Outlook,
              I get the following error (no matter who the recipient):
                "The message could not be sent because one of the recipients
                 was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was
2001/4/9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20912 Activity:high
4/9     How many of you have transitioned smoothly from using elm/pine or other
        text based unix mail readers to outlook 2000?
        \_ You mean how many people have given up the power and flexibility of
           mail tools like nmh/procmail and gone backwards 15 years to get a
           lame GUI?  Was that the question?
           \_ "Hi, I don't have anything useful to add, but I like to shoot
               off my mouth because it makes me feel superior."
        \_ You mean how many people have left behind a perfectly functional
           unix mail utility for a GUI beast backed by a 10+ year old feature
           set + security nightmares?  Only the dumb people.  Quick motd poll:
           Vote only once please.  The answers are mutally exclusive.
           I think Outlook2000 is the best way to handle mail:
           I think imap is the best way to handle mail:
           I think pop is the best way to handle mail:
           I think delete is the best way to handle mail: .
           I am smart: .
           I have: .
        \_ Allow me to paraphrase your question:  How many of you are not
           \_ why would everyone need the esoteric features of unix
              mail processors? and, why would using outlook preclude
              their use?
              \_ Esoteric features like textual searches of message bodies?
                 \_ are you implying that outlook doesn't offer this? because
                    it does. and if you just use it as an imap gui you can
                    still go in and do your geek magic on the command line.
                        \_ imap?  Oh please.  nmh/procmail.
        \_ That depends on whether you have MS Exchange server or not.
           With MS Exchange server, Outlook turns on many other features
           not found in Unix mail.  Without it, it's like any other
           mail clients (with the exception of virus vulnerability).
           \_ Such as what?  -Exchange2000 admin & Unix Guru
        \_ Yes. I use IMAP to read mail with mutt, elm,  Outlook and Outlook
           Express. BTW, if you're not going to be using exchange
           and I'd recommend Outlook Express over Outlook if you go the
           IMAP route.
2001/3/19-20 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20847 Activity:high
3/19    can someone post a host name that is a public relay
        smtp host? This is not for spam, but I'd just like to
        set all my email clients to some reliable smtp that
        I can always mail through, regardless of connection,
        \_ any host that does this is likely to wind up on the
           RSS or the RBL. who is your ISP? they should be able
           to auth you in non-IP ways. there are lots of good
           solutions which do not involve "all-access public relay". --aaron
        \_ Also, it's possible to setup SMTP so that it'll accept email
           \_ other than the POPAUTH stuff, what is a good way to set up an
           \_ Other than the POPAUTH stuff, what is a good way to set up an
              auth for "insiders" when they are coming from the outside?
                \_ do some websearching. this is a common problem and there
                   are a lot of good references on this. i've seen password
                   schemes, From: schemes, etc. --aaron
                   \_ Pointer or keyword?  Thanks!
                        \_ --aaron
        \_ Also, it's possible to setup SMTP so that it'l l accept email
           from your IP for a certain period of time after you
           authenicate with POP.
        \_ Also, if you're sending mail through uclink, it only cares that
           your from field is of the form  If
           you don't want responses to your mail to go to your uclink4
           account, just set your reply-to header.
2001/3/10-12 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20746 Activity:high
3/9     Assuming no .mailrc file where does the "mail" command pull the
        domain for the outgoing email address?
        \_ The system-wide mailrc if it exists (often /usr/lib/mail.rc or
           such, see the man page) - otherwise it gives none and lets
           sendmail add it.
           \_ Not everyone runs sendmail.
                \_ Yes, but everyone is going to have some sort of mail
                   delivery agent.  Nice try.
                \_ But mail/mailx are usually hardcoded to run sendmail,
                   so people who run something else have to replace the
                   sendmail binary with something to call their preffered
              \_ soon, every MUA worth using will support MSA
                 \_ What's the advantage of MSA over SMTP?
                    \_ What's MSA?
                    \_ is it an addition to, not a replacement for SMTP
                       think MTA agnostic way for MUA's to submit messages
                       to any SMTP MTA.  write to socket (AF_UNIX or INET)
                       You can also have more flexibile relay rules.  Lock
                       down port 25, have port 587 (MSA) more open for
                       things like remote pop/imap users.
2001/3/9-10 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Pets] UID:20734 Activity:moderate
3/8     I am looking for a Calendar Server that will work with (open)LDAP
        as well as interacting with microsoft outlook clients (so that a
        person using outlook can see the schedules of others in their group).
        However, i don't want to use Exchange.  Is there something out there
        that does all this well? what?
        \_ Have you looked at MS Project? It might do this.
        \_ Might want to check out CorporateTime. Has a client for
           practically everything and an Outlook Connector for those
           who want to use Outlook to access. See:
            \_ the outlook connector sucks if you try to use it for
                \_ everything about outlook sucks if you try to use it for
        \_ iPlanet.
                \_ He said "well".
                   \_ name something better.
                        \_ I didn't say there was better or worse.  I was
                           saying it doesn't do it "well" as requested.  You
                           can use 'cat' to write a novel, but it doesn't do
                           it "well".  Emacs or vi are the "upgrade" from using
                           cat to write a novel.  iPlanet is still at the cat
                           stage.  I shouldn't have to spell this out to a Cal
                           student.  Have things continued to decline over the
                           years?  Maybe too many "American Cultures" garbage
                           requirements getting in the way of learning and
                           \_ When cat was the only game in town, you had
                              to use cat. The only thing you've got now is
                              cat and you have to write a novel, WTF are you
                              going to do?!? I know, you're just not going
                              to write the novel, because your tools suck.
                              Yeah, that's it. iPlanet is the only game in
                              town, it may be cat, but its all you've got.
                              Suggest an alternative that works better or
                                \_ Exchange works better.  Yes, I've used both
                                   extensively.  Have you?  "STFU" yourself if
                                   you haven't.  The original poster is just in
                                   an anti-MS whine.  There's a reason iPlanet
                                   \_ Exchange is shit. Total and complete shit.
                                      M$ couldn't code its way out of a paper bag
                                      to save its life. I've used iPlanet and
                                      exchange before. They both SUCK, but if
                                      iPlanet is cat, then exchange is cave
                                      They *tried* to get it running at Cisco,
                                      with help from *M$* and it took months and
                                      still wouldn't work right. It was finally
                                      shelved. Many of us felt that management
                                      was total f'ed up to even try a shitty M$
                                      product. It was a total waste of time and
                                   is free.  You're getting what you paid for.
                                   \_ My original post was deleted, but heres
                                      the basic summary: Exchange is shit, its
                                      worse than shit. Cisco management wasted
                                      lots of $s and got M$ to help and still
                                      scrapped Exchange because it SUX! We told
                                      them it SUX but they didn't believe us.
                                        \_ Yes, Exchange sucks.  It's still
                                           better than iplanet.  Exchange is
                                           like ED.  iplanet is like cat.
                                           \_ If iPlanet == cat, then Exchange
                                              is akin to gorillas beating each
                                              other with sticks. Several million
                                              evolution is required for Exchange
                                               to stop sucking.
2001/3/5 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20717 Activity:nil
3/5     So, I use exploder and outlook on my win2k box at work. The new version
        of netscape blows and Work requires me to use outlook.  Is there any way
        (short of ditching one or the either) that i can keep IExplorer from
        knowing my email address/having access to outlook. (lest the evil h4Xor
        (or worse, porn) sites that i visit know who i am).
2001/2/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security] UID:20575 Activity:high
2/12    Is there a FAQ for getting pgp to work with automatically
        with pine spec. for on soda? Sth about the way I've got
        the filters options setup or the "display.csh" script I set
        up isn't working. -ulysses
        \_ The happy ending. Somebody fixed something because the
           filter works all of a sudden. Note that, if anybody
           else has a problem, check out /usr/local/bin/pgpdecode.
        \_  you should switch to mutt.  mutt integrates with
            pgp very well.
            \_ Yeah until you upgrade.  Remember, the mutt development team
               purposefully changes pgp config flags every release (to make
               sure us mortals don't get rusty).
            \_ Suggestion appreciated and i will look at mutt, but I know
               pine can work with pgp since it works on another system I use
               w/o problems. Does anybody use pine w/ pgp and could they send
               me perhaps the relevant portions of their pinerc and display
               script? -ulysses
        \_ Have you tried pgp4pine?
           \_ Looks good, though I bet I lack the fu to install this in my home
              directory (i.e. without being root on soda). -ulysses
                \_ if you're using pine, you clearly lack fu
                   \_ real men read thier mail with shell.
                      \_ pinesh! pinesh! pinesh is the Standard!!! Uhh...
                         \_ In bourne shell a paging mail reader is
                            about 5-10 lines of code. A real man can
                            type it all in on the command line.
        \_ Just add these to your .pinerc, nothing else needed:
        display-filters=_BEGINNING("-----BEGIN PGP")_ /usr/local/bin/pgp -f
        sending-filters=/usr/local/bin/pgp -feast _RECIPIENTS_
           \_ Can I still send emails to people who doesn't have PGP software?
             \_ are you chinese? -ali
        \_ That is NOT all you have to do.
2001/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20549 Activity:high
2/9     Let's say I have two UNIX accounts.  Is there .forward some trick
        that I can do (without the infinite loop) such that the email
        received at both accounts can be accessed at either account?
        \_ "man procmailex" and look for: "Suppose you have two accounts,
            you use both accounts regularly, but they are in very distinct
            \_ you don't need procmail if both of the servers involved are
               running sendmail. If your accounts are foo@bar and
               baz@garply, put this in .forward on foo@bar:
               and this in .forward on baz@garply:
               Note that this may not work without sendmail, since other MTAs
               may ignore backslashed email addresses on incoming mail. -alexf
                \_ uh, it also will create an infinite loop.  good job.
               \_ This also doesn't let you filter the mail.  Procmail's
                  solution is more general.
         \_ Thanks!  It works great, though some tweaking was necessary
                  due to some odd configuration on one of the servers (piping to
                  sendmail didn't work).
2001/2/6 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20513 Activity:nil
2/2     Hey what's with the POP3 server.  My mail client can't log in but
        I can SSH in to use pine?
        \_ soda supports spop and imaps, non-encrypted pop3 and imap4 are
           not supported. If you are using netscape, you can set it up to
           use imaps. I think the same is true for eudora and M$ whatever.
           I don't know of any client that supports spop though.
           \_ I usually create an ssh tunnel and have my mail client to
              establish an imap connection through that.
        \_ hm, my pop3 client doesn't seem to be configured to use any
           encryption, but I don't seem to have any trouble retrieving my mail.
           \_ It appears to have been reenabled.
        \_ so what's the deal with spop?  is it just pop3 over ssl?  Anybody
           know how to configure Outlook Express to use it?  I checked the
           SSL checkbox, but it won't connect.  Am I using the wrong port
           (defaults to 995)?
           \_ I've configured outlook express (and outlook as well) to use
              spop.  If you can't connect, check for odd shit like a dialog
              box placed BEHIND the active window, so it will never be seen,
              unless you check the task bar.  You should get a "do you want
              to accept this cert." type message once, but otherwise it
              should Do The Right Thing.  --sowings
              \_ how did you do this?  more details, please.  I've never even
                 seen any prompt asking about certificates.
                 \_ Tools -> Accounts -> Properties -> Advanced -> "This
                    server requireds a secure connection."  When you check
                    this box, the port changes to 995.  This won't work with
                    soda, though, so if that's what you're talking about....
           \_ spop is pop3 + ssl. I've never seen a email client that
              handled it correctly. There is a variant of pop3 called
              apop that is similar to spop (its encrypted), but only
              eudora handles it correctly.
              \_ Only your password is encrypted (not the email itself,
                 but then encrypted mail transport when SMTP goes cleartext
                 is a bit silly.
2001/1/30 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20474 Activity:high
1/30    I'm on a 10.x.x.x network.  When i send mail from any Sun box my
        mail gets relayed through the company mail server.  When i send
        mail from a linux box, it goes "straight" to the receiving mail
        server.  there is NO special sendmail config. and all boxes are on
        the same physical and logical subnet. What's up?
        I would like to be able to send straight out on the Sun's as well.
        What should i do?  (I have root if nec.)
        \_ It's not clear what the question is.
2001/1/25 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security] UID:20429 Activity:nil
1/24    Anybody know of any web-based newsgroups that allow you to post
        a question? urlP.
        \_ uh, your question doesn't make sense.  you can access usenet
           newsgroups via your favourite web browser...  there are tons
           of bulletin board type things all over the web...  what the
           hell are you asking?
           \_ For example, allows you to read articles, but
              you can't post a question.  Using a news reader client, I can
              connect to various public news servers that will allow you to
              post.  However, port 119 (NNTP) is shut down on the network, so
              I can't use any of the news readers.  My only option is to go
              over the web, and most web-based newsgroups that I know of only
              allow you to read, not post.  Question remains - are there any
              web-based public newsgroups that allow you to post?
                \_ you can't post to as an anonymous bastard.
                   you need to register with them and go through
2001/1/15-16 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20318 Activity:nil
1/14    Can someone point me to docs that describe how to configure Pine
        for IMAP access?  I have seen very brief mention of folder
        names as a means of doing so in one of the FAQs but nothing in the
        official docs/pages
        \_ go to Setup > Config > inbox-path and read the help for that entry.
2001/1/3-4 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/Theory] UID:20228 Activity:nil
1/2     I've been getting the following error message repeatedly lately.
The authenticity of host '' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 14:1f:b3:63:83:6a:fe:73:4e:fa:64:30:9c:9f:c3:c8.
        Is this a problem w/ quasar or is it the soda ssh client?  Why doesn't
        it allow me to add quasar to my list of trusted hosts?
2000/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20130 Activity:moderate
12/19   How do you get mh to export mail back into a format that other
        mail readers (pine, mutt, netscape, eudora, etc...) can read?
        I've tride just catting the files in ~/Mail together but all
        my mail readers complain.  Already rtfm'ed mh.
        \_ packf -mbox.  rtfm.
        \_ mutt can read mh folders intrinsically.
        \_ Once you've used mh why would you want to go backwards?  Are you
           restoring a carriage or buggy or your daily transport needs, too?
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:20071 Activity:nil
12/11   Where is the banner for pop3 (i'm using sendmail with imap) kept?
        \_ neither sendmail nor imap have anything to do with pop3.  Figure
           out what you're running and ask again.
2000/11/30-12/1 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:19953 Activity:high
11/29   Man, for a local text-based email program, pine is unacceptably
        slow (yes i am on t1).
        \_ use mutt. (
        \_ what's unacceptably slow is anyone who is still using pine
        \_ use mh, its fast.
           \_ mh: Command not found
              \_ stick with pine.  it's more your speed.
                 \_ I almost agree with this, but I suggest that you
                    run man nmh and have a look. Also fire up a browser
                    and search google for nmh (its just like searching
                    for W@R3Z and pr0n).
        \_ And exactly why do you need speed in a non-gui email utility?
           I've had more speed issues with jove or emacs than pine.
        \_ Hear, hear!  Worse is better!  Pine forever!
           Ease of use may not be 1337 but shoot, give me pine and NeXT
           any damn day of the week.
           \_ My ass; I used pine on NeXT.  Maybe if your mailbox is < 1000
              messages it's _bearable_, but hardly pleasant.  Use mutt.
              Play again.  --dbushong
                \_ If speed is what you want, just use 'mail'.
                   What, are you a lamer or something?
                   And anyway, if you have >200 mail messages, you are
                   a total l053Z and need to unsubscribe from some lists.
                   \_ or you should use procmail or slocal to sort your
                      mail in conjunction with (n)mh. mail is okay, but
                      mh is only slightly slower but much more flexible.
                      - mh troll.
        \_ Perl::SMTP.
2000/11/21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:19872 Activity:nil
11/21   Dammit, my inbox just got erased.  I did nothing.  Ain't
        that a bitch.
        \_ using pine?  look for a file called "mbox" in your directory
           \_ add this to your .pinerc at the appropriate place.
              Yes, Mark Crispin is lame.  --nevman
2000/11/20 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:19862 Activity:nil
11/19   There is a particular alt.books newsgroup I'm looking for
        but it doesn't seem to be on agate. How do I get it added?
        \_ send mail to usenet@agate asking for it.  I've found them
           to be quite responsive.
2000/11/6-7 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:19651 Activity:kinda low
11/6    what's our smtp server name?  i can't seem to send mail from
           No relaying outside (ISP dial-ups/DSL for instance)
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ how horrible!
2000/9/4-6 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:19167 Activity:kinda low
9/4     Is there a way to get pine's news reader to do threaded listings?
        I've used trn et al but I'm hoping to do this w/ pine.
        \_ Use slrn; it's a lot like mutt (vice-versa is more accurate, but
           mutt is more popular)  Oh.. you don't use mutt.  Switch from pine
           to mutt, it's faster and more powerful.  You don't have enough
           clue to do so? and read the documentation.
           Still don't get it.. wow.. that's like... not my problem.
           \_ Oh?  Are you a moron?  I'm a moron?  Why thank you.
2000/8/18-19 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:19036 Activity:moderate
8/18    How do I automatically forward mail from an Outlook account to
        another account?  I basically want to know if the equivalent of
        a .forward file exists.  Thanks.
        \_ Sir, which version of Outlook are you using?  Are you pulling
           your mail from a POP, IMAP, or Exchange server?
        \_ There is no such thing as an "outlook account" - outlook is a client
           you use with a POP, IMAP or MS Exchange server - how you forward
           depends on what the server is running.
           \_ I think my company uses MS Exchange.  Is there a way for me
              to set up forwarding on the server without having to
              go through the MIS people?
                \_ Who cares?  If your company uses Exchange & Outlook they
                   don't think e-mail is at all useful or important and just
                   view it as something to get out of the way with as little
                   work as possible.
                   \_ I may hate Outlook and Exchange, but yer still an idiot.
        \_ And now for the real answer: Tools->Rules Wizard.  You'll see
           numerous options for dealing with your mail based on various
           headers and such.
                \_ the wrong answer.  That deals with mail that's already
                   been transferred to your client.  It's completely stupid
                   to download mail to a client so it can be forwarded; if
                   you try to do this it will break in a number of different
                   Of course, I wouldn't expect an Outlook user to understand
                   how mail works.  -tom
                   \_ Nor would I expect tom to have his head anywhere but up
                      his ass.
                      \_ wrong. as a matter of fact, tom's head has recently
                         been detected up a number of different asses.
                   \_ actually, I think outlook propagates rules to the server,
                      at least when the server is exchange
           \_ I don't know if it's the case in Outlook before Outlook98, but you
              should be able to find an "out of office assistant" that should do
              what you want.
              \_ What is an "out of office assistant"?  Are you referring to
                 that annoying paperclip?
                 \_ It's just a series of dialogs that helps you set a
                    forwarding address and an out-of-office message.  It might
                    be more "standard" to call it a wizard.
2000/7/31 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:18827 Activity:nil
7/30    Does anyone have suggestions on how to MIME compose/view attachments
        using mh-e?  I know that other mail readers such as mutt
        can do stuff, but I would like to use a mail package that
        works with emacs.  Thanks.
        \_ show -noshowproc | munpack to view. and mpack to compose
2000/7/29 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18813 Activity:high
7/28    /var/mail is full.. even though y'all are under your mail quotas,
        please clear any (particularly large) messages out of your inbox
        you don't need... thanks.  --poor excuse for rootstaff while rootstaff
                                     is away at defcon
        \_ Ok, I moved a few people's mailspools, and /var/mail has space
           again.  Sorry I didn't notice earlier.  --mconst
           \_ Yay!  Disk wants to be free.
        \_ I just sent email to everyone on soda to tell them to clean
           up their mail spools.
           \_ Yea, but you forgot to account for the windows users; I just
              sent out to everyone a copy of your message as a Word2000
              document with an embedded 1200dpi 24-bit TIFF scan of the text,
              in my handwriting, with a yellow crayon, and a 44KHz/16bit WAV
              of me reading it
                \_ What about the streaming video of you in full screan
                   reading it with full 3d video and sound effects?
2000/7/20-21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18728 Activity:low
7/19    Anyone know if trn has a keepalive function?  I'm connecting
        to an NNTP server that keeps timing me out while I'm reading
        medium length posts.  That's annoying, since trn crashes
        when that happens, and doesn't save the read count.  Any
        \_ use tin?
2000/7/12-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18644 Activity:nil
7/11    I have an account at a head-up-ass ISP that forwards mail to soda.
        However, sendmail isn't checking formy ~/.forward file anymore.
        The ForwardPath in seems to be set correctly, and I
        don't think there are any group-write issues as described in the
        man page.  Is there anything I can do to make this work?
        \_ Make _what_ work?  What are you trying to do?
2000/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18633 Activity:kinda low
7/10    Anybody have experience with qmail.  Is it better than sendmail?
        Is it enough so as to be worth switching to?
        \_ qmail is more secure. it's also a snap to configure. mail
           me if you have more specific questions. --aaron
                \_ Secure?  Uh... got any references that prove that there's
                   current security flaws in sendmail that don't exist in
                   qmail and not the reverse?  Or is this just a gut feeling
                   and long running internet gospel and rumor?
        \_ qmail is supposed to be faster than sendmail but I wasn't sending
           enough mail for that to matter.  Sendmail has more function and
           features and bells n whistles n clowns banging on drums and
           juggling flaming wands.  For a general purpose mail server, just
           use sendmail.
        \_ I'm using postfix as I had some problems with the domain
           masquerading in qmail. Postfix seems to be secure now, at
           least as secure as sendmail.
           least as secure as sendmail. ----ranga
2000/6/15-19 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18476 Activity:moderate
6/14    Can pine access pop servers? I need access to pop mail reader
        in shell. I would much prefer elm, but don't think it does this..
        \_ read the .pinerc file
                \_ use mutt instead.  -tom
        \_ mh
        \_ Use mutt or fetchmail+elm, both of which kick pine's ass.

pico user was here damnit!
jove user was here
ford user was here
emacs user was here
vi user was here
Notepad user was here\r\n
edlin user was here\r\n
2000/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18431 Activity:high
4/69    Can somebody recommend an text-based "threaded" mail reader for unix?
        elm and pine all display individual mails one line at a time, there's
        no threading based on subject line.  Thanks.
        \_ use elm and sort by subject?
           \_ mutt >> elm >> pine, and, of course, mutt has threads.  -tom
        \_ mh and sort by subject works too.
           \_ sort by subject is not the same thing as threading.  -tom
2000/5/27-29 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18355 Activity:moderate
5/28    How would one configure pine to change the format of the file
        name of the old sent-mail folders?  Instead of sent-mail-feb-2000,
        something like sent-mail-2000-feb, so that an ls of the directory
        will sort them correctly (sorting by creation date won't work in
        my case).
        \_ mh.
        \_ maybe make an alias that does: ls sentmail* | sort -t- +3
           But even if you changed it to YYYY-MMM, wouldnt "ls" still
           not sort correctly? (the months would not be in sequence)
           Pine is so lame.
           Pine is so lame...maybe there is a way to make it use
           numeric months, since not everybody speaks english anyways?
                \_ Why try to force pine to do something it can't?  Either
                   change the source and recompile or use a real mail handler.
                   \_ pine is a real mail reader you air-head.  Just because
                      some people don't like to type inc, scan, comp, munpack
                      whatever doesn't make pine any less of a mail reader
                      than mh.
                        \_ Uh oh... someone displaying their near total
                           ignorance of mh and then calling someone else an
                           air-head.  Sigh... I suppose I shouldn't have hoped
                           for better from newbie pine users on the motd. Pine
                           is a cute toy for kids and works just fine if you
                           are happy with the defaults someone else has set
                           for you.  If you want to take control of your mail,
                           use a real mail handling system instead of a kid's
                           toy.  Nothing beats procmail/mh for total control,
                           but it isn't a toy for kids.  It requires some tiny
                           effort to learn.  Power comes with a price, kids.
                           Some assembly required.  Ask your parents for help.
2000/5/15-16 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18260 Activity:very high
5/15    I'm still waiting for the old motd.  Would someone remind
        me who has the CVS going?
        \_ Unlink aluminum cans, the motd is not a useful item to recycle
           or reuse.
        \_ No.  Besides, who needs to see recycled threads about TeX and geeks
           \_ Topics for further discussion:
           drooling over Playboy models/whining about their sexless lives
           anyway?  Post something brand new and start the cycle over again.
           anyway?  Post over something the again new and cycle start brand.
              -- psb baiting and teasing.  -psb #1 fan
           \_ Suggested topics for further discussion:
                 \_ Dude, _I'm_ a superstud, just like tjb.
              -- Dating, sex, and relationships (or geekly lack thereof)
                 \_ nvi rules.
              -- Emacs vs. vi
                 \_ Use mutt, save time.
              -- Mutt vs. pine vs. elm vs. mh vs. "telnet localhost 25"
                 \_ Industry pays better.
              -- the inherent dangers of the biotech industry
                 \_ Feh.
              -- Academia vs. industry
              -- bh
                 \_ I heard bh on the radio tonight.  He was the most
                    reasonable guy on there.
                 \_ Ship him off to a communist country.
                        \_ Fuck bh.
                           \_ what are the odds on that happening?
                                \_ bh can hire a hooker.  Some might do it.
                 \_ Mmm.  Small penismobiles.
              -- Asian women and white guys (and the ever-popular companion
        \_ But I really wanted someone to let me recompile pine.
                 topic, "What's up with those guys who drive the lowered Hondas
                 with the noisy mufflers and all the stickers?")
                 mainframe in the bottom of a salt mine in Utah. Should I leave
              -- "I get $<x> per year to do <y>. Am I being underpaid? I've got
                 an offer for $<x + some positive quantity> per year to
                 \_ You are being underpaid, but so am I.
                 Utah bottom mine the in in a salt of mainframe. I leave Should
                 \_ yermom.
                 maintain a database written in COBOL running on an IBM
                 \_ You stud.
                 mainframe at the bottom of salt mine in Utah. I leave Should
                 my job in the Bay Area and move to Utah?"
                           \_ I don't really need to comment on this.
                        \_ Yes.  But ask for more options.
                 \_ My god.  He's full of shit^H^H^Htars.
              -- yermom
              -- tjb
                 \_ Look! yermom is on top of tjb.
                 \_ BSD.
              -- "What's up with those cyclists who never stop at stop signs?"
                 \_ You misspelled spelling.
                        \_ RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!
                        \_ What's up with those cyclists who never stop at
                           stop signs?
                 \_ Off cliff.
                        \_ RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!  ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!
              -- ilyas and the stars
                        \_ BSD for work.  Windows for games.  The rest in the
                 \_ Hey sky, what's your girlfriend's phone number?
                 \_ Its quite flattering that you think about me so much.
                    You occupy 0% of my free cycles. .....  You probably
                    think its quite funny to get a rise out of me.  But
                    lest you forget, can't you see the sign?  DONT TEASE
                    THE MONKEYS!  You know what happens when you tease the
                    monkeys?  THEY GET PISSED AND THROW MONKEY CRAP ALL
                    OVER YOU. -- sky

        \_ But I really wanted someone to let me recompile pi
              \_ mighty mouse vs. superman discussion
                           \_ No. Linux to the neighbor who has never used
                              anything other than Windows.
                              \_ they might as well just stay with Windows then.
                              \_ Uh huh.  Provide a fucked up and poor designed
                                 and a bitch to configure *nix to a newbie? Do
                                 you suggest teaching children to use a unicycle
                                 before they learn to ride a tricycle?
              -- Linux vs. BSD vs. Windows vs. MacOS
              -- grammar and speling flames
              -- RIDE BIKE!
              -- sky, that krad kriminal and what he currently charges for use
                 of his 'gf'
                        \_ Free.
        \_ But I really wanted someone to let me recompile pine.
        \_ I love how this actually *started* discussions. Sweet irony.
                \_ It was intentional.  Wsa that not obvious?
                   \_ Oh, you were serious?! I assumed you were being sarcastic.
2000/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18250 Activity:high
5/12    I'm trying to set pine to use uclink4 as my default domain.
        But when I do that, it sets my from address to
        (soda_acct)@uclink4, which doesn't exist.  Is there a way to
        change the username as well (ie, to uclink_acct@uclink4)?
        \_ {uclink4/imap/user=jondoe}
        \_ No dice.  Doesn't change the outgoing address.
           \_ Answer/ReSolution is in FAQ.
        \_ Why are you using uclink when you have a real account?
        \_ True.  But soda doesn't allow changing From: fields.  Is this
           policy or something that can be changed easily?  (I don't even
           think a recompile is required.)  And tom suggested using a real
           mail client... what does mutt offer?
           \_ Both elm and mutt allow you to have arbitrary From: fields,
              as well as pine.
        \_ sendmail -t will allow you send a file that has an arbitrary From:
           field.  I don't know how to get there from pine though.
                \_ Pine allows it, soda's compile of pine does not.
                   The faq says to either
                     a) change some option in the global config file
                     b) recompile pine with "#define ALLOW_CHANGING_FROM"
                   which will then allow the change to take effect.
                   \_ someone should just recompile this and stick it
                      in /csua/bin
        \_ mh.  Do anything you want.  Only requires clue.  elm/mutt/pine/etc
           are toys.
2000/4/28-29 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18137 Activity:nil
4/28    procmail question: is there any (elegant) way to automatically
        delete mail messages from a mailfolder?  I'd like to have a
        backup copy of the last 100 or so incoming messages, stored in a
        pine-style mail folder, and the best I've seen creates lots of
        1-message mail folders in a subdirectory of ~/mail.  thanks
        \_ You could modify the recipe that does the 1-message mail folders
           and add something like a 'cat * > ../single-backup-dir'. Watch
           out for problems related to the post below... This is a pretty
           inelegant solution because you have to recreate the singledir
           file every time you receive an email. But you could tweak your
           recipe some more to append and only recreate the file every
           N messages. Now I'm just waiting for someone to post the REAL
           solution, not this crappy hack.
2000/4/26-29 [Computer/SW/Mail, Industry/Jobs] UID:18121 Activity:kinda low 50%like:19092
4/26    QA internship at Sendmail, Inc. in Emeryville.
        See /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs/Sendmail/QAintern for more info.
        \_ Is this sort of like "Bong Hits and Staring At A Wall ...For Dummies"
          \_ or, "We're not making as much money as we thought, so we'll
             get some dumb intern"?
             \_ It's a nice listing. -notchris
                \_ Bullshit.  They want a 4 year degree and coding experience
                   for a QA internship.  That's ridiculous.  Maybe that was a
                   decent job for a desperate NCG in the earlier 90s but those
                   times are long gone.  I could get 80k/year starting salary
                   FTE with out trying for what they want for a shitty
                   internship.  Join the 00's.  The 90's are over.  It's a
                   *really* lame listing.
                   \_ I considered everything you said before I wrote it
                      was a nice listing, especially because your points
                      have been brought up in earlier motd's.  Since you don't
                      really care for the listing, I don't feel it's
                      necessary to convey to you why it's a good one.
                        \_ In other words, I made some valid points that you
                           can't refute so you're just going to repeat
                           \_ You can think that.  Have a nice day.
                   \_ umm if they say they only want a degree that means they
                      will take a freshman.  If they want new graduates they
                      say somthing like "must have 10 years of experiance
                      with java and perl"
                   \_ NCG? FTE?
                      \_ New CS grad; full-time employee
                        \_ New College Grad.
        \_ Sad that the motd had to help 'fix' the initial idiotic listing
           asking for a 4 year degree for an internship.  So, when is
           Sendmail going to start making money?
2000/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18090 Activity:high
4/23    Which of the standard console mail utils support POP without
        fetchmail's help?
        \_ mutt is the only one you need.  -tom
           \_ So how do you get mutt to support POP?
              \_ RTFM.  -tom
                 \_ Which particular FM? grepping man page for POP yields nil
                 \_ So how do you get RTFM to support POP?
        \_ nmh
      \_ mutt is the only one you need.  -tom
         \_ So how do you get mutt to support POP?
              \_ RTFM.  -tom
                 \_ So how do you get RTFM to support POP?
      \_ nmh
2000/4/18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18043 Activity:very high
4/17    What method does `frm` use to determine if a message is
        new/unread or not?  I'm using pine to read and frm's output isn't
        very consistent.
        \_ obUTSL
          \_ Come again?
             \_ Luke, use the source.

        OKay, this took me <10 min to find the source, grab it, find the
        source file and look for the status code. This time is a freebie,
        next time it's your turn:
        } else if (val = header_cmp(buffer, "Status", NULL)) {
          switch (*val) {
          case 'N': status = NEW_MSG;     break;
          case 'O': status = OLD_MSG;     break;
          case 'R': status = READ_MSG;    break;
          default:  status = UNKNOWN;     break;
2000/4/17-18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18039 Activity:high
4/17    Agate appears to have dropped carrying a newsgroup I read (in the soc.*
        hierarchy), or at least is having problems.  Who can I contact to get
        this fixed (or at least find out that it won't be fixed)?
        \_ Agate doesn't support soc.queer.geeks.sexless
           \_ Boy that was weak.  Huh huh huh, you said "fixed" huh huh huh
                \_ The guy is obviously reading a sex group.  It was
                   \_ Um, no, the guy was me, and I was not reading a sex group.
                      It's in the soc.* hierarchy and is moderated.
        \_ or mailto:usenet@agate
           \_ Thank you for the useful answer.
2000/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:17996 Activity:nil
4/12    Is Pine capable of using X.509 certificates to encrypt and sign email?
        A URL would be great, but these long motd threads are entertaining too.
        \_ Use PGP with pine.  But of course that's hard, so see above.
2000/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17994 Activity:nil
4/12    How do I use PGP with pine?
        \_ use the mutt front-end to pine.
2000/4/12 [Computer/SW/Mail, Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:17976 Activity:high
4/11    What are the incoming mail (pop3) and outgoing mail (smtp) servers for
        Soda?  Are they both  And how do you find out
        in general for a mail server?
        \_ Yes, and you either read the docs or ask the system admins.
        \_ One more question: does the mail server require an SSL connection
        for either pop3 or smtp?
                \_ Nope.  smtp is only allowed from machines or
                   to csua addresses though.
                \_ This explains a lot of things! Does this mean that I can't
                   use Soda as an outgoing email gateway if I'm using an email
                   client (such as Outlook, Eudora) on another network?  If so,
                   does anybody konw if that's also the case for OCF?
                        \_ The OCF used to also allow anyone using an OCF
                           return address to send mail - check with staff@ocf
                           to see if this is still true.
                   \_ It is true for just about everywhere. If mail servers
                      relay from anywhere to anywhere they get abused by
                      spammers. If you want to send mail from another network,
                      the people who run that network should give you a way to
                      send mail (the address of an smtp server; on Unix,
                      /usr/*/sendmail). If they don't you don't really have
                      much way of sending mail (short of hotmail et al). You
                      could always ssh into soda and send it that way. --Galen
                        \_ Yahoo lets you use them as an email gateway, but you
                           have to subscribe to "Yahoo Delivers" ... don't know
                           about Yahoo.
                           about Hotmail.
2000/4/5 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17918 Activity:moderate
4/4     Sr. UNIX System Administrator job at Sendmail, Inc.  Email if you're interested.
        \_ Why did the previous guy leave?
                \_ the perverse sex orgies, always with the perverse sex orgies!
                        \_ Say "Hi" to Mike Donnelly for me. -=Aubie
        \_ sexy christine, are you an HR? What are you?
2000/3/30-31 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17887 Activity:low
3/29    Sr. UNIX SA needed at Sendmail, Inc. in Emeryville.  email if you're interested.  Oh, and engineers
        with clue in C and/or Perl, too.
        \_ Make sure you know at least three Perl bugs.
            \_ Doesn't handle garbage collection correctly. -- ilyas
            \_ It's ugly.
               It's slow.
               Compiling is broken.
                \_ You just described sendmail.
                   \_ what's your point? But anyway, I'm talking about
                      byte-code compilation. You can't "compile" a .cf file
                      to binary, last I checked.
                \_ Jealous python developer!
                   \_ Nice replython necktied beaver -(fucker)
        \_ Make sure you can read minds during the interview.  They don't
           know how to ask a question.  And woe be unto those who provide
           _a_ correct answer, but not _the_ correct answer as per the
           required ESP.
           \_ when I interviewed they just asked me really picky perl
              quesitons that said nothing about my ability as an engineer.
              \_ it probably said a lot about your ability as an engineer.
                 happy hunting!
        \_ I suppose one of the requirements is to be able to write
           /etc/ from scratch, using /bin/ed at 60wpm ?
           \_ close. But use cat.
                \_ cat is for wimps. Use a magnet and toggle the bits
                   on the correctly hd platter.
                        \_ They let you use a magnet in your interview?  They
                           must be dropping the standards.  I wasn't allowed
                           to use a magnet.
                           \_ I made my own electro-magnet using the iron
                              in my interviewers blood and the electricity
                              from the wall socket. I solved the problem
                              but I wasn't hired.
                              \_ DISCRIMINATION! you need to sue them
                                because they are practicing religious
                                discrimination against voodoo
2000/3/8 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17710 Activity:high
        \_ Is there something at that address that I should care about?
                \_ And?
                   \_ Just a subtle hint that we should ditch sendmail
                      and use POSTFIX instead.
2000/3/6-8 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17699 Activity:nil 60%like:18222
3/5     mutt upgraded to 1.1.8; bugs to brg.
        \_ says 1.0.1 is the latest version. er? --aaron
           \_ cvs snapshots (alpha) are made every night, and
              that's what I run at home; 1.1.8 is a "development
              release" (beta). 1.0.1 is the latest official
              release (final), but i like to have the bugfixes and
              stuff that are in the more recent releases. -brg
2000/2/17-21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17535 Activity:moderate
2/17    Is there any program compatiable with elm (in terms of mailbox files)
        and similar to it?  I ask because elm's development has ceased and
        the version I have is not Y2K compliant.
        \_ mailprog -f yourmailfile
           don't forget to back it up
        \_ so is mutt the ultimate power mail prog or should I bother to
           look at pine?
           \_ mutt failed to annoy me. -- ilyas
        \_ mutt is a good mix of simplicity and power.  It handles attachments
           better than any of the other text readers.  -tom
        \_ mutt, elm, pine, etc... hardly the ultimate anything.
           nmh/procmail is the way tp go for power users.
        \_ elm development stopped? They just released 2.5 a month or two
               \_ page maintained by Syd Weinstein, "FORMER elm co-ordinator"
               [DAMN FUCKING ed users, here's the url again:]
        \_ I suggest mutt. It's got bindings much like elm's, alias support,
           better MIME support, supports POP and IMAP, and it's definitely
           under development. It tends to be faster at opening big mailboxes
           than elm, in my experience. Type "mutt" at your soda prompt, or
           point your browser at -brg
           (Disclaimer: I have worked on mutt.)
           (I don't get why someone would delete this post...)
        \_ the CURRENT, STILL under development 2.5.3 version of elm
           can be gotten from
                CF: comp.mail.elm
2000/1/16-17 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17247 Activity:low
1/15    In trn, is there a way to disable its "more" feature and not print
        any escape character?
        \_ Yes.  man trn.
        \_ Yes.  RTFM.
2000/1/15-17 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17245 Activity:nil
1/14    How do you decode and splice together those multipart binary files
        you find on newsgroups?
        \_ uudecode or munpack, and then cat them together?
        \_ Depends on OS.  Using windows your client should do it.  If not, go
           get FreeAgent or some other functional client.  Using trn, check out
           the :e option in the man pages.  Yes, you might have to RTFM.
        \_ tin newsreader has built-in commands to do it -- easy!
2000/1/14-15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17239 Activity:moderate
1/14    Mutt has suddenly started acting weird -- it says that my
        mailspool is read-only, and it won't let me toggle that off.
        My mailspool is not read-only, and other mailers (mail, pine,
        elm) aren't having a problem.  I tried removing my .muttrc,
        just in case the upgrade made it wrong, but that didn't
        help.  Any ideas?  --brianm
        \_ Get a real mail program.  Why is it that people who use real mail
           handlers are never posting to the motd whining for help about the
           latest broken fucked up and unsolvable problems with their 'easy
           to use' mail clients?  STOP USING MAIL-FOR-DUMMIES!
           \_ And what would you recommend?  I'm certainly open to
              switching mail clients, if there's something better than
              mutt out there.
        \_ I upgraded mutt to 1.1.2i, and the problem seems to have
           gone away.  Thanks for sending me the bug report. Let
           me know if you have further problems.  -brg (who hacks
           on mutt)
2000/1/10-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17204 Activity:nil 53%like:18222
1/10    mutt upgraded to 1.1.1; bugs to brg.
        Also see /usr/local/doc/mutt/ChangeLog.
2000/1/5-6 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:17167 Activity:nil
1/5     I received an email that was supposed to contain an attachment, but
        no matter which mail program I use (pine, zmail, outlook, netscape),
        all I get is the encoded text in the body of the mesg. I've tried
        manually decoding it with mimencode -u, to no success. Suggestions?
        \_ Ask them to resend it.
        \_ Oh my God!  That's the "attach.kak" virus!  It's only pretending
           that you can't view it!  You've been virused!
        \_ Try /usr/local/bin/munpack
1999/12/27 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17106 Activity:nil
12.28   In Pine how do we edit the From: so it doesn't display your name?
        \_ sendmail -t

p)W    I propose that all motd postings be now prefixed
        with a random string of 40 bits.

-324985.55  I propose that all MOTD postings now use stardates
            instead of the old Gergorian calendar dates.
            \_ I propose we date them with the exact time from the
               time(2) system call, i.e. seconds since 'the epoch' of
               0:00:00 1/1/70.
1999/12/8-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17023 Activity:high
12/8    I've been getting this error while reading Usenet with trn on soda:
        "trn: out of memory!". It seems limited to groups with lots of (more
        than 1 million) messages, no matter how many are current or expired.
        Is this a trn problem or an agate problem? Thanks. --dim
                \_ both. agate had a bunch of corrupt indices that trn
                   would choke on. some (maybe all) of the indices have
                   been fixed. mail usenet@news if problems persist. -jwang
        \_ me too...
        \_ trn problem, mail root and ask someone to install
           /usr/ports/news/trn4/ to get a version without the bug
        \_ Read mail elsewhere.
         \_ mail, news, it's all the same thing right?
1999/12/3 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16994 Activity:high
12/2    Can someone recommend a mail reader that accomodates cc'ing to
        newsgroups, file attachments, and keeping copies of sent-mail
        that is not pine? Thanks in advance.
        \_ mh.
           \_ mh + munpack + procmail
                \_ mutt.  why the hell would you want to "cc to newsgroups"
                   \_ why the hell not?
                      by cc'ing to newsgroups I meant some mail
                      reader that would have a field or option of sending
                      a copy of mail to newsgroups.  Why would I want to
                      do this? I frequently send emails to my mailing
                      lists and like to keep copies of announcements on
                      my newsgroups.  Think about it.
1999/11/30-12/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security] UID:16980 Activity:high
11/30   Is there a way to use trn to connect to an NNTP server that
        requires a login and password? -brianm
        \_ trn4 supports NNTP authentication, and despite being in beta
           for the last 4 years is more stable than 3.6
           \_ Right.  Where in the man page or documentation is the
              explanation of how to actually authenticate?
1999/11/29-12/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16962 Activity:kinda low
11/28   In pine, how do I add an attachment so that my parents can see
        in-line JPG picture in their AOL mail (instead of them having to press
        that download button)?  -kid with newbie parents
        \_ not sure, but let me tell ya somethin' about PCs. After my
           parents worked their butt off to pay for my tuition, I decided
           to be a good kid and got them a new sub $899 computer w/net.
           On the first attempt to teach them Win95 and AOL, AOL for some
           reason took up all the VM (200 meg) and the computer swapped
                                  \_ another luser who thinks virtual
                                     memory is about using your hard disk
                                     as memory.
           like hell. After a while, the computer hozed and I had to reboot.
           My parents looked confused, and I had to explain what happened
           and why I had to reboot. They looked even more confused. I guess
           this whole "user-friendly" shit isn't very friendly for the
           older generation who don't understand the difference between
           Windows, Office, internet, email, Start/Start Programs.
           \_ I'm sure my parents are older than yours and they weren't that
              stupid about it.  I think you just have dumb parents.  It has
              nothing to do with age.  Nothing about being over 30 makes
              anyone innately anti-technology or technophobic.  It's a gene
              pool problem, not an age problem.
           \_ why is it that there exists this generalization that if
              you're an older person, you automatically are a complete
              dumbshit who no longer has the ability to read and
              learn new material?  it's not like computers come from
              outer space or anything.  for the most part, i hate computers,
              so i do the bare minimum to set-up and run my own computer.
              even that type of lazy, unconcerted effort give me a running
              unit.   anyhow, the kind of stereotype doesn't make any
           \_ got one word for you, dude: iMac
        \_ use linux. ride bike. problem solved.
           \_ U53 W1ND0Z3 MAN. W1N98 15 50 KRAD. 1T CAN RUN 3V3RYTH1N6
              THAT L1NUX CANT MAN. SO USE W1ND0Z3 CUZ 1T5 C00L
        \_ Get LINUX for parents.
        \_ LINUX!
1999/11/25-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS] UID:16954 Activity:high
11/25   Thought of the day: why hasn't anyone thought of trying a class
        action suit against M$ for providing the OS due to whose incompetence
        90% of currently existent viruses were created? Same goes for the
        new wave of M$ Office/Outlook exploits. This should warrant at
        least a 10-digit number in punitive damages (if not 11 or 12), no?
        (And no, I don't observe thanksgiving).
        \_ read the agreement on the package.
           \_ EULA or not -- as far as I know, _even_ if one agrees to some
              disclaimer, the disclaimer can be deemed invalid under certain
           \_ My EULA says that upon opening the shrinkwrap (which is required
              or you can't read the EULA) that you owe me your body, mind, soul
              and all personal wealth past, present, or future unless you live
              in Guam, the Virgin Islands, or Idaho where this agreement does
              not apply.  In return you are allowed to use my software on one
              computer until such time as I feel otherwise and you have no
              recourse if I break your computer or the software does nothing
              because the CD is a blank.  You agreed to all this upon opening
              the shrinkwrap.  Now that you understand how a M$ EULA works,
              you think it'll protect them from any lawsuits?
              \_ heh it would seem that YOU don't understand much about the
                 law.  to answer your (idiotic and uninformed) question,
                 no, that probably won't, and if you didn't spend all your
                 time wacking off to nudie pics downloaded from the web
                 you'd realize that there are already lawsuits that have been
                 filed in response to the findings of fact.  Stop posting
                 on the motd until your mind is at least 8 years old.  Oh and
                 happy thanksgiving.
                 \_ There's no connection between the monopoly issue, which'll
                    certainly see the light of day time and time again, and
                    what I'm talking about above. The OTHER sin that M$ is
                    guilty of is writing shitty code, shitty enough to create
                    a cottage industry of virii for their platform of
                    unparallelled dimensions. I'm sure I don't need to bring
                    up specific instances... we've all heard more than we
                    wanted to about the recent Outlook exploits. The question
                    is why THAT hasn't gone to court yet. -original poster
                    wanted to about the recent Outlook/Office exploits. The
                    question is why THAT hasn't gone to court yet.
                      -original poster [not author of the 2nd EULA post above]
1999/11/23-25 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16944 Activity:moderate
11/23   Agate is down?  Is it short term or long term?
        \_ read
           \_ cute.  And how would I do this without being able to read
              \_ Use the Force, Luke.
           \_ Will someone with access to the ucb.* hierarchy please
              summarize? --dim
              \_ The point is that agate is the official news server.
                 Hence you won't be able to see any messages to
                 ucb.* newsgroups if it's down.  (They *do* go to
       , but I didn't see any new ones.) -emarkp
                 \_ Sorry. I thought maybe the downtime was scheduled
                    and someone had read about it beforehand. --dim
        \_ It's back up now (Tue Nov 23 16:47:41 PST 1999). --dim
                                                     \_ planning for this
                                                        motd to be around
                                                        a while?
1999/11/17 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16911 Activity:very high
11/18   My coworker, who i think is a complete ass, is telling us Critical Path
        is better than Sendmail.  The main reason?  B/c it "has a web interface"
        and Sendmail doesn't.  Which is better?  Are there only two primary
        choices these days for corporate mail?
        \_ You coworker is an ass.  Run a fucking mail server.  What
           admininstration?  I touch my mail server about once a... uh.. never.
        \_ "web interface" == admin, client, or both?
        \_ mail on site (pay for admins, machines) or mail outsourced
           to CP.  Or if you really want to pay $$$ for a bunch of
           untrained MSCE monkeys, go with Exchange.
        \_ sendmail offers outsourced email? didn't know that.
           \_ They don't.  The facts would seem to support the assumption
              that your coworking is an ass, as he doesn't know the
              difference between a provider of outsourced email and
              a provider of email server software.
        \_ Setting up a sendmail email server isn't that hard.  Why pay anyone
           else on a monthly basis to do a big nothing job like mail admin?
           \_ Let's say you have 100 users and pay $5/mo/box to someone else to
              handle your email. That's $500/mo. How many sysadmins can you
              hire for $500/mo?
              \_ Sysadmins that only deal with  mail?  About $0.25 per
        \_ Tell your coworker, that by his reasoning Yellow Cab makes better
                cars than BMW.  He's comparing apples to oranges, services to
1999/11/16-17 [Computer/SW/Mail, Industry/Jobs] UID:16902 Activity:moderate
11/16   Software co-op positions available at Siebel Systems in
        Emeryville for January-June 2000.  If interested, send resume or
        questions to me at -chaos
        \_ Siebel?  Weren't you doing sendmail?
           \_ Wrong Asian chick, you bonehead.
                \_ They all look the same to me.  Had one asian chick,
                   had em all.
           \_ didn't take long to do sendmail; small company.
1999/11/15-16 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16883 Activity:low
11/11   I'm trying to configure a sendmail server to allow legit Berkeley
        students to use it as an smtp server but not allow spam.  Is there
        a way to do this?  It seems like uclink4 allows external ISPs to
        utilize it as an outgoing mail server while filtering out spam
        \_ Isn't there a way to look at the return address and make sure
           that it's coming from Berkeley?
        \_ set the rberkeley ip address ranges into your relayok file.
        \add something like FEATURE(access_db, dbm -o /etc/mail/access)dnl
        and then add 128.32 RELAY or something like that or more risky but
        more flexible building with: FEATURE(relay_local_from)dnl
        will will mail as long as a local domain smtp sender is specifed
        or "faked". this doesnt impact spam filtering but might allow relaying.
        really you are more likely to get blacklisted for this than used as a
        relay. --psb
        \_ You're much better off using SMTP Authentication, or for the brave,
           Sendmail/TLS then IP range based relaying.  There are quite a few
           hacks involving watching pop/imap logs and editing the realyok file
           but they are pretty damn kludgy.  And I don't know if I would use
           uclink4 as a good example of how things should be run.
1999/10/24-26 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/HW] UID:16756 Activity:nil
10/22   Whats a good book on client server architecture (how-to)? Need
        something fairly basic.
        \_ how about client/server for... dummies 3rd ed?
        \_ The Linux Network Administrator's Guide by O'Reily's is pretty good.
1999/10/24-26 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16753 Activity:nil
10/23   mutt 1.0 released.
1999/10/24-26 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16752 Activity:nil
10/23   Suggestions for decent mailling list and www message board software?
        The list is small but aliases aren't good enough.  Message board should
        be easy for the non-techy client-side users to use.  It's ok if it's a
        bitch to setup.  thanks
1999/10/6 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16673 Activity:high
10/6    Can anyone tell me where the file is that dictates which programs
        sendmail can run?
        \_ sendmail can run just about anything, unless, of course, you have
           smrsh built in.
           \_Evidently, my redhat linux box came with smrsh built in but
             (annoyingly) without a MAN page!  Can someone direct me to a
             redhat appropriate man page for it (the one on soda has the
             the wrong paths - among other things) Or better yet, just
             tell me what i have to do to it to add a program.
1999/10/6-8 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Security] UID:16671 Activity:high
10/6    What is the reason for ssh being suid root?
        \_ ssh is setuid root for .shosts authentication.  The client
           connects to the server, proves its identity using its host
           key, and then sends your username to the server.  You can't
           write a fake client that sends someone else's username because
           the client connects from a reserved port (that's why it has
           to be setuid root).  You can't run a fake client as root on
           your own linux box because you don't have the real client's
           host key.
           make a fake client that sends someone else's username because
           the host key is only readable by root.

           If you don't use .shosts authentication, your ssh client does
           not need to be setuid.  --mconst
                \_ The remote server connects back to check or what?  I don't
                   see how your description prevents me from hacking my own
                   client and handing them my own user generated server key.
                        \_ It checks against it's own list of known keys
                           (in the system directory or the user's directory)
                           \_ Huh?  Waitasec... so I hack my own client to
                              return a key I've created which I'm falsely
                              telling the server is a valid key for my host.
                              How does it know I haven't made a hacked client?
                              There's too many pronouns floating around
                              confusing me.  Thanks.
                                \_ The server only trusts hosts it's talked to
                                   before and saves their public keys for
                                   future reference.  The only way to spoof
                                   that is break into the client and find it's
                                   private key (which is only readable by root
                                   on Unix boxes so non-root people can't do
                                   evil shit with it).
                                   \_ Hmmm.. ok.. but what if the only prior
                                      server contact was with my hacked client?
                                        \_ Then the user was a moron if they
                                           added your hacked client's key &
                                           hostname to their .shosts
                        \_ the server /etc/known_hosts file is maintained
                           by the sysadmin.  sshd won't add new hosts to it.
                                \_ Ok, got that.  I still don't see why I can't
                                   hack my own client to feed all bad info to
                                   the remote server from first contact to
                                   potential security violation.  If my client
                                   is the only source of info for the remote
                                   server and I've hacked my client to send
                                   false data, how does the other side know?
                                        \_ it doesn't, but it has no reason
                                           to care either.  You only get to
                                           login if your host in the .shosts
                                           and your key matches what the
                                           server thinks your host key is.
                                           Otherwise you lose.
1999/9/30-10/1 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16636 Activity:high
9/30    Is there a way to make pine or elm or any other mailer save mail
        as '' instead of just 'user'?  Having to manually
        type in the complete address is a big hassle.  Thanks.
        \_ Very easy.  Switch to procmail/mh/nmh.
        \_ Didn't this already get answered?
1999/9/29-10/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16624 Activity:nil
9/29    What app is associated with the MIME type "application/ms-tnef"?
        And when I save the content to a file, what file extension should
        I use?  Thx.
        \_ You should delete it if you see it.  It's MS Exchange/Outlook
           crap that's useless to the rest of the world.
1999/9/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16444 Activity:nil
8/30    Thanks to the allknowing motd re:namebased virtual hosting.
        Next question (: i can no longer telnet to port 25 on my linux
        (and thus mail to/from any other machine no longer works) I
        can still send between accounts on the same machine, but that
        is all.  The only think i can think might have caused it is the
        additon of ipfwadm -F -p masq (for netword address translation).
        Any ideas?
        \_ that just looks bad.  there must be a -S in there
           somewhere.  i don't know what security risks there are in that.
           can you telnet into any other service you're running?  maybe
           you just don't have sendmail running. "/etc/rc.d/init.d/sendmail
           status" or "psu -axu | grep sendmail". i would strongly
           discourage running any mta however since they are security
           hazards to begin with.  if you do you should run qmail instead.
                \_ run qmail only if you don't mind not being able use
                   .forward files and basically every other thing you're
                   used to using with mail.
        \_ If you can telnet port 25 on 'localhost' but not from outside
           its a firewall rule problem. If you can't even hit it from localhost
           are you not running a  'sendmail -bd' ?
        \_ Yeah.  Idea: do your own testing before wasting motd time.  Like gee
           did you try turning off NAT and then seeing if telnet works?
1999/7/31-8/3 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16217 Activity:high
7/30    trn question: trying to extract and uudecode a multi article file
        with trn but the article pieces are out of order on the server
        which is confusing trn.  The files are bad.  Any way to get trn
        to deal properly with multi article decodes on out-of-order
        messages?  Didn't see it in the man pages.  Thanks in advance.
        [Dissing of other people's tools deleted.]
        \_ "I don't know how to download porn properly, please help!"
        \_ trn is an antiquated piece of crap.  -blojo
        \_ what you need to use is the most obscure thing you can find
           like rn or something.  Then you can be "cool" to all the sysadmins
           because you know a little obscure bit of trivia that no one else
           in their right mind wants to bother with.... but they'll think
           you're cool.  "Doosh."
        \_ Perhaps you should (s)ave the individual articles, trim the
           headers, then cat them together in the correct order.  (How
           come they didn't use shar or something, anyhow?) -brg
        \_ mmmm, warez
           \_ Yeah I thought of that but wasn't really psyched about doing
              the perl thing for it.  I missed the tool dissing.  If someone
              has an alternative news reader for unix that will properly
              \_ What is considered the most politically correct
                 news reader nowadays?  Asking, since
                   % readnews
                   readnews: Command not found.
                        \_ "readnews" became rn over a decade ago.  Welcome
                           to the 90's.  (trn is much better than rn though)
                           \_ Anything better than trn?
                                \_ trn 4.0beta, tin, and slrn
                                        \_ URLs?
                                            \_ or
                                               look in /usr/ports/news on soda
              deal with this, that's a good answer too.  I'm not in love
              with trn.  It's just what happens to be installed.
1999/7/30-31 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16213 Activity:kinda low
7/30    Hey here is an interesting piece on SETI@home.
        \_ Second of all, you're an idiot for replicating /. in the motd.
                                                        -also !tom
        \_ The only thing of note is the claim that Intel has a slicked up
           client but these guys can't get source.  It's not like this is
           highly classified government work.  Code should have been open on
           day one.
                \_ Sun & SGI both got the source code and made specially
                   optimized versions for their 64-bit cpus (one of the
                   reasons both teams are so high up).  You just have to
                   sponsor the project to get the source.
        \_ "SETI@@home won't let me hack their client for my B1FFMAST3UR
            300O0 K-RAD SUP3R FL0AT1NG P0!NT GRAPH1X BB0RD, so they must
            Whine whine whine . . . that's not interesting.
1999/7/16 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16149 Activity:high
7/15    Abstraction barrier.  I don't wanna know how s/key works.  I just want
        a WinNT FTP client that supports it.  URL?
        \_ s/key works by using an MD4 algorithm.  If you don't want to
           know how things work I suggest you pick a different major
           other than engineering or computer science.
        \_ You need to run keyinit on soda.  You'll need some luck to find
           a GUI FTP client that hides S/Key details from you.
1999/7/15-8/5 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:16141 Activity:nil
07/15 pine upgraded to 4.10. old pine available as pine-3.96 -aaron
      \_ install fixed not to move mail to $HOME/mbox -aaron
1999/7/13-15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16121 Activity:kinda low
7/13    Uh, does the CSUA run an nntp server and if so what is it?
        And don't flame me you assholes.
        -- At least you could cut to the chase and ask about porn binaries..
        \_ Why waste all that disk space and network bandwidth when we can
           just use agate?
                i free pron
        \_ trn? rn? tin? generic Windoze news reader?  The NNTP server is
           what gives these clients news.  The CSUA doesn't run one, but
           everyone in uses <DEAD><DEAD>.  If you're
           dialing Netcom, for example, and you want to use your mail reader
           at home, your NNTP server would be <DEAD><DEAD>.
           at home, your NNTP server would be <DEAD><DEAD>.
           \_ how would you define "everyone in"?
              Nobody asked for a list of news clients, only if soda ran a
              nntp server.
1999/7/9 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16093 Activity:nil
07/09   While we're talking about Windoze, does anyone know a POP3 mailer
        that stores e-mails in the same pure-text as it's stored in /var/mail?
        I'm going nuts with these proprietary .mbx, .idx, and .eml files
        that MS Outlook uses.
        \_ You might have some luck looking into PC-hosted UUCP-style mailers;
           from what I've seen of them, they tend to understand mbox format
           pretty well. -brg
        \_ If you find some Eudora resouces on the web, you'll see that
           Eudora's .mbx format _is_ in the standard unix format.
1999/7/2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:16059 Activity:high
07/01 Shit! OutlooExpress 5 just deleted 4 years of crucial personal
      files/data on my computer!  Since soda doesn't allow telnet anymore
      I figured I should configure Outlook...I directed the program to
      save the mailspool under d:\xyz\mailspool,  all of my stuff was in
        d:\xyz, instead of creadting a subdirectory under d:\xyz, outlook
        overwrote everything else and it's all gone.  What can I do?  is
        there a way to retrieve anything at all?  Please please help!!!!
        \_ Restore from backups.
        \_ Programs do exists that try to undelete deleleted files..
           Just don't write anything more to disk and look at symantec
           or norton or something for one of these programs. Just make
           sure you don't write anything else to disk until you do that
           or the bits that were your  email may be over written and lost
        \_ this is a troll, yes?  Outlook Express 5 just creates .mbx and
           .idx files and does not overwrite as far as I know.  What file
           format were your existing e-mails stored in?  If this is a
           legitimate plea for help, post up your e-mail and I'll send you
           the 600K undelete program.
        \_ No this is NOT troll.  Anyway, i just tried a recover program
           but was not able to recover anything.  Yes outlook saves in
           .mbx and .idx files...but I told the program to place the mail
           in d:\xyz\mailspool.  D:\xyz is wher all my important stuff
           from the last 4.5 years are stored.  Since the subdirectory
           "mailspool" didn't exist, i just assumed that it would create
           a subdirectory under D:\xyz.  Well for some reason when I
           finished d/l'ing the pop mail, all that was left was
           d:\xyz\mailspool, everything else under d:\xyz was wiped out.
           I kid you not! try this yourself and create configure outlook
           as i've said.  Even the date on D:\xyz was stamped 7/1/99
           instead of 1995 when it was created.  send me undelete program
           if you have one that works -hitran
                \_ it's called "restore".
           \_ what OS are you running?  I know Outlook Express (v4, and v5)
              Win95 doesn't allow you to choose a non-existent directory as
              your mail folder, since it brings up that directory tree for
              (default C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express)
1999/6/2-3 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15903 Activity:very high
6/2     question: I moved & now use netcom - and can't send email from pop
        clients like I could using the ucb hip account... soda complains
        about "relaying" email... - is there any way to fix this? -noah
        \_ Use Netcom's SMTP server in your pop client settings. --sowings
            \_ send mail to postmaster@csua and tell them that their
               sendmail is misconfigured.  netcom probably doesn't
               allow you to use foo@csua as your "From" address; netcom
               is correct and csua is wrong.  -tom
               \_ Neither is wrong, and neither is tom.
                  \_ Tom is right or wrong?  And about what?  And who says?
                     \_ Penis
                  \_ Both soda and likely netcom are using different ways to
                     keep people from abusing their mail server.  Tom doesn't
                     like soda's because he thinks it unlikely the spammers
                     would figure out they could then spam through soda simply
                     by forging a 'From: ' address,
                     and wants us to change to allow that.
                                \_ Not if you set it up to check for valid
                                         user names.
                        \_ Last place I was at allowed that shit and we were
                           used that way.  Tom is a know nothing and an idiot.
1999/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15651 Activity:high
3/29    I'm using CSUA as my permanent account.  However, SMTP servers
        such as uclink4 & mail.ocf refuse to send CSUA addressed mail and
        the CSUA SMTP refuses to send to domains outside CSUA.  I would like to
        not be restricted to using my ISP's SMTP server.  Does anyone know
        a SMTP server with no access restrictions?
        \_ Huh? I've been sending mail from CSUA without a hitch.
           \_ I think he/she means sending POP mail through soda from an ISP
        not be restricted to using my ISP's SMTP server.  Does anyone know
        a SMTP server with no access restrictions?
        \_ Get an AOL account.
1999/3/6-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15552 Activity:moderate
3/5     Jobs at Sendmail.  Directly.  Perm.  Fulltime.  Not Taos (for those of
        you who don't know -- I'm the fulltime in-house recruiter at
        Sendmail, Inc.). See /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs/Sendmail/ for more
        info...or email me at soda, or --chris
        \_ is there anything suitable for me?  - cm1ee
        \_ I hear they have a Major Fucking Twink III opening.  -tom
          \_ duh, what are the requirements on the MFTIII position? -oj
                \_ Tom has to think you're less intelligent than him... oh
                   wait, that's everyone!
        \_ hmmmm, need 5 yrs exp for just about every position.
           \_ Yes?  So?  Obviously they don't want new college grad losers.
                \_ yup only experienced losers.
           \_ Actually, thanks for bringing that to my attention.  Some of
              the job requirements are more flexible than that, and
              modifications to the "minimum years experience" requirements
              have been (and are being) made to the website
              job descriptions.  --chris
1999/2/22-24 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15463 Activity:nil
2/22    Trying to decide if we need another T-1.  Can anyoned recommend
        software for monitoring the amount/percentage being used? -crebbs
          \_ MRTG rules, and it is free!  -ERic
1999/1/23-24 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15281 Activity:moderate
1/22    where would i find documentation on the creation and use of a
        \_ Which newsreader?  Man <newsreader> would be a good start.
        \_ trn/rn:
        \_ Be careful if you share your killfile, you might start a VR
           universe by accident.. (if you think this sounds stupid, read
           the rest of "Idoru")  --dbushong
           \_ This sounds stupid.
                \_ gibson is a twink.
1999/1/18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15248 Activity:very high
1/17    My phone disconnected while I was using pine. How
        do I recover my message?
        \_ Chances are, Pine recovered the message. Check for any existing
           Pine processes running, and kill them to have Pine save
           your interrupted message.
        \_ Use a (mostly) stateless email system like mh.  mh won't destroy
           your mail folders when the phone line drops unlike some lesser
           email systems.
          \_this does not appear to have happened. am I completely
          \_probably.  you should use Ctrl-O more often.  or use Eudora.
            \_ I've tried using Eudora, but can't send any messages for
               some reason.  It always tells me the email addresses I'm
               sending to are invalid.  help?
                \_ soda's sendmail configuration is broken; if you're dialing
                   up from an ISP, you will be unable to send mail using
                   soda as an SMTP server.  You will also probably be unable
                   to send mail from your ISP's SMTP server with your soda
                   address.  -tom
                \_ tom for VP
                \_ been there, done that.  -tom
                  \_ besides, isn't he ineligible now? --oj
                        \_ that was my point
1/today everything from pre-1/15 cleaned up.  none of those threads were going
                \_ I can't be VP, but I can provide the VP with sendmail
                   rules which are not broken, which I did.  He can
                   refuse to install them and kick me off root, which he
                   did.  -tom
                  \_ Do we detect a subtle note of bitterness?

1/today everything from pre-1/16 cleaned up.  none of those threads were going
1999/1/16-18 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15243 Activity:high
1/15    When I try to run pgp5, it says: Invoked with unknown symlink. ???
        \_ and I cannot ask elm to use pgp5 for that reason.
           \_ ls -l `which pgp`; ls -l ~/.pgp
              check to make sure that any symbolic links aren't broken.
             \_ I played around and realize that pgp5 checks under which
                symbolic name it was invoked to perform the approriate
                function, unlike pgp ver. 2.  However, this makes it
                impossible for elm to use it, and thus I cannot use
                DSS key with elm.  Any solution?
                \_ use mutt
                   \_ Does the mutt on soda support PGP5?
                   \_ Does mutt on soda support PGP5?  It does not seem so.
                \_ Well, you could try creating the symlinks to the
                   pgp binary yourself.  If you need to, you could always
                   create them in ~yourhome/bin and add that to your path
                   to make them easy to get at.  If the pgp binary expects
                   to be invoked through a symlink, then why not let it?
                   \_  Well, I think elm invokes pgp using options rather
                        than symlink.  pgp2 and pgp5 command formats are
                        not compatiable.
1999/1/11-12 [Computer/SW/Mail, Finance/Investment] UID:15210 Activity:high
1/11    I have a problem in telling elm to save outgoing messages.  It
        does not do it no matter how I change the relevant option field.
        \_ change your ~/.elm/.elmrc file
           \_ I did, it does not have any effect!
                \_ You lack fu.
1998/12/5-6 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15074 Activity:kinda low
12/4    /var/spool/mail/<user> holds our INBOX file. But where is our IMAP
        folders physically held?
        \_ IMAP a protocol used for online mail viewing.  By default, you
           don't have an IMAP folder unless you specifically ask for one
           (like you would get a uclink4 POP3 account). /var/spool/mail
           is the standard location on unix systems (/usr/mail on some)
           to store mail so I'm not sure what you're talking about when
           you ask where our IMAP folders are located.
         \_ it depends on a lot of things. seems like it depends on
            both the server, and the client.
            netscape4, for example, seems to somehow default to having
            server-side folders in your home directory. Which makes sense,
            after all. (caviate: I tried this on a sun box. I haven't
            tried it on soda.)
            \_ "caveat" is third-person subjunctive, not second-person
               imperative.  The plural is "caveant" ("let them beware").
            after all.
         \_ I have mine in ~/mail, so they're easily accessible to pine,too.
1998/11/30-12/2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15044 Activity:high
11/29   Is there some way to telnet into uclink4 and manually delete things?
        Say someone sent me a 30MB file and I can't download it over my
        modem.  Is there a special port number or something?
        \_ the third option under Pine's setup lets you set your SMTP
           server. You can just set that to <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ why would you do that?  your smtp server is your outgoing
              mail server which the unix server you're running pine on
              already has (unless you're running pc-pine or your sysadmin
              is too stupid to not install sendmail).
        \_ the easiest way might be to use PINE (or any other similar mail
           client), and set uclink4 to be your mail server, browse through
           your messages, and delete the 30MB file.
           \_ Pine doesn't support POP.
                \_ Pine has supported POP for years for those with
                   enough brains to read the F'qing FAQ, plus UCTwink4
                   now supports IMAP, so you just fucking lose all around.
                   \_ I would have read the F'qing FAQ but all I had
                      was the pine man pages.  Perhaps you could post
                      an url for the official pine faq.
                        \_ From the pine main menu, choose setup, then
                           update.  It gives you some messages to read,
                           one of which is a pine FAQ.  - mikeym
                   \_ Plus, you can use fetchmail, so all Unix mailers now
                      "support" POP.
        \_ slap your friend.   -jor
        \_ When uclink4 was young you could get in using ftp, but the
           uclink4 nazis stopped it.
        \_ Easy.  Mail consult@uctwink4.
        \_ never mind, i found it.  for anyone interested it's
           telnet uclink4 110
           user [your user name]
           pass [your password]
           dele [message index]
           If anyone has an url describing POP3 syntax that would be
           greatly appreciated.
           \_ is appropriate.
              The man page for fetchmail(1) is really good for listing most
              of the big standards that apply to Internet e-mail (though it
              doesn't cite RFC 974, "Mail Routing and the Domain System",
              which is very important). -- schoen
           \_ It's also a good idea to do this (and POP3 in general) through
              SSH tunnels.  This is very feasible with UCLink4; see e.g.
              "" (and
              yes, it works with non-Unix SSH clients).  -- schoen
1998/11/20-21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14986 Activity:very high
11/19   I remember someone on here saying that pine is a crappy mail
        program. What mail program would you guys recomend?
        \_ telnet port 110
        \_ if you are female, nmh
                \_ Female?  What's that have to do with it?
                        \_ It has *everything* to do with it.
                          \_ Such as?
                \_Sorry but i am male. Now whats a good mail program?
                  \_ so you really want a good male program...  elm/mh/mh-e
        \_ If you're still overcoming pine withdrawal, try mutt.  If you're
           ready to move onto something smaller and simpler and you're
           used to vi (unlikely if you used pine), then try elm.  It's
           quite good once configured properly, and the version on soda
           has all the exciting patches to make it do mime and pgp shit
           \_ What if I prefer VIM -- is there an elm-improved?
              \_ just setenv EDITOR to whatever is right ofor you.
                 \_ That's not what I mean.  I mean that the elm interface
                    is a bit clunky, and I was wondering if there was a
                    program like elm, but with a slightly better interface.
              \_ then you obviously havent fully explored the power of ex/ed
                \_ /bin/cat!!!
1998/10/26 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14836 Activity:nil 77%like:14823
10/24   Are there any pubic SMTP servers we can use? I don't want to
        shell out $20 for an ISP just for an SMTP server. thx.
        \_ use localhost sendmail daemon.  works for me.
        \_ How do you get Internet access?  This will likely give you some
           SMTP server.  (Or run Unix on your own computer and be your own
           SMTP server.)
            \_  somehow i doubt it's very likely that people using mail tools
                which require a nonlocal relay would be running unix themselves
                \_ Hence the suggestion, you see.
                   \_ ^would be running^would have the clue necessary to run
                      \_ Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.
        \_ Yeah, I have the same problem.  Use two ISPs, both of which I
           don't pay for - sibling's ISP account and friend's college account.
           Both of which refuse e-mails where the From: line isn't in the
           right domain.  For me the alternatives are to cough up the $ or
           live on elm. :-/  Probably the latter.
                \_ You don't need to run Unix to be your own SMTP server.
        \_ You cheap bastards.  Get your own ISP account.  Sheesh.
        \_ Just forge mail, it's easy
           \_ not without an SMTP server.
           \_ You know, to add to the fun, there's been some suggestion that
              ISP's block outgoing tCP/25 from their dialup netblocks to all but
              their own smtp server, to keep people from dialing in and spamming
              \_ Ick!  -- End-to-end Model #3 fan
                 \_ End-to-end Model #1 fan: yermom
1998/10/25-26 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14823 Activity:very high 77%like:14836
10/24   Are there any public SMTP server we can use? I don't want to
        shell out $20 for an ISP just for an SMTP server. thx.
        \_ use localhost sendmail daemon.  works for me.
        \_ How do you get Internet access?  This will likely give you some
           SMTP server.  (Or run Unix on your own computer and be your own
           SMTP server.)
            \_  somehow i doubt it's very likely that people using mail tools
                which require a nonlocal relay would be running unix themselves
                \_ Hence the suggestion, you see.
                   \_ ^would be running^would have the clue necessary to run
                      \_ Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.
        \_ Yeah, I have the same problem.  Use two ISPs, both of which I
           don't pay for - sibling's ISP account and friend's college account.
           Both of which refuse e-mails where the From: line isn't in the
           right domain.  For me the alternatives are to cough up the $ or
           live on elm. :-/  Probably the latter.
                \_ You don't need to run Unix to be your own SMTP server.
        \_ You cheap bastards.  Get your own ISP account.  Sheesh.
        \_ Just forge mail, it's easy
           \_ not without an SMTP server.
           \_ You know, to add to the fun, there's been some suggestion that
              ISP's block outgoing tCP/25 from their dialup netblocks to all but
              their own smtp server, to keep people from dialing in and spamming
1998/10/16 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:14785 Activity:high
10/16   A while back there was some posting on a motd about fixing the
        mess Pine recently made.  It's creating a giant mbox and
        swallowing my quota.  Help!  Make it stop!  And please no lectures
        about using Pine in the first place...  Thnx - cathyg
        \_ delete messages, and use a real mail program.
        \_ $ Mail
           s 1-1000 /tmp/pinesux
           d 1-1000
           rm /tmp/pinesux
        \_ perhaps mail to root would be more useful
1998/10/15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14780 Activity:nil
10/14   woohoo!!play with pocket knives at Sendmail!!!
1998/10/13-15 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14768 Activity:high
10/12  Meet Eric Allman, creator of Sendmail - Wednesday, Oct. 14th
       Sendmail Info-session, 5:00pm Wozniak Lounge.
       Pizza (Zachary's I think) and raffle, Bring your resume!! -- chucky
                                             \_ or your gun . . .
       \_ Give me a B!  Give me an E!  Give me a N!
          Give me C!  Give me an O!  What's that spell?
          Louder!  I can't hear you!
                                             \_ or your gun . . .
        \_ It's a little weird to envision being _hired_ by Sendmail.
                \_ Why?  It's just another software computer company.
                   \_ It's also a legendary part of Unix -- imagine being hired
                      by Cron or something.
        \_ It's funny how the most widely used mail routing softwrare has
                        \_ Yeah whatever.  Get your head out of the clouds.
                           It's a software company like any other.  Perhaps
                           I simply lack your point of view.  I'll leave it
                           at that.
        \_ It's funny how the most widely used mail routing software has
           been the most critcized for security flaws.  The guy at Cornell
           who wrote the worm that infected a third of the internets computer
           exploited a little hole in the software.
           \_ It's the intertia thing.  Who wants to learn a new mail system?
           \_ No one finds bugs in software no one uses.  Netscape, MSIE,
                Windows 95/NT, and plenty of UNIX software have also been
                found to be riddled with security flaws.
                \_ Yeah, but in the unix world holes get fixed.
                        \_ Which is why 10 years after the Internet worm,
                        buffer overflows are still being found since
                        individuals holes are fixed, but no one learns.
                        Look how long it's taken to get snprintf() support
                        in all the major unix flavors.
                        \_ 20 years from now, NT 11.8 will be on service pack
                           14beta and it still won't work right.
                           \_ Windoze will crash and burn before reaching
                              version 11.8.
                                \_ We can only hope.
                                   \_ see, m$ keeps all their source code
                                      for NT on some computer running NT.
                                      now when that computer starts crashing
                                      enough times the file system will be
                                      corrupted and the vioala, no more source
                                      code for Windows NT...and then the
                                      world rejoices!
                \_ sendmail hasn't had any new security holes in quite
                   some time.  It went through a security audit a while back
                   that appears to have caught a lot of the potential
                   problems.  -tom
                   \_ now if only they could fix that durn performance problem.
                        \_ performance isn't a serious issue for 99% of the
                           machines out there.  The fact that it's a pain
                           to set up and use is.  -tom
                           \_ Yeah just throw more hardware at it, MS style.
                        \_ MS clearly didn't invent that strategy.  -tom
                           \_ no, they invented the virus disguised as an OS.
1998/9/23-25 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14661 Activity:high
9/23    I'm trying to access the ucb newsgroups through a private ISP but
        agate doesn't seem to want to allow external connections.  I have a
        modem so running  netscape through X to show up on my local machine
        is not an option.  Is there some way I can connect to agate and trick
        it into thinking I'm from ucb? (like ssh forwarding) -thx
        \_ Use a real newsreader like trn/tin/slrn from a ucb machine like
        \_ Try web-based news reader. --bkong
        \_ ssh -f -l you -L 119:agate:119 <DEAD><DEAD> sleep 86400
           NNTPSERVER=localhost trn
           \_ But please don't abuse this (since this technique can readily
              give unaffiliated off-campus people access to agate, and IS&T
              will then come to you by night and ping of death you).
           \_ Just out of curiosity, whose machine is "gobears"? And does it
              particularly have any relevance to this example, or is it a
              placeholder for "your favorite on-campus machine"?
              \_ Just a random on-campus machine.
              \_ <DEAD><DEAD> was home to the gobears mailing list,
                 web & ftp sites for Cal sports fans, but the machine died,
                 and the mailing list is now served off the ocf (mail to
        will be delivered to the mailing
                 list on the ocf) - the mailing list is gatewayed to ucb.sports
        \_ Why can't you use the news server provided by your ISP?
           \_   hello, do you know how to read?  they said they wanted
                access to ucb newsgroups.
                \_ This person said nothing about other newserver can't access
                   ucb newsgroup.
                   \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
                      Buy a clue.
                        \_ You smart ass!!!
                           \_ Better a smart ass than a dumb shit like you.
        \_ a longer term solution is to ask your isp's newsadmin if they
           can pull your fave ucb.* newsgroups from agate.  I imagine that
           CNS doesnt really want thousands more people hitting it to read
           news but they may be more amenable to sending newsfeeds back to
           other newsservers, esp since agate may pull newsgroups from those
           very same newsservers. --jon
           \_ Agate will not accept posts to ucb.* from ISP newsservers. -tom
              \_ Though you can still then mail ucb-newsgroups-cool@agate from
                 elsewhere.  You can sort of make most newsreaders do that by
                 replying to author and then changing the address.
1998/8/26 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14512 Activity:low
8/25    Where the hell did all my mail go?  i had 300 messages in my inbox
        and it's all gone! freaking pine...can't they just leave the god
        damn program the way it was?
        \_ try reading the official motd
                \_ I think he's a troll.  Gotta be.  No one could possibly
                   be this stupid.
                   \_ i often find myself in situations where i say this,
                      and i am invariably proven wrong...  people are always
                      more stupid than you can possibly imagine.
        \_ I win.  I had 1045 messages in my inbox.
                \_ I deleted roughly 9500 messages yesterday.
1998/8/26-9/13 [Computer/SW/Mail, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:14506 Activity:nil
08/25   If you run PINE and your email has all mysteriously vanished, run
        "/csua/bin/fixmail". -Brian
1998/8/13 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:14445 Activity:nil
8/12    I recently started using procmail but was wondering if there are any
        email programs that will tell you when you have new mail in a
        particular folder. Pine doesn't seem to cut it.
        \_ newmail to see it as it arrives, frm to see what's new since you
                 read last
           \_ newmail will only help if you're already logged on. frm won't
              help you if you've filed your goods.
                \_ frm will help you if you know how to use it.
        \_ 'folders' works great, if you use MH.  If you don't use MH,
                you should.
1998/7/26 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14394 Activity:nil
7/25    Does anyone know how to tell pine _not_ to do ascii attachments
        (of things lih0zer
        your mail client", this is for someone else..
        \_ change their mail client.
        \_ man pine
1998/7/10 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:14314 Activity:nil
7/9     How do you change the Reply-To address in pine when you send
        outgoing mail.
        \_ Type Ctrl-R when in any of the header fields will expand headers

        \_ go to the setup configure menu.  it's easy to find the reply-to
           header option.  it's near the bottom i think.
        \ By using real mail program
          \_ I don't understand this religious fervor over mail programs.
             What can other mailers, such as mh, do that pine can't for the
             _average_ user? And don't start naming off 1001 features that
             Joe Blow won't ever use, cuz I don't deny they do have more
             features than pine.
                \_ how about "not using 3*mail spool space in RAM"
1998/5/13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14091 Activity:low
5/12    UCLink suddenly discontinues SMTP EXPN and FTP, sending shockwave
        all over campus.
        \_ Your tuition dollars at work.
           \_ They should put that in as the response to a USER/PASS pair:
              530 Your tuition dollars at work.
1998/3/26-27 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:13865 Activity:nil
3/26    Hello, does anyone know of any programs/scripts to generate mailstats
        for sendmail traffic? other than the mailstats program thar comes with
        sendmail? [i remember there are some other perl hacks but forgot where
        i saw them]. --psb
        \- seems helpful --psb
1998/3/22-23 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:13848 Activity:nil
3/21    Any good implementations of a good imapd client under unix? -- Marco
        \_ Fetchmail is typically recommended (you mean an IMAP client, right?)
           and follows the philosophy of delivering to a local sendmail.  And,
           it's free and written by ESR.
1998/2/20-21 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/HW] UID:13709 Activity:high
02/20   Where can I find a good ssh client for the PC? Thanks.
        \_ Windows PC?  F-secure from Datafellows is functional.  What do you
           mean by "good"?  Since UCB EECS is buying a zillion licenses at
           $7 each, you could just grab a copy from someone.  Should be all
           over the place right now and more licenses are coming soon.
           (I mean "F-scure client licenses for Windows").
        \_ You can't.
1998/2/20-21 [Recreation/Woodworking, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:13706 Activity:very high
2/20    In Pine how can you selectively forward emails from a certain address?
        For example, I want to keep all mail going to Soda, but for mail from
        my brother, I want it to be forwarded to my work address.
        \_ man procmail - mogul
        \_ man filter
           \_ duh, there is no man-page on filter.
                \_ Pretty much if you're using Pine, you couldn't understand
                   a man page anyway.  They wrote pine for secretaries not
                        \_ Secretaries my ass.. as if they have ever seen UNIX
                   \_ man mutt for something better
                           in their lives..
                           \_ Our secretaries use unix.  Top of the
                              secretarial gene pool.
                                \-MailAgent is the Top-of-the-Gene-Pool mail
                                processing system. Probably the only one that
                                some knowledge of group theory/set theory to
                                understand the man page. --psb
                   geeks.  Use slocal if you need to be clever.
                   \_ Oh, I forgot that anything that's easy to use has to
                      be for idiots.  Hopefully someone will drag you into
                      the next century.
                        \_ No, anything that's hard to use but is intended to
                           be easy belongs in the secretarial pool.  If Pine
                           was so fucking easy then why ask how to do what
                           _should_ be a really easy thing?  slocal is just as
                           hard/easy, does more, and has examples in the man
                           page.  If you're such the "pine is easy to use"
                           babbling moron, then why not provide the answer?
                           Shouldn't be more than 2 or 3 clicks and a drag.
                           \_ Oh my.   pine is a mail READER, not a delivery
                              agent.  You can't DO what has been asked with
                              pine.  Use procmail, slocal, or simply be
                              selective about which address you give to who.
1997/12/3 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/Domains] UID:32175 Activity:nil
12/1    Why does pine now require fully qualified hostnames for other
        computers in the domain?
        \_ Name resolution weirdness being investigated.
1997/12/3 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32174 Activity:nil
12/1    why is my display all messed up?  the screen isn't scrolling
        and clearing properly when reading mail.  is it still vt100?
        \_ works perfectly for me, get a new client.
         i'm using telnet
          \_ you are an idiot.
         \_ Yet you didn't have the balls to sign that?  -ax
          \_ I call people idiots in real life all the time.  I
             specifically called YOU an idiot (if you were the
             idiot who said "get a new client, I'm using telnet")
             because telnet has absolutely nothing to do with
             terminal emulation, and the client is almost certainly
             not the problem, anyway.  -tom
             \_ I wrote the "get a new client" line.  I did *not*
         write "I'm using telnet".  Relax Tom, it's only the
         MOTD.  You'll have a heart attack before you're 30 at
         this rate.   sign me, Concerned For Tom's Health
         BTW, I did *not* write that long ALL CAPS diatribe
         or call anyone an idiot, etc.  I'm just thinking of
          \_ "before" he turns 30? hahaahahaah.
            \_ How old is Tom?  I figured about 28 or so.
          --Concerned Even If Tom Is Older Than I Thought
           \_ 29.  -tom
             \_ Well, see?  Slow down or you could be
         dead before your next birthday.
            --Concerned About Tom At Any Age
1997/5/15 [Politics, Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/HW] UID:32144 Activity:nil
5/14    Is there another news server than agate that we can use?
        \_ Can't find porn either, eh?
        \_ No dumbo, agate's been down a lot lately.
           \_ There is no other news server on campus.  You can look at
     or various others.
        \_ Is there a program that can keep retrying rn until agate is
         up again, sort of like a auto redial for rn?
         \_ while
1997/4/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:32116 Activity:nil
3/31    HEY MELISSA BRANDT!~ !~~!
        I just thought I'd tell you that the web page you refer us to on
        your campaign flier ( is bad publicity,
        my friend.  I mean, you are a lovely looking young woman, BUT...
        when I follow the link to find out why I should vote for you...
        well, you just don' know, deliver.   --maxmcc
        \_ "Lovely looking young woman" is all the reason I need to vote
           for her.  She's HOT!  -horny girlfriendless soda geek.
        \_ Oh yeah, Melissa, also you should check into the
           "The requested URL /~action/becs was not found on this server."
           message on the Autobahn page.
           PS.  BEN COATES FOR PRESIDENT --maxmcc
        \_ If I were you, melissa, I think
           I would file for a restraining
           order -- this max guy's after ya.
        \_ Everyone knows I'm Seano's.
           At least now that King
           Salomon is gone.   --maxmcc
             \_ So your only claim to
         fame is "I know seano and
         john?"  Lame.
        \_ I'd do 'er. -- every desperate soda geek
        \_ Why don't you all grow up and stop acting like a bunch of
           beavis and buttheads.
         \_ signed, Melissa ?!
        \_ Dibs on Beavis.
        \_ Huh huh, I think we just scored.
\_ Learn to chmod before running for the senate.
Received: from localhost (jayu@localhost) by http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU (8.6.12/8.6.
12) with SMTP id TAA26552 for <melissa@soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>; Mon, 31 Mar 1997
1996/1/8 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:31797 Activity:nil
01/06   Anyone else have Pine die on them and find that there is no
        backup of the interupt letter?  Soda Mark IV : Unstable
        \_ pine sucks -aaron
        \_ Well gee, as far as I know source for pine is available on the
           net.  Find it and fix it, or use a less broken mail program.
        \_ there's some ptx only pine patches out on the net somewhere,
        \_ Pine is working stably for me, but since I'm so stoopid, I have
           to use HIP, and I'm having trouble getting this doo-hickey thing
           recognize a dec-vt220,
         so the only way I can get Pine or Pico
           or any other fancy-schmancy program with a menu interface to run
           is to telnet into my UC Link account first and specify a vt100
           terminal, which Soda would then recognize.  I have no idea how to
           specify a terminal manually and directly because tput's just to
           cryptic for me.  (Yes, this is a pathetic plea for help, but also an
           alternative means of accessing Pine for anyone interested, but
           you're all probably Unix savvy gods and smarter than me anyway,
           so why don't I just to that corner right now and go fuck myself.)
           \_ Ok.
1994/2/8-3/6 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:31480 Activity:nil
2/5     Do not forward mail from your soda account to your .HIP account.
        Use POP if you want to read mail at home.  Our sendmail will soon
        be configured to toss out mail destined for .HIP machines.
1993/11/15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:31429 Activity:nil
11/15   Soda's sendmail IDs as "Philmail" ???
        \_ You got a problem with that?  -phillip
        \_ Ah!  A beta-tester for the Philmail-philcompress interface!
           \_ I just thought I'd take this opportunity to communicate
              how distressed I am with this concept of "philcompress".
              It really doesn't follow the ethic of philware, and
              besideswhich, it just isn't very funny (not nearly so
              funny as "philzip", which actually works, if it were
              written).              -phillip
              \_ Would you object to having philmail filter all letters
                 through philspell?  And what's the status of PhilOS?
                 \_ PhilOS will be done as soon as I get done debugging
                    philcc which, among other things, will suppport
                    approximate pointer matching.               -phillip
1993/9/1 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:31388 Activity:nil
9/1     What's going on with trn?  It's catching SIGSEGVs and restoring .newsrc
        and stopping when it tries to return marked articles. -rmgee
        \_ You can't run trn from the diskless clients.  sorry.  it's a
           problem that's been around for years.
           \_ I'd feel more satisfied with that answer if I knew what you meant
              by diskless clients and I hadn't been not having problems with
              trn before. -rmgee
         \_ sorry.  if you're that lame, you shouldn't be on our
            cluster.  Go and read your erotica somewhere else.
1993/6/9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:31355 Activity:nil
6/8     Pine Ver. 3.07 and the accompanying Pico has been installed
        as and Name convershun will take place in
        about a week, mail all bugs to pine@soda.Berkeley.EDU -- marco
        \_ BTW, I've made the outgoing mail fcc blank, so if vous want
           it to save outgoing mail to a file, make sure to alter
           change your ~/.pinerc to reflekt that.
2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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