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2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:27411 Activity:nil
2/14    I wrote a simple Expect script that telnets to another system,
        runs a program called dbapi that changes the debug level of various
        application processes, logs out and exit.  Even though everything
        seems to go fine with correct responses, if I check the debug levels
        again manually, they were not changed.  If I use dbapi to change the
        debug levels manually (without using Expect), they change fine.
        Any ideas what could be the problem?           - Expect rookie
        \_ does your expect script login as a user that has the rights to
           change the debug level?
           \_ Yes.  If I do the exact same thing as the Expect script
              does, but do it manually (which is how I usually do it),
              then it works.
        \_ As an alternative, take a look at Perl's Net::Telnet (or the
           equivalent lib for Python, Ruby, ocaml, or whatever language
           you happen to be using).
2003/1/30-31 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:27251 Activity:moderate
1/30    Is there a freebsd utility that given a public_html directory
        can create a sitemap, either as text or html or something
        similar? Thanks.
        \_ ls public_html/*html
           \_ won't actually follow the links and put them in a hiearchical
              fashion.  try again?
              \_ write a 5 minute perl script?
        \_ Try .  -- misha.
2003/1/4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26977 Activity:low
1/33    I've noticed that some people are using the <bgsound ...> tag
        in their html. Is this actually portable across say both IE and
        NSCP? ok thx
        \_ where, for example?  Real questions is: is it Valid HTML?
        \_ As this page ^ says, "Do you really want to do this?
            Background sounds have a way of annoying people."
        \_ good thing PopUpCop can disable this.
           \_ related question on popups.  I've tried disabling javascript
              and java, but sometimes I still get popups!  How come?
                \_ maybe you have one of those background ad things installed.
                   e.g. GATOR.
                \_ maybe you're not using mozilla.
2002/12/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26832 Activity:low
12/16   I want a "List of Figures" page in my LaTeX document. Is there a
        way now to get it to display the figure names and pages
        automatically, without me having to (re)type each figure name
        manually? Thanks.
        \_ LaTeX has a \listoffigures command.
        \_ Often you want long captions in the caption of the actual figure
           but only short ones in the list of figures. If so define
           it with \caption[short]{long}.    -- recently finished dissertation
2002/12/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26673 Activity:insanely high
11/30   Is there any sort of software that can take an XML schema (DTD,
        XSD, RelaxNG, whatever) and create from that a UI (web form, java
        swing app, etc) suitable for creating a conformant XML document?
        \_ Yes.
2002/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26650 Activity:kinda low
11/27   Cold hard cash wasted:  Far From Heaven.
        This movie was so hideously bad, I can't even begin to describe it.
        \_ Check the Douglas Sirk original (this was an homage). If you like
                that one, check the rest of them. (All of them). If you don't
                like it, there's your answer.
        \_ That's a shame. May I ask if you've seen previous Todd Haynes
           films and liked them? (Safe, Velvet Goldmine, Poison) -- ulysses
           \_ Haven't seen any others of his.  I wouldn't discount him
              completely based on FFH, as he was working against a shitty
              script and an apparently rotating door of producers, but it
              was really horendously bad. --scotsman
              \_ Oh hah.  I just noticed on IMDB that the script was his.
                 Okay, another strike. --scotsman
                 \_ Like Hal Hartley, people either love or hate Haynes. Take
                    for instance this piece of worship:
           Far From Heaven sounds like
                    pretty standard Haynes to me. Be warned if you find
                    yourself considering his other stuff.
2002/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26647 Activity:moderate
11/26   Can anyone point me toward a javascript that checks for the existence
        of a directory every X seconds and jumps there when it becomes
        available?  I stfw but I don't think my script-describing fu is up to
        \_ checks for the existence of a directory on a web site?  I doubt
           it's possible, since you'd have to be able to differentiate the
           error page that the web server generates from the real page.
           on the other hand, you probably could have a script that reloads a
           page every X seconds, which have the same net effect.
           \_ I thought perhaps that the 404 return code would be visible
              to javascript, but I have no idea how to do it myself.
                \_ Why Javascript?
        \_ You want perl.
                   \_ It's a web app that people upload files to.  They're
                        given an "upload successful" page that should
                        redirect them to where they can d/l the finished
                        product when it's finished.  Is there any other
                        way (besides a time-delayed meta redirect, which
                        I've got) to do this?  That's why javascript
                        sounded good.
                        \_ Does the upload script have to be javascript?  Look
                           at something like PHProjekt for another way of
                           placing files online.  -John
                           \_ The upload is entirely normal HTML plus PHP
                              on the server side.  Javascript is solely
                              for the upload confirmation page, and it
                              should take them to the download page when
                              the download page is created.  ANYTHING that
                              would solve this problem well would be
        \_ do it on the app side. i.e. keep the browser happy by sending
           some <!-- crap --> to it; at the same time keep checking your
           url (HttpUrlConnection). you can get a return code from that
           call. once the file is there, redirect the user - gosha
           \_ It's a public server so I'm running the processing function
              infrequently and at low priorites, meaning wait times of
              several minutes.
2002/11/27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26644 Activity:nil
11/26   With procmail, I'd like to pipe some email trough a perl script
        then pass it on to the appropriate mail folder. Is it possible
        to use procmail's function to write the email into the folder
        after the script processes it, or does the perl script have
        to do the final append to the the mail folder?
        \_ Yes, no.  A rule like
             :0 fw:
             | scriptname
           will do this.  The f means pass all mail that hasn't matched
           yet through that script as a filter.  The w means pay attention
           to exit codes and if it fails, go on. man procmailrc for more info.
           \- mailgent has a perl escape however you maybe be E_TOOSHORT
              to run mailagent. --psb
        \_ I want to do two things to any message that matches a pattern. I
           know how to either file it or pipe it into a program. I'm
           wondering if I can do both in one reciepe: pipe then file.
           Do I need to make two passes to do this? -op
           \_ I've seen some interesting things with re-entrant procmail,
              but your goal is probably simpler than that to accomplish.  What
              is the goal?  Give an example.
           \_ use a {} block.  check ~mconst/.procmailrc for examples.
2002/11/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26567 Activity:very high
        How did they get that "Stolen Image" thing to appear in the
        top version of the jpg but not the bottom?  Or was it just a
        redirect trick?
        \_ They're different files.  The top one is vs2000great1.jpg and
           the bottom one is vs2000great.jpg
        \_ the image in the top frame is linked to directly.  the image in the
           bottom frame is in an HTML page from the original site.  It's
           an HTTP_REFERER trick, not a redirect trick.
           \_ Have you tested directly linking to the image?  It works fine,
              there's no apparent REFERER trick.
              \_ er, oops.  er, yeah, two separate images.  that's... odd.
        \_ Check out the lips on this one!  I love chicks with great lips!
           \_ smooth like a baby's butt...  er..
           \_ She should really open up and smile, though
           \_ Those are stupid ugly lips! Do you realize you have no taste?
              Or were you talking about the other lips?
              \_ other lips?  What do you mean?  I chose this picture for the
                 lips, kiddo.  Lips.  It's all about the lips!  I sure as hell
                 wasn't looking at her grossly ugly face.  What were *you*
                 looking at?  Are you 13 or older yet?  Do we let 5th graders
                 on the motd these days?  I thought this was a college and up
                 computer system?
        \_ I was able to download a copy of the image without the superscript.
           Maybe it is an arrangement with google.
2002/10/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26270 Activity:very high
10/21   When u get a haircut do u usually tip the guy? Why/why not?
        \_ Guy?  That's too gay.  It's your free chance to have a chick
           rubbing your scalp.
        \_ Yes. one dollar.
           \_ It's not free, though.
        \_ That's obviously a trick questions.  Real CS men don't give a
        \_ Yes. one dollar to the nice lady ad Supercuts.
           fuck about their hair.
           \_ And real CS men don't get dates either.
        \_ Yes. one dollar to the nice lady at Supercuts.
        \_ It is customary if the service was satisfactory. --dim
                \_ what percentage is the customary tip... 15% like fud?
                      but no less than $5 (if it's a classy place).
        \_ The last one I went to had this almost non existent strings top
           about bikini size with these anti-gravity all natural C tits.
           You bet your ass I tipped!
           \_ wow brett, sounds like a great time. Oh and by the way,
              thanks for the suggestion below to write my own logging
              script. It works great!
                \_ you're logging script is flawed -brett
                   \_ damn.
           \_ When I went to school in the late 80s there was a salon
              on telegraph where a couple of the hot hair-stylists would
              kinda rub up against or brush their bosoms against you
              when they cut hair. Of course,  back then I didn't know
              what to do, how to get the most out of it, or tip.
                \_ suppose you tip a hot gal. Is she gonna do you? No. So
                   I don't see a point here.
                        \_ valid argument. But remember, your fate for the
                           month depends on your hairdresser. That's one
                           person I never try to piss off. :-)
        \_ This isn't an AIM chat.  "You" is spelled y-o-u.
           \_ Thank you.  Seconded.
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/10/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:26266 Activity:high
10/20   I need to wrap a css file with "<xml><css>" so that I can embed it
        in a file and also link to it.  But doing so causes the linked-to
        version to ignore the first style-- any ideas as to why this
        \_ Is there really a <css> tag? Your question doesn't make sense?
           What are you actually trying to do?
           \_ Actually, I just need the "xml" tag-- I want to be able to
              embed the stylesheet in an html file created by XSL
              (requires an xml tag in the referenced document) yet
              still use the stylesheet via a <link href="..."> tag.
                \_ Aah, so you're trying to use one style sheet file
                   that will work in both XML and HTML, despite them having
                   different syntax. If you're using Apache, make two style
                   sheet files. One will be for HTML syntax, without the
                   <xlm> tag. the other will have an opening <xml> tag
                   and then an SSI include of the HTML version, and then
                   and then an SSI include of the HTML version:
                   <!--#include file="yourstyle.css" -->, and then
                   will be included by apache when it reads it.
                   the closing </xml> tag. It will have ony three lines.
                   you only need to make changes to the first one, and it
                   will be included by apache when it reads it. You might
                   have a problem with mime types: What will be the extension
                   of the XML/XSL filename?
                   \_ That's a good idea, but it won't work for me here.
                      I'm using an XSLT converter that uses
                      <xsl:value-of select="document(mycss.css)" /> and
                      apache isn't part of the equation.  I think I might
                      just have to choose one or the other.
2002/10/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:26233 Activity:high
10/17   i want to set it up so every time a particular webpage is updated,
        i get an e-mail alert. what's a good way to do this?
        \_ Set up a cron job that runs curl/wget or whatever to fetch the
           page periodically. Make sure that whatever http client you use
           puts in an IMS (if-modified-since) header in its request. You
           should be able to track the last modified time based on the
           the timestamp of the last time you fetched the file.
        \_ Local file or remote webpage?
           \_ remote webpage.
              \_ start with a "lynx -source site >" make
                 a cron job doing a "lynx -source site >"
                 then a diff with and mail if they are
        \_ unix or NT/Windows?
           \_ either...
              \_ on windows, right click on the desktop.  you may see
                 active desktop options.  One of the options/tabs:
                 you can download pages occasionally.  Then you can
                 run some sort of a script to occasionally check those
                 files and send you an email.
                 OR: download the html.  and create a script which compares
                 occasionally and sends you and email if it changes.
        \_ Make sure you put it in a tight < 1 second loop so you hammer the
           remote server, rise to the #1 spot in their usage logs and they
           block your IP.
2002/9/10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25836 Activity:high
9/10    Where can I learn how to write LaTeX style files? I already
        searched the web, but couldn't find any sort of "how-to"
        or tutorial pages.
        \_ This one is pretty good.  Print it out for best results.
  -- jeffwong
2002/9/1-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25748 Activity:high
9/1     How insecure is ssh1? Is it crackable by a script kiddie or someone
        with specialized hardware? I keep hearing it is "insecure", but not
        sure what exactly that means.
        \_ These are not the droids you're looking for.  Move along.
           \_ sometimes I wonder if people misquote important science
              fiction movies on the motd just to upset people like me.
              \_ Well?  Are you just going to sit there, or are you going
                 to set the record straight?  *sheesh*
              \_ 'important' and 'science fiction movies' don't belong in the
                 same sentence.  Anyway, the line is correct.
                 \_ no, it's not, moron.
                    \_ um... dumbass...  if it were stated as a direct
                       quote, you might have a case.  you might also have
                       a case if you didn't pick a URL that had the quote
                       grammatically correct.
                       \_ We have a winner!  It was not a direct quote.  Just
                          because it looks like a duck, doesn't mean it's a
                          duck.  Quack!  Either way, it's still not important.
                          \_ and you're still a wanker.  why did you skip
                             the line "you can go about your business?"
2002/8/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25674 Activity:nil
8/23    Isn't paolo's auto motd trim script subject to ban?
                \_ paolo wasn't culling, he was deleting the entire motd
                   every 3 minutes by an automated script.  -tom
2002/8/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25647 Activity:high
8/21    My browser shows a lot of ?/b> and weird HTML flags when I'm not
        suppose to see them. Is it the site or the browser?
        \_ Try the same page in a different browser and see.
        \_ load it up in MSIE, if it looks right, its your browser's fault
        \_ What browser?  Don't they teach you kids *any* sort of debugging
           skills anymore?  Does Cal no longer force kids to learn how to
           \_ Explain this... this... 'think' thing.
              \_ ....  (what more is there to say?)
        \_ Run it through the HTML validator:
           If it is invalid HTML (as most web pages are) write to the author
           and tell them to learn to write valid HTML. What is the URL?
                \_ it's a page. I ran the exact same page on another
                   machine and there's no problem. Curiously though they're
                   both running the exact same versions of IE. -original guy
        \_ Does your browser have multi-lingual support? The problem might
           be because it's trying to encode the page in a different language.
        \_ It looks like XHTML or something of that sort. Maybe your browser
           doesn't support it. but the site is sumb enough to show it to you
2002/8/9-11 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:25526 Activity:kinda low
8/9     Sometimes I can print a regular ps file and get the desired output,
        but when I converted it to pdf, the result does not look nice on
        screen. Does this mean it uses certain fonts available on the
        laser printer but not on my machine?  How do I get the right fonts
        if this is the problem?
        \_ What software are you using to convert to PDF?
           \_ ps2pdf on *nix and distiller on mac.  Both have this problems.
        \_ What are you trying to do (i.e. how did you create your PS? LaTeX?)
           The usual problem is that you embed Type 3 fonts in your PS
           file. Type 3 is bitmapped. You need to embed Type 1 instead.
           Are you using dvips?
2002/7/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25450 Activity:kinda low
7/30    Cygwin question. What does one need to do in add'n to 'chmod u+x
        ./<filename>' to make scripts executable in cygwin on NT? I've RTFM and
        found nothing regarding script execution that's applicable.
        \_ say what?  I've got no problem just running scripts under cygwin as
           if it was a real unix shell.
        \_ as you may recall, there is no executable bit in windows. thus,
           cygwin just looks at the extension or checks for the magic shebang
           header. so add #!/path/to/whatever at the top of your scripts.
2002/7/8-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25301 Activity:high 57%like:25378
7/8     All of my CGI scripts on Soda have died all of a sudden.
        Error message:
        Premature end of script headers: (filename.cgi)
        What gives?
        \_ CGI suexec has not been built into the new apache httpd.
           if user www cannot read/execute your .cgi script, it will
           fail to run. suexec will be added later. -- jwang
                                             \_ approx timeframe?
             \_ if www CAN read/execute your script (perm 755),
                then you get the message described above.
                if www CAN NOT read/execute your script (perm 700)
                then you get a server error "mod_mime_magic: can't read
                'filename'." either way it doesn't work.
           \_ hmm.. couldn't basic things like suexec support be tested
              and ironed out before switching to the new httpd?
              \_ fuck off
        \_ .shtml doesn't work either.
             \_ Which part?
2002/6/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:25162 Activity:nil
6/20    Anyone has experience on reading and parsing XML documents via
        a socket?  My xerces parser doesn't know where the end of
        document is.  The work around documented on doesn't
        work either.
        \_ uh read till the end of the last tag?
2002/5/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:24745 Activity:high 54%like:23760
5/7     On XP I can do route print to see the routing table. How do I do that
        on Solaris and Linux?
        \_ netstat -r
           \_ netstat -rn (if you don't want name resoultion)
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface UH       40 0          0 ppp0 UH       40 0          0 ppp1
        \_ what does it mean when your gateway is I don't get it
           \_ It points to the other end of your ppp connection
           \_ It means someone has hacked your computer
2002/5/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:24733 Activity:insanely high
5/7     So how does /csua/bin/me record my identity?
        \_ It doesn't.  people are stupid.
           \_ All I was referring to was the fact that other users will see
              that you have a lock on the file, and then see new contents.
              \_ ...As opposed to editing the file in vi, finding that it's
                 locked, and running fstat anyway?  Whatever. -geordan
                 \_ fstat is a violation of my privacy rights.  I insist it
                    be deleted immediately.
                \_ Well, an alternative is to copy the motd, edit, then copy
                   back. You can diff to see if someone else changed it, and
                   manual merge. This way I never clobber anyone, of course
                   now I'm learning that other people feel free to clobber
                   me because I didn't lock the file before *they* started
                   editing. Well fuck you with a spoon.
                   \_ The whole point of this is that what _you're_ doing
                      is forcing EVERYONE ELSE to manually merge the motd
                      as well.  As most of us actually have lives, we are
                      asking those of you who are so scared of what you
                      say that you can't own up to it to either use the
                      lock or not complain. --scotsman
                      \_ Actually, I shouldn't make the assumption that
                         "most of us" have lives.  My apologies.  --scotsman
                      \_ no one is afraid.  they just don't care.  it isn't
                         important who said what.  and how the hell hard is it
                         to manually merge?  diff?  patch?  c'mon.  sometimes
                         I like what someone else has said on a topic better
                         than what I said and don't even bother putting mine
                         in.  it goes both ways.  its the motd.  relax.
                   \_ ok, fine, i'm wrong. except of course this way ppl
                      have to wait for slow typers and stuff like that.
        \_ read the script.  damn..
           \_ That probably requires enough clue to understand it. -geordan
                \_ It's not that hard.
                   \_ I realize; I looked at the script and saw nothing
                      that would hint at a lasting record of my identity
                      that ps -aux|grep motd.public wouldn't give.  That'
                      why I was wondering-- op
                        \_ emacs -nw ; C-xC-f /etc/motd.public ;
                           Now no one knows who you are unless they
                           happen to be running lsof for the few usecs
                           when you C-xC-s.
                           \_ U'R $O sUP34 733+ K@n 1 l3AR|V fR0M U 0 733T
                              \_ He wants to be anonymous, emacs is about
                                 as anonymous as you can get
                                 \_ then he's _rude_ and anonymous, and will
                                    have to deal with me overwriting his drivel
                                    because he refuses to use a lock.
                                    \_ so he'll deal.  its not like half or
                                       more of us aren't watching with scripts
                                       anyway.  emacs is hardly anonymous. I
                                       spent about 3 minutes writing a few tiny
                                       scripts that lets me figure out who is
                                       writing what about 90% of the time. you
                                       know what?  i find it doesn't matter.
                                       since i dont maintain a 'twink points'
                                       file and don't take the motd personally
                                       or seriously it just doesn't matter.
                                       you're all a bunch of two faced liars
                                       anyway posting to both sides of many
                                       \_ That's a bald lie.
                                          \_ No it's not.
2002/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:24132 Activity:moderate
3/15    Where is the configuration file for latex2html so I can modify
        how the output html file looks? (on FreeBSD 4-3). Thanks.
        \_ Use the source, Luke!  When in doubt runs strings on the binary.
           \_ you know what?  you're really annoying. - danh
        \_ pkg_info -L `pkg_info -qW latex2html`
2002/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:24131 Activity:high
3/15    with I.E. I want view source to use my emacs binary.  Anyone know how
        to modify my registry to do this?
        \_ you'll probably have better luck setting emacs as the default
           HTML editor and use File > Edit instead of View Source
           \_ Yah I got that working, but not being able to change the default
              View Source program bothers me, and I'm sure it can be done.
              As a side note when loading a program via gnuclient emacs
              doesn't seem to be colorizing the document based on the correct
              mode (i.e. html-mode in this case).  Is that because html-mode
              isn't being turned on for some reason?  Is there any easy way
              to fix this?
           \_ this is kind of dumb.  If you put "<path>\foo.exe" "%1" as the
              command, IE will complain that it can't find '"<path>\foo.exe"
              "%1"'.  If you leave out the "%1", then IE will send pass the
              full path to the cached HTML file, unquoted (which causes
              problems if the path contains spaces, which it almost always will)
              "%1"'.  If you leave out the "%1", then IE will send the full
              path to the cached HTML file, unquoted (which causes problems
              if the path contains spaces, which it almost always will)
              Oh, and since View Source gets files directly out of IE's cache,
              it won't have an extension, which breaks color-coding.  Yay.
              I'll stick with File > Edit.
                \_ yah it is lame, but a quick search found a visual basic
                   program to get around this problem.  The lack of file
                   extension sucks too but hey, it works.  And this way I
                   can view source for a frame and not have it pop up the
                   totally useless notepad.exe
              \_ "Use the source!"  -- oh wait, you cant. poor you.
        \_ Use Opera--you can select the viewer program.
        \_ Use perl!  Ok to be honest I'm not sure how perl would really fit
           in to this but I'm sure active perl can be used here somewhere....
2002/2/21 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23933 Activity:high
2/20    I'm doing tail -f file.  The file gets automatically rotated by
        another process every so often.  My tail then looks at a file that
        no longer updates while the new logfile continues getting data I'm
        not seeing.  Is there a way to easily detect when my file has rotated
        or even better some program/script that can detect the change and
        switch to the new file?  This is a qmail logfile if that matters.
        \_ I believe xtail does that.
           \_ I'll check it out.  Thanks.  Hopefully it has a text-only mode?
              \_ Don't let the name fool you. If you run FreeBSD, you can
                 find it in /usr/ports/misc/xtail. Otherwise:
                 \_ I love the motd!  Thanks!  -OP
        \_ kqueue(2)
2002/2/20-21 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23922 Activity:high
        ".Net marks the dawn of the third age of computing -- embrace it."
        \_ "I get all my tech news from Salon.  Without Salon I couldn't run
           my software startup!  Salon tech news is just swell!"  -- Bill Gates
        \_ .Net question: Wasn't Java/JINI/etc/etc supposed to do all this?
           \_ .Net has pointers.
2002/2/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23776 Activity:nil
2/3     I'm working with xml (my resume), but I can't get emacs to
        correctly indent with open and closing tags.  I have psgml, xml,
        and html -mode at my disposal, but I don't know how to make it
        format correctly.  Any hints?
2002/2/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23760 Activity:low 54%like:24745
2/2     In unix, is there an equivalent to "route print" for the table?
        \_ netstat -r
2002/1/30 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23718 Activity:moderate
1/30    Someone here used to post a lot of fairly involved puzzles.
        Who is it, or if you're him, would you mind pointing me towards
        a link where I can find them?  Thanks.  -John
        \_ Are you thinking of Ilya?  ilyas@csua?
           \_ Must be, thanks.  Ilya, puzzleP  -John
              \_ Ok, write a post script program that computes the number
                 of pages a given post script program will print. :) -- ilyas
2002/1/28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23692 Activity:moderate
1/27    Anybody used the XML Resume Library for their resumes?
        \_ XML is the panacea to all your resume woes!  Its pretty
           awesome, actually- joshk
2002/1/26-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23677 Activity:moderate
1/25    What are some of the good video conference HW/SW to use? I'd like to
        setup a 24x7 2 way link between me and my parents. Thanks.
        \_ Dude, that's really sick.  You need help.
        \_ If you said between you and your horny gf in another state you
           would've got help.  BTW, "Killer Tongue" (1996) on HBO right now!
        \_ actually I was going to setup an infinite loop of me studying
           (like in Speed) to prove that I study hard and deserve to get a
           new Volkswagon
           \_ Why don't you create a web page script that checks the time
              and loads an appropriate picture of you studying or napping.
              Then tell your parents that it's a web cam.
           \_ You deserve what you earn.  Get a job.
2002/1/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:23653 Activity:nil
1/24    What are ".shs" files in NT?  I got such a file.  "assoc" says it's
        "ShellScrap".  What's that?  Thanks.
        \_ IIRC you can have "shellscraps" of executable code sort of like
           batch files.  I wrote one once for kicks but don't remember why I
           did that instead of a .bat.  Load it in notepad and see.
2002/1/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23637 Activity:kinda low
1/22    Is there a way to configure pine (or use a script or something) so
        that if I get email from a certain person (with a certain email
        address) that it forwards that email to somewhere else?
        \_ no, this is totally impossible. computer science has not
           developed anything so incredibly complex yet. --aaron
        \_ look at procmail
2002/1/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23579 Activity:high
1/16    I want to write a simple monitoring script for a webservice that I
        have running. I Was thinking of doing something like just telnet'ing
        to port 80, doing a GET, and grep'ing for a word to indicate that all
        is running smoothly. Is there a way to script such a telnet usage?
        If so, how? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks.
        \_ perl has various ways to contact web servers.  See CPAN.  -tom
        \_ go to and look for 'mon'.  don't rewrite code someone
           else has already done for you.  there's no pretty gui for it though.
        \_ google for Netsaint and thoth.
           \- lynx -dump URL > /dev/null || mail warning --psb
              \_ curl -s URL | grep -q whatever \
                    || mail -s 'warning' person </dev/null   --dbushong
                 \_ Sure but the above methods will spam the crap out of you if
                    you run them often enough to be useful (from cron maybe).
                    Use a real monitoring tool.
           \_ wget  \- not everyone needs a complicated tool. a little shell
                       hack works for a lot of stuff. --psb
2001/12/7 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:23175 Activity:very high
12/6    I don't think this question has been asked recently, and I am
        curious: where do you work, and what do you do at your job?  It
        would be nice to be more specific than "I am a computer
        programmer", but then again the motd is not known for being nice.
        Oh, and why do you work where you work, doing what you do?
        \_ why do you care?
           \_ it says "I am curious" above ...
        \_ grad skool
        \_ I am a code monkey.
        \_ "water resources consulting engineer" - a day's work is largely at
           the computer using spreadsheets or writing/revising documents plus
           a good deal of research on the web or existing documents. Some
           Fortran modeling and some field work. No design work. The clients
           are almost all Indian tribes.
        \_ Anyone a "consultant"?  What is the rough consensus on what a
           "consultant" is?  -- clueless code monkey
           \_ I am a consultant.  I work for a services company.  They get
              a client who needs a given job done which is in my company's
              area of expertise, so we manage a project to get it done.  I
              am one of the people who "does the actual work" (as opposed to
              making the sale, managing the project, or managing the client)
        \_ English Major for life
        \_ why is everyone giving such bitch answers for this? I think its
           an interesting question and I'd be curious to hear the various
           responses as well. I, for example, took a year off school to
           work at a dying start-up. It died, now I'm back to finish my
           senior year.
           \_ hear hear.  I guess I should answer, too, seeing as I
              started this topic.  I graduated in 1997, spent 3 years at a
              large systems vendor in their kernel networking group, and
              escaped last year to work in a similar group at a mid-size
              IP networking company.  I graduated not really caring about
              computer science, but have grown to actually like what I
              do.  - original poster
        \_ sysadmin. mostly disk management of a few dozen terabytes. boring.
           pays well. laid off. first good job offer after numerous crap
           low ball offers. checks clear. benefits average. no options.
           waiting for economy to improve to get real job.
        \_ code monkey.  i've designed cpu's, image processing chips,
           workstations, multi-processor computers, switching fabrics, and
           big router boxes.  i'm now an architect-in-residence for a vc.
        \_ code money 2. been coding for a while, but spend 1/2 of my time
           debugging legacy code written by people who left after i joined,
           and another 1/4 on pointless meetings. i am starting to hate my
           job but i gotta work to support my family. got a $700,000 house
           in santa clara and other shit too.
                \_ $700,000 house....  that's quite the boat anchor.
                \_ I gotcha. There is a lot more to life than coding 15 hours
                   a day doing something really cool that you enjoy-- like
                   spending all of your vacation at Home Depot and doing
                   upgrades and mowing the lawn.
        \_ Executive Director at a medium-sized non-profit.
           Responsibilities include development (fund-raising), event
           organization, and that catch-all term, "outreach". Salary is
           better than the academy, less than business.
        \_ grad school; then academy; still looking for permanent position.
           Never married; never owned a house.  Travel around the world;
           manage time my own way but worries about the next job.
           Bank account always < $10,000, usually much less; never owned
           a single stock, options etc.  Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
           but not often bored.  Doing what I enjoy but there are things
           that I miss, and I certainly would not mind getting paid also
           at an enjoyable level.  I am not saying I am better or worse
           than others.  I am just answering your query.
2001/11/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:23115 Activity:kinda low
11/27   I need to take a snapshot of a window on my screen, and then
        somehow insert it into my LaTeX document (later to be made
        into postscript). What's the way to do this, since postscript
        files can't support jpg's, gif's, etc. (or can they)? Should
        I somehow get the image to eps?
        \_  Depends on the OS:
                Windows - Print Screen key (or ALT-PrntScr for whole screen)
                          puts it in the clipboard
                IRIX - snapshot program (and convert program if needed)
                \_ No, I get how to take the snapshot. I just need to
                   get it to eps or something that LaTeX/postscript can
                   use. Are there jpeg->eps converters, or something
                   \_ photoshop or gimp (xv?) can do that for you.
2001/10/26 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22837 Activity:nil
10/25   wtf?  Did paolo turn on his auto motd nuking script again?
   > ps aux | grep paolo
   dans     74537  0.0  0.0   268  128  AW  R+   12:02AM   0:00.00 grep paolo
   I guess that would be no.
2001/10/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:22817 Activity:moderate
10/24   Using Check-point FW1, i have a 1 hour time-out which is very annoying
        to me.  i would like to eliminate it or make it VERY high.  Is this a
        really dumb thing to do, or is it only a slight risk for a lot of
        \_ You mean the TCP session idle timeout for NAT sessions or sessions
           for which FW1 is supposed ot keep state? I don't know about FW1 but
           IP Filter commonly used on *BSD has this timeout set to a really
           large value, something like 24 hours or so. The Linux 2.2 ipchains
           by default sets a very large timeout value too. I don't think this
           is big security risk but if you have a very large number of idle
           connections (e.g. thousands..), the software might run out of
           entries in its session state table.
           \_ earlier versions of IPFilter had a limit of 1024 state table
              entries--it's now been fixed.  We have the same problem with
              FW-1;  basically, it only comes into play when you have a
              connection that's idle for over 1 hour.  The idiotic thing
              with this value is that it's a global setting, and can't be
              done application-specific (ObFW1SucksPlug).  I don't believe
              there's not much of a security risk;  part of the reason it
              was done was to prevent idle connection hijacking.  You can
              get around it by running a simple script that echoes a single
              character on the target host every x minutes, assuming it's
              a login session.  If it's not (something like database,
              whatever) just set it to a reasonable level (2-3 hours) if
              you really need to.  -John
2001/10/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:22687 Activity:nil
10/10   Is there any quick "script starter" that will daemonize a process
        and return its PID?  I'm looking for something like
        % pid=`start foo [args...]`
                (foo starts running in the background)
        % kill -9 $pid
        \_ foo [args...] & pid=$!
        \_ foo [args...] & pid=$!     # sh
        \_ foo [args...] & set pid=$! # csh
2001/9/20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22550 Activity:high
9/20    In a UNIX shell, what's the best way to traverse the file system,
        executing commands in each directory. find -exec only seems to allow
        one command per result. What I'm trying to do is to have each directory
        in the file hierarchy have a list of all files in . and below.
        \_ 1) Have find exec a script. 2) Use parens.
           \_ my script wants to cd. but the directories have spaces in them.
              \_ use quotes
        \_ How about
                find . -type d -exec find {} -type f -print > {}/files.txt \;
           Except that I don't know how to escape the > and the second {}.
        \_ Why do you need multiple commands per result to do what you want?
        \_ you want find . -name hello | xargs echo ???
        \_ find . -type d -execdir find {} > {}/foo \;
           I want something like that, except I want my redirect to go into the
           directory of the directory from find, not /foo
        \_ This is what I ended up doing:
                find . -type d -exec ./writeit {} \;
                cd "$*"
                find . -name "*.mp3" > list.m3u
2001/9/8 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:22351 Activity:high
9/7     I have a really difficult time reading this guy's OO code. Basically
        he's utilizing polymorphic method calls, which is alright, but
        tracing the code requires going back and forth between the deep
        plethora super/child chains. While I like OO, I think this is just
        a nightmare to trace and understand. Personally, I'd perfer a more
        shallower chain of objects, extending OO via composition instead of
        inheritance. What do you guys think?
        \_ what if there were a tool where you could expand selected
           parts and see the inherited methods all in one screen?
        \_ I prefer composition to inheritance also, but conventional
           wisdom on that subject is that inheritance is easier to
           understand, though composition is more powerful.
           Good development tools (as the above poster mentions) can also
           help. Understanding code that traverses the inheritence heirarchy,
           or accross many objects, is easy in Smalltalk (or VisualAge/Java)
           where there are good tools available, but a pain in the ass
           in emacs. OTOH, reading methods longer than 10 lines is obnoxious
           in Smalltalk, where it is trivial in Emacs.
        \_ i am starting to subscribe to the belief that only a few libraries
           should be OO. widget toolkits, basic containers and a few other
           things. applications should not define weird ass objects. they
           should instead define function objects.
2001/8/22-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:22210 Activity:nil
8/21    Can anyone recommend any good websites on moving from UML requirements
        documentation(e.g. sequenc of events, interaction diagrams, use case
        diagrams, use case statements, etc.) into object design(e.g. UML
        class notation)?
2001/8/18 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:22163 Activity:low
8/17    is there a way in xemacs to pretty-format the source file (
        fixing all indentation) in batch mode rather than tabbing
        every line in the file?
        \_ How about /usr/bin/indent?
        \_ Try indent-region
2001/8/6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Health/Women] UID:22016 Activity:very high
8/6     ``Silicon Valley is arrogant,'' she said. ``There is too much focus
        on degrees here.'':
        \_ WTF is this woman talking about? If anything, there is way too
           little focus on degrees. Our Senior Architect here had a BA in
           philosophy and designed and wrote some of the sloppiest code
           I've ever seen. And now I'm cleaning up after the fool after
           he left. I'm glad the job market is tight because it's only
           squeezed out all the pretenders.
           \_ she's trying to do an 'end run' around the little detail
              that the ratio of females to males in compsci degree programs
              is ludicrous.
              \_ EE/CS doesn't interested women. There is nothing that
                 can be done about that. Its like asking a guy to learn
                 romantic poetry. Most guys would find that exteremely
                 \_ Here in the boudoir, the gourmand metamorphosizes
                    into the voluptuary!
                 \_ right. This is most likely an extension of the tired
                    old argument "women earn less", and ignoring the detail
                    that they dont want to do the actual work required
                    for high-paying jobs.
                 \_ I disagree.  I think the problem is that many women
                    are not encouraged to pursue EE/CS degrees and/or do
                    not know people who can tell them how much fun EE/CS
                    can be.  My fiance used to think that workin on a
                                \_ fiancee
                    computer all day would be really dull.  Then once she
                    started doing some small web and database work she
                    trying to learn programming on the job. -woman
                    \_ I disagree. Women are less intelligent and simply want
                        more for less work. -man
                        \_ "...more for less work."  Yes, this is
                           unique to women.  It is good you clarified this.
                    \_ Your fiance... she..  signed "woman"?  Where's the
                       lesbian wedding happening?
                 \_ on wonder you dont get laid
                    realized how much she liked programming.  Now she is
                    trying to learn programming on the job.
                    \_ The number of women who find programming interesting
                       is exteremely small. My mom used to be a AI researcher
                       and of 150 other people in her building only three of
                       the women were technical, all of the others were admin
                       staff and disliked computers and even refused to do
                       simple html web pages.
                       Personally I've know women who made better grades than
                       me in math and physics refuse to study engineering (esp.
                       ee/cs) because it was "too dull". They just didn't like
                       the sitting in your cube thinking and tinkering aspects
                       of coding. Almost all of them went to med school or bio
                       because there was more human interaction.
                       Men and women are different and like different types of
                       work. You cannot "encourage" women into a field they
                       don't want to work in.
                 \_ no wonder you dont get laid
                    \_ There are more things in heaven and earth than
                       are dreamt of in your dorm room
           \_ I agree. We have too many coders at work who are either
              dropouts are grads in non-engineering majors in key
              developement positions.
2001/7/26 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21956 Activity:high
7/25    Is there any open-source tool to author HTML pages similiar to
        Dream Weaver?  Yes, I do type HTML code using emacs, but when
        it comes to image maps, using emacs is a bit pain in the butt.
        \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  HTML and bitmap editor.
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:21924 Activity:high
7/23    In case anyone isn't aware: Discovery Channel is doing some
        documentary on hackers this wednesday at 10pm.  "Hackers: Computer
        Outlaws". Sure to be a balanced, universal look at underground
        computer culture.
        \_ Live fast, love not, die while your kernel is compiling...
        \_ Hack with a friend, Script Kiddies get raided alone.  -v1ru5
           \_ D00D 1 41W4Y5 H4CK W17H 4 P4R7N3R 2 C0V3R MY B4CK!
        \_ "Faster, meaner, smarter - God I hate the technology curve."
2001/7/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21701 Activity:high
7/2     What are some XML DTDs/schemas for writing technical documentation?
        We have standardized on HTML for documentation at my company
        and I am tired of having to do everything by hand. (proper number
        formatting mostly. Nested <ol>s just aren't good enough) Ideally,
        I'd like to write an XML document and have an XSLT script
        generate the HTML for me. DocBook looks interesting but heavyweight.
        \_ Sun uses SolBook, which is a slimmed down subset of DocBook.
           The OpenGroup uses DocBook for the official UNIX standards.
        \_ My former employer used DocBook... from my experience and what
           I heard, it seemed to work fairly well.
        \_ what is wrong with Latex?
           \_ Nothing is wrong with LaTeX. I used it extensively when
              I worked in academia.
              I worked in academia and was quite happy with the results.
              But LaTeX isn't something that I'd want to standardize
              on in our corporate setting.
              \_ why not? it's too difficult to parse? the machinery behind
                 it is poor? it's too low level?
        \_ You could use Texinfo and Texi2html.
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21649 Activity:high
6/27    Anyone know how to read Shift-JIS encoded email in Lotus Notes 4.x?
        \_ download njstar communicator for windows. - keithyw
        \_ you can try to import into  notes - it will probably give you
           some username and password BS or unrecognized database format
             so the answer is probably NO you can't read it- but you can try
           Why is it that all these companies think the database is the
           proprietary thing when it is the VB code or data handling
           function. We just ran through some engineering apps that we
           wanted to hack appart and none of them allow data access. All the
           data is encoded in some weird ass formet we can make head or
           tails of. Like if everyone just used XML it would be so much
           easier- or even beyond that- notice how people have quitely
           forgotten about EDI. Now there would be some cool govn project-
           converting gov app over to XML specs instead of existing EDI
           specs. - kinney
           \_ Look Paolo.  Non-idiocy is not deleted.
           \_ Why would they (convert EDI to XML)? It seems that the EDI
              stuff is working fine.
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21644 Activity:insanely high
6/27    I'm looking for a programming field that very few people go into
        because it's very hard.  And of course, fewer people -> higher pay.
        Too many coding monkeys doing Java/C++ applications so that's a no.
        I've done network protocol development, embedded software development
        inside network devices and microcode for parallel packet processing
        ASICs.  I've heard programming for DSPs in parallel DSP arrays is hard
        as well.  Is that true?  What other stuff requires real intelligence
        instead of just coding monkey skills?  I'm asking for programming
        positions, not phd level math bullshit work.  That doesn't pay that
                           \_ ah, so you want to use your brain but you don't
                              want to use your brain...
        well.  Thanks.
        \_ you're a wanker, go away
                           \_ ah, so you want to use your brain but you don't
                              want to use your brain...
        well.  Thanks.
        \_ Quantum programming is hard.
           \_ quantum computation is a really exciting feild.  I know, because
              I am getting payed 18,000 dollars a year before taxes to work on
              a quantum computer project. This is just the field for you.
              if the amazing pay doesn't hook you in, check out the fringe
              benefits like spending your saturday nights in a cave-like
              enclosure using an e-beam writer. nont that i'm complaining,
              enclosure using an e-beam writer. not that i'm complaining,
              it's great for some of us, but it is a good way to be poor.
        \_ Solaris device drivers. Actually, it's easier than linux drivers,
           but very very few people are doing it.
           \_ The pay is not that great for Solaris device drivers. Most of
              the work is contract based for custom peripheral cards.
        \_ Become an Oracle DBE. That should be quite sufficient to
           distinguish yourself.
        \_ if you were really smart, ppl would be offering the hard jobs
           to you, lamer.
           \_ If I interview at MSFT, will I get a job programming parallel
              DSP arrays?  You need to determine a field first and then look
              for it.  My main drive is money and few people involved.  E.g.,
              there are only a handful of people in the world that can
              implement BGP4 compatible and scalable with Cisco's BGP4.  They
              get paid very very well.
              \_ Try the fields of medicine or dentistry if you're
                 concerned so much about a big pay day for minimal
                 work/intelligence. A pediatrician can clear over $250,000
                 without overtime working for an HMO. A specialist in
                 private practice... --dim
        \_ you could claim to do your job well, and you'd get paid higher.
           for example, you could say i do web backend developent and deliver
           something that runs on $3000 worth of hardware instead
           of $300000. coding chained DSPs is hard but I have a feeling
           people don't do that kind of shit outside of academia. if you
           like that stuff, you should loook into coding for multimedia
           chips like from Ccbue and Equator and TI. Also, you could get
           a clue and become a compiler writer.
        \_ I followed my interest and did CS.  Now I thought I should
           have gone into medicine.  They pay is better and the babes
           are hotter.
           \_ if you just want $$$ (like I do) then getting a MD now is
              definitely not worth the investment in time.  The money
              you can save working 10 years as a peon programmer is way
              more than the time+money it takes to get a MD.  After 10
              years of slavery I plan to retire.  What will you be doing
              in 10 years?  Just getting out of med school and paying off
              your student loans?  Gimme a break.
              \_ Ten years at $120,000/year is $1.2 million. Cost of
                 medical school is $200,000 (say). Even if you don't make
                 a dime the entire time you are in medical school and
                 residency, you'll be ahead after 18 years from now at most.
                 That's not a bad proposition if you're under 35. Your
                 idea of retirement must suck. --dim
                 \_ I guess you've never heard of compound interest or
                    captial appreciation. 120K/yr with a savings rate
                    of 50% or higher and a modest growth rate of 10%
                    per yr will amount to several million over the
                    course of 10 yrs. Investing this in say short-term
                    bonds gives you a solid income of 100K to 200K per
                    yr. Considering you don't need to spend most of that,
                    your net worth will continue to rise, while you sit
                    around doing what you want. The guy who went the
                    Med School route will get out around age 30 and
                    will spend the next 5 yrs earning ~ 30K while
                    he does a residency, and then he will spend another
                    2 to 5 yrs paying off his debt and will only
                    really start to earn money around age 40. By then
                    your smart coder will be semi-retired living on
                    easy street. If you add in options, the peon coder
                    has a much better life than the MD, as you can
                    use your options to buy a home, thus avoiding a
                    30 yr mortgage that the poor sappy MD has to get
                    in order to affort a home. (We will forget for
                    now that the average MD doesn't make that much
                    more than the average code thanks to the HMOs)
2001/6/13-7/20 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21508 Activity:moderate
6/14    XML.... I know keith fully appreciates the power of XML. But its
        power just transends everything. What I have defined ( which is
        totally wrong but just used as an example for the flippin idiots
        I work with ) is the specification of an equipment list
        Given this we can go ahead with all sorts of initiative. Data
        exchange with Vendors through the web, internal software
        development, application integration run the gambit- of course
        these guys are just idiots and think that SAP, EY and consultants
        will do everything for us- and in the interim lets maintain our
        current army of internal application developers to support our
        Crappy legact systems ( which all they do is study to get MCSE/
        or Oracle certified ).  Just sickening- and I of course am so
        damn low on the todem pole for anyone to give a damn of my
        opinions. And of course all our software developers are just
        swamped.. ya right I know a lot of them and really all they do is
        screw around all day- especially the network guys. Maybe if one
        of those network guys setup a wireless lan/ or publicize VPN
        capabilities I would respect them. You wouldn't believe our
        remote access. Everyone think you have to dial in using modems-
        while our notebooks all have this really cool VPN software which
        works seemlessly with broadband connection- But no one ever
        mentions it sickening anyway that my midweek rant

<not positive about this one, but note the telltale "????" and tone>
        \_ uh.... learn to spell/type? Next week, you should post this to
           the 31337 uber-motd called /dev/null .
2001/4/28-30 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21132 Activity:low
4/28    LaTeX question:  How do I write a macro to add to numbers?
                                                       \_ two
        I can't seem to find how to do math operations with macros.  Thanks.
        \_ See Appendix A.4 of "The LaTeX Companion" for one way.
           \_ I don't happen to have that book handy.  Is there a URL
              or a sample latex file available to illustrate this?
              \_ Sorry, I don't know. If I were to do a websearch,
                 I'd search for the TeX commands "advance" and
                 "multiply", or the LaTeX package "calc" by Thorup
                 and Jensen.
2001/4/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20919 Activity:nil
04/07   hola, LaTeX fans may be interested in:
             In honor of his sixtieth birthday, PODC will feature a series of
             lectures illustrating and celebrating the vast impact of the work
             of Leslie Lamport.
        in re: recent discussion of latex. ok tnx --psb
2001/4/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:20882 Activity:nil
3/31    Trying to install some games on FreeBSD4.2  I installed SDL 1.0.8,
        & 1.1.6-devel from ports, and 1.2 from source; I've run
        ldconfig -R, and a 'configure' script STILL reports that it can't
        find the SDL library.  What am I doing wrong?
2001/3/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20770 Activity:nil
3/13    I'm writing a logging script (bash) and i want time stamps
        I don't always have control of what is writing to the log
        but i want to time stamp all entries. What is a good way
        to do this?
2001/3/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20742 Activity:high
3/9     two lines in a script:
        1.)   ls | grep something
        2.)   echo $?
 this ALWAYS returns 0 for success BUT if i just type 'ls | grep something'
        at the command line and then echo $?, $? will be 1 if 'something'
        wasn't matched.  What is causing $? to be 0 in the script when grep
        doesn't match?
        \_ this works fine for me; the script I tried echos 0 or 1 appropriately
2001/3/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20722 Activity:nil
3/4     I want to create a shell script that my users can execute,
        but not read.  I thought the way to do this would be to
        create a shell script and give it world executable permission
        and take away all read permissions.  This doesn't seem to work.
        Any suggestions?  Thanks.
        \_ you can't.
           \_ I'm executing one right now.
        \_ create a binary instead?
          \_ You still need to read it to execute it.
             \_ no you don't.
                \_ Local Unix FS will let you execute without reading.
                   NFS servers just assume that the execute bit also grants
                   read priveledges.   (Some clients may try to stop you from
                   reading the file, but it's usually possible anyway.)
        \_ Um, this is probably useless since a user can always run the
           script with /bin/sh -nv <path to script> and see what its doing.
           They can also get an execution trace with -x (either set -x or
           /bin/sh -x). You can probably do a set +x in your script, but
           some versions of Bourne and Korn shell will ignore that if the
           shell was invoked with -x.
           Why do you want to do this?
           \_ I'm a TA and we plan to have a project where the students
              can test there work by running a script.
                       \_ I believe you want their not there.
              \_ why don't you want them to see the tests? Will that give away
                 how to do the project? If so, I'm curious as to how and why.
                 \_ If the students see the tests, they'll cheat and and tailor
                    their code to only handle the those test cases.  -- not TA
                    \_ Then you are a fool.
                    \_ Then maybe you need a better test suite/project? --Jon
        \_ Install sudo.  Add an entry to the sudoers file which allows anyone
           to run the script, and have it run as user "foo".  Then make the
           script read/executable only by "foo".  Now make a wrapper script
           which just does "sudo -u foo /path/to/real/script" and tell your
           users to run the wrapper script.  --dbushong
           \_ This will work, so long as you also clear out the env vars
              and reset the -x flag in shell.
        \_ Write a CGI or a mail interface.
2001/2/7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:20525 Activity:very high
2/6     web monkey question: how can I make a webpage include the
        contents of one html file from within another html file? for
        example, I want my webpage, index.html to include the contents
        of a file called title.html whenever it's loaded, so that I
        can change titles by just changing title.html without touching
        index.html. what's the easiest way to do this?
        \_ you need some kind of server-side processing done.  the exact
           details it will depend on what kind of web server you're using.
           Most of the time you'd just add a line like the following to your
           page: <!--#include file="foo.html" --> .  You may need to
           specifically enable SSI on your web server and give your pages
           a special extension (e.g. .shtml, .asp, ...)
           \_ my webserver is Apache. Do I need to call the file index.shtml?
              anything else I need to do?
              \_ you might need to modify your .htaccess file.  See
                 Note that if the web server you're talking about is soda,
                 you don't need to do anything special; just add the
                 <!--#include ... --> line.
           \_ can you specify a url for the content of a CSS? -ali
              \_ URLs to cascading style-sheets can be given in a <LINK ...>
                 tag, which will be handled by the client, not the server.
              \_ not afaik, but you probably could use a combination of
                 SSI and <style> ... </style> tags to do what you want.
2001/1/28-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20454 Activity:moderate
01/27   EE department is teaching a course on intro to embedded programming/RTOS,
        as EE 290-O (letter O). Prereqs listed as "knowledge of C and familiarity
        with OS basics" -- presumably ~162.
        TuTh9:30-11 / 531 Cory / Christof Kirsch <cm@eecs>
        \_ Can non-students audit the class or simply sit in the lectures?  I
           heard that Cory Hall requires card key access these days.  -- yuen
           \_ Card key access is for after hours and labs.
           \_ It should not be cardkeyed in the morning (that's 9:30-11 AM, of
              course). The prof is unlikely to mind an auditor or two, but
              you should email the prof directly to know for sure. -alexf
           \_ Card key access is for after hours, labs, and the colossal sexual
              encounters that occur there.
              \_ And if you're lucky you might see Hilfinger step out of his
                 shower stall.
                 \_ ew
                    \_ That's no slide rule he's holding.
              \_ Why do you think the first floor sounds like a vibrator?
2001/1/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20265 Activity:moderate
1/5     I put my resume in HTML format, now I want to conver it to
        Postscript.  How to do that other than using Netscape to
        print to a file?  How did u guys to make your resume fit into
        one single postscript page if the original is in HTML?  --kngharv
        \_ man html2ps --pchen
           \_ HTML is not a layout language; if you care about page layout,
              you'll have to use something with page layout capabilities, like
              TeX, Word or PageMaker.  You could create a PageMaker template
              and place the HTML into it, or maintain it in TeX or Word and
              generate HTML from that (although Word's HTML generation is
              terrible).  If your resume is simple enough, "html2ps" or
              just using Netscape might work.  -tom
              \_ What I've found is that the people who spend the most
                 time making their resumes look glamorous are the ones
                 trying to compensate for having nothing worthwhile on
                 it. Use the KISS principle (keep it short and simple,
                 sweet and simple, simple stupid, whatever..). By the
                                        \_ someone unclear on the concept
                 way, this has nothing to do with resumes but Tom, you're
                 a twink.
                 \_ Tom has one of the better careers of all csuaers.  If Tom
                    know anything, he knows jobs and resumes.
        \_ I had to spend a half-hour tweaking my html resume's font and
           number of lines to make it fit in one postscript page.
           \_ Fuck that.  Send ascii text.  No one is going to do anything
              more than skim it for keywords they're interested in.
2001/1/6-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20253 Activity:nil
1/5     What's the JDK equivalent of chdir() ?
        \_ You can use JNDI, which has support for directory structures.
           May or may not be relevant.
        \_ None, not cross-platform. There are workarounds mostly app hacking
                or shell script hacking.
           \_ JNI call to a script that does chdir()?
              \_ Current directory is process specific, so if you spawn
                 another process with the script it won't help you at all.
                 You can call chdir() in JNI method -- it might work (dunno
                 if some Java libraries cache the value of the current
                 directory though).  Why do you need it, anyway?
        \_ Use File.isDirectory () tells you if the file is
           a directory. From there, you can do things like File.listFiles (),
           but make sure you do things like File.canRead () and so forth in
2000/12/14 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20095 Activity:very high
        \_ linux + windows in our armed forces, I pray that we don't
           \_ anagrams: slow unix wind
           have to fight a major war in the next few years.
           \_ Need FragOS
           \_ Windows?  The article doesn't mention it.
              \_ the navy has already standardized on NT server for most
                 \_ There are no battleships.  You mean "warships".
                 \_ Almost.
                 \_ Oooo.  That's why they got bombed in Yemem ......
        \_ new proposed MOTD convention: place all URLs on a line by
           themselves with no other text so we can triple-click to highlight.
           \_ Those of us who want people to click our links already do that.
           \_ I triple click (or hell, highlight the entire paragraph) and hit
              F8, which pulls the contents of the X cut buffer, matches the
              first URL in it, and starts (or opens a new window for)
              netscape to that URL... works just fine for me.
           \_ Use something stupid like gnometerm which makes links out of
              URLs for you.
                        \_ motdbrowser
2000/12/7-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20036 Activity:moderate
12/7    Anyone know of free software that compare to CiscoWorks/View or
        HP OpenView (ns is the closest comparable that I've found so far).
        \_ What do you want to do?  ns is a network simulator for small
           toy networks.  HP OpenView is a very expensive "enterprise
           network management tool" that monitors actual, live networks.
           \_ I want the closest I can get to OpenView for free... ns
              is not adaquate.
              is not adaquate (it's just a simulator)
              \_ The WS_FTP people make something called WhatsUp Gold,
                 which you can set up to ping all your hosts and draw
                 a non-serious network topology.  It happens to come with
                 \_ Not exactly FREE...
                    \_ Oh wow.  Sorry.  It was $50 last I checked.  I bet
                       someone has a UNIX tool/script that does the same
                       for cheap.  Look up "ping" and "network management"
                       on tucows,, whatever.
                       \_ I just saw it for $695.
                          \_ Yeah, I know.  "Oh wow, sorry," was not sarcastic.
        \_ how about mrtg? It does some of the stuff that CiscoWorks 2k
           You should probably also try
           \_ Perfect, thanks.
           I worked on CiscoWorks for several years and unless you have
           a heavily routed cisco network most of the stuff is completely
           useless. Also, the UI is *really* heavy, its all slow swing
           based java (Management decided that fast and simple html wasn't
           "sexy" and "cool" enough for the enterprise).
           A while back I had a couple of cgi + a simple applet that let
           you run ping, traceroute, nslookup, nmap, dig and a few trivial
           protocol availability tests on one or more boxes. I can probably
           dig it up if that's all you want.
           Mail me for more info. ----ranga
           \_ rrd is a good replacement for mrtg (same guy wrote it).
                \_ I'm using rrd for stat collection and 'mon' for outage
                   reporting and paging. for 'mon'.
                   \_  for mon. -ERic
2000/12/6-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:20028 Activity:low
12/6    anyone know how of a script to extract from an xml file
        and save as some type of formatted text?  or can you point
        to where one should look online for that kind of info?
        \_ uh, xml is a formatted text file. what do you really
           want to do?
                \_ for instance, extracting tag information.
                input /whatever to look for it and return
                lists of values following the named tags...
                \_ You can really write this yourself in C or Perl, but
                   there is free XML parsing code in Java
        \_ Look on CPAN, I'm sure there's plenty.
        \_ XSL style sheets
2000/12/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/Theory] UID:20012 Activity:high
4/249   I'm interested in tree-pattern matching algorithms. I'd like to
        implement a language independent, synthesized and inherited abstract
        syntax tree comparitor. Where is a good place to start?
        \_ well, I actually am looking into the same stuff, this work
           can do fuzzy tree matching, giving you replacements, renaming,
           insertions, etc.
        \_ probably not here.
        \_ Check out the XML tree diff from IBM.  Not sure if there is code
           in PD, but they at least quote source references. <  O(n^4)
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19980 Activity:very high
12/2    Can someone recommend a simple c++ -> html converter?  Thanks!
        \_ echo '<HTML><BODY><PRE>'; cat; echo '</PRE></BODY></HTML>'
           \_ to be correct, you also should replace any <>&" marks with
              their corresponding HTML entities.
           \_ I was thinking the more fancy kind, where they link user-
              defined types to its class definition, color code it, etc.
                                                - original poster
                \_ Don't forget to pipe into a file or cut'n'paste the above.
                   Very important.
                   \_ it's not what the original poster wants, and even if it
                      were, the simplistic cat method above wouldn't replace
                      <>&" symbols with their appropriate HTML character
                        \_ Get a new browser.  Works in mine.
                           \_ just because it happens to work in your browser
                              doesn't mean you should use it.  I also am
                              skeptical that your browser would handle
                              "#include <stdio.h>" correctly.
                              \_ I use emacs in www mode.  You must be using
                                 NS or IE or some cheap clone.
                                 \_ IE is the standard browser. - Bill G.
                                    \_ ED is the standard browser. -- phillip
        \_ LXR, check out - randal
           \_ Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.
        \_ I've seen this done nicely in the Metrowerks compiler.  Purists
        would probably argue you can do this with a hack on tags.  was this
        specifically for the web?
        \_ <CODE></CODE>
2000/11/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19896 Activity:nil
11/22   I saw someone volunteer a reboot script/tool for win 2000 on
        the motd.  If you are still willing to give it out (or if any
        one else who has it is), please send it to me.  (i will, of
        course, not give out your email). thanks. -crebbs
2000/11/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19829 Activity:nil
11/16   If the keys are integers, then bucketize each array (not even a
        full integer sort: just count the # occurences of each key).
        That's 2N. Then, just subtract the occurence buckets and populate
        C with the contents of the subtracto. Three passes through.
        If the contents are not integers, then do exactly the same thing
        but use a hash table to maintain key counts, instead of an array
        (and universal hashing is cool).
        (if the integer keys are sparse, use hash or sparse array, tossup
         which is faster)
        [trivia: the preceding is an answer to what lazy motders question?]
        [trivia: who conceived universal hashing]
2000/11/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:19768 Activity:moderate
        CMU Computer Science: Men outnumber women 10 to 1.  What's
        UCB's male/female CS ratio?
        \_ EECS figures: 83%/17% [accuracy to within +/-1%]
           My guess is L&S CS is similar or slightly higher. -alexf
           \_ i don't believe it.  we need a hand recount.
              \_ We need to admit more women, so engineers will
                 be able to get dates.
                 \_ hear, hear!
                 \_ Yes, and there will be more disk space with less porn
                    in their home directory.
                \_ didn't the article warn the woman to get ready for
                   dorky guys chasing the potential student around?
2000/10/31-11/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:19606 Activity:nil
10/30   22498 www     105   0   572K   504K RUN     39.6H 64.09% 64.09% httpd
        What's going on?
        \_ I told that streaming VRML porn was a bad idea!
        \_ that's just my infinite loop CGI script.  -fucker
2000/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:19599 Activity:moderate
10/29   Lets say I want to schedule a meeting with 30 people, not all of which
        use something like Outlook. Is there a cgi script or whatever that will
        let people just plug in their preferred times on a web page and have
        the tool pick the best time?
                \_ No. Evite does not let your guests select which times
                   they are free and then calculate the best time.
                \_ Also, evite sells that database of your friend's email
                   addresses to spammers.  What kind of friend does that?
        \_ zaplets are pretty useful. Let's you schedule meetings through
           html/javascript in an email... automatically updates your email
           and lets you know when things change. <DEAD><DEAD> (new name)
2000/10/21-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19540 Activity:kinda low
10/20   Probably not the best venue for a FORTRAN question but...does
        anyone remember a way of getting around the 80 character limit
        on writing output? -ulysses
        \_ FORTRAN? Psah. When I was a kid we had to program in Ada
           in 5 feet of snow uphills both ways.
           \_ Wow.... they let you have snow?  *And* hills?  You're lucky.
              \_ Ada and snow and hills, damn you are lucky. We had to
                 toggle the switches on the front panel while darkness
                 was upon the void. Damn kids with your high-level
                 languages and geography.
                 \_ the worst was when you got a bug in your bottom
                    boulder and had to move the whole stack back up
                    the steep , icy hill one boulder at a time to debug
                    it(with a mastadon bone.)
                    it (with a mastadon bone.)
                    \_ My advisor used to tell me about people like
                       you, the rich kids with thier boulders and bones.
                       Our department was too poor to afford that stuff
                       so we just sat around theorizing and writing on
                       cave walls (no whiteboards).
2000/10/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/HKN, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19406 Activity:nil
10/03   Does anyone have old exams from 174 (particularly
        from semesters where Sinclair or Blum was teaching) that they
        would share, or pointers to an archive?  Thanks.  -dlwhite
        \_ There's a number of them in HKN's online exam file:
           If you're still a student, you can check out many more in
           hardcopy at the HKN office (345 Soda); there should be
           somebody there on any weekday between 10 and 4.
2000/9/25-26 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19319 Activity:moderate
9/24    Anyone know of any C RPC (rpcgen) libraries available under Windows?
2000/9/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Recreation/Music] UID:19283 Activity:nil
2000/9/2-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:19163 Activity:low
9/1     Can I setup Linux to use multiple mice? Either in tandem or manual
        script on / off? How?
        \_ linux has no problem with multiple mice.  XF86, however, is
        \_ linux has no problem with multiple mice.  XFree86, however, is
           another story.
           \_ you're the reason at&t should have spelled it "eunichs".
           \_ Like (s)he knows the difference.  Probably means Solaris.. you
              know... Sun's version of Linux.
2000/8/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:18894 Activity:high
8/5     I set up apache and it has XBitHack set on.  I read the apache
        docs but i don't really understand what significance it has.
        any pointers?
        \_ if you chmod +x your html file, it will be server-parsed. -tom
            \_ I don't understand what that means, to be parsed by the
                server.  What does the server DO to it that it wouldn't
                otherwise -top
                \_ Look at www.csua/~phale and ~phale/stats.html
                   he uses them quite a bit... notice the date and
                   quotes from fortune.
                        \_ The fortune thing is kinda fun sometimes because it
                        sure brings up some fun/nasty sexual references on my
                        web page.  Sure shocked the hell out of my mother!
                        Then again, if I wanted to shock people, I should just
                        post some of the discussions from the motd. -phale
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18780 Activity:kinda low
7/24    port: 9   Service: discard    is running on my solaris 7 machine
        i want to kill it.  which rc script starts it listening or how
        do i stop it from listening there?
        \_ It's generally started from inetd
           \_ ie: grep discard /etc/inetd.conf
2000/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18684 Activity:high 76%like:18678
        fucking pricks -Web Standards Advocate
        \_ Standards?  There's only one browser.  That is the standard.
           \_ bed troll, no cookie
                \_ This isn't a troll, you fool.  It's the truth.  When one
                   company has 86% of the market and _growing_, they *are*
                   the standard.  The rest is just academics blowing smoke.
                   Smart web developers aren't worried about what the standards
                   drones have to say.  They worry what their pages look like
                   in the real world on real browsers used by real people on
                   real computers.  And it's "bad troll, no cookie".  At least
                   make some minimal attempt to correctly spell simple words
                   if you're going to dismiss a factual statement as a troll
                   without regard to the facts or reality of the situtation.
                   Get out of sophomore CS and join the rest of us, twirp.
                   \_ the situation is that i'm not a twerp
                        \_ Possibly, but you're flat dead wrong on everything
                           \_ you don't get it.
                                \_ Ok, whatever.  I explained what I was
                                   talking about.  You're just trolling.
2000/7/14 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18678 Activity:nil 76%like:18684
        fucking pricks
2000/7/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18662 Activity:kinda low
7/13    How can I redirect a web page to another page automatically on
        loading?  I've checked lots of HTML guides and have seen this
        happen before (no CGI) but can't find the code
        \_ In <HEAD> section:
           <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=<DEAD>new-url/"<DEAD>
           Change 0 to N to delay by N seconds. This is a means of
           mimicking HTTP headers in HTML, and is not 2.0-standard, so
           may not be supported by some of the oldest browsers. Anything '96
           and up is more or less guaranteed to support it. -alexf
           \_  thanks!
                \_ You're better off with a server side redirect but meta-
                   refresh will work if you're stuck on geocities or some
                   other garbage site.
2000/7/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:18581 Activity:nil
7/3     How does one tell a browser to use a specified stylesheet with a given
        xml doc?  I use <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xml" href="./style.xsl"?>
        but my browser (IE) still displays it in the default xml-only format.
        Does using a stylesheet require a DTD?
        \_ No, IE is just very finicky about your stylesheet and has poor
           error reporting- if your xsl is bad, it just won't display
           anything. You have to  specify the correct names space, and
           (probably) include some default templates to match for stuff
           that you otherwise wouldn't bother accounting for, for example:
           <xsl:template match="text()|@*">
                <xsl:value-of select="."/>
           see also
2000/6/17-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18492 Activity:nil
6/16    I'm using `tput md` to turn on bold in a shell script.  Is there
        any way to make the output work with a decent pager (more and less
        don't work).
        \_ man less -r    -ali
2000/5/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18307 Activity:kinda low
5/20    When I need an spec/interface/extension language, I use
        0 my own language and lex+yacc
        1 my own language and my own lexer/parser
        <number value="0"/> XML
        2 scheme
        1 PROLOG!!!
        2 TCL
        0 PYTHON
2000/5/16-18 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18281 Activity:low
5/16    When I write a program in shell script, it rarely tells me
        which line has syntax error. How do you guys cope with this problem?
        \_ sometimes it helps to add -v to the shellscript command line.
                \- depends on shell. try sh -x --psb
                  \_ there is a --psb option to sh??
        \_ In Bourne like shells try /bin/sh (or /bin/ksh) -nv or -x.
2000/5/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18252 Activity:very high
5/13    I always hear this LaTeX thing being some great tool for writing
        papers.  Where's a good introduction URL for this?
        \_ Unless you're doing lots of math equations, don't do it.
        \_ Good LaTeX references online are more or less non-existent.
           The closest I've found after quite a lot of searching is:
                \-TeX/LaTeX have a reasonably steep learning curve. I dont
                think it is so easy to learn from scratch on a web page.
                Get the TeXbook or th eLamport book to start. The hardback
                TeXbook is pretty cheap. --psb
        \_ Can find info from the people who use it a lot:
        \_ Plenty of introductory: search for "latex tutorial"
        \_ By the way, this is a stupid question, but how do
           \_ Knuth, the father of TeX has insisted that it be pronounced
              like "tek". Consequently, most LaTeX people have continued
              this tradition and LaTeX is normally pronounced "lay-tek" or,
              by some, "lah-tek"
           you pronounce "LaTex?
           \_ lay-tech.
                \_ i thought it was lah-tech
                   \_ this is the correct one.
                   \_ these are both equally valid
        \_ Has anyone tried LyX?  How good is it exactly?  A GUI frontend
           could make the process much less painful than the teeth-pulling
           TeX experience.  -- alice
                \_ I don't think I would want to use any more of a
                   GUI frontend to TeX than emacs tex-mode. If you
                   want a GUI, you probably don't want or need the
                   underlying TeX complexity layer; run Applix or
                   StarOffice or Netscape Composer or MS Word for
                   Windows. (Or Amaya with MathML). But then again,
                   I dunno about LaTeX; I just use TeX. -brg
                \- a gui is antithetical to a lot of what TeX is about.
                but then again i dont use LaTeX either. --psb
                   \_ When it's two more hours until sunrise and I'm battling
                      with overfull boxes in TeX, I'd rather the tool care
                      about what I'm about instead of the other way around.
                      I agree that having TeX/LaTeX fu is important, but
                      such skills are to be honed at one's leisure, and I
                      can't think of instances where I sit down in front of
                      a terminal and start writing papers in TeX for fun.
                      So do the experienced CSUA LyX users find the tradeoff
                      between speed and flexibility to be favorable?  -- alice
                      \_ I tried LyX once, and quit when I realized it
                         output LaTeX that was useless outside of LyX.  -mikeh
                                \-well that's my point ... you are using LyX.
                                The fact that it generates LaTeX is basically
                                irrelevant. tex isnt for most people. two
                                reasons to use tex: 1. you do a lot of math
                                2. you dont know how to use any non-unix
                                platforms. --psb
                                  \_ What kind of math functionalities does
                                     LaTeX take away from TeX?  I've always
                                     used TeX but am considering LaTeX. --alice
                         \_ Show me a WYSIWYG editor that is supposed to
                            output in any kind of language meant to be
                            generated by humans (TeX, HTML, whatever) and
                            actually outputs something marginally useable,
                            and I'll show you.... a coherent motd thread,
                            for instance.
                            \_ Well, I didn't care so much about readable
                               LaTeX source, but it didn't output anything
                               that would compile with the normal tools.
2000/4/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:18095 Activity:high
4/23    I have an xfig drawing that I want to incorporate into a Word
        document.  Has anyone had any success in doing this.  If so,
        what vector graphics file format did you use to do this.  I've
        tried CGM and EPS and Word just chokes at this.  There doesn't
        seem to be any other file formats that both xfig and Word share.
        \_ save word document as text or HTML.  Use editor/text markup
           language which doesn't suck.
           (word will probably handle a simple paste of the graphic from
           a graphics program).  -tom
           \_ That doesn't solve the problem.  I have a drawing in xfig.
              I want to incorporate it into Word.  The file format that
              xfig exports aren't the ones the Word imports (with the
              exception of CGM which doesn't work).  Is there some
              kind of conversion utitlity (has nothing to do with HTML).
2000/4/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:18058 Activity:nil
4/18    Does anyone remember the name of the professor and/or grad student
        that had that statistical matching program to look for copied code
        in assignments?  Can someone point me to where i might find more
        information about the program itself or the algorithm used...
        Thank you.
        \_ thought it was Prof. Tom Anderson
        \_ It's MOSS by Alex Aiken. Digital Integrity
           (<DEAD><DEAD> is his startup based on the ideas of
           MOSS. They recently created as an example of what
           they can do. Ugly interface, kind of cool technology.
                \_ Ah yes, once again tax dollars being used and abuse for
                   yet more personal gain.
        \_ see also
2000/4/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18057 Activity:high
4/18    How does one print bold characters to the terminal?  Specifically,
        is there any way to do it from a shell script command such as
        echo or printf?
        \_ The code on most terminals is <ESC>[1m. To stop bold, use
           <ESC>[0m. To input "<ESC>" from a modern shell, use ^V-Esc.
           [1mHere[0m is an example (will not work under less; use
           cat or head to view the motd to get the effect). -alexf
        \_ man tput. Then look for examples, because it will be
           incomprehensible to a termcap newbie.
        \_ ~ali/discourage.c is an example. you get the "make it bold"
           character from termcap then echo it. -ali
2000/4/7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17948 Activity:high
4/6     In C, how do I get the offset of a field in a struct?  E.g.
                typedef struct {
                        char MS_foo;
                        int MS_bar;
                } MyStruct;
        I want to use the offset of MS_bar (which is 1) in compile-time.
                \_ It most likely isn't 1 on any modern architecture.
                   The compiler will pad it so the int starts on a 32-bit
                   boundary on almost all 32-bit machines.
        \_ ((MyStruct*)0)->MS_bar
           \_ don't you mean (int)(&((MyStruct*)0)->MS_bar) ? -ali
              \_ This works.  Thanks!
        \_ MyStruct crap;
           bar_offset = &(crap.MS_bar) - &crap;
        \_ You don't wanna go there.  This is machine specific stuff.  If you
           want to write portable code, there are lots of other ways to do
           what you want.
           \_ no, the ways outlined above are not machine dependent. what
              are you talking about? maybe there's some fine print in the
              standard that says the above won't work, but really, it works
              doing this is using C++ and using member objects.
              and you shouldn't be pedantic about it. another good way of
              doing this is using C++ and using member objects. -ali
              \_ Dude.  You don't know what you are talking about.  The
                 way in which variable sized members of a struct are
                 positioned within the struct are, and should be,
                 implementation specific according to the standard.  Shut
                 up and go away.  You know nothing.  Don't give advice here.
                 You are a fool.  Sign your name.
                 \_ ok, you go and underline for me in the above specified
                    code the machine specific stuff that is susceptible to
                    padding differences and data type size and reordering.
                    \_ Sure.  The above data structure has a character
                       (generally 8 bits), followed by an int (generally
                       16 or 32 bits).  Depending on how the memory on the
                       target computer is arranged, the offset of the second
                       member (the integer) could be 8, 16, 32, or maybe even
                       some wierd non-power-of-2 number.  You have said this
                       yourself, the implementation is free to pad (I am not
                       sure it is allowed to reorder though).
                    ok? -ali. And sign your name yourself.
           \_ Example?
              \_ What are you trying to do, exactly?
                 \_ I want to print out all the fields in a variable of
                    a certain big struct, so I think I should make a table
                    of field informations, like this:
                        typedef struct {
                            char *FE_string;
                            int FE_offset;
                            int FE_type;
                        } FieldEntry;

                        FieldEntry fieldTable[] = {
                            {"MS_foo", <offset of MS_foo>, TYPE_CHAR},
                            {"MS_bar", <offset of MS_bar>, TYPE_INT},
                    Then I use printf() to print the fields according to the
                    \_ Why do you need field offsets in the first place?
                       \_ Then I can just traverse the table to print
                          out all the fields passing the appropriate format
                          strings to printf() according to the field type,
                          rather than writing 100 printf()'s for 100 fields.
                          \_ Use a macro, then cut and paste from the struct
                             \_ But I think using a table reduces code size
                                a bit.
2000/4/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17909 Activity:moderate
4/1    How do I determine the total size of my UCLINK4 (or any other
       IMAP) mail spool when I do not have shell access?
       \_ They allow ssh right? scp a shell script that will execute
          /usr/bin/quota and mail you the results.  Then scp a
          procmail file that will recognize a certain string and execute
          the prior script.  viola!.  Then mail root@uclink4 asking them
          what crack they were smoking when they decided not to give
          students shell access to machines that have more CPU power
          then all of the EECS instructional machines do combined.
                \_ You vastly overestimate the CPU power of 3 alphas,
                   or haven't realized EECS inst is a decade beyond
                   the Sun 3/50 days.  Either the 12-CPU Sun E5000 or
                   the 3-CPU HP server could eat UCTwinkie4 for breakfast.
                \_ Or execute an xterminal and shell and DISPLAY: it on your
                   remote machine.
       \_ In the case of uclink4, you can use:
           \_ Running arbitrary commands on uclink is no longer trivial. -tom
2000/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17839 Activity:kinda low
3/23    Need Windows program/script/whatever that will download and save all
        links from a remote html page.  Check tucows and found nothing.  I
        know this is trivial on a unix box but I don't know of any Windows
        programs for it and that's what I've gotta use.  Thanks in advance!
        \_ look for "wget for win32" on a search engine
           \_ Another nice feature of wget is the ability to convert absolute
                \_ IE will provide a list of links but not download them all
                   for you like wget.
              links in the same set of pages to relative links.
           \_ Ok, got it and it's mostly working.  Picks up some extra cruft
              and does a few other odd things but I did finally get it to grab
              the files I wanted after faking the user agent and having it read
              in the html from a file instead of the net.  Thank you.
        \_ Isn't IE supposed to be able to do this? -unix user
           \_ IE will provide a list of links but not download them all for you
              like wget.
2000/3/22-23 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17822 Activity:nil
3/21    Is there a gcc option to force labels to be outputed and to be
        included in the ELF symbol table.  I'm trying to profile this

          for (i = 0; i < n; i++) {
            y[i] = a*x[i] + y[i];

        and so I want gcc -S to produce those labels in the .s file and
        for the assembler/linker to add those to the symbol table.  I'm
        trying to profile this code using a machine simulator that looks
        at ELF symbol table code markers for performance simulations. -jefe
        \_ I suggest using gcc's extended asm. Say  __asm__("beginloop:\n");
           instead of  beginloop:  and then the assembler will add these labels
           to the symbol table. If you need them to be global symbols, it's
           easy enough to do: __asm__(".globl beginloop\n"); -brg
2000/3/20-21 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17809 Activity:high
3/20    grr!  we need a check out procedure for the motd.public.
        \_ Current one works fine for me.
           \_ What current one?  (though i just wrote my own script to
              do what i need, testing now)
              \_ motdedit is for fags.  real men just know when it's safe to
                 write the motd.
              \_ "which motdedit"
                 \_ thanks, but that doesn't keep someone who has opened
                    up a version before me but saves after me from un-
                    intentionaly deleting my changes. Does it?
                    \_ Your editor doesn't tell you that the file has changed?
                        \_ the file doesn't change until afterwards.
                           \_ no, thickhead, the issue is that while
                              YOU are editing it, someone else changes it.
                              Then your braindead editor saves over with
                              YOUR changes, obliterating other peoples.
                              Real editors warn about this.
2000/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17780 Activity:high
3/15    Does anyone find it weird that this university won't print out
        unofficial transcripts because "You can print your own off the
        web Bearfacts web page"?  Most organizations I know (insurance
        companies, employers, etc...) want an "unofficial transcript"
        but will laugh out loud if you even attempt to present to them
        a Netscape printout for any useful purposes.
                \_ And they can tell it's a netscape printout how?
        \_ A month ago I stopped by that office at the end of the hall
           in Sproul Hall and they printed out an unofficial transcript
           for me, and it looked much better than a Netscape printout.
           I think it was $4 or $8, though.
        \_ It's html. Save to a file, and EDIT IT to clean it up.
                                          \_ muhahaha
                                             \_ but that would be wrong...
                                                \_ Well I didn't mean alter
                                                   the CONTENT. Sheesh.
                                                   Some people...
2000/3/16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17779 Activity:high
3/14    Does anyone know of a tool that will convert EPS files to HTML?  We've
        found PS to HTML but need EPS... -davidf
        \_ ps2ascii (in gs-aladdin on my linux-debian potato)
        \_ do you just want to make giant gifs or jpgs out of the EPS files?
           \_ No, we want to pull text out of EPS files to make it
              searchable online.  We found a possible product at
     (see PlugTEXTin), but are hoping for
              alternatives. -davidf
        \_ any way to convert from EPS to PS to HTML?Ghostscript/GSview
\_ :x is fewer characters to type. So is ZZ.
   \_ ZZ is worse on your fingers. :x
        \_ ^x^s^x^c
2000/2/25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17615 Activity:moderate 70%like:17608
2/23    To all the CS graduates, how much do you like your job? What exactly
        are you working on? Would you recommend CS?     -sophomore declaring

       Screw this loser, read the reply after my friend:
        \_ Go into it for the money.  The cock suckers talking about doing it
           for the love of it exist in every field.  Do it for the money for
           a few years so you can afford to do whatever you want for the love
           of it for the rest of your life without worrying about the rent,
           mortgage payments, car payments, children's educations, or how to
           pay the electric bill and put food on the table.  The idealists
           are fools throwing away their youth.  These are the same people
           who will be voting every year for a socialist government to take
           care of them in their old age because they "lived life for the
           pure pleasure of it".  They think of themselves as some sort of
           counter culture heros.  I think of them as leeches.  Go for the
           money, sonny.
           \_ Hrm.  I disagree with you on several points.  Starving to death
              so you can do something that you love is just plain silly and
              as far as I can see, you're the only one suggesting such a thing.
              The most common thread here is that you'll be very unhappy doing
              something that you hate -- been there, done that, and it ain't
              worth it.  Second of all, you seem to be implying that by doing
              CS for the money you will deterministically become rich and THEN
              be able to go on and do something that you love.  That's just
              absurd.  Thirdly, associating someone that enjoys their
              work with a political philosophy or moral standpoint is, at
              best, illogical (I myself tend to be pro-gun, pro-death
              penalty -- pretty far from what most people would think of as
              liberal or left-wing).  You can think of them as leeches, but
              if you were really *reading* anything anyone was saying, you'd
              have noted that we were all talking about being *employed* and
              enjoying our work.  Of course, this could just be an idiotic
              troll and I'm wasting my breath taking you seriously. -mice
        \_ don't listen to this angry, cynical asshole.  i know a pharmacist
           who's been working in the field for the past 20 years.  she
           makes at least a consistent $100K a year.  That's more than enough
           to survive on.  but you know what?  she hates the work. and
           she complains about how much it sucks.  and how it goes on and
           on for 8+ hours a day.  don't get stuck in a job that you don't
 's like a slow, minute by minute death.  do what you like,
           but decide if you are going to make the sacrifice.  do you have any
           idea how boring and stupid the guy above sounds?  you are born, you
           grow up, go to school, get married, fuck, have kids, work,
           retire, then die.  There are millions who do the same damn
           mindless pattern of merely living to pass on their dna.  you can
           probably much better than this if your aspirations are in the right
        \_ take cs61 series.  if you can't hack it, then it's a moot point.
           if you're already beyond that, then it's cs162 and cs164 that
           will tell you if you want to be CS or not
        \_ I love my job.  I mostly do distributed system programming.
           The only way I can recommend CS as a major is if you've tried
           at least one CS class and *REALLY* enjoyed the work -- if
           you're thinking of declaring CS strictly for the money, you'll
           probably be pretty unhappy. -mice
           \_ Agreed.  If you're doing CS for the money, you're doing it
              for the wrong reason.  You won't make the kind of money you
              hear about ("overnight millionaires") unless you truly have
              a passion for it.  A passion that drives you to learn more and
              more and more until you truly have much Fu.  Moral:  Do what
              excites you.  --sowings
              \_ gee, really?  I heard some guy in a diner tell me that
                 his daughter was finishing her masters in CS and southern
                 connecticut state university so she could work in
                 "sillycone valley", where they pick you up in a limmo
                 at the airport, give you a private cook, and pay you several
                 hundred thousand a year automatically.  "That's how
                 they are out in California," he told me.  Shit.  Sign
                 me up.
                        -lives a long way from silicon valley
                        \_ Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight -Dr. Evil
                           \_ no, really, i really heard a guy said that,
                              and i'm pretty sure the poor guy belived it.
                              \_ Not questioning whether or not he said it
                                 but he's just not evil enough.  He's the
                                 margarine of evil.  -Dr. Evil
                 \_ are feeling okay there?  you seem a little piqued.
                \_ you were confused. He was actually referring to
                   "Silicone Valley", where all that happens if you have
                   nice tits, and you show them to the right people.
                   Which in Grammy-speak, means "everyone".
           \_ hey, I declared Chem Engineering 'for the money' and wound up
              doing computer/networking work for more! -ERic
                 \_ I was MSME and I wound up working at Cisco. I didn't
                    get into networking for the money though, it was just
                    more interesting than Mat. Sci.. The money hasn't been
                    \_ just a comment for the record that has nothing to
                       do with this thread: materials science may not be
                       that neat now, but in the next couple decades it
                       will see the same kinds of amazing progression that
                       computer science has in the last few decades, mark
                       my words.  In twenty five years mat. sci. will be just
                       as exciting as CS is now, and it will bear very little
                       resemblance to what is currently called materials
                        \_ Just one word of advice, son, "Plastics".
                    bad though. I'm not sure I would have liked CS at Cal,
                    since I found that the undergrad CS classes don't really
                    teach you CS.
                     \_ uh-huh...
                        \_ I took some of the 1xx classes and a couple of
                           of the 2xx (grad) classes at Cal along with several
                           2xx (grad) classes at Stanford and found that
                           the *real* stuff is taught only in the grad coures.
                            \_ which 1xx courses?
              \_ Sure, but you like computers, ERic.  I have taken classes
                 with CS majors who declared how much they hated computers
                 (and not the right-after-something-won't-compile "i hate
                 computers") and thought they (computers) would be the
                 downfall of modern civilization, but they figured they'd
                 make some money off them while they could.  I feel a PHB
                 in someone's future.  I wonder if I'll even want to be in
                 the computer industry in 5 years when all of the current
                 CS ugrads who are in it for the money graduate and come
                 looking for jobs.  <sob>
                        \_ CS ugrads who are in it only for the money are
                           nothing new - they've been around for many years
                           \_ Maybe so, but there has been a much greater
                              influx of them recently.  --sowings
                              \_ Agreed, but this is nothing that can't be
                                 remedied with a couple of shotguns. -dans
                                 \_ .45
                                  \_ shotguns.  yuk yuk.  you are so kewl
                                     \_ Shotgun is a weapon of a peasant.
                                        .45! .45! .45 is the STANDARD!
                                        Subsonic one-shot-drop-dead caliber.
                                        \_ Idiot.
                                           \_ NATO knave.
                                              \_ NATO nothing.  Fuck that
                                                 pussy subsonic .45 shit.
                                                 .454 baby.  *THAT'S* a man's
                                                 \_ Casull?
                                                 \_ I don't want the round
                                                    passing through.
              \_ the economics of our world today make life impossible,
                 especially this area, don't you all think?  *sigh*
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "thousand", "materials", and "everyone".
2000/2/18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:17564 Activity:high
2/18  (Oh and by the way if you delete this again I'm going to write a
      script that adds it right back so stop fucking deleting it already)
      \_ by the way, that is not against policy, in case any kchang
         supporters want to whine.  automatically adding to the motd is
         okay.  automatically munging it is not.  --!aspo
       \_ and where is this "policy" written?
          \_ /csua/adm/doc/policies/motd
             \_ Best quote: "The MOTD may not be used for non-University
                business." Mwahahaha!
2000/2/12-13 [Science/Electric, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17497 Activity:moderate
2/11    Has anyone played around with lego mindstorms?  Any comments on the
        various tools available for programming them?
        \_ no, but they rock. I need some. Bad.
        \_ I have the R2D2 set. Way more fun to put together than regular
           legos. I haven't had much chance to play with the electronics
           and programming yet.
                \_ Putting together regular legos is fun? It was fun when I
                   was 12 years old ..
        \_ Unless you want to program in VBasic, I suggest checking out
           LegOS (  I haven't been able to
           get the newest version to work under Linux.  But the older
           version is probably sufficient for most applications short of
           making a robot that cooks you breakfast.  The code is not too
           clean, but it seems to work, plus it's well documented.
           \_ Is there a good site explaining how exactly they work?  I know
              they're some sort of embedded system, but how do they end
              up controlling the actual machine?  Are there little wire
              connections to the electric motors you use?  -John
              \_ I don't know about a site explaining it in full detail, but
                 I can give a little insight on it.  The piece with the
                 computer chip in it has places where lego blocks can be used
                 to connect it to motors and sensors.  There are special
                 blocks that have a cable built in to them, and have the
                 contacts as part of the normal lego connector pieces, so that
                 an electrical connection is made by snapping two blocks
                 together.  The set comes with two motors, two touch sensors,
                 and a light sensor by default.  -dlwhite
2000/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17465 Activity:moderate
2/8     Hey, anyone with XML skills interested in working for an internet
        startup in Tokyo?
        \_ I don't know XML or any Japanese but I like the blue dot thing.
           What are my chances?
                \_ blue dot thing?
                        \_ Go find some Japanese porn.
                                \_ That's not Japanese porn.  That's someone
                                   in need of serious therapy.
                                   \_ But check out  <DEAD>www.CSUA.Berkeley<DEAD>
                                      .EDU/~keithyw/illustrations.htm.  Not
        \_ If I know HTML, does that mean I know a little bit of XML?
                \_ Not really.
2000/1/30-2/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17374 Activity:kinda low
1/29    What happened to <DEAD>csua/motd.cgi<DEAD> ?
        \_ Perhaps you should mail www@csua like the error message says, not
           ask on the motd where perhaps one or two of the many who read it
           will be able to do something about it.
        \_ Paolo decided to be helpful and break it.  Aren't you glad we
           have paolo to fuck so many things up for us?
           \_ No, actually, I pointed out that it had a fairly serious
              security hole in it, and so he disabled it.  But of course
              it sounds much better to say "Paolo broke it".  Idiot.
                \_ dbushong is an evil hacker and broke the motd.cgi script!
        \_ Hi.  I'll get around to fixing the motd.cgi after all my work
           from my paying job + class work is done.  - paolo.
           \_ So, 4 years or 5?
              \_ can't be that long, I'm graduating in december. Go bears!
2000/1/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17307 Activity:high
1/22    I have a script in csh. In it, I have "source ~/bin/setclass.csh 118".
        However, it seems that I can't pass the argument 118 to
        setclass.csh, in a csh script. Why is that?
        \_ You can't pass in command-line arguments using the source command
        \_ source is _sort of_ like #include.. it's like "include this stuff
           and run it in the same context as where i'm currently working"
           What you can do is just set a csh/environment variable, then
           unset it in the sourced file:
           set arg=118
           source ~/bin/setclass.csh
           (and at the end of setclass.csh, you have:)
           unset arg=118
           \_ How dare you put a useful reply on the motd!
                \_ Mistakes were made.  Villages bombed.
2000/1/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:17232 Activity:nil
1/12    Is there such thing as jsp-mode in Emacs?
(autoload 'html-helper-mode "html-helper-mode" "Yay HTML" t)
(setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.jsp$" . html-helper-mode) auto-mode-alist))
1999/12/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17047 Activity:low
12/8    In elisp, when I do a match of ("\<!\-\-[.]*\-\-\>" nil comment),
        I can't match that [.]*. Instead I have to use [a-z0-9\n_\ ] and
        explicitly tell it what I want to match. Why doesn't [.]* work?
        \_ Don't put [] around the '.'  But you don't want a . anyway,
           since the greedy * will likely chew up more than you want.
                \_ Hi, I tried .* but still couldn't get it work. Do
                   do you have a better regexp than mine to match <!-- -->?
                        \_ Try [^-]* or look at what the html or w3 modes do.
                           \_ WOW COOL THANKS! How do I look at the regexp
                              (official ones) that describe w3? I'm writing
                              my own since its not built in and it is a pain
1999/12/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:17026 Activity:nil
12/7    What is the best FREE search engine cgi script to search a small
        to mid size website?  and where can I get it?  thankx boy/gals.
        \_ actually there are probably more boys than gals it's
           correct to say boys/gal.
1999/11/27-12/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16958 Activity:moderate
11/27   What's on port 98 that various script weenies are trying to abuse on
        my machine?  Soda's /etc/services says TAC News which means nothing
        to me.  I don't run anything on 98 or have a /etc/services line for
        it and wasn't able to find an obvious exploit on the net.  Just
        \_ use linux. ride bike. problem solved.
           \_ U53 W1ND0Z3 MAN. W1N98 15 50 KRAD. 1T CAN RUN 3V3RYTH1N6
              THAT L1NUX CANT MAN. SO USE W1ND0Z3 CUZ 1T5 C00L
        \_ On RedHat distros there's linuxconf running on that port.
                \_ thanks.
            \_ I thought ports were for communications from comp-to-comp.
               (e.g. things like http, ftp, telnet, mail) Why does
                linuxconf need a port?
                \_ Why does swat (samba config) need a port?  Ports are for
                   communication.  Not necessarily client/server or host/host.
                \_ What if you're a sysadmin administering a whole cluster
                   of linux boxes - wouldn't it be useful to be able to run
                   linuxconf on them from your desktop?  (Maybe not secure,
                   but most linux distros prefer useful & cool over secure.)
                   \_ I've been trying to find the RIDEBIKE! port... can you
                      help?  TIA.
                   \_ Does linuxconf allow you to act on multiple boxes at
                      once?  If not, why not just telnet/ssh/whatever in
                      and run it like that?  If so, how?, if not, how do i
                      disallow remote access to linuxconf? (without
                      firewall or other packet filtering/port blocking)
                        \_ comment it out of /etc/services.
                                \_ Removing things from /etc/services is
                                   almost always the wrong answer.  Learn
                                   the right way and you won't fail when
                                   faced with a box using NIS/NIS+/LDAP/whatever
                                   instead of /etc files.  Try /etc/inetd.conf
                                   or the rc script that starts it.
                                   \_ NIS/LDAP are dead.  Give me /etc/services
                                      or give me death.
1999/11/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16874 Activity:nil
11/12   Is there a way to write macros or functions in HTML?  For
        example, assume that I want something like
                #define author( person ) Created by <B> person </B>
        How would I do that?  Thanks.
        \_ <!--#include "person.html">
        \_ most people would think that you should know something about
           the way javascript does it, but there are also a lotta other ways
           that are web server / web server extension specific
        \_ No.  HTML is not a programming language.  Your web server
           probably has a built in scripting language you can use to generate
           HTML (or if, it's apache, a choice of dozens, like PHP & perl),
           but HTML itself has none.
           \_ or you can write your web page originals in a macro language
              (i.e. M4) and then run the macro processor to generate the
              HTML.  Server side includes as recommended above work but
              they do put a significant performance hit on the web server.
                \_ which is completely irrelevant for 99% of web servers. -tom
1999/10/15-17 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16718 Activity:low
10/15   Can anyone recommend a *functional* freely available word processor
        for *nix. WP8 has just pissed the last remnants of a fuck out of
        me, and as much as I'd like to use cat | latex | dvips for everything,
        I'm not fast enough with latex to make it time-efficient.
        \_ It's OK; you're not enough of a writer to make it worthwhile.
        \_ StarOffice, from Sun, is not bad.
           \_  I'm a big fan.  It's just like MS Office (maybe not
                such a good thing) but it's free.  Seems to run as fast, too.
        \_ Get faster with latex.  Latex + emacs, the choice of professionals
           \_ Latex + text editor IS NOT A WORD PROCESSOR. It is
              a way to professionally format documents. That does not
              make it a "word processor".
           \_ professional whats?  most profesional writers(not technical) i
              have known use macintosh.
              \_ ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!
                \_ so who is this Ed guy?
                \-if you are a "computer person" and spend most of your time
                writing text and not including tables and pictures and such,
                emacs+auctex+tex is a great choice. if you are doing graphical
                things a lot or are "too short", get some wysiwig. youc an also
                use wordperfect-mode for emacs :-) --"psb"
1999/10/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16662 Activity:high
10/4    Where can I get a list of interesting interview/thinking/logic
        questions? (i.e. "you have n balls, sort it by...") Thx.
        \_ Try rec.puzzles or alt.brain.teasers
        \_ You're going to throw ranom puzzle questions at interviewees?  What
           are you thiking?  Unless you work at Puzzle Magazine Inc. this is
           a lame idea.  You work for Catbert?
           \_ Maybe it's for self-preparation.
                \_ Oh God... you're applying for the wrong job unless it's at
                   Puzzle Mag.
        \_ Notwithstanding the "wrong job" idea, I've heard of and have been
           asked several puzzle questions.  You have a game.  There are two
           players.  One player places a quarter down on a circular table;
           the next player does the same.  This repeats until someone can't
           put a quarter on the table anymore -- that person loses.  No
           overlapping of quarters, placing it on its side, overlapping the
           edge of the table, etc.  What is your strategy to guarantee a win?
           (Do you want to go first or second?)
           Here's another.  You have a fog-covered bridge and a flashlight.
           You have 4 people, and need to get all over the bridge in minimum
           time.  The bridge can only carry two people at a time.  The people
           all walk at different paces:  10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and
           1 minute.  What's the most efficient solution?
1999/10/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16660 Activity:high
10/4    does anyone know how to script the password for rsync over ssh?
        \_ Don't.  Instead use RSA rhosts, that is: on the target machine
           (the one you'll be sshing _to_), put the hostname and username
           you'll be sshing from into the file ~/.shosts (man rhosts for
           format).  Then make sure you ssh at least once from the target
           machine and the target account _back_ to the machine you'll be
           normally running rsync on to get its host key in place.  Then
           your script won't need to type a password, but it's much much
           more secure than a real .rhosts file.  Yadda yadda.. security
           risk since you don't need to type a password as that user yadda
           yadda.  --dbushong
           \_ huh? No, use the authorized_keys file, to avoid
              \_  This is the approach I've used.  --PeterM
1999/10/1-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16646 Activity:moderate
10/2    Taiwan earthquake: 7.6 ram prices double
        Mexico earthquake: 7.4 no effect on ram, but avocado prices double
        WHAT THE FSCK?
        \_ You expected ram prices to increase when mexico had a quake and
           avocado to increase when taiwan had a quake?  this is the oddest
           troll ive seen in a while.
        \_ Well, Taiwan has shanties, and mexico has tijuana.
        \_ God has it out for Taiwanese bourgeiousie heathens.
           Anything in particular? Sound Cards? scsi, motherboards? video? ..
           \_ what is /csua/bin/rootshell?  It seems to be a perl script
              SIUD root.
        \_ Should add: turkey earthquake: 7.6 NO EFFECT ON RAM OR AVOCADO.
        \_ which is a long way of saying 'you are forever identified as a
                \_ Thats Viviana, dumbass. Go see Admiral Krag.
                   \_ no, it's Vyvvian you bastard, Go see Neil Edmondson
                      in "The Young Ones"
                        \_ "Why do I always have to cook the lentils?"
        \_ My penis ejaculating rates a 7.8
        \_ Well, Taiwan has shanties, and mexico has tijuana.
        \_ hey dumbass, ram prices were double before the earthquake
           \_ uh Aha! but how was the average price of produce, so called
        \_ in case no one spelled out it for you, read the fucking source.
           \_ Not to mention the area of Mexico that was hit was more flat
              and less densely populated.
           \_ Source?  It's a stupid 2 line script.  I wouldn't call that
        \_ Should add: Turkey earthquake: 7.6, killed 15,000 people.
              the wall.  It's a stupid hyuck hyuck moron script.
        \_ hey dumbass, ram prices were double before the earthquake
           \_ uh Aha! but how was the average price of produce, so called
        \_ The scale is exponential, plus shoddy construction in Taiwan.
        \_ God has it out for those Taiwanese people.
1999/10/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16640 Activity:nil
now     Script munged motd blasted.  Thank you for playing.
1999/9/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16560 Activity:nil
9/20    I'd just finished a little sh script to remove all the auto inserted
        crap and you go and beat me to it.  What's the world coming to?
1999/8/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16431 Activity:moderate
8/30    When sending a binary as a result to a call to a CGI script,
        is there a header that can be used to suggest a filename to the
        \_ yes
        \_ no
        \_ none of the above
        \_ Don't understand your question.  Please rephrase.
        \_ You suggest a filename by the name of the path to the script.
           You basically do /blah/your.cgi/file.tgz, process
           $ENV{'SCRIPT_NAME'} (I think... soemthing like that) to handle
           the syntax, and it'll suggest saving it as file.tgz.
           \_ anyone know the actual HTML involved, not just "use perl"?
                \_ the point is there IS NO ACTUAL HTML INVOLVED, it's
                   all done by your CGI script, in whatever language that
                   is written.
          \_ sowings, we're going to have to remove your account for giving
             useful information in the motd.
             \_ yeah you know, it would break csua tradition to be nice to
                people as opposed to a angry, bitter sysadmin.
                \_ what's sysadmin have to do with this?  keep sysadmins out
                   of this.  -neither angry nor bitter sysadmin
        \_ install unix, it will make it better.
                \_ There can be only one.
1999/8/11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16292 Activity:nil
8/11    Im trying to compile the makedoc.cpp file for the palm and it
        doesn't work. Any helpful ideas?
        \_ script
           cat typescript >> /etc/motd.public
           In other words, what's the problem?
           \_ nevermind......fixed it. but thanks anyway.
1999/8/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16236 Activity:nil
8/3     Any good examples of simple named.conf files for bind8?
        I'm trying to implement a DNS server quickly, and it's very
        different from bind4.
                \-there is some kidnof conversion script i believe it
                was inthe dist. might look around. ---psb
           has the config file format, the name of the aforementioned
           conversion script, etc.; this page is also in the bind-doc tarball.
1999/7/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16163 Activity:moderate
7/20    Windows, EPS, and printing: I've got EPS files.  I want to print
        them from a 95 box.  Ghost(view/script)?  Is that the best answer?
        This is for someone very non-technical and it isn't being submitted
        to a publisher, just personal use.  What's easiest?  Thanks!
        \_ enscript -Z
        \_ If you have a postscript printer, I think the easiest way is to
           just dump the file content to the printer port.  Something like
           "copy prn:".  -- yuen
           \_ Works for EPS files too?  (revealing postscript ignorance and
                not caring)
                \_ Yes: you can always treat an EPS file as a PS file.  EPS
                   files are still valid postscript, but they also contain
                   extra information (the size of the image, an optional
                   bitmap preview) so that you can embed your EPS file into
                   a larger document.
                   \_ THANKS!
1999/6/25 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:16018 Activity:high
6/25    Using perls LWP it's trivial to 'download' html file
        and parse it, but what if I want to download something like a
        *.gif file where I dont want to capture standardout like
        with HTML. In other words I just want the file. Any pointers?
        \_ getright.
        \_ hint: the gif files on a web page have unique urls.  good luck.
           \_ more specifically I was looking for the right functions
              of LPW to download as an object.
        \_ Jeez. why use a crane to pick up a bowling ball?
           you can use "wget" or other executables compiled for
           "Get this http file". Or if you insist doing it in perl,
           then just use the http get routines. Or open up the socket,
           send "GET /file HTTP 1.0", and ignore everything until
           the first empty line.
1999/6/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:15930 Activity:nil
6/8     Our very own Thirdvoice fan club!
        \_ Christian fundamentalists. Need I say more?
        \_ And control freak webmasters/html coders.
1999/6/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15911 Activity:nil
1999/5/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15860 Activity:high
5/23    must read:  -- cm1ee
1999/5/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15850 Activity:high
5/20    I am writing a CGI script that is quite CPU intensive. When you
        first load it, it will output something, wait 2-3 seconds, and
        then output again. How do I make it so that during the CPU
        intensive seconds, the script knows that the user has pressed
        the "STOP" button on the browser, so that it can stop immediately?
        \_ that is totally transparent to you.  sorry.
        \_ Write a more efficient script.  Preprocess data.
        \_ Give a second button on your web page to stop the first process.
        \_ use an alarm to print newlines every x seconds, then stop on
                \_ sigterm/sigpipe? HUH? Could you please give me
                   example? Please no RTFM. Thanks.     -perl clueless
                        \_ RTF-O'Reilley books then.  We're not here to
                           do your work for you - either figure it out
                           yourself, hire someone else to, or tell your
                           boss he hired a moron.
                        \_ Go to cpan and look around and ignore the above
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           catches sigterm and sigpipe. you still need an alarm to output
           something during the processing
1999/5/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15841 Activity:kinda low
5/19    Is there an elisp package that can make xemacs read html mail?  I
        looked at the info pages for VM and it didn't say anything about HTML
        support.  Thanks.
        \_ nobody knows anything about this?  I really need a html mail reader
           other than netscape or IE on solaris.  If not an xemacs package is
           there anything else that can read HTML mail?
        \_ It shouldn't be too hard to hack in to pass html mail to the w3
           xemacs html browser.
        \_ what about reading your mail file with lynx?
1999/3/18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15606 Activity:high
3/17    Hi, I'm looking for a mail filter that strips everything except the
        flat ASCII text.  All that mime type thing, HTML tags, jpg attachments,
        etc, are all not worth having.  I want to pipe a piece of mail through
        it, so it should know the mail header as opposed to just get rid of
        everything in between '<' and '>'.  Thanks!
                \-if you are tall enough, mailagent. --psb
        \_ awk is your friend
           \_ Would sed be actually easier for this case, or no?
              Something like 's/<.*>//g'? (not exactly correct, but close)
              \_ no. tags can span multiple lines.
        \_ I pipe everything through a perl script, but not for the same
           reason you do.  You could easily write something that did
           everything you want and more but you'd probably end up with your
           own version of something that already exists anyway.  I've never
           looked at mailagent as suggested by psb.  procmail and perl do it
           for me for now.  I read and reply with mh if it matters to you.
                \_ That's exactly my point.  I can spend the time writing a
                   customized filter or searching for one already written
                   by someone else.  Ugh...  It's looking more like I'll need
                   to write one myself.  HTML mail is just annoying and evil.
                   But I have a feeling that the days of 100% pure flat ASCII
                   email are gone.  -too old to change
                \-mailagent has a perl escape and does some of the harder
                parsing fo ryou. --psb
                \_ I figured it was something like that.  I just pipe all the
                   html-ized crap through lynx and if lynx can't deal with it,
                   then I just skip it and go on.  Got a URL for mailagent?
                   \_ Ok, found it.  The docs say it stops at the first match
                      which will break some of my filtering.  Does mailagent
                      do anything that procmail doesn't?
1999/3/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:15553 Activity:moderate 66%like:14977 75%like:15207
3/4     generic "troll deleted, -tom"
        \_ This should just be part of the motd update script.  It should just
           insert a few "Troll delete.  -tom" messages at random to make him
           feel big.
1999/2/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15472 Activity:high
2/23    Help! I want to write a server side script (preferrably
        server-side j-script) that allows me automatically login to
        another web site.For example, send my "user name" and "password" to hotmail
        automatically, and log me into my emails. How can I do that?
        Thanks! -bkong
        \_ you can't, idiot.
           \_ what's wrong with just saying "you can't"? sure, the question
              wasn't exactly the smartest in the world, but hey, can't learn
              w/o asking some stupid questions along the way.
1999/2/15-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15416 Activity:moderate
2/15    How hard is it to write an Expect script that logs into Soda (with
        valid writable tty), do mesg y, then write all the "unlogged wall"
        into a file? Is that hard to do with Expect?            -expect dummy
        \_ If you can type it, Expect can do it too.
        \_ You don't need expect: ssh -t soda "wallall y && sleep 86400" >log
           Or just run screen and leave walls on in one window.  --mconst
                \_ Don't give it away.  Let 'em learn something useful on
                   their own.
        \_ Just read /usr/local/csua/wall_log
         \_ are you blind? he said "unlogged wall"
1999/2/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15333 Activity:very high
2/1     where is the html version of the motd, and if there isn't then can
        someone get on it? thanks. - anonymous lazy ass
        \_Hey, it's still 1/31, not 2/1
        \_<a href = ""motd</a>
        \_but html commands don't work =(
        \_ there is no such thing as an HTML command.
          \_ ok, but there's such a thing as a tight ass. it doesn't
           parse html in the motd
                \_ i don't see the need for such a capability.
                   if you feel differently, justify with examples. -jwang
                 \_ is the success of the internet a good example? html
                    clearly allows for more ways to experss oneself. http
                    addresses are often cited in the motd, alone. a
                   communally edited "daily" web page for csua would rock,
                    tho i suppose there's no "need" for one.
                    \_ Then stick a world writable file in your home.  The
                       last thing anyone wants is to be defacto required to
                       use a fucking browser to read a unix motd.  Sheesh.
                       And, btw, no, the internet is not a good example.
                       The WWW might be, though.  I encourage you to start
                       your own daily updates to your own files.
1999/1/28-29 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15309 Activity:nil
1/27    If the name server (DNS/named) caches the domain name<->IP pairs, where
        is the cache file located? Is the cache persistent in reboots?
        \_ It caches them in memory. That's one of the reasons why named
           grows in size the longer it's been running. A reboot (or even kill
           and restart) will clear the cache. --dim
                \-bind is moving away from kill -SIG "control" to use ndc
                [named control program] for more sophisticated control/
                communication with a running named. i dont remember off
                the top of my head if the onld-style signals will continue
                work. --psb
                \_ ndc is just a shell script that sends a kill -SIG you dork.
                \_ If you kill the named process, they will. :-)
1999/1/25-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15289 Activity:nil
1/25    HTML job.  Practically braindead...if you're interested, email
        me,  --chris
        \_ Huh?  Mail you?  What's your ZIP code?
1998/10/26 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:14828 Activity:kinda low
10/26   Sort of amusing (from Enlightenment's configure script):
        checking for mass_quantities_of_bass_ale in -lFridge... (cached) no
        checking for mass_quantities_of_any_ale in -lFridge... (cached) no
        Warning: No ales were found in your refrigerator.
          We highly suggest that you rectify this situation immediately.
1998/10/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:14714 Activity:nil
10/1  Hi -- I sometimes like to read mail with command-line clients, but
      the most recent version of metamail doesn't seem to handle the
      html crap I occasionally get.   Are there any good mime handlers
      for html out there? thanks.
        \_ metamail can handle any mime type if you set it up in your
                .mailcap file - just add something like 'lynx -dump'
                for text/html
1998/9/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:14587 Activity:high
09/13   I've written a script to convert etext to LaTeX, but I'm still
        working out bugs.  If interested, read /csua/tmp/
        (Of Human Bondage) and report errors in or suggestions
        concerning orthography/typography to me.  -dpetrou
        \_ what is etext?
        \_ You need a script to convert from your legacy unixware to something
           universal like MSWord.
           \_ MSWord sucks!  WordPerfect Rules!
              \_ Well, at least WP runs on >2 platforms...
                \_ Wasn't someone working on a GNU word proc?
           \_ Labeling MSWord the universal format is like labeling chinese
                the universal language.  Just because more people use it than
                any other, doesn't mean it's the most useful to the largest
                number of people.
                \_ The very fact that more people use it than all others
                    combined does in fact mean it is the most useful format
                    for the largest number of people.  Hello?  Anyone home?
                    Tried a basic logic class yet?  Passed?
                    \_ hello? anyone home? "the most useful" is not
                       synonymous with "most used". Get a dictionary.
                       "useful" ~= greatest POTENTIAL use, fulfilled or
                       otherwise. If everyone inexplicably started to use
                       typewriters again, that still doesn't make them more
                       useful. Just more trendy/popular.
                       As for "universal format", that would have to
                       be unformatted ANSI text, seeing as how just about
                       everyone on the planet with a computer can read it,
                       with a minimum of garbage.
                        \_ A typewriter isn't a data format.  It is a device
                           that print letters to paper.  This is a spurious
                           example.  ASCII text is the most useful for the
                           simple transmission of (mostly) unformatted data.
                           MSWord is the most useful for the transmission
                           of formatted computer data.  I won't get into
                           FAX machines and such as they don't allow the
                           creation of data, only the retranmission of a copy.
                           Your k-k000l etext may be s00per k00l but if only
                           you and your 3 super k000l friends can use it or
                           are likely to in the future then it's general value
                           is zero (+4 geeks).  Most used = most uesful
                                \_ ASCII text is the most used format in the
                                   computer world.  Almost every single
                                   computer made can use it, compared to the
                                   small fraction that have MS Word installed.
        \_ Trolling deleted.
1998/9/8-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:14560 Activity:high
9/7     On the page there's this screenshot of
        top running in a semi-transparent window.  Does anyone know
        anything about that program and where to get it?
        \_ The Enlightenment window manager does the same thing... I think
           it's part of the window manager, not that particular version of
           top.  See for more example shots. -mogul, who
           has never used either of them
           \_ I would think it would be neither top nor the window manager
              doing this, but the terminal emulator program (xterm clone?)
              that does the transparency. -ERic
              \_ Upon looking at the page, it looks more to
                 me like they have an xterm-like program that they can load
                 images into the background of.  I don't know what it is, but
                 it looks  pretty nifty!
           \_ X Servers that provide psuedo-color overlay planes usually
              provide a transparent index.  so standard xterm w/ the right
              background color setting would do the trick?  or is it
              actually doing alpha-blending rather than overlay?  --karlcz
                 \_ It's called eterm.
                    \_ is there an url for eterm?
                       \_ check out --ERic
                \_ ETerm is a nifty concept, but it sucks to configure,
                   is slow, and you need 24 bit or higher to make the
                   backgrounds look even decent, for some reason --dbushong
        \_ it's not transparent. it's got a backgroudn. mail genehkan@xcf
           or myself if you want to learn how to make windows transparent. -ali
           \_ because nobody else would know how to do it :P
1998/8/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:14417 Activity:high
7/31    what will a shell script containing  $0&$0  do? I'm afraid to try.
        \_ Please don't run such a shell script.  It does this:
           $0               &                   $0
           run this file    in the background;  run this file
           it's also called a fork bomb, and just starts hundreds of copies
           of itself, which will slow down a system incredibly.  You can lose
           your soda account for running that script.
           \_ Then would a script containing only "$0" be a fork bomb also,
              only slower?  -- yuen
              \_ No because you just press Ctrl-C and it will stop.  Once
                 the fork bomb goes off it gets worse exponentially and
                 there's no way to stop it.
                 \_ You _might_ be able to stop it with killall (rarely),
                    and since this one depends on the filesystem, you can
                    stop it by removing the script itself.  However,
                    it is still really not a good idea to run it at all:
                    you might not have enough CPU time left to do those other
                        \_ You'd get the cpu time _eventually_ but this is
                           still a really bad idea anyway.
                           \_ Eventually may mean "after your admin deletes
                              your account". :-)
1998/7/11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:49814 Activity:nil
7/10    A quick and dirty  spam filter i wrote:
        I'm not really sure how well it works and it might even filter out
        real mail.
        \_ You expect us to run a binary without source or do you expect
           that a shell script can be run if an arbitrary user's process
           can't read the shell script to find out what shell to run on
        -rwx--x--x  1 jefe  csua  2490 Jul 11 00:57 /home/j/jefe/.nospam
           \_ There is no binary involved.  It's all perl script as
              stated at the top #!/usr/bin/perl.  Your procmailrc file
              will automatically invoke it if it has:
                | $HOME/.nospam
1998/6/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14202 Activity:high
6/10    I want to send some messages to a list of friends but do not want
        the names of everyone appear in the header.  How do I do it?
        \_ Bcc
        \_ use a script with a foreach loop:
                {foreach line} mail <message>
                \_ you enjoy wasting system resources, don't you? That spawns
                   a MTA (i.e. sendmail) for every recipient, while the BCC
                   method only does one.
        \_ Edit /etc/aliases to make a temporary local mailing list, send to
           the list, and then take it out of /etc/aliases.  You _do_ have a
           home Unix system, don't you?
           \_  No, I only have account on a public workstation like soda.
               I sometime see the recepient of a mailing list as
               <unlisted recepient> and wonder how that is possible.
                \_ Bcc you idiot.
        \_ again, since it was deleted, Cheap Hack:
           use your .forward as a temporary mailing list. --jon
          \_ that's incredibly stupid.  -tom
             \_ I never said it was a smart thing to do.
                \_ Why is it stupid? It works, it doesn't hurt anything.
                   \_ sure, so long as noone sends you mail during
                      the process.  But then, it is silly users
                      can't have mailing lists without the aid of root.
                      QMAIL FOREVER d00d!!11!!
          \_ Assuming you don't know how to spawn the rich header in
             pine.. do a ^r and you should see a Bcc: field appear.
1998/4/29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:14017 Activity:high
4/28    So, how was Merlin? What are your ratings?
        \_ On par with Edward Penis-Hands II.
        \_ Really liked part 1.  The costumes were beautiful.  Missed part
           2, though.
        \_ Seemed to me that they spent more on their CGI than plot-
           continuity.  This was definitely made-for-TV (tm).
                \-i think they should have killed the lame special effects
                and stuck with the good ones. they under-used the cast i
                thought. and some of the cast was pretty weak. 56million
                viewers for part1! this was more manageable on TV than the
                odyssey, which is so tied up with a text. --psb
                \_ with a big-wig cast like they had, they did a pretty
                   bad job with them...
        \_ You want to see a good arthurian flick, go watch Excalibur, it
           kicked ASS over Merlin. -ERic
        \_ I caught the parts that didn't conflict with X-files.  I actually
           enjoyed it, but I think they crammed it too much into two eps, it
           might have been beter if they made it a 5-ep miniseries or
           something.  Incidentally, I'm not too familiar with the actual
           legend of Camelot (except what I got from that Sierra game a few
           years back :) ) Were the facts straight in Merlin?  -barn
           \_ It's mythology.  What facts?
              \_ I thought the legend might be based on "some" facts. -barn
              \_ True, esp. since the very existence of Arthur in the
                 sense of his legend is questionable.  In anycase, they
                 got many characters right, but much of it was done up
                 Hollywood-style for the masses.  This was supposed to
                 be _Merlin_'s story anyhow -- don't know much 'bout him.
                \_ I believe (no URL sorry) :-) that some sort of Arthur
                   existed and was the basis of some early stories and maybe
                   there was some early wiseman Merlin person, but none of
                   this dragons and sword in the stone stuff.
                   \_ they used to say that about the round table until
                      they found it. of course, I doubt they'll find dragon
                      skeletons these days. Internal acids and all that.
                      \_ sorry, but the round table they found isn't
                         old enough to have been Arthur's, if Arthur
                         existed at all.  -goetz
                      \_ twinks, the table was destroyed, did you see the
                         movie? the maab witch blew it
1998/3/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13839 Activity:very high
        Incidentally, it plays all PlayStation games
        \_ I'm sorry, the web site looks exceptionally unprofessional. I don't
           see why anyone would pay $750 after looking at this web site.
                \_ Yeah, they can't do a good web site, therefore the product
                   they're selling *must* suck too.  How many times have you
                   failed Logic 1A so far?  Maybe Rhetoric 10 still has room
                   for you next semester.
           \_ Lower appeal means lower number of people buying. I highly
              suggest you take Econ10 and BA10 you fuckin' know-it-all.
              By the way psb, next time, SIGN YER FUCKIN NAME
                                \-you know i usually do sign my name. the
        university exempted me from econ1. the economist recently had a good
        ariticle on research on advertising. Having never taking typing, i
        never put two spaces after end-of-sentence. --psb
                        \_ *LAUGH*  Sign your own name, hypocrite.
                        \_ Uh... what was so bad about it?  It loaded fast,
                           it provided tons of info on their product.  What's
                           your problem?  A web critic *and* a logic genius?
                           You've got it made.  How can I be as k00l as y00?
                        \_ I highly doubt it was psb.  Not even a single
                           latin word.                  - not psb
                               \_ motd postum, ergo, sum psb est
                          \_ No, it was me, and I, Sir, am no psb!
1998/3/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13832 Activity:very high
3/18    Does anyone know how and works? Do they give
        you an actual shell account, or a web account from which you design
        your web pages? Do you have to hand code HTML on their HTML form, or
        what? I'd love to try myself, but those sites are too slow!
        \_ you use a form to edit then submit your html files
        \_ you use a form interface to upload your html files
        \_ you use a form edit interface to upload and then submit your html
        \_ on, you wear this silver thingie on your head...
                \_ obey the Masters.  The Masters are our friends.
                \_ No, we must destroy the pools of fire!
1998/3/16-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13809 Activity:low
3/14    Anyone know how to make Frame5 output postscript usable for
        inclusion in a LaTeX document?  (No, print to file doesn't work.)
        \_ ps2epsi in Ghostscript. -moray
           \_ that actually doesn't work, because not only is frame5 post-
              script not eps, but it does dumb shit like screen clearing, etc.
        \_ Search for "fixfm5ps" on the net (in case anyone out there is
           still wondering, besides dpetrou . . . ) -- kahogan
1998/3/6-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13767 Activity:low
3/05    How do 16-bit and 32-bit color schemes work?  Which bits do what?
        \_ 16: generally, either 5-5-5 (1 bit unused or alpha channel),
           6-5-5, 5-6-5, or 5-5-6.  32: 8-8-8 (8 bits alpha).  If you
           have really expensive hardware, sometimes 10-10-10.  These
           are RGB implementations, obviously.  You can also use the
           16-bit value to reference a TrueColor (24/32 bits) palette.
           \_ Other strategies are separate 32-bit into 3 10-bit numbers,
              and then each number is an index into a different table to
              retrieve primary color value.  Also, you have to consider
              possible double buffering.  Not all systems use RGB either,
              your color model may be HSV.  There are equivalent matrices
              to convert one color model to another.  Also, note that
              there are perceivable colors not representable by a positive
              combination of RGB.
              possible double buffering and z-buffering.  Not all systems
              use RGB either, your color model may be HSV.  There are
              equivalent matrices to convert one color model to another.
              Also, note that there are perceivable colors not representable
              by a positive combination of RGB.
           \_ What is "alpha" then?  Thanks again.
              \_ It provides a way to combine (or blend) RGB values together
                 to achieve special effects such as transparency.  In normal
                 applications, pixel values are overwritten, but that does
                 not have to be.  You can combine old RGB value with new
                 RGB value and blends them together.
1998/2/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:13707 Activity:high
2/20    Why have CGI scripts stopped working?  Now I am seeing "Premature end
        of script header" message in the error.log even though the same script
        was unchanged and was working fine just few days ago?  Has any
        configuration change been implemented on the Web server?
        \_ *chuckle*
          \_ recompile.
1998/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13644 Activity:high
2/9     So, are we like supposed to copy our www stuff into our home dirs now?
        \_ Like, read the mail you got from dave and do what it says
           \_ It's worth noting that he sent out conflicting instructions.
              So long as you read them in order, you'll get it, but it's
              not as simple as you suggest.
              \_ Sorry for all the confusion..  better yet, read the
                 motd.official entry above this.  If you don't trust running
                 programs sight unseen, feel free to read the script. --dbushong
                 programs sight unseen, feel free to read the script. -- danh
        \_ migration could have been easy if the migrators had more brain power.
                \_ Run for VP.
           \_ Hey, I'm just glad migration happened.
1998/2/8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13636 Activity:nil
2/7     Sorry if this is a FAQ: Any clever way to convert MS Word files to
        html? Thanks.
        \_ use Word97 and "Save as HTML". If you don't have Word97, save your
           file on a disk, go somewhere that has Word97 and "Save as HTML".
           \_ Be forewarned that Word's save as HTML feature is as crappy
              as they come. If you don't mind seriously messy HTML, go
              ahead and use Word's HTML feature. But you may have to
              clean it up later if you ever want to edit it. -cdaveb
1998/2/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13607 Activity:high
2/1     What is the easiest way to allow people (actually myself) to upload
        stuff through my web page?  --- clueless
        \_ DON'T DO IT.
        \_ This may open you up to a lot of security risks; think carefully
           when you implement something.  How do you want to do it?  Do you
           want to enter text into a form and then have it available as a
           file in an account somewhere?
           \_ Don't listen to these idiots.  The easiest way is probably
              HTTP PUT; see the Apache documentation.
                \_ Oh really?  So where's a page you wrote that allows
                   uploads?  Post the URL so we can all have fun hacking it.
                   \_ Why don't you just tell us how to hack HTTP PUT.
                      \_ "There are few scripts available which implement PUT
                         handling securely." _Apache Week_, April 4 1997
                         In concept it _can_ be secure, but it's not an
                         unrealistic concern; frequently the PUT scripts
                         have holes, even more than other CGI stuff.
                         \_ PUT is fairly simple; it is not difficult to write
                            a secure PUT script.  You don't need "many"
                            scripts available which implement PUT securely,
                            you only need one.
                            \_ right, but first you've got to find it. :-)
                                \_ If you use suexec, it's not hard to
                                   write one.  Just make all paths relative
                                   to the document root and disallow ".."
                                   and other funky characters.
                \_ YES! suexec is much more secure! We really should run
                   httpd on soda instead of scotch so that one will not be
                   able to kill the "nobody" process arbitrarily.
                                   \_ I'm still waiting to see your secure
                                      page.  Post the URL when you're ready.
                   \_ Oh, give it up.
        \_ thanks for all your responses.  I wanted to do this as a way to
           replace ftp to transfer my manifestos:-).  The web server is going
           to be running only when I need to transfer file and is shut down
           the moment the transfer is done.  So I guess it does not need to
           be too secure.  Anyway, the question is now whether I will get
           enough clue to find out how to write a minimal script. -- clueless
           \_ You must be too sexy to use scp.
              \_  No, Jobs is too sexy to have scp developed for mac.
1998/1/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Recreation/House] UID:13571 Activity:kinda low
1/26    SELLING: sofa, sofa with a queen sleeper, study desk,
        bookshelf/nightstand, twin bed frame, kitchen table,
        three chairs, table/desk lamp, two armchairs, etagere.
        All prices are negotiable.  Call 848-6509 or e-mail innami. -innami
          \_sofa with a sleeper is gone, the rest is available  -innami
1998/1/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13551 Activity:kinda low
1/21    Can you make a table "sunken" instead of raised? I know that to do
        flat, you just specify <table border=0> but what about sunken? THANKS!
        \_ Get a good table lathe.
1997/3/28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:32104 Activity:nil
3/28    Anybody know of any free software that lets you create graphs for html
        pages on the fly?  e.g.  input some data from user and run the cgi
        program to create a graph from that.
        \_ xgraph
1995/1/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:31690 Activity:nil
1/3     Due to security considerations, CGI script execution has been
        turned off for general users on www.csua.  If you have a CGI
        script that you would like to use, send it to www@csua and
        it will be placed in a directory for execution.
1993/4/30-5/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:31286 Activity:high
4/28    GNU Smalltalk installed as /usr/local/bin/mst -- sample code, docs,
        etc. are in /usr/local/smalltalk. No X support yet, tho -- xxxxxxxx
        \_ What's smalltalk?
         \_ The Cleanest Object Oriented Programming Language
          \_ The Origginal Object Orented Programming Language
        \-hey, have you fixed zsh yet? i think you just need to debug
         the bin_fg code in builtin.c --psb
         \-actually the problem is with killpg() under dynix, not zsh.
           anyone else have probs with killpg? solution here is to
           write a loop for kill(). i hate debugging stuff when it's
           the OS that's busted. --psb
           \_ Like I said, you debugging is like gwh programming.  Why
              did you delete it before?  If you can't take the heat,
              stay out of the motd.
          \-well, i leave relevant stuff in here. and
           hearing about the heat from someone who wont
           sign his name is a joke --psb
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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