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2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/10/19-21 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:34240 Activity:low
10/10   Does anyone know how to "double space" a sheet in Excel?
        My "double space" I mean to insert a blank row after each
        filled-in row? Thanks.
        \_ I don't know, but why would you want to do that?
           \- cat foo.xls | sed G
        \_ In Sheet2, use this:
           =IF(MOD(ROW(),2), INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("Sheet1!","R",ROUNDUP(ROW()/2,\
0),"C",COLUMN()),FALSE), "")
           copy it around to taste
2004/10/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:34229 Activity:nil
10/19   I know leap years occur every 4 years, but there was some exception
        to that. Can anyone tell me what it was? I believe it involved years
        that were multiples of either 100 or 400. Thanks.
        \_ Year mod 4 == 0, leap year
           Year mod 100 == 0, no leap year
           Year mod 400 == 0, leap year
           ... possibly some other wrinkles.
           It basically come from the decimal expansion of the number of days
           in a year.  Of course the length of a day changes too...
           \_ More specifically if ((year%4 == 0 && year%100 !=0) || year%400
              ==0) leapyear = TRUE; else leapyear = FALSE;
              \_ Ergh, don't write
                    if (bool) x = true; else x = false;
                 statements!  Just set x = bool!
        \_ The above is right, and there are no other wrinkles.  Incidentally,
           this calendar was chosen because it was the most accurate system
           they could get the monks (who kept time back in the day) to
           actually memorize without error. -- ilyas
           \_ Every once in a while you'll see a leap second added.
              \_ Ok, that must be a latter addition to the original
                 calendar.  My mistake. -- ilyas
2004/9/26-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:33760 Activity:high
9/26    What's the line for .forward to send incoming mail via procmail,
        and _then_ forward to
        \_ A .forward file isn't powerful enough for that.  Do it all from
           procmail instead, by adding this to the end of your .procmailrc:

               \_ That will eventually create a mail loop that's not detectable
                  by sendmail.
                 \_ Erk, cool, thanks.  Any way around this?  -op
        \_ i use the following in my .procmailrc... if this can still create a
           mail loop, please let me know how to fix it:
           \_ Use something like this:

              | formail -A"X-Loop:"


              Some comments: 1) there is no need to use locks since you're
              not writing to a file. 2) The "X-Loop:"
              header keeps track of whether this message has been forwarded
              before.  3) You can combine this with any other rules you have on
              your mind. 4) these two recipes must be listed strictly in this
              order (see the meaning of "a" flag).
              I have been using the plain "!" recipe without any checks before
              and got burned many times and as a mail sysadmin I have seen lots
              of users get burned by this too. The problems usually start when
              the <DEAD><DEAD> refuses to accept mail for some reason.  Then sendmail
              will attempt to deliver the bounced message to your mail box. But
              since you have a procmail rule that tries to forward everything
              to the other host, it will keep forwarding mail until your csua
              account goes over quota.  Your *!^FROM_MAILER rule might work
              fine for this purpose too, but it will fail to forward messages
              that were mail errors that didn't appear as a result of a failed
              mail forwarding attempt.
              \_ thanks! -FROM_MAILER guy
2004/9/25-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33758 Activity:moderate
9/24    Soda Mark V needs to find a new home; specifically anywhere but in the
        \_ If nobody has mailed you to claim it yet, just hit the
           drives with a hammer and leave it in the hallway.
        \_ Nail it to the ceiling and forget about it.
        \_ Drop it off of Evans.
        \_ The Berkeley public schools always need computers for programming
           and typing labs.  Getting anyone to take responsibility for it would
           be tough though.
        \_ What are its specs? might take it.
2004/8/27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:33181 Activity:high
8/27    I wanna know how to cuss in different languages, is there a web site
        dedicated for that? Google doesn't help. ok thx
        \_  -John
        \_ your google fu sucks. fuck languages -> first link
           \_ Dutch-- 5 cuss words
              French-- too many
              What a surprise.
              \_ "Its like wiping your ass with silk!"   [restored the last lin
e.  come on.  the merovingian's
              \_ "Its like wiping your ass with silk!"
                  [restored the last line. come on. the merovingian's
                   accent was terrible]
                 \_ Agreed, but the actor is French.
                    \_ Likely they told him to exaggerate the accent.
                    \_ Will they deport him to Quebec?
                       \_ If we're lucky.
                 \_ Why did you have to remind me of that horriable movie?
                    \_ The blue pill!
2004/8/9 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:32778 Activity:nil
8/9     bool urlP(string s) {
          if (s is of the form "<DEAD>blahblah"<DEAD> return #t
          else return #f
2004/7/26 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Rants, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:32483 Activity:nil
7/26    what do you think about good "viruses" that spread to
        people's computer but do scientific computations to
        help mankind, only runs when computer is not being used?
        \_ Still bad.  Are you sure you have no programming errors that
           eat CPU when the computer is being used or abuse bandwidth
           looking for other hosts to infect?  What gives you the right
           to decide how my CPU is used or to keep it active instead of
           going into low power mode when idle?  Are you going to pay for
           the increase in my power bill?  Are you sure it's not really
           monitoring a critical piece of equipment that it needs to
           respond quickly to when an interrupt comes in?
2004/6/28-29 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:31042 Activity:very high
6/28    anyone else have problem with's GIF/JPG loading? Can't
        see any pics. ok thx.
        \_ Works for me.
        \_ ok now works. Now, how do you leave a feedback for a hotel?
2004/6/14 [Computer/SW/Languages, Consumer/PDA] UID:30798 Activity:insanely high
6/14    I just heard of this microsoft patent for clicking on handheld
        computer.  Isn't this insane?  Doesn't that mean if I write a
        program on a handheld that utilizes double clicks I have to pay
        bucks to BG?  Can someone patent kissing too?
        \_ Search for patent number 6,368,227
        \_ OMG WTF BBQ
        \_ Oh God, keep the anti-patent shit at slashdot.  It's so done.  Why
           don't you post the obPatent on patenting bad patents, too?
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/6/4 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:30603 Activity:low
6/4     The Seventh Antual ICFP Programming Contest begins!
2004/5/15 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:30235 Activity:high
        A classic theory problem cast in slightly theological terms. -- ilyas
        \_It's 2 in the morn. and i've had some sake, but this q. makes no
          sense to me.  Am i missing the definition of good and evil
          somewhere in there?
          \_ No.
        \_ Well in theological terms, anything that comes from Satan is of
           Satan and therefore evil.  All objects from Satan are evil.  No
           objects from Satan are good.  The correct answer in pseudo code is:
           while (getNextObjectFromSatan()) { print "Object is evil" }
        \_ Is this actually two questions? (1) a strategy for the man to be
           fooled about good objects no more than half the time, and (2)
           to "program a computer" to always be right?
           \_ No, you assume the man knows the strategy already, whatever it
              is, for S. -- ilyas
        \_ Once again, my problem with theory problems is figuring out
           what the heck they are talking about.
           \_ For this problem, substitute "ilyas" for "Satan", "theory
              problem" for "object", and "stupid" for "evil".  Then make
              ilyas' goal to convince you that the problems are good.
              The human wins when he realizes he's wasting his time.
                \- good one. if i were that witty, i'd have signed my post.
                   -- !sarcastic
                   \_ It would have detracted from the joke.  -tom
                      \_ Naturally.
2004/4/28 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13423 Activity:very high
4/28    Any recommendations for a good shell/web hosting provider for personal
        \_ check find my hosting . com
        \_ Yes. Who are you?
           \_ huh?
2004/4/22 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13331 Activity:nil
4/22    Does hotmail have a limit to the number of attachments that can be
        in a RECEIVED email.  I have about 10 jpegs (approx 20k each) and I
        wonder how many emails I need to seperate them into to send them to a
        friend with a hotmail account.
        \_ record all data to punch cards, load them onto a surpluss Oscar
           Meyer Wiener truck, and launch the whole truck to the destination
           using a giant railgun.
           \_ Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of
              tapes.  -- Dr. Warren Jackson, Director, UTCS
        \_ generally, asking a hotmail question on soda is a bad idea.
           here is a standard soda answer:
           write a shell script to send these pictures one by one using
           mail/mailx, eventhough I am not sure how to encode binary files
           in MIME format using commands
           \_ mimencode
              \_ mpack
        \_ Don't be a doofus.  Put them on a web site and send links.  -tom
           \_ You're a doofus, doofus.
           \_ Wow, the previous guy is like, a prophet or something.  An
              insult and an answer that doesn't really answer the
              \_ Of course it answers the question.  In fact, it's the correct
                 answer to the question.  If someone asks "how do I hammer in
                 these nails with a screwdriver?", the answer is "use a hammer,
                 doofus."  -tom
                 \_ Heh, that made my day.
                 \_ Bad analogy, doofus.  I'm not saying your answer was
                    not a possible right answer, but it's also possible
                    there is some reason that's not feasible.  Unlikely,
                    but not impossible.  Also, there's no reason to be
                    a jerk.  You could politely suggest your alternitive.
                    I suppose this anwers my question as to why everyone
                    wants to sorry your account.  -jrleek
                    \_ The person has a soda account, so of course it's
                       feasible.  You might say there's no reason to be a
                       jerk--I say there's no reason to ask stupid questions.
                        \_ And so he posts after the op already posted
                           why he didn't want it on a webpage.
                           \_ The op is still a doofus.
                           \_ The op's reasoning is flawed. This whole thread
                              is stupid enough that by MOTD charter section
                              7 subparagraph B the op shall be subject to
                              insults until such time as the thread is gone.
                              The fact that it's also about Hotmail is just
                              insult to injury.
                                \_ Hey, can I help it if people I associate
                                   with make the mistake of using hotmail
                                   for email?  In the future, the first
                                   question I ask when I meet someone will
                                   be if they use hotmail for their email.
                                   If so, I just won't associate with them.
                              \_ You mean injury to insult?
                                 \_ No, he probably doesn't.
                    \_ I'm surprised anyone would even mentioning sorry in
                       in this context!  I agree with Tom - given the OP's
                       posting, "why not send links" seems a very reasonable
                       \_ That's what I'm saying, it IS reasonable, but
                          you don't have to be a jerk about it.  As for
                          the sorry mention, that's referencing
                          yesterday's discussion. -jrleek
                    \_ so if you dont have a hammer available, you'd rather
                       insist on using the screwrdiver, instead of getting one?
                \_ I appreciate the suggestion to put the pics on a web
                   page.  There are 2 reasons why I don't prefer to do
                   this.  I don't want the pics publicly available.  And I
                   don't want them on my web site indefinately.  If I send
                   a link, the receiver might assume they will always be there.
                   But I will eventually take them off the web.  So, good
                   suggestion, but I still prefer to email them.  So, is
                   there anyone out there with a hotmail acct that can
                   answer my original question?  -op
                   \_ There's another reason people might choose to hurl insults
                      at you at this point.  It literally took me less than
                      100 seconds to go to, look at the FAQ, and
                      see that any email under 1 MByte total is fine, as long
                      as it doesn't put the user over their total quota.
                      So you're ok if the user is not close to having a
                      full mailbox, since you want to send less than .5 Meg.
                      \_ The FAQ I found on says there is a
                         limit of 1 Meg for outgoing messages.  I doesn't
                         say anything about incoming messages (that I saw),
                         but I vaguely recall that there is some limit to
                         the number of attachments an incoming message can
                        \_ All this discussion, but no answer to the actual
                           question.  I guess hotmail users don't post to
                           the motd.
                        \_ you could have frigging mailed the stuff already
                           and not wasted so much time. Just email once or
                           10 times in smaller amounts. what the fudge is it?
                           It is only 200k total. Send it in one email doofus.
        \_ send yourself 20 small jpg files and see what happens.  there must
           be some reason you're asking this if you don't think this will work.
           \_ I don't have a hotmail account.  It's easier to ask on the
              motd than to get a hotmail acct just for this purpose. -op
        \_ Better yet:  open a Yahoo Mail account.  Send the pix one at a time
           to that account.  When all of the pix have been received by the
           account, send the username and password to your intended target.
           Yahoo gives more storage than Hotmail anyway.
2004/4/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:13065 Activity:nil
4/7     It's about the oil (, executive order 13303)
        \_ So if someone brings a suit against the Coalition Provisional
           Authority for misapporpriation and sale of Iraqi oil, any judgement
           made would be null and void?  Am I reading this correctly?  I have
           serious doubts that this would stand up in court.  It sounds like
           legislation through executive order.
           \_ Or if anyone brings suit against any contractor there, it will
              also be null and void.
        \_ ... remember when they were honest and called it
2004/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:12838 Activity:nil
3/24    Okay, so I've got a potential employer asking for a code sample after
        an apparently successful second-round interview.  Any suggestions on
        what I should send them codewise?
        \_ Write a web server in postscript.  It worked for jwz.
                 \- jwz's rule of software engineering: programs add features
                    until they can read mail. rule of jwz software engineering:
                    jwz adds features until it takes up all memory and cpu
                    resources --psb
                    \_   "\_" is not "\_".   "\_" is ugly. use SHIFT.
                        \_ psb predates shift.  learn how to space correctly.
                           \- spacing correctly wastes space. 80 col trumps
                              double spacing after "." "-foo" is ugly.
                              use "--foo". --psb
                              \_ I'll use "--foo" if you'll use "\_". --dude
                        \_ The laws of men do not apply to the gods.
           Alternatively, write something traditionally thought of as hard or
           complex in an elegant way using a lesser known language like scheme.
           For example, you can do cooperative multitasking in scheme using
           the callcc primitive in about forty lines.  Ask nweaver if you've
           never seen this.
2004/2/22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:12347 Activity:nil
        Software War - Deepa Paranjpe vs Stephen Haberman
        One thing I find funny is how some think the US can keep the
        design jobs and "people skills" jobs like project management while
        outsourcing just the boring programming work.  I think India will
        quickly move up the ladder and be able to do everything.
        \_ pffft, why bother with India? Just take the whole thing to
           China. Much better trained engineers and they already do all
           the hardware manufacturing. Add in Taiwanese investment in
           knowledge and capital into the mix and we'll bury you dot head
           \_ you forgot about the language barrier.
              \_ There's no real language barrier since on the US side we don't
                 talk to the grunt workers, only the 1 project manager.
                 \_ developers that don't talk to each other? you'd better have
                    a fuckin good project manager.
                        \_ The developers talk in mandarin or tamil or
                           whatever. There won't be any developers in
                           the US, they will all be in India or China.
2004/2/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12318 Activity:nil
2/20    Maybe I couldn't parse the man page for kill, but why does
                kill -HUP -a
        kill the shell I am currently in?.  It should produce an error
        \_ if I had to guess, the "-a" is run through atoi() and it comes up
           with "0", which commonly means "kill this process group" the -HUP
           well, I'll assume you know that.
2004/2/19 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:12305 Activity:nil
2/18    how come ls on soda does not look at LS_COLORS var?
        I did eval `dircolors -c file` but the darn thing is not
        taking effect when I do ls -G.
        \_ works fine for me.  maybe your term environment variable is not
           set properly?
        \_ Everything is correctly green on black.  I don't understand your
           problem or why someone keeps deleting my response.  Was green on
           black too political for someone?  Would it be better if my screen
           was black on green?  Am I oppressing black people by having green
           on top?
2004/2/14 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:12255 Activity:nil
2/13    Anyone know where I can look at the leaked MS source code? google
        searches don't bring up stuff yet.
        \_ Use emule.  lots of fakes.  correct file size is 203.85MB
           NT source is 229.96MB.  Or you can try MUTE
           \_ and don't ever tell *anyone* you've ever looked at it or you
              could be tainting your career for life if you're involved in
              a programming career in any way.
              \_ Jesus, what shithole do you work at?
                 \_ In the united states where you can be sued for copyright
                    or patent infringement.  Which country do you work in
                    where it's ok to see someone else's stolen code and then
                    continue writing your own without a concern?
              \_ why? You think bill hasn't peeked at other ppl's source code?
                 \_ Nah , they'll afraid you might have been tainted by
                    the style.
                 \_ Of course they have.  Go read their 10Q.  They're being
                    sued by "over 30" people/companies for patent infringement
                    alone.  Yes, there *are* consequences to IP theft and the
                    "Bill did it first!" defense would be original in a court
                    of law but unlikely to succeed.
2004/1/29-30 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:12018 Activity:nil
1/29    Why are portrait print films ISO 160, while the ISOs of all other
        print films are 25,50,100,200,...,3200 (2^n * 25)?  What's so special
        about ISO 160?  Thanks.
        \_ for softer contrast:
           \_ This only tells you that if you want soft contrast you should use
              portrait films which are ISO 160.  But what I want to know is
              that why all film manufacturer decided (or found out) that they
              should make their portrait films at ISO 160 in order to give best
              results for portrait work.
              \- it's possible it is easier to get say consistent skin tones
                 from indoor/outdoor films if you squeeze the iso range.
                 that's just a guess why you might want 160/320 rather than
                 100-400. ok tnx --psb
2004/1/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11925 Activity:nil
1/24    How does one learn to get charisma?     -engineer
        \_ My theory on charisma:  You have a genetic glass ceiling for how
                                              \_ meaning, physical characteristics
           much charisma you can obtain.  Most people function below this
           ceiling (either because it's too much work to be charismatic, or
           they haven't developed the knack).  I think the best way is spend
           a lot of time around people and learn them, like you would learn
           a machine or a programming language.  Learn what makes them tick,
           and what makes them happy.  The way of charisma is the way of
           manipulating a complicated human machine.  A lot of this knowledge
           will be subconscious and difficult to articulate, but that's how it
           is with lots of complex skills.
           \_ you're assuming he knows anything about computers or machines.
        \_ learning to spell first helps. nobody likes a dummy.
           \_ Nothing like a wise-ass comment about someone's typo that
              instantaneously kills charisma. If you want to
              attain charisma, learn how to speak in public. -williamc
              \_ i'm not the one trying to attain it. also, speaking well
                 in public is only one of many parts that contribute
                 to the overall effect.
                 \_ In order to speak well in public one must be able
                    to obviously communicate well. In order to communciate
                    well one must be engaging (people are willing to
                    listen to you in the first place). In order to
                    be engaging one has to have charisma. Charisma
                    is the most important factor in public speaking.
                    Notice how charismatic individuals are elected to
                    public office over less charismatic ones, often
                    to the detriment of public policy. Note, I have
                    said nothing about content, because content is very
                    much secondary to the hoi polloi. Anyway, if you do not
                    have it and you do not seek it, you are probably not
                    qualified to comment on it. -williamc
                    \_ no. it really depends on what kind of charisma you're
                       talking about. a movie star might be described as being
                       charismatic on screen; this means only that he's likeable
                       and you can empathize with him. i wouldn't follow him
                       into war though. there are other kinds of charisma for
                       that; these usually involve conveying an aura of authority,
                       which is often linked to physical and intellectual prowess.
                       \_ we call that "other" form of charisma, "leadership"
        \_ Quaff random potions until you find the Gain Charisma one.
           \_ and there's that magic cloak, too!
           \_ ask your DM.
2004/1/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11811 Activity:nil 66%like:12251
1/16  -John
        \_ Posted a few months ago.  Still fun.
2004/1/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11792 Activity:nil
1/14    Is there an enscript-esque tool for Win32 with a GUI?  I want to print
        source code including highlighting, formatting, etc.  Thanks.
        \_ Eclipse does a pretty good job of this, but it's a full featured IDE
           \_ UltraEdit too.
        \_ PrintFile32 -- it allows you to specify keywords for a language if
           it's not in the code.  Works great for C-like languages (I haven't
           really used it for other language families).
        \_ the most lightweight is probably TextEdit
           \_ Thanks for the suggestions!  -op
              \_ Civility on the motd!?!  Begone!
2003/12/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11511 Activity:nil
12/18   s.a.d.
        \_ Get over it.  This happens to every job, sooner or later.  Even
           doctors, plumbers, lawyers, etc. will eventually be replaced
           by Tajikistanis or robots.  New jobs are created, and overall
           we all have more leisure--the average worker in a western country
           works somewhere around 8 hours, 5 days a week--compare that to
           100 years ago.  Where's the problem?  -John
           \_ Big difference is that India and China are fucked up then.
              Now they are reemerging.
                \_ Their standards and cost of living (and wages) will rise,
                   it's called the free market.  At the same time, their
                   demand for goods and services will go up.  Currently, they
                   don't have nearly as much of a market for the sort of
                   stuff they're supplying "us" for cheaper as we do, hence
                   "we" send the work over there.  That will change, it
                   always has.  I seem to recall reading some article to
                   the extent that a lot of Indian companies were worried
                   about IT work moving to China for cost reasons, which is
                   pretty revealing.  -John
                   \_ Some of us have rent to pay while your little global
                      free market economy rebalances itself at the expense
                      of the middle class.
        \_ No surprises here.  If you haven't already started looking into
           other careers, now is a good time.  Of course, I'm sure you all
           think that you're one of those blessed with so much talent that
           you'll never be hit by the continuing dismantling of the
           domestic software industry.
           \_ another career?  nah, not only that, but another country too.
              give up software and high tech, and what do you have left,
              and how safe would those be?
        \_ The source is Forrester Research, the same people who predicted
           in 2000 that by 2002 the market penetration of personal video
           recorders would be in the same ballpark as that of washing
           machines. Keeping your options open is always good, but I don't
           think the verdict is quite in yet.
           \_ looks like a new career should be statistical research &
              prediction, then.
        \_ Five counter trends are: (1) less H1Bs, (2) fewer students in
                                        \_ fewer
           CS these days, (3) Indian and Chinese software engineers moving
           back to their respective countries, (4) rapidly falling dollar
           narrows the gap a little, (5) rapidly rising cost of living
           in say China.
           \_ and these are reasons why it will take 12 years for it to
              fall 33%.  Without these mitigating factors, it would fall
              faster.  And oh, btw, the biggest counter trend is probably
              the growth of the software industry as a whole as the
              presence of computers and technology permeate more and more
              of every day life.
        \_ This will start happening to System and Network Admins, too:
           \_ I highly doubt that this will happen. From my experience it's
              practically impossible to outsource sysadmin. You still need
              to be physically there when the server goes down. I've seen
              many attempts at just remote sysadmining and that never works.
              I also find that at least half of sysadmin is help-desk, so
              unless you want users to start calling India everytime they
              can't get something to work then I don't see the trend. However,
              I do see the trend in possible consolidation. I think there are
              many small/medium sized firms who don't need a full-time sysadmin,
              and what they need is a firm which will contract out sysadmin
              work. Overall, I think that there will be much less local
              programming work, but there will be more computer support work.
              As for programming, it doesn't come as a surprise to me. It's
              relatively easy to learn programming (especially enterprise
              stuff in which you typically just populate datastructures from
              forms), and with the predominance of 4GL languages now in the
              field this is even more so. Another high-tech area that will
              be greatly hit will be layout designers for chips (place and route
              software will kill off custom layout) and probably circuit
              designers will just all be off-shore instead of being H1Bs.
              \_ Locally outsources sysadmins?  Having a helpdesk across
                 town is no better than having it in India.  That's not going
                 to work.
                 \_ It certainly will work. Someone across town can come in
                 twice a week for system maintenance and be there for
                 emergencies. Try that with a Punjabee.
2003/12/13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11440 Activity:nil
12/13   Of all the price comparison sites there, which ones are best for
        CS books, for new ones and/or for use/out-of-prints?
        \_ depends on your definition of CS. See, business majors think that
           CS is making web pages and programming. But real CS is theory.
           CLR is the best.
           \_  That doesn't seem to be relevant.
           \_ What about CS books for web pages and programming?
2003/11/21-22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:11172 Activity:nil
11/21   The other post reminded me I need a new home printer since my inkjet
        died.  I want to get a laser printer.  B/W only is fine.  Cost and
        resupply cost is important.  Print speed is important.  Reasonable
        print quality is required but I'm not sending documents to God so
        I'm not willing to pay 2x for the very best print outs.  Any
        suggestions on what I should look at?  Thanks!
        \_ samsung makes some good cheap laser printers
           \_ speaking of that, amazon has one for ~$104 after rebate.
              \_ thank you all but this url poster rocks!  thank you!  --op
        \_ The HP LaserJet 1012 is not bad if you just want to hook the
           printer up to a single computer. Brother and Lexmark also
           have sub $150 printers that are pretty good.
2003/11/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:11153 Activity:nil
11/19   My lab got a bunch of computers and it's idling most of the time.
        I guess I could download that ET signal program, but what other
        things can I use it for?
        \_ cure cancer!
        \_ I recommend omega@home!  Join the worldwide effort to solve all
           open mathematical problems!  -- ilyas
                \_ can't find it on google
                   \_ Sorry it's a bit of a geek joke.  The program doesn't
                      exist yet, but the "all" is actually real.  The idea
                      is that you want to find bounds on a certain
                      number called Chaitin's omega.  If you know something
                      about that number you can solve lots of problems.
                      In fact, if you know that number precisely you can
                      solve any problem which can be precisely stated.
                      You get lower bounds by simulating programs until they
                      stop, and you get upper bounds by searching for programs
                      that print certain strings.
                        -- ilyas
                   \_ didn't you learn in high school to take "all" with a
                      grain of salt? i guess not, since you never learned
                      to format either.
                      \_ who learns to format the motd in high school....
                         \_ I had that in class.
        \_ Duh.  Game servers.
           \_ Well, that consumes bandwidth too.
              \_ So?  If the lab is idle most of the time, it's idle.
        \_ I seem to remember there was a guy in your situation and his
           university fired him and had him charged with unauthorized use
           of their equipment and he got like 1 year of probation and a big
           fine.  Sorry, don't remember the exact details.
           \_ IIRC it was the UofGeorgia.  I didn't know Georgia even had a
              university.  I thought they stopped at 5th grade.
        \_ Turn them off while not in use.  Saves power.
2003/11/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11110 Activity:moderate
11/17   Anyone read news using a RSS-browser?  Any comments or feedback
        on RSS-reader used, and how rule/ass it is appreciated.
        Try FeedReader
        \_ This works on soda:
        use XML::RSS;
        use LWP::Simple;
        my $rss = new XML::RSS;

        \_ This works on soda:
        $content = get($ARGV[0]);
        die "Could not retrieve $ARGV[0]" unless $content;
        print "\t====== $rss->{'channel'}->{'title'} ======\n";
        foreach my $item (@{$rss->{'items'}}) {
           print "$item->{'title'}\n" if defined $item->{'title'};
        use XML::RSS;
        use LWP::Simple;
        my $arg = shift;
        my $rss = new XML::RSS;

        if ($arg =~ /http:/i) {
          $content = get($arg);
          die "Could not retrieve $arg" unless $content;
          print "\t====== $rss->{'channel'}->{'title'} ======\n";
          foreach my $item (@{$rss->{'items'}}) {
           next unless defined($item->{'title'}) && defined($item->{'link'});
           print "$item->{'title'}\n";
2003/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Database] UID:11000 Activity:nil
11/8    I'm looking for free websites that allow you to dig up information
        on people.  Stuff like phone numbers, email addresses, driving
        records...  Any ideas of sites?
        \_ ever notice how in old comic books they would always
           print the address of people writing letters to the editor?
           I wonder when they stopped.
        \_ google?
           \_ this is so fucked up.  Is there anyway to protect myself
              against this?
              \_ I'm not on it, why not?  [formatd]
                 \_ are you a student?  few students have done enough in life
                    to get into any public records.  when They can start
                    tracking you, you've entered the adult world.  public
                    records are the least of your privacy concerns.
                \_ I'm not on it, why not?
              \_ it's all public information.  you can kill yourself, but oh
                 wait that will get you into the death certificate db.
        \_,,, or better yet just pay a
           PI $50.  An unscrupulous one won't ask you any questions about
           why you want to know where you ex-gf fled with your dog, car, and
           nintendo and what the butcher knife is for.
2003/11/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:10998 Activity:nil
11/8    Firebird/IE can change the font-size by control-wheel mouse. Is there
        a way to print at the larger size? -badeyes.
        \_ In Firebird on Windoze, you can control the size of the font being
           printed by adjusting the zoom level at the print-preview menu.
                -- the one who use this feature all the time to print resume
           \_ I'm using FB0.7 on Win2k, did a print-preview, wheel moused
              really big, hit print, but it came out the same size... I'm
              trying to print Yahoo directions to give to someone else.
2003/11/8 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:10988 Activity:nil
11/7    My emacs says hilit-translate has a null definition, what does that
2003/11/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:10917 Activity:nil
11/3    Matlab Programming Contest starts tomorrow (tuesday)
        \_ Tomorrow?!? You need to give us more notice for these things.
2003/11/3 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:10911 Activity:nil
11/2    From Eric S. Raymond's website:

        As an American and native English-speaker myself, I have previously
        been reluctant to suggest this, lest it be taken as a sort of cultural
        imperialism. But several native speakers of other languages have
        urged me to point out that English is the working language of the
        hacker culture and the Internet, and that you will need to know it to
        function in the hacker community.

        This is very true. Back around 1991 I learned that many hackers who
        have English as a second language use it in technical discussions even
        when they share a birth tongue; it was reported to me at the time that
        English has a richer technical vocabulary than any other language and
        is therefore simply a better tool for the job. For similar reasons,
        translations of technical books written in English are often
        unsatisfactory (when they get done at all).

        Linus Torvalds, a Finn, comments his code in English (it apparently
        never occurred to him to do otherwise). His fluency in English has
        been an important factor in his ability to recruit a worldwide
        community of developers for Linux. It's an example worth following.
        \_ Ok, I think most of us knew this but even if not, what's your
           point?  Was this supposed to be educational?  Upsetting?  Bait?
           I'm willing to play along, I just need to know my role.  Thanks.
           \_ I'm just sick of people posting to the motd in broken English,
              and then bitching when people call them on it.  See below.
              \_ you know, if you are critical of ALL grammatically incorrect
                 post on motd, I wouldn't bitch as much.  Yet, you, like good
                 number of others, selectively tolerate one form of
                 grammatic error, while critical and censoring another.
                 If you think my grammatic error is somewhat inferior than
                 those improper English posted by the native speaker or
                 European decent, then, please go fuck yourself.
                 \_ You know why it pisses me off?  I'll tell you.  It's
                    because I work with fuckers like you.  I've worked with
                    plenty of people who can come straight over from PRC
                    and speak and write clear, understandable, if slightly
                    stilted English and can always get their point accross.
                    Then there are people who no matter how long they're here,
                    their English is always not just bad, but actually a
                    danger to those around them.  When you're working
                    with things that can kill you, you don't want to wonder
                    wether the guy next to you is going to be able to
                    communicate in any useful way or not.  I have learned
                    by dealing with fucktards like you that the *reason* that
                    some poeple in engineering are like this is not that
                         \_ people (learn to spell you moron)
                            \_ Ooh, the previous poster writes a 290 word
                               diatribe, makes a typo in "people" once out of
                               four times, and you call him out on it.
                               Congratulations.  Oh, and it's "Learn to spell,
                               you moron."
                    they are from one country from another or that they are
                    dumb.  It is an arrogance that infects the culture of
                    engineering like a cancer.  That arrogance assumes that
                    if you are good at book learning you don't have to be
                    able to communicate.  These people are always second rate
                    engineers anyway, because their work is no good to anyone
                    if they can't communicate.  Every nation in the world
                    has jackasses like this, including of course, the US.  The
                    difference is that fuckers like this who are from other
                    countries are just easier to spot and pose a bigger physical
                    danger in an emergency.  And yes, I can speak Mandarin
                    better than your English, and no, I'm not Chinese.
                    You can cry "racism"! all you like here, but when you go
                    back to China and don't ever get promoted because of your
                    shitty communication skills, don't blame Cal.  At least
                    one of us tried to straighten your dumb ass out.
                        \_ I work with people from China, Russia, Korea, and
                           Vietnam all day - but the worst English writing
                           comes from the American-born-and-educated "native"
                           speakers in our group.
                           \_ Nope.  I work with people from China, Russia, and
                              Vietnam, and they can barely communicate.  It
                              drives me nuts.
                 \_ Dude... I am not the original poster, but I have this to
                    say.  Yours is the most borken English ever heard around
                    here.  Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, you top them all.
                    You, sir, are the king of mean-spirited linguistic
                 \_ The world isn't black and white.  There are degress.  Also,
                    this is a casual social hangout, not the classroom.  Thus,
                    common usage English is appropriate, whereas broken ESL
                    English is not.  Lah!
                    \_ Your use of "lah" is improper as per the Singlish
                       standard.  Please lah, try not to use "lah" if you
                       don't know how to use it.  It breaks my heart to see
                       a beautiful thing like "lah" improperly used.
                       \_ LAH! I've played online games for years with all the
                          .sg boys and I know the standard: LAH! can and should
                          be used at all times.  Any sentence that doesn't
                          contain at least 1 random usage of LAH! is
                          non-standard and subject to ridicule, LAH!
                          \_ All I can say is that you are wrong, and
                             your language learning fu is weak.  "Lah"
                             needs to have proper placement within a
                             sentence, and it doesn't work in all
2003/10/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:10701 Activity:nil
10/21   Does any online digital printing service print dates/timestamps?
        I know Ofoto doesn't...
        \_ why do you want a timestamp on your picture?  If you name
           your file properly, some photo services print the filename
           at the back of your photo print.
           \_ Well, I don't take a lot of pix and I would order prints
              like couple of years after they were taken.  Ofoto and
              Shutterfly do print the "print date" on the back, but
              then it would be nice if they print the date when the
              pictures were taken somewhere too.
2003/9/24 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:10305 Activity:high
9/24    Is there any automatic  way (procmail, etc.) to dump all email >100kB
        to /dev/null?

        # stick it up your ass!
        * > 100000
        \_ what is this seeming preoccupation with foreign objects and
           people's anuses these days?
                \_ my ass is the last frontier
           \_ These days???
2003/9/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:10254 Activity:moderate
9/19   Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?  Can you tell?   (requires flash)
        \_ "requires flash".  Nope, sorry.  Flash is on the stupidity
           boycott list.
           \- does it make you better to share this with other people?
              \_ why would you care?  would it make you better to know?
        \_ Arrr!
           \_ Avast!
2003/8/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:29452 Activity:high
8/23    There are a lot of software that help you write outlines.
        I, however, don't think in the outline mode.  I tend to draw
        "mind bubble" during the brainstorming phase.  Is there any software,
        commerical/open source that can help me to draw them on a computer?
        Is there a proper term for "mind bubble" so i can look up on Google?
        \_ you will have to do some legwork on your own:
        \_ brain storming
        \_ ["engrish" drivel deleted] fuck you...when someone speaks
           broken english it usually just means they speak another
           language better than you
           \_ i know too many people who were born and raised and went to
              college in other countries, including china, who can write
              and speak in clear, correct english to agree with your point
              of view.  I am Amercian, yet i can speak Chinese.  it has
              been my observation that alot of the chinese poeple in
              technical fields whose english sucks are bad communicaters
              in either language(much like their american counterparts.)
              and before you start flaming, i was not the person who
              posted the "engrish" post you're responding to.
              \_ Thank you.  I want also point out that communication has
                many fronts.  A bad writer (like me) does not necessarily mean
                he can not communicate verbally.
                   --OP (asking for brain storming software and didn't expect
                         the thread became a debate in English)
           \_ I'll bet you would defend that school administrator who fired a
              few dozen teachers who couldn't pass the same test he himself
              couldn't pass after 3 or 4 tries.  His excuse?  He was foreign
              born, although he'd been here for 20+ adult years.  And no, I
              seriously doubt foreign geeks communicate in their native tongue
              better than American geeks communicate in English.  lah!
              \_ Administrators aren't teachers.  They have a different skill
                 set.  Did you ever think of that?
                 \_ hah!  I knew you were the type.  He is required by law to
                    pass the test.  He is *supposed* to be more edjumakated
                    than the teachers he was firing.  Maybe the teachers were
                    foreign born so it's unfair to ask someone teaching 12th
                    grade to pass a 10th grade test.  Ever think of that?
                 \_ You have to have a teaching credential to get an
        \_ I find paper and pencil best.  Programs get you all distracted by how
           to draw bubbles/linkages, etc.
                    administrative (teaching) credential. those who can, do.
                    those who can't teach. those who can't teach, administer.
                    \_ Hey!  Stop bringing facts into this!  No fair!
        \_ I find paper and pencil best.  Programs get you all distracted by
           how to draw bubbles/linkages, etc.
2003/7/5 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:28932 Activity:nil
7/5     Excel 2000 question: is there a way to shrink a worksheet to
        print on only 1 page - but by adjusting only 1 dimension - i.e. i
        want the width shrunk down but i don't want the height shrunk?
2003/5/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:28526 Activity:nil
5/21    Is there a way to have Matlab calculate the area contained within
        a loop (a P-V loop)? These points are empirical data and thus
        aren't able to be related via an equation. Thanks.
        \_ Have you tried "polyarea"?
2003/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:28424 Activity:kinda low
5/13    Is there a way to make Matlab plot something similar to an Excel
        "XY-Scatter plot", where it takes the data points, connects them,
        and also smooths them?
        \_ spline
                \_ But I don't know the shape that I want to fit it to.
                   Specifically, I'm drawing a loop; I have about
                   20 points that make up the loop, but if I just plot
                   them and connect them, it'd be jagged. All I want
                   to do is smooth it all together.
                   \_ lowess using polar coordinates?
                        \_ That's in the Curve Fitting Toolbox, which
                           I don't have. Any other suggestions?  -op
2003/5/12 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:28412 Activity:kinda low
5/11    What is "software pipelining"? Is that like multithreaded stuff
        doing the same task on different processors? I understand hardware
        pipelining completely (took cs152), but don't understand what
        software pipelining is. ok thx.
        \_ It's a way of reducing loop overhead (much like loop-unrolling).
           SW pipelining works by taking replicating the loop body several
           times and staggering them in such a way that the instructions
           appear in reverse order in the loop body but none of the
           instructions have any dependencies within the same iteration.
           This helps place distance between dependent instructions. The
           major problem with SW pipelining is that you need a really
           smart compiler to realize this and there's some startup and
           cleanup code you need to tag on.

           Original Code
           L1: lw  $1 <- MEM
               add $2, $1, $1
               sw  MEM <- $2
               bc  L1

           SW Pipelined Code
               lw  $1 <- MEM
               add $2, $1, $1   lw  $1 <- MEM
           L1: sw  MEM <- $2    add $2, $1, $1   lw  $1 <- MEM   bc L1
                                sw  MEM <- $2    add $2, $1, $1
                                                 sw  MEM <- $2
                \_ so does this require VLIW (issueing 3 cmds in 1 cycle?)
                   \_ I wrote it in column format to illustrate how to
                      convert the original code into SW pipelined code.
                      It has nothing to do with multi-issue.
                   \_ Multi-issue helps. There's two big reasons to SWP.
                      One is to take advantage of more instruction-level
                      parallelism (ILP), because you're running more
                      instructions concurrently. But even if you don't have
                      multi-issue, you can still get better latency tolerance
                      by interleaving instructions from other iterations
                      while waiting for a long-latency instruction to
                      complete (in the example above, the load [lw] might
                      take a long time to return).
        \_ one way people use the term is in threaded programming models,
           where you have a thread (or pool of threads) to handle a specific
           task which then passes work on to another thread/threads.
           \_ comment on my reply, the above poster has the more common usage.
2003/4/24 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW] UID:28215 Activity:nil
4/24    The word "optimize" means you've turned something inefficient into
        something that cannot be even more efficient (optimal/optimum). So
        why do people use the word "optimize" when they really mean
        \_ because you need a better dictionary.
        \_ because language changes
           \_ Not in France.  It is mandated not to do so.
2003/4/23-28 [Reference/BayArea, Computer/SW/Languages, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:28197 Activity:nil 53%like:28769
4/23    C++/Oracle programming job located in SF:
2003/4/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28085 Activity:nil
4/11    Why is anything being printed?
        bash-2.05b$ mkdir tmp 2>&1 > /dev/null
        mkdir: tmp: File exists
               \- use this "mkdir tmp  > /dev/null 2>&1" --psb
                  \_ thanks. (mkdir tmp 2>&1) > /dev/null wasnt as purty.
        \_ The order of evaluation is important:
           2>&1         -> dup2(1,2)
           --> 2 is now a copy of 1
           1> /dev/null -> fd = open("/dev/null",O_RDONLY);
           --> 1 is a copy of fd, 2 remains a copy of what 1 was.
2003/3/21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:27775 Activity:nil
3/20    I'm RTFMing right now, but i have a deadline, and need to figure this
        out fast.  How do I get LaTeX to single space, over-riding the
        double space default in the REVTEX style file?
        what's the simplest way to just double space or single space
        in the same document?  I want to have single spaced figure
        captions, with the rest of the document double spaced.
2003/3/19 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:27742 Activity:high
        7.5 megs (install file) for "home users" vs. 5.5 megs for "corporate
        users."  What's the likeley difference?
        \_ i think the home version tries to give you FREE AOL
           or something
        \_ Hope users probably has bloat crap fluff, and corporate is just
           the essentials.
            \_ odd, seems like businesses would be more likeley to want bloat
               crap stuff.  The only thing i can think of is spyware.
               (spying on a printserver is probably not too userful and just
                annoys slightly-more-likeley-to-find-it IT staff).
                Given that this years TurboTax contained some, i'd say it is
                not out of the question. -top
                \_ Extra code for emailing a copy of everything you print
                  to the US government.  Ashcroft power!
                  \_ this joke is a bit old
2003/3/1-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27576 Activity:moderate 60%like:27569
2/28    Is there any relation between a Huffman code tree and a red-black tree?
        More specifically, is it always possible to color a Huffman code
        tree so that it's a valid red-black tree?
        \_ ask yer mom.
        \_ yes. they both did yermom.
        \_ Is this a trick question?
           \_ This and everything else ever mentioned in class, the reader,
              all 6 books, or by your TA while he took your ass is a valid
              question for the midterm.  Know everything.
        \_ Huffman trees are for (lossless) data compression and red-black
           trees are a data structure which supports insertion, deletion,
           and other operations in O(log n) time.  The only connection is
           that they are both trees.  The Huffman tree for compressing a
           geometric discrete random variable can not be colored as a
           red-black tree.  If you work it out, you'll see why. -emin
2003/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27449 Activity:high
2/18    TaxCut review.  The TaxCut deluxe edition is not as user friendly as
        the turbotax deluxe edition.  Less help with ESPP entries.  Also TC
        doesn't have the ability to backtrack where a number comes from. E.g.,
        mortgage interest deduction is subject to limitations and home office
        deduction.  In TT I can right click on the line number and it'll tell
        me the form and the line that the number came from. No such feature
        in TaxCut.  Both TT and TC cannot print to file. Jesus christ, just
        how hard is it to implement this feature?!  One has to buy adobe
        acrobat to be able to print to file.   Overall I still go with TC
        because it doesn't have product activation.  I can install it on
        multiple PCs and make a copy of it to give to my family.
        \_ Are you using the MacOS X version of TC? If so, you should be
           able to print to pdf from the print window (at least I can).
           \_ no I'm not, I'm using windows 2000.  I think that print to pdf
              feature is standard on all apps on the Macs.
              \_ go to Adobe's web site and download a generic Postscript
                 printer driver.  There you go, you can now print to a
                 Postscript file (which you can convert to PDF without much
                 \_ Or just use any existing PS driver and print to file.
                    \_ the application has to enable the "print to file"
                       button.  otherwise there's no way to generate a
                       PS file.  I'll try installing a PS printer driver and
                       see if printing to it generates a PS file.
                       \_ nonsense.  Install Postscript printer driver, and
                          in the printer settings tell it to use FILE instead
                          of LPTn.
                       \_ HP Color LJ8000 series drivers works well
        \_ TT now has DRM - that alone is reason enough not to use to it.
           \_ What is DRM?
             \_ Digital Rights reMoval, where they take away your fair-use
                right to make a backup copy.
2003/1/27 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27217 Activity:nil 62%like:27213
           \_ K00L 1DEA!! THANKS,  IL TRY THAT,
        \_ dude. don't say "confurence" unless you really mean it. ew.
           \_ i googled to figure out what you meant, and i found this:
     (SFW) --aaron
              \_ search string?
2003/1/27 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27213 Activity:nil 62%like:27217
1/27    How do i print on hard sheets of plastic? I'm trying to make a fake
        ID badge for a conference.
        \_ print on clear tape or on a transparency and tape/glue it on?
           \_ good idea! thanks.  i'll try that.
2003/1/20-21 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:27161 Activity:high
1/20    I have a pdf file that contains type 3 font.  Since it is bitmapped
        I can understand why it does not scale nicely, but why does it look
        jagged even at 100% on acrobat reader while the print out looks fine?
        How can I convert it to type 1 font?  The program dvistripp.exe
        that google points me to no longer seems to exist.  Ok tnx.
        \_ does this file have anything to do with ps2pdf? -chialea
           \_ Yes typically I have the ps file and convert it to pdf using
              ps2pdf or distiller.  I don't have access to the original tex
              or dvi files, however.  --op
              ps2pdf or distiller.  It seems to be the problem of the ps
              file, since many other ps files converts just fine.  I don't
              have access to the original tex or dvi files, btw.  --op
              \_ ps2psd does not do the right thing.
2003/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:27146 Activity:high
1/17    What format does a (wireless) print server use to communicate
        on the network?  For example, if I have some crappy WinPrinter
        (with Windows drivers) can I plug that into a print server and
        print to it as a PostScript printer from a FreeBSD/Linux
        machine?  What about Mac?
        \_ Depends on the print server. If you get one that supports
           LPR (IP) printing then you can probably make this happen.
        \_ This question makes me wince.
        \_ Yes.  Yes.
2003/1/16 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27110 Activity:moderate
1/15    Anybody know of software that lets one print on plotters without
        a limit on page size (e.g. for printing banners)? I STFW and
        Googled to no avail.
        \_ /usr/bin/banner
        \_ for christ sakes, that even in the default install of blackbox
           click on desktop, select "games/amusements"
           \_ wtf are you talking about?  Default install of what?  you think
              every kewl d00de installed the same distr0 y00 d1d?
2003/1/14 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:27084 Activity:kinda low
1/13    Stupid question.  Besides the obvious (e.g. determining the strlen),
        what makes variable length encoding difficult to program?
        \_ that's the difficulty, although there are some things that result
           from it.  For example, with video or audio streams with variable
           bitrates, seeking to a specific time in the stream can be difficult.
        \_ you mean strnlen, right?  No one uses strlen anymore I hope?
           \_ What is strnlen (no manpage) and what's wrong with strlen?
              \_ i assume the above poster is trying to say strncpy vs
                 strcpy.  but clearly s/he's not thinking very clearly.
2003/1/4 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:26969 Activity:very high
1/3     Any computer store in the Berkeley area that sells a PS/2
        Female-Female connector? (too lazy to go to Fry's). Thx!
        \_ Radio shit?
        \_ Al Lasher still around?
           \_ Yeah.  They probably would have it.  They close pretty
              early, though.
        \_ on the off-chance that this is not a troll,
           will have what you want, and will ship next day if needed.
           when it comes to electronics parts, brick and mortar stores
           are just a waste of your time.
        \_ Try Good Vibrations.
           \_ Double-headed dildo?
        \_ female-female connector for what?
        \_ what type of plug are you talking about? computer, stereo,
           tv, vcr, phone, electrical, etc...?
2003/1/2 [Academia/Berkeley/DailyCal, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:26963 Activity:insanely high
1/02    How would I go about finding out the name of someone who
        lived in Chateau co-op, wrote for the daily cal, was
        a double major in two humanities subjects, and graduated
        in 1992? - danh
        \_ let her go danh.  If you missed the boat, you missed the boat.
        \_ Is she a lesbian?
        \_ '92? that's only 11 years ago!  go to chateau and ask to
           speak to the oldest student there, and then ask them.
        \_ let her go danh.  If you missed the boat, you missed the
        \_ do you know which humanities subjects? male or female?
           Are you sure they are a double major? not any minor? and
           when in 1992? Spring/summer/fall?
        \_ male.  it's the guy behind this:
  - danh
           \_ apart from wanting to sign him up for subscriptions
              to motherjones and hightimes, why would you want to
              know more about a guy whose email address is
                \_ maybe I have realized the errors
                   of my liberal ways and want to party with him?
                   actually I'm just curious who the hell this guy
                   is, he has a lot more free time than just about
                   anyone and spends most of the day spewing out
        \_ Just ask the DC front desk if you can look up old issues in their
           morgue (library) for research purposes. -Daily Cal alum
                   vast amounts of bile (and sometimes it's
                   pretty funny in its complexity, leading me to
                   believe maybe he was a rhetoric or English major)
                   about the evils of liberalism, his caustic
                   postings got the Daily Cal message boards shut
                   down. - danh
        \_ You know all this but *not* their name??
                \_ this sounds typical of what you would know of
                   a dailycal reporter (based on the tiny blurb
                   of information they reveal at the bottom of
                   their columns, or the topics that they write
        \_ ask the dailycal. make up some (semi)important story
           about needing to find and get in touch with this person.
           \_ Or better yet, just ask for the info without giving a
              reason.  Lying just draws attention to the request.
        \_ Just ask the DC front desk if you can look up old issues
           in their morgue (library) for research purposes.
           -Daily Cal alum
        \_ Go ask the Castro contingent at Sleater Kinney.
2002/12/31-2003/1/2 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:26954 Activity:high
12/31   When my program binds a socket to a port but dies due to an
        error, how do I "unbind" the socket so I can run the program
        again without getting "Address already in use"?  Thanks.
        \_ Man setsockopt, and look at SO_REUSEADDR
        \_ You will probably need something like this:
                int setReuseAddr(int listenfd) {
                  int on = 1, ret = 0;
                  if (setsockopt(listenfd,SOL_SOCKET,SO_REUSEADDR,
                                (void *)&on,sizeof(on)) < 0) {
                        ret = -1;
                  return ret;
2002/11/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:26445 Activity:moderate
11/6    Laser printer?  Or ink-jet?
        \_ I think for low-cost color printers, ink-jet is better.
        \_ Depends what you're needs /preferences are.
        if you want full-color , hi resolution photo printing == Get inkjet
        but remember inkjet ink is expensive and black quality isn't as good.
        if you want high quality text and halftone PS outout you
        can make great xerox copies of and you want high speed and cheap
        per page costs == get Laser. I got a HP4Mplus PS for $100 at
        "northbay networks" a used business equipment seller in emeryville.
        \_ Got my mom one of each so she can choose which to print on based on
           what she's printing.
       \_ Laser printers print faster. Do you have multi-page-printouts?
          You'll waste your life waiting for inkjet copies and wasting
          time replacing carts. Is startup time important for you (TTFP)?
          Laser is getting cheaper and cheaper ($300 for b/w and still the
          size of a typical home printer). Forget color laser unless you're
          willing to wait for warmup, you print a lot of color and/or youre
          willing to pay extra $$$ for a real-color-laser.
          \_ color laser dithers, anyway.
        \_ thanks for the tips.  so my assumption that laser is cheaper for
           b/w printing is correct then.
                \_ Yeah, and get a laser printer with an ethernet port
                   so you can share it regardless which computer is on.
                   \_ That can cost another $200. Or you can try one of
                      those $40-60 parallel-to-ethernet printer-adapters
2002/10/29-30 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/Domains] UID:26352 Activity:nil
10/28   What is the register file made up? Same as L1 (e.g. 6 transistors)?
        \_ It is made up a few hundred years after the Grimm Brother's stuff.
        \_ depends on architecture.  Usually sram array supporting dual/quad
           port read/write.
2002/10/22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Rants, Computer/SW/Security] UID:26275 Activity:high
10/21   Is there any service that takes email and sends regular mail?
        Like bill pay, but with email instead of checks.  I should be
        able to set up "sendees" and they could print and send my emails
        to them.  Then i could correspond with my amish friends!
        \_ don't you have a printer, stamps, paper, and envelopes?
           \_ I'm VERY LAZY and am willing to pay someone else to
              specialize in that and get the economies of scale.
            \_ cool, thanks.
2002/10/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:26168 Activity:high
10/13   What's the minimum res to print decent 8x10's? is 1024x768 (scanned
        at 200dpi) good enough? Are there rules of thumb?
        \_ no.  you need about 1500x1000 for relatively decent picture
           the guy spend $500+ on Ofoto making 8x10 prints
        \_ What are you doing with it?  If you're giving it to grandma then
           you want it done professionally.  Good enough depends on how good
           grandma's eyes are these days.
           \_ it's for grandma. where's a place that can scan about 100
              photos and give me a photocd and high quality prints?
              \_ You have .jpgs or paper or negatives?  For .jpgs upload them
                 to, or  If you need
                 them super fast then shell out and take your negs/prints to
                 any of a million local places but the prices will be much
                 higher than the online services.  The online places will take
                 undeveloped negatives, scan them in and send you prints, too.
                 \_ I have prints, no negatives. Even on DSL, it would take
                    forever to scan 5MB images and upload them, so I was
                    wondering if it's ok to shrink the jpg's.
                    \_ if you have prints, take them to a photo print place
                       and get copies made.  There's no reason to introduce
                       digital here.  If you do introduce digital, you can't
                       afford to throw away resolution.  -tom
                       \_ Thanks for the advice. In general, can they also
                          give me a photo-cd from the prints?
                        \_ Online photos will cost you $.25/print vs. $.50
                           at a local photo store.
                           \_ not for 8x10
        \_ this was useful: -op
        \_ I heard that for "good" quality you need to print at 300dpi.  So for
           8"x10" you need 2400x3000.  But that is only if your image source is
           of high quality.  If you only have small prints to start with,
           there's really no point to scan, say, a 4"x5" at 600dpi and then
           print it at 300dpi to 8"x10".  The final print won't be good anyway.
        \_ Printing is best at 300-200, but I've gone below 150 and still had
           acceptable results for some types of images.  Scanning prints
           however tops out around 200dpi, so you can't scan a 4x6" print to
           make an 8x10" with any level of quality.  -jor
2002/10/1-2 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:26065 Activity:high
9/30    How do I get ps to print the complete command line of the job
        without resizing my terminal?  I want it to wrap long lines.
        \_ Use the ucb ps with -augxww to get everything interesting
           \_ I just reread this (my own post) and I had no idea why
              someone would want to use postscript to print the
              commandline.  Anyway, thanks.
              \_ I figured you meant the unix command 'ps' and not postscript
                 which would've made no sense.
                 \_ That's exactly what I meant, I'm just an idiot.  Your
                    answer was exactly what I was looking for.
                    \_ No problem, you're welcome.
2002/9/26-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:26017 Activity:moderate
9/26    Is there a way to get procmail to send a bounce?
* ^From.**
* !^X-Loop:
| (/usr/bin/formail -r -A"X-Loop:" ; \
        echo " is not a valid address.") | $SENDMAIL -t
        \_ Not exactly what I want... I want a MAILER-DAEMON style reply.
2002/9/20-21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:25955 Activity:nil
9/19    Is there a oneliner to print out all lines that are in one file
        but not the other?
        \_ look at grep -v -x -F and see what happens.
        \_ comm -23 <one file> <the other> (assuming both files are sorted
           \_ comm -13 is what i wanted. thanks. the grep thing didnt work.
              \_ They needed to be pre-sorted for that too, same as comm.
2002/8/19 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS] UID:25601 Activity:low
8/18    When I use lp in my company it does duplex automatically. How do I
        disable duplex mode in lp? I've already RTFM, thanks.
        \_ Ask your sysadmin or post here the details of your printing
           system configuration including the OS name and version, print server
           type and configuration, printer model name, any additional third
           party or vendor drivers in use, etc.
        \_ -osimplex workes for me. It was also the first link on google for
           the search "lp single sided." Please use google and the manual
           next time. --twohey
           \_ rad, "RTFG"
           \_ Warning: printer1515 not configured to handle all lp options:
                ignoring: -o simplex
              By the way my /etc/printers.conf is empty
        \_ If you file is a PS file that comes from enscript, you can try
           "-DDuplex:false" in enscript.  Otherwise I don't know.
2002/8/14-15 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25557 Activity:moderate
8/14    Some applications don't have the "print to file" option.  Is there
        a way to install a printer type that will generate a PS file when
        printed to it?  This is w2k.  I've been dicking around with this
        all morning and still can't find a way to print.  This is for an
        efax viewer and something called elynx viewer.  There's no "print
        to file" option and printing to "PDFwriter" won't work either.
        Yup, adobe acrobat doesn't always work.
        \_ I know in win95/98 if you install a PS printer driver, like for
           a HP laserjet 4, you can select "print to file." don't know
           about win2k.
           \_ I can corroborate for Win2K... I've done just this.
        \_ If you have a Unix machine on the network, you can setup a cups
           printer instance to print to a postscript/pdf file and mail it
           back to you.
2002/8/9-11 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:25526 Activity:kinda low
8/9     Sometimes I can print a regular ps file and get the desired output,
        but when I converted it to pdf, the result does not look nice on
        screen. Does this mean it uses certain fonts available on the
        laser printer but not on my machine?  How do I get the right fonts
        if this is the problem?
        \_ What software are you using to convert to PDF?
           \_ ps2pdf on *nix and distiller on mac.  Both have this problems.
        \_ What are you trying to do (i.e. how did you create your PS? LaTeX?)
           The usual problem is that you embed Type 3 fonts in your PS
           file. Type 3 is bitmapped. You need to embed Type 1 instead.
           Are you using dvips?
2002/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25400 Activity:moderate
7/22    anybody know why the "print to file" options is sometimes there
        and sometimes isn't there in windows?  It seems to be application
        specific.  I'm wondering why that's the case.  Shouldn't this be
        a driver thing?  The windows printer driver should always be able
        to generate a postscript file right?
        \_ A Postscript printer driver should always have the option to
           "print to file".  Additionally some apps have "output page
            as EPS" or the like.
        \_ Because the application author is the one who decides what goes
           in the menus.  Your windows fu is lacking.
           \_ I have absolutely NO windows fu at all.
        \_ "No manual entry for fu"  what is fu?
           \_ your fu fu and dict fu are lacking. man dict; dict fu
           \_ I think it comes from "Kung Fu".
              \_ what, then, is "Kung"?
        \_ set the print driver to use port "file". any postscript printer
           should generate the correct ps...  HP PCL users you get PCL
           instead.  Therefore, make a new printer of some sort of postscript
2002/7/12-13 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:25344 Activity:very high
7/12    Is there a acrobat read that will fit in a floppy disk?  I have a
        PDF file that I want printed.  I'd like to get acrobat with me so
        that I can print it on any computer.  But acroread is like 2.8 megs.
        Is there a "lite" version or a self-extracting pdf file kind of a
        deal?  Thanks.
        \_ Can you print your .pdf to a PostScript file and then carry the .ps
           around?  -- yuen
                \_ ps files are much larger than their corresponding
                   pdf files.
        \_ print to level3 postscript and then zip that file as
           self-extracting if you desire.
        \_ there doesn't seem to be a way to print a PS file to a network
           printer in windows.  I can do "copy lpt1:" but I haven't
           been able to get something to print over a network.
           \_ I did it by "copy \\myserver\myprint".  You can do
              "net view myserver" to see what share name it uses for printing.
              --- yuen
              "net view myserver" to see what share name it uses for the
              print queue.  --- yuen
              \_ oh I didn't about this.  Thanks man!
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>  You don't even need a PC at the destination
           to print.
2002/7/4 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:25280 Activity:nil
7/4       Read this and believe this guy is understating the issue- is has
        nothing to do with auditing, afterall every report which was
        released by enron, global crossing and wcom forever have been
        audited and were signed off by very high ranking guys. The
        "audit" is not the problem. Its is corporation which is the
        problem. Auditors take numbers that corps given them and sign off
        that the "accounting" is correct. Auditors don't look at actual
        invoices and costs and put the money where is really should and
        compare against what the corp said. Most auditing is just
        proceadural bullshit which investors/public don't understand.
        Like when an audit occurs it starts with an operating procedures
        guide, the auditor reads the OSR (operating proceadures) and then
        spot checks the procedure- THEY DO NOT check the numbers- the
        idea is that if procedures are followed than numbers are
        accurate. For instance you read a lot about how boards of
        directors signed off on a lot of crap which they should not have.
        The auditors job is not to check to see if the crap "should" have
        been signed off on they only make sure that is "was" signed off
        on as that is what the procedure calls for and that is all the
        audit requires.
          When I audited time sheets for DWP (department of water and
        power), I only had to make sure that timesheets were signed, the
        work accomplished and the hours worked were irrelevant and not
        checked in an audit. It was not my job to verify that the work
        completed had anything to do with the northridge earthquake- it
        was only to check to see if the time card was signed by
        supervisor as that is all the proceadure stipulated.
          So although I have never been involved with a full blown audit to
        see all the little pieced which go together- I have an idea of
        how they work and have known for a long long time that they are
        just bogus and do not actually verify if the numbers were
        correct. As I have written previously when I reviewed Level 3
        books I found 700M in double booking or not accurate booking
        (exactly what wcom exposed). What we did was just instead of
        reporting the error we just slowly worked the error off the books
        by doing 150M adjustments now and then and no one was the wiser.
2002/6/13 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:25082 Activity:low
6/12    How do I do this in sh -- I want to send the output of foo to "| grep"
        and the standard error of foo to /dev/null ???
        \_ foo 2> /dev/null | grep
2002/5/3-5 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:24687 Activity:high
5/2     Math people: if I have a password generator that doesn't generate
        any collsions in 1,000,000 runs, is there a way to estimate a lower
        bound on the size of the space with a certain confidence?
        \_ yes.  Lower bound of 1,000,000.
        \_ You expect a collision at about \sqrt{n} trials, if there are
           n elements in your space. See birthday paradox. -chialea
           \_ What chialea means to say is that, if you trust it to be using
              reasonably strong random bits (which aren't, for instance, cyclic
              and loop in a cycle of length 1,000,001), there's good reason
              to expect the space size to be >=1e12. However, there are
              many real-world issues that would make this analysis null and
              void, and to actually get statistical confidence intervals
              on it, you'd need to assume quite a bit about the world, and
              then talk to somebody who knows more statistics than I. -alexf
              \- hola i havent done the math but is there a rule of thumb
              that says "for n buckets with equal/indep probability, the
              number of instaces to have say 50% collsions is some f(n)"?
              withthe birthday problem it's 365 with close enough to
              equal probability to hit 50% collision chance at 24 or 28
              [i forgot the number] ... i am wondering about a rule of
              thumb like the "rule of 70" on interest rate doubling, or
              say even stirling formula for n! --psb
              \_ I found a web page that said it's about 1.2*sqrt(n).
                 Using Stirling's formula and a Taylor series for ln,
                 I get that the constant in front is sqrt(2*ln(2))
                 which is about 1.1774. Details left to the reader -lewis
                 \_ URLp
                 \_ constants are for sissies
              \_ Thanks alex, that's indeed what I meant. I blame it all on
                 e190! -chialea
2002/2/21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:23933 Activity:high
2/20    I'm doing tail -f file.  The file gets automatically rotated by
        another process every so often.  My tail then looks at a file that
        no longer updates while the new logfile continues getting data I'm
        not seeing.  Is there a way to easily detect when my file has rotated
        or even better some program/script that can detect the change and
        switch to the new file?  This is a qmail logfile if that matters.
        \_ I believe xtail does that.
           \_ I'll check it out.  Thanks.  Hopefully it has a text-only mode?
              \_ Don't let the name fool you. If you run FreeBSD, you can
                 find it in /usr/ports/misc/xtail. Otherwise:
                 \_ I love the motd!  Thanks!  -OP
        \_ kqueue(2)
2001/12/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:23403 Activity:moderate
12/30   I'm setting up a new Sparc box connected via switch to
        a pre-existing Apple desktop. Would like to print to the printer
        that is already connected (via parallel port) to the Apple.
        What the best way to enable that? Can I turn the Apple into a
        print-server? But this means I need to keep it powered up? Ideas?
        \_ is the printer networkable?  Sorry, dunno anything about apples.
        \_ Um, mac's don't have parallel ports.
        \_ Let's just pretend you didn't say "the parallel port" and move on:
           try CAP or Netatalk.. can't remember which works better, but
           one of those should allow you to print to a properly shared
           printer hooked to a Mac.  --dbushong
2001/12/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:23272 Activity:nil
12/16   The IT/Tech crisis is very highly defined and very specific to
        CS. Go to any CS school and find out how many kids have done any
        SAP programming. See how many have experience configuring the HR
        Module of R3 plus knowledge of the HR industry to be able to
        interpret what the hell they are configuring..... you just can't
        find anyone-- but this is the skill that is in dire need.
          This field does not have the flexibility to relax constraints.
        Most other fields have life cycles of decades and thus employers
        can afford to invest in training; however, the nature of (fucked
        up management running fucked up companies screwing american
        culture) the business forces employees to continually swap out of
        jobs in effect becoming contract workers. This emerging culture
        ultimately puts even more restricutions on skill sets required by
          Right now we live in a world that is infested with bad management
        and CULTURE. The prevailing attitudes and GREED are bad for the
        economy unless they themselves are constrained. This is much akin
        to the idea of liquidity constraints in economic systems. With
        laize fare liquidity individual agents consume a high level that
        what would be socially optimal. Thus a very valuable tool in the
        economic toolkit is that of liquidity constraints ( ie low credit
        for young - higher interest rates for those with little credit
        etc. ). A corrosponding SOCIAL tool is also available.
        Traditionally this tool has been found within RELIGION which
        contains inate constraints of consumption and perceptions of the
        environment. In a new age economy where religion no longer plays
        a role new instruments of social constraint need to enter into
        discourse. Some suggestions are longer term employment contracts
        (ala Japan),
          Other interesting factors to note is what is called adaptation
        level or AL. In AL theory agents make a fundamental mistake in
        judging preferences and level of satisfaction. Agents compare to
        what is called a common set. This common set is the group of
        individuals with similar skill sets. In its raw form the common
        set is the caste of class society. An error made by agents is the
        inaccuratrely percieve well being based upon their common set
        instead of the global set. This error leads to some extreme
        implications, Namely that (using a early 1970's example which is
        obviously a little racial) northern blacks are more likely to
        riot even though there belief about there future fincial
        prospects is higher than southern blacks. The corrlation to the
        CS field is that people in the industry have made fundamental
        errors in judging themselves against their common set instead of
        the global set. This required change in perceptions can only come
        from carefully construction government policies and corporate
        incentive and HR policies. Additionally this required change is
        of a socail nature and thus the time before any results could
        posibliy be seen are years away.]
2001/12/15 [Computer/SW/Languages, ERROR, uid:23252, category id '31298#8.23' has no name! , ] UID:23252 Activity:high
12/14   i've been contemplating a serious career change, back to teaching
        english.  maybe not in the same form.  i've been how in japan
        there hasn't been enough people with computer skills to handle
        the job requirements so maybe i might try something like that
        there.  but today really disturbed me.  at work two of the senior
        guys were talking about "weeding people out."  i think the thing
        that got to me was the tone that they used.  it was snobbish and
        elitist.  it got me thinking about how the industry works and
        what's been going on.  it's pretty sad actually.  there's quite
        a bit of arrogance on behalf of computer science people.  then i
        read an article over on slashdot which discussed how computer
        science people wanted to be laisse faire regarding policies in
        government.  there's obviously this double
        standard/paradox/oxymoron that is going on that's really irking
        me.  the thing it seems is that computer science people are these
        ayn rand clones that believe they can live in a world of their
        own and as long as no one disturbs them they won't do anything.
        but the thing is that's not realistic and far too egocentric in
        thinking.  it sucks that there are people in CS who do it for the
        money or don't have as sincere of an interest in the field, but
        people have to eat and live.  that's just life.  the problem with
        that mentality is that it still creates an elitism, a social
        divide that does affect people.  i've seen people at interviews
        that have kids and need jobs.  maybe they aren't the best people
        for the job, but you're not going to get perfection.  i dunno.
        it really sickens me to hear that.
        i've become so paranoid that i trust no one at this point.  i
        suspect everyone of doing wrong and being the enemy.  it sucks.
        the thing that's really sad is that i like computing.  but it's
        the people that fuck it up.  same as music.  i like metallica's
        (old) music but i hate them.  i'm starting to think the whole net
        thing is going to end up being like the ending of jurassic park
        1 where everyone, especially the chief scientist, realize that
        it's something that man shouldn't handle because he's incapable
        of the responsibility.  so the secret must be hidden from man
        until he's ready.  perhaps the net revolution will collapse on
        itself as it seems it's doing until it's only utilized by
        researchers in universities again.
        \_ Now _THIS_ is a troll.  Watch and learn, people.
        \_ Buddy, get laid and relax a little. It's only work.
        \_ psb, is that you?
           \- no, you cant just do a key word match. --psb
        \_ See kids, this is what happens when you smoke pot and go to college
        \_ This poster is clearly an idiot or someone posing as one, but (at
           the risk becoming troll bait) I do think libertarians are really
           misguided... and there is a curiously large number of libertarian
           programmers for some reason. anyone have a guess as to why?
           \_ The real world is a messy place. I think these libertarian
              programmers don't like that -- they want to try to reduce
              the world to a small set of simple principals that sweeps
              all the messiness under the rug.
2001/12/13 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23238 Activity:high
12/13   Dmitry Sklyarov is free!
        \_ big whoop.
        \_ urlP
        \_ Are any of us really free?
           \_ yermom is
              \_ Didn't you know she'll pay $50 for a soda geek to
                 "Install Linux on her server"?
           \_ Ah ui mon frere. L'homme est ne libre, mais tout les
              place il sont dans l'chain. (or something like that)
        \_ Yeehaa!  "Russian Computer Criminal Set Free!"  Whatever.
2001/12/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW] UID:23167 Activity:kinda low
12/5    I know how to represent 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 in binary. However, how
        would you represent 0.1000? How about in IEEE floating representation?
        \_The way you get to 0.1000 is to do a summation from 1/2^n fractions.
                1/2 is 1/10 in binary.  amusing, yes?  which is .1, in binary.
        The answer therefore for 0.1 is 0.0000001010001111011.
         \_ Um, how did you derive that? Here's what I have:
            .5 .25 .125 .0625 .03125 .015625 .0078125
            0   0    0    1     1       0        0    X X X X X X (cont)
            Should say .0001100110011001101
            \_Sorry, gave you the answer for .01. Same rule holds though.
            Should say .00011001100110011001
        \_ thx. What are some float numbers that are easy to represent in
           decimal (e.g. 0.7?) but cannot be represented in binary?
           \_ Anything that can be written as a fraction with a denominator
              that's a power of 10, but cannot be written with a denominator
              that's a power of 2.
        \_ For IEEE:
           float f = 0.1;
           printf("%#08x\n", * (int *) &f);
2001/10/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:22781 Activity:moderate
10/19   What commands will let me find out files which have been
        modified after a given time?
        \_ find /your/directory -newer reference_file
           will print the names of all files in /your/directory which have
           been modified more recently than reference_file.  You can use
           "touch" to create a reference file with a particular modification
           time, if you want.
2001/10/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:22674 Activity:very high
10/9    so when is Berkeley's DNS supposed to be updated with soda's new
        \_ when i get done working taking over the world. --phillip
          \_ that's my line - the brain
        \_ HAHAHAHAHAHA!
        \_ At 3am every day
        \_ also, when is the web server going to be running again?
           \_ the joyride is over! call verio!
           \_ Apache doesn't like it when you don't have a valid name.
              Probably tomorrow.  -tom
        \_ will emails received during the downtime be cached, rejected,
           or sent to /dev/null?
           \_ /dev/yermomisabigfatbitchbiggestbitchinthewholewideworld -root
           \_ they should be delivered once the name gets updated tonight. -tom
              \_ root is just so ... rude!!11!
                 \_ you get what you pay for.  if you want quality service
                    try a professional colo
           \_ they'll all be forwarded to the FBI.
              \_ ln -s /dev/null /dev/fbi
2001/10/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:22670 Activity:nil
10/8    anyone experienced with palm OS programming and interested in
        programming for applications aiding handicapped users,
        mail  project funded by government
        \_ The next wave of high-tech craze after dot-coms: dot-govs.
2001/9/19-20 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:22530 Activity:moderate
9/19    what best describes you?
        Big Fat Sysadmin Nerd: .
        Big Fat Academic Nerd:
        Big Fat Programming Nerd:
        Trim and fit programming nerd:  .
        trim and fit sysadmin nerd: . OXYMORON OXYMORONOXYMORON OXYMORON
                                \_ you can't keep up with me.
        trim and fit academic nerd:
        trim and fit math 55 be-boy denying women sex:  .
        Skinny, pencil-necked geek: .
        Bordering between Big Fat And tRim = Middle : .
2001/8/22-24 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22215 Activity:nil
8/22    In bourne shell, what does the following mean? "exec 0<&5 5<&-"
        \_ Close file descriptor 0 (standard input), and replace it with
           a copy of file descriptor 5; then close file descriptor 5.
2001/8/21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:22198 Activity:nil
8/20    I've been able to do "echo $JAVA_HOME/abcd:$JAVA_HOME/xyz" for many
        years but today I get an error message regarding a bad modifier. Now
        I have to explicitly say "echo ${JAVA_HOME}/abcd:${JAVA_HOME}/xyz".
        What the hell changed? I still use tcsh.
        \_ Perhaps : colon is a modifier, hehe. What did you change?
           What is JAVA_HOME? Show exact transcript of your terminal session
        \_ You changed shell?
2001/8/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:22103 Activity:high Edit_by:auto 50%like:22116
8/13    What are some of nweaver's cool hidden links under  ???
           \_ Goddamn!  The boy has exceptionally good taste!
           \_ "UCB CS: File not Found"
                \_ Sorry, the department made me take down the
                   HOT WET NEKKED BABES OF CS PAGE.  -nweaver
                   \_ Man, Yelick must've been pissed when she found out you
                      had that shot of her....
                   \_ do you have any of Jane Yen or Allison Coates?
        \_ "let us assume that 1 million machines are vulnerable a particular"
                                                             \_ ^to
        \_ Where's the "Computer Scientists are Artisans, Industry SUX"
           link and the "We're vulnerable to computer virus" link?
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS] UID:21924 Activity:high
7/23    In case anyone isn't aware: Discovery Channel is doing some
        documentary on hackers this wednesday at 10pm.  "Hackers: Computer
        Outlaws". Sure to be a balanced, universal look at underground
        computer culture.
        \_ Live fast, love not, die while your kernel is compiling...
        \_ Hack with a friend, Script Kiddies get raided alone.  -v1ru5
           \_ D00D 1 41W4Y5 H4CK W17H 4 P4R7N3R 2 C0V3R MY B4CK!
        \_ "Faster, meaner, smarter - God I hate the technology curve."
2001/6/21 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:21584 Activity:kinda low
6/20    IsFoodPAnMITThingP
        \_ #F
           \_ IsItABerkeleyThingP
              \_ nil
2001/6/15 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:21527 Activity:moderate
6/14    I want to be able to press a few keys in Emacs20 and have it run a
        command "cleartool diff <current-file-name>".  Is there a way to tell
        vc-diff to use my own diff command?  If not, how do I write an elisp
        function to do this so that I can bind a key?  Thanks in advance.
        -- yuen
        \_ you can either add support for another backend to vc.el. this
           seems to be pretty simple and would benefit the world, or you could
           use call-process:

        (defun clear-shm ()
        (call-process "sh" nil nil nil "-c"
                        "ipcrm `ipcs | awk '/^m/ {print \" -m\" $2}'`"))
2001/6/6 [Computer/SW/Languages, Politics] UID:21433 Activity:nil
2001/5/25-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21362 Activity:high
5/25    What happens when a file get truncated by redirection like cat a > b.
        What happens to the eof marker in b? If some program was reading b like
        tail.exe, when cat a>b happens, how'd that program check b has been
        reset and should reopen b for read?
        \_ it doesn't matter if it gets truncated by redirection or any other
           means. redirection is a shell abstraction, not a file system
           abstraction so the distinction is unimportant. tail -f just
           regularly polls the time stamp of the file. if it's changed, it
           rechecks the file.
           \_ are you sure it's the time stamp it checks?  because if there's
           a process constantly writing to the file, only the last modified time
           is changed; so tail can't reset it's pointer to the beginning of the
           file by looking at the time stamp.
        \_ if two programs are buffering the same file, the last one
           to flush its buffers will "win".  files are not a coherent
           shared storage unless you employ file locks.
           \_ did you fucking read the question? what the hell is wrong
              with you? he's talking about read and writer. not two writers.
              you're a fucking moron.
                \_ Are you aware of where you are?  This is the motd.  Are you
                   completely stupid?  No one reads the question.  You're a
                   fucking moron.  Welcome to the motd.
2001/4/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:21082 Activity:very high
4/389   Is there any way to print out the percent of document read in
        less, like the default in more?  Thanks!
        \_ dear dimwit. man less, then search for "percent". -ali
           \_ (criticism of ali recanted)
           \_ rather than inflating your ego you could have simply
              said "press '='"
                \_ no, it's called RTFM.  Yes, there's always a way and stop
                   bugging the motd about trivial crap that's right there in
                   the man pages.  This isn't the "black lightning man page
                   reading service".  -!ali but agrees 100%
                   \_ fucking hell, i retracted my comment a long time ago
                      but some dumbshit overwrote it. like twice. i realized
                      my error and repented.
                        \_ Not me.  Just replying to whats posted.
2001/4/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:21076 Activity:moderate 75%like:21071
4/387   review on Tripplite, APC, and others, thanks.
        \_ t
        \_ For the eternally clueless for who think whateverP is a generic
           form of asking any question... it isn't.  If memory serves, the P
           stands for "P"redicate.  This comes from the c60a (and maybe 50?)
           days where everything in the A&S book was thisP and thatP for all
           the true/false routines.  thus: isnumP and isdigitP and foodP are
           good.  reviewP will only get you #t/f.  Now please just stop
           misusing shorthand in attempt to fit in.  English works perfectly
           most of the time and if you don't know that Engrish does ok, too.
           \_ usage defined meaning.  trace the etymology of many many
              common expressions and you will find that they started out as
               something compeletly different, and alot of  ignorant idiots
               missused the language for several decades, and now it's in
               the dictionaries.
                \_ Yes, yes, I took linguistics in school, too.  Nice try.
                   This is based on a computer language, not Chomsky.
           \_ nil is also acceptable in place of #f
              \_ #t
                \_ More precisely, in older lisps, the convention is P for
                   predicate, eg, isdigitP, with true and false being t and nil
                   \_ you mean "digitp"
                   (more precisely, nil is false and everything else is true).
                   The scheme convention is ?, such as isdigit?, with #t and
                   #f being boolean types returned.  I don't remember what
                   r4rs says about nil in control flow, but #f != nil
                   \_ Even more precisely, older lisps only had upper case, so
                      you had things like ISDIGITP.
                      \_ Why would you ever have ISDIGITP instead of DIGITP ?
                         \_ Well, yeah, whatever.  Give yourself a happy star.
                   \_ !#t?  I think I got schooled.
                      \_ the more interesting question is when to use
                         eg digitp vs digit-p
        \_ MGE!
        \_ better, but still not a properly phrased question.   here, I'll put
           you out of your misery:
           \_ Sorry. How to review on Tripplite, APC, and others, thanks?
2001/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:21071 Activity:high 75%like:21076
4/22    reviewP on Tripplite, APC, and others, thanks.
        \_ t
        \_ For the eternally clueless for who think whateverP is a generic
           form of asking any question... it isn't.  If memory serves, the P
           stands for "P"redicate.  This comes from the c60a (and maybe 50?)
           days where everything in the A&S book was thisP and thatP for all
           the true/false routines.  thus: isnumP and isdigitP and foodP are
           good.  reviewP will only get you #t/f.  Now please just stop
           misusing shorthand in attempt to fit in.  English works perfectly
           most of the time and if you don't know that Engrish does ok, too.
           \_ Why is it "#t" but not "t"?
              \_ probably meant #t/#f
                 \_ Yes.
           \_ usage defined meaning.  trace the etymology of many many
              common expressions and you will find that they started out as
               something compeletly different, and alot of  ignorant idiots
               missused the language for several decades, and now it's in
               the dictionaries.
           \_ nil is also acceptable in place of #f
              \_ #t
                \_ More precisely, in older lisps, the convention is P for
                   predicate, eg, isdigitP, with true and false being t and nil
                        \_ Yep.  I knew someone would come up with the full
                           real answer if I started in that direction.  Thanks.
                   \_ you mean "digitp"
                   (more precisely, nil is false and everything else is true).
                   The scheme convention is ?, such as isdigit?, with #t and
                   #f being boolean types returned.  I don't remember what
                   r4rs says about nil in control flow, but #f != nil
                   \_ Even more precisely, older lisps only had upper case, so
                      you had things like ISDIGITP.
                      \_ Why would you ever have ISDIGITP instead of DIGITP ?
                   \_ !#t?  I think I got schooled.
                      \_ the more interesting question is when to use
                         eg digitp vs digit-p
2001/4/9 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:20910 Activity:low
4/8     Is a study that surveyed only 20 people statiscally significant:
        I don't remember much statistics but I do remember something
        about needing 33 subjects at a minimum for this kind of thing.
        \_ You have not enough clue. Mine more clue.
        \_ Usability testing is a far different realm than statistical
           sampling.  Many usability tests have only 5 or 6 participants.
           Don't worry, the people in the Nielsen Norman group know far far
           more about usability testing & statistics than you could ever hope
           to - they've created many of the techniques and wrote the papers &
           books and designed the products to back them up.  (Much of the
           modern GUI is based on work Tog did at Apple to refine the original
           Xerox designs and millions of websites are based on Jakob Nielson's
           design strategies.)
                \_ Not the point of the question. I was trying to get at
                   why isn't statistical sampling typically used in usabliity
                   studies?  Just because usablility tests typically ask a small
                   number of people, it doesn't make it right or
                   statistically valid.  Sure cost is an issue but
                   that doesn't mean that you can just make conclusions
                   up after sampling a (usually) small number of people.
                   BTW, I know who Nielsen is. I used to sit across
                   the hall from him at one point. I asked the question because
                   it has always bugged me that he almost always
                   uses sample sizes smaller than seems right. After being
                   the subject once and seeing how my comments ended
                   up in the final report, I feel the whole process that
                   these experts have set up is questionable.
2001/3/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:20850 Activity:high
3/19    Is it better to use "" or
        "" as my e-mail address?
        \_ login@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
        \_ Hmm, I use  When will that not work?
              \_ ahh the mark of TR00 L33+N355
                 \_ It's all just shell and net.  How can the same shell be
                    "kewler" when only the $hostname variable changes?
                    \_ becasue csua is on 10MB, xcf is on 100MB, and vadim's
                       is 2.1 Terrabytes of happy funland, baby. aw yeah.
              \_ i think tpc has one of these already.
2001/2/9-11 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:20552 Activity:nil
2/9     How do you do multilevel command substitution? For example,
        echo `echo `echo `echo hello```
        But how do you escape the `?
        Also how do you print ' within ', without using "? For example,
        echo ' \' ' (escape doesn't work)
        \_ In sh (or ksh or bash), echo $(echo $(echo hello)).  In any
           shell, echo 'here'\''s how'
2001/1/12-15 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:20308 Activity:nil
1/12    When I print web pages from IE5 my NT box, JPG images are frequently
        cut in half by page-breaks and images that are wider than page are not
        re-scaled to fit. How'dya tell IE to change that? Navigator is better
        in this area. It might change geometry, though, but at least images
        are fully preserved. This might not be a good idea for photos etc but
        the things I care about are diagrams or schematics.
        \_ You can't.  IE wasn't made for printing picture perfect.
           Try importing to a Word doc or other printing program.
2001/1/6-16 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Domains] UID:20244 Activity:low
1/5     Is there a way to get passwd map from an nis server from a machine
        not in the nis domain but is allowed to connect via securenets?
        Sort of like yppoll -h host -d domain mapname but one that returns
        the contents and not just the version of the map? Is there a way to
        do this with ypcat without running ypbind?
        \_ I like to waste time.
           \- yes there is. man yp_all. there will be a bit of a learning curve
           if you are not familar with rpc programming and you want to do
           it "right". what the "waste of the time" about? i dunno of a
           canned tool to do this. would be interested if there is one. i seem
           to remember satan does this but uses YP_FIRST and only displays
           the first map entry. --psb
           \- yes there is. man clnt_call, ypclnt/yp_all. there will be a bit
           of a learning curve if you are not familar with rpc programming and
           \- yes there is. man clnt_call, ypclnt. there will be a bit of a
           learning curve if you are not familar with rpc programming and
           you want to do it "right". i suppose i can send you the code if you
           give me some non-cracker reason you want to do this.
           i dunno of a canned tool to do this. would be interested if there
           is one. i seem to remember satan does this but uses YP_FIRST and
           only displays the first map entry.
           what the "waste of the time" comment about? --psb
           \- actually it occurs to me, there may be an easy way to do this
           with netcat. dunno how off the topof my head. --psb
2000/12/21 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:20142 Activity:high
12/20   Can someone explain this: "Denormal numbers present a major
        stumbling block to implementing floating point multiplcation,
        because they require performing a variable shift in the
        multiplier, which wouldn't otherwise be needed. Thus, high-
        performance, floating point multipliers often do no handle
        denormalized numbers, but instead trap, letting software
        handle them."
        \_ Don't you always multiply the mantissas as if they are integers
           and then add the exponents, regardless of whether they are
           normalized or not?
        \_ normalizing a floating point number means shifting its mantissa
           to the left until the MSB of the mantissa is 1 (and compensating
           by changing the exponent). if you know
           a number is normalized, you don't need to store the 1, which
           means that assuming normalized gets you a free bit.
           however, being a certain number of shifts, when the exponent
           gets as small as it can get, you can't shift any more, and
           you might be forced to use a denormal float. this is only a
           problem with very small number. typically, hardware
           will throw and error when it can't normalize. good hardware
           doesn't and just says lets you know that something is a denorm.
           \_ That's easy. Just shift left by the leading zero count.
              Zero counting in hardware is pretty easy. For 32-bits
              that's just 5 levels of multiplexor and AND gates (AND
              gates are probaly has a higher delay).
              gates probably has a higher delay).
2000/12/12 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:20067 Activity:very high
12/11   F-f-f-fuck da print queue
        \_ heheh, i remember back in the day, i would just try to cancel
           other people's print jobs.  lpcancel or something
        \_ actually, back in the day, i'd simply turn off the printer. For
           some reason or another, the entire queue would vanish. I'd then
           turn the printer back on.
           \_ I'd just nuke the queue and put my print job in first.
                - former root@cory
              \_ I didnt need to nuke the queue, just submitted mine as the
                 top priority    -- former illegal root@cory
        \_ In the beginning, you could cancel other people's jobs, then
           somebody (root) changed it. And powering off only killed the
           top queued job. i wonder what it is now...
        \_ Do they still allow you to enscript a postscript file? Or has
           a filter been put in place?
                        \_ i patched enscript to stop this -brg
2000/12/8 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:20040 Activity:very high
12/7    Eh, why are some virtuals set to 0 (pure virtual) and some are not?
        The following should look familiar to people who have been killed
        in the class:

#define Expression_SHARED_EXTRAS                \
virtual tree_node *createPARSETree();           \
virtual void scope_check();                     \
virtual void insert_type();                      \
virtual Symbol type_check();                      \

#define Case_EXTRAS                             \
virtual tree_node *createPARSETree() = 0;       \
virtual void scope_check() = 0;                 \
virtual void insert_type() = 0;                 \
virtual Symbol type_check() = 0;                  \
        \_ if someone can answer this, please do.  I want to know too.
        \_ defining as virtual = 0  to create an interface definition or
        abstract class
           \_ Yes.  In particular, pure virtual functions are a signal to both
              the compiler and client code that this class is not expected
              to be instantiated, only inherited from.  It also requires any
              child classes to provide the method, but doesn't provide a
              default implementation.  There are many situations where this
              is exactly what you want.  You may not really get this until
              you're trying to make a framework of code that other people
              are expected to use, but not modify... -mogul
2000/12/1 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:19972 Activity:nil
11/30   I'm having a problem running a toy pthreads program on FreeBSD. I ran
        strace on it and it looks like it exits after SIGUSR1 or SIGUSR2. The
        same program seems to run fine on (dare I say it) Linux. Any ideas?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <pthread.h>

void print_msg( void *ptr ) {
char *message;
message = (char *) ptr;
printf("%s ", message);

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

pthread_t thread1, thread2;
char *message1 = "Hello";
char *message2 = "World";

pthread_create(&thread1, NULL, (void*)&print_msg, (void*) message1);
pthread_create(&thread2, NULL, (void*)&print_msg, (void*) message2);

return 0;
        \_ Insert after the creates:

           pthread_join(thread1, NULL);
           pthread_join(thread2, NULL);

           I have no idea what I'm doing. -clueless-sodan
           \_ Yep, you definitely to somehow block so that the threads
              have time to execute.  Otherwise main() will just
              exit; whether or not it waits for threads to run to
              termination is implementation dependent.
              \_ Yeah, I just figured out that this is true. I guess
                 this is one other aspect where LinSUX tries to act
                 smart for you. The annoying thing is that I copied
                 the example right out of the pthreads book from Sun.
                 The Sun Press authors generally don't leave this sort
                 of thing out. (Yes the book is on pthreads, not solaris
        \_ Build with gcc -pthread?
           \_ I compiled with cc -g -Wall -pthread -o thread_test thread_test.c
              the two print_msg functions never get called.
              \_ Please follow the clueless-sodan's advice. -clueless-sodan
2000/11/28-29 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:19929 Activity:high
11/27   Anyone happen to know how to convert an Acrobat PDF document to a
        Word document?  (purpose: I want to print gobs of pdfs
        and Word supports printing multiple pages per sheet of paper,
        similar to how enscript prints double pages in the cs labs)
        \_ you can do that with a pdf as well
        \_ some printer drivers have settings for this.  If yours doesn't
           and you use Windows, you might want to look into a utility
           called FinePrine.  Otherwise, you can convert the PDF to
           PostScript and use psnup
           and you use Windows, you might want to look into a shareware
           utility called FinePrint (  Otherwise, you
           can convert the PDF to PostScript and use psnup
           \_ You don't even have to convert it -- psnup can read and
              write PDF directly.
              \_ it can?  doesn't say so on the man page, and it seems to
                 reject the pdf files I give it...
        \_ here's an online converter:
           In general, though, I wouldn't recommend going from PDF/PS to Word.
2000/11/26-28 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:19911 Activity:moderate
11/25   #!/bin/sh
        : How do I make bourne shell subroutine modify a global variable?
        : Want to use VAR1 and VAR2 after the subroutine parses my_input_file
        foo() {
        while read VAR1 VAR2
          echo "Reading $VAR1 and $VAR2"
          export VAR1 VAR2
        done < my_input_file
        export VAR1 VAR2
        echo VARS = $VAR1 , $VAR2 # VAR1 & VAR2 are blank/empty-strings!
        \_ while loop is executed in a separate shell in bourne shell,
           thus its not possible.
           \_ wrong. but the order is backwards. Try this.
              export GLOBALVAR
              echo $GLOBALVAR
                     \_ too complicted:
                           change() {
                           echo GLOBAL is $GLOBAL
                           echo GLOBAL is $GLOBAL

                  \_ uh, no you are wrong. In *bourne* shell (virutally
                     unchanged since AT&T UNIX Version 7) while loops
                     are a separate process (I'm looking at the code
                     right now) when the input or output of the shell
                     is redirected. To avoid this you need to use exec
                     to save and restore STDIN. Try something like:

                     myfunc () {
                       exec 5<&0 < "$1";
                       while read LINE ;
                          COUNT=`echo $COUNT + 1 | bc`
                       exec 0<&5 5<&-

                    echo COUNT is $COUNT
                    myfunc /etc/passwd
                    echo COUNT is $COUNT
        \_ Get new shell.
           \_ Stick with Bourne shell as Steve and GOD intended.
2000/10/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19389 Activity:high
10/02   Netcom shell accounts RIP.  Soon there will be no ISP's with shell
        access left. Time to import shell-loving Indian immigrants.
        \_ when shell access is outlawed only outlaws will have shell
        \_ if there was a demand for shell accounts, an ISP will form with
           shell accounts, charging what it costs to support shell accounts.
        \_ Whole Earth Networks ( still offers shell access.
           not many features tho.
                \_ If I want a 56K dialup with a shell, what ISP should I use?
                        \_ has dialup + shell
        \_ is almost dead too (they got bought out by Verio).
           A harddisk on their listserver crashed, and they didn't bother
           to notify their customers or restore the service.  Apparently
           they didn't have backups of the subscriber list either.
                \_ Their listserv was an unsupported service
        \_ "What the hell, crackers shell even in my neighborhood." --Cube
        \_ My ISP lost my mail spool and didnt have backups.
2000/9/11-13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:19221 Activity:low
9/10    I need to find the "subsidiary code", also known as
        the "programming unlock code" for an Audiovox 9000 phone,
        so it can be used in Canada.  This is NOT the
        "phone unlock code" or the "keypad unlock code".
        Verizon claims only they have it, and they will only
        give it up for a $285 fee, which is totally lame
        and unfair.  Sound familiar?  Can anyone help
        me out?  Thanks. - danh
                \_ Doesn't help much, but I heard that they will waive
                   the fee if you finish off your 1 or 2yr contract
                   with them. - sagarwal
        \_ Try
                \_ This page rules.  -John
2000/9/7-8 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:19192 Activity:high
9/6     Work for a Big 5 company (Business Services/ Consulting) and just
        got a raise to $55K, as a Senior Computer Consultant.  Is this low?
        Been with the firm 2 years.
        \_ Does your job involve programming?  a 3yr programmer get $80/yr.
           \_ Nope, auditing the computer controls at companies.
        \_ I just started fresh-out-of-cal, $62k/yr not including bonus +
           benefits and that's still considered low by my own peers. Then
           again, I'm in a different line of business than you are which
           could explain it (no, not sysadmin).
        \_ Where are you located?
           \_ $55K senior must mean poster is in Ohio or somewhere like that
           \_ Actually it's the SF office :(
        \_ bit low.  i was bringing in consultants from Cal (and stanfurd
           sometimes) at the big 5 beginning at around 65k.  managers and
           senior managers were making 120-180k.  senior consultants were
           in the 80k-100k range.  this was at a big 5 within eBusiness
           consulting. -uctt
        \_ If you have no tech skills and you're making over 30k, you're
           \_ Get a clue.
                \_ "Duh, I iz a jeanyus!  I kan post 'get uh kloo'"  You are
                   an idiot and a waste of bits.
        \_ Looks low to me, esp after 2 yrs. I work in tech support, work
           40 hrs a week and make 68K. A friend of mine is a consultant
           (non-technical) with a Big 5 company and he makes 75K after 3
           years there. It's time to test the waters out there for more $.
                \_ I think the 75k at 3 years is low if he's in this area and
                   not Arkansas.
2000/8/15-17 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18998 Activity:nil
8/15    Got any suggestions for online hotel reservation services?
2000/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Health/Women] UID:18916 Activity:high
        I've got tape drives, nerf guns and stock options. Don't need no
        steeking women in my work place.
        \_ Most girls lose interest in math/science from 11-15. Why can't
           we just accept this fact and just let it be. Girls are good at
           GUI. Guys are good at core. Fuck this equal pay, equal right
           shit.                                                -guy
        \_ Dr. Anita Borg. Heh. Her names Borg. Heh. Heheheh.
        \_ "At lunch they would just talk about...wires and machines."
           Whoa, that sucks-- this lady was working with a bunch of people
           who actually liked their jobs enough to talk about them
           outside of the office.
                \- seems to me this is what leads to the so-called "ageism"
                in the valley as well ... would you rather hire a guy who
                goes hometo the wife and kids or hangs out at work and hacks?
                these people complaining just need to deliver where it counts:
                productivity. it would be one thing if the women were
                complaing about being hit on and such. --psb
                \_ Yeah, psb has got it right on.  Nothing improves my
                   productivity than chicks in the workplace.  Down-to-
                   earth, productive, nice-smelling women.  I am so
                   motivated -- it's such a pleasant working environment
                   I can code forever with that 50:50 M/F ratio that
                   I've missed so long ago from before college.
                \_ Some guys who go home at 6-7 PM also get in at 6-7 AM.
                   The kids that come in at 11-12 PM and leave at 2 AM only
                   spend a few more hours at work and generally are not
                   as effective for lack of experience. I would prefer
                   a mix of old and young on my development team in order
                   \_ i prefer a special computer selected team with masks that
                      give everyone special powers and ordinary vehicles that
                      turn into fighting platforms!
                      \_ No good -- I'd get stuck working with T-Bob.
                        \_ We have developed AI to such a degree that the AIs
                           now do all the programming at my company.  It
                           became a problem though when they formed a union.
        \_ I do not trust Dr. Borg.
        \_ If society is sending a message to women/girls that they aren't
                   build a good product.
                \_ It's bullshit.  If productivity is the goalpost, pay
                   according to actual productivity, not dumb prejudices.
                   Companies would rather hire a 20-something who goofs off
                   24/7 than a 50-something who actually has work ethic but
                   only works five days out of the week.  That's ageism, or
                   at least stupidity.  And yet it's what's done.
                   \_ Let us know when you found the perfect company.  What
                      you're forgetting is the 50 year olds who spen 40hrs/wk
                      fucking around vs. the 20somethings who spend 100+ doing
                      great work.
           capable of working with computers (math, etc.), then I think that
           is terrible and something that should be remedied.
           However, all the discussion i have seen about the shortage of
           women in the computer industry is about the fact that women
           don't want to work with the kind of people who generally work
           with computer.  Well, if that's the case, then fuck them.  I find
           that argument absolutely galling.  What's the solution, stop
           geeks from going into the computer industry and replace them with
           actors and models and frat-boys or something?
           \_ That's the Trilogy model.
           \_ Women don't go into computers, generally, because they're not
              very bright and only want to be pregnant.
2000/8/6-7 [Science/Biology, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18895 Activity:nil
8/5     Any recommendations on a good book/website on the topic of genetic
        programming and genetic algorithms?
2000/8/4-6 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:18887 Activity:moderate
8/5-1   Why is unstructured code (e.g. goto, jump, etc) hard to optimize?
        Isn't control flow implicit anyway? Also, is it difficult to make
        a transformation from unstructured code to a structured code? For
        example, from byte code or a binary back to a structured intermediate
        \_ GOTO LOOP_START:
        \_ gotos aren't evil if they are just a low-level analog to structured
           control flow (e.g. gotos can be used to implement a FOR loop).
           Gotos are evil when they are used to create what is known as
           "irreducible control flow", which essentially means that there
           is no 1-1 correspondence between gotos and FOR loops. E.g. a goto
           can enter a loop in the middle! It ends up that early exit
           loops aren't as bad as entering in the middle. Irreducible
           control flow makes many syntactic analysis algorithms barf, cause
           those algorithms assume reducibility. -nick
                \_ which nick are you? Mitchell? Kevin Mitchell's brother?
           \_ concretely, compilers will reorder instructions and make lots
              assumptions about what register contains what at what point.
              if there are many points of entry to some piece of code, there
              will exist many possible initial states for that piece of code,
              and you end up with ltos of dependencies. -ali.
        \_ Don't loop then. Write everything data-directed. -muchandr
            \_ go APL!!!!!!!! -nick (yes, mitchell)
                \_ nick mitchell, you a phd candidate? what's your area?
                   \_ yes, nick mitchell is a phd candidate, compilers
            \_ data directed is much more difficult to optimize
        \_ APL kicked ass. It depends what you are trying to optimize I
        suppose. Data directed code is much easier to parallelize for instance
        and in specific case of vector languages like APL you easily do
        allocate lots of memory statically for some of those cases they are
        making fancy garbage collectors that never work as advertised today.
2000/7/27-28 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18787 Activity:high
7/26    Since netcom shell accounts are going away.  Anyone know of any
        nation wide companies which still offer shell accounts?  Thnx.  -shyguy
        \_ Check  They may still offer it.
           \_ Best was bought by Verio. I'm not sure if they'll create
              new accounts on Best's shell servers. -best refugee
                \_ Verio is being bought by NTT.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> I got an account when it was and then
           it became and now <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ NAK. You said nationwide. GST isn't nationwide, I think.
           \_ What OS does GST use? FreeBSD? Linux? Other?
        \_ Do you just want a shell or do you need the dial-up too?
           If you just want the shell, you can get an account form
  w/o dial-up for like $10/month.
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/IO] UID:18777 Activity:high
7/24    Does anyone know Alyosha Efros?  Do you know what kind of research
        he/she is doing?
        \_  He does computer vision.
                \_ Computers can't see.  This is an interesting choice.
                  \_ yes they can.   - cog. sci. student
                     \_ No they can't, although they may be programmed to
                        emulate sight.  - Prof. John Searle
                        \_ And they can translate Chinese but not
                           understand it....
        \_ malik grad. cocky. russian. ali is smarter than he is.
           \_ Poshel ty na huy, kozel
              \_ Preach on, brother. -- ilyas
              \_ Translation?
                \_ Try  Unfortunately it doesn't
                   know how to translate one important word...
                   \_ The words may be there. The essence is not.
                      \_ I'm trying to think of a deeply insulting
                         remark in a language no one understands.  Can
                         anyone help me??
                         \_ "no one"? ilyas, you don't exist. that was meant
                            to be understandable only to those who could
                            understand it.
                            \_ huh?
                               \_ "if you have to ask, you don't know"
           \_ fuck ali and fuck his mother  -- the anti-ali association
2000/7/26 [Computer/SW, Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18775 Activity:nil
7/24    If PayPal doesn't cost the consumer a single penny, how the heck
        does it make money? What is its business model?
        \_ Just like any other websites, Advertisings.
          \_ How much money do websites make off of those banners?
                \_ Varies widely.
        \_ It makes money like the banks make money: if you keep it on
           their account and do not deposit it to the bank, PayPal
           gets interest on it.
          \_ They charge big customers a fee for bulk transactions, too --oj
          \_ The only problem is credit card transactions cost them 1-3%.
             If the credit card transaction cost was free, it would make
             more sense.  -nweaver
                \_ Maybe they have a deal with the CC companies.
                        \_ I personally doubt it, but they might. -nweaver
   companies with a large amount of transactions can negotiate for a lower _/
   fee for their transactions -oj
        \_ they enforce a two week waiting period between you paying them
           and them crediting your account.  Kinda sleazy.
              \_ I read that it took them 2 weeks to actually credit your
                 account.  This was on the PayPal website too.  It made me
                 mad and I decided to not use them.  -aspo
                 \_ Why'd it make you mad that they publicly posted their
                    policy on their website?  Don't like it?  Don't use it.
                 \_ electronic funds transfer in: 7 days
                    personal check deposit: 1-2 weeks
                    electronic funds transfer out: 3-5 business days
                    check from PayPal: 1-2 weeks
                    these all sound pretty reasonable. i can't find
                    another reference of "2 weeks" in the fine print. -jwang
                    \_ 7 days (bussiness?) for an electric funds transfer
                       is still WAY too long.  They get the money in like
                       10 minutes.
                          \_ Well, they got to hang on to your money
                             as long as possible in order to make
                             money.  Do you blame them? -nweaver
                                \_ if you're buying something, it's not
                                   "your" money anymore.  -tom
                        \_ Actually, it like seconds.
2000/7/1-3 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18574 Activity:low
6/30    In emacs, what does this message mean?
        File mode specification error: (void-variable vera)
        \_ Exactly.
         \_ do you mean to say "emacs is lame because it doesn't give you
            intelligible errors"?
2000/6/11 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18441 Activity:nil
6/9     My dept just bought a double sided printer. On NT, I can specify
        the duplex option via the user friendly GUI. How do I do duplex on
        regular UNIX lp/lpr? Thanks.
        \_ seperate print queues.  and the tc=[ifhp_simplex|ifhp] flag
        \_ what kind of printer? some have nice GUI for unix too, but you
           may need to goto manufacturer web-site to download it.
        \_ It is a postscript option. a2ps -s2, or psset. The separate print
           queue thing is basically a way of automatically postprocessing
           postscript print jobs to set the option. --Galen
        \_ print all the odd pages, put em back in, print the even ones
2000/5/16-18 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18281 Activity:low
5/16    When I write a program in shell script, it rarely tells me
        which line has syntax error. How do you guys cope with this problem?
        \_ sometimes it helps to add -v to the shellscript command line.
                \- depends on shell. try sh -x --psb
                  \_ there is a --psb option to sh??
        \_ In Bourne like shells try /bin/sh (or /bin/ksh) -nv or -x.
2000/4/27-29 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18133 Activity:high
4/27    "cat * > foo" in a directory containing < 50k produces a >10M file
        that exceeds my quota.  Whatup?
        \_ maybe it's hitting ".." too
        \_ does your directory include a file called foo perchance?
        \_ No.  redirecting to "bar" returns the same error.
         \_ Hint: * includes foo. --oj
        \_ No it does not.  if foo exists, the shell complains if i try to
        write to foo.  I'm trying to cat a bunch of numbered files (ie
        named 1, 2, 3,...) into a file of any given name.
           \_ Yes it does.  Try "ls * > foo" and you'll see foo being listed
              inside itself.  -- yuen
           \_ The shell creates "foo" with zero size before expanding '*'
              \_ depends on your shell. ksh under solaris, for example,
              \_ Depends on your shell. ksh under solaris, for example,
                 does the expansion FIRST. But then, ksh is generally
                 more intelligent than csh anyway.
        \_  you're creating an interesting feedback loop/race condition.  If
                                                    \_ foo
            you did it in a dir where foo was the first file listed by *
            then you might get nothing interesting. If theres enough in
            files listed before foo to fill your write cache, it goes
            into a loop of writing foo onto itself.  Until somethin like
            an over-quota error stops it.   This kind of thing is useful
            if you want to, for example, write a big file to a disk until
            it is completely full. -ERic
        \_ Aah, this makes sense.  I've done stuff like this before with no
                probs, but it was the number files screwing things up.
                Incidentally, `cat * > .foo` and cat * > %foo` worked fine.
            \_ dd if=/dev/zero of=largefile
2000/4/26 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18116 Activity:high 66%like:18076
4/25    void troll () {
                int bill, larry;
                        /* sloppy naming, and bad programming corrected */
                bill = stock(MSFT);
                larry = stock(ORCL);
                if (larry > bill) {
                else {
        \_ Your entire if/else is buggy.  Here's the code you were looking
                        if (bill > 0) { go_DOJ_go(); }
           Your "int larry;" and "larry =" lines aren't required.  Grade: B.
           \_ Bzz, you don't want an if, a simple
                        while (bill) {go_DOJ_GO();} is the proper solution
                \_ Wrong.  I don't want to get stuck in an infinite loop with
                   no escape such as "else {buy_more_MSFT();}}.  Your mods
                   earn you an "F" for lack of foresight.
             \_ On most compilers int defaults to signed.  -oj
        \_ this code is broken. bill's stock $ value exceeds MAX_INT on 32
           bit machines. -ali
                \_ You're using the wrong compiler.
2000/4/6-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:17938 Activity:very high
4/5     How do I concatinate two integers together into a long.  If I do
        something like
        (a << 32) | b then this will only work on little endian machines
        but not on big endian machines.  How do I make concatination
        machine dependent?
        \_ This will work on both little and big endian machines, if a
           contains the high order bits.  The question is, where do a
           and b come from?  If they're being read from a file or some
           stream, that's where your endian dependency comes from.
           \_ this is bullshit. first of all, on your machie, int's
              are probably the same size as long's (this is to the original
              poster). To the responder, show me a definition for how
                \_ 64-bit Unixes define int as 32-bit & long as 64-bit.
              little endian and big endian machines store 64 bit entities.
              the way i'd do this is use what he has up there, but at the
              beginning of my program, write a routine that asserts that
              it's the right way of doing it, and abort() at runtime if
              it's not the case.
        \_ #ifs
        \_ don't you mean independent?
        \_ if they are unsigned, can't you do (a*(2^32))+b
           \_ This is equivalent to the code above; both work.
           or if you need it to work in every situation, you need to look
           in limits.h to see the true sizes of an int and a long on your
           system, as well as endianness, and work it for the different
           situations, have fun.
           \_ Well, not true. On a big endian machine, if shift left
              a long (which was promoted from a 32-bit int) wouldn't
              the lower order bits fall off the left side.   A perfect
              solution would be to barrel rotate one of the numbers
              and OR them together which will guarantee that it will
              always work but I know of no barrel rotate function in
              the standard C libraries.
                say you've promoted ABCD from 16-bits to 32-bits.
              - big endian:    0xDCBA0000 << 16 = 0x00000000
              - little endian: 0x0000ABCD << 16 = 0xABCD0000
              \_ You moron.  First of all, that's not promotion, that's
                 reinterpretation of bits.  Second of all, endian-ness
                 works on the byte level, not the nibble level; so the first
                 byte of a little endian 0xabcd is 0xcd, not 0xdc.  Big
                 endian systems are intolerant of lazy casting.  That's where
                 your problem lies; it's not with the shift operator.  -pld
              \_ You moron.  You've mixed up big-endian and
                 little-endian.  Plus, endian-ness works on the byte
                 level, not the nibble level; so the first byte of a
                 little endian 0xabcd is 0xcd, not 0xdc.  This should read
                 - little endian: 0xCDAB0000 << 16 = 0x0000CDAB
                 - big endian:    0x0000ABCD << 16 = 0xABCD0000
                 And both those are the same number.  -pld
                 \_ moron? who's the moron. look in P&H A-48. The lower
                    order bytes (CDAB) are one the right side for
                    order bytes (CDAB) are on the right side for
                    a little endian machine so it should be the other
                    way around.
                    \_ Have fun the next time you look at a memory dump -pld
              \_ This is incorrect.  shift left treats the entire int
                 as a unit.  The high order bits fall off, regardless of
                 endian-ness.  You need to go read K&R again.
        \_ Size of int is NBPW*8 in sys/param.h, or simply sizeof(int)*8.
           BYTE_ORDER is defined in machine/endian.h.  You can also use
           ntohl() and others in that file.
           \_ but endianness DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER.  Try it.  Come on
              it is a simple c program.  Now go compile it on a linuix box.
              Now on a sun.  Ohh look.  See the pretty results.  Idiot.
2000/4/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17909 Activity:moderate
4/1    How do I determine the total size of my UCLINK4 (or any other
       IMAP) mail spool when I do not have shell access?
       \_ They allow ssh right? scp a shell script that will execute
          /usr/bin/quota and mail you the results.  Then scp a
          procmail file that will recognize a certain string and execute
          the prior script.  viola!.  Then mail root@uclink4 asking them
          what crack they were smoking when they decided not to give
          students shell access to machines that have more CPU power
          then all of the EECS instructional machines do combined.
                \_ You vastly overestimate the CPU power of 3 alphas,
                   or haven't realized EECS inst is a decade beyond
                   the Sun 3/50 days.  Either the 12-CPU Sun E5000 or
                   the 3-CPU HP server could eat UCTwinkie4 for breakfast.
                \_ Or execute an xterminal and shell and DISPLAY: it on your
                   remote machine.
       \_ In the case of uclink4, you can use:
           \_ Running arbitrary commands on uclink is no longer trivial. -tom
2000/2/29-3/1 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:17653 Activity:nil
2/29    How do I instruct emacs to put its turd files in some
        out-of-the-way place, instead of the directory I am working in?
        \_ (set-variable 'make-backup-files nil)
           (set-variable 'auto-save-default nil)
2000/2/5 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Theory] UID:17432 Activity:nil
2/3     /tmp/tjb-resume.pdf
        \_ Isn't anyone going to do anything??  Scratch one up for the
           bad guys...Somebody should anonymously be slipping a transcript
           of that tirade of his under the door of the math department.
           Why is it the world that assholes like this always win?
               -- angry anon
           \_ Actually, we should find out how danh got the resume and
              see if he was breaking any laws in posting it.  It looks
              like a scan or fax.  Which means he probably had a
              physical copy.  He also could have had at least the
              consideration to destroy the home address and phone
              number from the posted file.  That alone could be
              considered illegal.
                \_ When you make a resume and submit it, you're doing so under
                   the assumption that an entire organization of people and
                   possibly multiple (contracting firm and the place they send
                   you) are going to look at it, enter it in mass databases,
                   etc.  You _want_ lots of people to see your resume.  It
                   isn't confidential information.
                   \_ Thanks for overwriting my comments.  Yes you expect people
                      who may be considering hiring you to read the resume.  You
                      do *not* in general expect to see it posted to a
                      general-access website.  I wouldn't put my home phone,
                      cell phone  and address on a website, but I would put an
                      email address.  I think tjb could take danh to court.
                        \_ blah blah blah. its the motd. no one intentionally
                           overwrote your whine.  tjb can't prove any harm and
                           courts are expensive.  once you release your resume
                           you have every expectation that it _will_ become
                           public info.  youre a fool otherwise.  tough shit.
                           \_ Please show me where I stated that the overwriting
                              was intentional. Or, what, only you can complain
                              about incompetence?
                              It's disturbing that you equate illegal with tjb's
                              abilities to pay for court proceedings.  Just
                              because tjb was a jerk doesn't mean that gives
                              anyone license to stalk him.
                              \_ whine whine blah blah whine whine.  It's the
                                 motd.  things get overwritten.  whine blah
                                 blah, bleah.  Hardly worth mentioning no
                                 matter how it happened. whine blah whine.
                              \_ Posting a resume isn't stalking.  Name one
                                 law actually broken.  If sharing information
                                 about people was illegal, credit bureaus
                                 couldn't exist or make so much money selling
                                 your reports to credit card companies.
                                 \_ But posting the home address/phone number
                                    along with deprecating remarks and
                                    suggestions to harass tjb (all of that here
                                    on the motd) is stalking.
                                        \_ Under what imaginary law?
                                     \_ So tjb can call the cops if he wants.
                                        Good luck with that.  No it isn't
                                        stalking.  At worst it shows bad taste
                                        on dan's part.  If he really feels
                                        like doing something, he should go
                                        get some student conduct board on dan.
                                        Again, good luck.  /tmp on a limited
                                        access computer is hardly public,
                                        anyway.  Can you say, "Over sensitive",
                                        "Mountain/molehile", or "Wah! Mommy!"?
                                        \_ Look again you moron.  The file in
                                           /tmp is a symlink to danh's webpage.
                                           That's most definitely public.
                                           \_ Yeah, dan's soda web pages are
                                              getting millions of hits a day.
                                              Like I said, waah waah waah. Go
                                              bitch to someone who might care,
                                              like your mother.
                                                \_ ep-sample is no more
        \_ since when is it illegal to scan in someone's resume?
           maybe i want to hire him.  I think tjb qualifies
                \_ You needed a new asshole?
        \_ How can you have GSA appointment when youre an undergrad? by
           definition he has to be an *undergraduate* teaching assistant.
           Unless the math department is now handing out graduate
           appointments to sophmores...
           \_ Happens all the time.  Occasionally they call them "UGSIs"
              but they do everything the same except they don't get
              a tuition credit (at Cal)
        \_ d00d, m4d B4S1C sK1LLz!!1!!
        \_ Is this just me or not? I just looked at it. IMHO, I am much much
           more impressed by most of the resumes of various people posted on
           <DEAD>soda.csua/~membername<DEAD> tjb's resume looks like an
           average nerd type resume, the kind that usually go to grad school
           after graduating. I didn't see much accomplishments (aside from
           just getting good dull grades) in there. And those grades aren't the
           greatest ones I have seen before.
           \_ Anyone want to run a check on the 'first person in history
              of university' to TA math as an undergrad claim? I'm having
              a rather hard time believing that.
              \_ maybe he's right about the math 55 claim, since
                 i bet most serious math students don't bother
                 taking math 55 unless they are CS majors
              \_ my friend TA'd math 16a,b as an undergrad, and had
                 all the same responsibilities as a normal GSI.  it
                 is quite common.  the math department has somewhat of
                 a labor shortage and honestly does not give a shit about
                 undergraduate education(yes, i have evidence to back
                 this up, and no, i'm not saying there aren't some
                 great individual teachers in the department.)  the pay
                 sucks, the workload is high, and they'll hire anyone who knows
                 calculus and will put up with the bullshit.
                        -mathmajor alumnus
           \_ it's not supposed to impress you.  there are several
              strange things, for instance, he made double the $$$ delivering
              asian food to the suburbs (??) than he did programming
              computers.  plus he has MAD BREAKIN' SKILLS.  I haven't
              seen anyone breakdance since I rented Krush Groove 10 years
              ago.  I would love to know under what name
              he practices his turntablism (for lack of a less stupider
              sounding name) skills, DJ TJB just doesn't fill me with
              awe.  Trevor are you reading this?
                -csua member posting anonymously,
                 just to avoid moronic flames from this asshole
                \_ what's so wrong with the type of person who goes to
                        grad school after graduating?
                        \_ May be he meant that academic success is not
                           all that matters in one's life or even on the
          \_ What's worse? A moron? or the moron who goes thru the
             trouble of posting a moron resume and posting to the motd
             about it? Okay, so danh is not a moron, but still, makes
             ya wonder about these CSUAers -- do they "got life"?
                \_ i am a moron today, but I had a lot of fun figuring out
                   how to make a pdf finally - danh
                        \_ Making a pdf was fun?
                   \_ Since it's scanned, wouldn't a jpg or even gif
                      have been smaller?
                \_ In framemaker, it is a simple "save as" routine.
                \_ shut the fuck up, cmlee.  -tom
                \_ obsessing over small details is not a moron trait;
                   it is a geek trait.  Bragging on your resume about your
                   mad breakin' skills or whatever and listing a food
                   delivery job as work experience is a moron trait.  And
                   fucking with people who have a presence in every corner
                   of the industry you someday plan to work in is
                   DEFINITELY a moron trait.    -illuminatus
                   \_ This is the part I like.  All tech resumes pass over
                      my desk before anyone else sees them.  Only the ones
                      that don't go in my trash can have a chance.  This
                      includes people referred by current employees (as if
                      anyone would refer this guy).   I post the worst ones
                      outside my office for everyone to laugh at instead of
                      the typical array of Dilbert comics.
                        --patiently waiting for tjb's resume to post on door
                        \_ what company do you work for?  it's assholes
                           like you, not tjb, who make people leave computers
                           , prefering a pay cut to totally defective pricks
                           as co-workers.
                                -scientist making 1/5 your salary who doesnt
                                                work with pricks
                                \_ I'm an asshole for what exactly?  Posting
                                   the funny resumes or throwing out the 100s
                                   of bad ones I get every week?  whine blah
                                   bleah whatever.  I doubt you make enough
                                   to make 1/5th my salary.  But I'll pay
                                   you $5 for each car you properly wash.  That
                                   should easily double your salary.  But don't
                                   come near me.  I don't have time to waste on
                                   ivory tower whiners like you.  Just wash the
                                   vehicles and go away.
                                   \_ I agree with the scientist that you
                                      are an anal sphincter, and lacks
                                      basic social courtesy.  Not only
                                      are you an asshole, by attacking
                                      tjb, you are also a hypocrite
                                      since you are no better than him.
                                        \_ Still waiting to hear exactly what
                                           my crime(s) are/is.  Until then,
                                           you're easily dismissed as the
                                           whiney spewing potty mouthed child
                                           you seem to be.
2000/1/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:17344 Activity:kinda low
1/26    What's the command to compress pdf files so it will print out 4 pages in
        1 page? Thanks.
        \_ pdf2ps | psnup -4 | ps2pdf
        \_ pdf2ps | a2ps -4
                      \_ won't this print the postcript commands, i.e.
                         pages of garbage?
                         \_ No. The "a" now stands for "anything", and it can
                            handle several formats.
2000/1/21 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Languages] UID:17284 Activity:high
1/20    This is a long shot, but can anyone tell me how a frequency
        divider circuit works?  Assume I have a voltage v(t) = cos(2wt).
        How would I build a circuit that outputs cos(wt)?  By the way,
        this isn't homework; I was curious but couldn't find it on the
        net or in my old EE textbooks.  I know how to double a frequency
        by squaring and filtering, but how to do a divider eludes me.
        \_ idiot way - convert the sine wave into a square wave, attach
           the result to the clock of a flip flop, insert an inverter
           loopback into the flip flop, buffer the output of the flip
           flop, and attach a capacitor to the output of the buffer.
           also known as the rube goldberg (however you spell it) solution.
        \_ squaring and removing DC only works on sinusoidal signals.
           a non-causal solution is trivial, but
            if you want caual and works only with sinusoids, use a PLL
            or use the fact that sin^2(u/2) = (1-cosu)/2, and somehow put
            the sign back in after square rooting. homeboy's solution above
            is just as elegant.
            noone deals with sine waves any more dude. -ali.
            \_ you're an idiot.  i suppose you think the carrier signals
              on the 10 GHz irridium phones are TTL pulses, and that
              the engineers who designed them are all digital monkeys
              like yourself?  I know guys who are running mixers at over
              a terahertz; do you think they designed those by clever use
              of digital circuits?
                                -physicist sick of ignorant EE students
              \_ If digital monkeys bug you so much, get the hell off of
                 soda and start your own party on the s00per analog
                 computer you've got back at the lab, physics-boy.  You're
                 just bitter because physicists, as a group, have to be the
                 only set of people with worse hygiene and poorer social
                 skills than EECS majors.
                 \_ Math grad students are fighting for pride-of-place at
                    the bottom of the list, too!
1999/9/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:16466 Activity:moderate
9/4     Why is it that while using trn to try to read Japanese sites
        results in single byte garbage, but accessing say, Taiwanese sites
        results in double-byte (but still garbage) characters being
        displayed.  I want to read the Japanese sites in particular, and
        to a lesser extent, the Taiwanese sites.  Modifying the LANG variable
        doesn't seem to effect it at all.  -Hopeless.
        \_ Funny, I wasn't aware that trn let you browse "sites". I thought
           it was a newsreader.
           \_ Pardon my dwindling English skills.
           You don't say what terminal you are using, or whether you know
           you have it set up right, or whether you even know whether you
           have compatible fonts installed on your system. I'm assuming "no"
           to all of the above issues.
           \_ I'm using xterm, csh.  I beleive I have the LANG variable set
                correctly.  And, yes, I have planety of compatible fonts
                running on my system.  Just hit 'Ctrl-Space' on my keyboard
                and I'm typing away in Japanese --> ܸ
                Although, it comes out as junk in this termnial. -hopeless.
                \_ It's hopeless.  Wipe your system, install 95 and play
1999/7/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:16163 Activity:moderate
7/20    Windows, EPS, and printing: I've got EPS files.  I want to print
        them from a 95 box.  Ghost(view/script)?  Is that the best answer?
        This is for someone very non-technical and it isn't being submitted
        to a publisher, just personal use.  What's easiest?  Thanks!
        \_ enscript -Z
        \_ If you have a postscript printer, I think the easiest way is to
           just dump the file content to the printer port.  Something like
           "copy prn:".  -- yuen
           \_ Works for EPS files too?  (revealing postscript ignorance and
                not caring)
                \_ Yes: you can always treat an EPS file as a PS file.  EPS
                   files are still valid postscript, but they also contain
                   extra information (the size of the image, an optional
                   bitmap preview) so that you can embed your EPS file into
                   a larger document.
                   \_ THANKS!
1999/6/14-16 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:15953 Activity:high
6/13    Hey are there any movies out there esp. about computer programming?
        \_ Triumph of the Nerds? Pirates of the Valley is coming out
           in about a week. Not about programming, but about computer
           \_ I can't remember any specific titles, but if you go to
              the media library in Moffit they have lots of videos
              related to computers.     --sly
        \_ Collosus: The Forbin Project is partly filmed in berkeley at
           the lawrence hall of science and is similar to the wargames plot,
           but with some sophisticated twists, especially considering it
           is form 1969.  whacky computer terminology like calling the que
           \_ *sigh* He is so *dreamy*! *giggle*
           \_ Whatever your opinion of his looks, his Reality Distortion
              Field is a wonder to behold firsthand.
           the job sack also help to make this into a kickass computer movie.
         \_ Hackers, The Net, Sneakers, War Games
        \_ Speaking of Pirates of Silicon Valley, it will be on this sunday
        \_ Workspace.  It's a very god comedy about left in a software
        \_ Workspace.  It's a very good comedy about left in a software
           company.  There was a preview in SF a few months ago, but I didn't
           see it being advertised afterwards.  -- yuen
           at 8pm on TNT.  Anybody else think that Steve Jobs is one of the
           most handsome man alive?  I think he's gorgeous.
           \_ The man who has forced the PC industry to go in his direction
              of the past 25 years with the sheer power of his personality,
              his will, and his charisma.  He is a living legend and a
              living myth.  He will forever be on my eternal heroes list.
                \_ I have his number.  Would you like to have phone sex
                   with him while you're at it?
                \_ Is Hitler also on your eternal herpes list?
        \_ fuck the guy who deleted my post
                \_ I don't think you want to fuck a fat nerdy boy like Tom.
1999/5/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15805 Activity:very high
5/13    Seen on the "How can we make this computer lab better"
        suggestions sheet: "Have the printers print directly into the
        trash can for more efficient wasting of paper."
        \_ Allow social science students to use the lab.  That way
           increases the female:male ratio.
           \_ It also increases the female:male fellatio ratio.
                \_ Anywhere but a computer lab, yeah.
                \_ The social sciences are all heavily male.  You don't even
                \_ The social sciences are all heavily male.  You don'teven
                    \_ well, the social sciences don't have to be heavily
                       female to improve the female:male ration in a cs lab.
                       they just have to have a better ratio than cs.
        \_ I think we should start charging people for printing.  Maybe a
           few cents per page.  People should seldom *need* to print things
           out anyway, now that big screen displays are common.  We can
           save more trees this way.
           \_ Yeah, and ruin more eyes while we're at it.
           \_ This has been tried again and again all over campus.  The fact
              is that the effort required to charge kids for paper isn't worth
              the tiny amount of paper saved.
              \_ doesn't stop UC santa cruz from charging 10c a page.
                    know where the chicks on campus are... how sad.
1999/4/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15693 Activity:kinda low
4/2     How can I exceed my quota by writing to /dev/null? It just happened...
        \_ mv all you files to /dev/null, it saves a lot of space!
        \_ also  cat /dev/null > your_file
        \_ because /dev/null didn't exist or was just a plain file, and if
           you cat it, you will probably see what you wrote to it? -ali
1999/3/31 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15668 Activity:high
3/30 The most important thing in the programming language is the name. A
language will not succeed without a good name. I have recently
invented a very good name and now I am looking for a suitable language.
-- D. E. Knuth, 1967
        \_ So which language did it turn out to be?
                \_ Visual Basic?
        \_ do people here really not know who don knuth is?  TeX.
          \_ How is TeX a programming language?
            \_ How is TeX not a programming language? -nick
1999/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15657 Activity:high
3/27    I was talking to someone who said that they once named their
        machine "aleph-null" (sp?) and thought that was amusing. I
        laughed along nervously, but I have no clue what this term
        means..   -- 22 and clueless
        \_ It was a psychological experiment.
        \_ the short answer, for a non-mathematician, is "infinity".
           the way this is written is as the hebrew letter aleph, which
           looks like a styalized capital "N", subscript "0".  aleph null
           is the infinity that describes how many natural numbers there are,
           i.e. {0,1,2,3...}, as opposed to for example the number of real
           numbers, which is a larger infitity.  if you want to know more,
           this stuff is descried in any set theory book. a decent undergrad
           set theory book is "elements of set theory" by Enderton.  It is
           not obvious to me why naming a computer "aleph-null" is funny.
           \_ geeks have a lames sense of humor.  duh
              \_ man, that's funny!
           \_ an interesting (and I think open) question is whether there is
              a cardinal greater than aleph-null and less than aleph-one.
              -- ilyas
              \_ How is this question related to the Continuum Hypothesis
                 (undecidable per Paul Cohen's work)?  -- schoen
                \_ The continuum hypothesis (undecidable in ZFC per
                  the work of Cohen and Goedel) is 2^(aleph-null) == aleph-1.
                  I'm not sure what ilyas is talking about.
              \_ What is aleph-one then?  -- yuen
                \_ Dependes on if you believe the continuum hyp.  If yes,
                  then it is 2^(aleph-null), which is the cardnality of
                  the real numbers.  If not, then... well, it is something.
        \_ It's clearly a play on the failed '80s NBC sitcom Alf,
                                                        and /dev/null. -ax
           \_ HEY!!!!!!!!  ALF DIDN"T FAIL!!!!!!  Boors like you just failed
              to understand and appreciate its subtle humor.
1999/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15595 Activity:nil
3/16 has the best prices on O'Reilley books.
        \_ But usually out of stock.
1999/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15379 Activity:nil
2/8     What happened to the CSUA programming contest? If you guys
        do it again, can you make it not so hard.
                     \_ that's what she said
        \_ it has languished due to nobody running it. Anyone? -jones
1999/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15374 Activity:low
2/8     RIP my #1 whiteboy, my Ace, Malcom Russell Hart.  Maybe someone
        can explain to me God's plan on this one.  --maxmcc
        \_ Who?
           \_ Cal student killed in an avalanche; see the Daily Cal
        \_ No, but maybe you can make a memorial web page so other people
           can find out about him.
                \_ That is a good idea.  I am no web designer, but I will
                   put up some stuff, and try to scan some pictures later
                   today or tomorrow.  It will be at
1999/2/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15358 Activity:high
2/3     Spot the buffer overflow.  I dunno...I think this rules.  Lifted
        from actual source.  ~sky/bof.c         --sky
        \_ This does rule.  What actual source was it lifted from?
           \_ NFR by Marcus Ranum...  Its an intrusion detection
              package.  For those who need hints, it has nothing
              to do with string null termination, off by one, etc...  --sky
              \_ It just uses the canonical Evil Input Function
                 \_ There's nothing wrong with fgets. Were you thinking of gets?
        \_ my guess: atoi goes funky for certain inputs
           \_ Nope, atoi always returns a value between LONG_MIN and LONG_MAX.
              See strtol(3).
        \_ returning a pointer to a static char buf which probably no longer
           exists after being returned.
           \_ It is static, therefore, it still exists.  Static variables
              are allocated ONCE and retained between function calls.  -PeterM
                \_ Yeah I know but I had to guess _something_ different.  I
                   think it works.  I think this is a test of everyone's
                   gullibility.... I just checked.  It doesn't even compile
                   bc 'stdout' doesn't exist.  It's a scam.
                   \_ duh.  add '#include <stdio.h>'   --sky
                        \_ It was a trick.
        \_ Does this occur only for special values of the input?
        \_ I guess when the user enters something like "-1", strncpy will
           treat the len argument as being 4294967295 because size_t is
           unsigned, and overflows the buffer.  Correct?  -- yuen
           \_ yep. strncpy takes size_t which is unsigned.  len in an int,
              so -1 < 99, yet when passed to strncpy len becomes
              4294967295.  -sky
1999/2/3-4 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15349 Activity:nil
2/2     Has anyone had luck with foreign language text translation?
        Should I stick to babelfish or is there software that is
        a bit better than "Yo quiero Taco Bell" = "I want I mark bell"?
        \_ Doubt it.  "Taco" is used many different ways in different
           dialects.  In Chile I heard it used as high-heel, and as a
           traffic jam, but never as something you eat. Regional
           dialects will always be a pain for translators (human or
           otherwise) --emarkp
           \_ Yo quiero taconera.
1999/1/13-17 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:15230 Activity:nil
1/13 Where can I find out info on Linux serial port programming? Thx.
     \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
          -- jsjacob
1998/10/1-5 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:14711 Activity:kinda low
10/1    Are there price trackers for noncomputer consumer products, from
        electronics to housewares?
        \_ do you mean comparison shopping search agents?
           \_ Yes.
           \_ Yes.  Are there any?
              \_ Shameless plug: for used/out of print books
                 Also nice are <DEAD><DEAD> (digital cameras)
        (call phones), (music),
                 and Junglee (<DEAD><DEAD> for
                 a bunch of other random stuff  -anirvan
                 \_ err, try just <DEAD><DEAD> (and, as long as
                    people are plugging sites, their parent company,
           also has some books...)  -tsang
                 \_ Not sure if this counts as non-computer, but
           is lovely.  An indispensible page that
                    may or may not fit your criteria is which
                    lists the dealer invoice price on pretty much every make
                    of car in existence.  I know that Inktomi bought up a
                    comparison shopping web company, but I don't know the
                    details on the company... Anyone from Inktomi care to
                    elaborate?  -mogul
1998/9/28-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:14688 Activity:kinda low
9/27    I'm trying to output the binary representation of a ieee754 double
        in c/c++.  I'm using union { double x; long y; } and then
        shifting iteratively with a value.y >> i and then masking it with
        a value.y & 0x1 but that doesn't seem to work.  Any suggestions?
        \_ first problem:  a double is probably larger in size than a long
           on your architecture.  are you sure your compiler is doing ieee754
           doubles?  what you described is very dependent on what you're using.
        \_ printf("%08x\n", * (long *) &x);
        \_ printf("%qx\n", *(long long *) &x) is what you want on soda, where
           a double is 64 bits and a long is 32.  Other machines will vary.
        \_ Why not use a char array in your union?  That way you only have
           the length of the double to worry about.
           \_And the endian-ness.
1998/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:14484 Activity:moderate 50%like:14101
8/19    There a way to print specific lines from a text file to stdout
        given that you know the line numbers?
        \_ tail +[line-number] filename | head -[number of lines to read]
           \_ sed -n X,Yp < filename
1998/7/11-13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:14320 Activity:nil
7/10    How do you turn off that beeping sound when you use write/nwrite?
        There isn't a setting in my terminal program.  I've tried setting
        nobeep variable at the shell level, but no help either.
        \_ Read the man page for nwrite, under ".nwriterc"
        \_ Beep?  I don't get a beep.  I didn't know it beeped.  Seriously.
           Is my computer defective?
           \_ there's obviously a problem in the monitor-keyboard interface
           \_ New stuff at the top.
                \_ Top of what?  The motd?  I'm *replying* to something here.
                   New topics at the top of the motd, new sub-threads of a
                   current topic at the bottom of the topic.  Clear now?
                   Anyway, everything else beeps just fine.  Maybe my
                   telnet client is filtering or something.  Thanks anyway
                   for trying.
                   \_ This entry is dated 7/10, below 7/9 entries.  Twink.
                        \_ English lesson: I didn't write the original post.
                           I wrote that I never get beeps.  Shove it up your
                           fat ass, moron.  I'm *replying* to something.  I
                           don't know or care who posted the original on
                           whatever date, you asshole.  If you're going to be
                           a MOTD Cop, at least do it right, idiot.
1998/6/5 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:14181 Activity:high 66%like:14167
6/3  What are good books for teaching a ninth grader programming?
     The language only matters in that the ninth grader finds it
        \_ History of Programming: the Unsuccessful Cases.
         \_never heard of it, is it real?
        \_ Logo. For the very last time, PLEASE STOP ASKING THE SAME Q!!!
1998/5/22 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:14130 Activity:kinda low
5/21    Five reasons to believe computers are female:
        1. No one but the Creator understands their internal logic.
        2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers
           is incomprehensible to everyone else.
        3. The message "Bad command or file name" is about as informative
           as, "If you don't know why I'm mad at you, then I'm certainly not
           going to tell you".
        4. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for
           later retrieval.
        5. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself
           spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.
           \_ only half?
1998/5/7 [Finance/Shopping, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:14065 Activity:low
5/6     Recommendations for where to buy $50 list price programming books
        cheap? - Barnes & Noble? book clubs? -- Thanks!
        \_ That would depend on the title. Check
           for a stylish comparison shopping agent for new books (or
  for used or out of print books)
           \_ Try  Most of the books there are cheaper
              than both amazon and b&n.
              \_ Except they're part of Cendant Corp... evil, evil company.
        \_ ugh, <DEAD>!<DEAD> Where have you people been?
           \_bookpool rules.
1998/4/13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:13948 Activity:high
4/13    Is there really an e-mail address which acts like /dev/null?  Thanks.
        \_ no
        \_ if you look in /etc/aliases you might fine the line
           nobody: /dev/null
           \_ but thats only on soda, not a general convention
           \_ It's about as much as general convention as 'postmaster' is.
1998/3/18-20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:13830 Activity:moderate
3/18    Has anyone (else) encountered a bug where after using lseek with
        a negative offset read stops working on that fd, even though a
        valid off_t was returned?  In particular, I have a file with two
        binary unsigned longs at the end, and when I do an lseek(fd,
        -2*sizeof(unsigned long), SEEK_END); the reads then fail. -mel
        \_ Use PERL.
        \_ Did you try seeking to the beginning to the file, then a forward
           seek to where you want to read as a work-around?
           \_ The file is full of longs and I had wanted to read the two
              longs at the end of it.  The workaround I found was:

              end_offset = lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_END);
              lseek(fd, end_offset-2*sizeof(long), SEEK_SET);

              which is ugly but it works.  Throw in a few error checks
              on the return codes and it should work for you too. -mel
                \_ mel you ugly squint, get off the motd
        \_ And now, the right answer: You are specifying a seek relative to
           SEEK_END... Such a seek is implicitly in the negative direction,
           since it's impossible to seek past the end of the file.  The minus
           sign in front of the 2 is unnecessary.  So you should be doing:
           lseek(fd, 2*sizeof(unsigned long), SEEK_END);
           I tried looking for an example of this in K&R, but in each instance
           where SEEK_END is used, they demonstrate with an offset of 0, which
           is not too instructive.  WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME, K&R? I TOOK
           THE UNWARY! -mogul (hey, it's 3:15am, fuck off!)
           \_ Not quite.  A seek from SEEK_END is not implcitly negative;
              just like SEEK_CUR and SEEK_SET, positive offsets go forwards
              and negative offsets go backwards (see lseek(2)).  The problem
              with your code (and it's not really your fault) is that sizeof
              returns a size_t, which (on freebsd) is an unsigned int; when
              you multiply that by -2, you get another unsigned int (K&R 2.0,
              p. 198); and the unsigned int (0xfffffff8) then gets promoted
              to a signed long long (0x00000000fffffff8).

              This is not what you want.  The Right Way to fix it would be
              for freebsd to make size_t an unsigned long long, but that
              would break a lot of stuff and probably won't happen soon; in
              the meantime, you can cast the return value of sizeof to a
              signed int and your code will work.    --mconst
1998/1/21 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:13535 Activity:kinda low
1-21    Anyone have any specific comments on following tape drives:
        C1554 Dat. 24GB DDS-3 Int ...............$1045
        C5648A Dat. 24GB x 6 Int Autoloader......$2595
                (both at       -randal
                \_ DAT tapes suck compared to 8mm, they are extremely
                   unreliable.  -tom
1997/5/2 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:32139 Activity:nil
5/1     Programming, Graphics, and Web Design jobs available at
        OnlineFocus.  See /usr/local/csua/jobs/OnlineFocus  -cdaveb
1997/2/13-3/13 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:32071 Activity:nil
2/13    Various programming and web jobs available at a new startup
        in Mt. View. Jobs listed in /usr/local/csua/jobs/
        This company does web-based cataloging services. Their web
        site is
         \_ How exciting.  Now we are glorified catalog publishers :)
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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