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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/11/8-9 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:34768 Activity:nil
11/8    Hello, new 500 list:
2004/10/28-29 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:34416 Activity:nil
10/28   Re: "spamassassin going over quota" thread below, I will restate:
        Try ifile.  It's an excellent bayesian filter whose database currently
        uses less than 230K for me.
        \_ I tried setting up ifile. It was that much more complicated and
           didn't work nearly as well as sa once I did. YMMV. Still, if sa is
           going to consistently involve up to 10M of reference files, I may
           give it another go. I have only so many hours to burn on this stuff,
           though. I am not the sysadmin from a couple of days ago who "works
           1.5 hours a day".
2004/10/14-16 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:34119 Activity:nil
10/14   I've been getting some errors trying to mark spam in spamassassin
        the last few days. "Cannot open bayes databases [...]
        Inappropriate file type or format." RTFMing seems to indicate
        that I need to migrate my bays_tok database using the BerkeleyDB
        db_dump program, but I can't seem to find this executable. Pointers
        to the program or alternate solutions appreciated. Thanks!
        \_ db3_dump might be what you're looking for -dwc
        \_ did they install spamassassin 3.0 on the machine you're using?
           it seems like in 3.0 the bayes database format changed, so you
           need to retrain.

           need to retrain.
2004/10/11-12 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Networking] UID:34034 Activity:nil
10/11   Anyone have a recommendation for a serial cable analyzer? I need
        one that works with "live" circuits. I am interested in debugging
        DB-9 to RJ-45 cables. E.g, inserting the device inbetween a PC COM1
        port and terminal server port. Bonus points for jumpers/wires
        that one can fiddle with to essentially re-wire the cable on
        the fly.
        \_ I don't know exactly what you mean by analyzer, and this is
           probably not what you're looking for, but since no one else is
           answering...a nice little juper box for db-9 is
           you have to solder wires to make the connections, though.
2004/9/23-24 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:33727 Activity:kinda low
9/23    SQL/MySQL question:  If I create a DB with a field that's a
        varchar(256), will I be wasting a lot of disk if the data is typically
        only 5-10 chars long?
        \_ No.  It's not 1981 anymore.
           \_ I just wanted to be sure I wasn't setting up something in a
              horribly inefficient way.
           \_ But what about my Atari 2600?!?  NOOOOOO!
              \_ You have MySQL for Atari?
                 \_ Yeah, but it can only hold 128 bytes of data.
                    \_ Dude, my Sinclair ZX-81 version of LISP totally
                       r0x0rs your Atari MySQL.
                       \_ Do you need to use the 16K RAM expansion to hold
                          all the parenthesis?
 __  __  ___   ___  _
|  \/  |/ _ \ / _ \| |
| |\/| | | | | | | | |
| |  | | |_| | |_| |_|
|_|  |_|\___/ \___/(_)
        \_ You mean varchar(255)
           \_ I guess, but would it really matter? -op
           \_ yes. limit is 255 in mysql
        \_ YES it'll take the same amount of space. If space is an issure
           use TEXT or VARCHAR, but you'll trace space with time. Nothing
           comes in free.
2004/9/17 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:33585 Activity:nil
9/17    In SQL it seems DATE, DATETIME, TIME and TIMESTAMP are all reserved
        words.  What do you use to name your date fields?
        \_ What date it actually is, e.g.: "created_date", "updated_date",
           "renewed_date" (or just "created", "updated", "renewed", etc)
           \_ Good idea, thanks.  Another question:  How do I create a table
              with a record which is an array of strings, eg: a table of
              some type of record where one element is a list of keywords.
              Do I have to put all the keywords in one string and do something
              like comma-seperation?
              \_ If they're going to be of varying length and short, then the
                 comma separation bit will work.  Otherwise, make a new keyword
                 table and tie it to the first table with a foreign key.
2004/8/31-9/1 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:33252 Activity:nil
8/31    IIRC, Oracle requires a "where" statement to make updates.  Is there
        anyway I can make mysql require the same thing?  Developers keep
        doing ' update TABLE set column="newvalue" '.  When they don't mean
        it.  It is easy enough to type "where 1=1" if you really do mean it.
        I'm hoping this is a config i can change, maybe? possible? thanks.
2004/8/25-26 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:33148 Activity:very high
8/25    Does anyone know of any good way of donating software that is no
        longer being used?  E.g. I have an old copy/license/manual of
        Oracle 8 for NT.  I was going to just toss it, but I thought I'd
        check first to see if it could be used anywhere? (I imagine that
        newer versions of free databases might be better already, but I'm
        interested in the answer since I have other CDs/products that I
        could also get rid of). Thanks!
        \_ I wouldn't inflict Oracle 8 on my worst enemy, but that's just me.
        \_ The licenses for commercial software are usually non-transferable.
           As for Oracle, anyone seriously considering using it for production
           should buy a support contract which probably also entitles them to
           the latest versions of the software anyways while the developers
           already have free or almost free access to the Oracle software for
           development and testing purposes.
           \_ Thanks for the info! - OP
           \_ should take it.
        \_ When I wanted to get rid of my NetWare 4.0, I just dropped it off
           at the dropbox of a public library.  Don't know what they'll do
           about it.
2004/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:33025 Activity:moderate
8/19    Please suggest a good web hosting site.  Ideally with
        php/shell/sql/cgi-bin support.  TIA
        \_ is a good search engine for what you want.
        \_ -- starting at $4/year
           \_ I pay $2/yr.
           \_ that doesn't have shell does it?
        \_ thanks for your help - op
2004/6/2 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:30553 Activity:high
6/2     NetFlix rental queue, is it just pure sql to store it or do they
        use a "priority queue" for each member?
        \_ does this mean anything?
        \_ priority queues do exist already. They're called
        relational databases, so they use pure sql
        \_ they store member info in the database, but when it
        comes time to ship they probably build a "priority queue"
        data structure and figure out what the customer wants
        then update the database. So you need both
        \_ it's all real-time, whenever you update your priority
        on NetFlix's queue, your priorities get renumbered starting
        with 1, 2, .etc. ie: if you put 3, 4, they get reset to 1,2
        there, this indicates some business logic which utilizes
        a priority queue before they write back to the database.
        \_ but if multiple people vy for the same titles, NetFlix will give
           priority to those who rent less frequently.
           \_ just add more business rules, yes
2004/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:30215 Activity:high
5/12    SQL question. Let's say I want to perform an outer join, like
        "SELECT a.column FROM a LEFT OUTER JOIN b ON a.column=b.column
         WHERE b.column='hello'"
        and I get a list of column from table a. But the following doesn't
        work where I want to delete all of the rows in a selected by the above:
        "DELETE FROM a LEFT OUTER JOIN b ON a.column=b.column
         WHERE b.column='hello'"
        How do you get around this? Thanks.
        \_ Your select statement is equivalent to
           select a.column from a.column='hello'.
           perhaps you're joining on a different column?
           \_ sorry, yes, all columns are unique, I forgot to make it clear.
              So if they're all unique column how would this be done? ok thx
              \_ You're saying the solution below doesn't work?
        \_ I think you want something more like
           DELETE FROM a WHERE a.col=b.col AND b.col2="hello".
           \_ Wouldn't you need to do
              DELETE FROM a WHERE a.col IN
                (SELECT col FROM b WHERE b.col2='hello')
        \_ why are you left outer joining and then filtering out the stuff
           that don't have a match in b?
2004/4/25-26 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13368 Activity:nil
4/24    In SQL, when I insert a row with sequence (auto_increment), I don't
        know which sequence it is assigned to. How do I find out what number
        I just inserted? I guess I could try (SELECT max(id) ...) then insert
        max+1, but if I have 2 people doing it, I may be screwed. By the way
        I'm using mysql so there is no transaction...
        \_ Um, the whole point of auto_increment fields is that *you* don't
           have to worry about them.  The way you phrased your question seems
           to suggest you're trying to perform an insert where you specify the
           auto_increment.  That's just silly.
        \_ Take a look at:
           (If you ever switch to postgres you will have to rewrite this
           to use curval/nextval instead)
           to use curval/netval instead)
                            \_ fixed.
        \_ That's funny, I'm using transactions on some InnoDB tables with
           mysql 3....
                         \_ probably a typo.  should be nextval
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/4/9 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13107 Activity:nil
4/8     In SQL, say I have two tables, one references to another. What is the
        query that will list all the entries in the first table that doesn't
        occur in the second table? I'd like to do "SELECT FROM
        a,b WHERE!". However, this doesn't quite work. Thanks.
        \_ The following works in PostgreSQL; I don't know if the IS NULL
           syntax is part of SQL or an extension. Note that, in Postgres,
           replacing 'IS NULL' with '= NULL' doesn't work.
           There may well be a more efficient way of doing this, but this
           one works. -gm
        \_ SELECT id FROM first_table a WHERE NOT EXISTS
           (SELECT * FROM second_table b WHERE =
2004/4/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13060 Activity:low
4/7     Does anyone know of a good website that has small icons/images
        of individual countries? I don't want any text to be on the
        image (no country/city names, etc). Thanks.
        \_ Outline maps?  Or flags?
                \_ Outline maps (definitely no flags) -op
        \_ If you could get a world political map, you could run it through a
           sharpen filter and then use a "smart select" tool to select an
           individual country.
           sharpen(x) = x - smooth(x)
n       \_
           See if you can substitute the fonts with invisible ones in Acrobat.
           I don't know how.  --- yuen
        \_ may be you are looking for GIS maps.
2004/4/7 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13050 Activity:moderate
4/6     How to select entries x to y in SELECT in mysql? I don't want to
        get a whole list and then do a @list[x..y] which is inefficient.
        ok thx.
        \_ moron
        \_ I think you are looking for LIMIT and OFFSET.
        \_ does select() always return things in the same order?  are you
           ORDER BY'ing something?
        \_ all of the above- you need ORDER BY, LIMIT, OFFSET, and probably
                DISTINCT                        -brain
2004/3/31-4/1 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12946 Activity:low
3/31    What's the difference between KEY, PRIMARY KEY, UNIQUE, and INDEX?
        \_ 3, b, 6, 5
        \_ use SQL_book; import knowledge; do(homework);
        \_ I think PRIMARY KEY means both UNIQUE ande INDEX. INDEX does
           fast indexing with fast lookup but slow insert. I actually
           don't know the difference between KEY and PRIMARY KEY
        \_ PRIMARY KEY cannot be null but KEY and UNIQUE KEY can contain NULL
2004/3/30-31 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:12939 Activity:nil
3/30    How can I tell what has been compiled into my postfix binary?
        For example, I want to see if it has mysql support built in.
        \_ If you know what you're looking for, you can probably use
           strings/grep (assuming you have just the binary.)  Or you
           could just roll your own... -John
        \_ Try ldd if dynamically linked, or nm postfix | grep mysql
           if static. --scotsman
        \_ If you installed with a package it should say.  If you installed
           from source, look at the makefile and config files.
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:29884 Activity:low 71%like:12915
3/29    In mysql, I'm getting huge files like the ibdata1, logfile,
        bin files, etc. How do I compact them? Thanks.
        \_ philcompress
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12915 Activity:low 71%like:29884
3/2  9    In mysql, I'm getting huge files like the ibdata1, logfile,
          bin files, etc. How do I compact them? Thanks.
        \_ philcompress
2004/3/29-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12906 Activity:nil
3/29    What kind of database does use?
        \_ I think mysql, but you'd have to ask dbushong to be sure. --scotsman
2004/3/27-29 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12890 Activity:nil
3/27    In SQL, is there any reason to use bounded VARCHAR instead of the
        unbounded TEXT? TEXT gives you the ability to expand as your start
        to insert data whereas VARCHAR is bounded, but what about performance
        and other issues?
        \_ Access and search of text datatypes tends to be pathetic compared
           to varchar performance on many databases.  I'm not an export so I
           can't speak on, say, Oracle or SQL Server's exact performance, but
           this is _certainly_ true on Postgres.  I believe many databases
           story text datatypes as unbounded linked lists.
                \_ ok so how do I find out the minimum page size per TEXT
                   on MySQL? I'm going to use FULLTEXT index on TEXT so that
                   search will be fast. Also I'm wondering how MySQL deal
                   with internal fragmentation (say you allocate 5K size, then
                   some other data comes in, then you increase the size of
                   that text to say, 6K, what happens? It's a standard heap
                   \_ All of this is *very* specific to the particular
                      database you are using.  Read the docs, read the source
                      if you can, query relevant mailing lists, etc.  Above
                      all, profile, profile, profile.
2004/3/25 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12849 Activity:nil
3/25    Ok please tell me the pros/cons of mysql vs. postgreSQL. For me
        speed is really really important. On the other hand, packaging
        (ease of install, consistent commands, etc) is also very important
        for development. I've just tried mysql for the first time and I'm
        NOT very impressed. The documentation that came with it was outdated
        (some of the tutorials didn't work) and it didn't even pass all of
        the regression tests!!!
        \_ omg, for the millionth time... google. there's tons on the web
           abt this. eg
        \_ Welcome to open source.  In any case, my understanding is mysql
           is easier setup and deployment, postgreSQL is more robust and
           full featured.  If speed is an issue, postgreSQL is probably
           faster since it features a query optimizer.
        \_ We have used mysql for our db layer for about 3 years now and
           recently decided to switch to postgreSQL. The main problems with
           mysql were the licensing terms for commerical use, the lack of
           decent txn support in the 3.x version and its non-standard sql.
           The performance was adequate most of the time but we used to
           have problems with tomcat's db connection pools under high load.
           As far as installation and configuration go, both mysql and
           postgreSQL are pretty easy to install and configure on Linux,
           FreeBSD and Solaris. PostgreSQL might be a bit harder because
           it expects you to understand something about the care and feeding
           of a database. If you spend a few hrs reading the online docs
           you should be able to get it running smoothly.
           \_ You'll probably want to make InnoDB if you're using mysql.
2004/3/17-22 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12716 Activity:nil
3/17    Looking for Oracle DBA/expert in downtown Oakland.
2004/3/17 [Computer/SW/Database, Consumer/Audio] UID:12715 Activity:nil 50%like:29878
3/16    [ car stereo query deleted because op has an attitude ]
        \_ What? I'm the original poster and this is the first I've
           even seen the thread. Why do you think I have "attitude"?
           I never even got a chance to see the replies.
           \_ "for my asshole. -op"
           \_ I think he meant "Car stereo query deleted because it attracted
              useful responses."
              \_ Whew! 'Cause I tried putting a DVD there and it broke.
        \_ there is no authentication on the motd, you know. -you
2004/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:12653 Activity:nil
3/13    Anyone got pointers to docs/files for info on using MySQL on soda?
        It's for a class project and wanted to use PHP and MySQL on soda
        to experiment with it.  Has anyone tested it out?
        Is this it? '/usr/local/bin/safe_mysqld'  Thanks in advance...
        \_ We have a postgres server available for such projects; email
           root for more info.
2004/2/29-3/1 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12451 Activity:nil
2/28    Did anyone ever come up w/ a solution to the SQL sorting question?
        \_ yes
2004/2/26-27 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/Database] UID:12424 Activity:nil
2/26    Suppose I have a database of car dealers and the cars they have in
        stock.  I want to query this database for N cars that I'm
        interested in, something like
        SELECT dealerId, carId FROM cars WHERE (carId=1 OR carId=2 OR carId=42)
        The problem is, I need to sort the result such that a dealer who
        has all N cars I'm interested in is ranked higher than a dealer that
        has only 1 or 2 such cars.  Can this be done with some sort of
        aggregate function?  Something like
        SELECT dealerId, count(dealerId) as numCars, list(carId)
          FROM cars WHERE (carId=1 OR carId=2 OR carId=42)
          GROUP BY dealerId
          ORDER BY rank
        where the output would be
        dealer  | numCars       | list(carId)
        Fred      3               1,2,42
        Bob       2               1,2
        Tom       2               1,42
        Jerry     1               2
        Thanks in advance.
        \_ Please tell me this is for work.
           \_ I would, but then I wouldn't get the input from the smart types
              who do it because it's challenging. -op
              \_ Your question was better when it was jive'd.
                 \_ Yo! Yo!  Shiznitz!  Wez be needin' ah jive update!
2004/2/26-27 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12420 Activity:moderate
2/26    Someone explain this to me please.  Why US Government give Oracle
        a hard time under the anti-competitive ground, yet gave Microsoft
        a free hand to do whatever he wants?
        \_ Why prc no free market noodles make Ayn Rand?
        \_ Bill gave W more campaign contributions than Larry did
2004/1/29-30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:12014 Activity:nil
1/29    MySQL vs. PostgreSQL. Discuss.
        \_ MySQL for easy setup, PG for anything important / heavy writes.
        \_ c'mon... just do a little google'ing. you'll get a much more
           thorough answer than you will from here. in particular check
           out the postgres website... or
2004/1/8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:11714 Activity:nil
1/7     How do I escape an apostrophe character in an SQL query
        SELECT * FROM foo WHERE bar LIKE '%it\'ll be a long summer%'
        \_ In Oracle, you escape apostrophes with another apostrophe.
           \_ Thanks.
        \_ It's different for different dbs.  The above works for a number of
           different ones.
2003/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Database] UID:11000 Activity:nil
11/8    I'm looking for free websites that allow you to dig up information
        on people.  Stuff like phone numbers, email addresses, driving
        records...  Any ideas of sites?
        \_ ever notice how in old comic books they would always
           print the address of people writing letters to the editor?
           I wonder when they stopped.
        \_ google?
           \_ this is so fucked up.  Is there anyway to protect myself
              against this?
              \_ I'm not on it, why not?  [formatd]
                 \_ are you a student?  few students have done enough in life
                    to get into any public records.  when They can start
                    tracking you, you've entered the adult world.  public
                    records are the least of your privacy concerns.
                \_ I'm not on it, why not?
              \_ it's all public information.  you can kill yourself, but oh
                 wait that will get you into the death certificate db.
        \_,,, or better yet just pay a
           PI $50.  An unscrupulous one won't ask you any questions about
           why you want to know where you ex-gf fled with your dog, car, and
           nintendo and what the butcher knife is for.
2003/10/23 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:10750 Activity:very high
10/22   Sockets again (WinSock): select() on my socket descriptor fails with
        error 10038 ( which
        means the socket is not valid.  But I just created the f**ing thing.
        Any ideas?  This happens on both server & client.
        Update: I can select() without errors until I try to send(), then it
        \_ Server or client?
           \_ Ok, this is screwier than I thought.  Thanks for your help,
              but I'm going to sleep on it-- when I simplified it a bit,
              select() started returning data ready, but recv() kept
              returning 0 bytes.  Again, thanks.
2003/9/14-15 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:10190 Activity:nil
        RIAA radar -- enter label or artist name and find out if they're evil
        or not.
        \_ Evil?  Meaning what?
           \_ Suing some of the 60 million file sharers for not being good
              little moral-less music buying consumers.
              \_ Huh?  you're not making any sense.  I think you're lost in
                 your own self justifying little world.
2003/9/4-5 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:10078 Activity:nil
9/4     For files that end in .avi, is it a fairly simple matter to tell
        what codec is necessary to play it, e.g. DivX or XviD? I'm talking
        about programmatical methods here, like reading headers or something.
        \_ why programmatic?  are you going to write your own tool?  there
           are plenty of good tools out there already
           (e.g., and I don't think you
           want to maintain your own independent fourcc->codec database.
        \_ prompt% man magic
2003/8/21 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:29423 Activity:moderate
8/20    Google calculator
        \_ I dont really get the point of this feature... what does this
           have to do with web searching? seems pointless to me
           \_ Just because it has nothing to do with searching doesn't mean
              it's not cool.
        \_ Very cool!!!
        \_ Haven't any of you guys used /usr/bin/units? Sheesh.
2003/8/11-12 [Computer/SW/Database, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29304 Activity:very high
8/10    Whoever told me that Gallery is backed by a database, I just found
        out that it is a lie.  God damn, you guys use Gallery and doesn't
        even know rather it has a database behind it or not?
        \_ "don't", not "doesn't". "you guys" is third person plural, not
            singular. Stop sounding like a FOB.
            \_ You rock!  --motd grammarian #1 Fan
                            \_ should it be "motd grammarian's #1 Fan"
                               -- grammatical psuedo-fan
                               \_ no.  it's a title where "motd" is modifying
                                  "grammarian", thus "motd grammarian" which
                                  then modifies "#1 Fan".
                                  \_ If it's a title, and you're not e.e.
                                     cummings, you should capitalize each
                                     word.  (If you are e.e. cummings, I'd
                                     love to know your ISP.)
                                     \_ yous guys should go fuck yourselves.
                                        \_ I got this helpful email about
                                           penile enlargement and now I can
                                           fuck myself!
                                     \_ It's the motd.  cAPs arE opTIoNal
                                        \_ Not if you're going to pretend
                                           to be the MOTD Grammarian #1 Fan
                                           \_ I'm just a fan.  I like to watch
                                              boxing, that doesn't mean I'm any
                                              good at it.
            \_ In addition "you guys" isn't grammatically correct either,
               but I let it slide, (maybe he wanted to sound like a NJ
               gangster). Apparently OP doesn't understand the difference
               between a pronoun and a possessive adjective.
               \_ NJ gangsta would say "youse guys"
                  \_ Youz bin wotchin too mutch uh dah teli!
               \_ What about "... even know rather it has ..."?  I like it.
2003/6/24 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Security, Reference/Law/Visa] UID:28824 Activity:high
6/24    Oh god.  I wish the EU (useless bunch of poltroons) would get at
        least a semblance of a backbone.
        Does anyone know more about new biometric passports the US is supposed
        to be issuing?  I'd frankly much rather deal with the hassle of a
        visa with my Swiss passport than submit to this.  -John
        \_ Maybe it's just me, but John seems to talk about his Swiss passport
           pretty frequently.
        \_ Biometrics are such a huge mistake.  No one seems to be addressing
           the issue that if your biometrics are compromised, there is no way to
           issue new ID--well, without replacing your eyes.  -emarkp
           \_ Hm?  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the process:  you have an ID
              or passport with your retinal scan/fingerprints on it.  They
              scan your ID, compare it to a db of such things, and then you
              put your eye/hand to the scanner and verify that you are who
              the system says you are.  Are you saying that someone could
              hack the db and sub their own particulars for yours and so take
              your bank account?  If so, you now have their fingerprints /
              ret. scan on file-- should be fairly easy to find the duplicates
              in the system and arrest the perp.
              \_ No, if someone else can ID themself with your biometrics or
                 subvert the system somehow, you're screwed.  You can't get
                 different biometrics. -emarkp
                 \_ What are we talking here?  Fake fingerprint gloves?
                    False retinal scan contacts?  Not saying it can't be done
                    but quite a stretch, no?
                    \_ Actually it's quite easy to fake out the fingerprint
                       thing. The retinal scans can be horribly difficult
                       obtain accurately at times. The real problem is identity
                       theft and proving that it wasn't you who shifted your
                       bank account/stock portfolio/real estate to party X.
                       VERY tough to dispute.
                        \_ I fail to see how biometrics makes this worse;
                           right now you're being authenticated on your
                           signature, which is way easier to forge than
                           even the simplest biometric.  -tom
                           \_ It's not worse. It makes id theft much more
                              difficult. I'm more for dual source
                              authentication. Bio + PIN. However, businesses
                              might make it much harder to dispute id theft
                              and make corrections since it is technically so
                              difficult. I fear an overreliance on tech.
                              \_ I think this has less to do with tech, and
                                 more to do with the nature of big business
                                 and bureaucracy.  Bureaucracy and silly
                                 overhead happen just fine without any
                                 technology at all.  What you'd hope is that
                                 intelligent policies will be put into place
                                 to deal with situations that the tech makes
        \_ You'll submit and you'll like it.
           \_ Grey matter! Grey matter!
2003/6/21 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:28792 Activity:high
6/20    anyone have a good reference on the advantages of nonblocking io?
        some guy i'm talking to is insisting that blocking w/ select is better
        than nonblocking. he says "if your IO is nonblocking, you're going
        to use 100% CPU." ?!!@?$#
        \_ kqueue!
        \_ Don't you have to use select/poll with both blocking and
           non-blocking fd's in order to know when you can read/write
           to the fd? How can one be better than the other?
           to the fd? How can one be better than the other? -!*nix hacker
           \_ if you use read or write on a blocking fd then those system
              calls will block too. That's the difference.
                \_ I'm confused. If I select/poll on an fd and select/poll
                   tells me that the fd is ready for reading/writing can't
                   I read/write the fd without it blocking? What is the
                   advantage of making the fd non-blocking?
                   \_ When data can't be read or written from the non-blocking
                      fd, the read/write system calls simply return instead of
                      "blocking" (I thought it was clear from the name
                      "non-blocking"). Why would you want to do that? You can
                      manage multiple I/O streams from a single process
                      without having to use threads. In fact, some people
                      argue that servers that use non-blocking IO tend to be
                      faster than either multithreaded or forking servers.
        \_ It allows var/ dev/ to interlace with the kernel so that daemons
           arent locked.
2003/6/11 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:28699 Activity:very high
6/10    What is the backend for Nasdaq/NYSE/etc? Compaq? Sun clusters? HP?
        \_ for "etc" ask keithyw@csua, he works at Nikko+Citigroup in .jp
           as a sysadmin for their trader stations/backend stuff.  He keeps
           bitching about solaris so I'm guessing it's sun.
        \_ obGoogle "Nasdaq servers".
           \- helo does anyone know what the Fed's Master Computer
              runs on hardwarily and OS-wise? I am talking about the
              one at the bottom of a mine in Colepepper VA or something
              like that. --psb
              \_ YouAskedSoNowYouHaveToDieOS
        \_ used to live in NYC and attend school there.  Most of Wall Street's
           backend are mainly fueld by Sun Clusters.  IBM is always there.
           Software wise, interesting part is that Oracle is absent in
           virtually all the big Wall Street boys.  People there uses either
           Sybase or DB2 for their DB.  I asked them why, all i got is
           "because of something stupid Oracle did in the early 90's."
            \_ Wasn't it Oracle who shredded a bunch of documents reserved
                for SEC investigators?
               \_ no idea.  But if any of you guys want to get a job in NYC,
                           \_ fuck you.  I believe that is grammartically correct
                  here is an idea: Oracle is desperately need a sales force
                  there to expand their market :p
                        \_ Hopefullwoone know grammar.
                           \_ fuck you.  I believe that is grammartically
                                \_ puk goo.  "Oracle is desperately need a
                                        sales force" != good grammar
                                \_ try "is desperately in need of a sales
                                    force" or "Oracle desperately needs a ..."
                                   \_ or "Oracle's sales force is FUCKED!"
           \_ Nasdaq ran on Tandem Himalaya machines according to some posters
              at WRL.  This was a couple months ago.
              \_ Last I recall these are the actual database machines. Lots
                 of transactions and hot swappable boards for 20 years.
2003/5/26-27 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:28555 Activity:high
5/26    I saw _The Matrix Reloaded_ and thought that I "got it".  I didn't.
        revealed much to me.  --darin
        \_ what? the guy didn't even know how tank died?
        \_ He got it all wrong. Here's how it works:
           Architect: Bill Gate$/Tanenbaum
                \_ You think Microsoft ever actually created anything?
                   \_ Other than a large software mess that enslaves
                      most of the worlds coders/computer users?
                      Notice how bugs are still being worked out in
                      Version 6.x.
           Morpheus: RMS
           \_ RMS? Who's that?
                \_ A hacker.  See:
                \_ random psycho idiot who makes a lot of sense if only he'd
                   let go of some of his weirder bits.  at least he's very
                   consistent.  btw, anyone remember playing xtrek in the
                   planets cluster on the rms/rms account?
                   \_ of course.  Faster than the web, plus you could get
                      into sequent before 11:00 PM.  -tom
           Neo: Linus Torvalds
                \_ One is a hot young star, the other a greasy fat hacker who
                   has no political opinions.  I can't buy this one.  Sorry.
                   \_ Have you ever talked to Linus? The guy is pretty
                     \_ Donald Kunth
                      opinionated (about everything not just politics).
                      And his wife kicks some major ass a la Trinity.
           Zion: Bitkeeper
           Oracle: ESR
                \_ So you think ESR is working hard to keep Microsoft alive?
                        \_ It is debatable whether or not the oracle is
                           working to keep the matrix alive.
           Keymaker: Phil Zimmermann
           Merovingian: NAI
           Agent Smith: SCO/Redhat
           \_ Who is Cornel West in your mapping?
                     \_ Donald Knuth
2003/4/17-21 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:28158 Activity:nil
4/17    .NET, SQL Server, SOAP, XML job in /csua/pub/jobs/EmployEng
2003/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:28107 Activity:high
4/13    Any recommendations on oracle vs MS as place of employment?
        My cousin has offers at both and is unsure which to go with.
        \_ Choose to innovate at M$.
        \_ Oracle has a rep as slave drivers.
           \_ Oh?  And MS doesn't?  OP's cousin should go for cash and
              location and potential for future job growth.  As places of
              employment both will suck big time in all the other ways.  BTW,
              I assume this means full time on staff employment and not MS's
              fake full time contracted employment.
              \_ most ppl assume that if you are hired as a "contractor", but
                 treated like an employee, that you really are an employee as
                 defined by law (i.e. not the employers "title"). some M$
                 "contractors" sued M$ and won when M$ "employee's" got
                 stock options and so forth during M$'s success, but the
                 "contractors" got zippo. I heard about this at an SBA
                 \_ good for you. i heard about this on the news.
                 \_ SBA?  What's SBA?  *Everyone* heard this in the news
                    years ago.  And btw, MS contractors are still treated
                    like shit on a day to day basis no matter what their
                    compensation as forced/required by a court.
                        \_ Small Business Administration. The point is that
                           no matter if they call you a contractor, if they
                           treat you like an employee (set your hours, etc)
                           then you *are* an employee as defined by law, not
                           a contractor as defined by the company. So you do
                           have legal recourse, if needed. You can be treated
                           like shit anywhere whether your are a "real"
                           employee or not, especially nowadays.
                           \_ You missed *my* point.  At MS if your status is
                              'contractor' you get treated even worse than
                              *real* full time staff.  I understood *your*
                              point the first time.  A court can't rule that
                              people have to be as nice to you day to day as
                              they are to real FTE.  Only that they have to
                              compensate you the same way.  I work for a
                              different place where my compensation is really
                              great but I'm looking for a new job which is
                              going to treat me better even though I'm 100%
                              certain it'll mean a drop in money.
                                \_ I got your point the first time, too. So
                                   why are you trying to lecture me? Just let
                                   it lie, take some prozac, go out for a walk,
                                   do some yoga, calm down. breathe in, breathe
                                   out, breathe in, breathe out...
                                   \_ You got a lecture because you obviously
                                      didn't 'get it' the first time.  Good try
                                      with the prozac line but not really, I'm
                                      just being nice about it.
                                        \_ You *really* do need prozac. lots
                                           of therapy, too. Work on those
                                           breathing exercises, ya' hear?
                                           good boy.
                                           \_ Uhm, ok, whatever, son.  Really,
                                              you made a good effort, you came
                                              across as an illiterate and a
                                              fool and it's over now.  Let it
                                              go.  You're just repeating
                                              yourself.  It isn't helping.
                        yea, that MS contracted employees had to resort to a
                        lawsuit to get equal compensation tells everyone that
                        it's not a good idea to work there as contracted
                        employees.  Also, everyone learned about it from the
                        news and not from some SBA.

                        \_ You make me laugh. If you are the orig poster,
                           then perhaps they just don't treat you "better"
                           because you are hard to deal with. Take a good
                           look in the mirror, you really need to. This is
                           serious advice. Good luck in therapy, I sincerely
                           wish you well.
                           \_ You seem to know a lot about prozac and therapy.
                              Did you learn them from SBA too?
                                \_ You crack me up. You do seem to be hung
                                   up on this SBA thing, some kind of fixation,
                                   make sure to tell that to your therapist.
                                   \_ Nah, the only thing I am fixated on is
                                      your stupidity.
                                      \_ In the movies this would be the point
                                         where you two passionately kiss.
                                         \_ Are you a Meg Ryan fan?  You are
                                            so passe.
                                            \_ Now you've insulted Meg Ryan,
                                               this won't stand!!! It's not
                                               right, man, it's just not right!
                                               -#1Meg Ryan fan!
        \_ Can you give some details? Is your cousin a new grad or what?
           What school / Where does she live? Salaries? Which groups? Future
           goals? etc. etc. etc. All else being equal, I think I'd choose ms,
           for nothing more than future marketability. I know lots of idiots
           who work or used to work for oracle, but i dont know many ms'ers,
           and those that i met seemed to be relatively smart. ymmv.
           \_ My cousing is graduating from CS at Berkeley this
              May.  Group at MS is 3Degrees.  Group at Oracle is unknown.
              Salaries comparable.  I told him I'd go w/ MS.  --sky (OP)

           \_ All true but by this point I suspect Oracle has dropped 99% of
              the morons from the payroll.
                \_ speaking as an Oracle customer, this is definitely not
                   true.  -tom
                   \_ you work for UC, how could you tell?
                     \_ This would appear to be a valid point.
2003/4/3 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27973 Activity:high
4/2     any known tools to make HTML form / db connection easier?
        I have heard of Namo Webeditor.  Any others? open source ?
        \_ Define "easier".  I played with phprojekt, which does php/mysql
           pretty nicely.  Seemed very straightforward.  -John
        \_ vi, a cup & string and a whistle.
2003/3/12-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27673 Activity:very high
3/12    mySQL vs. postgreSQL: Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes? Horror stories?
        Success stories?  Thanks.
        \_ I have found mySQL to be surprisingly good. I built a network
           and system management product using mySQL for the db backend.
           This system has been deployed in several dozen sites worldwide
           with between 100-500 nodes managed per site. Most of the sites

           have been running for about 1 1/2 to 2 yrs and during this time
           with between 100-500 nodes managed per site. The amount of data
           I originally wanted to use postgres or sysbase (the cheap one,
           store per node varies, on ave its about 25-30 MB. Most of the

           sites have been up for about 1 1/2 to 2 yrs and during this time
           mySQL has been quite reliable (no data loss to date).
           Originally I wanted to use postgres or sysbase (the cheap one,
           SQLAnywhere iirc) but one of the people in my group told me
           about mySQL so we tried it out for a bit and really liked it
           because it was easy to install and maintain.

        \_ PostgreSQL used to have edge over MySQL because MySQL by design

           sacraficed features for performance.  Some of the features
           MySQL at the time didn't have includes: Transaction, Nested
           Queries, and things like foreign key constraint support.
           Later version of MySQL uses either innoDB or BerkeleyDB, which
           effectively allow transaction (table locking, oppose to row-locking
           but personally i can live with table locking for now) and
           enforcing foreign key constraint.
           I think in 5.2, MySQL started to support nest queries.  it used
           to be clear on when to use PostgreSQL (i.e. you need transaction)
           now, the answer is less clear.  You can ask other guys about the
           performance aspect.  Personaly, I perfer MySQL because 1. I don't
           do anything real.  2. better on-line documentation, 3. more
           on-line communities support, and 4. easy to use.
           Then again, true hacker may have different opinions.
        \_ I've never heard of a reason NOT to use PostgreSQL over MySQL
           other than "I've never heard of it and can't pronounce it".
           \_ MySQL is much easier to install and maintain.
        \_ PostgreSQL is a "real" database: ACID compliant, supports
           transactions, etc. MySQL is just a small lightweight
           DB that is fine for small jobs but can't (shouldn't) be
           trusted for any serious application
           \_ That's what I've heard.  The benchmarks I've found have
              been pretty crappy all around, but the mySQL users in
              general tend to be pretty unclear on standard DB concepts.
              Not that benchmarks are particularly useful anyway, in the
              computer industry there are lies, damn lies and then
              there are benchmarks.
              \_ You are so kewl!  Can I use that clever quote?!
           \_ Um, no.  #f.  Try again.  What you said was true six months
              ago before mysql stable natively supported the innoDB table
              format.  The innoDB table format supports (among other things)
              transactions and gives mysql ACID compliance.  mysql has a
              larger, more active support community, is backed by mysql AB,
              which is a successful and growing company, and, at this point
              appears to be developed faster than postgres.  Success story:
      They've been using mysql + innodb support since
              innodb was WAY beta.  Success story: Slashdot.
              \_ I'm not sure I'd use kuro5hin and slashdot as examples of
                 \_ me neither. mysql is a hobby database and the only
                    reason to use it is if you can't get oracle.
                    \_ Um, wow.  You ARE an idiot.  Oracle is good for one
                       thing only: putting money in Larry Ellison's pockets.
                       \_ Don't be stupid.
                       \_ Hi Mr. Clueless Mindlessly Anti-Establishment Lad!
                 \_ Hmmm, hammers on database, both sites have impressive
                    uptimes.  How do YOU define success?
                    \_ Slashdot is slow as shit and has a mediocre uptime.
                       Kuro5hin doesn't have that much traffic and frankly
                       in the real world where neither does slashdot.  It's
                       all heavily cached which won't work for anything
                       \_ Please continue doing that thing where you make
                          your ass talk.  It's almost as funny as when
                          Jim Carrey does it in Ace Venture: Pet Detective.
                          Let me know when you have some *gasp* examples
                          from your 'real world'.  Go away troll.
                          \_ Thank you for adding nothing to this thread but
                             mindless personal attack.  When you can explain
                             why I'm wrong without using 3 and 4 letter
                             childish 'insults' then maybe you'll be able to
                             discuss databases with the rest of us.  Troll,
                             indeed!  Your 'reply' is laughable.
                             \_ Thank you for admitting that you are wrong.
                                What does it matter if I use 3 and 4 letter
                                insults while explaining that you are wrong.
                                This does not change the fact that you are,
                                as per your admission, wrong.  Please let
                                me know when you have real world examples.
                                Until then, I repeat, go away troll.
                                \_ Uhm, no one admitted to being wrong or you
                                   being right about anything.  You're just
                                   being silly now.  I've no idea how you came
                                   to believe that you're right or anyone
                                   else is wrong about anything.
                 \_ Google, Slashdot and Yahoo use mySQL, some w/ innoDB.
                    Also, Google and Slashdot gzip their content, which is
                    another sign of a savvy site.
                    \_ who have you been talking to? you don't want to go
                       citing us as a testimonial; mysql has given us more
                       headaches than you can imagine. --aaron
                       \_ Don't confuse the issue with facts!
2003/3/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27617 Activity:nil
3/7     Is there a way to partition a MS SQL Server table based on a
        row's, say, primary key?  The "partitioned view" feature
        is not exactly what I want.  I want a single logical
        tables with its rows partitioned on different disks, not multiple
        tables on different disks and mapped to a single view.
2003/2/13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27394 Activity:nil
2/12    I Would like to allow the developer to change the mysql tables at will
        (add non-constrained columns, etc.) and propegate only those structural
        changes to the production mysql database without also updating the data
        itself, when i "release".  Can anyone tell me the easiest way? or point
        me to the appropriate reference/section in the docs?
2003/1/25 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27194 Activity:high
1/24    Network problems?
        \_ *something* is up...
        \_ A panicked post on BugTraq suggests a worm via MS SQL server
        \_ everyone you know someday will die
2003/1/17-18 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27131 Activity:high
1/16    Is there anyway to peek / modify the auto_whitelist.db on
        spamassassin?  Dunhills Vacation is keep bombarding my email
        account that it made to my stupid auto_whitelist.  Thanks
        \_ -R.  rtfm.
        \_ Dude, read the fucking docs right there in the same directory.
           Fucking ridiculous.  The motd is willing to help with real problems
           but not this baby sitting hand holding can't-read shit.  --motd
           \_ Does the almighty motd even help with real problems?
           \_ This is actually a reasonable question. The docs say
              how to add or remove entries, but they do not shed any light
              on how to determine if an address is in the db. That's of
              questionable utility but I don't think you should dogpile
              this guy. --aaron
              \_ If you can show that you've made an honest effort to solve
                 the problem you need help with BEFORE you post to motd,
                 then yes, the almighty motd is often very helpful.  There's
                 a very simple ettiquite for getting help in technical forums
                 such as this one.  It might behoove you to learn it.
              \_ The motd is chock full of *really* great answers to questions
                 worth answering.  "I clearly made no effort so just spoon feed
                 me!" is not worth answering.
           \_ The "peek" part is not documented. The docs say how to add or
              remove entries, but they do not shed any light on how to
              determine if an address is in the db. That's of questionable
              utility though. You can set, why check? --aaron
              \_ strings is the magic command for all unreadable formats but
                 I totally agree with you on this one.
                 \_ Real Men Use od.
           \_ There are actually two whitelists.  one is auto-generated,
              another is user defined inside the user_pref file.  It is not
              clear rather whatever defined in user_pref is made into
              auto-whitelist.db or not, that is why I posted the original
              question on how to peek the database.   Having said that,
              I apologize not reading the man page more thoroughly. I went
              to the spamassassin website and read much of documents before
              I posted the question.  The information on man page was not
              very accessible on its homepage.                  -op
2003/1/9 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27053 Activity:nil
1/9     What is the default behavior of a "join" clause in SQL?  Is it an
        inner join or some sort of outer join?
        \_ inner.
2003/1/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:27016 Activity:moderate
1/7     SQL/DB Question: Is there any way to do a query and only return a
        certain set of results? Like the results between 20-30. Kinda like
        what Google does when you choose what subset of results you want
        to see. It seems like they don't do one query and cache it,
        they do it dynamically based on the parameters. And I can't use
        something like Scrollable ResultSets because my program has to
        be stateless and the query can be done at any time. Did that make
        \_ Yes.
        \_ Create an incremental column and use BETWEEN.
          \_ It's not the rows in the DB table I want, it's going to be
             the rows that are returned by the SQL Query. But thanks. -op
          \_ I meant create a computed incrementing column in the select
        \_ use 'limit' and 'offset'.  Not all db support it and this is
           not a standard sql.
2002/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:26856 Activity:high
12/19   Does anyone have experience with oracle licensing?  My company is
        buying some oracle licenses.  We have one production server, and
        will get a 2 yr processor license on it.  We also have a backup
        database which will only be interacting with the main server.  Can
        we get the lower priced per-user license for the backup?
        \_ We threatened to go with IBM or Sybase, and they dropped the
           price from $20k to $10k per cpu (hehe).
        \_ Oracle: don't do it.  The dotcom era is over.  Use db2 or sybase
           if you want to pay money or mysql or postgres if you don't.
           \_ oh please. the fact you mention sybase says enough.
                \_ Sybase? You can still buy something from Sybase?
                \_ What's wrong with Sybase?  Curious.  -John
                        \_ many things. Limited support for partitioning, data
                           extraction (tools), fewer tuning options. Row-
                           level locking introduced only recently. Writing
                           stored procs as a way of life.
                                \_ Sure but they aren't fucking bastards like
                                   Oracle and their DB is more than enough for
                                   what most people do.  If you really need to
                                   pay Oracle on a per cpu basis, then you're
                                   either doing things wrong or you work for a
                                   bank so it's ok they're fucking you.
                                   \_ Sounds like what I was thinking--I only
                                      "ran" a few Sybase boxes for pretty
                                      ho-hum DB stuff, and aside from backups
                                      being a a PITA, things ran like a charm.
                                      -John [ reformatted - formatd ]
                                        \_ you were a sysadmin, not a developer
                                           Also try administering that baby
                                           when the database gets large.
                                \_ Sybase has its drawbacks.  But RLL has
                                   been availble since 97.  Release 11.2
                                   or something.  I wouldn't call 5 years
                                   "recently" -ex-Sybase employee.
                                        \_ are you a happy or disgruntled
                                           Slimebase employee?
                                                        -ex-Debacle employee
2002/12/5-6 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:26724 Activity:high
12/5    Q for DBAs.  How often do you examine your schema for new indexes
        needed.  Our lead programmer is giving me headaches with his "Well
        it works on MSSQL," while our Postgres and Oracle development continues
        to falter.  I came up with a possible new index last night to solve
        a customer's issue, and he got all up in arms with "DON'T QUESTION MY
        SCHEMA!"  Am I insane thinking that DB tuning should be ongoing?
        Or is he just trying to defend his ignorance? --scotsman
        \_ He is defending his ignorance.  It's not like you should be doing
           quarterly schema reviews though.  Tune as needed, i.e. if you
           notice a serious performance issue, if your dataset changes
           significantly, or if the kinds of queries you make change
           \_ Mostly agree. Quarterly reviews of the database can be useful.
           \_ even if you dont do a review every 3-4 months, every 3-4 months,
              you should ask "should we do a review?"
        \_ Developers should only be responsible for the logical schema
           design anyway.  Physical designs such as indexes should be the
           DBA's responsiblity.  Mostly because most developers don't know
           better how a particular index would affect performance.  Tell
           your ignorant lead programmer that it works on MSSQL because
           its optimizier works completely differently (duh, as if it
           needs to be said).
2002/11/7-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:26460 Activity:kinda low
11/7    I have an SQL table where an auto-incrementing value got cleared
        (i dont know how). What's an easy way to go through each row and assign
        it an incrementing value?
        \_ Which database?  In Oracle, use PL/SQL and a for loop.
2002/11/5-6 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Database] UID:26423 Activity:nil
11/05   What form of encryption is used for system passwords?  Is it
        possible to use that same form in mysql?  I would like to be able to
        take a users encrypted password from sql (which needs to be usable
        through mysql) and give them a system account once they have jumped
        through additional hurdles.  Is this possible? how? URLs appreciated.
        \_ ???  What's the project goal?
        \_ man crypt
2002/10/16-17 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:26209 Activity:very high
10/16   Enter this address into Yahoo maps and zoom in all the way:
        1500 Clay St., Davenport, IA
        \_ this is terrifically funny. map{blast,quest} confirm it (or ALL buy
           the same db which is doubtful) --aaron
           \_ I don't think I would put my name behind "terrifically funny."
              BTW, In, the streets in question look like
              they're there but are unlabeled and you can't search them.
        \_ For convenience:
        \_ What does "Fagdaddy" mean?  I only know it's some dirty word.
        \_ Must be some joke by some engineer.  There's neither Buttlickin Ave.
           nor Fagdaddy St. in the USPS database, only Clay St.
        \_ It's common for mapmakers to put in a couple easter eggs, partly
           for fun, partly to counteract copyright violations.  -tom
           \_ My cousin worked for Etak. He said there were lots of these
              deliberate errors to track who was using their maps. This would
              indicate that all these folks do, in fact, use the same original
              map database. -- ulysses
           \_ So what are some of these other common map easter eggs?
        \_ Is that where your daddy lives?
           \_ Wow, you are so funny. Hahahaha. You really crack me up.
        \_ Hey, the street name disappeared. It was there a minute ago.
           \_ Whoah. You're right! Maybe word got 'round.
              \_ op:  where did you find that link?
                 \_ friend. -op
           \_ Buttlickin' Ave is on mapquest and mapblast, but no Fagdaddy
           \_ Screenshot kept at -geordan
           \_ It's still sorta on MapQuest
           \_ Both are on maporama at{3ABB491A-B7CE-4F65-A838-AFF796791E7C}&ZoomSet=1
2002/10/16 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:26205 Activity:nil
10/16   Will I be laid off? What does the MOTD Oracle say? If I will, then
        what should I do? what should I ask for?
        \_ If I get laid off, I'll have more time to get laid. That's my plan!
        \_ If you have to ask, the oracle says you're already fucked and should
           have been looking for a new job months ago.  You should ask for a
           new job at a more stable company or just surrender and join the
           university staff and sink into the depths of academia.
2002/10/2 [Computer/SW/Database, Consumer/PDA] UID:26079 Activity:kinda low
10/2    Anyone know how to convert palm dba (calendar) format to csv?
        I'm replacing my Prism w/ an iPaq.
        \_ You should be able to export from the palm desktop.
        \_ I was able to Shift-select all of my addresses and export
        individually or all. Selecting individually gives me the option of
        comma spaced or tab spaced file, but if I clicked on export all, it
        would only accept the format that Palm Desktop uses. I can't select
        the calendar individually, only ALL, which uses the Palm Desktop
        database format.
2002/9/12-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25868 Activity:high
9/12    KALX recruitment meeting today, 7:30pm, 145 Dwinelle  - danh
        \_ I don't think that there are any undergrads on the motd...
           \_ We killed them and ate their souls.  -alum
           \_ Both alums and undergrads can be part of the station.
        \_ I was an undergrad last semester... I attended this meeting then...
           everyone I talked to was a complete putz. I offered to build
           a database w/ web interface for their music library and DJ
           playlists (which I've done professionally before) but there
           was already a team of incompetent DJ-cum-programmers on the job
           who had been putzing around with design docs for like 2 years.
           I gave up.
                \_ I am sorry to hear your input was not considered and sign
                        your name next time you want to insult people. -petr
                   \_ It's the motd.  He can insult putzes anonymously if he
                      wants to.
        \_ that "incompetent dj-cum-programmer" designs the interface
           between kaiser's patient database and the guys who
           pull up your data and ignore you when you call kaiser,
           he must know a thing or two. - danh
           \_ That explains a lot of my Kaiser problems....
        \_ KALX techwise is still in the stone ages...but at least there's
           finally digital editing equipment.  -warm w.o.e.
           \_ What is this "digital" of which you speak?  --KALX
                \_ The "D" in DAW. -petr
        \_ I'm a bit out of the loop, but I thought there was some newish
           equipment in the production least a step up from
           reel to reel...maybe "digital" is a stretch.   -wwoe
        \_ there's a Grand Plan to convert the carts to a digital
2002/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25758 Activity:kinda low
9/3     Some DB web site told me not to put under_scores in my field/column
        names.  Is there a good reason for this?  If so, what?
        \_ Could you post the URL to that article?
        \_ Seriously, what's the url? That sounds like crap. (and
           plus, we do that all over in our DB)
            \_ sorry, i can't find the url (damn-it) but i swear i saw it
               In my search to find the travelled to link on google, i've
               come across other site's that actively recommend it "for
               readability."  (funny, 'cause that is what the first page
               basically said "we have these with underscores here for
               readability, but you shouldn't do this in real life."
2002/8/16-18 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Networking] UID:25591 Activity:moderate
8/16    I'm not sure i'm clear on the point of an IDS like snort.
        It sits on a box behind your firewall and listens (not very
        well, if you are on a switched network) by running a tcpdumpish
        application and looks for... what?  all non-specified traffic ?!?
        Pointers to (preferably online) overview would be appreciated too.
        \_ IDS can be anomaly-based or pattern-based.  Pattern-based has a
           built-in database of "suspicious" traffic, while anomaly-based
           tries to figure out for itself what's the "norm", and looks
           for deviations.  Neither are very reliable for proactive-type
           suspicious traffic detection.  IDS are very often used for post-
           fuckup forensic analysis, trying to figure out exactly what's gone
           wrong.  I have an excellent paper written by a colleague, if you're
           interested--if you want to know something specific about IDS you
           can also mail me question.  And sign yer fuckin posts.  -John
           snort looks for whatever its rules say to look for
        \_ are you trying to sound like an idiot?
           \_ I think this was supposed to a classic motd "How to snort net?"
              style question gone wrong.
        \_ Ya stick it on a switch port configured as 'monitor' so it sees all
           the traffic the switch sees.  Then it looks for network patterns
           ('signatures') and alerts you of them.
        \_ For switched networks you need to plug the snort sensor in to a
           tap or mirror/span port.  See:
2002/8/1 [Computer/SW/Database, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:25468 Activity:kinda low
7/31    What's the DB equivalent of
           \_ uhhh...right. what exactly does DB stand for?
2002/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25381 Activity:nil
5/17    What are MySQL privileges on Soda?  I want to create a database to do
        some stuff.  Can I create the database, or does root have to?
        \_ You should be able to create tables in the "test" database.
           \_ Is it reachable from www?  Can I create my own database?
           \_ Can I create my own database?  (Made a test CGI script to access
              it from www--so I answered that question.)
2002/7/8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25298 Activity:very high
7/7     I have many notes, scans, tex-files etc for my research and I want
        to organize them so that I can browse/search by subject, keyword,
        full-text, date etc.  What software should I use?  mysql/postgress?
        I wish it to have some backup, version control, and synchronization
        features, but it is just for personal use and needs not to be fancy.
        -- someone who never used mysql/postgress
        \_ mysql or postgres are probably more than you need.  You might
           take a look at CVS and CVSWEB.
        \_ dude!  linux is the answer!
                \_ relevance? -motd relevance god
        \_ Take a look at WebDAV.  I think that tomcat is bundled nowadays
           with a simple implementation...
           \_ None of the above support search or linking of related items,
              \_ Right.  And WebDAV supports metadata search, version
                 control, synchronization, linking, etc...
2002/7/2-3 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25262 Activity:high
7/2     ufsdump manpages say that the filesystem needs to be unmounted to
        do a correct dump. Well, I can't really just unmount the filesystem
        once a week... Do people actually use dump/ufsdump?
        \_ yes.  ignore the manpage.  -tom
           \_ I should say, ignore the manpage unless you're backing up
              something like an Oracle server where the bulk of your
              interesting data is in files which are likely to change while
              the dump is going on.  -tom
              \_ Doing backup of /var/mail on a busy mail server often fails
                 because of files being constantly accessed.
        \_ It's a good suggestion. Would be nice if it were possible.
        \_ Recent Solaris 8 HW releases have a feature called ufs snapshots.
           You can create a read-only snapshot of a file system that doesn't
           change for backup purposes.  I had some problems with snapshots but
           \_ I think the read-only snapshot will have the same problem as
              ufsdump--the files could change while the snapshot is being
              read/written.  -tom
              \_ Not entirely clear on the concept, but is this sort of thing
                 alleviated by jfs?  I.e. does it kind of keep track of
                 what is changing at any given point and back it up
                 correctly?  -John
              \_ but the point of the snapshot is that even if the files are
                 open and being written to, changes wont be made to the files
                 in the snapshot while the snapshot is active... worst case
                 scenario is that something is writing to the file and you
                 only get half the write, but you can come back to the same
                 snapshot an hour later and it will still look like that.
                 \_ Well, sure, you can back up the snapshot without ufsdump
                    failing, but if the snapshot contains files in an
                    inconsistent state (say, an Oracle database that was
                    in the process of writing a transaction), your good
                    ufsdump won't let you restore the system to a consistent
                    state.  -tom
                    \_ that's why it is probably a good idea to stop the
                       database app before taking a snapshot.
                       \_ Has anyone played with Veritas's Oracle backup?
                          I seem to recall it claims to be able to deal
                          with running databases no problem.  -John
                          \_ Yes, it works.  It uses a script to change the
                             Oracle database into backup mode and then does
                             the backup.  And yes, we have been able to
                             restore. You need DBED in order to do any of
                             the fancier stuff.  -mlee
                          \_ Y'know, for all the shit I've talked about it, DB2
                             really made backups very simple.  It's probably
                             not any harder than oracle, but it felt cleaner
                             somehow.  --scotsman
        \_ At one place I was at we did live dumps for dailies and weeklies
           but once a month took everything down and did single user mode
           fulls.  Needless to say this was a total bitch but yes some people
           do this.
2002/6/26 [Computer/SW/Database, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:25196 Activity:high
6/25    Search the H-1B database, apparently there are 1,000,000+
        as of 3/12/2002
           "The promiscuous immigration programs for studies or work in
           the United States allow foreign terrorists easy passage into the
           United States. Given the tragic events of September 11, 2001, all
           nonimmigrant visas should be immediately halted in the interest
           of national security."
2002/6/18 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:25131 Activity:high
6/17    Interesting comments about oracle and india
        "One potential key to cutting costs could be efforts to shift
        some work to India, where the company can pay workers an average
        of 25 percent of what it pays U.S. employees.
          Over the past 18 months, Oracle has enhanced its operating margin
        by transferring an estimated 5 percent of its operating headcount
        to India, according to B of A analysts"
          What is interesting in here are a few things. How about the
        reason why corps hired indians, so that they could hve easier
        transitions to move the whole business over there later. Believe
        me HR policies at large corps is rocket science stuff. How to
        manage salaries is a big business.
          I was also interested inthe 25% cheaper figure. From what I know
        its more like 75% cheaper, I wonder how they come up with that
        number.  This is something I don't like about media today, they
        just go ahead and publish figures without backup. The reporter
        must have gotten the number from somewhere??? Then they talk
        about BofA analysts and how they have concluded that Oracle has
        transfered 5% of its operation to india. I would like actual
        figures directly from Oracle. What type of operations have they
        transfered?? That is like saying a corp is diversified if it has
        15% mexican working for it. They don't tell you that 85% of the
        mexicans are janitors.
          Anyway there are also interesting comments on sales. But they
        don't go into the details on what actually comprises Oracle
        sales. How liscensing revenue, consulting rev, maintance rev. etc
        are all difference markets and all changing and all have
        different contract types. Honestly I love the dynamics of large
        corporations in their abilities to do such things as work sharing
        with india and have a multitiudeof different contract structures
        and revenue streams, but unless you are a higher up within one of
        these large corps you never get a firm grip on it- and the media
        certaintly doesn't inform us.
          Anyway US 2-0./
        \_ 25% of what they pay US employees == 75% cheaper
        \_ Are you stupid or just stupid?
        just go ahead and publish figures without backup. The reporter
        must have gotten the number from somewhere??? Then they talk
        about BofA analysts and how they have concluded that Oracle has
        transfered 5% of its operation to india. I would like actual
        figures directly from Oracle. What type of operations have they
        transfered?? That is like saying a corp is diversified if it has
        15% mexican working for it. They don't tell you that 85% of the
        mexicans are janitors.
          Anyway there are also interesting comments on sales. But they
        don't go into the details on what actually comprises Oracle
        sales. How liscensing revenue, consulting rev, maintance rev. etc
        are all difference markets and all changing and all have
        different contract types. Honestly I love the dynamics of large
        corporations in their abilities to do such things as work sharing
        with india and have a multitiudeof different contract structures
        and revenue streams, but unless you are a higher up within one of
        these large corps you never get a firm grip on it- and the media
        certaintly doesn't inform us.
        \_ i saw it before it got deleted! yay!
          Anyway US 2-0./
2002/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:25042 Activity:low
6/8     Where's the best, free, most complete MSDS web site?
        \_ if you're really concerned about the health risks of a
           material, don't just read the msds.  that's just a
           place to start.
        \_ I don't know about best, but we used this one in chem 3B:
           It's linked from the chem 3B website:
                \_ Thanks, that's just what I was looking for.
2002/5/8 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:24749 Activity:kinda low
5/7     Contract position working with a Perl/MySQL installation at Sonoma
        State available.  Mail tom if interested.
        \_ Will they blame me when MySQL peuks all over their data?
2002/5/3-5 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:24695 Activity:nil
5/3     What's up with s/key?
        soda:~ [104] keyinit
        error in opening database: Permission denied
        \_ skey bad, telnet good
2002/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Theory] UID:24554 Activity:high
4/34    Most databases use B-tree structure to store the data.  Is there a
        mathematical proof that this is the most efficient way to store
        a dbase?  Best in update times, delete times, record sizes, etc?
        I'm wondering if there are better structures for specific structures.
        Like a database full of numbers is different from a database of
        words.  thanks.
        \_ Proving lower bounds on storage space of an arbitrary object is
           undecidable (it reduces to finding the Kolmogorov complexity of
           the said object). -- ilyas
           \_ You meant "reduces from," of course... (the other direction does
              not imply uncomputability; and there are other issues with
              storage of arbitary data structures [e.g. efficiency of
              later access]). -alexf
              \_ Sorry, I wasn't using 'reduces' in the technical sense, I just
                 meant the two problems are equivalent, but yes.  If I had a
                 terminating algorithm for proving lower bounds on storage
                 space I could use that algorithm to find the Kolmogorov
                 complexity of an object, which isn't possible.  Interestingly
                 enough, some lower bounds on running time of data access exist
                 (O(log n)). -- ilyas
        \_ Uh, the insert/delete/search bounds are well known and well
           understood.  STFW or read a databases book to find out and draw
           your own conclusions.  They are not by any means the best, but,
           they are good for many of the more common operations that are done
           on a database, and not too bad (TM) on the less common operations.
           And the fact that you ask if the performance would be different for
           a database of numbers vs. words shows a gross misunderstanding of
           what the hell a database is.
2001/12/18 [Computer/SW/Database, Politics/Domestic] UID:23285 Activity:high
        This is for you "I love the UN" types.  What comes after this?  Do
        we tatoo a number on your arm at birth?  Oh wait, the arm-tatoo
        thing was already done by a different European empire....
        \_ It was never about "I love the UN" and all about "I hate the UN".
           Nowhere in the UN charter does it say we should have universal
           identification. This URL talks about one member state proposing
           something equivalent to what Sun Microsystem's CEO proposed
                Don't you mean Oracle? _/
           for America, but on a much larger scale (which, I might add,
           is supported by many Republican law makers).
           \_ No where in the UN charter does it say a zillion other things
              voted in by the General Assembly or the Security Council.  WTF
              does the UN Charter have to do with anything?  That's a lame
              red herring point.  Republican law makers and the *ORACLE*
              CEO also have nothing to do with this.  It is evil.  The very
              concept of recording and databasing people at birth is wicked
              beyond belief.  This doesn't bother you at all?
           \_ Don't you mean Oracle?
              \_ Don't let facts get in the way on the motd.  Rule #1.
        \_ What's wrong with the UN?  This seems impractical and probably
           ineffective, though .
        \_ Not to mention the mind control lasers and Bangladeshi secretly
           impregnating our women with their Black Helicopters...
           \_ You meant Bang-lades-hi?
        \_ The part that bugs me most is not the bit about stamping everyone
           at birth.  It's the attitude of "to control something you must
           measure it or register it in the case of people".  After reading
           shit like this you get all warm fuzzy about the UN?  That it would
           even get seriously proposed at the UN?  What's *not* to hate about
           an organisation formed from people like this?
2001/10/18 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:22768 Activity:nil
10/17   What's the easiest way to read a berkeley DB?  Is there a program that
        allows you to specify a db file and make sql-like queries on it?
        \_ perl.
        \_ Specifically, the perl DBI.  There's a good O'Reilly book on it,
           but the book really isn't necessary unless you're going to be doing
           heavy duty work with it. -dans
2001/10/12-14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:22702 Activity:low
10/11   SQL question:  How can you get all the data from two tables matched
        up, and include any rows that dont have matches.  Specifically, is
        there a way to do an OUTER JOIN that includes everything on the left
        and everything on the right, matching up when possible by some
        join condition? Thanks.  acheng
        \_ in Oracle, u can do this:
           (nvl(left, foo) = nvl(right, foo)) OR
           (left = right (+) OR left (+) = right)
           nvl takes care of cases when both sides are null.
        \_ in DB2, after you receive my pity, you can do
           select foo
           from bar {left|right|full} outer join baz
               on bar.quux = baz.garply
           where ... --scotsman
        \_ thanks for the responses!
           Im using MySQL (pity me more) with no full outer join.
           I ended up first applying to both tables a (left) outer join with
           a temporary table containing all the values possible for the join
           condition. (b/c the cross join already doesnt contain the desired
           result). If anyone has more elegant suggestions for MySQL, pls
           tell. Thx-acheng
           [ reformatted ]
2001/9/15 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:22458 Activity:very high
9/14    I added a second IDE drive (slave) to the primary chain in my system
        and the drive is only detected on cold start (ie power up) and its
        never detected on warm start (ie reboot)?  I've tried jumpering the
        drive for cable select but that didn't work. Any ideas?
        \_ get a new hard drive
           \_ So this is a drive problem and not a controller/config
              problem? Sigh. I really didn't want to wait in the return
              line at fry's.
              \_ what OS?
        \_ Check the settings on your first drive.  Some older drives have
           different settings for Solo vs. Master.
2001/9/6 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:22333 Activity:moderate
9/5     Stupid Questions:
        Postgre SQL seems to be a better Database, but why MySQL,
        which lack of nested queries, foreign key, and other major feature,
        seems to be used more in the real world than Postgre?
        \_ Because it's comparatively easy to set up, and is "good enough".
           It's the microsoft syndrome.
           \_ Postgres isn't hard to setup.  In fact, it's very easy.
              \_ yeah, it is cake.  Was mysql first?  I suspect this is just
                 one of those critical mass things.  MySQL was first to reach
                 100 monkeys.  I used mysql first because all the hip PHP kids
                 were using it, saying how great it was and that it was the
                 fastest thing out there, when i set up my apache-php and wanted
                 a database a couple years ago. I just recently installed
                 PostgreSQL -crebbs
        \_ I first started out using MySQL, and liked it well enough.
           Eventually I moved to postgres, but I've found some things that
           irk me a bit.  Getting PGSQL to allow network connections to
           the database was one hoop.  Trying to add columns to a table,
           and giving that column a default value and placing restrictions
           on it (NOT NULL) doesn't seem to work under postgres.  Admittedly
           I haven't used it that much to try to REALLY work past these
           problems, but that's one man's 10,000 foot view.  --sowings
        \_ There are still good reasons to use MySQL.  It's optimized for
           _read_ performance, both from a speed and integrity point of view.
           If you're rarely putting data in in large quantities, and have tons
           and tons of accesses, and you know how to guarantee integrity
           yourself, MySQL might be a good choice.
           \_ philcompress!  philcompress!  philcompress is the STANDARD!
              way to efficiently store data without guaranteeing integrity!
2001/8/22-24 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:22209 Activity:nil
8/21    Anyone use KMySQL or any other gui mysql client.  Recommendations?
        \_ I've used xmysql.  Ugly as sin, but occasionally useful.  --dbushong
        \_ phpMyAdmin
2001/8/14-15 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:22110 Activity:high
8/14    I want to take down (legally?), a spamming site.
        What can be done?
        \_ DDoS it
        \_ Complain to their upstream provider.
           \_ not sure whether upstream provider == ISP, but they say
              they are an ISP so they can't be taken down.
              \_ Someone sold them bandwidth, unless they laid their
                 own cable (highly unlikely). In this case it is AlterNet.
                 \_ How did you find that out?
        \_ % whois -h
           UUNET Technologies, Inc. (NETBLK-UUNET1996B) UUNET1996B
           iServices Inc. (NETBLK-UU-208-253-172) UU-208-253-172
           These fuckers are under UUNET. You might as well give up now;
           UUNet is known for being a haven for spammers.
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:21929 Activity:high
7/24    I was told that Broadvision AppServer cost $1 million a pop.  That's
        crazy.  I'm considering buying MS IIS + SQL + ASP programming to do
        the small b2b ecommerce site. It's the cheapest solution I've found
        so far.  I'm still open for a solaris solution though.  Anything
        equivalent in unix land that cost less than $1000?
        \_ Apache + MySQL + PHP is equivalent to IIS+SQL+ASP, and it's
           all free.  -tom
           \_ similarly; solaris-x86 +apache+mysql+php: still free.
        \_ intershop not do what you want?
           \_ I tend not to buy from companies whose stock is trading around
              1 dollar.  Where am I going to get the support if I buy?  At
              least if I use freeware I know that I'm getting what I paid for.
              which is nothing!
                \_ I agree with you about the freeware part, but Intershop
                   is a fairly decent product, and the stock price in this
                   case is completely irrelevant.  -John
        \_ Look into OpenACS... its a toolkit built on AOLserver +
           PostgreSQL. AOLserver uses Tcl for scripting and, of course,
           its all open source. - rory
        \_ ok.  BV is a little expensive.  for your small site, they will
           probably sell it to you for about $200k.  if cheap is what you
           want, then i second apache + mysql + php. -uctt
           \_ the company is not a dotcom and they don't depend on their web
              site for revenue generation.  They need a web site for automation
              and cost reduction.  $200K is the annual salary of a good
              designer.  gimme a break!  I think I will look into mySQL and
              PHP. Thanks guys!
        \_ Jakarta Tomcat + Jakarta Struts + Apache + Postgres.
        \_ Apache + mod_ssl + mod_perl + Mason + Postgres
        \_ yah!  yermom!
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21875 Activity:nil
6/19    Why I have to use msaccess. Simple Fucking politics. If I touch
        oracle ( or anything else for that matter ) another organization
        assumes control over me. If I ask to use oracle I have to do through
        an assigned DBA who will have to charge my project. Fuck that plus
        my project has to pay all these fees and BS.
          They are also forcing 8 down our thoats when 7 serves it purposes
        just fine. So anything new must be done using 8, again politics
        of having a different ORG control IT, they are a business and
        thus need to make money and make more money selling 8 than 7,
        just like any other IT group.  Is this not fucked?
2001/7/17 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21824 Activity:high
7/17    Does mysql have jdbc drivers? If so, for which platforms? [I'm
        presuming that each database needs its own jdbc drivers
        for each platform?]
        \_ Google: mysql jdbc (
2001/7/1-2 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21696 Activity:insanely high
7/1     SERIOUS QUESTION.  What are the performance differences between
        Postgre and Oracle? Now I know there are a whole lot of other
        things to take into consideration but here is what i am think
          Fluor spend a tonne on Oracle liscenses. Some of our mission
        critical database apps are only used by 100 users and probably
        never more than 10 concurrently. These apps utilize a good deal
        of space. ie lots of tables and lots of records.
          I want to put together a proposal to evaluate using a different
        database platform and need to know if using postgre is feasible.
        And what the conversion and maintance costs would be if we do
        convert. Take notice that this is going to be a very big field in
        consulting in the coming years.
          The fucking IT group probably will not even let me get to first
        base on this- but I can at least plant the seeds with some hard
        core numbers.  Anyway it will give me a good reason to bug out of
        here when I get the cold sholder for adancing such thoughts
        \_ hey you dumbass, mission critical means mission critical.
           Postgres MIGHT be good enough, but the fact is when it comes right
           down to it Oracle has a much more proven track record, Oracle does
           the job well right now, and (most importantly) if something goes
           wrong there are people at Oracle to help and to blame.  Stop being
           such an idiot by trying to cut corners like this.
                \_ i'm cheap and use postgres.  to impress
                   the investors we got support through
                        \_ Given the number of dotcom burnouts, they're
                           foolish to be impressed.  Oracle is far too
                           large to disappear completely - greatbridge
        \_ Suggestion number one: learn how to spell "Postgres".
           Suggestion number two: drop out of your "I am an omniscient
             superbeing" mode.  Do some remedial work in spelling, grammar,
             and rhetoric.  Otherwise, don't be surprised when your super-
             brillant proposal gets (circular) filed without comment by the
             "fucking IT group".  There's a reason why paolo is the only
             person on soda who's sycophantically worshipping you and your
             pearls of wisdom.
                           could easily be the next Eazel.
           \_ He is just your typical programmer.
              \_ Back to the game grid, program!!
        \_ ingres!!!!
        \_ Postgres RoX Mah NuTz!!
        \_ If you are interested in the best performance bang for your buck
           take a look at the sleepycat database.
2001/6/30 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21681 Activity:high
6/29    This is like the 80's thing with Gotty instead of the tephlon don
        we have the tephlon monopoly. That is just total BS and i can't
        believe no one in the press is bitching about it. Bush is liable
        to get reamed on this issue is a few years.  The government needs
        to just gut ms. It really would then be a much more economically
        dynamic corp.  I actually believe that a break up would increase
        the shareholder value to the ability to unlock some of the hidden
        value of microsoft. Microsoft Media is basically going to buy out
        like Disney and maybe charter ( pual allen owns charter ) and go
        toe to toe with AOL. Right now people really need to worry Media,
        the whole Napster thing should have been a shot in the arm but
        people are concentrating on other issues like the slow down in
        hardware. If a company like msft controlled Napster what would
        have happened- they would have won- the technology and structure
        would have been bullet proof. They could have integrated the
        whole thing seemlessly into hotmail with streaming adverstisment
        and future released and "banners" Also note that disney and aol
        both trading for higher PE's than msft. In terms of media ms has
        always been into the "family" shit which would make a good case
        for merging with disney.  Microsoft has got some real value under
        the hood and all people look at is the OS and Office.
          Then the database group. Just spin off SQL Server and business
        Apps into a sep company to go toe to toe with ORacle and others.
        The guys that use SQL Server internally at fluor just love it-
        one of the biggest reasons- nice integrations with what?
        Win2k.... go figure.  For a breakup you don't need to touch the
        office suite or OS to is like so yesterday- leave that for later-
        but I don't want ms to control the media which given there
        structure and cash they go do it easily. They are a monopoly and
        a monolopy is alwasy going to assimilate assimilate assimilate.
        It is a losing battle to screw with what has already been
        assimilated- so they should prevent them from screwing with other
        perfectly heathly markets.  Just my 2 cents
        \_ You're delusional if you believe anyone took the time to read thru
           all that, Kinney.
           \_ they obviously do because they reply thru email.
2001/6/27-28 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21643 Activity:nil
6/27    I want to do set union and set difference on some data that I have
        in mysql.  All of the items are integers, say up to 10,000,000 in
        value.  Union is easy, just select from both tables.  Difference
        is harder: mysql doesn't do "Delete from Table_X where Table_X.key
        in (Select key from Table_Y);".
        What's another good way to do it?  I'm thinking about using perl,
        with hashes for the data, and using DB_File to store the
        intermediate results.  Any other ideas?
2001/6/26 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21638 Activity:nil
6/26    Again my users are just "browsing" they aren't buying and
        validating anything- they are just browsing the ailes as the site
          So there is not need to worry about inserts coming from all
          Just massive queries being pushed to the clients
          The interface I am planning is to use ASP talk to MySQL thru ODBC
          Right now it is ASP to MSAccess thru ODBC
          Not much difference - except that I have access setup with a
        whole bunch of "views" which are not possible with MySQL. This
        can be changed by using like postgresql but right now I think I
        will probably use both- Mysql for speed functions- there are only
        a few pages and searchs which are getting bogged down and I can
        route them into MySQL, then use MSAccess for the other stuff.
2001/6/26 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21635 Activity:insanely high
6/26    OK here is the deal- my new data structure was just bombing when
        I ran it in access- performing analysis in 1,000,000 records
        linked to countless other tables is just plain slow using access.
        They guy before me just had everything sitting in one table and
        only 250,000 records- blinding fast- but he had no thought of
        having any integrity to the data and flexibility of reference
        tables- See I don't think in terms of normalizing structure I
        think just of reference. Which basically can almost be defined as
        the same thing- But I still never design in real 3rd form- thats
        another subject....  So I changed the structure of the database
        and everything was running piss ass slow in Access These guys
        won't give me Oracle so I decided to setup MySQL.  Well last
        night I finally finished porting over some data to populate the
        new MySQL tables I ran a simple query joining 2 tables and MySQL
        took 2 seconds Access took 30 seconds.
          My boss was not impressed.... he went on a tirade about how fast
        access was with all the data sitting in one table-- and that
        mySQl was going to bomb in a multiple user env.  I had to sit
        calmly right next to him when he basically threw my work out the
        window- He then goes on to say- I think the multiuser env is
        going to really start to hurt us and we should probably upsize to
        Oracle........  People like this need to get out of the
        management business.  Right now corporations are blowing billions
        on Oracle databases to do functions which can easily be handled
        by FREE solutions...  He then goes on and says - oh we can't
        install that on the server. I was like its 2 damn files which
        don't screw with any windows setting
          Just amazing. good thing I am just content to work in my hole
        with no regard what happens around me.. Not really this does piss
        me off but what can I do-
          And this database isn't even modified- all the users do is run
        queries and view records.....  I do all the modifications and
        update of the data like once a quarter
        \_ work for oracle?
        \_ How are users going to access the mysql database to run queries?
           If your users going to do it with Access, it's going to be hell
           to administer.  Mysql doesn't handle locking too well with
           Access clients.
         \_ wow.  Tell your boss he is a moron and he shouldn't be making
            these decisions.  Do what is right (PostgreSQL) and then if
            you get fired be GLAD that you now will get a tiny bit of money
            on unemployment while you dick around before getting another job
            which you obviously need to do anyway.
2001/6/23 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21609 Activity:high
6/22    I have a select() and read() question. I'm using select() in order to
        figure out whether or not a given socket fd has anything to read within
        the timeout. If the socket doesn't have anything to read, then I close
        the connection, as I'm trying to prevent a dos connection attack.
        Now my problem is this: if select() returns a given socket fd I try to
        read from it, read() will block if there are less than the specified
        number of bytes available on the socket, which is bad because someone
        can still do a connection based dos. What's the standard way of dealing
        with this problem? Threads? Alarm timers?
        \_ the solution is to make the fd O_NONBLOCK using ioctl() after you
           open the fd. subsequent reads will not block if there isn't
           enough data. instead, they read as much as is available and
           return it. -ali
           \_ Thanks. I'll try it out.
2001/6/21-2002/2/6 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21592 Activity:high 80%like:21634 66%like:22367
6/26    [ Kinney's drivel deleted. ]
            \_ Does MySQL really do transactions, ACID, etc now?
               anyone have a URL handy? --oj
               \_ No, MySQL is not presently ACID compliant.  That's why you
                  can corrupt MySQL databases if you throw enough traffic at
                  one.  They just moved their transaction code into the stable
                  release.  Don't know if it's usable yet though.
                  \_ Its not. Our 'database' guy is a rabid MySQL fanatic and
                     had us use it in our project (instead of PostGres which
                     I wanted to use). The transactions code is turning out to
                     be the cause of a lot of our problems. We will probably
                     switch to PostGres in the next version.
                     \_ From what I read the corruption problems were due to
                        real multiuser env where multiple insert and update
                        statements clouded the water.
                        \_ Yup, that's the problem. MySQL "forgets" to do
                           some inserts and updates. We got about 5 daemons
                           reading network and system state and trying to
                           populate the db with this info and sometimes
                           stuff doesn't show up, but the db says everything
                           is okay. It really sucks.
                        My application having only read rights should not be
                        affected; but then again who cares- my master data file
                        is still maintained on my local computer and used only
                        by me. I do an update once and month on my local copy
                        and publish the new tables out to the network.
            \_ Will MySQL ever have transactions? I thought the point
               of MySQL was that it wasn't a real database, just a fast
               data source that could understand SQL.
               \_ Anyone who runs something they really care about with
                  either Access or MySQL is asking for what they'll get. They
                  each have their uses, but so does Excel for that matter.
                  If you want a real database, then use a real database like
                  MS SQL Server, Slimebase, Informix, Oracle, or the like.
                  Postgres/Ingres is about as good as its going to get for the
                  "freeware" camp, and in fact we use it here to catalog
                  near-earth objects and (in another application) store
                  GPS data. Rock solid. --dim
        \_ No Kinney, I don't wonder.  If I'm curious, I read the
           New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor (both
           available free online).  Add in a dash of The Economist
           and a liberal paper (insert SF Guardian or Village
           Voice here) to balance it out, and a grain of salt to
           account for the ridiculous conservative bias in one and
           the loony liberal bias in the other and you come out
           pretty well informed.
         \_ wow.  Tell your boss he is a moron and he shouldn't be making
            these decisions.  Do what is right (PostgreSQL) and then if
            you get fired be GLAD that you now will get a tiny bit of money
            on unemployment while you dick around before getting another job
            which you obviously need to do anyway.
            ( If this database will really stay like it is now forever, then
              yes, mysql is great).
            (Also, ignore the person who said (point 3) that Oracle is faster
              than MySQL.  That person is either a moron, or he typod).
             Finally, to answer another deleted question, MySQL does NOT support
             sub-queries.  (very annoying and another reason to run Postgres).
             One thing Mr. point #3 is Right about is that you should never even
             consider running Access. (so much for "Finally")
             \_ No, really, Oracle is significantly faster than MySQL.
                - Mr. Point 3
                \_ MySql is faster on simple selects.  But when you run join
                   join queries of many tables, mysql slows down significantly.
            \_ Does MySQL really do transactions, ACID, etc now?
               anyone have a URL handy? --oj
               \_ No, MySQL is not presently ACID compliant.  That's why you
                  can corrupt MySQL databases if you throw enough traffic at
                  one.  They just moved their transaction code into the stable
                  release.  Don't know if it's usable yet though.
                  \_ Its not. Our 'database' guy is a rabid MySQL fanatic and
                     had us use it in our project (instead of PostGres which
                     I wanted to use). The transactions code is turning out to
                     be the cause of a lot of our problems. We will probably
                     switch to PostGres in the next version.
        \_ godamn i missed this one before it was purged.  Pray tell it
           wasn't about h07 4zn ch1x?
           \_ D00D U N33D 2 134RN 2 5P311! 175 42N ! 4ZN!
           wasn't about H07 42N CH1X [ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D ]
        \_ I hope it becomes standard MOTD policy that Kinneydrivel(tm) is
           automatically deleted.
           \_ I hope so too.
              \_ Solidarity, man.
        \_ Oh my god, you deleted kinney!  You bastard!
        \_ what's the average lifetime of Kinney's drivel?
           \_ 3-5 minutes
        \_ Are you on drugs? Do you even know what the ASP model is? This
           is the most nonsensical discussion I've ever seen.
           \_ Please ignore kinney, he is something I like to call a
              'blazing moron.'
        \_ I think "ASP" means something different to most people than
           what it means to you.
           \_ Please ignore kinney, he is something I like to call a
              'blazing moron.'
        \_ goddamn it stop censoring kinney.  Kinney you must share
           your wisdom with the world.  Put it all on a web archive
           or something.
        \_ you guys are fast. did you write an automatic kinneydrivel filter?
           i actually enjoyed the last two drivels.
           \_ yeah, i've yet to see any at all. someone got a repository of it?
           \_ I guess I happened to view the motd at the right moment and then
              immediately deleted it. Knee-jerk reaction I guess =)
        \_ Hey, this was the first one that wasn't drivel.
          \_ wasn't the post signed by psb? and yes, it was total drivel
             and completely random question that didn't follow from
             the story.
             \_ i'm gonna keep putting drivel in motd.kinney even if it might
                be fake kinney. making fake drivel is pretty lame anyway so
                i'm gonna hope no one bothers.
             \_ Did we read the same post? The one I read was a question
                about transmission limits imposed on communications equip.
                by the FCC as it related to a new technology. It seems to
                be a non-drivel question.
        \_ I thought it was cute.  Why'd you purge it?  I was going to have
           some fun with it.
2001/6/19 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21575 Activity:high
6/19    database question
        is there a way to have a unique ID span a database as opposed to only a
        table... (so that no 2 tables will have records tied using the same
        \_ you could have a skinny table of just ID's and have all other tables
           that you care about reference this column. I'm not sure if that
           actually solves your problem.                - rory
        \_ yes, have your keys be drawn from a sequence table. In Oracle,
                you can do this with a sequence object. Do a search on
        \_ my irrelevant orig. solution deleted... mis-read the question.
        \_ In the oracle world this is called a sequence number. You create
           them like so: "create sequence someIdSeq start with 7070"
           You create new ids this way: select someIdSeq.nextval from dual;
           \_ i'm not sure if that's the situation. The way it was
              described seemed more like a foreign key, but I don't
              understand the need for that unique id.  Actually,
              sequences aren't unique to Oracle; they're standard
              SQL (or that's what the ANSI group says).  Naturally
              fuckers like MySQL won't support it.  Anyway...
              \_ Hence the oracle qualification. But you're right about
                 the standard SQL part.
              \_ I m sure there's a way, but why would you want to do that?
                 If you use natural numbers, you can't do much with the entries.
                 If you combined all the keys to create a unique ID,
                 the key will be very very very long. Waste of space.
                 Might as well stick with unique key of the table.
                 (whatever it's called)
                 Can't remember much from Oracle class. Ugh.    -- ivy
                 whatever it's called   Can't remember much from DB class.
                 Ugh.                                           -- ivy
                 \_ primary key?
2001/6/18-7/20 [Computer/SW/Database, Recreation/Food] UID:21554 Activity:moderate
6/17    Read an article I wanted to burn today-about how the oracle programmer
        who lost his 120K job is how homeless living in his car.. DUMB FUCKING
        IDIOT-- 120K DAMN that is enough money to live on for like 10years....
        Now he's living rent free in some place called the montgomery Inn inthe
        city- which suppose to take in houseless guys.. now all it does is take
        in unemployeed programmers...... I should write an article about
        What do you call an unemployeed programmer
        A DUMB FUCKING IDIOT.......  tell him to go work for Enron/Exxon/Shell/
        Calpine/ Fluor/ Aetna/ Insurance/ or something. People think the .com
        thing is going to bring the whole world down- well it will unless those
        damn unemployeed programmers get off their LAZY ASSES......... - kinney
        \_ URL? Sounds like a fun read.
        \_ nothing new. friend's roomate bought a new BMW, still had loans and
           living paycheck to paycheck. other guys I knew at work had no savings
           and kept buying gadget after gadget.
        \_ $120K is not so much after taxes...
           \_ I saved $70K on $120K last year.
           \_ I east on less than $3/day - I boil my own beans- make my own
              sandwhichs ( using roast meat I cook )
              And steal coffee... It really dawned on me about 2 weeks ago
              when I did an analysis of food costs-- Coffee was coming in at
              around $9/week while food was hitting around $21- Thus I
              realized I could cut my bill by a third by deleting one item-
              coffee... Now of course I actually kept the $2 sunday cup in city,
              for christ sake i need to get out sometime. But everything else
              is gone
              I should write the book - how to live on $3 a day -- kinney
              \_ So where do you get all this free coffee?
              \_ You could always ho yourself out.
                 \_ um, i think the point is that one doens't need to spend
                    lots of money a day to live comfortably.  that seems to
                    be an illusion with today's mcsociety - tyler durden
              \_ the unibomber lived on less than $1/day in Montana.  so...?
              \_ good for you.  what about your other expenses?  room and
                 board?  electricity?  water?  heat?  or are you the homeless
                 guy living for free in the Montgomery Inn?
                 \_ I don't know about kinney, but I live at home with my
                    parents. I helped them pay off the house, so its part
                    mine (ie my room or so). Food is free, so is gas, power
                    water etc. The only recurring expenses I have are for
                    my car, my dsl line and my computer.
                    \_ I bet the women are impressed when you take them
                       back to "your place". --dim
                       \_ yeah, like most Sodans have women to take back to
                          their places.  right.
                          \- so do people who fall this far also loose their
                          friends, girlfriends etc? have any of them started
                          to kill themselves? this is particularly interesting
                          when it happens to these Randoid/Libertarian geeks.
                          ok tnx --psb
2001/6/14-7/20 [Computer/SW/Database, Finance/Investment] UID:21513 Activity:nil
6/13    I am now assuming all you .commers/tech gods have more money than I-
        Thus I can finally be a financial consultant.
        1. ENRON they have gotten a lot of bad press recently and the
        stock is in the tank- but fundamentally they are still sound with
        a very good management group. They are right now basically
        pulling out of low margin old school projects to instead focus
        the entire company onto trading and management of utilities.....
        This is a wise business decision and will pay of sooner or later-
        2. GE 80% of their product is sold out for the next 5 years. nuf
        said Half their profit comes from GE Capital ( low interest rate
        helps them a lot ). Ie they already have huge lease agreements
        providing airplanes.  They just refinance their loan but the
        lease contract is already existing and has a lifetime of 10
        years.. a no brainer 10% easy
        3. Level 3/ MFN This is a competitive hedge position- long level3
        short mfn- given the recent tank of MFN this would not be a good
        entry point for this position but the position is still valid and
        good for at least 15% of you portfolio
        4. Sybase Oracle is fucking up big time- sybase has very strong
        financials and a depressed valuation- you could look at SEBL but
        they are way to overvalued. You could turn this position into a
        competive hedge against SEBL 15% easy maybe more
        5. Verizon I don't like what the FCC is doing to hamped Verizon
        but it doesn't change the fundamentals- they control the end user
        - nuf said 15%
        6. ATT I love the cable assets of att. They are pursuing a nice
        road to greatly reduce debt load and shoveling off useless
        assets.  15%
        7. CAT There is a current worldwide boom in heavy construction-
        CAT is the only supplier of major heavy equip. Add to this their
        generator business and they are golden 10%
        This would form a very nice portfolio assuming you have around
        40K to invest- it is really tough to build a real portfolio with
        less you can shovel off a few lines but make sure that each
        investment is at least 5K.
        \_ Please sign your name so we can have you arrested for giving
           financial advice without a license.
2001/6/13-7/20 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:21508 Activity:moderate
6/14    XML.... I know keith fully appreciates the power of XML. But its
        power just transends everything. What I have defined ( which is
        totally wrong but just used as an example for the flippin idiots
        I work with ) is the specification of an equipment list
        Given this we can go ahead with all sorts of initiative. Data
        exchange with Vendors through the web, internal software
        development, application integration run the gambit- of course
        these guys are just idiots and think that SAP, EY and consultants
        will do everything for us- and in the interim lets maintain our
        current army of internal application developers to support our
        Crappy legact systems ( which all they do is study to get MCSE/
        or Oracle certified ).  Just sickening- and I of course am so
        damn low on the todem pole for anyone to give a damn of my
        opinions. And of course all our software developers are just
        swamped.. ya right I know a lot of them and really all they do is
        screw around all day- especially the network guys. Maybe if one
        of those network guys setup a wireless lan/ or publicize VPN
        capabilities I would respect them. You wouldn't believe our
        remote access. Everyone think you have to dial in using modems-
        while our notebooks all have this really cool VPN software which
        works seemlessly with broadband connection- But no one ever
        mentions it sickening anyway that my midweek rant

<not positive about this one, but note the telltale "????" and tone>
        \_ uh.... learn to spell/type? Next week, you should post this to
           the 31337 uber-motd called /dev/null .
2001/6/6-7/20 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21436 Activity:very high
6/5     Where do I dump all this PCLN profit? New Power? any rumours?
        oracle is going to get slammed by IBM (in my opinion) I have never
        heard so many peope bad mouthing the new liscense contracts-
        Thinking of doing some spreads:
        BUY Verizon - I am big time bullish on them
        Sell SBC
        thus you are immune to market volatility and can judge your analysis
        directly- ie if the market tanks-- you net even- the only way you make
        or loss is if one or the other outperforms the other. - kinney.
        - dow theory says bull for a long time
        \_ That's a good racket, trying to get a bunch of people to buy a stock
           you own, then your bullishness will become a self-fulfilling
           prophecy.  Go away kinney.
        Sell SBC
        thus you are immune to market volatility and can judge your analysis
        directly- ie if the market tanks-- you net even- the only way you make
        or loss is if one or the other outperforms the other. - kinney.
        - dow theory says bull for a long time
        \_ Damn it is fun selling large quantities of stock at a profit and
           finishing up a month long web project at exactly the same time
           haven't had this much fun since I unloaded 2,000 shares of AFCI early
           last year at $75/share. This time it was 20,000 shares of priceline
           at between 6.25 and 7-- only difference the AFCI was all mine- the
           priceline was split between my dads account ( which I manage ) and
           mine, oh well.
           but now it is done-- no more priceline- BUT CASH,, cold hard CASH
           sitting in the account - kinney.
2001/5/17 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/Database] UID:21298 Activity:nil
5/16    How much should an Oracle DBA with 3 years experience be paid in
        the Bay Area?  I have a friend that's thinking about relocating
        to the Bay Area.  Some real figures would be nice.
           \_ Tried that, it wasn't specific enough.
        \_ $75k
           \_ Really?  Post a URL to their resume.  My company will hire them
              *immediately* at that rate.  Of course that's just a totally
              made up figure.  In the real world, it's much higher.
                \_ There's should be plenty right now in the market willing
                   work for that figure.
                   \_ No one worth hiring.  That's a junior level salary.
                        \_ Isn't 3 year experience still considered junior
                        \_ I wouldn't expect Oracle DBA salary to be high
                           considering there many Oracle DBA out there.
                           The training to be a Oracle DBA is highly
                           available.  Heck, we just trained our sys admin
                           to be Oracle DBA.  He is doing just fine.
2001/5/10-12 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:21234 Activity:high
5/10  Is it too much to ask:  I'm looking for an open-source accounting/
      inventory controll application.  suggestions?  If there are none
      (i've been unsuccessful searching) is that an inditement of open-
      source.  (i.e. boring but usefull sofware will not get made in an
      all open source world).
        \_ boring is in the eye of the beholder.
        \_ spelling is usefull [sic].  Your troll is pathetic.  Open-source is
                                            \_ Shouldn't that be trolll?
                                                \_ heh. A+.
           not equivalent to "developed by volunteers".  And the lack of
           a particular kind of software is no more an inditement [sic] of
           open-source than the lack of a closed-source "mutt" is an
           indictment of closed-source.  In this particular case, the MOTD
           has already given you multiple open-source solutions.  -tom
            \_ Yes, "spelling" allows one to write a word which others will
               understand to be the same word.  Oh, but you did understand.
               Close Enough: Hand Grenades, HorseShoes and Spelling.
               SQL-ledger was exactly what i was looking for (thanks below)
               I had not seen it on the MOTD before.
               \_ Yes, I understood that you're a fucking idiot.  If that's
                  the message you're trying to get across, good job.  -tom
      \_ wasn't this answered in a previous motd question?
      \_ sql-ledger
2001/4/26-27 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:21112 Activity:nil
4/26    I'm looking for software that can do the following.  Anybody know
        of such a package for a small business?
        1.  Track customers' data and their order history.  Plus I need to
            enter customized data fields that can be searched.  E.g, "list
            all customers who ordered XYZ".
        2.  A way to combine information from a arbitrary number of customers.
            E.g., "list all order from all customers from such date to such
        3.  Some minimum accounting functionality.  Accounts payable, accounts
            receivable.  Simple stuff.
        I'm doing all this stuff in Excel. And it's getting hard to manage.
        I need like a small database with a customizable front-end.  But with
        a lot of small-business functions preconfigured.  Thanks.
        \_ /usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl on some systems.
        \_ Used to do this in Access.  It is Easy(tm) but not worth the effort
           compared to either PeachTree or QuickBooks Pro.  Both do full
           accounting, rudimentary customer management, and full order mgmt.
        \_ I was also going to reccommend peachtree, just as long as you don't
           ever intend to become a big (or even medium) sized company, 'cause
           peachtree is definitely a small business only system (or was 6 yrs
           ago when i last used it.  Things might have changed.
        \_ How about UNIX based systems?  Anyone? Ones that will work with
           a postgress backend database maybe?  or should i not hold my breath?
        \_ I'm looking at PeachTree and QuickBook web sites.  They are also
           offering online version of the products.  Like QuickBase.  It keeps
           customer information in their database and you use a web browser
           to access it.  Anybody used it?  Comments?
        \_ QuickBooks easily does this for you.  It isn't the most
           sophisticated piece of software, but it works.  From what you
           describe, you do not need QuickBooks Pro.  And you could perhaps
           use QuickBooks for the Web, although it only works on Windoze and
           only works with Internet Explorer (yes, they are lame... don't even
           get me started).  And if you want QuickBooks for cheap ($50), I can
           get it to you. -phale
2001/3/20-21 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Networking] UID:20861 Activity:low
3/20    Of all the dot coms and mega corporations, which one do you want
        the most with a massive layoff?
        M$:     ..
        Oracle: ...
        Intel:  .
        Cisco:  ..
                \_ time to claim our scarce land and congested highways!!!
                \_ Time to get rid of the worthless newbie Gam3rz and bs
                   java programmers and 3rd line managers and directors with
                   one direct report (personal admin).
                   In the good old days, we build the best routers and
                   switches in the market with the fastest interfaces and
                   the most protocol support. Every engineer could rebuild
                   a basic router from parts and configure at least one ip
                   routing protocol in IOS and simple VLANs in CatOS.
                   Now we have a bunch of idiots who can't tell the difference
                   between L2 and L3 and don't know the difference between
                   IOS and WinNT. They need to go, NOW! Forget the fact that
                   they should never have been hired in the first place.
                   The old cisco culture made us #1 and it is what will save
                   - disgrunted Cisco oldtimer
2001/2/21 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:20632 Activity:high
2/20    Why soda is so slow, ever heard of SWAP?
        70258 hkhung    18   0 26176K  6608K opause  17:16  0.05%  0.05% java_X
         1969 lila       2   0 21776K  3608K select   1:15  0.00%  0.00% screen
        56494 ilyas      2   0 13104K  1548K select   0:40  0.00%  0.00% screen
        50048 kane       2   0 11680K  8640K select   1:14  0.00%  0.00% screen
        78321 jones      2   0 11304K  6076K select   3:05  0.00%  0.00% pine
          851 mysql      2   0 11184K   176K poll     0:18  0.00%  0.00% mysqld
        20469 bray       2   0 10656K  9048K select   0:29  0.00%  0.00% pine
        84781 vadim      2   0 10184K  5128K select   1:00  0.00%  0.00% screen
        70635 chaos      2   0  9924K  5980K select   1:32  0.00%  0.00% screen
        33361 jon        2   0  9744K  5976K select   3:10  0.00%  0.00% screen
        \_ So why is soda running mysqld? And why hkhung (logged in from the
           \_ why not?
           farm) running java_X on soda?
           BTW, root is running screen -r. I sure hope we have the version
           of screen that doesn't have a local root exploit...
2001/2/7-9 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:20530 Activity:high
2/7     Any recommendations for tape backup software on solaris?  I'm currently
        looking at Legato's NetWorker.  Is it any good?  Can somebody tell me
        other packages so that I can compare?  Thanks!
        \_ Legato works for small and medium scale applications. NetBackup
           by Veritas is better, though, and actually works with large
           scale installations (which NetWorker does not). -ausman
        \_ I second Ausman.  Legato worked fine for me with about a dozen
           Ultra2s and some DDS-3 tape robots, and 4 E4500s with L280
           autoloaders.  If you just want fairly simple backup for a small
              it works. --dim
           network, you might even want to consider not using a commercial
           package at all, but instead doing some form of rdist and dump/tar.
           Interestingly enough, in a multi-OS environment, we actually
           had the most success with IBM ADSTAR... -John
           \_ Legato sucks. Veritas sucks less and has its own problems
              (trashed the filesystem on a NetApp due to a bug they blame
              on Sun and Sun blames on them). Just use dump. It's free and
              it works. (By the way, use rsync instead of rdist). --dim
                \_ dump works for single machine+single device situations;
                   it's pretty weak at doing network backup.  -tom
                   \_ If you say so. My experience with *all* network
                      backup products (and I've used a lot) has been bad.
                      Dump has a lot of problems. So does AMANDA (based on
                      dump). Not any more or less than other products, though,
                      and it's FREE. --dim
                          \- note: you cant do a file system restore with
                          \- note: you cant do an OS restore with
                          legato ... as in it doesnt deal with devices and
                          such. it is for data backup. --psb
                          \_ I'm happy to restore my data.
                     \_ Are you a programmer dim?
                     \_ dump can't deal with databases.  A lot of people need
                        to do stuff like backup the database while it's
                        running.  dump can't do that for you.
                        \_ And you know what, it doesn't have to. If you place
                           your database on a mirrored filesystem, you could
                           take one mirror off-line, backup the database from
                           it and then resync with the other part of the mirror
                           \_ Sheer madness.  Don't send your resume here. We
                              mirror for a reason and we don't want it broken
                              for several hours a day while backups are going
                              off and pray that it resyncs properly.  Insane.
                              If your data has value, you'll use a real backup
                              system that can talk to your db without doing
                              the sort of whacky kludgey stuff you're talking
                              \_ So buy a product to back up your DB. Why
                                 backup your whole LAN with that same
                                 product? I have Networker licenses I
                                 don't even use. It sucks that hard. --dim
2001/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/Database, Industry/Jobs] UID:20486 Activity:low
1/31    What job search sites do people use and have found useful?
        \_ I heard is pretty good for hi-tech jobs.
           \_ I put my resume on dice, and the only responses I got were from
              (annoying) recruiters.
              \_ does not allow 3rd party agencies to have access
                 to their resume database and do not allow 3rd party
                 agency to post jobs.  therefore, I recommend posting there.
                 however, has the most amount of hits, and their
                 search engines (the ones that companies pay to search the
                 resume database with) are much better than hotjobs's.  also
                 good to check out are, (despite
                 its name, it is actually one of the top 5 largest job
                 boards), and, which is trying to
                 diversify its resume database, is still mostly
                 contractor-heavy...and attracts a lot of 3rd party agency
                 recruiters.  --chris
        \_ I posted hotjobs and dice recently.  I got a *lot* of calls and
           emails, about 1/2 were recruiters.  Just don't call them back.
           They usually go away after being ignored the first time.  If they
           don't mention a specific job at a specific company, then they don't
           have a job for you.  Also, since recruiters are getting 20% to 30%
           of your start salary as their pay for emailing your resume in, you
           can get a better deal if you can get hired direct without going
           through an agency.  Companies *do* calculate the recruiter cost in
           when figuring out how much you cost.  Why carry a big fat monkey on
           your back when you can stride across the finish line in style on
           your own?
        \_ Found my current job (which I love) on
2001/1/31-2/1 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:20481 Activity:high
1/31    Wow, I just found out my company's software got cracked by crackers.
        A bit disheartening, but got me thinking, is there any commercial
        software out there that has been found to be uncrackable?
        \_ Just found out?  The moment the software was published it was
           cracked.  Probably took someone about 30 seconds between sips of
           Coke and Oreo cookies.  And no, if the whole binary runs on the
           local machine it can be cracked.  You can make it really annoying
           but that only increases the challenge for the crackers and makes
           your paying customers really pissed off.  Software protection is
           only good to keep the casual pirates at bay and doesn't even do
           that very well.  Let it go, move on.  They wouldn't have paid for
           it anyway.
        \_ Any non-commercial? Or are you trying to say only non open-source
           software can be cracked?
           \_ open source software can be commercial
        \_ I have yet to see a successful crack on Mathematica.  But the
           protection scheme really sucks since the password changes based
           on your hardware config (hard disk size, ethernet card #, etc)
           I paid for the software but found its copy protection mech
           really annoying.
        \_ Only idiots release software with copy protection.
           \- what do you mean by "cracking MMa"? i got around the licensing
           stuff in 1988 or so with adb. --psb
        \_ Incidentally, there is a working crack to Office 2000 SR-1.
           \_ Why do you need to crack Office 2000?  Just install the same CD
              onto tens of machines.
              \_ Please read:  SR-1.  Come back and try again.
                 \_ I see.  What does SR-1 have that prevents someone from
                    installing on multiple machines?
                    \_ Apply the SR-1 patch and see for yourself.  The
                       less destructive approach is to look for articles
                       on Whistler's anti-piracy scheme, which was rolled
                       into the SR-1 update for Office 2000.
        \_ Only idiots release software with copy protection. People who
           are inclined to pay for software will, those who are not will
           go to or something and get fully cracked versions
           for $50.
           \_ Our software sells for $29.99.  That would be dumb. -orig poster
                   \_ Okay, what I ment is your software + all M$ software +
                      all Adobe Software + Oracle 8 + AutoCad + ProE + your
                      favorite software for $50 from
                \_ It isn't about price.  And anyway, your software and 20+
                   others are getting squeezed on the same CD for $9.99.
2001/1/31 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Networking] UID:20478 Activity:kinda low
1/30    Arg.  I upgraded from BIND 8.2.2 to 8.2.3 (you wouldn't think that
        would cause problems) and now i'm getting all kinds of errors
        when it tries to load the db files! Can anyone point me to an
        example of the new format.  Thanks.
        \_ New format?  My files worked fine.  I did the make all;make install
           and copied named-xfer into my chroot'd named home, killed and
           restarted named and it ran perfectly.  Maybe you could post a few
           of the errors you're getting?  Please don't post more than a few
           \_ Thanks, but i figured it out.  8.2.2 was allowing me to
                get away with " (  " on its own line and 8.2.3 requires
                it on the line above - as does 9. (feel free to delete
                this thread now, or i'll do it tomorrow)
                \_ Why put ( on it's own line anyway?  Aesthetics?
2001/1/6-16 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:20246 Activity:moderate
1/5     Is there a way to specify an email to not be included when reader
        replies or forwards?  For example, I replied on an email I received
        And the content was empty even I chose to include original text on
        forward and reply.
             \_ Likely the e-mail text was in an attachment, and your mailer
                was configured to not include attachments in replies.
                \_ that wasn't the case.  There are people mentioning that in
                Notes or Oracle mail, you can set some kinda option to disallow
                people forward your email...I wonder that's really such a thing
                   \_ Put the e-mail on /tmp.  Include headers, please.
                   \_ Ditto.  Most likely it's a pilot error or mail client
        \_ You've not enough clue. Mine more clue.
          \_ so do you have any clue at all how to do that?  If so, show us
             \_ Likely the e-mail text was in an attachment, and your mailer
                was configured to not include attachments in replies.
                \_ that wasn't the case.  There are people mentioning that in
                Notes or Oracle mail, you can set some kinda option to disallow
                people forward your email...I wonder that's really such a thing
                   \_ Put the e-mail on /tmp.  Include headers, please.
        \_ Use the mail/mailx standard.
                   \_ Ditto.  Most likely it's a pilot error or mail client
        \_ Use the mail/mailx standard. Or include it, but mess with the
           included message a little to throw off any internal mechanism
2000/12/30 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:20192 Activity:nil 57%like:20181
12/29   Any recommendations for good reference books on Informix and
        Sybase? -alexf
        \_ I would recommend
           \_ message deleted for lack of motd formatting
           \_ repost? or was there never anything posted to start with?
2000/12/27-28 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:20181 Activity:nil 57%like:20192
12/26   Any recommendations for good reference books on Informix and Sybase?
        (presumably separately for each). Assume intermediate experience
        coming in; I don't need tutorials/intros.
2000/12/22-25 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:20162 Activity:nil
12/22   I have a database program that I would like to view the code for. Any
        suggestions on how I go about doing this?
        \_ Download the source or objdump --disassemble
        \_ MS SQL?  Are you mad?  Do you *really* want to know how it works?
           \_ Am bettink is at least one line that looks like:
              return((char *)(rand()*0xFFFFFFFF));
2000/12/19-20 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Security] UID:20126 Activity:high
12/19   One of my major performance bottlenecks is the need to log
        every entry in a single log file.  This leads to contention for
        write access lock to the file, delaying each process. What to do?
        \_ write to per process log file, and have a background process
           coalesce log files together.
                \_ this method provides the most concurrency
         \_ or write to sockets with a separate process listening
            on each, handling the logging.
                \_ this method is easy and most similar to what you're
                   already doing
        \_ use a real db engine
           \_ for something this simple it might not be worth paying for
              one.  plus, it gives this guy job security.
2000/11/2 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:19633 Activity:moderate
11/1    anyone know how to determine what "sort order" or character set an
        existing installation of SQL 7.0 is using? on NT 4.0 sp 3 or later
        \_ find an expert in SQL 7.0 and kick him in the nuts.
        \_ That depends on whether you're using Computer 5.0 or Computer 6.0
2000/10/29-31 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:19597 Activity:low
10/29   I need a good, inexpensive ISP to host a web site; suggestions? CGI
        a must, access to an SQL DB would be even better.       -- Marco
        \_ Check out
           \_ ask dbushong/geordan/scotsman about
              \_ we just buy net from, but they rock pretty well.
                 they have kickass connectivity, fu through most levels of
                 people you deal with, and their fremont colo center is very
                 cool  --dbushong
2000/10/21-23 [Computer/SW/Database, Academia/GradSchool] UID:19537 Activity:nil
10/21   An acquaintance of mine has a CS grad school question: "I am graduating
        with my undergrad CS degree in June (from De Paul U., Chicago, IL). I
        had a concentration of database/data analysis.  Now, I was looking into
        graduate programs and have not been able to find any DB graduate
        programs.  Does any one know of any schools that might offer some type
        of DB grad degree?" Please respond to my account. -elizp
        \_ My very cool summer 61B instructor got her Ph.D. at Berkeley in
           95, thesis topic:  Active Storage Management for Database Systems
           \_ Could you tell me her e-mail address? -elizp
              \_ E-mail this guy:
                 Ask him, if he doesn't have time personally, to direct
                 you to a grad student.  Be direct, brief, intelligent.
                 If you don't have any luck ask again on the motd and
                 I'll put you in touch.
2000/10/8-9 [Transportation/Bicycle, Computer/SW/Database] UID:19436 Activity:moderate
10/7    Anyone able to host a website, fairly small, for local
        nonprofit bicycle group (BFBC)?  Take a look at current
        format at  -- jnat
        \_ Yah, Ride Bike!
        \_ you can't afford $30/month?
            \_ we can if you'll pay it.  easier to find someone who
               is already online who can handle a small website
        \_ = $5.95 per month
2000/8/11 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18966 Activity:high
8/11    Why do people ever use trees instead of hash tables?  If I have
        a hash table which grows dynamically to stay less than half full
        then insert/query/delete are all expected constant time.  On the
        other hand, if I use a tree which is perfectly balanced then
        insert/query/delete all take log(n).  Do people use trees just
        because they are better in the worst case?  Thanks.
        \_ Trees let you search for key ranges: if you want to find all
           the elements with keys between 5 and 13, that's fast in a tree
           but slow in a hash table.
        \_ Along the same lines as the post above, you can do an incremental
           search in trees.  For example, if you have a bunch of command names
           in a tree and the user types the first three letters you can find
           all the k matching commands in k+log(n) time. -emin
        \_ But why use trees when God created SkipLists?
                              \_ Not God. Phillip "Edward" Nunez!
                \_ Ease of coding.  Sometimes it just doesn't matter and isn't
                   worth any extra effort.
        \_ Take 186 and become enlightened.
           \_ I have heard trees (or tries) are used in database and disk
              heavy applications, but except for the 2 comments above, why
              not just use hash tables?  I'd be happy if you could give me
              a simple example, or point me to a good book or URL.  I'm no
              a student so taking 186 is not an option.
              \_ Read any data structures book.  And look up "tradeoff".
2000/7/31-8/1 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18821 Activity:moderate
7/30    For those who haven't developed on it, which do you recommend?
        MS Acess?  MS SQL Server?  Oracle?
        \_ Eh?  For those who _haven't_ developed on it?
        \_ For ease of development/configuration?  Mysql.  For advanced
           (real) database features?  Postgresql.
           (real) database features?  Postgresql.  --foo
                \_ postgresql doesn't compare to oracle.  -tom
                        \_ benchmarkP
                        \_ yermom is better than Oracle
                           \_ yermom accepts multiple concurrent users
                              and processes insertions at a phenomenal pace
                        \_ mysql is better than tom
                                \_ tom < mysql < postgres < oracle < yermom
                    \_ very true, but i think he was asking about development
2000/7/27-29 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18789 Activity:nil
7/27    Anyone have a link for the free Sybase for Linux?  Thx.
2000/6/15-19 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18475 Activity:nil
6/15    AirTouch/Verizon needs Sysadmins and DBA.  /csua/pub/jobs/AirTouch -ax
        \_ I'm dang Tired of high stress Database Administration!
           Where's that job where The working environment is low stress,
           casual dress, and currently does not include any overtime or
           weekend work?  Dang!
           \_ HP.
           \_ HP, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Sybase, AOL/Netscape, Sun, Pacbell,
              and any other large companies where you can just blend in and
              get ignored.  You won't have casual dress at all of these places
              but low stress is easy at a big sloppy company.
           \_ EECS Instructional.
        \_ I borrowed a copy of a how-to for msql and mysql.  That good enough?
           Also, do I get a free phone with unlimited minutes?
2000/6/14 [Computer/SW/Database, Industry/Jobs] UID:18469 Activity:very high
6/12    \_ uctt, are you a contractor? what do you do?
        \_ full time employee at my own startup now. never contracted in my
           life.  but i did spent some time in big 5 consulting managing
           various e-Commerce projects and our team of consultants from big
           5 was always much better than the employees in the client company
           (that's why they were paying us $275-$350/hr to be there) -uctt
                \_ No.  They were paying that so management could have someone
                   to blame when it all falls to shit.  No one pays you more
                   because you're more skilled.  They don't have a basis to
                   judge your skill level.
                        \_ of course that's a big part of it.  we'll take
                           the blame if it all "falls to shit".  it's called
                           taking RESPONSIBILITY and i'll take the
                           responsiblity for a project in exchange for the
                           big bucks that they have to pay us.  i've
                           met morons in consulting.  i've met a lot more
                           morons that work as full time employees for the
                           client. -uctt
                           \_ You know why that is, right? The companies
                              that don't need your expertise don't hire
                              you. If there's a better staff in house then
                              likely they'll go with that. Granted,
                              sometimes management does stupid things
                              anyway, but I bet this helps explain your
                              experiences. --dim
                                \_ Holy cow!  I find myself agreeing 100% with
                                   dim.  Hell has just frozen over.
                                   \_ I think it's a great idea to hire
                                      consultants when the current staff
                                      is better.  What's the matter with
                                        \_ Sorry, what was I thinking.  I'll
                                           call uctt right away to pay more to
                                           get less.
                        \_ that's why nearly all of the largest and *best*
                           companies in the world employs a large number of
                           consultants.  why doesn't sun, cisco, microsoft,
                           oracle, hp, ibm, etc... all just hire the best
                           talent and do all of their work in house?
                           certainly they have the money to hire pepole
                           right? why do they have consulting companies in
                           there if the consulting companies easily cost 2x
                           as much as their normal employees?  oh...b/c
                           you know something that bill gates, john
                           chambers, scott mcnealy, larry ellison, etc.
                           doesn't know right? -uctt
                           \_ Your definition of "best" is what?  You mean the
                              way IBM took a huge fall in the 80s?  The way
                              Sun, Oracle and others needed the DoJ to level
                              the playing field?  The way HP is falling apart?
                              Or that Cisco had to buy Arrowpoint because they
                              couldn't build their own load balancing switches?
                              You're confused.  Big != better.  The *best*
                              companies are the ones you've probably never
                              heard of.  You'll know who they are 5 years from
                              now.  These large but not best companies use
                              consultants because the *best* people wouldn't
                              work for them at any price.  I'd be ashamed to
                              have IBM or Oracle on my resume.  The *best*
                              people have all left these giant ugly slow beasts
                              for startups.  It's still happening today.  Don't
                              spend too much time convincing yourself how great
                              you are.  The day you meet the people working
                              for the *best* companies will be the worst day of
                              your life as your giant ego comes crumbling and
                              tumbling down and all of IBM's horses and all of
                              Oracles men won't be able to put it back together
                              again.  The emperor wears no clothes.  I know the
                              exact same thing your top 5 list of CEOs knows:
                              that their employees suck, they can't hire the
                              best so they have to pay vampires and leeches to
                              do it for them and just pass along the costs to
                              their customers.  It's people like you that make
                              software and hardware so expensive for no real
                              reason.  You're not a value-add.  You're a value
                                \_  who are you???  Preach it brother!  you rock.
                                    - anonymous#1fan
                                        \_ Thanks.  Just calling it like I see
                              \_ Uh ... gee!
                              \_ so what are the best companies right now
                                 that i haven't heard of but i will hear
                                 about 5 years from now?  and why is it that
                                 most of the upper level executives in large
                                 corportations have worked in consulting at
                                 some point in their careers?  just name a
                                 few of these companies and we'll continue
                                 the discussion... -uctt
                                 the discussion...but i can tell you right
                                 now that either their executive staff is
                                 made up of former consultants, many of
                                 their developers are former consultants, or
                                 they just don't have enough cash for
                                 outside consultants....YET.  all of the
                                 successful companies have used consultants
                                 very heavily and they cannot all be wrong.
2000/6/13-14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18460 Activity:moderate
6/14    Where is a good place to go after you've served your time at Oracle?
        \_ any place but oracle.
        \_ Inferiorix or Diebase
        \_ Siebel is a good place.
        \_ more hard time at intel
2000/4/28-29 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18138 Activity:nil
4/28    In terms of market availability, ease of obtaining certification,
        and financial reward, which certification would you guys recommend
        for non-tech majors who are interested in high-tech? MCSE?
        Oracle certification, or CCNA?
        \_ The intro Cisco courses are really good.  You'll learn a lot about
           networking protocols, more than the actual router configuration.
           I wouldn't worry too much about certification, since you'll be
           useless without actual clue.  I don't know about Oracle, but
           the general consensus seems to be that DBA'ing is only marginally
           more exciting than watching paint dry, if lucrative, and MCSE, what
           can I say.  If you can't learn the shit by playing with it, then
           you need to go back to non-tech.  -John
        \_ Let's see... you finally realized that majoring in "wood" isn't
          going to make you any money... so you want to make what CS majors,
          make, without doing the work.
          I'd have to say the MCSE is most appropriate for you.
        \_ There is no easy answer to this. There are trade-offs and it all
           depends on what you want. For example, getting MCSE is probably
           the cheapest way to go (competition on books, classes, etc), but
           the pay is only mediocre. Oracle certification will be very
           financially rewarding, but it is extremely stressful and the
           classes are more expensive than MCSE classes. CCNA classes are
           also financially rewarding, but like Oracle certification, they
           are also very expensive. Any average Joe can probably do MCSE
           and Oracle (you just play with them on your PC). CCNA however is
           a totally different ball game.
        \_ You seem to have erased my very serious answer. So let me
           rephrase it in a more direct manner for you, since you dont
           understand subtlety:
           You're a loser looking for a fast buck. Therefore, join the
           rest of your ilk,in the MSCE flock
2000/4/9 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/Database] UID:17962 Activity:nil
4/9     Note:  For those of us who are unfortunate enough to have
        to use Oracle 8.0.3~8.0.5 on Solaris, there is a SERIOUS BUG
        in the asynch write mode of Oracle.  Turn off asynch write
        in the parameter file or upgrade to 8.0.6+ a.s.a.p.  Otherwise
        you run a high risk of running into a data corruption error
        undetected by Solaris or Oracle.  We lost 4 of 9 databases
        to this error (fortunately they were not critical ones).
        Synch writes: slow but safe.  Frequent exports: help but doesn't
        solve the problem.  If you need more help or info on this
        don't contact Larry E., he'll deny everything, send me mail
        instead.  --mtbb
2000/4/5-6 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:17932 Activity:low
4/5     Are there real DBAs using Oracle Enterprise Manager? Or is that
        just a marketing scheme?
2000/4/5 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:17927 Activity:nil
4/3     A friend of mine is interviewing for a QA job at a software
        company soon.  Any ideas on what kind of questions she will
        get asked?  The company she is interviewing at does a lot of
        work with Orcale databases.  Thanks.
        \_ She might be asked "What is an Orcale database?"
           \_ It's like an Oracle database, but with a spell checker.
        \_ how about, "do you mind not doing jack shit much of the time
        but trying to look busy until a new build comes out, and then
        performing hours upon hours of monotonous tests?"
2000/4/2-3 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:17911 Activity:high
4/1     EE question.  Why would the delay through a CAM (content addressed
        memory) cache, like those used in TLBs, increase with size. Since
        CAMs are built with each entry connected to a comprator and the
        selection is done through an N-way multiplexor using straight
        pass logic gates (no multiplexor select line decoding is involved)
        then theoretically a 64 entry CAM should be about as fast as a
        32 entry CAM right (at least it shouldn't be drastically slower)?
        \_ how much slower is a 64 entry CAM? if it's on the order of a few
           ns, then it's the additional stage required to select between the
           output of the decoders and routing. if it's larger, then your
           assumption that there's one decoder per entry is wrong.
           \_ But in this case there is no need to decode the select lines
              since the select lines are not in an encoded form.  They
              come from the actual comparators themeselves so there are
              N select lines for an N-entry CAM.  There is no time to
              decode the select lines.
              \_ i guess if each select line is an OE for a buffer which
                 drives the output pads, then yeah. I guess using tristate
                 buffers instead of muxes on the output is the right way of
                 doing this. so what's the answer? have you looked at a
                 \_ I actually don't know the answer. I don't think anyone
                    makes an entire IC as a CAM for them to publish a
                    datasheet for them.  But every prof I've had in
                    \_ MCM69C233, for example.  you must not have looked
                       really hard, since i found one at the first place
                       i bothered to check.
                    computer architecture related courses have always
                    said that larger TLB's and higher associativity caches
                    are slower.  I don't see why.
                    \_ bigger rams are slower.  larger area is slower than
                       smaller area.  i can get a big tag ram for a direct
                       mapped cache.  or i can split the tag ram in 2 and
                       do 2-way associativity.  each ram is smaller, but i
                       eat an extra couple of levels of logic to figure out
                       which way hits.  is one always faster than the other?
                       doubt it for small cache sizes/ways.  probably for
                       extreme cases the n-way cache is always slower.  ditto
                       for cams.  i can see for small sizes the difference in
                       loading/driving the pass gate wouldn't make much
                       difference if num loads go from 32 to 64.  can't do
                       pass gates for large loads.  for large cams the extra
                       levels of logic to decode the hit entry will make a
2000/3/23-25 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:17834 Activity:moderate
3/22    Are DBA jobs really as boring as the motd posters claim?
        \_not unless you find getting paid bank really boring.
          \_ They have to pay DBA's well because the job is so boring.  -tom
             \_ Plus, it's kinda like brain surgery. It's really
                fiddly stuff, and if you screw up, someone is going to
                be really, REALLY unhappy.
            \_ I would have expected a more intelligent response from you,
               tom. In answer to the original question:
                1. Do you get misty-eyed looking at ERDs?
                2. Do you love applying normalizations to ERDs?
                3. Do you know any normalizations beyond the 3rd normal
                4. Do you know how to do a left outer join in Oracle,
                   DB/2, Informix, and Sybase?
                5. Do you know wtf a left outer join is?
                6. Do you think database nulls are the greatest thing
                   since IEEE floating point?
                7. Is Chris Date your hero?

                If the answer to the above questions is yes, then
                being a DBA would not be boring to you. A good DBA is
                indespensible on a project, especially since so few people
                properly understand relational theory and practice. I have
                a lot of respect for DBAs, but its not my cup of tea.
                \_ Sounds hideously boring to me.  -blojo
                   \_ That's nice. Presumably, this is why you are whatever
                      it is you are and not a DBA. Either way, the person
                      who asked the question should get enough information
                      to make up his/her own mind.
                        \_ I think blojo was just offering his personal
                           opinion and comment.  That's all.
                           \_ I don't want to know personal opinions coming
                              from a blowjob.
                \_ Don't say that again!  I almost jizzed my keyboard when you
                   said "left outer join" and hit my third orgasm at "database
                   nulls"!  I need to go clean up now.
2000/2/14-15 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:17511 Activity:nil
2/14    Are there differences between svrmgrl and sqlplus? Is sqlplus
        suppose to be better? Also, in /var/opt/oratab, the last argument
        specifies whether to start up the DB or not. Which script reads
        oratab and starts it up? Is that part of the OUI install process?
        \_ sqlplus an interactive sql prompt, and svrmgrl for starting
           your listner
2000/1/27-28 [Computer/SW/Database, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17354 Activity:moderate
1/27    My favorite job hunting web site is:        0     1         0
        careermosaic    0 1
        /csua/jobs      -14
        P.S. really sucks
        careerpath      1
2000/1/19-20 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:17267 Activity:kinda low
1/18    Wanted 2 programmers to help develop web based apps:  Between the
        two, will need PERL, CGI, SQL, Yacc(or Bison), Javascript, HTML.
        Full time or Part time (20 hours minimum).  At least two weeks(tm)
        with possibilities of more if appropriate.  Work on-site (downTown
        Oakland)  or off-site. (510) 271-4142 ask for Garo, Alan or Ephram.
        \_ sign posts like this
           \_ sign posts in general.
        \_ What kind of SQL?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
1999/12/2 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16992 Activity:high
12/2    Kudos to and They are 10X faster (in web
        page responce time) than, <DEAD><DEAD>,, etc.
        Does anyone know what kind of DB backends these web sites use?
        \_ I've heard that yahoo! uses sleepycat.
        \_ Response time isn't solely limited to DB backends.  They may
           split up incoming requests to more machines or use caching
           accelerators, etc.
1999/11/20-22 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16926 Activity:nil
11/19   Anyone know of an easy way to use perl to query an SQL server?
        (If so, then the follow up question is how.) -emarkp
        \_ Use the DBI module.
        \_ Use the DBD modules.
        \_ If this is an M$ SQL 7.0 server, you can try the FreeTDS stuff
           which is at or .com or .net or something.
1999/11/9 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16852 Activity:very high
11/8    Hello how do I use Select statement in mysql to find and display the
        most current pollID, given a table called vbooth_desc from mydb.
        Basically I want $newpoll to always be the greatest pollID #.

        I have tried defining variables with Select that don't work:
        $newpoll=mysql_query("SELECT max(pollID) FROM vbooth_desc") &
        $newpoll=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM vbooth_desc WHERE GREATEST(pollID)

        from mydb.vbooth_desc;

        | Field     | Type      | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
        | pollID    | int(11)   |      | PRI | 0       | auto_increment |
        | pollTitle | char(100) |      |     |         |                |
        | timeStamp | int(11)   |      |     | 0       |                |
        \_ "select pollID from vbooth_desc order by desc"  maybe... --peterl
        \_ "SELECT * FROM vbooth_desc
            WHERE pollID=(SELECT MAX(pollID) FROM vbooth_desc);"
        \_ What sort of interface are you using?  Your lang looks like perl,
           but the Perl MySQL DBI interface I've seen has you doing stuff
           more like:
           $sth = $dbh->prepare('select max(pollID) from vbooth_desc');
           while ($hash = $sth->fetchrow_hash) { ... }
1999/10/28 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16781 Activity:nil
10/27   Can anyone point me to an SQLnet dist. for Linux?  (I can't find
        one on the Oracle page).
1999/10/19 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16731 Activity:nil
10/18   I'm looking for AFile.h but can only find Can anyone
        tell me what the deal is?  (background: I am trying to install
        php  --with-mysql on a machine that doesn't actually have mysql
        on it (i want to keep the sql db on a separate machine) so
        i'm just copying over what is needed from a tarball)  -crebbs
1999/10/9-13 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:16682 Activity:nil
10/9    Anybody know of a scientific or research search engine?  I want to
        read about say fault-tolerant OSs.  Yahoo points me to a bunch of
        commercial sites.  I just want academic research sites or journal
        publications on it.  Thanks.
        \_ go to melvyl, and type "ins" to get into the inspec database
           it has most techincal publications, and basically kicks ass.
           the syntax is very similar to the cat database in melvyl,
           the help is easy to use, and there are some amazing features
           like you can set it up to email you when a new article comes out in
           your specialty in any publication.  dont waste your time with the
           internet at large if you have access to the berkeley library system.

        \_ Try then click on Digital Library.  You have to
           subscribe, but if you're a student it's very very cheap and
           worth it. -mogul
        \_ possibly helpful: use "host:edu <keyword>" on altavista  -tom
1999/9/24-26 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16593 Activity:high
9/24    Got an awsome offer from Oracle. Can you guys comment on the
        working environment there? Thanks.
        \_ You are a dump sh!* j if you want to work for INDUSTRY and
           caring only about GREEDY MONEY.  ACADEMIA is the only place
           to do meaningful working.
           \_ Fool.  Please get a new attitude so I don't have to pay increased
              taxes to take care of your poor dumb ass in your old age.
        \_ Oracle is mostly APPLICATION PROGRAMMING,
           testing, and porting. You do yer shit based on your clients'
           need. There is absolutely no research related position.
           Overall, it's not an intellectually challenging place to be.
           You will never deal with "optimization of an algorithm" or
           "reorganizing datapath" or anything interesting like
           that. That being said, Oracle has extremely competitive
           salary, gives out lots of options, has kick ass health
        \_ why no comments yet about
           \_ What, the mailing list for Larry's personal assistants?
          \_ Got a great deal for your sister, $150k
           and 401K plan, has a nice gym, and has 6 really nice
           restaurants in the company.          -X Oracle employee
           \_ That exactly what most business majors think computer
              science is about - making web pages and doing asp crap.
              Fortunately most of them get weeded out when they try
              to delcare the CS major or minor.
                \_ I declared CS for the babes.
                \_ you mean man-women trolls.
1999/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16330 Activity:very high
8/17    Been looking for a job. What the heck is a "data modeler"? Why
        do they have kick ass salary?
        \_ Those are the women who pose on the covers of computer game
           magazines.  Data modeling can be demanding work, but at
           $10K a photo shoot, it's very rewarding.
        \_ I think it has something to do with 3D modeling, not sure though
        \_ "I don't know the answer, but I'll answer you anyway"
           A data modeler designs database relations and normalizes them.
           It's basically a glorified file clerk.  -tom
                \_ Sounds easy. How do you explain the 100K+/yr salary?
                        \_ He can't because as usual tom has no clue wtf he's
                           talking about but he'll try anyway.
                \_ gee I didn't know we had data modelers with inferiority
                   complexes on soda.  Tell me, how many Oracle installations
                   do you run?  -tom
                        \-saying someone who does data modelling is a glorified
                file clerk is like saying someone who is an astronomer is some-
                one who counts stars. a fair amount of intelligence and
                crativity can go into modelling. if you cant tell the diff
                between modeling and recordkeeping, i suppose that makes you
                a not very glofied dumbass. file clerks dont know much about
                ponteitially sophisicated statistical techniques, error
                analysis, botstrapping data, testing models, or the science
                underlying the real world phonomena being modeled. both of the
                people i know who self descibe themselves as data jockeys have
                science phd from major research universites [they are both
                pretty hot too, but that's a different thread]. --psb
        \_ too bad they didn't find something more interesting to
           do with their lives, then.  -tom
                \-like running installing oracle over and over?
                  \_ phb is just unhappy that the new garmin he bought
                     didn't impress those data modelling chicks.
1999/8/16 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:16317 Activity:very high
8/15    Been looking for a job on,, and
        It seems that a majority of the high paid jobs are DBA, DB consulting,
        DB app, Java+DB related. I don't understand. Database is boring. Why
        the heck are they in such high demand?
        \_ DB related is a specialist just like a Network Engineer,
           Device Programmer or Graphics Programmer.  If you're looking for
           C/C++ jobs, they're not paid as well since there's a high supply
           of those right out of college.  Therefore those programmers are
           easier to find (or replace).
        \_ DB related is a specialist just like a Network Engineer,
           Device Programmer or Graphics Programmer.  If you're looking for
           C/C++ jobs, they're not paid as well since there's a high supply
           of those right out of college.  Therefore those programmers are
           easier to find (or replace).
        \_ I once worked in a place where there was a DBA and a unix sysadmin.
           Something went horribly wrong with the Oracle database and the DBA
           didn't know jack shit so the sysadmin had to fix it himself. DBA
           requires that you get some shit degree at some shit career college
           like Devry or Heald College.  Usually, DBAs are incompetent morons
        \_ Uhh, because its boring, so not many people do it?  Hence,
           a high demand?
           \_ no, hence a low supply.
        \_ Because the work sucks but DB stuff is vital at many places thus
           there aren't a lot of folks doing it b/c it isn't as interesting
           as many other jobs but it must be done thus they pay the bigger
           bucks for the fewer folks out there with those skills.
           \_ DB requires more experience.  Not many people can easily jump
              into that market.  It's in low supply not because it's not
              \_ Spoken like a DB professional.
           \_ understated:  if your company does ANYTHING relating to ANY
              kind of data or eCommerce, you need a DB, and therefore a DBA.
              And unlike your developers, you need them FOREVER.
                \_ Every company needs a DB to keep track of financial data.
        \_ What!  DB professional higher paid!?!  Looks like I am well under
           paid by my company.  - A Debacle DBA.
        \_ It's boring trash work. An Oakland trashman gets paid $65K/year
           without any education. A DB man gets paid high salary. Both are
           trash work. DB related jobs are high-tech trash work.
1999/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:15595 Activity:nil
3/16 has the best prices on O'Reilley books.
        \_ But usually out of stock.
1999/3/2-3 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:15518 Activity:insanely high
3/2     I just got an AWSOME offer from Oracle. What do you guys think
                \_ Ok girl, what's the offer like? why are you so silent?
                      \_ Apparently they didn't make sure candidates could spell
                        \_ Spelling is opshunal at Orickle.  -Orickle employee
        about going there?
        \_ In the apps division? Hope not cuz they biz sucks are Oracle...
                \_ Ok girl, what's the offer like? why are you so silent?
                      \_ Apparently they didn't make sure candidates could spell
                        \_ Spelling is opshunal at Orickle.  -Orickle employee
        about going there?
        \_ Oracle definition of "5/1 Development"-- Spend your first 5
           years debugging other people code. Complain about the quality
           of the code while debugging it up. After 5 years, you spend 1
           year writing your own code. Don't debug your new code; have
           new hires spend their first 5 years debugging your code. The
           new hires complain about the quality of your code. You leave
           Oracle. After 5 years, the new hires spend 1 year writing
           their own code. They don't debug their new code; they have
           new hires spend the first 5 years debugging their code. They
           leave Oracle. Restart.
           \_ One person complained that they didn't like using in-house
              dev tools and would rather be using industry standard tools
              (MSVC6, etc.)
              \_ hopefully that idiot has been fired from oracle, and
                 has taken a $20/hr job at mickeysoft
                \_ Should you be fired if you use MS windows, words or excel?
                   This is PROGRAMMING, you numnut. If you are using
                   a M$ product for programming, in an environment that
                   usually requires high reliability, etc. then you
                   should be fired. Even if the product itself does not
                   directly make things crash, a penchant for using M$ tools
                   is a bias that should be purged as quickly as possible.
                        \_ I worked at oracle for 3 months (internship) and
                        all the dev tools *are* standard! we used only gmake
                        and gcc, or g++ whenever available, or the cc ov that
                        specific *nix. go to hell VC for unix dev???
                   \_ you sound quite familiar with product bias
                \_ Oracle doesn't fire people.
        \_ Pride in work is kind of unimportant there, and morale isn't
           exactly high either, at least in the front- and back-office
           Apps divisions.  (yeah I was a tech writer there, but I'm
           talking about the developers) --goetz
                \_ Back office market is drying up and Siebel is kicking the
                   shit out of Oracle in th front office, what's to like...
                        - Siebel Employee
        \_ But they have a grrreat in-house email system!  -John
1999/2/20-21 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:15453 Activity:moderate
2/20    I need a list of sodans that works at Oracle.  This is an emergency.
        \_alright anonymous "emergency" poster with no reason. No thanks.
1999/2/4-5 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:15360 Activity:nil
2/4     I'm looking for a good book on Oracle administration, i.e. proper
        care and feeding of the database (as opposed to PL/SQL lessons
        or whatever). Any suggestions? Thanks.
        \_ Debacle DBA Handbook by Debacle Press.
           \_ Thanks, I found this book called Oracle DBA Handbook by Oracle
                Press, not Debacle. Is Debacle a generic Oracle book?

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary contains 1 item
relevant for "debacle".

* n [F debacle, fr. debacler to clear, fr. MF desbacler,
fr. des- de- + bacler to block, perh. fr. (assumed) VL
bacculare, fr. L baculum staff] (1802) 1: a tumultuous
breakup of ice in a river 2: a violent disruption (as of
an army): rout 3 a: a great disaster b: a complete
failure: fiasco
1999/1/12-13 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:15215 Activity:high
1/12    Oracle (aka. Debacle) REALLY SUCKS.     -new Debacle employee
        Warning: The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and
        do not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.
        \_ You should've been listening to the MOTD, with those near-monthly
           diatribes and complaints on all DB companies.
        \_ I've interned at M$ in 97, and sadly to say, the people at Debacle
           have IQ that is 1/10 of the people at M$. Now that is really
           pathetic                                     -new Debacle employee
        \_ I work for Debacle...those girls are cute.
           \_ is Debacle hiring?
1998/11/6-8 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:14922 Activity:very high
11/6    To the Intel workplace poster-- Intel may suck, but DEBACLE SUCKS
        EVEN MORE!!! Word of advice to you new grads: DO NOT, DO NOT work
        for Debacle, Slimebase, and InferiorX no matter how well they pay
        & how good a facility they have. 99% of the jobs there are for
        stupid|average intelligent|brain-dead people.
        \_ ew, databases has got to be the dullest field to get into.
        \_ That's why you get a job at Scient.  Good atmosphere, great
           people, and challenging assignments.  Check out their site at
   They've already had great reviews in the
           Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.  For a 10 month
           old company that's amazing.
           \_ It is not a coincidence that db jobs are one of the highest
              paying jobs in the software industry. It is definitely NOT a
              glamorous job... no, it is dry and stupid. Anyone stupid
              who has a lot of patience can do quite well in a db industry.
              Although it is a stupid job, someone has to do it (like sewer
              engineering... not glamorous, but someone has to do it). So
              remember kids... sewer engineers may get 6 digit figures, but
              do you really want to do it?
        \_ How different are they from Viant (or formerly known as Silicon
           Valley Internet Partner)? I knew they were found by the same
           \_ Difference in focus.  Scient is dedicated to eBusiness and
              does anything and all things related to eBusiness.  Also,
              Scient is interested in Long term relationships, not just
              one time deals.  Plus, Scient is looking at $15M in business
              in year 1 alone.  This has never been done before, and we
              are 2-3 years ahead of ANYONE.  email brianl for more info.
              -- brianl
           people. I have to warn people who are thinking about stock
           options offered by those small consulting companies: not only
           they offer very few shares, also the shares might get dilluted
           when they issue more shares. Only the founders and a few people
           on the top + VC people get the money. Plus, challenging
           assignemnt usually means not living at home, travelling 365 days
           a week. Consulting is not as glamous as the info. session and
           the sales pitch by the consultants.
           \_ Difference in focus.  Scient is dedicated to eBusiness and
              does anything and all things related to eBusiness.  Also,
              Scient is interested in Long term relationships, not just
              one time deals.  Plus, Scient is looking at $15M in business
              in year 1 alone.  This has never been done before, and we
              are 2-3 years ahead of ANYONE.  email brianl for more info.
              -- brianl
        \_ I interned @ Sybase. Lemme tell you, it is not a friendly
           atmosphere. What's the point of cubicles when you get those
           fold-out blinds covering the entrances? Everyone seems to be
           in their own little world. What's worse, group memebers are
           not always even in the same aisle or group of aisles.
           \_ Sounds bad, but why is it a problem that your group members are
              not nearby in this day and age (i.e. phones and e-mail)? --dim
              \_ Furthermore, if your team isn't right next to you, then
                 you can get up and walk around sometimes, even meeting
                 people outside of your team.  This is a problem?
                 \_ I guess my point is, where I work now, we often have
                    spontaneous, informal meetings in the aisles. That's
                    hard to do if everyone's spread out. And with the blinds,
                    people huddle themselves within. You can't meet people
                    that way. Also, I rarely saw anyone walking around
                 \_ I guess my point is, where I work now, we often have
                    spontaneous, informal meetings in the aisles. That's
                    hard to do if everyone's spread out. And with the blinds,
                    people huddle themselves within. You can't meet people
                    that way. Also, I rarely saw anyone walking around
                    Sybase, at least in Atrium.
        \_ I WORKED at Sybase. The general rule there is trust no one.
           Everyone is out to look after #1; themselves..
        \_ brainl's troll erased. Brain washed employees are banned from wall
                    Sybase, at least in Atrium.
        \_ I WORKED at Sybase. The general rule there is trust no one.
           Everyone is out to look after #1; themselves..
           \_ One more Scient plug.  I work at Scient.  This is the BEST
              environment to work in.  No cubicles.  Everything is open.
              Everyone gets the same view from our 28th floor office in
              SF.  We all work together.  We win as a team, we lose as a
              team.  There is no "i" in team.  Everyone helps everyone
                \_ Is this guy for real?
                  \_ It must be flame bait.  But then again, I know alot
                     of dysfunctional CS grads...
                     \_ Which begs the question: are you dysfunctional for
                        entering CS, or were you turned dysfunctional b/c
                        of CS?
                \_ Do YOU think for yourself or everyone thinks for you?
1998/7/29-8/3 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14411 Activity:nil
7/30    Anyone know if and HTTP-FILE-UPLOAD will be encrypted if you're
        using SSL on the server and the form POSTs to an https URL?
        \_ Watch it with tcpdump and find out.  tcpdump rules.  -- schoen
        \_ it should. HTTP file upload is basically a pretty way of
           including the contents of a file into an HTTP POST query.
           The query *is* the file transmission, so if the query is
           \_ I like that, making a statement as a question.  "Hey, server,
              did you know that the contents of the file foo are
              050775 117475 152557 033201 042626 110101 003330 133077?"
              "Of course!"
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:14329 Activity:moderate
7/13    Someone was asking about using Perl DBI::Oracle modules before
        soda crashed.  Print your login so I can email you some sample
        \_ Actually, I am interested in knowing whether it is possible to
           use Perl DBI::Oracle on Linux.  I am getting this impression
           (from the DBI::Oracle readme) that it requires SQL*NET and PRO*C
           to make DBI::Oracle.  I don't know if Oracle have SQL*NET or PRO*C
           for linux.
           \_ I didn't get a chance to read your message completely before
              soda crashed so I didn't know what you were asking.  I'm
              personally using DBI::Oracle on Solaris and I'm not sure why
              that wouldn't work on Linux (I don't have experience as
              \_ Isn't that what session locking is for?
           \_ You are SOL, unless you can find a rogue port of SQL*NET for
              Linux build by charitable Oracle employees/contractors.
              \_ There are continuing rumors of an Oracle Linux port coming
                 up.  It might happen.  In the meantime, there are excellent
                 free RDBMS systems for Linux, although they are not as
                 scalable as the commercial products.
                 \_ try PostgreSQL. It comes free with the RedHat
                     \_ DONT use postgres. it sucks and is slow.  Use mysql
                      (not msql)
                 \_ Try Solaris or HP.  I am sure you must have some unix box
                    that you can install your application server.  If you are
                    running Linux, you'll be relying too much on freeware
                    support.  It's a waste of your time searching for them.
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:14327 Activity:nil
7/14    Does anyone know a guy named Leo who graduated from MIT a couple
        years ago and worked for Oracle?  --pcjr
        \_ Yeah me and Leo go way back.
            \_ I was knockin' down a few Buds with Leo yesterday. Leo's
               a fine man. He cried when Brazil lost on Sunday.
               Had to wipe the tears from his eyes. Poor Leo.
               Now that Leo has recovered from his hang over, I'll tell
               him that you are looking for him. -- Lord Vader
1998/7/1 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:14281 Activity:nil
7/1     July 11, all day at the Robert Austin computer show at the Cow
        Palace, the CABAL presents a Linux installfest.  Bring your
        computer for latest RedHat/various or consulting, or enjoy the
        hardware vendors there and take home a new machine.  -- schoen
        \_ Is this the same day as that livestock festival?  Am I going
           to be surrounded by computer geeks?  Curse you and your


The Usenet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

> You are standing in front of a white house with boarded up windows and

> doors. All around you is forest.
> There is a mailbox here.

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} > Shoot mailbox.
} Unfortunately, your gun is actually a transmogrifier.  The mailbox
} turns into a pony intent on oral-genital intimacy with you.
} > Run.
} Outrunning a pony is rather difficult.  You trip and fall.  The pony
} rips off your pants.
} > Kick pony.
} The pony deftly dodges your kick.  You wind up with the pony's head
} between your legs.  The pony slurps once.
} > Stab pony.
} Your knife is actually a hypodermic needle containing aphrodesiacs.
} The pony is already at maximum lust level.  The pony slurps twice.
} You moan.
} > Hit pony.
} With what?  Your bare hands?
} > Yes.
} You hit the pony, but it only moans.  The pony slurps once.  You moan
} twice.
} > Think about England.
} You think about England, but all you can think of is the horses there.

} The pony slurps twice.  You moan three times.  You are now close to
} orgasm.
} > Teleport.
} You cannot teleport.  The pony slurps once.  You orgasm with a loud
} scream.  The pony moves away.
} > Get up.
} You are now the pony's sex slave.  You cannot get up without a direct
} order.  The pony orders you to get up.
} > Stay still.
} Your penalty for disobeying the pony is one lick.  You moan once.
} > Get up.
} You follow the pony to a clothes closet.  The pony tells you to get
} dressed.  The closet contains:
}   - A silken negligee.
}   - A pair of cowboy boots.
}   - A pair of split-crotch riding pants
}   - A riding crop
} > quit
} You cannot quit.  This is real life.
} > quit
} Sorry. If you attempt to quit again, you will be punished.
} > ^C
} Your penalty for attempting to quit is four licks.  You scream and
} writhe in orgasm.
} > Damn you you fucking computer my pants are all sticky and I want to
} > go home NOW.
} The pony tells you to get dressed or suffer a further penalty.
1998/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Domains] UID:14254 Activity:moderate
6/25    how do you do this w/ a shell "foreach" or equiv?:
        for ($i=0;$i<127;$i++) {
          print "$i: ",`whois -h ${i}.0.0.0 | head -1`;
        \_ csh: --jsjacob
        % @ n=0
        % while ($n < 127)
        while? echo "${n}: `whois -h ${n}.0.0.0 | head -1`"
        while? @ n++
        while? end
        \_ sh: -- schoen
        $ N=1; while [ $N -lt 127 ]
        > do echo "$N, `whois -h $N.0.0.0 | head -1`"
        > N=`expr $N + 1`
        > done
          \_ However, there is a limit on the query rate in practice, which
             makes this not work quite right.
             \_ A 5 second delay is sufficient
          \_ Aren't there others besides  Can't you do
             host ${n}.0.0.0 | head -l
             \_ it's head -1, not head -l!
             \_ It's not finding a host in DNS, it's finding a network in whois
             \_ Use instead. Faster server.
        \- jot 128 0 --psb
1998/6/4-8 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:14175 Activity:moderate
6/4     Anyone have experience with as web host provider? Good?
        Bad? Comparable alternatives?
        \_ Good.  No comparable alternatives.  -tom
        \_ Best experience i've ever had with a web provider. They
                provide competent and beyond-the-call-of-duty technical
                support, FAQs, etc. -appel
           \_ I'm using it for two of my web sites ( and
     and would definitely recommend it to
              other folks.  Haven't had such a good experience with their
              tech support though.   -genie
           \_ I plan on having several CGI scripts. They list a 1000cgi
              seconds/day. I highly doubt I'll reach that limit, but just
              so I have a reference, what type of program with how many
              uses per day would come close to hitting that quota?
                \_ run your CGI with "time foo.cgi" to see the amount of
                   CPU time it takes.  It's basically a non-issue unless
                   you're grabbing nude pictures out of a database. -tom
                   \_ Though wall-clock time on your system and wall-clock
                      time on their system may be rather different.
                      Is it an issue if you're grabbing pictures of clothed
                      people from a DB? :-)
                      \_ You're not charged for wall-clock time, you're charged
                         for CPU time.  They run boxes very similar to soda,
                         so CPU time here should be comparable.  It is unlikely
                         that you'll get enough hits to matter if you're
                         grabbing pictures of clothed people from a db.  -tom
1998/3/26-27 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13863 Activity:high
3/26    FormZ rendering and modeling work for a graphic artist.
        mail ari for details.
        \_ networkgen is a dead business in a huge ISP/consulting sea.
        \_ the work is for a friend of mine.  And Network Genesis is not an
           ISP, but thank you so much for the insight. --Ari
           \_ you can call it anything you want, it is still an ISP
           \_ This is fun.  I learn more every day.  So developing
              ( and selling )next- generation database technology constitutes
              an ISP?  I just guess Oracle is one BIG ASS ISP, huh?  --Ari
                \_ If your company is such a bad ass database company, you would
                   already be holding press release on your record breaking
                   TPC-C and TPC-D, on scalability, on light weight (ie.
                   Oracle Lite), on portability (Cloudscape), and such and such.
                   Seriously now, you can make a much better business sense
                   devoting time to consulting than to waste time developing
                   your pet database project that simply sucks.
                   <DEAD><DEAD> -- ha ha, I think not!
                \_ your homepage indicates that you're a solution provider for
                   network and interconnection. That is internet service
                   provider business. You probably make a lot more money
                   because they want a solution for their business, not because
                   they want YOUR database.
        \_ "Help, I'm a woman trapped in a man's body!"
           "Help, I'm a database wannabe trapped in an ISP!"
1998/2/17-19 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13686 Activity:nil
02/17   FedEx Backs Away From NCs In Favor Of Windows Machines. Big blow for
        companies like Sun/Oracle/Netscape.
1998/2/11 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13657 Activity:nil
2/10    Is there such database that allows you to insert arbitrary kinds and
        arbitrary number of columns? Traditionally you need to create a new
        column for new type/attribute, but is there such database that manages
        "arbitrary column insertion" for you? Thanks.
        \_ MSExcel.  heh
        \_ just out of curiousity, are you sure your db design is sound?  Why
           would you need to do that?  This isn't meant as a flame, Im just
                \_ I have a weird data structure that I need to store, and
                   each object can arbitrarly grow/shrink different attr.
1998/1/23-24 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13549 Activity:very high
1/22    Earthlink is offering 60-70K for web designers in Pasadena (Southern
        California).  I read in Time Magazine last year that Stanfurd grads
        in the "Web Design Industry" were being offered and making 75-100K
        straight outta college.  Should I look for greener pastures, or count
        my blessings and send my resume?
        \_ 100% pure bullshit.  At Cnet, designers get paid much less than
           Software Engineers.  I have an MSCS ftom Stanfurd, and I wasn't
           offered more than 70k.
       \_  Forget web design.  get yer MSCE degree and then you'll rewl.
        \_ So what is the average starting salary for Cal CS?
                \_ Depends on how good your blow job skill is
        \_ depends on what the working conditions are like I guess.  If they
          make ya put in 50-60 hour weeks, or be on call or whatever they
           do (I don't know) then it might really suck.  But if you don't
        \_ You should just transfer to stanford before it's too late.
           have a life now, it prolly doesnt matter so GO FOR IT!!
        \_ You should just transfer to stanfurd before it's too late.
           That way, you can also cheer for a team that actually wins games.
        \_ What "Time" meant to say was that some Stanford grads managed
           to get such offers. I'm sure some UCB grads did, too. It's not
           very realistic to assume the median salary was 75-100K
           straight out of school (which implies no experience, which is
           probably not the case). I work and live in Pasadena, and know
           people who were employed by Earthlink. They all got outstanding
           offers. Most of them aren't there anymore. Draw your own
           conclusions. I should say that none of them had jobs as web
           designers, though. Earthlink can be cool, but it's high
           pressure and high stress. Send your resume. If you don't get
           the job, then this is all moot anyhow --dim
        \_ Web designers are so over-rated.  Anyone one can be a web designer
           regardless of w or w/o CS degree.  Don't need to know cs160's or
                \_ I think that CS160 would be quite useful for WebWeenies.
        \_ Maybe they meant to say web developers instead of designers.
           Web developers, straight out of college, depending on their talents,
           can get into the $75K range.  Also...if it's HR (or non-technical
           people who work off of checklists and go by college degrees),
           strange decisions can easily be made.  IT professionals straight
           out of college can make anywhere between $35K and $80K. A wide
           range, I know, but it all depends on the skills you pick up. --chris
                \_ Oh, what's the difference?  Still WebWeenies.
                   \_ imho...web development is a large category, but
                      the way I see it, it refers to web _development_ which
                      means stuff beyond adobe photoshop and graphics..and
                      more like C, Perl, and JAVA coding around databases like
                      SQL, Oracle, and Sybase with a web outcome.  Companies
                      pay top dollar for these skills.  --chris
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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