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2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/31-2004/1/1 [Computer/SW] UID:11640 Activity:nil
12/31   Anyone seen this offer for "3 years of free web hosting"?
        ( - what's the catch?
        \_ have you tried reading the page explaining exactly "what the catch"
           \_  Yes.  Do you believe everything you read?
               \_ do you always ask dumb questions like this? what about it
                  don't you understand? if you don't give them payment info
                  (which they don't ask for, btw), what catch can there
                  possibly be?
                  \_ Lots of popup ads?  -- !OP
                     \_ they say no popups. ok, there are lots of *possible*
                        catches, but if you're not paying anything or giving
                        away any real important info, what do you really care.
                        maybe they're actually telling the truth, then you win.
        \_ Looks legit! (tried it out) - 500 MB of free web storage, for 3
           years... -OP
        \_ Most likely the catch is marketing, i.e. they'll attract lots of
                people and those who sign up may or may not be grandfathered
                into their for-fee services that will come.
                \_ they tel you as much. also, learn to format.
                        \_ umm there's no definitive motd formatting guide, ok?
                           \_ umm yeah, but there's common sense, ok?
2003/12/25-26 [Computer/SW] UID:11591 Activity:nil
12/25   What is a *.OPJ file?
2003/12/4 [Computer/SW] UID:11313 Activity:nil
12/4    Very cool way to fold your shirts quickly -
        Makes me wonder, are there web sites out there that similarly
        teach one how to optimize other things you do repetitively in
        life? (e.g. iron pants optimally, ...)
        \_ Have you watched "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"?
           \_ It's on cable, not "free" TV, right? :(
                \_ no, I think abc has it now.  It still sucks.
           \_ "I think it's called ge-wur-zammer."
        \_ That is so cool.
2003/11/26-27 [Computer/SW] UID:11235 Activity:low
11/25   Anyone know of 'black friday' deals on computer equipment?
           \_ both fatwallet and anandtech have already been contacted by
              legal departments of the stores on account of so called
              DMCA violation.
              \_ URL?
                 \_ Just read through the forums.  You'll see topics editted
                    by site admins and people talking about it..
2003/11/26-27 [Computer/SW] UID:11233 Activity:nil
11/25   Has anyone used any "home" architecture software that doesn't suck?
        I've tried Broderbund and Punch's products, both suck.
        \_ circa 1995 AutoCad12, engineering student discount. great software.
           I later tried a consumer program. it sucked, unistalled, returned it.
        \_ ~1997 AutoCAD R14 is the fastest/best of the AutoCAD's.
        \_ Autocad12 isn't available on emule but R14 is. I had previously
           d/l'd Autocad 2004 and it was a dog.
2003/11/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:11155 Activity:nil
11/19   I've never seen any of his links posted here, so...
        What does the csua think of Joel (as in "On Software")?
        \_ Seems like any moderately competent mentor.
2003/11/17 [Computer/SW] UID:11105 Activity:nil
11/16   Maybe this is a silly question, but can anyone tell me why banks
        do anything besides annual compounding? It seems to me that annual
        compounding means they pay the least interest to you. At first, I
        thought it was because the balance in your account changes, but I
        think this is already taken into account because they say they
        compound based on the average balance of your account in a given
        time period. Thanks.
        \_ It might be marketing... sure, we only give you 1% APR, but we
           COMPOUND DAILY!  That's the equivalent of a MUCH higher APR!
        \_ Your first inclination is likely correct. Many people need
           their interest more often than that in order to pay expenses.
           Why compound any other way ever if annual works?
        \_ Regular interest means less variation. Rates change constantly. If
           rates drop, the bank isn't stuck paying the high rate. If rates
           climb, they don't want to lose your account by paying below market.
           Some people rely on interest as income, so regular payments are
           necessary. Annual payments means less flexiblity for customers,
           making them less likely to stick around. Finally, it helps keep
           investors on a psychological level to see interest added every so
           often. If you want annual payments, get a CD.
2003/10/26 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW] UID:10794 Activity:nil 75%like:11560
10/25   Anybody have any good or bad things to say about
        \_ I've had no probs with them.
        \_ Neither do I; I've bought two domain names from them and
           have them do the webhosting for one of them, and both accounts
           are problem-free. They have great technical support too (true
        \_ after using dotster and gandhi, i gotta say like godaddy the best.
2003/10/24-25 [Computer/SW] UID:10777 Activity:nil
10/24   I sent in my UPC bar code, receipt, and the rebate form to Western
        Digital. 1 week before the rebate expires they mailed me back the
        whole thing (including the UCP code) with a letter saying that I
        didn't send the UPC bar code and said I have 10 days to respond.
        So I resent it again, and this time they told me that the offer
        expired. The rebate is in the amount of $120 and I'm pretty pissed.
        I'd like to file a small claims case, but their office location is
        in MN. What are some other ways to get my $120 back?
        \_ TELL THEM TO FOAD
        \_ Lesson: don't bother with mail-in rebates.
        \_ Why do you want to get involved with the courts for $120?  How about
          you do the non-geeky and social thing and talk to them about it?
                \_ talk to who? I mailed them and keep getting rejected,
                   with a stamp that says "Your offer has expired."
                   \_ Call (800) 275-4932 (Western Digital's support
                      number), and request, firmly, to speak to a manager.
                      Explain the situation (and don't whine), and insist that
                      they honor the rebate.  If you encounter resistance,
                      request to speak to that person's manager.  Don't get
                      angry, don't get frustrated, just be persistent.  You're
                      in the right.  Be persistent, and they'll get the message.
2003/10/21-22 [Computer/SW] UID:10721 Activity:high
10/21   What's the best way to deal with a manager who only wants code
        monkeys?  My manager repeatedly tells us that asking questions
        is not our job, our job is to do what he asks -- prefer not to be
        a code monkey.
        \_ Which company is this? I want to avoid it.
        \_ Blame all the design flaws on him, then tell him you foresaw these
           flaws before writing the code, but you didn't ask him since you're
           not supposed to.  Of course you might then lose your job, but for
           that kind of silly manager you're likely to lose your job for no
           reason anyway.
           \_ You don't need to pass blame.  That's too hostile.  As a code
              monkey, simply shrug and ask what he'd like to do to fix it.
        \_ Get him to put that statement in writing to the team, and sign it.
           Also, look for new job. But you could try showing to your mgr's mgr.
        \_ if you can't find better job, then, try to enjoy being a code
           monkey.  You are completely free of responsibilities, and doing
           only what is told doesn't really encourage you taking the
           initiative.  So, you are welcome to be lazy, only move when
           \_ BINGO!  WE HAVE A WINNER!
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/SW] UID:10585 Activity:nil
10/10   I'm trying to install Cygwin, but the setup.exe file at is on version 2.340.2.5, while
        the setup.ini file I'm using claims 2.416 is available.
        Where can I download this newer version?
2003/10/1 [Computer/SW] UID:10396 Activity:low
10/1    I think I just f*'ed up a $500K software sale.... happens to
        everyone, right?
        \_ No, only sales guys.
        \_ Were you on the buying or selling end?  If you were the buyer,
           then you just earned a raise, bonus, *and* promotion.  There's
           precious little software out there worth $500k.  If you were the
           seller, I suggest you go rent a copy of GG/GR.
        \_ really curious... how do you think you f'ed it up?
        \_ How much would you have had from it, if this sale did go through?
           Just curious..
2003/9/30 [Finance/Banking, Computer/SW] UID:10383 Activity:nil
9/29    "The most difficult adjustment is for capital expenditures, which
        reflect spending to maintain and build property, plant and equipment.
        (For some companies, other items such as "Software development costs"
        or "Purchase of software licenses" would also be included in cap ex).
        These expenses are depreciated over many years, but since depreciation
        reflects cap ex in the past, it's not a cash cost today. Thus, it is
        added back on the cash flow statement under "Depreciation and
        amortization." (Depreciation is for tangible assets; amortization
        is for intangible assets such as goodwill.) But to balance adding
        back the non-cash cost of depreciation, you must subtract the real
        cash cost of cap ex, which appears under Investing Activities in the
        cash flow statement."
        Can someone help me with the above?  Why is depreciation "added back"
        (positively) on to the cash flow?  I don't get the reasoning behind
        that.  Is it just a way to smooth out capital expenditures so that
        it doesn't go up and down too much from quarter to quarter?
        \_ Cash flow is real money out and in per quarter. The depreciation
           comes off the bottom line, because presumably depreciation reflects
           the fact that your once new equipment is now worth less used, but
           then you need to add it back to reflect actual money spent.
           Depreciation is the cost for goods already paid for. When you buy,
           say an apartment building, you don't have to write the total cost
           off against profits right away: you get to depreciate it over
           27.5 years. But the hit to cash flow occurs immediately, depending
           on financing of course, which also goes to cash flow. I hope this
           explanation makes sense. -ausman
           \_ Jim!  I didn't know you were such the capitalist!  I'm very
              \_ Nah, it's just that liberals tend to be smarter than
           \_ It's still counterintuitive to me, but thanks for the clari-
              fication.  Depreciation is not "real money in" but I guess
              that's why the article said one should take it out of the
              cash flow calculation.
              \_ It will become clearer as you work with some real figures.
                 Profit should reflect increase in business value, not just
                 the ability to shuffle some money around. Imagine you borrow
                 $1M at 0% interest in Q1. Your cash flow for that quarter
                 is +$1M. Next quarter you buy a building worth $1M. Your
                 cash flow is -$1M. But still no profit. Now you just let
                 it sit there empty and fall apart. That is your depreciation,
                 which by IRS rules would be $1M/27.5 a year. Your cash flow
                 is not changing, but there has to be some way to reflect the
                 fact that you are really losing money, because someday that
                 bank loan will have to be repaid and you will have only
                 a falling apart building to show for it. Of course, real life
                 is much more complicated, with interest, maintenance, rental
                 income, appreciation, etc. Email me if you want to look
                 at a more complicated example. -ausman
        \_ This is how the accountants and MBAs stay in business.
2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/9/18-19 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW] UID:10245 Activity:high
9/18    How does one prevent the motd from being truncated?  For example,
        cp /etc/motd.public ~/foo; mv ~/foo /etc/motd.public
        results in a permission denied error, even though the file is
        \_ what are you trying to do?
           \_ rewrite /csua/bin/me to use diff and patch... minimize the
              amount of time holding an exclusive lock.
              \_ Hell, just use cvs...
                 \_ Yeah, but don't you need a server for this?
        \_ you can't do that with mv, use cp and then delete foo
2003/9/12 [Computer/SW] UID:10163 Activity:nil
9/11    Any chance of an avi/mpg of the Matthew Dillan talk whenever it
2003/9/9 [Computer/SW] UID:29525 Activity:nil
9/9     restored from reasonably recent copy.  someone else munged it while
        editing the live file.  please learn to use your editors.
2003/8/27-28 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW] UID:29485 Activity:nil
8/27    Is there a good website that does SecureDigital memory comparison?
2003/8/11-12 [Computer, Computer/SW] UID:29313 Activity:moderate
8/11    Just curious: those of you who were at UCB pre-crash and are still
        there now: are CS classes still incredibly impacted like they were
        during the boom or is it now possible to get a seat without shedding
           \_ thanks.  Already reforwarded to management.
          \_ thank goodness! People should study computer science for the
             sake of having passions for science, not money. This is good
             news for all of us.                -grad student
             \_ for me, the lesser being, studying computer science is just
                for the curiosity and the fun of it.
             \_ what's wrong with studying something for the money? It's not
                like computer science is some holier-than-thou field off-limits
                to anyone except geeks that slobber all over themselves and
                wear funky plastic pocket protecters and smell bad in the labs
                and talk about star trek and babylon 5 endlessly.
2003/7/16-17 [Computer/SW] UID:29053 Activity:nil
7/15    What's the best way to remove type3 fonts from file that's
        being converted from ps to pdf? Thanks.
2003/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW] UID:29049 Activity:nil
7/15    What's with people signing posts as -op? Being anonymous on the motd
        really takes away from that community feeling and reduces the motd to
        yet another web B-board. Do people really have good reason to hide
        their identity when asking digital camera questions?
        \_ Sign your post, you hypocrite!
        \_ People who don't sign their posts are lame.  -John
           \_ Thanks for registering your opinion.
        \_ With all the "personalities" in my work, social, and net lives,
           it's nice to be able to keep a low profile where I can.
        \_ If you want community feeling, go find a community.  This is nothing
           more than a world writable file on a closed computer system.  It is
           not a community.  Stop pretending it is.  Examples of real
           communities: church, tennis club, running club, biking club, even
           the linux users groups count.  The motd does not.
2003/6/30 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW] UID:28863 Activity:nil
6/28    Ok, a break from politics.  I am attempt to use Xoops Content
        Management System.  I have encountered a minor problem.  A lot of the
        "contents" are in form of PDF format.  I would like to somehow index
        it.  I used ps2ascii to produce text file for each corresponding PDFs.
        I thought i can dump this unformated text file in the "index" section
        similiar to wikki so the search engine can look for it.
        But Xoops' default "download" module does have
        "index" sections. It has file URI, text description field.  I really
        don't want just put everything in text description field cuz it will
        display all the bloody text on the page.  Thanks
        \_ RACIST!!!!!
2003/6/25 [Reference/Military, Computer/HW, Computer/SW] UID:28836 Activity:nil
        So they find a barrel of beans in a warehouse and call it a bio
        weapons ingredient.  These people are nuts.  I'm tired of being
        lied to!
        \_ But they're CASTOR beans.  They could grind them up for their
           oil and give an entire city block the runs!  Imagine the chaos.
2003/5/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW] UID:28372 Activity:low
5/8     Anybody know approximately when .hushlogin became the default
        setting for new accounts?  This explains why motd trollers are all
        old timers.  If more people see this file by default they'll
        \_ The work of some clueless fuck VP who felt he was making the
           motd safe for new users.  Protecting them from the cold cruel
           world. More importantly, when will this cease being the default?
        \_ I think around 1994.
2003/4/28-29 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW] UID:28250 Activity:moderate
4/27    what's a good 1394 firewire card for under $100?
        \_ STFW
        \_ firewire cards are cheap
           \_ agree.  Even PCMCIA ones are under $100.
        \_ Pyro.  Comes with good software too.
        \_ except for possibly the number of ports and whether they have
           internal ones or not,  they're all about the same.  Just make
           sure you get one with a Texas Instruments chipset.
2003/4/24 [Computer/SW, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:28215 Activity:nil
4/24    The word "optimize" means you've turned something inefficient into
        something that cannot be even more efficient (optimal/optimum). So
        why do people use the word "optimize" when they really mean
        \_ because you need a better dictionary.
        \_ because language changes
           \_ Not in France.  It is mandated not to do so.
2003/4/6-7 [Computer/SW] UID:28009 Activity:high
4/5     Looking for GIFs/JPGs that have symbolic meanings for the 70's era,
        like disco/flower pics, etc. What's a good 70's site with good
        pics? ok thx.
        \_ browse these links?
        \_ Look for some Marilyn Chambers pix.
2003/3/14-15 [Industry/Jobs, Industry/Startup, Computer/SW] UID:27691 Activity:moderate
3/13    My company is looking for an intern.  We're a financial software
        company, and we could use some extra hands to help us gather
        content for part of our website.  It's probably going to be
        unpaid, but you could learn a lot about finance, and it might lead
        to more interesting paid work after a while.
        /csua/pub/jobs/wsa.txt, or email me for details.  -dlwhite
        \_ Do I have to bring my own cigars?  This one time at band camp....
           \_ Cigars will be provided.  -dlwhite
              \_ Sweet!  I'm going for it!
        \_ isn't there something illegal about this
           \_ why should there be? unpaid internships are the _norm_ in
              many industries, including the one most sodans are in, if you
              go back 15-20 years.
              \_ you mean they didn't always pay $80k for summer interns?!
2003/3/12 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW] UID:27664 Activity:high
3/11    Dell was having a good deal on their PowerEdge servers so I ordered
        one yesterday, and this morning I got a call from them asking if I
        was going to use the computer in a home or a business. I told them
        'home' and they said something about how the computer I got (600SC)
        is meant for a business. I thought they were going to make me cancel
        the order but then the guy started talking about how the 600SC
        emits more radiation than a normal home computer and they just
        wanted to let me know that and confirm I still wanted it. I
        said I did, but now I'm really curious if there's any truth to
        what they were saying. I searched the web and found nothing about this.
        I guess I wasn't even aware that computers themselves emit much
        radiation (I always thought it was the monitors). I tried googling
        but couldn't find anything. Is this something I should be worried
        \_ FCC A versus B rating.
           \_ yeah he probably is referring to general RF noise.. etc.
              in certain circumstances they have to notify the consumer
              if the product is classified for business only or business /
           \_ any links for more info on this?
        \_ may be what he meant is in a "general" sense, i.e. heat
           radiation :p
           \_ so I don't have to worry about my computer giving me cancer? -op
2003/3/5-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:27605 Activity:nil
3/5     There is a new urgent internship position at SUN available.
        Please take look at /csua/pub/jobs/SUN file.  Thanks, - Chiachi
2003/3/1-2 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:27574 Activity:high
3/1     Is it possible to use a Headphone port as a line-out?
        \_ i can never get the line out port on my laptop to work
           so i just use the headphone port
           \_ ok, thanks. this is for a voice recorder... i was too cheap to
              spend $100 on something with a usb interface so i'd like to be
              able to transfer certain voice recordings to my computer for
        \_ I can't believe you asked that question instead of simply trying
           it out
           \_ i dont have the cable, so now im gonna go get one at teh shack.
        \_ You can, but headphone jacks are amped for headphones whereas
           lineout ports aren't (the signal remains at line level).  So
           beware of distortion. -geordan
           \_It's called volume control. Just turn it down and you'll get
           rid of any distortion.
2003/2/24-25 [Computer/SW] UID:27510 Activity:kinda low
2/24    Hi, I have a cookie question.  My bank requires that the browser
        enables cookies in order to log into the web site.  And so I do
        enabled it just for that web site.  My question is, can the contents
        of that cookie be seen by another web site that I visit?  Thanks.
        \_ No.
        \_ Short answer, No.  Long answer: No, but there have been browser
           bugs in the past that made it possible to do this.
2003/2/3 [Computer/SW] UID:27292 Activity:nil
2/3     Does anyone know where I can find a snapshot (PDF preferably or
        even jpg/gif if it exists) of the front page of sunday's NY Times
        (with the shuttle headline)? has an image of its front
        page, but I can't find it for previous days. Thanks in advance.
        \_ it wasn't hard to figure out from the current snapshot's URL...
                \_ cool, thank you.
2003/2/2 [Computer/SW, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:27281 Activity:high
2/2     i'm getting a "cc1: warnings being treated as errors" as I try to
        compile this thing. But i don't WANT warnings treated as errors.
        How do i make it stop?  (specifically i'm getting a  "warning: implicit
        declaration of function `exit'" message but that's not the point.)
        \_ how are you compiling it? this is gcc?
           \_yes. From the make file : "gcc -O2 -Wall -Werror"
             hey, i bet if i take out that With error flag, it might do the
             trick eh?  I bet if had just looked at the damn make file in the
             first place i could have figured it out.  O.k. if i had a clue
             stick i'd beat myself with it, but i seem to have misplaced mine.
2003/1/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW] UID:27107 Activity:high
1/15    If someone writes me a check with both my name and my wife's name on
        it, can I deposit to an account that bears my name only?  Thanks.
        \_ It depends. My landlord would write our monthly interest check
        with both me and my roommate's name on it, but wrote OR on the check,
        so it was ok.
        \_ I'm surprised BDG hasn't weighed in on this yet.     -mice
           \_ We haven't heard from BDG in a while.  I hope he's ok.
        \_ If you can get both signatures on the back, you can deposit it.
           \_ Anyone can deposit it, if they just sign it.
        \_ The bank isn't supposed to let you without both sigs on it but if
           you take the right 'tude and get the right teller they'll do it
           for you anyway.  But by the rules: no.
           \_ I see.  So the rule is that as long as both persons sign on
              the back of the check, it can be deposit it to an account under
              either name.  Thanks for the info.
              \_ Correct.  If it says "John or Mary" like the person above then
                 it's ok.  It it says "John and Mary" or anything else that
                 implies both, then it's not ok.  Good luck.
2003/1/14-17 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW] UID:27094 Activity:high
1/15    Back to Mirzaian's strongly polytime LP claim. The link to the
        announcement has vanished from his webpage (although the file itself
        is still there,
        Would the original poster (or anyone in the know) care to comment?
        \_ Apparently not.
        \_ Looking into it, stay tuned. - OP
        \_ We ll find out by February. - OP
           \_ Which we, why February, and what will we find out? Or did you
              mean by January 28th? If so, then that still wouldn't explain
              the disappearance of the original announcement.
2003/1/7-8 [Computer/SW] UID:27024 Activity:high
1/7     Any one liner to extract foo#1234 (foo is unique) out of a file
        filled with lines like:  bar#123456:foo#1234:baz#20 ? Foo can be
        anywhere in the file (not always second field). --dim
              \_ I think this works:

                    perl -ne '($_)=/(foo#\d+)/;print "$_\n" if $_' filename

                 \_ Seems to work! Awesome. Thanks a lot! --dim
                 \_ thx for the perl cantrip.
2002/12/27-28 [Computer/SW] UID:26923 Activity:kinda low
12/26   What's the proper way to endorse a check over to a third party?
        \_ what does endorsing a check to a third party mean? (serious question)
        \_ what does endorsing a check to a third party mean? (serious
           \_ Allowing a check to be cashed by someone else other than the
              stated recipient. Note that when you sign the back of the check
              that is endorsing it. In normal cases, the third party is a bank.
        \_ Signature
           Pay to the order of
           Third party

           or something like that.  anything that makes it very clear.
           Or, you can just sign it, give it to them, and trust they don't
           lose it.
        \_ I got a rebate check from dell payable to the fictional company
           I used while buying from their small business division (I
           now know to just put my name as the company's name).  The check
           says not to allow third party endorsements (above where you are
           supposed to endorse it).  Nevertheless, I signed my own name
           and deposited it into my credit union account.  Being on
           friendly terms with the teller lady and explaining the situation
           to her might have helped
                \_ I think generally if the check is small and you are
                   depositing it in an account that has been around for a
                   while banks just really don't care much.  They figure the
                   chance that you are going to scam them and they wont be
                   able to just take the money out of your account if something
                   is screwy just ain't worth the money carefully checking
                   all those checks would take.
2002/12/23 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW] UID:26894 Activity:nil
12/23   It seems that my "virtual" colo doesn't have an fstab or an mtab.
        (not surprising i guess, since i don't really have my own physical
        hard drive).  Anyone know of a way for me to install "quota"
        functionality without being able to change my fstab?  Do you think
        I would break shit if i removed mtab (currently a link to /proc/mounts)
        and replaced it with a plain text file exactly the same but with a
        txt file containing the same info except with the quota tag too?
2002/12/17-18 [Computer/HW/Printer, Computer/SW] UID:26841 Activity:nil
12/17   I have a PDF file that I can see perfectly fine with acroread.  But
        when I try to print it to a big HP printer here at work it chokes
        on the first page that has some graphics and stops printing the
        entire file.  What could cause this to happen?  Does postscript levels
        have anything to do with this?  I tried converting the PDF to PS and
        printing the PS file directly and the same thing happens.
        \_ the printer usually sends back an error message but the printing
           software might or might not show it to the user. If this is an
           HP8000 or 8150 series printer, make sure you have the latest printer
           and jet direct card firmware installed on it.
        \_ Heard stories where printers choke on postscript that uses
           mac newline convention. May or may not be relevant...
2002/11/18 [Computer/SW] UID:26577 Activity:nil
11/18   Ant question: I have a task that depends on an intermediate file:
        <target name="t1" depends="_t1">
          <ant dir="." target="all" inheritAll="false">
            <property name="inputfile" value="file.tmp"/>
        <target name="_t1">
          (generate file.tmp)
        But it seems like the recursive call to ant is never made.
2002/11/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW] UID:26434 Activity:low
11/05   alternatives to cygwin, or is cygwin the shit? tia
        \_ nothing worth talking about.
        \_ Real *NIX.
        \_ cygwin is pretty good for medium to light use. esp. if you don't
           feel like dual booting and don't wanna deal with linux
           configuration shit and its dearth of certain types of software.
           \_ RIDE BIKE!
        \_ cygwin is THE SHIT.
2002/10/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:26080 Activity:high
10/3    (restored)
        What (free) DVD ripping software do you use for Windows that converts
        to mpeg or avi?
        \_ rip to VOB files first and then convert.  It's not that hard.
           \_ I don't have a problem ripping the VOB's.  When I try to convert,
              all the programs I have crash.  Could you name one that you use?
              \_ well, I use a combination of dvd2avi and either tmpgenc or
                 \_ When I try to save to .avi with dvd2avi, it just says it's
                    finished, and the avi is 0 bytes long.  When I use
                    VirtualDub to open the vob, I get the error:
                    MPEG Import Filter: pack synchronization error
                    What am I doing wrong?
                    \_ despite its name, don't use dvd2avi for saving an AVI.
                       this is all explained in detail on a number of websites
                       (such as doom9) ...
                       \_ Okay.  I've skimmed through the docs on doom9 and
                          another site ( and don't see a simple
                          top-to-bottom description of vob->avi (or other
                          format).  What am I missing?
2002/9/25-26 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW] UID:26000 Activity:low
9/25    How do I tell browsers to cache my external style sheet?
        I'm using <link href="my.css" ...> to link to the css file.
        \_ won't most browsers cache it on their own?
2002/9/13 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW] UID:25873 Activity:high
9/12    People familar with Sun workstation: does anyone know what this
        object is/is for: /tmp/sunpart-large.jpg, /tmp/sunpart.jpg --psb
        \_ why do ppl post pics in tmp instead of on their web page?
           \- i have no WEEB page.
                \_ copy it to ~psb/public_html , then fuck off!
              \_ sunpart.jpg is a GIF file. Anyways, I think it's a torque
                 wrench for riser boards found in models like the U80.
              \_ I assume the green thing is packing material or background
                 for contrast.  The silver tool does look like a memory
                 riser board torque"r".  I haven't used one in years.  -ax
        \_ Looks to be a bit of packing or the handle for a board/enclosure.
        \_ I can't view the image from here.  If you have a part number you
           can look it up in their online hardware manuals at <DEAD><DEAD>
2002/6/27 [Computer/SW] UID:25217 Activity:nil
6/27    WCOM: they didnt just "lose" 4B, here is the idea - when running a
        business what is the only thing which matter, costs and revenue,
        profit is the difference between the 2 right. YES! Well not
        accouring to GAAP (generally acepted accounting principles). Most
        business use whats called amortization. Corporations needed some
        mechanism to account for large capital expenditure- For instance
        worldcom- they spent 10B on a network and equipment but didn't
        want to account for that as a loss even though technically it
        was, the complexity is that the revenue for that cost will come
        in over the period of lets say 20 years- So to try to give
        investors a better idea of whats going on the corporation
        amortizes the contruction costs over 20years so that the costs
        match up against the revenue. This is all perfectly legal exactly
        the way governmetn wants it; however, in reality it totally
        screws reality, reality is that costs are costs and revenue is
        revenue but due to the nature of busines that is wrong beacause
        it totally voids the incentive of R&D. Now it gets even more
        complex in that what happens when revenue related to a capital
        cost does not materialize but you don't want to have to continue
        taking loses fro the the remainder of the amortization cycle,
        well you take whats called a writeoff, but corporations don't
        like these one time charges because they skew profit numbers. So
        at the end of the day it is very difficult for investors to know
        how a company is really doing.
2002/5/23 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/SW] UID:24920 Activity:nil
         \_ Hey, yermom has the highest bid!
2002/5/21-22 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW] UID:24902 Activity:high
5/21    ant question:  I have a big heirarchy of ant files
        I want to define something at the base (the grandparent) ant file
        but I want to be able to run from a child ant file.
                How do I do this?  (in Make it was "include")  -brain
        \_ If you have too many ants I suggest RAID.
        \_ okay losers- it's the "property" tag with the "file"
           attribute set.  This reads in the file.  -brain  [formatd]
           \_ property is evil.  open source forever!
2002/5/14-15 [Computer/SW] UID:24817 Activity:low
5/14    anyone know where I can learn about the "rip up and retry"
        algorithm for circuit board routing? haven't yet found a
        web page that describes it; they all only list it as a feature
        as a part of software applications.
        \_ get paper shredder.  throw design into shredder. start over.
                \_ but how does it create that design?
2002/5/12-14 [Computer/SW] UID:24801 Activity:nil
5/12    Some people have the following domains, how do I get them?
        \_ you pay the alumni association.  Techically you're not supposed
           to have an alumni account here, because you're supposed to buy
                                                             it's free _/
           an alumni account with the alumn association.
        \_ Doesn't <DEAD><DEAD> have something like this?  I don't know
           if they offer web space, but it's an email address, and it's free.
           \_ is <DEAD><DEAD> affiliated with <DEAD><DEAD>?
              \_ cal.alumni is the Alumni Association's page.
                 <DEAD><DEAD> is a jointly controlled site for all
                 alumni, association members or not.
2002/5/1 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/SW] UID:24652 Activity:nil
4/30    Anybody have experience generating MPEG video streams with splice
        points?  How EXACTLY does the splice countdown work?  What values go
        in what packets?  I'm using an MPEG analyzer and I'm seeing some
        errors:  When I send an MPEG packet with only a splice point and no
        payload, I get an error "this flag shall not be set to 1: there is no
        payload."  The MPEG spec (ISO 13818-1) is a little vague on this
        point.  MUST there be a payload in a packet that includes a splice
        point?  When I tried putting the splice point in the last payload
        packet (last packet of the PES frame), with a splice countdown of 0, I
        got this error:  "bad countdown sequence."  Any help would be

[Did you catch the subliminal message hidden in the empty space?]
\_ No.
2002/4/22 [Computer/SW] UID:24523 Activity:nil
4/22    Is changing the userID in the passwd file the only place it need
        be changed?
        \_ chown files owned by the user to the new uid (find can be very
           useful for doing this)
2002/3/22-23 [Computer/SW] UID:24185 Activity:nil
3/21    Best place for tools: Lee Valley Tools - -- larson
2002/3/10 [Computer/SW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24069 Activity:moderate
        \_ What's your point?  MS did this 3 or 4 years ago when the
           browser wars were in full swing and they needed "Runs on UNIX"
           check boxes in the feature comparisons with Netscape.
           \_ The point is they kept the unix version relatively updated
              and didn't drop it after netscape keeled over at IE 4.x.
              \_ It probably made it easier for them to do the
                 MacOS X version
                 \_ Hardly.  The MacOS X version is native.  The UNIX version
                    uses the MainStay libraries to map Windows calls to X and
                    UNIX equivalents.  Completely different source.
              \_ Not really.  It's IE 5.0, not 5.5 or 6.0, and hasn't been
                 patched for most of the IE 5.0 security bugs.
        \_ Doesn't run on BSD or Linux.
           \_ IE Runs on BSD, MacOS X that is.
           \_ So what?
        \_ Page doesn't even load.
                \_ mine too
        \_ ie4 rocks on sol2.7! I Didn't patch it yet for ie5.
2002/3/7 [Computer/SW] UID:24054 Activity:nil
3/7     I'm feeling nostalgic. Could someone hook me up with a free-danh
        monkey? Either post on the motd or point me to one. Thanks.

now     Restored.  Sorry this is a bit old.  I wasn't keeping close track.
        It's better than the empty file in place this morning.
2002/2/26-27 [Computer/SW] UID:23975 Activity:nil
2/25 does not return most of the numbers that I provided.
        Any other rec's of where I can find the names that certain phone #'s
        belong to.  And, when sites that will give me a general loc of a
        particular area code?
        \_ for number -> name.
           for area code -> location.  -- yuen
           \_ /csua/bin/areacode also works for area code to location
                \_ it works for location -> area code as well.
2002/2/12-13 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:23845 Activity:high
2/12    I just bought a USB/parallel port scanner. Parallel seems to be a bit
        faster. Is that expected?
        \_The speed of your scanner isn't necessarily directly correllated with
        your type of port. Might be a driver issue, but theoretically USB
        should be faster.
          \_ All else being equal, how is it not correllated?
            \_ Well, you could just have a slow-ass scanner that doesn't
               work well with USB.
        \_ *smartass followup deleted* summary: USB is faster. Thanks.
        \_ USB: 1.5Mbits/sec or 12Mbits/sec. Parallel: 8Mbits/sec
           USBv2: 420Mbits/sec. IEEE-1394(firewire): 400Mbits/sec
2002/1/31-2/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW] UID:23736 Activity:high
1/31    I want to control 16 different LED's by sending in
        short (~1ms, ~5V) pulses at various times and I need to be
        able to specify what the times are when the pulse begins
        (not necessarily the same for each LED). I'd like my
        computer to control all this, too. Whats the best
        way to do this?
        \_ If control doesn't need to be in real time, then a simple
           way to do it is to write to your parallel port, and build
           a simple board with ground from the port and have other
           pins drive the various LEDs.  Otherwise get a clock chip
           and some flipflops and build a logical circuit.  Look at
           your 150 book.
                \_ Thanks. how do I write to my parallel port
                   \_ i realize that stfw is not a nice thing to say,
                      but i have done exactly this before, and there
                      is a document available on the web that has
                      many pages of detailed useful info on
                      the parallel port.  I ended up using the assembler
                      command "out" in C.  also, don't just drive the LEDs
                      straight from the parallel port, use a buffer of
                      some kind.
                      some kind. oh, yeah.  that's the hardware definition
                      of "buffer", not the software definition.  high impedance
                      input, low imdance output;otherwise you could fry your
                      parallel card!
2002/1/5 [Computer/SW] UID:23469 Activity:very high
1/4     hitech SUCKS. Save yourself and do optometry/pharmacy/dentistry
        before you become an old bitter programmer who is about to get laid
        \_ hitech != programmer. duh.
        \_ I think so too.  Computer Science is interesting to study but
           often boring when working.  I would rather be a doctor, or
           work for say Pharmacia.
        \_ Industry is so full of ugly hacks and dealing with crappy tools.
           Don't even get me started on free software.
           \_ tell us about free software! tell us about free software!
              \_ tell us about the stars, Ilya.
        \_ Tons of jobs out there right now.  I was laid off
           this summer and it was really rough compared to a year earlier.
           Dice was a barren wasteland a few months ago but it looks hot hot
           hot 1998-style hot right now.
           \_ Aren't most of the postings at just fake ones posted by
        \_ hitech is awesome - much better than that lame stuft burritto
           crap at tacohell.  Too bad they don't have more South Bay
        \_ Hitech had decent deals on components, but their Berkeley office
           closed down.
        \_ Dentistry??? You might as well tie the noose now.  Try working
           for a game company, it's much more interesting than enterprise dev.
2002/1/3 [Recreation/Humor, Computer/SW] UID:23443 Activity:high
1/2     CIA torture methods.
        \_ What's special about the film Glitter that's useful for the CIA?
           I've never seen it.
           \_ Uhm, it's a joke.  Nevermind.
              \_ Oh, I thought MSNBC is a real news only site.  Nevermind.
                 \_ Perhaps you ought to have been clued in by the fact that
                    the guy is described as a humorist, and that he's
                    described as having won the Dot-Comedy Award for Best
                    Humor Columnist.  That, and the fact that the article is
                    FUCKING ABSURD (but, imho, hilarious).  Work on your
                    clue, grasshopper.  Train harder.
                    \_ I didn't even read that.  I just needed to learn to read
                       through *everything* in the page.
2002/1/1 [Computer/SW] UID:23425 Activity:nil
        - is this child porn (under US law) (no there is no nudity, but...)
2001/12/20-21 [Computer/SW] UID:23330 Activity:low
12/19   What's a good web site that tells you how much approx a bottle of
        wine is with is brand X year Y & vintage Z?
        \_ no such beast.  older wine is priced rather like art.  The price
        is whatever one just paid for it.  And prices varies on how far down
        the dist chain you are.  However, K&L and Wine Club prices
        are roughly 10-12% over what they paid for it.
2001/11/28-29 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:23129 Activity:nil
11/28   Anyone know the pinouts for the console port on a Zyxel 643?
        For some reason i can't seem to get it to accept any input
        with the cables i've tried.
2001/11/15 [Computer, Computer/SW] UID:23047 Activity:moderate
11/15   What does the %u mean in my .mailcap file? RFC1524 doesn't say.
        I see it used by the RealPlayer8 installation, but it breaks
        when I try to play non-RP audio (like wav) unless I change %u to %s
        \_ No idea.  It isn't in the man pages for mailcap on two different
           systems I have.  Try the source.
2001/11/9 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/SW] UID:22985 Activity:high
        You've got to see this.  Has audio.  Don't play with your manager near
        \*mommy, what was that man doing?*
        \_ Definitely not work safe, has video.
                \_ It's an mpeg.  Yes, it has video.
        \_ That can't be real!
        \_ can someone please gouge my eyes out for me?
        \_ I so didn't need to see that.
           \_ What exactly is happening?
              \_ Take the title of the file and use your imagination.
                 \_ Is it some variation of "Go stick your head in a pig"?
        \_ That... was... actually, I don't know what to think.
        \_ Pleeeease tell me there were some special effects involved.
        \_ I never imagined it was possible.
        \_ This crashed my browser. What is this about?
           \_ Ignorance is bliss.
2001/11/2 [Computer/SW/Languages/Functional, Computer/SW] UID:22911 Activity:nil
11/2    I downloaded a divx avi movie from morpheus.  It's 700+ megs.  I
        want to burn it on to a CD-R but it won't fit.  What are my choices?
        Is there software out there that will take an avi as input and
        re-encode it to that it's smaller?  I don't want to do something
        stupid like trying gzip and burning the gzipped file.  I want to
        be able to play the .avi file from CD.  Thanks.
2001/10/23-24 [Computer/SW] UID:22811 Activity:high
10/23   *whine*  anybody got The Truman Show in a avi file?  I'm downloading
        it morpheus and it's painfully slow.  I've been trying for a week
        now!  Please get on morpheus and share it if you have it and you're
        on a fast connection.  Thanks.  -Truman Show's #1 fan
        \_ Loser.  If you were such a big fan, you'd buy it.
        \_ morpheus newbie Q: what can I get on there?  e.g. current episodes
           of friends? What about cable movies, or series, e.g. Band of
           Brothers?  what picture quality?
           \_ dude i got all of Friends off morpheus
        \_ God damn. A week of trying to download some shitty avi. What a cunt.
        \_ jebus, just spend the $20 and buy the DVD.  or if you're really
           that much of an ass, you can rent the DVD, rip it, and re-encode it
2001/10/12-14 [Computer/SW] UID:22708 Activity:nil
10/11   Anyone familiar with SDRC I-DEAS? I want to write some code to
        interpret a file containing a description of a polygon. Do they
        publish their file-formats anywhere? Thanks.
2001/9/24 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW] UID:22610 Activity:nil
9/23    how do you log a bitchx session into a file?
        \_ you can run bitchx from within a screen session.
        \_ In epic /set log on
2001/9/17 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:36327 Activity:nil
9/16    wow. MSFT is only contributing 5 mil to disaster relief... which
        is amazing considering how much money they have floating around.
        \_ From what I read they are donating $1e7, $5e6 cash $5e6 software.
           The red cross has specifically asked for Win* and Office.
                \_ I don't consider donating a bunch of licenses
                   for software to be particulary generous. - danh
                \_ you know I'm not a huge microsoft fan, but it seems
                   bitching aobut them ONLY donating 5-10 million is a
                   just lame.  -aspo
                   \_ Just stating what I read, don't rightly care one
                      way or the other.
                        \_ sure you do!  you posted it! - danh
                           \_ I posted the bit about $5e6 cash and
                              $5e6 software. I didn't post the wow
                              bit. Besides, the red cross specifically
                              asked for the software so that bit of
                              the donation seems right on the mark.
                              asked for the software so it seems
                              that ms is right on the mark.
2001/9/13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:22418 Activity:high
9/12    hi red cross NYC needs equipment.  anyone want to help out? - paolo,23008,3347294,00.html
        \_ wtf? "15 PC Anywhere licenses", "50 MS Office Professional licenses"
           they shouldn't even need to ask the general public for things like
           that.  I find it hard to believe that a software company would not
           donate any number of software licenses for this.  furthermore, if
           they really need this software that badly, I'm sure no one will care
           if they warez them.
           \_ I guess Bill and M$ needs the money more than say Chambers and
              Cisco or GE. Makes you wonder what they need the money for.
           \_ Why don't they use Free Software (TM) if they're poor?
              \_ Because an emergency is an emergency, and they don't have
                 time in the short term to retrain people. Now in the _long_
                 run, it's up to _us_, the people who understand how much
                 better the free software solution can be, to go out and
                 _patiently_ explain to organizations like the Red Cross that
                 they need to switch over and figure out how they can do so
                 with the minimal expenditure of time and resources. Keep
                 in mind that they have to run off very limited volunteer
                 hours, mostly provided by people not highly skilled in
                 computer-related things. -alexf
2001/8/7 [Computer/SW] UID:22038 Activity:nil
8/7 - mmm. heroin.
2001/7/23 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW] UID:21915 Activity:moderate
7/23    How do big employers catch employees surfing porn sites?  Do they run
        software that checks employees' URL requests against a list of host
        names of known porn sites?  Or do they actually check the content
        being transmitted?  I don't think they'd hire an IT person to visually
        inspect every .JPG being transmitted, right?
        \_ i could require you to use a proxy to get out to
           surf the web, then i can just read the access logs and
           see you accessing the dirty pictures.  there's also
           expensive software out there that will catalog and
           present in a nice gui to your manager your web surfing
           habits.  i can't remember the names of any of them
           right now.  you don't need to hire an employee,
           there is software that sits on the router that will
           do all the above.
        \_ Yes, that is my job. I examine all your dirty little pictures
           and decide which ones to keep on file.
        \_ use sameer's filter
            \_ URL? Google came up mainly with his current business and
               techno music stuff.
2001/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:21880 Activity:nil
5/30    I need to create a link to
        C:\notes\notes.EXE  fdholn01!!fdglobal/workgrps/procurem/evalform.nsf
        but when I use
 href="C:\notes\notes.EXE fdholn01!!fdglobal/workgrps/procurem/evalform.nsf"

        ie puts a damn file:/// infront and thus ruins the ability of the
        file to open.  Is there any way to force feed a browser a hard coded
        link? - kinney
2001/7/19-20 [Computer/SW] UID:21868 Activity:insanely high
7/19    code red worm strikes at 5pm pdt.
        \_ hey man nuthin happened and laura bush is still welcoming me to
           her web site
           \_ Is Laura Bush's federal protected wetlands now also open for
              public drilling?
           \_ The worm tries to open a connection to before
              it begins flooding.  Unfortunately, was moved
              to and .91 was removed.
              \_ Sigh..  can no one even write a decent worm any more?
                \_ those stupid chinese hackers!1!!
2001/7/7-8 [Computer/SW] UID:21732 Activity:very high
07/07   Anyone have suggestions for a dialup isp? I want one that uses
        dialup networking, ones that don't need any software from them to
        \_ the word you're looking for is "ppp".
        \_ earthlink, concentric...
        \_ aside from maybe AOL, which ones do require their own
           proprietary software?
           \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Juno used to, dunno if they still do.
           \_ AT&T?
           \_ is excellent!
                \_ Just as long as you don't expect competency or the
                   ability to restore from backups after they're hacked.
                   \_ or them staying in business much longer.
2001/7/3 [Computer/SW] UID:21703 Activity:nil
7/2     How do I convert a text file to fortune's .dat format?
        \_ .dat is not a format for the text file, it's an index of offsets
           of the "records" in the file. To make a fortune-readable set of text
           snippets, put them all in a textfile "foo", separated by "%"
           characters (each on a separate line), and then run "strfile foo".
           That will create foo.dat, and fortune should be able to recognize
           it. Make sure also that the file begins and ends with a "%" line;
           strfile can be picky about that.  -alexf
2001/4/30-5/1 [Computer/SW] UID:21141 Activity:low
4/30    Is there a web site that sells used software?  Software that
        has been installed and registered but owner decides to sell it.
        Sell everything CD, manual, original box, etc.  Ebay has some stuff
        but not a lot.
        \_ Lots of EULA's don't allow you to sell or give away the software.
                \_ Evil User License Agreement.
           \_Down in the Mission there is a hotel called the "EULA HOTEL". -aa
        \_ Used Computers on Shuttuck.
2001/4/22 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW] UID:21052 Activity:very high
4/21    Do you like to code/hack?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ hack is a dirty word.
           \_ to "professionals", yes, but what about crypto and software
              and computer pioneers?
              \_ to me, it mean "threw together code quickly without
                 much forethought", does it mean different to other people?
2001/4/14 [Computer/SW] UID:20973 Activity:high
4/378   What's the difference between <DEAD><DEAD> and <DEAD><DEAD>?
        \_ % diff <DEAD><DEAD> <DEAD><DEAD>
           diff: <DEAD><DEAD>: No such file or directory
           diff: <DEAD><DEAD>: No such file or directory
           \_ No, this is not funny at all you retard
2001/3/17 [Computer/SW] UID:20821 Activity:nil
3/16    Is the twink points file still being updated?
2001/3/16-18 [Computer/SW] UID:20815 Activity:low
3/16    Want extra money? A friend of mine is looking for a good web
        programmer for  small projects. Could be be short-term or ongoing.
        Email him at ALEX@MU.COM with your resume and/or telephone contact
        and best time to call.
        \_ Is anyone looking for a bad web programmer?  Anyone ever seen
           that on a resume?
        \_ Is he trying to get someone for $15/hr or willing to pay real
           rates (>$50/hr)?
           \_ Does the $15/hr rate for a programmer exist anywhere outside
              the state institutions?
              \_ Poorly paid interns. But maybe the guy figures he can pay
                 $15/hr because he's getting work done by students.
2001/1/17-19 [Computer/HW/Languages, Computer/SW] UID:20351 Activity:nil
1/17    Another CAD tool question.  I have spice files with multiple layers
        of circuits.  I understand that spice flattens the circuits down to
        a single level before running it.  But it doesn't produce that single
        layer circuit in a file.  Is there a tool out there that will flatten
        a spice file?  I want to use this one layer circuit file as input
        to another program, not spice.  Thanks.
2000/12/12-13 [Computer/HW/IO, Computer/SW] UID:20072 Activity:nil
12/11   Using less to read multiple files.  How do I jump to the next file
        when the first is finished?
        \_ :n
           \_ thanks.  Is there a quicker shortcut?
              \_ sure. get a keyboard with a ":n" key on it
        \_ uh, when you're finished with the first file, it should advance
           to the next one automatically.
           \_ you know i don't think it does
              \_ does for me.  use "less -e" or "less -E"
        \_ +1 point for asking "How do I..." instead of "How to...".
           -1 point for the "Using less..." fragment.
2000/12/4 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW] UID:19990 Activity:insanely high
12/4    E-COmmerce sucks. COmputer science rewls.
        \_ Got fired from
        \_ Doing work sucks, playing around with a hobby rules.  Good luck
           guy, hope you can come up with something intersting for the
           academic community to attack.
        \_ You got your whole life to find something that you like to do
           and that someone will pay you for doing.  Get to it.  If you
           can read the MOTD, it's not hard to get there from this point
           in your life.
        \_ Computer science doesn't pay for my Armani collection and
           my awsome Boxster                    -paper millionaire
           \_ But I am perfectly happy with blue jeans and t-shirt,
              and my little Miata.
2000/11/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:19877 Activity:nil
11/21  I'm trying to write a function that edits a file in place, ie
       use fseek to position the file handle at a particular place
       and then use fwrite to write a number of bytes. When I perform
       the fwrite, any content in the file beyond the end of the number
       of bytes I write is lost. How do I prevent this?
2000/11/11-13 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/SW] UID:19734 Activity:kinda low
11/11   Some comments on statistical analysis and data collection and how it
        relates to the elections:
        \_ Mr. Glaeser is an idiot.  Can someone in Boston tell him that, plz?
                \_ And you base that opinion on what other than political bias?
                   Perhaps could you provide a URL that demonstrates the man
                   is an idiot for reasons other than who you voted for?  I
                   suggest you try something clever like posting the same URL.
                   If you can't be right, be a smart ass.  That always works.
                        \- yes but the is putting this on a web site for
                \- i dont think that article is particularly interested or
                illuminating, but what is idiotic about it? --psb
                \_ He's a Brookings/Harvard prof/very smart man.  This is
                   a politically charged issue.  His conclusions are obvious.
                   Do I really have to say anything more?
                        \- yes but he is putting this on a web site for
                        the masses, not Econometrica. --psb
                        \_ Fine.  The masses need this education.
        \_ Fine, Mr. Glaeser is not an idiot.  I realize that most
           of my rantings were because I was a liberal.
2000/11/11 [Computer/SW] UID:19725 Activity:nil
11/10   How do I delete file names that begin with a dash? I want to delete
        file "-option" and have tried \-option but doesn't work.
2000/11/4 [Computer/SW] UID:19642 Activity:moderate
11/2    A group of people I know need to find out who created a Geocities
        website.  They are willing to find out by any means necessary.  Is
        there any way of finding information like this out?  Here's the link:
        \_ File a defamation lawsuit and subpeona yahoo & geocities.
        \_ you COMMIE censor
        \_ They're free to exercise their first amendment rights.
           \_ And the defamation lawsuit doesn't need to be successful to
              get the info about who made the website.
                \_ This is exactly all we want.  So we can talk trash about the
                   asshole who runs the site.  I don't believe in censorship
                   and I'm a strong advocate of 1st amendment rights.  But it's
                   pretty chicken shit to state crap like this anonymously
                   \_ The poster needs the anonymity because without it,
                      he would get the shit beat out of him.  At the very
                      least, his claims should be heard out and verified
                      for accuracy.
        \_ Why do you care?  HS football?  Grow up.  You're out of HS.  It
           didn't matter then.  It sure as hell doesn't matter now.
           \_ Maybe he is one of those folks who scored 3 touchdowns in one
              game and is now selling women's shoes.
              \_ I thought it was 4 touchdowns?
2000/11/4-5 [Computer/SW] UID:19639 Activity:low
11/4    If anyone prefers 'ack' to '/usr/local/bin/nkf' as a Kanji code
        converter, it is at ~yumin/local/bin/ack.  The manual page in
        Japanese is
        \_ what is the kanji code for nuts?
        \_  what is the kanji for kick?  for nuts?
2000/10/13-14 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW] UID:19474 Activity:nil
10/13   StarOffice source released.
2000/10/5-6 [Computer/SW] UID:19420 Activity:nil
2000/9/30-10/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW] UID:19378 Activity:low
9/29    My company is trying to choose an external web server that
        offers cool stuff like servlet, JSP, EJB.  I am thinking about
        WebLogic, but then someone says Websphere is better... what would
        your recommendation be?
           \_ Apache or JigSaw
        \_ ask dbushong, geordan, or scotsman about how much they love
        __        __   _         _____
        \ \      / /__| |__  ___|  ___|__  __ _ _ __
         \ \ /\ / / _ \ '_ \/ __| |_ / _ \/ _` | '__|
          \ V  V /  __/ |_) \__ \  _|  __/ (_| | |
           \_/\_/ \___|_.__/|___/_|  \___|\__,_|_|

        \_ WebLogic is a good J2EE server, but I would use it as a web server.
           You should probably use Apache to serve your static pages and
           connect to WL for your J2EE needs.
        \_ My (limited) experience with websphere convinced me that it
           is really pokey and scales poorly.  -John
           \_ I wish it was pokey.  Then we might be able to debug it, but
              noooo.  From what I hear it runs well on AIX or NT, but don't
              try to run it on Solaris --dbushong
                \_ We ran on Solaris 2.6...I guess running an IBM product on a
                   Sun UNIX may not be optimal :-)  -john
2000/9/10-11 [Computer/SW] UID:19219 Activity:nil
9/10    How do I setup a kill file for news?
        \_ Application dependent.
           \_ I'm using gnus and slrn
                \- you use gnus and are asking on the motd?
                   \_ also slrn
2000/9/1-4 [Computer/SW] UID:19153 Activity:nil 76%like:19161
9/1     Is there a "100 most popular web sites" listing somewhere?  I want
        this instead of a "100 best web sites" listing like  Need
        it for testing.  Thx.  -- yuen

        \_ okay dumbshit. i removed it. i'm done with it. now stop reposting it.
2000/7/26 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW] UID:18775 Activity:nil
7/24    If PayPal doesn't cost the consumer a single penny, how the heck
        does it make money? What is its business model?
        \_ Just like any other websites, Advertisings.
          \_ How much money do websites make off of those banners?
                \_ Varies widely.
        \_ It makes money like the banks make money: if you keep it on
           their account and do not deposit it to the bank, PayPal
           gets interest on it.
          \_ They charge big customers a fee for bulk transactions, too --oj
          \_ The only problem is credit card transactions cost them 1-3%.
             If the credit card transaction cost was free, it would make
             more sense.  -nweaver
                \_ Maybe they have a deal with the CC companies.
                        \_ I personally doubt it, but they might. -nweaver
   companies with a large amount of transactions can negotiate for a lower _/
   fee for their transactions -oj
        \_ they enforce a two week waiting period between you paying them
           and them crediting your account.  Kinda sleazy.
              \_ I read that it took them 2 weeks to actually credit your
                 account.  This was on the PayPal website too.  It made me
                 mad and I decided to not use them.  -aspo
                 \_ Why'd it make you mad that they publicly posted their
                    policy on their website?  Don't like it?  Don't use it.
                 \_ electronic funds transfer in: 7 days
                    personal check deposit: 1-2 weeks
                    electronic funds transfer out: 3-5 business days
                    check from PayPal: 1-2 weeks
                    these all sound pretty reasonable. i can't find
                    another reference of "2 weeks" in the fine print. -jwang
                    \_ 7 days (bussiness?) for an electric funds transfer
                       is still WAY too long.  They get the money in like
                       10 minutes.
                          \_ Well, they got to hang on to your money
                             as long as possible in order to make
                             money.  Do you blame them? -nweaver
                                \_ if you're buying something, it's not
                                   "your" money anymore.  -tom
                        \_ Actually, it like seconds.
2000/7/19-20 [Computer/SW, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18718 Activity:low
7/18    Do I detect another spamming from yet another IT company
        browsing through the CSUA web pages looking for resumes?
        I have a feeling many of us will soon be getting emails
        \_ try reading the man page.
2000/6/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW] UID:18539 Activity:low
6/23    <TROLL>What are employers looking for in web designers nowadays?
        Which books should I study up on?</TROLL>
        \_ <BLINK> Tags For Dumbasses, 3rd edition
        \_ &lt;BLINK&gt; Tags For Dumbasses, 3rd edition
           \_ </BLINK> -!dumbass
                         \_ oh yea?
2000/6/21-22 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW] UID:18503 Activity:moderate
6/20    What's the best way to un-ROT13 a file?
        \_ "rot13 filename", but you knew that, right?
            \_ http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU% which rot13
               rot13: Command not found.
               \_ % locate rot13
2000/5/31-6/1 [Computer/SW] UID:18377 Activity:moderate
5/31    I just got a hand spring.  I would like some (pref. free) software
        for controling the IR capabilities. (I sit cloese enough to the
        TV that i shouldn't need extra hardware)  Anyone know where to get
        \_ why would you want french software?  i'm confused.
           \_Sorry that should (and now does) say frEE
        \_ See -icrew
          \_Thanks that looks like something i'm looking for ('cept not free :)
2000/5/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:18324 Activity:high
5/23    Update the life file, you wusses! /csua/pub/life
        \_ Where's that secret point come from?
           \_ You have to guess the identity of the life god.
              \_ What is the identity of the life god?
                 \_ It's a secret.
                    \_ Would you mind telling it to me?
                 \_ Sean Welch.
                        \_ Oh, it is not.  Just stop that.
2000/5/22 [Computer/SW] UID:18315 Activity:nil
5/22    When you do #include <blah.h>, what is the search pattern in finding
        the blah.h header file?
        \_ I know that RTFM seems like a silly, useless answer, but it is
           really the only reliable answer in this case.  RTFM cc.
2000/5/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW] UID:18294 Activity:kinda low
5/18    shutdown: error in loading shared libraries: cannot
        open shared object file: No such file or directory
        I get this error even though the file DOES exist (in more than one
        place and in the same places as on a machine which works properly)
        Where is it looking for this file / what can i do to fix it?
        \_ Why the hell is shutdown trying to do anything with X?
           As for your other questions, LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a possibility,
           others vary greatly by OS.  Ever think that might be an
           important bit of info to include?
2000/4/29 [Politics, Computer/SW] UID:18147 Activity:nil
2000/4/29 [Computer/SW] UID:18142 Activity:low
4/28    When you write assembly code do you have to account for branch
        delay slots or is that the assembler's responsibility?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ You have to put in the delay slots yourself.
2000/4/22 [Computer/SW] UID:18080 Activity:nil
4/22    Is changing the userID in the passwd file the only place it need
        be changed?
        \_ chown files owned by the user to the new uid (find can be very
           useful for doing this)
2000/4/19-20 [Computer/SW] UID:18054 Activity:nil
4/18    Does anyone know how to get Netshow to save an asf file for
        faster/later viewing?
        \_ Just download porn from the net.  It's easier.
2000/3/31 [Computer/SW] UID:17897 Activity:nil
3/30    EE question: can somebody tell me (or point me to a web site) that
        explains what "isolation" and "insertion loss" mean?  These things
        are usually measured in dBs.  Not sure what the numbers mean.  Is
        smaller dBs for both of them the better? Thanks.
        \_ Yes, someone can tell you or point you to a web site.
2000/2/17-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW] UID:17542 Activity:nil 53%like:16541
2/17    Octane Software is hiring, more details at /csua/pub/jobs/Octane
2000/2/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:17541 Activity:moderate
2/17    Looks like someone from Trilogy is going through all of the CSUA
        web pages looking for people's resume.
        \_ Isn't that why they're there online?
         \_ Some of the recruiters are even smart enough to realize the
            resumes might be out of date.  -oj
                \_ Don't leave a resume online without a date on it or better
                   yet, keep your online resume updated.  Not their fault.
        \_ Smart recruiters are rarer than ethical politicians.
2000/2/10-11 [Computer/SW] UID:17483 Activity:high
2/10    Computer Science: For the love of it?  Or for the money?
        \_ For the love of AHGLHAGULHALUGLUGHALUGHL
        \_ For the money.  If you want to code for free and release source
           to make my life easier, I'm not going to complain.  Thanks for
           the assist.
        \_ What do you mean by computer science?
                \_ software engineering or research in CS
                   \_ Research CS and software engineering
                      are both interesting when done on one's own time,
                      at one's own pace.  They are both boring and/or
                      stressful when done for someone else at someone else's
                        \_ you got that right.  Unfortunately, most jobs,
                                in CS, you are told what to do and what
                                time schedule to do it in.
                           \_ So, to answer the question, I "do computer
                              science" for fun in my spare time, and
                              for money on the job.  I don't think it's
                              possible to do better except in rare cases.
                \_ For the love of ED! ED IS THE ANSWER!
2000/1/20-21 [Reference/Law/Court, Computer/SW] UID:17273 Activity:moderate
1/19  Is it really true that
        amazon has patented the use of cookie in online ordering?  I thought
        they are not even the first one to use it.  Can I patent eating
        food through my mouth?
        \_ Anyone who thinks amazon patented cookies has either not read the
           patent (very likely), understands nothing about patent law (highly
           likely), or is a complete moron.  Choose any two of the above.  The
           fact that the court has prevented amazon competitors from using
           amazon's patented one-click technology makes it clear that the
           court feels amazon is likely to win it's case in a trial.  I trust
           the opinion of the court on this matter more than I trust the
           opinion of the uninformed slashdot masses who would all be super
           geniuses if they knew 1/10th of what they think they know about the
           world or anything in it.
        \_ They patented "One-Click Shopping" which uses cookies.  And if you
           worded it right, you could probably convince the morons in the
           patent office to issue a patent for eating with your mouth.
           \_ Quick!  Patent the "9 items or less" line and sue every
              supermarket chain in the country!
           \_ patent office workers are underpaid and overworked
              and if you were knowledgable enough to approve good technology
              patents you wouldn't be working there
              \_ Wasn't Albert Einstein a patent clerk? --dim
                 \_ Exactly.  That's why he quitted, and that's why he didn't
                    bother patenting his Theory of Relativity.  (If he worded
                    it right, he could've even patented a theorem, right?)
                    \_ Wrong. The one rare thing patent law is explicit about
                       is that you can't patent laws of nature. If he BUILT
                       something using the principle, however.... -alexf
                       \_ But you can patent DNA sequences! That sounds
                          like it's in conflict with the above statment.
                          \_ That's an ongoing debate. Check specifics
                             with someone who knows more than I do. -alexf
                       \_ Which reminds me of this: computer programs were
                          thought of as algorithms, which were math, which was
                          laws of nature.  How was computer programs excluded
                          from this law and became patentable?
                          \_ Software is now considered an implementation and
                             not an algorthym.  If you look up the exact
                             definition of algorythm you'll find pretty much
                             zero software falls under that definition.  In
                             very simple terms, the law considers software to
                             be no different than hardware in terms of patent-
                             ability.  Software is an expression of the idea,
                             the same way hardware is.  You build it with bits
                             instead of widgets.  Consult a patent lawyer if
                             you want a full legal explanation.  IANAL.
                          \_ I think there's been some debate about whether or
                             not software should be patentable, or just
                             copyrighted-- but the original reasoning of
                             software patents had to do with the analogy that
                             a computer given the software of a word
                             processor was bascially similar to the invention
                             of a typewriter.
                             \_ What's the difference between patent and
                                \_ Copyright protects things that can be copied
                                   (text, images, music, etc.)  Patents protect
                          \_ Hell, you're composed of atoms--basically your
                             ideas are just random fluctuations of nature.  How
                             can you patent anything?
2000/1/11 [Computer/SW] UID:17212 Activity:nil
1/10    once again: if you work for OrCAD or Cadence, fuck you.  Your software
        sucks, and better software could have been written by a kid on an
        apple ][e.  I hope someone starts writing good sofware in competition
        and buries this shitty excuse for a software company.
1999/12/31-2000/1/1 [Computer/SW] UID:17138 Activity:very high
12/31   How do I transfer money to a sick relative's account if I have
        his account number and routing number (use by employers to do
        direct deposit)?
        \_ Ask their bank, not the motd.  You fucking idiot.
           \_ Bitter, aren't you?
                \_ You're an idiot.  What does "bitter" have to do with this?
                   The original poster is an idiot and was told so.  I'm not
                   the first reply, but I agree with that person 100%.  Where
                   do morons like you come up with the hair brained idea that
                   the least bit of hostility must be a fault with the hostile
                   person and not the recipient?  S/he was an idiot and was
                   told so.
                   \_ But why bother even saying so? Telling him he's an idiot
                      doesn't solve his problem, nor does it do anything
                      except provoke responses such as the above. Anyway, just
                      about *every* single question posted on this motd could
                      more appropiately be asked elsewhere, so why even have
                      a motd.public?
                        \_ The correct answer was provided with editorial
                           commentary on the intelligence of the poster.  All
                           needs were satisfied.  I see a good solution.  I
                           see nothing wrong with a win-win solution.  That's
                           what the motd is here for.
1999/12/8-9 [Recreation/Humor, Computer/SW] UID:17029 Activity:nil
        \_ A not quite interesting article about Burning Man, in that
         detached "above it all" tone taken by P.J. O'Rourke (one of my
         favorites) and many of my friends.  Except that it isn't funny.
         I don't see why anyone would be interested in reading it.
        \_ An unusually clear-headed account, read it if you haven't
           yet.   -not the original poster
1999/11/17 [Computer, Computer/SW] UID:16914 Activity:high
11/17   Just curious. What is the difference between science and engineering?
        How come some schools offer BS in Computer Engineering, some offer
        BA in Computer Science, and some offer BS in Computer Science?
        \_ No difference, really.
        \_ semi-related postulate: "engineering" folks [EEs] take CS
           so that they can understand what they are building chips for.
           CS folks take EE classes so that they write better code.
           But CS folks shouldn't think they are chip designers, and
           EE people should not fool themselves thinking they can
           write decent code.
           \_ unless you're "The Natural"
1999/11/14-15 [Computer/SW] UID:16877 Activity:nil
11/12   Anybody know of a program that can take a VCD as input and crank
        out a MPEG files out of it?  Or a series of MPEG files?
        \_ who are you?  we always seem to need to want to do things
           at the same time - vcdcutter.  Unregistered allows only 7
           seconds of rip.
1999/9/29-10/2 [Computer/SW] UID:16626 Activity:nil
9/29    Does anyone know an easy and free way to make a gerber file directly
        from an autocad file?  I'm using Autocad LT 98.
        \_ No.  Sorry.  What's a gerber file?  Is it a baby file?
1999/9/24-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:16586 Activity:low
9/24    Any known remote exploits run on port 1028 on a wind0wz box?
        Where to find out?  There a list of known remote exploits and their
        ports somewhere on the net?  Thanks.
        \_  What time?  What room? -allenp
        \_ I found it.  For not-even-God-knows-what-reason, The M$ task
           scheduler (their shitty version of at/cron) sits on tcp port
           1028.  Disabled in control panel.  A small victory over bloat.
           \_ run portscan.  has anyone tried to portscan all 64k ports
              of a win machine?
              \_ It's an open but unknown port.  I'm not sure if there's
                 anything anyone can really do with it, but it was definitely
                 the task scheduler and definitely open.  I stopped it from
                 running in the future.  When I killed mstask.exe, the port
                 closed, so I know that's it.  Nothing on the net about it
                 that I could find.  Fuck you Bill Gates.
1999/8/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW] UID:16325 Activity:moderate
8/16    The Computer Science Division is currently looking for T.A's for the
        following classes: CS 162, 164, 170, 180.
        Interested individuals should contact Mike Clancy
        ( and file an online application: (grads) (undergrads)
        \_ What is CS180?
           \_ it's the cogsci/computer science hippie class.  you don't
              want to deal with it.
                \_ uhh, no that is 188 you dumbass
                \_ sigh, please bother to read the schedule of classes, it's
                   probably changed much since you've been here.  Thanks.
1999/8/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW] UID:16306 Activity:nil
8/12    Web Wackos of the Week Winner:
        \_ Web Sickos of the Week:  Tie between and
                                                \_ www.csua/~aspolito
1999/6/25 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW] UID:16016 Activity:moderate
6/24    Wow, Trevor Buckingham got into the major. For those who haven't
        heard of our illustrious friend, his saga can be found at
        \_ Sounds like a true a-hole (and a pretty incompetent and rude
           one judging from his emails).  He truely belongs in another major.
           \_ a-holes in other majors are more discreet, hip, and get more
        \_ Wow.  That guy's pretty amazing.  If I were Clancy, I would
           have beaten him to death with my Birkenstocks.
        \_ interesting. But it is a .txt file. it should be formatted to
           80 cols
                \_ Formatting fixed -brg
        \_ At least I finally found out about the JERK who almost
           F*CKED over Han Shen last semester. If I had know that this
           guy was such a prick, I would have lent Han my shotgun...
           \_ what happened?
           \_ Han is The Man. We should appeal to have that guy kicked out of
              the major just for being rude to Han. Come on, he must have
              violated SOME UC code of conduct.
        \_ I'm so glad I graduated and can now fire/not hire pricks like that.
1999/5/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW] UID:15740 Activity:kinda low
        Once again, the media must assign blame...
        \_ It's what they're there for.  Can't wait to work 12 years plus my
           degree from an acredited school before I can be a "professional"
           software engineer.  And who the hell ever heard of that creed or
           the random .org that's spouting off about it?  What do I do for my
           first 12 years when I'm not a professional?  Who will pay me to do
           non-professional work for 12 years?  It's just stupid.  Companies
           that follow that shit will die and rightly so.
           \_ You never heard of ACM or CPSR?
                \_ No.  I haven't worked as a non-professional for 12 years,
                   yet.  When I've earned my way into professional standing,
                   I'll join up, sign the ethics document and know all about
                   it.  Having been out of school for only 7 years now, I'm
                   not yet ready to work professionally so I haven't concerned
                   myself with professional .orgs.
                   \_ Hmmm, I knew about those before I was even near industry.
                        \_ heard of sarcasm yet or was that not listed in any
                           recent ACM bulletins?  Reading Comp. 1A for you.
                      Did you follow any of the political issues in computing
                      (Clipper, crypto export, CDA, etc.)?  ACM, CPSR, EFF,
                      VTW, CDT, IEEE were always putting out statements,
                      releases, summaries, analyses... (I don't agree
                      with the CPSR on professional licensing, but I still
                      think some of these .orgs have made a different.)
                      \_ ...have made a different _what_?
1999/3/4-5 [Computer/SW] UID:15531 Activity:nil
3/3     Siebel Systems, one of the fastest growing enterprise software
        companies in history, is looking for a Web Guru to run our
        websites! Please email shieh@csua or for
        more details. Thanks.
1999/2/10-11 [Computer/SW] UID:15390 Activity:nil
2/9     I'm looking for a good web counter.  I did a 'locate count.cgi' and
        the counters that people are using on soda look kinda cheap.  Anybody
        have an example of something that looks nice?
        \_ the best looking web counter is the one that doesn't display
           on the page, because web counters are fucking stupid.
1999/2/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW] UID:15342 Activity:high
2/1     How do you specify the resolution for X windows on Sun Sparc
        workstations?  I couldn't find something similar to Xconfig
        file as for XFree.  Thanks.
        \_ you only have a very limited set of resolutions on sparc, and
           you have to do it the hard way. set it in eeprom values.
           something like
             setenv output-device screen-r1248x1024x76
             (last bit is either 66 or 76, for hz)
             but that syntax is not 100% correct
           \_ So this is done at shell level before I run xinit?  How does
              shell affect EPROM values?
              \_ good god, i SAID eeprom. are you incapable of
                reading online documentation at ALL? Hell, it even
                comes with a SEARCH facility these days.
                [and how did you get your hands on a real sun anyways, being
                 this clueless about them?]
                \_ uh, you're the clueless one.  You can set X resolution
                   on Solaris through the X configuration.  No eeprom
                   editing is necessary.  -tom
                   \_ SPARC. He said SPARC. and I'm betting he does not
                      have anything fancy like a creator, etc.
        \_ if its a Creator or Creator3D or anything recent w/ 3D graphics
           use ffbconfig -shac
           \_ or possibly afbconfig (for the Elite3D I think) -drex
1999/1/13 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/SW] UID:15219 Activity:nil
1/12    I lack mpeg technology fu. Is there an easy way to convert old
        VHS videos to mpeg so they can be then put on cd? url, docs, info?
        \_ video capture cards will do that probably.  Package should
           include the compression software to turn the captured stream
           into common formats such as mpeg.
1998/12/15 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW] UID:15086 Activity:nil
12/15   How do I duplicate a VCD?  Can I just copy the file structure?
        \_ If you want just the mpeg, copy the .dat files from x:\mpegav
1998/11/5-8 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:14918 Activity:nil
11/5    Does anyone know if there's such thing as game port to USB adaptor?
        My laptop has USB but not game port and I have a non-USB joystick.
        I would like to use that same joystick on my laptop.  I know a
        parallel port to USB exists.  Does game port to USB adaptor exist?
        \_ Never heard of such a thing, but it's likely to cost more than a
           new joystick.  Welcome to the Brave New World Of High Tech.
1998/10/22-23 [Computer/SW] UID:14808 Activity:nil
10/21   Go Yanks!
1998/9/29-30 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/SW] UID:14694 Activity:high
9/29    MCB majors desire minor in CS.  If anyone has any advice for these
        poor souls, consider mailing to mcb-students@uclink4.  ~jctwu/pub
        for the e-mails. (or post here and I'll forward the motd)
        \_ They're fucked.  A minor is worthless anyway.
           \_ Next time you go to the ER and your kid's or your own life
             is in danger tell the doctor what you think about MCB majors
              if it may prove useful. A minor is usually only 3 classes
              and see if they'll bother saving your life.  Learning about
              two different subjects means you're broad minded and not a
              narrow minded nerd.  And I have a lot more respect for
              MCB/CS than I do for CS/buisness who only care about
              becoming the next bill gate$.
           \_ I think it's worthwhile to take lots of upper division
              classes in majors different from your own, especially
              if they may prove useful. A minor is usually only 3 classes
              short of the requirements for a major. --dim
                \_ If you want it for work, you can't compete with majors.
                   \_ The idea is that, for example, a biologist who can code
                      is better than one that can't. The workplace is
                      becoming more and more interdisciplinary. Maybe
                      someone should tell Bill Gates that he'll never
                      compete with majors (or grads for that matter). --dim
                        \_ Nice theory.  "Hyuck! Hyuck!  Bill Gates is a
                           great example for all arguments!  Hyuck!  I can
                           always prove my point by using BG!  Hyuck!"
                        \_ You don't need a minor to show you can code.  In
                           fact, I would not assume that a CS major meant
                           you could code either.
                           \_ The idea isn't to *prove* you can code. The
                              idea is to *learn* how to code. Of course
                              you can learn without the minor (or major),
                              but that's one way to learn. --dim
        \_ I love the fact that a lot of MCB kids who take upper division CS
           classes flunk in them, and start realizing that they're worthless
           shitheads-- they can't get into med school, and they can't code.
        \_ too late. Too bad you listened to your parents. It is rather sad
           that every Chinese parent wants his/her child to be a pre-med.
           Too late. Too bad. Should've grow a mind of your own.
           \_ That is so true. That is why there are fuckin so many luzer
              Chinese kids in MCB who can't get into pre-med and are now
              disillusioned about life.
              \_ dude, sounds like me.  worst decision i made in college was
                 pre-med.  (best was to switch to major in cs).
              \_ Parents are parents.  Can't please them all the time,
                 especially on decisions that have such a large impact on
                 your own life.  Mother still complains I do not give her
                 the bragging rights that her friends' kids do, but, to
                 steal a line from the Bosom Buddies song, "I don't care
                 what you say anymore, this is my life.  Go ahead with
                 your own life; leave me alone."
                \_ too bad you can't "switch" to a major in CS now... you
                   kind of have to start out in one --brg
                   \_ you're kidding!  is that a new rule?  or does that mean
                      you can't declare something new if you've already
                      declared in third year?  that's kinda late.
           \_ How about growing an opinion of your own, instead of repeating
              trite cliches you heard on Rush Limbaugh?
                   \_ Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. - A. Franken
                \_ Gosh.  Maybe the cliche is based on reality?  Nah, I'm
                   sure it's just *totally* made up by Rush and the other
                   180 million people in the VRWC.
                \_ it's totally true.  My parents were reallly weirded
                    out when I didn't go premed.
           \_ My parents pushed me into engineering. Thought about switching
              but stayed when I finally realized engineering is what I
              hated least, not what I liked most.
1998/5/29-30 [Computer/SW] UID:14155 Activity:low
      \_ and Phil Hartman and Barry Goldwater
      \_ ba.broadcast
      \_ I'm really disturbed about the "New" Live 105 starting next Mon.
        \_ A radio station's morning show "disturbs" you?  Get real.  Turn
           the dial.
      \_ what happened?  I've been hearing web fingers on KROQ lately
         and thought I was having flashbacks.. --karlcz
         \_ same company owned KOME and KITS, they sold KOME, radio people
            from KOME transferred to KITS.  most djs and all morning
            people at KITS fired.  KITS to start broadcasting
            Howard Stern's morning program on Monday.  web fingers
            took a job with KROQ.  - danh
                \_ HOWARD STERN RULES!
            \_ ahh, that explains it.  he toned down his santa cruz
               accent a little, but it's still nice to have a slice of the
               old country in this god-foresaken place. :)  --karlcz
       It's opinionated, but the facts are there.
       \_ What.  Ever.
1998/5/26 [Computer/SW] UID:14142 Activity:nil
5/25    If I file a loss of license plate, does DMV issue a new number or the
        same number?
        \_  My friend had her licence plate stolen.  She got a new #.
            In this way they could find stolen plates, perhaps that is why.
1998/4/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW] UID:13967 Activity:nil
4/16    Looking for a web summer intern for Siebel Systems. Email shieh and
        you can find the job desc at /csua/pub/jobs/siebel/. Thanks.
1998/4/15 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW] UID:13957 Activity:very high 71%like:13941
4/14 Get your tax forms from the web!
      \_ How quaint, something actually useful on the web!
        \_ fill out forms and file online for $10
        \_ gifs of nekkid gurlz aren't useful, d00d? --dim
            \_ why would I want gifs when I can have the real thing?
              \_ never got crabs from gifs
                 \_ what about GIFs of crabs?
                        \_ what about GIFs from crabs?
              \_ 'cause the real thing snags 20s from your wallet
1998/3/29-30 [Computer/SW] UID:13868 Activity:moderate
        \_What about soda pages with chicks?
        \_ 98335388 bytes of xfer on 3/30 by 10:14 am.
           124789795 total for safari
1998/3/6-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:13764 Activity:nil
03/05   As some of you may have noticed, ownerships in /csua/tmp were
        messed up.  I have fixed the ownership of as many files as
        possible, but there are some that I have no idea to whom
        they belong; if your file is one of them, prove it, and let
        me know. --Jon
1997/8/19-11/19 [Computer/SW, Computer/Domains] UID:32157 Activity:nil 57%like:13517
                      Welcome to http://Soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
            A service provided exclusively for the members of the
         Computer Science Undergraduate Association at U.C. Berkeley
1997/3/5 [Computer/SW, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32089 Activity:nil
3/4    For those who didn't sign up on the web page, the CSUA office has been
         inundated with gazillions of free passes to the exhibit floor at
        UniForum (3/12-14 in Moscone).  Come take one - PLEASE!
1997/1/8 [Computer/SW] UID:32036 Activity:nil
1/8     Congrats to our own Sameer Parekh, for making the MicroTimes 100

        "Pakh won the thanks of a grateful online populace by staunchly
         holding the line against the notion that ISPs should police the
         activities of their users. In the face of pressure from groups
         as varied as the Church of Scientology and the Simon Wiesenthal
         Center (to say nothing of an incredibly over-the-top and hastily-
         withdrawn "contributory copyright infringement" lawsuit from the
         Software Publishers Association because Community ConneXion refused
         to track and remove hypothetical links from user Web pages to
         pirate sites), Parekh politely but firmly stood by his policy of
         respecting his customers' privacy and the freedom on the Net."
         \_ Gracias. - "The Drug Cartels"
         \_ Danke. - "The Nazis"
         \_ Getafuckingclue.
         \_ +h4|\|x D00D!!1 - "The VJAR3z hosers"
         \_ That took balls.  Congrats.
         \_ Why?  All he had to do was ignore it.
         \_ The yardstick for excellence has really shrunk, hasn't it?
         \_ Sameer is slime, but not because of his customers.
         \_Thanks for this uninformative bit of flaming flame-bait.
         I now feel so much more informed.
         \_ Sameer is slime cause he cheats his employees,
            among other things. -aspolito
1996/11/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:31978 Activity:nil
11/1    Jobs for geeks at NetSource, a web site builder.
        See /usr/local/csua/jobs/netsource and don't mail me --dpassage
         \_ chmod it
1996/10/6 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31922 Activity:nil 50%like:32076
10/2    Sysadmin position available at Active Software, inc.  See:
        /usr/local/csua/jobs/Active -eric
        \_ I checked with our chairman, and the position includes equity
        in the company -eric
1996/9/15 [Computer/SW] UID:31888 Activity:nil
9/13    Nick Weaver is leaving us!!!!!
        \_ Good riddance.
        \_ nweaver still has his account;  his last wish is not
           being honored!!!!!
           \_ pull a paul eastham
         \_to quote the life file "We WHo Are About to Cry, Salute You"
         Some of us will miss ya NIck. Take care.
1996/6/5 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW] UID:31849 Activity:nil
6/3  Anyone know how i can change my local address with Sproul over
        the Web?  I know they have a page for address change form...
        anyone know what it is?
         \_ I think that you can only do it from their Bear Facts
            macs that are scattered across campus.  - sagarwal
           \_ You'd think they coulda spared a couple of IP addresses
              or something to give it it's own host/virtual host ...
         \_Actually DCNS is rather short of IP addresses and would
         rather not have to go buy another block from BBN/Planet
         until they absolutely have to, as the cost of them is going
         way up now that it's for-profit BBN and not the
         non-profit BARRnet running the connections
         Besides, why bother for a server that just says
         "Web access coming soon"?
         \_ They promised to make it accessible via WWW from
          any (campus ?) host but don't bet on it...
          \_ I would - the campus is pushing to get everything
          on the web - less headaches for them that way
1995/1/16-21 [Computer/SW] UID:31701 Activity:nil
1/14    If you're planning on leaving unusual background processes
        running while you're logged out, please leave a description
        of it in your home dir, in a file under the name
        <process name>.doc. Unusual background processes without a
        description will be killed.
1994/12/21 [Computer/SW] UID:31676 Activity:nil
12/21   WHO NUKED THE LIFE FILE!!!???? --cristine
1994/5/30 [Computer/SW] UID:31614 Activity:nil
5/31    Who knows how to construct a DOOM walkthrough of Soda Hall?  How
        about the WEB?
        \_ get a real computer, you punk.
          \_ I have a 90MHz Pentium, w/ many GBs of disk space for all my
         OS's.  What do you have, dweeb?
         \_ you are a lying punk, too. also, only punks think IBMs
            are real computers.
        \_ Porting ithe walkthrough down to the level of Doom
           would only make it suck.
          \_  Have you seen tnplhome.wad?  Highly realistic.
1994/5/17 [Computer/SW] UID:31602 Activity:nil
5/16    Pgzip installed. reellee cool and fast gzip for compressing
        multiple files. bugs to ali. flames to /usr/mail/$user. Don't abuse!
        Ya ain't seen load spikes 'till ya's seen dis!
        New undoc feature: -j option.    -ali
        \_ What's the diff between this and:
           foreach file (file 1 file2 file3 ...)
         gzip $file &
         \-beacuse you doofus, this doesnt allocate resources
         efficiently. i hope you are not a cs major.
           \_ Ten seconds of typing. And the zipped files probably go into a
              single zip file.
              \_ Several seconds of typing, and it would be really lame to
          launch 500 processes if you want to compress 500 files. Also
          launches process MUCH faster.
1993/12/10 [Computer/SW] UID:31435 Activity:high
        CAN GET HURT.
           CAN GET HURT.
              WAIT, WHAT IS THI.....
              \_ THIS IS THE MOTD. ABUSE IT.
            \_ THIS IS SARTRE. JUST BE.
          \_ JUST DO IT.
1993/6/17 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW] UID:31364 Activity:nil
6/16    Soda crashed due to a slew of disk errors.  It's back up, but,
        especially if your account is on /usr5, files might be missing.
        If its important, back it up -- elsewhere!    -ERic
1993/6/9 [Computer/SW] UID:31353 Activity:nil
6/9     If anyone has a copy of the file "new.futures" please mail to ming.
        Thanks a bunch!
2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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