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2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/2/15 [Computer/Networking] UID:23871 Activity:very high
2/14    Know any local stores in SF and Oakland area, that sell networking
        products?  Like hubs and cat5 cables?  The Major chain stores like
        compUSA, ciruit city and bestbuy sell hubs at about $60.  I heard
        you can get a 4port hub for around $20, and 25' cat5 cables for
        around $5
        \_Fry's had a 100Mb 4 port switch+lan card for $40. Home despot has a
        500' box of cat5e for $40 and 1000' for $55, and a pack of connectors
        for $8.
        \_ Central Computer is close to downtown but it's not the cheapest
           place. If I need something ASAP that's where I go. Otherwise,
           I drive to Fry's in Palo Alto.
        \_ can't you get dirt cheap deals on this stuff by google'ing? With
           overnight or 2nd day shipping wouldn't this work out similar price
           similar time, more convenience?
           \_ Don't use google for shopping.  Go to or some
              other shopping/comparison engine.  Everything is not a nail.
                \_ yeah but I just nailed yer mom
                   \_ Cheap bastard!  You didn't even leave 3 bucks on the
                      nightstand!  You owe mymom 2 more bucks!
        \_ The $20 4port hub was maybe the refurbished 10Mb linksys/netgear
           at Fry's. Even had 50' CAT5 cables. I think there's
           a Fry's in Fremont. Not that far via 880 (or even BART if u savvy
2002/2/12-13 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:23845 Activity:high
2/12    I just bought a USB/parallel port scanner. Parallel seems to be a bit
        faster. Is that expected?
        \_The speed of your scanner isn't necessarily directly correllated with
        your type of port. Might be a driver issue, but theoretically USB
        should be faster.
          \_ All else being equal, how is it not correllated?
            \_ Well, you could just have a slow-ass scanner that doesn't
               work well with USB.
        \_ *smartass followup deleted* summary: USB is faster. Thanks.
        \_ USB: 1.5Mbits/sec or 12Mbits/sec. Parallel: 8Mbits/sec
           USBv2: 420Mbits/sec. IEEE-1394(firewire): 400Mbits/sec
2002/2/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:23792 Activity:very high
2/5     Just curious, what is the uplink rate for AT&T Broadband?
        \_ AT&T Broadband the cable TV?  No clue.  If you mean AT&T
           Broadband Internet (ATTBI), it's been capped since the @Home
           days at 128kbps (kilo_bits_persec).  Since it became ATTBI,
           they also capped downstream at 1.5Mbps =(  --dbushong
                \_ of course I mean internet, you pedantic moron
        \_ 128kb/s upload.  1.5mb/s download.  Hard caps.
                \_ 128kb/s, is that enough for video conferencing?
                   \_ 64kbps is enough if you don't need high quality. 128
                      is ok and 384 is pretty good for RT streaming.
2002/2/4-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:23772 Activity:moderate
2/4     after all is said and done, what the hell was mlife?
        \_ at&t wireless' new brand. i'm trying to figure out what makes it
           so different from services readily available. wasn't
           too helpful.
        \_ From what I can tell it's that
           mlife : att wireless as cingular : pacbell wireless.
                \_ cingular is not just pacbell/sbc fyi
        \_ A way to confuse wireless with life insurance?
        \_ After spend millions on the superbowl commercial, when I
           logged on and try to find out what mlife was, the web server
           was down for the good part of the game.  Good work.
           \_ Maybe the commercial worked too well and attracted too many hits.
           \_ "That *was* stupid, Bob."
           \_ NO, you logged on?! Now THEY win...
2002/1/24-25 [Computer/Networking] UID:23657 Activity:high
1/24    What is the best DSL/cable/etc. service south of campus?
        \_ DirecTV is not bad compared to PacBell except that you need to
           power-cycle their gateway once a week on the average. It costs the
           same, you get a static IP address, and you avoid using the satanic
           \_ thanks!  i would like to avoid the monsters. static IP wahoo!
           \_ PacBell no longer does static IPs?
                \_ not in the basic service.  -tom
           \_ um, is it any harder to share a line with multiple comps?
              \_ no
           \_ It has no start-up cost but after 6 mo. locks you in to
              a $49.99 per month.  They sell one-year
              actually it's cheaper, but evidently less flexible (PacBell
              has start-up and starts at $49.99/mo.)
              has start-up and starts at $49.99/mo. but was recently
              $39.99/mo. -- shouldn't DSL be getting CHEAPER??? wtf! iprotst!)
           \_ goto circuit city, and ask for DirectTV promotional offer.  You
              may $9.99/mo for the first three monthes, then $49.99/mo. 1 year
              contract; no ativation fee; $19.95 quick starter fee; 24.99
              shipping and handling fee.  Only at participating locations.  I
              went to one, they do offer the package, however the employees
              there do not seem all that ethusiastic about selling it.  Looks
              like they are not making money with that offer which ends at the
              end of Jan.
           \_ what is the latency on DirectTV DSL connections?? Good luck
              trying to edit the motd
              \_ Good enough to edit motd and do a -lot- of work over ssh.
                 -DTV DSL user living in berkeley
              \_--- ping statistics ---
              61 packets transmitted, 61 packets received, 0% packet loss
              round-trip min/avg/max/mdev = 27.533/56.400/223.502/45.142 ms
        \_ I use ATT @home (or whatever its technically called now). Aside
           from the recent inanity about Excite going bankrupt (which was
           handled surprisingly well, at least for me) I have had no
           problems. They don't "promise" you a static IP, but mine hasn't
           changed in the last year that I've had service. Cost is some-
           where arounr $45/mo. (recently went up as well) and they used
           to have a free installation, 3 months free plan. Check their
           website for current promotions.
           ...they also have digital phone that I've been meaning to try
           which seems like a good deal.                - rory
           \_ It ain't static no more.  Fuck you AT&T.
              \_ I switched to (ADSL) for this reason.
              \_ It's always been DHCP but the numbers don't change once
                 assigned.  Welcome to the real world.  Thank you AT&T for my
                 dynamically assigned static IP and for the number of ninnies
                 who left the network because they think they're not getting
2002/1/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:23569 Activity:high
1/15    How can I setup my router so that it will take in both my AT&T AtHome
        IP and my internal corporate DSL (intranet)? Do I need a switch or
        a bridge of some sort?                          -network clueless
        \_ thats a pretty complex networking problem.  You need a router
           machine( could be a Linux or other opensource OS system) with 3
           ether ports to take the traffice and sort out the routing.  Then
           you need to set it up with NAT or somesuch to translate things
           so that the single 'inside' ip address you use at home gets
           translated right so traffic to your corporate DSL thinks you're
           inside it for traffic going to corporate networks, and then
           dumps the rest of the traffic out your at hom3 connection. -ERic
                \_ and you have to be careful not to tell anyone at work
                   about it because you'll get your ass fired for exposing
                   the corporate network to the world.  -tom
                   \_ if they cared then no-clue lad wouldn't have dsl direct
                      to the inside of the corp net anyway.
2002/1/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:23491 Activity:very high
1/8     Apple's new dome shaped iMac-- yay or nay?
        yay: ..
        nay: .
        gay: ...
        too pricey: .
        it looks like a fat desk lamp, you know the arm will break: ..
        \_ Does it have a floppy drive?  It looks like there's no space for
           \_ iMacs have never had floppy drives, why start now?
           \_ Seriously, who uses a floppy these days? - alum who hasn't
              used a floppy since 97.
              \_ I do.  I dial in with a 28.8K modem and I'm too cheap to buy
                 a zip drive or DSL or cable modem, so floppy is a good way to
                 copy files between work and home.
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/1/7-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:23480 Activity:high
1/7     If you have DSL at home, do you just need a 10/100Base-T hub to set
        up a LAN?  Or do you need a router/switcher?
           \_ Yes. You need a router and a switch. Most broadband routers
              include a built-in switch, so, you might not need to buy a switch
              \_ What's the price of a switch, a hub, or a router nowadays?
                 \_ OK, new acronym: GTFG. Go to fucking Google. RTFM is
                    just too narrow for today's information techonology env.
                    Or maybe UTID. Use the Internet, Dumbass.
                    \_ dang, that question really pains you alot huh.
                    \_ there already is a common acronym.  It's STFW
                       (Search the Fucking Web).
                 \_ $100 or less without a wireless access point. If you get
                    a router with a wireless access point its going to cost
                    between $160 and $300. See
                    for reviews .. SMC and Netgear seem to be making pretty
                    good stuff in general.
                \_ is your friend here, not google.
        \_ do you have multiple IPs?  if not, and if you want multiple machines
           to be able to access the internet, you'll need something to do NAT.
        \_ What I did (and many others): ISP -> Cable/DSL -> Computer External
           Interface.  Then Computer has second NIC which is Internal Interface
           -> Hub/Switch.  Computer runs NAT/Proxy/whatever.  Internal net is
           10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x or 172.??? (I forget the third non-routable
           net).  So you get: ISP -> DSL -> Computer External <-> Computer/NAT
           <-> Computer Internal -> Hub/Switch <- Other Computers on Internal
           Net.  The External IP is assigned by your ISP.  Some DSL modems
           will do NAT so you get: ISP -> DSL (uses ISP assigned IP) <-> All
           Computers on Interal 10.x.x.x interface via NAT on the DSL modem.
           \_ You are nothing more than a common thief:
              \_ Troll, don't be stupid.  My ISP has directions posted on how
                 to use NAT.  NO COOKIE!  --Nat User posting info above
              \_ "Gyp-sies, tramps, and thieves, we'd hear it from the people
                  of the town..."
              \_ This has got to be a joke.
           \_ actually to just make your LAN out of your DSL, cable service,
              wouldn't a regular hub be enuf?  Or is it not true for people
              don't have static IP?
              \_ No.  Who is providing IP addresses?  You need Nat or you
                 need to buy/rent multiple IPs.  IP addresses don't magically
                 appear when you plug into a hub.
           \_ Yes. You need a router and a switch. Most broadband routers
              include a built-in switch, so, you might not need to buy a switch
              \_ What's the price of a switch, a hub, or a router nowadays?
                 \_ OK, new acronym: GTFG. Go to fucking Google. RTFM is
                    just too narrow for today's information techonology env.
                    Or maybe UTID. Use the Internet, Dumbass.
                    \_ dang, that question really pains you alot huh.
                 \_ $100 or less without a wireless access point. If you get
                    a router with a wireless access point its going to cost
                    between $160 and $300. See
                    for reviews .. SMC and Netgear seem to be making pretty
                    good stuff in general.
                \_ is your friend here, not google.
2002/1/5-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:23475 Activity:high
1/5     HomePNA: awesome.  USB model was $50/unit at the local compusa.
        USB is less than perfect so I had to reboot one of the machines to
        get it to stop using 99% cpu but it's now working and it's fucking
        awesome.  Also, since the Netgear units I got have a plug for the
        wall and another for the phone you can really plug two machines into
        the same USB device via the phone cable and they'll talk that way in
        a pseudo token ring, but that's not a big deal.  Just like an analog
        modem, both phone plugs are wired to do either job.  10 mb home
        networking at $50/box.  Hard to beat that.  There's also a bridge
        for homepna/ethernet for $135 if you don't want a windows box to be
        the router.  I used winroute on win2k and saved the $135.  Thank you
        \_ you like because of the phone wiring?  you can get 100baseT
           equipment at $30/node and 5-port switches at $6/port.  cables xtra.
           \_ Yes, it's all about phone wiring.  I can't get my office wired
              without punching holes into the outer walls of my house or
              sending a magic monkey into the walls to run cables.  So now
              I've got $50/node for usb adapters and no extra hubs/switches
              or bridges to play with.  There's already about 3 dozen power
              cables in just the one room.  10 mb/s, phone wired, very happy.
              \_ personally, i have no use for a high-speed internet
                 connection in my home, but i'd pay good money for a magic
                 \_ Well I do have a magic monkey but he's on vacation in
                    the Bahamas right now and I couldn't wait.  If you're
                    nice I might introduce you when he gets back.
2002/1/5-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:23470 Activity:low
1/4     Comments on cable broadband vs DSL?  Which one has lower start up
        cost?  I don't know how long I'll stay at my current place, so
        don't want to pay a bundle for installation etc.
        \_ AT&T usually has deals that include first 3 months either free or
           for $19.99/mo and no startup cost or yearly contract. In fact, I
           think you can cancel after those three months. It's best if you are
           planning on leaving your apartment in the next 12 months.
           --30month cable modem veteran
        \_ Be careful, most motd'ers will tell you that most things
           "don't work with cable modem".
           \_ Yeah because ya know ethernet is not like ethernet... or uh
              something like that I guess.
2002/1/4-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:23466 Activity:low
1/4     Thanks for the URL.  Exactly what I needed.
        update: dlink also sells homepna stuff for anyone else interested.
        update 2: *Very* cheap USB and PCI options at Compusa.  I can get
        my house going 10mb with homepna for $30/box.  I may or may not
        need the $135 pna <-> ethernet converter.  I'm guessing not since
        these things all come with generic proxy/NAT/DHCP software.  I'm
        going to try this out over the weekend and let you know how it goes.
        \_ All right, but if you decide that you want a 2wire box, post again
           and I'll contact you.
           \_ 2wire didn't seem any different than the other homepna 2.0
              makers.  Any reasons I'd want that over any of the 5 or 6 others
              I saw in compusa today?
2002/1/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:23446 Activity:moderate
1/3     I want to wire my house for ethernet.  4 plug jacks in the walls,
        a hub somewhere near the cable modem, etc.  Anyone does this?  Got
        any advice?  Got the name of contractors to use/avoid?  Thanks!
        \_ unless you need to be > 10MB, I suggest you to go wireless.
           \_ You mean 10Mb
           \_ I'd rather not have wireless.
           \_ Not too hard to DIY - just punching holes for the backplates
              and then snaking the cable.  And since you're already doiing
              it, consider wiring for a/v too.
           \_I'll do it for you for $50 a jack plus hard cost. williamc
        \_ Wow,  I was thinking about posting this same message.
           I figure I can do with a trip to Fry's and my attic. Just follow
           the path of my existing telephone cables. Any known gotchas?
           Don't trust wireless, plus I want 100Mb between my hosts.
           Recommendations for cheap quality switch?
           Anyone do fiber? Difficult? Expensive?
           \_do you own a bandsaw and fishing cable? williamc
             \_why bandsaw? can use existing phone jacks but just add an
               RJ45 jack and change faceplate, right?
2002/1/3 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23442 Activity:high
1/2     What are the pros and cons of using dnscache (djbdns) vs bind for
        a caching name server?
        \_ I ran djbdns as a caching/primary server for a few weeks. I
           didn't like it at all. The thing was a pain to setup (dirs in
           all sorts of strange places, a bunch of support pgms, ets) and
           maintain (the files have strange syntax rules and there isn't
           enough debug/error reporting).
           In terms of its operation, I found that it didn't like using
           certain nameservers (namely those of my isp) as forwarders,
           cached the ips of dns round-robin hosts far longer than the
           records were valid for, and played poorly with recursive
           requests from mac's and win95/98.
           I gave up and I'm using OpenBSD's BIND 4 as a caching ns now.
           Its secure and it works for what I need.
           \_ I had a similar experience with djb's publicfile (anon
              ftp/http file server) It requires non-standard utilities that are
              installed in non-standard directories (that's easily changeable
              though) and it doesn't support certain ftp clients that people
              use, such as netscape.
                \_ if it doesn't work with my software, you shouldn't be
                   using it.  -djb
2002/1/2-3 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:23431 Activity:high
1/1     I'm using SecureCRT over a 33.6 modem to connect to soda, and my
        connection consistently is reset after typing just a few
        characters (for instance, I couldn't type this post using it).
        I've tried ssh 1 & 2; 3des, rc4, and blowfish; and several
        different server types, with no improvement.  Why is this
        \_ SecureCRT does that with DSL connections for me.  Not that bad
           but enough for me to curse it or windows.
        \_ Could be flaky modem connections or so--although that usually
           happens with v.90 (56.6k)--doesn't ssh have some sort of error
           checking to make sure no funny business is going on with your
           connection?  I would try to bring down the connection speed to
           1200 and then gradually increase it and see what happens.  Also
           for fun try another ssh client like TeraTerm to compare.  -John
        \_ Try putty, it works better than SecCRT on dialup lines (at least
           that was my experience when I was in India and had to deal with
           the dial up lines there).
           \_ putty?  barf!  Putty was dropping me from a rock solid T1 line.
              This is definitely what they meant by "get what you pay for"
              when it comes to software.  Tera Term takes an extra 30 seconds
              to setup, is free, and unlike putty, it works.  I'd rather go
              back to whistling in the phone then use putty.
              \_ I use putty on both T1 and dial-ups.  It never drops any
        \_ I've used SecureCRT on dial-up and over cable and, with the
           exception of campus network outtages, have never had problems.
2001/12/28-31 [Computer/Networking] UID:23397 Activity:high
12/28   SBC has jacked my DSL rate from $39.95 to $49.95.  Wtf? --erikred
        \_ That's hardly news. DSL price jacking started this summer.
           If SBC started charging you $49.95 only now, they probably had some
           sort of contract or agrrement with you that was preventing them
           from increasing the price earlier.
           \_  Correct.  I had a year-long contract at $39.95 per month.
               Now they're offering me a month-to-month contract at the
               "special" price of $49.95.  Bleah.  Suck suck suck. --erikred
           \_ hey, wait, doesn't capitalism = free market? i don't get it!
           i would think costs have gone down, and sales way up, aren't
           they happy enough with that?
        \_ Welcome to the wonderful world of no competition.  It could be
           worse.  The only remaining DSL carrier _could_ have been AT&T.
              fix our economy.
              \_ Yeah, screw competition. Screw Sun and Apple. We
                 should all make way for Microsoft because that will
           Then there would be no price competition for broadband whatsoever.
           \_ Quit yer liberal whiny ass crying, communist.  It's the
              successful companies like AT&T (and Microsoft) what will
              fix our economy.
              \_ Nice Troll. No cookie.
              \_ And learn to spell.  And it was a Bad Troll since no one bit
                 because it looked like a Bad Troll.  You still get no cookie.
              \_ Free market competition >> government controlled
                                                >> private monopoly
2001/12/24-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:23359 Activity:high
12/23   Is anyone here familiar with the bind 4.9.8 code? I'm trying
        to restrict the set of interfaces that named listens on (I
        have three interfaces and only want named listening on 2 of
        them). I've patched get_netconf in ns_main.c (among other files)
        to basically skip any interface that is not listed in named.boot.
        This seems to work, in that netstat shows only udp <ip>.domain
        entries for those interfaces listed in named.boot. But named
        still responds to queries from the other interface. Any ideas/
        pointers will be appreciated. tia.
        \_ See named.conf(5) regarding the "listen-on" option.  --dbushong
           \_ listen-on is a bind 8-9 option, I'm trying to hack the
              same thing into bind 4 but I'm running into problems.
                \_ Steal the 8.x code.
                   \_ 8.x is sufficiently different that it didn't
                      help me to look at the code.
        \_ why don't you upgrade to the latest 8.x? --aaron
           \_ I'm using the "audited" named on OpenBSD. I would prefer
              not to upgrade.
                \_ I'm using OpenBSD but screw that 4.x stuff.  I'm running
                   9.x.  Let 'em root my box.  Better that than 4.x.
                   \_ 8 and 9 are way to big/complex/insecure for my needs.
                      Anyway, I've managed to hack in the listen-on option.
                      Now my named just listens on the interfaces that are
                      specified in named.boot. It sort of works, except for
                      recursive queries (since its not listening on the
                      interface connected to the internet, it doesn't get
                      responses to queries it generates).
                      responses to queries it generates. I can't seem to
                      figure out how bind 8 handles this.)
                      Since this is not quite what I wanted, so I hacked
                      in a querynets option that allows me specify a list
                      of nets from which to accept queries. This prevents
                      people outside of my internal domain from querying
                      the nameserver for internal information. The downside
                      to this is that I have to check querynets for each
                      response, which slows down the server a bit.
                      I can post the patches if anyone is interested in
                      hacking with this a bit more.
                      \_ the 8.x branch is pretty well hammered by now.
                         also if you're running named as user bind, you
                         can sleep easier. --aaron
                      \_ 8/9 haven't been audited but has there been a security
                         issue in 8.x since 8.24?  What's wrong with 8.24+? Are
                         you at a bank or something?
                         \_ I've been working on this on my home machine,
                            but it is to help a customer who is concerned
                            about security. I'll probably tell them go with
                            8.x since I've wasted enough time and it doesn't
                            quite work right yet.
2001/12/22-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:23346 Activity:very high
12/22   Looking to set up an anonymizing webbrowser.  I want to set it up
        on workmachine X so that when i browse from home I look like i'm
        browsing from X.  Squid support this?
        \_ yes, provided you have access to the copy of squid running
           at work from your house.
        \_ Uh... turn off logging or you're not really anonymous on squid,
           just delaying the feds by one step while they look for your kiddie
           pics.  And someone is going to ask who setup squid in the first
           place and has access to it.
           \_ Is it illegal to browse certain websites if I am > 18 yrs. old?
              \_ If you're surfing from the U.S. it can be.  Try surfing all
                 the kiddie porn sites and then take your computer in for a
                 repair and see what the FBI says about it.  I know the typical
                 soda user doesn't do this, but non-geeks have done this and
                 been busted.
                 \_ Geez, I thought only in China one can get in trouble this
                    this way....  But will the fed trace log the ip number
                    and trace to the ISP and then bust the user directly?
                 \_ Geez, I thought only in China one could get in trouble
                    this way....  But will the fed trace log the ip
                    number and trace to the ISP and then bust the user
                    this way....  But does the fed log the ip then trace
                    to the ISP and bust the user directly?
                    \_ 1) I'm not a Fed, 2) Your own computer is the evidence,
                       3) You can skip the "I hate Amerikkka" trolling, 4) you
                       really think it's ok to peddle kiddie porn?
                       \_ 1) Is kiddie porn the only thing that is illegal
                          to surf?  2) What does this have to do with "hating
                          America" or a troll 3) Should everything that is
                          not "ok" or wrong to me be outlawed and persecuted
                          by the government?
                          \_ 1) bestiality, too
                             \_ what about depictions of it in newsgroups
                                and movies (Leolo?)
2001/12/20-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:23329 Activity:moderate
12/20   Just curious, how wide spread is mbone (multicast)? I'm just wondering
        if real-time on-line radio stations are somehow utilizing multicast or
        are they wasting bandwidth.
        \_ They are wasting bandwidth. But there is plenty to waste these
           \_ obNotIfYouHaveCableModem
                \_ Multicast doesn't save bandwidth at the individual user
                   level, so it doesn't matter whether you're DSL, Cable or
                   T1/T3/OC48.  Multicast saves at the ISP level by only
                   sending the ISP one copy of the stream and letting the
                   ISP split it out to all the listeners at that ISP.
                   \_ Is multicast part of TCP?  IP?  Or some other layer?
                        \_ I think it's usually used instead of TCP.  It's
                           built on top of IP.
                   \_ umm, multicast saves at any level with more than
                      one recipient of the stream, e.g. LAN too if there is
                      popular program being received.
        \_ multicast deployment has never been for shit world-wide.  many
           routers don't handle it well, and many admins are even worse.
2001/12/19-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:23310 Activity:nil
12/19   cisco kid, you got your greencard yet?
2001/12/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:23308 Activity:low
12/19   Anyone ever tried ATT Broadband phone service? They have a good
        deal right now but I don't want to cancel PacBel, then find that
        quality sucks or something, and have to pay a re-instatement fee
        with PacBell.
        \_ I've got AT&T Digital Phone Service. It is excelllent.
           A couple interesting things though: 1) they install a small,
           shoebox sized battery somewhere in your house. It keeps
           the phone working in a power failure. 2) The installation USED
           to be done by a crappy subcontractor company. (inept)
           But the AT&T service employees that have since come out for misc.
           things have been VERY skilled and helpfull.
           Phone, Internet, CableTV all come in through a Single Coax cable.
           You can keep your phone number, which means getting worth from
           paying PacBells "Number Portability Charge" all those years.
           \_ thanks for the info... I was about to sign my post as
              "chialea" to try and solicit some responses.
2001/12/18-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:23294 Activity:moderate
12/18   How does a unix box decide when to send traffic to the default
        route?  ARP or network address?
        \_ network address
           \_ So what is ARP used for these days?
              \_ ARP maps IP to MAC. Without the ARP table, you
                 can't send ethernet frames to your router, etc.
                 \_ So you really dont need to keep track of ARP broadcasts
                    from other people on your subnet, since the switch and
                    router figure out where everythign should go?
                    \_ If you have a switch, but you can't assume that
                       you are connected to a switch, since you could
                       be connected to a hub and there is no easy way
                       to determine that in software.
        \_ Huh?  Default route is gateway of last resort;  if a machine can't
           find a more specific route via another IP (i.e. a multihomed box,
           or a computer on a segment with several gateways) it sends traffic
           to the default gateway.  If it's on an ethernet segment, traffic
           gets to that default router via ARP, otherwise via whatever other
           layer2 protocol is used.  Two different things.  -John
        \_ UH, default route points to an IP address, ARP is what the system
           uses to find out what ethernet MAC address is associated with that
           IP address.
           \_ I think he means does the unix box send out an arp request
              for an IP address which it knows is outside the local network
              (because of the subnet mask), or does it just send the packet
              to the default route. I don't know, but snoop the network and
              you'll find out.
              \_  the kernel tries to send out a packet, wants to send it to
                  the default route, and if there's no arp entry for the
                  gateway router's ip address, either holds onto the packet
                  until it gets an arp entry, or dumps it.   If the gateway
                  IP isn't on one of the connected networks, what happens then
                  is system dependent (some systems wont let you set a default
                  route to an ip address it has no route for).
                  \_ if the gateway IP is not a directed connected network
                     (or a network which the host has a static route to it).
                     it's a configuration error.
                     \_ well some (broken) systems *will* let you configure
                        a default router ip address that  has no routes to it.
                        not exactly an  'error' in the frame of its
                        configuration, but still something that shouldn't work.
2001/12/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:23280 Activity:nil
12/16   [ Stupid whining deleted ]
        \_ Here's succinct: soda doesn't work with cable modem.
           \_ It will, but they charge extra.
           \_ WTF? you're too succinct.
2001/12/17-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:23277 Activity:high
12/16   My DSL ISP is near death, and Covad is offering me continued connect-
        tivity through their "Safety Net" program (otherwise known as the "We
        Already Know You're Desperate, So ..." program). I live in the boonies
        and my cable co. can barely manage regular TV, so IDSL is the only
        technology available to me and Covad the only company that wants to
        bother with it. Problem is, their 12-month contract comes with a $500
        termination fee (non-pro-rated) and I'm certain I'll be moving *some-
        time* before 12 months is up. Anyone out there been cancelled and
        shafted by Covad, or know someone who has? What would you do in a
        similar situation? Drop back to modems and go in to work more often?
        Any exotic broadband options that I'm not thinking of?  -- kahogan
        \_ don't you live in SJ, near Adobe and the big hubs around it?
           \_ Nope, Morgan Hill. If I lived in SJ, this'd be easy. -- kahogan
        \_ What about Sprint wireless ? satellite
                \_ didn't sprint ION die?
                   \_ Yes. I was very upset when they canceled my order.
                      But he wasn't asking about ION he asked about Sprint
                      wireless which is different than ION.
            \_ starband
        \_ When FirstWorld went under I was shafted by Covad. I switched
           to They provide a pacbell line but handle all the
           setup and stuff, and it's a static IP line for the price of
           pacbells stupid PPPoE line.
        \_ Use the Safety Net, and switch to another ISP (I switched to
  when FirstWorld went under). When you move out in 6 months
           or whenever, see if the person moving in wants DSL, and they can
           pay you $50/mo for it. Otherwise, just keep paying the $50/mo. You
           lose out on $300, so your average monthly fee comes out to be about
           $100/mo. You're in the Valley, you can afford $100/mo for broadband.
           \_ and what if the person moving in wants DSL but lies about it?
              \_ Then you're out the ~$300. If he DOES pay you, you're not out
                 anything and your average DSL cost is still just $50/mo.
2001/12/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:23274 Activity:high
12/16   VPN cable modem crap deleted. lotsa words, little substance.
        Keep your posts relevant, succinct, clear and entertaining.
        There have been lots of long-winded diatribes lately.
        Please save the bullshitting and essay-writing for class or
        your employer's weekly status reports.
        \_ Here's succinct: soda doesn't work with cable modem.
           \_ It will, but they charge extra.
           \_ WTF? you're too succinct.
2001/12/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:23273 Activity:nil
12/16   VPN cable modem crap deleted. lotsa words, little substance.
2001/12/11-12 [Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:23215 Activity:high
12/11   Alpha Chi Sigma has rooms available for the spring semester.
        The house is on northside, 3 blocks from soda hall and
        has an ethernet behind a DSL router.
        email Edward Pizzini <> for more information
        \_ Ran out of people to haze this year?
           \_ c'mon, be fair... they probably just ran out of goats to
              have people with. [I think this is funny and will keep
              haze people with. [I think this is funny and will keep
              restoring it everytime you delete it. hoser.]
              \_ motd was restored.  old motd.  Also, don't you know ACS
                 is a professional Chemistry fraternity?  There is a picture
                 of some membership on the latest College of Chemistry
                 alumni mag.
                 \_ professional, eh? Well I say, where there's hazing
                    there's goats.
           \_ Yes, we stopped playing "Guess The Acid Taste Test" after
              someone drank a whole cylinder of fuming nitric like a shot.
2001/12/11-12 [Computer/Networking] UID:23208 Activity:moderate
12/07   I'm a big lazy wimp who has been spoiled by the nice easy
        GUI that comes with Firewall one.  Anyone know a nice
        easy gui frontend for managing netfilter/ipfw rules?
        \_ vi
        \_ \
          As a general tip, especially with things like ipfilter's keepstate
          & similar functions under ipchains/ipfw/netfilter/whatever,
          text-based firewall rules tend to be far friendlier to administer
          in the long run;  GUI firewalls lose you a lot of overview and
          quick editing functionality, especially if you're dealing with
          large numbers of rules.  -John
2001/12/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:23184 Activity:nil
12/7   Is it possible to setup an ADSL router to support both DHCP and static
       IP addresses at the same time? Essentially what I need is to have two
       servers up on the network to be viewable by the outside, while the
       rest of the computers use DHCP. I have five IP addresses available to
       me, and I'd like to only use them for the servers. I assume that this
       somehow can be done, but does it require additional hardware, like
       a VPN box? Or should this be built into the router? The guy from
       PacBell was clueless when I asked him this question and put us on
       vanilla DHCP.
       \_ sounds like a pretty basic DHCP server setup to me.  the static
           addresses either statically defined, or set up with dhcp statics, and
           then a dynamic range over the rest.  The only problem you might run
           into is if your ISP runs a dhcp server on your same segment,
           assigning random addresses you have no control over.
        \_ Yes. Static routes and dhcp have nothing to do with each other.
           Your clients will be on the inside of your router so you can hand
           out those addresses as you like.
2001/12/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:23149 Activity:high
12/3    What's a good wireless networking solution to use (with WEP encrypt,
        ease of configurability, etc)? Thanks.
        \_ gee, all of the above is very interesting, but can someone fuckin'
           tell me what brands (sw/hw) are recommended/not recommended ok thx
           \_ i like lucent ap-1000's.  --jon
           \_ I have an RG-1000, which is the same as the Apple Airport, but
              it looks like an iron instead of a UFO.
           \_ I have an LinkSys BEFW11S4 and its pretty good, and is a
              4 port switch and cable-modem/DSL router to boot. -ERic
2001/11/28-29 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:23129 Activity:nil
11/28   Anyone know the pinouts for the console port on a Zyxel 643?
        For some reason i can't seem to get it to accept any input
        with the cables i've tried.
2001/11/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:23118 Activity:high
11/27   netstat -na reports that I have daemons listening
        on ports 515,
        111, and 1023.  How do I figure out what processes are listening
        \_ /etc/services can tell what services are _supposed_ to use
           those ports.  lsof can tell which processes are actually using
           what ports.
        \_ lsof -i:<portnum>
           Likely, 111 is portmap, 515 is lpd and 1023 is some rpc based
           service that binds to a semi-random port.
           \_ thanks
        \_ Just so you know, 90+% of attacks reported by portsentry on
           my firewall is for ports 53, 111, and 515.  Stupid redhat.
           FreeBSD rules.
2001/11/22 [Computer/Networking] UID:23076 Activity:low
11/21   How do I find out if my LAN is multi-cast capable or multiple
        \_ Your LAN is multicast capable.  Congratulations!!1
2001/11/21 [Computer/Networking] UID:23069 Activity:high
11/21   What is the <DEAD><DEAD> domain?
        \_ Home IP -- PPP dial-up access. Started in 1993 or so.
           \_ ahh, so dynamic I.P.s yes?  Follow up question: Why would
                i have [someone] in the ARP table of my linux
                box which is NATed?
              \_ used to be static.  moved to dynamic about a year ago.
                \_ Static, I think. At least it was static back in 1993-1995.
                   I don't know why you have it in your ARP table.
2001/11/9 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22984 Activity:kinda low
11/8    Is there a way to do access control lists using .htaccess files in
        apache?  I want to do something like if src IP is A then redirect
        to this URL.  if src IP is B, deny.  If src IP is C, then permit.
        That kind of stuff.  I've been getting a lot of hits that try to
        execute cmd.exe or some other NT stuff.  To exploit IIS. But my server
        is a unix box.  They're getting to be annoying and I want to filter
        them out.  Thanks.
        \_ You can certainly block certain IP addresses using the Allow
           and Deny directives.  Don't know if .htaccess does redirects
           based on IP address.  You should go on google and type in
           "htaccess allow deny".
        \_ You can do anything you want (almost) with mod_rewrite (it's one
           of the standard modules).  Check out:

        [MOTD partially restored; apparently someone thought
         it was too long - boo-hoo....]
2001/11/4 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22926 Activity:low
11/3    What is Netgraph? I'm trying to run ppp -ddial in freebsd to get
        my dsl (which uses PPPoE) to work, and it says "Netgraph is not
        built into the kernel."
        \_ ah ha! I was just doing that today. you need to add
           options NETGRAPH to your kernel and rebuild. also, upgrade
           to 4.4-STABLE if you can, pppd does auto MTU fixing in the
           latest version. --chucky
                \_ you are ugly chucky
2001/10/26-27 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22846 Activity:kinda low
10/26   What's the difference between a UART and a COM port?  I thought a
        COM port is just a UART wired to a physical 9-pin or 25-pin connector.
        Thanks for any info.
        \_ A COM port is just the Windows take on a serial interface, whether
           it's a UART on the motherboard, a internal modem, or a PCCARD

        [Someone nuked the MOTD again.]
2001/10/20-21 [Computer/Networking] UID:22780 Activity:moderate
10/19   any netrkers know how to set upd for linksys router?
        \_ Turn on UDP_PORTSWAP--how to do that is client-specific.  With
           Netrek 1999, just run "netrekp" instead of "netrek".  -tom
2001/10/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22779 Activity:very high
10/19   Home Gateway recommendations wanted. I am thinking of getting
        a NetGear RP114. I use Pacbell DSL (dhcp not static ip). Any
        pros/cons to using this model? Is there a better one within
        the same price range? (approx $120). thanks.
        \_ I use a Linksys for around $98.  It has firewall, IPSEC
           support, 10/100 support.  No "parental control" though.
           \_ i recommend this too. who wants to futz with old, loud, bulky
              power-drawing pc's that you need a hub for anyway and are a pain
              to maintain and don't have instructions? i guess if you're too
              poor for 100 bucks or want to practice sysadminning use a pc.
           \_ i recommend this too. who wants to futz with old, loud,
              bulky power-drawing pc's that you need a hub for anyway and
                 with routers based on a general purpose computers if you
                 know what you're doing.
              are a pain to maintain and don't have instructions? i guess
              if you're too poor for 100 bucks or want to practice
              sysadminning use a pc.
              \_ Granted, the $100 broadband gateways also have many
                 \_ true enough. the firewalls in the cheap routers are pretty
                    limited. don't block outgoing traffic for one thing.
                 \_ the decision is really between how much time you're willing
                    to invest for the features you need.  FreeBSD/Linux router
                    is more configurable and probably cheaper.  Off-the-shelf
                    router is easier to configure (well, they're pre-configured)
                    but won't be as configurable.
                 limitations. You can do lots of advanced and cool stuff
                 with routers based on general purpose computers if you
                 know what you're doing. The disadvantages of using a PC
                 as a gateway, on the other hand, are the heat, noise, and
                 maitenance costs as you mention it.
                 \_ true enough. the firewalls in the cheap routers are
                    pretty limited. don't block outgoing traffic for one
                 \_ the decision is really between how much time you're
                    willing to invest for the features you need.  FreeBSD
                    or Linux router is more configurable and probably cheaper.
                    Off-the-shelf router is easier to configure (well, they
                    are pre-configured) but won't be as configurable.
                 \_ My openbsd box is also dns host for my domains, dhcp, nat,
                    ssh server, packet filter, email, www server, etc, etc.
                    Built from hw people give away free with a free OS you
                    can't beat the price.  Power and heat and noise?  I don't
                    sleep next to it.  It just sits there humming.  You don't
                    have to overclock it.  A p5 system is quieter than anything
                    you'll buy today, doesn't use much more power than your
                    linksys and does more.  It's your choice.
        \_ Or try an old 386 with *BSD on it.
        \_ running a p100 with linux 2.4 on it.
        \_ I run a Sparc20 with OpenBSD--it's a bit loud, but works great.
           I run ipfilter/ipnat, and draw dhcp on the outside, and serve
           private dhcp out of four interfaces; also ntp forwarder, dns
           forwarder out the internal interface (very cool if you have more
           than one machine and want dns even if your link dies.)  This is
           the best and most flexible (and cheapest) option if you are willing
           to put a little time into setting it up.  -John
                \_ does one have to be a net guru, or are there
                   instructions (web/book) easily available? thx.
                   \_ ipfilter is pretty well documented at
                        <DEAD><DEAD>  NTP is at
               , a good dhcp
                        implementation is at FreeBSD
                        is at and google is your
                        friend.  And you can always ask nicely when the docs
                        don't float your boat 8)  -John
                        \_ The openbsd FAQ at is pretty useful
           \_ I agree, a SS20 + OpenBSD is makes a nice home gateway.
                        \_ ok thanks!
           \_ I agree, a SS20 + OpenBSD is makes a nice home gateway. I use
              mine to do ipfilter/ipnat, dhcp for my nat'ed systems, mail
              (postfix + imap) for my domain, web caching and http. I'm
              planning to set it up to handle mail to news for some email
              lists I read and I'll probably put my internal cvs repository
              on it as well.
              I figured most of it out from the FAQ on If
              you want a printed book I'd recommend Building Linux and OpenBSD
              firewalls by Sonnenreich and Yates. ----ranga
              \_ wow, someone else who bought that book.  Anyway yeah the
                 book is pretty good, but alas only covers ipchains.  ipchains
                 and ipfw suck because they are stateless, they can't tell
                 one connection from another by the packets... which make
                 you just a little bit more vulnerable.  Anyway, if you care
                 enough you might want to go with ipf or iptables to get
                 that extra check.  And then run snort or lids.  One
                 annoying thing about the book, is that it is rather redhat
                 based for the linux side, and who the hell uses redhat for
                 a firewall in their right mind?
                 \_ uh, what's wrong with redhat as a firewall?
                    \_ it has all the security features that make win98
                    under OpenBSD.
                       a desireable firewall platform.
                 \_ The book covers ipfilter and state-full firewalling
                    under OpenBSD. I can't comment on the linux bits,
                    as I don't really care about linux.
2001/10/17-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:22760 Activity:moderate
10/17   A question for those who have lived in Switzerland.  What is the best
        way to get broadband connection in Geneve?  Does the "telereaseau"
        thing support cable modem?  Most people here haven't even heard of it.
        \_ I don't know about Switzerland, but in France (Paris, at
           least) the local cable company (Cable Lyonnaise) was
           selling subscriptions for cable modems.  And this was in
           1999.  So likely the Swiss have heard of it, especially in
           Geneva. -cathyg
              \_ Swiss Cheese, Cable Mayonnaisse
           \_ Paris is a world apart from Geneva.  I have met > a dozen real
              estate agents and property owners in downtown Geneva during my
              search for housing and none of them has heard of cable modem.
              \_ Why the hell are you there then? Trying to find white chicks?
                \_ you know the saying, Europeans are dumb and Americans rule.
                   Or is it the other way around?
                  \_ Other way around.  Americans rule and Europeans are dumb.
        \_ Telereseau is the cable network;  contact your cable provider,
           or have a look at (run it
           through babelfish or google, and send them a nice mail to ask
           for details.)  Also, Swisscom, Agri and Sunrise all offer *DSL
           in most areas.  I'm in Zurich;  mail me if you'd like me to dig
           up some more details.  -John
2001/10/11-12 [Computer/Networking] UID:22688 Activity:moderate
10/10   What's the best way for a potential EE grad student (from
        industry) to get in touch with some recent admits?  Are there any
        colloquia scheduled on this matter?  --mjm
        \_ maybe if you do enough colloquia to a girl she'll get an orgasm?
        \_ Mail Sheila Humphries or have him mail her himself. Don't forget,
           her mail doesn't work with cable modem.
                                      \_ eh?
                                         \_ it's a stupid in-joke that's been
                                            going on for a while.  pay attention
        \_ um, and what is the point of doing so? There is thing thing
           called the Industry Liason where people from both sides meet.
2001/10/5-6 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22636 Activity:low
10/4    I have one win2k pc (with modem and network card) and one freebsd
        box (with only a network card). If the pc can get online thru its
        modem, is there a way to get internet on my bsd machine if I connect
        the two together thru their network cards?
        \_ After you login in Win2k, press F1, then type in Internet
           connection sharing.
           \_ then close that window, open up your network connections thing,
              go to the properties of the internet one, click the sharing tab,
              and share it with the LAN connection.
2001/9/21 [Computer/Networking] UID:22566 Activity:nil
9/20    person who asked about bombing back to stone age (ps article cannot
        be viewed with cable modem):
        \_ Why can't it be view with cable modem?
                \_ new around here aren't you?
                   \_ I must have missed some earlier discussions.
           \_ I think it's a joke amongst two roommates who are pissed off at
              @Home and blame everything, including BSD, X11 forwarding,
              Saddam Hussein, and so forth to problems attributed to Cable
              Modem. Their address is 2150 Channing Way, in case you want to
              ask them more questions.
2001/9/18-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:22520 Activity:high
9/18    I have seen several people (mostly grads but some undergrads)
        walking around soda with 802.11(b) cards on laptops. I have
        a card of my own... does anyone know if there is some way I
        can gain access to the wireless LAN? Thanks.    - rory
        \_ AirSnort
           \_ You know, you're not half as funny or clever as you think
              you are.
              \_ neither are you.
              \_ uh... AirSnort is a real thing.
                 \_ Yes. I see that now. I'm an idiot then. My apologies sir!
                 \_ Oh.  I'm an idiot then.  My apologies sir!
        \_ officially? no.  you need the special IDSG cards with
           mac addrs on their access list.  The best/easiest way to get
           wireless is to work with a prof and have them get it for you thru
           IDSG and their grant funds. - paolo
           \_ (granted, you can just change your mac address....
               figure out the key... hypothetically)
              \_ Provided you know what mac addresses are allowed ...
                 What, you thought everything is free here? --Jon
                 \_ ping scan the network, then look at
                    arp -n | grep -v incomplete
           IDSG and their grant funds. - paolo (granted, you can just
           change your mac addres.... figure out the key... hypothetically)
2001/9/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:22338 Activity:very high
9/6     Has anybody purchased a "Catch-a-call"? Supposedly, you
        plug it into the phone jack and you can now recieve
        phone calls while logged on. -fab
        \_ Why would you be using your telephone line to log in?  Do you
           live in some third world country?
                \_ Yes, I am working in South Side Chicago - a third world
                country. No DSL in my neighborhood, phone lines can't deal
                with cable modem, etc. Just - does this gadget work?
                Yes or no? -fab
                \_ Your phone lines can't deal with cable modems?  You poor,
                   poor soul.
                        \_ South Side Chicago really approached a third
                         world country in many respects. -fab
                           \_ I say, son, I keep on a'pitchin' 'em, and you
                              keep on a'missin' 'em.  you're missing the joke.
                              are you saying you can't get cable TV over phone
                              lines in Chicago either?  Man, that sucks.  What
                              about power?  No?  Jebus.
                \_ Why not get a second phone line or a cell phone then?
                        \_ gadget==$70, extra phone line >> $70 -fab
                           \_ Move to Palatine or something.
        \_ there's a product called Hot-Call.  If a call comes in
           while you are on (requires call waiting), the hot-call product
           rings.  You can choose to answer or ignore.  If you answer,
           your modem connection will end.
                \_ the catch a call add claims you can do both. Is this
                bogus? or even possible? -fab
                \_Read the fine print fab: "If you decide to answer the
                call... simply pick up the phone at your station. CAC will
                "Flash" the line for you automatically, putting the
                computer and ISP on-hold for you. (The computer usually
                disconnects at this point, since it does not "Hear" the ISP
                any longer)."
2001/9/6 [Computer/Networking] UID:22330 Activity:nil
9/4     So is it hard to sign up for AtHome or PacBell DSL given all these
        changes of epic proportions?
        \_ Well, they're still advertising their services
        \_ I switched from firstworld to pacbell dsl by going to
           It was quite painless. Once I got router and the ip info from
           sonic, all I need to do was edit /etc/hostname.qe0, /etc/mygate
           and reboot.
2001/8/29-30 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:22277 Activity:kinda low
8/29    I have PacBell DSL with 1 dynamic IP.  I don't have the $$$ to buy
        a router with NAT.  I'm looking for software NAT for windows 2000.
        Is there such a thing?  I know freebsd can do it, but I can't run
        freebsd.  And hopefully some firewall capability too.
        \_ It eez built eento windoze 2k.  look et help undr "Internet
           Connexion sharing".
        \_ check out for free firewall(basic
        \_ You're paying $40-$50/mo for the connection and can't spend $80 for
           a hardware firewall/router/etc.?
2001/8/24 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:22254 Activity:nil
8/23    Help stop the spread of Internet surveillance:
2001/8/23-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:22221 Activity:kinda low
8/23    What speed do you guys usually get on your PacBell DSL?  I just got
        it working yesterday and using the various speed test pages, I'm
        getting anywhere from 400-700K.  I've also heard that PacBell caps
        your speed even if you're close to the CO.  Is that true?  Anybody
        get 1 meg speeds?  Thanks.
        \_ I get about 1.2 Mb down and 128 Kb up with PacBell. --dim
        \_ Does PacBell use PPPoE?  Is there any signficant disadvantage to
           \_ Yes. Your IP address will change once in a while and that should
              kill all active TCP/IP sessions. PPPoE software sucks too.
              Either get DirecttvDSL or Sonic DSL. Same speed and price but
              you get a static IP.
              \_ will sonic or directtv be around?
                \_ don't know about sonic but the rumor is that directv is
                   one of the few nation-wide DSL companies that is large
                   enough to survive the DSL turmoil. DSL is just one
                   of many other servives they sell.
2001/8/20-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:22184 Activity:low
8/20    Has anyone here ever set up an IPSEC vpn between a Cisco router
        and a Netscreen box?  If so, can you give me some tips?  I think
        I'm missing something painfully obvious.  -John
        \_ Did you open up the IPSEC traffic?
           \_ Yeah, both sides are doing NAT, and both have completely
              open filters/access lists.  I can see the remote Netscreen
              box in my IPSEC SA, but the Netscreen doesn't seem to be
              picking up the cisco's ISAKMP negotiation.  -John
2001/8/20-21 [Computer/Networking] UID:22181 Activity:moderate
8/20    Please submit cheap and easy way for my 1 @home machine to give
        access to other machines in home?
        \_ buy a cheap router (~$100) ... or put dual NICs in one of your
           machines and have it act as a proxy
        \_ Assuming you have a static IP, get a Linksys router.  I got one
        with 8 10/100 ports and setting it up is really simple.  I've heard
        that if you don't have a static IP the Linksys sucks. -eric
        \_ but there is a number of similar products from netgear, smc,
           d-link, etc. check out
        \_ Don't bother. @home is going belly up any minute now.
           \_ So this is cool.  I had: @Home, then @Home + DSL (Northpoint).
              Northpoint goes boom, they put me on Rhythms (about 2 months
              ago).  Rhythms goes boom.  They're moving me to Covad now.
              Let's see if @Home can live until my Covad lights up, but
              before Covad fails to get their required funding to live till
              2002.  Argh.
        \_ Free: Install 2 NIC, enable connection sharing in windows for
           NIC attached to @home.  Totally insecure...  Or go buy your favorite
           386 on ebay, install OpenBSD, nat, firewall, etc...
           \_ A machine in the P150, PII 266 or SS20 range will be much
              better than a 386, since you will be able to apply patches
              and rebuild faster.
           \_ Oh blarg.  Just pay $80 for a router/hub/firewall and be done with
              it.  I love my SMC Barricade--even has DHCP server, and can do
              PPPoE for my DSL connection.
2001/8/18 [Computer/Networking] UID:22161 Activity:low
8.17    We implemented an attack against WEP, the link-layer security
        protocol for 802.11 networks. The attack was described in a
        recent paper by Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir. With our
        implementation, and permission of the network administrator, we
        were able to recover the 128 bit secret key used in a production
        network, with a passive attack. The WEP standard uses RC4 IVs
        improperly, and the attack exploits this design failure. This
        paper describes the attack, how we implemented it, and some
        optimizations to make the attack more efficient. We conclude that
        802.11 WEP is totally insecure, and we provide some
        - thoughts?
        \_ I found that original paper a couple of weeks ago.  My thought
           is the obvious one: WEP is completely insecure, and to a
           passive attack.  - mikeym
        \_ My thought is that the pheds will probably throw you in jail
           for violating the DMCA.
2001/8/15-16 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:22120 Activity:nil
8/14    Could someone please repost the link to that article about the
        TCP/MS theory and how M$ is going to take over the internet?
        What were people's thoughts on this?
        \_ I found the link in a motd archive... still really curious to
           hear others' thoughts on it though.
        \_ Cringely was just reiterating stuff from Gibson.
2001/8/14-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:22114 Activity:high
        Why the hell are Netscape and Cisco on the top 20 list? Netscape
        browser is dead, few people use it nowadays. Cisco is a corporate
        monopolistic monster that buys other companies, has very little
        innovation and has messed up the housing crisis in the Bay Area.
        Fuck them both.
        \_ Having worked for the government, cisco, sun and several
           startups, IMHO cisco is the best company to work for bar none.
           The environment was great, the facilities and equipment were
           good, the products were reliable and well liked, management
           was outstanding and the compensation was excellent. - cisco alum
        \_ You work for Micro$oft?
        \_ Toyota, Honda, Yamaha and Nissan are California based?
           \_ yeah the North American divisions are. it's for tax purposes
              and to avoid all the negative publicity of imports of the 80's
              \_ I thought Lexus, Acura and Infinity were created for this
                 purpose while Toyota, Honda and Nissan still continued calling
                 themselves Japanese companies.
                 \_ That's 2ndary, Lexus and Acura were created because
                    toyota and honda were too associated with econo-boxes
                    so they can compete with benz and BMW. and while you have
                    most toyotas and hondas made in the U.S. noww - most
                    lexus,acura, infinitis are still made in japan .
2001/8/9-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:22063 Activity:moderate
8/9     Does anybody know what Cringely is talking about when he says that
        winXP's "open TCP sockets" design will make the virus situation
        worse?  If CodeRed can ping around, isn't that about the same as
        raw socket access?
        \_ Are you talking about that Gibson guy who saws raw sockets is
           \_ the problem is with 'open TCP sockets' programs can be written
              that can forge IP addresses and do other nastiness, making
              DOS attacks harder to trasck down.  ISPs could stop this with
              ingress filtering, but they are generally too lazy.
              \_ RED and PushBack will solve the (D)DoS problem if properly
                 implemented by about 20% of the internet.
        \_ He's ripping off the statements made by some guy from
2001/8/9-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:22062 Activity:low
8/9     A DSL line splits the digital and voice into different frequencies.
        Theoretically they should not interfere with each other.  But a
        friend of mine have PacBell DSL and very often I cannot reach him.
        When I can't get through it's usually busy or nobody answers.  I
        can confirm the problem by calling his cell phone and making sure that
        nobody is using the line.  Anybody have come across this problem with
        PacBell DSL?  I'm wondering if this is a wiring problem or something
        fundamentally wrong with the line itself.
        \_  depends on how the DSL was installed -- PB installed a splitter
           and filters on my line to separate the signals.  I hear in newer
           'self install's they dont do that.
           \_ with self-installs, you get a packet of filters to put on every
              phone line that doesn't use DSL (as well as a splitter or two).  I
              forgot to put one on the answering machine and it was hanging up
              on people before they could leave messages.  So put the filters
2001/8/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:22042 Activity:high
8/7     free and easy NT/win2000 FW?  It is for the girlfriend.  She jsut got
        DSL.  I will eventually have her nat'ed but in the meantime...
        \_ get a $100 hardware NAT box such as netgear RT314, SMC, linksys, etc
        \_ I love the SMC Barricade (4 port hub/PPPoE in hardware/Print server/
           DHCP server/FW).  $80 last I checked.
           \_ I don't love the Barricade; I had one, and it broke.  I sent it
              back to SMC for a replacement; the replacement broke.  They
              wanted to send me a third unit; that's when I said "no thanks,
              I'd like my money back so that I can buy a NetGear" (an RT314
              which has been working just fine now for months.)  -- kahogan
        \_ Free? Tiny Personal Firewall or Zonealarm. Zonealarm is very easy,
           but really, I find it more useful to block outgoing than incoming.
2001/8/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:22023 Activity:moderate
8/6     FirstWorld no longer provides DSL service in SF. I need a new ISP.
        Any recommendations (or "stay away from"'s)?
        \_ I got screwed by FW as well. I ended up ordering from
           They use PacBell as a line provider but they handled all the
           pacbell interactions and you still get a static IP (all for ~
           $55/mo). They have even called me to make sure my account and
           line were working and have sent me email everytime something
           was done to process my order. So far I'm quite happy.
        \_ Covad 385kbps UP for $75/mo
        \_ Ahem. That would be Third World.
           \_ Not available in all areas. Bummer for me.
2001/8/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:22013 Activity:high
8/5     Any recommendations for wireless networking setup (card/AP)?
        Requirements: robust, work w/FreeBSD & Linux, work with Berkeley
        network, reasonably secure, reasonably cheap.  Performance
        is not a major concern (basically I got sick of wires in the
        apartment, and want to replace them with 802.11b).
        \_ be careful, it looks like the current encryption scheme (WEP?)
           sold in most wireless LAN products today isn't strong enough
           keep your data from curious neighbors. saw an article in sj
           mercury news about it yesterday.  something to do order of
           "anyone with a laptop and wireless pcmcia card can break into
           most wireless crypto methods in about an hour"..
           \_ so use ssh.  duh.  -tom
           \_ Its Wireless Equivalent Privacy. WEP is not an encryption
              scheme. Its purpose is to make it just as hard to tap a
              wireless link as it is to tap a cat5 or fiber link. Its
              not designed to make the link more secure than standard
              Just using wires doesn't make it any more secure. Even
              on wired switched ethernet its possible to read cleartext
              passwords using snoop or a catos/ios packet capture prog.
              BTW, if its poorly shielded cat5k cable, you perform a
              wiretap without splicing cables.
              If you are worried about security, use strong encryption.
              \_ But you can physically secure the cat5 wires as well as the
                 switches and routers, specially on a home network. Also, since
                 the switched ethernet is becoming more common it should be
                 very hard to sniff anything if at all and to get to the
                 switch/routers you likely need access to the secured area
                 where they are located within most organization. With 802.11b
                 you can sit safe and cozey in your office and sniff as far as
                 the other guy's laptop across the hall.
                    \_ So you are using double sheilded zero leakage cat5k
                       cable in your home? Wow! Are you using serial console
                       only to your networking equipment with the physical
                       console on a lcd so the FEDs can't read your screen?
                       \_ The KEYBOARD. You forgot about the KEYBOARD cable.
                 \_ It is simple to sniff switched wired networks if you
                    can plug into them.  -tom
                 \_ I thought many of these boxes (in particular Apple Airport,
                    but probably others) offer access lists based on MAC
                    address... wouldn't that help with sniffing?
                    \_ No. MAC based authentication is required for joining
                       the network and using active attacks. The WEP "attacks"
                       are all passive.
                       BTW, for all you cordless phone users, did you know
                       that with a few hundred dollars worth of ham radio
                       equipment I could listen to all your calls?
                       \_ Yea, but I use CDMA cell phones.
                          \_ Good for you. I guess I can put my parabolic
                             mic away now.
                             \_ Are those round transparent things on the
                                sidelines during a NFL football game parabolic
                 \_ Good point!  I keep my home network secured by keeping all
                    of my routers inside locked Faraday cages and covering the
                    outside of my house with aluminum foil.
        \_ WEP fallibliity aside, I find the Linksys BEFW11S4 to be a pretty
        good box, does wireless, network switch, DSL/Cable connection, the
        whole deal, and fully configurable through web browser. I've used
                                   \_ Does this mean that if I have e.g. an
                                      ATT Cable modem, this will be enough
                                      hardware to allow multiple machines w/
                                      wireless ethernet cards to access the
                                      \_ Yes. You can even get them with 4
                                         port switches. DHCP is supported
                                         out of the box.
        several wireless products, and as an Access point the linksys is
        the best I've seen so far. The lucent/(now Agere) wireless cards
        are really nice too, and they have linux/BSD as well as windows
        drivers.  -ERic
           \_ I also have one of the linksys PCMCIA cards. Not as nice as
           the agere/lucent one, and no option for a range extender antenna,
           which is kinda annoying. And yeah, the linksys card sucks
           for reception.  I find it odd that most of the complaints on
           the amazon reviews of the ACCESS POINT were actually complaints
           about an entirely different product, the wireless cards. -ERic
        \_ Thanks for the info.  I am aware of the security issues with WEP,
           but imho having an internet-connected computer exposes you to
           a comparable (if not greater) risk.  I am interested in hands-on
           experience people have with different hardware.  Linksys box
           has mixed reviews on Amazon, and I've seen postings to lists
           about protocol conformance issues (might be fixed in recent
           releases.)  Has anyone tried SMC? NetGear?  Lucent is nice,
           but it's also more expensive.
           \_ I've tried the addtron AP.  Works fine without WEP, could
               not get its encryption to work with anything else.  The
               lucent AP is damn nice, but really pricey.  I wouldn't
               recommend it for home use, unless you have money to burn. -ERic
        \_ I have a SMC Barricade wireless access point with the extra 3
           ports.  The documentation that comes with the product is spotty,
           and I had to download new firmware as soon as I got the box.  But
           it's been fairly trouble-free otherwise.  DHCP, PPPoE supported
           in-box with (very) limited control over the DHCP.
           I have a Mac with an Airport card and a PC with a Lucent WaveLAN
           gold on the network.  Unfortunately, the Airport only
           supports 40-bit WEP, the WaveLAN only supports 64-bit or 128-bit,
           and I believe the SMC only supports 64-bit, so I don't run WEP
           but rather ssh for all my non-web browsing activity.
           \_ I wanted WEP just to keep the idiots from piggy backing on my
              net.  Running without WEP and trusting ssh to keep your data
              secure doesn't help against parasitic denial-of-service when
              someone hooks up their computer to do WAREZ through your wireless
2001/8/5-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:22011 Activity:very high
8/5     I've just setup a new firewall at home and I'm looking for a
        tool to test it out. Any recommendations?
        I'm also running a caching DNS server on the firewall and I'd
        like to setup a rule that allows the server to make queries
        and recieve responses but that blocks inbound queries. I can't
        seem to figure out how to do this though as my ipf fu is weak.
        Any suggestions? Thanks.
        \_ you want it so that you can run internal dns, but not have
           external machines able to query your internal dns?  Can you
           run 2 nameservers on your network then?
           \_ Not necessary to run 2 nameservers, that's overkill.  BIND
              has a directive which allows you to specify which servers
              are allowed to query it.  I'll double-check and get back to
              \_ somewhat obviously, the option you want is 'allow-query'.
                 \_ This does not seem to be a supported BIND4 directive.
                    Do you know if there is an equivalent?
                    \_ No, there is no equivalent.
           \_ The caching nameserver handles the nameservice queries for
              the internal nat'ed network. The dns for the public systems
              in the dmz are hanled by my isp.
              In BIND8 you can tell it to bind() and listen() for connections
              on selected ip's on the system system, but I'm stuck running
              BIND4 which doesn't support this feature. Thus I'm trying to
              figure out a ipf rule that will allow me to run caching dns
              while preventing '1337 h4x0r5 from trying to exploit the
              \_ Why are you running BIND4?  There's no good reason to.
                 \_ Okay stuck was a bad choice of words. BIND4 for OpenBSD
                    has been audited while BIND8 has not. I just wanted that
                    extra level of protection and I wanted to avoid having
                    to install /usr/ports on the firewall in order to build
                    BIND8. Anyway it looks like I'm just going to have to
                    install BIND8. Thanks.
                    \_ Okay, let me get this straight.  You're running BIND
                       on your firewall box.  Are you INSANE?!?  If you
                       care about having a secure nameserver, don't run
                       BIND.  Run djbdns (Dan Bernstein's uber-paranoid
                       DNS server).
                       \_ OpenBSD BIND4 is audited. Its not the same as
                          stock BIND4 or BIND8. I thought about djbdns.
                          There are problems with the way that it does
                          recursive queries that break my webcache so
                          I can't use it.
                          As far as the firewall is concerned if udp 53
                          is open on my internal ip but closed on my
                          external ip, external attacks cannot exploit
                          any weaknesses in BIND. This is the level of
                          security I'm looking for. (I case this box is
                          hacked, I've got another with a similar image
                          ready to go, I can just power than one on and
                          switch over while the regular machine is being
                          reimaged from known safe media)
        \_ you could try ShieldsUp! at
           \_ The guy who runs this site is a freak! I don't know
                about the quality of his programs, but I would not
                want to support him.
              \_ why not?  sure, his site looks unprofessional, but you have to
                 respect someone who codes win32 apps in asm.  his denial of
                 service story is good reading too.
        \_ go to click on tools then port scan.
           \_ Thanks, I'll try this out.
        \_ May I reccomend nmapping your site from outside?
           \_ I've performed a TCP connect(), SYN, FIN, Xmas, NULL, and
              a UDP port scan. The only open port that was detected was
              tcp 22 (SSH) and udp 53 so most of my rules appear to be
              working. The bits I want to test are filter input and output
              packets with invalid source and destination addresses. I'm
              a nmap novice and can figure out how to do this. I suppose
              I could just write a raw packet generator, but someone must
              have already wrote one so I'm looking for recommendations.
2001/8/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:22009 Activity:high
8/4     If I have ADSL service from a company other than PacBell would it
        be possible to disconnect the phone service without loosing DSL?
        \_ it should be, but you can bet that there will be lots of
            trouble with the line in the future.  Techs like to 're-use' pairs
            that dont have 'dial tone' on them.  They can't check for DSL,
            so your line will very likely get inadvertantly cut.
            \_ but if this was true then there would be lots of SDSL-using folks
               unhappy about it. Remeber that SDSL does requires a dedicated
               phone line running to telco's CO.
2001/7/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:21971 Activity:high
7/27    If I setup a FreeBSD 4.* box as a DHCP client how will it know what
        ip address to assign to itself?  Will it somehow magically update
        /etc/hosts as needed, or does it use DNS somehow?
              \_ Point your browser at and configure it.  Then
                 use sysinstall to configure BSD for DHCP.
                 \_ And how will /etc/hosts get updated when DHCP server
                    gives my machine a different IP on boot?
        \_ Install WinME/XP/2000/98
        \_ Your DHCP _server_ will assign the IP.  This server is probably
           your own nat box or your ISP.  It doesn't update /etc/hosts, but
           to you might try going through /etc/ and grepping for
           "dhcp" and/or "ifconfig" to see how what happens to the IP after
           it is assigned.
        \_ Depending on how the DHCP server, as well as dhclient (or whatever
           other DHCP client you're using) are configured, you can also
           ask for a whole lot of other configuration (nameservers and things
           like that.)  It's even possible in certain cases to tell the
           DHCP server what values you will be assigned.  -John
           \_ Original poster here.  My DHCP server is my linksys
              router/firewall.  What should I do in this case?
              \_ return it and get a real one like the SMC or the Netgear
                 linksys sucks. read
                 \_ whatever. mine always worked fine.
                \_ Point your browser at and configure it.  Then
                   use sysinstall to configure BSD for DHCP.
              \_ @Home doesn't support Linksys. Unplug the router, wait five
                 minutes, then plug it in again.
2001/7/25 [Computer/Networking] UID:21947 Activity:nil
7/25    read an article about some company up there which has developed
        an method to transfer high bandwidth using phone line- Actelis
          "Actelis overcame a longstanding problem of cross-talk, the
        interference caused by transmitting such vast amounts of data
        over copper wire with low capacity - interference that leads to
        high error rates in the data. "We get around this using spatial
        division multiplexing," says CEO Yuval Baron, explaining that the
        company has developed an algorithm that allows for error
        correction, letting high amounts of traffic to pass over copper
        wires without a problem."
          I was under the impression that the encoding wasn't the problem-
        it was the power required. The FCC has an upped limit on the
        amount of power which can be trasmitted over the phone lines- And
        from what I know Higher bandwidth means you need higher signal /
        noise means higher power going through the lines. This is the
        limiting factor involved with 56K modem how they such as the FCC
        doesn't let them go higher. They let the phone companies get away
        with DSL as those go through different switches- so what am I
        missing here? How sure how this company can make money in the
        long run given FCC regs, competition with DSL, compeition with
        cable, and Long haul capacity underutilized.
          thoughts comments....
        \_ Hey, this was the first one that wasn't drivel.
          \_ no, it's still drivel. if someone else had posted a link to the
             story and made some coherent comments it might not have been.
          \_ wasn't the post signed by psb? and yes, it was total drivel
             and completely random question that didn't follow from
             the story.
             \_ i'm gonna keep putting drivel in motd.kinney even if it might
                be fake kinney. making fake drivel is pretty lame anyway so
                i'm gonna hope no one bothers.
             \_ Did we read the same post? The one I read was a question
                about transmission limits imposed on communications equip.
                by the FCC as it related to a new technology. It seems to
                be a non-drivel question.
2001/7/24-25 [Computer/Networking] UID:21939 Activity:nil
7/24    What is something useful to do with 1 or 2 metricom modems?
        the old style.  no i don't have service anymore.
        \_ modem throwing?
        \_ .25mile+ range on point to point links.
        \_ how do i do that?  got a url?
        \_ SLIP?
        \_ You could sell it on EBay.
2001/7/23 [Computer/Networking] UID:21911 Activity:nil
7/23    Looks like I'm stuck with either EarthLink or PacBell for
        DSL. Just how bad is PacBell? (I'm thinking about getting
        the business 128/1.5 line).
        \_ getting it installed usually sucks.  the service is fine once
           it's installed.  -tom
           \_ Do you know what the "modem" that the mention on their
              web page is? Is it a efficient networks bridge or is
              it some stupid intel PCI card?
              \_ They gave me an Alcatel 1000 ADSL router, ethernet-connected.
                 That was maybe two years ago though.  -tom
              \_ i got an efficient networks speedstream from earthlink
              last october. i'm in the mission, and service is down a few
              hours every couple weeks. btw, rates raised to $50/month from
              $40 w/o warning last month. -vann
2001/7/20 [Computer/Networking] UID:21871 Activity:nil
6/26     Finally i read something which had some REASON and showed the
        writer has actually looked at the economy and not just the

        "The simple truth is that many businesses don't see any need to
        buy new equipment until the earnings forecast improves. No amount
        of Fed easing can induce a business to buy computers,
        fiber-optics, semiconductors or routers it can't use
        "The unwinding of excess inventory and the hangover from the
        investment boom are impervious to short rates," said Ian
        Shepherdson, chief U.S.  economist at High Frequency Economics."

          Now if only something like this would get the exposure it
        requires and people come to realize that the manufacturing
        activity we had the last 2 years aint coming back. Remember the
        real estate boom 87-89.  baloon broke and didn't come back until
        around like 96-97. We are in a similar situation right now with
        manufacturing. But all you need to do it  ride up to the the
        mountain behind berkeley- I can't believe I forgot its name- and
        look out at the city- the streets and markets the cars and see
        how we (humans) are just leaches sucking everything from
        somewhere else.  The whole purpose of a city - the layout , the
        homes, the streets, utility lines, it to bring consumption to the
        consumers. I remember when I first saw it- on a bike ride with
        whsv, and you begin to believe just how powerful the
        consumption distrbuters are. You think everyone of those houses
        has a computer running windows, each one has an internet
        conenction, they all have cable, they all have to go to store,
        they all need to do to school ( yes school is a form of
        consumption - at least in my definition and considering it is my
        PhD thesis it better be right- people are basing everything off
        of human capital and i want to get in as the contrarian before
        they all start to realize they were all wrong- but it should be
        based off consumption- human capital requires consumption as a
        basis building block- Investment is slightly different as it is
        based solely on savings- if you consume now you can't invest
        direct trade off- ah my mind is beginning to work again-
          all the economists modelled "learning" as an investment-this
        correctly forecast the past 3 years of expansion- but it can't
        model the abrupt slowdown. If we look at consomption we get a
        better picture of the world- and note interesting enough I have
        flipped the tables a little- this defines elderly and the yound
        as pure consumers which are "bad" as they can't invest anything
        blah blah blah-
          my golf practice got rained out....... and I aint got nothing
        better to do. sorry for the words.
        \_ Is something wrong with kinney?  Someone have lunch with him
           and be his friend, please.
2001/7/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21867 Activity:high
7/19    I want to host a basic website running on my home computer. Any
        recs on a DSL provider that will let me have my own domain, whose
        service doesn't suck, and is under $100/mo?
        \_ First world has a 192K/1.5M line for $69/mo. The line comes
        \_ Firstworld has a 192K/1.5M line for $69/mo. The line comes
           with two static IPs and they don't care what domain name you
           register for those IPs.
           Alternatively you could try sprintbroadband (wireless). The
           "line" is 256K/2M for $49/mo and comes with one static IP.
           You need line of site to Monument Peak though.
           \_ Hey genius, Firstworld is dumping their DSL customers on
              Earthlink with no guarantees as of August 31st, so...
              \_ Where did you read this? I can't seem to find it on
                 their web page, but if its true, I need to switch my
                 line soon.
2001/7/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:21820 Activity:very high
7/16    ranga-- impressive resume. How did you go from a material sci
        geek to a computer geek?                #1 ranga fan
              \_ he was basically studying two majors as the same time.
                 He is almost a legend of our school year.  -- swings
                 \_ His reputation among H07 4ZN CH1X was no less
                    \_ In the words of Feynman: 'Have you got the right
                       fella?' ----ranga
        \_ I've been a computer geek most of my life (at least since
           the day my dad brought home a TI 99/4A from kmart). Most
           of my family has degrees in ME or MSE and I just went into
           that without really thinking about it too much. (I probably
           couldn't have got into EECS anyway).
           There are bits of MSE that are interesting (the physics more
           so than the engineering) but it is hard to find a MSE job
           that pays a decent wage. Thus I became a coder. I was very
           lucky to end up at cisco, etc. ----ranga
           \_ you should have attended Nick Weaver's talk on not going
              into CS for the money!  -tom
              \_ I didn't go into CS for making big bucks on IPOs,
                 options etc. I went into CS because it was the only
                 job I could get (cira 96) that paid a reasonable wage
                 and had decent working conditions.
2001/7/17 [Computer/Networking] UID:21816 Activity:nil
7/16    The administrators of domain refuse to ad an MX record
        for it, citing RFC 974 and claiming that ISPs should default to
        the web IP when sending to People trying to send to get their mails bounced because of lack of MX. ISP
        admins say "sorry, no MX, no mail". Neither side will reconfigure.
        Who's right?
        \_ is right. ISP admins should take their heads out of
           their respective asses and read said RFC.
           \_ I've had "MSCE"s tell me the same bullshit about machines
              at Cal.  They're full of shit.  If there's no MX record you
              deliver to the A.  -tom
           \_ Is it really the *web* IP?!
              \_ Alright, is right modulo the incorrect
                 term "web IP", probably due to the motd poster, not
        itself, and clearly meant to refer to the A
                 record. -- original responder
2001/7/16 [Computer/Networking] UID:21814 Activity:nil
7/16    Can you connect 2 dsl modems to one DSL line?
        \_ No.  Some DSL modems have dual hardware in them, so you can plug
           two lines (usually IDSL) into one modem to bond them for double
           bandwidth, but you cannot plug two DSL "modems" into one line.
        \_ why are we letting stupid gamers into the CSUA, who ask such
           stupid questions?
        \_ what? actually, the answer is "yes."
           \_ Why would you want to? --dim
              \_ i was just saying you can physically connect them...ha ha groan
2001/7/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:21804 Activity:insanely high
7/14  I just learned that our tech writer makes $110K a year, is
      my company stupid or do tech writers really deserve that much?
      \_ who hired it? is it sleeping with a VP?
                          \_ is it h07 4zn ch1x?
      \_ is (s)he actually any good?
                               \_ esp. in bed?
      \_ is someone feeling a little jealous?
      \_ Go and find out how much the sales guys/gals make. The good
         can make 2x-4x what mid-level engineers make.
           \_ Sales is a little different, its base + commission.
              Usually base is quite low.
            \_ Spoken like someone who has been told this but never seen
               actual figures. What's "low base" to a sales person is often
                  \_ at cisco the base was 55K to 65K - cisco alum
               "quite high" to an engineer. Salespeople are EXPENSIVE. AND
               they frequently suck ass.
                  \_ at cisco the base was 55K to 65K. Engineers
                     made about 75K to 100K + bonus (10-80% of
                     salary depending on grade and performance).
                     Sales didn't get the same sort of bonus.
                     - cisco alum
               \_ Of course, ass suckage is not limited to sales people.
               \_ Sun offered a coworker $110K + commission to do technical
                  sales. I know someone at Cisco who is entry-level (to
                  tech - he sold other stuff before then) who was offered
                  $80K + commission + $20K signing bonus. The good salesmen
                  make over $200K and sometimes $300K. They also have a
                  clear path of advancement. --dim
               \_ I overhear people at work "yeah, but when he was signed
                  on he was here for the commission; they were paying him
                  some crappy salary like $75k"  I sighed.
        \_ This seems a little high. At cisco the doc writers used to
           make about half of that. - cisco alum
      \_ It seems a bit high, but not by much, from what I've seen.  --chris
      \_ You company is stupid. Good companies do not pay the
         people who write the manuals more than the people who
         write the software.
2001/7/13 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:21790 Activity:high
7/13    I have an offer from a company that does SCSI over fibre channel.
        I'm curious about the viability of this market.
        Who are the key players in this market?
        What competing technologies are there, and what are the relative
        \_ is a good SAN info site. SCSI over
           fibre channel is the FCP protocol; it's the dominant protocol for
           connecting storage devices on SANs. iSCSI is an emerging competitor.
           Brocade and EMC are big Fibre Channel players. Cisco and some
           startups are moving into IP storage. There is a lot of activity in
           the industry. Saying you "do" FCP is pretty vague. The downturn has
           companies cutting back on IT spending but it's considered a growth
           area. Data explosion and all that.
2001/7/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:21786 Activity:high
7/12    What are the cheaper/better dialup services around?  Price?
        \_ I guess people don't use dialup anymore?
        \_ What happened to I tried to sign up but they
           wouldn't let me.
              \_ I have a couple questions pertaining to this:
                 1.  who's a reliable free isp for macs?  are there any left?
                 2.  I'm thinking of canceling my earthlink dsl on the 16th
                     (my six month contract is already up, so it's no longer
                      a $35 split every month anymore).  I would like to
                     get cable but alas, it ain't available in Cupertino.
                     I don't want to give in to these $50 dsl assholes,
                     but if I have to, who's the best alternative right now?
                 3.  What about that sprint wireless dsl or whatever that
                 4.  what IS the cheapest dialup deal?  Like ranga was saying,
                     dialup should be FREE.  I would even hazard to say
                     that broadband should be free, or at least available
                     cheaply.  I mean, if I was actually renting
                     an apartment I would be completely fucked paying
                     my cell phone bill, my dsl bill, on top of everything
                     \_ Trolling should be free (and usually is).
                     \_ Fry's offers unlimited dial-up service for $10/mo, but,
                        alas, it's Fry's...
                     \_ You must be a Communist.
        \_ offers dial-up service for $10.95/month.  You can roam,
           too.  I've had fairly good luck with them.  They use standard ppp
           so you can use *nix or whatever OS you want.
                \_ says 12.95 on their site + 5.00 setup fee. Anything else?
2001/7/3 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21706 Activity:nil
7/3     Metricom has declared bankruptcy:
2001/6/25-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:21622 Activity:nil
6/28    I am interested in writing some applications for J2ME/CDC,CLDC,MIDP, what
        kind of celluar phone/mobile equipment should I buy?
        \_ Well, Motorola has been claiming their Java-enabled phones are only
           six months away for the last 24 months.
        \_ How about a Palm with an Omniski? Not a phone but a CLDC/MIDP
           platform nonetheless. A Handspring with an 802.11 SpringPort card
           also works.
2001/6/25-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:21616 Activity:nil
6/25    I'm considering switching from DSL to Sprint Broadband (wireless).
        Does anyone have Sprint Broadband? If so, how is the service? Thanks.
2001/6/25 [Computer/Networking] UID:21615 Activity:nil
6/24    D00D!!!1!  WHUT HAPP3N3D 2 SLASHD0T???/??  D1D TH31R 3L33T BAND UV
        LUN1X HAXORS END UP G3TT1NG 0WN3D BY S0M30N3 ELS3????/??  HA HA!!!1!
        \_ what the fuck are you talking about?
           \_ /. had been down for the past two days.
        \_ Um, dude, their router (brought to you by the good folks at
           Cisco) died.  Linux had nothing to do with it.
2001/6/17-18 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:21551 Activity:kinda low
6/17    Any BGP gurus who can help me with a problem?  I'm trying to set up
        a unix box speaking BGP4 with a router (A) on one side, and OSPF with
        a router (B) hanging off another interface.  If both routers A & B
        have different /24 segments of the same B-class hanging off other
        interfaces, I am able to distribute the whole aggregated B-class
        (/16 network) from A to the unix box, and from there to router B,
        and I can see router B's /24s on the unix box, but cannot re-
        distribute those particular /24s to router A via BGP.  This is a
        Solaris box running gated, which is able to handle & redistribute all
        other BGP or OSPF-learned routes I throw at it.  Is BGP not able
        to redistribute a subnet in direction -> if it's learned the
        aggregated range this subnet is part of from <- ?  I'm a bit lost,
        since I can't find any docs on this particular behavior.  -John
        \_ I'm not too familiar with BGP, but you should probably ask
           this question on the nanog mailing list. ----ranga
           this question on the nanog mailing list rather than on the
           motd. ----ranga
2001/6/17-18 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21550 Activity:high
6/17    "By linking a grading system with computers that process subsidized
        lunches, for example, educators could tell whether poorer students
        perform better with certain teachers."
        \_ huh!  computers can do that??
           \_ Oh, yeah. They even have computers on the Internet now.
              \_ I heard that the Internet Superhighway had gotten jammed up
                 from too many computers on it, but I never see any computers
                 on the highway.
              \_ Internet, eh?
                 Maude, eh?
                 \_ I'm from Canada and they say I'm slow, eh.
                 \_ Who was that Maud person, anyway?
                    \_ NetHack fans unite!  Who plays here?
2001/6/14-15 [Computer/Networking] UID:21511 Activity:high
6/13    Does the open source business model work?
        \_ open source is NOT a business model dammit!  There are a variety
           of business models that can incorporate open source, and some of
           them work and some of them don't.
        \_ have you seen an "open source" company that had reported healthy
           and steady profits so far?
        \_ if "open source" == "linux" then at least one company managed
           to get the model to work (hint they were acquired by sun)
           \_ it almost seems like the way to make open source work is to
              be bought out by another company.  Another company I know
              was bought out by Cisco.
              \_ What company hasn't been bought out by Cisco?
                 \_ Cisco's acquisition rate was about 1 company every
                    two months from 1998-2000. Cisco passed on most
                    companies and mostly only purchased winners, linux
                    was not a winner in cisco's eyes. - cisco alum
                    \_ You talk about Cisco as if it was a good thing.
                       \_ Cisco is a great company with good engineering
                          and great management and sales. The corporate
                          culture was excellent as was the compensation
                          package. I would say that Cisco was probably
                          one of the best companies to work for and I
                          wouldn't mind returning in the future (once
                          my options vest at my current company).
           \_ Cobalt is a hardware company. Yes, Linux hardware companies
              will manage to make some money. What about the software
              companies? Promisses, promisses ..
              \_ Not all linux hardware companies make that much money.
                 Most of cobalt's competition (also linux based) went
                 under or are struggling (va & neteng). In any case
                 sans sun, cobalt would probably be in the same boat
                 as va or neteng, perhaps even worse.
        \_ Cygnus was around a reasonably long time weren't they? Oh wait,
        \_ It works for hardware companies (Sun, SGI, IBM, Cobalt, etc.)
           with decent products - saves them on software development costs.
                \_ Sun and SGI have decent products?
                   \_ Sun has decent products. The entire netra line
                      and the enterpise line (450 and upto E10K) are
                      very good and much cheaper (inital investment
                      and lifetime cost), much more so than the equivalent
                      from HP, IBM and Compaq. SGI used to be good,
                      but all they've got now is BlueMountain.
                      \_ SGI still makes decent products. They've been
                         a disaster, financially because they didn't
                         have a catchy slogan like "We're the Dot in
                         dot com" crap. That, and they flirted with NT
                         and Cray for a while
                         \_ NT was a disaster, but now they are peddling
                            Linux which is agruably worse for a niche
                            vendor like SGI. SGI also has problems in the
                            high end, since most of the clustering and
                            massively parallel technology came with the
                            cray acquisition which was subsequently sold
                            to sun. SGI was floundering as early as 96
                            and thier failure had little to do with
                            Sun's marketing and much more to do with a
                            unreliable os (irix has thousands of patches
                            and is a headache to maintain and develop
                            software for), properitary expensive hardware
                            and a weak/non-existant enterprise story.
                            Unlike apple, whose price points are low
                            enough for customers making up for a weak
                            enterprise story, SGI's prices were way too
                            high for most individuals and even most
                            companies, forcing them into the niche
                            of ultra high end graphics and scientific
                            computing, both of which are not long term
                            growth industries from a revenue standpoint.
                            \_ No shit. SGI isn't in the consumer market.
                               Of course it's too expensive for most
                               individuals, the same way a 747 is too
                               expensive for most individuals for Boeing
                               to sell to.
                               \_ You missed the point. Boeing is a
                                  market leader in an industry of 1.
                                  SGI is a market trailer in an industry
                                  of several giants and they don't have
                                  price or technology advantages in
                                  order to grow.
                            \_ SGI's main problem is being king of a market
                               that shouldn't exist: large-scale numa SHM.
           \_ sun has not "opensourced" their software in any way that
              is saving them money.
              It would save them more money if they kept all the
              internals secret, but actually released APIs for the
              currently black-box areas.
2001/6/12-13 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/Networking, Computer/Domains] UID:21495 Activity:high
6/12    I hear China censors some internet messages and internet sites.
        Do they have a large staff doing this?  What are good ways to
        circumvent this?  How effective are the censors?
        \_ subliminal channels, one-time pads or possibly pepto-bismol
        \_ They can block the big sites like, but the little
           ones are more difficult and require a large stuff to monitor.
           ones are more difficult and require a large staff to monitor.
           You too can be a Communist Censor for Stability.
        \_ do they block packages like this:
           \_ I odrered one of these too, but UPS delivered mine all busted...
2001/6/12-7/20 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/Audio] UID:21494 Activity:high
6/12    How about wireless MP3 players........ you pay $10/mn for a
        "keychain" wireless service which connects you to your "personal"
        Mp3 archive. I read an article about apple and how they should
        make the attached product. But who want video???? I want music
        and portable access to MY music. YOu could probably sell these
        things like hotcakes? You don't need to worry about big clunky
        devices such as palm and ipaq, external HD's, just build a form
        follows function device fit for playing MP3's by connecting to
        remote device using wireless.  For christ sake you could plug
        into metrocoms network or something. ATT has supposedly also
        build out a very nice "personal" wireless service. - kinney
           \_ Why not just treat it as a wireless accessible personal
              file server / data storage.  If the files are mp3 files,
              so be it.
           \_ You missed a crucial caviat. Connect to Personal network. In
              effect what you are saying is your computer up in Berkeley with
              YOur MP3 collection can not be used by YOU. That is bogus and
              they can't do anything. That is like saying MP3 is illegal. Now
              if all of a sudden 10,000 people are hitting your computer that
              is different. So What might be required is documentation saying
              what MP3's you have and who owns them- That is straight forward
              and can simply be solved by MASSIVE HD space.  Each person would
              need their OWN directory- that way they can only listen to THEIR
              COLLECTION which is legal-- How the person obtains their own
              collection is their own business. Thus the connection device will
              come with its own personal remote secure folder using some the
              dirt cheap co-location space available.
                The key player will only be able to access that one directory.
                RIght now there is going to be a huge shift to remote storage of
              MP3's.  My solution fits the market exactly and tied with a
              wireless portable play you can't lose. And to the best of my
              knowledge it is legal as there is NO SHARING.
              Of course the sharing may be implied- "how did the user amass
              that 20gig collection?" but again that isn't my concern- answer
              "No idea.  Go ask the user?"  But then that answer does protect
              the users. So a better answer is- "Here is the schematic of the
              network- By design we are legal and since this is a private
              personal network no one- Not even me- has the rights to know what
              MP3's the user has?
        \_ That idea is DOA. RIAA will want their cut of the
           action and will insure any players will first pay
           their dues through them. was already
           proposing the idea, I believe, or something similar
           and look what happened to them.  My co-workers have
           been talking about general file servers connected to
           high bandwidth lines so that they can work from
           anyplace.  I think you have to provide privacy
           protection licensing in order to at the very least
           fend off copyright infringement laws in these cases.
           But as far as a company running it, forget it.  Forget
           the hardware as well because the RIAA will go after
           them as well unless they strike a deal with them. - keithyw
           \_ Why not just treat it as a wireless accessible personal
              file server / data storage.  If the files are mp3 files,
              so be it.
           \_ You missed a crucial caviat. Connect to Personal network. In
              effect what you are saying is your computer up in Berkeley with
              YOur MP3 collection can not be used by YOU. That is bogus and
              they can't do anything. That is like saying MP3 is illegal. Now
              if all of a sudden 10,000 people are hitting your computer that
              is different. So What might be required is documentation saying
              what MP3's you have and who owns them- That is straight forward
              and can simply be solved by MASSIVE HD space.  Each person would
              need their OWN directory- that way they can only listen to THEIR
              COLLECTION which is legal-- How the person obtains their own
              collection is their own business. Thus the connection device will
              come with its own personal remote secure folder using some the
              dirt cheap co-location space available.
                The key player will only be able to access that one directory.
                RIght now there is going to be a huge shift to remote storage of
              MP3's.  My solution fits the market exactly and tied with a
              wireless portable play you can't lose. And to the best of my
              knowledge it is legal as there is NO SHARING.
              Of course the sharing may be implied- "how did the user amass
              that 20gig collection?" but again that isn't my concern- answer
              "No idea.  Go ask the user?"  But then that answer does protect
              the users. So a better answer is- "Here is the schematic of the
              network- By design we are legal and since this is a private
              personal network no one- Not even me- has the rights to know what
              MP3's the user has?
              \_ That's what Aimster claims as well even though they
                 are a "sharing software." Look at what has happened
                 to them
        \_ The RIAA will have something to say about that because you can
           still distribute it across computers.
           \_ That is like saying MP3 is illegal.
              \_ In Taiwan they passed a law that treated (illegal)
                 .mp3s distrbuted through university networks like
                 "dangerous substances such as drugs."
                 \_ this is why capitalism sucks.
                    \_ no, this is why taiwan sucks.
2001/6/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:21491 Activity:moderate
6/12    telocity sucks, i just got it hooked up, max is 400kB/s download
        \_ B as in Bytes or B as in bits. Bytes would be pretty good.
           \_ Either is hardly horrible for DSL...
        \_ Dude, I have IDSL from them, shut up.
        \_ I have a 1500/128k ADSL connection from Telocity (or should I say
           Direct TV DSL now?). Using the badnwidth tester at,
           I get about 1250down, 120Kbps up which I think is ok. May be the
           site on the other end is just too slow? -akopps
        \_ lucky you still signed up with telocity.  I had teloctiy, and after
           north point went down, they never switched me over to any last mile
           provider, just simply said they can't service my area anymore.  Funny
           thing is that they said a week later, they've partnered up with pac-
           bell, and there's a PB CO 3 Kilometer away from my place.  And they
           kept trying to sell me DirectTV's Satellite broadband.
2001/6/6-7 [Science/Space, Computer/Networking] UID:21441 Activity:nil
5/6     Anyone interested in bike commuting from Fremont (Mission
        Blvd) to Santa Clara/NorthSJ/Milpitas (across 880)? --jeffwong
        \_ no, but I'll drive next to you.  "You can be my wingman anytime"
           - Iceman.
        \_ A friend of mine used to do that when he lived there. It took him
           around an hour or so I believe. I don't think I could take the heat.
           \_ Why not take a bus instead?  E.g. Santa Clara VTA 140 / 141 /
              180 / 520, or AC Transit 217 like jeffwong suggested.
        \_ tired of your horrorscope?
           \_ I have no idea how this applies to bike commuting, but, hey,
              with a sign like Quake, the Video Game, who am I to argue?
2001/5/25-27 [Computer/Networking] UID:21364 Activity:very high
5/25    My professor lives on a hilltop that doesn't get DSL or cable modem.
        Someone's recommended Hughes DirecPC satellite broadband for him.
        Anyone have any experience with this?  Thanks.
        \ a better deal may be starband.  see  DirecPC is
          modem one way (suck).   Satellite latency may be annoying though.
          \_ DirecPC says it's one-way through AOL, but Earthlink and Pegasus
             are two-way.  I'm not really sure about this whole satellite
             \_ Yes, it started one-way, but now it is two-way. --dim
          \_ Don't use starband! Their service is awful. I signed up in January,
             and the service only worked for a couple hours each day.
             latency is terrible, simple shell interaction drives you nuts.
             I had to switch to DSL. Customer service is also pathetic. -gosha
        \_ try sprint broadband wireless.  ask nevman
           \_ have heard good things about this... don't know specifics, sorry.
              I do know that DirecPC really sucks... the satellite latency is
              a huge pain.              - rory
        \_ Can't your prof do his own high speed research?  Why are you putting
           your ass kissing post on here?  Grad students....
        \ a better deal may be starband.  see  DirecPC is
          modem one way (suck).   Satellite latency may be annoying though.
          \_ DirecPC says it's one-way through AOL, but Earthlink and Pegasus
             are two-way.  I'm not really sure about this whole satellite
             \_ Yes, it started one-way, but now it is two-way. --dim
          \_ Don't use starband! Their service is awful. I signed up in January,
             and the service only worked for a couple hours each day.
             latency is terrible, simple shell interaction drives you nuts.
             I had to switch to DSL. Customer service is also pathetic. -gosha
        \_ try sprint broadband wireless.  ask nevman
           \_ have heard good things about this... don't know specifics, sorry.
              I do know that DirecPC really sucks... the satellite latency is
              a huge pain.              - rory
        \_ If he can see the Berkeley hills, try's wireless
           service.  1.5mbit symmetric, I think.  And it's cheaper than
           comparable SDSL.
2001/5/21 [Computer/Networking] UID:21315 Activity:nil
5/21    Anyone know if they are going to make it home on wednesday?
        \_ What the hell does this mean? Does _this_ have anything to do
           with cable modem?
           \_ _this_ doesn't work with cable modem.
2001/5/16-17 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21289 Activity:moderate
        (How to get 128-bit encryption from your Airport base station)
        \_ too bad you cant get 128bit from the builtin airport interface
           on their laptops. --jon
        \_ Rumor has it that 802.11b (including AirPort) are going
           to 54mbps w/128bit encryption in the coming months.
           Also, above url states AirPort has 64bit encryption,
           which is wrong, it's 40bit, which everyone knows
           you can pretty much break on the fly with your laptop
           and a little reciever.
           \_ 802.11b will never be 54 MBit. 802.11a will be. Its
              scheduled to be released in the fall/winter of this
              Most people say that you will probably need a new
              Airport card, but that you can probably upgrade
              your base station.
       \_ Uh, wtf is the point?  The Gold and Silver levels of 802.11b
          encryption have both been cracked.  Run IPsec with however many
          bits you want...
          \_ Its not "encryption" is Wireless Equivalent Privacy. The
             protection it provides is the same as what cat5 cable
             provides. No more, no less.
2001/5/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:21280 Activity:high
        \_ She looks much better in "Private Parts" or in
           \_ users who went csua porn surfing in tpc's directory:
              \_ My name was listed _before_ I started porn surfing. -abe
                 \_ Maybe it confused you with mjm.
                \_ Well at least i know my roomate isn't gay.
                   \_ Cable modem doesn't work with gays.
                 \_ Real men simply cd to ~tpc/public_html/grrls to open the
              \_ Real men decode their porn by listening to 300 bps
                 modem carrier
                 \_ Real Men grow their own. -ausman
                  \_ hey jim, wanna go make some porn? -aspo
                 \_ Real men simply go to ~tpc/public_html/grrls to get the
                    files, duh.
              \_ And you are ......?
              \_ Where is this information stored?  Thx.
                 \_ /var/log/httpd
                    \_ How did you figure out the user names from the IP addrs
                       in access.log?
                       \_ Probably by matching IP address against shell
                          \_ precisely why my ip address login to soda is
                            a nice and consistent box that is !my home computer.
                          \_ My name was listed before I saw the URL.
                             \_ It could have been a coincidence, like your
                                roommate using your computer with your IP to
                                surf the web or if you were using some
                                dynamic IP like HIP or the reshall DHCP and
                                someone else swipped your IP. Or you could
                                have been using a public terminal in one
                                of the on-campus computer labs and someone
                                else went CSUA porn surfin after you did.
                                \_ And thus we see the problem with trying to
                                   make person <-> IP matching and other such
                                   schemes.  It's that much worse that some
                                   clown posted it and half the list is wrong.
                                   \_ It's called plausible deniability.
2001/5/11 [Computer/Networking] UID:21239 Activity:moderate
5/10    Has anyone actually tried/heard of using Fry's (yes, Fry's electronic)
        ISP service?
        \_ No one has.  They have no ISP customers.
2001/5/10 [Computer/Networking] UID:21221 Activity:kinda low
5/9     netstat -upl, run as root on a Linux box:
        Active Internet connections (only servers)
        Proto Local Address  Foreign Address   PID/Program name
        udp   *:32768        *:*               -
        udp   *:799          *:*               -
        udp   *:800          *:*               -
        udp   *:sunrpc       *:*               110/portmap
        Is there any way of determining who is listening on 32768
        and friends?  I don't think I've been 0wn3d...?
        \_ lsof -i :32768
           \_ losf is probably trojaned, so is netstat. You will
              never be able to track it down. Reinstall while you
              still have a chance.
              \_ Victim could build and copy in tools from somewhere else
                 but if Victim was really hacked, you're right.  Reinstall
                 and do a better job securing the box next time.
           \_ So, what, go OpenBSD?
                \_ Or maybe just stop running random and useless services you
                   don't need or use that are known to come from a bad code
                   base like wu-ftpd.
           \_ "lsof -V -i UDP:32768" produces:
                 lsof: Internet address not located: UDP:32768
2001/4/18 [Computer/Networking] UID:21019 Activity:very high
4/19    Anyone know good firewall info ideally balancing maximum security with
        minimum effort (ignoring cost and competence)?
        \_ If you want a ready-made solution, you can pick up a sonicwall
           for about $1000--they are fairly decent.  For high security, I
           would recommend OpenBSD with ipf--syntax is well documented and
           straightforward. and for the ipf page,
           (also known as ipfilter),
           Mail me if you want some tips.  -John
        \_ yeah. sure.  is this a consulting job?
        \_ yes, its called an 'airwall'.  Complete internet security
           accomplished with about 30 seconds worth of effort. Simply find
           your router and unplug its internet connection.  Where do I send
           my consulting invoice?
        \_ OpenBSD -> 30 min to 1 hr install, 30 min setup, 30 min testing.
           \_ and 4ever to make world.  Linux + iptables is fine
                                        \_ Yeah if you don't care about
                 BTW, D0 U KN0W WH1CH V3R510N 0F G11BC 1 N33D 2 RUN
                 K3RN31 2.4? I C4N7 F1ND TH3 R1GHT RPM on RH.C0M.
                                           performance, security, stability
                                           logging and working stateful
                 RUNN1G K3RN31 2.4? I C4N7 F1ND TH3 R1GHT 1Z on RH.C0M.
                                           BTW, What's the IP Addr of your
                                           firewall? I could use an extra
                                           machine for running setiathome.
              \_ D00D U R 50 R1GH7! M4K3 W0R1D SUX! Y WOU1D U BU11D
                 UR B1N4R135 4ND 11BR4R145 WH3N U C4N U53 RPM5?!?
                 BTW, D0 U KN0W WH1CH V3R510N 0F G11BC 4ND LD 1 N33D 4
                 RUNN1G K3RN31 2.4? I C4N7 F1ND TH3 R1GHT 1Z 0N RH.C0M.
                 \_ So how come Mac and Windows users don't get shit for
                    not compiling every program they use and relying on
                    things like Install Shield or .sit and worrying whether
                    their registry settings get all f'ed up?
                    \_ D00D U U53 M$ LO53*?!? U N33D 2 UPGR4D3 2 4 R341
                       05! 1 C4N 1N57411 31337 R3D H47 GN00/L1NSUX 4 U!
                       N0 1 U535 M4C5. 17 15 4 S10W A55 T0Y 4 L17713
                       K1D5! 31337 H4X0R5 411 U53 DU41 C3L3 733'5 0C'3D
                       2 1 G1G!
2001/4/15 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:20985 Activity:nil
4/14    Does there exist a converter allowing me to connect USB devices to
        old Mac's with serial (modem/printer) ports?
        \_ VST (and others) sell PCI cards which will give you USB and/or
           FireWire ports on (for example) a beige G3.  -tom
2001/4/12 [Computer/Networking] UID:20952 Activity:nil
4/12    Not exactly sure what 3G is, but it sounds like WAP would
        be dead without it. And 3G is getting creamed by 802.11:
        \_ 3G is "third generation" wireless tech.  Higher bandwidth, and
           various other possible tech such as gps, better surfing, blah,
           blah, insert useless feature here, blah.  There's plenty of what
           they call 2.5G stuff in Japan and Europe right now.  I think
           there's some actual 3G going on but not in wide use.  In comparison,
           the US is still mostly "2G".  Installing new equipment over such a
           large geographic area is a huge expense.  No one is willing to do
           that without a guaranteed return.
           \_ Hi dans!  How's adjectivity?
                \_ Sorry, never heard of adjectivity.  Is "dans" the only
                   person on the motd that would know about 3G?  -!dans
2001/4/12 [Computer/Networking] UID:20949 Activity:high
4/12    anybody have experience with storage area networks?  EMC boxes with
        brocade switches?  They're touted as ultra reliable.  But just how
        reliable is it compared to say a Sun server or a Cisco LAN switch.
        \_ If you've got bucks and need SAN, buy EMC.  The motd has spoken.
           No one ever got fired buying based on motd advice.
           \_ I don't think anyone needs SAN now that Gig Ethernet is here
              and 10 Gig Ethernet is almost here. What's the point? --dim
                \_ The point is that EMC is selling you more than a disk
                   with an ethernet card.
           \_ There is so much new development in this market
               that this statement could not have possibly been
               an informed one.
2001/4/11 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:20941 Activity:nil
4/11    Ooh look!  They have the internet on computers now.
2001/3/21 [Computer/Networking] UID:20871 Activity:high
3/21    Cisco must die!!!
        \_ because?
2001/3/21-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:20866 Activity:very high
3/21    Recommendations for a good surge protector? I've already had one
        network router get fried from a recent blackout and don't intend
        to have any other computer components die on me.
        \_ UPS? --dim
        \_ um, ever heard of a $10 surge protector? DIMWIT.
        \_ i don't think a 10 surge protector will protect you very much
        \_ each surge protector has a certain rating on them.  When you
           buy them, take a look at the rating.  Get the better rated
           one (is it a rating in Joules?)
        \_ You lost a $1000+ router and still haven't learned your lesson?
           Get a UPS.  Don't be cheap or stupid.  $99.
           \_ Who said it was $1000? Maybe I should've been more specific
              (although it really doesn't matter in this discussion).
              It was one of those $200 DSL sharing routers. And I had a $30
              surge protector (as opposed to $10?) which didn't do a bit of
              good. Ok, maybe a better question is: is there a brand of
              surge protectors or UPS that people trust?
              \_If it was a $30 surge protector, did it come with a guarentee
              to protect at least a couple hundred dollars worth of equipment?
              If it did (check with the manufacturer) then just put in a claim.
                \_ surge protectors are useless.  APC is the UPS brand. -tom
                                                  \ Exodus uses MGE
                   \_ APC also makes surge protectors.  are those useless?
                        \_ Yes.  UPS or nothing.  Anything less than UPS is
                           just fooling yourself.
                        \_ Correct me if I am wrong.  I believe that surge
                           protectors are good at preventing your equipment
                           from getting fried by lightning strikes, etc.
                           but for UPSs, in addtional to the above, it also
                           prevents data corruptions caused by these
                           frequent short duration (less than a second,
                           to a few seconds) power interruptions that
                           sometimes cause your computer to reboot.
                                \_ surge protectors are absolutely not good at
                                   protecting your equipment from power
                                   surges.  They can be worse than plugging
                                   into the wall.  A UPS is a requirement, not
                                   because of the battery backup, but because
                                   the power circuit is isolated.  -tom
                                   \_ and APC surge protectors are no better
                                      than the really cheap ones?
                                        \_ No.  Stop kidding yourself.
                                           \_ I have one of those $50+
                                              tripp lite surge protectors with
                                              all-metal casing.  Are those
                                              any good?
                           \_ I don't think it was meant for lightning
                              strikes. surge protectors are to protect
                              you equipment in case there's a low resistance
                              path in your machine causing excessive current
                              flow. In which case, the surge protector will
                              cut off flow all together.
                           \_ No way in hell will your cheapo surge protector
                              stop a lightning strike.  Read the disclaimers
                              that came with it.  They don't claim lightning
                              protection.  They claim surge protection.
                              \_What do you think a lightning strike is, dildo,
                              a big-ass-motherfucking surge.
                                \_ Moron, read the fucking disclaimers.  They
                                   make it clear enough for even a dipshit like
                                   you to figure out that "big-ass-etc" surges
                                   such as, oh say, *LIGHTNING* are _not_
                                   covered.  Idiot.  Who taught you to live?
2001/3/20-21 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Networking, Industry/Jobs] UID:20861 Activity:low
3/20    Of all the dot coms and mega corporations, which one do you want
        the most with a massive layoff?
        M$:     ..
        Oracle: ...
        Intel:  .
        Cisco:  ..
                \_ time to claim our scarce land and congested highways!!!
                \_ Time to get rid of the worthless newbie Gam3rz and bs
                   java programmers and 3rd line managers and directors with
                   one direct report (personal admin).
                   In the good old days, we build the best routers and
                   switches in the market with the fastest interfaces and
                   the most protocol support. Every engineer could rebuild
                   a basic router from parts and configure at least one ip
                   routing protocol in IOS and simple VLANs in CatOS.
                   Now we have a bunch of idiots who can't tell the difference
                   between L2 and L3 and don't know the difference between
                   IOS and WinNT. They need to go, NOW! Forget the fact that
                   they should never have been hired in the first place.
                   The old cisco culture made us #1 and it is what will save
                   - disgrunted Cisco oldtimer
2001/3/20 [Computer/Networking] UID:20858 Activity:nil
3/19    When's Cisco laying off its employees? I can't wait to see them on
        \_ Uhh... they're still profiting, unlike dotcummers.
2001/3/19-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:20841 Activity:high
3/18    Can we install nmap on soda?
        \_ no. - paolo
           \_ Can I install my own copy in my home directory?
              I want to nmap my box at home to make sure that
              all the ports are shutdown and that the strong
              TCP sequence generation is really working. I'm
              not an 3113T GN00/H4X0R who wants to G37 R007
                     \_ j00 m155p3113d "31337", m0|20n
                        \_ 500RY.
              on someone's box.
              The only reason that I'm asking about this is
              that ever since we got a socks proxy at work,
              I can't nmap my box, because nmap isn't "sockified"
              and I haven't had enough time to "sockify" it.
              \_ "runsocks nmap"
                \_ ahahahaahah. you kill me. --aaron
              \_ Yes, you are welcome to install nmap in your home directory.
              \_ why don't you netstat -tuap? - paolo
                 \_ doesn't cover trojaned netstat binary. of course,
                    remote nmap isn't perfect either since an intruder can
                    filter backdoor traffic by source ip, but it's half
                    a step up. -alexf
                    \_ he didn't say anything about suspecting he was 0wned.
                       he's trying to audit the setup. talking about trojans
                       is useless; the only rational response to a breakin
                       is quarantine and reinstall. --aaron
                       \_ Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out if my ipf and
                          ipnat rules are blocking ports/icmp correctly.
                          Since I'm running ipnat, portmap shows up in the
                          local netstat and internal nmap results and I want
                          to be sure that portmap isn't available externally.
        \_ Doh, why ask. Just compile it on your own. Whether we can also
           use nmap on soda is another quetion ;p
        \_ if you have to ask, you're too fucking stupid.
        \_ Install whatever you like.  Just remember the "I will not be a
           hoser" bit in your membership form that you signed, or its informal
           summary: "I will be squished for drawing the wrath of outside
           agencies onto the CSUA"
2001/3/18 [Computer/Networking] UID:20832 Activity:high
3/17    linksys router, only allows port 80 to be forward.
        none of the other ports are forwarding. (ie: i have 2
        pcs that both connect when i use port 80, test both
        pcs and both work but only port 80. anyone had problems
        like this? thanks
        \_ Uh... say what, huh?  I'd help if you made sense.
2001/2/27 [Computer/Networking] UID:20714 Activity:kinda low
2/26    I want to buy a cable modem instead of renting AtHome's.
        \_ It's $5 a month.  You'll never make the money back.  I recommended
           you rent.  They'll change the standard long before you make up the
           lost rent.  And then when you lose net and call them they'll say,
           "Sir, according to our records you're not using an @home rented
            network device.  We suggest you buy a new one or we can rent you
            one for only $5/month plus a $75 install charge."  As a modem
           renter with a broken modem, they send out a truck in a few days
           at no extra cost and refund you the lost net time.
2001/2/27 [Computer/Networking] UID:20709 Activity:high
2/26    router question: sharing static ip address, but pc's in lan have own
        machine names and web servers. how does router know which machine a
        url refers to if the url just has the ip address in it?
        \_ What's running NAT?  Is it a linux/windoze box or one of those
           NAT hubs/switches/routers?
          \_ pc 's and linksys router.
             \_ Is the idea you want your web server accessible from
                outside your LAN?
                \_ yes but there are 2 computers w/ web servers, both need to be
                accessible. The hope is that the router would disintiguish by
                MAC address but the 2 machines would have the same ip.
                \_ Let's say I request the web page
                   Your browser will put the following in the HTTP request
                   Host: <DEAD><DEAD>
                   Now, I'm not sure if linksys routers do this, but the
                   way it would work is that the router would see the
                   packet is going to port 80, look for and interpret
                   the host field, look at a mapping of host field
                   settings to local IP addresses (which presumably you
                   have set), and finally direct the packet to the IP
                   address of the appropriate web server.
                \_ how could the router tell which IP packet is destined for
                   which machine?  Incoming IP packets aren't going to contain
                   MAC addresses.  You'll need to have the web servers use
                   different ports.
                   \_ Yeah, this is the most straightforward way.
                      <DEAD><DEAD> (port 80)
                      and then port forward.
                   \_ unfortunately, the 2 "web servers" are actually DAQ board
                      cards that require an IP addresss but use the same port
                      (no way to change port) even if they have unique IP
                      addresses, the outside would still point to 1 ip
                      address/hostname and same port for both of them.
                      \_ web server 1:
                         web server 2:

                         port maps:
;                        router:80 ->
                         router:81 ->
                         \_ You've gotta stop posting useful info to the motd.
                            People will come to expect something better than
                            the typical trolling and then what?
2001/2/26-27 [Computer/Networking] UID:20703 Activity:very high
2/26    Is it possible to use ipfw in *BSD to let users do FTP gets but not
        FTP puts?  I'm being asked to let people get stuff from the internet
        but not let them send anything out.  If ipfw can't do it, how about a
        commercial firewall like Cisco PIX or Checkpoint?  Thanks.
           \_ Checkpoint can't. I don't know about PIX, it might have
              tcp payload inspection.
              The easiest solution for you is to install a proxy or
              to hack the ftp server so that PUT is not supported.
        \_ I don't think so--the server initiates the data connection back
           to you, unless you're using passive ftp, in which case both the
           "administrative" and data connections run via port 20.  As
           far as the firewall is concerned, if you're permitting tcp
           outgoing, packet is packet.  All commercial firewalls I know
           of are the same--they cannot distinguish what direction the
           actual files are going in.  Snoop/tcpdump a plain ftp connection
           to see what goes back and forth.  What you can do, however, is
           run an ftp proxy which only permits FTP GET.  -John
        \_ You need a pretty complex firewall to be able to block FTP puts
           but not gets.  It has to inspect the protocol and reset the put
           commands.  I dont remember seeing options for that in PIX, but you
           can check the online cisco docs.  -ERic
           \- use Bro. it groks ftp. you can even RST the connection in
           either dir if you say see a get of *passwd*. ok tnx. --psb
           \_ what's Bro? urlp.
              \_ isn't it otherwise known as the "man-siere"?
              \_ a bra for men? (aka a man-siere)
                 \_ Uh, men don't have breasts. How would this work.
                  \-more recent version from Computer Networks. See Vern's
                  home page for link. --psb
                  \_ Vern?
2001/2/26-27 [Computer/Networking] UID:20696 Activity:nil
2/26    Where can I buy an Alcatel Speedstream 3060 DSL modem?
           \_ How about for a cheap price?
        \_ I'll sell you mine for cheap -jminor
2001/2/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:20606 Activity:high
2/15    I manage the network of a small company.  10 workstations, 10 PCs.
        They are hooked to the internet via a DSL line.  We're thinking of
        putting in a firewall. Is there a DSL modem with built-in firewall?
        Or am I better off using an el-cheapo PC as firewall? Recommendations?
        \_ run free/openbsd; use ipf.  nat with ipnat, redirect: ipmasqadm.
           if you run nameservice for internal and external, you want to
           have the external one chrooted, and point the /etc/resolv.conf
           to the internal nameserver (this file is outside the chrooted dir).
           make sure you get the securest copy of bind - there was a recent
           exploit. if you chose linux, you might want to consider using
           iptables with real nat and real state.  with freebsd, you can use
           mpd-netgraph should you later want a vpn. with linux, you can use
           poptop.  Running the nameserver in a chrooted section in linux is a
           little bit more effort but doable. - paolo ps, point the internal
           one to some trusted nameserver.
           \_ If you are worried about dns, check out djbdns. It is much
              better and much more secure than bind.
              I would recommend running OpenBSD over FreeBSD. OpenBSD is
              much better audited, and has more frequent fixes for security
              holes. Also in a locked down firewall setup (turn of httpd,
              inetd, etc) there have been no remote exploits in 3 years.
              Other options include NetBSD. You can get it to boot and
              run on almost anything. If you are worried about the form
              factor (noise, etc) get a IPX or a Qube2 with NetBSD. Its
              pretty secure and fast.
              \_ ipx's are kind of noisy. at least the one i have is.
                 \_ are you using the stock Hawk drive? If so that
                    is your problem. Replace with a Quantum Fireball,
                    and noise goes down by 75%.
        \_ Highly recommend FreeBSD running ipf/ipnat (if you have to
           NAT)  Config syntax is pretty straightforward once you start
           looking at it, and is well documented.  It's very fast, and
           it will be good on a P166.  A colleague is a great fan of
           running it on the sort of embedded, fanless PCs that
           advantech (<DEAD><DEAD> make.  Mail me if you
           want some help.  -John
        \_ if you're not into optimizing and configuring things and
           running external services like www, there is a linksys
           dsl modem/hub product that has a webserver configuration
           interface, and address translation, so you can set that
           up and then plug a hub into that and connect your office.
           or spend a couple of hours bringing up a unix box
           with two interfaces and turn on ip masqeraduing and dhcp to
           connect your office.
        \_ by your description, it sounds like you already have a dsl modem,
           and just need a firewall/hub box.  There are plenty on the market.
           just look around.
           \_ in other words, you have no recommendations.  fuck off
        \_ Cisco PIX. It is the standard firewall.
           \_ Is Cisco PIX any better than a typical OpenBSD/ifp setup?
              \_ Oh yeah. The PIX is pretty damn secure. It has a custom
                 OS (not IOS) that has many layers of security and it is
                 completely audited. Every patch/upgrade is hand checked
                 and then a horribly complex set of attacks are executed
                 agaist it. PIX defends banks, enterprises, governments
                 in thier most secure locations. If someone tells you
                 they can get past a PIX, its probably because they
                 paided someone to unplug it from the network.
        \_ MegaPath DSL had me buy a Netopia R3100 (IDSL) which seems to
           have pretty decent NAT/Firewalling/PPTP functionality (I don't
           actually use any of it, but it's there...)  --dbushong
2001/2/13-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:20581 Activity:moderate
2/13    Which companies around here give offices to regular grunts?  I know
        Apple, SGI, and Adobe do.  Who else?
        \_ I heard PeopleSoft does also.
        \_ Sun
        \_ Cisco doesn't. They are down to 8x8 cubes (used to be 10x10).
           The managers' offices have increased in size though. It must
           be good to be the boss...
           \_ How the hell can Cisco not have enough space for everyone?
              They've got square footage equivalent to Rhode Island just in
              the South Bay!
        \_ Apple doesn't in at least two buildings I've visited. Transmeta
           does do offices for grunts.
        \_ Remedy Corporation, depending on seniority
        \_ I was once a co-op at IBM Almaden in 1991 and I shared an office
           with one other engineer.
        \_ Wind River.
        \_ Xerox (in El Segundo, anyway)
2001/2/1-2 [Computer/Networking] UID:20497 Activity:nil
2/1     In DHCP, how do you find out what IP you are assigned to?
        \_ on the client or server?
            \_ win95: winipcfg   winNT: from CMD ipconfig  unix: ifconfig -a
2001/1/31 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Networking] UID:20478 Activity:kinda low
1/30    Arg.  I upgraded from BIND 8.2.2 to 8.2.3 (you wouldn't think that
        would cause problems) and now i'm getting all kinds of errors
        when it tries to load the db files! Can anyone point me to an
        example of the new format.  Thanks.
        \_ New format?  My files worked fine.  I did the make all;make install
           and copied named-xfer into my chroot'd named home, killed and
           restarted named and it ran perfectly.  Maybe you could post a few
           of the errors you're getting?  Please don't post more than a few
           \_ Thanks, but i figured it out.  8.2.2 was allowing me to
                get away with " (  " on its own line and 8.2.3 requires
                it on the line above - as does 9. (feel free to delete
                this thread now, or i'll do it tomorrow)
                \_ Why put ( on it's own line anyway?  Aesthetics?
2001/1/16-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:20339 Activity:high
1/16    What a good place to buy an external modem in East/South bay or WWW?
        It must also accept incoming connections and be backward compatible
        \_ don't all modems accept incoming connections?  backward compatible
           with what?  2400 baud modems?  won't most (if not all) modems handle
           those too?
           \_ ever try 300 baud connections?
              \_ no, but i remember trying to d/l porn over 1200. it was not
                 a pleasant experience.
                 \_ mm, pr0n in 4-bit glory
              \_ yes, on my old 2400, when line noise was really bad.
           \_ Ever tried logging in to a Sparc via a serial cable?
              \_ I do this every day. Suns' serial ports run at 9600bps by
                 default, nothing to sneeze at. More than fast enough for
                 text-only work.
        \_ Answer the dude/chick's question already.
                 \_ But when I had to do that I got a rather noisy connection.
                    Wrong characters once every few minutes.  I'm sure my
                    serial cable was okay.
              \_ serial cable == modem ?
        \_ Uh, what's the difference?  Go get a USR or some other v.90
           compliant modem.  They're pretty much the same and all compatiable
           straight back to 300 baud if that floats your boat.  Only a true
           modem geek or ex-300-baud-BBS user would know or care about the
        \_ Answer the dude/woman's question already.
                           \_ Sensitive '90s man was here.
2001/1/15-16 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:20321 Activity:high
1/15    Want to make some quick consulting cash? Must have experience
        implementing WindowsNT VPN (PPTP) through a FreeBSD firewall. -- Marco
        \_ no, we prefer the very slow consulting cash where we can sap as much
           of your money as possible
           \_ You have been abused by the motd formatting god.
2001/1/6-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:20251 Activity:nil
1/5     My DSL is only ~170K due to distance. Is there any remote possibility
        that they'll improve the rate in the future like the way modems have
        improved from 2400baud to 56K? Cable modem, unfortunately, is not in
        my area.
        \_ Some DSL providers are experimenting with local signal boosters
           to increase distance you can get DSL.  Don't know if that will
           help you.  Probably 2-3 years before it's widespread.
2001/1/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:20231 Activity:nil
        \_  wow can i get wap with that?
        \_ Looks like James Bond gadgets.
2000/12/22-25 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:20163 Activity:very high
12/22   Why does last output show most connecting from IP instead of hostname?
        \_ because FreeBSD is stupid.  -tom
           \_ because tom is stupid.  -FreeBSD
              \_ wait a minute. FreeBSD can't write.
           \_ How is it stupid, tom?  There's only so much room to store
              or display hostnames, I'd imagine.  If the hostname is longer
              than that when reversed, would you rather get
              "cx425.sanjose.a" or a real IP address that you could resolve
              \- tom lacks fu to "last | ip2hostname" --psb
                \_ It's stupid because every other system in the world uses
                   hostname there and truncates it to the length of the field.
                   Intelligent systems which want the full length use an
                   extended utmp/wtmp.  And if you're going to use IP's, it's
                   the height of stupidity to only use them some of the time.
                   \_ Reason #1 "it's stupid because other people truncate
                      so you have incomplete and invalid hostnames"  Uh..huh
                      Reason #2: it's stupid because... it's the height of
                      stupidity.  Good, tom.
                        \_ How about Reason #1, if you want to get the normal
                           output of last now you have to do hundreds of name
                           lookups.  Typical BSD arrogance, "who cares what
                           behavior people need or expect."  -tom
                           \_ OK, tom: would you rather have chopped off,
                              indecipherable hostnames (which is what _every
                              one_ of those ip addrs would be) or ip addresses
                              that you _could_ look up?
                                    \- if you need to do lookups, you do them,
                                       if you dont need to do them, you dont.
                                       you are right this does make life harder
                                       for low-fu people and might not be a
                                       good decision if your goal is to
                                       maximize the number of people using your
                                       OS. but there are other goals --psb
                                \_ I would rather have "last" be what it
                                   always has been, and provide an additional
                                   option for new functionality, instead of
                                   changing the default behavior which has
                                   existed for n years (n > 20).  In terms of
                                   functionality, I find soda's "last" to be
                                   far less useful than a typical "last",
klee             ttyAm    Fri Dec 22 19:45 - 19:46  (00:00)
                                   because the information I'm looking for
                                   is usually not a specific hostname.  -tom
        \_ So back to my question, why are some with IP and some hostname?
           What causes it to be diff? thank you.
           \_ Picking a few lines at random, we have:
mchowla          ttyAz    Fri Dec 22 19:47 - 19:50  (00:02)
samli            ttyAm    <DEAD><DEAD>   Fri Dec 22 19:47 - 20:02  (00:15)
              as you can see, if the hostname were much longer than
              "", it wouldn't fit and you'd have to chop it
              off..  let's say it was ""
              you'd see something like "" as the hostname,
              which completely useless.  Better to give the IP, where you could
              at least run something like "last | ip2hostname" and have all
              of the hostnames (if poorly formatted)
              \_ so basically, it's inconsistent behavior. Why not all IPs?
                 And why a 16 char limit? IP is 15 char max(for now).
                                      \- do you feel stuff reporting in 512b
                                         blocks and have done so for n>20yrs
                                         should comtinue to do so? --psb
                                   \_ I dunno, my feeling is that it is
                                      better to fix things than to have
                                      fundamentally broken stuff lay around
                                      forever along with alternate "fixed"
                                      ways of doing things.  (Ever tried to
                                      program the Windows API?  It fucking
                                      sucks, and this is exactly why.)  -blojo
                                      \_ Hear hear.  It's not like this
                                         is even some programming interface.
                                         How many critical cross platform
                                         apps do you know of that depend on
                                         the formatting of last?
                     \- tom, there are times where change is merited.
                     the chown was changed to user:group ...
                     i bitched about that till i realized it made sense.
                     "the rest of the world" doesnt do everthing right the
                     first time ... so its a good thing they dont have their
                     head up their ass and can look around and learn. --psb
        \_ Tom said it's stupid so it's stupid.  Why do you all waste his
           precious netrek time asking why?  He said so and that should be good
           enough for the likes of you!
        \_ this thread is priceless.  it brings a tear to my eye.
           \- "i am tom, hear me roar"
2000/12/9 [Computer/Networking] UID:20053 Activity:nil
12/8    Any good internet radio/broadband sites out there?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ (hearts of space)
2000/12/7-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:20032 Activity:kinda low
12/6    How long does it take to setup DSL with PacBel and other providers?
        Let's say I order it tomorrow. How long will it take?
           \_ Don't order via PacBell, they are terrible. You need to use
              PPPoE and DHCP. Go with a real ISP that gives you a static
              \_ Wait, y'mean they no longer give out static IPs? That kinda
                 makes me wanna stay at my current residence and never move
                 cuz I do have static IP from PacBell.
                        \_ you can pay more for static IP
        \_ 2 months minimum.
        \_ 1 month from - chiapet
           \_ They are a tad expensive.  Are they really very good?
        \_ doesn't PacBell have some do-it-yourself installation kit now or
           \_ it doesn't work unless you are really really lucky. Earthlink
              has the same BS.
2000/12/4-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:19997 Activity:insanely high
12/4    Any horror stories out there about Covad or PacBell DSL
        service? I'm shopping around. -ulysses
        \_ my line at home is via firstworld/ They use
           covad. My line was installed on time and I've never
           had a problem with it. Its a little pricey but I have
           two static IPs.
                \_ I've been trying to get DSL since mid-April through
              \_ covad's still doing okay.
                   Earthlink; it still doesn't work, the shit is totally
                   fucked up somewhere.  And this is after numerous 1/2
                   hour phone calls to the pac bell provisioning department
                   and a few days off from work.  Needless to say, I'm
                   disappointed at Pac bell's lackadaisical efforts to
                   ensure to customers that the installation is complete
                   and fully operational in a prompt manner.
                   \_ j, stop bitching its your own damn fault for being
           \_ Are covad and northpoint gonna go bankrupt?
            \_ northpoint got bought by verizon. They're not going to go
               bankrupt any time soon.  But northpoint may go incompetant
               under vericon's (mis)management.
                \_ bzzt.  Verizon canceled the deal and Northpoint is
           It's cheaper and the shared bandwidth issue is a red herring, IMHO.
                   suing.  In the meantime, Northpoint has been downgr!
                   to a sell.
        \_ When PacBell DSL works, it works great. When it doesn't, well,
           let's just say my non-techie sister knows more about DSL than
           some of their tech support. It's only pure luck that you'll end
           up with someone on the line who knows anything more than "Is your
           modem on?" or "Are your cables connected properly?" Oh, and this
           is after waiting at least half an hour on hold.
        \_ Consumer Reports says those they surveyed with Cable Modem had
           a better experience than those with DSL by a 2 to 1 margin.
           It's cheaper and the shared bandwidth issue is a red herring,
           \_ Cable modem isn't available everywhere (SJ for example).
              Some of us are stuck with DSL. Though the new sprint
              wireless is showing some promise.
           \_ Sure, if you don't want a static IP or a service agreement that
              allows you to run whatever you want.  They literally scan your
              box and if they find ports open, "in the interest of security"
              they shut you down.  AT&T and @Home ... dunno about others.
                \_ Not.  I have @Home, and haven't got any problem with
                   being scanned, nor being shut down for having services
                   with open ports.  I have a static, too.
                   \_ my brother (in berkeley) hasn't had a problem either.
                      He's running a linux box as a nat/firewall/web server
                      (a Cobalt RaQ3) and @home hasn't asked him to shut
                      it down. He was running a Qube2 before that (for
                      almost a year) and had no issues with @home.
          \_ does not upstream on cable modems suck?
             \_ Local @Home is limited to 128kbps and they try to smack you
                if you run a server, but when it works (the frequency of
                which depends on which "node" you're at) it's greeeat.  If
                you can get the 2 months free, free installation, and have
                no contract, try it.
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:19984 Activity:nil
12/2    The Internet Sucks. I want to give my friend A CD, via one of the
        online sites. None of the ones I've looked at allow me to do this,
        instead they allow me to give him a gift certificate of a specified
        amount, which I find low class. I could just flip him a $20 if I
        wanted to. I'm not worried he'll spend too much of my money, and if
        he did somehow do so, I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. This
        doesn't seem too difficult, now does it?! Any suggestions? -- Marco
        \_ why don't you just give him a blank check?
                \_ uh, amazon allows you to send someone a gift.  -tom
                   \_ pretty much any online site will let you buy something
                      and have it shipped to a different address, but I don't
                      think that's what he wants.
                   \_ Obviously. I want the site to support his choosing the
                      CD, but the charge goes to my credit card. -- Marco
                      \_ Internet sucks? How many brick-and-mortar places
                         allow you to do that? And that's even f2f. Sheesh.
                         Go and try that at Raspukins.
                         Amazon allows your friend to set up a wish list
                         so you can click on it to charge to your CC.
                         Makes buying, shipping and potential returns easier.
        \_ WWW != Internet.
           \_ I didn't say anything about the WWW. Is there any Internet
              service that will do what I want?         -- Marco
              \_ e-mail him, ask him what he wants, buy it, ship it to his
2000/12/1-2 [Computer/Networking] UID:19977 Activity:kinda low
12/01   What's the difference between bridge and router as it relates
        to DSL service and static IPs?  What are the advantages/disadvantages
        of one over the other?  Am I possibly sharing the same subnet with
        other DSL users if a bridge is used?  What does it mean to have
        a single static IP?  Does that mean I don't have a network or
        broadcast address?  Does that mean it has to be bridged, or is
        that a /31 (or is /30 the smallest possible subnet) subnet?
        \_ "It doesn't matter."  If it's not PPPoE yer good.
           Please read TCP/IP Internetworking from O'Reilly and come again
           \_ Do you mean TCP/IP Network Administration?
              I could not find the answers I seek there.
              \_ Whoops.  Yes, that's the book.
        \_ There is no difference to you as a user between using a DSL
           router and a bridge, other than having a DSL bridge when the
           connection requires a router or vice versa.
           Perhaps what you want is for someone to draw out a network
           diagram for you.  If you can give me a link to a free GUI that
           will do that, I'll draw one out for you.
2000/11/28-30 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/Networking, Computer/Domains] UID:19931 Activity:nil
11/27   Anyone used a free lsystem implementation that worked?  All the
        internet resources seem to point to lauren lapre's version,
        and I can't get that to compile.  Thanks!
        \_ Yer welcome.  -lauren lapre
        \_ The problem is not lapre.  The problem is user error in compilation.
           \_ Care to be more specific?
                \_ Learn to compile other people's code.
2000/11/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Computer/Networking] UID:19923 Activity:moderate
11/27   What is a WINS server? I'm looking on Microsoft's site and it appears
        to just be a DHCP server. Except Microsoft says it developed both
        DHCP and WINS and has submitted them to be new official computer
        standards. Does WINS also do SAMBA type stuff?
        \_ Microsoft invented everything. And once we can get Bush 2.0
           finally installed in office, we can get rid of this anti-trust
           suit so every computer-term can be re-named back to it's
           rightful owner: Bill Gates. Then we can start paving the Bay to
           reduce my commute-time, cutting down the trees to make room
           for more housing, and removing these high gasoline taxes.
              \_ My aren't we hostile. No one can be sure if Bush will
              a republican but by a Democrat.
                 go easy on M$. Many felt that RWR would stop the AT&T
                 breakup but he pushed harder than the Carter Admin. to
                 complete it. Bush may also do the same. Gore may not
                 (several members of his family work for M$).
                 Now as for the rest of your rant, if you are so enamoured
                 on "nature" and the "environment" why don't you log off
                 and leave civilization and go live in the forest as
                 primitive man did.
           \_ Well, everything except the internet, which was invented not by
              a Republican but by a Democrat.
        \_ Microsoft invented DNS too.  It's called Digital Nervous System.
        \_ Microsoft also created DNA.  Distributed interNet Architecture.
           DNA is the precursor to .NET.
        \_ A WINS server is Microsoft's pre-DNS MS-only idea of how to do
           name <-> IP resolution.  It's pretty brain dead.  If you have some
           specific questions, post again and I'll do my best.
2000/11/23-28 [Computer/Networking, Finance/Shopping] UID:19904 Activity:moderate
11/23   Can somebody recommend a cheap wireless phone plan for $20 or less
        a month?  I need it for only emergency only.  And it must come with
        a phone.
        \_ Work gave me a cell.  They pay everything.  It sucks. -- 24x7 slave.
           \_ Ha ha. You accepted the cell phone from work? What
              did they have on you? Did you kill or rape a co-worker?
              Or are you too stupid to live?
              \_ 6 figures and they never call me.  I didn't "accept".  It's
                 part of the job.  I could go with no cell and get half or
                 nothing.  And like John I use it as my free personal phone.
                 \_ 6 figures and no cell. The are afraid to call me. You
                    need to be more important.
                    \_ That doesn't mean much if you don't have a phone.
                       \_ They are scared to ask me to carry a pager or
                          a cell phone. Very scared.
              \_ work gave me a cell.  people from work rarely ever
                 call me on it.  it's great!
                \_ Last time work gave me a cell phone I regularly racked
                   up > $400 phone bills on it.  "Fringe benefit."  -John
              \_ Ooh, y'all six-figure niggas by the name of jigga.
        \_ Consider prepaid minutes + cheap phone.  No monthly charge.
        \_ The cheapest PacBell plan is somewhere around this price... I think
           it might be $25/mo. and usually comes with a phone.
        \_ SprintPCS has a $20/month plan for 20 minutes.  I used to remember
           there being a $15/month plan for 30 minutes.  Oh well.
2000/11/22-25 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/Networking] UID:19894 Activity:low
11/22   How many static IPs do you usually get from your DSL service?
        Do they use subnetting?  Besides host 0 and 255, all the others
        assigned IPs can be used for web server, etc.?
        \_ Default = 1, but you can order up to 4 from PacBell I believe
           (costs extra, of course). I have one but use a gateway router
           to share the connection across four computers.
           \_ with pacbell, you get one for their basic level of service.
              If you order 'enhanced DSL' not only do you get a non-PPPOE
              connection (i.e. real ethernet), you get routed to you a
              /27 ( 3 bit subnet,  6 useable IP addresses, one used by
              your PBI gateway).  So you get 5 IP's, for your ~$79/month. -ERic
        \_ depends on your ISP. I have firstworld and they give two
           static IP addrs per account. (You can possibly get more).
        \_ @home provides 1 and you can get up to 4 more for $5/month each.
           \_ But doesn't @home limit your total connections?  They asked
              my mother for MAC addresses of all machines to be used.
                            \_ This won't to jack for them if you are
                               using nat/pat. The next hop will only
                               see one MAC. Most likely they do bandwidth
                               shaping, by turning on discard queues after
                               a certain data rate has been exceeded.
                \_ They didn't ask me for diddly and don't know diddly about
                   any of my machines.  They installed the line and modem,
                   tested it, I approved the work, they left.
                   \_ they dont have to "ask you". They jsut bind to the
                      first MAC addr that requests access.
2000/11/21-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:19879 Activity:high
11/21   Best bang/buck ADSL?  Cable?
        \_ try telocity is pretty good, $39.95/mo,
           no contract
        \_ The best bang for your bucks will be Ecentrica Gallumbits.
2000/11/20-21 [Computer/Networking] UID:19860 Activity:high
11/20   PacHell (PacBell) now has this stupid PPPoE over DSL crap. Has
        anyone successfully gotten Linux or FreeBSD to run on this?
        URL would be nice.
            \_ no, the better question is, has anybody gotten their Macpoet
               garbage to work on their g3/g4 machines?!  I have had all
               the dsl stuff at home since last week but can't get
               the software to work;  everything is set exactly as they
               tell you in the the enclosed readme file.  Worse yet,
               the tech support is awful, and even if they could send
               someone out, I'm hard pressed for leave time.  The earthlink
               classic excuse was, "Uh...yeah, dsl service has been sporadic
               in the Bay Area...Just try logging in several days from now..."
        \_ redhat 7 comes with the roaring penguin pppOe package available
           as a service to install
        \_ We use Linux (RedHat 6.2) with RP-PPPoE (not w/ PacBell though):
        \_ What's the motivation for using PPPoE?
                \_ Access control - think DHCP with account name/passwd reqd.
                    (Easy to shut off if you don't pay your bill, just disable
                   Also easier to throttle bandwidth down to the rate you're
                   paying for, so you don't complain when your higher than
                   average rates drop down to normal as more people sign up,
                   and easier to share infrastructure with other ISP's & keep
                   the billing straight.  (At least that's what the tech at
                   our ISP said off the record.)
           \_ but it is over DSL.  I thought the ISP can easily disconnect
              you at the central office.  BTW, doesn't PPPoE sound weird?
                        \_ Editing a file is much easier than sending someone
                            out to your neighborhood CO.
                Ethernet is designed to be a broadcast medium but PPP is
                    \_ well, whatever it is, it's a fucking piece of shit.
2000/11/10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19721 Activity:nil
11/9    There you have it. Gore "invented the Internet". More accurately,
        he created this bill:|/bss/d102query.html|
        \_ He was only about 25 years late. BBNPlanet, DARPA and the DOD
           created the internet in the 60's. All this bill did was to
           help in the transfer of ARPANET to NFSNET.
                \_ But his bills helped make the Internet what it is today
                 - far more than the military/research ARPANET.
                   \_ Uh, no. TCP/IP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP, and most other major
                      protocols such as RIP, OSPF, FTP were authored under
                      DOD and DARPA contracts. Even Bill Joy's work here at
                      Cal in the late 70s and early 80s were DARPA funded.
                      The transition to NSFNET, didn't introduce any new
                      sturcture or commerical benefit. In fact the Internet
                      and the web did not take off until it was transfered
                      out of the control of NSF into commercial ISPs. Gore
                      did not help with the privatization of the Internet
                      which is the primary reason for its growth.
                      Bottom line, Gore is *exaggerating* if not lying.
                      I guess he must have master the Vulcan logical arts
                      to a higher degree than Spock.
2000/11/2 [Computer/Networking] UID:19632 Activity:moderate
11/1    Just curious, what will happen if I have two interfaces
        (hostname.hme0 for ethernet and hostname.le0 for FDDI) both set
        to the same IP? Will it give me redundancy? Will the router
        magically route to the more efficient route?
        \_ i will kick you in the nuts.
                \_  You'll probably just confuse the router and all the
                    machines on your subnet.
        \_ Well, with Cisco EtherChannel you can do funky stuff like
           this but with a Sun don't.
                \_ you can do it on sun if you install the SunTrunking
                   \_ Is this new? I haven't heard of it. Also
                      does it do etherchannel or is it raw
                      \_ its been out for a couple years..
                         it is etherchannel just named diff.  -shac
2000/10/13-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:19475 Activity:nil
10/13   I got a cable modem and I'm runing RH 6.  My networking is setup
        through DHCP.  The problem is that when I log in to GNOME or try
        to start apache I get a message about not being able to
        determine the local host name.  This prevents apache from running
        and also causes problems when I ssh to my home machine from outside.
        How do I fix this?  Thanks.
        \_ fix /etc/resolv.conf.  Also you should set ServerName in httpd.conf
2000/10/6-7 [Computer/Networking] UID:19424 Activity:moderate
10/6    Pentium 90.  Comm Ports 1 and 2 already in use.  Internal modem.
        Jumper set to Comm3.  However, in the modem set-up under Control
        Panel there is only the option for Com1 and Com2.  What can I do to
        get the modem to work (aside from using com ports 1 or 2)?
        \_ I assuming you're using windows.  Try diddling with the settings
           for your two serial ports under the device manager.  Maybe try
           to unhook one of your serial gizmos, disable its serial port, then
           use the modem as com<whateverthatwas>, then re-start it.  -John
        \_ What John said but in English: reconfigure the modem to use port
           3 or 4 and disable any other ports via the dip switches that the
           modem should use, then try playing with windows settings.
                \_ When you say reconfigure, what do you mean?  Does this mean
                   to set the jumper on the modem to com3, or something more
                   than this?  Also, I'm not sure what you mean by disabling
                   the other ports.  First off, why do I need to do this?
                   Second of all, what do you mean by "dip switch"?  Anyway, in
                   the windows setting, com3 never shows up?  Will playing with
                   the hardware change this? -clueless (no joke)
2000/9/29-10/2 [Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19369 Activity:moderate 54%like:19604
2/29    Way cool jobs.  See /csua/pub/jobs/webMethods
        \_ So.  What's so cool about working there again?  Do they do
           interesting things?  Or is all this free-snackage supposed
           to distract us from the fact that the company does boring shit?
            \_ you mean B2Bi isn't major excitement?
                \_ get over yourself
           \_ I'll ignore the fact that you are just trying to bait me and
              answer the question seriously.  The cool thing about working
              at webMethods is that the people here are really positive and
              have lives outside of work.  The daily grind is somewhat
              better than most places, but it's mostly because of the
              people rather than the work. That said, webMethods is doing
              a lot of things that haven't been done before, rather than
              putting yet another shading on version 236.4 of some browser.
              If you want to know what things, try for
              a start and mail me for details if you are truly interested.
              We have done a good job of leaving the "whine about things
              but don't fix them" crowd behind when we left UCB.  -mel
              \_ "The daily grind is somewhat better..."  You need a better
                 job my friend.  I don't view my work as grind.  It is
                 both interesting and stimulating.  I look forward to
                 coming in to work.  All the fake smiling faces in
                 neighboring cubicles won't change the fact that you don't.
                \_ Loser.  Work != your life.  It just pays for it.
                   \_ Of course it's not.  I didn't say my life was boring.
                      Why should my work be?
                   \_ Actually my work is a large part of what I think
                      is interesting about my life.  If you can't envision
                      this, perhaps you should find more meaningful work
                      to do.  -blojo
                      \_ my work is play. I can't believe they just gave me
                         another $10K raise to have fun every day and learn
                         lots of cool stuff and have lots of toys to play with.
                         And i have great coworkers and we just took a 3 hour
                         lunch today to go to the movie theater.
                         \_ And?
                         \_ That was because everyone thought they deserved
                            a 3-hr lunchbreak because they've been putting
                            in > 70 hour weeks, right?
                            \_ I only work ~10am-7pm and mondo bennies.
                               Have not been in on a weekend, yet.
                               \_ Where is this?
                                  \_ Probably Cisco, Sun, HP or IBM.
                                     \_ You're right. How did you know? hahaha
                                        \_ Been there, done that. Will soon
                                           be doing it again. Small co recently
                                           bought by one of the big 4 mentioned
                                           \_ You sound very Bechtolsheim-ish
                                  \_ Italy
2000/9/28-29 [Computer/Networking] UID:19357 Activity:very high
9/28    I have two DSL lines (one personal, one for work). What's the best
        way to manage that on one PC? Right now I do a lot of wire swapping
        and IP reconfiguring. Is there a better way?
        \_ It's called "routing". Possibly integrated with a magical device
           called a "hub"
           \_ How rude!
           called a "holub"
           \_ How wuuude!
              \_ how stupid!
                 obviously, the person has no exposure to routing and hubs,
                 otherwise they wouldn't be asking the question. How dare you
                 call me "rude" for taking the time to give the idiot the
                 correct direction to go in.
                 \_ Ok, I'm the idiot who posted the question. Yes, I've
                    heard of routing and hubs, though I may not know
                    apparently as much as you do. I know how to share an IP
                    over multiple computers, but not multiple IPs to one
                    computer, and that's all I was asking for. And why am
                    I an idiot for not having exposure to a particular
                    topic? That would make all of us idiots to at least
                    some degree.
                    \_ We're all idiots to at least some degree.
                    \_ One way: get two ethernet cards and hook up each one to
                       the different DSL lines.  Might need to make some static
                       routes.  Depends on your OS.  It can be done on one NIC
                       on most OS's with a hub but that's ugly, IMHO.
        \_ For legal reasons, swapping wires is the best way to deal with
           is swapping wires. If at anytime the corporate net and the
           internet are connected together by you, you can look forward
           to a PINK SLIP and a CIVIL SUIT.
           \_ well that really depends on what the company's policies are
              and what was agreed to in order to receive dsl from them now
              doesn't it...
           \_ Some of us don't work at lame companies.
2000/9/27-28 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/Networking] UID:19348 Activity:very high
9/26    ARG!  I bought a modem that I thought would work with linux
        (The AOpen FM56-PM) and it DOESN'T.  Please recommend a 56K
        modem that works with linux.  Thanks.
        \_ D00D R U ST111 U51NG A M0D3M? U SH0U1D T12Y CA813 012 D51!
        \_ Um.. buy a friggin external modem?
           \_ You lack clue. Go get more clue.

          /- This thread cracks me up.  It's so funny reading shit about CPU
         /   speed when 99% of the people cares only about network bandwidth.
        /    How will USIII improve my p0rn d/l time?  Get a fucking clue.
        |    \_ DOn't worry your pretty little eloi head.  Us morlocks
        |       (1%) will keep things running.  Oh, I'd like fries
        |       with that, too, please.
                        \_ Stephenson sucks at non-fiction
                           \_ contrary to popular belief on Soda,
                              NEAL STEPHENSON DID NOT WRITE
                              "THE TIME MACHINE" which is where "eloi" and
                              "morlocks" comme from.  Go read it; it's
        |           you can use any old fucking CPU and disk because it
                              eTextified and less than 100 pages.
                              \_ He is referring to 'The command line' book
                              which did violence to Wells' invention.
                              Eloi rule the world, not Morlocks.  Look around
                              you, coder peon.
                                \_ That's what the Eloi want you to think.
        |     \_ Some people actually write the code that allows you to
        |        download your p012N you 311T3 Hax0012. They care about
        |        things like memory fetch latency and instruction
        |        execution. In terms that you can understand. If the
        |        311T3 p012N site is running on a USIII you can ask
        |        it to give you more files per second.
        |        \_ time for CPU to process URL requests: 2 us
        |           time for network to send p0rn mpegs:  1 hr
        |           time to enjoy porn:                   priceless
        |           Network bandwidth is priceless. For everything else
        |           you can use any old fucking CPU and dick because it
        |           doesn't really matter!
        |           \_ it takes a lot of CPU to keep 100 or 1000 Mb/s
        |              links full.
2000/9/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:19346 Activity:moderate
9/26    static IP dsl in fremont area?
        \= firstworld
        \_ firstworld
        \_ megapath; tech support is sluggish, but reliability, install time,
           and tech support fu is excellent
2000/9/27-28 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/Networking] UID:19343 Activity:high
9/26    Reminder; Out door computing facility TODAY 11:30 on Memorial Glade.
        (the lawn infront of the library).  If you would like to see WAV LAN
        installed in the nice grassy area, please just show up, eat lunch, and
        hang out, (and bring a laptop if you can.) -sofia
        \_ WaveLAN?
           \_ 802.11 wireless LAN hardware. Wow... Just wait until bluetooth
                                                                   \_ slow
              comes around...
                \_ Breezecom > bluetooth.  FHSS > DSSS.  -John
              \_ Bluetooth is going to be as toothless as a still born
              \_ Breezecom is slicker than snot dripping from Fuzzy's noze
                 in the Swiss Alps.
              \_ Breezecom will whip blewtewf like a cheeze omlette.
              \_ Breezecom is gonna sound like a huge vaccuum cleaner to the
                 makers of bluetooth.
              \_ Bluetooth: duck.
              \_ Breezecom - smart as a whip.
              \_ Yah, just try downloding Fuzzy's plan on each, you'll probably
                 get an overflow error on bluetooph.
2000/9/27-28 [Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:19334 Activity:high
9/26    When my client, get's disconnected I get a message "reset by peer"
        Does it mean, csua reset's my session or, My ISP disconnect's me,
        from the session?
        \_ Why all the extraneous apostrophes? don't people even pretend
           to know grammar anymore?
           \_ 311T3 Hax0012 D0 ! N33D G12AMMA12 D00D
        \_ It means that someone tried a tcp hijack on your ssh session
           and the server broke the connection. Otherwise, soda rebooted.
                \_ Or you hit soda's 24 hour keepalive timeout and your
                   ISP's firewall isn't playing nicely.  (Or your ISP
                   session timed out & you reconnected with a new IP
                   \_ or soda crashed and rebooted.
        \_ It means your lost your connection.  Why do you care?
           \_ Well, just wondering which side is doing the reset since it
              happens quite frequently, if it's not from csua, then I may
              be able to do something on my end to fix this problem.
2000/9/21-22 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:19306 Activity:nil
9/20    Is there an easy way (on a linux box) to see what process is
        controlling what port?  [Port 53 is still opened on my computer
        but i thought that 1.) Bind 8 was no longer using port 53 and 2.)
        named is running as a user (named) who shouldn't have permissions
        to use low number ports, right?]
        \_ 1) no.  2) no.
           \_ 2 is not done by default, but you should definitely do it.
              Simply: move all your slave domain cache files to a subdir
              and chown it writeable by user/group "bind" (or whatever).
              Then run named -u bind -g bind.  Voila.
                \_ And then check port 53.
        \_ lsof (RTFM for details)
        \_ Use windows!
2000/9/18-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:19278 Activity:kinda low
9/18    If your area carries both DSL and Cable (broadband), why choose
        Cable if the bandwidth decreases as more users use it?
        \_ i don't know..maybe they offer sweet cable (for your tv) deal
           as a package....
        \_ Cost. Cable may be cheaper.
           \_ $10/mo less, free install, 3 free months
                \_ And put a splitter on the cable line and get free cable.
        \_ Cable is usually faster. I sometimes get 3-4Mbps at home, but at
           work it is significantly slower on DSL. Also, if PacBel is your
           DSL ISP, your bandwidth from the CO to the Internet can be
           significantly less than 384kbps that they "guarantee".ZZ
           \_ I haven't heard anyone get that low. I'm getting pretty much
              750kbps no matter what time of day. My friend gets 600kbps.
        \_ Because cable companies threw big phat pipes at the problem
           and you no longer see prime-time slow-downs.
        \_ Where I live, cable modems come with static IP but DSL comes
           with a dynamic IP.  Actually, I don't think you even get a real
           IP number.  Instead you get to be part of the DSL company's
           network going through a gateway to get to the actual Internet.
           So with a cable modem I can make my machine a server.  I get
           cable modem service from MediaOne and DSL would be from Bell
           Atlantic.  I live near Boston so I don't know if this applies
           to California.  -emin
2000/9/17-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:19268 Activity:moderate
9/16    Where can I get a black box to get the premium cable channels?
        Cable guy said there wasn't any in Berkeley.  Is he lying, telling
        the truth, or just stupid.  I got AT&T cable.
        \ pick up an issue of Nuts & Volts and mail order it
        \_ if you really want to get some daily ass treatment for 6-12 months
           in a federal prison, you're probably best off with some simple
           credit card fraud (has to be interstate though)
           \_ I know of 3 people who have been using a special box to
              get premium channels. None have been caught. And haven't
              heard of anyone else getting caught either. Proceed with caution.
           \_ One of my acquintances got caught.  He is in deep shit now.
2000/9/16-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:19266 Activity:nil
9/15    The named on my linux machine listens on a non-privileged UDP port
        in addition to the standard ports. Should I be worried? (can't find
        anything in the docs/faqs, and dont want to udp scan someone else's
        box to match behavior)
        \_ I believe newer nameds use unprivileged ports to do recursive
           queries (ie, where someone requests a record it doesn't have and it
           goes out and looks up the answer). --Galen
                \- isnt the motivation there named doesnt have to be a
                privilaged process? of course there are other ways around
                that and continue to run on a low port. --psb
2000/9/16-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:19265 Activity:high
9/15    I got pacbell DSL, with PPP over Ethernet,
        westell wirespeed DSL modem, can I hook up
        more than one computer without a unix gateway box?
        I can't find any documentation on the web on
        whether if and how to set up dhcp + natd through the
        modem, if it's possible
        \_ Look into a NAT hub/switch.  Line -> modem -> hub -> multiple PCs.
           Or, PacBell could offer multiple IPs.  Same setup as above,
           except the hub/switch does not run NAT.  Someone here should
           know if PacBell offers more than one IP.  Finally, the NAT
           hub/switch must work specifically with PPPoE.
        \_ get the router by linksys.  it's like $140 or so.  it supports
           PPPoE, etc.  I've installed it on a PacBell DSL network at
           my friend's office and it works well.  It also works as a
           rudimentary fireall.  -uctt
           \_ Last I heard the Linksys PPPoE support was in beta.  Office
              DSL was probably not PPPoE but bridged.
              \_ Linksys blows. get the Netgear RT314/Zxyel P314 or
                 the Umax Ugate.
                \_ anecdoteP
        \_ Windows 2K (and Win98SE, I think) has a net connection sharing
           feature. Refer to the system documentation for details.
2000/9/15 [Computer/Networking] UID:19250 Activity:nil
9/14    I have a 2-IP account from @home, with the standard setup (cable
        modem to cheapo hub, hub to two boxes). I just set up samba on
        my linux box to serve MP3's to roomie's win machine. IP routing
        has been set up on both computers, so, hypothetically, when he
        plays my mp3s, no data should go out the hub and come back in.
        Furthermore, when cable modem is disconnected from hub, it still
        works. However, when it's plugged in, the blinkenlichts on the
        cable modem seem to indicate that something is being transmitted
        in both directions, correlated with the mp3 playing.  tcpdump
        shows only smb packets at that rate. What am I missing?
        (presumably something I don't understand about how the routing
        happens?)  flames >& /dev/null
        \_ Write down both IP addresses, netmasks.  Compare subnets.
           Run traceroute to other computer's IP.
           \_ my ip is 24.A.B.C while his is 24.D.E.F (A!=D, etc). @Home
              recommends netmask of however. Also, since I
              have a separate route to him directly (mask
     and he has the same route back, the rest
              shouldn't matter, no? (the latter claim is confirmed by
              traceroute, yes)
              \_ You sound good then.  Cable modem could be blinking
                 lights whenever it sees signal on the Ethernet, but
                 it shouldn't pick up the packets because the dest
                 MAC address != cable modem's MAC address.
                 \_ cable modem's blinkin correlates with whether or not the
                    mp3 is playing. i trust winamp not to be chatting covertly.
                    \_ SMB, right?  There are probably broadcast
                       control packets that the cable modem picks up.
                       \_ Ah. Yes. Rings a bell now. This probably covers it.
                          Fucking braindead protocol.
2000/9/9-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19216 Activity:kinda low
9/8     For the Linksys DSL/cable router or something similar, does
        is there a way to run a PC X Server and call it from a remote
        client from across the router?
        \_ ssh tunnel.
           \_ How does it work?
                \_ man ssh
2000/9/9-10 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19214 Activity:nil
9/8     Is there such a thing as a gaming HTTP proxy? I wanna play AoE2
        but need to hop across my company's HTTP proxy. Thanks.
        \_ SSH Port forwarding if all else fails.  I think there is a way
           to make it work across proxies.  -John
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19213 Activity:moderate
9/8     Monopolies suck! Due to an administrative glitch, PacBell has
        royally screwed up my companies DSL service to the point where we
        have to put in a new order and wait 4 weeks(!) for service. And
        switching providers wouldn't help since this is a problem at
        their central office and all providers run on PacBell wires anyway,
        right? Anyone know of anything we can do about this?
        \_ DSL is for cheapasses.  Get Wireless T1.
           \_ provider? I haven't heard of anything wireless going over like
              \_ Check out this page, some of them do upto 1.5 MB


                 A friend of mine runs his company's main link using a
                 1.5 wireless T1 link. It rocks. I would get it but I have
                 good DSL service through firstworld.

                 You are right PacBell SUX!!!!!
                 \_ soda> nslookup
                    *** localhost can't find Non-existent host/domain
                 \_ thanks!
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19211 Activity:nil
9/8     Linksys DSL router/switch. Does anyone have this beast. How
        does it compare to a typical PC box doinng NAT feature-wise?
        The reason I am interested in it is because I'd like to share
        my connection with my housemates and yet, I don't want to leave
        my PC on 24/7 -akop
        \_ I bought one.  It works.  My setup is have it as a DHCP client
           getting dynamic IP from cable provider (AT&T/MediaOne), and
           serve as a DHCP server to the computers.  I haven't tried
           much of the additional features (filters/DMZ/etc.), different
           setups or how it compares to similar products.  Setup was easy.
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19208 Activity:moderate
9/8     I'm using AT&T's @Home cable modem service, two computers running
        win98.  If I buy a cheap switch like the one below, will I be able
        to share a single IP for both machines without setting up a linux
        box for ipmasquerading (ie, will the switch do NAT for me?)
        \_ Before you spend money on hardware and time on nat configs and such
           why not just get a second real IP from @home and hook three wires to
           a cheap 10mb hub?  Cost is $5/month, it's a real IP, no configs,
           don't need first machine on to get second on the net, etc, etc.
           It would be "just like having a real network!".  Hassle free, works
           for me.  If you're employed you can probably get work to pay for it.
           All this home nat stuff is cute but it isn't a generally useful
           skill for the real world.
           \_ This is option #2 below, for completeness.
                \_ Sorry, I was in a hurry and forgot to state that I was
                   restating the #2 option below as a "best choice" for anyone
                   with $5/month to spare.  But, yes, that was my intention.
           \_ I'm in the "real world" and we use IP Masquerading on a Linux
              box. It's cheaper than having to purchase a 15 IP pack and also
              acts as a firewall because internal IP's are not exposed. We
              don't have a switch, only hubs, so if we didn't do this there
              would be no way to secure the network.
        \_ one computer would have to act as the gateway and needs two NICs,
           (an internal network, and an external network) the second one
           would use a reserved IP number, and be on the internal network.
           \_ NO! If you get a switch that has IP Masq support, it'll do this
              for you...
        \_ 1) A switch (including that one) will NOT work by itself.
                \_ WRONG. Certain switches have firmware support for this sort
                   of thing.
                \_ it will if you have two IP's, nimrod.
                   \_ Please to be recognizing the phrase "by itself", and
                      then pleasantly looking at number 2 below, and then
                      kindly being less insulting next time.
           Win2K Professional and Server (but not Win98) have this thing
           called "Internet Connection Sharing" (ICS).  You need one computer
           running ICS.  This computer will have two network adapters (any
           two will do).  You plug one into the cable modem; the other one
           is connected to the other computer with a crossover cable.
           This second computer has "Obtain IP address automatically."
           Now you can share the connection as long as the first computer is
           2) A lot of cable places have a feature where they can give
           you more than 1 IP address.  In this case you buy the hub,
           connect both computers to the hub, and connect the modem to
           the hub.  Both computers have "Obtain IP address automatically."
           3) Run Linux IP masquerading.  Same hardware setup as 1).
           4) If you're just running Win98 and don't want a 3rd computer
           to run Linux, download WinRoute Lite and use the same hardware
           setup as 1).
           * IP masquerading, ICS, and WinRoute are all NAT programs.
        \_ I bought the Umax Ugate-3000 router/hub. NAT-based and works
           like a charm, including web-surfing, games, ICQ, everything. And
            saves from not always having to have one computer on to share
           the connection.
                \_ How much $$$?
        \_ Anyone tried the Linksys DSL/Cable router (either 1-port or w/
           the 4-port integrated switch)?
           \_ that's for gay homo travel agent office queers who play
              MS solitaire all day
2000/9/8-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:19205 Activity:nil
9/7     Is there a command in cisco IOS equivalent to "netstat -a" on unix?
        I want to see what tcp/udp ports a router is listening to.  I'm looking
        at the various "show" commands and can't see it.
        \_ Try portscanning its various interfaces.  Show config doesn't
           give you what you need?  -John
2000/9/6-8 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:19182 Activity:moderate
9/5     Digital cable or satellite?
        \_ Dish... displeases me.  From what I've seen of both, the interface
           on the dish boxen >> the digital cable boxes.  It's a bit faster,
           has picture in picture, and not _quite_ as many ads.  However,
           cable seems to have its MPEGiness tuned to screw up large black/
           dark areas of the screen, while the dish seemed to make light
           areas chunky.  If I had to pick one of those two, I guess I'd rather
           lose dark areas..   --dbushong
        \_ FWIW, I think digital cable is at least as bad as satellite.
           I'm on the verge of killing my digital cable subscription for
           more traditional cable.  Among digital cable's annoyances is the
           difficulty of programming VCR's to time-shift shows.  You basically
           have to set the cable box on the 'right channel' ahead of time.
           And no switching to different cable channels between recordings.
        \_ satellite.  get directv, H card, and a programmer.  find a
           subbed bin...and you'll be watching ~400 channels for free
           (including hbo, showtime, ppv, nasty stuff, etc.)
                \_ Excuse me what is an H card?
                        \_ send me mail if you're interested in
                           hacking directv.  -uctt (guy who wrote the
                           hacking info above)
                                \_ Been to prison or paid a hefty fine lately?
                                   Hacking free tv is hardly worth the risk.
                                \_ i don't hack.  i just know how to.
                                   knowledge isn't illegal is it?  -uctt
                \_ read alt.dss.hack for a week.  send me any questions
                   you have after that.  the guys in there know the
                   basics.  i'm an expert.  so please stop sending
                   email until you lurk that newsgroup.  -uctt
                   \_ I just sent all your personal information and your
                       post above to DirectTV.
                        \_ You did too?  I wonder if we split the reward or
                           it's first-come first-served?  I needed a new car.
                        \_ cool.  i guess they're going to try to arrest
                        me b/c i read a newsgroup?  -uctt
                           \_ Fucking thief.  You know what you did.
                              I suggest you should go surrender to the
                              authorities yourself.
                           \_ No, but an anonymous tip is more than enough to
                              get a search warrant.  Good luck.
2000/9/4-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:19165 Activity:low
9/4     Has anyone here played with commercial security monitoring/scanning
        apps?  I'm looking at Eeye, ISS, and Axent NetRecon for host-based
        monitoring and host/network scanning, and Cisco Netranger/NFR/
        Netprowler/Eeye for IDS--I'd appreciate any experiences people would
        care to share about any of these.  -John
                \- the all suck to various degrees. the people who want to
                sell you stuff worry more about "sexy features" like drawing
                useless graphs and html reports rather than working on actually
                hard problems. they may be ok for MIS-types but hackers should
                use bro. also, what speed are you monitoring? unclear who
                can keep up with 100mbit full duplex. --psb
                \_ It's more a matter of being able to show due diligence
                   to govt. and investment inspector types who bring along
                   their pet MIS guy and who may have heard this or that about
                   commercial implementations.  I see the limitations of
                   most commercial products I've looked at, but I need to
                   find the "least worst" in addition to whatever "real"
                   IDS and system/network hardening I'm doing.  -John
2000/9/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:19155 Activity:high 52%like:19148
8/31    Just got a new 80 year old multi-million dollar house in Santa Old
        Clara.  I need suggestions for DSL/ADSL.  Anyone know who's good,
        fast, and reliable? Not for porn download.
        \_ firstworld
        \_ Forget DSL/ADSL.  Get a 3G wireless internet connection.
           \_ do you really like your wireless porn?
              \_ his hand needs a rest.
2000/9/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:19148 Activity:kinda low 52%like:19155
8/31    Just got a new apartment in Lake Merritt.  I need suggestions for
        DSL/ADSL.  Anyone know who's good, fast, and reliable?
        \_ firstworld
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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