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2018/08/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2000/8/25-27 [Computer/Networking] UID:19092 Activity:high 50%like:18121 75%like:19090 56%like:19144
8/24    Jobs at -- sw engineers, QA, release engineers. Check out
        /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs/ for more info.
        \_ wap sucks.
           \_ yermom sucks.
        \_ Didn't their stock tank and stay tanked since March?
           \_ It's gone up 20 points from 2 weeks ago.  They're merging
              with -- analysts predict it'll be at 135+ by the
              end of the year and rate it a "strong buy" -- all this is on
                \_ Up 20 means its still down dozens more from spring.
           \_ i think you're not smart if you don't bet on WAP. -ali
                \_ was going down, but then SPYG went and sold
                   out to piece-of-shit OPTV, removing's big
                   (and better) competition.  -tom
             \_ most wireless industry analysts agree that WAP is lame and
                going to be short-lived (< 1 year).  the clients suck and
                are all slightly different bugs.  "We recommend you do your
                site 4 different ways to make it look good on different WAP
                \_ what you know as wap was never intended to be long-
                   lived. wap is evolving quickly and hopefully won't
                   suck as much as it does today.
                   \_ WAP is doomed, period.  It was designed to run pared-
                      down http traffic over wireless protocols not capable
                      of handling a lot of bandwidth (GSM, etc.)  When UMTS
                      gets rolling, you'll see pretty hardcore handheld
                      mobile wireless internet traffic way beyond WAP.  -John
                \_ gee, I wonder if _that's_ why the merger with
                   is such a big deal!  duh!  with the merger,'s
                   future path just opened wider.
             \_ WTF do these so called 'analysts' know?  If they were so
                damned smart, why are they still working?
                \_ didn't I see that on a billboard for etrade?
                        \_ Probably.  It's a line older than the people who
                           founded etrade however.  The line even predates
                           Al Gore's founding the internet in his youth.
        \_ Check stock chart from January to today.
           \_ are we goign to have this conversation _again_?  we just deleted
              the whole thread about all this.
                \_ What thread?  You should check the value of *any* company
                   you're thinking of joining.  What's the big deal with that?
           \_ -- lookup phcm.
2000/8/24-25 [Computer/Networking] UID:19090 Activity:nil 75%like:19092
8/24    Jobs at -- sw engineers, QA, release engineers. Email for more info.
2000/8/22-23 [Reference/BayArea, Computer/Networking] UID:19069 Activity:high
8/22    Silicon Valley == Santa Clara Valley.  However, when we say
        Silicon Valley, what are the border towns on the north, south,
        east and west?
        \_ I think there's no clear boundary, just like "Bay Area".
           \_ yep, generally San Jose/Santa Clara/Palo Alto, but as far
              north as San Mateo and parts of Alameda/Contra Costa
              north as parts of San Mateo/Alameda/Contra Costa counties,
              and as far south as Santa Cruz even.
              Some say Silicon Valley is not a place but a cultural mindset.
              It includes where Sun, HP, Cisco and Oracle are located.
                        \- it should be referred to as "the silicon valley".
                        leaving out the "the" isnt as bad as leaving out the
                        "the" in "the internet" but is bad --psb
                                \_ get a life.
                                \_ okay, i shall now call you "The psb"
           \_ well, I wouldn't consider SF part of Silicon Valley.
                \_ Others do.  Got the message?
                   \_ There was this trivia question on one of those
                      morning shows several years back (Today, I believe),
                      and they asked where SV was, and the answer was SF.
                      Apparently they got numerous angry calls so the next
                      day they retracted their answer.
        \_ Entertainment Alley == San Mateo
           Multimedia Gulch == SOMA
2000/8/22-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:19068 Activity:moderate
8/22    My CATV consists of two coax cable coming into one room in my house.
        I want to distribute that to every room in the house.  A friend of
        mine told me that doing a simple line split would degrade the signal.
        That I need to amplify it somehow.  Anybody know how this is done?
        Any box I can buy to accomplish this via "plug and play"?
        \_ Yes.  You call the cable company and pay them for the additional
           service.  If you can afford a house and cable, you can afford
           another $5/room/month for additional service instead of stealing
           it like a common street corner criminal.
           \_ If you knew how cable companies operate, you wouldn't
              have any moral problems with not paying extra money to them.
              \_ You sound like the stupid whining mp3 napster thieves.  If
                 you don't want to pay for the service a company is providing
                 at the rates they charge, then don't use the service or
                 product.  Theft can not be justified by saying the seller
                 or provider is some Big Evil Corporation.  You are a thief.
                 You are not in any way entitled to cable service at a lesser
                 rate than they charge the public at large.  Theft is theft.
        \_ Your local Radio Shack will have coax splitter/amplifiers.
           Depending on your cable company you may still need a cable box
           per TV.

-/--    It wasn't here for very long before getting trunc'd, but for the person
        looking to teach programming to a 10-yr-old:
        "ToonTalk is a video game for making video games." -David Kahn, 10
        "It's an animated world where kids can make, run, debug, and trade
        programs."-Ken Kahn, David's dad and inventor of ToonTalk
        \_ C!  C is the STANDARD!  Programming language.
           \_ ANSI or K&R?
                \_ ISO/ANSI C99
                \_ Any worth while compiler will deal properly with either
                   or a mix of the two in most cases.
              \_ MS C(#) - bg
2000/8/20-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:19050 Activity:high
4/141   Anyone ever got VPN to run over PPPoE? -hapless Pacbell DSL user.
        \_ No, but you might want to try ipsec over ka9q or something like
           that, if you have fucked-up routing.  Mail me for info.  -John
        \_ Yes, from Win98 (client) to PoPToP (server) running on Linux.
           Couldn't get Network Neighborhood to browse right though, but
           if you put entries in C:\LMHOSTS or wherever it did work.
        \_ Yes, using Linux & the instructions in the VPN masquerading HowTo
           (we have a hardware VPN box) -alan-
           \_ Which HW box?  Is it good?  How much?  --dbushong
                \_ Ravelin by Red Creek, we didn't buy it, it's what NetApp
                   provides employees to set up VPN's to work from home. -alan-
2000/8/17-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:19020 Activity:high
8/16    What's the best DSL service to get in Berkeley?
        \_ related note:  since there are all sorts of horror stories about
           \_ ass.
                \_ explain
                   \_ It was just vapor lock.
                   \_ ass
                      n 1: the fleshy part of the human body that you sit
                      on [syn: {buttocks}, {arse}, {butt}, {backside}, {bum},
                      {buns}, {can}, {fundament}, {hindquarters}, {hind end},
                      {keister}, {posterior}, {prat}, {rear}, {rear end},
                      {rump}, {stern}, {seat}, {tail}, {tail end}, {tooshie},
                      {tush}, {bottom}, {behind}, {derriere}, {fanny}]
           DSL in general, are there services that do not require that I
           sign a year-long agreement?  That way if they suck it won't cost
           me $$ to change provider?
           \_ Let me tell you a story.  GTE services my wire.  That means
              whichever ISP I go to for DSL, the DSL company will have to
              talk to GTE.  So I choose GTE as my ISP, since GTE is by
              default my line provider.  GTE has a 30-day money back
              guarantee.  I canceled in 10 days, got cable modem service,
              and have not paid anything to GTE for anything, except
              for my regular phone charges.
        \_ I like DNAI. I haven't had problems with it yet, and the
           customer service, when I've had to use it, is all right. -brg
        \_ firstworld
                    \_ It took over a week to get more IP's, so eventually
                       I installed debian and set up IP masq. It took two
                       more weeks after that to get them to point my domain
                       to my box. Other than that, the service is good, the
                       support guys (all guys) are friendly. Less Ass, More
                       \_ There are a few women in support at FirstWorld.
                          They were clued in as well. So far I haven't
                          had any problems with them (over 8 months now).
                          \_ I support women in IT, also, though hopefully
                             we can see more in top-tier pipelines.
                             \_ We had a few women (tech/managers) in IT/IS
                                at cisco. They were as good or better than
                                the men. I'm am not for or against women in
                                any job. I feel that the best person ought
                                to be hired for any given role.
                                \_ This has got to be the single most generic
                                   PC non-statement I have ever read.
                                   \_ Now that I re-read it, it sounds pretty
                                      dumb. What I meant to say was more like
                                      we had talented women in IT/IS at cisco,
                                      and they were generally better (more
                                      knowledgeable/nicer/faster) than the men.
                                      I'm all for getting women like that into
                                      IT field.
                                        \_ Who gives a damn?  I just want to
                                           work with/for and manage quality,
                                           talented people.  I don't care what
                                           their plumbing looks like.
                \_ firstworld is as expensive as PacBell ($79) while supplying
                   significantly less download BW:  608kb vs 1.5Mb.
                   \_ perhaps, but what good is the bandwidth if your line
                      is down for a couple of days at a time. PacBell also
                      has a shitty data backbone infrastructure, slow news
                      servers, spotty dns and CLUELESS support (even in the
                      noc). I'm not sure what service is $79, mine is only
                      $69 (was $49 but I upgraded to the faster one).
2000/8/10-11 [Computer/Networking] UID:18953 Activity:high
8/10    Ordering DSL for new place on shattuck + vine.  Is there any way I
        can avoid shitty pacbell dsl?
        \_ DNAI
        \_ Get FirstWorld, the do covad not pacbell.
           \_ you  stil have to go through pacbell copper
        \_ What's this about Sprint ION?  It's $120-160 and you get
           four phone lines.  Do they drag in some wire for you?
           \_ not available in this area, according to  their website.
2000/8/7-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:18907 Activity:high
8/7     Want to set up my own "isp" for me - can anyone recommend a pkg
        that will  answer a 56K modem and provide me with a PPP link?
        \_ man pppd
           \_ wow, the standard $_ =~ s/how can i/man//g response.
              you could have also said man mgetty.  What are you a bot?
                \_ man bot
               \_ ok wise guy,  man mgetty too.
2018/08/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2000/8/5-7 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/Networking] UID:18891 Activity:nil
8/5     Can anyone recommend a IMAP w/ SSL email-client for a Palm
        Pilot with wireless modem?
        \_ Assuming you are talking about a non-Palm-VII, you might
           check out "Multimail Pro" which claims to have IMAP w/ an
           SSL option:
2000/8/3-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:18859 Activity:nil
8/2     anyone know of DSL w/ static ip in fremont?
        \_ firstworld still gives out static IP. You may need
           to ask them for it, but there is no extra charge.
            \_ still $90 is steep
               \_ Its $69 for 600/384 in the south bay.
        \_  -chiapet
2000/8/1-2 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18843 Activity:nil
        \_ "It's just a packet sniffer... We call ours Sniffy"
           Fucking morons, who the fuck do they think they're kidding?
2000/8/1-3 [Computer/Networking] UID:18842 Activity:moderate
8/1     Are there any free/os packages out there that do decent
        authentication/authorization?  I work at a small isp and we need
        a cheap system for authorizing our users coming in to a Shiva
        modem bank.
        \_ Use RADIUS.
        \_ TACACS+
           \_ Aren't these products commercial?
              \_ TACACS 4.0 beta is free from cisco. search on
              \_ They're both _protocols_, with free and commercial
                 implementations. -ERic
2000/7/31-8/2 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Computer/Networking] UID:18836 Activity:high
7/31    Need recommendation for decent DSL provider in Berkeley/Albany
        area.  Preferrably static IP, free install. <$40-50 per month
        \_ Try firstworld. They should be available in Berkeley/Albany.
           \_ I just started using them. I've had to call tech-support
              about 15 times in the past two days, but they are pretty
              friendly, hold times are short, and they seem somewhat
              \_ I had the same experience, i.e. once you get past setup
                 glitchfest, it's smooth sailing. They are not bad. --aaron
                 \_ you live in Berkeley/Albany, Aaron?
                \_ This stage will last about 3 weeks until they get too
                   many customers for tech support to handle.  Sign up fast
                   if you want to use them.  This applies to all good things.
             \_ I've only called them 3 times in 7+ months. Everytime the
                people I spoke to were resonalbly competent and friendly.
                My ave. wait times have been less than 10 mins. My setup
                was glitch free but the technician was at my house for >
                6 hours. I know several people who use them for business
                access as well, no incidents thus far. YMMV ----ranga
        \_ How about earthlink?
2000/7/29 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18815 Activity:nil
7/28    Why are transista' stashuns allowed t'play beat?  Stupid quesshun,
        yes, but I's interested in de royalty situashun.  Can anybody
        broadcast beat (assumin' some fcc license) o' are dere rules
        regardin' quality degradashun (say fo' internet streamin'
        \_ plannin' some internet transista' stashun?
        \_ Not 'esactly.  Slap mah fro!  But whut's t'stop me fum broadcastin'
           at 192mhz and havin' sucka's copy songs dey likes?
           \_ ah' see da damn point.  But wid Napster, ya' git beat on
              demand.  Radio, only certain songs git played.
              And if it gits popular enough, puh'haps de reco'd
              industry gots'ta come and git ya'.
    \_ Radio stashuns keep some reco'd uh which songs dey play, and submit
        royalties t'ascap o' bmi fo' each play.  Slap mah fro!
        \_ http, dig dis://www.riaa.  <DEAD><DEAD> 'esplains how t'get licenses
           fo' broadcastin' & streamin'/webcastin'
2000/7/28 [Computer/Networking] UID:18802 Activity:high
7/27    Can tcp header information be framgmented across two packets?  So
        that the first packet has the source address and the second has the
        port information?
        \_ You're asking the wrong question.  Why are you worried about tcp
           header fragmentation?  if it's a tcp packet the header can't be
           fragmented by definition of "header" and "packet".  If it's
           a lower level packet than tcp header is just part of the payload.
        \_ Heh.  The IP datagrams constituting the TCP stream each retain
           the original destination and source ports and addresses in
           the IP and TCP headers.
2000/7/21-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:18744 Activity:high
7/20    Do any of you soda sysadmins use SNMP-based network management
        software, like HP Network Node Manager?  It seems to me like
        these things are too huge and too general for the network
        engineers they'd be marketed toward.
        \_ what do you mean by manage?  monitor, configure, map, or all?
           \_ conceivably all, but mainly monitor > map > configure
        \_ My opinion of them was they are big and bloated and dont really
           monitor what I want monitored.  They're a nice product for MIS
           morons who have lots more money than clue, and want to have
           pretty maps and whatnot to give woodies to the pointy hairs.
                \-some of these products are ok, but in some cases
                "crackerware" [nmap] or hacker tools [tcpdump] are better.
                cetainly these tools are better at producing "pretty pictures"
                for the MIS crowd. It is kind of sad that these add real $$$
                to yoru resume. I would suggest not hiring people who only know
                vendor tools and not fundamental concepts [Someone who claims
                to know Tivoli but doenst know what the tcp handshake is.
                However I suspect more people who use say MRTG would know
                what the tcp handshake was] and i would suggest avoiding
                wokring for people who only care if you know Sunnet manager
                of the HP openview [or whatever it is called] and it doenst
                make and impression when you say "i write my own monitoring
                tools". However, some of these jobs might pay well. --psb
                \_ What makes namp crackerware but tcpdump a tool?  I use
                \_ What makes nmap crackerware but tcpdump a tool?  I use
                   both and not for cracking.
                        \-i'm not dissing nmap. i use it too. but come on.--psb
2000/7/11 [Computer/Networking] UID:18636 Activity:nil
       \_ great, now you can jack off with your nokia while driving to
2000/7/7 [Computer/Networking] UID:18608 Activity:high
7/7     When doing IP masquerading, how does a remote computer know which
        computer to send the data to? It always sends the data to the proxy,
        right? How does the proxy know which computer the data should go to?
        Does it use local port numbers? Does that mean that the remote host
        puts these local port numbers on all requests/responses?
        How do incoming connections work?
        \_ If you have to ask, you don't know. (Look up NAT.)
        \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
2000/7/5-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:18592 Activity:high
7/5     I have a computer at home hooked up to DSL; can I do wireless
        peer-to-peer sharing to other PCs in my house?  That is, can I
        share Net access without an access point?  I think this can work
        if the PC hard-wired to DSL has both a wired and wireless NIC,
        and the wireless NIC provides the gateway IP.
        \_ Buy the linksys dsl router - 4 port 10/100 switch, does nat.  $160
        \_ I think so, although I'm not sure if home DSL works the same way
           as business DSL. I think you'd just install a NAT or a proxy on
           your gateway computer.
           \_ Yes, there will be NAT and DHCP, just like if you were
              sharing out on a wired home network, but:  Can you do this
              for a wireless network *without an access point*?  I believe
              I can, but I want to know if anyone's tried this.
                \_ What's an access point?  Please don't delete this again.
                   \_ In a peer-to-peer if PC1 is out of range of PC2
                      it's too bad.  With an access point PC1 can talk
                      to the access point which can talk to PC2.  Access
                      points also typically function as a link to a
                      wired network.
        \_ most wireless cards have a special peer-to-peer setting which
           works without access point, assuming you know how to set up
           routing.  your dual-nic host will have to forward the packets
           between the nets.  see wireless card "domain" option, usually.
           on linux it is a pain because this is usually an option
           set at driver module load time, rather than a dynamic setting
           with the pcmcia cardmgr.  so you have to stop pcmcia services,
           edit core pcmcia options, restart pcmcia services for any mobile
           computer when you move from access point to peer wireless domains.
           \_ you try this?
2000/7/4-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:18583 Activity:high
7/4     Anyone have recent experience ordering 100mb routers and switches
        from cisco?  We're trying to get stuff set up, but the networking
        folks claim that cisco has a 3 month turnaround time for orders.
        Is this for real?
        \_ depending on what kinda router, entirely possible.
           if its a relatively low end router you should just order through
           a reseller or someone like CDW or micro warehosue. -shac
        \_ We're being told 2+ months for a lot of our stuff from both Sun
           and Cisco.  Other stuff comes much sooner.  Depends.  Try another
           \_ Sun has $1 billion in backlogged orders. Get in line.
        \_ if you're getting LAN switches that's probably true.  You can
           thank 3com and the semi part shortage for the delay.  3com because
           they got out of the enterprise market and their customers are
           converting to cisco-powered networks.  And the semiconductor parts
           shortage is a industry-wide problem.  Won't be fixed until sometime
           early next year.  Buying from another (smaller) vendor won't do you
           the scare components.
           any good.  Only the big guys right now have the clout to purchase
           the scarce components.
           \_ if he is trying to buy through a reseller who buys directly
              from Cisco then he would be 10x more screwed over ordering it
              through something like cdw or someone who pulls it from a huge
              distributor who would probably have it in inventory someplace.
2000/6/26-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:18553 Activity:high
6/26    6-12 month internships available at Cisco. See
        /csua/pub/jobs/Cisco.METBU.Intern. Also see /csua/pub/jobs/Cisco.METBU
        for available full-time positions. - asaddi
        \_ Obwaitwhileithinkofhowicanbelittleyouandyourjobadvertisement
           \_ Please be gentle. It's my first time.
        \_ If you hope to be in the ESPP program or get Options
           that day and age is over @ cisco. I got ESPP but I was
           an intern over 3 yrs ago. Also the intern to full time
           conversion has fallen off over the years. The interns
           also get pretty shitty work conditions.
           \_ I heard some weird shit about Cisco being
              first-come-first-serve for cubicles each day. Is it true?
              \_ Probably true for sales people.
              \_ Not for engineers. Some of the one who have been
                 there for several years do have enough clout (and
                 stock) to randomly ask for a new office or a extra
                 cube. The best I saw is when a VP got kicked out of
                 his office cause he pissed off one of the guys whose
                 badge # is less than 200. Very Cool that engineers
                 have that kind of power. (The VP sucked too).
              \_ Cisco, what a silly company.
                 \_ With incredibly self-defeating HR hiring and retention
                    policies... - BTDT
                 \_ With a (formerly) great ESPP and Options program. The
                    problem is that most old timers view the new comers as
                    leaches only interested in the $'s, so there is a lot of
                    bad blood between new hires and the project leads.
                    \_ well, if cisco created something rather than buying
                       90% of their new technology...
        \_ can I order any Cisco Press book for free?
2000/6/23-25 [Computer/Networking] UID:18543 Activity:nil
6/23    how do you change the enable passwd on a cisco router?
        \_ try:

        You need to be in config mode (type conf t at the #prompt)
2000/6/22 [Reference/BayArea, Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley] UID:18525 Activity:nil
6/22    When is Berkeley ditching Sprintnet?
        \- Since someone touched the subject, what is a *good* backbone
        provider? I see a lot of Sprint/Global-One advertising, but can't
        really tell who's good, who's not.   -leblon
        \_ RSN - see
        \_ Depends on what you mean by 'good' and how much you're willing to
           pay for it.  MCI used to be good, but with Cable&Brainless buying
           their internet operations, I'd expect them to tank in a year or so.
        \_perhaps page of recommended providers should be maintained, similar
          to the cs books page -nesim
2000/6/21 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18504 Activity:high
6/20    Any suggestions for SSH that would work under Win NT/2000 with
        a proxy server?  Thanks.
        \_ What kind of proxy server?
2000/6/15-19 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:18480 Activity:low
6/15    Does anyone know how to get an U.S. Robotics PCI 56K FAX Voice
        Winmodem to work under Linux?  It's the only modem that gets good
        speed at my house.  - jrleek
        \_ To the best of my knowledge, they have yet to get any software
           modems running under linux
                \_ the best of your knowledge is clearly not worth very much.
                   \_ So, are you saying you know how to do it?  If so,
                      please elighten me.  -jrleek
                   \_ Fuck you. If you have nothing to contribute to the
                      discussion, then shut the fuck up.
            \_ claims to show how to use software modems
               (winmodems) on linux but i was unsuccessful in a cursory
               attempt to get it to work on my GF's linux box (she had
               another modem so i didn't spend much effort trying) -crebbs
        \_ AFAIK, you can't get a USR/3com modem to work in Linux. The ones
           that says work are the Lucent LT Winmodem, which
           has a binary only kernel module released by Lucent, and it does
           work. I have a Thinkpad 240, and it has a Lucent winmodem, and
           it works. The only problem is that it does crash the kernel on
           occasion. But if you can live with that, it works great for dial-
           up -- I get nice 56K speed out of it. also says
           that supposedly a pctel winmodem has a driver, but I haven't
           seen or used it. - ajani
           \_ My 56K USR internal modem works just fine. The ones that
              are winmodems clearly say that they are winmodems (like
              the one above) -akopps
2000/5/31-6/1 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:18369 Activity:high
5/30    Best inexpensive computer that i don't have to put together myself?
        Don't need bells and whistles just want to go online with my DSL
        and have netscrape and iexplorer be FAST.
        \_ VA Linux has a cheap offering:
                \_ $1075 to surf?  Get real.  He can walk into Fry's and get
                   the same hardware for less and it will run IE which your
                   linux box won't.  MS sucks, but IE >>>>>> NS.
                        \_ you must be blind
                           \_ Uh... yeah because I can read the page and see
                              the quoted price is sans monitor?  Is that why?
                                \_ Monitors are not hard to come by... why buy
                                   one from an OEM?
                                   \_ but they will make it cost more than
        \_ imac DV
        \_ Get a Sun Ultra5 workstation under educational discount.
           $1300 w/monitor. It can run latest nutscrape and IE5. <g>
           \_  does <g> mean this is supposed to be funny?
                \_ yeah, apparently you can edit the MOTD from AOL now.  -tom
2000/5/10 [Computer/Networking] UID:18229 Activity:nil
5/10    I ordered DSL through Rhythm 3 months ago and I still don't have it.
        They keep blaming Pac Bell.  Anybody had similar problems with
        Rhythm?  How long did it take you to get a DSL line from PacBell?
2000/5/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:18205 Activity:high
05/08   We just moved into a new office and called GTE for DSL.  They said
        interference from 8 high-capacity (e.g., T1) pairs in the same
        binder as our pair completely prevented DSL for our office.  I think
        the line is outside our building (GTE property).  I asked if we
        could hook up another phone line and they said if we ask for another
        line they can absolutely *not* guarantee getting us off the binder
        giving us interference.  She put in a request anyways, and says
        it'll probably be denied.  Has anyone else been in this situation or
        has a suggestion  of a low-cost alternative for DSL speeds for a small
        net business?  Thanks.
        \_ Looks like you're in a tight binder, eh? :)
           \_ Sounds like a three-ring circus operation...
        \_ Sounds like you need to fire your office manager for fucking up.
        \_ Sounds like you need a cable modem, so you dont have to screw
           around with the morons at GTE.
           \_ Is business cable readily available?  I checked Road Runner
              and they only have six test market areas in the U.S.
              \_ right, cuz if you're a business you can't use "lay person"
                 cable.  must have "business" cable oh yes.
                 \_ 'scuse me, but have you actually done this for a real
                    office?  Residential cable modem for an office?
                    \_ if your office is that big get real net
        \_ Fire-bomb the office that's using the T1s.  Or hire annoying
           homeless people to hang out in their lobby or something until they
           move out.  Then the interference will be gone and you can use your
        \_ A get t1 you cheap bastards.  And fire your office manager.
2000/5/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:18199 Activity:nil
05/07   So, i have set up tcp-wrappers on my linux box, how reliable
        are they, i.e. how easy would it be for someone to simply "spoof"
        one of the IP addresses I allow and thus eliminate the wrappers?
        \_ if they're on your subnet or control your router, pretty easy.
           If not, and if they want to actually initiate a real TCP connection,
           difficult/impossible.  -tom
2000/4/27-29 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18124 Activity:high 72%like:18122
4/26    I have one IP address on my DSL line.  I have three computers
        on my LAN.  I want to be able to telnet into any of these from
        an outside IP address.  How do I do this?  [Question re-phrased]
        [Does anyone know of a product that can route more than one domain
        on one ip?  I know this is possible with virtual hosting.  Im trying
        to set up three computers I can telnet to on my DSL line, which only
        comes with one static ip.]
        \_ This question makes no sense.  What you've seen is web virtual
           hosting but given that your DSL provider only provided you one
           IP address you cannot create 3 new IP addresses visible to the
           outside world.  The best you can do is create a subnet
           (192.168.*.*) and have a computer (Linux IPmasq, NAT, WinGate,
           whatever) perfrom some sort of network translation.  The reason
           why web server virtual hosting works is because it's really
           using the same IP address but the URL that the web browser sends
           to the server hints to which directory to look at.  For example,
                      suggest NAT software in which the telnet remaps are
           if I have a web page at I can request that
           dnai set up virtual hosting so that when a browser asks for
  it will actually return to the browser
  instead (although the person surfing the
           web can tell this).  How that's done is simply adding a DNS entry
           and reconfiguring the web serer.  But most services don't do
           that.  You cannot map a host name to an internal firewall's IP's
           port.  For example, you cannot create a DNS entry called
           <DEAD><DEAD> to map to <DEAD><DEAD>:22.
           If you want to be able to telnet to your three internal
           computers protected by the firewall, you can setup portforwarding
           which is supported by many OS's.  So you can have a port listenig
           on port 1234 of your firewall so that when you do a
           > telnet <DEAD><DEAD> 1234
           it will send all the packets to your internal computer.
        \_ I know Win2K server can do this, because I have it working now
           with your situation.  Incidentally, I asked the same question
           on the motd half a year ago and the responses I got were
           the equivalent of "huh, fux0r?" and "fux0r me".
                \_ Win2K isn't magic - any NAT software can do this, but
                   you'll have to map different ports to different hosts
                   (i.e. telnet NAT 23 goes to host a, telnet NAT 123 to
                    host b, telnet NAT 223 to host c)
                   \_ Yeah, but Win2K has it nicely dumbed down.  Please
                      suggest software in which the telnet remaps are
                      easy with the matching OS name.  Thanks! =)
           \_ uh, the "product" that can "route" more than one domain to
              one IP is called "DNS", and that doesn't stand for "Digital
              Nervous System" you stooge.  -tom
              \_ tom, as you've pointed out, the question has some problems.
                 Nevertheless, you can set up Win2K server to route
                 telnets to your single DSL IP to an IP in your internal LAN.
        \_ the question is stupid and will be deleted in about 20 minutes.
                \_ Don't be a doofus.  The guy just wants to know how to do
                   NAT.  Just because he doesn't know the exact right question
                   to ask doesn't make it a stupid question.  If he knew
                   what NAT was he probably wouldn't have had to ask how to
                   do it.
                   \_ No he doesn't you doofus. You cannot solve this with
                     NAT, because he stated he has ONE IP ADDRESS globally.
                     You need a reverse-proxy, or plug-gw, on a
                     real operating system.
                        \_ A real OS, NAT, and DNS and he's fine.  WTF's your
                           problem?  _I_ wasn't the one talking about win2k.
                           \_ Win2K is a real OS. Oh shit, no it isn't. Sorry.

                              his requirements with NAT.
                              You might want to actually READ the requirements
                              this time.
                              \_ Person A is mad about other people being mad;
                                 Person B is mad about "NAT" term usage.
        \_ how about a home gateway? 2 Wire is suppose to come out
           with something this spring:
           \_ Please tell me of inexpensive, easy port forwarding software
              for Windoze|Linux|Slowaris.  Thx.
                \_ does a nice job.
                   Otherwise, freebsd comes with ipfw and natd.  Linux
                   I believe  comes with some weird ipmasq stuff.  I've
                   found ipfilter (comes with a component called ipnat)
                   to be pretty fast and straightforward.  -John
                   \_ Thanks, John!  Now if only there weren't so many
                      root kits lying around for all the Unix boxes.
                      \_ Did you plan on installing and out-of-date UNIX
                         base system, with all of the default software
                         turned on, so one of these rootkits would actually
                         be a problem?
            \_ But of course, you'll be forwarding to port 22, since you
               should use ssh instead of telnet.
2000/4/26 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking] UID:18122 Activity:high 72%like:18124
4/26    Does anyone know of a product that can route more than one domain
        on one ip?  I know this is possible with virtual hosting.  Im trying
        to set up three computers I can telnet to on my DSL line, which only
        comes with one static ip.
        \_ I know Win2K server can do this, because I have it working now
           with your situation.  Incidentally, I asked the same question
           on the motd half a year ago and the responses I got were
           the equivalent of "huh, fux0r?" and "fux0r me".
           \_ uh, the "product" that can "route" more than one domain to
              one IP is called "DNS", and that doesn't stand for "Digital
              Nervous System" you stooge.  -tom
              \_ tom, as you've pointed out, the question has some problems.
                 Nevertheless, you can set up Win2K server to route
                 telnets to your single DSL IP to an IP in your internal LAN.
2000/4/23-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:18093 Activity:very high
4/23    So, talk to me about TCP/IP stack implementations.  Under what type
      of attack will a linux tcp/ip stack fail but a bsd one survive?  (
      something about the number of bits in a field)
      \_ None.
         \_ Wrong.
      \_ care to elaborate on either?  What data structures are messed up
      in such away to allow for a buffer overrun?  Since the tcp stack sends
      tcpRST on packets going to a port not in use, and drops the rest
      how can you get by that?  Seems to me the worst you can do is DOS the
      box.  - Show me why I'm wrong.
        \_ Care to pay my consulting fees?
      \_ this is as silly as asking when will emacs fail but vi survive.
         there are different, valid beliefs on how a system should
         react to and cope with pathological loads.
2000/4/12-14 [Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17985 Activity:nil 62%like:17836
03/23   Upcoming CSUA Event:
        TOMORROW - Thursday April 13 - 5:30 PM - 306 Soda - Ian Goldberg
        A Pseudonymous Communications Infrastructure for the Internet
        Ian will discuss protocols for allowing anonymous and pseudonymous
        use of any IP-based service. The protocols he will be discussing are
        the basis of Zero-Knowledge Systems' Freedom
2000/3/24-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Display] UID:17847 Activity:high
3/24    Anyone know where I might be able to get a PCI card with four
        10/100 ethernet ports for Linux? I'm looking for four separate
        interfaces like on the quad-fast ethernet (qfe) sbus cards that
        Sun used to make.
        \_ --Jon
           \_ This is perfect. Thanks.
        \_ Ow.  A 4-channel PCI model costs $655 from their website.  --PeterM
           \_ Company dollars.  Who else would want such a thing?
              \_ Yes it is for work. I need to setup a gateway for about
                 8 subnets. Two of these cards puts me back ~ $1300. If
                 I buy a $500 PC to run linux, my total cost is $1800
                 which is much cheaper than buying a lucent or a cisco
                 router with eight ports.
                 \_ isn't that what smart switches are for? $2000!
                 \_ Ah.  Was thinking some PHB wanted it for a web server.
                                           \_ PHB? What does it mean?
                                              \_ Dilbert has a PHB
                                              \_ Pointy Haired Boss. (dilbert)
                                                 \_ Now its clear. I don't
                                                    have a PHB, since I'm
                                                    at a startup and even
                                                    the "directors" code. I
                                                    almost had a PHB as cisco
                                                    for a while after my best
                                                    friend (who was my manager)
                                                    left to take over as a
                                                    director at cobalt.
         \_ Related question, does anyone know a good source for used
            qfe (quad-fast ethernet) sbus cards for suns?
            \_ ?
2000/3/24-25 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:17837 Activity:nil
3/24   the eigerlabs pcmcia serial card i have registers in /var/run/stab as
        Socket 0: Anonymous memory
        0       memory  memory_cs       0       mem0    253     0
        and as far as I can tell there isn't a /dev/mem0;
        there's a bunch of /dev/mem0{a,c,...} stuff but no mem0
        any suggestions as to how to get this running? This is a linux
        box (for now).  As an aside, future vaio owners will be happy
        to know that the port replicator is nice and hot-swappable and
        registers a nice and phatty /dev/ttyS0 for the serial port on
2000/3/23 [Computer/Networking] UID:17831 Activity:high
3/22    I am having a problem with DHCP --- my machine got assigned a very
        strange ip address and a subnet mask of  Is there a way
        for me to scan for the DHCP servers in my network?  Using Open
        Transport 2.0.3
        \_ Does it work?  If it does, maybe it wasnt so strange?
        \_ If you were using a _real_ os like, say LINUX or BSD, you could
           find the DHCP server you respond to prett quickly with tcpdump -e
2000/3/21-23 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/Networking] UID:17813 Activity:very high
3/20    Our current DSL service ( sucks.  We need a good,
        high-bandwidth (1-2 megabits) DSL connection that has
        high uptime and a consistently low latency.  Anyone have
        good experiences?   -blojo
        \_ low latency's determined by the speed of light (I don't know
           of anyone who can change that yet) and distance to whatever
           you're trying to connect to.  So low latency to connect to
           what site?  And maybe queueing theory comes into play but that's
           a different story.  Latency usually isn't an issue in networks
           (except for UDP packets).  It's usually bandwidth that's
           \_ Hello, I am not a dumbass.  Our problem is that the ATM cloud
              we're fed into seems to be oversold.  So, yes, queueing theory
              comes into play here.  You need to have a higher level of
              expectation regarding the intelligence/experience of people
              on soda.  See oj's comment below.  -blojo
              \_ Say, blojo, do you have some sort of complex?  You blow up
                 everytime your overactive imagination perceives anyone even
                 slightly hinting that you may be a DUMBASS.
                \_ I don't have a complex insofar as I am aware.  I was
                   just astonished by the lameness of the post by someone
                   who seemed to think they just knew A WHOLE LOT.  Uhh
                   my imagination may be overactive but I tend to use that
          \_ Latency is HARDLY AT ALL determined by the speed of light. RTTs
                   energy imagining more interesting things than motd posts.
                 \_ It's the twink-point effect, I'm telling you.
                    Just as intended.
          \_ Sign your posts, so everyone can know how dumb you are --oj
                \- when you start pushing ATM a lot of the abstraction
                breaks down and in specific areas the fundmaental technology
                difference matters. when you are pushing the switch, it may
                really start to matter how much bcast traffic or what kind
                of packet dropping heuristics they are using inside the
                switch to manage the buffering. this is hard even in the
                \_ Well, let's see.  If the speed of light were 200mph, then
                   I think you'd see a lot more latency.  (And find it very
                   hard to read, drive, fly, or many other things, but point
                   made via hyperbole).
                   \_ This is the real world we live in not your dream. In
                      reality the speed of light is not the limiting factor in
                      network speeds. That you felt the need to pull this 200
                      number out of the air merely shows how little your point
                      has to do with reality.
                packet switching world ... with the weird atm signalling
                protocols this stuff can be really hard to do right --psb
          \_ Latency is not determined solely by the speed of light.
          \_ Latency is NOT AT ALL determined by the speed of light. RTTs
             from here to the east coast are what, now, ~200ms?--but many
             times what it would take for light to travel there and back round
             trip. Latency is determined by the speed of switching
             electronics, which is much slower than light.
                \- in case your are interested, RTT to the east coast is
                higher than a lot of people think. say distance is 3000x2 mi
                and speed of light in glass is around 186288 x 60% =111800mps
                latency inside a switch is pretty small. most people use a
                send/recd buffer much smaller than the bw delay product so
                you are very much underfilling an empty pipe. --psb
                      \_ Actually, deep down the speed of light is the limiting
                         factor if you consider that the network switches
                         are literally a bunch of NMOS and PMOS transistors
                         hooked up together through polysilocon and metal
                         layers and that electron mobility is limited by
                         the speed of light which in turn limits the speed
                         by which logic circuits operate then yes, the speed
                         of light is a limiting factor.  Besides, if you read
                         carefully, the original poster never said that the
                         speed of light was THE SOLE limiting factor.
                         \_ "low latency's determined by the speed of light."
                            Looks like he came as close as you can to saying
                            that to me.
                            \_ Can you read or are you just and idiot? "low
                               latency's determined by the speed of light
                               AND however many hops you're trying to get
                               to."  I'm not going to quote exactly because
                               I'm too lazy to scroll up just for this stupid
                                \_ Just an idiot.
                         \_ BINGO!  The other guy is a moron, though.  Of course
                            the speed of light has something to do with it.
                            What a serious super-duh to say it doesn't.  _That_
                            was the point I was making with the extreme 200mph
                            example.  It *matters*.  If sound went faster than
                            light, we'd be using that instead (somehow).  Join
                            the rest of us in the real world where the SoL does
                            \_ Did you pass high school physics?
                                \_ Sure did.  You pass HS English?
        \_ serve your area?
        \_ FirstWorld (formerly slipnet) seems okay to me. BBNPlanet was pretty
           good too.
2000/3/20-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:17807 Activity:low
3/20    Why is ssh on soda dropping my connection every five minutes? Is this
        happening to anyone else?
        \_ Yup, it's been happening to me--for about 2 weeks, I think.
           \_ Are you connecting to soda through a firewall?  If so, you might
              want to see if your firewall is set to kill idle TCP connections.
              \_ No.  Direct connection.  I can remain connected via S/Key
                 through the firewall for days without problems.
           \_  That's just the cracker's attempt to hijack your conneciton
               failing and killing your ssh session.  Your S/Key connection
               was hijacked, but it seems normal to you and keeps operating.
2000/3/19-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:17800 Activity:high
3/18    Can anyone recommend a good nationwide dial-up ISP besides Earthlink?
        \_ IBM.
        \_ How about Earthlink?
        \_ Mindspring and Earthlink merged to form the second largest ISP in
           the country (AOL being the largest).  Finding another nationwide
           ISP (and a good one at that) probably won't be too easy.  I've
           used Mindspring for several years, and haven't had any complaints.
           AFAIK, service has not declined since the two merged. -dans
          \_ is earthlink still owned by sci.tology?
             \_ sci.tology is EVERYWHERE nowadays. You can avoid it
                only like you can avoid GE.
                \_ fishy fishy io
        \_i read somewhere they hate each other and are considering splitting.
        \_ earthlink was started by scientologists, and some scientologists
           are major shareholdres, but it is not owned by the church of
           scientology. [hello? formatting fixed for you only because you had
           something to say almost worth reading. otherwise into the trashcan]
                \_ [deleted.  -formatting nazi]
        \_ earthlink sort of sucks.  anytime you are idle for just a few
          minutes they kick you's really quite short.
        \_ is there an ISP nowadays that offers shell accounts? Concentric
           used to...
2000/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:17759 Activity:moderate
3/13    At work each "phone" jack has an ethernet port, digital phone, analog
        phone, and a fax port.  Anybody know where I can get a jack like that?
        I couldn't find it at homedepot.  -trying to rewire my house.
        \_ Just unscrew the one at work. (Someone else's office)
        \_ sells just about every possible connector or
           cable for many different applicaqtions.  they should have
           whatever jack you need, and i think they can do online orders
           via web.
        \_ Did you look in the catalogs? ( for example)
        \_ under your desk? *grin*
                \_ I liked it better when the area admin was under my desk.
2000/3/10-11 [Computer/Networking] UID:17732 Activity:moderate
3/9     Anyone know how I can get stock quotes through a TCP/IP socket,
        rather than through a web page?
        \_ Open a TCP/IP connection to port 80 of a quotes web server.
        \_ ~abe/asst ~abe/ast
        \_ ~abe/bin/asst ~abe/bin/ast
        \_ rand();
           \_ it's funny because it's true.
2000/3/9 [Computer/Networking] UID:17723 Activity:nil
3/9     How do you kick of a connection on a cisco router?
        109 tty 109 joeshmoe   Async interface         0

        disconnect wants a connection number between 1 and 20 but i don't
        know how to find which number associates with the above connection.
        \_ fron enable mode, clear line [line identifier]
           if they're on an IP connection you can reset the interface. -ERic
2000/3/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:17715 Activity:high
3/8     Is anyone here expert with Linux ipchains?  I have a couple of
        questions -- first, would you say that it is an acceptable
        firewall?  If not, why not?  Second, for some reason, it seems
        as thought the ip_masq_ftp module isn't working -- my ftp's
        aren't getting through.  When I do an lsmod, the module shows
        up, but is listed as never having been used.  Any ideas?
        \_ It's "adequate" for home use.  Why?  Look at your other problems.
           Look at ipf* under *bsd for comparison.
           \_ IP-Filter also runs on Solaris. With merit's gated you
              can run a decent firewalling router on a SS10 or 20.
2000/2/25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17615 Activity:moderate 70%like:17608
2/23    To all the CS graduates, how much do you like your job? What exactly
        are you working on? Would you recommend CS?     -sophomore declaring

       Screw this loser, read the reply after my friend:
        \_ Go into it for the money.  The cock suckers talking about doing it
           for the love of it exist in every field.  Do it for the money for
           a few years so you can afford to do whatever you want for the love
           of it for the rest of your life without worrying about the rent,
           mortgage payments, car payments, children's educations, or how to
           pay the electric bill and put food on the table.  The idealists
           are fools throwing away their youth.  These are the same people
           who will be voting every year for a socialist government to take
           care of them in their old age because they "lived life for the
           pure pleasure of it".  They think of themselves as some sort of
           counter culture heros.  I think of them as leeches.  Go for the
           money, sonny.
           \_ Hrm.  I disagree with you on several points.  Starving to death
              so you can do something that you love is just plain silly and
              as far as I can see, you're the only one suggesting such a thing.
              The most common thread here is that you'll be very unhappy doing
              something that you hate -- been there, done that, and it ain't
              worth it.  Second of all, you seem to be implying that by doing
              CS for the money you will deterministically become rich and THEN
              be able to go on and do something that you love.  That's just
              absurd.  Thirdly, associating someone that enjoys their
              work with a political philosophy or moral standpoint is, at
              best, illogical (I myself tend to be pro-gun, pro-death
              penalty -- pretty far from what most people would think of as
              liberal or left-wing).  You can think of them as leeches, but
              if you were really *reading* anything anyone was saying, you'd
              have noted that we were all talking about being *employed* and
              enjoying our work.  Of course, this could just be an idiotic
              troll and I'm wasting my breath taking you seriously. -mice
        \_ don't listen to this angry, cynical asshole.  i know a pharmacist
           who's been working in the field for the past 20 years.  she
           makes at least a consistent $100K a year.  That's more than enough
           to survive on.  but you know what?  she hates the work. and
           she complains about how much it sucks.  and how it goes on and
           on for 8+ hours a day.  don't get stuck in a job that you don't
 's like a slow, minute by minute death.  do what you like,
           but decide if you are going to make the sacrifice.  do you have any
           idea how boring and stupid the guy above sounds?  you are born, you
           grow up, go to school, get married, fuck, have kids, work,
           retire, then die.  There are millions who do the same damn
           mindless pattern of merely living to pass on their dna.  you can
           probably much better than this if your aspirations are in the right
        \_ take cs61 series.  if you can't hack it, then it's a moot point.
           if you're already beyond that, then it's cs162 and cs164 that
           will tell you if you want to be CS or not
        \_ I love my job.  I mostly do distributed system programming.
           The only way I can recommend CS as a major is if you've tried
           at least one CS class and *REALLY* enjoyed the work -- if
           you're thinking of declaring CS strictly for the money, you'll
           probably be pretty unhappy. -mice
           \_ Agreed.  If you're doing CS for the money, you're doing it
              for the wrong reason.  You won't make the kind of money you
              hear about ("overnight millionaires") unless you truly have
              a passion for it.  A passion that drives you to learn more and
              more and more until you truly have much Fu.  Moral:  Do what
              excites you.  --sowings
              \_ gee, really?  I heard some guy in a diner tell me that
                 his daughter was finishing her masters in CS and southern
                 connecticut state university so she could work in
                 "sillycone valley", where they pick you up in a limmo
                 at the airport, give you a private cook, and pay you several
                 hundred thousand a year automatically.  "That's how
                 they are out in California," he told me.  Shit.  Sign
                 me up.
                        -lives a long way from silicon valley
                        \_ Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight -Dr. Evil
                           \_ no, really, i really heard a guy said that,
                              and i'm pretty sure the poor guy belived it.
                              \_ Not questioning whether or not he said it
                                 but he's just not evil enough.  He's the
                                 margarine of evil.  -Dr. Evil
                 \_ are feeling okay there?  you seem a little piqued.
                \_ you were confused. He was actually referring to
                   "Silicone Valley", where all that happens if you have
                   nice tits, and you show them to the right people.
                   Which in Grammy-speak, means "everyone".
           \_ hey, I declared Chem Engineering 'for the money' and wound up
              doing computer/networking work for more! -ERic
                 \_ I was MSME and I wound up working at Cisco. I didn't
                    get into networking for the money though, it was just
                    more interesting than Mat. Sci.. The money hasn't been
                    \_ just a comment for the record that has nothing to
                       do with this thread: materials science may not be
                       that neat now, but in the next couple decades it
                       will see the same kinds of amazing progression that
                       computer science has in the last few decades, mark
                       my words.  In twenty five years mat. sci. will be just
                       as exciting as CS is now, and it will bear very little
                       resemblance to what is currently called materials
                        \_ Just one word of advice, son, "Plastics".
                    bad though. I'm not sure I would have liked CS at Cal,
                    since I found that the undergrad CS classes don't really
                    teach you CS.
                     \_ uh-huh...
                        \_ I took some of the 1xx classes and a couple of
                           of the 2xx (grad) classes at Cal along with several
                           2xx (grad) classes at Stanford and found that
                           the *real* stuff is taught only in the grad coures.
                            \_ which 1xx courses?
              \_ Sure, but you like computers, ERic.  I have taken classes
                 with CS majors who declared how much they hated computers
                 (and not the right-after-something-won't-compile "i hate
                 computers") and thought they (computers) would be the
                 downfall of modern civilization, but they figured they'd
                 make some money off them while they could.  I feel a PHB
                 in someone's future.  I wonder if I'll even want to be in
                 the computer industry in 5 years when all of the current
                 CS ugrads who are in it for the money graduate and come
                 looking for jobs.  <sob>
                        \_ CS ugrads who are in it only for the money are
                           nothing new - they've been around for many years
                           \_ Maybe so, but there has been a much greater
                              influx of them recently.  --sowings
                              \_ Agreed, but this is nothing that can't be
                                 remedied with a couple of shotguns. -dans
                                 \_ .45
                                  \_ shotguns.  yuk yuk.  you are so kewl
                                     \_ Shotgun is a weapon of a peasant.
                                        .45! .45! .45 is the STANDARD!
                                        Subsonic one-shot-drop-dead caliber.
                                        \_ Idiot.
                                           \_ NATO knave.
                                              \_ NATO nothing.  Fuck that
                                                 pussy subsonic .45 shit.
                                                 .454 baby.  *THAT'S* a man's
                                                 \_ Casull?
                                                 \_ I don't want the round
                                                    passing through.
              \_ the economics of our world today make life impossible,
                 especially this area, don't you all think?  *sigh*
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "thousand", "materials", and "everyone".
2000/2/25-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17614 Activity:kinda low
2/24    Security Questions. I was reading about some strategies for defeating
        DDOS on One of thier points

        * Unless an organization is aware of a legitimate need to
          support broadcast or multicast traffic within its
          environment, the forwarding of directed broadcasts should be
          turned off.

        I'm using my linux box as a router, and I want to know if this
        means that I should do something like the following:

        ifconfig eth0 -broadcast -multicast

        Another point was that RPC services should be disabled on
        border systems. My understanding was that a border system
        shouldn't server files via NFS, but mounting was okay. If I
        need to mount directories, should I be firewalling the RPC
        \_ -broadcast means something other than 'forwarding directed
           broadcasts'.  In fact if you actually turn that off you may
           break important broadcast based protocols like ARP. If you're
           on a linux box you really want to do something more like:
           echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts
           \_ Thanks. Do you know if this works with 2.0 kernels or is
              it just 2.2 kernels? Also, I'm assuming that -multicast
              is okay.
              \_ Doesn't look like 2.0 kernels have the option.  I'm assuming
                 you dont need multicast for things like MBONE so yeah
                 just turn it off too. -ERic
                 \_ I'm not using MBONE at home. I only have 384/128 ADSL,
                    so its just not fast enough. I guess I will have to look
                    at the 2.0 kernel compile options to get something similar
                    to ignore broadcasts feature.
                    \_ you'd probably do a lot better to just set up a
                       lot of ipfw rules to block out any traffic you dont
                       really need. -ERic
2000/2/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Networking] UID:17608 Activity:very high 70%like:17615
2/23    To all the CS graduates, how much do you like your job? What exactly
        are you working on? Would you recommend CS?     -sophomore declaring
        \_ I love my job.  I mostly do distributed system programming.
           The only way I can recommend CS as a major is if you've tried
           at least one CS class and *REALLY* enjoyed the work -- if
           you're thinking of declaring CS strictly for the money, you'll
           probably be pretty unhappy. -mice
           \_ Agreed.  If you're doing CS for the money, you're doing it
              for the wrong reason.  You won't make the kind of money you
              hear about ("overnight millionaires") unless you truly have
              a passion for it.  A passion that drives you to learn more and
              more and more until you truly have much Fu.  Moral:  Do what
              excites you.  --sowings
              \_ gee, really?  I heard some guy in a diner tell me that
                 his daughter was finishing her masters in CS and southern
                 connecticut state university so she could work in
                 "sillycone valley", where they pick you up in a limmo
                 at the airport, give you a private cook, and pay you several
                 hundred thousand a year automatically.  "That's how
                 they are out in California," he told me.  Shit.  Sign
                 me up.
                        -lives a long way from silicon valley
                        \_ Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight -Dr. Evil
                           \_ no, really, i really heard a guy said that,
                              and i'm pretty sure the poor guy belived it.
                              \_ Not questioning whether or not he said it
                                 but he's just not evil enough.  He's the
                                 margarine of evil.  -Dr. Evil
                 \_ are feeling okay there?  you seem a little piqued.
                \_ you were confused. He was actually referring to
                   "Silicone Valley", where all that happens if you have
                   nice tits, and you show them to the right people.
                   Which in Grammy-speak, means "everyone".
           \_ hey, I declared Chem Engineering 'for the money' and wound up
              doing computer/networking work for more! -ERic
                 \_ I was MSME and I wound up working at Cisco. I didn't
                    get into networking for the money though, it was just
                    more interesting than Mat. Sci.. The money hasn't been
                    bad though. I'm not sure I would have liked CS at Cal,
                    since I found that the undergrad CS classes don't really
                    teach you CS.
                     \_ uh-huh...
                        \_ I took some of the 1xx classes and a couple of
                           of the 2xx (grad) classes at Cal along with several
                           2xx (grad) classes at Stanford and found that
                           the *real* stuff is taught only in the grad coures.
              \_ Sure, but you like computers, ERic.  I have taken classes
                 with CS majors who declared how much they hated computers
                 (and not the right-after-something-won't-compile "i hate
                 computers") and thought they (computers) would be the
                 downfall of modern civilization, but they figured they'd
                 make some money off them while they could.  I feel a PHB
                 in someone's future.  I wonder if I'll even want to be in
                 the computer industry in 5 years when all of the current
                 CS ugrads who are in it for the money graduate and come
                 looking for jobs.  <sob>
                        \_ CS ugrads who are in it only for the money are
                           nothing new - they've been around for many years
                           \_ Maybe so, but there has been a much greater
                              influx of them recently.  --sowings
                              \_ Agreed, but this is nothing that can't be
                                 remedied with a couple of shotguns. -dans
                                 \_ .45
2000/2/23 [Computer/Networking] UID:17591 Activity:nil
10/7    When you specify localhost or as address, will TCP/IP
        that uses it look it interpret right away as "self" or will it
        actually try DNS first?  In other words, can they be spoofed?
2000/2/11-13 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:17494 Activity:very high
2/11    Why can't they stop all these DoS with a simple TCP source quench? My
        understanding is that if the incoming data rate passes a certain
        threshold, you can simply ask the the upstream sender to slow down or
        drop packets. So why don't the end points just do this so that the
        systems don't go down?
        \_ But then if that's true and the upstream sender starts dropping
           packets, it will still appear the same to the clients that the
           server has crashed.  The effect is the same.  Right?  -- yuen
           \_ Sort of, my understanding is that you can do a source quench
              on one or more source IP's, so when you send a quench the
              message propogates all the the way back to the source. When
              the router's closest to the source start dropping, it will look
              like (from the source's perspective) the destination
              has gone away. Other source IP's won't be affected.
              \_ Source quench idea doesn't work necessarily because the
                 idea of source quench assumes that the sending host is
                 co-operative, not hostile.  When the sending host has
                 been root compromised, the compromise could change the
                 behavior to make it ignore source quench requests.
                 Also, a lot of the source IPs are being spoofed, so you
                 don't even know who the real sources are.
        \_ The attacks are a lot more complicated than just "send lots of
           packets to yahoo".  -tom
           \_ So where can I get a description about how these attacks work.
              And I'm not looking for the garbage in the general press.
                 Look in the papers where he analyizes trinoo, tfn and
                 stracheldaht. Best analysis of them I have seen. -ausman
                \_ while (1) { httpget(""); }     And now you know!
                   \_ This is hardly untraceable since your IP will show up
                      in access_log. My understanding is that the attacks
                      have been untraceable, so they must involve header
                      rewritting or session hijack or something.
                      \_ No.  _some one's_ IP appears in the log.  Who is to
                         say httpget() isn't mushing the IP or using a proxy
                         or doing a million other things?
        \_ The problem with DoS attacks is not that they're crashing the
            machines, but that they're preventing normal users from accessing
            the service.  Your suggestion does nothing to change this.
            \_ If you or your upstream routers block/quench based on the
               sending rate of a source IP, then you could filter the DoS
               traffic (high incoming rate) and still allow most normal
               users (low incoming rate) to connect. I think that is is a L3
               analogy to the hammer filters in some ftp servers.
                \_ Except that many of the attacks consist of a low incoming
                   rate per IP address from thousands of different addresses.
                   Telling real traffic from attack is harder than you think.
        \_ Pull network cable, sell stock, go home.
                \_ Wrong order!
                        \_ You want to sell at the high moments before it
                           crashes to make sure you soak it for every last bit.
                           After all, who knows better when it's going down
                           than you?  It'll take a while for others to notice.
        \_ I opened a joint broker account with my girlfriend and placed $1000 in
           it, telling her that whatever is in it when engagement comes would be
           the price of her diamond ring.  GE didn't go fast enough for her, so
           we went into Checkpoint Software, and it went from $1000 to $4000
           in 4 months, and has been going through the roof since the DoS
           attacks.  Do you think my girlfriend might be involved?
                \_ She hired me to do it.  I get half the account, she gets
                   the other half for her ring.  Expect it to continue upwards
                   until you're engaged.
                   \_ I knew she was involved!  I once suggested to her that
                      instead of a diamond ring, I can give her a super cool
                      Sun workstation.  To my surprise, even though she is a
                      nerdy (but very beautiful, in my opinion) computer
                      science student, she didn't like the idea very much.
                      If you can convince her otherwise, it would be a great
                      favor for me!
                      \_ She is much smarter than you think. Diamonds are
                         forever. Sun workstations become obsolete.
                         She also realizes that you may in fact wish to
                         fondle the sun hardware instead of twiddle her bits.
                         And when the workstation becomes old, Sun allows
                         you to trade it in for a newer model, perhaps giving
                         you certain ideas she finds threatening.
2000/2/10-11 [Computer/Networking] UID:17480 Activity:moderate
2/9     What would be the most efficient way to check if a DNS server is
        still up (i.e. still resolving names)?  Does nslookup help?
        \_ nslookup your_dns_server.
                \- you need to define exactly what you want to test. i mean
                you can do anythign from a ping, to seeing if someone answers
                port 53 to doing a zone xfer. i would just do a zone xfer if
                allowed and see if it seems to be about the right size.
                [i am assuming you mean from a remote machine] --psb
                \_ The guy is having trouble with nslookup.  You want him to
                   do a zone xfer?  He'll be happy when nslookup returns.
        \_ To just make sure the daemon is running and getting your queries:
           "dig version.bind chaos txt". *Then* start making
           sure it can answer queries on real domains.
        \_ ;; ANSWER SECTION:
           VERSION.BIND.           0S CHAOS TXT    "Surely you must be joking"
           Real admins use protection.
                \_ Any answer means the name server is working,  the actual
                   string reported is irrelevant in this case.  Real admins
                   know how to read what they're replying to.
2000/2/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:17462 Activity:kinda low
2/8     Question about Cisco Local Director. I can re-route based on
        host IP. But can it be reconfigured to re-route based on Cookie
        session, POST data, and such?
        \_ No.
2000/2/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:17457 Activity:nil
2/8     I am moving to Mountain View (650 area code) this week.  Anyone has any
        recommendations or pointers for any decent local ISP costing less than
        $20/month?  Thanks.
        \_ And you're moving to Mountain View. Idiot.
        \_ Try slipnet or firstworld, I like them. I'm using their DSL though.
        \_ Try Excite Free World.  It's free.  Connection speed is reasonably
           good.  - MV resident.
2000/1/31-2/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:17386 Activity:high
1/31    For all you who called me a poser .... nyah nyah.  We got raided.
        See what happens when you listen to advice given on the motd....
        Anyways, looking for a small used 2-8 gig IDE driver to buy / borrow
        for a short time as all my drives were seized.  Looking for replacement
        cable modem as well.  PGPdisk rules, btw.  --sky
        \_ d00d, eye g0t arestid, ey'm s0 kewl!11   you're a dork.
        \_ I think you were called an idiot, not a poser.
        \_ What did you get raided for? Drugs don't really make you 3133+,
           just a criminal.
                \_ The Idiot-Poser Patrol showed up and grabbed my kiddie
                   pr0n collekshuN111!!!  kewl, eh?   --sky
        \_ what motd advice was this?
        \_ Is that really your girlfriend on your website?  If she's happy to
           waste her time on a loser like you than *anyone* else could make
           her truly happy.  Send her over.  I'll give you $5.00 for your
           trouble.  You can use it for bail or to buy yourself a few floppy
                \_Yes! I also wish to fuck your girlfriend! Glad to
                  hear you are in jail.
                  \_ Although it depends... did he get her messed up in drugs
                     and fuck her up as much as himself?  I'd pass in that
                     case.  Some crack head isn't worth the $5 I offered.
2000/1/29 [Computer/Networking] UID:17370 Activity:high
1/28    Is there a utility to find out which process is using/listening
        on certain ports?
        \_ What OS bozo?  Different Unixes, different answers.
        \_ Yes.
        \_ fuser 80/tcp (obviously you can specify any port number you want,
           man fuser.)
        \_ lsof on some machines, fuser on others, pfiles on yet others,
           and none of the above on still more
        \_ netstat and prayer.
2000/1/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:17342 Activity:nil
1/26    Can you have multiple default routes, if you have multiple interfaces?
        \_ depends on your device.  With some things (i.e. cisco routers!),
           you can have multiple default routes on the same interface!  -ERic
                \_ Can you do this with an Ultra1 with multiple ethernet
2000/1/17-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:17257 Activity:moderate
1/17    Is there a free ISP that doesn't require you to click on something
        every so often?  I don't mind looking at banners, but it's annoying
        to have to click on something every 20 or 30 minutes.
        \_Better yet, anyone know how to defeat the ads in one of the free
          \_ Yes.  Dial-in directly using Dial-up Networking (for win95/98),
             instead through the apps the ISP provided.  It works for netzero.
             \_ ouch. how evil!
                \_ Must click advertising scams are evil.  Ads in general are
                   \_ actually, i'm an evil pir8te, so i shouldn't be so
                      hypocritical. nevermind.
2000/1/4-5 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:17160 Activity:moderate
1/4     Are there any portscanning tools installed here on soda?  Got a
        home Linux box I'd like to hit from outside to check.
        \_ go to <DEAD><DEAD>, download portscan.c, and run it from the
           linux box.  you don't need to run it from an outside computer
           unless you're testing firewall rules.
           \_ I think the person is testing fw rules.  So yeah they need to
              hit from outside.
        \_ Post IP to Hax0r NewZ!1 that y0r b0x iz uncr/-\kibel!11
                \- for the record, this will set off alarms. i am not saying
                there isnt a legit reason to do this or that you will get
                in trouble, but someone will notice and there may be followup.
                it's not a bad idea to clear these kinds of things with root.
                \_ Big Bro is watching.
2000/1/2-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:17149 Activity:high
01/02   Bearfacts is showing blank schedule for next semester. Anyone here
        know what's going on? (Their "unsupported until 8am 01/03" does
        not entail "fucked until 8am 01/03")
        \_ Duh, try again on 1/3, like that said.  That's whats going on.
        \_ cunt.
        \_ IS&T servers suffered a massive denial of service attack starting
        \_ IS&T servers suffered a massive distributed DoS attack starting
                12/31 that was orchestrated by a completely evil hacker named
                "Associate Vice Chancellor McCredie".  It is expected to take
                most of next week to recover from his shutdown of all critical
                \_ Berkeley doesn't have any critical systems.

[pointless, context free .AU dns info purged]
        origin =
        mail addr =
        serial = 1999123100
        refresh = 21600 (6 hours)
        retry   = 3600 (1 hour)
        expire  = 14400000 (166 days 16 hours)
        minimum ttl = 259200 (3 days)
au      nameserver =
au      nameserver =
au      nameserver = http://vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU
au      nameserver = <DEAD>ns1.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>
au      nameserver = http://ns2.Berkeley.EDU
au      nameserver = http://ns.UU.NET
au      nameserver =   internet address =   internet address =       internet address =       internet address =
http://vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU internet address =
<DEAD>ns1.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>        internet address =
<DEAD>ns1.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>        internet address =
http://ns2.Berkeley.EDU        internet address =
http://ns2.Berkeley.EDU        internet address =
http://ns.UU.NET       internet address =       internet address =
                   \_ au        nameserver = http://VANGOGH.CS.BERKELEY.EDU
                      au        nameserver = http://NS2.BERKELEY.EDU
                      au        nameserver =
                      au        nameserver =
                      au        nameserver = http://NS.EU.NET
                      au        nameserver = <DEAD>NS1.BERKELEY.EDU<DEAD>
                      au        nameserver = http://NS.UU.NET
                        \_ You're trying to make a point? Make it.
                        \_ who cares about Austrailia?  They are worse than
                           Canada for christ's sake.
                        \_ Berkeley doesn't have any critical systems.
1999/11/19-22 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16924 Activity:nil
11/18   I'm trying to test out smbclient with a friend of mine but I keep
        getting this error message:
        $ echo hello | smbclient -M my.friends.ip
        Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
        session request failed
        Does the other computer have to be in the same subnet for samba
        to work?
        \_ I've never got -M to work.  Try -L to list his shares.  No it will
           cross subnets, routers, switches, hubs, gateways, etc, no problem.
           Check the samba docs for the 'official' way to test a connection.
           \_ naw, it did the same thing.  But it did at least give out
              an IP address this time.
                \_ Firewalls?  Can you ping?  Is he exporting any shares?
                   Does he have the "Server" service running on the 'd0ze side?
                   \_ no, no firewalls.  he and his roomate have a multiple
                      ip dsl line and they both can see each other's windoze
                      services.  i can't for some reason.  i'm behind a
                      linux firewall though.
                        \_ Turn off firewall and try again.
           is real useful whenever I'm trying to find out what I've done wrong
                \_ That's the thing I was refering to earlier but was too lazy
                   to find.  "the official way to test a connection".  Anyway,
                   since we haven't heard back, he either gave up or it was the
                   \_ Well, I tried it from the gateway itself (no natd or
                      IP masq) and turned off all the firewall rules and
                      I got the same error messages.  So yes, I did give up.
                        \_ smbclient -L HIS.IP.ADDRESS doesn't give a password
                           prompt after saying session failed?  It sounds like
                           there's something really simple going on.  Minor
                           config error.
1999/11/19-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:16920 Activity:nil 57%like:18115
11/18   Webmaster position at Cisco.  See /csua/pub/jobs/cisco_webmaster.
1999/11/16-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:16896 Activity:moderate
11/16   I have two linux machines with ethernet cards.  If I want to
        connect the two machines can I just connect them with an
        ethernet cable and do
        # ifconfig eth0 up
        # route add -host eth0
        on the first machine and
        # ifconfig eth0 up
        # route add -host eth0
        on the second machine?  I tried this but when I try pinging
        from either machine to other I don't get any response.  I know
        both ethernet cards are properly installed and the cable works
        because I have succesfully connected each computer to my cable
        modem.  Any thoughts?
        \_ You can think of a crossover cable like shaking someone else's
           hand.  Your right can only shake the other person's right
           so you need to crossover your hands.  A hub has the same effect.
           You should use the 192.168.x.x IP range since that is reserved
                              \_ 10/8 is also reserved RFC 1918
        \_ I _think_ you might need a crossover cable between the two
           NICs. I believe the cable modem does this crossover
           internally. -- jsjacob
           for local area networks.
           \_ What is a crossover cable and how is it different from
              a regular ethernet cable?  Do I just go to a computer
              store and ask for a "crossover cable"?  Would connecting
              the two computers through a hub using regular ethernet
              cables work?  Thanks.
                \_ They tend to be red or something like that.
              \_ Yes, you can go to the store and ask for an ethernet
                 crossover cable. If you have the materials, you can
                 also build one yourself. Yes, connecting through a hub
                 would also work. -- jsjacob
        \_ I'm assuming you're using UTP cable.  Yes, if there is no hub
           involved and you want to link just two PCs, you need a $2-8
           crossover cable.
1999/11/16 [Computer/Networking] UID:16893 Activity:high
11.15   Hi,we have wires installed in Stebbins.  We are trying to choosei
        iwhat services we want from what ISP.  I am the only person
        in this house runnin non - windows .  What do you think we should
        get - there are 84 of us.  We are getting 4/5 hubs.
                                    \_ 0.8 hubs may not be enough, ya know...
        \_ you mean... news service?
        \_ ??  You need IP addresses.  Probably handed out via DHCP.  You need
           email server access an want access to their newsfeed.  What else is
           there that you don't get from a web browser?
        Ok, that I understand.  This works well for Joe Schmo the avg user/
        por/mp3/ warez downloader.  But I actually wanted to have a static
        ip for my box so I can log into it from elsewhere.  AWhat should I
        fight for?  Does anyone else have dsl who logs into their home machine?
        \_ I have DHCP.  I login to home from elsewhere.  DHCP != can't remote
           login.  DHCP = your IP *may* change every few months... maybe.
           Yes, static is better, but they can change that on you, too.  To be
           quite honest, you sound like Joe Schmoe to me.  Those who know don't
           tell and those who tell don't know.  You don't sound very bright.
           You should already know what you need if you're not a Schmoe.  You
           don't sound any more clueful than the 'd0ze y00zerz in your house.
        \_ oh gawd.  My past is coming back to haunt me.  Are people still
           playing Super Mario Kart in the TV room? -1 year Stebbins alumnus
           \_ of course; i'm trying to get them to pay for a flat screen LCD
              projector, but I think the room is too shallow
        \_ You need people with a clue running network services there. --jon
           \_ you aren't going to get that in this environment...unless
              you mean the isp, which is so far suggested to be DNAI.
              anyone have any trouble with DNAI?   - and no, there isn't
              anyone guaranteed to have any clue monotoring the hardware on
              this's the co-op system.  1 person figures out something
              everyone else leeches.
1999/11/7 [Computer/Networking] UID:16840 Activity:nil
11/06   Our house is thinking of getting wired to the ethernet, we have
        about 62 people and $3000 to get started with.  What do you guys
        reccomend we get?  DSL?  or t-1/t-3?  Note that not everyone will
        be using the net at the same time.  (also how many routers
        or hubs do you think we'll need? - should we go switched?)
        - paolo
        - ps.  Who should I get a hold of if we wanted to talk to get
          hookahed up to evans router?  gratze.

1999/11/2-3 [Computer/Networking] UID:16817 Activity:nil
11/2    Does anyone have recommendations for home wireless?  Specifically
        we're going to put DSL in our place but we'd like to share the net
        connection with the kids over wireless instead of running UTP cable
        everywhere.  Specifically we're looking at a WebGear Aviator2.4 bundle.
1999/11/2-3 [Computer/Networking] UID:16808 Activity:kinda low
11/1    Okay, so I have DHCP set up so that everyone on the LAN can telnet
        out through the proxy.  Is there an easy way to set things up such
        that people can telnet into LAN machines (which normally have
        192.168.x.x addresses)?  I imagine you tell the proxy that port x
        maps to the telnet port of machine, and so on.  Can
        WinRoute do this?
        \_ Why would you ever give telnet access to a Windows machine.
           There's no user level security.  You pretty much log in with
           sysadmin privledges.
           \_ Not to mention snooping, etc.
        \_ DHCP has nothing to do with anything.  Winroute can map ports, yes.
1999/10/26-27 [Computer/Networking] UID:16773 Activity:nil
10/26   I have a linux box with a cable modem setup as a gateway for my local
        LAN.  Recently I see a lot of messages like the following appeared in
        the /var/log/messages file.  What the heck is that?

          Sep 11 20:07:28 <mygateway> portmap[4502]: connect from <unknown host>
           to callit(390109): request from unauthorized host
        \_ you're getting scanned
        \_ I'm on cable.  I get scanned almost every day.  Sometimes multiple
           times per day from different people.  My favorite is the people who
           scan my bsd box for back orifice.  They hit my telnet port.  My ftp
           port.  They ping me.  Traceroute me.  Try icmp redirects.  I don't
           even know what half the >1024 ports are they're trying to exploit.
           Block it all and forget about it.
           \_  How can you tell that you were tracerouted?  Is all this
               info logged to /var/log/messages or is there something
               more i should be doing to monitor my system (I'm using DSL
               as a gateway for my LAN and have not been getting scanned
               as far as i can tell.)
                \_ I've got a kernel level packet filter setup and I log most
                   of the garbage to it's own file which gets rotated every so
                   often and by size.  I only log it for personal amusement.
1999/10/16-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:16715 Activity:nil
10/15   Similar to the q below, my GTE ADSL dynamic IP line blocks
        certain ports from getting in.  Anyone have a similar
        experience, and whether mailing the admin ppl actually opens
1999/10/15-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:16717 Activity:nil
10/15   How does DSL work? Is it an internal PCI card? Or it connects through
        the parallel port? I'm asking because I'd like to install Linux and
        have DSL connectivity, but I have no idea how DSL<->Linux interact.
        \_ You get an ADSL modem.  It plugs into the phone network.
           Your computer plugs into the modem using ethernet.  So you need:
           1)  ADSL modem,  2) ethernet card  3) short ethernet cable.
           PacBell will give you all 3.  --PeterM
           \_ I'm sure Microsoft is going to eventually lobby lawmakers
              to ban the ethernet DSL interface forcing people to use
              special WinDSL modems.  Afterall, they did lobby congress
              to cut DOJ funding.  I'm sure they'll do anything to make
              sure that non-MS operating systems can't use DSL.
              \_ ride MSBike 2000! (Y2K compliance built-in)
        \_ the dsl comes in to a router.  you plug whatever the hell you
           want to plug into it via ethernet.
        \_ I'm assuming you mean ADSL for your home.  You must have a NIC
           (any old NIC).  Let's assume that they give you a static IP.  In
           that case you boot up your Windoze computer, set the NIC's IP,
           subnet mask, DNS entries, then add the gateway IP that the ISP
           tells you.  Then you take a UTP cable, plug one end into the
           wall, the other end into the modem.  Take another UTP cable, plug
           one end into the modem, the other end into the NIC.  Then you're
           all set.  You can even move the NIC end of the cable to
           different computers without reboots if they all have their NIC's
           configured.  Now let's assume that they give you a dynamic IP.
           In that case, you tell your NIC to "Obtain an IP address
           automatically" and everything else is the same.  That's how you
           do it in Windoze.
           \_ when the wiring service comes by they'll install a splitter
              box to your phone line, run cable, and put the RJ-45 jack
              where you want it
        \_ So does DSL replace your phone bill, like ISDN?
1999/10/9-14 [Computer/Networking] UID:16681 Activity:kinda low
10/9    do those of you who use pacbell as a dsl provider also use them
        as your ISP?
        \_yes.  Its cheap but unreliable.
          \_  Are you implying that the ISP portion is unreliable?  I have
              been assuming that when my DSL goes down, it is my $40 DSL
              service (which basically HAS to be through pac bell) and not
              the $10 ISP service.
              \_ When it goes down, its usually the connection to the redback
                 dsl concentrator.  Could be problems with the isp part, but
                 more likely a dsl problem.  Of course I barely use their isp
                 parts such as email a and what not.
                 \_ PACBELL N3WZ S3RVURZ H4V3 K-R4D W4R3Z, D00D!!!!!!!!1
          \_ In our office {441 soda}, we have several using PacBell DSL,
             one using DSL to orconet, and one using TCI@Home inel
             cerrito.  Bay FAR the best service quality has been through
             PacBell DSL with PacBell as the ISP.  Also, this gives you
             a single point to yell at when something goes wrong.
             \_ Slightly off topic but you mention cable.  tci@home has been
                ok sofar (had it for a month) but they don't seem to have a
                service status page, don't announce their scheduled downtimes
                (which I keep forgetting to note down when I run into them),
                and mail servers are a bit flakey but usable.  It's ok but
                certainly not perfect.  JAFCU.
                \_ @Home refunded me 1/2 month's fees when their service
                   was a bit dodgy for about a week.
               \_   @Home publicly states their service is for 'casual home
                  users' and no 'servers' are allowed.  Unlike pacbell...
          \_ ISP wise they're okay but watch the billing. I got my ADSL in
             March and they have yet to get my billing correct.
             \_ I went for 9 months with them not charging the DSL part of the
                bill. I was only paying a $30 isp fee...
          \_ I got my phone installed August 5th, my dsl working September
             4th, and so far not a bill in sight.  -jor
1999/10/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:16659 Activity:high
10/4/99 Would someone please tell me what it would take to get a linux box
        to accept a T-1 and act as a router.  That is how much would the
        card cost that has the right interface to work with a dsu/csu?
        \_  The cards cost about $800 and include
           a built in csu/dsu.  I have a half dozen of them installed
           and they work pretty well. Lemme know if you have any more
           questions. -ERic  (in yet another rare helpful motd posting)
           \_ ACK!  A truly useful answer on the motd!  Someone delete this
           \_ [deleted]
              \_ OK.
1999/9/30-10/1 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW] UID:16631 Activity:high
9/30    anyone know of dsl specials with free installation and hardware
        going on right now?  (ones that don't require a 2-year
        commitment).  actually, any dsl recs would be appreciated.
        \_ Why the heck do you think a DSL provider is going to provide
           hundreds of dollars of hardware and equipment installation
           if you're not going to even commit to service for a long term?
           \_ "It's my right to have free everything so I can get high speed
              access to the free pr0n available only on the net!"
              access to the public information available only on the net!"
           \_ Because @Home is offering free installation, free hardware,
              no commitment, AND one month free.
1999/9/24-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:16586 Activity:low
9/24    Any known remote exploits run on port 1028 on a wind0wz box?
        Where to find out?  There a list of known remote exploits and their
        ports somewhere on the net?  Thanks.
        \_  What time?  What room? -allenp
        \_ I found it.  For not-even-God-knows-what-reason, The M$ task
           scheduler (their shitty version of at/cron) sits on tcp port
           1028.  Disabled in control panel.  A small victory over bloat.
           \_ run portscan.  has anyone tried to portscan all 64k ports
              of a win machine?
              \_ It's an open but unknown port.  I'm not sure if there's
                 anything anyone can really do with it, but it was definitely
                 the task scheduler and definitely open.  I stopped it from
                 running in the future.  When I killed mstask.exe, the port
                 closed, so I know that's it.  Nothing on the net about it
                 that I could find.  Fuck you Bill Gates.
1999/9/20-21 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:16556 Activity:high
9/19    What is in.identd (running on port 113 (auth))? man isn't very
        clear on importance of the service.
        \_ T3 = 28xT1
        \_ From identd(8):
           identd is a server which implements  the  TCP/IP  proposed
           identd is a server which implements  the  TCP/IP  proposed
           standard  IDENT  user identification protocol as specified
           in the RFC 1413 document.
           READ THE FUCKING RFC TWINK! --not tom
           READ THE FUCKING RFC TWINK! --not tom
              Grow up you fucking brat.
        \_ could this be the reason why .shost authentication doesn't work
           if you have this service turned off?
           \_ It's there to buxt the not-so-elite h4ckurz!!!!1
                \_ ssh does not use identd.  Turn it off, it's annoying.  -tom
                   \_ it does if linked against a libwrap.a that does
                      rfc 1413 lookups by default.
              \_ negligible, given that there is a lot more tightly coupled
                 copper wiring in the electrical cords, house wiring, etc.,
                 constant of the insulators.
1999/9/9-10 [Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16485 Activity:kinda low
9/8     How do reverse name lookups work. CSUA has the IP addess So the <DEAD><DEAD> servers have an entry like IN PTR http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
        but if I'm doing a revers lookup from say MIT how would it pull
        out that resource record from the Berkeley nameserver?
        (As in, how would it know to look at Berkeley's name server)
        \_ Same way it does for - it asks the root nameservers
           "Who should I ask for info about the 32.128.IN-ADDR.ARPA domain?"
           and they return the list of nameservers it's delegated to.
           \_ But that's assuming that you're using strictly class A, B,
              or C addresses.  Many sites are classless (CIDR).
                \_ Still works basically the same.  Start at the top and
                        ask your way down the list.  Read the OReilley
                        BIND book if you want to know the details, since
                        there are far too many to discuss in the motd.
                \_ Unfortunately, BIND still is pretty much classful in
                   in-addr delegation.  It can only delegate on octet
             \_ 32.128.IN-ADDR.ARPA is just another domain, and can have
                CNAMES in it as well.  use your imagination.
                                                \_ ooh la-la!
1999/9/4-5 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16463 Activity:moderate
9/4     From comp.protocols.tcp-ip:
        W. Richard (Rich) Stevens, author of several Unix and TCP/IP books,
        passed away in Tucson on September 1.
        \_ D'OH! Stevens was the man.
        \_  Yeah, people die every second all over the world... and?
                \_ Real CSUA members have at least one of his books.
                   A number of us have actually met him.  Just because
                   you were never fortunate enough to do so doesn't mean
                   others wouldn't want to know.
                   \_ I own a bible but wouldn't care if Jesus and the 12
                      came back and dropped dead again.
        \_ that's too b/sad. what did he die of?
           \_ PING OF DEATH
           \_ BSOD.
           \_ Too many pot stickers.
        \_ Hopeless idiots like me asking dumb questions all the time. -mtbb
        \_ Obit on
1999/9/3-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:16457 Activity:low
9/3     I'm tweaking with the TCP stack on Linux. I'm wondering if anybody
        has done this.  I want to hard-coded the URG flag on the TCP header
        to 1.  Would this actually speed up my connection since every single
        TCP packet is now urgent data?
        \_ No.  Priority flags are there for a reason.  Your connection
           speed is bound by the congestion and flow control algorithms
           (basically how fast the network and end computer are). I'm
           sure most routers will simply ignore your request to
           reprioritize your own packets.  There are better ways to
           tweak TCP/IP like MTU adjustments and such.
           \_ please be more specific.  What can I tweak?
              \_ yer mom likes a good tweak
        \_ Go read a couple Stevens books and you'll find out why setting
           the URG flag will break everything.  (Hint: it doesn't mean
           "send faster" it means "let the reciever know there's an urgent
           out-of-band message it needs to handle specially")  Unless you've
           memorized the TCP/IP specs, tweaking things at that low a level
           is sure to fuck everything up.  Many things in TCP/IP are done
           for very specific reasons by people much much smarter than you.
           \_ fucking things up in the process of learning is better than
              not learning at all. I will fuck with the MTU and see if I
              can get porn faster.
           \_ I think the default MTU is 1500.  Is there a better value? --yuen
                \_ Yes, you should set your MTU to the one recommended for
                   your network connection.  Ethernet, ATM, & FDDI all have
                   very different characteristics - there is no one size fits
                   all and without more data we can't tell you what size fits
1999/8/30-31 [Computer/Networking] UID:16430 Activity:kinda low
8/29    If ethernet is CSMA (carrier sense mult access) to work without
        central arbitration, then what is the point of having a hub.
        I thought ethernet was supposed to work like a bus.  Can't you
        just use 4 copper wires and connect them all?
        \_ A hub just splits and amplifies the signla, it doesn't modify
           it in any way other than that.  A switch is different however...
           \_ so if you had 5 computers connected with short 5' cables
              you could hack together your own non-amplified hub?
                \_ If you don't want a hub, just use ThinNet (10base2)
           \_ Doesn't the hub also put the half twist in?
        \_ Hub (star) topology one NIC down, rest of network lives.
           Bus topology for thinnet:  one bad NIC/cable can affect the
           entire network.  The question is, why is a non-switching
           100 Mbps 5-8 port hub $50-100?
                \_ Because they can charge that.  Anyone with enough computers
                   to need a hub can afford $100 for one without a problem.
                   Econ 1 is still offered, right?
1999/8/25-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:16392 Activity:nil
8/24    On the back of my CYBERSURFR WAVE cable modem that I got with @home
        there is a 9-pin serial port that says ASYNC and the documentation
        simply mentions: "(Optional) Install your dial modem according to the
        manufacturer's instructions.  Connect the end of the dial modem's
        cable to the ASYNC connector on the rear of the cable modem."
        Does anyone have any info about this?
        \_ Try the manufacturer's website.
        \_ Its probably just a standard asynchronous serial port, likely for
            system configuration and what not.  Its the same kind of serial
            that make up COM ports on a PC system.  Might be interesting to
            look at with a null modem cable and terminal software on your
            system.  Purely as an investigational hack, of course.
                \_ I heard you can get free phone access that way like in a
                   lavender box!!!
1999/8/24-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16390 Activity:very high
8/24    Question. Which ISP is good for 24 hours and is reliable? I am
        willing to spend up to $30/month. Also, which auto password and
        auto Windows 95 dialer is good to download? Thanks.
        \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Tax Advisor.
                \_ /bin/cat you fool!
        \_ $30! That's pretty steep for an ISP.  Might as well spend a
           few extra bucks and get cable modem or DSL.
        \_ What's wrong with the MS one?  It allows scripting, and pretty
           much never fails.  Been using it since 95 came out with no problems.
           \_ Perhaps the inquirer has a social conscience and does not want
              to unnecessarily patronize an evil company.
                \_ If they're already using Win 95 they've sold their soul
                   to BillG already and using the software included with Win95
                   won't make any difference to anyone
                \_ giving him $20 a month will.
                        \_ No, this is in reference to the autodialer part of
                           the second question, not the ISP part.  You don't
                           have to give BillG $20/month to use the built in
                           authodialer... yet.
        \_ Another question-- where can I find an auto-dialer that dials
           in the ISP and puts in password automatically?
                \_ I answered this already.  Use the one included in windows.
                   It works perfectly.  I've used it for years on 95, 98 and
                   NT without any problems.  It isn't glitzy, but it works.
                        \_ NO YOU DUMB ASS. I want to log in when the computer
                           is rebooted, and would redial AUTOMATICALLY.
                           \_ That's easy.  I know how to do that and used to
                              do so but I won't tell you since you're such a
                              little shit.  It's your own fault for not being
                              clear since there is a commonly accepted
                              definition of an autodialer and your mis-use of
                              the term is not my fault.  Good luck getting
                              help from someone else with that attitude.
                           \_ Why do you need to be connected 24 hours a day?
                              If you're running a server, Win95 is just about
                              the stupidest choice possible, and you probably
                              want "always on" DSL instead of dialup.
1999/8/21-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:16368 Activity:high
8/21    Anyone know any reason why my connection to soda would drop after
        a period of inactivity.  I've set up a firewall to block all
        connections below 1024 and I'm guessing that has something to do
        with it.  Any ideas?
        \_ Your firewall is dropping the connection.  You need to increase
           its idle timeout for established TCP connections; if you tell us
           what kind of firewall you have, we can probably help.
           \_ cool, thanks.  it's linux 2.2 ipchains.
              \_ You can use "ipchains -MS 86400 0 0" to increase the timeout
                 to a day.
                 \_ thanks.
        \_ keep alives not keeping alive or you have an idle timeout on your
           \_ It was working fine until I moved it behind a firewall.
           \_ What's "keep alives"?
                \_ Soda's TCP stack will send a zero-length packet after
                              \_ never understood why they called TCP a stack.
                                \_ Technically TCP is a layer in the protocol
                                   \_ You mean that 7 layer OSI model?
                                        \_ No, the similar, but less layered
                                           TCP/IP model.  Some examples:
                                                 HTTP           Sun RPC
                                                 TCP            TCP or UDP
                                                 IP             IP
                                                 PPP/SLIP       Ethernet
                                \_ Never understood why the millennium bug is
                                   not called the century bug instead either.
                                        \_ Because millennium sounds more
                                           impressive.  (Both are wrong of
                                           course, since the next century
                                           and next millenium start 1/1/2001).
                   you've been idle for a while to make sure your machine
                   is still alive, to force either an ACK or a RST.  If it
                   gets neither it decides your machine is dead and kills the
                   connection.  Soda is currently set to send a keep alive
                   after 24 hours of inactivity.
1999/8/21-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:16359 Activity:low
8/20    Any recommendations for DSL in the Mountain View area? How much should
        I expect to pay for a basic connection?
        \_ It's supposed to be something like 50 bucks/month, but there's ALWAYS
           10 extra dollars/month for something.  Some tax or something.  I don't
           remember.  All I know is that my friend is paying $60/month. --ricky
           \_ It must be the ISP.  For some reason DSL providers never
              incorporate that into their advertising.  "Oh, by the way, on
              top of that $50 you pay you also have to get an ISP"
        \_ Go TCI.  Free install (usually), no hidden charges.
1999/8/10-11 [Science/Disaster, Computer/Networking] UID:16284 Activity:kinda low
8/10    Anyone know a good resource about IRC hacking?  We had a server
        hit pretty hard by some punkass.  Would be nice to find out how
        to block spoofed-ip flood atacks.  Thx.
        \_ Call your ISP.  prepare to be ignored.  When they flood you
        \_ Source Address Verification.  And sign your name when you delete
           people's advice.
        \_ Call your ISP.  prepare to be ignored.  When the bad guys flood you
           enough to overwhelm your upstream link, you must sit down and
           take it like a man.  -ERic
1999/8/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:16267 Activity:low
8/7     Any of you using pacbell DSL know what the DNS nameserver is.
        Incomptetent Pacbell support line refuse to tell me.
        \_, -setol
           \_ Thanks.  That was a lot better than tech support asking,
              "what's a nameserver?"
1999/8/5-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:16256 Activity:moderate
8/4     Anyone out there have DSL service?  What ISP are you using?
        \_ I use CellularOne, it's digital and analog I think.
        \_ who | grep dsl
        \_ someone I know is trying out <DEAD><DEAD>.  I'll let you know in a
        \_ Why not use cable?
           \_ presumably you mean <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ i have <DEAD><DEAD>, it doesn't bother me -brg
        \_ someone I know is trying out <DEAD><DEAD>.  I'll let you know in a
        \_ has been killer for our neighborhood lan.  --caliban
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ I'm using PBI, but only because it's cheap. -ERic
                \_ What's their web site?
                \_ I heard from the PacBell DSL guy that you don't need an ISP
                at all. He said that the $39/mo includes IP/svc, just not
                email or newsgroups... does anybody know for sure?
                   \_ yes, this is why DSL is so attractive, fuck $39 now?
                   \_ seems to me you'd still need an SMTP server...
                \_ In this case your ISP will be PBI    -muchandr
                \_ it's $39 for DSL, $10 for ISP, including email.
                   \_ That's $39 / monthly + $198 equipment fee
                    and the entire year needs to be prepaid.
                    Thus, you need to pay over $600 up front.
                \_ I paid $128 for equipment. That was all, but I had
                to commit for a year. -muchandr
                \_ Why don't you geniuses go to and check for
                   yourself instead of guessing and making shit up?  What you
                   got last month may not be the deal this month.
1999/8/4 [Computer/Networking] UID:16244 Activity:high
8/3     Anyone know what a netbios-dgm and a netbios-ns is?
        \_ dgm= datagram
           ns = nameservice
           \_ But why would a computer on a LAN be sending out UDP packets
              of these type once a second?
              \_ because it's been saddled with a shitty operating system
              \_ I seem to remember NetBIOS being a protocol for a small LAN.
1999/7/29-31 [Computer/Networking] UID:16206 Activity:low
7/29    Does anyone have a list of IP addresses that go around and track
        people's activity on the Internet.  I'm trying to collect some
        firewall rules to block this.  So far I have:
        ipchains -A output -j REJECT -d # reject
        ipchains -A output -j REJECT -d # reject
        \_ Block all access to port 80.  Almost every site that runs a server
                on port 80 tracks what pages you look at.
        \_ if you're concerned about being tracked, check out
                <DEAD><DEAD> -ERic
                www.zeroknowle[d] -ERic
1999/7/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:16162 Activity:high
7/19    Where can I find the program that optimizes my Win95 TCP/IP stack?
        I forgot the name of the program (that modifies my registry). PLEASE,
        don't say "format HD, install Linux" or something to that effect. Thx!
        \_ I think I remember some programs in that let you
           do this.  It's not hard to find but all it does is modify
           you network registry settings (MTU, timeout values, TTL crap,
           etc...)  You can pretty much do the same thing by using regedit.
           -- linux user.
                    PC so I can cut
        \_ Could you be talking about:
        \_ I think you're talking about
        \_ format HD, install FreeBSD
                \_ install NT. preconfigured foor optiomal internet speeds!
1999/7/2-3 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Display] UID:16060 Activity:high
07/02 What is the difference between a "PCI Ethernet Controller" and
      an ethernet card?  MediaOne says I need an ethernet card if I want
      to use a cable modem, but I'm running low on IRQs.  Can I remove
      the "PCI Ethernet Controller" and replace it with an ethernet card?
        \_ It's the same thing.
        \_ yur isp is full of shit.  you need a cable modem to use cable
           modem.  if the cable modem has an ethernet interface just get
           an ordinary 10/100 ethernet card and make sure it's pci since
           they're only $2 more expensive.  problem solved.
        \_ help, I have a computer but AOL says I need a "PC" to use it.
        \_ ethernet controller == ethernet card,NIC,network
           adapter,network interface,network interface card
           \_ I don't think the statement above is true.  On Windows 95
              my "PCI Ethernet Controller" shows up under "Other Devices"
              not under "Network Adapters".  Also on LINUX, no etherent
              card is recognized when I boot.  Once again, what the heck
              is a "PCI Ethernet Controller" and how is it different from
              an ethernet card?  Thanks for any clues.
              \_ ok.  There's a question mark next to "PCI Ethernet
                 Controller" yes?  What this means is that Win95 knows you
                 have the network card, but Win95 is telling you you haven't
                 installed the drivers for it, yet.  Select "PCI Ethernet
                 Controller" and remove the device.  Get the driver disk
                 ready.  Reboot.  When it asks you for drivers, put it in
                 the drive and there you have it.
                 \_ That makes sense.  Since I got my computer second hand
                    I don't have the drivers, but I'll try and find out
                    \_ if you have more trouble, post to the motd again
                    who makes my card and download drivers.  Thanks.
                    \_ if you have more trouble, post to the motd again, or
                       wall, because this is a potentially lengthy topic
            \_ I always thought ethernet controller was just marketing bs
               just like they say scsi controller, but its formally called
               a host adapter.
                \_ technically, a "scsi controller" and a "host adapter"
                   are two separate things. It's just that they both come
                   on the same card. And it makes things more confusing that
                   typically in the PC words, a card like that is called a
                   \_ technically, scsi is a peer-to-peer shared-media
                      network w/ a statically-defined arbitration policy.
                      there is no controller.
                      \_ what is the term for the computer "peer" that is
                         usually at ID 7?
                         \_ host adapter
1999/7/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:16050 Activity:nil
6/30    I'd like to get a good ISP. What is a good ISP that has the most
        number of newsfeeds (big hard drive), has a lot of dial-in numbers
        (in SF and LA area)? Price is not an issue. Thanks.
1999/6/30-7/1 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:16046 Activity:nil
6/30    This may seem a bit unconventional but since csua is disabling telnet
        and people are complaining about firewall restrictions is it possible
        to have sshd also listen to port 23 since most firewall admins don't
        block that? --non-alum
        \_ It makes more sense to have it on the rlogin port, since ssh
           emulates that stuff securely. And yes, it works through a
           firewall that way, if it passes port 512. Or it would work
           on the telnet port too. However, some firewalls require use of
           PROXIES, to stop exactly this kind of shennanigans.
1999/6/23 [Computer/Networking] UID:16005 Activity:high
6/22    What is a "proxy server" (what is an example of one)?
        \_ like, let's say you don't want to give every machine on your
           network an IP address that's accessible by a nefarious hacker (as
           opposed to those gallant, kind-hearted individuals of the CSUA).
           But you still want to give each workstation Internet access.
           What do you do?  Set up a proxy.  Proxies also can provide
           firewall functionality.
           \_ so what's the technical diff between a proxy, firewall, gateway?
1999/6/22-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:16001 Activity:high
6/22    Anyone know what kinds of Internet options are available for
        residents of Santa Clara?  DSL? Cable modem?  Prices?  Advantages?
        Whom should I contact for info?  I'm out of the loop, I've been
        away... (BTW, cable modems are available in Paris).  Thnx, cathyg
        \_ I found the sales people at tci/athome are stupid beyond belief.  A
           week later they still can't tell me I can get hooked up even though
           they have my neighbor's address (8 feet away on the same cable line)
           as cable mode-ready.  My favorite part was "No, we can't give you
           as cable modem-ready.  My favorite part was "No, we can't give you
           the customer service number because you're not a customer!" when I've
           been fighting with them to *become* a customer.  It's a bad sign for
           the way the rest of the company runs but since they won't *let* me
           become a customer, I can't say for certain that that's true. ;-)
           I still can't get over the s00per sekret cust0mer ser\/ice number.
           \_ Perhaps a sign that you should take your business elsewhere
              rather than keep pounding your head against the wall?
                \_ DSL unavailable.  Satellite unavailable.  Alternative
                   cable modem unavailable.  I'd love to get high speed access
                   from home without this bullshit.  I'm totally open to any
                   reasonable and most unreasonable suggestions.  Work is
                   paying for this so price is flexible but must be
           I still can't get over the s00per sekret cust0mer ser\/ice number.
1999/6/7-9 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15915 Activity:high
6/7     My Solaris 2.6 Ultra 5 machine is in a weird state.  It's out of
        sockets!  I do a netstat and there are 32,000+ sockets, most of them
        from a port on localhost to another port one on localhost.  And
        most of them are in the TIME_WAIT state.  But they are not being
        reclaimed.  lsof doesn't help.  The TIME_WAIT ports don't show up.
        Any ideas on how I candiagnose this?  Is the TIME_WAIT timeout
        configurable?  Can I turn on more logging?  I've shut down all
        major user processes and the sockets are still not being
        reclaimed.  Any help would be appreciated.  I don't want
        to reboot until I've learned as much as I can.  Thanks.
                                                        -- azarm
                \-do you know what client programis causing this
                [it isnt ldap by any chance is it?] if this is a machine
                you are root on, i might know how to deal with it [which is
                slightly different than fix it]. will let you know if i can
                remember the exact ndd magic. --psb
                \_ ummm.  also make sure you check the recommended patch
                  list for 2.6 before you start jumping through hoops like
                    the overworked stunt animal that you are :)
                \_ Sounds like a classic half-open attack.  Remote machine
                   sends all sorts of spoofed connections, and
                   most OS's don't see that you can't have stuff
                   coming in the Ethernet interface.  Solution: do a
                   deny on on your incoming router, or block
                   it with natd or ipfilter or something.
        \_ I did more research.  14000 of the sockets are to a port that's
           snmpdx is using (an SNMP daemon process).  1000 are ftp sockets
           to a known machine and another 1000 are sendmail sockets to
           another known machine.  I have nightly script to mail and ftp.
           The scripts work fine (without socket leakage) on other machines.
                \_ Checked your patch level lately?
            \_ tcp sockets to a snmp port?  UH, no -- SNMP runs on UDP. -ERic
        \_ TIME_WAIT sockets don't count against the 1024 limit. -ausman
1999/6/3-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:15904 Activity:high
6/3     Can you name this sci-fi show series finale?
        The captain, who has been viewed by some as a religious leader
        (while others refuse to believe this), leaves to "live" with the
        ancient race of aliens who gave him life. The people who see him
        off are:
           - The abrasive female second in command who grew to like him over
             the course of the series.
           - The wife he married in the last season after spending several
             seasons getting over the death of his previous wife (who came
             back, but wasn't really herself).
           - The security chief who finally got together with the woman he
             loved from afar in the next-to-the-last season, and who had
             to regain the trust of those who viewed him as a traitor who
             colloborated with those they were waring against and then had
             to overcome a "sickness" during the final season.
           - The station doctor, who has been recruited by people back on
             Earth to go work for them.
           - The now-leader of the alien race who has alternated between
             ally and enemy during the course of the series (and flipped
             again during the last season) and who was originally the
             underling of the previous leader whose rise to power we saw
             during the series (again with the help of the other alien
             race who eventually took control after promising to help them
             rebuild the glory of their former empire)

        Tune in tonight for "DS9: The Final Ripoff" on UPN44 (Cable 12)
        from 8-10pm.
        \_ I'm guessing either "Friends" or "Caroline in the City"
           \_ No way, dude.  "King of the Hill".  Totally.
                \_ The guy leaving his wife sounds like Mad About YOu,
                   but the blowing things up is definetly Home Improvement

        Tune in tonight for "DS9: The Final Ripoff" on UPN44 (Cable 12)
        from 8-10pm.
        \_ Yes, we all know it's a ripoff of babylong 5.  Oh well....
           \_ It's not as if JMS thought up all those plot elements
              independently on his own.  But, he did have a better show
              that managed to have those plot elements before DS9 ever did.
                \_ it does seem a bit strange that DS9 has so _many_ of the
                   same elements though, doesn't it?
                   \_ If B5 has aired a decade ago, would you be saying the
                      same things; but yes, it is a bit of a stretch, but
                      perhaps there are other plot elements that not common
                      and just as significant, ones that make this list
                      incredibly trivial.
1999/5/7 [Computer/Networking] UID:15770 Activity:high
5/6     Question for @home users:  Is your setup something like this

        cable wire -> cable modem -> setop box -> TV
                           |_ pc

        Do you get a choice of cable modems to choose from or it just comes
        with one?  How about the setop box?  Thanks.  Just trying to find out
        more (@home web site doesn't go into that much detail).
        \_ It's like:

        cable wire -> setop box -> TV -> cable modem (from tv out)
                                           |_ pc
        so this way you can watch the bits go by like in the Matrix.  See
        the net in real time the way it was meant to be seen, not the fantasy
        you're living now.
        \_ mine (and every one ive seen) goes like this
                and they supply the modem and you get what they give.. -shac
                cable -> splitter -> filter -> cable modem -> pc
                                  |-> tv (or set-top box)
        \_ mine (and every one ive seen) goes like this and they supply
           the modem and you get what they give.. -shac cable ->
           splitter -> filter -> cable modem -> pc |-> tv (or set-top
        \_ Well we get cable radio, so we have two separate jacks;  I
           use the radio one for my cable modem.  -John
1999/5/2 [Computer/Networking] UID:15733 Activity:nil
5/2     How does the internic root name servers get their info?  What if
        they are wrong?  How would I get it fixed as fast as possible??
        \_ you wait for the next daily zone update.  They generally dont push
           emergency updates, unless you're someone big with a lot of weight,
           like AOL. -ERic

Server:  localhost

Non-authoritative answer:
        origin = http://A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
        mail addr = http://hostmaster.INTERNIC.NET
        serial = 1999043005
        refresh = 1800 (30 mins)
        retry   = 900 (15 mins)
        expire  = 604800 (7 days)
        minimum ttl = 86400 (1 day)

Authoritative answers can be found from:
com     nameserver = http://B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://I.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://G.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://J.GTLD-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://F.GTLD-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
http://B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://I.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://G.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://J.GTLD-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://F.GTLD-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
        \_ They get information from InterNIC, and InterNIC can fix
           mistakes if you file a form.  But it may be slow.
1999/5/2 [Computer/Networking] UID:15730 Activity:nil
5/2     How does the internic root name servers get their info?  What if
        they are wrong?  How would I get it fixed as fast as possible??
Server:  localhost

Non-authoritative answer:
        origin = http://A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
        mail addr = http://hostmaster.INTERNIC.NET
        serial = 1999043005
        refresh = 1800 (30 mins)
        retry   = 900 (15 mins)
        expire  = 604800 (7 days)
        minimum ttl = 86400 (1 day)

Authoritative answers can be found from:
com     nameserver = http://B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://I.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://G.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://J.GTLD-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://F.GTLD-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
com     nameserver = http://H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET
http://B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://I.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://G.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://J.GTLD-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://F.GTLD-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
http://H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET      internet address =
        \_ They get information from InterNIC, and InterNIC can fix
           mistakes if you file a form.  But it may be slow.
1999/4/28 [Computer/Networking] UID:15715 Activity:very high
4/27    Is there some netstat-like program that displays network resource
        consumption dynamically the way top does?
        \_ netstat -w
        \_ yes. --jon
           \_ I meant one that doesn't have a nasty flicker like netstat -c
              \_ yes, there is one.  jon
                 \_ Is the program called yes or are you not gonna tell?
                        \_ Who's on first?
1999/4/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:15711 Activity:high
4/27    Prediction on the world's first 1 trillion dollar corporation:
        AOL by the end of 2001.  MSFT will be taking the backseat in
        this second industry revolution.
        \_ Microsoft will get its ass sued for not fixing Y2K problems
           and, hence, will never reach the trillion $ mark.
        \_ Nah - AOL & MSFT are going to merge within the year.
        \_ No way, Cisco (CSCO for people who only know companies by stock
           tickers) will beat them both out. Hands down.
           \_ If this happens, I think soda will need to be upgraded.
              Perhaps to a Starfile (UE10000) and a dedicated Cisco
              12000 GSR. -- A cisco employee.
1999/4/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:15708 Activity:nil 50%like:15702
4/26    Salivating over that cable modem, are you?
        check this out:
1999/4/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:15707 Activity:nil
4/26    Does anyone know if you can use a cable modem on a computer
        running LINUX?  I have some clue about how to set up PPP and
        stuff so as long as you don't need some special software it
        should be possible.  I'm wondering if anyone has any experience
        with this matter.  Thanks. -emin
        \_ No, the cable modems will only work with Win97 machines and
           certain models of the Sequent Symmetry and Balance series.
           There is some rumored support for SCO Unix and *BSD.
           \_ Win97?
        \_ hehe.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
1999/4/27-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:15702 Activity:kinda low 50%like:15708
4/26    adsl vs cable modem? which is better?
        \_ I haven't used cable modem firsthand, but I've heard of low
           peaktime thoroughput since it's shared. I'm using DSL, and it's
           fast enuf for me (~100KB/sec usually). But the line dies
           occassionally during peak hours.
           \_ cable modems have an unsustainable business model; if you
              don't have problems now, you will when enough people sign
              on.  -tom
              \_ So use them while the price/performance is acceptable, and
                 when enough people sign on to create problems, leave.
                 *Everything* -- cable modems, the phone system, freeways,
                 BART, dance classes, yermom -- is theoretically prone to
                 problems "when enough people sign on".
                \_ boy that's an intelligent post.  First of all, there's
                   a startup cost, and second of all, the phone system
                   (to take the only reasonable example up there) has a
                   sustainable business model; if more people sign on,
                   the phone companies will have enough money to expand
                   capacity.  That's what "sustainable business model" means.
                   If you don't understand this, please shut up.  -tom
                \_ Pacbell has the money, but the will?  DSL could also be
                   impacted pretty badly.  Best claims PB is selling at loss.
                   \_ pretty clearly PBI is selling net access via PB at a
                      loss, precisely so that you will still consider DSL
                      vs Cable modem.  Would the decision still be so hard
                      if it was $49/mo cable modem vs. 99/mo DSL?
                      \_ The price difference is not the main deciding point
                         here. It's availability. Few places offer DSL or
                         cable modem, and even fewer offer both. Some people
                         are relegated to using sattelite connections, which
                         is 1/4 the bandwidth at the same (or more) price.
                      \_ GTE is total of $60/month for ADSL+internet.
                         I'm hesitating. and btw, I would never pay $99/m
                         for net access. I actually just want 128kbps
                         at the reasonable price ISDN *SHOULD* have been.
                \_ Cable modem startup cost: $150 w/o discount.(includes
                   a [decent] NIC)    DSL startup: ~$600. They make you buy
                   the DSL modem (from them, of course, since the standards
                   still aren't stable yet). When standards are stable,
                   DSL modem prices are down, and cable modem bandwidth
                   has actually deteriorated, then I may switch over.
                \_ cable modem bandwidth has already dropped through the
                   floor for many users
                        \_ DSL startup : ~$199
                \_ yermom put out a press release reassuring anxious customers
                   that she has near-infinite capacity, irregardless of load.
1999/4/5 [Computer/Networking] UID:15696 Activity:nil
4/4     Hello what is VPN?
        \_ Virtual Private Network
        \_ Hi.
1999/3/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:15561 Activity:kinda low
3/8     Does soda have nslookup?  If not, can somebody install it?  (No, I do
        not have the time to install it myself).
        \_ is /usr/sbin/nslookup what you're looking for, or maybe just 'locate'
        ? -ERic
          \_ thanks mehlhaff.  /usr/sbin was not in my path.  Still adjusting
                to FreeBSD...
1999/2/17-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:15431 Activity:nil
2/16    Anyone out there have any experience with the local ADSL ISPs?
        How is PacBell compared to any of the others out there?
        \_ well lately pbi's been having lots of outages.  OTOH, they've
            been forgetting to bill for service too.  Heh.-ERic
        \_ i use tycho (via covad) and have been nothing but thrilled
           with their service.  one tiny, short outage in the last
           four months.  the staff is totally on top of the tech
           and stuff, not your typical bonehead isp staff.  wuick
           turnaround, and currently offering free installation.
           i've known them for a number of years, too, so that's
           a disclaimer as well as an additional recomendation.
           they don't suck             --caliban
1999/2/13-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:15409 Activity:kinda low
2/12    Soda got mailbombed; we added a firewall rule to deny packets from
        that particular host.  Sorry about the reboot.
        \_ How is that accomplished in freeBSD?  tcpd config file?
        \_ why isn't this in official above?
           \_ Uh, Mr. Observant, it is.  The user who quoted it from
              motd.official is no doubt seeking to gain some knowledge.
              As for the how of it, I assume it's something with ipfw.
              Checking boot files shows that my guess was bang-on.  Check
              /etc/ipfw.rules for the details.  --sowings
        \_ I'm running an ISP myself. What is that evil host IP?
                \_ blocking a host via IP because of a mail bombing is
                   ridiculous.  Most likely it was a bozo using a box
                   he'd broken into, and he probably has a dozen other
                   boxes he can do it from if he wants to.   -tom
                   \_ true, if you eliminate one means of attack you leave
                      open others.  personally, i think every smtp server
                      should deny all mail coming from "free e-mail" sites
                      like Hot Mail and Yahoo since those guys can't seem
                      to get their act together and stop providing services
                      for mass spammers.
                   \_ Are you implying that people who run soda are stupid?
                        Fuck you tom. Why don't you come into Soda Hall and
                        and do voluntary sys admin 3:00am at night. Fucker.
                     \_ I don't think he was saying that at all.  Anyways,
                        why so rabid?
                   \_ Most likely Tom is wrong.  Haven't you guys learned
                      by now?
                        \_ Tom's reply was so "Tom" I had to leave it. -anti-tom
                \_ Look, if you want to reboot your machine every time
                   someone tries some relatively innocuous attack against
                   it, more power to you.  It's just not the way people
                   with a clue run their machines.  -tom
                   \_ The reboot was not directly due to the mailbomb. -root
           \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ What if someone is trying to write a legi. email to a user@soda
           from that address?
                \_ Buy your own domain name. Co-locate your own server. Manage
                   your own system from scratch. No problem.
        \_ Soda is not your ISP, folks. Shut up or leave.
        \_ Update: the mailbomb was accidental.  The temporary firewall rule
           has been removed.
        \_ the soda motd: feel the love
1999/2/12-14 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/Networking] UID:15408 Activity:kinda low
2/12   I want to run a comercial web server.  After being bounced from
       ISP to ISP because we are using too much CPU time, we are
       thinking   about getting our own server.  Can you comment on
       server colocation vs. DSL? (no money for frame relay now) Thanks.
        \_ If you colocate, you don't have to worry about the network
           connection--someone else maintains it for you.  It probably will
           also be a faster connection (usually 100 megabit out to at least
           a 45 megabit shared connection, vs 384 kilobit for cheap DSL).
           Plus the network will likely have fast response, 24-hour support;
           if your DSL goes down at 6PM on Friday, how quick will Pac Bell
           deal with it?  The tradeoff is that you don't have easy physical
           access to the box if something goes wrong with it, and colocating
           is probably more expensive.  You also get an outgoing fast net
           connection with DSL; you have to pay for one if you're
           colocating.  -tom
           \_ colocation costs about 30% more than DSL, but you raised
              good points about the service of phone companies we
              all learn to live  with.  Thanks!
        \_ must be a porn site.
           \_ Of course, since we all know how much CPU a porn site must
              burn.  As opposed to bandwidth.  Sigh.
                \_ What, network/hard drive I/O doesn't take CPU?
              \_ cgi porn?
              \_ MP3 live broadcast of acts.
1999/2/10-11 [Science/Disaster, Computer/Networking] UID:15395 Activity:moderate
2/10    What is a "SYN Flood"? I keep getting a SYN Flood warning on
        /var/log/messages from this weird IP. Is it bad?
        \_ I remember an option on the Linux kernel called SYN_COOKIES
           which supposedly issues some kind of challenge and prevents
           denial of service attacks.  Don't know much about SYN floods
           myself other than someone is intentially trying to get your OS
           to panic.
           \_ I think the idea behind SYN cookies is that you send a
              random number to the computer requesting the SYN, and they
              have to send it back before the connection can continue.
              I don't think that it can directly prevent SYN flooding,
              (other than scaring off the flooder) but at least you'll
              know the real address that's doing the flooding.   - mikeym
        \_ That means that someone is trying to saturate your machine with
           connections to use up lots of resources.  It is bad.  - mikeym
        \_ The flooder creates a bunch of half-open connections till
           your data structure for holding half-open connections is full
           and you can no longer accept any new connections.  TCP
           normally has a 3-way handshake: SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK.  Client
           sends initial SYN, server responds with SYN-ACK, and client
           should send back an ACK.  In a synflood the client never
           sends the last ACK.  --sky
                \- we do a lot of syn flood detection. probably somoem's fucked
        up tcpstack, but if it is a "rando," ip address you dont do much
        business with, might be someone scanning you to see what services you
        are running. see if any other addresses on the subnet got hit. --psb
1999/2/9-10 [Computer/Networking] UID:15382 Activity:nil
2/8     Cisco Systems Infosession Thursday 11 Feb from 7-9 PM in the
        Wozniak Lounge. We'll be giving a brief presentation and
        answering questions, along with having a raffle for Cisco
        7500 router. Pizza and Beer afterwards.  Show up and bring your
        resumes. ----ranga <>
1999/2/3-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:15352 Activity:high
2/3     I just got DSL connection at home and I have this comment: IT ROCKS!!!!
        Fuck 56K modem and ISDN. DSL ROCKS!!! DSL is faster, cheaper, and
        a whole lot better than ISDN. Idiots use ISDN. Smart people use DSL.
        \_ I live in Soda Hall lab, and I have this comment: IT ROCKS!!!
           Fuck DSL, camping in soda RULES!! Direct Internet connection is
           faster, cheaper, and a whole lot better than DSL! And I can also
           check out the chicks(however scarce) in the lab too! Beat that!
        \_ No, ISDN is not stupid for everyone.  We're just lucky to live
           within a reasonable distance from a local hub (I'm assuming
           you live in Berkeley).  Although, I'm sure DSL will become a
           bit more widespread than it is today.  In the mean time ISDN
           is still some people's only viable option.
        \_ That's what people used to say about cable modem until more and
           more people using them.
           \_ Difference being cable modems is and always has been a shared
              medium. DSL is dedicated.
              \_ Well, your connection to the telco is dedicated.  Whether
                 or not they allocate sufficient bandwidth for your subnet
                 block is another question...  --dbushong
                 \_ yeah, but the ATM VC to the DSL concentrator box is
                     dedicated (yeah, technically the ATM trunk between
                     the switch in the CO and the DSL concentrator is
                     shared too).  And the network gateways are ultimately
                     a shared resource as well.  Its just easier for cable
                     modem providers to oversubscribe than DSL providers. -ERic
        \_ Ah yes, those people who are screwed because they're not
           close enough to a main office to get DSL?  Sure, those people
           are stupid too.  Duhuh...
        \_ Please, can we all get along?
        \_ Nice, aaron!  Did you happen to mention how much rent you are
           paying to live 1 block from the PacBell substation?
                \_ aaron has $$$ (and Asian chicks). No problem for him.
                  \_ You're saying he trades in Asian chicks for DSL and rent?
        \_ Hey dude, whats the bandwidth that you see going to campus?
1999/1/29-31 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:15322 Activity:nil
1/28    What's the difference between running routed, running gated, and
        building IP routing into the kernel? --clueless
        \-routing involves both the conceptual concept and specific protocols,
        e.g. RIP, OSPF, BGP etc. Maybe this would be a productive start. --psb
        \_ If you don't understand routed and gated, just put IP routing in
           the kernel and use static routes with the "route" command or local
           equivalent.  routed and gated and associated protocols are used for
           dynamic routing, which is mostly useful on multihomed networks.  If
           you don't know what a multihomed network is, you probably don't
           have one, and you should start with the research psb recommends.
           It's rather horrible that e.g. Redhat 5 is bundling gated and
           STARTING IT BY DEFAULT, thus prompting lots of people whose networks
           don't even come close to needing dynamic routing to worry over what
           gated is for.
1999/1/20-23 [Computer/Networking] UID:15259 Activity:high
1/20    If you know a person's IP address at which they're connected to
        the Internet, is there some sort of way to find out what kind of
        computer system they're using?
        \_ newest release of nmap will do this reasonably well by
           examing differences in tcp/ip stack.  There is another
           prog called queso that does this as well.  See also
           latest issue of phrack if you care about implementation
           details.  --sky
           \_ of course there's like a 90% chance they're running some wintel
              machine, so you could skip all that and try the wintel hacks
              to see what works.
              \_ esp. since nmap/queso can't distinguish btwn 95/98/NT...
                 \_ actually, 95 has fucked up timestamps.  Its about
                    the only way to distinguish btwn 95/NT -sky
           \_ Are nmap or queso installed on soda anywhere?
              \_ I doubt it...and even if it was, it uses raw ip
                 so you are not 31337 enough to run it. -sky
                 \_ ~sky/bin, but you can't execute them
        \_ BTW, how come "nslookup -q=hinfo <ip addr>" doesn't work?
                \_ maybe the dns admin didn't bother putting in the information
                   there?  I dont know of many how do that any more. Its a
                   minor security risk.
                \_ Lotsa dns admins don't even know about it.
                   \_ Some even fake the data there.
                        \_ GASP!  Fake data on the net?!  Heavens, no!
                           \_ the net is always right. Your perception of
                              reality is wrong
                                \_ Adam?  I thought you went to M$ and became
                                   a borg.
                                   \_ once again, your perception of reality
                                     is wrong. -- notAdam
1999/1/13-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:15228 Activity:moderate
1/13 Relating to yesterday's DSL topic, since the Basic package gives you
     one IP address, is there a way to setup 2 or more computers to use
     the same line?
     \_ NAT
        \_ que?
           \_ My cousin Nat knows how to do this.
              \_ yeah, and my cousin "guido" knows how to make you suffer
                 for a joke like that...
                 \_ NAT >> Guido.
        \_ Network Address Translation. It allows multiple machines to
           masquerade behind a single IP address. You would then set up
           your "mask" machine to act as a router for your network, and then
           have it run NAT for all internal machines.
       \- NAT doesn't work with applications such as Net2Phone and ICQ,
          that always reply back at specific high ports (such as 30000 TCP,
          or UDP). So, unless you aren't planning on using such apps, don't
          go with NAT.  -leblon
          \_ Well, StarCraft always wants to connect to port 6112, but that
             doesn't prevent you from forwarding that one port to one
             particular machine behind the firewall.  Yes, only one person
             can use it at a time, but half a loaf...  If you're BuffLikeThat,
             then you write a multiplexer, but hey..  --dbushong
           \_ you get it for free under the freeware unixes. It you want to
           do it under windoze check out winroute (<DEAD><DEAD> -ERic
           \_ After glossing over the docs at the webpage, from what I
              understand, you need 2 NICs on the main computer, correct?
              One with IP Address to Internet (assuming cable modem/T1/DSL)
              and one to your internal network. Is this right?
              \_ You could get by with one, but you wouldn't want to.  If you
                 only had one card, you'd plug the DSL modem straight into
                 the hub (i think you'd need a crossover cable for this) and
                 also have the NAT box on the hub.  But then _every_ packet on
                 the network would have to be inspected and everything would
                 bounce over the hub like 3 times.  In any case you need to
                 have a machine up all the time in the corner to be a router
                 (like me =)  --dbushong
              \_ For WinRoute? more or less.  Though I don't bother myself
                  with the exact limitations of that pathetic excuse for
                  an OS. -ERic
           \_ Cf. the Linux IP masquerade mini-HOWTO and the Linux Router
              Project (
1999/1/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:15214 Activity:very high
1/12    Go PacBell!  ADSL for everyone!  Fresh panties all around!
        \_ That $39 figure is deceptive. It is more like $80/mo once
           you add in phone and inet costs. It is still a cheap though. -ausman
           you add in phone and inet costs. It is still cheap though. -ausman
              What is missing from that $49/month price? (this price was
              $90 just a couple days ago)
              \_ Cost of phone line.
        \_ Does this give you a STatic I.P. address since it is "always
           on"  (or will it still issue a new i.p. address  anytime the
            connection reset)? -crebbs
            \_ yes.
        \_ I heard you get one static IP.  I am totally psyched as I
           already ordered it and was prepared to pay $89 a month,
           and now I can get it for cheaper installation price,
           and $49 a month!!  -ax
           \_ they said it'll take 48 busines hours for them to figure out
              if i'm in available range of a DSL office. Damn.
              \_ so do those of us who already have DSL get screwed or do
                 we get a price cut ? -ERic
        \_ check
              It tends to be too conservative, though.  -ax
        \_ Fresh panties?
1999/1/6-7 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15181 Activity:nil
1/6     Let's say I do a "netstat -a" and see someone is hogging up a port
        that I need (ie. I'm running a MUD server). As a root, how do I
        delete the process that is associated with that port? Thanks.
        \_ use lsof to get the pid of the process that is using
           the port.
1998/12/16-17 [Computer/Networking] UID:15109 Activity:high 66%like:15100
12/16   Is Mindspring a good ISP?
        \_ either earthlink or mindspring is a front for the church of
           scientology, I don't know which one but one of them is.
                \_ soda is a front for Scientology
        \_ Earthlink was started by and is owned by devoted Scientologists,
           but it is not actually owned by the Church Of Scientology - danh
           but it is not actually owned by the Church Of Scientology -
1998/11/25-29 [Computer/Networking] UID:15029 Activity:low
11/25   Anyone ever taken a look at the following?
        Anybody here use it?  I'm looking at it as a possible way out of my
        medieval net swamp...  -John
        \_ GW = satellite for Internet use requires a phone line modem which
           sends requests to the ISP, which relays that to the satellite,
           which sends you the right info - nasty latency.  Seems like cable
           modems are most ppls sol'ns, with DSL for the $-laden. -jctwu
                \_ not in Switzerland.
                   \_ Specifically, our cable modem setup here is pretty bad,
                      since (a) our physical net is overloaded, and (b) they
                      are doing dynamic NAT instead of giving everyone their
                      own IP, so no netrek.  Thought that the adaptec card
                      hooked directly to a satellite tv-type dish by coax
                      cable.  Point the dish at the satellite and you're
                      on.  But then I don't know whether those things can even
                      transmit that far.  I don't think I have to go through
                      a provider, since that would defeat the whole point
                      of having a satellite network card... -John
           \_ DSL only for the cable-modem impaired. SJMercury had an article
              about a massive cable-modem rollout soon in the South Bay. The
              final sentence of the article: "This covers all areas of the
              SouthBay except San Jose." FUCK!
                \_ it'll collapse when they try to put that many people
                   on it.  They're selling bandwidth at a loss.  -tom
        \_ There is a DirecTV satellite over Europe. Maybe other supported
        ones too. I'll check. Your latency might be too bad for netrek, but
        bandwith for your porn downloads will be good. There is a
        right way to provide cable modem service and there is a wrong way.
        The way Austrian PTT does it for example is wrong. You sit on a
        shared Ether with the whole city, so it is much much slower than it
        could've been. I expect Swiss PTT to be similarly lame. -muchandr
        \_ That about covers it.  The thing that sounds cool about the
           satellite card is the high bandwidth, although you're probably
           right about the latency.  -John
           \_ out-and-back to geosynchronous satellites is over 500ms
1998/11/22-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:14995 Activity:nil
11/21   Can TCPIP on Linux use multiple link media at the same time?  E.g.
        can it send packets of certain IP addresses to PPP modem and others
        to ethernet?  I used an SunOS 4 machine that did this, although I
        didn't set it up myself and I don't know how.  --- yuen
        \_ Yes.  Use route(8) to choose which packets will be sent where.
           Even windows 95 can do this.
           \_ How can you do this under 95?
                \_ win 95 has a 'route' command. use patience. --aaron
                   \_ where are the help files/man pages for patience?
1998/11/22-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:14994 Activity:moderate
11/21   Is DHCP and Reverse-ARP related?  Does DHCP use RARP?  Thanks. -- yuen
        \_ No, DHCP obsoletes BOOTP, which obsoletes RARP.  They all provide
           the same MAC --> IP functionality, but each successive protocol
           adds new functionality.
           \_ DHCP isn't a new protocol as far as address resolution. It's just
              a management application on the server side.
        \_ I are a college student!
                \_ He's Asian.  What'd you expect?
                   \_ What's your point?  -- yuen
                   \_ Sorry about my grammar.  -- yuen
1998/11/9-11 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking] UID:14932 Activity:kinda low
11/09   How do I go from a domain name to a numeric IP address?
        \_ nslookup, host, or dig
        \_ gethostbyname
                \_ CSUA: gethostbyname
                   gethostbyname: Command not found.
                   \_ gethostbyname(3), silly.  man 3 gethostbyname
                        \_ CSUA: man 3 gethostbyname
                           No entry for gethostbyname in section 3 of the manual
                           \_ What's your MANPATH?
        \_ DNS
1998/11/6-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:14921 Activity:kinda low
11/6    Anyone with experience with DSL? Is it as advertised? Is it worth
        >$130/month? Cable modems aren't offered in my area, but DSL is.
        \_ A friend of mine is splitting his PacBell $90/mo DSL with two
           other people and he's been pretty happy with it.  I saw one
           person downloading an entire mp3 in a mere ten seconds.  You
           need to config a linux router box or ip masquerading though
           but it shouldn't be too bad.
           \_ I'm using pac bell's $89/mo DSL. pretty good deal, and way
              cheap.  Its pretty zippy, real life throughput within 90%
              of theoretical maximum (128k up 384 down). -Eric
              \_ And I'm getting work to pay for 1.5MB/384k =) -h0zer
1998/11/5-8 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW] UID:14918 Activity:nil
11/5    Does anyone know if there's such thing as game port to USB adaptor?
        My laptop has USB but not game port and I have a non-USB joystick.
        I would like to use that same joystick on my laptop.  I know a
        parallel port to USB exists.  Does game port to USB adaptor exist?
        \_ Never heard of such a thing, but it's likely to cost more than a
           new joystick.  Welcome to the Brave New World Of High Tech.
1998/11/3-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:14890 Activity:moderate
11/3    Does the IP address have any special meaning?  Thanks.
        \_ Yeah, isn't that
        \_ Your DNS-fu is weak
        ;; ANSWERS 7200    A
           \_ nslookup doesn't return a name for this address.  The reason
              I'm asking is that I'm looking at some TCPIP driver code and 7200    A
           \_ nslookup doesn't return a name for this address.  The reaso
              ; Used for local addr for the loopback link. is
              I'm asking is that I'm looking at some TCPIP driver code an
              LOOPBACK_LOCAL_IP_ADDR            equ     0x010200c0
              somewhere it says

              ; Used for local addr for the loopback link. i
                IANA (RESERVED-2)    RESERVED-192 -
                [No name] (NET-TEST)  IANA
           so i'd say the driver is correct ...  --charmer
              ; officially defined to be "nothing".  (in network order
              LOOPBACK_LOCAL_IP_ADDR            equ     0x010200c

              But I've never heard of such thing
        \_ hmmm.  for `whois' i got
                IANA (RESERVED-2)    RESERVED-192 - 192.0.255.
                [No name] (NET-TEST)  IANA          192.0.2.
           so i'd say the driver is correct ...  --charme
1998/10/29-31 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:14855 Activity:moderate
10/29   I have a PC running PCSolaris and Win95 with an internal modem.
        So far I have only used the modem under Win95 to connect to a
        dialup line.  Does anyone know how I could use the modem under
        Solaris?  I don't have access to a PPP connection just dialup.
        Any clues or pointers to sites with clues would be appreciated.
        Thanks. -emin
        \_ no ppp? that sucks.  try minicom.
        \_ Use a unix side terminal program, like 'tip' or kermit or
           even Seyon.
        \_ Try this site -marc
           \_ If you don't even have "tip", use "cu".
           \_ I think minicom also runs on Solaris.
           \_ I have tip and cu on my system but I am having trouble
              getting tip and cu to realize I have a modem.  I have an
              internal modem on ISA.  Does anyone know how to configure
              things so that tip and/or cu can talk to the modem?
              Thanks again. -emin
              \_ On SunOS 4 there's a file /etc/uucp/Devices to set up the
                 modem.  Look for a similar file in Solaris.  Read the man
                 page of "cu".
        \_ Try this site
           I have another site that explains how to setup the native solaris
           ppp daemon. If you can wait a day I should have that info by
           tomorrow. -marc
           \_ note the "I don't have access to a PPP connection" part.
                \_ Oops. Then your only options are the tip or cu commands
                   that are currently installed on solaris by default. I
                   have never tried minicom, but it sounds like a good
                   alternative. -marc
        \_ after setting up "tip" properly, you can then use the linux program
           "term" to get multiple connections. kindasorta like a cross between
           ppp and rsh. You run it on both ends, and it multiplexes data
           streams, etc. fun stuff. soda used to have it installed(?), but
           it does not appear to have it right now.
           Which is perhaps a good thing, I suppose :-)
1998/10/20-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:14792 Activity:high
10/20   Rest in peace Jonathan B. Postel, founder and chair of IANA, author of
        IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, FTP, etc., and long-time editor of the RFC
        series.  Postel may have contributed more than anyone else to the
        production and documentation of Internet standards; he died this week
        in Southern California.  -- schoen
        |_ "He is survived by a brother, Mort Postel and a partner, Susan
        \_ So it's all his fault?
        \_ It's all his doing, and all your fault.
                \_ I just send a few packets here n there.  I wouldn't be
                   put out if it never happened.
        \_ ~dpetrou/rfc2468.txt
                \_ This makes me sick.
                   \_ Why?
                        \_ Drip drip drip, sob sob sob, wah wah wah.  Could it
                           get any more sappy?
                           \_ I will remember not to mourn your death
                                \_ There's a difference between mourning and
                                   dripping.  Don't drip for me, I don't care.
                                   \_ I'm dripping as we speak.  -John
                                    \_ penicillin helps that
1998/10/6-7 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:14743 Activity:high
10/06   Here's a question for some genius guru out there.  I'm on a WAN
        using 3-com super-stack II net biulder 221 to connect an ethernet
        to a 56.6 connection supplied by the phone company and sent to
        server land.  Now when i connect a p.c. with a given i.p. add.,
        net mask, etc. it seems to work fine, but a MAC with the same
        info can only send data of less than 1.5K.  I.e. when packet
        splitting is involved, it fails.  Any ideas of what might be
        the problem?? (using mac tcp/ip and open transport versions 1.2)
        I know i'm asking for a lot here.  - crebbs
        \_ You need to use a REAL OS like AmigaOS or Linux which supports
           packet splitting in the latest patch!
           \_ Amiga eh? Now there's some stat of the art I'd like to get
              my hands on. At least they're better than Win95. What isn't?
        \_ Sounds like broken path-mtu negotiation.  Got an admin out there
           stupidly filtering out all icmp?  See if you can force a smaller mtu
           on your macs and that might fix it. -ERic
1998/9/3-5 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:14539 Activity:high
9/3     When I use "talk" to talk to a SVR4.0 machine, it keeps on saying
                [Checking for invitation on caller's machine]
        What does that mean?  How do I get it to ring the other party?  Thanks.
        \_ Just use ytalk at all times.
        \_ There are different and somewhat incompatible versions of talk.
           You should probably try to get their sysadmins to compile the
           latest released talkd for that platform, and also to install
           ytalk (which is relatively interoperable).  On some systems, you'll
           see "otalk" and "ntalk" (old and new talk); if one doesn't work,
        \_ or it could just mean that the other person is mesg n...
           you might try the other.
           \_ Thx.  What path is "otalk" and "ntalk" on soda?
              \_ Soda's talk is ntalk; try ytalk (which should work with
                 either one) for connecting to older machines.
        \_ If the SVR4 machine in question is Solaris, it runs otalk.
           \_ I'm not sure.  Actually I'm trying to talk to someone on
              <DEAD><DEAD>.  (No flames please.)
              \_ Oski forbid that any packets should ever pass between any of
                 our wonderful computers and any of their terrible computers!
                 Our systems will be polluted by their rotten TCP
                 implementations!  The Berkeley IP stack is the best in the
                 world, and far above any association with that other school!
1998/8/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Display] UID:14485 Activity:nil
8/19    Anyone got a PCI solution for wireless >1MB connections
        between at least three computers that costs less than 12 grand?
1998/8/7-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:14427 Activity:kinda low
8/6     In linux what is the device name to read and write to and from
        \_ There is no IP or Ethernet raw device, like on some other Unix
           systems.  Typically you would use socket calls (accept(2),
           connect(2), etc.); there is a socket type called SOCK_RAW,
           which lets you use some network facilities more directly.
           \_ I thought all I/O traffic goes through /dev/* ?  Then what
              does accept(2) and connect(2) read and write to?
              \_ They don't read(2) or write(2) to anything; they are just
                 their own system calls that act on kernel data structures
                 called sockets.  /dev is not involved here.
        \_ My grandmother knew this already.
                 called sockets.  /dev is not involved here.
        \_ My grandmother knew this already.
1998/7/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/Networking] UID:14371 Activity:moderate
7/21    Is there some C/C++ library that allows you to interfact with
        \_ libsocket++
           \_ what are the include file(s)?
        \_ libace ( see )
        \_ was that "interact" or "interface"?
           \_ does it matter????  just fuck.. damnit..
        |_ Yes.  Many.  What platform?
1998/7/11-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:14319 Activity:nil
7/10    Does anyone know any good sources of info about getting
        through a digital (altavista) firewall. (not socks 5 compatible)
        \_ Hammer the admin until he gives in.
        \_ From which direction?  In either case, the hammer approach
           will often produce results.
           \_ good question.  I am behind the firewall and want to get out
                to the (un)real world. -crebbs
        \_ Is this a firewall or a bastion host? If it is a firewall, try
           a port scan from a machine likely to be allowed out (like the
           mailserver, or an ftp server). If it's a bastian host set-up,
           either get on the bastion host, or fuggettaboutit.
                \_ It's Hammuh Time!
1998/7/10-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:14315 Activity:high
7/9     I have the following problem. I have call waiting, however
        whenever I'm online, the phone just rings and rings for the person
        trying to call me. I was wondering if there was something I can
        do, like changing modem settings, so that I can be automatically
        disconnected whenever someone is trying to call me? Any help would
        be great. --sheuy
        \_ You can try to turn off error correction but in my experience
           all new modems won't disconnect from call waiting.
                \_ Disenabling error correction seems to work, except for
                   the occational garbled stuff on the screen. After a few
                   rings, my screen is full of garbled stuff.
        \_ I dunno about disconnecting, but if you want to give them a busy
           signal, type "*70,,555-1234" for your outgoing phone number.
        \_ I was trying to figure this out for x years until I finally
           gave in to $40/month of a 2nd line.  Error correction has gotten
           so robust that modems don't disconnect you anymore from call
           waiting blips.  An old 28.8K Cardinal I had would hang up,
           until I put in the connectivity flash ROM upgrade.
           I was beginning to look into voice modems (with call waiting
           detect?) before I gave up ...
        \_ I read a news report a few weeks ago that Lucent is working on
           a product that will tell you on your computer if someone is
           calling you and will give you the option of disconnecting
           from your ISP. The report sounded like it was going to be a
           software product, but somehow I suspect that some hardware
           will be required (or else someone else would have done this
           already).            -- sagarwal
           \_ Lucent is a hardware company so probably.
        \_ I got the followng response about the problem from the tech.
           people at 3Com. I haven't tried it out yet though so I dunno if
           it works:
           Go into a terminal program like Hyperterminal, Quicklink,
           Terminal, or RapidComm. The initialization string should
           appear, followed by OK.  Underneath OK, type AT&FS10=3&W and
           hit enter. This will increase the modem's sensitivity to
           line noise. --sheuy
                \_ &F has nothing to do with it.  For a Hayes modem, S10:

                Sets the duration, in tenths of a second, that the modem
                waits after loss of carrier before hanging up.  This guard
                time allows the modem to distinguish between a line hit, or
                other disturbance that momentarily breaks the connection,
                from a true disconnect (hanging up) by the remote modem.

                While we do not recommend connecting the modem to a line
                with call waiting, if you have call waiting you may wish
                to adjust this setting upward to prevent the modem from
                misinterpreting the signal for a second call as a disconnect
                by the remote modem.  A better alternative is to contact
                your phone company to find out how to temporarily disable
                call waiting.
                        -from USR Courier v.everything manual
1998/6/24 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW] UID:14244 Activity:nil
6/23    I want to ethernet my computers together having one box as a
        linux gateway server to a ppp connection (using my HIP account).
        Is there a way I can do this?  How do I assign ip numbers to the
        other computers?
        \_IP-NAT/IP-MASQ (linux)
1998/6/23-25 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Computer/Networking] UID:14239 Activity:nil
6/22    When is Berkeley ditching Sprintnet?
        \_ Since someone touched the subject, what is a *good* backbone
        provider? I see a lot of Sprint/Global-One advertising, but can't
        really tell who's good, who's not.   -leblon
        \_ RSN - see
        \_ Depends on what you mean by 'good' and how much you're willing to
           pay for it.  MCI used to be good, but with Cable&Brainless buying
           their internet operations, I'd expect them to tank in a year or so.
        \_perhaps page of recommended providers should be maintained, similar
          to the cs books page -nesim
           \_ yes, and you know that there are just a ton of cs students
              who are looking around for T3 connection providers.
1998/6/11-16 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14203 Activity:moderate
6/11    Next week I plan to try to meet the 6bone co-ordinator to discuss a
                                                  \-Do you mean Bob Fink?--psb
        UCB student site on the 6bone ( which is the
        worldwide experimental IPv6 Internet.  I'm again asking for interested
        parties who want to learn about the next-generation Internet protocol
        through experience.  If interested, please e-mail.  -- schoen
        \_ the csua should put one of the office sparcs on this & can also
                 help with the nameservice
                 \_ Cool, I'll bring it up at a meeting or come by. -- schoen
                        \_ Talk to the vp
                           \_ Er, a late-night chat with the VP was what
                              originally persuaded me this was feasible.  I
                              think he knows about it. :-)  -- schoen
        \_ you mean PROPOSED next-generation internet protocol, which will just
           get dumped by the wayside when Microsoft forces IP-NT down
           everyone's throats.  M$ jumped into IP late, which is the only
           reason it's still around.  They're not going to make the same
           mistake again.
           \_ Say what?  IP-NT?  WTF are you babbling about?  MS is the only
              reason IP still exists or the only reason MS still exists?
              Both statements are ridiculously stupid.
              \_ No, IP wasn't quashed because it was well established before
                 M$ could get around to making their own proprietary protcol.
                 They'll squash IP just as soon as they're done squashing IPX.
                 \_ They already made their own protocol. It sucked. --dim
                 \_ They already made their own protocol. It sucked. If it
                    was better than IP people would've wanted to use it
                    regardless of what was established first. --dim
                    \_ that won't stop them from trying to do it again.
                       Or forcing it down the market's throats anyway.
                    \_ M$ already made their own server OS, NT. It sucked
                       If it was better than unix people would've
                       wanted to use it regardless of what was
                       established first.
                       \_ Huh? NT is a moderate success. Netbeui is a
                          dismal failure. --dim
                          \_ Exactly.  NT sucks but they're forcing it down
                             the market's throat anyway.  You seem to have
                             missed the sarcasm's point.
                             \_ You missed my point, which is that M$
                                couldn't force Netbeui down the market's
                                throat. --dim
              \_ Actually, I know the guy who just completed a IPv6
                 implementation for NT w/Microsoft.
                 \_ no surprise, they'll provide token support just like they
                    'support' IPX
           \_ I am personally optimistic that IPv6 will be widely used; it
              has the support of many people, and take a look at who the
              existing 6bone sites are: some very influential players,
              including the major networking hardware and software companies,
              computer manufacturers, and ISPs.  There is also a well-thought-
              out gradual transition mechanism and substantial backward
              compatibility.  And yes, even Microsoft promises to embrace it
              at present.  As for the "PROPOSED" bit: IETF will never go back
              on IPv6.  Perhaps the big network of the future will be MSN
              rather than the Internet, but the Internet itself will speak
              IPv6, be it relevant to most users or not.  -- schoen
              \_ Foolish optimist. Most of the big players 'support' IPX too,
                 but that doesn't make it any less dead.
                 \_ YEAH!!!  That "schoen" guy is a GREAT BIG DOODYHEAD!!!!!!
                    MICROSOFT WILL WIN!!!!!  I'm already looking forward to
                    using MS-WWWINS (Microsoft World Wide WINS) as the protocol
                    on the NETWORK OF THE FUTURE, 'cause IT'LL BE GREAT!!!!!,
                    just like ALL MICROSOFT PRODUCTS!!!!!!!  IPv6 SUX!!!!!!!!
1998/4/22-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:13998 Activity:high
4/22    I'm thinking about getting SHIP.  Anybody hear whether they suck or not
        $10 seems pretty cheap.
        \_ [insert lame Titanic joke by EECS freshman who thinks he's all that]
        \_ Tang is good for 3 things: pregnancy, STD's and sports related
           injuries.  If you health problem doesn't fall into one of those
           categories, they'll diagnose you into one of them anyway.
        \_Actually Tang was very good a couple of years ago when I had a
          stomach virus and could not keep food down for a week.  With my
          current healthcare (Healthnet), however, I keep getting the
          runaround and have yet to see the inside of my dr's office.
          Couldn't even get past the receptionist on the phone to get an
        \_ perhaps person means new HIP service from CNS?
           \_ yeah, that's what I meant but everyone seems to think that
              I'm talking about the university health plan.
              \_ CNS, like Microsoft, is re-using old acronyms.
              \_ SHIP = Student Health Insurance Plan. (Tang Center)
                 HIP = Home IP. (service/account/ppp/whatever)
                 Does SHIP also stand for something like Student Home IP?
                 \_ Subscription Home-IP.  Like Home-IP, but you pay for
                    it and supposedly there are enough modems to go around.
                        \_ Huh?  What for?  I already have free home-ip.
                           Who is this service for?
        \_ tang is mostly incompetent, but at least you can get an appt.
           \_ anyone else care to make broad, unsupported comments?
                \_ Unsupported?!  Uh, try going there as a woman.  Try going
                   there without an STD or sports injury.  Been there?  Or
                   do you mean that "at least you can get an appt" is the
                   broad and unsupported comment?  I'll agree to that.  It's
                   hard to get an appointment for something serious if you're
                   not already bleeding.
                   \_ Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of the word
                        \_ The experience of 32000+ students sounds like a
                           good argument to me.  You had another measure in
                           \_ gee, you speak for 32000+ students?  Who are
        \_ SHIP (subscription home-IP) is EXCELLENT. No busy dial in,
           connection to Berkeley is excellent. However, connection to
           outside Berkeley is lousy but that's a trade-off I can deal
        \_ I bought Subscription Home-IP.  I like it because my connection
           to campus is fast.
                \_ How is SHIP different from HIP?
                        \_ They kick you off every 8 hours instead of 2
                        \_ It's $10/month and faster.
                                \_ 56k?
                                   \_Yes.  Currently K56Flex, will be
                                     upgraded to V.90 once the standard
                                     is ratified (and cisco releases the
                                     updater software).
                        \_ Few (if any) busy signals.
                        \_cheaper than most ISPs (and you get a
                          IP address.)
                        \_ For about the same cost as a 2nd phone line,
                           you can get Ricochet wireless with zero busy
                           signals, unlimited access, and local access to
                           UCBNet from anywhere in the Bay Area.
                           \_ give it up tpc
                                \_ go away aspolito
                                  \_ Not until I get another piece of your
                                     warm, hairy ass.  -aspolito
                           \_ Seattle, too.  Kinda slow, though.  --tsang
1998/4/17-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:13977 Activity:moderate
4/17    Giganet's Cluster LAN will vie with Fibre Channel and P2100 -- PC
        interconnect rides on Intel's bus strategy
        \_ How does it compare with TeraBit OptoChannel from Terabit Network
        \_ How does it compare with TeraBit OptiChannel from Terabit Network
                \_ TB OptiChannel outperforms Cluster LAN by %40 in most
                   situations and up to %135 better in some rarer cases.
1998/4/15-16 [Computer/Networking] UID:13960 Activity:kinda low
4/14    Are there any reputable ISPs that have a pre-payment plan,
        e.g. you pay for a year in advance and in exchange, get a
        dicounted rate?
        \_ isn't 'reputable ISP' some kind of oxymoron?
        \_ the experience of most of my friends is that they go
           for such a plan as the service is good at the outset,
           and in a few months it's gone to pot and they're screwed
           for the rest of the year or whatnot.  good luck in your
           quest to find a decent isp.
        \_ FWIW, I know people who have had good experiences with
           and If you want cheap, has nice student
        \_ Ricochet has a $299 prepay plan or monthly 34.95 plan. - tpc
                \_ Stillpushing the Ricochet crap?  They pay you?
           \_ I'm sorry, that is too expensive to justify going wireless.
              Ricochet should die, just like ISDN. High price, low demand.
              GET IT???!?!?? Take a business class.
              \_ I have a Ricochet and love it.  Where else can you get
                 24x7 connectivity (much less *portable* connectivity)
                 for $25/month?  I leave the thing connected for days
                 at a time without needing a second phone line ($15 or so
                 right there), check email from coffeeshops,
                 and hardly ever use dialups any more even from home.
                 Ricochet *rules*.  --phr
              \_ as if. laptops are getting way cheap; handhelds are booming
                 the market for Ricochet is growing wildly, both for
                 vertical and consumer applications
                \_ Oh puleeze, keep the hype off the motd.  vertical apps?
                   Are you a palmpilot or ricochet salesdrone?
1998/4/13-14 [Computer/Networking, Recreation/Media] UID:13944 Activity:very high
4/12    How do you get a black box for cable? - reeser
        \_ Call TCI.
                \_An illegal one, I mean.  For illegal purposes too.
                        \_ You want to publically admit you're breaking the
                                law?  Brilliant.
        \_ You can buy one through mail order.  It is legal to
           sell such a machine, since the whole premise is that you
           only use it once you already have cable.  You are breaking
           the law (just like illegally copying software) otherwise.
        \_ Check out the back of a pseudo-geek magazine, like Popular Science
           or Popular Mechanics, for ads.  (And I'm sure that you can find
           ads from places that sell cable decoders on the Web, too . . . )
           \_ what about for DSS?
              \_ DSS piracy is done by way of "test cards" which are
                 programmable devices that spoof a valid DSS security card.
                 Not as legal as a pirate cable box, unless you're in Canada.
                 Also, DirecTV has a nasty habit of doing ECMs that often
                 render the cards useless.
        \_ probly cheaper just to bribe the cable installer ...
        \_ I bought a Disney unscrambler (the solonoid thingies) from a
           cable installer. He was very cool about it.
1998/3/30 [Computer/Networking] UID:13870 Activity:high
3/29    I am interested in starting an IPv6 network at Berkeley sometime
        next month, almost all segments of which would run over IPv4 tunnels.
        The point of this is (for fun and) to gain some early practice with
        the next version of IP, which will eventually be used widely on the
        Internet.  This network would aim at eventual connection to the
        6bone, the widespread experimental IPv6-over-IPv4 Internet.  Please
        write to me if interested. - schoen
        \_ You're stoned man.  when IPV4 goes out, microsoft will force
           their own inferior but microsoft-proprietary protocol to be used
          \- Sorry...Micro-what? The way things are going, what the future
          holds for M$oft is that it won't be forcing anything on anyone...
1998/3/28-31 [Computer/Networking] UID:13866 Activity:nil
3/27    Anyone using an X2 ISP that they're happy with and can recommend
        as a good ISP?  If they supported v90 that would be great but since
        it only just came out, I'm not stupid enough to ask for an ISP that
        supports it.  Thank you.
1998/3/13-14 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13804 Activity:high
3/13    Someone forged email in my name, what's a good place to read up
        documents on how to nail the forger by reading the mail header if
        possible? Thanks!
        \_ or my legal web site <DEAD><DEAD> have links
           to anti-spam pages that can teach you how to read headers.
           feel free to contact me directly for more info. - seidl
        \_ Good fucking luck if they originated on an ISP with dynamic IP #s.
           Even if you do get an IP, you still haven't proved anything.
           \_ The ISP _can_ still get you ann account name from their
              login records.  Whether or not they'll bother is the real
                \_ That's my point.  Why should they care?  They all hear
                   lame whining from stupid personal usenet started flamefests
                   all damned day.  You think they *really* give a shit about
                   this particular event?  Hardly.
1998/2/2-3 [Computer/Networking] UID:13606 Activity:high
2/1     Autobahn (aka Baycis) sucks big time. Is there another 56kbps
        isp with berkeley numbers and competitive prices? Thx.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ I was going to laugh at this, but then I notice the person
              wasn't asking at all about reliability.
            \_ yeah IS&T ... j/k most ISPs suck in some way or another IMO
                \_ IS&T tops out at 28.8k - no 56k lines
                \_actually, is a real, commercial
                  ISP with no relation to the university....
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>.
1998/1/29 [Computer/Networking] UID:13593 Activity:nil 57%like:13583
1/29    What's the best long distance company?
        What's the best ISP?
        \_ There is no such thing.  It all depends on what you want/need.
                Different ones have different strengths.  It's like asking
                "What's the best car?" - it depends whether you think style,
                performance, quality, price, or safety is most important.
                \_ My ZZZ can beat up your ZZZ anytime!

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Raffaele Nardin []
>>Sent: Friday, January 23, 1998 1:49 AM
>>Subject:      Free internet access
>>For the next month or so you can have free internet access by dialing
>>(PPP only):
>> 1-800-637-0491
>>Then login using the following ids:
>>Username:  usa
>>Password:  test123
>>Please let me know if you have any problem. Feel free to forward this
>>message to your friends.
>>We are testing a new product (guess what Michael ?)
>>and need lots of users, therefore we are giving free access.
1998/1/27 [Computer/Networking] UID:13572 Activity:nil
1/25    Anyone know why I can not connect to soda using my ISP ?
        I have to leapfrog from another host to get here
        \_ Your ISP sucks.  And so do you if you expect help and don't
                give any useful details like what error message you get,
                what software you use, or what problem you have.
        \_ Your indenting sucks too.  I corrected it only so I could further
           insult you.
1998/1/21-22 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV] UID:13542 Activity:insanely high 66%like:13586
1/21    Tonight.  7:00.  B5.  Casa-de-nweaver.  Be there.
                - tape delay ? its 7pm EST 4pm PST
                \_ old episodes @ 4pm PST, Season 5 Episodes Wed @7pm PST
        \_ You providing food, drink, and women or just the TV and cable?
                \_ how about tv, cable, and a lot of annoyance?
        \_ I provide the TV, cable, and space.  Someone else will have
           to provide the munchies, booze, and babes.  -nick
        \_ Can we have a nick party at nicks that's similar to other
           soda parties (ie. tara party)?
        \_ Hold a lingerie party at nicks?
          \_ No Way, I do *not* want tosee a bunch of geek guys in lingerie.
                \_ Various physicians recommend that as a cure for nymphomania.
1997/5/15 [Computer/Networking] UID:32146 Activity:nil
5/14    3Com TPM Office Connect 8 Port w/ Management Hub and 2 10BT Ethernet
        cards for sale e-mail -russwong
1997/5/2 [Computer/Networking] UID:32136 Activity:nil
5/2     ] Apparently, when Sprint's veterans passed the baton on to
        ] the new network plumbers they didn't tell them everything
        ] they needed to know about running the network. Insiders
        ] tell me the Sprinters misconfigured its routers so that a
        ] problem with one of its smaller ISP customers, MAI Net, was
        ] amplified throughout the entire global Internet (MAI's
        ] problem was triggered by a faulty Bay router).
        \_ The above from the Rumor Mill at  -- cmlee
1996/10/11 [Computer/Networking] UID:31934 Activity:nil
10/11   U.C. Berkeley's connection to the internet went down early this
        morning due to a power outage in Palo Alto at BBNPlanet's hub site.
        It's supposed to be back online this afternoon (hopefully)
        - see for more info/the latest details.
1996/8/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:49805 Activity:nil
8/7     I want to set up Jove so that I can use the arrow keys to move
        the cursor, but I can't find any man pages or anything telling
        me how to do this.  Anyone know of any on-line documentation to
        save me from ^F, ^B, ^P, and ^N? -- Mikeym
        \_ Here's some stuff from my .joverc - mogul

# make VT100 arrows keys work
make-keymap vt100-map
bind-keymap-to-key vt100-map O
bind-to-key backward-character OD
bind-to-key forward-character OC
bind-to-key previous-line OA
bind-to-key next-line OB
1993/5/26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31325 Activity:nil
5/24    Anybody know of an annex port in the Los Angeles area (818 area)
        that would allow me to connect to Berkeley computers?  kmanoj
        \_  dunno, but netcom has a Point Of Presence in LA area somewheres,
            if it's local to you it'll only be 17.50/mo, and you can use it
            in the bay area also....
        \_  How about numbers for UCLA, USC, or CSUN annex ports?  Anybody
            have those?
               forget it bud.  even if you have those numbers, the annex
            port is like berkeley's, won't let you connect outside its system
        \_  I've heard that the annex port at CalTech allows you to telnet
         out, but you need the IP address for whatever machine.
         Sorry, don't know the phone number.  -jesse
        \_ Okay, here's the story boys and girls.  Connect up to a CSU
           server that's local to you.  There's one in Northridge at
           (818) 701-0478; one in Los Alamos at (310) 985-9540.  From
           there, open a connection to SF State with "sf/40" (port 40).
           Then do a "connect <your-favorite-MUD>" command, and you're
           there!  Connection's kinda slow; but hey, it's semi-free!
           (Dunno about legality, so use at your own risk!)  I also
           have those CalTech numbers, so mail me if you want 'em
        \_ I've warned them of this security hole and it will shortly
           be turned off.
2018/08/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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