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2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/6/26-8/13 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:54697 Activity:nil
6/26    This ones for you psb -ausman
        \- that's pretty good. i wish someone had put the idea to be before i saw
           it on the internet, so see if i'd have put the 9 justices in the same
           boxes. JOHN PAUL STEVENS >> All the sitting justices. --psb
        \- that's pretty good. i wish someone had put the idea to be before i
           saw it on the internet, so see if i'd have put the 9 justices in the
        \- that's pretty good. i wish someone had put the idea to me before i
           saw it on the internet, to see if i'd have put the 9 justices in the
           same boxes. JOHN PAUL STEVENS >> All the sitting justices. --psb
        \_ tell us about the city, ausman.
2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/8/25-11/7 [Computer/Domains] UID:54464 Activity:nil
8/25    What's the best way to get a domain name that is about to expire?
        \_ It's called backordering.  It used to be fixed priced but now
           they're trying to auction them.  Still a good deal though.
2010/7/13-8/11 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:53883 Activity:nil
        Why The Internet will never amount to anything.
        \_ More like why I try as much as possible to never buy anything
        \_ It's funny but when you started to be able to buy flights online
           the whole "fly by standby" thing just dissappeared.  Sigh.
           \_ What, you expect spontaneity to be a cultural trademark of
              the nerd generation?
2010/3/1-30 [Computer/Domains] UID:53734 Activity:nil
3/1     so given all the compromises (goog + a bunch of other companies),
        is the goog dns safe to use?
        \_ why use it? it's slower than verizon dns ( also, goog dns
           breaks akamai.
2009/7/11-24 [Computer/Domains] UID:53129 Activity:nil
7/9     is godaddy still the place for domain names? anything cheaper?
        \_ I use <DEAD><DEAD> since they're really awesome. It's worth
           paying for a decent registrar. Also, I use Sitelutions for the DNS for
           the domain, since it lets you have an enormous amount of control over
           your domain's DNS.
           \_ listen buddy, tab is EIGHT spaces not FOUR ok?
2009/5/29-6/3 [Computer/Domains] UID:53057 Activity:nil
5/28    To the guy who used to fix the network problem... first
        of all, how does that even affect throughput (have you tried using
        just IPs?) Also, isn't it not recommended to use top level DNS?
        \_ Throughput was fine when running any tests from sites like Nitro
           or But loading a simple webpage took seconds. Not
           sure why, but Hulu was also unusable before I made the switch.
           I used because it is easy to remember.
2009/5/23-29 [Computer/Domains] UID:53037 Activity:nil
5/23    I'm at a friends house and the Internet is dog slow. But when checking
        speedtest or nitro.ucsc, it shows I'm getting 2.7Mbps. Latency is <30ms
        Any ideas why it is so slow or ways to check this?
        \_ Hmm, I added as a DNS server and that seemed to fix it.
        \_ Hmm, I added as a DNS server and that seemed to help.
        \_ Adding as a DNS server seemed to fix this.
           \_ Crappy/slow ISP nameserver, eh?
2009/4/9-13 [Computer/Domains] UID:52827 Activity:kinda low
4/9     dig txt only returns one TXT record even though domain
        has more than one.  How do I see them all? tnx MOTD!
        \\_wow, I could not have picked a worse example.. "dig txt"
        actually DOES show more than one.  how come it doesn't work with
        \_ Show us your zone file. You probably did something wrong.
2009/2/13-18 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/Domains] UID:52565 Activity:nil
2/13    Question about memory relocation:
        These days most h/w has a relocation register. Could the relocation
        address be stored on disk or in kernel memory vs. in a register? Yes,
        that would be slow but is it possible? Do you *need* a relocation
        register or does it exist purely for performance reasons? I was
        reading some paper written by IBM in the 1960s that seemed to
        imply the former and I don't understand why that would be.
        \_ What "relocation register" is this?  If you're talking about the
           one that (say) the IBM 7090 used for time-sharing, that's been
           obsolete for 30 years; modern machines use virtual memory.  (And
           the tables defining the virtual-memory mapping are in fact stored
           in kernel memory, since they're too big to fit in a register.)
           Or did you have something else in mind?
           \_ Yes, but modern machines still have a base register. Do
              they need it?
              \_ What do you mean by a "base register"?  It would help if you
                 could say exactly which register you're talking about on some
                 real architecture (x86, PowerPC, MIPS, etc.), or at least if
                 you could describe what this register does.
        \_ Because comparing 1960s computer hardware to today's is like asking
           why drivers need a whip to make their cars drive faster because
           you saw a picture of a horse drawn carriage.
           \_ Well, no. Modern hardware still does it that way. The
              question is: Does it *have* to?
2008/11/11-26 [Computer/Domains, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:51909 Activity:nil
11/11   I want a home nas so my laptops aren't always running out of space,
        what's a good buy?
        \_ I did a bunch of research and ended up with Dlink DNS-321. It
           is newer than DNS-323 with less problems. It doesn't have as
           much buffer as DNS-323, but if you're transfer files bigger
           than 32 megs, the sustained rate for both are equivalent. I
           bought a Western Digital green (5W 5400RPM) and mixed it up
           with Seagate Barracrasha (9W 7200RPM) for Raid-0. I know it's
           not the best of mix (5400 and 7200) but I did it for redundancy
           reasons. I don't trust either brands as I've had failures in the
           past from these two companies. Hopefully, the mix will allow
           one crash a lot sooner than the other, instead of both at the
           same time. If performance is a big thing for you, get two
           7200RPMs. By the way, WD green is really quiet!!! I love it,
           I can barely hear it at night. Seagate is slightly noiser, but
           not by much.
           \_ Can it hotswap disks?
              \_ Not this one, but DNS-34X something can do it (the one
                 with 4 drives). You'll pay a premium for it though. I got
                 DNS-321 because it's quite good for the price.
        \_ You can get a used NetApp on EBay for really cheap.
        \_ I'm told that Drobo + DroboShare is very nice.  I also know
           a several people who are very happy with Apple's Time Machine.
           \_ drobo sucks. it's loud and doesn't save your data. droboshare
              doesn't like non-ascii characters, even if it is HFS+J formatted
              \_ Any opinions on the netgear nases?
        \_ Qnap.  Anyone heard of it?
2008/10/29-31 [Computer/Domains] UID:51717 Activity:nil
10/29   I became a citizen half a year ago, and I filled out a voter
        registration form at the oath ceremony.  Now do I have to register
        again with the state, county (Alameda) and city (Fremont) before I can
        vote on their ballots?  Thanks.
        \_ register at your nearest park bench
        \_ Just fill out a voter registration form and drop it in the mail.
           You only need to register once. If your address has not changed
           since you originally registered, you don't even need to register
           again at all. -ausman
2008/9/7-12 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/Domains] UID:51089 Activity:nil
9/7     Dear Linux DNS experts, how do you find out if a domain has
        published SPF records? Is there a magic command like hostname,
        nslookup, etc that does this? I'm a UNIX noob. Thanks!
        \_  host -t txt $DOMAINNAME     -ERic
2008/7/20-23 [Computer/Domains] UID:50638 Activity:nil
7/19    Why is OpenDNS popular? It still forwards me to ads when I go
        to an invalid domain. That is really annoying.
        \_ For one thing, they were never vulnerable to the latest round of DNS
           \_ i think the latest round of dns spoofing attack was overblown.
              yes there was a security hole... but no one ever exploited it.
              and it would have gone away when your cache refreshes from
              the authority.
              \_ Considering the full weakness hasn't been published yet, I
                 wonder how you came to that conclusion?
        \_ OpenDNS is useless because my VPN requires that I get a
           domain error the first try before going to the company's DNS.
           OpenDNS forwards me to a bogus advertising site if my domain
           is bad. You know, I always use, Level3. It is trustworthy
           and works. 95% of the admins I know use
2008/7/15-16 [Computer/Domains] UID:50572 Activity:nil
7/14    Help sendmail experts. I forward email from my own domain to I have never had any problem until recently. The problem
        happens only when eBay sends an email to my domain (as I receive the mail on my domain/my machine, and
        when it tries to forward to gmail, I get the following:
         Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; host <DEAD><DEAD>[w.x.y.z]
         said: 550 5.7.1 Unauthenticated email is not accepted from this
         l31si10176981rvb.6 (in reply to end of DATA command)
        What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks.
        \_ anti-joe-job/spam measures, probably relying on SPF dns records. See
   Mail forwarding is a known problem for SPF,
           though you may be able to fix it for just your case. -ERic
2008/6/24-27 [Computer/Domains] UID:50354 Activity:nil 75%like:50347 75%like:50340
        does motd let me write this, i want <DEAD>gøø<DEAD>
2008/6/23-27 [Computer/Domains] UID:50347 Activity:nil 75%like:50340 75%like:50354
        does motd let me write this, i want <DEAD>g¸¸<DEAD>
2008/6/23 [Computer/Domains] UID:50340 Activity:nil 75%like:50347 75%like:50354
        does motd let me write this, i want <DEAD>gøø<DEAD>
2008/6/5-10 [Computer/Domains] UID:50161 Activity:nil
6/5     When setting http cookies, what is the difference between and ?  Is it just to qualify for
        the two-dot rule?  Put another way, is there a semantic difference
        between domain=. and domain=  TIA
2008/3/6-7 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:49354 Activity:low
3/6     Starting a Web 2.0, scaling up slowly.  Should we go the
        physical-servers-in-a-colo route, or go for some sort of scalable
        virtual hosting?
        \_ At start?  Do the cheapest thing possible.  When you're ready to
           get something real going hire someone who knows wth they're doing
           to help you if you haven't done a colo before (sounds like not).
           Otherwise you'll be sorry later when you have a pile of useless
           hardware and a broken architecture that can't support your site.
           \_ The person who'll be doing it is me.  I've setup colos before,
              but not in the last 5 years.  I was just wondering if the
              "best practice" for small startup had changed due to new players
              like the Amazon virtual hosting thing.
              \_ How big do you think you are going to be at start?  If one
                 or two machines can handle it, throw one or two machines
                 somewhere cheap and don't worry about it.  There's no best
                 practice for a site that gets in the order of 1000s of hits
                 a day.
             \_ The only best practice you need to worry about at the
                beginning like that is to ensure that your data is backed
                up. If you get enough traffic to warrent it, you can do
                a cost/benefits analysis of hosting vs. colo.
              \_ I am aware of a wide range of startups using Amazon's EC2,
                 usually in conjunction with S3. The advantage is that it's
                 dead easy to add more resources as needed, and I get the
                 impression that it's not too hard to migrate away from when
                 and if you grow to the point where having your own hardware
                 becomes economical. Plus, Amazon has way more resources to
                 dedicate to infrastructure than you do.
2007/10/23-25 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:48419 Activity:nil
10/22   "The Hippie movement was the most controversial and influential of
        modern times. Free love, the peace movement, drugs, Eastern religions
        and communes are explored. Meet the figures whose words and actions
        inspired it and destroyed it. See how the vibrations from that era
        are still resonating today in almost every aspect of American life,
        from the clothes we wear, to the Personal Computer and the Internet.
        Finally, historic footage, stills and period graphics are
        interwoven with expert commentary and eyewitness testimony."
        History Channel. Must see.                -no laid guy #3
        \_ If you spent your time studying hippies in the wild, at a rave
           or something, you might have better luck getting laid than if
           you stayed home watching television.
           \_ Actually I am watching this from work using the Slingbox. -op
              \_ You probably won't get laid that way either.
        \_ 1968.
2006/12/28-30 [Computer/Domains] UID:45507 Activity:nil
12/28   This is an AWESOME story:

        It's a good example of what is best about the Internet -> WEEB ->
        Blogosphere ... how a guy with domain-specific knowledge can get
        an instant forum.
2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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