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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/8/22-10/28 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54732 Activity:nil
        Y! is back to #1! Marissa, you are SEXY!!!
        \_ how the heck do you only have 225M uniq vis/month when there
           are over 1 billion internet devices out there?
           \_ You think that every single Internet user goes to Y!?
        \_ Tall blonde skinny pasty, not my type at all -former Y!
        \_ Tall blonde skinny pasty, not my type at all. But she
           is a good CEO. -former Y!
           Y! is coming back hard and strong. Amazing, simply amazing...
2012/7/13-8/19 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:54436 Activity:nil
7/13    Why would Yahoo store passwords unencrypted?  I recall that even 20+
        years ago the passwords stored in /etc/passwd on instructional
        machines here at Cal were one-way encrypted.  (I think those were
        Ultrix machines.)
        \_ Doesn't this say anything already?
           I feel bad for all the losers who are still working at YHOO
           and getting weekly dosage of propaganda and waiting for their
           worthless stocks to go up one day.
           \_ Like Marissa Meyer. What a loser.
              \_ Don't know her, but from what I read she sounds like a
                 risky hire.
              \_ Marissa Mayer is much hotter than Carly Fiorina and Meg
                 The first pic reminds me of Hanna Hilton.
              \_ Carol Bartz's doppleganger is pretty hot:
           Short answer: it was left over from the Associated Content
           acquisition. Yes it is still pretty stupid. -Yahoo employee
           \_ Why are you still at Yahoo? Couldn't find any other
           \_ Why were you still at Yahoo? Couldn't find any other
              respectable place to work at? In the tech industry, having
              Y! on the resume is like having worked at Enron.
              \_ Are you kidding me? Half the rockstars at the Velocity
                 Conference last week were ex-Yahoos.
2010/6/8-30 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:53853 Activity:nil
6/8     Newly wed husband and wife found from old picture that they have
        actually crossed path 30yrs ago:
        My question is how do stories like this find its way to news media?  Do
        people just go "hey something very interesting happens in our lives.
        Let's call up a news agency or two to tell the world about it."?
        \_ "Your video will begin after a word from our sponsors."
           It is exactly crap like this why I refuse to go to Yahoo
           sites and use Yahoo Mail. The moment they start tagging
           add after your email, I stopped using all Yahoo shit.
           Carol Bartz is not a product person and let me just say,
           Yahoo sucks and almost all of their properties suck. Let
           me also add that people stuck in Yahoo the corporation, are
           second tier programmers and dumb ass corporate drones who
           can't innovate. Don't hire a Yahooer.
           \_ get over yourself.
           \_ Nice troll.
        \_ are you sterile?
2009/1/16-23 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:52405 Activity:nil
1/16    My Pidgin program keeps logging me on/off several times an hour
        from Yahoo Messenger. Why is it happening and how do I make it stop?
        \_ yahoo or MSN?  the issue on MSN is well known...
2008/9/3 [Health, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:51024 Activity:moderate Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2008/6/27-30 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Politics] UID:50397 Activity:nil
6/27    "North Pole Could be Ice-Free This Summer - Yahoo! News:"
        \_ And saying what *might* be, but what we'll know for sure in a few
           months doesn't belong in "news".
2008/6/24-27 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:50360 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
6/24    Yahoo vs. Google vs. Bear Sterns employee attrition. Yahoo may be
        dying but it's nothing compared to Bear. Google still rocks, so
        hold on to their stocks! And if you're leaving Yahoo, there's
        a resignation-letter template to use.
2008/6/24-27 [Recreation/Humor, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:50357 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
        Yahoo Resigner. Write your resignation letter easily!
2008/5/15-16 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:49958 Activity:nil 90%like:49949
5/15    Big surprise: GOOG is a better value than YHOO: [seekingalpha]
2008/5/15 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:49949 Activity:nil 90%like:49958
5/15    Big surprise: GOOG is a better value than YHOO:
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/4/15-23 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:49752 Activity:nil
2008/2/11-14 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:49112 Activity:kinda low
2/11    WTH does M$ want to buy Y!? On the other hand, M$ + GOOG =
        superpower of computing + internet.
        \_ I guess buying Goolge would be too expensive to be worth the money
           for M$.
        \_ Because Yahoo is a reasonable company run by reasonable people
           that could eventually be integrated into M$.
           \_ Yahoo rejects MS bid, MS hints at hostile takeover.  Yeah,
              that'll work.  -tom
              \_ For some reason M$ thinks it needs to be in the Yahoo/GOOG
                 market. I think M$ is dumb, but if it really wants to be
                 in the Yahoo/GOOG market, which company do you think would
                 be easier for M$ to take over? The one run by tools and
                 kooks or Yahoo?
                 \_ MS may succeed in taking over Yahoo, but it seems
                    exceedingly unlikely that they will succeed in improving
                    their business by doing it.  -tom
2007/12/5-12 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:48749 Activity:nil
12/4    I'm looking for the following yahoo or google map app:  I want to
        click on a particular spot and enter a radius distance like 10 km
        or 5 miles, etc.  It should then draw a circle of that radius around
        where I clicked.  I should be able to change the radius and move it
        around of course.  And expand/shrink accordingly when I zoom in/out
        of the map.  Anybody aware of such an app?  I did look at sample
        apps on yahoo and google.  I can't find anything similar.  Thanks.
        \_ In the ballpark maybe:
2007/11/7-9 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:48569 Activity:nil
11/7    I still use Yahoo because I like Yahoo better. Whenever my network
        is down, I ping Google turned off their icmp.
        Assholes. Go Yahoo!                     -loyal yahooer
        \_ huh?  I ping for tests all the time.
           \_ It hasn't at times in the past, but OP must be pretty bored
              to be pointing this out.
2007/11/6-9 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:48558 Activity:nil
        Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang angrily urged to apologize to jailed Chinese
        citizen's parents, sitting behind him.  (Yahoo! Hong Kong had turned
        over IP address of forum poster who described govt order warning media
        not to write about upcoming Tiananmen Square anniversary)
2007/10/5-7 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:48247 Activity:high
10/4    I stopped using Y! Mail because it was collecting a lot of spam.
        I switched to Gmail thinking Google's better. Now my Gmail's
        collecting as much spam as my Y! Mail, I'm beginning to realize
        that Google blows just as much as Yahoo. Is there a better FREE
        mailer out there I can use?  \_ whats your email addr? i'll tell
        the spammers to stop -shac \_ Is SpamGuard in your Yahoo Mail
        turned on?
           \_ If you're running the free version of Y! Mail (as opposed to
              one that comes with AT&T Yahoo or <DEAD><DEAD>),
              SpamGuard doesn't seem to do jack. You can tag email as
              'Spam' but that has been a big joke since I *still* get
              spam no matter what.
        \_ whats your email addr? i'll tell the spammers to stop -shac
        \_ Is SpamGuard in your Yahoo Mail turned on?
           \_ If you're running the free version of Y! Mail (as opposed to
              one that comes with AT&T Yahoo or <DEAD><DEAD>), SpamGuard
              doesn't seem to do jack. You can tag email as 'Spam' but that
              has been a big joke since I *still* get spam no matter what.
        \_ You can run, but you can't hide.
        \_ Sorry about the spam.  I get little to no spam at gmail.
        \_ I don't get spam at either one.  My Yahoo mail account is several
        \_ You can run, but you can't hide.  \_ Sorry about the spam.
        I get little to no spam at gmail.  \_ I don't get spam at
        either one.  My Yahoo mail account is several
           years old.  My gmail account is newer.
        \_ I get a lot of SPAM at Yahoo!, although it also catches a lot.
           I don't have GMAIL.

        <head>Great gift for your lady friend (or metrosexual
        friend)</head> \_ I don't think you know what metrosexual means
           \_ I don't think he knows what "great gift" means
        \_ These are more girly then they are metro.  I prefer the
        shirts with
           the body tag on front and back. -dans
2007/9/4-5 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:47885 Activity:nil
9/4     Is it my imagination or it seems like Picasaweb and Gmail and
        other shit products are getting slower and slower? It takes like
        10 seconds to refresh the images on Picasaweb and 5 seconds to
        go through the emails. It used to be almost instantaneous. What
        is going on? If this is not fixed I'm going back to Yahoo Mail.
        \_ I do not notice this in Gmail, and I bet I have moessages
           than you do.  Who the hell uses Picasa?  Feel free to go back
           to Yahoo Mail, the interface is terrible.
        \_ Both gmail and yahoo have been slow lately.
2007/8/8-13 [Politics, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:47564 Activity:nil
8/8     Feminine guys better for long-term love: study - Yahoo! News:
2007/5/4-7 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:46528 Activity:high
5/3     so you think microsoft will buy yahoo?
        \_ If yahoo is owned by MS, perhaps they will no longer have scientology
           moles within their organization farming for the email addresses of
           people who are trying to avoid the COS.  Fuck Yahoo, and fuck their
           evil scientology moles!
        \_ God I hope not.  -tom
           \_ Your Christian ethics mean nothing to me.  Do you think
              it'll actually go through?
           \_ Your Christian ethics mean nothing to me. Your sad devotion
              to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the
              stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to short
              the right stock.
           \_ Why would you (or God) care if one giant faceless corporation
              buys another slightly less giant faceless corporation?
              \_ Because M$ will change the interface and ruin a site
                 that I like and use.
                 \_ Exactly.  I use Flickr extensively, and My Yahoo a fair
                    amount, and I'm sure all the positive energy around them
                    will die if MS takes them over.  (Yahoo hasn't been doing
                    a great job at My Yahoo anyway, but Flickr is still the
                    best photo-sharing site for my needs).  -tom
                    \_ And you're aware that Yahoo, giant faceless corporation,
                       owns Flickr?  How does transfering that property to
                       alternate giant faceless corporation matter?  The
                       marketing redesign team is going to rework the ui no
                       matter which giant faceless corporation owns the
                       \_ Except the M$ has already proven they cannot
                          design a good UI for their search engine and
                          Yahoo! has proven that they can.
                       \_ If MS buys Yahoo, Yahoo and Flickr will both
                          transition to MS's new webish application
                          architecture, which means they will probably have
                          way too much cruft and won't work well outside
                          IE.  Flickr Uploadr will go away on the Mac,
                          replaced by some piece of .NET shit.  All the
                          good people at Yahoo will bolt, leaving the MS
                          drones to try to integrate Yahoo mail and Hotmail
                          (guess which will win?).  It would be a user
                          disaster.  -tom
                          \_ So you think Yahoo = geniuses and MS = dummies?
                             \_ M$ = doesn't give a shit about anything but
                                their crappy OS. -!tom
                                \_ They seem to have done well with XBOX
                                   and, of course, Office. However, just
                                   look at MSN. That is what Yahoo! would
                             \_ Nice troll.  Look up "less worse."  Yahoo
                                is less worse.  -John
2007/4/6-10 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:46213 Activity:nil
4/6     "Mystery of Greek Amphitheater's Amazing Sound Finally Solved" (Yahoo News)
        "Amazingly, the Greek builders of the theater did not themselves
        understand the principles that led to the exceptional audibility of
        sound from the stage."  How did the author come to this conclusion?
        \_ we invented first vaccine without ever knowing the existence of
2007/3/13-17 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:45960 Activity:nil
3/13    Nikkei 225 down faster than Yahoo! chart can draw
2007/1/7-16 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:45524 Activity:nil
1/7     Check out the new and improved Yahoo Maps!
        \_ It still doesn't allow users to move diagonally using arrow keys.
           \_ Minor and easily fixeable.
              \_ Minor enough for me to stick with Google Maps.
                 \_ But it's got traffic data. I'm switching back to Yahoo.
                    \_ I like the old-style Yahoo Maps better.  When I need
                       real-time traffic info, I use
2006/12/17-23 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:45459 Activity:high
11/16   A while ago, some Yahoo! employee asked what was wrong with
        Yahoo mail that people would use gmail instead. These are
        my reasons:
        1. No POP3/IMAP access to keep your mail local. Gmail at
           least gives you SPOP.
        2. No forwarding or filter rules that let you forward
        3. Because of 1 and 2, I feel like Yahoo is locking me in.
        4. Avatars? Seriously, do you really think I care about that?
        5. Ads everywhere. I know you need to profit from email but
           it's just too much.
        5. "Do you Yahoo!?" at the bottom of my emails. It's not
           professional to send prospective employers/business
           partners emails with ads.
        6. Re: #5, <myname><some long number> doesn't
           sound professional. <myname> does. Too many
           email squatters on yahoo.
           \_ I don't think that's really Yahoo's fault.
            \_ It may not be, but it is still a reason to use gmail
               \_ The unprofessional "" could at least be
                  changed to or something else. But
                  yahoo makes it way too easy for spammers and
                  squatters to get an account. Google at least
                  makes you associate a new account with another
                  one or your cell phone number.
                  \_ I have evidence that yahoo mail has been infiltrated by
                     the Church of Scientology.
        7. My browser isn't open all the time. Gmail has a notifier.
           Where's Yahoo!'s?
           \_ Not to defend Yahoo!, but YMessenger does that.
        8. Folders are dead. Smart folders or tags are in. You can't
           Venn diagram with folders.
        9. Like #1 and 2, Y! calendar doesn't allow linking to or
           publishing of ICAL/XML calendars. Manually uploading a
           file every time doesn't count.
        10. My Yahoo! friends use gmail. That tells you how much
           they like their own company's product.
        Or perhaps you could elaborate on why one would prefer Y!
        mail over gmail.
        \_ This is a free market. No one is forcing you to use Yahoo mail.
           Hate ads? Look at Google, they put ads everywhere, how is that
           less annoying than Yahoo?. Besides have you even tried Yahoo
           mail's latest experimental ajax interface?
           \_ You're right. It is a free market and I'm practicing
              that free market. Someone from Y! asked why people
              hated Y! mail so much and I'm saying why. BTW, google
              has a simple text banner for ads. Y! has it everywhere.
              One animated banner ad, another ad cluster, and ads
              in my email ("Do you Yahoo!?").
              \_ Yep. I'm not that surprised Yahoo employees don't "get it".
                 If they did the product would be better. I think you're
                 wasting your time.
                 \_ I don't think Yahoo is alone here in terms of "not
                    getting it". Microsoft, in its attempt to develop
                    the ultimate iPod killer, can't even succeed
                    in beating out Sandisk despite their deep pockets and
                    marketing muscle. They think people want useless
                    features like squirts and FM tuners or complicated
                    music stores. In the end, it's just smoke and mirrors.
                    And grunge? Really. Grunge was like so 1992. Telling
                    your customers that you're cool doesn't make you cool.
           \_ I've tried the new thing. Still has more ads and more intrusive
              ones, plus it has an "ms outlook" interface. Gmails tags are
              better IMO. The new yahoo mail interface is nicer for sure.
        \_ I think Yahoo just doesn't focus on their older net properties the
           way Google does.  They're doing many many many more things but don't
           do really well at most of them.  As Google's product list grows you
           may find less effort applied to their older and less sexy products
           as well.  But since everything but the front door is beta anyway
           you'd have no business complaining, right?  ;-)
           \- just to add in passing: it's one thing when you do something
              before somebody else [yahoo before gmail] and they end up doing
              it better, but it's another thing when you have a reasonable
              product and you replace it with something obviously lamer
              [yahoo old to new tc browser]. there are mistakes you make an
              [yahoo old to new TV browser]. there are mistakes you make an
              learn from, and then there are mistakes that shouldnt have
              been made. it may have been a reasonable business decision
              for yahoo to acknowledge some of the above Ymail problems
              and decide it isnt worth the $$$ investment to fix some of
              them, but if in even on public discussions they cant acknowledge
              what is a problem [e.g. claim people want some unique feature
              they have and the competeition doesnt when in reality nobody
              cares about that ... and they dont acknowledge they are lacking
              something everybody wants] that's a serious problem. i think
              breaking the working tv application suggests a potentially
              breaking the working TV application suggests a potentially
              serious problem ... when an org makes "mistakes that shouldnt
              have been made" often rather than leaning something in the
              technical domain ["we used the wrong data structure"], you
              learn something about the organization.
2006/12/13-17 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:45443 Activity:kinda low
12/14   Hey google, build a "suck all email off of my Yahoo Mail account
        into Gmail" and I promise I'll never go to again. - danh
        \_ what's wrong with yahoo?             -someone who works there
           \_ You really want me to list the reasons why Yahoo Mail sucks,
              as compared to Gmail?  - danh
           \_ You guys fucked up the new TV listings.
              It was useful to have the listing color coded [movies, sports
              etc.]. The new listings are hard to read. Also the way to
              get detailed info about the individual program is not ideal.
              The same button should expand and collpase rather than having
              to mouse over to a small target to collapse the display.
              Earlier yahoo blew away a lot of other people by having
              maximum configurability and useability ... now I think you
              guys often get side tracked by chrome or "coolness" rather
              than useability [like the program detail display doing the
              little bounce up and down etc.]. Also, eventhough amazon is
              also a large company, they make it easy to send feedback
              and they respond to feedback and inquiries while yahoo doesnt.
              I know yahoo people who spend more time bad mouthing google
              ["oh google mail spies on you"] than improving their own
              product [yahoo mail giving less space]. On a positive note,
              your finance pages were good [I dont really use it much any
              more today], and your movie listings is ok.
              \_ Amen, brother.  They used to be simple, now it's broken
                 and irritating.  It only shows me the top block of
                 listings with the other boxes blank.  Plus, I don't want
                 to login to set my provider, and yahoo's listings no
                 longer work with my Treo.  Grrr.  So, I moved to
                 using TV Guide's online listings.
2006/11/30-12/8 [Industry/Startup, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:45401 Activity:nil
        Yahoo memo leak. 20% to be laid off.
        \_ It's not the 20% getting laid off that worries me about Yahoo!.
           It's that this senior VP sounds like a moron.
           \_ firing 20 percent is an excellent way to motivate the
              remaining 80!
2006/9/19-22 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:44450 Activity:nil
        Quigo is going to kill Yahoo and Google
2006/8/17-19 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:44045 Activity:nil
8/16    Yahoo! collects over 10 terabytes of clickstream behavioral data each
        day, the equivalent of all the information within the Library of
        Congress. Yahoo!s user data warehouse is in the order of 'petabytes?
        - the largest in the world. Yahoo! serves nearly half a billion unique
        users. Yahoo! is one of  Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For.
        Yahoo! is looking for key hires to leverage all of this data for
        actionable strategies and systems:
          1. Data Mining Applications Engineer (Senior) Sunnyvale, CA
          2. Data Mining Applications Engineer (Contract) Sunnyvale, CA
          3. Data Mining Applications Engineer (Senior) Burbank, CA
        Please email your resume to
        \_ Yahoo: when I was there they were a shambles.  Imagine what a
           dotcom would look like if they bought a hundred other dotcoms after
           going public and grew to >10k people world wide:  Yaaa HOOOOOO!
           \_ Personally, I think Yahoo is a pretty good place to work.  When
              I joined in 04, benefits were good, the campus is pleasant, the
              prospects for advancement are good and the work is interesting.
              There's more red tape than I'd like, but I suppose that's
              probably the price you pay for the stability of working at a
              large company.                                 -mice
              \_ That's not what their own internal surveys say about
                 engineer happiness but in any large place there will be
                 niches where some folks will find a cool place to hide.
2006/5/30-6/3 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:43223 Activity:nil
5/30    For the second time in 24 hours a total stranger has contacted me on
        Yahoo IM.  This never happened before.  The first was some "ASL?" guy
        who is broken english seemed to say he got my IM handle in a chatroom.
        The second said "what are you doing on my buddy list?".  Can anyone
        think of an explanation besides "someone as going in chatrooms giving
        out your IM handle".
        \_ Elizabot, scammers trolling for personal details claiming you're
           on "their" buddy list, something like that?  -John
        \_ There are 409 scammers operating on Yahoo IM now. I have strung
           a few of them along just for the hell of it. -ausman
2005/11/1-4 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:40399 Activity:nil
11/1    You know what I really hate about Yahoo email?  You can only
        make 10 'filters'.  I can add 3000 Gmail filters.  Why is
        Yahoo so lame?
        \_ Yeah no kidding. I also found that Gmail let me use "AND"
           and "OR" in the filter terms but I couldn't get Yahoo
           to do that. Yahoo's UI is also slower to get around.
           Yahoo better get with the program.
           \_ yea, you have to pay (yahoo plus) to get more filters,
              and to not have ads.
        \_ since when? last i checked (like, now), gmail claims 20.
           \_ shhh!  speak not foul words of the Holy Google or Smiteth Thee
              Holy Rankings shall fall upon thine website!
              \_ I have about 30 filters in Gmail.  works for me.
        \_ Is there in Gmail a way to tag all existings messages? When I
           search for all messages from "John" and then hit "select all" it
           only selects the first 20 messages, not the hundreds that I
           actually have.
           \_ I can send you some if you want.  -John
2005/10/28-29 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:40318 Activity:nil
10/28   I've got a friend with a Yahoo account problem who is getting the run-
        around from customer care.  Any of you Yahoo types out there care to
        field this for me?  Send me email. - jvarga
        \_ don't dignify it by calling it "customer care."  -tom
2005/9/2-4 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:39443 Activity:nil
9/2     fallout on yahoo from language of photo captions:
        (apologize if a repost)  - rory
                \_ what did i do? here go read the comments of the
                   guy who took the photo
        search for "Jeasus" - danh
        \_ Censoring history to appease the politically correct.  Yeah, that's
           \_ And a big thanks goes to danh for doing his part to kick
              AFP off yahoo.  We have too much information anyway.
                \_ what did i do? here go read the comments of the
                   guy who took the photo
        search for "Jeasus" - danh
                   \_ "white people find things:
                      black people loot: - danh"
                      Now, do you really believe there was racism involved
                      in the captions?
                      \_ I think it is quite likely that the photographer
                         would have captioned it differently if he were
                         shooting black people, yes.  -tom
                         \_ Instead of guessing, why not read the captioner's
                            \_ I did.  -tom
                               \_ Then perhaps you'd like to explain why (after
                                  reading it) you've completely ignored it?
                                  \_ what is the guy gonna say?  "I have an
                                     ingrained fear of black people, and I
                                     don't want to portray white people in
                                     a negative light"?  Look, I don't think
                                     he's Jesse Helms or anything like that,
                                     but this is a pretty clear example of
                                     how deeply ingrained racial stereotypes
                                     are in our society.  -tom
                                     \_ Yeah, they're so ingrained tom
                                        sees them where they don't even
                                        exist. -jrleek
                         \_ When has tom ever allowed fact to sway his opinion?
                            Looks like my assessment was correct:  the white
                            people in the picture found stuff floating near a
                            store.  Tom you are such an idiot.
                \_ you think maybe i've changed my mind and I am posting
                   the comments of the original photographer? - danh
                   \_ Right.  And your original post and the many other by
                      like-minded people is what got AFP to withdraw their
                      photos.  I'm glad that you've changed your mind now,
                      but didn't you do your part in getting AFP to leave?
                \_ it looks like the guy was stressed out... i dunno
                   if he would have written something different if it
                   were a bunch of black people.  hard to say.  i also
                   really hate new orleans.  - danh
2005/9/1-2 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:39417 Activity:nil
9/1     I hate Yahoo. After being pushed persistently by their GUI to
        upgrade to YM7, and answering questions that ask me if I'm SURE
        that I don't want to install their tool bar and use their site
        as the default search engine, YM7 installer still installed a
        stupid Yahoo toolbar. Yahoo is getting more and more annoying
        like AOL and Netscape used to be. I hate Yahoo, I'll never
        work for lame ass companies like that.
        \_ iChat, Adium, Trillian, GAIM. Does anybody still use the ones
           provided by the IM companies?
        \_ You have to do custom install and uncheck it.  Nice troll.
2005/8/30 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:39350 Activity:low
8/28    Why is it that Germans are dominating Yahoo's Oddly Enough section?
        Is this a conspiracy from the Jewish dominated Yahoo to get
        back at Germans? I've listed a few examples:
        - German mayor criticized for welcoming S&M festival
        - German cat burglar
        - German man scratching large penis-shapes into 300 cars arrested:
                \_ "German man scratching large penis ..."  What?
        - German beer drinking has Shroeder ahead:
        - German women crashes her car because of a spider:
        - German Honecker offends in Berlin:
                \_ This one isn't oddly enough.
        - 76 year old German male attacks a woman over his favorite chair:
        - Why Germans stink more, literally
                \_ What's with this title? It makes no sense dumbass.
                   The thing "literally" stinking is the fungus.
                   \_ Why does no one in the CSUA have any sense of humour any
                      \_ Because we're American, and have senses of "humor"?
        \_ It's a result of inbreeding.  --PM
           \_ Is John an example of inbreeding?
              \_ No, I'm an example of what the stud geniuses of this world
                 could be breeding if they weren't all at yermom's house.
2005/8/23 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:39234 Activity:nil
8/23    I have a lot of problems with Google and Yahoo mail lately. I use
        pine with the "Roles" feature where I can set the From: field to
        whatever address I have. I've been using this for a while without
        any problem, but lately Google and Yahoo just filter all of my
        mails. How do I tell them that my email is legit? I don't send
        spam contents or anything like that. Thanks.
        Below is my header, generated by Pine and the mailer:
From  Tue Aug 23 12:45:24 2005
Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 12:45:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Blow <>
        \_ Is advertising SPF rules that contradict where you're
           actually sending it from?
           \_ What's a SPF rule and how do I find out?
               \_ 1)
                  2) dig TXT
2005/8/23-24 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:39223 Activity:nil
8/22    Google search 36.5%, Yahoo 30.5%. Who the hell still uses Yahoo?
        No one I know uses Yahoo anymore.
        \_ Yahoo search has actually gotten pretty good, and is sometimes
           better than Google.  Try searching both for "http".
        \_ A lot of people, especially people who are Joe Average consumers
           and have an SBC/Yahoo DSL account. I still utilize Yahoo maps
           vs. Google maps just out of habit.
                \_ I do too, because Yahoo maps is better than google's,
                   at least when it comes to giving directions.
                \_ driving directions to dense urban areas with google
                   maps totally suck.  i hate them.
        \_ The CSUAers who work for Yahoo! Search.
        \_ I use Yahoo! I only use Google for Google Groups.
        \_ I use Yahoo for email and sports and news.  I just use Google for sea
        \_ I use Yahoo for email and sports and news.  I just use Google for search.
        \_ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla quis
           massa eu mauris placerat tincidunt. Mauris interdum pellentesque
           urna. Nullam non mauris sit amet leo hendrerit mollis.
        \_ I have Yahoo DSL.  I use Yahoo for news (including Japanese and
           Chinese), maps (including Japan), stock quotes, and looking up
           things in its Web Directory section.  I use for
           searching,  and for porn.
2005/7/27-29 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:38840 Activity:nil
7/27    Which map service gives you GPS location? It's not on yahoo map
        or map blast. Thanks.
        \_ Mapblast (aka MSN Maps) always puts the latitude and longitude
           in the URL.  For both Yahoo Maps and Google Maps, you can click
           on "Link to this map" and then it'll be in the URL.
2005/5/3 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:37498 Activity:nil
5/3     tellement longtemps, options d'achat d'actions :
        \_ I a entendu une rumeur qui chez Yahoo, elles étaient recherche
           excuses pour mettre le feu aux vieux temporisateurs qui ont eu
           This est d'un interface gestionnaire chez Yahoo, ainsi il est
           probably vrai.le
           \_ I n'ont pas vu beaucoup d'évidence de cela, bien
              only été ici pour peu un plus qu'une année. Il y a des
              of dans mon équipe, et dans les équipes avec lesquelles
              and I n'ont pas noté un taux d'usure exceptionnel. Where'dle
              you entendent cette rumeur ? - Employé De Yahoo
           \_ ainsi comment quelqu'un transmettrait un ordre comme cela à
              company comme Yahoo ! avec un bon nombre de type futé les
2005/5/3 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Uncategorized/Spanish] UID:37474 Activity:nil
5/3     tan de largo, opciones comunes, dig dis:
        \_ ah' oy√≥ una rumo' que en Yahoo, ellas era el buscar peque√Īo
           'suses para encenda' los viejos contado'es de tiempo que tenían
           Dis son de un administrado' de sistema en Yahoo, así que es
           probably verdad.el
           \_ ah' no ha considerado mucha evidencia de eso, aunque obviamente
              only estado aqu√≠ para poco m√°s que un a√Īo. Hay
              uh en mi equipo, y en los equipos con quienes obro
              and ah' no ha notado un índice de desgaste 'sepcional.
              ya' oye esa rumo'? - Empleado De Yahoo
           \_ así que cómo alguien transmitiría una o'den como eso en un
              company como Yahoo.  Right On!   ¬Ņcon las po'ciones de tipo elegante gente
2005/3/23-24 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36831 Activity:nil
3/23    Has anyone else noticed that rapidly loading yahoo mail messages into
        separate tabs results in some messages not being displayed (the initial
        welcome screen shows instead)? This didn't used to happen for me, and
        I find it very irritating.
2005/3/18 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36750 Activity:kinda low
3/18 vs.  Which one is better?
        \_ I searched "naked" on Google and the first 5 links are all FAT UGLY
           women and 2 gay men, naked. Yahoo came up with attractive women.
           However, Google did in fact come up with 5X more links (100,000)
           vs Yahoo which came up with only 25,000 links. So, draw your own
           \_ I tried "busty Indian".  Both returned relevant picures, but
              Yahoo gives me more variaty.
              \_ Wow, you guys' workplaces are pretty lax.
                 \_ WORK? In Silicon Valley? MOOOOOOOOOO...
2005/3/15-17 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36703 Activity:nil
3/15    Lots of jobs in Yahoo! Search:
        \_ permissions
        \_ yahoo-search: Permission denied
           \_ top hiring priority: unix systems administrators
        \_ I think you mean: /csua/pub/jobs/yahoo-search -dans

           \_ po-tay-to, po-tah-to, it's still the same thing
2005/2/28-3/1 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36456 Activity:nil
2/28    Does Yahoo! mail seem pathologically slow lately, or is just me?
        \_ Huh.  Seems fine for me.    -mice
2005/2/24-25 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36395 Activity:moderate
2/23    Anyone using Gaim with Yahoo? How come it never works for me? MSN
        works fine. FYI, in Yahoo Messenger, I use "Firewall with no proxies"
        \_ me, slightly patched version of 1.1.12, win32 and linux/x86
           I use no proxies, or firewall though.
        \_ latest version works fine for me.  No special config needed.
           \_ ditto --dbushong
        \_ There's a faq question on gaim's website dealing with this exact
           issue. The workaround doesn't work for all and doesn't work for me.
           Then again I can't get MSN to work either. Try the workaround.
2005/2/19-21 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:36253 Activity:nil
2/19    So I spend hours loading pics to yahoo photo albums and arranging
        them in the order that I want.  And then I go back and all the
        pictures in every album are out of order.  Why does this happen?
        And maybe more importantly, what's a similar service that people
        recommend that won't have this problem.  Basically just somewhere
        I can load my pics to that anyone can look at, even without them
        having a passwd or account or anything.  -pissed off at yahoo
        \_ Definitely send them a pissed off email.  Maybe someone will get
           yelled at.
        \_ shutterfly.
2004/10/22-23 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:34290 Activity:nil
10/22   My yahoo mail account get flooded with about 2000 mails from a mailing
        list that ran amok while I was away.  Is there a way to remove all of
        them without selecting them one by one?
        \_ Yes.  Change your options to display the maximum number of messages.
           Click the search button.  Search for messages that have an
           identifying address.  Now click Check All and then delete. Repeat
           for 10 or 20 screens, depending.
2004/7/25 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:32470 Activity:high
7/25    Suddenly I cannot log into yahoo mail.  Anyone else having problem?
        \_ no
2004/6/15 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:30809 Activity:nil
6/15    Hey cool!  Yahoo Mail just upgraded to 10MB attachments and 100MB of
        storage free...guess antipicated competition from google is having an
        affect.  Go go market forces!
        \_ Why do you hate the USSR?
        \_ effect, not affect - motd grammar daemon
           \_ affect is also a noun.
              \_ which makes even less sense here.  The noun is effect. -!mgd
              \_ But not the one you want.
2004/6/14-15 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:30787 Activity:very high 53%like:11666
6/14    For those with Yahoo mail accts, how large is your bulk mail folder?
        I'm at 3185.
        \_ Don't you hit quota limits by that point? I always have to flush
           out around 1500 (which is to say, weekly)
           \_ They stopped counting stuff in your bulk mail folder against
              your quota.
              \_ yes.. about 8 months ago they stopped counting messages
                 in your spam and deleted items folders against your quota.
                 you could actually just let them sit there and they will
                 begin deleting them automatically when they are more than
                 90 days old... i think it's 90 days. -shac
2004/3/30-31 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:12936 Activity:nil
3/30    Has yahoo mail service been extremely slow and flaky for any of you
        lately?  It times out quite often.
        \_ nope, but other websites seems sluggish. in fact, the net seems to
           be quite flaky the past 2-3 weeks.
2004/3/22-24 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:12808 Activity:kinda low
3/22    How did sodans get yahoo to not classify mail from csua as spam?
        \_ I called the phone number listed in yahoo's whois record.  after
           waiting on hold for a 10 minutes I got a live person in customer
           care (for paid services) who said to send email to
  too bad Yahoo has no place on their
           website for this sort of contact except for "if you are a bulk
           mailer". BTW, I agree with the youreauseless.. guy.  -op
        \_ Just for a point of possible interest.  Yahoo apparently uses a
           dialup/dsl list and files anything from anyone on that list they
           don't have whitelisted as bulk.  The mail-abuse-bulk address
           should get a response..  --scotsman
        \_ Why do you want to know?
           \_ Because email from my domain and/or my server's IP address
              is getting incorrectly classified as "bulk/spam" by Yahoo's
              \_ And what domain is that, pray tell?  (Thought so.)
                 \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                    \_ Ah, but you see, my friend, for all we know, traffic
                       from your domain and/or IP is in fact NOT incorrectly
                       classified as spam.  Until you convince us this is not
                       the case you get nothing.
                       \_ Are you a Yahoo?
                       \_ <DEAD><DEAD>.  That's for
                          yahoo to determine.  You're a nobody.  If there's
                          a process or contact or procedure, it shouldn't be
                          some s00per sekte f0r 0nly kewl d00dez leik y00!
                          UR2 kewl 4me <DEAD><DEAD> who I'm sure
                          doesn't know beans about the yahoo process but is
                          instead just another "I hate anonymous motd people"
                          jackoffs which is ironic since you posted anon too.
                          \_ Don't forget your Prozac, darling.
              \_ How much mail are you sending out?
                 \_ To yahoo/sbc: about 5 messages a week.
                    \_ Are you sure you are not infected with one of
                       the zombie spam viruses?
                       \_ Yes, I'm sure. I've contacted yahoo and my
                          network provoder, cause it looks like yahoo is
                          indeed filtering the mail based on IP address.
        \_ I called the phone number listed in yahoo's whois record.  after
           waiting on hold for a 10 minutes I got a live person in customer
           care (for paid services) who said to send email to
  too bad Yahoo has no place on their
           website for this sort of contact except for "if you are a bulk
           mailer". BTW, I agree with the youreauseless.. guy.  -op
        \_ Just for a point of possible interest.  Yahoo apparently uses a
           dialup/dsl list and files anything from anyone on that list they
           don't have whitelisted as bulk.  The mail-abuse-bulk address
           should get a response..  --scotsman
2004/3/22-26 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:12805 Activity:nil
3/22    Yahoo! Search is hiring C++ developers.
        Details in /csua/pub/jobs/yahoo-search.
        Email resumes to   -jdynin

emacs user was here
2004/3/18 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:29873 Activity:moderate
3/18    How is it that I attach a 167k jpeg to send via yahoo, and once
        it's attached, it's now 222k?
        \_ because it encodes the file in a format that isn't as compact
           \_ So when yahoo or hotmail says there is a 500k limit on the
              size of an attachment, are they referring to the original, or
              the encoded version?
        \_ because it came in contact with one of the spam mails advertising
           to grow your member.
2004/3/10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Politics] UID:12596 Activity:nil
3/10    Yahoo! News - Mars Stinks:
2004/3/4 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:29939 Activity:nil 80%like:12517
        The british people ARE ugly!!!
2004/2/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:12406 Activity:very high
2/24    Is there a way to check your CSUA account with Yahoo or Hotmail?
        When I try to connect using Yahoo it says "
        unexpectedly terminated the connection. Please try again."
        \_ So you put your csua password into some idiotic yahoo/hotmail form
           in your browser??
           \_ Not sure about the 'idiotic' part, but yeah, you have to
              enter your password otherwise Yahoo can't check the e-mail.
              \_ but soda requires an encrypted connection.  somehow I doubt
                 Yahoo sends passwords in anything other than plaintext.  good
                 \_ which is why yahoo can't get it.
                 \_ Is that why it's not working?  Is there a different
        \_ .forward
           \_ Yes.  In your .forward file, you put your csua username on the
              first line and your yahoo email on the second line.  You can
              then save a copy of your email on csua.
              \_ not quite.  you just made a mail loop.
                    CSUA SMTP address that will allow me to check the
        \_ .forward
           \_ But then I don't retain the mail at CSUA, I won't the mail
              at both Yahoo and CSUA.
              then save a copy of your email on csua.
        \_ Yahoo uses POP or IMAP to check your email.
2004/2/7-8 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/Domains] UID:12150 Activity:nil
2/6     My completely not tech savy (and not local) friend set up a
        yahoo webhosting account.  He registered his domain through them
        and pays $15 /month or so for hosting.  I told him i'd host for
        free but I don't know how yahoo-as-registrar works.  Where does
        he have to go to change his DNS servers?
        \_ uh... good luck!  maybe some at yahoo can help or your new registrar
           will know what to do.
2004/1/24-25 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:11919 Activity:low
1/23    Don't know if this public knowledge, but the Yahoo bulk email
        problem seems to be fixed!
        \_ I know. thank goodness!
        \_ was it one of our doing, or something automated that fixed itself?
        \_ How many people wrote a polite email explaining the error?
           \_ ..
2004/1/15-16 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:11795 Activity:nil
1/15    Is mail from csua to yahoo still being filtered as bulk?  If so,
        how long has this been going on?
        \_ that's weird, i've been sending mail to friends with
           accounts without any difficulty
        \_ yes, and about 2-3 weeks
          \_ WTF is their problem?  Is there anything that we can do about
             it?  Or is it simply a matter of them designating any mail
             from csua as spam, no matter what?
             \_ just a guess, but if you look at the headers, the DES ident
                thing looks like a hash buster. perhaps yahoo's learning
                system is being fooled by this. -jl
                  \_ Is there anything root can do to change this? -op
                     \_ i retract this. i think soda's ip is just on their
                        shit list.
        \_ curiously, it seems that if mail from csua is sent somewhere else
           and auto-forwarded to yahoo, yahoo does not filter it.  could it
           be that one of the mail servers on the route from csua to yahoo is
           triggering yahoo's filters?
        \_ X-YahooFilteredBulk:
           \_ What makes you think that? I am sure we deliver mail directly.
               \_ Then why is yahoo filtering it as spam?  I guess they are
                  in a competition with hotmail to see who sucks the most.
                  \_ I don't know why, but your theory is bunk. Look at
                     the headers on a message delivered to yahoo.
                     \_ ok, you're right.  mail from csua is sent directly
                        to yahoo.  Still, mail that originates from csua and
                        that arrives at yahoo via an intermediate server is
                        not filtered.
                        \_ You're not being specific enough to be useful.  Are
                           you relaying a csua address through another machine?
2004/1/14-15 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:11768 Activity:nil
1/14    Is there a way to actually contact a live person either via email or
        phone at Yahoo? The link to submit something to Customer Care at the
        bottom of their Help pages simply generates automated replies.
        \_ Walk in to their corporate office.  Remember to dress up as a postal
           \_ Get a Krinkov off the blackmarket and hide it in the mail bag
                        \_ ?
        \_ are you going to complain about their stupid bulk mail filter
           against CSUA?
           \_ i was going to, yeah.
              \_ I've been writing to  They wrote me back
                 saying, "We would like to reassure you that we are
                 investigating the problem you reported. We apologize for
                 any inconvenience, and appreciate your patience and
                 understanding on this matter."  Whatever that means.
                 \_ It means that your mail is being promptly forwarded
                    to /dev/null.
        \_ Actually, if you have (or pretend to have) Yahoo!/SBC DSL, you can
           get a support person to help you on online chat. My friend had his
           Yahoo mail account hacked (ie someone guessed his dog's name) and
           used to sell bogus items on eBay. He used the support channel to
           get the security guy (apparently, they have one guy down in a
           basement handling all of these issues) to reset his password.
2004/1/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:11666 Activity:nil 53%like:30787
1/5     All my emails sent to yahoo mail are classified as Bulk Mail.  Do you
        have the same problem?
        \_ Only when I want to help people "En1argee yor 0rgan!"
2003/12/12 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:29714 Activity:nil
12/12   Yahoo to use msg authentication for email:
        \_ That's like, so yesterday, and stuff
2003/12/2 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Politics] UID:11279 Activity:nil
12/2    Yahoo! News - Serious Linux Security Flaw Found
        Must be the best moment for Gates.
2003/11/26 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Politics] UID:11230 Activity:nil
11/25   "A Muslim chaplain who served at the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo
        Bay, Cuba, was charged Tuesday with adultery and storing pornography on
        a government computer". (Yahoo News)
        I thought this guy was booked for spying.  Not enough evidence?  Next
        week he's going to be charged with spitting in public.
        \_ Because to charge him with espionage they'd have to reveal in
           public what it was he was stealing which defeats the purpose of
           charging him with espionage and trying to keep secrets in the
           first place.  Are you naive or just intenionally ignorant?
           \_ how awfully convenient
           \_ No.  It was just too funny so I posted it.  -- OP
           \_ In other words, you just can't parody this shit.
2003/11/8-9 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10987 Activity:nil 66%like:10573
11/7    Anyone else having problems getting to Yahoo mail?
        \_ no.
2003/10/21-22 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10719 Activity:nil
10/20   How do I export some of my folders out from Yahoo mail?
        \_ I am sure there are easier ways, but this is what I've done.
           I choose mozilla thunderbird as pop3/Imap client mainly because
           it store things in the RFC inbox format.  Then, you go to
           sourceforge and download this thing called "postman."  It's a
           proxy server that sits between your yahoo mail and your pop3
           client, thus, it can retrieve email from hotmail and yahoo
           account.  It workes like wonder, except the performance issue,
           which I can live with it.
        \_ you might also try
2003/10/15-16 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Politics] UID:10637 Activity:nil
10/15   "Yahoo! News - Girl Scouts Work to Punch Up Image"
        What has Girl Scouts become?  Next there will be Girl-Scouts-sponsered
        orgy and a grand price for the girl who gets the most dicks in the
        \_ Girl Scouts has always sucked.  I had a number of female friends
           who joined the boy scouts because they were sick of the lameass
           shit they did in the girl scouts.
           \_ do the boy scouts allow that?!?!
              \_ Explorer scouts
        \_ dead link.
           \_ Looks like is down.
        \_ This would require the girl scouts to promote heterosexuality.
2003/10/10-11 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10573 Activity:nil 66%like:10987
10/10   Anyone know what happened to yahoo mail?
        \_ Still working for me (12:29pm) but seriously flaky
           for one page refresh, I saw stuff over 2 yrs old... wierd
           \_ weird, too, probably?
              \_ Oh, good one, he misspelled weird.  Your dick is huge.
                 \_ my dick is small. my dictionary is average. yermom is
2003/10/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10567 Activity:nil
10/9    I can't send mail to yahoo.  I tried 4 different address.  And
        the same result:
          ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
         (reason: 553 Mail from not allowed - VS99-IP1 deferred -
          see (#5.7.1))
        It seems that we are considered an open relay or something.
        Can this be fixed?
        \_ uh, hello?  see the bottom of the motd?
           \_ oops
        \_ It's been quite a few hours, and it's still a problem.  What's
           up with this?
           \_ Yahoo has already been contacted about their mistake.  What more
              do you want?
                \_ I want them to fix it, of course.  Or, maybe someone
                   understands better than me why it's taking so long.
                   \_ Because yahoo is gigantic, and has very poor external
                      communication skills.  I'm on a few lists with yahoo
                      contacts, and they have been apprised of the situation
                      and are working on it. --scotsman
        \_ doesn't nickkral work at yahoo? what a useless contact
        \_ looks like it's fixed now
2003/10/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10556 Activity:nil
10/9    Yahoo is bouncing email from CSUA. We're working on resolving it.
        \_ Yahoo seems to be accepting mail again; if you're still getting
           bounces, could you please mail root?  --mconst
2003/10/7-8 [Politics, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10516 Activity:high 52%like:10507
10/7 []
        FYE. The word F---ing is allowed on TV.
        \_ It's also allowed on csua motd.
        \_ Not the first time this has happened on a national show...
        \_ See NBC's broadcast of the documentary filmmakers following
           around the NYFD on Sept. 11.  All manner of "obscenities"
           \_ And most live major sporting events.
              \_ Nut scratching and male/male ass grabbing is not obscene!
                 I've seen it on TV!
2003/10/7 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10507 Activity:nil 52%like:10516
        FYE. The word F---ing is allowed on TV.
2003/9/23-24 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10299 Activity:nil
        If the cat is happy at home, it won't go next door to eat.
        Yet another stupid meaningless University study
        \_ kept some grad students eating.
2003/9/18 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10242 Activity:low
9/18    Top floor, Scotty!
        \_ Anyone who wants a space elevator should read Kim Stanley Robinson's
           "Red Mars".  And that's a small one.
           \_ Why? Because he described the fictionalized effects of a
              space elevator in a rapidly decaying orbit above Mars? I
              think you're reaching here.
2003/9/17-18 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:10236 Activity:nil
9/17    What's the catch with SBC "yahoo" DSL vs std SBC dsl?  I recall
        people where complaining about tracking or disclosure issues at
        the time that the yahoo label was added to it, was there a way
        around that?  Were there any other significant issues?  (I
        currently have std SBC DSL, and they're offering a much lower
        rate for the yahoo version). Thanks!  - mds
        \_ No catch, other than you have to sign up for a year to get the
           low rate. And it goes up after 6 months.
           \_ the letter actually says "$29.95 for the next 12 months"
        \_ Once you sign up for the 'yahoo' version, your yahoo ID is
           permanently linked to your DSL.  Ditch DSL or move out of the SBC's
           area and you lose your yahoo ID.
           \_ no, you dont have to use your regular Yahoo id, you can make
              up a new one just for the login session... and if you do use
              your regular yahoo id, when you cancel service, you do get
              to keep your yahoo id.
              \_ Tell that to a friend who just moved to Nevada and can't use
                 his old Yahoo id.
           \_ couldn't you just establish a new yahoo id for your DSL in
              addition to the one you've been using all along?
              \_ a hush falls over the room.....
              \_ yes, if you knew that ahead of time
              \_ be careful, i got charged $19 a month for an extra id
          \_ Yeah, this was the article I remember seeing, thanks!  They
             don't really offer any solutions beyond "switch providers",
             though.  I was wondering if people have done so, or stuck with
             sbc/yahoo and managed to opt out, ... whether it has been an
             issue, basically... Thanks! - mds
2003/8/21 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:29430 Activity:very high
8/21    Lop-sided boat, top-less sunbather on the mainstream 'Net(worksafe)
        \_ the Captain of the boat just wanted to get a closer look and grounded
        \_ Looks like C or D.
           \_ Fake and D.
              \_ How do you know it's fake?
                 \_ Never gotten a girl in bed, huh?
                    \_ Not really, but just haven't gotten a D-cup girl in a
                       long while.
                       \_ Sigh. Yeah, that's it. She's lying down. They aren't.
                    \_ the lotharios of soda confer
                 \_ They're defying the laws of physics.
                    \_ what laws of physics would those be?
                       \_ gravity
                          \_ you're an idiot.
                             \_ *sigh* does it have to be explained? breasts
                                are mostly fat. Fat does not have the stiffness
                                to not droop when a girl's on her back. since
                                they're still "up", it's "defying" physics.
                                \_ "like icing off a hot cake"
                                \_ Maybe the saggy old women you sleep with.
                                   I have known women with real breasts that
                                   big that point straight up like that when
                                   she was lying down. It is rare, but not
        \_ Some censoring god at Yahoo fell asleep?
           \_ Yahoo very frequently has partial nudity.  grow up.
              \_ I don't think he was implying it was a Bad Thing (tm), just
                 surprised Yahoo! would let it through.
                 \_ I didn't either.  But being surprised at (dun dun dun...)
                    bare breasts on a yahoo news photo is childish.
              \_ I'm not saying it never happens. Shit, yahoo posted
                 decapitated bodies and severed heads pictures from mideast
                 terrorist attacks. I downloaded and saved them too. -op
        \_ boats never tilt like that.  it must be violating the laws of
           \_ Really, go buy yourself a sense of humor.
                \_ Jew-loving godless Euro freeper motd troll!
2003/8/20 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:29409 Activity:high
8/20    nickkral, how is Yahoo?
        \_ why does w do more reverse lookups than who?
        \_ Yahoo! is a fun place to work.  Lots of cool people,
           excellent technology, and flexable work.  Very kicked
           back and agressive at the same time. -- nickkral
                \_ wow you can't spell. hang out too much with your fob gf?
                \_ aggressive is spelled with 2 g's. So how much do
                   you get paid?
                   \_ Flexible is not spelled "flexable". I hope I make more
                      than you both.
                      \_ I guess you don't want his help getting a job there.
                      \_ GWB can barely form a sentence and he's the most
                         powerful man in the world. What does this say
                         about equating spelling with success? --aaron
                                \_ whoah that mean nickkral must be rich
                                   and powerful. And that means you're a
                                   nobody cuz you just formed a
                                   syntactically and semantically correct
                         \_ Do they like your political bias at google, aaron?
                            I thought they might.
                         \_ It says that if your dad was President then
                            anything is possible.
                            \_ Even if your dad wasn't President, you can still
                               become Vice President with bad spelling.  It has
                               been done.
2003/8/20-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:29400 Activity:low
8/19    Programmer / Engineer position open in the Yahoo! Games
        group.  /csua/pub/jobs/Yahoo for more info.  -- nickkral
        \_ why did you take out the posts below. Can't handle criticism?
           \_ he didn't.
        \_ nick, you don't play games all that well and you're not even
           hip, why are you in the game division?
2003/3/16-17 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:27717 Activity:low
3/16    If i'm online using yahoo messenger,  Is my IP address
        viewable to someone who sees me "online" by methods short
        of having access to yahoo's servers?
        \_ type netstat from dos prompt while connected to another user
2003/3/13 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Recreation/Media] UID:27682 Activity:high
3/13    SETI@home made Yahoo Headlines!
        \_ Yahoo?  When it makes ABC/CBS/NBC during prime time lemme know.
        \_ Expect this to be deleted.
           \_ Still waiting.
                \_ Here, I'm deleting it: kkkkkkk8ddZZ
                \_ It will be as soon as one of three people logs in.  The
                   typical deleters aren't awake yet... slackers!
                   \_ Actually the thread was deleted.  It was some
                      political nonsense. -waiter
2003/3/7-8 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:27619 Activity:kinda low
3/7     Yahoo calendar dns guy here again. Things are working again. The only
        thing I did was update my named.root file, but I think it was already
        up to date. Any ideas on what could have caused this?
        \_ Yahoo being fucked.  why does everyone assume that just because a
           place is big that everything they do will work perfectly at all
           times?  welcome to the real world folks.
           \_ I didn't think was the case because:
                1) No one else seemed to have that same problem.
                2) Stupid news media report "Yahoo DNS Servers have 4 hour
                outage." A few years back, I'd routinely hear about ebay's
                servers going out for hours at a time.
                \_ Ask yourself: who else uses yahoo calendars?
2003/2/27 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:27550 Activity:nil
2/26    Does anyone know or have a guess on how online groups like
        Yahoo! Group allows posting to the group's messaging board
        via an email address like  Email alias?
        Procmail?  Which solution makes the most sense?
        \_ python
2003/1/30 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:27242 Activity:nil
1/29    Has anyone tried searching in  When I search something,
        the result page says "Found 40, this page showing 1-4", but then I
        can't find any "Next" link to click to get results 5-40.  Any idea?
2002/12/18 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:26852 Activity:nil
12/18   Boycot yahoo:
        \_ More like "Pity Yahoo." That's a miserable list of people to be
           picked from.
        \_ whatever. "<noun> of the <time>" awards are totally meaningless.
                \_ you are so <adjective>
                   \_ Oh god... please don't turn the motd into madlibs.
2002/11/5 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Health/Sleeping] UID:26414 Activity:nil
11/4    New poll:  Now that Maggie Cheung is divorced, you would sleep with
        her if you had the chance:
        Yes: .
        Who's Maggie Cheung?: ..
        Are you kidding, she's one of those 35+ wrinkled up old asian prunes: .
        \_  Maybe 30 years
           ago but now she's a hag.
2002/6/6-7 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:25011 Activity:nil
6/5     Where is Yahoo options do I opt out of the mailing list?
        \_ also
2002/4/12 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:24431 Activity:nil
4/11    Hi rory
        \_ ugh... are you just talking about me locking the motd? sorry
           all... Is anyone else experienceing *super* slow and flakey
           connections to <DEAD><DEAD> right now? last night too. My
           connection keeps timing out. maybe its AT&T. - rory
           WTF - who keeps deleting this post?
           \_ which post
              \_ Yeah, I think campus net is having trouble
           \_ I am having issues with the network too and it's not
                campus related. Yahoo in particular seems fucked.
2002/4/9 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:24389 Activity:nil
        - what trevor would use on coe graduation... if he had the money.
        \_ any explanation what this is?
           \_ title says it all.
        \_ Nice toy but what are the odds a t72 will sit there unmoving while
           a few yahoos line it up with their guidance computer?
2001/12/25-26 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:23364 Activity:low
        Pakistan talking nuke war with India....
        \_ excellent! killin' two birds with but one stone.
           \_ It's only a little mortar fire right now.  As horrible as it
              would be to see a modern nuclear exchange it would be interesting
              in sort of a sick way to see if the anti-nuke people were right
              about the fallout and atmospheric damage from a nuclear war.  At
              least there won't be a need for any coffins for a few miles
              around ground zero.
2001/11/6-7 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:22955 Activity:nil
11/6    Does the X10 ad only pop-up from the Yahoo sites?  Why did Yahoo allow
        such an annoying ad?
        \_ Because they need to make money.
        \_ related question.  What is the best way to disable pop ups or
           pop unders altogether?  Disable javascript?  Is javascript that
           thing that makes this all possible?  And no, I do not want to
           install extra "ad blocking" software to do this.  Thanks.
2001/11/3-6 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:22921 Activity:low
11/2    Is there any maps web site that works like but
        displays maps with a lot more pixels?  Even the "Printable Map"
        in Yahoo Maps is only 580x400 pixels.  Thx.
        \_ You could build your own out of the yahoo maps.
2001/10/15 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:22745 Activity:nil
10/15   Does anyone use IMAP with Yahoo! Mail? <DEAD><DEAD> seems
        to exist (similar to <DEAD><DEAD>). Is it part of the
        premium services? When I try to connect to port 143, I'm
        immediately dropped, so I'm just wondering...
2001/7/18-19 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:21847 Activity:kinda low
7/18    Anybody work on yahoo mail?  What is the algorithm used to decide
        whether a particular piece of mail is "bulk mail".  I've gotten
        junk mail in my inbox when it should be in the bulk mail box.  The
        mail doesn't have my address in the mail header.  Thanks.
        \_ Worse, it sends email from my sister to my bulk mail folder...
           \_ She probably runs a pornspam company on the side. Featuring,
              of course, yermom.
2001/3/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:20743 Activity:high
        Glad I passed on that Camry.
        \_ We had quitters too in the revolution. We called them
           Kentuckyians.  I guess I'll just have to find Janie.
                          \_ should be: "Looks like I'm going to have to find
                             another little girl to be President.  What's your
                             friend Janey's number?"
           \_ Uh what?
              \_ I'm sorry. You see, when I get bored I make up my own
                 stories. Look! A butterfly!
           \_ No, not Janey!  She'll pack the Supreme Court with boys!
           \_ Who is "Janey?"
              \_ the girl who likes Milhouse.
                 \_ Nobody likes Milhouse.
                 \_ Who is Milhouse?
                    \_ Who is John Galt?
                    \_ Have you ever heard of this kid Milhouse?  He's a little
                       \_ No.
        \_ Who purged the Hans Sprungfeld-George Washington joke?
           \_ it was the butterfly, I tell you, THE BUTTERFLY.
2001/1/11-12 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Computer/SW/Virus] UID:20297 Activity:high
01/11   It's easy to wipe out the world with an adapted (human) virus.
        \_ Scary indeed.  Do you realize we can now genocide mice?
           \_ Wiped out all mice.
           \_ Another example of, it's straightforward for an area expert
              to do, but they're smart enough not to do it.  Trust me, I know.
              \_ Yeah, being a bio expert certainly precludes any evil
                 \_ That's what I'm saying ... (that is, I'm agreeing
                    with your sarcasm)  "Yeah, being a computer expert
                    certainly precludes any evil intention."
2000/10/26 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:19566 Activity:moderate
10/25   Does anyone know how to get rid of that idiotic Yahoo bar thing
        that gets into IE?  It was installed on this f$#@ing laptop by
        another user and I can't get rid of it.  Unintalling "Yahoo" and
        deleting the "Yahoo" directory did nothing...Is it some kind of
        registry trickery?  Help me out here...
        \_ Go to ${WINDOWS}\Downloaded Program Files. Right-click, remove.
           \_ Removed "Yahoo! Chat," some other "Yahoo!" thing, and an
              unknown thing identified only by a long string of alphanumeric
              digits.  After all that... the fuxoring thing is still there!
              ARGH!  Can I report this as a virus?
              \_ Click on the pencil, click Uninstall, Click Yes.
                 \_ you rule.
2000/5/10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:18228 Activity:nil
2000/5/10 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:18227 Activity:kinda low
2000/2/29-3/1 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:17652 Activity:high
2/28    Yahoo maps is fallible--or rather driving directions that it gives.
        Led me and my friend on a wild goose chase on Sat:  didn't even
        end up at the right place.  Don't trust it.  --PeterM
        \_ print maps you buy a t a bookstore are often very unreliable also.
           i have yet to see a map that really accurately gives locations of
           all the highway exits and such, and short of USGS quad  maps or
           NOAA charts, ive yet to see a map that doesn't screw up the
           topography.  good mapmaking is not cheap or easy.  even the NOAA
           charts go out of date constantly.  trusting a 2 year old NOAA
           chart can cost you your life.
                \_ I got lucky.  My chart was out of date and I ended up in
                   Harlem but Robocop saved my life!
        \_ What a concept! Don't trust something you get off the internet!
           Its a handy tool, it isn't perfect. It always pays to double
           check what you're doing, especially if you might end up
           in Montana when you were trying to go to Mountain View and
           you aren't smart enough to realize that it is taking way
           too long once you start going.
                \_ Don't trust anything you hear on the net including motd
                   advice about not trusting anything you hear on the net or
                   motd advice about not trusting motd advice about not
                   trusting things you hear on the net or ....
        \_ mapquest
        \_ it does present you with a big disclaimer you know
        \_ yahoo bites in many ways. use
        \_ learn to navigate. I tried tripquest once, and it tried to
           run me down a street that the cops closed that night for some
           street fair.
           \_  Actually, I told my friend to let me navigate from now on.
               I didn't know Yahoo maps was fallible:  I do a much better
               job with a roadmap than Yahoo. --PeterM
                \_ Yahoo does plot addresses along streets which roadmaps
                   can't quite tell you. -jeffwong
        \_ I've had bad luck with yahoo too (non-existant offramps) while
  has yet to fail me. -jones
                \_ Yahoo maps is really using MapQuest's database. You need
                to blame it on MapQuest. At any rate, MapQuest is a standard
                industry product, and MapsOnUs is a standard academia product.
                INDUSTRY SUX AND ACADEMIA R3WLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                \_ Please turn in your keyboard, mouse, monitor, drives, amp,
                   speakers, and all other industry created devices and
                   technologies and report to Food Vat #16-b for Foot Vat
                   cleaning duty immediately.  Activate next clone.
2000/1/16-17 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:17249 Activity:nil
1999/11/16-17 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:16899 Activity:high
11/16   google is pulling a yahoo. It has mysteriously decided to
        yank indexing of one of my programs,and there is no reply
        from the feedback form, even though I have heard from them
        on other issues.
        \_ It must be a conspiracy against you personally.  I'm sure that a
           place that's indexing 150+ million pages has time to be deeply
           concerned and personally involved in every single page and to
           reply instantly to every yahoo (heh) who writes in to bitch at
           them for providing free indexing of your crap.  Boo hoo.
           \_ hey jerkface;
              point 1: it used to be in their indexes
              point 2: they skew their indexes by hand sometimes
              point 3: Given that it used to be in their automated
                  indexes, yes, they must have tweaked it by hand.
                  I just want someone from there to say WHY.
                  So who knows someone at google?
              \_ Weak logic here.  Was the algorithm changed?  Perhaps
                 the automated check failed to connect to your site and
                 removed it?  Many more possibilities.  -emarkp
                 \_ My web logs show they visit the page still.
                    In fact,they hit it yesterday, even.
                    And my page is linked to by over 10 other sites.
                    \_ Boo hoo.  Whatever.
1999/10/9-13 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:16682 Activity:nil
10/9    Anybody know of a scientific or research search engine?  I want to
        read about say fault-tolerant OSs.  Yahoo points me to a bunch of
        commercial sites.  I just want academic research sites or journal
        publications on it.  Thanks.
        \_ go to melvyl, and type "ins" to get into the inspec database
           it has most techincal publications, and basically kicks ass.
           the syntax is very similar to the cat database in melvyl,
           the help is easy to use, and there are some amazing features
           like you can set it up to email you when a new article comes out in
           your specialty in any publication.  dont waste your time with the
           internet at large if you have access to the berkeley library system.

        \_ Try then click on Digital Library.  You have to
           subscribe, but if you're a student it's very very cheap and
           worth it. -mogul
        \_ possibly helpful: use "host:edu <keyword>" on altavista  -tom
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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