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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/10/24-11/21 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:54747 Activity:nil
9/19    "No, A Severed Finger Will Not Be Able to Access a Stolen iPhone 5S"
        I'm sure the Apple QA department has tested extensively that a severed
        finger will not be able to access a stolen iPhone 5S.
        \_ It doesn't matter whether or not a severed finger can be used.  It
           matters whether or not a robber thinks that a severed finger can be
           \_ You don't even need a severed finger.
              \_ My concern is more simple that this.  My wife can just wait
                 for me to fall asleep, and grab my hand to unlock my phone
                 and find pictures of me and all my mistresses! -- OP
2013/8/1-9/14 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54721 Activity:nil
8/1     Apple said if your phone was broken, "it was illegal for Apple to
        replace a phone with a better phone." (
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/7/31-9/16 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54719 Activity:nil
7/31    Hi, I am looking for a monitoring recommendation for use at home
        with my MacMini and as a second monitor for my Airbook. At this
        point I dont want to buy a fancy Apple monitor -- will probably
        wait for then to announce a new one -- but price doesnt really
        matter [office buy], but it doesnt seem like there is any need
        to spend more than $500? Historically I've just gotten a decent
        Samsung, if not top end Apple. Any recs or things to look for?
        \_ I used to be pretty happy with my Dell Ultrasharp. Then
           I got an Apple monitor at work, which blows it away.
        \_ To give you a sense of my perspective, I have a strong preference
           for IPS monitors, and have a pair of 30" Dell Ultrasharps on my
           desk at home (the U3011).  What I just bought for use at work are
           a pair of QNIX QX2710LED monitors from Korea via Ebay.  It's a 27"
           IPS monitor, and it cost $310.  You can get them for less, but the
           sellers engage in binning, so I think it's worth it to pay slightly
           more for one they tested and describe as "perfect pixel".  Mine has
           a matte screen, since I've got a lot of reflections to deal with.
           I think these Korean IPS monitors are the current bang-for-the-buck
           champs in big screens.
           \_ Also, there are a bunch of other brands of Korean IPS monitors
              available on ebay.  QNIX, Catleap, Yamakasi, Crossover, etc.
              They're all basically the same stuff.  Read some reviews, you
              should be fine.
2012/12/12-30 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54556 Activity:nil
12/12   "Australian police urge motorists to stay away from Apple Maps"
2012/11/16-12/18 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54536 Activity:nil
11/16   Apple iOS 6 Maps can't even get the location of their own store right. (
2012/2/9-14 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:54304 Activity:nil
2/9     "FBI releases file on Apple cofounder Steve Jobs that details
        acquaintances' negative perceptions"
        It lists Job's SSN.
        \_ YES! Now I just need to convince someone that Steve Jobs of
           Cupertino is not dead, and I can totes open a credit card
           using his name!
2011/11/20-2012/2/6 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:54237 Activity:nil
11/20   Are there tools that can justify a chunk of plain ASCII text by
        replacing words with words of similar meaning and inserting/removing
        commas into the text?  I received a 40-line plain text mail where
        all the lines are justified on left and right.  Every word and comma
        is followed by only one space, and every period is followed by two
        spaces.  The guy is my kid's karate instructor which I don't think is
        a computer guy.  The mail header reads "X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.936)"
        which I don't think does this either.  Thx.
        \_ This is sort of uberkerning, which is probably beyond the
           ability of machines. Are you sure he didn't just do it by hand?
           How long is the message?
           \_ I don't know if he did it by hand, but who would manually do
              such a thing?  (I've shot mail to him asking about it and am
              waiting for a reply.)  The text is 40 lines.  I saved the whole
              text in /tmp/justified_mail.txt.
              \_ Ummm, OCD perhaps? This is pretty odd, thanks for sharing.
              \_ Maybe he used groff?  Looks kind of like a manpage.
                 \_ Got words from the sender.  It turns out that he indeed
                    did it by hand.  Amazing.  Thanks for all the responses.
                    \_ can you ask him if he has OCD? Does he like Star Trek?
2011/5/9-7/13 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:54106 Activity:nil
5/4     Any thoughts about apple switching to ARM for all machines?
        \_ Could only have happened if the Mac App Store had been a wild, wild
           success, and they were willing to give up Steam. Games/dual-booting
           is strategically valuable to not driving people away from macs.
           A new ARM iOS based device, or opening the Apple TV to iOS apps
           (same thing, really) would be much more likely than sabotaging their
           laptop line of computers. An ARM-enabled OS X makes no sense.
           \_ funnyyou mention that.. Win8 supports arm, weird.
           \_ I dont' know anyone who games on a mac.  They have pc's for that.
              (in addition to their macbooks)
2010/2/22-3/12 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:53718 Activity:nil
        \_ Hello China+Apple!!! Soon anti-communist rhetoric and anything
           suggestive of it will be banned on the iPhone apps as well.
2009/8/3 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:53232 Activity:nil 70%like:53235
8/1     Where is the mac desktop going to go? It seems all the development
        in sw/hw now is for the iphone, imac.  What happened to the xserve?
2009/7/31-8/11 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Finance/Shopping] UID:53226 Activity:high
8/1     PCs are cheaper and offer more bang for bucks. So why do I still prefer
        Apple? To signal reproductive suitability. The same reasons why
        people buy stupid fancy cars and stupid name brand clothes.
        \_ You and the women you're trying to get are iDiots of the Cult of
           Steve.  iPhones/iMacs don't last as long as Roles nor do they
           Steve.  iPhones/iMacs don't last as long as Rolexes nor do they
           appreciate like Bentleys.  Yet they are symbols of wealth?
           Have you tried on a tailored armani? it feels GREAT.  Unlike my
           experience with Spotlight w/ ext raids or TimeCapsule.
        people buy stupid fancy cars and stupid name brand clothes.
        \_ I'm pretty sure the richest man in the world uses a PC not an Apple.
        \- That is what is called a "signalling good". There are "weak"
           singalling goods, and a Apple computer is at best a weak singalling
           good, but is mostly "useful". A rolex watch is a little bit more
           of a signalling good ... it's slightly higher quality in terms of
           accuracy, it to some extent self-advertises [the rolex crown], but
           is not super obvious about it [medium "bling" factor], but you
           certainly get an acceptable time telling watch for much cheaper.
           One reason people were excited about the "I am rich" app on the
           iPhone is it was a rare "pure" signalling good ... it literally
           had no other use than to say "i can burn a $1000". There is an
           interesting study about minorities and singalling goods:
           (BTW, there are obviously goods that signal things other than
           wealth ... and arguably an apple laptop sends a stronger signal
           about something other than income). --psb
           \_ Lots of Burning Man camps are literally signalling "I can
              burn $1000s" to peers and potential mates. -ausman
              \_ I've never been to BM, what does this mean? I thought
                 a bunch of bums just go there to have fun and watch
                 naked women dance while drinking alcohol.
                 \_ BM is a mirror to your soul. You tend to get out of it
                    whatever you bring to it, I have found.
                    whatever you bring to it, I have discovered.
                    \_ I agree.  Of course you could also say most of life
                       is like that!  No one owes you a good time.  --brain
                    \_ that's why it costs about 300 pound sterling to go.
                 \_ It means, that just like in the real world, women and
                    courtiers respond well to displays of wealth and power.
                    Note: displays aren't/don't have to be == to the reality.
                    \_ There is a whole field of game theory devoted to this.
                    \_ There is a whole branch of game theory devoted to this.
                       Needless to say, people are pretty good at distinguishing
                       between real and fake displays, for very important
                       \_ not when they're rolling on E and doing a few lines.
                       \_ not when they're rolling on E and snorting a few lines
                          I think the people you're referring to are grown up
                          40 somethings who spend hours analyzing things. Not
                          the 20 somethings roaming around burning man.
                          \_ Actually, young women are pretty good about this,
                             not too surprisingly. Hence the literally burning
                             thousands of dollars comment. Nothing signals
                             reproductive fitness than spending thousands of
                             dollars on some cool toy you spent hundreds of
                             hours (or even better, got other's free labor) and
                             then burning it up.
                             hours building (or even better, got other's free labor)
                             and then burning it up.
                             hours building (or even better, got other's free
                             labor) and then burning it up.
                             \_ that's why young women shag guys running
                                \_ is this what happened to hotshot dans?
2009/4/23-28 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:52898 Activity:low
4/23    Apple takes down controversial 'Baby Shaker' iPhone app
        What about the other iPhone app that lets you shake boobs?  Anybody
        remembers that?
        \_ Lame on apple's part.
           \_ Fuck you, fucktard.
              \_ You've convinced me.
                 \_ Had to come down to your level.
        \_ (new phone)
2009/4/13-15 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:52847 Activity:nil
4/12    Will iPhone OS 3.0 work with my current iPhone?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ Do you code more efficiently post or pre orgasm?
2009/3/16-23 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:52722 Activity:nil
3/16    Does anyone know what type of flash is used in the iPhone and how many
5A      writes the flash memory could handle before failing? I'm wondering why
        MobileSafari doesn't support paging to flash "disk". As is, it reloads
        pages all the time, which sucks.
2009/1/18-23 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:52409 Activity:nil
1/17    BOOBIES:
        \_ Now if I just attach my iPhone to my Fleshlight, that'd make it an
           awesome device!
2008/11/14-26 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:51981 Activity:nil
11/14   Angry sysadmin gets iPhone stolen out of his hands while riding Muni,
        thief, retrieves phone, gets back on train (from
        \_ huh i know that guy.  he's a KALX dj.
        \_ Muni actually
           \_ oops, tnx
2008/8/8-13 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50820 Activity:nil
8/8     Should I pwn/unlock my iPhone 3g?  Anyone do this yet and regret it?
        \_ pwn it.  But don't upgrade to 2.0.1 firmware yet.
Do you want to customize your iPhone and put different icons on it? --oj
           Do you want to customize your iPhone and put different icons on
           it? --oj
           \_  Too late on the upgrade...and yes I would like to customize it,
               but more than just different icons.  I was more interested in
               running Python scripts or NES emulators.  Thanks. -scottyg
2008/8/5-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Networking] UID:50780 Activity:nil
8/4 - app available on Iphone app store..
        if the library has a wifi you can use it to create instant chat
        rooms/groups and name the group by topic (ie: CS 152 midterm)..etc
        check it out..
        \_ It's not free.
        \_ So this essentially turns your phone into an open server?  I wonder
           what the security risks are?
           \'s just a service that runs on the iPhone..
            using a different protocol other than http or even tcp
           \_ iPhone does have a pretty good app sandbox.  (More to keep
              people from jailbreaking the phones, but still...)
           \_'s just a service that runs on the iPhone..  using a
              different protocol other than http or even tcp
              \_ Um, yes.  An open server with a proprietary protocol.  That
                 *never* goes wrong.
                \_ apple tested it out and okayed it..
                   \_ Bwahahaha!
2008/8/1-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50761 Activity:nil
8/1     Apple U (University) is awesome! I downloaded a bunch of lectures
        and I can view it on iTunes or iPhone. I'm currently learning how
        to read Hebrew. I love Jewish people, they're the coolest in
        the world. Try out Apple U!
2008/7/22-28 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50651 Activity:nil
7/22    Anyone have success with the new iPhone or iPhone software?  What are
        your first impressions?
        \_ Takes 5 seconds for your address book to startup. Really
           pisses me off. Safari crashes on a bunch of web sites.
           The map program hogs up power like hell. I turn off 3G
           and that helps quite a bit. Overall the new shit isn't much
           better than the old shit.
           better than the old shit.                    -phuqU

        \_ I got a new iphone.  it's better than sex.
           \_ No, seriously, I've heard a lot about buggy software, trouble in
              the activation process, etc. -op
           \_ I think you must be doing it wrong.
        \_ I haven't had any problem with the phone itself.  iTunes store craps
           out every once in awhile.  I think they are having problems with the
           volume of downloads and DRM material that they have to deal with.
           All in all I'm in love.  -scottyg

k/21    motd boob guy do i have a video for you
        \_ How does her shirt withstand the strain?
        \_ I upgraded my original iPhone to the 2.0 software last night. So
           far I have had no problems and the vpn and exchange email features
           work perfectly. I don't know about the activation process b/c my
           iPhone is unlocked.
2008/7/18-23 [Science/Battery, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50618 Activity:nil
7/18    iPhone battery life SUCKS. You'll probably have to spend another
        $100 in a year to get it replaced. Here's a cheap way to do it: (3G sucks,
                literally. Sucks up 25% more power)
        \_ no kidding.
2008/7/17-23 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50605 Activity:nil
7/16    Looking for iPhone 3G docking station that works with a case
        on the phone. Docking stations today assume your iPhone
        is always naked. Thanks.
2008/7/16-23 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50598 Activity:nil
7/16    Love fobs? Or should I say, FOBs? Here's your chance to meet
        FOBs via your iPhone. Just download the iFob application!
2008/7/15-23 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple, Recreation/Media] UID:50585 Activity:nil
7/15    David Lynch on watching movies on the iPhone
        \_ Truer words have never been spoken
        \_ Well you know, OLD PEOPLE are STUPID. Never trust anyone
           over 30. That sort of thing. Never been truer.
2008/7/15-23 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50582 Activity:nil
7/15    Real Mac iPhone docking station costs too much. Where is a good place
        to buy 3rd party docking stations that are GOOD? I'm a bit wary
        of eBay after 2 incidents.  Thanks for any advice.
        \_ You spend 2-300 bucks on a phone and $70 a month on service and
           the 50 dollar docking station is too much?
           \_ It's only $70 a month?  Where?
              \_ It's always $70/month. I'm paying for $129.00/month
                 for 2 iPhones. It's always been like that. I have the
                 3G BTW. And you'll pay like $20 extra for tax, FCC,
                 anti-terrorist, and vote for GWB fees. Those stuff.
            \_ Isn't the min plan 40 for voice and 30 for data?  I never
               even come close to 450/month non nights/weekends minutes so
               all I need is the minimum voice plan.  Then again I don't
               own an iPhone so I may be confusing the plans.
2008/7/12-16 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50546 Activity:nil
7/11    iPhone applications no longer launch. Launch, wait 5 seconds,
        go back to the main menu. What's going on? I tried rebooting,
        reset data from Settings, etc. Argh!!!
        \_ That happened to me after I restored by iPhone v1.0 backup to
           my new v2.0 iPhone.  I had to re-download the applications and
           then they worked fine. --peterl
2008/7/3-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:50462 Activity:nil
7/3     I'm not much of an apple guy.  Is there some legitimate reason an
        OSX box would be trying to access the SNMP interface on a random
        other box on the network? (Same class C)
2008/6/9-12 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50192 Activity:nil
6/9     new iPhone, 8GB with 3G network for $199
2008/5/23-26 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50041 Activity:nil 66%like:50037
5/23    The true cost of an iPhone: [engadget]
        \_ Wow, that's old enough it doesn't even have the right prices
           or storage capacities.  (Not to mention the shady -15/month
           they took off for all non iPhones.)  -not a iphone user but
           DAMN if that isn't a crappy chart.
2008/5/23 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:50037 Activity:nil 66%like:50041
5/23    The true cost of an iPhone:
2008/1/31-2/2 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:49040 Activity:nil
1/31    Just got a new iMac and am trying to transfer my iPhotos from my
        old machine to this new one. Is it me or does the new iPhoto
        suck? What are these "Events"? They suck. How are they any
        better (or different) than Albums? Input appreciated. Thanks.
2008/1/14-18 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/CellPhone] UID:48938 Activity:low
1/14    Anyone have an iPhone? Like it? Hate it? I'm thinking about getting
        one for the sake of getting the latest freeway traffic info online
        in order to optimize my commute.
        \_ Getting an iPhone for that?  I just use my cell phone that I got
           free with my plan to browse
        \_ Keep in mind Apple will announce products that will make the iPhone
           obsolete tomorrow. (I actually don't know about that, but Macworld
           is this week.)
        \_ I bought an iPhone about a month after they came out, because I
           didn't like my treo. I wasn't expecting much, but I'm very happy
           with it. It's very 1.0, obvious stuff (like sync'ing notes, or
           transmitting contacts) is not there. Go play with one in the
           store to decide if it's for you.                     -- Marco
2007/11/5-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:48544 Activity:nil
        iPhone is THE INVENTION OF THE YEAR.
        \_ Yeah, like they know the diff between EDGE and HSDPA.
2007/9/12-14 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Audio] UID:48042 Activity:moderate
9/12    My mother-in-law bought an iPhone. I have a CD she would like to
        load onto her iPhone. I ripped the CD into MP3s and imported them
        into iTunes. How can she listen to the CD on her iPhone w/o
        blowing away the music she already had on there (from home) which
        is what iTunes wants to do. I don't have access to her home
        computer, which is the one the phone is registered with. How can I
        do this? Why does Apple make these trivial things (copying a file
        from one device to another) so effing difficult? It's not a DRM
        issue. I own the CD!
        \_ I copy files from one Apple device to another all the time.
           What's so effing difficult? By the way, if you didn't do the
           obvious thiing of just giving your inlaw the files on a USB
           stick, CD, or even the iPhone itself, your effing answer is:
           \_ This article talks about iPod. iPhone is not an iPod and
              behaves differently. Do you have experience with iPhone?
              AFAIK, you can only sync music to an iPhone from a single
              computer. There is some 3rd party s/w which claims to do
              this as a kludge by creating a new Library, but 1) That's
              not the same thing and 2) That costs money. Your "obvious"
              answer requires access to her home computer, which we don't
              have right now. I am guessing you think you know more than
              you know:
              I am getting really sick of Apple.
        \_ huh what? I thought everything was supposed to be easy with Apple
2007/9/8-10 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:47955 Activity:nil
9/8     Bitter Sexless Guy here.  I was out last night with the internet
        illuminati, and he said he bought an iphone when it first came out
        for $600, and then amex price protection is giving him $200
        because of the recent price drop, and Apple is giving him $100
        in credit, so now he's pretty happy with his $300 iphone.
        \_ Have you looked into SSRI? I'm on my 300th day without sex
           and still feel alright!
        \_ The problem for me is the cost of the service and not the cost
           of the phone.
2007/8/6 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47545 Activity:kinda low 88%like:47550
8/6     Karl Rove + iPhone,27424,1650240,00.html
        \_ Perhaps the Bush administration would like to know what most people
           working at Apple (inluding their top executives) really think of the
           Bush administration. Even Steve Jobs told his employees to vote
           Democrat during a company-wide conference.
           \_ Just because Steve told them to doesn't mean they did.  Voting
              is still anonymous in this country.
2007/7/11-12 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/CellPhone] UID:47258 Activity:nil
7/11    iPhone: Will it blend?
        \_ It's impressive that the LCD is still lit after the first few
           encounters with the blades.
2007/7/10-16 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:47242 Activity:high
7/10    My girlfriend downloaded music from iTunes onto another computer,
        which we do not have access to anymore. Apple has record of the
        purchases through the "Purchase History" option, but their policy
        is that you can only download once. I never realized that. WTF?!
        Why would they have such a policy when they clearly know what she
        bought? Has anyone sued them over this? We have so many songs in
        our Library that we didn't realize we didn't have these few
        missing songs for months. It makes me want to buy all my music on
        CD from now on.
        \_ Free market and Universal Privatization will solve this problem.
        \_ It's your responsibility to backup your own music as Apple
           recommends. Apple isn't obligated to serve their bandwidth
           for you to lose your music. But they do offer a one-time
           \_ I think if Apple provides a service then they should be
              obligated. Either I have a right to the music or I do not.
              I should only have to buy the same music once. Ever. Especially
              if I have proof that I purchased it. Thanks for the link. In
              it, the claim is made that Apple is the only online music
              content provider that DOES NOT allow one to download as many
              times as one wishes.
              \_ Apple sells you something as is, warns you what you're
                 getting into, tells you to take precaution, and you
                 willfully purchase their goods. You then demand more
                 than what was originally agreed to and ask Apple to
                 wipe your ass. So Apple wipes your ass and you're still
                 complaining. Man, beggars can be choosers.
              \_ While I agree with you, it's worth noting that if you lose a
                 CD, no one is going to send you a new one for free.
                 \_ I would argue that if the RIAA wants to sell content
                    then they should provide a CD for free - or for the
                    cost of materials - if you lose it.
        \_ buy the un-drm'd versions, get it on CD, or pir8 it.
           \_ Yeah, I like that Apple is now charging more for the music
              without DRM, even though it's less work for them to do.
              \_ But it has more value to the consumer.  DRM-hampered files
                 *should* cost less than DRM-free.
                 \_ However, they cost more to produce. Apple is saying:
                    "Here is a product with no value-added. We will charge
                    you more for it than for the value-added version."
                    It's like when detergent companies remove the dyes and
                    perfumes from their products and then charge the same
                    (or more) for it.
                    \_ To be fair, the un-DRMed versions are also higher
                       bit rate.  So there is /some/ extra cost.
                    \_ It does have higher value.  To you.  They are charging
                       you more to let you do anything with it.  The crippled
                       version costs less.  But you understood all that.
                       \_ The crippled version costs what it always costs
                          and around what other vendors charged. Then
                          Apple removes their value-added and charges
                          more. You might have a point if they came out
                          with a crippled version and charged less for it,
                          but that's not how it worked. Hey, it's a free
                          market, but I am just pointing out how, as
                          someone said earlier regarding the black laptops,
                          Apple charges more for something old and brands it as
                          new. Un-DRMed was the de facto standard, but now
                          it's 'iTunes Plus' and costs more.
                          \_ "More" and "less" are relative terms.  The pricing
                             model is no secret.  If you don't like it, don't
                             buy Apple's products.  That was my solution.
                       \_ You don't seem to understand prices.  They have
                          nothing to do with cost, they have to do with what
                          people will pay based on perceived worth.  Cost
                          merely dictates profit or loss.
                          \_ I understand Apple's retarded marketing very well.
                             The only reason they can pull this off is
                             because most Apple users drink too much of the
                             Jobs Kool Aid. While the same public that
                             waits in line for 3 days to buy a phone might fall
                             for practices like this, I am turned off by it.
                             BTW, I complained to Apple about this and they
                             let me download my purchases again, except
                             for a whole bunch they claim they do not sell
                             anymore?!?! So kudos to Apple on doing the
                             right thing.
                             \_ Translation: "I didn't read the fine prints
                                and now my gf and I are fucked. I hate
                                Apple because they fucked up dumb people
                                who didn't read the fine prints. Fuck
                                \_ It has nothing to do with reading fine
                                   print. I am complaining about Apple's
                                   retarded policy. Whether it's in fine
                                   print or not is irrelevant.
                                   \_ Don't buy Apple products in the future
                                      and let them know why.  If enough other
                                      people do the same the policy will
                                      change.  If you're the only one then at
                                      least you're not getting screwed anymore.
                          \_ Agreed.  That's why prices for brown rice are
                             higher than for white rice.  It used to be the
                             other way round in China a generation or two ago.
        \_ that is why i HATE Apple products
           \_ It's a free market, you're not forced to use Apple products.
              \_ I think the DoJ should investigate Apple for cornering
                 the market on MP3 players and phones.
                 \_ They are nothing like a monopoly in the mp3 market and
                    certainly have not cornered anything.  The DOJ has better
                    things to do than strong arm apple into giving you music
                    cheaper from your preferred vendor.
                        \_ Yeah they're busy denying the fuck out of
                           knowing who is running what inside the dept.
                           what the hell does the DOJ do anyway.
                    \_ I could say the same about M$ and yet it happened.
                       \_ You could say the same thing about MS but it would
                          not be true.  The music industry has many options for
                          selling music.  The hardware industry was strong
                          armed into selling windows-only and paying fees on
                          hardware that didn't even have windows on it.  A very
                          big difference.  No one is going out of business if
                          they choose not to sell music via Apple.
                          \_ I was talking about Windows and IE. There
                             were plenty of other browsers out there.
                             \_ Totally different case.  Win+IE has nothing to
                                do with MP3 players+itunes.  Music is not
                                locked to a particular company, device or
                                service and Apple is too small a player to
                                force anything on anyone.  People do it
                                voluntarily because they drank the Steve Jobs
                                Koolaid which isn't an anti-trust violation.
           \_ The Steve Shall Punish you, Sinner!
2007/7/6-8 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:47184 Activity:nil
7/5     URL name says all:
        \_ Uh, no. The young guy has all the time in the world and waited
           12 hours to earn $800 (not bad), but maybe the stupid iphone
           lady could earn much more than that in 12 hours. Granted she
           couldn't buy more than 1 iPhone since she didn't read the rules,
           but it sounds like she's wealthy enough to spend a lot of money to
           not have to wait 12 excrutiating hours. It's no different than
           seeing wealthy yuppies in Beverely Hills willing to pay $40 parking
           tickets to buy $5 Pinkberry yogurt. Sounds like a win-win
           situation to me
2007/7/1-5 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:47143 Activity:high
                            \_ Here is the full article:
        \_ Maybe he will actually allow his OS to run in a VM some day.
           I don't get all of the iPhone hype. It's a phone. It's a nice
           phone, but it's a phone. It doesn't do anything existing
           devices didn't do, do them cheaper, or possibly even better (I
           haven't used one yet, so I can't say). Why is there so much
           hype over a flipping phone? My coworker took off work yesterday
           to go get one and when he did he had to spam us all with photos
           of him in line, him opening the box, and so on. Give me a
           break. I'm sure I'll have some similar device in a year or two
           and it will be more featureful and cost half as much. Why is
           this such a "must have" device that people will wait in line
           to pay $600 for one? And I'm not talking Mac geeks here. I'm
           talking 20 year old receptionists in Des Moines.
           \_ let me guess, you also think most people are stupid right?
              \_ Just people who wait in line for a new phone.  -John
           \_ I'm a well educated urbanite and I simply don't understand
              why people want to live in Los Angeles! It is a total dump
              because *I* hate LA and I don't see WHY anyone else wants
              to live there!</sarcasm>
           \_ What about iPod and Gucci and Louis Vouitton stuff? They are
              completely useless shit yet people want them. Why? And what
              and Porsche Cayenne and Chevy Suburban? Clearly they have
              no values for 98% of the daily commutes in the US but people
              want them. Why?
              \_ People do not typically line up at 4am a day in advance
                 to buy a Gucci bag or a Suburban. My question is not:
                 "Why do people want a phone?" as much as "Why is this
                 particular phone so hyped?"
                 \- they might line up at 4am to get a Birkin Bag. It also
                    costs 10x - 100x what an iPhone costs. Yes, I am not
                    kidding ... a bag pricier than a Suburban.
                    \_ Purchacing one of these should be grounds for
                       \- if you make me king for 6mos,
                          i will deal with them.
                          \_ Shithead.
                          \_ Welcome, King of Hearts.
                             \_ I think you mean Queen of Hearts: OFF WITH
                                THEIR HEADS!  Partha, you know that you don't
                                hit people, right?  You know, grade school
                                stuff. -- ilyas
                                \_ No, ilyas, I meant The King of Hearts,
                                   with Alan Bates. If he's King of this lot,
                                   trust me, the analogy is apt. --erikred
                                   \_ My apologies, that's even funnier.
                 \_ I can't speak for the great unwashed since I didn't line
                    up to buy one, but I'm excited at the idea of an LCARS-
                    esque interface. I know the iPhone is not that, but it's a
                    step closer, and that's worth getting excited about. That
                    said, I don't have $500 for a toy right now.
           \_ Well, iPods are the most popular mp3 players, so getting that
              with a phone and google maps and whatever must be appealing.
              It's a lot of money yeah. I don't know, a lot of people like
              to spend money on gadgets and cars. If I travelled around a lot
              I think this phone could be quite useful. My non-sexy phone
              already plays mp3s fine though and cost nothing.
              \_ I forgot to mention that you have to use Cingular's crappy
                 service. As a current Cingular customer that would seal
                 the deal for me *not* getting an iPhone right there.
              \_ "Yes, but MINE is an apple!"
                 \_ I was reading this, thinking "wow, what an amazingly
                    stupid person" then I realized it was OSC. Good for a laugh,
                    but boy is that guy clueless...
                    \_ I thought he was spot on.
                       Everybody else makes black notebook computers.
                       Apple decides to be different and makes white/silver ones
                       Apple later makes black ones just like everybody else
                       and now prices them $150 more than their white/silver
                       Apple fanbois are idiots.
                       \_ Do you really think that OS X has the same amount
                          of security and reliability flaws as Windows XP?
                          \_ Do you really think the addition of Randy Moss
                             significantly increases the odds of the Pats
                             winning the Super Bowl? What the hell does your
                             question have to do with the statement above?
                             Stupid Apple fanbois...
                             \_ Awesome: you'd rather have a cheaper, easier-
                                to-zombify machine. The irony is choking me.
                                \_ Your Alanis Morissette sense of irony is
                                   choking me.
                                \_ I don't know about "easier-to-zombify", but
                                   I, for one, would indeed rather have a
                                   cheaper machine, all else being equal.
                                   \_ I use both at work and home, so I have
                                      no emotional investment here, but the
                                      point seems to be that "all else" is not
                                      \_ Ya think? Why do you think I said
                                         "all else being equal"? Maybe because
                                         I understand they aren't? The point is
                                         that cost is not a virtue. (But if you
                                         want to get into it, I find them equal
                                         enough that what matters is the apps
                                         available, and Windows wins there.)
                             \_ Did you even read OSC's rant? If you did, your
                                English comprehension skills are very poor. Or
                                maybe I should just follow your lead and say:
                                OSC fanbois are idiots.
                                \_ Yes I did read the rant. Did you? One of his
                                   main points is that Apple fanbois seem to
                                   always think that Apple invents stuff that
                                   they just copy. I cited an actual example.
                                   Everybody makes black notebooks. Apple at
                                   first made white ones. Then when they decide
                                   to "think different" and make black notebooks
                                   like everyone else, the Apple fanbois are like
                                   like everyone else, the Apple fanbois are all
                                   OMG! Black! Must have! and Apple charges a
                                   premium for a product that now looks like
                                   everyone else. Now, idiot, please spell out
                                   everything else. Now, idiot, please spell out
                                   why this is untrue without an ad hominem
                                   attack or bashing Microsoft/Sony/Motorola.
                                   Fucking dumbass.
                                   attack on the author (I don't even know who
                                   OSC is other than that he wrote Ultimate
                                   Iron Man which sucked) or bagging on
                                   Microsoft/Sony/Motorola which was never
                                   brought up by me or OSC. Fucking dumbass.
                                   \_ Pretty amusing that the guy who says
                                      "Apple fanbois are idiots" and "fucking
                                       dumbass" now complains about ad hominem
                                       \_ It's called a demonstration of real
                                          irony, moron.
                                          irony, you fucking turd burglar.
                                          \_ Is the part where you claim there
                                             is no reference to Windows in the
                                             article supposed to be "irony" as
                                             well? I am so confused, what part
                                             of your argument is a genuine
                                             attempt to make a point and what
                                             part is just an attempt to
                                             ironically make yourself look
                                             clueless? Maybe you could use
                                             markup tags next time.
                                       attacks. Go back now and v-e-r-y
                                       s-l-o-w-l-y read the part where OSC
                                       says that Mac's are no better than
                                       Windows because they have security
                                       bugs, too! Perhaps you did not realize
                                       this, but the line "just like Windows"
                                       is a reference to a Microsoft operating
                                       system (which you claim OSC never
                                       brought up). He also explicitly mentions
                                       Microsoft in the line "despite the best
                                       efforts of Microsoft." Read more
                                       carefully next time.
                                       \_ Yeah, I find it totally amusing that
                                          you're a total buffoon.
                                   \_ I know you don't care, but your facts
                                      are mostly wrong. Although the Mac
                                      Portable could arguably be called white,
                                      all powerbooks until the g3 era where
                                      grey. In the g3 era, the powerbooks
                                      were black and the iBooks were white
                                      + color (like the iMacs) (the first
                                      all white iBook came in May 2001). The
                                      black powerbooks were much loved amongst
                                      the fan base. Many fans did not like the
                                      switch to Ti and Al. It is for these
                                      historic customers that Apple seems
                                      to have reintroduced the black MacBook.
                                      The assertion that Apple decided to
                                      "think different" by copying others
                                      is, therefore, mostly inaccurate.
                                      I can understand that you may not
                                      understand why someone would pay more
                                      for a black MacBook than a white one.
                                      That may be a valid argument, but
                                      then again people seem to be willing
                                      to pay more to buy cars and clothes in
                                      specific colors and the use of such
                                      colors, though common by some is still
                                      regarded as "innovated" when adopted by
                                      a major market participant - perhaps
                                      as a reflection of the economic risk
                                      specific colors.
                 \_ "I took History of English in grad school and followed the
                     familiar pattern -- attempt to explain how English got to
                     be the way it is today."
                    As a former English major, I find OSC harder and harder to
                    take seriously. Can he not afford an editor?
                \_ I think Cingular went away didnt it
2007/6/30-7/1 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Audio] UID:47138 Activity:high
        \_ Maybe he will actually allow his OS to run in a VM some day.
           I don't get all of the iPhone hype. It's a phone. It's a nice
           phone, but it's a phone. It doesn't do anything existing
           devices didn't do, do them cheaper, or possibly even better (I
           haven't used one yet, so I can't say). Why is there so much
           hype over a flipping phone? My coworker took off work yesterday
           to go get one and when he did he had to spam us all with photos
           of him in line, him opening the box, and so on. Give me a
           break. I'm sure I'll have some similar device in a year or two
           and it will be more featureful and cost half as much. Why is
           this such a "must have" device that people will wait in line
           to pay $600 for one? And I'm not talking Mac geeks here. I'm
           talking 20 year old receptionists in Des Moines.
           \_ let me guess, you also think most people are stupid right?
              \- THEY ARE.
           \_ I'm a well educated urbanite and I simply don't understand
              why people want to live in Los Angeles! It is a total dump
              because *I* hate LA and I don't see WHY anyone else wants
              to live there!</sarcasm>
           \_ What about iPod and Gucci and Louis Vouitton stuff? They are
              completely useless shit yet people want them. Why? And what
              and Porsche Cayenne and Chevy Suburban? Clearly they have
              no values for 98% of the daily commutes in the US but people
              want them. Why?
              \_ People do not typically line up at 4am a day in advance
                 to buy a Gucci bag or a Suburban. My question is not:
                 "Why do people want a phone?" as much as "Why is this
                 particular phone so hyped?"
                 \- they might line up at 4am to get a Birkin Bag. It also
                    costs 10x - 100x what an iPhone costs. Yes, I am not
                    kidding ... a bag pricier than a Suburban.
                    \_ Purchacing one of these should be grounds for
           \_ Well, iPods are the most popular mp3 players, so getting that
              with a phone and google maps and whatever must be appealing.
              It's a lot of money yeah. I don't know, a lot of people like
              to spend money on gadgets and cars. If I travelled around a lot
              I think this phone could be quite useful. My non-sexy phone
              already plays mp3s fine though and cost nothing.
              \_ I forgot to mention that you have to use Cingular's crappy
                 service. As a current Cingular customer that would seal
                 the deal for me *not* getting an iPhone right there.
              \_ "Yes, but MINE is an apple!"
                 \_ I was reading this, thinking "wow, what an amazingly
                    stupid person" then I realized it was OSC. Good for a laugh,
                    but boy is that guy clueless...
                \_ I think Cingular went away didnt it
2007/6/29-30 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:47116 Activity:nil
6/29    libs hate the iphone
2007/5/14 [Health/Men, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:46618 Activity:kinda low
5/14    NSFW. "... who cares what a vagina feels like when you can have your
        hand whenever you want it? However, I do admit that like in the
          \_ The problem with that is I never "want" my hand.
        movie "American Pie," I have used an apple pie to please myself,
        and it felt great! I have also tried using a microwaved banana
        peel, but I liked the apple pie best. "
        \_ I once tried a ripe papaya with the seeds removed.
        \_ Ick.
2007/2/1-6 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:45639 Activity:nil
2/1     Boredcast Message from 'smurf': Thu Feb  1 14:36:36 2007
        Cool exxon mobil made 4.5 million in profit per hour last quarter. Must
        be nice.
        \_ Their profit was 11%. Apple's was 14%. Are you going to call Apple
           on it or not?
        \_ It is cool, my XOM stock is up 21%!
           \- i dont think you can really compare energy, healtcare,
              phone, cable, utility etc providers with a computer and
              consumer electronics company. [although apple might be
              playing some games with price advertising. i forgot what the
              practice is called but i think they offer companies money to
              NOT advertise prices lower than a certain amount. but
              potentially artificailly raising the price of a ipod by a bit
              is different from artificially manipulating oil supply].
              \_ The difference being, "ipods (and apple corp) are cool and
                 big oil is not, so apple is good, oil is bad.
                 \- no, that is not the difference. the difference is
                    apple doesnt have externalities or influence govt
                    policy on a comparable scale. the one somewhat suspect
                    thing is the price adverstising thing. also, there are
                    scale factors. e.g. you cant compare say growth rates
                    of china and the us ... a company can always sell off
                    parts of itself to raise it's profit percentage. [e.g.
                    ibm selling off storage, or ge doing this all the time]
                    re: ipod, YMWTGF: (minimum advertised price, MAP).
                    \_ What does any of this have to do with apple being cool
                       and thus getting a pass, and oil being evil and thus
2007/1/9-16 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:45543 Activity:nil
1/9     Will kill for iPhone. Pass it on.
        \_ Very cool, but I hope they'll continue developing the higher
           capacity iPod models.
        \_ You can view them and watch demonstrations on stage at
           MacWorld Expo at Moscone Center, but they won't let you play
           with one there.
2006/10/28-30 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:45022 Activity:nil
10/28   Why is it that activist have a hard time acting like decent civilized
        people? (
        \_ Because they're on a mission from God.  (Or Gaia in this case.)
2006/9/27-28 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:44570 Activity:nil
        What's the difference between a nerdy leftist engineer (Wozniak) and an
        outgoing and outspoken leftist salesman (Jobs)? One is still living in
        the past and the other one has moved on and enjoying his
        celebrity status and wealth.
        \_ "he sold stock cheaply to other Apple engineers before the company's
           successful initial public offering in 1980 so that they could share
           in the wealth."  Leftist philanthropy.
2006/8/24-28 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:44133 Activity:nil
8/24    Apple recalls iBook and PowerBook batteries:
        \_ So do we now jump on the "smash apple" bandwagon like we did dell?
        \_ URL for ordering an exchange battery:
2006/8/22-24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:44092 Activity:nil
8/21    Found an app called 'witch', nice MacOS cmd-tab "supplement."  Lets
        you also choose between minimized windows of an app.  -John
        \_ Try looking at mdfind (spotlight search). There are also
           plenty of nifty built-in command-line utils at
2006/6/14-16 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:43382 Activity:nil
6/14    I am thinking of getting a 17" Macbook Pro to replace my 17"
        Powerbook G4. I haven't been following CPUs lately. Is there any
        reason to wait (i.e. something better is just around the corner)?
        \_ merom is supposed to be released around september.  it will be
           64 bit and use less power than the current chip.  if you can wait
           that long, you might as well.
           \_ Do you think that is when Intel will be shipping the chips or
              the chips will be shipping in products?
              \_ that's when intel will release merom.
              \_ that's when intel will ship merom.
              \_ in an OEM world, yes.  by the time a chip is shipped in
                 retail, many products will be shipping with chip in it.
                 Rather Mac has such deal with Intel or not is another story.
                 Rather you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars of premium
                 for a new chip is another story.  And no, I don't see what is
                 the big deal of having 64bit CPU when OS and applications and
                 device drivers are all 32 bits.        knharv
           \_ merom?  Looks pretty similar to 'yermom'
           \_ Don't you think Apple might take a little longer to put the new
              revision of MBPs out?  The new chip isn't massively better than
              the old so I'd expect them to put it in a regular product refresh
              \_ Sounds like it might be a while. Will it be true 64 bit?
                 If so, does that mean there will be a 64 bit version of
                 MacOS X for Intel?
                    If it's true it looks like it should be a pretty simple
                    drop in replacement.
2006/6/9-13 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:43334 Activity:nil
6/9     Is there an easy way to get iPhoto to export all pictures in an
        album into directories with the iPhoto folder names?  -John
        \_ this is the reason why I refused to use Apple's product :D
           \_ Good point.  Just found Canon imageviewer for the Mac, maybe
              that'll do.  I just hate that iphoto  has some cool features,
              but automatically saves images in date-sorted folders (which
              are different from the in-application folders.)  -John
2006/3/27-29 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:42451 Activity:nil
3/27    Any recommendation for a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card for an older
        Powerbook with USB 1.1 builtin?  Or should all cards be
        about the same?
2006/3/18-20 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:42308 Activity:nil
3/18    Were any sodans involved in the apple hacking (getting XP to run on
        a Mac) project?
        \_ why you want to do that?  don't you want to do other way around?
           running OSx86 on a cheap laptop such as a Dell instead?
2006/3/6-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:42105 Activity:kinda low
3/6     arstechnica review of the mac mini:
        Conclusion: "The minis are across the board superior to their G4
        predecessors. ... [B]etter specs all around make the mini's tiny
        footprint even more enticing than it was 14 months ago."
        \_ Are you going to believe arstechnica or tom@sodashardware?
           \_ gee, a site that rates everything six or higher gave it an
              eight.  I'll go out and buy one right now!  -tom
        \_ I'm not sure I understand why anyone is hot n bothered by this
           whole thing.  The box either does what it is supposed to at a price
           buyers find competitive with attractive looks or it just won't sell.
           What is the issue?
           \_ forget your kool-aid this morning?  -tom
              \_ what?  how does "I don't get it" have anything to do with
                 being a kool-aid drinker?  --baffled
                 \_ Kool-aid drinkers are hot and bothered that someone
                    is suggesting that $600 for a slow-ass machine without
                    a monitor, keyboard, or mouse, isn't a good deal.  -tom
                    \_ uhm ok, well I never got hot n bothered and dont even
                       own a mac so sure, I guess I didn't drink mine this
           \_ I completely agree. The new mini will have to sink or swim
              in the mkt place. I posted the review, so that those interested
              could read it and make up their own minds. [ I will admit that
              that I chose to highlight the conclusion b/c I like the mini
              (both PPC and x86) and think they are nice little machines. ]
2006/2/28-3/1 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:42031 Activity:nil
2/28    Anyone tried running the hacked MacOS on generic wintel hardware?
        \_ I did and the Steve showed up 10sec later and yelled,
           "THIS IS MY BOOM STICK! Don't steal OSX!"
           \_ was that really a shotgun he was holding?
2006/1/21-24 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:41474 Activity:nil
1/21    I'm setting up my mac on a subnet @ school.  It doesn't recognize the
        other computers on the subnet without typing in the full address.
        How do I enable that?
        \_ that's a function of dns or whatever naming service you're using.
           it has nothing to do with machines being on the same subnet.
           for dns, if macos uses /etc/resolv.conf, edit that, or do the equiv.
           \_ equiv is to use System Preferences->Network, click on ethernet
              and type in the nameserver in the DNS Servers text box.
2006/1/10-12 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:41318 Activity:moderate
        So what happened to all those "G4 chips kick intel butt" folks?
        \_ 2 generations of cpus
           \_ They are also introducing a Intel iMac.  Does that mean the
              G5 will be phase out?  What I really want is a Intel MacMini.
              \                                                - !op
               \_ Yes! The G5 heats up your room nice and warm!
              \_ what is big deal about Mini?  I thought it was designed to
                 used up all the surplus G4 processors.
                 \_ It's an iMac, except no built-in monitor. What's not
                    to like?
                    \_ Except the iMacs can have beefier cpus that generate
                       more heat and non-laptop HD.  Last version of iMac had
                       G5 cpus.
        \_ yay. so happy i didn't buy a $1200 powerbook a few months ago.
2005/9/28-29 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:39903 Activity:high
9/28    Just bought a 12" Powerbook, and it's very poorly manufactured (case
        parts not aligned, wobbles, etc.) and the vendor claims that Apple are
        hardasses about replacing screwed up hardware if it's otherwise
        working, and that they have no support.  I really like the laptop,
        but it's a bit disappointing that it's got such a badly assembled and
        warped case--can someone from Apple confirm that it's this
        difficult?  -John
        \_ That's really too bad. Most of the PowerBooks I've played with
           were pretty well built. But like any manufacturing process,
           there's always a percentage of fallout where the product isn't
           manufactured to the tolerances set for whatever reason. It's
           like the theory for car manufacturing. You never want to buy
           a car that was built on a Friday or at the end of the work
           day because that's when workers are thinking about other things.
           \_ the only support problems I've had with apple products where
              when I tried to deal with third party types (like
     instead of apple itself.  -meyers
           \_ Can I control that?  How do I find out if a car is build on a
              \_ Mondays are bad too. Workers are just getting over their
                 break. I'd say Wednesday is optimal.
              \_ Dealers have this information.  Just ask for it.  They
                 know the exact date on when the car was built.
           \_ Friday car quality myth today
        \_ Not from Apple, but this doesn't match my personal consumer
           experience with Apple. Call Apple support for confirmation.
        \_ did you buy a decked out version or a middle-of-the-road version?
           in my limited experience, companies like to save their nicely built
           batch for the expensive ones with three years warranty, and their
           batch for the expensive bundles with 3-years warranty, and their
           crappy batches (a bad pixel there, things don't fit quite right)
           for the budget brands with 1-year warranty.  Same model notebook.
           for the budget bundle with 1-year warranty.  Same model notebook.
           i've seen this for fujitsu S series (made in Osaka) and
           thinkpad T42.
           thinkpad T42 (China).
        \_ Did you get AppleCare?
           \- your apple is a lemon.
           \_ Yeah--3 year support, but I'm being told that they pawn off all
              support stuff to some outsourcer who "doesn't replace units."
              It's registered with Apple--I'm just wondering whether this is
              normal, or whether, if these guys are difficult about it, I can
              just somehow go to Apple directly and get it done.  I've just
              gone through support hell with IBM (never again, fuckers) and
              don't have the time or energy to constantly fight with laptop
              mfgrs. or their peons.  -John
              \_ iLemonade
              \_ Why not just give it a shot and report back to motd. I think
                 most of the Apple people on CSUA are engineers and dn't
                 know what's going on at ops and tech support (replacement
                 policy, etc.).
                 \- my powerbook has been back to apple like 5 times and
                    i think they have done a reasonable job of repairing.
                    the only think about by tibook i think is ass is the
                    powercharger and power charger connection ... the other
                    breakage was due to unusual stresses. oh i guess the latch
                    isnt that solid either.
                    \_ I think it's a warped body in this case.  -John
                       \_ I dropped my wife's iPod Mini. We had AppleCare.
                          They replaced it, no questions asked.
             \_ what kind of IBM support hell?  I just had the mainboard of
                my T41 replaced under warranty in a different country than
                where I bought it using drop off service at the counter in
                their office downtown.  kept the drive for myself, and they
                made no noises about the obvious corrosion of screws and
                other signs of harsh operation!
                \_ Treated like shit by their incompetent call center, not
                   allowed to park at service center where I went on my own
                   accord after being ignored by call center, told that it
                   would cost me ca. $1k to replace a MoBo on an X31 ca. 5
                   months out of warranty (which fried when I closed the lid),
                   lied to about the initial date of warranty, told that to
                   get a _cost estimate_ for the repair would cost me ca. $160,
                   had some smarmy customer service woman call me in response
                   to my utterly amazed complaint and have the chutzpah to
                   me to a 5% rebate deal they were having on their current
                   suggest a 5% rebate deal they were having on their current
                   models ("it has an airbag!")  Told by the guy who runs IT at
                   my gf's company (which has a massive global contract with
                   IBM) that they've been treated worse.  -John
2005/9/7-9 [Computer/HW/Display, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:39539 Activity:nil
9/7     I'm looking for a usb 2.0 pci card that allows a G5 to "deep sleep".
        Does anyone have any recommendations?
2005/8/7-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:39030 Activity:low
8/7     My grandmother has an original iMac that she is donating. She
        wants to erase the hard drive before it leaves her
        house. What's the best/easiest software for doing this?
        (she just upgraded to a iMac G5).
        \_ Get a firewire cable and plug the old iMac into the new one.
           Place the old iMac in firewire target-mode by holding the
           Place the old iMac into firewire target-mode by holding the
           letter "T" during boot. Then you can reformat the drive
           by using Disk Util on the new iMac. On Tiger, there's an
           option of wiping the disk with zeros several times over
           but this will take a while.
           \_ Original iMac doesn't have Firewire and can't run tiger.
              I'm thinking maybe she can boot the debian installer CD
              and run dd. Any ideas?
              \_ You only need tiger on the host computer, not the
                 target. You could always just yank out the disk
                 and put it in another computer where you can run
                 a disk zeroing (or randomization) util on it.
           \_ Wouldn't random bits be better than zeros?
        \_ Can't she use the MacOS install boot disk and run disk utility?
           \_ Does OS 8 Disk Utility have a way to zero the drive?
           \_ I found knoppix for powerpc. It is a couple years old
              but should be okay:
        \_ if you can boot a linux, *bsd, etc. off live CD, the "shred"
           command is pretty convenient.  it make sup to 25 passes, so
           most likely you'd only let it go once or twice unless you
           have extreme security concerns.  works on block devices or
           on regular files.
2005/7/21 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:38751 Activity:nil
7/21    Any recommendations for a car charger for a G4 Powerbook?
2005/7/21-23 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Politics] UID:38745 Activity:low
7/21    Any recommendations for G4 Powerbook car charger? How about solar?
        You right wing crazies: do you want to overturn Mapp v. Ohio too
        and go back to Weeks v. US or Wolf v CO.
        \_ A friend of mine has the Kensignton universal adapter and he
           likes it:
           Re Mapp - think that it was rightly decided b/c I fundamentally
           mistrust the gov and think that the power of the gov over the
           people should be very limited.
           \_ I agree to a ceertain extent, but I would add that the purpose
              of government is to protect the rights of the people against
              the physical and economic tyranny of the few.
              \_ What does economic tyranny mean? -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm guessing he means Big Bad Bill Gates forcing him
                    to run Windows in order to play DX10 games.
2005/6/29-30 [Consumer/Camera, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:38360 Activity:nil
6/29    I just upgraded to Tiger, and to I simply copied all my photos
        and albums into iPhoto from saved versions (from the previous OS).
        iPhoto has all the albums listed with their photos, but the
        "Photo Library" at the very top doesn't contain anything. How can
        I get all the photos from the subalbums to appear in Photo Library
        too? Thanks.
2005/6/25-28 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Shipping] UID:38302 Activity:moderate
6/24    Has anyone else had experience with FedEx's relatively new "Ground"
        service?  I ordered a brand new dual G5 from Apple which just vanished
        into thin air after leaving a Sacramento facility the evening before
        it was supposed to arrive.  So far FedEx Ground seems to have no idea
        what happened to it, and all they do when I call customer service is
        tell me they are putting a "tracer" on it and that they will "call
        back" (which never actually happens).  Anyone have a clue what my
        recourse is here?  Basically I'm out $2400 and my computer has vanished
        into thin air.  I've heard that FedEx Ground's claim process takes
        4-6 *weeks*.  --lye
        \_ Bug fedex every single day. Document each time/day and response
           you get. Printout and also save all
           screenshots/webpages of apple and fedex pages.
           Contact/inform both fedex and apple. If no results in
           reasonable time, also consider cancelling charges on
           your credit card after consulting/informing apple.
           Fuck that 4-6 weeks, give them 4-6 days.
        \_ Call your credit card company (I assume you used a credit card) NOW
           and reject the charge.  The consumer is always right.
        \_ In this situation, you're not FedEx's customer -- you're Apple's
           customer.  Apple is FedEx's customer; let Apple deal with FedEx.
           You shouldn't be the one filing a claim with FedEx because you
           didn't ship that package.  Call Apple, tell them you didn't
           receive your computer, point out that the company they contracted
           with to deliver it to you seems to have misplaced it, and suggest
           that Apple try it again (perhaps with a different shipper).
           If Apple wants to delay shipping a replacement system while they
           wait for FedEx's investigation, then insist that they refund your
           money until either the original system is found or a new one is
           shipped to replace the lost shipment.
        \_ I shipped something for my mom via fedex ground last week and
           it arrived w/o any problems. Given you situation, I agree w/
           the other suggestions. BTW, any reason you picked ground shipping
           for a g5 vs the other shipping options (apple has given me free
           non-ground shipping on all my orders, including for my g5)?
           \_ Apple did not say it was shipping ground.  The "free shipping"
              option simply said "FedEx," as far as I can recall.  The other
              choice was "expedited," but since I was adding memory and a hard
              drive along with other things (thus delaying the ship time), that
              seemed unnecessary.  Since today is Monday, I'm trying to get the
              ball rolling on the above suggestions.  I will let you all know
              how it goes. --lye
              \_ It gets worse.  Apparently since this computer was purchased
                 through the employee purchase program (long story), the Apple
                 store customer service people won't even talk to me.
                 Meanwhile, FedEx has absolutely no clue where the package went,
                 although they have a "trace agent" in Pittsburgh "looking into"
                 it.  According to him, if the package was put on the wrong
                 truck it could literally be on its way to anywhere.  Fuck
                 FedEx Ground - they have permanently lost my business.
                 Meanwhile, any idea what I should do with Apple?  Oddly enough
                 I *was* able to deal with an EPP support guy on Friday, but
                 now that route is apparently closed to me. --lye
                 \_ Keep on Fedex, call your CC company to cancel, and call
                    Apple again but start from scratch since you hit a dead
                    end.  Don't tell them it was EPP unless there's a specific
                    EPP complaint group you can talk to.  I understand why
                    you're upset with Fedex, IMO you should be just as upset
                    with Apple and crawl all over them.  They're the ones who
                    have your money but didn't deliver your product.  Fedex is
                    just some middleman and not as important IMO.
                    \_ Well, I started from scratch with Apple and yelled a
                       lot, which seemed to get me further.  They have now
                       opened their own investigation into the matter, and
                       say that they should be contacting me within 3 days.
                       As soon as they consider the shipment lost, they will
                       overnight me a replacement.  We shall see where things
                       go for now.  In the meantime, I would urge anyone
                       shipping via ground to avoid FedEx ground.  Their
                       overnight service seems outstanding, but apparently the
                       ground service was originally a company called "RPS"
                       that FedEx bought and rebranded.  I've looked around
                       and talked to people about them and have heard many
                       horror stories like this, all involving mysteriously
                       vanishing shipments.
                       \_ Similarly, "FedEx Kinko's" is Kinko's, not FedEx.
                          Today I got to hear a FedEx person rant about how
                          much time she spends tracking down the packages
                          that Kinko's loses.
2005/6/20-22 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:38206 Activity:kinda low
6/20    I was waiting for a powerbook G5 and then come this announcement
        about a switch to intel.  Now I'll just sit tight and see what
        comes out.  Anybody else doing the same?   I'm wondering if I'll
        be able to run windows on a intel-based powerbook (so that I don't
        have to run virtualPC).  Thanks.
        \_ You will not be able to run Windows on Apple-branded hardware;
           so says Apple.  (And VirtualPC >> dual-booting anyway).  -tom
              "That doesn't preclude someone from running it on a Mac. They
              probably will," [Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller] said.
              "We won't do anything to preclude that."
           \_ There is nothing that prevents Microsoft from making Windows
              compatible with Apple's Intel boxes if they really wanted to.
              Of course, to run it legally, you'll have to pay the full
              price for Windows since it probably won't come with the machine.
           \_ Where did you read this?  The last thing I read said that they
              wouldn't stop anyone from running Windows on an intel mac.
           \_ How well does direct3d peform on VirtualPC?
              \_ badly.  Probably still badly when Apple switches to Intel
                 chips.  If you want to run Windows direct3d applications, get
                 a Windows box.  -tom
                 \_ So "VirtualPC >> dual-booting" means?
                    \_ Dual-booting is a major pain in the ass, no matter
                       what the two OSes are, but especially if one of them
                       is Windows.  -tom
                       \_ Intel's new line of chips is supposed to support
                          VT technology so you can run two oses and switch
                          between then without a reboot.  Should be nice
                          if it works.
        \_ I wouldn't wait if I didn't have a laptop and if I needed one NOW.
           But if you can wait and then buy one as soon as Apple comes up
           with one, the only problem that I can think of is that probably not
           all of third party commercial Mac software will be ported to Intel
           by then.
           \_ Some insider dirt: I heard that the Unreal Tournament guys got
              a working universal binary port together in about two hours.
              I'm thinking this transition will be a lot easier than 68k/PPC.
              \_ Gee, UT was an engine that was orginally ported over from
                 x86 to PPC.  Don't you think that's going to make porting
                 it back to x86 just a wee bit trivial?
        \_ You still haven't told us if/how you fixed your PC networking
           problem. You wanna share your experience?
        \_ If you want to wait for an x86 PB/iBook plan on waiting more than
           1 yr unless you are willing to deal w/ the curse of the rev 1 pb.
           Personally I'm waiting for Apple to release an iBook w/ a Quartz
           Extreme 2D compatible video card and I'm going to get that and
           hold onto it until the kinks are worked out of the x86 line. The
           reason I'm going w/ the iBook is that it is almost as light as
           the pb and is significantly cheaper.
           \_ thanks for the tip.  The reason why I've been holding out for
              a G5 PB is because I've heard that virtualPC runs very slow
              on a G4.  VirtualPC on an Intel is probably going to be a lot
              faster.  I don't play games so graphics performance is not an
              issue for me.  -op
              \_ Go away pervert. Go hug a snuggy.
2005/6/19-20 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38193 Activity:nil
6/19    I'm going to upgrade to Tiger, and I'll be backing up all my files
        to do a fresh install. What is the best way (if there is a way) to
        back up all my iPhoto images and then bring them into Tiger, still
        in their original albums, subalbums, etc. Will a simple export and
        import accomplish this? Thanks.
        \_ I installed Tiger on a new HD, then I hooked up my old HD and
           copied the iPhoto library over. This seemed to work.
                \_ Thanks, but unfortunately I'll be installing Tiger onto
                   the same drive that currently has the old OS.
                   \_ copy your entire Pictures directory onto another
                   \_ I backed my dad's iPhoto library onto dvd using toast
                      and then copied it back over and it seemed to work okay.
                      If your library is bigger than 4 gb this won't work
2005/4/30-5/3 [Science/Electric, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:37438 Activity:low
4/30    Any suggestions for a solar panel solution for running a g4 powerbook?
        Do you need a special adapter/voltage controller or can you simply match
        the voltage requirements and trickle charge it?  -scottyg
        \- if you are looking for something for nepal rather than car
           camping, i feel the solar options have too high encumberance
           [weight + bulkiness]
           \_ actually looking for something to put on my bicycle trailer for
              for long distance trips.  I'm trying to decide between a flexible
              solar panel or a Brunton 25watt trifold model. -scottyg
              \_ I've asked about laptop solar panels on the motd before, and
                 no one seemed to know, but several people were interested.
                 Please let us know what you end up buying.
                 \_ ditto.  am very interested, but don't know anybody who
                    has firsthand experience.   -sax
2005/4/6-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:37093 Activity:nil 66%like:37076
4/5     When will Apple release the Orgy?
        \_ Will the Tiger pray the Longhorn?  Tonight at eight on Discovery
2005/4/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:37076 Activity:nil 66%like:37093
4/5     When will Apple release the Tiger?
        \_ Will the Tiger pray the Longhorn?  Tonight at eight on Discovery
2005/4/1-3 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:37034 Activity:nil
4/1     Jobs to take helm of IKEA:
        \_ He's keeping CEOship of Pixar and Apple.  Jobs for Dictator
           For Life!
2005/3/19-21 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:36766 Activity:nil
3/18    What's the best way to see if a certain kind of memory will work on
        a Mac? I'm looking at
        and want to know if it'll work on my sister's iBook or my PowerBook.
           \_  Kingston memory that was supposed to
              work in my G5 Tower most spectacularly did not. Crucial matched
              with the right memory at reasonable prices, and now I'm
              cooking with fire.
2005/2/17 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:36223 Activity:nil
2/17    I need to buy a computer for photo-processing.  Currently, on a 3 GHz
        P4, it takes Photoshop ~1min. to open up a 5-6MB raw file, and even
        longer to do any processing.  Are any PC-clones comparable to Apple's
        Power Mac's in terms of photo-processing power?  A Dual PowerMac1.8
        w/1GB RAM, and 20" screen is $3300.  Top-of-line PC's are much cheaper.
        Suggestions? Advice? TIA.
        \_ If you buy the G5 w/o the stock ram and just buy 1 GB of RAM
           from fry's you can easily save $300 or so. Also, if you are price
           conscious get the Dell 20" wide-screen lcd rather than the Apple,
           you will save $300-$400 there as well.
           Couple of other options to save money on a G5:
           1. buy from amazon -> no tax
           2. find a friend who is still in school and get a student discount
           3. find a friend who has a apple employee purchase program (sun,
              cisco, lockheed, &c. have such programs)
           4. get a refurb from (I've bought several w/o any
           If you want to stay on PC, perhaps you may want try a dual proc
           board (PS on Mac is optimized for dual proc, probably is on pc
           as well), perhaps a dual opteron w/ a 9800 or a X800.
2005/2/11-12 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:36147 Activity:nil
2/11    More links for Scrolling Trackpad iBook Dude:
        \_ what is 2-finger scrolling?
           \_ Ask yermom, she likes it.
                \_ clever.
2005/1/19-20 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:35795 Activity:moderate
1/19    Thinking of changing jobs.  I asked about this before but my post
        got trolled.  And I won't post my name for obvious reasons.  I'm
        interested in a position at Ebay or Apple.  I heard the bonuses
        at Ebay are pretty good.  How about Apple?  Any current employees
        would like to comment on the salary/bonus and general atmosphere?
        \_ If you get married Steve Jobs has the right of first opportunity.
           \_ It's called Prima Noctis.  Ugh.  Ignorant savages all of you.
           \_ That was the case when my pixar-employee friend got married!
           \_ What does it mean?
          \_ During feudal times, the feudal lord had jus prima noctis,
             the "right of the first night" with the brides of any of his serfs.
              \_ During feudal times, the feudal lord had jus prima
                 noctis, the "right of the first night" with the
                 brides of any of his serfs.
                 \_ Wow! Better than the emperors in ancient China!
                    \_ Yep, that's so fucking uncivilized.
                       \_ It makes me want to rally the Scots and take on
                          the King of England!
                          \_ It's good to be the king!
                 \_ It never happened.  Just a story.
2005/1/19-20 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:35792 Activity:kinda low
1/19    USB>>Firewire or Firewire>>USB? Give reasons and specs. Round 1 START!
        \_ Yersister >> Yermom
        \_ Yersisiter + Yermom >> Yersister
        \_ Yersister + Yermom >> Yersister
        \_ Firewire has a way better plug. USB upside-down looks the same
           unless you look inside the plug. What a stupid design.
        \_ From a usability perspective Firewire wins hands down.  On
           interface, on cpu load, etc.  Unfortunately USB is cheaper.
        \_ Firewire has less overhead and in practice is faster.
2005/1/11-12 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:35661 Activity:low
1/11    Can I install XP on an iMac Mini?
        \_ You sick, sick human being.
        \_ Think about this for a second:  It's a G4 processor.  Is there a
           PowerPC version of WinXP?  No.  You could install VMWare on a mini
           mac, and then put XP into that, but it'll be s-l-o-w.
           \_ Microsoft bought Virtual PC to offer this kind of functionality,
              which has been mostly stable on G4 for awhile.  Yes, it's
              very slow.
           \_ You mean VirtualPC.  VMware is x86 only and doesn't do emulation.
2004/12/23-25 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:35421 Activity:nil
12/23   What's a good program to convert an mov to an MP3?  I've tried
        Alive Video Converter and Audio Commander.  Audio Commander
        says "processing file" and then does nothing.  Alive Video
        Converter says that something is wrong with the mov file.  It
        plays fine in Quicktime, though.  I tried another mov file that
        also works fine in quicktime.  Alive Video Converter is using most
        of my CPU for quite a few minutes, but is still stuck on 0%
        \_ ffmpeg --dbushong
        \_ iTunes
2004/12/13 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:35259 Activity:nil
        \_ Plug your headphones in / turn down your speakers though.
        \_ Wow! Stupid AND boring!
2004/11/24-26 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:35054 Activity:nil
11/24   Anybody here have an iMac G5? How are you liking it?
        \_ The 17 is louder than the 20, very easy access to insides,
           rare for an Apple consumer machine, CPU isn't quite fast
           enuff & non-gamer graphics if that's yer thing. I give it a B.
        \_ 20 inch: beautiful screen.  Great design.  Weak speakers.
                \_ Are there any consumer desktops with *good* speakers?
                   \_ My PC is good at making the ASCII 7 startup beep.
2004/10/26 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:34346 Activity:nil
10/26   please email me sodans working at apple computer corp.  -dpetrou
2004/10/19-21 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:34237 Activity:high
10/19   I'm looking at an apple laptop, and I'd prefer something that can put
        out high quality audio (I'm not the monster cable guy though)-- do the
        ibook or powerbook have optical audio out?  tia.
        \_ no, neither of them does.
        \_ If you want high-quality output from any computer, your best bet
           is for an external DAC, which is usually connected by USB.  You
           might try looking for a CardBus optical out, don't know if they
           \_ Strictly speaking, a USB->Optical out is not a DAC
              Nevertheless, that's a good suggestion if OP can find one that
              is supported in OSX.
                \_ He was asking for high-quality audio, not necessarily
                   optical out.  The USB DAC I was referring to is a DAC.  More
           \_ The higher quality digitial audio interfaces are either
              PCMCIA or Firewire -- they range from 600-1200, give or take.
              There are plenty that work with OS X. Echo Audio, MOTU,
              M-Audio, and Metric Halo all make nice ones. Stay away from
              Digidesign, though.
              \_ The best bang for buck Firewire interface at the moment, IMHO,
                 is the Edirol FA101:
                 \_ The hardware looks good, but how are the drivers?
                    I had an Edirol USB interface several years back, but
                    i couldn't use it at low latencies (below 256 frames [or
                    was it samples?] per buffer), because the drivers
                    introduced too much overhead. I've had a MOTU 828
                    since then. A bit pricier, but I've been very happy
                    with it. -pp
        \_Only the g5 has an optical out.  But there are plenty of USB DAC that\
          work for the mac...also there is the Airport Express (with Monster              cables).
                    \_ 828mkII is the STANDARD (!!11!) but I think its been
                       surpassed by the competing Metric Halo interface.  As
                       for the Edirol, the FA101's drivers on OSX are reported
                       to be rock solid and fast.  I don't own one personally
                       though, so that's secondhand information from a friend
                       who does serious semi-pro sound design work.  Can't
                       speak for Windows, but then this question wasn't
                       originally about Windows.
                    \_ why would latency matter unless you are trying to do
                       realtime mixing or studio work?
                       \_ For music creators, it's nice to at least have
                          the option to get low latency, but if you just
                          want to play music off your laptop, then you are
                          right, latency doesn't matter (in fact, you can
                          set it as high as possible to minimize resource
                          utilization) -pp
        \_ Only the g5 has an optical out.  But there are plenty of USB DAC that
           work for the mac...also there is the Airport Express (with Monster
        \_ Does Mac OSX have issues with standard usb audio endpoints? I spent
           about $70 on a USB->toslink optical adapter from a mail order shop
           in Berkeley that markets to minidisc player owners.  Works great
           from my thinkpad to my Yamaha receiver, but this old model only
           provided 2 channel 44.1 and 48 KHz.  I use it with linux to play
           MP3s and DVDs with downsampled dolby surround.
2004/8/21-22 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:33067 Activity:high
8/21    Desperately need apple core-er.  jnat
        \_ NO this is not a computer part! :) I need a device to remove the core
        from actual apples, to make apple sauce, apple pies, apple wine, etc.
        \_ NO this is not a computer part! :) I need a device to remove the
           core from actual apples, to make apple sauce, apple pies, apple
           wine, etc.
           \_ get metal tube from home depot and sharpen edges. add hammer.
              oh, and learn to format.
           \_ Pampered chef has one that's mediocre.  You might want to try a
              hardware store.
2004/8/11 [Computer, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:32833 Activity:nil
8/11    Do USB or Firewire have any inherent advantages over Power over GigE?
        \_ Broad compatability.
2004/8/4 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:32682 Activity:high
8/4     The new batmobile in action:
        \_ If it's in quicktime, it ain't cool.
           \_ why?
              \_ Ignore him, he's still bitter about the one button mouse.
                 \_ I actually remember the first time I saw a computer
                    "crash."  I'd been using the Apple ][e for several years
                    and all of a sudden there arose a demented cult of
                    zombie-like users who claimed that their piece of shit
                    doorstops had godlike powers even though there was no
                    command line, no decent games, you couldn't program
                    it, and it crashed all the time.
                    \_ But dad, its not 1984 anymore!
                    \_ You never had to do Ctrl-Reset to get out of a hang on
                       your ][e!?
2004/7/28 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:32527 Activity:very high
7/28    MacOS X Internet vulnerability:
        \_ Does anyone use OSX?
           \_ weak troll
              \_ not really.  whats its markeshare?  under 1%?
                 \_ Among sodans, I'd guess that maybe 5-10% own at least one
                    Mac.  80% want one.  And the rest are voting for Bush.
                    \_ What does voting for Bush have to do with owning a
                       \_ Nothing.  It was a weak troll.
              \_ 3.7% in the US:
                 \_ of course 90% of computer users are retarded. Everyone
                    knows that smarter users use macs.
                    \_ Smart users use command prompt to train their brains.:-)
2004/7/20-21 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32381 Activity:nil
7/20    Does ipod work with usb 1.1 at all? with the apple usb adapter?
        \_ my 2nd gen ipod works with usb 1.1 under windows xp
        \_ My battery won't recharge when connected to a 1.1 port.
2004/7/19 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:32353 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/6/20-21 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:30920 Activity:high
6/19    MacHelp:  I have a G5 with an internal modem.  I want to be able to
        listen to audio from my phone line on my computer.  How do I do this?
        TIA. --erikred
        \_ Go to Help->Mac Help and type "modem sound" into the question
           \_ Not exactly what I was looking for, but a step in the right
              direction.  Thanks. --erikred
        \_ don't have a mac, so I don't know how it works, but if the modem
           itself has a speaker, or a line to your sound, lookup the hayes
           command set... If I remember correctly, you'll want ATM1 and ATL4
           you can stick that into the modem init string (M1L4), or set it
           once, and then write it to its settings with at&w
2004/5/21 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Audio] UID:30337 Activity:insanely high
5/21    Why apple has an iPod division:
        \_ silly speculation.  -tom
          \_ How's that kool-aid tasting?
             \_ I own a Mac, but I certainly haven't drunk the kool-aid.
                Apple has significant challenges going forward, and the
                biggest one is that they are still massively reliant on the
                desktop hardware business; getting rid of it is not really
                possible.  -tom
        \_ Because the iPod makes them lots of money.  Duh.
        \_ This from the same guy who has zip understanding of MMORPGs but
           wrote a column on their economies.
2004/5/8-10 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30102 Activity:nil
5/8     To the person who was asking about multi-bay Firewire enclosures
        yesterday: --jameslin
2004/5/4 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:29997 Activity:nil
5/4     M$ patents a new apple:
        \?_ Wow, they really are planning to take over _everything_.
        \_ Trying to license FAT format?
           \_ Actually, the new LO-FAT format.
2004/4/8 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/IO] UID:13079 Activity:nil
4/7     I would appreciate recommendation of a fully Mac compatible USB
        keyboard.  Of course there is Apple Pro, but by experience it must
        be more expensive than it needs to be.  tia.
        \_ what timing.  from yesterday's /.:
        \_ I have a Mac and wanted the same thing. I ended up buying the
           Apple Pro keyboard. I'm glad I did. First, it's a very nice
           keyboard. Second, it's just really nice to have the Mac keys
           on it ... a real Apple key, volume up/down/off, eject ... sure,
           you could map them to something else, I guess, but I am glad I
           spent the extra money to get the real thing.
2004/2/16-17 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Display] UID:12277 Activity:moderate
2/16    What's the name (or type) of the adaptor for converting
        a PC-style computer monitor plug to one that's compatible
        with the new Apple's?
        \_ Apple uses the ADC (Apple Display Connector) connector
           which integrates power, dvi and usb. Most Mac's come
           with a video card that supports both ADC and DVI, so
           you can hook up a non-apple flat panel to a Mac. They
           should also come with a DVI to VGA adapter that allows
           you to hook up a VGA monitor to the DVI port.
        \_ I love how you can't use Apple monitors with Apple
           laptops without a $100 adapter. -Apple Fan
           \_ Actually there is just one recent model that can't, and that
              is the one I own.  Anyway Apple monitors are more expensive
              than other brand even w/o the adapter.
           \_ Actually there is just one recent model that need the 100+
              adapter, and that is the one I own.  But anyway I wouldn't
              want to buy an overpriced Apple monitor.
2004/1/27 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:11951 Activity:nil
1/26    Anyone know of a good place online to buy/bid for used or
        refurbished Macs (similar to Thanks.
        \_ How recent a mac?
                \_ No older than a G4.
        \_ (MacWorld article on where to buy macs)
2003/12/12-13 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:11434 Activity:nil
12/12   Apple Store opens in Ginza, Tokyo, check out the line:
        \_ some guy had a sars mask on (30' from end of line)
           \_ wearing a mask is common if you have a cold there
              \_ So if you sneeze and cough, stuff just kind of builds up
                 under there?
                 \_ yeah, so that it doesn't make other people sick
        \_ wtf is wrong with those people??
           \_ Apple's technology rules:
        \_ obtheremustbefreetentaclepornatthefront
        \_ Is it the first time Apple reaches Japan???
           \_ No, but it's the first Apple Store, and in a very trendy shopping
              \_ it's their rodeo drive. overpriced.
        \_ Walkin' down the Ginza
           I heard someone blowin' a cadenza.
           Well the music hit me
           As hard as a case of influenza.
2003/8/13-14 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:29334 Activity:high
8/13    I want to get the 17" powerbook with 1 gig of ram.  But it's still
        way too expensive.  $3500+  Any apple employees or rumors on when the
        next generation powerbook with G5 will come out?   I'm waiting for the
        price to drop on the current batch of powerbooks when the G5 version
        comes out.
        \_ I don't think you'll see G5 laptops for a while, but rumors say
           Mac is planning PB updates soon.
        \_ The 17" powerbook is really a ridiculous machine, unless you're
           never going to move it (in which case, why get a "portable"?)
           It's big as a coffee table.  -tom
           \_ You get it to save space, so you can move it from home to work,
              etc. Most people don't use their laptops on the road anyway.
              It's a lot better than having to squint at a 14" screen.
              \_ you could get a machine at home and one at work, with
                 better monitors, for the price.  -tom
                 \_ You can also drive two ford escorts for the price of a
                    BMW. And you completely missed the point about it
                    saving space, but then you are very good at missing
                    the point in most regards on almost all topics...
        \_ Is nice if yer working on ProTools or FinalCut.
        \_ But it looks so cool in the commercial where the midget has
              the big laptop and the chinese basketball player has the
              tiny one.  I was totally sold and bought a complete set of
              each for everyone in my entire company!
        \_ Do you guys know if the PB trackpads are customizable? ie, can
           you doubleclick and scroll and do all sorts of fancy stuff with it
           like you can in some of the newer PC notebooks? I played with one
           at the Apple Store, but all I was able to do was move the pointer.
           \_ It's all about the driver
           \_ You can set clicking, dragging and drag lock with
              the default drivers in the Mouse SysPrefs.
        \_ I have one of these in that configuration. I like it a lot, BUT
           it has already been back to Apple for repair under warranty. The
           motherboard and SuperDrive were replaced. I do not know why they
           replaced the drive. The problem was that it would not boot. Anyway,
           I heard that a LOT of these were returned for this and other defects
           (e.g. too many bad pixels). I am glad work paid for it, because as
           much as I like it I'd be pissed if it was my $4K. --dim
2003/8/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:29241 Activity:very high
8/5     I have a friend who is trying to send a PDF attachment, but it
        comes encoded as:  Application/MAC-BINHEX40 instead of
        Application/PDF. She's using Eudora 5.2 and Mac OS 10.2.6. She says
        that the choices for encoding attachments in Eudora are: Apple
        Double (MIME), Apple Single, BinHex, and Uuencode data fork. and
        BinHex is checked. Why would MIME not be the default?
        \_ Again (somehow my previous post got deleted) Use Stuffit Expander,
        that should be able to decode a Mac BinHex format to something you
        can read. Yes, they have a PC version. It's shareware.
           \_ Do they make a Linux version?
        \_ Duh, because Apple is a proprietary company.
           \_ What is the best encoding to use?
              \_ Something that as many other people as possible will have such
                 as UU or MIME.  The point of encoding is to make sure other
                 people can decode it at the other end, yes?  So it doesn't
                 help if you use some encoding method that's a few % smaller
                 in transit but the other side can't do anything with.
        \_ BinHex preserves the resource fork along with the data. Yes, it's
           specific to Apple, but there should be translators (i.e., data
           extractors) available for other OSes.
           \_ I shouldn't need an "extractor" to read a PDF attachment.
            \_ you do, it just is built into your mail reader.  P.S. using
               the apple mail client you don't have this problem.
                \_ That's the solution, EVERYBODY USE THE SAME OS!
                 \_ I meant if you send mail with the apple mail client you
                     \_ You write so clearly and accurately. How can I
                        ("you") send mail with the apple mail cient w/o
                        buying the apple OS? Do you mean if "she" sends it
                        with "the apple mail client", instead of eudora?
                    pathetic moron.
                     \_ How can I send mail with the apple mail cient
                        w/o buying the apple OS? Do you mean if "she" sends
                        it with "the apple mail client", instead of eudora?
                        When you say "you", who are you referring to?
        \_ The answer is: Apple Single.  Apple Double encodes both the data
           and resource forks as separate MIME attachments. Apple Single
           just encodes the data fork. Why can't you Apple people just give
           a straight answer? Is it because you cling to the useless resource
           fork, or because you're inbred and none of you use any other OS?
           \_ Thank YOU! People like you keep the world moving. Apple people
              can't give a straight answer because they don't understand
              how their computers work.  Apple should understand this and make
              their computers "play well with others" by default.
                \_ actually Apple has thought of this.  Resource fork
                        is optional on the new OS X...
2003/6/17-18 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:28749 Activity:nil
6/17    I've got some old 3.5" Apple ][ disks that I'd like to read.  I
        remember that old Macs (SE, LCII, etc.)  could read Apple ][ disks,
        but I haven't been able to find any.  Anyone know where I can find
        one to use for a few minutes?  Thanks.  -- mikeym
        \_ Same question applies for 5.25 ][e disks -!op
        \_ maybe weirdstuff?  probably sell you one for next to nothing.
2003/5/8-9 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:28381 Activity:moderate
5/8     Slashdot reminded me that I have a bunch of old Apple IIe floppies.
        Has anybody had any luck recovering some of that data without paying
        through the nose?
        \_ You can probably find external drives on ebay for $20 and then
           you just need drivers for it.  I'm sure someone has made
           drivers for linux, PC, Mac, etc.
        \_ Just curious but what could possibly be on A2e floppies that you'd
           care about except maybe a working copy of Bilestoad?
           \_ Robot Odyssey
           \_ Wizardry!
2002/12/8-9 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer] UID:26753 Activity:nil
12/8    Can iPods interface with USB? I'd hate to buy a $70 Firewire card
        for my PC...
        \_ suck it up. --aaron
        \_ Firewire cards are cheap.  You can buy one for #20-30.  For $70,
           you should be getting a USB2/Firewire combo card.  Besides,
           do you really want to transfer gigabytes of MP3s over USB1.1?
2002/10/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:26108 Activity:high
10/5    It's all about the Woz, kids.  Just keep the Woz in mind and you'll
        be ok.
        \_ that rules.  it's all been downhill since the Apple IIc.
           I fucking hated the IIgs and knew apple was doomed when I saw
           that evil mac-loving piece of shit.
           \_ what was wrong with the IIgs??? I loved that thing... it
              was the first hard-drive I ever used.
              \_ I guess it's just personal.  the computer teacher at my
                 junior high was obsesesd with that thing, and i hated
                 him deeply.  he was also obscessed with the mac, which
                 i still hate.
                 \_ displacement, anyone?  maybe you should call him.  Deal
                    with these feelings you're having...
2002/10/4-5 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Networking] UID:26105 Activity:high
10/4    Anyone need a firewire hub?
        \_ I liked it better when it was called Hubzilla.
2002/8/5-6 [Computer/HW/Display, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:25499 Activity:moderate
8/5     How many people have a sexy 23" Apple Cinema display, 1900x1280,
        with a DVI to ADC converter?
                \_ I'd like to know as I'm thinking about getting one,
                   or a similar panel, but I hear it's too slow for games.  -ax
                        \_ the converter slow or the LCD slow?
                \_ Only games LCDs are too slow for are FPS, mebbie some
                   fast top scrolling RTS. I use 15" LCD fine on FPS and
                   don't suffer too much of a hit vs CRT, but it depends
                   greatly on the quality of opponent.
        \_ A friend of mine has one.  It's gorgeous.  I've seen him play FPS
           and other fast games on it with no problem.  Seen dvd movies on it
2001/12/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:23403 Activity:moderate
12/30   I'm setting up a new Sparc box connected via switch to
        a pre-existing Apple desktop. Would like to print to the printer
        that is already connected (via parallel port) to the Apple.
        What the best way to enable that? Can I turn the Apple into a
        print-server? But this means I need to keep it powered up? Ideas?
        \_ is the printer networkable?  Sorry, dunno anything about apples.
        \_ Um, mac's don't have parallel ports.
        \_ Let's just pretend you didn't say "the parallel port" and move on:
           try CAP or Netatalk.. can't remember which works better, but
           one of those should allow you to print to a properly shared
           printer hooked to a Mac.  --dbushong
2001/11/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Recreation/Media] UID:22936 Activity:high
11/5    Can somebody download the star wars II trailer and put it somewhere
        on soda?  I can't get through to  The entire site
        is pretty much hozed for me.  Thanks.
        \_ Why bother. It is going to suck. They circulated a memo
           around ILM to stop making fun of the movie in dailies.
        \_ Try
        \_ /csua/tmp/
          \_ Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor
             could be found. (Error=80040255)
             \_ Are you trying via Media Player? It needs the Quicktime 5
                codec, which I don't believe MP has.
                \_ right.  Apple has an exclusive deal with Sorenson that
                   allows only QuickTime to view Sorenson-encoded video
                   streams. (Most modern QT files use Sorenson.)
          \_ thanks!
              \_ damn, how do i play this on my  non-windows non-mac
                 \_ read /.
        \_ so which actor playys Annakinn?
           \_ Hayden Christensen. He's currently in Life as a House.
2001/8/29 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:22283 Activity:high
8/28    Cupertino Ranch 99 has pulled the lychee jello stuff.  --paulwang
        \_ is this related?
           \_ Probably.  But you can choke this way with other things like
              ice cube or pieces of apple too.  Are we over-protecting our
              \_ But apple chunks aren't super lubricated and most kids
                 couldn't swallow an ice cube because it's too cold,
                 hard, and big.
                 \_ Doesn't being less lubricated make apple chunks more
                    likely to stop at the throat, hence bigger likelihood
                    for choking?
                    \_ Apples don't have coagulents that stick to flesh and
                       negate the heimlich maneuver.
                 \_  much like my cock
                 \_ can you really choke on ice cudes? I Always thought
                    they'd melt before causing much bodily harm.
                    \_ But it takes a while to melt.  Plus very cold ice sticks
                       to flesh.
                       \_ WTF, who eats ice cubes anyway? It's bad for your
                          teeth. That's kind of sadistic to feed them to kids.
                          Hey Billy, here's a treat, an f'n ice cube! oh boy!
                    \_ much like your cock
2001/6/30 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:21680 Activity:very high
6/29    "We will meet again in the place where there is no darkness"
        \_ 1984, right?
           \_  In 1984, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And
               you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984.
               \_ And it'll take 11 years for M$ to catch up with the look &
                  \_ And MS will have a market cap 50 times greater than Apple.
                     \_ It's called being over and undervalued.
                     \_ Yeah, doesn't it suck?
                        \_ Well, it's Apple's own fault. They were shortsighted
                           in their market strategy and now they lie in the bed
                           they made.
                     \_ M$ Wins! game over.
                        \_ FATALITY
        \_ B5, perhaps?
           \_ good guess, but google for it. it's 1984
        \_ On a related note, I personally found "Brave New World"'s vision
           of the future much more disturbing that 1984 (granted 1984's vision
           isn't that good). It seemed like all that is good about humanity
           was missing from the people in BNW. Anyone else see it the this way?
           \_ Funny, I found BNW a wonderfully comforting view that
              finally the alpha brains get to rule, as they should.
2001/6/15 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:21534 Activity:high
6/15    Apple opened its store in glendale, CA.  there isn't even one in the
        bay area.  Is this a sign of the times?
        \_ There's already an Apple store at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino.
           and Scary Movie 2 (wayans bros and the chick from band camp) are
           coming out this summer.
        \_ on a brighter note, Apocalypse Now++, Kiss of the Dragon (jet li),
           and Scary Movie 2 (wayans bros and some chick) are coming out this
                \_ Monty Python & The Holy Grail Special Edition at the
        \_ What do you mean by apple store? There is one that sells Apple
           computers on Shattuk, TSW sells them too.
           \_ "The Apple Store" - this is
              _not_ their online store.  this is like apple's version of
              the gateway store.
              \_ Wow, kewl... this like, so rewls. I hope they partner with
                 Starbucks... cuz last time I was drinking my Chai Latte, I
                 was thinking how kewl it would be if I could simultaneously
                 browse for neat gizmos in kewl plastic cases for my cute new
2001/4/15 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:20985 Activity:nil
4/14    Does there exist a converter allowing me to connect USB devices to
        old Mac's with serial (modem/printer) ports?
        \_ VST (and others) sell PCI cards which will give you USB and/or
           FireWire ports on (for example) a beige G3.  -tom
2001/3/9 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:20736 Activity:nil
3/9     And you thought that Apple was a retarded paranoid company when
        it came to trademarks:
2000/12/3-4 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:19983 Activity:moderate
12/2    what is this apple webobjects shit?
        \_ Very ugly.  Avoid.
        \_ dogfood. Steve Jobs eats it.
        \_ Former NeXT product that apple inherited.
           \_ Correction: Former [crap] NeXt product that Apple [got stuck
              paying for when Steve screwed Apple shareholders].
              \_ I'm not certain when SJ screwed shareholders. I got out
                 while Apple was showing stunning performance. The IMac,
                 Ibook, PB G3, G3/G4, the flat screen and flat panels were
                 all great moves by SJ. Now the Cube, that's a complete flop.
                 Hopefully OSX won't be. I like it so far.
2000/9/6-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:19187 Activity:nil 50%like:19604
9/6     Come join Apple next monday for job opportunities and free food.
        \_ Only if I get a cube.  The computing kind, not the not-an-office
2000/5/16 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:18272 Activity:nil
ortva 644 /rgp/zbgq.choyvp
1999/6/21-23 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Rants] UID:15999 Activity:moderate
6/21    Opinions on "Pirates of Silicon Valley"?  I thought it was good, but
        too short.  We didn't see the official introduction of the Mac and
        the subsequent decline of Apple.  Plus it focuses too much on Jobs and
        the baby girl he tried to disown.  The image of bill gates doing
        a Travolta "saturday night fever" was great though.  :-)
        \_ Plot line: Jobs is a bastard.  Gates is a bigger bastard.  Gates
           won.  Pity neither bastard, they're both scum.
        \_ That wasn't really Steve.      -someone who works for Steve.
        \_ The casting was great for most of the characters, but the
           story was poorly handled, poorly presented, and was missing too
           much detail to appeal to anyone who knew the story and wasn't
           coherent enough for people who didn't know it. But I didn't
           expect anything else. They could have phrased Microsoft's Apple
           stock purchase a little less misleadingly too.  -cdaveb
        \_ Darn!  I missed it.  Will there be a re-run it on TNT?
                \_ tonight 11pm and weds. 8pm.
                        \_ Anyone offering a place to watch it? -jnat
                                \_ 306 soda.  this weekend.  If interested
                                   email prole@soda
1999/3/24-25 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:15640 Activity:low
3/23    What do people here think of the Apple Darwin project
        ( I know RMS is bitching
        about it, but it seems to me that it's just sour grapes.
        \_ what else would you expect from RMS?
        \_ Bwah-hahahaaa.. They STILL can't pull off OS-X by themselves,
           so they've decided, "Hey, if we make it 'opensource', it will
           magically happen, and we won't even have to pay the coders!"
        \_ I'm involved in a discussion on Apple's publicsource list.  There
           are a number of difficulties with the license, which I hope Apple
           will resolve soon.  See
           Search for "Apple" on to find several articles with
           discussions about the license (and other issues).  -- schoen
1999/1/6-7 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:15173 Activity:high
1/5     Anyone go see the MacWorld exhibitions?  Worth $40?
        \_ only if you think colored computers will save a company
        \_ If you have to pay for any computer convention, you
           are a loser. It is worth a free pass to sit in the
           3rd row and chant loudly: "I believe in Steve! I
           believe in Steve! I believe in Steve!"
        \_ troll deleted
           \_ Tom, you prick.
        \_ Intergraph got kicked out of MacWorld for displaying Wintel
           computers.  See:
        \_ If you have to play Sony Playstation games on your PMac G3/iMac
           today, you have no choice - it's the only place to buy virtual
           playstation for now (see Wed. SF Chron business section or
  for more info)
1998/8/17-18 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:14471 Activity:very high
8/17    Why does iMac contain both Nevigator and IE?  Why would Apple want
        to help MS's business?
        \_ Does $500M in stock ring a bell?
           \_ You mean MS pays Apple to put IE in iMac, not the other way
              round?  I see.
                \_ why would anyone pay for IE?
                \_ Not exactly.  MS owns $500M of Apple stock.
                   \_actually, it's $150M in stock.  When MS bought the
                     \_ seen AAPL's price lately?  It's alm"ost $500M now.
                     stock (around this time last year, they signed an
                     agreement that:
                        -Cross-licensed all of the patents held by both
                         companies.  (Hence ending the legal problems
                         of MS "stealing" the Mac OS interface.)
                        -MS agreed to make feature-equivalent Mac
                         OS versions of every rev of MS Office for the
                         next 5 years.
                         \_ which means they'll be discontinuing the development
                            of MS Office for a better package.
                                \_ Heh...
                        -Apple agreed to make MSIE the "default" browser
                         on the Mac OS
                        ...among other things.       -icrew
                        \_ there is something rotten in the core of apple.
                                \_ There is a worm whose name is Steve.
                                        \_ there are bad puns being made.
                                        \_ I BELIEVE IN STEVE
                                           I BELIEVE IN STEVE
                                           I BELIEVE IN STEVE
                                           \_ and i believe that steve
                                              believes in claude
                                              that's me...
1998/4/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:13929 Activity:nil
4/9     I hear Apple is coming out with a new version of ProDOS.  Pls confirm
        \_ It's true -- the cornerstone of their new OS strategy!  (Rhapsody
           will be cancelled.)  The Lisa 3 will also be coming out in July.
           \_ Apple had a strategy?  That would be a change!
        \_ And what have people heard about the skunkworks project, "Gus"?
        \_ For what platform?  Apple ]['s?
1997/1/8 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:32034 Activity:nil
1/8     I can't believe Apple spent $400,000,000 to buy NeXT
        and then had to lay off its own employees to cut costs!
        \_ Do you not understand the concept of "restructuring"?  You take
           money which isn't being well spent and start spending it well.
        \_ It's uh, the Apple Vision Thang.  They had Jobs and The Woz at
        their shibang in SF.  They didn't actually say anything about how
        they're going to fix their problems but the flash and glitz looked
        good.  In fact it looked so good that afterwards their stock only
        dropped another $.50/share instead of the roughly $5/share from
        last week.  Way to turn it around apple!  Eventually they may have
        an OS as well developed as their followers misplaced sense of
        loyalty.  >Insert .gif of Mac Happy Bomb here<
           >Insert RESTART button here<
1996/10/9 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:31930 Activity:nil
10/8    Anyone know of any shareware/freeware MPEG players that don't
        have a 1 Meg before registering restriction?
        \_ Get XingMPEG player.  URL:
        \_ If this is for some odd Un*x or other, you shouldn't have
           to ask.  If this is a Mac/WinBlows thing, you don't want
           to ask.
        \_ Silly me, I meant for Win '95.  I know, I know, but I must use it.
        \_ I use VMPEG... It works nicely...
        \_ The Apple Quicktime player plays both MPEG and Quicktime movies.
         \_ I d/l'd the Apple Quicktime player and it plays .mov files real
            well, but when I try to play my .mpg's the thing doesn't work,
              even though it CLAIMS that it can handle MPEG's.
         \_ Thanks for the suggestion, vmpeg works perfectly.
1993/11/18 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:31431 Activity:nil
11/18   In his inaugural Comdex address, Apple Chairman Michael Spindler
        promised a RISC (reduced instruction-set computer) machine on every
        desk, and a Newton for every pocket.
1993/11/15 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:31425 Activity:nil
11/15   The beginning of the end.  Apple is now selling a Mac with a 486
        and MS-DOS 6.2.  Micro$oft will own the world soon.
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