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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/4/7-13 [Computer/Blog] UID:52819 Activity:low
4/7     I have a friend who recently started a blog posting about
        legal issues (he was a lawyer who was laid off). I'm not sure why
        he started this blog, but it's likely something he can show off
        to potential future employers. Anyway, he keeps sending emails
        whenever he's added another entry (approx once a week). Is there
        any netiquette about mass emailings to tell friends/relatives
        about new blog posts? Or can one do whatever? Thanks.
        \_ If people followed netiquette, there would be no spam. Why don't
           you tell him that you'd prefer to subscribe to his RSS feed instead
           of getting weekly emails from him.
        \- Is it Bob Loblaw's Law Blog?
2008/12/9-12 [Computer/Blog] UID:52213 Activity:nil
12/9    Does anyone know of a good blogging software that can
        handle blogging entries as well as photo albums?
        Wordpress and the WP Gallery plugin is too tricky to
        configure easily. And please don't mention Facebook!
        \_ Why not just use Blogger and Flickr/Picasa or whatever?  -tom
                \_ I'd prefer a stand-alone platform/software that
                   I can use on my own domain, in particular so
                   that every page (blog and albums) will have the
                   same theme. thanks. -op
           \_ cuz they're run by evil companies. UNIX + pine!
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/6/29-7/14 [Computer/Blog] UID:50416 Activity:nil
6/29    Apparently Obama fascists are reporting blogs that aren't flattering as
        spam.  Google is too lazy or complicit to tell the difference. [blogspot]
        \_ Obama "fascists?"
           \_ Yes.  Most likely fans of Obama, who are trying to shut down
              anyone who doesn't agree with them.  They're not gov't agents,
              just lefty nutters.
              \_ How many people would have to be involved in this to
                 qualify as anything more than kookiness?
                 \_ I see this as more of a problem with Google than the kooks.
                    I doubt anyone officially connected to Obama is doing this,
                    but why is Google allowing it?  -op
                    \_ Great question. Did the blogger contact Google directly
                       about this?
                       \_ "The three blogs who were locked up today didn't fare
                          so well. Blogger has locked them out from posting at
                          all until they are "reviewed". I would like to think
                          that someone working for blogger is not involved
                          here, but I can attest that their "reviews" aren't
                          happening. Hopefully they are just bogged down. I
                          would like to think that way."
                          \_ But it would make her blog so much more signifi-
                             cant if blogger were somehow involved, so there
                             go the insinuations.
        \_ Good job self-Godwin'ing. Please go away.
        \_ Fascists? "I do not think it means what you think it means."
2008/6/20-23 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:50323 Activity:nil 85%like:50311
6/19    I love this blog []
2008/6/19-20 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/Apps] UID:50311 Activity:nil 85%like:50323
6/19    I love this blog
2007/12/7-13 [Industry/Startup, Computer/Blog] UID:48759 Activity:low
12/7    What's a good blog site for anonymous people to rant and spill
        beans on their company?                 -disgruntled x employee
        \_ used to be good for that...
           \_ No longer exists.
              \_ Where do the ex-employees of post?
                 \_ Ha ha!
        \_ I hate to knowingly support a Guy Kawasaki venture, but truemors?
           Not completely sure on the spelling either, obGoogle. -dans
        \_ vallywag? Not exactly anonymous, since you would have to talk
        \_ valleywag? Not exactly anonymous, since you would have to talk
           to a reporter, but if your stuff is interesting, they will run it.
           \_ You don't have to 'talk to a reporter'.  Make up a bunch of shit
              and instant message Owen, he'll probably print it.
              \_ How do I IM Owen?      -op
              \_ What is Owen if not a reporter?
        \_ Spill it on the motd.
2007/10/18 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48378 Activity:nil
10/18   To whoever seriously thought Flickr has 3 9's of uptime, I have
        one thing to say to you:
2007/5/19-24 [Computer/Blog] UID:46699 Activity:low
5/19    I'm getting a Dell, dude.
        \_ NSFW
        \_ That's no Dell Dude! Oh, wait....
        \_ Big tits and small waist.  Hot!
        \_ I found more of her
           \_ Found her on youtube:
           \_ 5'0", real 32E.  SUPER HOT!!!  I'd trade 10yrs of my lifespan
              for her.
           \_ Better than most of those in
              \_ Isn't she a stripper or something? She would probably take
                 you up on it if you offered 10 years of salary.
                 \_ Actually I meant "for her as a wife."  Didn't know she's a
                    stripper.  I wasn't reading the text in the blog carefully.
                    \_ "I only read it for the blog posts"
           \_ Better than most of those in, even
              Amanda Wenk.
2007/3/14-15 [Computer/Blog] UID:45965 Activity:nil
3/14    My new favorite blog:
        \_ ^undercoverblackman^bustywebshots
            \_ what does bustywebshots have to do with under
               coverblackmen?  sheesh.
2006/7/31-8/2 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:43850 Activity:nil
7/31    flickr only lets me create 3 sets before charging. I don't use
        Blogspot because the site is pretty annoying. What other
        sites are good?
           \_ If you install Picasa, this is clearly the easiest thing I've
              ever seen. The difference is like AOL mail and gmail, where
              flickr and blogspot are as complicated and unintuitive as
              AOL mail and Picasa is as easy to use and understand as
              gmail. Although this is only a beta site, it clearly has
              all the Google signatures on it.
           \_ Windows-only can bite me.  -tom
              \_ It can be web-only accessible just like any other web sites
                 although you'll lose some advanced features. For example if
                 you use Picasa it'll automatically resize pictures for you
                 before it uploads to the web sites. Most pictures today are
                 taken using 4-7MP and take a long time to do HTTP upload
                 raw. It took me 6 hours to teach my grandma to use flickr
                 (they use lame terminologies like sets, and organizing and
                 other features are really complicated). But it only took her
                 30 min to learn Picasaweb.
                    \_ They need an OS X version to replace that POS iPhoto.
                        Plus there's F-Spot ( which is
                        totally open-source if you still like flickr. F-Spot can
                        also export webpages so that the below suggestion
                        (~/public_html) is easy enough. --michener
        \_  -proud American
2006/5/22-28 [Computer/Blog] UID:43133 Activity:nil
5/20    Can someone summarize the pros and cons for the following blogging
        services: xanga, blogger, and LJ.
        \_ Blogger is owned by google, so it gets visited by their spiders
        \_ I used to keep up a Blogger account, but the problem is that
           they're not as popular or widely used. And they're pretty
           featureless. I've recently been using my LJ a lot -- partly
           because all my friends have one and can thus comment, and
           partly because it's actually pretty respectable, if you ignore
           the emo population --michener
           \_ I also just installed charm on soda, which is a nice little
              console LJ util written in python. One of the best things is
              you can pipe straight into it, if you get the options right.
        \_ What about myspace?
           \_ Turn away! Turn away! The power of Christ compels you!
           \_ Slloooooooowwwww....
2006/4/27-29 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:42853 Activity:low
4/27    This is a pretty hilarious (apparently genuine) rant by a
        sociology prof.  Spot the hypocrisy!
        \_ Haha, I love that guy.
           \_ He took down the blog.  Anyone have a mirror?
              Nevermind, Google cache FTW:
              \_ he has many grammar errors.  -tom
                 \_ so?  it's a blog.
                 \_ He didn't have "many"... I saw a couple typos and yeah,
                    it's a blog.
                    \_ He had many.  The worst was "low and behold."  And
                       if you're on a grammar rant, you'd better be accurate
                       yourself.  -tom
                       \_ Well I think that may also be a typo or at any rate
                          not strictly grammar. The guy is still a jackass
                          \_ Tom's "he has many grammar errors" was satire.
                             That said, grammar is "right use and rules of
                             language".  Mistaken phraseology can definitely
                             fall under "bad grammar".
                          \_ I don't think it can be considered a typo if it
                             was intentional.
                             \_ If you are typing quickly it's possible to make
                                mistakes like that even if you are aware it
                                is wrong. (since it sounds the same.) That said
                                maybe it was intentional. I still wouldn't call
                                that grammar. It's kind of like the toe/tow the
                                line thing where people don't really know
                                what it means. I guess a diction issue.
                                \_ Toe/tow the line isn't a typo.  I think
                                   it's closer to 'ignorance' or simply
                                   'wrong'.  If your point is that we can't
                                   be sure based on limited data -- then, sure.
                                   But folding ignorance and spelling
                                   errors under the general heading 'typo' in
                                   *this* context invites this sort of
                                   pointless semantic 'dialogue'.
                                \_ He upbraids his students for confusing
                                   "than" and "then," which is a very similar
                                   error.  -tom
                                   \_ He is not upbraiding them as he never
                                      voices that to them.  He mocks them to
                                      other people.  Tom, you have used the
                                      word incorrectly!  You should be more
                                      careful on the MotD!
                                      \_ You're officially an imbecile.
2006/4/1 [Computer/Blog] UID:42601 Activity:nil
4/1     Theo's blog:
2006/3/23-25 [Computer/Blog] UID:42398 Activity:nil
3/23    Ickiest Flickr set ever
        \_ Ick factor is high. Thanks for the warning, ass.
        \_ Hard to tell for sure what some of them are - is there a list
           anywhere?  Guesses from people?
           \_ Dude says "micro photos".  Microscopic photos of his skin?
              \_ certainly microscopic photos of the body, just trying
                 to figure out which specific parts each are, and whether
                 this set is educational or pornographic.
2006/3/13-14 [Computer/Blog] UID:42210 Activity:nil
3/13    How not to store liquid nitrogen: (Corante, Chemist Derek Lowe's blog)
2005/9/16-17 [Computer/Blog] UID:39713 Activity:moderate
        me again
        \_ Are you actually going through webshots looking for this stuff,
           or are you getting it off that blog?
        \_ once again: eww.
           \_ I'm sure your virtual girlfriend is much hotter.
           \_ once again: you're high.
              \_ Sorry, breasts the size of a woman's head don't do it for me.
2005/9/9-11 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/Blog] UID:39591 Activity:low
9/9     Most of you have probably seen this blog before (translations of
        chinese tattos) but today's top post is pretty funny.
        \_ This site has exactly the same layout as
           Interesting.  Are they related?
           \_ Are you an idiot?  They're both blogger templates.
2005/7/16-19 [Computer/Blog] UID:38657 Activity:nil
7/16    When putting a link on your blog to another blog, can you just
        hardwire it in, or is there some service or something to use
        (one that keeps track of blog-blog links)? I know this doesn't
        make too much sense, but I keep seeing "Blogroll" on people's
        blogs and I'm wondering what this is. Thanks.
        \_ wouldn't "blogroll" in google save us all the time? -nonblogger
2005/7/14-15 [Computer/Blog] UID:38627 Activity:nil
7/14    Someone mentioned a free (no upload limit) alternative to flickr.
        What was it?
2005/7/12-13 [Computer/Blog] UID:38551 Activity:nil
7/11    The perils of blogging: (Kevin Drum)
2005/4/20-22 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:37283 Activity:high
4/20    Question about Internet libel: I have a bitchy pissed-off (ex)friend
        who has decided to make it her life's work to get back at me.  She
        routinely posts crap on her blog about me, but today she actually
        posted my full name with her lies.  I did some searches on Google
        for recent legislation/rulings about Internet libel and found
        nothing but opinions about how things should be.  Does anyone know
        the current state of whether blog postings count as libel?  And
        additionally, any suggestions on getting her to stop (and change her
        recent blog post to not include my name) without having to actually
        resort to legal action?
        \_ This doesn't answer your question but it's related.  A friend of
           mine googled his own name, and found some chick's blog talking about
           "stalking [my friends full name]" which described her going around
           to various places where he works or hangs out to try to stalk him.
           Amusing but harmless.
        \_ I just googled for your name and couldn't find anything...
           \_ The crawlers havn't hit it yet.  A friend who routinely monitors
              her blog tipped me off to it.  The post was made this morning.
              - jvarga
              \_ What, no link?
        \_ There is not really any way to stop someone from doing something
           like this, short of legal action. Even if you go to court, all
           you can probably get is a monetary judgement. You *can* sue for
           libel, but it is expensive. Is this an ex? You are probably
           better off just trying to get some emotional distance from this
           and think about legal action later, when you are not so heated
           about it. -ausman
           libel, but it is expensive and time consuming. Is this an ex-gf?
           You are probably better off just trying to get some emotional
           distance from this and think about what you want to do about it
           later, when you are not so upset about it. -ausman
        \_ In order to answer this question properly, the motd requires that
           you tell the story behind this. Thank you.
           \- i think the toughest thing for you to prove will be harm or
              damage. if she just says you are an asshole or a "butthead
              programmer" that probably wont do it. however, there are
              legal claims in the area of privacy and harassment which is
              a different matter from defamation. i do not know much about
              this other than being aware of this option. that may be more
              fruitful. depending on the WEEB site where this is appearing,
              there may be non-legal approaches to this. --psb
              \_ Yes, I forgot that you can sometimes get postings removed
                 if they violate an AUP at an ISP. This would just force her
                 to change venues, though. Sometimes this is enough.
                 to change ISPs, though. Sometimes this is enough.
                 \_ Sure, just piss her off some more.
        \_ catfight!!
        \_ Get over it. If the blog entries continue, they will sound more
           and more shrill. Unless the accusations significantly affect your
           reputation and you can prove it, it's not worth the time or effort.
           That said, have someone, anonymously or not, let the person know
           that naming you can be seen as defamation of character which is a
           precursor to a possible libel suit. Fear is your pal.
        \_ The libel suit is basically not happening.  The rules for libel
           suits are pretty much the same for blogs/the web as they are for
           print.  The problem is that proving *material* harm (are the things
           she's saying costing you money due to lost job or business
           opportunities?) is *very* hard to do.  The other test you have to
           pass is would an ordinary individual off the street believe the
           things this person is saying are true.  You can try pursuing this
           legally but it is a) expensive and b) 80% likely to fail.  Why not
           just try talking to your ex-friend/gf/life-pal/whatever and saying
           ``Hey, knock it off you're being an immature git.'' in so many
           words. -dans
           \- as i said above, libel is probably not the way to go if it
              is personal stuff [as opposed to "he has been fired mutliple
              time for incompetence"] but there are other (legal) avenues.
              if it is beyond "just talk to her" and contancting isp etc,
              i think you are in "real lawyer" land. --psb
              \_ I don't have any intention of making this legal, I'm just
                 trying to find ways to make her go away.  The relationship
                 ended over a month ago and I've gone on with life (I just have
                 to monitor every so often to play damage control as she tries
                 to mess with my reputation in Berkeley while I'm out of state)\
                 but she's done anything but.  I just need some way to get it
                 to mess with my reputation in Berkeley while I'm out of state)
                 but she's done anything but.  I just need some way to get it
                 through her head that "its over, move the fuck on, stop trying
                 to destroy my life because you feel hurt and vindictive."
                 I've already pretty much cut off communication with her but
                 I'm getting sick of cleaning up all of the crap she's doing to
                 me back in Berkeley, this just being one very very small part
                 of the big picture. - jvarga
                 \_ guess the breakup was anything but amicable
                 \_ I tend to be fairly laissez faire about this thing.
                    Unless your ex is really vindicitve AND really socially
                    adept AND really evil she probably won't do much damage.
                    Your friends know you, and will be able to smell her
                    bullshit a mile a way.  Unless of course all your friends
                    were mutual, and you're playing the divide up the friends
                    game in which case you might want to consider an emergency
                    trip to Berkeley just to play it safe. -dans
                    \_ When you play the divide up the friends game, the girl
                       usually wins. The bar for female's credibility is set
                       really low compared to yours.
                       \_ That's inconsistent with my experieince.  Are you
                          really socially inept, or should I just be happy I
                          don't have friends like yours? -dans
                    \- you can try to push her over the edge so she becomes
                   \_ Be the bigger person and rise above it. If someone
                      asks you about it, you can answer, but I don't think you
                      need to defend yourself otherwise. Your friends won't need
                      it and others won't believe you anyway. Avoid going on
                      a retaliatory smear campaign, if you can help it.
                 \_ Dude, it's only been a month, give her more time to get
                    over it.  She sounds like a bit off, but maybe you pushed
                    her.  Next time, choose your gf more wisely.
        \_ We have just been discussing Defamation in my Torts class. Based
           on what we have covered, you might be able to make out a cause of
           action for libel against her. I'll ask my Torts prof and get back
           to you. Anyway, based on what I know:
           Assuming that these statements aren't some sort of public concern
           (you are stealing from the univ or some such) and you are not some
           sort of public official/figure, you will fall into the "private/
           private" category and should be able to get some money or and
           injunction/retraction w/o needing to show actual harm (libel
           can recover w/o actual damages in most cases). If you can show
           knowing falsity or reckless disregard for the truth (NY Times
           actual malice) you might even be able to get presumed and
           punitive damages.
           I think the tricky part will be to show that her statements were
           capable of having a defamatory meaning. You will have to show
           that the statements were more than hyperbole and that they are
           proveably false (opinion is generally not actionable). The tough
           part will be in proving that the statements were capable of
           lowering your reputation or detering others from associating w/
           you or exposed you to hatred, contempt or ridicule.
           What might be better than actually going through w/ a suit is
           to threaten her w/ one and maybe file a complaint to that end.
           You can probably file the complaint yourself in at the ct house
           and serve her via certified mail. That should really spook her.
           \_ Shows what you know. You can't serve someone in state
              simply with certified mail. -williamc
              \_ iirc sec Cal Civ Proc Code Sec 415 allows in state
                 service by mail in lieu of personal service.
                 \_ and you recalled wrong. If you actually read the code
                    you still need to attempt to serve in person first and
                    THEN mail a copy. Look, buddy, I work at a law firm,
                    we have to go through a process server or through a
                    3rd party who's over 18 years of age. If the OP's
                    location is unknown you have to do a due diligence
                    search and show the court
                    before appearing. Serving papers in-state can get messy.
                    Also, you can't just leave the papers in a mailbox when
                    serving, you usually have to make best-efforts attempts
                    at contacting the OP someone who can give it to the OP
                    like a landlord or a relative.
                 \_ You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, this doesn't
                    usually work with things like this because the OP can
                    just ignore it and after 20 days you'll have to server
                    them in person, which is why we never go through this
                    route and use process servers. -williamc
                    \_ Okay. I didn't know that. I just remember my civ
                       pro prof saying that in ca, you could use mail
                       for in state service but that some states don't
                       allow mail for in state service. thanks for
                       the info.
                 \_ Maybe we should deport you to Canada for saying something
                    williamc doesn't like....
                    \_ Well, let's just say that maybe we should deport people
                       who don't actually read the code carefully to Canada.
                       Hey, maybe you can get served through registered mail
                       within the province! -williamc
           \_ what law school do you attend?
        \_ Just she is posting things about you on the
           Internet, and you are posting things about her on the MOTD...I
           don't see much difference really...if she is reading these posts,
           she would probably consider it slandering too.
           \_ Now there is a stupider than average comment.
           \_ It's only slander if it's not true.  -tom
              \_ what can we say about jvarga's claim that his ex is bitchy
                 and has made it her life's work to get back at him by lying
                 about him on her blog?
                 \_ Generally a statement has to be proveable true/false
                    to be actionable. The statement that she is 'bitchy' is
                    probably not actionable b/c it is basically an opinon,
                    or an insult. Similarly the statement that it is "her
                    life's work" is also not actionable b/c it is basically
                    hyperbole and no one would really think that she had
                    made it her life's work to get jvarga.
                    Now the statement that she is 'lying' might be actionable
                    if she is not lying. However, if we assume that jvarga
                    is telling the truth (probably a safe assumption), then
                    the statement is not actionable.
              \_ actually, some states that still use common law will find
                 slander even when the statement is true IF the person who
                 made the statement acted out of ill will (assuming that
                 there are no 1st amd limits).
           \_ Responding to a defamatory comment or asking for information
              regarding such comments is considered 'self-help' and is in
              generally not considered defamatory on its own.
2005/3/24-28 [Computer/Blog] UID:36856 Activity:nil
3/24    Any good suggestions for a free place to host pictures for
        other people to see?  I'd like to put up 1024x768, at least.
           \_ any opinions on flickr? any space limit or time limit on images?
              \_ you have a monthly upload limit unless you pay $40+/year.
        \_ <- this is actually the name of a freesite
2004/5/5 [Computer/Blog] UID:30015 Activity:high
5/5     I understand why girls blog. They need to communicate and share
        their feelings and all. But why do guys blog?
        \_ Because they want to communicate about their job.
           \_ Research tool, mostly.  It's a way to keep links to things I
              like in one place on the web, and it's as easy to maintain as a
              bookmarks page.
        \_ Comes in handy when you haven't seen a friend in a few years
           and they want to know what's up. -bz
           \_ You bought a house, Babob?  And a DDR machine!  Wow!
2004/4/12 [Computer/Blog] UID:13148 Activity:nil
4/12    USE BLOG! -dwc
        \_ ok
2003/9/12 [Computer/Blog] UID:10172 Activity:nil
9/12    Is blogging available on soda?
        \_ blogging?  Yes, you have a public web page.
2003/6/12 [Computer/Blog] UID:28713 Activity:moderate
6/11    Do CSUAers blog?  Why isn't there a csua blogging facility?
        \_ this is something I'd like to see
        \_ plenty of CSUA'ers blog.
           \_ but not on csua?
        \_ blogging is for the unemployed.  why would you want to blog?  it's
           so 2002.
        \_ I set up a blog in the hopes that i would write more, but all i
           ever end up doing is posting links to, and random one line whining
           about, stupid shit there.
           \_ like most 'bloggers'.
           \_ I only use my blog as a web-based repository for research
              material and things I think I might use in stories.
              \_ That's not a blog.  It sounds useful, unlike a blog.
                 \_ Cf.
              \_ If that's what use it for, I think a wiki system may work
                 better than a blog.
        \_ csua doesn't need to have a blogging facility.  go install
           movable type or something.  it's easy enough.
           \_ Where is it in the ports tree?
2003/3/23 [Computer/Blog] UID:27811 Activity:nil
3/22    Is there any blog-style software that would allow me to blog on soda?
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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