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2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/11/28-12/18 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Academia/UCLA] UID:54539 Activity:nil
        We are #3! We are #3! Go beah!!!
2011/8/3-27 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/UCLA] UID:54155 Activity:nil
8/3     Berkeley now ranks 70, while UCLA ranks 50. Williams College
        is #1.
        \_ Forbes hates public education. A less ideologically biased ranking
           has Berkeley at 22 (which is still a fall from the golden years):
  (US News and World Report)
           \_ how high was it in golden years?
              \_ We were ranked #5 in 1983.
                 \_ seriously??? URL?
2011/3/14-4/20 [Academia/UCLA] UID:54059 Activity:nil
3/14    UCLA girls are HOT HOT HOT:
        \_ snooze snooze snooze
        \_ ASU || UNC >>> UCLA
           this has got to be the funniest sh***
2010/2/4-3/4 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:53690 Activity:nil
2/4     UCB 19th in private donations for 2009 behind #1 Stanford and #9 UCLA. (LA Times)
        List of Top 20: (Wall Street Journal)
        \_ advice to UCB fundraiser committee: Ask not how you can
           get more donations. Ask why you are not getting donations.
        \_ why the fuck should i donate to a place that told me my undergrad
           ass wasn't really who they were trying to teach?
           \_ look buddy, everyone felt the same way at Cal. This is
              why it's been going down for the past 2 decades. It's
              a sad legacy of the damn place getting damn too big.
              \_ well then I have this to say unto Cal:
                 "You reap what you sow.  You have heard of this phrase?"
                     Probably not, the bible is banned @Cal. _/
2010/1/7-19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:53615 Activity:nil
        UCLA is ranked above Berkeley. UCSD is ranked above
        Berkeley. Irvine is ranked one below Berkeley.
        Berkeley has seriously gone done in the past
        two decades. I'm not surprised.
        \_ These aren't "best schools" these are "best value" rankings.
           The UCs are all very close but it looks like there is more
           financial aid available for UCSD and UCLA students.
        \_ I have taken CS classes at both UCLA and UCB. UCB has a much higher
           caliber of students, both undergrad and grad. Does that mean
           you learn more? Not really. It means it's harder to get good
           grades, though, and so I think a UCB degree means more.
2009/9/26-10/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:53404 Activity:kinda low
9/26    Cal vs. Oregon:  Were you surprised? </sarcasm>
        \_ I was not surprised the Oregon scored 42 points. I was surprised
        \_ I was not surprised that Oregon scored 42 points. I was surprised
           that Cal only scored 3.
        \_ Not surprised they lost. Surprised at what a thorough ass-kicking it
           was on both sides of the ball. Cal couldn't even put up a TD.
           Riley is not a good QB and that was apparent last year.
        \_ Does anyone have a good explanation for why Cal sucks so badly on
           the road? I just read in the paper yesterday that Tedford is 0-7
           against USC and UCLA in SoCal.
           \_ Most college teams suck on the road, not just Cal. Cal is probably
              a bit worse than most, but not by much. I have been to all but one
              of those LA road losses, btw and am going to the UCLA game in
              two weeks.
        \_ So who is going to win the Cal vs. USC game, smart guy?
        \_ People who love sports have 10-15 lower IQ than people who don't.
           \_ URL?
              Here's one that shows IQ and alcohol consumption are correlated:
              \_ Richard Feynman loved alcohol (though he stopped drinking as
                 he got older). What does that mean?
                 \_ Did you read the article? The higher the IQ, the more
                    alcohol. Your anecdote supports that.
                    \_ yes but then he stopped drinking altogether
           \_ Tell that to Glenn Seaborg.
2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/2/8-15 [Academia/OtherSchools, Academia/UCLA] UID:52534 Activity:moderate
2/8     Why does UC suck so hard? I did undergrad at UCB and I hated it.
        Professors couldn't teach, class workload was high, and the system
        was designed to "weed out" students and demoralize them rather
        than teach and encourage them. I always got lower grades than I
        deserved for the amount of work I put in. I don't know if this was
        because of the curve which insists that 50% of students should get
        C's and only 10% A's or what, but my GPA was mediocre and
        self-confidence shattered. After UCB I took classes at another
        (private) school, maybe not quite as good at UCB but Top 50 in
        order to remedy my "academic deficiencies". I got straight A's
        there and was usually one of the top 1-2 students in the class.
        Professors seemed to like to teach and when they gave exams they were
        on the concepts they told you that you should know. This is not
        the same thing as spoonfeeding answers, but just telling you what
        was important to know and what wasn't so that you don't waste time
        trying to memorize 500 pages of the text. So I finally got my GPA
        up and had the choice of a couple of different grad schools, one
        of which was UCLA. This is my first year at UCLA and it is like
        Cal all over again! Massive amounts of work to get a B-,
        professors who sneer at your inadequacies, and a tendency to give
        exam problems on exactly the material that was not covered in
        homework which means you have to read (and remember) 500 pages of
        technical text in 4.5 weeks and there is no chance to know if you
        are grokking the material not covered in homework until the exam.
        I am in the middle of the pack of my peers and getting discouraged
        again. I've started to talk to a few of them and for many of them
        they have taken the same class *BEFORE* at some other school. One guy
        told me he had taken it *AT UCLA* as an undergrad and got a C and now
        wants to retake it. Well, shit. I guess the school shouldn't care
        how you got to a certain level, but the playing field seems messed
        up to me. I was talking to a friend in grad school at a prestigious
        private school and he said it's not like UCLA at all. That same
        friend went to an exclusive liberal arts college for undergrad and
        then started grad school at UC Irvine, which he also hated, before
        switching. So it seems to me that the problem is with UC. My prof
        even told me he has battled the department about making some
        changes (such as having 2 midterms instead of 1 because of the
        amount of material covered) to no avail. Since UC recruits from the
        same pool of professors as every other school then why is learning
        at UC such a bitch? I told my professor I think I want out and to go
        to a private school, which is when he confided the above to me.
        Were all UC professors beaten as children? Is it some State thing?
        They seem to really enjoy watching you fail and only cater to the
        top 5% they see as elite enough to join their ranks. Yes, this is
        how academia is, but why isn't it like that elsewhere? Two classmates
        that went to much, much worse (by reputation) private schools for
        undergrad got their PhDs from Harvard and USC, crediting their
        professors for refusing to let them fail or quit and encouraging them
        and pushing them to achieve the best they can do. They love their
        professors/advisor and will probably donate $$$ back to their school.
        What I want to donate to UC is a swift kick in the ass.
        \_ I knew all of this when I went to UC Berkeley. I went anyways,
           because I couldn't get into any other school. I have to say
           your experience will vary greatly depending on your personality.
           If you're seriously upbeat in nature and have a thick skin,
           it'll work out greatly. But if you're just exploring and
           trying to understand yourself, it's not a very nurturing
           place to be at.
        \_ Totally agree with what you're saying. In the corporate world,
           your super l33+ coding skills don't mean much. CONFIDENCE wins a
           lot, like promotions and leadership. Cal totally lacks this. It's
           a great place to know how to hack. Great place to do publications
           and to get into academia. Not a great place to climb up
           in the corporate world.
        \_ Maybe you should stick with community colleges.  They seem to be
           more your speed.
           \_ Thanks, UC Professor! I'm surprised you didn't let me know
              Wendy's is hiring! I don't want to miss out on that opportunity!
        \_ I went to Caltech and UC both for undergrad and while the classes
           were smaller at Caltech, it was also a much harder workload. The UC
           is a really sink or swim kind of place. You don't think people are
           paying an extra $100k for a private school education for nothing,
           do you? Why did you go to UCLA at all, given your experiences, it
           sounds like you would have prefered a private school. Did you not
           want to pay the extra cost? -ausman
           \_ I think Caltech undergrad is an extreme example. Caltech is also
              known for being brutal to its students for no good reason. I know
              lots of people who went to Caltech and are now underachieving
              because Caltech destroyed them. That's not a plus in favor
              of Caltech. However, consider a school like Pomona College (where
              my acquaintance who tried UCI went) or Stanford. No one would
              consider them easy and yet the attitude is not "us" (professors)
              versus "them" students. They want their alumni to succeed. I went
              to UCLA figuring that: 1) It might be different, 2) Maybe
              the problem at UCB was my own creation. However, it's shocking
              how these first quarters at UCLA at like being at UCB all over
              again. Factor in all the standard UC bureaucracy and I probably
              will transfer to a private school. Cost was an issue, but
              not the main issue. UCLA's strengths were more closely aligned
              with my research interests than others I was accepted into.
              I think seeing how much UCLA is like UCB crystallized that:
              1) Somehow these issues are endemic to UC
              2) UC doesn't work for me
              However, what troubles me is *why* when I was able to get along
              just fine at other universities that just happened to be private.
              To me it seems like a problem worth investigating and fixing,
              because we waste a lot of talent at UC, just like Caltech
              wastes a lot of the top minds in the country. At least Caltech
              doesn't have an obligation to the public to educate, though.
              \_ Stanford doesn't seem all that different from Berkeley.
                 There are both asshole profs and nice ones. I'm not entirely
                 sure where you get this idea of UC being super different.
                 Maybe your problem is self-fulfilling prophecy.
                 \_ It's not really the profs. UCLA's profs are sometimes very
                    understanding. At UCB I would say I had too many profs
                    that were TAs or else visitors who didn't at all know what
                    the students had/had not covered leading to disjoint
                    curriculum because the tenured profs didn't like to
                    teach, but not that they were assholes necessarily.
                    However, the administration at private schools wants
                    students to succeed and more often listens to their
                    input. When a student at UCB wants to leave no one cares.
                    When a student elsewhere wants to leave they want to know
                    what went wrong and how they can fix it. Privates are
                    constantly reviewing the curriculum and addressing
                    deficiencies in order to retain students and be sure
                    that their alums succeed and bring glory to the
                    school. UC points to the 2% who succeed through sheer
                    god-given brilliance and claims that their system is
                    working and the other 98% must just be stupid and not
                    worth educating. Students at UC seem to have much less
                    leverage over the faculty, which is why teachers like
                    HH Wu are still teaching and there are Korean TAs teaching
                    who don't even speak any English. When the students at
                    privates complain the school does something like pair up
                    a non-native speaking TA with a native speaking TA or
                    whatever. You might call that coddling, but I call it
                    common sense. UC just doesn't care. Take it or leave it.
                    That's too bad. UC is really more a place to educate
                    yourself despite the school/faculty, not a place for them
                    to impart their knowledge to you. I think there's a much
                    less adversarial and more cooperative relationship at
                    Stanford from what I can see having talked to those
                    who attended and current professors there.
                    \_ Do you believe that only 2% of Cal students graduate?
                       \_ Muddling through the system will graduate you,
                          but it won't help you achieve your goals. Cal
                          students are bright and very motivated so they
                          deal, but it doesn't have to be that way.
                          Ironically, Cal profs I had outside of science
                          and engineering were usually extremely supportive
                          and interested in sharing their research and
                          promoting interest in their field. Science and
                          engineering profs mostly wanted you to go away.
                          Exception were astronomy profs, who always
                          seemed glad you came to office hours. Math profs
                          were the worst, often not even showing up to
                          office hours. Ridiculous.
                          \_ So it is not all UC profs that you think are bad,
                             just the science and engineering ones, right?
                             \_ Possibly. Too little experience in other
                                departments to say. I will say science and
                                engineering professors are worse in my
              \_ The UC does not have the resources to coddle students.
                 You never answered my question as to why people are willing
                 to pay so much more for private school. I think the answer
                 to your quesions are obvious.
                 to your questions are obvious.
                 \_ People are willing to pay a lot more for a lot of reasons,
                    one of which is snob appeal. State schools have a bad
                    reputation which is probably deserved in most cases,
                    although not necessarily deserved by good publics like UC.
                    I don't want to speculate what motivates people to pay
                    more. Why don't you, since you already have (speculated)?
                    It's partially a resource issue, but I think it's
                    cultural. Even if you gave UC 3x the budget the mentality
                    would not change, IMO.
              \_ The UC does not have the resources to coddle students.
                 You never answered my question as to why people are willing
                 to pay so much more for private school. I think the answer
                 to your quesions are obvious.
                    \_ I think it is obvious: you get a better education at
                       an expensive private school, that is why people are
                       willing to pay more for it. With the much higher teacher
                       student ratios, the money for better labs, better
                       libraries, full time live in professional advisors in
                       the dorms, more tutors, etc, you *should* get a better
                       education. I think your claim that the UC would do the
                       same job with 3X the resources is ludicrous. Do you know
                       any public college in the US that has the climate you
                       found at private school?
                       \_ Well, you said it: UC provides a poor education.
                          \_ I don't really disagree with you, though I would
                             use the word "mediocre" rather than poor. The
                             best, most inspiring teachers I had were the ones
                             at San Diego Community College, which is where I
                             went between Caltech and UCB. I learned much more
                             at the UC though, but that was outside the class
                             room, in The Web, from other students, etc. I also
                             learned how to fend for myself, which is a pretty
                             useful skill to have in life.
                \_ I don't believe that you know "lots of people who went to
                   Caltech and are now underachieving" since they admit less
                   than 300 people per year. How many do you know?
                   \_ A lot. I've known people at Caltech since I was in
                      high school through a mentor-type program and I know a
                      lot of alums who also know alums: both grad students
                      and undergrads. I would say I've met probably 100-200+
                      alums: maybe more than any other school other than UCB.
                      I even know some current grad students and current
                      and ex-faculty. I also have a membership at the
                      Athenaeum. They are not all underachievers, but many are
                      relative to their potential. In fact, I fired one that
                      worked for me. I don't think that Caltech brings out the
                      best in its students. I think a lot are exceptional and
                      do well in spite of Caltech, but I also know a lot that
                      don't even really have careers and just kind of drift
                      from one thing to another. BTW, lots of Caltech
                      students have the same opinion of Caltech and helped
                      shape my opinion of it. Many complain that Caltech
                      ruined their GPA. A surprising number who did undergrad
                      never went to grad school because of this. That's
                      sad, because I think most of them, if not all, are
                      capable. I think Caltech has among the highest % of
                      undergrads who then go get their PhD but they should
                      given who is accepted so that's a little misleading.
                      85% of Caltech undergrads graduate versus 97% at
                      Harvard. Do you think it's because Harvard students
                      are smarter? That Harvard spends more $$$? (Caltech
                      spends $200K per student.) It's pure culture.
                      \_ What percentage of Caltech graduates go on to get
                         PhD's vs. Harvard UG? Do you think the grad schools
                         don't know how tough the grading scale is at places
                         like UCB and Caltech? If you are sure you want to go
                         \_ I suspect no. Not at least, for say econ PhD
                            admissions. If you got a GPA of say 3.3, you're
                            screwed as rarely a top 30 department will bother
                            with your file. Usually it doesn't matter that you
                            have completed a bunch of honors or graduate
                            courses, have a math double major, good LoR, etc. I
                            know this based on my personal experience.
                            \_ I have heard otherwise, at least as regards to
                               Physics graduate schools. How were your test
                               scores? I am kind of surprised to hear that
                               you could not get into a good grad school with
                               a 3.3 from Cal. What was your UG major?
                         to grad school in science then Caltech is a good place
                         to go, if you don't know what you want to do with your
                         life and need some time to figure it out, it is a
                         terrible place. UCB is the same, just not as extreme.
        \_ I always summed it up as: "At Berkeley, you have a right to fail,"
           which was a refreshing contrast to HS, where you were coddled and
           reprimanded for not turning in a HW, even if you got 100% on all
           the tests. Also, by "refreshing" I mean a C- in my first semester
           math course (Math 53) because I had the bad habit of not doing
           HW, and then never really learned the material. Separately, I
           thought almost all the CS profs at Cal were good (Smith was the
           exception). What CS profs had curves and were not supportive of
           \_ I didn't take a lot of CS. I had Yelick and BH and Hilfinger
              and they were all OK. I took a lot of physics, math, chemistry,
              and engineering classes. I wasn't a CS major.
              \_ Physics seemed to have a combo of great and terrible profs.
                 7A in particular seemed to have good profs. Also, I've heard
                 only good things about profs that taught H7[ABC]. I only
                 had bad math profs. EE was mixed as well. What are
                 "engineering" classes? E45, E190? E190 was a great class.
                 \_ 7ABC all sucked. Dalven, Lys, and I cannot even
                    remember who else. I also had Clancy for CS now that
                    someone else mentioned him and he did the absolute
                    minimum. `
           \_ I had bad math profs and mostly bad chem profs, but mostly good
              bio profs and a really great biophysics advisor. (Glasser)
           \_ As a current undergrad, I must say every CS prof I've had
              so far has been pretty much awesome (with the
              exceptions of Clancy who basically didn't teach and instead
              left us to suffer with some godforsaken "web 2.0 teaching"
              thing... damn you UCWise, and Bodik who seemed like a
              smart guy but had the worst 164 curriculum ever (it was
              basically a "who can come up with the ugliest Greasemonkey
              hack class)
              Current list - Brian Harvey (61a), Dan Garcia (61c),
              Anthony Joseph (162), John Wawrzyneck (150), Michael
              Franklin (186), Dan Klein (188), and also Babak Ayazifer
              (EE20) have all been decent (and some of them very
              excellent) professors.  I have Patterson as my faculty
              adviser and he's been great too.  Maybe you just chose the
              wrong profs?  I've also had very good TAs for
              61a,c,162,and 150.  (Some grad some ugrad).
              Just a current student's opinion...  --steven
              \_ You obviously never had Alex Aiken. Charming personality,
                 awesome slides, horrible lecturer/speaker, does not care
                 about students (hates office hours).
        \_ At UCB, my best learning experiences were summer classes, less than
           30 students, taught by TAs.
           I took a class at Stanford.  It wasn't that different from UCB.
           The exams tried to throw twists at you so you couldn't directly
           apply what they actually taught in class, you'd have to figure
           new stuff out, and you don't have enough time.  In any case
           most of the class basically fails miserably so it's curved and
           you end up with like a B+ anyway.  The project was pretty wimpy
           in terms of time compared to engineering class projects at Cal.
           Stanford did have a strong student feedback mechanism and the
           prof changed some things in response to ongoing feedback.
           I would have doubts about sending a kid of mine to Cal as an
           undergrad.  I wasn't really happy at Cal, it was huge and I
           wasn't motivated to trudge to classes each day.  The whole
           "giant lecture hall" class style is pretty bad in general though.
           The pace is too slow or too fast and often the fancy professors
           are bored/boring.
             'furd had a nice online archived video system in place though.
           You could watch all the stuff on video, complete with a closeup
           view of what the teachers write, and you can replay it at multiple
           speeds with pitch-corrected sound, which definitely helped me
           stay awake and zip through boring bits but still hear them.
           \_ +1, my SITN experience parallels with yours. It's really great
              to log into one of their empty, powerful workstations to do work.
              I really hated having to fight through my ways in Cory Hall and
              Evans which most of you don't even remember. Stanford had superb
              computing facilities, and their professors really take the time
              to talk to you even though the classes were still big (40-80ish).
        \_ I agree with everything above. Well said. Berkeley fucks its
           students in the ass. No doubt about that. But then, so does
           every flagship state university. The only difference is
           that due to being the top state university in the country,
           may be in the world, at Berkeley you get the rat race
           experience of all flagship state schools SQUARED, and many
           other UC campuses are not that far behind. I remember how I
           had to fight like mad to get a B+ or A- even in a frigin
           Rhetoric 1B or History 7B class. Lots of professors look
           for ways to screw the students and lower their grades. I
           have utter respect for UCB undergrads in the hard majors
           who maintain a GPA above say 3.7.  At the same time, I do
           suspect that many of Cal's B+ students would probably
           strive somewhere at an Ivy League school, have a 3.95 GPA,
           beautify CV with multiple research experiences, graduate
           with honors, get glowing LoR from professors, and have no
           problems joining top graduate programs. At the same time, I
           wouldn't take it for granted that an average "honors"
           student from a private school (which is most students they
           have since most get some kind of honors) like Stanford or
           Ivies would necessarily even have a 3.5 GPA at Cal. I might
           want to add that things are not as bad as it might sound.
           You just need to learn how to navigate the system by the
           end of your second year or so. For example, most upper
           division courses in both of my majors (math/econ) had 30
           students or less (or had honors or advanced versions of
           those courses with small enrollements). I had no problems
           registering for undergraduate seminars with only 10
           students, which allowed for very good close interaction
           with professors. Most professors who taught my upper
           division courses really cared about teaching and did a
           pretty good job.
2008/8/22-29 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/GradSchool] UID:50942 Activity:nil
8/22    College ranking again:
        Stanfraud: #4
        Cal:       #21
        \_ What. The. Fuck. They told me Cal is as good as Furd. They lied.
        \_ Proof that privatized education >>> Public education.
           Jackie Johnson is hot.
        \_ UCLA #25. Uh...
        \_ The US News rankings double- and triple-count advantages for
           private universities; they count endowments, and then lots of
           things that endowments buy you.  -tom
           \_ An interesting thing was to look at the rank as given by
              guidance counselors. While not infallible, it's a different
              Of course, Forbes did their own ranking this year and put
              Stanford at #23 and Cal at #73 (!).
              \_ URL? Forbes did a "how much do graduates make at mid-career"
                 ranking and Cal was something like 20th.
                    Where's the URL you saw?
                       Cal is #1 for public universities
                       \_ And #12 overall
              \_ Forbes has no public universities in the top 60, and has
                 such luminaries as Kalamazoo College higher than any
                 public university.  Their rankins are bunk.  -tom
                 \_ UVA is #43
                    \_ Ah, missed that.  So it's only Cooper Union, Kenyon
                       College, and Franklin and Marshall that are better
                       than any public university.  And of course Swarthmore
                       and Williams are better than Yale, MIT, and Columbia.
                       And something called "Centre College" in Kentucky is
                       better than MIT, University of Chicago, Stanford,
                       and all public universities.  Bunk.  If you invent
                       a metric, you have to see if it passes the smell test
                       before you make a fool of yourself by publishing it.
             \_ "Of course, no ranking system is perfect, but for Forbes to
                publish and promote a list of rankings that are based 50
                percent on "Who's Who..." (a for-profit corporation that
                makes its money getting its "invitees" to pay a fee to have
                their names published in its vanity publication) and "Rate
                My Professors" (a self-selected website that represents, at
                most, 1-to-2 percent of any given college's student population)
                is beyond incomprehensible. It is inexcusable. Forbes owes
                everyone in this country an apology and explanation, as do
                the so-called "academic statisticians" who lent their
                "credibility" to this publication."
                \_ URL?
2008/8/21-26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:50926 Activity:low
8/21    Top 10 American universities by 2008 Olympic participants:
        1. Stanford: 46
        2. (tie) USC: 41
        2. (tie) Cal: 41
        4. Florida: 34
        5. UCLA: 32
        6. Auburn: 31
        7. Arizona: 27
        8. (tie) Texas: 22
        8. (tie) Michigan: 22
        10. UNC: 20
        \_ Is American Fish Monster from Berkeley?
           \_ You mean "celebrity athlete with personality of carp?"
              \_ He is the fastest swimmer in the world.  Why does he need
                 a bubbly television personality?  Kobe Bryant is a
                 goddamn rapist.  Why don't we call him 'celebrity
                 basketball rapist?'
                 \_ Why not? Kobe's an ass.
                    \_ "God is a Warriors fan, Satan loves the Lakers.
                        God is a Warriors fan, Kobe is a rapist."
            \_ No, but Natalie Coughlin (total babe) is.
        \_ الله أَكْ!
           \_ no, but Natalie Coughlin is, and she's a total babe.
              \_ Where's our pole vaulter?
                  \_ Huh huh hhuh huh, you said pole.
2008/3/14-17 [Academia/UCLA] UID:49460 Activity:nil
3/14    Someone please repost the link to home affordability charts?
        I need a proof from the UCLA professor that there will be a crash
        to prevent my wife from whining about this new condo that we can
        barely afford even though it's $50K cheaper than last year.
        \_ (
2008/2/16-21 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:49170 Activity:moderate
2/16    Snobs use google, normal people use yahoo:
        \_ (
        \_ I know a few conservatives who hate Google (liberal company)
           and use Yahoo as the less liberal alternative.
        \_ I don't know anyone who uses Yahoo search.  I know Yahoo
           employees.  I know zillionaires.  I know poor people.  I know
           people who are a few dollars from living in their car.
           They all use Google Search.
        \_ In another news, smart people prefer the Bay Area, and dumb
           people are stuck in Los Angeles.
           \_ True story.  -- ilyas
              \_ URL to support your claim?
              \_ True as in Berkeley/Stanford rejects go to UCLA, UCI
                 UCSD, and (laugh) UCR?
                 \_ Stanford rejects go to Cal. Let's be honest here.
                    \_ I always thought that the system was that the
                       rich kids Stanford rejects go to USC, the asian
                       kids Cal rejects go to UCLA, Davis rejects end
                       up at UCI/UCR and the asian kids with cool
                       parents go to UCSD.
                       \_ Stanford kids are actually smarter than USC
                          kids. It's more like Stanford rejects go to
                          the east cast, Cal rejects go to UCLA, Asian
                          kids who couldn't make it to any of the above
                          go to UCI or San Diego, and all the rejects
                          who don't want to go to CSUs go to Riverside,
                          Santa Barbara, or Santa Cruz. In terms of
                          UCB > UCLA > (UCD|UCI|UCSD) > UCSB > UCSC > UCR
                          UCSD for some reason attracts a lot of Republican/
                          conservative and UCR attracts a lot of dumb asses
                          \_ San Diego is a conservative area relative to the
                             rest of the state.
                    \_ When I applied to CS grad school in 1993, I got rejected
                       by Cal but accepted by $tanfurd.
                       \_ You end up going to Stanford?
                          \_ No, I ended up getting a job.
                       \_ Grad school is something else entirely. I was
                          talking about undergrad.
                 \_ Another true story. -- ilyas
                    \_ Ilyas is a dumb reject.
                       \_ Another true story. -- !ilyas
                       \_ Yup. -- ilyas
                          \_ Ilyas loves it when people sign
                             his name. Yup. -- ilyas
                             his name. Yup.
                             \_ No, that was actually me. -- ilyas
                                \_ But not me.  -- !ilyas
2006/11/4-6 [Academia/UCLA] UID:45164 Activity:low
11/04   Notre Dame sucks.  Got killed by a not-that-great Michigan team.
        Should've gotten killed by Michigan State, if it weren't for their
        terrible head coach.  Should've lost to mediocre UCLA.  Not looking
        dominant against a bad North Carolina team.  Allowed the worst
        Stanford team in history to hang around for a while.  And yet, due
        to a weak schedule, this crappy Notre Dame team, even if they lose
        to USC, will probably end up in a BCS game.  Nice.
        \_ How is Michigan not-that-great? Compared to whom? Cal? OSU?
           \_ Compared to Ball State.
2006/10/29-30 [Academia/UCLA, Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Sports] UID:45025 Activity:nil
10/29   Sucks so bad that USC lost. It was Cal's best chance for a BCS
        bid. -- USC student, Cal fan.
        \_ Fuck all of you assholes.  -Berkeley alum, who couldn't give two
           shits about "Cal".
           \_ Fuck you, too.
        \_ I don't see how it makes a difference. If USC won, Cal would still
           need to beat USC to go to the Rose Bowl. Now, Cal needs to beat
           USC to go to the Rose Bowl. If Cal loses against USC, they wouldn't
           be going to a BCS bowl whether USC beat OrSt or not.
           \_ The argument is that if USC went to the Championship game,
              then Cal could finish 2nd and still go to the Rose Bowl.
              I don't like that argument. If Cal goes to the Rose Bowl it
              should not be because USC is playing for a MNC. The loss
              helped Cal, because now Cal has a game "to give" if they
              beat USC and a chance to finish 1st even if they lose to USC
              (if someone else can beat USC, too).
        \_ My argument was that if USC stayed #3 and Cal beat them (handing
           USC their only loss), Cal would have a good chance of finishing
           Top 6 and getting a BCS bid. I didn't consider Cal losing to USC.
           \_ If Cal beats USC, Cal wins the Pac-10 and goes to the Rose Bowl.
              This was the case last week, and it's the case now.
           \_ Cal doesn't need to finish top 6 to get a BCS bid.  If Cal
              beats USC and has no more than one other Pac-10 loss, we are
              guaranteed to go to the Rose Bowl.  If we lose to USC but
              finish in the top 14 BCS rankings, we can still go to a BCS
              bowl--there's one more BCS bowl this year than there has been
              in the past, so the chances are much less that we'll be screwed
              like we were in 2004 (and Oregon in 2005).
              In any case, the focus should be on beating USC, which would
              make polls and tiebreakers unimportant.  -tom
              \_ The focus should be beating the next opponent, as UDub
                 showed. If we lose to Arizona and UCLA then who cares
                 about USC?
                 \_ Yeah, but now we can lose to one of them and still go.
2006/9/19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:44439 Activity:kinda low
9/19    Based on Cal's 35-18 loss against a good-but-not-great Tennessee
        team, 42-17 victory at home against a below average Big 10 team in
        Minnesota, and Cal's 42-16 victory at home against a lowly Division
        I-AA team in Portland State, what do you think Cal's regular season
        football record will be this year?

        10-2 (additional loss to 1 of USC & Oregon)
        9-3 (additional losses to USC & Oregon)
        8-4 (additional losses to USC, Oregon, & 1 of UCLA/ASU/OSU/UA/WSU)
        7-5 (additional losses to USC, Oregon, & 2 of UCLA/ASU/OSU/UA/WSU)
        6-6 (additional losses to USC, Oregon, $ 3 of UCLA/ASU/OSU/UA/WSU)

        I vote for 8-4.  We will lose badly to USC, and Tedford always has
        trouble vs. Oregon.  This Cal team has enough question marks that we
        will probably get upset on the road at either Oregon State, Arizona,
        or Washington State.  UCLA and ASU are overrated and Cal will likely
        beat both at home.  Going 4-1 against that group of 5 teams will be
        a good achievement for this group.  A 6-3 Pac 10 record probably puts
        us in the Sun Bowl in El Paso as the 3rd place Pac 10 team after USC
        (Rose Bowl) and Oregon (Holiday Bowl).  UCLA and ASU will probably
        end up at the Las Vegas Bowl and Emerald Bowl by finishing in 4th and
        \_ I vote for 7-5 and a return trip to Las Vegas.  Too many weaknesses
           on the offensive line and secondary.  Syd'Quan Thompson is going to
           cost us at least 1 more game.
        \_ LAS VEGAS BABY! -ausman
        \_ You guys are optimists.  6-6 is probably realistic.  Nate Longshore
           is not the answer at QB, no matter how many stats he runs up
           against D-IAA opponents.
           \_ Longshore is better than Steve Levy, who won three games
              including a bowl game in 2005.  We'll know more about how good
              the team is after this weekend.  -tom
              \_ Why is everyone forgetting Kyle Reed in the QB discussion?
                 \_ Because the coaching staff, which sees all the QBs all
                    the time, hasn't said anything to indicate he's even
                    being considered for the starting job.  -tom
2006/1/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/UCLA] UID:41516 Activity:low
        UCLA comes in 7th.
        \_ Stanford??? You've got to be kidding me. And where's Berkeley?
           The list is a fraud.
           \_ Dude, 8 out of 10 is pretty bad. And of course O of C has to
                be at the bottom.
           \_ Berkeley is home to some of the ugliest white chicks I
              ever saw. Lots of pretty "minority" women, though.
              \_ those pretty 'minority' women doesn't includes Chinese,
                 despite their sheer number.
                 \_ Berkeley has some extremely pretty African-American
                    women, in particular.
        \_ Is accurate?  I just looked, and some rather
           un-attractive women have pretty high scores.  Is it prone to
        \_ Note that it doesn't mean that UCLA is no 7 in the country. It's
           just a no7 in a sample of 10 schools, which is kind of less
           \_ i vaguely remember there is a OCF version of it.  what
                happened to that?  and where it is now if it still exist?
              \_ it was taken down due to various racist comments, and
                 probably also because the creator's picture kept getting
                 posted and he isn't exactly hot stuff.
           \_ Hotornot is strongly biased towards woman who show lots of skin.
        \_ They need to put UCSB on the list.
        \_ Are there no pictures, or am I missing something?
2005/12/1-6 [Academia/UCLA] UID:40809 Activity:moderate
12/2    Wow, current odds are USC over UCLA by 21.  Is it going to be that
        much of a beating?
        \_ Dunno. I don't have a crystal ball.
           \_ What a useful response.
              USC could certainly beat UCLA by 21; we scored 40 against them.
              But USC has been somewhat inconsistent.  I'd take UCLA+21.  -tom
              \_ I think this is worth a bet.  Is there a good way to bet on
                 this online or through the phone?
                 \_ start by not being an anonymous coward.  -tom
                    \_ huh?  I am asking for a sports betting place where
                       I can make some money betting on UCLA.  You seem
                       to think everyone is out to get you.
                       \_ You are lucky you didn't make
                          this bet. Tom saved you $100 by being a jerk! -ausman
                          \_ heh heh, he did.  thanks for the link.  Have
                             you used it before?    -ecc
        \_ Nah, it'll probably be a close game.
        \_ ouch! 66-19! what a drubbing.
2005/10/27-29 [Academia/UCLA] UID:40298 Activity:moderate
10/27   Appropros to an earlier conversation about SF High Schools:
        The worst of the top seven schools still rates a "7" on the
        statewide API rank, which puts it in the top 70% of high schools
        \_ Where does CA fall among other states and this country among
           other western nations?
        \_ The ranking for 2004 seems unavailable, but the 2003 API rankings
           for San Francisco are at .  Out of 16 high
           schools in San Francisco, 5 have a rank of 1, 3 have a rank of
           3, and 1 have a rank of 4.  The other 7 are ranked 7 to 10.  Ranks
           range from 1 to 10, with 1 lowest and 10 highest.
        \_ Is the API about "performance" or "improvement in performance"?
        \_ If you goal is just to get into a top US university, move to
           singapore and send your kid to raffles.  40% of 820 graduating
           students go to Ivy League schools or their equivalents, and
           that's just for the US.  Many others go to Cambridge and Oxford.
           school fees is US$8 per month.  90 of the 820 got accepted to
           Cornell.  This is according to a WSJ article:
           Of course, you cannot chew gum.
           Of course, you cannot chew gum.  I ditched raffles when I
           was in singapore cause my brother's chinese sucks and my
           parents think it's the school's fault, so I went to a second
           parents think it's the school's fault, and also because
           we hate schools named after british imperialist colonizer
           sir stamford raffles the evil one, so I went to a second
           rate high school, and ended up in second rate berkeley
           university.  but hey, at least I have good chinese, and got
           myself quite a few cute girls from taiwan.
           \- i actually think if you are not totally stupid you might be
           \- i think if you are not totally stupid you might be
              able to get into harvard by moving to say Kiribati for your
              senior year of high school so Harvard can say "we have students
              from country++ number of countries". --psb
                \_ I didn't get into UCLA because they said they were over
                   their quota of out-of-state students.  My rejection stated
                   that in an apologetic tone.
                   \_ wait, UCLA is harder to get into than UCB now??
                      \_ Yes. All the would be MIT and Caltech geeks
                         Googled and researched their chance on getting
                         laid with hot women and found that UCLA gave them
                         an advantage they wouldn't normally have in
                         other schools.
                      \_ That's the whole point, it's NOT harder yet I didn't
                         get in, but I got into Berkeley.
              \_ Should be "we have students from ++country number of
                 countries". :-)
2005/10/27-28 [Academia/UCLA] UID:40287 Activity:low
        The Californian on Wilshire Blvd. is a luxurious condo development.
        It is completely sold yet the building is not even done. At a
        starting price of 1.5 million dollars per unit, I wonder what
        kind of people buy these condos.
        \_ This is only a few blocks from UCLA. You can't buy a house in the
           Wilshire/UCLA area for less than 1.5 mil. A 50 year old 2000
           sq ft house 1/2 mile away from UCLA starts at 2.5 mil. So actually
           this is pretty cheap by the Westwood standard. People are rich.
           I see really REALLY nice cars on Sunset driving slowly and stopping
           and talking to really pretty young girls on Sunset and Belair all
           the time. Some of the girls are probably still in college.
        \_ I have a friend who owned a condo on Wilshire before he sold it
           to buy a $4 million house in Beverly Hills. He owns his own
           company (tax consulting) with about 100 employees. His neighbor
           was a fashion designer with 7 exotic cars down in the garage.
           Tyra Banks used to own one there. So did/does Barbara Sinatra.
           In a nutshell: wealthy people do! Duh! Lots of times as second
           homes, too.
           \_ This makes me depressed.  --- coding monkey
              \_ Why?  I know code monkeys who live in Atherton mansions
                 or own fleets of Ferraris.  (OK, they are very good code
                 monkeys.)  Being a code monkey doesn't make you not rich;
                 being not rich makes you not rich.
        \_ A friend bought a condo in Las Vegas under similar circumstances
           then sold for 3x before the project completed. It's a game of hot
           potato; sometimes you win, sometimes you get burned.
        \_ My guess is that it will get cancelled after all the people
           speculating on condos cancel their reservations and lose their
           deposit money.
2005/10/9-10 [Academia/UCLA] UID:40030 Activity:very high
10/9    UCLA and thier football team can burn!!!
        Anybody else watch?  If not for thier #21 Drew they wouldn't have
        scored half thier points. -mrauser
        \_ Fuck off.  The only universities for whose football programs I have
           any respect are University of Chicago and Caltech.
        \_ Cal didn't deserve to win the game. Our QB sucks, our special teams
           sucks. And even if we did win, we still wouldn't beat USC given
           that we couldn't stop Drew who's a poor man's Reggie Bush.
           \_ Yeah, they couldn't score half the time in the red zone.
              Let's face it, Cal football just isn't up to par to the likes
              of UCLA and USC. We have never been and will never be known
              as a football school. Anyway, I don't really give a crap
              because compared to our academics both schools blow chunks.
                \_ Up to par with UCLA?! are you kidding? why don't you
                   check out our record against them for the past few years.
                   \_ Uhm, hate to burst your bubble, but in the past, what
                      forty to fifty years Cal hasn't appeared once in the
                      Rose Bowl, while UCLA has shown up about half a dozen
                      times, and they won it twice. UCLA also produced
                      Troy Aikman and also has the winningest coach in
                      Pac 10 history. Cal hasn't won a title since the
                      Pac 10 became the Pac 10 and you'd have to go back
                      to the early fifties to find Cal in a Rose Bowl
                      game. As for overall athletics, UCLA has the most
                      NCAA championships in the nation. And don't even
                      compare Cal football to USC. The whole purpose of
                      USC is to have a football program, that and I suppose
                      the medical center in downtown to serve all the poor
                      folks. Heck, Cal's record is probably worse than
                        \_ you forgot film school
                      Stanford overall. When we actually win a Rose Bowl
                      in our lifetime, that's when I would consider Cal
                      to have a football program on par with UCLA/USC.
                      BTW, Cal has NEVER won a Rose Bowl under the Pac-10.
                      You'd have to go all the way back to the 1920s to
                      find Cal winning a Bowl.
           \_ For a little historical perspective, Street & Smith's recently
              published their "50 Greatest College Football Programs of All
              Time". In the Pac-10, USC was 2, Washington 20, Cal 27, UCLA 31,
              Stanford 33. Personally, I would agree that over the past 50
              years UCLA has had a more impressive program, but our Pappy
              Waldorf and Wonder Team squads were better than anything UCLA
              has ever put on the field.
              \_ let's talk about the modern era, please.
                  \_ Well, since the modern era begins after the mid-18th
                  \_ Since 1990, Cal is 9-7 against UCLA, and 6-8-1 against
                     USC.  -tom
                     \_ yea, but before 1990, Cal had not beaten UCLA for like
                        15 years or something.  Still, the current team isn't
                        too bad.  Those two backs are superb.  All we need is
                        a good quarterback, and a little tweaking with the D.
                        Or we can try calling all run plays like the
                        Nebraska team of a few years back, and see how that
                        goes.  Tedford is a good coach, but I think he got
                        out play-called in the UCLA game.
                        \_ let's talk about the modern era, please.  -tom
                           \_ sorry young man, but my memory dates back to
                              before 1990.
2005/9/12-14 [Academia/UCLA] UID:39643 Activity:nil
9/12    Blackouts in parts of LA. How you doing down there ucla guy?
        \_ "Police officers will only be responding to calls where there is a
           threat to life."
           threat to white women."
           Time to rape your hot female neighbor and steal the Porsche down the
        \_ which guy? There are over 5 ucla guys on motd. Anyways there is
           no black out. We have our own generator. Ditto with UCLA Medical,
           they have one of the newest and best backup equipments.
           \_ ucla guy is generic. Sorta like yermom, but easier and cheaper.
              \_ Cheaper?  My mom is free, you idiot!
                 \_ Crack doesn't grow on trees. Gotta get it from someplace.
2005/9/10-13 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:39620 Activity:kinda low
9/10    How does a university with Cal's academics manage to recruit as well
        as it has for Tedford the past couple years?
        \_ Academics and athletics are not mutually exclusive; Michigan
           has had a consistently successful football program, and sells
           out their 100K seat stadium for every game.  -tom
           \_ U. Mich? I've found that U. Mich people just like to talk
              about themselves a lot and how U. Mich is the greatest
              thing since sliced bread. You sure their academic
              reputation isn't just a lack of modesty?
              \_ You might want to read about 'statistics' and 'standardized
                 tests'.  Your post implies an egregious lack of understanding
                 tests'.  Your post implies a flagrant lack of understanding
                 about academic reputation and how it's derived.
                 \_ I've found these "statistics" and "standardized tests"
                    to be pure BS. The USNews reports use things like SAT
                    scores, GPA, alumni donation, and things that don't
                    really mean much to rank colleges. But results speak
                    for themselves. In the place where I work, the ones
                    that come from no-name colleges produce some of the
                    best results I've seen whle those from these top-notch
                    colleges are usually just full of themselves and can't
                    do jack shit. UMich people, for some reason, seem to
                    be the worst offenders.
                    \_ Right, studies which actually have quantitative metrics
                       are pure BS, while one person's subjective experience
                       is truth.
                       Oh and here's another hint; top universities do not
                       exist to churn out good workers.  -tom
                       \_ And you think these objective "quantitative
                          metrics" are a good indicator of academic
                          rigor? I really don't care how well any student
                          did on  their ACT/SAT, what their HS GPA is,
                          or how much alumni give to that school. Look
                          at Stanford. These kids work their ass of in HS
                          to get into that school. Their alumni donates
                          money like there''s not tomorrow. But they
                          also just slack off once the get in and are
                          guaranteed a 4.0 GPA. I haven't found many
                          Stanford students to be that stellar.
                       \_ I'm guessing your argument is that they exist
                          to promote intellectual progress in the form of
                          research and scholarly debate? Sure, for the
                          best and the brightest. A good professor might
                          not be a good worker bee. On the other hand, any
                          good professor is going to have to have a lot of
                          skills which make them good 'workers'. They just
                          fit into higher level jobs. I don't think you
                          can make a case that a university is a good one
                          if all of the people it turns out are poor
                          workers. It may not be the objective to turn out
                          good workers, but it seems to happen anyway.
                          \_ I'm guessing you're a moron.  Actually, no,
                             I'm not guessing.  -tom
                             \_ Way to defend your point - with an
                                ad-hominem and no facts.
                                \_ Sorry, the idea that schools should be
                                   measured based on what some anonymous coward
                                   perceives as the productivity of some
                                   people he's worked with is far too
                                   ridiculous to respond to.  -tom
                                   \_ I'm not the original poster and I
                                      *was* curious what your opinion is
                                     on this topic but I don't care now.
                                     \_ Funny how tom can manage to piss
                                        off people who might sympathize
                                        with him.
                                        \_ I don't need morons to sympathize
                                           with me.  -tom
                                           \_ Yeah, he's already got
                                              himself, and he's the
                                              biggest moron around!
              \_ According to USNews, Cal=#20, UCLA=#24, UMich=#25
        \_ Ob Todd Bozeman
2005/9/8-10 [Academia/UCLA] UID:39570 Activity:low
9/8     My understanding is that UC schools used to accept half of their
        students based on SAT I + SAT II + GPA*1000 (max score: 8000). I can't
        find anything on the web confirming this, as it seems like now
        admissions are more comprehensive:

        A friend of mine claims that his school would only accept 0-1 students
        to Berkeley (and UCLA) no matter what the caliber is, and I'm
        claiming BS (as that would be reverse affirmative action). Anyone know
        anything about either of our claims? #14 at the URL above could
        be seen as support for his claim:
                 Location of the student's secondary school and residence.
        \_ He's full of shit. For proof see how many students from large
           high schools go to UCLA or UCB. It's not 0-1.
           \_ The friend is probably saying his sk00l blows, out in the boonies
              but I agree that if his SATs are high (hard) and his GPA is high
              (easy being in the boonies), then there is no quota per se.
              I believe it's true that a high GPA at let's say Lowell HS
              is better than a high GPA at Podunk HS, but I don't know the
              conversion, and maybe I'm totally wrong.
              \_ Yes, this is what he was saying. She got into UCLA and UCB but
                 decided to go have fun at UCSB. She wasn't the validictorian
                 but the four students who were were really pissed that he
                 applied and "wasted" the slots. She doesn't know their SAT II
                 scores but knows that they had 4.0+ GPA's and 1400+ SAT's
                 which should have been good enough for UCLA top 50%. 1998.
                 \_ I didn't think you could "waste" a slot--I was under the
                    impression that your HS played a role in UC admissions,
                    but only in consideration of individual applications, not
                    as part of a "quota-per-high school" system.  If you are
                    accepted to Cal and don't go, wouldn't the next-best
                    person from whichever high school just take your place?
                    Sounds odd to me.  But then again, maybe her 4 friends
                    aren't all that bright either.  -John
                 \_ If she went to UCSB instead of UCLA to have fun, then
                    she's not that bright afterall. UCSB is fun but UCLA is
                 \_ I see in today's UCLA admissions FAQ:
                    "It should be noted, however, that because UCLA does not
                    use a mathematical formula when evaluating applicants,
                    there is no fixed numerical weight attached to either GPA
                    or test scores."
                    So I can see how human beings, being lazy, would just pick
                    the few top slots out from Podunk HS, allocate more to
                    Lowell HS, and not really pay much attention to waiting
                    lists.  Shrug, it wasn't malicious of the UCB/UCLA girl,
                    and I bet you could find a lot of people with 1400+
                    post-recentered SAT scores.
                    \_ Of course there's no formula.  It's much easier to
                       game the system when there's no objective standard.
        \_ This is how I was admitted in 1991.  They published the minimum
           score every year, and when I applied I was above the minimum and
           didn't have to worry about getting in.
        \_ See this usenet post circa 1992:
           IIRC the GPA was capped at 4.0.
           \_ I was admitted in '92 with a 4.5 GPA. -1337
              (easy being in the boonies), then there is no quota per high
           \_ GPA was capped at 4.0 in 1996. They had the 8000 ranking, I
              remember to have a 98% chance for Berkeley you needed like 7000
              and for EECS it was like 7400.
2005/8/20-22 [Academia/UCLA] UID:39199 Activity:high
8/20    I'm going to grad school on the east coast and have some
        (non-sucky) hardware to sell - currently, wireless keyboard/
        laser mouse combo and high powered speakers. If interested see: -jhs
        \_ Why are you going to grad school?  Are you sure you've thought this
           through?  The vast majority of phd students do not really know why
           they're there, and find out the hard way later how much of a mistake
           grad school usually is.  There's a hell of a lot of living,
           learning, and money making you can do in the SIX FUCKING YEARS it
           takes to get a typical phd instead of sitting in the SAME FUCKING
           CHAIR living on a 20K/year stipend.  Go read all the archives of
   Everything you read in that strip is true.
            \_ a little bitter?
           \_ Actually I have been through phdcomics (and find them awesome).
              I'm going to grad school because I enjoy doing research and would
              rather do that (even when money isn't optimal) than go into
              industry. I did an internship at as well as two research
              internship (government and industry) plus a policy internship
              during my undergrad years. I'm pretty confident that grad school is
              the right place for me, but I've heard plenty of horror stories as
              well. It helps that I'm attending my first choice (MIT) and that I
              already have some connections to people at Berkeley that I can
              fall back on for research ideas & etc if stuff goes a bit sour.
              Many CSUA alums were helpful in discussing grad school (leak,
              twohey, ilyas, brg, ...). Hope this clarifies things. -op
              industry. I did an internship at as well as two
              research internship (government and industry) plus a policy
              internship during my undergrad years. I'm pretty confident that
              grad school is the right place for me, but I've heard plenty of
              horror stories as well. It helps that I'm attending my first
              choice (MIT) and that I already have some connections to people
              at Berkeley that I can fall back on for research ideas & etc if
              stuff goes a bit sour. Many CSUA alums were helpful in
              discussing grad school (leak, twohey, ilyas, brg, ...). Hope
              this clarifies things. -op
           \_ I think the key thing the op is looking for is FULFILLMENT.
              I thought the exact same way you did. I graduated in the
              mid 90s and joined the dot-com crowd with my friends. I
              did ok, but I didn't feel fulfilled. It was fun writing
              code, designing apps, writing backends, and the pay and
              stock options were awsome but I really didn't feel like
              I made a difference in people's lives. I worked for 6 years
              in the industry, started as QA->code monkey->project lead
              and even did 6 months as a PM. I think it all depends on
              the attitude and what your goals and priorities in life are.
              Most of my friends just wanted to make big money and
              retire, and two did exactly that. Many are now 30s, have
              kids, have a house, and have a big ass mortgage to pay.
              There is one I know who is depressed because of his
              sense of feeling "stuck." There were obviously a few
              who went back to law school and one even did a joint
              law/MBA (he is a 3.98 Cal guy), and took up jobs
              that they thought more more suitable to their needs. When
              I talk to them, yes, they were glad to give up a few years
              of their lives to attain something they could never get
              anywhere else. What that 'something' is, depends on who
              you are and what makes you happy. I'm in my 3rd year in
              graduate school, and I realized that I totally and
              completely wasted 6 years in the industry, where I
              constantly worked with sub-mediocre people who didn't have
              much passion for whatever they were doing. The only things
              I learned in the industry were how to deal with tough
              people and idiots, and that money you earned is pretty
              useful when you're a grad student. I like grad school. I
              always talk to new people, many who are smart or have very
              different perspectives. The girls are totally hot (I guess
              the older you get the hotter they look) and I feel
              both intellectually and physically fulfilled. The girls I
              date and fuck feel the same way.
              \_  There are a lot of ways for a person to feel stuck in life.
                  I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side of
                  the fence, but when you've wasted some of your best years
                  working on shit no one cares about for almost no money
                  in a "job" that will count for nothing whatsoever if you
                  dare to leave before your advisor/boss decrees it you're
                  pretty fucking stuck.  Abusing their position as advisor and
                  holding the degree hostage to force people to stay in
                  school longer is commong practice.  Punishing those who
                  say they want to leave academia by making it still harder
                  to get permission to graduate is also standard.  Apparently
                  you have a good life in grad school.  Good for you.  I
                  am wasting my youth doing something I hate and didn't even
                  get paid a decent wage for it.  Fuck grad school.
                  \_ I know some people who were screwed over in grad
                     school, but it works out better for a lot of people
                     to have gone. A good way to do it is to work while
                     you go. More people than I realized do this. Maybe
                     they work reduced hours (25-30) but it's possible to
                     do. This is while going to top PhD programs like Caltech
                     and UCLA, too, not just 'weak' programs.
                     \_ UCLA is what now? -- ilyas
                        \_ Not in your field.
                           \_ Honestly, what field could it be, other than
                              film?  UCLA blows, kthx. -- ilyas
                UCLA CS PhD makes it to top 20 in many rankings, which is
                still a lot higher than most of the other UCs. Yes, it's not
                a 1st tier in the top 10 list but there are tons of other
                things besides academics that one should be looking for in a
                grad school. I for one say that UCLA is a GREAT school,
                because it fits in my personal needs-- it is within 1 hour
                drive from ALL my family members, 10 min from the beach,
                3 hours from the ski slope, great restaurants, lots of
                activities, etc. There are some bad things of course, like
                the traffic, which you really can't do anything about
                anyways. The fact that you keep bashing UCLA ("it is not
                top tier->it sucks") and that you're still in UCLA, is an
                indication that you made the wrong decision to go to UCLA.
                First of all, there is life outside of academia, and UCLA
                beats many top tier schools in that respect. Secondly, anyone
                so serious about academics and school rankings would have
                waited patiently for years and years to reapply to other top
                tier schools. I know at least 2 people who did exactly that
                (one for med school, one for Stanford PhD). Sure they lost
                time/credit due to the transfer process but that's a
                compromise. The fact that you settled for something less
                than you wanted, and then complained and did nothing says
                that you're just a lazy bum. Writing motd to convey your
                frustration and disillusion is not particularly constructive
                for you and for fellow students who happen to go to
                your school.                                     -kchang
                \_ You went to UCLA so you can go to the beach or hit the
                   slopes?  Why didn't you just get a normal job?  I find
                   it interesting that people keep using 'rankings' like
                   US News, etc.  Rankings as such mean nothing.  I am not
                   having rankings in mind when I say UCLA blows.  Also I am
                   noticing that all the good things you listed about UCLA
                   aren't about UCLA itself, but other things it's close to.
                   As to whether I made the wrong decision to go to UCLA, I
                   don't think I did.  I think UCLA was literally the best
                   that I could do. -- ilyas
                   \_ if UCLA blows, then you blow even more. Seriously, this
                      is one of the most pathetic things I've ever heard.
                      You have an extremely high standard and a very low
                      self-esteem ("this sucks but it's the best I can do").
                      You remind me of this woman I met who was still single
                      in her mid-30s, no job, butt ugly, boring to talk to,
                      and complained that she couldn't marry someone smart
                      or rich. You're a beggar AND a chooser.           -kchang
                      \_ Today's Deep Thought is brought to you by Kevin
                         Chang.  Come to UCLA and sit next door to That Guy!
                         If you think I have low self esteem you haven't been
                         paying attention.  -- ilyas
                      \_ Post on the motd!  You to can participate in
                         high-quality intelligent conversations such as
                         this! -jrleek
                         \_ ^to^too. DOH!!!
                              \_ Planetary science, but way to devalue
                                 your own hard work/degree.
                                 \_ 'UCLA blows' is a statement about the
                                    school.  I would be happy to expand on this
                                    at great length if anybody wants to email
                                    me for details.  I am reasonably happy with
                                    both my advisor, and my topic.  At any rate,
                                    why should I attempt to deceive people
                                    who might be thinking of coming here?
                                    Do you really think the value of my degree
                                    is going to be affected one way or the
                                    other by my opinion?  In fact, if you are
                                    thinking of a PhD in terms of 'value of
                                    degree' you are missing the whole point.
                                    What's important is the work. -- ilyas
                                    \_ You are saying that your program is
                                       not one of the top programs and
                                       you'd probably have gone somewhere
                                       else. That has a small impact. Now
                                       when people ask for advice or I
                                       interview a candidate I will always
                                       have your opinion in mind. I'm sure
                                       I'm not the only one you've said
                                       this to. Imagine if lots of other
                                       students are saying the same things.
                                       Not enough to make/break a school,
                                       of course, but even you yourself
                                       say you want to discourage people
                                       from going there. As for value of
                                       degree, it does matter somewhat. In
                                       aerospace, for example, if your PhD
                                       is from Purdue, Michigan, Texas, or
                                       MIT you are already looking good
                                       w/o knowing anything else about
                                       you. I see the same schools pop up
                                       again and again and again in new
                                       hires. Not always, of course, but
2005/8/8-11 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/UCLA, Industry/Jobs] UID:39055 Activity:nil
8/8     Any students actually read motd? The Yahoo! Login and Registration
        team is looking for a fresh college grad to write perl and
        shell scripts. This position is for fresh college grads only.
        If interested, send resumes to atom at yahoo-inc dot com
        \_ I'm a starving PhD student and I am desperate for money. How
           much do they pay and are they near UCLA? And how much referal
           money do you get, and would you like to split with me? I'll take
           33% of your referal.
2005/2/28 [Academia/UCLA] UID:36464 Activity:very high
2/28    Estimated motd edits in the past 24 hours by users:
        * 40 ilyas
        * 28 ecchang
        * 19 tom
        Congratulations ilyas, you're the biggest motd warrior today and
        you've broken your record. Again, congrats. And now, you can insult
        me using numbers. Insult #2 expected.                   -kchang
        \_ #69: kchang, you should spend less time talking to sodans, and more
           time making nice with h07 42n ch1x.  once you graduate from UCLA,
           you will not get this chance again.
           \_ kchang IS asian, I expect his mother to set him up with
              some h07 42n ch1k.
              \_ Isn't kchang pushing 40 now? I imagine that his mother
                 has given up by now...
                 \_ WOW, how the hell did you get 40? Even tom's younger
        \_ Since you yourself admitted your script was crap, I am surprised
           you insist on making unsupported statements along the lines of
           'biggest.'  You remind me of that theory crackpot in UCLA who keeps
           ranting about the Church-Turing thesis being invalidated by his
           research (in reality he just redefines what a finished computation
           means). -- ilyas
           \_ ilyas, Ilyas Insult #2.
              \_ This is really dumb.  -!ilyas
           \_ dude, at least he's sharing something. Why aren't you sharing
              your script, Mr. Libertarian?
2005/1/24 [Academia/UCLA] UID:35878 Activity:very high
1/24    ilyas, tell us about the UCLA Westwood babes. What are some
        differences between Cal/UCLA babes and what can you generalize. ok thx
        \_ 2 h0t 4 U. -- ilyas
           \_ ilyas is correct.
              \_ Can anyone provide a theory as to why this might be true?
                 I believe you both, but why would there be more attractive
                 women in one area than another?
                 \_ I think it's partly cultural (people in LA, both male and
                    female, pay a lot more attention to apperance than
                    female, pay a lot more attention to appearance than
                    elsewhere, thus maximizing what God/genetics gave them),
                    and partly, attractive people come to LA in vain hopes of
                    winning the movie star lottery. -- ilyas
                    \_ It is more a case of the latter and thus UCLA is not
                       really where to go to find attractive people. That
                       is, most of them are not students. Go hang out in
                       Santa Monica, on Robertson, or on Melrose to find
                       the hot women who are here as model/actress/whatever.
                       Lots of women are also glorified whores who are
                       looking for wealthy men to be their sugar daddy. I
                       don't know why SF does not have this phenomenon like
                       LA and NYC do, but it doesn't. Probably because a
                       rich geek is still a geek.
                       \_ Not true at all. UCLA chicks are hot. So the former
                          is quite true. Some of the hot chicks have brains,
                          and they all have at least above-par SAT scores
                          and GPAs (which doesn't say shit about intelligence).
                          \_ The women off-campus are far hotter. You went
                             to Cal. They all look hot to you.
                       \_ Actually, it does, just not to the same degree.
                          Cf. girls from Marin who grew up on Mummy and Daddy's
                          money who now live in SF and dig The Scene-- and you,
                          if you're buying the drinks and the Fendi bags.
                          \_ If they are from rich families can't they buy
                             their own Fendi bags? I don't see the point of
                             being a whore when you are already rich,
                             although I guess it describes Paris Hilton.
                             \_ Women are all whores. It's part of culture...
                                the men always provide for the women, buy them
                                jewelry etc. Rich women just play at a higher
                                game level and don't need to settle down.
                    \_ People in LA are beautiful and stupid. -ausman
                       \_ This forces me to downgrade my estimation of my own
                          intelligence even further. -- ilyas
                          \_ And upgrade your own estimate of your beauty,
                             to be consistent, I hope. -ausman
                             \_ I ll settle for being satisfiable. -- ilyas
                                \_ Do you violate the compactness theorem?
                                   \_ I'll violate yermom's theorem
                       \_ Not quite. The beautiful people are stupid, true.
                          There are also lots of smart and successful
                          people. They just tend to not be beautiful.
                          \_ I didn't mean every single one of them.
                             I would think that was obvious. Are you
                             from LA, perchance?
                             \_ Your statement seems to imply all of them,
                                but your explanation is fine.
          \_ I don't believe this theory. Give us proofs, like
             average measurement of body fat/weight ratio, the curvature
             degree average, or something quantatively. I mean, this
             is all subjective. In fact you guys are biased because you're
             happy with the beautiful coastal weather, free beer or
             something else. Let's see data.
             \_ De grapes.  Zey are zo zour!
             \_ Just go hang out in West LA. I have had at least 3 very
                attractive women who worked in West LA tell me that they
                felt bad about themselves after spending every day there.
                \_ Lots of fake boobs in LA and other plastic surgery.
                   \_ So if a woman has had liposuction does your dick
                      \_ Dude, there's *a lot* more to good sex than mounting
                         and thrusting; not only interms of enthusiasm, but in
                         terms of what she's willing to do, and whether it's
                         pleasant when she does it, or just damn painful.
                         Otherwise, you're better off fucking a sack of
                         potatoes, since they don't ask for dinner afterward
                         and will at least stay moist from beginning to end.
                      \_ Only if she wants a pearl necklace.
               Los Angeles ranks the same as Miami
               \_ LA's great, but it's very specific (blonde and implanted).
                  NYC in the summer time has some incredible eye candy for
                  \_ As an LA resident I can say that this is a stereotype.
                     There are lots of Latina, Jewish, Middle Eastern,
                     Indian, and other hotties.
                     \_ Don't forget Armenian.
                        \_ I included them as Middle-Eastern.
                           \_ Armenians are not middle eastern.
                              \_ If that's not the Middle East then what is it?
                                 Yes, I realize they are not Arabs and are
                                 from a Christian country but it looks like
                                 the Middle East on a map.
                                 \_ Armenians are Eastern European.
                                    \_ Not in race, language, culture, or any
                                       other way.
                                 \_ Jew land looks also looks like middle east.
                                    \_ It is the Middle East, too!
                                    Difference is that many people are dilute
                                    Jews so you get blonde Jews and such.
                        \_ you missed African American, you RACIST
                           \_ Asian, too.
                  \_ My dates in L.A. have generally had smaller breasts, not
                     larger, and they haven't been blondes.  They have,
                     however, been hotter.  They take more time to take care
                     of their appearance since it's more valued here.  That's
                     hard to "prove," but it's easy to see.  The same, by the
                     way, is true of men.  That's as opposed to Berkeley,
                     where concern for appearance takes up less than a minute
                     of many people's day.  Berkeley is sort of the anti-L.A.
                     on the time/money vs. looks trade-off spectrum.
          \_ my theory why ilyas feels miserable in the land of the beautiful:
             \_ I can only be truly happy on the motd, the land of the trolls.
                  -- ilyas
             \_ Luckily, we don't all have the same standards of beauty.
2004/12/31-2005/1/2 [Academia/UCLA] UID:35504 Activity:nil
12/30   BCS is no joke.  Cal stinks.
        \_ Oh c'mon... whatever we were doing out on the field tonight is
           not how we played all season.  You could tell that Cal wasn't
           really there; they didn't want to be there, they were not
           playing with much effort at all.
        \_ I see it as, as nice as our season was, we still have a ways to
           go. Notably special teams and tougher DBs.
           \_ I went to the game and I agree with this. You don't give up
              520 yards passing because of lack of effort. There were
              problems. Oregon, for example, exposed them. Cal faded late
              in the season for whatever reason and still won because
              the schedule got easier. UCLA lost to Wyoming! I think
              USC will get pounded by Oklahoma. We will see.
2004/12/1-3 [Academia/UCLA] UID:35147 Activity:moderate
12/1    Here's the complete list of top 200 universities in the world:
        \_ Rankings are lame.  All I want to say is, UCLA _better not_ be
           #26 overall.  That would make me very sad. -- ilyas
           \_ UCLA is a world-class institution in many fields. What's
              your gripe?
              \_ The CS department?  Well, that and the 'soul of UCLA.'
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ What is your gripe with the department? Poor quality
                    research being done?
                    \_ There is some decent research that comes out of UCLA
                       CS ... sometimes, but I think the dept. is sick.
                       I am just comparing to how I remember the Cal CS
                       dept. was.  -- ilyas
                       dept. was.  If you honestly care, send me an
                       email, and I ll ramble more. -- ilyas
        \_ We're #2:,,2-1343642,00.html
        \_ I'm assuming you just got that email from Newton, too?
           \_ Yup.  When I last mentioned the ranking on the motd, I couldn't
              locate the complete list.
        \_ let's see how many people think this is a bogus ranking.
           \_ It depends on how you look at it. It is almost certainly bogus
              for the purposes of choosing a school for studying a particular
              degree in a particular career..
              \_ You are obviously not a Korean (or Chinese) mother.
                 \_ And obviously never served.
                    \_ BUD DAY didn't send HIS kids to Berkeley!
              \_ What if you don't have definite plans for a degree or a
                 career when you're choosing the college to attend?
                 career when you're choosing the college to attend?  Then
                 wouldn't picking the highest ranked (whatever your favorite
                 list may be) college be a reasonable strategy?
                 \_ No way.  Depending on your personality type, your chances
                    of figuring out what you want to do and succeeding at it
                    might be much higher at a small liberal arts college or
                    might be much higher at a huge state school.  There are
                    both of this type of school that are similarly ranked
                    in most rankings, and I think this is a very important
                    choice to make, regardless of what level of ranking
                    school you've gotten into.  For me, a huge state school
                    was exactly the right place to be, but I've definitely
                    seen people get lost in the system at Cal who would probably
                    have done a lot better at some little liberal arts school
                    where they're not just a number.
                 \_ Then at least see the rankings based on your career
                    choice. For example, they have Harvard listed at the
                    top but that doesn't imply that Harvard is the best
                    engineering or say CS school. Just like Caltech and
                    MIT (listed no 4 and 3 respectively) are not the best
                    schools for many social sciences or humanities.
                    \_ Anyone who hasn't settled on a degree yet is not
                       likely to have settled on a career, and in any case I
                       stipulated "... don't have definite plans for a degree
                       or a career...".
                \_ The criteria used for those rankings, makes those
                   rankings even less relevant to undergraduate education.
                   On the other hand, if you're considering going to grad
                   school, then at that point you certainly already know
                   what to study.
                   \_ Agreed.  I implicitely limited the choice to undergrad
                      when I said "choosing the college [vs. grad school] to
2004/11/20 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34997 Activity:nil
11/20   I. HATE. UCLA. JOCKS. They party late at night and wake up
        early in the morning and they drink beer and party and
        they yell a lot with their jock voice, like gorillas trying
        to assert their gorilla-ness in the society. Oh well at least
        the girls are dumb and slutty.
2004/11/19-20 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34993 Activity:moderate 54%like:32974
11/19   What's the url for that motd archive @ ucla?
        \_ it's in mehlhaff's directory
         \_ mehlhaff is DA BEST!!!
2004/11/12-13 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34870 Activity:nil
11/11   How can I find out the name of a UCLA student if I
        know their account name on the <DEAD><DEAD> system?
        \_ Hi kchang.  Stop stalking people.
           \_ there's only one person worthy enough to stalk-- lila patton
        \_ email him/her and ask.
2004/11/4 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34660 Activity:high
11/4    Has anyone actually verified that ilyas is a person?  I mean, could
        he just be an AI simulation at UCLA?
        \_ No, I've met him.  He's a decent sort of fellow, but his online
           personality isn't very reflective.
           \_ You mean I don't reflect as much in person as I do on the
              internet? *duck* -- ilyas
        \_ Cool, does this mean I failed the turing test? -- ilyas
           \_ Can you prove you aren't just later version of the bchoibot?
              \_ The what now? -- ilyas
                 \_ bchoi was a smart guy who posted on motd. then he got married
                    \_ Smart guy who posted on the motd?  AND married?
                       That doesn't describe me at all. -- ilyas
                        \_ The bchoibot I knew wasn't smart and was the least
                           eligible bachalor I could think of.
                \_ smart but beast like.  who married him?
                 \_ Is it because of your childhood that you say the what now?
                \_ There doesn't seems to be a bchoi on soda now, what
                   happen?  Someone set up him the bomb?
2004/10/31 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34488 Activity:nil
10/31   UCLA is a great school but there's one thing I really hate about
        it-- jocks. Jocks on Gayley, jocks on Veteran, jocks on Westwood,
        jocks everywhere. They listen to loud music and think they're
        cool, and they yell a lot on special events like Halloween and
        and frat parties. You know what I hate the most though?
        Sports game-- it's like they synchronize their frat boy like
        yelling so that the entire campus could hear them. It's really
        stupid and reflects the overall lack of intelligence in UCLA.
        \_ There are deeper things wrong with UCLA. -- ilyas
           \_ like what? -op
              \_ I d really rather not write a long motd essay about UCLA,
                 so email me if you want a detailed answer.  A lot of it
                 you can't really pick up until you hang around UCLA and
                 UCLA people for a while.  This 'thing' is why I think UCLA
                 will never be a top tier school, despite having all the
                 prereqs (lots of research money, good location, good brand,
                 etc).  UCLA people are simply
                 willing to settle.  There isn't the Berkeley culture of
                 staying past 4am to get the last bits of the project working,
                 you know?  For some people this kind of 'balanced approach'
                 is ideal, but it makes me very sad.  UCLA is full of people
                 with busy lives who happen to be taking classes (or teaching,
                 or doing research) on the side. -- ilyas
2004/10/22-23 [Academia/UCLA] UID:34294 Activity:high
10/22   Most expensive colleges in the US:
        How about Europe? How much are boarding schools in Switzerland?
        \_ Why do you want to know?  You want your son to run for President?
        \_ IMD in Lausanne takes the cake for MBAs.  Lycaeum Alpinum in Zuoz
           is an expensive boarding high school for little rich snots; mots
           other private schools here are for "difficult" students or those
           with learning disabilities.  Across Europe, the great universities
           tend to be public--I can only think of Oxford/Cambridge as
           pricey private Universities (and they've apparently lapsed pretty
           badly in terms of quality.)  -John
           \_ says Oxford and Cambridge are still in the top
              20 worldwide... of course so is UCLA (which kind of scares me,
              since the world can't be that bad).  University rankings in
              general are sort of an iffy thing.  -- ilyas
                \_ why do you look down on UCLA, the land of the happy
                   sexy and healthy women.
                   \_ Email me if you want a serious answer. -- ilyas
                   \_ They admitted ilyas and kchang to their grad program.
                      \_ w00t!
           \_ Are there any great universities in Britain that are public?
              \_ Are U of Edinburgh or LSE public?
2004/10/13 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34092 Activity:high
10/13   Is this the most active motd out there?  Are other school orgs' motds
        this contentious and political?
        \_ Well, at <DEAD><DEAD> they just talk about h07 42n ch1x, and at
           <DEAD><DEAD> they talk about rice rockets and Counter-Strike.
                \_ University of Civics and Integras
                   \_ aka, University of Chinese Immigrants
           \_ Dude, I am so at the wrong motd.  How do I get into the UCI
           \_ There is no UCLA CSUA.  It became the UCLA LUG. -- ilyas
2004/10/12-13 [Academia/UCLA, Recreation/Sports] UID:34063 Activity:low
10/12   How long will we be able to keep Tedford?
2004/10/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:33984 Activity:high
10/8    Go Trojans!
        \_ Roll on you be-ah!
        \_ For those who don't know, Cal #7, vs USC #1 this weekend, Channel 7
           12:30p, Sat.
        \_ Oddsmakers have USC over Cal by more than 7 points.
           \_ How much was USC favored by last year?
              \_ True, even the L.A. Times has picked Cal to win tomorrow.
                 \_ Article no doubt written by a UCLA grad.
                    \_ actually, Northridge
        \_ Go Durex!  Go Spartans!
2004/8/25 [Academia/UCLA] UID:33125 Activity:very high
8/24    So, any UCLA students know a good place to meet UCLA coeds?
        \_  WWIII and vodka
        \_ forget UCLA girls. just go to the bars/clubs.
           \_ I'd rather meet college students, but name a good bar/club
              where one can meet coeds. I don't want to meet 19 year old
              single moms from El Monte.
        \_ oh yeah, kchang and ilyas are hooked in with all the babes
           \_ The question can be asked: "Where do UCLA students hang out?"
                \_ the Bruin walk is a nice place to socialize. But really
                   the best way is to participate in activities from the
                   Wooden Center, where you can play golf for $15 and wind
                   surf for $20 or take swing dance for only $17 per quarter
                   (each quarter is 10 weeks). Activities are highly
                   subsidized by UCLA and they're really really cheap and
                   usually has a few pretty chicks. If you want to do hard
                   core sciences and enjoy staying in the computer lab 24x7,
                   MIT/Caltech/Cal is a great place to go to. But if you want
                   a well balanced life, UCLA is it       -happy ucla student
                   \_ yeah, I'm sure the 25K+ students at Cal who are not
                      doing "hard core sciences" all stay in the computer
                      lab 24x7.
                      \_ Agreed.  Most of the non-CS students I knew at Cal
                         spent the majority of their time getting laid.
                         This may explain Bitter Berkeley CS Student Sydrome.
                         \_ It's okay, because although some of them got
                            JDs and MBAs and are now running your company,
                            most of them are flipping burgers.
                         \_ this is so fucking arrogant.  Do you know
                            anything about Chemical/Mechnical Engineering?
                            Have you taken any of music theory/harmony/
                            counterpoint classes?  There are plenty of
                            demanding courses/majors on campus.
                            \_ Yeah, but we all know the ChemE people were
                               having mass orgies during "FORTRAN labs".
                         \_ It's all about the GPA. If you are willing to
                            settle for C's, you can find the free time to
                            date plenty of hotties. And my time at Cal
                            was more productive than any other.
              \_ Face down. In the gutter.
        \_ LA?
2004/8/17 [Academia/UCLA] UID:32956 Activity:very high
8/17  Cal student Natalie Coughlin wins gold medal
      \_ Yep, she definitely looks like a female Cal student.  Why didn't I
         go to UCLA?!  *cry*
         \_ she could probably crush your head with her thighs
            \_ That's nice but I don't have a wrestler fetish.
         \_ urlP (no pic in the main article)
            \_ #t
            \_ For those who keep saying "urlP" you do know this is a predicate
               with a truth value, right?  It's not a request for url.
            \_ From which pic did you infer this?
         \_ She may be ugly but she's already more successful than
            you'll ever be in your career.
            \_ Google is your friend.
               She looks quite pretty to me.  I don't know what the problem is.
               \_ I agree. She's kind of cute.
               \_ The "why didn't I go to UCLA" guy doesn't like smart,
                  pretty, athletic women.  Coughlin is a babe.
                                                    \_ No.
                  \_ Yes, I do, and no, she isn't.  Isn't disagreeing fun?
                                                    \_ No.
                  \_ My ideal woman will have broad shoulders and strong arms
                     with which she can crush my pasty-white, nerdling body.
         \_ UCLA guy is an idiot
            \_ Some of us prefer women that don't look like boys.
               \_ This is a boy?
                  \_ I can see her back muscles from the front.
                     \_ Just because she could twist your girly man body around
                        in a pretzel and laugh while doing it and yet she's
                        still pretty. This is why you find her unattractive?
                  \_ She looks like the Terminatrix from T-3
                  \_ Is she really the most celebrated Cal athlete? More than
                     say Matt Biondi or Michelle Granger?
            \_ he may be an idiot but he's probably getting more than you
               \_ if he thinks women like Natalie Coughlin are ugly, then
                  he's probably not
2004/7/20-21 [Academia/UCLA] UID:32378 Activity:low
7/20    Any good free/cheap wireless cafes near the UCLA campus?  I need to do
        some work there this afternoon and I can't get on the campus network.
2004/4/6 [Academia/UCLA] UID:13035 Activity:kinda low
4/6     What are people's experience with corkage? Cafe de la Paz charges
        $15/750 ml bottle. Does anybody know prices from other places?
        I'm specifically looking for places that host banquet dinners.
          -- ulysses
        \_ DUDE, you on drugs or what? $15 buys me 3  really really nice
           meals at Carl's Jr. or 4 decent meals at Burger King. Gimme your
           money if you have so much to waste           -poor ucla student
           \_ in college, my roommate and i debated on whether or not we
              should invest in a pallet of topramen. If you need to understand
              the scope of this... you can buy topramen in bulk at Costco for
              $0.06/package. I think the cost of the pallet came down to
              <$0.03/package, but mostly we thought it would be cool to have
              a pallet of ramen sitting in our living room.
        \_ From my general experience, $15 is about average, give or take a
           buck. Restaurants usually mark up low-end bottles by $15-20.
           So I figure unless the bottle I'm brining is at least in the
           $50+ range, it really doesn't matter.
        \_ I don't know about banquets, but it varies. Some places won't
           let you cork a bottle that's on their list at all. Some places
           discount corkage if you also buy a bottle from their list. Some
           places have free corkage. In general, corkage is supposed to
           cover the cost of the stemware and the sommelier/server. $15 is
           a fair corkage fee.
        \_ You can get a deal in San Francisco by going to a place that
           has applied for its liquor license but doesn't have it yet.
           They almost always let you bring your own vino and don't charge
           corkage. Sometimes, other places with no liquor license will
           just let you bring your own, too, but they tend to be lower
           end places. I have never seen this in any other city.
           \_ This happens in SoCal, too. It's probably common.
2004/3/15-16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:12691 Activity:low
3/15    is it possible to unregister a domain name? a friend of mine has been
        threatened legal action by UCLA and wants to drop all association w/
        a website he registered a few months back.
        \- sell it on ebay. --psb
           \_ he's trying to minimize complications... and no, it is not
                cadaver related.
        \_ so umm, why doesn't he just contact his registrar? they can disable
           his domain, if not delete it outright.
        \_ as long as he doesn't post any unlawful material on that
           website, ucla has no grounds to sue him on. even if he owns
           \_ Wrong.  UCLA can sue, and win, for trademark infractions.
              <DEAD><DEAD> probably would be safe, but
              universityofcalifornialosangeles wouldn't be.
              \_ fucla seems to have lost.
           \_ I am no legal expert but my understanding is that not matter
              how groundless a law suit it is, you must respond to it unless
              the court refuse even to accept it (very unlikely).  Once a suit
              is filed against you, you have to respond it by yourself or thru
              legal counsel in acordance with the legal practice, i.e. you can
              not just say they are morons they have got no legal basis.  So no
              matter how frivilous a law suit is, it can cost you thousands of
              dollars.  If in the end you win, you might get your legal expense
              covered if you are lucky, but that is 2 big IFs.
              \_ are you trying to say that UCLA can do whatever the fuck it
                 wants to because it has more money and lawyers than us plebes?
                 surely this can't be allowed to continue in a democracy!
                 \_ i know youre being sarcastic but youre also wrong.  we have
                    laws against SLAPP suits from big corps and other mega
                    entities such as UCLA.  op needs to find someone willing to
                    take his SLAPP suit on a contingency basis and counter sue.
                    UCLA is unlikely to go to court over a domain name if they
                    have something on the line in a SLAPP suit and will most
                    likely settle and go away.
                    \_ Even for SLAPP suits, you need to find a lawyer or
                       defend it competently yourself.  That is = money + time
                       + anxiety = $$$.  You might get compensated afterward
                       IF your defense is competent.
        \_ Transfer it to me, I'll take it.  (what is it?) -crebbs
2004/3/10-11 [Academia/UCLA, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:12598 Activity:low
3/10    Dear motd readers. I got sick and tired of turning up my AC to cool
        down my apartment because of all the power hogging servers I run
        24x7. I  decided to do something really different. I went to Home
        Depot to buy a exhaust/ventilation/pipe kit and hooked them up on a
        big fan to direct the hot PC exhaust outside. Voila! No more
        hot apartment (and it doesn't smells like a server room anymore).
                        -ucla student (and yes LA has been kinda hot lately)
        \_ Uh... congrats?
        \_ tell us about the stars ilyas!
           \_ Heh.  We went over this already.  There are at least 3 different
              csua people at ucla.  I never ever sign as 'ucla student.'.
              You think I am proud to attend a school which harvests organs
              for profit?  Get a life. -- ilyas
                        \_ who are the 3 UCLA students?
                           \_ I respect their privacy.  If they read the motd,
                              and care to do so, they will identify themselves.
                                -- ilyas
                \_ Umm, funny I think we are (were in my case) listening to
                   the same show (in any event this is on NPR right now)
                   and they make this seem all particularly sinister 'cause
                   it deals with lumps of human flesh, but, the only real/
                   reasonable issue here (as far as i can tell) is that UCLA
                   was NOT profiting.  The Professor was pocketing the cash.
                   \_ you mean the director of the program (who was earning
                      $56K salary and has a certificate in mortuary services)
                      was taking the cash
                        \_ umm, yeah, what you said.  Though, boy, 56k really?
                           Maybe the university is complicitous (in which case
                           it is just a perk and there is NO issue here). 56K
                           seems low for the director to be making.  How much
                           do directors of other programs make there?  -phuqm
                                \_ you guys are spoiled. 56K in Los Angeles
                                   can get you a LOT of goodies. -ucla stud
                                   \_ I hear the strippers will do nude
                                      lap dances for only $20 there. Is
                                      that true?
                                      \_ They are topless and in a G-string,
                                         but yes.
                                         \_ What are the best places to go?
                           \_ $20 will get you topless $40 nude, you can get
                              coupons for free topless lapdances by staples
                              center (Spearmint Rhino). However, i think they
                              used to grind you but then a no touching
                              ordinance passed. was that repealed?
                              LA Strip Clubs >> SF Strip Clubs.
                              \_ LA has move strip clubs than SF? =)  Anyway,
                                Strip clubs for the gents seems very boring.
                                If you goto, you'll see what
                                I mean.  (work UNsafe!)
                        \_ No professor was profitting on this...just the
                           director of that Willed Body program.
2004/2/20-21 [Academia/UCLA] UID:12335 Activity:nil
2/22    YACRL (yet another college ranking list)--this time Chinese  Cal #4.  -John
        \_ pppppppooooooooooooooinnnnnnnnntlesssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
        \_ i wonder if this is e.u. funded shanghai study mentioned in
           the economist a few weeks ago.
        \_ this url is laughable!
           \_ the first "ed" in it reflects that it is the website for the
              institute on (higher) education.
        \_ UCLA's #15! GO BRUINS!!!!! Beat Bears!       -bruin bear
           \_ Hi paolo!
                \_ wait I thought paolo goes to UCB grad school. Or Stanford.
                   Can't remember.
           \_ 15 > 4, therefore UCLA > Berkeley!
2004/1/30-31 [Academia/UCLA] UID:12037 Activity:very high
1/30    Props to "She Bangs" on American Idol ... go Beahs!
        \- What the heck is this about?
           \_ It's about some lame ass guy on some lame ass show. It's
              better that you not get into it.
        \_ Some people wait a lifetime for this damn show to get off the air.
        \_ Hasn't this fucking show died yet?        \_ that's "Beah!"
                \_ Nope. Would you like to start a thread, ranting
                   and raving about that now?
        \_ Was he a Cal student? I thought he was UCLA.
           \_ UCB Civ Eng. Anyone here know him?
           \_ Same thing.
        \_ wow, someone actually paid a few bucks to register this domain.
2004/1/5 [Academia/UCLA] UID:11657 Activity:kinda low
1/4     ilyas goes to UCLA:
panther:~> finger ilyas
Login name: ilyas                       In real life: Ilya Shpitser
Directory: /u/gs3/ilyas                 Shell: /bin/csh
Last login Thu Jan  1 16:05 on pts/90 from lsanca1-ar11-4-6
New mail received Sun Jan  4 12:04:12 2004;
  unread since Thu Jan  1 16:08:03 2004
No Plan.
        \_ ok, so are you trying to point out his bad taste in shells, or what.
                \_ no, it just tells us who exactly is the ucla cs student
                who is having a lot of sex and having  alot of fun
                \_ i thought you might be suggesting that, but figured you
                   wouldn't be stupid enough to make that implication.
                   i stand corrected.
                \_ You could have figured out where I was by going to my csua
                   homepage, or simply asking me.  And no, the 'ucla cs guy'
                   is not me.  I know at least 2 csua members at UCLA right
                   now, and about 10 former Berkeley students.  -- ilyas
                   \_ next, our genius op will discover who the guy who works
                      in the south bay is, and who the guy from fremont is, and
                      all anonymity will be gone forever.
        \_ By that logic, I go to Stanford. - pst
           hey Ilya, check out Ars Gladitoria:
                \_ alright, so ilyas isn't having a lot of fun/sex in ucla.
                   by the process of elimination, who else is left?
                   \_ Yermom.
2003/10/23-24 [Academia/UCLA] UID:10761 Activity:kinda low
10/23   So I've been having a lot of sex lately and I'm pretty happy
        except I've been getting a lot of unwanted calls too (girls who
        don't wanna acknowledge that we simply had a 1 nighter). My solution
        is to get Anonymous Call Block ($1) and Selective Call Block ($3).
        Works well. You guys should get it too.  -happy ucla student
        \_ Maybe you should answer these calls.  One
           of these women might be calling you to tell you she has an STD.
           \_ or maybe you're a daddy. not so happy now, eh?
        \_ Of course, you're assuming our dicks get as much action as yours.
        \_ is it just me, or it seems to me that ucla students have a lot
           more fun than us? why is that?
           \_ speak for yourself.  i never had a problem keeping my bed warm.
        \_ Any herpes yet?  Remember, 1 in 5!
           \_ And AIDS?
              \_ Herpes is much much much much much much [...] much easier
                 to get, especially for heterosexuals.
                 \_ and condoms don't prevent.
                        \_ oh they help a little bit
                           \_ not enough.  tell your dick it only has a little
                              bit of herpes during your first outbreak.
                              \_ do you have it?
                                 \_ ask your girl if you want to know.
                                    \_ You mean yermom knows?
        \_ UCLA students do have a lot more fun... --ucla guy
           Cal students can still have fun, it's just way less common. And the
           girls are of a different... variety.
           \_ dumber, put out more, less bitchy, more attractive?
              \_ Yes!
                 \_ Yes!! Except bitchy in a different sort of way (soriority
                    bitchy vs. vegan bitchy).
        \_ UCLA students do have a lot more fun... --ucla cs grad guy #2
2003/10/10-11 [Academia/UCLA] UID:10582 Activity:nil
10/10   I just went to rms' talk in UCLA. He is an idealistic communist.
        \_ Who is rms?
            \_ This is rms:
            \_ one of the very few people in the world whose identity can
               be found only by putting their initials into google.
        \_ what is wrong with communist?
           \_ maybe you haven't noticed that they've destroyed everything
              they've ever touched?
2003/10/9 [Academia/UCLA] UID:10540 Activity:nil
10/8    When I was in UCB I didn't have any sex, but now that I'm in UCLA,
        I'm having a LOT of sex. The ugrad girls here are definitely prettier
        and a lot hornier, and I guess they really dig grad students more than
        bitchy UCB girls. I really really like UCLA better than UCB. I'll take
        a lesser degree over a lot more sex any time.   -happy ucla cs student
        \_ Your reporting is flawed.  Were you an undergrad cs student at
           UCB? Have you changed your hygiene or attitude since you were at
           UCB? Are you paying for sex at UCLA? Are the ugrad girls you're
           sleeping with students of yours? It's hard for your peers to
           review your research when you're this vague.
           \_ Agreed.  We need a peer reviewed journal for getting laid.
              \_ And no, "Penthouse Forum" doesn't count.
        \_ Glad you left UCB.  I wish more people who were more interested in
           sex than an education would just go to the state schools and open
           slots for people who want good academics.
           \_'re saying UCB is *not* a state school?
              \_ My apologies.  California State University vs. University of
                 \_ But last I heard, UCLA is University of California at Los
                    Angeles.  Or did it move to Los Alamos?
           \_ Sorry dude, but an education isn't just academics.  And frankly,
              a lot of the undergrads at Cal are narrow-minded swamp pigs.
              I know that it makes a lot of Cal students bitter that there are
              good schools out there, bogus magazine rankings notwithstanding,
              where people do receive rewarding academic and personal
              development, end up with excellent jobs, AND have a bit of a
              life while doing it.  Good job, UCLA student.  -John
              \_ Bitter ex-Cal students that can't get laid pretty much
                 explains the entire motd, really.
                 \_ Wow, now that you mention it, that's actually pretty
                    much spot-on... -John
                    \_ Sorry to hear that John, come to California, and
                       we'll get you laid.
                        \_ "Ex-Cal Student" is about all I have in common
                           with the demographic being discussed.  I live on
                           the continent of girls without major 'tudes, and
                           I am sometimes so glad I moved out of CA that it
                           defies words.  Even just leaving Berkeley was a
                           huge eye-opener.  -John
                           \_ Yet, you are still in love with the motd,
                              like a bitch in heat.
2003/7/17-18 [Academia/UCLA] UID:29074 Activity:insanely high
7/16    Poll. How happy are you/were you in the following schools, where
        10=very very happy and 1=depressed. I'll start          -ucla cs guy
        Berkeley: 3, 9, 1, 10 at first then 1 then back to 10, 9, 4, 8
                                \_ what are you, a schizo?
        UCLA: 8
        SITN (Stanford): 4
        CalTech: 1
        NYU: 1
        SDCC: 7
        Stanfurd: 3
        \_ I was very depressed going to Berkeley but didn't see it until
           after I graduated and recovered from the hell that is Berkeley.
           BTW, rates going up dramatically in the Fall. Good luck to you
           \_ How dramatically?
              \_ The Chronicle said $450 extra each semester.  I graduated
                 long ago but I recall that being a *lot* of money when I
                 was in school.  And that $450 is probably not the last
                 increase in the next year or two they said.
        \_ Hey, ucla cs guy, did you end up marrying ucla ee guy?
                \_ no, but I ended up having a lot more sex than when I
                   \_ with UCLA EE guy?
                                                        \_ with UCLA EE guy?
                        no, with horny undergrad girls  -op   -/
                        \_ all undergrad girls are horny.  if you went through
                           your undergrad years without getting laid anytime
                           you wanted some you must've had your head in a sack
                           \_ I didn't, I wanted to save myself.
                              \_ like I said, head in sack.  save yourself for
                                 what?  screwing up your sex life with your
                                 spouse because you're an inexperienced and
                                 lousy lover?  it helps to know what each
                                 hole is for *before* you get married.
                   was in UCB. I'm VERY happy here. I didn't give a 10
                   because I'm really unhappy about the rent here (Westwood
                   has no rent control and we're surrounded by Bev Hills,
                   Brentwood, BelAir, etc etc). But overall I like UCLA
                   a LOT better than UCB.
                   \_ UCLA sucks.  It's not about horny girls, you can find
                      them anywhere.  It's all beer and football, no substance.
        \_ Why did Caltech get such a low rating?
           \_ No women.
              \_ Caltech is also known as a homosexual haven.
                 \_ I think you meant "asexual".
                    \_ Why asexual?  All the girls-only schools are heavily
                       lesbian with tremendous pressure for the straight girls
                       to 'go along to get along'.  Why not the same at what
                       is essentially an all-boys school?  Just like prison.
                       \_ maybe in certain fields, but i know a large number
                          of women at mills who are most definitely straight
                          and horny.
                          \_ a "large number?" so what.  most women are
                             straight.  if 20% of the student population
                             is lesbian, there are still a "large number" of
                             straight girls, but compared to the general
                             population, there's no question that's
                             heavily lesbian.
                       \_ think about cory and soda, and who is there.  now
                          imagine that you clone that group of poeple
                          several times and get rid of all the other poeple
                          on the ucb campus.
        \_ so from the survey I guess the higher ranking school you go to
           the less likely you'll be happy there eh?
           \_ pretty much
           \_ no one ever said school would be fun.
2003/5/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Academia/UCLA] UID:28409 Activity:high
5/11    I have been accepted to UCLA for Fall 03 (CS & Engr) and to Berkeley
        for Spring 04 (EECS), granted that I take a community college class
        in Fall. Is Berkeley worth waiting for and why?
        \_ yes.
        \_ Are you posting for someone or is this for grad school?  If the
           latter it's all about your advisor.
           \_ It's for undergrad and I attended Berkeley for summer school
              last summer (CS61a).
        \_ wait for Berkeley. Have fun in community college.
        \_ I think I'd rather get started on college, IMO. You didn't make
           Berkeley, so why wait? UCLA is good enough, unless there's an
           overwhelming reason you don't want to be in LA. UCB has the
           better program, of course, if you're really serious - but if
           you're really serious you wouldn't have to take a CC class. --dim
           \_ what's the rush for?  I don't think there is really a rush.
              Good things are worth the wait.
        \_ BS EECS from Cal is a *MUCH* better degree than BS CS from
           UCLA. Cal EECS teaches you stuff about computers and
           programming, just about how to use win32 and java. While
           you are in school it is also much easier to get summer
           interships in the bay area if you attend Cal (there aren't
           as many CS type companies in the LA area). Once you
           graduate, it is much easier to get a job or get into grad
           school if you have a BS EECS from Cal.
           You should wait for Cal and have a good time in CC.
        \_ If you want to have a bitter & lousy time in school and have a
           blast after you graduate, go to Cal. I had a miserable time in
           Cal. Forget about dating and meeting people and having fun, you
           will most likely spend your miserable junior/senior years in
           Cory Hall and/or Soda Hall. On the other hand it's much easier
           getting a job after college with a Cal degree. So it's your
           choice. UCLA is a pretty well balanced school. UCB is a really
           competitive & academic school w/ugly uptight chicks. Trade offs
           ya know.
           \_ It wasn't THAT bad, man.  If you keep up and don't turn into a
              total slacker you can maintain a healthy social life and still
              earn a decent GPA.  I did it, and I'm pretty stupid.
                \_ Don't sell yourself short - you are exceptionally stupid.
                   \_ I'm stupider that you can possibly imagine.  But at
                      least I can post to motd correctly.
                      \_ DV: When I left, I was but the learner; now I
                         am the dumbass.
                         BK: Only a dubmbass of evil, Darth.  If you strike
                         me down now, I will become stupider than you
                         can possibly imagine.
                         BK: Only a dubmbass of evil, Darth.  If you
                         censor my motd posts now, I will become stupider
                         than you can possibly imagine.
           \_ just because you were a pathetic low life geek at cal doesn't
              mean everyone was.  Stop hating and start recogonzing you were
              just fucking lame back then.
           \_ there are over 15,000 women at Cal.  If you can't find one, you
           \_ There are a lot of hot chicks at Cal and several of us were
              getting them when I was in school.  Let me give you a starting
              tip on what it takes: shower everyday.  I had a blast at Cal and
              a blast afterwards.  I had a mediocre GPA and it didn't matter
              because after my first job no one asked.  GPA is only for people
              going to grad school.  The rest of us did just fine getting laid
              all the time, thanks.  Oh yeah hint #2: the hot chicks aren't in
              the labs at cory/soda.  Go take some fuzzy classes P/NP.  You
              only live once, don't fuck it up for some random number.
2003/5/7 [Academia/UCLA] UID:28360 Activity:very high
5/7     To the guy who posted this yesterday:
        \_ UCB = last.  How could you possibly think UCB >> UCD?  They've
           got all those healthy and friendly farm girls.  UCB has drug
           addict whores putting out for hits and taking third helpings in
           the food line at the dorms.
           \_ but this sounds more like Wm. S. Burroughs-esque paranoid
              fantasy than any kind of reality.
              \_ how so?  it seems more empirical than theory.  check out the
                 garbage chicks on sproul.  now drag yourself out to davis
                 and see what's there.  compare and contrast. 6-8 pages. due
                 at monday's lecture.
                 \_ A-hah. I thought it was a description of "drug addict
                    whores..." in the dorms. My bad, I suppose.
           \_ csua motd observations on women: it's like high school, only
              with even less chance of you getting laid.
              \_ Getting laid at college is easier than finding a hooker in
                 Oakland.  If you can't get laid now it'll be near impossible
                 after you graduate.
        You're one very funny dude.  Can you give us a screen name to call
        you by?  Like "psb #1 fan" or "BDG".  I like your humor and I want
        to be a #1 fan.  Thanks.
        \_ Thanks for the kudos.  I'll keep posting but it'll be anonymous.
           Just enjoy the motd for what it is.  --anonymous motd comic
           \_ Keep 'em coming! -AMC #2 fan
              \_ not to be confused with SAMC
        \_ GIrl ranking: UCLA > UCSD > UCSB > UCI > UCR > UCD > UCSC > UCB
           Academic ranking: UCB > UCLA > UCSD > UCI > UCD > UCSB|UCSC|UCR
           \_ Seems like UCLA has the best deal then.
                \_ that comment depends on your priority and point of view.
                   GO BEAH!!!
                   \_ Hot chicks are the only thing important.  The rest is
                      bullshit.  You're at school for a GPA?  Crazy....
           \_ That reminds me of a past ranking of ten trucks, er, SUVs,
              involving Mercedes ML320 and Jeep Grand Cherokee.  In the on-road
              category, ML320 ranked #1 and GC ranked #2, while in the off-road
              category, GC ranked #1 and ML320 ranked last in the last.   So
              UCB <--> ML320 and UCLA <--> GC.
              \_ That reminds me of a recent survey of technical fields
                 to see who used the most obutuse metaphors and who used the
                 most obtuse analogies.  CS <----> CS.
           \_ I was recently at my sister's UCLA graduation. There was so much
              eye candy.
              \_ Yes, but they mostly aren't students. West LA has some of the
                 most beautiful women anywhere, but I'm not sure UCLA can
                 take credit for them. --dim
                 \_ Nah, there are lots of hot women at UCLA itself.
                    \- this is true ... the "walking around westwood"
                       experience is well beyond the "walking down
                       telegraph" one --psb
                       \_ hold your nose going down telegraph
                 \_ The non-student gals were just there hoping to be picked up
                    by some hotshot MBA grads.
                    \_ yeah so?
           \_ Any idea about H0T A4N CH1X rankings? Does this sound right?
              UCI > UCLA > UCSB > UCSD > UCR > UCSC > UCB > UCD
        \_ Don't forget to do boy rankings. Perhaps, CSUAs female members
           can rank UC boys. Would be interesting to hear the other side.
           \_ why would this be interesting?  The rankings are totally
              unrelated.  men look for hot bodies.  women look for money and
              power potential for LTR and bikers for quickie hot sex.
           \_ Forget ranking the campuses. I think the CSUA female member(s)
              should vote on a "Men of CSUA" calendar as a fundraiser.
           \_ Pfft.  With commentary like the above, I think we can
              assume that UCB's going to end up last.
           \_ Frat Boys > Co-Op Members > Dormers > Live At Home Boys >
              Liberal Arts Geeks  > Drama Geeks > Bio Majors > CS Majors
              > Band Geeks > Average CSUA Member
              \_ And where do I belong?  I am a frat boy, a MCB major and a
                 CSUA member.
                 \_ How do frat boys and co-opers top that list, for
                    either sex?  Gimme a freshman dorm resident any day.
                    \_ Point.  Perhaps:
                       Handsome&&Built&&Smart&&Social >
                       Handsome&&Smart&&Social >
                       Handsome&&Social >
                       Smart&&Social | Handsome&Built >
                       Social >
                       Built | Handsome >
              \_ anyone who needs to identify as any of those or other
                 classifications is a loser.
2003/5/5-6 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/OtherSchools] UID:28334 Activity:very high
5/5     What are the rankings of the UC schools? I know that UCB=1 and
        UCSC=last, but what about the UCs in between?
        \_ Generally UCB=1, UCLA=2, UCSD=3, the rest suck.
           For some things UCSD > UCLA.
                \_ can you be more specific?
                   \_ CS theory for example.
                   \_ CS Networking (Protocols/Routing/Switching)
                      \_ I don't know... UCLA is very buff at CS networking.
           \_ Hmm, I hadn't heard that UCSF sucks.
              \_ UCSF isn't a general university.  UCSF is great, of course.
              \_ UCSF is the #1 med school in the nation. They
                 have a pretty good Law School as well.
                 \_ First, the law school isn't at UCSF, it is UC Hastings!
                    UCSF only does biomedical disciplines (and only graduate).
                    Second, they are never ranked #1 overall for med-school,
                    Harvard, Mayo, and JHU are often, and usually ahead of
                    them.  And anybody who cares about overall rankings instead
                    of discipline based is most likely going to the wrong
        \_ Heh. Then you're already starting from behind. UCSC!=last and
           never has been, except for its fledgling eng program.
        \_ since when is UCSC last? I thought UCI or UCR was last.
           \_ UCR is solidly in last in terms of difficulty to gain
              admittance. --dim
           \_ I thougt UCSB the party school is last.
        \_ Ranked by what? Hot chix? Reputation? Glaucoma sufferers?
        \_ It depends on the program, really.  UCSB is mostly pretty weak,
           but their physics program ranks very highly, for example.  -tom
           \_ As a physicist, I know about them kicking ass in physics,
              particularly high energy theory and condensed matter
              experiment.  I would have guessed that their EE would have
              to be first rate, given the massive army of 3-5 semiconductor
              people there.
        \_ All this stuff about best schools and just about every one of you
           babbles about academics as if it matters.  If you're not in a PhD
           program it doesn't matter.  If you are you already know the best
           schools for your field.  It's all about the hottest chicks.  The
           rest is bullshit.
           \_ If anything, the overall school reputation matters _less_ for
              a PhD student, not more.  I can see how hiring BS/BA people can
              be influenced a little by school prestige, but for a PhD grad
              looking for a job, it's all about their research really.
              I school prestige is something low self-esteem people care about,
              kind of like they care about their sports team performance.
2003/4/15-16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:28138 Activity:high
4/15    How's bschool/lschool/gschool going for you guys? It's mid April,
        everyone should be getting acceptance/rejection letters by now.
        \_ Haven't gotten kicked out yet...
        \_ headed to UCLA (anderson) in the fall.
        \_ Did UCLA EE guy and USC CS guy ever hook up?
           \_ Yes, and their kids are going to go to UCSC EECS.  Which,
              in that program, I think they teach you how to make bongs
              out of circuit boards.
        \_ Hmm, it's been ten years since I last worried about this stuff.
           Time flies.
2002/10/12 [Academia/UCLA] UID:26155 Activity:low
10/11   hey, ucla.*guy: are you going to the Cal-SC game tomorrow? I'll
        be wearing my Cal Rugby shirt.
        \_ uh, not aware of any football game.  ucla cs guy
           by the way ucla ee guy, what's up? Hows it going?
2002/9/25-26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:26007 Activity:moderate
9/25    UCLA ee guy who's your DSL ISP, Case-Of-Command or DSLExtreme?
        \_ DSLExtreme --ucla med student
                \_ where you live at med student? Gayley? Tiverton?
                   \_ i live w/ my parents in bh. leave me alone.
2002/9/22 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25973 Activity:very high
9/21    ucla ee guy, deposit into EasyPay Bruincard, yay or nay?
        \_ Right now I'm leaning towards nay. The letter said that
           some merchants give discounts if you pay via Bruincard,
           but it didn't say how much or which discounts. If it
           saves me 10% or more on books I'll deposit.
           BTW, did you find a place and are you going to
           orientation on Wednesday? - ucla ee guy
        \_ Just exchange email addresses already so we don't have to
           read your conversations.
           \_ That's the joke, son.
              \- It's not a joke, it's just stupid...not to mention annoying.
                 \_ Ignore it.  You're only feeding it.
2002/9/15-16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25893 Activity:high
9/14    UCLA ee guy, to sync up, there are 3 orientations right?
        1 9/25 9-12pm Engineering Orientation at 4000A Math Science
        2 9/25 5-7:30pm Welcome reception
        3 9/26 3-6pm Computer Science orientation (you have this?)
                                        -ucla cs guy
        \_ I'm guessing since he's not CS, he doesn't have #3.
        \_ they say that a Cal Eng BS is equivalent to Eng MS from other
           schools that are not 1st tier. Is this really true? Do recruiters
           accept this as a general rule of thumb? Christine wanna comment?
           \_ No one puts Cal that high on the scales of anything.  Your
              typical recruiter wouldn't know Cal from Cal State Hayward.
              \_ This is sad, but true. Emphasis on 'typical', though. Some
                 are quite aware. Regionalism is a factor, too. --dim
                 \_ Some = so rare as to not count.  I've talked to a few
                    dozen recruiters in the last 6 or 7 years.  The typical
                    recruiter not only doesn't know what Cal is or how it
                    compares to Cal State Hayward, but doesn't know the
                    difference between a hardware guy, a coder, a sysadmin,
                    or an HR assistant if they all have the word "unix" on
                    their resume.  They're just pattern matching.  More
                    matches = better fit!
           \_ Since most tech recruiters are pretty clueless about technology,
              it is true that most recruiters don't know to weigh a Cal EECS
              degree heavily during resume consideration.  (e.g., they will
              weigh it, but weigh it the same as Stanford or UCLA or even
              in shameless cases, Harvard or Cal State **)  However, most
              hiring managers give a lot of weight to people from Cal EECS.
              In many cases, hiring managers will explicitly say they prefer
              someone with a Cal or MIT or CMU Engineering degree to their
              recruiter.  In the end, the hiring manager is the one who makes
              the decision, so that's the opinion that counts. (Plus, if your
              hiring manager doesn't have awareness of your educational
              background in Cal EECS, a red flag should go up anyhow).
              So to sum up:  a Cal Eng BS does matter, and it usually weighs
              as heavily or more as/than an MS from a non-first tier
              university. --chris
              \_ Stanford and UCLA are both awesome ee schools.  (UCLA CS
                 is unfortunately not as good).
                        \_ Isn't Dave Patterson from UCLA?
                           \_ One outstanding PhD does not a good program make.
                 \_ but not as good as Cal, especially on the CS side
                    of things.
                    \_ Cal has the best ee (and math) in the country.  I am
                       not sure the gap is that wide, especially if you are
                       a smart ugrad with research interests, and there is
                       someone at Stanford/UCLA/whatever that better matches
                       your interests.
              \_ But what are your odds vs a Stanford MS with your Cal BS when
                 the hiring manager hasn't specified Cal=Better?
                        \_ wouldn't that depend on the manager who has a
                           bias since he graduated from Cal|Furd?
        \_ why would it matter? 3-4 working experience==MS degree, and
           besides no one ever asks or judges you by the school you went
           to 5 years ago.
2002/9/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25806 Activity:nil
9/7     UCLA ee guy, what's your favorite restaurant in Westwood? Cowboy
        Sushi? Where do the hot chix hang out?          -ucla cs guy
2002/9/7-8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25800 Activity:kinda low
9/7     UCLA ee guy did you get your BruinCard yet? Do you have to pay
        tuition first to get the card?
        \_ yeah i got it. now stop asking me dumb questions.
                \_uh oh sounds like a troubled marriage.
                  \_ nothing that a nice spending spree at Fred Segal
                     cannot fix
2002/8/21-22 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25640 Activity:high
8/20    UCLA ee guy-- tell me, are you now a Cal Bruin or a UCLA Bear? HAHAHA
        sorry couldn't resist that.
        \_ Couldn't resist what?
           \_ Being mudane.
           \_ Being mundane.
           \_ It's a joke.  A little like the funny kind, but not much.
              \_ Oh ok. I knew it was a joke. I was trying to find the funny.
                 \_ Look in your pants.
                    \_ Hey it's yermom's hand!
2002/7/23 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25407 Activity:nil 85%like:25284 50%like:25368
7/22    UCLA ee guy, I found a place on Hilgard, BEAT THAT!!!   UCLA cs guy
2002/7/16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25375 Activity:nil
7/16    ucla ee guy, are you circumcized?  Do you prefer top or bottom?
        \_ He prefers bottom and no, he's not but he will be soon.  You?
2002/7/16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25368 Activity:high 60%like:25284 50%like:25407
7/15    ucla ee guy have you found housing yet?
        \_ I found a place on Kelton. - ucla ee guy
        \_ ucla cs/ee guys, did you go to the Cal alumni gettogether
           last saturday?
2002/7/5 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25284 Activity:nil 66%like:24819 66%like:25138 60%like:25368 85%like:25407
7/5     ucla cs guy: Have you found a place yet? - ucla ee guy
        \_ and thus begins the relationship.
2002/6/26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25204 Activity:nil
6/26    I'm sick and tired of this shit. Just email me, ucla ee guy.
        \_ finally!
        \_ what if everybody sent email to that address?  how would he
           know who is the real ucla ee guy?
           \_ I already signed it up as a few hot gay porn sites.
              \_ What good does that do?  That email address is just for
                 them to exchange their logins.
2002/6/19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25145 Activity:nil
6/18    UCLA ee guy, I just got the URSA letter. To get everything right,
        we're suppose to get a bill after Sep 1? And can we get a BruinCard
        before paying it? Also, they haven't told us who my advisor is, how
        do I know what classes I should take in my first quarter? My
        enrollment period is 6/26, how about you? Also, did you get a TA job?
        I applied but they never responded.
2002/6/18 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25138 Activity:nil 50%like:24862 66%like:25284
6/17    UCLA ee guy did you get anything from UCLA?
        \_ I got some registration info on Sat. I'm planning to
           figure out my course schedule sometime this week.
           I still haven't heard about housing, so I'm planning
           to go to LA the week after next in order to look for
           a place. - ucla ee guy
2002/6/10-11 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25056 Activity:nil 75%like:24779
6/9     UCLA ee guy, what happened to Stanford?
        \_ I haven't heard, they seem to take their own sweet time with
           hcp apps. -ucla ee guy
2002/6/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25035 Activity:kinda low
6/7     ucla ee guy, after I sent in my SIR they never mailed me a thing.
        How about you?                                  -ucla cs guy
        \_ I called them on Tues. and a lady at the dept. told me that
           my SIR had been received. She told me that registration info
           would be arriving latter this month. -ucla ee guy
           \_ COOL thanks for calling her and letting me know   -ucla cs guy
        \_ by the way weren't you waiting for Stanford? What happened? For
           me, they never sent me a letter even though they claimed to have
           done it, and gave me an email rejection when I asked.
2002/6/5-6 [Academia/UCLA] UID:25000 Activity:very high 66%like:24757
6/5     chialea, will you marry me?  I'm so in love with you!  -your #1 fan
        \_ you're so dreamy, will you marry me too?  -- chialea #1 fan #1 fan
           \_ is chialea chialea #1 fan #1 fan?
              \_ No.  -- chialea #1 fan #1 fan #1 fan
                 \_ You're BACK! Will YOU marry ME?
                      -- chialea #1 fan #1 fan #1 fan #1 fan
        \_ she should marry ucla cs guy or ucla ee guy
           \_ They seem pretty happy with each other already.
           \_ They're marrying each other.
              \_ I'm sure they would be happier with chialea rather than
                 each other.
        \_ Lea will marry you only if you complete three tasks.  First,
           you must get a PhD from a reputable CS or Math department.
           Then, you must earn a Nobel or a Turing prize.  Lastly, you must
           accumulate a fortune of $30G or greater.  You must complete the
           tasks in that order.
           \_ Is that a G for "grand" a la 1e3 or G for "giga" a la 1e9?
                \_ it's G for "nweaver is an idiot".  -tom
           \_ If you manage to do this while having an even number as the
              number of seconds remaining on the timer, you'll also unlock
              the secret level. -geordan
           \_ If you win the Nobel prize, you get like a million bucks.
              \_ which would be a small start on the way to $30G
           \_ How about the Fields Medal? Will she marry me if I win the
              Fields Medal, or does it have to be a Nobel or a Turing?
        \_ chialea, so when you headed to cmu?
           \_ Did you know that if you switch two letters in cmu you get cum?
        \_ can I have your old underwear?
              -- chialea #1 fan
        \_ stop it guys, you're making alexf and that too-ey (sp?) guy
           \_ boy you ARE lazy...  "twohey" is spelled out in the motd.official
              \_ AKA "the other guy"  Like I said no one cares about the
                 other guys, just chialea.
                 \_ HEY! I care about the other guys! -yermom
                 \_ I doubt chialea cares about the other guys either.
                 \_ you calling chialea a guy?
        \_ will the ucla cs guy make his proposal to the ucla ee guy as
           \_ Yes. On the motd, tonight at 11... stay tuned!
2002/5/17-18 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24872 Activity:very high
5/17    Suppose two people have a common medium and want to contact each
        other and want to minimize interception by others (e.g. spy in foreign
        country using the newpaper ad for secret communications). What's
        the best way to go about this?
        \_ Public key/private key encryption. But if you start posting
           encrypted messages to the motd, they will be deleted. Can't
           you and EE UCLA guy just meet somewhere for drinks?
           \_ let's say I give you my public key, and the UCLA guy encodes
                his messages to me using my public key and I decode it. How
                do I know it's REALLY him since anyone can use my key?
                You see the problem with that logic?
                \_ also, suppose anyone posts a public key and the UCLA guy
                   mistakens it and encodes his message. Then he would be
                   exposed right?
                \_ Encode with his private key then your public key.
                   Isn't this one of the standard textbook security
                   \_ BTW, which NT/Unix e-mail programs support public key /
                      private key across the internet?  Thanks.
                      \_ mutt?
                   \_ Go back to class.  You sign with your private key, which
                      can be decrypted with your public key.  You encode the
                      whole message with his public key, which can be decrypted
                      with his private key.  Kids today...
                      \_ I think the previous posters were referring to
                         receiving messages, not sending.  -- yuen
        \_ I think ucla ee guy and ucla cs are are really the same guy.
           \_ Maybe their name is Norman.
        \_ Depends on circumstance. Ideal would be a minimalized ciphertext
           "dictionary" which could be memorized. A few code words and you're
           done. Of course it would be good for a couple of uses, tops.
        \_ PGP/GPG should be ok, though, key exchange is a problem since
           you can't trust any keys posted on motd. You might need to contact
           the key holder in person to make sure that the posted key
           fingerprint indeed belongs to her/him.
           \_ or sign up with verisign(those bastards)
           \_ what is wrong with signing your own public key and send it
              to the receipent?
              \_ then the recipient needs to have a -trusted- copy of the
                 sender's public key in order to verify the signature.
                 Chicken and egg problem. I'd say that if the two parties
                 don't agree in advance about the medium of communication
                 and the public keys, this problem is unsolvable unless these
                 two guys are -very- creative and smart ..
        \_ Too many geeks here. Reread the question. Do you want minimize
           the chance of interception, the fact that you are sending a
           message, the fact you are sending a secret message, the chance
           of someone else decoding the message, or the odds your message
           will be delivered accurately? Given your example of two people
           communicating via a newspaper, I'd recommend against the PGP
           encrypted message dictated to the fat fingers of a desk clerk.
           \_ Not to mention the fact that publishing a line of obviously
              encoded text is likely to draw attention.
        \_ come on guys this is a very classic encryption problem and none
           of you morons have a sol'n to this. How pathetic     -crypto king
        \_ to those people who supposedly have scripts to monitor who writes
           what on the motd, do everybody a favor and just reveal who ucla ee
           and ucla cs guy are and get it all over with.
2002/5/17 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24862 Activity:low 50%like:25138
5/17    ucla ee guy, what was your preference in housing (Rose, Keystone, or
        Venice)? Who else from Cal is going to ucla besides you?
        \_ Sheesh. Just exchange your names and take this offline. This
           anonymity thing is quite strange and frankly baffling. You're
           going to be classmates. Get over it.
           \_ Not that strange. Ever use the glory holes in the basement
              of Evans? Do you really want to know who is on the other side?
              \_ yermom, of course.
2002/5/14 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24819 Activity:moderate 66%like:25284
5/14    ucla ee guy, will you marry ucla cs guy and just get it over with?
        \_ yeah, they can go and buy each other matching clothes at Fred
           Segal every weekend
        \_ Sorry I don't go for that same sex thing (I'm assuming
           that ucla cs guy is really a guy and not a girl pretending
           to be a guy out of fear from potential stalkers on the motd)
           \_ Fuck the stalkers. No hiding. -chialea
              \_ careful what you wish for.
                \_ are you a "kill PhD candidate" candidate?
2002/5/10 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24779 Activity:very high 50%like:24822 75%like:25056
5/9     ucla ee guy, did you get anything from usc and stanford?
        \_ I got into usc, but nothing from stanford yet.
                \_ how much is Stanford's tuition?
                   \_ you get what you pay for
                      \_ Not. How many overpriced private degree farms can
                         you name?
                \_ how much is USC's tuition?
2002/5/8-9 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24760 Activity:moderate
5/8     UCLA ee guy, what's your verdict?
        \_ 2 years in state pen, then 3 years supervised release.
                \_ that's tough for a grad student
                   \_ How so?  Get raped either way.
2002/5/2 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24674 Activity:nil
5/1     ucla ee guy, where are you going for grad school? Why do you want
        to go to usc for your MS? Their tuition is outrageous (and MS don't
        usually get funding unless you know the people really well).
        \_ I'm confused.  ucla ee guy isn't going to ucla for grad school?
           \_ I"m going to NYC to work, but heretofore declare myself
              Harvard CS guy, just for fun.             - Harvard CS guy
2002/4/26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24607 Activity:nil
4/30    Endless ucla ee guy crap deleted.  Exchange email addresses.
2002/4/26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24606 Activity:high
4/30    ucla ee guy, how come you applied for ucla ee and cornell/ucsd/usc ms?
        What's your emphasis, CAD or something (both ee/cs)?
        \_ I applied ee @ ucla, ucsd, cornell and stanford. I applied
           cs @ usc only because I knew a prof. in the cs dept. there.
           I'm interested in embedded systems, specifically l2-l4
           switching, transparent caching and security.
2002/4/25-26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24594 Activity:moderate
4/25    UCLA ee guy, I'm the UCLA cs guy. I got a brilliant idea on how to
        get each other's email without being intercepted by the motd jerks.
        You have your blue "UCLA Graduate Student Housing Options 2001-02"
        sheet? Starting at the line "We understand that finding a place..."
        map that letter to 1, 2, 3, and so on (e.g. W=1, e=2, u=3, n=4, ...).
        Then you have the entire number to alphabet mapping. With that,
        post your numbering. For example, if your login is weu@csua, then
        your login would be 1,2,3@csua. Please post your login here.
        \_ there are lots of bored, loneley, horney guys here and yet
           women post their logins repeatedly.  the harassment can't be that
           bad.  you're being a paranoid idiot.
        \_ Ok: 17,3,28,31,17,17@csua.  - ucla ee guy
        \_ 5,8,44,354,21,22,84@csua
           \_ 5=d, 8=s, 21=i, 22=n
              > cat /etc/passwd | grep '^' | cut -f 1 -d ":"
              [No output]
           \_ How does this prevent other people who also have the blue sheet
              from decoding the login?
        \_ You're a whack.  Just post your login.
        \_ just post an ad on craigslist in "Men Seeking Men"
        \_ yeah, stop being a dweeb and post your damn login. oh wait-- if
           you do, I might mail bomb you out of jealousy... better not.
        \_ Why dont you just post yours w/o waiting for ee guy?
           Better yet, let's wait until the Fall and then we'll find
           out who both of you are based on information written in the motd.
2002/4/25-26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24591 Activity:very high
4/25    ucla ee guy, did you get anything housing info with your acceptance
        letter? The only thing I got was a paper called "UCLA Graduate
        Student Housing Options" and my URSA code.
        \_ That's the only thing I got. I'm mailing mine in soon to see if
           I can get into one of those grad student dorms. Otherwise I'm
           going to go down there in july and find a place.
           BTW, money isn't a big issue for me since my company will
           most likely pick up the tab regardless of where I go. The
           problem is the number of hours I'd have to work. I don't
           want to spend to many hours working since I won't be able
           to study and learn properly.
           At stanford, I'd have to work 25 hrs/wk to get full tuition
           reimbursement. If I go to UCLA, its less than 10 hrs/wk,
           which is much easier (no critical customer bugs or action
           items get assigned to an engineer who is 10 hrs/wk or less,
           but 25 hrs/wk is practically full time at more companies).
           - ucla ee guy
                \_ go to ucla. You're not going to be able to work 25 hrs/wk
                   at Stanford. Despite what people say classes there are
                   not THAT easy (I've taken a few). Sure the grades are
                   inflated, but you still have to work pretty hard.
                   \_ What makes you say UCLA classes are any easier than
                      Stanford classes?
                        \_ the author did not make such statement, nor did
                           he imply it. Perhaps he assumed that 25hrs/wk
                           would have a negative effect on his school work
                           hence it would be better to go to ucla.
        \_ what's the cost of UCLA Master's?
                \_ the same as any other public school.
                \_ much cheaper than Stanfurd.
2002/4/25 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24584 Activity:nil
4/24    ucla ee guy: which acc/rej have you gotten so far and where are
        you going?
        \_ In addition to UCLA I have been accepted for MS CS at USC
           and MS EE at Cornell. UCSD rejected me for MS CS. I'm still
           waiting for Stanford. - ucla ee guy
                \_ yes I was waiting for Stanford as well, and one day I
                   just wrote them an email. It took them 4 days to reply,
                   but basically they said "We mailed EVERYONE a letter
                   on March. We're sorry, but you were not selected. The
                   quality of our applicants had gone up significantly and
                   the number of openings in the CS dept had actually
                   shrunk. We wish you luck elsewhere."
                   \_ that sux.  I know how that feels.
                        \_ doesn't matter, Stanfurd's inferior anyways.
                           Who are you anyways?
                        \_ by the way it's been over 3 weeks and I still
                           haven't gotten the letter that they were suppose
                           send out.
                   \_ I applied EE. I asked a prof and he said final
                      decisions haven't been mailed out to HCP students.
                      Sucks about CS though.
                      - ucla ee guy
2002/4/20-21 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24506 Activity:nil
4/19    I got my acceptance to Cornell for M Eng in EE today. Did anyone
        else hear from Cornell yet? - ucla ee guy
        \_ believe it or not, UCLA MS is harder that Cornell M.E. Cornell
           has a reputation for giving out quick M.E. degrees (1 year prog).
2002/4/19-20 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24495 Activity:very high
4/19    I got my USC acceptance letter yesterday. Did anyone else get
        their letter? - ucla ee guy
        \_ I didn't get anything... but not too depressed  -ucla cs guy
        \_ USC sucks
        \_ I'll apply for ucla ee next year and my gpa is low 3, how's my
           chance? potential ucla ee guy
           \_ the average GPA for UCLA applicants is 3.5.
           \_ GPA is just one of many factors. If you have a low GPA you
              can still get into MIT if you have an awsome GRE, great
              recs from famous professors, and if you have done good
                               \_ or famous coders (say Dennis Ritche,
                                  Ken Thompson, David Korn, Steve Bourne,
                                  \_ Why do people insist on interrupting?
              \_ ..._And_ wrote a good statement of purpose.
              \_ Sorry pal, MIT doesn't consider GRE.
                 \_ Is this really true?
                    \_ Yes, it is true. -- rejected from MIT
                    \_ Yes.  It was written somewhere in the application
                       material when I tried to apply 9 years ago.
              \_ I got low 2 GPA, which school i can apply?
                 \_ I didn't know you can stay in the major with low 2?
                    \_ I did it somehow. -geordan
                    \_ On man, this is berkeley, low 2 gpa is like high 3
                       at other school.
                    \_ Of course you can.  Just keep paying tuition and fees.
                       No one gets kicked out if they don't want to be.
                       \_ Really?  In my days, you need to pass the
                          majority of classes with a B- or better in
                          order to stay in the L&S CS major.
                          \_ no that was the official policy, it was never
                             strictly enforced.  keep paying your bills.
                 \_ Cornell (no min gpa), Chico, Western Nebraska
                    \_ I got 2.9.  Is SJSU it worth going?
                    Teachers College, etc.
              \_ I got high 2 GPA, which school can I apply?
                 \_ SJSU min gpa is 2.75, if you are higher than
                    that you'll get in.
                    \_ I got 2.9.  Is SJSU worth going?
2002/4/14 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24435 Activity:nil
4/12    Looking for a network of Berkeley->UCLA people. Where can I find it?
        \_ does Nadeem look at motd?
2002/4/8-9 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/UCLA] UID:24370 Activity:nil
4/8     In Stanford, there is a clause that says something like "if you get
        into the MS program, you will not be able to apply to our PhD
        program." Is there such a clause in UCLA?
2002/4/7-9 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24358 Activity:high
4/6     Has anyone gotten anything from Stanford and USC?
        \_ An ex-girlfriend and some books from Stanford, but somehow I
           doubt that's what you meant.
           \_ I'm pretty sure he means the college applications
                \_ oh, you think?
                   \_ No.  I think he was asking about STDs.
           \_ I realize that; I was being sarcastic.  Frankly, if he's that
              careless in articulating a simple question, I hope he didn't
              get in.
                        \_ a Stanford Transmitted Disease?
                           \_ Curable only by crashing the high tech boom.
              \_ I realize that; I was being sarcastic.  Frankly, if he's
                 that careless in articulating a simple question, I hope
                 he didn't get in.
                 \_ "nobody liked my joke so i will attack the poster"
                 \_ "careless in articulating a simple question"??? Who
                    gives a fuck? This is the m.o.t.d... not a college
                    application. Everyone obviously knew what s/he meant,
                    so who cares.
        \_ I recieved a letter on Thurs. from USC saying that
           the CS dept. has started to review my application
           and will get back to me (no time frame was mentioned).
           - ucla ee guy
           \_ what the hell??? All the schools that I got in want a responce
              by April 15th. BTW even though I got into UCLA MS I'm still
              waiting cuz I applied to USC's PhD program.  -ucla cs guy
                \_ UCLA deadline is in the summer sometime. -- UCLA PhD guy
              \_ Just accept and then change your mind later. Anyway,
                 UCLA >> USC (kinney goes to USC), if you want a PhD, apply
                 later after you get your UCLA masters. FUSC.
                        \_ are you the original ucla ee ms guy or a kinney ha8
                 later after you get your UCLA masters. FUSC. - ! ucla ee guy
2002/4/3-4 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24307 Activity:high
4/2     Hello EE MS UCLA guy, I GOT IN!!! I got the letter TODAY. Thanks
        for your support. Let's keep in touch! By the way still haven't
        received anything from USC and Stanford.   -CS MS UCLA guy
        \_ Congrats. I'm glad you got in. BTW, I haven't heard from
           USC or Stanford either. It doesn't matter, since I already
           said yes UCLA last week.
           \_ what is your nick name? Don't want to keep saying EE MS UCLA guy
              \_ it's "pigfucker"
                 \_ gee, Terrance, why would you call me a pigfucker?
2002/3/20-22 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24174 Activity:high
3/20    Anyone gotten a letter from UCLA or USC? I've gotten all the
        rejections/acceptance except these two... getting anxious now.
        \_ I recieved my UCLA acceptance almost 3 weeks ago. USC CS
           said that they wouldn't have anything till April (I called
           the dept. last week). It doesn't matter to me, since I've
           decided to go to UCLA.
           BTW, Have you been accepted anywhere?
                \_ yes I did, but they're not on US News' CS list (but are
                   for the general engineering ranking), so I'm rather
                   embarrased about posting them here... thanks for your
                   response, I guess I'm not going to UCLA      -orig poster
                   \_ Yes they are.
                   \_ I applied EE. CS might not be out yet. Hope springs
                        \_ CS is out.
                        \_ EE PhD or MS? If I had known that the # of
                           applications trippled this year I wouldn've applied
                           as a junior (and would still have a better
                           chance). Now I sux   -orig poster
                           \_ MS. I'm not smart enough to do a PhD.
2002/3/18-19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24147 Activity:insanely high
3/18    Grad Skool Poll. Where are you going next year (add others as
Dear Applicant,
I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to
graduate study at U.C. Berkeley.  This year we received more than 3,100
applications for approximately 100 openings.
Because of the limited number of admission slots available, we turned away
many qualified applicants.  Nonetheless, I would like to wish you the best
of luck in pursuing your educational and professional goals.
        'furd: .
        UCLA: ..
        Vista: . (what is this?)
        San Jose State: . (I had a 2.7 GPA at Cal)
        Santa Clara: .
        Deciding: .
        \_ Haven't you heard?  MIT is not accepting this year.
        'furd: .
        UCLA: ..
                \_ Get a clue. It was intentionally misspelled.
        Vista: . (what is this?)
        \_ If you don't know what Vista is you don't deserve to go.
        San Jose State: . (I had a 2.7 GPA at Cal)
                                   \_ EE/CS or just CS?
                                        \_ at 2.7, DOES IT MATTER? Duh.
        Santa Clara: .
        Deciding: .
                  \_ Where did you get in?
        \_ I prefer Berger King
            \_ at the very least, spell it correctly.
                \_ Now you know why he's going to BK after Cal.
                \_ Get a clue. It was misspelled intentionally.
                   \_ How so?  I don't get it.
                      \_ How do you spell the place that sells Big Macs?
                \_ If he had taken E 190, this heartbreak might have been
2002/3/6-7 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24040 Activity:kinda low
3/6     So what's up with Pac-10 basketball this year?  Oregon, Arizona,
        'furd, Cal, and UCLA, a lot of middle strength(AP9-20), but no
        elite teams?  And how far will Cal go in the tourney?
        \_ How far Cal will go depends a lot on the matchups.  We cause
           problems for undisciplined, athletic teams like UCLA.  We have
           difficulty with well-coached teams with solid passers, like
           Arizona.  I don't think we can beat Duke, but I could see us
           beating a team like Maryland.  We're 5-4 vs. top-25 teams this
           season, so we can definitely put some wins together.
           The NCAA tourney is the most difficult bet in sports.  No one
           really knows what the hell might happen.  That's why it's also
           the greatest sporting event on the planet.  -tom
           \_ you know what's gonna happen with other sports?
                \_ It's a question of the degree of predictability.  Don't
                   be obtuse.  -tom
           \_ Curling, duh!  Nothing beats curling!
           \_ Bah. Maybe in the US, but not the world.
                \_ Don't even try to throw the World Cup in there.  Penalty
                   kicks are a fucked-up way to decide important games.
                   The Tour de France has some cachet but it's too
                   predictable.  -tom
                   \_ And penalties/free throws are more exciting?
                \_ seriously. kind of like how it's called
                   the "world series". maybe if they let the rest
                   of the world actually play. canada does not count.
                   \_ dude, it's only a misnomer when they have a team that
                      can play at our level.  ob yermom.
                        \_ isn't cuba better than us? what's ob?
2002/3/5 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24025 Activity:very high
3/4     So far, I've gotten my rejections from ucb, cmu, and mit. Nothing
        from Stanford, UW, and UT. Your turn.
        \_ Okay, I reject you, too.  It's nothing personal, though.
        \_ CS Masters or Ph.D?
                \_ what difference does it make. He/she got rejected.
                   \_ trying to understand the facts.
        \_ As mentioned before I got into UCLA (EE Masters). Still
           waiting for Cornell, UCSD, USC and Stanford.
           \_ UCLA is a pretty decent school.  Don't feel too bad.
           State school, Missippi, Palm Beach Tech, and DVC.  The DVC rejection
           *really* stings but I think I'll get by.  Maybe I can transfer later
           on, eh?  Is that possible if I get to know a prof there?
              At least one of those remaining schools will say yes.
              \_ Yay pretty decent :(
                 \_ for those of us who are too dumb to pass the
                    subject gre, pretty decent is great. At least
                    ucla is tier 1. Imagine the poor slobs whose only
                    option is Hayward State, SJSU or SCU. That would
                    \_ If you can't get in to a real school then you might
                       consider getting a real job instead.  What's the point
                       in getting a degree from a place like Hayward?
                                                             \_ or UCLA?
                                        UCLA is tier1 according to _/
                                        us news. It may not be the
                                        best prog. but it is much
                                        better than state school (ie
                                        hayward, sjsu, calpoly), most
                                        of the other uc's and many
                                        of the big name east coast
                                        private schools for EE/CS.
                                        \_ "First tier" == top 10.
                                           UCLA isn't top 10 in CS
                                           (though to be fair it is in
                                           some things).
                        \_ shockingly, a degree is more than something you
                           put on your resume so you can get a better job.
                           \_ A degree from Hayward isn't.
                        \_ only if you are changing fields, perhaps.
              \_ I'm pretty sure USC will say yes. Probably Cornell
                 as well since I applied to the M.Eng program (ie
                 the 1 yr degree factory for "professionals"). I don't
                 know about Stanford and UCSD. I probably won't go
                 to SD even if I get in so I don't care. I'm not sure
                 what I'd do if I got into the farm as I'd have to
                 keep working (I applied for honors co-op, so that
                 my company would foot the bill).
                \_ I'm guessing you applied for Fall 2002?  Or has was this
                   some time ago when you applied?
                   \_ I applied for Fall 2002 everywhere except for
                      the farm. I had to apply for winter 2003 at the
                      farm because of certain restrictions on "education
                      funding" at work in the 2002 calendar yr.
        \_ I got into: MIT, Yale, Cal, Harvard, Princeton, CMU, Stanford,
           Cornell, and my back up, Oxford.  I got rejected from every Cal
           State school, Mississippi, Palm Beach Tech, and DVC.  The DVC
           rejection *really* stings but I think I'll get by.  Maybe I can
           transfer later on, eh?  Is that possible if I get to know a prof
           \_ is yale good in computer science?
                \_ no. and fuck yale
           \_ why are you doing this to the "poor" person.
                \_ It's easy?
           \_ You have a tiny little penis
              \_ Yermom didn't say that.
                 \_ Yermom didn't want to hurt his feelings. She's sensitve
                    like that.
           \_ As a note, many of the lower tier schools reject outstanding
              students based on the idea that they know they are the backup
              plan and don't want to waste their time on someone they are
              fairly sure is going to go someplace else on scholarship.
2002/2/28-3/1 [Academia/UCLA] UID:24001 Activity:high
2/28    What are the rankings of the 7 UCs, for undergrad? This is for my
        little cousin.
        \_ Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, Cal, LA, SD, Irvine/Davis, the rest
           \_ CAL SUCKS ASS, YO. - *recent* cal cs grad.
           \_ talg was graduated from Cal. That is the kind of "student"
              cal is graduating these days.
              \_ who is talg?
        \_ Just look at UC News for an approximation.
        \_ I think in general: 1 Cal, 2 UCLA, 7 Santa Barbara.  Don't know
           Top Tier: 1 Cal, 2 UCLA, 3 UCSD
           Mid Tier: SB, Irvine, Davis (ranked by major)
           Bottom Tier: 7 SC, 8 Riverside
        \_ I think in general: 1 Cal, 2 UCLA, 5 Santa Barbara.  Don't know
           about the others.  Of course rankings depend on the major.  Which
           one is your cousin going for?
           \_ Is Merced open yet?
        \_ Isn't Riverside the worst? My understanding is: SD=yuppie school,
           Irvine=riceboy Integra school, SC=dumb surfer school,
           Davis=boring school, Riverside=drug school, and SB=party school.
           \_ Will depend on major, but 3. UCSD ...  7. Riverside
           \_ SB is definitely not 7.
        \_ There's 8 undergrad UC campuses; probably better tell your cousin
        \_ does your cousin learn like high or low pressure learning situations?
           that first. I'd go Cal, LA, SD, Davis, SB, Irvine, SC, Riverside.
        \_ does your cousin learn like high or low pressure learning
           \_ SB has a really outstanding condensed matter experimental
              physics research program, and is world class is particle
              theory. overall, their ranked in the top ten nationwide
              in physics at the grad level.  of course this is unrelated
              to undergrad, unless your cousin is *Absolutely* positive
              about going into physics..
              \_ SB has the college of creative studies for ugrad. Majors
                 include physics, literature, etc. CCS at UCSB is probably
                 better than any of the mid-tier schools and maybe better than
                 what you'd get at LA or Cal.
           \_ Their 3-5 semiconductor work is also world class. But use the
              same advice you ought to get when you go to grad school. If
              you know exactly what you want to do (for undergrad, that means
              major, for grad that means research area), go to the best place
              for that subject. Otherwise, other things being roughly equal,
              go to the best school you get into.
        \_ As Per US News:
           Cal, UCLA, UCSD, Irvine/Davis (Tie), UCSB
                            \_ Davis slightly more selective as per US News
           Unranked: UCSC, Riverside
2002/2/26 [Academia/UCLA] UID:23980 Activity:very high
2/26    My little cousin got into Berkeley but not UCLA. Back in my days
        this was very uncommon. Is this common now?
        \_ Was he instate our out of state?
        \_ What major?  That could make all the difference.
           \_ I got into Cal but not Irvine, as intended CS major.
        \_ Same thing happened to me...but I applied as a polisci major
           there and as a music major here!
        \_ When I applied for Fall '90 junior transfer into CS, I got into
           Berkeley and San Diego but not LA nor Davis.
        \_ Got into Cal, UCLA, Irvine, UCSD as a freshman.  I do not know what
           a rejection letter looks like.  My letters were all big and fat and
           full of much happiness and joy.
           \_ Congrats on preserving your ego by not applying to Harvard, Yale,
              Stanfurd, Princeton, CMU, ......
              Stanfurd, Princeton, CMU, Cornell, ......
              \_ CMU does not fit. CMU is like UCLA difficulty to get into.
              \_ You think a havud edukayshun is better than what Cal offers?
                 Madness....  Those are just names.  Anyway, I applied to
                 Princeton just for kicks and yes I was accepted but why would
                 I really want to have a piece of paper?  Those aren't schools.
                 They're about penis size.  My dick is big enough without a
                 shitty ivy name on my diploma.  How many Havud grads killed
                 how many companies in the late 90s?  Farm grads?  Yes, thanks.
           \_ How much did your daddy donate?
              \_ *laugh* Nothing.  No one needs to donate to get into UC.
        \_ A friend of mine went to UCLA until the easy access to drugs
           helped him fuck up his life.  He went to some 5th rate school in
           Arizona and last I knew was a late night DJ on the local college
           radio station.  UCLA ROCKS!
           \_ UCLA has easier access to drugs than Cal?! Har.
              \_ Yes.  He was going to Mexico twice a month to pick up a truck
                 load.  You're confused.  You think a few hits of acid, some
                 mushrooms and smoking out with your TA is big time drug
                 activity.  How naive.
                 \_ you must be on crack
2001/1/11-12 [Academia/UCLA] UID:20303 Activity:high
1/11    Anyone watched "The Internet" on the History Channel? I was
        disappointed that they kept talking about MIT/UCLA and the profs
        and grad students but had absolutely NO reference to Berkeley.
        \_ um. there's a reason ya know. berkeley wasn't involved until several
           years into the project; the most formative work, around '66-'70, had
           nothing to do with Berkeley
           \_ we just wrote the protocols
2001/1/1-3 [Academia/UCLA] UID:20211 Activity:kinda low
1/1   Anyone know if the LA area have an SITN equivalence? For example,
      UCLA extension? Also is the transcript the same for both UCLA
      extension and UCB extension?
      \_ USC has a SITN. I don't know anything about it. --dim
        \_ I thought only corporations use SITN. I can't imagine going to
           a Berkeley classroom watching Stanford televised lectures
2001/1/1-3 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/UCLA] UID:20210 Activity:high
1/1   Is the UCLA CS MS program better/worse/comparable to Stanford CS MS?
      I understand that neither one is as good as UCB/MIT/CalTech, I'm
      just soliciting advice, thanks.
      \_ Stanford CS is very good, at least comparable to Berkeley.  UCLA
         is a second tier school, and their CS program reflects this.
         \_ Don't confuse Stanfurd CS MS and Stanfurd CS PhD. The MS at
            Stanfurd is just a degree-purchase program. All the good stuff
            you hear about Stanfurd's CS grad school is almost always based
            on the PhD's only which are very much separated from the MS
            group (probably a bad practice).
            \_ Yeah.  $tanfurd CS MS does't even require writing a thesis.
      \_ Stanford CS MS > UCLA CS MS.
         \_ University of California for Lesser Achievers
         \_ is that your opinion or a commonly agreed upon opinion?
            \_ My opinion.
            \_ Mine too.
2000/12/14 [Academia/UCLA] UID:20094 Activity:moderate
12/13   I've noticed that other schools offer Automata and Theory
        (e.g. UCLA, Stanford). Is that covered in the 17x series?
        \_ yes
        \_ take 172. it'll whip the {llama,ucla,stanford}'s ass. especially
           next semester.
           \_ You want Manuel "But they don't know it's an open problem" Blum.
              He is the STANDARD.  172 prof.
              \_ Blum is now at Carnegie with the rest of his mishpochah. He's
                 only coming back for one semester next semester to visit and
                 teach CS70. And Vazirani may be Blum's student, but he should
                 be damn good. I speak from experience. -alexf
2000/10/16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:19492 Activity:high 88%like:19487
10/15   (1 am)  What's with all the cops around campus and telegraph?
        \_ homecoming.  lots of losers from ucla in addition to our own.
        \_ actually it was the angry crowd who couldn't get into the
           black fraternity dance in pauley ballroom after the UC cops
        \_ bunch of frat types decided to break windows,
           at hot topic and footlocker and the gap, someone
           prevented more people from getting in.
           \_ people get pissed when they can't get their fix
        \_ I passed that way at 3am, gap had its windows broken,
           telegraph was cordoned off from channing to bancroft -jones
           pulled a gun and shot it off, causing many angry cops
           to appear with guns drawn, and everyone fled for their lives - danh
        \_ It is just the quasi-annual 100% off sale at Rasputin.
        \_ Sigh.  I'm so proud to be a Cal alumnus ...
           \_ maybe if you donated back to your school, people wouldn't
              feel so deprived.
                \_ You mean deprived of free music and clothing stolen from the
                   local stores?  Excuse me, but were you born stupid or did you
                   learn to be stupid over time?
2000/10/15-16 [Academia/UCLA] UID:19487 Activity:moderate 88%like:19492
10/15   (1 am)  What's with all the cops around campus and telegraph?
        \_ homecoming.  lots of losers from ucla in addition to our own.
        \_ I passed that way at 3am, gap had its windows broken,
           telegraph was cordoned off from channing to bancroft -jones
        \_ bunch of frat types decided to break windows,
           at hot topic and footlocker and the gap, someone
           pulled a gun and shot it off, causing many angry cops
           to appear with guns drawn, and everyone fled for their lives - danh
1999/11/19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:16925 Activity:high
11/18   If you're living in SoCal and are looking to work with academic
        type people:  Part-time coder needed for a UCLA-derived group.
        /csua/pub/jobs/glomosim. -jctwu
        \_ so, cleaning my professor's toilet would count eh?
1999/3/13 [Academia/UCLA] UID:15590 Activity:nil
3/12    Arizona, UCLA and Washington all got bumped from the tournament.
        Dare we root on Stanford for Pac-10 pride?
1999/3/6-9 [Academia/UCLA] UID:15554 Activity:nil
3/6     Support UCB, play College Jeopardy Online ( and
        kick some UCLA and them other schools' asses.  Plus win free
        \_ UCLA? Has our standards of competition sunk that low?
           \_ Read the motd lately?  Playing against UCB is dragging UCLA down
              to UCB's level.
1998/3/11 [Academia/UCLA] UID:13790 Activity:high
3/10    Does anyone know a David Smallberg in the UCLA area?  I believe he
        either teaches at UCLA. - seidl
        \_ Either teaches at UCLA or what?  If he's teaching, you could
  and look in the faculty directory.
          \_ Either teaches at UCLA or he doesn't.  This puts the guy into
             the union of the set of all people who teach at UCLA and the set
             of all people who do not teach at UCLA.  While this set of people
             is "valid", it isn't useful for narrowing the search.
1996/9/25 [Academia/UCLA] UID:31899 Activity:nil
9/23    Anyone have an extra ticket for the UCLA game they'll
        sell me? --dpassage
        \_Have one.  How much you willing to pay??
1994/4/17 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/UCLA] UID:31568 Activity:nil
4/16    Do all universities have such lousy campus computing facilities
        or is it just my luck that I chose the worst possible place in
        terms of computing resources?  EVERYTHING is always slow, crashes,
        ...   (even soda :(   )
        \_ public computing facilities or just those for EE/CS people?  If
           you are referring to the former, ever checked out ucla?
           ( or ucsd (  both of them are
           really lame... ucla is, imho, even worse than uclink -shyguy
        \_ most of my friends at other universities are jealous of our facilities.
           The problem is that the campus computing facilites  are undergoing
           SERIOUS growing pains...the number of people with accounts has
           increased 5- or 6-fold in the past year or so.  What with all the
           media hype, the "common people" are starting to get interested in
           having net access.  However, the campus facilities do seem to be
           growing almost fast enough...give them time. -boss
        \_ No, all universities don't have lousy campus computing facilities.
           Just go to the U. of Illinois for example.  I think most people
           have heard me rave about it enough already - norby
        \_ My friends at other universities are amazed with UCB's computer
           department.  It is a very good place to study anything and
           everything.  Excellent LIBRARIES and COMPUTER facilities. -ikiru
        \_ FOOLS. the answer is simple: we were all dumb asses for going
         to a state school. Anyone at a private university will laugh
         at UCB's facilities. Even some L.A. only schools. Sad. You
         are getting what you pay for.
         \_ FOOL! yourself..then how come we are paying more each
            year and the resources get more scarce every year?
           \_ I'd like to know which Cal you people go to! All I see
              are new machines (uclink and uclink2 spring to mind,
              as well as numerous labs, including the new HP lab).
              Soda is a unique environment, and I am happy we have
              it. Not many schools have a playground like we do
              (you can file the OCF under that heading, too). Sure,
              we each don't have a NeXt or SPARC (though some of us
              do), but I don't think twinks like you deserve any better
              anyhow! What whiners! As long as you can look at
              gifs of nekkid gurlz, you should be happy!
2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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