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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/2/21-3/26 [Academia/StanfUrd, Finance/Investment] UID:54612 Activity:nil
2/21    "Billionaire U: Why Harvard Mints Mega-Rich Alums" (
        All nine US schools on the list are private.  Speaking of upward
        mobility ...
2013/1/16-2/19 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:54581 Activity:nil
1/16    UC is pathetic. No wonder Stanfurd and Coursera rule:
2011/2/8-19 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:54031 Activity:nil
        Free lectures online. You won't get a degree, but you'll learn,
        for free!
        \_ the cmu stats course is nice.
           \_ cum studs course what? :-)
        \_ Hey, CS164 with Hilfinger! Wow, I feel 20 years old again.
2010/2/4-3/4 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:53690 Activity:nil
2/4     UCB 19th in private donations for 2009 behind #1 Stanford and #9 UCLA. (LA Times)
        List of Top 20: (Wall Street Journal)
        \_ advice to UCB fundraiser committee: Ask not how you can
           get more donations. Ask why you are not getting donations.
        \_ why the fuck should i donate to a place that told me my undergrad
           ass wasn't really who they were trying to teach?
           \_ look buddy, everyone felt the same way at Cal. This is
              why it's been going down for the past 2 decades. It's
              a sad legacy of the damn place getting damn too big.
              \_ well then I have this to say unto Cal:
                 "You reap what you sow.  You have heard of this phrase?"
                     Probably not, the bible is banned @Cal. _/
2009/8/12-9/1 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:53266 Activity:kinda low
8/10    Check this out. I went to Google Maps, typed in Pasadena then Animal Shelter.
        The first few items are "Caltech Housing", for students. I tried this for
        other cities like Berkeley and got real animal shelters. Is this some kind
        of lame geek joke from Caltech fraternity students?
        \_ Learn to format properly. Caltech doesn't really have fraternities,
           they have "houses" which are sort of like dorms, co-ops and frats
           all rolled into one. But yeah, this sounds like Tech humor. -Techer
           \_ I find it funny. I also find it sad that Berkeley students
              didn't do something as funny as this.
              \_ Berkeley students are too busy working 80 hour weeks for
                 Stanford business school students in the sandhill lane biz
                 \_ GOOD ONE. It's true. While Cal is so busy teaching geeky
                    engineers, The Furd is teaching its students how to
                    get connected to VCs, to have poise, to look and
                    talk like execs, and to rule over geeky engineers. Just
                    compare the # of successful Cal startups vs. Furd startups.
                    If I had to pick where my angel funds go to, it'd be the
                    Furds, hands down. Cal seriously needs to WAKE UP.
                    \_ word, been  saying that for years.  Cal students
                       are self selected from people who don't want to wake
                       up or who think "all that matters is the code".
                       Whereas really, without marketing or ops or biz dev
                       your startup goes to hell.  But it's not as romantic
                       or romanticised as the notion of a guy staying in the
                       labs, never sleeping, never bathing, rockstar coding
                       to get everything done.  Like CyberGod.
                    \_ Wait, isn't it because of Bush, or Reagan, or Pete
                       Wilson that Furd p0wns Cal?
                    \_ Oh, c'mon. Name a Stanford startup that was started
                       by *undergraduates*. Excite? Stanford teaches its
                       undergraduates to join startups, not found them.
                       \_ Name as many UCB startups as Furd startups
                          by *GRADUATES*. See, it doesn't matter.
                        \_ Loopt, midomi.
              \_ I don't think any of the Units has ever been flooded for a
                 party.  Ricketts for LYFE!  South Houses!
                 \_ Holy crap are there really two Scruves on the motd?
                    When did you go to Caltech, or was it just for the parties?
                    \_ ugcs doesn't have a motd?
2008/7/3-9 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:50466 Activity:nil
7/3     This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen (autonomous
        \_ I agree thats pretty cool, but with the current generation of UAVs
           in the field, aren't more complicated autonomous algorithms already
           at work? -mrauser
           \_ I think this is the first time I've seen autonomous hover with
              such good perturbance correction.
        \_ More proof that MIT and Furd do cooler things than Cal
           \_ I blame the professors. Cal professors have only contempt
              for students, while Stanford and MIT professors view
              students as peers to some extent. I don't know why this is,
              since the professors are selected from the same pool. It
              must be cultural. Occasionally, I came across professors at
              Cal excited to get their students involved in interesting
              projects (especially astronomy/astrophysics professors) but
              not typically. A lot of them wouldn't even keep office
              hours. They think we're not worth their time.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/5/9-15 [Academia/OtherSchools, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:49905 Activity:high
5/8     UC to raise fees to 18k a year or more:
        A report released in April by the UC faculty Academic Senate says
        the university has not recovered from the budget cuts earlier in the
        decade and that the governor's latest 10 percent cut to its budget
        will be devastating and force the university to rely more heavily on
        student fees and privatization of the university.
        To make up the difference, tuition and fees would have to be
        increased from the current $7,500 a year to about $10,000
        immediately, and to $18,000 in three years to keep the university
        from losing its prominence, the report says.
        \_ Yeah, privatize everything! Hooray!          -Republican
           \_ Hi Strawman Guy.  It should be obvious to anyone with two brain
              cells to rub together that the costs of some services should be
              spread across the population while others should not.  For
              example, vaccinations should be covered and mandatory because
              the cost of a plague in lives, suffering, and many other forms
              of loss outweighs the cost of a $5 shot for every child.  OTOH,
              covering your sex change operation or your breast implants is
              your problem and provides no societal benefit.  Somewhere in
              between those two extremes is a reasonable middle ground that
              people far more intelligent than a cheap shot troll like
              yourself are still trying to find.
              \_ Boob jobs don't provide any societal benefit???
                 \_ No more than your sex change operation.
                    \_ You must not be motd boob guy.
                       \_ Definitely not.  The 5 minutes a day I spend here
                          is already too much.  I don't compound that error
                          by following those sorts of links from here.
           \_ I don't see a very good reason to subsidize UC. Why not subsidize
              all universities? (i.e. subsidize the student, not the school)
              Also, why is there both Cal State and UC?
              \_ The last question, you could answer with only a moment of
                 thought or research.  Community colleges, Cal State and UC
                 have different missions and serve different populations.
                 I think it's safe to say that California gets excellent return
                 on its investment in UC, if you really want to look at it
                 from a pure economic perspective.  -tom
                 \_ If it does, then why not make that relationship explicit
                    in the form of loans?
                    What is the mission difference with CSU and UC? UC is
                    just better? I've good things about Cal Poly grads.
                    \_ read the mission statements, or the state constitution.
              \_ Did you go to Cal?  Please make out that check for 50k you
                 owe the state for your subsidies ASAP, thanks.
                 \_ Did you? I guess Cal isn't so great if it can't teach
                    basic logic. Do you really think that I should agree
                    with something because I supposedly benefitted from it?
                    I pays me taxes like anyone else. That doesn't mean I
                    agree with how it is used.
                    \_ I don't see the logical disconnect.  I bet you,
                       personally, have reaped great rewards from your
                       California taxpayer subsidized UC education.  I
                       have every right to mock you.
                       \_ Again: my personally benefitting or not has zero
                          relevance to the discussion. I would have
                          benefitted under a general subsidy as well, or
                          from loans etc., or from a more competitive
                          private market. Undergrad education is wasteful
                          as all get out. There is little reason to even
                          be at Cal for the first two years. The classes
                          are gigantic and you might near do as well by
                          or better just watching the class on video.
                          are gigantic and you might near do as well or
                          better by just watching classes on video.
                          My first two Cal years were mainly interesting from
                          a life/social perspective
                \_ We actually do both, right? We provide subsidized loans
                   and Pell Grants to any student, but we also provide public
                   schools for those who cannot afford private school, even
                   with a moderate subsidy. I know it goes against the
                   libertarian ethos to provide something of value on the
                   basis of merit, as opposed to the wealth of one's parents,
                   but that is what the People of California have decided to
                   do, and I agree with them.
                   \_ Why not just increase the grant and loan programs?
                      It's not against my ethos to provide something on merit.
                      I am fine with private scholarships and there are lots
                      of those. Communism is against my ethos.
                      \_ If the loan and grants were distributed equally and
                         all the UCs were privatized and charged whatever the
                         market would bear, then poor (and middle class) kids
                         would be shut out of attending the best schools. You
                         could fix this by granting additional State funded
                         scholarships on the basis of merit, but that would be
                         "Communism" again. I hope you can see how society as
                         a whole benefits when the brightest get the best
                         education, as opposed to simply the ones born to the
                         wealthiest parents. But you probably think working for
                         the benefit of the greater good is "Communist" as well.
                         the benefit of the greater good is "Communist" as
                         \_ Scholarships aren't the form of communism/socialism
                            I'm referring to here; I'm looking at government
                            entrance into markets it has no place in. So why
                            have the public schools at all instead of more
                            scholarships? Determining who the brightest are
                            is not clear anyway... I met many dumbasses at Cal.
                            If loans are guaranteed on favorable terms then
                            even the poor can attend the best universities.
                            \_ when did we give the Cato Institute a soda
                               login?  -tom
                               \_ Brit Humes is good looking!!!
                            \_ I see your point and don't really disagree with
                               it. Getting from here to there is kind of hard
                               though. Just because selecting for potential
                               ability is difficult doesn't mean we shouldn't
                               try to do it. People have been doing so at least
                               somewhat successfully since the time of the
        \_ I believe in Turkmenistan the government actively attempted
           to slash education funds in an effort to make the population
           stupider (less unrest when you're stupid).  They have great success!
           Go Turkmen!
        \_ Reagan's dream will finally be realized.
           \_ Star Wars?
        \_ I will say this much. If UC is going to charge the tuition of
           a private school then they'd better match private schools in
           terms of the educational experience. I put up with a lot of
           crap at UC because I realized it was a public school. However,
           if was paying $20K per year my expectations would have been
           completely different.

           if was paying $20K per year my expectations would have been
           completely different.
           \_ Bingo!  All the Stanford folks I know had an infinitely better
              experience and got much more out of it and still do years
              after they graduated.
              \_ Well, they better for (when I was in school) $100K more.
                 However, if UC wants to charge like a private then they
                 need to realize that they can't offer the same product
                 they offer now.
                 \_ UC doesn't *want* to charge like a private.  UC,
                    along with every public service offered by the
                    government, is under assault from corporatist
                    ideologues; thus, its funding has been repeatedly
                    cut while costs have been rising, and it is being
                    forced to raise fees, which, you're right, puts it
                    in a disadvantageous position relative to comparable
                    privates, and which in turn is exactly what the
                    ideologues want.  -tom
                    \_ Wow, been re-reading your Little Red Book a lot
                       recently?  Corporatist ideologues?  Can you name a few
                       of these corporatist ideologues who are out to destroy
                       the public university system in this state?
                    \_ Do you feel it would be in a disadvantageous position
                       relative to comparable privates if it charged the
                       same as the privates? Because the feeling I get is
                       that it would be, which is a knock on UC.
                       \_ How many top private research institutions have
                          over 200,000 undergraduates?  How many campuses
                          have over 30,000?  The problem space is different.
                          \_ Is Cal becoming a factory assembly line of
                             \_ Becoming? I thought that was its purpose.
                          \_ Pick any given campus for your comparison.
                             \_ How about Stanford?  They have something
                                like 8K undergrads.  Their mission is not
                                to educate the top 12.5% of California high
                                school students; if it were, Stanford would
                                be a much different place.  UCLA and
                                Berkeley are #1 and #2 in the country
                                among top universities in enrolling Pell
                                Grant (low-income) students as a percentage
                                of the undergraduate population.  (35% and
                                32%, respectively).  That's part of the
                                charter and mission of UC, and while it makes
                                the environment more challenging to manage,
                                I also think it's part of what makes UC a great
                                institution.  -tom
                                \_ How would you know UC is a great educational
                                   institution?  Did you ever attend a UC
                                   class?  Where is your 4 year degree from?
                                   \_ I see you're out of arguments.  -tom
                                \_ Why is it more "challenging to manage"
                                   low income students? They are still
                                   among the best and brightest.
                                   \_ Dozens of reasons.  They have unusual
                                      schedules and take longer to graduate
                                      because they're working while going to
                                      school, or they have to take time off
                                      to help their family.  They are often
                                      the first person in their family to
                                      go to college, so their family can't
                                      provide them as much advice or support,
                                      and in many cases doesn't value
                                      higher education in the same way that
                                      a fourth-generation Harvard family
                                      does.  There's overhead in dealing
                                      with their patched-together financial
                                      aid package and work-study awards.  -tom
                                      \_ I don't think any of these reasons
                                         have to do with why students at
                                         private schools are treated well
                                         and students at UC are treated like
                                         crap in comparison. Kids at private
                                         schools are likely to receive
                                         financial aid as well from many
                                         sources. Just because some kids are
                                         low income doesn't mean they create
                                         much more overhead. MIT or Stanford
                                         will take the best students they can
                                         get - wealthy or not - and still
                                         provide better experiences for
                                         students because they have to in order
                                         to compete against Caltech and
                                         Princeton for your (or the
                                         government's) dollars, while UC gets
                                         the money (and the students) no matter
                                         what. Sure, UC might compete for some
                                         of the best students but judging
                                         by the scholarships awarded they
                                         don't compete very hard. Overall,
                                         UC seems to feel you need them
                                         more than they need you, which is
                                         not the situation at private
                                         schools where every student is an
                                         extra $30K a year. That's one reason
                                         why privates don't fail people out.
                                         It's like tossing away $30K.
                                         \_ look, it's simple; exceptions are
                                            expensive, and low-income students
                                            generate more exceptions.  For
                                            that matter, there are diseconomies
                                            of scale in managing students when
                                            one class is as large as the
                                            entire enrollment of Stanford.
                                            The student experience of being
                                            in an 800-person Bio 1B class
                                            will not be the same as the
                                            experience of being in a 200-person
                                            class.  The institutions are not
                                            directly comparable because their
                                            missions and resultant environments
                                            are totally different.  -tom
                                            \_ Why not look at a small UC
                                               campus and compare to Stanford?
                                               You may be correct that the
                                               missions are different, but
                                               consider the disincentives
                                               UC has to do any better. As
                                               far as "exceptions" I am
                                               going to guess there are
                                               more made at private
                                               schools. UC is very much a
                                               "no exceptions" environment
                                               whereas at private schools
                                               every single student is
                                               treated like an exception.
                                               \_ I'm willing to bet that by
                                                  any metric you can devise,
                                                  Cal is more diverse than
                                                  \_ *LAUGH* you talk as if
                                                     diversity is a good
                                                     thing that everyone
                                                     loves to have *LAUGH*
                                                     Take a look at Denmark
                                                     and Irvine. Economically
                                                     and socially homogenous
                                                     and nice to live.
                                                     \_ Shut up white man
                                                        \_ Asians tend to stick
                                                           to communities or
                                                           *towns of their kind
                                                  \_ What does that have
                                                     to do with anything?
                                                     Most high-caliber schools
                                                     are actually pretty
                                                     diverse, but are you
                                                     somehow implying that
                                                     diversity == crappy
                                                     staff, and policies
                                                     or that somehow
                                                     having many races of
                                                     people on campus
                                                     therefore makes it
                                                     more expensive to operate
                                                     and makes the environment
                                                     more hostile to
                                                     undergrads? Where are you
                                                     heading with this
                                                     \_ I don't mean ethnic
                                                        diversity (although
                                                        that's clearly also
                                                        true).  I mean that
                                                        Berkeley has more
                                                        students, more students
                                                        who take time off to
                                                        work, more work-study
                                                        students, more
                                                        community college
                                                        transfers than
                                                        Stanford.  All those
                                                        populations are
                                                        more expensive to
                                                        manage.  And 32K
                                                        undergrads are more
                                                        expensive to manage
                                                        than 8K undergrads.
                                                        \_ I'm not convinced
                                                           on your last point.
                                                           Why should that be
                                                           the case?
                                                           \_ Find me an
                                                              institution with
                                                              32K undergrads
                                                              that doesn't
                                                              have a huge
                                                              bureaucracy. -tom
                                                              \_ Just compare
                                                                 UCB and USC.
                                                                 It's not
                                                                 like USC
                                                                 doesn't have
                                                                 but the
                                                                 experience is
                                                                 much, much
                                                                 better. You
                                                                 believe what
                                                                 you believe
                                                                 because you've
                                                                 worked at UCB
                                                                 so long and
                                                                 into the
                                                                 "that's the
                                                                 way it has to
                                                                 be" mentality.
                                                                 It doesn't.
                                                                 UC sucks
                                                                 even compared
                                                                 to some other
                                                                 large schools
                                                                 like Texas
                                                                 and UVA.
                                                                 \_ USC is half
                                                                    the size of
                                                                    and less
                                                                    than 10%
                                                                    of the size
                                                                    of UC. -tom
                                                                    \_ USC is
                                                                       the same
                                                                       size but
                                                                       has more
                                                                       is one
                                                                       reason it
                                                                       makes for
                                                    USC has 15K undergrads, _/
                                                    less than half of Cal. -tom
                                                  And small UC campuses don't
                                                  compete with Stanford.  I
                                                  know a lot of people who
                                                  were quite happy at Santa
                                                  Cruz, but it's not a top
                                                  research university.  -tom
                                                  \_ UC is UC. My gf went
                                                     to UCSC and it's the
                                                     same crap everywhere.
                                                     Also don't tell the UCSC
                                                     PhDs in programs like
                                                     astrophysics and
                                                     linguistics (both Top
                                                     10 in the nation) that
                                                     it's not a "top research
                                                     university". You know as
                                                     much about UCSC as you do
                                                     about everything else
                                                     that's not related to
                                                     "UCSC astrophysicists, for
                                                     example, were recently
                                                     ranked first in a survey
                                                     measuring the impact of
                                                     research on the field."
                                                     UCSC is a top research
                                                     university and at the same
                                                     time schools like Harvey
                                                     Mudd are not, but we're
                                                     not talking about
                                                     research. We're discussing
                                                     undergrad education. UC is
                                                     great for the price, but
                                                     if the price becomes $20K
                                                     I'm sending my kids
                                                     somewhere else.
                                                     \_ UCSC has *one*
                                                        department which is
                                                        a top research
                                                        department, and that's
                                                        because they made the
                                                        guys who used to live
                                                        up at Lick Observatory
                                                        come down to teach
                                                        at UCSC.  There is no
                                                        comparison between
                                                        the research done at
                                                        UCSC and Berkeley,
                                                        UCLA, Stanford, or any
                                                        of the other top
                                                        research institutions.
                                                        UCSC's purpose isn't
                                                        to be a top research
                                                        institution.  There's
                                                        really no point
                                                        in continuing this
                                                        conversation if you
                                                        don't understand that.
                                                        \_ *THREE* top 25
                                                           departments and
                                                           more that are
                                                           still good. They
                                                           just got money
                                                           for a stem cell
                                                           research center.
                                                           They do a lot of
                                                           world-class research
                                                           in biology and
                                                           ecology. UCSC, by
                                                           virtue of offering
                                                           PhD programs at all,
                                                           is engaged in
                                                           Your arguments don't
                                                           hold water. Every UC
                                                           is engaged in
                                                           world-class research,
                                                           not just UCB and
                                                           UCLA. I'm not
                                                           sure why this
                                                           matters anyway
                                                           when discussing
                                                           Your point seems to
                                                           be that UC ignores
                                                           ugrads in favor of
                                                           research, which is
                                                           exactly my beef with
                                                           \_ My point is that
                                                              UCSC and Stanford
                                                              are not
                                                              any more than
                                                              Berkeley and
                                                              De Vry are.
                                                              They are not
                                                              competeing for
                                                              the same students
                                                              or the same
                                                              faculty.   -tom
                                                              \_ My point
                                                                 is that
                                                                 UCSC still
                                                                 sucks for
                                                                 even though
                                                                 it's not
                                                                 "large and
                                                                 because it's
                                                                 still UC.
                                                                 \_ prove it.
                                                                    \_ let's
                                                                    \_ Did
                                        Yes, but that proves nothing. -tom _/
        \__ Does Cal or UCLA make money from enrolling out-of-state and
            international students?  If so, maybe that's one way to help the
            financial situation.  (I think it doesn't get government subsidy
            for those students.)
            \_ no.
            \_ No, but they charge them a hell of a lot more.
            \_ They money all goes to the UC Regents.  Did you ever pay your
               own fees?
               \_ Yes, I wrote lots of checks payable to UC Regents.  But I
                  thought that was just for accounting purpose.  -- PP
2008/2/16-21 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:49170 Activity:moderate
2/16    Snobs use google, normal people use yahoo:
        \_ (
        \_ I know a few conservatives who hate Google (liberal company)
           and use Yahoo as the less liberal alternative.
        \_ I don't know anyone who uses Yahoo search.  I know Yahoo
           employees.  I know zillionaires.  I know poor people.  I know
           people who are a few dollars from living in their car.
           They all use Google Search.
        \_ In another news, smart people prefer the Bay Area, and dumb
           people are stuck in Los Angeles.
           \_ True story.  -- ilyas
              \_ URL to support your claim?
              \_ True as in Berkeley/Stanford rejects go to UCLA, UCI
                 UCSD, and (laugh) UCR?
                 \_ Stanford rejects go to Cal. Let's be honest here.
                    \_ I always thought that the system was that the
                       rich kids Stanford rejects go to USC, the asian
                       kids Cal rejects go to UCLA, Davis rejects end
                       up at UCI/UCR and the asian kids with cool
                       parents go to UCSD.
                       \_ Stanford kids are actually smarter than USC
                          kids. It's more like Stanford rejects go to
                          the east cast, Cal rejects go to UCLA, Asian
                          kids who couldn't make it to any of the above
                          go to UCI or San Diego, and all the rejects
                          who don't want to go to CSUs go to Riverside,
                          Santa Barbara, or Santa Cruz. In terms of
                          UCB > UCLA > (UCD|UCI|UCSD) > UCSB > UCSC > UCR
                          UCSD for some reason attracts a lot of Republican/
                          conservative and UCR attracts a lot of dumb asses
                          \_ San Diego is a conservative area relative to the
                             rest of the state.
                    \_ When I applied to CS grad school in 1993, I got rejected
                       by Cal but accepted by $tanfurd.
                       \_ You end up going to Stanford?
                          \_ No, I ended up getting a job.
                       \_ Grad school is something else entirely. I was
                          talking about undergrad.
                 \_ Another true story. -- ilyas
                    \_ Ilyas is a dumb reject.
                       \_ Another true story. -- !ilyas
                       \_ Yup. -- ilyas
                          \_ Ilyas loves it when people sign
                             his name. Yup. -- ilyas
                             his name. Yup.
                             \_ No, that was actually me. -- ilyas
                                \_ But not me.  -- !ilyas
2007/11/14-17 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:48641 Activity:kinda low
11/14   Berkeley doesn't make list of Top 25 campuses with most
        international students:
        \_ Good. Less chance of having terrorists on campus     -conservative
        \_ Are you sure about this? This seems improbable to me..
           \_ Must be true.  I read it on the web.
              \_ Must be true, I read it on the motd.
2007/5/25-28 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:46748 Activity:nil
5/25    18-year-old Asian girl from OC pretends to have gotten into Stanfurd
        \_ poor taste.
           \_ poor answer. Do you have a simplified brain? Think harder.
                           \_ Is that a cheap chinese knockoff of
                              "Your brain has been classified as: small."
        \_ "What s friends do know is that they are scared and angry that
           someone slipped through the cracks for eight months." There's one
           difference between Cal and Standfurd, I don't think any students at
           Cal would have been scared or angered, just amused.
           \_ I wouldn't be so sure, the current crop of students are some
              of the wimpiest little twits ever.
           \_ Or confused. Why the heck would anyone want to impersonate
              a Cal student? It's not like our facilities are as nice as
              at the Farm.
        \_ The funniest thing about this is that if she had used a fake name,
           and gotten out when her RA was first catching on, they never would
           have caught her.  She pushed it too long.
        \_ Chateau had squatters all the time.
        \_ Perhaps to make her parents happy? Most Asian parents still thinks
           that their kids happiness is defined as getting into Ivy-League type
           schools. She probably does it to fool her parents.
2006/11/3-4 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:45131 Activity:nil
11/3    Go stanford!  USC dr00ls!!!! who-=00000!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006/10/23-24 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:44917 Activity:nil
10/23   Lecture on Dwarf Planets at Stanford on Wednesday, 25 Oct:
        \_ Isn't there nothing new about these planets except the name change?
2006/10/3-5 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:44654 Activity:nil
10/3    Stanford kicks ass!
2005/11/7-8 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:40467 Activity:nil
11/6    So, how bad are we going to get pummeled by SC?
        Their first two games this season were 63-17 and 70-17.
        \_ If you look at scores vs. similar opponents, probably about
           42-21 or so. But college football has enough luck in it,
           that if our QB gets his shit together on those long throws
           and actually hits people instead of overthrowing them and
           we get a few lucky breaks, like the turnovers early that
           USC gave Arizona and Oregon, we could actually beat them.
           Notice how USC always scores a ton of points at the end?
           That is because of superiour conditioning. They won't
           do that to us, we are the same kind of team.
           "That's why they play the games."
           \_ Can we at least not lose as badly as the 'furd?
              That was 51-21, 30 points ... not too hard, right?
              \_ God I hope so. At least have it be respectable for 3 qtrs.
2005/10/8-9 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:40026 Activity:nil
10/8    All petty inter-school rivalries aside, congrats to the Stanford
        Racing Team for winning the DARPA Grand Challenge today:
2005/9/10-13 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:39620 Activity:kinda low
9/10    How does a university with Cal's academics manage to recruit as well
        as it has for Tedford the past couple years?
        \_ Academics and athletics are not mutually exclusive; Michigan
           has had a consistently successful football program, and sells
           out their 100K seat stadium for every game.  -tom
           \_ U. Mich? I've found that U. Mich people just like to talk
              about themselves a lot and how U. Mich is the greatest
              thing since sliced bread. You sure their academic
              reputation isn't just a lack of modesty?
              \_ You might want to read about 'statistics' and 'standardized
                 tests'.  Your post implies an egregious lack of understanding
                 tests'.  Your post implies a flagrant lack of understanding
                 about academic reputation and how it's derived.
                 \_ I've found these "statistics" and "standardized tests"
                    to be pure BS. The USNews reports use things like SAT
                    scores, GPA, alumni donation, and things that don't
                    really mean much to rank colleges. But results speak
                    for themselves. In the place where I work, the ones
                    that come from no-name colleges produce some of the
                    best results I've seen whle those from these top-notch
                    colleges are usually just full of themselves and can't
                    do jack shit. UMich people, for some reason, seem to
                    be the worst offenders.
                    \_ Right, studies which actually have quantitative metrics
                       are pure BS, while one person's subjective experience
                       is truth.
                       Oh and here's another hint; top universities do not
                       exist to churn out good workers.  -tom
                       \_ And you think these objective "quantitative
                          metrics" are a good indicator of academic
                          rigor? I really don't care how well any student
                          did on  their ACT/SAT, what their HS GPA is,
                          or how much alumni give to that school. Look
                          at Stanford. These kids work their ass of in HS
                          to get into that school. Their alumni donates
                          money like there''s not tomorrow. But they
                          also just slack off once the get in and are
                          guaranteed a 4.0 GPA. I haven't found many
                          Stanford students to be that stellar.
                       \_ I'm guessing your argument is that they exist
                          to promote intellectual progress in the form of
                          research and scholarly debate? Sure, for the
                          best and the brightest. A good professor might
                          not be a good worker bee. On the other hand, any
                          good professor is going to have to have a lot of
                          skills which make them good 'workers'. They just
                          fit into higher level jobs. I don't think you
                          can make a case that a university is a good one
                          if all of the people it turns out are poor
                          workers. It may not be the objective to turn out
                          good workers, but it seems to happen anyway.
                          \_ I'm guessing you're a moron.  Actually, no,
                             I'm not guessing.  -tom
                             \_ Way to defend your point - with an
                                ad-hominem and no facts.
                                \_ Sorry, the idea that schools should be
                                   measured based on what some anonymous coward
                                   perceives as the productivity of some
                                   people he's worked with is far too
                                   ridiculous to respond to.  -tom
                                   \_ I'm not the original poster and I
                                      *was* curious what your opinion is
                                     on this topic but I don't care now.
                                     \_ Funny how tom can manage to piss
                                        off people who might sympathize
                                        with him.
                                        \_ I don't need morons to sympathize
                                           with me.  -tom
                                           \_ Yeah, he's already got
                                              himself, and he's the
                                              biggest moron around!
              \_ According to USNews, Cal=#20, UCLA=#24, UMich=#25
        \_ Ob Todd Bozeman
2005/9/9-12 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:39584 Activity:nil
9/9     String Theory lecture at Stanford on monday:
2005/7/12-14 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:38587 Activity:kinda low
7/12    Free lecture on gravity waves tomorrow night at stanford:
        \- that GGS fellow is giving a talk on friday in SF. ok tnx.
           \_ url/time-location please
        \_ This guy is a Laser guy.  Why is he having a talk on gravitationa
              \- i dont have a url. sponsored by the long now people.
                 probably in NW quadrant of SF ... presideo or ft mason.
        \_ This guy is a Laser guy.  Why is he having a talk on gravitational
           waves?  What is nonlinear optics BTW?
           \_ Laser interferometry is an extremely sensitive detector of
              distance, including over long distances, which makes them
              useful for detecting gravity waves (since they should manifest
              themselves as distance fluctuations.)  As a laser guy, he's
              presumably involved at the detector end of things, and
              gravity waves make a much sexier topic for a talk like this
              than nonlinear optics (see below).
           \- narrowly, NLO is the study of the behavior of em radiation
              in "non linear" media ... which turns out to capture most
              complex optical phenomena. in practice, this is a pretty
              big catch all convering everyhting from lasers to lcds to
              "slowing light" and various other photonic manipulation
              projects. there are many applied subfields, including the
              obvious [like optical comm], but also less obvious ones [like
              obvious [like telecom], but also less obvious ones [like
              biology, but i dont know anything about that]. in terms of
              physical phenomena, it includes things like the raman effect
              and on the theroy side things like the theory of solitons.
              berkeley actually has some quite important people in this
              field [CHU, SHEN, TOWNES etc]. if there are any phyiscs grad
              student replying, feel free to delete this. optics is the only
              field where i came across septuple integrals. optics text
              books are a good way to scare normal people.
              area [CHU, SHEN, TOWNES etc].
              \_ It's fairly normal to see huge nested integrals in
                 belief propagation. -- ilyas
           \_ Laser interferometry is the leading method for detecting
              gravity waves (and possibly proving string theory). NASA
              is currently working on a space based laser interferometry
              system called LISA (Laser Interferometry Space Antenna)
              which is supposed to be a big laser triangle in space (3
              million miles each side) and will be able to detect gravity
              waves generated by black holes and stars.
              iirc, there is a current laser interferometry experiment
              called LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave
              Observatory) that hopes to detect gravity waves from the
              big bang in order to show if some predictions of string
              theory are correct.
2005/3/26 [Academia, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:36891 Activity:high
3/26    I don't get it.  Why didn't the Schindlers get some well respected
        neurologists to do an exam on her?  They already presented two at
        trial:  one of them was a quack, and the judge ignored the other one.
        If they could have gotten a prominent neurologist to back their claims
        when her eyes and tongue weren't bleeding, maybe an appeals court
        would have ordered the tube re-inserted.
        The William Chesire opinion was based on watching edited video, and he
        did not bother to do a neurological exam, and he does not explain why.
        If Michael Schiavo blocked further neurological exams, don't you think
        this would be the main complaint by the Schindlers?  Something like,
        "He doesn't want neurologists to see her!"
        The only conclusion to me is that the Schindlers CAN'T get a competent
        neurologist to back their opinion.  The weight of science is with
        Michael Schiavo.  Her condition hasn't changed in 12 years, and there
        are ~ 4 known cases where those judged to be in a permanent
        vegetative state have come back -- and that happened 2 years into the
        PVS at most.
        \_ most likely, well respected doctors are reluctant to take up this
           case. If you know your odds at low, why take it up when it can
           ruin your medical reputation?
           \_ Why would a Mayo Clinic doctor visit the patient and not
              conduct a neurological exam?  Why didn't he say something like,
              "Michael Schiavo prevented me from doing the full exam!" or
              "I didn't have enough time!" or "The courts prevented me!".
              The guy is biased.
              How about:
              "He generally has a reasonably thoughtful, conservative
              Christian right-to-life perspective," said David Magnus,
              co-director of the Stanford University Center of Biomedical
              Ethics. "He definitely is not a neutral party with respect to
              these culture wars. He has turf to defend."
              "I think he is clearly biased against declaring her in a
              persistent vegetative state," said Dr. Gene Sung, director of
              the neurocritical care section of USC's department of neurology,
              who read Cheshire's report. "He feels there is something there.
              That is not a scientific nor medical decision -- it really
              sounds like it's a personal feeling. It's hard to reconcile that
              with a medical decision."
        \_ you can't do nuerological exams if the courts bar you from doing
           so.  Cheshire examined Terri for 45 minutes in person, essentially
           the same time as the other neurologists who had testified in the
           earlier trial for the state and for Felos.  You have to understand
           access to Terri is heavily restricted by the court.
        \_ I'm not sure under FL state law, but at least under the fed rules,
           you can't have a medical exam conducted till you get to discovery
           and even then you need a ct order. The case in fed ct is no where
           close to discovery.
           BTW, an appellate ct rarely, if ever, asks for new evid to be
           presented to it.  If her parents wanted to present new medical
           they would have had to make the appropriate motions in trial
           ct and then if the motions were refused, they would have had
           to ask the appellate ct to allow the motions b/c the trial
           ct erred as a matter of law or it abused its discretion.
           \_ To the two folks above:
              Even though it's kind of too late, as I already suggested, I
              believe if Michael Schiavo had allowed it, then a neurologist
              could have performed a neurological exam on her.  If Michael
              Schiavo was not allowing it, then this is what the Schindlers
              should have been complaining about.
              Since they were not complaining about it, I don't think they
              cared about the objective truths that may have come out from
              another neurological exam from a competent doctor.
              By the way, the exam by Chesire was notably NOT a neurological
              exam, and he hasn't explained why.
              \_ Certainly if he allows it, an exam can be conducted.
                 However, an exam may be conducted even if he does
                 not agree to it as part of a discovery order from
                 ct b/c her medical condition is at issue.
                 \_ no it can't.  The court, ie. the legally blind judge
                    greer, has forbidden any such examination repeatedly.
                    Terri has not had any neurological tests since those
                    cat scans, period.
                    \_ AFAIK, the judge's orders barring tests were in
                       response to motions to compel the tests. If the
                       parents moved for a motion to compel the tests
                       and the husband did not oppose, then the motion
                       would have to be granted. Refusal to grant an
                       unopposed motion can be immediately appealable.
2005/3/10 [Academia/OtherSchools, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:36621 Activity:high
3/10    So the University of Colorado won't fire Churchill (free speech) but
        they will fire a professor who's a christian.,1413,36~53~2748616,00.html
        \_ A totally one-sided opinion piece.  They could try actually
           asking the university more beyond the answer "his teaching
           was not up to the department standards." Note how they just
           sort of deflect that they're not quoting the school.  They
           quote the prof being fired quoting another prof (from whom
           they got confirmation), then say a dean denied the quote.  They
           never say what the dean said was the reason.
           \_ I agree.  I'm willing to believe that a double-standard is
              being employed, but that article is terrible.  You really
              shoot yourself in the foot by using that article to portray
              your point of view.
        \_ There is a HUGE difference between what a tenured prof can get
           away with a what a lecturer with a MS can do.  If Churchill had
           be the latter he would have been fired instantly.  That's the
           whole point of tenure.
           \_ It's actually more severe than that.  Some schools hire as many
              as twice as many junior faculty as they have tenured positions,
              *expecting* to fire half.  If you don't have tenure, you're
              really just a temp.
              \_ that's academia.  Are you surprised?
              \_ Expecting to fire them or just leading them on until
                 they eventually go away? I doubt that many are actually
                 fired. Do you mean layed off?
                 \_ You can call it whatever you want, but I know MIT works
                    this way.  If you get an offer as junior faculty there,
                    at least in physics, you know you have around a 50/50
                    chance of survival, and that you may get the axe just
                    because your field lost out that year.  I have a friend
                    who turned down an offer there for exactly that reason.
                    There are plenty of top places that do not operate this
                    way, however.
                 \_ At MIT the phrase is "hire three, tenure one". But neither
                    Stanford nor UC (any campus) work in that way.
2005/1/21-22 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:35850 Activity:moderate
1/21    Where's the Cal Pride? (, Stanford Freshman nudish calendar)
        \_ some humanitarian needs to do the rest of us a favor and buy all
           of those calendars to burn them
        \_ that chick is cute
           \_ Yeah, but the pictures is retarded, and it makes he looks so
              as well.
              \_ Speaking of retarded....
              \_ I agree. Cute girl and bad photograph. Are there more?
        \_ "Co-creators ... with both holding cameras in strategic places. One
           camera has a telephoto lens."
           "A helpful friend shields her nether regions with the Time magazine
           Person of the Year cover, showing President Bush."
           Ha ha!
        \_ Mired in liberal bureaucracy.
2004/12/14 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:35276 Activity:moderate
12/13   I thought I went to Cal, not Stanford:
        \_ By a Republican Cal alum!
           \_ Graduated in '64, back when political distinctions mattered.
2004/12/3-5 [Academia/StanfUrd, Academia/GradSchool/MBA] UID:35167 Activity:nil
12/3    How "good" is an MBA from Sloan (MIT)? Is it comparable with
        an MBA from, say, Stanford, Wharton, or Harvard?
        \_ Very well respected, yes.
2004/11/24 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:35071 Activity:high
11/23   How'd this get in the Stanford Daily? ( - danh
        \_ Funny thing is, when I was a cal undergrad, I felt that all this
           stanford rivalry crap was stupid, and that they were pretty similar
           schools.  After being out for a few years and working with people
           from both schools I no longer feel that way.  Stanford really
           does turn out some whiners with no balls.  And ditto times five
           for the east coast snob schools--only they have *much* lower
           standards for technical education than either cal or stanford.
           Cal was not my first choice in highschool, but it sure would have
           been if I knew what I know now.
           \_ MIT grads are the only ones who have been almost uniformly
              competent in my experience.  Possibly Caltech too, but the
              sample size is too small and the 'tude was difficult to work
              \_ I noticed the Caltech attitude also.  MIT people have been
                 awesome.  I saw some pretty horrible people from Stanford,
                 and CMU before. -- ilyas
                 \_ The 'tude goes away once you've slapped them a few times.
                    They still have an unhealthy focus on the right thing vs.
                    the good enough thing though.
           \_ I worked w/ Cornell, Brown and Princeton grads and they
              were all very good. As far as Stanford is concerned, I
              knew this girl who worked at Google in mkt around when
              gmail first came out and instead of giving the accts
              away for free to customers like she was supposed to,
              she started selling them on ebay. Lost her job and her
              options, but she made $5k a week for three weeks. They
              don't teach you shit like that at Cal.
        \_ Strange--all the people from Ivy league schools with whom I've
           worked lately were very good.  Maybe the shits stay in the
           U.S.  -John
           \_ either the above statement is true, or you just suck a lot.
                \_ Yer mom thought I was pretty awesome.  -John
                \_ Yer dad thought I was pretty awesome.  -John
        \_ you're a traitor for reading the enemy's crappy biased newspaper.
           \_ Fair and Balanced.
           \_ Well try this one on for size. Their team lost this year but
              they've won most of the Big Games over the past couple decades...
              with teams composed of players who actually had to maintain GPAs,
              attend at least a few real classes and may actually go on to
              something professional after their moment of glory as a college
              athlete, assuming they don't go pro. Compare that to what most of
              us have heard about athletes at Cal. I'm not a college sports
              fan and maybe it shows but I appreciate the way Stanford does it
              much better than the way Cal does. Cal's version of the thing
              makes a mockery of its academics and those who hold Cal degrees.
                -- ulysses  P.s., I agree that Stanford grads are generally
              a bunch of overprivileged whiners. Mostly.
              \_ So Stanford holds regular students to lower standards than
                 Cal and their atheletes are held to those same standards
                 while Cal is harsher on regular students but hold their
                 atheletes to lower standards than regular students? Doesn't
                 that make Cal and Stanford atheletes about on par with
                 each other?
                 \_ Cal does not hold athletes to lower standards than
                    regular students; the rules for academic probation/
                    dismissal are exactly the same.  Athletes get more help
                    with their studies, and get a break on admissions (that
                    is also true at Stanford).  Once they're here, they have
                    to perform.   -tom
                 \_ (a < b) & (a = c) & (b > d) doesn't imply c = d .
                    \_ But it does imply ( (c>d) implies (a>d) )
                       \_ Given a lack of standard for GPA, it's hard to
                          determine c > d without knowing the persons involved.
                          Nor am I really sure that a = c.
                          \_ Geez you guys. It was just a joke. I understood
                             the whole logical fallacy when I wrote it. I just
                             didn't think anyone would attempt to get all
                             anal about it.
                             \_ ob yermom joke
              \_ Cal is much harder on its student-athletes in terms of
                 academics than Stanford is.  And both Braun and Tedford
                 seem to be very interested in academics; Cal's current
                 football team has something like 10 guys on the Pac-10
                 All-Academic team.
                 \_ I count 9 for Cal and 14 for Stanford in football. I don't
                    know how to compare these, though, given the difference
                    between what it takes to maintain a GPA at the two schools.
                    I am impressed by Derek Joyce. Maintaining a 3+ GPA in
                    MCB was no mean feat, even without an athletic program.
                     -- ulysses
                     \_ The only university football program that I do not have
                        contempt for is that of University of Chicago.  They
                        had the right idea.
                        \_ Care to provide any context for that?
                           \-UChi got rid of their foodball program a long
                             time ago and pissed off a lot of alumni. Their
                             former president famously said "anytime i feel
                             like exercising, i lie down until the feeling
                             goes away." uchi is a great institution ... sort
                             of like berkeley in some ways. no nonsense school
                             that sends a lot of people back into academia.
                             you can look up robert maynard hutchins. --psb
                        \_ The Caltech one is pretty cool, too.
                    \_ Oh and here's men's hoops: Stanford 4, Cal 2. -- ulysses
2004/11/22 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:35015 Activity:high
11/22   'Furd Daily:
        "Unforeseen were the penalties and the lack of sportsmanship
        displayed by both teams, especially towards the end of the game. ...
        It wasn't only the Cardinal who were playing dirty at the end of the
        game. Defensive tackle Babatunde Oshinowo was injured on what he
        thought was a dirty block by the Cal offensive line late in the game.
        While the Cardinal did pick up a lot of personal fouls, a good number
        were offset by personal fouls on the Bears."
        \_ Sshhh.... we beat them well; we can afford to be magnanimous.  Just
           smile condescendingly if you must.
           \_ "They were playing just as dirty as we were!"
2004/11/16-17 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:34931 Activity:kinda low
11/16   Condoleezza Rice and the Stanford Spy Ring
        \_ The freeper cowards pulled it:
2004/11/16-18 [Academia/StanfUrd, Reference/Law/Court] UID:34929 Activity:high
        "The lawsuit was filed last June in San Francisco by Hispanic and
        Asian groups charging that Abercrombie & Fitch, known for its
        "classic casual American" clothing styles, hires a disproportionately
        white sales force, puts minorities in less-visible jobs and cultivates
        a virtually all-white image in its catalogues and elsewhere"

        I don't get this. A&F (or any company) doesn't isn't obligated to
        use minority models and faces in its catalogues. Can't they do
        whatever they want in their catalogues?
        \_ hispanics already have shitty clothes.. - hispanic
        \_ What's the point of this, from a business standpoint?  Aren't they
           just losing money by not catering to non-white buyers?  It seems
           that they are screwing their shareholders  as well as their
           workers (as usual with shitty companies.)
        \_ "The original lawsuit was brought on behalf of nine young
           minorities, including students and graduates of Stanford
           University and the University of California, who were
           denied jobs or fired based on their race."  -tom
           \_ If you went to Stanford or Cal and you are working
              at A&F instead of shopping there, there is something
              seriously wrong with you.
              \_ why do you say that?  Like all major companies, A&F has
                 programmers, business managers, board members, etc.  It
                 doesn't say anything about the jobs being in retail.  -tom
              \_ I'm sure they worked there while still in school.
        \_ They can.  The point is that the all white image filtered down
           to the sales force, which is illegal.
        \_ so who gets the settlement money? hispanics or the fake
           hispanics w/ fake concern?
           \_ Trick question.  It goes to the lawyers.
           \_ don't forget the asians and fake asians w/ fake concerns.
              \_ What is a fake asian? Or a fake hispanic?
        \_ It's located in OH, a fucking red neck state with a lot of
           white supremacists and racists.
        \_ It's located in OH, a fucking red neck state who put an idiot
           back into the White House.
           \_ Why blame OH and not the other 30 states that voted for him?
        \_ um, yeah. I just searched their web site for about 8 min, could
           not find a single minority looking person in the catalog.
           \_ ?  I didn't even say anything... -John
           \_ Does Ayran include Indian and Iranian?
           \_ Does Aryan include Indian and Iranian?
                                  \_ depending on your caste.
2004/11/15-16 [Academia/StanfUrd, Academia/Berkeley] UID:34887 Activity:low
11/15   I wasn't all that excited when I learned that Times ranked Cal #2,
        until I found today that Stanfurd ranked #7.
           \_ Granted the criterea, Cal's rank following Harvard sounds right.
           I don't know about the sciences or the professional schools, but
           the truism in the humanities & the social sciences is that
           less status-obsessed schools like Cal and UChicago are good places
           to be productive, while Harvard is a good place to die. --elizp
              \_ URL, please. And it kills me that Cal football is #4.
                 Still doesn't guarantee a Big Game win.
                 \_  -tom
                    \_ is there an open login? csuamotd/csuamotd doesn't work
                    I lost the link to the .pdf file that lists the scores of
                    all 500 universities.
                    \_ ETH, ANU, LSE and especially Singapore are way overrated
                       here. UCSF and Caltech are hard to compare to large
        \_ "... academics worldwide regard Harvard as an excellent institution,
           although they rate Berkeley more highly.
           "... Harvard has reached the pinnacle by doing well in both of
           our most highly weighted criteria - peer review and the number
           of paper citations per faculty member"
           Granted the criterea, Cal's rank following Harvard sounds right.
           I don't know about the sciences or the professional schools, but
           the truism in the humanities & the social sciences is that
           less status-obsessed schools like Cal and UChicago are good places
           to be productive, while Harvard is a good place to die. --elizp
        \_ in terms of what? academics? sports? prestige?
           \_ Academics.
              \_ URL, please. And it kills me that Cal football is #4.
                 Still doesn't guarantee a Big Game win.
                 \_  -tom
                    \_ is there an open login? csuamotd/csuamotd doesn't work
                    I lost the link to the .pdf file that lists the scores of
                    all 500 universities.
                    \_ ETH, ANU, LSE and especially Singapore are way overrated
                       here. UCSF and Caltech are hard to compare to large
2004/7/28-29 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:32535 Activity:high
7/28    What are the good used bookstores near Stanfurd/south bay, with good
        collection on academic books (non-cs) like Black Oaks/Moe in Berkeley?
        \_ Castro street in mountain view has some
        \_ The Stanford bookstore on campus (and probably downtown PA) has
           a good selection of all sorts of stuff.
           \_ Thanks.  But stanford bookstore doesn't carry used books except
              in its textbook section, does it?  And the one or two bookstores
              on Castro near the train station does not seem to come close to
              black oaks/moe in terms of the level of the books when I last
              visited them.  Are there better ones?
        \_ Kepler's
2004/4/7 [Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:13057 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
4/7     Why are girls attracted to idiots like William Hung?
        \_ Somebody's gotta fuck all you ugly sodans.
           \_ nice troll, but hung's civ eng
           \_ Remeber the Caltech womens' motto:
              "The odds are good, but the goods are odd."
              \_ This quote is from the PhD comic (originating at Stanford,
                 I think).
                 \_ This has been a saying at CalTech since at least
                    the early eighties. -ausman
        \_ Because he's genuine and not an overt asshole.
           \_ But those stupid bitches ALWAYS go for overt assholes, not NICE
              guys like ME!
              \_ I am sure this is a troll, but in any case, women don't
                 go for wussified "nice guys." They don't really go for
                 assholes, it just seems that way to you. They go for
                 confident, entertaining guys, some of whom are assholes.
                 \_ No shit sherlock.  That last post was troll/motd satire.
                    Ah well.  --evil troll
                 \_ Actually, no.  When I was in school it was always easier
                    to nail a chick if I treated her like crap.  The worse
                    I treated her the more slavish she behaved.  Treating
                    a college girl well but showing confidence in myself
                    (not being the pussified wimp) worked ok but required
                    more effort for less gain.
                    \_ Actually it's a little more complicated.  Most girls
                       can't distinguish between confident and asshole.  They
                       look similar to the untrained eye.  So many girls go
                       for confident and get asshole instead.
        \_ Well, chicks are attracted to money, fame, and power (and hunks).
           Hung at least has some fame and a bit of money. And he's not butt
           ugly. Do the math. (btw how good looking are these chicks?)
           \_ He's not butt ugly?  He's one of the ugliest motherfuckers
              walking the planet.  Sheesh.  Send me to your universe and
              I'd be Adonis.
              \_ Actually I didn't remember what he looked like. Google
                 shows me I was wrong. Well, he's not hideously ugly so much
                 as he sometimes looks vaguely retarded, like a down's kid.
                 But generally he's not that bad:
                 \_ Look at the rest of them. He is reasonably good looking,
                    especially when he smiles. He no Rock Hudson, but who is?
        \_ my old colleague looks kind of like william hung.  he hails
           from hk too.  real person has even better resemblance than
           photos here.
2004/3/31-4/1 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:12956 Activity:moderate
        So let me get this straight: The current drop deadline is WHEN?
        8th week? After generations of getting to make fun of Stanford
        students for getting to drop classes super late, now it turns out
        Berkeley has whiny students about the same thing? Undergrads are
        getting soft. 5th week is plenty long.
        \_ The Dean of Undergraduate Division is named Robert Holub???
           clearly there's some conspiracy here...
        \_ Well, grades have long been inflated, so why not later drop deadline
           too?  Pretty soon every Cal grad has 3+ GPAs.
           \_ First time I've ever heard of grade inflation at Cal. When
              did this start? I remember 50% of the Physics 7ABC students
              getting C+ because that's how the department wanted the
              curve to be.
        \_ Stanford can drop up until 2 weeks before the end of classes;
           far later than Cal.
           \_ That's not true. It's 4 weeks, not 8. You can WITHDRAW later,
              but it appears on your transcript; it's not a drop.
              \_ but it doesn't count against your GPA.
              \_ Real men have multiple Ws on their transcripts.
        \_ UCD drop deadline: 10 days.
           \_ also note, UCD is on quarter system
              \_ == 3 weeks on semester system. Again, 5 weeks on semester
                 system is plenty long.
                 \_ I agree -- I came from a quarter system -- but I thought
                    it should be pointed out.
        \_ Who deleted my post about the insanity of the week 5 drop deadline?
           It's a nutty date.  I'll be brief this time since I don't feel
           like digging it out of the archives: when midterms often don't
           even start until week 6, it is completely useless and ridiculous
           to make week 5 the drop deadline.
           \_ Allowing students to drop classes has nothing to do with
              letting them get out of a class because they're not
              doing well.
2004/2/23-24 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:12360 Activity:nil
        nice OSX shareware and freeware!
        (unasked for marketing for an old friend and an eecs dude who married
        a stanford girl)
        \_ dmg's fail to mount.
        \_ a stanfurd girl, huh?  he'll need all the help he can get! :-)
        \_ I hear stanfurd girls give the best head.
           \_ urlP?
           \_ pixP?
           \_ No, it's stanfurd guys.
        \_ Dear god that man abuses the brushed metal look.
2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:28120 Activity:kinda low 50%like:10063
4/14    Will Kyle Boller have a good NFL career?
        \_ No. He's not better than Pat Barnes (who wasn't that great to
           begin with), and look where Barnes is now (nowhere).
        \_ QB's are hard to predict; I thought Barnes was a sure-fire
           winner, and also Ryan Leaf, and we know how that worked out.
           However, it is worth noting that Boller has significantly raised
           his stock in the NFL combines, while Barnes' stock dropped.
           Boller was originally projected as a late-round selection and
           now most sites have him going in the first round.  He's tall,
           mobile and has an astounding arm (at the combine he threw a
           ball through the uprights from midfield, while on one knee).
           He will definitely get a chance.  -tom
           \_ strong arms aren't everything these days.  mobility seems to
              more important.  teams are spreading the field, and not
              putting enough blockers for the QB, and so the QB has to
              \_ yes, but that's why his stock is rising; he ran a 4.6
                 at the combine, the fastest time for a pure QB.  -tom
                 \_ hope he has a good NFL Career. Was Jim Plunkett ex-Cal?
                    \_ hardly: he was ex-Stanford.  -tom
                        \_ Stanford QBs seem to have greater prominence in
                           the NFL: Elway and Plunkett, for example.
                           \_ Yeah, but we have the best tight-end (Gonzalez)
                              and kick returner (O'Neal) in the game
                                \_ we also have a number of pro-bowl
                                   linemen.  In fact, Cal is one of the
                                   top schools in the country in terms of
                                   number of players in the pros.  -tom
                What about Pac-10 as a whole?  Looks like Miami*/Florida*/
                Ohio State have large number of top NFL players.
                \_ This factoid just seems to prove how bad our coaching
                   is. Great players, lousy record. What else coudl it be?
                   \_ Cal has rarely had depth to recover from injuries.
        \_ Who's the last Cal QB with a significant NFL career?  Joe Kapp?
           \_ Craig Morton.  -tom
        \_ QB rankings in draft:
2003/2/7-8 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:27343 Activity:nil
2/7     In case anyone is interested in this sort of thing, djb is giving
        a talk on DNS security next wednesday at Stanford in Gates 4B @
2003/1/4-5 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26984 Activity:high
1/3     Anyone know of any good (preferably nonbetting) site that shows sports
        spreads? I want to know the spread for tomorrow's Cal/Stanford game.
        \_  Cal by 2
           \_ thanks. is there another site w/o the bbw (big breasted women)?
            \_ bbw means big and beautiful women, aka land whales
               \- that's no moon
2003/1/4 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26982 Activity:nil
1/2     I've got an extra ticket to Cal vs Stanford on Saturday
        $30; contact me if you're intersted --dpassage
2002/11/24-25 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26613 Activity:high
11/23   We will have the axe back!
        \_ "we"? Whatever.
        \_ woohoo! about freakin time!
        \_ Many thanks for not watching to the guy who's been jinxing us all
           these years...
           \_ You're welcome!
        \_ 30 to 7! I still can't believe it.
        \_ Where can I find the scores for all the big games?
           \_ Pac-10 or across the country? If the latter, might as well
              use ESPN.
                \_ For all the Cal/Stanford Big Games ever.
                   \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                        \_ Perfect, Beautiful, Thanks.
        \_ I waited four years before Cal got the axe in 1993.
           1990 sucks especially bad.  Hopefully the 00s won't be as
           bad as the 60s and 90s.  1991 was bad too when a good Stanford
           team beat a very good Cal team (final national ranking #7)
           with the help of great running by Vardell.
           \_ But we will still always have THE PLAY.
2002/10/19-20 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26256 Activity:low
10/18   How's Stanford, twohey?
        \_ hey what are you, some kind of freak stalker?
           How's chialea doing at CMU?
           \_ Poor alexf, already forgotten.
              \_ hardly, unfortunately... -alexf
        \_ alexf, how to get into Berkeley? Help.               -junior
                \_ why can't you post a serious response on motd?
           \_ email if you want a serious response. -alexf
                \_ serious response receiver, can you please post alexf's
                   response? Thanks.
           \_ suddenly become leet, or suck appropriate dick. helps to
              be female and attractive if you opt for the latter.
              \_ helpful but not necessary.  diversity rules!
2002/10/5 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26112 Activity:nil
10/5 -- does this mean we're heading toward the SITN
        direction, that we're slowing catching up to the Furds?
        \_ Stanford >> Cal in most things except self inflated sense of worth.
           \_ Except math.  And ee.  And theory.  And philosophy.  And a bunch
              of other stuff I can't remember right now.
2002/10/4 [Academia/OtherSchools, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26097 Activity:kinda low
10/3    Where can I get undergrad rankings? Interested in Harvey Mudd, etc
        \_ 1. harvard
           2. princeton
           3. yale
           4. mit
           5. - 9. various other east coast schools
           10. stanford
           11. cal
           12. - 200. more warm body environments
           201. harvey mudd
        \_ U.S. News and World Report?

          \_ US News' rating system is pretty arbitrary, and doesn't apply
             at all to schools which only have undergraduate programs (like
             Mudd).  -tom
             \_ sure, it's arbitrary, but when people say a school is ranked
                such and such, they are refering to the usnews ranking,
                wether it's stupid and arbitrary or not.  i've worked with
                several people from all of the schools listed above since
                graduating, and am damn glad i went to cal and not some
                stupid east coast school where all the students are
                \_ Identical can be good. Cal has so much variance, ymmv a lot.
                   There are really smart cal grads (like myself) and really
                   dumb ones (like you, heh). At your stupid east coast school,
                   what you see is what you get (alllooksame).
             \_ One can make the argument that providing teaching alone does
                not make a good undergraduate environment, especially for
                people who actually wish to become scientists and engineers
                themselves.  I agree with that argument.
                \_ i also agree.
                \_ The counter-argument is that at a school like Mudd,
                   undergrads work directly with their professors and are
                   given top priority, which doesn't tend to be true at
                   research universities.  It's a tradeoff.  -tom
        \_ CS ranking or overall?
        \_ Where do CalTech, CMU and Cornell rank?
           \_ Caltech
2002/10/2 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:26076 Activity:high
10/2    is it true that at Stanford you ask for your receipt instead of
        your diploma since you buy your degree instead of earn it?
        \_ I'm no 'furd fan, but isn't that like any school, including
           Cal? we pay tuition too you know.
           \_ But for such a tough CS school to give out such an easy MS
              degree, it looks to me they're selling it.
                \_ so how come cal's MS isn't "easy"? isn't it the same?
                   \_ At least Cal requires a thesis.
           \_ Yes, but you can drop a class up until the last day without
              any problems. Gotta D in a class? Drop it, take it until it
              gets better, and, by the way, here's the bill for your tuition.
2002/7/8 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/HW/IO, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:25300 Activity:kinda low
7/8     The mouse was invented by a Cal alumus IN THE SIXTIES!
        \_ bh showed his presentation in lecture when I took CS 61A. It was
           interesting. --dim
        \_ yeah, but he was working at Stanford.  Engelbart also invented
           hyperlinks, I think.
2002/5/10 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24780 Activity:very high 61%like:24773
5/9     Where's twohey going to? -twohey #1 fan
        \_ Stanford, the little devil.

5/      Ice melts.  End of world near.
        \_ it's only the shelves that are breaking up.
        \_ Yermom charges more than a dollar.  End of world near.
        \_ Stanford, the fucking little devil.
           \_ He wanted to get a real education.
        \_ what is twohey's GPA?
2002/5/10 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24779 Activity:very high 50%like:24822 75%like:25056
5/9     ucla ee guy, did you get anything from usc and stanford?
        \_ I got into usc, but nothing from stanford yet.
                \_ how much is Stanford's tuition?
                   \_ you get what you pay for
                      \_ Not. How many overpriced private degree farms can
                         you name?
                \_ how much is USC's tuition?
2002/4/25 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24588 Activity:high
4/24    ucla ee guy, if you got into Stanford would you go? The tuition there
        is $27000/year vs. $6000/year at UCLA.
        \_ What's the deal with the stanford distance learning MS? Seems like
           a lot of people in valley working  for big companies get one of
           those. Is it remotely equivalent to a "normal" MS at stanford?
           \_ Yes it's the same degree as the normal MS, but both the normal MS
              and the SITN MS are vending-machine programs.
                \_ they're not as easy to get in as people say it is. Still,
                   it is overpriced and overrated.
2002/4/21 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24508 Activity:very high
4/19    I got my acceptances to MIT today, also I got into CMU and stanford.
        Stanford is offering me only $25k, while MIT is offering $30k.  Do
        people think it's worth staying in CA at a cost of $5k?
        \_ *yawn*  my package from MIT included a penthouse apartment and
            severeal whores.  of course i turned them down to make 280k/yr
            as a sysadmin for a cluster fof four macintoshes.
            as a sysadmin for a cluster of four macintoshes in tahiti.
            \_ I turned down that job.  Too much work for too little pay.
        \_ Bullshit, no grad schools offer much over $22k for Fall 2002. And
           none are announcing Fall 2012 admissions yet.
        \_ Stanford PhD candidates were invited to the campus on March. They
           even had dinner across Gates Hall. Their SIR was due on April 15th.
           The # of applications nearly trippled this year. How do I know all
           this? Because I took an SITN class and the professor told me so.
           She's part of the admission committee. Boy, you are a big fuckin'
        \_ You only got $30k?  You were probably someone's last choice or
           something after a bus load of others got killed in a fluke typhoon
           or something.  You might as well give it up and go to Hayward
           because you only got a mercy 'filler' admit anyway.
                \_ is someone bitter?
                   \_ Nope.  Perhaps it was too subtle for you.
                        \_ perhaps the statement was too lame.
                           \_ No.  You're just dumb.  Sorry, not my fault.
                                \_ no. dumb was the "only $30k" statement.
2002/3/28-29 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24267 Activity:high
3/28    Comment on the ACM programming contest.  Do we advertise this
        competition in the math department?  All the problems involve
        algorithms or it's heavily math oriented.  I'm wondering if we're
        sending too many *nix coding monkeys and not people with deep
        understanding of the algorithms.
        \_ I remember having to explain to a math graduate student (who shall
           remain nameless) how to reverse a linked list. -- ilyas
        \_ If our team was run by Hilfinger, which it was and he had
           anything to do with picking the team, then our team must
           have been pretty talented.   I just don't understand why
           we didn't do better.
        \_ you wants lots of mconsts, ian goldbergs, nikita borisovs,
           and ben rudiak-golds
        \_ It's pathetic no matter how you look at it.  Also, how come
           the Indian Institute of Technologies are not well represented?
           Those are pretty good schools.
        \_ Sigh ... The PRC universities got all the top spots, while
           Taiwan's bests are way down at the honorable mentions, with
           Berkeley of course.
        \_ uhhh, what the (@*&($ is JiaoTong University, Tsinghua Univ,
           Fudan Univ, etc? And why the (@#*&$* is Stanford 5th and Berkeley
           below 30th? What happened?
           \_ Those are all famous universities in Mainland China.  The math
              dept. in Fudan is pretty famous, I think.
           \_ Universities by the same name exist in Taiwan, too.
        \_ I think the quality of Berkeley has gone down:
           2001 Berkeley HM, Stanford 5th
           2000 Berkeley none, Stanford 15th
           1999 Berkeley 7th, Stanford HM
           1998 Berkeley 11th, Stanford 24th
           1997 Berkeley none, Stanford 16th
           1996 Berkeley 1st, Stanford none
           1995 Berkeley 5th, Stanford 19th
           1994 Berkeley 6th, Stanford none
           1993 Berkeley 4th, Stanford 2nd
           1992 Berkeley none, Stanford 3rd
           1991 Berkeley none, Stanford 3rd
           \_ What's "HM"?
              \_ Honorable Mention.
           \_ You know why we were 1st in 1996, cuz I was on the team.
              \_ and you are?
2002/3/20-21 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24172 Activity:high
3/20    Shots fired at Stanford. One dead.
        \_ this wouldn't be on the news if it happened at Berkeley
        \_ Russian mafia is more fun than Stanford police:
        \_ so who died? the man that was pulled over?
2002/3/20 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24161 Activity:nil
3/19    What are some names we call StanfUrd besides The Farm?
        \_ Leland Stanford JUNIOR University (emphasis on the Junior)
           \_ the thing is, it's actually Leland Stanford Jr.'s University,
              not Leland Stanford's Junior University.
              \_ Yeah, we all know this, but we Cal Bears intentionally
                 re-associate the word "Junior" with "University."  You just
                 don't get the joke.  I simply call it "the Junior University",
                 besides calling it Stanfraud and $tanford.
                 \_ I think the person got the joke. S/he was just
                    pointing out a technicality.
        \_ School across the Bay
        \_ Why do we call it the Farm when there is obviously no farms.
           On the other hand, there is the Berkeley Farm. What's up with that?
           \_ Reference to 'degree farm.'
           \_ Plenty of farms in Stanfurd's backyard along Foothill Exwy/
           \_ It's the same as why Stanford calls us "weenies" when
              they're red and from animals that live on a Farm.
2002/3/15-16 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24127 Activity:high
3/15    If your school is based on the quarter system, do you still have
        the fall term? Or you call it autumn?
        \_ fall b4 xmas, winter & spring after
        \_ um, there is a fall, winter, spring and sumer qtr when I was at
           UCLA.  Transferring to cal I had to get used to the long sems.
        \_ fall, autumn... what's the difference what its called?
        \_ The farm has autumn, winter, spring and summer, but prof's at
           the farm still call the autumn term the fall term.
        \_ reiterating something someone else said: what's the difference?
           i say tomato, you say tomatoe.
           \_ potatoe
           \_ I understand yermom when she says "autumn" with her mouth full
        \_ You say Stanford, I say Stanfurd.
           \_ Its written S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D but is pronounced as "the farm"
           \_ Hail Trees. The school that had the hutspah to get 280 built.
              \-Just refer to it as The Fraud as in Stanfraud as in using
              tax dollars for yachts and flowers for weddings. --psb
              \_ as opposed to berkeley charging its students for money to
                 complete citris projects when citris funds have been mis-
                 appropriated?  No thanks.  At least Stanford didn't promise
                 hope to the state and then lie about it.
                 \_ citris projects?
2002/3/6 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24032 Activity:nil
3/6     speaking of grad school... how does the stanford HCP work?
        what does it take to get in? do the companies in their SCPD
        program generally pay for all your tuition?
        \_ What does Stanford HCP have to do with graduate school?
           \_ you can do a masters or phd at the farm via hcp.
        \_ Supposedly, you apply just like any other student.  So
           the odds should be about the same.  It may help that your
           company is sponsoring.  Some companies, don't pay a cent.
           Some have a limit, like $6000 a year, so you may have to
           pay the rest out of your pocket.
           \_ if your odds are the same as any other student, I guess
              my 2nd question turns into 'what does it take to get into
              the MS program at stanford? (in terms of grades, gre, etc
              \_ The odds are better than a standard student. In terms
                 of grades, min 3.0, prefered 3.5 or higher. General GRE
                 math/anal 750-800, english 650+. Subject not required
                 for most majors. It really helps to have a stanford prof.
                 recommend you, or someone famous in your proposed field.
                 Also helps if you have a direct relative who is a alum.
        \_ Cisco and Sun pay all of the tuition and books. Intel will
           reimburse you as long as you provide a official grade report
           showing that you got a B or higher.
2002/3/5 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:24026 Activity:nil
3/5     watch larry king live tonight: stanford profs are pedophiles.
        \_ or read the transcript:
        \_ Why would anyone want to watch larry king alive or dead?  He's
           an incredibly boring interviewer.  If it wasn't for Ross using LK's
           show to announce his run no one would know who the hell LK is today.
2002/2/4 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:23771 Activity:nil
2/3     I'm an sitn student. How come .forward and .procmailrc don't work
        on the Stanford machines?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>. Why are you
           asking this on a csua machine? consult@leland will answer these
           questions. Sheesh.
        \_ talg is this you?
2001/8/24 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:22255 Activity:nil
8/24    where can i find the dna database from human genome project?
2001/7/25 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:21942 Activity:high 66%like:21931
7/24    Do you date more in college?  Or after college?
        Before: .
        During: .....
        \_ You will never find as many young women ready, willing, and
           able as in college. Get it while you can. --dim
           \_ does that include stanford women?  there is a stereotype
              they are too studious to date.
                           \_ Did you mean "stupid" instead of
                              "studious"?  I've never met a
                              stanford chick who had anything
                              resembling a brain. Other parts
                              were good, but just no intelligence.
              \_ Too ugly to care. See Clinton, Chelsea. --dim
                 \_ Even those in biz school?
                 \_ Get out from behind your computer screen more often,
                    \_ D00D 570P TRY1NG 2 B3 '1337!
        After:  ...
                  \_ Definitely after. Never had the time in school.
        \_ Yermom is always available
        Same: .
              \_ Once a mac daddy pimp, alwyas a mac daddy pimp - tjb
        Never date: .
        [ results organized into standard motd poll format - motd
          formatting daemon ]
2001/7/24-25 [Academia/StanfUrd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:21931 Activity:high 66%like:21942
7/24    Do you date more in college?  Or after college?
        \_ Yer mom is always available
        \_ Definitely after college.
        \_ In college.
        \_ After.
        \_ During.
        \_ In college.
        \_ In college.
        \_ Before.
        \_ You will never find as many young women ready, willing, and
           able as in college. Get it while you can. --dim
           \_ does that include stanford women?  there is a stereotype they
              are too studious to date.
              \_ Too ugly to care. See Clinton, Chelsea. --dim
                 \_ Even those in biz school?
                 \_ Get out from behind your computer screen more often, d00d.
        \_ In college.
        \_ Definitely after. Never had the time in school.
2001/6/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:21610 Activity:very high
6/23    Do Berkeley guys aspire to "date up" to Stanford girls?
        \_ "Fuck Stanford." 'Nuff said.
        \_ Generically speaking, it can be (somewhat correctly) said that
           girls like 'ruff 'n' tuff guys, not pretty boys. Guys like
           pretty girls. So Farm girls go for Cal guys, and Cal guys go for
           Stanfud girls.
           \_ And Stanfurd guys go for sheep.
              \_ hey, Danny Pintauro isn't representative of all
                 Stanford guys
              \_ I know one Stanfurd guy (never graduated) who (used to?)
                 goes for a UCLA sorority girl
        \_ Is this true across all demographics and ethnicities?
                \_ It is true to some degree. Economists, sociologists
                   and others have found that a) men tend to marry
                   down, b) women tend to marry up and c) "up" and "down"
                   can be defined in various ways: more education,
                   ethnicity, occupational status, etc. These are
                   statistical findings, so they reflect population
                   averages rather than absolute rules. -fab
                   \_ I'm not asking interracial, just for various ethnicities
                      Because the above aspiration is opposite of what you
                      gave as more general tendencies of the population.
                      You are saying it's true but then give examples to
                      prove it untrue. I want to know if, i.e. European UCB
                      guys aspire to date up to Stanfurd girls as much as lets
                      say Asian guys want to date up to Stanfurd girls. And
                      same vice-versa.
                      say Asian guys want to date up to Stanfurd girls. But
                      perhaps more importantly now that I think about
                      it, vice-versa. Do S girls like to date down to UCB guys.
                   \_ Informal observation suggests that Asian girls/White
                    guys is much more common than Asian guys/White girls.
                    This is at UCB and confirms the Girl up/Guy down theory
                    since being White is in general a more prestigious
                         \_ WTF? Im sorry, but you're an idiot. Are you
                            from the 50's? Do you think asian women do nothing
                            but idolize white men? asian women and white males
                            are a frequent occurance at UCB, but so what beyond
                            \_ Actually to me it seems like it's 50-50
                               asian/asian, white male/asian female couples
                               in L.A., at least the ones that I see in
                               public. -jctwu
                    category. If you crossed ethnicity with school -
           \_ you're on crack. i'm going to get me a dumb ho from kobe.
                    Asian S girls v. W UCB boys, then it's unclear how much,
                    on the average , ethnicity outwieghs school prestige.
                    My hunch is that if you break Asian down (Chinese, Korean,
                    Indian, etc) then ethnicity outweighs UCB vs. Stanford,
                    you would get the classical F Up/M down according to
                    ethnicity. -fab
                    \_ The opposite is true wrt blacks/whites. Black guys date
                       white/Asian girls, but black girls usually date black
                       guys. So that either is a counterexample, or implies
                       that black > white wrt prestige.
                    \_ Not asking interracial. Euro-on-Euro. Or Asian-on-Asian.
           \_ yes. it's categorically true with no allowance for individual
              deviations. it's tautological and apodeictic.
                        \_ Rad.  Vocabulary++
              |_ ^Z; dict apodeictic; dict tautological; fg
        \_ Fun ride, but I wouldn't want to marry one.
           \_ As if you would want to marry anything.
        \_ Here's the lowdown:
           *Cal guys go for Stanford girls (they're prettier)
           *Stanford girls go for Cal guys (they're real guys)
           *Stanford guys go for sheep (as proven above)
           *Cal girls go for girls (pretty damn evident)
           \- the best pedigree for US chicks is Princeton, then Stanford,
           but stanford has high variance. There are a lot of non-psycho,
           sane people from the south, but I dunno about what college. --psb
           \_ obWhatAboutAsianChix?
                \_ Chicks are chicks, regardless of race.
           \_ you're on crack. i'm going to get me a dumb ho from kobe.  I
              only care about japan.  for me, Japan is all about pussy.  easy
              pussy. you say you're American and you get pussy.  you work for
              company as programmer, get good money and then can get your pussy.
              no drama, no sexual harassment lawsuits, no bullshit.  just
              straight pussy.  it simplifies everything and turns your mind
              to goo so you don't worry about who backstabbed you and whatnot.
              if your bitch fucks you up your ass, you go, "Hey, ho. I'm gonna
              use my dough for another ho." And then go to some back alley
              yakuza run place and get your pussy for the night.
              \_ Where is /etc/motd.authenticated?
              \_ You don't need to go to Japan for that. It's in SF/Oaktown/
                 Fremont/San Jose. Same style and cheaper with
                 same "no bullshit" rules.
              \_ If this is the attitude of the future, I sincerely fear for
                 for the health of the world.  --erikred
2001/5/29 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:21382 Activity:high
        Stanford dot-commers go back to school.  Any Berkeley people do the
        \_ yes, me.
        \_ Save time. Never officially graduate like me. That way you can
           re-enroll whenever you want. And get senior priority on ACE/
2000/10/3-4 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:19399 Activity:very high
10/02   Which came first (which then influences the other)?
        1 the term Stanfurd becomes popular
        2 freeway sign says Stanfurd
        I guess this is a chicken and the egg problem eh?
        \_ "Stanfurd" predates freeways & freeway signs
        \_ Isn't it called the farm?
        \_ "Stanfurd" also isn't popular except among morons.  -tom
           \_ It would really suck if you were named "Stanley Furd", wouldn't
                it.  -Stan
        \_ What about "Stanfraud"?
           \_ Making fun of someone's name is infantile.
              \_ Then what about "$tanford"?
2000/10/2-3 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:19392 Activity:very high
10/02   Both 101NB and 101SB exit to Embarcadero and University shows
        Stanford with the top of the O blotched so that it looks like
        Stanfurd. Was that done during the big game? It's pretty funny :)
        I bet the wild Cal Indians did it.
        \_ haha haha ha hahah.  I bet you were one of those people who
           were picked on a lot as a kid.
           \_ who _was_
              \_ No.  The proper correction is "as _kids_".
                 \_ You're a blithering idiot -- but it's not worth the
                    effort to flame your egocentric ass.
                    \_ "those people who was..." is obviously incorrect,
                       therefore the latter person is correct with "as kids".
                       Also "you were" -> "you are", not that it's worth being
                       pedantic.  And who's being egocentric?  -pld
                    \_ The second person is correct.  Because "of those
                       people" doesn't make sense standing by itself,
                       "who...picked on..." doesn't make sense modifying
                       "one".  So it must modify "people", therefore the
                       plural.  Also, "you were" should be "you are", as in
                       "YOU are the egocentric blithering idiot"; or "You
                       ARE flaming, even though you say you aren't."  --pld
                       \_ Sentence parsed w/o prepositional phrases:
                          "You are one who was picked on a lot as a kid."
                          \_ No.  Without the prepositional phrase, it is
                             "I bet you were one."  Understand now?  Your
                             sentence has similar sound and meaning, but it
                             is structurally different.
        \_ Happens all the time.
           \_ i've been driving by there for 3 yrs and i just noticed it for
              the first time a few weeks ago...  define "all the time."
              \_ At least since 1989 or so. I lived in Palo Alto from
                 1984-1991 (when I went to Berkeley). I didn't start
                 driving till 1989 and so noticed it then. The sign gets
                 changed every so often and the "o" gets painted over soon
                 after. Obviously not since the beginning of time. But
                 more than a decade.
2000/8/7-8 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:18904 Activity:moderate
8/6     Can someone settle an argument for me: what is Chelsea
        Clinton's college major? Proof would be nice... best I
        can get out of the search engines is "pre-med"...
           says stuff about Stanford's concentration system - danh
        \_ The concentration looks like a "minor" of sorts...
           people still have majors according to the Stanford
           web site. She still has to chose...
           Doesn't anybody have a friend at Stanford that they
           can ask?
        \_ Does it matter?  She doesn't attend classes and gets straight
           A's.  Think about it.
        \_ does she let foreign dignataries 3x her age put their cocks
           in between her warm, wet and willing labia?  Maybe her professors?
           maybe she turns tricks?
                \_ how do you know that her pussy is warm and wet?  Maybe
                   she's a frigid bitch like her mom.
                   \_ i hope not. my boss said he'd double my salary if
                     i did her up the ass.
        \_ all i know is that she's looking more and more like her mother.
2000/6/23-25 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:18541 Activity:very high
6/23    Why do all the Stanford girls fall for Berkeley guys?  I know
        many Standford Berkeley pairs with the girl from Stanford and
        the guy from Berkeley.  Even in the movies the Berkeley guys
        always seem to be cool studs.
        \_ Because both Hollywood and Stanfurd have a very blurred notion
           of reality
           \_ Compared to 'fraud guys Berkeley guys are cool studs. A
           that you know more Cal guys with Stanfurd girls than Cal girls with
              run of the mill 'fraud guy wouldn't last 1 semester at Cal.
              \_ True, but that's not saying much still
        \_ Maybe it's because you know more Cal guys than Berkeley girls, such
           that you know more Cal guys with Cal guys than Cal girls with
                              \_ Is this supposed to be a joke?
                                \_ He's just babbling.
           Stanfurd guys?  -- yuen
        \_ Bigger penises.
        \_ Because daddy can buy his little girl an education, but he
           \_ And how would you know that?  Did you do some statistically
              sig research on it?
                \_ I fucked 98% of 'Furd women and they all prefer their men
                   from Cal where we're more intelligent and masculine.  Well,
                   except for the Asians, but our Asians are more intelligent
                   and masculine than 'Furd Asians, so that counts for
           can't buy her a boy friend with intelligence and masculinity.
           \- speaking as someone who went out with someone from the 'Fraud,
              there is no such phenomena at a statistically sig level. --psb
        \_ During college, girls like to experiment by slumming with Cal guys.
2000/6/8 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:18429 Activity:high
6/6     Has anyone taken classes via SITN and have actually gotten a MSCS?
        \_ I got heavily screwed by Stanfurd distance learning back
           in high school (EPGY via CSP if that means anything to you);
           I would highly discourage doing anything of this sort, at least
           via Stanfurd. Can provide details by email. -alexf
        \_I'll be finished with an MSEE after summer. 3.5 years is a long
          \_ what's SITN?
             \_ Stanford Instructional Televison Network.  Part of Stanford
                Center for Professional Development (SCPD).  You can get a
                degree by taking a class or two at a time from a remote site.
                You take exams on campus if you're close enough, and send
                homework by courier.  I took three classes and it nearly killed
                me.  I don't know how anyone can get their degree this way.
                \_ it's possible if your job is easy, you have no gf, and
                   you have no life. I'm like that and got mine in 5 years.
                \_ I just finished a class and I agree...expect no life. I
                   was either reading or doing a problem set every day of
                   the week.  And don't forget watching the videos.  Plus
                   no matter how much support you get at work, it's
                   unlikely your boss is gonna let you get away with not
                   doing what you are supposed to do despite your
                \_ it's not so bad.  Just take a couple of classes.  the
                   Stanford equivalents to the same ones we took as undergrads
                   are a serious joke.  Take the OS class to see what I mean.
                   \_ CS240A is now CS140 in Stanford, which means the OS class
                      has become an undergrad class.  But CS145 is nothing when
                      compared with CS186
        \_ As the previous posters have said, expect no life.  Most people
           have said, go full-time instead of SITN!
        \_ I took 2 ME classes at Stanford.  via SITN.  They were a fucking
           joke, compared to UCB undergrad classes.  I got an M.S. in 2
           years by taking 2 classes per semester + summer at various
           unis.  Not that hard, but I was working 40 hr/wk, and not doing
           much else.
        \_ Industry SUCKS. Academia rewls.
           \_ Heh.  When I've made enough money in INDUSTRY to buy your wife
              and children and pack them off to some remote research station
              in Antarctica where they can't possibly reproduce, I'll come
              lookin' for you and try real hard not to run your scruffy,
              hand-to-mouth Academician ass down with my Lotus.  Then maybe
              I'll condescend to come back to school and perchance hang out
              with your surviving fat-headed scruffy-ass Academician
              friends and experience their little closed-off delusional
              denial-powered world -- it'll probably be pretty funny.
        \_ the best job in the world is no job at all if at all possible.
           nothing is worse, agreed, then getting up in the morning
           and having to answer to someone else.
2000/5/14-15 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:18257 Activity:high
5/14    Who has better looking women?  Stanford or UCB?
        \_ the farm.  Little known fact:  The phrase
            "take off that red shirt!" originated at stanford.
           \_ I hear from people that Stanford women don't really date...
        \_ yeah, but Stanford is mostly white....
                \_ Two words: Chelsea Clinton.  -tom
2000/4/19-20 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:18051 Activity:nil
4/18    Found an mpeg of Ian Goldberg's talk at stanford:
2000/1/29-30 [Politics, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:17371 Activity:nil
1/29    National Collegiate Acapella competition happening tonight at
        Wheeler Hall, 7PM.  A few Cal groups and a few Stanford groups
        will be competing.  The last time the Men's Octet competed, they
        got to the national final round at Carnegie Hall and won it all
        the way.  The Cal Jazz Choir will be hosting the event.  Please
        come if you like this sort of entertainment.  $5 students, $10
        general  --reeser
1999/8/19-20 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:16341 Activity:high
8/19    So why is it that so many SV companies are formed by Stanford grads
        and nearly none by Berkeley grads?  What are they getting from their
        education that we're not?  Are we just being trained to be keyboard
        bound salary slaves for them?
        \_ NetApp is founded by a couple of berkeley guys.  The stock
           think of offhand are Cisco and Yahoo. --dim
           rocks BTW.
           \_What's the ticker. I find no such stock in symbol
             lookup. -ulysses
                \_ NTAP (Network Appliance is the full name)
        \_ Ever hear of Sun? Apple? The only Stanford companies I can
                        \_ SUN = "Stanford University Network".  It was
                           founded by 3 stanfurdites who then brought in
                           Bill Joy from UCB and gave him co-founder status.
                        \_ Apple was founded by college dropouts.  Woz didn't
                           get his degree from UCB until the late 80's.
           think of offhand are Cisco and Yahoo. Oh, and if your trollish
                        \_ A big chunk of it is owned by Softbank, started by
                           a Berkeley grad.
           statement is true, I would argue it has more to do with the
           environment of Stanford students independent of their choice of
           education (much like USC). That is, $$$ breeds $$$. --dim
                \_ Add Inktomi and to the UCB list.
                   \_  Ex-employee != Cal grad.  sendmail isn't
                                        \_ Eric Allman got his Masters in CS
                                           from UCB in 1980.  Sounds like a
                                           grad to me.
                                           \_ He wasn't a recent grad.  Brand
                                        new spanking fresh Stanford grads are
                                        starting up companies all over the SV
                                        and Cal grads are doing shit.  Someone
                                        who graduated before some of you were
                                        born is not a new grad and was from a
                                        totally different world anyway.  Even
                                        granting sendmail as a Cal started
                                        company, it's still only one pathetic
                                        company that isn't going anywhere.
                                        \_ Who cares about puny new
                                           companies that will probably
                                           fail? That's why I mentioned
                                           the big ones. --dim
                      a SV company.  It's a BA company, yes, but not SV and
                      not founded by a RCG like many Farm new grads are doing.
           \_ You joking?  There's *thousands* of SV companies big and small
              and you can only think of a few of the obvious big ones?
        \_ [spam from dim purged for ignorance and zero value content]
        \_ I'd have to agree with this.  The few Stanfurd classes I have
           taken really do emphasize managing the knowledge you're given to
           start up a company of your own someday.  Plus Stanfurd is more
           preppy in general and less focussed on crusading and more on real-
           world capitalism.
1999/3/31-4/1 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:15674 Activity:very high
3/31    A related question about Haas.  How is the MBA program?  Anybody
        on soda in the program?  I guess I'm looking for personal opinions
        rather than "Haas ranked number 10 in such and such magazine".  Any
        comments on the people, professors, or classes?  Of course Stanford
        MBA is still my #1 choice.  But I need to have a plan B.
        \_ I know you are not looking for standard rankings, but the
           latest US News has one.
        \_ well, hello there, tawei.
           \_ hello to you too.  Care to comment on Haas MBA?
             \_"Of course Stanford MBA is still my #1
                choice.  But I need to have a plan B."
                So modest.  Like we needed to know this.  It's
                bullshit like this that I hate, tawei.  Just go
                to Stanford, already, and leave the rest of us
1999/3/22-23 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:15625 Activity:moderate 77%like:15634
3/22    The world would be a better place if we were all a little more
        like psb.  This is truth: meditate upon it now.

        Anyone willing to drive down to Stanford on Wednesday?  Andrew
        Wiles is giving a lecture there at 7:00pm.  Me and a friend of
        mine would love to tag along :).  -- ilyas
        \-whos is the target audience of the lecture. where is it at?--psb
          \-general audience.  Some auditorium (I don't remember, but
            the brochure is around the CSUA office).  Tickets are $8.50,
            I think.  -- ilyas.
1999/3/11 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:15579 Activity:kinda low
3/9     What is this srp thing at Stanford about?
           \_ I saw the URL, but I don't understand what it is.
              Can someone explain?
              \_ SRP is a protocol for logging into a computer remotely
                 without giving away any information about your password
                 to people snooping the network.  This is harder than it
                 sounds; see the URL above for details.
1999/1/6 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:15177 Activity:nil
1/5     From about the Excel security hole:
        "We think this is probably the biggest security hole in Internet
        history," said Bill Lyons, Finjan's chief executive officer. "Any
        student at Stanford could exploit it."

        Yup!  Only M$ is dumb enough to have created such a huge security
        hole that even Stanfurd students can exploit it. :-)
1998/12/2-4 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:15059 Activity:high
12/2    What is more difficult, taking classes through SITN (SCPD) or formally
        applying for it (then eventually, take classes as a real student)?
        \_ The process of applying is definitely a lot more difficult than
           just taking NDO. You still need 3 letters of rec (2 must be from
           professors who know you well), you still need to take GRE, and
           you still need to write a Statement of Purpose.
                up units.  Since it's just a master's I don't think it's a big
                deal.   With Cal grades I'm not going to chance trying to get
                in the real way.  -brain
        \_ Huh?
           \_ What, you've never heard of sitn ans scpd.  They're quite
              promulent words.
        \_ I hear getting into HCP is a total breeze.  Start on NDO and build
           up units.  Since it's just a master's I don't think it's a big deal
           deal. With Cal grades I'm not going to chance trying to get in the
           real way.  -brain
           \_Yermom lets me in the real way.
        \_ what does SITN (SCPD), HCP, and NDO stand for?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
           \_ they're all stanford acronyms.  Stanford Instructional Television
            Network, Stanford Center for Professional Development,
            Non Degree Option, Honors Cooperative Program.  They're all ways
            to get your company to pay for your Master's degree.
1998/11/22-24 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14992 Activity:nil
11/21   Put in Clemmins!
        \_ you know, that game was the first time i had ever seen a school's
           marching band look like the ku klux klan.  now we know what
           stanford is all about.
        \_ yeah, he's 2-12 for 2 yards, the solution to our offensive
           woes! -tom
1998/10/29-31 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14853 Activity:moderate
10/28   The "Tree" from Stanford sounds like a complete idiot. Thanks for
        your deep insights -- you sure do put Cal students to shame.

        "It has come to my attention that perhaps our friends at Cal have
        a limited understanding of the organic world," Henderson said in
        his statement. "It seems that they mistakenly believe they have
        stolen a living thing. This is not the case. The Tree costume is
        an inanimate object. It does not move; it does not think; it does
        not write letters, especially letters which deprecate Stanford.

        "Stop talking to a pile of fabric and show a little backbone.
        Currently, there is some debate over whether stealing the costume
        is a misdemeanor or a felony. I assure you that kidnapping the
        real Tree is a federal offense. This is called Big Game for a
        reason. Get big. Get me."
                        -- Chris Henderson, The Stanford Daily, 10/28/98
        \_ What is the incident that the article is referring to?
           \_ Supposedly some Cal person stole the tree costume and is
              holding it hostage. Robert Berdahl has given an ultimatum
              that if it isn't returned, no Oskie at Cal football games.
           \_ The stealing of the Stanford Tree costume by some Cal
              students dubbed "The Phoenix Five." Are you not on campus?
                \_ Actually, no, I'm not on campus.  I graduated 5 years ago.
                   Gotta keep up with campus news more often.
                \_ Berdahl is banning Oski from the big game as a result.
                   BTW, why is it that Stanford has a tree running around
                   the games when its mascot is actually a cardinal.
                   Wouldn't it make more sense to have a big red bird (or
                   a high ranking priest) on the sidelines?
                        \_ the mascot is "cardinal", the color, not the bird
                           or the cleric.  The tree is the mascot of the
                           (extroadinarily lame) band.  -tom
                           \_ Well they could have a guy dressed in a red blob
                           \_ Isn't it because Stanford is in Palo Alto,
                              which means "tall tree" in Spanish?
                                \_ there was some stupid tree on campus
                                   that got cut down.  it's in their logo,
                                   too.  -tom
                              \_ funny, I thought it meant "tall hill"
                                 \_ Nah, it means "High Stick". They were
                                    named by Spanish hockey fans.
                                 \_ I dunno, I took french in high school,
                                    but growing up in the area, I thought
                                    that's what they taught us about Palo
                                    Alto. There was something dealing with
                                    a tree and that city.
                        \_ The Phoenix Five said they'd return the Tree
                           before the Big Game, so Oski will get to
                           appear. However because the Tree wasn't
                           returned by yesterday midnight's deadline, Oski
                           is banned from the Oregon St. game this
                           Saturday. Big deal.
        \_ Return the tree, already.  It is just a pile of fabric, and it
           belongs to someone else.
           \_ Yeah, and the Axe is just another tool to chop trees with.
1998/6/23-26 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14237 Activity:moderate
6/23    Why doesn't berkeley have a class A network? (geek question)
          -csua geek
        \_ Because we don't rule as much as MIT?
        \_ Because we don't need one and they're reserved for places that do?
           (Not that Class A/B/C mean much in these days of classless routing)
           \_ Don't inferior schools like UCLA, Michigan State, and
              that farm school down there have one?
                \_ no.  see whois -h [1-126].0.0.0
                   \_ I got University of Southern Cal for 2,5, and 10.
                      Didn't bother to try out all 126 though.
                                \_ 127 & 224 too!  Those IANA address pigs!
                                  \_ Also 1 !
                      \_ And yer a twink. thats IANA, not USC. It just happens
                         that ISI manages the IANA reserved addresses, and they
                         are headquartered at USC.
                         \_That IANA went past my terminal.
                                - twink
                        \_ 10.x.x.x is the old arpanet backbone, now reserved
                                for people to use behind firewalls
                \_ that farm school used to run what is now InterNIC
                   and got to decide who got what addresses
           \_ Because we never believed in wasting IP space?
        \_ We used to, but those with Class A's were asked to evaluate
           their need for one and UCB decided they didnt need a full A
        \_ Really? What was it?
        MIT is 18.*, Stanford is 36.*
           \_ Those damn bastards.  It should be [1-126].0.0.0 Berkeley.
1998/6/15-16 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14218 Activity:high
6/15    My little brother got into Cal and Stanford, can you guys tell us
        pros and cons of your personal experience? Thanks.
        \_ Who will be paying for the schooling and what sorts of majors
           is he considering? --dim
        \_ If you can afford it and are white (or Asian), I would recommend
           Stanford because it's more prestigious, less competitive... that
                \_ Berkeley's 3.5 GPA equivalent to Stanford's 4.0.
                   Most Berkeley grads who got 3.5+ got 4.0 in Stanford's
           means you'll probably have a higher GPA and will be more attractive
           to grad schools and employers.
                \_ If he's ever planning to work in Europe, Berkeley.
                   Nobody here's ever heard of Stanford.  Seriously.  -John
                \_ Berkeley's 3.5 GPA = Stanford's 4.0.
                   Most Berkeley undergrads who got 3.5+ got 4.0 in Stanford's
                   grad program.  You draw the conclusion.
                   \_ URL to prove this fact?????
                      \_ I once spoke to a professor, and he does factor in
                         inflated Stanfurd grades while going through grad
                   \_ umm, grad school GPAs are higher everywhere
        \_ weather is much nicer in berkeley
        \_ If you want a challenging environment to prepare yourself for the
           real world, go to Berkeley.
           \_ If you want to learn how truly cruel and inhumane
              bureacracy can be, go to Berkeley and join the rest of
              the undergrad herd.
                \_ I dunno about you, but I feel far more prepared to face
                   "real world" assholes than some candy-assed spoiled
                   Stanford grad.  -John
           \_ i agree.  if you want to be challenged come to berkeley.  Be
              prepared to compete in a cut-throat environment and be
              treated like shit.  Because the real world is EXACTLY like that.
              Go to stanford if you're WEAK and need the extra attention from
           \_  Give me a break.  I don't know about Stanford because I spent
           both my under and grad years at Berkeley, and I know Berkeley is
           full of the product of fine American high schools and competition
           is almost nonexistent.
        \_ Easy choice. Go wherever the chics are. Go Bruins!!! Cal SUX!!!
           \_ Or go where the winning sports teams are. Enjoy the NCAA
              basketball tournament next year and root for the Card.
        \_ Aren't you supposed to decide which college to go to by May 1?
1998/5/7 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14067 Activity:high 66%like:14047
5/6     Who won the College Jeopardy?
        \_ watch next week and find out
        \_ Is it true that Jeopardy contestants get all the questions and
           answers (or just categories) beforehand, in the form of a huge
           book, much like those 5000 SAT Vocabulary Words books?
                \_ More or less, YES. They tell you the category, some
                   specific fields to study, etc. Think of the movie
                   "The Game Show" but they give you  A LOT of answers.
            \_  I was on College Jeopardy from Berkeley back in 1993 and I
                can tell you that you are totally wrong!  They NEVER gave
                us the categories before we walked up to those leturns and
                started taping.  They did tell us in the interviews that
                we might want to study "college oriented areas" like pop
                music, colleges, films, and current events.  But they
                never told us, "You will need to study Black history and
                Architecture and British Lit."  In all fairness though, I
                was a chem major then and I did get a Chem Lab category.
        \_  The guy from Harvey Mudd wins it.  Beats U of Alabama and MIT.
                \_ Mudd geeks rewl.  -tom
            Gotta wtch tomorrow to see the Stanford chick get booed and
            razzed by the audience.  Alex had to plead for the audience
            to let up on her.  Beautiful.
            \_ Beautiful?  Try childish.
             \_ Childish? Try GET A SENSE OF HUMOR YOU BRAINDEAD GEEK! It's
                people like you who ought to have termites unleashed into
                your rectum to eat up all the sticks that are stuck up there
                your (collective) rectum to eat up all the sticks that
                have gotten STUCK UP YOUR ASS
                \_ That's funny!
1998/3/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:13831 Activity:moderate
3/18    Anyone have a working Sparc 1+ keyboard that I can have?
        It's for a University machine.  --PeterM
        \_ The Univeristy treated me like dirt, why should I donate anything
           back? Long lines, redbook, frustration, impersonal professors, you
           name it. If I'm going to donate, I'd rather donate to Stanford,
           where my future kids would have much more creative opportunities. -FU
           \_ strong words from someone who is still using University
              resources after graduating.  I'll see what I can do about
              garnering a keyboard for a Sparc 1+, but don't hold your
              breath as surplus keyboards have a short half-life. -mel
                \_ One's use of University resources has no bearing on how one
                   might feel after being properly abused at Cal.  Should this
                   person be grateful for their suffering at Cal because after
                   wards, they have access to the soda motd?
                   \_ Actually, "this person" should be taken out into the
                      street and beaten to death for being a fucking whiner.
                      I enjoyed my time spent at Cal and appreciate the
                      education I received there.  I don't feel like I was
                      particularly abused, exploited, or forced to suffer;
                      maybe "FU" was exposed to "real life" for once and
                      mistook it for "suffering" (and yes, I got my degree in
                      EECS, not holistic basketweaving, or business, or
                      something like that . . . )
                \_ Actually, I don't mind donating to CSUA-- the only worthwhile
                   donation for Cal                                     -FU
                \_ Fuck you, Mel, you little greasy prick.
1996/9/29 [Recreation/Sports, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:31905 Activity:nil
9/28    Anyone have a ticket to the Cal/Stanford football game?  -gong
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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