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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/8/13-10/28 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:54727 Activity:nil
8/13    How can this be?
        soda {104}% finger reiser
        finger: reiser: no such user.
        Hans was one of the founders of the OCF, did he never get a CSUA
        \_ Several years ago all soda accounts were sorry'ed, and everyone
           had to send in proof that one is the rightful owner of an account
           before the account was re-activated.  (I had to send in a scan of
           my student ID card and the date that my account was first created.)
           Maybe reiser (I don't know him) was not around at that time to
           re-activate his account.
           \_ perhaps due to being in jail for murder?
              \_ Wow!  I didn't realize who he was.  -- PP
           \_ Yeah but the accounts are still there. Maybe he really never
              did join the CSUA. He was a major OCF booster and there was
              a rivalry in those days. -class of 93
              \_ CSUA: 100% fewer wife-murderers than the OCF!
              \- there was not really a rivalry between the OCF and
                 CSUA ... at least for quite a few years. after that,
                 i dont know ... it was sort of a "managed
                 difference".  Certain key persons with key roles in
                 both organization decide to hold office in only one
                 and not in both ... although there was plenty of
                 behind-the-scenes string pulling in both dir-
                 ections. i think some of more hardcore people in the
                 csua may have had a little bit of condescention
                 toward some OCFers whose main contribution was shall
                 we say "enthusiasm", but I think there was also
                 recongintion that the OCF "made a difference" while
                 the CSUA was largely a club ... although did do some
                 good, say with the tutorials it ran. and of course
                 the csua leadership went off the rails several times
                 while the OCF was still led relatively well due to
                 the socialization efforts of the founding generation
                 [then came the idiotic co-gm era (which was clearly
                 not consitutitional) and the dumb group account sea
                 change ... which may have turned out ok but it made
                 the OCF the bitch of a number of units on campus].
2011/7/21-8/10 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:54143 Activity:nil
7/21    The OCF should add a CNAME for <DEAD><DEAD>
        called HEATDOME.
2008/3/6-7 [Health/Sleeping, Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Health/Men] UID:49361 Activity:high
3/6     Did HANS REISER ever have a Soda account?  Anyone else think
        his 'my back hurts so I sleep in my car a lot to ease the pain'
        story is kind of leem?
        \_ I think running down your poor deceased wife on the stand
           is not likely a good court strategy.
           \_ Just wait until the cross-examination; it will be theater
              of the higest order.
              The gem from yesterday is Hans talking about how men don't
              need marriage, financially, so they're being very altruistic,
              because it's cheaper to hire a housekeeper.  -tom
              \_ Is the jury 100% bitter divorced guys? If not, HR is in
                 big trouble.
              \_ Much cheaper to hire a hooker. I have an acquaintance who
                 is a very wealthy man. He married a younger woman 'for
                 love' without a prenup. She left after a year or two. He
                 told me that he calculated it cost him $50K for every
                 time he banged her.
                 \_ You should volunteer to be a character witness for
                    poor Hans.
        \_ Those in attendance were: (in no particular order)
           Alan Coopersmith (alanc)        Eddy Karat (karat)
           E. Mark Ping (emarkp)           Hans Reiser (reiser)
           Nicholas Weaver (nweaver)       David Paschich (dpassage)
           Kier Morgan (kmorgan)           Kinshuk Govil (kinshuk)
           David Friedman (davidf)         Eric Hollander (hh)
           George Herbert (gwh)            Sean Welch (welch)
           Steve Huntsberry (steveh)       Lee Haynes (haynes)
           Partha S. Banerjee (psb)        Roy S. Rapoport (rsr)
           Adam Richter (adam)             Eric Mehlhaff (mehlhaff)
           \_ attendance of what? A general meeting?
             \_ Looks like an OCF Board of Directors meeting. -ERic
        \_ I don't know, Hans is obviously crazy, so it's hard to tell what
           he thinks is reasonable.
2008/2/28-3/4 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:49294 Activity:kinda low
2/28    I need a Solaris sparc machine to build some small codes on.  I don't
        suppose anyone has one I can access? -jrleek
        \- if you dont find something by monday, send me an email.
        \- if you dont find something by monday, send me an email at my lab.
           i have some important business to deal with at the moment
           and may not be online much depending how things unfold. --psb
        \_ why don't you just use an ocf machine?
           \_ whoa does that still exist?
           \_ Back in my days OCF were Apollo DomainOS machines, and we used
              tvi920c terminals to log in.
           \_ I'd be happy to, but I don't have an OCF account, and don't live
              in Berkeley. Is there some way I can get an account and ssh in?
              \_ well, sucks for you. but yes, they still have some sparc
                 machines. mostly solaris/linux x86 and windows now, though.
           \_ I've got a few in my garage, and one I could boot up now, but
              it is running a year-old opensolaris build. Let me know if you're
              still interested. -ERic
              \_ I'm very interested.  If it's easiest for you, remote access
                 should be fine.  But if you live in the bay area, I'd love to
                 just borrow one. It would be REALLY great if I could install
                 Solaris Express on it, but that's not strictly required.
                 email me.  (I'm not sure of your login.) -jrleek
                 \_> getent passwd | egrep ERic
        mehlhaff:*:10031:1000:ERic Mehlhaff:/home/digital/mehlhaff:/bin/tcsh
                 and yeah, I'm in the bay area. -ERic
        \_ Can't you emulate this somehow with your PIV 9000 ghz Alteon
           MountainManMarianasTrenchCore Quadcore?  Is there a vmware
           or QEMU product that will do that?
2006/2/17-19 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:41907 Activity:nil
2/17    What happened to the WEB in Evans Basement?  Where is the OCF now?
        \_ The WEB is now EMF, a Windows drop-in facility.  The OCF is
           in the MLK student union building.  -tom
           \_ what about 260 evans?
              \_ 260 Evans was subdivided; it was split into a computer
                 training facility and the WSSG office.  Now that IST has
                 moved out, it's probably temporary space for Bancroft
                 Library stuff.  -tom
           \_ thanks for the info.  tom, are you a fan of race street bikes
              or just mountain bikes?  The Tour of California is in town.
              \_ I'll probably be doing rides to see the Tour of California
                 on Monday and Tuesday.  I'm not really into mountain
                 biking at all, just mountain unicycling.  -tom
                 \_ Tom, hat do you think about PGCN stock?
                    \_ I think you should stop looking at "stock tips" which
                       arrive by email from non-existant addresses.  -tom
                       \_ good one tom.
                          \_ That's why I am asking you before I invest.
                          \_ wow, tom has his own #1 Fan.  congrats tom!
                             you've made the big time!  I think I'll be
                             tom's #1 Fan's #1 Fan.  ;-)
        \_ maybe CSUA should occasionally allow alumni to revisit
           Soda and Cory.  (it is badge protected, right?)
           Does CSUA have (board) gaming nights?
           \_ You can get into both those buildings without a card key during
              the day.
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/1/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/UCLA] UID:41516 Activity:low
        UCLA comes in 7th.
        \_ Stanford??? You've got to be kidding me. And where's Berkeley?
           The list is a fraud.
           \_ Dude, 8 out of 10 is pretty bad. And of course O of C has to
                be at the bottom.
           \_ Berkeley is home to some of the ugliest white chicks I
              ever saw. Lots of pretty "minority" women, though.
              \_ those pretty 'minority' women doesn't includes Chinese,
                 despite their sheer number.
                 \_ Berkeley has some extremely pretty African-American
                    women, in particular.
        \_ Is accurate?  I just looked, and some rather
           un-attractive women have pretty high scores.  Is it prone to
        \_ Note that it doesn't mean that UCLA is no 7 in the country. It's
           just a no7 in a sample of 10 schools, which is kind of less
           \_ i vaguely remember there is a OCF version of it.  what
                happened to that?  and where it is now if it still exist?
              \_ it was taken down due to various racist comments, and
                 probably also because the creator's picture kept getting
                 posted and he isn't exactly hot stuff.
           \_ Hotornot is strongly biased towards woman who show lots of skin.
        \_ They need to put UCSB on the list.
        \_ Are there no pictures, or am I missing something?
2005/3/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:36511 Activity:nil
3/3     Do any Corporate City strips feature the CSUA or OCF?
2005/2/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/HKN, Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:36344 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:dlong
2/21    I just checked out CSUA's homepage for the first time since I
        graduated many years ago. It's got a lot of stuff that overlap with
        activities from other clubs like like mentoring (UPN/HKN), help
        sessions (OCF), debugging session (XCF), etc. Since when did CSUA start
        getting so serious? It used to be a hub for volleyball, netrek, foodp,
        ice-cream, etc. Now it's stepping on other clubs. That's fucked up.
        \_ Uh, CSUA has been involved with help sessions for a long time,
           in conjunction (when they gave a damn) with the OCF and XCF.
           As for mentoring, I'll let the mentoring program shadow dictator
           speak to that.
        \_ The XCF doesn't do anything, and the OCF has never been involved
           in help sessions in any meaningful sense.  Certainly the CSUA is
           a social organization first and foremost, but it also needs to do
           things to justify its existence to the department.  -tom
           \_ search for foodp and netrek in the archiver. both traditions are
              dead. fuck the kids running csua, they are fucking up traditions
              \_ OK, now you're just trolling.  Carry on.  -tom
        \_ The CSUA is still comparably sociable to what I know of its
           culture from most of the '90s, but thanks to the hard work of
           several recent presidents (most notably, IMHO, darin, ajaffe, and
           karen) and their politburos, it's _also_ making itself useful on
           campus. I can't see how this is anything but a great thing for
           both the CSUA and the rest of the department. My loyalties are
           split with HKN, and let me assure you, the CSUA has yet to do
           anything to seriously "step on" what anybody else is doing --
           thus far its recent expansions have covered completely new niches
           or those abandoned by comatose groups like the XCF of the past 5+
           years. (And yes, what happenned to the XCF as of late is very
           much a shame). As per above, XCF has done nothing whatsoever
           lately to be "stepped on" and helpsessions haven't been OCF turf
           on my memory. As for mentoring, that's orthogonal and
           complementary to what HKN (and sometimes UPE) do which is
           _tutoring_. Oh and, fwiw, volleyball seems to be more HKN's turf
           at the moment, but that's just an artifact of me being into it
           more than most pro-volleyball CSUA people and hosting the
           listserv on HKN. Anyway, come by the CSUA office some time if
           you haven't lately and check out the new and improved CSUA. Trust
           me, it's nothing to be ashamed of.  -alexf (sodan 1999-?)
2004/5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29990 Activity:high
/54     Please come back to csua paolo, we promise to be nicer this time
                                                        -paolo #1 fan
        \_ we forgive you for the motd fuckup, please come back so that we
           can ridicule you again!!!
        \_ why did paolo change his name to pst?
           \_ he said something once that it was a good way for dealing with
              spam. It's not the first time he's changed his CSUA (and OCF)
2004/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:12291 Activity:nil
2/17    Anyone know what's up with the OCF?
        \_ apparently some fiber got cut ~2:30 today.  The entire /24 was
           unreachable.  It appears the non-OCF part is back up -- the fiber
           from Esh to Heller could still be broken, or it could be the switch
           acting up again. -dwc
        \_ for those interested, an update at ~2pm, 2/18. if building ops can
           switch to using some unutilized fiber strands, they can maybe get
           things working by this afternoon. otherwise, they say next week.
           all of mlk is out apparently, including the asuc stores on the 1st
           floor, so hopefully that will motivate them a little. -jjlin
2004/2/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:12189 Activity:low
2/10    The ASUC Elections Council is now accepting applications for the
        position of Technical Coordinator! see /csua/pub/jobs/ASUC
        \_ Heh, the odds of a technically clued student/person getting
           this job are about zero.  It is ASCU, afterall.
           \_ Nope, it's ASUC.
           this job are about zero.  It is ASUC, afterall.
           \_ Actually, I know the Election Council folks.  They're honest,
              and they know when they don't know something and need to ask for
              help.  I also have some insight into this matter that you don't.
              They'll probably do okay. -dans
              \_ insight?  so you know who the pre-chosen candidate is and
                 they just need a few warm bodies to fill out the roster to
                 make it look clean and legal?
                 \_ No, I put together the folks from the CSUA and the OCF
                    that made this happen last year, and defacto did this job.
                    If I say ``This candidate is an idiot, don't hire him/her,
                    they will take my advice.''  The original comment
                    indicates a complete and utter lack of knowledge of how
                    the ASUC works.  While the ASUC does lots of stupid things,
                    not everyone involved in the ASUC is an idiot. -dans
        \_ MOCK
2003/9/12 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10166 Activity:nil
9/12    I can't FTP into OCF from behind firewall/router.  Can anyone tell
        me what's wrong? -stupid newb
        \_ block ephemeral port and doesnt understand ftp PORT cmd? --psb
        \_ use FTP in passive mode.   ftp -p
        \_ As the above says, use passive mode.  Ftp's normal mode is to
           have the server try to connect back to the client so the client
           becomes a server of sorts.  This attempted connection smacks into
           your firewall and thus ftp in it's normal mode fails.  Passive
           mode doesn't do that so you can ftp from behind firewalls.
2003/6/21 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:28793 Activity:moderate
6/20    Any recommendations for cheap web hosting? Nothing high bandwidth
        nor large storage. For a cal student group (slow OCF sysadmin
        response doesn't cut it anymore).
        \_ Check  Lots of offers, but definitely
           do a search on the reputation of any company.
        \_ csua?
                \_ We have our own domain name, and the webmaster would
                   change every year, and may not always be a CS
                   undergrad/grad. Would CSUA host this?
                    \_ if slow sysadmin response is a problem for you, don't
                       ask for anything from the CSUA.
        \_ post your email address and maybe i'll host it for you.
        \_ how much sysadmin time does a student website really need?  I mean
           seriously.  As long as apache answers, what do you care?
2003/4/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:28155 Activity:high
4/17    Geeks from the CSUA and OCF, together with Eshleman/MLK building
        operations staff, descend from the heavens and save ASUC elections
        from complete and total disaster.  Daily Cal misses story COMPLETELY.
        Film at eleven.
        \_ hey mail me more info about this! - danh@csua
        \_ uh-oh. dans is feeling unappreciated again
        \_ Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards,
           for they are subtle and quick to anger!
           \_ According to Stephenson, most geeks map more accurately to
              dwarves than wizards in the Tolkein universe. I'm inclined to
                                          \_ Tolkien!
              \_ the dwarves love their caves.
              \_ Linux khazad!  Khazad ai-menu!
              \_ You just used geek fan-boy literature to make an argument
                 about geek fan-boys.  Perhaps you could let us know when
                 your argument unwedges itself from its infinite loop.

In article <23794r$> (Joseph R. Pannon) w
>That's one of the silliest arguments I've read in this group.  How is
>one to learn to be a Unix hacker if he already has to be one to install
>a Unix?

Do it recursively! :-)
                   \_ Error: stack overflow!
        \_ Not for the first time.  The OCF had to save the ASUC elections
           before, when they first went computerized.
        \_ I think the only thing that can save the ASUC elections is to not
           have them and let the ASUC complete the last steps into complete
           and final anarchy.  Has anyone yet figured out what the ASUC
           senate does, other than run for election to the ASUC senate?
           \_Yes, they supposedly control the profits from the student
             store. Heavy emphasis on the supposedly.
             \_ ok, hypothetically, there are profits and these numbskulls
                control the profits.  what do/can they do with them?
2003/2/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:27344 Activity:moderate
        4:30 pm. I'm told anyone can attend.
        \_ who's djb?
           \_ Dan Bernstein.  Smart, but nasty guy who got his PhD from
              Berkeley way back when.  Writes anally secure software and
              does not allow binaries to be distributed.  See
              \_ also setup an unsecured NNTP proxy on the OCF as I recall
        \_ It would be nice if someone who had a chance to attend this,
           posted a summary on motd.
           \_ I can give you the pre-summary from djb:
              1) bind sucks
              2) my dns-ware rocks
              3) i'm a hax0r gh0d
              4) only i can write the one true (insert ware name here)
              5) bind sucks
              6) use my ware because 1,2,3,4,5
              7) you'd be a fool to use anything but my ware
              8) see 6,7
                \_ you forgot, "anywhere my implementation differs from the
                   RFC, the RFC is wrong."  -tom
                \_ While the sarcasm of the above is certainly justified, in
                   the context of DNS software, the above arguments seem to
                   to make sense.  Are there any other DNS implementations
                   that don't suck?
2002/7/30 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:25446 Activity:high
7/29    yay, POP3 over ssh works again!  despite what motd.official says,
        though, I still can't get SSL POP3 working.
        \_ I'm using Eudora and it supports SSL.  Still no POP3 or IMAP.
           \_ SSL with what?  with POP3?  with IMAP?
              \_ Both.  IMAP connection goes through but no folders show up.
                 POP3 has CSUA refusing connection.  I know it's not me b/c
                 OCF IMAP/POP works fine.
        \_ SSL POP3 is not working for me either.  what gives?
        \_ Me neither, hope it works soon.  (using Outlook Express)
        \_ Has anyone been able to get POP/IMAP to work?
2002/5/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:24755 Activity:high
5/8     what's the policy of virtual hosts on campus machines?  Can I point
        my say to say some <DEAD><DEAD> machine?  And have it
        do a virtual host for me?
        \_ ask hostmaster@nic to make sure it's ok. They'd know.
           \_ zuul.
        \_ tis better to ask forgiveness than permission.
        \_ No one can stop you from point something at a campus machine.
           Witness and However, no, you can't have a
           virtual host. I know it's against EECS net policy (and therefore
           against CSUA policy) and believe it's campuswide. The CSUA
           has already had one problem with this. -chialea
                \_ Virtual hosts are allowed in general - the OCF provides
                   them for student groups for example.  The problem the
                   CSUA got into was for having someone's .com pointing at
                   the site that the campus objected to.
                   \_ yeah, as long as it's a .edu, campus net policy is fine
                      with it. Anything else, and you have to get specia;
                      permission. It is possible, though, both and
             are hosted off of the OCF. - ajani
                      \_ yeah, sorry, I wasn't really exact. I blame the
                         vicodin ... yeah, that's it! :P -chialea
                         \_ Then you should give it away to those of us
                            who need the break from reality. Just Say No.
                            \_ hi paolo
                      \_ awesome, i didn't know was a campus group.
                         where can I join?
2002/4/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Recreation/Sports] UID:24346 Activity:high
4/5     1982 Big Game on ESPN Classic tonight at 6 p.m. Anyone planning to
        tape it?
        \_ What's really sad is that this school has done nearly nothing
           since then (maybe a couple Nobel prizes, but that's it).
        \_ What's special about that year's Big Game?
           \_ The Play
           \_ Kids....  The Play is the only football event worth watching in
              the entire history of football.  See it.  --football hater
        \_ Can someone TiVo it, rip it full quality to avi/quicktime
           and post so we can all share the glory of The Play, since
           I don't own a TV or cable.
           \_ Seconded.  I'm sick of that goddamn 1 meg version that the
              ocf has.  Divx!
        \_ Sweet!  I'll be home in time to record the last 10 minutes, which
           is all that matters :)
           \_ Actually, even before The Play, it was reportedly one of the
              best Big Games in history.  Horseface Elway had driven
              Stanford downfield to take the lead, including converting
              a fourth-and-18 to keep the drive alive.  Then he stupidly
              called timeout with 7 seconds left instead of letting it run
              down.  -tom
        \_ They're replaying it Monday @ 2am according to TVGuide
2002/3/10 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:24071 Activity:moderate
3/9     took you hosers long enough... and don't give me that "unpaid" crap...
        ocf was up 24 hours ago.
        \_ sure, but soda hall got power back later. considering eecs inst
           (handled by PAID people) is still down as of 5a today, kudos to
           \_ ya, I know... I was being somewhat facetious.
           \_ eecs instr aren't paid for 24x7 work.  they're government
              employees.  i wouldn't use them as a basis for comparison when
              looking for quality or dedication.
                \_ They're barely paid enough to live in the bay area.
                   Industry sysadmins make 2-3 times what UCB pays.
                   \_ Bullshit.  I've been both.  It's no 3x.  And the reason
                      for the low pay is the low skill level and shitty third
                      rate attitude at UC and other government jobs.  I'd take
                      an industry or student system over a UC admin system
                        \- i think ucb sysadmins are a pretty mixed bag.
                        think of the spectrum running from jkh <-> csnory
                        [and that is in the same organization]. lbl has
                        sysadmins with their names in CSRG BSD, GNU projects
                        and also people for whom it is hard to determine if
                        their net productivity is 0 or negative [seriously].
                        my guess is the really shitty sysadmins are places
                        where the pay is ass and there arnt other benefits,
                        say a community college in decatur [sp?] --psb
                      \_ industry sysadmins got all laid off a year ago.
                         \_ Uh huh and like none of them got new jobs because
                            ya know once you get laid off once you're not ever
                            allowed to work again, right?  Stop reading the
                            shitty SF Chronicle.  Reality won't be found there.
                      \_ Sorry to inject facts into this discussion, but
                         the salary survey done last year found Berkeley
                         tech staff lagged the industry in pay by an average
                         of 11%.  -tom
                         \_ what if we ignored people like strick?
           \_ eecs inst is much more complicated than CSUA and has
              more dependencies on other department services.
              \_ mikeh (who is also EECS staff for IRAM/ISTORE) brought
                 CSUA stuff up because he was already in soda for work.
           \_ I second that! Thanks for getting soda back up!
2001/8/20 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Security] UID:22191 Activity:high
        I've graduated many years ago. How are they going to enforce my
        soda account termination?
        \_ we can port and run re-reg (from the ocf).
           \_ the ocf hasn't run re-reg in years, and has no intention
              of running it anytime soon.
              \_ maybe.  maybe it will now.  Maybe you ought to think about
                 options.  Looks like a non-issue for now tho.
              \_ "years" meaning, what, 3?
        \_ What's the page about?  My browser can't find it with the URL above.
2001/3/13-15 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:20767 Activity:moderate
3/13    Anybody have scripts around nistbladm to adduser, rmuser, change
        login, manipulate credentials, etc?  I spent some time on google and
        couldn't find anything useful.  thanks.
        \_ The OCF has some, including chfn & chsh scripts for users.
        \_ If you go to nist'bla'dm, you will die.
2000/12/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:20006 Activity:high
12/5    Response to the post below-- optimization on pure virtual polymorphic
        inline cache control flow... ba ha ha. Better ask that question
        somewhere else. In summary:
        xcf: "let's invent something so we don't get kicked out"
        ocf: "let's enlighten stupid users"
        cs: "performance analysis of SDT AST control flow domain"
        csua: "format your HD, install Linux, ride bike, industry rewls!"
                                       \_ you mean FreeBSD
        \_ You mean "we're petty and vindictive so you don't have to be"
2000/12/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19995 Activity:moderate
12/4    XCF on Salon (sorry for the /. posting):
        \_ also on
           says, it cannabilised Undergraduate Comp Facility
           but led to the formation of OCF.
           if XCF dies, perhaps OCF could take over its property? ;)
           \_ hahahah you'll have to pry the 200Mbit nettaps and PIII
              coppermines away from Vadim's cold dead hands before you touch
                \_ Don't go there.  You'll regret it.
        \_ that article is worthless as an XCF newsposting.  it doesnt even
        mention vadim - when the ugrads get moved to elsewhere, vadim will
        still be in soda. Why don't you check out vadim.[cs|eecs]
        there is no xcf, there is only vadim.
        \_ and eric
           \_ "Always there are 2, a master, and an apprentice."
        \_ spencer!!!!!!!!!  --chris
2000/8/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:18937 Activity:moderate
8/9     Thanks for the ssh passphrase advice.  The OCF machines are
        messed up in some way.  I can get in to soda from anywhere else
        without passphrase prompting.
        \_ This works for me on OCF TOO. The OCF machines are not messed up.
           Email staff@ocf if you still have this problem.
           \_ foo!  Which machine did you try it from?  I presume
              the command was 'ssh -l foo', and
              you also had an .rhosts entry?  Thanks.
                \_ Don't forget to list the full names of the OCF machines,
                   (i.e. <DEAD><DEAD> - not just ocf.b.e.)
                   \_ Yeah I just tried it again from scratch.  Still says
                      "unknown or invalid host key".
2000/8/8 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:18923 Activity:insanely high
8/8     I want to use scp/ssh without a passphrase from my OCF account
        to soda.  I've copied my OCF ~/.ssh/ to soda
        ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, and also added my OCF account to soda
        ~/.rhosts.  But OCF asks me for the OCF passphrase.  What am I
                    \_ Are you using a passphrase with your OCF identity?
                       If so, use 'ssh-keygen -p' to remove it.
                       \_ That works, but isn't it bad to have no
                          passphrase?  Besides, I have a passphrase
                          on soda and I can get to OCF without soda asking
                          me for a passphrase.  I have a passphrase
                          on OCF and when I try soda it asks me for
                          the passphrase.
                          \_ That's strange. AFAIK, if you have a passphrase
                             associated with an identity, it should always
                             prompt you when you use that identity (unless
                             using ssh-agent). Are you sure it's not
                             falling back to rlogin? ssm's advice is good:
                             use ssh -v to figure out what's really going on.
                             \_ if .rhosts has an entry for the remote host,
                                it's not supposed to ask (and it doesn't,
                                for soda to OCF, but not vice versa)
                                \_ soda's sshd has RhostsAuthentication
        doing wrong?  When I reverse the process, I can ssh/scp from
        soda to OCF just fine without soda asking for either a
        passphrase or password (no need for ssh-agent).  Thanks in advance.
        \_ Please post your soda and OCF passwords, and one of our
           friendly help people will gladly assist you.  - root
           \_ And your username. - friendly person
        \_ You cut'n'paste the .pub contents and it became multiple lines
           instead of one long line.  You're welcome.
           \_ I scp'd the file over directly.  Thanks, but that's not it.
        \_ Run ssh with -v option and see what it sez -- social science major
        \_ ?  I recopied over and checked .rhosts.
           This is when it doesn't work, from OCF to soda:
Trying rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv with RSA host authentication.
Remote: Accepted by .rhosts.
Remote: Your host key cannot be verified: unknown or invalid host key.
Remote: The host name used to check the key was ''.
Remote: Try logging back from the server machine with the canonical host name !
Server refused our rhosts authentication or host key.
           Now this is when it works, from soda to OCF:
Trying rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv with RSA host authentication.
Remote: Accepted by .rhosts.
Received RSA challenge for host key from server.
Sending response to host key RSA challenge.
Remote: Rhosts with RSA host authentication accepted.
Rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv with RSA host authentication accepted by server.
        \_ Crap, full discussion blown away on motd restore.  Am I ever
           going to get scp without pass{word|phrase} prompting to work?
                \_ Go read ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v then
                   \_ I did.  Let's continue then:
        \_ What was this process of "added my local machine's host key
           to my known_hosts".  I blew away the existing entries in my
           ~/.ssh/known_hosts and re-ssh'd in from soda and OCF and vice
           versa to re-create these keys.  Is this what you mean?
           \_ This sounds like it should work. I added my local host
              key manually (man sshd for format) since I'm behind
              a firewall.
              \_ foo.  I'm thinking it's some kind of ssh 1.2.26/27
                 discrepancy.  I must train harder.  Thanks for the help.
2000/5/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:18216 Activity:moderate
5/9     For those of you interested in the machinations of the OCF, there
        is a general meeting today at 5:30pm in 104 Dwinelle.
        \_ The OCF still exists?
                \_ Yes. -The OCF
2000/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17976 Activity:high
4/11    What are the incoming mail (pop3) and outgoing mail (smtp) servers for
        Soda?  Are they both  And how do you find out
        in general for a mail server?
        \_ Yes, and you either read the docs or ask the system admins.
        \_ One more question: does the mail server require an SSL connection
        for either pop3 or smtp?
                \_ Nope.  smtp is only allowed from machines or
                   to csua addresses though.
                \_ This explains a lot of things! Does this mean that I can't
                   use Soda as an outgoing email gateway if I'm using an email
                   client (such as Outlook, Eudora) on another network?  If so,
                   does anybody konw if that's also the case for OCF?
                        \_ The OCF used to also allow anyone using an OCF
                           return address to send mail - check with staff@ocf
                           to see if this is still true.
                   \_ It is true for just about everywhere. If mail servers
                      relay from anywhere to anywhere they get abused by
                      spammers. If you want to send mail from another network,
                      the people who run that network should give you a way to
                      send mail (the address of an smtp server; on Unix,
                      /usr/*/sendmail). If they don't you don't really have
                      much way of sending mail (short of hotmail et al). You
                      could always ssh into soda and send it that way. --Galen
                        \_ Yahoo lets you use them as an email gateway, but you
                           have to subscribe to "Yahoo Delivers" ... don't know
                           about Yahoo.
                           about Hotmail.
2000/4/7-9 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:17947 Activity:kinda low
4/7     What do all these political parties at Cal stand for?
        So many parties: CalSERVE, some apple thing. getting confused.
        \_ aPPLE is an offshoot of Student Action, they split off because
           SA is putting up some guy nobody knows for President and they
           (aPPLE) doesn't feel he's paid his dues, and they also think
           that they picked him because he's an asian guy, and they think
           they can cause the 'Cal Asian Community' to vote in a block for
           him because he's president of one of the asian clubs.  To me,
           that seems as logical as them recruiting dans to run for ASUC
           President, and expecting all the techies to vote in a block for
           him.  As for what they stand for, Student Action is more campus
           spirit, money for student groups, etc.  while CalSERVE is more
           focused on minority issues.  That's what I've gleened anyways.
           In practice, they are all pretty much the same, and are at their
           best when they find something cool to throw their weight and money
           behind, like the new OCF computer lab. -jones
                \_ hey Devin, you should manipulate some party to say that
                   if they'll massively fund OCF and CSUA, it might encourage
                   its members to vote for them.
        \_ Different baffled facial expressions when you psychologically
           terrorize them during elections.  Gordie Mohr, where are you? -John
        \_ Like Devin said, they're all pretty much the same.  He neglected
           to mention that useful and cool projects that they throw their
           weight and money into are by far the exception.  Most of their
           time is spent in petty squabbles over non-issues because the parties
           encourage members to vote in blocks.  The motivation for the block
           voting goes something like this: "Party X is voting for pointless
           issue Y, and we hate party X so let's vote against it, and waste
           days (if not weeks) arguing over the issue." Examples of stupid
           issues include: should we change Oski or keep him the same, and
           how can we cover our asses from that Spitfire debacle.  When not
           basically wasting your time and funds via petty squabbles, the
           major ASUC political parties waste your time by playing Team
           Fortress on an OCF machine.  A quick rundown of the parties and
           their, generally self-serving interests:
           -Student Action: Probably the biggest behemoth, and easily the most
            politicized (i.e. most full of shit) party.  Devin's description
            is reasonably accurate except they tend to make flawed claims:
            (I don't know whether or not they've actually successfully pushed
            for increased student group funding, ask Herr Jones)
             - being responsible for Heller Lounge being open 24 hours:
               In actuality, this was due to the work of a non-student action
               Senator that quit the ASUC because he got fed up with party
             - Fighting for 500 more beds in the Underhill Housing project.
               Last I checked, Underhill is still a parking lot.  This claim
               is both meaningless and impossible to substantiate since any
               housing built on Underhill won't be built until everyone
               currently attending Cal has graduated.
             - Registering over 7000 students to vote.  While this is certainly
               a good thing in terms of community service, it offers virtually
               no direct benefit to Berkeley students.  SA doesn't have a
               monopoly on registering students to vote.
           -Apple: As Devin said, a split off of SA.  It was formed by folks
            who were bitter that SA didn't slate them for executive positions.
            Being that Apple is essentially SA 2.0, there isn't much hope for
            them.  Also, they're prone to making bad allegories about changing
            the ASUC the way Apple Computer changed the world.  Listen to one
            of these and you'll see that Apple is very high on the BS-meter.
           -BECS (Berkeley Engineers and Cal Scientists): Note that a number
            of BECS' candidates aren't even in the sciences.  This year BECS
            is campaigning with SA and UNITE.  My guess is that SA is just
            using BECS for overflow since it would look bad if SA was running
            too many candidates.
           -UNITE (It probably doesn't s
           -UNITE (It probably doesn't stand for anything because I don't
            expect the greeks to be clever enough to cook up an acronym): The
            Greek party, also in cahoots with SA.  Probably being used by SA
            for overflow and to draw the Greek vote.  Not surprisingly, the
            Greeks tend to vote as a block.  (Kind of like the borg, only
            dumber, oh yeah, kind of like sheep).
           -CalServe: They tend to focus on minority issues, and make the
            claim that CalServe isn't very visible on campus because its
            members are busy working with their communities outside of
            Berkeley.  While this all very noble, there are two problems with
            it: a) They don't seem to have made much progress getting
            Affirmative Action reinstated. b) If they're spending so much time
            working with their communities off-campus, they're not really
            helping out Berkeley students.
           So that's the lot of them.  My suggestion is that if you want the
           ASUC to get anything useful done (i.e. to get the Suck out of the
           ASUC), don't vote for any members of the established political
           parties.  And don't buy the "We have experience as ASUC officials"
           scam either because when you look at what they actually did while
           gaining "experience", it doesn't amount to very much.
           -dans (Speaking as himself and in no way as an official of the CSUA)
2000/4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17917 Activity:nil
4/3     Will NFS and NIS/NIS+ clients work fine from behind a router running
        NAT software? Did anyone try this before? -akopps
        \_ If the machines involved are all behind the NAT router, sure.
           If the NFS server is outside the firewall, not normally.  They'll
           all look like the gateway machine to the outside server; if you
           want all your NAT-protected machines to have identical access,
           you could grant it to the gateway and that might work.  NIS
           is probably no problem, NIS+ probably won't work (it wants to
           match a hostname to a DES key, which it won't be able to do for
           your NAT hosts).  -tom
        \_ nfs, nis with clients and servers on opposite sides of the nat box,
           yes.  As tom says, you need to grant nfs access to the nat box to
           grant any access to the nat clients.  NIS works again, so long at
           the one nat box is able to access NIS.  nis+ hasnt worked yet.
           having a nis+ replica server with/without nis compatibility mode
           on or behind the nat box may give you want you want.  Lemme guess,
           this is for the ocf? --jon
           \_ Yes this is for OCF, we are considering various options for
              the new lab. I think if we run our NIS+ servers multihomed
              with one interface connected to internal network and another
              to internet this could work. I still think this fancy setup is
              not worth the hassle. Lets hope we get enough money for campus
              connections for all of our hosts. -akopps
                \_ Sell them all and buy one big box.
1999/12/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:17039 Activity:low
12/8    The OCF is looking for a few cheap 19" by 84" (seven feet tall)
        racks.  If you have any leads, mail jones or
        \_ what type, two post, four post?  Stationary, mobile? Freestanding,
           or bolted to the floor?  how many shelves? --Jon
            \_ freestanding single unit, no shelves needed, mobile or not.
               (not the post kind) -jones
1999/7/15-16 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi, Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:16140 Activity:high
7/15    Welcome CSUA Penitentiary.
        \_ get used to it. expect other computers on campus to also enforce
           an ssh only policy soon (ocf, ucsee, alumni, etc...)
        \_ Next, all of us will be forced to use mh. pine to be deactivated
           next month. and then vi only the month after.
                \_ psb will destroy us all if we do not allow emacs
                   \_ You can't take emacs away from the psb!  You haven't
                      the power!  -psb #1 Fan
           \_ mh? vi? bah! You assume you deserve FUNCTIONALITY?!
              mail and ed for you!
              \_ btw, that's /bin/mail, not mailx/Mail
                \_ you should really be modifiying the bits on the disk
                   via ESP.
           \_ pine blows anyway.  we should deactivate it now.
                having it blow is the closest some sodans have come to sex
           \_ To be on soda, must show proof you're single.
           \_ You do not know the power of the Dork Side of the Farce.
1999/2/2 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:15346 Activity:nil
2/2     OCF was hacked and is now offline...
        \_ so, did you just hack it?
1999/1/14-17 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:15233 Activity:kinda low
1/13    Does anyone know where to find that program that tracks who
        fingers you, like OCF did a few years back?
        \_ Masterplan - the finger detector
           Perhaps a little crusty, but anyone tried it? -slow
        \_ Haha, there isn't any
           \_ So they wrote the program by themselves and locked away
              the source code?
                \_ Yes. -alanc- (aka finger@ocf)
        \_ Check our ~yuen/misc/plan that I got from Andrew Choi six years
           ago.  It creates ~/.plan as a pipe and monitors when someone
           reads it.  --- yuen
                   \_ Go to UCB Excess & Salvage & buy all the former OCF
                        apollos and you'll find the source code on one of
        \_ if you care that much, freebsd fingerd logs the "target" of
           the finger request in /var/log/daemon.log.  grep your name
           in /var/log/daemong.log. --jon
           \_ actually, daeomn.log only shows remote finger requests, but
              then that is implied by fingerd. --jon
        \_ Check our ~yuen/misc/plan that I got from Andrew Choi (achoi)
           six years ago.  It creates ~/.plan as a pipe and monitors when
           someone reads it.  Cool!  Don't know if it still works on this
           incarnation of soda though.  --- yuen
                \_ Doesn't work on multiple-machine clusters like
                        EECS, OCF, or most ISP's.
           \_ FreeBSD finger does a silly check of your .plan to see if it
              will fit on one line or not; which is fine, but then it
              "rewinds" the file to display the whole thing.  You can't back
              up in a pipe (named or otherwise), so it barfs.  I'll fix that
              in source one of these days and compile a new finger binary;
              will post when it works  --dbushong
1998/12/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:15104 Activity:nil
12/15   Pay your final respects to the deceased Apollos now lining the hallways
        of the Barrows basement awaiting removal by Excess & Salvage.  The
        pile of dead bodies includes not only the workhorses that served the
        OCF for nine long hard years, but pieces of the machine that was once
        known gloriously as Soda Mark I.  RIP Domain/OS.
        \_ Shouldn't we save at least one of them for posterity's sake?  Like
           maybe set it up in the lounge or at least have the box in a corner?
1998/10/22-25 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:14807 Activity:high
10/21   One more illustration of the injustices in the world, and why
        UCB is better than other universities:
        \_ Policy is a policy.  No policy is written to satisfy everyone.
           \_ You'd do well in Switzerland, dude.  DER RULEZ ISHT DER
           \_ uh, did you even look at the url?  the point was that the
              policy is unclear and unfair, not just that it sucks.
                \_ I think it's fair. - Bill Gates
        \_ This is slightly discussed in ucb.os.linux (although that thread
           is getting more off-topic now).  -- schoen
                \_ On other newsgroups, all flame wars degenerate to the
                   point where someone is compared to nazis.  On ucb.*,
                   all flame wars lead to UCTwink flames instead.  (Just
                   search the old archive on dejanews for "UNLink 2000")
        \_ Geek protest!  Storm the field during the Cal-UCLA game this
        \_ Geek protest!  Storm the field during the Cal-fUCLA game this
           Saturday for a pro-Linux demonstration at halftime!
           \_ "Your team beat us, but we won a moral victory, because
              we support Linux in the res halls!"?    -- schoen
              \_ Cal's support of Linux will carry us to victory.
                 \_ just not "victory in football"
           \_ As if you geeks are going outdoor.
              \_ outdoor air smells funny. i prefer the overbearing aroma
                 of body odor in the labs, thank you.
        \_ Wow, and I thought the UCB dorms had bad policies...
           \_ For example?  The UCB policies are very loose.  As long as
              it's not illegal... pretty much anything goes.
                \_ As we all know from personal experience, your mom is legal,
                   even if half her customers aren't.
                \_ No strippers in dorm.
                   \_ Can you quote policy on this?
                   \_ For a fact, I've seen strippers on the dorms.
              \_ don't be silly. The rule is "We don't care what you do,
                 legal or not, as long as other people can't tell your're
                 doing it". So, smoking hash in your dorm room doesn't
                 particularly make things happen. Even if you come
                 out of your room completely gonzo, and run into walls.
                 On the other hand, if you decide to keep your doors open,
                 flood the hall with strange odors, and yell
                 "Hey DUUUUDE, comentakeahitoffmyBOONNNGGGG!"...
                 There's a slight chance an RA wil come to investigate.
                 Or at least, to jones something off you.
                 \_ They just told 'em to close the door when I was there.
                \_ So how many sodan's have been busted by the dorm narcs?
                        \_ rsr wins hands down, unless you know anyone else
                                with a restraining order forbidding them from
                                coming within 50 feet of a reshall
                           \_ I know someone with a general campus restraining
                              order.  Does that count?  [this includes dorms]
                                \_ Was their dorm eviction notice delivered
                                        by the bomb squad?
                                  \_No. In court. From that moment on if he
                                    was spotted he was going directly to
                                    prison on rape and related charges.
                           \_ whois rsr?
                                \_ a sodan from long ago
                                  \_ who started bugging people by
                                     joining staff of the ocf, and who is
                                     now a professional sysadmin. be afraid...

          ________                                ________
          | _____|________________________________|_____ |
          | |__________________________________________| |
          | |: : : : |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -| |
          | | tissue | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |_|
          | | : : :  |- - - low order explosive - - ----------------------
          | | paper  | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |-|    fuse
          | |: : : : |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -| |
          | |________|_________________________________| |
          | |__________________________________________| |
          |______|                                |______|

          endcap                pipe               endcap
                                                   w/ hole

     fig. 1 Housing Office file of Roy S. Rapoport
        \_ My friend in unit one got transferred to another building after
           his bomb went off.  It was set to do so when this prick opened
           his bathroom locker.  Worked like a charm.  Too bad it didn't
           hurt the victim.  He deserved that and worse.
1996/10/11-11/16 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31935 Activity:nil 72%like:31885
10/30   Volunteer for the CSUA/OCF Help Sessions!  If you think you can
        teach people of varying clue level any of the topics that are in
        ~helper/helper.topics (or any others you can think of), send mail
        to help-organizer@csua
1996/9/25 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31897 Activity:nil
9/24    R.I.P. O.C.F. (1989-1996)  - Of all the ways to go, who ever thought
        electrical fire would be the one to do you in...
        \_how extensive is the damage?
           \_/home/* & /opt/ (including /usr/local) melted -alanc-
         \_ The drive electronics melted, so we've decided to take
            the drives apart so we can put kenji's head on a platter.
         \_ There goes my backup of my backup.
            \_ What Backups?
          \_ the ocf actually does do backups now
             \_ INCONCEIVABLE! Who does them? I don't remember
         the OCF buying a tape drive that could
         handle the sparc clone in a reasonable manner.
         \_ I do not think that word means what you
            think it means.
           \_ kenji has been doing them using a 4 DAT
              autoloader similar to the one the OCF is
              in the process of buying. -alanc-
         \_ At least web and mail files weren't nuked.  -gong
           I THINK NOT
         \_ Looks like nweaver has become the next TED KAZINSKI
         \_ nweaver left the OCF years ago, but is still the only
            person in OCF history to be denied a spot on the Board
            of Directors
        \_Name:    http://ocf.Berkeley.EDU
          Aliases:  http://diskbox-on-fire.Berkeley.EDU
           \_ name a machine "headcrash", and the disk rattles.  name
              a machine "plague", and it acts like a lingering illness.
              name a machine "apocalypse", and... well...  --mconst
         \_ "And verily yea did they the disks of the
    spew forth fire and
             brimstone..." [Revelation 42:42]
          \_ Aren't you missing a "begat" or two?
             \_Just great! Next the world is coming to an end.
          \_ "In the beginning there was the UCF, which
              begat the bastard child XCF.  The great prophet
              Dan Efron then begat the CSUA and OCF in order
              to combat the great evil of ISaTan and the XCF."
              [The Book of Partha 3:14]
              \_ It's a reach to say that Dan begot the CSUA.
          Dan is the Messiah.  Mark Hastings is the
          Prophet, for offering the presidency to Dan.
1996/9/15-10/9 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31885 Activity:nil 72%like:31935
9/6     Volunteer for the CSUA/OCF/XCF Help Sessions!  If you think you can
        teach people of varying clue level in any of the topics that are in
        ~helper/helper.topics or you want to try, mail help-organizer@csua
        with with the topics you want to teach and optionally, days of the
        week that might be convenient for you or a brief description of what
        you might teach.  Also, if you have any topics that are not on the
        list that you think should be, tell us!
1996/7/24 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31867 Activity:nil
7/24    If you've ever read news, used a Home-IP connection, or logged into
        an OCF machine, you've benefited from the work Rob Robertson has put
        in on campus during the last 8 years.  Now that he's leaving, don't
        you think it's time to say "thanks for a job well done"?
1996/2/12 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31804 Activity:nil
1/17    For a schedule of the CSUA/OCF/XCF UNIX Help Sessions,
        finger helper@csua
1995/3/6 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31788 Activity:nil
3/6     5 of the 8 Round 2 Bids for the CSUA Racquetball Tournament have already
        been clinched.  Who will get the last 3?  Those groups who have not yet
 completed round 1 play should do so ASAP!
        As always, score and schedule info can be found at:
        \_ Why not www.csua?
         \_ because he's a theodorian style lamer
         \_ There's a link from
            The reason the main files are on OCF rather CSUA is
            rather complicated.
1995/3/1 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31774 Activity:nil
3/1  Anyone have any idea what's going on with ocf's mailer since
        plague-ether refuses connections to port 25??
        \_ mail staff@ocf - oh wait...duh...mail lwall@soda then...
        \_ The OCF's mail system has problems.  It is often down for short
         periods of time - your mail will be delivered when it comes
         back up.  -alanc (one of the people on postmaster@ocf)-
           \_ Seems like when I send mail to @ocf or any of the ocf hosts,
              it bounces back within 2 secs and says mail failed and it's
              like connection refused or something.  Is there a way around
              this or does it have to go through plague?  Seems like my
              mail from last night still hasn't made it there yet.
1994/5/24 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31606 Activity:nil
5/24    A 'reasonably fast' OCF machine? Are the rumours that there is one true?
        \_ We just got a new 68040 and we're still waiting for our big IBM
         machine.  Of course mailing staff@ocf would get you more
         reliable info than soda's motd.
         \_ That is not true. There is no more reliable source
            of information than the soda motd.
1994/5/11 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31596 Activity:nil
5/9     I wanted to thank all the CSUA members that came out to support the
        CSUA and their ASUC Senators at the Business Management Board meeting
        tonight.  We made a lot of headway with the university, and we have
        secured the funds which will allow the CSUA and OCF to recieve large
        increases in their budgets for next year. --bonds
1994/5/11 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31592 Activity:nil
5/9     Is there any way to get '.fingerrc' files to work on soda?
         \_ Yes. port the ocf fingerd to soda.  Have fun!
           \_ The ocf fingerd is straight out of BSD 4.3/Net2 with load
         average checking added.  It's finger itself that's
         customized and porting it to soda is not hard
         (but does require root). -alanc-
          \_ stupid fingerd will not be install.  there
             are massive security problems.
1994/5/11 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31591 Activity:nil
5/10    From: Sam Trenholme <>
        Please get this around to as many people as possible:

        As some of you may be aware, there is a proposed strike of the ASUC
        store by people who oppose the move of Eshelman Library. It is my
        belief that this move is a positve thing, and that this strike is
        counterproductive and pointless.
        \_ It is my belief that Sam Trenholme is a twit and his opinions
           should be taken with a grain of salt.
           \_ Were you at the BMB meeting last night? Obviously not. What a
              great and useful member of the CSUA. Sam at least went to the
              TO HIM.      -- Marco
         \_ I don't necessarily support a strike, but your idea
            of patronizing the ASUC store to support the OCF/CSUA
            is ridiculous.  If people were to buy somewhere else
            and donate a small portion of the difference to
            OCF/CSUA we would get more.  I seriously doubt that
            all profits that the ASUC gets fron the store go
            directly to OCF/CSUA, so why the big push for ASUC?
            \_ Marco has political motives, that's why.
1994/4/17 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/UCLA] UID:31568 Activity:nil
4/16    Do all universities have such lousy campus computing facilities
        or is it just my luck that I chose the worst possible place in
        terms of computing resources?  EVERYTHING is always slow, crashes,
        ...   (even soda :(   )
        \_ public computing facilities or just those for EE/CS people?  If
           you are referring to the former, ever checked out ucla?
           ( or ucsd (  both of them are
           really lame... ucla is, imho, even worse than uclink -shyguy
        \_ most of my friends at other universities are jealous of our facilities.
           The problem is that the campus computing facilites  are undergoing
           SERIOUS growing pains...the number of people with accounts has
           increased 5- or 6-fold in the past year or so.  What with all the
           media hype, the "common people" are starting to get interested in
           having net access.  However, the campus facilities do seem to be
           growing almost fast enough...give them time. -boss
        \_ No, all universities don't have lousy campus computing facilities.
           Just go to the U. of Illinois for example.  I think most people
           have heard me rave about it enough already - norby
        \_ My friends at other universities are amazed with UCB's computer
           department.  It is a very good place to study anything and
           everything.  Excellent LIBRARIES and COMPUTER facilities. -ikiru
        \_ FOOLS. the answer is simple: we were all dumb asses for going
         to a state school. Anyone at a private university will laugh
         at UCB's facilities. Even some L.A. only schools. Sad. You
         are getting what you pay for.
         \_ FOOL! yourself..then how come we are paying more each
            year and the resources get more scarce every year?
           \_ I'd like to know which Cal you people go to! All I see
              are new machines (uclink and uclink2 spring to mind,
              as well as numerous labs, including the new HP lab).
              Soda is a unique environment, and I am happy we have
              it. Not many schools have a playground like we do
              (you can file the OCF under that heading, too). Sure,
              we each don't have a NeXt or SPARC (though some of us
              do), but I don't think twinks like you deserve any better
              anyhow! What whiners! As long as you can look at
              gifs of nekkid gurlz, you should be happy!
1994/3/10 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31520 Activity:insanely high
3/10    Is accounting sharing allowed on the ocf?
                \_ No, we do not share our logs with anyone else.
        From _Berkeley Computing & Communications_
        ",says Pulisci, who can be reached along with the rest of
        his staff at"
        \_ If you mailed this to staff@ocf we'd tell you that student groups
           (such as the ASUC Office of the President) can get OCF accounts
            which allow multiple members of the group to login. -alanc-
1994/1/28 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31471 Activity:nil
1/27    All you hosers who use Soda as a mail server/irc/mud multitasker
        could at least show some respect to the organization that provides
        such services by going to the meeting tonight.
        (Put at the bottom b/c they probably never read the motd.)
        \_ Why should I care about the organization?  They don't answer
           my root mail, or even provide the minimal level of support that
           the OCF does.  As for as I can tell, the CSUA should be dissolved
         \_ er, spelling error...
           and it's equipment given to OCF or UCLink.
           \_ give your account and just leave then.
           \_ Good, then get the hell off of this system so that it will
              run faster for the rest of us.
           \_ if you had read the readme which came w/ your account, you
              would know that soda is intended for people who know their
              way around UNIX and have a clue.
           \_ I would consider the help sessions a minimal level of supprort
        \_ Why should I keep using soda to compile my stuff if the damn
           C and C++ libraries are messed?!  It can't recognize half
           the stuff in the source code.  And I know that this code is
           correct since other people have gotten it to work...perhaps
           root should consider reorganizing and/or reinstalling them so
           that these things should compile like they're supposed to.
         \_ Dynix uses old pre-ANSI cc and BSD 4.2 libraries
          Root can't change what we have been given.
              \_ Compared to the OCF, soda's libraries work perfectly!
                 \_ This is not true.  But, if there's a problem, go
                    compile your stuff somewhere else.
          \_ Grab software off the net and compile it on both soda
             and the OCF - you'll have any easier time on the Apollo's
             with their ANSI-C & POSIX complinace than the ancient
             BSD 4.2 stuff soda is stuck with.
        \_ Or maybe you should be compiling your projects on machines
           meant for such things, like Cory or Ara!  That way soda
            will be faster for things that its meant for.
              \_ Like mudding.
        \_ SHEESH. lame people. understand that soda isnt something that
           is owed to you, the people who run it are doing us a service
           that they dont have to do. they are doing the best they can,
           and I think it is pretty awesome. If you dont like the services
           or need something else, GO ELSEWHERE WHERE YOUR NEEDS WILL BE
              MET, or stop bitching.
1993/9/26 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31408 Activity:nil
9/25    For the last time: It's not "Doo", "Dowwww", "Dooohhh", etc. --
        the official, Matt Groening-authorized spelling is "D'owww!"
        \-i wasn't allowed to use it in scrabble yesterday ... but we
        did agree "Ho" is a well-recognized slang word in common usage ...
        I actually got a lot of points for HO.  --psb
nine/whatever  The XCF has the CSUA bat.  Demands forthcomming.
         \_So now the XCF has started stealing CSUA equipment?
         \_Why not, they stole the UCF's bank account...
          \_ That's some pretty useless rhetoric.  Pretty
             hard to steal something from an organization
             that's been dissolved.
          \_ (I did not post any of the above.)  Nobody has
             ever produced minutes or a witness of any meeting
             dissolving the UCF.  The XCF was represented to
             university officials as the continuation of the
             UCF, but the XCF founders turned around and
             locked out the UCF membership and public access
             computing in general.  The UCF funds were
             something like $9k that the UCF got from
             selling an HP machine, "bugs."  In addition, I
             am told that the machine "onyx" disappeared
             into somebody's home.  The UCF was located in
             the spaces now occurpied by both the OCF and
             and the XCF.  The OCF now fills the function
             of the UCF, and the XCF is today a monument
             to what can be taken away from you if you are
             not vigilant of mutual admiration societies whose
             members tell each other how wonderful they are
             and how worthless and undeserving of resources
             everybody else is.  --Adam J. Richter
          \_What a lame mascot:  Who would have a baseball bat
           as their mascot.
         \_ this is sad.  Glass goes to Washington State with a Life,
            and the CSUA loses most of its institutional memory of
         \_I like breaking into places.  Let's steal it back. -John
nine/24 gopher upgraded to 2.07.  To avoid the skanky new pager use
        the 'O' screen to change your display options to less.  -alanc-
        \-somehow, i'm surprised to see the word "skanky" in alan's vocab --psb
         \_ it's definitely not one I learned during my too many years in Utah

nine-24    Whatever happened to griljor!?   - nick 'the key'
           \_ it got overrun by h0zers and shut down.
           \_ how sad.  What exactly does "overrun by h0zers" mean? -- vanb
         \-shouldn't this be part of the XCf discussion?
1993/9/26 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31399 Activity:nil
9/23    INTERMEDIATE UNIX HELP SEMINAR:  Tuesday, 9/28, 70 Evans, 7pm,
        brought to you by the CSUA, OCF, and the XCF.  This will last ~2hrs.
        This will be the same material as covered on Friday, 9/24.
1993/8/10 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31377 Activity:nil
8/10    Well, as of 7:14 am PST (7:10 Soda Time), UCLink rebooted and
        officially banned running programs other than those forcefed to us.
        Long Live Soda!!! (and the OCF?) -nevman
        \_ nothing is fullproof... gotta be a bug somewhere...
         \_ As part of the UCLINKification of soda, we'll be
            implementing a similar policy.  Projected completion
            date - September.
1993/3/17 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31233 Activity:nil
3/14    If you are having problems with your soda account, please
        email to help@soda. This is a group of soda volunteers who
        have selflessly agreed to help soda users with their UNIX
         \_ I seriously think people writing to list asking stoopid
            questions should not get accounts on soda...  They
            should stick with the OCF or UCLink until they get
            more clued...  After all, this *is* the Computer
            Science Undergraduate Association computer... --nevman
            \_ and just what does the Computer Science Undergraduate
        Association mean?  you ain't no CS major and neither
        are some of the people running this machine.
         \_ Actually Nevin, I think people who just want basic comp.
            and net services should stick to the OCF. But a clueless
            person who WANTS to learn about computers SHOULD be able
            to come to the CSUA and get HELP...  -- Marco
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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