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2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/11/14-12/18 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:54533 Activity:nil
11/14   (){ :|:& };:
        \_ (){ ? : };
        \_ brainfuck(perl(stupid)); - glad 61a is in python.
2012/1/24-2/14 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:54297 Activity:nil
1/24    "What the Top 1% of Earners Majored In"
        No EE/CS/EECS!
        \_ Yeah, you should have majored in Art History instead.
           \_ No you should have gone to Med Skool like every good asian
              parent says.
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/4/4-12 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/SW/Languages/Python] UID:52797 Activity:nil
4/3     Anyone have any ideas on where to get a MIPS parser?  I need one
        for a class project, but it's not the point of the project, so there's
        no problem with using a pre-existing library.  I haven't found one
        though.  It seems simple enough that I could just get away with
        python's split(). (Language is also irrelevant, so I was going to go
        with python or ruby, but anything is fine.)
    \_ I assume you're steven and doing this for CS150. If you do it in python
       I can help. --toulouse
        \_ I assume you're steven and doing this for CS150. If you do it in
           python I can help. --toulouse
           \_ Nope, not steven in CS150, jrleek in a UC Davis grad class.
              I hacked out a simple lexer in python on the plane back from
              Korea last night before I ran out of batteries, but I would
              like something better if you know of it.  I'll email you. -jrleek
           \_ Assuming who people are on motd is inadvisable... ;)
2009/3/17-21 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:52723 Activity:nil
        That's really lucky the camera was fossilized along with the dinosaurs
        \_ It's called an artist's illustration and it isn't exactly a new
        \_ Canon or Nikon?
           \_ The Nikon arose in the Triassic period and spread across most
              of the planet's surface; the Canon arising in the
              Cretaceous was smaller and less widespread at first, but
              its greater versatility helped it outcompete the older
2009/2/6-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:52525 Activity:low
2/5     Is CS 162 considered one of the more difficult UCB CS courses? I
        remember everyone being afraid of CS 150.
        \_ In the old days, 150 was a pain in the butt because of breadboards.
           One can easily spend 1/2 a day only to realize a wire is
           missing or popped off during transport. The fact that you gotta
           wire everything based on TTL/CMOS chips and having to go through
           cookbooks, makes it a total pain and error prone. Nowadays,
           CS150 is done mostly via Xilinx tools. You use some tool to
           wire components, then let the compiler route, then program
           your FPGA, and voila! Well, it's not THAT simple, but at least
           much more pleasant than breadboards. So, yes 150 used to be the
           project everyone feared. Nowadays, 162 is THE feared project
           as well as 164.
           as well as 164.      -TA who taught during the breadboard
                                 to new Xilinx tools transition during the
                                 mid-90s when the tools really sucked back
                                 then but has improved a lot since then.
           \_ Wow you guys are wimps these days. Esp. if you fear 164.
              Unless things have changed dramatically in the last say,
              5 years, which I doubt.
        \_ It's "more difficult" in the sense that the project is more work
           than the typical CS class. Same with 150, though projects there
           probably are even more work than 162, esp. since the groups are
        \_ 162 was a lot of work, but it seemed to flow together logically.
           It wasn't that hard, but it was time consuming.  For some people
           in my class it was pretty obvious they never "got" it, but really
           those people should have taken it as a sign that they needed a
           new major.
        \_ From my ancient experience (15 yrs ago) CS 150 was much more
           difficult than any other CS class by a LOT.
           \_ Difficult because it was TIME CONSUMING. Not as theoretically
              difficult as theory or math, for example. Who taught 150
              15 years ago?
                \_ Difficult both by the subject matter and the insane
                   amount of time you had to invest
        \_ Wow, I remember it as 160.  The projects were big, especially if
           your group bailed on you.  However, when I took the class, we used
           NACHOS, not BSD.
2009/1/10-15 [Transportation/Bicycle, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:52353 Activity:nil
1/10    I'm looking for a used hybrid/road bike for my sister. $100-150 price
        range. I'm going to take her to a couple of local shops, but is CL
        the best place to buy a bike? Any other recommedations? --abe
        \_ Can you get a decent bike for that price?
        \_ At a shop you aren't going to get a bike worth getting at
           that price.  On craigslist you can, but you will have to deal
           with a lot of idiots who think some ancient beater is worth $150.
        \_ I got a used Specialized Crossroads for $25 at a garage sale, that
           I spent another $90 on new tires and a tune-up. It works fine,
           and I ride it back and forth to work most days, but parts of
           it are pretty rusty. -ausman
2008/8/5-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/Companies/Apple, Computer/Networking] UID:50780 Activity:nil
8/4 - app available on Iphone app store..
        if the library has a wifi you can use it to create instant chat
        rooms/groups and name the group by topic (ie: CS 152 midterm)..etc
        check it out..
        \_ It's not free.
        \_ So this essentially turns your phone into an open server?  I wonder
           what the security risks are?
           \'s just a service that runs on the iPhone..
            using a different protocol other than http or even tcp
           \_ iPhone does have a pretty good app sandbox.  (More to keep
              people from jailbreaking the phones, but still...)
           \_'s just a service that runs on the iPhone..  using a
              different protocol other than http or even tcp
              \_ Um, yes.  An open server with a proprietary protocol.  That
                 *never* goes wrong.
                \_ apple tested it out and okayed it..
                   \_ Bwahahaha!
2008/6/27-30 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Reference/BayArea] UID:50395 Activity:nil
6/27    would banning guns helped or hindered this guy?
        \_ tinyurl is your friend
           \_ I did!
2008/4/27-5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:49842 Activity:low
4/27    2008 foreclosure data from LA Times. See a trend?,0,6822047.htmlstory?ZIPCODE=90401
        90401 Santa Monica:     0 foreclosure
        90266 Manhattan Beach:  1/7917 homes in foreclosure
        90263 Malibu:           1/7518 homes in foreclosure
        90275 Rancho Palos Verdes: 1/2665 homes in foreclosure
        92651 Laguna Beach:     1/2517 homes in foreclosure
        90230 Culver City:      1/2003 homes in foreclosure
        91101 Pasadena:         1/1731 homes in foreclosure
        90292 Marina del Rey:   1/1329 homes in foreclosure
        91006 Arcadia:          1/984 homes in foreclosure
        91773 San Dimas         1/688 homes in foreclosure
        91360 Thousand Oaks:    1/570 homes in foreclosure
        91303 Canoga Park:      1/438 homes in foreclosure
        93065 Simi Valley:      1/398 homes in foreclosure
        91702 Azusa:            1/377 homes in foreclosure
        91701 Rancho Cucamonga: 1/321 homes in foreclosure
        91307 West Hills:       1/268 homes in foreclosure
        92701 Santa Ana:        1/235 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        91710 Chino:            1/221 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        90220 Compton:          1/221 homes in foreclosure Gang Alert
        91350 Santa Clarita:    1/221 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        90240 Downey:           1/220 homes in foreclosure
        92501 Riverside:        1/219 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        91354 Valencia:         1/162 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92201 Indio:            1/142 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92860 Norco:            1/120 homes in foreclosure BOONEY REDNECKS
        92879 Corona:           1/106 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92534 Lancaster:        1/101 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        92562 Murrieta:         1/86 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        93550 Palmdale:         1/67 homes in foreclosure BOONEY ALERT
        \_ Dude, this is waaay too much data for the motd. Just give us
           the URL.
        \_ What's the trend?  I don't see it.
           \_ The trend is that expensive, highly desirable areas that are
              close to job centers and/or beaches have low foreclosure rates.
              Places where housing costs are a fraction have much higher
              foreclosure rates. This is fully expected and not a surprise at
           \_ Suburbs = PIECE OF SHIT
              Urban = desirable
              As oil price shoots up the roof, this will be even more
              \_ Um, no. The data above does not say that at all. Palos Verdes,
                 Malibu, and Manhattan Beach are all very much suburban.
                 \_ These suburbs are an exception to the rule. They're
                    right by oceans and are conveniently close to cities.
                    Now look at the bottom of the list. They're all in
                    the middle of nowhere and the closest civilization
                    to them are Walmarts.
2008/2/1-6 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Finance/Investment] UID:49044 Activity:kinda low
2/1     Facebook finances leaked
        Losses for 2007: $50 million
        Projected losses for 2008: $150 million
        dans, over to you
        \_ bubble 2.0
           \_ Possibly.  I've never said different.  IMO it's good to be a geek
              during a tech bubble. -dans
              during a tech bubble.  Let me amend that.  It's good to be a
              geek in a tech bubble if you're not greedy. -dans
              \_ why?
        \_ Is there a point you're trying to make?  I should note that the
           figures you link to don't indicate a loss in 2007, and referring to
           figures handed to the press on a silver platter as a leak is silly.
           \_ YHBT
2007/10/19-20 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:48384 Activity:moderate
10/19   Was the network down earlier? I couldn't check my emails on
        soda for a while.
        \_ there were some problems with the eecs network earlier this
           morning. various eecs routes were flapping at the border between
           the campus network and the eecs network. -erikk
        \_ soda email poodles network
           \_ turns out the eecs firewall took a crap on the network. let this
              be a lesson to all who tamper with the end to end model. -erikk
        \_ The network administrators are Chihuahuas
           \_ Arf! The kibble dish was empty this morning, so we decided
              to drop a few packets on the carpet until the situation was
              addressed. -erikK
              addressed. -erikk
2007/9/7-10 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:47937 Activity:nil
9/7     Head-on commercial says "Head-on, apply directly on THE forehead"
        but it is written as "Head-on, apply directly on forehead."
        This this a result of marketing to [the] FOBs?
        \_ Most FOBs don't write "This this ...".  Also, I think what you
           intended to write was not "... a result of marketing to ...", but
           "... a result of Head-on's intention to market to ...".  Maybe you
           are an FOB too?   --- FOB 18yrs ago
           \_ EECS would not be in it's current glorious state had it not
              been for the influx of FOBs and lousy TAs (with incomprehensible
              English) but do kick ass research and fundings. Case in point
              Chancellor Tien. GO BEAH!!!
              \_ Tien was the best thing to happen to UC during my time here.
                 \_ Really? When were you here?
              \_ Wasn't Tien in the Mechanical Engr. dept., not EECS?
2007/8/31-9/3 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:47842 Activity:nil
        More useless proof that Berkeley >> Stanfurd:
        stanfurd < ucla < harvard < berkeley
        \_ Better than for what?
2007/3/4-7 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:45866 Activity:nil
3/4     I have about 150 VHS tapes that I want to throw away to save space.
        Should I add these non-bio degradable and potentially toxic items
        to the landfill, or are there better ways to dispose them?
        \_ Sell them on the net.
        \_ You can remove the coating on the tape with acetone and make
           ferrofluid with it.
2007/1/3-16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:45522 Activity:nil
1/3     RIP Dean Newton (passed away 1/2)
        \_ whoa, cs150 Richard Newton? no way...
           \_ Yeah... happened very suddenly :(
              \_ where can we pay our respects?
                 \_ there is a brief eetime article as well -
                 \_ there is a brief eetimes article as well -
                    There will be a campus memorial service announced as
                    well, not sure yet what the timeframe will be.
                    well, not sure yet what the timeframe will be.  Oh,
                    also more info at:
2006/12/30-2007/1/16 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:45517 Activity:moderate
12/30   Of the current EE/CS curriculum, what percentage of it is still
        taught using *nix instead of Windows? I'm in the ASIC design
        industry and everytime we get new college grads, we have to
        spend some time teaching them some pretty basic Unix stuff.
        It's, frankly, kind of annoying when we're teaching them that
        stuff and not more important things.
        \_ For ASIC design in particular, you're screwed. 150 and 152 are both
           done solely in Winders. As for the rest of the EECS curriculum,
           there's a good percentage that's Java, 188 is moving to Python, EE20
           and all the Matlab stuff is on Winders machines, 184 is OS and
           lanugage agnostic -- only EE122 have I seen recently as being
           quote-unquote fully *NIX-oriented.
           The long or the short of it is, I made it through the lower divs
           without expanding my *NIX knowledge, and sitting inside a Winders
           box. It was the CSUA and some of my pet projects in the dorms
           (Linux-box server/NAT) that taught me anything. I think it's
           certainly possible for a good percentage of kids these days to get
           by without *actually* learning *NIX. Which is a damn shame.
           As an aside -- the side of the CSUA soda-hozers don't see, we're
           plotting for something tenatively named "Bear-bones" CS -- aka a
           crash course in the good life (Unix, shells, emacs/vi, maybe a
           little scripting) at the start of this semester --michener
           \_ chuckle
2006/9/7-12 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:44311 Activity:nil 66%like:44291
9/6     Purge, Iranian style! ( - Int'l Herald Tribune)
        \_ Sounds like he's been taking notes from David Horowitz.
        \_ Persian girls are hot.  Just check
2006/9/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:44291 Activity:nil 66%like:44311
9/6     Purge, Iranian style!
        \_ Sounds like he's been taking notes from David Horowitz.
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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