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2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/28-3/3 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:54592 Activity:nil
        Ausman, you enjoying fresh meat?
        \_ I am married these days dude, why do you ask me? Plus, I never
           have had to pay money to get young cuties to date me. -ausman
        \_ Most of the Sugar Babies on the site are not that hot.
           \_ it's Berkeley. Beggars can't be choosers.
        \_ I got myself a "test" account and started looking around. Some
           of this is pretty funny: a (well preserved) 53 year old woman
           who wanted $20k a month. There were a few cute college girls
           in the first 20 screens, but almost all of them were in The
           South. I did not see even one Berkeley girl.
2012/11/2-12/4 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:54519 Activity:nil
        Berkeley, you're STUPID!
2011/12/5-2012/1/10 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:54249 Activity:nil
12/4    Squick (NSFW)
        \_ That's sick.
2011/7/6-21 [Transportation/Bicycle, Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:54139 Activity:nil
7/6     RIDE BIKE!  (NSFW)
2011/2/1-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:54023 Activity:nil
2/1     I bet you'd get a groundswell of new members if csua ran a private
        WoW server
        \_ I rather like the peace and quiet nowadays.
        \_ Isn't the office rather popular these days?
           \_ Best 24/7 LAN gaming party place ever.
              \_ The height of computer science!
           \_ think of all the new users you can claim to have when you set up
              a private wow server, then you can send in that list to the asuc
              for even more funding monies.
        \_ They run newer games, grandpa.
           \_ Blasphemy.
           \_ WOW is the STANDARD. STANDARD premier online game.
2010/7/26-8/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53899 Activity:low
7/25    Some bank now lets you photo a check for a deposit with your
        phone.  What do you guys think?
        \_ It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
        \_ It's USAA and it's awesome. They trust their customers, and no,
           you can't join.
           \_ Looks like a Chase ad to me?
           \_ Wouldn't want to.  Sounds like a headline waiting to happen.
              \_ How can you search for banks that actually keep their
                 online presence to a minimum?  Trying to find one that  is
                 extremely conservative when it comes to online crap.
                 \_ Why?
                    \_ No interest in that lifestyle.
                       \_ Using computers is a "lifestyle?" Log off the CSUA
                          then pervert!
                          \_ I have no interest in the smartphone religion
                             please don't proselytize it.
                             \_ Thou shalt ssh to soda from your droid or
                                Burn in Everlasting Hellfire!
           \_ I will laugh hard when they announce your bank is getting rid
              of ATMs because "our users can just use their cell phones!"
              \_ not gonna happen until cell phones can print cash.
                 \_ Cash? Only Terrorists and the people who support
                    terror industries use untraceable funds. :-P
                 \_ What is this cash thing?  Some archaic system?
                    -- NTT DoCoMo Micropayments User
2009/12/26-2010/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53605 Activity:kinda low
12/26   Mail is being retired, but will mail still be forwarded if we have
        a .forward? Also, _why_ is mail being retired?
        \_ one more yreason i only hire stanford grads from now on
           \_ Like you have any real hiring decision power.
        \_ don't recall seeing a discussion on this.  it would be nice if mail
           service remains.
        \_ How can we contact root or the Politburo if the mail service is
           \_ Twitter
        \_ s/read-only/forward-only/ - and it's being done because of the lack
           of will to maintain mail on our servers or something
        \_ This was decided by the previous Politburo iirc. Same VP, but
           different pretty much everyone else. Since it wasn't really
           announced, and Politburo has gone into hibernation for the winter,
           they'll figure out what they want to do with mail later. I take issue
           with the fact that the previous politburo brought this up and decided
           on this within a single Politburo session, avoiding an open
           they'll figure out what they want to do with mail later. I take
           issue with the fact that the previous politburo brought this up and
           decided on this within a single Politburo session, avoiding an open
           discussion on the matter (at least, looping in root, instead of just
           Politburo, if not looping in Ah, well.
           Anyway, if you think your opinion should be heard, you know where to
           e-mail. --toulouse
           \_ Good for you. Cloud mail is the future. Sysadm is not
              about doing what has been done, but what needs to be done.
              It is also about ignoring whining old farts so that you
              can jump on the wagon. Any plans to shut down
              machines completely? Do you guys plan to use a HTML page
              creator for the main site?
              \_ There is teaching value in running a mail server. Some of the
                 students may end up running one of those clouds some day.
                 I would not be opposed to running soda.csua as a virtual
                 machine, however. BTW, all user files are owned by 'nobody' at
                 the moment.
                 \_ please keep csua physical and mail running. csua shouldn't
                    become a lab of the bleeding edge.  that's for a project
                    funded with $$$.  woundn't mind it becomes a museum of
                    legacy stuff like motd, wall, and unix though
                    \_ the constraint is the nettaps, they are repeated costs
                       and the dept is seeing the csua more and more as
                \_ Virtually (heh) all our machines have been virtual for some
                   time now. Also, the owning issues was some combination of
                   LDAP and NFS fucking up. Back to the issue of
                   virtualization, we basically have precious little space in
                   the server room, and some failing machines. Yes, this means
                   that one beefy computer is shouldering pretty much all of the
                   burden of the CSUA, albeit in such a way that if we can ever
                   manage to procure another server (it was ~$4k iirc, nothing
                   to sneeze at) capable of running whatever VMWare's baremetal
                   thing is called now, we can migrate machines over (and if we
                   can get the fancy stuff, use VMotion). Not sure where I'm
                   going with this message so I'll stop here. --toulouse
                   \ So the following is a lie?
                        Welcome to Soda Mark VIII, a 4-way Xeon 2.5GHz
                     \_ Well, it does have 4 cores dedicated to it, each
                        at 2.5GHz >:)  --steven

                            7~Z       @?=ND:7,
                          :$               DD,D:
                        :?                    O,N
                       D8                      D88
                      7~                        ND@
                     7D                          NDZ
                     :8                          Z8@@
                    N@        Welcome Sodan.     $D@@
                    NN        There are 1065     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1062     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1061     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1060     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1057     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1050     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1046     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1045     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1044     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1037     N+=?
                    DD        days remaining.    7+$@
                    N?D                          ?,@@
                     IN                          I@@
                     N+,                        :N@N
                      D+~                      ==@:
                       O=7                    ::@:
                        8N==                +$@@N
                          O Z8:          :7~@@I
                            D O+:~=:O8ZZN@@@=
2009/9/7-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53340 Activity:moderate
9/6 A professor is trying to take 337 Soda from us. He sent us an
    email at 6 on Friday before the 3-day weekend. Apparently it's
    almost final and we _JUST_ got notified. >:(
    \_ I can donate $100. Will that help?
       \_ It will help the CSUA, but it will not help the room situation.
          \_ What if I donate $100 to the professor?
             \_ Gee, how ethical. That's sure to convince him of our integrity!
                \_ Integrity can be bought.     -Republican Party
                \_ Money sometimes oils the wheels of justice.
    \_ Who is it? Let's email him/her/it.
          \_ Professor Sequin
       \_ That would be a bad idea. He doesn't like the CSUA and he has the
          power to do it, so I don't think alumni could help by talking nicely.
          \_ We could email the alumni association and tell them that the
             main reason we give to the school is because of the CSUA. Are
             you going to get another office? -ausman
             \_ Yes. It will be 80% the size of our old office, and < 50%
                of our current office. Calculations say that it will be a fire
                hazard given our level of membership. It's keypadded so it may
                mean we can't have an open door. It has a toilet that the
                janitorial staff does not clean, and no door to Soda proper.
                It's the former help desk 'not a help desk' room. 337 will
                become an administrative office for two people.
                \_ That's the old XCF office. What happened to 343?
                   \_ It'll still be ours, but the question of whether it
                      can be reverted to the CSUA office is in the air. In
                      the case we can't, we'll probably still have to supervise
                      it, from across the building. Fucking astounding.
                          \_ The old XCF office is probably a lot more
                             reasonable for what the CSUA does these days.
                             \_ I disagree. What do you think the CSUA does
                                these days?
                                \_ Play video games?
2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/6/1-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53066 Activity:moderate
5/31    Is there anything grammatically incorrect with "Thank you so much"?
        I always thought "so" is accompanied by "that". Then again,
        my grammar sucks.
        \_ Only a complete asshole would grammatically nitpick that
           phrase if it were said to them sincerely.
        \_ I am so tired of grammar Nazis.
        \_ On a related not, I hate people who say this line all the time.  To
           me, this line shoule be reserved to moments when one greatly
           appreciates what the other has done, and it should be said from the
           heart.  People (like my wife) who say this several times a day are
           just depreciating this line to the level of "Thanks man."
           \_ Thank you so much for saying this, I also hate this but
              that's because it's grammatically incorrect and it drives
              me NUTS to hear other people say it.
           \_ This is cool!!!  Gotta show this to my wife.  Now, would I lock
              myself out of career advancement if I hang this up outside my
              cubicle?  I'm SW engineer.
              \_ Only because it has that smell of 1998 all over it.
              \_ I miss .  "hey thanks, I really appreciate it"
              \_ Probably not. Making fun of sales is a time honored
                 engineering past time. But it is kind of snarky.
           \_ Why is such behavior called "overprofessionalism"?  It has
              nothing to do with how versatile one is with one's profession.
              I'd rather call it "hypocrisy".
              \_ Nothing hypocritical about it. I call it "manners". However,
                 you will realize why it is called "overprofessionalism"
                 when you realize what having "a professional attitude" is.
                \_ yes, overprofessionalism is where manners begin and spiral
                   out of control...
              \_ being oblivious is not a virtue!
        \_ Troll on you BEARS. 1st and 10 troll it again, go Bears!
        \_ Why do you think that is gramamatically incorrect? It isn't.
2009/4/29-5/5 [Politics, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:52921 Activity:low
4/28    Recent email on the CSUA mailing list reminded me of The Dead Alewives:
        \_ Are there any girls there? Are there any girls there?
           \_ Because if there are, I want to *do* them.
        \_ note to anyone over age 13: this video is a waste of time.
           \_ Your lack of humor/empathy/nostalgia speaks volumes.
              \_ it's not the subject matter; it's poorly executed and
                 simply not funny.
           \_ Maybe you have to be <14 or >24 to appreciate this?
2009/3/18-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:52726 Activity:nil
3/18    I haven't been to Berkeley for a few years.  Are there still a Tower
        Video store at 2598 Telegraph Ave, and a Blockbuster Video at 2352
        Shattuck Ave?  I'm wondering if my rental cards are still useful.  Thx.
        \_ There hasn't been any Towers anywhere in quite some time.  The
           Blockbuster at Shattuck and Channing still exists, but are you
           ever going to go there?
           \_ what a weird question.  I bet this guy is a time traveller!
                fucking with our timeline! !!   Get him1!!
              \_ Where is this "Berkeley" you speak of? Do you mean the
                 Stanford Satellite Campus?
                 \_ shut up paolo
2009/1/7-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:52337 Activity:nil
1/7     This was becoming a bit like message of the month instead of motd.
        *nuke rediculously old shit*
2008/10/21-22 [Recreation/Pets, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:51607 Activity:nil
2008/9/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:51029 Activity:nil
9/3     why do you hate Mormon troll, hugh downs, and enormous breasts?
2008/8/7 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50814 Activity:nil
8/7     nsfw fist-to-shoulder
2008/7/21-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50650 Activity:nil
7/21    motd boob guy do i have a video for you
        \_ How does her shirt withstand the strain?
           \_ jesus christ
           \_ It's got a special adamantium-based weave.
2008/7/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50552 Activity:nil 60%like:50532 80%like:50550 80%like:50551
7/12    motd boob guy, are these real?
2008/7/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50551 Activity:nil 80%like:50552
7/12    motd boob guy, are these real?
2008/7/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50550 Activity:nil 60%like:50532 80%like:50552
7/12    motd boob guy, are these real?
2008/7/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50532 Activity:nil 60%like:50550 60%like:50552
7/10    motd boob guy do i have a link for you
        \_ best wii ad ever.  NSFW
2008/7/9-11 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50503 Activity:low
7/9     Hot!  What's the name of this actress / porn star (not sure which)?
        Thanks a lot!!! (NSFW)
        \_ Dunno, but she's gross. Are you boob guy?
           \_ Asian = gross. Jackie Johnson #1!!!
              \_ There are hot Asians. She's not one of them.
           \_ I'm not *the* MOTD Boob Guy, but I'm a boob guy.
2008/6/30-7/14 [Transportation/Car, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50420 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
7/1     So I'm in NYC now and I've been walking or taking a cab. I wish I
        hadn't returned my rental car, because driving here was so easy
        (I drove the first day), especially compared to Boston. Streets are
        laid out in a grid and traffic isn't so bad. I won't use mass transit
        at all here. I am rethinking my take on mass transit. Before I thought
        it only worked in dense cities. Now I don't think it's really needed
        anywhere. BTW, in Boston I had the experience of being kicked off
        the T for not having a ticket, but the station I was at didn't
        sell tickets. Talk about Catch 22. That was the Fine Arts station,
        which tourists like me presumably use. Mass transit is so user
        friendly and easy to use.
        \_ Now you are just trolling.
        \_ You win the high on crack award.
        \_ I think you're just plain stupid. "Now I don't think it's really
           needed anywhere." - Traffic in NYC is bad enough with the number
           of people that drive right now. If NYC didn't have mass transit
           it'd be ten times worse.
           \_ And more so in Tokyo and Hong Kong.  -- !OP
           \_ Or maybe there wouldn't be so many people crammed together
              and they'd be happier for it. The worst problem with driving
              in NYC is the cost of parking. I really do wish I had kept
              my rental car, though. My independence is limited without it
              and everyone talks about scary NYC driving but that's a myth
              perpetuated by, presumably, tourists who live in small towns.
              \_ Yeah everyone who lives in cities would be happier if they
                 just spread out, we understand your (bizarre) worldview.
                 It is actually quite doable to drive in NYC, I have done
                 it as well, but after a while you realize that you are
                 annoying all the cabbies. The only reason you can get
                 away with driving in lower manhatten is because almost
                 everyone on the road is a professional driver and they
                 make allowances for you. Just don't hit a bicyclist.
2008/6/28-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50407 Activity:nil
6/27    motd boob guy do i have a video for you
2008/6/19-23 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50306 Activity:nil
6/19    worst thing ever.  smurf sex.  NSFW etc.
        \_ I watched all of that now I have permanent brain damage.  thx a lot
           \_ I hope you watched it with your sound on.
           \_ you were warned.  -!op
2008/6/19-24 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50303 Activity:nil
6/20    ZombieTime has a little bit on the tree-sit removal.
        \_ Its about fucking time man.  This tree camping thing has gone way
           too long.  Also, they have gone from political statement to
           public nuisance.  You don't need to hit police officers with your
           shit in order to make a political statement.
2008/6/13 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:50248 Activity:nil
6/13    NSFW: best Wii ad ever
        \_ She can do my wii......lly.
        \_ 32G natural, hot!
2008/6/3-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50141 Activity:nil
6/3     German motd boob guy, do I have a video for you
        \_ Speaking of which what happened to German John and his fan?
        \_ she isn't even German. Its a german show about a English chick.
2008/5/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49981 Activity:moderate
5/15    Cute underaged girls who looks like someone in anime. You'll appreciate
        this if you're into anime. Otherwise, you're probably think this is
        stupid. Bad teeth, big eyes, good Japanese. Yay!        -Asianphile
        \_ Dude, no one wants to see this stupid video. No one on YouTube
           likes it and it has been deleted from MOTD repeatedly (not just
           \_ no one? the rating's pretty high. YOU don't like it, fine,
              but don't speak for others, fucking dimwit
              \_ Read the comments and the first video got 2 stars out of 5.
                 \_ what about the rest? and all the other videos she has?
                    what is the average? ANSWER ME.
           by me). The video sucks by any definition. Why is this crappy
           video of a bland, unattractive girl doing nothing of note of
           interest to anyone? --dim
           interest to anyone? Post the one where she takes her top off
           \_ look, i don't like jackie johnson. you are the most narrow
              minded piece of crap i've ever met. fuck off
              \_ If I spam MOTD with youtube videos of JJ then feel
                 free to delete. You sure are defensive.
           or something. --dim
           \_ to each his own. Fuck off dim.
              \_ Yes, let's just post all of our favorite 25 youtube links
                 to MOTD. What are you trying to accomplish here? You say
                 yourself that people will probably think it's stupid. It is.
        \_ Why are her eyes so big?
        \_ I see motd boob guy had a kid named motd weirdo asian fetish
           I never thought of before guy.
2008/5/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49955 Activity:nil
5/15    Here's a thread for big boob guy:
            \_ she used to be a lot smaller.
               all that Mormon tea really packs on the pounds.
               \_ Amazing this is same girl:
                  after mission:
                          \_ Jesus christ.  I thought Mormons think eating
                                    50 cheeseburgers per day is a sin.
                  please, keep eating!
        \_ Elaine Smith is hot.
            \_ she used to be a lot smaller.
               \_ Amazing this is same girl:
                  before: http://
                  after: http://
2008/4/27-5/4 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49843 Activity:low
4/27    hey motd boob guy, have a i got a video for you:
        \_ well breast milk contains a lot of good stuff that makes
           people strong. I mean, there's been a lot of link between
           stopping breast milk too early and childhood allergies,
           diseases, bone marrow, etc. Basically breastfeeding allows
           children to assimilate antigens and "learn" what is good/bad
           and how to fight diseases. Kudos for breastfeeding till you're
           a teen. Maybe this is the medical breakthrough we've been
           waiting for.
           \_ Er, d'you really wanna suck YERMOM's titties thru your
              teen years?  I mean, ick.
              \_ Socially taboo != medical science. Let science do its
                 job, then judge later.
              \_ There is another way this could work: lactating women
                 could allow people other than their children to feed.
                 Perhaps this could become a new social standard: "Ma'am
                 I am feeling a bit peaked, mind if I suckle your breasts"
                 "Why certainly, sir, latch on as long as you like!"
                 "Why certainly, sir, have as much as you like!"
                 \_ Women might go for this--it turns out it's a great
                    way for women to drop weight.  It's a pure calorie
              (All about Islamic breast feeding & related fatwa)
           \_ I think breastfeeding into early childhood is fine, but
              breastfeeding as the only source of food is not.  After one year
              of childbirth, the breast milk gets pretty waterly.  It might
              still contain abundant antibodies, but it certainly doesn't
              contain enough nutrients for body growth.
           \_ I wonder what bad effect there is to the person's sex life later
              if one is breastfed past toddler age.
              \_ Why don't you ask motd boob guy?
2008/4/18-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49781 Activity:nil
4/17    Did Obama flip off Hillary at 0:20?
        \_ do you really need to ask that?
        \_ What else would expect from a Stalinist?
        \_ What else would you expect from a Stalinist?
           \_ Troll harder, troll-san.
              \_ One troll deserves another.
              \_ One good troll deserves another.
2008/3/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49603 Activity:nil
3/28    motd nuked!!!!
2008/2/25-26 [Consumer/Camera, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49230 Activity:low
2/24    Who is hotter, Amy Murphy or Jackie Johnson?
        \_ Jackie Johnson.  But Lisa Guerrero is hotter than both.
           \_ Who are these people?  That photo can't be real.
              photo is NSFW btw. - motd boob guy.
              \_ Weather forecast girls.
              \_ The photo is real, the boobs aren't.
           \_ Lisa *was* hotter, but I saw her recently and while she's
              an attractive woman shes 43 and cannot compete with a young
              hottie (29) like Jackie Johnson.
              \_ If Jackie's 29, she'll sure to fatten up considerably
                 when she reaches 40, since she's already pretty full.
                 \_ So?
2008/2/15-18 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49154 Activity:kinda low
2/15    Pictures from the Berkeley Marine protest:
        \_ Isn't this the same guy that told us that all San Franciscans
           are terrorists?
           \_ URL?
           \_ San Francisco style terrorism is not MAINSTREAM
           \_ I don't know, does it matter?
              \_ Yeah, it matters. I don't watch Ann Coulter for similar
                 reasons. But I guess I can just look at the pictures and
                 ignore his idiotic commentary.
                 \_ Pictures are pictures unless you think he photoshopped
                    extra missile trails and smoke in there or placed a
                    teddy bear on top of the rubble before taking the photo.
                    \_ Or you could do some BS trick with camera like this:
                       Scroll down to the third and fourth photos
                       \_ What trick?  It's a naked dude and ZT put their
                          typical 'quote' on it.  Are you saying the pic is
                          a fake?  Maybe I was fooled by this trick.  Please
                          help me out.
                       \_ Considering that "trick" wouldn't fool anyone...
                          I think zombie was just trying to get them both
                          in the same frame at a good angle.
2008/2/5-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49073 Activity:high
2/4     I've warned you guys before, and I'll warn again:
        GLOBAL RECESSION IS HERE.                       -recession swami
        \_ Uhm ok, let's assume we're in a global recession.  You seem to think
           this is a good thing.  Why?
           \_ why do you think I think this is a good thing? big boom,
              big bust, it's been like that for decades.
              \_ because you 'seemed' gloaty about it.  if you say you're not
                 then you're not.  i'm not trying to put words in your mouth.
                 \_ ob i've got something for your mouth
                 \_ he seemed gloaty about prediction ability, not the fact
                 \_ he seems gloaty about prediction ability, not the fact
                    that it may happen.  this seems pretty clear to me.
              \_ Yes, big bust historically is a good thing.
              \_ Of course big bust is a good thing!  -- motd boob guy #2
                 \_ above link NSFW, if the hint about 'big bust' wasnt enough
                 \_ Agreed. Slow growth is good. Tampering with the
                    interest rate to moderate/encourage growth-- dumb.
        \_ Probably not. The rest of the world will keep perking along, even
           if the US falls into a recession.
2008/2/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49067 Activity:nil 72%like:49038
2/4     motd boob guy here.  back from vac.
2008/1/31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49038 Activity:nil 72%like:49067
1/30    motd boob guy.  IM BACK
2008/1/29-2/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49030 Activity:nil
1/29    Can politburo keep it together and make sure Soda is up?
        I can't troll dans 24/7.
        \_ how about getting a life? dans (claims to) get laid all
           the time, how about you?
2008/1/14-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48946 Activity:nil 51%like:48949
1/14    Serious Troll question:
        Most goats view Trolls as an evil cult at worst and a laughingstock at
        best. They do not consider them Goats in any way and assume all
        Trolls are going to hell. How do Trolls perceive Goats and Sheep?
        \_ Food.
2007/12/15-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48812 Activity:nil
12/15   Does soda actually support IMAP now? (No, this is not a troll;
        yes, if I have to ask, I don't know. I don't. I'm cool with
        that.) Shell access is a fine thing, but at work I'd rather have
        Alpine aggregate my mail. Thanks.
        \_ Yes.  The IMAP server is <DEAD><DEAD>, though, and you
           have to use SSL.  Let me know if it doesn't work for you.  --mconst
2007/11/26-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48689 Activity:high
11/25   HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION:  Pretend I live in Berkeley and have
        several roommates.  One roommate, we'll call her Danielle,
        thinks another roommate, we'll call him Umberto, is smoking
        pot in his room.  She calls the Berkeley PD and asks for advice.
        The Berkeley PD says they'll stop by on Monday and search
        Umberto's room.  Danielle says, well gosh golly, I thought
        pot law enforcement was a low priority in Berkeley!  The
        Berkeley PD say no ma'am, we still enforce The Law, I am shocked
        you would think such a thing, we'll be over in the morning to
        search this miscreant Umberto's room.  Their long suffering
        other roommate, "George", I mean me, doesn't want the po-po
        anywhere near the house, because he remembers when a certain
        Sodan got raided by the Berkeley PD and they snatched all of
        his computers as evidence.  "George" also thinks the landlords would
        not appreciate the cops running around their house. So when the
        cops show up and Danielle says "Why come on in good sirs,
        Umberto resides upstairs!" and I I mean "George" says
        COME BACK WITH A WARRANT, who do the police obey?  thanks.
        \_ Who's Britney and what happened to Danielle?  Are you on something?
        \_ Danielle, or any legal resident who invites them in.
           \_ what if Umberto locks his bedroom door?  Do the "police"
              "break the door in"?
              \_ IANAL, and my friend is not a cop (anymore), but it is my
                 understanding that the officers would have PC to search the
                 "common areas" but not a room with a shut door, nor your
                 PC even if in plain view if the alleged crime was smoking
                 pot. Close the door to your room, just in case.
           \_ Hello. you may wish to read Georgia v. Randolph, 126 S.Ct.
              1515 (2006):
              Under Randolph, consent to a warrantless search given by one
              occupant is invalid if another physically present occupant
              refuses to give consent.
              So, if D says "come in" and G says "get a warrant," the BPD
              probably could not conduct a constitutionally valid search
              w/o obtaining a warrant because G, an occupant, was physically
              present and refused to give consent. [if you are really faced
              w/ this situation, do not rely on the above, please consult
              an actual attorney]
              \_ !!! Well-spotted! G, this is yet another great reason to
                 consult a lawyer if this becomes an issue.
              \_ That's interesting and new.  I know prior to that, if one
                 occupant gave consent, that was all that was required.
                 \_ This is not correct. Prior to Randolph, only some
                    states held consent of one occupant was sufficient.
                    \_ I live in CA.  The OP lives in CA.  Other states can
                       have whatever barbaric laws they like.
        \_ Seems like Umberto could just remove the pot!
           \_ He did.  I don't think I can call the "berkeley PD" and say
              oh so sorry, the pot is gone, no need for you to raid my
              home, ok tnx.
                \_ You said "ok tnx" but you are not psb.
        \_ Is "Danielle" hot?
           \_ shut up, motd boob guy
              \_ So she has nice boobs?
                 \_ who are you?  i'm gonna get you.
                    \_ Why? Is she your gf or something?
        \_ oh hey when the "berkeley PD" is here, can i ask them to search
           "Danielle"'s room?  - "George"
        \_ Berkeley police tend to be pretty good about civil liberties,
           especially if you are a student.  Close your door, be around when
           the police show up, and kick Danielle out as soon as possible.
           \_ I dunno, I'd kick the jerk out who's stinking up the house with
              with pot smoke.
              \_ And lose a connection? Do you know what pot is selling for
                 these days?
2007/10/31-11/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48496 Activity:nil
10/31   I've seen this picture of Hillary several times.  What was the context
        of the picture?
           \_ Isn't this supposed to be no troll day? Bad troll, no donut.
        \_ Why don't you ask your friends on LGF and The Free Republic, where
           you saw this? Hey, isn't this supposed to be no troll day? Bad troll,
           no donut.
        \_ Isn't this supposed to be no troll day? Bad troll, no donut.
           \_ This isn't a troll.  Seriously, everyone takes bad pictures, and
              this one just comes up when people criticize her.  I just want to
              know what speech or event it comes from. -op
           \_ Scary.  You should print that out and make a mask of it and go
              around scarnig people.
2007/10/18-20 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48369 Activity:kinda low
10/18   has a new all powerful motd troll emerged from the primordial
        ooze?  All hail not believing in the advancement of the internet guy!
        \_ huh?
        \_ Probably just an old troll, back from the dead, Frankenstien-like.
        \_ All hail 'make shit up op troll guy'!
        \_ He believes in the power of the german shepherd!
2007/10/3-5 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48228 Activity:nil
10/3    Blowjob Commercial.  (NSFW)
2007/9/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48063 Activity:nil 66%like:48062
9/14    How does she do this? (NSFW)
        \_ She reminds me of the Fat Man bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki.
           Incidentally, see the ASCII art below.

                           _/_,---(       ,    )
                          /        <      /   )  \
                         |  (   / :: \ / :  \     |
                          \/ ::::::: :: \ :::) :: /
                          (_(::::\::( ::::>::::::\)
                           \\_(:_:<:::>_>'::::/ //
          - ------===;;;'====------------------===;;;===----- -  -
                                   ` ^'"`-' "
                         __   __ ,Z/V7V|HIH\\..  _  _
                __/~\___/  \_/  \XX/~~\##/~~\\\_/ \/ \__/~~\_/\_
    Motd nuked, for great justice.
    It was the only way to be sure.
2007/9/12 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48032 Activity:nil
9/12    why do you hate my friend's former 32DDD breasts?
2007/9/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48017 Activity:kinda low
9/11    remember when politburo got rid of the motd after 9/11 because
        someone's dumb girlfriend thought someone said mean things?
        those were the days.
        \_ Yes, and it was the right thing to do.
           \_ I remember when Berkeley stood up for Free Speech.
              \_ The CSUA != Berkeley != UC Berkeley != FSM.
                 \_ The CSUA is not part of UC Berkeley? Could have
                    fooled me...
                    \_ Also, Berkeley would likely not exist at all if the
                       University wasn't here.
                    \_ You seem to misunderstand the meaning of equality.
                       And, if you want to nitpick, the CSUA is an ASUC
                       sponsored student group, and the ASUC is independent of
                       UC Berkeley.
           \_ Yeah, it's always the right thing to do to make sure that the
              unethical CSUA President continues to get laid.  That's way more
              important than the CSUA community.  -tom
              \_ From my memory the things that were being said were close
                 enough to racist hate speach (if not were racist hate speach)
                 that had things escelated to the right people the csua
                 could have had a serious disaster on it's hands.  On the
                 level of no more csua.  For sure no more csua office.
                 A few weeks timeout for everyone didn't hurt anyone.
                 \_ Oh and the rest of the trash posted here the rest of the
                    year wouldn't be a problem?  Uh huh....  -!tom
                 \_ Berkeley's hate speech provisions were struck down
                    as being overly broad limits on freedom of speech. I
                    don't think that the CSUA would have been in any kind
                    of trouble whatsoever, even if people had complained,
                    but I understand your concern.
                 \_ That's horse crap; it's like saying that CalMail would
                    be taken down because people sent hate mail through it.
                    The very most that would happen is that someone would
                    tell the CSUA to delete the comments.  -tom
        \_ Can someone explain what sort of mean things were said?  I was
           on motd-vacation at the time or something and never found out.
           \_ There was one troll who posted some anti-Arab, anti-Muslim
              stuff, raw stuff along the lines of nuke/kill them all etc.
              Those posts had contrary replies, of course (since when do
              trolls fail on the motd?). It's an unmoderated anonymous forum.
              I don't believe there was any real legal issue. In fact,
              treating it that way sort of implies that the CSUA really is
              responsible for what someone posts in here.
              \_ CSUA gets university money and valuble space.  Guess what,
                 clubs have been shut down for stuff like that pretty damn
                 fast.  If some sports team had a real old school cork board
                 that started getting racist screeds on the level of "Kill
                 all the sand-niggers" (it really was that bad people)
                 how long do you think it would take before Cal clamped down
                 HARD?  Seriously.  I think the eventual fallout was that
                 the default login didn't see motd.public on login.  See,
                 a solution was found.
                 \_ Could you give a relevant example of a club that was
                    shut down?  -tom
                 \_ I don't know, what downclamping do you think would happen?
                    Anyone could just remove the screeds. The motd
                    wasn't really shut down anyway, people posted in
                    some other file for a while. I have no problem with
                    not showing motd.public on login. But it could always
                    have been disabled. Nobody was forced to read it.
                    If someone posted a racist screed on a lamppost in
                    SF, and I got offended, can I sue SF?
                    \_ Who said anything about lawsuits? -dans
2007/8/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47804 Activity:nil
8/29    motd censor-censor, I will defeat you!
2007/8/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47668 Activity:high
8/20    Go fuck yourself emarkp. Feel free to censor this.
        \_ ??? -emarkp
           \_ "???" ? You didn't censor my messages?
              \_ I have no idea who you are or what your messages were. -emarkp
        \_ Hey, it's paranoid nutcase guy again!
        \_ Wait, the above is still here, but emarkp's post is gone.  Is
           emarkp now censoring his own posts?
           \_ Apparently, according to this anonymous troll, all edits are
              mine. Hey troll, I leave my editor running all the time, so the
              various scripts to ID motd editors commonly report me as a false
              positive.  Go back to your cage. -emarkp
              \_ Ok fine. If you didn't delete my posts, WHO DID?    -op
                 \_ I don't know Mr. Anonymous Troll.  You haven't even said
                    which post was yours. -emarkp
2007/8/18-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:47647 Activity:moderate
8/17    best flickr collection ever
        \_ Welcome back MOTD Boob Guy!
        \_ "You must be signed in to see this content from batawataneeki."
           \_ You need a flickr(yahoo) account.  big deal.
              \_ actually the bugmenot account I used had better stuff in its
                 friends/faves/groups than this guy.
2007/8/8-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47561 Activity:nil
8/7     The perfect gift for motd boob guy!  (Safe for work)
        \_ During:
2007/7/31-8/3 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47483 Activity:nil 80%like:47481
7/31    wow. NSFW
        \_ oops. sorry.  NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
           \_ heh, I "lynx -dump"ed it to find that out
2007/7/23-26 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47377 Activity:nil
7/21    NSFW
        \_ Makes me horny.
2007/7/9-11 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47236 Activity:nil
7/9     motd boob guy and motd stem cell research guy and emarkp,
        your prayers have been answered
        \_ Don't forget women who've gone through a mastectomy.  If it can be
           used in those cases, it'd be a tremendous breakthrough for many
           women.  Oh, and nice troll there. -emarkp
           \_ np
2007/6/29-7/2 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47121 Activity:low
6/29    NSFW Is that picture what I think it is???
        NSFW <DEAD><DEAD>
        NSFW Can someone who reads Spanish care to translate please?
        \_ I don't think thisis Spanish, it is something kind of close but not
        \_ This is not Spanish, it is something kind of close but not
           quite. Catalan?
           \_ Catalan.  Llobregat gives it away.  -John
              \_ Thanks.  Learned something new everyday.  -- OP
2007/6/26-28 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47073 Activity:nil
        "The body of the mummy now in KV 60 with its huge breasts ......"
        \_ Dammit i killed motd boob guy
           \_ that or motd boob guy is moving into necro fetish too.
2007/6/14-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46952 Activity:nil
6/14    this is AMAZING
        \_ Keywords: worm, ass, NSFW
           And no, I didn't watch it. I figured it out from the comments.
           \_ Great, so motd boob guy is now motd butt worm guy?
              \_ I'd rather have motd boob guy around instead of
                 motd butt worm guy.  how about you?
2007/6/14-16 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46951 Activity:nil 66%like:46934
6/14    I figured out where motd boob guy went
        \_ I, for one, fully support American effort to remove any chance of
           feelings of embarassment in our children.  We must shelter them from
           reality until they are at least 26!
           \_ Paris Hilton is 26.  Clearly your plan hasn't worked.  Let's
              push that back to 30 and revisit in 4 years.
              \_ *shudder* I can now see Paris Hilton relating to the age of
                 sheltering much as Mickey Mouse relates to length of copy-
                 \_ So you figure 75+ years after her death is a good number?
        \_ Must be all that hormone in the cow milk we drink.
2007/6/13-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Recreation/Dating] UID:46934 Activity:nil 66%like:46951
6/13    motd boob guy RIP
        \_ He died???
           \_ Yeah, dead.  His fantasy of doing some chick with huge
              boobs came true, but she fell asleep on top of him with
              her boobs on either side of his face and he smothered.
2007/5/11-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46595 Activity:nil
        I just found out trollers have their own category on the categorizer.
        How do I get my own category? I want to be immortalized.
        \_ You *are* The Troll.
2007/4/17 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46340 Activity:nil
4/17    NSFW
        \_ Yucks.
2007/4/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46302 Activity:kinda low
4/13    motd boob guy back from break - ok tnx.
        \_ Fetishes always end in tears.
2007/4/13-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:46286 Activity:nil
4/12    Thank you for fixing log rotation and thinking about not
        blocking pings to soda.  I apologize for inferring
        whoever is running Soda these days is a knappy headed fucking Asperger's
        Syndrome autistic retard. - !tom
        \_ The person fixing log rotation is an alum volunteer and the csua
           politburo almost certainly had nothing to do with this.
2007/4/11-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46259 Activity:moderate
4/11    1 - blocking pings to Soda is stupid and
        2 - anyone ever going to rotate the wall_log?
        \_ Ok, the wall logs should be rotating now.  Sorry about that.
           (I'm guessing the ping blocking was a mistake; I'll unblock
           them as soon as I make sure.)  --mconst
        \_ It's safe to say that the current management is showing no
           interest in running the CSUA.  There's still no information
           about the organization on the web page, and no one is doing
           anything about the computing resources.  Isnt there an ASUC
           regulation that organizations must have and publicize two
           general meetings a semester?  When is the CSUA's?  -tom
           \_ in order to save the CSUA, it must be destroyed.
              \_ it just needs a small number of students who care enough
                 to put in a small amount of effort.  maybe the csua is an
                 out dated and unnecessary org?
           \_ Clearly it's not being run the way you want it to be so it must
              be falling apart.  Have you even set foot in 343 Soda in the
              last six months?  How about in the last six years? -dans
              \_ dans: you're stupid. tom graduated from the pre-Soda
                 era, like the late 80s. Try 260 Evans.
                 \_ The CSUA office was 238 Evans, not 260.  260 was the doosh
                    room.  I was outgoing VP when we were moving to soda hall
                    (I think smurf was incoming).  -tom
                 \_ I'm well aware of this fact.  In fact, it's at the heart
                    of my point: Given that tom graduated over a decade ago,
                    how is he supposed to be in tune with modern-day
                    undergrads?  I posit that, since he works on campus, he
                    could walk to 343 Soda and talk to them, but he clearly
                    has no interest in doing so. -dans
                    of my point: Given that tom graduated and/or dropped out
                    and never looked back over a decade ago, how is he supposed
                    to be in tune with modern-day undergrads?  I posit that,
                    since he works on campus, he could walk to 343 Soda and
                    talk to them, but he clearly has no interest in doing so.
                    \_ dans: you're stupid. tom never graduated.
                       \_ Corrected.  Mea culpa. -dans
                          \- your brain has been classified as: small
              \_ I don't exactly recall the last time I was in the CSUA
                 office, but it's been within the last year or so.  But
                 that really isn't relevant; the question is how the CSUA
                 is serving its core constituency, and the answer is
                 apparently, "not very well."  Scheduling and publicizing
                 general meetings is one of the very basic requirements
                 for being an ASUC student group, and the CSUA is failing
                 even at that.  The official way to contact the politburo
                 is through email, so having email broken
                 is also a major failure, even if email accounts for undergrads
                 aren't as important as they used to be.  -tom
                 \_ So when you visited the office, what did the folks there
                    have to say?  Did they tell you the organization was in
                    shambles, that without the glorious light of the alumni
                    (meaning you), everything had gone to shit?  Now, if the
                    question is how is the CSUA serving its core constituency,
                    and by core constituency you mean undergrads, the answer
                    is "Just fine, thank you."  The office is well populated,
                    even at the kind of weird hours CS students keep.
                    Meetings are reasonably well attended.  Services are being
                    provided to undergards, just not the services your
                    prioritize as important.  And maybe emailing politburo@csua
                    is an official way to contact the politburo, but so is,
                    oh, I don't know, showing up at a politburo meeting, which
                    has always been a better way to get the politburo's
                    attention.  I should also note that, at present, email is
                    not broken. -dans
                    \_ well, gee, when are the politburo meetings?   -tom
        \_ The annoying thing about this sort of stuff is that log rotation,
           unblocking pings, and a number of other things are trivial two
           minute fixes.  Whoever is responsible for the machines should just
           resign at this point if for whatever reason they're not taking care
           of the most basic stuff.  Yes, the CSUA is not soda, blah, blah,
           but c'mon, can't be bothered to do log rotation?  Oh well.  At
           least I'm not reading my mail here.
           \_ I have some sympathy for the argument that undergrads don't
              use wall, therefore wall log rotation is not important.  But
              that argument doesn't extend to providing basic information
              on the CSUA web page and basic services (like mail) on
           \_ "He may have been a fascist, but the wall logs rotated on time"
              \_ Last I checked maintaining the systems was the VP's job.  If
                 the current VP isn't doing that, whatever, just resign and
                 let someone else do it.  I never understood why people cling
                 to volunteer jobs they don't want to do.
                 \_ How about because no one else wants to do it.  How about
                    because it's a thankless job where the job holder spends
                    most or all of his time being berated by people like tom
                    for a job he or she volunteered to do. -dans-dans
                    \_ Ah the cycle of incompetence and obsolescence.
              \_ Every time I have set foot in the CSUA office in the last
                 12months at least, I've observed a number of people who
                 12 months at least, I've observed a number of people who
                 look like geeks from central casting [pasty thin, fat doughy]
                 playing video games. As an above posters suggest, we're not
                 playing video games. As an above poster suggests, we're not
                 talking about competing resouces [do we keep the office
                 door open, or fix log rotation], and adequate or even
                 door open, or fix log rotation], and adquetate or even
                 superlative performance on one front isnt exculpatory on
                 the other. When the machine went down for weeks [unprecidented
                 in CSUA history before the last year], what they were to be
                 faulted for was the lack of communication more than not
                 fixing it quickly. Make all the excuses you want, but if you
                 feel alumni involvement has value for the CSUA [to wit:
                 Riverbed inquiry above], you are killing that branch of the
                 tree. These comments about "what have you done to help"
                 are by and large silly, as the people involved int eh
                 public debates are by and large people who have "served"
                 or donated or have volunteered to help, but had their
                 overtures rebuffed. Although I suppose the current lazy
                 \_ Past service does not give us any right to force our
                    approach on the current administration.  A donation with
                    an expecation of a quid pro quo is a purchase, not a
                    donation.  Did it ever occur to you that there might be a
                    good reason why offers of assistance are refused? -dans
                 administration is better than a certain earlier psychotic
                 one ["do not blacklist me!"].
                 \_ Agreed.  The alumni are extremely valuable.  Two important
                    post college jobs came directly or indirectly through
                    Soda. !(tom || dans)
                    \_ The funny thing is, we've now had, what, a year of an
                       alumni relations politburo officer, and so far all
                       it has produced is a bunch of shut off accounts,
                       and silly blithering from dans.  -tom
                 \_ This is where I disagree with you.  I don't think the
                    alumni add significant value to the CSUA when it comes to
                    day to day operations.  If someone offers help, and then
                    gets pissed if the offer is ignored or refused, that person
                    is not an altruist, he's an asshole.  It's one thing for
                    alumni to help people find jobs, offer intelligence on
                    industry, or donate hardware or funds.  The alumni are
                    well equipped to do these things.  It's another thing
                    entirely to tell the undergrads how they should run the
                    organization, and, yes, administering the machines is part
                    of running the organization.  Beginning the moment someone
                    graduates, drops out, or fucks off to parts unknown, he
                    becomes increasingly less relevant to the day to day
                    operations of the CSUA.  I'm not arguing in support of
                    incompetence, I'm arguing in support of self-determination.
                    Many alumni, e.g. tom, don't understand the difference
                    because they are stuck on an idealized view of "how
                    things should be done." -dans
                    \_ "You should have a web page, the email address you
                       publish as a contact should work, and you should
                       publicize your meetings" is certainly not
                       an idealized view of how things should be done; it's
                       a complete baseline for what it means to be a
                       student group.
                       And how do you expect alumni to find people jobs
                       or offer intelligence on the industry when
                       *absolutely nothing is being done to connect
                       alumni with the organization*?  -tom
                       \_ And this last paragraph is the key point.  If it
                          sucks to use soda why would alumni login?  If they
                          don't login to soda how else are they going to stay
                          in touch with the org?  Telling them they need to go
                          out of their way to show at politburo meetings as a
                          requirement to assist future generations is utterly
                          ridiculous and a red herring.
                          \_ Let me be clear here: I am not even arguing that
                             the current politburo should definitely restore
                             soda to its pre-dans state.  I would personally
                             like to see that happen, but I acknowledge that
                             the relevance of MOTD and wall for current
                             undergraduates is extremely low, and those
                             mechanisms really aren't creating connections
                             between undergrads and alumni.  But what I am
                             arguing is that if the CSUA wants to
                             deemphasize or significantly change soda, it
                             should be as the result of a policy decision,
                             with specific plans for productive alternatives.
                             dans's blithering takes as an assumption that
                             the current politburo's negligence is the result
                             of a policy decision, but I don't think there's
                             any evidence of that.  If the politburo were
                             to say "we're killing wall and MOTD and
                             installing phpBB and WordPress," there would
                             at least be a way to defend that action.  But
                             as it is, they're simply being negligent.  -tom
                             \_ I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth.  I
                                think it's silly to have an Alumni Rep and
                                some level of desire to have contact with
                                alums but then insist that anyone not showing
                                at a meeting is a useless alum.  The fact is
                                that soda is the easiest way for alums to stay
                                in touch.  If the current undergrads aren't
                                into that, oh well.  If the machine eventually
                                goes away completey, oh well.  The alumns
                                don't lose all that much.  With people all
                                over the industry and academia this is a good
                                place to make contacts and ask questions.  At
                                the end of the day success isn't about your
                                gpa or the name of your school on your degree,
                                it is about who knows you and is willing to
                                help out.  Kill soda or leave it semi-broken
                                and alums will leave.  A lot have already.  Sad
                                but oh well.  Maybe it has served its purpose
                                and it is time to just shut it down and walk
                             \_ Alternatively, perhaps the issue isn't
                                negligence, perhaps they're just tired of
                                dealing with heavy-handed, self-righteous
                                pricks like tom. -dans
                                \_ What the fuck? You can't blame tom, tom
                                   is taking the time to whine on motd but
                                   according to you motd is irrelevant anyway.
                                \_ They're tired of dealing with pricks like
                                   me, so they sit in the office playing WoW,
                                   don't publicize their meetings, and break
                                   the email server?  Great student group. -tom
                                \_ "No man is an island, entire of itself;
                                   every man is a piece of the continent, a
                                   part of the main. If a clod be washed away
                                   by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as
                                   if promontory were, as well as if a manor
                                   of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any
                                   man's death diminishes me, because I am
                                   involved in mankind; and therefore never
                                   send to know for whom the bell tolls; it
                                   tolls for thee."
                                   \_ Q: How is sitting in the office playing
                                      WoW qualitatively different than sitting
                                      in the office playing nettrek? -dans
                                      \_ Well, for one thing, the nettrek
                                         players managed to keep soda up,
                                         keep mail up, and run publicized
                                         meetings all while avoiding
                                         BASE OGG!!!!!!!!
                                         \_ Thank you for making the point I
                                            would have.  I'm sure I played
                                            more netrek than they play WoW,
                                            but I managed to effectively
                                            run a much more difficult hardware
                                            and software setup, and also
                                            publish information about our
                                            meetings and help sessions.
                                            (Are there any help sessions?
                                            Nothing on the web since
                                            Spring '06).  -tom
                                \_ "No man is an island, entire of itself;
                                   every man is a piece of the continent, a
                                   part of the main. If a clod be washed away
                                   by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as
                                   if promontory were, as well as if a manor
                                   of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any
                                   man's death diminishes me, because I am
                                   involved in mankind; and therefore never
                                   send to know for whom the bell tolls; it
                                   tolls for thee."
                                            \_ Thank you for making my point:
                                               Let me paraphrase our
                                               conversation for clarity:
                                               tom: Back in my day we had to
                                                walk uphill to and from the
                                                machine room and ran the
                                                machines smoothly at great risk
                                                to life and limb (the machines
                                                exploded back in my day) and
                                                played net trek to boot!  The
                                                CSUA was awesome back in my
                                                day, they should run it my way!
                                               dans: Then why don't you help?
                                               tom: Oh, the politburo hasn't
                                                responded to my emails in five
                                               dans: Think there might be a
                                                reason for that?
                                               tom: Back in my day we had to
                                                walk uphill to and from the
                                                machine room and ran the
                                                machines smoothly at great risk
                                                to life and limb (the machines
                                                exploded back in my day) and
                                                played net trek to boot!  The
                                                CSUA was awesome back in my
                                                day, they should run it my way!o
                                                day, they should run it my way!
                                               dans: Uh huh.
                                               \_ Let me paraphrase our
                                                  dans: I'm an idiot.
                                                  tom: Yes, obviously.
                                                  \_ And you wonder why people
                                                     think you're such an
                                                     asshole that they simply
                                                     cease communication with
2007/4/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46254 Activity:nil
4/10    troll deleted
        \_ if only it were so simple
2007/4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46183 Activity:nil
4/3     WHO THE FUCK deleted my Knut the cute polar bear link? Speak
        up now or else I will nuke motd for an entire day!
        \_ Yeah, I wanted to d/l those movies and now they are gone!
2007/4/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46172 Activity:low
4/2     Is Rachel Ray fat?
        \_ Doesn't look too bad.
        \_ She's fat for a supermodel.  She's fat for a female
           celebrity.  She's not fat by American averages.
           \_ ob is she fat by soda standards?
           \_ ob is she fat by soda averages?
                \_ By soda's fat ugly nerd standards, she's fucking HOT.
2007/3/16-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45998 Activity:nil
3/16    Dear motd boob guy, can you please give us links of Pelosi,
        Boxer, and Feinstein in their 20s 4-5 decades ago? I want to
        know how hot they used to be. Thanks.
        \_ obYermom
2007/3/16-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45992 Activity:kinda low
3/16    Target acquired:
        \_ I thought this was about the retailer.
        \_ Same here. I thought some company was buying a majority stake
           in Dayton Hudson.
        \_ Borderline NSFW.
        \_ Motd boob guy strikes again.
2007/1/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45615 Activity:nil
1/29    Motd boob guy go to china:
2007/1/28-2/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45606 Activity:nil
1/26    motd boob guy is bored but is hapy soda is back
        \_ Does'nt work you jerk!
           \_ This one is good:
2007/1/25-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45582 Activity:moderate
1/25    One week later: so, how about a status report from csua? We've had the
        same page displayed for quite some time. --erikred
        \_ I think the bottom line is that they just don't care.
           \_ This is a great loss for the undergrads over the long term.
              The permanent loss of job contacts and technical help is
              going to hurt the current and all future generations.  Success
              isn't about what you know, your GPA, or which school gave you
              what letters on your diploma.  It has always been about who you
              know.  Oh well.  If any of the politburo are reading it would
              be nice to get a real status report or at least to see the box
              come up for a week so we can grab our files before moving on.
              \_ Spoken like a delusional alumn. "Oh we are great, they need
                 us." In reality the biggest losers are the alumni. Students
                 don't value connections with moldy alumni and thus have
                 nothing to lose in the first place.
                 \_ Troll else where.  Soda is back up so you can troll there
2007/1/7-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45528 Activity:nil
1/14    Called the csua office on Friday and was told that the machine is fixed
        and ready to go, but UC won't allow it back on the network because it's
        been rootkitted too many times. "someone who cares," you're doing more
        harm than good. If you want to help, go through the politburo; cowboy
        rootkits are not the way to go. --erikred
        \_ "I take matters into my own hands. That's the American spirit."
                              -libural faking to be a cowboy conservative
        \_ What you guys SHOULD really have done is run soda inside the VM
           so that it's much easier to contain and to duplicate. You can run
           multiple VMs on one machine. They even have educational discounts.
        \_ Uh, does that mean it will never be back up?  Can I have my fucking
           files back from my account?
        \_ As far as I know erik you either have wrong or deprecated
           information.  The machine is still in the process of being fixed and
           darch (the vp) has given an eta of "up on wednesday."  While I think
           the dept. is growing increasingly worried that we seem to get rooted
           a bunch, I haven't heard anything substantial as to our "not being
           allowed to bring it back online."  And I was AT the office yesterday
           and at the ensuing first politburo meeting. -mrauser
           \_ ...? Your being there certainly trumps my phone call. I'll make
              sure to get the name of the undergrad next time I call. And a
              Wednesday eta sounds great. Thank you for the update. --erikred
2006/12/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45479 Activity:nil
        Thanks politburo for turning my account back
        on! - motd boob guy
        \_ Maybe you'd like this site?
           \_ So what _is_ the rule on flickr?  No complete nipples?
              \_ Well, the "community guidelines" say:
                DON'T Upload photos that include frontal nudity,
                genitalia and/or "intimate moments" between consenting
                partners in public areas of Flickr. If you do we'll make
                your photostream private and remind you of this
                Guideline. If you don't heed our warning and continue to
                make similar content public, we'll terminate your account
                without warning. This applies to your Buddy Icon as well.
                 I haven't looked at the page, but it's possible that:
                 Flickr hasn't noticed, this area is private(?), or it's
                 not "frontal nudity."
2006/12/13-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45441 Activity:high
12/13   When are unactive accounts going to get revived?
        \_ Accounts that were not reactivated after the first breakin last year
           may actually get pseudo-deleted in a few months.  Otherwise the
           procedure is the same as last time: call the office or email
           activate@ to get an account reactivated. - jvarga
           \_ Does the 'sorry' message you get when you try to log in
              say "please call the office at bleah bleah bleah"?
           \_ I don't think activate has responded to anyone
              \_ These are the people on activate@.  If you haven't gotten a
                 response, try again. - jvarga
                  soda:/root# grep "^activate:" /etc/aliases
                  activate: darch, vaheder, edilaic
              \_ I never said it was effective, only that it happens to be the
                 specified protocol as set down by politburo. - jvarga
                 \_ Is the current VP lazy, incompetent both or neither?
                    He might be busy with finals now, but what about Nov?
                    Fill in the blank: "The current Politburo is the lamest
                    since the _______ Politburo."
                    \_ Both.  Darch as the new VP looks to be aggresively
                       bringing things under control, so service should be
                       considerably less shitty than it was over the past
                       The fact that not even the entirity of the politburo is
                       seeing the activate messages is a testament to how lazy
                       they are.  Also, the message given in safesorry2 is a
                       weak 20 second message which I have told them more than
                       once to change to give more information.
                       Unfortunately, at the moment, its finals time so you
                       really shouldn't be looking for any impromement in
                       service... or even service at all for a little bit.
                       \- you know part of leadership is "delegation"
                          unfortunately we seem to have a case of "lame
                          delegation". --psb
                          \_ It is sad that they decide to implement a policy
                             and then decide not to do the work to support it.
                             Minghay has done about 90+% of the re-activation
                             in the most recent round of it.  Him not getting
                             activate@ emails makes me wonder if the emails
                             will even be read.  -mrauser
                    \_ Well would you rather have a politburo that ruled with
                       an iron fist and squished people and turned off
                       login for saying shit on wall/motd, like in the fascist
                       paolo/pollux/amckee era? Or do you prefer a completely
                       free-market politburo like now where they just let
                       people do whatever the fuck they want, and letting the
                       unix system run its own course? I guess both extremes
                       suck big time. Actually I liked it more when politburo
                       ruled with an iron fist. Fascism rules, esp on unix.
                       \_ fascism rules in any situation because there's always
                          someone you can blame at, whereas you can't blame
                          anyone for things that happen in the free-market.
                       \_ Fuck the iron fist, it gets in the way of writing
                          code. -dans
                          \_ ^code^hacks and r007ki7
2006/11/24-28 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45366 Activity:very high
11/23   Happy Thanksgiving! I miss my soda account. I guess no one cares
        about soda anymore. Actually, I don't really need it. I have gmail,
        IM, youtube, and my cellphone. Who really needs soda these days?
        \_ Happy FUCKING Thanksgiving and FUCKING every single holiday out
           there. I don't understand why people need a FUCKING holiday just
           to be thankful of their lives. I don't understand why every single
           day, I have to fucking spend 25-45 hours each way to/from the day
           care to drop off my kid and esp. during the holiday waste 4 hours
           driving my mother who is too old to drive to get her to/from my
           house (1 hour to her place, 1 hour to my place, then repeat when
           I take her back). I don't understand why this fucking society is
           so dependent on the fucking automobile and I don't understand why
           Thanksgiving is so fucking important that everyone's synchronized
           to be in the traffic jam at the exact same time. Holidays are the
           most FUCKING STRESSFUL times esp dealing with so many useless
           family members who are too fucking young or old to drive and
           to take care of themselves. It is stressful because they are
           \_ have your mom live with you.  live-in daycare.  it takes a village to raise a child.
           \_ have your mom live with you.  live-in daycare.  it takes a
              village to raise a child.
              \_ I would except she nags and nags and nags and can barely
                 take care of herself. She refuses to go to a convalecense
                 home and refuses to wear glasses and hearing aide because
                 she says she is as healthy as a 30 year old (totally untrue)
                 and everytime I watch her drive to the market 2 miles away
                 I cringe because she drives like George Weller. The only
                 thing I'm thankful is that she doesn't drive on the freeway
                 because she only goes up to 15MPH on the surface street. I'm
                 a slave to my mother and my kids. Did I tell you
                 I spend a good part of my life driving them around? Actually
                 I'm really a slave to my wife. I just wasted a day with the
                 inlaws I don't even enjoy being with. At dinner time I
                 explained the stress of being a sandwich generation (parents
                 too old, kids too young and they all depend on YOU) and how
                 American suburbia creates unnecessary stress on drivers
                 like me and how wasteful it is to drive a SUV and the huge
                 energy and natural resources a suburbia home requires. It
                 turns out that everyone thought I was a weirdo liberal
                 because everyone else loves driving their big FUCKING
                 American made SUVs and living in a McMansion in the suburbia.
                 No one seems to give a damn about wasted gasoline, oil
                 dependency, pollution, and time wasted on the road. The
                 average American is beyond STUPID. Oh and I wasted a fucking
                 black Friday carrying lots of useless shit my wife bought
                 and listening to all the contradictory non-sense she says
                 and she gets mad at me for not remembering the conversation.
                 Um, can anyone tell me why women like to fill the bathroom
                 with 100 barely used bath bottles from Bed Bath and
                 Beyond? GOD. I AM IN HELL. Fuck Thanksgiving. Fuck all
                 Republicans, fuck commercialism, and fuck all holidays.  -pp
                 \_ Hey, it's future BDG!
                 \_ Aahahah. Your wife sounds like my mom. My mom is one of the
                    reasons I'm scared of marriage. I have a certain biological
                    desire for kids too but other times I'm so glad I'm FREE!
                    I'm not financially free yet though so fuck that.
                    How old are you? I'm not looking forward to worrying about
                    my parents. Maybe I will just move far away like they did.
                    It's not like they took care of their old parents they
                    left on another continent. Families are like clinging
                    parasites forcing you into a life of obligation
                 \_ Why did you chose this life if you hate it so much?
2006/11/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45194 Activity:nil
11/6    MOTD boob guy strikes again: Can anyone read the small prints below
        "Goals" on the poster at (NSFW)?  Serious
        answers please.  Does anyone know where I can get such a poster?
        Thanks in advance.
        \_ "Focus on your goals...just don't get caught focusing."
  but hurry, auction only lasts until
           Nov. 8.  You're welcome, I love a challenge.  Next?  -John
        \_ Damn that'd look good in the office.  Might be a lil too non-PC
           though, sadly.
2006/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45060 Activity:moderate
10/31   motd boob guy says Happy Halloween:
        \_ NSFW (did I really need to add that???)
        \_ Gee, she's nice. Slender, sexy, and seemingly natural.
           \_ seemingly?  It's kinda weird.  Is that some soldier's wife
              sending him a 'reminder' video?
              \_ Seemingly, as in I can't say for sure whether she has
                 had implants. However, if I had to guess I'd say she
                 has not. If they are, then they were done very well.
                 \_ Either they are real or they are implants done in Japan.
                    Only Japanese implants look so realistic.  American ones
                    are hemisphere-shaped.
              \_ "Honey, I'll keep posting videos like this on the internet
                 until you come home.  Tomorrow's will feature a dildo."
        \_ HOT!
        \_ Is there a URL for a parent page that contains this video?  I want
           to read the description, if any.
        \_ I'm willing to trade five years of my lifespan for a wife with a
           body like this.
           \_ Are you married now?
           \_ Go sign up for one of those $300k/yr jobs in Iraq and when
              you come back, you will be able to acquire one.
2006/10/30-11/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45043 Activity:moderate
10/30   Is the CSUA Lottery Scheduling still being used on soda?
        \_ What software cannot solve, hardware does.
        \_ Thankfully, no. It's a stupid project that needed a big sucker
           (csua) to experiment on so that the author can brag about it
           in his publication.
           \_ God forbid the CSUA get involved in computer science.  -tom
           \_ Why is it stupid?  From what I understand, it tries to allot the
              same amount of CPU time to each user instead of each process.
              Sounds like a more fair scheduling policy to me.
        \_ Lottery scheduling is useful in theory, in publications such
           as the the one from dpetrou. It is like adding 0.1 PSI to your
           tire pressure to make it run more effectively. In reality one
           can spend much more effective efforts optimizing a system.
        \_ No.
           \_ Is the fuctionality now provided by Linux without modification?
              \_ I guess people didn't feel the need for it after we went SMP
                 on soda....  I don't know though, I wasn't involved in the
                 decision.  Honestly, I haven't noticed any trouble.
                 \_ I noticed slow-downs and CPU hogging with Mark VII, whereas
                    with VI the vast majority of slow-downs was random net
                    bottlenecks.  Anyway, I don't see the VII slow-downs as
                    often now as during the first several months.
                    \- The LOTTERY SCHEDULER has been replace by the
                       ERGODIC SCHEDULER.
2006/10/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44979 Activity:nil
10/25   How far is 1 lap around Martin Luther King Junior High
        track in Berkeley?  thanks. - danh
        \_ Trust no one.  Measure straight sections with laser rangefinder
           measure radii also, compute distances.
        \_ if it's a standard track, it should be a quarter mile (400m)
           \_ This is what I have been told.  How do I know if it's a
              standard track? - danh
              \- the dwight derby track is THE STANDARD ... you can
                 calibrate to it.
        \_ It is a standard high school track.  Likely 440yds, not 400m
           (high school track events are by/large still in yds/miles)
           \_ 440 yards = 402 meters.
        \_ Having attended MLKJr.H.S. I can tell you it is *not* a standard
           size, due to issues with the size of the available space.  When we
           would run a mile, we were supposed to do 4 laps, plus about 2/3
           the length of a straightaway.
2006/10/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44795 Activity:nil 50%like:44747 66%like:44758
10/12   motd boob guy says
2006/10/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44770 Activity:nil
        \_ This is a scurrilous rag.
        \_ Marked as NSFW by my company's firewall.  YMMV.
           \_ It is NSFW
              \_ OP should have told us that.  I haven't seen it yet since I'm
                 blocked from here.
        \_ Is this real or a joke?  -- clueless
           \_ this is what she actually looks like:
                Yes, the same Hans Reiser helped start the soda tradition.
2006/10/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44758 Activity:nil 50%like:44662 66%like:44795
10/10   motd boob guy has a new mission for you
2006/10/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44747 Activity:low 50%like:44795
10/10   MOTD Boob guy, meet MOTD tongue guy:
        \_ Sadly this was a lot more exciting than any of the large girl pics
           posted previously.
        \_ The MOTD boob guy really needs to be renamed the MOTD chubby chaser
        \_ Wow!  The two would drive me wild if they give me oral.
2006/10/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44729 Activity:nil
10/8    Sorry for this nerdy question in the midst of N.Korea nuke debate.
        Soda has webdav installed, right?  can i in theory use soda as my
        personal calendar server?
2006/10/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44662 Activity:nil 60%like:44653 50%like:44758
10/3    Attn: motd boob guy - Hi Honey, I'm huge!
        \_ too bad her face is ugly as fuck
           \_ boob guy never looks at their faces anyway. --boob guy #2 fan
           \_ I am bigger.
2006/10/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44653 Activity:moderate 60%like:44662
10/3    Hi Honey, I'm huge!
        \_ Please to marking these with "Attn: motd boob guy"
2006/9/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44572 Activity:nil
9/27    Hey leftist guy, motd boob guy was a lot more fun than
        you are.
        \_ Um, no. The boob guy kept posting pictures of fugly phat women
           and was getting more and more hardcore, in a disgustingly way.
2006/9/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44352 Activity:nil
9/12    I got bored, so I decided to run the huge mailqueue on soda
        which had messages back from fucking forever.  enjoy getting
        email from May/June (as reported below) --Jon, Evil Alumni
        \_ Just out of curiosity, why is it queueing stuff up?  -John
           \_ hell if I know.  I'm sure the undergrads know better
              than I do. --Jon
2006/9/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44227 Activity:low
9/1     motd boob guy, i have gift for you
        \_ Scary troll!
        \_ I think she's appeared on before.
2006/8/24-25 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44127 Activity:nil
8/24    Hey John how did you get around not getting identified by the
        \_ ?  Is this in relation to the tasteful nekkid gurl pics link
           I posted that some prude keeps deleting?  Why would I need to
           get around anything?  I sign all my posts... -John
           \_ Deleting stuff sucks, and deleters are asshole...BUT, maybe you
              should post NSFW stuff when the western hemisphere is not
              stuck at work.
              \_ Uh, I kind of clearly said "naked girls" and "NSFW".  I
                 don't force people to click on links :-)  -John
                 \_ I wasn't implying that people would click on youre NSFW
                    links and then get pissed off.  I was impying that they(we)
                    would sit at our terminals, see your clearly marked NSFW
                    links, not click on them because we're at work, and *then*
                    get pissed off.
                    \_ ...this is the kind of thinking that gets people
                       climbing clocktowers with high powered rifles.
                       \_ Yes.
                       \_ That's why we need to pass the anti-clocktower law.
2006/7/28-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43834 Activity:nil
7/28    A friendly reminder that this is CSUA, not PSUA (Political Sci).
        \_ What?!?  Educated intellectuals discussing things other than
           the newest Linux kernel release or quirkiest new hardware
           innovation?!?  OMGWTFBBQ!!  Say it ain't so!!
        \_ That's why the political debate is better here.
           \_ Ya, a bunch of bored morons talking about politics.
              Why don't we talk about something EXCITING, like E6600?!?!?!??
              \_ E6600 is almost as irrelevant to "CS" as Hizbollah. It's not
                 like something different for software.
        \_ Ths is CSUA, not Soviet Union. Take your censorship and shove it.
2006/7/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43793 Activity:low
7/25    Who the fuck is German John and why is he special?
        \_ What the fuck is an archive, and why the fuck do people search it
           before asking questions on the motd?
        \_ Who the fuck are you, and why don't you sign your name? --erikred
        \_ German John is a persona cooked up by one of my two favorite
           trolls (the other being chicom troll.)  Occasionally, they
           appear so similar that they almost appear to merge into one
           troll meta-consciousness.  -John
           \_ ...and therefore never send to know for whom the bell trolls;
                 it trolls for thee.
              No poster is an island, entire of itself _/
              every poster is a part of the continent, a part of the main
              If a clod (ilyas) be driven driven away by the trolls, motd is
              If a clod (ilyas) be driven away by the trolls, motd is
              the less, as well as if thy friend were, or thy self were
              Any poster's death diminishes me, because i am involved in the
              And therefore never send to know for whom the troll trolls;
              he trolls for thee.
              \_ Are you quite Donne?
                 \_ You poe bastard.  You have no idea what you've unleashed
                    \_ Sure I do.  Enjoy it!  Sit back, relax, have a glass of
2006/7/18-20 [Reference/Religion, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43709 Activity:nil
7/18    John may be an idiot but I enjoy trolling him. Thank God for stupid
        people like him who provide hours of free entertainment. Heil.
        \_ i liked the swedish chef version better
        \_ The troll farm flourishes!  Troll-Gro worked!  Awesome.  -John
           \_ Your chicom troll pen has really blossomed into a best-in-show
              gallery!  Very impressive!
2006/7/17-18 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43697 Activity:moderate
7/17    Pardon me, but what the fuck?  Is average CSUA member not command
        English basics language no more?  I thought ESL was a fundamental
        requirement for acceptance to Cal?  Free tip:  your point, whatever
        it is, will not be ridiculed or ignored as much if it's not
        written in orc.  -John
        \_ Wow, you're a judgemental Nazi. No wonder people hate you on motd.
           Fuck you Heil German John. I'm watching you. -German John Hater #3
        \_ Free tip: don't give advice when it is not asked for.
           Go fuck yourself.
           \_ Free tip #1: Stop plagiarizing from the USGA etiquette "do not
                give advice to others on the course unless they ask you for
                it" and "Never coach or give unsolicited advice.")
              Free tip #2: "Go fuck yourself" isn't one of the USGA's
              Free tip #3: Go fuck yourself.
        \_ This would've been a great troll except for the fact that you
           got back-trolled big time.
        \- you may want to re-evaluate your original intent vs. the
           actual result of what you're trying to say. this is from me
           as an observer's point of view:
           -what you wanted to convey: "i am a nice person and i want to help
            you poor immigrants. i think that if you guys want to communicate
            effectively you should take some time to learn english
            , otherwise you will be ignored."
           -what a few heard: "you are all guests on my
            land and if you want to live here you need to learn my
            language or else get the fuck out of here."
           -what pissed-off immigrants heard: "i am a white male and even
            though i speak poorer asian languages than you speak
            english, you still need to learn my language because i belong
            to the white race with bigger penises. we are righteous and
            you are not. you must respect our authority and learn english"
           -what the overall intent is: "John is a jerk"
           please re-evaluate your method of communication. your reply
           is not necessary. ok thx.
           \_ From this post I read: "I like to fuck my mother and drink pee."
           \_ Does not parse.  I am a jerk.  I don't give a rat's ass what
              immigrants, psb or anyone reads into this.  I posted a very
                          \- leave me out of this.
                             but i do think you are sort of ratcheting
                             and in some cases may not be able to tell
                             ignorance from apathy. --psb
                             \_ If you sound like an ignoramus, you are
                                judged like one, period.  -John
                                \- my point is: if you are judging based on
                                   the sloda wall or motd, people may not
                                   be bothering to write well, rather than
                                   being unable to do so. even native speakers
                                   are sloppy here, not unreasonably so.
                                   and i think if you are coming to the US
                                   to study say engineering, there may be a
                                   diminishing marginal return calculation
                                   for how much you invest in grammar.
                                   so are you going to take on ebonics
                                   so are you going to taken on ebonics
                                   speakers next?
                                   i'd be curious how many of your native
                                   english speaking friends could explain
                                   the difference between say "compared to"
                                   and "compared with". if an ESL speaker
                                   gets further and farther confused, i'd
                                   cut them [sic] some slack. if a non-engineer
                                   native speaker cant tell you the diff
                                   cut them some slack. a lot of non-engineer
                                   native speakers cant tell you the diff
                                   between precision and accuracy ... probably
                                   not a disaster. a foreign speaker isnt a
                                   lawyer, not knowing the diff between "that"
                                   and "which" is also probably not a big deal.
                                   i'm not very careful about those usually.
                                   i'm not very careful with those usually.
                                   i think a lot of grammar nazis 1. worry
                                   about dumb things like "data is plural"
                                   or "dont use hopefully" 2. have pretty
                                   shallow knowledge [they know easy rules
                                   like it's vs its, but drown in slightly
                                   deeper waters].
                                   deeper waters. a good example is that cow
                                   who wrote the Eat Shoot Leave book].
                                   \_ I think there's a pretty big difference
                                      between "not knowing data is plural" and
                                      "completely incoherent".  I suspect
                                      John is mostly complaining about the
                                      latter, and you're criticizing (at least
                                      in part) John on the basis that he's
                                      speaking about the previous.
              clear point about students at what is supposedly one of the
              best schools in the world seemingly not having a basic
              command of that school's language.  If you want to interpret
              that as being an anti-immigrant rant, or some sort of
              belittling of other cultures/countries, that's your problem.
              Your reply is not necessary. ok thx.  -John
              \_ psb: your coworkers asian stupid "oh psb immigrants
                 THE MAN! He knows Greek mythology asian stupid lila.
                 He immigrants god." "we asian stupid immigrants, we
                 can't understand his circumlocutory speech!"
                 \_ I'm sorry but WHAT THE HELL are you talking about?
                    \_ This is a sublime "If you have to ask, you don't know"
        \_ I'm multi-lingual and my observation is that Westerners in general
           have a much more difficult time learning non-Western languages
           than the other way around. How would you personally feel if you
           tried your best to learn in a completely different language system
           in a completely different culture but still get ridiculed in the
           process? Oh, you wouldn't know, because you're a Westerner who
           can't see from the other side's point of view. No wonder the rest
           of the world hates you and is eager to see 911 again,
           over and over again. Go fuck yourself.
           \_ 1) Go fuck yourself as well.
              2) Part of the reason people give you shit is that your politics
                 are repellant to anyone living in a free society and you
                 defend one of the most loathesome governments on the
                 planet on a regular basis.
              3) I'm a white guy who was thrown into a school of all Mandarin
                 speaking kids who knew no English when I was 10, and I'm
                 damn well not about to whine if someone gives me shit about
                 not knowing the difference between, say, different measure
                 words, in spite of the fact that my native language has no
                 measure words in the sense that Mandarin does.
              4) I don't have a college degree from a Chinese university.
              5) Did I mention go fuck yourself?  Oh, yeah, go fuck yourself.
           \_ Blow me, I'm going through that right now, starting from zero,
              and making a reasonable go of it.  This is language #4, by
              the way.  But I don't presume to go to their top school with
              my crappy understanding and grammar.  And what the fuck is it
              with you and "Westerners"?  What does that have to do with
              anything?  I guess that makes us deserve 911 over and over
              again, and I've been (badly) trolled.  Cretin.  -John
              my crappy understanding and grammar.  I guess that makes me
              as a "Westerner" deserve 911.  Touchy, aren't we.  -John
              \_ then, should US Education restore the policy of given
                 IQ test in English to those immigrants and dump them into
                 retard classes based upon the IQ test result?
        \_ I don't know what it is with you Swiss but I've had similar
           experiences with another pedantic Swiss in Berkeley who seems to
           enjoy correcting every little grammatical mistake people make.
           Eventually most of us in the company grew resentful of him
           (including the CEO who was a minority) and eventually drove him
           out of our company. Perhaps you should ask why immigrants don't
           like to conform, as understanding the root of the problem may help
           you find constructive measures. One of the root causes is
           western resentment. If it weren't for you westerners, our
           motherlands would still be glorious and our ethnicity would still
           be portrayed kindly. But instead your predecessors and your elected
           leaders continually harrass, rape, and pillage nations like Vietnam
           and Iraq and made us into worthless refugees into your land, only
           to be ridiculed for every little tradition we hold dearly in our
           heart because whatever it is, rarely comform to your western
           standard. Personally, most of us are sick and tired of your
           unyielding, dominating western ways, and we just don't like you
           people, period. We will continue doing whatever it is we please,
           and if it annoys you, great!         -foreigner, proud of it
           \_ "Every little grammatical mistake"?  No, I'm castigating UC
              Berkeley students who're supposed to have a firm command of
              the English language but instead sound like they learned the
              language from the villains of bad war movies (or who're doing
              it on purpose to troll more effectively.)  You seem to have
              a (reasonably) firm command of the English language.  You're
              still a troll and an idiot, but do you notice how well that
              comes across?  -John
              \_ John, there is a structural problems here in our public
                 education system (see my post below).  Not everything is the
                 fault of these individuals.   This is one of the reason why
                 problems are a lot more widespread.  I can
                 assure you that *MAJORITY* of otherwise bright and qualified
                 immigrants DID NOT end up at top Universities due to the fact
                 that there isn't much incentive in our public school system
                 to teach them English.  Those few who defeated
                 the odds and made here is either very lucky (i.e. my case) or
                 he/she is extra-ordinary in some way.  Blame this squarely
                 on individual is going to cause a lot more resentment and
                 you see all sort of defensive postures.   As for stereo types
                 and Asian being "looked down upon."  Let me share this with
                 you.  When I was in high school, I can barely communicate
                 my thoughts and most people don't have the patience to talk
                 to me.  At the same time, we got this ethnic Vietnamese
                 who raised in Paris, native French speaker, speak worse
                 English than I am, but he get a lot more attention and slack
                 than I do.  It's not the color of skin thing, but, there
                 is a real differences on how average American treats
                 Europeans immigrants differently than those from Asia.
              \_ I don't know who you are and why you've recently dominated
                 most of the posts on motd but I'm starting to realize that
                 you probably need something as simple as medications or
                 therapies. But then again that is not unique to most of the
                 weirdos who post on motd. Troll on.
        \_ first of all, it's just me, not "average CSUA member."
           I happened to be a slow language learner and amused by
           average Europeans that can speak more than 3 language without
           effort.  Secondly, since you bought up, ESL *IS* the problem.
           To make a long story short, issue with ESL is that 1.
           UC requires 2 or 3 years of non-ESL (regular English) class, 2.
           ESL is funded by number of headcounts; thus, there isn't much
           of an incentive for those who is running ESL program to make
           people "graduate" to regular English classes.  3. As consequences,
           most people who stuck in ESL program are dumb fucks who has no
           real chance to go to college in UC system;  4. Since the pace
           of ESL classes mostly determined by the peers, and the fact that
           most students in ESL classes has no college ambition, you don't
           learn any English as result (Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish was
           more common in those classes).  In my personal case, it took cheat
           (smuggle to ESL office and tweak the official record on language
           proficiency), and bribe to for me to get out of ESL in-time just
           to be UC eligable.  But by that time, I was thrust into classes
           on Virginia Wolfe / Nathaniel Hawthorne without any knowledge of
           basic sentence and grammar.  I am not blaming the system for
           my failure.  But the sheer fact that you can comprehen what I am
           trying to say is considered a huge personal achievement given
           the circumstances I was in.
           \_ Well, congrats on making it -- but feel comforted by the fact
              that it's not just you.  There are plenty of people here that
              have no excuse and, as John puts it, sound as though they're
              speaking orc....  Seriously, though, unless you plan on going
              back to your country of origin I strongly suggest that you
              work on your language proficiency.  It may not be the
              official language of the country, but it's still one of the
              things your intelligence will be judged by.  It can harder to
              things your intelligence will be judged by.  It can be harder to
              land a tech job (or any job, really) if you're unable to
              coherently communicate your ideas.  (and man, this thread is
              just begging for someone to run jive or valspeak, on it,
              isn't it?)
              coherently communicate your ideas.  (and man, dis dread be plum
              beggin' fo' someone t'run JIBE o' valspeak, on it, isn't it?)
              \_ Maybe you should consider the possibility that most
                 foreigners look at Westerners as people who judge easily by
                 the way others look or talk. Maybe foreigners think that
                 Westerners are superficial, thus don't really care to
                 conform to the Western standards. Whatever. Go fuck yourself
                \_ You pretty good looking for a HU-MAHN!
        \_ racist white imperialist oppressing brown people!
              \_ How to get started?  I am going to get a tutor eventually,
                 but I think I can start with some highschool level grammar
                 book.  Any recommendation?
                 book.  Any recommendation?
                        \- you can probably get a used copy of BASIC ENGLISH
                           REVISITED (it's kinda of a weird book) for <$5.
                           it's not all grammar but a reference book. the
                           actual textbook i used is pretty expensive now
                           and probably not worth it. --psb
                           \_ if it is a good book and worth recommending,
                              do you remember the title of the book?
                 \_ Unless you have a need to infiltrate or become part of the
                    dirty bi ren culture, I'm sure you have a much better use
                    of your time than to follow bi ren's advice. You should be
                    proud of who you are and what you are, and don't give in.
                    Don't listen to bi ren John. He is a verbal bully and a
                    total jerk. Look. If someone judges you by the way you
                    talk or look, that person is shallow and full of shit
                    and is a total jerk and does not deserve your respect.
                    That goes with 90% of the bi ren trash I've met in my
                    life. BI REN ZHUAY TAO YAN GAN TA MA DI.
                    \_ He didn't judge on it. He pointed out that others
                       would. It's a fact and you're just being stupid.
                       Of course people judge on the way people talk and
                       look. Chinese do that as much... actually I'd say
                       a lot more in my experience. The diversity of the
                       USA far exceeds any Asian country. Who's superficial?
                       Nobody owes you anything.
                 \_ You may be able to find a tutor interested in helping
                    you with English in exchange for help with your native
                    \_ thanks.  But being a native speaker is by no mean
                       a commander of my own native language.  I am planning
                       on getting a native language tutor as well :D
2006/6/26-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43500 Activity:nil
6/26    Searching for the term intentional pluralisation, I came across
        \_ where is motd boob guy when you need him? that link sucks.
2006/6/19-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43431 Activity:low
6/19    The motd is just not the same after account reactivation. So
        boring, where did all the troller's go? How am I supposed to
        get through my workday??!!
        \_ They didn't let certain people come back.
        \_ Don't worry, with the latest hack, there are lots of new people on!
        \_ The motd isn't here to entertain you.  You want trolls?  Start
           trolling.  The motd is what we all make of it.  I know you're
           kidding.  I'm not.
           \_ There's a difference between knowing the troll, and walking
              the troll.
           \_ Dere's some difference between knowin' de troll, an' walkin'
              de troll.  What it is, Mama!
        \_ The ratio of interesting poster to idiot is at a 5 year low.
           \_ You sure you don't have it backwards?  Trolling seems down to me.
        \_ Sorry, too busy to do my usual muckracking/trolling. -Great Swami
        \_ Let's see.. Guns are good. Guns are bad. Drivers' license for
           illegals violates Article 1, Section 10.
2006/6/15-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43397 Activity:nil
6/15    MOTD boob guy apprentice here, I got my account
        turned on again.  Sorry I've been away.
        \_ is all you need -scottyg
        \_ This woman is freakish.  That's all i can say.
        \_ These are worse:
2006/6/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43345 Activity:low 83%like:43343
6/9     name your favorite CSUA meme(s) or meme-like things:
        PLAYOFFS. Removed all non-two vote postings.
        < Anything in a cow: ..... >
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        tell about the stars (ilyas): ..
        foodP: ....
        \_ I thought it was /mnt/mexico?  -John
        tamtam: .
        "if you have to ask, you don't know": .
        < Anything in a cow: .. >
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        CSUA meme
        poetry of minerals
        spread zinc through the world: .
        slap marco: .
        phillip nunez: .
        GOMD: .
        tell about the stars (ilyas): ..
        foodP: ..
        drink-themed machines:
        Please do not wash hair (or whatever it was):
        XCF tiles:
        kick him in the nuts: .
        Major Fucking Twink: .
        IWTFYITA: .
        vahmifqy: .
        !psb: .
        FBI Raid:
        Go Stick Your Head in a Pig:
        hh's cat:
        I Partied with Nick Weaver: .
        Secret Cabal of Daves:
        ok tnx (psb): .
2006/5/26-31 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43199 Activity:nil
5/26    I keep getting the Forefront magazine from the College of Engineering
        as well as massive desperate spam mails asking me to donate money
        to college of engineering, as well as to the general Berkeley
        campus itself. I'd like to 1) stop getting all useless publications
        that fill my mail box, 2) stop getting spam mails from the College of
        Engineering, 3) stop getting spam mails from Berkeley itself.
        How did they track my real address, and how do I do make them
        stop? Thanks.
        \_ Why don't you donate, just to the Gold fund (the one where
           they want 1000 alumni to donate $25). y
           they want 1000 alumni to donate $25).
           \_ I am not the op.  But every time I get these, the
              fact that Berkeley disapproved my in-state recidency
              3 times on the ground that I went home for Xmas and
              Thanksgiving always makes me think twice about donating.
              \_ probably rejected u cuz you can't spell or write english
                 or figure out how to properly work the system like many
                 others have easily done to get residency.
              \_ Well, if you "went home" then I guess they were right.
                 You realize what residency means, right?
                 You realize what residency means, right? -dim
                 \_ None of this home/not-home shit has anything to do with
                    him donating or not.  If he hated UC he shouldn't donate.
                    If he liked it and had a great time, he should consider
                    donating.  -- paid in-state, hated UC, won't ever donate
                 \_ Don't be an ass.  "Going home" does not mean "having
                    your residency there", and as an out of state student,
                    his tuition difference was a lot more than $25.  -John
                    \_ If his home wasn't here then he's not a resident. Period.
                    \_ If his home wasn't here then he's not a resident. Period. -dim
                       \_ dim wit
                       \_ moron, my mother still says she went "home" (to the
                          midwest) for christmas.  She has lived in california
                          for over 30 years, do you think she is not a resident?
                          \_ She might say that, but it's not technically
                             true. If it was, then she's not a resident either.
                             My mom says she goes 'home' to Holland, because
                             she grew up there, but it's just a figure
                             of speech.
                             \_ dim wit
                       \_ I've not lived in CA since 1997.  I'm not legally
                          a resident anymore.  My home, however, is there,
                          capisce?  Also, UC admissions disagrees with you:
                          \_ How can your home be in CA when you haven't
                             lived here for 10 years? Also, I read the
                             UC page and you'll have to point out there
                             UC page and you'll have to point out where
                             it disagrees. I don't see it.
                             \_ fucking dim wit
                             \_ My mom lives there.  I grew up there.  I can
                                always go back there.  Ergo, it is home.  And
                                the UC definition lays out the conditions
                                pretty clearly.  Visiting your family over the
                                holidays does not contradict "relinquish(ing)
                                residence in other states."  It's not that
                                difficult to understand.  -John
                                \_ And, yet, the guy above says that's what
                                   UC told him. My guess is that it's
                                   because he didn't merely "visit family over
                                   the holidays" like he says.
                                   \_ Well then that's a different story and
                                      not what we're discussing :-)  -John
                                      \_ I just think the use of the phrase
                                         "went home" is telling. That phrase
                                         is often not used literally and
                                         can mean "visited my family" but
                                         in context (guy is applying for
                                         and then denied residency) I think
                                         it's to be taken literally. He
                                         never intended to establish residency.
                                         I wonder if he still lives in CA.
                                         \_ Jesus Christ dim wit, you must
                                            have the the word don't you?
                                            Just admit you're an idiot and
                                            move on.
                                            \_ Yes, I must have "the the word".
           \_ You think donating will encourage them to stop?
        \_ Why don't you write them to tell them to stop? The address
           is in the spam mail.  Then they will stop. Give them 4-8 weeks
           to update records though.  Also remember that engineering dept
           and alumni house might have different databases, so if you
           continue to get spam, then just write another letter or
           call. Be patient. Finally, don't be a fucking cheapskate and
           donate something, give something back, make UCB better, you can
           specify what fund/program you want to donate to.
           As for how they track you: they got your SSN, DOB, last known
           addresses and more. Figure it out, college graduate.
2006/5/20-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43121 Activity:nil
5/20    for motd boob guy(s)
        \_ wtf's up w/ this one?:
2006/5/9 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42991 Activity:nil
5/9     motd boob guy apprentice wonders if ax got his account
        turned on.
        \_ Broken link.
           \_ works for me, might be filtered at your office
              \_ From TinyURL: Error: Unable to find site's URL to redirect to.
2006/5/1-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42871 Activity:nil
4/30    hello.  i do not think the wall logs should be on the web
        so easily.  what do you think?
        \_ Wasn't it always on the web in a txt file before?
        \_ Can we get motd in RSS too?
           \_ Couple problems with that:
                1) It's more like a message board than a feed
                2) All it takes is one person to booch the formatting
                   (unlike wall.log, which is consistent enough)
                   and the whole the whole thing stops working
                mrauser's working on a message board anyway, stay tuned
                \_ Actually, someone did roll a motd -> rss feed script, but I
                   don't know what's become of it.  If it's lost and I find
                   some time, I'll do it as an excuse to learn RSS/Atom. -dans
                   \_ I wrote one, but cgi scripts still are not working
                      in my cgi-bin directory.  I get "Access forbidden"
                      when I try to run them. -peterl
                      \_ looks like there's a bug in the httpd.conf:
                      <Directory /home/*/*/public_html>
                             AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
                             Options Indexes IncludesNoExec SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
                      (note the "ExecCGI not on the same line as "Options")
                      If it were on the same line, you'd be able to put an
                      executable .cgi file anywhere under ~/public_html and
                      it would work.  --dbushong
           \_ Yeah, I built an RSS feed of but it just sends
              you an entire thread every time there's a change to any part
              of it.  Meh.  --dbushong
        \_ It's WALL! It's not like you're posting trade secrets or steamy
           sex tapes. And if you're walling such things, I think you want
                    \_ Or tax returns. Oh, wait...
           them to be found.... mostly it's inane chatter, but it's our
           inane chatter, and we can track it now -- and to outsiders, it
           reads like what it is. Inane chatter. --michener
           \_ It's already tracked (or at least was before Soda got
              paved) in /csua/lib/wall .  Or did you not know that already?
              Why do you want to make wall so easily crawlable by Google?
           \_ I think there's a realistic concern for expectation of privacy.
              Lots of people wall things like "my boss is an idiot," which
              are not trade secrets but which would not be walled if the
              expectation were that it would wind up on Google.  -tom
              \_ Which is why you have the choice of whether or not to log
                 your walls.
                \_ I think that's stupid.  How would you feel if all
                   of your IRC and AIM and Yahoo IM and Google Chat
                   conversations appeared when someone searches or
                   stumbles on your name in Google?
                   \_ Ah, but they don't.  And wall doesn't have to if you
                      don't want it to.
                      \_ Are you a retard?  I am making up a situation
                         to illustrate my point.  If you start archiving
                         the wall log on google, this stuff will happen.
                         I have some pretty funny wall logs saved from
                         years ago where someone on soda accidentally
                         walls about some horrible things that I will not
                         mention because you will be scarred for life.
                         I would never ever put this somewhere google
                         would find it.   Making everyone not log their
                         walls is stupid.
                         \_ Erm.  Some people don't care whether what they
                            say is available to the public.  Wall has been
                            \_ maybe you should start caring.  I think
                               arbitrarily sticking soda walls on google
                               when soda walls predate google by like
                               10 years is not the correct way to do things.
                               \_ Uh, we've always done it this way so we
                                  should keep doing it this way?  That's
                                  idiotic. -dans
                            public for a long time.  The non-logging option
                            was put in for those who _were_ concerned.  If
                            you want to use it, use it.  If you're worried
                            about someone saving your non-logged walls, don't
                            wall.  Who said anything about "making everyone
                            not log their walls"?
                            btw, RealClimate guy, you just overwrote me.
                            merge your changes.
                 \_ That's not a reasonable response.  -tom
                 \_ That's not a reasonable response.  -tom, arbiter of all
                                                             things reasonable
                    \_ IIRC, that's exactly why that functionality was written
                       into wallall.  Also when lwall/walld was still running,
                       walls were publicly read/write available
                       \_ "publicly readable" is not the same as "indexed
                          by Google."  And it is quite annoying when people
                          don't log their walls.  -tom
                          don't log their walls.  -tom hasn't attended a
                                                       politubro meeting or
                                                       csua event in years
                                                       despite working on the
                                                       Berkeley campus, but
                                                       still feels the
                                                       politburo and the
                                                       undergrads should do
                                                       what he wants, when he
                                                       wants it.  tom commands
                                                       the politburo to give
                                                       him a blow job!
                       \_ Logging walls is so you can do a tail -whatever !*
                          wall_log when you log in and see the context of an
                          ongoing conversation, not to make it public ("public"
                          in this case being visible and indexed on the great
                          big Internet.)  Meditate briefly on the difference,
                          young padawan--great truths may be revealed.  -John
                       \_ Oh, look, an undergrad wrote some code to do
                          something new, and it messes with the little sandbox
                          we've been playing in for the last decade!  Wah Wah!
                          Let's lynch the upstart prick!  Seriously though, I
                          am disgusted by how certain alums treat soda and the
                          CSUA as their personal pissing ground, expect that
                          *nothing* will ever change, and abuse undergrads who
                          actually write interesting software.  The situation
                          is fucked up.  It needs to stop. -dans
                          \_ Take a chill pill, dans.  This is about a
                             specific feature that would have undesirable
                             consequences for both undergrads and alumns.
                             Don't turn it into some battle of the ages between
                             us evil alumns and the poor oppressed undergrads
                             we're constantly shitting on.  -John
                          \_ Um I don't think disagreeing with an idea counts
                             as abuse. The root post of this thread is just
                             someone expressing an opinion. Get over yourself.
                             The RSS thing is kind of cool but personally, I
                             don't think wall fits what RSS is for. Just
                             because you can do something doesn't mean you
                             should. But I hardly even use wall anyway so it
                             doesn't really matter to me.
                             What actually is the point of wall going out as
                             an RSS feed? wall is more of a real time
                             conversation mechanism, not a news feed thing.
                             Having motd.[official and/or unofficial] on it
                             would make more sense.
                             \_ No, disagreeing with an idea is not abuse, but
                                when specific alumni repeatedly gang up
                                against the undergrads, flame the politburo
                                and root, and troll the motd, it adds up to
                                abuse.  What's so fucked about this situation
                                \_ Well you know, geeks sometimes don't have
                                   the best social skills. They attack
                                      \_ Then maybe we should go back to
                                         beating social skills into them.
                                   everything because this is how they function
                                   in their engineering jobs. But they might
                                   not be wrong.
                                is that there is a technological solution for
                                enabling wallrss while stopping Google from
                                spidering it, but none of the alums who bitch
                                so loudly are stepping up with code or configs
                                to solve the problem.  Why the hell should the
                                alumni get to decide what the undergrads can
                                and can't do?  That's stupid. -dans
                                to solve the problem.  Just becaus you can do
                                      \_ I'm still waiting for action on
                                         the last two things I've "stepped up"
                                         \_ Namely?  Maybe the ugrads are more
                                            interested in rolling new
                                            functionality than trying to
                                            recreate soda exactly the way it
                                            has been for the last decade?
                                            Maybe they're busy kids doing this
                                            in their spare time, not treating
                                            CSUA root work as a paid job. -dans
                                            \_ perhaps they (or you) shouldn't
                                               suggest mailing root and stepping
                                               up then
                                               \_ Hey, if they (or I) can con
                                                  you into doing free work,
                                                  but pick and choose what we
                                                  implement when, more power
                                                  to us. -dans
                                                  \_ yes, it's always better
                                                     to jerk people around.
                                                     this is why people bitch
                                                     instead of doing stuff.
              \_ Actually, I find a mixture of jerking people around and
                 rewarding them works best.  It simulates gambling, which
                 causes people to work like madmen. -dans
                 \_ I hope this is a feeble attempt at humor....
                    \_ No, I find it's a legitimate management technique of
                       last resort.  Works nicely with ornery, lazy teams, but
                       isn't really necessary for teams of smart folks who get
                       things done. -dans
                                something doesn't mean you should, but if you
                                use that as an excuse never to do anything,
                                nothing would ever change. -dans
2006/4/18-20 [Recreation/Activities, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42774 Activity:low
4/17    Rootstaff:  You guys fucking ROCK!  Thank you so much for putting in
        all the extra time and effort necessary to get soda back up running
        especially after all the disasters!                -mice
        \_ seconded!
        \_ Good job, thanks.  -John
        \_ Excellent work. --erikred
        \_ thanks.   kngharv
2006/4/12-24 [Politics/Domestic/911, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42737 Activity:low
4/12    Not soda-related:  Can anyone name services used by the general public
        which have 'five nines' uptime?  That is, unavailable for less than
        5 minutes in any year.  One of our potential clients is requesting this
        level of reliability and it seems extreme to me.  I was wondering who
        actually hits this level.
        \- helo, "the phone system" is the standard place to talk about
           5 9s. i think in many cases it boils down to "how much $ to
           invest in backup power" and maybe being able to cut a service
           over quickly [automatically] in the event of failure or downtime
           for patching etc. i think you are probably right the person you
           are talking to is a dumbass. i dunno if you are in the position
           to do this but you might ask "how many minutes of downtime per
           year is acceptable" ... ask this question in real time [face to
           face or over the phone]. most stupid people dont know. assuming
           the pass that test and realize the difference between 4 and 5 9s
           is 50min, you might ask what 50min of total or partial failure
           is worth [keep in mind if a WEEB site says they do $100k of
           transactions per hour, you really have to measure how much of
           that is gone for good and wont just be executed later or cant
           be buffered somehow in the case of a partial failure]. but you
           are right that at this point you have to start spending serious
           money on things like 24x7 engineering staff who can replace
           failed blades in cisco routers at 3am and such, or can diagnose
           weirg BGP problems on easter sunday ... let alone deliberate
           attacks on the system. i'm not sure what the reliability tagets
           for 911 and ATC are but you might do some research on those. oktnx.
           \_ I thought credit card processors and financial exchanges were
              the standard.  When you refer to the phone system, do you mean
              POTS, or do you include the cellular network?  If it's both,
              then it definitely doesn't have five nines.  What about when I
              call a land line from a land line, and the system cannot
              complete it because of too much traffic?  Does that count as
              down time?  -dans
              \_ I nominate lesser-bloviator: tom@soda, greater-bloviator: dans
                 \_ You're a moron. -dans
                    \_ Right, and name calling in retaliation for random
                       anonymous trolls is the earmark of an intellectual
                       giant.  Isn't it past due for you to pointlessly insult
                       tom or something?
                       \_ I'm sorry, since I lack your intellectual stature
                          and slick post-modern tools for deconstruction I
                          fail to see how the sentence, ``You're a moron,''
                          states or implies that I am a genius.  Perhaps you
                          could clarify for lesser intellects like mine. -dans
                          \_ Oh the irony!  You're fun to play with, dans.
                             \_ Oh, touch my monkey!  Touch it!
                                P.S. You don't seem to understand the meaning
                                of the word irony.  Please consult a
                                dictionary, or Dave Eggers' handy guide in ``A
                                Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.''
                                \_ Actually I understand it quite well, thanks.
                                   \- the std reference on irony is ARISTOTLE
                                      not EGGERS
                                   \_ Your usage suggests otherwise.  How does
                                      your use of the term irony actually
                                      match the definition? -dans
                                      \_ Actually, my usage is bang on.
                                         \_ No.  Really, it's not.  You might
                                            describe my language as sarcasm,
                                            but not irony.  Irony is when the
                                            opposite of what is expected
                                            happens.  Nothing more.  There is
                                            absolutely no way you can
                                            correctly describe my comment as
                                            ironic. -dans
                                            \_ You're wrong.
                                               \_ Eh.  Are you enjoying
                                                  trolling? -dans
                                                  \_ Since it's so easy...not
                                                     really.  I find this whole
                                                     conversation absurd since
                                                     I know what relationship
                                                     I'm referring to and you
                                                     clearly have no clue.
                                                     It if makes you feel smart
                                                     then by all means, keep
                                                     trying...but you'll still
                                                     very wrong.
                                                     be very wrong.
                                                  \- are you enjoying being
                                                     a fool?
                                                     if you look at a roman
                                                     source like quintillian
                                                     if you look at roman
                                                     sources, e.g. quintillian,
                                                     they will commonly
                                                     emphasize the idea of
                                                     opposite meaning but in
                                                     the older greek conception
                                                     [as exemplified by
                                                     socrates "know nothing"
                                                     attitude, or as discussed
                                                     formally in aristotle
                                                     with examples mostly
                                                     from homer and attic drama]
                                                     it often better character-
                                                     ized as "understatement"
                                                     or dissembled meaning
                                                     rather than opposite.
                                                     often defeinition talk
                                                     about a "contrary" meaning
                                                     to what is stated, but
                                                     contary has a different
                                                     sense than opposite.
                                                     1. some what ironically
                                                        \_ Do you mean
                                                           somewhat? -dans
                                                           \_ OOhh!! Face!
                                                              Face!!  You
                                                              got him!!!1!one
                                                     UCB DEAD PROFESSOR and
                                                     MACARTHUR GENIUS was
                                                     one of the main modern
                                                     scholars on IRONY.
                                                     2. the wikipedia entry
                                                     on irony is pretty decent
                                                     and more importantly a lot
                                                     more readable than some
                                                     formal discussions.
                                                     \_ That's nice.  I always
                                                        quote the wikipedia as
                                                        a reliable source on
                                                        scholarly literary
                                                        topics. -dans
                                                        \- you referenced "a
                                                           dict" and dave
                                                           i cited:
                                                           1. quintillian
                                                           2. aristotle
                                                           3. vlastos
                                                           4. wikipedia
                                                           wikip is probably
                                                           the only one
                                                           accessible to you.
                                                           i assume you didnt
                                                           see the Nature
                                                           study comparing
                                                           the EB and Wikip.
                                                           it did pretty well.
                                                           a key to using
                                                           the wikip is to
                                                           know enough about
                                                           the subject to
                                                           be able to tell
                                                           if it is trustworthy
                                                           on factual points.
                                                           keep digging buddy.
        \                                   \_ You're right. -tom ... Now that
         \                                      would be ironic, no? -!tom
          \_ So, in other words, since you clearly have no idea what the hell
             you're talking, you are incapable of judging whether or not the
             wikipedia entry on irony is accurate, and you were just pulling a
             source out of your ass!  Awesome!  Please tell me oh great and
             mighty master of irony, were my previous two sentences ironic; is
             this one? -dans
             \_ So, rather than admit you can't read my mind and are therefore
                probably wrong, you flip out and resort to ad hominem red
                herrings.  I'm beginning to see a pattern in your behavior
                here...  You can have this thread, btw -- I won my bet.   =)
             \_ Little Dan, this is your Mother. Please stop embarassing us.
                \_ Fuck you.  If you had any knowledge of my mother's
                   condition, you'd realize that's in remarkably poor taste.
                   \_ Now that's ironic.  Little Dan, did you cry?
                      \_ No.  Properly speaking, if you wanted to mock me by
                         insinuating that I am a baby, you would call me
                         Danny, but it doesn't really work unless you knew me
                         when I was called that. -dans
                   \_ Why would he?
                   \_ Now that's ironic.
                      \_ I think dans is the self appointed expert irony mind
                         reader guy around here -- let's see what he says,
                      \_ she's on the cover of Crack Ho Magazine?
                   \_ yermom
         \_ the motd: delivering idiotic banter with 5 9s reliability
2006/4/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42672 Activity:kinda low
4/4     If you're going to wipe the motd, nuke it from orbit.  It's the only
        way to be sure:
                   /f=r/~_-~ _-_ --_.^-~--\=b\
                 4fF / */  .o  ._-__.__/~-. \*R\
                /fF./  . /- /' /|/|  \_  * *\ *\R\
               (iC.I+ '| - *-/00  |-  \  )  ) )|RB
               (I| (  [  / -|/^^\ |   )  /_/ | *)B
               (I(. \ `` \   \m_m_|~__/ )_ .-~ F/
                \b\\=_.\_b`-+-~x-_/ .. ,._/ , F/
                 ~\_\= =  =-*###%#x==-#  *=- =/
                    ~\**U/~  | i i | ~~~\===~          You know, we totoro
                            | I I \\                   do not appreciate this.
                           / // i\ \\
                      (   [ (( I@) )))  )                   /
                             || * |                   |\|\
                            /* /I\ *~~\               |  OO\
                          /~-/*  / \ \ ~~M~\          | /^^\|
                ____----=~ // /WVW\* \|\ ***===--___  |_m_m/
  /-------\/                 || * |                   |\|\
 / |     ||                 /* /I\ *~~\               |  OO\
*  ||W---||               /~-/*  / \ \ ~~M~\          | /^^\|
   ~~    ~~     ____----=~ // /WVW\* \|\ ***===--___  |_m_m/
   \_ Yes!!!!
2006/4/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42648 Activity:nil
4/4     pervo dans 19 year old fancier, fob motd guy, motd boob
        guy have primitive love child:
2006/4/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42600 Activity:moderate
4/1     Whoa! I was gonna delete stupid drivels but someone's been doing it
        for me while I was gone. I don't know who you are but you're doing a
        great job. Team work rules!
        \_ You can't keep the motd censored for several reasons:
           1) there *is* a class of people with more time than the moronic
              self-proclaimed grad student: the multiple government employees
              here who all have scripts that can undo the damage caused with
              a button press who want the motd free of your ugliness.
           2) there are dozens of others who will never stop posting new
              political topics to the motd and restoring censored threads
              when they notice censorship (with their own detect/restore)
           3) they all care about this way more than you do.
           4) you're way outnumbered.
           5) censorship has been tried many times in the past and always
              failed for the above reasons, you're nothing special.
           Good luck with your petty and childish plan to force other people
           to talk about only what you want them to talk about.  If you go
           too far and auto-script it, you *will* get caught and then we'll
           be debating squishing you.  You won't be missed.
           \_ Please don't underestimate the power of super bored grad
              students. We will ILYAS your crap for as long as it is
              necessary. We have the time, and we have the number. There
              is no way you can match our power. Bring it on.          -op
              \_ There's nothing to bring and that's where your plan falls
                 down.  We're just going to keep restoring censored items and
                 adding new ones, business as usual.  You have to go out of
                 your way to censor.  I find it ironic that in order to
                 selectively kill political posts you're going to have to read
                 them.  Welcome to the old world order.
           \_ You have presented the stick, which will win in the end.  Let me
              also introduce the carrot.  OP may not be able to understand
              why some people are interested in what he thinks is "drivel",
              but that "drivel" is part of what keeps dozens of old, experienced
              software and IT professionals reading and posting to the motd for
              years and years.  Those people can answer questions that would
              have taken a lot of work to answer on one's own, and can help
              one find a job.   Think of the politics trolls as a fee you have
              to pay for the service of having this technical forum which
              experienced technical people read and post to.
              \_ All true but I doubt the op cares.  He's going to hide in
                 academia forever where he'll get kudos for spending time
                 re-solving solved problems.
           \_ It's disingenuous to call cleaning up the motd censorship, and
              demeans the damage done by genuine acts of censorship.  The motd
              is a private community resource.  When members of this community
              nuke threads they feel are drivel, it's not censorship, it's a
              speech act that expresses their opinion, namely that those
              threads are a waste of time.  If you so desire, you may express
              your opinion by putting the threads back.  Seriously, if you
              really care about censorship and want to fight it, there are
              *far* more important battles to be fought than on the motd,
              which, when you get right down to it is basically a playground.
2006/3/28 [Science/GlobalWarming, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42487 Activity:kinda low
3/28    A day or two later and the motd doesn't look much like the dans vs
        the world show anymore does it?  Now it looks like the right-wing
        political trolls vs. the left-wing political trolls show. -dans
        \_ That must mean that you're overdue for a "snipe at tom" session or
           something.  You sure you're feeling okay, dans?     :P      -mice
        \_ Point taken.
        \_ Please support your statement with facts.
           \_ The facts are self-evident.  Please get a clue. -dans
2006/3/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Recreation/Media] UID:42469 Activity:nil
3/27    Wait, what if motd boob guy, star trek movie guy, and movie critic
        guy were all the same person?  Wouldn't that be like some sort of
        stereotypical geek trifecta?  Or would he need to be Asian, too?
        \_ I think that person exists and his name is Roger Ebert.
           \_ I thought Russ Meyer was the boob guy.
                \_ You are of course aware Roger Ebert cowrote
                   "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" with Russ Meyer
                        \_ Roger Ebert lives with boobs 24/7
                        \_ Anyway, when did Ebert get a CSUA account and
                           start posting URLs from bustywebshots?
           \_ "I thought the acting was wooden, there was no character
               development, and the ending was predictable, but check out the
               chick's boobs!  Two thumbs up!"
        \_ I don't watch enough movies to be the mmc. And I'm not much
           into boobs. Though I would not turn down the opportunity to
           watch Jadzia running around DS9 shooting people w/ a concussion
           phaser rifle. -stmg
2006/3/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/President, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42464 Activity:nil
3/27    hybrid motd boob guy / movie critic says
        Inside Man has it all:
        guns, Jews, New Jersey boobs, Denzel Washington
        being The Man, lesbians, cool shots of NYC,
        National Socialists fans, hot Albanians, racial
        politics, humor... please see this movie instead
        of fucking V FOR VENDETTA or give your money to
        a deserving homeless person outside of the theater.
        \_ See both.
           \_ take the $20 you save from not seeing these, and go buy the
              V for Vendetta collection at your local bookstore.  So much
2006/3/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42328 Activity:nil
3/20    If you're going to troll the motd today, please make
        that extra effort and at least try to use proper
        grammar.  I know you like to pretend that you are
        an angry immigrant troll who just moved to Berkeley
        but I know you had to take the TOEFL before being
        admitted so I know you're not a moron.  Thank you.
2006/3/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42171 Activity:nil
        Dear current csua students-- the bickering between tom and dans
        is NOT representative of current alumni and your future, and
        is certainly NOT typical behaviour from typcial alumni. Most
        of us have a bit more humour and are much more optimistic,
        forgiving, and helpful. Most of us understand that what happened in
        the past, is history and no one really give a damn. What's important
        is _now_, the present time, because we can do something to make
        csua a better organization. You [current students] have our support.
        You certainly have my moral support, but don't count on getting
        any money from me because I'm a cheapskate alum who can't even
        afford a typical house, a 60 year old run down house for $800K in
        San Jose or Santa Clara even with my near 6-digit salary so I'm
        forced to buy a fucking $600K house out of nowhere north of
        Gilroy and suffer traffic every single fucking day. FUCK!! !!!
        Oops, I'm only joking. I'm not bitter. Really. Go Cal. BEAT STANFORD!
        \_ Thanks a lot for your show of support.  Don't worry I realize that
           most often the silent minority who agree with policy/direction
           can be drowned out by a vocal minority.  With recently getting new
           soda we are actually ok in regards to the constant need for more
           money.  It sounds like maybe we should go panhandle for change
           to help you out though.  :P
           I hope you manage to make it to the alumni bbq and can meet some of
           the current students.  -mrauser, president
           Just so you know, its highly unlikely that more than 1-2 current
           students ever read the motd (myself included) and thus probably
           have no idea that tom and dans are bickering.
           \_ Bingo!
        \_ 2ded. I personally think that the CSUA is a great student
           organization and am proud to be an alum member. I have hired
           several CSUA members as interns and full time employees and
           will continue to support the CSUA morally and financially.
           On a side note, I have been greatly impressed by the dedication
           of the recent politburo members (props to jvarga and mrauser)
           and hope that the CSUA continues to recruit dedicated ugs.
           GO BEAH!
           \_ 3ded.
2006/3/7-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42132 Activity:high
3/7     Isn't it squishable to use something like fold to modify motd?
        \_ maybe. who is doing it?
        \_ Yes, but no one cares anymore.
        \_ No.  It's theoretically squishable to have something automatically
           modifying the MOTD every three minutes via fold or some other
           method, but ever since paolo did it, it seems anything goes.  -tom
           \- What if you are an obsessive compulsary guy like me who checks
              the motd every 5 minutes _manually_ and do repeated things to
              motd _manually_? How do you distinguish between changes done
              via a script that keeps calling fold or just someone like me?
              Is it squishable because of one's ultimate intent to motd
              regardless of actual changes, or is it squishable only when
              the actual changes are made repeatedly, regardless of method?
              \_ The only cases I know of where someone was squished for
                 modifying the MOTD were when it was being done automatically.
                 Being an idiot is not the same as being a hoser.  -tom
                 Being an idiot is not the same as being a hoser. For example
                 I am an idiot and marco was a hoser.  -tom
           \_ The horse is dead tom.  Please stop beating it. -dans
              PS, I'm a little dubious of your standing to bitch about CSUA
              policy since you've done so since before I got to Berkeley in
              '97, and continued to do so until I finished in '04, and, to my
              knowledge, you never once showed up at a politburo meeting.  I'm
              under the impression that you work on the Berkeley campus so
              it's not like you have distance as an excuse.
              \_ I've been to general meetings during that time frame.
                 I think the current undergraduates really should be in
                 charge of setting policy and direction for the CSUA, but
                 I also think that it's inappropriate and inexcusable for a
                 CSUA officer to intentionally and deceptively screw up a
                 public CSUA resource.  -tom
                 \_ Fair enough.  Even so, I can say your knowledge of the
                    so-called paolo motd squishing incident is incomplete.
                    There are facts you don't have that were discussed by the
                    then current undergraduate members of the politburo in
                    closed session, and a policy decision was made based on
                    those facts.  Thus, in this case, your hard line stance on
                    the issue is in conflict with your statement that
                    undergrads should set policy and direction.  Seriously
                    though, it's been for years.  Don't you think it's time to
                    move on? -dans
                    \_ Don't you think the politburo should have responded
                       to the person who brought the complaint?  I never
                       heard a single word.  And I can't imagine what facts
                       there could be which would mitigate the situation
                       enough that the CSUA President would not have to at
                       least admit wrongdoing and apologize--unless you
                       believed paolo's total BS about how his process really
                       was pine and it was checking mail every three minutes.
                       Closed politburo session for disciplining a politburo
                       member is also total BS.  -tom
                       \_ It would mitigate the situation if the President's
                          apparently anti-social act that stomped on your
                          playground actually benefited the greater good of
                          the CSUA.  If the University was pressuring the CS
                          department to shut off the CSUA's net taps
                          *permanently* in response to complaints that the
                          motd was in gross violations of campus hate
                          speech/fighting words statutes, then nuking the
                          motd would benefit this greater good.  I phrase
                          this as a hypothetical because I can't disclose
                          specifics on the record without betraying the
                          confidence of the politburo members at that time.
                          Refer to question #18 in for
                          more info re: campus hate speech regs (sorry, it's a
                          PDF).  And, also hypothetically, perhaps the
                          politburo didn't respond to the person who raised
                          the complaint because they felt that the individual's
                          language and attitude was abusive and demanding, and
                          they felt disinclined to interact with such an
                          individual?  If said individual raised his/her
                          complaint in person at a politburo meeting with the
                          same language and attitude, I suspect the politburo
                          would have told him to `Fuck off' in so many words.
                          As is, they let sleeping dogs lie.  You can state
                          that ``Closed politburo session for disciplining a
                          politburo member is also total BS,'' but that's your
                          opinion.  The undergraduates on the politburo made a
                          policy decision regarding how they wanted to handle
                          the matter.  If you truly believe that current
                          undergraduates should set policy and direction, you
                          don't get to pick and choose which policy decisions
                          they do and don't make. -dans
                          \_ chmod 644 /etc/motd.public is how I would solve
                             that problem.  No need to run a script to wipe
                             motd. -mrauser
                          \_ oh that's a load of crap and you know it.  paolo
                             was deleting the MOTD because people were taking
                             out his postings of kinneydrivel.  If he were
                             doing it for the greater good of the CSUA, why
                             did he name his process "pine" and lie about
                             what it did?  We're not talking about the
                             MOTD nazi'ing after 9/11, we're talking about
                            while (1) sleep 180 ; cp /dev/null /etc/motd.public
                             And I do think the undergraduates should be
                             allowed to set policy; do you think that if I
                             put the above in a script, called it "pine",
                             and ran it myself, that that would be OK and
                             within CSUA policy?  What a crock.  -tom
                             \_ I agree that Paolo's implementation left much
                                to be desired, but that's neither here nor
                                there.  And yes, if nuking the motd kept us
                                from getting our net tap shut off, while it
                                wouldn't be OK, I'd sincerely hope that it
                                would be forgiven.  At this point the dispute
                                is who's facts are correct.  Yours run counter
                                to my recollection, but I doubt I'm going to
                                convince you my memory is better than yours
                                or vice versa.  But that still begs the
                                question, why are you beating a horse that's
                                been dead for four years? -dans
                                \_ The facts that paolo *claimed at
                                   the time* were that he was "running
                                   tests using screen to have it run
                                   pine in the background and
                                   auto-reattach itself to my
                                   soda-shell whenever i got new mail" (his
                                   words).  Apparently, when it became obvious
                                   that this was 100% bullshit, he told the
                                   politburo that he was on a SOOPER SEKRIT
                                   MISSION to SAVE THE CSUA from the EVIL
                                   LORD MULLALLY.  And apparently he
                                   succeeded in his mission, despite only
                                   deleting the MOTD for about three
                                   hours on one occasion and never running his
                                   script again (at least not automatically).
                                   What an effective leader he was!  I
                                   bring it up because I am still dumbfounded,
                                   not only that he did it in the first place,
                                   but that his credulous cronies let him
                                   get away with it.  Maybe you believed his
                                   bullshit--that would just make you a
                                   stooge and a tool.  Paolo, on the other
                                   hand, was a scumbag.   -tom
                                   \_ Excuse me?  Have you ever sat down
                                      and had a beer with me?  Or Paolo?
                                      Paolo is a good guy and a good friend
                                      who's there when he's needed.  I can
                                      attest to this as will many others.
                                      Back when he was on politburo, he worked
                                      his ass for the CSUA.  So did I.  You,
                                      on the other hand are a faceless bitter
                                      dour naysayer alumni who sees fit
                                      to bitch and moan about `those kids
                                      these days,' but, in my seven years
                                      kicking around Berkeley, I never once
                                      saw you lift a finger for this
                                      organization.  You seem to believe that
                                   \_ Excuse me?  Have you ever sat down and
                                      had a beer with Paolo?  Or me?  I know
                                      he busted his ass for the CSUA when he
                                      was on politburo.  So did I.  You on the
                                      other hand seem to be a bitter dour
                                      naysayer alumnus who loves to bitch
                                      about ``those damned kids these days,''
                                      but, in the seven years I was active in
                                      the CSUA, I never once saw you lift a
                                      finger for this organization.  Basically,
                                      you're a parasite.  You seem to think
                                      the motd is your personal playground,
                                      You think Paolo pissed on it once four
                                      years ago, and, like a child or a
                                      fanatic, you latch onto this tiny
                                      perceived slight, blow it way out of
                                      proportion, and refuse to move on or let
                                      go.  Somehow, in the haze of your ongoing
                                      childish tantrum, you concluded that
                                      people you barely or never interacted
                                      with are, in your words, scumbags,
                                      stooges, and tools.  My first impulse is
                                      to revert to your level and call you a
                                      wanker, but, on further reflection, I'm
                                      simply speechless. -dans
                                      and you believe Paolo pissed on it.
                                      Like a child or a fanatic, your response
                                      to this tiny perceived slight is to blow
                                      it completely out of proportion: You
                                      hold a grudge over the matter that's
                                      lasted four years (and counting).  On
                                      the basis of incomplete information
                                      about a single event, you just labeled
                                      a bunch of people you've barely or never
                                      interacted with as stooges, tools, and
                                      scumbags.  I'm tempted to drop to your
                                      level and call you a wanker, but,
                                      frankly, I'm just speechless. -dans
                                      \_ Way to change the subject!  First of
                                         all, I am quite confident that I
                                         have both done more work for the CSUA
                                         and donated more money to the CSUA
                                         than either of you.  Second, how
                                         much work any of us have done for
                                         the CSUA is completely irrelevant
                                         to whether paolo's actions were
                                         inappropriate.  And it's not just
                                         that he munged the MOTD; it's that
                                         he threatened me with lawsuits and
                                         police action when I reported it.
                                         That's appropriate behavior for
                                         an officer of an organization?  -tom
                                         \_ I'm not changing the subject.  You
                                            called me a tool and a stooge.  I
                                            can live with that.  But you also
                                            slapped that label (and scumbag)
                                            on several of my friends,
                                            something I am considerably less
                                            inclined to tolerate.  This is the
                                            first time you've brought up
                                            threats of lawsuits and police
                                            action.  I know in your world you
                                            want us all to bow down and lick
                                            your asshole when you champion
                                            your righteous views, but a) you
                                            refuse to allow for the fact that
                                            you may be wrong and b) we live in
                                            a civil society where the police
                                            and the courts exist to adjudicate
                                            disputes between parties.  You
                                            have a right to raise complaints.
                                            But if you harrass people to make
                                            your complaints heard, or your
                                            complaints are slanderous or
                                            libelous, then the wronged parties
                                            have a right to seek legal
                                            recourse.  If Paolo legitimately
                                            felt you wronged him, then it is
                                            reasonable and appropriate for him
                                            to seek remedy from the police or
                                            the courts. -dans
                                            \_ except he was 100% full of
                                               shit, which is why he
                                               apparently came up with a
                                               totally new story in the
                                               SOOPER SEKRIT POLITBURO
                                               MEETING where, surprise,
                                               his friends decided not to
                                               do anything to him.  -tom
                                               \_ I am ready to fight you Tom.
                                                  Are you a coward? -dans
                                                  \_ GUN DUEL!!
                                                  \_ I did not write this.
                                                     \_ So you are scared to
                                                        fight tom too? It is
                                                        too bad for the
                                                        CSUA you both lack
                                                        physical courage.
                                               \_ Look tom, if it was such an
                                                  important issue, and you
                                                  believe so strongly in your
                                                  conviction that Paolo is a
                                                  liar and a `scumbag,' you
                                                  could have escalated your
                                                  complaint to the ASUC, the
                                                  CS department, or the
                                                  University level.  You chose
                                                  not to do that.  Instead,
                                                  you vent on the motd with
                                                  cheap shots and low blows at
                                                  the parties involved four
                                                  years after the fact.  This
                                                  is just sour grapes over the
                                                  fact that the politburo
                                                  decided that you were wrong,
                                                  and your complaint lacked
                                                  merit.  Apparently you don't
                                                  like to be reminded that
                                                  you're not omnipotent, and
                                                  sometimes this leads to
                                                  incorrect conclusions. -dans
                                                  \_ I didn't vent on the MOTD.
                                                     I reported it to the
                                                     politburo, courteously
                                                     and with details.  The
                                                     \_ And then proceeded to
                                                        vent about it on the
                                                        motd for the next four
                                                        years (and counting!)
                                                        when the politburo
                                                        decided, based on
                                                        findings of fact that
                                                        your complaint was
                                                        without merit. -dans
                                                     politburo ignored me
                                                     except for paolo's
                                                     reply where he lied about
                                                     what he was doing,
                                                     claimed he was placing
                                                     a restraining order
                                                     against me, and blamed
                                                     me for making soda
                                                     "not a place for
                                                     (Ignoring, of course,
                                                     the fact that he was the
                                                     one trashing the
                                                     resource).  The act
                                                     itself was not that
                                                     big a deal, and it
                                                     would have been a
                                                     disservice to the CSUA
                                                     to try to bring it to
                                                     a higher authority.
                                                     However, paolo is still
                                                     a scumbag and you're
                                                     still a tool.  -tom
                                                     \_ I am thankful I don't
                                                        see the world through
                                                        your eyes. -dans
                                           \_ The bottom line here is paolo was
                                              your friend and anything he did
                                              was fine.
                                              \_ No.  I choose my friends
                                                 because they behave like
                                                 honorable human beings I can
                                                 respect.  I can't be friends
                                                 with someone I don't respect.
                                                 If he did something genuinely
                                                 reprehensible, he wouldn't be
                                                 my friend anymore. -dans
                                                 \_ It wasn't "reprehensible";
                                                    I mean, he didn't murder
                                                    anyone or steal etc. What
                                                    he did do was break a CSUA
                                                    policy that others have
                                                    been disciplined for, and
                                                    lied about it. I mean, you
                                                    \_ To my knowledge, he did
                                                       not lie about it.  Tom
                                                       accuses him of lying
                                                       about it, but, as this
                                                       thread shows, Tom lives
                                                       in a reality distortion
                                                       field so I am
                                                       disinclined to believe
                                                       Tom's accusation.  Honor
                                                       and honesty are very
                                                       important to me, and
                                                       while I don't view them
                                                       purely in black and
                                                       white, I would end a
                                                       friendship over them
                                                       \_ So, do you believe
                                                          the following?
  1.  I have been and was running tests using screen to have it run pine
in the background and auto-reattach itself to my soda-shell whenever i got
new mail (think of it as biff++).  I have been running these test for
several days now.

I have been checking my screen sessions on soda and the programs I've
been running are not only nice'd, but go to sleep awaiting a timer
call.  I'm using soda because some of my mail goes to soda.


  For this i am contacting the OSC and the Berkeley PD about restraining
orders placed against Mr. Holub.
                                                          The first two
                                                          paragraphs don't
                                                          jibe at all with
                                                          what you claim
                                                          happened at the
                                                          SOOPER SEKRIT
                                                          politburo meeting.
                                                          And I seriously
                                                          doubt he ever
                                                          contact OSC or
                                                          contacted OSC or
                                                          the Berkeley PD.
        \_ Did Paolo cc anyone, e.g. the politburo on that mail?  That is, if
           Paolo sent the out of context email excerpt you posted, and the
           statements therein are untrue, did he lie to you, or did he lie to
           both you *and* the politburo?  I'm willing to believe he sent the
           email you are excerpting, I don't think your reality distortion
           field is so warped that you would fabricate old emails.  Did it
           ever occur to you that his purpose was to get you off his back?
           If he lied to you, then it was bad form and a poor way to
           accomplish that end.  But, apparently, it succeeded.  You might
           feel you deserve an apology.  That said, however, you make a
           pattern of being rude, belligerent, and nasty in your electronic
           communications, as evinced by your behavior on the motd.  Oddly
           enough, this is something you and I share.  The difference is that
           when someone responds to my nastiness by ignoring me or telling me
           to fuck off in so many words, I accept the consequences.  You, on
           the other hand, demand an apology, and declare a lifelong (four
           years, and counting!) vendetta against the party in question. -dans
           \_ That was his response to my mail to root.  He cc:ed root,
              twohey, ajani, galen, and chialea.  He made similar claims on
              \_ Let's apply Occam's razor here.  Which of the following is
                  more plausible:
                  a) Paolo is privately a degenerate scumbag, but his public
                     face is that of a brilliant social engineer who counts the
                     following people in his thrall of tools and stooges:
                     - twohey, ajani, galen, and chialea
                     - all root staff members
                     - all politburo members
                     - everyone reading wall during the time period in question
                  b) You really weren't privy to all the details, and thus
                     your self-righteous black and white assessment is wrong.
<<<<<<< /home/sgi/dcs/tms
                  \_ This is great.  If paolo sent it just to me, he was
                     just trying to get me to go away, but if he sent it
                     to lots of people, he must have been telling the
                     truth.  How's this for a possibility: the politburo
                     was a bunch of paolo's friends, who didn't want to
                     do the right thing (turn off his account and remove him
                     as President), so they decided in "closed session"
                     (so no one else ever knew what happened) to let it slide.
                     Sounds pretty ontologically parsimonious to me.  -tom
                     \_ tom, do you need a hug?  Maybe a nice puppy or a kitty
                        cat for your apartment? -dans
                  \_ How can you count 'everyone reading wall...'?
                     \_ As tom has made abundantly clear, if you're not
                        with tom, your against tom.  Since those reading wall
                        did not rush to tom's defense and aide, they must be
                        part of Paolo's vast scumbag conspiracy of tools and
                        stooges. -dans
                     Also, another possibility is that those 'tools and stooges'
                     in actuality chose to just let it slide, for whatever
                     reason, since that's the easiest thing to do, and they
                     probably had no idea what really happened and don't
                     care much either way about the incident.
                  \_ You are a black bugger.  -tom
>>>>>>> /etc/motd.public
                     \_ Sounds plausible to me.  It also explains why, unlike
                        tom, they're not still bitching about it after the
                        fact. -dans
              wall.  The issue has *nothing to do* with my online personality;
                                                           \_ Do you have an
                                                              different online
                                                              because you are
                                                              worried about
                                                              getting beaten up
                                                              in real life?
                                                              \_ He does run
                                                                 away when
                                                                 someone makes
                                                                 threats on the
                                                                 \_ you know,
                                                                    psb, a
                                                                    twerp like
                                                                    you really
                                                                    stay away
              it has to to with paolo trying to come up with a plausible story
              to dupe the credulous.  He failed the first time, so apparently
              he came up with a totally different story, completely
              inconsistent with his first one, to tell at the politburo
              meeting.  (By the way, the MOTD that day was
              nothing remotely resembling hate speech).  -tom
                                                    know, whatever, but there
                                                    it is. Your politburo chose
                                                    to ignore that. That thing
                                                    had nothing to do with hate
                                                    speech (that was the 9/11
                                                    motd shutdown). I don't
                                                    think that this incident
                                                    would be enough to break a
                                                    friendship over. But it
                                                    is quite plain that there
                                                    was dishonesty there; can't
                                                    you at least admit that it
                                                    was a wrong thing to do
                                                    especially for an officer?
                                                    Anyway I don't really care
                                                    and nobody else really does
                                                    either but it remains an
                                                    item of precedent that tom
                                                    was perfectly justified in
                                                    pointing out at the top of
                                                    this thread. All the rest
                                                    of this thread is your
                                                    indignant lashing back.
                                                    Anyway I don't have
                                                    anything against y'all I
                                                    just think it's funny.
                    \_ "hard line stance"?  Seriously.. You (by which I mean
                       the last 5 years or so of politburo) only use terms like
                       this because of an inflated sense of importance. I think
                       it's time politburo stops whining about outdated
                       \_ Um, dude, I'm making an argument.  I use language
                          appropriate for the discussion.  Sense of importance
                          has nothing to do with it.  I think it's time that
                          bitter dour naysayer alumni stop whining about four
                          year old slights. -dans
                    \_ For posterity, what were those facts? -!tom
                       \_ The hypothetical I describe is pretty damn close.  I
                          can't disclose specifics without violating others'
                          trust.  Yes, it's lame, but it's also how it fell
                          out. -dans
                          \_ trust him, he's only wiretapping bad guys.  -tom
                             \_ I agree it's fucked.  But I also gave my word.
                                Look tom, I've been way more active in this
                                organization in the last seven years than you
                                have.  Is there a reason your word should
                                carry more weight than mine? -dans
                          \_ That makes absolutely no sense. Do you actually
                             believe that?
                             \_ If someone asks for my opinion on a matter in
                                confidence, I give it, in confidence.  I don't
                                put a statue of limitations on that.  I value
                                my word. -dans
                                \_ I was referring to the hate speech theory of
                                   why noble paolo was auto-wiping the motd.
                                   \_ Berkeley has pretty strong fighting
                                      words/hate speech policies, and they
                                      were *really* on the warpath in the
                                      weeks following 9/11. -dans
                                      \_ yes, nice theory, only problem
                                         is, this was two months before
                                         9/11.  Oh, and when confronted
                                         with the evidence, paolo didn't
                                         say anything about hate speech,
                                         and there wasn't any hate speech
                                         in the MOTD that day.  Unless
                                         you count kinneydrivel.  -tom
              \_ Tom was scared after some geeks threated to physically
                 assault him.
                 \_ That's moderately amusing, but my point is a serious one.
              \_ Us old farts do this for a while, then we transcend Politburo
                 meetings for a higher plane of consciousness.  You too will
                 realize this when you graduate to old fartness, young
                 padawan.  -John
                 \_ John, you live in Europe.  I can understand if you don't
                    make it to a single politburo meeting in seven years.  Me,
                    I don't want to transcend to a plane where I bitch about
                    things, but make no genuine effort to alter objective
                    reality. -dans
                    \_ Earth to dans.  Earth to dans.  You already do that.
                       \_ As if you have any standing to judge.  Please keep
                          believing that.  Social, political, and economic
                          systems share at least one thing with computers:
                          they're easier to hack without someone looking over
                          your shoulder. -dans
                    \_ We're alumni.  We don't have to go to meetings anymore.
                       We've earned the right to bitch from the sidelines no
                       matter where you are.  Hey, it's the undergrads'
                       organization, we have no business showing up :-)  -John
2006/3/3-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42086 Activity:high
3/3     Has the CSUA considered asking alumni to ccme back and give talks about
        the cool stuff they are doing? I'm thinking of bz (Cyan), maybe aubie
        (Pixar)... I'm sure there are plenty of others I'm forgetting (no
        offense intended). Twohey, lea, myself and others could talk about
        grad school. Brg could too, but I don't know if you would want that.
        I bet mconst could put on some kind of freaky variety show (he'll
        solve an open math problem, patch a critical kernel bug, then kick
        your ass at any video game in  existence). There are distance issues
        involved for some folks, but if they were asked (well, if I was asked)
        I bet people would make an effort. I think this could be a huge draw,
        and take advantage of one of the CSUA's core strengths. I'll leave
        you with the opening to a talk I was writing for UCB undergrads about
        going to grad school:

        "This talk is either going to suck donkey balls, or rock you like an
        exam written by Hilfinger _and_ Garcia. And I just came from the
        Super-DC,  where they are FRESH OUT OF DONKEY BALLS. As Yoda says,
        there is no try, only do."
        \_ I brought in a guy from work to talk about election security.
           It was a facinating talk, but, of course, almost no one showed
           up. -jrleek
           \_ There hasn't ever been anything resembling serious election
              security in this country.  Probably not in most others either.
              \_ Umm, no duh?  So we can't have a talk on it? -jrleek
                 \_ Of course, but it's such an obscure topic for most
                       \- vertex algebras is an obscure topic.
                          election security is hardly obscure.
                    people, especially the politically unaware freshmen
                    that I'm not surprised it wasn't well attended.  Do you
                    think most people are aware elections have been rigged
                    since forever?  Most people don't even vote so why would
                    they care if an election is manipulated or not?
                    \_ Well, this was primarily about electronic voting.
                    \_ Erm, isn't that sort of part of the purpose of a
                       university, to expose you to obscure topics?  -John
                       \_ No.  You're supposed to get a 'higher education'
                          which isn't necessarily the same thing.  Anyway,
                          even if it was the point, attending a side lecture
                          or talk like this, no matter how interesting or
                          educational, is still voluntary.  How many times
                          were you in class when a prof went off on some side
                          topic and someone asked, "will this be on the exam?"
                          Thus, few people attended something that may have
                          been quite interesting and educational.  It wasn't
                          on the midterm.
                          \_ Of course it's voluntary.  But let's face it,
                             you could, theoretically, learn all the crap you
                             get from a university from books.  I don't know
                             about you, but the most valuable thing I got
                             out of Cal was the sum total of exposure to ideas
                             and people that I would not otherwise have had
                             access to.  I think "will this be on the exam" is
                             one of the saddest questions imaginable.  -John
                             \_ Of course it is.  However Cal probably isn't
                                the best choice for people looking for a
                                classical liberal arts education.  After the
                                various admissions and self filtering that
                                goes on to create a freshman class, plus
                                the environment once you get here there isn't
                                a lot of room for that sort of thing.  Thus,
                                you get a high percentage of people who won't
                                attend what was probably an interesting, yet
                                entirely voluntary/no credit talk.
                                \_ Why not?  I don't know about nowadays, but
                                   course catalog when I attended (92-96, to
                                   be honest) was jam packed with interesting,
                                   esoteric stuff.  I had a lot of amazing
                                   profs _and_ good TAs, as well as contact
                                   with some really funky, smart people who
                                   enjoyed attending "interesting", voluntary
                                   talks.  Same university?  -John
                          \_ You're either smart and cynical or just plain
                             dumb.  It makes me glad I devoted time and effort
                             to fucking with your kind when they were my peers
                             in classes or students in classes I TAed. -dans
                             \_ Ok since you can't even figure out what "kind"
                                I am....  I'm just glad I was here today to
                                give you the opportunity to post how smart
                                you are and how you abused other people in
                                class.  Whatever.  I don't know what button
                                of yours I hit with my harmless reply to John,
                                but your response is... interesting.
                                \_ This isn't about smart or dumb.  It's about
                                   your assertion that the purpose of attending
                                   university is to get a `higher education'
                                   (whatever that means), a view that I hold
                                   to be either cynical and shortsighted or
                                   outright stupid.  Individuals who approach
                                   university classrooms with your attitude
                                   water down the university experience for
                                   everyone.  Every time some selfish or
                                   stupid twit asks ``Will this be on the
                                   midterm,'' it takes away from class time
                                   that could be spent *gasp* learning.  Thus,
                                   I view it as a duty to encourage others to
                                   move away from a fundamentally parasitic and
                                   harmful attitude toward the university
                                   experience, if necessary, by beating it out
                                   of them.  Cheers. -dans
                                   \_ Unfortunately you didn't do as well in
                                      reading comp as you did in nastiness
                                      and self righteousness.  Go re-read and
                                      try again.
                                      \_ Unfortunately your composition skills,
                                         appear grossly inferior to your
                                         apparent selfishness and
                                         defensiveness.  In particular, your
                                         capacity to clearly express your
                                         views deserves as C+ at best.  Back to
                                         English 1A with you.  It saddens me
                                         that you think it is nasty when people
                                         call attention to the, in this case
                                         ugly, truth of your words. -dans
                                         \_ *laugh* "I know you are but what
                                            am I?"  You're so funny.
                                            \_ I'm someone who has the
                                               conviction to sign my name and
                                               stand behind my words.  Who are
                                               you? -dans
                                               \_ I don't play that game.  You
                                                  can deal with what I say,
                                                  who I am is not important.
                                                  If you can't deal, don't.
                                                  I don't care and didn't ask
                                                  you to throw your over
                                                  wrought spew on the thread
                                                  in the first place.  You
                                                  chose to join a thread and
                                                  respond to an anonymous
                                                  person.  No one forced you.
                                                  \_ Eh. -dans
                                                  \_ You say I don't understand
                                                     what you wrote.  I say
                                                     you're backpedalling
                                                     because your words
                                                     express a cynical and
                                                     selfish attitude, and I
                                                     called you on it.  We
                                                     can't both be right.
                                                     Personally, I throw my
                                                     hat in with the guy who
                                                     signs hist name, but I'm
                                                     biased. -dans
                                                     \_ You're an idiot. -gwb
                                                        \_ No, Mr. President,
                                                           what you meant to
                                                           say was ``Fuck
                                                           off'' -rbc
                                                    \_ I'll explain slowly for
                                                       you: I have no reason
                                                       to backpedal anything.
                                                       I'm somewhat anonymous,
                                                       this is only the motd,
                                                       \_ If it's ``only the
                                                          motd,'' why do you
                                                          care so much about
                                                          your anonymity? -dans
                                                          \_ Meow!
                                                       any intelligent person
                                                       who reads English can
                                                       understand what I said,
                                                       \_ I disagree with this
                                                          assertion. -dans
                                                          \_ MeOW!
                                                       I never took back a
                                                       single word of it, and
                                                       \_ I disagree with this
                                                          assertion. -dans
                                                          \_ meOW!
                                                       signing your name only
                                                       means you like seeing
                                                       your name in lights.
                                                       \_ If you believe this
                                                          ridiculous idea, it
                                                          directly contradicts
                                                          your statement that
                                                          ``it's only the
                                                          motd.'' -dans
                                                          \_ mEOw!
                                                       I wouldn't take the
                                                       signed over the
                                                       unsigned.  I would
                                                       actually read what
                                                       two people actually
                                                       said and decide from
                                                       that alone who was
                                                       correct and to what
                                                       degree.  Their name
                                                       status carries no
                                                       weight.  Again, you
                                                       \_ Your arguments in
                                                          this thread are,
                                                          imprecise, sloppily
                                                          worded, and, based
                                                          on some readings,
                                                          logically flawed.
                                                          You use the resulting
                                                          lack of clarity as an
                                                          excuse to justify
                                                          backpedalling, and
                                                          then assert that
                                                          ``any intelligent
                                                          person who reads
                                                          English can
                                                          understand what
                                                          [you] said.''
                                                          \_ MeOw!
                                                       voluntarily responded
                                                       to an anon person. Why
                                                       bother if you
                                                       automatically dismiss
                                                       them on that basic
                                                                    \_ [sic]
                                                                       \_ MEOW!
              \_ Heh.  I *broke* the ASUC election system the first year it
                 was computerized.  As in I produced a demonstrably working
                 exploit.  I then took my findings to the elections chair and
                 worked with him to secure against my exploit and other
                 avenues of attack.  I spoke about this at DefCon and
                 Computers Freedom and Privacy in 2004.  The following year
                 the election technical lead didn't test the old code until
                 the eve of the elections, and I led the team that wrote a
                 superior replacement in under 8 hours.  If you include time
                 to recruit the team members, it took approx. 12 hours from
                 start to rollout.  Last I checked, this code was still in
                 use, albeit with some modifications by OCF members.  If folks
                    \_ Oh shit. --team member
                 would like, I'd be happy to do a talk on this.  If you time
                 it at the beginning of the ASUC election campaign season and
                 flyer on south side, it would probably be a great way to
                 bring in more members that don't have traditional computing
                 backgrounds.  If current CSUA members want to see this
                 happen, email me. -dans
           \_ I probably would have attended. I think what you need to do
              is get people excited somehow, and then make sure that the
              talk delivers (see, for example, the series of talks by
              Brewer, Karp, etc, last year). The CSUA needs positive buzz.
              In my mind this means more than flyering - it means people
              going into classes and being _enthusiastic_ about what they
              are selling. Does current pburo have the mental energy to
              pull this off? Not meant as offensive. Also, as alumni,
              I could be wrong, full of shit, or both.
2006/2/15-16 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:41876 Activity:nil
2/15    Seeing that the "What are your favorite old school computer games?"
        troll yields a lot more responses than the "What did you give/get
        for Valentine's Day?" troll really tells you a lot about sodans.
2006/2/8-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:41765 Activity:moderate
2/8     linxu, what is it you guys want from us alumni? Many of us are
        old, disillusioned, lonely, pathetic, and pissed off engineers.
        Many of us are single, still virgin, and almost 40 years of
        age! I'm not so sure that hooking up old and pissed off alumni
        with you happy and optimistic youngin' is actually a good thing
        for you guys. Seriously, don't do engineering and GET A LIFE outside
        of Soda! Screw coding, debugging, and sysadm. It's all meaningless
        and dry, and will get outsourced to India and China anyways.  How
        about ditching your new technical mentoring program and instead
        concentrate on things that'll make your life to be more
        fulfilling when you're older. For example get someone from Cal
        MBA to do tech entrepreneurial talk, or get hooked up with the
        busadm people, like doing a CSUA+MBA+busadm event. Seriously, there
        are so many fine opportunities and fine women outside of Soda.
        You deserve to have a better life than many of us uninformed
        alumni when we were young and stupid and didn't know what we
        were doing.  -disillusioned virgin, should have done something else
        \_ I think its much more for those alumni who would be interested in
           meeting the current politburo and office hosers.  I know a few
           graduated alumns who I think would come and would be nice to see
           again.  This is not necessarily a networking to get current students
           jobs or ellicit donations, but just to involve the alumni with the
           club more.  When I'm an alum I'd like to go to something occasion-
           ally to see how the club is currently functioning.  This is very
           much geared to friendly alumns, so if you are just angry and bitter
           (and don't want to at least act friendly) you probably want to stay
           home. -mrauser
        \_ maybe you should move to an asian country where your poor
           english skills will be less of a barrier to finding eligible
        \_ speak for yourself.  I could have learned a lot from alumni
           when I was in school if I hadn't been too busy playing on MUDs
           chasing after women--things I had to learn myself after I
           graduated and had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.
           Good idea on the MBA entrepreneurial talk, though.  That could be
           pretty useful.
           \_ But would you have really listened to the bitter old men or
              dismiss them as, well, old and bitter virgins?
              \_ Well, I've found the "bitter old virgin" stereotype to be
                 mostly untrue -- except in a few cases where it's more a
                 problem of attitude than geek culture.  And yes, I'd have
                 listened to Soda's elder statesmen for general advice about
                 "what happens next", and I'd have looked out for the
                 opportunity to network with people in industry.  Maybe you
                 should get some counseling or something, man, since you seem
                 really unhappy and have a pretty self-defeating attitude...
                 unless you're happy being a old bitter virgin.
                 unless you're happy being an old bitter virgin.
                 \_ Nah, I was an arrogant kid in college and didn't listen
                    to any "elder statesmen" who might have showed up (and
                    few did). Lots of others were the same. It makes me wonder
                    if having an alumni meeting is worth it.
                    \_ The purpose of an alumni meeting is for alumni to meet
                       college girls. Maybe you're too old already though.
                       \_ Hey nineteen, that's Aretha Franklin. She don't
                          remember the Queen of Soul.
                    \_ Assuming you're the op, so you were an arrogant in
                       college and now you're a bitter old virgin.  Perhaps
                       it's time for a change in strategy?  In the mean time,
                       please don't be a bitter dour naysayer of good ideas
                       just because you wouldn't have benefited from them back
                       when you were a young ass. -dans
                       \_ Sorry, !op. The op is obviously trolling. I am
                          expressing the fact that in college, the last
                          thing I wanted to hear is old farts talking about
                          their glorious college days. If it's going talking
                          about the stuff they are doing now, that's better.
                          \_ Then why didn't you say that an alumni meeting
                             where they talk about what they are doing now >>
                             alumni reminiscing about college instead of
                             merely expressing vague, bitter, dour, naysayer
                             misgivings?  Seriously though, thanks for the
                             clarification, I think it's important. -dans
                             \_ No agenda mentioned. Assumed it was going
                                bitter, old virgins showing complaining about
                                the motd and their ideas of improving {unix,
                                nethack,BSG} all of which include more full
                                frontal MOTAS nudity.
                    to whatever "elder statesmen" who might have showed up
                    (and none did). Lots of others were the same. It makes
                    me wonder if having an alumni meeting worth it.
                                \_ That's funny.  All the CSUA allumni I
                                \_ That's funny.  All the CSUA alumni I
                                   know personally are a lot of fun,
                                   including the above dans.  I wanted to
                                   go just because it would be fun.-jrleek
                                   \_ I like feeding the myth. And I troll too.
        \_ Speak for yourself.  I'm a happy, married, going-on-30-year-old
           engineer.  I've liked every job I've had and can't imagine doing
           anything else.  I got my first few jobs because of all of the time
           I spent fiddling on the computer instead of { studying, having a
           life, going outside, etc } while in school.
        \_ Speak for yourself, I'm a happy mid-twentiesomthing alum.  I'm
           totally into the latest of a string of hot girlfriends that began
                                                  \_ pixP
                                                     \_ #t
             Stop being anal about this, P-guy.  ___P   _/
             was first popularized with foodP, which if
             people had really only responded with #t and nothing else
             wouldn't have been a very useful thing.  It just means
             ____? these days, deal with it.
                                                     \_ I date hot girls
                                                        because I like them,
                                                        not so I can parade
                                                        them around like some
                                                        sort of trophy for you
                                                        to ogle. -pp
             \_ ___P and #t are also mismatched conventions.
                \_ ___P ==>, boolean.  You know...#t/#f.
                   \_ I'm referring to mixing LISP vs. Scheme conventions.
                   \_ Okay, this is where we tell the joke about there being
                      10 kinds of people in the world, those who can count in
                      binary and those who can't, thereby officially
                      consigning this argument to the nerd humor graveyard
                      after killing it, digging it up, and killing the zombie
                      corpse again. -dans
                      \_ Speaking of zombies, I thought Cemetary Man kind
                         of rocked.  That was a great film.  I've never
                         been as impressed with the Romero Quartet, though.
                         \_ I'll have to check that out.  Thanks. -dans
                   \_ analP
                      \_ correctP
           back in my undergrad days.  As an undergrad I spent lots of time
           geeking out, learned a lot, but still made time for a social life
           (not necessarily out of Soda, but a social life nonetheless).  The
           time spent geeking out definitely led to the jobs I've held.  I
           left my most recent gig in November, took a few months off, and am
           excited about the prospects for what's next.
        \_ what about happy old virgins?
        \_ Ah reminds me of the good old days where CS8 (Pascal) was a
           Business Admin requirement (logic, you know) and, as a reader or
           lab aide, the access to cute women was easy...
        \_ To the lonely 40 year-old virgin sodan, if you are truly
           depressed, and want to do something about your life before
           it is too late (or before your sperm all dries up), move
           out of Silicon Valley, seriously! If I am in your
           situation, I would seriously consider working in another
           country (especially Asian country such as China) for a few
           years instead of rotting in the Silicon Valley waiting for
           something to happen. You don't have to work I the tech
           field, teach English, or be a fool and appear in their TV
           shows! Apply for graduate school there. If you work there
           for a few years you'll get to know the girl better so you
           have more to base your decision on. It's an equal playing
           field. It'll be the opposite of Silicon Valley for you. You
           get to say "sorry, I am flattered, but I am not
           interested!". Or you can continue to bitch and moan about
           being a virgin on soda.
           \_ That's only if you want to date Asian women, NTTAWWT. I
              guess it might work also in Latin America, in which case
              you are an f-ing genius.
2006/2/7-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:41755 Activity:moderate
2/7     Dear Alumni, the current politburo is thinking about having an alumni
        event. We were thinking of having an event here in Berkeley in a couple
        of months (perhaps near the end of the semester). Here are some options
        we would like you guys to vote on:
        * Resturant or Soda-BBQ
        * Weekend Evening or Weekday Evening?
        * How far in advance?
        Thanks all
        -lin / CSUA Alumni relations
        \_ ack, this is too much pressure! What is it you want from
           us alumni? Money? Attention? Job? Companion? Love? Well
           we can't offer the last one but I can give you an advice.
           If you don't have a mate and graduating soon, GET ONE.
           Real life in Silicon Valley is lonely and depressing and
           unfulfilling. You spend weekdays and weeknights with other lonely
           geeks like yourself, debugging someone else's code 24x7.
           I guess this is alright if you're gay. But if you're not,
           understand that most of the women in Silicon Valley are
           married, and those that aren't are either old, ugly, or both,
           and still in high demand. Get mate while you're still in college
           or forever be doomed to bitching on motd as your only source of
           sexual relief                -pathetic alum, really miss college
           \_ Actually I really miss multi-day hack sessions, sexual
           \_ Actually I really miss multiple day hack sessions, sexual
              frustration, and lonely geekdom.
           \_ I agree, if I hadn't gotten married right out of college, I
              don't know how I would've met anyone around here. -happy mar.
           \_ I met a sexy young caucasian girl who works for a pharmie as a
              s/w engineer who is single. So it can happen.
              \_ Are you serious? It is my impression that most of the sodans
                 have Asian fetish. You are not a real Sodan.
                 \_ Err, most != all
        \_ I won't speak for all alums, but I imagine weeknights are
           bad for everyone what with work/wife/kids. They are probably
           also bad for students what with school and/or work. Make it
           a Friday or Saturday.
        \_ Soda-BBQ seems much better in terms of miixing and such.
        \_ Soda-BBQ works better for me. Make is on the weekend before
           a Cal game and I will show up for sure! -ausman
        \_ Soda-BBQ + weekend for me.  --dbushong
        \_ Soda-BBQ + weekend works for me. -dans
           \_ P.S. Two weeks lead time would be great.  My February is
              already completely booked.
        \_ Soda-BBQ + weekend is the most likely for me.  It would be fun
           to meet some of the people that I've been ridiculing on MOTD for
           years so I can ridicule them in person.  You going to be there
           John?...I could sure use a good yodel to perk me up.       -mice
           \_ Olay deedle fucking dee.  -John
        \_ Soda-BBQ + weekend for me, too.
           You know, back in my day, we didn't have BBQ's.  Or sodas.  Or
           weekends.  We had treebark.  And we liked it.  We loved it.
           \_ *pshaw*  In my day, we didn't even have trees.  We just had
              roots.   When we got hungry we had to gnaw on the bare,
              uncooked roots in the sun (since we didn't have trees for shade).
              Kids these days....              -mice
           \_ I needed a new heel for my shoe, so I decided to go to
              Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those
              days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at
              the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in
              those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on
              'em. 'Give me five bees for a quarter,' you'd say. Now
              where were we? Oh yeah - the important thing was I had an
              onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They
              didn't have white onions because of the war. The only thing
              you could get was those big yellow ones...
2006/2/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:41723 Activity:kinda low
2/6     I missed the Superbowl completely.  Where can I find archive of all
        commericals, perferably in anything other than Flash format so I can
        archive it locally?   TIA
        \_ my gf was looking at it last night.  it was probably
           \_ anyone knows how to capture them from iFilm?  the rstp URL  is
              very painful to find.
           \_ flash :(
        \_ has them, realplayer format
           \_ thanks.  capturing them now may be convert it to AVI
        \_ You didn't miss much.  Mike Jagger didn't have a wardrobe
           mulfunction.  Darn!
        \_ You didn't miss much.  Mick Jagger didn't have a wardrobe
           malfunction.  Darn!
           \_ easy. Articles in English is very very hard.  Don't you think
              the fact that I managed to go through high school / Berkeley
              with such disfunc English skill reflect the true state of our
              public school system?
              \_ No, I think it reflect the true state of the you're a lazy
                 moron and teh poor troll.  I certainly hope you're not
                 seriously this linguistically defective, because if you are
                 not motivated enough or capable of, god forbid, making the
                 slightest fucking effort to form complete sentences with the
                 benefit of a Berkeley education, you should have a sentence
                 diagram shoved up your ass.  -John
                 moron and teh poor troll.  Don't make me whoopass you with
                 a sentence diagram.  -John
                 \_ Woot!  Sentence diagram!  Yes!
        \_ Good grief, those were pathetic. I can't believe they paid that
           much to show that drivel. :P
2006/2/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW] UID:41715 Activity:high
2/6     Not new, but scary anyway: vs.
        Cue ChiCom Troll.  -John
        \_ too bad google doesn't have any thing interesting when I searched
           "Bonus Army."
        \_ do not troll the chicom troll.  the chicom troll is not against
           valid and constructive criticism of the Great and Mighty Middle
           Kingdom.  - chicom troll
           \_ I knew chicom troll, and you sir are no chicom troll.  -John
              \_ shutup!  I am the chicom troll!  who is the one who
                 first used the term on the motd?!
                 \_ Right here, yo.  -John
                    \_ Whoa, really?  So you're part of the motd cultural
                       legacy? As my french foriegn exchange student exroommate
                       Nathalie used to say: "Wouww!"  May I touch you?  -mice
                    \_ Exactly.  And you used it on what I wrote.  So
                       I am the official Chicom Troll.
                       I am the official Chicom Troll.  Now STFU!
                    \_ Exactly.  And you used it on what I wrote, when you
                       lost the argument and got red faced.
                       \_ No, I used it on what you wrote when you were a
                          fucking moron.  Fortune cookie says: "close, but
                       \_ No, I used it on what you wrote when you were an
                          utter moron.  Fortune cookie says: "close, but
                          no Yichang cigar".  And yes, your ex-roommate may
                          touch me.  -John
                          \_ Cigars?  You have expensive tastes.  I prefer
                             cheap Panda brand cigarettes.  As for my ex-
                             roommate, I doubt he would be interested,
                             unless he is drunk, and you dress up as a
                             fat swiss milk wench and start yodeling.
                             \_ I'm dressed up as a fat swiss milk wench
                                right now, yodeling this post at my PC.  And
                                I meant mice's former roommate, so yours is
                                SOL, sorry.  -John
                                \_ Oh John, you tease!  You're so cruel!  -mice
        \_ Near the bottom of the .cn page it reads something like "In
           accordance with local laws, rules and policies, some search results
           are not displayed."
2006/1/26 [Science/GlobalWarming, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:41545 Activity:moderate 69%like:41535
1/25    [Why is Furious censored?  Restored, at the top no less.  And you
        should really learn to delete better.  You're wiping out whole
        chunks of unrelated posts along with this.  The odd thing is, the
        more you censor, the more this gets restored at the top, thus ensuring
        it will stick around longer.]
        Furious MOTD guy here again.
        I only masturbated 3 times today.  Oh wait I forgot
        about #4, in the CEO's office after he went home.
        I came home and looked at
        \_ It's gonna suck when you're 38 and you're balls are all worn out.
                                              \_ your
           \_ Is that possible?  They seem to be working pretty well!
           \_ Actually, balls are a "if you don't use it you lose it thing",
              not a "you'll wear it out" thing.
        \_ I think you should get together with chicom troll and motd boob
           guy and have a debate.
           \_ Why would I want to have a debate with him?  OTOH I enjoy his
              URLs.  -- motd boob guy
              \_ You guys could discuss masturbation technique, and whether it
                 is better to masturbate to pictures of western or superior
                 chinese breeding.
        \_ Seriously, don't you sort of... ache after a while? I call
           BS on the CEO thing though.
           \_ gee, you're perceptive.  -tom
           \_ I was working late and he left early.
              \_ Why would you want to masturbate in a guy's office?  I once
                 masturbated outside my busty petite HR's office late night,
                 shot my load on the door handle and let it dry up.  The next
                 day she came to work and opened the door with her bare hand.
                 \_ Same reason ass pennies exist.
        \_ Nice!  A slimmer tummy would be even better.
        \_ Why Furious Masturbator will inherit the earth.  'In bat species
           noted for female monogamy, males have small testes and big brains;
           in bat species noted for female promiscuity, males have testicles
           five times as big, but with smaller brains. Testes in one species
           are 8.5 percent of the male's body weight. Reason for big testicles:
           If a female is taking sperm from you and another guy, the best way
           to pass on your genes instead of his is to deliver more sperm. (This
           is why chimps have testicles "many times larger than those of
           gorillas.") Reason for small brains: Male bats that spent their
           energy making sperm beat out the ones that spent their energy
           thinking. Researchers' conclusion: "Size does matter."'
           BTW, testes 8.5% of body weight are some pretty big and dense balls.
           \_ 17lb balls on a 200lb guy.
2006/1/26 [Science/GlobalWarming, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:41535 Activity:high 69%like:41545
1/25    [Why is Furious censored?  Restored, at the top no less.]
        Furious MOTD guy here again.
        I only masturbated 3 times today.  Oh wait I forgot
        about #4, in the CEO's office after he went home.
        I came home and looked at
        \_ It's gonna suck when you're 38 and you're balls are all worn out.
           \_ Is that possible?  They seem to be working pretty well!
        \_ I think you should get together with chicom troll and motd boob
           guy and have a debate.
           \_ Why would I want to have a debate with him?  OTOH I enjoy his
              URLs.  -- motd boob guy
              \_ You guys could discuss masturbation technique, and whether it
                 is better to masturbate to pictures of western or superior
                 chinese breeding.
        \_ Seriously, don't you sort of... ache after a while? I call
           BS on the CEO thing though.
           \_ gee, you're perceptive.  -tom
           \_ I was working late and he left early.
              \_ Why would you want to masturbate in a guy's office?  I once
                 masturbated outside my busty petite HR's office late night,
                 shot my load on the door handle and let it dry up.  The next
                 day she came to work and opened the door with her bare hand.
                 \_ Same reason ass pennies exist.
        \_ Nice!  A slimmer tummy would be even better.
        \_ Why Furious Masturbator will inherit the earth.  'In bat species
           noted for female monogamy, males have small testes and big brains;
           in bat species noted for female promiscuity, males have testicles
           five times as big, but with smaller brains. Testes in one species
           are 8.5 percent of the male's body weight. Reason for big testicles:
           If a female is taking sperm from you and another guy, the best way
           to pass on your genes instead of his is to deliver more sperm. (This
           is why chimps have testicles "many times larger than those of
           gorillas.") Reason for small brains: Male bats that spent their
           energy making sperm beat out the ones that spent their energy
           thinking. Researchers' conclusion: "Size does matter."'
           BTW, testes 8.5% of body weight are some pretty big and dense balls.
2005/12/13-15 [Reference/RealEstate, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40987 Activity:nil
12/13   Ya'll are boring.  Enough with the housing talk.  Where's the juicy
        topics?  And I don't mean political flames...
        \_ Be patient my little cricket. One of the politburo
           newbies like amckee will do something stupid and comical.
        \_ my GF insists on getting brazillians even though I'm not that
           into it. what should i do
2005/11/23-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40710 Activity:low
11/23   I haven't been on campus in years.  Who's the best group to go through
        to arrange and advertise an Infosession for a tech company?  Thanks.  -steve
        \_ After the newbie amckee/mrauser/brett debacles, I'd avoid csua.
           Both HKN and UCSEE are well known since the early 90s and have
           good reputations with industries. My company sends someone to
           UCSEE every year. The whole point of the existence of CSUA in
           the early days was that HKN and UCSEE already did serious
           mentoring and support programs.  CSUA filled in the role of
           making CS more fun. The fact that new politburo members are
           trying to be more serious and less fun is a sign that these
           \_ The main problem was amckee's psychological problems
           \_ The main problem was Amckee's psychological problems
              and the rest of the poliburo being too weak to to
              much about it ("oh please dont resign amckee!").
              much about it ("Oh please dont resign Amckee!").
              Beyond the psychological complex problem, there
              was a lack of political savvy and socialization
              ("the csua is not a democracy". "we can censor anybody
              ("The csua is not a democracy". "We can censor anybody
              at will.") but those would have been solvable problems
               if not for the "brain damage" at the top. the problem
              if not for the "brain damage" at the top. The problem
              was not their desire to have serious programs like
               lectures and employeer liaision activities. that
               is laudible.
              lectures and employeer liaision activities. That
              is laudible. It's how seriously Amckee takes himself
              which is laughable.
           incompetent gen-Y kids just don't get it. And yes my company's
           been interviewing people for jobs and I'm a big opponent of
           hiring gen-Y kids. Spread the word. Just say no to Y.  -gen-X
        \_ What about the Career Center?
        \_ What about the Career Center?  I remember the COE and L&S CS
           together have their own Career Center which is separate from the
           rest of the University.
2005/10/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40304 Activity:nil
10/27   Dear miserable soda undergrads and the incompetent and stupid
        politburo members who are out of touch with the real world, you
        guys seriously need a life.
        \_ "Millions of Linden Dollars change hands every month for the goods
           and services Residents create and provide. This currency may then be
           bought and sold on third party sites for real currency. Many of
           these sites even offer in-world "ATM" machines to facilitate
           transactions." Isn't that illegal in the U.S.?
           \_ not as long as you pay your income taxes
2005/10/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40277 Activity:moderate 76%like:40271
10/25   To Politburo:
        The next time you decide to limit or modify a feature available to
        many CSUA users, can you please please please consult motd or a
        well-populated mailing list first, you know, just to get the popular
        opinion?  Thanks. -soda user
        \_ Politburo voted to *ask* kchang to turn off the attribution
           in KAIS MOTD, and specifically said that they weren't going
           to sorry him or anything if he refused.  Read Brett's message
           carefully: the first paragraph is from politburo, the second
           is the opinion of one random person on root, and the third is
           from Brett personally.
           \_ Nice revisionist history.  Politburo and root staff as bodies
              asked kchang to turn off attribution.  One staff member (turns
              out to be Jon) said adding a disclaimer would be sufficient.
              (BTW, in my universe, the word of one root staff member is
              worth much less the the combined opinion of the politburo and
              the root staff.  Perhaps it is different in your universe.)
              There was a threat of account shut down if kchang does not reply
              (not clear who the source of the threat is).  And then there
              was a threat from Brett that kchang may violate the not-a-hoser
              rule.  It is only in a *later* email that the hoser threat was
              removed in a "clarification".
              \_ even if I was the "*one*" root person who said this, I
                 am of the general impression that others on root felt that
                 it was a reasonable approach to take. --Jon
                 \_ Well, you and others on root may have felt that.  However,
                    I don't know that from reading the email kchang posted.
                    In that email, it seems quite clear that it was the
                    request of both the politburo and the root staff (as a
                    body) that the attribution function be turned off.  Does
                    kchang have a good enough pulse on the mood of root staff
                    to be able to infer that that position is not final,
                    to be able to infer that that request is not final,
                    despite the letter of the email?  Where is Carmac when
                    you need him?
              \_ It sounds like we agree.  Politburo voted to make a non-
                 threatening request.  Brett sent out a threatening request,
                 misleadingly presenting jon's and his own opinions (which
                 I agree are worth a lot less than a politburo decision)
                 as official.  Politburo is to blame for lots of things,
                 but I don't think this is one of them. -pp
                 \_ no name, no weight. Your post will be ignored.
                 \_ Would you plese show me where in
           says that
                    the politburo "specifically said that they weren't
                    going to sorry him or anything if he refused" per your
                    original claim?
           \_ BTW, the time line isn't clear.  It is clear that Brett
              threatened kchang with hoserfication.  It is also clear that
              the hoserfication threat was later removed in a clarification.
              When did the politburo had the finding that kchang was not being
              a hoser?  Was it before Brett's threat, and therefore Brett
              had no grounds for his threat?  Was it after the threat, so
              Brett thought he could legitimately threaten?  Is misrepresenting
              the opinion of the politburo in an official communication a
              sorryable offense?
        \_ As amckee explained it, "[the CSUA] is not a democracy.  We're
           [the Politburo] democratically elected, but once in office we have
           near complete authority to implement the policies we see fit.
           Think communist russia, not democratic greece."   They are under
           no obligation to consider alternative points of view, and apparently
           they have no inclination to do so in any case.
           \- ObStarttheOutOfContextTimer
           \_ Time for another soda alias, keystone-kop@soda: amckee
              \_ Wouldn't that be kritical-keystone-kasset?
                \_ I nominate IWillBlackListYou for greatest troll
                   of all time.
                   \_ I dunno, it's got pretty stiff competition: GUN DUEL
                      \_ Yeah--that one worked perfectly.  -John
                         \_ That was brilliant. Did the perpetrator (who
                            should be proud of their handiwork, I think)
                            ever come forward? -- ulysses
                            \_ It was Mark Felt.  -John
                            \_ It was I.
        \_ So besides being ticked off by the tone of the email, what is
           kchang's reason for not putting up the disclaimer and saving all
           of us eyestrain from reading an evergrowing motd?
           \_ kchang is under no obligation to provide the MOTD threading
              service.  He did it as a favor, and I assume he no longer feels
              a desire to do favors for the current regime.
              \_ We need a regime change. The current administration is as
                 compentent and likeable as the Bush administration.
                 Oh and if you ever find out who I am, please don't
                 squish me.                             -scared poster
                 \_ The current regime has not invaded any other campus
                    groups unilaterally for no reason afaik.
                    \_ I predict that if they did that, alumni support
                       would increase, not decrease.
        \_ Maybe politburo should start drafting these things as a
           committe instead of delegating people to do it.  You guys keep
           putting your collective foot in your mouth. -jrleek
        \_ Come back to the five and dime, Kevin Chang, Kevin Chang....
2005/10/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40271 Activity:high 76%like:40277
10/25   To Politburo:
        The next time you decide to limit or modify a CSUA-wide feature, can
                                                      \_ It wasn't a CSUA-wide
                                                         feature.  It was a
                                                         www-wide feature.
                                                         \_ You are splitting
        you please please please consult motd or a well-populated mailing
        list first, you know, just to get the popular opinion?  Thanks.
        -soda user
        \_ Politburo voted to *ask* kchang to turn off the attribution
           in KAIS MOTD, and specifically said that they weren't going
           to sorry him or anything if he refused.  Read Brett's message
           carefully: the first paragraph is from politburo, the second
           is the opinion of one random person on root, and the third is
           from Brett personally.
           \_ Nice revisionist history.  Politburo and root staff as bodies
              asked kchang to turn off attribution.  One staff member (turns
              out to be Jon) said adding a disclaimer would be sufficient.
              (BTW, in my universe, the word of one root staff member is
              worth much less the the combined opinion of the politburo and
              the root staff.  Perhaps it is different in your universe.)
              There was a threat of account shut down if kchang does not reply
              (not clear who the source of the threat is).  And then there
              was a threat from Brett that kchang may violate the not-a-hoser
              rule.  It is only in a *later* email that the hoser threat was
              removed in a "clarification".
           \_ BTW, the time line isn't clear.  It is clear that Brett
              threatened kchang with hoserfication.  It is also clear that
              the hoserfication threat was later removed in a clarification.
              When did the politburo had the finding that kchang was not being
              a hoser?  Was it before Brett's threat, and therefore Brett
              had no grounds for his threat?  Was it after the threat, so
              Brett thought he could legitimately threaten?  Is misrepresenting
              the opinion of the politburo in an official communication a
              sorryable offense?
        \_ As amckee explained it, "[the CSUA] is not a democracy.  We're
           [the Politburo] democratically elected, but once in office we have
           near complete authority to implement the policies we see fit.
           Think communist russia, not democratic greece."   They are under
           no obligation to consider alternative points of view, and apparently
           they have no inclination to do so in any case.
           \- ObStarttheOutOfContextTimer
           \_ Time for another soda alias, keystone-kop@soda: amckee
              \_ Wouldn't that be kritical-keystone-kasset?
                \_ I nominate IWillBlackListYou for greatest troll
                   of all time.
                   \_ I dunno, it's got pretty stiff competition: GUN DUEL
                      \_ Yeah--that one worked perfectly.  -John
        \_ So besides being ticked off by the tone of the email, what is
           kchang's reason for not putting up the disclaimer and saving all
           of us eyestrain from reading an evergrowing motd?
           \_ kchang is under no obligation to provide the MOTD threading
              service.  He did it as a favor, and I assume he no longer feels
              a desire to do favors for the current regime.
        \_ Maybe politburo should start drafting these things as a
           committe instead of delegating people to do it.  You guys keep
           putting your collective foot in your mouth. -jrleek
        \_ Come back to the five and dime, Kevin Chang, Kevin Chang....
2005/10/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40262 Activity:low
10/25   Did amckee ever apologize to anyone? Is he squished yet?
        \_ Read the minutes sometime.
        \_ From the minutes, amckee did not apologize.
           He resigned.  But, according to the minutes, he was persuaded by
           those at the meeting to un-resign.
           Personally I still think an apology is in order, but whatever.
           \_ He was also removed from root, and didn't ask to be reinstated.
           \_ I'm sorry you're ugly.
           \_ Did amckee explain why he decided to resign?  That's not in
              the minutes either.  Since most CSUA members do not read motd,
              they have to reply on the minutes for an explanation of what
              they have to rely on the minutes for an explanation of what
              \_ Irritating alumni can make kitchen hot.
                 \_ Do not meddle in the affairs of alumni, for they are
                    subtle and quick to anger?
                    \_ Half right.
                       \_ He should apologize to the people he sorried or
                          threatened to sorry.  How many people is that?
                          \_ I never intended to sorry that user, Partha S.
                                \- who is the "I" here? --psb
                             \_ It's like the CSUA's own Watergate.  An Enemies
                                List,  the Saturday Night Massacre, the missing
                                email from the psb-politburo exchange, the
                                Vice-Presidential Pardon, and a tainted
                                Imperial Presidency and Cabinet.
                                \_ Why can't it be more like Monicagate, at
                                   least that involved a blowjob.
                                \_ No, Watergate was serious.  This is just,
                                   in the words of a great wise man whose name
                                   is lost to the sands of time,
                                   "U S0 == TeH GHEI, D0)D."  -John
                                   \_ Obviously it's not a "national nightmare"
                                      of Watergate proportions and perhaps
                                      appropriately it ends [although I suppose
                                      "end" may be premature] with humiliation
                                      rather than a convinction, but there is
                                      a "civics lecture" aspect to this, sort
                                      of like there is to the other sorry saga
                                      of Harriet Miers. Maybe Bushco will
                                      suggest character assassinating her is
                                      of HARRIET THE JUDGE. Maybe BUSHCO will
                                      suggest CHARACTER ASSASSINATING her is
                                      like attacking the govt and is akin to
                                      terrorism. (re: humiliation ... I assume
                                      amckee resigned out of a sense of
                                      TERRORISM. (re: humiliation ... I assume
                                      mr. amckee resigned out of a sense of
                                      shame, rather than needing to spend more
                                      time with say Arabian Horses. my apologies
                                      if he was really resigned for other
                                      personal reasons such as illness.)
                                      time with say Arabian Horses. my
                                      apologies if he was really resigned for
                                      other personal reasons such as illness.)
                                      \_ The only lesson in this is about
                                         stupid people and small-organization
                                         politics.  -John
                                      of HARRIET THE JUDGE. Maybe BUSHCO will
                                      suggest CHARACTER ASSASSINATING her is
                                      like attacking the LEAST DANGEROUS
                                      BRANCH of the govt and is akin to
                                      personal reasons such as illness.) --psb
2005/10/17-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW] UID:40135 Activity:low
10/16   Poll for those who purchase home(s), poor students need not respond:
        the housing boom has been:
        An American Dream Come True:
        An American Dream Broken:
        \_ Yermom is so fat, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND
           the house!
           \_ This is your first and last warning.  If I continue to see
              character assasinations against any mom of any member of the
              CSUA, myself included, I will sorry your account.  If I
              continue to see defamation against mymom, I will file for a
              restraining order against you that bars you from your behavior.
              No friends that you think you have with moms will be able to
              help you.  If you wish to debate the virtues of mymom or yermom,
              do so as an adult.   - !amckee
              \- there is a clear precedent in english common LAW that states
                 that all citizens shall have the right to post YERMOM jokes
                 to the motd [long excerpt from english common law].  your
                 censorship is much like NAZI persecution of JEWS, and can
                 be summed up by the following obscure latin phrase: [obscure
                 latin PHRASE]
                 \- dont make the pburo MANDAMUS your ass.
2005/10/16-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40127 Activity:moderate
10/16   Dear danh, geordan, psb, peterl, tse, lafe, mice, john, and many
        others who have been posting on motd. I'd suggest you guys stop
        publicly criticizing amckee because he has no problem squishing
        all of you. I'd take his threat seriously as he already squished
        someone who threatened to blacklist him at HRs and headhunters
        throughout Silicon Valley. I for one will stop saying anything
        bad on motd because I value my soda account.    -fearful alumus
        \_ Troll troll troll your boat  -John
        \_ funny, these are among the members who have consistently
           provided the most support when I've ran into horrible technical
           problems during the course of my work and have turned to the
           motd or wall for help.  -sax
           \- I have a feeling Mr. Tse will be unavailable when the pburo
              is looking for HSPICE help or hotel recommendations on the
              Cote d'Azur. :-) --psb
              \_ 1 for 2.  No Cote d'Azur for me.  Even you should remember
                 my dislike of the French.  My advice is to go to Valencia,
                 Hotel Ad Hoc Monumental.  I can answer most questions spice
                 and verilog related though. -tse
              \_ I've evolved beyond spice and cote d'azur.  - tse
        \_ You remind me of the grad students who accuse the grad student
           union people of "intimidation" because they're annoying, and claim
           that grad students live in fear of "union intimidation tactics".
           "Union intimidation tactics" means coming by your lab and trying to
           get you to go drink coffee and hear about their union.  You only
           have to tell them to fuck off and threaten to call the cops on them
           once, and they *never* come back, and mark your entire department
           as "anti union", avoiding that whole section of the building.
           Just as blathering about a union is not "intimidation", threatening
           to turn off an email account is not a serious threat.
           Have you also started to self-censor what books you check out from
           the library because the feds might come after you?
        \_ Heh, thanks for looking out for me, man.     -mice
        \_ I think you need to relax. Nobody is going to get squished
           for their motd post without a politburo vote. -mbh, vp
           \_ Didn't amckee sorry Brett (and then had to unsorry him when it
              turns out Brett was the wrong guy)?  Did amckee manage to sorry
              the right guy eventually?
                \_ It is rather amusing that after politburo members
                   pedantically promise to be fair and impartial after
                   they possibly implement motd logging, and after
                   politburo members write, at length, about how reasonable
                   and wise they are...  one of them goes off the handle
                   and sorries someone for strange reasons.  I guess
                   sorrying someone is a lot easier than emailing someone.
                   Anyway I don't have much of anything useful to add,
                   please don't destroy the CSUA, it's been nice knowing
                   many of you. - danh
              \_ Yes, that was a mistake and amckee has acknowledged it.
                 That kind of impulsive sorrying is not the regular course
                 of action. -mbh
                 \_ What CSUA policy has the person posting about the
                    "blacklist" violated?
                     \_ None, it was just a troll -mbh
                        \- just for clarification: is the mbh position
                           "the user who posted the blacklist post should
                            not have been sorried because he was just
                            'trolling'". while the acmkee position is
                            he should have been sorried, but because we
                            do not know who it is we cannot do so, but if
                            we do discover who it is, then we will sorry
                            the user? i inquire because there are a lot of
                            thoughts attributed to "the politburo" and it
                            seems like they are not of one mind here. --psb
                            \_ I apologize I should be more clear when speaking
                               on behalf of the CSUA. psb you stated my opinion
                               clearly. That post should have read "my position
                               would be to ignore it". -mbh
                 \_ Is there an established CSUA process to sorry someone?
                    Is there an established CSUA policy to punish root staff
                    who arbitrarily sorries someone without following
                    the established process?  Is there a plan to follow
                    the established policies and punishments in this case?
                    \_ I read through the CSUA constitution and
                       /csua/adm/doc/policies, and it appears that the rules
                       are VERY non-specific, probably intentionally.  Now,
                       if you wanted a heavyweight approach to policies ...
                       \_ It seems to be up to the discretion of the
                          politburo.  I am guessing nothing will be done.
                          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
        \_ Whatever.  I'll say whatever the hell I want.  I've made backups
           of my homedir here.  Oh noes, amckee might flip out and wield
           his AWESOME POWER and squish me.  It's fine, learn 2 govern.
           \_ You go geordan! Go kick ass the same way you kicked Susan
              Graham's ass in 164... or not. :)
              \_ Savage Susan is still terrorizing undergrads in 164?  Wow.
              \_ You make a good point.  I'm nowhere near as Powerful as
                 amckee.  That's probably why I've never been christened as
                                 a 'Critical Asset'. -geordan
                 \_ Stop it, your minority voice is gonna cause every single
                    alumni to be squished. There goes 30 years of tradition
              \_ Yes, and amckee has acknowledged the mistake. And there is no
                 'right guy' either because the post was a troll.
                 and that kind of impulsive sorrying will not happen. -mbh
        \_ I'm pretty sure I didn't actually post anything
           about amckee. --peterl
           \_ You don't have to actually post anything.  amckee just has to
              think you posted something.  And the post doesn't necessarily
              have to do with amckee; he just has to think it does. - tse
              \_ Btw, I've told all the opera companies I've sung with not
                 to hire amckee.  Yes, he has the voice of an angel, but
                 his diva 'tude and doesn't-play-nice-with-others issues
                 makes him impossible to work with.  --not-scotsman
                 \_ that's right kid! you'll never work in Broadway again.
                 \_ Was amckee a Critical Opera Asset too?
2005/10/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40121 Activity:high
10/16   C'mon people, stop threatening to not hire anyone, or sorrying
        \_ I agree, that was done in very poor taste.  Amckee has put
           a _lot_ of work into this organization and just because you
           disagree with him is no justification for the threats.  You
           have also disproved the benefit that the alumni offer, this is
           like counter-networking, not offering csua members jobs but
           making sure that a csua member is not hired.  You certainly should
           be ashamed of yourself. -mrauser
           \_ "Go go mrauser networking skills!"
           \_ No one guarantees anyone a job.  If there is an offer of help,
              the offer has been to help when a fellow csua-er seems
              competent and reasonable, or at least doesn't seem incompetent
              and unreasonable.  It's not about the decision to de-anonymize
              motd; it's about amckee's response to criticism afterwards.
              Looking dispassionately at his emails wth Partha and his posts
              on motd, does he seem like a reasonable person to you?  Does
              he seem like someone you would want to work with?
              Looking dispassionately at his emails and his posts on motd,
              does he seem like a reasonable person to you?  Does he seem like
              someone you would want to work with?
              \_ Much of the psb emails were taken out of context, he really
                 was being sort of a pain.  He would retort to an argument
                 with a completely sarcastic comment that deserved no response.
                 That said, no matter how I feel about how amckee acts I would
                 never start a "blacklist" campaign.  Thats obscene.  YOU are
                 welcome to not hire him all you want but its truly not fair
                 to go out of your way to ensure that hes not hired anywhere
                 else. -mrauser
                 \_ Give the grownups a little credit.  We're not all that
                    amazingly juvenile.  -John
                 \_ do you really think sorrying someone over 'being
                    annoying in email to politburo/root' is valid?
                    you should read my mailspool, it would make
                    you cry. - danh
                    \_ No, I don't think that, nor do I believe I said that.
                       I thought I just said it isn't right to organize a
                       "blacklisting" movement.  -mrauser
                       \_ I must be reading The Psb Files in a different
                          language than you.  I think you threaten to
                          sorry psb for being annoying.  Or maybe it's
                          someone else.  I must admit I get the logins of
                          current politburo members confused.   Also, you got
                          trolled pretty hard, it happens to most people
                          \_ I think if you will look at emails that I sent
                             the word sorry does not appear in them at all
                             (although I'm not positive).  Please aim your
                             flame more selectively. ;) -mrauser
                             \_ If it had been a flame, you would have noticed
                                real quick.  -John
>Subject: Re: Character attacks
>From: "Partha S. Banerjee,,," <>
>Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 14:16:47 -0700
>>This is your first and last warning, Partha. If I continue to see character
>>assassinations against any member of the politburo, myself included, I will
>>sorry your account. If I continue to see defamation against my character, I
>>will file for a restraining order against you that bars you from your
>>behavior. No friends that you think you have on the 'inside' will be able
>>to help you. I have no tolerance for your bullshit and I am keeping a log
>>of the things you say which, so far, have been happily easy to attribute to
>>you. If you wish to debate an issue or represent a political idea, do so as
>>an adult. You're welcome to come to the next Politburo meeting and discuss
>>the concerns you have, but you will not be able to hide behind a computer
>>screen and cast your vitriol on our servers.
                 \_ It seems to me that a "blacklist" campaign based on a flame
                    war over a text file would have the main result of causing
                    people to think that Berkeley CS grads are raving lunatics.
                    \- look i am getting fed up with this "out of context"
                       comment. i have "released" essentially all the context.
                       at this point you have to claim people lack comprehensio$
                       at this point you have to claim people lack comprehension
                       or intelligence. because what they are NOT lacking are
                       the bits and the bytes. the only think i didnt make
                       public is mr. mckee last reply to me, because it seems
                       like in that case he sort of asked me not to make
                       it public. is "being a pain" and sarcasm in the
                       evergrowing lists of sorryable offenses? i shall now
                       enjoy my iftar chicken. --psb
                       \_ I only say out of context because not every email
                          was posted there (I'm almost certain I had 2-3 more
                          replies to you than the one I saw).  And Some innane
                          comments you made were:
*While we respect your right to be a complete troll and to voice your
do you know what troll means?
just curious.
*there might be an 'easier' solution to them.
we might even call it "the final solution".
happy belated yom kippur.
                          There was also another one, but I don't want to
                          bother to find it in my emails.  -mrauser
                          \_ Are you saying you *want* Partha to publish every
                             email that passed between him and members of the
                             Politburo concerning the motd policy change?  And
                             that would satisfy in your mind the question
                             whether amckee was quoted out of context?  Is
                             this an official Politburo position?
                             \_  Thankyou for scewing my words.  I said that
                                 it was out of context because not all the
                                 emails were published, it was not a request
                                 for him to publish them.  I was the one who
                                 originally told him I was fine with him
                                 publishing them, but I would prefer he not,
                                 just because it will create more and more
                                 spam (of which I don't intend to reply) but
                                 he is free to post any emails he wishes
                                 (unless in that email amckee asked him to not
                                 post it). -mr
                                 \_ It seems somewhat disingenuous to on one
                                    hand not to want psb to publish all the
                                    hand to not allow psb to publish all the
                                    emails and on the other hand castigate him
                                    as "quoting out of context" for not
                                    publishing all the emails.
                             \- The above quotes are (already) included at:

                             \- The above quotes are included at:
                                The only psb-pburo email not included
                                there is one sent to me after the above
                                quote [and thus arguably not relevant to
                                assessing my state of mind and intentions
                                writing the above]. I certainly would
                                be happy to reciprocally trade your right
                                to "release" all of my email if I have the
                                same right with the pburo emails. The only
                                email not on the site above is this one:
                                  From Sat Oct 15 14:39:04
                                  To: "Partha S. Banerjee
                                which ends with a post script saying he
                                did not give me persmission to share his
                                emails. which certainly was not my impression
                                and i leave it to the spectators to judge
                                that for themselves. i personally think it
                                was courteous for me to ask. i think i
                                should have unilateral right to share
                                email sent to me about me in his official
                                capacity as the csua president. So if
                                mr. mckee wants to "relese" me w.r.t. to
                                the last email, then we can truely say
                                the record is complete and people can make
                                their own decisions. --psb
                                \_ The decision I've made is that both psb
                                   and amckee are idiots and should get
                                   a life outside of motd. -neutral guy
                                   \- i have a lot of free time during
                                      ramadan. khudah hafiz. --psb
                                      ramadan. --psb
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