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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/2/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36140 Activity:high
2/11    I'm tired of you motd posters living in the past.
        \_ You will be eaten by a grue.  -John
        \_ It could be worse. We could be having flame wars about crap that
           happened five years ago...
        \_ We're using 1970's technology to communicate.  If you want to
           live in the present, go join a forum or blog or something.
           \_ Well, there is an RSS feed of the motd.
              \_ No shit?!?  That's nuts!  I can have the motd on my MyYahoo
                 page!??  That's just so FUCKING wrong!
                    \_ It doesn't display too well on myYahoo.  It works fine
                       with SharpReader and looks ok in BlogLines, but that's
                       about all I've tried.
           \_ I don't know why I prefer the motd. I just do. Something to do
              with everybody building the same file and how it evolves
              constantly - even as certain people turn it into their own
              personal vanity piece.
        \_ Tell us what is going to happen tommorrow then Grasshopper.
           \_ The sun'll come out Tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/2/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36107 Activity:very high
2/8     Today's stale, boring-ass motd brought to you by the csua moral
        majority.  Good work, guys.
        \_ Hey, at least I contributed by repeatedly insulting stupid
           Christians.  What have YOU done to make the motd more entertaining
           today? -- ilyas
           \_ huh?  your silliness was exposed, and then you deleted the
              whole thread to cover it up, and that's the smartest thing
              you did today.
              \_ It was?  I did? -- ilyas
                 \_ "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than
                     to speak and remove all doubt."  -Abraham Lincoln
                 \_ your reasoning went like this: "there are gays animals,
                    so some humans must be genetically gay".  If you can't
                    see how silly that is, I don't know what to say.
                    \_ This is amazing.  I didn't know people like you
                       actually existed here.  I am not sure how I feel
                       about that. -- ilyas
                       \_ heh, this coming from someone who keep calling
                          people stupid.
                    \_ What's stupid about that?  Are you saying all human
                       homosexuals are so by choice?  Are you saying that
                       no animals are gay (I guess homosexual for animals
                       isn't proper usage)?  Tell us, Lassie!  -John
                       \_ huh?  it's pretty obvious what I've said and
                          have not said.  just read.  Ilya's reasoning
                          is silly because it is like, "there are
                          cannibals in the animal world.  Jeffrey
                          Dahmer ate people.  Thus cannbalism must be
                          genetic for Jeffrey Dahlmer."
           \_ Obviously I wasn't talking about you.  You know who I'm talking
              about (the stupid Christians).
           \_ why do you hate Christian, oh so wise Israelyas?
              \_ Not all Christians are stupid.  I'll assume he was only
                 talking about the stupid ones.  --intelligent Xian
              \_ Dude, I give ilyas as hard a time as the next guy, but
                 what's with all the ilyas is jewish talk?  What are you
                 getting at?
                 \_ I am an evil neocon! -- ilyas
                    \_ Right.  You realize you're one of the few who
                       equates being Jewish with being a Neocon, right?
                       \_ Boy, nothing gets by you, does it.  Not even my
                          sarcasm.  I don't equate the word 'neocon' with
                          anything.  It's a non-word.  A non-concept.  It's
                          a label that sounds vaguely negative, used for
                          political ends.  It is devoud of content. -- ilyas
                          \_ I think you mean me when you said "you". That
                             wasn't me. I normally grok sarcasm and I
                             normally sign my posts. To quote yourself, "Meh"
                              -- ulysses
                             \_ I didn't think it was you.  -- ilyas
                               \_ Oh. Well. I'll just wander off now... -- u
                          \_ Irving Kristol (Bill Kristol's father) uses
                             this word to describe the political philosophy
                             he had a hand in creating. I think the
                             term is not incoherent (Orwell, forgive me).
                     - ciyer
                             \_ Perhaps as used by Irving Kristol the word is
                                not incoherent.  It is fairly incoherent as
                                used by most soda denisens and contributers to
                                wikipedia. -- ilyas
              \_ "I am neither russian nor jewish. -- ilyas" KAIS MOTD 35389:6
                 \_ I'm both!  And I'm a fat black woman named Frieda!  -John
        \_ Sorry, I have been busy working. -motd thought leader
2005/2/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36040 Activity:very high
2/2     Wow, point out a little right wing hypocracy regarding family
        values and all my threads get nuked!  Woot!
        \_ hypocrisy, maybe?
        \_ jwang is the nuking mother fucker! DIE JWANG!!! One more anti-right
           wing, one more nuke of my pro conservative post, the entire motd goes.
           Jwang, I'm watching you.
           wing, one more nuke of my pro conservative post, the entire motd
           goes.  Jwang, I'm watching you.
           \_ Oh look!  A _death_ threat on the motd!  Quick, to the Paolo
              cave!  We must root out this injustice (heh) so all CSUA
              members can feel safe! -- ilyas
              \_ Jeez, ilyas, motd seems to have made you bitter.  Your
                 tit-for-tat playbook must be huge.
                 \_ It's the Old Testament way, baybee.  Paolo's antics and
                    selective enforcement in general are a pet peeve of mine
                    (can you tell?). -- ilyas
                    \_ yes we know you're obsessed with paolo/pst/pollux.
                       have you actually met him in person? he's actually a
                       very nice guy. you on the other hand ...
                       \_ Heh.  Me and Paolo know each other pretty well.
                          In fact, I bet I talked to him more recently than
                          you (i.e. today).  On the other hand, have you ever
                          met me?  You get the 'flawed insinuation of the day'
                          award.  What does meeting a person have to do with
                          anything?  What does coming across as a 'nice guy'
                          have to do with anything?  -- ilyas
              \_ A death threat?!!? By "death", you mean deleting the motd?
                 Are you being dense on purpose? -!pp
                 \_ "die jwang". who's being dense? -!ilyas
                    \_ I don't think that can rationally be considered a
                       death threat.  *shrug*
           \_ Grow the fuck up.  And learn to post to motd correctly.
              \_ You know what people do when they really grow up?
                 They stop posting to the motd.
                 \_ Oh ouch.  That hits a little close to home, doesn't it?
                 \_ That's not true.  I grew up and I still post to the motd.
           \_ Hey, when making threats like this, sign your name.  And don't be
              so sure you know who's doing what on the motd.  Maybe someone
              with root can determine who /you/ are so /you/ can be properly
              squished. -emarkp
                \_ uh, the current root no longer cares about motd. It is no
                   longer publicized to new CSUA members.
                   longer publicized to new CSUA members. It is just a matter
                   of time before all the old motd farts grow up, get married,
                   buy a house, and raise kids. Before you even know it
                   no one is posting to motd. I estimate 5-10 years.
                   \_ Sorry, son -- I know alot of sodans that regularly post
                      to motd that have 'grown up', gotten married, bought a
                      house, and have more than 1 kid.  You don't know as much
                      as you think you do about motd demographics.
                      \_ Indeed, I'm 31, have been married 9 years, own a house
                         and have 2 children. -emarkp
                         \_ wow. So tell me, would you want your kids to motd?
                            \_ wow.  can you possibly have less clue?
                            \_ Since the older one is just reading, I think the
                               question is moot. -emarkp
                               \_ We could have a Katie vs Sujin flamewar!
                         \_ I didn't know anyone over 30 other than tom read
                            motd. I'd figure that when you hit your late 30s
                            you'd get a gf, wife, or a life already. Oh well,
                            I hope I'll stop some day.  -pathetic mid 20 guy
        \_ Actually, does anyone know why jwang nukes but never writes?
           \_ I'd guess because not enough people care whether he has anything
              to say.
              \_ When has this ever stopped anyone? -gm
           \_ Does anyone know why people keep anonymously accusing jwang and
              ilyas of nuking?  I crack up when I nuke a thread and someone
              else gets blamed by an anonymous yahoo.  -emarkp
              \_ So is your rule something like "WWJN"?
              \_ I don't know anything about jwang, but do a search through
                 the archives for "nuke" and "ilyas" and the reason people
                 gett pissed at him will become obvious.  And for the hundredth
                 time: fuck you for nuking threads.
                 \_ You can tack me on to that last sentiment, though I would
                    say simply "please stop doing it". -- ulysses
2005/2/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36018 Activity:high
2/1     I've added a new feature in Motd IntelliDiff so that everytime you
O       click RELOAD, the browser remembers what you saw before and what's new,
        and highlights everything that's new. It's like motdwatch but prettier.
        Try it:  
        \_ How are you getting the motd these days, kchang?  Still through
           \_ no jrleek, I don't finger anymore, that's nasty.
        \_ you still need to add the ability to understand "1/3/04" as a date
           (instead of 2004).
          \_ no, I refuse to accept that as a valid, worldly accepted format.
             "~/bin/kais 1/3/2004" will be the format.
             \_ No date format is worldly accepted.  In Europe it would
                be: 3/1/2004.  In Korea: 2004/3/1 -jrleek
                \_ in the case of 3/1/2004, the year is last so by prior
                   knowledge you imply the month/day. In the second case,
                   the year is the first so by prior knowledge you know that
                   3 must be the month and 1 must be the day. With 1/3/4, it
                   is ambiguous as the year/day/month could be any position.
                   If you want dd/dd/dd to be accepted, write your own wrapper,
                   it is not that hard.
                   \_ There are both RFC's describing standard date formats
                      that should be used and ISO standards for
                      writing/recording dates.  That said, this is really one
                      of those Postel's law situations. -dans
        \_ Um i missed the date discussion but i saw it in the archive. Here's
           my take: 2/2/4 or 04 is not ambiguous. You can simply assume that
           if none of them are a full year, then the last one is a YY one.
           It's a motd written in English and we use normal conventions here
           in the motd. There should be no question about this. A valid
           objection would be unwillingness to do extra work which would be
           \_ # lots of lame ways, here is one lame verbose way:
              if ($ARGV[0]=~m|(\d\d)|(\d\d)|(\d\d)|) {
                $mon=$1; $day=$2; $year=$3;   # for stupid U.S. setting
                # $year=$1; $month=$2; $day=$3;   # for international setting
                system("/home/apollo/kchang/bin/kais $year/$month/$day");
2005/2/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36008 Activity:kinda low
2/1     tse, jrleek, and scotsman are the 3 motd warriors today.
        \_ Huh?  -jrleek
           \_ Hey, man, he just called you a warrior!  The appropriate reaction
              is to make a helmet out of packing material and stomp around your
              co-workers growling and beating your chest.
              \_ You are the motd fluffer
        \_ Gotta love those anonymous motd police who think they know
        \_ Waaarriors!  Come out and Plllaaie-ay!
2005/1/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35984 Activity:nil
1/30    IntelliDiff is back:
2005/1/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35956 Activity:very high
1/28    Michael Jackson's trial starts on Monday.  I think he should take
        a page from the ilyas defense manifesto, and stand up to the judge
        and admit to the crime.  He should say "Yeah, I had sex with those
        kids, and I'll keep having sex with kids and there's not a god
        damned thing you can do about it, unless you're going to go after
        all of those priests molesting kids and the churches that have
        been covering it up.  I'm just looking for equal treatment!"
        \_ Except it's pretty simple to institute draconian evidence gathering
           for motd editing.  The real issue is, no one wants to squish
           EVERYONE who makes motd changes.  People just want to squish me
           (or kchang, or whoever the poor unpopular dolt happens to be
           this year).  Honestly, I am getting tired of this coming up again.
           If there is a sizable portion of the CSUA who wants me squished,
           go mail politburo.  Or heck, send me a petition, I might pull an
           aaron and self-squish. -- ilyas
           \_ ok, please self-squish
           \_ Why don't I get something named after me? -geordan
              \_ I have a doctrine named after me too.  I am going for
                 an airport or an aircraft carrier next. -- ilyas
                 \_ Hey, don't forget me!  And is that really you in the
                    Adult Swim commercial that spoofs The Shining?
                    -- ilyas #1 fan
              \_ you do, you're the 164 flunk who made a funny video of the
                 professor. Still, you flunked. Ha ha ha.
           \_ "Making a motd change" != repeated nuking the motd of all
              content because someone deleted a thread you were following
              \_ Not all content.  Are you new here? -- ilyas
              \_ You are referring to the original ilyas nuke, when the
                 tactical ilyas nuke is more commonly used today.
                 \_ When did this original nuke taken place?
                    \_ There is NO DOUBT ilyas has used the global nuke.
                       We cannot afford the possibility that ilyas will nuke
                       again.  He must be squished, in the name of freedom.
                       If the Politburo shows uncertainty or weakness, the
                       motd will drift toward tragedy.
                       \_ OMG, someone deleted the post above this,
                          *out*of*order*!!!  If ilyas notices this he'll
                          nuke the whole motd again!
                          \_ Before or after he calls you an idiot?  err,
                             sorry, ilyas never insults anyone -- before or
                             after he *observes* what an idiot you are *in
                        \_ yeah, you are either with us, or you're against
                           us. Ilyas is not with us, he is a terrorist.
                           \_ It was established in a thread earlier today
                              that by nuking the motd ilyas was in fact
                              FIGHTING TERRORISM!!!
2005/1/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35910 Activity:low
1/26    Holy fucking shit, the commuter train derailing in LA sounds just
        like the first episode of 24!! shit we'll be lucky if we see the
        sun tomorrow!!
        \_ what's 24? I don't watch TV or listen to pop music
                \_ the number of hours in a day.
        \_ Did you catch the details?  10 dead so far, 100 injured, 5 in
           critical.  Accident caused by a suicidal man parking his car on the
                                                                    \_ SUV
           tracks.  He then jumped out at the last minute.  To start off the
           snarky comments I'll say maybe his suicidal tendencies were
           justified afterall.
           \_ you know I thought this was terrorist related, but nevermind. To
              you conservatives who think the war's making the world a better
              place (ie. emarkp), maybe we should look into the mirror before
              we start killing other people who have nothing to do with
              \_ You didn't use motdedit and overwrote my post.  You're a
                 \_ it's possible to NOT use motdedit and avoid overwriting
                    posts.  dumbshit.
                    \_ I'll even claim the converse.  It is impossible to use
                       motdedit and not overwrite posts, so long as not
                       everyone is using motdedit.
                       \_ Not to put too fine a point on it, but FUCK MOTDEDIT!
                          IN THE EAR!
                       \_ Motdedit uses diff to try to merge conflicting edits.
                          If you use ME and sone non-ME user edits at the same
                          time, it will usually merge fine, and if it has a
                          problem it will let you try a manual merge.
                       \_ Wrong.  It might put your addition out of order, but
                          it won't overwrite it.
                          \_ Because motdedit is perfect and has no bugs!!
                             \_ And manual editors NEVER overwrite other
                                peoples changes!
                                \_ I'll give you a gentle hint: it's not a
                                   technology problem.
              \_ False dichotomy AND strawman.  Nice work. -emarkp
           \_ Death penalty won't do justice to that man (not that he'll
              get it.)  He deserves to be tortured first.
                \_ Fortunately for you, the current administration can
                   accomodate your wishes.
2005/1/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35880 Activity:very high
1/24    Why doesn't the motd, the csua FAQ, or policies/motd have
        information about how to write to the motd without clobbering
        others' musings?
        \_ csua doesn't recognize motd.public officially. There was a time
           when it was publicized on the main web site but some prick decided
           to take it out.
           \_ named paolo,pst,pollux
              \_ Because random hosers were trolling with incredibly offensive
                 anti-muslim diatribes, which were starting to appear in
                 google, and, despite the weak ``not the opinions of the csua,
                 blah blah blah'' disclaimer, this would likely have landed
                 the csua in deep shit for falling afoul of campus and asuc
                 hate speech rules.  Given the context of the decision, it was
                 a good one, one that the entire politburo weighed in on.
                 \_ Well kchang has a pretty hilarious catchphrase on his
                    motd archive that's appended to anything potentially
                    offensive.  And having motd.public but not putting
                    anything in the newuser guide what it's about is on the
                    bad side of cretinous, no matter what the original
                    justification is.  Essentially, you're saying that the
                    CSUA allows something to exist, but refuses to either
                    provide instructions on how to use it, or to permit others
                    to create such instructions on how to use it that can be
                    easily RTFM'ed by new members.  Dumb dumb dumb.  -John
                    \_ well my original intention was to store only useful
                       tech stuff, like Linux and such. It's sad to see most
                       of the stuff archived in the past 2-3 years are
                       trolls/political trash.                  -kchang
                       \_ Problem easily solved -- delete the trolls from the
                          archive.  -- ilyas
                          \_ you were not around when psb and I had this same
                             discussion. I was going to delete them, but
                             psb stopped me from doing so. For one, the auto
                             categorizer's not 100% proof and there may be
                             stuff erroneously deleted. The other debate had
                             to do with integrity and credibility of
                             Kais Motd. But most importantly, psb said so.
                             So all the political posts today exist thanks
                             to psb.                            --kchang
                    \_ John, that's not what I'm saying at all.  I was just
                       explaining the actual history behind *why* motd.public
                       is no longer one link down from the CSUA home page.  As
                       for lack of instructions that may be easily RTFM'ed, I
                       don't think the CSUA README or FAQ that appear in new
                       user accounts have been updated in in years (though I'd
                       be very happy if I was wrong about that fact). -dans
                 \_ that was 2001, and we were at war. Things are different
                    now, how about reverting the decision in the next csua
                    meeting? jvarga? paolo? anyone?
                    \_ Actually, that was 2001 and we were not at war.  We
                       didn't go to war until after September 11, and we don't
                       appear to have achieved any of the objectives of the
                       subsequent warmongering.  Oops, sorry for introducing
                       facts into the discussion.  And if you want the
                       politburo to change the policy, why not *gasp* attend a
                       politburo meeting and ask them yourself? -dans
                        \_ I wouldn't mind except the drive is 400 miles
                           \_ politburo@csua still works.
                    \_ Do you still call them Freedom Fries?
                 \_ I thought Politburo closed the motd / removed motd.public
                    because a soda user felt threateaned by the "kill all
                    muslims" post.  The CSUA getting in trouble with the
                    University issue seemed more peripheral.
                    \_ One particular politburo member yanked it because he
                       and/or his girlfriend were offended.
                       \_ He should have just set up a script to delete the
                          MOTD every 3 minutes instead.  -tom
                       \_ I think paolo is the only person capable of trolling
                          the motd without posting to it.  Are you guys going
                          to be ranting about this in 2011?
                          \_ In September especially.
           \_ If CSUA doesn't recognize it, why does it still copy its content
              to motd.public?
                       \_ Wow.  Your ability to rewrite history to your liking
                          in the absence of actual facts must provide you with
                          limitless hours of amusement. -dans
           \_ If CSUA doesn't recognize motd.public, why does it still copy its
              content to motd?
2005/1/19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35799 Activity:high Edit_by:auto
1/19    Is there a commandline interface to kais motd? i.e.
        "kais 23431" spits out that motd post, or "-d 2005.1.14"
        spits out the motd for that day. Via lynx I guess.
                 \_ you got your wish, at your CSUA command line, type:
                    "~kchang/bin/kais 35799" for entry 35799 (THIS ONE)
                    "~kchang/bin/kais 2day" for past 2 days of entries
                    "~kchang/bin/kais 2005/1/1" for new year's entries
                    There are many other commands as well but you need an
                    account. For a preview of account capabilities you can
                    look at
                    \_ um, I think I'll wait until I can see the source first.
                       not that I don't trust you or anything...
        Dear anal untrusty person, this is the source  -------------/
        {soda}/home/apollo/kchang/bin> cat kais
        lynx --dump ''$*
                  \_ oh, ok. nifty. now we can argue back and forth using only
                     backreferences. since all the politics have already been
                     discussed, according to popular belief.
                     suggestion: allow just "1/1" for the date (default to
                     current year) and allow 1/1/2005. ok thanks.
                     \_ ok you got it. Now I'm interested in seeing a debate
                        based on numbers. It'd be interesting if you guys can
                        reduce all the pointless political arguments and
                        counter arguments to numberical theorem/axiom/numbers
                                                        \_ Do you even know
                                                           what any of these
                                                           words mean?
                                                           \_ he is simply
                                                              ridicuing us
                        and what not. Maybe someone can write a knowledge
                        base system on it as well.              -kchang
2005/1/19-20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35794 Activity:moderate
1/19    "Bush begins his new term with the lowest approval rating at that
        point of any recent two-term president -- 49 percent in an Associated
        Press poll this month." (
        So, how effective do you think authorities will be at confiscating
        eggs prior to tomorrow's inauguration?
        \_ They will just shoot any dissenters.
        \_ Yawn.  Wasn't there a thread about the same thing two days ago?
           Please check motd archive.
           \_ This reminds me of that old joke about the guys in prison
              who've told the same jokes so many times that they just
              say a number and everyone laughs.  We could do that for some
              of these trolls.  Someone posts "221342353", and the usual
              suspects all chime in with numerical responses, meaning things
              like "you're an idiot" and long rants about guns. Thanks to
              the motd web archive this is actually practical (and has now
              happened a couple of times).
                \_ uh, whatever. what number is this motd and what are other
                   numbers that are similar to this one?
              \_ Yermom!
              \_ Is there a commandline interface to kais motd? i.e.
                 "kais 23431" spits out that motd post, or "-d 2005.1.14"
                 spits out the motd for that day. Via lynx I guess.
                 \_ you got your wish, at your CSUA command line, type:
                    "~kchang/bin/kais 35794" for entry 35794 (THIS ONE)
                    "~kchang/bin/kais 1day" for today's entries
                    "~kchang/bin/kais 2005/1/1" for new year's entries
                    There are many other commands as well but you need an
                    account. For a preview of account capabilities you can
                    look at
                    \_ um, I think I'll wait until I can see the source first.
                       not that I don't trust you or anything...
        Dear anal untrusty person, this is the source  -------------/
        {soda}/home/apollo/kchang/bin> cat kais
        lynx --dump ''$*
                  \_ oh, ok. nifty. now we can argue back and forth using only
                     backreferences. since all the politics have already been
                     discussed, according to popular belief.
                     suggestion: allow just "1/1" for the date (default to
                     2004) and allow 1/1/2004. ok thanks.
              \_ It's how you tell it.
           \_ Yeah, but that was in the Washington Post.  Now CNN is reporting
              Dubya's approval rating is even lower than Nixon's around his 2nd
              Anyways, I'm asking about eggs.
              \_ Eggs won't be a problem, because they are only inviting
                 the ideologically pure to the inauguration. Unless some
                 wounded soldier from Iraq goes ballistic. And I bet
                 they have those guys under close observation.
                 \_ The first sentence, after the comma, is not correct:
                    This is why you had eggs and a leadfoot limo driver in
                    Inauguration 2001.
                 \_ s/observation/sedation/
2005/1/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35764 Activity:nil
1/18    Someone please give me a 411 on the aaron incident? I don't read the
        wall/motd every day and I just want to read a short paragraph
        summarizing it. Thank!
        \_ he went nuts.
           \_ Is he squished yet?
              \_ /csua/bin/finger aaron | less   --- no
                 \_ /csua/bin/finger -mp aaron   --RTFManpage
2005/1/14-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:35722 Activity:high
1/14    Anyone read this book by Linsay Moran, a former CIA agent, about
        her career with the CIA? It's called "Blowing My Cover: My Life
        as a CIA Spy".
        \_ Great.  Now every enemy regime can read this book.
           \_ Her rather short career. Interesting perhaps, but not exactly
              a threat to national security.
                \_ Yeah, it was short. I believe she started in '98, and
                   she probably left at least a year before writing this book.
                   5 years, probably.
           \_ You are an idiot, and idiots threaten our national security.
              \_ You are an idiot, and idiots threaten our national security.
                 \_ How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck....
                 \_ How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck....
                    \_ How much motd would a motd fuck chuck if a motd fuck...
                       could do *anything*?!
                       \_ As much chuck as a motd fuck could fuck if a motd fuck
                          could fuck...
              \_ Having self-identified, please report to the nearest citizen
                 recycling post.
2005/1/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35714 Activity:moderate
1/14    So is aaron squished yet?
        \_ What would be the squishable offense?  Have you asked root?
           \_ Spamming wall?  Deleting wall archives?
              \_ Proof?
                 \_ Heh.  Root persons have very very strong evidence he
                    deleted the archives.  There are many witnesses to his
                    spamming, which should be sufficient.
                    \_ spam as in ads? for some commercial product?
                       \_ No spam as in walling the same fucking message
                          50+ times in rapid succession.
        \_ He kinda squished himself.  He hasn't logged on since the 10th.
        \_ I don't want aaron squished.  He should come back, restore the
           wall archive, and lord h07 42n ch1x over us just like it used to be!
           If he doesn't want to login anymore, at least he can just do the
           second part.
           \_ And we should follow the ilyas doctrine about squishing. Unless
              we're willing to squish everyone who's ever walled anything,
              or ever deleted a file, we can't squish aaron.
              \_ Kick ass.  I have a doctrine named after me!
                 Except uh, I never advocated anything remotely similar to
                 what you said, but carry on.  Doctrines rock. -- ilyas
                 \_ I think he's making an analogy.  You've instituted mass
                    deletions of motd posts due to one thread that went
                    sour in the past.  I think the doctrine of massive
                    retalliation for a single offense might predate
                    your posting to the motd by just a little, however.
                    \_ Heh.  'Single offense' indeed.  He is not making
                       an analogy, btw.  He is attributing to me things
                       I never said.  He is also not talking about
                       deletions but about squishings.  Did you even
                       read what he wrote at all? -- ilyas
                       \_ And why shouldn't you be squished for "ruining
                          (the motd) for everyone"?  Right, you said that
                          unless root went after *everyone* who has *ever*
                          edited the motd, root couldln't squish you.
                          \_ Once again, I never said this.  Since you insist
                             on putting words in my mouth (probably just
                             trolling), I am ending this conversation.
                             There is a big difference between 'edited'
                             and 'nuked.'  All I asked for was even
                             enforcement, or no enforcement at all. -- ilyas
                             \_ I dunno about doctrines, but Ilyas Baiting is
                                definitely a professional sport around here.
2005/1/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35653 Activity:high
1/12    In case any of you were wondering, the MOTD is beginning to propagate
        across the web, thank to KAIS MOTD.
        \_ You should fix your topic recognition, Kevin.  A discussion of
           the Trojan War is not middle eastern politics.
           \_ I'm not kchang.
           \_ Darn it, the pigeons are slacking off again:
              and by the way I didn't post the original message       -kchang
        \_ Explain? The motd has been popular on UNIX since the 80s
           \_ *This* motd has only been read-able and write-able by sodans
              until recently. The version available on the CSUA main page
              doesn't count because it had no archive, even when it included
              below-the-line posts.
                \_ THIS motd has been world readable on the newsgroup
                   (remember the newsgroup)? Search csua newsgroup on google's
                   newsgroup archive and you'll see it.
                   \_ What's a newsgroup?  How do I get to that?
                   \_ Some particularly memorable motds have been posted
                      to alt.motd in the distant past. -geordan
              \_ You can use finger to read motd and lwall without having
                 a soda account.
                 \_ Just, uhm, don't finger too often.
        \_ When MOTD finally becomes self-aware, nukes will fall from the sky.
2005/1/10-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:35645 Activity:nil
1/10    Unix Sysadmin and Storage Admin positions in SF in the financial
        industry.  /csua/jobs/BarclaysGlobal   -ERic
        (what happened to my original post?  Are jobs listings now not
        appropriate for the motd?)
         \_ The motd will never be the same after four years of Dubya
            and four more to go.
2005/1/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35565 Activity:very high
1/5     Dear Neocons, I resent your censorship. Since I don't know who you
        are I'll have to delete the entire motd. Sorry guys. Find out who
        the fucking neocon is and problem solved.
        \_ Restored.
           \_ Restored, again.
              \_ why don't you restore everything?
                 \_ I restored the motd to the way it was right before it
                    was nuked, because I'm too lazy to go back through the
                    archives and track down everything.  If you know an easy
                    way to do better, let me know.
        \_ Haha.  Where's the outrage, meyers? -- ilyas
           \_ You do realize that meyers has a life with higher priority
              things than riding the motd (unlike other denizens of the motd,
              ilyas...and, er, me *cough*) don't you?
              \_ Yeah, maybe he does... though he had this mysterious knack
                 for always materializing whenever a nuke war involving myself
                 was in progress.  Funny, that. -- ilyas
                 \_ get a life ilyas
                 was in progress.  Funny, that.  WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE!?
                   -- ilyas
2004/12/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35480 Activity:very high
12/29   Bush said. "But I am not a geologist, as you know." I just find
        this quote so funny... I guess he's not many things... hahaha.
        \_ All we ask is that he's a competent leader & commander-in-chief,
           and that is apperantly too much to ask already.
           \_ All that we ask is that a college graduate (from Berkeley, no
              less!) should know how to spell.  That is apparently too much
              to ask already.
                \_ This is the first time that I've been asked to have perfect
                   spelling in the motd ... And yet your request will have no
                   AFFECT! <-- Yes on purpose
                   \_ Hey, mental giant, did it occur to you that your
                      complaint about the competence of the CiC rings a
                      little hollow if you can't even be bothered to learn
                      to spell (!?) yourself?
                      \_ [ if you delete replies, your replies will get deleted ]
2004/12/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35412 Activity:kinda low
12/23   Sorry, I warned you about selective nuking and now the whole thing
        goes. Total nuke till Christmas. Have a nice day.
        \_ This kind of thinking is bizarre.  Do you think this is some sort of
           deterrent?  Selective nukers are unlikely to care about the motd as
           a whole.
        \_ Restored.
           \_ Restored, again.
              \_ Restored, a third time.
                 \_ Restore away!  If I find who you are, I'll buy you a drink
                    at the establishment of your choice.
        \_ One day one of us will get you.  People might just care more about
           this forum than they do about the consequences of fucking with you.
           Gentlemen, start your scripts. Have a nice fucking day.
           \_ Why don't I get nice things? -- ilyas
              \_ I know as well as you do it's not you. Now why don't you make
                 yourself useful and help figure out who it is?
                 \_ (a) Perhaps you misunderstood the gist of my comment.
                    (b) Say you figure out who it is.  Then what will you do?
                    Try to get them squished?  Subscribe them to junk mail
                    lists?  Put a dead cat on their front porch?  Seriously,
                    get a life man. -- ilyas
                    \_ If I really knew who it was, I'd call up the Church
                       of Scientology claiming to be him, and ask to be
                       put on all their mailing lists.  Maybe go in and take
                       the Oxford Capacity Test under his name just to make
           \_ how about this proposal. Find out why he is nuking the entire
              motd, and listen to what he has to say. Maybe you guys can
              work out something reasonable. What you're proposing is like
              Bush solving problems with brute force.
              \_ Negotiate with a fucking terrorist?  When you put it like
                 that, you almost make me wish I voted for Bush.
                 \_ "Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity.
                     It is what makes nations great and marriages happy."
                     \_ Be that as it may, in this case it's just two
                        terrorists fighting it out in our backyard.  Kill
                        'em both.  They ain't compromising.
2004/12/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35353 Activity:nil
12/18   This is about a month old but hadn't seen it on the motd or news.
        Tara Reid had a wardwobe malfunction, sure some of the guys on the
        MOTD would appreciate it:
        \_ tangent: that much makeup looks gross IMO.
           \_ Yeah, I was really looking at the makeup too (shrug)
              \_ Of course I looked at the tit first. "okay, a large tit."
           \_ Yeah, between the makeup and the scars from her implants
              she's not really all that attractive.
2004/12/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Sports] UID:35248 Activity:high
12/10   Does anyone have video of the Detroit basketball riot?  I
        completely missed it.
        \_ are you the same person who was asking about what all
           the commotion has been surrounding cal football recently?
           \_ Actually, yeah.  And I never got an answer on that either.
              \_ I wrote a long answer for you. Then someone nuked it.
                 \_ Oh, thanks.  Found it on KAIS motd.
        \_ I found a torrent on a blog, it's still downloading.  443 megs.
        \_ just go to
2004/12/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35173 Activity:kinda low
12/4    Shameless plug #2.  See motd.official for information on new Soda.
        If everyone who uses the motd gave $10, we'd be in great shape!  Of
        course we'd not complain if you gave more...
        \_ will donate if you revert politburo back to its glorious
           squish happy state, when it's possible to squish the unwanted
           people like ilyas and other annoying bastards.
           \_ Hey, can we squish annoying whining bastards like you too?
              That would rock.
           \_ They are a travesty to the word 'politburo!' -- ilyas
        \_ Is it okay if my checks show up by the end of the month?
           I'm waiting for finals to get over before I start paying
           my bills, and doing my donations for this year.
2004/11/30-12/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35133 Activity:moderate
11/30   I posted the plan stuff.  See motd.official for more info. - jvarga
        \_ Yes, but where does the motd and wall fit into your plans?  After
           all, what is the CSUA without motd and wall?  And how dare you
           try to discuss this plan using modern web board. --bitter alum
           \_ Fuck motd, fuck wall.  Set up a wiki. Get Over it.
              -- progressive alum.
              \_ Wow. Somebody came out and said it! I wonder if the alums
                 (such as myself) who post on the motd and give a rat's ass
                 about it can be considered part of the OS cruft soda must
                 contend with.
           \_ Is this supposed to be funny?
           \_ My plans for the motd include 3 barrels of Flan, some packing
              peanuts, a pony and a midget.  Any other questions? - jvarga
              \_ You forgot the lube.  Can't have midgets without lube.
                 \_ I'm a pony! I'm a pony!
2004/11/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35110 Activity:high 66%like:36477
11/29   Happy Birthday, geordan
        \_ Nice, nuking the motd in my name.  Fuck off and die. -geordan
           \_ geordan: responding to birthday greetings with invective
              since 1996. twink.
           \_ I never nuke the motd in the name of anyone except
              SWEET LADY JUSTICE. -- ilyas
              \_ He is like the Hand of God, #138.
                 \_ So does that mean kchang and mehlhaff are like Meatfucker?
                    (collecting human refuse) -- ilyas
                    \_ More like LOU Gunboat Diplomat and GCU It's Character
                       \_ NEEEEEEEEEEEEERDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSS!!!!!! --Ogre
                          \_ If you know wtf we were talking about, you were
                             the kind of ogre who got picked on in ogre
                             playgrounds by other bigger jock ogres.
           \_ Ilya was bragging about how motd nuking is an effective counter
              to post-nuking, so I baited him by nuking his post. -troll
                \_ BOTH of you are assholes in equal.
                   \_ As a CSUA member approaches the motd, the likelyhood that
                      he is an asshole approaches 1. [updated]
                      \_ So how does one 'approach' motd?  I mean, there really
                         is no spatial relationship to measure, and I can't
                         really think what exactly it is you're quantifying
                         to make this relationship.
                         \_ Proportion of time spent on motd-related activities
                            / time spent on the other waking hours things.
                      \_ likelihood
                         \_ =1
                   \_ Maybe you ALL are homosexuals.
                    \_ You are the ghay
                               \_ teh ghey
                \_ in the good 'ol days ALL suspected motd nukers are
                   squished. The new administration is ineffective and lame.
                   \_ Why do you hate America SO MUCH?
                   \_ All accused with no evidence motd nukers should be
                      squished. Good idea.
            \_ Are you Japanese?  Do you have any idea the effect nuking
               had on Japan?
2004/11/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35103 Activity:insanely high
11/28   Who keeps killing the motd?
        \_ I did. I requested the person who selectively nuked my humour posts
           to explain his action. He not only responded defiantly with "because
           it is lame", he deleted my other posts. I warned him and now I will
           begin the 5 day nuke. Please respect my protest, and leave
           motd nuked. Thanks.                                     -humour gu
           \_ Everyone gets their shit deleted here.  Everyone.  The typical
              post rarely lasts more than an hour when there are a lot of
              people on the motd, and I've had posts dissapear in literally
              seconds.  Sometimes it's malice, sometimes it's boredom, and
              sometimes it's just an accident.  Either way, the only way
              to have your posts last is to write them in your own backup
              file and cut and paste them back in if they're deleted almost
              instantly.  If it's still deleted everytime, someone has more
              spare time than you and cares more and you just need to let
              it go.  What you're doing now really doesn't solve anything.
           \_ This is the most pathetic thing I've heard on the motd
              for a while now.  Please grow up.  If you really think it's
              worth sharing, either keep posting it here or find another
              forum that appreciates your humor.    -rollee
           \_ Respect my cornhole, you filthy bitch.  Piss off and die.  -John
           \_ if you do this, how are you any better than ilyas?
              \_ Because this guy is anonymous.
           \_ Well, now the only rational course of action is to nuke every
              so-called humor post.  You want scorched earth?  You got it.
           \_ Here in America son, we type "humor".
2004/11/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35098 Activity:kinda low
11/28   Soda coming down today to replace TDA.  Expect less downtime than
        a crash.
        \_ Rsync taking longer than expected.  TDA Sucks!  Hahaha, you
           can't nuke this motd post! (anyone in motd group does not
           \_ Expect soda to go down for 30-60 minutes tonight (11/29)
              while we pray that soda still boots.
              \_ Ok, it'll go down again once more later tonight or tomorrow.
                 This time, for sure.
2004/11/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35095 Activity:nil
11/27   You ilyased the motd you ass
2004/11/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35020 Activity:nil 50%like:35088
11/22   What is this?  They guy who got bested by ilyas nuked the motd?
        \_ Maybe something was deleted out of order and "someone"
           ilyased the motd.  -meyers
        \_ Ilya nuked it.
           \_ Is he going for some sort of "biggest ***hole" award or
              \_ Someone deleted my reply, you ****** ********* ******.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ Random deletions are no excuse to be a dick
                    \_ Perhaps you should take it up with the guy who
                       deleted my reply, then.  I am tired of having
                       this conversation over and fucking over again.
                       You are not changing my mind.  I will defend
                       myself.  Go find something better to argue
                       about.  -- ilyas
                       \_ For a guy who gets so bent out of shape over
                          occasional motd friction, you sure do a good job
                          overwriting other people's posts. -jrleek
                          \_ It's all part of the ilyas doctrine.  If he
                             delete's someone's thread, they should just
                             "deal", but if it's his thread, there'll be
                             hell to pay.  -meyers
                       \_ If you're sick of having this conversation, stop
                          being such an asshole, asshole.
                       \_ "I will defend myself" == Nuking in self-defense :D
                 \_ So repost it, dummy, Sheesh.
2004/11/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34965 Activity:moderate
11/18   POC, you're a piece of cock. And williamc, I can't believe you
        graduated from Berkeley. You're a dumb fuck. Get a life.
        \_ Wow.  This is the first time I've been singled out in the
           motd.  I think it's the US Army==child rapists guy getting pissy
           because he's being asked to do some research before
           jibber-jabbering about things he doesn't know anything about.  I
           think this makes my day.  Thanks, op.  :)                -POC
           \_  I really wonder sometimes about the whole chicom troll
               phenomenon.  Is it all one guy?  Is it several similar
               people, or is it one guy who started it and was a real nutjob
               and another guy who immitates him for amusement?  To me this
               kind of question is part of what makes reading the motd so much
               fun.  There's really nothing else quite like it.
               \_ who is chicom and who is POC?
        \_ who is POC?
           \_ Piece Of Crap?
              \_ Piece of cock, as mentioned above.
        \_ Hey, they graduated you too.
        \_ Who the fuck are they and what does it have to do with the motd?
2004/11/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34958 Activity:kinda low
11/18   I think the motd is mostly posted by the same few people over and
        over again. I am getting bored. There's not enough variety here.
        Can't we bring some of the undergrads into the motd? I mean seriously,
        This is my connection to Berkeley and I want to be up to date. I
        feel old arguing with the same motd hosers all the time. I want to
        feel young again, can't we bring some rookie sodans to the motd??
        \_ We do have newbies -- unfortunately they're chicom troll and/or
           swift-boat guy.  Personally, I think they're the same person, but
           you never can tell.
        \_ BUD DAY does not like your tone, son.
        \_ The fact that the motd is no longer displayed at login by
           default is probably greatly curtailing any new blood.  Also,
           most people who want to discuss things online have moved past
           "world-writable" file technology.  I think most people just
           aren't all that interested in the motd.
2004/11/17-2005/1/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34939 Activity:nil
11/17   Soda crashed.  blame root and bad disk. rebooted.  enjoy. --Jon
        \_ squish politburo, it is broken.
        \_ Yeah, who was the idiot who shut down soda, but didn't notify
           anyone with machine room access?  -- ilyas
           \_ What part of crash wasn't understood.  A raid array soda was
              attached to crapped out, and took soda down with it.
           \_ I agree.  Politburo's top priority should be monitoring and
              maintaining the motd!  They are too lax in this, their most
              important duty.  Screw those stupid help-sessions, and
              attemps to get new members!
2004/11/16-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34912 Activity:nil
11/14   The EECS network was down for nearly a day, but it's back now.
        Please let us know if anything is still broken.
        \_ yes, the politburo is broken. For the past 5 years, the
           politburo has failed to permanently squish a single person.
           It has failed to squish people who mess with the motd
           (ilyas), people who repeatedly use scripts to automatically
           censor words (emarkp), people who spread dangerous
           trolls (kinney), and people who fingered the CSUA network
           to death (kchang). Please fix the politburo, thanks.
           \_ I will gladly go, if every single fucker who messes
              with the motd goes with me.  Otherwise, up yours. -- ilyas
              \_ OK, it's a deal.  Get lost.
           \_ You're a lamer.  Just thought you'd like to know.
           \_ I thought emarkp used a script to read the motd, not edit it
              \_ I believe you are correct.
           \_ I am going to lobby that the politburo squish people
              who use the motd to anonymously criticize the politburo.
              \_ I am going to lobby to kick your ass.
2004/11/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:34847 Activity:very high 61%like:34850
11/11   Here's one for the Arafat trolls to chew on for a while:
        \_ Hell NO! We won't think!
        \_ You are right. It was so much easier when the Palestinians
           peacefully accepted their ethnic cleansing. I hate that bastard
           for daring to fight back.
           \_ Wow.  Revisionist history makes yet another appearance on the
              \_ What's revisionist about it?
                 \_ Um, 'ethnic cleansing'?
        \_ What's to chew on? Palestinians have used terrorism. Is this news?
           Shall we chew on that while ignoring Israeli occupation? How does
           that make sense?
        \_ wait a minute, so suicide bombing is evil, but killing civilans
           blindly using American donated Apache gunship, missiles,
           and tanks is perfectly ok?                   -peacenik
           \_ I think there's a substantial difference between thugs that
              TARGET civillians with carbombs and suicide bombers and
              beheadings as a tactic to control the people vs trying to
              kill the people that are doing this TO THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN
              (mostly, anyhow).  The US is doing everything it can to
              minimize civillian deaths, but the remorseless insurgents
              must be eliminated.  I suspect that if the US just ... left
              ... that the people stepping forward to fill the vacuum would
              create a legacy hideous beyond describing.  It's rather sad
              that someone getting a Berkeley education would need this
              explained to them.  If you think the use of these weapons is
              blind, then honestly, you're saying you can't tell the
              difference between random violence against innocents and
              violence targeted against inherently violent people that have
              no respect for life.
              \_ in war, there's no such a thing as good civilians vs. evil
                 militants. The militants are the civilians, and at times
                 the civilians are the militants. The civilians give birth
                 for new militants, and they feed and shelter
                 each other, period. And by the way there's no such a
                 thing as Berkeley educated people having homogeneous
                 opinions, and in fact, not everyone on motd is educated
                 let along having a Berkeley degree. The idea that the
                 world is so black and white, is so Bush.
                 \_ It's not entirely binary, but there really are normal
                    civilians and thugs.  Civilians mostly just want to be
                    left alone.  Thugs terrorize them into giving them shelter,
                    etc.  You = m0r0n (the dangerous moral relativist kind)
                    \_ Come on, don't be so harsh.  Where would this world
                       be without Lenin's "useful idiots?"
2004/11/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34643 Activity:nil
11/3    Nice.  Election leads to Longest Motd EVAR!
        soda [2] cat /etc/motd.public | wc
            1279   10939   70798
2004/10/29-11/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34450 Activity:high
10/29   Election bet (turnout, %pop-KE, %pop-BC, Winner's Electoral Count)
        120M, 52, 48, 306 --scotsman
        \_ is this from anywhere or just a motd prediction?
           \_ motd prediction
        \_ with BC still winning?
           \_ I'm not _that_ prescient.
        \_ 105M, 48.4 (GL), 47.9, 271-266 (BC over GL) -- 2k numbers
        \_ 125M, 48, 49, 273-265 (KE over BC)
           \_ With 125M, you think the popular vote will go to bush?
        \_ 115M, 50, 49, 271 (bc over ke)     -mice
           \_ Ilya, you overwrote mice.
              \_ sorry.
                 \_ This is actually easy to avoid if you have even a little
                    interest in being courteous.
                    \_ Far be it from me to nudge people in a more enlightened
                       direction, but perhaps your energies would be better
                       spent reeducating the countless motd assholes who
                       delete active threads, sign other people's names,
                       spew low-grade anonymous bile, and countless other
                       spew low-grade anonymous bile, and do countless other
                       things that make the motd our favorite world-writable
                       file.  But no, it's much more important to moralize
                       me and my editor. -- ilyas
                       \_ Because it's easy to be courteous in this way --
                          it costs only a little time.  If even the easy
                          things to correct are out of reach, then what hope
                          is there for the more pathological things?  Esp in
                          the crowd that purports to care...
                          \_ Ok, friend, tell you what.  I consider myself
                             properly moralized now.  I suggest aaron as your
                             next target.  He seems to have a problem with
                             long winded violent fantasies, and I think he is
                             ready for your brand of gentle reproach.  I
                             think his soul can yet be saved! -- ilyas
                             think his soul can yet be saved!  I hope you are
                             an equal opportunity moralizer, and not someone
                             who designated little old me as his "project."
                               -- ilyas
                             \_ Uhm, it's not about morals, it's about not
                                stomping other people's posts (easy to avoid)
                                while still claiming to be the champion of
                                the motd and the enemy of anonymous cowards
                                etc.  If it'll make you feel better, I can
                                swear at you and call you names and litter the
                                screen with ad hominem, but I figured asking
                                you politely not to contribute to the problem
                                you're always complaining about might be worth
                                a try.
                                \_ Well, actually, post-overwriting is one of
                                   the few problems I am NOT complaining about.
                                   (The reason I don't is that during busy
                                   editing times, writing becomes a game
                                   theory thing of defectors/cooperators, and
                                   it's not always defensible to stay a
                                   \_ I don't have this problem, and I bet I
                                      post way more than you do.  I think this
                                      is merely justification to dodge the
                                      blame and maintain self-righteousness.
                                      \_ Haven't you heard?  Half of the motd
                                         posts are actually mine.  You must
                                         be the other half.  All I am going to
                                         say is, motd is during busy times like
                                         a conversation with a lot of people,
                                         and you need to raise your voice to
                                         get a word in.  If you haven't
                                         done something like that yourself
                                         in a busy conversation, I admire
                                         your restraint and condemn your
                                         veracity (since you would be lying
                                         through your teeth). -- ilyas
                                         \_ MOTD != conversation.  I haven't
                                            overwritten a post on motd in
                                            some time (I don't force-save
                                            if the file changed under me).
                                            This comparison really IS a straw
                                            man.  Nice try, but no banana.
                                            (Though I make no claims about
                                            conversation -- as if that's even
                                            a little bit relevant)
                                            \_ During busy times, MOTD is
                                               _worse_ because people are good
                                               at picking out things they want
                                               from multiple parallel
                                               conversations.  MOTD is serial.
                                               When a lot of people are
                                               excitedly talking, the
                                               conversations get louder, but
                                               on the MOTD most people spinlock.
                                               If you haven't had cases where
                                               the file is literally being
                                               edited continuously for many
                                               minutes at a time, you haven't
                                               been posting as much as you say.
                                                 -- ilyas
                                               \_ I'm going home now.  You win.
                                                  \_ *sigh*.  I am not trying
                                                     to say I am not being
                                                     discourteous, I am
                                                     pleading for a sense of
                                                     perspective.  There are
                                                     nastier things going on
                                                     on the motd every day,
                                                     and they don't seem to
                                                     generate huge threads.
                                                     Maybe it's something to
                                                     do with me. -- ilyas
                                                     \_ 1) The other guy has to
                                                        be willing to listen
                                                        for there to be a
                                                        dialogue.  2) You're
                                                        not the only person I
                                                        ding for 'bad things on
                                                        the MOTD' -- I'm just
                                                        civil to you more often
                                                        than most. 3) Never
                                                        argue with drunks or
                                                        madmen.  4) of
                                                        COURSE it's all your
                                                        fault.  I'm shocked
                                                        that you even have to
                                                        ask that.  When did you
                                                        stop beating your wife?
                                                        Maybe if you stopped
                                                        clubbing baby seals
                                                        and eating babies some
                                                        good karma would come
                                                        to you instead.  I
                                                        mean, when western
                                                        civilization falls, we
                                                        all know that you'll be
                                                        the one to blame.
                                                     \_ Keep following that
                                                        train of thought.
                                                        It is correct.
                                   I tend to complain about things that make it
                                   to /etc/motd and THEN mysteriously
                                   disappear.  Anyways, I still think you
                                   should become an equal opportunity crusader,
                                   and start tracking down motd assholes.
                                     -- ilyas
                                   \_ Look, you either get what I'm saying or
                                      you don't (or you're being egregiously
                                      argumentative).  You're not my 'project'
                                      so really, it doesn't matter all that
                                      much -- but it seems senseless to
                                      complain about censorship and then
                                      habitualize a behavior that's very very
                                      easily confused with censorship to those
                                      that don't live in your head.
                                      Seriously, there's just no way to win
                                      with you is there?  Swear at you and
                                      you declare the speaker an anonymous
                                      coward etc, ask you politely to do
                                      something (and give an explanation out
                                      of common courtesy) and you declare the
                                      speaker a moralizer with hints of
                                      hypocrisy as well.   *sheesh*
                                      \_ (a) If you view conversations in
                                         win/lose terms, you need to grow up.
                                         (b) If you honestly don't see the
                                         difference between stamping changes
                                         before they make it to /etc/motd, and
                                         purposefully nuking stuff from
                                         /etc/motd, then i am sorry but we
                                         don't have enough common ground to
                                         (c) I think you should probably just
                                         leave me be. -- ilyas
                                         \_ This is all good, and I have no
                                            problem with what you're both
                                            saying, but can you please take it
                                            to email?  The motd is getting
                                                very narrow at the bottom
                                                        because it's so long
                                                                and so
                             \_ i'm not pp, but aaron's stuff that annoys you
                                is signed and annoying only because of content,
                                easily ignored and generally only on wall.
                                it's not relevant to The MOTD Experience(TM).
        \_ I don't get: "BC"? ---> nevermind, I'm stupid.
        \_ 115M, 49, 48, 271 (bc over ke)     -mice
        \_ ???M, 52, 46, 272 BC over KE
        \_ Everyone needs to remember 2 things: 50% is not require to win, and
           there are other guys running are polling between 1% and 4% total
           depending on the poll and the state polled.
        \_ And now some smarter people's numerical predictions: ;-)
  ( opinion)
                \_ You're missing the point.  We've all been reading other
                   people's predictions and maps and polls and crap for months.
                   It's our turn to make our own predictions.
                   \_ Me:  Tongue in cheek (smiley added)
                      You:  Insecure
                      \_ You came back to edit your post after I replied and I'm
                         the insecure one?  Okey dokey, Mr. Stable.
        \_ 130M, 51.5, 46, 331-207 KE wins -jctwu
        \_ 135M, 51, 51, unknown but with 4 weeks of riot
           \_ I'm changing my bet to match this person's.
        \_ How many registered voters are there out there?
           \_ Alive, dead, convicts, what?
              \_ Any! Nationally!  I've been googling and searching the FEC
                 site, but I get no info on how many overall registered voters
                 there are.  Help!
2004/10/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34319 Activity:high
10/24   Daily Show upload is back: /csua/tmp/dailyshow/README
        \_ You are da man! Thanks so much!
        \_ Isn't this both illegal and against soda policy?
           \_ SHUT UP.  SHUT UP.  SHUT UP.
           \_ Well now, let's not be hasty.  Let me ask the campus policy people
              first.  Heh. -- ilyas
                \_ ilyas do you have ANY friends?  seriously.
              \_ why do you find that amusing?
                 \_ I am just waiting for the self-righteous assholes who keep
                    complaining about motd nuking 'violating soda policy' to
                    show up and start complaining about this, you know, much
                    more serious violation.  I am not holding my breath.
                      -- ilyas
                    \_ The basic difference is motd nukers in general are
                       behaving like assholes, whereas illegal video uploads
                       don't hurt you until someone complains.
                       Don't side with the assholes.
                       \_ So, uh, let me get this straight.  Something illegal
                          is only bad until I get hurt?  So if I see someone
                          raped on the street, I should just walk past?
                            -- ilyas
                          \_ are you really this stupid?  Oh, I forgot,
                             yes you are.  -tom
                             \_ John: case in point. -- ilyas
                                \_ Ilyas:  awful comparison, fallacy of
                                   equation.  Tom:  be nice.  Both of you,
                                   bench for 3 minutes with mandatory John
                                   ass link viewing.  -John
                             \_ hey, thanks for adding the obligatory personal
                                insult to the motd.  we didn't have enough
                                haters or hatred here already.
                    \_ pp has it right; the fact that MOTD nuking is against
                       policy is not the reason why it's a bad thing to do.
                       For what it's worth, I see a lot of take-down notices
                       from RIAA and MPAA, but haven't seen any about TV shows
                       yet.  (Still, I don't think swapping TV shows is an
                       activity the CSUA should be condoning).  -tom
                       \_ FCC recently cleared tivo to allow file sharing.
                          TV is a broadcast medium, and doesn't infringe on
                          a commodity ala music/films.  I guess the cable
                          company could get up in arms that it's encroaching
                          on their household count, but i doubt they could.
                          \_ Radio is also a broadcast medium.  Is it legal
                             to tape off the radio and pass copies around?
                       \_ Is this Matt&Trey thinking?
                    \_ So anyone who calls ilyas on his antisocial behavior
                       is a "self-righteous asshole." And anyone who calls
                       him stupid is resorting to ad hominem. Glad we cleared
                       that up.
2004/10/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34282 Activity:nil 52%like:34281
10/21   And so ends the best motd I've ever seen.  Thank you scotsman and
        ilyas!  Here on the motd, the fringes of political debate come
        together to troll.

Censorship sucks.  Censors doubly so.
\_ Well, you can wring your hands and moan, or do something about it.
   \_ Right!  You can adopt ilya's strategy too!  If censored, then by god,
      become censor yourself!  Yay!  Now no one gets any use out of motd!
2004/10/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34252 Activity:nil 50%like:35307
10/20   UC Berkeley Data stolen (from /., but motd is boring today)
        \_ What kind of computer was hacked?
2004/10/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34226 Activity:nil
10/19   Heh, Kai's MOTD has a new "feature."  Politics stuff is moved to
        the bottom of the page, with the caption:
        "Mindless Opinionated Political Drivel Begins Here:"
        Nice.  Bets on how long it takes for the bottom section to move up
        to the top?
        \_ i remember that being there from the start.
        \_ what the above said, that thing has been around for as long
            as I can remember. Where have you been op?
2004/10/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34096 Activity:high
10/13   UC Berkeley to follow UCLA's lead in bending over for RIAA:,1412,65227,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_8
        \_ go Bruin! Land of the happy, home of the health-image
           conscious and sexy chicks!
           \_ I hate you Paolo. -- ilyas
           \_ If you are not Paolo, you are channeling his unclean spirit.
              P.S.  I hate you.  -- ilyas
              \_ who is paolo, tell us about paolo, and why do you hate me?
                 \_ Paolo is pst@csua, mostly known to the motd crowd for
                    pulling down the motd after 9/11 because his gf at the
                    time 'felt threatened.'  I hate you because you sing
                    praises to the UCLA soul, which I hate. -- ilyas
2004/10/13 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34092 Activity:high
10/13   Is this the most active motd out there?  Are other school orgs' motds
        this contentious and political?
        \_ Well, at <DEAD><DEAD> they just talk about h07 42n ch1x, and at
           <DEAD><DEAD> they talk about rice rockets and Counter-Strike.
                \_ University of Civics and Integras
                   \_ aka, University of Chinese Immigrants
           \_ Dude, I am so at the wrong motd.  How do I get into the UCI
           \_ There is no UCLA CSUA.  It became the UCLA LUG. -- ilyas
2004/10/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:34079 Activity:high
10/12   OK, regarding my stupid idea of a motd book to make money for the
        CSUA below and the resultant copyright argument, I have a more
        fundamental question for the CSUA armchair lawyers (and for Bud Day):
        I was always under the impression that everything you do or say while
        a student/employee of UC, or while using UC property, or while
        thinking erotic thoughts about Ward Connerly automagically becomes
        100% property of UC, enforceable by the club-wielding UC copyright
        brigades?  -John
           Professors can publish independent academic papers and own the
           copyrights.  Students own what they produce unless they're
           working on a sponsored project.  UC owns what staff members produce
           unless it's done outside of the scope of their work and no
           university resources are used.  Except as otherwise provided for
           in the policy, UC owns copyright to works made with university
           resources.  -tom
        \_ I heard Fred von Lohmann, EFF senior staff attorney, discuss what's
           at the core of the copyright argument below.  This was informal
           discussion about two years ago, not paid legal advice, but it's
           certainly more accurate than the chicken little ``the sky is
           falling'' bullshit in the thread below.  Someone posed the
           question, ``Since (in the US) copyright springs into existence as
           soon as an original(*) work is fixed(+), aren't people who maintain
           public mailing list archives potentially exposing themselves to
           massive risks of litigation?''  His response was that it's never
           been tested in court so you can't completely discount the
           possibility, but in all likelihood, the act of posting to a public
           mailing list [or, for the purposes of the thread below, forum, e.g.
           soda's motd.public] also means you implicitly consent to the
           archival and reproduction of the post by the forum maintainers.
           As far as I know, it still hasn't been tested in court.

           As to the question of ``all your base are belong to the UC'' that's
           not really a question of copyrights, it's a question of contracts.
           This breaks down to a) What does the intellectual property
           assignment/ownership contract claim the UC (or any employer) owns?
           and b) Which of those claims are actually enforceable under
           California law?  I suspect that the set of enforceable claims for
           employees may differ from those for students, but don't actually

           So what's enforceable?  If you're using UC property, they
           definitely can claim ownership.  If it's done on your own time (not
           really an issue for students since the UC doesn't own any of their
           time) with your own resources, they can't.  Private companies can
           claim and sometimes enforce ownership of ip made on your own time
           with your own resources if the ip is directly related to their
           primary business interest(s), but I don't see how this could apply
           to the UC since it's a public institution and, cynical jokes aside,
           not really a business.

           In the specific case of the CSUA, it may be tricky to establish use
           of UC resources.  Since the ASUC is independent of the UC, it can
           be argued that the ASUC owns the CSUA's physical equipment, not the
           UC.  Furthermore, I'm doubtful that the UC could support ownership
           claim based soley on the use of network resources.  There's a
           peering exchange in the basement of Evans, and it would obviously
           be ridiculous if the UC claimed ownership of all data that travels
           through that exchange.  I'd be curious to see if there's any
           caselaw specifically addressing ip ownership claims and use of
           network resources.

           (*) The bar for original work is really low.  Oft-cited example,
           The white pages are merely a directory listing, and do not qualify
           as original work for the purposes of copyright.  The yellow pages,
           on the other hand, do qualify because they are organized by an
           original scheme.
           (+) Fixed means recorded, written down, or otherwise fixed in some
           medium.  Established caselaw states that data in RAM is considered
           fixed for the purposes of copyright.
           \_ So one upshot of all this is that being a student is better than
              being an employee as far as the legal status of IP you generate.
              Does that mean graduate students at the UC's are considered
              employees, since they're in a union, or are they students?
              This sounds like a great arguement against graduate student
              unionization.  As a graduate student at a private school, I am
              not considered an employee (in spite of the fact that I get paid
              and work fulltime), but the status of my IP, at least in terms
              of patents is identical to that of employees.
              \_ Graduate students are students, but work they do as employees
                 (for example, creating an exam for a course they're working
                 as a GSI for) is owned by UC.  A paper they create or publish
                 is still theirs.  -tom
                 \_ Is UC different from other institutions? At Caltech,
                    for instance, the university has the first rights to
                    any patents, software, etc. and only if they decline
                    those rights can the researchers own them. This is
                    true for papers just as well as any other research.
                    \_ Different institutions have different intellectual
                       property clauses in their contracts so, yes, the UC
                       will likely differ from other institutions. -dans
                       \_ Doesn't UC own the BSD work done by grad
                          students here?
                          \_ Yes, BSD is (C) the Regents.  It was largely
                             written on UC machines and in conjunction with
                             academic work.
2004/10/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34048 Activity:very high
10/12   How's this for a csua fundraising idea:  If someone put selected
        shit from the motd, as far back as various archives go, in a useful
        format and sold it as a book, I think a lot of people would buy it.
        There's some pretty funny/interesting/weird stuff in there.  Call
        it something like "a decade in the life of..."  -John
        \- Do you think so? Copyright 2004 Partha S. Banerjee --psb
           \_ Partha, your genital clamps are too tight again.  -John
              \_ Tell yermom to unclench her jaw, then.
              \- it's a joke, clod. --psb
                \_ Ditto, muppet.  -John
              \_ he has a point.  anyone who's posted to the motd could
                 in theory go after whoever published it for copyright
                 violation.  sure, it would be idiotic and annoying, but
                 take a look around.
                \_ when I TAed for a class, my professor said all of
                   my work and all of the students' work, like sample
                   exam, solutions, source code, etc (in another word,
                   all intellectual property) belongs to UC Regents,
                   and if UC really wants, it could use those materials
                   for anything including profit. So, by using UC
                   land, UC network, and UC computers,
                   "all your motd bases [are] belong to UC Regents".
                   \_ B.S. You signed a contract when you worked for UC.  motd
                      posters signed no such contract.
                      \_ Since the motd is anonymous and anyone can pretend to
                         be anyone else (and this has happened) and the motd is
                         also full of personal smears, the last thing anyone
                         would want is the lawsuits that would follow when
                         their name was attached to either end of any of the
                         motd attacks.
                         \_ What kind of liability do online discussion boards
                            have for anonymous libel posted to the board?
                            \_ The person who 'wrote' and published the book
                               would certainly have liability.  If 'the CSUA'
                               were to do so then ASUC and/or the UC Regents
                               and/or the Politburo (possibly all of them)
                               would have liability.  You can not escape
                               responsibility for your actions by hiding
                               behind some .org.  The real world just does not
                               work that way.  The RW just isn't that cute.
        \_ Due to potential problems with copyright and liability, how about
           this:  Bundle it all up in some printable electronic form like a
           PDF and put it up free for download.  Then next to that a link that
           says "Suggested CSUA donation: $10".  Copyright is covered because
           it's being distributed electronically for free, just like it was
           when first posted.  Libel issues are not totally covered but you
           could put some disclaimer like "All posting is anonymous.
           Attributions in postings may have been forged."
           \_ huh?  how does making it free solve the copyright problem?
              \_ It's being used in the same way as before:  Free public
                 electronic distribution.
           \_ See?  This is what I mean by 'cute', above.  Who exactly did this
              pdf bundling and zipping and posts the donation link?  That
              person, the politburo, ASUC, and the UC Regents are all good
              lawsuit targets.  Prior politburos who have now graduated but
              kept logs and now have lots of assests are the ones most likely
              to get hurt from this financially.  The CSUA is going to get
              hurt by being shut down by the Regents in the worst case.  Do
              not do stupid things like this for a few lousy $10 donations.
              Why is this not obvious to anyone with a high school education?
2004/10/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34028 Activity:moderate
10/11   Welcome back, motd conservative crank!  Sorry to see that you don't
        have motd access over the weekend; the motd's so boring without your
        \_ Who do you think you're talking to?  Do you really think there's
           only one conservative here?  And yes, I agree with you.  Anyone
           who disagree with your political philosophy and posts anything
           that might contradict you is a crank and a ranter.  It must be so.
        \_ I agree, the motd just isn't the same without him.  Back in my
           BBS days I used to read FIDOnet only because of a highly
           entertaining right-wing crank.  I wish I could remember his name -
           his sole purpose in life seemed to be arguing that women should
           not have the vote.  His extremely "logical" arguments were usually
           backed up by extensive quotations from Aristotle and Plato.  No
           counterargument or attempt to change the subject could impede
           his quest to stamp out the Great Evil of Women Voters.  When
           he vanished, FIDOnet was never the same.
           \_ I understand completely.  I sometimes think the only reason I
              read and posted to Usenet was to stir up more bizarre logic.
              Somehow this whole CraigsList board thing doesn't do it for me.
              Too much of the "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" vibe.
2004/10/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34018 Activity:high
10/10   The motd has been so much more pleasant recently, even though we're
        in a really tense time politically.  Has everyone just decided to
        be better human beings suddenly?  Political and other topics don't
        seem to have the same nasty negative edge to them they did only a
        week or so ago.  It's much better this way.  Thank you.
        \_ It's probably just the absence of one or two key negative people.
           \_ Tom's been gone. -- ilyas
                \_ Tom, like you, makes occasionally reasonable, if unpopular
                   points about contentious topics.  He can be very cynical
                   about it, but I have rarely seen anyone respond to his
                   arguments recently with anything but ad hominem bullshit.
                   Please restrict this sort of shit to the real anonymous
                   losers who troll the motd.  Anyway, the motd's mainly
                   become more pleasant because even the negative, wrong
                   replies are at least decently reasoned and
                   articulated.  -John
        \_ no, I am just busy at work.
2004/10/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33880 Activity:nil
10/1    Your post will be restored when you return the motd to its state before
        you replaced it.
        \_ I don't know wtf you're talking about but I'm restoring it to what
           it was when I found it.
           \_ And now your post is restored.  Nice doing business with you.
              \_ And now your post is toast again.  Way to be an asshole.
        \_ "I actually restored the motd before I deleted it"
2004/10/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33875 Activity:insanely high
10/1    One more selective deletion, and I'm going to get all ilyas on your
        ass.  Either that, or flood the motd with cows.
        \_ I got adjectived? -- ilyas
           \_ Not to mention verbed.
              To ilyas:
              To cooly and calmly nuke a motd thread in reponse to selective
              To coolly and calmly nuke a motd thread in response to selective
              To nuke a motd thread in a fit of rage brought on by selective
              deletion of thread responses.
              [Happy now, ilyas?]
              \_ No, you misspelled coolly and response. -- ilyas
                 \_ Typos fixed.
                    \_ See how easy it is to make me happy? :) -- ilyas
                       \_ Happiness is a warm gun. Bang bang shoot shoot.
2004/9/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:33830 Activity:insanely high
9/29    (Wow, high SNR ratio today.)
        \_ Well, I guess it's about time I went to the ATM machine.  As long
           as it's CPU unit is working I'll use it's UI interface to deposit
           money in my IRA account.  Fucker.
           \_ What?  And learn "it's" usage.
              \_  Dear fuckwit, "it's" is a contraction of "it is."  Now
                  fuck off.
                  \_ It's precious is sensitive today.
        \_ We've been kept busy by yermom.
           \_ Why even post this?  It's not funny, creative, intelligent, or
              even an interesting part of csua culture.
              \_ Because the CSUA is full of crude, uncreative idiots?
                 Enjoy your stay!
                 \_ s/CSUA/motd/
                 \_ ^the CSUA^yermom
2004/9/26 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33765 Activity:nil
9/26    Republican National Convention sends out Soda motd style argument
        in mailer:
2004/9/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33756 Activity:nil
9/25    Why is the motd frozen in time?  Just let it go.  Stop restoring
        whatever the hell you're trying to save and let the motd go on.
2004/9/24-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33751 Activity:high
9/24    Dear jvarga, how come "more /etc/motd" isn't in the default .login
        for new members? Do you guys (new people) not care about the
        tradition anymore?
        \_ The policy of displaying the motd on login was ended by (I
           beleive) the same president who suspended the motd after 9/11,
           and for the same reasons.
           and for the same reasons. -jrleek
           \_ is that why the post 9/11 motd is basically the same people
              talking the same shit every day ad nauseum?
              \_ Oh please.  What have YOU done to make motd more
                 interesting, other than your tedious bitching?
                 \_ probably more than you.  you want writing samples from
                    the archives?
                    \_ cf.  'ad naseum'
        \_ My understanding of this is that somewhere at some time, it was
           decided that the motd tends to scare off people and that it should
           therefore not pop up automagically for new users.  Personally, I
           am inclined to leave it as such unless someone gives me a
           convincing argument to the contrary.  I see no problem in maybe
           adding a line that tells users "type `more /etc/motd` to read the
           message of the day" to the default .login. - jvarga
           \_ somewhere at some time. Ok. I guess the new administration
              no longer keeps track of minutes, etc. No more historian, etc.
              Damn lazy gen-Y kids.                     -late 80s alumni
           \_ New users _should_ see the motd, as it does contain messages
              relevant to the CSUA (remember not giving people "soda accounts"
              but rather "CSUA memberships") especially the top bit.  Maybe
              change the disclaimer to something like "everyone on soda
              can post below."  -John
              \_ How about we add "more /etc/motd.official" instead of motd for
                 new members from now on?
           \_ you know jvarga, if the old politburo were still running,
              you'd be squished for this kind of attitude.
              \_ huh?
        \_ Where is the love? The idea is good.
                It would have worked without the comments.
2004/9/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:33747 Activity:moderate
9/24    Soda Mark V needs to find a new home; specifically anywhere but in the
        office.  Therefore we are putting your beloved former home up for
        auction.  Priority goes first to the highest bidder if there is one,
        then to whomever claims it and provides a means to get it out of our
        office, then lastly to ENS.  The machine appears to be mostly in tact,
        minus the hard drives (campus rules say we have to wipe or remove hard
        drives, and we're lazy).  No extra cables (power, keyboard, etc) will
        be provided; just what is already in the case.  A picture and the specs
        can be found at .  I'll
        try to address any questions here on the motd.  MOTD wipers, please
        leave this post in tact for a while.  Thanks.
        - jvarga
        \_ If the drives haven't yet been removed, why not just dd if=/dev/zero
           \_ That would require me to plug it in and boot it up and that
              violates my strict code of "don't do more than you have to to
              make people think you've done something." - jvarga
              \_ Well a machine with SCSI controller and disks is a whole lot
                 more useful than a machine with a SCSI controller and no disk.
                 \_ Of course, but the point is to get soda for nostalgia
                    purposes, not really for a working machine.  For $20 you
                    can probably find a more powerful machine at any salvage
                    shop.  I suppose if someone really wants the disks, I'm
                    willing to supervise them doing the wipe themselves.
                    - jvarga
        \_ Why not put that thing in the official motd? motd.public is prone to
           fickle storms of destruction.
           \_ Considered that, but people can't make direct replies.  I've got
              a saved copy of my post if someone blows this away.  But just
              remember this: I am squish happy and shall rampage like none
              other if I so please.  Either that or I'll just post it again.
              Whichever requires the least effort. - jvarga
           \_ I'm sure some alumni can get together to pitch in a dollar
              and give not quite so old soda a new home.
        \_ jvarga, the public motd is reserved for alum who have nothing
           better to do and is a place for jokes and/or heated political
           discussion. Your post does not fall into these categories, so
           I will nuke it in an hour. Also I don't appreciate the fact that
           you, pst, and politburo have been ignoring my emails for the past
           2 months.
        \_ Who could possibly be interested in that piece of junk? Just
           throw it away.
           \_ This whole thread is a good example of what lazy dumbasses
              the current Politburo is.
                \_ how lazy is Politburo?
                   How lazy?
                   It is so lazy, it doesn't want to squish people anymore.
                \_ if you have such a problem with them maybe you should
                   just give up your soda account.
                \_ Huh?  You're gonna have to explain that one.  Ever
                   since we upgraded Soda, Soda V has been in the office,
                   and every politburo has said, "We're gonna auction it
                   to the allumni... someday"  So, now that this politburo
                   actually DOES something about it, they're lazy.
2004/9/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33731 Activity:nil
9/23    Stp slctvly cnsrng th mtd.
        \_ I did not selectively censor the motd!!
        \_ If it happens once, it's just careless stomping.  You just did a
           malicious stomping.
           \_ Read the logs.  Lots of things from different places got
              \_ It looked to me like someone restored a previous version
                 of the motd.  Maybe someone nuked it, an old version was
                 restored, and you nuked it retribution.
        \_ Do you REALLY want your voice heard that much on the motd?
2004/9/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33724 Activity:kinda low
9/23    Stop selectively censoring the motd.
        \_ I did not selectively censor the motd!!
        \_ If it happens once, it's just careless stomping.  You just did a
           malicious stomping.
           \_ Read the logs.  Lots of things from different places got
              \_ It looked to me like someone restored a previous version
                 of the motd.  Maybe someone nuked it, an old version was
                 restored, and you nuked it retribution.
        \_ Do you REALLY want your voice heard that much on the motd?
2004/9/21 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33656 Activity:high
9/21    Say, why don't the proponents of a logged motd actually hack it and
        put it in /etc/motd.logged, and let people vote with their feet?
          -- ilyas
        \_ why don't you create /etc/motd.stupid and post your crap there? -tom
           \_ Every account should have its own /etc/motd.<accountname>.
              Only you will be allowed to post to your own motd.  No one
              else will be allowed to touch it, and /etc/motd.public
              will be turned off.  This way, everyone who wants to can rant
              to the heart's content, and no one will have to worry about
              their rants being baleated.  Everyone else can just ignore
              you if they want to.  We can have special zones set up for
              those that love to argue, as well - for instance,
              /etc/motd.tomvsilyas, /etc/motd.freepernutzo,
              /etc/motd.aaronallcapsrant, and /etc/motd.mormons.  The AMC
              can have his own empty file for his motd, but it will be
              owned by root so that he can remain "anonymous."  It will
              be world readable but not writeable by anyone.
              \_ and we could call these files ".plan" files, and have a
                 special command to read these motd files called "finger."
                 \_ Well, I was trying not to belabor the point too much, but
                    then again...
              \_ you have just used the slippery slope tactic.
                 \_ And tom used a red herring AND an ad hominem in 1 line!
                    \_ uh, ilyas is the one with the red herring.  -tom
        \_ ilyas just volunteered!
2004/9/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33649 Activity:nil
9/20    Ilyas, how do you ever expect to graduate if you spend 8 hrs/day
        on the motd? I have a job and probably spend 25% of my time doing
        motd related stuff and yet you post much more than me, so I know you
        are spending more time on it than that. -anon for fear of losing job
2004/9/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33641 Activity:high 54%like:30313
9/20    I suppose this is just fluff and doesn't mean anything:
        Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
        method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination of
        your account.
        \_ this hasn't been enforced since the CSUA president decided it
           was a good idea.  -tom
        \_ Hey policy police!  I love you guys!  Where are you when some
           dumbass censors specific people?  -- ilyas
           \_ dick
           \_ I don't support that either. So?
              \_ So where's the outrage and call for squishage then?  Danh
                 pretty much admitted on wall one day to removing only my posts
                 from the motd.  Where are the calls for the squishing of
                 danh?  You are letting me down, policy police guy... -- ilyas
                 \_ if i ever walled "i have been selectively deleting
                    ilyas' posts all day!", i was definitely kidding.
                    you should turn off the computer monitor more often. - danh
                 \_ When did danh say that, and how do you know he was being
                    serious? He also said one time that he was posting
                    freeper articles, but somehow I think he was kidding.
                    \_ A while back.  Search for 'phlegm.'  I am not sure if
                       he was serious of course.  But you know, policy police
                       guy didn't even emit a peep about this, regardless of
                       whether danh was serious or not, and I certainly know
                       my posts get targetted all the time (oddly enough they
                       get targetted a lot less now that I made it clear I will
                       defend myself). -- ilyas
                       \_ "Policy police guy" doesn't follow everything going
                          on. And... did danh admit to "repeatedly" deleting?
                          \_ Policy police guy should be careful lest his
                             zeal be mistaken for hypocrisy. -- ilyas
        \_ Someone likes to delete all political posts.  Someone else is
           deleting everything other than politics in response.  One position
           seems as morally valid as the other.
           \_ Right so terminate both of them. Fact is I think it may be the
              same genius trying to make a point. Doesn't address the issue.
              \_ If anyone seriously gets squished because of the motd, I ll
                 seriously consider trying to get some bigwig at Berkeley
                 to explain to me why Berkeley tolerates all the
                 non-student/teacher/staff people using the network resources.
                 Seeing as it's against Berkeley policy and all...  Perhaps
                 we should all be squished. -- ilyas
                 \_ it is NOT against berkeley policy for alumni to "use the
                    network"; do you think it's against policy to visit the
                    Berkeley home page?  -tom
                    \_ How about copying huge files to soda's /tmp for people
                       to download over and over again? -- ilyas
                       \_ Typical ilyas; make a wildly incorrect assertion,
                          then divert to a red herring when proven wrong. -tom
                          \_ Well gee, tom, why do you think a distinction
                             involving 'students, staff, teachers' was even made
                             in the official policy document?  You must be
                             smarter than them, you should go set them straight.
                             In fact, don't bother, I ll ask them myself, using
                             soda as an example.  -- ilyas
                             \_ Well, unlike you, I was involved with writing
                                that policy, so I know exactly why it is
                                worded the way it is--it was explicitly changed
                                to allow use by alumni.  -tom
                             \_ That's a great idea ilyas.  You should get
                                soda shut down, just to prove a point.
                                \_ So what you are saying is, when the rubber
                                   hits the road, all the whining about policy
                                   is just hypocritical nonsense?  Now can we
                                   all just shut up and get back to bashing
                                   each other's heads in? -- ilyas
                                   all just shut up about policy? -- ilyas
                                   \_ You're right! No more policies at all!
                                      CSUA = libertarian utopia! Let's all try
                                      to hack each other's accounts!
                                      \_ Where's the Boy Who Cried Red Herring?
                                           -- ilyas
                                         \_ Find a mirror, and I'll show you.
                 \_ I think we're all safe since jwang is still around.
                 \_ Alternatively, you could just stop being such a
                    hypocritical little shit. [formatd]
                 \_ What about Stop deleting this assmunch
                 \_ For someone who regularily chestpounds about his
                    superior moral reasoning, your moral sensibilities
                    seem pretty slippery to me. It seems like what you
                    are saying here is, "If you don't play with these toys
                    they way I want you to play with them, then I'll go
                    tell the teacher to take all the toys away. Nayah, nayah."
                    \_ I think it's 'nyah nyah.'  Search up for
                       'hypocritical nonsense.'  We all technically violate
                       some policy, I think it's time to stop using 'policy' as
                       a club to bash someone over the head.  Petty
                       bureaucrats do that.  Don't be a petty bureaucrat,
                       they are hated even more than lawyers. -- ilyas
                       \_ the point is, people who trash the MOTD are trashing
                          a public resource; are you arguing that it's OK to
                          trash public resources?  -tom
                          \_ Well, if motd is a 'public resource' then the net
                             to which soda is hooked up is much more so.
                             And I know for a fact some people on soda misuse
                             it.  At any rate, tom, you ve been caught deleting
                             stuff from the motd.  What I am actually saying is,
                             be careful if you are in the business of
                             casting stones. -- ilyas
        \_ If I were to guess this hasn't been enforced since kchang's
           original squishing years ago.  Is that right?
2004/9/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33640 Activity:nil
9/20    I suppose this is just fluff and doesn't mean anything:
        The MOTD may not be used for non-University business.
        \_ If politics is non-university business does that mean the
           university may not use its funds for political causes?
           Because it does.
        \_ I think "business" here means
                3. Financial dealings; buying and selling;
           rather than
                5. Affair; concern; matter;
           Perhaps someone who was on politburo when that policy was formed
           can clarify.
        \_ Berkeley has a long tradition of supporting political speech.
           \_ As long as it agrees with the profs' worldviews.
2004/9/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33559 Activity:kinda low
9/15    You know, it's funny. Whenever I want to nuke the motd, I do so
        by signing as ilyas. It's like being a Godfather and telling my
        minions to do the dirty work.                           -!ilyas
        \_ Hey I wonder if you can be squished for violating the
           "don't be a hoser" clause. -- ilyas
           \_ Well, you're still here.
              \_ Ok, wanna test it out?  Just keep doing what you are doing.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ No. I'm the real ilyas!
                    \_ Will the real ilyas please stand up?
2004/9/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33552 Activity:very high
9/15    hey pussies, leave the motd alone. let's resume normal motd talk.
        \_ hey pussies, don't pretend to be other people, don't delete threads
           of others, don't be hosers. -- ilyas
           \_ ilyas telling people not to delete other people's threads??
              I must be in BIZARRO world!!!  -meyers
                \_ I have not met Ilya and thus can't really judge this, but
                   have found that he's willing to back his points up and
                   stick by them.  Also, he's not an anonymous numbnut.  So,
                   If you feel he is being a hoser, I would be dead curious
                   as to why you think so, since most of the time it appears
                   to be ilyas making rational, calm arguments vs. anonymous
                   prick making lame, ad hominem attacks.  Dunno, maybe I'm
                   missing something here.  -John
                   \_ ilyas will routinely purge, though not totally nuke,
                      the motd if he feels personally slighted because a
                      thread was deleted "out of order."  He's stated he
                      will ruin the motd for everyone if a thread he's
                      participating in gets deleted.  Sounds like a hoser
                      to me.  -meyers
                      \_ What does it mean to delete a thread "out of
                         order" anyway?
                         \_ The closest answer I've received from ilyas on
                            this is he goes by creation date and position in
                            the motd.  If the CalTrans thread above got
                            deleted before this one, even though this is an
                            active thread and that isn't, ilyas would have a
                            fit and "ruin the motd for everyone"  -meyers
                            \_ No, he has to care about the thread first.
                               It makes sense. When I have an interest in a
                               thread, and someone decides to censor it or
                               do something else hoserish to it, and not
                               just delete it as part of normal stale-thread
                               deletion (in which case it wouldn't be taken
                               "out of order"), then it's reasonable to
                               retaliate by deleting the rest of the motd.
                               We create a policy where you understand that
                               fucking with my posts will get your posts
                               fucked also. Mutually assured destruction and
                               all that. So it's not ilyas but the instigating
                               hosers that cause this crap.
                               \_ So what you're really saying is
                                  "BUT HE STARTED IT!!!"
                                  \_ Yes, that's exactly what he is saying.
                                     Out in the real world, it's important
                                     who starts. -- ilyas
                   \_ I find many of ilyas' posts to be infuriating, and
                      I dissagree with him on many issues, but I think
                      he adds enourmously to the motd by making things
                      interesting.  Overall, this would be a duller place
                      without him.  I don't see what signing ones name
                      has to do with any of it.
                   \_ I think what meyers was refering to is ilyas' post here
                      where he says that he is going to delete threads when
                      he feels it is appropriate.
                   \_ We were in the same room once briefly, but weren't
                      formally introduced. -- ilyas
                   \_ nah, usually it's ilyas who start throwing things
                      like "bullshit" in any semi-serious debate. check
                      out mehlhaff's archive 20040403 and search for
           \_ I'm with ilyas on this one.  it's annoying when this happens, but
              the only way to solve it short of actually finding out who's
              doing it and squishing them, which will never happen, is
              to engage  in full scale nuclear war until the retard
              censors get it out of their system.
              \_ the idea that deleting threads in the MOTD will keep people
                 from deleting threads in the MOTD is ridiculous.  -tom
                 \_ When nuking the motd is outlawed, only outlaws will
                    nuke the motd.
           \_ ilyas is a dick
              \_ Back to OOP design class for you, "is a" != "has a".
                 \_ This is obscenely stupid.  Please don't post to motd
2004/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33550 Activity:nil
9/15    It's no use to anonymously criticize ilyas' lichdom.
        \_ Funny, I always thought of him as a sort of 1st Edition demilich.
           \_ I played Koshey the Deathless in a school play once. -- ilyas

[ don't sign my name to stuff i didn't write, thank you.  bitch. -- ilyas ]
\_ How we know you're the real Ilyas?  That text looks suspiciously like it
   came out of Microsoft Word, and we KNOW Ilya only uses vi.
   \_ I am not Ilyas.  My login isn't capitalized, and my name doesn't contain
      an s.  How do I know you are the real anonymous troll?  -- ilyas
\_ So, Ilya, technical issues aside do you support anonymous or logged motd?
   \_ "I voted for a logged motd before I voted against it."  I support the
      current quasianonymous motd.  (a) Removal of anonymity will remove a lot
      of motd content, for better or worse.  I would rather not implicitly
      censor what people say.  (b) People will find a way to hose anyways,
      it's a social problem not a technical one.  My solution is to make
      the motd unpleasant if people are hosers, in the hopes that people will
      be less likely to be hosers in the future. -- ilyas
      \_ Logged motd is the way to go.  But on the other note, I'd be glad
         to share my plans for motd solutions with ilyas. - pst
         \_ I support logged motd. I also support turning "more /etc/motd"
            on by default for new users, and instruction on how to post
            to motd and wall on the main CSUA web site.
      \_ wow...making people sign their name is implicitly censoring what they
         say?  You really are a moron.  -tom
         \_ no, making people sign their name is explicitly an invasion of
            the right to privacy, moron. -williamc
         \_ you mean kind of like how secret ballot voting makes people not
            afraid to vote?
      \_ Well, those who are hosers are likely to continue their behavior at
         points where they don't care about your attempts at unpleasantness.
         \_ This doesn't appear to be true.  I see no further ilyas bait today.
            \_ perhaps because ilyas hasn't written anything since?
            \_ This isn't the first time ilyas has done the motd wipe.
2004/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33547 Activity:very high
9/15    It's no use to anonymously criticize ilyas' life-dom.

[ don't sign my name to stuff i didn't write, thank you.  bitch. -- ilyas ]
\_ How we know you're the real Ilyas?  That text looks suspiciously like it
   came out of Microsoft Word, and we KNOW Ilya only uses vi.
   \_ I am not Ilyas.  My login isn't capitalized, and my name doesn't contain
      an s.  How do I know you are the real anonymous troll?  -- ilyas
\_ So, Ilya, technical issues aside do you support anonymous or logged motd?
   \_ "I voted for a logged motd before I voted against it."  I support the
      current quasianonymous motd.  (a) Removal of anonymity will remove a lot
      of motd content, for better or worse.  I would rather not implicitly
      censor what people say.  (b) People will find a way to hose anyways,
      it's a social problem not a technical one.  My solution is to make
      the motd unpleasant if people are hosers, in the hopes that people will
      be less likely to be hosers in the future. -- ilyas
      \_ Logged motd is the way to go.  But on the other note, I'd be glad
         to share my plans for motd solutions with ilyas. - pst
      \_ wow...making people sign their name is implicitly censoring what they
         say?  You really are a moron.  -tom
         \_ you mean kind of like how secret ballot voting makes people not
            afraid to vote? Who's the moron here...
            afraid to vote?
2004/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33541 Activity:high
9/15    Suppose I see this hot girl in Soda hall, but she's a senior. What
        are the chances that she'll go out with me?     -sophomore in CS
        \_ I doubt it has much to do with senior vs sophomore.  It's just
           that girls in CS are a much sought after commodity.  On the
           other hand, it can't hurt to ask.  Despite how many guys
           are secretly after every girl in Soda hall, Karen has told me
           on numerous occasions that she rarely gets asked out by CS
           nerds, we're all to scared.  From the other side of the fence,
           if she says no, don't ask again. -jrleek
           \_ 1) how do you know the op is talking about Karen
              2) have you ever asked her out?
              3) can you please post a picture? If she's hot I'll make a
                 special effort to ditch work and drive all the way from
                 San Jose
              \_ 1) I don't.  In fact I think Karen in a junior.  I was
                    just using what she told of her own experiance as a
                    female in Soda Hall as an example.
                 2) No, I didn't want to date Karen, but we are friends.
                 3) I don't think I have any pictures that anyone would
                    find interesting.  Besides, I have moral problems with
                    posting pics for you guys to drool over.  Ask her your
                    self if you're so interested.  You could even do
                    something sneaky like suggest that we should have
                    politburo pictures up on the website. -jrleek
             \_ Damn you people are pathetic. -- ilyas
                    \_ pot.  kettle.  black.
                       \_ Yeah, when did I recently threaten to drive up from
                          LA because OMG A HOT GIRL WAS SPOTTED IN SODA!!!``1!!
                          w00t!!!!!!!!  Get lives people. -- ilyas
                          \_ LA TO Berkeley, 400 miles
                             SJ to Berkeley, 40 miles
                             ilyas dating a chick, priceless.
                          \_ and when was the last time you posted a long
                             philosophical rant to the motd?  Oh yeah, almost
                             every week.  Watch it with the "get a life"
           \_ A friend of mine is dating a CS PhD student that is incredibly
              hot (and also friendly and easygoing).  Why didn't these exist
              when I was an undergrad?  hot  TA ACTION!!!1
2004/9/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33535 Activity:insanely high
9/14    How anonymous is motd? I'm asking because I'd like to post a few
        deep secrets but I don't want to be exposed. Thanks.    -newbie
        \_ there are various ways to spy on the motd, but they are all
           demonstrably unreliable.  someone may jump up and down and claim
           they know who you are, but they are probably full of shit and
           everyone knows it.
        \_ Your anonymity is virtually guaranteed!
           Now out with it.
        \_ 1) Don't use motdedit
           2) Launch an editor
           3) Open motd from inside editor (not as a command line argument to
              your editor).
           4) Write your change to the motd and leave your editor open--but do
              not background the editor for several minutes.
           \_ This works, but would put you in the relatively small group of
              active (non-idle) users at the time of the change.  Another way
              is to logout and scp the changes over- your scp session will show
              up in a ps for a very brief period of time, but if nobody catches
              that you're not even a suspect.  A third method is to constantly
              keep an editor open and semi active (use screen), which gives you
              plausible deniability.
        \_ It is fairly trivial to track MOTD edits with a high degree of
           \_ That's NOT the way to get him/her to spill the beans!
              What's the matter with you?!
           \_ Hasn't been my experience-- unless you're hacking in at the
              filesystem level, it's difficult to tie the file-write to a list
              of likely suspects: those that have the file open for writing (fstat)
              active users (ps), etc.  You can probably narrow it down to < 20
              users, but not down to 1, not for every commit.
              of likely suspects: those that have the file open for writing
              (fstat) active users (ps), etc.  You can probably narrow it
              down to < 20 users, but not down to 1, not for every commit.
              \_ Out of every 20 posts people accuse me of making, I maybe
                 actually make 1.  -- ilyas
                 \_ Hi ilyas!...oh wait...damn.
        \_ thanks for the response. My secret is this. Karen the
           current csua pres is hot... skinny body, clean face, and
           nice knockers [for an engineering Asian girl]. She is
           pretty much the only reason for living, for going to Soda
           hall.           Whew, what a relief              -newbie
           \_ Hell, what's the big deal?  A little wordsmithing and you
              could say that (essentially) right to her face.  You could
              have walled this:  "Hey, the current CSUA pres is really
              beautiful.  Clear complexion, slender, well-proportioned."
              Even if it got back to her, with your name attached, I think
              you'd have been all right.
           \_ That's no secret.  Everyone whose been at the CSUA in the
              last 2 years knows that.
              \_ So, was all of this thread a ploy to bust the next politburo
                 meeting attendance?
           \_ Any pix? --remote alum too far from Berkeley
              \_ I second that.
                 \_ Me third.  PIX PLEASE!!
           \_ No idea who she is, but I'm glad she's keeping the soda geeks
              entertained.  I am somewhat surprised that the karen login has
              been unclaimed for so many years.
              \_ Maybe it was reassigned by presidential order. But I'm
                 sure she gets a ton of spam.
                 \_ No, that's been her address since she joined.  It was
                    just open.  Evidence of how many girls we have in the
                    CSUA I suppose.
                      \_ WTH, there are GIRLS in the CSUA now???
        \_ Hey newbie, how did you come to know of the motd?  They no
           longer have it display automatically on login for new users.  I
           assumed this was killing the influx of newbies.
2004/9/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33431 Activity:moderate
9/9     Let's say that the average motd reader/poster makes 25$/hour, and
        always reads/posts from work.  Let's say that on average, there are
        60 posters/readers who spend an average of an hour a day on the motd
        every day of the year.  Then the total cost of the motd to the U.S.
        economy is about a half a million dollars per year.  w00t!
        Note: these numbers are for entertainment purposes only and are clearly
        \_ Yes, these numbers are clearly bullshit.  You must be a grad student
           or something because $25/hour is roughly $50k/year and we know from
           previous discussion that the average here is a lot higher than that.
           Also, there aren't 60 unless you include the wall, nor is it likely
           an hour each, and an hour of work time is not lost since most of
           them are working more than 8 hours a day anyway.  I know you're
           just bullshitting around but it bugs me when people who don't work
           think they can calculate worker costs like this.
           \_ do you understand the concept of average?  If one person makes
              50$/hour, it cancels a 0$/hour student and makes 25$/hour.
              I did not imply that anyone actually makes 25$/hour.
              \_ So you're implying that students post to the motd? FOOL!
                 \_ I am, and I just did.
2004/9/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33422 Activity:very high 66%like:33429
9/8     Stop selectively nuking the frigging motd!
        \_ Your 'cure' is worse than the disease.
        \_ Log shows nuke from the bottom up, with no skipping in the middle.
                \_ ok I just bottom up nuked the motd.
                   \_  next time nuke from the side.
                       \_ Awesome idea, thanks! -- motd terrorist
                       \_ PLEASE don't do that.
                       \_ cat /etc/motd.public > /tmp/motd
                          cut -c 1-40 /tmp/motd
                          mv /tmp/motd /etc/motd.public
2004/9/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:33402 Activity:nil
9/7     Why is jwang censoring the motd?
        \_ What is he censoring?
        \_ He's bitter about being named after a typewriter?
           \_ wang >> typewriter
              \_ Okay, sorry, word processor.
                 \_ what i mean is wang >> wang-an
        \_ And again?
        \_ And again?!  jwang just doesn't stop!
           \_ SQUISH!!! SQUIIIIIISHH!!!! -- Baron Harkonnen
        \_ Has jwang no shame?
        \_ jwang, why do you hate America?
           \_ You mean, why does he hate the motd?
              \_ that much should be obvious.
2004/9/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33313 Activity:high
9/2     Gee, thanks for restoring all that toxic crap.
        \_ If you want to end the toxic crap, shut down the wall and motd.
           Or just kill all people.  That'll do it, too.  Personally, I think
           a shovel and some sand works best.  What's your preferred method?
           \_ So you are suggesting that people are inherently incapable of
              disagreeing without getting themselves worked up into snits
              and spewing toxic crap?
              \_ Yes, I am.  At least around here.  Anonymity has nothing to do
                 with it either.  Plenty of non-anonymous people do plenty of
                 vicious and sickening spewing.
                 \_ "at least around here?" You haven't been following the
                    tone of the presidential debates?  Or do you think that
                    George Bush and John Kerry are CSUA members?  I think
                    the level here is actually higher than at the national
                    level.  yes, this is absurd and sad, but it's true.
                 \_ Ok.  I'm willing to accept that, at least for the moment.
                    Now what is it about "around here" that makes things that
                    way?  Its definitely not the CSUA, as the CSUA office is
                    generally a pretty agreeable place and the motd is
                    definitely not (at least by any sane definition).
                    Special exception for the twohey-162-partners-baseball-bat
                    \_ I suspect it is simply distance created by the net.
                       It is easier to say things on the net most would never
                       say in person.  Although I know some around here would
                       not feel constrained even by that, the presence of those
                       people only makes the net.distance problem even worse.
                       Just my opinion.  Neither humble, nor bold.
                    \_ It's what makes lots of people assholes on the Internet
                       -- the fact that there isn't a punch in the face waiting
                       for you.  There is nothing special about soda. -- ilyas
              \_ anonymity removes restraint.  -tom
                 \_ Cool, I wanna see another ilya/tom faceoff!
                 \_ So does lying about your identity. -tom
              \_ Tom, turning a lack of shame or reserve into a virtue does
                 not suit you.
                 \_ get a clue.  -tom
                    \_ My bad, turning your lack of shame into a virtue _does_
                       suit you.
2004/9/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33298 Activity:nil
9/2     What this motd needs is some bad ascii art:
| |       |\                                           -~ /     \  /          |
|~~__     | \                                         | \/       /\          /|
|    --   |  \                                        | / \    /    \     /   |
|      |~_|   \                                   \___|/    \/         /      |
|--__  |   -- |\________________________________/~~\~~|    /  \     /     \   |
|   |~~--__  |~_|____|____|____|____|____|____|/ /  \/|\ /      \/          \/|
|   |      |~--_|__|____|____|____|____|____|_/ /|    |/ \    /   \       /   |
|___|______|__|_||____|____|____|____|____|__[]/_|----|    \/       \  /      |
|  \mmmm :   | _|___|____|____|____|____|____|___|  /\|   /  \      /  \      |
|      B :_--~~ |_|____|____|____|____|____|____|  |  |\/      \ /        \   |
|  __--P :  |  /                                /  /  | \     /  \          /\|
|~~  |   :  | /                                 ~~~   |  \  /      \      /   |
|    |      |/                        .-.             |  /\          \  /     |
|    |      /                        |   |            |/   \          /\      |
|    |     /                        |     |            -_   \       /    \    |
|          |  /|  |   |  2  3  4  | /~~~~~\ |       /|    |_| ....  ......... |
|          |  ~|~ | % |           | | ~J~ | |       ~|~ % |_| ....  ......... |
|   AMMO   |  HEALTH  |  5  6  7  |  \===/  |    ARMOR    |#| ....  ......... |
        \_ I was going to delete this because it is utterly stupid, but then
           I realized that the rest of the motd is even stupider.
                                                        \_ more stupid
           \_ Hey!  Don't delete motd entries out of order!  Are you trying
              to get ilyas squished?? -meyers
              \_ w00t!
2004/8/31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33248 Activity:kinda low
8/31    Squish ilyas! Squish Tom Holub!
        \_ eeeeeww.  I don't want to be in the same thread as THAT GUY.
           Thanks a lot!  -- ilyas
           \_ I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
              \_ Tom can speak for himself.
        \_ Speaking of squishing, who's running the idiotic script that force
           justifies the motd to 79 character width?
           \_ Also, who's been converting tabs to spaces?
            \_ BOTH of these are annoying, and they're in clear violation of
               CSUA bylaws and are squishable offense if caught.
        \_ Die squisherung ist fur die hozering und flahmering!
        \_ Squish Bush!
2004/8/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33217 Activity:insanely high
8/30    Somebody PLEASE catch ilyas doing something illegal so that we can
        squish him. Thank you very much.
           \_ Makes sense.  The motd is by and large Republican-landia, with
              tom as the harmless token liberal that everyone feels comfortable
              \_ If you keep saying something, it will make it true!
              \_ It is?  That's why debate rages back and forth?  Anywhere a
                 Republican dares speak up is Republican-landia?  Whatever
                 that means.  Tom is hardly the only libby showing on the motd.
                 In fact, he posts very little political material compared to
                 several others.
                 \_ I love how Republicans have borrowed victim-speak from the
                    left.  "I'm a minority!  Pay attention to me!"
                    \_ I love how you haven't learned to read.  No where did I
                       claim victimhood or minority status.  That's a strawman
                       argument.  I claimed that the motd is not "Republican-
                       landia" and that "the debate rages back and forth" and
                       that Tom is not the only libby here.  Should I repeat
                       it for you a third time, s-l-o-w-l-y?
        \_ BAIT ILYAS!
           \_ FHRITE!
        \_ Illegal?  You mean against policy?  And then you'll get him
           squished without warning or recourse because he says things in a
           calm manner that you can't refute?  I'm with ya brother!  No free
           speech for fascists!
        \_ he already admitted to nuking the motd and using scripts to
           mudge contents. The problem is not ilyas but that the current
           politburo is lazy and doesn't seem to care about motd as much
           as the old administration (jon, tom, etc)
           \_ I love it.  Now people make up stuff I may have said.  When did
              I use scripts?  When did I say I use scripts?  What planet are you
              from?  As for jon and tom... well jon admitted to being driven
              by personal considerations when getting people squished.
              Tom doesn't admit it, but then he doesn't admit it to himself
              probably.  What you are lamenting isn't that the current pburo
              doesn't care about the motd anymore, but that the current pburo
              aren't your personal friends who will squish accounts for
              personal reasons.  I have done nothing worse to the motd than
              many others who have their accounts.  You just want me gone
              because you don't like me, no other reason. -- ilyas
              \_ ilyas: 1
                 anti-ilyas moron: -3
2004/8/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33179 Activity:high 66%like:30864 66%like:32374 66%like:34937
8/27    Someone want to tell us what just happened there?
        \_ Someone's running a borked merge script.
           \_ Hey now, that sounds like repeated motd munging to me!
           \_ If they run a Thomased merge script, do we all get pubic hairs on
              with our Cokes?
              \_ Only if you're a hot chick.
        \_ Someone fingered soda.
          \_ SQUISH!!!!!!!!! We haven't had a squish trigger happy politburo
             since the jon administration. Ah, those were the days...
             \_ I ve said it before, and I ll say it again -- thank God for
                boring government.  The last thing we need is for it to become
                exciting. -- ilyas
                \_ yeah, thank god because otherwise you would have been
                   squished by popular vote, no question asked. Ah, I miss
                   the old administration.
                   \_ Yeah, looks like you miss the days of, as pst would say,
                      the old boys' network politburo.  Good for you.  It's a
                      good thing today's politburo doesn't operate on personal
                      animosity anymore. -- ilyas
                      \_ yeah, it's much better when the csua president
                         doesn't have to worry about getting ousted for
                         violating policy.  -tom
                         \_ Speaking of policy, isn't it against EECS policy
                            for alums to be consuming network resources?
                            "POLICY, THOU ART MY MASTER!  COMMAND ME!"
                            I love a policy wanker.  It's a certain breed of
                            petty tyrant usually inhabiting a government or
                            sysadmin position somewhere, that truly makes my
                            life worth living. -- ilyas
                            \_ Your premise is false.
                               And you're also an idiot.  -tom
                               \_ The Boy Who Cried Idiot strikes again.
                                  I stand corrected though, it's not EECS
                                  policy.  It's Berkeley-wide policy instead.
                                  The network is for students, faculty and
                                  staff only.
                                    -- ilyas
                               \_ this rules.  great entertainment.
                                  What does a libertarian think about
                                  providing FREE labor by entertaining
                                  motd readers?  Are we stealing from you
                                  guys?  Should this be taxed?
2004/8/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33152 Activity:insanely high
8/25    YERSOCOOL, you purged the motd of the one interesting thread.  Why do
        you hate ilyas and John?
        \_ It was, indeed, a good discussion, and I'm glad I got to read it
           before the AMOTDC deleted it. --erikred
           \_ AMOTDC has decided to sanitize the motd for the good of the
              rest of us. I forgot, we have a new class of freshman.
        \_ Easily restored.  The censors are wasting their time.
           \_ Thank you!  Helpful people on the motd, this isn't how its
              supposed to work!
              \_ Sorry, I could stop.  --motd anti-censor
2004/8/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33143 Activity:very high
8/25    Did ilyas get so upset that he broke The Net?
        \_ The motd rarely upsets me, I am not very emotionally invested in it,
           thank God.  However, out of all the bad choices available to me, I
           think retaliation is best.  Talk to people who munge the motd or
           let the topic die already. -- ilyas
           \_ As with most self-described libertarians, "responsibility for
              your own actions" is just another empty catchphrase.
              \_ Are you slow or something?  I sign my name, I own what I say,
                 and what I do.  Nor do I think it wrong.  I am tired of
                 saying the same thing over and over again.  Motd is
                 publicly writable.  If you fuck with people's posts, it will
                 become boring fast.  -- ilyas
2004/8/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33134 Activity:high
8/25    [ don't edit other people's posts, bitch. -- ilyas ]
        \_ Just nuke the whole motd ilyas.  -meyers
        \_ Do you have sand in your vagina?
        \_ ilyas is an asshole
           \_ I am just using the inverse of the golden rule.  I treat others
              how others treat me.  If people don't delete or modify posts of
              others, there would be no problem. -- ilyas
              \_ ilyas censors others who aren't even remotely involved in
                 a possibly intentional removal of one of his posts.  How is
                 this an inverse of the golden rule?  When in doubt, throw
                 a fit?  -meyers
              \_ Don't fall for the old "eye for an eye" mistake.
                 \_ A munge for a munge makes the whole motd boring.
                    \_ Yes, that's the whole point.  I am not a huge Gandhi
                       fan. -- ilyas
              \_ That's one to remember:
                 "I am using the inverse of the golden rule."
           \_ Why, that's not the right description.  He's too serious.
                Did you edit his posts?
        \_ repeated motd mudging is highly frowned upon by politburo. I
           believe this is enough to initiate the squish process.
           \_ The politburo never contacted me about my behavior being a
              problem.  If they do, I will bring up what others are doing, and
              I am sure we can come up with some compromise that will make
              everyone happy.  Like a logged motd.  Heh.  Funny how when
              someone modifies my post it's not considered 'repeated motd
              munging.'  -- ilyas
              \_ You're not one of the golden people so it's ok to fuck with
                 your posts.  If it was someone else's it would be a
                 squishable offense for sure.
                 \_ All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal
                    than others.
2004/8/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33055 Activity:insanely high
8/20    Stop selectively deleting from the motd.  Kill the whole thread or
        leave it alone.  Thank you.
              \_ Purging a serious thread from unfunny smart alec comments
                 is not unreasonable.  These are politically neutral deletions.
                 \_ What you thought was smart alec were some serious replies.
                    We don't need mommy here to keep us safe from unfunny
                 \_ I reiterate that whenever I catch people doing it, I
                    nuke everything up to most recent deletion.  I don't care
                    if your motivation is politics, personal animosity,
                    phlegm-filled lungs, or whatever.  You are still an asshole,
                    and I will make the motd useless to you in retaliation.
                      -- ilyas
                      \_ I agree with you in principle, but continue to
                         claim that from a purely tactical point of view
                         selective deletion of tech threads, particularly
                         unix threads, constitutes a more directed retaliation
                         against the fuckers.
        \_ You are the jackass doing the selective deleting my refusing
           to use motdedit and you don't even realize it. Schmuck.
        \_ Whoever is refusing to use motdedit often deletes individual replies
           as a consequence of it. Do not assume that it is malicious.
           \_ motdedit users are probably in the minority.
2004/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/Unix, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33030 Activity:high
8/19    So, can someone explain Posix to me?
        \- POSIX IS THE STANDARD --psb
        \_ I usually hear about it with respect to POSIX threads.  Writing
           threaded programs can be a mess if the API for each architecture
           is different.  So, every architecture supports POSIX threads.
           Write once, run everywhere (with lots of #ifdefs).  Win32 does
           not support POSIX threads, though there are DLL shims.
        \_ I'm sure the quality of information you get here will be WAY
           better than a google search on "posix standard". You lazy bitch.
                \_ actually KAIS MOTD is better than Google. Search for
                   posix there, you'll be surprised     -kchang #2 fan
                   \_ Not to detract from KAIS MOTD or anything, but part of
                      the problem here is that google is TERRIBLE for searching
                      for specific technical questions.  I am not entirely
                      sure why. -- ilyas
                   \_ I don't know what crack you're smoking.  I'd rather
                      have no kais motd than no google.
                      \_ You are an idiot.  Read again what the guy you are
                         responding to actually said.  My god your idiocy
                         makes me sick.
                         \_ Actually, I did read what he said.  And I did a
                            posix search on both, and the information on
                            kai's motd was both out of date, and largely
                            irrelevant. -dwc
           \_ Yeah, because if I asked about C++ pointing me to the C++
              standard would be really helpful.  I'm trying to get a summary
              and a pointer maybe to an introduction.  I'm capable of using
              \_ Apparently you aren't. "standard" was an example, I'm sure
                 there are many better ways to refine your query to get the
                 sort of thing you want.
2004/8/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32989 Activity:nil
8/17    Below it says kchang is unsquished.  I never met the guy but
        from what I know his squishing was unjustified and I'm glad his
        account was restored if it's true.
        \_ Hi kchang.
           \_ lol.
           \_ nope.  i couldn't pick the guy out of a line up of 2.  -op
        \_ cf. kchang's first squishing
           \_ These threads are fun. I propose that kchang be squished
              periodically in order to provide motd entertainment.
              \_ I think squishing tom would be fun too.
                 \_ Seconded!
2004/8/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32986 Activity:very high
8/17    Squishing kchang the second time is like going back to Iraq
        the second time. Just as GWB has no proof of WMD but decided
        to squish Sadam anyways because of credible intelligence
        from the CIA, the CSUA administration decided to squish
        kchang because of credible finger-of-death intelligence
        from the EECS department. And just as GWB tries to finish
        off the business that his daddy started, the current CSUA
        administration is finishing off the business that their
        petty vindictive peers started.
        \_ Yes, blame the CIA for producing the intelligence that Bush
           and Cheney wanted to hear... after they pressured the CIA
           to reach those conclusions and sent reports back if they
           weren't "supportive" enough.
           \_ The bi-partisan 9/11 commission says all the CIA analysts they
              talked to said "pressure" didn't cause them to change their
              \_ Er, no.  This subject was outside their jurisdiction.  The
                 report on that is due AFTER the election.
                 IIRC, one of the commissioners talked about this in an
                 appendix, but it was not part of the full report.
                 \_ It was conclusion 102 in the 9/11 report, and is pretty
                    much how I said it.  After the election, I believe the
                    Commission will be looking at how "the executive branch
                    handled the intelligence", although I suppose they might
                    discover evidence countering their earlier conclusion --
                    who knows what will happen after the election?
           (Washington Post)
        \_ Yeah.. no proof .. keep saying it and maybe 100% believe
        \_ When someone has a history of abuse, and has further proven himself
           to be a total sociopath, he isn't going to get the benefit of the
           doubt the way someone else would. That's not a vendetta, it's just
           the way that society operates. Get it kchang?
           \_ Well, since he's sorried and can't read this, I'd say no, he
              won't 'get it'.
           \_ while(1) {finger("soda");} makes him a 'total sociopath'?  From
              that point on you lost any credibility.
              \_ Uh, no. His interactions with many people on soda, especially
                 women, are what marks him as a sociopath.
                 \_ Soda is full of sociopaths by your definition.
                    Danh: "I am going to unilyas the motd because I an angry
                    at my phlegm-filled lungs", etc.  -- ilyas
                    \_ ilyas, I suggest you find out more about kchang's
                       original squishing before making this comparison again.
                       Trust me.
                       \_ Trust what?  Post details.  -!ilyas
                          \_ it was a sad affair, I find myself
                             reluctant to post the URL or give big hints
                        \_ Yes, trust anonymous cowards. ilyas #2
                 \_ Then he should be squished for his interactions with other
                    members, not for this BS finger nonsense.  If any of the
                    women want to start something or you'd like to start on
                    their behalf you're welcome to but until then there is
                    no justification for squishing him or for calling him
                    names.  You're just making a cheap attempt to
                    dehumanize him to self justify your personal animosity.
           \_ squishing kchang is like squishing Al Capone. They
             couldn't get him from bad interactions (murder) so
             they got him from the evil finger loop abuse (taxavation)
             \_ What pisses me off is that the finger loop abuse was a bone
                headed way to build a system that is quite useful and good
                (KAIS MOTD) and is now gone.  If people were upset about the
                fingering, they should have 're-educated' him about the smart
                way of doing things.  Sorrying him in a personal vendetta is
                lame, though I suppose not too rare.  There are Sodans that
                piss me off, but I just ignore them.
                \_ kchang, and you, signed something which explicitly said
                   not to piss off the admins of other machines.
                   \_ just how upset did that make the admin?
           \_ while kchang's was rather rude to some of the ladies, that
              was like 5 years ago.  he hasn't done anything that justified
              squising since returning.  I support having kchang back.
              \_ What, you mean aside from violating explicitly stated CSUA
                 policy?  Nothing at all!  Nope nope nope.  Nice blinders,
                 \_ Ah yes, the policy police is back.  I propose we squish
                    EVERYONE who has EVER violated ANY explicitly stated
                    CSUA policy.  Throw the policy at them!  In fact, while
                    we are on the subject of policy, why is EECS net being
                    used by all the crusty alumni?  Isn't that against some
                    EECS policy or other?  Gosh, I better turn us all in.
                      -- ilyas
                    \_ your point has already been made in the much more
                       succinct and less ranty post below:
                       \_ You know, you are right.  We should make the motd
                          more efficient by just having equivalence classes
                          talk, not individual users.  We can have
                          angry-liberal (represented by aaron),
                          scat-connoisseur (represented by danh),
                          religious-republican (emarkp?),
                          sysadmin-asshole (tom),
                          raving-libertarian (me),
                          and so on.  It will be a glorious conversation
                          between archetypes!  Why bother making the
                          motd world-writable anyways?  In fact, why say
                          anything at all?  It has all already been said.
                            -- ilyas
                 \_ All of you losers using the motd for non-University
                    business are in danger of a squishing!!1!
                    \_ Wow!!1!  Way to miss the forest for the trees!  There's
                       this novel idea called 'spirit of the law'!!1!  Maybe
                       you should learn how to use a web browser, kid!!!1!
                       \_ If you truly wish to use the "spirit of the law"
                          argument, one can plausibly say that fingering more
                          than once per second (the packets routed through
                          EECS machines) should not fall under network abuse,
                          as it should constitute a tiny portion of network
                          traffic across those routers.
                          Without any further information, one can infer that
                          the EECS admin sent a message to soda root, letting
                          them know that something "might" be going on with
                          finger packets.  One can then infer that root
                          abused the "spirit of the law" and squished kchang
                          because he "piss[ed] off" another admin.
                          \_ So what you're saying is that until more details
                             leak out, we're both full of shit.  *shrug*
                                \_ first of all, I doubt karen, jvarga,
                                   ajaffe, nksingh, and any of the current
                                   politburo members care about the motd.
                                   Secondly, why can't you just email one
                                   of these guys to get an official statement
                                   on the squishage?
                                   \_ 1) I have other sources of information
                                      than the motd, 2) You can do that just
                                      as easily, 3) it's motd -- it's not
                                      worth the effort, 4) you're an easy
2004/8/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32974 Activity:insanely high 54%like:34993
8/17    Dude, kchang, what's up with your motd archive?  It's two weeks old!
        \_ He got squished because he was using a script to finger soda
           more than once a second to retrieve the motd without logging in.
           He stopped the script.
           \_ Why would closing his soda account prevent him from fingering
              the machine?  If the abuse was fingering then he should be
              stopped from fingering.  If the abuse was soda related then
              his account should be terminated.  I don't see a relationship
              between the two events.  This looks political/personal.
                \_ my friend, 90% of the stuff that goes on in the real world
                   (outside of your nice little world) is based on politics,
                   personal favors, and vendetas. CSUA + EECS has been like
                   this since I was a freshman in the late 80s and it still
                   runs like this. The sooner you accept this the better off
                   you'll be.
                   \_ Ah, finally the true colors of the motd liberal come out.
                      Go 'nuanced' worldview go!
                      \_ That was most definitely not one of the numerous
                         motd liberals.
                         \_ How the hell could you know unless you wrote it?
                            Or is this just Bad->Republican && Republican->Bad
           \_ I don't personally use any archive and I don't see why anyone
              would either. Most of it is filled with political trash from
              ilyas|tom|aaron|few others that no one else ever cares about.
              Why bother?
              \_ Dude, you don't bathe either.Does that mean it's the standard?
              \_ I'd bother because, on the contrary, I think there actually is
                 a variety of useful knowledge that flies through here now
                 and then. Over time it adds up to a lot, and being able to
                 search back for some item can be handy. The other reason is
                 that often I can no longer sit monitoring the motd every
                 5 minutes. Since stuff gets nuked so frequently, it's very
                 handy to be able to look in the archive to see what happened
                 to a thread, what replies a post received, or what entire
                 threads I might have missed.
              \_ Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitchity-bitch!
                 I try to answer technical questions or whatever, when I feel
                 I am qualified, other than that I talk about what I find
                 interesting.  If you don't like a thread, skip it.  What have
                 YOU done to make motd a better and more useful place?  Except
                 bitching, because that doesn't count. -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm with Ilyas on this one.  If you don't like what others
                    have to say which obviously interests them or it wouldn't
                    be here 24x7, then just ignore it and don't participate.
                    Nothing stops you from making a world writable file in
                    /tmp or your home or on some other machine.  There is
                    nothing sacred about the motd that says it can only be
                    used the way some people insist it must be.
                    \_ fine, maybe I'll just nuke it from time to time, just
                        like the time when ilyas and tom partially deleted
                        posts that they didn't like.
                        \_ no, it's not fine.  you're saying the opposite
                           of what i suggested.  do what you like but don't
                           try to put your nuking on my head.
            \_ he got squished because he was stupid enough to bounce
               his finger requests through a cgi on the EECS department
               webserver multiple times/second in such a way as to make
               root@eecs notice.
               \_ which normally just gets a slap and a warning.  i still
                  don't see how his outside activities have anything to do
                  with having a soda account.
                  \_ Normally, people who just got their accounts back
                     don't pull shit like this
                     \_ What shit? Since when was using "finger" such
                        a horrible offense? Since when was running
                        automated scripts that don't have any malicious
                        use a squishable offense. I don't really know
                        much about kchang. For all I know, he could be
                        a total freak. But I think this is just petty.
                     \_ especially when they originally got squished for
                        something very similar.
                        \_ how is it similar?
                        \_ I still see no relationship between his non-soda
                           account activity and getting his account terminated
                           and no one has attempted to explain the link.
                           \_ that's because your premise is ridiculous
                              \_ then it should be easily refuted which you
                                 haven't done.
                                 \_ that's because it's a strawman argument.
                                    "Never argue with an idiot; he'll bring
                                    you down to his level, and beat you with
                                    \_ It isn't a strawman.  You don't know
                                       what that even means.  I shall explain.
                                       A strawman is when *I* would frame
                                       *your* point as some weak statement
                                       which *I* would then knock down.  This
                                       is not what I have done.  It has been
                                       stated many times that he was squished
                                       for over doing it on the finger procs
                                       but squishing him does not prevent him
                                       from fingering anything.  So we're
                                       back where we started.  He got squished
                                       for petty personal reasons, not to
                                       prevent him from doing anything and
                                       didn't even get a warning for such a
                                       trivial event.  Unrelated but I find
                                       it ridiculous that he could generate
                                       enough traffic from UCLA to slog the
                                       EECS network at UCB with just finger
                                       a few times per second.
                     \_ What shit?  Would you terminate his account if he
                        accumulated too many unpaid parking tickets?  What
                        does fingering soda via eecs have to do with his
                        account being terminated?  Nothing.  He was just
                        being punished because some petty people who
                        dislike him could.
                        \_ Soda's net connection is through the good graces
                           of the EECS department, it is in our best interests
                           to keep them happy.  I still don't know why
                           kchang insisted on 'bouncing' his finger requests
                           to soda off of an EECS machine, when he could have
                           just fingered soda directly, or transfered the motd
                           diffs via scp, or used his old cgi, or a million
                           different other ways. - danh
                           \_ And using one of the million different other
                              ways is better than using finger? If anything,
                              scp consumes more packet overhead than finger.
                              What's so horrible about finger? If he had
                              used scp or some old cgi, I'm sure someone
                              would have complained that kchang was
                              constantly sending scp or http requests to
                              csua. If finger was such an abuse, why don't
                              you tell us about it or disable the service?
                         \_ finger is fine.  why didn't he finger soda directly
                            then, and not doing some lame early 90s
                            hacker shit and bouncing it off an EECS machine?
                            i still don't get it. - danh
                            \_ Someone pointed out in motd that he was using
                               finger. Being the paranoid spaz that he is,
                               he decided he needed to hide where the finger
                               was coming from
                           \_ How does squishing him prevent him from
                              doing what he was squished for?  It doesn't.
                              Therefore squishing him is pointless and
                              \_ because when they squished him, they also
                                 put a .nofinger which makes any 'fingering'
                                 pointless, so he stopped
                              \_ yes it sucks.  too bad nothing in the real
                                 world is as black and white as yours.
                                 soda is more like a consensual hallucination.
                                 \_ thanks for not answering anything I said.
                                    why did you bother replying at all?
        \- it's simple, his squishage is all about personal vendettas. ask
           tom holub, he'd know something about personal vendettas.
                \_ and so do you, mister anonymous.  did he fart on you
                   in E260 in 1990?  - danh
                   \_ he farted on my best friend.  he's no longer with us. :-)
                   \_ he farted on my best friend.  she's no longer with us. :-)
        \_ I think kchang has been unsorried again.
                \_ this is all so obvious if you twinks just learned to
                   to use /csua/bin/finger. For the Xth time, use the
                   godamn binary!!!
                   \_ You can't finger kchang since there is now a .nofinger
                      in his home dir
                      \_ Ah, so he's tired of people giving him the finger...
                         \_ you so funny
                      \_ /csua/bin/finger ignores ~/.nofinger, unlike
                         The /etc/passwd entry is no guarantee of non-squish
                         In any case, if you /csua/bin/finger him now, you
                         will see he has been unsquished.  I wonder when
                         he finds out.
                         \_ He already has, my friend.  He already has.
2004/8/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32957 Activity:high
8/17    ilyas, what exactly do you do? Do you have a research topic, and
        how is that going? Are you getting funded, or are you TAing this
        summer? I'm asking because you seem to not have a life outside
        of motd, and frankly, I'm sick and tired of deleting your trolls.
        \_ Pot. Kettle. Black.
           \_ Most. Tired. Motd. Response. Ever.
        \_ He plays a lot of Diablo ][
2004/8/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32942 Activity:nil
8/16 Dear motd checker, can you please check which idiot is not
        obeying the 80 column/row rule? Secondly, can tom and other
        motd censorers please come back so that they can clean up the
        political trash? Thanks.  \_ Why do you think tom is a censor?
        You really think tom would modify the motd and violate his own
        non-anonymity rule?  And why do you care so much what is on
        the motd?  How come you don't just start censoring it if it
        bothers you so much?  80 columns is a rule?  Really?  Why
        don't you just skip those posts.  You're really taking this
        whole thing too far.
2004/8/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:32906 Activity:very high
8/14    I demand that we squish tom and unsquish kchang!!!
        \_ I second that nomination. Here are my reasons:
           tom: petty, insults people, hogs up he wall, deletes motd,
                and is squish-happy (in regard to kchang and paolo)
                                        Is paolo squished also? _/
           kchang: provides entertainment by making stupid comments,
                archives motd, and drives tom crazy (big bonus)
        \_ I demand that we squish all the anonymous psychopaths.  Don't
           worry, it'll all get better when you graduate college. -John
           \_ What does anonymity have to do with it?  Why not just squish
              psychopaths?  As if being a non-anonymous psycho is ok?
                \_ I've known Tom for ~12 years, and can say fairly
                   confidently that (a) he's not a psycho, (b) he tells
                   idiots that they're idiots, flat out, and (c) he has
                   the guts to sign his name to statements telling idiots
                   that they're idiots.  The above is just another example
                   of "hey, I'm a lame coward, squish xyz".  -John
                   \_ read Federalist Paper.
                      \_ You should learn this:
                   \_ You misunderstand.  I'm not saying tom is a psycho.
                      I'm questioning what you think anonymity has to do
                      with anything.  I don't think anyone needs to be
                      squished and the ones we have seen to date should
                      not have happened.
        \_ We can't squish tom.  He's our living example that being unpopular
           isn't the only reason we squish people.  As unpopular as tom
           might be, he hasn't been arbitarily squished.  Everyone else
           gave good reason for their squishage.
           \_ Is that the only reason he's still here?  As an example of our
              collective goodness?
2004/8/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32826 Activity:nil
        \_ URL in motd with no description ought to be deleted.
           \_ Only if it's anti-Kerry.
2004/8/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32814 Activity:very high
8/10    Now that we've successfully squished kchang (good job guys!) who's
        going to archive the motd?
        \_ why did he get squished the second time?  What was the official
           \_ He was fingering soda more than once a second for his motd
              archive.  He stopped after being warned but was squished
              nevertheless because some people don't like him.
              \_ I guess he was on probation?
              \_ I got my UCLINK account suspended for fingering four
                 of my friends every 10 MINUTES.  So, the bar isn't all
                 that high.
           \_ rumor has it that he tried to bring down the entire
     pipeline by fingering
              \_ Even if he didn't, squishing kchang was still the right
                 thing to do.  He has harrassed soda users and employed
                 scripts of motd destruction in the past, and we can't
                 afford to let such hosers get another chance.
                   \_ hello tom
                      \_ i'm !tom - if you don't get it yet, it's a joke
                \- kchang seems like a pretty smart guy, if he seriously
                   wanted to bring down the network why would he use
                   a lame "while 1 {finger motd}" script instead of
                   more sophisticated methods? If the fingers don't
                   fit, you must acquit.
                   \_ Many alumni, however, do have the resolve and fortitude
                      to act against this threat.  The Politburo has not lived
                      up to its responsibilities, so we will rise to ours.
                      All the years of deceit and cruelty have now reached
                      an end.
                   \_ Why do you hate soda?
                 \_ So you're not so much advocating his squishing, as
                    advocating the repeal of his unsquishing?  Has anyone
                    considered reinstating his account on a limited basis, like
                    in a jail or something so KAIS MOTD can work again?
                    \_ The cyberterrorist threat to soda and the
                       domain will be diminished the moment that kchang is
                       permanently squished.  Should enemies strike soda,
                       they would be attempting to shift our attention with
                       panic and weaken our morale with fear. In this, they
                       would fail.  They and all who have aided them will face
                       fearful consequences.  We are now acting because the
                       risks of inaction would be far greater.
                       \_ DIGITAL PEARL HARBOR!!!
                    \_ A jail... yeah, that could work. We must interrogate
                       kchang so that we may better understand the threat.
                       Where can we keep him that's outside UC jurisdiction?
        \_ motd archives suck
                \_ No, MOTD archives do not suck.  They let me check on
                   answers to questions and past links without having to
                   be by a networked PC every 30 minutes while some dipshit
                   deletes everything in sight, or some idiotic 5,000 line
                   "Bush-sucks-no-Kerry-sucks" thread scrolls by. -John
                        \_ so you're the jerk who deletes them
        \_ Who cares?!  Let's just keep squishing anyone else unpopular until
           everyone here agrees with us on everything!
           \_ it has nothing to do with popularity.  It has to do with him
              bouncing fingers off an EECS machine and pissing off the
              department.  (If that's really what he was squished for).  -tom
           \_ agreed! Who's our next target? ilyas? partha?
              \_ Hozers like these, and their erratic "associates", constitute
                 an axis of evil.
              \_ Whoa!  Am I like notorious now? -- ilyas
        \_ Does this look familiar?
           "Now, shadowy networks of individuals can bring great chaos
           and suffering to our motd.public file for less than it costs
           to purchase a single tank. The United CSUA can no longer
           solely rely on a reactive posture as we have in the past.
           We cannot let our enemies strike first. As a matter of
           common sense and self-defense, CSUA will act against such
           emerging threats before they are fully formed. The purpose
           of our preemptive actions will always be to eliminate a
           specific threat to our precious motd, our allies and friends.
           The reasons for our actions will be clear, the force
           measured, and the cause just."
           \_ soda crashed two or three times in the last couple weeks.
              I support kchang's squishing!
           \_ Wheee! Thanks for the laugh.
        \_ I for one do think kchang did a good job of archiving the
           motd. It's good to see that someone's willing to do some work
           to make my csua stay a little amuzing. too bad csua didn't like
           his finger. ;)
2004/8/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32800 Activity:high
8/10    It's hilarious how the motd has turned into  -John
        \_ But an aborigne sodan is missing.
        \_ Yeah it's a fucking laugh riot. And we've got another 3 months
           of this to look forward to. The only way I'm going to be able
           to maintain my sanity is through weekly watchings of The
           Big Lebowski. That and the occasional acid flashback.
           \_ If you require the motd to be in any particular state to retain
              your sanity, you've already lost.
           \_ I think we will get a break over the olympics.
              \_ A break from what?
2004/8/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32789 Activity:high
8/9     Does the CSUA outsource the motd to india?
        \_ *laugh*
2004/8/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32741 Activity:high
8/6     Ilyas, I see you're posting today.  Are you also enforcing your
        arbitrary "thread deletion order" rule you imposed on the rest of
        us on Wednesday?  If this gets deleted, should I purge the rest of
        the motd?  -meyers
        \_ Out of curiousity, when does your script say I posted last?
           I bet it's wrong.  -- ilyas
           \_ The meyers is never wrong!  He may cry like a litle girl at the
              slightest provocation, but do not dis the meyers!      -mice
              \_ Ahem.  I did not use a script to guess your last post, but
                 saw you were part of an active discussion.  My questions
                 are still unanswered, ilyas.  -meyers
                 \_ Which discussion is that?  I see no posts of mine on the
                    motd now except replies to you.  As for your questions:
                    If I see threads I care about deleted out of order, I will
                    delete all threads up to most recent deleted.  This is not
                    something I did on Wednesday as an experiment, I will
                    continue to do it (if I am around), unless someone gives me
                    a better way to fight thread modifying assholes.  I only
                    do it if I have absolute proof the thread was modified
                    maliciously (i.e. if I saw it make it to /etc/motd, and
                    then changed later).  I do not use any scripts.  What _you_
                    do on the motd is none of my business, however please try
                    to be a good motd citizen. -- ilyas
                    \_ Since this "only delete the oldest thread" is a rule
                       from you and only enforced by you, how does this make
                       you less of a prick for deleting everyone else's stuff
                       than the person who deleted a thread you were
                       interested in?  I didn't accuse you of using a script
                       to do it.  You had some entries in a tax discussion
                       which has already been purged.  -meyers
                       \_ You are free to think I am a prick.  I just don't
                          want people deleting stuff they don't like, that
                          other people enjoy.  I can find no other feasible way
                          of discouraging this.  If you have one, let me know.
                          Namecalling will get you nowhere, I am afraid.
                            -- ilyas
                          \_ So to discourage random thread deletion, you
                             delete threads at random!  Way to go!  -meyers
                             \_ Not at random.  But whatever.  I am not sure
                                what you were trying to accomplish starting
                                this thread.  It's clear you aren't interested
                                in a debate in good faith.
                                  -- ilyas
                                \_ Random as in your own arbirary selection
                                   based on some odd defintion of "freshness".
                                   According do you, an active thread on the
                                   bottom of the motd is more stale than
                                   one above with no responses.  -meyers
                                   \_ You are right, it's not perfect.  What
                                      do you suggest?  Incidentally, I only
                                      delete when an 'active' thread gets
                                      deleted.  I don't recall every nuking
                                      anything after a thread with no
                                      responses in the middle of the motd
                                      was removed.  Yes, it's a fuzzy line,
                                      what did you expect? -- ilyas
                                      \_ You can't restore the thread?  How
                                         many csua types run motd archivers?
                                         You could restore your thread from
                                         any of them.  Why delete threads
                                         interesting to other people?  Does
                                         it make you feel better?  -meyers
                                         \_ It doesn't.  I don't feel bad.  In
                                            fact, I am not really emotionally
                                            invested in the motd very much.
                                            However, restoring the thread
                                            does not give impetus to the
                                            thread deleting fuckers to stop
                                            doing it.  You seem to assume
                                            people who delete threads do it
                                            out of goodwill, whereas in my
                                            experience most people who nuke
                                            stuff in the middle do it out of
                                            malice, or because they feel the
                                            topic doesn't belong on the motd,
                                            etc.  I am trying to create
                                            conditions where motd becomes,
                                            roughly, a FIFO data structure.
                                            It seems to be a reasonable
                                            compromise. -- ilyas
                                            \_ So, since you get censored, it's
                                               only fair for you to be able to
                                               drag in other people's threads
                                               and censor them?  How does this
                                               make sense again?  -meyers
                                               \_ Your argument is going
                                                  around in circles.  I stated
                                                  already my reasons.  If you
                                                  have a better course of
                                                  action, other than 'do
                                                  nothing', let me know.  At
                                                  least now if people fuck with
                                                  threads, they know motd will
                                                  likely not remain fun for
                                                  very long.  -- ilyas
                                                  \_ I'm just looking for a
                                                     little consistency in
                                                     your position here.  Why
                                                     not just nuke the whole
                                                     motd instead of imposing
                                                     your arbitrary deletion
                                                     ordering rule?  -meyers
                                                     \_ You are right, I could
                                                        nuke the whole motd,
                                                        too.  Would you rather
                                                        I did that? -- ilyas
                                                        \_ Stop it, both of
                                                           you!  Can't you
                                                           see you're
                                                           tearing this
                                                           family APART?!
                                                        \_ There's strong motd
                                                           tradition of just
                                                           nuking the whole
                                                           thing. -meyers
                                                           \_ Thanks for your
                                                              feedback.  It
                                                              seems I have
                                                              misjudged you.
                                                              Heh.  -- ilyas
        \_ Did either of you delete the tax thread?  Fuck you if you did.
           \_ I haven't ever deleted a thread on the motd.  -meyers
2004/8/5 [Computer/Companies/Google, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32728 Activity:nil
8/6     I am upset, my motd bitching is being archived forever like
        google/gmail? This is fucked up. The motd should be purged
        every now and then. Does kchang work for google? Is he into
        archiving everything??
        \_ You know motdedit records your id in a root read-only
           file right?
           \_ this is bullshit.
           \_ Then why haven't we caught the evil purgers yet?
           \_ If you care just fork motdedit and add your own privacy
              \_ You know that the above person is shitting you right?
                 \_ Yes, but I do have my own version of motdedit in case
                    whoever owns /csua/bin/me decides to change it.  Btw,
                    I do use the same merge routine so I'm not overwriting
                    your post or anything like that.
        \_ You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and
           will be used against you in a court of motd h0z3rs.  (In other
           words, your peers.)
2004/8/5-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32726 Activity:high
8/5     Who can hack together an RSS/Atom feed of the motd?  -- misha.
        \- kchang could do this easily.
        \_ what is rss/atom and what does it do to the motd?
        \_ Hey, that sounds like fun, and I've been looking for a small
           project to pick up RSS.  I'll see if I can whip something up
           this weekend. -dans
        \_ RSS works best when the content is entry based, like news
           articles. How do you propose to publish RSS of the motd?
           Are you going to republish the whole MOTD every time it's
           a comment is made? If so, you should at least come up w/ a
           mechanism to highlight what was changed.
           \_ diff.
           \_ I was looking into this yesterday and it looks like atom
              would be better than rss for this purpose, as there are
              some extensions to atom that allow for publishing followups.
              \_ Atom is generally better.  Not sure if you want to publish
                 followups as comments, though. -- misha.
2004/8/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32721 Activity:nil
8/7     kchang, although you have been squished:
        Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the trolling goes on ...
        \_ I ask again: what happed to kchang?
           \_ Read the top, in black:
              \_ You mean kchang is no longer archiving the motd?
                 Ok, let me think about whether this is a good thing
                 or a bad thing..... ;)
2004/8/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32701 Activity:very high
8/4     Is it just me or is the current Politburo a bunch of unresponsive
        monkeys?  Turned off kchang, have not been responsive to creating
        and official motd repository, do not answer email to root etc.
        \_ If the day ever comes when the CSUA Poliburo are not jackasses
           you'll know: that will be the day they stop calling it the
        \_ How about this proposal: ask kchang to donate a license of his
           archive program to CSUA, which houses it on its own site.  (Or
           maybe he can donate the source code to all of us sodans.)  This way
           everybody will be happy.  Also, in time of crisis, the poliburo
           can still exert emergency power and keep motd from being world
           readable like 3 years ago to protect the organization.
           \_ Um.  Why should he?  The CSUA got him squished twice already.
              As for '3 years ago' the organization did not need protecting.
              The then president's gf complained about feeling 'threatened' and
              he squished the motd.  As if that made said gf feel any safer...
              \_ What eventually happened to her?  Gang banged?
        \_ afaik, no email to root has gone unanswered. if you think we've not
           responded to either an email to root or a request in that email, feel
           free to email me personally. -erikk
        \_ why did they turn off kchang?
                \_ It was overheating.  -John
        \_ It's still the summer.  Don't get your panties in a bunch.
        \_ First of all, no one except the old boys cares about the motd.
           Secondly, it is evil. It has been the focal point of many
           squishage and controversies (kchang writing a script to
           modify it, paolo abusing his power to render it completely
           useless, emarkp using an auto script to take out profanity,
           tom partially nuking threads that make him look
           like a moron, ilyas using a script to taking out active but
           old threads, twinks cursing at each other for not using
           motdedit, asswipes writing politically incorrect statements
           and really REALLY offensive remarks on the Jews and
           minorities, blah blah blah the list goes on and on.
                Now imagine this. If there were no motd.public, then
           there would not exist any controversy. Therefore, I propose
           that the public motd be shut down for good. It's a bad
           tradition to keep and it needs to go. Thank you.
           \_ it is, and always has been, the only point of the CSUA.
              fuck off.
2004/8/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32698 Activity:insanely high
8/4     With both kais and mehlhaff's archive out of action (why?), can someone
        please point to another public access archive?  Sometimes motd even
        contain useful information, like the script posted early here that I
        did not save.  (I also cannot run it for the lack of disk space.)
        \_ my motd archiver is back online. IT requires manual restarting when
           soda reboots.  Not a problem when soda is stable... -ERic (mehlhaff)
        \_ kchang seems like a smart guy who does stupid and annoying
           things, why didn't he run a script on soda that diff'd the motd
           then transferered the diff bits back to him at ucla?
           fingering 60 times a minute seems like a very inelegant
           non kchang perl hack solution.
        \_ How the hell could finger be considered a DoS attack?!  Was this
           just done for personal vendetta reasons against him?
          \_ back when the net was young and the hills were green,
             system administrators logged tcp connections like rlogin
             and finger and who and stat and ftp.  now no one cares anymore,
             all the traffic is http, but the EECS admins probably
             have the same logging scripts in place from the early 90s.
             i remember some soda dude who went off to stanford would
             finger the account of his ex-gf on soda like once every
             5 minutes, for hours, at random times, all day every day.
             it stuck out in the logs because it was always the same
             domain name, to the same account, all the time.  i emailed
             the victim and she probably emailed the dude and he stopped.
             i can see how the EECS admins would notice kchang fingering
             the motd every 10 seconds.
           \_ The above seems to refer to kais' statement.  So is kchang
              squished again because he runs a world accessible motd archive?
              \_ no
              \_ Considering the amount of censoring he does on the entries
                 before they are categorized and posted, I find it less than
                 useful as an "archive."
           \_ He was fingering Soda through EECS more than once a second.
              It filled up the EECS network logs and made them unhappy.
              Read the last meeting minues and following discussing on the
              \_ can't they just ask him to finger less?
                 \_ they could but kchang is unpopular enough that no one
                    at the csua would suggest the obvious common sense
                    solution.  if everyone lost an account on the first
                    strike, then we all would've been squished by now.
                    kchang is special.  it was an unpopularity squishing
                    like all of them.
                    \_ "all of them"...  I think you know naught of what
                       you speak.  Longstanding CSUA (perhaps unwritten)
                       policy is "if you get your account back, don't
                       fuck it up." That said, I can't speak to why they
                       actually squished kchang, but comparing a second
                       squish to a first is apples to oranges. --scotsman
                       \_ if it isn't written, it isn't policy.  if you want
                          a policy that says a second squishing has a lower
                          standard than the first or that post-restoration
                          from a first squishing a person is on probation
                          of some sort, then write the policy and publish
                          it.  otherwise, yes, it is apples to apples.  orgs
                          are properly run by written policy, not whim.
                    \_ ok, I checked the newsgroup.  from the discussion,
                       it seems that they were not about to squish him,
                       and even made fun of tom when he tried to chime
                       in and get kchang squished.  so what changed their
                       minds in the end?
                       \_ "they" != politburo
                   \_ warned, deactivated in 98.  reactivated and warned
                      to behave.  deactivated again.
             \_ it also caused problems for EECS because soda makes ident
                requests to remote systems that access soda's finger server.
                imagine the EECS webserver getting pummeled by multiple
                identd requests every second.
        \_ Here, now you can run your own private script.  Don't forget to
           mkdir /csua/tmp/username.  The next thing that can be done to this
           is to prevent check-ins if the motd is about like 100 KB (someone
           puts binary junk in it):

           cd /csua/tmp/$USER

           while [ 1 ]
               co -q -f -l motd
               cp /etc/motd.public motd
               ci -q -m_ motd
               sleep 120
           \_ Or make it check the output of `file /etc/motd.public` ro make
              sure it says ASCII.
           \_ BAD IDEA. If everyone on Soda did this, the space would fill
              up in no time.
        \_ I run my own motd archive.  I once posted the path to it.  Check
           the archives.
           \_ Thanks for recursing.
2004/8/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:32694 Activity:very high
8/4     So I have a few questions.  Why is ilyas zilching the bottom part of
        motd.public, and with a script too it seems?  Is ilyas also the same
        guy who was nuking it for out-of-order deletions, or was that jblack?
        \_ Not with a script.  I am zilching it because someone deleted a thread
           I was (still) participating in, while leaving the threads below it
           be.  I ll stop if you give me a good reason why I should.  Or perhaps
           what I should do is whine to the politburo about how my posts are
           getting victimized, like someone suggested yesterday. -- ilyas
           \_ How very libertarian "I'm not getting my way so I'll throw a
              fit and mess with everyone else's posts" of you.  Go Ilyas!!
              \_ Indeed.  If you were me, what would you do?  Btw, please
                 sign your name, so we can try your approach on your posts.
                 I am not, btw, messing with everyone's posts.  I am merely
                 interpreting a deletion of a thread as a sign that the entire
                 section of the motd past that point has gotten stale and needs
                 garbage-collected.  -- ilyas
                 \_ So anyone replying to a thread should move it to the top
                    of the motd, to indicate its freshness?  When did this
                    \_ No they shouldn't.  People who perform the legidimate
                    \_ No they shouldn't.  People who perform the legitimate
                       public service of cleaning up old threads tend to only
                       deal with the bottom that isn't getting modified anymore.
                       I have no beef with them.  You are putting words in
                       my mouth. -- ilyas
                 \_ If I were you, what would I do?  I'd try to figure out
                    why everyone thinks I'm a jackass.
                    \_ Well, if you think I am doing something wrong, at least
                       you know who to blame.  You seem to have no unkind words
                       for the anonymous jackasses who fuck up motd threads,
                       which I find interesting.  You wouldn't happen to be
                       one of them, would you? -- ilyas
           \_ Seems punitive, especially of parties who didn't participate
              in the thread (I assume it was the Partha-Kantian one).  I am
              not sure how fair it is to punish disinterested third-parties.
              \_ Yes it does seem punitive.  I don't think it's a good
                 reason for stopping though.  I don't know of another way to
                 'encourage' certain motd idiots to not delete stuff out of
                 order. -- ilyas
                 \_ Punishing the deleter seems fair.  The same logic that
                    would justify the punishment of others could lead to all
                    kinds of unpleasant applications.  I don't think the
                    inability to punish just the delete would justify the
                    punishment of all.
                    \_ Seems like we disagree, then.  I have no way of
                       punishing the deleters even if I knew who they all were.
                       You are right, if you take what I am doing to its logical
                       conclusion, the motd becomes extremely unpleasant.
                       That's sort of the point.  Don't delete non-stale
                       threads to avoid unpleasantness.  Or, to phrase it
                       another way "if you fuck up someone's posts, you are
                       really hurting the motd as a whole -- don't do it."
                         -- ilyas
                       \_ It's probably not difficult to figure out who
                          deleted your thread (repeated reinstatement, forcing
                          the deleter into a predictable behavior pattern), if
                          you wanted to.  Having done that, you could either
                          selectively punish that person by deleting his
                          subsequent posts, or you can at least hold his name
                          up to public scrutiny.
                          \_ I could, probably, if it's a single person.  (I
                             don't think it is). But
                             public scrutiny will not encourage anybody to
                             change their behavior (it's certainly not
                             encouraging me), and I have no desire to maintain
                             an error-prone script to try to determine who
                             posts what, and selectively delete a wrong person's
                             post.  I think my method works better.  It occurs
                             to me this argument is already occupying too much
                             space here, on the motd.  If you have something
                             constructive to add to address the problem of
                             selective deletions, just email me and I ll be
                             happy to discuss more.  To people deleting active
                             threads: please don't do it, you aren't helping
                             anyone. -- ilyas
                             \_ I hate the politics purgers as much or more
                                than you do.  getting pissed at them doesn't
                                help.  they love that.  here's what works:
                                purge a unix-related thread for every politics
                                thread they kill.  This is the only thing
                                these fuckers understand, and it works.
                                The typical politics purger is some dick who
                                wants the whole motd to be a little unix
                                nerd forum where we all talk about drivers
                                all day.
                   \_ One of you is guilty, all of you shall be held
                      responsible till the guilty one comes forward.
        \_ My apologies to jblack for impugning his honor, btw.
2004/8/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32680 Activity:very high
8/4     Anyone knows how to make ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v start updating again?
        \_ Ask him?
        \_ Here, now you can run your own private script.  Don't forget to
           mkdir /csua/tmp/username.  The next thing that can be done to this
           is to prevent check-ins if the motd is about like 100 KB (someone
           puts binary junk in it):

           cd /csua/tmp/$USER

           while [ 1 ]
               co -q -f -l motd
               cp /etc/motd.public motd
               ci -q -m_ motd
               sleep 120
           \_ Or make it check the output of `file /etc/motd.public` ro make
              sure it says ASCII.
           \_ It is good that mehlhaff is making publically accessible archive.
              Think what will happen to the quota if everyone is to maintain
              his own.
              \_ as a data point, I have been maintaining my own using this
                 exact script since April 4 this year, and it is now 9MB
                 (including when binary files were put in /etc/motd).
                 Nevertheless, I support some common archive that can be
                 reliably restarted whenever soda is rebewted.
                 I do notice, also, the check-ins taking longer these days
                 (longer than 2 seconds).  I do support some common archive
                 that can be reliably restarted whenever soda is rebewted.
2004/8/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32634 Activity:insanely high
8/2     Dear motd Nazis,
        Um, can you like, um, please stop the partial delete?
        You have been warned?                   -Chancellor Wilhelm von Twink
        \_ Now who's the motd Nazi?
         \_ es Der Fuhrer Holub. HEIL!
            \_ It's not tom
                \_ alright who is it then?
                   \_ Why would it be me?  Because I sign my name and I think
                      ecchang is an idiot?  -tom
                        \_ who is ecchang?
                           \_ Chancellor Wilhelm von Twink.  -tom
                            \_ why is he a twink? You didn't explain
         \_ Must be me, judging by the "Heil John" idiot. -John the Jew
2004/7/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32572 Activity:high
7/29    Can we squish someone for being a h0z3r with the motd yet?
        \_ First pick a scapegoat, we must.
           \_ Well, no.  We need clear evidence.  I don't think anyone was
              ever squished on soda without that.  Sure, many squishings
              came with an agenda, but they also had evidence of wrongdoing.
              I tell you, whoever is hosing the motd is an enemy of freedom.
              That's why I am announcing the creation of the Motd Security
              Department.  We will be welcomed in the XCF office with
              cheering crowds and rose petals.  Bring 'em on!!
              \_ Well, I suppose it isn't possible to control all the media
                 ...unless, of course, you're Rupert Murdoch. He is one
                 beautiful man.
        \_ if you want a precise minute by minute motd log, you can track
           the exact changes, etc here (it's NOT Kais Motd):
           \_ I want one millisecond by millisecond.  Oh wait, I already
              have that with the associated user profiling scripts... nvm.
                \_ second by second is gonna be quite a CPU hog...
                   \_ use the source, luke.  it's not.  increase your fu.
2004/7/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32531 Activity:very high
7/28    kchang, have you consider make your motd-archive, automatic catagory
        thingy being used somewhere else? such as automatic catagorization of
        bookmarks in a browser?
        \_ I no longer respond to questions like these on motd. If you have
           questions, email me. And yes I use the auto categorization
           algorithm on a lot of stuff I use. I haven't released them
           to the public yet. In fact when Kais Motd was still in beta version
           someone somehow got a hold of my URL and posted on the motd
           prematurely.                                             -kchang
           \_ You just responded to questions like these on motd.
                \_ it's the last one                            -kchang
        \_ kchang, would you move your motd-archiving to a berkeley domain?
         \_ yes, I'll consider it if you email me.              -kchang
2004/7/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:32521 Activity:very high
7/27    Who started the "Why do you hate America" retort (on soda)?
        \_ Maybe PSB?
        \_ Someone who can't keep his repetitive comebacks on topic.  He's
           always slapping it at random on posts that don't say anything
           like that.  But if it makes him happy to add nothing, that's
           ok.  The best I ever got out of him was it was used a few times
           by some talking heads on TV and a claim of motd use but no
           backing for that claim.  It *could* have been brilliant but the
           way it's used is just stupid.
        \_ Someone who read
        \_ It's retorts like this that will destabilize the motd for
           generations to come!
           \_ Nonono, it shall "destroy motd credibility around the world for
              generations!".  What would happen to the motd if we were to
              lose credibility around the world?!  MY GOD!  IT'S UNTHINKABLE!
        \_ It has become the STANDARD parody of the conservative capitalization
           of the post-9/11 upsurge of patriotism.
           \_ I am impressed.  I can't even make a joke about ed being the
              standard.  What gives?
                \_ You must hate America.  -John
                   \_ See?  Now *this* was a good use of an otherwise
                      useless line.
2004/7/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32509 Activity:nil
7/27    Stop rewriting the entire motd.  You're screwing up all the diff
        programs.  Restored.
        \_ how does one check who has a lock on the motd.public file,
           assuming he/she changed the name of motdedit?
           \_ fstat /etc/motd.public
2004/7/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32427 Activity:insanely high
7/22    Reversing the words in political threads is only funny once.
        There's an old saying in least I think its a saying
        in Tennessee, its a saying in Texas...reverse me once, shame on you.
        Reverse me twice...don't get reversed again.
        \_ fuck politics. I'm reverting motd to the good 'ol pre-political,
           pre-aaron troll days (circa pre-1997)
           \_ What? I hardly ever post to the motd. --aaron
           \_ Erm.  Kais motd shows plenty of political flames pre-1997.
            \_ not really. look at this pristine day for example:
               now we can't even go by one day without mentioning something
               about bush, sadam, iraq, and what not.
               \_ Yeah, its too bad people care about that stuff.
                \_ censors were stronger back then. didn't you see:
                   "religious diatribe fanned by minor pentium bug deleted."
           \_ Why do you give a shit?  Just ignore the parts you don't like.
2004/7/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32342 Activity:very high
7/19    Dear motd spy, who is nuking the motd? ok thx
        \_ I used to nuke the nuker but that never got anywhere. So now I
           just mess with his mushroom cloud.
        \_ Dear prude: go and die please.  ok thx.
           \_ Huh?
           \_ seriously, someone's been nuking the motd this wknd. it should
              be considered a squishable offense
              \_ Yeah well, the motd is stupid and deserves it.  !the nuker
        \_ I'm nuking the motd to make Kais Motd useless     -revenge is sweet
           \_ I just finished 'nuking the motd' and I'm five pounds lighter!
           \_ And they say that kids today don't have goals.
           \_ dear revenge guy, why do you hate Kais Motd?            -kchang
        \_ I drank too much during my friend's wedding, came home,
           fell asleep and woke up late in the evening with a
           big hangover.  I checked the motd and it was full of
           witless political rantings, and it gave me a big
           headache, so I decided to nuked it.  I felt much
           better immediately.  Nuking the motd beats Tylenol
           hands down.  But later, some bad boy messed with
           my mushroom cloud, making it upside down.
           Fortunately, my girl friend was home by then, so
           we went and had hot wet sex all night long.
           \_ Your mom got home with refills for the liquid hand soap, eh?
2004/7/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32325 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/7/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32298 Activity:nil
7/15    Word association game, you can only add ONE word you associate with
        one CSUA person. I'll start, feel free to augment this list:
        \_ tom: bike
        \_ ilyas: ocaml
        \_ psb: fan, homosexual
        \_ lila: butter
        \_ shac: pegging, black
        \_ kchang: stfu gay
        \_ ax: breasts
        \_ aspolito: masturbation
        \_ jon: tiger balm
        \_ chris: love sponge
        \_ peterm:
        \_ mehlhaff: motd archive
        \_ jsl:
        \_ sodans: nerds
           \_ finger: sodans: no such user
2004/7/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:31200 Activity:insanely high
7/7     Why aren't there instructions on the CSUA web site on how to post
        to the motd and/or wall?
        \_ Use "me" to edit the motd.  It locks the motd (to some degree)
           and uses the editor in your EDITOR env variable.  Don't overwrite
           if your editor complains upon saving.  Try to minimize the amount
           of time the motd is locked by typing your post before locking
           the motd. For wall, go to any terminal and type "wall y" to
           start receiving walls.  Type wall to enter a message and ctrl-d
           to send.  Feel the cruftiness wash over you in a wave.
           \_ since OP posted to the motd just fine and knows about wall, i'm
              going to assume OP means why don't we have instructions to
              tell the less knowledeable how to do this.
              OP: mail politburo and ask them about it.
           \_ Perhaps there should be a new policy: all new accounts must send
              at least 10 walls within the first week or their account is
              \_ No one gives a fuck about wall because wall is full of assholes
                 and that fact is coming home to roost.
              \_ No one gives a fuck about wall because wall is full of
                 assholes and that fact is coming home to roost.
                 \_ shut the fuck up, kchang
                        \_ kchang didn't log in when the above was posted
                           \_ more than one person scp's
                              \_ which also shows.  whatever.  some people
                                 like you *think* they're so damned clever
                                 but they're not.  there is no true
                                 anonymity on the motd.  if you had any clue
                                 you'd know that scp isn't a way of hiding
                                 any better than just editing it raw and
                                 posting to the wall which changes you made
                                 and signing them.
                 \_ well now... is this some sort of revelation to you?
                    don't look too closely at the motd either then.
                    \_ The motd often has useful non-asshole comments as well.
                       Reading a few random hours of wall logs on any day
                       shows boredom and assholes, not much else.
2004/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:31096 Activity:very high
6/30    is reeser hot?
        \_ well, email her.
        \_ 2hot4U
        \_ no, she's butt ugly. She used to have a blurred/soft focus
           portrait picture on her web site and she was pretty ugly in it.
           Now imagine her in real person...
        \_ ask her for one. If she sends you one, you can find out yourself.
           If she doesn't send you one, then most likely she's ugly.
           \_ Who are you who are so wise in the ways of h07 42n ch1x?
        \_ well I don't know your definition of hot, but personally I think
           that she is smart, sophisticated, and interesting to talk to
                           -person who knew her personally in the late 90s
                \_ in another word she is ugly
           \_ she's also pretty cute, imho  -another anonymous motd denizen
           \_ I think she is hot. -AMCoward
        \_ It's all relative (she makes chialea look like a goddess)
           \_ and of course this anonymous MOTD dweeb is the paragon of
              male beauty.  -tom
           \_ The motd is a cruel little place sometimes. -- seen both
              \_ picP.  One of the two certainly looked like anti-goddess in
                 \_ Kettle, this is the pot calling.  You're black.
                    \_ Why are you so defensive?  Look is just buy attribute
                       of a person, and a very superficial one by its nature.
                       They may be visually unappealing but intelligent,
                       sophisticated, and wise.  Would they rather be M Monroe?
                       \_ Taking potshots at people on soda because of their
                          looks is cheap and ultimately destined to bite you
                          in the ass.  If you want to say that someone's hot,
                          go for it.  If you want to say that someone doesn't
                          meet your aesthetic standards, learn to supress.
        \_ Yah, rhys is hot.
                \_ do you value truth or kindness more? I value the former,
                   so cruelty is the way to go
                   \- gee do you think star trek novels are greater works
                      of lit than say the odyssey? that ayn rand is the
                      epitome of philosophy? there are an infinity of true
                      facts ... most of them without meaning or value. --psb
2004/6/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:31076 Activity:insanely high
6/30    Most. Boring. Motd. Ever.
        \_ It was pretty interesting, but the Humorless Anonymous MOTD Censor
           had a go at it.  Now it sucks ass.
        \_ yermom was keeping me busy
        \_ read old archived motd, they're always entertaining
        \_ why don't you post a gun control or free speech link, that
           always brings the k00ks out of the woodwork.
2004/6/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30998 Activity:kinda low
6/24    Do CSUA members go to concerts?  Been to any concerts lately?
        Plan to go to any this year?
        \_ I'll be going to the Aquabats show in July.
        \_ Pixies at the Greek
        \_ Van Morrison, David Bowie, John Hiatt, The Bobs, recently.
           David Byrne, soon.  -tom
           \_ too bad Bowie isn't playing anymore (in the next few months)
              \_ Bowie (at the Berkeley Community Theater) was great, one of
                 the best shows I've seen in years.  -tom
        \_ Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at the Independent last Friday.  2.5
           hours of the most energetic and wonderful ska I've ever heard.
           \_ Dang, wish I'd known.  -jrleek
              \_ Sorry, man.  I'll post it next time.
        \_ No, CSUA members only sit on the wall and scribble on the motd
           \_ it does seem that way sometimes.
2004/6/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30953 Activity:nil
6/22    This motd really deserves to be nuked - completely dour, geeky, and
        nothing the least bit funny.
        \_ Won't you please save us from ourselves!!!
           \_ Exhibit 1A of dour idiocy.
              \_ Why do you hate the CSUA?
        \_ We're not here for your amusement.  Piss off.
        \_ I second that.  Came to look for some entertainment but today's
           motd is more boring than work.
           \_ Then browse for pr0n and STFU.
              \_ you seem bored too.  let's have hot gay sex together.
                 \_ Is that you, kchang?
                    \_ It's not very clever despite the author's pretensions:
                        I'd say the odds are good.
        \_ Why don't you add something funny?
        \_ Why don't you nuke it then huh? TOO CHICKEN??!!
2004/6/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30921 Activity:high
6/18    kchang & scotsman, take it offline, please!
        \_ Awww... it was amusing.
        \_ the conclusion is that both are stupid
           \_ Everything the motd touches turns to shit.
        \_ recap, plz. thx.
          \_ kchang is petty, scotsman is a crybaby. Total recap here:
             \_ But I get
                \_ why, did you piss him off?
2004/6/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30919 Activity:very high
6/18    scotsman, you seem to be pretty pissed about something. Is it because
        you can't see Kais Motd, or is it because you don't like
        If it's the latter, email me and I'll change it to a porn site
        of ***your choice***                                    -kchang
        \_ kchang.  He is petty and vindictive so the CSUA doesn't have to be.
        \_ scotsman, maybe kchang is indeed a hypocrit or just
           plain weird, but look at it this way. No one is paying him
           anything and most people haven't even thanked him.
           By pointing out why he is a total jerkass in public, you're
           also making a big ass outa yourself. Even more importantly,
           by doing so you've closed all opportunities to get off of
           his blacklist. I was on the blacklist too but instead
           of making a big deal in public I emailed him nicely and
           and both of us got what we wanted. Now that opportunity is
           gone, just accept it and move on and go to another site.
           No one else is forcing you to see his site and no one is
           bitching about this.
           \_ Dude, you (or someone else) has posted this message half a
              dozen times now.  If he didn't change his ways after the
              second or third time, I doubt a lengthier iteration #8 is going
              to make much difference.  Accept this and stop wasting bits.
        \_ what kind of whacknut uses the motd to communicate one on
           one?  just send a fucking email.
              I think scotsman started it.
        \_ Kevin, it simply pains me to see someone who doesn't learn how
           to interact with people graciously as they move through life.
           You're a remarkably petty person, as far as your interactions
           with this group are concerned.  I wish you well. --scotsman
           \_ No one is complaining about Kais Motd except you. Stop being
              a sourpuss and just accept that sometimes, people just don't
              like you.
           \_ life lesson #1, if you want something from someone, insults
              won't work. I wish you well as well.
                   - motd spectator
                   \_ Hey, you asshole. If you're going to selectively
                      delete people's posts, at least delete the ENTIRE
           \_ Hey kchang, you don't have to listen to this guy.  However,
              you do need to evaluate how you got to the point in your life
              where you would be making the post that you just did.  I mean,
              c'mon, it's a little weird.
              \_ I'm not sure if I should censure you as a hippocryte, I
                 mean, ANYONE who posts on the motd is gonna be pretty
                 wierd, or be frightened by the fact that kchang is even
                 wierder than the average motd dinizen.  On the other
                 hand, I like Kais motd, it pretty much rocks, even if I
                 can't understand his modivation.  -jrleek
                 \_ Posting on the motd is very slightly less weird than
                    blogging which is so mainstream now it's cliche. -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm pretty well-adjusted on average.  I like posting
                    to motd because I like arguing anonymously with a whole
                    bunch of people of above average intelligence.  I don't
                    want to argue politics with friends.
                    Anyway, the bottom line is that I hope kchang gets
        \_ Do you archive all the posts that show how pathetic you are, or
           do you censor those, kchang?
           \_ his FAQ says something about censorship. Oh wait, you can't
              see his site. Too bad.
              \- you could still see his site using lynx.
2004/6/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30915 Activity:insanely high
6/18    Kais Motd BETA now covers entries from 1993-1997 though it's very very
        spotty. I'll merge into the main line if I don't get any complaint for
        a week. If you know where a more comprehensive collection is please
        email me. You can find beta entries here:
        Just add .beta at the end of the url                        -kchang
        \_ It's nice that you're archiving history and all but I don't see
           why you care so much.  Is this some compensation response to
           getting your account restored after so long away?  I just don't
           get it.  It's only the motd.
           \_ Considering he's blocking people arbitrarily for perceived
              slights, he's rendered himself useless. --scotsman
              \_ It's his site.  He can do what he wants with it, including
                 blocking you or redirecting you to  You have
                 absolutely no right to access his website nor whine when
                 he restricts you from it.
                 \_ Except that it renders the archive completely
                    untrustworthy, and thus nearly worthless.  Public services
                    such as this one rely on reputation, and if Kevin's going
                    to be petty and vindictive (if that's the case) the archive
                    should just be forgotten. -!scotsman
                    \_ You actually trust anything on the net?  I sometimes
                       don't even trust the servers *I* run.  I always
                       assume the servers run by others are untrustworthy
                       in every sense.  How is his archive different from the
                       rcs archives a few people run here and make publicly
                       readable as far as trustworthy goes?  They could
                       easily edit things, change what people said or didn't
                       say, etc.  How would you know?  And all of this
                       becomes moot when you consider the source of kchang's
                       data is the motd which is a publicly writable, and
                       mostly pseudo-anonymous file.  Why are you so
                       concerned about the trustworthiness of the archiving
                       of an untrustworthy shared text file?  GIGO.  Write
                       your own and put it on the net if it bugs you so
                       much.  It's his hobby.  No one is paying him to do
                       any of this.  I don't know the guy, I don't know why
                       he got squished or why he was restored.  The whole
                       kchang motd archive is being taken way too seriously,
           \_ Coding is my hobby. Costs me $0.
           \_ He wants to demonstrate he is a better programmer than Holub,
              of Twink Point fame. ~tom/bin/twink++.csh
              \_ twink++ is perl.  twink.  -tom
              \_ since when is tom a programmer?
2004/6/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30902 Activity:very high
6/18    Alright, dear motd spy program guy, which idiot is not obeying
        80 columns per row? Can we please make a petition to squish? There
        hasn't been a SQUISHFEST since the 90s. We need to teach these
        bastards a lesson so that they will preserve the spirit of our
        sacred motd.
        \_ You don't like the idea?  It reduces the number of badly
           wrapped lines.
           \_ set it to 85 because a lot of times it wraps only a char or 2
        \_ dear sodans and politburo. People think that editting motd is
           a right, but we need to make it clear that it is a privileage
           that one should treat with respect and consideration for
           others. Therefore, I propose the following amendment to
           others. Therefore, I proposition the following amendment to
           our constitution, and ACT upon it ASAP. Add to the list
           as you see fit.
           -Person not obeying 80 columns/row should be squished for
           -Person obeying 80 columns/row should be squished for
            1 week. Repeated offender will be squished for 1 year.
           -Person modifying motd should be squished for 1 month.
           -Person nuking motd should be squished for 2 months.
            Repeated offender should be be squished forever.
           -Person changing a word or two to "make it funny" should
           -Person making funny demands like this one should
            be squished for 1 month.
           -Person caught posting to the motd regularly will be forced to
            waste hours of time while at work engaging in childish flamewars
            and being mercilessly mocked by their fellow cal alumni for
            one month.
            \_ "modifying motd = squish for 1 month"?  I don't think you're
               saying what you think you're saying.  As for the rest, 1) you
               need to prove it which is often just not worth the effort and
               2) who wants to have endless meetings and appeals over the
               motd?  I want the motd to be a place where people can discuss
               things and I don't like it when people screw up the motd, but
               squishing them for it?
            \_ I don't think anyone on the current politburo even reads
               the motd.
               \_ they're way smarter than us, then.
                \_ in the good 'ol days the politburo read the motd and
                   squished anyone in the way of preserving the motd values.
                   I guess the current politburo SUCKS. We need to squish
                   a few scapegoats so that others will obey.
        \_ What's the reason for the 80-column limit?  I personoally like it
           since I set all my xterms to 80 columns, but I don't see an excuse
           to force everyone else to agree with me.  -- yuen
           \_ Because 80 columns is an ancient terminal width standard.  If
              you violate it, it fucks up the format for most readers.
              \_ So why not add an extra 6 characters?
                 \_ Because it will wrap around to the next line, eh?
                    And look like shit, eh?
                    And people will deleted your posts for being annoying, eh?
                    And people will delete your posts for being annoying, eh?
2004/6/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:30878 Activity:very high
6/17    How do these people go over the mail quota??

-rw-rw----  1 caliban        mail   17031116 Jun 17 15:59 caliban
-rw-rw----  1 adam           mail   17063887 Jun 17 15:59 adam
-rw-rw----  1 muchandr       mail   17104892 Jul 15  2003 muchandr
-rw-------  1 phoy           mail   17235821 Jun 17 12:42 phoy
-rw-------  1 edmund         mail   17260314 Jun 17 15:38 edmund
-rw-rw----  1 katster        mail   17276627 Jun 17 15:51 katster
-rw-------  1 andylei        mail   17313471 Jun 17 08:56 andylei
-rw-------  1 jlanse         mail   17554493 Jun 17 14:33 jlanse
-rw-rw----  1 deschan        mail   17571738 Jun 16 22:07 deschan
-rw-rw----  1 alanc          mail   17586824 Jun 17 15:55 alanc
-rw-rw----  1 hankwong       mail   17637250 Jun 17 15:30 hankwong
-rw-------  1 mh             mail   17686229 Jun 17 15:52 mh
-rw-------  1 karthik        csua   17699197 Jun 16 23:58 karthik
-rw-------  1 hoangla        mail   17775223 Jun 13 20:34 hoangla
-rw-rw----  1 blyon          mail   17784451 Jun 17 15:15 blyon
-rw-------  1 davecw         mail   17915799 Jun 17 13:44 davecw
-rw-rw----  1 pad            mail   18120443 Jun 17 15:44 pad
-rw-------  1 dizzy          mail   18153447 Jun 17 15:57 dizzy
-rw-------  1 adr            mail   18169838 Jun 17 15:59 adr
-rw-------  1 conrad         mail   18259689 Jun 17 15:17 conrad
-rw-rw----  1 marc           mail   18391040 Jun 16 19:53 marc
-rw-------  1 bob            mail   18620381 Jun 17 14:49 bob
-rw-rw----  1 shieh          mail   18759669 Jun 17 15:40 shieh
-rw-------  1 mel            mail   19134446 Jun 17 15:58 mel
-rw-r--r--  1 nivra          csua   19247689 Mar 12 12:29 nivra
-rw-------  1 philb          mail   20225961 Jun 17 15:07 philb
-rw-------  1 milesm         mail   20487765 Jun 17 15:42 milesm
-rw-------  1 uctt           mail   20929716 Jun 17 15:46 uctt
-rw-rw----  1 niliu          mail   20938180 Jun 17 15:59 niliu
-rw-------  1 vlin           mail   20938590 Jun 17 11:28 vlin
-rw-rw----  1 njh            mail   27690498 Jun 17 15:54 njh
-rw-rw----  1 georgy         mail   29240141 Jun 17 15:29 georgy
-rw-rw----  1 ajaffe         mail   33219104 Jun 17 15:59 ajaffe
\_ Hard quota is 20M
   A few of them have higher quotas for various reasons.  Ask root.
\_ Pact with Satan.
   \_ finger: satan: no such user
      \_ The greatest trick Satan ever accomplished was making people think
         he doesn't exist.
\_ More importantly, why does nivra insist on making his mail spool
   world readable?
   \_ Cry for help.
           \_ That was... odd.  Maybe even NSFW. Although it's just text.
           \_ Someone send that to his wife.
      \_ Someone should probably tell him in case he didn't see this on motd.
        \_ It's mostly spam.
   \_ I'm tempted to make my mail world readable to see if motd'ers have enough
      free time to read my boring mail for fun.
2004/6/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30862 Activity:very high 50%like:30544
6/17   Who the hell is fucking up the motd?
        \_ Use TAB on the first line you idiot, or learn to indent. ;)
        \_ what's wrong with the motd?
           \_ It just happened again.  Motdwatch shows a whole bunch of lines
              removed and then replaced with slightly different indentation.
              The whole process also destroys any recent additions, including
              those made with motdedit.
              \_ It's reiffin.  He edits motd.public, then scp's his changed
                 file.  Overwrites a whole bunch of shit.
                 \_ I don't scp anything.  I'm merging multiple motds back
                    together after others have munged each other's posts with
                    other methods.  Yes, squish the guy who is restoring all
                    the posts that got destroyed by others and keeping the motd
                    in one piece.  Good idea.
                    in one piece.  Good idea.  I'll use sdiff in the future to
                    preserve your precious tabs.
                \_ how do you know it's him?
                 \_ What a hoser, eh?
                \_ SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH! We haven't had a squishfest since
                   the late 90s (it's FUN), let's start with reiffin.
2004/6/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30846 Activity:high
6/16    Very cute, kchang.  You've tied my home and work IPs to me and
        flip me off with your motd archive, then redirect to
        It's nice to know your sociopathy and pettiness haven't mellowed.
        \_ it's his site.  he can do what he wants with it.
        \_ Perhaps you're a good candidate to explain (to an impartial
           observer) the kchang saga.  I don't know him, his archive is
           cool, but the story as I see it reminds me of Giuliani-- nobody
           likes him until the last minute, and then he's a hero.  What
           got him squished (be more specific than "motd munging")?  What
           got him restored?  I'd also invite kchang (and kchang #n fans)
           to respond with their versions.  Thank you. Please don't delete
           this thread.
           \_ who cares?  it seems to me that it is a private administrative
              matter.  a previous politburo made a decision.  a later
              politburo rescinded the earlier decision.  so what?
              \_ So what?  Pure tabloid sensibility on a slow day.  What did
                 he do to get squished?  Who did it?  How'd he get back?
                 Who did that?
                 \_ shrug, I guess it's something to talk about but I dont
                    know the answers either.
        \_ The motd will not be truly Great until it is only kchang, ilyas,
           psb, and tom yelling at each other.
           \_ I think the only people from the above list I used to yell at
              are tom and myself.  These days I just ignore tom, and yell at
              myself in private. -- ilyas
        \_ So when is tpc getting his account back?
           \_ And dickylee!
              \_ I believe dickylee got his account back, but was squished
                 again in the last year or so.
        \_ I think everyone suspected of wanting to squish him is on his
           blacklist.                           -kchang's friend
           \_ sorry to hear that scotsman. I guess you're on his blacklist.
              If you want I can vouch for you, would you prefer to be
              redirected to another porn site?          -concerned sodan
2004/6/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30803 Activity:high
6/14    While wall is dying, according to Kais Motd, the number of posts
        have been slowly increasing since 1998. See for yourself,
        1998(1643) | 1999(1985) | 2000(3067) | 2001(3213) | 2002(3532) |
        2003(4439). What are some factors that may contribute to this trend?
        \_ Wall was dead years ago.  I sometimes scan the logs to see if
           anyone new has showed up but as soon as they say something one of
           the king-of-the-wall assholes doesn't like they get mobbed and
           never show again.  Or worse, they get ignored as an intrusion.
        \_ Wall used to be full of assholes.  Now it's full of assholes, and
           boring to boot.
           \_ Who sometimes 'descend' upon the motd and dump their wall
              hatched plans for world conquest upon us.  Fortunately the wall
              logs let us check for that sort of thing before it goes too far
              and ruins the credibility of the wall around the world for
        \_ When I was in sk00l, I had no time to wall.  But now I'm a full-time
           sysadmin, I have all the time in the world to post to the motd!
           \_ From another full time sysadmin: kind of weird how there is
              always more than can be done to improve the system but since no
              one knows or cares as long as it isn't down, we end up with lots
              of free time and shitty systems except for the rare system outage
              which kills an hour or two.  Since no one understands or cares I
              don't bother.  Same for you?
           \_ what about ilyas? On some days the guy posts 1/2 of the
              responses and seems to have nothing to do even though he's in
              grad school
              \_ "Even" implies grads do actual work.
              \_ Hey, spy-program guy!  Didn't I tell you ALL of the motd is
                 me talking?  What's with this 1/2 stuff?  Report for your
                 reprogramming, you are clearly still malfunctioning. -- ilyas
                 \_ Bullshit.  *I* have a spy program too and ilyas has _never_
                    posted to the motd, you fraud!
                    \_ Dude, ilyas doesn't even EXIST.  OF COURSE he's never
                       posted to the motd.  *sheesh*  stupid freshman.
                       \_ Pft!  I know for a fact ilyas exists but doesn't
                          post to the motd, but my motd spy ware assures me
                          that you not only don't exist but your parents don't
                          either!  hah!  take that you figment of my delusions!
                       \_ Ilyas is John Galt.
                          \_ But who is Ilyas?
                             \_ John Galt.
2004/6/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30781 Activity:insanely high
6/13    ilyas, of the entire motd how many do you admit to post and respond?
        According to my spy program it appears that you've posted 1/4 of the
        questions and 1/2 of the responses.
        \_ The entire motd is me having a conversation with myself.  I wrote
           you AND your spy program too.  Down, rebellious subroutine, down!
             -- ilyas
           \_ back to the game grid, program!
        \_ Hehe, your spy program?  I have one, too, but it can't be perfect,
           thus naming names isn't appropriate.
        \_ Quick test, o guru: who am i?
        \_ spy program? how?
           \_ between fstat, watching the proc tables, and user activity you
              can vaguely correlate motd edits with active users but since
              a lot of action happens *very* fast and some of us merge in
              other's edits by hand which can take a few minutes, others are
              copying in via ssh or other methods, etc, etc, etc, it isn't
              really possible to guarantee that who he thinks is editing the
              motd is really the person doing the editing.  my scripts are
              pretty accurate but there isn't enough accurate informaton
              available to guarantee who is doing what so i mostly keep it
              to myself.
                \_ give us a report please? I want to get an estimate of
                   the # of people modifying and reading motd.
2004/6/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:30756 Activity:nil
6/11    Anybody know what's the story with all this new German spam?
        At least it is easy to filter.
        \_ Now that you have discovered the German spam we will have to kil
           \_ you deleted my post.  Please use motdedit if you're not going
              to be careful.
              \_ do you have any idea what happened to the last guy that whined
                 about his post and motdedit?
2004/6/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:30730 Activity:insanely high
6/10    Dear CSUA, newbies I invite you to join an elite forum called WALL.
        To enable it, just type "wall y".                       -wall God
        \_ And to contribute your own worthless effluvia, type "wallall"
        \_ If you were a god of anything, you'd know how to use a fucking
        \_ Or, in a session type:
           tail -100 -f /csua/wall_log
        \_ Elite?  You're kidding right?
        \_ The only thing the wall is good for is to give a few knuckleheads
           a place to blow off steam without mushing up the motd.  The wall
           logs reveal the most bored people on the planet.  Get jobs.
           \_ I think most of the people walling HAVE jobs and are at them.
              \_ Then they need to start earning their pay.  Or are they on
                 wall getting paid to chat so they can stick it to The Man?
           \_ No.  Wall is for partha to give live play-by-play of cricket
              matches being held halfway around the world.
                \_ Or meaningless sports banter of any kind.
        \_ ~dbushong/bin/wallchat -h for the non-l33t.  Be nice and use \
2004/6/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30720 Activity:moderate
6/9     Don't be obnoxious.
        \_ What is the airspeed velocity of a fullen laden motd?
           \_ What do you mean, motd.public or motd.official?
              \_ I don't know that... AAAAAAARGHHHHH!!!!!
                 ... How do you know so much about motds?
                 ... Well, you have to know these things when you're an alumnus
           \_ An African or a European motd?
              \_ mine was funnier
2004/6/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30655 Activity:high
6/7     ilyas, do you enjoy posting motd and writing responses to the very
        same thread? How long have you been doing this, and why?
                                        -caught ilyas doing just that
        \_ Yer smokin the crack...
        \_ hi crebbs!
           \_ really? I thought it was kchang
        \_ Uh, we all post to the motd and then response on the very same
           thread.  Did you think posters were required by some phantom law
           to remain silent after posting?
2004/6/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30605 Activity:moderate
6/4     Please don't nuke the motd.
        \_ I don't think that was an intentional nuke, but someone's editor
           freaking because /TMP IS FULL!!!!
           \_ It looks like some version of motdedit is writing temp files
              there instead of maybe /csua/tmp.  Bad idea?  Also mconst
              has a bunch of pngs in there.
              \_ /csua/tmp fills up more often than /tmp
                 \_ But doesn't start to take down basic shell commands and
                    mail programs.
2004/5/31-6/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30512 Activity:very high
5/31    Does soad have more than its fair share of haters or does an
        anonymous motd just make it seem so?
        \_ People revert to pretty juvenile behavior when anonymous.  So
           what?  That's life.
        \_ I don't see any hate thread today. Can you be more specific?
            \_ not talking particularly about today, just in general.
        \_ No, people are just people.  Anonymity allows people to say what
           they were already thinking.  Suppression of speech, Berkeley-style,
           does not suppress thought.
           \_ signing your name wouldn't suppress your speech--just make you
              responsible for it.  -tom
              \_ when the cost of that responsibility is too high, it becomes
                 suppression.  one has the right to say all sorts of things but
                 if one's name was attached to them a lot of things one has the
                 right to say can still destroy a career, get one arrested or
                 a bunch of other bad things.  when the burden of
                 responsibility for speech rises to the point where it can ruin
                 the speaker's life, speech is no longer free.  as someone who
                 has nothing to lose you wouldn't understand that.
                 \_ That's pretty sad.  If you are that fearful of what you
                    say, why bother saying it?  That's not external supression.
                    That's introspection.  I've never said anything publicly
                    that I wouldn't own up to.  Keep a diary if you're that
                    worried.  --scotsman
           \_ Or supression of speech, Catholic Church style, or Miss Manners
              style or however.
              \_ Miss Manners?  Do you ever read her column?  She doesn't say
                 you shouldn't say what you're thinking.  She says you should
                 say it in such a way as to leave the other person with no
                 response (thus preventing escalation) yet without making
                 yourself look like a barbarian.  The Catholic Church hasn't
                 been able to shut anyone up since Luther.  I don't know why
                 you're picking on them.  They've had their day.
                 \_ You have successfully read 100% the opposite of what
                    I intended into what I said. I think I was clear enough.
                    It is your thinking that is muddled. The suppression
                    of speech Miss Manners style does not suppress thought. Is
                    that really too complicated a concept for you?
              \_ everyone suppresses speech to an extent from rush limbaugh
                 to the aclu.. from george w. bush to osama bin laden..
                 \_ I see you agree with me.
2004/5/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:30485 Activity:high
5/30    Wow, you fuckers sure made the motd boring as all fuck!  Restored.
        \_ Fuck off you piece of shit!!
           \_ *laugh* Why don't you just script something to nuke the whole
              motd everytime you login, you dipshit?
              \_ YOU DIPSHIT!!
                 \_ w0w th3r3 s\/re 3r2 sum SM2RT p33pz on CSUA!  1 LUV!!!!11!
2004/5/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30484 Activity:nil
5/27    NEW: pretty motd diff and history (track down exactly when entries
        were posted):
2004/5/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30479 Activity:nil
5/28    I'm losing interest in the motd.  is there something wrong with me?
        \_ USE WALL!
           \_ is wall any more interesting?
        \_ yes, you were interested in it at some point.
        \_ The motd is not here for your amusement.  Contribute or go away.
2004/5/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30478 Activity:nil
5/28    I see that OpenOffice can export to PDF, but can it OPEN PDF files?
        \_ Use motdedit fool
           \_ Fuck motdedit.  In the ear.
           \_ Wow! motdedit works on pdf's now?  Rock!
        \_ No need to.  Acrobat Reader is free.
           \_ I want to open and edit and save a PDF.
              \_ Why the fuck why? Just edit the original.
                 \_ Sigh. He wants to edit a PDF where he doesn't HAVE the
                    original.  And no, I don't think open office can do
                    that.  It's very difficult.  Last time I tried, Open
                    Office couldn't.
                    \_ Still, why would you want to do this? Where did this pdf
                       come from? It should be dealt with at that level.
                       The reason it's difficult is because it's not a format
                       intended for source editing. I think there are various
                       tools to do limited pdf editing but for anything serious
                       you go to the source. Or copy and paste I guess.
                        \_ The original came from a customer. I want to
                           edit the form. I do not own Acrobat Writer.
                        \_ No need to ask so many questions, just answer his
2004/5/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30470 Activity:nil
5/27    This is an EXTENSION to Kais Motd, 24 Hour Motd Archive and Diff
        are accessible here:                    -kchang
2004/5/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30462 Activity:nil 75%like:30451
5/27    how many people are using motdedit2 now?
        using    : .
        not using: .......
        \_ better question, why are you/are you not using motdedit2?
           \_ Because emacs already warns me when I'm about to overwrite
              someone else's post.
              \_ Same for vi.
              \_ ok, so what do you do, back out and try again?
                 \_ I don't do this, but it's easy to yank the change + reload
                 \_ Yes. (emacs guy)
                 \_ yes. (other editor guy)
        \_ I predict motdedit2 will win in a landslide!
        \_ Where is this mythical software located?
2004/5/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30451 Activity:insanely high 75%like:30462
5/27    how many people are using motdedit2 now?
        using    : .
        not using: ......
        \_ better question, why are you/are you not using motdedit2?
        \_ I predict motdedit2 will win in a landslide!
2004/5/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30429 Activity:high
5/26    Thanks for those who responded to my salary question yesterday and
        thanks to KAIS MOTD ( for
        keeping the responses even though they got pushed off the motd. -emin
        \_ shut the fuck up, kchang
                \_ why do you hate kchang?
                        \_ Be psb asian lila, and immigrants god to boot.
                   \_ because he's fucking annoying.
                        \_ lots of people are annoying.  is that all it takes
                           for you to hate them?  buckle up, kid, life is going
                           to really suck for you.
        \_ wow, all the motd archives do the same thing.
                \_ they're all indexed and searcheable? amazing!
                   \_ stop treating "kais motd" like it's the best thing
                      since sliced bread.  less finds me what I want out of
                      the motd rcs files.
                        \_ dude, CHILL! It's not another editor/browser
                           piss off match. I'll use my favorite program
                           and you'll use yours and let's just leave it at
                           \_ then stop the shameless self-promotion
                                \_ I didn't write it            -kchang
                                   \_ then I apologize.  then stop the stupid
                                      advertising then.
                                      \_ kchang was not logged in when that
                                         was posted.
        \_ kchang might be a major twink, but damn, i'm pretty impressed with
           his motd archive. it's hierarchical and so the guy who talks about
           "less + rcs works for me" seems like the year is 1995 and someone is
           hating on Yahoo. "gopher RULEZ!"
        \_ Where is this socalled salary question? I can't find it on kchang's
        \_ damn you kchang lover, you are as guilty as him by association!
          \_ I hate jealous people.  they don't have much and yet they demand
             some kinda recognition.  kchang did a good job, people praise him
             why don't you show some real work first if you want to be praised.
        \_ someone on that threat mentioned charging no less than $100/hr for
           a real IT work.  How much would one charge for a real programming
           work? (c/c++, java, c#)  On, the median for a software
           engineer III is 87k
           \_ If hourly wage = annual salary / 2000, and contract rate =
              2x salaried rate, then $87/hr.
              \_ For a median-quality  job.
                 \_ Bingo!  No one wants a medium quality contractor, do they?
                    So they need to be willing to pay more to get the job done
                    right.  That's why I said $100/hr at an absolute minimum
                    for any skilled tech work, SA, programming, dba, etc.
        \_ emin, this is the Xth time I've tried to delete this message but
           you keep putting it back. Why do you insist on trolling and why
           are you supporting kchang?             -coalition against kchang
           \_ we support kchang too, and will help emin in this endeavor.
                                        - axis of evil kchang supporters
           \_ Tom and Kchang are both putzes, but at least kchang is a
              good programmer.
              \_ Tom knows everything about Linux, biking, IT, Programming,
                 Globabl Warming, US Politics, Foreign Affairs, US & World
                 History, and every other topic that has ever shown up on the
                 wall or motd.  You can ask Tom anything.  He always has the
                 right answer!  --tom #1 Fan
2004/5/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30359 Activity:high
5/21    Yep, and there it is... motdedit + motdedit2 + self righteous morons
        over writing other people's edits "because those other people didn't
        use motdedit like me so it's ok!" and now the motd is an unreadable
        fucking mess.  Can anyone explain to me how all this shit is better
        than when people just edited the damned thing directly or merged new
        edits with their own copy as necessary?  I don't understand how anyone
        can think this current situation is better than before we had all
        these scripts.
        \_ OP here to clarify: I'm saying broken pseudo revision control has
           resulted in a far bigger and unreadable mess than when the only
           rc was people kindly manually merging recent changes back in.  Now
           we have a bunch of pricks who don't bother because they used some
           script or other method that they have self determined to be the one
           true way and thus 1) are still blowing away other people's edits,
           2) don't feel guilty about it, 3) even worse they feel self
           righteously proper destroying other people's edit.  The various
           motdedit scripts also have the problem of mis-merging shit back in.
           There are bad merges.  There are things that *should* have been
           deleted (due to age, etc) that get restored, there are partial dupes
           of threads within other threads.  Motdedit has problems we've all
           seen.  Motdedit2 simply has different problems.  I don't want the
           cowardly censors deleting my shit but I also don't want it munged
           or mis-restored either.  Why can't we all just get along?  It just
           isn't that hard.  Technology will not solve this problem.  It's a
           people problem, not a scripting cleverness problem.  --op
        \_ I don't understand how anyone who has ever worked on shared
           files can think that having no revision control is better than
           having revision control.
           \_ I think the guy is saying that no revision control is better
              than broken revision control.
              \- this is not a technology problem. the problem is the people
                 who delete stuff they dont want to see, or people too lazy
                 to merge stuff. i use emacs to edit the motd and if i get a
                 warning the file has changed, i revery and yank my changes
                 back in. i dont need to use something like motdedit. you
                 cant prevent the write over problem and continue to allow
                 people to "expire" article and anonymity ... at the moment
                 it is expensive to de-anonymize and only possible in the case
                 of automated hosage. i think that is fine. --psb
                 \_ it's not at all expensive to de-anonymize.  You put the
                    file under CVS.  Problem solved.
                    (incidentally, you just blew away one of my posts)   -tom
                                   \-i dont think so. i dont think you
                                       follow how the emacs saving works.--psb
                                       \_ For some reason tom's real paranoid
                                          about people nuking his posts...
                                          probably because he does this so
                                          often himself. -- ilyas
                                          \_ tom?  blowing away other people's
                                             posts?  how can that be?  it seems
                                             impossible that such an open
                                             minded, intelligent, educated, and
                                             all around good guy would do such
                                             a hypocritical and horrid thing.
                                             anonymously, no doubt.  ;-)
                    \- i mean to de-anonymize under the current state of
                       affairs ... where you have to look at lastcomm or
                       idle times and correlate. i think it is maybe useful
                       to have this be expensive. --psb
        \_ just to clarify what motdedit2 does. It NEVER deletes anything. It
           NEVER overwrites other people's post. It NEVER clobbers. Period.
           It will ALWAYS guarantee that motd will either be of the
           same size, or more. Kapeesh??                        -kchang
           \- cat >> also never deletes anything. the point is that there are
              other tools to edit the motd that do delete things and people
              will use them if they are not prevented from doing so [say by
              some suid/sgid thing ... not that i am lobbying for that].--psb
                \_ ah yes, but motdedit2 has a "restore&merge" feature that
                   you can run from time to time that'll 1) ensure that your
                   entry is never deleted 2) ensure that NEW entries are
                   never deleted 3) easy to use with one command line  -kchang
2004/5/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30320 Activity:low 60%like:30313
5/20    "Destrucshun uh de MOTD (by repeated deleshun, JIBE, o' any oder
        medod) be severly frowned upon and gots'ta result in de terminashun
        uh yo' account.  Makin' de motd 'estremely long be not cool eider.
        Don't be some hoser.  Ah be baaad..." /csua/adm/doc/policies/motd
        \_ Squish Tomasa bin Holub!  Repeat offender/censor/terrorist/enemy
           of the people #1!
           \_ Is Holub related to Emmanuel Goldstein by any chance?  Ignorance
              is Strength!
        \_ How about an anti-nuke script, something that checks to see if
           motd has been zero'ed then restoring it? Is that a squishable
           \_ If it fucks things up, we'll still hate you.
                \_ um, zero'ed motd is already fucked up. the question should
                   be whether zero'ed motd is more or less evil than megatons
                   of restored troll.
                   \_ If it works like you say, sounds great.
                      If it fucks things up, we'll still hate you.
                   \_ there's nothing wrong with trolls since around here that
                      only means someone who disagrees with you.  binaries and
                      20+ pages of cut'n'pasted crap from some lame book are
                      not ok.
           \_ so then the nuker replaces with a few random chars... no gain.
2004/5/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30313 Activity:nil 60%like:30320 54%like:33641
5/20    "Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
        method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination
        of your account.  Making the motd extremely long is not cool either.
        Don't be a hoser." /csua/adm/doc/policies/motd
        \_ Squish Tomasa bin Holub!  Repeat offender/censor/terrorist/enemy
           of the people #1!
        \_ How about an anti-nuke script, something that checks to see if
           motd has been zero'ed then restoring it? Is that a squishable
2004/5/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30303 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/5/19-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30300 Activity:kinda low
5/19    motdedit2 is available at ~kchang/bin/motdedit2. The difference
        between motdedit and motdedit2 is that motdedit2 does not require
        a lock and does friendly merge. For example, if you added a line,
        say A, and someone deletes it or changes it to B after a few hours,
        you can "restore&merge" which will retain both line A & B.
        Restore&merge is done by doing "motdedit2 -r"
        \_ Examples of friendly merge using "motdedit2"
        Original     Your change:   Result:
        --------     ------------   -------
        hello        harro          hello
        world        world          harro

        \_ Another example of using "motdedit2 -r"
        You typed:     Someone changed to:   You run motdedit2 -r
        ----------     -------------------   --------------------
        hello          h3llo                 hello
        world          world sucks           world
                                             world sucks
        \_ I think that's the right thing to be doing. Personally
           though I prefer to do the steps separately. I did steal
           your merge function to replace the dumb one I was using.
           I have it set up pretty well; if I notice someone else's
           post get clobbered I can merge that also, because I'm
           grabbing a local copy for everything and not just my own
           edits. Actually though, having used your merge function
           for a while it is a tradeoff... ideally it should attempt
           to detect line edits versus new posts.
2004/5/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30290 Activity:very high
5/19    Any other good reverse poll topics? Geordan, being the "winner" of
        the last poll, mind telling us what you do?
        \_ Dude, there were people on the list that were worse off than
           Geordan.  By far.
           \_ By far? Here are the competitors that I found in motd,v:
                - $20k grad school - doesn't count
                - 7 years BS, $60k - geordan
                - 12 years __English Lit__, $60k
                - 2 rocks instead of 1 - crackho
                - 4.5 years, $52k -op
              BTW, I'm the OP. Maybe I did win the poll....
         \_ what IS a reverse poll?
            \_ Yes.
               Should kchang be sorried? :
               Did you go to grad school? :
               Is bay area real estate overpriced? :
               Is this a reverse poll? :
2004/5/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:30283 Activity:insanely high
5/18    Sick and tired of people writing over your file? Now motdedit2
        is available at ~kchang/bin/motdedit2. It does aggressive append
        merge where no lines are deleted. In addition, there is a flag to use
        to "restore&merge" your last change. For example, if someone nukes
        a portion of the motd after 30 min, you can still "restore&merge"
        your previous editted file and the current file by typing
        "~kchang/bin/motdedit2 -r".  Any bug report to me.
                        \_ man you guys are picky. I've changed it so that
                           it'll keep the work file in $HOME/.motd.$$
        \_ that is kept for restore&merge operation. If you delete that file
           you will not be able to use this feature. I'll move it to the
           home directory later when it's proven and QAed.
                        \_ man you guys are picky. I've changed it so that
                           it'll keep the work file in $HOME/.motd.$$
        \_ How did you get your account back?
        \_ Sweet!  Now instead of people directly writing over the motd with
           their favorite editor and their own motd copy, they can do it
           through motedit2 and their favorite editor and their own motd copy.
           Why do so many of you seem to think that whatever drivel you have
           to say is so much more important than the drivel of others that it
           is worth *replacing* one set of drivel with another set of drivel?
           The rest of us have managed for years without any motd destroying
           scripts at all.  Just kick tom off soda and the motd will survive
           brutal censorship much longer.  Of all the censors he's the only
           one I've seen who has the time and the anal retentive nature
           required to "win" at motd deletion who will keep checking every
           30 seconds and re-destroying the motd until everyone else gives up.
           He's not the only censor but he is the biggest asshat about it.
           \_ Tomasa bin Holub must be captured before the next Politburo
           \_ Why don't root-type people make it so that you can only use
              motdedit (or another program they deem effective) to edit
              the motd. Is that even possible to do?
              \_ if anyone ever does that i give the motd about a month to live
                 before everyone looses interest and stops reading/posting.
                 \_ where "everyone" is the set [cowardly anonymous trolls].
                    \_ The set of anonymous cowardly trolls adds more value to
                       the csua and motd than *you* do.
           \_ no, the whole point of "restore&merge" is that NOTHING is ever
              deleted. NOTHING. You can restore your old post while keeping
              other people's post. You can "restore&merge" multiple times,
              but it'll NEVER delete new posts because of the merge
              operation. Your reading comprehension is weak.
              \_ No, my patience with frothing babblers is low.  I didn't
                 bother to read your froth carefully after the first line or
                 two.  Why should I?
2004/5/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30268 Activity:very high
5/17    Sigh.  What's the point of motdedit when people forget to log out of
        their editors, thereby locking the whole thing up?
        \_ Sorry.  That was me.  My home DSL is being a bitch and I couldn't
           get back in to unlock it until I got to work. --scotsman
           \_ Thank you for copping to.  Now, can we have your pwd so's we
              can boot you out when we need to? :)
              \_ pbbbbt.  --scotsman
                 \_ That string didn't work, Ben.  Shame on you.
                    \_ Ilya, when did you stop signing your posts?
            \_ what is more important, motd or your job? really...
               \_ The motd *is* my job.  The CIA pays me to read the motd
                  all day to get all the latest intelligence and analysis.
               \_ duh.  motd.
        \_ That's why I recommend not using motdedit. -emarkp
           \_ me is the best approach I've seen so far, even given it's
              problems. What is your suggested alternative? -- ulysses
           \_ You just keep your poly-editing preferences to yourself, Utah.
              \_ people still smash the motd so what good is it?
              \_ "Not being a jerk" seems sufficient.  -emarkp
                \_ android et al started working on me precisely because "not
                   being a jerk" wasn't (and isn't) sufficient. -- ulysses
                   \_ No, "not being a jerk" *is* sufficient.  Problem is,
                      people are being jerks.  Unfortunately, no automated
                      solution will prevent people from being jerks. -emarkp
                      \_ No, the problem is, different people defing "being
                         a jerk" differently. And you refuse to consider
                         that anyone's definition but yours is valid.
                         \_ Welcome to Christianity.  Enjoy your stay!
        \_ Let's propose overly-elaborate ways to solve the problem!
           \_ Kill Ben!
              \_ Ben, the two of us need look no more
                 We both found what we were looking for
                 With a friend to call my own
                 I'll never be alone
                 And you my friend will see
                 You've got a friend in me
        \_ You know there's a reason for the -n switch for motdedit
           \_ Is all this shit documented somewhere?
              \_ *gasp*
                 > /csua/bin/motdedit -h
2004/5/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30258 Activity:insanely high 66%like:32367 50%like:34149
5/17    "Best poll on the motd" poll:
        How much money do you make? : .
        Who should be squished? : .
        Which politician do you want to win? :
        NOUN you'd most like to VERB : .
        how big is your NOUN (penis, salary, car): .
        motdedit yay/nay:
        Best poll on the motd: .
2004/5/12-13 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30194 Activity:very high
5/12    So, do people think the motd is better without locking and some
        few over writes or the way it is now where motdedit totally fucks
        up the merge and munges a lot of posts?
        \_ The MOTD is better when people don't change it out from under
           someone who has a lock.
        \_ I think motdedit is an abomination.
           \_ I think people who stomp over other's posts are an abomination.
              \- i am outraged over the outrage.
           \_ That was very confusing until I realized you were talking about
              a program, and not yourself.
        \_ What is the problem with asking people try not to force write?
                \_ it doesn't work
        \_ the solution to this problem is simple. CVS. CVS does a better
           job at ci/co, and we'll keep a revision. I'd say it's a brilliant
           yet simple idea.
        \_ telling people to use certain programs to edit motd is like putting
           up a sign on the freeway that says "be nice to other drivers and
           say no to road rage!" It just doesn't work.
        \_ proposal, use CVS to handle merging which we know works way
           better than achoi's merge. The other advantage is knowing who
           edit/censors/alters the content and having an archived log.
           aye: ..
        \_ why not try to improve the merge program?
        \_ I think the mis-merging is usually pretty funny.  It's also
           easier to fix that having someone else accidently overwrite my
           post, now it still exists, just in the wrong place.
2004/5/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30135 Activity:high
5/10    Could we limit motd access so you have to use motdedit?
        \_ People can still overwrite or censor your posts using motdedit.
           \_ But at least it won't happen so often accidentally.  Of
              course, then we wouldn't have the funny people freaking out
              about people deleteing their posts when it was really just
              someone not using motdedit...
              \_ How do you know the frequency of accidents now?
                 \_ Well, I wrote one resopnse to this and it was
                    overwritten with the current #1 post.  It happens to
                    me fairly frequently.
                    \_ Which doesn't mean that it was an accident.
        \_ Would you support it if it came with a two-minute lock?
           \_ So you're saying that the random destruction the wreck is
              better than having them wait in line?
        \_ Well I could make a user friendly interface that'll allow people
           to edit individual entries on Kais Motd. I can also add
           customization, like my.motd so that you can filter out Politics or
           categories you don't want to read. And I can add a "Was this page
           useful to you" button like on Amazon so that you search only
           useful posts. And, I can add accountability so that I can track
           down who posts trash and who posts useful stuff, but I promise to
           make it anonymous. The only draw back is that you'll have to have
           an external web account, and that the flow of motd is from
           Kais Motd->CSUA Motd, instead of the other way around. What do
           you all think?                                       -kchang
2004/5/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30078 Activity:kinda low
5/7     croned motd: squishable? gray area esp. after the paolo incident
        croned wall: squishable? like croned "obFirst", is that squishable?
2004/5/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30069 Activity:nil
5/6     Good job blowing away the motd, emarkp:
        \_ This post is ridiculously stupid.  I can't count the number of
           things emarkp has posted here that I disagree with, but he doesn't
           delete things or censor them.
        \_ Don't presume that scripts that access the motd modify the motd.
           However, just to make it easier on your overwrought brain, I've
           changed my alias to explicitly cat the motd and pipe it throught the
           script.  HTH.  -emarkp
2004/5/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30067 Activity:nil
5/6     What are some key similarities differences between /. and motd?
        I'll start with the similarities:
        \_ publicly available to read
        \_ anyone can troll
        \_ anyone can post anonymously
        \_ lots of topics ranging from politics to computers
        \_ anyone can censor the motd
        \_ anyone can change 1-2 words from the original post to make it funny
           \_ but it isn't funny most or all of the time.
        \_ only CSUA members can post on the motd
        \_ motd is a lot more political, and has more personal attacks
        \_ You can't moderate.
           \_ You can in as much as people censor and uncensor posts, and
              lively threads tend to go longer before being purged for being
              stale and boring.
2004/5/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30030 Activity:insanely high
5/5     Why alumni with accounts should be deactivated: First of all it's
        good for them. It'll encourage the older legacy Associate Members to
        to finish up their degrees as to to set up examples for what it is
        like to be a proud Sodan and Berkeleyan. In another word, it'll force
        them to get a life. Secondly, it is good for current users. For a
        very long time these same ol' boys have treated new users as inferior
        sub-citizens & discouraged discussions that may change and or improve
        CSUA's organization and its administration. It is as win-win situation
        to deactivate their accounts. I kindly ask everyone not just
        politburo to give this a serious consideration and respond with
        constructive criticism. Thanks.  -anonymous coward fearing the alumis
                                                alumni is already plural _/
        \_ All users running processes for more than 24 hours will be killed.
                                                alumni is already plural _/
        \_ As you are still in school, you probably don't yet understand the
           absolute necessity of a social network.  This one is particularly
           good for working in the industry.  Whatever you come up against,
           it's more than likely someone here has had experience with it
           (or wrote it).  If the motd turns you off, turn it off.  But cutting
           out alumni would be extremely shortsighted. --scotsman
           \_ Ben, it's paolo ranting.  Ignore him. -- ilyas
              \_ Hrm.  he wasn't logged in when it was posted. --scotsman
                 \_ Wow, ok.  Someone's channeling paolo then. -- ilyas
                    \_ I don't think paolo actually posts to the motd.  He
                       prefers to rant directly to his friends where he
                       can elicit an immediate response, rather than ranting
                       to a semi-anonymous mass.
                       \_ paolo posts to the MOTD, but the above doesn't
                          sound like his voice (though it does sound like
                          one of his tired polemics).  -tom
                          \_ It also doesn't have his signature. - pst
           \_ the motd turns me on -aspo
              \_ what doesn't?
        \_ Could you provide an example of alumni discouraging discussion
           about improving CSUA's organization and its administration?  -tom
           \_ Could anyone BUT tom please defend the honor of the alumni?
              \_ Ok.  Any challenger has a choice of pistols, rapiers or chess.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ modification; Any challenger must go thru a gamut of
                    ilyas with pistols, me with rapiers, and mconst with chess.
                    42" zamorano or 35" standard; either one works. Just none
                    of that foil shit. - pst
                    \_ twohey volunteers to fight unarmed, and geordan
                       volunteers for katana duty.  I guess alumni honor is
                       pretty well defended after all. -- ilyas
                    \_ your proposal would make life more like Mad Max:
                       Beyond Thunderdome.  this is clearly a good thing.
              \_ Ok, here goes: calling for ridiculous witch hunts based on
                 perceived slights does far more to discourage discussion than
                 tom's supposed brusqueness.  I've never met the guy, maybe he's
                 a real jackass in person, but tom the motd poster has never
                 really been more rude or condescending than anyone else.
                        -- anonymous alumni
                                        \_ alum/alumnus/alumna
                                           \_ We don't think so.
                                                -- anonymous alumni
                 \_ seconded.  if you're intimidated by tom's motd posts,
                    you are the one with the problem, not tom.  they're
        \_ So, because some alumni are "abusive" you should get rid of them all,
        including alums like me and Nevin and many others who don't
                    really not that inflamatory.  And even if they were,
                    it's just a bunch of words on a world readable text file.
                    \_ tom probably stands out because he signs his name and
                       makes insulting comments. there are far more vicious
                       posters but since they don't sign their name nobody
                       talks about them.
        \_ I think your byline says enough. Anyway, maybe YOU should
        \_ I don't think that account deactivation will cause a person to
           finish up their degree or get a life if they don't already have
           one.  I do think that disconnecting alumni would be a bad thing for
           student members because alumni are valuable for job/career/grad
           school advice and/or leads.  Reducing the amount of social
           networking can only be bad for current students.  The UC is
           constantly trying to get alumni and students to network and
           encourage alumni to maintain ties to the UC and CSUA's policy of
           maintaining alumni accounts is an easy way to do this.  If
           anything,  alumni should encourage new users to hang out on wall,
           #csua, and other forums.  In my opinion alumni account,
           deactivation is a lose-lose situation.
                --jeffwong (alumnus)
        \_ It's my only connection to Berkeley and I enjoy it. -97grad
           \_ Seconded -93grad aluminiumnus
        \_ If paying more tuition for each additional semester of
           attendance can't force people to graduate on time, how can
           disabling a petty little csua account accomplish it?
        \_ I'll go commit suicide if I can no longer nuke<del><del><del><del>
           I mean post to the motd or keep in touch with fellow
           girlfriendless sodans.
        \_ So, because some alumni are "abusive" you should get rid of them
           all, including alums like me and Nevin and many others who don't
           abuse anyone and who have actively helped the CSUA?  For example,
           Nevin was in part responsible for obtaining this very machine....
           What have YOU done for the CSUA, that you feel like you need to
           get rid of people like Nevin?  --PeterM
        \_ the post is directed at people who never graduated. Are you
           telling me that you, nevin, psb, and tom never graduated?
           \_ No, the post is clearly directed at all alumni. Reread it.
           \_ 1) Re-read the post. It refers to alumni in general.
              2) If you meant just non-graduates, are there non-graduated
                 "alumni" on soda other than tom? It sounds to me like ACFTA
                 is only really talking about tom, in which case, they should
                 probably say as much. Y'all could call yourselves the HDL
                 (Holub Defamation League) (TM). -- ulysses
                 \_ I never graduated. --scotsman
                    \_ O-Ho! Well perhaps you can tell us. Will pulling your
                       account encourage you to graduate?
                       \_ Er.. no. But see my above post. --scotsman
                          \_ Oops. My bad. -- ulysses
           \_ at least 50% of "you, nevin, psb, and tom" never graduated.
              \_ given that the English language does not distinguish between
                 you plural and you singular, and that there are more than two
                 graduates on the motd, your statement is clearly false in
                 \_ note the quotation marks.  i was quoting a conversation
                    between PeterM and another poster, and in that
                    conversation the "you" clearly referred to PeterM.
                    \_ i stand corrected.
        \_ I bet op is alumni.
           \_ How did Tom Holub get an account?  Was he ever a U.C. Berkeley
           \_ How did Tom Holube get an account?  Was he ever a U.C. Berkeley
              Undergraduate student?
                \_ yes, he was.  He is also current UCB staff.  As such,
                   he's got more right to an account than many of us.
                   \_ Tom was not a Undergrad at UCB.  Strange he did not
                      correct this.
              \_ Way to change the subject.
                 \_ I'm telling you, it's the revenge of kchang
                    \_ It was a serious question.  I know people have
                       been given account as favors to faculty, grad
                       student researcher, Berkeley High School.
                       \_ why do you think it's any of your business?  -tom
                          \_ either your account is a policy violation or it
                             isn't.  if it isn't it shouldn't be a big deal.
                             if it is, no one should get special favors.  is
                             that really hard to understand?
                             \_ I am the OP.  I was just curious.  Not
                                intending to suggest squishage.
        \_ Do we have a list of once-active sodans who didn't graduate?
           sameer, psb, tom...
           Did phil graduate?
           \_ phil is a tenured undergrad, I think. -- ilyas
           \_ sameer and smurf have abandoned soda.
                \_ hence the term "once-active".
  \_ Hey alumni, go ..... !!!!
     \_ BEARS!
       \_ GO ..... !!!!
          \_ BEAH!
2004/5/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30023 Activity:nil
        99% of the web dictionaries say:
        "alumni: People who have graduated from a university, school, or
        "People who have graduated from a college."
        "The term used to refer to those that have graduated at a specific
        "Alumni are graduates of the University."
        "People who have graduated from a school."
        "Graduates of a university, school, training center or
         training program. "
        "An initiated member(s) of a fraternity or sorority who has graduated
         and has left the chapter in good standing. "
        I'm sorry, but there are people here who should not be on soda,
        regardless of the donations/help/etc they give us. We're whoring
        ourselves and breaking our principles.
        \_ Since when has the CSUA had principles?  Really, by school
           rules even allumni shouldn't have accounts.  I mean, really,
           look at the motd.  Can you say "Ol' Boy's club?"
           \_ Wrong, the school allows accounts for alumni. Where do you
              get the impression that they do not?
2004/5/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:30018 Activity:very high
5/5     csua is for current students and alumi. but what about people who
        are neither? say i have a friend from ucsd who wants to post on
        motd/wall. it can't be done, right? fine. how about former ucb
        students who still use the system but don't fall into either
        categories anymore? shouldn't they get the same treatment?
        \_ All former UCB students are "alumni"
           \_ alunmi=people who have diplomas.
              \_ Not according to the Alumni Association
                        \_ There's a reason Texas A&M has an "Association
                           of Former Students."
                           \_ what, they're too stupid to know what
                              "alumni" actually means?
                 \_ Considering the goal of the alumni association is to get
                    donations from alumni, it makes sense for them to define
                    alumni rather broadly.
                    \_ question for you: how much did tom donate in the past
                       12 years when he got a cushy job, bought a house,
                       and spent $$$ on bike equips while we starving
                       students had to put up with his abuse?
                       \_ I've donated more than you, almost certainly.
                          And I think the CSUA is still using my boombox.
                    \_ how is that in conflict with the CSUA's goals?
              \_ According to the places that matter, including oxford, alumni
                 is someone who "went" to a school, took a class.  You do not
                 have to finish.  Technically, I am an alum of caltech.
                 \_ fuck oxford. Berkele>Oxford.
                 \_ awsome, I'm a Furd alum as well! -SITN taking forever
                 \_ Did you flameout, too? -ausman caltech (82-84)
                    I think you have to matriculate to be considered alum
                    btw, not just "take a class."
                    \_ the weird thing about CAA is that anyone who took
                       12 units at any UC is eligible to join as a lifetime
                       member; I don't think this is the case for any other
                       UC alumni association
        \_ alumni maintain presence after graduation, but only current
           berkeley students/faculty/staff may join the csua.
        \_ Why boot a member who left UCB before graduation?  They probably
           know people here.
           \_ because the person is referring to tom.
              \_ If true, that won't work anyway, since I'm current staff. -tom
                \_ staff of what, soda hall's IT or UC Regents IT? If the
                   ladder, it won't count.
                   \_ I think you're wrong.  Should be all UCB staff.  Tom's
                      an example of UCB staff.
2004/5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30000 Activity:high
5/4     I don't see any 9/11 controversial posts in the motd archive
        like kill arabs, fuck Afghan, etc. I thought that's the basis for
        the motd shutdown, which really didn't happen. What's the deal?
        \_ No motd archiver yet devised keeps a perfect record, especially
           with radioactive comments that immediately get censored.
        \_ The email sofia wrote to the officers had at least a sample of the
           quotes you're looking for, and yes, they were bad.
           \_ you can look on "kais motd " around the time following
              9/11. The problem with the quotes in the email is that they were
              taken out of context. As I recall, it was basically this one
              single person making the most extreme posts and those had plenty
              of the types of responses you'd expect to such trolls. Another
              example was lifted from a sarcastic reply, you know how sometimes
              someone pretends to agree in order to show how it's absurd, well
              sofia or whoever quoted one of those. (cf. jews posting "kill the
           |_ post please
           \_ post please?
           \_ someone post please?
                \_ I second that
              \_ don't you need permission from sofia?
              \_ Sorry, I don't have it.  The only thing I recall is that
                 1) There were posts that violated even the Supreme Court's
                    rules for free speech-- cf. inciting violence-- to say
                    nothing of the ASUC's less permissive rules.  Furthermore,
                    they weren't being deleted as often as you might hope.
                 2) John posted a file (a snapshot of the motd) that contained
                    the worst examples he could find, which was helpful-- except
                    that it was *nothing* compared to what one might have seen if
                    they were on a constant cycle of "reload cnn.  reload bbc.
                    check motd.  channel surf.  is nytimes up?  reload latimes"
                    The posts weren't "politically incorrect".  It was hate
                    speech.  Now pretend your last name is Hussein on Sept 11
                    and figure out if you'd be concerned.
                    \_ Now what difference would it make if CSUA never existed
                       and your last name was still Hussein on that day?
                       \_ Wait, so your argument is that since some people
                          might have been saying horrible things, the CSUA
                          should provide a forum for them?  Should the CSUA
                          allow white power posts as well?
                          \_ No my argument is that I didn't find motd
                             any more offensive than on some other "usual" days.
                             Of course, if you show me a sample of the offensive
                             material posted on that day, I'll take my words
                             back (you know I wasn't monitoring all day..)
           \_ There is plenty of name calling and offensive things said on this
              motd every day. Someone with root access just decided to be
              "politically correct" on that day and shutdown it down. I didn't
              see anything abnormally offensive on motd on that day.
              \_ And someone else can't "shutdown it down" that axe they've
                 been grinding ever since.
                 \_ Free speech is more important to some of us than others.
                    \_ Free speech?!  LOL.  This the motd.  You must be this
                       tall to ride.
                        \_ Not all that tall, unfortunately.
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