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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/12/1-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45407 Activity:moderate
12/1    Kudoes to jvarga and crew for getting soda back up. Looking forward
        to working cgi in the future, but for now, thank you for your efforts.
        \_ Agreed, thanks to the hardwork of alumni like jvarga soda is
           finally back. Soda needs alumni to PHYSICALLY go there and
           do the admin work, so... calling for big mentor(s) for the
           little kids in politburo!!! Help wanted.
           At this point I'd like to ask you guys to offer your token of
           appreciation to jvarga. Take him to dinner, strip club, or
           give him something he'd appreciate.          -jvarga #1 fan
           \_ I like how this guy thinks!
              \_ I think you just like going to the strip club
2006/11/29-12/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45388 Activity:nil
11/29   I have reached the limit of what I have time to fix or have permission
        to fix.  The only remaining thing is reenabling accounts.  For all of
        you out there in land, put pressure on
        Politburo to actually do something by emailing politburo.  Some of you
        may be tempted to offer $$$ or something to speed things up; please
        don't teach the undergrads that $$$ is the only impetus to get
        things done. </rant> - jvarga
        \_ No $$$?  Is violence ok?
        \_ How do you propose that I pressure the kids to do something about
           soda when they probably don't really care about soda?     -kchang
           \_ If I knew the answer to that I'd be a rich man.  But in the
              interim, those who know me personally and have my cell # can
              call me to get their accounts reactivated.  All else must wait
              til politburo figures out a more general plan. - jvarga
2006/11/16-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45344 Activity:nil
11/16   What is the status of Is it getting replaced
        by Windows XP service pack 2? Can we implement motd on Win XP? Thanks.
        \_ They could install cygwin. But might as well hold out for Windows
2006/11/3-4 [Recreation/Activities, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45152 Activity:moderate
11/3    Running Windows on the office machines, what is the CSUA coming to?
        \_ Um, a LAN party.
           \_ Does it feel good to betray your roots for a little fun?
              \_ Haggard would agree that it felt good to betray his roots
                 for a little "fun."
                 \_ His "roots", indeed.
                 \_ His "root" indeed.
                 \_ Haggard was rooting his betrayer.
2006/10/30-11/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45043 Activity:moderate
10/30   Is the CSUA Lottery Scheduling still being used on soda?
        \_ What software cannot solve, hardware does.
        \_ Thankfully, no. It's a stupid project that needed a big sucker
           (csua) to experiment on so that the author can brag about it
           in his publication.
           \_ God forbid the CSUA get involved in computer science.  -tom
           \_ Why is it stupid?  From what I understand, it tries to allot the
              same amount of CPU time to each user instead of each process.
              Sounds like a more fair scheduling policy to me.
        \_ Lottery scheduling is useful in theory, in publications such
           as the the one from dpetrou. It is like adding 0.1 PSI to your
           tire pressure to make it run more effectively. In reality one
           can spend much more effective efforts optimizing a system.
        \_ No.
           \_ Is the fuctionality now provided by Linux without modification?
              \_ I guess people didn't feel the need for it after we went SMP
                 on soda....  I don't know though, I wasn't involved in the
                 decision.  Honestly, I haven't noticed any trouble.
                 \_ I noticed slow-downs and CPU hogging with Mark VII, whereas
                    with VI the vast majority of slow-downs was random net
                    bottlenecks.  Anyway, I don't see the VII slow-downs as
                    often now as during the first several months.
                    \- The LOTTERY SCHEDULER has been replace by the
                       ERGODIC SCHEDULER.
2006/10/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:44835 Activity:nil
10/16   I just got my first soda spam reforwarded to my real email address.
        I have never given this address to anyone.  Thank you who ever gave
        out soda addresses on the net.
        \_ Have you considered that someone you correspond with may have had
           their machine rooted?  Also whoever rooted soda a while back could
           have snarfed all the account names.
           \_ I don't send mail from here but I had forgotten about past soda
              break-ins.  Thanks for reminding me of that.  The idea that
              someone here would post email addresses is pretty sickening.
               \_ was your real email address written down somewhere on
                  on soda?  Was your soda mail getting forwarded to
                  your email address?  Are you sure it wasn't just
                  forwarded from soda?  I think you might not understand
                  how forwarding works.
                  \_ I'll explain: I have a .forward file on soda.  It forwards
                     to my real email address.  I have never sent mail from
                     soda or provided @soda to anyone.  My .forward file is
                     older than some current students.  The spam was sent to
                     my previously unknown and never used @soda address and
                     then reforwarded via my .forward to my real address.  I
                     think I understand how forwarding works.  Thanks for the
                     \_ And I don't think you understand.  So you use
                        your brand new spanking email address?  Do you
                                \_ yes.
                        email people with it?  EVER?  Has anyone ever
                                \_ yes.         \_ yes.
                        received this email?  Do they read it on a computer?
                                \_ yes.         \_ yes.
                        Viruses infect computers, or so I hear.  Some
                        viruses look for the addressbook of users, and mail
                        them back to their Russian masters, who then stick
                        it in their recipient lists to Spam.  The only way
                        to never receive spam is oh I dunno shoot yourself.
                        \_ And the email wasn't sent to that email address.
                           It was sent to my soda address which has never
                           been used and then reforwarded to that address
                           from here.  It is the fact that my soda account
                           got spam that is the problem because *I* have
                           never given out my soda address nor used it for
                           any email transaction.  The forwarding isn't the
                           problem here.  It is that the soda address got
                           spam.  The unused, never given out, never provided,
                           previous unknown soda address got spam.  Spam was
                           sent to my soda address, to my completely unused
                           and unknown soda address.  The soda address that
                           received the spam, that the spam was address to
                           was never used on the net.  Capiche?
                           \_ you ever hear of a dictionary attack?
                              they'll get you eventually.
                              \_ It's possible but let's see the mail logs
                                 showing the dictionary attack.  Maybe I missed
                                 that in the motd.official or the csua minutes.
                           \_ what's your email address?  I want to mail\
                              you a PNG of /etc/passwd
                              \_ I'm root@soda.
                           \_ you realize soda is one of the most
                              heavily loaded single point mail machines
                              in the universe?
                              \_ sure, so?
2006/10/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:44761 Activity:nil
10/11   Slide is looking for a Product Manager and QA Engineer:
        I recently signed on as a developer there, so feel free to email me if
        you have questions.
2006/10/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44729 Activity:nil
10/8    Sorry for this nerdy question in the midst of N.Korea nuke debate.
        Soda has webdav installed, right?  can i in theory use soda as my
        personal calendar server?
2006/9/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:44541 Activity:nil 68%like:44506
9/25    Note to future employers reading former CSUA members' archives.
        Every single CSUA member is a total nut case. Just search for the
        appropriate names on the archiver.
        \_ I already circulated negative recommendations in my company.  I am
           making sure every single sodan gets special attentions. I work
           at Big and Dumb Corporation and I've passed the list to my HR
           friends at other big and dumb corporations and they've also
           begun circulating the list to other companies. Please help me
           circulate your name throughout the valley and tell me which
           companies you've passed the blacklist to so that we don't
           duplicate efforts. Thanks       -alum at a big and dumb company
2006/9/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:44352 Activity:nil
9/12    I got bored, so I decided to run the huge mailqueue on soda
        which had messages back from fucking forever.  enjoy getting
        email from May/June (as reported below) --Jon, Evil Alumni
        \_ Just out of curiosity, why is it queueing stuff up?  -John
           \_ hell if I know.  I'm sure the undergrads know better
              than I do. --Jon
2006/9/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:44348 Activity:low
9/11    Mail broken again?
        \_ Sure seems like it.  Can someone please explain why there is so
           much problem with mail delivery.  I mean it's been working fine
           for the last 10 years.  What has changed that is causing it not
           to work?  Is it every going to be fixed?
           \_ Is this only affecting incoming mail, or also outgoing mail?
           \_ Trn hasn't worked since the upgrade also, but I haven't
              complained yet. It works, but some message cause it to
              freeze up. This never happened before the OS update.
            \_ So, will soda eventually return back to normal after 5
            \_ So, will soda eventually return back to normal after
               months of illness, or will this illness only get worse,
               leading to soda's eventual demise?
               \_ The invisible hand will fix it.
                  \_ No, the invisible hand theory says people will be so
                     pissed off at csua's service that people will switch
                     to other services without external intervention. Let's
                     say the problem is csua. People will get so fed up that
                     most of them will, in time, switch to gmail or yahoo
                     mail, and csua will eventually cease to exist since
                     people will no longer care about it. The invisible hand
                     doesn't "fix" an existing problem, it'll just makes the
                     problem go away (csua). Free market's pretty
                     efficient eh?
               \_ Send in more troops. Er... Beg current troops to stay.
2006/8/21-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:44078 Activity:nil
8/21    Does the CSUA still have speakers during the school year?
        \_ I'm pretty sure if you bring them in, the CSUA will host them.
           \_ One of my friends works on OpenSolaris kernel and dtrace.
              He's given talks about those topics before at other schools.
              I was wondering if the CSUA would be interested in having
              him talk at some point during this semester. Who should I
              contact about this? -out of touch alum
              \_ email politburo.  The school year is just starting though,
                 so don't expect too much yet. -less out of touch alum
2006/8/2-6 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43883 Activity:nil
8/2     We're hiring software engineers. Great place to work, interesting
        projects, and so forth. See /csua/pub/jobs/FortifySoftware or email
        me for details. -gm
        \_ I am so in.  So in. -proud American
2006/7/28-30 [Computer/Companies/Google, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43835 Activity:low
7/28    Why is email from CSUA being filtered by gmail?
        \_ Huh?
           \_ Email I send from csua to gmail addresses gets is marked as
              spam.  We had this problem before when csua somehow got on
              some blacklist, but I thought it was fixed long ago.
              \_ How long has this been happening?  Was it fine yesterday,
                 and just started being a problem today, or has it been
                 happening for a while?
                 \_ It's been happening to me for at least the past week
                    or so.  Earlier than that, I don't know.
                    \_ Is this only affecting mail received at gmail?
                       \_ Versus other mail servers?  Beats me.
2006/7/28-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43834 Activity:nil
7/28    A friendly reminder that this is CSUA, not PSUA (Political Sci).
        \_ What?!?  Educated intellectuals discussing things other than
           the newest Linux kernel release or quirkiest new hardware
           innovation?!?  OMGWTFBBQ!!  Say it ain't so!!
        \_ That's why the political debate is better here.
           \_ Ya, a bunch of bored morons talking about politics.
              Why don't we talk about something EXCITING, like E6600?!?!?!??
              \_ E6600 is almost as irrelevant to "CS" as Hizbollah. It's not
                 like something different for software.
        \_ Ths is CSUA, not Soviet Union. Take your censorship and shove it.
2006/7/19-11/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43724 Activity:nil
7/19    Soda crashed today -- kernel panic. Soda (and scotch, incidentally)
        may be unstable this weekend as michener is leading a fixer-session.
        Anyone who would like to donate any hardware or throw a couple of
        bucks in the hat are highly encouraged to email politburo@csua at
        this time, as we are looking into new and better ways of keeping
        soda stable(r) (and donations always help this :) ).
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/7/12-18 [Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43642 Activity:nil
7/13    Is mail working?  Neither incoming nor outgoing mail seems to be
        working.  I've received no email (not even spam) since last night.
        And outgoing mail doesn't seem to be working (or at least it's
        delayed more than a couple minutes).
                I think there are about 50K messages in the queue... -ax
                \_ Is the queue being unqueued.  soda's been up for 3 hours
                   and I haven't received a single email.  I normally get
                   a few per hour, including spam.
                \_ soda uses sendmail, right?  sendmail isn't running... -ax
                  \_ Forgive me if it's a stupid question, but why not?
                     Is something not working, or did someone just forget
                     to turn it on?
                        \_ No one knows, we are all waiting for root to start
                           it back up.  -ax
        \_ In the words of Ted Stevens ("internet expert"):
           The internet is not something that you just dump something on.
           It's not a big tr uck. It's a series of tubes. And if you don't
           It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes. And if you don't
           understand that those tubes can be filled, and if they're filled
           when you put your message in it, it gets in line, it's gonna be
           delayed by anyone who puts into that tube enormous amounts of
           material, enormous amounts of material. Ten movies streaming
           across that that, inte rnet, and what happens to your own
           across that that, internet, and what happens to your own
           personal internet? I...just the other day, got internet was
           sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday, I got
           it yesterday. Why?
        \_ root installed clamav after being told by SNS to do something
           about the stream of virus laden email from soda or have network
           access blocked.

           clamav/MTA interaction fucked up soda around midnight.  mikeh was
           nice enough to reboot soda while in the machine room doing other
           things for work.  he was also nice enough to turn sendmail and
           clamav off so that soda would stay up without getting it's network
           access turned off.

           i should note that it was an alumni (not me) who set up virus
           scanning for soda, not any of the undergraduates. --Jon
           \_ Bottom line - mail broken?
           \_ Why no incoming mail?
           \_ Err... why is there a stream of virus-laden email coming
              from soda?
              \_ because its running debian inside of vmware on w2k3
              \_ think .forward/procmail
2006/7/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43620 Activity:nil
7/10    Did anyone else get some kind of apology email exchange regarding an
        interview at Sun and people named Jesse, Roan, etc? Why would that
        be forwarded to CSUA?
        \_ Yes.  I'm pretty sure it was an accident that they emailed the
           jobs@csua list.
2006/6/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43429 Activity:low
6/18    What's up with
        $ telnet 2005
        Connected to
        Escape character is '^]'.
        Senha Incorreta!
        Connection closed by foreign host.
        \_ This is what I get:
           soda {102}% telnet 2005
           telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
           \_ process died.
2006/6/15-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:43412 Activity:nil
6/15    Alright, wall.log rotations *should* be back and working right
        We'll find out at 4AM, when it rotates.
        Also, find a number of old wall tools reinstated in /csua/bin
        \_ Okay, so date(1) on BSD is different than Linux. And my perms
           are better now. So hopefully this evening instead.
2006/6/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43348 Activity:nil
6/11 seems to be down.
2006/6/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43343 Activity:nil 83%like:43345
6/9     name your favorite CSUA meme(s) or meme-like things:
        /usr/mexico: .
        tamtam: .
        "if you have to ask, you don't know": .
        < Anything in a cow: .. >
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        CSUA meme
        poetry of minerals
        spread zinc through the world: .
        slap marco: .
        phillip nunez: .
        GOMD: .
        tell about the stars (ilyas): .
2006/6/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43308 Activity:nil
6/7     Hi guys, someone sent me a 1.5 MB Word doc to my
        address.  The mail was sent last night at 8:50pm, but from the e-mail
        header, didn't arrived in my soda spool until 7:11am this morning.
        Further in the header I can see that scotch received the e-mail ~
        8:50pm, but for some reason the handover to soda didn't occur until
        this morning.  Is this normal?
2006/5/24-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:43181 Activity:nil
5/24    Student Programmer position available at Cal Performances,
        details at: /csua/pub/jobs/cal_performances
        We're looking for a registered student who is available ASAP
        this summer, and can work through Fall 2006 and Spring 2007.
        Contact info is in the file above.  Also, you get free tickets
        if you work here, including venues like the Greek.   --peterl
2006/5/5-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:42949 Activity:nil
5/5     Congrats to the new politburo!  I wish you good luck in your pursuit
        of kimchi ramen and counter-terrorism.  -mrauser
        president:      michener
        vice-president: edilaic
        treasurer:      minghay
        secretary:      vaheder
        librarian:      pdevore
        events:         ishidav
        alumnirelations: awall
2006/4/24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:42811 Activity:nil
4/23    when will the functionality of .nofinger be
        ported to debian-soda ?
        \_ it's already there.   But in a slightly different form.  .nofinger
           is honored for non-local requests see man page for finger
           \_ And this is nothing new -- old soda had a /csua/bin/finger that
              didn't respect .nofinger (since anyone who cared could get all
              that information anyway). -gm
2006/4/17-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42760 Activity:nil
4/17    Our quota increased by a lot. What are some of the reasons why we
        must keep /csua/tmp/*, besides storing tons *.mp3/mpg/avi files
        around for eons?
        \_ It's a bigger /tmp for sharing things.
           \_ Ok, then autodelete anything more than 2 days old which isnt
              world readable.
              \_ I second this idea. /csua/tmp/* encourages people to
                 collect junk irresponsibly. If people must collect junk,
                 increase their quota, so they can be held accountable
                 for whatever quota they use. /csua/tmp/* existed before
                 the huge quota increase (20meg quota). The need for it now
                 is questionable.
           \_ once again, my old motd archives in /csua/tmp got lost. I have
              off-soda backups, I doubt I'll bring them back.  -ERic
2006/4/15-5/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:42771 Activity:nil
4/16    After much late night debugging, soda is now correctly accepting
        and sending mail. Spamassassin is working. The queued mail is being
2006/4/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:42749 Activity:nil
4/15    Any chance /csua/tmp/* will be restored soon?
        \_ It will not be restored. That is what "tmp" means.
           \_ Assuming this is written by root, that's too bad.
              it was where I was keeping my root mail archive. --Jon
              \_ I feel your pain.  I was storing all my personal documents in
                 a dumpster and those &^$(#&$@ garbage men threw it out.
                 \_ Well, ultimately, not my loss.  I kept it around
                    for history's sake and the benefit of new root who
                    might have been interested in what came before, but
                    there wasn't much interest in finding a better place
                    for it in the past few years, so guess it's not that
                    interesting.  --Jon
                    \_ Well, we *do* have /csua/tmp around, and we *do* have
                       the space partitioned off for it -- we just haven't
                       copied it yet. We'll do that at some point after getting
                       mail working. -- michener
2006/4/11-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:42732 Activity:nil
4/12    Soda - very unstable. Is POP3/S disabled?
        \_ Alright, who keeps rebooting soda?
           \- soda is currently rebooting itself for an unknown reason.
              someone on root is working on it, or if not, will be very soon.
           \_ V FOR VENDETTA!
        \_ From the csua home page:
           Soda was recently compromised and the root staff have rebuilt it
           from scratch. Soda was down all weekend for repairs. Due to the
           scope of the attack, all user accounts have been disabled. Please
           note, that if you logged into another machine from Soda in the
           last two weeks, that account is compromised or if you used
           keyboard authentication to access soda, your password has been
           logged. The root staff has not yet restored POP and IMAP, but
           plan to do so in the near future. In addition, certain parts of
           ~user public_html pages are presently disabled.

2006/4/11-7/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:42723 Activity:nil
7/19    what was the cause of the crash?
        \_ Snow Crash.
        \_ kernel panic as a result of procmail (I know, I know, it's odd
           and we're looking into it). As stated above the line, we are
           hereby encouraging any donations of any form you'd like to scrape
           together (email politburo@csua) --michener
           \_ Maybe current politburo should get their heads out of their butts
              and get a clue rather than throwing money into new hardware.
              \_ ok, how about something a bit more constructive?  in what
                 way politburo is not doing their job?
                 \_ Soda is brand new.  IF it is a hardware problem, everything
                    in the box is under warranty.  Maybe RMA the RAM.  Maybe
                    figure out why soda did fine for weeks and weeks.  "Donate
                    hardware if you can" sounds like a copout to me.
                    \_ Soda, though some parts were seemingly bought on the
                       black market, is fine. Soda's basically the last thing
                       that needs replacing. It's the supportive machines that
                       need some help. And when the supportive machines are
                       happier, soda will hopefully not have to go down due to
                       mail shit. --michener
                       \_ I propose you give root access to one of the
                          alumnis here. I propose you give root to tom. -alum
2006/4/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/Rants, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:42719 Activity:nil
4/6     Police in China (si-chuan) in action:
        /csua/tmp/kngharv police_chongqing.jpg
2006/4/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:42718 Activity:nil
4/6     If you want to shot down Taiwan's "Air Force One," here is a hint:
        Think "Aqua Fresh:"
        /csua/tmp/kngharv tw_airforce1_aquaFresh.jpg
        and here is the picture comparison of before/after
        /csua/tmp/kngharv tw_airForce1_before_after.jpg
2006/3/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:42362 Activity:nil
3/21    I just read the csua minutes wrt hard drive failures, fix, admin,
        email, root, whatever. Good job mrauser. You guys are doing a
        good job keeping the fine tradition of producing some of the
        best sysadms in the world.                -old sysadm from csua/cal
        \_ Woot, woot!  Go mrauser! -mrauser
2006/3/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42270 Activity:high
3/16    Can we seed little CSUAs in other universities?  Instead of friendly
        Irish bartenders, they will need their own toms.
        \_ It's normal enough to have sister clubs at different schools.
           The problem with the CSUA is that it's basically an obsolete
           organization type.  No one needs a club to get access to
           computing resources anymore.
           \_ ... but everyone needs a world-writable MOTD.
           \_ BTW, the charter of the CSUA is not about access to computing
              resources (that's what the UCF was and the OCF is for).  The
              CSUA is a social organization for people who care about CS.
                \_ seems like people care more about I.T. than real CS here.
              Indeed, the CSUA existed for many years without its own
              \_ But the glory days of the CSUA were when computing resources
                 were scarce and real oses scarcer.
                 \_ Correlation, but hardly causation.  You could just as well
                    say that the glory days of the CSUA were when CS was an
                    avocation instead of a vocation.  And even that would be
                    wrong, since the CSUA was irrelevant and on the verge of
                    complete disappearance in 1986.
                    \_ No, he's sort of right in that it provided a pretty
                       nifty place to take a break from the labs.  -John
                    \_ Computing resources were still quite scarce in 1986.
                       \_ The CSUA did not get its own computer till 1988,
                          I think.  The scarcity of computing resources in
                          1986 did not mean it was the glory days of the
                       It's only in the last five to ten years that every new
                       UCB student started to bring a new computer, and only
                       the last five that it's been a laptop.  It's not that
                       the CSUA is obsolete, I think that there are some key
                       ideals and core values that will never be obsolete.  I
                       think the organization needs to reinvent itself for a
                       new millenium when hardware is cheap, fast, and
                       abundant while still maintaining those ideals and core
                       values. -dans
                       P.S. The CSUA is the second oldest active ASUC student
                       group on campus.  The only active group that predates
                       us is CHAOS, the Cal Hiking and Outdoors Society.
                       \_ Hmm, I'd say closer to 10-15 for computers, though
                          I'd agree with the last 5 for laptops (probably even
                          less)...though I suspect I've dated myself with this
                          post....                        -mice
                          \_ Doesn't ANY post to the motd kinda date the
                             \_ heh, very funny.
                             \_ It's not like anyone else would.  -John
                                \_ Heh, I was wondering if someone would hook
                                   into that.  Punk.   :P       -mice
                                   \_ "Straight line"... :-)  -John
                       \_ Elaine has her own ASUC student group?  Wow!
                             \_ ?
                          \- there is more to that then you think. --psb
              \_ Please cite the relevant portions of the CSUA charter that
                 state it is a social organization. -dans
                 \_ What is this charter everyone keeps talking about?
                    BTW, from the constitution:
                      to provide a forum for the personal interaction of
                      persons involved in the computer science
                    \_ The CSUA constitution was written years after the
                       organization formed, and written because the ASUC
                       insisted that we have one.  That's why our governing
                       body is called the politburo, it was a way of thumbing
                       our noses at the ASUC.  Presumably, we had a charter
                       before then.  To quote the complete text from the
                       The purposes of this organization are: to represent the
                       undergraduate computer science student body in dealings
                       with the University of California at Berkeley, its
                       representatives, and any other appropriate organization;
                       to provide a forum for the personal interaction of
                       persons involved in the computer sciences; to promote
                       knowledge of and interest in the computer sciences; and
                       to raise funds to accomplish these goals.
                       So, yes, we're a social organization, but this is by no
                       means our only purpose.  Providing access to computing
                       resources falls under promoting knowledge of and
                       interest in CS, as well as providing a forum for social
                       interaction. -dans
                       \_ You quote a very selective history.  For at least
                          a decade, the mantra at meetings was "The CSUA is
                          _PRIMARILY_ a social organization.  We have some
                          interesting resources for you to play around with,
                          but we're not here to hold your hand computer-wise"
                          \_ Please show me documentation of this.  It
                             conflicts with my recollection, which was that we
                             have interesting resources to play with, but
                             we're not here to hold your hand computer-wise
                             because we're curmudgeonly bastards who think you
                             should figure shit out for yourself.  Socializing
                             had nothing to do with it.  I should also note
                             that the ``we're not here to hold your hand''
                             attitude is decidedly anti-social. -dans
                             \_ It's really not even worth discussing this
                                with you.  You've declared yourself arbiter
                                of the realm.  I'm with the majority here.
                                You've proven yourself obnoxious.
                                \_ Majority?  I must have missed the vote.
                                   I'm sorry if you find my requests for
                                   actual documentation obnoxious, but I'm
                                   genuinely interested in the historical
                                   record of the CSUA and like collection more
                                   data points. -dans
                                   \_ grep -ir social /csua/www/htdocs/Minutes
        \_ How about seeding little sodans in other universities instead?
           \_ I volunteer to seed undergraduates!
        \_ UCLA and UCD both had CSUA's when I was an ug. I wonder if they
           are still around? UCLA had a linux club a few years back that
           strongly reminded me of the CSUA, but they had no world writable
        \_ My sister is attending Santa Cruz, and was thinking of starting
           a CSUA like organization.  They have a club for black
           engineers, hispaic engineers, women engineers, and IEEE.  I
           told her she should probably just join the IEEE if she wanted a
           club that didn't come with a designation.
           club that didn't come with a designation. -jrleek
           \_ Who are you?  Who is your sister?  My girlfriend is attending
              Santa Cruz. -dans
              \_ It's me, jrleek.  My sister is in CS, this is her first
                 year. -jrleek
                 \_ Neat.  Ask her if she wants to meet my gf, Belen.  She's
                    in her second year, probably majoring in Music, but
                    flirting with a CS minor. -dans
                    \_ Are you trying to set up POLYAMORY?
                       \_ Are you a MORON? -dans
                    \_ This name and location has been noted. --unstable motd
                       \_ What location?  I stated the institution she attends
                          not her location. -tricky dans
                          \_ School + Music + unusual name... not too hard eh?
                             Granted, I'm a very lazy stalker. But there may
                             be less lazy ones. --ums
                             \_ *probably* majoring in Music.  You'd have a
                                much easier time stalking her through myspace.
2006/3/1-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42048 Activity:moderate
3/1     csua minutes: "Difficulty in recruitment:
        Right now our recruitment is in severe decline, what can we do to get
        people more interested in what we are doing.  Infosessions will help,
        but will be slow to develope.  This will be an open-ended discussion
        of things we can do to boost membership and more specifically
        active/interested membership."
        \_ Advice. Leave infosession to UCSEE and SWE that have traditionally
           dominated this area for the last two decades. You guys are
           stepping into dangerous territory and this turf war really
           sucks. Leave infosessions alone, bastards. If you seriously want
           to get more members, find a niche market, not something that
           steals from other established organisations. Do something new
           and innovative, like asking karen to do a bikini car wash drive.
           Hell, we'd pay for that.                     -anon ucsee rep
           \_ I don't even know what UCSEE stands for, and I want to have
              an infosession right now just to piss you off.  What a jackass
           \_ Uh, CSUA has been doing help sessions on stuff for quite a while.
              What's the difference between "infosessions" and "help sessions"?
              \_ i think one has students teaching unix shells and the other
                 has visitors from PIXR
          \_  UCSEE and SWE have traditionally dominated Infosessions for the
              last two decades?  Bullshit.  You're engaging in some pretty
              gross revision of history.  First off I *know* that UCSEE and
              SWE (did they used to be AWICSEE, or is that a different society
              for women engineering group?  Didn't AWICSEE's membership top
              out at like 6 people back in 2002?) had basically no physical
              presence in Soda Hall prior to 2005.  I find it highly unlikely
              that there's been a sea change in the last two years.  HKN,
              which does have a presence in Soda, always did a fair number of
              Infosessions, but it's usually hurting for original thinkers,
              and thus shamelessly rips off every good one the CSUA has (nb
              movies in 306 Soda--paolo, CSUA president circa 1999, startup
              jobs fair in the ASUC ballrom, i.e. a massive
              meta-infosession--jones, president circa 1998, I can go on...).
              UPE also used to have a hand in the Infosession game, but went
              into hibernation due to lack of interest circa 2004, has it
              reawakened?  The CSUA charter is to serve all students with an
              interest in computer science, and this is simply not true for
              UCSEE (only EECS students in COE, and arguably only those with
              an EE focus) or SWE (only Women in COE).  Furthermore, the CSUA
              provides services to the community that UCSEE and SWE don't
              including Help Sessions and Mentoring, and, in the past,
              received less money from the EECS department than either UCSEE
              or SWE.  So let me get this straight.  The CSUA serves a wider
              audience and provides more community services than UCSEE and SWE
              *combined*, but it should leave infosessions, which are
              conveniently the most profitable `service' a CS student group
              may offer to UCSEE and SWE.  Hogwash.  Nonsense.  Shite.  You
              don't like that the CSUA is reigning in on `your' turf?  Try
              matching the CSUA's services then you can talk.
              All that said, the groups don't necessarily need to fight over
              this.  The infosession landscape has at least one large,
              unfulfilled niche, which are smaller and/or startup companies
              that don't have the money to go through COE's industrial
              partnership program (the precise name escapes me).  The CSUA can
              and should bring these companies to campus.  Officially, they
              can't do `recruiting' events in Soda Hall, but there are plenty
              of worthwhile InfoSessions that are not de jure recruiting
              All that said, the groups don't necessarily need to fight over
              this.  The infosession landscape has at least one large,
              unfulfilled niche, which are smaller and/or startup companies
              that don't have the money to go through COE's industrial
              partnership program (the precise name escapes me).  The CSUA can
              and should bring these companies to campus.  Officially, they
              can't do `recruiting' events in Soda Hall, but there are plenty
              of worthwhile InfoSessions that are not de jure recruiting
              events, but serve the same purpose.  I did this with VMWare back
              when they were small and Zero Knowledge Systems (may it rest in
              peace) among others when I was CSUA president.  P.S. Sign your
              name instead of making thinly veiled, weak anonymous threats.
              \_ Gee, I wondered why dans knew so much about meth.
                 \_ Gee, I wonder why the preceding passage would do anything
                    to dispell your wonder?  Have you read any of the minutes
                    I took for the CSUA? -dans
           \_ ucsee must be destroyed!
        \_ Interesting.  So what will happen to all us cranky alumni when five
           or six selfless individuals cannot be scrounged up to cater to our
           every whim?  What will we do without wall, motd, and email spools
           filled with 99.99% spam?!
           \_ We could start a fight club.
              \_ Why would anyone want to endure pain and medical bills?
                 Make it a Counter-Strike fight club.
                 \_ Every anti-social nerd dies.  Not every anti-social nerd
                    really lives.
        \_ Does the CSUA still do a lot of social activities (BBQs, RISK
           tourneys, volleyball, etc.?)  Maybe asking if any CS profs will
           let you announce that sort of thing after lectures might help. -John
           \_ CSUA used to be fun in the early 90s. From reading the minutes
              however, it seems like people there have gotten a lot more
              serious.  They're trying to do mentoring, help sessions, info
              sessions, and other serious events that many other organizations
              (like UCSEE) have been doing long before CSUA started doing the
              same thing just recently (recent as in past 5 years?).  I don't
              know why this is the case. I suspect it is probably
              the same reason why there are fewer war protests and
              peace activists on Telegraph and Sproul Hall today than a
              few decades ago.
              \_ Speaking of which, I found Rick Starr.  He now performs (but
                 mostly just begs for change) in front of the 20th St. exit
                 of 19th St. Oakland BART.  His outfits are now significantly
                 on the side of bizarre and tattered, rather than just
                 tattered, and he seems to have lost significant spark.  Poor
                 Rick Starr.
              \_ I was wondering about this--I guess it's partly due to a
                 mixture of people getting into CS for $$$ in the late 90s,
                 more competitiveness and lower wages in the industry, and
                 the decline of the labs as people got PCs in dorms and
                 apartments.  -John
              \_ The CSUA has been doing serious events like help sessions
                 since antiquity.  Although other organizations offer
                 tutoring, no other organization offers anything like the
                 mentoring program.  While the CSUA may have been light on
                 infosessions prior to 1998, its history of corporate outreach
                 goes way back.  Soda Mark VI was donated by AMD.  If you look
                 \_ Through no fault of the CSUA's.  A UCB alum was working in
                    developer relations at AMD and offered MKVI to the CSUA.
                 in the circa 1990 CSUA t-shirt in the office you'll see an
                 EDS logo in the lower-right corner.  Do you think it got
                 there because the CSUA membership at the time just really dug
                 EDS?  Going all the way back to the birth of the CSUA, Soda
                 Mark I was a donated by Apollo Computer.  What other
                 `serious' events have other student orgs done since before
                 2000?  The faculty retreat?  I know we've been involved with
                 that since 1998, probably earlier, and I largely wrote the
                 joint presentation for two years (2001-2002?) -dans
        \_ I have a question.  What actions currently seem to bring people
           into the CSUA?  I joined the CSUA because there was an arcade
           game in the lounge and I wanted to fiddle with it.  I stuck
           around because I like crazy people, and paolo and dans were
           there.  I don't think I am normal. None of my mentees joined.
           In fact, I think the only person I ever successful recruited
           was ajaffe. So, why do people join? -jrleek
           \_ Easy. Someone told me you can get a free lifetime Berkeley
              account, so I went and signed up. I still use it. It's
              great to have that "" stamp on the top of
              your resume, it says a lot and catches attention at a glance.
           \_ What is the mentee -> active member conversion rate anyway?  I
              joined because paolo showed me the glory that was the CSUA
              lounge when we were both taking 61B, and I was thus able to
              escape the pits that are the labs.  I also had hopes that I
              could find and/or recruit others to hack on projects, but, for
              the most part, this did not pan out. -dans
           \_ For 3.5 years I knew the CSUA existed, but didn't really
              know anyone in it, what they did, why they were there, etc.
              Then Paolo brought Mortal Kombat 2 into the office in an
              attempt to get his TA to spend more time there, and it
              worked swimmingly. Once I hung out there a lot and got to
              know the people, joining seemed like a good idea. You
              need to get people in there in the first place,
              in a setting where they can meet people, and that's going
              to happen with social events like BBQs, volleyball, and
              game tourneys. Heck, a weekly poker game might draw a
              crowd. -bz
           \_ I had just arrived on campus and called a high school friend. He
              happened to have root and gave me an account over the phone. It's
              been my primary account for 13 years. I've never taken a single
              computer science course. I have occasionally been an motd
              annoyance. I'm not sure which better qualifies for CSUA
              membership. People are welcome to email me about engineering
              hydraulics, though. -- ulysses
           \_ I definitely got involved with the CSUA because the people
              involved in it seemed a lot more interesting and fun than the
              drones huddled in the labs.  It might have also had something
              to do with (president at the time) Seano, who I believe just
              wanted someone around that he could beat at Netrek.  --lye
        \_ On mentoring, how is it currently advertised?  Just flyers?
           Could we get into the normal CS student orientations?  When I
           joined the CSUA was helping out with the transfer student
           orientations.  Could we get into those? (Transfer
           students generally need all the help they can get.) -jrleek
2006/2/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:41893 Activity:nil
2/16    Just out of curiosity, did the CSUA ever have candy corruption
        \_ What do you mean?  Like making deals with candy companies for
           kick-backs?  No.  Do you mean people not paying their tabs?
           \_ I mean like what's indicated in the most current CSUA minutes,
              where even after tabs are accounted for, ~ $120 of an expected
              ~ $720 that's supposed to be there, isn't.
2006/2/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:41861 Activity:nil
2/15    /csua/tmp/bunnykitty.gif
2006/2/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:41805 Activity:nil
2/11    Is there a command line program I can use on csua to resize images?
        I have a directory of images I'd like to resize to thumbnails and
        such without having to run them through photoshop or such.
        \_ convert image.jpg -resize 120x120 thumbnail.jpg
           \_ You rock. Thank you!
              \_ FYI, that is part of ImageMagik library.  Very cool.
        \_ There used to be /csua/bin/thumbnail_index.  Don't know where it
2006/1/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:41509 Activity:nil
1/25    to root:  just curious... what might be the causes of recent
        Soda unstability?  are you guys doing something that may crash soda?
        are you guys trying to fix something?
        \_ The root of the problem is that the root used to be run by
           experienced late 20/early 30 something folks, and when the
           root was handed down by the new gen-Y 20 year old kids, they
           don't know how to run the system. In fact they prefer soda
           running on Windown XP.
           Rest assured, when Soda recovers from its Jan. 24th funk, it
           will be much happier and stable. -mrauser
           \_ I prefer the more straight-forward approach of the VP bat.
              - jvarga
2006/1/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:41406 Activity:nil
1/17    We need to get one of these Boon-Ga Boon-Ga machines for the CSUA
        \_ Google kancho
           \_ Awesome.
        \_ Actually Korean for the Japanese market.
2006/1/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:41386 Activity:nil
1/16    What's the difference between the "announce" list and the "CSUA" list?
        I'm receiving the same mail from both lists.  Thx.
        \_ When was the last mail you recieved?  I haven't recieved anything
           from them since before break.  Also, announce is for making
           announcements and csua is for csua discussion. -mrauser
2005/12/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:41148 Activity:nil
12/26   Kudos to whoever rebooted! Thank you.
        \_ Directs the flow of kudos towards Jon.
2005/12/26-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:41141 Activity:nil
12/25   I can't log into soda from my home machine.  (I can ssh to beer
        and ssh to soda from there, however) -jrleek
2005/12/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/HW] UID:41095 Activity:moderate
12/20   Is soda connected to an ntp server? The clock is about 25 seconds
        \_ Thanks for pointing this out.  It turned out our old /etc/rc.conf
           didn't specify the full path to ntpd, and so the new FreeBSD rc
           files were refusing to start it.  It should be working now.  You
           can run "ntpq -p" to see which NTP servers (if any) soda is
           connected to, and how far off our time is from theirs -- please
           let me know if you ever notice it's not working.  --mconst
        \_ I just checked, and ntpd wasn't running; I've restarted it.
           You can run "ntpq -p" to see which NTP servers (if any) soda
           is connected to, and how far off it is from their time.  --mconst
        \_ Actually, soda's clock looks fine. Maybe it's you.
           \_ It's fine now, but was slow earlier. You'll have to take my
              word for it.
2005/12/13-15 [Reference/RealEstate, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40987 Activity:nil
12/13   Ya'll are boring.  Enough with the housing talk.  Where's the juicy
        topics?  And I don't mean political flames...
        \_ Be patient my little cricket. One of the politburo
           newbies like amckee will do something stupid and comical.
        \_ my GF insists on getting brazillians even though I'm not that
           into it. what should i do
2005/12/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:40952 Activity:nil
12/10   Where can I find the new ssh keys?
2005/12/9-11 [Recreation/Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:40941 Activity:nil 77%like:40940
12/9    Looking for a job? Come work with us at Snapfish (now a service of HP).
        It's fun and neat and all that stuff. Take a look at
        /csua/pub/jobs/Snapfish for the latest postings, and feel free to
        drop me a line with questions or whatnot. - ajani
2005/12/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40922 Activity:moderate
12/7    Man jailed for 24 years exonerated in DNA test.
        \_ "The judge sentenced Mr. Clark to life. [Clark] interrupted, saying:
           'Your Honor, they had Tony here. I can't put him on the stand. He'll
           tell you I didn't do nothing but drive the car two weeks later.
           Y'all got him right here.'
           'Mr. Clark, you have had your trial,' the judge admonished. 'Just
           remain silent.'"
        \_ I wonder how the rape victim who misidentified him feels now.
        \_ What's the csua l/p for the nyt these days?
           \_ "bobbob" for both.
              \_ that didn't work.  @soda? @csua? @????  thanks.
                 \_ nevermind.  i figured it out.
2005/12/5-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40859 Activity:nil
12/5    Any idea when X11 forwarding will work again for soda?
        \_ Uh, perhaps when you tell root you're having problems.
        \_ Why should soda forward X11?
           \_ I like running my browser on soda and take some of the cycles
              off of my workstation. <<-- NOTE: failed attempt at humor here
              \_ And putting them on other sodans instead?  Nice piece of work.
              \_ Buy a faster machine!
           \_ Why shouldn't it?
           \_ If we don't forward, all the excess data will overflow the bit
              \_ X-forward off soda! Do your bit to help soda kick the
                 \_ <golf clap>
2005/11/23-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40710 Activity:low
11/23   I haven't been on campus in years.  Who's the best group to go through
        to arrange and advertise an Infosession for a tech company?  Thanks.  -steve
        \_ After the newbie amckee/mrauser/brett debacles, I'd avoid csua.
           Both HKN and UCSEE are well known since the early 90s and have
           good reputations with industries. My company sends someone to
           UCSEE every year. The whole point of the existence of CSUA in
           the early days was that HKN and UCSEE already did serious
           mentoring and support programs.  CSUA filled in the role of
           making CS more fun. The fact that new politburo members are
           trying to be more serious and less fun is a sign that these
           \_ The main problem was amckee's psychological problems
           \_ The main problem was Amckee's psychological problems
              and the rest of the poliburo being too weak to to
              much about it ("oh please dont resign amckee!").
              much about it ("Oh please dont resign Amckee!").
              Beyond the psychological complex problem, there
              was a lack of political savvy and socialization
              ("the csua is not a democracy". "we can censor anybody
              ("The csua is not a democracy". "We can censor anybody
              at will.") but those would have been solvable problems
               if not for the "brain damage" at the top. the problem
              if not for the "brain damage" at the top. The problem
              was not their desire to have serious programs like
               lectures and employeer liaision activities. that
               is laudible.
              lectures and employeer liaision activities. That
              is laudible. It's how seriously Amckee takes himself
              which is laughable.
           incompetent gen-Y kids just don't get it. And yes my company's
           been interviewing people for jobs and I'm a big opponent of
           hiring gen-Y kids. Spread the word. Just say no to Y.  -gen-X
        \_ What about the Career Center?
        \_ What about the Career Center?  I remember the COE and L&S CS
           together have their own Career Center which is separate from the
           rest of the University.
2005/11/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40461 Activity:low
11/7    Correction: In my announcement about temp-soda, it should have read: not (temp-soda@). -mrauser
        \_ Yeah, that wasn't hard to figure out.
        \_ RSA/DSA fingerprints?
        \_ When did tmp become temp and not tmp?
           \_ When I registered and set up the machine 10 months ago. - jvarga
        \_ Sorry, I missed the announcement?  What was it?
           \_ You can get class notes from a friend.
              Just kidding, I'm not that mean.  I announced temp-soda is now
              open for general logins and poking around. -mrauser
2005/11/3-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40431 Activity:nil
11/3    The Constitution has been amended!  Your new politburo members are:
        Bonnie as Events Officer and Edilaic as Alumni Relations Officer.
        \_ damn, I can no longer say I've held every CSUA office -Jon
           \_ You could always go to UCBEx and qualify for those last two.
        \_ Does this mean we can't burn flags anymore?
2005/11/2-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40407 Activity:low
11/2    Since there appears to be an issue with mail right now, I will post
        a mail I was going to send to csua@csua here:
        The politburo has codified the constitutional amendment which will
        be voted on later this week.  This amendment adds two officers
        (Events Officer and Alumni Relations Officer) and changes a few
        other small things.  We encourage you to review it and if you are
        an active member (current students) join us tommorow to vote on it.

        For reference, you can read the old constitution at:
        the new constitution at:

        and in /csua/tmp you can find plaintext versions of the new and old
        constitutions, and the diff of the two files:
        \_ The two questions I would ask would be, do these really need to be
           voting politburo positions?  And, is it really likely that the
           CSUA will have seven people willing to be active in the
           politburo?  -tom
           \_ This was debated.  I thought a lot of the responsibilities
              would normally fall under the president, but the other politburo
              members thought it would bring more dedicated work if we allowed
              the ability to have a vote to a few typically sub-officer roles.
              Having a few more dedicated workers can also relieve some of
              the work responsibilities of other polit. members.  We will
              have to see how the numbers turn out.  There have been times in
              the past where 5 officers seemed hard to fill.  Reference the
              minutes for the most recent months (hopefully) they will have
              some more of the arguments about this. -mrauser
              \_ How much work is there for the officers? I find it hard to
                 justify having an ARO or not dividing the EO work between
                 the officers and "concerned" CSUAers.
                 \_ It's been a minimum of 5-10 hours a week, with many
                    weeks requiring more time. There have been several
                    initiatives that we have been unable to undertake b/c
                    we simply didn't have the time to do it. Every other
                    organization here has a minimum of ten officers and has
                    not had significant difficulty filling their positions.
                    If the positions go unfilled, then we're no worse off
                    then where we are now. If they are filled, it should
                    allow us to be more ambitious with our activities and
                    provide better service to students, by removing what is
                    currently the greatest bottleneck to this goal.
                 justify having an ARO or dividing the work of the EO between
                 the secretary, president, and "concerned" CSUAers.
                    \_ The problem I see is the need for X/2 or X/3 officers
                       to do certain tasks. Minor, but puts you in an odd
                       spot if you only have 4 officers out of 6.
        \_ I suggest that the Alumni Relations Officer position should be
           opened to CSUA associate members (alumni) as well as current
           students.  Yes, this means that an alumnus can end up as a voting
           member of Politburo.  An alumnus who runs should be available for
           Politburo meetings and related activities (i.e., located near
           Berkeley and have time for it).  If they get too busy for CSUA,
           replacement procedures can treated equivalently as if a student
           member resigned.  In terms of whether it's okay to have a former
           Berkeley student on the executive committee of an ASUC-sponsored
           club, I think it should be okay if they represent just 1 out of 7
           votes.  What do people think?  How about asking it this way:
           Would there be any alumni out there who would seriously run for
           such a position, be located near Berkeley, and have time for it?
           \_ As much as it is hard to fill 5 positions at times, it will be
              even harder to fill 7, but I think it would be near impossible
              to get a commitment from alumni to consistently be in and around
              the CSUA post-graduation.  Coming to weekly meetings isn't all
              that politburo members do, there are a lot of other "being
              around berkeley" types of things that need to get done.  It
              would also require us to change the constitution to allow an
              alumnus to vote.  We plan to review how the most recent amend-
              ments have effected CSUA come spring semester.  If the A.R.O.
              isn't effective we can do away with/change the position.
              \_ I want to elaborate on your "near impossible to get a
                 commitment" comment.  Basically, students (while possibly
                 being super-busy if they're in the College of Engineering),
                 have the flexibility of having open slots during the day.
                 In contrast, an alumnus with a job typically has a 9-5
                 work schedule.  Politburo shouldn't need to work around that.
                 Anyways, the official Berkeley policy prevents alumni from
                          mr/ms moot: have you actually
                          looked up the defn in a reputable
                          dictionary? look up "cleave" while
                          you are at it. -\
                 holding office or voting, so that makes the point moot.
                 -person who originally suggested the idea
           \_ (Cal Office of Student Life)
              Okay, never mind, it's stated pretty clearly that it's not
              "Only currently registered students, faculty and staff may be
              active members in a registered student organization. Only active
              members may vote or hold office."
              \_ There are alumni who are faculty/staff.
                 \_ Which means we could have a faculty/staff member of
                    the Politburo.
2005/11/2-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40401 Activity:nil
11/2    Has anyone else been missing mail/getting mail delayed by hours
        on soda lately? --scotsman
        \_ I have ... I was in the process of trying to figure out if
           its a problem with the <DEAD><DEAD> forwarding, or
           actually csua.   - rory
           \_ What do we know about the people running @cal forwarding
              anyway? Do they have a clue?
              \_ It's a third-party ASP based in Texas somewhere.  -tom
        \_ /var filled up on scotch an mx for soda. let root know if
           you're not getting as much spam as you expect. -erikk
2005/10/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:40304 Activity:nil
10/27   Dear miserable soda undergrads and the incompetent and stupid
        politburo members who are out of touch with the real world, you
        guys seriously need a life.
        \_ "Millions of Linden Dollars change hands every month for the goods
           and services Residents create and provide. This currency may then be
           bought and sold on third party sites for real currency. Many of
           these sites even offer in-world "ATM" machines to facilitate
           transactions." Isn't that illegal in the U.S.?
           \_ not as long as you pay your income taxes
2005/10/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40268 Activity:nil
10/25   Hey, can someone post a list of all the minutes|csua|crap listservs
        and how to get on them?  I think this should be on motd.official.
        \_ it's called a web page, twink
           \_ what are you talking about, asshole?
2005/10/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:40120 Activity:nil
10/16   are people really getting sorried for hurting
        politburo's feelings in email?
        \_ In motd.  amckee sorried one person and threatened to sorry at
           least one more.  That was just Saturday.
        \_ I'm an alumnus who has donated to the hardware fund, and likes the
           MOTD the way it is, not that that seems to matter. I also just read
           amckee's e-mails to psb.
           - Why should I donate anymore if there really is a chance my
             account could be taken away?
           - Why should I donate anymore when the money is incompetently spent
             on hardware that doesn't work with BSD?
           - [Deleted entry about hardware purchasing incompetence and BSD,
              since anyone can make that mistake. And I
              appreciate all the officers' and VP's hard work.]
           Sorry I missed the whole brouhaha, but some clarifying statements
           from the Politburo seem in order.
2005/10/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:40106 Activity:moderate
10/15   psb:  At least two out of five Politburo members are ... well,
        just being undergrads.  They're trying, but surely you didn't expect
        anything more?
        \- 1. it may be unfair to tar the entire pburo
              with the mckee brush. i wonder which pburo
              member voted against the madness?
           2. i am not sure they are "trying".
                see e.g. "I honestly couldn't possibly care less about
                people complaining of losing  anonymity ..." -amckee
                in case you believe i am "quoting out of context"
              it was unfortune the rationale for deanonymizing
              the motd was not more clearly stated and various
              issues got entangled [such as the liability issue
              and the unwelcoming environment/participation issue]
              but the the csua president can justly be taken to
              task for framing it in these adventitious terms
              and attacking the out-to-lunch, spoiled, overly-
              indulged, narrow-minded, self-interested alumni.
           3. so i dont expect overly deep thinking about
              say free speech in the abstract, but crazy stuff
              like "psb is a notorious spammer and hoser for
              mailing the csua mailing list about a political
              matter" seems just nuts. deeper into some of the
              threads on the web directory above, you cant
              help speculate what it would be like to have
              ms. mckee as a colleague. i wonder if ms mckee is
              a famous turntablist/bboy?
              \- And I can't even imagine what it must be like to work
                 with someone so obviously disconnected from reality
                 and rational thinking. Yes, making the MOTD trackable
                 is MADNESS. Crazy! OoOOooH! Halloween! Bats! Scary shit!
                 Are you even capable of perspective? I'm afraid you're
                 the one that sounds 'out to lunch'. But please, feel
                 free to libel me. I'd love nothing more than than have
                 an excuse to remove you on sufficient 'legal' grounds
                 to make even you happy. =) Have a nice day, I'm done
                 with talking to you ms. banerjee. I'm sure your friends
                 over at slashdot could use some of your attention.
                         \- you know, i probably read slashdot less
                            than 95% of the people reading this.
                            isnt ./ sort of focused on AssOS?
                 \- Well, I began to wonder about this when you wrote:
                     "[mrauser]s more level headed and egalitarian than
                     I am. My opinion is much more admittedly
                     draconian. I'm used to being a corporate manager
                     and overseeing teams of 30+ engineers scattered
                     across the world.  That doesn't exactly work with
                     the consensus view of management, so I go for
                     autocratic. (It's okay, you can say it, I'm used
                     to being the resident asshole on the team - but at
                     least shit gets done.)"
                 [again, context is at:
                    BTW, I appreciate your letting me quote this thread.
                    It makes things much easier.
2005/10/14-2010/9/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40095 Activity:nil
**/**   Do not mail individual members of root for assistance.  You will be
        ignored!  Your root staff are: steven, edilaic, mconst, jvarga,
        mikeh, mrauser, kimbrel, toulouse, vaheder
        Your Politburo are: kimbrel (P), steven (VP), toulouse (S),
        yns88 (T), vidya (L), steven (E), bordicon (A)
        Your new Politburo are: toulouse (P), steven (VP), eyung (T),
        stevenk (S), sakura (L), dw5ight (E), scotspin (A)

The uncensored messages below this line may not reflect opinions of the CSUA.
2005/10/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:40094 Activity:nil
10/14   So what are the stuff jvarga thinks still need work on freebsd
        new soda?
        \_ new soda doesn't need any investments in equipments and
           software upgrades. instead, new soda seriously needs
           investments in tech training for a new generation of competent,
           helpful, and caring sysadms. if you have a choice, always
           invest in the people first. the current politburo is a fine
           example of what happens otherwise.
2005/10/13 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40062 Activity:nil
10/13   Are there more details on the proposed changes to the CSUA constitution?
        Meeting minutes so far have not included much information on this
2005/10/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39975 Activity:nil
10/4    Request from the politburo:
        Edlaic gave a stirring "Video Gaming" proposal at mondays meeting, but
        he wanted to buy a Dreamcast.  We were wondering if anyone had an old
        one that they would want to donate to the office.  If so, please
        email politburo.  Any comments here will be appreciated but not as
        effective as an email.  Thanks. -mrauser
        ps We realize this will likely only cost <25 bux but we were wondering
        if anyone had one they didn't want.
        \_ Ok, we have recieved 2 offers, so assuming one or the other
           works out.  Thanks in advance to bz && phale. -mrauser
           \_ Damn you, Bob!  I should have given you chicken pox when I had
              the chance. -phale
              \_ Your pathetic attempt to infect me by spending 5 hours
                 a day next to me in 184 lab was... well... I don't know
                 why it didn't work actually... -bz
        \_ He gave a stirring proposal to buy a Dreamcast?  Where are the
           minutes?  (Bem took his home I guess?)
         \_ someone was giving one away in Vallejo on craigslist --oj
2005/10/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39974 Activity:nil
10/4    jrleek, you graduated already. You have a career and a family.
        You have a life. Why are you getting involved with csua again?
        \_ it must be part of the master plan to introduce the right
           religion to evil leftist institutions such as Cal.
           \_ Oh no.  We gave up on Cal a long time ago. ;) -emarkp
        \_ Why don't you at least post your name when asking personal
           questions?  Maybe you could even email me! -jrleek
                \_ Can you at least tell us when you stopped beating your
2005/9/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39895 Activity:nil
9/27    mrauser, how much money does politburo have now? Do you guys have
        enough to buy a big plasma for the PS2? How about a nice CSUA
        30 year celebration party, with a big cake where a girl in bikini
        jumps out and starts stripping? We want Nick Weaver party II!!!
2005/9/21-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39810 Activity:nil
9/21    /csua/tmp is full.
        \_ Thanks phale!
           % ls -l /csua/tmp/phale/
           total 422256
           -rwx------  1 phale  wheel  432168960 Sep 21 22:43 earl.wmv*
           \_ Sorry.  Needed to transfer a file to a couple of people.  It's
              gone now. -phale
              \_ How was the first episode?
                 \_ Pretty dumb but funny.
2005/9/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39786 Activity:kinda low
9/20    I'm reading the csua politburo minutes. Since when did CSUA become
        more HKN/UPE like? I don't ever remember the mentoring thing.
        CSUA was primarily a casual social club. We used to hang out
        for foodp, lunchp, SF trips, party at nweaver's place, vollyball,
        and such. We didn't attempt to mentor anyone or make CSUA
        serious and boring. That's what HKN and UPE's mentoring programs
        are for. What the hell happened?
        \_ Current politburo, with minor exception, is a bunch of n00bs who
           have only been at Berkeley a year and see that HKN/UPE have
           participation and immediately assume that the way to get us out
           of our little participation slump is to become HKN/UPE.  We need
           politburo members with clue and experience rather than "ooh, that's
           shiney" syndrome. - jvarga, bitter alumni
                               \_ This makes me feel ancient. -dans
           \_ The original charter of CSUA 3 decades ago, was NOT to be
              technically helpful. It was meant to be the OPPOSITE. You know,
              the protest, the fun, casual non-conformist club. You guys
              totally fucked up the original vision of CSUA. Please dismantle
              anything helpful and educational like the mentoring crap ASAP.
           \_ Why are you bitter? And alumni is plural. -anal English major
              \_ Anal English major should remember that bitter this bitter
                 alumnUS likes to sorry accounts at random (it comes with
                 being bitter... go figure).  Who are you to say that I
                 did not develop severe multiple personality disorder during
                 my torture^H^H^H^H^H^H^Htime at Berkeley? - jvarga
                 \_ Don't you have to graduate in order to be called an
                    \_ The Alumni Association defines "alumnus", for the
                       purpose of getting more money, as anyone who has
                       taken 12 units or more at Berkeley.  I think mconst
                       once pointed out that nothing says that you have to
                       have passed those 12 units.  I have the alumni
                       association piece of junk card to prove that I have
                       taken 12 units.  All it costs is $40 or so to be a
                       Berkeley alumni! - jvarga
           \_ What are you talking about?  The mentoring program is in,
              what, it's 3rd year?  I don't think anyone currently in
              politburo was even there. Hey! mrauser and awall aren't first
              years, I've been trolled! -jrleek
        \_ We realized that nerd-culture is dying and people are becoming
           way more introverted.  It also seemed silly to get $3-4k per year
           from ASUC and EECS and to just use it to eat food.  I didn't
           think adding mentoring-director to politburo, but its a great
           position that helps a lot of younger students.  It also
           helps our club to become more relevant to the dept.
           \_ The "useful" stuff is cool, but do you guys still do the "fun"
              things?  (Risk tournament, v'ball, etc.?)  -John
        \_ nweaver graduated. -partied w/ nweaver
2005/8/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39365 Activity:nil
8/30    Hey politburo, how much MONEY did you guys actually get?
        \_ Let me explain a bit how CSUA money works.  Programs money is
           given to us through the ASUC every semester and is very limited
           how we can spend it (only certain % on food, the rest needs to
           go for things like books or comp hardware).  We get around 1,200
           this year.  This money goes poof if not spent through the year.
           Our money that comes from alumni donations, EECS department,
           bake sales, car washes, and jvarga hoe-ing out to various
           companies goes into our Miscelaneous (sp?) fund.  That fund
           persists even if we don't spend the money, and typically is spent
           on food for general meetings if we go over our %, hardware, and
           93 subscriptions of playboy for the office.  In conclusion,
           donate more money... NOW! (Its tax deductible too).
                -mrauser, keeper of the coin
           \_ how much alumni donation have you been getting during the
              past year (ballpark figure)?
              \_ I think the cabinet members are enjoying their new
                 money. I think they should start an investment club and
                 and make lots of money to buy a dorm designed for engineers,
                 with 24 hour cafe (when they go hungry doing projects) and
                 setup a special social etiquette finishing school inside
                 the dorm.
2005/8/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39351 Activity:nil
8/30    2 Openings at AvantGo in Dublin (great reverse commute from the East
2005/8/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39346 Activity:kinda low
8/30    Hey politburo, how much MONEY did you guys actually get? Do you
        guys have enough to start a CSUA investment club? Or use the
        excess money to invite hot sorority girls to a nice CSUA party?
        \_ It doesn't cost money to invite people to a party.
           \_ It does if you want to impress sorority sluts.
              \_ Bullshit.
        \_ Let me explain a bit how CSUA money works.  Programs money is
           given to us through the ASUC every semester and is very limited
           how we can spend it (only certain % on food, the rest needs to
           go for things like books or comp hardware).  We get around 1,200
           this year.  This money goes poof if not spent through the year.
           Our money that comes from alumni donations, EECS department,
           bake sales, car washes, and jvarga hoe-ing out to various
           companies goes into our Miscelaneous (sp?) fund.  That fund
           persists even if we don't spend the money, and typically is spent
           on food for general meetings if we go over our %, hardware, and
           93 subscriptions of playboy for the office.  In conclusion,
           donate more money... NOW! (Its tax deductible too).
                -mrauser, keeper of the coin
           \_ Why 93 subscriptions of Playboy?  One is enough.  Just make sure
              you wipe it clean before you return it to the shelf for then next
              person.  Then we can allot the extra $ for one subscription of
              Penthouse, one subscription of Hustler, etc.
           \_ It's tax deductible?  I thought only donations to charities are
              tax deductible.
2005/8/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39326 Activity:nil
8/28    The yellow triangle "Time Warner Full Service Network" poster has
        been taken down from the CSUA Office. If this has any lore-value
        to anyone, come grab it ASAP. First come, first serve. - amckee
2005/8/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:39167 Activity:moderate
8/18    "Welcome to the "Csua" mailing list"  ???
        anyone else get this email?
        \_ We're fixing lists.  When we imported the old list into mailman,
           we forgot the "don't send welcome messages" flag.  - jvarga
           \_ Well, _I_ felt welcome.
        \_ Yes. I guess I'm not as special as I thought I was
        \_ I had no idea such a thing existed until today and I've been here
           12 years...oh...did I say that?
           \_ The CSUA is NOT just an email account!
              \_ Whachoo sayin?
           \_ Me neither, 12.5 yrs.
           \_ me too, 20 yrs.
2005/8/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38984 Activity:low
8/4     Hey, do the quota upgrades mean we're finally off the TDA?
        \_ Does CSUA have a hardware donation wishlist?
           \_ For the first time in my life, I think we pretty much have all
              the hardware we need at the moment.  There is talk of a little
              extra disk in new soda for /csua/tmp, but root is discussing the
              legal ramifications of saying "here's 400GB of unmonitored disk
              have fun and be good."  There was once talk of upgrading
              screwdriver, but that discussion fizzled someone pointed out that
              no one does projects anymore so a screwdriver upgrade would be a
              a waste of money.  Once I have everything up and running, I'll
              try to post a wishlist.  But for now, just sit back and relax.
              - jvarga
        \_ Oh yes: I will be watching usage over the next month or so.  If
           things appear to be reasonable and managable, I may up quotas to
           175-200MB. - jvarga
        \_ Another 100MB for my .spamassassin directory to grow
        \_ Home dirs are off of TDA (that's 8 of 14 disks).  Mail is on a new
           bigger disk in the TDA (-1 TDA disk), /vol/backup/mail is gone (-1
           TDA disk).  All that remains on TDA is /var/crash, /csua/tmp, and...
           well, that's a good question.  The bottom two disks in each shelf
           ( are all
           that's really still on the TDA. - jvarga
           \_ Soda home dirs are on the bottom computer in this pic:
     - jvarga
              \_ Is the middle computer there lifesaver?  Is it up?
                 \_ Top: lifesaver.  Middle: new-soda.  Bottom: keg. - jvarga
                    \_ Is lifesaver up?  I can't wait for new soda!
           \_ Yea!  No more TDA!
        \_ What's TDA?
           \_ Tertiary Disk Array, I think.  It was a few chunks of a very
              big disk array composed of 9G drives.  Ancient and apparently
              slow, and of questionable reliabity.  But free.
                              free as in free software. _/
                              \_ Hah, yeah and with exactly the same issues.
        \_ Is anyone backing up Soda OUTSIDE of Berkeley? What would happen
           if an earthquake strikes Soda Hall and goes with all its data?
           \_ Then soda, and the great pr0n archives that inhabit the "free
              space" on keg all go down into the big chasm that once was
              Berkeley. - jvarga
2005/8/4-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:38981 Activity:nil
8/3     Soda home directory quotas increased.  Don't spend it all in one place.
        \_ So quit your bitchin'.
        \_ Home dirs are now mounted off the new file server.  Quota increases
           abound, faster home dir access (no more home dirs on TDA!), etc.
           *prepares for flames*  Logins unified under NIS.
           Everything appears to be working.  Please email root if not.  I need
           a very long vacation.  Hopefully new soda will be up soon. - jvarga
           \_ Looks like keg is having issues with updating quotas on the fly.
              Looking into it. - jvarga
           \_ Anyone with a UID over 20000 didn't get a home dir quota
              assigned to them.  I've fixed that.  Sorry! - jvarga
2005/7/26-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:38833 Activity:moderate 57%like:38555 53%like:38796
7/26    More administrativa including upcoming downtime.  Read the official
        motd you hozers. - jvarga
        \_ jvarga et al -- what sorts of booze?  I'd be glad to donate some
           cash for a discretionary entertainment fund for our hardworking
           rootish adminy volunteer people....     -mice
           \_ I dunno.  I don't drink alcohol at all, and njh is going to be
              out of town.  Chances are that I will be making these changes
              in my underwear from the comfort of my home. - jvarga
              \_ You shouldn't request booze if you don't want any.  Your
                 punishment to drink the vodka in the filing cabinet! ...
                 No, I guess being the CSUA sysadmin is punishment
                 enough... :P
                 \_ I usually request booze to make the rest of root easier
                    to work with. - jvarga
                    \_ Back in my day, we just used the bat for that.  When
                       twohey wasn't busy using it on his project partners,
                       that is...
           \_ I think the last time root types assembled with alcohol, we had
              wine.  Perhaps a dessert wine, like a port.
              \_ fag.
                 \_ I don't get it.  What would you prefer?
                    \_ I think ya do, Trebek!  I think ya do!
                       \_ Buckfutter!!1!
                    \_ It's a joke, son.
        \_ jvarga - are you going to be in Berkeley next tuesday afternoon?
           I'd like to thank you (and give you a donation for the csua) in
           person. --ranga
           \_ I get out of classes at 4pm, after which I'll likely be in the
              office slamming my head against things after the home dir move.
              - jvarga
           \_ stalker alert!
           \_ ranga I'm poor, can you please treat me to Fondue Fred
              tomorrow?                                 -poor student
              \_ poor student: so presumably you have some free time and
                 talent to donate.  do do anything for the CSUA or are
                 talent to donate.  do you do anything for the CSUA or are
                 you just a leech?
                 \_ he's a poor student precisely because he has no free
                    time and/or talent with which to make money.
                    \_ I'm a poor student because I spend all my time doing
                       stuff for the CSUA rather than getting a real job.
                       - jvarga
        \_ Any idea when /ftp will be up again?  Thx.
2005/7/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:38638 Activity:moderate
7/15    "I consider it the ultimate crime to hide porn on any server I
         administer.  If you have pr0n on soda, you must make it publicly
         accessible or face my wrath.  Pr0n is a glorious resource that
         should be shared freely with all who seek it.  To summarize: no
         hiding porn! - jvarga"
        \_ I really like this jvarga guy. He is wise and his policy is
           sound. I'm no longer a student but can I participate in
           politburo? I'd like to vote for him to be a permanent CSUA
           President. I LIKE VARGA, I LIKE VARGA!!!
           \_ Grow up.  Were the two of you in high school drama?
2005/7/6-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:38445 Activity:nil
7/6     My group at Apple (iTunes music store engineering) has several open
        reqs for developers and a build engineer.  Cool people, fair amount
        of Cal alumni too.  See /csua/pub/jobs/apple_itms       - mjm
        \_ obAppleDRMSucks.
           \_ obAppleDRMCanBeRemovedByAnyIdiotWithHalfABrain,YouThinkMaybeThey
        \_ obITunesScrewedUpMyMusicLibrary
2005/6/21-22 [Science/Electric, Computer/Companies/Google, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:38220 Activity:nil
6/21    Does anybody have current contact info for blojo@csua? I've
        tried to email him, but I'm not sure he still pays attention
        to the CSUA mail. -vadim
        \_ google has his web site as first hit
           whois the site shows his name/address/phone/email address
           \_ Thanks, I was googling for the wrong thing. -vadim
              \_ That should have gotten lots of hits on google too.
2005/5/20-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:37794 Activity:nil 78%like:37291
5/20    Senior Java Developer position open in Pleasanton:
        /csua/pub/jobs/RHI-IT - jthoms
2005/5/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37699 Activity:kinda low
5/16    Why is bonnie@csua calling me her bitch?
        \_ Why do you believe everything you see in the From: line?
        \_ If you are/were karen's bitch (and who isn't), you are, by
                                         \_ At least one CSUA alum comes to
           extension, bonnie's bitch. - jvarga
        \_ Really, it's explained in the email.
           \_ And I, for one, welcome our new CSUA overlords
2005/5/3 [Uncategorized/Jived, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37479 Activity:nil
5/2     fijación mayo' del in'eniero de usos de la tela puesta al día, dig dis:
         -- dbushong
2005/5/2-6 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37457 Activity:nil 66%like:36830
5/2     Senior Web Applications Engineer posting updated:
2005/4/21-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:37308 Activity:nil
4/21    3 Job openings at Vidiator in Mountain View
        Email me if you have any questions. -dgies
        \_ Or just post them here... -dgies
        \_ Ha, with my old glasses at a distance, I thought I read
           "3 Job openings at Vibrator in Mountain View"
           \_ "3 openings with Vibrators in Mountain View"
2005/4/20-26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37291 Activity:nil 78%like:37794
4/20    Senior Java Developer opening in Pleasanton, CA: see /csua/pub/RHI-IT
        - jthoms
        \_ Maybe you mean /csua/pub/jobs/RHI-IT
2005/4/13-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37170 Activity:nil
4/13    CSUA Office peoples, be on lookout for Python Cookbook 2nd edition
        in mailbox, probably addressed to P. Nunez (it's meant for CSUA
        \_ Thanks Phil!
2005/4/12-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37159 Activity:nil 50%like:36997
4/12    I'm movin' on.  Job listing at /csua/pub/jobs/Lyris
2005/4/10-5/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Finance/Investment] UID:37137 Activity:nil
4/10    Thank you to everyone who cleaned up their stuff in /csua/tmp. This
        is just to remind people, going forward, that this volume is not
        intended as long-term storage and we reserve the right to delete
        files at-will and without warning. We're reasonable people and
        care about you, our dear users, but this is just a "heads up". =)
2005/4/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37105 Activity:low
4/7     student position @ CNS: /csua/pub/jobs/CNS --jon
        \_ will I have to work with you?
           \_ Jon works for EECS, twink.
2005/4/4-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37056 Activity:nil
4/4     Please clean up your files in /csua/tmp when you are done. As all of
        you probably know, and just to remind those that may not, the tmp
        folder is, well, temporary. We reserve the right to delete things
        without warning. Since we seem to constantly be filling this volume,
        this is not a hypothetical threat. =) We will try to delete files that
        have not been used in awhile, or from users that have not logged in for
        awhile, but just so you know - /csua/tmp is not a long term storage
2005/4/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:37055 Activity:low
4/3     Clean up your crap
        Filesystem  1K-blocks    Used Avail Capacity  Mounted on
        /dev/da1s1f   8363669 7694492    84   100%    /csua/tmp
        \_ hey lorinda!  Do you really need to backup your blurry wedding
           photos on soda?  At least have some of the wedding night.
           \_ Not if what I saw in the wedding photos is an example.
        \_ What's the purpose of /csua/tmp?  Is it like /tmp where anybody can
           use it for temporary storage but the OS or root can delete files
           when needed?
           \_ apparently a common use is for copyright infringement:
                \_ i eat a lot of broccoli
           \_ Yes, we are eagerly looking to stomp on these files. =)
        \_ Why not just implement automatic cleaning of this
           directory? We could adapt /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps
           or use tmpwatch for example.
           \_ Why do it?  I posted the info and within a few hours it is down to
              43% usage.  Since the size of the mount got increased, it rarely
              fills up.
2005/4/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:37018 Activity:nil
4/1     So I keep hearing from people I know that my soda account randomly
        bounces email.  The only thing I ever get now is spam.  Is it time
        to retire the soda account for good?  Will soda ever be well?
        \_ I think /var was full the other day.  Some people had trouble
           emailing me and I couldn't send email from soda.
2005/3/31-4/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36990 Activity:moderate
3/31    Cal alum donates $30 mil. to UC Irvine:
        ... continuing the well-documented pattern of low alumni giving at
        UC Berkeley. Question: Why don't alumni donate to Cal? Speaking for
        myself, (1) I'd rather give to specific groups (CSUA, PAAC, UC Jazz)
        which may not report their receipts to the university, and (2) a
        decade of benign institutional neglect left me bitter. -elizp
        \_ This guy gave to UCI because they named their biz school after
           him. That's something Haas would have never done. He can frame it
           any way he wants, but that seems to be the reality. He got his
           BA and MBA from Cal, but his ego meant more.
           \_ Haas school would have never done because this guy didn't donate
              as much as Haas.
           \_ Or maybe he was just pissed at Cal.
        \_ Having just graduated, I haven't given anything to Cal yet, but
           if I were to give something it'd be vastly more likely that I'd
           give to CSUA/EECS/CS than Cal itself, simply because my experience
           with the services provided by the CSUA and the department have
           been that much better than the services provided by the
           bureaucrats in Sproul/associated buildings.
        \_ Maybe he's Republican...
           \_ He's iranian.  Iranian republican under this administration?
              A rare bird, indeed.
              \_  Not true. I know many wealthy Iranians who vote with their
                  pocketbooks. Many others still reminisce of the good old
                  days of the Shah and want regime change. --iranian dem
        \_ I paid out-of-state tuition every semester until I graduated.
           Should I still donate?
        \_ Do I think back warmly on my experience at Cal?  Do I think I
           received a good education here?  If I donated money, do I think
           it would be spent effectively?  No, no, and no.  Why in the world
           would I donate my money to Cal?  If Cal wants donations, maybe it
           should start treating its students as future donors rather than
           unfortunate inconveniences.
        \_ I keep getting this annoying mail from CAL saying I pledged to donate
           $50, can I just keep ignoring it? It doesn't have a # to call or
2005/3/26-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36893 Activity:low
3/26    Apologies for annoying wall script, wasn't intentional, must have
        been an alias gone wrong or something from lack of sleep on long
        trip.  No clue what it was/is.  -John
        \_ eh? What happened?
           \_ Some kind of 'oops' that spammed wall every time I got mail.
              No idea.  -John
        \_ You would have been squished in the good 'ol [totalitarian] politburo
           \_ No, because I would have had physical access to both the CSUA
              bat and to the good 'ol [totalitarian] politburo.  -John
2005/3/23-24 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36830 Activity:nil 66%like:37457
3/23    We need a(nother) "Senior Web Applications Engineer" here at AvantGo.
        Job descr and contact info in /csua/pub/jobs/AvantGo  --dbushong
2005/3/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36722 Activity:nil
3/16    House cleaning with a lot of tech books.  Does the engineering
        library / Moffit take donations, so I can just drop the stack?
        \_ Try Berkeley main.  If they can't use them, they'll be in the book
           sale.  I have no idea if Moffit will take them.
        \_ Depending on the tech books, the CSUA library might take them. -gm
           \_ What's in the CSUA library? should I visit it when I am in
        \_ donate it to CSUA.
        \_ or donate to
2005/3/4-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36533 Activity:nil
3/4     Soda could be coming down on short notice in the next few days.  It
        could be advisable to back up your data. --dlong
        \_ Other CSUA machines might be going down, too; the office machines
           are probably not where you want to put your backup.
           \_ Users are now not able to log into office machines.  Screwdriver
              had to be taken down suddenly.  Our apologies for any
              inconvenience this has caused. --dlong
2005/3/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:36470 Activity:moderate
3/1     "Dear Federal Agent and/or anyone interested in knowing more about this
        post-- it has been posted by one of the Berkeley students in CSUA. The
        person who hosts this page does NOT aid, contribute, nor has any
        opinion to any content here. Any further concern please email"
        kchang, if you're going to attach this to all political posts, you
        might want to at least use a parsable grammar.
        \_ Problems with this post:
           1. "it has been posted by one of the Berkeley students..."
              - This may not be true. It could have been one of the alumni.
           2. "The person who hosts this page does NOT aid, contribute..."
              - If this is your attempt at self indemnification, it
                is a very confused way of putting it. Also, your comments
                here are contradictory. By merely replicating the post
                on your archive you have already aided in the dissemination
                of the said post.
           3. If you are going to attempt indemnification you should
              specifically state your own name. "The person who hosts this
              page" can be perceived as either the ISP, the carrier, the
              author, etc.
           If you wish to place an indemnification clause within your archive,
           I'd suggest simply placing "The views expressed on this page are
           solely that of the author and in no way reflects the views,
           opinions, beliefs, or actions of ________, the maintainer of this
           site, or _______ the company which hosts this content, or any
           associates either personal or professional of either the maintainer
           or the hosting company. If you wish to inquire about the nature
           of the contents of this archive please refer to
 " Hope that helps.
           \_ hey stupid! the initial complaint is grammar, not content.
              \_ So? The content was messed up too.  -!pp
        \_ If he's going to be an asshole who hates politics threads, just
           leave the shitty grammar as it stands.
        \_ If you use bad grammer, you support the terrorists!
                               \_ Or bad spelling...
                                  \_ Hey, I'm pretty good at bad smelling,,
        \_ lye, smurf, lafe, jrleek, and/or anyone who may have posted the
           stuff above. Thanks for your concern, I'll take that as
           constructive criticisms. If grammar matters so much to y'all maybe
           you can actually do something about it, like help me correct it.
           I'll cut&paste your corrections.                          -kchang
           \_ "You're an asshole" wasn't really intended as constructive
              criticism.  If you're too dumb to understand why other people
              find politics interesting, it seems unlikely that being called
              an asshole will change anything.  I couldn't care less about
              your grammar.
              \_ "couldn't care less" is ungrammatical. You should say
                 "I could care less."
                 \_ are you trying to be funny?  -tom
                    \_ Yes I was. Sorry if I didn't amuse you.
                 \_ Uh, you have that backwards.
                    \_ Neither one is actually ungrammatical. It's a question
                       of meaning, not grammar.
           \_ Here's an idea, maybe you should stop trying to guess who made a
              \_ likewise, maybe you should stop being an anonymous fucker
                 \_ Mr. Pot, I'd like you to meet Mr. Kettle.
           \_ #69 (h07 42n ch1x)
                    \_ I've read and heard similar statements made by
                       white supremacists.
                       \_ That suspiciously sounds like something Hitler
                          might say.
                          \_ Why do you hate America?
                             \_ BUD DAY doesn't like your tone, son.
                                \_ You've obviously never served.
                                   \_ Are you chinese?  Do you know the effect
                                      your tone had on china?
2005/2/28-3/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36462 Activity:nil
3/1     CSUA General Meeting, March 14th at 5pm, CSUA Lounge or outside!
        Free food, nerds, what more could you want?!
2005/2/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36413 Activity:nil 66%like:34944
2/25    Clean up /csua/tmp
2005/2/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/HKN, Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:36344 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:dlong
2/21    I just checked out CSUA's homepage for the first time since I
        graduated many years ago. It's got a lot of stuff that overlap with
        activities from other clubs like like mentoring (UPN/HKN), help
        sessions (OCF), debugging session (XCF), etc. Since when did CSUA start
        getting so serious? It used to be a hub for volleyball, netrek, foodp,
        ice-cream, etc. Now it's stepping on other clubs. That's fucked up.
        \_ Uh, CSUA has been involved with help sessions for a long time,
           in conjunction (when they gave a damn) with the OCF and XCF.
           As for mentoring, I'll let the mentoring program shadow dictator
           speak to that.
        \_ The XCF doesn't do anything, and the OCF has never been involved
           in help sessions in any meaningful sense.  Certainly the CSUA is
           a social organization first and foremost, but it also needs to do
           things to justify its existence to the department.  -tom
           \_ search for foodp and netrek in the archiver. both traditions are
              dead. fuck the kids running csua, they are fucking up traditions
              \_ OK, now you're just trolling.  Carry on.  -tom
        \_ The CSUA is still comparably sociable to what I know of its
           culture from most of the '90s, but thanks to the hard work of
           several recent presidents (most notably, IMHO, darin, ajaffe, and
           karen) and their politburos, it's _also_ making itself useful on
           campus. I can't see how this is anything but a great thing for
           both the CSUA and the rest of the department. My loyalties are
           split with HKN, and let me assure you, the CSUA has yet to do
           anything to seriously "step on" what anybody else is doing --
           thus far its recent expansions have covered completely new niches
           or those abandoned by comatose groups like the XCF of the past 5+
           years. (And yes, what happenned to the XCF as of late is very
           much a shame). As per above, XCF has done nothing whatsoever
           lately to be "stepped on" and helpsessions haven't been OCF turf
           on my memory. As for mentoring, that's orthogonal and
           complementary to what HKN (and sometimes UPE) do which is
           _tutoring_. Oh and, fwiw, volleyball seems to be more HKN's turf
           at the moment, but that's just an artifact of me being into it
           more than most pro-volleyball CSUA people and hosting the
           listserv on HKN. Anyway, come by the CSUA office some time if
           you haven't lately and check out the new and improved CSUA. Trust
           me, it's nothing to be ashamed of.  -alexf (sodan 1999-?)
2005/2/18-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36242 Activity:kinda low
2/18    Does anyone, including the CSUA, want hard copies of Dr. Dobbs
        journal (1996-2001) and/or the C++ User's Journal (1999-2001)?
        No, you don't have to take them all. -jrleek
        \_ I would think that the CSUA would want them. Email politburo or
        \_ Follow up: It looks like the CSUA will be taking them.
           Probably to dump them in the lounge so we look smart. -jrleek
2005/2/7 [Computer/Domains, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36082 Activity:nil
2/06    [Trimmed.]
              \_ yep. here's some spamassassin debug output:
                 debug: SPF: checking HELO (,
                 debug: SPF: trimmed HELO down to ''
                 debug: SPF: query for / result:
                 \_ Ouch, that would do it.  You might want to report this
                    as a bug to the spamassassin people.
                    \_ Well, we should also add an spf record for
             , instead of just for csua...
                    \_ open bug since last october :(
                       \_ Yeah, I saw that.  I'd submit a new bug report,
                          though -- yours is a much clearer-cut case, and
                          might be more likely to get a response.
2005/1/31-2/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:36000 Activity:nil
1/31    Six system administrator positions available at Idetic (mobitv) in
        Berkeley: /csua/pub/jobs/idetic
        \_ Any idea of the pay scale?  They put a lot of low year-count
           numbers, but seem to be looking for senior IT.
           \_ Sorry, no idea--posting for a friend.  -tom
2005/1/26 [Industry/Jobs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:35903 Activity:kinda low
1/26    ResComp is Hiring! Up to $19/hour for student staff.
        /csua/pub/jobs/rescomp - erikk
        \_ Drink the koolaid!!!
2005/1/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:35540 Activity:high
1/4     Do people try to get CA REFUND from bottles and cans?
        \_ Lots of people do.  You can see them pushing shopping carts down the
           \_ how much do people get for recycling?
              \_ I assume you mean per hour, since obviously it's 5 cents
                 per can.  In a good location at a good time, you can make
                 a good 15-20 bucks in an hour and a half of scrounging.
                 "Good location" here partly means someplace where no one
                 else is doing it, i.e. not Berkeley.
                 else is doing it, i.e. not Berkeley.  I have no idea what the
                 bums in Berkeley make.
                 \_ Uh, no. At 5 cents a can you'd have to pickup 400 cans
                    an hour to make 20 bucks. You'd be lucky to get 400 cans
                    a day from a restaurant. I think your order of magnitude
                    scale is waaaay off. I used to trade in cans, after a
                    couple months we usually had enough to buy a 24 pack of
                    \_ My numbers aren't "off," they're based on direct
                       experience.  Yes, that's 400 cans.  No fucking shit.
                       You have to be someplace where poeple will drink
                       a whole 24 pack and then throw all the cans in the trash.
                       Repeatedly.   And yes you have to bust ass to collect
                       them and yes you will completely fill up your car with
                       smelly bags of cans...but my numbers are correct.
                       \_ First off, I've never really seen any of those
                          bums/bag ladies "bust ass." They're either
                          incapable of "busting ass" or they choose not
                          to. Most of them are unfortunately mentally ill
                          or have a drug addiction problem.
                          Second, you simply can't pick up 400 cans per
                          hour from the trash in the real world. You might
                          be able to do it under ideal test situations, but
                          give me a break, you can't do it in real life. In
                          order to get even close to 400 cans per hour you'd
                          basically need to raid EVERY recycling bin in
                          a couple square miles, it's simply not going to
                          happen. The only way you could do it is to actually
                          OWN the recycling bins, and the city owns them,
                          so bums/bagladies are going to have to stick their
                          hands through the receptacle and manually grab
                          each can out of the recycling bin. It gets much
                          much harder to do this if you're going to go through
                          the regular trash.
                          Third, people don't deposit soda cans in a neat
                          little heap for you to pick up. They either are
                          A) Tossed into the recycling bin if they're good
                          B) Tossed into the trash, a much more likely
                          C) Tossed into the bushes.
                          Fourth, hauling 400 cans per hour isn't exactly
                          easy. Have you even picked up a bag of say 150
                          cans? It's not exactly light at that point.
                          Hauling 400 cans per hour is just going to be
                          exceedingly difficult unless you're a long shoreman,
                          and it's obvious bums/bagladies aren't exactly
                          physically fit.
                          In reality, I bet they get around 10-15 bucks a
                          day worth of cans if they're lucky.
                          \_ I wasn't talking about bag ladies or bums, and
                             for the third time, I'm not speculating, I've
                             done it.  Do you want a fucking video tape?
                             Your idiocy has pissed me off enough, I'm
                             tempted to go do it this weekend, video tape
                             the whole fucking 2 hour project and send it
                             to your dumb ass just to put you in your place.
                             I don't have any idea what homeless people in
                             berkeley make.  Probably not much. I never claimed
                             that this was a viable way to make a living,
                             I'm just telling you what a resourceful, able
                             bodied sodan can make.
                             \_ Okay, you've got some major issues. 1. Why
                                the fuck are you collecting cans for a
                                living if you went to Berkeley? Isn't the
                                fucking concept to get an education so
                                you don't have to PICK CANS FOR A LIVING
                                IN THE FIRST PLACE? 2. I don't give a shit
                                about your fuckiing one shot project because
                                your one shot project proves only one thing,
                                that a person can carry 400 cans around in
                                an hour. The question is how mucn can
                                people make per hour in real world situations,
                                not in your fucking ideal setup. Get a fucking
                                clue and STFU. If you could realistically
                                make 15-20 an hour picking up soda cans
                                off the street bums wouldn't be on the
                                fucking street. Your idiocy amazes me.
                                Hell, if you want to rent a dump truck
                                you can pickup a couple tons of cans in
                                a minute. I mean, what kind of moron are you,
                                do you believe that you can actually get
                                exactly the MPG on a car day-in-day out?
                                Or do you believe in 100% efficiency in
                                conversion of energy? God, why do people
                                like you even bother to attend school?
                                Might as well give up your seat with someone
                                with half a brain of common sense.
                                \_ You don't fucking read, do you?
                                \_ I haven't posted in this thread yet, but
                                   I have to say, this is awesome.  You
                                   sir, are a total moron.  It's rare to
                                   see stupidity in such a pure state.
                                   \_ No shit.  If he had half a brain, he
                                      could easily have convinced me to spend
                                      my weekend running around tearing through
                                      trashcans with a camcorder and a
                                      stopwatch. His loss.
                       \_ Try it again with a shopping cart and see how it
2004/12/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:35450 Activity:high
12/26 Former csua VP at party.
        \_ If you're looking for incriminating former VP pics, lila and
           I have quite a few in our midst --scotsman
           \_ You talk a lot. Let's see you walk it some.
              \_ You putting up money?
        \_ Them csua VP's they sure know how to party.
           \_ And who is that?
              \_ Me.
        \_ So who is the guy with her then?
           \_ If memory serves me correctly, the portly fellow is
              Alex Weingarten.
              \_ Nope.
                 \_ No, that's njh you twit.
        \_ That's Lila? My god, you dorks needs to get out more.
           \_ Lila's much worse than that.
           \_ That girl is totally cute and no it isn't lila unless she
              has radically altered her appearance.
              \_ Nope, not Lila.  --me
2004/12/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:35290 Activity:very high
12/14   Soda brothers, I've found the girl of my dreams.  She's beautiful,
        kind, hardworking and has a great personality.  Be happy for me!
              \- Is she a bitmap?
                 \_ No, her name is Rosy Palm.
                    \_ "Looks like it's me and you again tonight, Rosy."
        \_ Good for you.  Now get her into a long term contract ASAP.
           \_ Are you kidding? He probably hasn't even asked her out yet.
              \_ good point
        \_ 5 minutes till someone says STFU
           \- i think "pix?" will come first.
              \_ Pix please?  Seriously.
        \_ Does she do anal?
           \- i stand corrected
        \_ Please define "found". If she's your gf, then I am happy for you,
           if you just found her, then good luck! :)
        \_ I was gonna ask if she was good in the sack, but someone sort
           of already asked that for me.
           \_ Because you define "good in the sack" as anal?
              \_ Not exactly. A woman can be good in the sack and not do
                 anal, but I have yet to meet any women who did anal
                 who were not good in the sack. I suppose it is possible.
                 who were not also good in the sack. I suppose it is possible.
                 \_ You mean you had more than one woman? Fuck off!
                    \_ I believe that is what was involved when he got
                       more than one woman!
           \_ what is "good in the sack"?
              \_ Doesn't struggle too much after you kidnap her.
                 \_ I didn't know we had an Iraqi here at the CSUA!
              \_ % webster sack
                 ... snip ...
                 5 a : HAMMOCK, BUNK b : BED
2004/11/30-2005/2/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:35130 Activity:nil
11/30   As requested, here is some information about the soda upgrades.  It is
        a little incomplete, but I'll fill it out as comments are made. or directly in my home dir
        at ~jvarga/public_html/new-soda/ .  plan.current would be the link
        to the most current version of the plan (duh) - jvarga
2004/11/30-12/1 [Computer/HW/Memory, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:35127 Activity:nil
11/30   So can we get a hardware summary (purchased and planned) for the new
        soda machine(s)?  It sounds like there's a dual Xeon getting an OS
        somewhere-- what kind of ram, what kind of storage does it have?
        How much was it?  How much disk does/will it have?  Maybe a file in
        /csua/tmp would be helpful.  Thanks.
        \_ Maybe a CSUA wish list would be helpful.
        \_ I would like to see this too, but purely out of curiosity.
           I think that the CSUA admins are probably doing something
           pretty reasonable.  --PeterM
           \_ Seconded... I'm kinda excited about what we're getting
2004/11/23 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:35032 Activity:nil
11/23   The CSUA webserver is down
        \_ works for me as of 8:56am. --twohey
           \_ I just restarted it.  To the original poster, could you
              please mail root when you notice things are broken?  --mconst
        \_ Now works for me as well.  (It didn't about 10 minutes ago.)
2004/11/17-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:34944 Activity:low 66%like:36413
11/17   /csua/tmp/theplay_long.ram
        \_ What's the best way to play .ram files on FreeBSD?
           \_ wine?
        \_ What's that?
           \_ The Play.
              \_ I'd rather see the Anti-Play from '90.
2004/11/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:34590 Activity:kinda low
11/03   Soda will go down at 8pm tonight for a disk upgrade.
        \_ The way things are going, I'm not expecting it to come back up.
           Offsite backups, people, this ship is going down.
           \_ I don't really give a shit about my stuff on Soda (which
              is why it's on Soda), but are we going to lose our logins?
        \_ *UPDATE* We need to make the time a bit later to ensure we have
           a good recent backup, and to minimize down time.  Will wall when
           the time is near.
2004/10/29-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:34441 Activity:kinda low
10/29   Okay, I give up. spamassassin is just too broken to use. Anyone
        got an ifile "how to use on soda" FAQ?
        \_ /csua/tmp/ifile_tutorial
           \_ more /csua/tmp/ifile.rerelearn.message
              /csua/tmp/ifile.rerelearn.message: Permission denied
        \_ I don't understand your problem.  I'm using SA with all default
           settings and it works fine.  The only thing I've done is whitelist
           and blacklist a few specific addresses.  This is user error.
2004/10/25-11/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:34332 Activity:nil
10/25   CSUA General Meeting!  Monday, November 1 at 5:00 pm outside Soda.
2004/10/21 [Reference/Military, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:34275 Activity:kinda low
10/21   Does someone have a link to the Daily Show clip with the "weapons of
        mass destruction program related activities" and Dubya using words to
        save the day?  I accidentally deleted my copy.  I notice there are no
        more clips in /csua/tmp/dailyshow.
        \_ if you email me the date i can help you out - danh
2004/10/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34103 Activity:nil
10/13   Long post on What Bush Admin Has Done moved to
        /csua/tmp/whatbushhasdone for the curious.  I understand what you're
        saying, and I think it's important.  I don't think it needs to crowd
        an already overflowing motd.
2004/10/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:34054 Activity:high
10/12   By the way, looks like someone finally put up a paypal link on the
        CSUA page.
        \_ aaron is rich
        \_ sameer got filthy rich from c2 apache mod. Ask sameer for $$$
        \_ What was the UC (Or ASUC?) policy that prevented this? What changed?
           \_ Politburo was concerned that there was a policy that would
              prevent this.  They actually checked with the ASUC and got the
        \_ Too bad paypal decided to stop working now.  Worst software upgrade
2004/10/6 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33947 Activity:low
10/6    aaron the philanthropist, now that you're a rich Googler (you've been
        with the company since 1998, no?), how much are you going to donate
        to CSUA?                     \_ no. --aaron
        \_ In the old days we got as much money as we could and spent
           the excess on nice things like volleyball equipments,
           beach party stuff, video games, etc.  I'd imagine the
           current politburo could have asked for lots of money and
           squander them on XBox, games, PDAs, and other things. The
           fact that it hasn't probably means that they've turned
           into nice honest people or something.
2004/9/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:33799 Activity:nil
9/28    These guys know how to have more fun than the CSUA: (yahoo news)
2004/9/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33790 Activity:kinda low
9/26    \_ Does the politburo have a proposal for what the donations would
           be used for?
           \_ Upgrading Soda.
              \_ Is there something more specific?  What will the upgrade
           \_ I will personally attest that all donations made to the CSUA
              during this time, unless otherwise specifically noted, will go
              toward the hardware upgrade (and we'll actually ask each
              donator to make sure).  We're also making a commitment to
              actually acknowledge and thank people who donate so that people
              don't think we're a group of ungrateful children.

              As for what our plans are, we're planning on upgrading soda to
              a dual xeon machine with a pile of ram and piles of
              fault-tolerant disk.  During this time, we're also planning on
              making upgrades to scotch and a general reshuffling of some of
              the servers to fix some of the issues that we're having right
              now.  (For example, we've been contemplating some fixes to soda
              getting CPU hosed by procmail and spamass processes, one of the
              fixes being to offload mail processing)  Nothing is set in
              stone though; we have to see what kind of funds we'll have to
              do this.  I'll post more in a few days about more of the
              specifics and our needs from the community.
              - jvarga
              \_ Did someone donate dual Xeon box, or is CSUA planning to
                 purchase such a thing?  If purchasing, I can't possibly
                 sit idle and condone this.  I know FreeBSD AMD64 isn't
                 quite ready for real use yet, but it won't be that long.
                 Dual Opteron would be much better way to go.
                 Yes I know Nocona has iAMD64, too, but is far less
                 optimally implemented.
              \_ Dual 90nm Xeons?  Soda goes **FOOM**! -anonymous critic
                 \_ Actually, no joke.  The 90nm P4 designs are hot as shit.
                    Please consider a dual Opteron instead - not that they're
                    really cool or anything, but they might not burn a hole
                    in the case.
                    \_ Liquid cooled Soda!
                       \_ Someone could donate a liquid nitrogen cooled
                          Peltier to the CSUA...
              \_ it would be nice to later post a file with a list of
                 donors (anonymous or monikers if the donor prefers) and
                 what / how  much they donated, and then a list of what
                 the funds were used for, and how much each item cost.
                 \_ No it wouldn't.
                 \_ agree. who cares. fuck off! - danh
2004/9/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33776 Activity:kinda low
9/27    Inspired by
        who do people think was the most clued politburo member?   The least
        clued?  I suspect I know Partha's answers, but anyone else have an
        \- There are plenty of people clued about operating systems you
           dont want writing or interpreting your constitution, running
           meetings, dealing with external persons etc. So it depends on
           the position. In the case of JSL the questions are: 1. how does
           that happen [did she beat someone in an election?] 2. is she
           better or worse than having nobody in the position. --psb
        \_ obSomeoneInsultsPaolo.
2004/9/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:33763 Activity:high
9/26    You know, while most of the alums failed to make it big during the
        dot com days there are quite a few others who did in fact make it
        big. Why don't they donate to CSUA? Why don't they wall anymore?
        They used to be liberals, did they suddenly change to stingy
        capitalistic Bush/Cheney supporters after they got rich? Is that why
        they no longer talk to us?
        \_ Years of banging yermom have left them bitter, grouchy and less
           likely to contribute $$$.
           \- Because the CSUA doesnt need money? How about donating to say
              3rd world literacy programs.
              \_ While basically true, in this case I don't think of the
                 CSUA as a charity, (I already donate a lot of money to
                 charities) but as a shared resource we're all using, and
                 should therefore support.
                        \- for what? to hire/stipend the sysadmin?
                           soda doesnt need any more resources ... maybe
                           nominally more disk, but the pburo ought to
                           run a "disk drive" rather than just give them
                           random cash.
                           \_ CPU-wise, SodaVI is gettinv a little long in the
                              tooth, especially with everyone running spam
                              \_ Shit, we just need that lottery system back.
                           \_ Unless things have changed since I left 9
                              mo. ago, Soda is not in need of more disk so
                              much as NEW disk.  Those TDAs are a mess and
                              could completely crash and burn at anytime.
                              And they take up too much rack space.
                 \_ Is there a convenient way to drop the CSUA the odd bit
                    of cash (i.e. via credit card?)  -John
                    \_ Yes and no, paypal has been suggested, and
                       Politburo set up an account, but they're still
                       working through the legalities with the ASUC.
                       Mailing a check to 343 Soda still works.
                           \_ What is the complete address? And who
                              do we make the check payable to?
                        \_ And costs me about 20 bucks to do from abroad, and
                           a lot of people refuse to use paypal, myself
                           included.  Oh well.  -John
                           \_ Politburo is open to suggestions.  What
                              would you prefer?
                              \_ Anonymous untraceable E-Gold.
                              \- The time has come for:
                 \_ What was the point of this link?  Is it supposed to be
                    \_ Would you trust her to spend your CSUA donation money
                       \_ This link is bs and really proves nothing.
        \_ Does the politburo have a proposal for what the donations would
           be used for?
           \_ Upgrading Soda.
              \_ Is there something more specific?  What will the upgrade
           \_ I will personally attest that all donations made to the CSUA
              during this time, unless otherwise specifically noted, will go
              toward the hardware upgrade (and we'll actually ask each
              donator to make sure).  We're also making a commitment to
              actually acknowledge and thank people who donate so that people
              don't think we're a group of ungrateful children.

              As for what our plans are, we're planning on upgrading soda to
              a dual xeon machine with a pile of ram and piles of
              fault-tolerant disk.  During this time, we're also planning on
              making upgrades to scotch and a general reshuffling of some of
              the servers to fix some of the issues that we're having right
              now.  (For example, we've been contemplating some fixes to soda
              getting CPU hosed by procmail and spamass processes, one of the
              fixes being to offload mail processing)  Nothing is set in
              stone though; we have to see what kind of funds we'll have to
              do this.  I'll post more in a few days about more of the
              specifics and our needs from the community.
              - jvarga
              \_ Dual 90nm Xeons?  Soda goes **FOOM**! -anonymous critic
2004/9/25-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33758 Activity:moderate
9/24    Soda Mark V needs to find a new home; specifically anywhere but in the
        \_ If nobody has mailed you to claim it yet, just hit the
           drives with a hammer and leave it in the hallway.
        \_ Nail it to the ceiling and forget about it.
        \_ Drop it off of Evans.
        \_ The Berkeley public schools always need computers for programming
           and typing labs.  Getting anyone to take responsibility for it would
           be tough though.
        \_ What are its specs? might take it.
2004/9/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33752 Activity:high
9/24    Dear Politburo, how much has sameer donated to CSUA? He is a fine
        example of a rich alumni who made it big (really big, and even
        appeared on the Time magazine) during the easy lucrative dot-com
        days and I'm wondering how much rich people donate. ok thx
        \_ forbes, not time.  why am i commenting on your inane
           questions.  i hate myself. - danh
        days and I'm wondering how much rich people donate. ok thx
        \_ Dear dumbass, there are a lot of us alumni who'd like to donate who
           simply don't have an easy way to do it.
        \_ who is sameer?
        \_ communist
2004/9/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33640 Activity:nil
9/20    I suppose this is just fluff and doesn't mean anything:
        The MOTD may not be used for non-University business.
        \_ If politics is non-university business does that mean the
           university may not use its funds for political causes?
           Because it does.
        \_ I think "business" here means
                3. Financial dealings; buying and selling;
           rather than
                5. Affair; concern; matter;
           Perhaps someone who was on politburo when that policy was formed
           can clarify.
        \_ Berkeley has a long tradition of supporting political speech.
           \_ As long as it agrees with the profs' worldviews.
2004/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:33546 Activity:very high
9/15    It would be nice to have a list of the current politburo members
        on motd.official.
        \_ with pictures.  in fact, just a picture of karen will do.
           \_ Here, again: - pst:
           \_ Why not just friendster her. I'm sure she's on there.
              \_ actually she's not, she's on - pst
                \_ pst, call me, 301-948-3103                   -sophomore
                   \_ SOPHMORE STALKER ALERT!!!!
           \_ Misleading troll deleted.
              \_ Go eat an aborted fetus, why don't you.
           \_ Who is the karen? -97 grad who havn't been back...
              \_ are you confusing karen and kane?
                 \_ who's kane?
                    \_ KANE IS A LESBIAN!
                       \_ Well, that changes the meaning of the "rosebud"
2004/9/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:33464 Activity:kinda low
9/10    If anyone here can read Arabic, would you mind telling me what the
        gist of /csua/tmp/pic.jpg is?  I got it at a flea market in
        southern Spain (no, it's not a pilot's manual.)  -John
        \_ The first few lines are the start of a prayer; I'm assuming the
           rest follows along.
           \_ Thanks!  It's hanging in my hallway, so I was curious. -John
           \_ It's not just "a prayer". it's al fatihah:
              it is the first surah of the qur'an. for an interpretation:
              -ayatollah ali rahimi.
                \_ Cool, thanks.  I read a translation of the koran a while
                   ago, and didn't think of comparing it.  Is the weird-
                   looking writing at the top of the image one of those bits
                   of arabic at the beginning of every surah that nobody can
                   interpret?  I seem to recall reading something along those
                   lines.  -Rev. John
2004/9/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33460 Activity:very high
9/10    Someone stop this mrehrer guy and his 3K imapd daemons. Thanks!
        \_ Looks like it's well past time to upgrade soda.  "No more
           processes" indeed...
           \_ Sometimes I wonder what the CS in CSUA stands for.
              \_ It stands for Counter-Strike!  l00s3R5 Win!
              \_ Cum Shot.
              \_ chimp sex
              \_ And then you remember THAT is the kind of computer
                 science they teach at Berkeley.
              \_ Cheney Sucks
              \_ I have a CS degree from Cal!  -- cognitive science major
                 \_ I'm an expert in Customer Service!
        \_ someone explain why this guy isn't squished? In the old days,
           he'd be squished in a jiffy, no warning no appeal.
           \_ Incompetant hoserism is not as bad as malicious hoserism.
2004/9/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:33458 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/9/9-10 [Recreation/Stripclub, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33452 Activity:high
9/10    Dear CSUA Penthouse forum: when you're naked in a tub with a fat girl a
        hot a girl, should you grab the breast of the fat one or the hot one
        first? ok thx.
        \_ that's a big tub.
        \_ Grab them both at the same time and have a hot threesome.
2004/8/24-10/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33107 Activity:nil 50%like:32979
8/18    /csua/tmp has been cleaned up; anything older than a year is gone.
2004/8/24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33104 Activity:high
8/24    poll, which school do you think has the ugliest chicks?
        Caltech: .
        SJSU:    .
        poll, which school do you think has the prettiest chicks?
        U Hawaii: .
        \_ which school creates the fattest sysadmins?  get a
           life - danh
           \_ that is obvious, CSUA is a sysadm farm. It is CSUA.
           \_ some sysadmins are skinny.  why are skinny sysadmins always
              being left out of this?
              \_ Free the skinny sysadmins!
              \_ Give them a few years, and they'll be fat.
        Caltech: .
        SJSU:    .
        Harvey Mudd: .
        'fraud: .
        poll, which school do you think has the prettiest chicks?
        U Hawaii: .
        \_ The women I see wearing UHawaii shorts / shirts @ my gym are
           plenty hot.
        UC Berkeley: ................................................
        \_ You haven't been to campus lately -- this has changed, kiddo.
           \_ For the better? Berkeley had some ugly chicks when I was
              there. I imagine the prettiest girls are at ASU or SDSU.
              I saw lots of pretty girls in Santa Barbara, but not sure if
              that means UCSB.
              \_ There are unattractive people everywhere.  And yes...for
                 the better.
                 \_ They were *all* unattractive. 99.9%.
                    \_ You're either full of shit or have stupidly high
                       standards.  Grow up.
                    \_ gimme some sugar, hot stuff.
        \_ hawaiian girls are the best!!! nice bod, nice tan, nice hair...
           \_ yet weird looking nonetheless.
2004/8/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33081 Activity:high
8/23    MMMM, tasty politics purge.  Is the self-important ass that does this
        the same person that changed the CSUA NYTimes password?
        \_ What a shame.  Some people just can't help pissing in public pools,
           can they?
2004/8/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32993 Activity:nil
8/18    Why was my 'let's all get a thong' thread squished?
2004/8/18-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32979 Activity:nil 50%like:33107
8/18    /csua/tmp will be cleaned up tomorrow (8/19 at around noon, PST).
        Everything older than a year will get deleted.  If you care about
        something that is older than a year, 'touch' it.
2004/8/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32875 Activity:nil
8/12    what happened to kchang? why'd he get squished?
2004/8/12 [Science/Biology, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32870 Activity:high
8/12    On a related note, how to turn lazy, procrastinating soda users
        into productive people: (longer LA Times article)
        \_ Great. Tack that onto my speed habit and I might as well be
           surgically grafted into my office chair.
           \_ Speed habit?  Did sky and muchandr suddenly relapse?
        \_ That just makes confirms that laziness is a sign of higher brain
2004/8/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32808 Activity:nil
8/10    Programmer Analyst job in Marina del Rey.
        See /csua/pub/jobs/USC-ICT
        \_ what's the pay scale of a USC PA III ?
           \_ Post is updated.  Briefly, $46-76k.
        \_ what's the pay scale for a usc pa-3?
2004/8/5-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:32725 Activity:nil 50%like:36020
8/5     Another Mountain View job.  Senior C++ developer.
2004/8/3-10/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32666 Activity:nil
8/3     Soda crashed again. It appears to be a kernel bug and we may take soda
        down to patch the kernel.
2004/7/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32534 Activity:high
7/28    A friend of mine is looking for LGBT 21-25 yo's to fill out
        a survey. It helps his research project and you make $50.
        See /csua/pub/jobs/survey for more info -ausman
        \_ obPutItOnCraigslist
           \_ Good suggestion, thanks. What section? Jobs/non-profit???
              \_ Most of the focus groups and research studies seem to be in
2004/7/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31201 Activity:moderate
7/7     What is the attendance rate of politburo nowadays?      91 alum
        \_ Hasn't it been a steady 6-12 ppl including politburo members for
           the past 8 years now?
        \_ In general low attendance at meetings either means people are
           sufficiently happy or the member list has dropped like a rock
           because everyone has given up on the org.  We know the latter
           isn't the case so low attendance is a good thing.
2004/7/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31190 Activity:high
7/7     Hey, someone, /var is FULL.
        \_ hey, someone, CSUA HD is 95% full and the stingy alumnis are not
        \_ hey, someone, CSUA HD is 95% full and the stingy Jews are not
        \_ hey, someone, CSUA HD is 95% full and the stingy alums are not
           donating anything
           \_ Hey, set up the Payapal account (or something like it) and I'll
              happily chip in $50-$100.
              \_ Ditto.   -mice
              \_ We'll third that. -elizp & fab
              \_ That's a good idea, let me talk to politburo.  -jrleek
                \_ I offered months ago to donate cash for disk and pointed
                   out alums have always sent in $$$ when asked.  Just
                   figure out what you want to use it for, how much you need,
                   post an announcement of the donation drive, and it will
                   come in.
           \_ Can we mail/drop off checks payable to the csua?
              \- if you are looking for a disk, i may have one/some laying
                 around. what do you need?
2004/6/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:31023 Activity:nil
6/26    Is there something wrong with Soda's webserver?  I can't reach
        \_ its borken for the same reason df is borken. i'm trying to
           find someone geographically closer then i to the csua
              fixed. - erikk
2004/6/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:30998 Activity:kinda low
6/24    Do CSUA members go to concerts?  Been to any concerts lately?
        Plan to go to any this year?
        \_ I'll be going to the Aquabats show in July.
        \_ Pixies at the Greek
        \_ Van Morrison, David Bowie, John Hiatt, The Bobs, recently.
           David Byrne, soon.  -tom
           \_ too bad Bowie isn't playing anymore (in the next few months)
              \_ Bowie (at the Berkeley Community Theater) was great, one of
                 the best shows I've seen in years.  -tom
        \_ Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at the Independent last Friday.  2.5
           hours of the most energetic and wonderful ska I've ever heard.
           \_ Dang, wish I'd known.  -jrleek
              \_ Sorry, man.  I'll post it next time.
        \_ No, CSUA members only sit on the wall and scribble on the motd
           \_ it does seem that way sometimes.
2004/6/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:30907 Activity:nil
6/18    What's going on with  Email keeps bouncing
        back because soda refuses connection from scotch.
        \_ My daily spam seems to make it thru ok.
2004/6/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:30652 Activity:kinda low
6/7     What's the origin of the "babe@csua"? (from the CSUA encyclopedia)
        \_ email them and ask.
2004/6/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:30531 Activity:nil
6/1     How do these people stay on csua for days without being logged out?
        I already unset autologout!!
        \_ screen
2004/5/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:30480 Activity:moderate
5/28    will be affected by the cory power outage this
        weekend?  (anyone know?)  Thanks...
        \_ probably not - erikk
           \- when to when is the outage?
                \_ 05/28 (Fri) 3PM to 06/01 (Mon) 8AM.
                \_ read notice on www.eecs/
2004/5/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:30465 Activity:high 50%like:12734
5/27    Why is soda so SLOW? like 1/2 million root perl processes.
        \_ root needs to be squished!!!
        \_ I think that's spam assasin.
        \_ Is there some way to limit the number of spam assassins that can be
           forked off?
           \_ ps | kill
        \_ Why does everyone send their mail to soda anyway?  I've never even
           considered using soda as my mail server.
           \_ ps | kill
           \_ Basically because it's permenant.  I can tell my friends to
              email me at Soda, and in 20 years they'll still be able to.
              \_ I would not bet on that.  The university offers at least two
                 other services which are more likely to be available to alums
                 in 20 years than soda is.  -tom
                 \_ What are those?  (Plus, It wouldn't kill me if soda
                    went away, it's just better than switching web mail
                    accounts, or switching accounts with jobs)
                    \_ and <DEAD><DEAD>.  -tom
           \_ because I'd rather be able to ssh in to Soda and use pine/mutt/mh
              whatever than to use some lame web-based email service.
        \_ Ok, why not just run your mail dns/mail/etc server?  It's not hard.
           \_ Unreliable.
              \_ It is?  How is it more reliable to have a student run it off
                 donated hardware on a shared machine full of nut cases?
           \_ Running my own mail server means that I have to administer it.
              Do you really want me, who doesn't know much about running
              mail servers or security, running my very own potential open
              \_ You know what an open relay is.  By default mail servers
                 ship closed these days.  I trust you can figure it out.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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