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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/11/25-12/1 [Academia/Berkeley, Industry/Jobs] UID:52100 Activity:nil
11/25   tom i don't think you are going to retire tomorrow and get rehired
        at the same pay while collecting retirement, but it sure looks bad
        when other UC employees do:
        \_ And?  It looks bad when corporate execs take huge golden parachutes
           for running their companies into the ground, too.  I don't
           support either practice.  -tom
           \_ That's shareholders' problem, not mine. However, public
              employees are paid by us all. Rehiring retirees at higher
              salaries is a crime against the taxpayer and thus the people.
              \_ I agree.  Will you shut up now?  -tom
                 \_ You do realize that there are at least three people
                    participating in this thread, right?
                    \_ Hard to keep track of all you anonymous cowards.  -tom
2008/10/24-28 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:51674 Activity:nil
10/24   GO BEARS
2008/10/22-27 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:51642 Activity:nil
10/22   GO BEARS!
        \_ They're practising the social principle of wealth redistribution,
           a.k.a. Robin Hood.
2008/9/30-10/6 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:51341 Activity:nil
9/30    Escape From Berkeley Road Rally:
2008/8/1-8 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:50752 Activity:nil
8/1     do the various people on the various Berkeley city committees
        make a salary?  rent board?  peace and justice ?
        \_ My GF is on a Berkeley committee and gets no compensation.  There
           is a bit of expense (the city supplies a secratary, the meeting
           area "costs" the city (but in their case it is one city budget
           paying another city budget) and they have some minimal amount of
           cash to spend on a once a year event, mostly food and flyers I
           think.  That being said Berkeley has been culling a bunch of
           random comittees, mostly because of the secretarial costs.
        \_ There's a peace and justice board in Berkeley?  How come there was
           so little of either?
           \_ I wonder that every day as I lay down suppresive fire in
              preperation for the mad dash to my car.  One of these days
              I know I'm not going to make it, but until then you've just
              got to pretend.
              \_ You drive a car?  Well, there's your problem.
               \_ I'm not sure why everyone thinks Berkeley is car unfriendly.
                  What they are is student parking unfriendly.  Which makes
                  sense because there are far too many students to be
                  otherwise.  Berkeley isn't the suburb you grew up in.
                  Get over it already.
                  \_ What about all those crazy barricades, that make
                     it impossible to use side streets?
                     \_ As I said, Berkeley isn't the suburb you grew up
2008/6/21-23 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:50325 Activity:nil
6/20    i knew it wouldn't last.  Codys in Berkeley to close completely
        \_ It lasted for more than 15yrs as far as I remember.
           \_ i meant 'the shattuck store'
2008/6/19-24 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50303 Activity:nil
6/20    ZombieTime has a little bit on the tree-sit removal.
        \_ Its about fucking time man.  This tree camping thing has gone way
           too long.  Also, they have gone from political statement to
           public nuisance.  You don't need to hit police officers with your
           shit in order to make a political statement.
2008/6/18-24 [Academia, Academia/Berkeley] UID:50288 Activity:low
6/18    Tree sitters, biting people, flinging poo.  Um, aren't these monkeys?
        \- two words: bottle rockets
        \- i want a live video feed of the hippie-removal operation.
           i'll make popcorn and enjoy watching those dirtbags get
           dragged off to jail kicking and screaming.
           \_ You and Zombietime should hook up.
              \_ You think the tree sittings aren't total idiots?
                 \_ I am a football season ticket holder so I am annoyed at
                    them for holding up the stadium rebuild and risking us
                    losing Tedford, but I take no joy in the tree sitters
                    demise. I think their passion and comittment, even to
                    a somewhat foolish cause, is admirable.
                    \- a losing cause which isnt foolish -> ok
                       a foolish+frivolous cause you realize is frivolous -> ok
                       a foolish+frivolous cause in earnest -> dumbass
                       a foolish+frivolous cause in earnest -> foolish

        \_ Can't they just be arrested for assault now?
           \_ Yes and they were.
2008/5/19-23 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:50004 Activity:nil
5/19    Awesome WWF propaganda
        \_ the response video is hi-larious
2008/5/6-9 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49893 Activity:high
5/6     didnt anyone on the motd notice a berkeley townie STABBED
        TO DEATH a UC Berkeley nuclear engineering senior on Friday?
        I don't like nuclear power but this is ridiculous.
        \_ This is just a case of two guys + dime store knife + alcohol.
           I've never heard the phrase "berkeley townie" before.  Since when
           have we become some elite-better-than-the-citizens upper class at
           Cal like some east coast school?
        \_ A) Link?
           B) Is there any evidence that the attack was due to his major?
              \_ no, it was due to a drunken argument.
                 \_ alcohol and nukes never mix
           C) What have you got against nuclear power?
        \_ Berkeley is a dangerous shithole. I can't believe how many
           young, drunk co-eds walk around Berkeley at night alone. When I
           was a student I would often escort these wayward lassies home
           when they encountered me on the street (I kept late hours).
           They were lucky I was a nice, normal guy who didn't even
           approach their apartment buildings let alone try something.
           This was the first student to die in 10 years AFAIK, but not the
           first that was stabbed or shot in that time.
           \_ You don't know what "dangerous shithole" means do you?  If
              Berkeley scares you you probably should just hide in your
              room and never go outside.
              \_ Is it Compton? No. It is a dangerous shithole? Yes, the
                 south and west sides are.
                 \_ 1. They aren't really dangerous or shitholes.  (There are
                       very small patches of shitty areas in Berkeley, yes,
                       but the vast majority is safe.)
                    2. Not many students live that far south or that far west.
                    3. The stabbing was in frat row, which funny enough is
                       the part of Berkeley I like walking around in least
                       (mostly because all the frat boys are obnoxious as
                       \_ No kidding, in my four years at Cal I was threatened
                          with violence four times and three of those times
                          were on Frat Row, which I mostly avoided.
                          \_ When were you there? I agree that Berkeley in
                             the early 90s was bad, but it's much better now.
                             Ditto for North Oakland and Berkeley near San
                             Pablo. -!pp
                             \_ Early 90s. It was the Fraternity members who
                                did the threatening. I am small, had long hair
                                and wore a motorcycle jacket and the combo
                                seemed to send them into some kind of feeding
                                \_ Well, sorry, man, that part of the pop.
                                   probably hasn't changed much.
                                   \_ Which is funny because I'm pretty sure
                                      OP uses "dangerous shithole" as a
                                      (probably self closted) code word for
                                      "there are black people there" but
                                      really the part of Bekeley that made
                                      of a lot of us feel unsafe are the
                                      super white frat boys which nicknames
                                      like The Stevester.
                                      \_ Hey, it's super-racist again!  How's
                                         it feel to be a dick?
                                    \_ These days I have short hair, wear a
                                       a Cal sweatshirt on game days (which
                                       is when I go to Frat Row) and never
                                       have any problems. In fact, they are
                                       pretty friendly to me.
                                       \_ In other words, you've changed, and
                                          that part of the pop. hasn't.
                       \_ I lived on Frat Row (Durant near I-House) for 2 years
                          in a private residence which I rented. Frats were
                          sometimes obnoxious (usually only when they had
                          parties which isn't as often as you might think)
                          as were homeless people shouting in the middle of the
                          night. However, it wasn't that shitty or dangerous
                          compared to other parts of Berkeley. Almost all
                          of Berkeley is a shithole except for the Hills.
                          Not all of Berkeley is dangerous. Just all the
                          parts you might want to go to as a student and
                          some parts (on the West side) that you wouldn't.
              \_ 'You don't know what "dangerous shithole" means do you?'
                 The meaning seems fairly straight forward to me, is there
                 some subtlety to the term I may be missing? -!pp
              \_ Gourmet Ghetto and Solano Ave are particularly dangerous
                 at night. Not to mention Fourth Street. The roving bands of
                 yuppies scare the hell out of me.
        \_ Why don't you like nuclear power?  Are you a Luddite?
        \_ See, those poor Berkeleyites get bitter and cling to knives and
        \_ Stabbing someone is more environmentally sustainable than
           nuking them.  The fallout problems would be insane.
2008/4/28-30 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:49848 Activity:nil
4/29    Victor David Hanson is speaking today on campus:
        Host: Objectivist Club's Middle East Forum
        Topic: The Threat of Totalitarian Islam
        Where: UC Berkeley 2050 Valley Life Science Building
        Time: 7:00 PM
        For more info: email
        \_ Victor Davis Hanson would Object to your mischaracterization of
           his name, and his Western values would crush your commie objections.
        \_ Funny, I saw DHOROWITZ speak in the same building several years ago.
2008/3/28-4/6 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:49604 Activity:nil
3/28    Once again, the NYT does a leem article on Berkeley:
        To wit: "students running off hangovers along the steep hills."
        \_ Why is this lame? I have done the same thing, when I was
           an undergrad. I thought the gratitous fraternity pot shot was kind
           an undergrad. I thought the gratuitous fraternity pot shot was kind
           of weak though: "But first, make sure it's not sorority or
           fraternity night, unless your idea of fun is watching college
           kids pound shots and scream at the top of their lungs."
        \_ Thanks for the article! After reading this 95% of you are
           probably nalstalgic on the stuff they talked about and wished
           that you're in the good 'ol days again. I for one am glad to
           get out of that place, esp. after reading the article. Good
           bye and good riddens. PS. I never understood the Asian fetish
           thing. Asian women look like little boys. Go Jackie Johnson!
           \_ And for every miserable illiterate putz like you who leaves,
              Cal is that much more attractive.
        \_ "College Avenue, the town's main drag"  - uh WHAT?  Since when?
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/3/23-27 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:49545 Activity:nil
3/23    When The Daily Show went to Berkeley:
2008/2/14-18 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:49140 Activity:nil 90%like:49138
2/14    Hans Reiser's days at UC Berkeley: (
        \_ Who is this 'Pete' fellow
           \_ Almost certainly Shipley.  Also a nut, booted off soda
              several times.  -tom
2008/2/14 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:49138 Activity:nil 90%like:49140
2/14    Hans Reiser's days at UC Berkeley:
2007/12/10-14 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:48774 Activity:nil
12/10   UC Berkeley to teach engineers more people skills:
        \_ Hmm, I thought it was about learning how to deal with QAs and PMs.
           \_ wut about the hawt HR chix?
              \_ That's Chapter 14 of the textbook: Introductory Bedroom Skills
                 \_ Chapter 15: Tipping.
2007/11/23-27 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:48685 Activity:nil
        Berkeley's protesting tree-sitters face eviction
2007/11/14-17 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:48641 Activity:kinda low
11/14   Berkeley doesn't make list of Top 25 campuses with most
        international students:
        \_ Good. Less chance of having terrorists on campus     -conservative
        \_ Are you sure about this? This seems improbable to me..
           \_ Must be true.  I read it on the web.
              \_ Must be true, I read it on the motd.
2007/11/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:48601 Activity:nil
11/10   GO BEARS!
        \_ red zone, lost yardage, false start - no score!
        \_ Bears suck this year. No, they don't suck, but they are very
2007/10/11-15 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:48291 Activity:kinda low
10/11   How a secret backroom deal between The Governor and
        The Chancellor have sealed the UC into a permanent low
        level of funding:
        \_ So, bad as this is, 2011 is not "permanent."
        \_ Um, bad as this is, 2011 is not "permanent."
           \_ While I don't support op or the article's editorials, the way
              I read it, the author is pushing the idea that by 2011, UC
              system may have lost much of what made it great, making it
              difficult, though probably not "permanent" to regain its
              excellence and status. I mean, would you have decided to come
              to Cal if you had to pay 10-15k tuition a year to attend
              a university where half of the classes are taught by TAs and
              faculty members were mediocre? You'd have to throw a lot more
              money at the problem if it ever gets that bad to fix it.
              \_ how is that different from most research universities
                 including most of private ones? TAs for most part "teach"
                 the discussion sections only. The only class that I had
                 including most of private ones? At Cal, TAs for most part
                 "teach" the discussion sections only. The only class that I had
                 that was entirely taught by a grad student was RHET 1A/B.
                 When research universities hire new faculty, no one really
                 cares whether the candidate is a good teacher anyways. It's
                 all about research. That's the reality of the US research
                 universities, and I kind of like it, because it teaches people
                 to fend for themselves and not to expect to be spoonfed
                 all the time.
                 "teach" the discussion sections only. The only class that
                 I had that was entirely taught by a grad student was RHET
                 1A/B. When research universities hire new faculty, no one
                 really cares whether the candidate is a good teacher
                 anyways. It's all about research. That's the reality of
                 the US research universities, and I kind of like it,
                 because it teaches people to fend for themselves and not
                 to expect to be spoonfed all the time.
                 \_ TAs leading discussion section is fine, but at least
                    at when I last took summer sessions years back, many
                    summer sessions were taught by non-professors. I also
                    agree with you in that one of the stronger teaching tool
                    present at Cal compared to, say, Stanford, is the "fend
                    for themselves" nature. It may just be that I'm not as
                    capable as you are, but I do wish there was a just a tad
                    more hand-holding for me when I was an undergrad. That
                    aside, even if as a college-bound high school student or
                    a parent of one, if you had to pay similar amount of
                    tuition to send yourself/kid to a "public" school with
                    the "fend for yourself" mentality or a private school,
                    would the choice have been easy to make? And what if
                    there weren't even good *research* faculties at this
                    public school? I mean, why did you choose Cal, instead of,
                    say, Irvine or other UC's? Quality of faculty, regardless
                    of whether or not they're good teachers, matter. And the
                    article is suggesting that we are losing out on bid for
                    quality faculty members due to lack of funds. -pp
2007/9/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley, Reference/Military] UID:48045 Activity:moderate
9/13    I don't know if any students still read this, but I know some
        staff does. Be careful out there:
        (Crime wave targeting Cal students) -ausman
        \_ Thanks ausmas, this is one of the reasons that I want to get
           a taser.                                     -taser below
           \_ The reasons so many muggings involve people getting beat up
              first is if a group of people run up to you and hit you hard
              99% of the people's reaction is to be stunned for a bit.
              Stunned and on the ground most likely.  Which gives someone
              plenty of time to grab your stuff and run off.  Muggings aren't
              fights, if done right you don't have any warning.
              \_ Yeah and if there are >1 muggers, your taser isn't really
                 going to help you. Just avoid black people.
              \_ yes. train in handling a gun and it'll be second nature to not
                 be stunned and gun down 2 or more muggers
                 \_ And the you'll wake up.
        \_ Wow, that celaya is a bit of a dolt.  Can we get a brighter Asst.
           chief please?  "one off the street, and another one fills his shoes."
           It's not like there are limited spots.
2007/8/31-9/3 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:47842 Activity:nil
        More useless proof that Berkeley >> Stanfurd:
        stanfurd < ucla < harvard < berkeley
        \_ Better than for what?
2007/8/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:47569 Activity:kinda low
8/9     correct me if im wrong but i think someone has to 'add'
        you in Facebook before you can see their profile so I don't
        understand this story
        \_ If a person is in one of your networks, and you have your profile
           set to viewable by anyone in your network (eg. Silicon Valley
           network or Berkeley network), then they can see your profile.
2007/8/4-22 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:47531 Activity:nil
8/4     Q: What's the address of UC Berkeley? Assume that a person did not
        know which department to send something to and they were trying to
        route mail in a general sense. Thanks.
        \_ Berkeley, CA 94720
2007/7/30-8/2 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:47470 Activity:nil
7/30    Berkeley Breahted on Thompson:
2007/7/5 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:47182 Activity:nil
7/5     i love berkeley
        \_ I thought DMV requires one to explain the meaning of the custom
           license plate number when one is requested.  (Unless DMV thinks one
           'k' and two 'k's are different enough.)
           \_ If you can't make up something you don't deserve a plate like
2007/4/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:46326 Activity:nil
4/17    Charles Ng. Crazy Hmong sharpshooter. Angry 24 year old Chinese
        engineering student. What is wrong with you Asian people?
        \_ The Virginia Tech student has been identified as Cho Seung-hui, an
           English major from South Korea.
           \_ and in the U.S. since ~9 years old.  went to high school in VA.
           \_ and in the U.S. since 8 years old.  went to high school in VA.
        \_ I made a prediction that it's an Asian bro who isn't getting
           enough or any poon. Just look at what sparked the Unabomber.
           Same thing!
           \_ I saw hundreds of them when I went to UC Berkeley.  This is why
              porn is essential.
2007/4/2-3 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/Berkeley] UID:46177 Activity:nil
4/2     Cal makes the MPAA's Piracy Top 25 list: (
2006/10/7-10 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:44719 Activity:nil
10/7    Why is Jerry Brown white and Jerry White brown? It just doesn't
        make any sense!
        \_ Why is Chinese named Dong not have long dong?!
           \_ Judge me by my size, do you?
        \_ Wasn't there a fairly outspoken ASUC Senator at UC Berkeley a
           while back named Arian White?  If I recall correctly, that dude
           was black (and pretty militant about being black, too).  That's
           what we call either irony, or a cruel practical joke by Arian
           White's black father and black mother.
2006/10/3-5 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:44642 Activity:nil
10/3    Another Berkeley physics Nobel:
        \_ StanFurd picks up a nobel as well (medicine):
           \_ And now one in Chemistry. However, Fire (the medicine winner
              from Stanford) was a UC Berkeley math undergrad, so we can
              partially claim him.
              \_ Well, the NASA guy on the physics prize got his phd from
                 Berkeley also, so same deal there.
2006/9/29-10/1 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:44599 Activity:nil
9/29    The Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival starts today.
        Free workshops and open gym all weekend (5PM Friday to 5PM Sunday),
        variety show (hosted by Frank Olivier) Saturday 7:30 ($10 admission,
        $5 kids).  King Middle School, 1781 Rose Street, north Berkeley.  -tom
2006/9/23-25 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/Berkeley] UID:44505 Activity:nil
9/22    Yeah, Economist:
        \_ "When the University of California, Berkeley briefly considered
            introducing means-based affirmative action, it rejected the idea
            on the ground that 'using poverty yields a lot of poor white
            kids and poor Asian kids.'"
           Yeah, we wouldn't want more of those hard working poor asian kids
           who like math and science and will become contributing members of
           society to come to Cal. That would just be WRONG, now wouldn't it.
2006/9/15-19 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:44389 Activity:nil
9/15    Posh dorms, yay! In Berkeley? MOOOOOO! When pigs fly. -i hate ucb
        \_ DePaul University?  Uhhh, right.  With a good education (i.e.
           Berkeley and not some posh joker school), you can *earn* money
           and *buy* a good life, rather than living high for four years on
           debt, then working at WalMart.
           \_ Bentonville, Arkansas, the site of WalMart's headquarters, has
              more millionaires per capita than any other city in the nation
              (and the planet).
           \_ Pretty sure if mommy & daddy send you off to school in a limo
              you won't end up working at WalMart, no matter how crappy your
              school is.
              \_ First of all, I think many of the kids at these rip-off
                 schools have parents who can't afford them, but pay for it
                 on debt because they think they have to.  And yes, those
                 kids are likely to get hosed, and end up at walmart or
                 25k/yr white collar hell.  Second of all, I now live in a
                 town full of trust fund parasites, and I wouldn't trade
                 my life as a tech person who actually has something to work
                 on that I give a shit about for theirs for any amount of
                 money.  Third of all, if you're really in the super-rich
                 class, and have no intention of seriously working, why
                 go to some shitty college at all?  Why not go windsurf and
                 screw hot chicks all year round?
                 \_ DUH because it's easier to meet hot chicks in school.
                    \_ Just not in Berkeley because they are all butt-ugly
                       and hairy here.
        \_ Remember kids, captitalism is bad!
2006/6/29-7/3 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Recreation/Sports] UID:43522 Activity:nil
6/29    Anyone know of a place around berkeley to buy Replica Soccer Jerseys?
2006/5/26-31 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43199 Activity:nil
5/26    I keep getting the Forefront magazine from the College of Engineering
        as well as massive desperate spam mails asking me to donate money
        to college of engineering, as well as to the general Berkeley
        campus itself. I'd like to 1) stop getting all useless publications
        that fill my mail box, 2) stop getting spam mails from the College of
        Engineering, 3) stop getting spam mails from Berkeley itself.
        How did they track my real address, and how do I do make them
        stop? Thanks.
        \_ Why don't you donate, just to the Gold fund (the one where
           they want 1000 alumni to donate $25). y
           they want 1000 alumni to donate $25).
           \_ I am not the op.  But every time I get these, the
              fact that Berkeley disapproved my in-state recidency
              3 times on the ground that I went home for Xmas and
              Thanksgiving always makes me think twice about donating.
              \_ probably rejected u cuz you can't spell or write english
                 or figure out how to properly work the system like many
                 others have easily done to get residency.
              \_ Well, if you "went home" then I guess they were right.
                 You realize what residency means, right?
                 You realize what residency means, right? -dim
                 \_ None of this home/not-home shit has anything to do with
                    him donating or not.  If he hated UC he shouldn't donate.
                    If he liked it and had a great time, he should consider
                    donating.  -- paid in-state, hated UC, won't ever donate
                 \_ Don't be an ass.  "Going home" does not mean "having
                    your residency there", and as an out of state student,
                    his tuition difference was a lot more than $25.  -John
                    \_ If his home wasn't here then he's not a resident. Period.
                    \_ If his home wasn't here then he's not a resident. Period. -dim
                       \_ dim wit
                       \_ moron, my mother still says she went "home" (to the
                          midwest) for christmas.  She has lived in california
                          for over 30 years, do you think she is not a resident?
                          \_ She might say that, but it's not technically
                             true. If it was, then she's not a resident either.
                             My mom says she goes 'home' to Holland, because
                             she grew up there, but it's just a figure
                             of speech.
                             \_ dim wit
                       \_ I've not lived in CA since 1997.  I'm not legally
                          a resident anymore.  My home, however, is there,
                          capisce?  Also, UC admissions disagrees with you:
                          \_ How can your home be in CA when you haven't
                             lived here for 10 years? Also, I read the
                             UC page and you'll have to point out there
                             UC page and you'll have to point out where
                             it disagrees. I don't see it.
                             \_ fucking dim wit
                             \_ My mom lives there.  I grew up there.  I can
                                always go back there.  Ergo, it is home.  And
                                the UC definition lays out the conditions
                                pretty clearly.  Visiting your family over the
                                holidays does not contradict "relinquish(ing)
                                residence in other states."  It's not that
                                difficult to understand.  -John
                                \_ And, yet, the guy above says that's what
                                   UC told him. My guess is that it's
                                   because he didn't merely "visit family over
                                   the holidays" like he says.
                                   \_ Well then that's a different story and
                                      not what we're discussing :-)  -John
                                      \_ I just think the use of the phrase
                                         "went home" is telling. That phrase
                                         is often not used literally and
                                         can mean "visited my family" but
                                         in context (guy is applying for
                                         and then denied residency) I think
                                         it's to be taken literally. He
                                         never intended to establish residency.
                                         I wonder if he still lives in CA.
                                         \_ Jesus Christ dim wit, you must
                                            have the the word don't you?
                                            Just admit you're an idiot and
                                            move on.
                                            \_ Yes, I must have "the the word".
           \_ You think donating will encourage them to stop?
        \_ Why don't you write them to tell them to stop? The address
           is in the spam mail.  Then they will stop. Give them 4-8 weeks
           to update records though.  Also remember that engineering dept
           and alumni house might have different databases, so if you
           continue to get spam, then just write another letter or
           call. Be patient. Finally, don't be a fucking cheapskate and
           donate something, give something back, make UCB better, you can
           specify what fund/program you want to donate to.
           As for how they track you: they got your SSN, DOB, last known
           addresses and more. Figure it out, college graduate.
2006/5/21 [Recreation/Stripclub, Academia/Berkeley] UID:43130 Activity:nil
5/20    Andrew Martinez, famous as "The Naked Guy" found dead in cell:
2006/5/19-22 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:43113 Activity:nil
5/19    "Churchill falsified, fabricated and plagiarized" research, but
        only 1 of 5 committee members recommend firing him?  Wha??
        \_ Letter from his wife, J.D. Yale
           ob I don't support suicide bombers
           "The message is clear: politically unacceptable speech will be
           punished, in one way or another."
           \_ Interesting.  It's as if a man commited arson, then was
              accused of murder and burglary as well.  Later the charges
              of murder and burglary are dropped, so Miss Saito argues
              that the arson charges should be dropped as well.
              \_ perhaps that's why none of the committee members recommended
                 that he suffer no consequences.  also, Saito disputes the
                 severity of the "arson" claim:
                 "... University of Colorado has, thus far, been forced to
                 retreat to arguments over what constitutes compliance with
                 academic standards in a tiny fraction of Ward Churchill's
                 publications".  I don't know whether what she says is true.
                 \_ She doesn't really dispute it directly, she just kind
                    of implies that they must not be true because some of
                    the other charges were dropped.  It's not unusal to
                    drop all but the strictly, certainly proveable
                    \_ I think it would help this discussion if someone
                       found the committee report.  But I can certainly see
                       a situation where the plagiarism was bad enough to
                       warrant suspension (mitigated by merits), but not
                       bad enough to warrant firing.
                       In contrast, I can also see a situation where four Col.
                       hippy bush-hatah professors are fighting the power
                       and not voting for firing.  Which is more accurate?
                       I don't know.
                 that he should suffer no consequences
                       \_ Faculty take the idea of tenure very seriously;
                          it is extremely rare for any tenured faculty
                          member to be fired for any academic offense.  -tom
                          \_ That makes sense.  Hwang Woo-Suk is probably
                             an easy one, though.  Though the dog was real.
                          \_ That's not "taking the idea of tenure
                             seriously" that's just plain old corruption.
                             "We take acedemic honesty very seriously,
                             except when it might threaten my friend's
                             \_ I don't think Churchill has many friends
                                at the university.   -tom
                                \_ They don't care about Churchill, they care
                                   about the tenure system.  By protecting
                                   him they protect themselves.
2006/5/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:43070 Activity:nil
5/15    This is fucked up
        \_ Those wacky Germans!  -John
        \_ #1 Threat to America
        \_ That's fucked that they penned the monkey in there with no place to
           \_ They said they'd coexisted peacefully for many years.
              \_ Then that monkey just HAD to go and make that crack about
                 the bear's mother....
2006/3/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley, Reference/Military] UID:42177 Activity:moderate
3/10    It had to happen eventually - danh
        \_ It happened because Timothy was reckless. Living with bears gave
           him as much rush as having unprotected sex with random hookers.
           He played roulette. He won most of the time. But chance caught up.
        \_ It's possible this is a the real audio, but the text doesn't fit
           the facts terribly well.
           \_ How so? It seems to fit from what I know.
              \_ They found more than just "2 skulls" and I'm pretty sure the
                 bear(s) wouldn't be "eating him alive"
                  \_ What are you talking about? That's not on that link...
           \_ [whoops, nevermind]
           \_ (
              It's probably the real audio, or two minutes out of six.
              The text may not be accurate (more mauling than eating).
              Basically the "Play dead" trick doesn't work if the salmon run
              just ended, you've camped out on top of the bear trail to the
              salmon run (so you can meet more bears), it's an old bear who
              can't compete with the younger ones and is really hungry, it
              weighs 1000 pounds, it's just before hibernation time, it
              surprised you by putting your head in its mouth while you were
              up close trying to make nice with it, and the best armament
              your buddy has is a frying pan.
              \_ I wish they hadn't shot the bear, or the younger one that
                 was in the area. The bear was just being a bear. No reason
                 to shoot it. They could have tranq'd it or scared it.
                 \_ No, once a bear has identified humans as prey, it
                    will tend to attack again.  That's why nimrods like
                    this guy are really hurting the animals.  -tom
                    this guy are really hurting the animals.  -tom, bear expert
           Bear (pepper) spray, with video re-enactment and Bear Safety Tips!
        \_ Sounds fake to me.
2005/12/23-28 [Academia/Berkeley, Recreation/Sports] UID:41127 Activity:moderate
12/22   Go BEARS!!!
        \_ Learn to spell. It's GO BEAH!
                           \- It's "it's".
           \_ yeah, I miss him too.
              \_ I remember awhile ago, he came to one of my classes to give
                 a talk, and he reminisced about wanting to be a basketball
                 player in the NBA when he was a teenager.         -mice
2005/11/23 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley] UID:40722 Activity:nil
2005/10/21-24 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:40216 Activity:low
10/21   Why does chemistry deserve its own college, while other science fields
        like physics, biology, CS, etc. are all cramped together in one college
        which also houses the arts fields?
        \_ I'm not really sure, but I'm betting on "historical reasons."
           \_ Cursory research indicates that the CoC was one of the early
              colleges. While some colleges (CivE, Mechanics, Mining, etc) have
              since combined into larger colleges such as the CoE, the CoC has
              never done so. It looks like the decision to merge was made by
              the various colleges, not by the university, so it's not like
              there was some sort of decree to merge down. Incidentally, UCB
              has 14 colleges/schools, so it's not like chem is the only small
              college on campus. -gm
        \_ Why does it matter?  I'd prefer my department not waste resources
           supporting an entire 'college' and instead share administrative
           and other non-academic duties with other fields leaving more time
           and resources for academics.  And isn't that what it is all about?
           What do you see having a "college" does for Chem students that
           'merely' being in a 'cramped' department with all those 'arts'
           people doesn't do for all those non-Chem students?  Of all the
           things I could bitch about my time at Cal, Chem having it's own
           College never came to mind.
           \_ I was in L&S, but I had a friend in Chemistry. It was much
              easier for him to deal with his college in all aspects. As
              you know, dealing with L&S is crazy. Even dealing with
              the College of Engineering (when I had to) was easier than
              L&S. L&S has so many students. The details are fuzzy, but I
              know that CoC provided services that L&S did not.
              \_ I agree that L&S was a busy place but you only need 2 things
                 to get anything you want from them: 1) you have to make
                 friends with any one guidance person/advisor and 2) you must
                 understand that any and every rule can be broken if someone
                 is willing to sign off on it; see item #1 above.
        \_ Berkeley is the only university in the U.S. to have a College of
           Chemistry.  It's for historical and political reasons.  Certainly
           in any sane organization, Chemistry would be under L&S.  -tom
           \_ What's the political reason please?
              \_ Once a unit has autonomy, it never wants to give it up.  -tom
        \_ College of CHemistry is number #1 in the world. so they get lots of
           money from the oil companies. - chemical engineer
           \_ Would they get less money if everything else was the same except
              they were under L&S?  Would CS get more if it was the College of
        \_ Why does a Physics major get a BA while an Engineer get a BS?
           \_ Who cares?  Once you graduate you're either going some place that
              can spell "Berkeley" or you're not.  If you're not it won't
              matter which degree you have.  If they can spell it, they already
              know the program and understand and don't care.
           \_ Traditionally, I think it was Trade vs. Knowledge.
           \_ What's worse is that a Computer *Science* major gets an AB while
              a Business Admin major gets a BS.
              \_ "BS" is appropriate.
                 \_ lol!
                    \_ aol
2005/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley, Health/Men] UID:39694 Activity:nil
9/15    Come on all of you big strong men
        \- Post the text somewhere and give us al link.
           \_ Lame.
              This is the song everyone at UC Berkeley in the 60s knew by
              heart and is the song that changed the world.
2005/9/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:39656 Activity:low
9/13    Anthro professor investigated student life by becoming a student:
        'In the book, I look at things that the university says it wants to
        focus on. They say, "We're a community of scholars, we're a community
        of diversity, we're about intellectual life." That's what the
        university thinks it is. From what I saw, the student's version of
        these concepts is very different.'
        \_ oh gawd, not to criticize necessarily, but did anyone else find this
           really boring?  basically:  students at fourth-tier university don't
           like to give the impression that they're studying hard so they're
           not branded as nerds/overachievers, they care more about grades than
           learning anything, they take loans to pay for tuition/housing, and
           part-time jobs to pay for iPods and random entertainment crap.
           \_ FWIW, Berkeley students are exactly the same way - only
              difference I can see is that Mommy and Daddy usually pay for the
              iPod and the random entertainment crap.
              \_ I didn't find a lot of Berkeley students to be particularly
                 wealthy, spoiled, or coddled. Some were. It's nothing
                 like private school, though. You should see the kids at
                 the private liberal arts colleges. I found UCB students
                 to be harder-working and less-privileged than many.
                 Addendum: I found a lot of academic, political, and
                 philosophical discussion at UCB. I submit the MOTD as an
                 example. That the professor thinks her students and those
                 at Yale aren't much different is what makes an NAU
                 professor and a Yale professor different.
                 \_ Ditto.  For all the extremism and stupidity I was extremely
                    impressed by the general character of the people I was at
                    Cal with.  FWIW, in the "real world" I've also generally
                    found the above to be peoples' view of Berkeley.  -John
2005/9/10-12 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:39617 Activity:nil
9/10    Go Bears!
2005/8/27-29 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:39301 Activity:nil
        UC Berkeley Sather Tower from the satellite. Click on it a few
        times so that we can beat the Furds in the number counts!!!
2005/8/25-26 [Academia/GradSchool, Academia/Berkeley] UID:39284 Activity:nil
8/25    Does anyone know if retaking a course you got a D or F in should result
        in getting both grades counted in your GPA or just the latter grade?
        I intentionally failed a class a few years back and retook it, but
        just now realized that I got an RD and both were included in my GPA,
        bringing it down quite a bit...
        \_ I got an F, re-took the course, and the new A grade took precedence.
           The F is still on my transcript, although not counted in the GPA.
           BTW, what is an RD grade?
           \_ i think you can do this for up to 16 units. then it gets averaged
                into your GPA..
                \_ Yes, it's something like this. It's still on the
                   transcript, however.
              \_ here's a link, it says only 12 units
                 \_ thanks much! i guess i have to go through registrar hell.
        \_ RD = "Original D grade; units attempted, units passed and grade
                points counted"
           Is orreg@uclink the best email to use to contact the registrar to
           get my GPA fixed? Anyone have any experience with this?
2005/6/1-3 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito] UID:37932 Activity:nil
6/1     Received in my Berkeley Online e-mail:
        "Marquesa Lawrence, a UC Berkeley outreach officer, is appearing in a
        new ABC-TV reality show called 'The Scholar,' in which 10 outstanding
        high school students from across the country live together while
        competing to win a full scholarship, valued at $250,000, to the college
        of their choice. Lawrence is one of three judges on a 'scholarship
        committee' that assesses the students' performance."
        (I recommend a new reality show called, "The USCA Co-op":
        Is aspolito hoarding the Oreos?  What is this week's House Manager
        \_ I never horded food!  Co-op food horders suck. -aspo
        \_ ooh!  house manager scandals!  my favorite was when we thought our
           house manager was dead, but it just turned out he was crashing after
           a week-long speed binge, and was sleeping for three days.
           \_ Whiskey-stained buck-toothed Backwards creep
              Grizzly bear motherfucker Never goes to sleep
2005/4/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:37318 Activity:nil
4/22    any ESL classes at UC Berkeley? any co-ops on north side?
        \_ Yes and Yes.
2005/3/28-30 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:36928 Activity:nil
3/28    Worried about bike theft downtown?
2005/3/25 [Academia/Berkeley, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:36876 Activity:high
3/25    Ward Churchill is coming to Berkeley! (
        \_ i think he was at codys a few weeks ago, no one died. - danh
           \_ That's unfortunate. -alexf
              \_ Do you really oppose academic freedom of speech? -ausman
                 \_ Yes. I realize it's extremely difficult to judge such any
                    particular case where the "academic freedom of speech"
                    argument is invoked, but I do believe there ought to be
                    bounds on the use of the academic pulpit to advocate
                    terrorism or other forms of utterly unjustifiable, by any
                    remotely rational argument, violence. How to adjudicate
                    such cases is a different problem, and I (or anyone else,
                    it seems) do not know of a complete answer. But that does
                    _not_, in my mind, render the behavior immediately immune
                    from justice. -alexf
                    \_ A lot of idiocy could be prevented if these bullshit
                       "studies" departments were eliminated.  The arguement
                       that because "ethnic studies" or "african american
                       studies" are new warrants new departments is specious.
                       When someone invents a new field of math, they are
                       still in the math department, and still have to prove
                       to other mathematicians that they're doing real work
                       in order to get tenure.  Yet these people in ethnic
                       studies operate with no real peer review outside their
                       tiny, politically charged world.  I don't think this
                       asshole would have gotten tenure in a history department
                       at a school like CU.
                       \_ Sure, because history departments are dominated by
                          the elite white man genocidal oppressors and subject
                          to their agenda!
                 \_ I'm not sure how expressing disappointment or criticism of
                    an individual whose views one disagrees with can be
                    characterized as ``opposition to academic freedom of
                    speech.''  Perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us?
                    Unless, of course, you're the one opposed to academic
                    freedom of speech. -dans
                    \_ Do you believe that murder is speech? Alex said that
                       it is unfortunately no one died. I think it would be
                       it is unfortunate no one died. I think it would be
                       great if a bunch of protestors showed up to express
                       disagreement. I think it would be a tragedy if someone
                       was killed over it. -ausman
                       \_ Ah, I parsed that as ``That's unfortunate [that
                          Churchill was at codys a few weeks ago].''  It
                          appears you parsed it as ``That's unfrotunate
                          [nobody died attending Churchill's appearance at
                          codys a few weeks ago].''  Eh.  What can I say,
                          natural language parsing is a bitch.  I assumed the
                          former because I know alexf to be a generally
                          reasonable individual who is not prone to making
                          part-serious statements like ``So-and-so needs
                          killing.''  And of course I don't think murder is
                          speech.  Don't be a git, who do you think I am, Tim
                          May? -dans
                          \_ Interesting thread, guys. Somewhat contrary to
                             dans's assessment, I did _not_ mean to say it's
                             unfortunate that he was at Cody's, but rather
                             that no one died. However the statement, need
                             this be clarified, was meant as humorous
                             hyperbole, although I do think the world would be
                             an appreciably better place if Ward Churchill did
                             not exist. -alexf
                             \_ I was amused.  You get a gold star. -dans
2005/2/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:36393 Activity:moderate
2/23    City of Berkeley sues UC Berkeley
        I always think these kind of lawsuits are funny.  If it wasn't for
        UC Berkeley, Berkeley would just be another part of Oakland.
        \_ I hope UC's lawyers crush these fuckers like little bugs.
           \_ From reading the article, it's not clear to me who's in the
              right, and correspondingly, right by how much.
              \_ I see what you're saying, but unless the city of Berkeley
                 has changed drastically in the six years since I left, I'll
                 side with the University against the City without bothering
                 to learn the details.  Fuck the city.
                 \_ Every time the UC expands into city land it increases the
                    city's costs and parking problems while taking away from
                    the tax base.
                    \_ Overall, UCB adds to the tax base by creating
                       high-paying jobs and adding population. It is to
                       Berkeley's benefit to have UCB. Without UCB Berkeley
                       would indeed be like Oakland.
                       \_ Not to mention attracting employers.  My first
                          employer was founded near campus years ago just
                          because of the supply of CS co-ops and fresh grads.
                 \_ You all have it backwards. The university has been fucking
                    over the city for years.
                    \_ How so?  Link?
                       \_ The original article gives several examples.
                          \_ NO it didn't.  You mean like this?
                             "UC Berkeley now pays more than $500,000 a year to
                             the city, mostly for sewage service, a campus
                             spokeswoman said. The campus has offered to
                             increase the amount to $1.2 million. However, city
                             officials say a fair figure would be more than $2
                             Sounds like the city is a bunch of whiners.
                             \_ No, it sounds like they understand negotiation.
                                \_ Huh? So, they're getting screed because
                                   they're good at negotiation?
2004/11/23 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:35041 Activity:high
11/23   How do alumni losers score four (4) Rose Bowl tickets?  Is there any
        viable way other than staying on the phone on ticketmaster or buying
        them off Cal season ticket holders / current students?  I assume
        they're going to be $120 a pop.  Thanks in advance.
        \_ I'm still tryig to understand this alumni football thing.  Did
           you like  football as an undergrad also, or did you somehow get
           brainwashed after graduation?  -'98 alumnus who still hates football
           \_ Season tickets were much easier to get when our team wasn't
              as good.  I got to watch Cal slap San Jose St 55-0.
              -meyers, 96 alumnus who still likes football
           \_ Yes, I liked Cal football when I was an undergrad.  The band
              was great.  Mariucci was great for the year he was there.
              Tien was great while he was alive. -op '97
              \_  After all the things Tien did in his life before being
                  chancelor and after all the things he did for Berkeley,
                  I think it's pretty sad that alumni are remembering him
                  for his role as a cheerleader.
                  \_ I wasn't in school during Tien's reign but I think of him
                     fondly based on these stories, even the go beah
                     type.  The only time Berdahl ever got involved in any
                     school-spirit related activity was when he threatened
                     arrest for the frat guys who stole the Axe.  Fuck Berdahl.
                     Go Tien.  Go Beah!
                     \_ they stole the tree costume, and one of those guys
                        has recently become a regular poster on
                  \-i hate corrupt college sports but even i think this is
                    ridiculous. what is being acknowledged is tien's affection
                    for the instiution and the undergrad students. people
                    appreciate his non-aloofness compared to say ira michael
                    heyman. go beah! --psb
                    \_ Tien was the only UC chancellor/provost I've heard of
                       who made rounds of the libraries after midnight before
                       finals. His was a hell of an act to follow. -- ulysses
                       \- ROSEBUD! --psb
                  \_ I remember him for helping bring in shitloads of money.
                     - other alum
                  \_ That's a pretty cynical opinion. -op
           \_ Had my heart broken by Bears in the 1990 Big Game, am finally
              beginning to think they have a chance again. --erikred
              \_ I still can't believe it, and I went to 3 home games. I
                 mean, I'm still waiting for it to all fall apart. It's hard
                 to get rid of that negative mentality after so many years
                 of teh suck.
                 \_ Now multiply by 7, and that's how the Red Sox fans felt.
        \_ $120, heh.
2004/11/15-16 [Academia/StanfUrd, Academia/Berkeley] UID:34887 Activity:low
11/15   I wasn't all that excited when I learned that Times ranked Cal #2,
        until I found today that Stanfurd ranked #7.
           \_ Granted the criterea, Cal's rank following Harvard sounds right.
           I don't know about the sciences or the professional schools, but
           the truism in the humanities & the social sciences is that
           less status-obsessed schools like Cal and UChicago are good places
           to be productive, while Harvard is a good place to die. --elizp
              \_ URL, please. And it kills me that Cal football is #4.
                 Still doesn't guarantee a Big Game win.
                 \_  -tom
                    \_ is there an open login? csuamotd/csuamotd doesn't work
                    I lost the link to the .pdf file that lists the scores of
                    all 500 universities.
                    \_ ETH, ANU, LSE and especially Singapore are way overrated
                       here. UCSF and Caltech are hard to compare to large
        \_ "... academics worldwide regard Harvard as an excellent institution,
           although they rate Berkeley more highly.
           "... Harvard has reached the pinnacle by doing well in both of
           our most highly weighted criteria - peer review and the number
           of paper citations per faculty member"
           Granted the criterea, Cal's rank following Harvard sounds right.
           I don't know about the sciences or the professional schools, but
           the truism in the humanities & the social sciences is that
           less status-obsessed schools like Cal and UChicago are good places
           to be productive, while Harvard is a good place to die. --elizp
        \_ in terms of what? academics? sports? prestige?
           \_ Academics.
              \_ URL, please. And it kills me that Cal football is #4.
                 Still doesn't guarantee a Big Game win.
                 \_  -tom
                    \_ is there an open login? csuamotd/csuamotd doesn't work
                    I lost the link to the .pdf file that lists the scores of
                    all 500 universities.
                    \_ ETH, ANU, LSE and especially Singapore are way overrated
                       here. UCSF and Caltech are hard to compare to large
2004/11/1 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:34518 Activity:nil
11/1    Live105 doing an election special.  Feat. Berkeley College Repubs!
2004/10/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34252 Activity:nil 50%like:35307
10/20   UC Berkeley Data stolen (from /., but motd is boring today)
        \_ What kind of computer was hacked?
2004/9/28-10/2 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:33793 Activity:nil
9/28    I have a cousin in France who would like to do an internship at
        UC Berkeley.  He is an undergrad majoring in networking and
        telecommunications.  I would be grateful if people could suggest
        possible labs, research groups, or people to contact. Thanks. -emin

         _ Restored by popular request  --motd selective un-nuke angel
        \_ Does anyone at Berkeley do internships like this for Ugrads?
           \_ I saw it happen one summer in a lab I was working in. But the
              guy (who was from an ivy league) had some personal connection
              to the prof.
              \-We had a math student from france here [LBL] for about
                6weeks but it is the first time we have done something
                like this. I dont know if we are going to continue to do
                this. But this was something the student secured sort of
                through individual initiative [writing to the prof etc]
                rather than applying to an existing program. Over the
                summer we might be interested in somebody with a good
                background in statistical decision making and tcp/ip
                networking, but not so much telecomm background. To be
                frank your relative is competing against grad students
                who are USA people ... so something has to make them
                worth it. The student in question was 1. a woman [so may
                have fallen under some women in science program] 2. from
                the ENS so she may have had some profs with personal
                connections to the division chair here. i only helped her
                with some programming problems so i dont know if she had
                a giant brain. --psb
2004/9/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:33347 Activity:moderate
9/3     Bears may delay start of Romanian school year: (Yahoo! News)
        \_ That's why I oppose the right to arm bears!
        \_ They are "seeking a solution?"  Doesn't killing them still
           solve the problem?  Oh no! Zombie Bears!
        \_ Let the bears pay the bear tax!  I pay the Homer tax!
           \_ dammit, I wanted that one.
        \_ GO BEARS!
           \_ You mean GO BEAH!
2004/8/30 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:33236 Activity:high 53%like:35052
8/30    Ilyas!  A thread was deleted out of order!! I WANT JUSTICE!! -meyers
        \_ I have to care about a thread first.  Get your own justice if you
           want. -- ilyas
        \_ GO BEARS!
           \_ You mean GO BEAH! right?
              \_ RIP Chancellor Tien!
2004/8/1-2 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:32620 Activity:high
8/1     Outfoxed >> F911
        \_ One day, everything in Berkeley named Hearst will be renamed
           Murdoch. Murdoch Greek Theater, Murdoch Street, Murdoch Hall,
           Murdoch Mining Circle. Even the Hearst Castle in will be
           renamed Muroch Castle.
        \_ Not hard to do.
           \_ seen it yet?
              \_ Well, I saw F911, but not outfoxed.  That went straight to
                 video, right?
2004/4/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley, Science/Electric] UID:13230 Activity:nil
4/16    What's the website that lets you see how full classes are? I graduated
        a few years ago but need to sign my sister up for her classes (she
        \_ RIDE BIKE!
        gave me Power of Telebears, similar to Power of Attorney).
        \_ daily -, click the "current enrollment" to
           get realtime? from course web system
2004/3/31-4/1 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:12956 Activity:moderate
        So let me get this straight: The current drop deadline is WHEN?
        8th week? After generations of getting to make fun of Stanford
        students for getting to drop classes super late, now it turns out
        Berkeley has whiny students about the same thing? Undergrads are
        getting soft. 5th week is plenty long.
        \_ The Dean of Undergraduate Division is named Robert Holub???
           clearly there's some conspiracy here...
        \_ Well, grades have long been inflated, so why not later drop deadline
           too?  Pretty soon every Cal grad has 3+ GPAs.
           \_ First time I've ever heard of grade inflation at Cal. When
              did this start? I remember 50% of the Physics 7ABC students
              getting C+ because that's how the department wanted the
              curve to be.
        \_ Stanford can drop up until 2 weeks before the end of classes;
           far later than Cal.
           \_ That's not true. It's 4 weeks, not 8. You can WITHDRAW later,
              but it appears on your transcript; it's not a drop.
              \_ but it doesn't count against your GPA.
              \_ Real men have multiple Ws on their transcripts.
        \_ UCD drop deadline: 10 days.
           \_ also note, UCD is on quarter system
              \_ == 3 weeks on semester system. Again, 5 weeks on semester
                 system is plenty long.
                 \_ I agree -- I came from a quarter system -- but I thought
                    it should be pointed out.
        \_ Who deleted my post about the insanity of the week 5 drop deadline?
           It's a nutty date.  I'll be brief this time since I don't feel
           like digging it out of the archives: when midterms often don't
           even start until week 6, it is completely useless and ridiculous
           to make week 5 the drop deadline.
           \_ Allowing students to drop classes has nothing to do with
              letting them get out of a class because they're not
              doing well.
2004/3/31-4/2 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:12952 Activity:nil
3/31    Int'l programming contest results up:
        Berkeley did not qualify, having lost to four Canadian teams,
        Nevada-Reno, and Eastern Washington University. Woo hoo! Go Bears!
        \_ and all without AA to blame this time.
        \_ that's what we get for diluting our talent into into 2 teams
           \_ Yeah, like the University of British Columbia did. Then all
              three of their teams crushed all of ours.
              \_ UBC rules! Go Canada!
                 \_ At least we lost to other Americans and not foreigners.
2004/3/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:12538 Activity:nil
3/5     The University wants your feedback on a draft of its "Principles of
        Community" mission statement. As someone who remembers the lecture
        courses of 250+ students and a few garishly cold TAs from her
        undergraduate years, I found it hilarious! Now's your chance
        to let the University know what you think of its "caring and
        support for all campus community members" (I'm not making it up!):
        \_ Hehe, I saw this yesterday and cannot imagine how it would be
           any more relevant than a "mission statement."  What a waste of
           \_ I think it's in line with them suggesting students charged with
              conduct violations don't need lawyers, because it's an
              "educational" process.  Also how GSI's can't have a union because
              they're "not employees".
              \_ Just for the record: When you're not categorized as an
                 employee (as many grad students are not), you don't have to
                 pay certain taxes (social security, unemployment, etc.),
                 which is a good thing if you're a starving student.
                 \_ This is not the case at UC Berkeley, at least. Yes, the UC
                    managed to finagle its way out of SS payments, but my wife
                    (a GSR) pays into an alternative fund that she'll never see
                    a dime of. Yes, taxes are less, but her annual income is
                    so small that, as a student, the lack of certain taxes
                    hardly makes a difference. She, and most other non-engineer
                    and non-phys science GSRs I've known would much prefer the
                    employee designation. Fortunately, this change is
                    happening, mainly thanks to the recent spate of
        \_ I agree with the above.  It's a basket of crap.
2004/2/26-27 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:12421 Activity:nil
2/26    If you have comcast in berkeley, would you please do some fast
        pinging and find out at what rate do you start to get packet loss
        (of ICMP ping packets). I moved out of state and can only send 2
        pings a second.  I want to tell the comcast folks here what the
        ping rate in berkeley is. If I remember correctly, it was much
        higher. Thanks.
        \- 2ping/sec ... you arent hitting the sun icmp throttle are you?
           why do you need to send pings faster? --psb
            \_ To rapidly gather network link quality statistics.
                I can _send_ pings faster than 2/sec, but they get
                dropped by the comcast equipment upstream.
                What's the "sun icmp throttle"?
                    \- you have exceeded your anonymous privilages --psb :-)
                        \_ Why do you care?
                           \_ Falls under the "self righteous prick" policy.
                \_ comcast will not let you "rapidly gather network link
                   quality statistics."  That's their job, and there's no
                   reason they'd want to let you hose their network.
                   \_ In berkeley I could ping > 2/sec.
                      In portland I can not. Same comcast company.
                      A network cannot be hosed by 50 pings /second.
                      I'm not doing anything malicious. When the network
                      has problems, I like to run mtr.  Would somebody in
                      berkeley please run a short test to determine what
                      the icmp limit is there?
                      \_ What if all 200 people on your local net sent 50/s?
                         \- the throttle is probably an anti-DoS measure in
                            part. i dont think this is too unreasonable.
                            blocking all icmp echo/echo_reply would suck.
                            again, you can use tcp/udb echo ... it might be
                            intersting to see if you can basically write ping
                            with getnetmask --psb
                         \_ Would you be concerned if they raised it to 20/s?
                         \_ Would you have a problem if they raised it to 20/s?
                         \_ Hey, they didn't have this low a limit in
                            Berkeley, and the sky did not fall. Could you just
                            find out what the Berkeley limit is. That's all.
2004/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley, Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:12290 Activity:nil
2/17    William Hung to perform "She Bangs" LIVE at UC Berkeley Men's
        Volleyball game Wednesday, Feb. 18th at 8pm @ HAAS Pavilion!
        \_ They say that in show biz, bad publicity is better than no
           publicity, and will has succeeded at such
        \_ what is that song like?  It sounds... kind of disgusting
           actually.  I haven't heard it, this is a serious question!
           \_ preview
                \_ wow, that fellow cs nerd has balls
                   \_ civ eng
              \_ This is what I don't understand.  Does he realize that
                 he is making a fool of himself?
                 \_ See this is what people don't understand about performers.
                    The truly good ones know that they can't be afraid of
                    making a fool of themselves.  Not to say that Hung is
                    "truly good," but he's definitely struck a nerve.
                 \_ Making a fool of himself in exchange for a little fame.
                    Not the worst thing in the world, especially if he was
                    really shy.
              \_ holy shit!  that was painful.
                 \_ for those in the dark:
2004/2/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:12198 Activity:kinda low
2/10    Daniel Pipes at UC Berkeley -- TODAY!
2004/1/24-25 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:11918 Activity:kinda low
1/23    My wife heard there was a big buddhist temple in Berkeley. If
        any of you know of one, please let me know (Name, address). TIA!
        \_ She may have been talking about
   which is right next to the
           infamouse "Thai Brunch," served out of another temple.
           You can get yummy Thai food, one block north of the Ashby BART
           station on Russell.  Brunch is every Sunday morning, opens at
           10am, runs out of food around 12:30          - brain
        \_ I don't know the address, but it's in the Berkeley Hills behind
           frat row somewhere.  I used to be able to see it from my window
           in the co-ops.
           \_ Do you know the street or a nearby street?
              \_ somewhere around here:
                 didn't you used to be able to move the star on these things?
                 back by CCRP, behind Prospect somewhere.
              \_ dude, just stfw.
        \_ You don't mean the Nyingma institute, do you?
        \_ Thanks for all yer suggestions. We'll check some out today.
           If you know of anymore, lemme know. -op
2004/1/11-14 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:11747 Activity:nil
1/10    Lenscrafters sucks. Any recommendations for places to buy
        frames and lenses? Berkeley or downtown SF.
        \_ Costco is pretty cheap.
        \_ I like Dr. Harlan Wong, but he ain't cheap. -ausman
        \_ Focal Point Opticians, Ashby ave in Berkeley.
        \_ Dr. Stephen Chun, Berkeley Optometric Group, Shattack & Haste.
2004/1/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Academia/Berkeley] UID:11718 Activity:nil
        \_ Hey, there's no yellow fever option. What good is this thing?
        \_ There are no other users on the system at the moment.
        \_ Is there a real Berkeley alum site that let's us make non-romantic
           (ie: job contact & networking) connections but doesn't hit us up
           for money constantly like the utterly useless on campus alumni
2004/1/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:11669 Activity:low
1/5     Cal Bears prediction (football): Major bowl in two years.
        Then Tedford becomes an assistant coach in the NFL.
        Cal Bears become a bad team again.
        \_ Then Tedford will be back in the college ranks in 2-3 years after.
           We all know how well college coaches do in the NFL (see Spurrier,
           Erickson, June Jones)
           \_ uh, practically all NFL coaches were college coaches first.
              But I'm fairly optimistic that Tedford will hang around a
              while.  -tom
           \_ Erickson will probably be fired in two years.
              Tedford to coach the Niners?
        \_ Remember the last bowl game? REmember how quickly the coach
           left? Two years? Try two months.
           \_ I think Tedford is more dedicated to Cal than Mariucci was.
              Only time will tell though.
              \_ Mooch seemed pretty dedicated too. That is, until Seifert was
                 fired, and that golden opportunity arose.
                 \_ When asked what his goals were when he came to Cal, Mooch
                    said "A Rose Bowl in 5 years, a Super Bowl in 10."  -tom
                    \_ Hmm, so he still has 2 years to accomplish the latter.
                        \_ ain't gonna happen in Detroit.  -tom
              However, I'm optimistic about Tedford's willingness to stay at
              Cal.  -tom
2003/12/27 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:11596 Activity:moderate
12/26   Bears rock.
        \_ Little more caution from you, that is no trinket you carry.
           I carry nothing.
                \_ Indeed.
                   \_ Hmm, this is a new one. Moving my "Indeed" comment to
                      refer to another post.
2003/11/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:11024 Activity:nil
        Real Video webcast of a debate.  Topic: Has the War in Iraq Made Us
        \_ Is there a transcript?
        \_ Debate?  It's hosted by the UCB Graduate School of Journalism.
           There's no debate going on there.  The GSoJ is so left wing they
           think the Democrats are fascists.  It's both funny and sad who
           they chose for this 'debate'.
                \_ are you still mad they turned down David Horowitz
                   for the job of Dean?  - danh
                   \_ I could give a shit about Horowitz.
           \_ Hitchens is very pro-war, you dunce.
              \_ What's his stance have to do with anything I said?
2003/11/6 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10959 Activity:nil
11/5    Does the ASUC store still sell school rings?  I checked the ASUC store
        page (which I got from  Under
        jewelry they have watches and cuff links and so on, but no school
        rings.  Anyone knows where else I can buy that?  Thanks.
        \_ I will never understand why a man would want to wear jewelry.
           ( I also don't understand why a woman would want to wear a "class
             ring"  but then, there is so much i don't understand about
             women that specifying just one like this is kind of silly) -phuqm
             P.S. There should be an uber high sales tax on jewelry
             and at least 100% on "jewelery" diamonds.
             \_ The mark up on jewelry is already near infinite.  What's wrong
                with jewelry such that society needs to burden those who wear
                it?  I don't and I think punching holes in your flesh to wear
                some of it is odd but I don't see the societal harm.  My
                question to the OP is why would you want a class ring?  It's
                not like we have a real 'class' at Cal like other schools where
                people might know each other from year after year starting as
                freshies through senior, sharing classes, profs, experiences,
                etc.  Of the small percent that make it only a tiny itty bitty
                fraction of those make it in 4 years.  Put it on your resume
                and forget about it.
                 \_ Umm, why does society need to "burden" those that make 35K
                     a year doing manual labor?  They should "burden" those
                     who wear it because they obviously have more money than
                     they need or are capable of spending reasonably, and,
                     theoretically, you could then use that money to lower the
                     burden on someone who may actually need their money or
                     be able to put it to better use.  Specifically, you could
                     lower property taxes which are often a real burnden unlike
                     a diamond tax -phuqm
                     \_ Whoa!  A card carrying communist hits the motd!  And
                        here I thought we stopped at the extreme left of simple
                        socialism but you like to go all the way, eh?  Hey, why
                        should that rich guy who works his ass off for what he
                        has have to support some slacker loser who has never
                        done anything for himself?  Why not just give everyone
                        a government issued allowance of $5/day so we can feel
                        like we have some control over our lives and have real
                        choices and just have the government take care of us?
                     \_ You are no conservative phuqm!  What's with taxing
                        stuff 'just because'?
                \_ It's not me who want a class ring.  It's my father who wants
                   one.  He didn't even get to attend high school when he was
                   a kid, and having a college degree was his childhood dream.
                   So now he just wants a class ring to feel good about having
                   a son graduating from Cal.  Yeah I have Asian parents.  --OP
                   \_ In that case, just get one from Josten's.  You can
                      pick a school of your choice.
                      \_ Got it!  Thanks a bunch!!  Gee,
                         price tags starts around a whopping $500.
                \_ two words: status symbol
2003/10/3 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:10439 Activity:high
10/2    I just met a Cal alum who told me that in the 80s it was legal to
        carry up to 4 rolled joints in Berkeley.  True?  When did that change
        and why?
        \_ When I was an R.A. in the early-mid 90s, we had a training/info
           session with UCPD.  One of the topics was drug use/possession in
           the Res Halls.  As I remember, the officer told us to not bother
           calling them about a student in possession of marijuana in the
           amount of 1-3 joints.  They said they just would not bother with
           it, and told us to write it up, and just flush it down a toilet.
           I am not sure if it's "legal" to have a joint, just that they
           are not going to enforce it.  --chris
           \_ Well the story as told was that he saw 2 guys walking down
              telegraph smoking, and 2 cops coming from the other direction.
              Instead of busting them or frowning, one cop took a quick puff.
        \_ It's not legal. However, you can't get charged with the felony
           "possession with intent to deal."
        \_ In the early 90s the Berkeley City Council passed a rule telling
           the PD that marijuana enforcement was their "lowest possible
           priority." It still wasn't legal, but almost.
        \_ Pseudo decriminalised as one of the above posters says.
        \_ Marijuana possession was decriminalized so that small amounts
           are ok so that most users (i.e., white ppl) won't be jailed, but
           most dealers (ppl of color, i.e., not the middle ppl dealers)
           are jailed. You don't want your pot smoking in college to catch
           up with you when you get into the real world, right? If it wasn't
           decriminalized, you couldn't run for governor or president or
           hold a decent job.
          \_ Not only dealers of color but homeless users are regularly
             prosecuted as well.  How many frat boys do you see charged
             with public intoxication?  How many homeless people?  -sky
             \_ Somehow I don't find myself really sympathetic to "drug dealers
                of color" as some sort of protected class.  How unfortunate
                that "drug dealers of color" are prosecuted.  How many do I
                see charged with anything?  I've been living in Berkeley for
                several years longer than you and I've never seen *anyone*
                charged with public intoxication or much of anything else.
                Crime has been decriminalised in Berkeley.  It's unfair to
                the criminals to prosecute them!  We don't prosecute the
                non-criminals, right?  So why punish just the criminals?
2003/9/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:10333 Activity:nil
9/25    Berdahl stepping down as Berkeley chancellor
        \_ oh good. Let the Asians take Berkeley back to where it was.
           Go Tien! Go Beah!!!
2003/8/25 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:29457 Activity:nil 52%like:29459
8/25    Blood money funds racism at Columbia.  Why does Berkeley do the same
        thing for free?  We should charge for the institutionalised racism
        and hatred spewing from certain departments and professors.
        \_ nothing is free. every time one of us gets a grant to do some
           useful technical research the University charges overhead.
           your tax dollars at work.
2003/6/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:28785 Activity:high
6/20    Has anyone ever done a study to rate the quality life in various
        college towns? I wonder how Berkeley ranks up compared to say
        other UC campus towns.
        \_ mmm.  h0t L4 ch1x0rz.
        \_ Sure, go to the bookstore.  Go tonight and meet all the Harry
           Potter fans (release date 12:01EDT==9:01PDT)
           \_ Harry Pot-head
                \_ wow that's clever!
2003/4/5 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:28003 Activity:nil
4/5     When people hear about U.C. Berkeley, they think "Liberal", "Activists".
        Is it true of Berkeley Engineering?  Berkeley Computer Science?
        \_ They think of apolitical no-life no social skills nerds.
2003/3/31-4/1 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:27917 Activity:moderate
3/30    Anyone know where I can buy a Berkeley Engineering window sticker
        for my car? If it isn't possible to get them these days, I'd
        settle for an alumni sticker or one of those Cal stickers. tia.
        \_ Try the student union or whatever they call it these days for the
           generic stuff.
           \_ Any place online? I'm a couple of hundred miles from berkeley.
        \_ I got a bunch of them the last time the alumni society was giving
           them out - send me an email, and I'll take a look at home to see
           if I can find them and send you one. -mds
           \_ are these the cal football stickers that go on the helmet?
              I'd pay top dollar for one of those.
              \_ I wasn't aware of football players putting "berkeley
                 engineering" stickers on their helmets, but if you want
                 to pay top dollar for a yellow square and the words
                 "berkeley engineering" in blue, email me!  OP, never
                 heard from you, but I found the stickers, so if you want
                 one send me your mailing address - mds
2003/3/21-22 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:27783 Activity:high
3/20    i have a friend going over to the berkeley for a wedding in may.
        she wanted to know a good road to check out the hills in a car
        since she will probably have 3-4 hours of spare time before
        she has to fly back, etc.  can anybody give any good suggestions?
        thanks.  its been a while and i don't remember very much any more.
        \_ Take Spruce up to Grizzly Peak; then either cross over to
           Wildcat Canyon, or turn right on Grizzly Peak and take it up
           to the top.  (But she should ride bike, not drive).  -tom
           \_ while running linux and using ed of course.
                                            \_ sed.
           \- there are some pretty crazy roads in the mount tam,
        \_ Is she h0t?
              st. francis drake area ... not the main roads. --psb
        \_ Is she hot?
           \_ You wanna check out the Twin Peaks on her while she checks out
              the hills in Berkeley?
2003/3/20-21 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:27771 Activity:high
3/20    Stuck in the City today? (SFGate article on today's protests)
        \_ I'm in the city today.  Hardly stuck.  It's just silly.  It's
           amazing how ~2000 people sitting in just the right set of
           intersections can bring downtown to a near halt.  Dumping news
           stands and chanting random shit like it matters.
                  \_like you matter.
           \_ like you matter.  [formatd even though you're a knucklehead]
              \_ knucklehead, I never said I mattered.  neither do they.
           \_ I've got word from a friend that there are some pretty amusing
              riots happening.  He's going to take pictures and to buy
              fajitas from Taco Bell to give to the cops in riot gear.
              \_ It's ok.  Nothing special.  I've seen Berkeley riots that were
                 far better in all ways.  Mostly it's a bunch of mindless kids
                 who are taking the day off HS.  I know a good riot when I
                 see one and this wasn't it.
                 \_ Heh, Berkeley riot = chance to loot the Gap.  There's
                    no real activism in Berkeley any more.
                    \_ There wasn't much real activism in the city today either
                       where I was (market and parts of 3rd).  It was mostly
                       HS kids dumping over news stands to block the streets
                       and then they'd stand on them and take pictures of the
                       crowd while yelling random stuff and the crowd would
                       take pictures of them.  It was just silly.
2003/1/25 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:27193 Activity:high
1/24    UC Berkeley CS Grad sleeping way to the top.
        \_ Click the photo in the article and see the chick in red, then click
           "Next" and look at see the chicks also in red.  What a contrast!
           "Next" and see the chicks also in red.  What a contrast!
            \_ We will not fall for your corrupt western tricks.
               \_ Augh! Too late! Damn your tricky Western ways!
           \_ bug or intentional easter egg by some web/programmer person?
        \_ Where does it say he's from Berkeley?  Is it ~bsingh?
        \_ It was arranged, so maybe it's his parent(s) who did the sleeping.
        \_ She should've married psb. All Hail King Partha! - #1 psb fan
           \- how shall i put this ... "KTM is a nice place to visit, but i
              wouldnt want to live there". --psb
2002/12/29-30 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:26934 Activity:high
12/28   Hey old people, what was in the building Wall Berlin
         used to be in?
         \_ I think it is still empty
         \_ yes it's empty . what was there BEFORE?
            wall berlin has been there about oh 7 years probably.
            what was in the building pre wall berlin ?
                \_ I'm pretty sure 9-10 years. -aspo
                  \_  damn.  thats about right.  sightimeflies.  and
                      while we are at it, has that space that used to
                      be the jean store that burned down been built up
                      yet, or is it still an empty, fenced off lot?
                      i find it so weird that the owner of that lot
                      never developed it.  he must be some rich fuck
                      to just let it sit like that.  -hahnak
                      \_ If you're referring to the lot on Telegraph
                         across the street from Amoeba then, yes, it's
                         still an empty fenced off lot.  I've heard rumors
                         that folks wanted to build housing there at one
                         point or another, but decided not to after running
                         up against fascist Berkeley city council policies.
                         Of course, that's purely rumor and hearsay -dans
                        \_ my sources say shirley dean blocked
                           the last development proposal - danh
                         \_ It's not rumor and hearsay to those of us around
                            at the time.  The details are pretty stupid but
                            put the following words into a sentence and you've
                            got it: affordable housing, berkeley city council,
                            empty lot, dilapidated & later burned down hotel,
                            telegraph avenue, homeless activists.  Voila!  A
                            permanently empty lot on prime location!  Welcome
                            to Berkeley.
                            \_ After the fire and before they tore the place
                               down, the men's store on the bottom floor had
                               a fire sale going. It lasted about three years.
                \_ fine, so what was there?
2002/11/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:26388 Activity:very high 50%like:26360
11/2    Chancellor Tien has died? how sad. - former grad.
                                                \_ you graduated and then
                                                   un-graduated? --aaron
        \_ former grad?  uhhh, yeah.  i used to be a grad, too,
           then i went through a div stage, and now i've settled
           down to being a curl.  I wanted to be a Laplace operator,
           but i flunked the test three times.
                \_ hey, you're not a dork!
        \_ But Michael Heyman is still alive!  Rejoice!
                \_ was he a bad chancellor?
                   \- i think IMH might have been a little more aloof
                      to more students ... law school, bowtie and all
                      that ... but i thought he was ok.
                      \_ you think?  he might?  We knew the same IMH?
                      \_ you think?  he might?  We knew the same IMH?  The one
                         I knew was a negative for Cal in all ways.  Just
                         because he didn't rape your sister doesn't mean he
                         was ok.  You're clearly clueless.
        \_ I am sad too. :(
           \_ Cheer up. You'll die yourself before long.
        \_ me too.  Most people don't understand what does it
           take for him to accomplish this much in his short life.
           Left the mainland China because of his family background
           does not compatible with the Communist, left Taiwan, probably
           knew that the so-called Taiwanese would never accept him.
           Put up with all sort of racial discrimination in the US.
           Got his political career cut short because of the political
           witch hunt (lead by Cox) targeted at people of Chinese origin.
           He was a man defied all the injustices, in China, in US, and
           find a platform to contribute.
           \_ there are alot of great things to say about tien.  let me
              just add this:  his thermo text kicks ass.
           \_ nice little victim rant.  Don't denegrate the man by turning
           \_ nice little victim rant.  Don't denigrate the man by turning
              him into your "Chinese Victim Does Good Despite Racist US" poster
2002/10/31-11/1 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:26369 Activity:high
10/30   RIP Chancellor Tien.
        \_ No way. Really?
        \_ jam master jay dead. rip.
           \_ Yeah because you know like JMJ was like everything in life to
              millions of aspiring young men and women trying to improve
              themselves and make the world a better place and like played a
              hella mean table and is like way cooler than like anything and
              like way easily should get top billing over a man like Tien who
              did what?  How many times did Tien ever go platinum?
                         \_ I suppose that's a question for Mrs. Tien.
                            \_ And yermom.
2002/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:26364 Activity:moderate
10/30   Don't forget to study hard!  Go Bears!  :(
        \_ Anyone who got this far either already studies well (not hard) or
        \_ Perhaps you are too young to remember the Chancellor?
           \_ I remember Tien and the asshole before him.  So what?
                \_ how cute. another rebel amongst the modt ranks.
2002/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:26360 Activity:high 50%like:26388
10/30   Chancellor Tien has died.
        \_ urlP
        \_ Man, that's blue.  I remember he guest lectured at one of my
           classes just before he stepped down -- he was a pretty interesting
           fellow.  I was bummed when he stepped down and that other guy took
           over the job.                        -mice
        \_ Cal's a rough place to do undergrad, but my memories of
           Chancellor Tien remain fond. Go Beahs! - elizp
           \_ Actually I believe it was, "GO BEAH!" but that's ok.
        \_ This is sad.  We used to enjoy nicking roses from his garden--
           mind you, this was before the machete incident caused them to
           chop down the trees along the wall.  I figured he probably
           knew people were doing things like this but was cool enough
           to not bother upping the security.   --erikred
           \_ Uhm yeah, cost of more guards to protect roses from vicious
              student rose thiefs vs cost of a few roses.  Tough call.  I
              liked Tien a lot but let's not get all post-death gooshy.
              \_ Why not?  He was a great guy.
              \_ I remember he had Rosebud murdered.
                 \_ Yes, especially after she brandished a machete at police
                    while she was breaking and entering.  how terrible.
2002/9/18 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:25926 Activity:moderate
9/18    Campus wide moping:
        \_ why do students die? drugs? suicide?
           \_ It sounds like that includes deaths of all causes.
2002/9/11-12 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:25849 Activity:high
9/11    What I love about Berkeley:
        * cheeseboard pizza
                \_ cheese board cheese >>> pizza
                   \_ no, both are fantastic. the cheese is just more eleet.
        * No need to wear trendy clothes.  (I couldn't afford them anyway.)
        * no fake tits.
        * the weather

        What I hate about Berkeley:
        * stinking bums on telegraph asking for change (damn you paolo!)
        * no hot chicks.
        \_ But fake tits > flat tits.
                \_ Not the ones that stick straight out.  Nothing wrong with
                   flat;  hairy is the problem.
        * the weather
        * mountain biking in the berkeley hills

        What I hate about Berkeley:
        * stinking bums on telegraph asking for change (damn you paolo!)
        * no hot chicks.
        \_ There were a TON of hot chicks at the 9/11 memorial today on
        \_ Really?  Try the CSA/CSU/TSA/HKSA booths at Sproul around noon.
           \_ Not an AZNophile.
        \_ Berkeley, while still sub-optimal, has made MASSIVE strides in
           attractive female breeding and thong technology.  Someday (I
           estimate ca. 2135) it will catch up to some of the lesser cities
           around the world in that regard.  -John
        \_ It's already better than SJSU.
2002/7/25 [Academia/Berkeley, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:25424 Activity:nil
7/25    Where's your MS, nweaver?
Mr. Nicholas Croyle Weaver
Huntington Beach, CA
UC Berkeley Degree
B.A. 1995 Astrophysics
B.A. 1995 Computer Science
2002/6/28-30 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:25237 Activity:high
6/27    If you care that Berkeley intends to close West Campus pool (city
        swimming pool at Addison & Browning in West Berkeley), please contact
        \_ Since I never even heard of it....
        \_ Oh my god, no!  If they fill in that pool where will I drown all
           my victims!  Then again, if I time it right, I'll have a good place
           to move all the bodies permanently so they're never found... hmmm.
           \_ do you actually think this is clever?  -tom
              \_ Yeah, I don't think you are getting this year's Tommy award.
                 -- judge tom's #1 fan
              \_ Who are you to care, judge, or ask?  As they say, go stick
                 your head in a pig.
                 \_ I'm just curious why someone would go to noticable effort
                    to post something so insipid.  -tom
                    \_ self-referentiality is kewl
2002/5/10-12 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:24786 Activity:high
5/10    Who represented Berkeley at this year's ACM prog contest?
        \_ Is this the team that came in 23rd behind Kentucky State?
        \_ {mgoodman,pad,lior}@soda. STFW...
          \_ why didn't chialea and the other two guys go?
             \_ Won't speak for chialea&twohey; I didn't make the top team,
                and was on the 3rd Berkeley team at the regionals, which scored
                4th after a 'furd team and the other two berkeley teams. If
                you want to hear excuses about having a bad case of stomach flu
                during the qualifying round, you're welcome to email me, but I
                doubt you care. -alexf
                \_ so did you tell the admission committee that you have
                   problems with health/etc, and got sympathy points?
                   \_ While this shouldn't probably be dignified with a reply,
                      I'll bite -- the few times when I actually bothered
                      putting ACM stuff on the grad apps, it was in some remote
                      corner of the application that I thought nobody would
                      give a flying fuck about. And no sympathy points were
                      requested or expected above -- it was simply a partial
                      explanation for doing worse last year than in
                      2000, since you seemed to be excessively curious about
                      the subject. -alexf
             \_ Stalkers prevented them.
             \_ hahahaha "the other two guys"
             \_ Programming is not the beggining and end of CS.
                \_ so the ACM doesn't have anything to do with CS? sounds like
                   someone has a little vendetta with the ACM and/or the
                   Berkeley team that went to the finals.
                   \_ Uhm, have you ever actually participated in the ACM
                      contest? It's hardly representative of even
                      "programming" as a field, let alone CS at large. It's
                      a rather specialized form of sport involving coding
                      tiny snippets of mediocre code really fast.
2002/5/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/OtherSchools] UID:24668 Activity:very high
        MIT professor backs M$, what's next, Berkeley and Caltech?
        \_ Note that he is an IT, not CS, professor.
        \_ why shouldn't Berkeley back them up? they probably do already.
           universities aren't so gung-ho about open source and all those
           issues as csua'ers are; they just want everything to work
           seamlessly with each other, easy installations, etc.
        \_ Bzzzzt! You've been brainwashed by Bill and Co.
           Windows only works seamlessly with Windows. Integration
           with other platforms is only at Microsoft's will. They can
           and do take that away from you to charge you more for it
           at any time. It is always easy to install a virus into your
           system. The hard part is getting it out after you've sunk
           most of your IT budget into it. Microsoft makes the most
           pervasive and damaging virus ever known: Windows.
2002/4/8-9 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:24378 Activity:high
4/9     Does anyone know if there are fields of grain (rye, barley, etc)
        growing near Berkeley?  Where are they?
           Search on "Celebrities"
2002/3/16 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:24134 Activity:insanely high
        This anti-nuke thing will never work. We all know its just science
        fiction.  When will they stop lying to us about it?

 To The UCB Campus Community:


 It has been almost two decades since the campus has formulated a
 comprehensive strategic plan.  In the last few years, two changes in
 the academic environment made it urgent that Berkeley develop a new
 strategic plan.  First, the Office of the President has mandated that
 the Berkeley campus increase enrollment by 4000 students by the year
 2010-2011.  Second, the Regents have mandated that the Summer Sessions
 be 'regularized' and made similar in content and quality to the fall
 and spring semesters.  These changes represent a unique opportunity
 for the campus to develop new programs and expand its offerings.  On
 the other hand, this growth also puts stress on the space and
 infrastructure within our physically constrained campus.  It was clear
 that careful planning is essential to assure that the quality and
 reputation of the Berkeley campus would endure while accommodating
 these changes.  As a result, Executive Vice-Chancellor and Provost
 Paul Gray established a Strategic Planning Committee in Fall 2000 to
 consider these pressures and to make recommendations to the Chancellor
 and the campus.  This committee was carefully composed to include
 representation from the administration, the Academic Senate, staff and

 The deliberations for the academic strategic plan began within the
 context of growth outlined above, but expanded to consider all aspects
 of the academic enterprise since it was clear that all facets of the
 campus are tightly interrelated.  The purpose of the Working Paper is
 to document the deliberations to date, to identify concepts for
 further consideration and investigation, and to engage the campus
 community in a discourse of these concepts at this critical juncture.
 The working paper is the foundation for an implementation plan
 currently under development by the Strategic Planning Committee.  The
 purpose of this memo is to elicit your comments on the paper so that
 it and our implementation plan can reflect the input from the whole
 campus community.

 The committee invites you to send your comments through the Strategic
 Planning website at:
 Questions and comments will be accepted through Sunday, March 31,

 Campus forums will be held during the month of April to gather input
 on a draft academic strategic plan.  The following dates have been
 set.  Please attend one of these forums to talk with committee members
 about how the strategic plan will guide the Berkeley campus for the
 next two decades.

 Campus Forums:
 *Graduate Assembly - Thursday, April 4, 5:30 -7:00 pm @ ASUC Senate
 *Student Forum - Friday, April 5, 12 noon - 1:00 pm  @ 2050 VLSB
 *Staff Forum - Monday, April 15, 12 noon - 1:00 pm @ Sibley Auditorium
 *Faculty Forum - Thursday, April 18,  5:00 - 6:30 pm @ Sibley
 *ASUC Senate - tba @ ASUC Senate Chambers
 *Academic Senate - Thursday, April 25, 3:00 - 5:00 pm @ Sibley

 Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chairs
 David Dowall, Chair, Academic Senate
 William C. Webster, Vice-Provost, Academic Planning & Facilities
        \_ what the hell is this?
        \_ An extra 4000 students on campus plus additional support staff of
           maybe 1500?  Madness.  It's sheer madness.  I feel really sorry for
           that batch of students.  Parking, housing, class availability, etc,
           etc are all going to get worse.  Nothing good will come of this.
2002/3/7 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:24050 Activity:nil
3/7     The U.C. Berkeley Center for Race and Gender presents:
        Race, Gender, & the "War on Terrorism"
        April 1, 2002 7 - 9 pm 370 Dwinelle, UC Berkeley
        Wheelchair accessible Free and open to the public
        "Terror, Structural Adjustments, and the Warfare State" Ruth
        Wilson Gilmore Assistant Professor of Geography and African
        American Studies, UC Berkeley
        "Women, War and Racism" Linda Burnham Executive Director, Women
        of Color Resource Center, Berkeley
        "Selective Images: The Selling of The War on Terrorism" Hatem
        Bazian Director, Al-Qalam Institute, Oakland
        "Export of Rhetoric:  'War on Terrorism' as Applied to the
        Sexualized Muslim in Kashmir" Huma Dar Graduate Student, South
        and South East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley Executive Board Member,
        Narika, Berkeley
2002/3/7 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:24044 Activity:kinda low
3/6     Berkeley Critical Mass 9th birthday ride this Friday
        Gather 5:30 on to ride after 6 pm, Downtown Berkeley BART
        Wild party with bands to follow
        \_ don't get shot by police like jmeggs!
            \_ since when did jason get shot by anyone?
        \_ I ride a push scooter, can I attend?
        \_ I ride a push scooter (and use OS2 Warp), can I attend?
           \_ no you may not!
        \_ will we be riding over the new bicycle/pedestrian bridge over I-80?
2002/2/21 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:23932 Activity:nil
2/20    we make world news!
        \_ Yes, making the Cal degree you're working so hard for look like a
           total joke.  Cool, huh?
                \_ how shocking, college students having sex!  Those nuts at
                   \_ No, Genius, college students getting graduation credit
                      for having sex.  *That* is shocking and stupid. Wake up.
        \_ Looks like the Naughty Professor (
           has joined the Cal faculty.
2002/2/19 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:23911 Activity:nil
2/19    How do I remove the "UC Berkeley" organization string in tin
        NNTP posting? Thx.
2002/2/16-17 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:23886 Activity:high
2/16    What's a good place in Berkeley to buy alcoholic beverages after 11pm?
        Berkeley Market closes at 11pm on weekdays ;/
        \_ bah! be glad you don't live in New England.  Where I live it
           is illegal to sell alcohol outside a bar after 8 pm.
           these laws used to be moral things in the old days, but
           are now corporate wellfare for the liquor stores so they
           don't have to compete against grocery stores with hours.
           everytime it comes up, the liquor store lobby and the bar lobby
           make sure the law stays and the rest of us just have to go out and
           buy booze at 7:45 or head to the bar. fucking socialist cocksuckers.
        \- safeway ... decent prices generally too.
        \_ Raleigh's
2002/2/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:23759 Activity:high
2/2/02  Is anybody interested in a Berkeley parking space on Delaware, 3 blocks
        N of University b/w Milvia and MLK?  $50/month.  If not, can someone
        recommend a better place to post something like this?
        \_ Craigslist
           \_ thanks, danh.
        \_ if you change it to 2/02/02, it'd be a palindrome.
                          \_ uh, 2/02/02 != 20/20/2
                                \_ move the /'s left one
                                   \_ Lame.  Plus using 2/02/02 instead
                                      of 02/02/02 is lame.
        \_ is it a secure space, enclosed? -jnat
           \_ It's covered, but there's no gate.  It's well-lit though.
              \_ will they notice if I build a meth lab there?
              \_ what if I hide little kids there?
2002/1/14 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:23559 Activity:insanely high
1/14    I was driving on I80E and I saw a green suspension-bridge-like
        crossing near the University Ave. exit.  Is that real?  What's that?
        I haven't been to Berkeley for years.  Thx.
        \_ Pedestrian/bike crossing. Replaces the current ped crossing at
        \_ Are they trying to look different/special?
                \_ yes...Kris Worthington, among others, insisted on a
                   "signature" bridge.  For all those pedestrians walking
                   to Skates.  -tom
                   \_ ex-USCA co-op genius enters city politics.  Perfect.
                   \_ He (she?) thinks he's building another GG Bridge?  Ha Ha.
                        \_ He.
2002/1/1 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23426 Activity:nil
1/1     Isn't it amazing that in Berkeley, land of the Free Speech Movement,
        any critisism of the Bush administration and its policies is immediately
        deleted? How far we have fallen.
2001/12/19 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:23301 Activity:high
12/18   We are berkeley residents continuing an ongoing grass-roots vigil
        against the war.  We are currently in our 6th week--we've been
        going rain or shine.  We can use more people to make this thing
        grow-- particularly in the minds of onlookers.
          The peace walk + vigil happens every Wednesday @ 7:30pm--without
        a lot of rhetoric--just visible protest in unity against the
        killing of innocents.  we're trying to raise questions in the
        minds of people in our community and we can use all the people we
        can get.  everyone is welcome.
          We walk from the NORTH BERKELEY BART STATION up University Ave
        and through downtown Berkeley to the MLK Civic Center Park.
          We have a steady supply of signs and candles but more are
        certainly welcome.  Anyone interested in helping or pregnant with
        questions, please email us at
        \_ Do you people just protest for the sake of protesting?
        \_ I hope you get hit by a bus.
           \_ A mean bus.  A mean, ANGRY bus!
        \_ I think this is a good thing.  Walking is good for you and this
           sort of grass roots campaign keeps you visible where the rest of
           us can easily keep watch.  I admire your power.
                \_ the great thing about not signing your posts is that you
                   can not sign your own responses to them.  -tom
                   \_ What?  I see a post, a followup, and you.  What are
                      you talking about unsigned responses to responses for?
                      Are you feeling ok today tom?  Maybe you could explain
                      for those of us with lesser intellectual capacity than
                      \_ it's called trolling.    -mice
                         \_ whats trolling?  tom or the 99% of unsigned posts?
                            is it ok when tom deletes or changes other people's
                            posts without signing?
2001/10/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:22831 Activity:low
10/25   Do you like school?  Your major?  UC Berkeley?  The people at UCB?
        \_ I am also an alumnus, but:  I studied L&S CS.  I liked school, and
           I miss it sometimes, but not too often.  For the most part the
           people at UCB were pretty diverse and not nearly as 'radical' or
           as 'liberal' as they have been in the past.     -mice
        \_ my major, like most poeple here, is "alumnus". it rulez.
           \_ ditto.
2001/9/16 [Transportation/PublicTransit, Academia/Berkeley, Reference/BayArea] UID:22480 Activity:nil
9/15    I have a room to rent near North Berkeley BART for
        $400/mo. It's a bit of an improvised affair but fully
        furnished and good for a temporary situation. Email
        me if you're interested. --ulysses
2001/8/31 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:22304 Activity:high
8/30    How do I enroll regular Berkeley classes via U.C. Extension? Also
        how much is it per unit?
        \_ Not sure if ALL regular classes are offered through UCE, but some
           that do, I know that it cost around $495/unit. A 3-4 unit Java
           clas may set you back around $1600-1800. - jthoms
        \_ This is all on the UCExtension website.  I just enrolled in 7 UC
           units through concurrent enrollment for $1270.  You need an
           autograph from the instructor and a rubber stamp from the dept.
           chair head.  Punt the UCExtension courses-  they are expensive and
           not very rigorous.
           \_ It's concurrent enrollment.  You can take any courses at
              UCB for credit given that you obtain approval from the
              chair of the department and the professor.  Cost may
              differ if you're a California resident.  BTW, if you
              are an alumni, you can get 10% discount.
              \_ SOME alumni, dimwit.
                 \_ "if you are some alumni"?   that doesn't make sense either.
                    the correct version would be, "if you are an alumnus"
                    \_ Why can't the "you" be plural?
        \_ Why the hell would you bother? You graduated from college right?
           You can teach yourself!
2001/8/15-16 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:22123 Activity:high
        "Police Search Massage Parlor in Connection With Prostitution"
        So much for the local bordello.
        \_ only in berkeley would people be stupid enough to go to
           a place like that expecting a massage and "be shocked to find
           that massage was not the primary service offered."
        \_ That place has been in business for at least 10 years, when I
           first heard about it from a female-friend and probably
           before then. I think that's the place that always has
           the windows covered.
                \_ Established 1973
        \_ I had a good time there, that's one of the few things I'm going
           miss about Berkeley.
           \_ Like always, it'll be back. Just waiting for the heat to die down
              Come and visit later
              \_ not if those punks at rent out the space
                 from under them!  Seems like every time a house of ill
                 repute goes down, adjectivity is there in it's place.
          \_ Can you elaborate on your experience there?
             \_ search google for "golden gypsy", find an interesting story.
             \_ You could close down Kip's,
                Or the Golden Bear,
                And nobody would care,
                But the heart and soul
                Of Berkeley's in
                Our Maison Derriere!
                \_ To shut it down now would be twisted,
                   We just heard this place existed!
                \_ oh, you mean the White Horse?
2001/2/2 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:20500 Activity:high
2/1     More bomb threats today. This time at Santa Clara University and
        Las Positas College in Livermore.
        \_ So?  There's bomb threats at schools all the time - usually just
                students trying to get out of a test.
           \_ I think you mean fire alarms, not bomb threats.
                \_ Those happen too, but so do bomb threats.
                    \_ It's extremely rare
                        \_ My high school got one or two a year.  Berkeley
                           gets them all the time - they usually ignore them,
                           but they have shut down buildings or even the
                           entire campus for them before.
                           \_ Yep. I missed a lecture in Evans once
                              because of one.
                              \_ I had two midterms rescheduled because of
                                 bomb threats in 7-series.  Quite annoying.
2001/1/31-2/1 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:20479 Activity:very high
        Columbine style attack on De Anza diverted.  Has Berkeley safety
        gotten better through the years (after Henry's hostage situation)
        \_ Now they shoot students before they go berserk based on a
           personality profile provided by NOW.
        \_ De Anza sucks. This only proves that shit like this happens more
           in community college and the like. It rarely happens in Stanford
           or MIT or Caltech.
              \_ De Anza has a bunch of MIT, Cal, Stanford undergrads
                 during the summer. Also lots of Bay Area residents
                 from these schools take self-help classes at De Anza.
           \_ From the MIT/tech people I've met, I'd say these are where
              the truly unbalanced folks go.
              \_ yeah. sometimes they say things like "I want to meet you
                 at triple rock at 8 pm" and what they really mean is "If
                 there is anywhere in the world i'm going to be at saturday
                 at 8pm it's not going to be triple rock." Inconsistency
                 foreshadows a derange mind.
                 \_ Oh Great Clueless One, you were blown off.  And the ugly
                    part is you don't even realise that.
              \_ hear, hear!
          \_ The Unabomber (UC Berkeley person) hit Cory Hall and other
             places before, didn't he?
                \_ Yes, a bomb went off in Cory Hall.  One poor fellow lost
                   some fingers and I think the rest of his hand as well.
          \_ De Anza has hella fine women. Remember, quality of women is
             inversely proportional to quality of school.
             \_ Supposedly, Berkeley has good looking guys. Does that mean
                that all the guys in Berkeley are idiots and the girls
                are smart?
                \_ No, no, no!  These good looking men are obviously gay; they
                   are an exception to this rule.  Stare at them a little
                   longer, and you'll find out on your own soon enough.
        \_ The guy lives several blocks from me. Nice to know I have sane
2000/12/31-2001/1/3 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:20206 Activity:high
12/31 I'm still trying to get a project regraded in 164, but my TA won't
      respond to email. To whom should I write to get this fixed?
                                      -not the usual whiner
      \_ Write to {aiken,necula}
         And hurry -- it's probably too late already. UC guidelines is that
         once a grade is submitted, the only cause for change is a
         tabulation error (i.e. adding up points incorrectly).
         \_ Not true, one can appeal a grade to the Appeals and
            Student Affairs office.
            \_ reference, please? this would be potentially damn useful info
            \_ No. Where do you get that crap? The only grade appeal
               process (besides the aforementioned tabulation error):

               (From the general catalog:)
               If you have a grievance about grades, you may
               appeal. You have grounds for appeal if you feel
               that considerations of race, politics, religion,
               sex, or sexual harassment affected your grades,
               or that your work was evaluated by other criteria
               that do not directly reflect your performance
               of the course requirements.  The following
               formal procedure may not be activated unless
               you, the instructor in charge, an ombudsperson
               (or any mutually accepted third party), and
               the department chair have failed to resolve
               the dispute informally. The procedure, once
               initiated, is to be completed at the unit level
               within 20 days and at the Senate level within
               40 days if both parties are in residence and
               the University is in regular session. The formal
               process must be initiated within two semesters
               of the alleged offense.

               Each department or other instructional unit, or
               group of units teaching similar disciplines, must
               establish a standing Grievance Committee chair.
               For each case this chair will appoint an ad hoc
               Grievance Committee composed of three faculty
               members, only two of whom may be from the same
               unit, and two students in good standing appointed
               by the student association(s) of the unit(s).  If
               no student association exists, the students are
               to be appointed by the ASUC or the Graduate
               Assembly. (The student members must have passed
               courses or an examination in the unit(s) at least
               at the level of the disputed course or examination
               and have been in residence for at least one year.)
               If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the
               informal discussion, you may submit the case in
               writing to the Grievance Committee, which will
               obtain a written response from the instructor and
               will provide all parties the opportunity to present
               additional information orally or in writing. The
               Grievance Committee's recommendation to the
               Committee on Courses, including minority view, if
               any, must be given in writing.

               If the Committee on Courses finds in your favor,
               it may change a failing grade to a P or S, drop
               a course retroactively, retain the course but
               eliminate the grade from the GPA, or adopt the
               letter grade, if any, that was recommended by four
               of the five members of the Grievance Committee of
               the unit(s).

                 \_ third sentence of first paragraph mentions "resolv[ing]
                    the dispute informally"...

               -- Since it's a project grade, you better have some
               good reasons why it's taken so long to ask for a re-grade.
               And it better be enough to have affect on your final grade.
               But if you just contact the professor, you should be ok.
               You should note that your TA and others may be on vacation
               until later in January and you'll need the prof's ok anyways.
               \_ third sentence of first paragraph mentions "resolv[ing]
                  the dispute informally"...
2000/12/9-12 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:20058 Activity:high
12/8    Since when did the search engine switch to google?
        (man, those other ones sucked)
        \_ The previous (Cha-Cha) one was a SIMS research project
        \_ I guess Stanford schooled us, once again.
        \_ Is there a reason to use any other seach engine but Google?
           Hotbot used to be good. I guess I still use Yahoo, which now has
           Google backend.
           \_ Hotbot just used Inktomi anyway
           \_ I still use AltaVista
                \_ Heathen throwback.
        \_ Brewer deserves it for being a pompous ass.
                            \_ who is Brewer?
                               \_ Corporate Whore Supreme of the cs dept.
                                  multimillionaire who teaches 169 on occasion
                                  and is otherwise very hard to find on campus
                                  \_ Holy shit!  You mean he used his
                                     considerable skills, talents, and
                                     experience to improve his lot in life?
                                     How truly offensive!  I feel, no, I
                                     *demand* that he hold true to his
                                     academic background and work for free for
                                     the betterment of all!  If not, I'm going
                                     to protest by never attending another CS
                                     class again!  Down with money making
                                     Profs!  Up with the people!  Where's that
                                     bh vodka glasses into the fire quote when
                                     you need it?  You, sir, are an idiot.
                                     \_ You, sir, are a whore.
                                     \_ maybe such a busy multimillionaire
                                        shouldn't be teaching a class
                                        or conducting research if he's
                                        so busy.  if he really did want
                                        to charge the university hundreds
                                        of thousands, that seems rather
                                        crass, since his position and
                                        research at the university is
                                        \_ Have you ever met him? Jeez!
                                        directly responsible for his wealth
                                        \_ No shit, he should share some of
                                           that wealth with UC.  Aren't they
                                           using that NOW technology?
                                  \_ is he still a multi-millionaire with the
                                     current stock market woes?
                \_ the reason the Berkeley home page is not using hotbot/
                   inktomi is that Brewer demanded like a million bucks
                   for it.
                   \_ is this true?
                        \_ I'm not surprised, the going rate for search engine
                           contracts for company intranets is around that
                           range, like $50 per seat.  So for 20,000 students,
                           that's $1million.  Yes, Brewer's a fucker.
                   \_ The berkeley home page should be using "grep".
                      \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Search engine.
2000/10/31-11/1 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:19611 Activity:moderate
10/30   For those of you unfortunate enough to have selected UC Berkeley
        for your undergraduate CS *cough* education, you will want to
        check out:
        "Our goal is to offer the world's best computer science education,
        at an undergraduate level, to people who are currently unable to
        obtain it."  (Berkeley undergrads match this criterion)
        \_ I got my medical degree that way.  I can now legally perform over
           137 operations in this country, Haiti, and seven other islands.
        \_ shut up paolo
        \_ heh heh.  heh.
           \_ I think that its 4700. It was 4500 when I applied (93).
        \_ may not have anything to do with the original post but,
              4850 (he had 4870).
           what's the current academic index needed to get into
           EECS?  What GPA do you need to get into L&S, CS?
           \_ I think that its 7700. It was 7500 when I applied (93).
              From what my brother tells me BioE had the highest at
              7850 (he had 7870).
              \_ I thought index = GPA*1000 + SAT Verbal + SAT Math +
                 Achievement Test English + 2 other Achievement Tests?
                 That's around 8000 or so in the old days...
                 \_ Oops, I wrote 4 instead of 7. Fixed.
        \_ It's GPA*1000 + SAT I + 3 SAT II's (formally called Achievements)
           math and English comprising two of the SAT II tests. ~7340 was
           required for automatic admission back in '96, but I think they got
           rid of automatic admission two years go.
        \_ The problem with the concept is it suposedly gives it to
           people otherwise "unable to obtain it".
           The most common factor for this is money. But if you need
           money, you probably will NOT be able to dedicated an entire
           year of your life solely to this program, and not to making
           money keeping yourself in rent and foot. Which is what
           presumably would be neccessary for this  "one intense year."
2000/10/28-31 [Consumer/Camera, Academia/Berkeley] UID:19591 Activity:low
10/28   What is a good place in Berkeley to get film developed & get a PhotoCD?
        The ASUC place has lost a couple of my rolls before, so they suck.
        \_ Custom Process near the 4th street yuppie area.
           Otherwise, I think you're stuck with Kodak, who has lost
           negatives for me.  -sony
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> off your photos and you get the back
           with photoCD and they get scanned online as well.
        \_ Sarber's on Solano -- or
        \_ make sure u want photoCD, not pictureCD... photoCD is hella
           more expensive, and if you don't need the resolution and
           dynamic range, it may not worth the price.
2000/9/26 [Academia/Berkeley, Recreation/House] UID:19324 Activity:nil
9/25    Does anyone have recommendations for an indoor garden shop in the
        area?  I am looking for HPS lighting, and possibly a hydroponic
        system.  I went to the place on university ("Berkeley Indoor
        Garden Center" ?), and they seemed overpriced.
        \_ headshop
2000/8/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:19048 Activity:very high
8/19    I hate people who put "The" in front of our school name, like:
        "The University of California, Berkeley"
        \_ Kind of like: "Take The 580 to The 5 to The 405 to The..."
        \_ Kind of like: "Take the 580 to the 5 to the 405 to the..."
           but not really...
           \_ it's not a capitalized The and it's not part of the name. Duh.
        \_ That's the name.  Duh.
           \_ it's not a capitalized the and it's not part of the name. Duh.
              \_ Whether or not it's a part of the name is irrelevant since
                 the word in question is what's known as an "article," and
                 is normally placed before such names.  What really gets to
                 \_ you proved my point. There are some idiots who
                    write "The U..." on things like applications, resumes,
                 me is how people say "the University of California at
                    sentence, and even then you use "the" not "The".
                 Berkeley" instead of "the University of California, Berkeley."
                    Nothing wrong with multiple names, just not "The U..."
                    \_ If The University uses it on official documents then
                       it _is_ official.  I think The University gets to
                 \_ you proved my point. there are some idiots who
                    write "the U..." on things like applications, resumes,
                    or .signatures?! When you do use "the" it is only in a
                    sentence, and even then you use "the" not "the".
        \_ LA refers to roads as 'the 405 freeway,' or the 405.  The
                    And both "," and "at" are valid, even UC uses both.
                    Nothing wrong with multiple names, just not "the U..."
                    \_ If the University uses it on official documents then
                       it _is_ official.  I think the University gets to
                       decide what is official and what is not.  Not random
                       wanna-be-english-major know-it-alls on the motd.
           The University of California at Berkeley.
        \_ Likewise for people who put "the" in front of Bay Area freeway
           names, or "BART." This isn't L.A.!
                \_ Because The University gets to have everything both ways.
        \_ LA refers to roads as 'the 405 freeway,' or the 405.  the
           \_ It's actually the University of California. The Berkeley is
           Bay refers to it as 'Highway 80,' or 80.  It's that simple.
           \_ Actually it's 'Interstate 80,' not 'Highway 80.'
        \_ Jeff graduated from University of California sounds FOBish.
           What are you talking about? Henry graduated from the University
           of California. Sounds normal.
        \_ It's actually ' at ' instead of ', '.
           the University of California at Berkeley.
           \_ It's actually both.  No one loses.  Everybody wins! :D
              \_ I've been told it was ',' and not 'at.'  How can it be both?
                \_ Because the University gets to have everything both ways.
                   \_ ok, you've got a pretty good point here
           \_ It's actually the University of California. the Berkeley is
2000/8/11 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:18968 Activity:nil
8/11    Berkeley Critical Mass is tonight!  5:30 Berkeley BART, leaving after
        6 PM.  Party, music, libations to follow.
2000/8/7 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:18899 Activity:nil
8/6     Why is it legal for magazine publishers to offer lower
        subscription price for new subscribers?  Can't renewal
        subscribers do anything about having to pay higher? (Besides
        the obvious, i.e., don't renew, start a new subsccription).
        \_ If you go through those ASUC offers for new subscriptions,
           and if the name/address matches with an existing
           subscription, they just add a year to your existing.
2000/8/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:18866 Activity:nil
8/3     My group, Wicki 6, will be opening for the Irrationals at 8pm
        tonight at Anna's Place in Berkeley.  1801 University near Grant
        St.  -chaos
2000/7/31-8/2 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Computer/Networking] UID:18836 Activity:high
7/31    Need recommendation for decent DSL provider in Berkeley/Albany
        area.  Preferrably static IP, free install. <$40-50 per month
        \_ Try firstworld. They should be available in Berkeley/Albany.
           \_ I just started using them. I've had to call tech-support
              about 15 times in the past two days, but they are pretty
              friendly, hold times are short, and they seem somewhat
              \_ I had the same experience, i.e. once you get past setup
                 glitchfest, it's smooth sailing. They are not bad. --aaron
                 \_ you live in Berkeley/Albany, Aaron?
                \_ This stage will last about 3 weeks until they get too
                   many customers for tech support to handle.  Sign up fast
                   if you want to use them.  This applies to all good things.
             \_ I've only called them 3 times in 7+ months. Everytime the
                people I spoke to were resonalbly competent and friendly.
                My ave. wait times have been less than 10 mins. My setup
                was glitch free but the technician was at my house for >
                6 hours. I know several people who use them for business
                access as well, no incidents thus far. YMMV ----ranga
        \_ How about earthlink?
2000/6/29 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:18567 Activity:nil
6/29    Death to ASUC, CTE, and Neds! and,
        go go go!
        \_ does your penis swell during a blowjob?
2000/6/22 [Reference/BayArea, Computer/Networking, Academia/Berkeley] UID:18525 Activity:nil
6/22    When is Berkeley ditching Sprintnet?
        \- Since someone touched the subject, what is a *good* backbone
        provider? I see a lot of Sprint/Global-One advertising, but can't
        really tell who's good, who's not.   -leblon
        \_ RSN - see
        \_ Depends on what you mean by 'good' and how much you're willing to
           pay for it.  MCI used to be good, but with Cable&Brainless buying
           their internet operations, I'd expect them to tank in a year or so.
        \_perhaps page of recommended providers should be maintained, similar
          to the cs books page -nesim
2000/5/31 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18370 Activity:nil
5/30    Are the city engineers in Berkeley stupid?
        \_ Yes. 'Nuff said. Move on. Really no point on starting a thread on
        Why is it that the large
        streets (like University Ave. and parts of Telegraph) have their
        traffic lights timed to be red more often than green while the
        smaller streets that intersect them are green longer than red?
        \_ if you were so smart, you'd avoid driving on University and
           Telegraph near the campus and College and the other "big"
           \_ Even idiots don't drive near campus.  I'm talking about
              right after Jack in the Crack (small street before
              Alcatraz) and the 24 on/off ramp (no big surface streets
              intersecting them).
              \_ That would be Oakland, yes no?
        \_ People who drive or walk on the smallers streets have their
           rights too! -opressed smaller street walker
        \_ They must be. How else can you explain the repaving of Hearst
           east of Oxford after 10 years of disrepair and then promptly
           beginning to tear it up again?
            \_ that's the university doing infrastructure shite, not the city
           \_ No no, you mean every 2 years when city council elections
              come up.
           \_ how about the widening of the sidewalk on Center St. by campus
              a few years ago -- how long did that take? 6 months?
        \_ Duh.  Welcome to Berkeley.  It's *intentional*.  They _want_ to
           make it harder for drivers in Berkeley.  Duh, duh, duh.
           \_ Pshaw.  That implies that there's anything even remotely
               coherent in their 'planning'.  I think blatant stupidity
               applied in the most shortsighted manner possible is closer
               to the mark.
2000/5/22-23 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:18311 Activity:very high
5/21    Any suggestions for a gym to join?  I'm thinking quality of facilities
        (e.g., new machines...pool and things like racquetball court are
        plusses) classes (frequency, variety of aerobics classes), proximity
        to Berkeley.
        \_ 24 Fitness.  It's got a million locations so I can work out close
           to home or at work.  They've got TV and obscene amounts of equipment.
           They've got beginning weight training sessions.  Whatever you do,
           though, don't sign up for a personal trainer; it's like being
           chained to a used car salesman.
           to home or at work.  They've got TV and obscene amounts of
           equipment.  They've got beginning weight training sessions.
           Whatever you do, though, don't sign up for a personal
           trainer; it's like being chained to a used car salesman.
           \_ some of them have a pool and a sauna
        \_ if you just want to lose weight, it's better to just go out and
           start jogging. All that fancy equipment won't help much. Jogging
                   chair around will really build upper body strength and it's
                   good for your heart, too.
           is free too.  Join a gym only if you do serious weight training or
           you really need a place to play ball.
                \_ Ride Bike!  -tom
                \_ You mean blow out your knees?  Good idea.  Rolling a wheel
                   chair around will really build upper body strength
                   and it's good for your heart, too.
                        \_ uh, biking is way better for your knees than
                           jogging.  -tom
                                \_ Was talking about jogging, but I do know
              \_ Gold's is now a 24 Hour Fitness.  They have really good rates,
                                   people who killed their knees biking, too.
                   \_ Most people aren't that fragile.
                        \_ Idiot.  People aren't fragile.  They simple wear
                           out from over use.  Why didn't your parents have
                     \_ Don't forget:  You're good enough, you're smart enough,
                        and gosh-darnit, people like you! =)
                           a tile kitchen floor or take you to pet the tigers?
           \_  Look, I'm asking for a gym, not weight loss advice.
               \_ Don't be shy.  You are amongst your self-loathing brothers
                  and sisters of geekdom.  We all want ... need to be buff.
                  \_ I have poor self-image too.
                  \_ We do?  I'm happy the way I am, thanks.  Always have been.
        \_ When I was at Berkeley, Gold's Gym was really nice.  - mikeym
           \_ Yeah, but what about GOD's Gym?!
                \_ Praise His Name!
           \_ Wasn't Gold's in Downtown Berkeley taken over by 24 Hour
              still a wait for everything?  do they have special accomodations
              \_ Gold's is now a 24 Hour Fitness.  They have really good rate
                 but the Berkeley one isn't great on facilities -- no pool or
                 courts.  they do have aerobics classes.
        \_ What about Ironworks on Potter St.?
                \_ What about it?
        \_ answer: whatever is the cheapest, and closest to you.
           having "all the latest" is useless, if its so inconvenient that
           you never go.
           \_ Note that few gyms actually have pools, if swimming is what
              you want.  The Y in berkeley is actually decent.
           \_ What _is_ the cheapest gym in Berkeley?
        \_ If youre a student or alum, the RSF is both cheap and has
           everything youre looking for
                \_ I want hot easy babes!
                   \_ and 1-800-HOT-EASY
                        \_ Thanks for the URL!
           \_ Do they still have lines for everything in there?
                \_ Not for the hot easy babes
           \_ this seems like the best bet -- they've got everything i need
              there (weights, machines) racquetball courts.  is there
              still a wait for everything?  do they have special accomodatio
              for paying meembers?
                \_ Paying meembers?  You want a special meembership?  You
                   think you're too 318 to stand in line like the poor student
                   meembers do?
2000/5/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:18167 Activity:very high
4/33    does the uc berkeley web page suck?  Why or why not?  i get to
        bitch to people who are incharge of it tomorrow.
        \_ The search engine sucks.  License Google.
        \_ The design is much more functional than it was.  I have some
           issues with the colors.  I think the search engine works pretty
           well.  -tom
           \_ No need: use
           \_ Why is it the color of baby-shit?
              \_ Well, because they thought that the web (and thus all of
                 science, was not appealing to the gentler sex.  Thus, if
                 they made the webpage a colour that women can recognize
                 then women wouldn't be afraid of it.
                 \_ boy that's funny.  -tom
                        \_ Huh?  It's true.  That's the real reason.  And,
                           "That's *not* funny!"  -Berkeley Dyke
                           \_ Odd... I thought Dykes-R-Us had discontinued
                              its "Opinionated Dyke" inventory line. -(fucker)
        \_ It's functionally much better than the last page was. I have
           some issues with the colors (not just the background, the ALINK
           LINK and TEXT colors are insufficiently distinguished).  I think
           the search engine works fine.  -tom
           \_ Ah think it's a cunt.
2000/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:17978 Activity:high
4/11    Irami Osei Frimpong - the stars
        \_ who is this? why is he mentioned here?
           \_ He was the idiot ASUC President that brought you Spitfire (and
              subsequently resigned in disgrace.  And his last name is
              misspelled above. -dan
              \_ Spitfire?
                 \_ Yeah, the ridiculous spoken word tour where pop culture
                    icons like Woody Harrelson and MTV's Kennedy speak about
                    drugs and self-responsibility.  Irami basically signed a
                    $25,000 contract for Spitfire to come to Berkeley without
                    getting senat approval.
2000/2/9-10 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:17467 Activity:very high
2/9     Is there any moving company besides U-Haul that I can rent enclosed
        trailer for in-town moving?  U-Haul says their enclosed trailers are
        for one-way moving only, and only open trailers are available for
        in-town moving.  Thanks.
        \_ try the yellow pages under "moving" or "rental"
        \_ there's probably someone better than u-haul to go to, but
           the person you talked to at u-haul was lying or an idiot;  they
           do have in-town rentals of enclosed trucks available in berkeley.
           \_ I did call the Berkeley center at 2100 San Pablo Ave.  Strange.
              By the way, if I rent the trailer from Berkeley, tow it for 100
              miles round-trip, and then return it to Berkeley, does it count
              as in-town at $14.95/day?
                \_ Of course it does.  Because you're smart and not telling
                   them it's for out of town.  Return it to the same place.
                   \_ What an idiot!  Today I called the Berkeley center again,
                      trailer for in-town moving.  Thanks for pointint it out.
                      and this time the guy said I could get an enclosed
                      trailer for in-town moving.  Thanks for pointing it out.
        \_ Doherty's in El Cerrito on San Pablo Ave.  By the DMV.
        \_ WTF are you talking about?  I just rented an enclosed U-haul
           trailer for my move from berkeley to richmond.  No problem at
           all, aside from the usual trailer wirin issues.  -ERic
           \_ The guy who answered my call yesterday lied.
2000/2/9-11 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:17464 Activity:nil
2/8     A recruiting friend of mine at Campus Insiders is seeking a Student
        Rep for Internet Start-ups.  The Student Rep would serve as a liaison
        between selected start-ups and the UC Berkeley EE/CS students.  You
        can contact her directly at (415)377-0377 or
1999/12/27 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:17107 Activity:nil
        what the heck is up with the "berkeley web servers will be offline"
1999/11/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:16897 Activity:high
11/16   Trevor Buckingham strikes again!  ucb.class.cs61c titled "WHAT?".
        How do we kick him out of the major?  He's got to have violated
        some university policies with those postings.
        \_ Better to let him stay in the major. He'll be a minor PITA to
           the professors as he moves through the system, but he'd be a
           better example on the inside than litigant if thrown out.
        \_ I read his post which is filled with explitives and insults.
           Clearly this kind of post is unprofessional and unproductive.
           However, some of his arguments make sense.  Also, when I was
           taking the the 61 series I thought the tests were poorly written.
           I find it easy to believe that someone who knows computer science
           very well could fail to do well on a 61[abc] test. -alum
        \_ I didn't read his post but anyone babbling expletives on a public
           university newsgroup reserved for class use should be shot and
           forgotten.  They're doing more harm than good by making others with
           similar complaint get dismissed out of hand and rightly so.  The
           world isn't fair.  Berkeley isn't fair.  Shit isn't fair.  Tough
           shit.  Deal with it.  That's the lesson Berkeley teaches you.  It
           isn't about classes and midterms.  -other alum
           \_ Maybe you learned to be passive and weak at Berkeley, but that
              doesn't make it Berkeley's "lesson".
              \_ YA VOL!  SIEG HEIL!  HEIL!  SIEG HEIL!  Yes my brother
                 we can begin Das Final Solution!  Kill the weak and
                 the jews!
                \_ No, I learned to pick my battles and how to fight them.
                   Going off like a babbling moron on a class newsgroup isn't
                   being strong and non-passive.  It's just plain stupid.
                   There's no other word for it except synonyms for "stupid".
                   Call yourself the mighty slayer of bad tests and a force
                   for change all you like but ranting like a whiney moron
                   child will not change anything and might make it worse.
                   The Berkeley lesson, in part, is how to deal with life.
                   Dealing with life successfully *never* includes childish
                   ranting.  Maybe on your planet or in your mind but not on
                   the planet most of us hail from.  Nice ad hominen sans
                   backing, btw.  What would *you* say the lesson is?  That
                   one should make a complete jackass of one's self anytime
                   things don't go entirely one's way?  Anyway, 61abc aren't
                   about "knows computer science very well".  Until you've
                   gotten into some of the higher level Ugrad and Grad courses,
                   you're not doing computer science; you're just hitting
                   buttons and trying not to get weeded out.
                \_ For many majors at Berkeley, you're not here to learn.
                   You're just another cow with a number.  More often than
                   not, it's just a survival contest.  I can fairly say
                   this after grad. school when you tend to really find out
                   the kind of jerks your profesors are.  They could
                   care less about your difficulties in class.  - bitter alum
                        \_ Bingo.  I was staff, not a grad student and all the
                           profs made it pretty clear the undergrads meant
                           nothing and the grad students were just slave labor.
                           Staff was just a tool.  At least I had a nice stable
                           low paying job until I woke up.  Anyone who thinks
                           Berkeley is about "learning" anything except basic
                           survival is a complete fool.  Maybe it's different
                           in some tiny worthless major without any students,
                           but there's a reason they don't have any.
                           \_ I'm curious:  how did the profs make it clear?
                \_ After 3 semesters here, I fail to see what all this
                   flaming is based on. Yes, profs are busy; often too
                   busy to spend countless hours on students -- but where
                   on earth did you get the idea that you're entitled to this?
                   University education never was, and never will be, one on
                   one tutoring. I, for one, can testify to the fact that
                   I'm learning, and learning at the highest rate that _my_
                   physical limitations allow. That, to me, is a necessary
                   AND sufficient litmus test for what I would call an
                   education. Now PLEASE explain to me (without references
                   to gay sex) why someone would complain. The generic "profs
                   don't give a shit" doesn't cut it, unless you can explain
                   to me why that has hurt your education. -zyqqh
1999/7/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:16204 Activity:low
7/29    Does the UC Berkeley theater have a web site?  I'm trying to find its
        listings.  Thanks.
        \_ There is no "UC Berkeley" theater.  Which theater are you looking
                for?  The "UC Theater" on University ave?  The Pacific Film
                Archive Theater in the UC Berkeley Art Museum?  The Friday
                movies in wheeler hall?
           \_ Well I don't know which one.  I'm looking at the dates for
              "After Life" on and it says UC Berkeley.  It
              doesn't say which ones.  Do you know the web sites for all
              three?  TIA.
              \_ BTW I saw After Life a little while ago and it is
                 damn good.  -Aspo
                \_ Art Museum:
                   \_ thank you very much!  :-)
        \_ "hello, welcome to movie fone...."
1999/4/2 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:15684 Activity:high
4/1     Im interested in putting together a team of cs dudes to
        setup an online voting system for the next asuc elections.
        If interested, mail me. --sly
        \_ weren't the asuc elections online already, like 3 yrs ago?
           \_ What's the site? Is it set up such that people can vote
              online, or was it just a listing of the winning and losing
              parties? --sly
1999/3/10-11 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:15577 Activity:high
3/9     Red Darwf Season 8 aired this past Sunday. Is KTEH airing the
        season again? Thanks --marc

3/\d+   BIKE PARADE FRIDAY!!!  As reported at Berkeley City Council
        last night, the Berkeley Bike Parade will be celebrating its
        SIXTH BIRTHDAY.  Party to follow the ride.  Meet 5:30 PM
        downtown Berkeley BART to leave at 6 PM.  (every 2nd Friday)
        \_ Get a life, jnat.
           \_ Hmm... what do you mean?  I keep very busy and despite
              negative people (case in point) and corrupt corporations
              and the like I have a great time and am doing a lot of
              good work.  How about check my personal web pages
     and tell me what's missing.
                \_ Perspective on your useless existence.
                   \_ I don't get it, I mean, I have some philosophy
                      and everythiiing...what's the URL?
1999/2/8-10 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:15372 Activity:high
02/08   Berkeley Critical Mass this Friday Feb. 12 -- rain or shine --
        Gather 5:30 to ride at 6 PM from the downtown Berkeley BART
        \_ Will Critical Mass ever lobby the City of Berkeley or the
           County of Alameda or the appropriate governmental body
           for better paving of roads? --Jon
           \_ No, they won't, because cars would also benefit from such
              an improvement.  --sky
              \_ Oh, that's right, Critical Mass is composed of a bunch
                 of idiots, like Jason Meggs. --Jon
          \_ Well, see, Critical Mass is a bicycle the extent that
            it makes bicycles visible, it lobbies for just about anything
            bicycle-related...but other groups such as BFBC and BCLU lobby
            for better paving  on major bicycle routes (which is only fair as
            bicyclists subsidize repaving and suffer more for poor paving--
            the primary reason roads go to hell is heavy vehicles, and the
            pavement comes from general funds).  --idiot Meggs
            \_ California is building roads faster than they can be fixed.
        \_Sixth Birthday party in March!  (March 12th, 1999)
1999/1/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:15217 Activity:nil
1/11    Are textbooks for Spring 1999 available at the big 3 bookstores
        (Ned's, CTE, ASUC) now? Thanks. -slow
                \_ It looks like the ASUC has a lot of them on the shelf
                   already.  Have not peeked into the other stores yet.
1998/8/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:14491 Activity:high
8/21    I can't believe berkeley is tied #1 with Univ of Virginia.
        \_ What are you referring to? --dim
           \_ Well, definitely not college rankings... or sports...
              maybe specific academic fields... or #1 in the Worst
              Quality of Women.
                \_ Actually it's academic rankings - UCB & UVa are
                        tied as #1 public universities in the latest
                        US News and World Made-up Statistics Report poll
             \_ Come on, there are enough good looking girls on campus
                already, stop being so picky unless you've already had it
                with all of them.
                \_ All I ask is for a girl without a mustache - is that
                   too much to ask?  In Berkeley, apparently so.  -wombat
                \_ Quantity-wise, maybe that's true. But relative to
                   number of students @ Cal, blah.
                \_ Go take more psych and am-scam classes.
                     Just thinking about them get my panties in a bunch.
                   \_ I've taken plenty of psych classes.  Don't bother.
        \_ That's right. Virginia is a much better school than Berkeley
1998/8/18 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:14481 Activity:nil
8/17    Sorry for my ignorance.  But what happened to the parking
        meters in Berkeley?
                \_ Starr was investigating my improper relationship with MOTD,
                   too.  That asshole!!!
        \_ Berkeley(tm) realized that they couldn't keep up with
           the vandals so they're gonna replace them with super-duper
           robo-mega-indestructo-meters that can still be ruined with
           bubble gum or a caulk-gun.
        \_ A junior high kid did a school report where she timed the
           meters for accuracy and found that the digital meters are far
           more accurate (only 1 in 10 of the old ones were deemed
           accurate). It made the news and got a lot of publicity, so
           Berkeley is going to replace all their meters with digital
        \_ The real answer is they got stolen because the old meters were
           fucked and ripping people off and some good citizen didn't want
           to get fucked anymore so took justice into their own hands.  My
           only regret in my entire life is I wasn't a part of the meter
           theft.  -been roobed by Berkeley meters too many times
           \_ Well, the girl's report actually showed that the meters
              were roobing the city, not the other way around.  You just suck.
1998/6/23-25 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Computer/Networking] UID:14239 Activity:nil
6/22    When is Berkeley ditching Sprintnet?
        \_ Since someone touched the subject, what is a *good* backbone
        provider? I see a lot of Sprint/Global-One advertising, but can't
        really tell who's good, who's not.   -leblon
        \_ RSN - see
        \_ Depends on what you mean by 'good' and how much you're willing to
           pay for it.  MCI used to be good, but with Cable&Brainless buying
           their internet operations, I'd expect them to tank in a year or so.
        \_perhaps page of recommended providers should be maintained, similar
          to the cs books page -nesim
           \_ yes, and you know that there are just a ton of cs students
              who are looking around for T3 connection providers.
1998/5/7 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14067 Activity:high 66%like:14047
5/6     Who won the College Jeopardy?
        \_ watch next week and find out
        \_ Is it true that Jeopardy contestants get all the questions and
           answers (or just categories) beforehand, in the form of a huge
           book, much like those 5000 SAT Vocabulary Words books?
                \_ More or less, YES. They tell you the category, some
                   specific fields to study, etc. Think of the movie
                   "The Game Show" but they give you  A LOT of answers.
            \_  I was on College Jeopardy from Berkeley back in 1993 and I
                can tell you that you are totally wrong!  They NEVER gave
                us the categories before we walked up to those leturns and
                started taping.  They did tell us in the interviews that
                we might want to study "college oriented areas" like pop
                music, colleges, films, and current events.  But they
                never told us, "You will need to study Black history and
                Architecture and British Lit."  In all fairness though, I
                was a chem major then and I did get a Chem Lab category.
        \_  The guy from Harvey Mudd wins it.  Beats U of Alabama and MIT.
                \_ Mudd geeks rewl.  -tom
            Gotta wtch tomorrow to see the Stanford chick get booed and
            razzed by the audience.  Alex had to plead for the audience
            to let up on her.  Beautiful.
            \_ Beautiful?  Try childish.
             \_ Childish? Try GET A SENSE OF HUMOR YOU BRAINDEAD GEEK! It's
                people like you who ought to have termites unleashed into
                your rectum to eat up all the sticks that are stuck up there
                your (collective) rectum to eat up all the sticks that
                have gotten STUCK UP YOUR ASS
                \_ That's funny!
1998/4/15-16 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Academia/GradSchool] UID:13964 Activity:kinda low 52%like:13959
4/15    Where can I find stat/info on the GPA average of the entire Berkeley
        campus (ugrad/grad) and comparisons of GPA w/other schools that
        either have same or different grading scales? Thanks.
        \_ i don't know about the gpa average, but i've heard that the
           curve for some of the more impacted classes are as vicious
           here as anywhere else
                \-"as vicious"? berkeley, after UChi, MIT, and CalTech probably
                has about the hardest grading around. --psb
                  \_ CalTech?  Gimme a break.  I know some people who have
                     various cs/engineering type degrees from there who don't
                     stand a chance here.  They'd be lucky to figure out how
                     their phone worked to call TeleBears.
                \_ Sure, everyone has rumors from these schools, but what are
                   some actual numbers to prove it, psb boy???
                        \-grad schools have implicit modifiers for GPAs from
                        various schools. they know a 3.6 at berkeley > 3.6 at
                        the 'fraud. unfortuantely some people with less exp.
                        in looking at lots of grades and correlating to perf
                        dont realize this and just go with the higher gpa.
                        i have visited all of the schools in question, i know
                        what textbooks they use in depts i am familiar with,
                        i know a lot of people from all except UChi so i think
                        i know what i am talking about here.
                        people also look at the department. i think mass comm
                        and "human biodynamics" have the highest GPAs here.
                        i guess that is where all the smart people are, as
                        opposed to say physics. --psb
                        \_ "Human Biodynamics" is no longer a department or
                            major; it has been split into Phys Ed and the
                            actual human biodynamics stuff is now part of
                            Integrative Biology.  -tom
           \_ Side question: after Stanfurd brought back the D and F grades
              a couple years ago, has overall GPA dropped from 3.5?
                \_ You can still drop after the final so I doubt the avg
                   GPA dropped noticeably.  "I was too stoned to drop after
                   the final!  Can I drop now?"  - Farm stoner 6 months later
        \_ From all the discussions, I can just tell you that in real life
           there is no single equation that schools use. It is mostly based on
           "feeling", "intuition", and "historical reputation". As with all
           things in life, yes, this is totally unfair.
                \-that isnt the case. some institutions have the knowledge
                and incentive to correlate f(GPA,school)->clverness-in-reality,
                others are either lacking in the info, and yet others lack
                the incentive. --psb
1998/4/13 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:13943 Activity:nil
4/12    They're arresting Berkeley Grads!
        \_ Awww, didnt know DanH graduated.
        \_ I read this, didn't see anything about Berkeley grads.
1997/12/3 [Academia/Berkeley, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:32177 Activity:nil
12/1    Join the protest against UCB offering scholarship to Chinese
        dissident Wei
         - why would you be against?  you some kind of commie?
         \_ I have never figured out why U.S. schools give free
             education and so much money to foreign students.
                    This kind of activity should be banned by law.
             \_ Uh, this isn't any random student.  It's a politcal
         gesture.  It has zero effect on your financial aid or
         ability to get an education.
                    \_ I totally agree.  The US policy is causing too
                       much of a brain drain and money drain for other
                       countries.  Educating their youth for free for
                       12 years, only to have them go to a US university,
                       to drain another $100000 from their country for
                       school fees and living expenses, and then have
                       the now productive person work in the US and pay
                       US taxes to pay for the education of US kids.
                       What a deal!
          \_ How many get a spot that a real American (read:
             read human being) would have had otherwise?

                        \_ I don't know about that, but the last time I
                           checked, the software industry where there is
                           a huge concentration of foreign born engineers
                           is short of 200000 engineers, and the
                           unemployment rate is at an all time low.
                           I don't know about UC Berkeley but at a lot
                           of less prominent universities, the professors
                           just can't find enough US graduate students
                           willing to spend 5 years of hardship and low
                           pay to do research work.

             \_ How idiotic: U.S. universities would be a
         bunch of third-rate diploma mills were it not
          for European Jewish intellectuals (ie.,
         Einstein, for starters) fleeing the Nazis for
         the U.S. Would you deny Enstein a fellowship?
          \_ I suspect very few graduate students are
             fleeing political persecution.  What
             happened 50 years ago is irrelevant (kinda
             like your argument).  Its foreign countries
             that need the U.S.
             The amount of academic support given to foreign
             students is disgusting.  Hmmm, lets educate
             our competition so they can undermine
             U.S. based industries.  Lets educate
             foreign students for free when so many
             bright kids in America are deprived of a
             passable education.  Think about it a little

                           \_ Foreign born engineers and scientists is
                              one of the major strengths of US-based

                              As for US education, I thought it has improved
                              a great deal already.  In any case, it
                              already has one of the highest cost per
                              student.  Throwing more money at it is
                              probably not going to solve any ills that it
                              has.  Granted, some of the inner city schools
                              may have financial problems, but that is more
                              a problem of distribution.

        \_ Wei is one of the few interesting thinkers to have come
           out of China since the Cultural Revolution. That is,
           universities are vying for him because of his notable
        and influential scholarship. And I'm all for U.S. schools
           recruiting smart people, foreign or not.
         \_ Intellectuals and scholars OUT of UC Berkeley!  Down
         with the ivory towers! Sack all departments except for the
         athletic department! What do you think this is, a place
         of learning ?
         \_ This isn't about scholastic achievement or intellectualism.
            This is about some foreigner taking a spot a real American
            would have had.  Not just in the classroom but housing,
            jobs, and other resources.  What does this clown offer us
            in return?
          \_ How about scoring brownie points with the wealthy
             Asian donors that Chancellor Tien got to donate
              millions upon millions of dollars to the University,
             so that they want to donate even more?
             \_ You mean to build themselves an ugly building on
         campus to further their politcal agenda?
                   \_ This guy will write a book and will earn his US
                      publisher a few hundred thousand dollars in Taiwan
                      alone (if all you care is people taking your money).
        \_ I'm glad his publishers will make money.  I'm sure
           every crap book that Oprah features on her show makes
           money.  That doesn't mean the author belongs at
           Berkeley or any other decent school.

                      I don't know if this guy will succumb to the
                      disgraceful infighting of the Chinese exiles, but
                      he did spend 14 years in prison unlike the Tiananmen
                      square student leaders, so you have to give him the
                      benefit of the doubt.

                      Remember that the money for him is going to come
                      some Chinese/Far Eastern studies department/institute.
                      And his personal experience with the Chinese prison
                      system alone would probably bring more for the
                      department/institute than your typical graduate
                      student.  Now you may want to argue that Chinese/Far
                      Eastern studies are useless, but that's another
        \_ It's just a forum for further propaganda.

        \_ He won't be coming to UCB; he accepted a fellowship offered
           by Columbia University - android
         \_ Good.  Suckers.
1995/1/5 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:31698 Activity:nil
1/3     berkeley magic players:
        body of message "subscribe berkeley-magic"
1994/11/11-15 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:31647 Activity:nil
11/1    Upcoming Help Sessions:
        UNIX Security: Tuesday 11/15 at 6:30pm in the Hogan Room (531 Cory)
        System Administration: Tuesday 11/29 at 6:30pm in the Hogan Room
        All sessions are ASUC sponsored/wheelchair accessable.
        Send mail to helper if you have any questions or comments.
1994/4/11 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:31560 Activity:nil
4/8     For a draft of the new City of Berkeley bike plan, get one mailed
        to you from: (City planning dept.) The
        next bicycle planning meeting is: Wed. Apr. 20, 7:00pm @ North
        Berkeley Senior Center, Hearst @ MLK Jr. Way.           -- Marco
1994/1/25 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:31457 Activity:nil
1/24    Does anyone know where I can get a list of college CEEB codes at
        Berkeley? Does anyone know the CEEB code for Berkeley and Van
        Nuys High School? I really really really need the codes by this
        week. Mail me please. Thanks.   -kchang
        \_ What are CEEB codes?  Are you transferring out of Berkeley?
         \_ None of your )(*@#$ business!  -kchang
        \_ Don't be a lazy bum, just go on down to Sproul and wait in line.
        \_ Information like this should be on-line.  This is the
           Information Age!!!!
        \_ Get a fucking clue dude.  This is Berkeley.  Berkeley despises
           handing out useful information, especially to students. - norby
        \_ go kill yerself, kchang
        \_ Use the phone. Call them up and ask....
        \_ go grab a copy of this year's SAT booklet or something...
              \_ sheesh you guys: i have the GRE code for berkeley: R4833
           (that probably doesn't help)
1993/10/11 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:31415 Activity:nil
10/11   What is the best Comic Book Store in Berkeley that has a
        complete selection of adult comic books?  Please send mail
        to ikiru@soda if you are aware of any.  Thank you.
        \_ Well, you might try Good Vibrations in SF...
         \_ Comic Relief on University is a fine store, and they
            carry a complete selection of new adult comics and a
            fair selection of back issues.
        \_ Adult comic books, huh...are you *sure* you're a computer
           nerd?  It's hard to tell.
        \_ What exactly does "adult comic books" mean?  Please clarify.
         \_ Check out HORNY BIKER SLUT at Comix-n-Comix
          \_ That's fine literature, son.
1993/5/12 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:31310 Activity:nil
5/12    I love the ASUC.  They are here to serve me.
1993/4/18 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:31275 Activity:nil 78%like:31279
4/16    Blood Drive, April 26-28 from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm.  Sponsored
        by the UC Berkeley Alumni Scholars Program.  There will be a
        table on Sproul April 19-28.  The blood drive will be held
        at the ASUC 4th floor, Tan Oak, East and West Madrone Rooms.
        For more info, call the Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association
        at 510-654-2924 ext 6270, or write to xxxxxxxx@soda.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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