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2010/11/21-2011/1/13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:53988 Activity:moderate
11/21	Lifehacker's recommending Dreamhost as a personal web hosting service.
	Apart from csua, who do you guys use? --erikred
	\_ What do you want to use it for? Do you need CGI or PHP?  My
	   brother worked for Dreamhost and said they are unethical. In
	   fact, he sued them. This refers to their treatment of customers
	   and employees both. I don't know who  or what "Lifehacker" is,
	   but I'd feel uncomfortable using Dreamhost.
	   \_ PHP, CGI, MySQL., subsidiary of Gizmodo. Wow,
	... line 12 ...
	... line 14 ...
	   Dreamhost = Nightmarehost (throttle, inactivation, etc)
	... total 14 lines ...
2010/1/18-25 [Science/Space] UID:53637 Activity:kinda low
1/18	Look out for some serious rain the next few weeks:
	\_ so... how do I read this? I didn't take meterology.
	   \_ Prop 8 trial continuing into next week, rainbow weather
	\_ CA desperately needs the water.
	   \_ And yet we allow most of the water we need every year to
	      run into the sea. That's probably true of these storms, too.
	... line 20 ...
	   \_ surprised kcsm is up, it's on dreamhost. college site appears
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2008/5/28-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:50069 Activity:nil
5/28	dreamhost tells customers to quit complaining about email and just
	use gmail
	\_ search for dreamhost on motd. sucky suck.
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2006/12/1-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:45409 Activity:nil
11/30	I remember people complaining about on the motd in
	recent months.  What were the complaints?
	\_ You can't run ANY script for over 20-30 seconds or else ALL of
	   your processes will get killed, rendering cron and cgi
	   useless. Mysql quota may be unlimited but is overloaded so
	   takes SECONDS for each simple query. It has been hacked into
	   over and over and over again this year, with down time of over
	   10 days this year. The servers are way over subscribed (100X
	... line 18 ...
	\_ search on google and you'll see (dreamhostsucks site)
	... total 18 lines ...
2006/11/28-12/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:45383 Activity:low
11/28   Now that soda is most likely going to be p0wn3d every six
        months, can someone recommend a professionally maintained
        unix account where I can do my scripting, web hosting, and
        other stuff. One of my friends recommended hostrocket but
        what else do you guys recommend?
	... line 10 ...
           I repeat, do NOT use DreamHost. They are really NightmareHost.
	... total 14 lines ...
2006/9/15-19 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW] UID:44387 Activity:nil
9/15	Looking for recommendations (prefer Bay Area?) for ISP/company
        that can run a small-business web-site (products list, help
        pages, shopping cart) and handle their email (web-mail & IMAP access)
        My friend currently has a small business but is not satisfied
        with his current ISP/web-design firm handling his .com domain far
        in LA.  They are slow to respond to web-site change requests,
        and they have dropped connections, broken shopping carts,
        customer complaints and slow employee web-mail access.
	... line 9 ...
	\_ Is your friend's current company called Have you
	... line 11 ...
	   \_ not dreamhost. Was going to look at yahoo, but i think they
	... total 12 lines ...
2006/8/7-11 [Computer/SW] UID:43934 Activity:nil
8/7	Hello guys, the nightmare is finally over. What a relief!
	"Hello, This is just an email verification for you that we've now
	closed your Account as you just requested via our web panel.
	You will no longer receive any bills from us (unless you kept an
	active domain _registration_ with us) nor other communications.
	We're very sorry it didn't work out and maybe we'll see you again
	someday!  Sincerely, The UnHappy DreamHost Goodbye Team"
	\_ If this had you that stressed out you're really in for it when
	... total 10 lines ...
2006/8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:43865 Activity:nil
8/2	Hey shac, do you still use nightmarehost, I mean
	Do you still recommend it after its complete debacle and hundreds
	of pissed off users in the past month or so? I'm a current
	nightmarehost user and I'm trying to find a new service, DESPERATELY.
	... total 4 lines ...
2006/8/2-6 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:43868 Activity:nil
8/2	How come web sites that praise don't accept
	additional reviews anymore?  I'd like to add negative feedbacks to
	counter the positive feedbacks but unable to do so. What's up?
	Here are some examples: (blank interface to add review) (can't enter info)
	There are two others that I've waited 3 days for the approval to
	go through, even though their web sites say: "Thank you for voicing
	... line 9 ...
	your opinion about DreamHost, Joe.  Your opinion will help other
	... total 16 lines ...
2006/8/1-2 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:43853 Activity:nil
8/1	Dreamhost has a really generous quota but the service is horrible.
	In addition you can't run any script longer than 30 seconds.
	Otherwise, they will kill ALL of your processes. They were unwilling
	to negociate this. They subscribe hundreds of power hungry users
	on each machine and the load is always consistently above 100,
	and slow. You can't even run sa-learn and grep because their monitor
	script will kill all of your processes. Also they do a reboot
	every other day because they don't know how to keep their system
	... line 11 ...
	I hate dreamhost. Any advice on other affordable co-lo services?
	... total 13 lines ...
2006/8/1-2 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:43856 Activity:nil
8/1	Bin Laden with the Democrats, so Israel needs to punish Iran.  But
	remember that they should tip at least 20%, especially when searching
	for the new Intel processor at Fry's.  RIDE BIKE!
						\_ and use Linux
	\_ Conroe. Learn the name, damnit.
           \_ I guess the geek community basically just rejected "Core 2 Duo"?
              \_ Conroe is 2 unaspirated sylables, Core 2 Duo is 4 sylables and
                 sounds confusingly similar to both their previous chip and
	... line 11 ...
	\_ Flash drive has dreamhost data which sucks, and parents'
	... total 16 lines ...
2006/6/28-7/3 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:43520 Activity:nil
6/28	Help. My ISP doesn't forward my email anymore, or at least it is
	forwarding but has a huge delay. Below is a sample from
	"sendmail -bp". My user name is joe and my school is
	What could be going on? Thanks:
	519FF8D747     3812 Wed Jun 27 13:00:37
	(host[] said: 450 Server
	configuration problem (in reply to RCPT TO command))
	... total 11 lines ...
2006/6/12-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:43360 Activity:nil
6/12	I am running into problems with They're cheap, but
	they're very restrictive as to the things you can do there. For
	example, they don't allow a script to run for over 30 seconds
	(they have an auto kill script and are unwilling to be flexible,
	so my sa-learn always gets killed). They don't allow X11 forwarding.
	They don't allow many things. What are other hosting alternatives
	you guys have tried and recommend? Thanks.
	\_ Question seconded.  My only experiences are self-hosting or something
	... total 9 lines ...
2006/5/8-10 [Uncategorized] UID:42983 Activity:nil
5/8	pine on another ISP ( uses IMAP. How do I make it
	recognize and use my local mail directory?
	... total 2 lines ...
2006/5/4-7 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:42931 Activity:nil
5/4	Ok I need to make a hosting choice soon because my current co-op
	colo is falling apart like in the old days. I can
	go with,, or [from
	which dans heard good things about]. I really like johncompanies'
	virtual machines because you get root, but it is a whopping
	$47/month!!! is dirt cheap, but you share
	resources and it's probably just as secure as soda (which is
	not very). I haven't heard anything about
	... line 10 ...
	\_ i have a bunch of stuff hosted with dreamhost and have been
	... line 12 ...
	   of guys at gamespy use dreamhost as well and love it. -shac
	... line 19 ...
	... total 36 lines ...
2006/4/5-7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:42686 Activity:nil
4/5	Desperately looking for a new co-lo site that gives you cgi, php,
	and unlimited email forwarding (you provide your own domain name).
	Cheap and reliable. SSH/shell is a must.
	\_ I think you mean (possibly shared) virtual hosting, not colo.  I
	   know a number of people who are happy with Dreamhost and TextDrive.
	... total 6 lines ...
2005/11/12-14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40555 Activity:nil
11/11   Hey MOTD, I'm looking for a good webhosting service.  A coworker has
        recommended  Does anybody have any first hand experience
        with that provider?   Does anyone have any suggestions, warnings or
        general advice?  Ideally I'm looking for a place with a unix shell,
        php, perl, and possibly mysql & cron -- but it doesn't have to have
        heavyweight bandwidth, etc.    TIA.                    -mice
	\_ It may be more money & work than you wanted, but I've had good
	   luck w/  You get root on a jailed system: FreeBSD
	... line 20 ...
	\_ I have friends who use dreamhost (and one of them gave me a login).
	... total 23 lines ...
2003/4/23-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:28205 Activity:high
4/23	An analysis of Netflix's DVD allocation system
	\_ Yeah like everyone else hadn't figured it out 2 years ago that
	   newer customers get priority.
	   \_ I found this useful. I was considering getting Netflix but
	      I will stick with the local video store after reading the
	      article since our use would be very high.
	      \_ Uhm, yeah, two years ago, etc, etc.
	... total 41 lines ...
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