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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/8/13-10/28 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:54727 Activity:nil
8/13    How can this be?
        soda {104}% finger reiser
        finger: reiser: no such user.
        Hans was one of the founders of the OCF, did he never get a CSUA
        \_ Several years ago all soda accounts were sorry'ed, and everyone
           had to send in proof that one is the rightful owner of an account
           before the account was re-activated.  (I had to send in a scan of
           my student ID card and the date that my account was first created.)
           Maybe reiser (I don't know him) was not around at that time to
           re-activate his account.
           \_ perhaps due to being in jail for murder?
              \_ Wow!  I didn't realize who he was.  -- PP
           \_ Yeah but the accounts are still there. Maybe he really never
              did join the CSUA. He was a major OCF booster and there was
              a rivalry in those days. -class of 93
              \_ CSUA: 100% fewer wife-murderers than the OCF!
              \- there was not really a rivalry between the OCF and
                 CSUA ... at least for quite a few years. after that,
                 i dont know ... it was sort of a "managed
                 difference".  Certain key persons with key roles in
                 both organization decide to hold office in only one
                 and not in both ... although there was plenty of
                 behind-the-scenes string pulling in both dir-
                 ections. i think some of more hardcore people in the
                 csua may have had a little bit of condescention
                 toward some OCFers whose main contribution was shall
                 we say "enthusiasm", but I think there was also
                 recongintion that the OCF "made a difference" while
                 the CSUA was largely a club ... although did do some
                 good, say with the tutorials it ran. and of course
                 the csua leadership went off the rails several times
                 while the OCF was still led relatively well due to
                 the socialization efforts of the founding generation
                 [then came the idiotic co-gm era (which was clearly
                 not consitutitional) and the dumb group account sea
                 change ... which may have turned out ok but it made
                 the OCF the bitch of a number of units on campus].