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2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/3/13-4/16 [Reference/Religion] UID:54623 Activity:nil
3/13    The new pope is from Argentina.
        Does it make another Falkland War between Argentina and the Anglican
        UK more likely?
2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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iframeArticle Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, from Argentina was elected as the Catholic Church's new pope Wednesday night. Thousands of Catholics gathered under umbrellas outside St. Peter's Basilica, eagerly listening to the church's 266th pontiff, who addressed the faithful from the balcony. "As you know, the duty of the conclave was to appoint a bishop of Rome. It seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosen one who is from far away, but here I am," said Pope Francis, who is now the first pope from Latin America. The new pope replaces Benedict XVI, whose surprise resignation last month prompted the 115 Roman Catholic cardinals to initiate a conclave, a Latin phrase meaning "with a key," to pick a new leader for the world's almost 2 billion Catholics. Francis, a Jesuit, is the first pope ever elected from Latin America, a region of the world with 480 million Catholics. He won the necessary two-thirds vote after only two days of the conclave. Francis was archbishop of Buenos Aires, but stepped down last year. In 2010, he said allowing gay couples to adopt is a form of discrimination against children, earning a rebuke from the country's president. to the National Catholic Reporter, he is known to be conservative and orthodox in his beliefs, but also is "no defender of clerical privilege." Francis has criticized priests who will not baptize children born outside of marriage, calling the practice hypocritical. He also lived simply when he served as archbishop of Buenos Aires, cooking his own meals, taking public transportation, and refusing to live in the archbishop's mansion. "Even his critics acknowledge that he's a humble person," said Princeton Professor Robert P George, who speculated the pope chose the name Francis because St. Several other candidates were considered front runners, including Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson from Ghana, who would have become the first African pope in modern times. No pope has been elected from outside of Europe since the 8th century. The new church leader takes over an organization many say is in crisis, from damaging allegations of internal squabbling to the cover-up and abetting of sexual abuse, though the latter issue came to light before Benedict's papacy. Some sources say the Catholic Church in the US has paid out as much as $3 billion to settle sexual abuse claims, though others estimate a billion less. At least eight US Catholic dioceses declared bankruptcy protection. Benedict said in a 1998 US visit that he was ashamed of the sex abuse scandal, and assured that the church would not allow pedophiles to become priests. The Pope Emeritus also faced criticism for his role in overseeing the church's reaction to the sexual abuse crisis, as well as revelations from the "Vatileaks" incident. The pope's butler was implicated in the leaking of documents that included what Italian media first characterized as evidence of blackmail and disarray among church leaders regarding how to address growing concerns about money laundering. Though Benedict basically dismissed those allegations as exaggerated, he remarked that the leaks and results of the ensuing investigation he commissioned had saddened him. Church outsiders have speculated that the results of Benedict's investigation may have led to his decision to resign from the papacy, a move unprecedented in six centuries. The new pope will also face pressure to modernize the church on issues from reforming the clergy to allowing contraception. It's unclear if the cardinals will pick a pope who will change the church or a conservative leader who will remain dedicated to its current principals. Cardinal's departure darkens mood as pope allows early conclave Reuters VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A senior cleric resigned under duress on Monday and Pope Benedict took the ... V o 2 hrs 55 mins ago Although I am a Protestant, I truly hope the new Pope resolves the issues facing the Catholic church and helps lead people into a real relationship with Christ and brings glory back to our Heavenly Father. Soccer-Messi and Barca make a mockery of the doubters By Iain Rogers BARCELONA, March 13 (Reuters) - Lionel Messi's Barcelona gave an emphatic response to the doubters when they made Champions League history by overturning a 2-0 first-leg deficit to oust seven-times European Cup winners AC Milan on Tuesday. Messi's superb double set Barca on their way in the first half at a raucous but desperately tense Nou Camp and David Villa and Jordi Alba struck after the break to send the La Liga side through to the quarter-finals 4-2 on aggregate. Oldest Iditarod winner, 53, follows in son's footsteps By Yereth Rosen ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - The 2004 winner of Alaska's famed 1,000-mile sled-dog race, the Iditarod, won again at age 53 on Tuesday to become the oldest champion, a year after his son became the youngest winner. Mitch Seavey and his team of dogs sprinted across the finish line just 24 minutes ahead of Aliy Zirkle, who was bidding to become the first woman to win the Iditarod since 1990, when Susan Butcher claimed her fourth championship. JR Ewing Laid To Rest, But Legend To Live On In TNT's Dallas JR Ewing may have been laid to rest on Monday night's "Dallas," but don't expect the legendary character, who was played by the late Larry Hagman, to become less important on the show. Wife Can't Forgive Husband Who Cheated On Her For Years DEAR ABBY: I have been married 30 years and have raised four children to adulthood. I recently found out my husband has been having an affair with a prostitute from a strip club. He paid all her living expenses and promised to marry her. He told her his wife had run away with another man and that he was divorced. He wants to continue living together and pretend nothing happened. Then he went to a psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with a "mixed personality disorder. Michael Bolton Talks Nicollette Sheridan: 'Certain People You're Always Gonna Love' Michael Bolton may have sparked rumors that he is still carrying a torch for Nicollette Sheridan, by writing about their lengthy love story in his memoir, "The Soul of It All," but he's not sure there will be another chapter. US lost $433,982,548 because of daylight saving time switch Did you remember to set your clock forward on Sunday? Of course, it doesn't really matter since most of us operate on digital devices like our smartphones that do the one-hour adjustment automatically. Kellie Pickler Talks Prepping For Dancing With The Stars: I'm 'Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone' Country singer and former "American Idol" contestant Kellie Pickler has a whole new challenge ahead of her on "Dancing with the Stars."