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2/15    "Watch Walter Cronkite Tour a 21st-Century Home in 1967" (
        We've already outdone many of his predictions, and it's only a little
        more than a decade into the century.
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png The year is 1967: broadcast journalist and "most trusted man in America" Walter Cronkite hosts CBS's The 21st Century, a show that unveils midcentury predictions for the future--forecasts with varied accuracy but pretty much universal amusement value. tours the home of 2001: a place where multi-purpose entertainment centers are the heart of the home and where in-house offices are commonplace. See, by 2001, technological advancements would increase work efficiency and reduce the work week to 30 hours; all that extra time would be spent with family at home, watching movies "shown in full-color on our big, 3D screen" and listening to "stereophonic music from another age." In the kitchen of 2001, Cronkite says meals "are programmed, the menus given to the automatic chef by a typewriter or punched computer cards." In the office, find the world's strangest telephone, plus a console that "provides a summary of news relayed by satellite from all over the world." Watch Cronkite explore each prediction--from the eerily accurate to the semi-ridiculous--in the videos below. com/embed/gZBryYvRfFI ^| "I just push a button and the right amount of cups and saucers are moulded on the spot. When I've finished eating, they'll be no dishes to wash, the used plates will be melted down again, the leftovers destroyed in the process, and the melted plastic will be ready to be moulded into clean plates when I need them next." Dave C o 15 hours ago I have a family member who brings a computer and mobile phone to holiday gatherings to keep working. How's that 30 hour work week brought by technology working out? Save me from dumb people o 13 hours ago When my daughter bought her first home, she was on a very tight budget and she was considering not having cable. She said that she would miss TV, but she just couldn't afford it. So I hooked up a rabbit ear type antenna to her TV and showed her how she could have several stations for free. When she looked at the excellent, HD picture from one of the local stations, she looked at me like I had invented a cure for cancer. She had only seen cable TV for her entire 24 years that she had been on this earth. GW o 17 hours ago The future is always brighter than the pessimists forecast and darker than the optimists forecast. Crime and poverty never go away, but technology and affordability seem to improve. baby boomer o 5 hours ago One thing that never happened is the 30 hour week. Now it takes two people working all the overtime they can just to pay for the 21 century junk we have. does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any third party content. A REALTOR is a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS Copyright 2013 Yahoo!