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2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/25-2/19 [Reference/Military] UID:54589 Activity:nil
1/25    "Cupertino Middle School on Lockdown Following Report of Man With Gun" (
        Thank you NRA, again.
        \_ You're stretching on blaming the NRA for this one.  A student
           reports a phoney gun threat, and it's the NRA's fault because...
           why, exactly?  They've fought efforts to ban pretend guns?  Help
           me out, here.
           \_ Good that it turns out to be false alarm.  The fact that it was
              made up wasn't known when I initially posted the URL two hours
              ago.  -- OP
2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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View Comments ( ) | Email | Print Marianne Favro reports from Cupertino Middle School after a student said they saw a gunman near campus. Marianne Favro reports from Cupertino Middle School after a student said they saw a gunman near campus. Follow @nbcbayarea A report of a man with a gun near the campus of Cupertino Middle School in Sunnyvale that brought out a huge police force Friday morning was all fabricated, according to police. The city of Sunnyvale tweeted, "UPDATE: Search is shutting down. Police said the student who made the inital report recanted his story. The story began when the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department confirmed a "code red" lockdown was issued for Cupertino Middle School around 10:30 am The school told parents in an email that the report came from a student who said they saw a gunman on or near the campus. The suspect was described as a black male with a mohawk, wearing black jeans with holes in them. He was carrying a gun and walking with a limp, according to police who interviewed the student who initially reported seeing the man. Sunnyvale police and Santa Clara County deputies were on the scene within minutes of the report. Police had their guns drawn and were actively searching the campus at 11 am. They specifically searched two storage sheds on the field of Cupertino Middle School using bolt cutters to open the locks. Officers were still on campus with their guns drawn at 12:30 pm A group of students was brought to a nearby 7-Eleven and were gathered in the parking lot there. It appeared the students were in gym class when the lockdown was declared. School officials sent out a note to parents telling them not to come to the school to pick up their children. Homestead High School and West Valley Elementary School, both just a few blocks away, were also on lockdown as a precaution. West Valley also sent out a letter to parents saying that instruction was continuing behind locked classroom doors and asked parents not to come to the school to get their children. Several streets in the area were blocked off including Homestead Road, South Bernardo Avenue, Helena Drive and Wright Avenue. At 11:30, the Department of Public Safety in Sunnyvale began directing parents to the southeast corner of Mary and Fremont. It was being used for the distribution of information and not the place where students were brought. The students stayed in their classrooms during the lockdown. As of 12:15 pm there were not being released from class early. Here is the note from Cupertino Middle School to parents: Dear Parents: Cupertino Middle School is currently in a lockdown situation. A student reported a possible suspect on/near the campus with a weapon. All students are safe and in a lockdown situation in their classrooms. Law enforcement was already on campus and are investigating. Jeremy Nishihara Communications Director According to the Sunnyvale school district website a Code Red is used if there is an armed intruder on campus. A Code Red/Lockdown Alert is sounded if there is a suspected armed intruder or active shooter on campus or in the neighborhood. The Code Red response is a partnership with local law enforcement and was developed after the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. Code Red is defined as an alert status indicating imminent danger exists to all staff and students. During a Code Red, staff and students must remain within their classroom or within a secured area. If students are in the hallways, they must quickly move to the nearest classroom or to a secure area, remain quiet and follow staff instructions When a school responds with emergency measures, its sole priority is to keep all students and staff safe. Oftentimes, in cases of potentially serious school safety threats, students and staff remain in the building under a lockdown, even after the school day has ended. While these measures are often frustrating for parents who want to remove their children from the school during a threat, all parents need to appreciate that the school has to protect itself from all potential incoming individuals-even if the incoming individuals are parents Get the latest headlines sent to your inbox!
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