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2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/3/26-6/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:54347 Activity:nil
3/26    Things I learned from History: Lincoln was photographed with
        killer. Lincoln had 3 male lovers (he was bisexual!).
        Kennedy had an affair with a Nazi spy. Elenore Roosevelt
        was a lesbian!!!  Nerdy looking Ben Franklin was a suspected
        killer and quite a ladies man. WTF???
        \_ Did it mention anything about Washington and the cherry tree?
           \_ Was he related to Herbert Hoover?
        \_ History or the History Channel?
           \_ It is the same now. History Channel renamed itself to History
              last year.
        \_ What kind of dirt does it have on GWB?
           \_ Dubya is the first President since Ike to not have a major
              ethical scandal during his term. I am not a fan of his, but
              you have to respect his moral character.
              \_ That is amazing.
              \_, more to the point, he was the only one who
                 didn't have an ethical scandal aired. WMD in Iraq,
                 \_ That scandal is on Powell.  It's all Powell's fault!
                    Year, really.
                    5/10 UPDATE: "Colin Powell: U.S. was set for war with Iraq
                    before his U.N. speech"
           (Note the last three chars in
                    the shortcut URL.)
                 \_ Not sure that really qualifies. It is not like a bribery
                    case or something influence peddling or anything like
                    that. No one broke the law.
                    \_ Untrue. Nobody got charged with anything != no one
                       broke the law.
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        \_ Now The plot of "The man who saw Tomorrow" will never work!
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         "He had no constituency he was trying to serve, other than what he saw
         was fair and just," Mindiola said."'
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Share * + + + Former CIA director J Edgar Hoover is the subject of a new book that details his porn habit and rumors that he was a closeted homosexual and transvestite Former FBI director J Edgar Hoover is the subject of a new book that details his porn habit and rumours that he was a closeted homosexual and transvestite J Edgar Hoover assembled the largest collection of pornography in history to meet his insatiable sexual demands, according to a new biography. The former director of the FBI built up a vast stock of adult films made by Hollywood stars before they were famous which he watched for his own titillation - or to blackmail them. They included one starring a very young Frank Sinatra made in 1934 he shot when he was a penniless wannabe actor slumming it in New York. Hoover was also partial to classically erotic lithographs' depicting men with giant phalluses or full frontal nudes which he hung on his bathroom walls Among the book's other revelations are that Hoover and one of his close friends both had sex with a male suspect caught by the FBI - before letting him go and making his case disappear. Hoover has long been the subject of speculation about his private life, in particular that he was a transvestite and enjoyed a gay relationship with his close friend and FBI associate director Clyde Tolson. Last year saw the release of the Clint Eastwood biopic J Edgar' starring Leonard Di Caprio, although it avoided the question of whether he was even gay. The new book by contrast goes much further and delves into the most sordid details of the man who did more to shape the morality of America than any other person. Jerry Sandusky 'spied on school kids from his back porch' and now prosecutors want him confined inside his house In 'J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson: Investigating the Sexual Secrets of America's Most Famous Men and Women', author Darwin Porter writes that Hoover built up what was considered the biggest porn collection in history. Quite the collection: Hoover was said to have early pornographic films featuring Frank Sinatra and Joan Crawford in his collection, along with a nude photo of Elvis Presley franl Quite the collection: Hoover had early pornographic films featuring Joan Crawford and Frank Sinatra tony curtis Heart throbs: Nude photos of actors Tony Curtis and Warren Beatty (when he was a teen) were in Hoover's collection Heart throbs: Hoover had nude photos of actors Tony Curtis and Warren Beatty (when he was a teen) The material was culled from FBI raids and taken by Hoover for his own personal enjoyment. It was especially controversial because at the time pornography was illegal. In an interview with MailOnline, Porter said: Hoover was especially interested in collecting copies of blue movies' made by movie stars before they became famous, Joan Crawford being among the most famous instances of this. Spilling the beans: the new book has salacious details about many Hollywood stars Spilling the beans: the new book has salacious details about many Hollywood stars Hoover was said to have obtained a pirated copy of The Masked Bandit: He Robs P****, a blue movie' made by a very young Frank Sinatra (the film's masked bandit') in 1934. Sinatra shot this movie when he was down and out on the streets of Manhattan. Of particular interest were frontal nudes of male celebrities including Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, a teenage Warren Beatty, Elvis Presley, Charlton Heston and James Dean. In one episode in 1947 his friend Guy Hotell, a Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Washington Field Office, brought in a 17-year-old suspected of robbery for questioning. Hotell had him released into his custody and flew him to a hotel in Miami where Hoover was on vacation and they both had sex with him before buying the teenager a plane ticket home and dropping the case. Leonardo Di Caprio (right) played Hoover in the film J Edgar, while Armie Hammer played his rumoured lover Clyde Tolson, and while they do not consummate their relationship in the film, it is hinted at heavily The book also details how in the 1930s Hoover used male prostitutes whilst on holiday in Havana at a notorious brothel known as 'Cocktail' whilst disguised in a fake moustache, hat pulled down and dark glasses so nobody would recognise him. In his later years Hoover also became obsessed with a bizarre that he could end WW2 by himself flying to Germany and arresting Hitler or gunning him down if he resisted. Hoover was the first director of the FBI and served for nearly 40 years until his death in 1972 at the age of 77. What's beyond doubt is that the left has hated his guts for the better part of a century, therefore anything they say about him must be taken with a 10-pound bag of salt. Report abuse In the 50s, Hoover, an anti-communist crusader, (correctly) predicted Communist Party takeover of Hollywood, news media, education systems, and unions. They commies have been trying to destroy him ever since. Report abuse This story reminds me that I am organizing a trip to the moon on Saturday. We are leaving from Liverpool's Pierhead landing stage at 6pm prompt. We are flying at night so that we can see where the moon is located. So don't miss out come along and join me and my fellow moon travellors. You will recognize me, I will be the guy carrying the banner, sporting the logo, "Tall tales are us." it will be full of stories about rich and famous people. Is there some way I could wrangle my way on one of your earlier flights out?
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Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) It might be Powell's biggest revelation in the book, which details the experiences and lessons learned during his career as a soldier, a four-star general and secretary of state. reports the Huffington Post, which obtained an advanced copy of the book slated for a May 22 release. "By then, the President did not think war could be avoided," Powell writes. The speech and the facts surrounding the speech serve as a lesson to business leaders on the importance of staying skeptical and following their intuition, Powell writes. "Yes, a blot, a failure will always be attached to me and my UN presentation," the former US secretary of state writes. "I am mad mostly at myself for not having smelled the problem. Powell points a finger at Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby, the former vice president's chief of staff, as the ones responsible for providing the inaccurate information about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction, the Huffington Post reports. In the book, Powell notes the weapons of mass destruction case "was a disaster." "I learned later that Scooter Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, had authored the unusable presentation, not the NSC staff. Rice that the idea of using Libby had come from the Vice President, who had persuaded the President to have Libby, a lawyer, write the 'case' as a lawyer's brief and not as an intelligence assessment." Powell, though, takes credit for rejecting continued appeals from Cheney to add "assertions that had been rejected months earlier to links between Iraq and 9/11 and other terrorist acts," according to the Huffington Post report. FILE - In this May 8, 2012 file photo, President Barack Obama speaks in Washington. President Barack Obama faced mounting pressure Wednesday to express support for same-sex marriage after a setback for gay-rights advocates in North Carolina. FILE - In this Wednesday, March 11, 2009 file photo, Yemenis Musaad al Nahdi, left, and Khalid Ba Tais, who are accused of orchestrating several attacks on foreigners living in Yemen, look on behind bars during the trial session of al-Qaida terrorist cell in Sanaa, Yemen. After years of stalling under its now-ousted leader, Yemen is finally showing resolve in the fight against al-Qaida, aided by the United States, which just scored an intelligence coup by breaking up a new bomb plot there. Red 11 hrs ago Oh now comeon, Sadam Hussain was paying Palastinians families betweeem 14,000 to 24,000 dollars for their sons to commit suicide bombings in Isreal and that was reported by the national liberal media In Isreal conducting interviews with the bombers mothers. Now say he didn't have a hand in other terrorism besides the attrocities he and his amily was committing against his own people and the Kurds. Anyone remember that he committed genocide with mustard gas? Tucson, Arizona o 12 hrs ago If we the citizenry could be a little more cynical toward politics, we might all be better off. Trusting cable news outlets for reliable, honest presentations of current events is about as smart as getting a lobotomy to cure baldness. Rove co-opted the NY Times of all outlets to spread the lies that he needed to push our country into this senseless war. That is what made it almost impossible for the Democrats in congress to oppose the war. I have stopped reading and trusting the NY Times ever since. The reporter who let herself be used by Rove is now with Faux News, which explains a lot how this whole Rove crime plot worked. Muad'Dib o 11 hrs ago "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event--like a new Pearl Harbor" - Section V of Rebuilding America's Defenses, from The PNAC. Signed by Rumsfeld, Cheney, Libby, Wolfowitz, and practically every important member of the soon to be Bush Administration, in '97. Robert 9 hrs ago Yahoo User and Phi Bate, Not to quibble, but the reference is from "Rebuilding America's Defenses" (page 51), published by PNAC in September 2000, just one year before 9/11. Zoellick was also the primary functionary and author obehind 9/11 Commission fairytale, er, report. Robert 9 hrs ago Like Earl Warren before them, Keane and Hamilton were figureheads on the 9/11 Commission. Zoellick was the actual person in charge of the report ultimately issued. In the case of the Warren Commission (which issued the official fairytale, er report, on the JFK assassination), the actual report was supervised/written by Allen Dulles, former head of CIA, fired by Kennedy in September 1961 after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Now, after being fired by JFK, how do you think Allen Dulles got the job to write the report on the assassination of the guy who fired him? Jersey Boy o 3 hrs ago I knew when he gave that speech he didn't truly believe what he was saying. But I forgive him because I still believe he is a man of great honor and service to our country. bene o 9 hrs ago Powell was also the genius that made the second war with Iraq inevitable when he allowed Saddam's brutal Republican Guard to escape from Kuwait with all their weapons. Saddam then used his personal SS to massacre his people. No wonder Powell graduated third from the bottom of his West Point class. Then such behavior and mea culpa is no suprise coming from a country noted for bullies who think they are better and are smarter while everyone else are just plain stupid. But for those who defend such behavior is not part of America's makeup than how about former VP candidate Sarah Palin with her lies about speding on clothings, or of Newt Gringrich, or Rush Limbaugh lies over his dope habit? Now if that is not enough how about John Edwards who too ran for the Whitehouse? He lied about bobbing his aide with their wedlock child while his wife is dying of cancer. to be able to lie is in fact a requisite for higher office. In our so called Democratic country, there is a process of electing President; Like Paul The apostle says' strange men and women creeps in (Disguised) and discredit everything. we'll wake up tomorrow and have a country thatis worst than commie/facist or Babylon..