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2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/12/20-2012/2/6 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Academia/GradSchool] UID:54267 Activity:nil
12/20   Question to people in industry: I'm a transfer student, which
        means I can take an extra semester to graduate. I will have met
        all the requirements to graduate in May, but already have an
        internship lined up for the summer and was planning to use the
        semester afterward to take some courses I haven't had a chance
        to yet (graphics, distributed systems (if they add the course),
        grad-level networks or security). I'm not sure if it would be
        worth the time/money to stay another semester, though, and am
        wondering if I should just apply for full-time jobs now and not
        worry about doing another internship/semester. Thoughts?
        \_ It won't affect your job prospects.  If you'd enjoy another semester
           in school, take another semester; if not, don't.
        \_ You will make more money over the course of your career
           by going to work now, if that is the question. Is there
           any chance that later on you will get a MS or MBA?
           \_ The question is whether it's worth going to work 6 months
              later in order to take a few classes which interest me,
              but may not be relevant in the long run. I would like to get a
              MS at some point. What difference does that make here?
              \_ It is certainly not "worth it" if you just want to maximize
                 lifetime income. Taking a few more classes won't make you
                 any money, but working another six months certainly will.
                 If you are trying to decide life satisfaction vs the money,
                 it really depends on how much you enjoy school. I have
                 enjoyed working more than being a full time student. YMMV.
                 If you plan to get an MS, you will probably be more attractive
                 to graduate programs with the extra coursework and might
                 even be able to get more out of the MS, so that should be
                 a consideration.
        \_ you'll always find ways to make more money in your lifetime
           but there will not be many opportunities to take classes
           from a really great university. Chances are, when you start
           working, you will be too busy to want to take any new class.
           \_ Agreed.  I graduated two decades ago with honor (which already
              meant a broader list of courses) without taking 184 (Graphics),
              188 (AI), or 268 (Networking).  Now I wish I took those courses.
              --- !OP
              \_ Why do you wish you took them?
                 \_ Because now I feel that there are holes in my CS education.
                    When people talk about these areas, I feel bad that I don't
                    know anything even though I graduated from a prestigious
                    university.  AI may be obscure all right, but graphics and
                    networking are common.
                    \_ Just read books and stuff. Sheesh.
                       \- your brain size has been classified as: small
2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           \_ I'm pretty sure he means the college applications
                \_ oh, you think?
                   \_ No.  I think he was asking about STDs.