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2021/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/11/14-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:54226 Activity:nil
11/14   "Miles of mysterious striped network grids discovered in Chinese
        desert" (
        \_ Interesting discussion about this:
2021/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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The Sideshow - 4 hrs ago Here's a new geological conundrum courtesy of the Mysterious East: A group of people studying online maps stumbled across a series of strange patterns in the Chinese desert large enough to be seen from space. The unusual white designs appear to have been etched into the ground and their creators clearly don't lack for ambition: They are over one mile long and 3,000 feet wide. The researchers have yet to identify the silver or white material used to fabricate these outsize desert grids. So why would the Chinese government--or anyone, for that matter--go to such trouble to paint such gigantic stripes on such remote territory? People analyzing the photos suggest the Chinese military may have constructed them as space-targeting grids. Gizmodo, the various patterned sites are located in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule River. The Shule crosses the Tibetan Plateau to the west into the Kumtag Desert--meaning that the painted sites would serve as an ideal, isolated location for training in military targeting. notes that in one of the grid photos, you can see three structures that are destroyed or partially standing, "as if they were for target practice." Another image of the grid clearly shows aircraft resting in the pattern's inner circle. Ponte Vedra Beach, United States o 39 minutes ago Duh it is an intergalactic barcode. We have been marked for demolition (see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for in depth explanation but the answer is 42. Obama 2 hours ago Calibration grids used for deep ground penetrating imaging . It's used to tune and focus the satellite collector based on known ground content and density. Looks like the Chinese are looking to locate natural resources or specific military intel. Albany, United States o 2 hours ago Since there's no pattern - the lines jog illogically every which way - it's quite obvious what it is: a set of roads for an early Chinese driver Ed. Ranson, United States o 2 hours ago It is clearly meant to be seen from space and it translates to "We have trillions of dollars to invest and we are ready to hear your proposals" in Chinese, Vulcan and of course Romulan.
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John Clover There is some interesting discussion of this stuff throughout the web, particularly on sites that discuss weird map stuff. If you look at this in Google Earth, you can see that a nearby structure to the east, evolves within a little over a month in 2005 and it is clearly being painted onto the ground. There are clearly bomb test areas nearby, also a lot of mock runways and the area is surrounded by what look like checkpoints, so it is probably related to target practice or war games of some sort. Russell Jurney These are finely ground, highly polluted, highly reflective tailings from the nearby mine. They are being distributed in the alluvial flow plane so they wash away. It is one of the most remote and uninhabited regions in the world. However, there are a number of ways to present some postulations on what we are seeing in the Satellite images. This will take some reading to get an insight, however I will say that with high confidence that some of this relates to mining. The Old Silk Road This region of China is part of the Gobi Desert and runs right through the ancient Silk road with parts of the Great Wall still stands in this area. There was limited testing of Nuclear weapons in this area and quite a bit of standard ordnance testing. The site has gone through quite a lot of uses over the decades. The area is stil under military control, however there are also a number of companies that bring busses of tourists to show this area and other natural areas in the Gobi Desert. Click to Enlarge Stripe Area II, 11/2/2010 Old Satellite Images Go Viral There has been quite a lot of interest in this region since a few rather interesting satellite images have gone viral on the Internet. At this point the Mongolian government is not responding to requests by the traditional western media, although there seems to be some indirect responses in Chinese media. The big question is, what is going on in this area and how are these white stripes being used and manufactured. Satellite Based Archeology I have been involved in Satellite based Archeology (non-professional at this point) for long time, looking for likely areas where there may have been Ancient settlements. Over the years I have found some really compelling and rather confounding areas of interest. Some local, some are at the most remote areas of the world. I have looked at some interesting Satellite images of the most remote places around the world. I have found the hidden Pyramids in China to be very fascinating, there are more in China then all of Egypt. Since these areas are usually not only remote but perhaps barred from being seen up close, Satellite Image analysis is the best practical way to look deeper into this subject. In 2005 a colleague noticed that this region was going though a great deal of changes, and clearly there was an increased use of white stripes building single squares and in some cases numerous strips forming abstract line patterns. I must say, on the first viewing of this area seems to be rather shocking in the magnitude of work being done above ground and underground. Because there is a lot of interest in the Rectangular Stripe areas, I will present some of the research I conducted in 2005 and update it with perhaps some new insights. Today I use Google Earth to do a great deal of research. I will use Google Earth images to present some of the findings. We See A Deliberate Effort To Create The Resulting Pattern. Click to Enlarge Stripe Area II, 5/29/2005 Click to Enlarge Stripe Area II, 11/2/2010 How Are The White Stripes Made? org/wiki/Albedo) of the stripes sort of loudly pronounce that these stripes are composed primarily of Calamine, ZnO (Zinc Oxide) and/or TiO2 (Titanium dioxide). Both are rather stable and produce the highest mineral based Albedo. We can compare the strips to the color of snow on the peaks of the higher elevations and can see that the stripes have a higher Albedo in most cases. The same is true when the Albedo is compared to the few Cumulus Stratus clouds. Thus we can safely assume this is some form of ZnO and/or TiO2 in a suspension form with some adhesive aggregates. Click to Enlarge Stripe Area II Staging And Production Area, 4/11/2005 Click to Enlarge Stripe Area II Staging And Production Area Close Up, 4/11/2005 Click to Enlarge Stripe Area II Staging And Production Area Close Up, 5/29/2005. We also can confirm this by observing the staging area from 2005, that has since been removed almost completely. The staging area had a rectangular reservoir pool for water and a basic preparation area. One can see that the area had a great deal of spillage of the ZnO/TiO2. Thus I conclude this is painted on with a rather strong, almost cement-like aggregate to make the strip resist wind, very hot and very cold temperatures along with rain and surface water movements. Some have speculated that these strips are made of some form of metal, however this seems not to be the case when one examines this closely. There were dozens of trucks located in the staging area that laid down the ZnO/TiO2 aggregate. Click to Enlarge One can see that each strip was built with by laying down the ZnO/TiO2 aggregate in strips that are about 16 feet wide to make the approximate 70 feet strip. This process seems to be very stable as almost 10 years of harsh desert environments have not done much to remove the high Albedo. Although clearly the desert has had its impact on the structure. We can see that dust has blown in and areas where mud has run over the surface. however in most areas the lines are stil very well preserved. This will always be speculation until the Mongolian government or some intelligence agency makes a statement. However one can fairly quickly discount some speculation. We can quickly assume that by the nature of the size and the high Albedo, these structures were designed to be seen. It could be also be a way to cover up other uses, but we will hold to the visibility theory at this point. John's has postulated that the Stripe Structures are related to alluvial flows. I believe this is on a correct path, however I will postulate that the very high albedo is still used for satellite imaging. Thus this may be a first for Quora, a research/scientific collaboration in real time. John's keen eye caught the apparent alignment of the Stripe Area II structure to alluvial flows. Some of these flows have been carved thousands of years ago. China and Mongolia are becoming the largest center in the world for mineral and metal mining and exploration. Mongolia became independent in 1990 and has held four democratic elections theses sites in Xinjiang Uygur are just about 200 miles from the Mongolian border. Although clearly the counties are very much aligned with to each other, they are competing for mining explorations and development Capital. The Altay Mountain in the north means "the place producing gold". Xinjiang Uygur is offering the same inducements and one can see that there are many roads from Mongolia to Xinjiang Uygur in this area with 100s of mining trucks in transit. Among them are seven energy minerals, forty-two metal minerals, seventy non-metallic minerals and three underground water resources. Placer/Alluvial gold, silver and platinum deposits occur in many locations in Mongolia and Xinjiang Uygur. The mineral laws in both countries offer equal rights regardless of nationality. Exploration and mining licenses can be held 100% by foreign persons or companies granted exploration license under Mongolia's Mineral Law of 1994 and Xinjiang Uygur's law formed in the same year. All minerals, except oil, gas and water, can be mined with a mining license. State owned or joint ventures with the government enterprises receive no special privileges. The law has been written so that region can compete with other nations for investment capital. Some of the companies are using very advance mining systems and thus this may go a very long way to explain what we see in these images. Albedo Diminished Over Time Because Of Dust And Surface Water Flow At Stripe Area I, using the same technique and the same ZnO/TiO2 aggregate as Stripe Area II, we can see t...
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