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2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/10/10-18 [Recreation/Food, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:54191 Activity:nil
10/10   Has anyone heard the CSX Train commercial on the radio?  I wonder why
        a freight railroad company bothers to advertise to individual
        comsumers.  It's not like someone can click "By CSX Train" when
        choosing shipping method on, or someone will choose this
        brand of pasta sauce over that brand at a grocery because it was
        delivered by a CSX Train.
        \_ Maybe it's like those billboards for SAP -- most people aren't in
           the market for enterprise software, but you only need one who is
           to make your ad worthwhile.
2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2012/4/5-6/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:54356 Activity:nil
4/5     Alumni BBQ
        Please come! Reunite, be nostalgic, etc.
        April 14 6pm-9pm Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall, Berkeley, CA  94720
        Top Dog will be served along with other sides probably.
        Potato Salad? Yeah!  Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream? Oh Yeah!
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2009/10/12-11/3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:53446 Activity:low
10/12   In the same spirit as below, I'm going to be in the Florida Keys
        for a few days Thanksgiving Week.  Any recs on what to do, where
        to stay, what to eat.  All I know about is going snorkeling.
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        \_ You know how when you depart from an airport you need to pay
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5/30    I've got 15 hours in Paris (2pm to 5am their time) on a layover.
        I have never been to Paris. What should I do with my time? The
        Orsay Museum is open until 10pm Thursdays and I will be there on
        a Thursday, so that is one option. I heard a Seine cruise is nice.
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        \_ The Musee D'Orsay is great (and reminiscent of Doe Library,
2009/4/7-13 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:52821 Activity:kinda low
4/7     Where can you get good food for $10? I went to an Italian restaurant
        last night. Pizza/pasta was only $13 or so, but with an appetizer and
        dessert the meal was over $50 (no drinks, 17% tip). And it was ok food,
        with homemade gnocchi but didn't taste like anything that you couldn't
        make at home with a little effort. No comparison to actual good Italian
        restaurants (e.g. Bar Bambino, Delfina, SPQR) that are in the $30-50/pp
2009/4/3-12 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:52794 Activity:high
4/3     A few days back someone was advocating going to good restaurants over
        saving money.  I'm curious, I've never been to a really expensive
        restaurant. (Over $30 per person.)  In general I've found that once I
        get beyond about $10 the food doesn't get any better, instead I start
        paying for stuff I don't care about, like "atmosphere."  Which
        basically means I've rarely been to a restaurant where the food
2008/9/10-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:51123 Activity:low
9/10    To any stir-frying experts: every time I make my stir fries with chicken,
        no matter how thinly I slice it, it comes out rubbery and chewy. How
        can I make them softer? I don't think I can slice them any thinner (1/8")
        \_ Marinate the chicken first.
           \_ I do that already (rice vinegar, oil, soy sauce) -op
2008/4/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49683 Activity:insanely high
4/7     Why does everyone have a girlfriend with enormous breasts
        except me?  Goddammit.
         \_ The answer you seek lies with the question you ask.  Ponder and
            enormous wisdom shall be yours.
         \_ You date Asian chicks?
         \_ the latest south park episode "major boobage" is just for you
2013/7/1-8/23 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:54700 Activity:nil
7/1     BART labor union holding the transit infrastructure hostage.
        \_ Yesterday's SFGate poll showed that 11% of the readers sympathize
           with the workers, 17% with the management, and 72% with the riders.
           \_ The millions the Koch Brother's spent are paying off. Workers
              now sympathize more with their masters than.
              now sympathize more with their masters than their own
2012/7/29-9/24 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:54446 Activity:nil
7/29    Is it really true that we subsidize auto driving to the tune of
        $5k/yr? Shit I could probably hire a private driver for less...
        \_ You might have missed the point.  Hiring a chauffeur to drive your
           private vehicle won't change the amount of gasoline your private
           vehicle use or the amount of real estate it uses on freeways and
2010/2/10-3/9 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:53700 Activity:nil
2/10    Does anyone have an authoritative URL that shows the % of people
        in the Bay Area who commute via foot, bike, car, BART, and Caltrains?
        In particular I'd like to look at trend as well.
        \_ has some.  -tom
        \_ Guys, guys, guys, I asked a simple question. What % of Bay Area
           traffic goes to autos, bikes, foot, BART, and Caltrain? I'm
2009/6/30-7/15 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:53094 Activity:nil
        "The average (BART) union worker makes $114,000 a year in wages and
        And they're demanding a 3% raise.  Geez.
        \_ This is called negotiation by press release. What does the average
           worker who is not in management make?
2009/7/2-15 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:53105 Activity:nil
7/1     Okay, here is the reply from Tom Radulovich to my email. He is on
        the BART Board of Directors and is an all around good guy.
        You are correct. The great majority of represented BART workers are
        maintenance or clerical employees, train operators, or station agents,
        but the represented ranks include some junior managers in AFSCME, and
        most of the BART police managers (sergeants, lieutenants, and
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