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9/22    Damn, the economy is really starting to take its toll:
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Steve Martin's Oscar Advice for Eddie Murphy from Look What I Found Added "Remember to relax and have a good time while 12,000 livebloggers rip you to shreds." Jimmy Fallon, Dana Carvey, Charlie Sheen, and A Night of Impressions from TheMagicHour Added More impressions, please. The Funniest Blake Griffin Tweets from Funny Or Die and Blake Griffin Added So it looks like our intern has a Twitter account. Doesn't mean we'll start treating him like a human being. NFL Week 2 Recap: Vick Returns, Bleeds all Over Falcons & Other Very Important Stuff from Dan Abramson Added All the action. Mitt Romney's Flickr Fail from Look What I Found Added The comment below has since been taken down, as Romney's stance against invisible dicks is well known. Drunk Girl / High Guy Cultural Review: All Female Performance Of Oedipus Rex from DrunkGirlHighGuy Added Former coworkers and friends Sarah Walker and Noah Garfinkel get drunk and high respectively, attend a cultural event, and then review it. DrunkGirlHighGuy * follow us on the social webz + + + * Dear Penthouse, I never thought it would happen to me but... Funny Or Die Newsletter A weekly roundup of everything great from the site to your inbox. Quantcast JOIN THE Black_logo NEWSLETTER The best of Funny or Die. PLUS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Spinner Adding your email to our newsletter list... Spinner Hold your horses Facebook Connect -- Last Step Please pick a Funny or Die username -- this will also be your vanity URL and the name that appears next to your comments.