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2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/8/3-27 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/UCLA] UID:54155 Activity:nil
8/3     Berkeley now ranks 70, while UCLA ranks 50. Williams College
        is #1.
        \_ Forbes hates public education. A less ideologically biased ranking
           has Berkeley at 22 (which is still a fall from the golden years):
  (US News and World Report)
           \_ how high was it in golden years?
              \_ We were ranked #5 in 1983.
                 \_ seriously??? URL?
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2010/2/4-3/4 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:53690 Activity:nil
2/4     UCB 19th in private donations for 2009 behind #1 Stanford and #9 UCLA. (LA Times)
        List of Top 20: (Wall Street Journal)
        \_ advice to UCB fundraiser committee: Ask not how you can
           get more donations. Ask why you are not getting donations.
        \_ why the fuck should i donate to a place that told me my undergrad
2010/1/7-19 [Academia/UCLA] UID:53615 Activity:nil
        UCLA is ranked above Berkeley. UCSD is ranked above
        Berkeley. Irvine is ranked one below Berkeley.
        Berkeley has seriously gone done in the past
        two decades. I'm not surprised.
        \_ These aren't "best schools" these are "best value" rankings.
2009/9/26-10/8 [Academia/UCLA] UID:53404 Activity:kinda low
9/26    Cal vs. Oregon:  Were you surprised? </sarcasm>
        \_ I was not surprised the Oregon scored 42 points. I was surprised
        \_ I was not surprised that Oregon scored 42 points. I was surprised
           that Cal only scored 3.
        \_ Not surprised they lost. Surprised at what a thorough ass-kicking it
           was on both sides of the ball. Cal couldn't even put up a TD.
2009/9/23-10/5 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:53395 Activity:moderate
9/23    I'm in grad school part time, and the professor I was trying to get
        to advise me just sent me "What you suggest (remote, part-time, topic
        formulation) doesn't fit my advising style..."  Does anyone know
        what "topic formulation" might mean in this context?  I come with
        funding from work, but the topics I can choose are somewhat limited.
        Could be a reference to that...
2009/2/8-15 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/OtherSchools] UID:52534 Activity:moderate
2/8     Why does UC suck so hard? I did undergrad at UCB and I hated it.
        Professors couldn't teach, class workload was high, and the system
        was designed to "weed out" students and demoralize them rather
        than teach and encourage them. I always got lower grades than I
        deserved for the amount of work I put in. I don't know if this was
        because of the curve which insists that 50% of students should get
2008/8/22-29 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/GradSchool] UID:50942 Activity:nil
8/22    College ranking again:
        Stanfraud: #4
        Cal:       #21
        \_ What. The. Fuck. They told me Cal is as good as Furd. They lied.
        \_ Proof that privatized education >>> Public education.
           Jackie Johnson is hot.
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Olaf College Minnesota $47,200 3,099 Comment now 79 Knox College Knox College Illinois $41,564 1,407 Comment now 80 Trinity College Trinity College Connecticut $55,505 2,438 Comment now 81 Furman University Furman University South Carolina $50,936 2,962 Comment now 82 Boston University Boston University Massachusetts $54,836 31,960 Comment now 83 Mount Holyoke College Mount Holyoke College Massachusetts $53,936 2,304 Comment now 84 St. Norbert College Saint Norbert College Wisconsin $37,392 2,175 Comment now 85 St. Anselm College Saint Anselm College New Hampshire $45,705 1,915 Comment now 86 Wabash College Wabash College Indiana $41,400 883 Comment now 87 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Hobart William Smith Colleges New York $54,168 2,115 Comment now 88 St. more + * Things are on the up for US billionaires with more than half of them adding to their net worth in a year which once again saw Bill Gates as the richest of them all.
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National University Methodology Schools in the National Universities category, such as University of Chicago and Stanford University, offer a full range of undergraduate majors, master's, and doctoral degrees. These colleges also are committed to producing ground breaking research. Georgetown University Washington, DC Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic university in the country. The school's location in Washington, DC gives students many opportunities for internships throughout the nation's capital. University of California--Berkeley Berkeley, CA The University of California--Berkeley overlooks the San Francisco Bay in Berkeley, Calif. Students at this public school have more than 700 organizations to get involved in, including more than 55 fraternity and sorority chapters. University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Undergraduates study in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences at the University of Southern California, a private school based in Los Angeles. The USC Trojans compete in the NCAA Division I Pacific-10 Conference and are particularly competitive in football. University of California--Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA The University of California--Los Angeles is just five miles away from the Pacific Ocean. The public institution offers more than more than 3,000 courses and more than 130 majors to undergraduate students. Tufts University Medford, MA Founded in 1852, Tufts University is a private institution. Tufts University follows a semester-based academic calendar and its admissions are considered most selective. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill was established in 1789 as a public institution. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill follows a semester-based academic calendar and its admissions are considered most selective.
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collegehelp * I think the first time US News published college rankings was in 1983. At that time, they only ranked the top dozen or so in each Carnegie classification, excluding professional and specialty schools, and they followed a very different method: a survey of all US 4-year college presidents at colleges that offer a liberal arts curriculum. How much of the change is due to a real change in status and how much is due to different ranking method or ranking error? college, rank in 1983, rank in 2006, change national universities Stanford 1 5 -4 Harvard 2 1 +1 Yale 3 3 0 Princeton 4 1 +3 UC Berkeley 5 20 -15 U Chicago 6 15 -9 U Michigan 7 25 -18 Cornell 8 13 -5 U Illinois 8 42 -34 Dartmouth 10 9 +1 MIT 10 7 +3 Caltech 12 7 +5 Carnegie-Mellon 13 22 -9 U Wisconsin Mad 13 34 -21 honorable mention: Brown 15 15 0 Columbia 15 9 +6 Indiana U 15 74 -15 UNC Chapel Hill 15 27 -12 Rice 15 17 -2 national liberal arts colleges Amherst 1 2 -1 Swarthmore 2 3 -1 Williams 2 1 +1 Carleton 4 5 -1 Oberlin 5 23 -18 Wellesley 6 4 +2 Wesleyan 7 12 -5 Bryn Mawr 8 21 -13 Davidson 9 10 -1 Haverford 9 8 +1 Pomona 9 6 +3 Reed 9 47 -38 honorable mention: Grinnell 13 15 -2 Smith 13 19 -6 St. gellino * It makes you wonder what kind of methodology they were using compared to now (it seems much more thought out and scrutinized now) and how much the schools actually changed. No JHU, Penn, Georgetown, Northwestern, WUSTL among the top 20 NUs and no Bowdoin, Middlebury, Colgate, W&L among the top 15 LACs. Both of these lists of schools seem to have been staples of at least the last ten years of rankings. I'm guessing acceptance rate wasn't weighted too highly. Either that or the accptance rate for something like Penn, Georgetown wasn't so much lower than UI or UMich like it is today and the other schools more than made up for it by whatever else was in the criteria. It seems a perennial 5-10 rank as long as I can remember. I can't believe it wasn't even in the top 20 and UNC was. However, those rankings come out heavily slanted towards public schools, although ironically today's possible highest, UVA, wasn't on the list either. bluebayou * they changed the methodology to include endowments, and guess what, the blue blood colleges with 300 years of history moved up, and those darn publics were put into their place. gellino * I wonder if these rankings matched common perceptions at the time or if this was just a product of inaccurate criteria for the rankings and Duke and JHU were actually considered better than UI or IU. I know growing up that I never considered Penn, Northwestern, Georgetown, WUSTL to be that great of schools and now it seems everyone is tripping over themselves trying to get into these schools with each one having < 25% acceptance rate. gellino * I think the advent of rankings really brought MIT and CalTech into being more generally acknowledged, instead of thought of as having only a narrow bent. Acceptance rates for these two have really dropped in comparison to HYPS in the last 15 years. MIT even has undergrad business now, which is unbelievable to me. flutterbyhigh * Wow, I would have never guessed that UIllinois would ever be that high! Maybe USNews will change something so that publics have a comeback. I wonder what the stts are for WUSTL, I would think they made a jump.