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2019/08/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/9/8-30 [Science] UID:53953 Activity:nil
9/8     Y2K is nothing. You should be worried about 2038. The end of unixtime
        on 32 bit machines.
        \_ I will be 63 then, long retired. It will be somebody elses problem.
           Maybe I will do what I did for Y2K though, go vacation in some
           remote off the grid location, if there are any left.
        \_ I will be amused if the smartphone religion apocalypse comes thru
           as millions of kids will cry because they cannot tweet for a while.
           \_ kids don't tweet.  Middle-age white boys tweet.
              \_ True. I read that use of Twitter in the 12-18 year old
                 set is much, much less than in the 35-45 year old set.
                 The biggest Twitter user I know is a 42 year old white woman.
                 She is addicted to that crap and Facebook, too. You cannot
                 even invite her to dinner as part of a group, because she
                 will be typing into her Droid the whole freaking evening
                 like a 14 year old - except that her 14 year old doesn't
                 do social networking at all except the occasional post to
                 YouTube. I wonder if one day people will wake up and realize
                 how much time they have wasted keeping in touch with people
                 they don't know well and who probably won't go to their
                 funeral while ignoring their real friends sitting at the
                 dinner table with them.
                 \_ Actually this makes total sense. Here's my take on it.
                    That woman did not grow up with that technology, she grew
                    up on nintendo, vcrs, etc.  Consequently she doesn't care
                    about THAT technology (it was always around, borrring)
                    but the facebook/always in contact with people is new.
                    Her kid, probably grew up more around that sort of thing
                    (Web 1.0, 2.0) and so he don't care about it.
                 \_ You're on to something here. I find that f/b is populated
                    mostly by people reliving high school or killing time
                    with F-ville... or both. That's generally folks my age
                    (~40). The younger ones text each other. That's their
                    social network. Why f/b (where everyone sees what you
                    post) when you can snipe and snicker to your friends?
2019/08/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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