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2010/6/11-30 [Recreation/Sports] UID:53859 Activity:nil
6/9     Synchronized Macarana-esque dance after first 2010 World Cup goal.
        Oh no, the same disease that has plagued football here at home is now
        spreading to soccer abroad.
        \- You may be too young to remember ROGER MILLA and the DANCE OF THE
           CORNER. Did you see BISHOP D.TUTU dancing? That was pretty funny.
           As funny as T.HENRY appealing for a handball ~10min after coming
           in to play with ~5 min left. I wonder if PRESIDENT J.ZUMA brough
           all three of his wives to see the games, or if he rotates.
        \_ I like watching well-played soccer, but the first two games
           resulted in 0-0 and 1-1 ties. Ugh! Something about this game is
           \- I thought the RSA-MEX game was a decent game [I am half
              watching re-bcast right now, knowing the result], but RSA
              doesnt have the experience of say GER and there was some
              bad onfield mangement you wouldnt have seen with a better
              team. FRA was dysfunctional (I usually support FRA and BRA).
              I'm not curious to see if ARG's dysfunction also is visible
              on the field. I didnt get a close look of at the cancelled
              MEX gaol [offsides] but I thought the ref-ing in the other
              game was quite good.
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They were lucky to have the score at 0-0 after a mediocre first half and are the lowest ranked host in the history of the World Cup, but South Africa somehow came through with the tournament's first goal in a fashion that FIFA couldn't have written any better. Siphiwe Tshabalala hammered the ball into the top corner in the 55th minute for South Africa, setting off an even more deafening wave of vuvuzela buzzing and inspiring his teammates to celebrate with a synchronized Macarana-esque dance. South Africa-Mexico in World Cup opener Of course, Mexico equalized in the 79th minute, but notching that first goal of their World Cup is victory enough for South Africa. Report Abuse i would say to all of you who do not like the sport can u kindly PLEASE stop making all those negative comments everyone should enjoy what they like and let alone what u dont like as simple as that put an end to all this hatered MERCI BEAUCOUP! Rule 11 of the FIFA handbook states that there needs to be two defensive players behind the attacking player as the ball is being passed. So when the South African Goalkeeper went for the ball he activated the standing Mexican player into the offsides position despite having a South African player on the goal line. The problem here is that if ESPN would have hired quality soccer commentators instead of assuming that because the commentators are English they now everything about soccer. They would have explained the rules instead of changing the subject. all the sportscasters that I heard agree that it wasn't offsides. A coach that disagrees can throw his red flag, requiring the referee to make his final decision after watching it on instant replay. Report Abuse I am glad that South Africa won and for that fool that called them jungle monkeys, you should have as much guts or class that they have. You can tell he/she has nothing better to do but show what little inteligence they have. however they played with heart, and controlled the ball. this was their first game in the cup, so their not finished. Never underestimate an under dog, they have a passion for the game. Report Abuse What a useless wast of time and ener----, and most of all loot. The fans of the world had better get their priorities in order. Hell the athletes are getting paid, while the fans are running around talking about what athlete is number one, and what team should win and so on, when they should be consecrating on things that effect and impact their lives. Report Abuse not much of a sports dude but anyone that doesn't like soccer, football,basketball, whatever keep it to yourselves and talk about the game agree or disagree on what happened in the game. let people love what they love and you love what you love. Hell the blog is more interesting than the story, and I've actually learned something about the game. Haters are simply jealous of the biggest single sporting event in the planet--the World Cup. Bigger than the "mislabeled" World Series and Super Bowl combined! Their sports will ALWAYS take a back seat to the World Cup. Report Abuse Maybe the soccer haters would like it if we had commercial time-outs and as many subs as you want. I also gotta call a time-out every now and then to freeze the kicker on those penalty/free kicks. the field is too big and their are too many players on it. to me soccer is like watching tennis match where no one scores a point. the 2 players just make great shot after great shot and no one wins the point. Then if at the end of regulation in the most coveted game of all the World cup championship, the game is tied the go into a shoot out, aka Italy in 2006. this is like the NBA championship being decided with free throws. Face it the only reason that soccer is so popular in other countries is because is is has been around for a century. If it was new today, it would die as quickly as underwater basket weaving. Report Abuse To the American football-haters talking of 'free speech': If a madman were to walk into Times Square and shout obscenities, he would be within his rights, wouldn't he? Therefore ignorant Americans who talk trash about football should be blocked, since, among all the obvious reasons, they are mentally handicapped in a sense too. Buy Sports Merchandise FIFA, FIFA WORLD CUP, WORLD CUP 2010, SOUTH AFRICA 2010 and related marks and logos are the trademarks and service marks of the Fdration Internationale de Football Association. This site is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the Fdration Internationale de Football Association.