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2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/2/11-3/9 [Science, Science/Space] UID:53702 Activity:nil
2/11    Is anyone watching Caprica.  Is it worth it? Do you like it?
        I recently started watching SG:U and it's not bad, oddly.
        \_ Not watching either; oddly trepidatious about Caprica, and
           SG:U lost me at SG:A. However: reviews of Caprica sound good,
           and at least one excellent hard SF writer (John Scalzi) is
           writing for SG:U, so... maybe worth checking out?
           consulting for SG:U, so... maybe worth checking out?
           \_ You should know that it was in the contract stipulation
              for working as a writer for SG:U that you could have never
              written for SG:A.  Atlantis was that bad. and they know it.
              SG:U is pretty good, if you like moral ambiguity, will to power
              and examinations of people striving for power.  Plus it has
              \_ So you directly contradict this?
                 > The complete writing staff from Stargate Atlantis is
                 > back to kick off the new series,
                 \_ Yeah, I work in the industry.
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           \_ Update:
Cache (2985 bytes) ->
"Brad and Rob did a terrific job of kicking things off in thrilling fashion," Mallozzi said of the premiere episode's script. Originally planned as a two-parter, Brad and Robert quickly discovered that there was simply too much story for such a tight frame, so the series opener is now looking like a three-parter." The complete writing staff from Stargate Atlantis is back to kick off the new series, including showrunners Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper, plus Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough, Paul Mullie, and Mallozzi himself. "Brad has laid claim to #4, a story that is right up his alley," Mallozzi continued. "Speaking of perfect pairings, I couldn't think of anyone better than Carl Binder to write #5. Rob is eyeing #6 which offers a most intriguingly SF door in, while #7 and #8 have yet to be claimed." Martin Gero's first script "involved a long, long discussion on the workings of a certain technology which forms the impetus to another terrific character-driven story." The team has left episode nine temporarily on the shelf to discuss episodes 10 and 11, which would typically be a mid-season two-parter for a Stargate series. But "I hesitate to call it a two-parter because, the way these episodes have developed so far, there are a threads that run through all the stories, in essence making this season one big 20-parter," Mallozzi said. The producer teased: "Ticking clocks, twists and turns, alliances, betrayals, and a surprise guest!" Set on board an Ancient vessel called the Destiny, Universe follows Colonel Everett Young and a team of young and largely untested men and women. Stargate Universe will be more of a character-based show with more deliberate story arcs, as opposed to the more stand-alone, action-based nature of Atlantis and even SG-1. But many fans are nervous about the new series and its apparent differences from what has made Stargate what it is over the past 12 years. Others, however, believe that this sort of change is just what the franchise needs in order to be reenergized. "Stargate Universe is a series that draws on established mythology yet blazes a bold, new path for the franchise," Mallozzi told fans. "It's definitely more character-centered and intimate in its exploration of the interpersonal dynamics that will drive a lot of the shipboard developments (and, no, I'm not talking about romance). The premise of this ship hurtling through uncharted territories offers up unbounded story possibilities, yet also forces us to adopt a very different approach toward alien encounters and planetary investigation. Twin themes mentioned over the course of today's conversations: survival and sacrifice." more intimate -- a limited group of people trapped aboard a space ship hurtling through distant space -- and therefore necessitates a more intimate form of storytelling." Mallozzi also said that the design of the Destiny is close to being decided. There is also a new Universe version of the MALP probe in the works.