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2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/10/28-11/3 [Finance, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:53477 Activity:low
10/27   SAT score and family income:
        \_ Is there any 3D charts showing three variables (income, race, SAT
           score)?  I wonder whether race or income is a bigger factor.  Of
           course race and income are not completely independent, but I'm
           wondering about different income and same race vs. same income and
           different face.
           \_ I'm sure race is a big factor. However, no one is stupid to
              publish it and be called a racist, like that guy in Bell Curve.
              It would be the Satanic Verses equivalent to your career
              these days.
              \_ I think race is a complete non-factor. You don't really
                 believe some races are smarter than others do you?
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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LOL: This, presumably, is the average score per income group. There's no way to extend the chart to 800, since there is no income group that has such an average score. I'd love to see a plot in there of private school attendance. Could the rise from $140K- $200K correlate to some percentage - rising, but still low - of private school attendance, and then a steep attendance >$200K? I saw the same exact chart while working on a social studies project in high school 12 years ago. All kinds of causal relationships were posited, but they were all simply guesses. What's more interesting is that universities can use SAT scores to predict a student's ability to pay tuition in full. As far as the flattening of the curve, I never took stats, but I do know that my own scores varied 100 points per section on different days. So I doubt that the difference between any two adjacent points is statistically significant, until you consider the chart as a whole. Not to mention the fact that a 300 point difference in scores out of 2400 is probably not such a big deal to students who are averaging 1300-1600. I'd rather see income differences for students who scored in the 90th percentile, who are competing for ivy league schools, and then who is more likely to be accepted.